LoadingReadyRun: how many times have we done Disco? 4? -cori
sir_jack_DB: today would be the 4th
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Disco Elysium) at Tue 02:00 PM PST (7m from now).
Rockario: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a critical look at the world of video games. Game: Disco Elysium) at Tue 02:00 PM PST (45s from now).
Juliamon: Whew, home just in time for some Good Cop Sad Cop
TehAmelie: good one
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL
ieva_art: yayy its sorry cop time
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron and Cori are continuing their Talking Simulator apology tour through Martinaise in Disco Elysium. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/ELdR5x1UcAAxytu.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1204521488855887872
e_bloc: Corgo285 excited for some poor detective work
TehAmelie: i'm hoping we can level up to full hobo cop today
Alahmnat: hi chat!
TehAmelie: ahoy
Raubkater: hi @alahmnat
ieva_art: hiiii chat
wildpeaks: "something something redo the intro", the traditional greeting
TehAmelie: yoo
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends
ieva_art: hellooo
divreon: Hey, a twitch stream started. Wohoo
Laurence72: HahaCat
e_bloc: we were a good cop
SnackPak_: slytqHi
wildpeaks: oh my
Wagshadow: Cam, if he's a bad cop, I'd say you are very good at playing him
PinkfloydYES: benginHi
TehAmelie: opening cans and cracking cases
ulexarX: Any human can be a can opener with the right tools
e_bloc: any can opener can be a human with the right tools
Laurence72: Are they cans of worms that we are opening?
Tregelen: my apocalypse communist hobocop is going well
Alahmnat: it encourages risk-taking, which is neat
Mysticman89: I think its interesting that the skill checks, even when successful, don't always seem to be the best way forward
Mysticman89: albeit usually
ieva_art: i do like that you're capable of succeeding even in very unlikely odds tho
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Skasher4430: 13 months already damn anyway how are you guys doing
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TehAmelie: thinking of how we blew the athleticism checks out of the water and ruined the ball game?
Wagshadow: i find it interesting that the passive checks are mostly hidden if you don't succeed, so after a single playthrough, your best skills will seem the most important to you, just because you saw them much more than the others
Mysticman89: how in the world can I get a gluten free pie
Tregelen: Some achievements are at like 0% and it's fun trying to figure out how to get them.
Juliamon: Eh.
chimicoacido: punching Cuno IS the moral choice
Tregelen: failing to punch Cuno is a lot of fun too.
TehAmelie: sometimes you need unusual methods to deescalate situations and build rapport with the populace. . .
dish_kp: Oh, yeah, it's wayyy close
hinhanska: It's like shadowrun... shadowrun is all about racism. Humans hate metas, orcs hate everyone...
ieva_art: i was asleep today and i dreamt of kim saying 'i think you should focus less on yourself' for some reason??
TheMerricat: is there a lot of static on any one else's stream?
TehAmelie: all i want is an opportunity to take Kim to the side and go "wanna pretend to be racists to get the guy on our side?"
e_bloc: fine for me
ieva_art: i spent like 3 minutes after waking up trying to remember who was this character i had disappointed
Sarah_Serinde: TheMerricat No, I think that's just you
dish_kp: I'm hearing a lot of bg filter as well
hinhanska: My favorite RPG is Amber Diceless.
TheMerricat: I guess not 'static' but white noise.
TehAmelie: Dark Souls is almost pure D&D
Sarah_Serinde: Ah, I'm on speakers so it's harder to tell with the audio
e_bloc: oh I actually hear it now too
Mysticman89: that's at least twice that the VR pre-set up was causing problems for streams
wildpeaks: on the thingamagie
BloodForTheCorelab: click clacks?
e_bloc: oddly I didnt notice it before
Juliamon: ding ding
PurpleMonkeyRobots: slytqDD
TehAmelie: adequate technolgy!
wildpeaks: the coolest technology
wildpeaks: and it doesn't even cost 58K
Tikosh_: Don't play yourself. You are not a cop irl, Cam!
TehAmelie: Kvalsund = bay of suffering in Swedish
hinhanska: RPG is the ability to do the things you cannot normally do, and deal with scenarios within that framework.
TheMerricat: ROLL playing verse ROLE playing
Zebunisher: i REALLY would like to see an RPG where the numbers go down
Gekyouryuu: @themerricat I was about to say
hinhanska: winner
e_bloc: honestly I asked for this for christmas so I can play it as an unrepentant alcoholic
ieva_art: an rpg about an old man where you keep getting ever weaker with time? :u
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I like to define things like genre like this: X genre is what you point to and say its that genre
Serpens77: oh boy, the shipping container
TehAmelie: Kim loved the crane, why couldn't we let him press the button
atrociouslyambisinister: P U S H I N G buttons?
ieva_art: how much can you wreck things in this game
kumatsu: *metal slug voice* HEAVY MACHINERY
atrociouslyambisinister: beautiful.
Mysticman89: the thing I find is a difference between Jrpg and Western RPGs is JRPG presents a character that you adopt the role of, while western ones present *you* the freedom to play tthe role.
Zebunisher: @ieva_art or your character simply suffer more and more onjuries that do not magically heal over night...
korvys: The numbers are a way to simulate... well... ability - Ability that you may not have, but a person *could* have - and their evolution over time, in the same way that you learn and grow IRL.
atrociouslyambisinister: Is this Panchaea lrrBEEJ
kumatsu: this crane sparks joy
TehAmelie: Kim doesn't have ghost whispers, he's still an amateur cop
CulturalGeekGirl: I have a bunch of complex feelings about the balance between the importance of the "self" character and the importance of the "friend" character in RPGs
atrociouslyambisinister: main plot shocks everybody
Mkerkes: @mysticman89 most western rpgs don’t really give you much of a role to play. It’s mostly a person with stats and gauge dialogue options. There is no depth to the roles.
Sarah_Serinde: We're gonna be so cool
control_rig: Matching pants and gloves omg
Mkerkes: Sorry vague*
Serpens77: you can get an entire FALN suit :O
control_rig: ULTRA performance?!
TheMerricat: Would you consider Half-Life/Fallout 3-4 to be RPG?
TehAmelie: i think of computer rpgs as letting you develop your "character" only in terms of stat points. but they can be meaningful choices
Mysticman89: well, one really needs to role play your role, while jrpgs do the roleplaying for you. mostly sortof kinda.
atrociouslyambisinister: @themerricat I feel like that slash is a bit of a stretch
Tikosh_: Not sure if I should buy this game.. or hope it will be in the winter sale on steam :|
CulturalGeekGirl: One of the reasons I think that DA:O was important is the way it gave and pushed upon you a distinct perspective
Laurence72: I know it is an actual currency, but whenever I see 'you got X Real'. I think, oh good, it isn't counterfeit.
CulturalGeekGirl: which it then failed to reinforce very often so you had to carry it with you... but astonishingly a lot of players did
chimicoacido: I'd argue that the best way for video game RPGs to let you feel like you're playing as a role is to constrain your options.
Archonic_Energy: London can hear you.
Saulens181: hello chat. I've just finished the game today. I knew I recognised The Smoker on the Balcony
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Serpens77: You should buy this game. It was just on sale like last week, it might be again for the holiday sale
Laurence72: Thanks for the Haha2020 @i_am_clockwork
chimicoacido: Thanks for the HahaHide @i_am_clockwork
atrociouslyambisinister: DA:O was important for a *lot* of reasons.
kassy_13: Thanks for the HahaBall @kainboa
atrociouslyambisinister: Few of them related to the combat lrrBEEJ
Tikosh_: Dang
chimicoacido: like, a video game is inherently limited and it makes a blank slate actually kinda dull
control_rig: The important thing is that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time.
TehAmelie: you gained 5 experience, but you aged 5 years
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAH
e_bloc: uhhh
ghostvalv: :O
control_rig: Uh
CulturalGeekGirl: NOT BETTER
Labjer: hmm
orimazer: cam
Sarah_Serinde: Cameron pls :D
Mysticman89: Unlimited options would probably make the best role p[laying game for someone who is a skilled role player, but I think the typical person is either bad at role playing, or uninterested in putting the effort to role play. As such, constrained options are better for the typical persons RPG experience.
rybackgaming: are we doing phrasing this season?
atrociouslyambisinister: Eugh. Tanks.
ulexarX: I think I got a different story from Leo. Interesting
Sarah_Serinde: We never do phrasing here
erloas: I found Dragon Age pretty lackluster. It seemed like a lot of RPGs, it was popular and hit at a time where it could be the first "good" RPG a lot of people see, but wasn't really anything special for people that had been around for the previous games that fit that same thing
chimicoacido: unlimited options are the sort of thing that sounds good in theory but ends up being boring and samey
e_bloc: oooh we have a name
chimicoacido: 'cause you want people to actually be able to play the game
chimicoacido: whatever their approach is
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh yeah is this the first time we got any hint about our name?
Serpens77: and just like that Harry gains a surname
TehAmelie: is it the name we made up?
Sarah_Serinde: I...don't remember
Serpens77: nope, the made up name is different
Sarah_Serinde: The one we made up was really ridiculous though
e_bloc: so good
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
Serpens77: Raphael Ambrosius Costeau
InquisitorGaia: hey all
erloas: I think part of the issue with "completely open" RPGs is the fact that most people aren't going to drastically change how they act through the game, most people are going to either be "the good guy" or the "bad guy" and really someone that jumps between good and bad regularly is playing in a gamey manor
e_bloc: killed by a damn chair
atrociouslyambisinister: "Take it, it's for you"
ieva_art: a whole 25 real.....
Puffy786: Yeah that chair and the tie in the beginning probably make up the majority of deaths for players
chimicoacido: also, in practice, making every choice of playstyle functionally different means making another game
Zalthia: It’s Cori and Cam! Yaaaaay!
Serpens77: it's totally a bribe
ieva_art: man he sure knows everything
Daken1993: i convinced people to give me over 150 dollars in my play through
chimicoacido: and that means either making a real shallow game or a real huge one
korvys: Harry Du Bois?
Zalthia: Did we get the lost badge?
TehAmelie: it's totally legal to bribe cops here. the lion's share of the legal system is made up of cash donations and/or fines
Serpens77: no badge yet
TheMerricat: OMG
ieva_art: oh wait did he say our full name?
flangdale: narrator: it wasnt
korvys: Oh, taking the check lowers your composure - cool
ghostvalv: :O
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: sooo... uhh this guy knows a fair bit
atrociouslyambisinister: Well we're pretty good at composure huh
Serpens77: he said what he thinks is our full name, Harry DuBois
TehAmelie: lrrHORN
wildpeaks: WAT
Sarah_Serinde: lrrGOAT
InquisitorGaia: nice!
Serpens77: it seems likely that he's correct
Puffy786: Holy damn, that 3% success :o
Alahmnat: HOLY CRAP
I_Am_Clockwork: He DID THE THING!
Lucien0451: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Juliamon: lrrSACK
TemporallyAwry: When it counts, right?
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Daken1993: luck sack
CulturalGeekGirl: HOLY SHIT
atrociouslyambisinister: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Archonic_Energy: how?
I_Am_Clockwork: some sort of mental Ninja
flangdale: PogChamp
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: lrrSACK
Zalthia: Niiiiiice
ieva_art: we're the WORST COP
DialEcticDielEctric: wheelerY wheelerH
DrakeF: GET DAT 3%! *ahem*
Zebunisher: probably?!?
chimicoacido: newsflash: 3%>0%
chimicoacido: and that was the sweetest way to prove it
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flangdale: probability of passing any check is 50/50. ypu either pass or you dont
atrociouslyambisinister: Probably the secret streamer RNG lrrBEEJ
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ghostvalv: :)
Orgmastron: Thanks for the HahaTurtledove @theghostwiththemost
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iconicshadow89: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @inquisitorgaia
theghostwiththemost: hi everyone
TehAmelie: he's like 10% Captain Harlock
korvys: very 70's
SnackPak_: Great VA, Cori
Alahmnat: he's an extreme sleazeball
InquisitorGaia: what day is it, in game
Alahmnat: he's the but(t)
Serpens77: I believe it's still day 1
TehAmelie: it hasn't been keeping him up at night
Alahmnat: it's the most unshadiest thing in the world
ieva_art: Thanks for the HahaLean @inquisitorgaia
ieva_art: i guess i have a santa emote now?
TheMerricat: Are we going to knock off Kuno?
flangdale: hes so shady he could stand on the surface of the sun and not get sunburnt
atrociouslyambisinister: I'm sorry we're not into you
InquisitorGaia: gettin off, irl calls
Alahmnat: oh good, Measurehead's going to help
atrociouslyambisinister: Oh shit again?
Puffy786: How did they get past measurehead?
Serpens77: they din't, they took another orute
s0lesurviv0r: did we just get sorted into a covenant?
Serpens77: route*
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I think the gesture is more important than the money there...
korvys: We are just *the worst* cop
Sarah_Serinde: Yes...pretend...
SacrificialToast: pretend?
iconicshadow89: "pretend"
korvys: If you *pretend* to be corrupt... aren't you just corrupt?
Archonic_Energy: "pretend"
Alahmnat: we're only corrupt *ironically*. y'know, for the engagement.
Zalthia: We have so many tasks o.o
Zalthia: O.o
Serpens77: and the giant novelty cheques
iconicshadow89: Hipster Corrupt
korvys: "Just joking bro! It was a joke bribe!"
TehAmelie: we ARE volunteer officers in a militia funded by charity
Serpens77: *Copitalism
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We just take money from people in exchange for services, like a job but only once
johkmil: It’s not corruption if they misspell your name on the cheque.
flangdale: haha, we're just joking about being corrupt....unless?
KodeMage: deep deep space nine cut
s0lesurviv0r: Deep Space Nine the most underrated Trek
Serpens77: don't forget Tab
Tikosh_: Define corruption and the difference to our situation
Serpens77: Ghostbusters!
TehAmelie: did we drink away our muscle memory?
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Serpens77: something like that XD
Alahmnat: waow
Zalthia: Did we ever find out what was behind the door in the whirling-in-rags?
Serpens77: not yet
Sarah_Serinde: The person at my nearby ramen place comments if it's been a while since I last visited :D
TehAmelie: that's high on the list of "big" mysteries
Sarah_Serinde: (I like them, they're a good place)
Zalthia: I’m just trying to figure out what I’ve missed since last I watched
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Malacorath: which co-elysium, dis-co elysium
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wildpeaks: the dice whisperer
TehAmelie: special borscht has a bad sound to it
KodeMage: do we have infinite inventory space?
Serpens77: yes
TehAmelie: i don't want to know the answer here but do we have infinite storage space for drugs?
TehAmelie: the special drugs pockets
s0lesurviv0r: someone is probably going to lose a finger because they brought bisque
Zalthia: That’s a nice coat
Serpens77: ta da
Serpens77: it's that place
v_nome: Some game characters have hammer space, we have drug space.
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Tikosh_: Oh no, both of Kim :O
TehAmelie: he is capable of making exceptions to ideology when confronted with physical evidence. not bad
flangdale: im not sure measurehead has bare hands or bear-hands
Sarah_Serinde: Literally, if possible
Alahmnat: this guy is just ludicrously, comically racist
Molladia: Is there a non game background noise? a fan in the room? A heater or the pc?
TehAmelie: did he break the tree?
Zalthia: Oh my goooooosh does this guy ever shut up
Sarah_Serinde: Measurehead has got it all
Alahmnat: is he just breaking the tree off at the stump or something?
TehAmelie: that's what i picture
Tikosh_: My bet: He unearthed the tree
TehAmelie: gotta say "thank you for your cooperation" like the cops in Fifth Element
WitherVoice: Did Cam go full racist?
Molladia: Is it after 2100 hrs?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: My bet is he tried to remove the shoes
Serpens77: that's just a suggestion, you don't have to go to bed, but if you try Kim will.... and then you can do stuff without him, if you want
TehAmelie: hey, without Kim we can recruit the cryptozoologist's wife probably
Serpens77: OK, so.... there's nothing in here after 22:00, you can jsut get in here to get the keycard if you didn't already get it directly from Evrart
TheMerricat: ^^
Serpens77: (it would have been on the coffee table if you didn't ahve it already)
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHAM
Tikosh_: Sorry cop of the ham sandwich race
WUFFLEBEAM_PRIME: the character portraits are so flavourful
TehAmelie: Canadians get a +10 bonus to Sorry Cop
Serpens77: it's to prevent you being trapped in that section
Molladia: Can we open the container?
kumatsu: I'd go so far as to say it's a sorry state of affairs
SacrificialToast: Why'd you turn down sorry cop though :(
Zalthia: Can you take sorry cop again?
Molladia: I want to know what’s in the shipping container
Serpens77: pave the save
Sarah_Serinde: Nobody tells us we have to be sorry cop and gets away with it
Sarah_Serinde: Even if that body is us
Sarah_Serinde: I like that that's a "success"
TehAmelie: how many sets of fingerprints do you think we'd find on that check?
Serpens77: all of them
MolaMolaphant: A store best known for it's collection of exotic 'T's
TehAmelie: 30 dollar vodka? that's gotta be a trap
MolaMolaphant: @TehAmelie I dunno, I won a $30 bottle of vodka and it's kinda great :P
Serpens77: it just counts as 3
Serpens77: it doesn't heal 3
TehAmelie: electrochemistry is such a normal guy
TehAmelie: he has one every night. you could probably have a good smokin time
ulexarX: The dialogue said you could try again in a few hours
ulexarX: After you ignored the thought
SacrificialToast: I think it won't come up again for a few hours because you turned it down
MolaMolaphant: USE [smokes] ON [Kim]
johkmil: It said three hours, I think
MolaMolaphant: The Special Borscht can't be beet!
Serpens77: ysbrydPunjail
TehAmelie: funny story, in swedish borscht is spelled borstj
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
Daken1993: you guys also wanted to sneak into evrats office
WitherVoice: Why didn't ya just shoot the body down? That's CLEARLY the rockstar cop thing to do
Alahmnat: but we're sorry cop
johkmil: First we need to find the gun.
MolaMolaphant: Hey! like in the crapshot!
TehAmelie: he didn't JUST break the tree off at the trunk o_o
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Alahmnat: I choose to believe they're speaking literally
Alahmnat: lol
korvys: He's on that hustle
BrokenGolem: come on Cam, support local merchants
MolaMolaphant: I'll steal his popcorn instead?
muscle_taur: muscle taur.
MolaMolaphant: mmmm red-pepper brats
delta__vee: roasted red paper soup
Driosenth: lrrGOAT there
Serpens77: First try!
kenkopin: The bright red paper jumped over the lazy dog.
Sarah_Serinde: benginTry
TehAmelie: i brorght rod prepper
flangdale: cayane pepper might not be the best choise in stationary
Funky_Abigail: Hello :-)
johkmil: The paprika is covered in boxes and lists...
Sarah_Serinde: I appreciate that you can just choose to write those options in
Daken1993: its super interesting seeing the different personality checks pop up compared to the ones I got. My authority almost never said anything
TehAmelie: i'm being IRL cyberbullied by the anthropomorphic representation of my own sense of authority
xantos69: Cheer50 Bits!
Alahmnat: life = meaningful interactions with one's environment
Serpens77: size M? The dude's a unit though
Sarah_Serinde: "The assistant"
Sarah_Serinde: Yay us :P
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Hotrob_McAwesometon: Disco Inferno! Disco Purgatory! Disco Paradiso!
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MolaMolaphant: wait. tying a noose with a cargo strap would be... less effective than they'd like? That would have been gruesome.
Alahmnat: @Sarah_Serinde we've been called worse today
quentastic: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @hotrob_mcawesometon
TehAmelie: he wouldn't be the first man to walk around in underwear of the entirely wrong size
Sarah_Serinde: Alahmnat Very true. I think we care more about Kim's opinion of us, though
Serpens77: is it red or white?
Hotrob_McAwesometon: @quentastic youre welcome! (but I'm not sure what for)
WitherVoice: Fuck his head off, Cam!
control_rig: Whew
WitherVoice: Boo, boring
Sarah_Serinde: Hotrob_McAwesometon Subs and bits of at least 300 give a random emote to some people in chat
Sarah_Serinde: It's a holiday thing
Dhaunayne: cut it
MolaMolaphant: wait, WHAT. That means it worked like it's supposed to. How the hell would reinforced cargo webbing do that with that knot???
Alahmnat: so my wife suspects this guy's tattoo is a map of shipping lanes and ports instead of constellations and stars
control_rig: Uh oh
Hotrob_McAwesometon: @sarah_serinde ah, cool!
TehAmelie: be artist cop!
ieva_art: moral moral
ieva_art: aw
TehAmelie: noo
control_rig: Kim likes boring
Omthebox: Ah. That feeling when you pause a live broadcast because you're not used to watching things live.
RaklarLS: liver bile.
muscle_taur: Love that phonics
control_rig: "Blood in stomach"
knuffeltje: ELECTROCHEMISTRY [Easy: Success] - snort the corpse
RatherWT: He's more coke than man now.
RaklarLS: jesus christ, what happened here
TehAmelie: i don't know enough chemistry to guess what happens with drugs in the body when the body's systems are broken down
control_rig: "Write Fucko"
ieva_art: so we can write down that cuno's stones totally killed the guy lol
Dhaunayne: kim broke his jaw
muscle_taur: Hmm, after watching like 10 minutes of gameplay, this game reminds me of The City and The City, but thematically more than content-wise
control_rig: Yiiiikes
muscle_taur: (IMO the best China Mieville novel, since its format forced him to constrain his tendency toward purple prose)
Serpens77: that 3%
RatherWT: OH MY GOD, I'm making connections I didn't make first time through.
RatherWT: I... Wow, I can't believe there's an option there.
Zalthia: ohhhhh. it's meta.
Daken1993: lol ping-pong man is actually really funny after having played the game
control_rig: Huh.
Wicker_Knight: search the body again was Perception, yeah
Wicker_Knight: we are still making THE EXPRESSION lrrSPOOP
RatherWT: Oh god it's still Monday isn't it.
Alahmnat: rofl
SacrificialToast: that poor clerk
SacrificialToast: it's been out all week anyway
Dhaunayne: you could talk to cuno
wickcandle1873: no wait
Daken1993: you had said you wanted to sneak into the union mans office before going to bed
wickcandle1873: there is another way
wickcandle1873: maybe
Alahmnat: all else has failed
RatherWT: I'm not going to give them hints. I want this to ride out.
Inept_Hope: wait, you could find the fridge Tomorrow!
twitch_xeo: Somehow I feel like just starting in the middle of this game is not the best idea. I should catch up on the VODs, cuz this looks interesting.
SacrificialToast: i think it's too late for that way, wick
johkmil: They already snuck into the union office.
muscle_taur: I'm definitely gonna catch up on the vods after this
wickcandle1873: nah, you're just blind as fuck
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RuiFaleiro: Cori as Cuno is great.
MolaMolaphant: that name is.... remarkably terrible.
muscle_taur: Currently supporting the Youtuber strike so I'm limited to Twitch for my mealtime video options for the next few days, lol
accountmadeforants: Love the odds on those conversation options
MolaMolaphant: put on the pants!
RuiFaleiro: Oops, let the sub lapse. Fixed.
wickcandle1873: i don't know how to feel about being Cuno's property
wickcandle1873: go in bookstore
Daken1993: interesting, this is going so different than my playthrough
noSmokeFire: "spacious crotch"
the_bananarchist: suit+tie+dope track pants+green platform shoes=fashion-forward look
RaklarLS: future eastern europe fashion
ulexarX: Does the journal say anything? About the quest?
wickcandle1873: Who's Cuno's voice actor?
the_bananarchist: Cuno really grew on me as a character during my playthrough
Sohkrates: The bookstore.
muscle_taur: Crime drama in near-future eastern Europe is such a dang interesting vibe. I actually wonder whether this game's writers read The City and The City... if they were doing any reading to prep, it seems likely
RuiFaleiro: Cuno's voice actor is one Dot Major.
Perivale: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:32 from now).
Serpens77: Moralist International is like of like the UN/world government
v_nome: They run the Insance Clown Posse?
Alahmnat: ah, finally, the man-dolorians
MolaMolaphant: Good old sad-god
muscle_taur: Neolib international... oof, hits too close to home
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, 4 is no bueno
adamjford: these options just kinda run the whole gamut eh
wickcandle1873: may i suggest, communism
Serpens77: yeah, this game kidna does that
Alahmnat: this game really seems like it wants you to commit to *meaning it* if you want the fascist run.
Serpens77: the game doesn't usally give you the "I guess socialism might be kind of good" options, it usually jumps straight into the "REVOLUTION! MURDER THE RICH!" options XD
Digigoner: does in-game time pass while you're standing still?
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RaklarLS: there doesn't seem to exist a "just a prank bro" after choosing an option, that's great
Serpens77: no
MagicWarluck: Tack för HahaBall @keiraccoon
wickcandle1873: what is it rhetoric says when you opt in? Get the firing squads?
Serpens77: time only passes when you're in the conversation system (talking to people, interacting with things, reading books)
Serpens77: even running around doesn't pass time
TehAmelie: yeah you have some bold options, like shooting kids in Fallout 2
MolaMolaphant: sick burn, Kim
muscle_taur: Not very in-character - lots of communist organizers discourage smoking
SacrificialToast: Didn't get the secrets of his coolness. Information lost forever
KeiRaccoon: Wow there's a lot here that I didn't get. I guess it depends a lot on what you actually accomplish on the day.
Serpens77: my first play through, I didn't get he body down from the tree for several days XD
SacrificialToast: Let Kim sleep, you monster.
Saulens181: also, shoes!
RatherWT: Come on boxcars!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We could sing...
Obi1jacobi: lrrCAMERON
muscle_taur: WRT cigarettes/intellect - I actually know a couple people who use nicotine to treat OCD, it's interesting to learn about
MolaMolaphant: He's respectful with his flashlight! nobody is respectful with flashlights!!!
Daken1993: oh interesting
KeiRaccoon: Ah, success only on double 6's
Serpens77: double 6 is a "critical" success, and double 1 is a critical fail
SacrificialToast: Kim's very unhopeful about processing
RatherWT: That's crazy. That thing totally changed my investigation.
Labjer: coach physical instrument helps with that check
muscle_taur: (They use like, lozenges and gums though. Cigarettes are full of lots of nasty gunk)
RatherWT: That thing I don't know what it does.
Inept_Hope: You didn't try, really.
MolaMolaphant: Kim: "yo, bud, you gotta bathe"
Daken1993: yeah I have no idea how this plays out without making that check im very intrigued
wickcandle1873: i love coach physical instrument. my personal favorite character
SacrificialToast: My character was 2, 3, 2, 5, with Savoir Faire. I managed to get it. Savoir Faire is totally useless as of day 4 though :P
wickcandle1873: fluids!
MolaMolaphant: come away with us for the summer, let's go upstate?
Labjer: coach is great, though worryingly admiring of measurehead
muscle_taur: Hydrate!!
MAPBoardgames: Hi Cam, Hi Cori! Hi Chat! I'm late so I'll see you in the VoDs
RatherWT: Have a good fluid!
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
wickcandle1873: well, it's more because he wants you to take down measurehead
wickcandle1873: less about facism
johkmil: Oh no, Roxette!
Labjer: he does get. concerned about phrenology when he brings it up, I recall
Serpens77: you can even point out to Measurehead that by his own rules of phrenology, *your* jaw shape is superior to his XD
TehAmelie: physical instrument has some strange priorities
KV1NN4: @johkmil 8n8
Saulens181: so everything that happens on day 7 on the seafort. wow. infinity/10.
wickcandle1873: ah. appears coach also has zero gender sensitivity.
muscle_taur: I've watched a lot of Talking Simulator vods over the years, I oughta drop in for the livestreams more often
wickcandle1873: as coach PI would probably say. DOIT
johkmil: Only listen to Inland Empire, not Physical Instrument!
Saulens181: hashtag visual calculus gang
Serpens77: I also really like Volition
raven534: Visual calculus? Why do that when you can do actual calculus
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: conception is king
wickcandle1873: rhetoric is also good
Serpens77: Volition is key to one of my favourite parts of the game
TehAmelie: i like Half-light if only because the name is so poetic
raven534: Glad no one is here for electrochemistry
johkmil: What’s half-light, again?
TehAmelie: survival instinct
wickcandle1873: the one that looks like he just robbed a bank
muscle_taur: This game is the exact kind of game that my completionist-brain can't stand playing... Very interesting to watch so far tho
TehAmelie: i can't decide if having low or high electrochemistry makes it act better
Kethuel: is this the modern version of gathering round the fireplace?
Mysticman89: yeah playing demanding games is rough on my room temps during summer, but quite welcome during winter
muscle_taur: Kethuel: Oh absolutely
DiscordianTokkan: So Saft
wickcandle1873: so saft
Mysticman89: turns out GPU/CPU heat has to actually go somewhere
TehAmelie: my fridge and freezer use more power than my computer. feels good
Serpens77: Buttsaft
Tikosh_: Saft = Juice
raven534: Me, a sick person: check blankets constantly
RatherWT: I love this.
wickcandle1873: yay! dreams!
WitherVoice: You broke the world Cam
muscle_taur: I have a thin fleece blanket, thick denim duvet, and an unzipped sleeping bag, and it's always so comfy
Fluffy776: I wish I could just tell my brain "no more thoughts. Sleep." and go to sleep
WitherVoice: Everything is wrong now
Saulens181: oh my god the gray mist makes so much meaning now
101 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
Naarius: discohno
SacrificialToast: :o
Serpens77: Plaid Posse invasion!
demondrinkingtea: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
MuffinsOnAHill: Hi!
Alahmnat: greetings plaid posse!
Serpens77: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Juliamon: Great timing, raiders. We're having a dream! It's horrible!
muscle_taur: Oh no... sad-lewd dialogue... my thematic nemesis
wickcandle1873: is he saying kim isn't our friend?
ieva_art: you sound like the lizard brain :0
RatherWT: Hi Plaid boys, this is Disco
Tikosh_: Again
RatherWT: lrrCAMERON v- Is this cops?
Molladia: @loadingreadyrun Cori in your play through have you made a “phone call”
Mysticman89: disco lights and mention of elysium? They're doing the thing!
seenoham: are you being bad as a cop, or is being a cop bad as you?
muscle_taur: Gotta give a heartfelt shoutout to weirdass symbolic dreams tho
seenoham: alchohol withdrawl
Sarah_Serinde: That's a mood
AWildTransgirlAppeared: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:02 from now).
Alahmnat: biggest mood
Serpens77: fun fact: Ancient Reptilian Brain and Limbic System actually have the same voice actor
RatherWT: Good thing you've got a lot of meds.
seenoham: or maybe you've lost the ability to process without alcohol? It's a in part a learned skill
wickcandle1873: life goals
WitherVoice: By speed I mean amphetamine.
RatherWT: Ride the lightning, Cameron!
wickcandle1873: yeah, interface check
seenoham: oh, I'd missed that you'd done other drugs at some point. You are bad at being a cop
RaklarLS: we're in PK Dick's personal world right now, at least from that conversation
muscle_taur: Oh no... he's hot
muscle_taur: God my taste in guys is garbage
Daken1993: getting rid of the expression is almost worse tbh
RatherWT: The speed thing must have been before the game starts.
Serpens77: nah, I agree, although *that* image of him is the only one that's actually handsome
RaklarLS: scanner darkly? yeah, very much so
Alahmnat: he definitely looks better in the mirror than he does in his portrait in the corner
Serpens77: definitely
muscle_taur: Oh definitely lol
seenoham: The movie was surpisingly good
RatherWT: The mirror portrait is probably more "sympathetic" to Harry.
seenoham: though the trailer that made it seem like a stoner commedy is gold
RaklarLS: the movie was the book beat by beat, it was really impressive
Alahmnat: you need a good set of pitons to scale that forehead, lol
muscle_taur: I adapted a median filter and an edge-detect filter to do automatic rotoscoping at one point, and it looked a lot like a worse version of that movie
RaklarLS: even the bike argument made it in
RatherWT: The Real Disco Starts Here
I_Am_Clockwork: like The Hardie Boys? the teen detective novels?
Alahmnat: that was Hardy Boys
snowewolf: hi Evil Question can you grab the back of that weel chear and run off with her?
RaklarLS: he finally found one i guess
Serpens77: you can accidentally fly kick her >_>
ieva_art: is the weird noise supposed to be in there?
pataphorgotten: hi hello friends
ieva_art: or is that just the heater
wickcandle1873: it's the juicer
johkmil: “My husband never goes missing at home...”
snowewolf: just taking her with you to solf crimes,
WitherVoice: "... and when I drop food on the floor, I pick it up and EAT IT! Even if I'm at a sidewalk café! In Calcutta! The POOR section! During a soccer riot!"
raven534: This seems like atrocious food safety, letting strangers into the kitchen
wickcandle1873: it will come up
Serpens77: it was on Leo's To-do list, try him
Daken1993: oh god Titus Hardie meets sorry cop, this is gonna be food
Daken1993: good*
WitherVoice: Don't worry @raven534 these are filthy, junkie COP strangers who just field autopsied a body and did not bathe.
johkmil: To be fair, he did refuse to allow a corpse to be stored in the kitchen fridge.
DiscordianTokkan: "I don't thnk we DO have a rat problem" "Luckily, that doesn't matter"
wickcandle1873: WAY more
DiscordianTokkan: (If people missed Dice Friends last night, Cam somehow channeled Kim: https://clips.twitch.tv/EsteemedStrongDillPicoMause )
Serpens77: yeah, Chapo Trap House do a bunch of voices, Titus is one
Serpens77: oh no, we're actually making progress on the murder investigation??
seenoham: now being good at being a cop
Zalthia: Wow these guys are mean
muscle_taur: These guys remind me of the rich kids in art school lol
wickcandle1873: gasp. the karaoke code
muscle_taur: Extrajudicial actions against fashy scabs... is a hell of a mood
TehAmelie: trying to tune out the plot i haven't played yet. . .
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: ye ye ye!
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: do iiiiiiit
Alahmnat: ow
SacrificialToast: you should check your gear before doing these checks at lesat
silenceaux: Cori seems very satisfied
Labjer: cori you are a bad influence on Cameron. you say him hesitate and pounced
Daken1993: embrace the consequences cam
pataphorgotten: oh god
wildpeaks: sick burn
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (36m from now).
SacrificialToast: you're holding your clipboard right? that's -2 authority
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: I love the animation in the game
wickcandle1873: man. this guy sucks
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Harry's walk is the walk of a defeated man
korvys: Did we every retry to change The Expression?
korvys: *ever
korvys: Oh right, Electrochemistry
SacrificialToast: what's hiding under The Expression
Daken1993: removing the expression is just....really sad
SacrificialToast: probably nothing good
wickcandle1873: it's not too different from this expression if you change it
Serpens77: I mean, *leaving* *The Expression* is also kinda sad, jsut in a different way
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zwrench: What is a hustlegrinder?
wickcandle1873: Communism!
raven534: Why is his name Spanglish for "call me tomorrow"?
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Juliamon: A lot of folks here have intersting names.
Serpens77: it's more of a nickname in his case, it's a kind of joke
wickcandle1873: i think it's related to how he's always drunk
Serpens77: if you need him to do something, he'll do it for you, just... call him tomorrow
Serpens77: ie, he nevr really gets around to doing it
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Have we met MWASUREHEAD yet?
Serpens77: yes
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DigitalSeahorse: cpicsSUB :O a surprise from a stream I wasn't in atm
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SacrificialToast: Raphael Ambrosius Cousteau
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seenoham: did he just wittgenstien you?
seenoham: Because I think he did and I'm loving it
SacrificialToast: Gotta be Raphael
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: No no no
wickcandle1873: YES!
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Always Harry
wickcandle1873: YES! YES! YES!
muscle_taur: Oh no... Rhetoric is a trot
Zalthia: Uhhhh
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Yummy
Zalthia: Oh. Are we Communism Cop?
wickcandle1873: Communism cop for the win
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Only good cop.
Serpens77: Communism is just a red herring
Fluffy776: This is amazing. This game is art
muscle_taur: Rhetoric needs to read Frantz Fanon and Michael Parenti, oh my god
Labjer: I find it fun that rhetoric gives this one, and empathy gives the moralisim talk
Zalthia: But what about Sorry Cop? :(
wickcandle1873: no!
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: I was Communist Sorry cop on my first playthrough
DigitalSeahorse: cpicsTrain cpicsTrain2 cpicsTrain2 cpicsTrain2 cpicsLurk
Daken1993: dont be moral cop
Serpens77: committing to a cop-o-type doesn't really mean much, and you can even end up with more than one anyway
Labjer: you can be both!
Daken1993: moral cop is boring cop
ulexarX: You can be both!
wickcandle1873: DOIT
pataphorgotten: DO IT
seenoham: story stop guilt tripping
BloodForTheCorelab: you do you cam
Serpens77: saying yes doesn't lock you out of another one
muscle_taur: Oh no... Rhetoric is super a trot!!! Oh no!!!
Daken1993: I was totally boring cop
SacrificialToast: past 3 thoughts you need to spend skill points
SacrificialToast: you could swap out White Mourning if you wanted though
wildpeaks: cammunism cop
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: @wildpeaks ayyyyyy
noSmokeFire: e m b e d s m e l l
Omthebox: This game is odd and charming. But not oddly charming.
wickcandle1873: @muscle_taur OH YEAH!!
muscle_taur: LOL I'm getting all the salty sectarian feels from that section
Juliamon: Certainly charmingly odd, anyway
WitherVoice: *watches avidly* never did open that door myself
Omthebox: Very much so
wildpeaks: reveal thy secrets, door
Serpens77: it's really quite amazing how holistic this game can be
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: It took me embarrasingly long to figure out how to get to that door...
Serpens77: I mean, do you *really* want to just be doing Evrart's bidding?
wickcandle1873: I mean, it takes a lot to get there
SacrificialToast: well we're a communist now
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wickcandle1873: what indeed
Serpens77: it could even be a boat!
wickcandle1873: it could be a boat
WitherVoice: There could be POTS FULL OF RUPEES IN THERE!
wildpeaks: :D
Serpens77: "a detail"
Serpens77: CORI
Daken1993: i completely missed this mission
Labjer: don't let her bully you Cameron! listen to your volition!
BloodForTheCorelab: spill it cori get smug with us!
ieva_art: i really wanna see.............
Daken1993: because he wants to send the message that he owns you
Serpens77: because they want to send the message that the police do their bidding
Toxxick: I know this takes place in a fictional nation, but do we know whereaboutes its supposed to be?
noSmokeFire: that's fine. lots of people own you
wickcandle1873: oh! i didn't get this. cool!
Serpens77: @Toxxick there are some parallel's to our earth, but not direct equivalents. This area is kind of French-ish, but also is a lot like apost-Soviet bloc country
muscle_taur: Seems like eastern Europe, but like, in that ambiguous kind of balkans area
Juliamon: Soviet France.
noSmokeFire: Free! Shirt!
wickcandle1873: a shirt!
Fluffy776: Well, a /cleaner/ shirt at least
Serpens77: @muscle_taur yeah, exactly
Omthebox: Smug about mugs
wickcandle1873: oh yes. that
Juliamon: More mugs!
WitherVoice: running around World of Warcraft a bit. I just got a mission to kill the WORST KIND OF PERSON... a SPY for the DARK IRON DWARVES! I... am a Dark Iron dwarrf...
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Serpens77: racist mugs!
BurgxrzB: This game is meant to be really good
Serpens77: this game IS really good
muscle_taur: So like, since the balkans were split between independent socialists (Yugoslavia) and the western bloc, you can sneak in a very politically complex fictional country there
BurgxrzB: I need to play it
Serpens77: the whole world is very complex and interesting, but some of the wider aprts of it don't get touched on much
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Everyone ought to play this game
Serpens77: but the writer has been creating this world for like 13+ years, there's also a novel
Robot_Bones: Clean cloths DansGame
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: This game ought to be taught in schools
countz3r0: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (19m from now).
silenceaux: The _yet_ in that description is worrying
Fluffy776: Ew, that descriptor of that shirt
countz3r0: yeeee
Fluffy776: We are awful
wickcandle1873: yes
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: @Serpens77 Excuse I?
SacrificialToast: You're an *eccentric*
muscle_taur: Serpens77: Oh weird! I guess it's just a thematic convergence with The City and The City then
kumatsu: We look.... sorry
pataphorgotten: no you're a superstar
wildpeaks: well now we have to find it
Daken1993: the kimono is the worst
ieva_art: look its called *fashion*
Alahmnat: I'm sorry, kimono?
wickcandle1873: or the best
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WitherVoice: Kimono, pirate hat, saber, plastic bag, green snakeskin shoes, FALN pants...
Daken1993: the matching leather jackets are pretty bad
wickcandle1873: SPEED!
pataphorgotten: yes do it
Serpens77: the novel is only in the writer's native Estonian though, but a translation is coming next year. It's called "Sacred and Terrible Air" it's set about 20 years after this game
wildpeaks: for, uh, safekeeping
Robot_Bones: and into us
wickcandle1873: drugs
WitherVoice: Whatever excuse you wanna take Cam
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: Very excited about that
embyrr922: Drugs?
Juliamon: And then Cam was Electrochemistry.
Robot_Bones: Drugs. Drugs. Drugs.
kumatsu: Cryptozoology seabatTROG
BloodForTheCorelab: well stop saying sorry cam :P
pataphorgotten: hey we have some superstar cop
WitherVoice: I managed to simultaneously be a communist *AND* a free market liberalist
Labjer: electrochemistry is such a damn liar. I don't trust a damn thing they say
pataphorgotten: like two
WitherVoice: Shit was so cash
noSmokeFire: is "People killed" the number of murder victims, or people we've killed directly?
wickcandle1873: yes
BloodForTheCorelab: you can also do her side task
TehAmelie: hmm there's a good idea for an edit of that "no fear, one fear" comic
Alahmnat: when did we get a point in fascist? when we tried to pull rank on the union crew?
Serpens77: the number you have killed in the line of duty over your whole career
Wicker_Knight: I do not cop with my badge. He who cops with his badge has forgotten the face of his mentor. I cop with my... ah, sorry
countz3r0: this looks so cool but I don't wanna watch cause I wanna play it !!
BloodForTheCorelab: countz3r0 yes go buy and consume then return! that's what i did :P
Serpens77: everyone needs the help of apoliceman!
wickcandle1873: somewhere kim
countz3r0: @BloodForTheCorelab is it only on steam? switch?
wickcandle1873: ask the question you coward!
Serpens77: Cam, how far have you gotten in your home game?
silenceaux: Is this what happens when you try to talk to people in real life when you have no reason to talk to them
noSmokeFire: I hope she's missing her cockatoo
BloodForTheCorelab: countz3r0 i mean i got it on gog. i think its coming to more consoles next year?
Labjer: this game seems half interested in preying on one's GAMER SENSE
DrWreckage: It's not trying to trick you though, if you click those things, real stuff happens
wickcandle1873: i was able to hug her in my playthrough
countz3r0: @BloodForTheCorelab ahh yeah ps4/xbone next year... dunno if I can wait
DiscordianTokkan: Oh no
wildpeaks: best get it on GOG indeed gogcomFree
wickcandle1873: mmmmmmmmmmmmnope
BloodForTheCorelab: wildpeaks woot woot
silenceaux: With the tie, no less
noSmokeFire: Tank top and sweats!
embyrr922: It comes pre-stained
pataphorgotten: bbut
Daken1993: i used that shirt for a lot of skill checks
Gekyouryuu: Raphael trying to go full Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Fluffy776: tank top and a tie is not a thing I'm okay with
pataphorgotten: muh physical instrument
BloodForTheCorelab: plus the game makes my laptop heat up and keep me warm in these cold december days.....
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: MEASUREHEAD punching shirt
Serpens77: the ledger is like -2
pataphorgotten: Hahahahaha
wildpeaks: we've got.. flavor
wickcandle1873: coach physical instrument approves of the tank top
pataphorgotten: 2 whole dollar
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (11m from now).
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: ope
wickcandle1873: they could be lying
iconicshadow89: measurehead?
Gekyouryuu: Measurehead?
silenceaux: They also said you were literally shitting yourself
BloodForTheCorelab: oh they were just talking shit cam
wickcandle1873: gasp
Labjer: measurehead
pataphorgotten: measurehead
Labjer: you briefly. entertained advanced race thory
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: MEASUREHEAD.
Serpens77: game... so.... goood....
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: All caps.
ScurvvyMcDoglegs: plz
wickcandle1873: so good
DigitalSeahorse: a lot of stuff can seem more racist when taken OOC
wildpeaks: words, they're good
pataphorgotten: words good
seenoham: I like that while you have no memory you do have a past
pataphorgotten: abyssopelagic, even?
Robot_Bones: Tenebrus
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SerGarretCameron: ohai, am I in time? it sounds like I am!
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MrsLlante: HahaThisisfine
TehAmelie: random news: an Australian called Shu Lam may have found a way to kill antibiotic immune bacteria with plastic
DigitalSeahorse: !next
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SnackPak_: Neat
ghostvalv: conSpireing
dish_kp: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (7m from now).
TehAmelie: plastics, the bane of all life
MollyLewis: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:51:28.
Serpens77: Best of the Year: Disco Elysium. That's it Kappa
MollyLewis: Skyrim is in there.
EvilBadman: I had a shortlist of 50.
noSmokeFire: Witness/MHW crossover when?
EvilBadman: and I cheated for tweets and did two lists of 10 for indie/mainstream
pataphorgotten: crossover all of these
Hotrob_McAwesometon: was journey ever on talking Sim?
pataphorgotten: it was
TehAmelie: i have to see a doctor in 8 hours, i may just play this until then
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
stateofcomatose: boo
Hotrob_McAwesometon: @pataphorgotten ill have to check the archives
TemporallyAwry: YES It was.
Feltic: Cat 2 at worst
CannedWolf: cat 3
muscle_taur: I stopped being able to comprehend the whole of video games in like 2007... Or maybe I just became more aware of my own ignorance
xantos69: At worst it was lame uncle
MollyLewis: Have you seen all the dads in games lately
chesul: cat 3 at best.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: civ 5 came out in 2010 iirc
TehAmelie: it's funny cause they have that name to MAKE people think there are five others
SerGarretCameron: I agree with @CannedWolf , category 3 at worst/best.
EvilBadman: Dark Souls 1-3 and bloodborne, all this decade
thefinalkill123: NBA 2K is like league of legends in that you have fun until you play with your friends
Daken1993: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (5m from now).
TemporallyAwry: Not to mention the "does it count if it's a remanster?"
Twilight_Spark: I haven't gotten to play Manifold Garden. :(
ghostvalv: harrisbomberdude liked that one
SnackPak_: Wow
muscle_taur: Best of the 2010s: Minecraft, Peggle, Fortnite, Twilight Imperium
notBrunoAgain: If you ever want to play patho 2 on stream I'm happy to be on with commentary
notBrunoAgain: Since I worked on that.
noSmokeFire: but has difficulty sliders!
EvilBadman: @TemporallyAwry RE2's remake yes, but not like an HD version
DigitalSeahorse: :O
wickcandle1873: holy shit what!
Feltic: 2009
erloas: I've been playing RS games since like... Rogue Spear I think. I think that is the size of the teams from the books
Invitare: Minecraft was first around in 2009
Tikosh_: xcom2, divinity original sin 2
EvilBadman: @TemporallyAwry At least, that's my rule
DigitalSeahorse: I bought it in Alpha
wickcandle1873: god! i feel old!
drane10: Mass Effect 2!
Feltic: Acording to google
Molladia: Which game? Path of logic they said?
triniculo: is alpha considered it's actual release?
noSmokeFire: in college we made a minecraft server out of a cardboard box
tcheliodoro801: Pathologic 2
TemporallyAwry: @EvilBadman agreed, new content not just textures. But yeah, it's a scary list to imagine working on.
notBrunoAgain: Dragon Age Origins is 2009, I believe
EvilBadman: Cameron: Dark Souls 1-3 and bloodborne, all this decade
Invitare: ME2 and Dragon Age were fairly contempary
Rockario: If Disco Elysium came out this Decadde, then Minecraft did not, I guess
TemporallyAwry: Does Skyrim make the list, and how many versions of it?
MollyLewis: Skyrim, Stardew, LA Noire, Threes, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Tetris Effect
thefinalkill123: Oops all profits
muscle_taur: I don't understand video games anymore. I spent most of my gaming time just designing my own board-games lol
muscle_taur: *spend
ghostvalv: 11/11/11 for Skyrim so ye
CulturalGeekGirl: FREEBIRD
Juliamon: Minecraft 1.0.0 came out in 2011 if you WANT to count it
SquareDotCube: Civ V and VI
wickcandle1873: oh fuck! noo i feel old
TehAmelie: i'm gonna have to say Night in the Woods. EVEN THOUGH i'm so sick of what the guy did i can't play it anymore it's the best game of the century
tcheliodoro801: Some of my favorites: Portal 2, FTL, Return of Obra Dinn, INSIDE
Hotrob_McAwesometon: Rimworld was really good. and Canadian
DigitalSeahorse: Mario Odyssey
MollyLewis: Gang Beasts
noSmokeFire: @TehAmelie wasn't the awful guy not responsible for MOST of NitW?
DigitalSeahorse: odyssey is an odd word
Tikosh_: xcom2
thefinalkill123: I believe Fallout New Vegas came out this decade, my personal favorite of the series
MollyLewis: the entire Jackbox user intercace
BloodForTheCorelab: holy shit indeed
Molladia: Path of exile?
thefinalkill123: Buh buy
ghostvalv: HahaSweat
muscle_taur: Ahh have a good one
SerGarretCameron: Always stay frosty.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: later nerds!
shurtal: Surge? Or Serge?
MollyLewis: katesWave katesHomie
noSmokeFire: Serge @shurtal
Alahmnat: I feel like the limit on ownable games should be "all of the games on Steam"
EvilBadman: @shurtal Serge with slay the Spire
shurtal: Ah, cool
wickcandle1873: so long!
TehAmelie: i believe he was responsible for most of it. but it'd be nice ot be wrong
Pteraspidomorphi: Hello. There's a limit?
shurtal: but what if Serge played The Surge, while drinking Surge?
Juliamon: What I've learned from this discussion is that to make a Best of the Decade list you actually need to think of the last 20 years, because this decade actually was 20 goddamn years long (mostly in the last four though).
thefinalkill123: What if Serge played the Surge while drinking surge during a power surge and a surge of water floods the moonbase
stateofcomatose: I don't think anyone mentioned Darkest Dungeon yet
noSmokeFire: @TehAmelie if you haven't seen it already, this might be an interesting read https://medium.com/@bombsfall/alec-2618dc1e23e
jessieimproved: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (49s ago).
shurtal: Well, Serge would problably experience a surge of emotions from the ridiculous events we've concocted
TehAmelie: no, i meant Alec. thanks
raven534: Hot chocolate in a travel mug is the best solution to sickness-related loss of kinesthesia
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! We ready for some lrrHAM my lrrSPOOP s?
noSmokeFire: "we ready for some ham, my spoops?"
jessieimproved: Wonder what the beast will be inside of lrrSPOOP_TK
Pteraspidomorphi: Alec may unfortunately have had a hard time coping with his mental health issues but he left us some damn good videogame music
SoldieroFortune: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (4m ago).
TehAmelie: the night has just began and i've run out of caffeine :x
jessieimproved: I save my channel points every week for thinky Spoopifer lrrSPOOP_TK lrrSPOOP_TK lrrSPOOP_TK
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [3h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Cameron and Cori are continuing their Talking Simulator apology tour through Martinaise in Disco Elysium. http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/ELdR5x1UcAAxytu.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1204521488855887872
dave2619: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: The Beast Inside) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (4m ago).
wickcandle1873: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
PharaohBender27: "Cold War as a plot device" seems like a good way to describe half of this game's story
IsThis___Art: hmm good call lrrSPOOP_TK lrrSPOOP_TK lrrSPOOP_TK
PharaohBender27: Indeed lrrSPOOP_TK
jessieimproved: @PharaohBender27 Cold War as McGuffin
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP_HF lrrADAM_SG lrrBEN_SG
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Let's NOPE.......... the thrilling............. conclusion..........to a gripping story..............about a code cracker fighting the good fight for AMERICA during the COLD WAR. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/ELd8X46VUAcMuHn.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1204568180888240129
OriginalGarwulf: "McGuffin" may be too generous a term...
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Bladinus: nice
IsThis___Art: time to scan the science things and EMP the math numbers lrrSIGNAL
thefinalkill123: MrDestructoid
jessieimproved: Spoopy boys keep me company while I frantically code to keep a project from going under VoHiYo VoHiYo VoHiYo
seth_erickson: The Quantum Anomalies are poisoning our minds and they must be stopped lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
bv310: Let's go cold war garbage!
raven534: !bingo
LRRbot: Check out https://pump19.eu/bingo for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
Perivale: Oooooooh I'd forgotten the bizarro game wasn't done yet
PharaohBender27: Oooh, I get to participate in bingo for once! :D
Perivale: wheeeeee
xantos69: Spoop time! YAY!
IsThis___Art: what does ephemeral mean?
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
seth_erickson: it's kind of like it's there but you can't touch it
Diabore: i have 70k channel points, twitch needs to add more things to do with them
bv310: Oooh, I got a good card
cgwonder: it's time to get SPOOPED
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asthanius: I guess the true beast was inside us all along
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Inquisitor_Xian: spooooooooky cold war shenanigans
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Dog_of_Myth: lrrSPOOP
thefinalkill123: Gonna get spoopy
jessieimproved: lrrSPOOP_TK lrrSPOOP_TK
breathlessisthehunt: BOYS <3
Mysticman89: hello
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monakai: Incoming spoops!
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ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP_TK
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: hai?
ehsteveG: Time for a CIA guy who CI SUCKS
BusTed: 👀
jessieimproved: ohi
Naarius: D:
wickcandle1873: hi
MAPBoardgames: lrrSPOOP_TK Is this... Spoops?
Perivale: the best spoopy bois!
ghostvalv: D:
asthanius: Hi
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: whoa that escalated quickly
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DolGrenn: Time to spoop our collective pants!
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Uppercaseccc: wow adam
blip2004: well then
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Dog_of_Myth: RUDE!!
saweeks: so mean
PharaohBender27: @IsThis___Art It means temporary, or non-lasting. The term "ephemera" also refers to things like tickets or receipts that aren't meant to be saved in the long term
breathlessisthehunt: HEY ADAM
PlusDY: hey look it's two cuties
jessieimproved: lrrWOW
varmintx0: Rude.
e_bloc: dude
BusTed: slytqShrug
Inquisitor_Xian: hey Adam ;)
TehAmelie: hiya
Xed_Regulus: Thanks for the HahaSweat @dolgrenn
MAPBoardgames: Hi again Ben!
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KevinTheShark: Another month with the best spoop boys. And did Ben receive my gift yet?
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asthanius: City of brotherly love and cheesesteaks
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cgwonder: did you remember to unplug PAX?
Alness49: How were the cheesesteaks?
MathomKeeper: To be fair, we are fuckers
jessieimproved: lol Van Halen
Alahmnat: Thanks for the HahaSleep @schwarm_
Zanaide: You don't have to do a bit to say hi, we're just happy to see you.
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP_TK
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Kramburger: Reminds me of the Talking Sim where trhe intro ends and it cut to Cam and Alex staring at the camera and cam just gives this distainful "What do you nerds want?"
BusTed: seabatYIKES
PharaohBender27: That influential horror cinematic experience, Van Halen
CompletelyUnsure: They made more than one Van Helsing movie?
bv310: Van Helsing ruled, yo
Inquisitor_Xian: oof
IsThis___Art: He said THIS was the one you wanted!
Alness49: Well there goes the Dauntless contract!
Alahmnat: Van Helsing still has the best werewolves
Raketon: It was lovely to meet you at PAX Ben! Hope you got to play loads of sweet games
bv310: It's my Halloween tradition of getting vaguely buzzed and watching Van Helsing and Young Frankenstein back-to-back
Kramburger: Wow Ben, way to support your friend's career
BusTed: Literally wearing the Dauntless hoodie.
bv310: They're fun in very different ways