TehAmelie: Beej did not plan that move all the way through i suppose
justwhatever_idk: A friend of mine's moonroof recently just, fell out
constablecrab: Can you actually do that?
LadyAiluros: waht in game time does it cut you off at?
DirgeNovak: how many episodes are left on RQ, btw?
Lithobraker: I'd take a moon pool over a sun roof any day of the week
justwhatever_idk: Yeah, especially we just had a snow storm and he's not had time to fix it lol
TehAmelie: we had a theory you get cut off when you have too much fish to carry
Juliamon: RQ is a 12-episode series
Juliamon: !roadquest
LRRbot: Ready for a road trip? ROAD QUEST episodes premiere Mondays at 4pm on Youtube! Latest Episode: Ep8 "The Hangman is Hungry" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RoOHFvaTlQ
Skyboss1996: AH
ElementalAlchemist: Hi Heather
SnivianMoon: That's a lot of fish.
Featherweight_: the next ep scares me
Juliamon: We caught the One Good Fish on the first try
LadyAiluros: that’s not too bad
TehAmelie: so disappointing when you catch a monster first thing and then nothing but small fry all day
Skyboss1996: he's not wrong
SnivianMoon: I feel like we got a better rate in Bailu?
BusTed: slytqShrug
InquisitorGaia: -50 for the rental
Anubis169: 1 whopper, bunch of normies and a few tiddlers
LadyAiluros: i mean you paid for your rooom for the night and soome foods
Anubis169: that's a nice looking hotel
TehAmelie: Shenhua showing signs of having an independent life? gasp
Skyboss1996: oh lord he's a cat
SnivianMoon: Could make an international phone call, if you wanted to
Anubis169: this is the 80s isn't it?
D1cey1: Yup
D1cey1: 1987
Anubis169: an international phonecall would probably cost the 313 we just made :D
SnivianMoon: It's 5 yuan a call, apparently.
Skyboss1996: mm. free apples
Juliamon: This game is slightly anachronistic in spots. In this case, for the sake of gameplay.
TehAmelie: funny story, when i was 1 years old i called someone in the US on mom's rotary phone. twice.
TehAmelie: she may have remembered that mostly due to the phone bill
korvys: !findquote save
LRRbot: Quote #6141: "Your burger hat won't save you from ME!" —Ian [2019-06-19]
wrathofwood: peace out
Skyboss1996: Bye Ian!
SnivianMoon: Thanks so much for the stream Ian! Take care.
korvys: !quote ian
LRRbot: Quote #3283: "He doesn't like skin." —Ian, referring to Cameron [2016-08-22]
Juliamon: If you need something to occupy your time while you wait, there's a new Highlight Reel!
TehAmelie: is it just me who gets the last minute or so of stream in instant replay? so surreal
Juliamon: Not just you
TehAmelie: groovy
TehAmelie: also yay highlights
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #3563: "Bananas don't have hair!" —Adam [2016-10-19]
dungeonmaster099: !quote 2000
LRRbot: Quote #2000: "You can look down the barrel and see into God's bathroom." —Cameron [2016-03-01]
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Going live with Rhythm Café right now! Heather and Ian are taking it to the table with Lofi Ping Pong. Based on the name, the beats should be good to study to! http://twitch.tv/LoadingReadyRun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EL3eDVjUcAAo72u.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1206364428846809088
dungeonmaster099: !quote 999
LRRbot: Quote #999: "Are those all her heads?" —Alex [2015-10-30]
dungeonmaster099: !quote 406
LRRbot: Quote #406: "Why are we wearing hot dogs?" —Cameron [2015-07-02]
MAPBoardgames: !findquote ping
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
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constablecrab: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
dungeonmaster099: !quite last
MAPBoardgames: Be careful not to mess up the intro or you might anger the Heather.
constablecrab: What beer you got?
kusinohki: so 4 player rock band off the menu?
Sarah_Serinde: !rhythm
constablecrab: We have achieved the suggestion singularity
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korvys: alt-enter?
Juliamon: Can't fullscreen.
korvys: Oh, right, the capture doesn't like fullscreen
Unpronounceable: uh oh
korvys: It
FITorion: so you have to do alt-enter to force windowed full screen
Edgarware: #BlameJames?
korvys: It's happened a lot - Paul knows about it, and hasn't been able to fix it.
constablecrab: lrrFINE
SAJewers: what if you blame lrrIAN ?
SnackPak_: The sad sweats
SnackPak_: Perfect!
kusinohki: @LoadingReadyRun did alt-enter not work?
TubeAlloy: well this game literally does what it says on the tin :)
gavin_hawk_: i've never seen this before WutFace WutFace
DarkMorford: Not being super familiar with the hardware in Studio A, I'm guessing the game is trying to set up a 75 Hz full-screen mode, and the capture hardware can only handle 60 Hz.
kusinohki: I thought the ear phone cords were tears...
Call_me_Kaye: B I R B
niccus: some significant cactus influences
UponMyOath: I like to think she’s not sad when she loses, that bubble just means she’s accusing the other guy of sweaty plays
constablecrab: She can never score, only get scored on. What a nightmare
a_name0: this is the lofi ping pong girl
SnackPak_: The butt cleft
accountmadeforants: "Do it for the quote!" should be a quote.
constablecrab: Gluteus Piximus
SerGarretCameron: we're consistant!
accountmadeforants: Three years
SnackPak_: Wait til we get bought out by facebook
korvys: Until LRRBot gets on the Apple App store, and then gets shut down for obscenity :P
cosmikmulder: lrrSPOOP
Stoffern: Stadia is still around? lrrBEEJ
Duven60: stadia might survive, if google gets broken up and literally anyone else buys it
D1cey1: Have to buy a Founder's edition or similar
Anubis169: What if I already have numbers after my name?
D1cey1: Then you lose them lrrBEEJ
kusinohki: so is there a 2 player mode? or would that just be actual ping pong
Chillie: How so, Ian?
Anubis169: I like the idea of owning something I buy
Anubis169: like something that won't disappear at somebody else's whim
TehAmelie: i feel the same way about cash money
korvys: I have, many times, pirated things I already own, because then I do what i want (play it on my computer or tv or something) with it.
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mtgofjuggalos: I really wish Stadia was viable. I currently game on a 15” MBP with an eGPU and boot camp. Something more subscription based that allows for keyboard and mouse game play would be amazing.
Blightfight: Ooh, are we railing about loosing access to software because someone else says so? Because I, too, hate that crap.
Anubis169: that's a dumb terminal
GlennSeto: Just got here. What is Ian discussing, Stadia?
Anubis169: GlennSeto: and the ethos of why he doesn't like it
GlennSeto: I agree with him.
TehAmelie: archiving is never profitable. in fact it's usually in the best interests of a business to erase history.
Duven60: I do sometimes buy and then pirate the same item/media just to avoid the DRM
Anubis169: Duven60: Especially when the DRM is so aggressive that it causes the game to lag (i'm looking at you denuvo)
Anubis169: but let's not go down that road, twitch's ToS etc
Blightfight: I think the idea fo Stadia would've been better if it were a streaming version of movie rental store: YOu could pay like five bucks for access to a game for a day, and then maybe buy it if you like it. Or rent it again if you were close to finishing it.
GlennSeto: Not to trail off too much, but the RetroArch project is currently experimenting with image recognition tech to open up older games to players who are blind/have visual impairments.
SquareDotCube: What I would like in a subscription service is where you get some credit that you can spend in owning a game
Invitare: it's not like Google has a history of abandoning projects or anything
mtgofjuggalos: I used to design VDI for enterprise shops and while the promise of streaming gaming is strong the tech and speed of light will be an issue.
asddsa28: right
GlennSeto: The EU is slooooowly making some inroads there, with resell rights in digital storefronts.
Blightfight: To be a pedantic jerk, even if you have a physical copy of something, that thing might not have any use anyway. I've got a copy of City of Heroes that I can't exactly use.
asddsa28: this is a thing i think will ketch up with digittle things
Anubis169: Ian: Especially in digital goods, of which there are infinite copies available.
GlennSeto: Hello, spoilers?! Kappa
SnackPak_: Super hot garbage
TehAmelie: my aunt threw away all her movies when she got Netflix. let's all shake our heads
accountmadeforants: Also, in some countries they've even managed to make licenses that "expire" a thing. To "simulate the natural wear and tear of physical books".
accountmadeforants: For libraries, that is.
asddsa28: i read the first cople pages and said noo
SquareDotCube: Something something confusiung a MBA for a STEM degree
GlennSeto: Me neither, but the classic movie is very, very good.
Blightfight: That reminds me, now that I have a car, I can actually check out the library of the city I'm in. I should get on that.
GlennSeto: And yeah, he dies, but with good purpose.
Anubis169: "Yarr matey, we be holdin' up and raidin' yur ship and makin' exact duplicates o' yur cargo. Arr..."
Chillie: big yikes
Blightfight: But how else will they sell the same thing over and over and over again, Ian?
GlennSeto: ("Good" purpose, when we're grading on a curve, regarding some racial subtext.)
JanuaryDark: An old PC rhythm game (DJMax Trilogy) had a physical USB stick you got with the game to prevent piracy, except if you lost it you could never play the game even if you owned a copy
KeytarCat: I've never agreed with Ian more!
bowsin_durrows: teakKevin
TehAmelie: imagine ebooks you can doodle in and fold pages and junk, and it has an autosave
GlennSeto: Heck, I would invite those pirates to stay for dinner. They probably have amazing stories... which could then be recorded.
SquareDotCube: @JanuaryDark QuarkXPress back in the early 2000s did this same thing.
Anubis169: so if your account gets hacked, you've lost all access to your stuff because... surprise surprise... your identity is your account -_-
mtgofjuggalos: Many apps still do that in enterprise IT.
DarkMorford: @JanuaryDark Security dongles like that used to be really common, especially with big-ticket production software. Pro Tools needed one for a long time.
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MarkBarks: the fi doesn't get much lower than this, or I mean it can but at that point it's just OG Pong
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GlennSeto: The hottest garbage, to me, was upgrading my emulated copy of Link to the Past from the Wii VC to the Wii U VC version for more money.
JanuaryDark: I can imagine enterprise-level software doing it, it just seemed awkward to see it tied to a game
mtgofjuggalos: Spotify has proven that if you get the cost mode right people will happily subscribe to media. I get the desire for physical copies but the market isn’t that concerned with it.
DirgeNovak: If you make an alt account on your Switch to have a second Pokemon save file, you can't go online with it unless you pay a second subscription to Switch Online
accountmadeforants: Google Play Music was doing that before Apple Music, yeah.
mtgofjuggalos: It right or wrong, but it’s reality.
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Lord_Hosk: I made myself a snowballAs perfect as could be.I thought I'd keep it as a petAnd let it sleep with me.I made it some pajamasAnd a pillow for its head.Then last night it ran away,But first it wet the bed.
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GlennSeto: A lot of that goes back to Steve Jobs being a music nerd himself.
PMAvers: Man, those heads are giving me big Hotline Miami flashmacks.
Anubis169: all about distribution control
EricTheOrange: Ah the screeming monkey face of capitalism
Chillie: I wonder if the animal artist is the same as the one who drew animal faces for Hotline Miami
SnackPak_: I'd say almost twice as hard
CWaltz86: wait why are there two balls??
GDwarf: This doesn't seem all that lo-fi
PMAvers: A bunch of monkies on a big ball screaming at each other beating each other in the face for money.
GDwarf: Sony was good with their back catalogue in the PS3 era, these days they're really bad about it
DirgeNovak: Hopefully the rumors that the PS5 is fully retrocompatible are true
EricTheOrange: I've been watching a lot of Philosophy tube recently so I've heard a lot of this anti capitalist talk.
Duven60: ROMs are another reason copyright needs to de drastically shortened
TheMoatman: That only applies for trademarks, though
TheMoatman: Not copyright
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Anubis169: What i kinda object to on digital stores is if they have a back-catalogue, they still charge full retail price for it (i.e. $40 for a PS1 game that's been digitised)
GDwarf: PS5 is PS4 compatible, most likely, doesn't apply to the PS3, 2, or 1, so far as I know
D1cey1: Has there been a good emulator for PS3?
Anubis169: yeah there has :)
Blightfight: Burn down the House of Mouse?
Anubis169: whisper
aWabbajack: write your local Prime Minister
GlennSeto: Both the PS4 and the Xbox One are x86 hardware, so will be their successors... backwards compatibility should not be an issue.
KeytarCat: Eat the mouse!
Fruan: Free Steamboat Willy!
asddsa28: trying hard not to talk politics i will fallow the rules i will
GDwarf: Nah, Europe had Life + 70 long before the US did, Disney did push for the US to harmonize with Europe, but globally they're not to blame
TheMoatman: I know that the current generation is on x86 but I think the 360 might have been on PowerPC
accountmadeforants: Someone tell Adam, so he can start over to play Persona 5 the right way!
aWabbajack: X-Bawx Fridge
DarkMorford: Yeah, the X360 had an IBM CPU.
korvys: xxXboXxx
TheMoatman: PS3 used Cell, which I've never heard of
DirgeNovak: The Gigantamax Xbox lrrAWESOME
GDwarf: The 360 was Power PC, the PS3 was a Power PC variant. PS4 and XBone are x86
Lithobraker: PS3 was a notoriously weird system to code for right? And that made PS4 -> PS3 back compatibility difficult
CWaltz86: well the reason ive always been a bit against consoles, is cause it is just a computer that means you should really only need to have the one machine to begin with
Anubis169: oh dude, have you seen how well old arcade game emus and PS1 and even PS2 emulators work on the Raspberry Pi 4?
GDwarf: The Cell is a difficult CPU to emulate well
CWaltz86: but ive constantly been told thats wrong thinking
DarkMorford: PS3 is/was a nightmare to code for, yeah.
GlennSeto: Have their been any inroads with the Vita ... i.e. the PS4 Golden machine?
Anubis169: it's soooooo overpowered for what it is
TheMoatman: That was the issue with backwards compatibility, they'd switch architectures a bunch so things would have to emulate (which is slooow)
Anubis169: I've got a couple and i'm trying to cluster them
korvys: Is 2020 the year of Linux on the desktop? Kappa
GDwarf: Ian. Ian no. It's not the year of Linux on the desktop. :P
Lithobraker: All Turing machines are identical if given enough time to do it.
korvys: Rec center
D1cey1: Well and Microsoft is caught by trying to maintain some level of legacy support
korvys: I guess
D1cey1: So they want to move ARM forward but also keep x86 around
accountmadeforants: I'd argue the previous two generations of Raspberry Pis were just underpowered for the technology available.
ApodoNuevo: Okay, so dumb question... is there such a thing as a Windows 98 emulator? I found a bunch of old CD-ROM games that I wouldn’t mind playing again, but Windows 10 won’t even recognize the discs in the drive.
Unpronounceable: This game seems very unforgiving
GlennSeto: Especially since the desktop is somewhat in decline to begin with.
Anubis169: also fun fact, GCHQ (UK's NSA) uses a giant 96-RPi cluster for crunching a lot of UK's big data, and the cluster software is completely public
KeytarCat: Capitalism makes me sad, but this stream makes me feel better?
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun it's screaming monkey face capitalists personal gym. He needs to get those gains to keep his grip on the economy.
korvys: @ApodoNuevo Image the discs, and install Win98 on a VM maybe?
Lithobraker: Sooooo... Ouya Kappa
DarkMorford: @ApodoNuevo If your PC can't read the discs, that's a hardware problem. That said, you can put Win98 in VirtualBox.
Unpronounceable: Install a linux VM and run WINE?
Duven60: I try linux every few years it gets better but never quite enough. (the day I make it past day 3 without spending hours using a command line interface I will switch)
Anubis169 high fives all the 'nix mains in chat <3
nemryn: This is the Dark Souls of ping-pong games
TheMoatman: Now everything's an x86 or ARM variant and will be for the forseeable future, so the only barrier to backwards compatibility is how willing companies are to do it (and that could be a major cost/time sink), rather than a major technical limitation
KeytarCat: I dislike the 3 counts before 4/4
Anubis169: TheMoatman: Which is amazing
Unpronounceable: Unforgiving, not punishing
Anubis169: because the x86 instructionset when it came in was godawful :D
GDwarf: Home come it's never Hi-Fi hip hop beats to study to, anyway?
KeytarCat: That's just hip-hop?
DarkMorford: I'm still by and large a Windows user, but I've been working more and more with Linux as I try to do things cheap and/or cross-platform.
TheMoatman: I mean, x86 might be going away, too
TheMoatman: With how well ARM is performing in datacenters
Lithobraker: Linux is great until I need to set up printer
EricTheOrange: My preferred system for rhythm games is "can't fail mid song, but get a score at the end".
Anubis169: DarkMorford: do you have your own 'nix box yet?
GDwarf: I don't see x86 going away, ARM still isn't scaling up to equal IPC
SAJewers: bit late but yeah, either use vm softwware, or setup something like PCem or 86Box
TheMoatman: O,o
TheMoatman: * O.o
TheMoatman: It's call hard mode is what it is
Anubis169: you do that too?
Robot_Bones: being considerate?
Stormkorp: TheMoatman ARM is not performing in datacenters. No one has been able to sell me racks of ARM competing with x86, and we ask.
Unpronounceable: That's not sight reading
niccus: sightreading in the musical sense is a lot more common with rhythm games with custom tracks
korvys: "Sight-reading, also called a prima vista, is the reading and performing of a piece of music or song in music notation that the performer has not seen before."
Unpronounceable: :(
KeytarCat: The whole game is a sight read because it's random!
Anubis169: sight-reading = you're parsing things for a first time as you're playing it
Anubis169: had to do that for my piano exams
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100
KeytarCat: As a percussionist, I've played concert bands where I can't hear anything, and it's not fun :(
e_bloc: Sure.
korvys: This game would probably be easier if it had a patter - so you could actually.. learn it?
korvys: *pattern
KeytarCat: Like DDR!
TehAmelie: i wasn't paying attention to the game but are we playing an unbeatable AI?
Anubis169: Heather: Do you play stepmania? 'cause sometimes if I get a really badly timed track, I just use the arrows with my speakers low
nemryn: I'm sure someone has done an orchestra with headphones as like an Art gimmick
DarkMorford: @Anubis169 Not for day-to-day or traditional "desktop" usage. I run Debian (or Debian-likes) on my servers, and I've got Linux VMs all over the place for various things, but I don't have a dedicated box running desktop *nix/BSD.
SK__Ren: Mental metronome. Cognitive Chord counting. Cerebral Sound Simulacra.
Lithobraker: Is super hexagon a rhythm game
Gizmoloid: About that PS+ thing. I've heard that if you stop and renew your subscription you get your free games again. So if you cancel your subscription, buy the game, and then subscribe again is it possible that your license will turn back into the "free" one, meaning you'll still lose it if you cancel again? Because something similar happened to me on Steam with Guacamelee: I had it from Humble Bundle I think, forgot that I had it, and then got a free key from some giveaway that had a limited...
MAPBoardgames: Rythm games are a great way to reach Zen focus. Bullet hell too.
KeytarCat: The...LA Opera? somebody performed an opera in union Station where everyone was in a different place and no one had LoS on anyone else
Anubis169: DarkMorford: it's good to get into things that way :)
KeytarCat: But I think they did have monitors
Anubis169: if you're looking for a newbie friendly distro, i recommend mint (since ubuntu shafted itself)
notarealartist: lofi :3
DarkMorford: I've been thinking about poking at Arch a bit, but considering most of my Debian VMs don't run a GUI at all, I'm not sure what it would get me.
Anubis169: ah, Arch is beautiful as an OS
Unpronounceable: I played a ton of DDR with a soft pad taped to a sheet of plywood, and covered with a sheet of heavy plastic.
Anubis169: but if you're used to something a little less granular, best to read up on it first before messing with it
Anubis169: else you'll hit a learning curve like a wall and be put off
Asimech: I would recommend Void Linux over Arch, but I've had bad experiences with SystemD, so.
DarkMorford: Oh, so you're saying it'll be a challenge, then. :P
Anubis169: LOL
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
Stormkorp: systemd is the devil!
ogier300: Ugh, systemd is the worst.
ghostvalv: :U
ogier300: So miss rc
SnackPak_: SystemD is fine
GDwarf: Is there *any* GNU or Linux thing that hasn't had fights to the death?
Anubis169: there have been flamewars for weeks
TheMoatman: Begun, the scheduler wars have
Anubis169: weeks and weeks at a go
Stormkorp: Emacs!
TheMoatman: Nope
QuietJay: vi
aWabbajack: how about Initial D?
DarkMorford: (I've been known to be *very* dogged when there's something I want to do that isn't working. Way too much time spent on some things.)
wildpeaks: what have you unleashed, Ian :D
Lithobraker: Did Ian just get cancelled?
Stormkorp: Boo, I missed it.
Juliamon: We did it, chat.
Asimech: SystemD is meant to be what starts the system. In my case it randomly didn't start things properly so I would have to restart the computer to use some apps. Other times it would hang during shutdown.
Unpronounceable: I use VIM at work, but will not die on a hill for it
Anubis169: vi for the win
JanuaryDark: People can't fight over vi since they're still figuring out how to exit it LUL
nemryn: obviously the answer is vimacs
Zephyr256k: notepad++ 4 lyfe
TheMoatman: Now let's talk about Javascript
SAJewers: no love for dos edit?
wildpeaks: you mean "vi for the vin" :D
Master_Gunner: I would subscribe to that channel
TheMoatman: And/or Java build systems
Stormkorp: SysV was fine, Solaris SMD was also OK
Anubis169: Ian: should probably move to Arch as my main, currently on Gentoo and it's fast as anything. Got all my menus and everything i made myself but oh boy if I lose it, recreating it from backups is gonna take at least 2 weekends >_<
Banrael: cheer200 I have opinions about lofi beats and linux distros.
SAJewers: what about slackware? 🤔
Anubis169: LOL
EricTheOrange: "the hedgehog one"
SquareDotCube: Quantal Quetzal
BusTed: rayfkSanic
Stormkorp: Slackware was my first Linux distro. 15 floppy disks :)
Unpronounceable: Persnickety pangolin
Anubis169: Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and.... FUCK!!
EricTheOrange: made in Ibis.
Unpronounceable: Lucid lynx, Maverick Meercat
KeytarCat: Birds are the wordt
KeytarCat: *worst
DarkMorford: I mostly use Debian Buster for new VMs these days. Depending on the intended use I'll either install GNOME or go CLI-only with it.
MAPBoardgames: I just noticed the gold sparkles around the unused parts of the screen. Where is this game taking place, inside a sno-globe?
nemryn: Plausible Platypus
Stormkorp: What are the controls for this? Left/Right with center just not touching anything?
Anubis169: Heather: Have you ever seen Linux Kernel release names?
SquareDotCube: I love that Ubuntu decided to skip X on distro versions, though
Unpronounceable: Megan Fox (the game dev) has done some really good work with Sketebird
EricTheOrange: So Ian you wouldn't like a game about a bird playing jazz and drinking whisky in japan?
Anubis169: "Man-Eating Seals of Antiquity", "Black Squirrel Wakeup Call", "Kleptomaniac Octopus", "Avast! A bilge rat!"
KeytarCat: @EricTheOrange : This Ian would very much like to see this
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jadeworrior: Nice
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MAPBoardgames: Heather, I was thinking the same thing
korvys: Ian, I saw this comic and thought of you: https://www.exocomics.com/wp-content/uploads/587.jpg
SquareDotCube: I guess you've had Aviary Attorney suggested to you too many times
nemryn: Here we are in Japan, at the Eiffel Tower
Shemerson: I mean people who live in north america have a hard time representing that sometimes
MAPBoardgames: Also, this is true of ANY culture/subculture.
Anubis169: Who remembers Outpost9's "I was a Japanese Schoolteacher" editorials?
PMAvers: Did someone say Let's Speak English?
Anubis169: (now rebranded as GaijinSmash)
KeytarCat: Intentional reference to Mary Cagle's "Let's Speak English"?
KeytarCat: I wrote that too slowly!
korvys: I mean... low bar
DarkMorford: Oh, speaking of being a foreigner in Japan, Ian, would you have some time in the next 2-3 weeks to chat for a bit? I want to pick your brain for possible things to do when I go over there in January. You know how to get a hold of me. ;)
ApodoNuevo: Lo-fi beats, hi-fi discussions
MAPBoardgames: Fast iteration times FTW!
DarkMorford: Sure thing.
Anubis169: Ian: So I taught Gaijin Smash and its concept to a half-phillipines native in japan who lives in the mountains (she's actually one of the anime artists for One Punch Man). She successfully used it on the phone to her ISP and got her net reinstated by just refusing to back down and believe the marketing BS :P
EricTheOrange: You just can't beat the scream9ng monkey face of capitalism.
KeytarCat: diu diu diu diu, diu diu diu diu
korvys: !quote Ian
LRRbot: Quote #3764: "Look, if it goes both ways, you can take it both ways." —Ian [2016-12-19]
Armyguy0: UK?
Master_Gunner: Libya, I think?
accountmadeforants: It's probably just the US?
SnackPak_: It's used in 3 countries I think
MAPBoardgames: 90 degrees F
Anubis169: UK doesn't use F
KeytarCat: As an American, sorry?
Armyguy0: I have talked to a lot of UKers that use F for temp
Lithobraker: The UK uses farenheight when they complain about how cold it is
FITorion: Myanmar I think
KeytarCat: Just, like, for everything
sjcTheos: 🎵 We are not American, although we live in north americaaa 🎵 ...
TheMoatman: A handful of Carribbean countries, apparently
wildpeaks: chat is merely silently judging
monosceros: it's not wrong to use Fahrenheit, just suboptimal
Invitare: the Daily Express and Mail use Farenheit. Because they're written for Boomers
Lithobraker: Wait no, when they complain about how hot it is
Master_Gunner: Countries that officially use Farenheit: Bahamas, Palau, Belize, the Cayman Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and the United States and its territories
Anubis169: Invitare: No, even Daily Mail uses C
MAPBoardgames: Yards of fabric vs. Meters of fabric
Anubis169: Only places that still use Fahrenheit are: Bahamas, Palau, Belize, the Cayman Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and the United States and its territories (i.e. Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam etc..)
trilemma85: USA uses Imperial because they like being an empire, right?
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TeamGoatToken: Metric system FTW
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KeytarCat: How are fractions of inches clean?!
Lithobraker: You chop it half, then chip it in half again
TheMoatman: Fahrenheit is the *only* english measure I maintain is better than the SI unit
Duven60: I'd love 16th divisions if we used hex instead of decimal
trilemma85: Ian, how is your theoretical knowledge on dovetail joints right now?
Armyguy0: Then you have places that use mixs
KeytarCat: but, but, fractions aren't clean!
SK__Ren: Well you're not wrong
FITorion: I find C degrees to be too large... 1 degree of C can include both a comfortable and Uncomfortable temperature.
eric_christian_berg: And thus began the Fahrenheit Wars...
FITorion: C simply isn't useful for everyday life
Lithobraker: Aka the countries that used to be in the US empire
KeytarCat: TBH, I don't know what a mile is, either...
MAPBoardgames: *I* don't know what mile is
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's about 1.6 km.
Lithobraker: A mile is a really long kilometer
Anubis169: approx 1.6km
accountmadeforants: TheMoatman Fair, not many people use K in daily life. If you were comparing it to Celsius, though...
FITorion: 5280 feet. 1 mile = 1.2 KM
Asimech: @FITorion Really? I find it really practical that when the thermometer shows a number near zero that it's going to be a miserable weather.
MAPBoardgames: 1.2 km -> 1mi
Dubworks: distance in metric, height in feet, ah canada
DarkMorford: To me, Celsius makes a lot of sense for scientific measurements; water freezes at 0 and boils at 100. But conversationally I think Fahrenheit is more intuitive. If it's 0 degrees out, it's really frickin' cold, and 100 is uncomfortably hot.
Blightfight: The way it's been explained to me is, Celsius is how water is feeling, Farenheit is how people are feeling.
Anubis169: So I have in my wardrobe an old Yard-stick, which is what they used to use before the Metre-sticks in schools ;)
Master_Gunner: I think we switched in the 70s?
trilemma85: The link I posted above is a chart for when to use metric or imperial in Canadian measurements.
DarkMorford: @Blightfight Pretty much, yeah.
wildpeaks: 0 isn't just "cold", it's "I might break my neck slipping on icy sidewalk" weather
Anubis169: oh lovely!
accountmadeforants: DarkMorford That's probably only because you're used to Fahrenheit as a scale for temperature. So you associate a certain number with a certain feeling.
TheMoatman: It isn't based around freshwater's phase changes at STP, but 0 to 100 encompasses most of the ambient temperatures a human will likely experience. Plus, each degree is a smaller temperature change than celsius, which is why the Rankine scale is better than Kelvin because of this
KeytarCat: Because 32 is frozen water! for some reason I can't remember
TheMoatman: WOW I have got to stop posting things when I edit them
TheMoatman: But don't go all the way to the end
Lithobraker: 0 C is still shorts weather
MAPBoardgames: If you can't stand the kitchen, unpack more boxes?
Juliamon: 0F and 100F are the temperature limits at which I refuse to leave the house.
Armyguy0: @Lithobraker t. Canadian
FITorion: C would be more useful to me if Boiling was set at 200 rather than 100
Anubis169: When I was in school we officially learned Metric. But, our parents and teachers still thought in Imperial, and we were handed conversoin sheets because we needed to understand both
KeytarCat: Anything is shorts weather if you're a teenage boy growing up in the mountains
Invitare: Farenheit is only more intuitive to people who use it
Anubis169: city schools never got this
Anubis169: they got a hard switch
EricTheOrange: I feel like Fahrenheit VS Celsius is more of a grey area than metric VS Imperial. Metric is empirically a better system than imperial. where as I think neither Fahrenheit nor Celsius is really a "better" measurement system (Kelvin is the correct choice).
Invitare: if you use Celsius, that makes sense for you
Gizmoloid: Yep, squeaking is audible :D
DarkMorford: @TheMoatman That's the other thing. The Fahrenheit degree is more precise (not more accurate) than the Celsius degree. Makes it easier to describe small changes.
accountmadeforants: No absolute temperature unit is going to encompass "how humans are feeling". It's very dependent on environment (humidity, facilities) and customs.
Asimech: Having 0 be the/near the freezing/melting points of water is, IMO, nice b/c that's the specific area of temperature where you can have water on ice naturally. Or water under what seems like dry snow.
JanuaryDark: I believe there's a Fahrenheit equivalent for Kelvin as well
TheMoatman: JanuaryDark that's Rankine
KeytarCat: I want a street capybara
EricTheOrange: @JanuaryDark Rankine
MAPBoardgames: I remember taking chemistry and getting into a discussion about "room temperature" being 20 C.
JanuaryDark: Right, thanks
TheMoatman: Which, unlike kelvin, has degrees
Anubis169: Kelvin ftw xxxNETAL
SnackPak_: OK
MAPBoardgames: Whereas any room I would be in would be 30 C
MAPBoardgames: did you say 40th?
KeytarCat: I didn't realize that was a callback, I just thought the capybara was a joke...
chickenace11: That is a default skin with a minor Ian personality not our IAn
EricTheOrange: Older than me
Asimech: @MAPBoardgames B/c you live in such a warm climate or because you like your rooms hot?
trilemma85: Ian, what order are you watching Star Wars in?
MAPBoardgames: @Asimech Arizona
GlennSeto: Machete order?
TheMoatman: Is there a machete order including the new movies yet?
KeytarCat: I like that Machete order includes skipping Episode I
trilemma85: To pronounce my name properly, think of the word "dilemma" then add one and I am the third bad option.
Anubis169: hey, can't be worse than the most recent two :P
Unpronounceable: Machete order 4, 5, 2, 3, 6
GDwarf: The only true Star Wars watch order is random, allowing repeats. :P
Decaped: Machete order is when you only watch the good ones. So....
Anubis169: ack, brb... family emergency
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We had a discussion over dinner last night as to where to watch Rogue One.
DarkMorford: Okay, but what's the Machete order for Suzumiya Haruhi? Kappa
trilemma85: GDwarf, enjoy watching the Xmas special 7 times in a row because true random.
EricTheOrange: I believe that the Mechete order says watch the dule of the fates bit from episode one and that's it
Anubis169: Dread_Pirate_Westley: behind closed doors where nobody can see you
Unpronounceable: :v
Master_Gunner: ugh, now I kind of want to watch the Ewok films again
BusTed: The Mandalorian makes a surprising number of references to the Holiday Special.
SquareDotCube: So Ian, have I ever told you the tale of Darth Plaguis the Wise? Kappa
AranMathai: The Ewok films: They gave us Wilford Brimley in Space.
GDwarf: Boba Fett was introduced in the Holiday special, so I guess that makes sense
SajuukSjet: oh gods, endless eight....
KeytarCat: @DarkMorford WHy do you hurt me? I actually tried to find the official stance aand it's a f-ing mess...
Unpronounceable: TIL, Ian is undead
Decaped: You watch the music video portion of the season finale over and over is my machete cut.
Juliamon: With some years on it now, I do still think Endless Eight was a really clever prank on fans.
MAPBoardgames: I always thought the starwars release order was weird: 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 7 (4,5,&6 recap), 9
DarkMorford: Heh. I remember watching that weekly as it was coming out, and around the second or third week I started going "Holy shit they're actually going to do it."
FITorion: I liked Hyouka
EchoTechKnight: A friend in college watched endless 8 all at once synced up
Lithobraker: Dear Dr Ian, I've tried some whiskeys but have found them too sweet/sugary. Am I just drinking cheap stuff or should I go back to gin? Also have you tried St. George Spirit's Dry Rye Gin?
KeytarCat: I binged it...it was a terrible choice...
DarkMorford: Hyouka was very good, and I'm sad they never revisited it.
korvys: RTJ have a "Notice me Sempai" lyric in one of their songs.
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Fruan: The problem with that line is that it was so funny I missed the rest of the song
KeytarCat: Dropping into Haruhi blind is...a bold choice that I kind of regret
SajuukSjet: endless eight was actually somewhat sould crushing to catch on release schedule... because it was literally 2 months of the same episode, and they were the last episodes released in that season, iirc, so there was nothing after it
MAPBoardgames: Gin, Rum, and Gunrummy
KeytarCat: I like it as a concept, but I'm glad I got to get it over with
MAPBoardgames: *Ginrummy
KeytarCat: Gun and Rim
transtrouble: still haven't seem haruhi and honestly i'm a lil scared to at this point
DarkMorford: @Juliamon I forget the details or where I heard this, but apparently Endless Eight wasn't supposed to actually go 8 episodes. There was some manner of Executive Meddling going on, and they just took advantage of the perfect opportunity to fill the time.
SajuukSjet: there's a couple choice haruhi epsidoes, the Computer Game/Space Battle one stands out
transtrouble: im like semi-familiar with the concert episode and that's it
SajuukSjet: but it's.... a very particular series, and has it's own problems, certainly
SquareDotCube: We could talk LEGO
KeytarCat: As long as you know about endless eight, it's a good choice for a binge
SajuukSjet: iirc, the movie was pretty decent though
Lithobraker: A friend once said that gin tasted like drinking a pine tree and I thought it was a compliment.
Juliamon: I would believe that. All I know is, I enjoyed watching /a/ get incredibly upset about the whole thing, and I don't know that it's worth watching without live reactions like that
KeytarCat: Airing, Chrono, Phys release 1, Phys release 2...
Lithobraker: I *really* like juniper aromatics
GDwarf: Negato would be...Maggie? Nella?
DarkMorford: Oh, jeez, DIC.
ArcOfTheConclave: Maggie Snow!
SquareDotCube: Phoebe?
SajuukSjet: Jessica?
DarkMorford: Ashleigh Kappa
FITorion: just Alice
KeytarCat: ooh, yeah, a good gin is great
ArcOfTheConclave: Alice would have nice wonderland riffs
EricTheOrange: I have problems understanding any story with subtext (I'm autistic so anything non explicit meaning is lost on me).
BusTed: Monica
GDwarf: Haruhi might be "Heather", come to think, not quite the same syllable count, though
KeytarCat: Lip flaps over syllables
DarkMorford: Mikuru
Unpronounceable: Esper is Koizumi
Juliamon: Mikuru is time-travel
KeytarCat: It's great the first time, and that's enough for me :)
MAPBoardgames: Fun fact. It wasn't until Haruhi that I realized that Esper was actually ESP-er
DarkMorford: KyoAni did a really good job with it. But yeah, there's other shows I want to rewatch before I go back to Haruhi.
GDwarf: I vaguely remember a Medabots episode that had a Canadian who could summon blizzards
KeytarCat: Oh, yeah, Wizard Barristers was...aight
Unpronounceable: I remember when I heard about Wizard Barristers, I was really disappointed that I misread it as Wizard Baristas
GDwarf: Haruhi was huge for about five years
EricTheOrange: I like seeing other cultures view of our culture. lets you see a world you know from a diferent perspective
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Juliamon: It imploded because KyoAni switched full-force to K-ON
DarkMorford: I think part of the reason for that was the Hirano Aya sex scandal, too. That got a lot of people to totally check out.
KeytarCat: I liked how Lucky Star milked everything so hard
KeytarCat: Not even what I meant, but that's a better point
Juliamon: I liked Lucky Star probably more than I should have
KeytarCat: Drama is the best comedy
KeytarCat: er...
GDwarf: Isekai can be great. Modern isekai largely aren't.
MaladyDark: I have been enjoying assassins pride. it's beena great show.
MAPBoardgames: I ended up accidentally binge-watching all of Angel Note last night.
KeytarCat: Time Machine is my favorite Iisekai
kusinohki: friend computer betrayed beej? that would never happen though!
EricTheOrange: I don't think Moe (or as I like to call it, "cute girls do a thing") anime has to be bad. Their are several good examples like yuru camp or a place further than the universe, but a lot of them feel so vapid and devoid of meaningful content.
KeytarCat: Yuru Camp was great!
GDwarf: A lot of Moe is supposed to be low-stakes and low-key, to be sure
DarkMorford: Isekai stories aren't inherently bad. It's just that there's so damn many of them these days that the good ones get lost. It's a trend that will pass, just like vampire/zombie stuff was a few years ago.
KeytarCat: And Girls' Last Tour is a personal favorite
GDwarf: And then YouTube replaces your thumbnails at random without telling you! :D
MaladyDark: I like Isekai, but there is a lot of shovel-ware esque at the moment
KeytarCat: Isekai written by teenagers who learned the genre (but not the writing methods) from good works
EricTheOrange: Personaly I'd just prefer a straight fantasy anime rather than a "I'm a regular guy who has been transported to a fantasy universe" anime.
KeytarCat: And the anime is sold to young folk who have time and crave that empowerment fantasy
KeytarCat: Maaaan, I want me some good fantasy anime
MaladyDark: I really enjoy cooking/cafe based isekai
korvys: Now it's a tradition!
Lithobraker: Did I miss this year's Cam and Ian already?
GDwarf: We need 8 760 hours of Cam and Ian Christmas
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: T_T
Juliamon: !schedule
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Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: <3
Asimech: I'm seeing four 'A Cam & Ian Christmas" videos on Youtube search.
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SnackPak_: It's appreciated, Heather
EricTheOrange: I mean I get why, having an outsider is A, more relatable, and B, gives a good framing device and reason to explian things to the viewer.
korvys: ~lasttweet christmas
LRRTwitter: [1d ago] @loadingreadyrun> We’ve got a couple fun holiday themed streams coming up soon. | On Sunday, December 22nd at 6PM Pacific join @UnarmedOracle and @ihorner for A Very Ian and Cam Christmas. | Then on Thursday, December 26th at 11:30AM Pacific join the crew for a special Boxing Day stream. || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1205967098339450881
Laogeodritt: I really hate how web services nowadays make arbitrary unannounced/short-notice changes like that. Not just interface, but breaking API stuff too - it takes goddamn time to make engineering changes to software!
BusTed: Punch the monkey.
EricTheOrange: The screaming monkey face of capitalism.
KeytarCat: That swinging punching bag is starting to bug me
ZealousCrow: One at a time?!
Lithobraker: Gotta create that Content™
ZealousCrow: This is a massive platform.
Master_Gunner: I'm surprised Ian or Paul haven't automated the upload process.
KeytarCat: It's as out of time as I am!
Reecer6: @KeytarCat I hadn't noticed it and now I hate it.
Juliamon: Automating things means finding time to automate them
GDwarf: I know who this enemy reminds me of, they're Psycho Mantis! To win we need to plug our controller into a different port.
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: script it, that's the ticket!
MAPBoardgames: https://xkcd.com/1172/
Asimech: @KeytarCat Yeah. I've been bothered for a while now by how _much_ swing it has. It should only be a single pixel left/right not two.
SajuukSjet: that only works if it does what you need it to do, ian
DarkMorford: Yeah, sounds like time to write up a Python script to just upload stuff to the REST interface.
Biomonkey01: Awesome features
SajuukSjet: i hear there's really bad limitations on doing stuff via script, i think the VST were mentioning that before DB this year
Reecer6: yep, i've heard that from a ton of people, that it just, uploads things publicly
GDwarf: It's incredibly obvious that YouTube was not designed for any use case except a single person uploading one personal video per week, and they're having a hell of a time fixing that.
Biomonkey01: I'm pretty sure no one actually works for Youtube. All additions are done by The Algorithm
Master_Gunner: main limitation is on setting monetization settings, Sajuuk; and stupid API limits in some cases (but they can be circumvented)
KeytarCat: @Asimech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JpYtFZgQvw The tall blond dude is the punching bag
ThorSokar: You can still get to the classic creator page, it's a hidden(ish) link at the bottom
korvys: 360 entire p's
ThorSokar: Very true, they're in the process of ruining everything
KeytarCat: That's a load of ps!
D1cey1: I was going to mention you would be able to join in complaining about Youtube Sokar
Reecer6: i don't understand who these changes are for
Reecer6: like, they make things more difficult and less accessible across the board, surely
korvys: Eventually Axehand will just do all the work
Asimech: @KeytarCat Dang. I can easily imagine them recreated in a DOS game and that being their idle animation so the player will notice the sprite.
D1cey1: Finally!
Edgarware: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Bladinus: lrrGOAT
D1cey1: Level 3?
KeytarCat: WOO
TehAmelie: gasp!
ZealousCrow: This is a great game
GDwarf: They only actually programmed three enemies, the game is now mocking you
kalateth: perfectly infuriating
korvys: !findquote perfect
LRRbot: Quote #4237: "Always one slice away from a perfect pizza..." —Heather [2017-05-30]
Lithobraker: Could use more alpacas
Laogeodritt: @Reecer6 It's potentially an engineering or UX team trying to justify its continued existence/size, when the frontend is largely done and there aren't new features to implement
ZealousCrow: Holding full involved conversations without losing focus too much. This is great.
KeytarCat: Eggs in Dali paintings!
ZealousCrow: A raw egg in shell
KeytarCat: Deconstructed quiche?
FITorion: Who first ate cheese... how desperate were they?
SquareDotCube: "why do predators love this awfulness?"
EricTheOrange: I am curious how "cooking" was invented. Like did humans have a fire for warmth and were like, "whit if we put this meat in the fire?
Lithobraker: There's someone inside the punching bag dancing
KeytarCat: Too chill. Need more wonky jazz
ThorSokar: GOG does that
GDwarf: EricTheOrange It was probably by accident. Fire gives warmth and light, so we probably got that first, and then all it takes is food being near a fire and...
ZealousCrow: Yeah it's just converted directly from USD prolly
GDwarf: 47 cents because of the 47th parallel, which isn't the Canadian border but if I said it was most people wouldn't know the difference!
Sarah_Serinde: It's actually $5.69 in Canada, katesNice
SAJewers: costco stream when? Kappa
Unpronounceable: I know it's the 49th parallel, but I'll keep that to myself
Lithobraker: @EricTheOrange I'm guessing someone left meat on a hot rock and liked that it was dry, then tried to dry meat on a fire
Laogeodritt: @EricTheOrange also consider the possibility of us having found cooked foods near or in the aftermath of a naturally occurring fire
EricTheOrange: I used to work a a movie theater and we just set our prices in such a way that every thing ended in the nearest multiple of .25
MaladyDark: I'm somewhatexcited for the rumoured costco to open near me. it's still just an empty lot but hey, rumours are cool.
ThorSokar: I was thinking the dumpster joke
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SquareDotCube: "You're fired" *launches LRRsm'n out of giant potato cannon
Unpronounceable: "Human Sized T-shirt Cannon" Is that a Tshirt cannon that's big enough for humans, or a Cannon that's big enough for human sized t-shirts?
Jeff472200: brucegFarded brucegFarded brucegFarded
Jeff472200: SoonerLater SoonerLater SoonerLater
Laogeodritt: Tomorrow in LRR: Everything is Broken?! D=
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/2019schedule for a Google Calendar version.
Sarah_Serinde: Dec 26
ThorSokar: Oh yea, gotta get the spreadsheet setup for that
KeytarCat: Fortnight to boxing day!
Sarah_Serinde: Last year's was a blast
PMAvers: Melody's New Faves
Juliamon: Algorithms Hate Them: See This Impossible-To-Upload Stream Live
MAPBoardgames: I discovered a few cool tunes from that stream last year
korvys: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #62: "I just bent a piece of rebar in my anus. That's how hard I clenched." —Adam [2015-03-22]
lilqueso1: lrrGREED
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: how about the beatles?
Laogeodritt blink
BusTed: rayfkWelp
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: its complteley original
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: made it up just now
KeytarCat: Not going for the SAO reference?
ThorSokar: The Rythmics
KeytarCat: probably a good call...
Laogeodritt: "If you can come up with a better name, make a YouTube comment or tweet me. DON'T TWEET IAN." — Heather
Sarah_Serinde: tilty.house
Unpronounceable: I'd rather be a Cafe Patron
korvys: The Rhythm Coterie
Sarah_Serinde: Ian pls
Sarah_Serinde: Ian
GDwarf: Haven't you always wanted a monkey?
SnackPak_: Thanks for the stream, Heather and Ian
Sarah_Serinde: twitch.tv/lunarjade twitter.com/lunarjade
Ashiok_Nightmare_Beaver: :D
Sarah_Serinde: !clip
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korvys: 100% monkey free
ApodoNuevo: Thanks for the stream, Heather and Ian!
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Juliamon: ~lasttweet highlight
LRRTwitter: [3h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Need a break? Take some down time and enjoy these stream highlights! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fwss-j0dJHs || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1206352802093551617
KeytarCat: Thanks!
Laogeodritt: 'night, Ian, Heather! Thanks for the stream!
Lithobraker: We are seigneur terraces
TehAmelie: i read that as Sigourney Terraces
TehAmelie: Sigourney Weaver's secret identity