thundercat2000: but since it's from the Premium Bandai(exclusive Japan only) Store I doubt he'd already have and since it's a unit that only appears in a video game I thought it would be fitting. Also Its a treat to build and have around.
drfox17: oh has james been chunk punching this morning?
thundercat2000: The only real thing stopping me aside from cost is the idea that the moonbase mail backlog maybe quiet large at this point.
thundercat2000: and canada post has slowed down alot from the "thing"
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I am excited to see giant monsters battle each other only to find out this is like Zendikar where a 2-drop fiesta aggressive deck is always the way to go.
djalternative: Hola chat
GameAgeddon: I hear that this is the place to see the Magical Cards
Earthenone: its the place to see the digital objects at least
djalternative: No. This is the place to see monstrous cards
djalternative: Rawr
GameAgeddon: I hate that the name of this set is so close to Ikora that it's all I can see. Too much Destiny
Earthenone: i keep seeing it as ikea
djalternative: Or, and go with me on this journey here, not enough Destiny
Earthenone: so i assume they will be assembling a flat pack cube
TXC2: Hello Everybody
MyriadTruths92: mutate is basically the ikea mechanic anyway
GameAgeddon: You know, there's enough enemy types in Destiny that they could absolutely do a crossover event with tribal decks for each alien race. I mean, obviously that's never going to happen, but I would totally draft the Vex deck
GameAgeddon: There's no way it wouldn't be OP
djalternative: Wow. My snark/ incredulity levels are off the charts right now
TXC2: title change
Earthenone: though i am looking forward to how magic interprets kaijus and comparing it to how yu-gi-oh did it a couple years back :)
FadedOasis: lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: Which version are you referring to @earthenone
Earthenone: yu-gi-oh did a kaiju "archetype" a while back
alpha_lumare: Hello
seemsdeece: Poggies my Doggies
lirazel64: Yay!
metaldog564: @earthenone but people only played with the turtle
djalternative: Oh. I thought you were talking about one of their many merging mechanics
flatluigi: big monsters have been a thing since godzilla started
Kaerose: neat
Pedantically: wassup chat? I hear we have a Kaiju infestation today.
lirazel64: Show me Mutant Salad!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for LRRMTG! Join James from NOW until 1:00PM Pacific, and then Graham from 1:00PM-4:30PM for the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Streamer Event! #Sponsored ||
Dennis852ilpm: before that we only had small monsters like dragons
Ragnarok2kx: Sup everyone! the8bitW
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FDR101: Hey Everyone!!
punmaster10: hello
djalternative: so, is pvp drafting on the menu for today?
TXC2: djalternative I doubt it
Geekscience: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:02.
metaldog564: but would be nice
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Inglonias: right on time i suppose
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p3nguinkin: @lirazel64 I think the best you can hope for is mutating onto a gingerbrute, then you have mutant food at least
linearCurvature: ooh smooth transition
eternalaje: magic magic magic magic
FDR101: !uptime
TXC2: Here we GO!
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GameAgeddon: Let's see some Magical Cards!
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Dish_KP: carrot carrot milk carrot milk carrot milk
djalternative: I mean, it is supposed to be ready for friday @TXC2
Nameless_Sword: Here we gooooo
malc: mic muted!
TXC2: djalternative really? ok then
Lordofironstorm: Muted
Inglonias: can't hear you james
DiscordianTokkan: Can't hear you
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Zaghrog: muted
B1ndas: Mic
LoadingReadyRun: one second
de_greninja: No audio
Dennis852ilpm: muted
MyriadTruths92: james is mute-ated
Angnor33: The sound of silence...
Pedantically: Mute?
DeadlyWinchester: muted
kirtarleet: ohhhh im watching 3 streams at once......
RayneTheDarkLadyOfSalt: you're muted, James
pud909: We can't hear you
Nameless_Sword: Um,.... James.... hello?
FDR101: Muted
GameAgeddon: Silent James is Silent
DiscordianTokkan: Obligatory Mic 5 reference
kendog61: muted
malc: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
alpha_lumare: Muted
Zaghrog: there we go
malc: first try!
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kinslayer6788: Hey, James Coming in live from the Punch, its time for some Magics. jlrrPunch
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RegulusPratus: There ya go
embyrr_the_dragon: MIC 5
kirtarleet: its on now
de_greninja: there we go
eternalaje: mic 5
pud909: Nice
Pedantically: There we go
queenfounder: No sounds 😔
Nameless_Sword: Got there
shaterri: Microphone check 1 2, what is this?
MyrddintheWizard: Good Morning!
interiorexplosion: Aw I prefered when it was muted
GameAgeddon: Unsilent James is Unsilent
MagnusCarter: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
MyrddintheWizard: Cheers!
Inglonias: hashtag blame james
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dmjessus: I don't know how to play really and social anxiety keeps me from learning, but I love watching you guys play it anyway! Have fun!
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Ragnarok2kx: #BlameJames
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RegulusPratus: Please define hat. I do not recognize.
DiscordianTokkan: I heard it!
djalternative: yes
therealjontron666: Blame James
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swanky_pants20: back for 11 months and I could not think of a better time to do it
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kinslayer6788: sub is good
Pedantically: yup
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pud909: Yea we do
kendog61: jlrrFacepalm lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
TXC2: yes we can
hirosan84: ya
FDR101: yes
punmaster10: #blamejamez
RayneTheDarkLadyOfSalt: i gotta ask, what is that picture in the frame behind ya? it looks awesome
nightwingmisthawk: Y
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iSmartMan1: Yay for Ikoria!
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queenfounder: Yep
kendog61: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrWOW
somethingmystical: Howdy everyone
alpha_lumare: Yes
RegulusPratus: What's your hat?
mtgmogisthegod: i also forget about time zones so ive just been chilling with glhfmtg till lrr
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metaldog564: Cheer1000 pls, do sultai mutate
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LadyAiluros: I feel like I just left this party
TheElrad: you moved to the moonbase very quickly from your home stream
TXC2: AllGoodDogs lrrHEART
raven534: Earlier I was playing bo3 standard, got a Bant mirror, and my opponent lost because of time
Natedogg2: I kinda hope we get to see Almighty Brushwagg in place of Charging Badger in the intro there in the future.
AllGoodDogs: OhMyDog OhMyDog OhMyDog
kirtarleet: ooofffff its a gift train already wow
MorganteMaggiore: everyone ready to ikoria bananza?
RegulusPratus: Goodest dog
moss6677: hello
Redleafz: Good afternoon =) This is gonna be good!
ContingentCat: Did you mean to match your hat with your headphone pads?
STALKERsoldiers: Ello All!
thephilosopher4552: hiya james
DiscordianTokkan: lrrJAMES_BN
harpjacob2020: heyyyyy
djalternative: Is it only sealed today or do you get to try some of the long awaited pvp drafting @LoadingReadyRun
Thane1607: !Uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:41.
RayneTheDarkLadyOfSalt: ohhh, it's a minecraft thing? it looks awesome
thomturtle: That room looks so comfy! :O
kendog61: @bits
Inglonias: cheer50 i found these quarters. catch
moss6677: wait this is today
SievertSchreibr: Hi everyone!
looterscooter: woop woop
kirtarleet: been watching alot of streams...mutate is crazy fun and good
TZTFG: wheelerPig
drfox17: may we draw ALL the lands
Inglonias: yes there is
kirtarleet: yes there is
punmaster10: is Graham here
Aarek: There is
tingglytoes: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
volraths_bane: there is
kirtarleet: premier drafting is with ppl
Inglonias: person drafting is a thing right now
Travilogue: Premier draft is persons
Aarek: Adam just did one
TXC2: punmaster10 Graham is later
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun premiere draft is supposed to be pvp
tru_boredom: Adam just drafted a person draft
frosttwig: Adam was just doing an in person draft
vrulg: No person draft, so are you going to let a computer draft for you?
GameAgeddon: I believe Premiere draft is people
Rahserat: Yeah, there is. Why not do it?
Coolhand2: There is, Adam is playing it.
frosttwig: it took a while to fill, but its a thing
drfox17: I say we lean into the curse
mtgmogisthegod: there is person glhf already did
raven534: Premier is a people draft
kirtarleet: ur not a liar...u were just not informed
punmaster10: @TXC2 Thanks
RegulusPratus: Also, it's 2020. You need to accept the inherent personhood of Bots, James.
Naarius: Took Adam like 4 minutes or so?
Aarek: Soylent Premier is people!
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ContingentCat: Not a liar just wrong James, it's ok to be wrong lrrHEART
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: 1 in the queue
Earthenone: geoguesser?
Comeback323: wow 10k coins is a lot
kirtarleet: it took most ppl 5 mins to person draft
TXC2: and now we play the waiting game
GameAgeddon: Too late
RegulusPratus: Do it live
ForOhForError: wuhoh
RayneTheDarkLadyOfSalt: James, have you lost a lot of weight recently?
Naarius: Well then
Decaped: hello highlight reel
MyrddintheWizard: Whomp whomp
ostcrammath: not quick enough
kendog61: cheer 100
TZTFG: Wow James you've got a couple crystals there
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Nameless_Sword: That went quick....
ravenlord_xix: Sweet, person darfts
Earthenone: gold card, perfect
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ceiran_91: Just don't do what Adam was doing and forget about the timer
vrulg: Rare draft
Rahserat: James, did you prepare for this?
MorganteMaggiore: terrible idea is a nice middle name
Fr3nchFry3: flame spill very good
punmaster10: flame spill
ContingentCat: then just go by which has the best art
Inglonias: otter
Inglonias: thieving otter
vrulg: force jund
lirazel64: Ooo!
RegulusPratus: First pick a gold card
GameAgeddon: James didn't do his homework
shaterri: I saw 'deals 4 damage'!
GameAgeddon: FOR SHAME
drfox17: take the land, you know you'll draw it!
kendog61: cheer100 lrrDOTS lrrARROW lrrCIRCLE
kirtarleet: archipelagore is solid
ForOhForError: draft removal?
arrowgrut: flame spill!
Aarek: flame spill
Jayrod1220: You know what Mountain does! MiniK
MrBevers: Jumping in head first
Fr3nchFry3: flame spill
TZTFG: flame spill
metaldog564: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ceiran_91: Flame spill
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun because we assumed you had prepared for this? :P
DiscordianTokkan: You You YOu Otter know
MrBevers: you got this James
MercurialVox: flame spill is fairly primo removal
IgorApp: Do monocolor James!
plasmaparados: the land MiniK
Dennis852ilpm: otter
laskotheking: Super Duper Death Ray!
Nameless_Sword: flying tribal
ForOhForError: you can reserve a card like on mtgo
TheWarbo: Super Duper Death Ray: now in black border!
RegulusPratus: They printed a burn spell with trample
Nameless_Sword: Super death ray
TZTFG: Pangolin wheelerKappa
Mkerkes: Flame spill
Magicferret: Timmy rex
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GameAgeddon: Spontaneous Flight has adorable Firefox
Jonci_: Mono-Red!
kirtarleet: mutate boy...mutate sooo gooooooddddd
Super_Sophomoric subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 2 months, currently on a 1 month streak!
Super_Sophomoric: Thanks LRR folk for the quarantainment! Appreciate you James!
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LarkSachrosis: Egg
therealjontron666: egg
ContingentCat: egg
kendog61: Cheer100
metaldog564: egg
shaterri: Crystal seems good.
TXC2: the egg keeps us open
seekerdestroyer: hello!
ContingentCat: ceiling egg
punmaster10: crack the egg
laskotheking: Ceiling Egg! Ceiling Egg!
kirtarleet: egg is solid. its been going off on aliasv stream
alpha_lumare: Egg
seekerdestroyer: im so glad you're streaming. lot's of boring streams right now. not you.
Earthenone: cat?
frosttwig: Bird Fox is sweet
odinmuninn: mysterious egg, keeps the counters on the mutated creature
Inglonias: adam's not boring, is he?
vrulg: there's a cat ape down there
Fr3nchFry3: vulpikeet good
metaldog564: vulpikeet
TXC2: Boros it is!
punmaster10: tigorilla is good
Super_Sophomoric: bare minimum its a 2/3 fler for 4
TheWarbo: ooh, the wheeler card
seemsdeece: prophecy
odinmuninn: cloudpeircer seems fine
corbinisms: Cloudpiercer tbh
Super_Sophomoric: flyer**
Fr3nchFry3: prophecy
Nameless_Sword: prophecy seems good
DiscordianTokkan: Fire Prophecy seems goood
kirtarleet: thats dope
shaterri: Yeah, Prophecy seems really easy here.
Dennis852ilpm: wheeler card
TheWarbo: i like the wheeler E Y E S card
odinmuninn: blue white is flyers
shaterri: Removal always good, ne?
kirtarleet: prophecy seem kinda sweet
Mkerkes: Fire prophecy
shaterri: (Although there are a lot of big creatures in this set; red removal may be a bit worse)
TheWarbo: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
odinmuninn: fair
djalternative: seems like you're slowly miving into jeskai
Roughly21Smurfs subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 57 months!
Roughly21Smurfs: Cheers for the entertainment, stay awesome 😎
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tiennis: Prickly!!!
corbinisms subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 14 months!
corbinisms: oh jeez oh man oh jeez oh man, what a monster of a sub anniversary
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, corbinisms! (Today's storm count: 27)
Mangledpixel: boop
tiennis: its really good
Mangledpixel: ooh, Boros
kirtarleet: marmyyyy
frosttwig: The monkey can get real swol
TheWarbo: goodness, all the flavor text in this set is so great
Decaped: Porcupines are really prevalent on Ikoria apparently
swampmist1142: Just james on?
metaldog564: pls, do fixing next pick
KingOfDoma: oh, holy cow, we're being timed? are we drafting against actual humans, too?
Mkerkes: Prickly is awesome. Threat of activation is great
RegulusPratus: Only one white card in. We can always bail.
odinmuninn: 6 damage out of nowhere can end a game
punmaster10: Bobo the monkey
Inglonias: @swampmist1142 Adam is on his channel right now too
djalternative: James for the first half, G part 2
therealjontron666: let's try to get some fixing soon
arrowgrut: go for blood
metaldog564: cycler
Fr3nchFry3: prob rescuer
corbinisms: Go For Blood? Maybe?
thanzo: go for go for blood
Nameless_Sword: fight blood
frosttwig: You can't mutate onto humans, that is the only universe
FDR101: if you have a card picked, then it will give it to you if time runs out
astrosmasher: if you get the cat beast that pumps cats maybe you take that over the rescuer lol
arrowgrut: go for blood has cycleing
Mkerkes: Valiant seems good
Fr3nchFry3: wilds prob or marmoset
tiennis: this turning into a boross cycle deck lol
Super_Sophomoric: cool evolving wilds art
Nameless_Sword: tapper seems good
TheWarbo: Moarmoset
buffofspades: i see a red cycling card
RegulusPratus: Everything seems mostly fine.
Mathonwy: Oh! I get to watch how someone else drafts!
queenfounder: New fave evolving wilds art
GamesAndInk: It seems fine to me; can probably wait till gameplay to fix
Mathonwy: Because I suck at Magic, evidently.
shaterri: Tactician seems _really_ good.
RegulusPratus: It looks like your colors have a cycling subtheme
Decaped: evolving wilds
Nameless_Sword: but this is still pack one
tiennis: MONKEY!
Lordofironstorm: e wilds?
metaldog564: parrot
TheWarbo: Porcuparrot!
corbinisms: Parrot
MorganteMaggiore: maybe it's just the early access account that is kinda laggy
kirtarleet: parrot
tiennis: parrot
djalternative: Jeskai cycling here we go
TXC2: but it wont be the last Kappa
Mkerkes: Bone nibber or the prickly
buffofspades: that so simic......
TheWarbo: spend gems on the porcuparrot style, imo
Mangledpixel: it's called a Porcuparrot, of COURSE you take it
thedragonlady: yeees the parrot
MercurialVox: Polly wants your BONES
Mathonwy: What's the current meta look like?
underhill33: sure
kirtarleet: do it
Super_Sophomoric: to any target seems good
tetelande: Hear my screams
Fr3nchFry3: it came around lets go
frosttwig: most of the way there
kirtarleet: jeskai
therealjontron666: do it
Mkerkes: The prickly is good because of the threat of activation
Naarius: I wanna hear how the pitches went to the artists for this set
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: do it for the memes
Lordofironstorm: Doo eet
DiscordianTokkan: Porcuparrot parrot milk porcuparrot milk
Fr3nchFry3: jeskai time
Mangledpixel: sure
djalternative: take it. you're there
7gorobei: porcuparrotparrotmilk
TheWriterAleph: YOLO
queenfounder: And the last?
odinmuninn: do it
therealjontron666: jeskai
kirtarleet: adam would call u a coward if u didnt do it
frosttwig: But but Value....
MercurialVox: I mean it'd be rude not to right?
parrygod420: do it, jeskai for life
UntapDraw: Rare
metaldog564: YOLO
corbinisms: Flight is better for what we're doing here
Mangledpixel: this timer is tight
vrulg: look at the look on that fox's face
tiennis: giving flight sounds good
ArcOfTheConclave: flight seems great
TXC2: it flies FOREVER
peejeeful: jeskai
GameAgeddon: it's so cute, too
Nameless_Sword: always flying at instant speed seems ok
Super_Sophomoric: and it has your vulpikeet in the art
codyfoti1999: Wait is Ikoria on mtga today??
punmaster10: think u take it
odinmuninn: drawing cards is the best thing you can do in magic
Decaped: we were not playing that enchantment, i hope.
RegulusPratus: Get your redundancy on
TXC2: codyfoti1999 no, this is the streamer preview
Inglonias: @codyfoti1999 vips today. rest of us tomorrow i think
queenfounder: Streamers event @codyfoti1999
Mangledpixel: codyfoti1999 this is a prerelease event for streamers and the like
Lordofironstorm: Friendship
tiennis: go wide?
thedragonlady: more flying is always good
gallows_humor subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 30 months, currently on a 21 month streak!
gallows_humor: New set...WOOO!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, gallows_humor! (Today's storm count: 28)
corbinisms: General release is tomorrow, streamers today
Zentiseon: I mean we were still in pack 1, and the trick is common
TheWriterAleph: ouch.
MercurialVox: Forbidden Friendship notably combos with a blue divination that's 1 mana if you have a human and a not human
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UntapDraw: Are You Still There like Netflix LUL
TXC2: "are you still there?" "I don't blame you"
Mangledpixel: this draft system is still early days, it seems
tiennis: dino?
DwaginFodder: cycling is pretty pushed in WR
thedragonlady: YES
tiennis: get cycling cards
TheWarbo: DO IT
trevorwisn: If I mostly play EDH but want to support my LGS, would I be better off buying the collection of Commander decks, or a booster box?
frosttwig: Slam the Oz
kerbalized_: WINDMILL SLAM
Lordofironstorm: Ozolith PogChamp
djalternative: they should've maybe upped the draft timer for the streamer event
thedragonlady: take it
frosttwig: Its 1 mana
daayvan: Ozolith :O
Wolfstrike_NL: That's so strong
iSmartMan1: Blitz
Nameless_Sword: seems good
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrJUDGE My streamer is drafting slowly
KingOfDoma: WotC shouldn't punish you for what they trained you to do (take as much time with your picks as you like)
Onean: I think it might have something to do with the fact he had 4 packs sitting there waiting on his picks than a timer
godort: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMTG (Join James (9:30AM-1PM) and Graham (1PM-4:30PM) for an early look at Ikoria on Magic Arena. Game: Magic: The Gathering Areana) at Wed 09:30 AM PDT (18m ago).
queenfounder: Yes!
adambomb625: We're not going to have many counters if we're not playing blue Kappa
drfox17: is that card basically "Conservation of counters"?
TheWarbo: Note that not all picks have the same time limit; the fewer cards in pack the less time they figure you need.
rustybowow: Yes they should it is how it works
Underachiever28: That timer is getting quicker as the draft goes on
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FDR101: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:29.
shaterri: It would be good to have brighter notification on the timer.
drfox17: like a law of thermodynamics
odinmuninn: yes
shaterri: Welp guess you're Jeskai.
Fr3nchFry3: soverign busted
astrosmasher: we can splash
RegulusPratus: Go for it
samu_btdp1985: splash
Lordofironstorm: Do it!
Coogrr: well that token is adorable
Fr3nchFry3: so busted
RegulusPratus: Splish splash
adambomb625: Cat birds are adorable
Sandeon: those tokens are adorable!
peejeeful: kitty
corbinisms: Keensight
TheWarbo: Our deck needs those Cat Bird tokens
Super_Sophomoric: JESKAI!!!
odinmuninn: it has counters
floki4242: yes do it
QuaintStar: jeskai is supported go for it
kirtarleet: its the new splashiok
Zentiseon: jeskai flyers here we come?
metaldog564: cycler
astrosmasher: take the rare! we already have one dual
LadyAiluros: OMG I want that Skycat
therealjontron666: go jeskai
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun just, maybe longer time for a streamer event where people have to do more things
NathanJay_GA: you've got to be kitten me
FDR101: BIRBY!!!!
tiennis: skycat splash?
holz1994: Force Jeskai!
drfox17: but dounters?
corbinisms: Keensight and wheel Tigorilla
LadyAtarka: Flying kitter!!!!
punmaster10: splash
TheWarbo: but but Cat Bird
Travilogue: I do like that the changed to require either two clicks or an active drag and drop to actually take the card.
odinmuninn: flyer!
UntapDraw: I'd take Skycat
Vn497: sky cat!
Fr3nchFry3: skycat is busted
buffofspades: its draft one, try it!!!!!
samu_btdp1985: splash damnit
ceiran_91: 100% the cat
Lordofironstorm: Skykitty!
mtgmogisthegod: go to skys
Vondo101: jeskyes
kirtarleet: do it for the chat
astrosmasher: you already have one cliffs
chrnigad: Are you KITTY-ing me...
UntapDraw: It's a wedge set
queenfounder: That’s a counter!
DrAcePhD: cat bird!
tiennis: you have the cliffs
Super_Sophomoric: you already have the dual land
arrowgrut: take it play jeskia
ninja_theory_ashrams: take to the skies, kitty.
odinmuninn: the counters, YES
djalternative: oh. that ozolith is def not making it back
punmaster10: already have fixing
Loonatic93: WotC could make the notification more noticeable. Or players should could start paying better attention.
Goorguy: wait they put live draft into Arena? Is this just for the sponsored event or is it going live?
LadyAtarka: Yeay kitty!
astrosmasher: JESK-FLY
Travilogue: I just will need to get used to clicking a provisional choice so if I run out of time I get something maybe good.
underhill33: yup
RegulusPratus: Be a fool not to pacify
tiennis: paci!
Sandeon: pacifism
Mangledpixel: yep
kirtarleet: paci or the land is good
ninja_theory_ashrams: removal
hamdotexe: yup
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freshmaker__: Oh heck yeah! It's monster time, baby! GLHF! Again, thanks for the hard work, especially during these times we're in.
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QuaintStar: paci
Super_Sophomoric: yeah good is good
jonasjonIV: yep
metaldog564: peace
biscuits_box: yup
iSmartMan1: Yep, Pacifism
triscuit35: removal seems good
FDR101: deece
metaldog564: cat
punmaster10: removal
TheHaCoFo: Ok, the pacifism art is nice
Fr3nchFry3: that guy or crag
drfox17: something with counters?
metaldog564: Big cat
FDR101: take the hastey boi
tiennis: Yes Liger! cloud or cycling card
freshmaker__: how's it going folks? living up to our expectations so far?
Comeback323: that card still seems very good
candydude1: Are you drafting with real people?
adambomb625: Pacifism: Good removal for over 20 years
seemsdeece: and monstrosaur had trample
iSmartMan1: And Monstrosaur had trample
LadyAtarka: Liger
TXC2: candydude1 yes
Nameless_Sword: kitty?
m_logan2000: and trample
white_whale1: liger
tiennis: liger seems best and go wide more?
TheWriterAleph: you can see who the slow drafter is lol
metaldog564: cycler
Mkerkes: Take the 6 drop
odinmuninn: 20s
biscuits_box: 15 secs
kirtarleet: the menace guy is technically 2 red
TXC2: Super Menace guy could be fun
punmaster10: menace boi
arrowgrut: time
candydude1: Yes I’m so happy we can draft with real people now benginDab benginDab benginDab
tiennis: gremlins is great with the parrot
iSmartMan1: Healer
UntapDraw: Egg for Ozolith
FDR101: Healer has cycling
tiennis: cycle!
metaldog564: splash green
TheWarbo: oh, the top of the screen shows you whether you have a pack waiting for you when you pick from the current one, cool
astrosmasher: of one mind!
iSmartMan1: Piercer seems dece
metaldog564: brushwagg
odinmuninn: of one mind u draw 2
Loonatic93: Drift with live people. But play against random people who may or may not be in same draft pod.
Mkerkes: Take the hybrid mana guy
adambomb625: Where do we go for nicknames these days?
ninja_theory_ashrams: ooh, a tisket a tasket, a lrrJAMES_EB
FlopsyDingo: Just tuned in, real drafting on Arena?! PogChamp
corbinisms: Tigorilla feels good
iSmartMan1: Crystal
triscuit35: 4/3
tiennis: tigorilla
metaldog564: hasty boi
Comeback323: the haste 5
FDR101: stinger
tiennis: stinger
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corbinisms: stinger
djalternative: stinger
Sandeon: cyclebear
HeyAustralia: I just wish that arena’s Mac version would come out soon. I’d love to do a draft, since my local game shop is closed.
SniperPumpkin: land
Fr3nchFry3: crag
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astrosmasher: crag here
corbinisms: Crag
kirtarleet: crag?
triscuit35: land
tiennis: monkey!
Super_Sophomoric: crag
djalternative: craig
arrowgrut: go for blood
FDR101: will
metaldog564: willl
iSmartMan1: Will kinda works wit Ozolith?
therealjontron666: will
ForOhForError: now we just need rowan
Fr3nchFry3: wilds
astrosmasher: wilds
corbinisms: Wilds lmao
MrBevers: wilds is good
FDR101: wilds
SamanthaGolgariQueen: More like Mutating Wilds
TXC2: ForOhForError get out Kappa
adambomb625: Where do we go to submit nicknames?
FlopsyDingo: I'm so stoked for real person drafting, I wonder if you can queue with friends?
Decaped: we can probably splash one more blue card
MaybeTara: sick evolving wilds art
iSmartMan1: Double mentor
djalternative: egg
queenfounder: Wilds for sure
Mangledpixel: another mentor could be fine
FDR101: mythos just for LOLs
Fr3nchFry3: mentor
TheWarbo: mentors are good in multiples, too
triscuit35: tiger cat
tiennis: mentor
CommiePuddin: flopsydingo nope. would be nice though. wouldn't work unless you played only in pod and had to fill it with friends.
ninja_theory_ashrams: more cycling
kirtarleet: anything that adds counters is gonna be good with ozolith tbh
Super_Sophomoric: says we only have 1 Keensight?
TXC2: poggers
FDR101: venturer
corbinisms: T H I R D M E N T O R
Fr3nchFry3: oh that guy is so good
tiennis: Rare!
Nameless_Sword: nice
malc: that's odd
hd_dabnado: bomb!
punmaster10: lavabrink
Ivannorr: Took the Fly Cat
queenfounder: Do you take the rare since it’s people drafting?
holz1994: Cat Bird
LadyAtarka: You passed for flying kitty
adambomb625: Kitty
Fr3nchFry3: we toook cat
Wolfstrike_NL: wasn't that the pick you whiffed?
niccus: you thought about it but time ran out
Mkerkes: Fire prophecy
GameAgeddon: and Lavabrink is a human
The_Iniquitous: Skycat instead of the first keensight
GameAgeddon: in case you have any Human matters cards
corbinisms: Ceratops?
Sandeon: farfinder?
metaldog564: fox
kirtarleet: dino counter boy
tiennis: healer?
ArcOfTheConclave: healer is a cycling bear
FDR101: foxy boi?
C4Asaru: fox
Decaped: draw 4
FlopsyDingo: Nothing wrong with incidental lifegain on a bear
Mkerkes: 2 drop cycler
corbinisms: Yes.
kirtarleet: ooofff
LemonOnRye: 5 mana 6/6 wheeling monkaS
corbinisms: Rumble in with rumbler
metaldog564: rumbler
WrightJustice: cgbHi5 lrrHEART lrrJAMES
thegenderpirate: smash green you coward
tiennis: cycling is always playable
FDR101: healer
Onean: healer was a 1 cmc draw, so that's not nothing
theinsurmountablelemon: Splash quartz
kirtarleet: rumble their jocks off
therealjontron666: rumbler
theinsurmountablelemon: Its busted
triscuit35: splash G instead if U?
FlopsyDingo: sick
triscuit35: cat
Vondo101: reflexis
LemonOnRye: There is a lot of deathtouch in the set
corbinisms: Reflex
FlopsyDingo: decent charm
kirtarleet: counters just work for the deck
ninja_theory_ashrams: rumbler, good design, rewards players for attacking
tiennis: crater works too
Leedopo: reflexes is the best trick in the set.
lazyturtle5716: reflex for the double strike
nitrodog96: skycat is super strong I think @triscuit35 it's probably not worth switching to a green splash
TXC2: that card is gonna be so scary in feather decks :P
tiennis: its better then you think
LadyAtarka: Not punished
FDR101: noice
tiennis: tapper
aerohydra: tapper
tiennis: nooooo
Fr3nchFry3: officer good
tiennis: checkpoint
Decaped: otter
Mkerkes: Take the 2 drop
corbinisms: Otter
ninja_theory_ashrams: cycling
FDR101: having alot of cuts is good
Vondo101: frendship
astrosmasher: otter just because its cute AF
Super_Sophomoric: lots of cuts means you have lots of gas
FlopsyDingo: cycling doublestrike
TheWarbo: otter is for a more mutate-heavy deck
tiennis: cycle cards
kirtarleet: we only wanna splash skycat right?
deinonychus24: You took a black card
peejeeful: black
tru_boredom: don't ask Chat Chat always wants the otter
FlopsyDingo: tapper
TheElrad: take the one with cycling?
FlopsyDingo: time
LemonOnRye: Ask chat. Chat wants the otter
TheElrad: I don't think you actually have that many cards that cycle
GamesAndInk: @LoadingReadyRun It looks like you always want to click something in your color, so that if you miss the timer and it autopicks it'll pick at least something in your colors
TXC2: what do you want lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Ceilings aren't floors.
glenjamjn: u need to pick up cycling cards cause you dont have enogh to make your payoffs worth it
adambomb625: Egg seems bad here
FDR101: !advice
LRRbot: Listen to the crow.
deinonychus24: Cloudy P
Onean: all those cycling cards being passed up when there's cycling matters cards sitting in your picks feels worrying
biscuits_box: crystal
Sandeon: crystal? 3 mana for a mana rock
ninja_theory_ashrams: is this best of 1 or traditional?
Sandeon: with cycling!
FDR101: !quote
TheElrad: healer
Sandeon: kitty!
Pedantically: James seems to be undervaluing fight.
cutesteww: !advice
LRRbot: Don't tease The Helm.
LemonOnRye: Gremlin seemed good in Numot's stream for a mutate base
kirtarleet: yes thats right
nitrodog96: yeah that red fight spell is pretty strong
MorganteMaggiore: correct, you don't play your pod
parrygod420: the garrison cat is so good tho
djalternative: !helm
LRRbot: Consult THE HELM.
WrightJustice: mtgo league style
lovydove710: You should get in a pool with Adam
Vondo101: so its mtgo league's
TXC2: man Run through seems so good
Super_Sophomoric: fights with mutate seem really good
Comeback323: its a league
Endless109: that is a little sad
adambomb625: Just like MTGO Draft Leagues
Drathak: Playing 8 person pods sucks because of time dedication
Drathak: I prefer leagues
iSmartMan1: Can any of the new human drafts be paid with gold instead of gems?
ForOhForError: vault poggers
adambomb625: Egg is bad here
Nameless_Sword: 12 cuts....
tiennis: flare is out
Mangledpixel: get that boot nipper out of there
djalternative: boot nipper
niccus: the current event costs 10,000 gold
Earthenone: @iSmartMan1 it looked like james had the option to pay 10k gold
TXC2: iSmartMan1 it looked like it yes, was 10K though
corbinisms: lmao gotta cut over half the picks, nice
Wolfstrike_NL: Do we have transmute for egg?
InnocentBystandered: Good luck James
FDR101: run a 52 card deck
kirtarleet: flare is garbo with so little cycling
Endless109: Black Boot Nipper in 2 drops
tiennis: zenith flare doesn't do much
ForOhForError: I think swamp is pretty bad here
FDR101: cut boot nipper
Purple42: get the black card out
lirazel64: Tiger, tiger, burn so high/in the clouds across the sky/what outrageous trick of fate/causes you to drop so late?
mtgmogisthegod: i believe there is a chance to play your pod, watching kenji this morning he was paired against the same person back to back'
cutesteww: cut swamp
GamesAndInk: @LoadingReadyRun Probably want to move your portrait to the corner? Also, now's a good time to fix your lag.
kirtarleet: 7 isnt nothing but are they all going in?
therealjontron666: cut swamp
tiennis: boot nipper is black and not worth the splash i think
Mangledpixel: you know, just click the 'fix lag' button
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ninja_theory_ashrams: 7 is fair, would prefer 9 to 11
SirTrae: MTGO?
djalternative: TGMO?!?!
FDR101: MTGO?!
tru_boredom: mtgo has a cool new overlay
nitrodog96: MTGO?
raven534: Why are you running MTGO and Arena?
LemonOnRye: Well there is your problem, you're using the wrong game 4Head
tiennis: how many counter things do you have?
kirtarleet: GTFO???
Endless109: Amigo?
djalternative: all seven cycling cards?
kirtarleet: it depends do u wanna go cycle or counter boys??
bahramflame: @LoadingReadyRun Hello
Zentiseon: don't forget to change your lands
ninja_theory_ashrams: no cutting flying kitta
kboooooooooy: just hours of him tinking
ceiran_91: Do we have enough counters to make Ozolith worth it?
TXC2: I say we run 47 as protection against milling Kappa
nitrodog96: I feel like you want to drop most of your counters-specific stuff and go more all-in on cycling. The Footfall Crater is stronger than you think imo
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Ctabbe: Super excited to see the new cards in action!
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kirtarleet: what do the healers ??
kirtarleet: i mean what do they
nitrodog96: @kirtarleet cycles for 2, gain a life on cycling
kirtarleet: ahh kk ty
tiennis: cycling makes you draw lol best thing ever.
ninja_theory_ashrams: cut the cycle matters, not the cyclers
tiennis: pyrotops
Mkerkes: Pyrocerotops seems bad
kirtarleet: marmoset is just good for its cost
kboooooooooy: <message deleted>COULD YOU TALK MORE
tiennis: skycat i wanne see but its not good in this deck
Super_Sophomoric: ^
MorganteMaggiore: ok, but what if you just play skykat?
nitrodog96: yeah skycat seems super good but in this deck it doesn't feel worth it
kirtarleet: lol @kboooooooooy hes talking as much as he needs to..hes interacting but also telling his thoughts
Earthenone: do you really want to be the type of player to cut a cute cat though?
Mkerkes: Cut pyroceratops
nitrodog96: how strong is tiger here James? it doesn't look like you have that many humans
Mkerkes: That card is too overcosted
FDR101: cut crystal
savorycookie: Hi I just got here! Is this draft?
thomturtle: There isn't stakes for this event, right? Why not just play a ridiculous deck? :O
queenfounder: Cut the crystal then
FDR101: cut the crystal
TXC2: savorycookie yeap
tiennis: tops and crystal i think can go
parrygod420: cut the mana rock, all your stuff is mostly in the early game, and you late game stuff I quite unexciting
Tygersrule: i like this
kirtarleet: whats the venturer do?
buffofspades: do we need to run 17 lands?
Mkerkes: Cut the gremlin
TheWriterAleph: do you need 17 lands?
savorycookie: @TXC2 thx!
Mkerkes: Cut the crystal
FDR101: gremlin james
tiennis: gremlins too. even if its rally good if you have a few parrots
Pedantically: That is A deck.
lemmel: Looks fun to me
djalternative: yeah. this is good
thomturtle: Yeah, the gremlin is sad without boosts.
TXC2: we have 5 drops chat, we need 17 lands
Endless109: putting Porcuparrot on is is sick
Mkerkes: I think you can find room for the second healer
Mangledpixel: not knowing how the format plays at all, this seems like a decent deck
tiennis: looks fine
Mkerkes: Or rather, you would if you had multiple prickly
ninja_theory_ashrams: run it, worst that happens, 0-2 draft again
Pedantically: But the healers aren't good.
exerus16: How many cards with counters do you have ?
kirtarleet: oh yeah the rock is only the same as ur wind scarred for 3 mana and a slot...adding the black does nothing...
tiennis: lose a tiger i think
Black5parrow: Hey adam!
Super_Sophomoric: I would just run 1
Black5parrow: Fuck this is lrr
Black5parrow: Ho james
holz1994: But 2/2s for 2 are quite bad
djalternative: ship it
tiennis: 5 drops are full so you don't need 3 5drops
thomturtle: Wow, this set looks super fun.
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MorganteMaggiore: how long are gonna be the shifts in this "post pre release"?
ninja_theory_ashrams: is this best of 1 or traditional?
nitrodog96: I think 2/2s for 2 are perfectly fine @holz1994 , this one in particular cycles so it'll be playable
pers0n0fblah: I just got in, was this a human draft?
daayvan: yes
TXC2: pers0n0fblah yes
pers0n0fblah: cool!
RassilonDND: the ozolith seems like an amazing start
DiscordianTokkan: Spicy background
TheWriterAleph: sweet bg
malc: is
TheSfid: oh dang, the floor is lava
Onean: @MorganteMaggiore the post-pre-release isn't now, that's later
Mkerkes: I think people keep interpreting mutate as enchantments, but in a lot of cases creatures aren’t going to get much bigger.
djalternative: you're in the jeskai place
kirtarleet: click the crystals on the side!!!
TXC2: what part of Ikoria is lava?
Onean: this is the streamer event, when streamers get early access to the set
nitrodog96: the hot part
savorycookie: I love the new art for dead weight
lirazel64: @morgantemaggiore This is a streamer event, not the LRR PostPre
Jonci_: He killed a healer! That's against the Geniva convention!
TXC2: kboooooooooy easy on the all caps please
djalternative: @TXC2 the jeskai place
raven534: Also the Mardu place, I believe
TXC2: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
malc: our opponent can't even
FDR101: odd
nitrodog96: I think there's more removal at even
Natedogg2: Even.
kirtarleet: off
Unas84: Deveodd!
aerohydra: even
TXC2: lrrbot says Even
Meltalar: Tails never fails!
metaldog564: always even
MurderousSausage: best removal spells are even
tyrew0rm: what is the 3 dots on the bottom left of the card meant to represent
kirtarleet: odd i mean
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SuplexingBear: even
Pedantically: 4 drops are scary
dastar512: odd, so they won't be able to even
QuaintStar: even lets you flight
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Prime.
kboooooooooy: odd
GamesAndInk: If its odd your rock can't target it
ikesolotl: even for next turn and not to goozle ourselves with the Flight
Ctabbe: even
Nameless_Sword: *shrugs*
Mkerkes: Even
m_logan2000: remember it affects your cards too
Tygersrule: i think most of the removal is even
Mkerkes: You can beat that thing
Mkerkes: But his 4 drop you cant
onenutwonder01: does odd mean you cant target with ozolith?
kirtarleet: its chuggy for others as well thats ive watched
metaldog564: mutate ladder
MorganteMaggiore: @Onean @lirazel64 oh yeah, my bad I thought that the streamers event was the "post pre release" and that the friday was something like a post-pre release (but i now realise i just invented the last thing)
Erix33: Just remember you can't save it with your combat trick.
Mangledpixel: mutate onto the stinger, swing with both?
iSmartMan1: Cast Vulpikeet, next turn mutate Liger?
nitrodog96: @Mangledpixel can't mutate onto humans
PinoGraham: can't mutate on humans
Mkerkes: Remember you can’t mutate the guy with protection if it’s an odd number
FDR101: liger
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Endless109: they are humans
Mangledpixel: nitrodog96 oh, right
Nydestroyer: I dont think it matters right?
Decaped: draw out removal with the liger
Pedantically: Fly first
metaldog564: liger on top
TXC2: I mean Arena is almost always laggy after an update
Kumakaori: chat, human's cant mutate XD;.
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RomanGoro: Still on the Nether, James?
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metaldog564: flier first
MurderousSausage: is this draft or sealed?
metaldog564: liger on top
savorycookie: Humans are genetically stable
FDR101: draft
tiennis: We are no X-Men
TXC2: Right, that non-human clause is gonna get me so meany times
nitrodog96: @MurderousSausage eight-man draft!
exerus16: Damm you stable genetics!!!
Nameless_Sword: play bird, mutate onto bird for big swing next turn
FDR101: cacaw
LarkSachrosis: Humans don't mutate.
nitrodog96: yeah @TXC2 this draft feels so weird trying to build mutate decks and also play decent humans
kirtarleet: another odd card
FDR101: no
Dmc3628: we running Xavier's school of the gifted
nitrodog96: Is this guy playing Abzan three drop tribal? The heck is going on
Mangledpixel: flyer is also an odd CMC, notably
Nameless_Sword: mutate liger, swing?
metaldog564: liger
FDR101: mutate liger
Quentoxic: Wait, fertilid is in this set?
tiennis: liger and alpha
ninja_theory_ashrams: we're the aggro
ikesolotl: mutate the liger to the top?
Endless109: mutate first?
savorycookie: Humans can't mutate, but Vedalken can even though they're just blue humans
Goldzone93: mutate then swing
Endless109: on top
Lordofironstorm: Maybe he got the odd cost companion?
FDR101: over
exerus16: what are those triple dots on corners of creatures?
tiennis: top liger
ikesolotl: yes
Goldzone93: over
iSmartMan1: Over!
metaldog564: over
Nameless_Sword: over
Super_Sophomoric: yeah but the over has SS right?
control_rig: Nice
Super_Sophomoric: NVM
Goldzone93: attack!
raven534: exerus read the card symbol
nitrodog96: Over/under only applies for power and toughness pretty much
tiennis: CHARGE!
FDR101: no, Lordofironstorm he didnt reveal it.
TXC2: hmm, that seems more complex of an UI then in necessary
Mangledpixel: P/T and relevant creature types
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nitrodog96: oh, he can finally block our guy! that we can now kill!
MurderousSausage: over/under also matters for edge cases like CMC (as with lavabrink venture)
savorycookie: Fertilid looks really good
PinoGraham: no because pro odd
Kumakaori: pro odd
tiennis: attack first
nitrodog96: @PinoGraham we fire prophecy the 2/2
GamesAndInk: Pto off
Nameless_Sword: yes we win
GamesAndInk: Pro odd*
Goldzone93: spell is odd
FDR101: hahahahahahaha
kirtarleet: haha aliasv is vsing adam atm
savorycookie: Oops
kamelion84: katesLol katesLol
codl_: LUL
Mkerkes: Noooooo
QuixoticZ: yeah, burn 2/2, fly the cat
raven534: Kill the even
nitrodog96: Fire Prophecy the 2/2, then flight the 4/5 and swing for lethal
Garrettperson_: You FOOL!!!!
ninja_theory_ashrams: burn pump and win
EldritchProwler: It couldn't block anyway
nitrodog96: Nice
Mangledpixel: nice
FDR101: exactsies
control_rig: Got there
jonasjonIV: nice
Kumakaori: ayy got there ~
Super_Sophomoric: nice GG's
thomturtle: Noice.
underhill33: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Nameless_Sword: exacties!
nitrodog96: I like it
exerus16: raven534 I get that the wings are flying etc. but what are the dots
punmaster10: we have it
control_rig: Congrats
aerohydra: retire champ!
tiennis: Sweet!
tself55: dots means more text on the card that does stuff
Nameless_Sword: retire champs? sounds good
raven534: The dots are the symbol for "this card has lots of text"
GamesAndInk: Your resolution is suuuuuuper high, is that on purpose?
exerus16: Oh, so just non vanila
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun is 4K the right resolution?
Endless109: maybe just some initial patch launch hickups
metaldog564: open the packs
Clockwork_Cthulhu: kill the owl
BloodyScythe: first question: do you have chrome open?
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Unas84: ergo, it's not Arena that's sluggish, it's you who have become super fast
Tygersrule: how much does Human Drafts cost?
djalternative: it's pointless to open packs. this is a vip account
TXC2: Tygersrule 10K gold
thomturtle: What's the.... glowing mana symbol.
Meltalar: have you tried turning it off an on again?
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getsomeinya: what's up with the wubrg icon on the xp bar?
Mkerkes: This is only for vip accounts, right?
Mangledpixel: correct, Mkerkes
Black5parrow: So, does this account have every card u locked?
Professor_Rakor: It....BEGINS!
Mkerkes: So we can play after the 20 hour lock out?
malc: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
TXC2: getsomeinya it's the new player thing
getsomeinya: can you export the gems?
djalternative: no
getsomeinya: lulz
DwaginFodder: lol no thatd be broken
savorycookie: If it's still slow you might need to give your computer a sip of coffee
TXC2: that would be theft
RassilonDND: silly question, maybe restart the stream/computer?
getsomeinya: only thing wotc breaks is in their favour
kirtarleet: its being chuggy for others too
exerus16: Paaaaul help!
TXC2: it's 1000% an Arena thing
iSmartMan1: Mull
ikesolotl: nope
djalternative: you are off red
Shoki_Donai: Oof
iSmartMan1: You can cycle stinger
savorycookie: Yike
TXC2: this is the SAME HAND
kirtarleet: u will cause ur james!!!
Nydestroyer: you can cycle the red guy
interiorexplosion: The James Turner special of drawing a land
p3nguinkin: do it you coward
Nydestroyer: maybe you can hit land
drfox17: make the curse work for us!
Super_Sophomoric: we do have cycling
ikesolotl: throw back the parrot?
BloodyScythe: the game looks horribly low-fps. idk what it is
nitrodog96: bottom porcuparrot
nitrodog96: it's kind of irrelevant here
Milambus: 4 drop
Wiliart: The rumbler
Wiliart: You could have mutated the parrot with just 1 more red
Zaghrog: parrot could have mutated for 3
Mkerkes: Why the parrot? It’s one of your best creatures
nitrodog96: rumbler at least does something, parrot turns an otherwise strong creature into a pinger @Wiliart which is a waste
Professor_Rakor: unlimited power!
LemonOnRye: Parrot is really good from what I've seen today
BloodyScythe: man what's "FPS Limit: VSync"? never heard of that
DoctorHutch: ooo fun background
Nydestroyer: I think the quality drop is from the resolution
kirtarleet: have u clicked on the crystals yet??
Mangledpixel: yes it is, it sets the limit to the vertical sync of your monitor
MekaSasquatch: @BloodyScythe vsync matches your fps to your refresh rate
ikesolotl: never didn't have it
Shoki_Donai: Never didn't have it.
Umandsf: Had to take a call. What was the result of the last match.
ikesolotl: jinx
Wiliart: Still need to be able to cast it though @nitrodog96
nitrodog96: @Umandsf kicked ass!
TXC2: Umandsf we won
BloodyScythe: no that's gsync or freesync
ArcOfTheConclave: even
queirubanha: even
Umandsf: Nice.
TheAwkes: Since getting a 1440 monitor myself I've noticed that at 1440 eliminating anti alisaing makes a real difference without looking as bad as it does at lower resolutions.
RassilonDND: even so you can cast on it?
Mangledpixel: always odd!
deinonychus24: Black removal has a lot of even cards
GamesAndInk: The black removal we saw is odd, odd seems good here
Nydestroyer: Protection from dead weight
LemonOnRye: Isn't most of the removal even in black
Jonci_: Fancy lands give fancy mana
kirbytronic: You could also have fancy lands
nitrodog96: @Wiliart same issue with the Porcuparrot, he needed a nonhuman to mutate it onto or he's just waiting for the fourth land
Mangledpixel: yeh
jonasjonIV: do it
djalternative: yes
ikesolotl: do it
iSmartMan1: Do eet
kirtarleet: do it
musefrog: oh it's James! ohai jams
Nameless_Sword: may as well
Shoki_Donai: Go for it!
RassilonDND: do it. Ruthless agression
MekaSasquatch: @BloodyScythe I think gsync adapts the refresh rate to the fps, but i could be wrong
nitrodog96: seems value
savorycookie: heck yes
kirtarleet: thats too tasty
claytortise3: do it
tetelande: sounds boros
Mangledpixel: I'm already loving ability-counters
LemonOnRye: Keyword counters are so nice
Kumakaori: lifelink!?!? ugh.
Wiliart: @nitrodog96 Ah, didn't notice the rest were only humans.
FDR101: tigorilla
djalternative: they're in black. I assume they have removal of some kind
Mangledpixel: menace seems good
nitrodog96: yeahh @Wiliart that nonhuman clause is gonna catch me out soon too, don't worry pkmnLUL
BloodyScythe: MekaSasquatch I know that vsync tries to reduce screen tearing but what I was confused about is why vsync would be a refresh rate option. it usually is a separate checkbox
savorycookie: The protection guy can eat their 3/3
nitrodog96: yeah @savorycookie but we could also be pressuring them
kirtarleet: ability counters and mutate so far have me excited
TXC2: do the cards look square-er to anyone else?
jkoon78076: hi James, how are you and how is the set?
walkeroftales: Tigorilla definitely seems premium common
nitrodog96: and if we draw a land the patagia tiger wins it
MekaSasquatch: @BloodyScythe because vsync does that by limiting your fps to the refresh rate of your monitor
ArcOfTheConclave: wish the counters had the symbol and not a 1
kirtarleet: if he attacks hes dead
BrookJustBones: @AllGoodDogs Thanks for the gift sub, I just noticed
GamesAndInk: He could cast another blocker
walkeroftales: 4/3 with your choice of combat superiority for 4 is pretty good
iSmartMan1: If they pump, they go to 10
Zaghrog: now to draw removal
IronnButterfly: @TXC2 yea i agree. Havent played or watched arena in a while
RassilonDND: they could have anything, even a boat!
kirtarleet: well yah i guess he wouldnt attack if he didnt have a trick
nitrodog96: If he pumps, he goes to ten and then dies
Tygersrule: @ArcOfTheConclave it puts the flying symbol on the bottom
nitrodog96: We win
Tygersrule: hes just dead isnt he?
LemonOnRye: That looked kinda cool
ArcOfTheConclave: I know
FDR101: gg
savorycookie: Oops you're right, I didn't math O_o
Super_Sophomoric: have to be able to block for daeth touch
nitrodog96: Pump one of your humans and swing with the crew
nitrodog96: niiiice
Mangledpixel: MekaSasquatch not exactly, it's to do with whether it waits after submitting draw calls for the refresh to swap buffers
Zaghrog: they might have been digging with cycling
Kumakaori: OMN NOM. ayyy nice win :D.
pyrebecca: format's solved
musefrog: rank up get!
underhill33: lrrHAM_EB lrrHAM_EB lrrHAM_EB
kirtarleet: nah nah....i wont say i told ya so....because u were right...op did a mistake tho
Orgmastron: Undefeated in Ikoria draft lrrBEEJ
tetelande: Aggro seems good when there a bunch of big dokeys going around
DwaginFodder: lrrHORN
exerus16: retire as two time champion
lil_toasty555: That boi just got rekkked
TheElrad: so, what will happen later in the stream after you've retired from Ikoria limited as champion?
BloodyScythe: 200% win rate OpieOP
TXC2: TheElrad Graham takes over
LemonOnRye: LUL
Shoki_Donai: It's back
kirtarleet: hahahaha
Kumakaori: that looks awfully familiar XD;.
nitrodog96: LUL
FDR101: gg
RassilonDND: -ing shuffler
FDR101: concede
TXC2: is this the new James Curse? Kappa
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pyrebecca: wow that's a very consistent deck
iSmartMan1: Keep!
Vondo101: james can oly have two plains inhis opener
kirtarleet: i havent seen this tonight...its the same hand...whaaaa
sniperserpent: if you want a different hand put more than 7 cards in your deck
FDR101: just concede
drfox17: you keep winning, are you complaining?
Arimus221: Nah last time we cycled into the rescuer
Mangledpixel: uh oh
deinonychus24: Rewarded
iSmartMan1: :(
Shoki_Donai: Ow that's worse
FDR101: concede
drfox17: lean into the james curse!
nitrodog96: James oh my god.
Pedantically: punished
jonasjonIV: well, you had a good run
FDR101: return plainsx2
Zaghrog: the first hand, on the draw,. was not horrible
Lordofironstorm: RNGsus is giving you a sign
Super_Sophomoric: yikes
TehAmelie: a sneepkeep, if you will?
senpaipugs: we tried
LemonOnRye: World Champ doesn't need seven cards
nudibranch93: ruff
LemonOnRye: You got this on 5
TheElrad: oh noes, the mirror
Kumakaori: oh no, gonna get dirted out by another boros deck ;-;.
Vondo101: prophecy can maybe help
HailtheRNG: you called????
Kumakaori: er naya?.
iSmartMan1: I feel like the first hand was keepable, you had a guy with cycling and you were on the draw
alikaoz: Hello! Is this a draft?
nitrodog96: I agree, that was a keepable seven on the draw
TXC2: alikaoz it is
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LemonOnRye: Naya? That's not a wedge. Judge
alikaoz: Nice!
Gumbs_: vSync tanks your fps
TXC2: it was keepible, the muligan was not a mistake though
LemonOnRye: ^
nudibranch93: fennek-deer-fox is precious
LarkSachrosis: !card farfinder
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
musefrog: who needs super high fps in a cardgame?
nitrodog96: mono removal? jeez
alikaoz: FIRE EYES
Mangledpixel: !findquote curse
LRRbot: Quote #5581: "Take nothing but pictures...and ancient cursed treasure." —Graham [2018-12-12]
lirazel64: ??
Super_Sophomoric: shooth 1/1 and tuck a land
TheAwkes: If that hand was a 6, it would probably be a keeper, but as a seven, I expect there are enough better 6s in the deck to make the mulligan a good choice.
FDR101: tap tap concede
senpaipugs: you can draw a card with fireprophecy at least
PipPosit: I feel like I wanted the colorless non-artifact creatues to be spirits.
RassilonDND: whats the rarity on fire prophecy
JosephDeath: Fire prophecy now and get a new card?
QuixoticZ: well at least you can bottom one of those lands to draw...probably another land
LeGiTxH3RO: When is the first giveaway?
TheHaCoFo: the curse still going strong?
alikaoz: Looks like a common
Zaghrog: fire prophecy helps us when granted a decent target
Mkerkes: You could have had 2 fire prophecy
TXC2: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 10:26 AM
Professor_Rakor: nice pirates hat
ninja_theory_ashrams: OP, play something we can burn, please
RassilonDND: because it seems silly to prophecize burning
drfox17: curse! curse! curse!
drfox17: lean into it!
Tygersrule: is adam streaming?
Shoki_Donai: Sounds fun! Can't wait
alikaoz: WAIT
Kumakaori: let it.
Vondo101: wait
Wiliart: Let is mutate
GameAgeddon: CTS tonight is Staggeringly Fast Movers?
DarkMorford: Suspiciously Fast Movers? Kappa
nitrodog96: prophecy in response to the mutate trigger
Mangledpixel: kill it AFTER
merrowMania: Wait fo rthe trigger
djalternative: let it resolve
Pedantically: If it were me, I would simply not draw too many lands.
alikaoz: Wait for it to mutate!
QuixoticZ: while trigger is on stack
Professor_Rakor: wait for trigger on the stack
kirtarleet: if u do it it doesnt resolve
Kumakaori: wait.
LemonOnRye: Resolve and bolt
Super_Sophomoric: do it in response yes
RassilonDND: AFTER
senpaipugs: if it dies they get a 2/3
That1GuyBen: it's like bestow!
QuixoticZ: while +1+1 trigger
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Let it mutate, then kill it in response to the trigger.
Super_Sophomoric: dont wait
deinonychus24: Can you respond to the +1/+1 counter?
jkoon78076: it stays
Pedantically: No
ikesolotl: let it resolve, then kill it in responce to the trigger
BrookJustBones: resolve, respond to the trigger
grosbill08: can'T kill after
queirubanha: aft
vampirenighthawk33: wait till trigger
Demolion13: Let it resolve, kiill with the trigger on the stack
m_logan2000: wait til it mutates but before trigger
Mangledpixel: cos then you kill both
interiorexplosion: There's no good line here
grosbill08: it will be a 3/4
Nameless_Sword: wait
Korlashheirtoblackblade: let it mutate, kill with trigger on stack
ibplunderin: wait for trigger
nitrodog96: if you mutate and the target becomes invalid the creature just comes in
alikaoz: Now!
Kumakaori: now kill
walkeroftales: Now!
ikesolotl: now
m_logan2000: now
jkoon78076: now
djalternative: now
Vondo101: now
Zaghrog: kill
Nameless_Sword: kill it with trigger on stack
QuixoticZ: now do it
RassilonDND: NOW
Wiliart: Y
Mangledpixel: yep
senpaipugs: yes
jetscout4: kill
nitestar428: now
iSmartMan1: When the trigger goes on the stack you kill it
raven534: Yep
alpha_lumare: Wait
savorycookie: Plays for days
finnie_lavellan: let it gooo
Tygersrule: wait for the +1+1 trigger
Kumakaori: DEK PLS
Shoki_Donai: Wow
Arimus221: Nice
punmaster10: do it response to the trigger
CaptainSpam: LAND
alpha_lumare: Yes
Wiliart: Bless the curse
TheHaCoFo: replaced
drfox17: curse!
Pedantically: Hahaha
Super_Sophomoric: dang curse
codl_: lrrWOW
nitrodog96: James.
jetscout4: NOICE
Orgmastron: THE CURSE
Vondo101: lets goo
m_logan2000: cursed
nitestar428: JAMES!
Mangledpixel: the same.... plains?
Nameless_Sword: curseeeeeeeeed
ibplunderin: benginRip
kirtarleet: im pretty sure it comes in as a normal cr if it cant mutate...i think thats what serge said on the ikoria rules thing
punmaster10: yes
djalternative: sure got a new card there
TXC2: !clips
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Zentiseon: should've kept the first hand
alikaoz: Ah, yes, Plainscycling
musefrog: welp
TheWriterAleph: F
exerus16: If he shot the 1/1 would the creature ahve entered normally?
Bartlebad: If you don't acknowledge the curse, it can't hurt you!
floki4242: lrrWOW
therealjontron666: f
deinonychus24: Did you cross a gypsy or something?
someusernamethatsnottaken: needd curse emote
Zentiseon: that's why we have cycling
savorycookie: It's ok, just put a flying counter on the plains you drew Kappa
Kumakaori: exerus16, yes
Zaghrog: exerus16 yes
punmaster10: bruh
lil_toasty555: F
floki4242: you going to find whoever place this curse are you at make it right
RassilonDND: At least in this set you can cycle away the non basic lands
nudibranch93: you've mostly fended off the card disadvantage tho
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun James, just FYI that card wants you to put the card from your hand on the bottom of the library, not the top, Hope this helps :P
punmaster10: lrrFINE lrrFINE
nitrodog96: yeah @kirtarleet if the target creature becomes invalid the mutating creature just comes in as a creature
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun I don't know how strong my blessings are yet but I give unto thee a blessing, something something to offset the curse maybe?
nitrodog96: that was a sick two for one too
nitrodog96: well it cycles
thedragonlady: TableHere FlipThis
djalternative: @deinonychus24 please do not use that name. they're are the romani
Mangledpixel: yep, if a mutating creature's target becomes invalid, the spell just becomes a normal creature spell being cast
kirtarleet: yeah @nitrodog96 i watched the vid on the tubes of you
jetscout4: i dont understand mutate
DwaginFodder: the curse lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
alikaoz: Last I checked a Fire Prophecies is just threatening with arson.
walkeroftales: Mutate = bad bestow
Bartlebad: Big Boi
That1GuyBen: oh jesus christ
TXC2: uhhh
walkeroftales: It's pretty straightforward
niccus: it's a little cleaner on paper
Mkerkes: Do you have any vigilance?
That1GuyBen: large lad incoming
p3nguinkin: I feel like there is material for a Friday nights here, where James has to try various things to break the curse that I assume in the fridaynights-verse missy would have put on him for cutting her colors in a draft once...
kirtarleet: ohh thats a fatty
musefrog: thiccboi
TXC2: walkeroftales I wouldn't say bad, just different
leachjus: “It’s awkward but we’re playing it” ahh, my deck mantra
lil_toasty555: C H O N K
drfox17: the exile rule is weird to me
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I might've cycled the 2/2.. dunno tho
drfox17: you exile a creature, and when it comes back, it's multiple creatures?
alikaoz: Rip
GameAgeddon: Mutate has a very UN-set taste to it
GameAgeddon: but it's nice
nudibranch93: Keruga the Macro C H O N K
jetscout4: well if you kill the target it still comes in? but its not in the game but it is HMMM
TXC2: Mutate is fine until you get to the edge cases
gainsofcastamere: I feel like augment is easier to understand than mutate in terms of how the abilities are placed on the card and what the new creature is which is funny since that was clearly the Un-Playtest for it.
FDR101: yup drfox17
ibplunderin: mutate just confused me with physical cards to know which power/toughness I should be looking at
Korlashheirtoblackblade: hope they put the 1/4 first
kirtarleet: u need a target for the mutate but if the target is lost it comes in normally. thats really the complicated bit
Zaghrog: drfox17 with flickering, yes
vampirenighthawk33: use flight after blocks
therealjontron666: healer then flight
therealjontron666: just healer
Dread_Pirate_Westley: They should kill the 2/2, because you don't make that block without a trick.
lil_toasty555: look @ the top P/T with mutate
LemonOnRye: !commands
kirtarleet: the top card of mutate is the one whos pwr/tgh matters
gainsofcastamere: @ibplunderin, agreed that's what I meant.
lil_toasty555: the bottom is irrelivant
musefrog: not if its a hippopotamus
jetscout4: ok so if you kill the mutate target the creature still resolves
RassilonDND: i wonder if he suspects a trick
kirtarleet: the bottom cards give their abilities so they aren irrelivant
nudibranch93: keep the 1/4 ?
Zaghrog: all of the cretures that are not on top only grant abilities
therealjontron666: if you just block with the healer then pump it it's better
savorycookie: @drfox17 I thought it was weird too until I realized it's just like counters. You flicker something and everything stacked on it falls off. Kinda weird flavor wise tho
LarkSachrosis: bottom text is relevant
Wiliart: So, when will we be able to come up with the nicknames for these cards?
LemonOnRye: Would it be possible to add the AMA mutate reddit thread as a command? Might help for mutate questions
iSmartMan1: Aaaand pump
nudibranch93: welp
CaptainSpam: The THIRD fire prophecy.
vampirenighthawk33: flight now
walkeroftales: teach that boy to fly?
nitrodog96: yeah, you gotta pump it
RassilonDND: now it becomes a 3 for 2 no?
niccus: well, if this doesn't work, we just lose anyways
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Is that their 3rd fire prophecy?
kirtarleet: the bottom cards give their keywords and they are needed just not their p/T
FDR101: woah
Mangledpixel: savorycookie I mean, flicker effects are usually fairly weird flavour wise anyway, involving going briefly to other planes or whatever
nitrodog96: two for two I think
therealjontron666: just the healer
QuixoticZ: yeah, 3 for 2. but that thing was going to get pumped every turn with the mentor in play
punmaster10: in response
Tygersrule: how many prophecies did they draft lol
nitrodog96: another fire prophecy
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, 3 for 2 better than 2 for 1 and they keep their 5/4 trample
jetscout4: apparently 3
TXC2: 3 for 2 is better then 2 for 1
nitrodog96: guarantee
Kumakaori: the punchout cards need black blank that you can put over any P/T further down a mutate stack @_@;.
drfox17: @savorycookie Since i know very little about MTG, it's the flavor thing that gets me. Like, that isn't how it worked for unstable
RassilonDND: its a common lightning bolt. I would draft every one i see
gainsofcastamere: I liked that Host/Augment had one P/T and one set of additions and subtractions, much easier for unfamiliar players to parse, which I think about because I build decks to play with my gaming group.
walkeroftales: 3 for 2, but it takes out their card draw and another of their removal for two meh creatures and a pump spell
alikaoz: Arson Tribal!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Hello friends, how goes the set?
punmaster10: you got got
jonasjonIV: how many eyes does Sauron have?
savorycookie: @Mangledpixel v true!
nudibranch93: sweet
drfox17: OMG i just realized the Unstable cards were like a test run for mutate
Korlashheirtoblackblade: that plays
walkeroftales: 3 Meh for 2 Good
gainsofcastamere: Yep
tetelande: BIRB
ninja_theory_ashrams: prophecy seems great, burn a creature and churn your deck
Kumakaori: ;-;
Mangledpixel: yeah
nudibranch93: uhhh
Shoki_Donai: Well then
kerbalized_: welp
iSmartMan1: Oops
musefrog: lol
LordOfMalice: When is the part where James just draws land?
TheWriterAleph: damn
leachjus: PICKLEBIRB
jetscout4: dadgum
RassilonDND: the must block really hurts
Kerrigan254: oof
FDR101: ha ha ha
alikaoz: 1 life tho
nitrodog96: wow that card is dumb
Super_Sophomoric: yikes again
savorycookie: @drfox17 I get that! It's def not very intuitive
exerus16: Lifegain oh yeah
LarkSachrosis: lrrEFF
Kumakaori: race?
DJFedora: B I G B O I
That1GuyBen: not quite charging monstrosaur but it'll do!
FDR101: hastey boi!!!!!!!!!!
DJFedora: O U T
RassilonDND: the dumb card is that green one that gives it +20/+20
Milambus: smash
nudibranch93: GO GO GO
Wiliart: Vroom vroom!
Zaghrog: host/augment is a A/B mechanic though, mutate just needs nonhumans. Way more backwards compatible
ikesolotl: it's a race
Lordofironstorm: vroom
musefrog: raceeee
exerus16: raceracerace
walkeroftales: things you love to see: it
noblemarxist: SMOrc
RandomFedora: do it
Kumakaori: hastey racey
TXC2: "it's a Race!"
Bartlebad: We got Big Boi in the Mornin
nudibranch93: choo choo
Nameless_Sword: off to the races boys and girls
VTMonster: beep beep
RandomFedora: race to the finish
Goorguy: Let them fight!
exerus16: 5>3
TheWriterAleph: noice
That1GuyBen: flame spill might be my favorite new card of the set
That1GuyBen: i love the fact that they made super duper death ray WORK
ArcOfTheConclave: super duper deathray!
RassilonDND: yeah red got a lot of good instants
nudibranch93: Trample burn is rad
nitrodog96: just the fact that it's an instant really pushes it over into being dumb
tetelande: Love me some unstable cards
Mangledpixel: Rat Race came out nearly 20 years ago
UnusuallyLargeMoth: The Luck of the Moth is Offsetting the Curse! The Luck of the Moth is Offsetting the Curse! Yes! I DO have power!
Super_Sophomoric: @That1GuyBen LUL
vampirenighthawk33: super duper death ray
TXC2: That1GuyBen it's a bold new world for burn
m_logan2000: turn an unstable card to a standard card
jkoon78076: hey, it's super duper death ray
jetscout4: 3 drop deal 4 and exile if dies?
CaptainSpam: Ah, I see they made an instant with trample, just like Roborosewater intended. Kappa
alikaoz: Put a "Dead" counter on it
savorycookie: Judge? that burn spell has trample
walkeroftales: when they try to pump we kill
Bartlebad: Kill it with fire
QuixoticZ: yeah, to work witht heir trample mentor.
That1GuyBen: burn it to the ground!
FDR101: 4/3
nitrodog96: swing first
m_logan2000: go for the 2 for 1
kirbytronic: Super Duper Death Ray
iSmartMan1: Burn it now
walkeroftales: wait till they try to pump, then kill
Boblinthegoblin69: its super duper death ray
QuixoticZ: wait till he tries to buff it?
Meltalar: attack first
jetscout4: its each
drfox17: @savorycookie "I made a hydra!" "I exile your hydra!" "I got it back!" "It's just a ball of snakes now AHHHH"
tergonis: gotta burn in response to pump
m_logan2000: attack and burn when they block
LarkSachrosis: kill the mutatable creature
gainsofcastamere: Wit yeah it is Super-Duper-Death Ray, amazing, so many Un-Cards are black bordered inn this set!
nitrodog96: James!
poe_dameron_: attack first
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun Oh. BTW, I updated the Judith brawl deck with Ikoria.
jetscout4: so he should have been doing it the whole time
nitrodog96: You gotta swing, let them double block and blow them out on the block
jonasjonIV: good plan
grosbill08: 1 is better than 5
Tygersrule: they wouldnt have double blocked
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: wfh really makes watching things live easier.
nudibranch93: unless he has a combat trick
Tygersrule: it was going to be a 5/4
exerus16: They would have single blocked and pumped
Milambus: 3 damage on you might be better though
ninja_theory_ashrams: if pump, they no chump
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi James hi chat. oh no, i do not like this "stage"
RassilonDND: is it better to burn out the counter giver?
kerbalized_: we wanna be proactive rather than reactive. Kill it first is better now
Pedantically: actually makes the clock shorter if they do.
nitrodog96: You still pump it in response
TXC2: hello SydPreviouslyHeadache welcome
nitrodog96: Er, burn it
PipPosit: Them pumping means they probably lack combat tricks.
Tygersrule: the lava serpent doesnt have trample, this is better
alikaoz: Unless they plan on blocking with trick!
QuixoticZ: yeah. they might be debating saving it with a trick
Pedantically: But then they can't block
ninja_theory_ashrams: no pump means they can chump
walkeroftales: 1 damage does nothing to the clock
Zaghrog: opp really is tanking here
Mangledpixel: I do like that they found a way to make "a burn spell with trample" work in black border
GameAgeddon: opponent DEEP in the tank over 1 damage
Kumakaori: go wide~.
Shoki_Donai: Ooo
FDR101: no mutate
Tygersrule: i think its better to not mutate
RassilonDND: don't mutate and lose the dmg
nudibranch93: nu mute
jetscout4: loose dmg
Lordofironstorm: Yeah, I'd play that as a creature
jahwn_lemonjello: mutating does nothing
lil_toasty555: go wide
alpha_lumare: Finally
tetelande: mutate does nothing IN THIS CASE
tetelande: lol caps
musefrog: wuoh
nudibranch93: trick
alikaoz: Lies! It's +1/+1!
punmaster10: play as a 3/4
Mangledpixel: the liger will make a much better mutate target later on
yamahako: Mutate bottom would make a 6/6, right? just for the turn?
nitrodog96: @alikaoz it's "other" creatures
Kumakaori: oppo manages the 2-1
alikaoz: I stand corrected
Kerrigan254: lol tit for tat
ninja_theory_ashrams: it was 1 damage vs 5,by stopping the 1 damage they couldn't stop the 5 from attack
CaptainSpam: Opponent's got a lotta tricks. Let's see how long it lasts 'em.
UnusuallyLargeMoth: Ack, sorry, my luck slipped-
tetelande: Only other creatures get the buff
drfox17: curse!
CommanderCrossing: even at home James?
TheWriterAleph: how many lands left in the deck?
RassilonDND: good to know the "curse" follows james home
nitrodog96: Remember how Adam said you weren't the problem, James? He was lying
alikaoz: We got a lotta lands. It seems to be lastin'
floki4242: what did you do
nudibranch93: ok
exerus16: cursed sleeves maybe?
mousecop48: is this a human draft?
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nudibranch93: that could work
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kat2kool: 50 months omg!
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Spicy_Meat_Boi: Why Aren’t we blocking?
musefrog: raWr
JosephDeath: Guessing they have damage in hand?
nudibranch93: huh
QuixoticZ: maybe they are also cursed?
Izhuark: They were bluffing
CaptainSpam: So keywords are now counters in this set?
Zaghrog: maybe they had a fight card?
walkeroftales: They were bluffing
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
Korlashheirtoblackblade: it was a free attack for them
RassilonDND: guessing they made you have it?
exerus16: So they were bluffing with that attack?
kirtarleet: maybe he has ur curse and all land?
niccus: maybe a fire prophecy?
lahpetsoj7: exaactly
biscuits_box: first strike counter
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun probably didn't buff toughness
lahpetsoj7: he was playing you
Korlashheirtoblackblade: weird to block tho
nitrodog96: If they had the fourth fire prophecy they would have cast it
Mangledpixel: CaptainSpam there are keyword counters, yes. there are also regular keywords.
Unas84: are there any pump only attackers spells?
nitrodog96: even just for the dig
walkeroftales: They could have had the same card
lahpetsoj7: yeah he shouldnt of blocked
Zaghrog: they block, fight, it's a 2 for 1 for us but our creature dies
lahpetsoj7: obviously you drew something to want to attack
malc: ding!
Zaghrog: first strike messes it up though
nudibranch93: lol James playin minecraft in Arena
Gumbs_: probably that creature that kills a damaged creature
bahramflame: wait mtg backgrounds have interactables?
djalternative: this is my new favorite board
Uopuv7: maybe had a fire prophecy
Izhuark: Music rock is best rock !
malc: can we punch a chunk here?
exerus16: Music rock for rock music
poe_dameron_: 29 viewers?
alikaoz: Wonderfully grindy format
nitrodog96: maybe opponent is also cursed
Lordofironstorm: Ding
TXC2: how long before we get songs on Youtube played on that rock?
RandomFedora: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 46 (new subscribers: 13, returning subscribers: 33, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 1150, new followers: 33
CommanderCrossing: twitch is wonky atm
nitrodog96: James, the curse is getting infectious
TXC2: !viewers
LRRbot: 159 users viewing the stream. 1044 users in the chat.
malc: I think twitch twitched
TheBloodsparrow: haha!
jonasjonIV: only 13 now
nudibranch93: hahaha
alikaoz: lol, it jumped by 4 the second he said it
Epicarious: lol what?
raven534: 13 viewers, great
musefrog: lol
exerus16: im still here, can confirm
poe_dameron_: others twitch are having the same problem
mynameisfourteen: I'm still here
Pteraspidomorphi: Everyone connected via IRC? ;)
elvishreclaimer: Uh, did twitch break?
parrygod420: wow, all the viewers just dipped
Goorguy: I'm sorry what Lrrbot?
Vondo101: i got 13
ContingentCat: twitch is having a time it seems
kirtarleet: twitch is broken atm...everyones views are saying low af atm @LoadingReadyRun
Izhuark: We still got a better board
SydPreviouslyHeadache: does the background bother anyone else? when focusing on the cards it looks like my computer froze but then looking at the edges I see the lava move
Angnor33: We are the 13!
drfox17: the display must have dorped, we're all still in chat
Tygersrule: 13 viewers xd
walkeroftales: only 13 real viewers, just look at chat
candydude1: It’s because Ben is streaming
tetelande: Twitch going bork
Professor_Rakor: You got rocks all over his windscarred crag, how rude, hope it's sleeved
GameAgeddon: 0 viewers lol
Tantar: 0 viewers, its over
LarkSachrosis: Wait. Am I real?
cptcobalt: hello fellow 13 viewers
Bartlebad: Twitch is having a moment
GameAgeddon: none of us is here
raven534: No viewers anymore
HailtheRNG: I'm a bot, sorry
keymaster515: What?
nudibranch93: now it's 0 lolnope
cptcobalt: lol
djalternative: there are more than 13 names that popped up just now
jetscout4: well there is at least 1
CorwinofSolace: Zero viewer PogChamp
CSDragon31: We're not real
exerus16: oh
Travilogue: Oh cool, zero viewers. WE don't exist.
GamesAndInk: Wooooo I'm a ghoooooooooost
RandomFedora: hello fellow 0 viewers
malc closes eyes
ContingentCat: back to 159
Mangledpixel: we're all figments of James's imagination
Urcer: It's just like 6th sense all over again
pyrebecca: i'm nobody
Epicarious: i refreshed and it was 159 but now it's 0
FDR101: I confess to being a bot
InkyGhoast: how does twitch know im eating a sandwich and not watching james :P
alikaoz: We ded
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ikesolotl: lrrSPOOP
Jonci_: Ghost chat
CorwinofSolace: Shhh chat we aren't here right now
Butternades: Twitch machine broke
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SolarBlitz1: Time for some giant monster fights woo
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Puzzling73: Mine shows 849
CommanderCrossing: its ok james we are all bots
CSDragon31: How can the viewers be real if our eyes aren't real
Arikell: Wait, I'm not watching?
Solomon_Kain: Twitch doesn't think we matter. Kappa
Dread_Pirate_Westley: If I don't exist, do I still have to work this afternoon?
parrygod420: lets gooo, I'm finally a ghost!
pyrebecca: chat died
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Travilogue jokes on you, I never exist
HailtheRNG: oh no, my existential dread!!!!
Shoki_Donai: Uhhh.. hmm. Lot's of chat for no viewers
Vondo101: schroedinger's viewers
punmaster10: spoopy
WrightJustice: why does the veiwer count say 0?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: even while not viewing I am still trying to offset your Curse with my Blessing-ow
drfox17: curse!
chaostreader: Well. Chat has died. As is tradition.
PipPosit: We're figments of your isolation-fueled imagination.
RassilonDND: oh no, twitch is onto us. It no longer considers bots real people
LarkSachrosis: We're not watching Turner, we're judging lrrFRUMP
djalternative: swing with the team
DwaginFodder: rip chat
LazyAAZZ: We are ghost viewers
seemsdeece: we're all ded
raven534: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR Not here
malc: Twitch is broken. lrrFINE
GameAgeddon: The Curse has driven James to madness, and he's not even really streaming. He's sitting in front of his computer talking to himself
exerus16: Everybody get away from the computer
bwk789: sorry guys its me. I'm updating rocket league. using all the internet for a 126mb download
eye_h_bar: So many lands
punmaster10: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Mangledpixel: slambo jambo
Tygersrule: 0 viewers
DwaginFodder: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP chat
CommanderCrossing: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
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Tygersrule: none of you are real
Epicarious: gotta love not existing
Zaghrog: well, now they have a blocker
captainkip123: tomatoButter
nudibranch93: ding!
QuixoticZ: probably would have ordered the other way - since you could first strike the 3/3
RandomFedora: we racing now
Izhuark: This game is realllly grindy...
FDR101: I love being nonexistent
Goorguy: looking at the recommended channels they are at 0 too
alikaoz: Much better than existing in 2020
nudibranch93: uh oh
AtLeast17Grapes: Is that land clipping through the terrain? This upset me
Mkerkes: Why not kill the 4 toughness creature?
lil_toasty555: i blame the 'Rona
Kumakaori: well now we can block everything XD;.
musefrog: ooh
seemsdeece: Is this life or is it just fantasy
TXC2: Lifelink is more powerful then 4 thoughness
QuixoticZ: unelss they have more fire prophecies
Izhuark: first strike is awesome on defense !
TheWooglie: I miss Nelson and Serge explaining new mechanics
seemsdeece: crap I forgot real
lil_toasty555: caught in a landslide
RassilonDND: show me fire prophecy
Super_Sophomoric: potato salad
Mangledpixel: show me what you goooot!"
codl_: @AtLeast17Grapes oh god now i can't unsee it
alikaoz: Thats now a mountainrange
Kerrigan254: oof
Shoki_Donai: Wow
Arimus221: F
jetscout4: 4 of
CaptainSpam: FOUR fire prophecies!
tru_boredom: the 4th one wow
alikaoz: 4... OR MORE
niccus: it's common!
RassilonDND: Got it!
exerus16: covering up lands? Judge!!
CSDragon31: human drafting op
rocketjohn: oog. the blow out.
musefrog: Playset
RandomFedora: rip
GameAgeddon: Mono Fire Prophecy
walkeroftales: how was red THIS OPEN for your OP
Izhuark: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
seemsdeece: Jesus
Zentiseon: drafted a whole set
djalternative: wow
QuixoticZ: apparently the prophecy is 'get wrecked'
TheWriterAleph: oof
underhill33: cool
That1GuyBen: we've been slain
houdini20493: he had 5
FDR101: :0
TXC2: bet you wish for the bots now Kappa
Kerrigan254: i think they had 5 or something
underhill33: ugh
jetscout4: F
nudibranch93: it was a good run
lil_toasty555: ooouch
Decaped: and this is why it's better to draft bots
LarkSachrosis: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This unknown soul was killed by a terrible beast.
ops_zyber: when does ikiora come out in sweden?
ikesolotl: i once had 5 goblin gathering in an irl sealed
FDR101: leave the draft
seemsdeece: OP ran the little kids pod
ninja_theory_ashrams: The Feet
TXC2: ops_zyber thursday/friday
musefrog: riggidy riggidy wrecked
pyrebecca: should have retired champion
nudibranch93: I love the Jesper background art
LordOfMalice: Arena bots continue to make the MTGA draft experience unplayable.
CaptainSpam: "Look, one of these days this fire prophecy will come true! C'mon, you guys! Really!"
djalternative: @ops_zyber non-asia is mid may for paper
parrygod420: shoulda taken the jeskai card
sasp_86: that was a pretty grindy draft game
TXC2: alikaoz easy on the all caps there
Decaped: @LordOfMalice these are all player drafts.
walkeroftales: Seems only mildly risky
Izhuark: this is fine ?
musefrog: at least we have real ppl drafting real soon
savorycookie: Shuffle bot has it out for you
Zentiseon: do not mull this one
Wiliart: Only 1 playable, meh
drfox17: or we rely on the curse
parrygod420: keep it
queirubanha: keep
nudibranch93: eh cycling
ZachtlyAsIntended: just draw land
Super_Sophomoric: have we gotten any hands with 3 lands starting?
Zaghrog: keepable
FDR101: when I first saw the art for drannith stinger, I thought it was vivien
parrygod420: it's a prefecture if you draw lands
ninja_theory_ashrams: 7 = mull to 6
yamahako: curse curse curse curse
djalternative: this is real person drafting
Mathonwy: About how long should an average player take to get out of Bronze? In Standard, I'm not commenting on the Limited rank.
parrygod420: perfect*
Tygersrule: why not play the rock
ibplunderin: believe in the curse to het you there
Mangledpixel: djalternative yep
DwaginFodder: keepable with curse
chaostreader: @super_sophomoric Our Mull to 5 had three land.
nudibranch93: oh nooo
Super_Sophomoric: oh yeah
TXC2: Mathonwy it's like 12 wins
alikaoz: @TXC2 It wouldn't have been the same without the shouting
djalternative: @Mangledpixel declarative. not question
Mangledpixel: ah
TXC2: alikaoz yes, that's why I didn't delete it, still lets keep it to a minimum
Mathonwy: @TXC2 so about 36 games?
Tygersrule: !card durable coilbug
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
ikesolotl: parrot
ninja_theory_ashrams: their lands prettier than ours
That1GuyBen: but can they beat a 3/4
Zaghrog: parrot
Izhuark: parrot ?
queirubanha: 3/4
ShadowSilenz: Seems like Twitch got Teferi's Time Twisted Kappa
TXC2: Mathonwy about that yeah
nudibranch93: skraw
musefrog: on a rainy night in Stoke
djalternative: I smell removal
yamahako: That with vigilance is nice when mutated
TXC2: Opp always has an answer
Zentiseon: oof
ibplunderin: !card ozolith
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
alikaoz: MTGJeff is a nice laf
ibplunderin: hek
iSmartMan1: I thought this was supposed to be a slow format :(
TXC2: has more cards in hand too
DwaginFodder: mutate keet onto parrot next turn i think o nvm
chaostreader: I really like dusk fang mentor’s art. That looks sweet!
Zaghrog: mentor pacifism
kat2kool: okay stop lands
queirubanha: 1/4 + pacifism
Izhuark: Cloud piercer i think
ikesolotl: i'd play the 2 cards
combatwombativ: mentor pacifism
biscuits_box: play 2
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You know, if the curse had kicked in one turn earlier, we'd be on curve and things would look a lot better for us here.
lil_toasty555: play 2
Izhuark: We want to get full value from the mentor
7gorobei: play 2
FDR101: mentor pakifism
djalternative: they won't have removal for a pacifism
ikesolotl: and pacify the tiger
DwaginFodder: piercer
QuixoticZ: lose the vigilance counter that way...but not sure if tha'ts greedy to delay for that
codyfoti1999: Pacifism
Zentiseon: play the 2 in case they have removal
alikaoz: It's a curse, not a consistency engine
RassilonDND: id play cloudpiercer but i would make them have removal
Mangledpixel: Dread_Pirate_Westley the curse has the caveat of not working when you WANT to draw lands
Mathonwy: @TXC2 I was making fun of my seeming lack of ability, because I only win about 1 in 3 games... But, that's average? So I shouldn't feel bad?
Zaghrog: cloudpiercer is the greedy play
ikesolotl: vale means nothing to death
queirubanha: u have 7 life buh
ikesolotl: value*
Zaghrog: we are pretty dead at 1 though
queirubanha: no time for value
LarkSachrosis: Whelp, off to be eSsENTiaL!
FDR101: I want it that way!
ikesolotl: yeah
yamahako: yeah
CaptainSpam: One is not zero! But it's really dangerously close.
TXC2: Mathonwy oh of course not, I'm pretty bad as well :P
Super_Sophomoric: wow
nudibranch93: jeez
TheWriterAleph: welp
lazyturtle5716: from last match mobieus had 5 fire prophecies
FDR101: wut
lil_toasty555: f
DwaginFodder: ye
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: oh.
musefrog: walp
iSmartMan1: gg
jetscout4: F
Lordofironstorm: oh RIP
savorycookie: Welp
TXC2: so long LarkSachrosis stay safe
djalternative: they had removal for pacifism. wow
Nameless_Sword: wow....
queirubanha: rekt
Nameless_Sword: just wow
nitrodog96: "They won't have removal for pacifism!"
nitrodog96: you were saying
Izhuark: Well look like they add removal for the pacifism chat :p
QuixoticZ: mainboarded that card? wow
FDR101: gg
Zentiseon: well they had the enchantment removal
Zaghrog: well our poor hand mattered little
FDR101: Gg
Zaghrog: op had a nut draw
lokiplayin: I'd argue that 1 couldn't be farther from zero
RassilonDND: I still don't understand how WWE got deemed essential other than pure greed and corruption
ceiran_91: maindeckable enchantment removal?! what is this madness
ikesolotl: ded
djalternative: whelp, you're dead
nitrodog96: oh never mind, james is dead
ZachtlyAsIntended: @RassilonDND you just answered the question
walkeroftales: dob
Lordofironstorm: Theta
lahpetsoj7: Not just encheantment hate
alikaoz: Bravo
Zentiseon: gg
Super_Sophomoric: sheesh
Zaghrog: in a set with cycling, I would be surprised if there wasn't maindeckable enchantment removal
lahpetsoj7: its also 1/1 counter
musefrog: annnjd death
TXC2: !ads
LRRbot: As part of an agreement with Twitch, LRR will be running ad breaks every hour or so. This is a huge help to the channel. Subscribers will still not see ads.
FDR101: it is a blud artiste
jetscout4: enchament zulaport
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Mathonwy: So, not even Adam
AlienNanobots: Well, if you insist
Mathonwy: ?
TheBloodsparrow: That's fair
walkeroftales: mutate seems increasingly unplayable
kat2kool: I appreciate you james
nitrodog96: James is Serge
cptcobalt: outstanding
Sadistic_Fire: You got it, wondreful tough guy.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Well, time to watch Adam.
Mathonwy: Or Ben?
malc: jlrrPillow
ibplunderin: all the good boys are streamng tho :P
nitrodog96: James, you are doing an adequate job.
kirtarleet: fucccckkkk auspicious starixxx is insane....i just watched aliasV combo the fk offfff
p3nguinkin: sounds like a cue to jump over to adam's channel lol
exerus16: I miss him :(
Mathonwy: Adam or Ben.
parrygod420: "constant need of validation" these are the streamers I watch
rOaOW: lrrDARK
djalternative: G's the releif pitcher today
TXC2: Constant need for validation is the biggest of moods
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poe_dameron_: what's next?
nitrodog96: more James in a few minutes
lil_toasty555: living in 2020 is being in constant need of validation
TXC2: more draft probably
poe_dameron_: thnks
Moonstruckragamuffin: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:21:33.
Zalthia: Well if you want to get philosophical about it
Zalthia: All of our world views are limited by how much our government lyrics to hide from us- hence the castle walls
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James is jamming Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths for today's MTG Arena Streamer Event! Tune in for tight plays and... James, I guess :D Also, around 12:00PM Pacific he's going to give away a sweet prize from our friends at @Card_Kingdom! #Sponsored ||
Zalthia: It’s also possible that I’m up my own ass though
TXC2: and we're back
Zalthia: A dinosaur story
freshmaker__: underrated movie tbh
poe_dameron_: constructed then?
kirtarleet: if u see the auspicious starix pick it and try mutate with me......plleezzzzzz
nitrodog96: Adam!
WrightJustice: seabats!
Zalthia: Big owl friend
nitrodog96: What the heck this is Adam
morgoth_bauglyr: the grudge match!
Zaghrog: interesting
Paranundrox: oh man
Kumakaori: :D:D:D
Mangledpixel: HA!
Izhuark: Wow !
jonasjonIV: cool!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: no way
DeltaNegative: YES
Nameless_Sword: ADAM!!
lazyturtle5716: sweet
savorycookie: nice lol
niccus: WRECK HIM
Korlashheirtoblackblade: FIGHT
exerus16: Destroy him
AlienNanobots: TRASH 'IM
DeltaNegative: Time for BM
Nameless_Sword: let's kick his butt
ZestyZachy: SICK
Meltalar: we will lose!
Kaerose: neat
TheWarbo: Adam's running a companion!
Embrocate: how do you have early access to this?
lirazel64: Whhheeeeeee!
codl_: good game has been called
ArcOfTheConclave: adam has a friend!
exerus16: woa, companion
Pedantically: We're about to get stomped
Mangledpixel: Boros mirror, too?
Abavus: lrrHEART katesHug2
savorycookie: What does that companion do?
TheWarbo: So can you in-game chat Adam?
TheWarbo: Just message him "poggies my doggies"
KriegerSan: Dear Drs Chat, do we know when ikora (and the commander product) will be released on MTGO (unless it is already there)
exerus16: 4 color?
remyjette: spiderman pointing at spiderman
alikaoz: Mardu Cats!
savorycookie: Oh dang it's the everything-lord companion?
bvorhies: O snap
Traion: James, Adam totally said that if you win you aren't friends anymore Kappa
bvorhies: !!!
TXC2: wow twitch has gone to shit for me :P
RassilonDND: Is this the LRRvengers, Civil War?
Mangledpixel: TheWarbo I think you can only message friends, and the VIP accounts have no friends
mynameisfourteen: watching them both at once it's like they're talking to one another. These two are in sync
Izhuark: Double streaming is fun :)
Zaghrog: pacifism is not great against that card
alikaoz: Or just Tribes Tribal?
TheWarbo: @Mangledpixel oh, right, these aren't normal accounts. drat.
ibplunderin: This is great
ibplunderin: now I can watch both perspectives
gualdhar: seabatYIKES seabatBRAIN
bahramflame: y
Zaghrog: makes sense
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yup
alikaoz: And throw down the rock
lirazel64: @mangledpixel Isn't that always the way if you're a VIP -- no friends?
That1GuyBen: i just realized
That1GuyBen: we guzzled ourself with the mentor
Mangledpixel: lirazel64 plenty of hangers-on, no real friends
That1GuyBen: it has an odd CMC!
RothonWylar: I think adams deck is sweeter
TheWarbo: you'd need to communicate the numbers across, which is more than is really worth "lmao send 'poggies my doggies' to adam"
Arimus221: Mentor is non human anyway
tangledstardustxxx: hello james
Comeback323: did we end up in a draft match against adam?
TXC2: yeap
Zalthia: I disagree, I think it’s worth it @thewarbo
Dragoknight101: This is draft?
tangledstardustxxx: lrrFRUMP
TheWarbo: what's the tiny icon on Venturer?
Super_Sophomoric: I think its protection runes
CaptainSpam: Sort of weird how James's latency is such that I'm seeing his actions on Adam's stream before they happen on the LRR stream.
Arimus221: Tiger can't buff venturer
Arimus221: odd cmc
ikesolotl: you still play it
TheWarbo: protection: it's not hexproof!
Korlashheirtoblackblade: probably better to attack with the tactician anyway
FlopsyDingo: pump tactician, swing for 7?
TXC2: Protection really is a double edged sword
Zaghrog: could attack in the air
strangelee: Flung time baby
Countjondi: @LoadingReadyRun Are you Beej in a skinsuit, you have to tell me if you're Beej in a skinsuit
Super_Sophomoric: is he matched against Adam?
mtgmogisthegod: man ben and meghan from glhf are also streaming bouncing between all these amazing people is hard. thank you lrr for all the content
CaptainSpam: This makes me sort of wish I could tell multitwitch to make one of the streams upside-down. :-)
Feltic: So we're rooting for Adam?
TXC2: aren't we all just Beej in a skin suit?
Sadistic_Fire: Can you remove your skin to prove that you're not Beej in a skinsuit?
gualdhar: "Beej in a skinsuit" isn't like the police, "Beej in a skin suit" isn't legally required to tell you he's Beej in a skin suit
Zaghrog: probably just play regular
InkyGhoast: y'all act like if beej was doing a magic stream he could resist the allure of puzzle quest
Nameless_Sword: might want the extra body
DJFedora: beej in a skinsuit is $200 my man
lazyturtle5716: mutate the ventuture
gainsofcastamere: I think you want another body
TheWarbo: put vigilance on our own tiger, make spiderman memes
Zaghrog: 5/4 with reach
lazyturtle5716: since it cost 4 to mutate
RothonWylar: venturer is reach
RothonWylar: human*
RothonWylar: can'[t mutate
lazyturtle5716: ohh
QuixoticZ: yeah, 5/4 will already trade with his flyer - just has to do it on defense
super_ashura: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:32:12.
TheWarbo: it's fun to hear adam discussing, as I see flickers on this stream from him mousing over cards
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ArcticAtlantic: 6 streamers i follow are playing magic... i wonder why sergeThinking
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Zaghrog: no blocks?
Mangledpixel: let it through
DiscordianTokkan: No blocks... But that's a lot of pump
gainsofcastamere: that thing's ability is nasty
Zaghrog: tiger?
Mangledpixel: on the flyer I think
alikaoz: Ze tiger
Zaghrog: tiger attacks better
punmaster10: 5/4
gainsofcastamere: the flyer, for long game
DiscordianTokkan: Tiger?
alikaoz: Meme it
Mangledpixel: welp
DiscordianTokkan: Oof
TXC2: oof
DJFedora: ouch
Genesation: Brutal.
alikaoz: See. Tiger was better.
That1GuyBen: smashed
TheWarbo: sure is a 6/6 haste
TXC2: so it turns out Companion's good
That1GuyBen: adam really said "Bet"
STALKERsoldiers: It's almost like Adam has a good deck...
Zaghrog: the piercer gets double blocked on the ground though, can't attack effectively
Nameless_Sword: well i think Adam drafted a better deck then us
DiscordianTokkan: Choo chooooo...
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Adam says choo choo.
punmaster10: dead
Kumakaori: XD;.
Zalthia: When is imprisonments coming out for normal peoples?
TheWarbo: so, the new MTGA excuse is "he just drafted against an easier pod," right?
Milambus: no Mr Turner, you are supposed to die
Zalthia: Ikoria *
gainsofcastamere: yeah I wasn wondering if you realised that, ouch
Zaghrog: this is why we said not to block last turn
Drimdort: oof
rocketjohn: wow. the worst land
Perchipy: tap tap
Zalthia: Gg
TXC2: Zalthia 1) friday 2) that is an odd autocorrect :P
TheElrad: next time, maybe consider even on the protection :P
TheWarbo: Thinking...
Zaghrog: protection wouldn't have helped against that thing
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ClockGear: How is everyone
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That1GuyBen: he should have traded with kaheera to send a message
Zaghrog: not much anyway
BillTheCat: pwnt
Diabore: adam says gg
DJFedora: bummer
WrightJustice: adam is superior
Nameless_Sword: time for a sealed?
kirbytronic: Death by Adam
Mr_Horrible: sharknado poggies
punmaster10: sharknado
Pedantically: Sealed?
Genesation: I mean, it does make that.
nitrodog96: skyscat is not appropriate pkmnHmm
BillTheCat: draffft
iSmartMan1: Sealed
alikaoz: skyscat is ilegal
Zalthia: @txc2 tell me about it. Yesterday “have” corrected to “babe”. So I accidentally @ Cameron “Hey babe you heard...”
nitrodog96: This one's for you King Ghirodah!
TheElrad: we temur now
iSmartMan1: Let us get the Prerelease experience vicariously through you
TheElrad: sorr, Abzan
TXC2: Zalthia :D
DJFedora: white
Zalthia: I am still mortified
RothonWylar: hmm that's a few gems
nitrodog96: Wow, these rares are not good
rocketjohn: we have spandex
That1GuyBen: yorion time
keep_it_lobster: 60 cards
Pedantically: The bat is sick
ClockGear: 60 card deck
DJFedora: White Black Green and use the triome to splash for the blue
That1GuyBen: 60 card deck
candydude1: draft
younzable: are we going 60 cards or not?
Charlemandias: so go draft then
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun you can just drom from this sealed, it's not as if you payed money for it :P
alikaoz: Zagoth it up
AtLeast17Grapes: Zagoth rock, Zagoth land, Zagoth Enchantment
Enchubisco: I prefer sealed, but i know i'm weird
AtLeast17Grapes: You should definately go borow
AtLeast17Grapes: boros*
seemsdeece: i mean we could just exit this sealed and open another
jonlevir: It's gonna be weird when everything is over and streams start up in the office again
seasikberry: i prefer sealed too
WrightJustice: easy companion
Zalthia: I like sealed because if you don’t get good cards then it isn’t your fault. In draft it’s totally your fault.
therealjontron666: you have some sultai support?
Bartlebad: Sultai, no?
anbuagent12: 5c good stuff time?
alikaoz: Prioritize ETBs!
therealjontron666: sultai could be good
TXC2: jonlevir right? like is James even gonna bother to come to the office to do Mine O'clock?
younzable: can you even get a 60 card deck in draft?
queenfounder: Then draft!
Bartlebad: Or just blue
Unas84: you can be either, don't have to be both?
BrookJustBones: four color not red
Pedantically: You don't need W
DJFedora: Eerie Ultimatum is basically a wincon right?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Hybrid. We don't have to be both.
punmaster10: 5 colour
Bartlebad: You don't need W
ArcOfTheConclave: or just white
ikesolotl: all but red?
STALKERsoldiers: 4 color nutso stuffo
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RassilonDND: we arent necessarily blue white
RothonWylar: abzan?
alikaoz: Does anyone need W?
RothonWylar: cat ultimatium
jonlevir: @TXC2 honestly, for stuff like that, I don't see a reason for it. I think this time is going to show a lot of businesses that they might not need as much office space as they have
InkyGhoast: sultai time
DJFedora: what are the strong uncommons/commons
STALKERsoldiers: Moist Abzan
therealjontron666: you could do sultai
Bartlebad: James could use a W after that last game @alikaoz
nitrodog96: @alikaoz I'll have you know that white is one of my top five favourite colours!
reallynotskyve: life just seems incomplete without lrr pre-pre-release :(
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ikesolotl: how much green fixing do you have?
Science_and_Magic: !card yorion
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
TXC2: wow them fliters got fancy
seasikberry: first stream ive made it to, time to sub
chaostreader: Ultimatum self-mill? Just try to dump our creatures into the bin for value later?
DJFedora: shoreshark seems dope
TXC2: Science_and_Magic I doubt the new cards have been added
Super_Sophomoric: sharks with arms?!!!
savorycookie: Pouncing Armshark
nitrodog96: feels like we're sultai
shurtal: Ah, good old street shark
Zalthia: It’s Jeff!
TXC2: hello seasikberry welcome
alikaoz: Blink or Flash?
TXC2: why does it have arms?
Diabore: you have 5 blue cards...
SerGarretCameron: blue black flash cycle?
vampirenighthawk33: sultai?
DJFedora: wildbonder
seasikberry: cool to be here
Arimus221: Also Cunning Wildbonder
yamahako: nightbonder is sultai
Arimus221: Er nightbonder
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Worst case, it's a flash bear.
RassilonDND: white black green might be where were at?
ArcOfTheConclave: nest seems good
Pedantically: Surveil each upkeep seems good (Titan Nest)
MagnusCarter: Nest as well, you'll have loads of cards
ArcOfTheConclave: new filters?
younzable: does titans nest do anything in this deck?
DJFedora: cryst is flash butt
yamahako: crystacean has flash
RassilonDND: flash crab seems good for the lulz
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shurtal: does the bear trap artifact have flash?
DragonCreator30: try the titans nest it will help cast the big stuff
ArcOfTheConclave: all 4 impuses?
Axenbolt2: throw it all in
Arimus221: Fertilid for fixing
DiscordianTokkan: Dead Weight?
therealjontron666: sultai is my favorite color combination so this is going to be fun to watch
SerGarretCameron: memory leak?
silenceaux: Flash Crab: What a feeling
Diabore: i cant remember, what is yorions companion clause?
FlopsyDingo: did you add the extra land for 60 cards?
DwaginFodder: filter colorless in!
yamahako: Trample guy seems good
Izhuark: I think we want to play essence scatter
yamahako: R/G
Axenbolt2: !card Yorion
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Diabore: ah, 60 cards
FlopsyDingo: the auto land tool will have only added for 40 cards
DwaginFodder: flopsydingo, i think it does already - check min deck size
TheElrad: why are we not playing the anticipate?
Axenbolt2: !card Yorion, the sky nomad
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
FlopsyDingo: I think he still has 17 lands
Korlashheirtoblackblade: 35 spells? maybe 34?
TXC2: Axenbolt2 new cards aren't added yet
Diabore: the nest too
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chaostreader: What about your Sultai Gold Card?
Mangledpixel: TXC2 also, no 'the'
savorycookie: Any consideration to Yorion maindeck?
Diabore: gives all coloured spells delve
yamahako: Proud Wildbonder seems playable, there's a decent amount of trample
malc: can I offer you a mysterious egg in these trying times?
Sandeon: @FlopsyDingo he has almost no lands
ikesolotl: dart cycles itself
ArcOfTheConclave: play dart?
iSmartMan1: Crystal?
That1GuyBen: nest only ramps for X spells doesn't it?
jonlevir: Savai Crystal?
Sandeon: He hasn't put any basics in yet, I'm pretty sure
alikaoz: At least for card selection, the nest is great
schwimmschik: play the ultimatum!
ArcOfTheConclave: play green impulse?
jonlevir: gives two colors and cycles
peejeeful: it draws cards
Arimus221: @That1GuyBen Nest doesn't allow X spells
Genesation: Nest is the Opposite, NO x spells.
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punmaster10: 24
RassilonDND: does james know hes still 20+ cards away
Axenbolt2: we gotta get to 37/23
Korlashheirtoblackblade: can yorion blink the dart?
ArcOfTheConclave: 24 seems good
Enchubisco: I've never ever wanted someone to play against a mill deck as right now
Trippk6: run off color cyclers?
Professor_Rakor: the mana rock is probably reasonable
TXC2: have we added lands yet?
InkyGhoast: how many lands go in a standard deck
Comeback323: I think you had some good blue still
TheWarbo: Nest ramps for everything BUT {X} spells and colorless spells
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you probably want less spells than 37
TXC2: InkyGhoast 24
DJFedora: you have any trample?
ArcOfTheConclave: meh?
jonlevir: Crystal
Paranundrox: Crystal cycles
yamahako: 2GG 4/3 unblockable
seasikberry: sorry i spelled my name wrong on purpose like 6 years ago and now here we are
Izhuark: I really think essence scatter is a fine card in the format.
Pedantically: Yeah, it's a 4/3 with super trample
Axenbolt2: Or 36/24
Comeback323: yes
DwaginFodder: mood, seasikberry
ArcOfTheConclave: play all 4 impulses
BrookJustBones: play the four impulses
Korlashheirtoblackblade: when you always have a 5 drop to cast from exile, you want more lands than normal
SerGarretCameron: I feel like if you play the crystal, you greed the ultimatum.
Genesation: I mean, if you want things in the yard.
Diabore: anticipate
jonlevir: crystal can give you w/b and cycles
RassilonDND: Survivors bond and crystal seem good
Boblinthegoblin69: anticipate
3PlayerPolitics: :);keep on doin whT u doin baby ;)
MagnusCarter: play a couple of the Adventurous Impulse ?
Professor_Rakor: given your deck is big, things that cycle for colorless in w/e color are probably good.
Diabore: dolphin?
DragonCreator30: the mole is great
TheElrad: play 24 lands, I'd say
iSmartMan1: Facet Reader seems good
yamahako: Startling Development seems good
punmaster10: 36
yamahako: a nice combat trick and cycles for 1
ArcOfTheConclave: play 4 impulses and 22 lands
Pedantically: probably 36 nonlands
Diabore: you have 35 atm
OrangeBeard: Every single card with cycling?
TXC2: now just add lands
Izhuark: 1 more card
FrostbiteCoyote: How many cards? All of them.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: that's enough
aquaticphoenix64: my first stream
RassilonDND: 23-24 lands, and 36-37 playables
rocketjohn: wait, making a 60 card deck?
chaostreader: What’s Mythos of Spandex do?
TXC2: hello aquaticphoenix64 welcome
Korlashheirtoblackblade: 25 lands is sensible with 3 colors and a guaranteed 5 drop
TheWarbo: you have to click the Lands button to see basics
Diabore: @rocketjohn for the companion
BrookJustBones: filter for basic lands
aquaticphoenix64: thank you
OrangeBeard: Press the land icon
rocketjohn: ohh
yamahako: THe Mountain looking icon
ArcOfTheConclave: land button
TXC2: chaostreader it's a balance
chaostreader: @txc2 Okay. Cool.
tabernaclefart: Far left suggest land
Stickill1: It does have suggest land
punmaster10: it does
Diabore: it does, the first icon
Professor_Rakor: the first button is the suggest land button
RassilonDND: it does have suggest land. its far left...
yamahako: Far left
rocketjohn: far left of screen
Sandeon: It only added 17 lands
Genesation: Why'd it put cove in?
Axenbolt2: hit the auto land button
BrookJustBones: that will always go to 17 lands total
Professor_Rakor: oh, it's suggesting lands for a 40 card deck, be careful
iSmartMan1: It suggested lands for a 40 card deck, not a 60 cardd deck
Endless109: seems like Arena does not support bad deckbuilding
croisvoix1: Cove was in
yamahako: cove for the life gain
ArcOfTheConclave: cut cove
RassilonDND: Id suggest 7 of each
DiscordianTokkan: It looks like it's expecting a 40 card deck not 60
FrostbiteCoyote: Am i the only one who likes all my lands to have different art?
Genesation: Oh, missed that, my bad.
TheWarbo: yeah it always suggests 17 lands on limited and 24 in constructed, regardless of anything.
Pedantically: Cut Cove and 2 of each?
Comeback323: i think you had some blue cards still
TheElrad: + 1 Island + 1 Swamp
punmaster10: 8 of each no cove
alikaoz: It's good for calculating proportions!
bahramflame: @FrostbiteCoyote Yes you are
yamahako: 2 islands
yamahako: because of the companion
Pedantically: or 8 8 8
yamahako: you want to hit UU early
RassilonDND: looks good enough, ship it
OrangeBeard: Did we add the discard spell with cycling 1?
TheWarbo: 25-land limited deck, let's gooooo
ArcOfTheConclave: play the impulses
Diabore: i like 9-8-7
DJFedora: nah extra blue for the companion
iSmartMan1: This is going to be a mess, and I love it
Pedantically: It suggested even amounts, but 987 seems fine
silenceaux: FrostbiteCoyote I enjoyed running a variety. Tricky to stay in a good theme though.
Izhuark: Ah yes 8-8-8 the number of the beast !
TheElrad: you have 3 double blue spells
Dumori: I’m pretty sure the /60 is a UI but and you can save a 40card deck for sealed.
jonlevir: It's a deck
RothonWylar: do we have evo wilds?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: good enough
Diabore: this is a deck of magic cards, that is for sure
alikaoz: Nightmare
Sandeon: Not sure this qualifies as a deck...
nextday415: sadly mill isnt a think in this format
TheElrad: now get the nice lands?
TheWarbo: you can unlock sleeves with gems, right?
Drimdort: This is certainly a thing.
RothonWylar: do we have any evolving wilds?
TheWarbo: gotta bling out the one-day account
yamahako: You're gonna make a mill player mad
TXC2: this is going 5-0 or 0-2 and nothing in between Kappa
Officinalis: Lands? Keep!
Mangledpixel: e g g
Professor_Rakor: relevant, what does our comp[anion do and does our deck support it? it's the flicker one right? do we have etbs?
ikesolotl: dart
3PlayerPolitics: good Q
cuttlefishman: so
cuttlefishman: how has the curse been today
TXC2: curse-y
cuttlefishman: Has it stuck with Ada,?
3PlayerPolitics: cursey
TheWarbo: note that Sleeper Dart doesn't tap. it just prevents untapping.
RothonWylar: careul what you wish for
Mr_Horrible: is this constructed or limited right now?
mystdream: what happens if you flicker a mutated creature?
chaostreader: @mr_horrible It’s sealed.
noSmokeFire: @mystdream it's components all come back as their own creature
Domidwarcer: @mystdream I believe everything goes back into your hand
Sandeon: you've done otter things
seasikberry: i just watched a NIzzahon where he was like "NEVER use Yorion in limited!" that being said, im so glad James is doing it
Mr_Horrible: ty chaostreader
Genesation: They come back seperately.
TXC2: mystdream they all come back sperately
TheWarbo: 60-card limited, best of both world :-D
savorycookie: mystdream: the stack falls apart and the creatures all come back individually
croisvoix1: They return as seperate pieces
RassilonDND: crystal lets us cast green spells though. i can see both options here
mystdream: that seems stronk
Mr_Horrible: it <James>
RothonWylar: @mystdream all creatures leave as on and renter the battlefield seperately
DwaginFodder: crystal
bittersweet_distractor: I like drawing a land and going crystal into 2 drop. we arent starved of nongreen plays
Diabore: at the very least itll be hard to deck us Kappa
savorycookie: My cat just asked for tummy rubs
Diabore: yorion?
iSmartMan1: Otter and whale? Combo!
remyjette: !card yorion
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
BrookJustBones: ferthilid and activate it
TXC2: savorycookie you gave them right?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: It draws us a card and is a 4/5 flyer?
Professor_Rakor: is flickering our stuff ever going to be good? or do we just want a flyer
RothonWylar: fertelid and ramp?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: that seems fine
savorycookie: @TXC2 heck yeah
seasikberry: cant get milled if deck to big *big brain time*
yamahako: Fertilid will be good when you drop your companion too
TXC2: good, good
Arimus221: It doesn't go to hand
bittersweet_distractor: its onto battlegield
BrookJustBones: it is rampant growth
noname1101: Nah it goes onto the battlefield
noSmokeFire: doesn't it go to the battlefield
bahramflame: u played a land
savorycookie: It puts it on the battlefield
iSmartMan1: Fertilid puts it into play
HeyItsAKing: you can use escape protocol to flicker the sleeper dart in the future to get some extra draws
Mr_Horrible: fertilid is rampant growth, the land etb tapped
Super_Sophomoric: the land goes on the battle field
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Sandeon: it comes into play anyway
Mr_Horrible: related, fertilid slaps
BrookJustBones: if you draw a land next turn you can cast yorion and activate fertilid in response to the blink right?
Pedantically: It will die
TheWarbo: it's originally Battlebond, I think? So it's "target player" since it's designed for teams.
noSmokeFire: @BrookJustBones I don't think so. SBA would get checked and it would die.
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nitrodog96: @TheWarbo actually it was originally in Lorwyn block
BrookJustBones: sad
nitrodog96: don't even know if it was in Battlebond
Mr_Horrible: brookjustbones sadly no, since it'll be a 0/0 after its ability resolves, and go to the graveyard before Yorion blinks everything
Mr_Horrible: the irony of MtGA having to implement a card called Memory Leak
TheWarbo: nitrodog96 ahh, right. But it was in Battlebond, just not "originally"
seasikberry: and its been in a bunch of commander precons
Mr_Horrible: biting
noSmokeFire: same hat!
3PlayerPolitics: LOL @mr_horrible
TXC2: Spiderman pointing at Spiderman.gif
3PlayerPolitics: yoink
Diabore: take theirion
iSmartMan1: Yorion or Scatter
alikaoz: There can only be one
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I like taking the scatter
Mr_Horrible: teach them a lesson, it's as a companion or not at all! sofieYell
TheElrad: if they had been playing Yorion correctly, we couldn't have done that
Korlashheirtoblackblade: our yorion does more for us that theirs does for them (at the moment)
seasikberry: wow what a sound
3PlayerPolitics: aa aaaa
Korlashheirtoblackblade: but close either way
prankprogenitus: Catching a live stream for the first time in forever! Thank you various Doctors LRR!
TXC2: hello prankprogenitus welcome
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nitrodog96: well yeah cause they can't cast theirs @Korlashheirtoblackblade pkmnLUL
BrookJustBones: attack with fertilid and sac on blockers, then cast commando
FrostbiteCoyote: Didn't there used to be a twitch extension for mtg arena so you can hover over the cards? Or am I just imagining things?
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Ryavis: attack with fertilid, use it to ramp, then nightsquad?\
iSmartMan1: Ivy to bait out scatter?
3PlayerPolitics: yeah there was
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: @FrostbiteCoyote I dont think its turned on right now because it doesnt work with ikoria yet
FrostbiteCoyote: ah
3PlayerPolitics: Cardboard or something?
TheWarbo: there are a bunch of extensions
iambatmeme: @loadingreadyrun sealed or standard?
TXC2: sealed
3PlayerPolitics: Sealed
RassilonDND: uh it doesnt tap...
Kumakaori: doesnt. tap it. tho.
DRMagnify: Dart doesnt tap down
3PlayerPolitics: 60 cards cos compani9n
NurnDBeck: lul
BrookJustBones: dart does not tap it
DRMagnify: Play a big dude?
iSmartMan1: I still say Ivy to bait out scatter
BrookJustBones: max ivy to bait
Diabore: bait the counter
DRMagnify: 7?
TheWarbo: dat Seb art 👌
Paranundrox: !card Essence Symbiote
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
nitrodog96: new cards aren't added yet I believe
Diabore: try and kill it?
DwaginFodder: para its a bear that gets a counter and gains 2 on ur things mutating
iSmartMan1: Multiblock whale, yep
Paranundrox: thanks Dwagin
Kumakaori: lol ok
RassilonDND: mutatate over egg?
Drimdort: the dolphin returns
Wiliart: Mutate the egg
Paranundrox: Mutate Egg?
yamahako: on egg?
Officinalis: To the skies!
nitrodog96: mutate onver the egg
nitrodog96: seems crazy
Axenbolt2: onto egg!
limushil: mutate on egg
TXC2: huwhale
That1GuyBen: THE BIRDS
HeyItsAKing: egg
Nameless_Sword: egg egg egg
iSmartMan1: Hatch the egg!
Arimus221: Hatch the Egg
alikaoz: Let it hatch!
jonasjonIV: oh, egg?
TXC2: Chicken, egg, first joke
Super_Sophomoric: just voltron 2 dolphins and make them each unblockable 4head
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: thats insane
freshmaker__: itll come back as 2 creatures
Paranundrox: you get back an Egg
peejeeful: no
alikaoz: It separates
henshin_yo: if you flicker they come back seperately
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Attack, Yorion, reset a bunch of stuff?
Paranundrox: and the thing separate;ly
BrookJustBones: no they come in seperate
iSmartMan1: No, you lose the counters and they separate
Arimus221: No, blinking will seperate
MercurialVox: haha the egg was a bird all along... wait that's how eggs normally work
noSmokeFire: no. it won't mutate when it comes back.
Nameless_Sword: you get the egg AND a bird
SolarBlitz1: If you blink doesn't it separate
PowAtk20: they come back separate
Professor_Rakor: it would become worse if you flicker it
RassilonDND: if you flicker a mutated creature, it comes back as seperate parts
Endless109: you get back the teo seperate creatures
Axenbolt2: it separates and you lose the counters
vampirenighthawk33: blink separates
TXC2: and lose the counters
BillTheCat: you'll lose the counters
peejeeful: yes
noSmokeFire: don't you have an artifact that draws on ETB?
BrookJustBones: you could have redrawn from the dart
savorycookie: You can bounce the commando and get a token
yamahako: Commando will get a token
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Do you still have the artifiact that draws with it CitP?
alikaoz: Use the rock!
Paranundrox: no, sadly
Professor_Rakor: you can flicker the rock to reset the mana, not super relevant here tho
drfox17: yeah the separate thing on blink is weird
Axenbolt2: crystal too
Diabore: might as well untap it
freshmaker__: Big Brago Bird
Axenbolt2: valuuuuuuuuuue
TheWarbo: may as well untap crystal, but not like we really care, we're not even bluffing anything
RassilonDND: bird mutating from egg seems dece
TXC2: we untap the crystal to send a message Kappa
yamahako: They just walked into lethal
noSmokeFire: untapping crystal protects it from March of the Machines + Divine Arrow Kappa
King_Toasty: !card island
LRRbot: Island | Basic Land — Island | [U]
alikaoz: They were desperate for a card
TXC2: noSmokeFire smart Kappa
freshmaker__: do we have exactsies?
Paranundrox: if they have nothing we have lethal
Kumakaori: flunge?
yamahako: exactsies
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: FLUNGE
noSmokeFire: > Settle the Wreckage
DruntImTal: flunge!
Kumakaori: is settle the wreckage in this set XD?
That1GuyBen: math is for BLOCKERS
Paranundrox: it's 15 exact if they block the 2/3
oceanemo: yo how do we enter this giveaway?
freshmaker__: still close
RassilonDND: op did math
oceanemo: poggers
Pedantically: Sultai is so good that even a 60 card sealed deck does okay
RatekStormcrow: What does the "P" stand for ? Pames ?
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BlightningHelix: Ikoria looks so dope. Shame I'm not getting my hands on it until... May?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, BlightningHelix! (Today's storm count: 65)
BillTheCat: give it to me
BillTheCat: easy
Diabore: gibeway?
thundershot879: giveaway?
TXC2: RatekStormcrow Puma
Shoki_Donai: There's a giveaway?
juanfran632: giveaway!
noname1101: ooo random
the_one_true_quiz: what's being given away? did I miss something?
King_Toasty: Ikoria looks SO dope
Axenbolt2: what is the giveaway?
the_one_true_quiz: :O
Arimus221: Cool
Diabore: oh sweet
lazav101: giveaway!
remyjette: thats one way to do it haha
JakeKamas: Ooooh cool
Shoki_Donai: Ooo, nice!
RothonWylar: ooh random chat giveaway
freshmaker__: hell yeah free stuff
Super_Sophomoric: thats whats up
limushil: there's a free draft tomorrow I believe on arena
oceanemo: $25 right?
Unas84: Neat
The_Cakemeister: Blightning, doesn't it come out on Arena tomorrow?
TXC2: oh.....goody :p
tomnar: :O
LazyAAZZ: Yay?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Nice!
ArchRequiemD: Yeah
TheElrad: random person from chat? so Adam? :P
thundershot879: constricted in draft!
lemmel: Neat
drfox17: oh hey
PhoenixMelior: Lol incoming spam for txc2
RatekStormcrow: @TXC2 Why ? Smell ? Ferocity ? Color ?
Pedantically: Speaking of
drfox17: it's jeej
KingOfDoma: Card Kingdom gift card, you say?
Khalahd: It jeej
DrChairthrower: 60 card sealed. This set seems neat.
BasilHunter: speaking of which
kat2kool: Jeej!
Roughly21Smurfs: Nice
headless_joker: Ikoria looks sweet
bahramflame: mul?
interiorexplosion: neat
QuaintStar: cool
lazyturtle5716: cool
LazyAAZZ: Oooh
Elyahbeth: Yay giveaway! Thanks card kingdom!
shadowbow464: Mull it
King_Toasty: What plane is best for social distancing??
oceanemo: bitchin, will you @ us?
TXC2: RatekStormcrow brand of the hat
mystdream: they still don't have collector boosters :c
freshmaker__: if only i could buy a box from CK.. I will just have to get sweet singles instead
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you started talked about card kingdom and we got paired with Jordan... hmmm
lazav101: Yorion is so good, even if not used as companion
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chetoos8: woo!
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TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun check out your opponent
Jonci_: Card Kingdom. A Carddom of Kings
FormerlyBoredGamer: I am as random as they get. :P
iSmartMan1: Oh hey, it's Ray!
Umandsf: I already pre-ordered from my FLGS. lrrHEART
TXC2: King_Toasty Nicky B's meditation plane?
chetoos8: Chet-ooze, you got it on the first try
Comeback323: oh good we have a bye :P
drfox17: It's one of our friends! WE SHOULD DESTROY THEM
jonlevir: Who else is in this sealed event? Is it all people you know?
Kumakaori: ayyy Jeej!
BillTheCat: kick his bum
TheElrad: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
Malletmaster: LOL
BlightningHelix: Card Kingdom: A tzardom of paper
The_Cakemeister: My FLGS isn't taking orders right now
RothonWylar: jordan?
Officinalis: rayfkSanic
seasikberry: 60 in sealed is at least a tiny bit more viable
headless_joker: How is the 60 card deck
Diabore: huh, he isnt live atm'
RassilonDND: what? is jordan even streaming?
themanofshads: Hello friendos
bahramflame: dart
Mr_Horrible: if they're both bullying each other, is anyone actually the bully? gabyHmm
RothonWylar: !so Rayfk
TXC2: hello themanofshads welcome
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I like getting dart into play ready to blink
BrookJustBones: dart?
TheElrad: @RassilonDND nope, I just checked
thenb44: is this sealed?
OrangeBeard: Dart?
limushil: dart
ziebren: toxic
TheWarbo: jordan's...not live? lol
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chaostreader: @thenb44 Yes
Dumori: Play dart?
Diabore: i think jeej is streaming at 3
drfox17: Is Gabby playing today? Can we destroy her lands again? that was a good time
Kumakaori: pretty anticipate art.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Huh. Cantrip makes Dart deece.
Shoki_Donai: It's us!
bahramflame: nest?
TXC2: huh, is Jordan the same deck ?
Pedantically: Same deck. Neat
iSmartMan1: Scatter, probably
bahramflame: yes
Arimus221: That is some strong filtering
RassilonDND: nest or scatter
Pedantically: Definitely
HailtheRNG: yes, getting rid of the delve everything seems good
CraziestOwl: Sup
OrangeBeard: Nest doesn't really do anything if they don't have any threats in hand
Malletmaster: bless you
TXC2: bless you
3PlayerPolitics: chu
shurtal: is that a ball of wings?
That1GuyBen: crab crab crab
TXC2: shurtal it's a bird yes Kappa
That1GuyBen: DEAL
savorycookie: Nice
RassilonDND: :( our crab got souped
Kumakaori: UHOH
Korlashheirtoblackblade: we'll take it
That1GuyBen: oh my favorite card in the set, almighty brushwagg!
TXC2: well shit we can't win now
Korlashheirtoblackblade: OH NO
Orgmastron: Oh hey we're fighting Jeej
iSmartMan1: Nuu, you could have bounced the dart...
shurtal: @TXC2 Touche
BrookJustBones: you could have blinked the dart
savorycookie: Shit brushwagg is unbeatable
Korlashheirtoblackblade: james hates value, confirmed
alikaoz: The dart would have been blinky good
Mangledpixel: I'm so happy they brought back Brushwaggs
BillTheCat: 4/5 flyer seems good
RassilonDND: whats brushwagg do chat?
shadowbow464: I think you need the 4/5
chetoos8: I don't hate a 4/5
Drimdort: Brushwagg knows it's power
montston: brushwagg is better charging badger
iSmartMan1: Cheap creatures that have late-game pump effects are always better than they look
Mangledpixel: it's like a pufferfish, but on land
LazyAAZZ: Charging badger 2.0
TXC2: it's an B+ mutate target
Mangledpixel: it goes FWUMP
savorycookie: It's like Jace the Mindsculptor but a creature
LemonOnRye: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 11:42 AM
Underachiever28: Did i just subscribe? I’m trying to use my amazon prime free subscribe
That1GuyBen: we take to the skies
HailtheRNG: the bm
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RassilonDND: dart
TXC2: nobody likes a bully James Kappa
TheWarbo: Jeej with the "Your Go"
Easilycrazyhat: my dad's name is Rex XD
That1GuyBen: largest of lads
Kumakaori: uhhh OK XD. and we're at 8 mana including swamp in hand.
TXC2: that's our curse pay off Kappa
RassilonDND: two away from casting it
Ryavis: pretty close to casting it huh
Comeback323: probably should have kept back with the 4/5
Arimus221: LUL
LemonOnRye: Don't insult my big dumb idiot son
BillTheCat: notthatRIP
Easilycrazyhat: lol
jonlevir: LUL
bahramflame: lmao
3PlayerPolitics: wellp
Drimdort: F
Kumakaori: JAMES.
TXC2: Reading is tech
Kumakaori: XD
BillTheCat: tap it
shadmanowitz: you tried your hardest and that's what's important
BrookJustBones: now tap it down with the dart XD
Kumakaori: dart doesnt tap
BillTheCat: oops
MagnusCarter: rex has flash ?
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LazyAAZZ: Rip
arosine: Reading is hard, really working to blow yourself out lol
Korlashheirtoblackblade: it's ok, still a new format
MagnusCarter: or cycling
TXC2: MagnusCarter it's cycling
Drimdort: aa aaaaa
yamahako: ugh and it gets a reach counter lol
That1GuyBen: On the plus side I don't know how Jordan beats an 11/11 when we draw forest
3PlayerPolitics: so rude
OrangeBeard: Such a mighty bushwagg
DwaginFodder: refused to respect the brushwagg lrrSCOOP
TXC2: trample/reach: the ultimate combo Kappa
seasikberry: WoW hAVeNt YoU mEmOrIzEd EvErY cArD yEt?
LemonOnRye: !card blitz leech
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Garthous: Top Deck -Nice
yamahako: James: Making the mistakes so you don't have to!
alikaoz: Reading the UI is tech
TheWarbo: reading the button explains the button
LemonOnRye: Does the leech remove all counters?
TXC2: LemonOnRye yes
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Nice!
Drimdort: I think so, it says somthing like that
Orgmastron: katesNice
Kumakaori: OH CMON
3PlayerPolitics: aww
That1GuyBen: wow, ever just get crushed?
TheOldBadger: Get blown out. Jesus
TXC2: oofa doofa
bahramflame: yikes
TheWarbo: rip
BillTheCat: notthatRIP notthatRIP notthatRIP
queenfounder: I can’t tell if I love or hate the creature noises
Kumakaori: XD. auuugh dangit. dont even getto play our 11/11 ;-;.
AlienNanobots: katesNice katesNice katesNice
BrookJustBones: cast 9 drop, still dead
3PlayerPolitics: geee
savorycookie: it was all over as soon as the Brushwagg came out
bahramflame: rip
Shoki_Donai: It was a good try.
Mangledpixel: cycle the Rex?
Kumakaori: and only 1 green source XD;.
Diabore: also no double green
TXC2: hooty needs to settle the F down
LemonOnRye: lrrSPOOP_TK thinking
DrChairthrower: Hmm. All that’s left is to BM the Jeej and move on I guess.
3PlayerPolitics: ouch
vampirenighthawk33: cycle
Korlashheirtoblackblade: cycle it and hope?
Kumakaori: TTC~ ;-;.
Drimdort: F
TheWarbo: oh right, only one forest
3PlayerPolitics: Ffffffff
King_Toasty: f
jonlevir: RIP
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ruscobrog: F
Orgmastron: F
shadowbow464: F
RayFK: <3
RayFK: Caught me ona coffee break
TXC2: when do we lose to TQ? Kappa
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: now you just need to lose to ben :)
Diabore: pro tip: dont play against friends
RayFK: GG bud
Officinalis: rayfkSanic
Kumakaori: gg <3.
Milambus: someone did say to retire as champion after the first game
TheWarbo: Thinking...
RayFK: It has reach
DwaginFodder: oh did we lose to adam too?
shadowbow464: Izzet
TheWarbo: your 60-card sealed pile is bad?
TXC2: DwaginFodder we sure did
chaostreader: Just think of it as one step closer to the next draft or sealed pool.
DwaginFodder: nice
Drimdort: To quote Darkkmane "And I quit at the peak, that way i never lose!"
King_Toasty: 3 colours for a draft?? you madman
3PlayerPolitics: say it aint so
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Good keep
TXC2: 3 colour, 60 card deck
DwaginFodder: King_Toasty its a 3c set and also sealed
chaostreader: @king_toasty This was sealed.
King_Toasty: !card anticipate
LRRbot: Anticipate [1U] | Instant | Look at the top three cards of your library. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.
zuchen_120: It looks like the game board is Onyxia’s Lair.
bahramflame: are all ops so far on sultai?
LemonOnRye: Escape Protocol and Fertilid seems neat
jonasjonIV: you'll draw more land
DukeofFliesOxO: heron imo
djalternative: Saying this now, I'm nicknaming Memory Leak "The Epic Game Store" when time comes around.
TheWarbo: commando for no value NotLikeThis
DwaginFodder: take bird
LemonOnRye: Bold
jonlevir: It's okay, we assume you're cursed for you
yamahako: You're not taking advantage of your natural abilities then
Milambus: @djalternative but the winning name is "Chrome"
King_Toasty: hippo dino boy
King_Toasty: chonky hippo
That1GuyBen: wait that has flash what
TheWarbo: then they kerugaed for no value NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
LemonOnRye: Yeah, flash makes that card really good
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Korlashheirtoblackblade: they got a card
DwaginFodder: lrrAWW
MagnusCarter: swamp & Nomad ?
djalternative: @Milambus chrome doesn't have any memory leak problems though. It's just a memory hog
LemonOnRye: Heron and that card seems like a fun combo
3PlayerPolitics: aww muffin
vampirenighthawk33: leave up double block
TXC2: what do we do lrrbot?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: You can't break it any more once it's already broken.
Shoki_Donai: It does have flash
TheWarbo: right, for little value. turns out watching two streams doesn't leave enough brainpower to chat right :-D
oceanemo: @djalternative how you fix that?
djalternative: @oceanemo which one?
DrChairthrower: I don’t remember, did we end up on 24 or 25 lands?
oceanemo: chrome hogging all that mem
3PlayerPolitics: neither do we
djalternative: you switch to a different browser @oceanemo
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DreadfulDrifter: another month down
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BillTheCat: if you had kept the heron you could have mutated and killed a dude tho :P
djalternative: @oceanemo or you just run a factory clean version of it but that doesn't help after a few weeks
Underachiever28: Too many people using WiFi at home. I can’t see the cars
Underachiever28: I can’t see the cards clearly
chaostreader: @underachiever28 I know that pain. I’m on mobile.
TXC2: we're all tired James
Orgmastron: Big mood James
Diabore: can you click the crystal on the other side?
Jonci_: James be Minecrafting in Arena
DwaginFodder: yep
lazav101: chump
Underachiever28: @chaostreader iPad. The laptops in the shop
LemonOnRye: I'm fine with chump
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah I like the chump
Garthous: chump is good
TXC2: all games are minecraft to James
lazav101: lol
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stormcrowascending: Hey James! Good luck!
DwaginFodder: double block commando and bat
LemonOnRye: Mine them diamonds
LemonOnRye: Dink PogChamp
TheWarbo: oh we makin songs now
King_Toasty: the star wars theme!
Endless109: Song name?
King_Toasty: basically the exact right theme for the Force Theme
TheWarbo: oh huh, i never knew that song had lyrics
lazav101: that is imperial march james
StarWarsTHX1138: you rang?
That1GuyBen: menace?!
That1GuyBen: phantom or otherwise?!
vampirenighthawk33: can you blink yorion with the protocol?
SolarBlitz1: I think you mean to sing Dawn Guard, not Star Wars
TXC2: yeap, theres the number 1 removeal in the set
Shoki_Donai: Well then!
thenb44: and its a common
FrostbiteCoyote: and at common
3PlayerPolitics: nice @starwarsthx1138
TXC2: *common removal
The_Cakemeister: At common?
That1GuyBen: the fact that fire prophecy AND blood curdle are both common is SICK
TheWarbo: hah, I just saw adam go "wow this is absurd" on the other monitor 5 minutes ago
LemonOnRye: Common cards are really good this set
TheWarbo: at the same card
The_Cakemeister: instant, too.
richard_ermen: There´s even better removal in the set ^^
richard_ermen: I like the counters :D
DwaginFodder: argh im delayed
RothonWylar: adam just wheeled the catbird that makes flying tokens
RothonWylar: Fking lucksac
LemonOnRye: BlessRNG Forest
TXC2: RothonWylar clearly he's drafting with fools
lazav101: yeah
bahramflame: BlessRNG BlessRNG
lazav101: jeez
3PlayerPolitics: ta dah
TheWriterAleph: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (It's time for CTS. The Crew plays online games and does a friendship! Game: Totally Reliable Delivery Service) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (5:03 from now).
That1GuyBen: slam brokkos you say
ForOhForError: good cards, my only weakness
LackingSanity_: oof
TXC2: oof
That1GuyBen: fertilid to prayer step?
Mr_Horrible: mizzOOF
bahramflame: fertilid
CaptainSpam: "Instructions not clear, filled deck with pure gas."
keep_it_lobster: Cycle?
joerivlimpt: personally I don't likr the flash subtheme :D
lazav101: a little bit too late for that forest
TXC2: too late deck, too F-ing late
montston: yeah
BillTheCat: notthatRIP
Mr_Horrible: mysterious sofieEgg
That1GuyBen: get under the bus egg!
Shoki_Donai: It's a card we can play.
seancplays1: You just have to believe in the heart of the cards
drfox17: are we rooting for curse?
montston: poor egg
s0lesurviv0r: throwing eggs at municipal transportation is in poor taste
ForOhForError: oh no
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cheezweazl: Hooray for LRRMTG while I'm WFH
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drfox17: oh my
3PlayerPolitics: lawl
LemonOnRye: Welp
That1GuyBen: you ever just start crying
Mr_Horrible: hmm, an 11/11 trampler you say
TheWarbo: i'm in danger
lazav101: gg
TXC2: well we're done for
The_Cakemeister: Welp.
Jonci_: OP has nasty beasty. "What about if I egg?!!"
drfox17: also, CURSE
Drimdort: Oh hey, the big thing we wanted.
montston: WELP
lazav101: you tried
shadowbow464: Arp
limushil: gg
TXC2: to sherds you say?
Jonci_: 11 is a big number
ForOhForError: move to the dead step?
STALKERsoldiers: NotLikeThis
BillTheCat: woo giveaway timmme
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That1GuyBen: wahey
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TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Beats aside, the deck seems sweet & Yorion is totally workable.
FrostbiteCoyote: Rip
Diabore: gibeway!
lazyturtle5716: i like free money
bahramflame: gg
Easilycrazyhat: 11/11 trampler...hard to beat...
BillTheCat: $1 million!
Nyx_fire: hi chat
Nydestroyer: Lol
thundershot879: giveaway!
LemonOnRye: LUL
joerivlimpt: amazing new background! :O
IcyDj: what?
kerbalized_: Like $5,000,000?
kerbalized_: lol
Gekyouryuu: ?
KirbySliver: gibaway?
Nyx_fire: what give away?
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KelzamGames: How did we enter the giveaway?
LazyAAZZ: At least one
interiorexplosion: Is it a peanut?
Philologia: m
montston: free things!!
codl_: i like things
Gekyouryuu: giveaway, you say?
jonasjonIV: A kingdom's worth
RayFK: Yes Kevin would know
Shoki_Donai: Ooo, let's find out together!
Elyahbeth: Hooray!
tomnar: giveaway? nice
lazav101: giveaway!
oceanemo: whomst
bonemaunger127: ooo
Zealcrux: Hi friends!
FriendlyNeighborhoodGM: material goods!
WrinnAndSix: m
Diabore: @Nyx_fire cardkingdom gift card
FrostbiteCoyote: Oh nice.
jkoon78076: I like things that are given away
Raltar_Flamarre: nice
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LemonOnRye: PogChamp
CaptainEnder7: Giveaway?
DiscordianTokkan: Woah!
xuriph: Cards mmmm
King_Toasty: oooooo 50!
Paranundrox: wheelerY wheelerH
ikesolotl: ooohhh
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: nice
Nyx_fire: oh that is sweet
cknaack: giveaway!
BloodyScythe: weow
RaynMurfy: Cool
richard_ermen: OOO
DwaginFodder: PogChamp
kirbytronic: lrrSPOT
lazav101: oohh
Arimus221: $50? Nice
s0lesurviv0r: ooh piece of candy
Nameless_Sword: oooo nice
remyjette: chat just got a lot more active
bahramflame: Junf em!!!
tru_boredom: ohh 50
FormerlyBoredGamer: nice
LemonOnRye: LUL
CastleOtranto: lrrSPOT
thundershot879: cards!
dugthrutim: Giveaway? Hurrah!
montston: wow
Super_Sophomoric: 50$?!!!! Nice
gralamin: mystery
bahramflame: Jund em!!!
CaptainSpam: Which means you can give away $90, and he can give away $10! Kappa
WrightJustice: wow
Korlashheirtoblackblade: James, the consumate professional, giving the impression that he doesn't know what he's doing lrrBEEJ
noname1101: #random wow
QuintenBest: Nice!
FrostbiteCoyote: notice me senpai
MtDewit98: omg
bonemaunger127: cool
lazav101: nice
chesul: oh, fun
Gekyouryuu: me, please?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: old school I like it
DiscordianTokkan: Well, okay then
holysnapx: very nice
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TheMagicWalrus: ok
ChaoticObserver: Alright
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: ooh, randoms
Countjondi: nice
Bassigne: oooooh
WrightJustice: lrrWOW
InkyGhoast: what's the gift card for?
schwimmschik: lol
WrinnAndSix: ok
cknaack: give$50!
exerus16: lets roll those dice
Diabore: 1 of 1000 people
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Dumori: Give away $99 leave G* was $1
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Theycallmejokke: Random Chaos!
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ruscobrog: congrats!
thedragonlady: yay!!!
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dudeross2: congratulations
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joerivlimpt: congrats
Shragon: Congratz!
HGJRIK: nice
thundercat2000: YAY!
Dumori: Wow I am like 8seconds behind.
JakeKamas: Congratulations Dragon Lady!
AnimeKitty: Congrats!
richard_ermen: Ohmedeto!
3PlayerPolitics: gg
TXC2: congratulations thedragonlady
batpigboris13: Congrats
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swanky_pants20: 'grats drangon lady
turn1vampirenighthawk: congrats
ArchRequiemD: Congratulations
Atomskin: congrats!!
DwaginFodder: gz!!!
Gekyouryuu: well, fudge. guess I entered too soon
Elyahbeth: Congrats!
serramarkov: Congrats Dragon Lady!
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Wiliart: # I'm not random enough
alpha_lumare: Congrats
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maverickut: congrats
Philologia: Congrats!
CooBee: @thedragonlady grats! rooHug
devries_c: #cardkingdom
Redleafz: gratz!!
queenfounder: I had no idea that chat on the mobile was SO far behind
masterinferno47: noooo im to late
ThunderEarthFire: Congrats
DwaginFodder: mobile chat seems to be yeah queenfounder
Mr_Horrible: *I* had fun
RothonWylar: ooof missed it
FrostbiteCoyote: congrats
richard_ermen: You gave away money! Congratulations ^^
Theycallmejokke: that was fun
queenfounder: Or rather, the video is behind chat. I remember it only being like 5 seconds
Milambus: gave away some credit... legally distinct from money
FabledTrickster: Came in late. So how is the limited play like so far?
LemonOnRye: Battra PogChamp
DwaginFodder: so mods how much of a headache does the hashtag spam give yall
richard_ermen: Godjira-Cards ^^
Landgraft: farewell Zagoth deck
DiscordianTokkan: Creature - Bat
queirubanha: godzila shit
exerus16: Laser Moth!
richard_ermen: I so want to play this now too....=|
TXC2: DwaginFodder a lot :P
aerohydra: giveaway?
RassilonDND: human drafting in ikoria?! THE PROMISED LAND!
DiscordianTokkan: @aerohydra Already done
thundercat2000: oh
DwaginFodder: oh finally the english battra name
aerohydra: my b missed it
jkoon78076: it's like mtgo league
thedragonlady: <3 <3
Laserbeaks_Fury: Drafiting with humans, online? MADNESS
gallows_humor: video is lagging behind audio
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Today, isn't that everyone?
ShadyFayte: Is there enough players in the event to fill the 8 in a reasonable time?
cloud_nein_: Yes
gallows_humor: that way for anyone else?
BlightningHelix: Can you group up with specific people, or no?
LemonOnRye: A study suggest that 25-35% of americans are drinking while working at home. That might help with the headache 4Head
DwaginFodder: i dont think so blight
savorycookie: You don't play people from the same table, right?
RAZRBCK08: yea I saw it take about 2 minutes at most for Adam's queue to fire
DwaginFodder: correct savorycookie
STALKERsoldiers: I am seeing video behind audio as well
malc: James btw your camera video is behind audio again
TXC2: LemonOnRye I don't drink
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djalternative: it is a relatively small pool
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The_Cakemeister: You may or may not play against those at your table, @savorycookie
headless_joker: How is Ikoria
joerivlimpt: what do you think about the new GUI?
malc: a little but it's still off
gallows_humor: fixed now
radio_penguin: it helped. all synced now
gallows_humor: I also refreshed the stream though
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radio_penguin: I didn't refresh stream
CaptainEnder7: I have to say they’ve brought out real person drafts at just the right time.
malc: ah, sounds like the rest of the desync is on my end then
pixelatedspirits: how's ikoria so far?
djalternative: no. malc. you're correct
devsnazzy: wait, they're adding actual draft into arena? Sweet!
queenfounder: It would be a not-paper right for sure
gallows_humor: I wish that I could full screen arena, but I have an ultrawide monitor so it is disabled.
DJFedora: you draft as a pod but dont play against just your draft pod
FabledTrickster: Whats your favorite mechanic so far in the new set?
djalternative: James is about 1/2 a syllable off
3PlayerPolitics: so is it eye-koria not ee-koria?
falingard: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh... one more?
devsnazzy: that makes sense
notbehaving: you can change that in settings
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RechargeableFrenchman: Coming up on two years, and it's fitting to have a Magic stream for the anniversary since Magic is how I found you wonderful people initially.
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TXC2: 3PlayerPolitics I think so yes
gallows_humor: and I want to play PUBG again
Laserbeaks_Fury: Can you proliferate ability counters?
malc: iKoria
savorycookie: Ability counters seem really cool, I want to play with them in paper
freshmaker__: oops i stepped away right when the giveaway happened lol. grats to whoever won!
thundercat2000: fantasy words am I right?
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spleenlord: Oh no Godzilla!
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radio_penguin: I think it's pronounced Glouchester
FabledTrickster: That 3 mana 3/3 with the menace/lifelink/deathtouch options is pretty sweet.
tru_boredom: no it's eehkoria not eyekoria
TXC2: Laserbeaks_Fury yes, that does nothing though
Gekyouryuu: plot twist: ick-or-AYE-uh
3PlayerPolitics: ok tnx @txc2
Professor_Rakor: as someone fairly non-canadian...what does the "P" stand for?
Jogela: Last person is slow
alikaoz: Tezz best avatar
Mangledpixel: it's pronounced Throat Wobbler Mangrove
FabledTrickster: You can and there are some cards that let you move counters about.
thundercat2000: So is Godzilla a card in this set?
alikaoz: Kinda
Domidwarcer: @thundercat2000 Yes... ish
The_Cakemeister: Yes and no.
ForOhForError: Godzilla is *several* cards
RAZRBCK08: yes and no
Dumori: It’s an alt art
3PlayerPolitics: hey lord of the spleen, your spleen's on fire
gallows_humor: I want all of those promos
Genie_M: godzilla is flavor name
thundercat2000: weird...
seancplays1: Godzilla is an alt art for sevaral cards
gallows_humor: in paper
alikaoz: Someone went to piss and ruined the table
madman_across_the_water: My problem is that I will spend all of my time playing this set singing Blue Oyster Cult.
TheWarbo: there are three Godzilla cards (and I think two mechagodzilla nd also two spacegodzilla)
Mangledpixel: there are Toho monster alt-arts for a bunch of cards
WrightJustice: weird
Gekyouryuu: did they ever reveal a NON-godzilla version of the buy-a-box promo?
thundercat2000: timeout!
TXC2: Gekyouryuu nope
alikaoz: Kinda
younzable: monkaS
freshmaker__: it's just a style like the showcase frames were.
BlightningHelix: @Gekyouryuu No, they did not. The art exists but no card.
TheWarbo: Gekyouryuu I think they confirmed none exists
alikaoz: The art was shown
FabledTrickster: bottom of the page has all the alternate arts so far for godzilla.
WrightJustice: that final seat
Ukon_Cairns: godzilla king of the monsters is the buy a box promo, but its actually a zilortha, which is a card they didnt print miasShrug
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the_beardzilla: Quick sub before diving back into vod-land. Happy streaming.
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Dumori: All these folks getting a drink
gallows_humor: and we have a new way to troll
PhoenixMelior: Well i can tell this is going to be frustrating
richard_ermen: By word of James!
gallows_humor: I will in paper.
HPBraincase: The stakes have never been lower
The_Cakemeister: They left the option for non-Godzilla BAB, but have not acted on it.
BrookJustBones: farfinder?
HGJRIK: shark
stoleetech: windmill slam shark
falingard: fox!
limushil: shark
Mangledpixel: in paper, probably yes. Here? no
richard_ermen: Holy Crap that land Oo
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brieandbacon: How easily does James get distracted by subs...?
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TheWarbo: Pick porcuparrot, but the comic-art style. :-D
richard_ermen: It has all three land types Oo
TheWarbo: *buy
Jogela: p1p1 island Kappa
Gekyouryuu: triome makes it easier to be at least 2 colors?
Gekyouryuu: and it cycles?
seancplays1: grab that basic island
theleerm: porcuparrot looks fun
BrookJustBones: colorless fox
alikaoz: Farfinder maybe?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I think I like the shark
stoleetech: shaaaaaark
freshmaker__: fox good
Korlashheirtoblackblade: farfinder is deece too
ZeroArchaic: I'd pick triome or farfinder
Korlashheirtoblackblade: pack seems fairly weak overall
Lordofironstorm: Capridor!
Dumori: Flash shark?
alpha_lumare: Tickle shark?
FabledTrickster: grimdancer is a bomb
Mangledpixel: yeyeye
TXC2: Grimmdancer is legit
savorycookie: Ooo grimdancer
BloodyScythe: dancy dance
alikaoz: It does look diseased
ZeroArchaic: grimdnacer is op
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CyanMig: that grimdancer seems dece
savorycookie: I hear that guy dances grimly
exerus16: Busted
Milambus: Vampire ChoiceHawk?
FabledTrickster: if it doesn't see comp play i'll be surprised
drfox17: let's do the kathleen!
thundercat2000: I'm your grimdancer
BloodyScythe: is it dancing?
radio_penguin: dang now I want to draft
thundercat2000: grimdancer for money
WrightJustice: grimdancer is busted uncommon
Quaseymoto: Wait, is REAL draft in arena now?
freshmaker__: I think I've heard of lord tupperware but thats it
TXC2: you always pick menace with that right?
Quaseymoto: or is this just a special event
WrightJustice: it's real
richard_ermen: Whisper Squad is awesome if you can get several of them
TXC2: it's damn real
richard_ermen: Take Farfinder
BrookJustBones: five color fox deck
drfox17: monoblack?
alikaoz: We have real draft, yes
Korlashheirtoblackblade: go for blood or farfinder I think
Endless109: time to pick Whisper Squads!
theleerm: reflection? go into cycling?
Mangledpixel: Quaseymoto kinda both? This is a special event, showcasing the new human drafting
RAZRBCK08: it'll be available for the rest of us tomorrow along with Ikoria
maverickut: symbiote
savorycookie: The art on Unexpected Fangs is one of my favorites in the set. The guy getting bitten is just like 'whaaaa??'
stoleetech: go for blood
Lordofironstorm: Whisper Squad.dek?
The_Cakemeister: Real draft comes out with Ikoria, @Quaseymoto
punmaster10: fight
ZeroArchaic: traduzioni_mtg_ita translates short stories and lore to italian, they're a good italian content creator
alikaoz: I like the fangs
richard_ermen: Unlikely Aid is good for unexpected Indestructible
seancplays1: I like that basic plains
BlightningHelix: It's a bite, not a fight.
1qualcunaltro: If nothing excites, goes for the reliable farfinder
Quaseymoto: Thanks all for answers! Wow. maybe between that and at least temporary free brawl I may start sneaking back into arena
BlightningHelix: wiat no I'm dumb
Gekyouryuu: we can go for the Red/Black menace deck
alikaoz: very much a figt
Drimdort: This is a fight .
BlightningHelix: it is a fight
RechargeableFrenchman: @drfox17 and force Mono Black? that's still "the Kathleen" right? Since this isn't PPR sealed where "the Kathleen" is "open ALL the bombs"
TXC2: the green one is the bite
thedragonlady: Party100 Party100
richard_ermen: Unlikely Aid?
alikaoz: Raking Battle Fury?
1qualcunaltro: arrow is removal
rosstodon: Oh hey, I'm also watching someone else in your pod :P
FabledTrickster: footfall might be worth it
theleerm: double strike is solid
drfox17: @RechargeableFrenchman I dunno!
alikaoz: Likely aids
Gekyouryuu: I just noticed you have a glowing chest up top
ForOhForError: egg? unlikely!
Mr_Horrible: unlikely sofieEgg ?
richard_ermen: You´ll encounter Removal and Indestructible is good against it
The_Cakemeister: Also, 1 free draft ticket and all drafts come with a Godzilla style for the first two(?) weeks. @Quaseymoto
Drimdort: Leech seems good
BrookJustBones: dead weight
savorycookie: Dead weight, or wiggly dead weight
punmaster10: weight
Lordofironstorm: Super Menace!
CyanMig: double menace
TXC2: Menace man!
theleerm: hell yeah
Gekyouryuu: red/black menace deck!
HGJRIK: go menace
alikaoz: Forest!
Gekyouryuu: I called it!
Genderi: Hey james, hey chat, how goes the PPR :)
Endless109: awooobonder
adambomb625: Now Grimdancer kills 3 creatures
tru_boredom: now all we need is the menace dinosaur
drfox17: blood circus?
Gekyouryuu: it's all coming together!
Drimdort: Menace. Menace
ShadyFayte: Supermenace
SolarBlitz1: Giganto Menachey
elah806: Does........does menace stack?
RobocracyNow: Menace tribal is so sweet in this.
punmaster10: ye
TXC2: hello Genderi this isn't the PPR
alpha_lumare: lrrPAUL
richard_ermen: Menace doesn´t stack
Mr_Horrible: I think dead weight is better, but don't count out the leech
Endless109: here comes the Menache deck
drfox17: or just that rakdos diner from that D&D game?
elah806: That would be Quite Bonkers if menace stacked
TXC2: richard_ermen it makes menace need 3 blockers
Lordofironstorm: Supermenace is my INXS cover band
richard_ermen: Mena'Che´z
theleerm: scorpion is straight gas
JustAnotherMuffin: Oh we have drafting with actual pods now? Baller
richard_ermen: @TXC2 Wait what?? That doesn´t sound right Oo
TXC2: I'm pumped for the menace deck
Korlashheirtoblackblade: I like the 3/3 white creature
polis_kps: land
HPBraincase: lrrGOAT_SG
Korlashheirtoblackblade: white seems open
savorycookie: White seems open?
BrookJustBones: land
elah806: Oooh, whip sound effect
TXC2: richard_ermen it's what the card does
TXC2: not more counters :P
richard_ermen: @TXC2 702.110c - Multiple Instances of Menace on a creature are redundant
Genderi: the black bears with upside look just fine
elah806: Oh my god, Heightend Reflexes is like everything Aspect of Manticore wished it was
richard_ermen: You mean can´t be blocked by less than 2 creatures
thundercat2000: wait first strike as a
seancplays1: Ooh, a basic island, that is easy pick
The_Cakemeister: !card sonorous howlbonder
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
punmaster10: we need high. drops
Drimdort: Sonorous Howlbonder makes menace require 3 blockers
adambomb625: Needs more removal Kappa
TXC2: richard_ermen no I meant the card howlbonder makes menace need 3 blockers
richard_ermen: This needs CardDraw ^^
Drimdort: Just for those who don't know
Gekyouryuu: pack 2 and 3 are where high drops live
freshmaker__: just open the orzhov catr that companions for low drops
chaostreader: @richard_ermen The hybrid mana card we have has an ability to make Menace better.
freshmaker__: cat*
TXC2: I may have misspoke before
theleerm: how strong do you think mutate is so far?
Jogela: Just add an Embercleave and we will on turn 4 every game
richard_ermen: @TXC2 Ohh. did not see that
limushil: fangs
Lordofironstorm: Now fangs
Genderi: bears: they're good
richard_ermen: Whisper Squad :D
OrangeBeard: Seems like a 2-2 for 2 kind of deck
savorycookie: Whisper Squad + mutual destruction = infinite value
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Vandred921: Hey James!
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queenfounder: I think the arrow graphics to show the direction we’re passing could be nicer
Mr_Horrible: if we *do* wind up with a lot of menace, unlikely aid is pretty solid for us
Gekyouryuu: someday I wanna see someone TRY to make a whisper squad deck, only to get them all out, then lose to a blazing volley
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TXC2: Stream will go offline right James?
falingard: sleeper dart is a sleeper hit
freshmaker__: hmm until now ive never thought about what happens if you try and start a stream on another computer while one is runnng.
freshmaker__: running*
elah806: Y I K E S
lazav101: yes!!!!!
ForOhForError: yeaaaaaaaaaah
someusername5: low mana curve it is then
Drimdort: Take
Mr_Horrible: hmm, cmc 3 or less I wonder if we have any of those OpieOP
notbehaving: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Don't know if it was mentioned, but you can change it to keep playingsound in the backround in settings
Rogue_07: It's *total* 3, not 2 worth 3 each.
Drimdort: This entire deck is literally just 3> mana
FabledTrickster: bring back grimdancer and howlbonder
adambomb625: Give grimdancer double deathtouch and double menace LUL
Mr_Horrible: ah, makes sense
Milambus: TIMER
exerus16: I see black rare
lazav101: yes
theleerm: go for that yeah
sturben222: What u building?
sh0tekk: Pog
Earthenone: menace rare you say...
savorycookie: Noice
drfox17: wait, what's the death weller do?
ShadyFayte: Fire prophecy tho
lazav101: this deck...
savorycookie: 3 mana menace creature...... do we take it?
exerus16: scary stuff
theleerm: this is solid aggro like totally
Genie_M: it's 3+0, 1+2...
seancplays1: at this point I will feel betrayed if something 4 cmc or higher is picked
lazav101: is either really busted, or absolute garbage
TXC2: I feel like it's a trap card
chaostreader: @drfox17 enters with 2 of lifelink, deathtouch and menace
elah806: This is my first really extensive exposure to Ikoria and woof this set is powerful
theleerm: nope, too late for Kudro
FabledTrickster: you can fight
exerus16: pass
limushil: that's a great card but I don't think we can support it
savorycookie: You have the black/white dual, right?
Yedraw: we're not that red
radio_penguin: huh its bismark
Dumori: I feel like with removal and our deck it’ll be brutal
kirbytronic: Putting the aggro inIkoria
BrookJustBones: take the mythic, just in case
drfox17: @chaostreader was trying to see if it's 2, or two with a total cmc
TXC2: radio_penguin it really is isn't it
DwaginFodder: splaash kudro
TillianSwoard: could pivot
Wiliart: How many humans do you have?
limushil: you have to get humans though
Gekyouryuu: it IS only pack 2
lazav101: just take the general, at the least you ae cutting someone off
Gekyouryuu: you MIGHT get more humans
tru_boredom: All we need right now is the menace dinosaur and this deck is absurd
DwaginFodder: just splash the kudro, mardu is very supported
orellien2773: whites been open
Axenbolt2: mardu is a supported archetype
adambomb625: First strike + deathtouch
BrookJustBones: doubles top of curve
elah806: Looks Like Some Sort of Sactuary Slam
The_Cakemeister: A six-drop?
limushil: you can always cut it
The_Cakemeister: What is that nonsense
Earthenone: its a 3 mana combat trick, not a 6 drop
3PlayerPolitics: wark
arrowgrut: nice curv
thundercat2000: but never 5
lazav101: this curve
lazav101: lol
Dumori: Has a combat trick if you cycle so.
Mr_Horrible: look I'm a simple feller, only got 1 rule: I see a sanctuary, you're darn tootin' I'm gon smash it
chaostreader: @drfox17 Oh. I thought it was grimdancer, whoops. It’s total cmc 3.
RassilonDND: cool you can see how many pack pile up on your right/lef
BlightningHelix: Alternatively, just hope for that Rakdos companion
DwaginFodder: mythic passed in p2 PogChamp
Axenbolt2: I said yep
Dread_Pirate_Westley: 6? That's a 3 drop that puts a first strike counter on a creature and draws a card.
BlightningHelix: Since he's all about that odd cmc
savorycookie: Does the timer speed up if you're holding multiple packs?
seancplays1: it's not a 6 mana creature, its a 3 mana instant
OrangeBeard: Maybe just put the 6-drop in the 3 column and call it a day
RassilonDND: bargain
lazav101: commando
limushil: commando
Nydestroyer: but two humans
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: You can't un-cut a pumpkin.
Wiliart: commando, works with the general
Earthenone: commmando seems like what this deck wants to do
QuantumTwitch: This is a nice way to draft
orellien2773: coward :D
limushil: you need humans though
falingard: bark dargain
3PlayerPolitics: bark dargin!
TXC2: bargle not with yargle
lazav101: !advice
LRRbot: Never drink sea water, even mixed with fresh water.
BloodyScythe: the gurl was qt tho
DwaginFodder: human!
ForOhForError: Bark Dargain's Dark Bargain?
MagnusCarter: Opponent, I've Come to Bargain
HPBraincase: I suspect the person you are passing to is AFK
Bluedevyl: Bark Dargain's House Of Bargains
3PlayerPolitics: :D
TXC2: #LeanBack
Super_Sophomoric: Thats clean livin
lazav101: commando
lazav101: deadeye
DwaginFodder: leanbacklifestyle
limushil: take it
Super_Sophomoric: and human
PolyChrome27: deadeye
theleerm: deadeye is very strong
limushil: deadeye
seancplays1: deadeye is pretty good
RassilonDND: a lot of good black here
tru_boredom: especially in a menace deck
whynaught333: !puptime
Jogela: 5 packs are stuck on James' right
Milambus: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:52:43.
Bluedevyl: how was the first draft? Did it feel smooth?
chaostreader: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:09:20. lrrSPOT
RassilonDND: now if only we could wish in gary
lazav101: *third draft
lazav101: not second
Earthenone: mono black splashing kudro right? :P
seancplays1: !advice
LRRbot: Make it on fire.
TXC2: 2nd draft, we did a sealed
OrangeBeard: Light red for the cycling cards?
Milambus: draft, sealed, draft
RassilonDND: is it wrong that I want to double que drafts when they get out?
chaostreader: @lazav101 Second. One was a sealed pool.
lazav101: boros, then yoron, then this
makrostrim: Human Draft is super cool
makrostrim: Very excited its finally in the game
lazav101: ah
Super_Sophomoric: is this real drafting a thing that will stick around?
lazav101: k
alikaoz: Scorpion Tribal
Zengor: yes real draft is just a thing now in arena
drfox17: 3 scorpions
malc: ooh! posts!
3PlayerPolitics: tomorrow, tomorrow! i love ya, tamorrow!
Rogue_07: What's the plan for FNPF?
alikaoz: Someone is being a bottleneck
HPBraincase: Wasn't one of the Un-Sets a Post-Pre-Release? =P
Rogue_07: gabyWow
TXC2: HPBraincase indeed it was
joerivlimpt: and what is the program for post prerelease?
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information:
chaostreader: @hpbraincase UnStable.
djalternative: Technically Unstable was Post Prerelease aswell
queenfounder: Pre-pre-re-release I think for unstable
Super_Sophomoric: @Zengor sweet!
zipfool: lrrCHKN
Wiliart: land for fixing?
makrostrim: Back for more tamGasm
joerivlimpt: thanks @TXC2
adambomb625: We barely have any 4+
alikaoz: Commando?
BrookJustBones: rumbling rockslide?
RassilonDND: rockslide seems fine
lazav101: whisperer
HPBraincase: Whisperer fits the Menace theme
theleerm: whisperer
Genderi: there's also the land
Jogela: ´Land maybe
stoleetech: tentative connection for the menace tribal
seancplays1: I suggest the card that does things
ContingentCat: isn
drfox17: Cavern Whisper/careless whisper mp3
OrangeBeard: Is your highest power 3?
exerus16: Pangolin!
PolyChrome27: deadeye!
RassilonDND: a mysterious egg for these trying times?
tru_boredom: wilds?
HPBraincase: Its not a great card, but I *love* Gloom Pangolin on principle
spleenlord: egg?
makrostrim: Not picking the Ultimatum that isn't in our colours? smh
3PlayerPolitics: aww he soo gloomfull
alikaoz: Is this Rackdos or Mardu?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: what's our fixing like? wilds might be necessary if we're playing 3 colours
limushil: deadeye?
eugde: Pangolin with a deathtouch counter sounds quite nice tho
exerus16: Pivot Temur
Super_Sophomoric: holy genesis ultimatum. Not in this instance but dang that card is nuts
The_Cakemeister: Ultimatum has one color.
lazav101: lrrSACK
Earthenone: call 2!
lazav101: lucky
seancplays1: Call
The_Cakemeister: Call
Axenbolt2: call
lazav101: call
theleerm: call
Earthenone: call is so good here
WrinnAndSix: call
RassilonDND: call
adambomb625: fold
savorycookie: All in call in
yuvalitohi: call
drfox17: call and redail
TXC2: raise
Earthenone: imagine 3 scorpions
Dumori: Call
RassilonDND: that easy prey card looks like its killing a murloc
alikaoz: Call of the Winnies
theleerm: easy pray might come back
seancplays1: your deck has 2 card that are above 3 cmc
jayski1983: whats your option to deal with flying?
Gekyouryuu: oh, hey, Lightning Felix!
headless_joker: Call
arrowgrut: call call all the way
savorycookie: Call can return infinite tokens Kappa
Jogela: What is the creature curve?
Pyroxx___: thundermane
Axenbolt2: curve?
62MGcobra: go big or go home... oh wait
drfox17: something heavy?
Masslost: lava has cycling which can be fixing
theleerm: careless whisperer
limushil: serpent?
Axenbolt2: serpent?
OrangeBeard: Geez, triple dead weight deck seems strong
RassilonDND: dead weight
alikaoz: Crystal
Wiliart: serpent for lategame?
drfox17: 10s
Korlashheirtoblackblade: don't hate another whisperer
joerivlimpt: would you say a tricolor deck is smart in Ikoria draft?
headless_joker: Whisper
alikaoz: Tactics!
Axenbolt2: dire tactics
Pyroxx___: tactics
Jogela: Dire?
Super_Sophomoric: dire tactics
BrookJustBones: tactics is dece
Earthenone: wow
Axenbolt2: it's just good
lazav101: dire tactics
seancplays1: you are already in the colors
Dread_Pirate_Westley: 'course not. That player drafted all of them. None left for anyone else today.
alikaoz: Mardu it up!
zerodividesbyyou: what does kudro do?
Earthenone: whelp
alikaoz: Again!
ShadyFayte: Suiceide tactics PogChamp
Countjondi: it's like a better more flexible final price and that card was gas in Allegiance
BrookJustBones: run it back
Axenbolt2: you wanted some removal?
Mangledpixel: Dire Tictacs
Axenbolt2: there it is
Jogela: We are Mar-du-ing it
savorycookie: Kudro pumps humans and lets you sac 2 humans to destroy a creature
alikaoz: Time to Attack on Titan the behemoths
Earthenone: flash bear seems good in black white... :)
TillianSwoard: its a human and is more black
OrangeBeard: Are we black-white splashing red now?
Countjondi: unexpected fangs looks cool
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Having a good number of 1 & 2 drops is good for Call of the Death-Dweller, too.
someusername5: moist mardu
ShadyFayte: LUL
CyanMig: phew
BrookJustBones: land
Jogela: land
seancplays1: land
Axenbolt2: caves
62MGcobra: elfunkDab
WrinnAndSix: caves
TXC2: more du
lazav101: commando?
Drimdort: slightly wet mardu
Masslost: caves
QuantumTwitch: caves
manfred909: gotta think fast
alikaoz: always highlight something deecee in case you time out
Dumori: Caves
Landgraft: mardu? this is clearly Savai
Gekyouryuu: was gonna say we have menace stuff for that connections card, but too late now
62MGcobra: that is a late draft pivot
someusername5: but then you need an uncomfortable word for blue that starts with s for the alliteration
BrookJustBones: we bloody orzhov now
Caleb_Leisenring: Cut red right
alikaoz: Someone forgot what 4 of the same removal did
MagnusCarter: Mardu ?
Jazaman: slightly sodden savai
RassilonDND: we could cut most of the red and splash some red late game
arrowgrut: not enough humans
Earthenone: we are now 1800's newspaper colors, black, white and red all over
Dumori: Mardu Menace
seancplays1: Are we hot orzhov or are we glowing rakdos
Landgraft: I like soggy Savai
someusername5: soggy is a good word
falingard: sergeant in the sideboard
TillianSwoard: perimeter seargent is in your board
alikaoz: Bring in the Serge
savorycookie: Is the 3/2 human worth it since you have Kudro?
BrookJustBones: black white dual land?
tru_boredom: none of them have menace so no
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The only red card worth considering is the fight card.
TophTheHermit: Wonder what happens if you go AFK during a draft and don't answer the "Are you still there?" prompt. Do they just keep picking random cards or kick you out?
DaCardCzar: Sanctuary smasher is 3 mana cycle for first stike counter?
arrowgrut: sleeper dart take out
Zengor: patagla tiger?
Axenbolt2: I think you need the seargant
Earthenone: divine arrow might be worth cutting we have so much good removal do we need a sitational one?
alikaoz: take off the tiger and the arrow, add humans
Dyllbert: 17 lands, or cut down t o16?
chaostreader: Remove one copy of Dance?
savorycookie: Coilbug for the 2 drop?
OrangeBeard: Splash for red cycling cards maybe?
LackingSanity_: go for blood is a pretty easy splash because you can always cycle it if you dont hit the rb dual
iserguy: drop the Cavern Whisperer?
OrangeBeard: Fight with all the deathtouch?
Garfman314: i'm curious about this set. i kinda wanna try a mutate deck
Garfman314: also, hi everyone
Caleb_Leisenring: Why cut divine arrow
Ctabbe: Add the bug and lose the whisperer would be my call
limushil: seems dece
stoleetech: more swamps
TXC2: hello Garfman314 welcome
Draken03: not many creature at 2
stoleetech: lots of double black pips
lazav101: never thought I would see slightly bloody orzhov menace
BrookJustBones: how good is call of the theath dweller with 1 onedrop and 1 two drop
savorycookie: I think Bug can replace Scorpion
Caleb_Leisenring: Cut aid for arrow
wandering_rootwalla: I would cut the scorpion beffore Divine Arrow
stoleetech: :+1:
DaCardCzar: Is dead weight better than divine arrow?
Drimdort: slightly boros black
KCazduke: Is this the Lair That Is Full Of Behemoths?
OrangeBeard: What does the scorpion do?
TillianSwoard: scorpion is not great
CyberCypher: Are we using fancy lands?
Drimdort: Scorpion deals 2 when it dies
RassilonDND: i would cut aid for scorp
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Landgraft: multiple Scorpions with the dance would have been so cute
KCazduke: But the Aid shall give you protection from the the many, many, many, many behemoths that may attack you!
savorycookie: Scorpion + Dance is the hot meme
Dumori: We can bring back trash with death touch too.
alikaoz: If you need a ball of scorpions to kill someone, your scorpions are bad.
Dyllbert: I assume you don't play in your pad right, like mtgo?
Dyllbert: pod*
KCazduke: Is James a Mardu, Abzan, or Sultai player?
Axenbolt2: destruction
BrookJustBones: mutual
RassilonDND: mutual destruction
Lordofironstorm: destruction
Draken03: destruction
alikaoz: Mutual, needs too much rn
Jogela: No creatures to sac
savorycookie: Destruction, you only have 1 creature
TXC2: mutual
zelohir: mutual
OrangeBeard: Do we even need three lands here?..
CreedSukai: mutual
adambomb625: destruction, we only have the one creature to sac
jayski1983: mutual as no creature
Draken03: Only 1 creature in hand
Lordofironstorm: You don't want to sac early
KCazduke: The one that requires a 2-1 on yourself
savorycookie: They have Lutri lol
DwaginFodder: destruction gies
DwaginFodder: *goes
Drimdort: Oh hey, it's the Commander banned one
seancplays1: He managed a singleton draft? nice
KCazduke: This field is quite menacing!
BlightningHelix: @seancplays1 might've gotten Lutri early and went for it specifically
Draken03: @seancplays1 drafting singleton is the easiest xd
gnome_friend: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (It's time for CTS. The Crew plays online games and does a friendship! Game: Totally Reliable Delivery Service) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (4:22 from now).
KCazduke: The Finder of Things Far!
seancplays1: @BlightningHelix probably
Landgraft: I'm putting Lutri in a commander deck because Clamilton isn't legal anyway
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Bounce the baseballs with your face.
lazav101: time to mine again
Zengor: i really lke the way creatures look on the field now
alikaoz: This will be great
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It has reach.
Draken03: welp there goes the divine arrow target?
KCazduke: The Piercer of the Clouds!
savorycookie: It dies to divine arrow
jonasjonIV: if only you had some sort of...arrow
Axenbolt2: arrow
RassilonDND: we could wait to see if he mutates
seancplays1: dies to arrow
BrookJustBones: arrow works
KCazduke: The Arrow that is Divine may help you!
Axenbolt2: instant
TXC2: I would not block here
KCazduke: Commence the games of the mind!
Axenbolt2: wait
alikaoz: keep removal open
BrookJustBones: use arrow when they attack
Dyllbert: That attack was pretty telegraphed that you had something
Pyroxx___: when they attack
KCazduke: Shoot it now
Drimdort: 2 damage then
savorycookie: Seems like 3 color draft decks are very doable
Ryavis: dire tactics it!
Gekyouryuu: tactics?
someusername5: shoot it now, or dire tactics after done
Wiliart: these are dire times
Korlashheirtoblackblade: should be 1
arrowgrut: no
BrookJustBones: then they do get a parrot
QuantumTwitch: yes
iserguy: if you do the other oomes into play still
punmaster10: one
Roashrak: he still gets the porcupine
punmaster10: no
Jogela: That was loud
Ivannorr: It would deal 1
seancplays1: still dies to arrow
TXC2: surely kill when they tap it
arrowgrut: they still get parrot
Zengor: if you don't do it now they get a chance to activate the ability
alikaoz: It was already mutated
noSmokeFire: it mutated on to the farfinder, chat
OrangeBeard: They would be able to ping for 2
savorycookie: The cloudpiercer already mutated onto a creature, it would have mutated twice
Dumori: Would deal 2 it’s mutating in to a mutated creature.
Dyllbert: !card porcuparrot
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
KCazduke: O.O SWOLE
Ivannorr: It would only have mutated once
alikaoz: Humans!
the_bananarchist: oops all removal
BrookJustBones: pivot payed off
Axenbolt2: gg"s?
iserguy: no such thing as too much removal!
OrangeBeard: If its a pile of three cards, it has always mutaded two times, no matter when a specific card joined the pile
hannibal551: WIth all this removal it just never seems worth it to mutate
KCazduke: What
Jogela: wt
62MGcobra: is this best of 3?
Lordofironstorm: Oof, just hardcast Yidaro
Jogela: Game is rigged
ShadyFayte: Turtle time
Draken03: Well there goes dire tactics
thedragonlady: Aww love that turtle...
tru_boredom: the speedturtle
KCazduke: The swolest boi
RassilonDND: what a big boy in tactics range
Axenbolt2: watch him flunge
thedragonlady: there it is
Drimdort: Large man in dire tactics range
Draken03: that OPP deck is quite something omg
WaywornCypress: Welcome to Thunderdome, opponent
Axenbolt2: GG
DaCardCzar: didnt matter
seancplays1: GG
Drimdort: gg
KCazduke: Game, set, match.
codl_: gg
Zengor: the dire tactics artwork is very appropriate
lazav101: gg
Lordofironstorm: Gottem!
savorycookie: Nice
alikaoz: Mankind Hunited!
jonasjonIV: style
Drimdort: get bopped
DRMagnify: Landing the howler on 3 is so brutal
KCazduke: What Godzilla card did you get James?
Drimdort: Gidorah
Landgraft: so glad they made bo1 draft available
The_Cakemeister: battra from this
lazav101: the bat and something else
Draken03: howler on three
exerus16: Laser Moth
KCazduke: What Godzilla monster would you want a foil copy of, James?
alikaoz: Wasn't it Gidorah, King of the Cosmos?
Drimdort: ^
savorycookie: Can you do human drafting in bo3?
The_Cakemeister: yes
TXC2: too bad this costs twice as much as a normal draft :P
elah806: I am happy with the robust quantity and quality of beards in this set's art thus far
alikaoz: Only humans in Bo3
TheAwkes: And Destoroyah in the first draft.
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MusicMagic: Sneaking a peek at LRRkoria while I'm at work (shh ... don't tell). Thanks for 32 months of being the bee's knees, y'all!
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quirkygecko: I think I’m addicted to playing control in the cube on arena
djalternative: Bo3 is being converted to humans only. No bot Bo3 anymore
savorycookie: Ohh interesting
KCazduke: Wind Drake is now a white squirrel.
The_Cakemeister: Check the arena state of the game update
Mr_Horrible: dire tactics seems like a bonkers uncommon, even if you don't have a lot of humnas
Mr_Horrible: *humans
DwaginFodder: ikoLRRa
KCazduke: The Mentor that bashes horns?
Lordofironstorm: ok, kill that
alikaoz: Mutual it for a 2x2
Zengor: sad mentor for no value
Axenbolt2: tiger
elah806: I cleaned up a couple of Arena Cube drafts but I think it's more representative of my performance in it that for my very final go at it today I pulled Psychic Corrosion and Patient Rebuilding and tried (and failed spectacularly) to make some kind of mill pile
Draken03: face is the place
TXC2: dire tactics is gonna kill so meany of my things in stadard
alikaoz: Scorpion works, right?
Draken03: just tiger
noSmokeFire: mutual off the scorpion is a nice bit of value
Dyllbert: mutal the mentor, deal two to the kinnman?
KCazduke: Mutual Destruction, sac scorpion?
TillianSwoard: remember you have menace 3
iserguy: kill it
arrowgrut: kill it !!!!!
seancplays1: can'y you mutual destruction to kill them both with scorpian
Dyllbert: or is the scorpion only to the face?
62MGcobra: bye bye
otws: he has 7 mana next turn if he has a card in hand
otws: *land
noSmokeFire: scorpion drains, it's not a ping
savorycookie: Scorpion only goes face
arrowgrut: mutual sac scorpian
alikaoz: "This is fine"
seancplays1: Ah ok
Earthenone: next turn you can remove whatever they ramp into
iSmartMan1: I'd say tiger for now, then mutual next turn. They're still 2 away from activating their mythic
alikaoz: 1
Axenbolt2: what does scrop do?
Zengor: it doubles the mana the mana rock produces
Micsig: stone taps for two
Zengor: so they only needed 1 more land
savorycookie: Scorpion is a 1/2 that drains for 2 when it dies
arrowgrut: yes they can
iserguy: if they had a land drop they could have
Axenbolt2: yeah but is scorp any target?
alikaoz: Must kill now
KCazduke: The Weight That Deadens!
savorycookie: Nope, scorp is just opponent
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sk8sam24: Any thoughts so far on the new set? Likes/dislikes?
noSmokeFire: not saccing the capture sphered cat?
arrowgrut: !spoiler kinnan
Jogela: Not the captured tiger?
alikaoz: Tiger would have been better, right?
BrookJustBones: should you have acced the tiger?
Drimdort: *yaaaayy*
KCazduke: Oops all Removal
savorycookie: Whoops
BrookJustBones: oops all removal
Axenbolt2: oops all removal.dec
Lordofironstorm: OP just playing pokemon over here
codyfoti1999: What’s the downside to that removal?
lazav101: oops all removal
Lordofironstorm: capturing all our stuff
alikaoz: dead that asasp
tru_boredom: at least you can remove whatever they get
TXC2: "I have 12 x removals!"
DwaginFodder: nice
djalternative: no one gets to have fun
Earthenone: total of 3 cmc
drfox17: reaaaad
Axenbolt2: total cmc 3
Mr_Horrible: oh right, it's total 3 or less
Drimdort: oh.
TillianSwoard: a 3 or a 1 and 2 or 1 and 1
seancplays1: its still pretty good
Mr_Horrible: still good, not busted, ah well
Earthenone: still flying deathtocuh menace
tru_boredom: still sweet
Draken03: Flying menace
exerus16: But it gets both counters
Axenbolt2: flying menace?
punmaster10: still strong
KCazduke: Now you get first strike menace deathtouch
the_bananarchist: flying menace deathtouch
yamahako: First Strike Deathtouch though....
Shoki_Donai: The most terrifying squirrel
Drimdort: Can never be blocked lol
Earthenone: and its tripple menace
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And Menace is still Menace 3.
yamahako: And it has triple menace
Axenbolt2: menace x3 still
the_bananarchist: and has triple menace from sonorous
Mr_Horrible: I do like that it gets menace and deathtouch if you just rez one critter
Zengor: LUL
ShadyFayte: Super menace
savorycookie: Wowww
lazav101: that is a scary squirel
DaCardCzar: Flying, SuperMenace Deathtouch nightmare squirrel
the_bananarchist: they need 3 flyers to block it lol
alikaoz: Nightmare Squirrel
jayski1983: should have deadweighted your own then brought that back
Nydestroyer: rip not going first strike
OrangeBeard: Oh, first strike tripple menace and deathtouch seems dece
Mr_Horrible: Oh no it's Shin Godzilla!
corylus22: it could have been first strike deathtouch menae
exerus16: should have picked first strike
noSmokeFire: do we win the race if we just dead weight it?
DwaginFodder: squirrel just reads unblockable now
Countjondi: deathtouch lifelink sign me up
TXC2: that's terrible for us right now
Mr_Horrible: he's gonna look so creepy by the end of this game!
jonasjonIV: dead weight it to win the race
punmaster10: eaz w
Derthon: godzilla came on board and stream crashed
Drimdort: Just win the race
KCazduke: GOJIRA
Nydestroyer: oh no death touch trample
iserguy: woo
Axenbolt2: GG
Dumori: We still have tripple menace now.
tru_boredom: deck is so sweet
RedRaptor: One more?
alikaoz: How to beat Godzilla: A single squirrel
exerus16: Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
DwaginFodder: shin godzillas hungry
nanostul: And then - the control matchup....
reallynotskyve: you're so sweet
TillianSwoard: that human exile card is stupid
Lithobraker: How goes MTG: monster Hunter?
TillianSwoard: those colors are swarming with humans
alikaoz: Strangely great. Humans are sweeping the table
drfox17: curse
Dumori: A deck to defeat Godzilla
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I perfer to think we make that heart palpitate when we follow.
punmaster10: no
seancplays1: but what if you dont hit your land drops
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deathrite_sharkman: Woot! New cards?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, deathrite_sharkman! (Today's storm count: 93)
Axenbolt2: A deck to surpass metal gear
glenjamjn: Draft or sealed?
lazav101: is this insect tribal I see?!?
DerUser94: Punch-a-Chunk in MTGA?!
chaostreader: @glenjamjn draft
alikaoz: BUG deck?
seancplays1: Oh man the value
Draken03: Walue
Shoki_Donai: Nice!
TXC2: Poggers
punmaster10: walue
SohNata: What a nightmare!
lazav101: wow
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Detonate the fluid sacs.
Wiliart: #Valuetown
Landgraft: boom got 'em
exerus16: How this card was ment to be played
chaostreader: What does deadeye do?
TXC2: ah yes the S teir Mutate card
Axenbolt2: GG
lazav101: gg
seancplays1: GG
drfox17: that was quick
thedragonlady: Woo!
tru_boredom: one more game James?
noSmokeFire: destroys a creature that was dealt damage that turn, @chaostreader
Wolfstrike_NL: 1 more, this almost wasn't a game :P ?
alikaoz: Humanless Humans wins anyways
62MGcobra: 3-0
Landgraft: to the shadow realm
Earthenone: deadeye destroys a creature that was delt damage, and has flash
Drimdort: gee gee
DwaginFodder: gottim
TillianSwoard: @chaostreader 4/2 flash destroy creature dealt damage this turn
Draken03: One more, just one more
Axenbolt2: This isn't a humans deck, it's a bonder deck
Draken03: and another
Draken03: Oh and another
TXC2: uno mas
tru_boredom: we have to bully him to play this deck
Natedogg2: Uno mas!
djalternative: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow!
drfox17: Uuuuuhhhh ... One More?
BrookJustBones: you can 7-0 in 5 minutes with this deck
SoulEater50210: Juan more
alex_they_cryptid: this set looks amazing
alikaoz: Por favor, juega uno más! El anterior no contó!
DwaginFodder: 1more lrrSIGNAL
exerus16: pure value
Dyllbert: ugh
tru_boredom: what a ridiculous hand
Earthenone: guess you win
Zengor: yesss
seancplays1: this poor man
savorycookie: nice lol
Draken03: Kreygasm
Mithgar: TheManaLeek says hello
Dumori: Wow this hand.
exerus16: Magic as it was intended
Dyllbert: that was gross. Especially knowing what we have in our had n to back it up
Shoki_Donai: Victory incoming
punmaster10: busted
Earthenone: if they kill it, you can get it back
Earthenone: stronger
tru_boredom: and you can get it back with dance for full disgustingness
tru_boredom: dire
noSmokeFire: Tactics is even :P
BrookJustBones: tactics kills it
seancplays1: kill it
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Dire tactics sure does have an even CMC.
DwaginFodder: wow i might vomit this is nasty
iserguy: man, for whatever reason when seeing that card in the spoilers I never thought of the possibility of playing it on an empty board
Dumori: And we get it back with deathtouch.
punmaster10: picked the wrong number fool
savorycookie: Tactics is an instant
noSmokeFire: tactics is an instant, but this way we can attack
TillianSwoard: you also lose 3 if they attack so its even trade
Hafglop: He picked odd when he can't block menace. That's odd.
savorycookie: Our critter has menace
Lordofironstorm: Removal.dek
Wolfstrike_NL: No James :P
djalternative: sometimes the correct time to play an instant is on your main phase while your opponent is tapped out
TXC2: yes, yes you should
exerus16: No, feel powerful
Hafglop: Is this limited or constructed?
theleerm: nightmare squirrel
Ukon_Cairns: nah, feeling bad is what we do to opponents, not ourselves
WotC_LeeSharpe: Hey James. Enjoying Player Draft? :)
madman_across_the_water: Feeling bad is for bad people.
OrangeBeard: Feel bad? For opponent? Never!
btd5player: limited
gnome_friend: sergeHi @WotC_LeeSharpe
Earthenone: how does 3 mana 4/5 menace compare to 3 mana 7/7?
DwaginFodder: so ruuude
Lithobraker: Are we playing 9 x removals .dek?
iserguy: Call it!
alikaoz: like 12
Hafglop: I think 7/7 wins because it has secret keyword "biggest creature on the battlefield"
btd5player: Awesome!
iserguy: this deck is rude
Zengor: oh my god this game
Lordofironstorm: Absolutely ruined
historyman_admu: It's a really good deck!
WotC_LeeSharpe: hi @gnome_friend
Natedogg2: Hiya Lee
SohNata: So James, how does it feel to break the format on day one?
Desruprot: removal.dec tends to be good
punmaster10: sike you thought
CastleOtranto: What? 12x removals?
sk8sam24: This set looks real fun!
62MGcobra: Cams new fave control deck
sk8sam24: excited for tomorrow
Landgraft: He's gone mad with power and it's
WotC_LeeSharpe: hey hey
savorycookie: Nice
DragonCreator30: rip the mana leek
Axenbolt2: you don't even need to
tru_boredom: I love how disgusting this deck is
queenfounder: What’s it like James? To have all the answers
Shoki_Donai: Denied
Draken03: ? No need to
Hafglop: LOLLLL
Axenbolt2: GG
hawkfalcon8: Hey everyone! lrrHEART
jonasjonIV: wow
Draken03: One more?
gnome_friend: sergeHi @hawkfalcon8
ShadyFayte: Good lucking blocking 2 menace creatures
TXC2: hello hawkfalcon8 welcome
ihlendrax: Vile. I love it.
Wolfstrike_NL: gg
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hawkeye437: how has it been 19 months already?!
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Dyllbert: Gross
Draken03: Uno mas?
Lithobraker: Jump off a deadlift.dek
exerus16: Cast it with no targets, just because you can
radio_penguin: this is just brutal
Earthenone: interactive game of magic!
stormcrowascending: Wooo!
alikaoz: RIP-ed him apart
punmaster10: bruh
Wiliart: This deck is dirty.
DwaginFodder: ded
Arimus221: So call is going into rakdos sac right? like 100%
tru_boredom: this deck is so gross
kais58: we have time for another
TillianSwoard: This is so bonkers
historyman_admu: is the deck still undefeated?
stormcrowascending: Nice one James!
Lithobraker: Jump off a seacliff .dek
TXC2: Arimus221 probably
Wolfstrike_NL: 4-0 now
STALKERsoldiers: That is beyond gross
drfox17: Animal Crossing New Horizons Applause .gif
STALKERsoldiers: Love that deck
TheManaLeek: @loadingreadyrun Ow my bones.
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
thedragonlady: ShowLove100 Thanks again James, always fun to watch your games!
Garthous: Sweet Draft
TXC2: !ads
LRRbot: As part of an agreement with Twitch, LRR will be running ad breaks every hour or so. This is a huge help to the channel. Subscribers will still not see ads.
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrGOAT
DwaginFodder: shadow realmed
Mangledpixel: hawkeye437 it hasn't, it's been 18 months, cos you pay at the start of each month, not the end :P
Garthous: Nice deck
chaostreader: Lots of menace and removal is just mean.
Kairanie: Thanks, James!
theleerm: thanks james!
punmaster10: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
FoxFyr: lrrHEART
stormcrowascending: Thanks james!
lazav101: thanks james
Dyllbert: Sorry got to go for a online meeting
Garthous: You Rock James!
Wolfstrike_NL: Thanks James
punmaster10: lrrHEART
hawkfalcon8: James, are you being a bully?
hawkeye437: @Mangledpixel I don't know if that really makes it any better
Shoki_Donai: Thanks James!
DwaginFodder: fare thee well James
Dyllbert: lrrHEART lrrHEART
ruscobrog: myntyfYo thanks james!
LoadingReadyRun: I'll definitely keep running this deck lrrGRAHAM
Mangledpixel: hawkeye437 hehe
malc: bye James, enjoy the rest of your day jlrrPillow
punmaster10: bye james
The_Cakemeister: Hopefully with this disgusting deck.
DwaginFodder: lrrHEART lrrHEART
TXC2: !ads
LRRbot: As part of an agreement with Twitch, LRR will be running ad breaks every hour or so. This is a huge help to the channel. Subscribers will still not see ads.
STALKERsoldiers: Yay G!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
hawkfalcon8: Byeeeee
seancplays1: !advice
LRRbot: Stay on that road!
malc: !badadvice
LRRbot: Split the party.
gnome_friend: @TXC2 wait, what is this agreement with Twitch about/for?
kirbytronic: !Findquote break
LRRbot: Quote #400: "He's breaking my butt." —Julie [2015-07-01]
gnome_friend: Like, non-LRR made ads seem counter to the spirit of the channel
hawkfalcon8: oh good there are 6 police cars speeding down my street
TXC2: gnome_friend ask Graham
3PlayerPolitics: illegal bbq?
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hawkfalcon8: Probably lol
punmaster10: !advice
LRRbot: Watch out for the Orbitz.
punmaster10: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get a crystal for all your bathing suit zone purposes.
Sarah_Serinde: gnome_friend LRR used to run regular Twitch ads, they just stopped because it wasn't worth it. This new agreement is presumably something that makes it more worthwhile for LRR. Generally all it is is one mid-stream commercial break during normal 3-hour streams
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Wash your neighbors. Don't touch your hands. Stay six feet away from your face.
malc: sarah_serinde: I thought they stopped because that was a Patreon goal?
gnome_friend: @Sarah_Serinde so do they still run the regular LRR-produced advertising reel?
punmaster10: !quote lawsuit
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ContingentCat: ah topical advice
gnome_friend: Yeah, and what malc said
seancplays1: !badadvice
LRRbot: Ignore Graham.
punmaster10: !quote court
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
headless_joker: !badadvice
LRRbot: Buy more gachapon.
lazav101: !badadvice
Lithobraker: Wow lrrbot not helpful for this conversation
hawkeye437: thanks lrrbot, time to go roll the gacha
chaostreader: @punmaster10 quote is for people. Findquote is for words.
Sarah_Serinde: malc That was part of it, but they redid their Patreon goals a while back and that isn't one of them anymore
jkoon78076: question for everyone, how often do you lose connection to the server on arena, it happens multiple timesa day for me whenever I'm trying to play in a match and I lov lose games and money because of it
malc: sarah_serinde: ahh I missed that, thanks
hawkfalcon8: !advice
LRRbot: Be the explosions you want to see in the world.
hawkfalcon8: Ahhhhh
punmaster10: !findquote court
LRRbot: Quote #4298: "I'm pretty sure I could beat Matt Wiggins in court." —Adam [2017-07-05]
hawkfalcon8: Lovely
Sarah_Serinde: gnome_friend If you're a subscriber, nothing looks different and you still see the normal LRR ads. If you're not a subscriber you get regular Twitch ads
thedragonlady: Aww very moving
TXC2: and we're back
headless_joker: !badadvice
LRRbot: Do a violence.
seancplays1: !advice
LRRbot: Don't challenge the chat.
punmaster10: A violence
ContingentCat: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
gnome_friend: @Sarah_Serinde I know, I just love how all the money they get is voluntary because we love it and choose to donate rather than from outside ads which just make online experiences bad for those not subscribed
gnome_friend: Patreon, Twitch, and Youtube Memberships are great
Orgmastron: lrrSIGNAL
codl_: don't do a hit!
headless_joker: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
malc: !gooseadvice
lazav101: lol
Feltic: Hey all, lets go G*
ContingentCat: !weagleadvice
gnome_friend: They provide an alternative form of making money that is voluntary on the consumers' part
headless_joker: !dadadvice
gnome_friend: Which I have always appreciated
TXC2: here we go again
chaostreader: !quote 6126
LRRbot: Quote #6126: "Let's maiden, mother, crone this shit." —Jacob [2019-06-15]
gnome_friend: Hi Graham
TXC2: Hello Graham
TheElrad: strange, I seem to be having Deja Vu
manfred909: Hi G
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And now this...and by this, I mean Graham!
ContingentCat: gotta keep us on our toes
malc: anyway what even is time?
TragicMtG: rebel you!
lazav101: hello Grahm
savorycookie: Hi Graham!
Kairanie: Hi!
Draken03: omg the zoom was not expected
exerus16: It's him!
headless_joker: Hay graham
nick_tamer_readinfrench: hello
WrightJustice: cgbHi5 cgbHi5 cgbHi5 lrrHEART lrrGRAHAM
drfox17: it studio G!
seancplays1: !findquote graham
hawkfalcon8: Big G
punmaster10: hard g
serramarkov: Hi, Graham!
SohNata: James left you a sweet one, I think
62MGcobra: from studio J to studio G
Earthenone: to be fair WE barely watched it
thundercat2000: hi g-man
RayFK: I beat James
chaostreader: !quote graham
LRRbot: Quote #5493: "Paste all attributes responsibly." —Graham [2018-11-09]
lazav101: It's sweet
RayFK: That is all
QuantumTwitch: Wow robot voice intresting
Mr_Horrible: Broadcasting Live, from Studio G, on the Plane of Victoria, it's LRRMTG!
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Earthenone: he won two games in like 10 minutes
drfox17: James' current deck is.... powerful?
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Mangledpixel: note: that is not a free pass to backseat
Zengor: this deck is amazing
James_LRR: Don't listen to Jordan
TXC2: AllGoodDogs lrrHEART
James_LRR: He's lying
thundercat2000: playing aerna myself....not like you guys though
Shoki_Donai: It is pretty good.
QuantumTwitch: is it just me or are there other pepole that experience it
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey G, how is this event going to work?
punmaster10: wow
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun at least you know the best cards for Canadian Highlander, that will be helpful for limited, right?
vincent_valentine23: Hey Gram Love watching you guys first time on twitch normally watch on youtube
malc: ~botflip
LRRTwitter: (╯°Д°)╯ʇoqɹɹ˥
gnome_friend: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: a Wandering Monster!
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ContingentCat: !findquote hello
LRRbot: Quote #363: "Oh hello, EVERYTHING" —Foxmar [2015-06-18]
exerus16: Just play James' deck, you don't need to know any cards
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun James lost to adam and Jordan. You have to redeam the stream
Arimus221: There was a whole 0 viewers at one point in the stream LUL
hawkfalcon8: @AllGoodDogs lrrHEART
Stickill1: oh that's a CLOSE G
m_logan2000: think he means it was so fast
thundercat2000: been using jund food.
RayFK: @James_LRR Cards have reach
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: three colours!?
gnome_friend: The bucket has REAFCH?
nick_tamer_readinfrench: How is this event going to work?
TehAmelie: all dogs go to heaven, except those class traitors in Paw Patrol, eh
hawkeye437: missed my resub :(
thundercat2000: so many counters in this set!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: More importantly, there are cards that grant reach.
ContingentCat: no
James_LRR: yes
noSmokeFire: as a tallm'n, graham knows a thing or two about having reach
djalternative: super low
malc: yes, quietly
kais58: there's an option for that!
James_LRR: it's a bit low
Arimus221: Yes, just quiet
radio_penguin: yes faintly
lazav101: verry low
Dumori: I mean knowing white and black will help you with this
ContingentCat: there we go
arrowgrut: do a sealed
CaptainEnder7: At least it's not those horrible enemies from FFVII
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gleamdemon: Such a good day, btw thank you for inspiring me to play FF7 for the first time, live on stream
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SolarBlitz1: Bo1 Human drafting
Abavus: Might be too far now but we'll see
sblue333: hello! Very jealous rn, can't wait to play Ikoria tomorrow
manfred909: or win 3 times
62MGcobra: oops all removal
TXC2: removal and menace
Zengor: more likely to win 3 times
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Lose? With this deck? That seems unlikely.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: menace + removal
drfox17: it's kinda gross
ContingentCat: definitly pronouce it so it rhymes
TXC2: pah-tag-ee-ah tiger
someusername5: pataiga taiga
Mr_Horrible: I mean, it's called that *now*
exerus16: You can't lose, the cards themsleves won't let you
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you kill their things and attack and then they die, or concede
seancplays1: This deck is removal and menace and that's the deck
sblue333: Most of the problem is with the deck #BlameJames
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Shadow_Zer0_: Keep up the great work!
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Dumori: It’s white black menace matters with a lot of good removal.
ContingentCat: nope some of us had stuff to do
djalternative: It's a nightmare squirrel
limushil: it's a nice deck
Unas84: oh def take your time and there will probably be new people joining
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queenfounder: Oops all the answers
radio_penguin: Oh hey he did draft Bismark
sblue333: I just tuned in! We got any mutate in this deck? Would be nice to learn how it works
Desruprot: when in doubt throw humans at your problem
TXC2: sblue333 not is this deck no
SwankyFlea: Hunter's Nightmare is a really good DLC
Unas84: Menace 2: Menacer
SohNata: MegaMenace
someusername5: menace 3: menacer
Cinominn: man..... do i watch this or the vod for ff7? hard questions
Gekyouryuu: I'm referring to upgraded Menace as Torment
limushil: bargle the yargle
manfred909: MENACE the menacing
xxt3x: how do you get access to ikoria
A_Dub888: Super Menache
togashinaruta: Horrible looking, or the most cute sugar glider ever! (dream eyes)
queenfounder: @cinominn if you like participating in chat I’d watch this now. The vod will still be therr
drfox17: be sure to read the call of death dweller, James didn't fully understand the restrictions at first
chaostreader: @sblue333 Not really. But the YouTube has a rules video that explains it nicely.
noSmokeFire: @xxt3x wait a day
BrookJustBones: upgraded menace is threnace right?
TXC2: xxt3x be a streamer or wait until tomorrow
natureboy1: Off Topic, but have you heard of the WWE's big release of a lot of their employees today?
xxt3x: ok thx
someusername5: benace threnace quanace
gnome_friend: @togashinaruta I think it's a flying squirrel since they don't have creature type "possum" yet
djalternative: ideally your opponent never blocks
Lithobraker: Oh hey they made Douglas Haig a magic card!
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jameswanders: @BrookJustBones only if "requires 2 more to target" is Hextwoff
Gekyouryuu: oh, @LoadingReadyRun I just got $1,200 from the gov'm'nt. would you say FF7 remake is worth it atm?
TXC2: No one is happy about WWE right now
noSmokeFire: you WANT to control a human
BrookJustBones: you want to have a human
Arimus221: You want a human for that
RogueLink: Hey Graham! How go the games?
SohNata: The WWE stuff is just so sad. Everytime I check twitter another favourite is gone
savorycookie: the crystals on the background play music
noSmokeFire: several humans and a suite of alternative removal
Ukon_Cairns: we at LRR have several humans mogsUp
gnome_friend: lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: that human brought its own human
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you can play a song if you click on the crystals in the top corners enough times
radio_penguin: they are at a 'state' of existance
sblue333: They're better humans than we are!
TXC2: LRR contains multitudes
Zengor: sounds good
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Shadeling1: forty months? that's as many as four tens!
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jameswanders: When is the P(ost)PR happening?
noSmokeFire: all these humans full of tinier humans
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information:
RogueLink: I want to build human tribal in standard.
gnome_friend: !findquote human
LRRbot: Quote #1717: "If you panic, all of humanity dies." —Cameron [2016-02-05]
btd5player: Dire tactics!
A_Dub888: Oh the humanity
Earthenone: swing all in and let them figure it out?
Lithobraker: Seriously considering buying a switch with my pandemic money before they all get sold out
sblue333: @nosmokefire Ah, the miracle of childbirth
TXC2: Money Cam made that quote playing X-com
iSmartMan1: Swing in, hold up Dire Tactics and Arrow?
noSmokeFire: @sblue333 except these babies come with their own swords
STALKERsoldiers: Take out the Seargent i think
Unas84: welcome them to the jam?
alex_they_cryptid: slammmm
seancplays1: Just attack and deal with it later
DwaginFodder: hate to lrrGREED , but has G mentioned a time for the next giveaway?
gnome_friend: @noSmokeFire Baby mods? lrrBEEJ sergeModLove
Earthenone: if they try and get cute eating something you can also deadeye it
chaostreader: @dwaginfodder Not yet.
noSmokeFire: @gnome_friend bayyyy-beeee mods dodododoodoo
Arimus221: Nice
Ryavis: haha, nice\
DwaginFodder: juicy plays
TXC2: noSmokeFire I will ban you Kappa
Roashrak: you can arrow
RassilonDND: this block seems super dece
SmashTCG: you can kill both
Unas84: this is def better
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, works how you want it too
Unas84: yeah
iserguy: I like your plan more
alex_they_cryptid: your plan works
exerus16: do it!
Anubis169: noSmokeFire manZAPL lrrAWESOME manZAPR
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Cinominn: Super hyped for ikoria, also really enjoying the ff7 playthrough keep it up G
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: This way is a 2-for-1. The others are 2-for-2.
iserguy: I didn't even see that line
3PlayerPolitics: nomf
TheKingWiggins: Beautiful
m_logan2000: your play is beter
TXC2: too late with that opp
gnome_friend: Graham "You're right and that's terrible" Stark
gnome_friend: Is it Checkpoint time? lrrBEEJ
noSmokeFire: that's one way to get out of paying customs
gnome_friend: sergeHi @HGJRIK
SmashTCG: tactics seem good
averythetiger: Check and point on him
drfox17: did we inherit the curse?
shurtal: "The tapping is really irritating" things aquarium fish would say?
HGJRIK: HeyGuys HeyGuys
TheElrad: graham, we told you not to be like James
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masta2505: I came for the Magic, I stayed for all the other crazy stuff.
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62MGcobra: the mirror?
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gnome_friend: lrrWOW @shurtal
Gekyouryuu: tbf, it IS James' deck
RassilonDND: i do like how dire arrow this time looks like you got kamehameha'd
seancplays1: it seems that bw humans and removal is good in limited
WotC_LeeSharpe: hey graham hope you're enjoying IKO and Player Draft :)
sk8sam24: race race race!
jameswanders: too much removal, classic mtg isue
alex_they_cryptid: this deck is dumb powerful