Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
wildpeaks: lrrSIGNAL gdqTime
DarkMorford: I should maybe eat a food...
LoadingReadyRun: you should
Earthenone: eat all foods before bouncing nose
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori and Matt are exploring machine learning today on Talking Simulator! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/ENteJJ3UEAEHHTp.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1214668041465651201
Juliamon: A rare host combo indeed!
garahine: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
highfrost83: meouw!!!
wildpeaks: something something redo the intro
offbeatwitch: cori and future cori
Yusephka: cat
wildpeaks: greetings fellow meat-based entities
Juliamon: Meow!
wildpeaks: LUL
leopard_wolf: hello carbon based organisms who breath rocket fuel
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CleeKru: Hey! how typical... i should do my homework on machine learning right now......
TehAmelie: these are only simulated words, they cannot hurt you
wildpeaks: talking of machine learning, the european union recently opened a free online course on the topic (and it's not restricted to just EU citizens): https://course.elementsofai.com/
DarkMorford: No game? No life!
RealGamerCow: Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
wildpeaks: time to code all the things
Hirun_: looks like a good stream for me to have on while I work on unity on the other monitor
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ghost_user_1984: Clap
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Pteraspidomorphi: At least one bug
wildpeaks: 2accurate4me
wildpeaks: omg are we playing the cat ?
CleeKru: TEETH
ghost_user_1984: we must be
CleeKru: i guess
GDwarf: That's a great lower-case "aaaaah" mouth
GDwarf: A small scream
leopard_wolf: arrg, I can't watch streams. see other presumably humans in the replay
Pteraspidomorphi: Cat: "I regret my life choices"
Hirun_: "owo where's that bug?"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cats are natural debuggers
fracassio: Oh, hey, TS is doing a Zach-like. That's cool.
wildpeaks: best kitty
Orgmastron: Cat are genius programmer-
MillerDark: So, wait, is this cat a living rubber duck?
Titan457: Holy zeroes, Batman!
GDwarf: I know I yell "Holy Zeroes!" all the time, but I am also a computer-themed super-hero sidekick from the 1950s. :P
DarkMorford: Never heard that one before
Laserbeaks_Fury: Holy Zeroes are just Halos
wildpeaks: CatOverflow :D
dividesBy0: If you cat overflows, see a vet.
Calaban161: The Cat was the Goose the whole time
TehAmelie: it's funny when Princess Carolyn says "fish" cause she's clearly speaking cat-human fable creature language for lrrEFF
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, this is perfectly accurate, that's how you programming
itomeshi: So far, very realistic...
Laserbeaks_Fury: 69
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StarWarsTHX1138: I like Player0 not Player1.... indexes start at 0
DarkMorford: Indexing players starting at 0 is a nice touch.
ky0dar: The phrase "Holy Zeroes" makes me wonder about the religious belief in the existence of "Two"
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TehAmelie: i wonder if a cat has enough brain meat to learn to code. . .
offbeatwitch: like killing someone with a fire axe!
Mysticman89: "you died!" Good job, achievement unlocked
Zalthia: Um
Zalthia: Hard disagree there
Daken1993: Cool to see Matt but where is Cam tonight?
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GDwarf: Ah, expert systems. Very useful at handling very specific problems.
Gekyouryuu: no cam today?
Pteraspidomorphi: I heard about these catsystems
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is this a puzzle game with different axes of efficiency?
MillerDark: With etherium i assume?
Orgmastron: Capitalism!
GDwarf: Pay for servers? It means you should tip your wait staff. :P
Mysticman89: Interesting that you pronounced lvr as liver rather than lover
wildpeaks: inb4 some manager comes in and says "just use serverless"
ZeniteZero: Ohhh, I kinda wanted to play this game, glad to catch a stream of it the8bitSmile
wildpeaks: accurate :D
dividesBy0: Mewros?
Laserbeaks_Fury: "These students are in kindergarten
Zalthia: I feel like this is a generalization
Pteraspidomorphi: This is literally what programmers do these days!
CleeKru: @dividesBy0 love it
ItIsVey: Those are damn expensive servers
Laserbeaks_Fury: You'd be surprised how contextualizing a problem helps learning
GDwarf: It's entirely possible that one catbuck is worth 0.01 cents.
Zalthia: No no the grades=mit is a generalization
wildpeaks: database problems ? I blame little bobby table
Mysticman89: so are catbucks a cryptocurrency? This wouldnt surprise me
ItIsVey: IF so then it's a terrible pay for a job tho...
Zalthia: This seems like real programming to me
dividesBy0: It is similar to a crypto currency, but instead of mined they are fished.
ContingentCat: big mood there Matt
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Pteraspidomorphi: Ahhh, interesting to see this
Laserbeaks_Fury: Or you could filter blue out
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: This is fun to watch... as a programmer. Cori, you're looking for efficiencies as well, right?
wildpeaks: Houdini looks different today :D
StarWarsTHX1138: Space what?
Splosion: This game is actually a good way to learn the basics of machine learning.
Juliamon: SpaceChem
fracassio: @StarWarsTHX1138 Spacechem
StarWarsTHX1138: ahh ok ty
fubargames: This sure isn't Shenzhen I/O
ContingentCat: ah capitalism, we can never escape you
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Splosion: I mean, it's really only two feature vectors, so it limits the scope of what you need to pay attention to for efficiency.
Astra7525: What is the currency? Meuwros?
wildpeaks: yess
theawesomeonev2: sometimes the simplest answer is the right one
wildpeaks: daww, kitty has a hat
ContingentCat: !findquote professional
LRRbot: Quote #5724: "I never said I was a professional minecrafter." —James [2019-01-15]
ItIsVey: IT would be so much better without users...
fracassio: @fubargames part of me wants them to stream TIS-100 someday, because I'm a monster
itomeshi: Yeah. that's unrealistic.
Stoffern: so deep
fubargames: "always"
GDwarf: Why do you think you are Eliza? :P
DarkMorford: When do we learn about version control and git?
Hirun_: @fracassio same, I hope they slowly build up to that
itomeshi: 'please'
GrumblingMoblin: this is way more compelling that the Django code I'm stuck working on right now
dividesBy0: I would say multiple simple solutions chained together can be better than one complex solution too.
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is how I sort Magic cards
TehAmelie: how does this compare to say Opus Magnum? it seems to have more cats
MAPBoardgames: mo money mo problems
wildpeaks: no money is also a lot of problems
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Laserbeaks_Fury: The deliberate typos are *chef's kiss*
ContingentCat: time is money, and money is the only thing that matters
CommiePuddin: But you MUST split green between the two to satisfy the loading condition.
Plasterboard: not predictive though...
ContingentCat: !findquote triangles
LRRbot: Quote #2973: "My triangles are the smallest..." —Cameron [2016-07-13]
jetpixi: What is happening out there
Laserbeaks_Fury: Illu-meow-ti
GrumblingMoblin: I am the CTO of a startup...i can be equally soul sucking ;)
Earthenone: a combination taco bell and pizza shack
Stoffern: Does the Pizza shack also want triangles?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is the game tasking us with sorting Bear Asses from Boar Asses
itomeshi: I did it C...... Bay!
Mysticman89: what did you think catus did?
ContingentCat: like Cactus do
ThePerrBearr: banhammer 40k
Pteraspidomorphi: I love these references
Laserbeaks_Fury: dat Discworld reference
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I get that one
ContingentCat: was 2flower involved in this game?
simriel: So, what is this game?
Earthenone: 1 is not 0
Laserbeaks_Fury: Maybe? But Twoflower is a charcter in the Discworld books
Astra7525: why does it say "hide in room"?
Mysticman89: 1MB of ram is all anyone could ever need.
itomeshi: Wait, which clicker games Matt and Cori? Idle Champions? NGU? Good old Cookie Clicker? I need a new drug.... one that makes me go 'click click'.
Mysticman89: I'm quite partial to relam grinder these days.
simriel: @itomeshi Try universal Paperclips
Mysticman89: realm grinder*
Laserbeaks_Fury: IF Pineapple: THEN Trash Kappa
simriel: @laserbeaks_fury Hey don't throw out my pizza.
Mysticman89: paperclips is nice for a quick few days of a quick cliker grind
Orgmastron: Why does this this sound like a thing hat would actually exist?
thefileclerk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 31:10.
itomeshi: @simriel That's a great one. SpacePlan is also fun.
Plasterboard: or calzones
Mysticman89: Crank is another short term idle clicker game thats solid.
fubargames: Can't relate.
MAPBoardgames: Amirite Millennials?
Astra7525: wooow
thefileclerk: sounds more boomer
Juliamon: Ah, so now we're Diner Dash.
Pteraspidomorphi: Shape is gen X
simriel: what is this game...
RaklarLS: just tuned in, is it spacechem, but with pizza?
Juliamon: RaklarLS Not specifically pizza, that's just this job. It's more about translating a cat.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: Norman Reedus's Fun With Fetuses
CleeKru: Is this a clicker game?
Pteraspidomorphi: It's like human resource machine but with diagrams
RaklarLS: a bash cat?
Pteraspidomorphi: I never actually got into spacechem
Stoffern: I nmean...Uber
ContingentCat: or you hear about the startup after it's closing
simriel: I have seen 'Cafe sells only Cereal' on the news cycle
Stoffern: You ocasionally get a proclamation something is the Uber of thing
ContingentCat: spoilers!
itomeshi: See, back in the 90s it was easy to get headlines in the local paper like 'Local wiz kid has designs on net's future'... Now you need cash flow.
MAPBoardgames: Can pet the cat. 10/10
ComradeMik: are they shooting crapshot 666?
Laserbeaks_Fury: why not Alpha Beta Gold?
PaperDoopliss: I think that's because we missed a gold medal on one of the stages?
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
RaklarLS: you can«t see the abs with all the fur
MAPBoardgames: Is this chat-bot Purring compatible?
thefileclerk: has there been gameplay? I am so confused.
brainbosh: Cats are not Dogs
CleeKru: @MAPBoardgames lrrWOW
fubargames: For the renaissance cat it *should* have more limbs. Your himbo front is slipping!
ieva_art: >not cat
CleeKru: @MAPBoardgames actually: nice one
simriel: and a snout
simriel: most dogs have Snouts
MAPBoardgames: Thank you!
RaklarLS: tongue out, snots, panting, collar
ThePerrBearr: Hyena is more closely related to cats
MillerDark: Hyenas are dog software on cat hardware
RaklarLS: snouts*
thefileclerk: there is def a gas leak.
ContingentCat: the tiberian wolf that looks skeptical is good
I_Am_Clockwork: cappys are the dogs of the beaver world
TehAmelie: have you heard of this new species found in i think like New England? a mix of dog, wolf and coyote
simriel: So what are we trying to do in this game? I came in late
itomeshi: Oooh, we're getting into perceptrons? Nice. We've made it to, what, the 70s?
Juliamon: simriel Our cat keeps debugging our code, so we're building a cat translation machine to find out why.
itomeshi: oops, 60s
Laserbeaks_Fury: Okay, yeah the "skin" on this game is a little...distracting?
Astra7525: I bet that in the end, when we finally manage to talk to our cat, it just said "Feed me"
RaklarLS: algorithmic classification of cats @simriel
fubargames: I literally saw news yesterday on TV about computers trying to read cat emotions!
basilmemories: @TehAmelie A Coywolf! they're great.
simriel: why did we make a cat startup then...
simriel: pizza*
simriel: not cat pizza
ItIsVey: The only emotion the cat shows is contempt
ContingentCat: No.
Mysticman89: goat wattles
Scrubbodiestobears: tbf science doesn't know why we sleep, either, other than "because we get tired"
RaklarLS: more like, the double helix was stolen in the 60's.
ContingentCat: But would the cat let you pet their wattles?
fubargames: Will it go "Oh yeah, that's written text all right!"?
itomeshi: So as interesting as perceptrons are, I wonder how they'll represent the 'dark age' of machine learning - ie, before we get to neural networks...
RaklarLS: wait, is this game actually teaching programming and advanced statistics?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You know I had gotten to this point in my life without knowing Goats had wattles
Laserbeaks_Fury: Thanks. Matt
RatherWT: Is this visual novel teaching programing?
RaklarLS: that's a big error margin
RaklarLS: 60%
simriel: an equalillogram? probably something in Destiny
bi0buster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 42:04.
RatherWT: !upcat
ieva_art: dairy!
wildpeaks: the dark times before epoch
thefileclerk: i am so confused.
Laserbeaks_Fury: We live in a SOCIETY
wildpeaks: definitely not written by cats
hippitybobbity: what did I walk in on
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends, how goes...programming with cats? That's all I picked up with this in the background while I wrangled a new mattress :P
JarJarThinks: huh, I just finished a uni course on AI last term, this is neat
hippitybobbity: what kind of cheezburger nonsense be this
MAPBoardgames: Why do LOLCATs love guacamole?
ContingentCat: yes, I believe this is a human
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's Toonces
Pteraspidomorphi: I've talked to human persons on the internet who wrote pretty much like this
wildpeaks: self-drinking car
Plasterboard: Does this game get into more complex problems? One or two widgets that do exactly what is necessary to accomplish a goal doesn't seem compelling.
hippitybobbity: is this a Talking Sim where we finally determine if cat Can Haz Cheezburger
gredgredmansson: Well you can't argue with THAT logic
Beowulf_Bjornson: Even though that pizza thing foreshadowed that there will be triangle pizza in the future and things will break, if this were real, users would ask for sine wave shape
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100 cant prove I'm not a cat
MAPBoardgames: Because they can Hass avocado
RaklarLS: this is way too simplified so far D:
Laserbeaks_Fury: Did you make a self-driving car.....out of a Delorean?!?
ieva_art: perhaps bc it was written by cats?
djalternative: as a writer, this game is MAJORLY peeving
bi0buster: Oh... Oh is this human resource machine but for Machine Learning?
RaklarLS: less game so far @bi0buster
Thandres: details
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SoldieroFortune: Soo... Is this the antithesis to TTSF ... sometimes forward ever learning?
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Drazoth: 42 months? There's a joke to be made here somewhere but it's beyond me
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Juliamon: nyoom
fubargames: It compiles: Shit it!
Lithobraker: We're gonna Uber the shit out of these pedestrians.
fubargames: Oooh, really bad typo, sorry mods!
Juliamon: It's fine :P
fubargames: *Ship
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Saftey is our number 2 concern
Sarah_Serinde: Eh, I've seen worse :P
Anubis169: we'll let it pass manYES
wildpeaks: oh I thought the typo was intentional :D
PaperDoopliss: We built a gimmicky startup and tricked a venture capitalist into buying it before it imploded
orimazer: catipalism, if you will
RaklarLS: oh cool, teaching multi-threading
Anubis169: wait, a programming game?
wildpeaks: "don't even worry about it"
Anubis169 grabs the popcorn
PaperDoopliss: @Anubis169 Very loosely
Anubis169: chwWow
fubargames: I'd save that joke until we're coding automatic litter boxes.
Anubis169: fubargames: there has to be a "Your code is objectively shit" joke in there somewhere :D
djalternative: how many servers can you crash?
RaklarLS: that'd be nice. the bottom pops out and it's a roomba that automatically throws the old litter away in the trash
Lithobraker: Hey can you multi-thread our crypto? That seems like a great idea Kappa
Anubis169: ah HA
MAPBoardgames: This game reminds me of the game Pit Droids.
Anubis169: we're making logic trees
Thandres: professional data scientist
Anubis169: ok, next we do AsyncIO and watch both their brains spontaneously implode Kappa
Jrmh97: christmas shop not christ mass hop
fubargames: Also, are Christmas trees green and triangular?
Lithobraker: Anubis169 can't we just use node.js? Kappa
Anubis169: NO
Anubis169: (de.js)
RaklarLS: you can put green and make the accuracy super low, and it's fine?
Anubis169: I'm so happy somebody else uses the term Rubber Duck
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I too use rubber ducks
Scrubbodiestobears: isn't that called "practice"...?
fubargames: But that's not the name of this game?
GrumblingMoblin: I love the concept of this game but they are doing so much hand waving on these topics, its disappointing
RaklarLS: parallelize our dictatorship please?
Pteraspidomorphi: I can't talk to rubber ducks so I just bother my friends
SilentOptimist: Doors OS...
ContingentCat: can we add that quote "I guess you can do things without learning" -Matt
wildpeaks: ever forward, never learning
ContingentCat: katesNice
Anubis169: !addquote (Matt) [now] I guess you can do things without learning.
LRRbot: New quote #6685: "I guess you can do things without learning." —Matt [2020-01-07]
accountmadeforants: Except it secretly broke 3 years ago, they just didn't notice until now.
korvys: 60s/70s text book graphic design was great
itomeshi: Hey, the Dark Ages.... just discussed though.
Anubis169: Remember chat, there is only one thing more scary than everything being red in your code analysis.
Lithobraker: So we're 100% testing in production aren't we?
ContingentCat: 19 katesNice
Anubis169: and that's everything being green, because something could be failing and it's not being tested
wildpeaks: things working most of the time, but randomly breaking catastrophically ?
GrumblingMoblin: chain those load balancers
itomeshi: @thefileclerk Yes, after Perceptrons there was a substantial period of time without any innovation in ML.
wildpeaks: or finding a giant AWS invoice out of nowhere ?
Titan457: Just recursive balancer calls
KenKopin: Bifurcated?
ContingentCat: bijection
Anubis169: it's a btree :)
Laserbeaks_Fury: What happens if you just connect the input to all the outputs with no nodes?
ArcOfTheConclave: bogo?
fubargames: This himbo facade is slipping further. Using binary trees to program your fridge you say?
Anubis169: LOL
MAPBoardgames: The levels in this game seem to be so slow. I haven't seen a level which has required actual thought.
korvys: That makes it legal!
SilentOptimist: ours aren't state owned
Anubis169: no way dude
Anubis169: Sealand has amazing servers
TehAmelie: i hope we can sabotage them discreetly
KenKopin: Does Sealand have garage sales? or garages?
Anubis169: I had hosting with them until recently
itomeshi: Hey, we're up to source control!
Anubis169: (they're pricy)
Orgmastron: Capitalism!
Thandres: put the dictatorship in the bin!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: What if we just don't do the thing?
ContingentCat: or more trash cans
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RaklarLS: isn't the balancer the choke point? i'm confused
OessiMC: the scheme from last thing would be saving some nodes here
Lithobraker: Wow, this dictator is such a noob, everyone know Amazon Web Services is the proper place to stage your repressive programs
Anubis169: Ok chat, who remembers when you had to buy and host your own Counterstrike and Quake servers?
wildpeaks: Cat will remember this
SilentOptimist: all 180 residents
Astra7525: o/
RaklarLS: freshly roasted, ground cat
Astra7525: I miss the age of dedicated servers
Pteraspidomorphi: Good times, Anubis169
itomeshi: I really want to see what this is like after the tutorial.
TehAmelie: i only remember Quake 3 letting you create your own server
MAPBoardgames: I predict the ruling dictator will get 98% of the "votes"
wildpeaks: not only I recall, I still often play on a custom server
ContingentCat: it's a major big brain play as a dictator to have [rigged] elections
Pteraspidomorphi: Even without requiring users to host their own servers multiplayer games should still have player-controlled communities. Matchmaking-based multiplayer dies out very quickly and then you can't play the game anymore
Thandres: is there catOverflow where we can just copy the solution wholesale? only then do we do the real(tm) programming :p
thefileclerk: remember when google took "dont be evil" off as their slogan?
ArcOfTheConclave: last time it was an else
ContingentCat: yup trashcans are a big part of elections
thefileclerk: it feels like this
fubargames: SHENZHEN I/O
wildpeaks: +1 for shenzen
RaklarLS: ^
Titan457: The missions off the main path are much more difficult than just the main missions.
itomeshi: Shenzhen IO is much more educational.
Thandres: shenzen does not really teach though
RaklarLS: spacechem is still very good for logic based stuff
Rufran: oh, this game
Titan457: SHENZEN I/O is also really good
ContingentCat: good enough!
Pteraspidomorphi: Human resource machine definitely teaches conceptual assembly
MillerDark: Human Resource machine is good for computing concepts
Count_Nodonora: the human resource machine is much better at this.
Andmcmuffin2: Hacknet was fun but only taught basic UNIX commands
MillerDark: @Pteraspidomorphi heck ye
itomeshi: That said, I'm REALLY hoping this is better out of the tutorial.
RaklarLS: tis is a headache haha
wildpeaks: talking of zacktronics, Eliza is awesome
korvys: Oh yeah, TIS-100 was the one I couldn't remember
Thandres: they are Zachtronics games
SilentOptimist: Opus Magnum came out recently!
RaklarLS: 7 billion humans?
wildpeaks: in a way, Factorio
Thandres: Zachtronics makes very nice logic puzzle games
Titan457: I still have the instruction manual for SHENZEN I/O in a binder in my desk
bi0buster: There's also Neon Noodles that is kinda similar?
CleeKru: don't forget about 7 billion humans!
NoNane09: human resource machine?
raven534: I'm still not done with HRM or 7 billion humans
chesul: SilentOptimist "recently" means 2017?
jessieimproved: Anyone played Mincraft Education Edition?
Tynermeister: Playing Big Pharma now, but its not rly programmingy and more just operations
fubargames: The big difference is that in Shenzhen I/O you write actual code that is very close to assembler.
Thandres: yeah human resource machine and 7 billion humans is also very good
wildpeaks: maybe this game gets more complex later ?
RaklarLS: the learning is not integrated with the game bit
Rufran: I remember this game being somewhat underwhelming; it felt more about load balancing more than anything else
wildpeaks: just to ease you into the mindset
thefileclerk: that aint good
bowsin_durrows: What's this?
I_Am_Clockwork: they need to be reinforcing what you learned before more often
RaklarLS: also, TIS-100 is a lot better at teaching you overloading stuff; that's literally what all the game is about
jessieimproved: There is a website, designed for children, called Tynker, that teaches programming, and it's great
Titan457: Play the alternate mission!
thefileclerk: @bowsin_durrows machine learning teaching game, but not great
I_Am_Clockwork: showing situations where you use multiple tools at once so you can see why they are useful tools
MAPBoardgames: I'd like to see a "boss fight" where you have to solve a complicated problem with the parts they showed you earlier
chesul: you should definitely try Opus Magnum. it's got a better diversity of what you need to do.
thehighsloth: awe awe
Thandres: oh yeah Opus magnum is also great visually
I_Am_Clockwork: that's how some systems teach math systems. constantly touching back on the last few lessons material and using it to reinforce current lesson
Mysticman89: Theres something similar to this, but instead of programming, it's geometry. euclid the game is pretty interesting
Thandres: yup
Thandres: thats spacechem
Earthenone: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
itomeshi: I mean, the screenshots on Steam show more complex problems.
Pteraspidomorphi: But I need to go away for that!
wildpeaks: hydrate.exe
simriel: Instructions unclear. My hair is now on fire
thefileclerk: yeah, that sounds about right
wildpeaks: haven't you tried turning off your hair off and on again ?
wildpeaks: *have you tried
ItIsVey: I turned mine off, can't seem to find the on switch again tho =/
Mysticman89: For a little bit I thought this game was going to be interesting by being like many genres. Like an idle game layer with the start ups, some action game with the AI training, and so on
wildpeaks: you might need to install hair updates first
wildpeaks: and turn on the firewall to stop hair from catching fire in the future
simriel: Tried turning Hair off and on again. 99 errors found
UrlorJkron: just showed up; is it break time or before/after?
bowsin_durrows: I just watched the latest crapshot and LUL .
wildpeaks: it is indeed break time
UrlorJkron: cool
wildpeaks: also, we are definitely not cat robots
UrlorJkron: is this the machine learning game?
wildpeaks: yes
Earthenone: yes
UrlorJkron: ah yeah i played it a few months back pretty tough
simriel: Bethesda tried to patch the hair glitch, so my hair no longer catches fire, but every time I raise my left arm I lose 20% of my health
wildpeaks: (given the kind of bugs F76 has, I could believe that one :D )
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Ahh, I installed a player-made patch for hair a while back, it's worked for me but china knows my name
accountmadeforants: National heritage, like oil subsidies.
wildpeaks: if your hair continues catching fire, they might be running a hidden catcoin miner
Astra7525: ho boy.... this moving into really shady job territory fast
RaklarLS: so.. 2 sorts.
wildpeaks: good old boolean: true, false, invalid pointer
Tikosh_: Does it take the first output if both options are true?
bowsin_durrows: Would 'any' in the other slot mean else?
korvys: Isn't "Any" else?
Koios7: Why not just use one each of the things it was initially showing you? I just got here
accountmadeforants: Yeah, any would work
RaklarLS: any is else, since you're setting red as a rule
korvys: Like, Red/Any->Blue/Green
kingofgar1: is any else
Pteraspidomorphi: Any also contains the other dropdown's stuff, or at least before it did
accountmadeforants: Oh, that's very interesting Pteraspidomorphi
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:15:09.
ThePerrBearr: is this designed for mobile play?
Despoiler98: Espionage!
Pteraspidomorphi: It probably represents inconclusive or failed identification since this is ML? (I don't know much about ML)
Daken1993: @Korvys any will still grab red even if red is selected
korvys: Oh, ok, so not preferential
CommiePuddin: l337 haXz0r
RaklarLS: but you're pre-sorting red? how accurate are those sorters?
Thandres: good ol´ bobby tables
simriel: Good old lil Bobby Tables
Despoiler98: Matt is judging this game
Daken1993: I guess yeah, i dont know the terminology, I failed my university logic classes
Mysticman89: Sanatize your inputs unless you like suffering.
wildpeaks: inb4 little bubby tables
ArcOfTheConclave: bobby tables!
itomeshi: Cori, I love your faith in humanity.
simriel: Something of that nature happened to my best mate the other day actually
simriel: He now lives in the 1st of March
Pteraspidomorphi: One of the previous levels showed us that they get more accurate with training, but I don't thinkl it has come up since
simriel: it's the first line of his address for some reason XD
RaklarLS: yeah, that's the point of machine learning
ArcOfTheConclave: to not release the code?
Mysticman89: The moral of this is that cats have no ethical code.
RaklarLS: cats just want a blackbox that sort of does the job
Stoffern: This game works as a critique of todays's Silicon Valley?
RaklarLS: dogs want to eat said blackbox
UrlorJkron: are we the baddies?
wildpeaks: Eliza is good if you want a game that touches on ethics
Orgmastron: This could almost work as a critique of Silicon Valley if it actually cared
Thandres: shenzen touches on the ethics part a bit as well, but this gets just played for the lulz
Alahmnat: been watching this on the TV, but had to hop into chat to say that this game is Discrimination As A Service.
Mysticman89: or like 25% garbage seems about right looking at the targets.
Mysticman89: oh only like 3 red to begin with
bowsin_durrows: Yes, very very exciting.
Mysticman89: for random sorting, is it a rigged 'random', or if you run this multiple times woudl sometimes it all go one way and others all the other way?
Tikosh_: Cake?
Thandres: Through fire and flames? got it! :p
bowsin_durrows: It's like white noise, but redder.
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devil_dan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games!) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:38 from now).
Pteraspidomorphi: No bowsin_durrows, it's less of the other wavelengths ;D
DarkMorford: Oh god, the reference here
DarkMorford: ls
DarkMorford: Dammit, wrong window. :P
ContingentCat: oh good I was worried what reference I was completely missing
bowsin_durrows: Hah! Nice reference. @DarkMorford Kappa
Stoffern: Selling out to firms with no morals: Easy, helping desperate farmers: Harder
DarkMorford: Oh, I meant the description for this level in the game. It's a very thinly-veiled Angry Birds joke.
Despoiler98: Triangle goes in Cori?
Wolfstrike_NL: balancer-sift out triangles / let else through, else to balancer and split from there?
ContingentCat: oh yeah Angry birds, I forgot about those
Astra7525: I don't like the top one...
Alahmnat: yeah "presidential elections" in this game makes me quite worried.
Baldrash: Please do the needful and rig this election.
Wolfstrike_NL: switch red to else down?
planeswalkagogo: coding game?
ArcOfTheConclave: there were blues in the gree
Pteraspidomorphi: A second balancer behind the SIFTs?
Despoiler98: yay Blood
Pteraspidomorphi: This game is a little depressing
ContingentCat: delicious and nutritious blood
ThePerrBearr: Yes, that's how that works
Alahmnat: rofl Cori
Alahmnat: vote blue?
ArcOfTheConclave: blue green split don't care bout reds?
UrlorJkron: sequentially filter
DrWreckage: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games!) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:27 from now).
DarkMorford: Good enough!
ContingentCat: good enough!
Jrmh97: what if instead of a balancer you used a 3rd decision tree
Voidhawk42: Venus IS better
korvys: Oooh, genetic algorithms coming up? My favourite
CraziestOwl: seabatCHOICE
RaklarLS: but cats are bad at emoting D:
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doctorGunsforhands: meow?
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RaklarLS: genetic algorithm? is that the one that picks the best after x iterations/mutations?
Graved: Chat, are you flexible enough to do cat things? :>
wildpeaks: Dawks are in
ContingentCat: king dog is better
Pteraspidomorphi: I know a cat is a cat
RaklarLS: chat is a literal cat
ContingentCat: katesLurk
Despoiler98: I like Trains
Despoiler98: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
wildpeaks: ocdivaGmaCat
Graved: kaonicComf close enough
RaklarLS: there's a really cool website that uses the genetic algorithm to generate 2D cars to cross a certain distance
ArcOfTheConclave: accuracy vs speed?
Pteraspidomorphi: This is very unhelpful
RaklarLS: wait, less is better?
RaklarLS: how? why?
ContingentCat: Cs get degrees
Graved: kaonicButt
RaklarLS: also, I swear i've heard this OST in another game
Count_Nodonora: @RaklarLS the percentage is the error%, lower means less errors.
Alahmnat: "trajectory thirst"?
ThePerrBearr: Dr. Katz?!?
RaklarLS: @Count_Nodonora oh, that's confusing. all the others refer to accuracy
Mysticman89: Gotta hjave those occasional dopamine hits.
Graved: MMOs are social+ numbers going up
Mysticman89: rare drops and so on
Tiber727: And when people want to challenge themselves in an MMO, they try to solo group content, or do a dungeon faster.
RaklarLS: ah, found the thing: https://rednuht.org/genetic_cars_2/
korvys: My favourite was the robot that had to learn to travel a short distance, so evolved to be very tall, and just fall over the finish line
Pteraspidomorphi: The way the algorithm actually functions is completely opaque
Mysticman89: there was a few opportunities to click and learn the 'real' stuff with integrals and other spicy stuff.
ArcOfTheConclave: it's to abstract and opaque
Alahmnat: it's also seemingly not repeating the *right* things.
wildpeaks: oh, maybe Baba is You would be a good talking sim stream to contrast with this
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, has baba is you never been on talking sim?
Orgmastron: Sure!
Alahmnat: is this how Uber does their self-driving development?
AranMathai: Good evening, Drs. LRR and chat.
RaklarLS: RL2, RL3, RM1, RM2, RM3, RN1...
Wolfstrike_NL: I love their e-mail adress
e_bloc: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: of course it's making mistatkes! It's based on dumb luck!
Sly_chocobo: I was quite on board for this game when you started playing.. but its like a Zacktronics game but.. just.. not... as good
RaklarLS: you don't even have options on this board!
Sly_chocobo: Solutions just feel rote or random
RaklarLS: this is not how biology works. i am disappointed.
Pteraspidomorphi: There is a growing disconnect between the gameplay and infodump
Pteraspidomorphi: The historical texts, algorithm names, concepts, etc are all real but
korvys: Very cheap
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean if you cant see, that works
Despoiler98: awesome car
Count_Nodonora: I mean.... I've seen that driver before....
wildpeaks: it's a TAS run :D
Mysticman89: I actually gave a presentation on genetic algorithms with mutation once upon a time so I get what they're trying to show here, but I'm not convinced its being conveyed.
Sly_chocobo: Like.. how on earth does it not consider smashin into another car a fail??
RaklarLS: put gene mutation at 50%, see what happens
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Game, please...
Wolfstrike_NL: wasn't the defualt 2 "eyes"?
Tikosh_: Yes :|
RaklarLS: i think that's the problem @Wolfstrike_NL, the default is the solution, always
simriel: I mean Cars was a pretty bad movie
Alahmnat: this is definitely how Uber's self-riving car initiative operates.
ThePerrBearr: aw, lucky. no aliens want to kidnap me
fracassio: Was that a Jenny Nicholson reference?
simriel: And it's sequels only got worse
pcm_rs: more cars please
Paranundrox: Prepa the Pig
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Traveler is a circle, the Darkness is a triangle
Alahmnat: lol @Laserbeaks_Fury
RaklarLS: amazing.
wildpeaks: Excitement
Mysticman89: why isnt this level 2
Sly_chocobo: This is almost getting insulting now
Plasterboard: almost?
Alahmnat: the curve on this game is really all over the damn place
Sly_chocobo: "These are small, the ones out there.. are FAR away.."
wildpeaks: definitely the tambourine
RaklarLS: you can buy Stochs!
korvys: Hey, there's your else!
Sly_chocobo: huh, can you actually softlock yourself by running out of money? :P
Mysticman89: Don't you always make more than fees for any given job?
korvys: Towel is just Altair
Going_Medium: Neat, there's more than one way to skin a cat
RaklarLS: jc denton cat
simriel: He didn't ask for this
Vyous: Your cat didn't ask for this.
RaklarLS: or the other one, i forgot his name
wildpeaks: I thought it was morpheus
korvys: Adam Jensen
Paranundrox: why smartphones
RaklarLS: the glasses would be round then
Baldrash: Parse-nips. :)
RaklarLS: woooow.
wildpeaks: "everything's trash" ah yes, a typical code review
Sly_chocobo: Woah woah! Slow down game your going to quick!
Sly_chocobo: C.. coloured.. Shapes?!
Wolfstrike_NL: you could have bought the color/shape decision node in the store :)
RaklarLS: this is the first 10 minutes of spacechem, over and over and over...
korvys: Too many squares went to the trash
Pteraspidomorphi: It sent you some blue squares
Paranundrox: yeah you trashed some Green Squares
Paranundrox: can you use multiple decision trees to pare it down?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we only get one this level
Laserbeaks_Fury: circles are low enough to be withing the margin of error
nervousdavid: they may need to use both the nods to filter out everything but the square's
raven534: Looked like you had everything selected for trashing
Mysticman89: It'd be nice if there was a build in way to see what pecentage of the data is what
ThePerrBearr: "PC" gmae
wildpeaks: given the UI, I suspect it was a mobile game ported to PC
RaklarLS: wait a minute, was this a phone game?
RealGamerCow: I was just about to say, was this a mobile game?
Vyous: phone games
Sly_chocobo: Like.. Just.. play a a Zactronics game at this point.. or something like Human resource machine
Laserbeaks_Fury: Detroit had some surveys Kappa
wildpeaks: even the size of buttons look touch-based
Pteraspidomorphi: But not the text size of the deep news
Paranundrox: rate yourself
Paranundrox: I'm (150, 60)
Juliamon: that deeeep fish news
RaklarLS: some boxed games came with a paper survey that you could send back. I remember getting some PS1 games with it
storiers: Some of the assassins creed games had "rate this mission 1-5 stars" survey questions
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah, that is the proper plural of axis
ThePerrBearr: dangit, i want my distance to fridge in feet!
Alahmnat: "gender is an obvious parameter" sure.
Sly_chocobo: "This uses real math! But we figure your too foolish to work with actual puzzles, so heres some more colours and shapes"
AllTheBacons: this music legit put me to sleep sorry hosts
raven534: In what way is gender an obvious parameter
wildpeaks: oh boy
RealGamerCow: this sure is words
Paranundrox: well, game over
Sly_chocobo: But apparently not having a major in English
Baldrash: I feel like we've gone full Watch + Sim.
GDwarf: I too like to spend a having a whiteboard
bowsin_durrows: Is 'distance to the nearest fridge (in meters)' measured as the gamma ray goes or as the person walks?
Juliamon: this game is getting pretty aggressively "boomers trying to pretend to be kids"
Mysticman89: wait. Is the twist that this game was generated by a machine learned algoirthm? That would explain a lot
Laserbeaks_Fury: Was....was this game written by an algorithm?
Lejana_: I think they're trying to do a humor?
wildpeaks: definitely not written by cats
Tikosh_: Strange how it wants 14 items in each with 100% percentage but you have 15 each in the input
control_rig: Spacechem was sooooo good
RealGamerCow: There's no overt judging, just a bar graph showing how shittily inefficient you were
bowsin_durrows: 14 is the minimum that they want, they can take more, from what I've noticed. @Tikosh_
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's what I'm getting from Opus Magnum, where solutions are gauged against cost, operations, and space
the_canuck_mystic: Whats a balancer?
Anubis169: a load balancer
Anubis169: one out port 0, one out port 1
TheFoilAjani: Is that a scroll bar on the side?
RealGamerCow: Laserbeaks_Fury same dev as Spacechem. And Shenzen I/O.
TheFoilAjani: Why would you ever need that
Airymon: So what exactly do people get from this who don't know anything about the topic?
the_canuck_mystic: Isn't Cori a dev?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'm thinking nothing
Sly_chocobo: I really liked Shenzen I/O and Exapunks is really, really good
Paranundrox: oh yeah, all those "neural nets gone wrong" are great
GDwarf: The best example of that I can think of was an AI learning how to sort a list, found that the fastest solution was to delete the list!
Sly_chocobo: I've seen a good few ones, like "Sort this list so there are no out of order.. haha, yea @GDwarf :)
Paranundrox: I love the one that figured out how to break outside the boundary
Driosenth: short time or least number of cycles?
bowsin_durrows: For example: reusability.
TehAmelie: i like Simone Giertz' robots that do useless things and do them horribly
control_rig: There was a similar one where they gave points for moving forward. So the robot had one short leg and one long leg, and ran in circles on its side (because it didn't lose points for moving backwards)
ThePerrBearr: *cocks shotgun* tine to put the satellite down
Sly_chocobo: Right, are the developers of this game .. have english as a second language?
wildpeaks: Simone is great
noSmokeFire: there's no rule that says a cat can't be a sattle
Tikosh_: 14 modules o.o
noSmokeFire: *sattelite
Sly_chocobo: Because some of this text is nightmareish
niccus: here's that paper with all those surprising machine learning results https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.03453
TehAmelie: i would think using fewer nodes is better
simriel: I feel like I don't... Get the point of this game
Laserbeaks_Fury: This is teaching you to sort by color before shape because of the node speeds
psychro_hominoidea: The point is it find the solution the devs want, not the best solution.
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TehAmelie: it's making more sense than Opus Magnum gifs, but it's less satisfying. maybe one has to play it for oneself
Tikosh_: But the red/green will split the blue so you get blue circle in the top..
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GDwarf: simriel: It's an algorithm game, kinda like SpaceChem and the like. The idea is to make programs that do a task as accurately and efficiently as possible by placing and connecting various functions.
Gekyouryuu: do we put the color sorters BEFORE the balancers maybe?
simriel: @GDwarf Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel I am learning anything, nor does the game feel particularly fun...
ContingentCat: sergeHolyMoly
Plasterboard: The decision making process is happening at the third tier, why use so many balancers up front?
RaklarLS: you can add 40 now!
GDwarf: simriel: Well, you're learning how to do functional programming. How to implement algorithms that efficiently process data.
GDwarf: You're not learning a specific programming language, but you are learning concepts
Airymon: im not sure youre learning much from this at all
korvys: @GDwarf Except not, since you apparently have to _buy_ the ability to do like, "else" statements.
korvys: So you're learning bad concepts
GDwarf: Heh, whether it's doing its job well I dunno.
Plasterboard: The color filtering is not exclusive though
Plasterboard: Red or Green does not mean NOT BLUE
Mysticman89: you can use up to 40 nodes apparently. Thats gonna get messy
fracassio: Yeah, I don't think the color filtering will work this way
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun You could go buy some of those better nodes that can do 3 outputs, or can do "else"
Paranundrox: you have Blue Squares making it in
Wolfstrike_NL: Blue is not filtered in the lower Decision Tree
Despoiler98: moar is always better right?
InquisitorGaia: it went back to 14 max
Laserbeaks_Fury: Trash it all
namagem1: is this a Zachtronic game?
Despoiler98: grudging enjoyment
Paranundrox: nope
Paranundrox: it's a garbled mess that's difficult to follow
korvys: Oh hey, 2 trash cans only use 1 node
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wibbly wobbly
Despoiler98: ART?
Despoiler98: art art art
noSmokeFire: visual programming languages make spagetti code VERY literal
simriel: MTGO is a well known example of Spaghetti Code
iggySPLOSION: world of warcraft is spaghetti
Tikosh_: Those new modules are slow af
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Paranundrox: sounds delightful
ContingentCat: oh no
DO3YT: can anyone tell me when the pre prerelease for theros beyond death is?
BrowneePoints: @DO3YT friday
simriel: Friday
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Theros: Beyond Death Pre-Prerelease will be held on 10 January 2020! For more information, see this handy graphic: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EM1jTr9U0AYlGvJ.jpg
DO3YT: thank you
Paranundrox: maybe change the order on the second operation?
Paranundrox: so it goes Blue, Green Red
Gekyouryuu: Matt, you don't understand. the editing office ISN'T that ridiculous. you're asleep, and this is a nightmare. wake up, Matt.
Paranundrox: instead of both on Red, Green, Blue
korvys: Why did it go to 12 now?
Tikosh_: strange bugs
Wolfstrike_NL: 16/12 :)
Airymon: now you learn about powers of two i guess
Mysticman89: suddenly 16/40
Wolfstrike_NL: cheater
Paranundrox: 16/40 probably
InquisitorGaia: soap!
namagem1: what a bizarre game
hwdesperado: Oh, It's changing the node max based on which medals you qualify for.
iggySPLOSION: time to debug cats
wildpeaks: only 17% hungry ? fake cats
ArcOfTheConclave: so 9% == 100%?
ContingentCat: Cats can be men
Anaerin: "One small step for a man" is actually what was said, but the "a" was lost in transmission.
ArcOfTheConclave: fast, carful. pick one.
Paranundrox: this seems to be the opposite
Laserbeaks_Fury: OKay i have no idea whats happening
xantos69: cheer50 Just tuned in. What is this?
wildpeaks: it makes magic that makes things better
maxthefourth: machine learning the game?
korvys: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more?
Airymon: its more boxes with random labels that come from machine learning and do something
Paranundrox: how did they get all your emaisl
Paranundrox: that sounds like a GDPR violation
Alahmnat: all programmers in the world
namagem1: voluntary mailing list probably
Paranundrox: train it and then remove
Mysticman89: I appreciate coris face
Laserbeaks_Fury: Honest question, is this not a native English game, or is there a deliberate attempt to make it sound like "I can haz" ?
Airymon: @Laserbeaks_Fury i assume its by ESL
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
itomeshi: Training a model != Live models
Airymon: which is no excuse imo
namagem1: that's a lot of money
Mysticman89: These difficult problems you're solving are why you're paid the big bucks
PaperDoopliss: You HAVE to be curious about an anti-terrorism startup
namagem1: Ground Control To Major Tom
RaklarLS: oh, oooh! they're a russian developer
ContingentCat: oh my
wildpeaks: Meowjor Tom
Airymon: that email sounds like some execs idea of AI alright
itomeshi: Um.... that's a large set.
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games!) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (31m from now).
itomeshi: @airymon Too true.
RaklarLS: are we on HMMs now?
namagem1: like this game
wildpeaks: "I'm 14 and this is deep neural nets"
RaklarLS: quite literally a blackbox, yes
itomeshi: Matt, you beat me to that.
Airymon: slope straight to the trashcan
Juliamon: Perfect.
sir_jack_DB: LOL
namagem1: this is fantastic
Paranundrox: we're training the garbage
raven534: The trash will descend in a gradient
gawag_: this is the best line rider build ive ever seen
Laserbeaks_Fury: it's a Waifu sorter Kappa
sarkozywasthere01: i'm so confused and it sounds like matt and cori are too
RaklarLS: rm -rf data
ThePerrBearr: HAHA
itomeshi: So, the problem here is that this is fine for teaching AI/ML, but it's not a... game.
simriel: This game seems really bad.
Juliamon: !clip
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namagem1: The lore is so disconnected from the gameplay
Paranundrox: where they belong
gawag_: holy moly lol
maxthefourth: gamify all the things!
Rhynerd: It’s waifu science.
simriel: This is the first time I have ever found myself just zoning out during Talking Sim, and it isn't cause of the hosts
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: that's Science, Cori!
ContingentCat: Why are you mad he's not wrong
noSmokeFire: set waifus to no
Juliamon: I feel bad for anyone who tuned out early from this due to boredom
namagem1: this game is going to have so many highlights
Despoiler98: BREATHE remember to breather
RaklarLS: sort your waifus with neural networking, today! try neurotrash.em
itomeshi: I want a dozen copies of this to give to people who want to 'do a thing to ML', and none to play.
sir_jack_DB: Just Shapes And Meeps
raven534: Tomorrow's game on W+P: this
namagem1: What am I watching
PaperDoopliss: I feel like this is exactly how neural nets *don't* work?
Alahmnat: difficulty curve like the Hell Road.
Seagulyus: namagem1 programming
Seagulyus: PaperDoopliss it isn't actually at all
ContingentCat: more is better right?
Airymon: cori broke math
itomeshi: It's annoying that this isn't teaching the hard things about AI/ML, like feature selection:
RaklarLS: the neural network in this case is the little box that says "gradient descent"
TehAmelie: compounding errors is like compound interest, right?
Ukon_Cairns: of course, as they always say, 2 wrongs makes a right mogsSmeel
Paranundrox: THE problem?
RaklarLS: that's it.
Paranundrox: only ONE
wildpeaks: there is only one problem ? :D
raven534: I don't agree with the statement that this is programming
Seagulyus: I've been helping two people who were doing programming of neural networks, this uhh isn't it at all
Seagulyus: TehAmelie yes. it is a problem that adds to itself
aWabbajack: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE feliciaToronto
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korvys: So just rush through it. It seem like you're lingering on the boring parts (which to be fair, might be all of them), and then making fun for how boring it is. If it's like other games of this type, the side paths are more interesting.
PaperDoopliss: If your sorting algorithm isn't reliable enough, just run it through the same sorting algorithm again to catch more of the errors
itomeshi: That being said, if anyone wants to learn more machine learning than this, a Google engineer made a GREAT series of tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKxRvEZd3Mw
wildpeaks: "do my job for me", now that is the typical catoverflow question
Seagulyus: TehAmelie for example if the answer for a run is 2 and the noise makes it 2.05 - you feed them back and get 2.01 and 2.08 - the error went from 0.5 to 0.7 and might keep getting worse
Airymon: no one who doesnt know what this is will learn anything about RELUs from this
niccus: grammatical or is usually exclusive or
Mysticman89: Do you want salt or pepper? Yes, you want both. Do you want salt xor pepper? No, you want both.
Cmdrlyneye: numberphile?
iggySPLOSION: theres a few minecraft mods that use gates
korvys: Computerphile maybe
RaklarLS: go to their discord and just ask why. why.
Ukon_Cairns: Balance right in the trash. sounds like many an online game
raven534: Balance the trash!
itomeshi: @PaperDoopliss I mean, that's NOT totally inaccurate... training ML systems is often done by feed known data, run a test set, pick out what it did wrong with the test set, re-train with the data it failed on, then repeat.
wildpeaks: let us descent directly into the trash, where we belong
itomeshi: feeding*
namagem1: Sounds like vihart, numberphile, or Vsauce
Seagulyus: XOR is "one or the other and not both and not either" aka it comes up false if they are both true or false, but comes up true if one (and only one input) is true
Paranundrox: the problem is the training element of this game (which should be the main focus) is just "press the button twice instead of once"
namagem1: one of those 3 sound likely
raven534: !card balance
LRRbot: Balance [1W] | Sorcery | Each player chooses a number of lands they control equal to the number of lands controlled by the player who controls the fewest, then sacrifices the rest. Players discard cards and sacrifice creatures the same way.
simriel: Symmetrical Effects are Fair
Seagulyus: the problem is you need to do 1 color and 3 shape
RealGamerCow: This is a thing
Naarius: Can't be chat
raven534: We are here to play fair and balanced magic cards
iggySPLOSION: balance to the farce
Mysticman89: oh, the node number is for target medal, which is why its changing when you go over.
Seagulyus: one color can handle the inputs, but you feed all the oranges to the top bin, all greens to the middle bin, and all blue to the bottom bin which then pushes out the shapes to the trashcan you dont want
itomeshi: Oh man, this is hurting to watch.
Seagulyus: so this needs precisely 4 nodes + 1 trashcan
itomeshi: I... oh no.
Seagulyus: wait im backseating arent i? I'm so sorry I dont mean to
RaklarLS: you'd be having more fun with a NN python module, trying to teach it to sort out magic cards by name and colour
Seagulyus: I'm so used to helping people with programming I got into the full help mode QQ
Alahmnat: are we going to slay the spire?
Wolfstrike_NL: burp burp burp?
Naarius: burp burp burp
Ukon_Cairns: thats a good input
wildpeaks: oh good
Naarius: Cheevo gt
itomeshi: Also, RNN would be Recurrent
Ukon_Cairns: welcome to the highlights
RaklarLS: o hey, we're getting closer to what i do! NN and virology
gawag_: a literal discord link? within the game? for real???
PaperDoopliss: @gawag_ That's not at all unheard of for low-budget multiplayer games
Mysticman89: why do they force you to connect it to itself
PaperDoopliss: It's pretty damn unheard of for singleplayer edutainment
RealGamerCow: did that say "sorry?"
fracassio: I had this game wishlisted and I'm so profoundly disappointed
gawag_: @PaperDoopliss first time I'm seeing. I can buy it for multiplayer, but as a way to look up how to beat puzzles? jeez
RealGamerCow: fracassio yeah, someone hyped this game to me and I'm not sure why now.
Wolfstrike_NL: that's alot of moneyz
Airymon: bet they wont let you connect the LSTM node
Mysticman89: this is the sort of thing It'd be neat to get a random code for from a game give away, but not so cool to actually pay for
RaklarLS: yep, this is what I do all day. this is my job.
PaperDoopliss: Classic coding error, not attaching the triangle to the triangle
Airymon: this is just a profound waste of time, its not even nice as a gift.
Wolfstrike_NL: Clap Clap Clap
wildpeaks: maybe it's more meant for a young audience
Airymon: at this point the only people left in chat are people who do this as a job and are here to watch the trainwreck. prove me wrong.
korvys: So just rush through it. It seem like you're lingering on the boring parts (which to be fair, might be all of them), and then making fun for how boring it is. If it's like other games of this type, the side paths are more interesting.
Alahmnat: unable to prove you wrong, @Airymon
PaperDoopliss: I know nothing about machine learning and I'm here to watch the trainwreck!
RaklarLS: i'm already mad that they're using ACUG rather than ACTG, and * instead of Ns.
armann24: lrrCIRCLE_RD
armann24: lrrCIRCLE_RD lrrDOTS_RD
wildpeaks: ocdivaGmaCat_RD
simriel: I... am literally here cause I can't think of anything better to do
raven534: Matt "Who Cares About Important Numbers" Griffith
Ukon_Cairns: reindeer dots is a powerful emote
simriel: This game content is not very engaging at all I feel
ContingentCat: @Airymon I'm not someone who does this, I'm enjoying Cori and Matt's response to this
nanacomehome: i cannot imagine how i would possibly follow this game if it were not literally based on my job
Mysticman89: Can you connect the neural part of one to another, or literally only to itself?
simriel: @nanacomehome I am almost completely lost
Airymon: I mean I guess its cheaper than some machine learning bootcamps and technically offers the same level of depth Kappa
raven534: I can kind of follow this because I spent like two weeks studying this
nanacomehome: i feel like that's the natural reaction to this
fracassio: @RealGamerCow It feels like it was made by someone who heard a very bad explanation of how a Zachtronic game is.
nanacomehome: like i have a masters in this and i am not having an easy time
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is there a point to *not* training an AI to max?
RaklarLS: oh no.
itomeshi: "If you can read this you've almost finished the game?"
furian12: It feels weird to have such a big field of research turned into a game... and done pretty accurately too
itomeshi: O_o
nanacomehome: @Laserbeaks_Fury yeah if you "overfit" to your training data you'll perform worse on new data you haven't seen
Ballistic_Meatball: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (12m from now).
Juliamon: I do wish G was here to read the emails as Dave's Spokesman
nanacomehome: and your model/AI won't generalize
Stoffern: Finally free of the ambient music!
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RaklarLS: if you train it too much, it will only find what you trained it for, so it lack flexibility to detect outliers or less accurate sequences
RaklarLS: it lacks*
namagem1: Jokes aside, this game wasn't awful, but it could have been much better with some basic QA
Naarius: She knows....
itomeshi: Cheer100 Cheer100 Well, now you know AI/ML better than many of my programming coworkers, so congrats! I think?
Despoiler98: !nice
ContingentCat: katesNice
simriel: I've never been bored during Talking Sim before... I guess that's a new experience.
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (11m from now).
wildpeaks: I liked the idea of the game, needs some more iterating on it
itomeshi: It's not telling you why any of this is important, or HOW to actually use it.
RaklarLS: it needs a game, goddamn it.
ContingentCat: Editors: not useless
korvys: If it's like other games of this type, the side paths are more interesting - You stuck to the main path
wildpeaks: maybe it used to be a mobile game where you're meant to play only 1-2 level at a time ?
Airymon: The game just throws ML terminology to you. In the end youre just left connecting whatever black boxes you currently have available. Doesnt matter what they say on them.
RaklarLS: bye!
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (8m from now).
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the learning, fellow carbon-based entities
Alahmnat: neat, Manhole XD
Airymon: So Id say it does a really bad job at teaching you anything about this stuff.
RealGamerCow: The hosting has been so messed up lately, it's weird, but fun
Earthenone: !card daymare
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
wildpeaks: given the name ... is it a dating sim ? :D
Laserbeaks_Fury: I haven't heard the term "manhole" used in so long, it just sounds dirty now
RaklarLS: it teaches you the key works you need to blurt out whenever someone talks to you about it, if you need to sound smart for a moment
TheMerricat: I missed the stream chat, did they ever mention the game Human Resource Machine as a 'better' alternative to this?
wildpeaks: yes it came up
wildpeaks: (in chat)
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (7m from now).
Juliamon: Chat frequently suggested better ML alternatives.
TheMerricat: heheh so when I catch the vod I'll have to pay close attention to chat, I like this type of game but not this particular game.
wildpeaks: chat was a gradient descent of suggestions
TehAmelie: i like that the "most recent video" twitch suggests is Mine o clock, with James' giant block head in the thumbnail
simriel: Really? For some reason I have Rhythm Cafe as my most recent
TheMerricat: shenmue here. :)
Juliamon: Oh Twitch.
simriel: Did twitch forget what Linear Time was
TehAmelie: it's usually the stream that was the last when you refreshed the page last
RaklarLS: twitch has been aggregating stuff into weird chapters now? is this normal»
Mysticman89: Maybes it shows the most recent as of when you first loaded the page, and that doesn't change if you sit through multiple recent streams
TehAmelie: i just like James' giant head getting exposure
wildpeaks: if that game Fugi was playing the other day taught us anything, that means it's totally not just a server bug, but you all are coming from different parallel universes :D
TheMerricat: @RaklarLS are you refering to the Road Quest Q&A and it's chapters? They do that whenever you update the stream category (Title?)I think
Juliamon: Yeah, changing the stream category automatically creates chapters.
RaklarLS: @TheMerricat every once in a while, the last few streams get aggregated
wildpeaks: I'm so glad they added chapters, makes watching agdq vods much easier
Juliamon: Usually it's because they went online before the change registered, or forgot to update it before going live
TehAmelie: ooh, it's raining outside
Juliamon: yeah I made heavy use of chapters for SGDQ last year
TehAmelie: off with the winter snow, pls
Perivale: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (53s from now).
Juliamon: So... anyone know anything about this game?
Seagulyus: it sounds like a trash game tbh
Amentur: Snow is still better than freezing rain. Snow isolates and you can shake it off. Rain is just cold and wet
TehAmelie: i think i remember seeing it in the store
Perivale: watch and spoop?
TehAmelie: back when there was game stores
wildpeaks: name sounds familiar
OriginalGarwulf: Their use of the word "fresh"...I do not think it means what they think it means.
TehAmelie: ha, a false memory apparently
Pteraspidomorphi: Wow, precise
Juliamon: The last time we saw a "90s" game it was Graham playing that... thing....
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
OriginalGarwulf: Recycling the plot from Resident Evil is not "fresh."
simriel: @Juliamon Which Thing was this?
Pteraspidomorphi: How did machine unlearning end? Continuing next week? I had to go shower
Juliamon: simriel Back in 1995
Seagulyus looks at the trailer OriginalGarwulf linked
Paranundrox: When was the Blade Runner game that Cori played from?
Seagulyus: why is ben in resident evil?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tonight on Let's NOPE: Ben and Adam are playing the spiritual successor to popular indie kickstarter RESIDENT EVIL. | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/ENuHYpVVAAAQUyH.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1214713387554197504
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iggySPLOSION: Forsooth and shit
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Juliamon: The Bladerunner game was legitimately old, not old-"style"
Fruan: Time for NOPE!
simriel: @Pteraspidomorphi I think we have more chance of going back to The Quivering than going back to That
YawnLance: Hey friends! benginSpoop
Seagulyus: OH that isnt a trailer its the dev playing the game
Pteraspidomorphi: Good!
OriginalGarwulf: Can we have more of the Blade Runner game? That one is kind of amazing in its own way (not least of which because it was one of the first movie games that was actually, well, GOOD.)
Seagulyus: *the dev is streaming the game on steam* he's about to have his world rocked on twitch as 250ish people are going to see his game be played
dungeonmaster099: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
OriginalGarwulf: (I'm old enough to remember it coming out. I didn't play it, but I did watch somebody else play it for a while.)
djalternative: umm?
CastleOtranto: HahaShrugLeft lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR HahaShrugRight
namagem1: Hey guys, first letsnope! lrrCHKN
djalternative: weird. I think my sub got eaten
Naarius: lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: djalternative Maybe you need to refresh?
Despoiler98: OMG
Naarius: nyan?
ehsteveG: rawr XD bois
Despoiler98: NYAAAA?????
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Faulpyr: I missed my Nice sub, so here's a Nice+1 sub
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BusTed: yoooo
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Alness49: Let's Nyan
NimrodXIV: HahaGingercat
Kikazi: I... wha... huh? .......Cute
asthanius: Road Quest changed these bois
korvys: Let Us Nope!
LegionofLashes: starting right meow!
Nigouki: this is moe~ as fuck
silvalunae snorts
Orgmastron: Nyaaa~!
MagicWarluck: Fans of Cats? :O
silvalunae: Moe Moe CUTE
wildpeaks: ever forward, never learning
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DolGrenn: Spoopsie-daisy!
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BusTed: nyeah
CastleOtranto: Are you kitten me right meow?
Diabore: adam says, wearing cat ears
Ukon_Cairns: miasUwU whats this
IsaTheEngie: bogotterLove bogotterLove bogotterLove
Laserbeaks_Fury: Meowdy do!
enki1256: Lovely ears.
GreenMittenz: Adam looks good with cat ears. As does Ben but I expect it more.
MagicWarluck: Let's Meowp?
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RavingPenguin: My two favorite spoop bois!!!
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Diabore: 7
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: oh hello spoop bois! love the ears!
djalternative: @Juliamon it keeps just eating my message when I press enter
TheMerricat: 7/10 Steam 62% Metacritic
Darleysam: Let's Nope: Same yesterday, today, and always
ehsteveG: I called nightmares during the day "napmares"
Kramburger: Oh we'll be the judge of THAT
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JeremyNoell: <3
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NightValien28: steam ratings are as trustworthy as cats
Laserbeaks_Fury: Lightmares
Rhynerd: I’ve seen this game in action elsewhere.
RaklarLS: overwhelmingly mediocre?
Orgmastron: OH NO
Juliamon: Aggressively average