Invitare: the rare Paul stream
Laserbeaks_Fury: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and special guest Paul take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: The Manhole) at Tue 01:30 PM PST (2m from now).
MAPBoardgames: I really like the guest episodes of Talking Sim
NightValien28: the manhole??
NightValien28: that sounds like a lrl sketch
djalternative: it's a hole in a man AND a hole for a man
TXC2: surely it's a hole that is a man?
SquareDotCube: But was it made for the man?
kusinohki: what about a man shaped hole?
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: holes! and men!
SeiichiSin: Woo!
Riandisa: lrrSIGNAL xivCactuar lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: I better get my coffee now as to not miss the simulated talking
Riandisa: I'm excited for this episode. I played the heck out of this as a kid
SeiichiSin: Time to simulate having a conversation!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> On this week's Talking Sim, Paul and Cameron take a look at Cyan's 1988 game The Manhole! | 📷 ||
TXC2: oh hey this game is older then I am :P
j0xer: not me, #oregontrailgeneration
TXC2: you're 300 years old? Kappa
Nigouki: important information while we wait:
thegreatwyrdling: @TXC2 younging!
TXC2: here we GO!
accountmadeforants: Wow, yeah. That is an old game. And thank you Nigouki, I'll take this information to heart.
Alahmnat: phew, I'm not late
noSmokeFire: a-here we go!
j0xer: my ghost is, i died of dissantery in 1797
TXC2: Hello Cameron and Paul
TehAmelie: gentlemen
Alahmnat: greetings :)
RuiFaleiro: Yay!
hipopotasaur: Heyoooo
TXC2: the same energy
noSmokeFire: FACTS
accountmadeforants: I feel like the Panalysts set would be well suited for a new intro, but with everyone in fancy dress.
djalternative: May I recommend the art of the story for one of those books?
MAPBoardgames: Welcome, Paul!
thegreatwyrdling: Cori is in space.
Alahmnat: *is tempted to build a scene in Unity for that*
e_bloc: Corgo359 love me some TS, can't play Disco Elysium now without reading things 'left-tenant'
djalternative: wait. no. It's called Story
noSmokeFire: Cam, you can't just ask Paul about his manhole
e_bloc: looking forward to this fresh, new manhole
Alahmnat: it's an Entertainment title
noSmokeFire: finely-aged manhole
Alahmnat: Cyan still exists
Gizmoloid: Obduction
Alahmnat: they're still independent
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v_nome: Cam AND Paul? Now that's value.
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TXC2: Most selling PC game until the Sims
Nigouki: best selling PC game maybe?
accountmadeforants: Yes, but Myst was clearly inferior to Spud!
Invitare: Riven is one of I think only two computer games my mum has played. The other is Tetris
Alahmnat: @accountmadeforants *shudders*
TXC2: accountmadeforants don't speak it's name!
Invitare: oh and also Monkey Island
RothonWylar: Hi paul,hi cameron. Great to see you
kusinohki: 3.5 inch discs I assume
Alahmnat: 6 floppy disks, not CDs, hehe
vaxjedi: LRR should connect up with Cyan Worlds to do stuff!
Alahmnat: ohai @vaxjedi :)
e_bloc: seven floppies and a set of punchards Kappa
kusinohki: 700k? not 1.4 meg??
vaxjedi: >.> hi! :)
Eleritmlh: Hi 'nat ;)
noSmokeFire: the most polished manhole
accountmadeforants: I remember Age of Empires 3 coming on like 3 CDs, which caused a bunch of flashbacks to that era of floppy disks for me.
Alahmnat: Paul is an originalist XD
NightValien28: old man paul no like the new
TXC2: accountmadeforants oh it did didn't it
MAPBoardgames: Phantasmagora 2 was the largest game of its time spanning something like 23 CDs
Alahmnat: remastering 2-bit MacPaint art is a challenge, heh
APODionysus: Oh god phantasmagoria 2
e_bloc: music would have been six more floppies
kusinohki: manhole with bonus fire hydrant
GDwarf: This...does, in fact, look like what I'd expect a game made by '90s Cyan called "The Manhole" to look like
Invitare: i c o n i c
Alahmnat: Manhole Masterpiece was released in 1995
noSmokeFire: game is a little loud for me
APODionysus: I had no idea what I was getting into when young me got Phantasmagorua 2
accountmadeforants: TXC2 Yeah, it was very exciting. It also came with a little insert card with mockups for AoE 4 through 6.
officedge: game seems a bit loud for me
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TXC2: wow them 4 whole frames
GDwarf: Game does seem loud compared to the hosts
e_bloc: fire hydrant simulator
InquisitorGaia: yo
ZethRuss: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:02.
ritchards: this is lewd
BloodnBullets: what is this?
InquisitorGaia: how is everybody today
Carlioo: "the manhole" and the sequel "the hydrant"
Prometheone: now I have to pee
TXC2: accountmadeforants haha yeah, if only we'd gotten them games :P
Nigouki: i was promised a manhole and instead i get a squirting hydrant
MAPBoardgames: Game is a bit loud
noSmokeFire: as do all manholes
Astra7525: Can you press tab to highlight interactable objects? ^^
noSmokeFire: appreciated!
MAPBoardgames: That works, thanks!
dialMforMara: dragon in pajamas
Stoffern: Dragon in a bathrobe?
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:34.
djalternative: I've seen this rick and morty episode
Omthebox: seabatCHOICE
GDwarf: Big fan of Myst, never played this, this is kinda wild to see how much this is like Myst, and how much it's different.
METB0L: ew nelly
Invitare: seabatCHOICE
ritchards: Nelly? you are in this?
accountmadeforants: TXC2 They did end up making Halo Wars, which is KINDA what their mockup for AoE 6 looked like. Guess Ensemble just skipped to the end and stopped right there. >_>
e_bloc: Pirelli was obviously one of the kickstarter backers
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] I should definitely investigate more manholes.
LRRbot: New quote #6703: "I should definitely investigate more manholes." —Cameron [2020-01-14]
METB0L: Mr. Penguin 555-2244
iSmartMan1: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:23.
djalternative: happy feet?
Carlioo: this sure is a game
TXC2: well bully for you Mr Penguine
Carlioo: I'm extremely intrigued where this is going
METB0L: <message deleted>doxxed D:
kusinohki: what happens if you dial a random number?
djalternative: or maybe it's Bonnie Mae, Alien
SquareDotCube: So Wall Russ is an IV?
accountmadeforants: Also, before I stop derailing this conversation, after a quick Google it seems I'm misremembering. The insert showed all AoE's till then, and added 4 and 5. (With AoE 5 being the sci-fi one.)
snowcookies: oh, he's a walrus
ritchards: kids, this is what people call a "telephonic interactive device"
justwhatever_idk: Whale Comb
TXC2: Wall Russ is a Walrus and leader of the space wolves Kappa
djalternative: vogon poetry
accountmadeforants: Yeah, there's no way this fit on any number of floppies.
MAPBoardgames: Maybe the remaster added game play?
LessSkunksThanEstimated: man earthen peak never made sense to me
Gizmoloid: That soundtrack feels very Myst
Gizmoloid: unsurprisingly
GamesAndInk: Man Myst got weird in future games
TXC2: Rook Vs Castle: the debate rages on
accountmadeforants: That queen sounds like it was charging up its deathray, which seems about right.
METB0L: NotLIkeThis
TXC2: "one pill make you larger, and one pill makes you small......"
SquareDotCube: Yeah, a lot of 90s music in games share the same samples, drum loops come to mind
ritchards: Speedrunning!
iSmartMan1: Can you use the keyboard?
noSmokeFire: you are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike
Nigouki: man, remember the Turbo Button on the computer that DOUBLED your CPU speed?
Nigouki: those were the glory days
accountmadeforants: Nigouki Didn't it do the opposite? Slow it down so some games could function properly?
Gizmoloid: @Nigouki Actually it did the opposite :)
Lunareclipse123: Too cool for school
Nyx_fire: it is nice seeing Paul on a stream
Nigouki: well, as a kid I always interpreted it as MOAR POWER
Alahmnat: our turbo button stepped between 66MHz and 8 MHz, hehe
Gizmoloid: @Nigouki As did everyone :)
Nigouki: i think ours was a 486 that went between 33Mhz and 66?
MAPBoardgames: This is making about as much sense as Myst
Alahmnat: at least in Riven "look up" has its own cursor
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 23:40.
Nigouki: this dragon is TOO 90s
KV1NN4: that looks more like a wheel of brie
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
Cepsys: what time period is this dragon from? peace medallion, shades, ruffled shirt
Laserbeaks_Fury: and like, an actual biscut, not a cookie
Pteraspidomorphi: The magic of... hypercard?
Alahmnat: yep
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh hey Alahmnat
ritchards: oh gods, I programmed in hypercard
Alahmnat: @LoadingReadyRun the remake was released in 1995
Alahmnat: howdy @Pteraspidomorphi :)
Laserbeaks_Fury: Myst was 93
Alahmnat: 2 years after
TXC2: 93 for mac, 94 for PC
monosceros: are we in a dyson sphere
j0xer: yeah this was definitely re-release to cash in on 'if you like myst try our other game'
Riandisa: The original got me as a kid thinking about more creative things to do with HyperCard. Animations and clickthrough journeys, etc
Alahmnat: Manhole > Cosmic Osmo > Spelunx > Myst > Manhole ME > Riven
GDwarf: Oh, now this is *very* Myst
djalternative: welcome to the Obra Dinn
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DaSunao: I just dropped in and what in the bilingual fuck is happening?
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CaptainEnder7: Goo goo g'joob?
monosceros: I am the eggman
Lunareclipse123: Those tubular bells earlier did give me an Obra Dinn vibe
SquareDotCube: Is Molly an ant?
Pteraspidomorphi: First name Aunt, last name Molly
Astra7525: casually racking up per-minute phone bills on someone else's account
Lunareclipse123: Game Over?
Despoiler98: did we died?
Stoffern: Dont open an ink well under water!
ritchards: our character is Gordan Freeman - Canon!
Alahmnat: Saint-14?
Pteraspidomorphi: An octopus calling someone slimy?
Alahmnat: 555-6978 should be an easter egg
Despoiler98: CAM
Despoiler98: WHat did you DO!?
snowcookies: how dare u Cam
MAPBoardgames: Cam! you monster!
Pteraspidomorphi: Gorogoa is a bit like this
Decaped: I thought this was just full of Beatles references
SquareDotCube: much like 837-5309
Solipsody: I just got here and I'm never going to catch up, am I?
TXC2: isn't 555 the area code near Hollywood?
Lunareclipse123: Just what you want in a cargo hold
monosceros: @Solipsody any starting point is as good as any other
GDwarf: Yeah, some 555 numbers are real, and when they're used in films and stuff you tend to get people buying them up and starting toll numbers on them and the like.
MAPBoardgames: Like 465 5555 vs 456 5555
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
SilentOptimist: no. those really sound like that
monosceros: ooga chaka ooga chaka
GDwarf: This is so much of the era when kids' games were a lot of random little noises/movies that you found by clicking absolutely *everywhere*
TXC2: Goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Paul and Cameron
Solipsody: @monosceros Like... Is there any setup at all?
Pteraspidomorphi: Bye TXC2
NightValien28: good night TXC2
Nigouki: gnight TXC2
monosceros: @Solipsody kind of? it spirals out of control *really* fast
snowcookies: a bug
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ashiok_nightmare_moose: does the elevator go up?
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Laserbeaks_Fury: This is just Wonderland
monosceros: what has lewis carroll done to the world
Gizmoloid: About videos: it reminded me how original Real Myst remake had a corrupted video in one of the endings that would crash the game. So you had to get a program to re-encode Bink video to fix the file - the result had messed up frames but didn't crash the game anymore and you could complete it :P
snowcookies: back to the tv?
StabsofWar: go straight?
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D00kqc: call him maybe ?
Driosenth: the archway
Laserbeaks_Fury: Tea and biscuts
Mister_Hush: @Gizmoloid thanks for sharing, I love that weird bs. Bink video? Who in their right mind made that call?
Alahmnat: use the teleporter in the safe room
monosceros: classic moon noises
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accountmadeforants: Mister_Hush The original Bink video has stuck around for far longer than any just universe should allow. Fortunately there's Bink 2 now, which will surely last us another 2 decades!
Alahmnat: yeah, Mackerel is definitely an Osmo reference
Solipsody: In a Let's Play of "Curse of Enchantia", it's speculated the developer had a bunch of random backgrounds and just had to try to string them together into a game. This kind of has that feel.
Mister_Hush: oh good. thank god. I was so worried my Bink archives would be rendered unsalvageable
Gizmoloid: @Mister_Hush A lot of games use Bink, I don't know why. Even somewhat recent games sometimes have it. Maybe it's cheap to use? Or it has tools for games that other tools lack?
monosceros: art.
Mister_Hush: It's gotta be a compression/decompression thing, right?
Laserbeaks_Fury: is the teacup empty now?
Gizmoloid: *that other formats lack
Mister_Hush: What are bink video file sizes like?
namagem1: What... Is This?
Astra7525: Did we accidentally swallow a tiny elephant in a boat with that cup of tea?
Mister_Hush: Bink surely isn't a lossless format, I'll eat my hat if it is
Alahmnat: this is the entire Making of Myst video, btw.
MAPBoardgames: lrrSPOOP The game is coming... from inside.. THE COMPUTER!
Nigouki: Astra7525 if we did it's fine since the elephant now has new "canals" to explore
Alahmnat: this video is like 15 minutes long, lol
Solipsody: @Mister_Hush I remember working with Bink video on PlayStation games MANY years ago... I think the decompression had super-low system requirements, was basically all it had to recommend it.
korvys: @Mister_Hush Google tells me it emphasised lower decoder requirements, so I guess that's better for more systems
blankslatearts: Hey Paul and Cam! Glad I was able to catch you in time for a stream.
ANeMzero: watch this tiny screen on the tiny screen.
MAPBoardgames: For mid-90s compression, that's actual size
Alahmnat: yep
StabsofWar: so small
GDwarf: That's...kinda amazing
Solipsody: @korvys I feel validated.
monosceros: oh my god
realhillwolf: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: The Manhole
Fluffy776: I assume it doesn't take up much space at that size
ritchards: and we are watching you watching a rabbit watching the making
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> Our fabulous guests from this past weekends #LRRTHB Pre-PreRelease sit down with Graham to talk about all things Theros: Beyond Death. #Sponsored | ||
namagem1: Ler's Watch LRR Watch A Rabbit Watch The Making Of Myst
Fluffy776: I wish I could video call someone so that they could watch me watch you watch a rabbit watch a video
blankslatearts: I hate this so much.
monosceros: I would be so happy if you couldn't actually get out of it
accountmadeforants: To actually expand on the whole Bink thing: The stated reason is that Bink is very light on CPU and memory (it has miniscule buffer sizes). The far more likely actual reason is that Bink is free if you show the logo prominently at some point before playing any video. (Which includes as the intro reel for the game itself.)
Nigouki: hey, that's the 3D printing test boat
Alahmnat: requisite educational content
Mister_Hush: @Solipsody @korvys i become more and more convinced that video game development is primarily an exercise in compressing data
SilentOptimist: HEY Apple!
ritchards: lrrEFF
namagem1: lrrSPOOP
Reecer6: just skip to x, i wanna see if they say xylophone or x-ray
tim19862: reminds me of playable Maniac Mansion inside Day of the Tentacle (aka Maniac Mansion II)
Pteraspidomorphi: Which developer's kid voiced this?
Solipsody: @Mister_Hush On the PlayStation it certainly was. We had special code to use 6-bit characters instead of 8-bits, so text would be smaller.
snowcookies: Down with Princess Auto
GDwarf: Clearly they used "Xenophon"
Shadowner: xenomorph
Decaped: multiple voice actors for this portion, weird.
dialMforMara: xerox
Astra7525: Xanadu
realhillwolf: xenon
SquareDotCube: X...Xamadu
Alahmnat: I'm idly wondering if these bits were voiced by Ryan Miller, hehe
MAPBoardgames: Xerxis
Questhere: xena warrior princess
dialMforMara: xanthophyll
Mysticman89: X for Xi
korvys: 🎶"R is for Argyle"🎶
Mister_Hush: @Solipsody I'm honestly fascinated by that kind of thing. You could write a book.
namagem1: that Pencil
monosceros: Calix
doctorbear: i just tuned in and what even is this
doctorbear: the aesthetic and voices tell me that this is gonna be a horror game
tim19862: :D
cornflakes3: what is this
ritchards: yeah, I tried that, couldn't quite get all the letters
Juliamon: Well played.
Fluffy776: Clever!
Nigouki: wooooooow
tim19862: wow
Alahmnat: you did an entire skit of that
MAPBoardgames: I did that. I called it the wrong phonectic alphabet
korvys: Barenaked Ladies's Alphabet song is really good, and has a lot of silent letters
Reecer6: i distinctly remember that, when we learned a long alphabet song in kindergarten, we said the sound of every letter in addition to the letter
Reecer6: and x was 'ks'
ritchards: Zee, so not Canadian
Reecer6: but every other word on the list... started with their sound
MAPBoardgames: E as eye. A as in aisle.
TehAmelie: zepp'lin is not how you say that, son
NightValien28: play ball
Reecer6: and then there's x-ray, which does not start with ks
korvys: It's the LRR theme!
cornflakes3: someone please explain what this is
namagem1: same
frumbert: you can really see how Myst became so popular
Shadowner: hat of many shapes
Astra7525: A mimic!
Alahmnat: it's an old children's entertainment title made by Cyan
Laserbeaks_Fury: morphs into Jotoro's head
GDwarf: "I want a painting of hat"
monosceros: it's the little prince all over again
Mysticman89: so there a goal in this 'game' or is it mostly click on random stuff for random interaction?
Juliamon: Mysticman89 The latter
vaxjedi: It's more a toy than a game
Decaped: and now for the speedrun portion of the stream.
Alahmnat: yeah
Mysticman89: the follow up question is why is this on talking sim then, but I think paul is currently explaining
frumbert: hyperscript was pretty neat for the time
Reecer6: oof, like inform?
accountmadeforants: Hypercard was a fantastic idea that was tragically restricted by its platform exclusivity
Gizmoloid: So I checked my archives, and while I can't seem to find Real Myst anywhere, I found Manhole and the Making of Myst video is 28.8MB, it's 13m24s long in glorious 72x60 pixels :)
frumbert: have you used the Inform language? It's pretty crazy
accountmadeforants: Hyperscript, yeah, not such a good idea.
Alahmnat: it's an entertainment "game" and Paul wants to talk about it, so here it is :)
Reecer6: i don't think they're actually useful, yeah. you get really caught up in the reeds in figuring out what the interpreter actually understands, and it's already doing a lot of work to parse a ton of different wordings
MAPBoardgames: @Gizmoloid I told you the video was actual size.
Riandisa: I liked using stamps and making animations with them in HyperCard
Alahmnat: well, Rand came from working on banking software to do the coding
gwardandtheidiotsquad: when do we get beejlander back
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tailoredfit: Oh man I had this as a kid.
Gizmoloid: @MAPBoardgames Oh I didn't doubt you for a moment, I just wanted to share HOW small and absurdly long it is.
ritchards: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet.
ritchards: Hypercard was discontinued before they invented colour
snowcookies: !advice
LRRbot: Dance like there's no gravity.
Alahmnat: the Making of Myst video is also on the Myst CD. it's a bit larger in dimensions. I had to re-encode it to MP4 to be able to play it on my Mac anymore though so I dunno what its original filesize was.
MAPBoardgames: I have a disc with an mpeg of Episode 1.1 The Phantom Edit. it is 150x200. I can't imagine how I used to watch it.
Alahmnat: re-encoded it's just shy of 100 MB
Pteraspidomorphi: h264?
Alahmnat: yeah
Alahmnat: I used to watch the making of video constantly, hehe
Pteraspidomorphi: Judging by the sparse wikipedia entry bink's focus was on easy decoding
Alahmnat: Bink videos also natively support transparency, which isn't terribly common AFAIK.
Pteraspidomorphi: That makes sense
Gizmoloid: @Alahmnat original MAKINGOF.MOV is 70.2MB
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, that's quicktme
Alahmnat: (Myst III: Exile used Bink, and they used the transparency feature to cut down on filesizes for the play-in-node overlays of things moving)
Alahmnat: @Gizmoloid wow
snowcookies: One of the tunes from that game is now in my head
ContingentCat: !findquote remember
LRRbot: Quote #4598: "Chat remembers." —Graham [2018-01-15]
Alahmnat: the CD release of Manhole Masterpiece is also a dual-format CD, so you can stick it into a CD player (or mount it in iTunes) to play the soundtrack.
LoadingReadyRun: The Manhole is now apparently on iOS!
j0xer: you could do that for most early CDrom games
simriel: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:22.
j0xer: all the game data was burned on track 1 and all the music is the rest of the tracks
simriel: well crap, I completely forgot this was on
Fluffy776: I'm still salty that I lost my copy of Command and Conquer Sole Survivor because it was a dual-format CD unlike the other ones and C&C music was gold
simriel: How did I forget Talking Sim
malc: whoops
Solipsody: If I recall correctly, Bink also allowed streaming your video basically a frame at a time, so if you arranged your data on the disc correctly you could load a bit of level or a sprite while a frame of video was decompressing. Haven't thought about that in a long time...
Fluffy776: You can now buy it or stream it from Frank Klepacki's website but that doesn't help childhood me much
LoadingReadyRun: Wasn't Bink one of the only video formats for consoles?
simriel: What did I miss in the first hour?
simriel: And was it a Manhole
AlienNanobots: GAH
AlienNanobots: I forgot I had this open in another tab
Fluffy776: You missed remastered Manhole, and now for OG Manhole
LeeshaJoy: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:04:54.
Mysticman89: everyone in their 30s is suddenly nostalgia-ing
MAPBoardgames: @simriel Aye, Manhole. you should watch the VoD, but it can wait.
Solipsody: @LoadingReadyRun It was all we ever used where I worked, anyway.
Fluffy776: Oof
wildpeaks: they had to be.. contained
accountmadeforants: Oh boy, typing class! Where we got to play with the PCs!
Pteraspidomorphi: We had the macintosh at home (2nd hand)
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun We were talking about Bink earlier - It was the format that emphasised low requirements for decoding, so useful for low power consoles.
LeeshaJoy: I remember making a class presentation in HyperCard when I was in like fifth grade
Pteraspidomorphi: It was a pain in the ass to deal with, from what I can recall
simriel: My first PC was a Windows 3.1 PC
simriel: I didn't encounter Macs till later
LeeshaJoy: Hello my childhood
simriel: It's a hole. For Man
Invitare: so far it has a higher frame rate
Darleysam: this is my hole, it was made for me
accountmadeforants: The music's (if there is any) gotta be MIDI, right?
simriel: @Darleysam Nope!
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realhillwolf: Subbiduwubwub
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monosceros: this is gorgeous
Stoffern: The manhole with the greenery poking out under it is actually a more interesting startscreen than the other version was!
simriel: @Darleysam Nope! No. No more of that thank you
accountmadeforants: This is much prettier than the remake already, yeah
Darleysam: Apologies!
LeeshaJoy: I miss the days of monochrome pixel art. UIs took *effort* in those days.
simriel: AAah! Triffid!
Nigouki: my junior high school around 2001 had two computer labs. one was a giant mess of Classic/LC/Performa/Centris and the other had the shiney new iMac G3s which everyone only used to play shareware version of Jazz Jackrabbit
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aquinas_0: Haha, it's not lets nope again! Victory is mine.
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monosceros: what the hell this is so good
Daken1993: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:10:10.
Laserbeaks_Fury: More deliberate
Decaped: any game in which you can commit mail theft is a good one.
MAPBoardgames: We just opened that man's mail
Solipsody: If Lewis Carroll had access to HyperCard.
SajuukSjet: an example of constraints creating much better work
KV1NN4: oh dear
TehAmelie: looking likr Obra Dinn now
Solipsody: That boing...
sir_jack_DB: LOL
LeeshaJoy: @TehAmelie Yeah, this is specifically the style that Obra Dinn was trying to emulate.
Ryavis: Oh my god I almost thought that was about to start playing megalovania.
DigitalSeahorse: ssandMONSTER ferociousRawr ferociousShook
ContingentCat: wat
simriel: I thought Dragons Lair was a different game :P
MAPBoardgames: Voiced lines!
Alahmnat: oh god it's Rand
Tiber727: Shovel Knight is also in 3D.
Kramburger: Obra Din had different options for your preferred monochrome games system
accountmadeforants: The forum posts of him trying to figurat out that greyscale dithering effect are fascinating.
Decaped: obra dinn was programming a graphics engine to recreate this style and other styles from 3D. it's a really cool system.
korvys: Even in monochrome, you can still lead using light. Nice.
Kramburger: @korvys It's almost easier
Decaped: i wonder how many bits the audio is.
TehAmelie: i think 1
Solipsody: B&W really emphasizes contrasts that get muddied in colour, in games as well as film.
LeeshaJoy: omg the canal maze! I remember this!
korvys: I think that was trying to play an indian sounding tune?
SocraticMethod: Aren't those MIDI? I love how janky MIDI libraries were
simriel: Oh my
Decaped: that is a horrifying rabbit mouth.
DigitalSeahorse: :D
LordSilverwood: This hand has a bewildering sense of scale.
accountmadeforants: I'm very curious how many people worked on the art. Because the sense of space is fascinating, I imagine that would be hard to coordinate between multiple people.
LordSilverwood: Game
DigitalSeahorse: SUPER
DigitalSeahorse: HOT
TehAmelie: this is only loosely related but i recently found out what absolute wizardry they did with the music in Solstice on NES
jetpixi: Lol @digitalseahorse
Laserbeaks_Fury: This feels very British
DigitalSeahorse: :p
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LeeshaJoy: No, Cyan's based out of like Spokane, isn't it?
Pteraspidomorphi: Cyan's in Spokane
Alahmnat: I'm amused that the central chamber was a hexagonal room, just like Myst's library is
TehAmelie: the bass drop. . .in four basic wave generator pseudo-sound channels
SquareDotCube: wait, coudl that be a babelfish reference?
KV1NN4: oh! ahaha!
Decaped: i could see the animation of the scene being too much memory to have a longer audio file playt the same time
Laserbeaks_Fury: mahna mahna
plummeting_sloth: and then our air depletes and we get a game over
MAPBoardgames: Manha Manha!
accountmadeforants: Very good
jetpixi: Perfect music
simriel: Do do duh dodo
TehAmelie: Wilhelm Tell's Ovberture
LeeshaJoy: OMG, that never played fast enough for me as a kid to recognize the song.
Solipsody: It's like making a game in PowerPoint.
thegreatwyrdling: Wow.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohhh bird
simriel: Why does everyone recognise us
monosceros: a kingdom of cards?
accountmadeforants: This might stand head and shoulders above games such as Spud...
plummeting_sloth: Obra Dinn needed more sleepy walruses
SocraticMethod: Does turtle and fish sound vocodered to anyone else?
GDwarf: If I was a kid, I'd probably prefer the update version, but as an adult this one is much more interesting
LeeshaJoy: @SocraticMethod I think it's just low-quality recording.
Alahmnat: I think the voices are all just Rand Miller (one of the Cyan devs) bitcrushed to infinity
GDwarf: We Obra Dinn now
ContingentCat: cool technology
LeeshaJoy: Weirdly, I was just playing Obduction last night.
TehAmelie: i find it mostly interesting to see how they did stuff with what, one-bit graphics?
Decaped: I remember thinking clams had eyes as a kid.
GalacticBoredom: ! uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:21:30.
Alahmnat: the transition speed being slower makes it more meditative too
plummeting_sloth: yes, a farty sounding keyboard. Perfect
SocraticMethod: Did they actually take one sample and sped it up :D
jetpixi: Ugh yes
TehAmelie: two whole octaves? i've seen worse keyboards in games from last year
MAPBoardgames: Quick, do you remember any of the phone numbers from the other game?
djalternative: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:35:28. lrrSPOT
ArcOfTheConclave: that looks nicer than my parents landline
thegreatwyrdling: Oh this brings back memories.
plummeting_sloth: 911, call the video game police
accountmadeforants: Watch it actually somehow make a phone call
Laserbeaks_Fury: If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again
LeeshaJoy: Are you guys gonna play Cosmic Osmo as well?
TehAmelie: try dialing the Nintendo hotline?
TehAmelie: or whose-ever made this
plummeting_sloth: walrus has no sense of personal space
Laserbeaks_Fury: Stop moving my closet around, plese
SquareDotCube: The walrus just likes simple pleasuers
GDwarf: TehAmelie: I dunno that Cyan World *or* Broderbund ever had tolled hotlines
accountmadeforants: You're not in the elevator, you're in here with the walrus in the elevator!
Paranundrox: I'm concerend about that elevetor's operational weight limit
coelopteryx: gets back from groceries, immediately sees weird non-sequitur aquatic stuff in an 80s computer game, i already dig this
TehAmelie: aw
Alahmnat: am I Paul?
j0xer: you are likely to be eaten by a grue
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm so artistically impaired my gamedev experiments were text-based games
Pteraspidomorphi: (as a kid I mean)
MAPBoardgames: You are eaten by a grue.
N2Osferatu: your options are north, south, or... Dennis
SocraticMethod: I love how they used different dithering to actually give texture to surfaces
TehAmelie: it's better at suggesting texture than color
DigitalSeahorse: this reminds me of playing DuckTales on Amstrad PC well before the NES versions
frankscx: This summer, prepare to flunk out again
DigitalSeahorse: you flunked?....WoW :P
Questhere: oh god, RtZ was a mind fuck, i dont think any of the puzzles had any logic to them
Paranundrox: ah, WoW Classic
TeodorantZMX: how do yinz guys feel about nutella spaghetti
rith_the_awakener: Hey everyone!
LeeshaJoy: My attempts to make games were based on clip art. We're probably lucky I diidn't end up making Homestuck twenty years early.
simriel: For real tho, you have filed down the helmets of your Cadians right?
simriel: the sides?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are we going to pass The Phantom going the other way?
rith_the_awakener: This is the Myst predecessor right?
Alahmnat: yep
rith_the_awakener: Neat, I'm I massive Myst fan, I need to try this game out sometime
plummeting_sloth: 17MB available? Look at the power gamer over here
Solipsody: @TeodorantZMX Much like I feel about supernovae and giant wasps. Fine as long as it's far away from me.
Decaped: My game making efforts were all in the form of Duke Nukem 3d levels. I had a good portion of a Fifth Element remake made
Alahmnat: this was Cyan's first game. They also made Cosmic Osmo and Spelunx between this and Myst.
DigitalSeahorse: 8K available xD
Stoffern: Wheres stack 4?
Alahmnat: Spelunx was actually built to be expandable (physical DLC! in the early 90s!) but it never was.
vaxjedi: If you like Myst, you should check out the Myst fan communities :)
simriel: @Stoffern Stack 4 has been dead for 20 years
DigitalSeahorse: "insert disk 2"
monosceros: without starting new processes?
UrlorJkron: like ff7
ArcOfTheConclave: old jrpgs with 4 disks
DigitalSeahorse: or disk B into the B drive
rith_the_awakener: Wooo proto-Myst!
LeeshaJoy: I remember how Riven had like one island per CD-ROM
jetpixi: lol yes I do @leeshajoy
Solipsody: Hacks!
rith_the_awakener: I love this old Mac aesthetic!
frankscx: paul doing a sudo
Questhere: sv_cheats 1
SocraticMethod: sudo su -
Gizmoloid: @GDwarf I found a manual for Manhole ME and it has a Cyan tech support number for "If you have tried everything, and are about to rip the hair out of your scalp" :D
wildpeaks: hacking the plan-- err the stack
Alahmnat: iddq
DigitalSeahorse: GUIDuck would love this too
DarkNacht: sudo chmod 777
Reecer6: or, card boib
Zalthia: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:31:13.
rith_the_awakener: Wow I love these transitions!
korvys: The code for pretty much everything is just "go to card X", right?
korvys: Oh, and animations, and sound
TehAmelie: the game seems to work basically just like Renpy
plummeting_sloth: ah, so it's a note call out
SocraticMethod: I knew it was MIDI!
dialMforMara: ooh
DigitalSeahorse: :O
frankscx: change it to the riff from Van Halen's Eruption
dialMforMara: it just knows what the notes are
TehAmelie: i wouldn't like to imagine the effort of making it work like that. . .
korvys: "play boing"
Solipsody: @TehAmelie Except you can't date the walrus.
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KSmallmoon: I really should get my clock fixed. I thought I was tuning in early!
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jetpixi: This is nifty
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh cool. i would have loved something like this as a kid
plummeting_sloth: so, where is the Final Pam in here?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you guys were getting really dark there for a second
Reecer6: wow, making of myst looks much simpler in this version
rith_the_awakener: This is really charming
TehAmelie: rabbits watch humans talk on TV, huh
jetpixi: I feel like the puzzles were definitely the focus @reecer6
Pteraspidomorphi: I believe there were as many as 70 pixels. People will never need so many pixels
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Gizmoloid: @TehAmelie Maybe to them it's like cute kitten videos to us?
plummeting_sloth: time to remix Manhole!
TehAmelie: obvs
Pteraspidomorphi: Macpaint! :D
DigitalSeahorse: :O omg I remembr those patterns!
ritchards: oh yeah, those patterns...
rith_the_awakener: Wow I remember this from my school's computers...
jetpixi: This is super familiar
DigitalSeahorse: I had some of those!
LeeshaJoy: Yeah, those patterns were absolutely in the paint program.
frankscx: i haven't thought about FatBits in forever
TehAmelie: i had this paint program, but not with a game built over it
DarkNacht: I have some of their old making of stuff because my wife took a field trip to their offices in grade school
ArcOfTheConclave: this is so far before my time T_T
Jasoman: @LoadingReadyRun EV Nova was my favorite
Gekyouryuu: aaaaaagh! I'm late AGAIN, because TWITCH at some point decided "I don't care that you're subbed and keep double checking that notifications are turned on, you are NEVER allowed to know when LRR goes live anymore."
Zalthia: I played EV Nova!
Gekyouryuu: I've missed so many steams, including whole LRLs because of this
Gekyouryuu: streams*
coopdawg_22: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:36:25.
korvys: Can you pause?
Jasoman: @Zalthia did you play the ARPIA mod pack?
TehAmelie: by the way this may be of interest to chat. someone making some incredible 8-bit art
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun yeah. auto exposure definitely got turned on at some point
Zalthia: @jasoman I have no idea
DigitalSeahorse: it me!
jetpixi: It really is isn’t it? @digitalseahorse
MAPBoardgames: do DO do do do!
DigitalSeahorse: jetpixi hehe
korvys: Can you edit the code?
Zalthia: @jasoman I was very young
DigitalSeahorse: *dances*
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rith_the_awakener: Hey Paul n' Cam, awesome content as usual , do you have any plans on playing any of the other Myst games, Riven etc.?
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Gizmoloid: @Gekyouryuu I didn't get a notification either, I think Twitch has some policy about minimum 4 hours between notifications.
Darleysam: it could rock a Despacito though
plummeting_sloth: can you adjust the tempo in the code?
SocraticMethod: Set tempo to 2000 and let's see!
TehAmelie: how hard would it be to write in the notes, if you can write notation? :3
Zalthia: Sweet moves @digitalseahorse
jetpixi: Yes perfect lol @digitalseahorse
Jasoman: @Zalthia ah
DigitalSeahorse: wiat how'd they get up there?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Paul, can you edit the code when you look at it?
rocketjohn: and does it have the voice synth built in?
Alahmnat: I kiiiiiiinds want to build a remake in the Obra Dinn explorable style
DigitalSeahorse: Zalthia thanks
korvys: Oh, also, is there somewhere we can see the code for playing voice clips?
Reecer6: i'm pretty sure that walrus is your reptile brain in disco elysium
korvys: Oh, the converstition thing again?
korvys: Ok, right
rith_the_awakener: Wow you can see so much of the DNA of Myst here
ForOhForError: woah is this hypercard
TehAmelie: it's very similar to Renpy
accountmadeforants: Object-oriented programming taken to its logical extreme lrrAWESOME
Alahmnat: @ForOhForError yep
plummeting_sloth: ah, darn
djalternative: can you play the comodore hustle theme on the keyboard? @LoadingReadyRun
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun Also, is there somewhere we can see the code to play a voice clip? Cause that can't be midi, right?
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TheMoatman: I think Applescript is only in Automator these days
accountmadeforants: Reading RenPy source code is always a WILD experience.
absurd_notion: Inform 7 is a programming language for text adventures that is entirely natural language. Full sentences and all. It's weird.
rith_the_awakener: Oh wow that loading cursor...
DigitalSeahorse: lol the ancient beachball spinner
plummeting_sloth: we game devs now, boyzzzzz
accountmadeforants: I think there's actually a company right now that promises the same sort of Hypercard + Hyperscript experience in the year of our Lord 2020. Gimme a sec.
azlinea: livecode? @accountmadeforants
SocraticMethod: barn doorS?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun "barn door"
LeeshaJoy: was it "barndoor" all one word?
Solipsody: @absurd_notion I haven't used Inform in a while, but as I recall it had a pretty unique definition of "natural"...
Alahmnat: born door open
Alahmnat: *barn
ContingentCat: one word or hyphenated?
Vyous: barn door open I think
Alahmnat: 'cause there's a wipe in and a wipe out for barn door
accountmadeforants: azlinea Yup! That's the one!
absurd_notion: @Solipsody Oh yeah. It sure does. But it's not like any other programming language I've ever seen.
Solipsody: Granted.
djalternative: where's the purity now?
Fluffy776: neat!
Gekyouryuu: is this "Return of the Obra Dinn"? Kappa
plummeting_sloth: oh please speed or slow that polly line
SocraticMethod: Wait, you can pitchshif sound samples?
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun I found you a Visual Effect reference:
SocraticMethod: pitchshift*
ContingentCat: Brain is doing it's best at the moment
plummeting_sloth: huh
LeeshaJoy: Remember using ResEdit to find sprites and sound files in games?
DigitalSeahorse: :D
Questhere: demon bird!
rith_the_awakener: lrrSPOOP
Alahmnat: rofl
SocraticMethod: YES!
ritchards: Polly is Upset with You
Fluffy776: Summon elder god
korvys: Oh, "Polly" must be a voice file variable
ContingentCat: whoops
ANeMzero: cursed bird
CaptainEnder7: *I'm freeee nooow*
rocketjohn: oooopppaaa gaaaangaaaam styyyyyyyle
korvys: Oh, we Let's Nope now
MAPBoardgames: 25 d2?
ForOhForError: Hiiiii diablo
Gizmoloid: Can you make audible but still horrifiyng?
Astra7525: *wark* Polly want YOUR SOULLL!!!
simriel: Ah yes
SilentOptimist: d10!
simriel: A curse
plummeting_sloth: LRR enters Polly-hell
Alahmnat: god that's ALSO RAND
Eldrin13: thats not polly anymore
MAPBoardgames: d3 is pitch
Pteraspidomorphi: Makes sense
Gekyouryuu: I wanna train a parrot to say "finally. I've become accustomed to this body."
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun I think the tempo is the spacing between each "note" (where the note is the whole sound clip in this case)
korvys: The "d4" is the pitch
Gizmoloid: @Gekyouryuu :D that reminded me of a joke where someone wants to teach a parrot to say "I miss my hands" and "I just want to hug my wife and children one more time"
LeeshaJoy: I think that's Monaco.
wildpeaks: the monotype ?
SocraticMethod: Chicago?
djalternative: Monaco is also a great game
ContingentCat: or font fans ( lrrGRAHAM )
SquareDotCube: Chicago to Charcoal (for a short time) to San Fransisco
accountmadeforants: It WAS a good font lrrFRUMP
djalternative: I don't care about the Chicago font but Chicago the city is gr8
frankscx: i am using Monaco in my terminal right now
RonnyConcrete: The combination of letter+number is the English Scientific Pitch notation you use when referring to specific tones. The number 4 in that system is the octave of Middle C, so whenever you change the number and not the letter you actually nudge stuff up or down by an octave, which is a lot
SocraticMethod: I think they had 2 font sizes
SocraticMethod: Like monaco had 9 and 12
djalternative: canoe
ContingentCat: too real
MAPBoardgames: What have I told you about slamming doors!
rith_the_awakener: Closed a door so hard it made a mountain explode
plummeting_sloth: the volcano was polite. Didn't want to bother the people behind the door
frankscx: we caused judgement day
Mysticman89: Is there any hidden stuff (e.g. unsused cards) only accessible via script editting I wonder?
Alahmnat: dem wipes
plummeting_sloth: oh, that sound file slowed down there...
Zalthia: I finished Pathologic 2 the other day. It was good.
ravenlord_xix: Genestealer?
rith_the_awakener: That's a very 90's alien design
LordSilverwood: Those notes when the ship came down was close encounters!
ContingentCat: Life of Brian is so good
coelopteryx: were those zooping-around music notes the same music notes from close encounters of the third kind?
Alahmnat: the Selenitic piano solution is also Close Encounters IIRC, but jumbled.
simriel: Life of Brian was something my Mum didn't want me seeing when I was younger
DigitalSeahorse: xD
jetpixi: Emperor’s New Groove is THE BEST
ravenlord_xix: Emperor's New Groove is wonderful
simriel: So my dad showed me Life of Brian
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a powerful character
simriel: Emperor's New Grove is a Perfect film
jetpixi: Terribly underrated movie
jetpixi: It really is @simriel
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun but seriously, are you going to pay for these trampolines or what?
simriel: Kuzko is best Disney Princess
MAPBoardgames: I want a !box result to say "Another box, in that box is a flea"
korvys: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:53:59.
jetpixi: 🤣 @simriel
plummeting_sloth: have we seen everything there is to see here?
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:31 from now).
Zalthia: Emperors new groove for the next KH game
Alahmnat: do we get a "so what"?
simriel: Kuzko is ABSOLUTELY as dramatic as any Disney Princess
LeeshaJoy: Do you have the means to play Cosmic Osmo?
SquareDotCube: Well, we got an hour and a half to make our own micro Hyercard adventure...
ContingentCat: Wow doom going by the Xbox naming method
TehAmelie: we have worked so hard o forget Doom 3 happened
korvys: I think that's in Doom (2016)
Fluffy776: I loved that so much
Gizmoloid: @korvys That definitely was in Doom 3
simriel: Also: Kronk, is Kronk just Patrick Warbuttons True Form?
TehAmelie: i love Doom 64 where you just get a double bladed combat chainsaw
Astra7525: It's standard equipment to contain a demon infestation at unsafe levels
simriel: Warburton*
djalternative: The warrent of the essay
Nyx_fire: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:29 from now).
accountmadeforants: Doom 2016 does a joke about it being a makeshift weapon and how they shouldn't have it. But yeah, that's almost certainly based on the Doom 3 bit.
ravenlord_xix: @TehAmelie I wish Doom Eternal could get dual blade chainsaw
simriel: @ravenlord_xix I mean... We are getting A Sword. Just A Sword
ContingentCat: A bunch of my profs had a 'so what' as a guide for essay writing too, it's really helpful
SocraticMethod: I think this reminds me of those electronic books that made sounds when pushing a button.
niccus: failure states are monetization opportunities
j0xer: if this were made by sierra there would have been a death sequence on every card
Alahmnat: Living Books were the bomb
jetpixi: I loved the Disney story books that came with tapes
accountmadeforants: Going into it without knowing anything about it, or even how computers work, I could certainly see it as a toy. You just click on it and maybe something happens? It doesn't seem to be designed as an "experience".
SquareDotCube: also simple rules?
SilentOptimist: I grew up with Kai's Power Goo!
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GamesAndInk: So a toy is something you interact with, an interactive experience is something that interacts with you, and a game is something where you interact with each other?
Alahmnat: goofy?
ANeMzero: The remake felt a bit too much like "Hey look at our 3D graphics!"
rith_the_awakener: It's fundementally a kids game
simriel: There is a level of "Trying to hard"?
simriel: too*
Zalthia: @gamesandink I dunno... I’m not convinced that’s the difference between them
DigitalSeahorse: "You're Goofing Wrong!"
johncarsongames: I used to play this all the time as a kid and don't remember if there's an end???
simriel: Rapping animals is almost always Trying Too Hard
Alahmnat: I still can't get over the fact that all of these speech clips are just Rand
jetpixi: Is that from the Sound of Music?
Nigouki: wait, is Shrek a tool for art criticism?
jetpixi: The first song lol
djalternative: well, op yourself and find out
simriel: THE RAPPING DOG! I know this!
Nigouki: oh right, THAT movie
GDwarf: The animated Titanic with the rapping dog is beyond reproach! :P
TheMoatman: Oh yeah I've seen that one
simriel: It's a VERY BAD movie
GamesAndInk: @Zalthia Well like, using the museum as a talking point: you don't get to interact, but you are guided through an experience. A toy, like legos, gives you NO direction, but you're free to do whatever with. And a game is something that tries to get you to do one thing and you also get to make choices?
DigitalSeahorse: yay, whale done
TheMoatman: It was quite bad
Alahmnat: this is meta, heh
DigitalSeahorse: beep boop
LeeshaJoy: Those buttons are if the dragon is there, I think
simriel: @Alahmnat Also part of my brain has just decided you mean Ayn Rand. For no reason, it just has
j0xer: cut content
Mysticman89: dig out all the secret pixel size buttons
plummeting_sloth: hey, don't call me a dummy game
SquareDotCube: cut content?
Zalthia: @gamesandink I guess where I get hung up is trying to define ‘experience’
jetpixi: Wait what
Alahmnat: @simriel I mean Rand Miller, one of the devs/creators/brothers who made the game
Solipsody: @GamesAndInk @Zalthia Alternately: A game has/is rules. A toy is an object you can manipulate.
Alahmnat: I've met him, so it's really just extra hilarious to me
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DigitalSeahorse: or like the intentional giraffe in CS?
jetpixi: How can you tell that in D2?
TheMoatman: Sometimes those things are load-bearing
djalternative: Maybe you have to find the right thing on TV
jetpixi: Yeah that’s the so long, farewell song
simriel: @Alahmnat I get that entirely, my brain just finds it funny to "find and replace" with Ayn Rand here
RonnyConcrete: Oh lord it took me ages but that melody right there is from The Sound of Music
Alahmnat: @simriel ahh, hehe
plummeting_sloth: just set a button to "On mouse up trigger 'biscuit baby'
Zalthia: @gamesandink because experience, to me, implied emotions other than enjoyment?
cynimo: lrrWOW
korvys: This, weirdly, reminds me of the Fighting Fantasy Books - The old art in particular.
jetpixi: @ronnyconcrete glad someone else heard it
rith_the_awakener: Ominous much?
KV1NN4: time for school in japan!
TheMoatman: If you delete the thing it introduces a bug that nobody knows the root cause of and nobody is willing to fix, so it just gets moved. that sort of thing is shockingly common
DigitalSeahorse: :O they put one of those tunnel mazes into Duck Tales for Amstrad PC too
Laserbeaks_Fury: Westminster chimes?
simriel: @Alahmnat like "Ah yes, all the voices for this kids game were done by Ayn Rand, this is for sure a real fact"
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ninjcoco: whoo
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RonnyConcrete: @jetpixi I recognized it, but it took ages before I remembered what it was xP
Zalthia: Also I’m on mobile with one hurt thumb so I can’t type very fast :(
GDwarf: Magic and More Magic
Lejana_: I love that story!
cynimo: magic or more magic
DarkNacht: MIT
Lejana_: Yep, magic or more magic
simriel: What is it Yahtzee said? "Perturb the Sloth with the Oversized Dildo"
GamesAndInk: @Zalthia I mean, I have toys that provide me stress relief rather than enjoyment, a curated experience doesn't need to bring joy, and games can be terrifying only without losing game status...
simriel: for old adventure game logic
jetpixi: @ronnyconcrete I just felt like I was maybe going crazy? lol
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, that was fascinating.
korvys: I love this story
niccus: capacitance!
TheMoatman: There's also the story (stories really) of the code that's long since been removed from any actual use but is still there because it tanks the program if you do. Those tend to have relatively "normal" causes like being on a page boundary (chunk of memory loaded at once)
simriel: I LOVED music of the spheres so much
Gizmoloid: @LoadingReadyRun I'm looking at a walkthorugh and the dragon appeared after they went down the ladder into the dragon's room?
accountmadeforants: The best part is that it only worked on that specific board. Like the program decided to opt for physics over actual design.
Ryavis: I've once or twice seen bugs that go away when you add console logs to the code areas.
djalternative: von neuiman machines
simriel: Cam, can I ask, have you read The Laundry Files?
korvys: There was also one that had to do some kind of timing, and evolved to steal the time, via (presumably) detecting the clock of a nearby computer
Zalthia: @gamesandink I feel like an experience is like. Something that is supposed to have more emotional impact than a game? Or maybe I’m just being pretentious.
Ryavis: That's usually, like, a sign of a race condition of some sort.
Laserbeaks_Fury: what the heck is a samophlange
simriel: Cause Music of the Stats reminded me a lot of ideas about Computing and the Cosmic from The Laundry Files series
simriel: Stars*
LeeshaJoy: I think you go out and make the dragon fly to the tower?
ItIsVey: Isn't that what happened to computers tho ? The old ones being room sized, and now you have more computing power in your smart watch
DarkNacht: Its like when everyone thought Alpha Go made a mistake, but it was really just a move so advanced no human ever thought of it
djalternative: please. Señor Human
ComradeMik: is this an actual old Mac game, or just looks like one?
TokenMickus: doorbell reminds me of chika dance
simriel: Also: If you haven't read The Laundry Files, I feel it might be your Jam Cam
Juliamon: ComradeMik Actual
RaklarLS: just got here, does this have some sort of programing mechanic attached?
TehAmelie: a smart watch is overkill. you get more computing power in a pocket calculator that they give you with a full tank of gas than what they had in the Apollo rockets
ComradeMik: huh
ElektroTal: wow, did i log onto being 8 years old in 1989 again?
jetpixi: @raklarls No, you’re just able to see it
Alahmnat: @RaklarLS only in the "look under the hood where you're not allowed" sense
jetpixi: ^
LeeshaJoy: Go out, go to the top of the beanstalk, make the dragon fly over
Mysticman89: just change the id of where you go
ElektroTal: what is this?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are you trying to Kirk this Kobayashi Maru
Gizmoloid: @LoadingReadyRun The dragon flies when you get to the top of the bean stalk
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun Is there a go to command that'll just let you jump to a card?
RealGamerCow: I'm trying to remember if I had this game.
rith_the_awakener: Yeah but when are we gonna get RealManhole?
Gizmoloid: @LoadingReadyRun Get up and click tower I mean
Alahmnat: realManhole with the Obra Dinn filter would be fascinating to build
RaklarLS: liking the aesthetics
metaldog564: dude, this is trippy
Fluffy776: Did Paul ever play Hack 'n' Slash on stream? Watching Paul solve programming puzzles would be a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed that game
BusTed: DragonFly = True
RaklarLS: that's. wow
rith_the_awakener: O h dear
Fluffy776: w o w
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
korvys: Hairy chest dragon
simriel: I have met this guy
accountmadeforants: Lads lads lads
Astra7525: the chest hair
Mysticman89: What was first, this or leisure suit larry (1)
metaldog564: lmao
niccus: bolas really settled down huh
simriel: I have 100 met this guy
RaklarLS: a hairy lizard. hm.
TehAmelie: i have seen this Rick & Morty episode
j0xer: duke nukem + luisure suit larry
Ryavis: I like the colon at the end of the sentence
jetpixi: Yes I would like a biscuit
cynimo: lrrSPOOP
plummeting_sloth: something under them scales
Ryavis: like the biscuit is part of the sentence
Mysticman89: oh. this is the lounge lizard
Alahmnat: I can only picture Rand Miller saying this to my face and I laugh every single time
simriel: It could have been 2 good films I think
MAPBoardgames: am I 'dude' or 'baby'? I'm so confused.
simriel: the fact it was 3 was too damn many
frankscx: feet by Rob Liefeld
DarkNacht: Isn't the first Jackson Hobbit movie the second Hobbit movie?
RaklarLS: the artist got bored mid drawing
rith_the_awakener: Where's his arms?
ContingentCat: there's a lot weird going om
djalternative: those are duck feet. not dragon feet
coelopteryx: i mean, dragons are a mythical creature so who's to say they don't have chest hair
SocraticMethod: Maybe just copied a scene to make dragonless version and dummied them out?
cynimo: "I cant draw feet" "Doesnt matter everyone will look at the chest hair"
simriel: THE EYEBROWS! Oh my god!
RaklarLS: ooh, nice use of bit crush effects
absurd_notion: This dragon is deeply unsettling in many ways
RealGamerCow: I remember the Mac boing noises!
metaldog564: bruh
TehAmelie: i just realized the dragon has no forelegs, just wings. and a shirt that must have wing holes instead of arm holes
Gizmoloid: Looking at dragon flying, definitely looks like he doesn't have arms.
djalternative: I kinda just want some raspberry pie now
rith_the_awakener: I hate looking at this dragon
Lejana_: Isn't it technically a wyvern?
SocraticMethod: Here's a thought. If the dragon does not have arms, how's he supposed to use the remote?
RaklarLS: he's a cool 70's jazz dragon, clearly.
LeeshaJoy: @SocraticMethod prehensile tail
Fluffy776: katesThank
Nigouki: tiny claws on the wings?
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:10 from now).
SocraticMethod: @LeeshaJoy fair enough
simriel: I wish I was a cool 70s Jazz Dragon...
TehAmelie: i like him resting his foot on his rolled up tail though. it's such a thing you'd do if you had a tail
Ryavis: The TV came with a remote, he doesn't use it.
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djalternative: you could even make this in RenPy
SajuukSjet: Scratch comes to mind
SocraticMethod: I'm sure with some effort it would be possible to make in PowerPoint or even Gdocs Presentation
accountmadeforants: You could absolutely make this in PowerPoint
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Godeke: The original Myst was done in a very similar slideshow manner.
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MAPBoardgames: You could.
TheMoatman: It's VB
djalternative: powerpoint can absolutely do it
RaklarLS: for sure. it'd be a pain, but you could! calling functions would become calling macros and you're set
korvys: Just FYI Cam, I think the "Py" in RenPy is from Python, so like "pie"
LeeshaJoy: I mean, I made a class presentation in Hypercard back before PowerPoint was even a thing.
TheMoatman: Office is the only place VB is left
realhillwolf: I used to make games and animations in PowerPoint in grade school
accountmadeforants: In fact, I think making this in PowerPoint would be more straightforward and directly comparable than doing so in RenPy.
Gizmoloid: @Lejana_ Considering that "A wyvern (/ˈwaɪvərn/ WY-vərn, sometimes spelled wivern) is a legendary bipedal dragon." Yeah sure, technically it's a wyvern. Which is still a dragon. :)
TheMoatman: Well
MAPBoardgames: I made a very simple one of these games in the mid-90s in powerpoint
Sogheim: I saw the title and I figured it had to be lrrPAUL
Alahmnat: @TheMoatman also lots of enterprise and "legacy" commercial software
djalternative: @korvys I perfer saying ren-pea aswell. it just sounds better
Alahmnat: (I say, as someone on a dev team that writes tons of VB6 code)
Pteraspidomorphi: I love that book
simriel: Wait what?
RaklarLS: @MAPBoardgames yeah, i remember doing a choose your own adventure
simriel: What book was this?
ComradeMik: diamond age is one of my favourite books
Pteraspidomorphi: The Diamond Age
simriel: Diamond Age!
ComradeMik: so good
simriel: People are talking about Diamond Age!
Pteraspidomorphi: It's the "sequel" to Snow Crash
simriel: It's such a great book (aside from the Sex Cult)
djalternative: Sex Cult? I'm in!
RaklarLS: is it as impenetrable as snow crash?
simriel: The Sex Cult is NOT good
plummeting_sloth: honestly I would love to see this game again in the format of actually having to get into the simple code and get access to teh whole entirety fo the game
KV1NN4: sorry wait what book??
jetpixi: Whoa
countz3r0: !mext
SocraticMethod: Diamond Age: What comes after Cyberpunk? Steampunk!
ComradeMik: yeah, the drummers is a bit fucked
RealGamerCow: that was such a weird thing wedged into an otherwise good book
countz3r0: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:06 from now).
ComradeMik: but they are meant to be not good
Pteraspidomorphi: Bookpunk?
TheMoatman: @Alahmnat Dear god
TheMoatman: VB6?
TheMoatman: Not even .NET?
simriel: @KV1NN4 The Diamond Age. It's sorta cyberpunk, sorta steampunk, very big on nanotech, is fascinating politically and discusses the idea of 'Nationality' in a world where we all live online
Juliamon: Yeah that was the turtle scene
wildpeaks: oh by the way, thanks for fixing the calendar :)
TheMoatman: Oh yeah, just a reminder for everybody to update your windows 10 posthaste. CVE-2020-0601 is a *serious* issue that's fixed in today's patch
Juliamon: Now we have time to grab food between shows!
Bengineering: I mean, it's defs my fault then it got to those points haha
Bengineering: I should have installed in advance
simriel: I am so glad other people have read this book. No one I know has read it
Pteraspidomorphi: 5 :D
rith_the_awakener: They did 5
GDwarf: Five Myst games, plus Uru
BusTed: There was that online one.
Fluffy776: I recommend Riven. It's good, if you are willing to take notes
Gizmoloid: Also Uru
Alahmnat: 5 was technically an Uru re-cobble
rith_the_awakener: And a spinoff, ages of Myst
Mister_BlueSky: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (1:02 from now).
Fluffy776: I mean one puzzle in particular is awful to figure out but still
jetpixi: I’m currently farting around I’m Riven cuz...ya know.
jetpixi: In*
wildpeaks: Myst 3 is delightful with bonus Brad Dourif
TehAmelie: i know there was one called The End of Ages which sounded like a lie
jetpixi: It really is
Fluffy776: That fits
Mysticman89: the witness is apparently quite inspired by myst as a somewhat modern thing
jetpixi: The witness is fine
rith_the_awakener: Myst 3 is my favourite
Alahmnat: if y'all ever end up in Spokane for a few hours, call ahead and they'll almost certainly let you into the office for a visit
atrophonian: !live
jetpixi: Maybe it’s cuz I didn’t get very far but it felt repetitive
rith_the_awakener: The puzzles in 3 are actually reasonable
atrophonian: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:23:57.
Fluffy776: I adored the Witness, but playing it with another person in the room really helped keep it a fun time
Pteraspidomorphi: jetpixi: The Witness is a work of genius
GamesAndInk: Cam, that comic is 16 years old...
jetpixi: I probably didn’t go far enough
RaklarLS: the witness gave me motion sickness in one of the advanced rooms.
Alahmnat: Myst 3 was made by the Journeyman Project devs
Lucien0451: I'd love The Witness on TS, Cori has played it
Fluffy776: Ow, my all of me
Pteraspidomorphi: It *is* "repetitive" in a way, but there are... layers
MAPBoardgames: 15.3
TheMoatman: It's only fifteen years and four months old
snowcookies: yup
Mysticman89: I enjoyed the witness a lot as something that really my my brain sizzle, but it was quite satisfying when finally figuring stuff out
jetpixi: I’ll have to fire it up again
vaxjedi: There's all kinds of cool Myst stuff. There's a tabletop of it :)
TehAmelie: we're on the second decade of 2016, not one year later
wildpeaks: how about Manifold Garden ?
Gekyouryuu: I'm still only 17. and have been for 12 or 13 years now
jetpixi: K that’s what I said
wildpeaks: gravity puzzles
TheExactSame: when I finished it i out loud said "oh thank god, no more puzzles"
Alahmnat: I see you there @vaxjedi ;)
Fluffy776: Once you start to get stuff that uses the environment it gets a lot of fun
Sogheim: yeah... The Witness doesn't really explain all the rules well, either.
TheExactSame: but it was good. some of the puzzles were actually different
rith_the_awakener: The Witness doesn't have Myst's atmosphere or world-building imo
Godeke: There is another level to the Witness.
Alahmnat: or you could just play the Connections game and *actually* watch clips of Connections after solving puzzles
Decaped: the rules are the puzzle in The Witness
simriel: Cam, have you read the Laundry Files btw? If you like Call of Cthulu and also the Diamond Age, it sounds like it might be your sorta thing
Godeke: The Aha Moment is pretty cool.
Sogheim: the bird calls part made me dent my keyboard.
KSmallmoon: There are puzzles for enabling you to SOLVE puzzles in the witness.
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
Pteraspidomorphi: My aha moment was my youngest brother rolling his eyes and telling me :D
Mysticman89: I think theres like 5 or 6 puzzle types, that operate on a similar basis. One of which will make you think you understand it until you discover you dont
BusTed: Daymare 1998
Stoffern: Daymare
Juliamon: Daymare 1998
wildpeaks: they're always "the bad games"
RaklarLS: there's a lot of puzzles, but they're always the same mechanic with different coats of paint.. One of the coats of paint is to rapidly move the screen to the left or right, giving you motion sickness. had to stop.
MAPBoardgames: 1998 daymare
Rhynerd: Daymare 1998
Gizmoloid: So I just found out that Myst Online: URU Live Again is aaparently still a thing. also free?
Alahmnat: yep
Gizmoloid: *apparently
vaxjedi: Yup.
MAPBoardgames: Resident evil 2 remake NOT done by a AAA studio
wildpeaks: Control \o/
Alahmnat: just not getting new content anymore
BusTed: Woo Paul stream
Mister_BlueSky: Heck yeah.
CapnRobert: oh im hype for that
Darleysam: ohh hell yes! I've been hoping someone on LRR would get to Control :)
CapnRobert: thats exciting
Questhere: sounds like a good time
simriel: Control? SCP but high budget? Count me in XD
Mysticman89: engage the glorious ray tracing.
wildpeaks: and one of the narrative designers of the last Dishonored too
Rhynerd: Wait, when’s Paul starting acontrol?
Sogheim: so my fridays will be filled with awesome beard, yay
Mister_BlueSky: My only problem with Control is the lack of.. control over difficulty.
Alahmnat: @LoadingReadyRun am I allowed to plug the Cyan discord?
Gekyouryuu: Daymare! "ah-AH-ah~" fighter of the nightmare! "ah-AH-ah~" stallion of the sun! "ah-AH-ah~" master of dressage and friendship for everyone, daymare!
simriel: Is Paul Assuming Direct Control then? :P
Pteraspidomorphi: That schedule is excellent for me
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MagicWarluck: Darn, really wanna se Paul stream, but donät wanna spoil Control. Dilemma deluxe!
CaptainSpam: I'm what? Dead? lrrBEEJ
RaklarLS: i keep confusing the captain is dead with dead men tell no tales
rith_the_awakener: Bye!
snowcookies: bye!
Alahmnat: thanks for streaming!
RaklarLS: bye!
jetpixi: Thanks!
Gizmoloid: Bye!
Gekyouryuu: @MagicWarluck easy solution, beat all of control before Paul starts?
Alahmnat: if anyone's interested in hanging out with other Myst fans, Cyan has their own discord server at
Laserbeaks_Fury: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (55m from now).
MagicWarluck: @Gekyouryuu I just have to find a store who has it, and stay at home from work I guess? Adulting is hard!
Lithobraker: !next
rith_the_awakener: I adore the setting a world-building of Myst
rith_the_awakener: I think it's partly the reason I love multiverse settings
rith_the_awakener: His Dark Materials and such
Lithobraker: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (53m from now).
kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (53m from now).
Gekyouryuu: @MagicWarluck agreed
RaklarLS: can't wait to see where daymare goes with its story
Juliamon: And whether it'll be there when it gets there?
RaklarLS: what if that's the twist? the game just ends halfway through
Lithobraker: ho boy we got a some steaming hot spoopy garbage coming up!
Inquisitor_Xian: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Daymare: 1998) at Tue 05:00 PM PST (46m from now).
simriel: Ugh, I wanna watch this, cause I watched the last part, but I also need sleep
Lithobraker: chat which has stronger 2020 energy: TEETH or FEET