thedudetrio: Hello chat
DarkMorford: Yo
the_elkae: slytqLurk
Bobtheninjagoldfish: seabatCHOICE
Wrexadecimal: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
Wrexadecimal: Love that new emote so much seabatPjorg seabatCHOICE
Bobtheninjagoldfish: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
the_elkae: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
thedudetrio: So before the stream gets started, there's a video that I wanted to put in the chat for Adam (it's somewhat game related but not spoilers). Does that need to get cleared by a mod or how does that work?
TXC2: also Hello everybody
Invitare: seabatCHOICE
TXC2: thedudetrio whisper it to me
Wrexadecimal: HONK?
TwilightAvalon: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
TwilightAvalon: !cw
LRRbot: This game contains, or we have found it to contain, material that may be upsetting to some of our viewers. If that content is a problem for you, it's okay to not watch this stream. Self-care is more important.
RebekahWSD: <3
PinkfloydYES: hello
TXC2: hello PinkfloydYES welcome
Paranundrox: hype hype hype
thedudetrio: How do I whisper? /w and then @name?
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Zarash11: Time to push this button. Have fun with Persona, watching the PPR replay right now.
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> What's up gamers | Adam is playing Persona 5 (still) and getting that tomb juice. | ||
TXC2: thedudetrio yeap
TwilightAvalon: Kappa
Wrexadecimal: Juice day hype! seabatTROG
TwilightAvalon: but its Saturday
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg / Morning Adam + chat
TXC2: Everyday is juice day if you try hard enough
Lithobraker: So where are we in the story? Are we at the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end?
Wrexadecimal: @TwilightAvalon I see what you did there. YOu know what I mean
TXC2: hello monkeyrama welcome
ninjim84: morning @monkeyrama
kumatsu: Gotta be the juice seabatTROG
TwilightAvalon: Everyone isnt Juice day
TXC2: Lithobraker I'm not sure this game ends :P
arlodog1: JOOSE
TwilightAvalon: Everyday is Great at your Junes! โ™ซ
canadianlowlander: TPFufun
TwilightAvalon: So unless Junes has Juice
monkeyrama: I actually get to catch some P5 for the first time in a while
Pharmacistjudge: Everyday Young Life Junes
TXC2: we're back from Hawaii I Presume?
Wrexadecimal: I believe so
accountmadeforants: Yup TXC2, that was a rather brief stint
monkeyrama: Hi Adam
TXC2: Here we Go
TXC2: Hello Adam
LRRbot: Sunmane Pegasus [3W] | Creature โ€” Pegasus [2/3] | Flying / {1}{W}: Sunmane Pegasus gains vigilance and lifelink until end of turn.
Nigouki: yoooooooooooo
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thedudetrio: Afternoon/Morning Adam! Founda little video you might enjoy:
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Wrexadecimal: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
TXC2: !cardview off
LRRbot: Card viewer disabled
Pharmacistjudge: I think we are in spaceship month, but we haven't gone into the metaverse yet
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Walkingharder: I'll reveal your true form!
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the_elkae: lrrDOTS lrrADAM lrrARROW
TwilightAvalon: :crying_emoji: :Ok_sign: :100:
canadianlowlander: *drops from out of frame* "Hello there"
flikerz1: sweet shirt, where cani get one?
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monkeyrama: LUL
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Pharmacistjudge: I am hoping to buy that shirt at PAX south
Black5parrow: Hey adam! Finally get to catch ur stream from the start ;)
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Ridgenator: Pjรถrg
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TwilightAvalon: Phantom GEESE
the_elkae: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves (more coming soon), and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
Radjack: Hi Adam :D Just saw the end of the PPR VoD, happy to hear you read the Erickson books!
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sacrenos: is the sound low for anyone else?
monkeyrama: HypeUnicorn1 HypeUnicorn1
Crowbears: Hey Adam you were great at the PPR yesterday. Super sick deck and top tier banter
Zarash11: Love the shirt
arlodog1: Not for me @sacrenos
TXC2: sacrenos lets wait for the game to start before we talk about noise levels
TXC2: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves (more coming soon), and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
monkeyrama: Where's Vegetini? Kappa
sacrenos: im talking about adam's voice level :)
TwilightAvalon: Mic in shot Kappa
kumatsu: I'm tempted to but I have so many black shirts NotLikeThis
TXC2: do it you cowards Kappa
Zaraka00: capitalism is the true road quest
OmnipotentTrevor: If I were going to buy anything, it'd be the bottle
hero1618: Is there a place we can find the pre prereleases
Omega_Lairon: Well... since you cared enough to apply peer pressure : p
thedudetrio: I hear you fine too
sacrenos: ok than it is my shitty laptop speaker
TXC2: !pprvod
LRRbot: Videos of past Pre-prereleases up through Core 2020 can be found here: and from Throne of Eldraine onward here:
TwilightAvalon: You are preparing for the Next Dungeon....Okumura Foods CEO
accountmadeforants: There's a new palace sorta and we have new pals? Big forehead girl.
SeiichiSin: I think with that play time you have to just put the game down and never return.
Pharmacistjudge: I think you are invading Haru's dad dungeon, but you haven't actually gone in yet
OmnipotentTrevor: Wasn't it your new party member's dad's Palace?
FireFlower18: the shirt is very soft
TwilightAvalon: And you have acquired the new Party member Haru Okumura
Pharmacistjudge: you are doing other chores
Gallium71: You know what, I don't have enough black shirts
boristhewizard: The prodigal son has returned! benginDab
monkeyrama: Been a while
TwilightAvalon: JUICE
Crowbears: RIP tha Gamehaus
TwilightAvalon: Its sunday!
Nigouki: also ready to go fight the cheater in mementos?
Paranundrox: lrrAWW
monkeyrama: RIP Gamehaus
TwilightAvalon: :(
monkeyrama: End of an era
Zaraka00: :(
Paranundrox: I'll miss it, Adam
Omega_Lairon: Darkest timeline
Bobtheninjagoldfish: Will you have another Saturday stream?
SeiichiSin: Aww, and this is the first one I've been able to make it to.
thedudetrio: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
the_elkae: They never gave him and intro and he got DONE Kappa
Paranundrox: Spheda :P
accountmadeforants: I'd heard you say it on your own channel, but still BibleThump
seth_erickson: Cheer100 oh... Suh Dude you're great
the_elkae: *an intro gdi
flikerz1: speda?
Invitare: Will we miss the Gamehaus? seabatCHOICE
monkeyrama: Spheda to end it? Kappa
boristhewizard: Minecraft?
TXC2: what the fuck are we gonna do on Saturdays then?
Zaraka00: will there be a 24/7 all spheda all the time stream?
Bobtheninjagoldfish: that sucks ass.. why are they taking away the streams on days I can actually watch?
Crowbears: Right when I dig myself out of the VOD mines, only get to see 40 more episodes of Persona live BibleThump
TwilightAvalon: Juice?
Black5parrow: Will u play persona on seabatz
Gallium71: I eagerly await what you are up to next :)
Canageek: Hey Adam
Black5parrow: I reallt want to see it finishedb
canadianlowlander: Just use aincent tomb mana
flikerz1: though, you will be doing home streams?
accountmadeforants: RIP one of the only streams I could watch in my time zone.
Omega_Lairon: Grandfather clause
Paranundrox: @Black5parrow his plan is to finish P5 here and then Gamehaus will go away
Canageek: Yeah, I loved that era to be honest
Paranundrox: Heather's Handhelds
Edgarware: Ye olde days
monkeyrama: Gamehaus going away might mean more Adam in other content?
Wrexadecimal: Had to refresh, what'd I miss? Gamehaus is leaving?
Paranundrox: I, Horner
Paranundrox: Things On My Stream
Lithobraker: What was the Jer show again?
seth_erickson: are there any ideas flying around for something that might replace this time slot
Wrexadecimal: @Lithobraker book of passwords
TXC2: Lithobraker book of passwords
Canageek: I want GPLP back, it was my favourite one
Lithobraker: book of passwords was a bop
thedudetrio: @LoadingReadyRun what's with the black mark on the right of the screen?
monkeyrama: That's the mic
TXC2: thedudetrio it's the mic
Paranundrox: @thedudetrio that's the mic
thedudetrio: Oh *Facepalm*
Omega_Lairon: Because... he's carrying the brand? : p
SeiichiSin: Ah, that makes a lot of sense then.
Paranundrox: ooooh
Pharmacistjudge: oo Adam improv
DrWreckage: OMG LIVE
the_elkae: Moar Adam = good things
DrWreckage: ADAM ON LIVE?
TwilightAvalon: That seems like a good tradeoff
Paranundrox: Adam in LRL would be great
monkeyrama: Or even... have 2 days off a week? :o
Wrexadecimal: More Adam on LRL? yeeeees
kumatsu: Adam on LRL seabatPjorg
accountmadeforants: Oooh, that'll be neat.
Paranundrox: all is forgiven, Adam :P
Wrexadecimal: Do want
flikerz1: oh heck tes adam on live !
TwilightAvalon: Check Juice, because I cant remember if you did it last stream
mtvcdm: And maybe it means a brand new show for Saturdays, perhaps. (I have no news on that.)
arlodog1: Yay This will be awesome
Crowbears: just go home and play Monster Hunter instead 4Head
Gallium71: Yay! Go levelling up :)
arlodog1: JOOSE DAY!
Bobtheninjagoldfish: I get why THIS show is going. it's just with the paring down, Fridays, Mondays and Saturdays, the 3 days I can just sit and watch have had like 99% of their LRR content canned lol
SeiichiSin: Wait, content creators get days off? Why did no one tell me this!
NathanJay_GA: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 11:03.
TXC2: it's 2020, we don't have off days anymore Kappa
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CalHale: Wow 17 months! Also I'm visiting Osaka right now and this game is very real to life. Thanks for giving me something to watch at 4 am!
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the_elkae: get juiced
NathanJay_GA: Hi folks :)
Crowbears: Yeah that fight can be gnarly
Paranundrox: @mtvcdm I doubt it, since it tends to be a video/planning day normally
monkeyrama: tbh, I was half expecting Adam to play MonHun on this stream today LUL
TXC2: hello NathanJay_GA welcome
boristhewizard: If only this was a good RPG like Dragon Quest XI and gave you a plot summary whenever you turn the game on
thedudetrio: This makes me incredibly sad becasue this show was more or less the reason I get moving on Saturdays
Pharmacistjudge: well, I guess i lose my workout Vod
malsareus: good evening Adam and chat
TwilightAvalon: Its Night Time so the best options you have are for leveling Social Links would be Mishima > Shogi Girl > Study
TXC2: hello malsareus welcome
Crowbears: no charm juice pls
CalHale: jet lag is a real thing!
malsareus: Having fun going back to school Adam?
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monkeyrama: Yususke DansGame
Lithobraker: SeiichiSin ABB: Always Be Branding.
Stevie_T: Already juiced
Crowbears: oh right, you got charm juiced last time
Invitare: why can't every game *at least* have Sylvando? seabatBRAIN
Black5parrow: Have u done fortune teller yet
thedudetrio: JOOCE
accountmadeforants: The cat's why we can't JUICE twice a day? That miserable git!
sacrenos: *goes to get headphones to avoind speaker issues, comes back, starts airbrushing again, forget to put on gloves* Well, guess my thumb is german panzer grey for the coming week...
SeiichiSin: Basically yep Litho.
TwilightAvalon: Try to Level up Mishima or Shogi Girl
OmnipotentTrevor: Can't palace at night, I guess.
boristhewizard: Play smash on your CRT
Crowbears: you haven't owned the cheater IRL yet have you?
monkeyrama: 85% means Gamehaus ends in December Kappa
canadianlowlander: tap your ancient tomb for ancient tomb mana
FireFlower18: crime.
DarkMorford: I'm gonna be in Japan this time next week. I don't know that it's totally sunk in yet.
Wrexadecimal: @DarkMorford ooh nice. Enjoy!
Black5parrow: Start the fortune teller?
TwilightAvalon: Then Study, for Knowledge OR Work at Bar for potential Kindness
Brozard: Man, I keep missing these notifications
Crowbears: shogi girl?
OmnipotentTrevor: I find myself really interested in what Sojjiro's confidant story is now.
PharaohBender27: @DarkMorford You ever been before?
Wrexadecimal: LRR weebs in Japan? seabatTROG
monkeyrama: Hopefully you can go soon, Adam seabatPjorg
thedudetrio: If I am understanding correctly based on plot so far, your rating is being atifically pushed up?
Lithobraker: speaking of which, now that the Shenmue story is on pause for the next decade what's coming up on Play if Forward?
kumatsu: What if we could get an IRL stream from Adam in Japan? seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Where would you go in Japan?
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Tikosh_: Adam is still infected with the Beej?
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TwilightAvalon: Play it Forward = Adam plays Persona 4 Kappa
aldruon: So is there a plan for this time slot?
Crowbears: the Beej is incurable
TwilightAvalon: Scary-Looking MAn = Guts
accountmadeforants: Right, Play it Forward is for when you play Persona 5 Royal Kappa
TXC2: down with the Beejness
TwilightAvalon: Office Worker = Prof
TwilightAvalon: Evening Dress is Charm
Lithobraker: Play it Forward: Persona 5 Royal Edition
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andrian_zuddas: happy to see you live, love your streams of persona
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, andrian_zuddas! (Today's storm count: 20)
DarkMorford: @PharaohBender27 Nope, first time. I'm just going for the weekend to see an anime/idol concert, then coming right back on Monday. Can't afford to stay longer.
OmnipotentTrevor: Wouldn't that be more like "one more" than "play it forward"?
Sogheim: oh hey which episode of Persona 5 is this?
TXC2: Sogheim eleveity billion
PharaohBender27: @DarkMorford Dang. That's a short stay for such a long flight.
TwilightAvalon: This should be Episode 18
Crowbears: I'm so mad that Royal is coming out so much later in the west. This stream has been making me fiend for another playthrough and I want to wait for Royal for sure
Sogheim: Stream #18?
Sogheim: neat
TwilightAvalon: Juice Money!
TXC2: !vod
LRRbot: Streams from the last few days can be found at and the Archive of all streams can be found at
Paranundrox: a whole juice
Pharmacistjudge: you haven't
TwilightAvalon: Yes, but not actuall
TwilightAvalon: Do Dungeon Today
OmnipotentTrevor: You went in once, barely
Paranundrox: kinda?
Wrexadecimal: just for cutscene
SeiichiSin: Love how you just got paid $5 for your work.
TwilightAvalon: Yes
Crowbears: Teacher will massage you yeah
monkeyrama: This is stream #19 of Persona
monkeyrama: btw
Paranundrox: @SeiichiSin $50
PharaohBender27: @LRRbot More like streams from the last two months can be found on the Twitch channel!
DarkMorford: @PharaohBender27 Yeah, it kinda sucks like that. But it's literally a once-in-a-lifetime show and I got super lucky to score tickets. If I didn't go I'd regret it.
gualdhar: seabatSEAL
Nigouki: still need one more kindness level, right?
TwilightAvalon: Monday = Get Far as possible in Dungeon then call Kawakami at night to get your Night Slot back and then Try to level up Mishima/Shogi/Work at Bar
PharaohBender27: @DarkMorford Oh no, I get it. Just didn't expect that answer
monkeyrama: The set looks like a lot of fun
accountmadeforants: Yeah, the set looks great.
Crowbears: You and Nadine's decks yesterday got me super pumped to draft Constellation and also build it in constructed
Tikosh_: There are 17 episodes of persona 5 on youtube.. last one was uploaded a week ago
Traion: Hello Adam, hey Chat. Does Yusuke still suck? :P
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NathanJay_GA: You're not allowed to run in a campground. You have to "ran", because it's past tents
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FireFlower18: fucking thank you
TXC2: hello Traion welcome
Tikosh_: Oh no, 18.. missed one
TheKingWiggins: I am surprised Canada isn't shut down in honor of Neil Peart
n3ther: limited is the only format
DarkMorford: @PharaohBender27 I've got a lot of planning to do the next few days, though. I got some suggestions for places to go from Ian and Jacob, now I need to put it all together.
monkeyrama: Oh, we have another new friend
DarkMorford: Haru is Psychic element
OmnipotentTrevor: I don't know how your 4 color deck did as well as it did.
TwilightAvalon: Haru is a very specialized Party Memeber...but overall is not better than current party
Sogheim: it's my understanding she's not better yet but she will be later
Crowbears: LR set review today seabatPjorg
Paranundrox: Have you considered CanLander at all, or is it just not for you?
monkeyrama: There sure are spicy cards
Pharmacistjudge: once you can, she should probably take ann's spot for this dungeon, since this dungeon has higher psy weakness than normal
accountmadeforants: Thassa + Yarok, sitting in a tree, b-o-u-n-c-i-n-g
Mister_BlueSky: IF you want to use her, I suggest making her a crit/gun character. Psi is of minimal use after this dungeon.
TwilightAvalon: Later on in the Dungeon, you might wanna replace Makoto for Haru just for this Dungeon
Pharmacistjudge: once you're out of here, she's nothing special
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Haru's specialty is Psychic element, if you need to shore that up at all
aldruon: you excited to draft white Adam? benginCry
Nigouki: can we mute the game and just have Adam provide all the music and sound effects? Kappa
TwilightAvalon: Not yet
TwilightAvalon: There is a "First Part" of this Dungeon
Crowbears: That Thassa + whatever the narcissus card's name is combo was gross
TwilightAvalon: Break is awful
monkeyrama: All 3 gods in Yarok's colors are pretty good for him
Pharmacistjudge: her persona isn't fully realized yet, she can't fight
Crowbears: yeah the breaks are bad
Pharmacistjudge: breaks are worthless
TXC2: monkeyrama "them" surely? Kappa
VentusVee108: Cheer70 Super Anime Powers, Go!!!!
TwilightAvalon: This theme song is the only good part of this Dungeon
Paranundrox: the soundtrack is just wall to wall bangers
Sogheim: is that Shakkoumon you just killed, the DNA digivolution of Angemon and Ankylomon?
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah agree breaks are feliciaFlush
monkeyrama: Think Yarok's there for a while
Pharmacistjudge: these guys are the weakest thing in the game
TXC2: Yarok Rotates in like 9 months
Wrexadecimal: @Sogheim sure is! Thought the same thing when I saw it
Invitare: oh Staryu
DarkMorford: I've found the Break moves useful once in a blue moon, but they're not great.
TwilightAvalon: I think theyre weak to Ice or Psi
PharaohBender27: @DarkMorford Yeah. Kind of reminds when I was studying abroad and did a lot of traveling in Europe during my break between semesters. A typical day would be get up early-ish, have breakfast, and go (starts pointing at spots on a map in rapid succession) here here here here here here here here, have dinner, write in my journal.
Paranundrox: I think he opened with Psi
Wrexadecimal: I'm hyped for P5 Scramble
monkeyrama: One of your personas is ghost rider??
frozenphoenix7: So what's left...Wind?
Hal9004: Pepega
Paranundrox: hmmm
Wrexadecimal: lrrSPOOP
monkeyrama: LUL Adam
Crowbears: are they just weak to physical?
Crowbears: can't remember
TXC2: wheels coming off here :P
Paranundrox: Adam's brain is contracting at an exponential rate
TwilightAvalon: Adam is losing to Patrick
TwilightAvalon: Try Wind?
Hal9004: also does anyoen know how to get Frei on to a Shiisa, i cant figure it out in my p[laythrough
Paranundrox: lrrHORN
aldruon: hi james
Paranundrox: metrics!
Lithobraker: I'm sorry WHAT when did we get a Hellraiser dude
Wrexadecimal: Metrics! seabatPjorg
accountmadeforants: Adam is punctual seabatPjorg
monkeyrama: PogChamp
Edgarware: The on-time award! seabatTROG
thedudetrio: Hello James!
monkeyrama: Gold star for attendance!
NotCainNorAbel: When Adam shows he shows on time
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG
Traion: Yes, especially if we count all the times you started early
Invitare: until next week anyway. When it will be late... forever
Pharmacistjudge: yeah, they are weak to physical hits...never equip this thing.
thedudetrio: That's dedication
accountmadeforants: If you can't crit, just kill their friends and beat them to within an inch of their life :)
TwilightAvalon: Black Ooze....the perfect grinding trash mob :D
Nanovolt: finally caught the stream live! hi adam and chat VoHiYo
PharaohBender27: Anyway, best wishes for your trip, @DarkMorford ! :)
monkeyrama: ezpz
teh_turtwig: i do enjoy how morgana is basically just a health kit at this point
accountmadeforants: That's because self-destruct abilities are usually bullshit
TwilightAvalon: Morgana is utility cat
Wrexadecimal: @teh_turtwig there's definitely a few SMT games where I've kept an underleveld demon around as an HP battery because they're good for only that by the endgame but suck at everything else LUL
thedudetrio: That's because Pokemon has trained us to fear it
Crowbears: theyre confused
Wrexadecimal: confusion LUL
accountmadeforants: Talk to the other one?
TwilightAvalon: There has to only be 1
monkeyrama: Oopsie daisy
Pharmacistjudge: can't negotiate with confused peopole
Calaban161: There was one that was not confused
accountmadeforants: And that was the last time Adam saw that ultra-rare monster Kappa
AHayes31: I really like the comic book art style in this game
Crowbears: I can feel it
monkeyrama: Is it a plot spaceship
PharaohBender27: A belated ahoy-hoy, @Nanovolt ! katesWave
TwilightAvalon: Good Times
monkeyrama: Joker talks?? Kappa
Mister_BlueSky: You got confused Joker talked two different times. :)
OmnipotentTrevor: Never Adam
TXC2: not really no
CalHale: I'm going to try and get some sleep.
thedudetrio: it's a spaceship burger
thedudetrio: For the invasion
aldruon: like you said at the ppr it's a good thing you're cute Adam
TXC2: yes, but you're our idiot
monkeyrama: Night @CalHale
Crowbears: So Adam are you guys recording a SWS soon or has the WWE sapped your will to live again
CalHale: have fun! And I will! thanks guys!
monkeyrama: Catching up on wrestling lrrSPOOP
PharaohBender27: Is this really a good time for this conversation, Ryuji?
TXC2: I NEED there to be a new SWS, theres been...developments
monkeyrama: Is Graham also behind?
betsytheripper: yay time to watch idiot son adventures
Lithobraker: Adam that Turn to Fish play was the biggest brain moment of the entire event though
TwilightAvalon: WWE has had some good highs and biblical lows
Crowbears: I'm pretty sure making someone watch 12 hours of wrestling is against the geneva convention
TXC2: monkeyrama probably
Sogheim: ooh wrestling. big men in speedos and knee high boots. I'm all for it.
Gallium71: Ryuji, don't yuck someone's yam.
betsytheripper: I also need to take a day and catch up on wrestling, too much content lately
monkeyrama: Turns out you guys are busy
accountmadeforants: Graham and Adam both take a day off, go into separate isolation chambers and only leave once they have fully absorbed wrestling.
accountmadeforants: Then we stream when we let them out.
monkeyrama: LUL
FireFlower18: I finally watched autumnal rumble and now I need to go back and watch the previous ones
TwilightAvalon: Smackdown has been.......Fascinating
Sogheim: straight out of a fifties comic, it's great
OmnipotentTrevor: They need that time chamber from DBZ just to get time to catch up
Nanovolt: that voice effect is awesome
accountmadeforants: But with a jar helmet instead of a fishbowl helmet, right?
Mr_Dirty: Adam absorbs wrestling through his skin how can he be behind?
monkeyrama: Nice spacesuit ๐Ÿ‘€
NotCainNorAbel: it is very darth vader with a clear helmet
thedudetrio: XD
Traion: Adam and G both get hooked up to IVs, put in sensory deprivation chambers, and only let out once they have caught up on wrestling
Omega_Lairon: My superhero suit would probably just be really comfy street clothes, like a hoodie or w/e
Wrexadecimal: @accountmadeforants Jar helmet yessss
Lithobraker: I've heard that somehow Raw has gotten worse.
Wrexadecimal: Yeah, his closeup is fucking amazing
monkeyrama: So what's this dude's deal?
thedudetrio: Mysterio. That's great
TXC2: Lithobraker it did, it was incredible
Traion: Artist had a lot of fun maybe?
PharaohBender27: WE'RE mumbling!? We can hardly hear you under all that glass!
Invitare: the... GOKU Phantoms???
Paranundrox: alright, take care Adam! I'll catch you on the VOD!
TXC2: I fully expect Graham to go on a rant about it
Paranundrox: I've been loving your P5 streams
TXC2: so long Paranundrox have fun
Sogheim: Okumura emotes so hard in these close ups it's great
Mister_BlueSky: Raw has been simultaneously really good and really stupid. Like a W&P game.
Nanovolt: he's gunna fog up that fishbowl on his head
Wrexadecimal: Chad vader Kappa
samb6678: yeah he is hyper detailed
monkeyrama: Evil grocery store LUL
TwilightAvalon: its not event that
accountmadeforants: I mean, Walmart?
Nanovolt: an EVIL grocery store
Pharmacistjudge: he runs a mcdonalds more closer
Traion: He's basically the Waltons
samb6678: dollar general
TwilightAvalon: He runs Mcdonalds especiallty
Omega_Lairon: "First the cereal aisle, then... the WORLD!!"
accountmadeforants: Walmart are basically supervillains.
OmnipotentTrevor: I mean, you saw how massive that burger was Adam.
Pharmacistjudge: he owns big bang burger
PixelArtDragon: "You are in her DMs, I am in her astral palace, we are not the same"
OmnipotentTrevor: That's a world ending burger right there
TwilightAvalon: Jokes? Virute and Sentiment are for losers Kappa
n3ther: only accurate jokes allowed here
Gallium71: Why yes! All the discount eggs will be mine!
The_Ninjurai: If we let you make you jokes we admit this is your show
Mister_BlueSky: Hahahaha good joke Adam. :)
itsr67: whats up all?
Lithobraker: If Bezos and Bloomberg had a baby
Traion: Gross
NotCainNorAbel: Party600 - Jokes. I get jokes.
monkeyrama: LUL
n3ther: ???
samb6678: I wish that was reasonable to do
monkeyrama: "normal" gesture
itsr67: anime swipe
OmnipotentTrevor: We all want Anime to be real sometimes Adam
Pharmacistjudge: I think I have seen you do that gesture
NathanJay_GA: :D
Issurru: people thinking you're not a weirdo? not possible Kappa
thedudetrio: He's like evil Ronald McDonald
Mister_BlueSky: Joe X.
accountmadeforants: Good plan
Crowbears: Battlebond Kreygasm
monkeyrama: oooo, fun!
seth_erickson: why does this guy have a fish bowl on his head
monkeyrama: Great format PogChamp
Pharmacistjudge: it's time!
Nanovolt: here we goooo
TwilightAvalon: Time for the full AWAKENING
Wrexadecimal: D:
samb6678: oh god that face
PharaohBender27: Rule of Cool, @seth_erickson , Rule of Cool
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Crowbears: Big yike
TXC2: ah, Maximilian from Black Hole
Issurru: DansGame WutFace
OmnipotentTrevor: Futaba, what does the scouter say about her power level?
DarkMorford: benginTraitor benginTraitor benginTraitor
TXC2: whom, whom shall you betray
LadyXShinsou: I just love the character designs and the music of the Persona series, plus the stories.
accountmadeforants: FUCK YEAH
Crowbears: LUL hell yeah
monkeyrama: Holy moly LUL
samb6678: whom'st'de'ly'aint
NotCainNorAbel: hell yeah!
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
seth_erickson: she's a tank
itsr67: g u n s
ArcOfTheConclave: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
Pharmacistjudge: yes is a Psy/Gun specialist
n3ther: watch out, she's got a gun!
thedudetrio: Gun corset?
Sogheim: I like the tiny henchmen
PharaohBender27: As opposed to thieves who only steal from themselves?
TwilightAvalon: They removed Ryuji again
TXC2: so we're just not gonna talk about where the guns are coming from?
TwilightAvalon: LUL
aClonedPickle: psy/gun specialist with a battle axe and a grenade launcher. good times
monkeyrama: Ryuji got replaced? DansGame
Arlodog1: Triple down is amazing
seth_erickson: also been a while since I saw this stream who is the new persona user
weff47: not yet
Issurru: "I'm not going to talk to you!" *keeps talking* SeriousSloth
Nanovolt: what are her weapons?
Wrexadecimal: @seth_erickson haru
Wrexadecimal: @Nanovolt axes I think?
TwilightAvalon: BTW Adam.......Haru's normal gun is a GRENADE LAUNCHER
OmnipotentTrevor: Probably have to finish the dungeon to get her confidant/baton pass
Pharmacistjudge: be careful, just never equip decambria
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Fungidoctor: 10 months something something. Is this joke old yet?
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monkeyrama: Robot weak to fire?
Wrexadecimal: overheated? Kappa
Traion: Overheating?
TXC2: why is the robot weak to fire?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Try pointing at it.
Crowbears: why is the big robot weak to psychic damage? who know!
Invitare: Steel is weak to fire in Pokemon
Mister_BlueSky: Because no one will ever expect it.
BlightningHelix: Silica can only get so hot.
monkeyrama: LRRBot is Veronica LUL
thedudetrio: Because it's metal
thedudetrio: Metal melts
frozenphoenix7: @Mister_BlueSky So you're saying they'll never see it coming Kappa
Gallium71: Most things can be made weak to fire... in real life... and with enough liquid oxygen.
kassy_13: hey fam, have i missed much?
Doctor_Pockets: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 36:34.
ghostvalv: :O
PharaohBender27: :D
Edgarware: Tea time!
accountmadeforants: That's a good victory splash screen
NotCainNorAbel: That was sweet
Crowbears: the 4th party slot was always a flex for me, i cycled through makoto/haru/yusuke a bunch
Pharmacistjudge: makoto is your healer though
n3ther: adieu
TwilightAvalon: Haru is better than Makoto in this Dungeon, the problem if you lose all the extra social link power ups you have for Makoto
Traion: @kassy_13 creepy sexual exploitation plans and Haru's persona reveal
thedudetrio: Nice
Pharmacistjudge: i say remove mudoon
adi_pie: So, how goes the adventure in thievery?
JohnnieG: that move is useless
TwilightAvalon: Mudoon
Wrexadecimal: mamudoon over mudoon, personally
TXC2: hello adi_pie
kassy_13: @Traion yikes one of those sounds Not Great but aww man i wanna see haru's persona reveal!!! i guess i'll watch that after. thanks!
Mister_BlueSky: M'doon.
Crowbears: the insta kill moves are not super useful generally
Traion: Haru not having Baton Pass really hurts her
seth_erickson: m'doon
Doctor_Pockets: you have the lower level version on him already
monkeyrama: Can she learn it?
TwilightAvalon: She should also be underleveled
ArcOfTheConclave: social linking!
aClonedPickle: yeah she can learn it
TwilightAvalon: compared to the rest of the party anyway
adi_pie: Yeah, Haru it's fine. WE just eat the body when we're done.
accountmadeforants: Dead in persona, dead in real life. Yup.
Mister_BlueSky: She will be useful later on in the dungeon though just as a heads up.
aClonedPickle: her social link is p good, very good for making endgame items
Traion: New party members should really start with Baton Pass imo
accountmadeforants: Not dead? Bummer!
Pharmacistjudge: just changing their heart
OmnipotentTrevor: Only if they kill the Palace leader. That guy wasn't even real
monkeyrama: They do? :o
VentusVee108: So he's totally dead now. She promised
Invitare: I don't think that was actually hi
seth_erickson: only if you steal their treasure I thoufh
aldruon: only the person's whose palace it is
TwilightAvalon: The only "Real person" they can potentially kill is the Palace Owner
Traion: This one wasn't the real person. It was an image her dad conjured
Brozard: Do we still need to work on Arcade Kid?
Invitare: I think that was her father's idea of him
TwilightAvalon: Anyone else is just a cognition
RaemonDamon: most of the Shadows here are manifestations of the Palace's leader
OmnipotentTrevor: That guy was just a being in the Palace ruler's cognition.
RaemonDamon: So they aren't entirely real
adi_pie: She knows French, clearly she is a trog of culture.
OmnipotentTrevor: It'd be like if they killed that fake Ann that was hanging on the PE teacher
accountmadeforants: French, so fancy Kreygasm
n3ther: seabatPjorg
Traion: Noir is way cooler than Fox, Yusuke....
Mister_BlueSky: No R?
Brozard: @omnipotenttrevor I thought Ann *did* kill that fake Ann?
Traion: Girl Squad does look really cool though
TXC2: sorry, game what do you mean "Haru is sold off" ?
Crowbears: Girl squad is rad, but massive aoe physical damage is also rad
Mister_BlueSky: TEEN Girl Squad.
Mister_Hush: I always forget it's Persona day, dang it! What's up y'all
Brozard: Which is kinda messed up, killing someoneโ€™s mental image of yourself
TXC2: hello Mister_Hush welcome
DarkMorford: @TXC2 Political arranged marriage
DoctorHutch: the "next dialog box" sound in this game makes me think of a *Smacks Lips* sound effect every time
thedudetrio: You do
adi_pie: That sounds like a pretty accurate description of what's happening to her, TXC2
monkeyrama: She's got a grenade launcher while everyone else has pistols LUL
Traion: @txc2 Her dad is selling her into sexual exploitation to the creepy fiance to get a political deal
TXC2: DarkMorford right, that
monkeyrama: New girl doesn't mess around
Crowbears: you can switch in combat
BorosCharmTargetYou: Can swap in menu
Crowbears: with the shogi girl power
TwilightAvalon: Go to PArty
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TwilightAvalon: You can switch in Menu too
TwilightAvalon: Bring up menu
DarkMorford: Or you can jump to the entrance from the Safe Room, swap, and come back
thedudetrio: But you need Ryuji for the physical power
teh_turtwig: im so sad that you cant get a persona game on any of the consoles i own :c
Mister_Hush: you're doomed
monkeyrama: We got jumped NotLikeThis
Mister_Hush: aw man, i'm also inflicted with hunger
adi_pie: When your pudding bites back.
thedudetrio: Geez, my buffering is terrible
DarkMorford: I could go for some chow myself, actually
TwilightAvalon: Ryuji gets Elemental attacks slower because he is the physical beater
Wrexadecimal: @thedudetrio it's been bad for me too
Mister_BlueSky: Why do I never get sick of Persona's music?
Mister_Hush: Because Shoji Meguro is a genius
thedudetrio: Can you just straight up die to the hunger?
Traion: Probably because this music is a banger
monkeyrama: Is there a MIDI soundtrack mod Kappa
Crowbears: @Mister_BlueSky i played 100 hours of this game and watched 60 hours of the stream and I still listen to the soundtrack regularly, it's so good
TwilightAvalon: I would use Black Ooze here as ways to farm SP with the recovery items. You just spam Guard and heals because they'll neer kill yiou
monkeyrama: Need to find the metal slimes for easy XP 4Head
Mister_Hush: I missed a week there, are you still in DQ11? that's crazy
Mister_BlueSky: @Mister_Hush Agreed. I don't own many game soundtracks, but I have P3-5's.
TwilightAvalon: I remember when Persona 4 came with its Soundtrack
TwilightAvalon: Go up on ledge, there is a vent
DarkMorford: I have the P5 soundtrack on vinyl. Always fun to spin those once in a while.
Mister_Hush: Video games
monkeyrama: Air vents seabatBRAIN
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thedudetrio: This look like thoserobots from Doctor Who
Omega_Lairon: Fanning the flames?
Crowbears: stoking the flames
Mister_Hush: Fan the flames, Adam
accountmadeforants: Fanning the flames?
monkeyrama: Stoking the flames, Adam
thedudetrio: The overworld figures I mean
RaemonDamon: I mean, it's why you use bellows in a forge
RaemonDamon: Just be careful and it'll be fine
TXC2: fanning vs stoking: the debate rages on
Crowbears: I remember basically every step of every other palace pretty clearly but for some reason I can't recall anything that happens in this one
Mister_BlueSky: I remember this one being the most tedious.
TwilightAvalon: This is arguably the worst palace in the game for its tediousness
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES Really?
Mister_BlueSky: Though being able to just visit the palace now for free makes things a lot better.
monkeyrama: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
Traion: seabatCHOICE
Crowbears: Extreme seabatCHOICE
Invitare: seabatCHOICE
accountmadeforants: Hmmm, real-life stealing.
kassy_13: yes or yes?
Saturnify: Ooooo, you're right behind me in my playthrough, watching you has made me super excited to go through this game and finish it off after a couple months off of it
TXC2: tup tup tup tup
monkeyrama: The illusion is real
Mister_Hush: seabatCHOICE is such a good emote
Mister_BlueSky: seabatCHOICE_TK
TXC2: Mister_BlueSky :D
kassy_13: it just makes me sing the song ;)
Gallium71: That emote is going to put in a shift :)
monkeyrama: LUL They've got the zoomies
aldruon: Adam is so easily amused
accountmadeforants: Their run is p cute
kassy_13: eavesdropping time
lancaster2124: This game is one of my favorites!
monkeyrama: Ah, game didn't let us get caught
RaemonDamon: I hope you like doing this process 3-4 times
RaemonDamon: this place was not good
lancaster2124: This palace was not super fun, no
Mister_BlueSky: I just fought everyone because I didn't wanna mess with this.
lancaster2124: At least this mechanic wasnโ€™t great
Mister_Hush: This is the part of the game that really turned me off of it tbh
ForOhForError: the second half of this palace is... marginally better
Mister_BlueSky: Be like "are you the chief clerk? let's check what you have on your dead body".
RaemonDamon: It's a shame because it's *just* this Palace that's a bit lame
RaemonDamon: the rest are stellar
Mister_Hush: I dunno about that. The last one is pretty bland.
RaemonDamon: I liked it *shrug*
ForOhForError: last 2 areas are pretty meh imo
TXC2: rather militant font for Makoto no?
RaemonDamon: But I also lasted played this game like.. 3 or 4 years ago
TwilightAvalon: Persona 5 came out in 2016 for Japan, early 2017 for US/EU
Traion: Persona 5 is inferior to FFX! Where are our 200 save slots?! Kappa
Mister_BlueSky: That elephant is a really good pickup.
Crowbears: might be able to with the politicians power?
TwilightAvalon: You can capture it
Pharmacistjudge: why can't you?
Traion: You can capture it
TwilightAvalon: you have the Politicians max social rank
Pharmacistjudge: you can negotiate with higher level things now
Mister_BlueSky: ^
Traion: You have the politician power
monkeyrama: We can get the elephant PogChamp
TwilightAvalon: Use Hellrider and use Gun\
Mister_BlueSky: He's a very good Persona to have.
monkeyrama: oh my
Wrexadecimal: Yeah elephant dude's powerful in every SMT game
thedudetrio: Lucky Punch frend
monkeyrama: we're in danger :)
betsytheripper: wait is this guy wearing gold pasties
monkeyrama: RIP
TwilightAvalon: When you have Hellrider, Use gun to try and capture persona
Pharmacistjudge: you'll have more chances
Wrexadecimal: @betsytheripper sure is! Well... was.
Traion: We know for next time
TwilightAvalon: Trigger Happy makes gun easier to crit\
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Eipewassam: Aaaaand I'm back baby! thank you for sticking with one of my favorites Adam, hopefully you pronounce the username right this time!
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betsytheripper: hmm unsettling
Eipewassam: Nope, hard E
Wrexadecimal: Yeahh, Kazuma Kaneko does some very.... strange demon designs.
Mister_BlueSky: I think the Elephant is weak to Bless.
Eipewassam: still better than Paul and Graham
Wrexadecimal: @Mister_BlueSky yup, it ate that kouga attack hard
Eipewassam: first one srt
Eipewassam: sry
Eipewassam: lol, close enough
Eipewassam: I gotta figure out a way to communicate that
TXC2: Good enough: the LRR way
monkeyrama: Oh no, forced to fight, what'll we do Kappa
Eipewassam: ikr
Gallium71: One robot always tells the truth the other...
TXC2: !findquote gift
LRRbot: Quote #1813: "I think I'm going to have to re-gift this one." โ€”Paul [2016-02-15]
Mister_Hush: just beat him up tbh
TXC2: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: biscuits!
accountmadeforants: Speaking like a true capitalist, Adam Kappa
RockPusher: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have a garage sale of everything alive.
monkeyrama: But you feel pain, Adam Kappa
adi_pie: Preposterous, Adam. I feel pain every day
Traion: Adam at this point I believe you don't have a soul
BlightningHelix: All I can think is "why, why was I programmed to feel pain."
Pantsravaganza: Why was I programmed to feel exhausted...
monkeyrama: Tea seabatPjorg
BlightningHelix: Embrace the tea, Adam.
TXC2: big mood
Mister_Hush: you and serge can stay friends though right
bugernaught: wha ttea yo
betsytheripper: ooh I could make a cup of tea
Traion: Join us Adam, tea is power
NotCainNorAbel: Tea is very good
thedudetrio: There's nothing wrong with drinking tea
n3ther: before long you'll start having crumpets
teh_turtwig: nothing wrong with tea, we have a whole country built on it
bugernaught: rubios
monkeyrama: Fancy teas ๐Ÿ‘€
thedudetrio: I enjoy it occasionally
BlightningHelix: @Traion Important question: Have we ever actually SEEN Adam in pain?
kassy_13: ohh what kind do you like?
kassy_13: i love tea
Gallium71: Yes, embrace the leaf
betsytheripper: I get fancy teas online
ReverseCreations: How could Adam not have a soul, he purposefully killed a bunch of teenagers...once or twice.
thedudetrio: I particularly like tangy ones
betsytheripper: a nice lavender earl grey
Traion: I did that today, combined it with brunch with my cousin at the tea house
NotCainNorAbel: "Going to a tea store tomorrow" - yep, Adam has a girlfriend.
kassy_13: i had scottish heather tea today (from edinburgh)
Mister_Hush: would you though
thedudetrio: @LoadingReadyRun do you guys have Boba tea in Canada?
NotCainNorAbel: Buy tea online like a man
monkeyrama: Boba PogChamp
Traion: I'd never buy tea online. In person you can smell the tea which tells you how it tastes
monkeyrama: Men can go to tea stores, yo
BlightningHelix: I've gone to the tea store myself plenty of time. Only reason I stopped going to them is I seem to have some kind of touch of death for tea stores.
PixelArtDragon: Also, who says he's not dragging his girlfriend to the tea store?
betsytheripper: there's an online looseleaf tea store that does sampler packs, where each flavor has about 4 cups worth so you really know if you like it or not
TXC2: who needs good gameplay when you can Crit? Kappa
NotCainNorAbel: @Traion I find tea in stores doesn't turn over as much.
BlightningHelix: "This place seems nice" -> Tea store closes.
kassy_13: yeah let's not gender tea shops!
weff47: My gf has the battle music as her morning alarm so listening to the stream is giving her low key anxiety. Cheer100
Mister_BlueSky: Just crit 4Head
the_elkae: lrrADAM_TK
NotCainNorAbel: @Traion maybe it is just where I am located; very coffee heavy here.
Traion: @notcainnorabel need a better store then ;) Mine is so good that they have started franchising all over the state in the last 5 years
TXC2: BlightningHelix we legit had that happen here over Xmas :P
thedudetrio: Boba is really different and I like it quite a lot
kassy_13: my alarm is the tardis noise
BlightningHelix: @TXC2 It's happened to me four times.
betsytheripper: my alarm is toccata and fugue
monkeyrama: Regular alarm noises work for me
TXC2: BlightningHelix oof
kassy_13: because i had a tardis alarm clock
snowcookies: I have the clock town theme as my alarm
betsytheripper: which is very startling when I hear it in the wild
RaemonDamon: I blare the loudest thing I can find >->
Wrexadecimal: And that's why I'll never make my alarms any piece of music I enjoy LUL
thedudetrio: Something that you like but is obnoxious on repeat?
Mister_BlueSky: I have the rainy version of Beneath the Mask from this game. ๐Ÿ‘€
weff47: She said she doesn't want people to hear the song so she wakes up faster to turn it off lol
TwilightAvalon: Make your Alarm the sound of a car breaks screeching
PixelArtDragon: Yeah, I had a problem waking up when my alarm was Imperial March
NotCainNorAbel: I have the iphone alarm
thedudetrio: I do fun music sometimes
LadyXShinsou: Beneath the mask is such a good song!
Omega_Lairon: I don't typically use an alarm, but when I do, it's something big and dramatic, like Verdi's "Dies Irae"
TXC2: I often either sleep right through me alarm or wake up like 2 hours before :P
accountmadeforants: I do set some songs I like as alarm songs, I don't mind. I like waking up to nice music.
ReverseCreations: Cheer100 I am still behind on Dragon Quest, turned out the switch version had a 3-5 hour interlude between Acts 1 and 2. So that was a fun surprise.
ForOhForError: My alarm is an annoying beep, which backfired once I realized construction vehicles make the same exact sound
niccus: baby shark alarm clock
TwilightAvalon: Sadly...
monkeyrama: I do need to set like 4 alarms for myself, though LUL
Mister_BlueSky: Just set it to "I Got You Babe" and pretend the day you just did is repeating.
TXC2: Mister_BlueSky too real
TwilightAvalon: This Dungeon is HEAVY battling up front and *spoilers* in the back
NathanJay_GA: I set my alarm to just be a bunch of swearing and cursing. I'm in for a ride awakening
adi_pie: Is the 2-5 hour interlude how long it takes to charge?
NathanJay_GA: *rude
accountmadeforants: Weak to punching LUL
Pharmacistjudge: I think it's the only one
Pantsravaganza: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW_HF
BlightningHelix: Weak to getting their jaw broken.
ReverseCreations: I hated this dungeon, it killed my momentum forever in progressing in this game
Pharmacistjudge: and thus why it's super dangerous to equip it
TXC2: "so far"
Traion: This is my tea store the first floor is a tea room where you can get a massive breakfast and a big pot of tea for 12 bucks
ReverseCreations: @adi_pie I got to see what my party members were up to after big plot events
HondoTrigger: Disappointed I canโ€™t rep the troglodyte highlight gang in here
Pharmacistjudge: because joker being weak to physical is really really vad
TwilightAvalon: This is the community voted worst Dungeon in the game, and it wasnt even close
Pharmacistjudge: bad
Holian88: its normal or royal version?
ReverseCreations: P5R isn't out until March
TXC2: normal
Mister_BlueSky: The.. next one? Is pretty bad too.
Pharmacistjudge: do you think you'll ever finish this one?
Crowbears: royal's been out in japan for a while, but its a couple months away for us
TwilightAvalon: We dont get Persona 5 Royal for another 2 months~
TXC2: Royal will play Adam Kappa
monkeyrama: What does royal add?
TwilightAvalon: 3more months of content
Mister_BlueSky: The one after the.. thing I mean.
TwilightAvalon: MOTHMAN
Zaraka00: mothmen :0
betsytheripper: what a weird soft bird thing
monkeyrama: aww, look at these cuties
snowcookies: cute
Traion: Royal adds more content, a new party member, and a third time slot
ForOhForError: next dungeon rocks, dunno who disagrees
Wrexadecimal: @TwilightAvalon Also some biig story changes
ReverseCreations: @monkey New Persona User, new social links, other stuff.
monkeyrama: RIP
accountmadeforants: That's a way to keep the Gamehaus going. Just start playing Royal once you finish this one. "Huh? Yeah, still not finished with Persona 5, it's a long one..."
ForOhForError: also, Mothman <3
CururuGuasu: There also P5 Strikers coming soonish
monkeyrama: Neat
ReverseCreations: oops that was meant to be @monkeyrama ** Also it offered me a steelbook and a stupid awesome I pre-ordered it
Wrexadecimal: @CururuGuasu I'm hyped for that
TXC2: butterfrees are Flying/Bug type, so they're weak to psychic
Mister_BlueSky: What is Strikers again?
monkeyrama: PogChamp @ReverseCreations
LadyXShinsou: Isn't Persona 5 Scramble coming out soon as well?
betsytheripper: I mean that star thing is basically just staryu, a pokemon
MachCaliber: Oh hey Troghaus is on
monkeyrama: why are there so many different versions
betsytheripper: are personas actually just pokemon?? hmmm
ReverseCreations: So my shelf will have Both fancy special Persona 5 editions <_<
Pharmacistjudge: the auto-attack is physical
monkeyrama: of persona
TXC2: monkeyrama money my dear boy
CururuGuasu: Itโ€™s a sequel that has a more Musou type combat
Wrexadecimal: @LadyXShinsou Yep, JP release date is 2/20/2020, no word on anywhere else yet, but soon I bet
ReverseCreations: Scramble is a Dystanty Warriors like it's a different game
Pharmacistjudge: i mean regular attack
monkeyrama: Huh, that's interesting
Wrexadecimal: @ReverseCreations It's done by KT but looks mor elike astral chain in that it's a literal action RPG and not just DW with a P5 skin
monkeyrama: Just your regular after school activities
betsytheripper: and this one is muk
ForOhForError: slime's a good one to nab too
betsytheripper: they are pokemon
MachCaliber: The PPR yesterday was hilarious
ReverseCreations: I mean they definitely have seemed to like to try Persona in other genres since 4.
LadyXShinsou: @Wrexadecimal Ok, thanks. :D
ReverseCreations: Persona 4 got a fighting game sequal, and the Rhythm game.
Wrexadecimal: The silly part is that SMT / the non-spinoff stuff from persona came before Pokรฉmon was a thing :P
monkeyrama: Heehee
Nigouki: only 60 levels to go Kappa
BusTed: Hey all.
monkeyrama: Hi Busted
MachCaliber: If the game never ends does Gamehaus never get canceled?
LadyXShinsou: Hi.
TwilightAvalon: Max Level is 99
aldruon: the game doesn't end when it reaches your age Adam :P <3
TwilightAvalon: But you can cheese the Level Cap in November
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Mister_Hush: just fight 'em all tbh
Pantsravaganza: !findquote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5550: "Adam is right" โ€”Paul [2018-11-27]
ForOhForError: It's wow calssic max level, totally
ReverseCreations: At least this isn't like Disgaea you can level everything up to lvl 9999.
aldruon: thats why i put a :P at the end
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah.. Disagaea is a heck of a thing.
monkeyrama: That's entirely too many levels
Red_Mage__: Nice music in this one
LadyXShinsou: ^
TwilightAvalon: This Dungeon is a slog
ReverseCreations: If there's 1 thing to be said about modern Persona games, 3-5 all have amazing Soundtracks.
monkeyrama: Ready
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monkeyrama: LUL Nice remix
accountmadeforants: Seems you're right either way
accountmadeforants: This lad was screamy
BusTed: ouch
MachCaliber: Let me just summon my GHOST TRON BIKE
TXC2: perrrrrrsona!
Pantsravaganza: That's a big punch
betsytheripper: why do the tall ones sway like a sky dancer
Mister_BlueSky: Purrrrrrrsona mister165Tails
monkeyrama: Reinforcements lrrSPOOP
monkeyrama: Bless your heart
TXC2: turns out scoops are important for aiming Kappa
TwilightAvalon: Its alittle cheesy, but if you want to farm SP....make sure your entire party has SP items then find a battle with all Black Ooze...and just Guard for 15 turns
monkeyrama: No scoped it, alright LUL
BusTed: womp womp
MachCaliber: Thats what you get for telling it to Shut up
Crowbears: stil need to recruit a moth
Crowbears: oh, nice
Gallium71: The same thing we do every night, try to take over the world.
teh_turtwig: have you tried gun vs the butterflys?
monkeyrama: Mothman PogChamp
betsytheripper: I want to pet it
TXC2: Hans Mothman
LadyXShinsou: Mothman is so cute
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG mothman!
accountmadeforants: Just straight-up Mothman. Rad
thedudetrio: The Man of Moths
MachCaliber: Literally called a Vampire Moth
betsytheripper: I mean, I have cats, you've just described the attitude of most cats and that doesn't stop me
accountmadeforants: It was saying something along the lines "tasty humans" when you entered combat, so probably.
TwilightAvalon: Combat order is based on Speed, and Makoto is the 2nd faster Party Member (behind Yusuke)
Traion: Psi or gun probably
monkeyrama: Was fun catching some Gamehaus again before work. Have a great rest of your day, Adam + chat! seabatTROG 7
TXC2: so long monkeyrama have fun
Traion: Bye Ramen
KartoffelKaiser: Light and dark are left I guess?
ninjim84: have a great day @monkeyrama
LadyXShinsou: Thank you monkeyrama, have a good rest of your day.
teh_turtwig: i think gun is my favourite element
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
betsytheripper: apparently the internet loves the mothman
betsytheripper: like, people make charms of it
betsytheripper: it's not just me
KartoffelKaiser: it's very cute
Wrexadecimal: ^
KartoffelKaiser: And iirc it's been in the Mega Ten games for a long time
Traion: Wait Betsy I thought you were the internet
Wrexadecimal: yeah
Pharmacistjudge: sigh, you need to get makoto to 41 so she can get her AoE heal
Wrexadecimal: The mothman has been in SMT games for a while
ninjim84: thought it looked familiar @kartoffelkaiser
Traion: This section really honks
Traion: And not in the fun Sylvando way
Mister_BlueSky: You could just come back every night, since coming to the Palace is going to be free now.
Traion: You haven't been buying them the last couple months
kassy_13: you stopped getting them since you had the items
Pharmacistjudge: well SP was supposed to be the limiter to make you use multiple days to explore
Wrexadecimal: So Sylvando is apparently the most popular DQ 11 character in the US
kassy_13: the regen patches
LadyXShinsou: I usually do the dungeons all in one day in game
TwilightAvalon: Mothman is weak to Gun
Crowbears: blap blap blap works
accountmadeforants: That's always such a funny animation
itsr67: weak to GUN
thedudetrio: Yeah you should raid some vending machines once you leave the palace
ReverseCreations: Not surprising, Sylvando is great
Traion: Sylvando is God's perfect character @wrexadecimal
TXC2: I keep replacing mothman with moleman in my head :P
itsr67: i came around on sylvando really fast ngl
thedudetrio: So now there's 6 that you have to figure out who is the real one out of Ig?
accountmadeforants: BIG LAD
TwilightAvalon: Elephant is weak to Holy
ReverseCreations: I like me a character like Sylvando who is almost ALWAYS at 11.
TXC2: is joker ever not looking cool?
MilkInBag: heeeeeeeeeey adam
betsytheripper: gold pasties still throwing me off
silenceaux: The opposite of the soul read
TXC2: hello MilkInBag welcome
MilkInBag: your deck was sweet adam
Invitare: elephants have sensitive hearing
accountmadeforants: No longer the Persona whisperer NotLikeThis
Wrexadecimal: NotLikeThis
Mister_Hush: Master Conversationalist Adam Savidan
aldruon: you've lost your touch adam
silenceaux: The persona shout-at-er
Wrexadecimal: He's just a bit rusty, it's fine
TwilightAvalon: Ironic....Adam max levels the Politican and get worse at talking to things Kappa
itsr67: it's hard to read elephants, after all
Omega_Lairon: "Isn't that what we're all asking? Where's my elephant?"
TheKingWiggins: Are we allowed to mention Personas that haven't been seen yet and likely won't be?
TwilightAvalon: just normal attack the Starfish
Mister_Hush: Just delete that star fish yo
TXC2: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves (more coming soon), and much more! Check out for the full catalog.
MilkInBag: but the drawing is WutFace Kappa
Mister_Hush: Shilling the product
n3ther: Adam suddenly bragging about his comfy shirt
accountmadeforants: Hmm, where should we buy such a shirt, Adam? Perhaps at store dot loadingreadyrun dot com? Kappa
Traion: Beej apparently put a lot of effort and research into shirts since he became business manager
itsr67: graham just off camera saying "yes... yes! " as adam promotes merch
MilkInBag: the problem is the PPR is those other noobs that wont aknowledge you're the greatest mtg player
CapnRobert: its a great shirt
n3ther: I loved seeing Melissa invited to play again
MachCaliber: You were close to being the greatest. Just needed to run that last color
ReverseCreations: I mean it's James, right? he retired champion like...twice.
TXC2: Cam is the Best MTG player Kappa
aldruon: Adam is the greatest lucksack in mtg
thedudetrio: I think there's a total of 4 now?
xhres2: I have never ordered Raglans. Are they the same size as tshirts? Should I be ordering a size smaller or larger?
LadyXShinsou: brb
TXC2: xhres2 same size, just the selves are cut different
TXC2: *sleeves
xhres2: thanks @TXC2
Crowbears: e l e p h a n t seabatPjorg
MilkInBag: did you come back to fight it
Wrexadecimal: seabatPjorg
TwilightAvalon: Your'e still in the opening section of this Dungeon, Adam. You'll realize later
MilkInBag: LUL
Gallium71: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
TXC2: "I think I'll name him Stampy"
Invitare: no elephant 4 u
JupiterStarlight: would love to watch the p5 but ive got a ppr to watch.
silenceaux: Gotta do some fusin'
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Traion: @silenceaux we fused last time. Those are cheap personas we bought to help with confidants
Mister_Hush: Just keep going around the left
Mister_Hush: behind those boxes where you just were
thedudetrio: I was watching it this morning. I really liked your deck Adam
thedudetrio: Though Splashiok was a stong name
BusTed: yay hax
TwilightAvalon: yeah
VentusVee108: Spoop Rider too strong
MilkInBag: guests were cool
Mister_Hush: No, the other boxes closer to the door
TwilightAvalon: If you can find a group of only Black Ooze, you can just Guard for 10+ turns and get a lot of SP back
Mister_Hush: On the left
Wrexadecimal: around the control panel on the left side?
TXC2: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the friends you made along the way
thedudetrio: I also ended up clipping your 360 Fish No-Scope
Traion: left around the control panel
Mister_Hush: Yeah
TwilightAvalon: PERFECT
Mister_Hush: Waste of your time, you say
BusTed: SeemsGood
Madoud: <message deleted>y u look depresed?
Traion: We really should've gotten that 4th patch
MilkInBag: LUL
TwilightAvalon: Its good to do with with Morgana once too, so you can refill your Healing Tank too
Mister_Hush: Resting Depression Face
MilkInBag: also what does 'depressed' look like?
Madoud: also loved your trip wit hyour friends btw
NotCainNorAbel: why do you look so good?
Pantsravaganza: Hey Adam. Nice face.
n3ther: perpetually Adam Sad-ivan Kappa
Traion: Adam looks chill
bugernaught: chillpressed
MilkInBag: Adam, why do you look so......vascular
weff47: "you should smile more"
snowcookies: Please refrain from commenting on ppl's appearances
Madoud: Watched all 12 episodes and they were the best
erased_citizen: Why do you look so...big (Vince voice)
Mister_BlueSky: y u look like an awesome gamer d00d
ArcOfTheConclave: the super comical paper fan is super silly.
aClonedPickle: there's nothing quite like having a pretty good friend coming up to you super concerned asking "what's wrong???" and it's just like. you've known me for how long? this is my face. i'm good. thanks.
Wrexadecimal: Internet anonymity is a hell of a thing.
Traion: At least it's better than the dude who kept talking about your body in a real creepy way yesterday
snowcookies: ppl on the internet have boundary issues
VentusVee108: You smile the perfect amount Adam, ignore them
MilkInBag: sometimes my mom says 'hey you look angry' and I'm like, well now I am maybe? LUL
TXC2: it's sad people wanting attention
Invitare: I don't like this thing seabatTROG
weff47: @VentusVee108 I was saying that sarcastically, like the trope
n3ther: I imagine it comes from entitlement and a complete lack of self-awareness
MilkInBag: but james is always angry seabatCHOICE
weff47: hence the quotes
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BlightningHelix: Parasocial relationships are a hell of a drug.
Invitare: also he deserves it seabatPjorg
texasman208: You look crying face, ok hand, 100 emoji
VentusVee108: SeemsGood So was I
Mister_BlueSky: Some people never learn tact.
Traion: There are like 4 people I'd say something like that two, 2 are family and the other 2 have been my friends for 15 years
MilkInBag: you called yourself cute yesterday, improvement seabatPjorg
snowcookies: I was reading a twitter thread yesterday from a youtuber who keeps getting sexualizing emails. It's wild.
xhres2: I guess the only way to understand is to cross to the dark side! Kappa
Gallium71: The internet has no barrier of entry. Kids, Teens, the just plain nasty, people you would actively avoid in real life have full open access to everyone.
thedudetrio: You're hungry so Ryuji hits you with a fan and the hunger goes away
silenceaux: Resting emotion face
kassy_13: honestly i love how you approach topics like this and yet i'm really upset that i've grown to expect worse of a lot of people :(
Pengu24: why are we just guarding against these guys?
MachCaliber: As someone with similar shaped facial hair, I also get the "Why you look angry?" a lot too
Wrexadecimal: @Pengu24 SP regen farming
BusTed: Can you use Skull to thin them out since he isn't regenning?
Oliin: I had a coworker at a customer service job who used to have all the regulars tell him he should smile more. One of the more kind of unintentionally condescending things I've run across.
Mister_Hush: this is peak video games
MilkInBag: stupid points
TwilightAvalon: Spirit Points
bugernaught: special power?
Wrexadecimal: Skill points?
DarkMorford: Skill Points
BlightningHelix: Skill points, maybe?
Forgebold: Honestly I think a big part of it is also just that they're kids, like I watched some youtube channel where in one of the video he went on a short tangent about how he only just now figured that there were actual kids commenting on his videos and not just really rude adults
CannedWolf: spell
silenceaux: Soul Points?
accountmadeforants: PerSSSSSOOOOONAAAAAAA Personas
MachCaliber: Salt Points
CannedWolf: or skill
MilkInBag: sha sha sha points
Omega_Lairon: Snazzy pants
adi_pie: Soul Calibur Point
n3ther: sick points
betsytheripper: sandwich points
VentusVee108: S...Points?
betsytheripper: snack packs
Mister_BlueSky: SuPerfluous.
aClonedPickle: s-rank points
Invitare: If it was Stupid Points Ryuji would have more
aldruon: Savidan points
NotCainNorAbel: I think some (very small group) are concerned and text is poor way to express concern. A lot of other people just like to get into Internet fights because they feel like they have some power and control.
BlightningHelix: Style points, that's it.
adi_pie: Street Phighter
weff47: I like snack packs
TXC2: Shill points Kappa
BlightningHelix: You're regenning style points.
TwilightAvalon: A good tip can replace Ryuji with Haru for the reminder of this Palace as the enemies further on will have resistance to physical but weak to Psi/Gun and Joker can do Lightning damage
Crowbears: iceborne is an absolute banger
kassy_13: in persona it's spirit points, just googled
MachCaliber: I'll play with you
BusTed: rayfkWelp
weff47: I picked up Dauntless
Wrexadecimal: Hunting horn tho? You're knee-deep in the doot.
MilkInBag: you refused people from chat to play with you Kappa
MachCaliber: I am vastly underleveled
n3ther: solitary Adam
Calaban161: I thought Ben was going to play with you
Traion: Need to get Ben to play with you ;)
Wrexadecimal: Ahh, gotcha
accountmadeforants: Does Ryuji not have an SP patch?
TwilightAvalon: I had a friend who played Destiny with him but abandoned it to play Monster hunter Ice World
TwilightAvalon: :(
Crowbears: you seen the clutch counter yet? makes me feel badass every time i do it
silenceaux: Solo play with an AoE buff weapon seems awful
BusTed: He has learned the way of the clutch counter.
accountmadeforants: Yeah, you're the richest boy alive, right? Buy your Ryuji something nice, buy him a house.
Crowbears: pretty much
Crowbears: either wallbang or weaken the part you want to attack
TwilightAvalon: Also you maxed out the Doctor now Adam, so the SP3 Patch cost 50k instead of 100k
n3ther: I see people use it to spam 1
Wrexadecimal: @accountmadeforants but we don't have a million canadian dollars yet. ONly 600K yen Kapa
MachCaliber: Can you play MH cross-platform?
Wrexadecimal: Kappa
Crowbears: yeah you dont bounce of weakened parts
Traion: Ryuji can't handle a house, he'd just try to eat it @accountmadeforants :P
accountmadeforants: Traion Ryuji's house would be a tower from which he could shout that they're the Phantom Thieves at random passersby.
betsytheripper: battle bard?
adi_pie: So it's a cemente-filled bagpipe?
Crowbears: D: what
beboooooo: how many prereleases should I do for Theros beyond death? @loadingreadyrun
ForOhForError: you get to doot-de-doo
Traion: @accountmadeforants LUL
Crowbears: maybe i should pick up HH
BusTed: seabatTROG
n3ther: gosh Adam, we gamers know what a bard is Keepo
Pantsravaganza: I would feel emboldened hearing my team wailing on the enemy with a big hammer.
CrazyScarecrow: I love that advice. The healthy amount is the right amount.
Smitteye99: haven't seen the playthrough since the first two streams, who is the romantic interest of choice for the run?
TwilightAvalon: Green Robot is weakto Psi/Curse damage
BusTed: None.
JohnnieG: ruiji
Traion: @smitteye99 Ryuji
Smitteye99: makes sense he is best boi
Smitteye99: poor yusuke though
aldruon: well you already did 1, so you're effectively doing 2 total
TXC2: Man I havent done a Pre-release since Journey into Nyx :P
Wrexadecimal: the loop
BusTed: Very productive.
TXC2: the Computer demonstated a loop and we must concede
TwilightAvalon: You should probably replace Ryuji with Haru now
CrazyScarecrow: Yeah my last pre-release was shadows over innistrad. College is expensive, can't really spend on Magic.
n3ther: my first was Theros. I feel obligated to go to the return.
TwilightAvalon: Green Robot is weak to Psi/Curse damage
aClonedPickle: just crit 4Head
MilkInBag: just win :)
BusTed: just crit :^)
Crowbears: ahhhh, the just crit 4Head plan still works
Biomonkey01: Just land crits
accountmadeforants: *squeek* punch
Traion: Just Crit 5head
Pengu24: Just crit kappa
bugernaught: og theros was tight
MilkInBag: the new theros is kind of hard on the board, so many triggers
n3ther: it was a great introduction
Smitteye99: i'm happy we got a new polukranos.
PMAvers: Well, that would require any sort of long-term storytelling.
Biomonkey01: It was nice for that dickbag Heliod to get his though
aldruon: The first theros had really good lore, the lore for beyond death is meh at best.
CrazyScarecrow: I love the returns, started playing magic on OG mirrodin and came back on the return.
BoooFN: Hol' up woopsRee
MilkInBag: lore requires reading
Invitare: Lore DansGame
accountmadeforants: aldruon Beyond Death has lore, I thought Wizards stopped doing that? Kappa
TXC2: "it's not gonna be the same" is why nostalgia is a bad thing
BoooFN: just know greek mythology EleGiggle
Smitteye99: i like that theros is true to the greek mythos in the sense all the gods are pretty much just jerks
aldruon: the whole lore for beyond death is 1 page. 1 page!
TwilightAvalon: There isnt any Lore for Theros this time around, at least not in the book sense
Lithobraker: "I like reading" Skips every note in Lets Nope Kappa
Traion: I thought you just learned to read yesterday? Did you lie on the internet?!
TwilightAvalon: Ryuji is not good in this Dungeon
MilkInBag: how long have you been playing this game? it's so huge
Mister_Hush: I started reading The Lies of Locke Lamora. I'm really liking it so far
TXC2: MilkInBag this is episode 19
Crowbears: you can just punch them
BoooFN: woopsCry why hasn't this game released for pc yet
BlightningHelix: @Lithobraker I mean, to be fair, most things to read in horror games aren't good
TwilightAvalon: Adam, your basic weapoin attack counts as physical damage too
TwilightAvalon: so if you're just trying to crit
TXC2: Speaking off, make sure to check the latest Lets nope chat, it's a banger
PMAvers: If I were to guess: Sony moneyhat.
ForOhForError: I mean, you can emulate it if you really want to pull it off
TwilightAvalon: I honestly think Sony should buy Atlus
Smitteye99: poor mothman getting bullied :(
Crowbears: Daymare LUL
SwankyFlea: Hi Adam! Hi chat! lrrHEART gdqHeart
PMAvers: Atlus is owned by Sega, though.
accountmadeforants: Yeah, I think you can technically emulate the PS3 version.
Crowbears: So glad we're getting another stream of it
Traion: Latest Let's Nope is the game of the decade
TXC2: hello SwankyFlea welcome
BusTed: Heya SwankyFlea
betsytheripper: softmoth
Wrexadecimal: @TwilightAvalon which would involve buying sega, and they'r ehuge due to their gambling stuff overseas
ArcOfTheConclave: Blap! Blap!
TwilightAvalon: Or they just buy Atlus from Sega
BoooFN: atherine has been released for pc woopsHmm
SwankyFlea: n00bs
SwankyFlea: no
TwilightAvalon: not really
accountmadeforants: Hey Adam, you're a noob.
BusTed: Not unironically.
MilkInBag: send me noobs
bugernaught: yes noob
GDwarf: I'm pretty sure everything Futaba does is ironic
BoooFN: yes when I relay discussions from 2002 :)
n3ther: look at this noob
ForOhForError: The last time I hear noobs unironically was... wc3 battlenet
Wrexadecimal: @TwilightAvalon there's no way Sega would give atlus up since Persona just prints money for them. :P
weff47: only noobs use noob
BusTed: Potentially when playing people whose primary language is not english.
Wrexadecimal: wow, robot boomer here
Pengu24: Adam are you gonna play persona 5 scramble when it comes out?
CrazyScarecrow: Sony likes to hold on to their exclusives. Would love to see Bloodborne and a Demon's Souls remaster on PC, but it'll never happen.
Mister_BlueSky: I wish Atlus would re-release 3 & 4 in HD.
TwilightAvalon: @Wrexadecimal EVerything has a price...just depends if Sony wants to pay it....they are going to be printing money with Enter the Spiderverse stuff soon
ArcOfTheConclave: is that a mustache?
Tarkis: I'll say noob as self deprication... but that's kind of ironic also...
BlightningHelix: Yes. Robot mustache.
Wrexadecimal: @TwilightAvalon I don't see it happening, but stranger transactions have occurred, so I feel that.
SwankyFlea: Soon? Isn't Spiderverse 2 coming out in 2022
Traion: @twilightavalon sony as a company is not in the best financial situation. They aren't gonna buy anyone any time soon
TXC2: something like that yes
TwilightAvalon: Baton Pass to Joker
TwilightAvalon: Joker has a Psi move
TXC2: yeah, like Sony might sell sony movies soon enough
TwilightAvalon: You cant Insta-Kill move MiniBosses/Bosses
BusTed: bopped
TwilightAvalon: Because there is normal damage dealing curse moves
Wrexadecimal: computers don't like it when you curse at them, that's why Kappa
silenceaux: There are attacks that do curse / bless damage without being instant-kills.
ForOhForError: ooh
Mister_BlueSky: OMG Joker talked? MiniK
TwilightAvalon: POG
CrazyScarecrow: Maybe Disney'll buy sony movies. Can they just get a monopoly already so we can watch every movie on Disney+
TwilightAvalon: Makoto is finally the best healer in the game!
ForOhForError: Mediarama on makoto is a game changer
Mister_Hush: I would ditch the single target, yeah
SwankyFlea: The music is the best part of this game by far SourPls
Traion: @crazyscarecrow please no
Smitteye99: gotta love when your main healer also just out here strollin around with Nuke damage
TwilightAvalon: get rid Raku
SwankyFlea: Not even hating the game, the music is just real good
CrazyScarecrow: Disney +ultra, every movie ever made on 1 streaming platform
Mister_BlueSky: You get a multi version of it eventually.
TwilightAvalon: Seems good
betsytheripper: put the kettle on
betsytheripper: I should too
bugernaught: thanks
SwankyFlea: CrazyScarecrow including BNHA apparently Kappa
BusTed: mmm
TXC2: !findquote water
LRRbot: Quote #1955: "Water: 19% wet" โ€”Alex [2016-02-23]
aClonedPickle: this gamer's BOILING
kumatsu: are you winning, Adam?
TwilightAvalon: !findquote boil
LRRbot: Quote #1169: "BOIL!" โ€”Alex [in next room] [2015-11-28]
CrazyScarecrow: @SwankyFlea they gotta buy the anime studios too if they're gonna get a true monopoly
SwankyFlea: Exactly
Mister_Hush: Yeah, 7 per turn feels like a lot less when every spell costs 16 or 20
TXC2: Adam is always winning
TwilightAvalon: Adam, do you like Haru's weaponary? Shes all dignified and proper....but her weapons are a medeval double headed battle axe and a GRENADE LAUNCHER
Wigum1130: Adam are you going to PAX South?
CrazyScarecrow: If you enjoy the game then you're winning Kappa
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
SwankyFlea: gdqPride gdqTransPride
Traion: @crazyscarecrow most sane countries would've forbidden Disney's last 5 acquisitions. A media monopoly is a massive dystopia
SwankyFlea: Dice bag is BisexualPride
JohnnieG: they forgot to change the break screen
ninjaofv: must have been hectic yesterday so that's probably why
JohnnieG: yeah i dont blame them
ninjaofv: yeah still amazes my how much work goes into the PPR's and all the stuff they do after
ninjaofv: me*
Armoric: Uh-huh, Persona 5. Could yesterday's PPR have something to do with it?
TXC2: when you think about it, the level of professionalism that goes into LRR's stuff is mind blowing
TXC2: and we're back
MilkInBag: poutine in victoria? pff
BusTed: Put in an order!
SwankyFlea: I want poutine...
Traion: Ask them to bring you some?
TheKingWiggins: Can they bring you some?
MilkInBag: what you got, shredded cheese?
TXC2: Poutine: the devil's food
weff47: anyone coming back? could they bring you some?
accountmadeforants: Terrible friends, having fun while you aren't there. DansGame
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MilkInBag: I was once offered poutine on Victoria mount in Hong Kong by a restaurant called New York fries LUL
TXC2: But We're Adam's Friends, Right?
BusTed: sock troubs
adi_pie: I had poutine when I was over there. It was pretty good. I feel the cheese could've been better though.
adi_pie: Sock it to 'em, Adam.
MilkInBag: @adi_pie it depends where you get it, there is basic stuff also here
FireFlower18: I have to make my own poutine like a damn peasant
TwilightAvalon: Go to the Top Door
TwilightAvalon: This is where you entered
MilkInBag: I finished the first two books of The Expanse, it's good seabatPjorg
TwilightAvalon: The Elephant is just a good Take because it cannot be damaged by physical
TwilightAvalon: tank*
MilkInBag: then I'll start Malazan
Mister_BlueSky: Gets some good skills too.
TwilightAvalon: Once Flu Season comes around, you can make some BUSTED Persona
bugernaught: ya dude use a mug for tea, thermoses keep it too hot too long
l0gin4me: Elephant was always a irritating pile of hp to kill on my play through
accountmadeforants: Keep a second thermos with iced coffee and mix them for the perfect temperature HahaThink
bugernaught: and it sounds weird but you can "burn" wate rofr tea, it shouldn't be boiling when you pour it
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
bugernaught: *water for
MilkInBag: pour half of it on the floor to cool it
TheKingWiggins: Anyone run through NG+ with overpowered stuff to get Plat?
TwilightAvalon: Yeah, Group debuffs
TwilightAvalon: Now we're cooking
TwilightAvalon: normal attack the Starfish
TwilightAvalon: then baton pass to makoto
SolarBlitz1: Foolish not!dalek, we are the faster runners!
TXC2: easy on the backseating there TwilightAvalon
TwilightAvalon: Over
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kassy_13: you're levelled!
MilkInBag: just right ๐Ÿ‘Œ
TwilightAvalon: Boss of this Dungeon is Level 35~
kassy_13: (i don't know, i was making a joke)
Irgendwasmitkiwi: MUAHAHAHA
MilkInBag: did you have fun yesterday
bugernaught: what tea
kassy_13: what's your favourite drink?
TheKingWiggins: Favorite card used yesterday?
aldruon: Adam, how was your week?
TwilightAvalon: Do you still play Destiny 2 since the Shadowkeep DLC drop?
Lavaspike3: Got any hot takes about the new Theros cards?
NathanJay_GA: If you could have any car as a daily commuter right now, what would it be?
Nigouki: is James finally going to let you have your Minecraft stream this year?
Crowbears: You been following this SF5 netcode kerfuffle?
MilkInBag: maybe because you are having fun with new people
Pengu24: Are you gonna play persona 5 scramble when it comes out?
bugernaught: the spirit of pre release
MilkInBag: you and crip was LUL
sorceress966: That's because Every PPR is your last~
MilkInBag: crim? crip?
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InternetArt: 18 Months? Persona 5!? Watch out for the weeb police Adam.
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Last1031: Was there a card in your pool that you wanted to run but could not support
TXC2: well the PPR is new cards, so theres a lower expectation of succees
MilkInBag: I don't know him sorry
SolarBlitz1: Is it because of how you're not expected to be know anything so you're more forgiving of yourself when it's all brand new to everyone?
accountmadeforants: As for your level, it's ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ
TwilightAvalon: We have a big community on the Discord for Destiny 2. We'd be happy to help you :)
snowcookies: I play with the LRRcord destiny players
ArcOfTheConclave: Adam is on the Weeb police
TwilightAvalon: fair
MilkInBag: Adam already has 5 jobs
Traion: Beej has systematically dismantled the weeb police
PMAvers: So drop WoW for a good game?
bugernaught: haha
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adi_pie: I keep forgetting this is a button I can push. What is your favourite fantasy series you would recommend to a newcomer to the genre?
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n3ther: A gamer playing games in this age?
MilkInBag: @adi_pie ever heard of the witcher Kappa
accountmadeforants: Yeah, you seem big on time-sink games, which is a hard kind to play a lot of different ones.
bugernaught: Dune
Mister_Hush: It's got bright colors and numbers coming out of people's heads, of course you like it, Adam
MilkInBag: Dune is very hard to get into
Lavaspike3: The Simllarion :P
adi_pie: This is in no way me asking for reading material, I swear.
MilkInBag: I love tolkien and the silmarillion is the worst LUL
NathanJay_GA: If you have to go on an adventure to walk to a volcano and throw a ring inside, who do you take with you: Beej, Cameron, or Ian?
SolarBlitz1: The Abhorsen series is one I love, about necromancers and magics
razorswift: man, adam, you really want people to suffer with us on waiting for Thorn of Emberlaine Kaooa
razorswift: * Kappa
ReverseCreations: Yeah Adam has no time for games, he got into JRPGs those eat up all your time
TwilightAvalon: What other throwback games have you discussed with Ben for Lets Nope!? Maybe Dead Space 1-3? Older Resident Evil games (4 maybe)?
Oliin: The Night Angel trilogy is solidly good.
adi_pie: I have never actually heard about that one.
l0gin4me: Yep Makoto was NEVER cut from my party after getting that
MilkInBag: The Hobbit is a great introductory book
JosephDeath: Have you read his next series? The Lightbringer series?
Oliin: Has one of the worst cover/back of the book blurbs ever though.
accountmadeforants: Yeah, an AoE heal and a likeable personality that doesn't make you want to bench them? What were they thinking?!
sorceress966: I cannot find the third one for the life of me but Yes the first 2 in the series are great
TXC2: has Ben played any of a the Deadly frame game?
Invitare: I really like it
mfranco25: Lrr got mentioned on did you know games
JosephDeath: I enjoyed the hell out of it
Invitare: I prefer it to Night Angel
JosephDeath: And I also really enjoyed the Night Angel trilogy
Invitare: it IS more my thing though
Invitare: so that might not be the case for you
Oliin: Seriously, I almost didn't read the series because they made the Night Angel Trilogy sound like some horribly hokey book about an edgelord assassin.
TwilightAvalon: 3 Party Members get Healing. Morgana has the highest SP pool, which is why he is normally a healing bot from the party (also because Morgana has the lowest defense in the game)
Pantsravaganza: Worst insect?
TwilightAvalon: Ann and Makoto are both high magical users
MilkInBag: if you love sci fi, the themis files trilogy is great, by Sylvain Neuvel
thedudetrio: Walked away for a few moments, what did I miss?
Irgendwasmitkiwi: worst bird?
NathanJay_GA: Agree with mosquito, though I would say wasp is a close second
MilkInBag: pigeon
Crowbears: shoebill
TheKingWiggins: Goose
bugernaught: magpie
TwilightAvalon: Seagul
TXC2: Seagull
Pantsravaganza: Seagull
DerPilsner: Gilded Goose on Turn 2
adi_pie: I get what the reference is to, but boy is seeing them pull out a paper fan to smack someone incredibly amusing.
Renekfun: Seagull
Invitare: Geese are merely weaker swans
IncredibleFrown: it *was* THE WORST BIRD MAYBE
NathanJay_GA: Blue Jay for worst bird. They're aggressive, loud, and annoying
Irgendwasmitkiwi: did it not bird hard enough
TwilightAvalon: Doodoo?
sorceress966: Swan, much angrier than a Goose and you can't punch it back
IncredibleFrown: *the worst bird maybe
bugernaught: stupid extinct birds
FireFlower18: I need more audiobooks now that Twitch is blocked at work again.
thedudetrio: Have you just been grinding for sp?
TXC2: yeap
thedudetrio: Wow
CapnRobert: Birds are great
MilkInBag: I'm pretty sure there are extinct animals that are way better than those alive right now
teh_turtwig: man i wish getting hit by a fan stopped me being hungry
betsytheripper: have you ever read the Taltos series by Brust?
TwilightAvalon: this dungeon is SP Heavy because everything resist physical, mostly
l0gin4me: Jacob?
TXC2: teh_turtwig if hit hard enough it would Kappa
adi_pie: So you don't know me or Catcard. Got it. :P
razorswift: did you ever play Warframe?
Inkompetence: I really enjoyed Brust's Taltos books, too.
NathanJay_GA: If only we could stall like this in Darkest Dungeon
MilkInBag: but does anyone *know* anyone actually? seabatBRAIN
Crowbears: Warfame rules
TXC2: Man Catcard, theres someone I've not seen in a while
betsytheripper: the dragaera world is fun stuff
TwilightAvalon: Yeah she has an Axe
Crowbears: but yeah you gotta learn to zip through levels, its what everyone does
Renekfun: whats Haru's gun?
aldruon: i hate it when people do that in mmos
TXC2: MilkInBag no, we can only suspect
IncredibleFrown: grenade launcher
TwilightAvalon: Adam, when you're done filling SP.....Look at Haru's gun
TwilightAvalon: Its great
JosephDeath: I couldn't get Warframe to stick, if I was gonna shooty looty I'd rather play Destiny
adi_pie: Warframe is fun, but boy do I feel you on the "I just do not have time for another MMO" with that one. I have Density and 14, making time for another one is a big ask.
itsr67: back to back adam gets axe users in rpgs
Mister_Hush: Catcard rolled up to a stream like two weeks ago, but yeah, they're a rare pokemon
TXC2: you can if you turn stall puinsihment off
aClonedPickle: not when joker is status'd
TwilightAvalon: You cant AOA when status alimented
accountmadeforants: Dang, Haru went HARD the second she got to fight, huh?
l0gin4me: Joker and at least one ally need to not have any status ailments
MilkInBag: imagine filling SP in 2020
adi_pie: It's neat seeing Haru actually fight. I just benched her when she joined.
TwilightAvalon: Haru is secretly a naughty girl based on her Persona's history
TwilightAvalon: She is prim and proper but with a dark side
BlightningHelix: Do you think at any point someone looks at the grenade launcher Haru brought and went "okay maybe a bit much"?
itsr67: wait, where DID she get a grenade launcher?
adi_pie: Sher's rich, I'm sure she has her ways.
Mister_Hush: Shrug, internet
LadyXShinsou: back
aClonedPickle: same place Alex got his airsoft grenade launcher, probably
DarkMorford: That's kinda my read too. Haru's fine, but she's not gonna kick Ann or Makoto out of my combat party.
adi_pie: Forward.
adi_pie: Ever forward. never learning.
l0gin4me: The best this Haru has/gets was Energy Drop or whatever it was called that ansered all status ailments
aClonedPickle: *smash cut to Haru shooting a mannequin*
TwilightAvalon: This area was always confusing
MilkInBag: "I like...huh fuck"
DigitalSeahorse: PrideTrans slytqLewd_SG PrideBalloons Trans Rights vileolHeck
TXC2: safety third
jordynturtle: nah
BusTed: BabyRage
Lavaspike3: monkaS
NathanJay_GA: I missed it, did we see Haru's persona reveal animation this stream, or a previous one?
TXC2: NathanJay_GA this one
l0gin4me: just attack the starfish?
DigitalSeahorse: LesbianPride GayPride BisexualPride TransgenderPride PansexualPride AsexualPride
NathanJay_GA: @txc2 thanks for the info. I'll have another look later
DigitalSeahorse: IntersexPride NonBinaryPride GenderFluidPride
Crowbears: one hit will break the shield, then you can knock it
Anubis169: Hihi Adam & Chat! lrrAWESOME
l0gin4me: this floor loops back to the beginning
Anubis169: loved your twitch chat callout yesterday :)
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHERE_SG
adi_pie: Hey, Anubis169 Welcome.
TXC2: hello Anubis169 welcome
LadyXShinsou: Hi Anibus
BusTed: Haha.
itsr67: where's zoom where you need it
JohnnieG: there is a keypad somewhere
aldruon: what callout? i wasn't there
LadyXShinsou: *Anubis
Anubis169: aldruon: it's in the vods
Anubis169: 'supsup chat :D
silenceaux: Ah, did someone hit the stream with that 'looking tired' bs during the ppr?
snowcookies: Twitch chat needs to stop being so negative
DigitalSeahorse: Hai Anubis169 HahaGoose lrrHORN
Anubis169: it's only a couple snowcookies, majority was kickass :D
TXC2: silenceaux no I think they said it was boring or something
SolarBlitz1: You made it without cursing though, I think. Atleast I don't remember you saying any, which is good!
silenceaux: TXC2 Mmm, I understand now.
TXC2: yeap, the few idiots that ruin it for the rest of us
l0gin4me: its a running gag at this point
randompherret: most days atleast
MachCaliber: Coulda fooled us LUL
aldruon: you say you're a baby all the time
Traion: You aren't? Since when? Kappa
TwilightAvalon: Kappa
Anubis169: human nature to an extent, but i think the internet in general's made seeing the negative more a focus than a reaction
Invitare: seabatTROG
TXC2: no, WE'RE the baby chat Kappa
IncredibleFrown: was that the button, next to that door
RebekahWSD: I always thought Adam was incredibly intelligent, just usually played being silly because it's way easier?
TwilightAvalon: go back to the beginning?
adi_pie: I legit could not tell you. THis place was real confusing to navigate.
TXC2: which way lrrbot?
zkillzzz: this is where i stopped playing this game :/
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Prioritize rigidity.
accountmadeforants: You just look like the sorta person who'd curse at a magic event sponsored by Wizards and hosted by LRR, it shows on your face Kappa
TwilightAvalon: This dungeon is confusing....
JohnnieG: go back down
adi_pie: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Anubis169: up down left right backwards inverted
l0gin4me: I think you can to this floor to get top level authentification and now need to return to the previous floor
l0gin4me: came*
Invitare: if you keep going left you'll get there eventually Kappa
TwilightAvalon: This is why this palace is so annoying
TwilightAvalon: You have to use SP on damn near everything
Lavaspike3: monkaS
betsytheripper: we need to get this guy, we need the secret of the golden pasties
TwilightAvalon: when first played....most even have SP patches everywhere
TwilightAvalon: didnt*
Lavaspike3: this monster is so annoying lol
Traion: Adam, as someone who is always hungry, can you confirm that hunger reduces your offensive strength? ;)
betsytheripper: I love that moth
betsytheripper: hell I love that moth so much
BusTed: good times, good times
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accountmadeforants: Good times
TwilightAvalon: All ruined by 1 Elephant boi
TXC2: Perridge Farm Remembers
lody_the_strategist: sup how ya doin
silenceaux: Going for the weakness doesn't seem as relevant if Joker has a status effect.
TXC2: hello lody_the_strategist welcome
silenceaux: Can you clear hunger with inventory food or does it need something special?
thedudetrio: Joker had full SP?
thedudetrio: When was that?
adi_pie: Who would win? 7 Phantom Thieves, or 1 Trunky boy?
PandasAndPancakes: silenceaux I think there's a food item, IIRC
TwilightAvalon: at the very beginning Kappa
MilkInBag: suuuuh dude
silenceaux: PandasAndPancakes Gotta bring more granola bars I guess
thedudetrio: You could grind again
thedudetrio: But eh
TwilightAvalon: Ann has the 3rd highest damage in the game, barely losing to Ryuji at no.2
NUTSOFODEN: ive missed a good number of saturdays i guess. whos this new girl?
PandasAndPancakes: silenceaux Or bread from the school store
MilkInBag: where's morgana
PandasAndPancakes: NUTSOFODEN Haru, and we don't know much about her yet
itsr67: just get on a mount and run by these monsters ofc
adi_pie: And a mission from God.
NUTSOFODEN: A gun and an Axe. Thats all the personal description someone needs, right?
betsytheripper: oh, they're daleks
betsytheripper: I get it
Crowbears: the mount thing is an item that gets added to your bar at some point
Crowbears: lets you call one
OmnipotentTrevor: Does this place not have an alert level anymore?
snowcookies: the circle of life
MilkInBag: green or black tea
MilkInBag: baby tea
betsytheripper: I've got a rooibos earl grey
betsytheripper: it's nice
PandasAndPancakes: Green tea = best tea, don't @ me
ninjim84: good answer, good answer
BusTed: What about white tea?
IncredibleFrown: sometimes babies have good taste
snowcookies: green tea is also too bitter for babies
thedudetrio: What about neither
MilkInBag: white tea is too spicy
MilkInBag: OpieOP
DigitalSeahorse: Gerber Baby
thedudetrio: There's this orange-infused tea that I like
MilkInBag: babies can't even manage their own head LUL
BusTed: What's worse, babies or dodos?
gelatosquid: adam., thoughts on this palace so far? it's my favourite aesthetic easily
Mister_BlueSky: Or Morgana?
DerPilsner: Adam: "I'm an adult that can follow orders." Also Adam: "I'd eat baby food."
PandasAndPancakes: Not with that attitude Kappa
BusTed: ๐Ÿค”
MilkInBag: omg you shot that butterfly D:
Invitare: if you encountered a Dodo *next* to an open jar, what would you do?
l0gin4me: you haven't hit the part I found irritating in this palace yet
MilkInBag: LUL
Wrexadecimal: LUL
MilkInBag: "You're too slow!"
BusTed: He's done it.
Thandres: the sign you played a JRPG too long:_ you shout along the attack lines
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGOAT
kassy_13: more what, haru??
Mister_Hush: What's worse, the streamer who does that, or us, the viewers who tune in for it
adi_pie: "He's not wrong, but he doesn't have to say it."
silenceaux: Is this the part where the first person to stop clapping dies
ReverseCreations: Yelling Persona is the "Point at the sign" of Persona.
TXC2: !addquote (Adam) [now] Streaming is just yelling the voice lines of the game you're playing.
LRRbot: New quote #6695: "Streaming is just yelling the voice lines of the game you're playing." โ€”Adam [2020-01-11]
ArcOfTheConclave: You're less wrong that I would hope
Mister_BlueSky: "All's well that ends well."
BusTed: He said the thing I know!
MilkInBag: ๐Ÿ‘
snowcookies: !advice
LRRbot: You need to wait for the metronome.
adi_pie: You're Doctor Doom, and you doot as you please?
kassy_13: !badadvice
LRRbot: Firm belief!
kassy_13: is that bad advice?
adi_pie: I want to play it after seeing you go through a bit of it.
ReverseCreations: Dragon Quest Xi is quite good
Mister_BlueSky: CRUMBS!
MachCaliber: I think thats due to Otaku Jeff though
TXC2: "he's going to the hospital...and then he'll be there!"
Mister_Hush: I want to play DQ11 and try to figure out what's compelling about it.
adi_pie: But I need to find the time. astesOops
Mister_BlueSky: "Thank Crikey!" LUL
accountmadeforants: Pave the save NotLikeThis
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MilkInBag: nowadays, flirting and dating is just quoting the office or friends
ReverseCreations: @Mister_Hush Good characters, better story than I was expecting out of a Dragon Quest game, Sylvando.
Mister_Hush: 'Cause watching you stream it, there's a lot of charm and polish I really love. The writing is great. But there's so much in the part where it's a video game that just boggle my mind
thedudetrio: OH NO
TwilightAvalon: I like that Haru has a bandolier of Grenade ammo
Crowbears: steamworks ResidentSleeper
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, the pushy buttons thing looked ridiculous
MilkInBag: you just executed butterflies
Frogsalot: wait... is that for the forge thing?
TwilightAvalon: Queen
accountmadeforants: Like, they let you automate it as a reward. Which says a lot about their confidence in it as a minigame.
BrowneePoints: Oh hey Adam has Haru now!?
Thandres: excuse me, the steamworks is a perfectly balanced and challenging minigame! Kappa
gruulmagebeast: how could you do that to patrick star
TwilightAvalon: 700k Money!
Traion: Put a patch on the cat and guard some slims?
Pahahaltija: First time ever catching adamโ€™s gamehouse live! Greetings from Finland!
gerberlicous: This is the first LRR stream I have actually been too. lets see how badly adam can mess up.
gerberlicous: Love you though man XD
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BusTed: Adieu
ninjaofv: adam doesn't mess up he has a galaxy brain
snowcookies: Adam is the boshy
NathanJay_GA: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:35:52.
gerberlicous: The adam amount.
bugernaught: kind of tea is the metric
Pahahaltija: Can Adam ever mess up though? He is a genius
thedudetrio: You could take some time to grind and bring morgana out to do it @LoadingReadyRun
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Scorpions aren't good for dating.
gelatosquid: fail state
IncredibleFrown: the fail state?
adi_pie: It's not metric, it's imperial. Makes the mess ups look more impressive.
l0gin4me: death
CannedWolf: condition
StabsofWar: state?
ConspiracyOfCartographers: failure mode
BrowneePoints: Hey adam, what's it like playing a New Age RPG like Persona 5 AND a Modern RPG that deliberately stays classic like DQ 11?
TXC2: !findquote Fail
LRRbot: Quote #2941: "We often play games with no fail-state. I've never seen a game with no win-state." โ€”Graham [2016-07-13]
Pahahaltija: Fail state
accountmadeforants: Looks like you messed up doing words there, Adam. Kappa
OmnipotentTrevor: Phailhaus
PandasAndPancakes: Fusing your high level personas down and down until you get back to Arsene?
Traion: That is how you mess up Adam. By your language breaking down LUL
bv310: After the S-rank Cuphead'ing, I'm willing to believe everything is completely intentional
DigitalSeahorse: Phail Haus
gerberlicous: Nothing lol just messing with you brother XD love the streams gonna stay for awhile
l0gin4me: failure is having to retreat without mapping the path to the treasure in one day Kappa
TXC2: hello gerberlicous welcome
Pahahaltija: Aww did I miss Haruโ€™s awakening?
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howdoipunch: 15 months, that's almost X amount of time!
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gerberlicous: Hello there whats up?
TXC2: Pahahaltija sadly yes
BrowneePoints: I had way more trouble with Hollow Knight than I EVER did Cuphead
gelatosquid: boshy isn't in the same league as other hard games
adi_pie: Darkest Dungeon felt harder mostly due to all the RNG involved.
Pahahaltija: Well too bad
BrowneePoints: I mean, Sekiro is harder than Cuphead
bugernaught: I thought it was Crim
Pahahaltija: Ooh Adam noticed me! Am I now blessed?
BrowneePoints: Although man does Sekiro make you feel like a god when things go right
Pahahaltija: Or just one of us?
adi_pie: Still though, It did lead to a very hype final fight in Darkest Dungeon.
IncredibleFrown: adam's special skill: reading a chat
NathanJay_GA: I seem to remember the RNG gods giving you a blessing in your first torchless bloodmoon win
Pahahaltija: It seems you are, Sir!
TwilightAvalon: Haru is getting low on SP
adi_pie: Adam's Special Skill - Still putting up with our shit after so much time.
accountmadeforants: You only miss chat when they're trying to tell you something absolutely critical. Kappa But otherwise you're great, yeah.
snowcookies: !findquote read
LRRbot: Quote #3115: "I can't read the character sheet that's in my soul..." โ€”Ian [2016-08-05]
Traion: Considering how often you've died by reading chat, if anything you pay attention to Chat too much :P
gvbattell: I'm still not sure I understand what is going on.... :/
TwilightAvalon: Give Haru an Item, I just realized....She still has BASE Armor and no Acessory item
malsareus: Adam, have you ever cosidered playing Iratus?
Pahahaltija: Also first time here live so why the hate on Yusuke Adam?
bugernaught: that's deep
PandasAndPancakes: Aw, does Adam not like Kathleen's best boy?
Traion: @pahahaltija it's in his name: you suck ;)
TXC2: no, Adam like Ruyji
PandasAndPancakes: Traion Ahh
gelatosquid: that's a somewhat reasonably explanation for what's actually happening
TwilightAvalon: Its in his Name = Yu Suke (you Suck)
ninjaofv: i think it's pretty wild
Pahahaltija: Okay just the name then?
gvbattell: Thanks! but now have many more questions... whoops
Invitare: Ryuji is Adam's precious idiot child
gelatosquid: usually when I explain what's happeningf it sounds way dumber
BrowneePoints: @PandasAndPancakes He likes Ryuji for some reason
aldruon: Adam Savidan, Attack:3 Defense: 3, type weebo titan warrior, size Average, special abilities: reading twitch chat. Does anyone get the reference?
TXC2: Pahahaltija no, it's also that he was a creep when he first showed up
gelatosquid: adam's too cute to also be smart it's not fair
Invitare: we've seen your streams Kappa
ShortRound2099: seabatBRAIN
Pahahaltija: Well Ryuji is fine but quite dumb
PandasAndPancakes: BrowneePoints For GOOd reasons. Lay off the cinnamon roll.
silenceaux: Wishful thinking. It's intimidating when somebody has it all.
Pahahaltija: QUITE dumb
TwilightAvalon: Set Joker's base Persona to Hell Rider
Invitare: wait what Grenade Launcher???
TwilightAvalon: You'll move 1st or 2nd
TXC2: Pahahaltija he's our butiful idiot son
Invitare: why does she get a Grenade Launcher???
BrowneePoints: @PandasAndPancakes Nope. SINammon roll. Yusuke is the cinnamon roll
Invitare: Joker just has like a pistol
accountmadeforants: Man, remember when Yusuke had two lobsters? Good times.
adi_pie: Heard you talking shit.
Gallium71: Why doesn't she get the grenade launcher?
BrowneePoints: Oh yea! Adam what did you think of the beach episode?
gelatosquid: this team comp is joker and his harem LUL
TXC2: which one? :p
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 Lobsters
TXC2: gelatosquid easy now
TwilightAvalon: Only 2 SP
TwilightAvalon: yes
BusTed: level up to heal?
ninjaofv: it does
Pahahaltija: I always had Yusuke on my teams because I think he does sick dmg, but iโ€™m not good in games though
BrowneePoints: I don't think any of the cast is objectively bad...except MORGANA
TwilightAvalon: Optimal vs Fun
n3ther: I'm a min-maxer. It's in my gamer blood
LadyXShinsou: I'm doing my second playthrough with only the male characters for fun.
aClonedPickle: everyone is good. even morgana, at times
PandasAndPancakes: Morgana, Ann, Makoto, because I am a wuss who needs 3 healers
aldruon: at the end of the day, life should be enjoyable.
silenceaux: Adam's refusal to put Yusuke on the team is as much a personality conflict as it is a tactical decision
TwilightAvalon: not Morgana, poor cat has such low defense
aClonedPickle: more so, imo
accountmadeforants: I do like doing some things optimally, but there's also some games I feel I've ruined for myself by not just playing blind.
TXC2: I'm bad at every game I've ever played, you do not have to be optimal to have fun
Pahahaltija: Yea I totally get you. Thats why i have no one to game with cuz all my friends want to play hardcore cs go
gelatosquid: he's not sad he's introspective gawd
Black5parrow: Ur sp and hp is good enough to get to the treasure
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Doing things for fun is good. I mean, games *are* meant to be beaten.
OmnipotentTrevor: I just heard today that GDQ exists in part because of Desert Bus, and that sounds wild.
ReverseCreations: I mean he's a financial idiot.
accountmadeforants: Sad music :(
BrowneePoints: I love that Yusuke is rich AF and makes poor money decisions
Black5parrow: Wait so adam is this ur last time playing persona
adi_pie: I'm boring and just never switched off of Ann, Ryuji, and Morgana. But that's mostly just because I'm lazy.
ninjaofv: the music in general is just amazing
radioshackraider: I kinda wish this was on the Switch.
FireFlower18: mood
Pahahaltija: What I think buying two random lobsters is a great financial idea!
accountmadeforants: Black5parrow No, he's finishing it.
TXC2: BrowneePoints like most rich people
radioshackraider: Oh wow, it's a Beejsona
BlandSpice: Ambassador of Filth is a hell of a name
accountmadeforants: Man's romance!
adi_pie: That's a real shitty design.
PandasAndPancakes: Remember when he was a boss in the first dungeon?
LadyXShinsou: I'm glad all of the members of the Phantom Thieves level up.
TwilightAvalon: Good Ol' Belphegor...the Literally Shit Demon
edgehead_: A man's romance
BrowneePoints: @TXC2 More than most. I mean, no parents, father figure cared more about forcing him to focus on one singular thing to the detriment of everything else
Black5parrow: @accountmadeforants on which account
BusTed: ๐Ÿ‘ฟ lrrGARBO
Gallium71: Burn it with fire, that scans.
accountmadeforants: Black5parrow This one, Gamehaus is ending after he finishes it. (Though he might do one more stream for something else.)
silenceaux: imagine dying while on the crapper
TXC2: I don't know, with those guns looks like he trains :P
Mister_BlueSky: feliciaFlush
TwilightAvalon: OH
00gogo00: lrrGARBO
TXC2: silenceaux we call that the Elvis Kappa
TwilightAvalon: He gave us a MEdium Ice Spell
Doctor_Pockets: yeah bufula skill card seems good
IncredibleFrown: i remember using yusuke more than average because i ran off a lot of skill cards
ReverseCreations: I mean not sure it's a great idea to spend the rest of your food fund on "Visual appreciation" (Yusuke buying food for the visuals and not the..well...eating."
BrowneePoints: @accountmadeforants wait gamehaus is ending?
TwilightAvalon: Liliim is weak to Bullet/Holy/Wind
silenceaux: Woman just stole your SP
UltimateCrow: What graphics card do you use to record?
accountmadeforants: BrowneePoints Yeah, he explains it at the start. Probably best if you watch the VOD.
gvbattell: a good graphics card.
Crowbears: they auto register the first time you get them iirc
Crowbears: so you should be fine
GDwarf: Registration is automatic when you first acquire them
TwilightAvalon: When you capture a Persona, they are loaded into your Records
IncredibleFrown: registering just lets you summon a copy of the thing at the time you registered it
GDwarf: You re-register to update stats and abilities and stuff
Ridgenator: REgistering basically let you to buy them back at a higher level
TwilightAvalon: What Registering does is override the Base Persona with one that is changed (higher level, new moves, etc)
PandasAndPancakes: Registering is best used if you fuse something with a particular move you want it to keep.
SolarBlitz1: You'll be able to resummon, but a levelled one wont have the same stuff unless you update the register IIRC
Calaban161: It registers automaticly but wen you regester them it takes any changes that you made to them and puts that in the book
l0gin4me: I don't think they auto register if you don't keep them for at least a bit. I remember having to catch a treasure demon twice...
ReverseCreations: Why am I remembering it as Newly acquired Persona Have to be registered to be in the if you override one when a new one before hitting up the Velvet Room you lose the one you overrode...
TXC2: Haru has the same hair as our teacher no?
jarbasaur: Needs more motion blur
Calaban161: That is tru you need to have them in your party at least once @l0gin4me
TwilightAvalon: use Gun
accountmadeforants: That thing just stole your SP! D:
TwilightAvalon: Lilims are awful because they steal SP
adi_pie: Low on SP, that Atlus game story.
adi_pie: the*
ninjaofv: true until you get the broken items
TXC2: shes a feisty cat is why......or something
TwilightAvalon: use gun
GDwarf: SP regen is broken in every SMT and SMT-related game because magic is *always* much more powerful than physical
GDwarf: And they balance that by making it drink SP
LadyXShinsou: @GDwarf That is so true.
Pahahaltija: Ye the sp3 thing that regens makes all the fights much easier
gvbattell: lrrFINE
TXC2: GDwarf you could argue that's true of any resource based mechanic
IncredibleFrown: out of gun
TXC2: having "infinite" of a resource breaks the thing using it
Crowbears: LUL
accountmadeforants: LUL
adi_pie: GDwarf you're just reminding me of the "good ol' days" of physical attacks using HP.
TwilightAvalon: That would have been an OHKO....
Invitare: but it would have meant using the rubbish cat
Wrexadecimal: lrrGARBO
Gallium71: The hard nope
Invitare: Adam has integrity
Crowbears: Ann with the save
Crowbears: 0/3, oof
Mister_BlueSky: He's lost the touch. NotLikeThis
kassy_13: omg is this the first time ever???
TXC2: remember when Adam was the demon whisperer?
Pahahaltija: So Adam is Yusuke worse than Morgana or does the cat suck just as much :)
TXC2: "yes Mr Savidan, everything stinks"
BorosCharmTargetYou: Yusuke at least has thumbs
gelatosquid: you know how beej feels about princess auto? there's a lot of people that feel that way about this game
TwilightAvalon: you're good
silenceaux: Dropped the purple one
Pahahaltija: Gelatosquid you are absolutelu right
TwilightAvalon: now you can get Ann's new Gun, I believe
TXC2: please, no one has every loved anything as much as Beej loves Princess Auto Kappa
Crowbears: different for each one
aldruon: crit
TwilightAvalon: they have no weakness
Crowbears: but if physical works then crit yeah
Mister_BlueSky: Down shot also works.
TwilightAvalon: perfect
TwilightAvalon: no
accountmadeforants: You don't
TwilightAvalon: this one is new
l0gin4me: don't have it
Crowbears: couldnt see weaknesses so didnt have it
Traion: This is new
Doctor_Pockets: I don't think you do, you diddn't have any info on its weaknesses
Pahahaltija: Well I think manโ€™s romance is higher on the Beej hoghscore than princes auto
Black5parrow: Talk
l0gin4me: couldn't see weaknesses
Black5parrow: New
TXC2: koh-i-nor as in the Diamond?
Black5parrow: U dont have it
TwilightAvalon: You might wanna Fuse some persona soon
adi_pie: Presumably, TXC2
TwilightAvalon: :( Kappa
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ElainaKnits: Thanks for being you, Adam! Iโ€™m excited to maybe see you in more episodes of Live!
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l0gin4me: I'd make a trip to velvet room next save room
EikoandMog: @txc2 The jewels are all famous treasures. I think they're all famous for being stolen, too.
BrowneePoints: Hey Adam, if you were to run a Dice Friends what system would you use?(he asks totally not browsing Amazon)
TXC2: EikoandMog fair enough
howdoipunch: HECK BIKER
l0gin4me: The time sensitive parts coming up were what I hated about this dungeon
BrowneePoints: Run yourself a Scooby Doo game
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BrowneePoints: but like, trying to kill them
BusTed: Well then.
LetsConsider: 'haven't used a lockpick'
TwilightAvalon: Yusuke weapon LUL
BusTed: daggers DansGame
Pahahaltija: Well yea have fun adam and the chat with this awesome game! You are all awesome aswell. Iโ€™ll go to sleep or atleast iโ€™ll try
TXC2: BusTed :D
EikoandMog: okay, Koh-i-noor being considered "stolen" depends on who you ask.
TXC2: Man, Dragon age was like 4 years ago :P
Omega_Lairon: "How much for this dumb sword?" "You sure you wanna sell this? You'll get like 500 attack points" "Don't care. How much." "Uhh... a dollar?" "Sold!"
TwilightAvalon: now we've reached hell Dungeon
TXC2: EikoandMog if the British own it, it's been stolen
TXC2: 250 episodes
itsr67: it'd be spheda highlights
accountmadeforants: Alright Adam, you find the clips and do the editing Kappa
Mister_Hush: Best of Gamehaus is gonna be 45% Spheda goals
itsr67: and nothing else
Omega_Lairon: It's so hard to trim down the list. There's so many good games. You might even say they're masterworks all, can't go wrong. : p
Agl0vale: why is gamehause going away?
EikoandMog: @txc2 Pretty much.
Traion: And there is a bunch of streams missing from before Heather took over
kassy_13: you didn't have him
Agl0vale: fair
EikoandMog: rip gamehaus
BrowneePoints: Still gonna miss hangin out with ya on Saturdays.
TXC2: Adam is acending to a higher plane of exsistance
TwilightAvalon: The First episode of Adam's Gamehaus was uploaded on Youtube July 28, 2014 LUL
n3ther: <message deleted>Adam is canceled
ninjaofv: makes sense
LetsConsider: Are you gonna be playing it forward then?
kassy_13: does this mean you could get a PIF slot?
radioshackraider: So are you rebranding, or is the stream just over?
accountmadeforants: Blink twice if Graham's behind the green screen, Adam
BrowneePoints: Your beard looks fine, your jawline shrunk
Agl0vale: not as good as crims beard
IncredibleFrown: yeah in a world where you have a home stream where you play games you want to play, a lrr stream where you play games you want to play seems redundant
kassy_13: fair!
accountmadeforants: Eh, Ben did a PiF as well, right?
BrowneePoints: Your beard LOOKED* fine. Your jawline shrunk which means it wasn't spaced anymore*
adi_pie: Remember Dragon's Dogma? Pepperidge Farm remembers
Drew_64: so Adam needs a stream where he plays games he _doesnt_ want to play?
ninjaofv: you might be right
Invitare: maybe it doesn't matter seabatCHOICE
silenceaux: Illusion of choice?
kassy_13: lunch?
Wrexadecimal: wow, dragon's dogma
accountmadeforants: Might be a seabatCHOICE too
silenceaux: Try and be wrong, see if it works anyways
BusTed: Tornadoooo
TXC2: Unpaid overtime = slavery, Change my mind
Black5parrow: Overtirm
OmnipotentTrevor: I guess Play it Forward would be if you found a game you wanted a bigger audience for. Or a better streaming rig for? Maybe a console you don't have a home even.
kassy_13: duuuude
kassy_13: unpaid overtime IS slavery
TwilightAvalon: dont die
TwilightAvalon: You havent saved in AWHILE
kassy_13: noooooo
NUTSOFODEN: I like how the enemies on the overworld are just Trash Cans
kassy_13: urgent saving ahead?
Wrexadecimal: @NUTSOFODEN not-daleks, or NAH-leks
kassy_13: have we seen saferooms recently?
TwilightAvalon: you might want to backtrack to a save point and SP farm at a furhterback Save point
Wrexadecimal: uhoh
ninjaofv: has it been decided what gamehaus is getting replaced with ?
TXC2: "you never see it coming!!!!!!!!"
CapnRobert: Game is still awesome replayed dragons dogma recently
TwilightAvalon: because Groups of Black Ooze dont spawn this far into the Dungeon
l0gin4me: ^
adi_pie: I'm really tempted to play Dragon's Dogma on the Switch.
silenceaux: Could just do the dungeon in two different days
TwilightAvalon: The Angel is weak to gun too Adam
kassy_13: leave dungeon, get sp stuff, return?
Crowbears: yeah doing an extra run on the dungeon is fine since it only takes half a day now
IncredibleFrown: leaving the dungeon before you're forced is the coward's tactic
TXC2: thinking about it, I'm pretty sure Adam's Gamehaus was the first live stream I watched
accountmadeforants: kassy_13 They unfortunately don't really sell SP stuff except in very small quantities.
TXC2: kassy_13 leaving ends the day
accountmadeforants: TXC2 Not anymore, we can get a massage now!
kassy_13: @accountmadeforants didn't we have a load when we started searching for vending machines?
TwilightAvalon: If you full on Run, they can hear you
kassy_13: @TXC2 i meant on two separate days :)
TXC2: kassy_13 fair enough
adi_pie: Right, I need to get some rest soon. I will see you folks, around. razenhSleepy
TXC2: so long adi_pie sleep well
accountmadeforants: kassy_13 Those only refill approx. 5 SP each, so you'd really need to hoard them for a while. Which Adam hasn't been doing since he got the patches.
kassy_13: @accountmadeforants aaaah :(
Stripe_dog: This is my first time ever seeing gameplay of this franchise
TheKingWiggins: They are totally fine to use because you can buy the better SP patches for later if need be
TwilightAvalon: no
Agl0vale: u good
silenceaux: I don't think you could have avoided this, really.
LadyXShinsou: Oh wow @Stripe_dog it's a very good series of JRPGs. :D
TXC2: Time flies
TwilightAvalon: If you dont wanna leave the Dungeon, when you get to the next save point, go back to the big maze area and fine Black Ooze enemies
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kassy_13: oh i was right!!! awesome
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
BusTed: Or maybe even a bookworm.
TXC2: !findquote timed
LRRbot: Quote #291: "I don't think I can chat and boss at the same time." โ€”Alex [2015-05-19]
TwilightAvalon: no
TwilightAvalon: They made sure you cannot get stuck
l0gin4me: you can't get stuck
TXC2: kinda bullshit to have a random battle during the timed puzzle
TwilightAvalon: This Dungeon is high EXP but low Money
DirgeNovak: Is this before or after the casino?
TXC2: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an uncursed pancake.
TwilightAvalon: POG
BusTed: Yay.
kassy_13: poutine?
TwilightAvalon: PogChamp
BusTed: Leftovers!
Invitare: DansGame
TXC2: Hello James
l0gin4me: Hi James
TXC2: Hello Alex
Omega_Lairon: "That's my secret, Cap"
Edgarware: Hi Alex
ComradeMik: what is it?
snowcookies: Hi Alex and James
Calaban161: Hey James
l0gin4me: Hi Alex
TheKingWiggins: Super awesome best friends
Stripe_dog: Hi Alex
TXC2: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always going left.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: 'sup james
ComradeMik: is it tasty?
Calaban161: Hi Alex
snowcookies: !clip
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OgaTasumi: isnt preprerelease today?
blip2004: great, now i want poutine
thedudetrio: Hi James
TXC2: OgaTasumi nope, yesturday
sorceress966: !advice
LRRbot: Make it on fire.
ninjaofv: @OgaTasumi was yesterday
thedudetrio: @OgaTasumi Yesterday
OgaTasumi: ah
malsareus: @OgaTasumi the VOD is right here on twitch
radioshackraider: Oh right yeah, I'm watching thsi live.
accountmadeforants: Mukbang stream I guess
thedudetrio: Hi Alex!
ComradeMik: is it Poutine?
TXC2: it's now a mukbang stream Kappa
Crowbears: I gotta bounce and catch the rest of the vod later, thanks for the stream Adam
OgaTasumi: time to watch VoD
Omega_Lairon: Food Critic chat? How's the mouthfeel? : p
Calaban161: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 2:10 PM
BusTed: Haha.
TXC2: so long Crowbears have fun
thedudetrio: What is it?
radioshackraider: Nah, I'm just used to watching VODs
sorceress966: This is now a Pou-Stream
TXC2: thedudetrio poutien
Stripe_dog: What are you eating?
thedudetrio: Yummy
BlightningHelix: Not gonna lie, once or twice during a stream I have tried to jump forward a little bit.
radioshackraider: I can watch you do anything Adam
accountmadeforants: Fueling Adam now lets the stream-fires burn longer
BlightningHelix: Not you, specifically. Just streams in general.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: no... maybe.
Agl0vale: do you want us to answer that?
DirgeNovak: And if you don't eat this now it will be inedible in 15 minutes because it's poutine
NUTSOFODEN: Is this one of those eating streams now?
Edgarware: I mean you did grind for SP a while back
BlightningHelix: "Oh this is some downtime. Let's just scoot forward- oh right, live."
LadyXShinsou: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:14:32.
thedudetrio: This is when you need two extra hands so you can eat and game at the same time
Traion: James pays us to watch you. We are bored every second Kappa
thedudetrio: True pro gamer move
TwilightAvalon: btw Adam, because you've been asking why....This is why people dont like this Dungeon. This was before we knew about farming money and SP Items. Imagine doing this HEAVY SP-related Dungeon without SP regen items?
TwilightAvalon: It was enraging
TXC2: just get JAmes to feed Adam, like he feeds Serge Kappa
IncredibleFrown: ah man i was on the sp regen strats by the art gallery
kassy_13: this was one of only three streams i've ever been able to see live. one was more? so i'm down to watch and play as the only one
Drew_64: if gamehaus is ending, can we get a compilation video, set to "my sacrifice"?
BrowneePoints: But why not Kentaro. Then you can game, eat AND spit fire at your enemies!
accountmadeforants: Oh wow, that sounds like hell TwilightAvalon
Mister_BlueSky: Also this is like not even really close to done.
ReverseCreations: yeah this dungeon is LONG AS FUCK and clearly isn't sorry about it.
TwilightAvalon: The ending to this Dungeon also HONKS
accountmadeforants: And also liable to actually make you time out
Mister_BlueSky: This one. :)
OmnipotentTrevor: But if you had four arms, you'd just start playing games that required four hands, and you wouldn't be able to play them while eating
Black5parrow: Well its not cheatibg
IncredibleFrown: now, the next dungeon, that one's miserable imo
TXC2: the Discord can do that right?
bugernaught: when is it ending again?
ComradeMik: wait, streamhaus is ending?
kumatsu: I heard there was Poutine
kassy_13: surely the boshy would be included
Traion: You could probably put the SeaChats discord on it
Drew_64: going for that wrestler tribute aesthetic
snowcookies: There are fans who make supercuts
NUTSOFODEN: make a highlight real for each year, then make one of the grestest of each of those
l0gin4me: A large part would be Spheda God clips
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 349 users viewing the stream. 727 users in the chat.
gelatosquid: the moment where you realized the maid was your teacher was the best moment
TXC2: that number there Disagrees Adam
Black5parrow: Favorite moment when u told makoto that shes a real gamer at the arcade
ComradeMik: D: oh no
thedudetrio: I agree with Gelatosquid
Invitare: yes
BusTed: the homies
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the_bananarchist: 19 months? holy moly. I'd be here for a highlight reel :)
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Tarkis: Are you going to be streaming on your channel on Saturday?
kumatsu: ah yes, the Homie Squad Run
Invitare: that was great
silenceaux: I remember that! I tried to help and screwed up twice XD
m4lv0: hi everyone... my inability to play or understand this game forces me to watch it in awe... that's why i'm here atm ... cheers
ReverseCreations: I've picked up my PS4 controller twice now while playing DQXI on the switch
TXC2: hello m4lv0 welcome
Edgarware: homie squad feels like a million years ago
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jesssicaeckert: Whatcha snackin on?!
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m4lv0: the mechanic i think... what are these people doing and why
m4lv0: stealing hearts .... like... what??
m4lv0: so the mechanic of the story that is
ComradeMik: I love the gamehaus! I try to catch it when I can, otherwise I pretty much always catch the vod.
TXC2: Hearts as in Hearts and minds
ComradeMik: damn
Traion: Aren't *you* supposed to be working Adam? Kappa
jesssicaeckert: Lunch break
ComradeMik: spheda god was gas
betsytheripper: impeccible golf skills
jesssicaeckert: I want poutine ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
TXC2: all the daggers in boxes in Dragon Age
Omega_Lairon: Your flawless imitations of both Yuna and Auron in FFX
BusTed: What about the Darksiders playthrough? Kappa
Drew_64: bugging out darksiders was pretty great
kumatsu: I've never had real poutine benginCry
LadyXShinsou: ^
kassy_13: i've never eaten poutine either
jesssicaeckert: Donโ€™t be ridiculous ๐Ÿ˜‚
DarkMorford: @jesssicaeckert Eat fast, lunch break is only 30 seconds. Kappa
snowcookies: you can't eat lunch in 30 seconds
jesssicaeckert: Actually though haha busy day today
CapnRobert: Your one of a handful of streamers I think Iโ€™d enjoy watching play anything
ComradeMik: wasn't it the purple console down the end there
m4lv0: so we steal hearts of evil ppl to change theri mind and make the world a better place or what?
IncredibleFrown: @m4lv0 the shared piece of metaphysics between the persona games is that the collective unconsciousness is a physical place you can go. 5 is about convincing villains to give up their schemes by walking into their brains and stealing their will to continue
BlightningHelix: Purple console was in the middle
kumatsu: ah what, Adam played Mad Max? I def need to go back and find those vods
l0gin4me: purple console across the closer blue piston
TXC2: m4lv0 pretty much yeah
BlightningHelix: you were right there.
ComradeMik: the one you were just at
TwilightAvalon: press the pruple one again
l0gin4me: ypu were there
Invitare: it#s that one isn't it? It's purple
TXC2: kumatsu yeah then he paved over his save by mistake :P
m4lv0: but at the end of it all ... what do they achieve? there must be a major scheme we r into no?
kassy_13: adam hasn't "i can't feel it i can't control it" today
Invitare: yes
Edgarware: Yes, but it timed out
l0gin4me: you did, but got into a fight
ComradeMik: yeah, but it only lasts 30 seconds
kumatsu: That's a shame, I'd love to have seen Adam dunk on the end of that game TXC2
Traion: In Adam Savidan's defense he was hungry
monosceros: hey Adam you look cool today
Mister_BlueSky: Yeah.
StabsofWar: yes
gelatosquid: yeah all the time
TXC2: you're looking Cool Adam
ComradeMik: I say that about you
Invitare: all's well that ends well
kumatsu: Hey Alexa, remind me to tell Adam he's looking cooling next time I see him IRL
TXC2: !clips
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BusTed: parents just don't understand
Youngfozzy: i say that to mine friends
CannedWolf: fellow youths, you're lookin cool
Nigouki: ehehehe
Omega_Lairon: I say it sometimes ironically when someone royally f***s something up.
NUTSOFODEN: Alex is looking cool today
Tarkis: I've had co-workers say it to me.
IncredibleFrown: @m4lv0 there's an outbreak of psychotic breaks that the protagonists think someone is causing the same way they effect people, but at this point they still largely have no leads
xxkushscoopexx: lookin cool adam
DarkMorford: Adam, you look cool today. Do you want a blanket?
m4lv0: i see thx
m4lv0: i think i'm up to pace
TXC2: m4lv0 oh also ALL of this is a flashback
Nigouki: you'd be called cool more often if you did more anime moves in real life
kumatsu: looking at the wiki, the 24 hour stream was the end of Adam's 365, right?
gelatosquid: doesn't everyone have the sp regen items at this point?
TXC2: no, DS3 was on Day 366
m4lv0: i kinda remember joker is telling all of this will held captive after a heist?... a friend used to play this
IncredibleFrown: yeah if you haven't seen the beginning, the framing device of the narrative is that joker is in a holding cell being interrogated
l0gin4me: No, there is a lot left
StabsofWar: at least 30 or so hours left
Mister_Hush: That's because you're not! ha hah!
gelatosquid: you're definitely more than halfway
Black5parrow: You have time i recommend u go away
TwilightAvalon: Use the save point to fast travel to the Barracks
Mister_BlueSky: You're 2/3?
gelatosquid: like 2/3s to 3/4s
TwilightAvalon: You can find all Slim enemies there
TwilightAvalon: so you can regen SP
LadyXShinsou: Yeah this game is like 80+ hours long
l0gin4me: Use safe room to go to velvet room at least
ReverseCreations: yeah I don't think it's that much a joke to say "If this is the end of the Gamehaus it will likely last until June."
TwilightAvalon: 80 hours is if you're constantly doing stuff
IncredibleFrown: oh right i forgot which dungeon was next
TwilightAvalon: This game is more like 105-110 hours
Traion: Remember that you can get a "special massage" now to get your evening back
Mister_BlueSky: Plus all the optional stuff.
kumatsu: Things Keep Happening All the Time
nuug_: This is my first time catching you play p5 live, and I want to ask: what do you think of the characterization?
DarkMorford: I mean, this will be longer than if you were playing it by yourself because you're reading chat and stuff. I'm further than this in my game and only around 65 hours.
Mister_BlueSky: We could fight the spoiler NG+ boss! PogChamp
TXC2: 30 hours is just 10 streams right? Kappa
TwilightAvalon: Hell rider
StabsofWar: hellrider?
IncredibleFrown: hell rider right?
Youngfozzy: i did my play through in 80 - 90 hours and i did a fair amount of grinding
ComradeMik: hell rider is the bike
aldruon: what's your twins quest?
howdoipunch: HECK BIKER
Traion: Sort by level Adam
TwilightAvalon: Kushinada?
Youngfozzy: but i did do the influenza reaper exploit
IncredibleFrown: has adam been doing mementos?
jesssicaeckert: Ok, back to work. Have fun, be safe โ™ฅ๏ธ
TXC2: so long jesssicaeckert have fun
TwilightAvalon: Wait...does this eat Hell Rider?
TwilightAvalon: If so dont do it
Mister_BlueSky: Just register it first.
TwilightAvalon: perfect then
zkillzzz: i think you can L1 to see what it eats
Traion: Don't need Bufu
The__Imperial: ooooo group heal, nice
TheKingWiggins: It's fine, it will e replaced
Theteddybear676: when is the ppr or have i missed it lol
gelatosquid: has adam ever had the alternate persona fusion outcome?
accountmadeforants: Oh, she had combs for... her whole everything.
TXC2: Theteddybear676 it was yesterday
TwilightAvalon: White Rider is sick
The__Imperial: wat palace are we on btw?
Theteddybear676: DAMNT**
TwilightAvalon: RED RIDER
nuug_: Hey Adam what do you think of the characterization in this game so far
IncredibleFrown: @the__imperial space
kumatsu: gonna get SO MANY HUGS
GDwarf: Hekatoncheires, the hundred-handed-one
StabsofWar: cute?
BusTed: Just think of how much poutine it could eat while gaming.
TwilightAvalon: Red Rider is awesome!
Nigouki: wait, don't you need hecatonchires for the quest?
Black5parrow: Try to use up ur treasure demon
Nigouki: for the two wardens
kassy_13: he does need hacatonchires
aldruon: dont you need heca for the quest for the twins?
TwilightAvalon: Wait until you see Lord Mara
TXC2: that's a penis
IncredibleFrown: the spout?
TwilightAvalon: LUL
The__Imperial: @incrediblefrown ah, that's an interesting one, defo took me a few tries
BusTed: Haha.
BusTed: Right in your face.
howdoipunch: Bufu? More like Badfu DansGame
kassy_13: makunda
kassy_13: masukunda
Nigouki: Masukunda
BusTed: Malasada
Traion: Just have someone look up a guide
IncredibleFrown: malamar
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
Mister_BlueSky: Masukunda deez... no, wait.
Mangledpixel: mahnamahna
l0gin4me: unicorn + lillim
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for all the streams Adam
Nigouki: mjolnir?
The__Imperial: cya
kassy_13: masukunda
TwilightAvalon: Red Rider is awesome
LadyXShinsou: Bye TXC2
accountmadeforants: Do you have a Lilim with the move?
TwilightAvalon: hit l1
TheKingWiggins: L1
zkillzzz: L1
TwilightAvalon: DING DING DING
accountmadeforants: Oh, that was easy
TheKingWiggins: Golden
ninjim84: night @TXC2
TwilightAvalon: Mapsi
IncredibleFrown: might want to update the compendium before you fuse
TwilightAvalon: MApsi for this dungeon is legit
Traion: We did
IncredibleFrown: ah well then nvm
TwilightAvalon: redundancy is good
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Beautiful
BusTed: What's that lock doing?
The__Imperial: absolute unit
kassy_13: thanks i hate it
nuug_: @BusTed asthetic
edgehead_: And it has the Cena chain soit's going over
BusTed: ๐Ÿค”
edgehead_: lrrDOTS_SG
accountmadeforants: She hit you back with the ellipses!
nuug_: uh oh the lolis are having an existential crisis
olkiswerve: IT'S JUICE DAY :D
olkiswerve: hype
kassy_13: ahh more things adam has never used
Nigouki: so you unlocked pokemon daycare?
kassy_13: @Nigouki pokemon daycare 2
howdoipunch: J U I C E lrrGARBO D A Y (I'm sorry my brain is like this)
bugernaught: Adam have you ever played Catherine?
l0gin4me: The next level will require a level 41 Hariti
NUTSOFODEN: catherine is a great game
kumatsu: I don't think Catherine would be Adam's jam
Mangledpixel: howdoipunch never apologise for your brain being like that
BusTed: 4Head
thedudetrio: I hear good things about Catherine
LadyXShinsou: ^
TwilightAvalon: dont forget to call Teacher now
PMAvers: Catherine is the best part of EVO.
bugernaught: would make a great stream
Mister_BlueSky: It's really quite good gameplay-wise.
kumatsu: Like I think it's a good game, just don't think Adam would enjoy the gameplay
DirgeNovak: Catherine is transphobic as fuck though
BusTed: rayfkSanic
kassy_13: i totally misread that as sanic socks ^
ComradeMik: uh
Edgarware: oh no they made it weird
LadyXShinsou: lol
GDwarf: Made it *very* weird
Invitare: it's weird
Traion: Yup weird
TwilightAvalon: It only does this the first time....
bugernaught: weird
Mister_BlueSky: WutFace
ComradeMik: this is not the sort of thing i wanted from my teachers
TwilightAvalon: Now to Level up Mishima/Shofi Girl or Work Bar
Edgarware: Why does she still wear the outfit?
kassy_13: plant/
BusTed: Just the essentials.
accountmadeforants: You cringe so hard you can't sleep anymore, cool ability
Traion: Why is she still in the maid outfit? She quit that job 3 confidant levels ago
nuug_: best max confidant ability in the game
kassy_13: hifumi!!!
Mister_Hush: She just like the outfit, you guys
IncredibleFrown: yeah i slept on that link for ages cause, you know, it was weird, but it's useful
TwilightAvalon: Hifumi is pretty strong
Mister_Hush: It's not a Weird Video Game thing at all
Black5parrow: U really should start the fortune teller
Doctor_Pockets: The star
Nansus: Star i think
l0gin4me: star
nuug_: star
TwilightAvalon: Hifumi is star
OmnipotentTrevor: Maybe she'd feel weird going to his house and doing chores not in uniform.
TwilightAvalon: go to gunshop
TwilightAvalon: Sell stuff
kassy_13: i think that's her reason @OmnipotentTrevor
Mister_Hush: Fusing episode PogChamp
accountmadeforants: And you can probably get another SP patch? (Unless that's not open at night.)
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kassy_13: we've got 700k i think we're good and don't need to be grateful anymore bro
Nigouki: man, i would have loved it if back in highschool i just had $8k in my pocket
nuug_: thank you base gun dad
Traion: Armour for Haru?
nuug_: i just realized this game has like 3 dad figures as confidants
kassy_13: we need to outfit haru
nuug_: coffeedad gundad and politicsdad
ComradeMik: why are they swimsuits?
ComradeMik: is that weird?
circular7: get bent pink top!
Mister_BlueSky: They don't show up in-game.
TwilightAvalon: Buy a 4th SP3 Regen
Traion: 4th SP Patch?
kassy_13: weapon?
Nigouki: swimsuits as armor option in RPGs go back to the NES days don't they?
TwilightAvalon: no
Nigouki: was it dragon quest that started it?
NotCainNorAbel: even as sketchy as this guy is I'm pretty sure after buying all of this equipment he would call the police as a warning.
TwilightAvalon: Guns are only really useful for criting things
TwilightAvalon: so their damage is not needed
IncredibleFrown: there are enemies that are weak to gun but other than that they're eh yeah
kassy_13: ahh and we never use any of the things we buy on the tv...
kassy_13: until now!
TwilightAvalon: Fuse Red Rider, I think you'll like it
circular7: @nigouki not sure, the canon reason in persona is they wear these protectors under their battle clothes
LadyXShinsou: Is the Customize section on the bottom of the weapon shop useful?
Traion: I would get the last patch for sure
howdoipunch: HONK BONKER
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Yesterdayโ€™s #LRRTHB VOD is currently uploading/processing on the YouTubes. Hopefully itโ€™ll be ready to go in the next several hours, but itโ€™s always a mystery with these 8 hour long replays :) | In the meantime be sure to sub to to be notified. ||
circular7: RPGEpicSword
Wrexadecimal: dodge bless
BusTed: slytqKnife
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I got this sweet thing for you
Mister_Hush: "Check this out! I got it at the mall!"
IncredibleFrown: i have been to the top of the mountain, and you shall worship me as though i were a god!
Mister_Hush: "Medieval Times was a lot of fun!"
kassy_13: it's a tower tho
GDwarf: Oh, cool, we've got the book of Revelation up in here
kassy_13: you need star
kassy_13: as well
IncredibleFrown: you resist confuse?
TheKingWiggins: We just need to Spam and get Yoshitsune
kumatsu: it's Pikachu
StabsofWar: executor?
Omega_Lairon: Exeggcutor? Kappa
Wrexadecimal: Arbok?
bugernaught: ekans
BusTed: Xygarde?
IncredibleFrown: a-a hydra...?
ChroniclerC: You know, the pokemon.
kassy_13: exxecutor?
NUTSOFODEN: looks like xygarde
Mister_Hush: Eggsecutor
teh_turtwig: zygarde?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Snek?
Traion: We can just buy a cheap Star from the Compendium
howdoipunch: Sneak?
Mister_BlueSky: Moltres
Serpens77: jigglypuff as seen from above?
TwilightAvalon: White Rider
Mister_BlueSky: No, I got this.. it's Ditto, obviously.
bugernaught: haha ditto
aldruon: i gtg, have fun Chat & Adam
TwilightAvalon: not worth it
natsuamadesushellsing123: hello
aClonedPickle: it's about to get swift strike
kassy_13: it'll get more
bugernaught: #Blessed
TwilightAvalon: White Rider
Mister_Hush: #Blessed
Edgarware: snek?
Mister_Hush: #2Blessed2bStressed
thedudetrio: The snow is coming down thick where I'm at
bugernaught: #2Blessed4meirl
TwilightAvalon: Ose is bad for this Dungeon, its almost all Physical
NUTSOFODEN: that dudes in tekken isnt he?
therisingtithes_: I apologize if this question is rude/has been asked before, but has Adam mentioned what he'll be up to post-Gamehaus?
BusTed: Cheetahman
Black5parrow: Have u looked at the tri fusion
SquareDotCube: and it's happy to see you
nuug_: thunder! thunder! THUNDER!
TwilightAvalon: White Rider is good
Mister_Hush: @therisingtithes_ Seems like the answer is "nothing to announce at this time"
Traion: Buy a Star persona before you leave
TwilightAvalon: and will help level up Ryuji
therisingtithes_: fair enough. thanks @Mister_Hush
SquareDotCube: btw if you buy Hell Rider you can turn it into a black jacket
Agl0vale: nope
SquareDotCube: *hell biker
kassy_13: nope
nuug_: just buy the cheapest one
kumatsu: hands up
Black5parrow: Buy one
IncredibleFrown: the starfish creature isn't a star arcana
LetsConsider: Hey Adam, are you gonna play any of the other Persona games?
TheAsianAvenger: Is this one of those anime games? theasiX theasiX theasiX
bugernaught: yep
RoastedGravy: Sup.
Traion: Hey Crim
Mangledpixel: the most anime of games
TwilightAvalon: PS4 isnt as long as this game
RoastedGravy: How go the Persona things?
kumatsu: is it anime? I thought this was robo-rally
TwilightAvalon: Persona 4*
Agl0vale: theasiCha @TheAsianAvenger
Black5parrow: Crim is here !
ComradeMik: just where i want to play shogi, a church
thedudetrio: It's a wild Crim!
Youngfozzy: are you looking forward to playing POE2 when it comes out ?
TheAsianAvenger: LUL thatโ€™s not me
TwilightAvalon: Batting is bad thats why LUL
kassy_13: sure!
kumatsu: Tuesday again? No problem benginFingers
Tarkis: Would you be interested in playing a future persona 6
NathanJay_GA: go hit some dingers?
kassy_13: you need to read that batting book!
LadyXShinsou: I think P3 is shorter than P4 and P5 I think.
Nigouki: Futaba is a god send
kumatsu: I hate group chats this big, they pop off way too much and I end up just muting them
NotCainNorAbel: four with one just listening
IncredibleFrown: this is just a whole ass server
TwilightAvalon: P3 isnt as long as P5, but it has aged SO poorly
Mister_Hush: 0 is the optimal number for group chats. group chats are always bad
ComradeMik: i mean, i'm in a group chat that big. we mostly post memes
Omega_Lairon: A group chat with 4, and then 3 other group chats with 3 so you can s*** talk the person excluded in each Kappa
gelatosquid: @Mister_Hush well that's a horrible take
bugernaught: group chats are where its at
Walkingharder: This group chat is fine because they only type when you are reading. Convenient
Mister_Hush: guess i need better friends
RoastedGravy: Have you seen your Discord server, Adam? Kappa
TwilightAvalon: Level up Ann/Makoto/Ryuji if you can
kassy_13: yes!
snowcookies: I once had to mute a group chat between 12am to 8 am because my phone kept going off at 2 in the morning
Black5parrow: Is there an all-lrr group chat
Traion: Do you have her Persona?
MachCaliber: You have a discord server?
ChroniclerC: Is Adam dating any characters?
NUTSOFODEN: i have a group chat for my roommates and we only use it to tell each other about important things, and how much utilities are each month
EikoandMog: @Black5parrow I think that's called Slack.
NUTSOFODEN: its ideal
kassy_13: @ChroniclerC nope
Mangledpixel: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
snowcookies: this was a work group chat too
kassy_13: @ChroniclerC we say we're dating ryuji
TheAsianAvenger: Yo, who is this cat character ??!
TwilightAvalon: because he IS an asshole
TwilightAvalon: Kappa
ComradeMik: old mate wants to get with makoto
RoastedGravy: Get thumbs, cat nerd. Kappa
rubydragon11: go to sleep LUL
nuug_: #notacat also RUDE adam
thedudetrio: His name is Morgana @TheAsianAvenger LUL
IncredibleFrown: you must defeat thumb long to stand a chance
gelatosquid: he doesn't have thumbs but he can do mechanical repairs on a car
Mister_BlueSky: Which is worse? Morgana vs Yusuke. It's a battle of the perma-benched.
GDwarf: Morgana is, at least, better than Teddie from P4. But then, there's deadly diseases that are better than Teddie. :P
TheAsianAvenger: Not having thumbs LUL
ComradeMik: yeah these games are dark as fuck
DirgeNovak: HOW DARE YOU besmirch the good name of Teddie
TwilightAvalon: Trunk-Kun strikes again
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: And it's exposition out of nowhere!
StabsofWar: truck-kun strikes again
IncredibleFrown: came down with a case of Truck
Mister_BlueSky: I can BEAR-ly believe someone would hate Teddie.
StabsofWar: Isekai'd
nuug_: the famous wandering truck
TwilightAvalon: Pogchamp
TheAsianAvenger: Alright. I will no longer stare at you through the window like a Yandere. This game does seem sweet though
RoastedGravy: PogChamp
Edgarware: seabatPjorg
IncredibleFrown: good answer good answer *clapping*
LetsConsider: Adam, rate each character on a scale of 1-10
Madoud: I love you
ComradeMik: wait, was crim just staring at adam this whole time?
circular7: the anime truck forgives no one
TwilightAvalon: Imagine dying 4Head
IncredibleFrown: i would simply not die
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: If it were me, I would have simply been the truck
gelatosquid: adam remember the principle was also killed by a truck
ComradeMik: ah the r/koreanadvice meme
ChroniclerC: seabatTROG
Kaaosa: Whatup Yung Adam
ComradeMik: how do i avoid losing? simply win the game instead
Gallium71: *This* is where the conversation skill went this stream
RoastedGravy: Plot twist: The true villain is the truck the whole time.
nuug_: wait ya how many people have been hit by truck-kun in this game?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @RoastedGravy I've seen that movie. It doesn't end well.
Nigouki: at least two?
kassy_13: @nuug_ at least 2
IncredibleFrown: i can't believe the finale of p5 is taking down the isekai genre
Ridgenator: Did the truck driver prowl the streets, waiting for her father to cross the road or something? I imagine that you wouldn't get that many chances to run over a specific person with a truck
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: It doesn't start well either
EikoandMog: @nuug_ Enough to start about 5 Isekai series.
RoastedGravy: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat We just need to give Truck-kun some gasoline. No biggie. Kappa
edgeyberzerker: Yooo!
TwilightAvalon: Makoto is awesome
TwilightAvalon: yes
l0gin4me: If you know weaknesses, yes
TheKingWiggins: Makoto rules
Walkingharder: Finally getting the big boy skills
RoastedGravy: GDI ADAM.
RoastedGravy: RED FLAG
ComradeMik: wow, good joke adam
gelatosquid: level your party members to level 10 they get huge bonuses
NotCainNorAbel: she so going to marry my house?
RoastedGravy: (But that was a good joke)
ComradeMik: real timely reference
nuug_: very good humor
snowcookies: pump the brakes
Saulens181: oh I have missed a lot of P5 with Adam
RoastedGravy: Hey, the priest has a tight schedule. Canโ€™t expect them to officiate two weddings separately.
snowcookies: ty Makoto
nuug_: you coward
Traion: Send that to Jessica right now you coward!
kassy_13: makoto pls
Invitare: the lack of ... is always disappointing
EikoandMog: Makoto, pls.
EikoandMog: This "Pretending" thing hurts.
Gnuttor: Hi Adam! Hi chat!
kassy_13: we need to do mishima for sure
Saulens181: did we get rank 10 teacher yet?
Black5parrow: DATE HER THO
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @RoastedGravy and we can't have two seperate priests officiate, as they'd start to breed
kassy_13: @Saulens181 yup!
Gallium71: No maid, no bath. Just stink the place up.
Saulens181: ah i have missed a bunch
ComradeMik: but you could tho
itsr67: *slaps phone out of hand*
Mister_Hush: Piccolo GOKU is an ace/aro icon
kassy_13: gross
nuug_: nope
circular7: time for mishima to step up!
RoastedGravy: nope.gif
kassy_13: yessss @Mister_Hush
ChroniclerC: whodat?
TimeToFry: ????
TwilightAvalon: This is good. you're finally leveling up more Social Links
EikoandMog: new stream who dis?
kassy_13: "don't worry about it"
RoastedGravy: Dats James?
Invitare: you just sold your soul to James
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: hmmMm...
DirgeNovak: James owns your house now
snowcookies: If Adam doesn't want to do romance stuff, that's fine
Doctor_Pockets: whelp there went Adams soul
TwilightAvalon: You've needed to do this for awhile
TheAsianAvenger: I lied, Iโ€™m back. I just had this game slightly explained to me
Omega_Lairon: He has your power of attorney now : p
Agl0vale: that's not concerning at all
NotCainNorAbel: did you just sign your soul away?
TheAsianAvenger: This game seems CurseLit
Mattmitchell45: That was the day all his legal rights changed
circular7: signing your soul away...
ChroniclerC: Mishima? Is your plan "Get 'em"?
bugernaught: fire-d guy
TheAsianAvenger: I despise anime Kappa
snowcookies: it's one of my fave JRPG series'
Driosenth: my Road Quest stickers and poster just arrived
TheAsianAvenger: Beach episode? PogChamp
circular7: time to be a hero Kappa
TwilightAvalon: THE CLOUD
TwilightAvalon: PogChamp
RoastedGravy: HAIL CLOUD
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: or... second idea... just give it to the police anyway
LadyXShinsou: @snowcookies one of my favorite jrpg series as well.
Invitare: All Glory to the Cloud
Mattmitchell45: Cloud Servers! Checkmate atheists
RoastedGravy: WOW
RoastedGravy: Kappa
TwilightAvalon: LUL
TimeToFry: LUL
EikoandMog: LUL
RoastedGravy: LUL
Omega_Lairon: Sometimes I mishear when people say "the cloud", and it sounds like "clown". Give your data to the clown. Trust the clown. Kappa
TwilightAvalon: Adam SAVAGE-Dan
Mister_BlueSky: Believe in the ball. Throw yourself.
edgeyberzerker: give me power goku
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JCMaxw3ll: believe in your anime girlfriends
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SolarBlitz1: Everytime, I forget We're Goku
circular7: Mishima is trying
Invitare: if you can't believe in yourself, believe in Piccolo Goku, who believes in you
kassy_13: @SolarBlitz1 GOKU* ;)
m4lv0: My ass backs up to cloud after i wash It MiniK
RoastedGravy: Believe in the waifus that believe in you. LUL
JCMaxw3ll: is good! Karrine and I loved the shit out of Road Quest, good stuff
JCMaxw3ll: How're you doing?
TwilightAvalon: Road Quest 2 soon PogChamp
OmnipotentTrevor: You can totally delete videos on the cloud
RoastedGravy: Road Quest 2: The Quest for Graham
circular7: ouch
DeltaNegative: Yes you do Mishima, yes you doo
JCMaxw3ll: ah yes, crippling self reflection, my favorite
Smitteye99: Joker was about to have to throw hands
EikoandMog: Fuck yeah, Road Quest was awesome. I'm going to plan out my own drive to the middle of nowhere. Head to Alice Springs, probably.
kassy_13: says it in public
kassy_13: cool mishima
JCMaxw3ll: i like to think that GOKU must be shouted everytime it it said by a character
kassy_13: cool
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: wait. does mishima know?
TimeToFry: Saying thank you isn't that hard, dude
kassy_13: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat he does but he keeps pretending he doesn't at weird times
EikoandMog: Need the waaaambulance, baby?
TwilightAvalon: SEAT
kassy_13: 85% thinks we're just!
TwilightAvalon: PogChamp
kassy_13: SEAT
Traion: @narwhalsinatrenchcoat Ryuji probably shouted about it mid-class
DirgeNovak: Call a waaambulance! Wii U Wii U Wii U Wii U
EikoandMog: SEAT
IncredibleFrown: thanks, GOKU
Edgarware: bus seat! seabatTROG
kassy_13: batting book!!!!
gelatosquid: batting science
JCMaxw3ll: lol yeah
Smitteye99: look at this learned individual and all his books
aClonedPickle: cinema treasures next time imo
kassy_13: it sure is morgana
JCMaxw3ll: you are given a new persona: sammy sosa
Mattmitchell45: Bat Stance!
RoastedGravy: Funny. I did a video on Sammy Sosa for class years ago.
jboogie247: New shirt looks great Adam!
TwilightAvalon: Level up Ryuji/Ann/Makoto again?
Agl0vale: ya, eat that totem pole
TwilightAvalon: Phantom rining!
RoastedGravy: It was terrible. But I was 12.
TwilightAvalon: Phantom
bugernaught: phantom
kassy_13: phaaaaantom
bugernaught: vibration
TwilightAvalon: Vibration
TwilightAvalon: Syndrome
IncredibleFrown: oh does this game not have the button that looks up the answer for you any more?
bugernaught: syndrome
teh_turtwig: phantom vibration syndrome?
DeltaNegative: vibration :^)
TimeToFry: PogChamp
RoastedGravy: PogChamp
Mister_BlueSky: seabatBRAIN
frozenphoenix7: You're a criminal Adam, they're not expecting you to be smart.
TwilightAvalon: The ominpresent "4" in all the slots....
TwilightAvalon: So painful
JCMaxw3ll: think they're being facetious? Like "can't believe that idiot got it right, good for him!"
gelatosquid: yeah but he's a talking cat
EikoandMog: He won't with that attitude.
IncredibleFrown: you couldn't handle my mind morgana
RoastedGravy: If people did that, theyโ€™d be incredibly disappointed that my thoughts are just Steamboat Willie on repeat.
GDwarf: Hey now, Morgana's not a cat, they just look like one! :P
TwilightAvalon: Ann!
deinonychus24: A talking cat!?!
Traion: I can read Adam's mind right now: "I'm hungry"
NotCainNorAbel: I love the hate you have for that cat
LadyXShinsou: @IncredibleFrown What Persona game has a button where you can look up the answers?
nuug_: why are you so mean to morgana
TwilightAvalon: not yet
nicethiessen200: His brain is like his thumbs
TwilightAvalon: Wait until you have more Sidequests
TwilightAvalon: Level up Ann!
OmnipotentTrevor: Don't you need to level up the gamer kid for that?
frozenphoenix7: 'Cause he sucks @nuug_
JCMaxw3ll: you named your crew GOKUPhantoms?
JCMaxw3ll: jesus
TwilightAvalon: Ann is Lover
JCMaxw3ll: lovers
IncredibleFrown: @ladyxshinsou when i played this game it had a "what percentage of people did what in a given scene" button, and you could just have it tell you what the most popular answers to quiz questions was
nuug_: @frozenphoenix7 I've played through p5 and mild disagree
TwilightAvalon: Thats fine
TwilightAvalon: Ryuji/Ann/Makoto are more important
olkiswerve: why wouldn't you name your crew GOKUPhantoms
EikoandMog: @IncredibleFrown He's playing offline so, yeah.
Mattmitchell45: Neglecting GAMERS
DarkMorford: Hell yes, Ann is Lovers. Best girl.
frozenphoenix7: No, I wouldn't.
EikoandMog: Makoto best girl.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: No. I wouldn't. That's why it works
IncredibleFrown: if i saw them they wouldn't be much of a secret group...
RoastedGravy: Iโ€™d be shaking in my boots hoping not to be in the crossfire of the GOKUPhantoms.
circular7: "we haven't done futaba in a while " Kappa
RoastedGravy: Kappa
olkiswerve: imagine if the NARUTOSQUAD saved the world
Sogheim: lrrADAM_TK cool ass group
LadyXShinsou: @IncredibleFrown Oh, I'll try that next time. I didn't know about that. Thanks for telling us.
EikoandMog: lrrBEEJ
TwilightAvalon: I named my group Akatsuki LUL
kassy_13: batting tomorrow?
Sogheim: did the Naruto Squad not save the world? I've seen those movies, I gotta say they did
nuug_: just drenched in cool sauce
kumatsu: imagine the phantom thieves naruto running at you
IncredibleFrown: a squad for people who like naturo
olkiswerve: I can't say I have because I'm not a WEEB
RoastedGravy: I for one enjoy the ICHIGOGroup myself.
Smitteye99: need the DEKUDUDES
Edgarware: Boruto'sDadTeam
TwilightAvalon: Mishima/Shogi/Bar
circular7: spyTea
SolarBlitz1: If there's anything to learn from Beej, it's that you should let your weeb shine through
betsytheripper: is a weeb flag just a dakimakura pillowcase? hm
EikoandMog: I know I don't say this often but we should listen to Yusuke.
nicethiessen200: Yes you can weeb it up
nuug_: boku no pico joke insert here
Sterosz: Just finished watching PPR, it was awesome!
RoastedGravy: @betsytheripper But WHICH dakimakura pillowcase?
kumatsu: @betsytheripper You definitely just made me remember something Truly Cursed
IncredibleFrown: because that's our entire m.o ryuji, we're sneaky...
olkiswerve: ANIMEARMY
Traion: Yeah Ryuji, no one is gonna figure out our secret... if you'd stop shouting about it for a minute
betsytheripper: the cleanest one? on the side that you leave out for your roommate
TwilightAvalon: Mishima/Shogi/Bar
Traion: Buy an SP patch?
olkiswerve: man hearing/seeing people talk about ryuji freaks me out bc it's so close to my real name
TwilightAvalon: yea! tomorrow Buy an SP3 Regen for Haru
TwilightAvalon: Hifumi is a treat
EikoandMog: I mean, if you're in to that, I'm game.
Traion: Hifumi should meet Otaku Jeff sometime
TwilightAvalon: 2nd one
TwilightAvalon: yesssssssssss
DirgeNovak: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
TwilightAvalon: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
raekuul: Rule #1: Tell them what they want to hear
TwilightAvalon: YES
TimeToFry: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Edgarware: yooo
EikoandMog: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
IncredibleFrown: maney
kassy_13: whoa
DigitalSeahorse: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Traion: The Savidan Hoard will grow even larger!
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3PRISM
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: is this shogi or yugioh
MilkInBag: filling bars...huh star
ChroniclerC: seabatBRAIN
IncredibleFrown: @narwhalsinatrenchcoat yes
EikoandMog: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat She's... special.
TwilightAvalon: Go to Doctor and buy a SP3 Regen Patch for Haru!
raekuul: Ohh, we're coming up on that boss fight. This is gonna be fun.
TwilightAvalon: you're over half way, but there is 1 big obstacle before the boss
olkiswerve: ok boomer
Agl0vale: 60 percent done I think
nicethiessen200: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป
EikoandMog: Fishermen
NathanJay_GA: uh
IncredibleFrown: *shrug*
Red_Mage__: fisherman
Nigouki: Otaku Jeff would know this Kappa
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: a... cormirant fisherman? This isn't shenmue
raekuul: Why can't the other students hear meowing?
Mister_BlueSky: seabatBRAIN
olkiswerve: GALAXY BRAIN TIME #
Gallium71: :o
EikoandMog: POGGERS
RoastedGravy: PogChamp
kumatsu: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Edgarware: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
NathanJay_GA: woo!
kassy_13: max!!!!!
TimeToFry: PogChamp
IncredibleFrown: his brain is expanding at an exponential rate
NotCainNorAbel: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SolarBlitz1: Galaxy brain time!
EikoandMog: PogChamp
l0gin4me: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
TemporallyAwry: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
ChroniclerC: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
DeltaNegative: The best part about max knowledge is they still are like "wow, maybe he isn't dumb"
bugernaught: max knowledge = max power
Traion: We have become Erudite! Ready the photoshop!!!
NathanJay_GA: Erudite? I dunno, that c
EikoandMog: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Black5parrow: Ace all of these damn exams
NathanJay_GA: d'oh!
TwilightAvalon: Last Exam is now 100/100
OmnipotentTrevor: I remember that from the Vlog of Graham and Kathleen's Japan trip
NathanJay_GA: hit enter too fast again
EikoandMog: Ace every goddamned exam.
Erudite_Cynic: wait wut
l0gin4me: can get top spot in exams
therisingtithes_: Goku: *answers any class question* Other students: "gosh, Goku isn't a dunce like me and I hate it"
Agl0vale: ace exams, unlocks some social link lvls
Erudite_Cynic: yeah
TwilightAvalon: go to the Doctor for the 4th SP3 Patch
n3ther: Adam were you a do your homework in advance high schooler or finish your homework the day of
TwilightAvalon: then level up ann
MilkInBag: do you know what erudite means?
EikoandMog: Erudite: Adjective: having or showing great knowledge or learning.
Erudite_Cynic: ^
MilkInBag: chat is not an erudite
Erudite_Cynic: vrry smrt
TwilightAvalon: LEvel up Makoto or Ann
MilkInBag: erudite is the adult word for big brain
TwilightAvalon: You need to get your Party to Level 10 VERY soon
Calaban161: Makoto Best Girl!
Black5parrow: Get makoto to ten asap
l0gin4me: Has Adam maxed any party confidant yet?
TwilightAvalon: 50% discount baybay
Mister_BlueSky: I don't think so.
Black5parrow: Level ten party confidants are VERY strong
olkiswerve: oh man wait is the party max reward like in the past games
CadmusNix42: yup
olkiswerve: siiiick
JCMaxw3ll: super worth it
ChroniclerC: I am amused and annoyed that she says NOTHING about the cat in the exam room.
Erudite_Cynic: Takemi is the BEST
olkiswerve: adam you should DEFINITELY max a party member
TwilightAvalon: Adam Fun Fact = This song is called Butterfly Kiss
Red_Mage__: I think ryuji got maxed at some point?
Black5parrow: Do makoto
Traion: Ryuji is at 5 or 6
raekuul: Tae Takemi is the best Death Confidant, Hisano Kuroda is the best Death S.Link, Pharos is the best Death
Calaban161: The eisiest SP items to get are Curry or Coffee that you learn to make from Sojiro
TwilightAvalon: Ryuji is at the timegate point
TimeToFry: Sounds good to me
olkiswerve: pharos is pretty cool
Red_Mage__: nvm, that might have been me playing it then
olkiswerve: I really liked the sun arcana in P3
olkiswerve: super emotional
TwilightAvalon: Adam, if you want SP items, at night you can pay Kawakami to make you SP Coffee
kassy_13: we don't wanna timegate ryuji i guess
EikoandMog: Hell yeah, let's down that burg.
kassy_13: hell no eiko
Doctor_Pockets: Hey! Do you two want to see what I can do to the burger they have at this place?
olkiswerve: hahahha
CadmusNix42: No way, we won't pay!
Red_Mage__: Impress then with your burger skills
EikoandMog: @Doctor_Pockets Have you SEEN the burgers this place has, you guys?
olkiswerve: can you imagine if halfway through the cutscene he just casually orders the burger challenge
kassy_13: ugh
kassy_13: no
Calaban161: New MetaVerse Target
olkiswerve: it's no portal to the meat dimension
germangaryoak: oh makoto leveling
DigitalSeahorse: ssandMOD fuck allergies
EikoandMog: @olkiswerve I believe you can see the large burger from space.
raekuul: That remidns me, I still need to get The Noodle Way. Blasted 2nd cycle keeping me from going to Aiya endlessly
kassy_13: wait eiko he's taking all your money???
germangaryoak: adam, do yall already have a plan for GP visits?
CadmusNix42: Eiko, honey, no...
olkiswerve: @EikoandMog the persona universe actually has 12 wonders of the world and three of them are burgers
JCMaxw3ll: just say that out loud right now
TwilightAvalon: Date Makoto, she is basically the canon choice
germangaryoak: yes!
RoastedGravy: Imagine Piccolo just having a nametag that says โ€œCool Boyfriend.โ€
EikoandMog: @olkiswerve The other 9 are the people who ate said burgers.
TwilightAvalon: LUL
TwilightAvalon: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
DirgeNovak: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ฏ
MilkInBag: is makoto just the best, despite her persona being a bike?
CadmusNix42: Pjorg!
circular7: @twilightavalon in pq2 they imply that the protags are dating all the girls
JCMaxw3ll: out there on the hustle
n3ther: Adam only wants one thing and it's disgusting
EikoandMog: @MilkInBag She is absolutely the best.
Mister_Hush: Adam speedruns all his interpersonal relationships into unbreakable bonds
EikoandMog: Man, I wanna replay PErsona 5 but I'm better off just waiting for Royal.
MilkInBag: time to seal this relationship with a casual blood contract
TwilightAvalon: MAkoto should now be time gated too
olkiswerve: adam clipping through the first meeting with the parents to get to marriage
JCMaxw3ll: also Makoto is basically the only one on our team with more than a couple brain cells
bugernaught: gg
TwilightAvalon: Thank you Adam!
Agl0vale: bye Adam
kassy_13: thanks adam!!
Gallium71: Thanks :)
TwilightAvalon: ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’ฏ
NotCainNorAbel: Thanks for the stream.
TimeToFry: lrrHEART
l0gin4me: Thanks for the stream!
olkiswerve: aw thanks friend see ya dude
ChroniclerC: katesWave
teh_turtwig: Thanks for streaming adam
olkiswerve: great stream
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
Traion: Thanks for the stream Adam. Have a great day!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: ok byeeeeee
DirgeNovak: Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’ฏ
TemporallyAwry: Ian >finished< his game :P
LadyXShinsou: Thanks for streaming. :D
ChroniclerC: Tell Dale
Serpens77: Ian finished Shenmue 3 finally
olkiswerve: have a good onee
NathanJay_GA: Yeah, I'm enjoying it. See you later, Adam! Chat, you've been good too
l0gin4me: Dale dice friends seabatTROG
Nigouki: byeeeeeee!
CadmusNix42: Peace out, Adam!
DeltaNegative: <3 byee
raekuul: G'nights~
ChroniclerC: (> ^ 3 ^ )>
blip2004: More Dale? lrrGOAT-SG
blip2004: lrrGOAT_SG
Mangledpixel: bai <3
jessieimproved: !next
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