Metric_Furlong: kind of funny how Astrology is the only branch of sooth-saying that largely survived into the modern era
Metric_Furlong: admittedly, entrail reading was probably going to be axed first
TehAmelie: i blame the astrology/astronomy confusion
Metric_Furlong: but the 'studying flight patterns of birds' side of things feels like it should have given astrology a run for its money
TehAmelie: really i guess it's because astronomy developed and radically changed how we looked at the world
control_rig: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Sat 06:00 PM PST (9m from now).
Metric_Furlong: yeah, but those developments always made it much more obviously incompatable with astrology
Metric_Furlong: (unlike in antiquity)
TehAmelie: just when the scientific method was gaining traction, we began to see we didn't have the tiniest idea what was out there. astrology would be hard to disprove in that climate
SnackPak_: tiltyhEXTREME tiltyhEXTREME tiltyhEXTREME
Metric_Furlong: (where at least you didn't *know* that those objects where all actually unrelated lumps of rock and gasses billions of kilometres away)
TehAmelie: the details were always unimportant, they worked around the discovery of Pluto with no problems
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Metric_Furlong: it's sort of like if the 'four humours' concept of personality had survived modern biology
Metric_Furlong: *relatively
Earthenone: i think the ones that survived did so because the average human could not see a way in influance the results
Earthenone: anyone can picture a shady fortune teller training some birds but other planets is too much for them to "control" same with blood type
Earthenone: it is an "unseeable" thing you were born with
Metric_Furlong: makes sense
Metric_Furlong: anyway, i should probably get to bed
TehAmelie: you can probably see a lot of how those superstitions develop by looking at how blood type beliefs changed as they discovered more blood types and rhesus factors
Juliamon: We all ready to get mad at herbs and old people?
TehAmelie: aren't the herbs friends?
Juliamon: what, you've never been mad at your friends before?
SnivianMoon: I'm ready to look for Thugs and Kung Fu Masters. And let's not forget the Wine and Buns!
SniperPumpkin: can't learn kung fu without wine and buns
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrIAN lrrSIGNAL
DarkMorford: Here we go~
TehAmelie: heh. the last time was when my cousin got stuck on one thing i'd said about Mad Max Fury Road when i was trying to underplay it, and decided everything else i said about how great it was didn't matter
DarkMorford: And this is probably my cue to figure out something for dinner, actually. >_>
Laogeodritt: Hello, chat!
TehAmelie: (she loved it by the way)
Suhono: Oh hi!
Laogeodritt: I'm probably going to be making chocolate chip cookies at some point during this stream. Hopefully I don't end up with a mess all over my monitor. =V
TehAmelie: just practice your horse stance
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends
TehAmelie: for balance
Laogeodritt: @Sarah_Serinde Saraaaah
TehAmelie: halo
Sarah_Serinde: Laogeodritt slytqHi
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SnivianMoon: ROCK
Sarah_Serinde: :D
control_rig: O____o Paper
Indiexxx: <message deleted>cringe
TehAmelie: HahaCat
Sarah_Serinde: VERY serious
raven534: I thought there was no sound and then I realized I had twitch muted
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NightValien28: am very old
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Laogeodritt: Hello, Ian!
control_rig: Hello!
TehAmelie: ahoy
DarkMorford: Yeah, we need to get away from all these thirsty housewives.
SnivianMoon: How much Shenmue? It's at least three Shenmue.
control_rig: It's the Shenmu-i-est?
TehAmelie: it's as much Shenmue as Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2 combined
Indiexxx: serously?
Sarah_Serinde: In the end, it's still Shenmue :P
aWabbajack: hello! Let's Shen some Mooo's!
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhEXTREME
HesGotNoPants: recap movie
NightValien28: we can hear you
SnivianMoon: Sadly no game audio here.
Sarah_Serinde: You're fine, no game sound
DarkMorford: Can hear you, not game.
Earthenone: we can hear ian, but noy tyo
dangerous_safety: fingers crossed you took the camera glitch too
TehAmelie: your weather says you're in Ottawa. for jokes?
HesGotNoPants: ooooo do more beep sound
Sarah_Serinde: It's so weird hearing that censor beep on a live LRR stream
DarkMorford: As night passes in game...
Laogeodritt: My brain was like, "Oh something got censored," then it was like, "Wait, but this is LRR", and it got very confused
Earthenone: hopefully this dosent cost us any sweet shenue dialog
ghostvalv: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrIAN
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
TehAmelie: algorithmic live censoring seems like something twitch would force onto streamers
Laogeodritt: @dangerous_safety I hope you mean the in-game camera glitch, not the webcam glitches =V
DarkMorford: Ian, you've already wasted like half an hour! (In game, anyway. :P )
dangerous_safety: yeah in game, that was hilarious
e_bloc: Corgo295 wouldn't be a stream with Ian without a few technical difficulties
HesGotNoPants: paul! ian broke the stream
Sarah_Serinde: Oh yeah, would not be opposed to cutscene camera weirdness :D
raven534: Remember folks, we don't need to learn as long as we're going forward
Sarah_Serinde: Hai Graham
TehAmelie: it wouldn't be Shenmue without a lot of awkwardly dubbed voices, right
e_bloc: a wild Graham appears
FITorion: hear you
ElementalAlchemist: That's a distinct lack of disk space
control_rig: Yes
control_rig: We can hear you
aWabbajack: lrrGRAHAM lrrIAN
SnivianMoon: Can hear you and Graham, but no game or computer audio?
e_bloc: yeah that lack of space upsets me
geyspacecommunism: yea we can hear you
Fruan: We can either hear you speaking, or a man-in-the-middle attack impersonating you.
TehAmelie: i'm assuming for my sanity there is some shared office drive that's not showing up there
FITorion: there we are
Paranundrox: at the very least we're going to get some great gifs lrrBEEJ
orbitaltuna: shen mooey
SnackPak_: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Paranundrox: do it live
aWabbajack: zekeAD lrrFINE
Sarah_Serinde: Oh that's going into !advice
Mysticman89: ass flying is good to keep yourself adapatable
Fruan: My ass is 100% seat.
Paranundrox: It's live, so something's going to happen!
orbitaltuna: is that a flightstick in your pocket?
raven534: !advice
LRRbot: Bucket the man.
TehAmelie: so, Shenmue, Shenhua, do they ever address that? are we going to meet someone called Muehua to complete the puzzle?
Paranundrox: !badadvice
LRRbot: Learn from Beej.
SniperPumpkin: shenmue is many things, exciting isn't really one of them
orbitaltuna: is buttsoft or butthard better for flying by ass?
SnackPak_: That good squatting content
aWabbajack: when doing that stance queue Gangnam Style
Karfsma778: We're gonna do wood chopping and horse squatting for 3 hours and 15 minutes, then maybe think about the story for 30 seconds and log off
Paranundrox: sounds like an Ian stream to me lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: become the martial arts expert you want to see in the world
SnivianMoon: Hey, that wood isn't going to chop itself.
raven534: It's the anti-secret society secret society!
TehAmelie: that bandaid is fused to his face by now isn't it
Earthenone: drugs?
Paranundrox: @TehAmelie it's just tanned on now :P
raven534: Ah yes, we love legacy students
Juliamon: I'm convinced it's not a bandaid, just an incredibly precise birth mark
TehAmelie: ooh
Paranundrox: it certainly looks more like it
Karfsma778: It's just the tan lines left from having used to had the bandaid on so long
Paranundrox: yeah that was my suggestion
aWabbajack: been on so long it's now grafted on to the face
TheMoatman: Hi Ryo. I'm always chillin
Karfsma778: I missed that para, sorry
SnackPak_: Turn, turn turn
SnivianMoon: That's . . . A different conversation?
e_bloc: yes, fish plump when you cook them
DarkMorford: My favorite season is the anime season. Kappa
HesGotNoPants: there's 28 seasons? what planet is Japan on?
TehAmelie: i'm all about summer. i'm even writing a story based on my last summer break at school right now
Paranundrox: no, just a haunted house
Paranundrox: off in the corner of the school
TheMoatman: Well, chat, I have one final a week from Monday and then I'll be done with university
Klandox: ThIs CoNvErSaTiOn FeeLs ReAllY NaTuRal
myrddinthewizard: Good Evening everyon!
Suhono: I live for this dialogue
TheMoatman: I guess I technically don't graduate until the 19th but still that's when the academic stuff is done
Paranundrox: @TheMoatman I read that as "one final a week" at first, but congrats and good luck!
SnivianMoon: All the best of luck, Moatman. That's tremendous!
TehAmelie: does the bridge. . .connect. . .to the house?
SnivianMoon: Shenhau, the specially connection between the bridge and your house is just a trail.
Banrael: lrrIAN_SG
TehAmelie: not because you "live" here or anything, b-baka
HesGotNoPants: don't hit on the 15 year old ian
ElementalAlchemist: Why is Shenhua's default talking face the scissors face?
Laogeodritt: "Do you want to keep talking?" Excellent line. Very natural.
Paranundrox: the two animals
Earthenone: what...
Earthenone: which are people shenue?
Paranundrox: the two genders: animals you can eat and animals you can't
aWabbajack: the blue whale?
Fruan: Any animal is edible when you're hungry enough
TehAmelie: you mean animals you can eat and animals you have to be hungry to eat
Mysticman89: I think you can eat all animals. A few you can only eat once, but still.
aWabbajack: coxChicken lrrCHKN
TehAmelie: nice drift
raven534: There's one type of animal, the kind you can eat. Some just take more difficulty than others
TheMoatman: She holds Kosher
Karfsma778: AHAHA
RockPusher: Delicious house cow
HesGotNoPants: is lrr the animal I can eat or can't?
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
ghostvalv: :O
Suhono: D:
Paranundrox: lrrCOW
Earthenone: gotta get night fruit
Karfsma778: "Friends with that cow, eh? We should eat it!"
Laogeodritt: Well that was... wow, Shenhua
TehAmelie: what about. . .the most dangerous game?
myrddinthewizard: That's just a Man's hand, IAN...
Paranundrox: "I will eat that cow" is a whole NEW level of Yandere
LadyAiluros: also sleeps in shoes and jeans?
myrddinthewizard: Animal from the muppets is cannabalism...
TheOneCalledStu: did we ever find those sailors?
Paranundrox: I mean, it would be pretty incredible
ShogunNoonto: wait this come out ?
TehAmelie: there's a very strange apple-banana tree shaped like a cupboard here in your kitchen, it keeps growing an apple and a banana every day in the exact same shapes
LadyAiluros: why does she always assume something is wrong. maybe I just want to tell you have a good day!
SnivianMoon: I see Shenhau is still making the world's most time-intensive meal.
TehAmelie: it's an infinity stew
TehAmelie: just fill it back up every day as you eat
Laogeodritt: "I understand." Oooh, I can hear that 分かります in that.
TehAmelie: as it keeps simmering no bacteria ever grows. probably.
DarkMorford: Wakarimasu. 🦒
SnivianMoon: Oh god. WHY.
ghostvalv: yikes
SnivianMoon: Bailu, the thirstiest village in China.
LadyAiluros: DAAAAAAMN
e_bloc: holy moly
TehAmelie: aren't the masters at the dojo we've been fighting experts?
ElementalAlchemist: If you won't date me, HOW ABOUT MY DAUGHTER?
ElementalAlchemist: PLEASE DATE MY FAMILY
ElementalAlchemist: PLEASE
ElementalAlchemist: I'M BEGGING YOU
HesGotNoPants: wow she's like if you don't want me bang my daughter
DarkMorford: Wow, her dialogue actually sounds... natural!
TehAmelie: Fung? he sounds like a funguy
LadyAiluros: So where is he, so i can show him I’m fine????
johnhelix: What up, Ian? What up, Chat?
TheMoatman: If I get full points on the manually graded part of the final project and at least a C on the final, then my last grade will be an A
noSmokeFire: is THIS where sailors hang out?
r10pez10: oh god it's shenmoo
aWabbajack: zekeHI @johnhelix lrrIAN lrrAWESOME
SnivianMoon: You were going the right way.
aWabbajack: I remember you can run a game board as a job in Shenmue 2
e_bloc: this ass won't kick itself
noSmokeFire: he looks like snape
Robot_Bones: Wow I thought you were Shenmue, Like Metroid or halo
aWabbajack: you would try to call on random passerby to get their money
DarkMorford: Aw, I was hoping the camera would stay on that high shot for this whole scene. :P
johnhelix: Severus Fung.
TehAmelie: wait are you not?
SnivianMoon: Wow, Master Feng. Rude.
aWabbajack: double edged butter knife?
SnivianMoon: Well, clearly you need to . . bake your swords longer?
TheMoatman: That stance!
johnhelix: A double-edged carving knife is probably kind of difficult to use.
TehAmelie: double edged swords are more risky, on average
johnhelix: Or, like, chopping vegetables with a double-edged knife. You're gonna hurt your thumb.
noSmokeFire: that ryo....if he can't kick it, and he can't pick it, he doesn't have a use for it
DarkMorford: Isn't ginger *root* the part we eat?
Earthenone: correct
TheMoatman: Yes, same for licorice
myrddinthewizard: Indeed!
SnivianMoon: OH! Right, we're doing that quest for Elder Yeh.
ElementalAlchemist: journal status: useful
Earthenone: guess they need to be fresh
Sarah_Serinde: No shortcuts allowed, apparently...
ArcOfTheConclave: Found licorice
Sarah_Serinde: Gotta go find it even if you already have it
Robot_Bones: gotta be FRESH ian
raven534: Finally, we wrote on the lines
SnivianMoon: I think you're only missing the Chai root?
Earthenone: frigid extremities is a quest
Juliamon: Herbs, herbs, everywhere, and not a root to pluck
Laogeodritt: @DarkMorford Shoots and leaves are edible too, apparently
r10pez10: excuse me
TheMoatman: Is "pound powder" a euphemism for dry lube
TehAmelie: we're gonna eat so many roots
Juliamon: It is now
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BrowneePoints: oooo is that an Erhu playing in the background?
johnhelix: Hurbunting.
noSmokeFire: hu-erb bunting
e_bloc: birb hunting
Earthenone: her bunting
Robot_Bones: Erb Blunting
TheMoatman: Silent H herb, Bunting
TehAmelie: a horse or an horse? that's the question
r10pez10: erban exploration
johnhelix: Orb dumping.
Stoffern: blunt horsing
Warm_Pleather_Dad: Hello~
johnhelix: Chump blocking.... wait.
TheMoatman: I can't eat without my buddy Superfly
Robot_Bones: Baby boy Ryu
Earthenone: she can decect shenue?
TehAmelie: that lady is a milling machine. day and night, pounding that grain
TheMoatman: "She has horrible clomping footsteps, they make a terrible racket"
raven534: The Shenhua is not with you... but the force is
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ununseptium: more fresh herbs
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SnivianMoon: There's still one with the cows, I believe. We sorta walked past it last time.
TehAmelie: right, the "can't wet your shoes" area
Robot_Bones: Gotta be fresh, she don't want your old busted Erbs
TheMoatman: If she owned more than one building, would it be pound town?
TehAmelie: pound garden
Sarah_Serinde: pfft
Robot_Bones: Of the Pound Township
SnivianMoon: It's actually rather impressive how the village is rendered.
TheMoatman: A Poundship
ghostvalv: :O
Warm_Pleather_Dad: why are we getting the lady weed again?
TheMoatman: No wait the poundship would be in the harbor
myrddinthewizard: Pound ship...DAMN IT @moatman
noSmokeFire: p-town
ArcOfTheConclave: USS Poundship?
TehAmelie: shipped by Poundmaker himself
Earthenone: i feel like you made this harder on yourself by herbing before you were told
TheMoatman: What if you had to replant them
raven534: It's the ship worth one unit of UK currency
SnivianMoon: I will admit: I haven't figured out if herbs replenish. But I suspect they don't.
HesGotNoPants: pound nation ya'll
raven534: @HesGotNoPants you mean the UK?
TehAmelie: or it's worth 473 grams of pure silver
Juliamon: Apparently no, herbs DO NOT respawn
TehAmelie: remember kids, don't overdo your herbs
Mysticman89: interesting, so herbs are essentially a collctable if someone wanted to hardcore 100%
SnivianMoon: Just to reassure: The last herb that the elder asks for is quest specific. It only spawns once you accept the quest.
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah hopefully the game actually lets you get the ones you need for this errand...
Juliamon: There is conflicting evidence, but possibly it takes a LONG time to respawn
Earthenone: a place untouched by ryo
TehAmelie: dang, here i thought you could just live off the land
LadyAiluros: so wait you can softlock yourself?
TehAmelie: can you cheat the game clock? asking for a friend
Mysticman89: A sensible game would spawn a set of "fresh X" for you to collect, so a. You can't collect in advance and b. you can't softlock.
Mysticman89: but that would be a sensible game.
SnivianMoon: Chai Hu Root is what we lack
Juliamon: The chai root is a very tiny yellow flower that only spawns once you've accepted the quest.
LadyAiluros: do you need to get all of them before she’ll take them?
LadyAiluros: WOOO!
Earthenone: so we need peony and orange to not have been herbed to greedily, or to find a location untouched by ryo's hands
SnivianMoon: No need to re-harvest things that you already have in your inventory. You can turn in herbs that you've previously harvested.
Juliamon: The theory is that SOME herbs respawn, but not all of them
LadyAiluros: I will let Wrex know as well!
ghostvalv: nice
SnivianMoon: You should only need to grab the Chai Hu Root and the quest will complete.
TheMoatman: Oh that reminds me, the professor in charge of my school's robotics lab keeps a collection of old mac laptops in the lab's closet
TheMoatman: I found one yesterday that was an IBOOK G3
TheMoatman: From 2001
Earthenone: yeah the trash tier herbs seem to grow back, ginger and licorish
LadyAiluros: Wrex says Nice!
Erudite_Cynic: so what is the goal of this game?
SnivianMoon: No, sorry, I'm miscommunicating, my fault! You don't need fresh herbs. I've completed the quest myself without doing that. I think that note is just a note to yourself.
TehAmelie: licorice is trash? well, more for me
Juliamon: Chai root is "in the grass field where the cows are, on the path to Languishan"
e_bloc: the goal of the game is to chop as much wood as possible
Mysticman89: oh, so you're inigo montoya
TheMoatman: And I didn't see it, but *apparently* there's also an OG clamshell iBook
SnivianMoon: @Juliamon is right on the money, can confirm.
TehAmelie: herbs are kind of tiny trees
Alness49: So anyone else annoyed by the journal text not sitting on the lines?
Erudite_Cynic: was it the 6 fingered man?
TehAmelie: Ryu is a note-taking bad boy
TehAmelie: so hot
SniperPumpkin: aren't the cows just down the hill from here?
LadyAiluros: I keep forgetting this is set in 87
LadyAiluros: and wondering why he’s not just using his phone
Erudite_Cynic: well this is very pretty at least
TehAmelie: oh, shenmue is those trees. are they peach or whatsit?
Earthenone: 87' in rural china no less
raven534: At least they remembered the setting and didn't give anyone siblings
LadyAiluros: that’s actually a nice detail, yes
raven534: Though there may be too many children in the village
SnivianMoon: Oh heck, sorry to be a pest, but if you're looking for the Chai Hu Root, it's back by the Monk temple.
TehAmelie: hey, those are some hyuuge soy bottles
ArcOfTheConclave: Miss lick her's liquor?
Juliamon: When you use a lot of soy, you use big bottles
johnhelix: I'm secretly hoping that Chai Hu is secretly a beverage endorsed by mongolian metal band The Hu.
SnivianMoon: Oooh, time for more moves?
Mysticman89: Are you time limited in this, or can you just spend all day chopping wood or otherwise faffing about, sleeping, and repeating until you're rich?
TehAmelie: what will you give me for this two year old bandaid?
johnhelix: Double secretly.
TehAmelie: "everything" is past the sunflower field. it's the axis of the world
LadyAiluros: OMG now I want steamed buns.
noSmokeFire: steamed bun :0
ArcOfTheConclave: Steamed and delicious? sold!
RockPusher: Bun. Steamed Bun.
SnivianMoon: I could absolutely go for soup dumplings right now.
LadyAiluros googles stemaed bun recipes
TheMoatman: WH
Karfsma778: Stop
LadyAiluros: OH MY
TheMoatman: WHAT
TehAmelie: something to plan in advance for your late night streams eh
noSmokeFire: WHY
ghostvalv: :O
arcskiez: lady youre thirsty
noSmokeFire: he is SIXTEEN LADY
ununseptium: omg
ArcOfTheConclave: Couger alert!
e_bloc: odd twist game but okay
raven534: Take the middle path...said the Buddha
RockPusher: slytqThirst slytqThirst slytqThirst tiltyhEXTREME
HesGotNoPants: yeet grandma is thirsty
r10pez10: ian
Baldrash: Run FASTER, Ian!
ElementalAlchemist: like holy crap
SnivianMoon: I know this is a mountainous region of China, but holy heck I didn't expect this many cougars.
Alness49: First of all, how dare you.
DarkMorford: Ah, cool. I can't find the name of the species, but apparently the shenmue tree is a Chinese variety of peach, similar to a sakura tree. There's even a Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival.
UpstageJMC: ROFLMAO!!!!!
TheMoatman: Someone APPROVED THAT
Banrael: lrrIAN_SG
Blightfight: Wait, I just hopped in, what did I miss?
Fruan: Wait... he's 15?!
r10pez10: ian you heartbreaker
Mysticman89: ah. age of consent is 14 in china. so. it's not as weird there maybe?
e_bloc: Shenmue 3: Cougar Bait
noSmokeFire: maybe they're actually really badly preserved 16 year olds
HesGotNoPants: I thought ryo was like 22
ElementalAlchemist: holy sheesh
ElementalAlchemist: I don't remember characters in older games being so dang thirsty for this boy
LadyAiluros: birbs
SnivianMoon: Russel!
FarleyF: i thought he was 19 lrrBEEJ
Alness49: So we've established this place is in the middle of a drought, give the sheer amount of thirst
TehAmelie: why are Ryu and Shenhua 15 anyway? seems like it'd only be good for railroading them into akward teen rated romance
Karfsma778: @Mysticman89 Still weird! Age of consent in the US is 16, but a mid-30s person fucking a 16 year old is still GROSS and CREEPY AS SHIT
Blightfight: So, this game is supposed to emulate PS2 era stuff, right?
SnivianMoon: Ryo is, as always, a master of stealth.
raven534: @Karfsma778 It varies state to state, federal minimum is 16
TehAmelie: china invented the half your age plus 7 rule. . .
arcskiez: drunk body check
ArcOfTheConclave: Drunken master!
Mysticman89: I mean yeah, I just dunno if theres a cultural difference in acceptability as well. but yeah, not endorsing middle age+teen
ElementalAlchemist: Yeah, that's what the wine and bun are for
Sogheim: lrrIAN_TK anything you say?
SnackPak_: 7 liters?
ChaoticObserver: At least 50 years?
UpstageJMC: Hai Sensei!
RockPusher: That booze looks like it has hazardous material info stickers
e_bloc: 7 liters would be a good night forever
TehAmelie: that's close to 2 gallons for the bewildered
SnivianMoon: "You're 16, right? Go get me 7 liters of liquor!"
LadyAiluros: that’s a lot. also what do you THINK it’s for? he’s going to drink it, duh
RockPusher: Look at all those chickens!!! fugiChicken danicaChicken gabyChicken
UpstageJMC: Did he just slurp his wine?
Defrost: Watch them only having 49 years aged booze
Sogheim: that's almost two gallons of hooch that's been chillin' in a dank cellar for half a century, eh?
Blightfight: Old man's gonna get lit up like the fourth of july.
raven534: No, he needs the alcohol to burn his house down
e_bloc: just get him some turpentine and lie
SnivianMoon: I wonder if they synced the weather up to historical data in this game, like they did for the original Shenmue.
e_bloc: if it's 50 years old it'll probably try to hit on you
LadyAiluros: it’s going to be a sidequest at the rate this game is going.
arcskiez: 15 years..buys 7 litres of wine
FireBasilisk53: so where do sailors hang out?
r10pez10: is this wine older than ryo
RockPusher: pennyAcqintglass lrrIAN joekimCheers foxmarFIRE
TehAmelie: 7 liters of 50 year old wine is gonna cost more than this village is worth
SnivianMoon: Shenmue 3: Attack of the thirsty grannies
Sogheim: I think the phrase is "horny on main"?
LadyAiluros: dang everyone in this place wants a piece of this kid.
control_rig: Wow, that was pretty clever
SnivianMoon: Horny on Mainland China, apparently.
TehAmelie: horny on root
ArcOfTheConclave: horny is main
Alness49: Horny on splash screen
SniperPumpkin: SnivianMoon lrrJUDGE
LadyAiluros: but only if you have what I want.
RockPusher: int main() { bool horny = true }
r10pez10: horny burned forever into memory
arcskiez: will this granny be horny for us?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: mainy on horn
Blightfight: Horny int the firmware.
LadyAiluros: Horny burnt into ROM
TehAmelie: I/O is set to horny
Baldrash: Horny in BIOS.
SnivianMoon: Time to open drawers!
DarkMorford: horny.exe is definitely a TSR program for these people.
Juliamon: "Stop being a lazy customer and read the shit yourself"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Ian hi chat. i feel like i got here at a good time
TehAmelie: or, I/O is set t I/O
HesGotNoPants: why can 15 year old ryo buy booze?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: are you going to stop him?
Mysticman89: I think theres chipset instructions for horny
Juliamon: Small-town China in 1987. I doubt they're being strict. You could send your kids to buy cigs back then, probably.
SnivianMoon: Well, to be fair, he did ask for 7 liters, so yeah. Probably won't fit in a drawer.
Earthenone: 7 liters wouldent fit in a drawer
Blightfight: I don't think seven liters are gonna be in a drawer?
TehAmelie: i wish more stores had strategically placed help desks like my town's hardware store. so everyone who wants help knows where to go and everyone who doesn't gets left alone
DarkMorford: He wants a 7-liter jug. Probably won't fit in a drawer.
LadyAiluros: a 7-litre jug would be huge
Sogheim: I worry we're gonna buy cheap huge wine and an old label
TehAmelie: that looked like a 5 liter jug maybe, but it's hard to say
FITorion: yeah 7 liters would be a large thing
SnackPak_: She keeps the good shit out back lrrBEEJ
LadyAiluros: it’s on someone’s basement.
Sarah_Serinde: That sounds like Shenmue
TehAmelie: "why doesn't this village have google?"
Himyul: 50 year old liquor will be 200,000 tickets
ChaoticObserver: No, he's 18
TheMoatman: He's Japanese media 15
RockPusher: Many many thirsty ladies
SnivianMoon: Okay, I shouldn't spoil - But I want to save you this frustration: That particular 50 year old liquor is the WRONG 50 year old liquor. I was very disappointed.
Defrost: Why are 50 year old women hitting on a 15 years old???
ElementalAlchemist: 15, but look not-15 enough to be hit on by everyone
TheMoatman: In the same way that Naruto is like... twelve
Sarah_Serinde: She said she didn't have any, Ian
r10pez10: nice coat, G
Earthenone: close enough for government drinking
RockPusher: later G
LadyAiluros: now you can go get lit up
TheMoatman: No wait I think he's sixteen after the timeskip
TehAmelie: we're gonna be chugging around a lot of 2 gallon jugs
LadyAiluros: that’s still … uhm …
ChaoticObserver: Um, he's 18 or all the info I'm seeing out there is wrong
LadyAiluros: this is a villiage of Cougars
Sogheim: did he have an anime growth spurt? two feet and a hundred pounds in six months?
TheMoatman: Oh, I wasn't talking about ryo
Earthenone: he is probobly 18* to western audiances
Earthenone: we have something with a 50 year statement, just not what you want
LadyAiluros: time to practice forgery.
TehAmelie: if the two of you drank that in one night you'd die
Himyul: hmmm, what sort of statements were common in 1937....
SniperPumpkin: maybe the children know
Blightfight: See, what you have to do is pregrame him to the point where he can't tell what he's drinking.
Clench_Eastwood: everyones so thirsty
Sogheim: oh my!
TheMoatman: WHAT
arcskiez: more thirst
ElementalAlchemist: SO THIRSTY
SnivianMoon: Oh lord
e_bloc: lrrWOW
ghostvalv: :O
Fruan: That's NOT OK!
arcskiez: waow
SnivianMoon: WOW
Sarah_Serinde: Huh, the fandom wiki does say Ryo is 18. Couldn't say whether it's accurate though
ElementalAlchemist: no
Clench_Eastwood: HES rude?!
ElementalAlchemist: WE are not the rude one
e_bloc: there must be a drought with how thirsty everyone is
Sarah_Serinde: That doesn't make any of this better though :P
aWabbajack: Ryo is rude
ArcOfTheConclave: would you like dinner... or me?
r10pez10: highlight reel is gonna be chained clips of shenmoo
FireBasilisk53: this game brings a new meaning to Cougar town
CaptainSpam: This game has gone places, and it just keeps going more places.
Blightfight: SHe's a tee-totaler!
TheMoatman: Hey, she didn't come on to us
Sogheim: the one woman who doesn't flirt. nice.
TehAmelie: at least she didn't go in depth about the draughts and juices she has on offer
Clench_Eastwood: Im surprised she didnt say "There's a liquor store in my pants, young man"
ElementalAlchemist: Oh, does that mean you aren't going to be thirsty at us anymore?
TheMoatman: Ask the kids
ElementalAlchemist: Oh, no, of course not
SnivianMoon: We found the one woman in this village that isn't thirsty.
r10pez10: i agree, ask the kids
Juliamon: She DIDN'T hit on you. Maybe all the women here are just really loose drunks
CaptainSpam: "Look, old man, we didn't ask if YOU sold it..."
ArcOfTheConclave: is '50 year old jao jiu' a pickup line?
Baldrash: That dude is ALL mouth.
PuzzleRush: "50 year old-old booze"
JohnLockeCole: Hello Friends
TheMoatman: "Must've been fifty years since I bought my last bottle of liao ju. Still have it , too"
deinonychus24: That child walks with purpose
Clench_Eastwood: Ive never heard anyone say they regret giving up drinking before
Juliamon: Small child, tell us where to find booze
aWabbajack: excuse me do you know where i can find the opi den?
LadyAiluros: that was actually refreshing
Clench_Eastwood: Im....10
r10pez10: yeah??
CaptainSpam: Gotta be honest, the kid got right to the point. I like that.
TehAmelie: hey kid, where can i find a batch of hooch larger than you and older than ten of your friends put together?
TheMoatman: Ah, Taoget
LadyAiluros: Target?
CaptainSpam: Wait. It's seriously called Tao-Get?
Baldrash: Tao-gét.
ElementalAlchemist: No, we will not.
SniperPumpkin: isn't Tao-Get the wood man's store?
TehAmelie: if we can't get the booze the old master is going to beat us to death with our femurs probably
LadyAiluros: some of these people are very very anti-booze
Blightfight: Is granny going to stir your sauce?
SnivianMoon: Yup. Uncle Tao runs it.
Sogheim: the sun ducks behind the mountains and vanishes
TheMoatman: I don't think it's sunset
SnivianMoon: Tao-get is back toward the bridge, I believe.
TheMoatman: What with the lack of sun
Clench_Eastwood: even minecraft has a sun!
TehAmelie: i recognize that voice
Clench_Eastwood: the sun budget went towards rendering that guys sweater
Blightfight: Sounds like you should draw a map.
Sogheim: but that sweater is fantastic. money well spent
LadyAiluros: old-school map keeping!
Sogheim: next up, Ian plays Etrian Odyssey and draws maps with a stylus on a DS
SnivianMoon: Time to hunt!
Clench_Eastwood: babooshka
CaptainSpam: Drawers and jars. Ryo's mortal foe.
Earthenone: is it common for stores to not know what they have?
raven534: Ian, how do you pronounce star characters in text again?
TehAmelie: watching this stream and Talking Sim is a fun contrast. in both games you're a stranger in a small town scrabbling to meet some basic needs and looking for secrets and meeting strange people
Blightfight: Man, the shrink on these stores must be horrendous if they don't even keep inventory.
LadyAiluros: dude, it’s 7PM
TehAmelie: yet they're ridiculously different games
Blightfight: Asterisks?
Defrost: Ian where's enough banging in this village already...
Juliamon: It was a clip from a highlight reel. It's the sound of butt-clenching.
SnivianMoon: 45 years. So close.
deinonychus24: Buy it and just wait 5 years
TehAmelie: so we want a green one?
e_bloc: closer
LadyAiluros: at least know we know what the bottle looks like?
Clench_Eastwood: just wait for a few years and those other bottles will work
TehAmelie: endless amounts of drawers and cupboards, why did you let us down?
noSmokeFire: some kind of VR antique roadshow game might actually be interesting
Bladinus: does the shop keep not help?
SnivianMoon: Shenmue in VR would be incredible. The disjointed animations would be right at home!
CaptainSpam: One of these times, someone's going to ask why it takes Ryo several hours to search a small shop.
Clench_Eastwood: will these books get us drunk?
TehAmelie: i mean i'd spend hours in every one of those shops if i could
DarkMorford: What counts as "regular" alcohol? Can we get extra-fancy? Diesel?
CaptainSpam: Just plain alcohol. Extracted from the drinks.
quiksil102: So someone said this game has no respect for your time
aWabbajack: Old Scrolls
Mysticman89: Just plop down a pile of money and/or tticckets and be "sir, I'll make it worth your time to help me find some 50 yo wine"
TehAmelie: are they secret martial arts scrolls?
aWabbajack: maybe Ancient
ElementalAlchemist: Scroll of Conjuring Really Old Alcohol
SnivianMoon: brr brr brr!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT lrrHORN
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
aWabbajack: bet it's pricey?
Baldrash: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Earthenone: lrrHORN
Blightfight: Victoly!
Bladinus: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
aWabbajack: gotta chop 50000 wood
Clench_Eastwood: that extra 5 years makes all the difference
TehAmelie: dang, the different jar colors was a red herring
aWabbajack: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN classykWEKNOW
ghostvalv: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Earthenone: crimes?
Blightfight: You're gonna have to chop down an entire forest for that.
Earthenone: yoy dud bit even know you had it!
Juliamon: Ryo.... have you SEEN any other place with it?? He can charger whatever he wants for it
Sarah_Serinde: Time to go fishing!
aWabbajack: IOU, do you accept IOU's?
ElementalAlchemist: Let's chop eight million woods
CaptainSpam: "Well, sorry, we're closing up shop for the night. I have to randomize the positions of all my goods. Come back tomorrow!"
SnackPak_: Back to the fishing grind
SniperPumpkin: well, at least we've learned about fishing
Alness49: That's a lotta cut logs
SnivianMoon: We're gonna need to fish the rivers to extinction.
TehAmelie: we could have started chopping before Adam fell, and leveled all of Eden for wood, and it would not be enough
DarkMorford: Does he take Mastercard?
Juliamon: Fish-for-e-ver *clap clap clapclapclap*
Earthenone: we can probobly sell our 50 year old wine?
Earthenone: that was wrong
Karfsma778: oh yeah, our other old wine
SnivianMoon: Can you sell another $450 set of herbs?
Juliamon: Are you from the dev team?
Earthenone: they might be a patron
e_bloc: this is poundtown isnt it
Baldrash: What the literal hell, game.
ghostvalv: :O
Blightfight: the THIRST in this town.
CaptainSpam: No, I'm just going to say it, that voice does not belong to that body.
noSmokeFire: you just need NUTRITIONAL YEAST
ElementalAlchemist: This kid doesn't look 11
TehAmelie: if i had a 7 liter jar of 50 year old plum wine, my first thought would be "that's horrible on so MANY levels" and the second would be "i'm gonna be rich"
ElementalAlchemist: but his voice says he's 11
Fruan: Anything to divert the thirst\
Karfsma778: ohhh god, we're gonna get juuuuuumped
Blightfight: Ask her yourself you coward!
Balthasar_Wiseman: He looks like a he's modeled on a 30 year old
Juliamon: That order of questioning is gonna get us hit on SO hard
Earthenone: orange? mustard is our hero
TehAmelie: can we fix the race by getting the turtles drunk?
Blightfight: With 50 year old wine?
Mysticman89: Not unlike knifey knifey
TehAmelie: save scumming incoming in 2, 1
SnivianMoon: Go ninja go ninja go
Baldrash: Dammit Mikey, come on!
SnackPak_: Come on Mikey
r10pez10: this sure is happening
Baldrash: Our monies. lrrAWW
LRRTwitter: [1h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Play it Forward is going live, which mean's it's time for Ian to continue inefficiently conducting a census of a small village in 1987 China. | It's time for Shenmue III! | 📷 ||
ghostvalv: :(
TehAmelie: aah just when it counted too
Sarah_Serinde: (That was not close)
ElementalAlchemist: hey Shenhua
LadyAiluros: start chopping.
ElementalAlchemist: can we borrow some money
SniperPumpkin: back to fishing?
aWabbajack: i see
noSmokeFire: you need a turbo button
Count_Nodonora: I think there's a slight possibility that our protagonist has a bit of a gambling problem.
Robot_Bones: Can we gamble on face off? Kappa
noSmokeFire: but Ian, shenhua's been dead for twenty years.
orbitaltuna: shenhuatside
LadyAiluros: nice shot
TehAmelie: due to a misunderstanding that will probably be a little funny in ten years, Shenhua has drowned in a 50 liter bottle of 7 year old wine
deinonychus24: Camera, please
aWabbajack: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
TheMoatman: lrrGARBO
TheMoatman: Oops
TehAmelie: oh, i lied
TheMoatman: lrrGOAT
r10pez10: such chemistry
r10pez10: as you can tell by the VO
Clench_Eastwood: thats her goat milking beret
noSmokeFire: goats make everything better
TehAmelie: i thought she had been with us since at least game 2?
DirgeNovak: I see.
DarkMorford: But which fate? Stay/night? Hollow/ataraxia? Zero?
aWabbajack: feliciaToronto classykWEKNOW
TehAmelie: i'm so confused
TheMoatman: He's certainly never been to Japan
aWabbajack: feliciaToronto feliciaToronto feliciaToronto feliciaToronto
TehAmelie: you can't gaslight me, this village doesn't have gas lights!
ghostvalv: wait what?
Himyul: I think she might be gaslighting you
Clench_Eastwood: haha, I totoally gas lit you
Fruan: sHeS a WiZaRd
DirgeNovak: Wait is she milking that goat without a bucket?
e_bloc: all this for some treasure
aWabbajack: she meant Yes
SnivianMoon: "Why did my father have to die?" "Hi Ryo..."
TheMoatman: She milks it right into her mouth
aWabbajack: zekeYES
Sarah_Serinde: game pls
r10pez10: wtf
Sogheim: wait is this intentional?
arcskiez: directly milking into her mouth Kappa
TehAmelie: she's putting it in the same place Ryu carries those 7 liter jugs
TheMoatman: The freshest milk possible
Juliamon: Is this game just... making fun of itself now?
noSmokeFire: shenhua? do something weird?
Robot_Bones: drinking straight for the source Kappa
noSmokeFire: perish the thought
TheMoatman: TOS
Fruan: That seemed a lot like victim blaming - if your dad didn't want to die, he shouldn't have had treasue
r10pez10: "it's a 50 year old bottle of wine"
Juliamon: That's... sure, okay
Earthenone: can we hawk it to buy some booze?
TheMoatman: This is definitely a shenmue game
aWabbajack: cant wait for Mega 64 Shenmue 3 skit
LadyAiluros: I have to get up early, and make the most intensive meal.
Clench_Eastwood: I would like to beleive that seen played out as we saw it and there was no pendant
cheetoJack: shenmue is one hell of a drug
TehAmelie: lrrGOAT_HF lrrGOAT
Karfsma778: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
DarkMorford: The goats always win. They're too good.
raven534: cleaning up, as in killing the rest of the goats
cheetoJack: can we get the goats to try the forklift race
Karfsma778: Boooo
aWabbajack: HahaShrugLeft lrrGOAT HahaShrugRight
LlewellynZ: HahaShrugLeft HahaDoge HahaShrugRight
SniperPumpkin: teleport to kitchen
SydPreviouslyHeadache: baaah
noSmokeFire: the goats always pull rock
ElementalAlchemist: yes, of course I want to play again
r10pez10: "i always look like this"
ElementalAlchemist: I love when you insult my face
Clench_Eastwood: so....if you go first do you just automatically lose?
Clench_Eastwood: what a strange game
DirgeNovak: So it's rock paper scissors without animations? I see.
Juliamon: The worst part about this is that we're 11 months too early to request people with no idea what it is to play it on Desert Bus.
Phosphatide: very proper of them to go inside to play games instead of standing out in the cold
aWabbajack: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
TehAmelie: face off amongst the goats sounds like a very strange anthropology study project thing
Sogheim: it's fine, she is well versed in the ways of Stardew Valley and knows milking and petting goats should be the last thing you do before bed because of the happiness glitch
cdutson: just a full clothing sleep huh?
DarkMorford: katesLol Juliamon
ElementalAlchemist: I expect it's not actually turn-based; they just couldn't animate more than one character at once
Sarah_Serinde: I'm wondering if the 2 players are actually doing it simultaneously but the game couldn't show it that way. Because that wouldn't surprise me
e_bloc: I, too, sleep in my clothes
noSmokeFire: I'm disturbed that ryo sleeps in his shoes
DirgeNovak: I've only been watching a few minutes and I'm flabbergasted at how abysmal this is
Earthenone: full clothing sleep is fine, but the watch is what bothers me
Karfsma778: He always seems... surprised by the morning happening
Himyul: you got hustled
FITorion: fresh herbs too...
Earthenone: maybe you got turtle racing hustled
LadyAiluros: I kinda wonder if the difficulty scales the more you bet?
Sogheim: $120k banana right there
SnivianMoon: I wonder if the difficulty of turtle racing scales with the size of your wager.
Clench_Eastwood: @Sarah_Serinde I choose to believe its turn based and she just lets him win out of pity sometimes
HesGotNoPants: turtle racing
cdutson: @Earthenone I sleep with my apple watch on. it's not so bad, but he isn't even like, inverting his undies or anythin
Mysticman89: I think fortune telling can help with turtle racing instead of being totally jibber jabber
TehAmelie: Douglas Adams told me sheep go into full panic every morning when they see the sun. Ryu is sort of like that
Himyul: bless you
Karfsma778: Tape the banana to a wall, that'll get you your funds for the wine!
Phosphatide: bless your face
Sarah_Serinde: Clench_Eastwood Also possible
HesGotNoPants: did you merge into shenwa?
DarkMorford: Wow, that jump cut.
aWabbajack: The Jibber and Jabber Walks!
SniperPumpkin: remember that the cows are on the road down to the temple
TehAmelie: we have a sundown curfew? okay mom
Karfsma778: "I'll be back at half past nine, like always"
cdutson: healthy downhil sprint
cdutson: like one does every morning
Sogheim: so is she your girlfriend or are you crashing on her couch for free or is she protecting you from the mafia?
DirgeNovak: Shenhua is Morgana
cdutson: yikes
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Banrael: cheer200 Herbs, you say? lrrCREEPL_TK lrrCREEPR
ArcOfTheConclave: Does she call you daddy? lrrBEEJ
DarkMorford: "In" might be a bit of a stretch. We sleep *on* her father's bed.
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cdutson: true enough. with as many layers of fabric between you and the bed
SnivianMoon: Huzzah!
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT
Earthenone: the promised herb~!
Karfsma778: lrrGOAT there
LadyAiluros: WOOO!
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
noSmokeFire: ryo should really invest in some gardening shears
noSmokeFire: or, like, gloves
Banrael: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT_SG
TehAmelie: 'tis a fishy place
Karfsma778: Remember to sell your Wrong Old Wine
TheMoatman: If I only could make a deal with god, and get him to find stone-ma-sons, keep runnin down that road, keep runnin down that hill
raven534: that cow looked like it had tail at both ends
Earthenone: the secret place with the estimated value of a capsule toy?
Sarah_Serinde: A *rare* capsule toy
TehAmelie: are there fewer kids than before doing karate?
TehAmelie: some attrition has to be expected i guess
cdutson: nice
TehAmelie: is this tiger balm?
r10pez10: is it to give someone frigid extremities?
Juliamon: "Some may be fresher than others. This ground citrus has been in my pocket for a week."
r10pez10: or to fix frigid extremities
Sogheim: wait what?
cdutson: she's got a good beat going there
TehAmelie: or let's see, known in north america as bengay?
Sarah_Serinde: yup
SniperPumpkin: yeah
SniperPumpkin: back to silent treatment
cdutson: that man has THE LARGEST MOUTH
Juliamon: This man is secretly a fish
SnivianMoon: There is another way to make money quickly, but it is irresponsible and potentially wasteful.
TehAmelie: the lures he has on the wall are bigger than most fish we've caught. we should borrow one of those to catch the big ones
SnivianMoon: Some of the gacha sets sell for big money.
dangerous_safety: efficient e-fishing-sea
SenseAmidstMadness: You want to fish this man?
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DirgeNovak: why does every character have a completely different artsyle?
SnackPak_: It'd be rude not to
cdutson: side! quest!
control_rig: Fishing jacket? Sold!
TehAmelie: white? that's the rarest color
noSmokeFire: that's how they reel you in
Juliamon: One might call that.... a bait & switch
ArcOfTheConclave: alt costume?
TehAmelie: of collectibles
ArcOfTheConclave: nice
Fruan: Sell a man a fishing rod, and you'll make a little money. Rent a man a fishing rod, and you'll be making money for the rest of your life.
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SenseAmidstMadness: Don't tell me what to do with my fluids
Pal_Friendpatine: Well while fishing for the specific fish you should get enough extra fish to make enough funds to buy the wine
Himyul: a whole bunch of fission!
ChaoticObserver: Can you use the Dreamcast fishing controller?
Sogheim: so we need like 1200 yen still? yikes
ChaoticObserver: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
dangerous_safety: cycling fluids helps to agitate the fish, so they find the line easier
dangerous_safety: Kappa
TehAmelie: hmm, makes me miss fishing in WoW. you find a spot no one's ever set foot in, light a campfire and sit down next to the water
MollyLewis: lrrDOTS
TehAmelie: well, none of those elements are necessary
Sarah_Serinde: MollyLewis slytqHi
TehAmelie: oh hi
Phosphatide: 👀
TehAmelie: loving your part in Panalysts lrrAWESOME
ChaoticObserver: lrrAWESOME
raven534: Hello, o great host of Panalysts
Banrael: Yeah, definitely loving the work you're doing in Panalysts Molly. :D
DirgeNovak: The one true host
Sarah_Serinde: Hey, Kathleen was also an awesome host though
dabudder: yeah
Sarah_Serinde: (But yes Molly is fantastic)
CaptainSpam: Definitely doing a great job hosting, Molly!
raven534: True, but Kathleen already has Feed Dump
JohnLockeCole: I am quite happy we have that show, and thank everyone involved for producing, staring, and talking
dabudder: feed dump has gone bye bye
raven534: (I know)
DirgeNovak: (It's a reference to Kathleen and Graham's pretend feud over the feed dump hostship)
dabudder: could we get an f in the chat for feed dump
DirgeNovak: f
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHERE
ElementalAlchemist: 2000 yuan, even
Phosphatide: the f stands for feed
rewardadrawer: krombo2Hello
ElementalAlchemist: A large amount of expensive alcohol
r10pez10: clipping this
Earthenone: at least with the stamp rally we have reasons to fish in new environs
RockPusher: RPGYonger RPGEpicStaff PrideSaba SabaPing PrideSaba
Banrael: Fishbit? Is that an exercise thing?
Earthenone: fish GET
dabudder: Ian do be flexing on them fish
cdutson: hey, you can eat it
rewardadrawer: Why does every RPG seem to have its own fishing minigame
DarkMorford: Eh, I wouldn't. Catfish aren't great on the table.
TehAmelie: how hard could it be to turn a catfish white? maybe a bleach bath. . .
raven534: were we trying to catch the person on the other pier?
HesGotNoPants: that's a little bigoted of the catfish
rewardadrawer: Ye that's fair
Robot_Bones: can you hit the guy on the other dock?
noSmokeFire: waow
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh we're rich
rewardadrawer: But also... Why are all the fishing minigames so... DIFFERENT
cdutson: fishing requires accuracy and patience
Earthenone: 7 dollars is 7 dollars
Robot_Bones: That didn't even cover the rental
rewardadrawer: It's like no two companies can agree on how fishing should be played
Karfsma778: Wasn't it 50 to rent the pole
TehAmelie: plenty more fish in the sea
TehAmelie: "no fish is safe", wow
dabudder: that man is infused with so much passive-aggresiveness that is scares me
SnivianMoon: At least you are still in time to try again! I admit that I got through most of this quest and did /exactly/ the same thing myself, and then the quest just goes -poof-.
TehAmelie: i like the fish massacre sales pitch
TehAmelie: slash angle
HesGotNoPants: what are you drinking ian?
DarkMorford: Mandarin, huh? How appropriate.
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yomidian: time to stack shenmue fishing and ffxiv fishing
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TehAmelie: is there a drowned tree in the middle of the pond? and did you aim straight for it?
SnivianMoon: Chonky catfish, nice!
CaptainSpam: That is one chonker of a catfish.
dangerous_safety: big boi
cdutson: best I can give you is 10 dollars
yomidian: two layers of intense fishing sound effect action
DarkMorford: 7-pound fish? Damn.
Robot_Bones: A whole 8 dollars Kappa
CaptainSpam: Oh lawd, he comin'. To your lure.
SnivianMoon: Huzzah!
HesGotNoPants: white catfish like weed
cdutson: this area is dead to us
TehAmelie: fourth time's the charm!
DarkMorford: Looks more blue to me.
ArcOfTheConclave: stamp get!
ElementalAlchemist: we need so much money
Lithobraker: Aaaaaand you snag your lure on a branch Kappa
CaptainSpam: Ryo's left-handed, I see?
J4c03: im really upset that that fishing reel is upside down
dangerous_safety: *claps profusely*
ElementalAlchemist: Lithobraker: Why would you curse us like this?
FireBasilisk53: Yatta
ponbern: How much time has passed since the start of Shenmue until this point in the series?
NullColaShip: Is fishing more lucrative than chopping wood?
DirgeNovak: Especially since we wasted 50 bucks by lightly tapping X once
ElementalAlchemist: I think the first game was last year
TehAmelie: yeah i mean that tree looks as if the fishing shop put it there to collect lures and make people buy more
orbitaltuna: have you caught any legendary fish
Lithobraker: @ElementalAlchemist The only way I can process my pain from fishing on a reef is to hurt others
SnivianMoon: I think the original Shenmue started in December of 1986. Shenmue 3 is March/April 1987.
cdutson: so i do not know this game. why are you _in_ this village sleeping on a random womans dads' bed fishing and chopping wood
SnivianMoon: 3 kg? Nice catch!
ChaoticObserver: Father's killed on November 29th, 1986. So that's the start of Shenmue 1, though you don't start actual play until December 3rd.
NullColaShip: another chonker, nice
TehAmelie: trout? that doens't even taste like a butt
dangerous_safety: *channels snake* Mmmm Tasty
raven534: I prefer Okami fishing, if only because all the people who try to do it are really stupid
orbitaltuna: i just figured there'd be a legendary fish, i dunno if there's one
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xhres2: hi Ian
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control_rig: Carpe Diem
DarkMorford: TehAmelie I know, right? Though I quite like walleye and yellow perch, too. Practically grew up on those in North Dakota.
TehAmelie: that one's just bait
raven534: LIke, "I will go fishing with a rod and no line, I'm smart!"
seantheman2: hey ian
RockPusher: This lake is total carp
Lithobraker: Carp are everywhere
ghostvalv: carpe carp
DarkMorford: Sure, but carp taste terrible.
RockPusher: somebody took a carp in that pond!
Lithobraker: You mean as slow as it does when fishing?
seantheman2: by the way, I found one of the hard to find things we talked about Last night
chibi_bento: I love that otter so much.
DirgeNovak: what a crucial catch!
ponbern: And destroying the Mississippi river
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FITorion: caught a Robert Picardo Fan club... Carpe...
azureHaights: It's a crucian carp, but is it really that crucial
seantheman2: indeed, azure
ArcOfTheConclave: Picardo?!
seantheman2: not going to lie, this is very relaxing
Lithobraker: Because Picard looks hot without hair
RockPusher: I'm a doctor, not a doorstop!
cdutson: my favourite character of any star trek series
orbitaltuna: captain jeani lukie picardo
virgil82: I just always assumed it would be a personal choice.
TehAmelie: not the smallest catfish, or wait, i think it was
Pal_Friendpatine: I want to know why magic didn’t solve bad vision in Harry Potter
e_bloc: some people look good bald
johnhelix: Robert Picardo, also secretly really, really good at playing extremely scary people.
DarkMorford: I was never that big into any of the Star Trek series, but I did enjoy the good Doctor's snark in the odd episode of Voyager I did see.
Karfsma778: That's a big trout
TehAmelie: another chonker
virgil82: Exactly.
orbitaltuna: does the line ever get snagged?
ponbern: @Pal_Friendpatine It can but you need to train in it and you can't get many volunteers
SniperPumpkin: that's a level of realism that'd be too far for shenmue
Juliamon: I doubt they bothered to program the line to snag
azureHaights: eyyyy, konami grams
Karfsma778: I mean, it also is the worst part of fishing
TehAmelie: was that a twin to the last catfish?
orbitaltuna: it just looks like there's a lot of stuff to snag the line on
Pal_Friendpatine: @ponbern like the danger of Harry’s arm bone disappearing. I get it
Kaszoski: Game being tedious? Is that a good thing?
SnivianMoon: This is going to be a very nice haul once you cash in, I think.
virgil82: I imagine Starfleet has a grooming policy similar to a contemporary Navy, but by that point hair style/colour should be basically under the individual's complete control.
CaptainSpam: For as much as Shenmue games drag out the timescale for things like searching drawers, Ryo sure fishes fast.
TehAmelie: we're gonna feed the whole village
Sarah_Serinde: I mean Animal Crossing is supposed to be leisurely, and it's better done than this
Drakas: hello
cdutson: you gotta find your min/max pro strats
DirgeNovak: would you have stuck with the game if you weren't streaming it?
r10pez10: well ian, there are currently no runs recorded for this game, so...
noSmokeFire: I wonder what a shenmue speedrun looks like
r10pez10: *speedruns
SnivianMoon: Shenmue is absolutely a "Faff about" type game.
RockPusher: It would enjoy the same leisurely pace as Yakuza gets :D
SnivianMoon: OH wow, the Shenmue II speedrun is actually really good. I remember seeing one from GDQ a while back. There's a lot of sequence breaking.
r10pez10: shenmoo II's is apparently four hours
TehAmelie: revenge is a dish best served after many, many months of fork truck racing, fishing and turtle racing
Karfsma778: BIG FISH
ChaoticObserver: Whoa
TehAmelie: oh lawd
DarkMorford: 10 pounder!
noSmokeFire: CHONKER
Juliamon: WOOOW
CaptainSpam: OH LAWD.
Kaszoski: It was THIS BIG
SnivianMoon: 5.4 kg? Awesome!
Karfsma778: 5.4 kilograms.
Earthenone: thats a large fish
cdutson: that fish was... 12 lbs
Earthenone: that will be like, 54 bucks
ArcOfTheConclave: 5.4 worth of chonkers
Karfsma778: Yeah, that's about a 12 lb fish
RockPusher: … A carp break if you will…
dangerous_safety: That chonker of a fish was too much for Ian to handle
cdutson: that's a big fish for this little pond
DarkMorford: @r10pez10 Maybe the reason there's no S3 speedruns is because there's a huge bug and the game can't be beaten! Kappa
DirgeNovak: That fish was so big it broke ian
r10pez10: a huge bug in a bug hunting minigame
TehAmelie: snort. just dug up this whole series of cartoons i made based on fish missing the first letter of their names
DirgeNovak: oops
TehAmelie: the joke is that fish have weird names
Juliamon: Oh no, forgot to pause!
SnivianMoon: Oh no. It timed out of fishing.
control_rig: Uh oh
Karfsma778: Rip
NullColaShip: cha-ching
SniperPumpkin: well, I guess we got some money?
TehAmelie: at least we made mad skrilla it sounds like
Sarah_Serinde: I was wondering if Ian was going to pause it...
Blightfight: Whoopsie-doodle.
raven534: One could say that this has been a pretty carpy diem
DirgeNovak: unknown amount of money
niccus: and so ryo stands there for the rest of his days
TehAmelie: who wants to bet we have wine money now? i think we do
Earthenone: i dont think so
Juliamon: It wouldn't be that easy
SnackPak_: I hope so
Blightfight: With that megachonk of a fish? it's likely.
DarkMorford: Well, until 9:00. Then he goes back to Shenhua's house to play Face Off.
SnivianMoon: Unfortunately, I think that was only a few hundred yuan.
DirgeNovak: does ryo lose consciousness at 2am like jimmy hopkins or the stardew protag? Kappa
Earthenone: nah he just gets teleported to shenue
Juliamon: Ugh, it was pretty early in the day too, wasn't it?
Earthenone: its not like there is a day limit
Earthenone: :)
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah, doesn't really matter if we lose a day
SnivianMoon: The unfortunate thing in this case is that the quest might expire for us.
Juliamon: Yeah but it still means he'll have to sit through an extra session of "talking" to Shenhua
SnivianMoon: The side quest, I should clarify.
Juliamon: And yeah, the side quest seems to be timed
TehAmelie: if you stand still, how long could it take to pass out of hunger?
SniperPumpkin: which side quest is timed?
SnackPak_: For the fishing jacket
Earthenone: i imagine stamp rally
SnivianMoon: The stamp rally. You have to fish in four locations, but if it gets later than about 3 PM, you can't rent fishing gear.
SniperPumpkin: ah, I see
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Inkymouse: >3
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DirgeNovak: i see Kappa
SnivianMoon: This is...?
Sogheim: good time to get my tea. yay tea.
TehAmelie: i think it hurt you more than us
aWabbajack: lrrGARBO feliciaFlush ?
azureHaights: AFK: Away From Karp
SniperPumpkin: you got money, we heard it show up
Juliamon: He paid you offscreen
r10pez10: all alright, ian?
SnivianMoon: Well, you have 1,200 yuan now! That's a nice haul!
ArcOfTheConclave: check your money
Pal_Friendpatine: Around 400 it looks like roughly
Kaszoski: Wasn't the catfish you caught blue?
DarkMorford: I just wanted to take that 10-pound trout back home for dinner.
cdutson: why does she talk like cobra commander
Kaszoski: She sounds EVIL
estyl10: i watch lrr so much that when i type "t" into the url bar it comes up with
SnivianMoon: "Your luck color is... ASH"
Mysticman89: She may have spent her whole life chain smoking
Robot_Bones: that's a ten pack a day voice
Kaszoski: Oh sorry not evil, just really rough voice
DarkMorford: Lite-Brite! We had one of those when I was a kid.
TehAmelie: she can feel EM radiation?
azureHaights: F Yeah Blue
estyl10: he has lucky pants
Kaszoski: Yeah blue
SenseAmidstMadness: @TehAmelie Can't we all?
TehAmelie: go Leonardo
DirgeNovak: are the voice actors actually asian?
Kaszoski: Wait what about the number?
erloas: I guess I didn't really think about it, but I sort of figured lure designed in Asia would be different than the NA
aWabbajack: for the Japanese voices perhaps!
Kaszoski: She said number and colour and told you only colour
FITorion: Light Bright Movie
TheMoatman: Today's Destiny Names are: Spank my Bongos and Lemon Flavored Drywall
TehAmelie: well, it beats "your lucky color is dead. your lucky number is none."
Sarah_Serinde: Game pls don't remind me of work with that kind of marketing speech >_>
Warm_Pleather_Dad: is he wearing a vault suit?
r10pez10: it's double 0
SnivianMoon: That made me unreasonably nervous to watch.
aWabbajack: Go PLANET!
Argumentable: That should not have felt tense but it did
Kaszoski: Hey blue
TehAmelie: hmm is blue still good now?
TehAmelie: or did we use up our fortune?
FITorion: I was thinking you'd go with the blue Turtle
estyl10: wow what an ass
DarkMorford: It's just like pachinko!
cdutson: premium currency
VHGS: because that way it's technically not gambling
r10pez10: you mean dialogue could be skipped the entire time?
Juliamon: Time to return to our boy
Kaszoski: Imagine no dialogue skip
estyl10: i thought he was chinese
Blightfight: She's like a weaker Sinistar.
Mai_Andra: After 10,000 years, I'm free!!!
SniperPumpkin: BAM! this one
azureHaights: Sailor moon?
TehAmelie: i feel like having her booth right next to the gambling district is really bad for their business
SnivianMoon: The game is not consistent for some reason. It won't let you skip every conversation, sadly.
cdutson: i like the windmill slam
Argumentable: come on chocolate banana
aWabbajack: you got bird
e_bloc: top 10 anime betrayal
cdutson: well now you have to go kungfu the woman
DirgeNovak: SHE LIED
kenkopin: Yekkow + Blue
erloas: Oh, the fortune teller was playing the long game to con you with that guy
SnivianMoon: I begin to think this fortune teller might not be completely accurate.
SniperPumpkin: time to cash out
TehAmelie: maybe the yellow turtle will be good though
Sogheim: sounds like a racket to me.
SniperPumpkin: how much for the wine?
SnivianMoon: The gem set is absolutely the way to a big payday.
Kaszoski: A banana?
dangerous_safety: wine was 2000 iirc
SnivianMoon: 1,050 yuan, I believe.
Juliamon: dangerous_safety we mean the plum wine
SniperPumpkin: you can see the sets in your inventory I think
dangerous_safety: oh, my mistake
Kaszoski: What's a prize set do?
Juliamon: It's an easy mistake. They're both 50-year wines.
SniperPumpkin: no, you exited out instead of buying it
myrddinthewizard: you canceled the transaction
r10pez10: !addquote (Ian) [Now] Y'know, putting 100% of our trust within the fortune teller... Probably not the best idea to begin with?
LRRbot: New quote #6601: "Y'know, putting 100% of our trust within the fortune teller... Probably not the best idea to begin with?" —Ian [2019-12-07]
TehAmelie: i want to make a game with a fortune teller who's 100% bogus
TehAmelie: people will never see it coming
raven534: !findquote fortune
LRRbot: Quote #6601: "Y'know, putting 100% of our trust within the fortune teller... Probably not the best idea to begin with?" —Ian [2019-12-07]
raven534: darn
Kaszoski: @TehAmelie you are totally going to make a game with a fortune tell who is 100% bogus - "Random fortune teller"
aWabbajack: looks like to progress the game is to make a lot of money and most of the game's barrier seems to fade away
SnivianMoon: Not to nitpick, It's really irritating that there's a slight delay before the 'sell' context sensitive option appears. So much unintended notebook opening.
Juliamon: !quote 207
LRRbot: Quote #207: "Fortune favours the butt!" —Adam [2015-05-02]
Karfsma778: only 42 for some old wine
Juliamon: There are exactly two 'fortune quotes'
TehAmelie: hmm sounds fake
aWabbajack: I got what you need, come back any time!
aWabbajack: reminds me of WoW
aWabbajack: Time is money Friend! lrrGREED
TehAmelie: does the metronome do anything? make you sleep better maybe?
SnivianMoon: Oh, I was talking earlier about the gacha gem set. But this is probably a good idea too?
DarkMorford: I mean, at least her lines aren't horribly stilted?
SnivianMoon: Oh wow. Interesting.
ElementalAlchemist: You have expensive taste! It's a good thing you afforded all those tokens!
SnivianMoon: I will say, it's a hard grind. But it pays out.
Earthenone: 10 forklifts?>
Earthenone: or axes
DarkMorford: You can get a guitar from one of these?
TehAmelie: would you rather fight 10 forklifts or one vorpal forklift?
SnivianMoon: C'mon axe.
DirgeNovak: i see
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
pepsiclebunny: I see we're cracking loot boxes
SnivianMoon: YEAH!!!
Mysticman89: I assume the odds arent listed anywhere
Earthenone: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
enki1256: THE AXE!
HesGotNoPants: gamble big or go home 420 or bust
asddsa28: wooot
Blightfight: Would you rather fight ten axe-sized forlifts or one forklift-sized axe?
deinonychus24: Never didn't have it
VHGS: clutch!
DarkMorford: What kind of guitar is that?
BusTed: Exhilerating.
ElementalAlchemist: AXE GET
pepsiclebunny: What a great time to join the stream
NightValien28: god gambling sucks so much
SniperPumpkin: just got to ax the right questions
RockPusher: Axe! Axe! Axe! Axe! Axe!
TheAinMAP: bcmounChicken lrrCHKN
r10pez10: this is why gambling is fun
Juliamon: 🪓 🪓 🪓
Earthenone: rubE
TehAmelie: those gems are massive
SnivianMoon: The Emerald P is the chase rare for the gems, by the by. If you see that one, you absolutely want to complete the set.
NightValien28: anyone hear that?
pepsiclebunny: Hello, Ian and chat!
Earthenone: yes i did
SniperPumpkin: NightValien28 yep
Sarah_Serinde: yup
Pal_Friendpatine: I did too
NightValien28: oh good it wasn't my headphones breaking then
Pal_Friendpatine: Though my earbud was going
TehAmelie: if your P is ruby, see a doctor
pepsiclebunny: good one
TehAmelie: if it's sapphire, try an exorcist
pepsiclebunny: I would too
pepsiclebunny: we want emerald p
SnivianMoon: You should be able to cash in the firefighter set for a good amount.
SnivianMoon: Oh, right! That's actually much more valuable.
Blightfight: Can you pitch the extra things sextinguishers, or is it not worth it?
ShakalDraconis: Wow... that's ventriloquist dummy rate lip movement.
TehAmelie: i want there to be a way to punish him for offering a price before he even knows what we're selling
ShakalDraconis: This shopkeep has a look in his eye behind the menu like "Oh GOD, I just realized I'm in a Shenmue game!"
pepsiclebunny: @shakaldraconis now thats quality LUL
Karfsma778: Only 708 away now!
Laogeodritt: What are we saving up for?
Earthenone: 2000 yuan for wine
Karfsma778: Old Booze
ShakalDraconis: When ever I have an itch, I like to scratch near my head. Make no contact, just threaten my hair with my fingers
TehAmelie: emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond are the four precious gems. i always wondered why Steven Universe never brings that up
SniperPumpkin: and then we'll be back to fishing come morning times...probably
Sarah_Serinde: We need to buy a specific thing to get an old dude to teach us a specific fighting move so we'll be strong enough to beat up some thugs
ElementalAlchemist: CHOP CHOP
Mysticman89: since theres an actual date, could someone play this non-stop until the modern times?
NightValien28: well someone has to
r10pez10: plot?
Seagulyus: Mysticman89 the last two games had a date that causes a game over if you hit it
pepsiclebunny: That's it! Yes! Mm-hmm!
Seagulyus: you lose the lead, you get assassinated...
cdutson: this music
SniperPumpkin: yeah
r10pez10: axe battle music
NightValien28: this
DarkMorford: @Mysticman89 Now I'm imagining Ryo in 2000 seeing a Dreamcast and going "Wait, why am I in this game?"
SnivianMoon: Oh, Ian: Unrelated to the game, but I just wanted to say that I am really enjoying Road Quest so far. The adventures of Sabine are high quality. Can't wait for the next episode!
pepsiclebunny: I know right! @snivianmoon
SniperPumpkin: I'm excited to find out who dies
TehAmelie: daddy needs his primary color plastic polyhedrons
FireBasilisk53: you've gotten good at this
Banrael: I've been takin' time each Monday to watch that with the wife, she is enjoying it
pepsiclebunny: I've been loving Road Quest
SnivianMoon: The production values are great, and everyone's really awesome in it for sure. Loving the drone shots in particular. The great north is ridiculously pretty.
Banrael: (I am too, of course, but she's got a high bar for this kinda stuff) :D
DarkMorford: Has there been anything in the show that's surprised you so far? Like, you're watching it and you do something you'd completely forgotten about?
HesGotNoPants: I like the 80's action music
NightValien28: to be fair Ian, so do we
myrddinthewizard: Whoops!
Sarah_Serinde: Oh dear :D
super_88_system: SourPls
pepsiclebunny: The old man is my spirit animal
r10pez10: this old man is very into watching you axe
JohneyS: Ian, how worried were you about the Saab breaking down and it being impossible to find parts?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that censorship for the onsen was just. i almost died alughing again
TehAmelie: i have traveled a little bit and i can tell you a secret about the majesty of nature: it looks that pretty EVERYWHERE if you get out of the cities
CaptainSpam: I was about to say, it would be rather impressive if AAA covered Canada as well...
TehAmelie: so much wood
pepsiclebunny: lomDoh
SnivianMoon: Stick it to the man! . . . By working late?
DarkMorford: I've just been loving the establishing shots with the drone. It looks so damn cinematic.
CaptainSpam: Wow, those three camera cuts.
Karfsma778: So, we only need to chop wood 11 more times to make enough money for the wine!
SketchyDetails: Lets play a game of face off!
Karfsma778: After which we will be.... completely broke
r10pez10: nah the conversations are roughly the same
TehAmelie: Shenhua is like 1.5% the man, but still
Mysticman89: some digging indicates ~october is the end of times
SnivianMoon: @DarkMorford Absolutely agreed. It's really gorgeous.
Blightfight: Choppin' Wood until the New Millenium!
pepsiclebunny: DAMN he's got some shoulders
Kaszoski: Nanapple
Karfsma778: Banapple
aWabbajack: katesLewd mrweebHypeham
SketchyDetails: Wait, you can rifle the entire thing too?
Kaszoski: Take the pumpkin!
NightValien28: the way his hands move to grab the fruit is so uncanny
TehAmelie: i have a nana, unh, i have an apple
Blightfight: I have an apple, I have banana. Unh, banapple.
pepsiclebunny: Thanks for the tip
pepsiclebunny: I always save before I sleep
Mysticman89: Consider saving your game in a couple slots before bed, just in case on gets corrupted overnight.
TehAmelie: and then, penbananapplepen
Defrost: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at
ElementalAlchemist: I have a pen. I have a pen. UNG. Long pen!
pepsiclebunny: If your save file gets corrupted. Does that mean you don't wake up??
SnivianMoon: Fishing? Monk fighting?
Karfsma778: Is death just your real life save file getting corrupted?
Laogeodritt: Every morning, Shenhua.
Drakas: ian there is this what you want
pepsiclebunny: OH MAN @karfsma778
DirgeNovak: Ryo! Wake up! Ryo? RYO?! RYYYYOOOO!!!!!
NightValien28: yeah he is the one that stocks then
Mysticman89: I dunno where lifes respawn point is. Decent graphics at least.
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pepsiclebunny: Some quality equipment for catfishing
SnivianMoon: Oh heck. It didn't let me resume the quest when I lost it. Awesome that it lets you resume!
Kaszoski: Pay off the fishing mafia
DirgeNovak: Don't accidentally tap X now!
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jamesk902: 24 months? That's exactly 2 years!
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TehAmelie: i know the sandbox-y kind of game makes conversations play out sort of non-chronologically but in this game especially it sounds like everyone's having one big senior citizen moment
jamesk902's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
DarkMorford: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @jamesk902
pepsiclebunny: No, only I'm thirsty LUL
jamesk902: @DarkMorford you're welcome :)
jamesk902: Oh now, you got catfished!
pepsiclebunny: Aw
TehAmelie: pff, just a baby catfish
pepsiclebunny: not blue
TehAmelie: maybe they have to warm up before the big ones come
Kazman20a: battery and an antenna
TehAmelie: i like the lure-cam, implying Ryu has a sixth fisherman sense
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT
pepsiclebunny: yeah, they just needed to warm up
azureHaights: Winner winner catfish dinner
Blightfight: Winner winner, catfish dinner.
DarkMorford: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
SnivianMoon: Awesome.
azureHaights: @Blightfight eyyyyyyy
aWabbajack: coxChicken lrrCHKN dinners?
Blightfight: Jinx @azureHaights
SniperPumpkin: the Fashion Shenmue has been sorely lacking so far, time for new clothing
Karfsma778: babbo fishhus
TehAmelie: my grandpa loved fishing and he'd always say they bite best before sunrise
RockPusher: A Fisher King if you will?
erloas: those are really small fish, like almost not worth cooking
Karfsma778: They tend to, yeah. Right before dawn
RassilonDND: :( all this fishing but not a single sailor
TehAmelie: if only Shenhua would let us stay out at night ;_;
cdutson: i would love for the last fish to not be a catfish
cdutson: just to change it up
TehAmelie: a red herring maybe
SnivianMoon: I think it's the pond near the sparing octogon.
DirgeNovak: wait, where did all the money from the color game go?
RassilonDND: silly question: does fishing bingo actually exist somehwere?
erloas: best time depends entirely on the species
pepsiclebunny: The setting is really beautiful
jamesk902: The last fish is a catfish that's the colour from outer space and when you look upon it you go mad.
pepsiclebunny: I love the mountains in the background and the little lakes and rivers scattered all around
DirgeNovak: i see
TehAmelie: heeh. that reminds me, the Color out of Space movie looks sweet
ElementalAlchemist: The literal only way to make money is fishing
pepsiclebunny: isn't that lovecraft? @tehamelie
SnivianMoon: Did the prompt show up when you were behind that guy?
TehAmelie: sorry canucks, the american spelling is official now
RockPusher: Do we need to … dispose … of some fishers before we can fish'
TehAmelie: yes
pepsiclebunny: Ooo
pepsiclebunny: I love me some lovecraft
erloas: not like real fishing at all then... fishing is a money loosing prospect for individuals
Pal_Friendpatine: @dirgenovak the money from the color game was actually tokens
TehAmelie: The Colour is probably his easiest story to love
DirgeNovak: oooh right
Karfsma778: idk either, but a couple of those definitely looked green
erloas: that one was bigger than the other 3 combined
TehAmelie: 1 kg even. you win a prize! the prize is death
pepsiclebunny: kittyfish
Kaszoski: katesLoaf PrideSaba
pepsiclebunny: Blue like choppy water
pepsiclebunny: I love the oriental music
Kaszoski: WAHT
dangerous_safety: ah, the standard catfish used to define the kilogram
TehAmelie: holy carp
AranMathai: What on earth is it doing there? >_>
RassilonDND: nice, 3 kg almost
cdutson: if european carp, you should see a doctor
Mysticman89: thats a big boi. but not a green catfish
BusTed: Invasive species!
pepsiclebunny: HOWOW
Blightfight: What chonk.
SnivianMoon: Whoa. That carp's a long way from home.
Kaszoski: Also why is there an European Carp in not china?
Mysticman89: also its in china. quite foreign.
RassilonDND: it was visiting its cousin, the african cousin
CaptainSpam: That carp is lost and very confused, and now you just yoinked it out of the water.
pepsiclebunny: LUL @busted
RassilonDND: *carp
TehAmelie: maybe it's just swimming around, you know
pepsiclebunny: good one
Earthenone: in rural china? :P
FireBasilisk53: what fish do you need, Ian?
pepsiclebunny: Cadfish
SnivianMoon: These are some substantial fish here.
TehAmelie: even today something like 90% of all fish never travel more than 100 miles from their birthplace, sad isn't it
dangerous_safety: if stardew valley has tought me anything, catfish make lots of money
Karfsma778: RuO
SnivianMoon: Noooooooooo
Kaszoski: Does an European carp swim faster or slower than it's African cousin?
DirgeNovak: they're like shinies in sword & shield
pepsiclebunny: NO
pepsiclebunny: rip
pepsiclebunny: Wow
pepsiclebunny: not bad
DirgeNovak: gdi ian what did i specifically tell you Kappa
Laogeodritt: 112 is, in fact, nonzero
RassilonDND: wow thats weird
Kaszoski: So normal catfish is the green one?
Karfsma778: profit of 42 between both trips
erloas: depends, is it carrying a coconut?
Laogeodritt: even better, it's a real number!
Mysticman89: is a green catfisdh secretlet a carp?
orbitaltuna: lots of sunflowers
Karfsma778: well, either way, that pond seems good? Big fish and all
Earthenone: fishing will continue until morale improves
Kaszoski: That's not what sunflowers do
cdutson: gosh that mouth
DarkMorford: The sunflowers are just confused because there's no sun in this world.
cdutson: also: the shade this man throws
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
pepsiclebunny: Green catfish are emo
TehAmelie: they're the sunflowers of chaos, or the axis on which the world turns, i haven't decided
Kaszoski: Tomorrow in real time
Sarah_Serinde: !next
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Kaszoski: Delicious rest
pepsiclebunny: Neat
SnivianMoon: Rest is absolutely the best.
DarkMorford: Hm. If you sprint through the Panda Market, does that make you... Panda Express? Kappa
Sarah_Serinde: He says, with his back to the pond
Kaszoski: OOF
dangerous_safety: what's rest? Kappa
TehAmelie: i mean, i'd eat sunflowers over fish any day
TehAmelie: haven't had the fresh seeds in 30 years. . .
pepsiclebunny: they're shady fish
pepsiclebunny: they do their swimming in the dark
RockPusher: lrrIAN PowerUpR RPGFireball SabaPing
asddsa28: lrrSACK_TK
Kaszoski: Ah a cousin
TehAmelie: a hefty boi
Sarah_Serinde: There were a bunch of fish over there in the shade, they were just ignoring the lure
Kaszoski: It's in the rock?
Sarah_Serinde: Don't even worry about it
TehAmelie: the fish is a quantum superposition
dangerous_safety: it briefly resided in the sub pond
Kaszoski: Schrodinger's fish
myrddinthewizard: Uh - A Crucian Carp at this time of year at this time of day in this part of the country localized entirely within this pond?
DigitalSeahorse: kristikHonk kathle3PRISM kathle3HEX kathle3KNOT kathle3TRI kathle3EYE
Pal_Friendpatine: A Shrodingers cat fish if you will
SnackPak_: I feel lied to about the shade
SnivianMoon: No green catfish? What a bunch of carp.
pepsiclebunny: They're invading
pepsiclebunny: Good one @snivianmoon
dangerous_safety: oh, so just catch a big one. okay then
Karfsma778: did that fish de-spawn
TehAmelie: or spider fish senses may be inaccurate
VHGS: maybe we should be asking these fish for kung fu tips instead
SniperPumpkin: maybe try under the tree on the right side?
orbitaltuna: the chonk is reel
SnivianMoon: What if we just cut out the middleman on this, and throw the fish at the thugs?
Karfsma778: Can you aim closer? Maybe by that big close rock on the left? Like behind it just a bit?
erloas: why are little blue men hitting me with fish
CaptainSpam: Dat's a lotta carp.
TehAmelie: if you swing a 4 kg fish in someone's face, they're gonna stay down
SnivianMoon: If IRC has taught me anything, it's that fish do in fact make decent weapons.
dangerous_safety: the more we fish, the heavier our training clothes get, from all the fish
pepsiclebunny: these fish. so very shady
CaptainSpam: Fish ARE a bludgeoning weapon, used in brawls, as opposed to the sword types, which... wait, no, I'm thinking of Puzzle Pirates.
Laogeodritt slaps @SnivianMoon around a bit with a large blue catfish
TehAmelie: also, if you slap enough bad guys with a fish it may turn into Gyrados
SnivianMoon: Ah, that's the stuff @Laogeodritt
erloas: I liked FF15, seemed like a very reasonable length of game
DoctorBobnarAwesome: That explains everything...
Alephred: Progress toward finding Dad's killer: 2%
erloas: technically correct, the best correct
TehAmelie: we did get a lead on that 7 liter wine jug, that's progress
Blightfight: Do you get any rewards for catching all the fish?
northos: katesLurk
Laogeodritt: Thanks for the stream, Ian!
SnackPak_: Thanks for the stream
Robot_Bones: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Pal_Friendpatine: wattsLURK
Laogeodritt: See you tomorrow, Ian, chat! o/
PMAvers: Really mostly just a biohazard containment zone
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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ElementalAlchemist: Thank you once again Ian ^_^
DarkMorford: Have a good night, Ian! See you tomorrow!
CaptainSpam: Thanks for the stream, Ian!
CaptainSpam: Neon FM?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah that sounds like fun
Juliamon: Pistol Whip
ElementalAlchemist: please be enough money
CaptainSpam: Someone phased into existence right behind you at that spot.
Sarah_Serinde: Still haven't found that green catfish though
Pal_Friendpatine: That’s all?
orbitaltuna: so there is a special feesh?
CaptainSpam: Then we hunt the plaid catfish...
erloas: that was like 30 lbs of fish, and you got $3 for them all
Pal_Friendpatine: For 14 kg. Sheesh
TehAmelie: if you find a green fish, try not to breathe in
SnivianMoon: Thank you for streaming the Shenmue experience, Ian! May you get some good rest.
RockPusher: Thank you Ian lrrHEART lrrIAN tiltyhEXTREME
Karfsma778: 300 ain't too bad! That's only like 6 times of chopping wood!
Blightfight: Have a good night, everybody!
orbitaltuna: i think the plaid one is a whale
myrddinthewizard: Have a good evening!
SnackPak_: tiltyhEXTREME tiltyhEXTREME tiltyhEXTREME
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Sarah_Serinde: slytqHi tiltyhEXTREME
Blightfight: Thanks for the stream!
RockPusher: PrideWingL PrideGive kathle3PRISM PrideTake PrideWingR
TehAmelie: thanks and goodnight
TehAmelie: 6 in the morning is theoretically still night. . .
TehAmelie: oh noes, Kathleen's pirate show will be soon if i still understand time
ElementalAlchemist: yes
TehAmelie: well have fun, people in reasonable timezones
Earthenone: !advice
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Earthenone: !findbutt
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SniperPumpkin: !smash
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Juliamon: I argue that the only reasonable timezones are the ones that don't participate in DST