LoadingReadyRun: Hey, guess what...
LoadingReadyRun: Another stream is coming...
Kikazi: ?
Kikazi: !
LoadingReadyRun: IN about 20 minuters...
Ciijay: ?!?!?!
Ciijay: Is it Shenmue
Kikazi: lrrDOTS
LoadingReadyRun: It isn't.
LoadingReadyRun: It's a Bonus Stream.
Juliamon: Oh my... b-b-BONUS?
Earthenone: woo
Earthenone: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
Juliamon: Good thing I didn't make myself comfy over in Serge's stream
Kikazi: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LoadingReadyRun: Hope you're ready to be told about anime.
Juliamon: Oh HECK yeah
Kikazi: PrideWingL lrrHAM PrideWingR
Juliamon: I just want to know what this "Promare" thing I keep hearing about is
Earthenone: time to get out my anime recomendation spreadsheet!
Earthenone: well its a notepad... but still
Nigouki: Promare is Trigger's first theatrical movie which makes it hard to watch because it's not out on any home media yet and has extremely limited screenings outside Japan :(
Juliamon: Ah, I thought it looked Trigger-y
Juliamon: That tracks
Juliamon: (I follow someone on twitter who has been reblogging some very nice Lio/Galo smut for the last week and was curious about the source of the characters)
Earthenone: i dont normaly watch movies, but i want to see how trigger does them
couldntpickausername: i was just telling the discord that I just got my first ever mechanical keyboard
couldntpickausername: it's clickety
couldntpickausername: clackety
couldntpickausername: clickety
Earthenone: i hope you live alone :)
TheMerricat: lol that's the point isn't is @couldntpickausername
Baldrash: What keyboard did you get?
couldntpickausername: work had the blackwidow ultimate on for 65 cad
Baldrash: Not too shabby. With the Razer Greens?
Earthenone: signal
couldntpickausername: yes
TheMerricat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
razgriz792: lrrFINE
Scar_Red_Tiger: Funny story. I'm ringing in the new year with a marathon rewatch of Blood Blockade BAttlefront
TheMerricat: I like that we got one last 2019 twitch highlights video even after LRL and the 2019 highlights.
DarkMorford: Got here just in time!
WolfgangCloud: lrrSIGNAL Weabo lrrSIGNAL Weabo
Baldrash: lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Beej & Heather have snuck into the moonbase to talk anime before the end of 2019! Come join us on http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/ENKsolhVAAANwnX.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1212221068628226048
whatswanted: Y
Perchipy: Wut!
APODionysus: What the
wynternyghtynggale: !Y
AranMathai: Surprise last stream of 2019???
APODionysus: I don’t know anything about anime
kcazduke19: Bonus Streeeeeeeaaaaammmm
lirazel64: Hey all!
TheMerricat: It was on the calendar. :-)
APODionysus: But I’m here
Perchipy: This is the true final stream!
DarkMorford: https://anichart.net/Winter-2020 for anyone who wants to follow along
Rhynerd: One more last stream (of the year)!
lirazel64: It's OTAKU TIME!
NickNackLive: I have 1 hour before 2020
Vyous: Sniped Ben out of his last stream of the decade slot. Kappa
shadowbow464: stealing the last stream of the decade
Tajessa: I'm not even an anime person. But I do love me some Beej and Heather.
TheMerricat: 10pm here, got a way to go for me.
simriel: I am 4 hours into 2020
simriel: why am I still awake.
razgriz792: same
hajnal_endot: i am 2 hours before 2020
orimazer: because anime?
Baldrash: 11PM, 6 hours away from friends. Let's weeb it up!
razgriz792: because lrr
lirazel64: I'm one hour away myself...
orimazer: it's why I'm here also at 4am lol
TheMerricat: because Anime AND LRR. ;-)
simriel: I'm not even that big an anime fan xD
hajnal_endot: I've got an old raz and a bottle of water after watching two films back to back and I'm ready to chill
razgriz792: hi
jonnykefka: This is so much better than watching a ball drop
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InquisitorGaia: YAY Bonus into 2020
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Naarius: I've seen this anime
Tajessa: Nice sniping!
DarkMorford: Happy new year, Beej and Heather!
dtrain_67: OOOHHh lucky catch
Kikazi: lrrHEART
Earthenone: AnoAni
Baldrash: This is the top anime betrayal.
simriel: Though I did spend new year watching JoJo:Battle Tendancy again so maybe I AM into Anime
wynternyghtynggale: dawww a real man's romance
TheMerricat: Then why did you throw mud at him Beej, why did you get Saabine so dirty? :-P
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hajnal_endot: I'm interested in finding more stuff to watch to add variety from the endless pit of arthouse films I'm in
Tajessa: Hi Beej and Heather, happy new year from the future! (aka Australia)
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Nigouki: ringing in the EST new year with weeb shit! Kappa
EricTheOrange: go into the new decade, screw ben
DarkMorford: https://anichart.net/Winter-2020 for anyone following along
blip2004: greetings from the Calgary airport
KinoGami: hi chat. it's snowing so hard I just lost power. how are all of you
ZeroPolarity: Hiya chat, hiya Heather and Beej
Earthenone: adams catchphrase
EricTheOrange: Black frost, the SMT monster?
Tajessa: awwww
Juliamon: !rqmerch
LRRbot: Visit https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/collections/road-quest for official Road Quest merch! Now you too can proclaim your car as a Fursuit Vehicle or Lethal Threat.
Pravikun: Nice! I think I'm going to have to get one of those.
couldntpickausername: in 5xl?
EricTheOrange: Rag Lands? is that the new land cycle in magic
Baldrash: I love me a good raglan sleeve.
couldntpickausername: because I've been waiting for Gardening with Greg shirts in my size and it never happens
couldntpickausername: my name is Greg. I want that shirt
TheMerricat: stops at 4xl
hajnal_endot: contigo bottles rule
hajnal_endot: clearly we should start asking for t sizes because those are totally financially viable
couldntpickausername: oh, I just assumed it was out of stock, not available
couldntpickausername: not not available
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MistahFixIt: Happy Weeb Year! Kappa
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APODionysus: So... a raglan is a shirt
hajnal_endot: (I'm 2xlt, which is a very fun size to shop for)
TheMerricat: whatca drinking? looks like chocolate milk
ZeroPolarity: Heather automatically goes into customer service mode
Mysticman89: Happy new year from the east coast
raaabr: Woot, New Year!
deltadisease: hello
r10pez10: raglan is a cut, iirc
Lord_ZYRK: big weebs big pog seabatPjorg
couldntpickausername: I have a double walled tumbler I love it. it doesn't sweat no matter how cold the drink is
Lord_ZYRK: The seam
Lord_ZYRK: Raglan have a drop seam on the shoulders
ContingentCat: also known as baseball shirts
cryomancer20x6: Hi everyon
razgriz792: cool i did not know that
orimazer: full sleeves or 3/4?
APODionysus: Ooooo it’s a baseball shirt
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Jericotyler: Figured I'd sub as a lil early birthday gift for myself. Drinking some nice Canadian whisky in the mean time while I wait for midnight.
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DarkMorford: https://anichart.net/Fall-2019 for chat
RvLeshrac: Conveniently, just as weeb times begin, I just finished building an SDCS Unicorn Gundam
RAICx: Hi friends! jamieHi
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APODionysus: Wait
Lord_ZYRK: People are allowed to like different things
ryuhimora: !live
Lord_ZYRK: 🤔
RAICx: Happy New Years to you all!
APODionysus: Fall 2019?
WolfgangCloud: Dang was hoping you would talk about machikado mazoku, but that was summer wasn't it?
ryuhimora: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:28.
alterius913: I watch Super Sentai and Kamen Rider and people make fun of me all the time. But I love those shows so fucking much
APODionysus: There’s no winter 2019?
DarkMorford: Heather, did you ever get a chance to look at RELEASE THE SPYCE, or is that still on deck?
TheMerricat: That sounds awesome. :-)
APODionysus: I’m confused
ContingentCat: taste is subjective, it's weird kathle3HEX
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control_rig: Carbs on carbs sounds good to me.
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RebekahWSD: My husband thinks that eating chili over mashed potatoes is terrible, and we're still together a decade plus some later
deltadisease: you ate what on rice?
Jericotyler: Beastars just ended and I'm already missing it.
simriel: The thing I never get is how people love MHA (I do too) and Love All Might but still say they hate Superman
hajnal_endot: @rebekahwsd you can do that? my mind is fuggin blown
APODionysus: Ahhhhhhh ok
RebekahWSD: I usually eat it over rice, hajnal_endot! We had none, but I had insta mashed
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun is this going to be a thing every 3~ months now? (this bonus stream)
hajnal_endot: I've never tried that. you have given me Good Ideas
BrindleBoar: simriel All Might can't fly, shoot eye lasers, breathe blizzards, or see through stuff
RebekahWSD: It helps spread out the food to last longer, but I legit enjoy the mixture, hajnal_endot!
EricTheOrange: I see a lot of boobs on that title
cryomancer20x6: I'm hoping to find some new historical / samurai anime this year. It's my favorite style
simriel: @brindleboar He is still the same person, and he CAN fly xD He manipulates weather patterns
RebekahWSD: Goddess of titties?
Pravikun: -Buys himself one of those swanky water bottles-
RAICx: What time is it PST?
DarkMorford: Isekai count is 1. Kappa
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 8:10 PM
ContingentCat: !time
simriel: @brindleboar Or rather he can manipulate air currents to fly
Diabore: i tried it for 2 episodes, i was not impressed
RAICx: Ah, didn’t know about that command, thanks
FITorion: did either of you watch Ascendance of a Bookworm?
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TheMerricat: The main problem I have with this one is the main character seems unnecessarily douchey
ryuhimora: oh good, Squall
Jericotyler: Is this the one with the cellphone?
ryuhimora: I wouldn't really say Squall is handsome, he just has that scar
EricTheOrange: So he's adragon quest protag. Just grind grind and more grind untill your strong enough to beat the game
BrindleBoar: I think Squall is supposed to be judged by his FMV appearance, not the pixellated mass that is his in-game face
cryomancer20x6: Does anyone have a recommendation for historical fiction style anime that's relatively new? As far as I can tell I've run out of it
EricTheOrange: @ryuhimora I mean Japan loves their Bishies, and he's definatley bishie.
TheMerricat: @EricTheOrange except he grinds in the dev room the entire time and starts out essentially at level 999 and is working on 9999
orbitaltuna: What’re you guys eating / drinking?
simriel: I get what you mean Heather. Many comedy anime don't land for me either
GDwarf: The name's a dozen words long, of course it's a light novel. :P
TheMerricat: I call exodius on a level 1 slime.
EricTheOrange: ahhhh moe
DarkMorford: There's a 5th season of Souma lined up for Spring, I think
lucha_libro: !live
TheMerricat: Assasins' Pride was horrible Heather, don't get tricked.
lucha_libro: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 19:11.
GDwarf: The lack of apostrophe in "Assassins Pride" suggests that it's like a pride of lions rather than the pride of an assassin
EricTheOrange: So what are cute girls doing this time
Wodar9: This had potential....but it fell SO HARD
DarkMorford: Oh, Oresuki was a lot of fun. The entire cast are total assholes.
Jericotyler: THAT INTRO <3
Jericotyler: The intro animation SOLD me
Mastertoenail: oreski, or however you sell, was a lot of fun.
4dSwissCheese: The animals look cute...
APODionysus: WAT
BrindleBoar: Zootopianime
Jericotyler: It's like zootopia but with black market meat.
APODionysus: CATS the Anime?
EricTheOrange: I mean it's a rare case of Anthros in anime.
EricTheOrange: So I know a lot of furries who like it for that reason
Jericotyler: I forgot it was CG for most of it.
JollyGee29: Studio Orange is about the only studio that can do CGI anime well. Houseki no
JollyGee29: Houseki no Kuni was them as well
cryomancer20x6: I personally find anthros very unsettling in general
orbitaltuna: Not my aesthetic
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DarkMorford: @JollyGee29 I'd argue that Sanzigen is quite good at full-CG anime, too. They did the second season of BanG Dream!, and I liked the look of that.
Jericotyler: The scene outside of the Black Market was the point that shifted the perception of the world for me.
EricTheOrange: is he one of those toothy dears?
Shirts_: oh hey all
Jericotyler: @EricTheOrange a general rule of thumb is if they've got branching antlers they don't have tusks.
cryomancer20x6: I'm so far behind on anime I need like a brand new primer. The most recent I've seen and enjoyed was Black Lagoon
JollyGee29: @DarkMorford I'm not familiar with anything they did besides FE3H but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks
Jericotyler: Deer actually all started with tusk and evolved antlers.
simriel: @cryomancer20x6 I mean Black Lagoon was great, it was a while ago but it's real good
SilentOptimist: much better than Zootopia
Jericotyler: Legosi's dress style makes him look like a detective TBH.
EricTheOrange: Never seen it but I know legosi has an inner voice of a carnivore that tells him to eat people. I assume that all carnivores
frozenphoenix7: Beastars is rad and great and amazing.
Jericotyler: The fucking chicken scene weirded me out.
SilentOptimist: is it okay to mention the 'shock egg' chapter?
alterius913: @SilentOptimist There ya go.
ArcOfTheConclave: chickens will eat chicken eggs
Karfsma778: I mean, typically, eggs meant for consumption are non-fertilized, and wouldn't ever... hatch anyway
TheMerricat: if it wasn't fertilized it's just an egg it won't ever be a chicken.
413th: that chapter with the chicken was very good
Jericotyler: That's a narrative challenge you have to tackle when you do the anthros in a "human" style world.
SilentOptimist: i meant the bit where there's a baby that comes out of an egg meant for eating
hajnal_endot: boner joke here
themangahead: lovely bones or something like that
Jericotyler: The only way around that is to invent a WHOLE new ecosystem.
e_bloc: Corgo2020 happy soon to be new year
e_bloc's Cheer shared rewards to 25 others in Chat!
Johnnieholic: Thanks for the HahaNyandeer @e_bloc
EricTheOrange: cuz anime beej
alterius913: critroleTouchdown
Jericotyler: OBVIOUSLY in a later season an adult detective is going to be turned into a child and solve the case.
hajnal_endot: Pride95 weeb shit
TheMerricat: Counterpoint Heather - Lupin the 3rd. :-P
SilentOptimist: I just find the division predator/prey to be arbitrary at times
simriel: @jericotyler Tiny Riiick! Solving cases!
GDwarf: Oh, Psycho-Pass season 3 happened? Huh
Cullim: Legosi's real lean
simriel: @gdwarf I never watched Season 2, was it worth it?
Wodar9: I also dropped No Guns Life
hajnal_endot: @simriel all the mysteries get solved in 30 seconds with an anticlimax
GDwarf: simriel I heard season two was real bad
couldntpickausername: thank you both for taking the "it's fine if you disagree with me" tone to this. I'm so tired of the opposite.
Jericotyler: Anthropomorphic or Anamorphic?
Despoiler98: head gun?
Wodar9: I read a bit of the manga...but the anime was real boring
Despoiler98: What the fuck?
GDwarf: Someone with a gun for a head was a kinda punchline in Diamond Age, but I still kinda love the absurdity of the idea?
simriel: @gdwarf @hajnal_endot I adore season 1, but I heard season 2 was REAL badn
hajnal_endot: gunny mcgee
Jericotyler: Wasn't sure if you were talking about the virtual camera shots being weird.
Despoiler98: where are his eyes?
Despoiler98: how does he see/
kusinohki: "how does he smell? ... awful"
GDwarf: This feels like it could be a great dramedy, but aparently not?
taeasakura: aww man I miss Heat Guy J
deltadisease: he doesnt thats how
countz3r0: Assy McGee did it better.
Cullim: I wanted to like it but never got past ep 3
morealpacas: haven't heard someone talk about Heat Guy J in a long time
Sogheim: eyes relocated to nipples so they have an actual function now
Wodar9: They talk about how he can just "see" even with blindfolds
BrindleBoar: yeah, a lot of the time fiction hits you with a bunch of terminology right up-front and either has to spend way too much time explaining it or takes none at all
GDwarf: His head is a gun but he needs a partner to pull the trigger. Sure.
TheMerricat: he can't shoot himself, he needs someone else to do it.
red_shoes_jeff: @Despoiler98 He looks down the barrel of the gun, of course.
Cullim: interesting use of Unreal for backgrounds though
countz3r0: kinky
Jericotyler: is he a robot or like "magic?
EricTheOrange: @countz3r0 I thought the same thing
Despoiler98: my head hurts
ContingentCat: wat
Kaorti: dumb design.
Jericotyler: *cyborg
countz3r0: what the why
kusinohki: cobra, but stupid...
Despoiler98: how....is that....in anyway a good battlefield design?
Spluuga: thaaats some weird turret BDSM fetish obviously
TheMerricat: I guess I"d rather my head than my legs.
APODionysus: WHY would you modify the HEAD
BrindleBoar: Agreed, Heather.
kcazduke19: Is this just like a bargain DVD bin anime?
Sogheim: like a worse Nutcracker design
IncredibleFrown: yeah like how does that help him be a weapon
countz3r0: ew
RvLeshrac: Heather, what you have to understand here is https://i.imgur.com/698cvUp.png
raaabr: I've heard good things
APODionysus: like... guns for hands?! Sure!
Jericotyler: "someone had to ride on his back" broke me
raaabr: good but dumb
omega_dz_23: Ive actually heard a lot of good things about the story, but never watched it
ContingentCat: wat the head isn't where you shoul make a gun, there's important stuff in there, did his brain get relocated???
Karfsma778: If you have to have a second person shoot the gun... why not just give both people guns
raaabr: is about what I hear
Karfsma778: so you have twice as much shooting
TheMerricat: Very much @RvLeshrac
Despoiler98: are the bullets just parts of his brain being blasted out so he become lobotomized?
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Pravikun: Bless you Beej.
dungeonmaster099: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @trahas
ContingentCat: gesundheit beej
EricTheOrange: I heard Iisikai
GDwarf: I detect another light novel
DarkMorford: I really enjoyed Choyoyu. It was very over-the-top.
BrindleBoar: Isekai count is... three? Four?
frozenphoenix7: Fate Grand Order is at least mostly stand alone stuff, since it's based on the moble game(and even then those can stand on their own pretty well)
GDwarf: Oh, this
GDwarf: This is the worse Danganronpa, right?
FITorion: I hated original fate... so I've not continued with it
Cullim: there's a fate game coming out for the switch based on the slice of life cooking spinoff
alterius913: @BrindleBoar Four.
EricTheOrange: oh danger roombah
Sogheim: killing bear best bear
frozenphoenix7: @Cullim You have my attention
4dSwissCheese: oh dragon roomba
Taichanie: But whats the point without the killing bear?!
Spluuga: Isekai genre just makes me feel old and grumpy
Karfsma778: Sounds like Danganronpa without the best part of danganronpa
e_bloc: but monokuma is the best part?
IncredibleFrown: ah, dangit grandpa
MistahFixIt: Danganrompa: Killing Isekai Harmony Kappa
Rhynerd: The only thing i could get for giving something a gun head they couldn't fire themselves would be giving it to a creature meant to be ridden. Gun head cavalry units.
RegulusPratus: Pfft. Tell me about how Kemono Michi is the best thing since Konosuba.
Diabore: magician
Wodar9: HE
bvorhies: This is a good show
TheMerricat: useless
SilentOptimist: way fan-servicy for me
bvorhies: But haven’t seen the end
Kwannon23: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @trahas
Kwannon23: HahaShrugLeft HahaDreidel HahaShrugRight
SilentOptimist: and he's the president
countz3r0: makes sense
Karfsma778: Okay, that's great.
EricTheOrange: "highschool politician"
TheMerricat: lol
Taichanie: Wow GR has very different feeling about this then Beej did.
ContingentCat: sure, ok
Despoiler98: sorry WHAT?
4dSwissCheese: Sometimes you just need to go to space to get away
BrindleBoar: This sounds spectacularly dumb.
GDwarf: Yeah, all of these were in Danganronpa. :P
red_shoes_jeff: He's what now?
Wodar9: I got 4 episodes in. read a bit of the manga...I think I got ruined by GOOD "Another World" stories this season
Karfsma778: I love space engineer and "prime minister of japan who is also a teenager"
deltadisease: you cant legally be the prime minster of japan if you're under 18 though
Despoiler98: isnt there a little thing called a MINIMUM AGE? for the friggin prime minister?
PMAvers: But what if they were also on a TV show? ...and forced to kill each other.
deltadisease: unless you can?
Despoiler98: You have to be 35 to run for President
DarkMorford: Mayonnaise is life.
simriel: What if you are so good they Change The Rules for you xD
EricTheOrange: @Despoiler98 anime doesn't care about ages
Wodar9: @Despoiler98 Shrug. the age limit is kind of nonsense
kcazduke19: Lean HARD into the H
GDwarf: "Leans into the ecchi", ah, so it's Danganronpa 3. :P
dungeonmaster099: what is ecchi?
TheMerricat: @Despoiler98 he's such a awesome politician they bent the rules for him
APODionysus: What is ecchi?
DarkMorford: Doesn't Ringo build a goddamn nuclear reactor from scratch? Yeah, this was super over the top.
SilentOptimist: and found a new religion
PaperDoopliss: Ecchi is semi-pervy comedy such as "oh no a panty shot"
TheMerricat: @APODionysus Ecchi is one step below Henti
Wodar9: What I hated about this anime is that it kind of ignored ANY KIND OF WORLD BUILDING
Despoiler98: No one cares about ya know THE LAW
JohnLockeCole: Where does the engineer get materials, mining is Hard, and smelting needs to be advanced step by step
JollyGee29: Ecchi is lewdish stuff. Cleavage, jiggle physics, etc
APODionysus: Oh dear
EricTheOrange: @dungeonmaster099 like almost porn. Lots of boobs and pantyshots, that kind of thing.
Wodar9: Like "generic fantasy world" is just dumb
lirazel64: echhi is borderline porn.
dungeonmaster099: thank you
frozenphoenix7: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 40:12.
Juliamon: Ecchi stops just shy of actual pornography
JohnLockeCole: a *lot* has to be in place, infrastructure wise, before you can make a hand hard, much less a truck
TheMerricat: Softcore porn. Cinemax instead of Brazzers.
DarkMorford: Mayonnaise is life. *nod*
JohnLockeCole: hand cart*
couldntpickausername: "lets just handwave and be super goofy" oh it's legends of tomorrow
frozenphoenix7: But have they introduced glorious nippon steel folded over a thousand times <_<
Jericotyler: Just remembered "Eden of the East" existed.
Wodar9: Again, there were GOOD isekai this season! don't need to watch this nonsense
Karfsma778: Oh, it's Lost+Danganronpa+Isekai
Karfsma778: -murder
Spluuga: there is no good isekai
Krokaar: wait, was that what really happened in lost!? It was another dimension?!
hajnal_endot: good isekai is rare but worth the trouble
thundershot879: @wodar9 have you seen ascendance of a bookworm? its really good
hajnal_endot: see also: konosuba, ngnl
taeasakura: There is good isekai
BrindleBoar: "It's not porn, but it wishes it was"
Wodar9: @Spluuga ascendance of a bookworm is actually great this season
Bolsha: If there is I sure have not seen any
lirazel64: I've felt like I should be ruling the world... in high school.
DarkMorford: Bokuben is SO good
Jericotyler: Oh god, Eden of the east a decade old D:
Wodar9: @thundershot879 That is the show I was thinking of
simriel: I am so far enjoying Konosuba, mainly for the very silly parts
hajnal_endot: 90% of isekai is crap, 90% of everything etc etc etc
BrindleBoar: I like we can't study.
EricTheOrange: whenever I see ecchi I'm just like, just be hentai you coward
413th: awwww
kcazduke19: I've seen a LOT of recent manga and anime over the years in the Wish Fulfillment, 'Leave Mundane Life Behind for the Fantasy World' vein.
413th: I enjoyed the ending
boristhewizard: On a scale of 1 to Adam, which anime would you think Adam would enjoy the most?
hajnal_endot: @simriel it's gloriously stupid
SilentOptimist: the manga is fun
GDwarf: The premise is a solid enough comedy, the execution seems pretty terrible.
RegulusPratus: Kemono Michi was the best
Cullim: yeah, spinning your wheels happens when half the season was anime-only and had to return to the status-quo by the end of the arc
EricTheOrange: Isikai count 5
JohnLockeCole: Wrestler Isekai, got it
simriel: @hajnal_endot I wasn't sure about it, right until the Doolahan was made to go 'Wat'
Jericotyler: But Beej, you could have added a new segment to "Sidewalk Slam"
hajnal_endot: ah, the Ass Princess
EricTheOrange: oh dear
IncredibleFrown: hm.
SilentOptimist: it's a slice of life
JollyGee29: This show sounds like it's missing the Ecchi tag..
hajnal_endot: RIP
JohnLockeCole: how did he kill demon beasts with Wrestling
hajnal_endot: edamame beans 10/10
Jericotyler: @JohnLockeCole Suplexes Prolly
hajnal_endot: i can eat those fuckers for eternity
Cullim: at least in the manga that stuff tends to only happen once before people catch on
lirazel64: edamame is so much fun to eat.
JohnLockeCole: Suplexes are noted for *not* killing the person being suplexed
Spluuga: I had a matcha mochi for new years :3
hajnal_endot: so it's more on the Lucha Underground end of the spectrum?
Jericotyler: Today's word of the day is Cloaca.
hajnal_endot: (ps lucha underground is rad, it's all pre-recorded and they go wild with it. people fuckin die)
RegulusPratus: Did Beej like anything this season? Carole and Tuesday Part Two, maybe?
JohnLockeCole: Yeah, Wrestling Isekai, mediocre, moving on
hajnal_endot: c&t pt2 had denzel, it's by default good and i haven't seen it yet
deltadisease: ah so close to mid night
TheMerricat: And you were so hyped for that last one at the beginning of the season, sorry beej. :-(
Nigouki: man, i've been out of the anime loop so long i don't recognize half of these studios
Jericotyler: What's the difference between Manga, Light Novel, and Novel?
NrgSpoon: the picture:word ratio
BrindleBoar: also she appears to be peeling herself free, which is neat
hajnal_endot: also none of the flying lotus music from carole and tuesday has been released and I'm so angry. i need the full versions of unrequited love and crash the server)
razgriz792: manga is a comic light novel is comic with large text sections and novel has little to no pictures
Jericotyler: I'm guessing Light Novels are like, Novels with a picture every few pages?
hajnal_endot: light novels are what you read in middle school but for adults now
hajnal_endot: it's great
razgriz792: yep
ContingentCat: uh
hajnal_endot: spot illustrations are fun
NrgSpoon: yeah, typically one full page illustration every chapter
NrgSpoon: or so
asddsa28: omg
asddsa28: noo
Jericotyler: Gross
hajnal_endot: i can handle ichi the killer level stuff but i don't seek it because of the torture alone
deltadisease: i dont want to see torture porn
sammy6345: that went from "This sounds interesting" to "Nope the f out of there" in 2 seconds
hajnal_endot: would this be okay if i can handle it
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deltadisease: i dont want to hear it either
Pravikun: Thanks for the HahaPoint @punspector
JohnLockeCole: suicide is a super sore spot for me
hajnal_endot: cool
hajnal_endot: I'll give it a whirl at some point, chucking it in the queue
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dungeonmaster099: happy new year :)
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TheMerricat: Sounds a bit like Speedographer.
Wodar9: This is FUN
taeasakura: I like this one
NojhLivic: What website is this?
Wodar9: Beej you should go back and try an episode of Mairimahita
frozenphoenix7: Isekai again <_<
FITorion: I read this. I like the LN much better
TheMerricat: Search Results Local Time 8:10 PM @NojhLivic
razgriz792: soon enought it will all be isekai
TheMerricat: https://anichart.net/Winter-2020 even @NojhLivic
kenohki2: Mile
DoodlestheGreat: Isekai is the flavor of the decade for anime.
hajnal_endot: lrrBEEEJ_TK
FITorion: they gloss over and move too quickly in the anime
JohnLockeCole: Even Earth will be an Isekai
NojhLivic: TheMerricat Thank you
mystery_monkey: end of a decade man
EricTheOrange: Isekai count 6
mystery_monkey: end of a decade
Jericotyler: I mean honestly? with the state of world affairs lately I'm not surprised a lot of Isekais being picked of for animation.
simriel: Can I just say, I really feel like One Punch Man feels like an Isekai
Joomie123: bookworm didn't account for skew
simriel: like it has a similar feeling, even though it isn't.
hajnal_endot: yeah, isekai is a reflection of the society that makes isekai
FITorion: She's constantly trying not to stand out... and always failing
mystery_monkey: lrrBEEJ
IncredibleFrown: one punch man is like an isekai where the protagonist doesn't go anywhere
Shadowner: similar opening dance to last period
hajnal_endot: like how cyberpunk had its whole boom in and after the reagan era
lirazel64: was going to say, bell curve abilities sound fine.
Cullim: last period was great
mystery_monkey: I don't watch a ñot of Anime
deltadisease: haikyyu best sports anime change my mind
Jericotyler: I feel like Japan has been full on OK Boomer for the past decade+
Wodar9: BEEJ
Wodar9: The soft tennis anime is NOT A SPORTS ANIME
Wodar9: It is amazing
simriel: @incrediblefrown Exactly. Saitama seems, and is drawn like he is essentially from a different show/manga
Jericotyler: I've only watched one sports anime and that was the super gay swimming one.
mystery_monkey: what's a good Anime to start with?
GDwarf: I didn't watch Hoshiai no Sora, but I've heard nothing but great things about it, and apparently it has some really nice trans/nonbinary rep?
Jericotyler: and the skating one...
TheMerricat: "Soft tennis is a racket game played on a court of two halves, separated by a net. Like regular tennis, it is played by individuals (singles) or pairs (doubles), whose object is to hit the ball over the net, landing within the confines of the court, with the aim of preventing one's opponent from being able to hit it back. Soft tennis differs from regular tennis in that it uses soft rubber balls instead of hard yellow balls."
thundershot879: bookworm!
zambies145: Hoshiai no Sora is much more Slice of Life than sports
hajnal_endot: doesn't that have the enby?
Wodar9: It ONLY is only pretending to be a sports anime
IncredibleFrown: we have to save the rec center
RebekahWSD: Is there an anime UHF? I need that
Shadowner: sounds like a dating sim
GDwarf: Also apparently Hoshiai no Sora is big on the feels?
kusinohki: season 2, electric boogaloo
hajnal_endot: yeah this one has an enby
Wodar9: This is 100% about Middle school people with a LOT of problems
asddsa28: drama is the first word there i gess
RobotInProgress: A comparison I did not expect to hear
FITorion: ah Ascendance! My favorite Manga and LN. I'm very curious how others feel about the anime
Jericotyler: All the sports animes I've watched are connected to homoerotic relationships and some form of water based sports.
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cryomancer20x6: It's about time to break out the good Scotch here in GA
thundershot879: @fitorion good, I see it like slice of life doctor stone with magic
hajnal_endot: you could tell me fuckin salo has an enby and I'd watch it
DarkMorford: Oh, Anima Yell? That was a really good show.
jordiebearTT: The sports are just a framing advice to tell the stories of a bunch of kids with bad problems at home.
hajnal_endot: (i can't handle salo because I'm a living human)
TheMerricat: @FITorion I haven't had a chance to catch all the way up with it on Crunchyroll but I saw the clip of her going super saiyan on the priest on Youtube and am super hyped. I'm lovin what I've seen so far.
FITorion: Since I love the Manga so much I feel like a can't evaluate the Ascendance Anime
GDwarf: Hoshiai no Sora has trans and nonbinary rep I've heard, yeah, which is great
asddsa28: i love this one
Cullim: I really liked this one
EricTheOrange: Isekai count 7
Wodar9: Beej Please please please watch the first episode of Hoshiai no Sora! It will be able to hook you
BrindleBoar: so much isekai
Spluuga: I just want a new good cyberpunk/scifi animu
GoldenGod0: Gotta love those long titles
thundershot879: this is good isekai though
Wodar9: Bookworm is the one good Isekai this season
TheMerricat: @GoldenGod0 as is tradition in today's LN titles.
kenohki2: The Paper?!?
IncredibleFrown: died the way she lived: being a nerd
MistahFixIt: She died as she lived Kappa
Baldrash: Is there anything that ISN'T an isekai at this point?
BrindleBoar: live fast, die booktiful Kappa
asddsa28: no she was not
shalyonse: what a strange statement to join the stream on
GDwarf: False hoods, also known as "cloaks"
EricTheOrange: shes just straight up possesing a corpse
Shadowner: she has that conversation with Lutz
asddsa28: the litte girl i cryed when i read it
FITorion: She hears the last thoughts of the dieing person as she takes over the body.
simriel: Yeah Anime doesn't seem to actually get what 'Reincarnation' is
hajnal_endot: it's a more intricate approach to weekend at berniesing someone
rarermonsters: Have I missed talking about Dr. Stone?
kcazduke19: Oh hey, another 'Transported To A New World By Magical Means or Reincarnation' anime.
Juliamon: rarermonsters nope!
frozenphoenix7: Dr Stone <3
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun minor correction, canonically she's not dead, she's in the backseat and letting Urano drive because she never had a strong connection to the world.
simriel: I think Reincarnated as a Slime is the only one where they actually reincarnated?
GoldenGod0: The summarys have been getting the animes VERY wrong lately
theunknownpoetb: Hey everyone! Hey Heather and Beej!
asddsa28: omg i did not konw that
GDwarf: simriel: some Isekai have have actual reincarnations
KinoGami: what show is this and where is it available
Aenir798: @simriel There's quite a few with actual reincarnations
rarermonsters: Take: Writers are needlessly making stories Isekai when there's no reason they couldn't just be fantasy
Wodar9: What makes this amazing is that not everything she tries just works. She has REAL difficulties
kusinohki: happy "fire all the guns" hour apparently...
simriel: @gdwarf I have missed those I guess
Wodar9: Ya know, like what is important for a story
frozenphoenix7: @rarermonsters I mean, yeah probably.
Shadowner: she has the memories of how to do previous life things
Wodar9: actually challenges
TheMerricat: @KinoGami Asendance of a Bookworm, and It's on Crunchyroll at the very least. the books are on amazon and are pretty far along.
FITorion: TheMerricat ... where is that said? It's not in any of the translated Manga or LN I've read. In both Urano believes Mayne to be dead.
Cullim: Priest is great in the chibi end segments
TheMerricat: @FITorion Voice of god via author's twiter.
TheMerricat: Twitter even
asddsa28: yeah they have to gorw up so fast
Shadowner: guild apprenticeships
FITorion: hmmm
Wodar9: I love love love that Urano actually has to face the fact that she is now living in a very weak body
Shadowner: a certain plant shows up
korvys: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 8:58 PM
cyanMu42: Magic is not common. Water must be lifted from a well and carried up stairs.
James_LRR: Beej you better be eating cake
Jericotyler: DnD 4E magic items sorta rare.
TheMerricat: @FITorion it was discussed on reddit a while back which is the only reason I know it, check /anime or /manga. Can't remember which sub I saw it in. but they included the link so it's well cited as far as I'm concerned.
ContingentCat: no they're eating weeb stuff James
ArcOfTheConclave: donuts?
deltadisease: HAPPY NEW YEAR
Shadowner: east coast, Happy New Year
icefinch: i had sushi for new years
4dSwissCheese: Happy est New Year!
razgriz792: i want cake
IncredibleFrown: i'm gonna have fajitas for new years
razgriz792: can i have cake
cryomancer20x6: Happy New Year from Atlanta, everyone!
asddsa28: after 7 the kid have to do a artisanship
IsaTheEngie: Happy new year from the east coast!
red_shoes_jeff: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
rarermonsters: Also, did I miss Kengan Ashura?
Aenir798: A new decade is born on the NA east coast
asddsa28: if i rember
ContingentCat: Happy New Year from EST!
icefinch: cheer50 its 2020 in my time zone
Jericotyler: Happy Birthday to me :D
Forgotten_Sanity: Happy New Year EST!
Enmity777: Happy New Year
ContingentCat: We've escaped 2019
Celebrate_V_C: Happy New Year!
Juliamon: whee
antyself2: Happy New Year!
KinoGami: the power returns. truly a blessed time
RebekahWSD: Ohhh suddenly the fireworks makes sense
GDwarf: Happy New Year, EST!
TheMerricat: Warning Arc names are spoilers for the ends of the previous arc. @LoadingReadyRun
kcazduke19: Oh hey, New Year. Yeaaaaah.
asddsa28: wooot
kusinohki: seriously, sounds like war footage outside...
asddsa28: happy new year all chears!
Jericotyler: Oh god sudden fireworks, the dogs will not be happy.
lirazel64: The year is new!
rarermonsters: If arc names spoil a series it's not interesting enough to worry about spoiling
PinoGraham: happy new year
FITorion: Rather than a power fantasy... this is a real struggle.
e_bloc: happy new year est friends
colonelkreiner: happy new year
shadowdemonz123: Happy new years
jeff_jeffy_jefferson: happy new year
lirazel64: TwitchSings TwitchSings TwitchSings
Calaban161: Happy New Year to all those people catching up to 2020
Days_one: is grey hair platinum blonde?
TheMerricat: @rarermonsters it's not that they spoil the series, it's just each arc is essentially the next phase of her life and if you know the name of the next arc you pretty much know how the primary conflict of each previous's arc turns out.
EricTheOrange: your work and time have a cost
Nigouki: Happy New Decade y'all
Lightningbro: Hey Lrrfolks, Hey Lrrchat.
thundershot879: happy new year
RememberSHADY: How does 2020 feel East coasters and most of the rest of the world LUL
sammy6345: hey lightningbro
capt_canada924: Happy New Year from Ottawa
razgriz792: about the same as the last decade
NrgSpoon: it'sa good enough series to talk about this much, is the point
FITorion: !
razgriz792: but it is still to early to tell
Lightningbro: Happy New Year folks, just hit midnight for me, ironically right as I decided to look for a stream.
NrgSpoon: 6 years
rarermonsters: It's like if Magic the Gathering was also a rap battle
FITorion: I've also seen the word Karuta... to refer to just any cards
Shadowner: is that a Real sport?
kusinohki: isn't there a board game like that? matching poems??
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jordiebearTT: One of my favourite plotlines from the Chihayafuru manga should be coming up in the anime soon.
KinoGami: it is a real sport in japan
Jericotyler: I misread that as Karate.
simriel: @rarermonsters I don't know how to judge that...
Despoiler98: east coast HAPPY NEW YEAR
Despoiler98: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
lirazel64: It's a game that's been aimed
asddsa28: o this one
lirazel64: oops.
Jericotyler: lrrHEATHER lrrHORN lrrBEEEJ
Ubiki: greetings from the future HahaPoint
rarermonsters: All this series made me do is wish they'd finish dubbing Detective Conan
kusinohki: *waves*
razgriz792: shinju
icefinch: and there are the fireworks outside my house
jordiebearTT: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
NrgSpoon: and then watch Joshiraku. Once.
PMAvers: There was a case about it in Phoenix Wright, wasn't there?
evilspoons983: I'm on the second of three sets of fireworks that can be heard from my apartment
hajnal_endot: yeah, that author is just obtuse to most people
IncredibleFrown: in 6 i believe
InsertUserHere_: I did my theatre thesis on this
InsertUserHere_: eow
kusinohki: was there a phoenix wright / conan crossover once?
evilspoons983: each one is less visible, the third will be below the treeline
red_shoes_jeff: Oh, there's the fireworks.
rarermonsters: That's the problem with Japanese classical art forms: There are no good entry points because it's always designed to be inaccessible
hajnal_endot: koji kumeta's who i'm thinking of, his stuff is kind of obtuse and fiercely japanese
JohnLockeCole: East and west Shinjuku and west shinkjuku is just london?
TheMerricat: it's 11pm here and they are already starting the illegal fireworks here. gonna be a long night... HahaNutcracker
Zalbaag: I know there was multiple Lupin / Conan crossovers, not sure about an Ace Attorney
Jericotyler: Oh they made an Anime out of Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century?
simriel: @jericotyler For like 3 years I thought I hallucinated that show
kusinohki: "spoilers for the opening crawl"
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lugthor: ooh. Beej and Heather stream is a great surpise as I deal with my new years insomnia. Happy New Years all.
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GDwarf: Why must every Holmes have a Moriarty? Moriarty shows up in all of *two* Holmes stories!
DoodlestheGreat: What webpage is this?
RebekahWSD: Watson was a weird robot in that 30th century one, right?
kusinohki: @GDwarf but one of those stories was the 'death' of holmes! he must be important!
TheMerricat: https://anichart.net/Winter-2020 @DoodlestheGreat
simriel: @gdwarf Cause Holmes overhypes him in the story, and he retroactively blame a bunch of other cases on his shadowey involvement
asddsa28: yeah thats a big tell
APODionysus: Ian Holm for best Watson
DarkMorford: DICE CLUB!
asddsa28: o god why
raaabr: ODIN?
IncredibleFrown: ok.
TheMerricat: ecchi :-P
BrindleBoar: Isekai.
GDwarf: Well, uh, that's a premise...
Addictiveme: uhhhhh
Ubiki: "intimacy"
DoodlestheGreat: @themerricat, Thanks. Oooo... Beastars. They covered that already?
APODionysus: Not Ian Holm
kusinohki: that almost looks like "survive: escape from antlantis"
Krokaar: All I want for xmas is solitary existence
GirlPainting: saikoro club is awesome :)
APODionysus: Martin freeman
DarkMorford: Dice Club was amazing
APODionysus: I’m sick and a bit delusional
evilspoons983: the Valkyries are weird, Odin sounds like a great story idea
EricTheOrange: more moe
GirlPainting: its a nice slice of life series
Lightningbro: My brother has been egging me to watch Houkago Saikoro Club. I probably will at some point
IsaTheEngie: I was gonna ask if they covered beastars uet
TheMerricat: @DoodlestheGreat yep, pretty much the first one they talked about at any length for today's stream :-)
Jericotyler: AFK the anime
TheMrFraser: there is nothing wrong with deeply medium
EricTheOrange: board gamming moe
Cullim: @kusinohki it probably was, it used a lot of assets from real board games
GirlPainting: it changed mine!
TheMerricat: @IsaTheEngie what sad for @DoodlestheGreat
asddsa28: it sounds like it changed yours you got a new friend
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madmansk: um hi
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Scar_Red_Tiger: They never adapted the Werewolf chapter 0/10
TheMerricat: said even
SharkHero08: Thats a weird criticism Beej considering some of your previous pics SeriousSloth
NrgSpoon: it's like free garlic bread
evilspoons983: read the Dirk Gently books... Thor shows up
Taichanie: This is the first anime I've watched weekly in YEARS!
Despoiler98: NYC just had their new years can we all take a sec to appreciate all the first responders who are on duty tonight?
rarermonsters: Look, I need the medium of animation to realize the daring vision of Satoshi Kon and Hayao Miyazaki. I need animation to realize the apocalyptic dadaism of Devilman Crybaby. If I want to watch fun people playing board games I get that from AFK
IsaTheEngie: o7 @ those first responders
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Healing Anime?
GoldenGod0: Did we already pass Beastars?
DarkMorford: I loved that almost every game mentioned in the show is a real-life board game.
simriel: @evilspoons983 I tried to explain Dirk Gently as a Novel Series to someone the other day. You sound insane trying to explain it.
razgriz792: as well as all the nurses and doctors working tonight
asddsa28: o noo
TheMerricat: @GoldenGod0 first show they talked about at any length
IncredibleFrown: it's red light green light
Cimurph: Anime is fucking weird.
asddsa28: o so read light green light
FITorion: so... freeze
Aenir798: So red light green light?
GoldenGod0: oh
kusinohki: so "red light/green light"
Despoiler98: @razgriz792 all the ER staff who will be dealing with so much tonight too
JohnLockeCole: Red Light Green Light?
evilspoons983: @simriel I know! any section of it is like the ramblings of a crazy person
LoadingReadyRun: @GoldenGod0 yeah we covered Beastars already
Scar_Red_Tiger: What Time is it Mr Wolf?
GDwarf: Red light/green light and/or "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?"
kcazduke19: I saw a trailer for a horror movie based on that game!
Cimurph: It's like weirdly bad duck duckgrey duck (/goose)
GDwarf: Also, learning this makes a Nichijou short make much more sense. :P
Wodar9: Is Beej explaining red light green light to everyone?
GirlPainting: in germany it is actualy called "wer hat angst vorm schwarzen mann?" = who fears the black man
TheMerricat: So horror based red light/green light :-P
SharkHero08: Beej, given your love of rakugo I have a manga recommendation for you. The series is: Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachiga Inai
simriel: @evilspoons983 I ended up just explaining that Hitchhiker's Guide was his NORMAL series
rarermonsters: This sounds kind of interesting. Not "warrants an anime series" interesting though.
Scar_Red_Tiger: My favourite bits were when the players were getting into the strategy of the games
Addictiveme: @GirlPainting is that as bad as it sounds or a quirk of the language? LUL
cryomancer20x6: So it's part red light / green light and part Mother May I?
Lightningbro: That's complex, but SO interesting!
NrgSpoon: quite literally a pastime
DarkMorford: Midori's rules explanations were my favorite part. I kinda want to see Ben just use one of those clips for an AFK. :P
GirlPainting: Addictiveme we don´ t have the racism against coloured people here like in america...the "black man" is like the bad person, the boo man
DarkMorford: The German girl was Emmy.
asddsa28: im in
Scar_Red_Tiger: The arc for the Fledging Designer was great
Addictiveme: @GirlPainting I'm not american, but I get you. Irish has the same kind of wording
Sevinon: I'm sorry. Those are things? Huh.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Any way I need someone to translate the rest of the series
Jericotyler: Ubuntu Manga????
NrgSpoon: wizard's soul owns btw
Wodar9: Man, that magic manga has some real heart in it
IncredibleFrown: this seems like yuru camp, except with board games yeah
frozenphoenix7: Wizard's Soul was rad
kusinohki: yu-gi-oh - legally distinct magic the gathering
Scar_Red_Tiger: Oh, Akiba's Trip
Taichanie: Its clearly Dutch from black lagoon.
GDwarf: Headphones? Yeah, alright. I can believe that.
EricTheOrange: Cute girl club does a thing, "AKA Moe"
GirlPainting: That time i got reincarnated as a vending machine
asddsa28: sadly i realy want to see one about collecting stickers XD
Jericotyler: I've heard about the RTLSDR manga, and the Ham Radio Manga/Official Test guide.
Addictiveme: "cute girl does thing" is just a good business plan
NrgSpoon: Mimi yori Harmonia
DarkMorford: Most of the games in the show are chosen to teach some sort of lesson. I remember one that showed that shoving people away in your life isn't as satisfying as letting them in.
Jensling: "Destroy all humanity, it can't be regenerated" is a cute MTG-related manga btw
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun are you 2 going to be doing this every 3~ months for the new seasons?
RvLeshrac: I still can't believe there's That Time I Got Reincarnated As Yamcha
Jericotyler: I just love you can test for the Japanese Amateur Radio test with Manga.
NrgSpoon: is the headphone manga
Shirts_: Happy new year to the east coast
kenohki2: At Comic Market in Tokyo there are dedicated Circles/groups that make doujins about things like that.
GDwarf: I know I've seen something like "The Manga Guide to SQL Databases", but that's kinda approaching the thing from the opposite end. :P
Wodar9: :(
Asimech: I heard that as "hug it out. Or don't."
SharkHero08: I thought Radiant was pretty good
rarermonsters: Radiant is a completely unnecessary and foregettable shonen
RvLeshrac: GDWarf: I have most of the set, because it was a Humble Bundle
BrindleBoar: wow those are some unhelpful summaries
Wodar9: Radiant's manga is made by a french mangaka
Lightningbro: Radiant is great, I need to continue and get to season 2.
frozenphoenix7: Radiant the manga is good. Issue is the adaptation of the first season was like, 70% filler.
kcazduke19: Yesssss, Hi Score Girl
theunknownpoetb: This is true. The creator of YuGiOh had a card game in one storyline, which he said was a game kinda like MTG. Then it just took off!
RvLeshrac: There's The Manga Guide to Databases, Calculus, Stats, I think... Quantum Mechanics?... Physics...
Wodar9: @frozenphoenix7 yea, season 1 was weirdly rough
simriel: @theunknownpoetb Didn't Konami basically drive a dump truck of money to his door basically
IncredibleFrown: isn't this the show where they try to figure out what the "toasty" giy in mortal kombat is saying
NrgSpoon: fanifoom
cryomancer20x6: Yep, when the PC game crash of the 80's ended and turned into an explosion
DarkMorford: Oh yeah, Beej. Turns out there is a curling manga. "Orange Delivery" ran monthly from January 2004 to January 2006, for a total of 24 chapters. I haven't found more than the first two or three translated, though.
Wodar9: Is this CGI?
kenohki2: All CG
EricTheOrange: the girl on the right looks like shes doing the Ojou sama laugh
mtvcdm: Evening
raaabr: ]Her MOM?
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thatladyinplaid: It's already 2020 here.... there still aren't any flying cars.
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raaabr: Wait, right, Anime
theunknownpoetb: @simriel Essentially yes. He's a fan of Magic, loves it. His own game...he has problems with. He wont say too much...cause you know...he also likes money.
EricTheOrange: huh, that is weird
GDwarf: Everyone there is clearly both 5 and 25.
mtvcdm: I was told there'd be perfect eyesight in 2020.
TheBearBee: Thirstiest mom in the world
ArcOfTheConclave: @TheMerricat nice
Jericotyler: @TheMerricat Nice lol
thatladyinplaid: @mtvcdm I took off my glasses.... no such luck :/
simriel: @theunknownpoetb Yeah, he did not intend to create this, but he got SO much money for turning his manga into what it became
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SilentOptimist: Exprssive in her actions...
cryomancer20x6: @TheMerricat lol that gif is amazing
Jericotyler: Does the headphone manga feature ACTUAL brands?
DarkMorford: @TheMerricat That's one of the things I love about that era of KyoAni shows. So much movement and detail happening in the backgrounds.
kusinohki: @thatladyinplaid were you looking at 2019?
rarermonsters: !card Hair-Strung Koto
LRRbot: Hair-Strung Koto [6] | Artifact | Tap an untapped creature you control: Target player puts the top card of their library into their graveyard.
TheBearBee: THe perfect relationship
NojhLivic: Which anime did beej said he nearly cried at the end?
FITorion: like a harp
Wodar9: koto club?
FITorion: just sideways
IncredibleFrown: is that the instrument from that one scene in Hero?
boristhewizard: Hi score girl is the ultimate nostalgia trip. love It so much.
TheBearBee: @NojhLivic High Score Girl
thatladyinplaid: @kusinohki I'm in 2020... my vision should be perfect. I even tried with my "2020" glasses
therisingtithes_: I just got here! I wonder if Psycho Pass came up...
NojhLivic: TheBearBee Thank you
EricTheOrange: Is that normal in japan for a club around just one instrument?
razgriz792: so anime frendship
theunknownpoetb: @simriel One of his problems is with America censorship as well. He HATES his art being messed with. He wont do direct artwork for the game cause of it.
boristhewizard: only if it's mayonnaise
Asimech: "Super Friendship happens" dips into the "slightly ominous" side of things.
cryomancer20x6: @IncredibleFrown they look like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koto_(instrument)#/media/File:Japanese_Koto.jpg
Wodar9: @therisingtithes_ They didn't watch it. Don't think they watched season 1 either
kusinohki: was trying to make a 'hindsight' joke... didn't work
Jericotyler: At least the Anime isn't ahead of the Manga
thatladyinplaid: @kusinohki ... save that for next year. it will land for sure! "hindsight is 2020"
simriel: @theunknownpoetb Do Yu-Gi-Oh cards often get censored?
kusinohki: lrrFRUMP
theunknownpoetb: @simriel You have no idea...lol
Wodar9: They were both musicians !
ArcOfTheConclave: you lie in april has piano and violin iirc
razgriz792: allthe tme
hajnal_endot: man i've been around yu-gi-oh tournaments, those players really aren't the kind to need stuff censored for them
simriel: @theunknownpoetb I only really play magic so didn't know this
hajnal_endot: some of those people have guns
DarkMorford: KimiUso made me so sad. It was just incredibly emotional.
mikethetike221: your l8e in April was so so so good
Wodar9: "Let's go to nationals"
hajnal_endot: they bring them to the shop
Wodar9: I guess 3rd years are meant to be focused on exams?
FITorion: I think it's because college exams will conflict with nationals
TheMerricat: @simriel for some reason western companies are hugely paranoid about what sort of material can be on the stuff they translate. Even Pokemon is hit by it.
mtvcdm: Yeah, last year of high school is college entrance exam prep.
theunknownpoetb: @simriel Remember how early Magic had so much religious imagery and sexual content? Then they pulled back? In
asddsa28: why cant it just be fun music time not conpetive
Wodar9: This is a sports anime @asddsa28 Kappa
theunknownpoetb: It's like that, and they still do it.
simriel: @themerricat Huh... Pokémon? really?
mtvcdm: And exam prep just buuuuuuurrrrrrns out Japanese high schoolers, to the point where by the time they actually get into college they're just mentally done.
asddsa28: o my god i forgot about that in that show
theunknownpoetb: @simriel Yeah, early Pokemon cards had some things.
cryomancer20x6: Oh man he mentioned Kenshin. Now I have to go watch Samurai X for the hundredth time immediately
PMAvers: So basically what they did with MHA.
mtvcdm: Basically the college entrance exams are in and of themselves the grand finals of Japanese educations, and college itself sees a lot of the attendees sorts just tune out.
simriel: I do not remember this on Pokémon cards, but then I was very young when I played Pokémon
TheMerricat: https://censorship.wikia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon @simriel just one of many links, this one focuses mostly on the first anime.
evilspoons983: @mtvcdm so like when I went to university only the whiplash happens at the end of high school instead of in midterms of first-year engineering
Zalthia: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:34:32.
Wodar9: Ghost
Lord_Hosk: Im here!
Lord_Hosk: Im not there
Aenir798: Hi
asddsa28: o noo
icefinch: and hes dead
IncredibleFrown: hello???
TheMerricat: And that was the last time we saw Beej ever again.
Jericotyler: Beej dies
PMAvers: And this is how Beej died.
Bladinus: lrrSPOOP
TheNerdWonder: surprise Cam?
Aenir798: And Beej was never seen again
Krokaar: base is haunted
evilspoons983: high school was such a walk in the dang park, even though I took the 'hard' classes
Wodar9: He's dead Jim
mtvcdm: Welp, we've lost Beej. Only Heather now.
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrSPOOP
red_shoes_jeff: BLAGH, IT'S ME! *stab*
SharkHero08: I bet it was James
Lord_Hosk: and that was the last we saw of beej
SilentOptimist: lrrJAMES_SA lrrJAMES_SA lrrJAMES_SA
asddsa28: lets nope was over long ago
Lightningbro: I totally also expected James
Aenir798: It was NotJames?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Cheese it, its the feds
theunknownpoetb: @simriel Check out TheJWittz on Youtube, he has a great episode on censored cards.
Sirius2010: Who was it?
EricTheOrange: lrrJAMES
sammy6345: rip beej
Formerly_Beef: who was it?
cryomancer20x6: Beej was out there just long enough to be replaced by a pod person
Wodar9: Get Ben to talk about anime Kappa
Sirius2010: Neat!
Sirius2010: Ben join anime talk?
EricTheOrange: It's ben.... one week ....
kusinohki: *sigh* I was wrong... the battle continues...
DarkMorford: Big same, Beej. I want more Grand Blue.
EikoandMog: Rain is certainly better than what Australia has right now. Fire.
EikoandMog: Lots of Fire.
rarermonsters: English Name: "Pretty Boys do Something, I guess"
TheNerdWonder: NCIS: Tokyo?
Wodar9: This was real boring
daralin666: Happy New Year @loadingreadyrun
Jericotyler: Lizard people?
evilspoons983: @EricTheOrange cocked your head to the side and said 'I'm angry"
DarkMorford: Rifle Is Beautiful was better than I expected. It's about competitive target shooting, and they emphasize gun safety and stuff.
asddsa28: noo
TheMerricat: Rifle is my Waifu
asddsa28: i dont like this one
simriel: @themerricat I thought you meant the trading cards were censored xD
EricTheOrange: Ah Moe guns
IncredibleFrown: what a weird girls frontline adaptation
theunknownpoetb: @simriel Final thing about the creator of YuGiOh. I will lose my shit if they get him to do artwork for something like the Japanese PWs. Just gurantee they won't mess with his work!
Wodar9: @DarkMorford Oh thank god. Thought it would be much worse than that
TheMerricat: @simriel I did too, but found links for the anime first. ;-)
NojhLivic: The ratings on this sight are very conflicted. Or is all anime not that great this previous season?
SharkHero08: man i thought the chuunibyou phase died out awhile ago
asddsa28: is that a thing
simriel: @theunknownpoetb Surely they would have tried to get him for the WOTS walkers
BrindleBoar: Edgelords.
SilentOptimist: there's always 8th graders somewhere
Wodar9: I would have to assume that Chuunibyou still "happens" irl
SharkHero08: Granted Komi Sans chuuni character is really good
TheMerricat: There are always new th graders being made every year. it'll never die out.
EricTheOrange: I think Chuunis are fun comedic side charecters
Lightningbro: I still haven't found a series about Chuunibyou with ONE CHARACTER who actually does have magic powers... One day
TheMerricat: 8th graders even , need to fix my keyboard.
Wodar9: "Fun happens"
DarkMorford: Yeah, having one chuu2 as a comic-relief character is fine, imo.
Karfsma778: EGG FIRM
KinoGami: is this boat race? KappaHD
Krokaar: Jey girls.....you got me
EricTheOrange: ahhh more boobs anime
asddsa28: o no i have heard of this
Twilight_Spark: egg!
Krokaar: jet*
flatluigi: EGG FIRM
Nigouki: is EGG FIRM related to Tenga?
theunknownpoetb: @simriel I'm sure they didn't, he's not gonna bite the hand that feeds, but it would be so funny to see that.
EricTheOrange: Jeezus crist that girl on the left makes my back hurts
DarkMorford: Jet Girls it what it says on the tin. Jet-ski racing with tight wetsuits.
Wodar9: "Wet-n-wild COMBO"
Spluuga: is this another boat race ad?
IncredibleFrown: this is a toy commercial cartoon
Cullim: and uncensored nipples
Krokaar: Add a hint of jiggle to taste
DarkMorford: It kinda felt like a spiritual successor to Keijo!!!!!!!!
enki1256: Keijo was better
simriel: @theunknownpoetb They might have tried, but I imagine he would have said no
mtvcdm: Everyone calls them bathing suits, but rarely do people actually take a bath in them.
Wodar9: Oh right, this had an uncensored version
evilspoons983: Sea-Doo is Bombardier, yes
mtvcdm: What is this 'pocket monsters'?
Krokaar: Ash...my boy....what have they done to you
rarermonsters: Oh hey it's other Aggretsuko
frozenphoenix7: Featuring a protagonist brutally rejecting a cute rabbit
flatluigi: all those pokemon are nude
EikoandMog: IK'm surprisingly okay with ecchi stuff? Maybe I'm the target market for ecchi and that's kind of sad .-.
kusinohki: that image is a very different style than normal pokemon it seems...
Jericotyler: Anatomically Correct Pokemon is a cursed concept.
SharkHero08: I heard Africa no Salaryman was decent
GirlPainting: i also dropped it after episode 1
rarermonsters: Bojack Toucman
samu_btdp1985: good morning from England
Scar_Red_Tiger: Toucan is voiced by Wishbone the Dog from PBS in the dub
red_shoes_jeff: *mumble mumble* AAAAFRICAAAAA!
DoodlestheGreat: I watched a few episodes of that one. If it was in the U.S., it would have been a Hanna-Barbera 70's TV show. That's about as bad as it gets.
cyanMu42: It sounds like it's about capitalism.
DarkMorford: @EikoandMog Nah, I'm totally fine with most ecchi shows too. People like different things, it's fine.
evilspoons983: yeah how is that different from Aggretsuko?
kenohki2: I despise anime based on salaryman because I deal with that crap on a daily basis
beauxdeigh: Wild Kingdom meets Seinfeld?
Jericotyler: OOOOOOOH! It's THAT anime.
LazyC0Mmander: So shitty agretsuko
Jericotyler: Yeaaah....
Juliamon: This looks like it was trying to capitalize on Aggretsuko's popularity
asddsa28: this seems sad
Bladinus: oh yeah... I need to watch agretsuko skill..
SharkHero08: Wow, thats not the feel i get from the art style in that thumb nail
dungeonmaster099: it sound like it try to be the office
icefinch: hmmm i need to watch agrestku
rarermonsters: Aggretsuko is about a beta Hyena seducing the world with patheticness
LazyC0Mmander: This instead is about a guy making other put up with a lot of bullshit at his office
cryomancer20x6: <3 Phantasy Star
Lightningbro: PSO2 is SO GOOD, you don't need to play the game to understand it
Jericotyler: I could not get into the show
simriel: @rarermonsters I still don't get why I am rooting for him
nartin9: phanstsy star online 2 game way better
EricTheOrange: @rarermonsters careful with what words you use
Riandisa: PSO2 NA beta soon
Lightningbro: Actually, PSO2's anime is pretty faithful to the game's story
rarermonsters: @simriel Because he sucks. And you need to believe you're wrong about him
rarermonsters: I know this because he's my fursona and I'm not even a furry
Jericotyler: Raid Shadow Legends anime when?
Lightningbro: @Riandisa I KNOW RIGHT!
asddsa28: so creepy
NrgSpoon: magic school
simriel: I don't even feel he sucks, I just feel like he is a Regular Dude
evilspoons983: I no-reservations love Aggretsuko in spite of her being a Sanrio character and I was drowning in Hello Kitty in junior high (1997-1999)
Riandisa: @Lightningbro I can't wait to remake my character from the japanese servers
IncredibleFrown: so far what i'm absorbing from this stream is it's been a slow season for anime
SharkHero08: those two kids on the bottom have teh same face
nartin9: I would watch the hell out of a raid shaow legends anime just as meme
Wodar9: Wait, cooking wars?
gkirilenko: the manga was ok
NrgSpoon: remake of a classic series
RoastedGravy: HAPP NEW YUR
Krokaar: Need more sketchy esque anime like FotNS
Perchipy: the original anime was greatly nostalgic to me
asddsa28: i wanted to see this one
rarermonsters: Eye bleach
DarkMorford: @IncredibleFrown Depends what you like. I had like 6 or 7 shows I was watching weekly this season. *shrug*
Lightningbro: @Riandisa Same! I just got an outfit I LOVE too! Man, If Xbox was REALLY friendly, it'd be nice to do an "Early access event" where we could get JUST the cosmetics from our JP accounts.
morealpacas: chuuka ichiban is very old, i remember watching that in the 90s i think
cryomancer20x6: What site are they using for this?
freshmaker__: heck yeah zoids
nartin9: idel hell is now
SilentOptimist: i think they're ordered by popularity
asddsa28: i had not idea there was a zoids
DarkMorford: This is https://anichart.net/Winter-2020
SharkHero08: Zoids has gotten weird
red_shoes_jeff: Wait, Zoids is still going?
gkirilenko: idol and magical girl go way back together
LazyC0Mmander: So what is that zombie girl idol thing like?
cryomancer20x6: Thanks @DarkMorford
Ba_Dum_Tish: So its still exists?
RoastedGravy: So, Muppet Babies, but with Ultraman Kaijuu.
Wodar9: We got there!
Aenir798: Beej why LUL
Jericotyler: I thought it was that Pink haired magical girl with the curse.
113 raiders from SergeYager have joined!
DarkMorford: @LazyC0Mmander Zombieland Saga was real good.
LathosTiran: coffee raid!
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
badpandabear: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
YawnLance: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
asddsa28: but bananya is soo cute i
ContingentCat: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
EJGRgunner: Happy Newb Ear
chris365: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
TheAinMAP: sergeHeart_SA sergeHeart_SA sergeHeart_SA sergeHeart_SA sergeHeart_SA
GenericGameCr8: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
mystery_monkey: RAID!!!!!!
Rieal82: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
UnusuallyLargeMoth: lrrSIGNAL this is a raid lrrSIGNAL
TemporallyAwry: sergeHeart sergeHeart lrrHEART PrideCheers lrrHEART sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHi
evilspoons983: I got that ad on my phone in a Ars Technica article about gene editing, it was really confusing
patrick_stonecrusher: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
mtvcdm: Hi Brew Crew!
raaabr: Oh, hey Serge benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
SergeYager: Happy New Year friends :D
Skakerman_: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Cullim: @LazyC0Mmander Zombieland Saga is great
DiscordianTokkan: o/
EJGRgunner: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Scar_Red_Tiger: Needs more Mike Toole
Bladinus: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Ba_Dum_Tish: benginHeart lrrHEART lrrDARK sergeHeart
Sevinon: Happy new year Serge
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeHeart Happy New Year! sergeHeart
RoastedGravy: Sold. Kappa
patrick_stonecrusher: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
SharkHero08: ah yes, sword waifus
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flatluigi: swordwives?
mtvcdm: Wasn't this a Zelda game?
DarkMorford: Happy new year, Brew Crew!
IncredibleFrown: so sword kancolle
TheMoatman: And they've got big stonkin tiddies
GenericGameCr8: sergeFriend sergeHeart sergeFriend sergeHeart sergeFriend
Juliamon: This was... probably the worst stream for Serge to raid
Wodar9: Beej? Funny?
mystery_monkey: happy new year
NDCazzy: incoming Serge raid sergeHeart lrrBEEEJ lrrHEATHER
LazyC0Mmander: @DarkMorford I have to say even if I don't watch anime it really made complete sense once I realized it was an pop-idol show
SergeYager: anime. hell?
RoastedGravy: Thanks, I hate it. Kappa
TheMoatman: These do not have big stonkin tiddies
flatluigi: i miss nichijou
Juliamon: We just scrolled by some porn!
DoodlestheGreat: Hiya, Serge.
ContingentCat: sergeHeart
NDCazzy: Happy New Year!
flatluigi: this isn't nichijou
GenericGameCr8: sergeHeart sergeKappaccino sergeHeart sergeHeart
Jericotyler: You missed them talking about the only good anime sadly.
cryomancer20x6: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Featherweight_: Featherweight is here.
asddsa28: yeah they are
Bladinus: We know Serge loves to read ALL the animes! sergeHeart
Sevinon: @Juliamon Shh... We pretend that didn't happen
KinoGami: is the goal of 2020 to fill serge with more anime?
Aenir798: @SergeYager It's like being stuck in Beej's car on roadquest
Karfsma778: Featherweight! Hi!
Featherweight_: where my SPORTS ANIME
patrick_stonecrusher: Anime hell - like regular hell except bigger eyes
Lightningbro: The four of them remind me of a video from... Soramafu and crew?
EnoTheTonberry: So many Nichijou
DoodlestheGreat: @jericotyler, which one was that?
evilspoons983: EGG CAR!
IncredibleFrown: car
GirlPainting: best show!
Wodar9: Dr. Stone !
sammy6345: you missed them @featherweight_
Karfsma778: FIRM
RvLeshrac: Taeko no Nichijou sounds like Passivesuko
Wodar9: Stone is great
frozenphoenix7: Dr. Stone is great
Nigouki: Dave Merrill's Anime Hell is always a highlight at conventions
LazyC0Mmander: Look all I want to know if they'll anything about warhammer the one true anime
EricTheOrange: Dr.Stone is a trip
simriel: I still have to try it. It looks interesting
nartin9: Dr. stone one of the best anime of 2019
Jericotyler: @DoodlestheGreat Beastars of course.
Addictiveme: i thought i'd like dr stone and didn't at all
Cullim: Dr Stone's fun
RoastedGravy: Dr. Stone best isekai, don’t @ me.
DoodlestheGreat: Yay!
Kikazi: I enjoy the manga of Dr. Stone a lot, but I've heard some complaints about the anime
Zalthia: My brother got into it and he doesn’t watch anime at all
Kikazi: (i haven't watched the anime)
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Milambus: !live
Wodar9: Even though "everything I do works" it at least feels like "stuff can go wrong"
DarkMorford: It Rob!
EricTheOrange: @RoastedGravy you can't tell me what to do.
Taichanie: Thanks for the HahaCat @mathonwy
Scar_Red_Tiger: Once the technology gets rolling and they have prior stuff to build off, is great
Zalthia: It’s like the book “how to invent everything” except as an anime
frozenphoenix7: Also both openings for Dr. Stone are great and people should go listen to them <_<
Scar_Red_Tiger: It's an arms race
FITorion: I like the... lets start for scratch idea... I can't stand the yelling all the time
Milambus: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:49:16.
nartin9: I would love to have mechs in Dr. Stone
LazyC0Mmander: Make some sense there's at least a few fights in a prehistoric show
RockPusher: Hi Beej, Hi Heather - Just got back from travelling - hope everyone is doing well lunarj1Heart lrrHEART lunarj1Heart
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SilentOptimist: that artist really likes boobs and muscles
RoastedGravy: If you’re reading the manga, shit’s gotten real crazy.
MistahFixIt: Oh right the guy who escaped from Danganrompa - The Ultimate Primate High-Schooler Kappa
Addictiveme: does the manga go into any more detail on how people stayed sane being kept conscious for like 4000 years?
RoastedGravy: Boichi’s art is pretty rad.
Addictiveme: or just.. nah
Taichanie: lrrARROW_HF lrrCIRCLE lrrDOTS
rarermonsters: Dr. Stone is a masterpiece, and is my anime of the year over Mob Psycho Season 2. I think the fighting is necessary because it sets up the philosophical underpinning of the series: science vs luddites, egalitarianism vs fascism. Tsukasa, in addition to providing an antagonist, shows off the ideological opposite of Senku
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun Heather it does the danganronpa thing where everyone is highschool prodigies.
Formerly_Beef: This anime is 100% an isekai and I will not hear otherwise.
frozenphoenix7: Most people aren't conscious for it, Senku's just weird @Addictiveme
DarkMorford: Girls und Panzer is a lot of fun. It's pure fanservice, but not the sexy kind.
Wodar9: @Taichanie Run Ready Loading?
Taichanie: Seems legit.
Karfsma778: lrrDOTS_HF wait, shit this didn't do anything
EikoandMog: That girl on the left looks like stone age Saber.
RoastedGravy: How is season 4 of MHA?
EricTheOrange: @LoadingReadyRun the fighting is very much in the background. It's mainly "stone age technology, the series"
RoastedGravy: Haven’t watched it yet.
rarermonsters: Dr. Stone isn't just a great show, it's a massively great show because it has a theme in addition to science. And even then, fighting doesn't dominate the series, it's still a show that makes clicking on a lightbulb more epic and soaring than any fight scene in Fire Force
Wodar9: I mean it is "mostly" not fighting
LathosTiran: @DarkMorford "is it wrong i can tell a J3 at a glance?"
FITorion: If this was more like Ascendance... it'd be good.
LazyC0Mmander: I mean is this a fighting or conflict?
Scar_Red_Tiger: @DarkMorford It was a treat having that GuP sound mixing in the theatre
RoastedGravy: I’ve been moreso reading the manga.
EricTheOrange: Like to fight that guy they don't fight him, they out smart him.
Wicker_Knight: I was disappointed in Dr. Stone
avivfa: dr stone isnt really a fighting shonen
cryomancer20x6: I usually only like fighting when it is used to progress plot.
frozenphoenix7: @RoastedGravy I've heard mostly good things, but apparently the most recent episode did a specific fight real dirty.
aquinas_0: Seven Seeds with Hope?
frozenphoenix7: Haven't seen the latest episode yet though.
Sevinon: What I'm hearing is read the manga
MistahFixIt: @rarermonsters - The high point for the series (for me) was Suika's glasses tbh
Wodar9: @FITorion Ascendance also had fighting Kappa
MistahFixIt: I cried. :c
nartin9: so you want this to be unrealistic?
asddsa28: yeah im with you
Addictiveme: i might have liked it better if the strong guy wasn't like a demigod for no reason
simriel: @roastedgravy It's Gloriously more of the same, so if you like it, sure is more of it xD
LazyC0Mmander: Ok I get you now
Cullim: the female character's faces bothered me at first, but I eventually got over it
RoastedGravy: Nice.
Wodar9: I feel like that is a natural progression in the story
enki1256: Havn't watched it, but the Manga is FANTASTIC.
nartin9: the fighting is needed in dr. Stone for realism
frozenphoenix7: @Cullim That is, regrettably, Boichi's art style.
RoastedGravy: The manga is really good. Boichi is a REALLY good artist.
EikoandMog: But NATURE is a constant level threat!
Wicker_Knight: there is nothing "realistic" about the fighting in Dr. Stone
estyl10: have you seen the whole series beej?
estyl10: or what's released
Scar_Red_Tiger: THere's a sense of urgency. And some of the people Senku is able to win over were trying to kill him.
rarermonsters: @MistahFixIt Exactly! Because it shows the underlying philosophy of Senku: He isn't just smart he's a person who believes that science makes people equals. He revels in the fact that science can erase the disadvantages of disability and make people equals.
Mathonwy: @nartin9 How much fighting do you do in reality?
Wodar9: Fire Force!
GirlPainting: if you didn´ t liked it , your a bad person!
RoastedGravy: Hm…
RoastedGravy: Didn’t get into Fire Force.
rarermonsters: Oh hey, it's Fire Force, the biggest budget in the world to produce irritating mediocrity
Lightningbro: I love Fire Force. I've been watching it religiously
RoastedGravy: Loved the openings, though.
EikoandMog: Is that girl on the left a firefighter nun?
Wodar9: I can see why people drop Fire Force but it was REALLY FUN
NightValien28: good animation. bad characters
LazyC0Mmander: Wait why is bridget in the firefighter team?
frozenphoenix7: Yes @EikoandMog
Addictiveme: best thing about this anime was the OP
Kikazi: I read a few manga chapters and enjoyed them... then got distracted and forgot about it
Serifina: So, I didn't watch Dr Stone or Fire Force because both had what looked to be a total asshole main protagonist in the promotional material and I was just purely not interested in another of those.
Scar_Red_Tiger: The dub is good. Looks and sounds great. Story never grabbed me
RoastedGravy: Yeah, Ms. Green Apple is awesome.
rarermonsters: Tamaki is bottom tier girl. Naru Narusegawa teir.
simriel: This sounds like Less Interesting Promare...
nartin9: @Mathonwy I live in the US but alot of places in the worlds are just mostly war and destructiom
LazyC0Mmander: Wait nvm I just saw the black magician firefighter
estyl10: i dropped this too
RoastedGravy: Second opening also got me into Coldrain.
EricTheOrange: @LazyC0Mmander what your firefighting team doesn't have a healer priest?
kusinohki: "infernals" - fails beej test
MistahFixIt: "Guys c'mon we can't run a raid if EVERYOBODY'S specced for Pyromancer ;P"
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frozenphoenix7: Tamaki just needs to not have that be...part of her character, but alas.
Lightningbro: Tamaki feels like she's MEANT to be a parody, almost mocking about it.
Mathonwy: It's an anime. Comedy = lucky pervert!
MaladyDark: ANIME CHATS! hello Derys
SilentOptimist: looks a bit like Soul Eater from the art
simriel: Promare was Peak Trigger btw for anyone who hasn't had the chance to see it yet
nartin9: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Wodar9: I "Think" it was meant to be a parody but it is just want it is mocking
Mathonwy: *ducks the hate*
shadowbow464: the mangaka has the deepest thing for catgirls.
RoastedGravy: I wanna see Promare.
NightValien28: heather, that is when I quit as well
RoastedGravy: So badly.
NrgSpoon: it is from the artist of soul eater
estyl10: golden wind was my favourite anime of the year
simriel: @roastedgravy Everything those people have made, all comes together as This
Scar_Red_Tiger: Doubly frustrating when the managka *can* do fanservice girls well in say Soul Eater
rarermonsters: Okay, big issue with the hero: His whole gimmick is that he drops saying "This is what a hero would do!" and variations like that. I hate that. It's not clever, because pointing out "This is a lot like a hero in a shonen manga" isn't clever when you ARE the hero in the shonen manga. It's just hanging a lampshade on the fact that your writing is bland as though that makes it better.
MaladyDark: i think i made it to ep 11? I just couldn't take the ecchi
nartin9: soul eater one of my favorite anime ever
EikoandMog: Like, I don't mind the shoehorned cheesecake but that sounds ridiculous.
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aquinas_0: soul eater was so beautifully bizarre
robinbestgirl1piece: got to episode 3
MaladyDark: I liked the MC. I liked the world but oh gods. so awful.
Pterodactal: !uptime
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Sevinon: Soul Eater was fun
Lightningbro: I feel like it is meant to be satire, The writer knows how to make a GOOD lecherous character; Blair in Soul Eater was an AMAZING character.
aquinas_0: just the implicit back story of the everything
MistahFixIt: @Serifina - I can't speak for Fire Force, but Dr. Stone's Senku is -kind- of an asshole, but moreso in that sarcastic, emotionally distant way "smart" people are written, but his actions show he genuinely cares about people.
rarermonsters: Soul Eater had cartoon clowns making rambling david lynch references to confused children. Soul Eater just does shonen tropes and occasionally says "hey, isn't this shonen bullshit"?
Addictiveme: burnt out? Kappa
Sevinon: I completely forget most of the later plot at this point though
LazyC0Mmander: Fuck I'm stuck on this stream for at least an hour am I?
ContingentCat: yeah that's a pretty shitty narrative device
asddsa28: i need to see this
aquinas_0: IT IS BEEJ
robinbestgirl1piece: last 8 minutes of my decade here
nartin9: @rarermonsters have you seen other shonen
Aenir798: Vinland Saga is great
EricTheOrange: VIKINGS!!!
Karfsma778: It's very good, but very heavy
frozenphoenix7: It's so good
GirlPainting: didn´ t watch it
newmetanerd: vinland saga was great
MaladyDark: is this alphabetical?
ArcOfTheConclave: the manga is epic
Juliamon: Why is/was face-first-into-boobs 'comedy' still a thing in 2019
thundershot879: vinland saga is great
estyl10: wasn't on crunchyroll so i didn't watch it lol
morealpacas: very good adaption
Cullim: I'm a few eps behind on Vinland Saga
nartin9: Vinland saga is bad
nartin9: the pacing is fucked
aquinas_0: Its greenlanders saga the anime
rarermonsters: @nartin9 Yes.. I've gone hundreds of episodes through One Piece and Naruto. I've watched FMA. I've watched FMA brotherhood. I've watched lots. Fire Force is really bad
Wodar9: that is a LOT of people
SharkHero08: I encourage you or anyone to gice it a shot
FITorion: it's on the backlog list
simriel: @roastedgravy You can chart a design path from when they worked on Gurren Lagann, through becoming Trigger and making Kill la Kill and it all lead to Promare
aquinas_0: and thorfinn karlsevni is awesome
nartin9: the manga for vinland saga is amazing
ArcOfTheConclave: more LotR then naruto
EikoandMog: Oh, it's otome game the anime.
flatluigi: 'am I playing this game' is a fun question
EricTheOrange: So Vinland is what Leif Erikson called canada when he landed their. Does that have anything to do with Vinland saga?
Sevinon: Wait, what's Promare?
aquinas_0: i need to find out if the manga's got to the black death segmant yet
MaladyDark: I watched episode 1. it's very heres pretty boys for you to coo over.
impromptuu: Konosuba movie!
NrgSpoon: the movies are typically the theater releases here
estyl10: i still haven't seen the new code geass movie
morealpacas: this corner of the world is really really good
thundershot879: promare was great
DarkMorford: Oh right, there was a Saekano movie. I need to track that down.
Scar_Red_Tiger: We haven't yet gotten many of these
aquinas_0: @EricTheOrange its literally background for greenlanders saga
aquinas_0: with anime
simriel: @sevinon It's Triggers new movie. it's 1000% Trigger
RoastedGravy: Aw, no Promare in movies?
Cullim: Thunderbolt Fantasy movie was great
boristhewizard: Vinland Saga is soooooo good. the animation in the anime is kinda janky, but it barely matters.
Scar_Red_Tiger: One Piece Stampede and Promare are basically it
patrick_stonecrusher: "I've come for your lupins!"
rarermonsters: One Punch Man 2 shows that the series ran out of gas in 1
Sevinon: @simriel Wasn't that already KlK?
EikoandMog: Yuru yuri!
RoastedGravy: Beej, did you watch Promare?
nartin9: one punch man 2 is bad compared to one punch man 1
estyl10: saiki good
Skakerman_: One Punch Man ssn 2 proves that it's better as a miniseries
rarermonsters: KENGAN ASHURA IS GREAT!
nartin9: I am pissed at one punch man 2
rarermonsters: Don't skip on Kengan Ashura, that series kicks royal amounts of ass
Scar_Red_Tiger: How Fragtime animators get paid
estyl10: i read the manga and was super hyped for the anime but it is just so much worse @nartin9
simriel: @sevinon It's... So much more than you could guess. I literally burst out laughing for a solid 10 minutes at how Utterly Trigger it was
DoodlestheGreat: ~/Tiny starlights.... in the wine.../~
DarkMorford: That Revue Starlight short was *weird*, but I enjoyed it.
Addictiveme: @estyl10 same BibleThump
MaladyDark: I wanted to see the Violet evergarden movie in cinema but it was only in theatres here for one week... so like 4 sessions. sad I missed out but eh.
Wodar9: We did it!
Sevinon: @simriel I guess I'm adding it to my list
Wodar9: We made it!
nartin9: One puch man 1 is my favorite anime ever
aquinas_0: @EricTheOrange Thorfinn is the Thorfinn Karlsevni they pick up in Greenlanders saga
simriel: @sevinon Because it is Gloriously Everything trigger is good at!
IsaTheEngie: did I miss their takes on beastars?
asddsa28: aww i missed juwle pets
Featherweight_: Sport anime!
Juliamon: IsaTheEngie It was right at the start
SharkHero08: So not a great season of anime then?
Scar_Red_Tiger: Almost pi
morealpacas: that's the AKB48 guy
evilspoons983: I dunno if it was in the list... but I saw a trailer for 'Weathering with You' at a Spirited Away event earlier this year and it looked really up my alley
Wodar9: @Featherweight_ Haikyuu is like THE sports anime
IsaTheEngie: ah. i wasn't here when they did that. tldr of their thoughts?
simriel: @sevinon It's the kind of thing where you want to shout at the TV cause it is Just So Hype
Featherweight_: Oh I know.
Wodar9: The most sports anime of sports animes
rarermonsters: No matter how good an idol show is, it's propaganda for an abusive system
Scar_Red_Tiger: Oh this is the Sally Amaki group
nartin9: @Wodar9 ippo
Sevinon: @simriel That is like exactly what I need in my life right now. Thanks
DarkMorford: Yeah, this is Sally Amaki. I'll probably watch it because idols, but I don't know much about the franchise.
Wodar9: *of the modern era. @nartin9 happy?
EikoandMog: Welcome to idols, Beej.
rarermonsters: The synopses for idol shows always feel like they're written as a sales pitch to the studio rather than the audience
nartin9: good enough
sammy6345: does anyone know what site this is?
TheMerricat: Happy New year everyone from the Midwest!
NrgSpoon: "seen one idol show, you've seen them all" kind of thing
DarkMorford: @sammy6345 https://anichart.net/Winter-2020
simriel: @sevinon It feels like the final arc of Gurren Lagann on a smaller scale for the last 45 minutes or so. Same feeling, Same hype
RoastedGravy: I mean, if Gorillaz could do it.
Pravikun: lrrBEEEJ_SG Anime! Deal with it.
patrick_stonecrusher: PartyHat lrrHORN Haha2020
estyl10: ^^
EricTheOrange: Th eIdol "industry" creeps me out. Kinda like Child stars in the west, it really fucks up the kids who go through it.
sammy6345: thabks @darkmorford
evilspoons983: DarkMorford's eternal task, pasting this site URL
rarermonsters: The "Idol" industry is a step above literal slavery. It is garbage and none of it is worth glorfiying.
flatluigi: (handsome)
estyl10: augmented reality!??
RoastedGravy: (handsome)
NrgSpoon: the only idol shows worth watching have Macross in the title
DarkMorford: Bandori! So hype for that.
Wodar9: "Only music girls and boys allowed"
flatluigi: dunkelheit
asddsa28: o no
Sevinon: @simriel Honestly though, I kinda preffered KLK's self-aware parody to Gurren Lagan's pure turn it up to 11.
patrick_stonecrusher: what was that movie done by the guy who did Paranoia Agent? Blue something?
asddsa28: we just had this last time right
RoastedGravy: Oh, Don Quixote: The Anime
rarermonsters: @patrick_stonecrusher Perfect Blue
aquinas_0: Perfect blue
Orgmastron: Chuuni af
evilspoons983: does "Kabuto" mean something? Anyone remember that game "Giants: Citizen Kabuto"?
mtvcdm: Happy Twoughties, Central Time Zone! ...Tweeties? Tweens? Twerps? Hindsights?
rarermonsters: Satoshi Kon was the best anime director who ever lived. Full stop.
LazyC0Mmander: I might watch Don Quixote the anime...
planeswalkagogo: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR Happy New Years from Saskatchewan! lrrSIGNAL
aquinas_0: Top 3 at least
estyl10: ugh dumb
Wodar9: wow, para-athlete
tidehollowcat: Happy New Year!
Beefpants: paranoia agent was by that guy? I didn't know
asddsa28: umm this sounds creepy
patrick_stonecrusher: @rarermonsters thanks. Seemed on subject to metion what with the abusive idol talk
Addictiveme: @evilspoons983 it means "helmet" in japanese
EricTheOrange: LOL supernatural sports anime
JollyGee29: Whelp, Happy New Year everyone.
rarermonsters: Isn't that the plot to the Blackjack movie?
Wodar9: I might actually watch this, even if the summary is dumb
MaladyDark: I tried to explain the concept "chuuni" to my partner who only just started with anime. it was hard
RockPusher: Magical Doping?
nartin9: best anime fighting game?
EricTheOrange: 2020 in Central time
PaperDoopliss: Is this mystical or is it literally parasports?
estyl10: sports anime but they're all juicing
RoastedGravy: I’m impressed at how many words they used to convey nothing.
aquinas_0: @MaladyDark annoying middleschooler to into resident evil
PaperDoopliss: I see wheelchair basketball
aquinas_0: easy
ArcOfTheConclave: Heretic sports scientist
ArcOfTheConclave: wow
Wodar9: GET IT
Sevinon: Since I've got a chat full of people to ask this to, Spice and Wolf, Anime or Manga? Been meaning to watch/read for a while.
enki1256: Happy new year from Texas!
NrgSpoon: they look like actual para-athletes, though, wheelchair, blind guy, etc
NightValien28: danganronpa
Wodar9: "Darwin's GAME"!
asddsa28: yeah
frozenphoenix7: Darwin's Game is kind of good tbh.
simriel: @sevinon I really love Gurren Lagann but fair enough. what I mean is it has that pure hype that only those guys seem to be able to achieve. Kill la Kill had that finale arc as well
Aenir798: It's actually good
rarermonsters: They made this. It was called Future Diary and it sucked.
SharkHero08: Wow I thought this already had an anime
Wodar9: OMG
evilspoons983: @Addictiveme welp, that definitely explains nothing in context of the game I'm thinking of
Scar_Red_Tiger: Ah, this year's Dangan Ropa
generalpurpose: Sounds like Season 2 of the OA as an anime
NrgSpoon: TONTO
Beefpants: I used to be so into anime when I was young. In the before times
frozenphoenix7: @rarermonsters This is much better than Future Diary. Much.
aquinas_0: What!
Spluuga: ah yes the darwin award anime
flatluigi: dorohedero!!!!!!!
SilentOptimist: Finally!!!!
Scar_Red_Tiger: Queen
frozenphoenix7: (Well, the manga is. I make no promises for the anime)
aquinas_0: Yes! it is a thing!
LazyC0Mmander: Oh yeah Alex recomended that one I think
aquinas_0: its been a decade
Wodar9: The anime looks a lot cleaner
SilentOptimist: It's been so long
Juliamon: I ADORE this manga and I'm SUPER hype for the anime
simriel: @rarermonsters I quit me enjoyed Mirai Nikki but I really would not like more of that sort of thing
Scar_Red_Tiger: Good Gyoza kida
mtvcdm: He goes into The Hole and chomps people's heads?
Wodar9: WARNING: This will have a LOT OF Blood and Gore.
EricTheOrange: I mean the main guy has a lizard head so that's kinda funny, but it doesn't sound like a comedy
LazyC0Mmander: Apparently it's prety violent?
Cullim: the Dorohedoro manga is amazing, I am...wary of the anime
simriel: @rarermonsters I quite
aquinas_0: that was just the best manga
rarermonsters: @simriel When the couple stole his phone and then didn't destroy it for an extended period of time I was done. There is a limit of suspension of disbelief
Scar_Red_Tiger: It's a Cooking Manga
SilentOptimist: It's amazing!
Jericotyler: What
rarermonsters: Wow this Shadowrun campaign sounds exciting
SilentOptimist: The demons are great
Juliamon: It's very violent
Beefpants: haha
aquinas_0: it is!
TheMoatman: Oh, *extremely*
EricTheOrange: Looks like post apocolyptic fantasy based on the picture
flatluigi: hell yes
Scar_Red_Tiger: Yuasa!
patrick_stonecrusher: "chomps down on heads"
RoastedGravy: Oh hey, I saw a trailer for this.
simriel: @rarermonsters It felt like they weren't actually bad people to me, so it worked for me. Like they were Trying to be but they weren't killer
aquinas_0: its post apocalyptic pseudo cyberpunk fantasy
RoastedGravy: The art style looks nice.
Sevinon: heh
EricTheOrange: Moe girls make anime
aquinas_0: 80's style mostly
themangahead: the preview for that show looks insane
NrgSpoon: shirobako if they actually animated their highschool years?
Jericotyler: MAKING anime, not making anime real, Alright lol
Nigouki: high school students dreaming of the most underpaid and overworked occupation?
flatluigi: @LoadingReadyRun that's the new Masaaki Yuasa anime
rarermonsters: I was about to say "Welcome to the NHK
flatluigi: tatami galaxy, kaiba, ping pong
Tiber727: Dang, didn't even notice this stream was on.
Juliamon: New Yuasa you say...
LazyC0Mmander: There's more than one videogame desinger girl anime?
estyl10: :))))))
rarermonsters: I hope I see another dismembered person I care about
Featherweight_: thats infinity train which was a B+
kusinohki: I like Haikyuu
estyl10: i like haikyuu
DarkMorford: This looks cute, I'm planning to check it out.
Featherweight_: haikyuu is good feels
EricTheOrange: ecchi..... booooo
NrgSpoon: yeah this is from mr. to-love-ru
simriel: @featherweight_ I would enjoy a series 2 of Infinity Train, but also if there wasn't I would be fine with that
Wodar9: I love that a single match can take a whole season in Haikyuu
asddsa28: yay maicle girls
EricTheOrange: more precure
asddsa28: i like that now wands
Featherweight_: simriel it on the way and is about the mirror clone
Scar_Red_Tiger: WE should all watch Precure
cryomancer20x6: I just realized I no longer have access to my anime-planet account and need to re-enter and remember every anime I've ever watched....
flatluigi: dvorpian
rarermonsters: Fist of the Richard Star
MaladyDark: more pretty cure is fine by me... provided someone actually subs it this season
evilspoons983: Frasier?
Jericotyler: A bejewled anime?
simriel: @featherweight_ Oh that's a super clever way to do a series 2.
Featherweight_: looks rad ya
Wodar9: "Diamond you say"
LazyC0Mmander: Fuck that boring Jewel appraiser thing so so much like my thing...
RoastedGravy: If I wanted to unravel the psychological aspects of gems, I’d watch Steven Universe.
rarermonsters: "Niles-sama, did you ask Daphne-Kun to bring in these gems?"
EricTheOrange: ahhh pretty boys with huge hands
aquinas_0: id
aquinas_0: id?
estyl10: :| huh
Sevinon: Like the Id?
simriel: I look forward to More Infinity Train.
Taichanie: Not magical girl. Pointless.
flatluigi: so .hack//id
estyl10: blegh
Beefpants: it's a mystery what this is hence the tag
rarermonsters: That synopsis only tells you things that aren't happening.
Jericotyler: I can't wait for the sister animes, Ego and Super Ego
kusinohki: murder in a virtual world??
frozenphoenix7: I'm excited for this.
estyl10: so this season's isekai
EikoandMog: VRMMO? I'm out.
RoastedGravy: NOT ANOTHER SAO.
Wodar9: Wow
PMAvers: So .hack.
estyl10: yaaaaaaaay
rarermonsters: Isekai for no reason guys!
frozenphoenix7: It's better than SAO people.
Wodar9: it takes THAT LONG
Sevinon: There must have been a manga about Freud already, right?
frozenphoenix7: It's so much better.
asddsa28: so its just sord art agin
EricTheOrange: Is sword Art Online a Isekai?
RoastedGravy: Get it away from me!
Scar_Red_Tiger: 23 hrs from now
DarkMorford: I'll just watch more SAO.
rarermonsters: Iseko fuck yourselves, anime
flatluigi: his partner embryo
gkirilenko: no way a game like infinite dendogram sells LUL
MaladyDark: mmo VR anime live or die on thier characters.
Wodar9: @frozenphoenix7 SAO is like rock bottom for me
EikoandMog: SAO 1st season is an isekai.
LazyC0Mmander: I mean Vr can still work outside of an MMO
SilentOptimist: 2-3 senses maybe
Wodar9: OHHH
Nigouki: tapping directly into your brain for maximum privacy invasion
gkirilenko: * a game with a name
Wodar9: This manga
aquinas_0: Six episodes of SAO is an isekai and good
aquinas_0: there are more episodes
Featherweight_: yeah , better than life worked out great in red dwarf
evilspoons983: DRUGS!
Blightfight: Clearly, thius is just VR GMod.
Wodar9: Does not get stuck
MaladyDark: hack://sign ???
Wodar9: He is just playing a game
EikoandMog: Konosuba is the best Isekai.
mtvcdm: All these in-universe game worlds are 'so realistic'. Why can't the in-universe game suck?
Sevinon: lol, patient gamer the anime
Tiber727: Let me guess: does it involve him discovering a new strategy that's incredibly obvious to any reader that's ever played an MMO?
frozenphoenix7: He does not get stuck. It's him playing an MMO.
Wodar9: hahahhaa
rarermonsters: Beej, it doesn't need a hook. It's an isekai. That is inherently interesting. It's basically the Divine Comedy. Read the Divine Comedy you troglodyte!
cyanMu42: It would be funny if it was just a let's play
Wodar9: omg, that would be perfect
Beefpants: the twist is that it was real all along!
RoastedGravy: So, are all these VRMMO anime just copying Digimon?
Jericotyler: Fallout 76 the anime.
estyl10: he keeps getting destroyed by high level players
gkirilenko: maybe it's a guild drama story
freshmaker__: This is the worst version of... Overlord?
kusinohki: he can't do anything because everyone else is leveled way above him
MaladyDark: no one is in the starting area? PVP is hard becuase everyone is max level.?
Spluuga: ah yes, the steam sale anime
ArcOfTheConclave: He's total newb! oh no!
simriel: @eikoandmog I just got into Konosuba. It is so hilariously weird
Nigouki: you guys probably made it more interesting than it actually is
SilentOptimist: I still want the follow-up to Log Horizon
flatluigi: oh no
RoastedGravy: Oh, it’s ecchi.
rarermonsters: All that needs to be said about Isekai is that Overlord is considered a great isekai and it sucks.
mtvcdm: I want the anime where they go into a game that they're about to shut down.
asddsa28: what
Wodar9: Reviewers is going to be SUPER Echhi
Orgmastron: oh my
EricTheOrange: ahhh monster girls, that's Beejs thing
asddsa28: ewww
GoldenGod0: Yes its so FUNNY
BrindleBoar: wow
EikoandMog: @simriel Once you realise it's an actual comedy series, it makes sense.
Scar_Red_Tiger: Impossibly proportioned ecchi
MaladyDark: an anime just for beej
nartin9: you anime top piority
rarermonsters: Obviously the hottest monster-girl is the girl with vagina dentata from Teeth.
Wodar9: "Alone in his room"
Beefpants: ecchi is actually a tag lol
shadowbow464: the anime for degenerates.
EikoandMog: Welp, found my series for the season!
Mathonwy: So, have they turned Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear into an anime, yet?
Ba_Dum_Tish: What I would really love is one of these vrmmo things to have the reveal that everyone is in comas and meeting up with family interacting in the only way they can
Jericotyler: Watch it with my mom you say?
EnoTheTonberry: But is the Beauty really just the Beholder?
frozenphoenix7: Also excited for this next one!
nartin9: new top piority for anime
kusinohki: "I'll be in my bunk"
Zalthia: Elves aren’t monsters...
EricTheOrange: I've seen Mon Musou, their boobs get bigger than their head
Cullim: from what I've heard one of the main characters is a futa angel
Tiber727: The most popular anime that no one watches.
Wodar9: Dropped this manga
simriel: @eikoandmog When the Doolahan went full 'Wat' I was sold
SilentOptimist: Hooo! That shield-girl one!
TheMoatman: It's a light novel
Wodar9: REAL meh
EricTheOrange: well another VRMMO....
Jericotyler: I need to get a 10" eReader to read manga on
DarkMorford: This looks like it might be a decent isekai.
cryomancer20x6: I think my resolution this year is to finally finish Blade of the Immortal
flatluigi: solidify it into defense powers
estyl10: toilet bound haako kun
TheMoatman: You can tell because the title is twelve words long
aquinas_0: oh, weird eastern dumb gaming biases
estyl10: hanako
Nigouki: all the VR stuff is to promote Half-Life Alyx Kappa
PMAvers: So she wants to be the tank.
ArcOfTheConclave: acedentally gets like 5 different builds banned/nerfed
Mathonwy: Oh, I read this manga! It's funny!
rarermonsters: So she rolled tank. Is that your entire premise?
TheMoatman: It's a manga?
EikoandMog: @Cullim Yep, absolutely watching this.
Spluuga: I'll take vrmmo over isekai..
Orgmastron: VRMMO ResidentSleeper
aquinas_0: @Blightfight remember they hate tanks for.... some reason
RoastedGravy: Hm…
EricTheOrange: Is a VRMMO just a the sci-fi version of Isekai?
kusinohki: "2 shields tank"
raaabr: If I know anything from Pokemon, investing solely in defense with no HP suuuuuucks
TheMoatman: Oh good, LN
BlandSpice: The red guy in that looks exactly like a Sword art Online Character
Wodar9: Yes it is a manga...and the manga is boring imo
LazyC0Mmander: So she's the tank then? How much Ptsd?
asddsa28: eww
patrick_stonecrusher: so she's Steven Universe?
cryomancer20x6: @EricTheOrange I'd say so.
estyl10: he's a ghost!
seantheman2: hey Beej, Hey Heather
Tiber727: @rarermonsters She went full tank. You never go full tank.
lugthor: guess what. thats how you get nominated as a tank and have to get hit all the time
TheMoatman: I was afraid the super long titles were spreading
IncredibleFrown: so this is an anime baout the hand in the toilet in majora's mask
seantheman2: Happy New Year!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Vrmmo is usually the trick used for litrpg
Blightfight: @aquinas_0 Well, it's because you don't need a tannk if you DPS hard enouhg. Then people can stop playing the game they bought quicker!
SilentOptimist: It's a weird one
aquinas_0: LOL
JollyGee29: Isekai isn't necesasrily fantasy specific. Overlord was technically an MMO etc
Beefpants: there are a lot more toilet ghosts than you'd think
rarermonsters: Overlord was also boring as hell.
freshmaker__: forbidden ghost school
nartin9: lol I will watch this and they drop it aftter episode 1
Jericotyler: IS there an ACTUAL VRMMO yet? I would guess not since there's not enough people with VR rigs to justify the cost of servers.
rarermonsters: The premise is "There is no possible conflict." and it delivers.
freshmaker__: Moaning Myrtle
RockPusher: lrrGARBO lrrSPOOP
aquinas_0: @Jericotyler second life :P
PaperDoopliss: There are absolutely VRMMOs. There just aren't any relevant ones.
EricTheOrange: @Jericotyler Uhhh VR chat? I guess theirs not really a game attached
Pravikun: @RockPusher you beat me to it!
Blightfight: One could argue that VRChat is the first VRMMO.
Addictiveme: @Jericotyler Orbus is a VR mmo
ArcOfTheConclave: yup lrrGARBO lrrSPOOP
Addictiveme: its oaky
ContingentCat: lrrGARBO_SG
Addictiveme: okay*
MadmanOreo: if you drop an upperdecker you will get your heart's desire
RoastedGravy: You would be correct, Beej.
MaladyDark: girl finds annoying ghost boy in the loo
RockPusher: shitters haunted *pumps plunger* shitters haunted
gkirilenko: she has a skull bowtie how can she not be a ghost
simriel: I enjoy Overlord, cause I find the idea of someone BECOMING the character they play quite interesting
estyl10: the ghost can't grant wishes
Jericotyler: @aquinas_0 I've played enough of that to know it's NOT an MMO
aquinas_0: :D
LazyC0Mmander: Anyway when did this become a stream about Majora's Mask?
IncredibleFrown: i can't believe this is moe luigi's mansion
Jericotyler: More of a 3D M.U.D.
DarkMorford: Koi Suru Asteroid is the new Doga Kobo show. That's all I need to know, windmill slam watching it.
rarermonsters: Overlord could have worked as a comedy OVA. But as a periodical it runs out of things to offer too fast.
Perchipy: This is my anime
mtvcdm: What wishes does a toilet have?
cyanMu42: Highschool is where you learn that ghosts don't grant wishes.
EricTheOrange: OK sounds like Moe "lets go to space"
flatluigi: is shocked to learn that she is WHAT
mtvcdm: What does a toilet desire more than anything?
frozenphoenix7: @mtvcdm For people to stop showing up after Taco Bell.
nartin9: I liked the koisuru asteroid manga
RoastedGravy: @mtvcdm For people to flush it when they’re done. LUL
TheMoatman: What
TheMoatman: I'm so confused
Jericotyler: I want another Moyahimon...
Sevinon: @simriel I'll be honest here. The internet is failing me. How the heck do I legally watch Promare?
IsaTheEngie: that sounds complex
Aenir798: It's a CGDGT. If that's not your thing, you're not gonna like it.
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Doga Kobo is doing Koi Suru Asteroid. That alone is enough to get my vote.
EricTheOrange: Moe "astrology club"
Beefpants: sounds heartwarming:/
RoastedGravy: @Sevinon I think it’s available on Amazon Video.
rarermonsters: Okay, this series was momentarily awesome when I read it as "steroids"
simriel: @rarermonsters I think the greater mystery of what is going on with the world has me caught for now. Like him being affected by it too
Jericotyler: I wanna learn more about fermentation through anime.
JollyGee29: Overlord would have been more interesting, at least to me, if it Ainz was an actual monster and not a human playing a character in a video game
ContingentCat: it's fine to just not
flatluigi: eat the dargon
Wodar9: Kuutei Dragons has a good Manga
mtvcdm: How To Cook Your Dragon
SharkHero08: Kuute Dragons is cool
IncredibleFrown: so, monster hunter
nartin9: Ok if this turns out to be good I will watch
cryomancer20x6: I kinda want to see this one
rarermonsters: @simriel I'm glad that you're enjoying it. The production was clearly talented so there's stuff to enjoy if you're on it. I just couldn't grok the setting
PaperDoopliss: Is this Drifting Dragons? If so it was a pretty solid manga
Wodar9: This sounds like one the Beej will like
estyl10: like has anyone eaten a kangaroo?
asddsa28: or have a reson to them
simriel: @jollygee29 So I find the fact he is becoming that monster quite fascinating
TheMoatman: Hey, they'd eat us
Orgmastron: Monster Hunter anime PogChamp
IsaTheEngie: I think Dungeon Meshi went into eating dragon at one point
kusinohki: dragon blood lets you understand animals
DarkMorford: @Sevinon https://because.moe/ is a great resource for that.
lucha_libro: cootie dragons
SharkHero08: Its a "whaling" manga
Beefpants: wcgr
orbitaltuna: delicious dragons
rarermonsters: Between this series and Monster Hunter I wouldn't want to be caught on a shipwreck with the Japanese Zeitgeist
frozenphoenix7: @IsaTheEngie What hasn't Dungeon Meshi gone into eating yet
estyl10: thicc
Wodar9: @PaperDoopliss I believe this is drifting dragons
estyl10: i eman
estyl10: mean*
asddsa28: i like that about it
PaperDoopliss: I'll take it!
Nigouki: isn't Polygon Pictures 3DCG?
RoastedGravy: Is there a new JoJo in 2020?
Jericotyler: I feel like if it's Eastern Dragons they'd taste like snake, Western they'd taste like gators.
PaperDoopliss: I mean I don't have crunchyroll, but I'll hypothetically take it
SharkHero08: Just so you know it is largely a reference to Japans whaling industry
BrindleBoar: If they're drawn like human beings, is it still anime? Kappa
Sevinon: Yeah, it doesn't seem to be on amazon
estyl10: @RoastedGravy BAHAHAHAHAHAH no it'll take another 2 years atleast
icefinch: its a good thing blimps are hard to burn
Perchipy: This is so very good!
TheBearBee: The "artwork"
MaladyDark: I see massive BOOBS
Shirts_: but blimps do have to be airships?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this is realy good
red_shoes_jeff: They don't HAVE TO be blimps, but they still are.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: actualy realy good
patrick_stonecrusher: @icefinch LUL LUL
Perchipy: I read the novel and It's grabbing me a lot
asddsa28: so this is just a bad yu yu hakosho
RoastedGravy: @estyl10 Dang. I wanted some “fresh” JoJokes.
mtvcdm: Why did you ask things of the youkai?
Scar_Red_Tiger: this In/spector manga I keep seeing ads for
Beefpants: lol take my eye and leg that's cool
EternalFayt: What time is it here.... happy new year
estyl10: @RoastedGravy i mean you can always read the manga
nartin9: Kyokou Suiri manga is very weird
TheBearBee: That's basically full metal alchemist\
rarermonsters: This kid is a wuss. Dorororo kid gave up all of his organs.
Spluuga: I feel like a blimp would be a bad idea when hunting draagons
HoloTheWiseWolf_: Scar_Red_Tiger yes
estyl10: Kappa ?
Sevinon: @DarkMorford I seem to be striking out
Himyul: Kappa\
ArcOfTheConclave: 17
asddsa28: ewww
Wodar9: No she is 17
BrightstormRising: Um, nope.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: no shes 17 and then most of the show is when shes 19
ContingentCat: ok less yikes, but still yikes
ArcOfTheConclave: slightly less wierd
Jericotyler: Wait, she loses body parts AND have to work for them?
MaladyDark: so a 17yr old girl and a 22 yr old guy get into yokai shenanigans
Orgmastron: NOPE
flatluigi: immediate stalking at first sight
flatluigi: fun
Jericotyler: There's no upside for her.
EternalFayt: "its a perfectly normal story"
MaladyDark: nastume EXTREME
RoastedGravy: @estyl10 I just want “Mickey Mouse has disappeared” in animated form.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this is detictive manga but yokai
rarermonsters: Hello sir, I would like to file one or more yike(s)
IncredibleFrown: "the one where the guy opens the door" way to narrow it down
Blightfight: What website are you guys using?
DarkMorford: Whoo, Magia Record
RockPusher: tiltyhEXTREME
Perchipy: kinda like monogatari series
aquinas_0: Isn't that the game?
asddsa28: yesss
asddsa28: im soo happy
PMAvers: Mary Cagle pops her head in
DarkMorford: @Blightfight https://anichart.net/Winter-2020
Taichanie: lrrARROW_HF lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
EikoandMog: MADOKA
EricTheOrange: more madookas
LazyC0Mmander: Magica isn't over already?
EikoandMog: Hell goddamned yes.
PMAvers: Isn't that the mobile game?
orbitaltuna: meguca
Blightfight: Thanks!
EnoTheTonberry: Madoka Magica Gainax eh?
PaperDoopliss: I'm pretty sure Magia Record is an anime adaptation of a mobile game
MaladyDark: mary Cagle's take on madoka has been so good
DarkMorford: This is based on the mobile game, yes
flatluigi: they're going to do madoka forever
aquinas_0: can't we have a post rebellion ?
JollyGee29: Oh right, I need to watch Rebellion
Jericotyler: I mean... Didn't the first anime solve all the problems of this one?
freshmaker__: become meguca
rarermonsters: Yadda yadda magical girls.,
Scar_Red_Tiger: Took a while to get that cash cow moving
aquinas_0: Go Past Rebellion Plz?
asddsa28: right
Juliamon: Wow, an Orphen remake?
Nigouki: noooooooo, don't remake Orphen
Wodar9: This sounds cool
Spluuga: orphen remake?
aquinas_0: that was ok the first time around
IncredibleFrown: didn't chip cheezum play orphen like three months ago
flatluigi: 25th anniversary........
MaladyDark: I don't think it needed a remake... I mean I never cared...
freshmaker__: Where's my Bleach remake?
kusinohki: think I saw orphen 2... didn't really do much for me *shrug*
Ba_Dum_Tish: I enjoyed it
Wodar9: I think I might watch this
nartin9: 25th ha ha ha I am 23
Spluuga: do we get a good game too? :P
MaladyDark: nostalgia bucks
simriel: wait they remade sailor moon?
rarermonsters: The slayers remake but they HAVE to bring back the english dub cast
KinoGami: can't wait for that inu yasha remake KappaHD
asddsa28: yeah im still salty
kusinohki: can I get remade?
aquinas_0: sailor moon crystal was ..... urgh
MaladyDark: slendermoon
ContingentCat: hwat
Zalbaag: Wait, are they remaking Slayers?
Taichanie: I want a Nadesico Remake then!
aquinas_0: *sorta followed*
Sirius2010: I also didn't know this
asddsa28: it said but it dos not
simriel: How did I not know about this. Sailor Moon was how I got into Anime
EricTheOrange: Sailor moon crystal does not have toast ion mouth 0/10
morealpacas: Crystal Super was fine
EternalFayt: the Orphen games were grat, I'd play them again
DarkMorford: Slayers does not need a remake. It's great as it is.
aquinas_0: Nadesico would be good
NrgSpoon: remake rayearth
asddsa28: 3rd seson best one
morealpacas: the first two seasons were ghastly
Zalthia: What was wrong with crystal?
nartin9: another remake that sucked berserk
ContingentCat: I'm another of todays lucky 1000
cryomancer20x6: Speaking of which, when is someone gonna stream the Sailor Moon mod for Slay the Spire?
Juliamon: I would watch a Slayers remake. Even if it's unnecessary.
KinoGami: does it still have talking cats?
aquinas_0: @ContingentCat that was so profoundly bad
Jericotyler: neon evangelion will get remade 10 years after they finish up the current one
LazyC0Mmander: Anyway card captor sakura next?
Spluuga: yaas reyearth
Taichanie: A Patlabor Remake would be nice too.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I love Beej just needing to take a giant drink at the idea of sailor moon
rarermonsters: Berserk needs a remix. It's never gotten a proper conclusion to the original anime.
simriel: I went Sailor Moon > Escaflowne > Hellsing and FMA
kusinohki: slayers was like the 3rd? anime I ever watched
RoastedGravy: Oh yeah, new YGO anime.
Lord_Hosk: If you get to be frank can I be beej now?
NojhLivic: Hmm. What old 80s/90s anime would I like to see a remake of?
RoastedGravy: It looks weird.
Scar_Red_Tiger: WAs there not recent Slayers content? REvolution or some such
slopoppotamus: What is Slayers?
morealpacas: for Card Captor Sakura, they just did a direct sequel
aquinas_0: Esca-Flowne
MaladyDark: Crystal is fine. I like that they made Usagi a bit less dependant on Tuxedomask... but it's also poorly paced
Mathonwy: I wanna see an MD Geist remake.
TrueSkorn: lrrBEEJ_SA
Jericotyler: Some animes are like an ouroboros
Juliamon: slopoppotamus Comedy D&D anime
simriel: @aquinas_0 Visions of Escaflowne specifically
Mathonwy: Ninja Scroll remake?
cryomancer20x6: @Mathonwy It needs it desperately.
DarkMorford: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card was very good. I'm just pissed they haven't announced another season of it yet.
frozenphoenix7: @Lord_Hosk No, but there's rumor a spot as James is going to open up soon
Perchipy: black cat remake?
simriel: The ending is so weird!
Scar_Red_Tiger: @slopoppotamus Basically 90s anime D&D campaign
aquinas_0: El Hazard sequel anyone?
MaladyDark: ARIA remake
asddsa28: yeah i want that
slopoppotamus: @juliamon soooooo tanks
Mechsican: I'd really like G Gundam getting remade... but with the same dub.
Sevinon: @simriel I feel betrayed. I have been told of something awesome with no way to watch it :(
RockPusher: Clear Card absolutely nailed the feel of the original
Taichanie: Yes but I want them to continue the freaking Nadisco story since they made it in a freaking japan only video game.
Taichanie: On a console that flop.
kusinohki: esca love! (my favorite show)
NojhLivic: Bubblegum Crisis? A.D. Police?
morealpacas: I assume it's just waiting for the manga to finish?
Triumvirate3: I second the G Gundam remake
Jericotyler: They just need enough time passed to become nostalgia bait.
JollyGee29: G Gundam being remade with the exact same audio track would be amazing
FITorion: I could do with Escaflowne... with less pointy noses...
asddsa28: the manga is not ben made yet i think that is why there waiting
Nigouki: you don't need a remake, you just need good remasters. traditionally animated anime looks SO FUCKING GORGEOUS in pillarbox 1080p. even the 16mm stuff
Mathonwy: Oooooo.... Bubblegum Crisis!!!
LazyC0Mmander: It's gonna be weird when they finally kill the pokemon anime and remake it...
cryomancer20x6: I'd like to see Ronin Warriors remade or remastered
MaladyDark: I want a ARIA remake. it would be like Yuru-camp or flying witch, so chill
rarermonsters: apropos of nothing: Season 2 of Pumpkin Scissors!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this is a harem
HoloTheWiseWolf_: kinda
RoastedGravy: e c c h i
Wodar9: Calling it now: Beej will like Murenase
Zalthia: LazyCommander they soft reboot it every new game don’t they?
EricTheOrange: ecchi....
Mathonwy: I could never get through the manga of this....
Jericotyler: I want a remake of the Eureka Anime
HoloTheWiseWolf_: lots of licking
icefinch: nope
simriel: I hate the ending of Escaflowne, but I LOVE the world it created.
Wodar9: This is much more Comedy than Ecchi
aquinas_0: Monster Girls the Poke-girlening :(
EricTheOrange: Ecchi and harem...
rarermonsters: "My gym partner's a monkey" the harem anime
DarkMorford: @MaladyDark Did you watch Amanchu? It's a scuba-diving show from the same mangaka and anime team as ARIA.
nartin9: sounds like an amine that will do welll
Wodar9: There are a LOT of Monster humans
Orgmastron: ResidentSleeper
NrgSpoon: animal girls specifically
LazyC0Mmander: Zalthia Yeah but it's not really the same isn't it?
Tiber727: I wouldn't really call Muranase a harem. It's a comedy, with a bit of love triangle.
Wodar9: Monster men
Mathonwy: No, it's animals.
Mathonwy: Not monsters.
Tiber727: Muranase manga I found pretty funny.
aquinas_0: This matters
raaabr: So basically, "A racist dude falls in love with the only not-of-that-race person in his class"
Jericotyler: Oh god loveless
IncredibleFrown: beej just likes office ajanis huh
MaladyDark: @DarkMorford yes! I didn't realise they had that in common and it explains so much
Mathonwy: Sloth
Wodar9: That is a Sloth
frozenphoenix7: IIRC there are naked mole rats <_<
Cullim: sloth
Jericotyler: "first kiss" yeah
HoloTheWiseWolf_: you should see the worlfs sister shes a dierwolf so shes HUGE
lamina5432: It’s a decent comedy
Tiber727: In the back is a cat.
simriel: Loveless is the creepy age gap one rightM
kusinohki: I'm sorry what? cat ears, but they pop off after a first kiss??
Perchipy: frog probably
DarkMorford: I'm cautiously optimistic about Nekopara.
txzen_: Is there a more intriguing start to a sentence than "Maybe all the cat girls..."
SharkHero08: I do reccomend Murenase! Its really fun
aquinas_0: @frozenphoenix7 now you've reminded me of the most depressing thing of the last decade
Juliamon: Slayers is why I like MtG. I'm just realizing this. Chandra is just a more queer Lina.
EricTheOrange: nekopara is straight up hentai, at least the game
GoldenGod0: All the guys are full anthro and the girls are half
Beefpants: I never watched all of escaflowne back in the day, I need to
Jericotyler: Loveless is the virginity based cat ears and tail based story.
RoastedGravy: Aren’t the Nekopara games…pr0n?
PMAvers: "What if you could f*ck your cat?"
flatluigi: ah, 'certain circumstances'
Wodar9: College Rugby sounds interesting
Sevinon: The longest yard, rugby edition
RockPusher: Rugby eh unarmeHmm
Scar_Red_Tiger: How many rugby anime is that now?
Featherweight_: weak bones
mtvcdm: GASP
LazyC0Mmander: Jesus christ there really is so many sport anime...
Jericotyler: I thought it was a prison sport anime at first.
BrindleBoar: I am already rug-bored Kappa
Nigouki: RoastedGravy that's how Fate started, but once something is popular enough the scrub it clean for the general audience
DarkMorford: The Nekopara games are hentai kinetic novels, yes. But the characters are cute enough, I could see an all-ages anime working out.
RoastedGravy: Sports make for good anime, I guess. *shrug*
Sevinon: This is an incredible awkward summary
Mathonwy: How much rugby do they play in Japan?
PaperDoopliss: Rugby: Blood in, blood out
patrick_stonecrusher: did he take an arrow to the knee?
MaladyDark: I really don't understand all the rugby anime. is rugby a thing in japan? why are all the players so damn cute
RockPusher is a bad Kiwi and has no real interest in rugby beyond the national stereotype
mtvcdm: I'd probably watch sports anime but as a sportsmn I'd probably get mad at the interpretations of the sports involved.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i tried nekopara befor i knew and noped out over the idea that there cat girls but have the life span of a cat and are treated as pets so your basicly falling in love with your cat
Mathonwy: And they are all TOO PRETTY to be rugby players.
Wodar9: OMG
txzen_: Didn't adam play rugby?
Aenir798: That dude in that Hello Kitty anime? The Gundam guy?
Wodar9: Oda with DOGS
aquinas_0: nobanaga with dogs
Wodar9: YES
Nigouki: didn't Japan do really well this past year in rugby
flatluigi: excuse me
Beefpants: I think there's a ball and grass
Earthenone: ahh first nobunaga of the night
Wodar9: Is this the perfect anime?
Jericotyler: Dog Shogans?
asddsa28: yesss
RoastedGravy: Best warlord doggo.
morealpacas: this is the apotheosis of Oda Nobunaga anime
LazyC0Mmander: PogChamp FrankerZ
Aenir798: @txzen_ He did
asddsa28: im allin
mtvcdm: Heckin' good Nobunaga
freshmaker__: This is Wishbone
Wodar9: Perfect anime. Anime is done
Orgmastron: Nobudoggo
rarermonsters: This is only valid if they graphically depict Oda's male lovers in dog form.
patrick_stonecrusher: LUL CorgiDerp LUL CorgiDerp RitzMitz
DarkMorford: Is this a reverse isekai?
kusinohki: where's the "token cat"? :P
cyanMu42: ramaPray
gkirilenko: nobunaga sure reincarnate often
Spluuga: nobudoggo
MaladyDark: I'm going to watch this. I ... ugh.
RoastedGravy: Inunaga.
EricTheOrange: It's a "one joke" show. It depends how long they can stretch that one joke out
Mathonwy: Is he still gonna try to unify Japan?
flatluigi: 'and so, her idol came and killed her'
ContingentCat: but can you pet Nobo Dogga?
RoastedGravy: Inu is dog in Japanese.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: everyone dies and becomes dog
rarermonsters: Was that part of the skit or real?
simriel: btw to jump back a bit, I watched Escaflowne again like two years back, the animation holds up pretty well.
DarkMorford: Moonbase is haunted
KinoGami: set some traps
Wodar9: Mouse in the moon base?
Kikazi: oh that sounds bad
BrindleBoar: bummer
Featherweight_: that't how you get owls
MistahFixIt: Oh you've got mice too, huh?
CamelAttack: Mouse Frand!
ContingentCat: oh no
Perchipy: That sounds bad
RockPusher: Well, it is a moonbase and the moon is made of cheese…
Taichanie: Moonbase needs a cat.
red_shoes_jeff: I thought that was part of the pitch.
mtvcdm: Go get Hootie!
Jericotyler: OH LRR is merging with Disney?
nartin9: at least its not bees
ArcOfTheConclave: Inu nobunaga seems great
Kikazi: Moon Base Mouse?
rarermonsters: So... a remake of Perfect Blue?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: so she dies and they play at budokan
RoastedGravy: Is the plot twist that she actually dies?
EternalFayt: Nope
red_shoes_jeff: "Who's the mouse gonna be?" I thought.
Kikazi: are they looking for their long lost friend Ben?
Brascharr: Welp, guess the moonbase is going to get fumigated again.
MuffinsOnAHill: I just got here and there are mice.
nartin9: first bees now mice
Jericotyler: Upgraded fro fruit flies to mice.
EricTheOrange: Catch the mouse and make it the moon base pet
Riandisa: You've got a copy of Mouse Trap, just set that up
Mathonwy: Get some no kill traps?
rrtycoon2: I thought the mouse was part of the pitch..
RockPusher: Taichanie bring Baxter in - the mouse can run all over him
MistahFixIt: They over drilled the hole for the plumbing for our radiator when they built our apartment so that's how they're getting in here\
Mathonwy: Send the bugger outside.
aquinas_0: just a brick
PaperDoopliss: "There's a lot of trash in here." -Beej and Heather's Anime Roundup
Beefpants: yo it'd be cool if it was like spike island the anime
ContingentCat: I was about to suggest a office Cat, but allergic people
HoloTheWiseWolf_: thats a big eye
MistahFixIt: PET
flatluigi: oh, psychonauts
aquinas_0: hypo allergenic cat?
RoastedGravy: Oh, Inception.
Jericotyler: no capitals, "pet"
aiamethyst: Time to get an office cat
MistahFixIt: So... Anime Inception
rarermonsters: Gareth Merenghi: I know writers who use subtext and they're all cowards.
nartin9: can't wait for physconauts 2
ArcOfTheConclave: persona 5?
cryomancer20x6: This sounds up my alley
EricTheOrange: isn't that the plot of P5?
Juliamon: Reminder: an office cat would absolutely murder multiple crewmembers.
damn_i_am_pretty: First bees. Then mice. Soon snakes.
flatluigi: "numbers"
Nigouki: what if you bring back the bees to take care of the mice?
Wodar9: Wow, Plunderer got an anime
PaperDoopliss: Oh god it's an English quote singularity
MistahFixIt: I feel bad for Ben especially, who (as far as I remember) appears to be allergic to All Of The Things
Earthenone: ben has a snek right? that could solve it alergy free
HoloTheWiseWolf_: i remeber trying the manga
EternalFayt: oh this one
HoloTheWiseWolf_: not my thing
LazyC0Mmander: Wait is that a nazi in the corner?
Sevinon: What the heck. THis sounds really dumb
Beefpants: I tried watching some thing with the dude having an alien in his hand but it was kinda gross for me
sammy6345: Yes but no. P5 is kinda the reverse, and about making people good.
Wodar9: This manga is a bit...wild
Earthenone: "count" means beej is out
HoloTheWiseWolf_: she does a lot of camios
SharkHero08: Oh yeah, Plunderer. Its not great
RoastedGravy: e c c h i
raaabr: Like "Having a number"
Scar_Red_Tiger: Saw the first preview ep. It did the trope i hate
IncredibleFrown: everybody has a statistic they care about
Orgmastron: So many proper nouns
RvLeshrac: I considered buying Plunderer, the manga.
EternalFayt: Yeah it does this awkward story "explaination"
Wodar9: Hella Ecchi
mtvcdm: A number.... that can drop.... and some of them are things that just add?
DarkMorford: So Serge would be immortal in this universe? Kappa
BrindleBoar: The Chocolate Abyss.
rarermonsters: This is the copy of Persona that your grandmother gets you because this is what the man at the store said you wanted.
Wodar9: The story is...."Interesting"
Scrubbodiestobears: i would windmill slam a visit to the Candy Abyss
txzen_: The Abyss movie was good
RvLeshrac: You have your count on your arm. You can wager your count.
SopranoCat: You walk backward???
e_bloc: !card the abyss
LRRbot: The Abyss [3B] | World Enchantment | At the beginning of each player's upkeep, destroy target nonartifact creature that player controls of their choice. It can't be regenerated.
Featherweight_: the Abyss in the Abyss. was ok
EternalFayt: Thats actually one of the girls check off
icefinch: the abyss of happiness and fire
ArcOfTheConclave: count down not up?
e_bloc: very good card
Wodar9: It is a count down
HoloTheWiseWolf_: so dont walk
EternalFayt: it goes down to story by betting her numbers
MistahFixIt: @RvLeshrac - I saw this movie I think...
HoloTheWiseWolf_: or dont cook
EternalFayt: which is a fight mechanic
Kikazi: @DarkMorford sergeOffByOne , but in what direction?
Beefpants: hack it with a wheelchair
Jericotyler: Can you SEE your count?
MadmanOreo: so like that crappy eddie murphey movie?
RvLeshrac: Jericotyler: Yes.
mistborn83: happy new year my LRR family
SopranoCat: I mean, it can't be a count down if it's the number of people who say your food is tasty.....
HoloTheWiseWolf_: number of time you go to the toilet
lucha_libro: the older I get, the less willing I am, to give animes a chance X,x
freshmaker__: if it counts up you start at 0 and immediately get abyssed
kusinohki: I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more... oops abyss
Sevinon: It looks so deeply terrible
red_shoes_jeff: Do they... KNOW what their numbers are supposed to be?
Diabore: it counts up, higher numbers are higher status' @LoadingReadyRun
spsworkz: Full Metal Alchemist fantasy/european military type
mtvcdm: If the count is people saying your food is tasty, why not just not cook?
LazyC0Mmander: It's a fashion choice called "porn" I think
Wodar9: Plunderer ALSO doesn't exactly know what it wants to be
rarermonsters: Is the premise: Generic action/intrigue anime but the author can make people explode at narrative convenience
nartin9: the game battle cats have a good abyss
cryomancer20x6: I think if this was the case, the bicycle would have been invented very quickly
EternalFayt: as far as the mangar concerned it's bad modernism
Scar_Red_Tiger: There's a dude in a Noh mask
Jericotyler: Weird Imperialist Fashion
MuffinsOnAHill: I feel like people would realize their "Count" at some point and collectively work together to get around each others "counts".
RoastedGravy: That, and boobs.
EternalFayt: ^that
RockPusher: !listen
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
Diabore: there was a preview up earlier
SopranoCat: Yeah, yeah that would be it. Inflated danger by made-up deadlines
Mathonwy: I always wondered how button-up shirts can fit boobs that well...
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this one is fun
Wodar9: It is a fine anime to pass on
DarkMorford: This looks fun
Jericotyler: This is basically a shitter version of that justin timberlake movie
Juliamon: I guess if only your grandfather liked your cooking and then he died, that would make your cooking-loved-by count 0
RoastedGravy: Oh hey, I heard they made a movie about this.
RoastedGravy: Also, e c c h i
ContingentCat: oh no
lamina5432: This was a fun read
MistahFixIt: In Time. That was the movie I was thinking of.
rarermonsters: So, budget Stein's Gate?
ArcOfTheConclave: so science flirting?
Zalthia: Aw that’s cute
RoastedGravy: Dr. Stone, but with perverts? Kappa
EricTheOrange: well at least their adults. Ecchi stuff with highschoolers is weird
aquinas_0: without evil CERN
RockPusher: science ecchi - so experimenting by taking clothes off
boristhewizard: I'm 3 4lokosn down, and I can't believe this is still going, but I absolutely love it. please do this every season! love you!
Mathonwy: Like, a button up shirt coming down off of boobs, the shirt shouldn't follow the flesh like they always do in anime...
HoloTheWiseWolf_: they do a kabedon while hooked up to a heart rate moniter doing multiple takes
PaperDoopliss: Gorgeous cover art though
kusinohki: oops, it's just pheremones... :P
rarermonsters: So it's an XKCD strip
MuffinsOnAHill: So scientist that have....Chemistry.
MaladyDark: this sounds a lot like the romance novel i was looking at in the $2 bin at the store
Diabore: @Juliamon i skimmed the preview and the love cooking thing is it goes down by hating the cooking
DarkMorford: This looks real interesting
nartin9: we can be immortal
Juliamon: See, that's bullshit Diabore
Juliamon: That's a ratio, not a count
boristhewizard: <message deleted>bassooNanner bassooScheme bassooNanner bassooScheme bassooScout bassooNanner bassooScheme bassooNanner bassooScout bassooNanner bassooScheme
Ba_Dum_Tish: I kinda liked the series that was two tsundere people trying to get the other to admit they were in love
ContingentCat: neat
Sirius2010: whats with all the anime with the day hour name?
Juliamon: Ease up with the emotes there, friendo
SharkHero08: I couldnt get into Runway de Waratte, it seemed good just not my speed
ArcOfTheConclave: to poor for fashon?
BrindleBoar: I feel like the creator was told they were too short to be a mangaka.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: oh so the walking one counts down if the dont move then Diabore
boristhewizard: @juliamon sorry, just happy and kinda inebriated
MaladyDark: show by rock : this time with new kemono girls
rarermonsters: Eye Bleach intensifies.
Scar_Red_Tiger: @Ba_Dum_Tish Kaguya? THat's getting a season 2
simriel: @ba_dum_tish Love Is War? that show is hilarious cause it's shot like it is much more serious than it is
Tiber727: K-On but with animal ears.
SopranoCat: Weird, when I was a kid and that kids' modeling school scam was going on, they told me the only place I could model was Asia because I was tall
EternalFayt: ^
RvLeshrac: BrindleBoar: There is literally nothing you can be Too of to stop you from becoming a mangaka, except maybe Too Drug Addicted, because Japan.
aquinas_0: and worse art
EikoandMog: @Tiber727 So K-On!
flatluigi: ah, the devilmint kiryuu
Mathonwy: What is a devilmint?
Ba_Dum_Tish: @simriel yeah that was it
DarkMorford: Show By Rock is goofy, but kinda fun
EricTheOrange: "lineage"
asddsa28: o yeah this
frozenphoenix7: <3 Somali
IncredibleFrown: it's a mint from hell obvs
JollyGee29: Kaguya-sama: Love is War is getting a second season in the spring
rarermonsters: This looks Miyazaki af
Tiber727: Somali is absolutely great.
rarermonsters: The pink haired girl turned me off Kaguya
rarermonsters: She's too cloying
ContingentCat: oh cool
HoloTheWiseWolf_: this is a fun read nice and hearwarming
EternalFayt: "Sure"
simriel: @ba_dum_tish It's a hilarious show, it's shot like Code Geass but just... nothing in it matters
MaladyDark: this looks great. usagi-drop cuteness but hopefully no usagi-drop wierdness
HoloTheWiseWolf_: yes
SopranoCat: So it's Magus' Bride, but father and daughter instead of creepy power dynamics romance
Wodar9: Beej cannot talk about it because it is within spoilers
MuffinsOnAHill: The mask is spoilers?
JollyGee29: Yea, Chika can be a lot
Mathonwy: He spoiled it.
Laurence72: YES!!! Just got home from work, with around 85 minutes to spare before the calendar turns.
IncredibleFrown: it's complicated
flatluigi: so what beej is saying is that the golem is actually a human
patrick_stonecrusher: madalorian?
aquinas_0: i need to finish magus bride
EikoandMog: Is this gonna be like Lone Wolf and Cub?
LazyC0Mmander: I think he was trying to say that guy has no face
EricTheOrange: @MaladyDark usagi drop is fine if you stop before the time skip.
Mathonwy: Somali = Baby Yoda?
kusinohki: M.A.S.K. ? Mobile Armored strike Kommand?
rarermonsters: Animandalorian
aquinas_0: thats just lone wolf then
MaladyDark: @EricTheOrange I always do when I re-read. it was too gross
DarkMorford: @EricTheOrange What time skip? Usagi Drop never had a time skip. >_>
aquinas_0: and there was no tsukihime anime
KinoGami: what site is beej using here?
Tiber727: It's light-hearted but with dark notes.
aquinas_0: never
DarkMorford: @KinoGami https://anichart.net/Winter-2020
cryomancer20x6: I'd just like to say that I'm disappointed. Ghost in the Shell promised us full cyborg status by 2025 - pepole need to get on that
KinoGami: ty
garciaj8878: do mtg
DarkMorford: RAILGUN!
HoloTheWiseWolf_: more railgun cause why not
Triumvirate3: More toaru, nice
EikoandMog: I never watched Codex/Railgun.
Scrubbodiestobears: yesss
MaladyDark: I'm glad there ae no flyign cars. I've seen the way people drive
nartin9: mtg anime would be the best thing ever
JollyGee29: I'm really hype for more Railgun
Wodar9: Railgun has a HUGE mythos around it
aquinas_0: more railgun, mor touma eating agency!
Aenir798: Railgun hypeeeeee
RoastedGravy: Girl on the left looks familiar.
DarkMorford: Don't care about Index, but Railgun is great.
kusinohki: I didn't even know there was a 2nd season...
RoastedGravy: In the anime pic.
icefinch: i need to catch up on that
Triumvirate3: index started with her in middle school
morealpacas: anime high school never ends at least
aquinas_0: so many cool ideas, such a painful wrapper
Mathonwy: I don't even remember high school...
freshmaker__: Bowling For Soup made a whole song about it.
Wodar9: @RoastedGravy This is in the same world as "a magical Index"
Bladinus: lrrHERE
EternalFayt: If they link it into excelsor, its got a bit to go
RoastedGravy: @Wodar9 Ohhhh
kusinohki: Bart Simpson has been in 4th grade for 30 years
RoastedGravy: So it’s the tsundere girl.
ContingentCat: the more you want high school to stop the longer it goes
RoastedGravy: Okay.
Tiber727: High school is a state of mind.
EikoandMog: So... ditching the premise?
ArcOfTheConclave: dogs and cats!
Wodar9: @RoastedGravy correct. there is a lot of anime in this world
couldntpickausername: I know it was asked before but what site is this?
DarkMorford: @couldntpickausername https://anichart.net/Winter-2020
Jericotyler: "Highschool Never Ends" by Bowling For Soup is an anime genre.
rarermonsters: This is the kind of series that could save itself by pivoting into hardcore gore-horror halfway through its run
MistahFixIt: Jam. From Old Country Kappa
couldntpickausername: @DarkMorford thanks
EikoandMog: They tried REALLY hard to make Yo-kai Watch a thing in the west.
HoloTheWiseWolf_: cause thats what yokai watch needed
HoloTheWiseWolf_: school
flatluigi: 'sudden gag overload'
Mathonwy: Nope!
flatluigi: "concodes"
Beefpants: so much stuff doesn't stream in my country
HoloTheWiseWolf_: card game it seems
MistahFixIt: Concode Codeman sounds like a Kojima character
Taichanie: 20XX!
TehAmelie: happy 2020 from Suecia
Tiber727: @EikoandMog They wanted to be Pokemon, but Pokemon was a once in a lifetime deal.
aquinas_0: its betterman with yugioh go
kusinohki: "boardgame? is that a shirt?"
LazyC0Mmander: Like how we have minecraft the video game and minecraft the video game
MuffinsOnAHill: What is with card game anime and wild hair?
RockPusher: Ash Claude van Damme?
EikoandMog: It's clearly a foil.
rarermonsters: As anime bullshit as this sounds I feel like I might actually incredibly love it just becacuse I love card games
TehAmelie: wait i mean Sweden
DarkMorford: Camp!
Laurence72: One of those names seems different....
RockPusher: Heya Camp lrrAWESOME
IncredibleFrown: oh it's the skits at the end but whole episodes?
Revenentforce: yo made it to the stream... happy new years to all in chat and to everyone at LRR
Scar_Red_Tiger: Room Camp as it's licensed
EternalFayt: "personal spcaes"
Wodar9: "tourism Porn" is my favorite tag ever
rarermonsters: Does it feel to anyone else like more series are female focused than not?
Taichanie: Send me off to a place!
aquinas_0: more wakako-zake ish?
eliaselmaspicante: what page is that
MaladyDark: this looks great for me
DarkMorford: @eliaselmaspicante https://anichart.net/Winter-2020
rarermonsters: If that's an anime adaptation of Slay the Spire I'm in
TheMerricat: not every place is worth making an anime tour of
eliaselmaspicante: @darkmorford <3
IncredibleFrown: egg?
mtvcdm: Egg Car
RoastedGravy: AGG
Coogrr: chihaya is so good
Taichanie: How do you like your egg beej.
SopranoCat: Hey it's like a lot of animes really centralized around one thing, costumes, cooking, a sport: a lot of times they lean in too hard on the focus and don't give enough actual story, but sometimes it works out really well
LazyC0Mmander: Why eggcar? Why?
aquinas_0: more deadly sins
mtvcdm: How do you like your egg car, Beej?
HoloTheWiseWolf_: dunno why the re-did reconcista G
asddsa28: but jewelpet i love them
Scar_Red_Tiger: Chihayafuru, best anime across two decades
nartin9: NO DON"T
morealpacas: Tomino needs his ego stroked
SharkHero08: Howre you supposed to pronounce the star?
freshmaker__: Penguin Highway good.
EternalFayt: "Skip Gundam" .....damn
nartin9: MADE in the asyse wtf omg
RoastedGravy: Huh. Giorno must not have been a good boss.
aquinas_0: skip gundam is right
LazyC0Mmander: Horror ecchi is a tag mix? How?
morealpacas: most Gundam fans skip THAT Gundam
Laurence72: I have an egg. I have a car. Unnn. Egg car!
RoastedGravy: If his organization had to resort to making anime movies.
impromptuu: Konasuba movie was in theaters this year
HoloTheWiseWolf_: ok cool i though the abyss movie was a recap but its not
aquinas_0: well yes, reconquista was extra bad
rarermonsters: Did you warn Adam its a series with child bdsm?
nartin9: robotech > gundam
Zalthia: Oh hey more made in abyss
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mtvcdm: Gundam seems like, you either like Gundam or you don't.
DarkMorford: G Gundam best Gundam
EnoTheTonberry: G Gundam!
patrick_stonecrusher: HolidayPresent HahaPresent HolidayPresent HahaPresent lrrHAM
Aenir798: Did you like the Gundam crossover with Hello Kitty?
EnoTheTonberry: Best Gundam
Triumvirate3: I prefer 00 myself
Laurence72: SHINING FINGER!!!
simriel: @roastedgravy Hey they had to diversify after they ditched the drug trade
aquinas_0: g gundam, wing for hiero yuui suicide watch
nartin9: gundam is pronounched robotech omg get it right
JollyGee29: G-Reco is kinda closely related to Turn A as I understand it
DoodlestheGreat: Annie Get Your Gundam?
EikoandMog: I'll just stick to looking at the models.
Insert_code: wait they're doing a sequel to made in abyss? nice
FITorion: Turn A sounds like the only Gundam I might actually like... haven't gotten around to it yet.
EnoTheTonberry: It's remarkably ham
dungeonmaster099: iron blood?
morealpacas: Turn A is amazing
MaladyDark: I'm sad assasins' pride isn't going for 24. intrigue and cute girls. *sigh*
Kaszoski: Turn A gundam is like an adventure story
NrgSpoon: @LazyC0Mmander horror and ecchi seems to go hand-in-hand if you imagine any B-movie
rarermonsters: Gundam is mostly garbage.
Wodar9: @Insert_code Looks like just a movie?
DarkMorford: G Gundam is incredibly cheesy and doesn't give a single fuck about it.
Jericotyler: Eureka is the only mech anime I ever got behind.
aquinas_0: @dungeonmaster099 eaten by salary man stuipidity
Juliamon: This is the movies category
morealpacas: you may like 08th Team
Taichanie: Gundam W on YTV was my first not saturday morning anime.
Insert_code: @Wodar9 At this point I'll take anything
JollyGee29: G Gundam is a delight
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GrunkusDunkus: howdy animefriends
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Zu_o: yandham wig.
EnoTheTonberry: G Gundam Watching Party?
Blightfight: Gundam Build Divers? :P
rarermonsters: G Gundam is 80s Professional Wrestling as a Gundam series
Balthasar_Wiseman: Turn A was interesting, looking back I liked it.
EternalFayt: G- Gundamn totally a Stand alone
LazyC0Mmander: @NrgSpoon It usually goes to shit in every B-movie too
asddsa28: seed was boring for me
Laurence72: G Gundam is cheesy, but such a delicious cheese
LathosTiran: watch G in the english. they lean into the sillyness of the concept
patrick_stonecrusher: Gundam Wing was my introduction to the series. I liked it.
Triumvirate3: I really recommend Gundam 00, since its also self-contained
aquinas_0: G Gundam is the anti-gundam
nartin9: woops I just called gundam, macross
rarermonsters: (Gundam Series are almost never good)
EnoTheTonberry: One of the few Dubs I really dig
RoastedGravy: The only mech anime I’ve seen is Gurren Lagann.
Nigouki: G Gundam is directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa who also did the Giant Robo OVA
morealpacas: there is too much Gundam, and a lot of it is bad
Nigouki: if that helps :D
simriel: @roastedgravy Good choice :p
EikoandMog: I liked Full Metal Panic.
aquinas_0: god, seed and 00 were soooooo painfully annoying
RoastedGravy: I mean, I heard good things about it, and I wanted to watch it.
Blightfight: Is Made in Abyss worth watching?
RoastedGravy: And I did, and I’m glad.
EternalFayt: Gundamn is one of those things, where American Toonami had to hook you, if you wrent already hooked
nartin9: @RoastedGravy did you enjoy german legos?
boristhewizard: G Gundam is so silly. I got the DVD box set a few years back and was kinda disappointed, but I'm no longer a kid so...
RoastedGravy: The animation in GL was SO GOOD.
BrindleBoar: FMP is the weirdest blend of ecchi slice-of-life and PTSD
Aenir798: @Blightfight It's very good if you can handle some...gruesome stuff
Taichanie: I need to still watch Made in Abyss...I know its a hard watch...
RoastedGravy: Especially near the end when it went absolute BONKERS.
LazyC0Mmander: So why did Adam wanted to watch that show?
Wodar9: @Blightfight Yes, but you have to be ready for bad body horror stuff
Blightfight: So, is it World of Darkness Bleak?
rarermonsters: Made in Abyss is worth watching if you have a bottomless appetite for dubiously necessary child abuse.
RoastedGravy: That’s why I want to watch Promare.
Mathonwy: Feel things? NOPE!
NrgSpoon: it's the juxtaposition of bleak with cute character designs
GoldenGod0: It saya ep1
Scar_Red_Tiger: MiA is worth it. Content WArnings abound
RoastedGravy: I want more of that sweet, sweet animation.
damn_i_am_pretty: it is a definite Adam show
LazyC0Mmander: That makes too much sense
Taichanie: "A little bit of Moe helps the depression go down"
Jericotyler: Can we please scroll down so those horrifying eyes can be gone?
simriel: @roastedgravy I still hold it as my Favourite Anime. Not the best one I have ever seen, but I just love the atmosphere and hype so much.
MistahFixIt: JEEZUHZ.
asddsa28: nooo
EnoTheTonberry: Jeez
rarermonsters: You can't NOT treat that like a sexual thing.
EternalFayt: But its toally nonsexua!
Blightfight: So, a good ol' flogging?
Scar_Red_Tiger: It's a 2 second cutaway gag in the anime
aquinas_0: so the reverse of gangsta
panichappy: it's deceptively dark for something so chibii
EternalFayt: ^
rarermonsters: Being a 2 second cutaway paid no seriousness makes it worse.
Mathonwy: Whipping is pretty damned sinister.
micerule: what do you think is the best anime?
DarkMorford: I'm absolutely loving getting to watch Adam go further and further down the rabbit hole. Anime, JRPGs... soon we'll get him into visual novels! Kappa
Wodar9: Yeah, do not let the cute characters make you think this is a cute anime
Aenir798: SO MUCH body horror
EnoTheTonberry: Poor Adam
RoastedGravy: @DarkMorford Dear god. You madman.
EikoandMog: This sounds like my jam, to be honest.
RoastedGravy: We gotta avert Adam’s eyes from the VNs.
Cullim: the music and backgrounds are amazing
LazyC0Mmander: All in all sounds like a defenitive pass for me
nartin9: dam I am on episdode 4 shit
Wodar9: There is Treasure down there!
EikoandMog: But was the hole made for you?
rarermonsters: Made in Abyss fails the Goblin Slayer test: Your episode 1 can turn me off of your entire series.
mtvcdm: The Murder Hole
EnoTheTonberry: Just like Life~
EnoTheTonberry: Haha
panichappy: It does a good job of capturing a very adult world and contrasts it with childlike wonder
SopranoCat: but wtf moments like that can really detract and distract from a show, even if they're not the focus
aquinas_0: so, junji ito with meet girls in the dungeon?
Blightfight: So, the Fantasy Bends?
simriel: @roastedgravy Promare has a character who may actually make Kamina look Smart
NightValien28: you have to come up very carefully
DarkMorford: @RoastedGravy Maybe we start him on something relatively light like Monster Prom. Though I guess that's more a dating sim than a visual novel...
Nigouki: i haven't watched it but once in a while my twitter feed shows me the art director i think posting the background art for it and it's all utterly beautiful
MaladyDark: I know a guy who said "goblin slayer is not that rapey" I do not trust him to reccomend ANYTHING anymore
Aenir798: It's like acclimitatizing to different elevations, but way more deadly
EternalFayt: Anime oges super hard super fast
lamina5432: It’s like sea diving
Wodar9: Oh! the music is beautiful in made in Abyss
RoastedGravy: @DarkMorford Aren’t all VNs dating sims? Kappa
Jericotyler: I don't like those eyes D:
Mathonwy: So, punk music.
aquinas_0: Goblin Slayer -> a bit too rapey
nartin9: do you realy want to know what I think is a HARD watch?
EikoandMog: You know what we haven't had in a while? A Golden Age Arc Berserk anime.
shadowbow464: to much pink energy
Blightfight: It's the Super Hero Taisen of PreCure.
JollyGee29: There were some clever DnD style antics in Goblin Slayer. It's just a shame about the rest of it
Sevinon: Where is it relative to Chrno Crusade bleakness?
aquinas_0: @EikoandMog bah on you :P
flatluigi: propose chicken
asddsa28: right this one
Nigouki: Yahweh?
EikoandMog: @aquinas_0 :p
EricTheOrange: that is DEFINATLY a yaoi
aquinas_0: :D
Scar_Red_Tiger: Shirobakoi Movie!!!
RockPusher: More Shirobako lrrAWESOME
FITorion: hell yeah Shirobako
MaladyDark: excellent
RoastedGravy: What if the movie they’re trying to make is the movie they’re in.
EricTheOrange: @Nigouki Yaoi. Gay romance
EnoTheTonberry: It has at least seven seeds
aquinas_0: Its doctor stone with No Hope!
Wodar9: One episode of ACCA is annoying
Scar_Red_Tiger: I watched ACCA this year. That's exciting to hear
nartin9: anime
asddsa28: o look its that one ainme
DarkMorford: @RoastedGravy You joke, but I consider them separate things. Dating sims (like Monster Prom) have explicit, overt character stat management; if you want to get a particular character's ending, you can focus on the stat they like. Visual novels are more straight-up choose your own adventure.
asddsa28: oo i want to see that one
RoastedGravy: @DarkMorford Fair, fair.
EikoandMog: Was "Is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon?" Any good?
Taichanie: Girls und panzer movie names are awful....
JollyGee29: GuP Finale is a 4(?) OVA/film series to wrap up the series
Aenir798: They split up the "finale" of Girls und Panzer into SIX movies...and are releasing them every 2 years...ugh
nartin9: girls und panzer is the best anime ever. Best part tank physics
RoastedGravy: Not too big on dating sims, though.
Taichanie: But give it to me!
RoastedGravy: Or VNs.
aquinas_0: girls in the dungeon amuses if you realize that bell isn't the protagonist
aquinas_0: he's tuxedo mask
icefinch: so anime hulk?
EternalFayt: Gee gee
mtvcdm: I want to see this now
IncredibleFrown: this kind of sounds like a calvin and hobbes kind of thing, potentially
LazyC0Mmander: So I got to hear about Goblin Slayer from a warhammer forum... Is it exactly what I expect?
flatluigi: can you watch that trailer
Nigouki: EricTheOrange i know, it's just fun to do the tired Yahweh pun once in a while :P
Mathonwy: Godzilla hulk girl,
shadowbow464: netflick
mtvcdm: It's probably for children, but
flatluigi: oh, this is having a vod
simriel: just give me more JoJo. I like other anime, but what I truly want is just More JoJo and More Trigger anime
Scar_Red_Tiger: GAuko is already on Netflix
nartin9: what is google?
RockPusher: Watch video? On the Internet? Well I never!
Blightfight: Google? You mean Bing?
Mathonwy: Why is she forking her boob?
fuzzy_died: No Yahoo
RoastedGravy: What’s Bing? I gotta google it. Kappa
ContingentCat: bing? you mean duck duck go?
EricTheOrange: I knpw Mary Cagle really like deamon girl next door.
nartin9: Bing? you mean yahoo
Diabore: the art shown is a bad representation
DarkMorford: @RoastedGravy And then there are "kinetic novels," which are like VNs with no branching. They have one specific story to tell, and you just click to have the characters read it to you.
RoastedGravy: @DarkMorford So it’s anime, just not that much animation.
flatluigi: what is THIS
DarkMorford: More or less, yeah.
LathosTiran: Homerid: strike the power
kusinohki: oh no, my blood is on strike!
LazyC0Mmander: Strike the blood. Kill it if you have to.
Diabore: i dropped it in about 15 min
EternalFayt: The manga is okay
EternalFayt: the rest was trash
EricTheOrange: that sounds funny by the premise at least
Mathonwy: It was a kinda cringy manga....
NrgSpoon: good if you like that kind of thing?
RockPusher: Strike the blood while the haemoglobin is hot!
DarkMorford: I liked Strike the Blood. I have a few OVAs to catch up on.
ContingentCat: my blood's on strike? when dd my blood unionize?
EnoTheTonberry: Why is there so much Isekai
EternalFayt: yeah, that
mtvcdm: I bet it's a super-realistic video game too
RoastedGravy: @EnoTheTonberry It’s popular in Japan, I think.
TheMerricat: it wasn't his horrible but it was one note
EikoandMog: Because SAO blew the fuck up. That's why isekai is so goddamned popular.
ContingentCat: gesundheit Beej
Mathonwy: Wow. Nothing good coming out this winter.
DoodlestheGreat: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 161 (new subscribers: 35, returning subscribers: 126, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 9120, new followers: 53
kusinohki: @EnoTheTonberry because this world is a dumpster fire??
Sevinon: Not staying for a new years celebration?
mtvcdm: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: AFK (Time to get away from the keyboard and controller! Join us for board games, cards games and other non-video games. Game: Mystic Vale) at Wed 05:00 PM PST (18:03 from now).
aquinas_0: god anyone remember the name of the honey badger fighting anime?
LaconicLad: like mice do
EricTheOrange: lrrBEEEJ
EikoandMog: Beej, you're the Landlord, you need to take care of that mouse.
MaladyDark: mice are usually very scared of you.
Type_One___: Cheer500 Happy New Year All!!!
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Earthenone: pride51 Thank you for streaming into the weeb hours
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2422 patrons for a total of $14,221.08 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
nartin9: mice are not rats
Laurence72: Sick Bartleby on it
Jericotyler: I'm browsing through Crunchyroll and I found a 2nd Person anime... That's weird to me.
mtvcdm: !clip
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Sevinon: Excellent job Beej
Tiber727: My recs, based on manga: Dorohedoro, Muranase!, and Somali.
Mathonwy: Just set up a no kill trap, and put it outside.
MaladyDark: i live above a rag factory, mice occaisionally think my kitchen/pantry are a better home. they are wrong.
LazyC0Mmander: Frogs and xenomorphs
icefinch: or space aliens from soup
Mathonwy: And leave the traps, in case they bred.
patrick_stonecrusher: phew - anime hell indeed lrrBEEJ
Laurence72: Everybody does the Michigan raaaag
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ lrrHEATHER lrrHEART
IncredibleFrown: at The End
mtvcdm: !store
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EikoandMog: BOOF
aquinas_0: I always hated getting drafted on kill mice duty in the office
ContingentCat: the end/beginning
MistahFixIt: En-Booth-ened!
Jericotyler: Booth, there it is.
EikoandMog: Hell yeah, titty anime.
DaFhaye: Thank you Ben
LazyC0Mmander: You don't really have to Beej
Type_One___: !uptime
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mtvcdm: !youtube
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RoastedGravy: All the tiddy anime.
MaladyDark: more chiharafuyu.
DaFhaye: Beej
Type_One___: hahaha
NightValien28: get out
NrgSpoon: gonna go back and check the reviews at the start that i missed
AkiraBalance27: hahaha
MistahFixIt: I don't remember that one
JollyGee29: And more Railgun!
LazyC0Mmander: You guys want me to clip that or
Aenir798: Beej you are a treasure
RoastedGravy: If there’s anything that’s not in short supply, it’s anime with tits.
mtvcdm: !roadquest
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aquinas_0: Cheer100 Burma Shave
Pravikun: YAS! A Bermashave reference just before the new year.
Wodar9: The titty anime will continue until moral improves
Jericotyler: Burmashave is making a tiddy anime?
patrick_stonecrusher: ( . )( . )
EricTheOrange: @EikoandMog considering your named after a 6 year old girl that is a weird thing to hear you say
mtvcdm: !team
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IncredibleFrown: a hobby anime about burma shave signs
Laurence72: Thank you bot for keeping us company as the New Year approaches! May everybody have a good holiday and a great new decade! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MaladyDark: it's 6pm the 1st here. my partner is hosting a MTG thing in my living room
Laurence72: both*
mtvcdm: !discord
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Mathonwy: Mur.
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愛影: aikage
Blightfight: Well, happy new year everybody!
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nartin9: @Jericotyler loli anime or tiddy anime?
mtvcdm: !ytmember
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Jericotyler: Crown Royal, I'm broke lol
RockPusher: TheMerricat well now I have the Danger Mouse theme in my head - thank you‽
lugthor: Thanks for the HahaPoint @themerricat
patrick_stonecrusher: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
mtvcdm: !twitter
Sevinon: Night everyone
Blightfight: I would watch something called Neko Daimeow.
EricTheOrange: 2020 in mountain time
Mathonwy: Let's see if they can pronounce my screen name....
Pravikun: Happy New Year from Calgary!!!
shadowbow464: 2020
ContingentCat: congrats escaping 2019 Mountain people
shadowbow464: I HAVE GONE BLIND
DarkMorford: Good night and happy new year, Derys! Looking forward to another year of goofs with you all. よいお年を!
flatluigi: hey.
Skasher4430: Cheer100 hey happy new year everyone glad to see guys for the first time this year KappaHD
TheMerricat: Party500 Thanks for the stream and Happy New Years to everyone! :-)
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BrindleBoar: but did you like it lrrBEEJ
nartin9: If you like tanks please watch girls und panzer
cryomancer20x6: Beej said my name right!! Did someone finally get the reference!?
icefinch: cheer50 enjoyed watching this thanks
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chimingfish: looks like my sub baby arrived just in time for the new year
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InquisitorGaia: happy new year from colorado rn
Cullim: Thanks for the HahaBall @chimingfish
nartin9: does Beej like tanks?
Kaszoski: Thanks for the stream, happy new year
EricTheOrange: @cryomancer20x6 I know G is a big H*R fan so he'd get it
mtvcdm: This now concludes another LRR broadcast day. On behalf of everyone at LRR, good night, and good morning.
ContingentCat: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:02 PM
Genie_M: 8AM here, the sun seems to look the same as in the 2010s
LathosTiran: hello
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
LaconicLad: Hi
MaladyDark: technically you can't stack babies like that.
ContingentCat: aw the moonbase still has an hour of 2019 to get through
EnoTheTonberry: Hi from chat
Weagle: lunarj1Heart
Earthenone: !viewers
LRRbot: 329 users viewing the stream. 495 users in the chat.
Zu_o: happy new years from Edmonton
EricTheOrange: I hour left for moon base time
Triumvirate3: Have to stay up for another hour anyways
MaladyDark: happy 6pm
Laurence72: lrrHEART lrrHEATHER lrrHEART lrrBEEEJ lrrHEART
mtvcdm: lunarj1Heart
BibitteNoire: lunarj1Heart
MrsLlante: Hello from Australia :)
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shadowbow464: why are you two the first faces i have seen of the decade
Skasher4430: surprise attack
MaladyDark: Thanks for the HahaShrugLeft @skasher4430
patrick_stonecrusher: lrrHAM lrrHAM lrrHAM
Pantsravaganza: Happy new Beej everyone
nartin9: yes hawaii
Nigouki: already 2 hours into the hell that is 2020 in EST HahaThisisfine
EnoTheTonberry: Alaska?
LaconicLad: Thanks for the HahaThisisfine @skasher4430
Genie_M: 4 timezones left
EricTheOrange: Alaska has it's own time zone right?
MaladyDark: NZ is he start. Hawaii is the ned.
RockPusher: Heather knows no location
Agl0vale: I think its only part of Hawaii
Jericotyler: I figured I'd start off my first 2 hours of being 28 being as weeb as possible.
TheHaCoFo: Good morning from Austria
AranMathai: I had to stay up to finish writing - so of course I was going to watch my favorite source of anime reviews/news/etc.
DarkMorford: みんなさん、よいおとしを!
GrunkusDunkus: <3
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Earthenone: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
Laurence72 waves
ContingentCat: Hi Beej lrrHEART_SG
Lord_Hosk: Im not here
morealpacas: ご苦労様でした
MaladyDark: lrrHEATHER lrrBEEEJ
Nigouki: thanks for the lovely streams and happy new year! lrrHEART
patrick_stonecrusher: FutureMan
Skasher4430: lrrBEEJ_SG new emote
RockPusher: Heather and Beej - pretty great lrrAWESOME lrrHEART
Pantsravaganza: benginButt
nartin9: We need a tank racing anime
Lord_Hosk: Hosk doesnt sleep
Dynemanti: I've spent a few hours in 2020, I'll warn you there's aliens in the future
Juliamon: Look, Hosk just is, OK?
ContingentCat: Beej is not Hosk's dad
MaladyDark: MS paint is eternal
Bladinus: Lord_Hosk is eternal
mtvcdm: Hosk runs on Hosk time
Riandisa: What is sleep?
lucha_libro: thanks for the anime round up
Lord_Hosk: if hosk sleeps the monsters will get me
damn_i_am_pretty: Hosk is more photoshopped gif than man now
Laurence72: Just got home from work
Genie_M: we're in the morning in Europe now
Weagle: My sleep schedule is lrrEFF 'd right now
ContingentCat: because I'm a night owl this isn't too late
icefinch: i work nights usually
DarkMorford: ("Yoi otoshi wo," or "Have a good year!" @LoadingReadyRun )
FITorion: can't miss the anime
MaladyDark: it's 6pm here. I need to start dinner. it's taco night!
FITorion: and you 2
nartin9: keep streaming so I don't need to sleep
cryomancer20x6: I have tomorrow off, and really needed some new recommendations for anime, so thanks
MrsLlante: I accidentally stayed up until 4am watching Harry Potter with my son... It's 5pm now
GrunkusDunkus stares in 2:05am
Taichanie: Tomorrow is a holiday Beej....
FITorion: and it's 11pm here
BibitteNoire: Same time zone as the Moonbase
ContingentCat: I stay up way later than this for Brave New Faves every week
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fuzzy_died: i have the day off tomorrow
simriel: Bye!
Laurence72: Have a great New Year!
CamelAttack: Hoskbot 4026 will overthrow humanity before sleep!
PMAvers: Ugh I don't want to think about having to go back to work on Thursday
lucha_libro: im sketching on discord with friends
Scar_Red_Tiger: THere is still time to cue up Jojo putting on a fresh pair of New Yerars Eve underwear
Skasher4430: bye all evwPeace
Beefpants: 8pm here
Agl0vale: Good Night y'all
Riandisa: Thanks for the great stream, this was a really fun way to roll over the year
TheMerricat: LOL
RockPusher: 8pm NZ, 6pm I assume is Aus
Beefpants: wednesday
mtvcdm: I'm waiting for you to go offline so I can fire the signoff message in the Discord.
MaladyDark: GMT +11
EnoTheTonberry: BeejMath
ContingentCat: (they're in europe I think)
MrsLlante: Night x
MaladyDark: bye
Genie_M: they're in january evening
greyducky: Quack
Nigouki: byeeeeeeee
Jericotyler: Bye!
mtvcdm: There we go
Beefpants: bye kids
LathosTiran: "good night Beej"
DoodlestheGreat: Night night!
patrick_stonecrusher: push the button, frank
Kikazi: Happy New Year (in an hour)!
ContingentCat: good nigth Beej and Heather
simriel: I really hoped he would just say Goodnight Beej
TheMerricat: Beej and Heather are treasures. :-)
Bladinus: Night all. And happy New Year. lrrHEART
EnoTheTonberry: Can we get a Beej math meme?
Laurence72: And to everyone here! (Yes! You!) Happy New Year!
Genie_M: Europe has morning jan1, far east and Australia has jan1 afternoon-evening
DarkMorford: G'night everybody! See you next time!
TheMerricat: night chat, and have a wonderful new year!
EnoTheTonberry: See you people
Riandisa: Happy New Year, all!
Laurence72: See you al next decade!
simriel: night all
EnoTheTonberry: May your 20s be nat
greyducky: Damn. I just got here. Oh well. Time for vods
Earthenone: so ends another broadcast year
Laurence72: @EnoTheTonberry Oooh, I like that!