Orgmastron: @apodionysus It's a dungeon crawler where you can date your weapons
TacitusVigil: Imply Your Own Inference
ContingentCat: the secret of the Ninja is how to become an adult without slicing bread
TXC2: Shark shark Remora ninja and Shark
e_bloc: I like to think it's all one book
couldntpickausername: Ray Palmer?
APODionysus: Well THAT sounds like a game I want Kathleen to play on Now Kiss
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
richard_ermen: I don´t get t.
TacitusVigil: Who are you? Baba O'Riley?
APODionysus: I had SO many of the old CYA books
e_bloc: or it could be his dad
Tempest2097: Hopefully not both
richard_ermen: @TacitusVigil What if...BaBa is You?
ContingentCat: or just the same last name as a massive coincidence?
APODionysus: Some of the Failure Pages.... got DARK
Anaerin: Who are you? Who who, who who...
Kodra22: baba is shark
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: seriously HOW has Adam not yet played You Are A Shark??
APODionysus: For kids books
MilkInBag: fallout LUL
TacitusVigil: @richard_ermen :O
aWabbajack: excellentTech excellentTech excellentTech excellentTech excellentSofa
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Foxmar320: I saw that story today and just sighed
pyrelight: no, one of the patches, the bugs fix the patches :D
ContingentCat: my internet is having a time, can someone tell me what those post-its say?
MilkInBag: New patch: when players play the game, the game breaks
thanzo: I mean, that's an interesting game mechanic
APODionysus: Oh fallout 76
thanzo: i guess.....
Drasvin: A patch for Blades introduces bugs into Fallout:76
TXC2: how does that even happen?
ThorSokar: Sounds like a Fallout 76 patch
Invitare: maybe the legendary armour was also doing damage to the guns
wildpeaks: talking of Fallout 76, the recent MATN video on its Atom Store's timeline was very englightening
pyrelight: I use disposable guns!
TheWarbo: ContingentCat lrrGRAHAM says THESAURUS, lrrBEEEJ says SafeSearch OFF
thech0sen0ne25: it just works
Phailhammer: I love that 76 is such a mess it became the first game to get a follow up episode of "Wha Happun?"
Naarius: Existence, its weakness is existing
ContingentCat: @TheWarbo katesThan
ContingentCat: *katesThank
ContingentCat: * katesThank (god damnit)
aWabbajack: katesThank excellentTech
ThorSokar: HOW?!
wildpeaks: also apparently F76 just announcenced 2 hours ago it's free to play until monday
ArcOfTheConclave: I don't play games that disrespect me.
pyrelight: on a more happy note, shovel knight is now finally complete
Dared00: Forza Horizon 4 is SUPER RAD
Anaerin: It's also a free addition.
Foxmar320: Some of the chest timers could make you wait upwards of 48 hours to open a chest
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Carmageon, Twisted Metal....
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that sounds RAD
JuniperSkunktaur: hmmm... that's a neat idea
NightValien28: ain't that just a destruction derby?
Anaerin: And yes, FH4 is AWESOME.
thanzo: I like this, it sounds super cool
SWPilgrim: I just this and it’s great
josh___something: Tron battle royale!!!
UrbanSamurai_22: Forza battle royale
SWPilgrim: I just played***
ThorSokar: oh man, I haven't played Destruction Derby in forever
TheWarbo: is it bad that every time I hear Carmageddon, my brain parses it as Karmageddon?
SWPilgrim: The top 12 or so is a race
ContingentCat: whoops
Emergent_OS: EVA
NathanJay_GA: there's always Wreckfest of you want car-based destruction and mayhem
kamelion84: katesRage
r_craddz: Driving around Lake District at same time 👍
thech0sen0ne25: what about boyfriend dungeon battle royale
kamelion84: katesWat
MilkInBag: 4k voice lines Kappa
WeedenProject: Well chat, it's election night here in the UK, so i'm gonna have to go and start drinking
MilkInBag: @WeedenProject seabatYIKES
Metric_Furlong: WeedenProject good luck
APODionysus: There’s a PA strip about that. Lucas had taped over the original Star Wars with Magnum PI
AranMathai: I'll never forgive EA for what they did to Westwood >_>
ThorSokar: You get more work! Because we were incompetent years ago booray?
TheMerricat: Good Luck and God Speed to all of you over there @WeedenProject I hope it turns out the right way.
hieroglyphica: So who was it that lrr did a sponsored stream for last night? I'd like to watch the vod but it was only hosted by lrr and streamed by the sponsor so I can't find it
TXC2: I wonder what QoL updates they add to the game (if any)
TXC2: same Reason Joe Kucan got the Job as Kain
Anaerin: Yeah, Fun Fact: We'll *never* get a HD version or a 3D remake of Riven - Cyan have lost the original files. But the "Starry Expanse" project is trying to reverse engineer the 3D models from the final images.
TheOtherTrevor: The red pages. We need the red pages!
bush_feet: never caught a live checkpoint before!
GDwarf: Clearly LRR needs to throw together a video game because they're around, and end up keep getting called back in as developers years later. :P
kais58: oh it's time, UK election results begin
Dared00: @hieroglyphica it was streamed here, it's AFK
josh___something: thrust into voice acting by circumstances
TheMerricat: @hieroglyphica
Snowwraith: Fun fact, Seth in C&C they forgot to cast so they used one of the guys in the office.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: no hot takes on Season of Dawn yet?
Emergent_OS: It was funny, how on CnC Post-Mortem GDC talk, it was mentioned how it would take weeks to finish compression, with racks of PC. So when original developer talked to the EA CnC remake team, they said:"We worked with you source code, it takes 5 seconds to compress!"
Sampy104: Hit or Myst, I guess they never Myst huh?
MilkInBag: is youtube the worst or the worst?
RAZRBCK08: it is on YouTube now
cuttlefishman: Thanks Youtube
Foxmar320: oh good
hieroglyphica: @themerricat thanks! I totally misheard the name ENTIRELY, cause apparently my ears wurk v gud
TheOtherTrevor: LoadingReadyRon
thanzo: ninje
SirFlukesAlot: shrouds1g
TehAmelie: Schroud
cuttlefishman: LoadingRedRun
josh___something: Loadingreadyrub...
e_bloc: <message deleted>LoadingReadyCum
TacitusVigil: RoadingReadyLung
couldntpickausername: wow, he had that rub ready to go
Pteraspidomorphi: heh
GDwarf: Beej has just guaranteed that LoadingReadyRub is going to be made
accountmadeforants: Huh
kais58: oh hey graham, does W+P use different twitch broadcast settings to other streams? been unable to chromecast it, only stream of yours I watch that has the issue
Metric_Furlong: as a note: UK polls have closed now, it'll be a few hours before results start coming in
e_bloc: thats fair
APODionysus: @sampy104 I don’t know why you saying that reminded me of this.... but does anyone remember the Myth books? Mything Persons, Hit or Myth
MilkInBag: Mixer, or the Twitch cemetary
Foxmar320: :(
APODionysus: Myth-directions
couldntpickausername: Loading Ready BUN
TehAmelie: thanks to all the UKians going out to vote lrrHEART
accountmadeforants: O_O
MilkInBag: so Skynet?
e_bloc: peak internet
wildpeaks: A R T
ContingentCat: wow this is a weird time
NightValien28: that is very weird
thech0sen0ne25: leading ready run
Duckiedale594: Streaming content targeted at chat bots maybe?
ThorSokar: HOW does that get to the number 1 stream before it gets shutdown?
Metric_Furlong: couldntpickausername Plain Bun
MilkInBag: what if Internet was a whole scam
ThorSokar: for like 2 hours
APODionysus: Scam-ception
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun don't know if you saw this but... @kais58: oh hey graham, does W+P use different twitch broadcast settings to other streams? been unable to chromecast it, only stream of yours I watch that has the issue
aWabbajack: must happened during weekend
Foxmar320: That doesn't surprise me
NarayanF: thanks, Artifact
SirFlukesAlot: porn on ninjas linked channels
MilkInBag: twitch staff was busy Kappa
thech0sen0ne25: scanners are so stupid though. mostly
SirFlukesAlot: i mind that was happening
Sampy104: All the soccer streams are huge
e_bloc: they should wrap this up
ContingentCat: a while being weeks or hours?
Metric_Furlong: well, I suppose when everyone assumes someone else will flag it, no one does
Dared00: There was a Steven Universe Movie premiere livestream on Twitch channel called "StevenUniverseMovie" (or something like that) and nothing happened
TheWarbo: my chromecast has been hating twitch in general lately :-\
Sampy104: The beauty of modern platforms is no barrier to entry but maybe there should be at least a bit of one...
kais58: ok, jsut happened for both the 2 new W+Ps but nothing else
wildpeaks: so no TGA LRR stream this year then ?
couldntpickausername: he forgot about us
TXC2: we've done it before.....
BlightningHelix: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (6m ago).
couldntpickausername cries
couldntpickausername: lrrAWW_SG
Dared00: @wildpeaks nope, Lego building instead
TheMerricat: @wildpeaks correct
thanzo: <3
wildpeaks: aw
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it's Chromecast's new intelligent content filter trying to protect you from the W&P lrrGARBO
accountmadeforants: TheWarbo I'd recommend TwitchCast (it even lets you cast chat!):
ContingentCat: perfect timing, I need to go to work soon <3
TheWarbo: accountmadeforants oooh, may try that coming up
Kamotetop: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream!
e_bloc: thanks friends
shadownova896: I don't know who the Merricat is, but they're the best
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham, Beej and Paul
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play with Magic Cards. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PST (8m ago).
TXC2: !events
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Nigouki: it's Legos, with an s Kappa
ThePerrBearr: wha?!
cuttlefishman: LEGO
ThorSokar: sounds fun!
Caedynna: LEGO? ooooh
JuniperSkunktaur: 90s space
NathanJay_GA: damn, I gotta tune in to tinker tailor
cuttlefishman: What is beej doing
TacitusVigil: The Queen Elizabeth Challenge?
Dared00: I suddenly want to buy a mug
RayFK: (Buy our mug) for those reading Beej lips
TXC2: !store
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bush_feet: I have no money to sub or patreon and it's a big oof
TacitusVigil: New pins?!
accountmadeforants: When's the dice?
1losttheGame: hypno toad says "buy our mug"
PulseGun: was Beej asking to be rescued?
TXC2: !patreon
AgentMagicMaster: MERG PIN???
LRRbot: 2401 patrons for a total of $14,096.74 per month.
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
Naarius: byeeee
TXC2: !twitter
NathanJay_GA: git merg
TXC2: !ytmember
LRRbot: LRR now has Youtube memberships. Don't know what that is? Well, as the video explains, it's a brand new way to support LRR:
thech0sen0ne25: being concerned about my deck is me at every pre-release
TacitusVigil: Oh no, my wallet.
Phailhammer: cya :)
TacitusVigil: I'll lose my house.
Emergent_OS: Thank you, bye! Wait, why am I whispering!
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody!
Juliamon: accountmadeforants after PAX South apparently
cuttlefishman: Can we get a .gif of that rolling off screen?
shadownova896: @thech0sen0ne25 that's just me on any day
TheMerricat: twitch, why do you keep showing me the last 30 sec of each stream over again when they end?
TheOtherTrevor: Why did twitch just repeat that
TacitusVigil: I've had that happen too.
accountmadeforants: Juliamon Thanks for letting me know. Thought they were after Unplugged, guess I'll hold out a while longer.
bush_feet: Cya LRR!
Emergent_OS: It is a Deja Vu, means a glitch in a Matrix!
TacitusVigil: Deja Beej
TheJoe743: I hope lrrmtg starts with Beej rolling into the camera
Juliamon: They were meant to be after Unplugged, but were shipped to South instead, plus they sold really well and need to make more anyway
TheMerricat: If I turn around and Agent Smith is behind me, I'll geek out.
Emergent_OS: Mr. Smith, before you get to me, I am your fan...
accountmadeforants: Juliamon Oh, that's an interesting mix-up. Do you know what they ended up being priced at?
TheMerricat: Whelp have fun with the magic and the cards and the things chat, time for me to go foraging for food. :-) and exactly @Emergent_OS :-)
Juliamon: That much I don't know, ask someone who was at Unplugged?
Emergent_OS: @TheMerricat Thank you, have fun!
TheWarbo: well, that didn't work. All I want is low-latency twitch on something besides my computer monitor
TheWarbo: alas
LoadingReadyRun: are we online?
TheWarbo: yes
Juliamon: Yup
Emergent_OS: How about Negative Latency, like stadia?
1losttheGame: yes
TheWarbo: I'm sure Paul is working on that technology
Emergent_OS: The countdown is on!
1losttheGame: T-30
TheWarbo: Yeah I see a countdown at ~0:20
accountmadeforants: Juliamon I'm kinda hoping my broadcasting this into chat will get such a response, yeah. :p
LordZarano: We have an emote for this
ninja_theory_ashrams: HahaThisisfine
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and Adam are gonna stream Vintage Cube on today’s LRRMTG. Which should go about as well as you’d expect ;) | Also, look how fancy these sweet jackets from @Card_Kingdom look! | 📷 ||
hd_dabnado: Yes
ninja_theory_ashrams: badger
Fruan: Cubemas is here!
chaostreader: My stream appears to be 15 seconds behind.
DemoDane: yo
hd_dabnado: ooooo
Naarius: Is this a gang?
dancybooch: sponsored by card kingdom
1losttheGame: look the gang is here
dancybooch: whoda guessed
ninja_theory_ashrams: oh Hai, magic lads
shadownova896: O shit it's Graham
accountmadeforants: Ah yes, the Dukes of Cards
ancientspark: Perfect
DiscordianTokkan: A Kingdom of Hoods! wait what
Alness49: I dunno about this new K-Pop group
korvys: It's the Card Kingdom Royal Guard!
bvorhies: Three triplets !!
dancybooch: i like those jackets
bvorhies: Nice
TheWarbo: that scans
DemoDane: im not hip enough for this stream
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Emergent_OS: @TheWarbo Wait, according to the cH, Paul did invent a negative latency streaming tech. It's only small side-effect is a potential to tear our reality apart!
accountmadeforants: The Shadow Council of Cards, here at LRR
Lolipopadventure: danCute
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NathanJay_GA: As a kid my grammar was so bad that I fell down a "good"
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korvys: A kingdom of jackets
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Deftscythe: excited to watch the nerdiest gang of 1950s punks play some magic
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fiftymcnasty: TEAM HEAT!
dancybooch: shows your dedication to card kingdom
korvys: That sounds like a way to get heat stroke
acuilador: ^
Fruan: Force storm!
dancybooch: what were your names yesterfay?
Vyous: Just draft mono red Kappa
1losttheGame: mono red is how you win Kappa
ninja_theory_ashrams: 'tis the season
Evochron13: booo
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TheWarbo: So when is LRR going to stream The Heat Game on AFK?
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Ristow: Step 1 - Open Sol Ring, Step 2 - Win
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ThePerrBearr: cause you're wearing lettermen
TheWarbo: i like the Jim Beam game too
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Drummi_: Cube is love. May you open Power!!
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TheMicah21: Going to my first FNM tomorrowwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!
1losttheGame: sounds like a fun boxing day game Kappa
Emergent_OS: Select Adam, copy and paste. Right click, change name Adam_Copy to James.
IsThis___Art: @NathanJay_GA *15 seconds later* OH U
Ristow: no power, no lands
DemoDane: karnfather
1losttheGame: wow this does look like just a highlander deck LUL
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5141: "That's me: smokes a lot of weed, no moral values, and loves anime." —Adam [2018-07-05]
fiftymcnasty: no lands, interesting
Drummi_: Karn and draft fast mana
Zalthia: Vraska!!!
TheKingWiggins: Karn Father
Ristow: that mana drain though
shadownova896: There was a top
DemoDane: wow thats a much better pack
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m_logan2000: someone opened 2 power
NathanJay_GA: @isthis___art ;)
tocu: Mana drain maybe better
Drummi_: Pick mox
ikesolotl: with karn, sure
DemoDane: mox
killing_thyme: mox
Ristow: mana drain is fast mana too Kappa
m_logan2000: mana drain is also fast mana for karn
korvys: I think Mana Drain is better, but I don't want to play it, and with Karn, take the mox
tocu: drain is fast Mana
Is_Kengen_Really_A_Girl: mox Pog
Drummi_: Moxen better and faster
Fruan: Mana drain is absurd. Turn 3 Karn, maybe.
fiftymcnasty: you want fast big mana if you doing Karn
TheWarbo: james just ignoring the kappa
mototy621: mox all the way
deyja429: Also it is not white.
m_logan2000: personally i would mox but drain is probably the pick
fiftymcnasty: Emra
Emergent_OS: What nickname, did Graham give to the Karn? I can't recall.
EvilBadman: Emmy
hd_dabnado: hymn!
deyja429: Elspeth
m_logan2000: this is bad
dancybooch: the momised end\
TheMicah21: EmraCOOOL
accountmadeforants: Emrakul or Elspeth, probably
ikesolotl: hymn?
Ragnarakk: Her!
Drummi_: Emrakul or tomb
Ristow: can't go wrong with Miscalc
seth_erickson: Emrakul or Elspeth
m_logan2000: miscal is always good
mototy621: tomb
Ragnarakk: my fave elspeth <3
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrJAMES_TK
deyja429: I would take shrine
shadownova896: Looks like We're going at least white
mototy621: shrine
DemoDane: jvp
deyja429: We are more committed top white.
dancybooch: jace is good as is mystic confluence
warpzonius: is this some Powerful Magic?
m_logan2000: they are about on par
seth_erickson: I think theyre the same but Godless has white which we have a card in
Drummi_: Confu
m_logan2000: neither have blue or green
e_bloc: good mana is good
fiftymcnasty: power stone
mototy621: stone
Drummi_: Power stone for shure
m_logan2000: powerstone
deyja429: #Bigwhite?
seth_erickson: Gideon
deyja429: Gideon right?
DemoDane: foothills
ikesolotl: gideon
Drummi_: Gideon?
ninjcoco: Wha?!? classic magic online
Ragnarakk: ophiomancer? :O
accountmadeforants: Gideon for sure
tehfewl: Chad
e_bloc: arcane artisan is like reanimate for your hand
warpzonius: monochad
ancientspark: Gideon is so crap in Vintage, no :(
EvilBadman: What are you reanimating
deyja429: Yes.
mototy621: white/black is terrible in cube
Zalthia: So much value in this cube
accountmadeforants: Oh, right, Vintage, no
EvilBadman: or how are you putting things in the bin
Ragnarakk: you're already in white
Drummi_: BW fast walkers and geddons
accountmadeforants: I retract my statement!
e_bloc: yeah winning is not what you want to be doing in cube Kappa
ikesolotl: ophiomancer?
dancybooch: LSV just picks a blue card usually
m_logan2000: land
calle198310: pw is always good
Ragnarakk: fast mana and walkers are best
Zalthia: Ophiomancer
DemoDane: no
Ragnarakk: oooooh sheo
masterfrog316: mono white superfriends
seth_erickson: brightling is good
sniperserpent: projegenitus is splashable
Drummi_: Arena
seth_erickson: but I think sheoldred is better
e_bloc: if 3 mana 3/3s are good its' good
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Zalthia: Phyrexian arena
DemoDane: heath ez
seth_erickson: What's your problem with White Adam
TheWarbo: "Take Elspeth, it's great" "Do we want to be playing white?"
seth_erickson: Languish
deyja429: Swords seems right
mototy621: swords
Ristow: might just take Heath
Drummi_: Land
Emergent_OS: I suddenly have concerns over the likelihood of victory.
Zalthia: I’m just calling out the cards I recognize
e_bloc: ez 3-0
seth_erickson: Didn't see the swords but it's up between the two
sniperserpent: giver of runes is probably strong?
ikesolotl: swords
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DemoDane: land
m_logan2000: land
Emergent_OS: land
e_bloc: swords
seth_erickson: land keeps us open
Ragnarakk: land or removal is good
chaostreader: White splashing reanimater seems fine.
m_logan2000: flicker or shpinx
seth_erickson: !card flickerwisp
LRRbot: Flickerwisp [1WW] | Creature — Elemental [3/1] | Flying / When Flickerwisp enters the battlefield, exile another target permanent. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.
shadownova896: Run esper?
Drummi_: Rev is good
seth_erickson: could flicker a planeswalker which is good
Ragnarakk: BW Reanimator is like... my wet dream
Drummi_: Maze?
hd_dabnado: you can still go blue/white at this point
deyja429: Tidehollow seems good.
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Zalthia: There was a smokestack earlier... I hope no one is playing that archetype
Ragnarakk: Angle
seth_erickson: white might be open
headdeskdev: tidehollow is good in w/b control but w/b control is not really where you want to be
Ragnarakk: Acute Angle Avasins <3
Drummi_: White is allways open
shadownova896: Somehow still got Progenitus
DemoDane: eugine
fiftymcnasty: Ugin
seth_erickson: Ugin
Drummi_: Ugin or Academy
ikesolotl: acadamy?
e_bloc: ugin it up buttercup
chaostreader: Eugene
Ragnarakk: Its okay.. we can splash progen for reanimate Kappa
seth_erickson: yeah aggressively take those rocks
dancybooch: You just have to think of fair as a whole different thing in vintage
Ragnarakk: now we just want ALL the rocks
seth_erickson: Damnation or elspeth
dancybooch: Brain freeze for storm
TheOtherTrevor: Ugin, Karn, Elspeth. All great Reanimate targets lrrBEEJ
chaostreader: @ragnarakk I’m decently sure you know that doesn’t work
fiftymcnasty: wurm
e_bloc: 1 wurmy boi
DemoDane: wateland
Ristow: Inquisition I'd say
seth_erickson: The wurm perfect reanimate target
CommandoJE: wurmcoil is a good reanimate target
Ristow: we have so much top end, we need some early interaction
Ragnarakk: @chaostreader Whaaaaa? what makes you think that :P
korvys: Wurmcoil
Ragnarakk: Take ALL the rocks now :P
fiftymcnasty: you just ramp hard into unfair things
Drummi_: Now take mana when possible. Big doms are fine
seth_erickson: Listen interaction can come later
Muddy_Thunder: Just draft the good stuff, and you'll be fine
e_bloc: you won't take a heart of ramos
ponbern: you have reanimate, just dumpster an of your 6 drops and go
e_bloc: one inky boi
sniperserpent: damanation is an exclelent way to get your creatures in the bin
Ristow: Shallow Grave
ikesolotl: shallow
sniperserpent: blade splicer rules
hd_dabnado: most of our top ends are plansewalkers
e_bloc: yolos
deyja429: We sure can't pick a lane and stick to it.
Juliamon: (Limited quantities)
warpzonius: Plan: Survive until you can slam every planeswalker
Ragnarakk: Sad Robot 2.0: The Golos Perogative
dancybooch: How tall?
deyja429: Oona's Prowler though for discard
hd_dabnado: yawg:?"
DemoDane: prowler is the graveyard enabler
Ragnarakk: Ashy Rider tho
QwertMints: What archetype are you guys running?
Zalthia: Giest
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AlliterateA: Hi guys, I know nothing about magic but I need to watch something to distract me from the awful UK election results.
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DoctorCactus: haha shirt with sleeves that are too short, talk about a problem I've never had BibleThump
Ragnarakk: Or Terminus?
mrbzoomer: take mom
mattyloz: nightmare is bonkers
dancybooch: plague crafter is fun with reanimator decks
DemoDane: mom is not for this deck
DemoDane: karakas
TheOtherTrevor: finks
deyja429: Unburial Rites
mrbzoomer: karakas
TheOtherTrevor: finks is good with nightmare
Ragnarakk: Rites or Kakers
fiftymcnasty: bazar for discard
hd_dabnado: lrrDILLY_SQ
Ristow: Bazaar is we really want to go deep for reanimate
deyja429: 4 Mana Elspeth + Nightmare...
TheWooglie: bazaar for reanimiate?
seth_erickson: bazaar could be good
dancybooch: Elspeth tribal
chaostreader: We have a lot of recursion for all of our creatures.
e_bloc: we mono white bois
warpzonius: EZ
dancybooch: People in cude don't usually like white so you guys got everything
Ragnarakk: MUM
Radjack: White is so open xD
ogundiety: Hah, James and Adam right then looked..heh
DemoDane: need some armageddons
e_bloc: I dunno monowhite could be real strong
hd_dabnado: mono white BONKS
Ragnarakk: All the rocks pack 3?
ZeniteZero: WB Reanimator?
hd_dabnado: HERO
DoctorCactus: mono white 6 drops
hd_dabnado: oh right
mistborn83: I was watching Ried Duke do this earlier. WOW due is big brain
mrbzoomer: Kozilek
e_bloc: hero will 100% wheel
deyja429: Yeah if only Knight of the Kitchen SInk should be in Vintage Cube (Portection from Black Borders)
DemoDane: wheel brutality hopefully
Drummi_: Mono white has been open ewery time I have drafted this time around
dancybooch: Kozilek wins games
Ristow: Library!
e_bloc: library?
Drummi_: LIBRARY
Ragnarakk: Its sad to see Kozzie go but it think our top end is delicious
Radjack: Land Tax?
e_bloc: land tax will 1000% wheel
dancybooch: library turn one yes please
deyja429: Land Tax does ramp us.
warpzonius: Land Tax PogChamp
QwertMints: downfall?
dancybooch: scrub might come back
Fruan: Discarding to handsize is a discard outlet!
dancybooch: fatal
DemoDane: push
Ristow: Inspector is actually quite good
deyja429: Phyrexian Metamorph just gets
Foppish: poosh
Ragnarakk: Scrubland tho.. its flavourful Kappa
headdeskdev: metamorph?
TheOtherTrevor: Not Library. Unless you have it turn 1 you're going to get off library activation and never get back on
EvilBadman: push em real good
QwertMints: pus?
Joomie123: Signets are also very good
RayFK: Hey lads
U_Dude: Kaya is surprisingly good in this format
Drummi_: Chalice
hd_dabnado: chalice
mrbzoomer: brimaz
QwertMints: wipe?
RayFK: I did
killing_thyme: Could have had hoof and tooth&nail ;-;
FickleMuse: slytqLurk slytqLurk
Drummi_: Need some geddons
BlightningHelix: So what is this cube?
ogundiety: Hey, is LRR going to be streaming the game awards tonight?
hd_dabnado: somebody got the hoof plan going
DemoDane: pack rat
Ragnarakk: Hoof and Nail is what im calling it now
deyja429: Pack Rat!
Diabore: rat
Ristow: some times Pack Rat just wins
BlightningHelix: Just good vintage cards?
e_bloc: so much synergy in pack rat
hd_dabnado: i think you are mono white
deyja429: Also a mean magic card
Ragnarakk: Baneslayer is just value tho
Ristow: yep
DemoDane: geddon
fiftymcnasty: Yeah Ristow is good rogue
Zalthia: Marcus!
Drummi_: Geddon
hd_dabnado: like you are playing black just for the reanimation
deyja429: Animate Dead?
TheWarbo: I love "discard outlet, discard outlet, discard outlet, ooh let's take Library, discard outlet, discard outlet"
Diabore: animate
ZeniteZero: HARMaggedon Kappa
Ragnarakk: Animate Dead <3
ninja_theory_ashrams: animate
e_bloc: geddon
dancybooch: yeah
Ragnarakk: geet in there
shadownova896: Wait, LRR has a WoW guild?
Drummi_: Geddon is absurd
deyja429: Wurmcoil
Aarek: but LED is a discard outlet lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
korvys: Need some more reanimation targets
DolGrenn: Wurmcoil too
seth_erickson: The Wurm is the perfect reanimate target
TheOtherTrevor: Progenitus is a reanimate target
Juliamon: LRR has guilds/clans/etc in pretty much every MMO
TheOtherTrevor: (doesn't work with animate though)
DoctorCactus: discard golos for maximum value
mistborn83: where is is Grizlebrand
Ragnarakk: Golos :P look for a chromatic lantern?
Juliamon: (some more populated than others)
e_bloc: please read progenitis
DemoDane: my queen
fiftymcnasty: You know progen shuffles right?
Vyous: Progen cannot be in the yard at all
DolGrenn: Progenitus doesn't hit the yard
ZeniteZero: Elesh Norn Kreygasm
bvorhies: What’s your win con?
korvys: Uh, maybe READ progenitus
deyja429: BW Reanimator seems better than control.
DoctorCactus: progen doesnt go to graveyard
Diabore: replacement effect
e_bloc: you're welcome
mrbzoomer: what are we doing for FNPF tomorrow?
hd_dabnado: MAH
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Drummi_: SEAL
devackcrow's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
DemoDane: seal
RayFK: but what if I capitalize RED?
Muddy_Thunder: Thanks for the HahaDoge @devackcrow
e_bloc: you can instant speed renimate kozilek
Dix: why not seal?
TheWarbo: !quote 5717
LRRbot: Quote #5717: "I hate when Twitch chat's right." —Adam [2018-01-12]
Diabore: @mrbzoomer 20 dollar deck challenge
e_bloc: but you don't have any of that
mattyloz: tutor for nightmare?
deyja429: Our reanimation spells
korvys: Downfall
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UpstageJMC: Woohoo magic!!
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fiftymcnasty: like REaD the card @RayFK ?
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DolGrenn: Kaya hits Mox, Sol Ring, Chalices, etc.
Traion: Don't capitalise "read". If Adam was smart enough to read he'd never have said that about Prog to begin with Kappa
Ragnarakk: Land tax is an EDH white player's best friend
Dix: Kaya would have been spicy
m1gr3nA: land tax was discard outlet tho
Ristow: Brimaz into Geddon is real
bigshuggi: Hi I'm new here are you the friday nights people?
Drummi_: You win with karns and ugins
TheOtherTrevor: king kitty
e_bloc: redundancy
Juliamon: bigshuggi they are!
RayFK: Run 15 lands EZ
Ragnarakk: Ayyy baney girl is back
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headdeskdev: are you control? or tempo? or reanimate cause being all 3 is prob a bad idea
DemoDane: add 2 lands and go EZ
Drummi_: Glos out?
Drummi_: golos
RayFK: Powerstone might be slow?
hd_dabnado: disenchant
calle198310: cut golos
bigshuggi: I love friday nights!
Diabore: @rayfk 15? you building a house? 3 lands ez
Counting_Kittens: Adam, I watched a couple of episodes of AEW Dark yesterday. I have questions. Like why is there a wrestler who is an evil librarian?
Ragnarakk: Disenchant out
Dix: do we have enough mana rocks for Armageddon?
mattyloz: put disenchant in sb
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Dix: its partial land
hd_dabnado: thats .deck
Ragnarakk: I reckon you still want Golos or one of your angels
Diabore: id say mox are land
noisyblizzard: there are a lot targets for disenchant in vintage though
zerg539: For tempo its better than a land for sticking around its a bit weaker
Dix: !card putrid imp
LRRbot: Putrid Imp [B] | Creature — Zombie Imp [1/1] | Discard a card: Putrid Imp gains flying until end of turn. / Threshold — As long as seven or more cards are in your graveyard, Putrid Imp gets +1/+1 and can't block.
Coogrr: Maze of it’s doesn’t count as a land though
Drummi_: Deck good
e_bloc: I'm not sold on putrid imp
Dix: Putrid Imp is meh
Diabore: thats a wired looking brick
mistborn83: how many wins are you going to get
ZachtlyAsIntended: bad.dek
e_bloc: we have literally one reanimate spell
korvys: Forget the reanimation, just ben BW control
Ragnarakk: So we're on the "Hope OP is running Mind Twist and we have our big boys in hand" plan?
calle198310: what dose golos do ?
Drummi_: Damnation
korvys: Put in Maze
kais58: cut imp add basic
bigshuggi: Adam Savidan is never wrong!
hd_dabnado: splicer or maze
e_bloc: golos is basically sad robot
dancybooch: You guys ever play Edward 40 hands? Finals are done tomorrow and some friends and I are playing and I want to know how screwed I am
korvys: Mox is a land
Dix: Its like .5 of a land
ikesolotl: nightmare over reanimate?
fubargames: I just joined. How are we activating Golos?
Drummi_: Reanimate can take their cards too
ikesolotl: you can sac the leonian and the sculler to perma-exile things
e_bloc: we're activating golos by casting him for 5 mana and fetching a land
deyja429: Repeatable reanimation with nightmare is good.
mistborn83: glhf
fubargames: Ah, right, it's not just a 3/5 for 5.
Ragnarakk: Doesnt Reanimate hit op grave too?
deyja429: Or Mono-red.
TheWarbo: Adam check the opponent's username
Drummi_: Seal for monolith
deyja429: T2 Rat seems good
Ragnarakk: rock
Diabore: of course, you have 4 pack rats in hand
mistborn83: i like the jackets but it kind of looks you are ready for a pep rally for the Fridaynight football game
EVILmono: kppHI
dancybooch: Yes
calle198310: pack rat for the win
Dr_fragenstien: Worn powerstone is 2 mana
Ristow: Powerstone is 2 yeah
TheOtherTrevor: All in on rats
Dr_fragenstien: Makes two mana I mean
seth_erickson: oh hey Karn next turn that's fun
Drummi_: Karn is go
dancybooch: Because they didnt want to draft blue
RayFK: Jacket Gang, Jacket Gang, Jacket Gang, Jacket Gang
fubargames: That sounds like more work?
mistborn83: everyone has the jecket
CallousArchon: The title promised bad drafting G, there were no other options
deyja429: And Force of Will
TheWarbo: Karn, Liberated from Pants
DemoDane: miscalc
Ragnarakk: +4? I think you mean +Stupid
Ristow: under Karn
dancybooch: hell yeah
TheWarbo: look under karn
Drummi_: Under karn
fiftymcnasty: its under karn
ArcOfTheConclave: look under karn
ArcOfTheConclave: karn ult
Diabore: cause karns ult cares about exiled cards
Drummi_: you look like a gang with those jackets
Juliamon: !fn update
LRRbot: A new year is coming, and with it some changes for Friday Nights! For more info, please watch this short video:
TheOtherTrevor: I think you exile muldrifter and make 2 rats
andyweekend: y'all in your cute matching jackets
mistborn83: me sad face
Sarah_Serinde: That site is still accurate
korvys: Wait, does that mean someone needs to updated
deyja429: Or we just play Elspeth?
Dix: no they don't need to update the site
mrbzoomer: what are we doing for FNPF?
bvorhies: Will you still be playing magic on Friday’s graham ?
Metalupis: Graham, question on another topic, do you know who's coming to South ?
Featherweight_: But Graham what about your $60k an ep?
Sarah_Serinde: LRR still has a great relationship with WotC, everything is fine
DemoDane: oh nice
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kumatsu: I'm here to make sure that James is being sufficiently bullied
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bvorhies: O ok I was going to be sad
Ragnarakk: whats the second card under Karn?
Aarek: get em Ku!
bvorhies: I really like Friday nights watching
Ragnarakk: ooooh restart with signet is nice
Ragnarakk: aww
kumatsu: I had a judge call at FNM once from a tron player who'd never actually had to play through resetting the game and didn't know how it worked
seth_erickson: Kumatsu seabatPjorg
ArcOfTheConclave: fetter drifter?
DemoDane: beej not in a matching jacket :(
fiftymcnasty: Is Beej invisible?
frnknstn: Judge! My opponent didn't scoop when I ulti'd Karn!
PixelArtDragon: <message deleted>Just watched the video about Friday Nights, and from what I understand, there's been a falling out with WotC, no more Friday Nights, and the PPRS have been cancelled. Kappa Kappa Kapp
heartofgoldfish: i am not looking forward to Pay To Win Beejlander
Sarah_Serinde: Even with kappas, that's not helpful
kumatsu: @frnknstn Both players wanted to actually see what happened, they just had NO idea how it worked
Geekscience: Oh back on mtgo
Sarah_Serinde: Let's not confuse people about Friday Nights please
PixelArtDragon: Sorry
Geekscience: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 35:15.
TheOtherTrevor: gonna draw some cards
Dix: PixelArtDragon come on now
fiftymcnasty: RIP us
frnknstn: I feel this game is... DRIFTING away from you
seth_erickson: Mirror Breaker reveal thyself
TheOtherTrevor: told you you should have gone all in on rats
Friedent: when's the photo shoot for their new rap album? I assume that's why they all match today.
DemoDane: need to untap monoltih
DemoDane: for karn
Dix: Bye Karn
deyja429: Now we lose.
Vyous: Excited to see that you'll get to put the old Firday Nights episodes up on the LRRMTG youtube
godort: get bodied I guess
Skajetolaf: Is this new Card Kingdom swag? Love it
kumatsu: so much VALUE
fiftymcnasty: digging for kiki combo
chadtastic112: @LoadingReadyRun Friday Nights isn't related to Friday Night Paper Fight, is it?
Dix: Yo those CK jackets are SO WARM.
Evochron13: i really wish additional information could be provided? I understand likely can't but WotC has been making some very questionable decisions, dropping FN has a slight unease with respects to WotC's recent actions
Dix: (I got mine in the mail today)
seth_erickson: or zealous conscripts
Juliamon: If you want one of these rad jackets:
chadtastic112: @LoadingReadyRun Ooooh, got it. Thank you!
headdeskdev: I think they chose to let you keep karn cause you can't cast it
PanickedFox: Will you be uploading the old episodes in chronological order?
TheOtherTrevor: Next episode of Friday Nights is titled: Paper Fight
godort: does Loading Ready Run still make Friday Nights kappa
Aarek: the important thing is that PPRs are still happening. lrrAWESOME
chaostreader: Play a land and ditch a land to pack rat and untap monolith?
PanickedFox: I've been wanting to watch them for a long time, but I wanted to start from the beginning.
Muddy_Thunder: But will you shoot a Friday Nights episode about FNPF on a Friday Night?
Sarah_Serinde: Graham says in the video that they're hoping to still do video work with WotC
EvilBadman: Friday Nights will now have unlimited "Craps" now, right
Sarah_Serinde: Even if we don't know what form that will take yet
WonderfulGlory: <message deleted> Guess we need to update this?
mrbzoomer: are you still doing PPRs
Sarah_Serinde: WonderfulGlory No, still accurate
Znazl: nope
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Prerelease will be held on 10 January 2020! Stay tuned for more info...
DemoDane: no :)
RayFK: Watch. The. Video. Before. Talking. Thanks.
RayFK: Clap hands emoji
SirFlukesAlot: i was wondering why a second graham voice started
Znazl: 👏
Dix: Friday Nights is NOT going away. Stop it.
dancybooch: OMG did you say youre cancelling your channel and wizards isnt making magic anymore?
Daken1993: guys, its a 3 minute video, if you just went and watched it these questions would be over
dancybooch: dang
EvilBadman: G, any worry about the 1080p videos having people from catering just outside of shot now seen
frnknstn: I just booted Arena and they have added a really wierd dog
mrbzoomer: Graham are you a fan of Critical Role?
Athelgar: ! subscribe Friday Nights Facts
BrowneePoints: reanimate and
Vyous: @LoadingReadyRun so I know WotC has been pretty good about creative control, but do you foresee getting to do anything you hadn't before, now that it's yours?
dancybooch: you should watch it its a jooy
ninja_theory_ashrams: Theros: Let's Kill Heliod <-- more accurate title
lamina5432: Cube?
mrbzoomer: thats fair
RayFK: I mean, hi bud
Pywodwagon: I heard you’re not making Friday Nights because wizards is making you make all of the magic cards now
Dix: See, I would have tapped out forever ago
PixelArtDragon: Critical Role is good, what I've watched of it. It's just theres *so much* of it
Dix: RayFK those jackets are TOASTY
Foxmar320: lol Rayfk
RayFK: Oh I know Dix, mine is on the back of my chair
Sarah_Serinde: command updated to be REAL explicit
Sarah_Serinde: !fn update
LRRbot: A new year is coming, and with it some changes for Friday Nights! (Yes, LRR still makes Friday Nights.) For more info, please watch this short video:
TheWarbo: adam once again being bullied by chat
Dix: RayFK I got mine in the mail today and had to take it off shortly after trying it on because gdamn
Skajetolaf: It's getting hot in there
frozenphoenix7: RayFK vs Seabats, Steel Cage match in the making <_<
Fruan: Time for Friday Nights to get horny on main!
Evochron13: i have watched the video and understand it; i regardless still am uneasy about it from perspective of WotC and -not- from FN. I'm sure LRR continuing to produce FN will still be fantastic
mrbzoomer: G, favorite episode of Friday Nights?
BrowneePoints: As a huge CR fan, it's not for everyone, and there's just under 200 episodes at 4 hr a piece
Aarek: Hey, I do all my bullying of Adam in WoW
PanickedFox: Question: The video says you'll be reuploading the old episodes. Will you be reuploading them starting with the oldest?
TheWooglie: it wasn't chat just RayFK
Friedent: Jeej send Adam a crop top
seth_erickson: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #4974: "Go 1-2, get rewarded." —Adam [2018-05-10]
CardKingdom: Oh wow! Those are great looking jackets on Graham and James. It's a shame Adam isn't wearing one.
Foxmar320: lol
frozenphoenix7: Yes.
Cmdrlyneye: Friday Nights isn't cancelled but the period after 4:00pm on a friday is being discontinued. It has been deemed un unproductive time and thus our glorious overlords are replacing it with a second Monday morning.
kumatsu: godammit Jordan
seth_erickson: let's go to game 2
korvys: The website clearly needs to be updated to say "Yes. They do. Look, things have changed bit- You know what, just go watch this video"
CallousArchon: Adam getting bullied by an entire kingdom :(
Zalthia: Oh my gosh card kingdom calling Adam out
TheWarbo: Cmdrlyneye plz no horror posts :-P
QwertMints: exciting to see the new friday nights down the line! <3
PixelArtDragon: Does the change mean there might be more of the weirder episodes (like the Commander 2019 one and other Commander one that was in one take)?
accountmadeforants: Not sure I really understand what Wizards is going for with their new strategy, but I'm sure you'll be fine at least.
CardKingdom: Adam it looks so good on you!
Dix: LOL @CardKingdom
kumatsu: So the bit thing I'm getting out of the update is Friday Nights can cuss again
frnknstn: Friday Nights Rewatch events?
seth_erickson: do we want damnation?
PanickedFox: Ow... I can just FEEL the potential flood from Every episode at once.
reapingwildoats: what wouldnt look good on adam
godort: you fools
TheWarbo: The Dutch (Fury)! Again!
Sarah_Serinde: I feel like reposting will probably be easiest, despite it meaning you're dividing the view numbers. Give people the path of least resistance to watch all of them
HondoTrigger: Happy to see you both made the varsity road quest team this year
midday_rendelnep: I was rewatching old babbyface CH
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heartofgoldfish: I watched the video, can I do baseless speculation now?
TheWarbo: !findquote feelings
LRRbot: Quote #6609: "I feel like I did the right thing today...and that's destruction." —Matt Griffiths, as March [2019-12-09]
Sarah_Serinde: heartofgoldfish pls no
dancybooch: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @urthai
Skajetolaf: He hides them in that nice jacket of his
korvys: They were all worn away on that horrible road during Road Quest
kumatsu: Adam I just finally downed the new Behemoth and I'm scared of how many more times I have to do it
TheWooglie: I thought it was only on arena
keltonhicks8: Glad I caught you guys!
Muddy_Thunder: snap concede
adamjford: t h e c u r s e
Cmdrlyneye: NotLikeThis
AtomicAlchemical: Where is the video posted?
elcoggins: but why
CardKingdom: Adam, can you please take control of the mouse?
Aarek: benginFlood
ninja_theory_ashrams: HahaHide
PanickedFox: James.... Oh, James.
historyman_admu: WHY?
QwertMints: just gas from here on
frozenphoenix7: See, chat doesnt need to bully James, Magic does it for us
DemoDane: well gg
warpzonius: oh no
BaronVonPoppinOff: The first step is admitting you have a problem
TheOtherTrevor: One less land to draw
Znazl: #cursed
Juliamon: !fn update
LRRbot: A new year is coming, and with it some changes for Friday Nights! (Yes, LRR still makes Friday Nights.) For more info, please watch this short video:
Ragnarakk: James why are you cursed?
Foppish: LUL
adamjford: H O W
midday_rendelnep: lrrFINE
korvys: OMG
ninja_theory_ashrams: HahaNutcracker
Cmdrlyneye: BibleThump
seth_erickson: COOL GAME
Trixalicious: hoooooooow?
godort: barbGOY barbGOY barbGOY
Muddy_Thunder: Good they ramped you jokes on them
PanickedFox: One draw all land
zahlfast: They look like brothers
Nemosaur: LUL
CallousArchon: Jokes on opponent, one more land closer to end of the curse
hd_dabnado: 9/16 lands
korvys: lrrSCOOP
ArkhamArchivist: look, if you didn't want a luck curse, you shouldn't have strangled that leprechaun with your bare hands
seth_erickson: only 7 lands left in the deck
Friedent: I want to believe james somehow does this on purpose
noisyblizzard: at least there are not many lands left
Juliamon: !quote dana
LRRbot: Quote #6331: "If you're cursed, it's your fault." —Dana Fischer [2019-08-15]
TheWarbo: !QUOTE 6331
LRRbot: Quote #6331: "If you're cursed, it's your fault." —Dana Fischer [2019-08-15]
Dix: rude
TheWarbo: whoops capslock
Rebbers: Its LURMTCH
korvys: !card Lost in the Woods
LRRbot: Lost in the Woods [3GG] | Enchantment | Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a Forest card, remove that creature from combat. Then put the revealed card on the bottom of your library.
hd_dabnado: At least there are cool effects when you flood out in Arena
TheWarbo: !quote 6330
LRRbot: Quote #6330: "It's not my fault I'm cursed! (It probably is.)" —James [2019-08-15]
ArcOfTheConclave: Thanks for the HahaThisisfine @urthai
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Arikell: They absolutely have a counter
urthai: mana leak incoming
DemoDane: We're in
Dix: ooh got em
seth_erickson: We've won the moral Victory
MorganteMaggiore: ops all land, the perfect deck for James
hd_dabnado: its gonna be great if we win this game
Dix: counterspell welp
korvys: It;'s only instants
MilkInBag: adam MY MAN
Dix: The sorcery thing is off that Split Card
DemoDane: LUL
Dix: Consign/Oblivion
noisyblizzard: will just draw karn
seth_erickson: COOL GAME seabatPjorg
noisyblizzard: we'll
MilkInBag: I just started (and about to finish) Watchmen and it's incredible, you should watch it if you have the opportunity
korvys: Draft a new one
officedge: this deck may be a mistake
CommandoJE: Elesh norn come on
DemoDane: go agane draft blue
WonderfulGlory: In an alternate universe, that card says sorceries
Dix: lrrSCOOP
HydraWiggins: practice run is done, time for the draft
Rebbers: Turns out, playing magic cards if playing more magic than just having a bunch of lands.
MilkInBag: mandalorpoop
Rebbers: is*
reapingwildoats: baby poopa
TheWarbo: man, da lore lrrIAN
dancybooch: Blue is king. Its a bummer how true it is but its the way it is
ninja_theory_ashrams: "who watches the watchmen?"
chaostreader: This deck wants to die.
korvys: you know what's surprisingly good? The new Harley Quinn show
Dix: Pedro Pascal is also gonna be in the new Wonder Woman movie
WonderfulGlory: I'm just waiting for adam to dunk on baby yoda like he dumpped on kung fu panda
CommandoJE: Both teams tried hard
TheOtherTrevor: Not fair. The opponent played magic
dancybooch: It was pedro pascal
Aarek: run it back
Ragnarakk: Its gonna be WORSE
TheWarbo: draft a different terrible deck
Dix: Adam, have you seen Kingsman The Golden Circle?
HydraWiggins: I'm not sure if the new Harley Quinn cartoon is good, but it is FUNNY
TheWooglie: Once more with rfeeling
Aarek: just channel hoof em
kumatsu: p1p2 Emrakul let's go
hd_dabnado: yep
EVILmono: pedro pascal from Narcos
RayFK: Oh look a Day of Judgement
MilkInBag: actually, the best pick is Kappa
hd_dabnado: just time for RAMP
deyja429: Channel + Oath and all the planeswalkers is a plan.
Dix: Mando is Agent Whiskey
TheOtherTrevor: Portal
hd_dabnado: titan?
DemoDane: mire
deyja429: Sundering Titan.
MilkInBag: titan is very meh, it's portal, sanctum or mire
RayFK: Coercive portal is GREAT
seth_erickson: Titan seems correct
kais58: one sided howling mine
WonderfulGlory: I like Portal
mrbzoomer: I finally watched brooklyn nine nine and i love ie!
dancybooch: Adams brain ceases to function at high altitudes
Muddy_Thunder: portal
korvys: One sided-howling mine
QwertMints: tracker - go ramp?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Wheeler did a Mono-White deck. It ruined people. White is not a trap.
jubale1: lrrAWESOME
MorganteMaggiore: I saw the face of Boba Fett and it was.... not what I expected
MilkInBag: it's VINTAGE cube, not standard cube
Dix: CHANNEL Finale PogChamp
Dr_fragenstien: The portal is usually draw an extra card each turn
dancybooch: mono green ramp with big colorless stuff is a good deck
kumatsu: lrrFINE
MilkInBag: you just do blue broken stuff, storm, or mono red OpieOP
RayFK: Wheeler honks
TheWarbo: maybe being bad at magic is the trap?
novrdd: there's an ooze
MorganteMaggiore: draft mono good cards, easy
QwertMints: reach!
CommandoJE: or wormcoil
deyja429: Wurmcoil though...
killing_thyme: Reach
seth_erickson: Wurm over all these
hd_dabnado: reach or coil
maniac_fish: wurmcoil??
zahlfast: I am bad too
RayFK: Mono green is Reach
Titan457: I like Primus, but ramp!
DemoDane: elves
DemoDane: all elves
killing_thyme: Elf
korvys: Elf
hd_dabnado: we want elves now
urthai: morph
novrdd: worms
headdeskdev: metamorph!
kais58: metamorph?
hd_dabnado: MORPH
hd_dabnado: YES
HydraWiggins: maybe lilliana
QwertMints: sword?
killing_thyme: Is mono-green still the best deck in this cube?
seth_erickson: the morph is mono green
hd_dabnado: i love me morph
Mastaalucard: hey LRR. I'm in your draft just dropped in to say this. leaving now because watching someone else in your draft pod is weird.
northos: WHAT
Rebbers: Elves SMELVES.
DemoDane: WHAT
TheMoatman: IT DOESN'T?
hd_dabnado: No im just excited Adam
urthai: signet
headdeskdev: signet
DemoDane: signet every day
TheMoatman: Paul U Kranos
TheWarbo: adam why do you tempt chat like that
dancybooch: signet
korvys: Signet
WonderfulGlory: signet
Sarah_Serinde: Pro tip: yelling at people is still rude when it's in text
QwertMints: cAsCaDe
Titan457: Adam, No! Hydra tribal!
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MrPolyK: </3 Adam
northos: utamog
MilkInBag: I'm not yelling, I'm only disappointed Kappa
dancybooch: big mana bois
DemoDane: knight
kumatsu: ooh, I could really go for gyros
headdeskdev: mmm infinite gyro
korvys: Knight?
Muddy_Thunder: knight
MilkInBag: reliquary
meisbored: ulaP
urthai: knight
kumatsu: Vindicate?
seth_erickson: Vindicate or knight
dancybooch: the knight is playabe
godort: vindicate
ninja_theory_ashrams: infinite hrpgSub
WonderfulGlory: Vindicate for interaction
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: KotR
kais58: we could channel karn AND ulamog
MilkInBag: you get strip mine with knight
CallousArchon: Channeling to infinite gyros is a good use of planeswalker magicks
jubale1: dang no infinite hydra
northos: which member?
QwertMints: sword?
Rebbers: I don't know what any of the cards you're choosing do but I'm going to voice my pick opinion anyway!
seth_erickson: 19/19 what could go wrong
MilkInBag: sword sucks in vintage cube
QwertMints: oh ok :D
deyja429: SoFi is like the only sword you want.
Ristow: swords are really good sideboard cards
TheMoatman: Some swords are pretty good even in cube
dancybooch: Adam stop letting black seduce you into its value midrange ways
TheMoatman: But most of them aren't
Titan457: Leave 'em there for your entertainment
Dr_fragenstien: Channel serpent, get pushed
CardKingdom: Adam you can take off the jacket if you're warm.
Muddy_Thunder: @seth_erickson I like the way you think
MilkInBag: @CardKingdom you mean if he's hot?
fugatlas: how will we know when the "you find a jar in the forest" thing is over done
TheWarbo: adam's not going to see it unless you type allcaps
seth_erickson: seabatBRAIN
DemoDane: dont believe his lies
xippih: Hi, I am here to watch bad vintage cube drafting
CardKingdom: Ok
TheWarbo: !findquote guilt
LRRbot: Quote #6522: "Babies can't feel guilt." —Adam [2019-10-26]
CardKingdom: Eh, you got healthcare
MilkInBag: heat stroke from a jacket LUL
TheMoatman: Wait, is RayFK on two different accounts or is someone else on CardKingdom
DiscordianTokkan: The ONLY place I've heard of California Dreams is people asking LRR that question
godort: you're gonna regret that choice when you're in the shower
dancybooch: yeah adam cant read unless he sees the BIG LETTERS
RayFK: TheMoatman No...
MilkInBag: sulfuric vortex 13th pick!? what is this
ninja_theory_ashrams: I'm cold, can I borrow your jacket? MiniK
deyja429: Best Sword at least
dancybooch: dont do green black. its a trap
MilkInBag: adam are you hot
RayFK: Your "warm" dead body
hd_dabnado: no white black is the trap
Titan457: hehehe
MrPolyK: yaaasss
MilkInBag: Poopukranos
reapingwildoats: channel monstrous
RayFK: Honestly Polukranos is FINE as a midrange card
Muddy_Thunder: !card Polukranos
LRRbot: Polukranos, World Eater [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Hydra [5/5] | {X}{X}{G}: Monstrosity X. / When Polukranos, World Eater becomes monstrous, it deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures your opponents control. Each of those creatures deals damage equal to its power to Polukranos.
chaostreader: Everything is traps, except traps.
seth_erickson: Right back with us the way it was always supposed to be
DemoDane: hoof... there it is
MilkInBag: Oath Kappa
Ragnarakk: i like Polu D: sue me
theambivalentagender: Aw my man Dack
Aarek: hoof em in the face!
Ristow: now all the elves
seth_erickson: Hoof em Baby
deyja429: All the dorks.
dancybooch: all will be hoofed
urthai: Hoof there it is
xippih: Can you get to 8 mana quickly?
RayFK: Is Natural Order in the cube? Or Nykthos?
Titan457: Now just ramp
CommandoJE: green mox?
HydraWiggins: time to go wiiiiiiiide
Daken1993: hoof there it is
TheWarbo: Craterhoof isn't that great. Would be better if it had haste. lrrBEEJ
QwertMints: focus on ramp?
samu_btdp1985: evening gents
dancybooch: or colorless
Geekscience: hoofin' it
MilkInBag: vintage cube is pretty easy, just pick Grixis stuff and it should go alright
QwertMints: would token gen strat work w/ hoof?
deyja429: What about cubes without Lotus and Moxen etc.?
dancybooch: could that be because youre a coward?
fugatlas: finally, the one thing ulamog needed to be busted: hoof
Daken1993: hoofin around
2rrr_mirror_breaker: so what you're saying is we WONT be drafting storm seabatTROG
WonderfulGlory: We've got a sweet start to a commander deck
korvys: Grim
xippih: Hierarch
azureHaights: I thought for a sec with that question that you were about to Alex James
urthai: noble!
xippih: or monolithh
CaffeinatedLemur: silverhawks was discount thundercats and you take that back
RayFK: I say you take Hierach honestly
hd_dabnado: @QwertMints yes but they generally dont help with the strategy of ramping
RayFK: With Hoof
RulerofNight: DORK
killing_thyme: Noble is better with hoof though
korvys: 4 to untap
RulerofNight: oops all caps
Traion: This isn't RoadQuest Adam. You can't just make people remember stuff here!
godort: Urza block was a wild time
headdeskdev: its close
samu_btdp1985: creature ramp with hoof
northos: nah still monolith
northos: card is busted
DemoDane: you want exalted so your hoof attacks as a 6/6 :)
reapingwildoats: edric
QwertMints: Thanks @hd_dabnado, never drafted cube before XD
xippih: Roots is good for hoof
urthai: wall is good
dancybooch: rampus bampus
DemoDane: bayou
RayFK: Incubation Druid
hd_dabnado: edric would be nice as a wheel
seth_erickson: druid
Znazl: druid
fugatlas: baouy?
xippih: Druid
MilkInBag: this is a great legacy deck PogChamp
Aarek: druid
Ragnarakk: incub
deyja429: Incubation.
urthai: dork
headdeskdev: diamond or druid
samu_btdp1985: druid
DemoDane: lands pls
Rebbers: My very first MtG booster pack I pulled a Snapcaster Mage and I remember getting mad that it wasn't a vampire.
Ristow: Elf Druid > Human Druid
RayFK: Now need some payoffs
deyja429: And good pay offs.
Ragnarakk: payoffs now baybee
MilkInBag: not pick green LUL
xippih: Just open natural order
RulerofNight: someone else is in green I think so I feel that monolith is more likely to wheel (even though it is really good)
2rrr_mirror_breaker: open power 9 adam duh
RayFK: Tyrant baby
deyja429: Carny T!
Ragnarakk: carny tee
hd_dabnado: id take the pool
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hd_dabnado: honestly
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Titan457: Big Green Boi
samu_btdp1985: big t
Traion: Haave you tried gitting gud?
urthai: deck needs natural order of green sun zenith though
meisbored: Thanks for the HahaThisisfine @erased_citizen
Geekscience: counter this you casual
MilkInBag: excavator is very good
RayFK: Path?
MilkInBag: you need strip mine
Robot_Bones: Go home and be a family man
xippih: I'd take path
deyja429: If we get Stripmine...
killing_thyme: Take tendrils pivot to storm
QwertMints: storm?
warpzonius: what have you done
Ragnarakk: cut green :P
korvys: Is the storm life card in this cube?
MilkInBag: yeah no that'S messed up
Ragnarakk: liibbrarrrryyyy
xippih: Why is library so late!?
hd_dabnado: im sorry what
deyja429: Sylvan Library is a busted magic card.
DemoDane: foothills
headdeskdev: foothills
urthai: foothills
xippih: Foothills
Ragnarakk: fetch
theambivalentagender: foothills
mistmurk: when you cut green so hard that you get a sylvan library
MilkInBag: you want untapped mana
noisyblizzard: Waldesbibliothek
Titan457: Y'all need a Weather the Storm
QwertMints: marsh?
xippih: Sword
headdeskdev: foothills is good with tracker and sylvan library
Jigokuro: For some reason all the rest of my internet is down but this stream continues...
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MilkInBag: edric was playable
Ragnarakk: lol the black splash is real
deyja429: We basically have our deck right?
DemoDane: gets us forest :)
Diabore: id play marsh on the off chance we get it and dismember
Friedent: Adam : "I can't believe everyone passed this card!"
urthai: shuffle for library
DemoDane: cradle
xippih: It is most certainly one of the best green cards
korvys: This late, I guess no one else is in green?
Muddy_Thunder: heartbeat
hd_dabnado: yep
Baldrash: Heartbeat?
xippih: Tomb or Cobra
heartofgoldfish: In before sylvan library, dismember, channel, die to a bolt
fugatlas: heartbeat is good
Aarek: ooo heartbeat is good too
seth_erickson: hornet queen would also be nice
deyja429: Cobra is a bomb for sure.
RulerofNight: cobra
urthai: heartbeat is a trap
Kykiwi: locus
hidingbox: all the storm cards
Ragnarakk: Trapbeat ignore it
Kykiwi: 100% locus
2rrr_mirror_breaker: heartbeat is a trap, take cobra
reapingwildoats: heartbeat is not good
Aarek: cobra
headdeskdev: heartbeat is super dangerous in cube
fugatlas: its symetrical, but you're the one with payoffs, not them
Diabore: heartbeat is storm
godort: getting passed a workshop is gonna feel good
deyja429: If we get Ballista...
DemoDane: cradle
xippih: Cradle
Kykiwi: cradel
RayFK: Cradle
Muddy_Thunder: cradle
fubargames: Cradle!
hd_dabnado: CRADDLE
Ragnarakk: Cradle
2rrr_mirror_breaker: cradle
Aarek: cradle over prime time
MilkInBag: easy cradle
theambivalentagender: Cradle
urthai: primetime
deyja429: Cradle
dancybooch: cradle
xippih: Titan is just a 6/6 trampler here
urthai: cradle wheels
MilkInBag: ballista
RulerofNight: cradle
QwertMints: titan > crade
Ragnarakk: the Primey boy should wheel
samu_btdp1985: cradle
MrPipboy3000: Have to take the titan there
deyja429: Ballista though...
reapingwildoats: you did it
Titan457: All these payoffs!
fugatlas: avenger hoof pogchamp
DoktorNik: sEARCH
Ragnarakk: we JUST need the Tooth now
RayFK: Avenger
MilkInBag: ballista is wayyyyyyy better
hd_dabnado: look mah we did it
xippih: Ballista IMO
Kykiwi: balista
RulerofNight: primeval will wheel if sylvan wheeled
Diabore: the deck IS cradle hoof
Ragnarakk: nahhh
urthai: avenger
RulerofNight: avenger with hoof
MilkInBag: you have channel and cradle
godort: tooth and nail would be so good here
reapingwildoats: avenger 100
Ragnarakk: <3 avenger tho
Titan457: Avenger might wheel
2rrr_mirror_breaker: i'd balista
dancybooch: avenger
Robot_Bones: nah avenger hoof combo seabatPjorg
xippih: Channel Ballista, kill
MilkInBag: take avenger for fun, take ballista to win OpieOPP
DemoDane: avenger assembled
Aarek: top?
xippih: Top imo
QwertMints: top?
M0nsieur_C: top ?
MrPipboy3000: top
RayFK: Hierarch
Titan457: top?
korvys: Krasis if you can splash would be nice
xippih: Top + Sylvan
HydraWiggins: if you get a second fetch, you put excavator in, right?
godort: top seems good
hd_dabnado: is this a top deck?
fugatlas: you have noble and a simmic signet
urthai: regrowth is fine
DemoDane: top & library
RulerofNight: top seems greedy
MrPipboy3000: Every deck is a top deck
deyja429: Garruk
RayFK: You do
Muddy_Thunder: wildspearker
Ragnarakk: We need top... we have James
TheWarbo: we've noticed, adam
urthai: garruk!!!!
RayFK: Untap Cradle
deyja429: Garruk is a mini hoof.
RulerofNight: wow nice
RayFK: Garruk can untap your cradle after tapping it
Friedent: 2 white sources already
TheWarbo: sorry :-(
Znazl: T5feri DansGame ew
Muddy_Thunder: huh, this is just N100 hoof. Nice!
deyja429: Are we actually making a good deck?
fugatlas: deed?
Krokaar: Your looking very beautiful today, both of you
Muddy_Thunder: deed
xippih: I never claimed to be nice, Adam :P
MrPipboy3000: Hatepick the glorybringer
QwertMints: deed?
deyja429: Pernacious deed?
Kykiwi: deed?
Ragnarakk: #Skip
RulerofNight: deed?
urthai: Leo is messed up
dancybooch: Because content creators are the peoples punching bag
Baldrash: Deed, probably?
Titan457: Shreikmaw?
Muddy_Thunder: or shriekmaw
MilkInBag: this is the best pile I've seen in a while Adam
Robot_Bones: Its jame's fault
DemoDane: its a league
DemoDane: LUL
RulerofNight: pernicious
xippih: Elves 10/10
Skajetolaf: It's how we show our love
headdeskdev: probably can play 16 lands
RulerofNight: nice elf
urthai: 15 or 16 lands is enough
korvys: You don't - you're playing like, 15 lands
Friedent: cut carnage tyrant
RulerofNight: more black sources too for the splash lol
deyja429: Nah. Roots does not attack.
hd_dabnado: makes dismember into a cheaper card
xippih: You can run 15
MilkInBag: you want like 15 lands with this
MrTulip: winning at the zero-sum game that is fun
A_Dub888: !findquote fun
LRRbot: Quote #5811: "I look forward to retiring and having fun." —Cameron, as Avenir [2019-02-11]
Titan457: Run 13
RulerofNight: 16 lands
RayFK: Cut God
theambivalentagender: Don't cut Tappy \
Ragnarakk: Dont cut the implacable death lizard D:
urthai: 15 lands with 4 dorks is fine
Trixalicious: Can't be cursed with lands if you play no lands...
korvys: I cut 1 land per 3 dorks
dancybooch: 1 land then mono elves
headdeskdev: rishadan port is 100% playable in this deck
RulerofNight: a lot of removal in the cube tho - if you lose a dork early it feels bad
MilkInBag: it's wrong
DemoDane: thats right
frozenphoenix7: Delta should not be there, correct
Ragnarakk: HEY im allowed to be... Commander cube is my jame
mrbzoomer: wrong
korvys: That pack must have been stacked
DemoDane: you're right*
xippih: It is really weird that delta is that late
MilkInBag: you should file a complaint
Dix: People underestimate fixing
fugatlas: pivot into blue black on pack 3 pick 10
frozenphoenix7: @milkinbag They'd tell him to restart the client
theambivalentagender: Judge? My opponents are drafting sub-optimaly
Skajetolaf: Don't you just play Jitte?
xippih: Fixing is S-tier in powered cubes
HydraWiggins: you might play jitte
MilkInBag: @frozenphoenix7 LUL
Skajetolaf: Jitte seems nuts in all cases
coopdawg_22: Nice hoodies
MilkInBag: or you know, boots, it's canada in winter
Krokaar: bread loaf bags on your feet adamn
fugatlas: gote'em
MrPipboy3000: Winter, the best 9 months of the year!
chaostreader: Did Prime Time not wheel?
Gadora: Ah. Loafers?
headdeskdev: Play the colorless lands
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #4298: "I'm pretty sure I could beat Matt Wiggins in court." —Adam [2017-07-05]
NathanJay_GA: any stores that sell over-shoes around you?
warpzonius: when in doubt hoof em out
HolyFroq: i am already excited to see Adam play PrePrerelease next month
TheWarbo: why did it suggest swamp?
xippih: I'd run 15 lands, but that is just me
2rrr_mirror_breaker: honestly I'd play 15 lands not 16
Banrael: cheerwhal269 Hi Adam, James, and chat. Hope ya are having good days.
dancybooch: the last deck was cool but not vintage playable
headdeskdev: factory and port are good
godort: lets go boys
Ragnarakk: @TheWarbo Datmember
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @headdeskdev not with so many G 1 drops
fugatlas: wait, i thought canada used their bags for milk. I always just assumed that meant the bread came in cartons
frozenphoenix7: @thewarbo Because MTGO doesnt work well with Phyrexian mana
CallousArchon: I was thinking of jokingly suggesting Overgrown Tomb earlier, now sad didn't say anything, because then could've run Polluted Delta. RIP.
QwertMints: lets kick some butt
RayFK: Just draw channel EZ
xippih: Snap keep unless we are feeling greedy
frozenphoenix7: It thinks Phyrexian mana actually costs mana rather than being free
korvys: Library? Can't lose
TheWarbo: Ahh right, I knew the blue phryrexian, had missed the black one
dancybooch: just draw channel
headdeskdev: sylvan library take 8 gg
Khorak_The_Mighty: Nice Card Kingdom Jackets Boys
dancybooch: come on
xippih: I really wanted t hat card to be channel
kumatsu: Just channel 4Head
2rrr_mirror_breaker: pay 8
MilkInBag: pjorg
headdeskdev: pay 8 you cowards
MrTulip: take 8, doesn't even matter
2rrr_mirror_breaker: they aren't beating down just pay 8
TheWooglie: signet and hierarch?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: land signet noble
MilkInBag: grixis can play sneak attack and kill you though
xippih: Hierarch signet
UndeadSquirel: Hello friends
Tiber727: @fugatlas The most impressive part is how they fit those eggs in a can. Kappa
xippih: Hi Graham!
frozenphoenix7: Welcome back G
2rrr_mirror_breaker: pay 8
reapingwildoats: low blow graham
MilkInBag: garrouk PogChamp
frozenphoenix7: I predict Storm
RayFK: Tracker, see if they counter
dancybooch: tracker to bait out a counter
xippih: Could go garruk, then phyrexian meta to copy signet to ramp even more
fubargames: That would have been a sad Daze on Hirarch when you didn't tap signet.
korvys: Garruk, untap, tracker?
MilkInBag: you can play garruk, untap, tracker, land
Friedent: you can. do both?
MilkInBag: it's most likely grixis reanimator or sneak attack
fugatlas: you're on 7 this turn if you take both
2rrr_mirror_breaker: pay 8, our OP is not pressuring us
Ristow: take 4 and take Karn
korvys: Land + Karn
headdeskdev: pay 4 life for karn
xippih: Just crack in with tracker and bait counter with metamorph tracker?
dancybooch: what kind of monito are you guys using?
Banrael: Sneakret G, I missed that he was there until just now. :D
deyja429: We Garruk then play Hoof.
deyja429: next turn
dancybooch: Graham what has you chewing so intently>
xippih: Not if they have kolaghans command or something
deyja429: I would.
MilkInBag: we don't want lethal, we want to play big creatures OpieOP
fugatlas: graham casually sandwich coaching gives me life, like bruce campbell in spiderman
meisbored: can still metamorph too
MrPipboy3000: Sac the clue to hit for more
HydraWiggins: draw the card
Kykiwi: opp is probly on storm
DemoDane: storm
MilkInBag: prepare the popcorn for 10 minutes of loop
fugatlas: kiki time
deyja429: Nothing apparently
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RayFK: How can you possibly defeat KimPossible420?
kumatsu: Powerful Nothing
DemoDane: either that or preparing their cruel ultimatum mana
fugatlas: 4 color jank stuff?
RayFK: She has the power of Disney AND Weed on her side!
Kykiwi: oh wait is kiki comob in this cube?
heartofgoldfish: i vote surprise coalition victory
kumatsu: Clique?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: this is K command
IaCthulhuFthagn: What is this game? Monogreen versus mono-nothing?
Muddy_Thunder: @RayFK I appreciate that joke
DragoNinja15: I love u guys ❤️❤️❤️
2rrr_mirror_breaker: pay 8, they arent attacking our life total
fugatlas: take 4 keep karn
fugatlas: you can cast it
headdeskdev: pay the life!
deyja429: We can play Karn.
DemoDane: pay 4
Izandai: Just pai 8 life.
Izandai: *pay
Dr_fragenstien: Isn’t hoof 8?
MilkInBag: just cheat
dancybooch: What even is there deck?
fugatlas: I'm so intrigued to see how depressing their hand is
korvys: Grixis control, I guess?
DemoDane: ruh roh
Kykiwi: cheainng PogChamp
Dix: ruh roh
dancybooch: fucko
korvys: Oh, no. Storm, then.
Titan457: Here comes Kiki combo
Izandai: I'm not saying play 2 lands, I'm saying draw more cards.
IaCthulhuFthagn: Looks more like bad storm than bad big mana.
MilkInBag: baby mind
IaCthulhuFthagn: Oh yeah.
IaCthulhuFthagn: Here we go,
Friedent: is it a coincidence that cheat and chat are only 1 letter different? I think not!
fugatlas: HAWT
korvys: Wow, they must have had a terrible hand
Dix: did they whiff basically?
Kykiwi: ez
kumatsu: yeah, they whiffed hard Dix
heartofgoldfish: oh baby badstorm
MilkInBag: very much
Dix: Guess they did
TheWooglie: So they were storm?
Skajetolaf: More like a hail merry
headdeskdev: take out dismember?
hd_dabnado: rishadan port?
heartofgoldfish: storm storm concede
cryomancer20x6: aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Kykiwi: oh yeah port
kumatsu: Adam's a startling man
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @LoadingReadyRun maybe consider paying more life to library in future specially against OPs like this who couldnt care less about your life total
deyja429: Dismember for SoFi?
Aarek: this is a go hand!
DemoDane: LUL
Kykiwi: port could have side them in for tide up blue mana
MilkInBag: it can fight baleful strix Kappa
hd_dabnado: Pulokronos 2 plz
Titan457: For hydra clout
xippih: He is a big burly boi! No bullying Adam!
Dr_fragenstien: Mind’s desire at 2 is one of the saddest things to see in magic
headdeskdev: oh no...
Diabore: might be good when polukranos rotates
Raolin_Darkbane: According to Wheeler PolyK is pretty ok
lamina5432: Removal
Znazl: ramping faster than us uhnD
deyja429: A Turn 3 5/5 does kill storm fast.
MilkInBag: mind desire for 1 is sader
xippih: Play incubation, cracle, then library
headdeskdev: what about minds desire for 1
xippih: cradle*
hd_dabnado: minds desire for 0 lrrBEEJ
Rebbers: Ivy Elemental for 1 is the saddest thing in magic.
Dr_fragenstien: Mulling to 4 is equally sad
MrTulip: i think op is going to do things before turn nine this game
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Most of those tutors find a land
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MilkInBag: Mind's Desire for 0...wait, that's illegal
keltonhicks8: minds desire hitting 7 lands in a row. seen it happen.
Ristow: we're gonna have like 50 mana by turn 4
IaCthulhuFthagn: @MilkInBag: Storm count is -1... owait.
Banrael: Hai Beej
Camail: invisibeej!
Titan457: !quote ramp
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
MilkInBag: Beej, is Final Fantasy X anime?
DemoDane: invisibeej PogChamp
Rebbers: Mind Sculpt milling 25 cards is the best feeling in magic
Znazl: lrrJAMES_TK
2rrr_mirror_breaker: noble + reach + library
Skajetolaf: Invisibeej
RayFK: Noble, cradle
kumatsu: board the Hover-Beej
heartofgoldfish: when are we gonna get Keep An Izzet Mage Busy
andyweekend: beej and Adam best friends forever
mrbzoomer: lrrFINE
godort: noble, cradle, then gross stuff
MilkInBag: reach is tapped
NathanJay_GA: we have all the ramp, huh?
heartofgoldfish: r&d cards in MTGO please
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fugatlas: because james is piloting
Ristow: think we want to play Polukranos to get the pressure going
xippih: <message deleted>Because James is bad at this game lol
RayFK: Polukranos? You might want to put pressure on them
2rrr_mirror_breaker: james play your creatures before tapping your cradle
Traion: Does this count as a shirtless Beej incident? Do we have to reset the counter again? Kappa
WonderfulGlory: The Pax unplugged Q&A was a trip
A_Dub888: !findquote james
LRRbot: Quote #6375: "Oh, I can find a coffee worth your life, James." —Serge [2019-09-10]
mrbzoomer: no
Dr_fragenstien: There was probably a line where you evolve the druid and play pulukranos that turn
keltonhicks8: i love james and adam!
MilkInBag: he's not bad, he's just not good Kappa (I'm joking)
fugatlas: thats the first time in my life i've seen a hardcast dig
deyja429: Who is this B. Nice?
Arikell: Hard cast dig?
gamercat88: Santa is watching
TheWarbo: only adam can be mean to james, only james can be mean to adam
xippih: What is nice? Can I eat it?
DemoDane: how about a dig for 7 on the feel bad scale?
Traion: James is real good... at drawing lands
2rrr_mirror_breaker: alright lets draw hoof
samu_btdp1985: hoof to win?
RobotInProgress: James is terribly good ;D
patrick_stonecrusher: is B. Nice related to Mr. B. Natural?
fugatlas: at this point it may be worthing taking the 8 just so that the top of your deck is clear
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bigcore917: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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kumatsu: Adam want's potatos, time for Poutine dinner
TheWarbo: when craterhoof isn't on the screen, everyone should be asking "Where's Craterhoof"
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HydraWiggins: for the true dig, begin taking 8 each turn
headdeskdev: pay 8 life
2rrr_mirror_breaker: pay 8 to get closer to hoof
MrTulip: def pay 8
Skajetolaf: Maybe take all cards to dig deeper
DemoDane: we can make the biggest polukranos ever LUL
RayFK: Pay life
keltonhicks8: I'm happy you guys are playing vintage cube. im not the best either and I just think its fun to hang out and play some magic cards
kumatsu: !quote Omnath
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
cryomancer20x6: 🥔
Traion: So Adam did you see the Theros spoilers? What do you think of the new mechanic?
kumatsu: huh, figured that that would be in the quote database
2rrr_mirror_breaker: garruk make a beast play poly k
TheWarbo: !findquote omnath
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
hd_dabnado: double cradle
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Adapt the Druid
hd_dabnado: adapt druid
fugatlas: plus garruk can untap craddle
Dr_fragenstien: You can do everything this turn
Arikell: You can do anything really
Ristow: garruk and plus let's you ultimate him next turn and win
deyja429: We can ult though if we +
fugatlas: oof
2rrr_mirror_breaker: level up the druid
Kykiwi: should have uptick garruk so can ult next turn
RayFK: Don't regrowth
Skajetolaf: You have one floating
korvys: Save the regrowth incase they kill something
Dr_fragenstien: You can tap the cradle, then I tap with garruk
RayFK: No then you lose the floating
warpzonius: that is a board
MilkInBag: what if opp upheaval OpieOP
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: More pressure, but also more mana
DemoDane: i think we're fine
fugatlas: it would've if you hadn't beasted, but so it goes
kumatsu: seabatBRAIN
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @MilkInBag how were they gonna cast upheavel?
NathanJay_GA: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TheWarbo: but was it *powerful* nothing?
DemoDane: You are the vintage masters
MrTulip: this storm deck is....questionable
MilkInBag: @2rrr_mirror_breaker with mana, or something
Znazl: opp played chart a course, concedes twice jonbKEK
Dr_fragenstien: Sequencing is very important for this deck
deyja429: GG OP
Aarek: lets go baby!
CallousArchon: PogChamp
RayFK: Perfect Deck
seth_erickson: Let's go
RayFK: Can't lose
Toxxick: Hows it going nice people??
Titan457: Yeah BBY!
seth_erickson: seabatPjorg
gamercat88: noice
UnknownGerm: Y I K E S
godort: T2 Ulamog?
godort: rad
MilkInBag: I can't wait for FoW
heartofgoldfish: the dream
MrTulip: gods perfect hand
mattyloz: get 'em
Muddy_Thunder: You're not bad Adam, you're just inexperienced with this format.
deyja429: Are we on the play too?
UndeadSquirel: This is why I watch magic content
DemoDane: make sure to play hierarch to attack for 11
Traion: No T1 Channel, this deck sucks! Kappa
TheWarbo: lrrFRUMP
BlooMilk: 👍
MilkInBag: calling out cards that make us lose
noisyblizzard: we even get to stone rain them
deyja429: Oh they are 110% dead.
Titan457: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Skajetolaf: That leaves a sour taste
dancybooch: Before you yell at Milk think about where your bones would be without him
jrhwhite: Looks like I came at a good time
MilkInBag: click on portrait
xippih: Alt F4
heartofgoldfish: good QUESTION i don't CARE
Ristow: click the channel up top
RayFK: Channel
CallousArchon: The mirror match! Our Ulamog beats theirs because it attacks first!
MilkInBag: oh they changed it
MrTulip: you even get to stone rain them, it's the best
RayFK: Blow up a forest
warpzonius: LUL
Kykiwi: ez game
TheWarbo: hahah yes
Dix: Love it
godort: RIP opponent
MilkInBag: great match
xippih: Best kind of magic!!
frankscx: magic is EZ
UndeadSquirel: Who needs storm for T2 wins
MrPipboy3000: wow
Titan457: GG
DemoDane: You did the vintage
Jigokuro: bitterLOL
mistmurk: LUL
PixelArtDragon: As Richard Garfield intended
heartofgoldfish: ~magic~
Kykiwi: that was great fun
xippih: Yes, because the game ENDS, Adam!
Ristow: Jitte might be decent if opponent is green too
IanJacek: Vintage masters, oh yes the king's game
MilkInBag: how to sideboard, thinkies 🤔
fubargames: Magic as Richard Garfield intended
TheWarbo: we did a vintage
Dix: you cast 3 spells
Traion: Channel really shouldn't be in the cube imo
MrTulip: you get to play a lot of games that way =P
northos: we played lands and cast spells, what more do you want Adam
Skajetolaf: Aaah the classic Channel Ulamog
historyman_admu: COOL GAME
TheWarbo: so what have we seen from their deck Kappa
hannibal551: You won magic
Nemosaur: mandatory golfclap 👏👏
DemoDane: now they do it to us
RayFK: You do
RobotInProgress: a card was played, therefore a game was had... right?
MrTulip: yes, always
Dr_fragenstien: You cast 3 cards, how is that not playing magic Kappa
UndeadSquirel: Agressively mulligan for channel ulamog
Skajetolaf: Dismember the Hierarch
malc: ~which member
LRRTwitter: Dis member.
Kykiwi: ooof
RayFK: Punished
historyman_admu: always bolt the bird
MilkInBag: with london mulligan, i would do it aggressively
warpzonius: Jebaited
UndeadSquirel: gut punch
DemoDane: Roflcopter
Dix: get got
historyman_admu: oops
Dix: oh we're so ded
Ristow: top 3 cards are gonna be channel and ulamog and karn, we're good
xippih: Oh you are so dead
RayFK: James
RayFK: James please
TheWarbo: I am experiencing fear
Titan457: It IS the mirror match!
Dix: land locked too BibleThump
Diabore: oh look, this games over too
Ristow: time to hope their hand is all ramp and no payoff
RayFK: Atarka
Kykiwi: yea
Dix: Hahahaha
gamercat88: oh lawd she here
Kykiwi: atarka is good card
TheWarbo: <serge voice> ATARKA
IanJacek: ggwp
Dix: scoop em up
hd_dabnado: wow
UndeadSquirel: Should've aggressively mulliganed for Channel Ulamog
historyman_admu: F
UnknownGerm: RIPerroni
hd_dabnado: the 5 damage
RulerofNight: scooooooooop
officedge: I think the opp has the deck we wanted
RayFK: I feel like I'm playing my friends cube right now
xippih: See? It is totally fair, Adam. Both sides can do it!
Diabore: tbf dismember was still the right play
MilkInBag: is the die roll important Kappa
Dix: Jeet too slow
hd_dabnado: I feel like we add port it, in case they have a cradle themselves
killing_thyme: Maybe this time you'll both do something
2rrr_mirror_breaker: poly k is real good in the mirror
Ristow: Polukranos could be really good
xippih: I think you want to highroll in this matchup
headdeskdev: poly k is pretty good against mono green
Kykiwi: opp is on the btter ramp deck
Dix: Get Flexed on
2rrr_mirror_breaker: also it can eat elves
xippih: Treespeaker is fine
IanJacek: DJ Poly K killing a bunch of dorks seems very good in this matchup
xippih: Next turn omnom their treespeaker and crunch in?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: next turn we can monster to kill treespeaker
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seth_erickson: !card Polukranos
LRRbot: Polukranos, World Eater [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Hydra [5/5] | {X}{X}{G}: Monstrosity X. / When Polukranos, World Eater becomes monstrous, it deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures your opponents control. Each of those creatures deals damage equal to its power to Polukranos.
Ristow: channel Polukranos though
TheWooglie: channel monstrous
dancybooch: I would channel it all
DemoDane: you can use channel for polyk
seth_erickson: we could monstrous for a lot with channel
2rrr_mirror_breaker: I think channel avenger and monsterous is good
Kykiwi: channle sounds bad
heartofgoldfish: channel poly for no reason
headdeskdev: wait a turn on the channel
Dr_fragenstien: You can do both
xippih: Channel zendikar, next turn kodama for 2 land triggers?
MrPipboy3000: monsterous kills it
TheWooglie: oh yeah it's a fight
RulerofNight: slime kills poly k if you kill it
Titan457: But you can pop it with the monstrous ability
2rrr_mirror_breaker: just K reach
Kykiwi: it is not a fight
Kykiwi: wait
Ristow: you can't kill treespeaker without channel
UnknownGerm: as you choose
Kykiwi: nvm
Kykiwi: i am worng
2rrr_mirror_breaker: deathtouch counts
DemoDane: it does count
jrhwhite: It does count
hd_dabnado: uhhh
InfernoM16: It's technically a fight, because the creature deals the damage
Kykiwi: dont do it
RayFK: It counts
UndeadSquirel: Judge
warpzonius: Deathtouch will apply
godort: last sentence
RulerofNight: slime will kill poly k
Arikell: Trade polukranos for their board seems fine
hd_dabnado: lets find out?
DemoDane: you kill the elf
Traion: DT counts
RulerofNight: no
korvys: It's not a "fight", but it is a fight, and will kill Poly
noisyblizzard: read though
Dr_fragenstien: It does count
heartofgoldfish: JUDGE
Ragnarakk: DT is any damage
officedge: Poly deals damage equal to counters
mistmurk: <message deleted>NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN
UnknownGerm: kill everything but the slime
patrick_stonecrusher: it 100 counts
deyja429: Reacch?
DemoDane: its a 1/2
Ristow: can't kill it for 1
2rrr_mirror_breaker: treespeaker is a 1/2
TheWarbo: yeah it's a fight that just doesn't use the word "fight"
xippih: I would just channel here and set up 2/3's
FumbleBuck: That won't kill it
mattyloz: have to monster for 2
MrPipboy3000: its a 1/2
noisyblizzard: it only deals 1 for 1
historyman_admu: kill mana.dorks
RulerofNight: i think you just reach
KartoffelKaiser: Twitch chat: "it's not a fight so it works" Also twitch chat: "it doesn't work"
headdeskdev: i feel like just reach this turn? and channel enxt turn
Dr_fragenstien: It has 2 toughness
RulerofNight: and set up channel for next turn
northos: mtgngBan
frankscx: hey i think it's a 1/2
Skajetolaf: (})
ButterBall000: Does chat need a time out?
Dix: Chat behave. I'm off to go see Ben and Ben at CF DC PogChamp
supercrypticcommand: Tree speaker is absolutely a 1/2
Baldrash: Chat always needs a time out.
InfernoM16: @Dix what if I don't wanna
PaperDoopliss: Frankly, I'm offended. When I type in all caps I use the shift key like God intended
RayFK: @InfernoM16 then get timed out
xippih: People are mega stingy today
deyja429: So a bunch of goblins?
Traion: Bring a BenBen deck Dix!
kevenwith2es: A buncha rapscallions in chat.
dancybooch: Dont say "what is with twitch chat" jesus. Nothing better than clumping up a bunch of people not doing anything with the couple people that were.
Anubis169 tags in
Anubis169: yo
InfernoM16: @Dix you mean I have to hold down the PC?
SolarBlitz1: I mean, the title should lower peoples expectations.
Kalpho: just the right amount of ornery
Skajetolaf: Channel > Avenger might be pretty deece too right? Or are we saving Channel for something bigger?
Ragnarakk: James isnt bad, just massively cursed
Kykiwi: ohh we can eat all those plants
headdeskdev: channel polyk+avenger
theambivalentagender: Oh hey it's mono green vs mono green, magic as Richard Garfield intended
heartofgoldfish: channel bloobyDab ulamog
deyja429: Channel for a board wipe in green?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: hear me out, if we channel poly k and kill them
DemoDane: channel avenger and monstrous and kill all their dorks
xippih: I did! But I didn't yell it out. Also, my skill level is that of dirt, so evaluating James' level correctly is about as probable as the earth being flat :P
Titan457: Clearing their board right now is not a bad idea
2rrr_mirror_breaker: channel poly k, mosterous, it gets a huge number of counters and we attack for like 17
Anubis169: Dismember the Avenger and Render the Pretender
headdeskdev: yeah but you can kill the pilgrim and the treespeaker
JakeKamas: could you channel and use Poly K to wrath their board?
Kykiwi: and plants
DemoDane: and all the plants
mattyloz: you can kill them with channell
RayFK: You can kill all the plants for free
meisbored: dismember slime and fight everything else?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: I'd mosterouse for x = 7
IanJacek: do you have enough life to dismember, channel, avenger and poly?
Dr_fragenstien: Why not both?
MrPipboy3000: its xx, so you'd need 14
Anubis169: got enough mana for both?
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
Ristow: if we kill the plants we don't really need to dismember
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we can fight the avenger with poly k
Kykiwi: ^
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2rrr_mirror_breaker: so we need to monst for 8 then
myanrueller28's Sub shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
xippih: Big brain play
lurkerspine: why not wipe board and swing?
kevenwith2es: Dismember James Presents the Avengers? B-But I like the Long Game
myanrueller28: <message deleted>CUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anubis169: riffYeti
xippih: Adam, do you need a hug? xD
heartofgoldfish: ah, magic
DemoDane: avenger + elves is only 7 dmg
myanrueller28: Dismember Avenger?
korvys: Poly already has 5 power
DemoDane: monstrous for 4
CallousArchon: Have we circled back around to just cheat?
wingsfan240: Joraga is a 1/2
frankscx: did I mention it's a 1/2
heartofgoldfish: channel 18 instead of conceding, go out on our own terms
mrbzoomer: <message deleted>sounds like you need to relax
korvys: Oh, cool
Traion: Killing the plants does mean we don't care about Avenger
Dr_fragenstien: Is it x each, or x divided?
Titan457: Hey chat, reading the car explains the card
seth_erickson: !card polukranos
LRRbot: Polukranos, World Eater [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Hydra [5/5] | {X}{X}{G}: Monstrosity X. / When Polukranos, World Eater becomes monstrous, it deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures your opponents control. Each of those creatures deals damage equal to its power to Polukranos.
IanJacek: you need to pay 17 mana to x for 8
KartoffelKaiser: x divided
FumbleBuck: Divided
Aarek: x divided
2rrr_mirror_breaker: @LoadingReadyRun pay 16 monst for 8 kill avenger + treespeaker + pilgrim, then eat the creatures out of the yard with ooze
comfortablepenguin: You can save life by paying 5 to dismember avenger
Dr_fragenstien: It’s x divided too, which stinks
xippih: I get the distinct feeling people are not reading the cards in this chat. limesSip limesSip limesSip
patrick_stonecrusher: x gonna give it to them
croisvoix1: streaming cube is the worst for this reason
dancybooch: <message deleted>Yeah its definitely just "\twitch chat" getting ornery. Stop clumping twitch chat together like it is one entity. If youre going to get pissed off at something read the damn username
coelopteryx: speaking as a person who's objectively not doing anything ever (& doesn't even know anything about mtg), i support them saying "what is with twitch chat" when they need to say it
2rrr_mirror_breaker: just pass
Anubis169: chat, cool it, enjoy the game :)
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we want ooze to live so we can gain life back
Baldrash: Usernames are useless. We're all "Twitch Chat", and we universally suck at this game. lrrAWESOME
petrik_coffy: oh no
2rrr_mirror_breaker: slam for 13 plan to take 2
TheWarbo: !card scavenging ooze
LRRbot: Scavenging Ooze [1G] | Creature — Ooze [2/2] | {G}: Exile target card from a graveyard. If it was a creature card, put a +1/+1 counter on Scavenging Ooze and you gain 1 life.
Ristow: attacking is fine
F1SHOR: I'm not twitch chat... I am groot :P
xippih: next turn we ooze eat their yard, then dismember
IAmToastBeyondToast: If you survive Scooze the bejesus out of them next turn ^_^
Ristow: if they have like hoof it doesn't really matter lol
Titan457: The entire point of saying "twitch chat" is to avoid calling out people needlessly
Baldrash: OK, F1SHOR can be Groot.
MrPipboy3000: No, you'd been deathouched
korvys: !card Dragonlord Atarka
LRRbot: Dragonlord Atarka [5RG] | Legendary Creature — Elder Dragon [8/8] | Flying, trample / When Dragonlord Atarka enters the battlefield, it deals 5 damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures and/or planeswalkers your opponents control.
Ristow: not just dead thanks to ooze
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we can scooze up to 9 lol
Titan457: They're only mostly dead
Ristow: play druid
heartofgoldfish: no avengers for anybody
mattyloz: time to top deck hoof
MrPipboy3000: A graveyard, get their Avenger too
Ristow: come on Karn off the top
2rrr_mirror_breaker: hey at least we didnt die for not playing druid
heartofgoldfish: aw, if only we had held out for channel ulamog
2rrr_mirror_breaker: twitch chat during cube season is the absolute worse
korvys: Cube is bad
Titan457: We all just need to chill TF out
Rebbers: Adams just gaming for a fight
UndeadSquirel: Nothing but love Adam <3
Ristow: people have opinions on vintage cube
MrPipboy3000: Hey, you guys are doing great!
korvys: For streaming, I mean
Nemosaur: behave chat TakeNRG TakeNRG TakeNRG
2rrr_mirror_breaker: everyone thinks they are LSV
myanrueller28: @korvys YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
noisyblizzard: cube brings out the worst in us
WonderfulGlory: It's the Vintage cube viewing audience
xippih: Cube is great - without twitch chat Kappa
fubargames: Twitch chat *cubed*
TheWarbo: C U D E kathle3PRISM
myanrueller28: Cube is dope
Kalpho: cube brings out the squares
Anubis169: xxxLURK <---- good
Fruan: Adam, you're a wonderful entertainer and we apreciate you <3
jrhwhite: Put me in!!!
historyman_admu: emote only chat?
Arikell: Ok, was not prepared to have graham in my ear
SolarBlitz1: Lots of old cards seems to confuse people how they work.
myanrueller28: It's hard
dancybooch: All I want is ASMR Graham breathing into the mic
Dix: Backseat play from chat is never fun
TheWarbo: !quote 1305
LRRbot: Quote #1305: "Cube is WAY more fun when over 1000 people aren't telling you you're doing it wrong." —Graham [2015-12-17]
myanrueller28: Good and powerful magic
Skajetolaf: The backseat know it all is on a high level yeah :)
Dix: during cube*
MrPhlip: Ah, yes, the classic Mountain, Mountain, Cloudskate start
chaostreader: I think it’s because it’s vintage more than cube.
dancybooch: yessssssss
godort: xtraSekrut xtraSekrut xtraSekrut
Dix: w e l p
Laserbeaks_Fury: You also have to *really* know the cube
Naarius: bad touch
Anubis169: xxxTASY
dancybooch: thank you Graham
Titan457: If we wanted to watch people being GOOD at Magic, there are a ton of other places to go. We're here because we want to see LRR play Magic.
Kaaosa: I want to backseat but I'm bad at Magic so I guess I'll just do it anyway
gamercat88: feel so dirty now
coelopteryx: support for adam and james making their own decisions and playing how they want
Kalpho: can Graham say rapscallion?
ghostvalv: :O
xippih: I think LSV is one of the few that can stream cube and not have the chat riot xD
Banrael: lrrHEART lrrHEART to the fine folks streamin', you do you. :D
korvys: Wait, was that Adam doing baby sign language before?
Dix: Wait waht even IS our opponent's Username
myanrueller28: Woof
2rrr_mirror_breaker: I like wall + poly k
DemoDane: channel monstrous :)
Evochron13: I believe I misrepresented my thoughts on "getting more info" for FN earlier. Sorry about that; what I meant was more that I have full faith in LRR doing FN justice but will miss monthly aspect of it.
Anubis169: it's "Barcode"
Tiber727: @Kaaosa Wait, you're supposed to have skill in order to backseat?
Ristow: does cloudskate come in next turn?
Anubis169: and it scans ok Kappa
Dix: WOW Anubis169 WOW
TheWarbo: opponent just wanted to make sure on discord spoilers
dancybooch: You could play channel and then drain yourself fo rall of your life?
xippih: Nice sequence
Dix: Rifting PolyK
historyman_admu: ulamog
Anubis169: I'll get my hat and coat on the way out, here until Tuesday nights, try the veal riffWhizzo
dancybooch: Same
UndeadSquirel: One time Ulamog
korvys: The LRR motto'
DemoDane: Channel to 10 and Hidetsugu's Second Rite yourself
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun Hi Adam, Graham, and #BlameJames
dancybooch: Im excited for ASMR Graham building legos
UrbanSamurai_22: Hey Adam would you guys like some codes for MTGO and Arena?
korvys: Blames Turner
Titan457: Wait, is Graham building Lego on stream?
TheWarbo: #ShamesTurner
Banrael: Hrrm.. VR lego building would reduce how many times I step on legos.
heartofgoldfish: aah, do we have finale in this?
A_Dub888: Blames Myself
CallousArchon: The story of #blamejames in the Nightbook?
Anubis169: UrbanSamurai_22: Rememeber to obfuscate them in a good enough way if you're going to put them in chat, bots snipe them
Anubis169: best put them through Pump19
Skajetolaf: Assembling second hand Lego has the added bonus of the thrill of not being sure it's complete
2rrr_mirror_breaker: dont need to channel we have 7
deyja429: And Poly K
GloriousMost: The story on #blamejames , right after the one where the guy has a bunch of kids mauled for being called bald.
Anubis169: seeya G xxxCOM
MrPipboy3000: Cast wall, Channel Avenger, cast poly K
deyja429: That seems good.
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we have 7 without playing a land, just play avenger play a land
Sibwow: Howdy James and Adam
japolai: there is a website called bricklink with info on every lego set and instructions and stuff.
Kykiwi: yea seem good adam
wingsfan240: We want to tap cradle after avenger, I like it
deyja429: We don't need to Channel, but...
Dr_fragenstien: Land first for more mana from cradle?
wingsfan240: I like it
deyja429: Lets go for it.
warpzonius: SeemsGood
noisyblizzard: i like what adam is saying
seth_erickson: I like channelingl here
korvys: Putting down a lot of threats does not seem like a bad play
Enmity777: I like it
Traion: I like this line
Skajetolaf: I think you are great
heartofgoldfish: doing everything is cool but what about surviving
2rrr_mirror_breaker: have to tap the other elf
2rrr_mirror_breaker: pilgrim makes white
RayFK: Green
2rrr_mirror_breaker: wall first
Dr_fragenstien: That sounds good, I was just proposing the option for 1 more mana, not a biggie
Skajetolaf: play Wall
korvys: Wall is free (ish)
RayFK: Using the forest
Anubis169: so anyway here's Just-a-wall...
2rrr_mirror_breaker: make a mana with wall
wingsfan240: Wall of Roots mana
DemoDane: wall
Kykiwi: need to use the wall
jrhwhite: channel; for 1
Titan457: One more from wall
Dix: Wall of roots
RayFK: Use the wall of roots, cancel
korvys: Channel still up
RayFK: Also channel
Traion: Channel for 1
Skajetolaf: And channel is up too
Enmity777: channel/use wall
Dr_fragenstien: Channel for more
headdeskdev: just pray for no wrath
DemoDane: yes modo 3 and 1 sounds good
Nemosaur: NOM
Titan457: Nice turn
Anubis169: tasty
korvys: There might be a more conservative line, but I don't hate this.
seth_erickson: don't forget Chandra's uptick deals damage if they don't cast the spell
Dix: plus Chandra andwait for the scoop
Kykiwi: two cards in hand? ya probly not ded
mattyloz: pogU
Kykiwi: aww oof
wingsfan240: At least they played their fetch already
jrhwhite: they already played fetchland at least
Anubis169: xxxP xxxPLICIT
wingsfan240: so they don't get a million 2/3s
Nemosaur: chumpys for days 😟
Red_Jar: 3feri
Nemosaur: t3ferii
korvys: Do before they play a land?
wingsfan240: already did @korvys
korvys: Oh
2rrr_mirror_breaker: jace is a problem
deyja429: All at Chandra?
Traion: We die to Chandra in two turns
RayFK: Chandra
seth_erickson: We need to attack Chandra now
wingsfan240: they don't have anything to flash back @2rrr_mirror_breaker
Nemosaur: chandra domes you
RayFK: She can kill you
Dr_fragenstien: You have to kill chandra too, she’ll kill you
Paranundrox: Chandra + kills you in 2 turns
Dix: CanLander definitely helps with weird cube lines like this
Paranundrox: yup
warpzonius: Chat is right? sounds fake to me
GreatGodOm: why no attak with the mana dorks?
mistmurk: hey chat i'm sorry for all caps i'll chill i just wanted to make a joke :(
Dr_fragenstien: Don’t say that Adam! You’ll inflate chat’a ego!
mattyloz: just hope they don't draw bolt ezclap
Paranundrox: CanLander is just VIntage Cube Constructed, afterall :P
Headshotcatcher: they can crack back right
headdeskdev: should be attacking with the elves
2rrr_mirror_breaker: why didnt we send with the elves?
MrPipboy3000: Any reason you left back the elves?
Dix: headdeskdev they're all 0/x
wingsfan240: lol
fiftymcnasty: lrrADAM_SG lrrJAMES_SG
Headshotcatcher: oh jk
TheMoatman: How on earth did they print polukranos without giving it trample when monstrous
MrPipboy3000: Ok, no worries
Nemosaur: care for the needle spires aswell ⚠️
Baldrash: Ruh-roh.
TheMoatman: cmon seven lands
Muddy_Thunder: they could whiff
mistmurk: oof ouch owie
mattyloz: I believe
myanrueller28: T3feri is dumb
Dr_fragenstien: You’re paying around a haste creature Kappa
Muddy_Thunder: I believe in you Adam
TheWarbo: seven cards is a *lot* to whiff, but they could
patrick_stonecrusher: in before lightning bolt
Traion: @themoatman The idea is you kill all the stuff you'd need trample for. Adding trample would've been real strong
Nemosaur: well now they wont transform jace 😏
TheWarbo: !card needle spire
LRRbot: Needle Spires | Land | Needle Spires enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {R} or {W}. / {2}{R}{W}: Needle Spires becomes a 2/1 red and white Elemental creature with double strike until end of turn. It's still a land.
Sibwow: @loadingreadyrun hey James nice headphones
wingsfan240: instant speed Wrath of God?
Dix: I'm confused why they didn't transform Jace before the Dig
DemoDane: hoof inc
Arikell: Hoof or bust
Muddy_Thunder: hoof
Kykiwi: should opp have flip jace first?
TheMoatman: Traion he's a mythic, he's *supposed* to be real strong
Diabore: @dix blocking probably
Skajetolaf: LFH
deyja429: Hoof off the top
F1SHOR: here piggypiggypiggy
DemoDane: LUL
Paranundrox: Adam please
wingsfan240: LMAO
heartofgoldfish: sylvan library is basically dig through time except it kills you
Kykiwi: Xd
Dix: Karn away Chandra
Titan457: Adam...
heartofgoldfish: take that, opponent
Anubis169: UrbanSamurai_22: whisper ;)
seth_erickson: Karn keeps us alive
Traion: @themoatman yes but we don't need broken mythics just look at what Green did in the past Standard
seth_erickson: need to take out Chandra
mistmurk: magic is hard
Anubis169: 33333?
fiftymcnasty: Chandra
Dix: Chandra WILL kill you
2rrr_mirror_breaker: exile chandra attack everything at teferi
Kykiwi: attack frist?
DemoDane: chandra attack tef
mattyloz: so now we yell at adam in all caps right?
TheWarbo: chandra +1 kills you
Skajetolaf: Chandra
Kykiwi: then exile
Red_Jar: well you can swing at t3feri
heartofgoldfish: swing first i guess?
TheWarbo: oh right we attack something too huh. that's how green works
fiftymcnasty: attack their life points directy
Paranundrox: leave more than 1 blocker
2rrr_mirror_breaker: we arent throwing away anything they have no power on their board
Paranundrox: you need 2 blockers if you leave Teferi alive
Traion: Teferi bouncing helps us
dancybooch: Remember to leave up a couple blockers
Muddy_Thunder: they have no power right?
Dix: send smol bois at Tef and big bois at lifetotal
MrPipboy3000: sent the plant at tefarie, then hit him with everything else
MrPipboy3000: plants*
Muddy_Thunder: !card needle spires
LRRbot: Needle Spires | Land | Needle Spires enters the battlefield tapped. / {T}: Add {R} or {W}. / {2}{R}{W}: Needle Spires becomes a 2/1 red and white Elemental creature with double strike until end of turn. It's still a land.
Anubis169: 1HP is not 0HP manGRY manFIST
Dix: elves
2rrr_mirror_breaker: attack with the elves they have no poewr
Dix: doh
JakeKamas: they have the man land
Dix: both elves at tef would put it low enough to NOT bounce
wingsfan240: if we leave only 2 blockers they kill us with teferi and a removal spell
RayFK: Ded
Kykiwi: oh we ded
F1SHOR: in moments like this all i think of is "red has no haste right"
Dix: RIP
mattyloz: welp
Headshotcatcher: what's the most feels bad way to die here? slow rolled gutshot?
DemoDane: rip
Kykiwi: nothing much to do there
Diabore: maybe they attack karn
headdeskdev: fun game tho
MrPipboy3000: GG anyway
Paranundrox: Odds of dying to DTT were pretty high anyways
Dix: Headshotcatcher Flashed in resto.
mistmurk: FeelsBadMan
mattyloz: @Headshotcatcher resto apparently XD
mrbzoomer: F
Anubis169: -2HP is not 0HP manGRY manFIST
headdeskdev: port seems good
headdeskdev: and maybe even factory
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Add Jitte?
2rrr_mirror_breaker: colorless lands are so bad if we are playing elves
lamina5432: Ice and fire
Skajetolaf: Jitte and or SoFi might be dece
MrPipboy3000: nice hand
mistmurk: just need the payoff
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Cut the Regrowth, add Jitte?
mistmurk: draw ulamog
Kykiwi: come oonn ulamog
xippih: Draw Karn and win, gg easy :P
mattyloz: time to top deck ulamog ez
mrbzoomer: is Kathleen ok?
xippih: Play metamorph then land?
DemoDane: clues for days
xippih: Noice!
bondeulv: can anyone tell me why we're not playing jitte?
Titan457: Mmmmmmm... all the clues
Kykiwi: so many clues!
seth_erickson: Card draw engine is online
F1SHOR: this is going to get wild if they cant remove it lol
Muddy_Thunder: because they chose not to. Thats the only reason we need
mattyloz: jitte isn't all that good unless you have evasive creatures
xippih: Double crack then smash?
jrhwhite: Jitte is insane if you have any creatures
DemoDane: the all star himself
jrhwhite: and they have creatures
Nemosaur: its ya boi PolyB!
bondeulv: mattyloz, it gets counters whenever the equipped create deals damage
seth_erickson: Polukranos has not missed a day of work. Good on him
xippih: Nice!
DemoDane: vintage indeed
CallousArchon: Another win on the back of Poly K
Titan457: Now we just do that again
MrPipboy3000: Guess he was ... clueless :)
dancybooch: Hows everyone doing today?
xippih: Sick hand
korvys: Who's on the Paper Fight this week?
korvys: Nice
bondeulv: they don't have to hit the opponent, that's part of why jitte is busted
Titan457: @dancybooch I'm pretty good. Thanks for asking.
GreatGodOm: I once had an opponent play a turn-2 8-mana ugin off of channel. :P
mattyloz: I am aware how jitte works, but at the power level of Vintage cube unless you're pushing damage or pinging off dorks, neither of which would happen in this MU, it's not worth the spot
Headshotcatcher: I'd really love to play this league but me being garbage and the eV being low is pretty disheartening
Daken1993: whats the format for the paper fight this week?
Banrael: Good @dancybooch , yourself?
Rebbers: lrrADAM_TK
wingsfan240: i like roots>scooze
Traion: @daken1993 20 dollar challenge
Kykiwi: keep an eye for resto angle
Jigokuro: Oh I love the last one of those
Jigokuro: cool
Gadora: Yessss~
j0xer: Adam thoughts on the LCQ for capcom cup not being streamed because "logistics"
texasman208: That was an awesome stream last time yall did that
cotillion1850: 20 Canadian I assume?
Gadora: I'm super here for the $20 challenge! ^.^
wingsfan240: roots into reach?
ElektroTal: 20 korean, actually
Lord_Hosk: $20 CASH, or store credit and is there a difference at YJ?
GreatGodOm: Wall + reachj
mattyloz: 20 yen
frankscx: was it 20 dollars, or 20 zennys
83 raiders from SergeYager have joined!
TheWarbo: all LRR streams are denominated in renminbi
SergeYager: :D
TheAinMAP: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
j0xer: yes they just announced today it wont be streamed. i'm extremely salty, its the best part of the tournament
Ravynn: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
dangerous_safety: sergeHi sergeFriend sergeHi sergeFriend sergeHi sergeFriend
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patrick_stonecrusher: SURGE!
Jigokuro: sergeKappaccino sergeKappaccino sergeKappaccino sergeKappaccino sergeKappaccino sergeKappaccino
Banrael: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
98paperboys: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Arclight_Dynamo: It's the Serge surge!
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Nemosaur: LCQ for TekkenCup was more hype than the Main event
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seth_erickson: Thanks for the HahaTurtledove @ravynn
j0xer: @Nemosaur EXACTLY
Titan457: There's been a surge of Serge
gamercat88: roots, scooze and boogie!
RedJackz: @LoadingReadyRun So regarding Friday Nights, is December's vid still gonna show up on wizard's MTG channel or will that be shown on LLRMTG?
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Can also dismember the land
Dr_fragenstien: You can also eat your courser
Nemosaur: @j0xer We gotta get Adam into Tekken!!!!!
EJGRgunner: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (49m from now).
j0xer: @nemosaur good ass tekken can do it why not street fighter? (they have done it for the past 4 years no problem btw)
Diabore: i like splicer to get 2 creatures
RedJackz: Thank you!
mattyloz: killing splicer takes away the first strike
Skajetolaf: Splicer makes it food for ooze
headdeskdev: use scooze now because of the tithe taker
wingsfan240: We can actually eat on our turn and their turn
wingsfan240: oh yeah
j0xer: Adam definitely seems like a Lucky Chloe player
Diabore: scooze costs 2
Diabore: on their turn
Nemosaur: @j0xer adam prolly would love Leroy, i sure do. i was sceptic but damn hes so nice
korvys: Tekken's always been my fighting game of choice - since my friend got a playstation with Tekken 1 in '95
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korvys: King for life
patrick_stonecrusher: once per turn is once on your turn and once on their turn
Traion: Wall of Roots isn't a mana ability? Oo
wingsfan240: yes it is @Traion
erased_citizen: oooh nice lego building tonight!
ElektroTal: HahaSleep
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Cast Avenger, play land, cast hoof next turn?
Fruan: Wall of Roots is a weird weird card with a weird weird history. Wall of Boom was a bizare deck.
JPattemore: @Traion It is, its just a long standing mtgo bug
Nemosaur: i wish Blazblue CF didnt die :(
Traion: Ty @jpattemore
wingsfan240: I think we care about 1 more dude than slightly bigger dudes?
mattyloz: oops
wingsfan240: cuz the dudes are always lethal with hoof
DolGrenn: It's fine, you get an extra plant
Ristow: playing around mana tithe like a boss
j0xer: @Nemosaur if he plays leroy he can switch to the new Guilty Gear character when that comes out and it should be a perfect transition
A_Dub888: lrrFINE
Kykiwi: hope for opn not to have time walk + resto?
Dr_fragenstien: One more plant for hoof to make swole
mattyloz: inb4 fog
Diabore: settle
noisyblizzard: the wall of roots got a counter LUL
Crazy_Miner51: inb4 settle
Nemosaur: VROOM
2rrr_mirror_breaker: maybe play around settle the wreckage
Kykiwi: settle
wingsfan240: NICE
korvys: Settle the Wreckage?
kumatsu: But what if Craterhoof had haste?
Kykiwi: awww
DemoDane: nice
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Settle?
Kykiwi: ayyy
RedJackz: -113 PogChamp
Fruan: Hoof, there it is.
Red_Jar: Is settle in the cube?
Dr_fragenstien: Inb4 settle the wreckage
DemoDane: <3
Red_Jar: Haven't seen it
Banrael: lrrGOAT 2-1
patrick_stonecrusher: WHOOOOOO FBtouchdown
Diabore: run it back!
korvys: We're sorry Adam. We love you.
Baldrash: Don't apologize, we were being dongs.
TheWarbo: eh, we *were* in fact being ornery
wingsfan240: Don't worry adam, it only felt like that because that's what it was
TheMoatman: Nice background
frankscx: i apologise for nothing
Jigokuro: A non-zero number of people were yelling at you
Banrael: It's cool Adam lrrHEART
ibplunderin: <3 you Adam!
Nemosaur: you dont expect people beeing nice online
Sogheim: lrrADAM lrrJAMES lrrADAM lrrJAMES lrrADAM lrrJAMES
Dr_fragenstien: It’s our fault, we love you Adam and james
Pharmacistjudge: they are quite nice
Sogheim: woooo
korvys: Even 500 people talking quietly would be a lot
Pharmacistjudge: I have one myself
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #132: "Regular jobs are for chumps. Never get a regular job, kids!" —Adam [2015-04-12]
DemoDane: time to fill in that shiny new friends list
TheWarbo: at least you've got the good internet
1y1e: nice wallpaper, I have that a socks
Banrael: They redid the weekly win thing, I like the new look for that better.
j0xer: every time arena patches i'm convinced it just reinstalls the entire client
noSmokeFire: Sooo geogussr?
TheMoatman: You know, I never actually got a letterman jacket. I dunno if I should, but I do still have my letters somewhere just sitting in a plastic bag
Nemosaur: it did for me for a good time @j0xer
korvys: !quote James
LRRbot: Quote #4576: "I need more horse blood" —James [2018-01-03]
noSmokeFire: also you guys look mad snazzy
KodeMage: why downloading arena if drafting vintage cube?
RedJackz: Why are they called Letterman Jacket?
thebluecosmonaut: you go on david letterman
erased_citizen: no
TheMoatman: Varsity sports or a handful of other things
Pharmacistjudge: can get them for club activities
gamercat88: or date someone with one
erased_citizen: you can just buy one
ZachtlyAsIntended: Clubs
seth_erickson: you buy one
thebluecosmonaut: :)
Pharmacistjudge: like band
noSmokeFire: you have to beat David Letterman in single combat
ElektroTal: i have no idea, and i went to high school in america
erased_citizen: you get patches from sports and stuff
weff47: I got one for being in marching band
ManaThrashRadio: my arena is LITERALLY updating at the same time lol
texasman208: Or stuff like band/choir. or just like doing well on state tests
korvys: What does Varsity mean anyway?
DemoDane: esport team letterman jacket
TheWarbo: Yeah pretty much; my school also had them for band. And, uh, JROTC.
theambivalentagender: You can also find them in thrift stores a lot
cutaos: you can be on debate club or drama or stuff
TheMoatman: If your school does it. We had to pay for them though, so I never bought one
texasman208: They give you a lot of ways to get them
carbajac: You just have to "letter" You can get it for academics or band too
seth_erickson: You didn't have to be on a sports team at least in my school you didn't
Pharmacistjudge: Band, Debate team, academic team...
theambivalentagender: Or you just get them from an older family member
FickleMuse: typically, but they were offered to band members (after I graduated, tho)
Diabore: i like those ashiok sleeves
RedJackz: Beej LUL
Banrael: Aww
MrPipboy3000: Band gets them too
BlightningHelix: You get a letterman jacket by buying it, but typically the only people who were in clubs could get it.
ElektroTal: plus. ot
CastleOtranto: Hey Betty, do you wanna go steady with me? I'll take you to the hop for a malted.
UndeadSquirel: Who would ever break up with Beej though
Pharmacistjudge: basically you get one if you are willing to pay for it
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Man, that Desktop image reminds me of the carpet from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
seth_erickson: I could have had one for Debate but it was too expensive
Robot_Bones: They still do those? I thought that was a 1950s thing
gamercat88: plus it would have Adam's name on it soooooooooo
TheJoe743: Clubs and marching band get them too
UndeadSquirel: Beej is perfection
TheWarbo: Extracurriculars other than sports might or might not happen, at the discretion of the school
Diabore: wow james
frankscx: beej could be a selfish lover
TheMoatman: @RedJackz because they have your school's letters (e.g. GWHS or GW for a school called George Washington High School) sewn to the front
weff47: Beej is going for a collection of them
noSmokeFire: what if you make a quilt out of letterman jackets
korvys: Mono 3 drops
gamercat88: can LRR have letterman jackets
ZachtlyAsIntended: Mono threedrops?
RedJackz: @TheMoatman Thanks
Robot_Bones: could have been playing this deck the whole time BibleThump
BlightningHelix: IIRC, buying a letterman when I was in high school was like... $100
Pharmacistjudge: I never got a class ring or a letterman jacket (I didn't really like my high school)
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CastleOtranto: LRRterman jackets?
BlightningHelix: So no one actually bought it
Mysticman89: I'd be more worried about what heather would do if I broke up with beej.
patrick_stonecrusher: collecting letterman jackets like trophies
noSmokeFire: @CastleOtranto LrrtrrM'n
seth_erickson: I'd buy a lrrterman jacket though that'd be great
heartofgoldfish: beej is a heartbreaker
CastleOtranto: @noSmokeFire Much better
UndeadSquirel: The Bucket
Diabore: trebucket!
Kaaosa: wow the effects on this client really improved while I was in the bathroom
erased_citizen: tre bucket
ElektroTal: *pushes glasses up nose* uh, i was told we'd be cubing?
Diabore: not the bucket! op you monster
klick37: What happens at the end of Road Quest?
mrbzoomer: yall seen the new athreos?
seth_erickson: he looks interesting mrbzoomer
heartofgoldfish: this is eldraine cube, it just consists of all the cards in eldraine at an appropriate rarity distribution
Diabore: sucks hes bab
noSmokeFire: at the end of road quest they drive into the sub ocean
UndeadSquirel: Very excited for new Theros, loved that whole block
KodeMage: they fall off a sea cliff
mrbzoomer: i love his new border @seth_erickson
korvys: Spoilers! lrrBEEJ
TheWarbo: adam making references he just learned three hours ago
heartofgoldfish: ugh road quest spoilers
AdamYMHMI: They just kind of fade away and we wake up next to Bob Newhart.
seth_erickson: yeah the border is nice
gamercat88: they get letterman jackets and they all give to Beej in hopes to attend his eternal love
Pywodwagon: Adam is a ghost powered by the dreams of chat
patrick_stonecrusher: seems sweet, I like old Athreos more
Pharmacistjudge: hold on you went back and killed everyone in that recreation town?
j0xer: that doesn't excuse Tidus' laugh
weff47: well the very current ending of Road Quest is that Adam and James are playing magic
Nemosaur: they clearly get the quest reward, and some Exp
kumatsu: Beej is decapitated at the end, that's why he was floating around the stream today
heartofgoldfish: @gamercat88 if there isn't a dating sim episode i'm gonna be real mildly disappointed
TheDoomRhombus: At the end of Roadquest there are the credits lrrBEEJ
noisyblizzard: fling the trebuchet that's gotta hurt Kappa
TheWarbo: yeah i've learned to pay attention to the bubbles
gamercat88: @heartofgoldfish right, it would be so good, hehe
klick37: Does Beej become the princess of Princess Auto?
seth_erickson: we can tap it down with the wheel
azureHaights: @klick37 Does that make him Princess Otto
TheWarbo: ping first
seth_erickson: tap first
TheWarbo: it's a knight
Diabore: cant joust 4/4
RedJackz: Clearly it's been a long stream for them
seth_erickson: it's ok sometimes it happens I know I do it all the time
Crazy_Miner51: The redcap foes trade right? It has double strike
Crazy_Miner51: oh its a 1/2
Crazy_Miner51: not 2/2
TheWarbo: it's nicer when you can say "with the trigger on the stack"
noisyblizzard: !card joust
LRRbot: Joust [1R] | Sorcery | Choose target creature you control and target creature you don't control. The creature you control gets +2/+1 until end of turn if it's a Knight. Then those creatures fight each other.
heartofgoldfish: we could've swung after the joust from the +2, i think?
TheWarbo: had summoning sickness
heartofgoldfish: hahah right
Diabore: deal
shadowypenguin: man they are tired
warpzonius: Adam the Seer
Kykiwi: there is the boy turbran
heartofgoldfish: magic's easy just draw the cards you need
Diabore: you can teade with both creatures
MrPipboy3000: Still got the wheel
seth_erickson: fling does at most 3
Kykiwi: fast fast fast
seth_erickson: I think the attack is fine
TheWarbo: oh right, when you sacrifice torbran, torbran is not on the board
Diabore: not dead yet
heartofgoldfish: can do a block & fling and keep torb
heartofgoldfish: i think?
MrPipboy3000: Flin the bucket
SolarBlitz1: fling kills the Witchstalker?
Diabore: fling only does 3
MrPipboy3000: Bucket dies anyway
historyman_admu: still dead next turn
countz3r0: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (32m from now).
historyman_admu: they will gain life end step
TheWarbo: they have food mana tho
historyman_admu: get knight in hand
thavleifrim: 3 damage kills a 4/2
seth_erickson: Don't attack
TheWarbo: yeah that game just wasn't ours
nmuir: Why is the title vintage cube
historyman_admu: block and tap still
Diabore: could tap with wheel
Diabore: you could live a turn but that game was probably lost regardless
seth_erickson: Arena finally added a friends list
noisyblizzard: island please
MrPipboy3000: Solves that problem ...
PlusDY: friend me on arena my email is
Antimuffin: You guys co-streaming game awards?
warpzonius: Slammin and jammin
thecardinator: plusdy did you watch amazonian stream today
PlusDY: @thecardinator maybe...
thecardinator: ok
CommanderCrossing: joust torbran
seth_erickson: joust linden
CommanderCrossing: nvm torb isnt knight
TheWarbo: torbran is noble, not knight, right?
Diabore: torbran is not a knight
seth_erickson: I think we just the redcap on linden
noSmokeFire: torbran recognizes his own authority
PlusDY: pog
seth_erickson: seabatPjorg
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WonderfulGlory: Block to be safe?
PlusDY: antipog
Diabore: still win
deyja429: Red Cap is a knight it untaps
Diabore: tap and redcap
seth_erickson: tap it now and redcap
Jigokuro: sergeJustRight
noSmokeFire: reading the button explains the button
PaperDoopliss: Better to BM than to make mistakes
PlusDY: gg
Diabore: hands gas
seth_erickson: hand is indeed gas
Erudite_Cynic: 19 turn clock
willard905: i really enjoy the content!!! You guys are great!!
mrbzoomer: james you had one job
Diabore: imagine if painters servant was in this and could make brute red
seth_erickson: or scuttlemutt
Diabore: solid 5/7
TheWarbo: lrr is Fine™
PlusDY: 6/9
historyman_admu: adam is def a 10 outta 10
Erudite_Cynic: so is it worse if we like you?
mrbzoomer: Adam have you seen the historic bundle on arena?
MrPipboy3000: What makes a man turn neutral?
Pharmacistjudge: Adam doesn't want to accept too big of compliments...just some small to medium ones
Diabore: still casting things at least
golgomett: haha
PlusDY: :-(
azureHaights: Show me E
ogundiety: potato salad?
PlusDY: Ask the rain if you can borrow a blue mana
Diabore: i wouldnt double, they just make another
mrbzoomer: !card Athreos Shroud-Veiled
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
walabane: kill the broom?
Diabore: @mrbzoomer lrrbot probably wont be updated till ppr at earliest
noisyblizzard: !card slaying fire
LRRbot: Slaying Fire [2R] | Instant | Slaying Fire deals 3 damage to any target. / Adamant — If at least three red mana was spent to cast this spell, it deals 4 damage instead.
frankscx: !spoiler Athreos Shroud-Veiled
mrbzoomer: that makes sense
Diabore: im real annoyed new athreos is the bab promo
Juliamon: Yeah, don't expect the new cards until the PPR. We have to add them manually.
MrPipboy3000: chump
LunaCrimsonFuzz: Greetings James and Adam
warpzonius: chump city
TheWarbo: oh huh, for some reason i thought lrrbot called scryfall
PlusDY: gotem
LunaCrimsonFuzz: Staying up past midnight just to watch you guys!!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> CheckPoint Time! | This week with stories on: Chooseco, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Indie World, and... fashion? | ||
Juliamon: TheWarbo It does, but the database needs to be refreshed
PlusDY: Lrrbot doesn't appreciate spoilers
Metalupis: catching up on last nights AEW, Adam is right, this is good wrestling
noSmokeFire: they're GB
warpzonius: RIP
noSmokeFire: *impeccable* timing
Diabore: oh hey, now we dead
LunaCrimsonFuzz: How is Canada this fine... afternoon?
LunaCrimsonFuzz: It's 01:41 over here in Norway soooo
TheWarbo: just cast Cast Off
Mysticman89: canada ranges from late afternoon to evening at this point
Juliamon: Afternevening
Mysticman89: almost 9 on my side of it
TheWarbo: we have many "die" options
deyja429: Slaying fire ourselves?
MrPipboy3000: shoot before paladin? Is it a knight?
korvys: Haven't seen this week dynamite. I'm curious to know what Omega is doing - I think with the Undertale promo and the failed Phoenix splash at full gear, he's setting up, long term, for Ibushi to come over maybe?
WonderfulGlory: @LoadingReadyRun Do you think LRR will get more panels at future Pax Unpluggeds now that the Q&A panel went well? Also are we ever going to get a live sidewalk slam at a con?
TheWarbo: lol that's a Fuck You
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Fairgrim: I can't wait for more Road Quest!
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PlusDY: @LunaCrimsonFuzz tuning in from sweden, lrrmtg is a great way to end the evening
WonderfulGlory: There is a lot of Wrestling fans at PAX
noisyblizzard: seabatYIKES
WonderfulGlory: are*
Metalupis: Austen Creed had his own panel, you could totally do a SwS
LunaCrimsonFuzz: @PlusDY EUROPE REPRESENT!!!
reapingwildoats: I think james is saying wrestling is for nerds
reapingwildoats: GET HIM
Makimachine: @PlusDY I'm also tuning in from Sweden, good ending of the day indeed.
Pywodwagon: Do it at a pax and ask PA if they can lend you Austin Creed
korvys: If there was another PAX that lined up with an event (like that time the Rumble was at South), that would fit pretty well
LunaCrimsonFuzz: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Dog_of_Myth: I am sure GenCon would take you Adam. LUL
Diabore: sws has made it further than the majority of anime series
reapingwildoats: wrestling is a video game james
mrbzoomer: is it possible to get The New Day on desert bus?
accountmadeforants: Wrestling is basically a video game
SolarBlitz1: Live sidwalkslam talking about the latest 2K game it is!
LunaCrimsonFuzz: @PlusDY Well.. I mean... Scandinavia represent xD
accountmadeforants: Prove me wrong
reapingwildoats: sidewalk slam james
WonderfulGlory: Will do
PlusDY: : P
reapingwildoats: ;)
TheMoatman: PAX care of PAX
TheMoatman: Okay, that's step one done
TheWarbo: PAX, c/o PAX, c/o Seattle. Ottawa, Canada
MrPipboy3000: not henge?
Pywodwagon: Actually isn’t Ryan, who runs PAX, a big wrestling fan? He’d totally be on board
MrPolyK: all hail henge!
TheWarbo: this is gonna hurt
reapingwildoats: I think we need a grudge match to settle this
Diabore: should have stayed with cube
korvys: Bucket has reach, which is nice
Diabore: how long is cube on for?
PixelArtDragon: @korvys That would make absolutely no sense without context
LunaCrimsonFuzz: @LoadingReadyRun In all your years of doing LRR and BionicTrousers things. What has been your favorite video/project that you've been part of?
LunaCrimsonFuzz: Sorry if that was worded badly xD
espi: why are there 2 james?
TheWarbo: we are now dead
Diabore: cool game
Toxxick: archimedes
Diabore: is there a chance speedrun will come back or is it kind of too far on the backburner now?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Hootie
TheWarbo: hover over the "?" in the bottom right to see what it was
maybereal: Bubo!
MrPipboy3000: That was Clash of the Titans though ...?
TheWarbo: err, is
LunaCrimsonFuzz: @LoadingReadyRun I've really enjoyed watching Friday Nights and CommodoreHUSTLE. Just checked out my first Road Quest video last night, and now i have to watch that whole series xD
NathanJay_GA: I see Ian got to the desktop settings
Banrael: Wooo, geoguessr
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Banrael: This takes me back
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silenceaux: Now this takes me back
Diabore: africa?
silenceaux: Banrael Drift
Diabore: wait, palm trees
Banrael: True that
MrPipboy3000: Thats oihi
Juliamon: Click the + - on the left instead of scrolling
GalrenTheLost: I am here for lego
DipneaDragon: Geoguesser broken
BlooMilk: lrrJUDGE
SolarBlitz1: Just get into the ocean
silenceaux: Glad we didn't put effort into that guess
MrPipboy3000: thats france
KodeMage: barcelona
NathanJay_GA: this one again?
ritchards: we had this
Scrubbodiestobears: we got this one already
DipneaDragon: this image was the same
Koios7: Alex had this one on watch and play
Juliamon: Also that's... we had this one already
purplegori11a: Umm
GalrenTheLost: Again?
historyman_admu: barcelona
NathanJay_GA: Barcelona for sure
KodeMage: we got this one before
lamina5432: They want pay
historyman_admu: it's your mouse wheel
noSmokeFire: Alex said you had the scroll sensisitivity up too high
Juliamon: Get fucked, Geoguessr
Ragnarakk: WAIT this is the one Alex played the other week!
Diabore: man geoguesser got greedy
DipneaDragon: They destroyed the game
NathanJay_GA: Barcelona!
Banrael: Surprise! Barcelona.
purplegori11a: Believe in geogusser
TheWarbo: this RNG
espi: barcelona LUL
espi: Wisconsin
TheWarbo: just summon Karen
Diabore: gdi karen
Juliamon: No, not Karen...
NathanJay_GA: australia
TheWarbo: Karen is at the Bevelle Temple
Banrael: Get into the sea!
Juliamon: Someone yeeted Karen into the ocean
KodeMage: japan
NathanJay_GA: japan?
Nigouki: that's japan
Banrael: GeoGuessr: Get into the Sea edition.
SolarBlitz1: What have they done to GeoGessr, they've messit it up
Schryke: click on the arrows to move
historyman_admu: japan
Kykiwi: This geogusser hard mode
j0xer: i'm sure it is also stealing your processing power to mine bit coins
purplegori11a: Miniopelus
Koios7: Graham they got the barcelona burger king again
japolai: geogyessr broke ablout 6 months ago, the cameras are bad and it sometimes says youre in the ocean
purplegori11a: Yup
KodeMage: india
NathanJay_GA: wow, geoguessr went to crap
ArcOfTheConclave: small island?
SnackPak_: RIP Geoguessr
TheMoatman: Apparently arrow keys move
seth_erickson: RIP Geoguessr We used to know thee
Rioxcon: if i remember correctly google changed some policy which made geoguessr have to pay so they had to switch map providers
purplegori11a: North pole
KodeMage: russia
Kykiwi: james not every place is brazil
Kykiwi: LOL
TheWarbo: I think the single photo "Mapillary" ones are all Pacific Islands
Nigouki: russia
purplegori11a: South pole
Nigouki: or finland
noisyblizzard: the world hates james today
espi: just pay 2$ Kappa
noSmokeFire: o/
silenceaux: They've massacred your boy
ritchards: I feel like LRR could afford a GeoGussr account
j0xer: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (6m from now).
NathanJay_GA: James having a bad day :(
purplegori11a: What the heck geoguesser
purplegori11a: Ok bye!!
SnackPak_: Lego > awards
Lockraemono: no bye
noisyblizzard: <3
TheWarbo: let's build legos. *stares directly at canada*
j0xer: Kojima paid everyone off anyway
BrindleBoar: food hype
korvys: But how will we know who won Problematic Content Creator of the Year?
NathanJay_GA: Let's go Le-go!
cuttlefishman: What if you don't've a soul Adam
Nigouki: award shows are just self-congratulatory wank anyway
seth_erickson: BYeee
RomanianMyEscutcheon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (5m from now).
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snowcookies: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (13s from now).
DigitalSeahorse: theman13NEED oh Serge raided while I was afk
TheMerricat: !lastweet
KodeMage: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (1m ago).
Talin06: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (3m ago).
Juliamon: Hang tight folks, they'll be live soon
Dedwrekka: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (Ian and Graham are gonna rebuild their childhood lego.) at Thu 05:00 PM PST (4m ago).
Drakas: i think its more just new ppl coming in
TheMerricat: ? @Drakas
Juliamon: That's... the point?
TheMerricat: @Drakas never mind, my brain = slow today
Juliamon: New people coming in, seeing it's not live yet, checking to make sure they're here at the right time or that it wasn't cancelled
TheMerricat: Yep, got it as soon as I hit enter. I blame my full stomach for stealing all the blood and making me slow thinking. :-P
Graham_LRR: Just diggin out the brick pullers...
Sarah_Serinde: Extremely important pieces
korvys: I believe those are commonly called... teeth
Juliamon: Vital to the integrity of your fingernails and teeth
Sarah_Serinde: And sanity
mercano82: In my day, we didn't have no brick pullers. We just used our teeth. In retrospect, this new system is better.
Juliamon: (please do not put 20+ year old plastic bricks in your mouth)
DigitalSeahorse: TEETH lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Foxmar320: Ive never used a brick puller. Hmmm
delta__vee: ^
Sarah_Serinde: They're SO HELPFUL
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
mercano82: lrrSIGNAL
TheMerricat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: Its been a long time since Ive had Lego
DarknessKingCoH: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Juliamon: I never had one growing up. Every brick of mine had teeth marks.