TehAmelie: interesting tidbit. they don't. they say you keep all the rights except for twitter's licence to put their formatting and things on your tweet
korvys: Yep
Anaerin: Yup. And they need that license, otherwise legally speaking they wouldn't be allowed to operate.
TehAmelie: it's uncertain if anyone can even find those generated shirts to buy them
TehAmelie: but art thieves are so rampant, so lazy and so completely shameless you gotta try something
korvys: I mean... if it's not happening... do you?
korvys: (algorithmic art theft, not just... regular art theft, which definitely happens)
Anaerin: People have been finding them and screenshotting them, as they're doing the same trick with Disney images/tweets, and those get nuked within minutes.
MagicWarluck: I sometimes wonder if not the Jay & Silent Bob method would be the best way to deal with it.
MagicWarluck: I.e. get a buttload of cash, get a list and then travel around and kick the rear and/or front end of every art thief.
TehAmelie: it would have some effect, certainly
Anaerin: Who's ass do you kick when it's done algorithmically, with nobody's hands (or, indeed, posteriors) involved?
Perivale: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Rising Sun) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (8m from now).
MagicWarluck: The programmers?
cheetoJack: !ADVICE
LRRbot: Hit them in the crack!
TehAmelie: let's save the beatings for the nazis in the first hand though
PharaohBender27: I've already submitted a Twtich support request, but just in case - does anyone know how to look up clips you've created in the new dashboard system? That option doesn't seem to be in the dashboard any longer, and trying to enter the url leads to an error page.
MagicWarluck: We're kinda running out of nazis to beat though. Next on the list are those who chew loudly.
TehAmelie: wow, that was Lrrbot
Juliamon: We will never run out of Nazis, sadly
TehAmelie: it fit so well in the conversation i didn't even notice
MagicWarluck: Oh my LRRBot. :O
TehAmelie: !advice
LRRbot: You must convert taxmen back into entertainers.
TehAmelie: welp
Nyx_fire: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Rising Sun) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (6m from now).
korvys: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: teeth
korvys: TEETH
midday_rendelnep: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TehAmelie: lrrCREEPL_SG lrrCREEPR_SG
Sarah_Serinde: PharaohBender27 Menu on the upper left > content > clips shows me mine
PharaohBender27: Thanks, @Sarah_Serinde !
TehAmelie: wow, that looks even stupider than i had imagined
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #6073: "Cool, I have uses now! Suck it, world!" —Adam, as Petr [2019-05-27]
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie It looks like they have a wispy mustache
TehAmelie: yes!
TehAmelie: also how are the shades different heights?
dumbo3k: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Rising Sun) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (5s from now).
PharaohBender27: I think because the stage left-side shades rest on the furthest tooth, whereas the stage right-side ones rest about 1-2 teeth in
TehAmelie: mmhmm
PharaohBender27: i.e., they'd be level if Harry weren't smiling
PharaohBender27: That is supposed to be Harry, right?
TehAmelie: maybe just a random creepy doll
BrokenGolem: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PharaohBender27: Fair. But I'm pretty sure it's because of how the smile and positioning of each set of shades interacts; you can see it more clearly if you click on each emote
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL_SG
midday_rendelnep: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Sarah_Serinde: Those shades look like they're the same height to me
TehAmelie: huh
Goorguy: woo hoo, just in time
korvys: lrrBEN lrrIAN lrrCORI lrrCAMERON
midday_rendelnep: lrr between the lines
PharaohBender27: On closer inspection, it might be that the "earpiece" - is that what that part's called? - looks like it's higher on one side than the other because of the tooth height differences that the smile makes
kusinohki: "we should refilm this intro..." :P
Sarah_Serinde: It hits the teeth in different places on the different emotes so I'm sure that makes it look weird
dangerous_safety: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
PharaohBender27: It's probably not earpiece, but I'm blanking on what the part of glasses you hook over the earlobe is called
korvys: They should refilm only part of the intro, so the backgtound is different for 1 (and only 1) of the people
Matsunen: critroleHenry
Naarius: Now that's a mug
Sarah_Serinde: benginHi
korvys: lrrIAN lrrBEN lrrCORI lrrCAMERON a
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slazer2au: lrrHORN lrrHORN
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TehAmelie: hello friends
Sarah_Serinde: benginTry
PharaohBender27: Ben, you're thinking of the phrase "The sun never sets on the British Empire"
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thrythlind: Thanks helping me stay sane. Also, amusing I'm getting this out on a game in Japan when I first learned about y'all while living in Japan.
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BloodnBullets: whats happend to clips?
one_last_time_: I love Rising Sun
A Sub shared Rewards to 5 others in Chat!
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhEXTREME lrrHEART
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with AFK right now, and we’re playing Rising Sun! ⛩ http://twitch.tv/LoadingReadyRun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EK_ClcHUUAAbQWw.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1202393578913165312
Mysticman89: What do we put as a code to get a free IHorner?
BrowneePoints: Like at this slew of handsome folks at the table!
Sheikun07: lrrIAN
kusinohki: awww, I was hoping fake ian and real ian would be in sync...
WowoT: cam just looks like he has this thought of: why the hell am i hear
TehAmelie: lrrIAN_BW
WowoT: here*
plummeting_sloth: I will be there!
Naarius: lrrIAN_SG I have no idea what you mean
gualdhar: lrrIAN_SG
Lithobraker: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 5:56.
midday_rendelnep: lrrAWW for lrrPAUL
Nigouki: you got a Bidoof?
A_Dub888: !findquote boof
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
dangerous_safety: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
thrythlind: Panel-Storm Count?
korvys: So, for people asking for LRRCon 2, it's in Philly
ThorSokar: Ben said yes too many times
BrowneePoints: Ben HAS to get himself a good ol Philly Cheesesteak
kusinohki: spoilers - all 5 panels are at the same time
Sarah_Serinde: ~lasttweet dice
LRRTwitter: [5h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Going to #PAXUnplugged? | Come to our BANDLAND table, to get your hands on this awesome aluminum 3d6 set, by our friends at @Levelupdice! | Check out what we did with the 1, 3, and 6 faces 😄 | (and YES, these will be available online after PAXU) 📷 https://t.co/8GSqk2L0HQ || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1202315049982775296
wynternyghtynggale: lrrSLOTH_TK
plummeting_sloth: Ben has become panel, talker of worlds
Matsunen: lrrFINE
thrythlind: I did get asked to be a panel once that bumped one of my game events into stupid-o-clock-nobody-shows-up territory
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
LRRbot: 2388 patrons for a total of $14,013.03 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
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AWells44: I NEED the dice
PharaohBender27: 28 pages!?
Arcbound_Twerker: Politics DansGame
TehAmelie: rules? that's for pants-wearin folks
Sarah_Serinde: !findquote house rule
LRRbot: Quote #4847: "Whenever I make a mistake, that's a house rule." —Cameron [2018-03-26]
OnTheSamePaige: Evening all
MagicWarluck: What is Ians bewerage of choice today?
grandanarchii: reading a whole essay to play a game?!?! haha no
NotCainNorAbel: rules as fun
chaostreader: We’re playing with a slightly modified version of 5e.
Arcbound_Twerker: SO honorable.
Lithobraker: No one likes a constitutional originalist anyways Kappa
Pal_Friendpatine: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:48.
TehAmelie: i remember spending a whole weekend reading the manual to Alpha Centauri. cause i checked the game out from the library and it didn't work
Matsunen: lrrSPOOP winter is fine
ArcOfTheConclave: that sounds like winter to me
kusinohki: "winter is coming... what happens in winter? Nothing."
A_Dub888: !findquote winter
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
BrowneePoints: so is this an L5R game?
BloodnBullets: in winter everyone sits about and braggs about how well they did, because its too damn cold outside
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Pal_Friendpatine: Thanks Twitch for not letting me know that this had started teftR
PharaohBender27: Wait until one of the players launches an offensive during the winter, catching everyone off-guard, and wins Kappa
one_last_time_: My friend owns this game and he actually went through and hand painted all the monsters, strongholds, and characters
Arcbound_Twerker: Did they play Blood Rage before this?
OnTheSamePaige: Ian is the KappaHD Clan?
ArcOfTheConclave: tea!
wynternyghtynggale: did someone say tea
plummeting_sloth: in which the tea is spilled
Arcbound_Twerker: PogChamp
djalternative: spill that tea
kusinohki: !paullove
wynternyghtynggale: oh that's awesome
Sarah_Serinde: lrrSLOTH
Mysticman89: can you only be allied with 1 person at a time?
Nigouki: oh no, the appendages are touching!
theneatestburrito: lrrPAUL lrrHEART
Dog_of_Myth: PogChamp
BloodnBullets: lrrCAMERON benginFuse
Arcbound_Twerker: Tea Time yo
Naarius: D: Cori and Ian being cute
Ivalenz_: mods, please, !paullove
djalternative: Man Dates
Arcbound_Twerker: kami phaaaaaaase
Fruan: Paul, you're amazing. Every time you break out a new overlay gag or feature, it's wonderful <3
ArcOfTheConclave: HONOR!
plummeting_sloth: fish... the most honorable creature
Titan457: Ooh! Rising Sun! I love this game! Who's playing Turtles?
korvys: Paul, is that some clever dynamic thing, or just 6 images you can choose from?
ritchards: a boshie?
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHA
plummeting_sloth: perfect
Dragonality: We're professionals
midday_rendelnep: [CornishDrWho] It's Tyme fer Teee![/CornishDrWho]
Matsunen: Reading angles are for suckers
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh sweet. it's this game
one_last_time_: Dragonfly clan is so good
Dovakey: Hello there
ZeroArcana: the commie?
kusinohki: cori with the galaxy brain
BrowneePoints: Where the Commie are hanging out?
BrowneePoints: The Commie Phase?
LoadingReadyRun: korvys it is a dynamic thing
BrowneePoints: *note I know it's Kami*
Titan457: I pray to all my commies.
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun That's rad!
CaptainSpam: The Kami People... already I'm going over Negativland's "Time Zones" in my head...
Arcbound_Twerker: Amaterasoo
Swamplor: This is my tower defense game, Homies Vs Commies
Arcbound_Twerker: (the "u" is silent)
kusinohki: but "dudes on a map" totally risk
Baldrash: "Not Risk" seems like a selling point. :P
Titan457: It's strictly better Risk
Molladia: Hey, looks like Ben has had a haircut, looking very nice.
Arcbound_Twerker: Unpainted monsters BibleThump
Pal_Friendpatine: Play Star Wars Risk. It is NOT Risk. (It’s a not quite as good version of Star Wars: Queens Gambit.)
one_last_time_: Are you guys playing with Godzilla?
PharaohBender27: @Arcbound_Twerker Maybe you can suggest it as a future TTSF stream?
ritchards: Gojira!
Titan457: Gojira gojira? Ahh, gojira gojira gojira.
Ukon_Cairns: i love french metal bands
ArcOfTheConclave: Honor!
plummeting_sloth: mmm... man dates
Dog_of_Myth: War...what is it good for
Pal_Friendpatine: The war phase. Also known as the Hello Kitty Phase
kusinohki: absolutely nothing!
plummeting_sloth: oh no the fights out!
Titan457: All on Warrior Poets, every time.
Arcbound_Twerker: *MAY*
plummeting_sloth: both sides outbidding each other to kill themselves
Nigouki: seppuku? in THIS economy?
plummeting_sloth: taking your allies hostage= Forcible sleepovers
WowoT: lrrBEN_SG
dangerous_safety: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
Arcbound_Twerker: Koi = OP
Titan457: Aw, Eddie. Get out of the stream!
seenoham: mauve?
Ukon_Cairns: in the fins of koi clan
BloodnBullets: lrrCORI can buy happiness
midday_rendelnep: Cameron's capital is Lavender town
Arcbound_Twerker: 🐢
NarishmaReborn: turtle power
Dovakey: They have played this before havent they?
ninja_theory_ashrams: turtle package
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART lrrCORI
plummeting_sloth: Howls moving Stronghold
Dog_of_Myth: Durdle Turtle for the win
BloodnBullets: !card meandering towershell
LRRbot: Meandering Towershell [3GG] | Creature — Turtle [5/9] | Islandwalk / Whenever Meandering Towershell attacks, exile it. Return it to the battlefield under your control tapped and attacking at the beginning of the declare attackers step on your next turn.
karpma: Ian's clan is based out of the back of their van.
Baldrash: Wow, the sculpts on those minis are quite good.
Ukon_Cairns: and no foot clan to stand against the turtle clan? should be an easy victory
Dog_of_Myth: CMON does good mini work @Baldrash
Titan457: @Baldrash Just wait till you see some of the bigger minis. Like the Oni.
Baldrash: @Dog_of_Myth Oh, this is a Cool Mini production? No wonder.
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Tripleyew: This is a really abstract cover version of House of the Rising Sun, but I'm interested
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soulessgamer: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Toquenuke: did i miss much?
Earthenone: you missed rules dump
Askwho: are those coins metal?
Dog_of_Myth: Nope just started
SacrificialToast: honer
Earthenone: so maybe?
Toquenuke: sweet
kusinohki: "anything goes martial arts tea ceremony"
NarishmaReborn: sweeten that pig
Toquenuke: ill just misunderstand the rules and then complain that the strimmers are not following my headcannon rules
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kusinohki: @Toquenuke they're playing in "Cam mode" - any rule mistakes were a house rule all along
Toquenuke: lol
orbitaltuna: rising sun?
orbitaltuna: is this a weeb game? inochiThink
incredulouspasserby: yo those political fusion lines are great
orbitaltuna: are they in teams?
kusinohki: temp alliances
Earthenone: the Whey of rightousness
Lord_Hosk: The way of to be righteous... is to pay for it.
NarishmaReborn: the great and honorable koi
orbitaltuna: how temp, like no political marriages or one marriage?
WowoT: is that a bad thing tho?
ThaFacialHair: How art thous this fine eve
kusinohki: "dice are evil" - german game designers?
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ZeroArcana: no dice? but then... how play?
A Sub shared Rewards to 5 others in Chat!
plummeting_sloth: game inappropriate for dice friends for obvious reasons
theneatestburrito: Zero dice = very good (or at least can be)
kusinohki: she laughed very honorably
orbitaltuna: OHOHOHOHOHOHO
Lithobraker: I am also anti dice,
Mr_Bitterness: It was an excellent ojou laugh
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Kiwijelly: someone needs twirly mustache
Kramburger: This Soothing Tea Has No Honour!
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote honor
LRRbot: Quote #5237: "I would be honored to touch your heatsinks." —Ian, to Johnny [2018-08-05]
seenoham: what episode of season 8 had honor?
kusinohki: "no YOU have no honor!" - sluggy freelance
NarishmaReborn: ah, prune juice, a warrior's drink
orbitaltuna: "this CBS has no honor"
seenoham: Is it because Ben's clan has been flighty?
plummeting_sloth: the medal of Honor has no hon-wait
Despoiler98: Ben has no honor
Naarius: D: no honor
Dog_of_Myth: Ben is a traitor.....
orbitaltuna: on brand
Kiwijelly: benginTraitor
kusinohki: this honor has no medal!
orbitaltuna: i wonder if there're shogun branded whey protein powder...
incredulouspasserby: Is it weird that watching this game just makes me want to play D&D?
Dog_of_Myth: Who needs honor when all your enemies are dead.
plummeting_sloth: there's shogun branded everthing
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incredulouspasserby: Like. Not any of the much more on theme RPG's. D&D specifically.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hosk that's great
Naarius: @Lord_Hosk I love that that exists... but why does that exist
Earthenone: doesent ben get a murder there?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that's so good
orbitaltuna: wow, extra effort
Kramburger: This Photoshop has no honour!
DiscordianTokkan: So good
orbitaltuna: this is a deluxe shoop
kusinohki: jagged edges have no honor!
Titan457: Summon the Boshi!
orbitaltuna: booshi?
orbitaltuna: (i know, bushi)
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Anubis169: 72 months of sub on the wall... 72 months of suuuuuub~~
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WowoT: can we just call it bougie? :P
josh___something: Hello friends!
Anubis169: ;)
plummeting_sloth: Split By Honor would be another good name for For Honor
kusinohki: glasses... no beard... must be beej
Kramburger: Your friend Ian 'Default Character Face' Horner
orbitaltuna: so is there sudoku in this game
josh___something: RIP my gift sub
Anubis169: a friend?
korvys: @Anubis169 You know, a homie :P
Anubis169 huggles josh
orbitaltuna: like can you sudoku a booshy to gain honor
Anubis169: you can enjoy the cast just the same :D
plummeting_sloth: does he get to kill folks again?
Earthenone: can he keep murdering?
Anubis169: !advice
ArcOfTheConclave: Boshis!?
Titan457: !findquote Boshi
LRRbot: Quote #6336: "He is the Boshy, he could probably do anything." —Heather, about Adam [2019-08-18]
korvys: Does Ben get to kill a thing like last time?
ArcOfTheConclave: Where is Adam "the boshi" Savidan?
Sheikun07: Just a Normal Assman
mowdownjoe: Poor Ammy.
GoblinRanger: choo choo?
kusinohki: turn one has no honor
DiscordianTokkan: KUNOESSE has 2 force!
Kramburger: Imagine Nouns but for Warf
Kramburger: *Worf
ninja_theory_ashrams: chocolate milk has no honor
kusinohki: I promise I'm not a bot. I'm just bad at running jokes
plummeting_sloth: If Var=n, then return "NO HONOR"
orbitaltuna: but is there a worf telling pokemon they have no honor twitter account
seenoham: The difference between personal and political honor in Worf is one of the more interesting parts about Kilgon culture.
kenkopin: !nohonor This joke
darkalter2000: Don't you go last Ben?
thrythlind: kikoskRock kikoskAnkh kikoskBag
glitched_goddess: There is a “the same picture of chief miles O’Brien every day” that’s pretty good
Dog_of_Myth: Nice turn for Ben
plummeting_sloth: honestly it's kinda handy he didn't because damn that ability is broken
theneatestburrito: There's no effects for harvest where turn order and timing matter.
kusinohki: kansai's very lovely this time of year...
darkalter2000: Why didn't Cori or Cam get anything for harvest?
Earthenone: they were not allied with harvester, they just got 1g
theneatestburrito: Only you and your ally get the province bonuses for control under Harvest.
Titan457: because they forgot
seenoham: Maybe you just hired people, you don't need soldier to build things
kusinohki: "diplomacy - ruining friendships since 1954"
plummeting_sloth: it's a rental castle
Morrigan9: anyone else think 'commie' phase instead of kami
seenoham: Paranoia is a game best played with good friends, because you need a firm foundation of trust to undermine and destroy
DiscordianTokkan: katesWa katesOw
plummeting_sloth: large in size, but not in faith
darkalter2000: Kami phase?
Kramburger: Magic has limits and that limit is a cat-dog chimera
chaostreader: I’m reminded of the CommadoreHustle where Heather points out that it’s difficult to poison someone if they don’t trust you.
seenoham: So I know fu dog and fu lion refer to the same thing, but I have no idea how that became a thing in the translation to english
midday_rendelnep: It's raining Datsun Cogs!
nanostul: Sacred Beef is my meatloaf tribute band
darkalter2000: What about the Kami phase?
seenoham: @nanostul do you do gospel covers?
Eklinaar: Who wants to meet meat?
nanostul: Only paradise by the dash-board light
Kiwijelly: found the doggo! http://yokai.com/komainu/
Dog_of_Myth: HahaDoge
Naarius: Kermie nooooo
WowoT: doesnt ben move first?
Titan457: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
Kramburger: People give Yesterday flack, but a record company changing Hey Jude to Hey Dude was the realest shit
nanostul: Betrayal 8/10 - would betray again?
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marislavender: ooooh neat
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Kiwijelly: Sweet Home Shikoku
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I really liked Yesterday
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josh___something: Go ben!
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GrunkusDunkus: ahoy ahoy AFKers, I love you all <3
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nanostul: It was okay but I preferred Band on the Run
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Naarius: Dropping a what now?
plummeting_sloth: gotta drop the dudes off at the pool
DiscordianTokkan: Dropping a Deude
kusinohki: "we declared this area a 'no fighting zone'"
Dog_of_Myth: There is no fighting in the war room.
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kusinohki: is there fighting in the peace room?
Arcbound_Twerker: wait no extra buy?
nanostul: I thought it was Wednesday, not Saturday
Dog_of_Myth: @kusinohki Surprisingly yes
Pal_Friendpatine: I like Cori’s hair
Arcbound_Twerker: Did we miss something or did Cori miss a Kami enabled recruit
Naarius: Math is for blockers?
korvys: DaiMyo Screens, Paul :P
RatherWT: (pounds on the table) WAR GAME, WAR GAME
kusinohki: math - the true enemy of warfare
nanostul: Flunge!
RatherWT: Man, this is cool and I have no idea what's happening.
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote junk
LRRbot: Quote #1016: "Your next junk is going to be huge! Really really huge!" —Alex [2015-11-03]
korvys: !quote Cori
LRRbot: Quote #2006: "Yes. I now have a business." —Cori [2016-03-01]
j0xer: the winner writes the history
kusinohki: evil has no honor!
quietcat: benginTraitor
mowdownjoe: benginTraitor
Mr_Bitterness: Cori strikes down the dishonorable Ben!
korvys: History is written by the victors, Ben
Naarius: Shameful display
ani_laurel: Hail Cori, a valiant warrior
wynternyghtynggale: lrrSLOTH_TK
Titan457: Always go full poets
Dog_of_Myth: Cori, she did the thing
korvys: 12
korvys: isn't it?
korvys: 4 * 3?
RatherWT: So Cam... bravely fled?
korvys: I thought he lost 3 dudes
thrythlind: Assassin declared; Still the traitor does protest; "Not evil!" says Ben
korvys: Never mind
Darkstorm257: 4 dudes, 2 points per
OnTheSamePaige: I also heard Cam say 4 points per dude @korvys
nanostul: When danger reared it's ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled....
kusinohki: isn't it "commit seppeku"? I guess that's the ultimate way to flee...
LoadingReadyRun: nanostul they didn't flee.... they're dead
korvys: Ok wait - Cam paid 4, so he gets 4 per dude, right? Then he lost 4 dudes (which he killed himself). Am I missing something?
thrythlind: Dude slain no reason; The not evil one admits; Hire more mercs now.
nanostul: @ Paul :P such a kill joy - I was riffing python...
korvys: Or is it just 4 points total for poets?
kusinohki: the amount Cam paid only matters with who paid most. It's always 1 pt per dude killed
one_last_time_: I think the battle just ends after Cori takes the hostage because Ben doesn't have anyone there
WonderfulGlory: Is that true? the Ronin don't count as force?
korvys: Oh, ok
theneatestburrito: I think Ronin count since Ben paid for them and won that bid.
Arcbound_Twerker: Blood Rage when?
WonderfulGlory: I taught this game at a con, I'm fairly confident ben gets the card
RatherWT: Blue jeans and rock n roll!
nanostul: Oh... and @LoadingReadyRun I don't think they're quite dead yet...
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Naarius: Poets: We bussed up
Mr_Bitterness: Cam is winning the cultural victory by an amazing poem about the honor of his troops' sacrifice.
darkalter2000: Honourable death.
Kiwijelly: pull a Song of Roland. There were so many of those dudes. and we killed most of them but then they cheated
orbitaltuna: oh did the alliances break up?
thrythlind: Cameron Victory; On heaps of his own fallen; Culture before all.
orbitaltuna: naga toe
orbitaltuna: shinsehaibimi?
DiscordianTokkan: Kampai!! Imean, Kansai!
kusinohki: sugoi?
TehAmelie: cahoots have been called
RatherWT: Ian's beard is becoming much more Ian.
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orbitaltuna: does paul have all the arcs between the names setup?
Mr_Bitterness: Ian's actually the Scorpion from L5R
TehAmelie: let's have chat form an electoral college
Kiwijelly: Hey! That's accurate!
kusinohki: keep your allies close and enemies closer?
plummeting_sloth: eh, now that you've said it, just wait till Mailtime
Kiwijelly: what are those things called?
orbitaltuna: ian can probably 3d print some
ulexarX: The finglonger
ThorSokar: give'em the clamps!
plummeting_sloth: hell, I could bring you some to Pax unplugged if I thought they'd travel well
Donutholez: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:12:58.
Donutholez: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 8:34:13. lrrSPOT
thundervoice_1: !quote ben
LRRbot: Quote #1829: "She wouldn't have died if I didn't get slapped five times" —Ben [2016-02-15]
Donutholez: I AM
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Donutholez: LATE
orbitaltuna: ben ninjs
WowoT: that would be super OP if you could kill 3 things
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ninja_theory_ashrams: benginTraitor
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breadisbest1: hi
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Juliamon: !addquote (Bengineering) [now] Sorry, I didn't kill somebody.
LRRbot: New quote #6596: "Sorry, I didn't kill somebody." —Bengineering [2019-12-04]
WonderfulGlory: Just put a dice on your deck so you remember your triggers Ben
plummeting_sloth: apparently the stick Ben is talking about is a croupier stick
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Kiwijelly: it's a good word
KriegerSan: ! bad advice
LRRbot: Avoid the glow.
Pal_Friendpatine: Speaking of dice. Are the new dice G was talking about during W+P available at PAX? Or somewhere else?
thrythlind: which anime are they talking about?
RatherWT: Honor is for the weak!
Titan457: !advice
LRRbot: Don't fail.
thundervoice_1: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
kusinohki: !dice
Titan457: Betrayal in the box! Does not bode well...
RatherWT: It's a mindflayerflayerflayer.
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GrunkusDunkus: Thanks for the Haha2020 @ctm1992
kusinohki: @Pal_Friendpatine I think there was a twitter announcement about it?
Kiwijelly: I think Cameron might like Yamishibai...
Pal_Friendpatine: @kusinohki I’ll check! Thanks!
Naarius: Cori does not yeet herself into the sun, what do you do?
kusinohki: sarah had a command for it here, but I forget what it is...
djalternative: The dice will be available at PaxU irst then online
RatherWT: What's the deal with honor?
chaostreader: Can Ben just murder that thing?
Juliamon: ~lasttweet dice
LRRTwitter: [6h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Going to #PAXUnplugged? | Come to our BANDLAND table, to get your hands on this awesome aluminum 3d6 set, by our friends at @Levelupdice! | Check out what we did with the 1, 3, and 6 faces 😄 | (and YES, these will be available online after PAXU) 📷 https://t.co/8GSqk2L0HQ || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1202315049982775296
Pal_Friendpatine: Ah. Thanks everyone!!
kusinohki: that was it. TY @Juliamon
ArcOfTheConclave: Ian is in the pocket of Big Honor
thrythlind: Blood for blood oni; Commissar makes deployment; turtle clan opposed.
Juliamon: Honor... Horner.... very similar
kusinohki: @RatherWT honor is used as a tie breaker and the order some things are done in I think
corpseponcho: uptime
WonderfulGlory: There is a Kaiju that can destroy them
orbitaltuna: aren't ninjas all about killing daimyos
corpseponcho: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:20:19.
RatherWT: Ah, neat.
djalternative: man dates
Donutholez: how romantic. man-dates
KriegerSan: man dates what?
djalternative: man dates man
kusinohki: man bites dog
Donutholez: when man-dating, you date a man
Kramburger: We talking about Venud De Milo again?
Naarius: Cougar squad?
kusinohki: are there turtles in the yojimbo universe?
Donutholez: welcome to man-dates faqs
42MiLLyWays: whoa!
plummeting_sloth: Oh no, they can't do pizza any more. Gives them ulcers
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Sheikun07: I mean, Yojimbo is canonical to the TMNT universe.
orbitaltuna: nah, i'm pretty sure one of the turtles would have learned to make great pizza by the time they're middle aged
damn_i_am_pretty: Raphael, the ninja barista who just finally had a breakthrough in therapy
Naarius: Surprise intro!
Despoiler98: lrrFRUMP_TK
DiscordianTokkan: AFK Again!
ninja_theory_ashrams: Girl turtle could work if they give her a personality besides just "generic girl"
HorusFive: Well I did just get here...
kusinohki: kami hammi ha phase
mowdownjoe: lrrHEATHER_TK
wynternyghtynggale: lrrSLOTH_TK
Lord_Hosk: Shredder hooked them up with a great financial planner so they understood that a small investment when they were teenagers would have a great return with the magic of compound interest
kusinohki: they could go full 'chipmunks' and introduce 4 turtle girls...
thrythlind: canon, I believe there is eventually a sort of world-wide apocalypse where the earth gets populated with mutant animals?
v_nome: Kami ham, eh? Ahhh...
Lord_Hosk: But they didnt use his referal code so he didnt get the bonus gift card and thats why they fight.
kusinohki: kami ham-father
kusinohki: respect=free, that's what it means to ben
NarishmaReborn: Respect people kids, and take them as hostages
LoadingReadyRun: thrythlind in the TMNT RPG there is a set of books covering "After the Bomb"
ani_laurel: that hurt
AranMathai: Did we just watch Cori die?
Titan457: I'd Man Date George Clooney
thrythlind: @LoadingReadyRun I at least used to own a copy...I've had to sell a lot of stuff in recent years
Donutholez: you kidnapped. well that was respectful
mowdownjoe: It was Capcom, Ian. Capcom made Okami.
Dog_of_Myth: Okami so gooood
mowdownjoe pushes up glasses.
Mr_Bitterness: Mostly Resident Evil remakes
doubleohsnake: RE2?
Baldrash: More than Konami, at least?
kusinohki: put okami in street fighter you cowards!
Sheikun07: Another RE HD remake. I think they're working on RE3
Mr_Bitterness: They are, first images came out recently
shadownova896: I haven't played Okami before, but I've heard so many good things about it
Dog_of_Myth: RE3 remake got spoiled
mowdownjoe: @kusinohki Ammy was in MvC3.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: alternatively, quit making Street Fighter you cowards
LoadingReadyRun: Okami remaster for PC is v good
thrythlind: @Dog_of_Myth so in my Divine Blood setting Amaterasu is currently going back through childhood and is a middle-schooler...for one of the single-comic pages I made for the slice-of-life book, I asked the artist to have her wearing an Okami t-shirt
shadownova896: I'll need to try it sometime
Juliamon: Okami is absolutely worth playing if you're into 3D Zelda-style games
Sheikun07: RE4 HD Remake would be the best one. Leon's attempt at one liners is glorious.
Dog_of_Myth: @thrythlind NICE!
Mr_Bitterness: Okami is great, and Ammy was top tier in UCvM3
WowoT: do cory and cam not harvest?
LoadingReadyRun: Also Okami is VERY LONG. good value for money
korvys: @WowoT Everyone gets one, then the active player and their ally get extra stuff (so they only got 1)
WowoT: thanks ben!
WowoT: and korvyx
Juliamon: Okami also had urinating as gameplay before Death Stranding and My Summer Car popularized it
v_nome: Did you end up picking up any games on sale, Paul?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: in all seriousness, Capcom is a company i do not understand their plans, and i have nothing against SF.
LoadingReadyRun: on the forefront of gameplay
thrythlind: @Dog_of_Myth was going to link it but realized I don't have it on deviant art for some reason
korvys: Where is Cam's soldier that is on the west of Kansai? In Kansair, or the other region?
Dog_of_Myth: No biggie. You described it quite well
WonderfulGlory: It is two different players
one_last_time_: One figure from two different people
cobbsaladss: poongkoEzman
korvys: Is Cam's figure in Kansai or Nagato
korvys: Yeah
korvys: The honourable Turtle Clan
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Earthenone: ben chooses snek? shocking :)
CoffeeCatRailway: Meow, haro @LoadingReadyRun
djalternative: stew pickles?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: I don't have the coin to ship Lotus and Koi
djalternative: hokaido.... hopkido... what's the difference?
thrythlind: one is a Japanese island and the other a Korean martial art?
Titan457: Cam is kinda cleaning up here
kusinohki: I forget how end of game scoring works....
djalternative: @thrythlind sounds like the same thing to me
kusinohki: something about the province tiles they're collecting...
korvys: If you say so, djalternator :P
AranMathai: Cam really needed to drop a "I have spoken" at some point in there.
DiscordianTokkan: This is the Way! Which is either a Mandalorian reference OR a Final Fantasy Tactics reference
Feltic: This is A way
Titan457: Basically. The province tiles are kind of like a set collection thing. The more you have, the more they're worth.
WonderfulGlory: The Big one
djalternative: I like paul's way of saying sepuki. makes it sound like a carrabian dance
cobbsaladss: Cam PogChamp
Kramburger: "Hi, sorry I'm late what did mi... oh GOD"
chaostreader: That’s not how that works.
one_last_time_: The battle phase of this game needs so much thinking
Titan457: Anything that based on betting is too much thinking for me.
chaostreader: Cam’s thing has more power because Ian has more honor. Increasing Ian’s honor doesn’t make it weaker
Mr_Bitterness: There's a lot of mindgames in the battle
kusinohki: points for unique tiles... duplicates don't count at all? or does it form a 2nd, 3rd, etc set?
one_last_time_: I love this game, but I always end up with headaches after playing it
Darkstorm257: each tile is also worth points equal to the season in which it was gained
TetraRay: chat miss a joke? nawww
snowewolf: is ian's beard superlong today? compaired to what we normaly see
Mr_Bitterness: LUL LUL
dangerous_safety: Huh
WonderfulGlory: Yes that's the weakness of monsters, it is not a daiyo so it can be taken hostage
one_last_time_: Yep. You can do that
korvys: Ian just Air Bud this game?
headdeskdev: That is correct - probably the silliest part of the game
xantos69: NotLikeThis
theneatestburrito: Yeah, you can hostage monsters (except the Yurei since it's a Daimyo)
LazyC0Mmander: Ian is the real shogun here!
WonderfulGlory: That's why Corey's monster can't be taken hostage
one_last_time_: Unless it says it counts as a damiyo
Earthenone: dies to removal
StageMgrRob: Cam.exe has stopped working.
kusinohki: "nothing in the rule book says a dog can't be a ronin"
Titan457: Damn
big_large: yeah, it's the weirdest part of the game, monsters can be taken hostage
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Juliamon: snowewolf I mean, it continues to grow.
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djalternative: Thanks for the HahaSweat @fuzzy_died
thrythlind: Turtle miko bind; Oni of Blood hostage now; Cameron says "what?"
chaostreader: Mongo only pawn, in game of life.
snowewolf: @Juliamon i just meen he normaly does not were it like that...........sutes him tho
Titan457: That's not untrue...
Juliamon: I think it just tends to blend into shadows or his clothing, his position under the lights tonight happens to highlight it.
korvys: It basically means Monsters aren't as powerful as they look (you kinda have to pay to keep them), which is interesting.
Titan457: @korvys But they look so badass
korvys: (but kinda rough if you're not aware)
Morpheus523: Just joined, this looks intense.
thrythlind: Ack! I used to live in the Kansai region...Fukushima to be precise...6 years, followed by one year in Ogaware...which I think is still Kansai
plummeting_sloth: I love that you designate locations well in advance of actually fighting. It's like a political version of "Meet me at 4-Post in Konsai if you want your ass kicked"
plummeting_sloth: er, Kansai
chaostreader: Didn’t Ben take one of Cori’s men?
Titan457: <message deleted>I remember I was once playing a game where I got all three Oni, but then someone jipped me out of the way of the Demon.
dangerous_safety: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
wynternyghtynggale: HahaGoose
orbitaltuna: the mighty booshy? ccolorHehe
BrowneePoints: @LoadingReadyRun Seeing you guys play this, would you guys ever want to do a Legend of the Five Rings campaign on Dice Friends?
ani_laurel: jipped is an anti-roma racial slur. Maybe reconsider using it in the future
seenoham: bamboo sways a lot
chaostreader: This was a lot of red vs blue.
Perchipy: Milanda be cool!
seenoham: there is a great scene with it in crouching tiger, hidden dragon
Twilight_Spark: Chat is never cool. lrrHAM
Titan457: I wasn't aware of that. I'm genuinely sorry. I've only heard it in casual conversation.
A_Dub888: !findquote chat
LRRbot: Quote #5262: "We don't need a play guide, we have chat for that." —Paul [2018-08-16]
korvys: !findquote cool
LRRbot: Quote #2938: "You could have any cool blood-borne illnesses that Richard Garriott has!" —Kathleen [2016-07-11]
djalternative: we can just stop watching like on dice forge if you prefer that, Ben
ani_laurel: We're all learning
jgall1014: lrrIAN lrrBEN lrrCAMERON lrrCORI
Twilight_Spark: UNhonorable?
orbitaltuna: "i've changed my ways" - ben, seconds before backstabbing again
control_rig: "Big tasty monsters" should be a quote for sure
FadedOverseer: Like bamboo
wynternyghtynggale: who needs ducks when you have goose HahaGoose
thrythlind: Ben says, "Not nearly; As dishonorable I;" Verity unknown.
orbitaltuna: whoa that is a big lad
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Silvexsun: 32 months!?! Where has the time gone?
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WonderfulGlory: Dragons in this game are super vulerable kidnapping targets
orbitaltuna: time to invoke "the butter clause" in fine print
Mr_Bitterness: Ben's the Scorpion clan
Kramburger: The Weakest Link?
Metalupis: Ben killed all his dishonerable guys in that battle last turn, so his average honor went up
GDwarf: Golden Balls
plummeting_sloth: you can set your watch by this mans treachery
A_NO0B: Golden balls?
seenoham: the jack sparrow quote. You can always trust a dishonorable man to be dishonorable
frogomb: legend of the hidden temple
GDwarf: I only know about the game due to Radiolab. <<
headdeskdev: "Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid"
phenexian: Classic Prisoner's Dilema
djalternative: Gold Balls? The most important X-Men right now?
frogomb: American gladiators
j0xer: out of game collusion ?
thrythlind: Ben paraphrases; Captain Jack Sparrow just now; @headdeskdev ninjas
frogomb: someone should paint the minis
chaostreader: @j0xer No. Just psychology. He actually put split but he forced the other person to choose split or nothing.
thrythlind: NOOO!! Don't bring Ryoga into this! There Roaring Lion Bomb will be beyond calculation!
Duwani1: lrrHAM_SG
DiscordianTokkan: Good Ol' Ryouga, best boy in Ranma 1/2
Tiber727: See, I'm stubborn. I'd write steal just because he tried to force my hand.
BodaciousNia: you gonna visit ho chi minh?
Metalupis: @DiscordianTokkan lies, Ranma is best boy
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Mr_Bitterness: Ben loses honor
DiscordianTokkan: @Metalupis Ranma becomes Passably Decent Boy from Garbage Child, imo. I have strong Pro-Ryouga and Ukyou memories.
DiscordianTokkan: (Genma remains Trash Panda)
Metalupis: agreed
DiscordianTokkan: (Genma? Gendou? Ranma's Dad)
Metalupis: name is Trash Panda thats all he deserves
plummeting_sloth: having a lack of honor has consequences beyond Warfs condemnation
thrythlind: meanwhile, I'm fighting Banished Pantheon
thrythlind: and Circle of Thorns
DeliciousBiscuitWizard: sory wrong chat
Mr_Bitterness: @thrythlind Hello fellow CoH fan!
thrythlind: @Mr_Bitterness third-wave beta!
korvys: King Gizz, it looks like
Titan457: It's not even a real link
ninja_theory_ashrams: pirate twitch broadcasts
dangerous_safety: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
chaostreader: Real link. Just the video doesn’t work. For some reason.
DeliciousBiscuitWizard: absolutely by mistake sorry friends, too many tabs open
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mariomario42: lrrFRUMP
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BodaciousNia: lol
Laserbeaks_Fury: LRRate radio
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do some Max Headroom
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BodaciousNia: ewwwwwwwww mixer
erased_citizen: What are these rewards from people subbing?
korvys: I mean, I assume you can remote to different PCs in the office, Paul.
KevlarGiraffe: HahaLean
Juliamon: erased_citizen Holiday emotes
Goorguy: lrrFINE
erased_citizen: Ooh neat
Ubiki: HahaPoint
djalternative: you can just take the first on down and then immediately go live from the other one
Laserbeaks_Fury: In Nagata da vida, honey
thrythlind: Kill, kill, hate, hate, murder, murder, mutilate
kais58: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:08:14.
erased_citizen: HahaNutcracker
Toxxick: Dammit Cam, I was mid-drink
nhouse1919: how do channel points work? I'm on the app, and apparently have 430 of them
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> We’re drafting this set on the Friday Night Paper Fight this week. The first set was fantastic and they have turned it up to 11 on the follow up. This thing has official lore! | @Card_Kingdom> Every great Plane in Magic needs a story, and our mish-mash world of Lumeria is no different. What happens when the Wall erupts and cuts off the pathways? Thanks to The @loregoyfs, we get to dive into The ⤵
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djalternative: oblate spheroid
chaostreader: @nhouse1919 They allow you to use emotes without being subbed.
djalternative: I wouldn't mind some juice
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrCORI_SG
Mr_Bitterness: That demon is just going on a murder adventure up in the northeast
djalternative: Mr. Man Date
Titan457: I'd Man Date Ben
frogomb: oni of hate sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake
Kramburger: It's like when people complain about the Demon of Hatred in Sekiro. Like, it's not called the Demon of the Satisfying Challenge
Kiwijelly: Don't let the oni of hate near Kyoto.
DiscordianTokkan: Gilette!!
Metalupis: el oni giante
ninja_theory_ashrams: just do it
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Thanks for the HahaSweat @phorrestgaze
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @arkilyd
Dog_of_Myth: HahaThisisfine
plummeting_sloth: "I choose to not kill anyone" BOW TO THE GOOD OF GENEROSITY
skyshatter7: Ben is a merciful overlord. he chooses to not kill anyone.
Naarius: We need an overlay for going to the store
Titan457: They do seem kind of top down, looking at their lore.
thrythlind: starting from lore is valid
thrythlind: as long as gameplay is
one_last_time_: Yep Oni is a type of monster
orbitaltuna: do ponies count
ninja_theory_ashrams: bizarro I'm helping
BodaciousNia: isn't an oni a demon?
Kiwijelly: rotiarT
bowsin_durrows: An oni is a type of demon, yes.
bowsin_durrows: And it's debatable as to if that makes an oni a monster.
Titan457: I though Oni was just the Japanese word for Demon?
lordluss: iirc it's a type of demon
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Q_sic: See yinz at PAX Unplugged
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BodaciousNia: all about context
CaptainCarrot212: This this just the base game?
BodaciousNia: you can call someone an oni ... meaning they are being a demon..
LoadingReadyRun: CaptainCarrot212 yes
thrythlind: I was theory crafting a half-oni who specialized in tea ceremony and brewing and all her magic was tea brews. Had a guy accusing me of being a powergamer by modeling half-oni as tiefling instead of half-orc because oni were "just ogres" and when I pointed out older legends had them as more nebulous and sinister, I got called a weeb
orbitaltuna: so when're the figures getting painted on tinker tailor?
ninja_theory_ashrams: self buggering is a possibility
Kiwijelly: half ogres are way more op than half orcs.
Kiwijelly: anyway, they're ogre mages. it's totally different
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lordluss: I think the association of demons and hell in English causes some misconceptions about the nature of Oni
Kiwijelly: what a gnoob
thrythlind: Ian I was at work one time and one of the Japanese teachers asked if I'd be more worried about faeries or yokai. My response was "FAERIES! They're horrible! A lot of yokai at least used to be human. With faerie who the fuck knows what you get?"
Kiwijelly: that's a gatekeeping noob who is also a goober
thrythlind: lrrHAM_SG
chaostreader: Fae are notoriously fickle creatures
lordluss: and In DnD oni is listed under the "Giant" creature type for some reason
thrythlind: also, I didn't actually curse
plummeting_sloth: he's a large lad, but actually kind of a crap fighter
thrythlind: not at a Japanese school
plummeting_sloth: that Oni
bugenhoo: Game almost over?
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #68: "No, my pizza!" —Adam [2015-03-29]
BodaciousNia: look into British lore for more about Fae and it will just MESS it up
Kiwijelly: ogres, trolls, and oni fall under giants in 5e
Mr_Bitterness: I'm counting 8 forces for Ian, unless his damyo is worth 0
Goorguy: chicka plow
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote hate
LRRbot: Quote #2165: "I lrrEFF ing hate freedom..." —Alex [2016-03-25]
ninja_theory_ashrams: !findquote win
LRRbot: Quote #2152: "Hey everybody. Graham Stark here. I don't know how cards work. Vote for me to win on Saturday!" —Graham [2016-03-24]
BusTed: here comes the general.
thrythlind: @BodaciousNia the thing that surprised me was that the concept of the alien fae and such we have is apparently REALLY modern, like 17th or 18th century
Ubiki: In D&D demons are a specific order of being associated with the lower planes so it makes sense for Oni to not be classified that way
thrythlind: I have an acquaintance who is on a doctoral path for Celtic studies and translates a lot of the older stories and such
Kiwijelly: if anything they'd be more like devils
Kiwijelly: in 5e
lordluss: Sure, Graham, that should be your presidential campaign slogan! just replace "Cards" with "Politics"
WonderfulGlory: Everyone stop... what is that?!? No What is that!?
thrythlind: and when I asked him to look at my interpretation of sidhe he noted he couldn't say much because it was a bunch of the Victorian fae stuff.
FoxFyr: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:22:45.
Kiwijelly: a lot of it
korvys: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: consciousness and it wishes it weren't a box
plummeting_sloth: The battle of the Koi Clain vs the Yo Everybody stop, what IS that, Clan
headdeskdev: I believe the coins are ronin so you get them back
darkalter2000: Did Cam go up 1 from that theft?
plummeting_sloth: yep, he did
korvys: yes
Kiwijelly: it's definitely not Celtic
thrythlind: @Ubiki @Kiwijelly oni could be on either side, I think. really old stories they were very demonic Chaotic Evil
WonderfulGlory: Note Cory doesn't spend the coins to deploy Ronin, just leftover coin count as additional force
theneatestburrito: And Ian went down one point, yep.
WonderfulGlory: As if they were ronin
one_last_time_: You don't actually lose the coins that you use as ronin though
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ralphmaccookin: Finally, a free Wednesday night, and I miss most of the game.
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lordluss: And there's the matter of somewhat "Romanization" of a lot of these myths by the catholic church and their absorption in the greater mythos
lordluss: these are some big brain plays btw
nhouse1919: HahaLean
SkipIives: @thrythlind I got a great book of old british stories, when I was a youngster. It was probably for the best that my godmother never understood what she gave me. The original stories were downright bloodthirsty.
Kiwijelly: @thrythlind Oni aren't just thugs, though. Lots of them are skilled warriors and sorcerers
plummeting_sloth: "Alright boys... I gave it an old thinker-oonie, and y'all gotta kill yourselves"
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trident042: Thanks for the games LRR! Gonna keep hoping for Sentinels of the Multiverse on AFK someday!
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thrythlind: @Kiwijelly yeah, but there are some very cunning Demons too
breadisbest1: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @trident042
Titan457: Couldn't Cori only have generated 2 extra power that turn? If Ben were playing any Ronin, he would've won.
Kiwijelly: that's why only great heroes could take them down
thrythlind: Demons in D&D are Chaos + Evil, not necessarily stupid thugs
thrythlind: Devils are Law + Evil
Kiwijelly: I meant in Japanese Folklore
thrythlind: oh yeah, but I was talking about translating them to D&D
Kiwijelly: there's also an argument towards them being evil fey, like hags
trident042: HahaDreidel Neat
Twilight_Spark: cohhWow
thrythlind: canonically, they're evil giants, I believe
Kiwijelly: they are
ArgentumFlare: I keep hearing the "Hire a Samurai" Soundbite from history of japan in my head
Titan457: Ben did say at the beginning of the game that he didn't want to fight Cori the whole time
Kiwijelly: I tried, but all I got were shadowrun enthusiasts
WonderfulGlory: Only rich wealthy people got to hire a samurai
vhKirin: cohhWaii
thrythlind: tried what?
Kiwijelly: hiring a samurai.
thrythlind: ahhhhhh
plummeting_sloth: I take this corpse hostage!
Mr_Bitterness: All we found was this pile of corpses! It's like that scene from Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
thrythlind: lrrHAM_SG
korvys: I mean, that's how Cam is winning
erased_citizen: lrrSPOOP_SG hmm that doesn't quite work
headdeskdev: You don't spend the coin
oyleslyck: Windmill slam all the monies
WonderfulGlory: Move to cheat step
Titan457: That kinda feels weird, but if Ben's okay with it
headdeskdev: Cori doesn't spend the coin as ronin - she uses them as ronin so she gets them back
headdeskdev: (not that it matters)
WonderfulGlory: Well you get the points listed on them, so Round one each card is worth 1 point, round 2 they ware worth 2 etc.
thrythlind: kikoskRock
thrythlind: kikoskRock kikoskRock kikoskRock kikoskRock kikoskRock
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bugenhoo: Is this everyone's first time playing?
thrythlind: they played this once before
Titan457: I'm pretty sure most of them have played before
ninja_theory_ashrams: reading the rules explains the rules... kinda
thrythlind: I do have a nostalgia for ye olde Shogun now...aka Samurai Swords
NotCainNorAbel: This is our fault!
xantos69: cheer50 Bits!
plummeting_sloth: woot, I will see you there!
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DiscordianTokkan: The PAX Unplugged Pinny Arcade pin is pretty cool
ArcOfTheConclave: one fiddy?
Dog_of_Myth: HahaShrugLeft HahaThisisfine HahaShrugRight
NotCainNorAbel: Pride300
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Juliamon: Ian, just all of him.
Kramburger: IAN NO
42MiLLyWays: dice?!?!?!?
r3fr4ct0r: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @dog_of_myth
dangerous_safety: Thanks for the HahaShrugMiddle @notcainnorabel
SrMuskrat: lrrHEART
korvys: ~lasttweet dice
LRRTwitter: [8h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Going to #PAXUnplugged? | Come to our BANDLAND table, to get your hands on this awesome aluminum 3d6 set, by our friends at @Levelupdice! | Check out what we did with the 1, 3, and 6 faces 😄 | (and YES, these will be available online after PAXU) 📷 https://t.co/8GSqk2L0HQ || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1202315049982775296
Dog_of_Myth: HahaShrugLeft HahaDoge HahaShrugRight
Toquenuke: HahaLean
Dog_of_Myth: Knock Knock on heaven's door
Kramburger: seabatBRAIN seabatSEAL seabatTROG seabatYIKES
DiscordianTokkan: Story Time! seabatTROG
HorusFive: Pop those Ps Paul!
erased_citizen: HahaThink Ben so smart
BusTed: slytqShrug
HorusFive: That wasn't planned!
Kiwijelly: so 80s
HorusFive: Mind Blown!
theneatestburrito: lrrWOW lrrSACK lrrHEART
NotCainNorAbel: So magic fan fiction
BodaciousNia: Ian is morphing into a mue-cow :P
seantheman2: Thanks for the HahaShrugRight @nahmbra
trident042: Watched another person play it, it looked super fun
MrsLlante: Paul is mega quiet :)
Juliamon: "Shoot people to the beat" so Space Channel 5?
EscherichiaCole: We've made so many friends
BodaciousNia: when's next Road Quest?
chaostreader: Monday @bodaciousnia
ulexarX: An S-rank FK
Dog_of_Myth: OOoooo Secret Sponsor
ani_laurel: can we vote?
Baldrash: Not Skippy! lrrAWW
Morrigan9: not skippy! noooooo
trident042: I've always loved Skippy, bestest LRRer
DiscordianTokkan: Clone High was so danged good
thrythlind: I've been here, just working this time slot.
thrythlind: And you got my name right! Yay!
one_last_time_: Thanks for that Ben
Dog_of_Myth: I got that reference Ben
Earthenone: pride300 goog game in the land of the rising sun
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one_last_time_: That was the reference behind the name, yes
DiscordianTokkan: It's funny because my chromecast froze mid-Cori pre-dabbing, so I ALMOST missed it
trident042: I appreciate Cam knowing how long an underscore lasts.
trident042: It me!
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100
Tripleyew: thanks for the stream!
thrythlind: Blood for the Blood Cameron
CaptainSpam looks at next week's game and is very concerned for his safety
ani_laurel: whats next weeks game?
Juliamon: It's a secret until it's confirmed
ani_laurel: I meant the one Spam saw
CaptainSpam: On the calendar, it listed as "The Captain Is Dead".
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always putting characters in Smash, you cowards.
FarleyF: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Wed 08:00 PM PST (2m from now).
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrIAN lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for Play it Forward, which means Ian's back in Shenmue III, figuring out where the elderly live. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EK_qt9XU4AA23oG.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1202437706384412678
SnivianMoon: Oh boy! Who's ready for more Shenmue: Bailu Boogaloo? I know I am.
Drakas: hello
SnackPak_: Hi everyone
korvys: !quote ian
LRRbot: Quote #5536: "'I'm going to take us to a serious place.' 'Winnipeg?'" —Graham and Ian [2018-11-15]
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korvys: Here comes 2
SnivianMoon: Salutations, Ian!
Suhono: Oh hi
GrunkusDunkus: OH
Suhono: I am ready!
ElementalAlchemist: Good evening friends!
GrunkusDunkus: I left twitch open and suddenly Ian