azninsect: perfect lrrMATT
RockPusher: hahaha
tim19862: o//
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Sarah_Serinde: !clip
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photosinensis: cat.
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DigitalSeahorse: PharaohBender27, yeah I already know more than I'd like to and it's not a huge amount :P
photosinensis: NO.
Oscelot: @pharaohbender27 furries tend to be.... passionate about things. No matter what that thing is.
tim19862: lrrHORN pull it
AdmiralMemo: Haha @TheMerricat
adi_pie: Like launching a Beyblade.
tatyl_and_tael: cat?
NathanJay_GA: Pull it like a Bop-it!
amative1: So, I don't normally approve clips from the end of LIVE... but if someone clips the cat________ one, I'm approving it
tim19862: lrrDARK
Lysander_Gustav: oh dear
azninsect: catte
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photosinensis: Skitty on Wailord action!
gualdhar: Thanks for the HahaThisisfine @molladia
simriel: Thanks for the Haha2020 @molladia
rucdoc: it never ends
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patbaer: so many gifts!
flatluigi: Thanks for the HahaThink @lordinkdeath27
AdmiralMemo: Meow!
azninsect: lrrHEART_RD lrrHEART_RD lrrHEART_RD lrrHEART_RD
Lysander_Gustav: wow
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
tatyl_and_tael: so many cats
photosinensis: So who's heading over to Kathleen's show?
superkooky: Finally. Good night everyone.
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART lrrMATT
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOT_SA lrrSPOOP_SA lrrALEX_SA lrrPAUL_SG lrrHAM
flatluigi: mop
azninsect: thonk
tim19862: lrrBEEJ
Kejardon: so who made the Kemba, Kha Regent deck?
PharaohBender27: Thanks, lrrHEATHER :)
Oscelot: @photosinensis me, probably
DaSunao: lrrBEN_RD
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrCREEPL_SA lrrCREEPR_SA
photosinensis: <message deleted>RAID KATHLEEN!
TacitusVigil: I AM home :D
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: kathle3HEX reminder of BNFs tonight at 9:30 pacific time on kathleen's channel, it's her best of 2019 tonight kathle3HEX kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
AdmiralMemo: Yay!
photosinensis: lrrHEART
YawnLance: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits guyjudgeBits guyjudgeBits
RockPusher: Face Off!
Oscelot: She’s not on to raid
AdmiralMemo: More Shenmue and Brave New Faves!
NathanJay_GA: I'm reasonably certain we already saw the stinger
Riandisa: Thanks for the fun evening, everyone! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
aWabbajack: I SEE
Bladinus: Night friends. Thanks for this lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE_SA lrrARROW
Sheikun07: moar shenmoo
Lysander_Gustav: Yay more Shenmue
EricTheOrange: Scissors!
justwhatever_idk: Jam Packed Day
aWabbajack: Ryo - I see
head_cannon: Good show this month. G'night, all! lrrHEART
photosinensis: crap. She doesn't start until 11pm ct
RockPusher: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR Scissors!
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
stevestein: I think several countries started and failed in the time it took to read those subs
AdmiralMemo: james Plz
Juliamon: Chat, please do not call for raids.
NightValien28: proud is not the word
Oscelot: Night friends!
azninsect: james LUL
photosinensis: So she doesn't start for 12 minutes.
Lysander_Gustav: Is there more forklift racing in the sequel?
rikukitsune1: My cat jut lef the room is disgust
azninsect: goodnight friends, it was an entertaining LRL
tim19862: lrrHEART lrrDARK lrrAWESOME Thank you for all the great content LRR! lrrHEART
aWabbajack: Yule LOG YASSS!
azninsect: yesssssssss!
maijstral: Thanks for the HahaDoge @AnAnonymousCheerer
ContingentCat: kathle3PRISM Braise Cude kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
tenthtechpriest: this year as well? yeeeeee
tatyl_and_tael: oh god i didnt notice that behind ben
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Sat 08:00 PM PST (49m ago).
TheSpindash: Ian just lives at the moonbase this weekend
Sheikun07: Ben plz
photosinensis: WOOOOOO
tatyl_and_tael: O.O
red_shoes_jeff: PM?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCAMERON lrrIAN lrrSPOOP_SA
Sarah_Serinde: Especially don't call for raids if LRR is about to start another stream
kat2kool: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3HEX kathle3HEX
DiscordianTokkan: Goodnight everyone! Stay safe and keep hydrated this holiday season!
Despoiler98: BEN NO
InquisitorGaia: Braise CUDE kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM benginChaos kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM benginChaos
Juliamon: !schedule
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PharaohBender27: @tatyl_and_tael You missed this show's last segment, didn't you?
amative1: Jan 25th!
TacitusVigil: See you next year.
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh, schedule!
IsThis___Art: BEN PLS
azninsect: next DECADE!
teavian: lrrHEART_HF
WearingCats_CwC: bai :)
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
aWabbajack: Thanks for Stream
AdmiralMemo: We now have 2020 vision!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: GG!
excalgold: oof 2020 in 4 weeks
snowcookies: bye!
Naarius: See you next decade
flatluigi: ASS
aWabbajack: stinger time
photosinensis: ASS
azninsect: ASS
Lysander_Gustav: Good night, all of you!
Phailhammer: cya :)
NimrodXIV: ASS
simriel: When we next watch LRL we will have 2020 vision
ContingentCat: the next one will be next year
AranMathai: YES!!!!
Oscelot: lrrHEART
damn_i_am_pretty: How dare
DiscordianTokkan: Steve time!
Sarah_Serinde: Ahahaha
TheGeekyQuilter: So many loves
Edgarware: Nooooo
Juliamon: YESSSS
Despoiler98: NOOOOOOOOO
tim19862: LUL lrrBEEJ
tatyl_and_tael: lololol
DigitalSeahorse: lrrALEX_SA lrrSPOOP_SA lrrSPOT_SA lrrPAUL_SG katesThank lrrBEN lrrKATHLEEN
NightValien28: Ian's revenge
ContingentCat: what
Lysander_Gustav: what?
kat2kool: Thank you for the stream!
Aenir798: Oh my god
azninsect: HAHAHAHA
AdmiralMemo: Hahahaha
stevestein: Wait what?
flatluigi: callbacks!
TacitusVigil: Wait, what?
photosinensis: wat.
Sheikun07: VENGEANCE
SquirrelEarl: The Tinsel
azninsect: perfect
NimrodXIV: wut
mugsi_: LOL
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahahahahahaha
Sarah_Serinde: That reference :D
DigitalSeahorse: ahha
amative1: IT RETURNS!
simriel: New Years Steve continues!
LathosTiran: DEEEEPcuts
couldntpickausername: it was Meej
Bobtheninjagoldfish: NEW YEARS STEVE
angryoptimist: HAHAHAHA
r_craddz: huh??
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The traditions continue.
AdmiralMemo: That's a DEEP CUT
Thatwasademo: deep cuts, you say
RockPusher: New new year's Steve
tenthtechpriest: I GET IT
Oscelot: Pfffff
tim19862: was that the only cH bit?
Oscelot: Nice
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahahahahahahaha
ContingentCat: wow Ian went to a different world to get his revenge
AdmiralMemo: @tim19862 Yeah
kusinohki: I don't get it???
Inkymouse: Thanks everyone
DigitalSeahorse: kristikHonk feliciaFlush
Aenir798: @tim19862 yes
ThePerrBearr: there was no thanks getting this year
delta__vee: and now... play it forward?
MrPhlip: Watch the years-end LRLs from the past, like 3 years to get that
FlyingUltraCar: now, Beej's last line- was that an accusation... or an instruction?
tim19862: thanks
TheGeekyQuilter: Ian got his revenge
erloas: who's got the YT link to the callback vidoe?
delta__vee: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Sat 08:00 PM PST (50m ago).
I_Am_Clockwork: ben has a really good plaintive "noooo"
Karoyence: as is tradition
photosinensis: I mean, there's Steve, but seriously, the shit on lrrBEEJ's car?
PharaohBender27: @tim19862 Yeah, they didn't do a real cH this time
AdmiralMemo: @kusinohki Were you here for last year's LRL?
tim19862: ok cool
RealGamerCow: so what's going on with Boxing Day?
BlueChloroplast: I now the reference but I DON"t understand it :p
DigitalSeahorse: lrrIAN lrrGARBO
simriel: Is there a cH to go along with this episode?
japolai: there was no chustle :(
DrakeF: Thanks for the arrow earlier. fifiW
TheMerricat: @RealGamerCow what do you mean?
ContingentCat: @RealGamerCow a special boxing day stream
kusinohki: I thought I was, but I'm not remembering anything relevant
Juliamon: RealGamerCow It's presumably going to be like last year's, so... check the vod for last year's?
PharaohBender27: Good night, everyone! katesWave
Sarah_Serinde: RealGamerCow They're going to play games and hang out and possibly cooking? No guarantees on that one though
Mysticman89: so is the play it forward gonna be in 10 minutes, or as soon as ian gets set up, or later still? They probably said but goldfish memory
RealGamerCow: Right, the vod!
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: HahaHide HahaHide HahaHide
RobotHitchhiker: There was an entire cat-based segment that I will consider the hustle
Sarah_Serinde: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Sat 08:00 PM PST (51m ago).
tim19862: thanks again TheMerricat for the HolidayPresent sub lrrDARK lrrAWESOME
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: HahaDoge HahaDoge HahaDoge HahaDoge
Sarah_Serinde: Hah
Juliamon: Mysticman89 It will be live ASAP
Sarah_Serinde: Probably very soon
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: wheelerClown_SA wheelerClown_SA wheelerClown_SA wheelerClown_SA wheelerClown_SA wheelerClown_SA
Lysander_Gustav: Good night, all you awesome folks!
simriel: the 51 minutes ago is real good
azninsect: goodnight everyone lrrHEART_RD
RealGamerCow: Thanks all, but especially Juliamon. I knew it was a hangout stream but couldn't remember exactly.
TheMerricat: @RealGamerCow ah the stream, last year it was just a chill 'hang out with LRR' stream, that turned into a sub train nightmare for them at the end. :-)
simriel: Anyway, Goodnight all. I have to go process some Cat Butt related trauma now...
DigitalSeahorse: #RoadQuest is on day before xmas eve
TheMerricat: @tim19862 np and enjoy :-)
Sarah_Serinde: Oh right, also there will totally be giveaways on Boxing Day
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
azarax13: lrrAWESOME_SA
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: they might have inoculated themselves ith live this year
Sarah_Serinde: Why is that uh oh?
NightValien28: I hope they manage to find a way to avoid the bots, there are a lot here in chat
DigitalSeahorse: this means I'll probably miss it cause bus times suck
kusinohki: play it forward after live... ie, look how much lrr underestimated the sub train
red_shoes_jeff: G'night to most of you, I must journey on, TO THE BRAVE NEW FAVES!
ContingentCat: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM kathle3PRISM
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: braised cude/fudge
Juliamon: kusinohki In their defense, it's impossible to correctly estimate the sub train
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3HEX kathle3KNOT kathle3PRISM kathle3TRI kathle3EYE
Sarah_Serinde: NightValien28 I can't tell if you're being serious or not, they've done a bunch of giveaways that don't involve posting codes in chat
TheMerricat: @kusinohki they knew, they just didn't want to bump up the slot just for one day, calendars are a PITA to edit. :)
InquisitorGaia: Augh BNF and Shenmu i must watch both, So I WILL!?!
rucdoc: lrrJUDGE
kusinohki: fair, fair
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: one has a vod...
Sarah_Serinde: LRL tends to vary in when it ends
ContingentCat: @InquisitorGaia mae your own choices but one has vods
TheMerricat: Most of the code posting done in chat is by us, chat. Though I would think using codefall helps dimish that
InquisitorGaia: Ill watch both at the same time thank you very much
simriel: Hopefully I will make the Boxing Day stream, gonna try and be home from my folks to watch it.
Juliamon: BNF layers over most streams pretty well.
NightValien28: Sarah_Serinde I don't remember any of them but if they don't involve codes that is awesome
Juliamon: NightValien28 They're usually actual physical prizes
ContingentCat: @InquisitorGaia that's an option too I guess
Sarah_Serinde: So chat, absolutely go what whichever stream(s) you want to next, but please don't tell people to go somewhere other than LRR while they're streaming, or announce that you're leaving LRR for somewhere else - it's just general good manners to the streamer on any channel :)
coelopteryx: all giveaways i've seen have been like "ok [username] you've won the draw, please message a mod thus implicitly proving you're a human watching the stream and we'll sort out delivering the prize"
DigitalSeahorse: schiyoBonk
Sarah_Serinde: NightValien28 They generally have everyone type in a specific word in chat and draw from that
NightValien28: wow I cannot remember the previous boxing days
NightValien28: that doesn't ring a single bell but does sound like a good system
Sarah_Serinde: Well there's only been one previous boxing day
Sarah_Serinde: They've used the giveaway system at PPRs before
TheMerricat: @Sarah_Serinde is something like this - If you want to watch both Kathleen's BNF and Ian's playhthroug hit here: ok?
Mysticman89: will be working boxing day, but will aim to catch what i can
Sarah_Serinde: TheMerricat I'd say yes
kusinohki: last year there was a wyrmwood prize and a board game lot (like 5 games). I forget the 3 other give aways (I tuned in late)
NightValien28: maybe I was working during the previous one that's why I can't remember
Sarah_Serinde: They gave away a stocking that everyone contributed something to, and they've said they were thinking about (or definitely?) doing that again this year
Juliamon: One of the prizes was Adam's favorite book
kusinohki: @Sarah_Serinde RIGHT! I remember Heather's Luna and Artemis knitted thing which was very cute!
Sarah_Serinde: Heather does very good work lunarj1Heart
Roadhog123: Has someone got a gif or image handy they could post here as a test?
TheMerricat: @Roadhog123 you mean as a link like imgur?
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL_SA katesAir lrrSIGNAL_SA
DarkMorford: lrrSIGNAL
ChiefEngineerMichael: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Sun 01:00 PM PST (15:58 from now).
NightValien28: here we go
SnivianMoon: Oh boy! Time for more Shenmue III... Apparently it's the cat's anus?
Roadhog123: Actually, Ian will tweet and that will serve as a good test.
azureHaights: lrrSIGNAL Play It Horner lrrSIGNAL
MrPhlip: That sure was a noise to remind me I'd left the tab open
PharaohBender27 lurks katesLurk
Electrodyne: FACE OFF
SnivianMoon: ROCK
Greggleswong: SCISSORS
LlewellynZ: HahaDoge
kusinohki: is Ian already playing or is this just menu audio?
Electrodyne: WHAT IS THAT FACE
Juliamon: Menu audio
SnivianMoon: Menu audio
coelopteryx: eternal face-off scissors
Juliamon: It cycles between recap and menu music
coelopteryx: only scissors exist
coelopteryx: all other materials on the world have been changed to scissors
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Running it back because he's a madman, Ian's back on Play it Forward with more Shenmue III! | 📷 ||
Roadhog123: Ok, that only did it once... that makes this an intermittent fault, which is going to make it much harder to diagnose. :(
coelopteryx: shark dimension but with scissors
kusinohki: "Did you know that Detroit was on the underground railroad, a network of safe houses to free slaves during the Civil War?"
Laogeodritt: wait, is Play It Forward just starting? Whoops, I got times wrong.
Laogeodritt: Well that works in my favour since I just got home. =X
TheMerricat: Everything will be alright, everything will be alright...
Juliamon: Laogeodritt It was supposed to start an hour ago
Juliamon: LRL ran laaaate
DarkMorford: @Laogeodritt LIVE went long
Laogeodritt waves at TheMerricat
Laogeodritt: Ahh, gotcha.
TheMerricat waves back :)
Sarah_Serinde: slytqHi Laogeodritt Yeah you weren't wrong, it's just late :D
NathanJay_GA: So, I totally just woke up from a three-hour nap, and have no idea whatsoever of what happened with Live. What did I miss?
kusinohki: Live sub-train makes scheduling difficult, or so I'm told.
SnivianMoon: Oh heck, I only just now noticed, but thanks for the sub @TheMerricat!
Juliamon: NathanJay_GA Don't ask, just watch.
Laogeodritt: @NathanJay_GA I have no idea, but we both have a VOD to look forward to!
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: @NathanJay_GA FUDGE AND CATBUTT
TheMerricat: @NathanJay_GA definately one you need to go in blind for.
SnivianMoon: Greetings Ian!
TheMerricat: @SnivianMoon np and enjoy :-)
TheAinMAP: Hello.
FITorion: mut
FITorion: mute
Sheikun07: Time for more Chobus
PharaohBender27: @NathanJay_GA Quite a bit. Showcase Showdown, for one thing! Also . . . a different thing you have to see to even try to understand
Juliamon: FITorion Not mute?
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Laogeodritt: Hello, Ian! Turns out I just got home and y'all starting late, so everything worked out <3
Sarah_Serinde: Hi Ian! I need to sleep soon but it's the weekend so I'm gonna hang out for just a little bit first
FITorion: wait,,, no just me
NathanJay_GA: Oh, neat! Yeah, I think I'm gonna have a very good time :D
NightValien28: what up Ian, nothing much, just mentally scarred
Sarah_Serinde: It was...a heck of a thing, certainly
Electrodyne: Ian why did you wash the makeup off
azureHaights: LoadingRenderedRun is what goes up on YT
angryoptimist: That was a flat-amazing LRL.
NightValien28: have a good night Sarah_Serinde
Laogeodritt: @Sarah_Serinde slytqHi
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SnivianMoon: You must be able to see to find Chobus
spawnofhastur: i just got out of bed and feel like i've been hit by a truck. wee!
SnivianMoon: We must find all the Chobus
kusinohki: hard to find chopu(?) with makeup in your eyes
TheMerricat: night when you head out @Sarah_Serinde :-)
DrWreckage: Thanks for the HahaDreidel @derekgallen
Stoffern: not the cushions?
Sarah_Serinde: Laogeodritt slytqHi and FYI it looks like your TQ sub has run out, I'm not seeing the emote
Featherweight_: if you can't see you can't shop wood
PharaohBender27: katesWave @Sarah_Serinde
Featherweight_: chop
Sarah_Serinde: TheMerricat lrrHEART
Bobtheninjagoldfish: back ground chair is friend.
coelopteryx: i'm very glad graham added the PSA about don't actually do that in real life because it can be harmful
kusinohki: no heart attacks on stream ian...
coelopteryx: aye, true
spawnofhastur: i get chest pains at work all the time it's annoying.
Electrodyne: 🎵Miiiiiiiidniiiiiiiight and the kitties are sleeeeeeeepiiiiiiiiiing
Laogeodritt: @Sarah_Serinde Bah. It may very well have, I mostly only get gift subs for any channel except LRR. Thanks for letting me know!
Drakas: how is every one going
Lord_ZYRK: It is musculoskeletal
DarkMorford: Great show as usual, Ian. Though I have to wonder how the hell you people come up with some of that stuff.
Crokoking: the great thing wiith this game is that i can miss a few episodes and it's still exactly the same Kappa
Alephred: In rare cases, the heart can develop outside the ribcage.
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM HahaBall kathle3PRISM
ghostvalv: like a cramp?
Sarah_Serinde: Laogeodritt Yeah that's mostly me too, I figured you'd want to know
MooseAndTato: I've had a heart attack, don't worry chat you'll know if he is having one trust me.
spawnofhastur: Yeah, same here. I'm a chauffeur so I sit in a golf buggy and drive for 7 hours a day.
TheMerricat: Not a doctor but sounds like Ian's dealing with the same thing my doc told me I had "Precordial catch syndrome. Precordial catch syndrome (PCS) is a non-serious condition in which there are sharp stabbing pains in the chest. These typically get worse with breathing in and occur within a small area. ... Some believe the pain may be from the chest wall or irritation of an intercostal nerve."
Featherweight_: how many arms can you feel. If it's more then two call your Doctor
Alephred: 'Ectopia Cordis'
SnivianMoon: We're looking for Thugs, and our current best lead is that they're hanging out at the Bustling Diner.
DigitalSeahorse: yup my thumbs get that
Lord_ZYRK: Just crack your ribs 4Head
TacitusVigil: I'm sorry Ian. I can relate lately and I'm very sorry you've had to deal with it. :(
Sarah_Serinde: So hey even if it's well-meaning, please don't try to diagnose LRR folks
Laogeodritt: All of the apples <3
Sarah_Serinde: Or any streamer
spawnofhastur: I've got a friend who gets inflamed cartilage in his sternum. It's not fun.
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: oooh for me it can be resolved lying down with your legs up
SnivianMoon: Four apples a day! It's... still less effective than black garlic!
Featherweight_: you've killed the apple breeding pair! you monster!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: or anyONE. Let them consult a medical professional.
SniperPumpkin: I'm pretty sure you could take all the apples every time, the UI is non-obvious
Electrodyne: The good news is, it's never lupus.
Lord_ZYRK: Trust me, Ian, rubbing raw tuna on your chest will clear that right up Kappa
spawnofhastur: Ah, what are we drinking, Ian?
Alephred: PSA: Superhot is currently free to keep on the Epic Store.
Juliamon: (Except for the one time when it is lupus.)
Sheikun07: I like that every morning she looks at you and goes "HEY SLACKER I'LL BET YOU'RE BROKE" and you just go "I have paid you every morning so far why would you think I wouldn't"
SnivianMoon: SuperHot is so good. Particularly the VR version.
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM sergePride_SG
Bobtheninjagoldfish: who on earth was the voice director for these 2? cause LORD they re bad...
Juliamon: Bobtheninjagoldfish it's intentional
spawnofhastur: @Bobtheninjagoldfish it's an intentional choice tbh
SniperPumpkin: as they say, "it's the most innovative shooter I've seen in years"
kusinohki: pistol whip?
Lord_ZYRK: Doom 🤔
spawnofhastur: Apparently the Japanese voice track is a lot better.
DigitalSeahorse: brb
Bobtheninjagoldfish: that's not an excuse for being bad... imo...
Lord_ZYRK: It is vital to the experience
SniperPumpkin: you've gotten this row
SnivianMoon: We got all the chobus this way, I think. It goes down to the water.
Juliamon: It was unintentional 20 years ago, but it's now what the fans know and love
TheMerricat: last I remember you stopped in the weapons shop.
spawnofhastur: It's a key part of the shenmue experience bob
SnivianMoon: You do want to go back the other way.
Sarah_Serinde: Shenmue 3 was made for the fans, so a callback like that will probably appeal to the fans, and it's less important if it confuses or puts off newcomers, because they're not the primary intended audience
SnivianMoon: Ah, stump fungus.
Sarah_Serinde: It doens't mean it's *good*, but it's an intentional choice based on who they're making the game for
Sheikun07: A ROCK
SniperPumpkin: ah herbs
Juliamon: The fans literally paid for it to be this way.
spawnofhastur: i'd be amused if ryu just accidentally picked a a poisonous mushroom
TheMerricat: Stupid question but if yo play with japanese vocals do you still get english subs?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah you started with Japanese and changed it very quickly
TehAmelie: maybe it's all they could afford on a kickstarter budget too eh
Jorge4hg: It could feel odd
SnivianMoon: Crow Dipper!
FITorion: right side
Laogeodritt: What was the budget for this game overall, anyway?
Juliamon: Double dippin
SniperPumpkin: we've hit the motherload
Lord_ZYRK: You'll get caught up in the!
FITorion: walked past one
kusinohki: wow, the loot in pubg really changed...
spawnofhastur: i like crows, they're pretty chill.
SnivianMoon: What're ya gonna pick? Crow Dipper!
Sarah_Serinde: TehAmelie I mean you'd have to get VAs and a director to intentionally voice things this way, to mimic the original. It wouldn't be the same as just getting someone who doesn't do a very good job
CaptainSpam: Aren't you (as in camera you) usually on the other side of the screen for this?
FITorion: got it
Juliamon: Oh... that's what's throwing me off! You're on the wrong side of the screen!
ReverseCreations: PogChamp69 Dear Dr. Ian,. that last segment on LRL was UNBELIEVABLY Silly.
coelopteryx: crows are good
SnivianMoon: When it reaches this time of year, it tends to be dark when I leave for work, and dark when I head home from work. 'S kinda not fun. Happy the days are coming back to us now.
CaptainSpam: THAT did it! :-D
Laogeodritt: Ooh, transitions!
Sarah_Serinde: That *was* a nice transition lrrSLOTH
kusinohki: !paullove
IsThis___Art: crowfrands!
Laogeodritt: Who do we ~~blame~~ credit for that? Paul? =V
SniperPumpkin: ah, much better
Laogeodritt: Ah, Paul.
Lord_ZYRK: Paul is, as always, credit to stream
shalyonse: Can you make fuel for forklift races from these herbs?
Blade_Tiger: So I know literally nothing about the Shenmue series, is this like a slice of life game or...?
SK__Ren: Because it looks like foxglove?
spawnofhastur: Crowglove is a silly name, crows don't wear gloves.
Alephred: Foxglove.
Juliamon: Foxglove
Sheikun07: I mean, there's *fox*glove
erloas: beat me to it
Alephred: Is foxglove edible, though?
Fruan: When you're gonna dip your crow dipper, always wear a crow glove
DarkMorford: @Sarah_Serinde This is the same English voice actor for Ryo as in Shenmue 1, so at least they didn't have to teach someone new to talk like that. :P
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah that's an advantage :D
RealGamerCow: I thought foxglove was poisonous.
PharaohBender27: @Alephred Absolutely not
Laogeodritt: @Blade_Tiger We're trying to track down our father's killers through the entire series, I think. It's just very slow-paced. (I'm new to the series as of this Play It Forward, I'm sure others can give a better answer.)
spawnofhastur: oh yeah there's that kid we have to find something for so he can eat
Sheikun07: It is 100% poisonous
SK__Ren: It grows sporadically where I live. Big ones too
Sheikun07: Don't eat foxglove
kat2kool: @blade_tiger I think I've gleaned that it's Yakuza before there was Yakuza
TheMerricat: Foxglove, also called Digitalis purpurea, is a common biennial garden plant that contains digitoxin, digoxin, and other cardiac glycosides. ... Digitalis is poisonous; it can be fatal even in small doses. It was the original source of the drug called digitalis.
Sarah_Serinde: I'd be really interesting to hear what the VA sessions were like and the kind of direction the actors were given :D
kusinohki: wait... ree-oh? thought ryo was pronounced "yo"??
SnivianMoon: Given his speech patterns, Ryo almost feels like a distant cousin of Dave's spokesman.
coelopteryx: the nearest cities here, they're small cities, not a lot of pigeons around but lordy they have So Many Crows
Sheikun07: "Ryo" is supposed to be one syllable, but it's one that most English speakers have trouble pronouncing
spawnofhastur: SHOW US YOUR CHOBU
SnivianMoon: We're just here for your Chobu, old man.
kusinohki: *waggles fingers* "I'm not touching anything...."
SnivianMoon: Best purchase!
TehAmelie: eatin foxgloves for your heart would make as much sense as eating ergot to get high
kat2kool: gib chobu
Alephred: @Sarah_Serinde I got roped into visiting Pacific Mall today! Dec. 21!
Jorge4hg: give us your chobu
Sarah_Serinde: That phone card was an antique!
SnivianMoon: Uhhh
DarkMorford: Yeah, it should be "Ryou," which is two "syllables" (or the closest think Jaoanese has to them)
Alephred: @Sarah_Serinde I am now ded.
Sarah_Serinde: Alephred Ahh I haven't been there in ages
SnivianMoon: It looks like there's another one in the back of the store.
Lord_ZYRK: "it BELONGS in a museum!" *takes phone card*
Laogeodritt: @DarkMorford "mora" is the linguistic term applied to Japanese's conception of... well, mora.
Bobtheninjagoldfish: is that thing important/
Zalthia: Isn’t that the Maguffin?
SnivianMoon: The Phenoix mirror is the main maguffin, yeah.
Alephred: @Sarah_Serinde 100 stores, 25% of which are eyeglass stores, 25% of which are cell phone stores, and random others.
Sarah_Serinde: I already can't remember why we were talking about Pacific Mall recently...
Juliamon: We've found the source of Chinese knockoff merch.
Juliamon: It's this old person.
Sarah_Serinde: Alephred Don't forget all the pirated stuff
Zalthia: Bats! Bats are lucky in Chinese symbology
Sarah_Serinde: Also food tho
Sheikun07: The center also has those cabinets, it might be hiding at an odd angle
SniperPumpkin: there's so much music in this game
SnivianMoon: Chobu sighted
Sheikun07: I'm glad it wasn't in a cabinet
Jorge4hg: watching
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so why are those round things important?
Juliamon: Bobtheninjagoldfish We get new moves from them
Juliamon: (indirectly)
spawnofhastur: this lass seems actually... normal. i don't trust her.
Sheikun07: I love how Ryo just... ignores what people say when asking his questions.
Alephred: The round things are Chobu-Chan, local business mascot. Collect them for .. some kind of reward?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: the thing that Ian said blonged in a mueum?
Sheikun07: "Will you be eating here or to go?" "Have you heard of the road that is standing behind me"
Juliamon: (Unless you meant the dragon/phoenix mirrors, which are Plot Maguffins)
SnivianMoon: Is Chobu-Chan a kind of dumpling?
gwardandtheidiotsquad: So many dumplings. What are we playing by the way
Bobtheninjagoldfish: ah! plot maguffins... got it
SnivianMoon: Nice find!
Sarah_Serinde: It is not
spawnofhastur: that is a lie
Juliamon: You are lying, sir
Erudite_Cynic: is it tho?
SnivianMoon: That quarter machine is stone cold out of the 1980s.
myrddinthewizard: DS9?
Sarah_Serinde: Glad we're all on the same page, chat :D
Zalthia: So. What does this have to do with finding your father’s murderer?
Jorge4hg: First try
CaptainSpam: That is perhaps one of the most common change machines I've ever seen.
SnivianMoon: A quarter machine gachapon? WANT
Bakufreak: I bet changing bills is more fun than Smart Ball
spawnofhastur: @Zalthia finding chobus gives us more kung fu moves which will help us avenge our father. or something
Sarah_Serinde: Well, finding all the chobus helps us get better moves, which means we'll be better at fighting the bad guys once we eventually find them after we stop faffing around with allt he chobus :P
TehAmelie: they have that change machine at the laserdome/arcade hall in my town
Juliamon: I GUESS we can waste our money on Smart Ball once a session
gwardandtheidiotsquad: what is this game?
Juliamon: gwardandtheidiotsquad Shenmue III
Sarah_Serinde: Oh there are so many holes on this one
RealGamerCow: I saw that and had a visceral scent memory of the bowling alley that I spent a lot of time in the arcade of.
Sarah_Serinde: Do you just have to get 3 in a row?
SnivianMoon: Oh hey, you get them back in this version?
Alephred: Is this pinball connect 3?
SnivianMoon: Ohhhh, I think you either have to make red or blue lines, but you have to get them all.
Jorge4hg: you monsters
CaptainSpam: More like smartass ball if you ask me... Kappa
gwardandtheidiotsquad: I just came back from aggresive cat decks trying to understand that they can not get their oven back by killing agent of treachery
CaptainSpam: There's a series of lights on top.
SnivianMoon: They keep rolling back, so it might be timed.
CaptainSpam: That's your last one, I think.
Bakufreak: Row of lights at the top seem to be ball count
Sarah_Serinde: Lucky Roll slot machine??
TheNerdWonder: 10 balls, there are lights at the top of the board
Laogeodritt: Smart Ball? How smart are these balls?
Sarah_Serinde: Laogeodritt Not very
Zalthia: Again!
SnivianMoon: I'm afraid we have to add Lucky Roll to the "Learn about Charcoal" category.
Mysticman89: slot machines fair? hmm
RoastedGravy: Time for Galaxy Brain Ball instead.
Sheikun07: Slot machines: The fairest of gambling games
Laogeodritt: @Sarah_Serinde Such a misnomer.
gwardandtheidiotsquad: The gambling addiction is dominant for this character
PharaohBender27: Smartball? More like STUPIDBALL, amirite!?
Juliamon: BIRD
spawnofhastur: Don't we have to get a gachapon thing for the mask kid who can't afford to eat?
TheMerricat: That sort of minigame is the sort of game I'd pay a hacker to build a trainer for so I wouldn' have to play it to win. :-)
Jorge4hg: bird!
Juliamon: !bird
SSnakeAce: Neat, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
Juliamon: !birb
LRRbot: Peck your beak!
Sarah_Serinde: !y
SSnakeAce: I assume left one is Liu Bei
PMAvers: And then the trainer would install a keylogger on your system and steal all your bank account info and money.
CaptainSpam: Peck your beak! CRUNCH YOUR TEETH! Wait, no, wrong channel.
Pal_Friendpatine: That guy is the least weird looking character in this game
Laogeodritt: Hello, physics engine.
myrddinthewizard: *honk*
unfamiliarpatterns: hard right indeed
Juliamon: Just a little too hard-right.
Sheikun07: Well, you went hard right, and you got hard right.
cheetoJack: you asked for hard right and it worked
Jorge4hg: so we meet again physics engine
spawnofhastur: i think it's been like a week since i've seen, you know. the sky.
gwardandtheidiotsquad: gambling at its fineist
Juliamon: !clip
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Sarah_Serinde: sergeOffByOne
cheetoJack: bonk bonk bonk!
Zalthia: lrrAWW
MooseAndTato: squilPray
RoastedGravy: Ian, it’s been 20 years.
gwardandtheidiotsquad: (shacky hands. Sweat off face) JUST ONE MORE!!!!!!!!!
Jorge4hg: one more?
azureHaights: No, fuck left off
Mysticman89: is bounce RNG, or if you place in the same spot exactly each time will it always land in the same spot?
Zalthia: lrrAWW
Sheikun07: We never did get the wagon bus, did we?
Juliamon: We did not.
Sheikun07: Sadness
SnivianMoon: Aw, bus. I forgot about that.
spawnofhastur: are we going to forklift this stream?
Laogeodritt: A scaled-down version of a coffee cup? What is this, Watch and Play?
Alephred: Fork yes!
SnivianMoon: You bet your forkin' Chobu we are
RoastedGravy: Fork. Lift. Fork. Lift. Fork. Lift. Fork. Lift.
Jorge4hg: i don't fork
hawkfalcon8: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Ian takes over Play it Foward and he's checking out Shenmue 3. Game: Shenmue 3) at Sun 01:00 PM PST (15:30 from now).
RoastedGravy pounds table.
Sheikun07: But first. BONG.
spawnofhastur: well first we have to make sure the fork lift guy didn't drown in the bay.
RoastedGravy: Forklift!
Drakas: we always forklift this stream
SnivianMoon: Ian, look up into the corner of the arcade if you would..
coelopteryx: where's spider stompin
FITorion: chobu in here?
CaptainSpam: "Where is Blossom Road?" "It's just up there." "Okay, thanks." *goes directly to arcade*
azureHaights: TODAY's
couldntpickausername: hi chat
couldntpickausername: hi Ian
couldntpickausername: I have....
couldntpickausername: made gifs
couldntpickausername: of LRL
SnivianMoon: Oh dear
Sheikun07: Look, not many people know this, but Ryo is actually a nickname for Ryouga
Juliamon: I fear
Lord_ZYRK: oh no indeed
Laogeodritt: I love how we went from Sidequest Stuff in LRL to Sidequest Stuff in Shenmue. =X
Jorge4hg: chobu hard
FITorion: t..theeth
MooseAndTato: Someone on my twitter feed just posted a video of capybaras in a yuzu and I am content.
SnivianMoon: Nice!
Laogeodritt: erm
Sheikun07: The sense of direction is part of the character
FITorion: braclet
Sheikun07: VALKYRIES
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Laogeodritt: Sidequest Stuff in Yakuza to Sidequest Stuff in Shenmue, I mean
CaptainSpam: Do you have some sort of Chobu checklist?
spawnofhastur: ian has ascended he is now a chobu savant
kusinohki: not quite starscream...
Zalthia: That dress is nice...
Angnor33: Sw;eet, sweet chobu.
Sheikun07: I hope the chobu is in the ice cream
Sheikun07: YEAH
unfamiliarpatterns: lol
couldntpickausername: I'm not gonna spam emote, I put a whole bunch in the lrr discord gif repository
Lord_ZYRK: Chocobu PogChamp
SSnakeAce: All about that chobu
coelopteryx: could go for some green tea ice cream
FITorion: so then probably one here too
kusinohki: "please don't eat the chobu"
SnivianMoon: Those Chai are disturbing
coelopteryx: large fire extinguisher is for large fires
Zalthia: That chobo looks yummy
Pal_Friendpatine: @captainspam if he goes to an exchange and opens the exchange shop cards menu he could deduce what he needs to find
SniperPumpkin: that fire extinguisher is the wrong size, immersion ruined forever 0/10
Alephred: Is this game allowed to use Sega licenses?
spawnofhastur: i love candy canes but the way they wrap them is heinous.
CaptainSpam: Wait, "Excite QTE 3"?!?
unfamiliarpatterns: what kind of angle is that
SnivianMoon: Kobe!
Jorge4hg: nice
Bobtheninjagoldfish: so given the tape decks, stereos and The SEGA SATURN.. I'm gonna assume this is set mid 90s?
Juliamon: CaptainSpam A bunch of the arcade games have QTE-based names
unfamiliarpatterns: 80s
Juliamon: 1987
Bobtheninjagoldfish: but the saturn didn't come out till ike 1994...
Juliamon: The Saturn is because of when the game came out
SnivianMoon: Virtua Chobu Fighter?
Juliamon: It's an intentional anachronism
SnivianMoon: Indeed!
boristhewizard: My first job was working at a laser tag/arcade place, and watching Ian do this is the ultimate PTSD
Electrodyne: Chobu Fighter II Hyper Fighting
boristhewizard: lrrIAN_RD lrrIAN_RD lrrIAN_RD
Drakas: fun fact about pony in the dub the kid is voiced by the younger bother of the jonas bothers
Sheikun07: Dang, Ian.
spawnofhastur: x gon give it to ya
kusinohki: I vaguely remember a whack a mole game that was broken to the point that it didn't matter how many or little you hit, you got the same score every time
SnivianMoon: High score achieved!
Sheikun07: You just smashed that high score
Blightfight: "i set the a record?"
Sarah_Serinde: Right, I should really sleep. Have fun, friends!
Lord_ZYRK: Sarah_Serinde ResidentSleeper /
SnivianMoon: Oh, the answer to your question is very coming soon!
Drakas: its in this town
SnivianMoon: It's actually on Blossom Road
spawnofhastur: WHERE IS THEIR CHOBU
Zalthia: Aw this poor kid. Has to avenge his dad but he just wants to hang out in the arcades
Drakas: what do you get form the chobu
couldntpickausername: Ice Cream? I barely know ream
SnivianMoon: @Drakas We can trade them in for move books.
Laogeodritt: I would love some ice cream or gelato right now, tbh
Laogeodritt: Good night, @Sarah_Serinde!
spawnofhastur: i'm glad that the people in Niaowu are, generally, much less thirsty than the Bailu people are.
SnivianMoon: @spawnofhastur Very much agreed
Zalthia: This game sees relaxing
Electrodyne: I'd like two scoops of chobu chip please
spawnofhastur: yeah we got to 3:40 just looking for chobus today.
kusinohki: wait, there's more to this game than chobu?? :P
Featherweight_: I'm ok with all cobus all the time
spawnofhastur: those burgers actually look pretty dece
Alephred: I'm quite enjoying the I Spy Chobu-Chan game.
Electrodyne: Bacon double choburger please
SnivianMoon: I love that this is a Video game made in Japan in 2019, set in China in 1987, and we are in an American retro 1950s diner currently.
kusinohki: but I thought we were assembling a team of chobus to do that... :P
Laogeodritt: In the future, they will variously call Shenmue III the Final Play It Forward or Play It Forward Infinity.
CaptainSpam: Wait... you mean Ryo ISN'T a world renowned freelance retail reviewer?
coelopteryx: seems reasonably accurate to life
spawnofhastur: lemonade was invented in india, oddly enough.
Featherweight_: fresh fruit stall burgers
coelopteryx: just 500 burgers left unattended
FITorion: under side of tables maybe... like the other one
CaptainSpam: In the neon sign on the back?
SnivianMoon: Tricky Tricky
FITorion: ah yeah
Laogeodritt: I don't know why, Ian, but your "the whole thing" line suddenly reminded me The Whole Story skits
CaptainSpam: Wait, really? I was just guessing!
Featherweight_: glowbo
SnivianMoon: TOMATO!
spawnofhastur: no ian this is how you get stuck chobu hunting
Juliamon: CaptainSpam Congrats, you're a Chobu savant
coelopteryx: maybe everyone was eating at these restaurants & they had to peace out immediately because they hadn't filled out the proper paperwork to be extras in the video game, and that's why they left all this food around
SnivianMoon: I get oddly nostalgic for this music.
spawnofhastur: Mmm, I love burbon
Sheikun07: Mm, Burbon.
coelopteryx: brrbn
Blightfight: That tracks.
SnivianMoon: Ah yes, regular and stretched Burbon
Bobtheninjagoldfish: is chobu some kinda advertising Icon in this world? like a mascot or something?
spawnofhastur: i can't hear a buzz because i've got my aircon on.
SniperPumpkin: I mean, it's all just pixels Ian :P
Sheikun07: Oh man, I love COLA brand cola
SnivianMoon: @Bobtheninjagoldfish You got it! That's exactly what Chobu is.
hawkfalcon8: @LoadingReadyRun what is A Very Cam & Ian Christmas?
Juliamon: hawkfalcon8 What, or when?
coelopteryx: tomato convenience
hawkfalcon8: what
coelopteryx: electronic tomato
SniperPumpkin: hawkfalcon8 Ian and Cam have a Christmas show, where they sit quietly together for an hour
CaptainSpam: @hawkfalcon8 It's an experience. It's hard to explain without giving it away.
Juliamon: hawkfalcon8 There's a whole playlist of previous ones if you want to learn
NightValien28: the tomato convenience store sells everything but tomatos
SnivianMoon: Lady, in this game, it'll be hard to tell.
Electrodyne: "Burbon" must be tomato bourbon
DarkMorford: I never get used to the jump cuts in this game.
hawkfalcon8: ok, I'll check it out
SnivianMoon: Chocolate cookies give a decent amount of HP.
hawkfalcon8: ok
Sheikun07: "We have a phone card of the hotel lady. Don't ask why."
spawnofhastur: He in one of the sushis
hawkfalcon8: yeah that's where im going
Zalthia: Chanukah is tomarrow! I’m excited!
SniperPumpkin: some of them got muted because of copyright claims on the video of the yule log
FITorion: maybe... behind the pretzel bags
SnivianMoon: There's a copyright on the yule log?! Freakin' algorithms.
spawnofhastur: third shelf in the sushi
Laogeodritt: Cam & Ian Christmas is going to be great this year. I'm just coming off of grading hell, tomorrow is all laundry and then relaxation, and I have a big list of books to get through and some nice (if not amazing) scotch to enjoy. =X
FITorion: there's one knocked over
spawnofhastur: he on the third shelf in the sushis
Alephred: Time spend Chobu-ing is never wasted.
SnivianMoon: Dead ahead for the Big Wheel
SniperPumpkin: herb map?
r10pez10: oh god it's shenmoo
spawnofhastur: the chobu in the tomato store is in among the sushi
coelopteryx: licorice!!
hawkfalcon8: i... i love this
r10pez10: it looks like plot has happened!
Sheikun07: ShenMOE
sjcTheos: There is no e in shnmu
kusinohki: silent letters... like assassins
HesGotNoPants: what ya drinking ian?
Electrodyne: Shenmeow
hawkfalcon8: Well, see you tomorrow!
Balthasar_Wiseman: Does anyone know if there is a list of all of the spirits used on the Cam and Ian Christmases?
HesGotNoPants: you are a fan of those aren't you?
Alephred: It's Chinese Stan Lee! Stan Lee, as it were.
spawnofhastur: this guy gives me a cult leader vibe
Laogeodritt: "Everything okay?" "Actually, I'm here for something else." Uhhhh. Ryo. Ryo, dear, that's not how conversation works.
HesGotNoPants: you had one of those last ti m.j e
SnivianMoon: Welcome to the backer extravaganza
Zalthia: What are those dots around your map? In the lower left corner?
EJGRgunner: I think naming your restaurant "Bustling Diner" is rather aspirational
EJGRgunner: and this is definitely not bustling
coelopteryx: f o r k l i f t
SnivianMoon: @Zalthia That's the HP meter.
r10pez10: always BONUS
HesGotNoPants: bonus
SnivianMoon: Congrats. You get a literal lemon.
Sheikun07: Mmmm, lemons
Juliamon: Life gave you lemons.
Lord_ZYRK: Put Ian in Shenmue you cowards
coelopteryx: lemon o b t a i n e d
SnivianMoon: These gacha machines have backers inside them.
Mystaira: You did comment about life giving you lemons...
Zalthia: Mmm lemon
spawnofhastur: i wanna see ryo just. jam the entire lemon into his mouth and swallow.
Sheikun07: Without even peeling it
SnivianMoon: Er, the ones in the back do, I mean.
SniperPumpkin: oh no
SnivianMoon: Okay, now these are the backer gachas
LisasMoistClam: This is cool.
SniperPumpkin: Kickstarter is a hell of a drug
SnivianMoon: Yup!
FITorion: that's what I was thinking
kusinohki: so there's a time of day. does the game keep track of day of week or calandar or anything?
SniperPumpkin: A-G
spawnofhastur: @kusinohki yes
spawnofhastur: and there's a cut off point after which we just lose
Zalthia: Aw this is neat
SniperPumpkin: how did you get here?
HesGotNoPants: I liked the block around the baby
kusinohki: and by "look for clues, I mean chobus"
Sheikun07: "Clues like these gachas I'm collecting. Also, chobus."
spawnofhastur: "Not any more"
CaptainSpam: "We've got to find my father, and fast." "I am going to willingly pretend you didn't say that second part! Off to hunt more Chobu! Byeeeeeee!"
CaptainSpam: Did you just eat a whole lemon?
unfamiliarpatterns: rind and all
Sheikun07: That barely helped your health at all.
Laogeodritt: That reminds me, I've been singing a lot, I should buy more lemons before I run out
Zalthia: Who is Shenua?
Robot_Bones: Hungry for Apples?
LisasMoistClam: the lemon chaser really makes the meal of apples
Pal_Friendpatine: The lemon helps prevent the apple from going brown in your stomach Kappa
SnivianMoon: I uh, do recommend you eat something before triggering plo- Oops.
SniperPumpkin: very shiny plot
kusinohki: *warning - plot incoming*
Pal_Friendpatine: Wait didn’t he just eat a bunch?
Pal_Friendpatine: Why is his health so low?
spawnofhastur: we got to fight on an empty stomach no
SnivianMoon: A MISERABLE PILE OF SEC- oh wait
kusinohki: hey, recycle those~
spawnofhastur: Burbon
SnivianMoon: Holy HECK
SniperPumpkin: this may not be the best time to have really low health
IncredibleFrown: FALCON...PANCH
unfamiliarpatterns: sonic uppercut
coelopteryx: combinations of lemon and other fruits.. y'know what, those lemon-cherry frozen slushie things are good
Sheikun07: I mean, you did go into that with no health
SniperPumpkin: Wait till we come back with a full stomach
IncredibleFrown: i've got to eat the blood of my enemies...
Laogeodritt: That was just Yakuza-like enough that I was surprised not to hear Japanese afterwards. Even though I've been here the entire stream. =X
SnivianMoon: Mmmm, jacket dumplings
IncredibleFrown: @Laogeodritt right??
Zalthia: Are jacket dumplings as good as pocket bread?
SnivianMoon: Combat in this game is actually quite exceptionally bad.
Sheikun07: I do like how you can't actually just use normal punches and kicks.
r10pez10: luckily it's only the combat is bad and nothing else
Juliamon: People do not play this game for the combat.
Laogeodritt: Ahahah, yeah, I see that. But you managed two of those big punches still. =V
unfamiliarpatterns: lrrHAM_SA
spawnofhastur: ian have you played GodHand?
EJGRgunner: Which is better in this game, fighting or rock paper scissors?
IncredibleFrown: *surf guitar intensifies*
Laogeodritt: @EJGRgunner You mean Face Off, the game that's been taking the village by storm?
SnivianMoon: The thing I find surprising is that some of the changes to the combat in III make it feel worse than to Shenmue I and II, at least in my opinion. And I and II weren't exactly stellar.
spawnofhastur: and now ryu has a dented skull
SnivianMoon: (My opinion only, of course)
spawnofhastur: they removed the throws. :(
sjcTheos: Face. Off. Face. Off.
IncredibleFrown: i love that ryu sounds *exactly* the same
spawnofhastur: wait is this our requisite chase scene?
SniperPumpkin: footrace?
SnivianMoon: Here we go! Obligatory QTE chase through a bustling street!
SniperPumpkin: it's a footrace
Sheikun07: Cat
SniperPumpkin: time to QTE our way through the whole town
Sheikun07: I love the failure states
spawnofhastur: the timing for these is really not generous
Zalthia: This seems. Bad?
SniperPumpkin: I'm impressed that they animated all these failure states
SnivianMoon: @spawnofhastur You're not kidding.
Zalthia: Wouldn’t it be more fun to play it yourself?
Laogeodritt: Nice pirouette, Ryo. XD
unfamiliarpatterns: what
IncredibleFrown: pirouette or travel in time, only two optio-OH MY GOD
Juliamon: Badass kid!
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Lord_ZYRK: Now we have to fight the child NotLikeThis
CaptainSpam: Gotta hand it to them, the shoulder-tap to the guy carrying the log, not a bad move.
Serpens77: this is all very Jackie Chan movie
Sheikun07: I love that kid
Juliamon: I'm SO glad this game checkpoints the QTE cutscenes mid-way
IncredibleFrown: you can never defeat us with that, our mastery of fire extinguishers is too strong
SniperPumpkin: I kinda want to see you go back and fail more of those
Juliamon: I remember 1 and 2 being miserable with the QTE chains
Lord_ZYRK: Well now that we've succeeded in the chase QTE they've. . . got away anyway
IncredibleFrown: ah, they did the thing where you have to succeed all the qtes to not lose them, and then you lose them
unfamiliarpatterns: lol yes please
SniperPumpkin: the failures states were really interesting
Zalthia: And then you fail anyways?! :/
DarkMorford: Are those sausages compliant with the treaty?
Sheikun07: I think the failure state with the kid was my favorite.
SnivianMoon: @SniperPumpkin If you can find it on YouTube or something similar, failing the Fire Extinguisher QTE is... something. Nothing exceptional, just. OUCH.
Sheikun07: "We can't show the kid getting hurt, so she's just a kung fu master instead."
coelopteryx: kitty,
SniperPumpkin: oof
IncredibleFrown: this doesn't look like an ambush at all
SniperPumpkin: plot!
SnivianMoon: It's REN!
spawnofhastur: I REMEMBER THIS GUY
IncredibleFrown: good ol Joseph Kitchen
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Lord_ZYRK: Not like thiiis, or THIIIS, but thiIiIiIis
kusinohki: I like my noodles like I like my women... hourglass shaped??? (forgive bad joke)
Zalthia: Is this your boyfriend?
IncredibleFrown: love fish
Lord_ZYRK: kushinoki and made of buckwheat Keepo
SnivianMoon: You spent the better part of the end of Shenmue II with that guy.
Lord_ZYRK: kusinohki *
DarkMorford: Is that guy our Majima?
Zalthia: Is the Majima hairstyle a trope?
IncredibleFrown: the game bong
SSnakeAce: I can never hear Greg Chun and not immediately think of Yagami from Judgment.
kusinohki: "do you have the good drugs here or just the bad ones?"
Bosmerlady: she has a good ost
unfamiliarpatterns: me too
Juliamon: She's cute.
SnivianMoon: My Chobu levels are low. 50 CC of Chobu, stat!
Lord_ZYRK: She's stylish AND pharmaceutical
Genderi: "What's this? Guess I'll take it" what a way to go through life
Juliamon: Some funny shadows on the face though.
SniperPumpkin: does she sell anything useful?
Lord_ZYRK: Ah yes, next to the Headache Drugs
Laogeodritt: so, what do chobu get us? I saw the poster when we got here but I'm not clear this does for us
Laogeodritt: ahh, gotcha.
Juliamon: Precious precious move books
Bosmerlady: besides trophies
spawnofhastur: "I'M SMOKIN' HERE"
Bosmerlady: gimme a smoke
Zalthia: But where did that cute boy Ren go?
MostCallMe__Tim: Ryo is about as subtle as a baseball bat to the nuts...
Bosmerlady: I see u got the amazing fishing jacket
SnivianMoon: The LOVE FISH jacket is indeed amazing.
Juliamon: We are never taking the jacket off.
IncredibleFrown: step on the gas
DarkMorford: Can we do shirtless Ryo? Kappa
FITorion: and by beter we mean worst
FITorion: worse
Lord_ZYRK: It's a temple to the god of disorganization
spawnofhastur: i think the thugs are also chobu hunting
Bosmerlady: I wish the t shirts were tucked in like the old games
SniperPumpkin: I love that he pronounces it as 'snek'
DarkMorford: No, that's a different franchise.
Erudite_Cynic: am I the only one seeing some vertical tearing in tracking shots?
Bosmerlady: yea
Erudite_Cynic: cool
Erudite_Cynic: just making sure I am not losing my mind
MostCallMe__Tim: Another road to ask everyone for the location of...
SnivianMoon: Just to reassure you: The main hall is just another list of Backers.
IncredibleFrown: look at the time...time...time...
SniperPumpkin: the voice of god informs ryo of the time
SniperPumpkin: Are you going to call someone tonight?
Bosmerlady: I won a fishing jacket, shenhua
DarkMorford: I think Ren is the Majima to Ryo's Kiryu.
Zalthia: He’s also my boyfriend
SniperPumpkin: don't worry shenua, we're confused too
Bosmerlady: ren is easily the best character in the franchise
Laogeodritt: We will call the night!
SnivianMoon: @Bosmerlady Agreed. Though Joy is an irreverant second
APODionysus: So I’ve missed most of this playthrough except the first episode... I see the dialouge is still...
APODionysus: The same
Laogeodritt: Time to acquire more drink!
Bosmerlady: let's get turnt
DiceHoarder: Keep hydrated chat jorbsLove
Juliamon: Time for meds!
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
IncredibleFrown: i'm glad the heavenly save chorus faded out
TheMerricat: @APODionysus had a discussion about that the start of the stream - it was intentioal
APODionysus: So Ian’s been doing this for a while.... is the game .. good?
Bosmerlady: I'll grab my Christmas vodka
Juliamon: APODionysus It's entertaining. "Good" is in the eye of the beholder.
APODionysus: Fair!
Juliamon: It's very much what it was intended to be.
APODionysus: Lots of things are in the eye of the beholder! For example: I think Lantern Control is a fun deck!
TheMerricat: @APODionysus if you are into Shemue and Shenmue like games, it's awesome.
Bosmerlady: this guy is popular? good views for shenmue
APODionysus: I may be a monster though
Juliamon: Bosmerlady LRR has a very dedicated fanbase.
IncredibleFrown: @APODionysus it's shenmue. it lives on a level of idiosyncraticness born from being a dreamcast series
Bosmerlady: I see
Genie_M: it has a ... nostalgia factor, i played with the first 2 on Dreamcast back then. i wouldn't play this, but watching it is fun
APODionysus: Speaking of LRRs fan base
APODionysus: I can’t wait for tomorrow night
Bosmerlady: this is my fav gam of the year
IncredibleFrown: what's tomorrow
Bosmerlady: I love it
Laogeodritt: tomorrow's gonna be great <3
APODionysus: Cam and Ian Christmas @incrediblefrown
IncredibleFrown: neat
Laogeodritt: @IncredibleFrown Shenmue then Rhythm Café then Cam and Ian Christmas
Bosmerlady: I think gamers these days don't appreciate shenmue. hard to appeal
APODionysus: Cam and Ian Xmas has somehow become one of my favorite traditions
Laogeodritt: I'm literally going to take that time to crack open a new book. =3
Mysticman89: zero punctuation had a particularly unimpressed review of shenmue 3
APODionysus: I tried explaining it to the gf last year... she did... not understand
Bosmerlady: Clive Barker?
Bosmerlady: my fav
SnivianMoon: @Mysticman89 Zero Punctuation has a particularly unimpressed review of every game.
Mysticman89: I mean yeah, but he usually has some good to speak of
APODionysus: @mysticman89 I mean ZP is unimpressed by everything. That’s his schtick
IncredibleFrown: i think in a world where yakuza has found its footing, shenmue is a hard sell
spawnofhastur: Shenmue is the kind of game where you need a bit of nostalgia.
SnivianMoon: Yeah, Shenmue isn't exactly angling to be a 2019 AAA game.
APODionysus: I can count the games he was fully positive about on one hand...
SniperPumpkin: for some reason The Algorithm fed me up the ZP of Oblivion from over a decade ago
APODionysus: Silent Hill 2. Bastion.
Bosmerlady: I think shenmue is a very different experience than yakuza, and I like shenmue more
SniperPumpkin: it was really different
Sheikun07: I'm definitely having fun watching you play it.
SniperPumpkin: I would never play this game, but it's lots of fun as a stream
Genie_M: it's a shenmue game, like the 2 before
spawnofhastur: Shenmue is... Shenmue. It's an experience.
SnivianMoon: I am having tons of fun. Thank you for sticking with the game and playing through it with us!
wildpeaks: sideways
SnivianMoon: I bet on face up
SniperPumpkin: rolling
tapdancingbeavers: face off
Sheikun07: sideways
IncredibleFrown: even though i'm not really a """fan""" of shenmue, i'm glad shenmue 3 has gone all in on being More Shenmue, it's definitely mroe interesting than the alternative
APODionysus: Is this a Kiss Her You Fool moment?
Sheikun07: WOO
wildpeaks: holy molly
SnivianMoon: Bamboozled!
Juliamon: Sheikun07 gets it!
IncredibleFrown: the coin has landed sideways?????
Sheikun07: @wildpeaks we got it
Juliamon: as does wildpeaks
spawnofhastur: her feet are quite horrifying.
IncredibleFrown: darts!
Bosmerlady: shenmue 2 is the best video game of all time imo
SnivianMoon: And Chobus!
Sheikun07: and forklift driving
Friedent: lumber chopping
Mystaira: And chobus
IncredibleFrown: and Face Off
SniperPumpkin: Ryo is not explicitly Ace, but really seems like he might be
spawnofhastur: did you hear that they're patching Cats?
Sheikun07: but NO SMOOCHING
Bosmerlady: great ost
Sheikun07: I love the concept of patching a movie
SnivianMoon: Oh, Ian, reminder to pick up some grub this morning!
APODionysus: Just... the way they were leaning against the balcony
RiverBirch: Wait
RiverBirch: WHAT?
SnivianMoon: (More than the apples, I mean)
MostCallMe__Tim: wait wut
RiverBirch: Cat's is getting PATCHED?
Sheikun07: It is!
DiceHoarder: This is truly the darkest timeline
spawnofhastur: Yes they're patching Cats
angryoptimist: They shouldn't patch it--leave it an abomination! At least that's interesting!
Sheikun07: I can't remember specifically what is changing though
IncredibleFrown: this hypermechanical grabbing animation
Juliamon: Ryo could be ace but I don't think he's had the time to even think about it (or knows what it is, what with it being 1987)
Sheikun07: Aha
angryoptimist: Ah...
endoforder: can't wait for movie dlc
Bosmerlady: cats looks like a kids movie, it's supposed to suck lol
MostCallMe__Tim: htf do you patch a movie?!
APODionysus: I mean... after the trailer, they kinda shoulda seen this coming?
SnivianMoon: Would that make establishments that run the new cut of the film a Cat Patch Theater?
angryoptimist: So, they're keeping the innermost center of the uncanny valley in, then?
angryoptimist: That's good.
SniperPumpkin: I've heard conflicting things about if the patch was just a mistake in the original distribution or no
Sheikun07: I think it's a direct connection via internet
mersharr: i've heard that the wrong version was sent to a few places
APODionysus: Like I’ve RARELY seen the internet so united in horror as at Cats Trailer
SniperPumpkin: aka, someone just sent version 1.0.1 instead of 1.1.1
DarkMorford: I kinda wish we'd get to see Shenhua in different outfits. She's cute, but boring.
spawnofhastur: @APODionysus have you seen the reviews? It's beautiful.
wildpeaks: they already do tv shows where in-world ads can be replaced, so it's getting there
Bosmerlady: cats trailer looks cute, fight me
Sheikun07: heck yeeeeeeeeeeah
Genie_M: what does she do to have money every day to sleep there?
SnivianMoon: Time to FORK
APODionysus: Welp I know what I’m doing in the morning @spawnofhastur
spawnofhastur: @DarkMorford do remember that this is entry three in what is supposed to be an 18 game series.
angryoptimist: Time to lift forks?
Sheikun07: Fork time
TheMerricat: @Genie_M we pay for her room too? I hope?
Sheikun07: Remember the shorter path!
Juliamon: I'm glad Dejing recovered from his brief drowning scare.
wildpeaks: Loading, Ready, Fork
IncredibleFrown: well, shenmue 2 was chapters 2-5 or something like that right?
SnivianMoon: Oh, heck, it's a new path now?
Lord_ZYRK: Oh fork yeah PogChamp
SniperPumpkin: oh we're unloading today
Sheikun07: Oh you're unloading!
IncredibleFrown: now THIS is shenmue
MostCallMe__Tim: Less wondering the logistics and more of the HOW a patch to a movie works? Like, you gotta re-edit it....
SniperPumpkin: (spoilers: Ian will do that again)
APODionysus: Wait... WAIT..the fork lift comments... weren’t a joke?
Juliamon: APODionysus Oh god no!
MostCallMe__Tim: this isnt like a game code where you tweak a few lines
IncredibleFrown: good thing you slammed the invisible wall and didn't just fall into the harbor
Sheikun07: I like how there's an invisible wall on the docks
Juliamon: Forklifts are a LEGIT THING
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun hey do you prefer driving here or driving from Road Quest
IncredibleFrown: ooh we're unloading arcade cabinets
SnivianMoon: Forklifts are the backbone of any Shenmue game.
spawnofhastur: i'm sad that we can't drive the forklift into the pier
wildpeaks: there is no way this fragile vase survives the trip
FITorion: there's stratagy now... things which can't be stacked
Sheikun07: every time
FITorion: left ian
Sheikun07: ian why
unfamiliarpatterns: wait
spawnofhastur: can we do a season 2 of roadquest where everyone is driving forklifts?
NightValien28: I am concerned that there are explosive barrels next to the warehouse
Juliamon: Which do you think would drive better, this or Gandalf? (Obviously Sabine would top both)
Genie_M: little known secret that YSNET is the forklift division of Saab
MooseAndTato: @MostCallMe__Tim I know the mechanisms but honestly I can't explain it in a twitch chat. Though if it helps, most major theatres are digitally distributed to now.
IncredibleFrown: alright, three for three?
TheNerdWonder: how did Ian make it back from Road Quest?
Sheikun07: Gandalf, definitely
coelopteryx: a series of forklifts carrying smaller forklifts
coelopteryx: fractally
SnivianMoon: This is the job taken to make money. This is the route, unloading crates! HE TRIED TO GET PAID WITH A FORKLIFT. Ole!
IncredibleFrown: you can't carry the stack?
APODionysus: Wait
wildpeaks: good thing this seems immune to inertia
APODionysus: What is that... THING?
SnivianMoon: It's a wacky mole!
APODionysus: That we picked up
TheNerdWonder: Inertia? what's that?
MostCallMe__Tim: @MooseAndTato No, I get the distribution part, Its what the studio does that flumoxes me. At least in a swift turn around
IncredibleFrown: DEJA VU
Erudite_Cynic: its a little gnome Kappa
Sheikun07: hubris!
spawnofhastur: @TheNerdWonder at least in electric golf carts, if you take your foot off the accellerator the motor brakes for you.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: When given the opportunity, eat.
SniperPumpkin: still, seems like you're getting the hang of it now
spawnofhastur: that is good advice for shenmue.
SnivianMoon: Sound advice.
spawnofhastur: thank you lrrbot
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun I like how you only "crash" into the corner of the pier instead of go barreling over it
wildpeaks: lrrbot knows :D
NightValien28: give the forklift a sandwich
MooseAndTato: @MostCallMe__Tim honestly the turnaround is a month or two, films have gold presses and lead times just like gamedev. Source: I worked in VFX.
FITorion: crate
APODionysus: So I used to work at Lowe’s. I’ve driven forklifts
spawnofhastur: my job is literally driving a golf cart
APODionysus: It is not like this
SnivianMoon: I really wish they'd brought back forklift racing.
NightValien28: isn't it supposed to feel like work?
APODionysus: They do not turn this well
IncredibleFrown: remember when ryo was in sonic kart and his special was a forklift
NightValien28: you are a powerfully strange fellow, Ian
spawnofhastur: we need an enthusiastic old man playing 80s rock music and encouraging us. that'd make this not feel like work.
APODionysus: @nightvalien28 that’s why we love him
wildpeaks: reminds me when I used to make software for warehouses, we had small 3d forklifts in the previews :D
NightValien28: indeed
SnivianMoon: That's the way! Yes! Mmmhmm!
TheNerdWonder: he's watching you, Ian. do not disappoint your rider
JohnPraw: As someone who used to teach staff how to operate a forklift, I'm glad my warehouse looked nothing like this...
MostCallMe__Tim: @MooseAndTato Exactly my point. Hotfixing a movie can't happen day 1 like a game.
wildpeaks: :D
SniperPumpkin: can you stack it?
NightValien28: get your overtime
SnivianMoon: Yup! 25 yuan per extra
wildpeaks: the greeed
Defrost: So last time I watched shenmue Ian was making weird faces with a girl, in a small chinese rustic village. Now he's tokyo drifting a forlift like's he's back in Tokyo... what is this game???
wildpeaks: I don't suppose you can carry two boxes at once ?
SnivianMoon: @Defrost You described Shenmue perfectly.
SniperPumpkin: Defrost this is shenmue
IncredibleFrown: you know what's breaking my immersion the most? all these pallets are way too straight and intact-looking. like 60% of them should look like they're about to disintegrate
NightValien28: Defrost its a collection of minigames with some plot in between
spawnofhastur: did you know that you can drift golf carts?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: you SUPER do not have the forklift fuel to get another one
MooseAndTato: @MostCallMe__Tim So in VFX you'll find a lot of things are very stable. E.g. remaking the Sonic model took much less time than the original because most of the motion tracking data etc already exists. If the VFX tweeks are minor or not related to full scene rerendering you could do it damn quick.
Genie_M: no such thing as new pallet
spawnofhastur: i wonder if deiling has another move to teach us
SniperPumpkin: look, that's the horn, we're done
IncredibleFrown: that'll do for today. *lowers crate into harbor*
daDilph: Can you do a stack at once?
SnivianMoon: You can't pick up a stack of more than one box, sadly.
spawnofhastur: aw no second kung fu move.
endoforder: boo
SnivianMoon: This guy is so American.
Juliamon: That would be unsafe.
coelopteryx: pompadour hair!!
Ba_Dum_Tish: So when is there a time trial day for the Lrr crew
Serpens77: Is that Kuwabara?
IncredibleFrown: i love how his hair is color coordinated with his jacket
spawnofhastur: we just saw ren!
spawnofhastur: go back and talk to him again!
SniperPumpkin: time to buy food?
Lord_ZYRK: Serpens77 I was thinking the same LUL
MostCallMe__Tim: Ohhhh it was just vfx, thought it was something non digital
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun sorry that reminds me randomly, Road Quest mentioned you race motorcycles????
endoforder: as a former warehouse worker that is not against osha more than two however
coelopteryx: also i don't know anything about forklift safety, but trying to carry a stack seems unsafe? liable to topple over mid-transport
MooseAndTato: This game is odd for me. It's a late-90s era game with late-90s era animations and sound with late-00s graphics and it's throwing me.
IncredibleFrown: a man who never eats pork bun, is never a whole man
UnusuallyLargeMoth: OOOOH. I was imagining you on like one of those lean forward speed motorcycles like you were trying out for a Fast and Furious movie or something
wildpeaks: om nom nom
MooseAndTato: @MostCallMe__Tim honestly with today's production pipeline as long as they don't have to reshoot anything they could spit out a whole new version in three days.
MooseAndTato: (Edit wise)
NightValien28: ma'am
TheMoatman: N-nani? Multi-foot drifting?
Erudite_Cynic: the image I have is a Padded jacket with tweed highlights and patches on the elbows
SnivianMoon: Patching movies is weird, but I'm waiting for people to mod movies. Let's replace the lead of Cats with Thomas the Tank Engine.
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun I don't know why, maybe it's the beard, but you strike me as the type of guy to wear a leather jacket and ride a Harley Davidson.
wildpeaks: don't challenge the internet, you know they will replace anything with Thomas the Tank Engine :D
spawnofhastur: Drifting was invented by a Japanese motorcyclist, so.
IncredibleFrown: oh she's just chillin around town huh
wildpeaks: oh neat, didn't know that
mugsi_: though motorcycles yes Ian, yeah?
Erudite_Cynic: power cardigan
SniperPumpkin: oh yeah, we haven't seen the main area of the temple yet
SnivianMoon: There's not much to see in the main area of the temple. It's just backer names.
UnusuallyLargeMoth: another bit is that in roadquest you said you had experience on a shooting range. If I might ask, what kinds of gun do you have experience with?
Lord_ZYRK: How long until Ian gets into dajiban racing is the real question Keepo
SniperPumpkin: I don't know what it is about the animation, but the Ryo running up those stairs just looks exhausting
spawnofhastur: "Famous motorcyclist turned driver Kunimitsu Takahashi was the foremost creator of drifting techniques in the 1970s."
Serpens77: replacing the cats in Cats with Thomas the Tank Engine is literally jsut Starlight Express XD
NightValien28: that is very pretty
TheMoatman: I was confused because I thought it was invented by a car driver but yeah turns out he was both
TheMoatman: Replace the cats in Cats with Gundams
SnivianMoon: @TheMoatman SOLD
Serpens77: *if* Cats does well, which.... all signs point to "no" lol
FITorion: move book?
JosephDeath: I heard an interesting story that they are "Patching" Cats... Sending an updated version to theaters
SniperPumpkin: free skill book?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: "It's my mixtape"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh god Starlight express
NightValien28: kung fu book
Defrost: I want the full Nick Offerman version of cats sooner rather than later XD
Erudite_Cynic: I think we are relatively safe from that horror
SSnakeAce: One of my favorite vehicular things from my trip to Japan, along the lines of dajibans - EVERY vehicle I saw with even vague off-road pretenses, including an all-wheel drive Chevy Astro minivan, had BFG All Terrain tires.
TheMoatman: Damn I better go see Cats quick
UnusuallyLargeMoth: that book looks like a fancy CD holder
Lord_ZYRK: "Your kung fu is for sissy babies. Take this."
SniperPumpkin: is that our father's name?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: which immediately makes me think "Traveler, take this. My sick mixtape. Spread the word."
IncredibleFrown: it's a good thing everyone in china speaks japanese
Erudite_Cynic: I used to dirt track drift my old 80 honda civic
Erudite_Cynic: drifting is fun as hell
FITorion: chobu in the temple?
SnivianMoon: We're currently looking for Senary road, I believe?
SniperPumpkin: someone will tell you I'm sure
SnivianMoon: 22, you bust
NightValien28: one inch punch go
Obsolete2885: it was made by those who are dead?
Erudite_Cynic: it was made by those who are dead
UnusuallyLargeMoth: "The gate is shut. It was made by those who were dead, and the dead keep it."
angryoptimist: Was the gate made the dead and also kept by them?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: dangit, Ian beat me to it
coelopteryx: mention of dajiban reminded me that i recently learned the existence of decotora
SniperPumpkin: time for plot
angryoptimist: *by the
TheMoatman: You know what I miss? The train sim streams. Those were really relaxing
TheMoatman: I should get a train sim
SnivianMoon: You... You okay there Shenhua? Just... standing there staring into space?
TheMoatman: The bullet train game
Erudite_Cynic: The chobu stream can be called "Shenmue 3: Chobunaga's Ambition"
TheMoatman: And a couple of Densha de Gos
r10pez10: is this where criminals hang out
TheMoatman: And a chinese one
TheMoatman: *?
Laogeodritt: Ahahaha, Ian
IncredibleFrown: she has no time to think about anything except revenge either
SnivianMoon: Ryo sometimes feels like he's a soundboard.
Laogeodritt: Shenmue III: Totally Normal Human Conversation Simulator™
Angnor33: You can fit so many normal humans in this game.
IncredibleFrown: i'll be taking it to senary road
Laogeodritt: Ryo, THIS is where opening with, "No, sorry, I had a question," would have been good. Not when someone asks you if everything's all right.
Erudite_Cynic: go down to vendor avenue where people always buying
SnivianMoon: Vendor avenue is behind you.
IncredibleFrown: you know. the river.
unfamiliarpatterns: in a van down by the river
Genie_M: "The" river
IncredibleFrown: D O N O T R U N
SnivianMoon: Go right at the fork
CaptainSpam: You DID, however, find about a thousand Chobu. :-)
Zalthia: Is there like. A map you can look at?
wildpeaks: the "river"
SnivianMoon: There you go!
SniperPumpkin: this is vendor avenue
UnusuallyLargeMoth: it has vendors, and is an avenue. So....
spawnofhastur: @Zalthia iirc yes but it's hand-drawn and as such mostly useless.
SnivianMoon: I do apologize if I lay it on thick sometimes. But I know how confusing the game can be.
IncredibleFrown: so it's past where the boyfriend was?
wildpeaks: water has been spotted
Zalthia: @spawnofhastur aww
Genie_M: eqq
Genie_M: eww
Zalthia: Taking aging in stride
Mysticman89: I thought he pointed into the river
coelopteryx: thattaway
Genie_M: Celery road
spawnofhastur: OH BOY WE HAVE PLOT
IncredibleFrown: canary road
UnusuallyLargeMoth: scenery road
SnivianMoon: OH NO
sing_o_muse: wut
wildpeaks: :D
unfamiliarpatterns: lolwut
Laogeodritt: Beej! \o/
Erudite_Cynic: so ian is to blame
Erudite_Cynic: I see
MostCallMe__Tim: Beej still haunting the moonbase?
CaptainSpam: Is... is that a CommanderVideo scarf?
TheMoatman: Ooooh, the train games were on Beej's Backlog, not Matters of Import
Mysticman89: Was the anus bartlebee in some way?
wildpeaks: this is quite the vivid image
MostCallMe__Tim: Omg Hodor
Carlioo: "a big cat's ass"
SnivianMoon: I appreciate that this is a thing that actually happened.
wildpeaks: thanks Heather
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s THE PANALYSTS! | @Molly23 allows @BengineeringTV, @Graham_LRR, @sergeyager, and @ihorner to join the bone club. | ||
Laogeodritt: Panalysts \o/
MostCallMe__Tim: i just saw Panalysts was up
Laogeodritt: I've got a LRL VOD to watch first though!
Defrost: Ian you can't tease us with Bone Club and tell us not to go >_>
Zalthia: The panalyists
Mystaira: I see it
IncredibleFrown: i definitely thought that was an octopus
Blightfight: I saw an octopus.
SnivianMoon: Oh gosh, I absolutely see that now.
Mysticman89: maybe its like those noh masks, but with animal faces
Zalthia: No it’s sneks
TheMoatman: Dog O'face of the clan O'face
Lord_ZYRK: The most feared street gang in all the land: The Smiling Shibas
Genie_M: no, this is the normal design
wildpeaks: the vases aren't even broken
Zalthia: Why do they wreck all these places?
tapdancingbeavers: doggo mc'dogface
Genie_M: boing
Carlioo: SMACK
SnivianMoon: Broom'd
wildpeaks: :D
spawnofhastur: what are we drinking?
Zalthia: Haha! Get wrecked!
Sheikun07: I like how they manage to get Ryo to emote "what the FUCK lady" without showing his face
CaptainSpam: You... no! See? Rainbow fish! RAINBOW FISH! That is NOT two red snakes!
MostCallMe__Tim: Ryo can't be hit by a broom?
Genie_M: it's clobbering time
Carlioo: it's fine to admit that you're doing this on purpose
SnivianMoon: There is ABSOLUTELY a half a second or so after a QTE starts where no button inputs are accepted. And it is ANNOYING
Erudite_Cynic: but if it were Kiryu you would just be playing pocket circuit for hours
Laogeodritt: Don't talk to chat when you're getting attacked with a broomstick, Ian. XD
Carlioo: why do you have to win this anyway?
Zalthia: So, is Kiryu his first name or last name?
sing_o_muse: why is there a miko in china?
Erudite_Cynic: first name
spawnofhastur: @sing_o_muse by the power of shenmue
IncredibleFrown: kazuma is the family name
Erudite_Cynic: Kiryu Kazama
sing_o_muse: @spawnofhastur ah, fair point
wildpeaks: they didn't steal this shrine's treasure given she's still here
Zalthia: Okay, thanks. Sometimes the naming conventions make me confused
Laogeodritt: @Erudite_Cynic Kazuma. Kazama is a different character. =P
Blightfight: Thugs stealing a Prized Treasure form a shrine sounds like a great start to a beat-em-up where you fight demons and thugs.
SnivianMoon: I see . . .
Erudite_Cynic: oops thanks Laogeodritt
Sheikun07: gdi ian
spawnofhastur: alright we have achieved significant plot this stream.
wildpeaks: :D
spawnofhastur: time to devote five hours to chobu hunting
APODionysus: I’m sorry I stepped away to read Cats Reviews. Oh. My. GOD. I’ve... such... wow
spawnofhastur: @APODionysus you're welcome
spawnofhastur: was there a guy called Cake Eater there?
wildpeaks: oh it really is a kickstarter shrine, I thought you were joking
Angnor33: I don't know how I feel about this whole 'plot progression' turn. I feel like there area lot of Chobu out there that need our love...
SnivianMoon: There are a lot of different backer locations in the game. There was a wall of Photos in the Save Shenmue hall, too.
APODionysus: I kinda want to go see it now?
Genie_M: different tiers had different places
InquisitorGaia: oh she likes you
APODionysus: I want to experience that much awful
CaptainSpam: I significantly hope there's a post-game after you're done so you can hunt down the remaining Chobu.
IncredibleFrown: reimu gets around, huh
angryoptimist: Is... Shinto a *think* in China?
angryoptimist: *thing*
Zalthia: I like her
IncredibleFrown: are we going to build a squad of vengeful teen girls?
angryoptimist: :D
APODionysus: Bye!
Erudite_Cynic: Miko in china?
spawnofhastur: I think Yu Suzuki might think that everything in the world is like Japan
SniperPumpkin: Shinto in China in the 80s as well....
APODionysus: I know you must feel. Byyyyyyyyeee
Sheikun07: I need to visit the shrine in Seattle.
CaptainSpam: @IncredibleFrown We still need a The Ugly One, though.
SnivianMoon: Certified Duck Eater?
APODionysus: Peking duck iscamazing
Zalthia: What is the religion in China?
coelopteryx: this restaurant's ceiling is like a billion meters up in the sky and i love it
coelopteryx: i like tall ceilings
rucdoc: they havn't paid their bill
Zalthia: Like, the most practiced religion in China?
spawnofhastur: Got any grapes?
Defrost: Shinto has also spread abroad to a limited extent, and a few non-Japanese Shinto priests have been ordained. A relatively small number of people practice Shinto in America. There are several Shinto shrines in America. Shrines were also established in Taiwan and Korea during the Japanese occupation of those areas, but following the war, they were either destroyed or converted into some other use.
spawnofhastur: @Zalthia iirc the CCP tried to stamp most religions out. But there are a lot of Muslims in china.
CaptainSpam: @IncredibleFrown ...okay, I'm CERTAIN someone has done magical girl fanart of Teen Girl Squad...
Erudite_Cynic: mmmm apple cider
Genie_M: or the Communist Party of China
Zalthia: Huuuuuuuuh.
SnivianMoon: DUCK HEAVEN!
Erudite_Cynic: NOW
FITorion: snort
rucdoc: duck haven?
tapdancingbeavers: ghost ducks!
IncredibleFrown: it's where ducks go when they die, i guess
Blightfight: They didn't go the route of the USSR and make their state religion Communism? Huh.
spawnofhastur: I've met a few Uighur activists, they were cool people.
hawkfalcon8: although Confucianism is more of a philosophy than a religion
RiverBirch: D-duck heaven?
Laogeodritt: Ian, I don't know about the RoC (Taiwan now), but for the PRC/Communist China, definitely not. Maybe for the late imperial China (Qing dynasty before the RoC and later PRC)?
rucdoc: jiggling egg?
APODionysus: I have questions
IncredibleFrown: when your pet duck goes to live on a farm upstate, this is that farm
APODionysus: About duck heaven
SnivianMoon: They aren't in hiding, buddy, they're RIGHT THERE!
NightValien28: are we about to duck wrangle ?
wildpeaks: Honk
RiverBirch: Found 1
angryoptimist: Since they're in the state of China, unfortunately, it falls to the government of China to protect them and, well, they seem determined to do the opposite.
spawnofhastur: We raced ducks in the last game. Or, well, we could.
NightValien28: duck hunt duck hunt
Genie_M: We have a minigame here, so please help out
Blightfight: "The ducks are hiding" duck tramples over his foot.
hawkfalcon8: not to be that "well actually" guy
Zalthia: Duckies!
IncredibleFrown: listen to this duck catching music!
Xenguin47: Untitled Shenmue Game
Zalthia: I found one!
spawnofhastur: what are the chances that Wen is also a martial artist
DarkMorford: Those are cute ducks
Laogeodritt: lol, we've upgraded from chickens to ducks!
angryoptimist: If these were geese they'd be messing our boy Ryo UP
SniperPumpkin: better or worse than catching chickens?
RiverBirch: And then you accidentally catch "The Goose."
Sheikun07: Yeah, he's lucky it's just ducks
APODionysus: This sounds vaguely like the mission impossible music
spawnofhastur: i'm kind of sad that we're catching these ducks coz they're going to be Peking Ducks later. :(
Carlioo: the cuter they are the better the peking duck
NightValien28: ducks are way more docile than chickens
APODionysus: Which now I’m picture Ethan Hunt chasing ducks
Erudite_Cynic: Rooster Stance, Horse dance, Duck Scurry
Defrost: Chinese religions include Confuciannism, Taoism, Chinese Budhism. Classic buddhism (~15%) is also present, Islam (<1%), and christianity (~2%) too.
Laogeodritt: Ian: If of interest, the RoC (Taiwan) are 35% Buddhist, 33% Taoist, 3.9% Christian, per a 2005 census
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hamdotexe: duck catcher 101
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Angnor33: Honestly, the ducks all want to become Peking Duck.
SnivianMoon: *Finger guns* You're pretty good
RiverBirch: That's a wig he's got on.
RiverBirch: I think?
spawnofhastur: I get to make friends with the wild ducks at work which is nice. And see all the ducklings.
LisasMoistClam: that man's face frightens me
Zalthia: Red sneks!
Laogeodritt: Ah, here's the money-making minigame provider, I take it =V
hawkfalcon8: my friend has black runner ducks at his place and they a) sound exactly like this, and b) are adorable
Erudite_Cynic: no one can say a proper noun as a question like Ryu
Blightfight: Red snakes, not to be confused with Tunnel Snakes, who rule.
IncredibleFrown: i caught this duck, it is my right to eat it
spawnofhastur: i'm too attached to the ducks we caught to eat peking duck
angryoptimist: Why not go and eat the ducks we PERSONALLY tormnented!
angryoptimist: *tormented
Zalthia: Why weren’t the Tunnel Snakes in Fallout 4?
SnivianMoon: I think the chef might serve you?
wildpeaks: I dare not ask what kind of establishment is Heaven's Fist
SnivianMoon: Or not.
spawnofhastur: this is even more disappointing than the charcoal burner.
DarkMorford: Peking Chobu-chan?
tapdancingbeavers: thanks and bye :)
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the ducks
SniperPumpkin: oh I didn't realize it had gotten so late
Laogeodritt: RoadingReadyRive!
CaptainSpam: One of these shops will be shaped like a gigantic Chobu, you won't notice it, and you'll go out of your mind looking for it.
SnivianMoon: *Shakes fist toward the heavens* CHARCOAL!!!
IncredibleFrown: i am still without charcoal and i have not been granted the knowledge to fix this situation
Zalthia: Thank you for streaming!
SnivianMoon: Thanks much for the stream, Ian! And for your efforts on LRL tonight as well. Have a good night!
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, Ian
SniperPumpkin: So much Ian tomorrow
Sheikun07: So looking forward to a Cam & Ian Christmas
CaptainSpam: Sorry I won't be able to see A Very Cam & Ian Christmas live tomorrow!
MostCallMe__Tim: ok, everyone run to Panalysts in 3.......
Angnor33: More Ian! Always more Ian!
MostCallMe__Tim: 2..............
MostCallMe__Tim: 1!
Lord_ZYRK: ResidentSleeper /
Laogeodritt: Good night, Ian! Get some rest, I imagine it will be quite necessary for tomorrow. =V
Laogeodritt: And g'night, chat! Or maybe see some of you over at BNF maybe. =P