TillianSwoard: a 3 or a 1 and 2 or 1 and 1
seancplays1: its still pretty good
Mr_Horrible: still good, not busted, ah well
Earthenone: still flying deathtocuh menace
tru_boredom: still sweet
Draken03: Flying menace
exerus16: But it gets both counters
Axenbolt2: flying menace?
punmaster10: still strong
KCazduke: Now you get first strike menace deathtouch
the_bananarchist: flying menace deathtouch
yamahako: First Strike Deathtouch though....
Shoki_Donai: The most terrifying squirrel
Drimdort: Can never be blocked lol
Earthenone: and its tripple menace
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And Menace is still Menace 3.
yamahako: And it has triple menace
Axenbolt2: menace x3 still
the_bananarchist: and has triple menace from sonorous
Mr_Horrible: I do like that it gets menace and deathtouch if you just rez one critter
Zengor: LUL
ShadyFayte: Super menace
savorycookie: Wowww
lazav101: that is a scary squirel
DaCardCzar: Flying, SuperMenace Deathtouch nightmare squirrel
the_bananarchist: they need 3 flyers to block it lol
alikaoz: Nightmare Squirrel
jayski1983: should have deadweighted your own then brought that back
Nydestroyer: rip not going first strike
OrangeBeard: Oh, first strike tripple menace and deathtouch seems dece
Mr_Horrible: Oh no it's Shin Godzilla!
corylus22: it could have been first strike deathtouch menae
exerus16: should have picked first strike
noSmokeFire: do we win the race if we just dead weight it?
DwaginFodder: squirrel just reads unblockable now
Countjondi: deathtouch lifelink sign me up
TXC2: that's terrible for us right now
Mr_Horrible: he's gonna look so creepy by the end of this game!
jonasjonIV: dead weight it to win the race
punmaster10: eaz w
Derthon: godzilla came on board and stream crashed
Drimdort: Just win the race
KCazduke: GOJIRA
Nydestroyer: oh no death touch trample
iserguy: woo
Axenbolt2: GG
Dumori: We still have tripple menace now.
tru_boredom: deck is so sweet
RedRaptor: One more?
alikaoz: How to beat Godzilla: A single squirrel
exerus16: Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
DwaginFodder: shin godzillas hungry
nanostul: And then - the control matchup....
reallynotskyve: you're so sweet
TillianSwoard: that human exile card is stupid
Lithobraker: How goes MTG: monster Hunter?
TillianSwoard: those colors are swarming with humans
alikaoz: Strangely great. Humans are sweeping the table
drfox17: curse
Dumori: A deck to defeat Godzilla
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I perfer to think we make that heart palpitate when we follow.
punmaster10: no
seancplays1: but what if you dont hit your land drops
deathrite_sharkman subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 13 months!
deathrite_sharkman: Woot! New cards?
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, deathrite_sharkman! (Today's storm count: 93)
Axenbolt2: A deck to surpass metal gear
glenjamjn: Draft or sealed?
lazav101: is this insect tribal I see?!?
DerUser94: Punch-a-Chunk in MTGA?!
chaostreader: @glenjamjn draft
alikaoz: BUG deck?
seancplays1: Oh man the value
Draken03: Walue
Shoki_Donai: Nice!
TXC2: Poggers
punmaster10: walue
SohNata: What a nightmare!
lazav101: wow
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Detonate the fluid sacs.
Wiliart: #Valuetown
Landgraft: boom got 'em
exerus16: How this card was ment to be played
chaostreader: What does deadeye do?
TXC2: ah yes the S teir Mutate card
Axenbolt2: GG
lazav101: gg
seancplays1: GG
drfox17: that was quick
thedragonlady: Woo!
tru_boredom: one more game James?
noSmokeFire: destroys a creature that was dealt damage that turn, @chaostreader
Wolfstrike_NL: 1 more, this almost wasn't a game :P ?
alikaoz: Humanless Humans wins anyways
62MGcobra: 3-0
Landgraft: to the shadow realm
Earthenone: deadeye destroys a creature that was delt damage, and has flash
Drimdort: gee gee
DwaginFodder: gottim
TillianSwoard: @chaostreader 4/2 flash destroy creature dealt damage this turn
Draken03: One more, just one more
Axenbolt2: This isn't a humans deck, it's a bonder deck
Draken03: and another
Draken03: Oh and another
TXC2: uno mas
tru_boredom: we have to bully him to play this deck
Natedogg2: Uno mas!
djalternative: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow! https://www.twitch.tv/rebelliousuno
drfox17: Uuuuuhhhh ... One More?
BrookJustBones: you can 7-0 in 5 minutes with this deck
SoulEater50210: Juan more
alex_they_cryptid: this set looks amazing
alikaoz: Por favor, juega uno más! El anterior no contó!
DwaginFodder: 1more lrrSIGNAL
exerus16: pure value
Dyllbert: ugh
tru_boredom: what a ridiculous hand
Earthenone: guess you win
Zengor: yesss
seancplays1: this poor man
savorycookie: nice lol
Draken03: Kreygasm
Mithgar: TheManaLeek says hello
Dumori: Wow this hand.
exerus16: Magic as it was intended
Dyllbert: that was gross. Especially knowing what we have in our had n to back it up
Shoki_Donai: Victory incoming
punmaster10: busted
Earthenone: if they kill it, you can get it back
Earthenone: stronger
tru_boredom: and you can get it back with dance for full disgustingness
tru_boredom: dire
noSmokeFire: Tactics is even :P
BrookJustBones: tactics kills it
seancplays1: kill it
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Dire tactics sure does have an even CMC.
DwaginFodder: wow i might vomit this is nasty
iserguy: man, for whatever reason when seeing that card in the spoilers I never thought of the possibility of playing it on an empty board
Dumori: And we get it back with deathtouch.
punmaster10: picked the wrong number fool
savorycookie: Tactics is an instant
noSmokeFire: tactics is an instant, but this way we can attack
TillianSwoard: you also lose 3 if they attack so its even trade
Hafglop: He picked odd when he can't block menace. That's odd.
savorycookie: Our critter has menace
Lordofironstorm: Removal.dek
Wolfstrike_NL: No James :P
djalternative: sometimes the correct time to play an instant is on your main phase while your opponent is tapped out
TXC2: yes, yes you should
exerus16: No, feel powerful
Hafglop: Is this limited or constructed?
theleerm: nightmare squirrel
Ukon_Cairns: nah, feeling bad is what we do to opponents, not ourselves
WotC_LeeSharpe: Hey James. Enjoying Player Draft? :)
madman_across_the_water: Feeling bad is for bad people.
OrangeBeard: Feel bad? For opponent? Never!
btd5player: limited
gnome_friend: sergeHi @WotC_LeeSharpe
Earthenone: how does 3 mana 4/5 menace compare to 3 mana 7/7?
DwaginFodder: so ruuude
Lithobraker: Are we playing 9 x removals .dek?
iserguy: Call it!
alikaoz: like 12
Hafglop: I think 7/7 wins because it has secret keyword "biggest creature on the battlefield"
btd5player: Awesome!
iserguy: this deck is rude
Zengor: oh my god this game
Lordofironstorm: Absolutely ruined
historyman_admu: It's a really good deck!
WotC_LeeSharpe: hi @gnome_friend
Natedogg2: Hiya Lee
SohNata: So James, how does it feel to break the format on day one?
Desruprot: removal.dec tends to be good
punmaster10: sike you thought
CastleOtranto: What? 12x removals?
sk8sam24: This set looks real fun!
62MGcobra: Cams new fave control deck
sk8sam24: excited for tomorrow
Landgraft: He's gone mad with power and it's
WotC_LeeSharpe: hey hey
savorycookie: Nice
DragonCreator30: rip the mana leek
Axenbolt2: you don't even need to
tru_boredom: I love how disgusting this deck is
queenfounder: What’s it like James? To have all the answers
Shoki_Donai: Denied
Draken03: ? No need to
Hafglop: LOLLLL
Axenbolt2: GG
hawkfalcon8: Hey everyone! lrrHEART
jonasjonIV: wow
Draken03: One more?
gnome_friend: sergeHi @hawkfalcon8
ShadyFayte: Good lucking blocking 2 menace creatures
TXC2: hello hawkfalcon8 welcome
ihlendrax: Vile. I love it.
Wolfstrike_NL: gg
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hawkeye437: how has it been 19 months already?!
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Dyllbert: Gross
Draken03: Uno mas?
Lithobraker: Jump off a deadlift.dek
exerus16: Cast it with no targets, just because you can
radio_penguin: this is just brutal
Earthenone: interactive game of magic!
stormcrowascending: Wooo!
alikaoz: RIP-ed him apart
punmaster10: bruh
Wiliart: This deck is dirty.
DwaginFodder: ded
Arimus221: So call is going into rakdos sac right? like 100%
tru_boredom: this deck is so gross
kais58: we have time for another
TillianSwoard: This is so bonkers
historyman_admu: is the deck still undefeated?
stormcrowascending: Nice one James!
Lithobraker: Jump off a seacliff .dek
TXC2: Arimus221 probably
Wolfstrike_NL: 4-0 now
STALKERsoldiers: That is beyond gross
drfox17: Animal Crossing New Horizons Applause .gif
STALKERsoldiers: Love that deck
TheManaLeek: @loadingreadyrun Ow my bones.
TXC2: thanks for streaming James
thedragonlady: ShowLove100 Thanks again James, always fun to watch your games!
Garthous: Sweet Draft
TXC2: !ads
LRRbot: As part of an agreement with Twitch, LRR will be running ad breaks every hour or so. This is a huge help to the channel. Subscribers will still not see ads.
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrGOAT
DwaginFodder: shadow realmed
Mangledpixel: hawkeye437 it hasn't, it's been 18 months, cos you pay at the start of each month, not the end :P
Garthous: Nice deck
chaostreader: Lots of menace and removal is just mean.
Kairanie: Thanks, James!
theleerm: thanks james!
punmaster10: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
FoxFyr: lrrHEART
stormcrowascending: Thanks james!
lazav101: thanks james
Dyllbert: Sorry got to go for a online meeting
Garthous: You Rock James!
Wolfstrike_NL: Thanks James
punmaster10: lrrHEART
hawkfalcon8: James, are you being a bully?
hawkeye437: @Mangledpixel I don't know if that really makes it any better
Shoki_Donai: Thanks James!
DwaginFodder: fare thee well James
Dyllbert: lrrHEART lrrHEART
ruscobrog: myntyfYo thanks james!
LoadingReadyRun: I'll definitely keep running this deck lrrGRAHAM
Mangledpixel: hawkeye437 hehe
malc: bye James, enjoy the rest of your day jlrrPillow
punmaster10: bye james
The_Cakemeister: Hopefully with this disgusting deck.
DwaginFodder: lrrHEART lrrHEART
TXC2: !ads
LRRbot: As part of an agreement with Twitch, LRR will be running ad breaks every hour or so. This is a huge help to the channel. Subscribers will still not see ads.
STALKERsoldiers: Yay G!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
hawkfalcon8: Byeeeee
seancplays1: !advice
LRRbot: Stay on that road!
malc: !badadvice
LRRbot: Split the party.
gnome_friend: @TXC2 wait, what is this agreement with Twitch about/for?
kirbytronic: !Findquote break
LRRbot: Quote #400: "He's breaking my butt." —Julie [2015-07-01]
gnome_friend: Like, non-LRR made ads seem counter to the spirit of the channel
hawkfalcon8: oh good there are 6 police cars speeding down my street
TXC2: gnome_friend ask Graham
3PlayerPolitics: illegal bbq?
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hawkfalcon8: Probably lol
punmaster10: !advice
LRRbot: Watch out for the Orbitz.
punmaster10: !badadvice
LRRbot: Get a crystal for all your bathing suit zone purposes.
Sarah_Serinde: gnome_friend LRR used to run regular Twitch ads, they just stopped because it wasn't worth it. This new agreement is presumably something that makes it more worthwhile for LRR. Generally all it is is one mid-stream commercial break during normal 3-hour streams
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Wash your neighbors. Don't touch your hands. Stay six feet away from your face.
malc: sarah_serinde: I thought they stopped because that was a Patreon goal?
gnome_friend: @Sarah_Serinde so do they still run the regular LRR-produced advertising reel?
punmaster10: !quote lawsuit
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ContingentCat: ah topical advice
gnome_friend: Yeah, and what malc said
seancplays1: !badadvice
LRRbot: Ignore Graham.
punmaster10: !quote court
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
headless_joker: !badadvice
LRRbot: Buy more gachapon.
lazav101: !badadvice
Lithobraker: Wow lrrbot not helpful for this conversation
hawkeye437: thanks lrrbot, time to go roll the gacha
chaostreader: @punmaster10 quote is for people. Findquote is for words.
Sarah_Serinde: malc That was part of it, but they redid their Patreon goals a while back and that isn't one of them anymore
jkoon78076: question for everyone, how often do you lose connection to the server on arena, it happens multiple timesa day for me whenever I'm trying to play in a match and I lov lose games and money because of it
malc: sarah_serinde: ahh I missed that, thanks
hawkfalcon8: !advice
LRRbot: Be the explosions you want to see in the world.
hawkfalcon8: Ahhhhh
punmaster10: !findquote court
LRRbot: Quote #4298: "I'm pretty sure I could beat Matt Wiggins in court." —Adam [2017-07-05]
hawkfalcon8: Lovely
Sarah_Serinde: gnome_friend If you're a subscriber, nothing looks different and you still see the normal LRR ads. If you're not a subscriber you get regular Twitch ads
thedragonlady: Aww very moving
TXC2: and we're back
headless_joker: !badadvice
LRRbot: Do a violence.
seancplays1: !advice
LRRbot: Don't challenge the chat.
punmaster10: A violence
ContingentCat: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
gnome_friend: @Sarah_Serinde I know, I just love how all the money they get is voluntary because we love it and choose to donate rather than from outside ads which just make online experiences bad for those not subscribed
gnome_friend: Patreon, Twitch, and Youtube Memberships are great
Orgmastron: lrrSIGNAL
codl_: don't do a hit!
headless_joker: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive lrrHEART PrideTake PrideWingR
malc: !gooseadvice
lazav101: lol
Feltic: Hey all, lets go G*
ContingentCat: !weagleadvice
gnome_friend: They provide an alternative form of making money that is voluntary on the consumers' part
headless_joker: !dadadvice
gnome_friend: Which I have always appreciated
TXC2: here we go again
chaostreader: !quote 6126
LRRbot: Quote #6126: "Let's maiden, mother, crone this shit." —Jacob [2019-06-15]
gnome_friend: Hi Graham
TXC2: Hello Graham
TheElrad: strange, I seem to be having Deja Vu
manfred909: Hi G
Dread_Pirate_Westley: And now this...and by this, I mean Graham!
ContingentCat: gotta keep us on our toes
malc: anyway what even is time?
TragicMtG: rebel you!
lazav101: hello Grahm
savorycookie: Hi Graham!
Kairanie: Hi!
Draken03: omg the zoom was not expected
exerus16: It's him!
headless_joker: Hay graham
nick_tamer_readinfrench: hello
WrightJustice: cgbHi5 cgbHi5 cgbHi5 lrrHEART lrrGRAHAM
drfox17: it studio G!
seancplays1: !findquote graham
hawkfalcon8: Big G
punmaster10: hard g
serramarkov: Hi, Graham!
SohNata: James left you a sweet one, I think
62MGcobra: from studio J to studio G
Earthenone: to be fair WE barely watched it
thundercat2000: hi g-man
RayFK: I beat James
chaostreader: !quote graham
LRRbot: Quote #5493: "Paste all attributes responsibly." —Graham [2018-11-09]
lazav101: It's sweet
RayFK: That is all
QuantumTwitch: Wow robot voice intresting
Mr_Horrible: Broadcasting Live, from Studio G, on the Plane of Victoria, it's LRRMTG!
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Earthenone: he won two games in like 10 minutes
drfox17: James' current deck is.... powerful?
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Mangledpixel: note: that is not a free pass to backseat
Zengor: this deck is amazing
James_LRR: Don't listen to Jordan
TXC2: AllGoodDogs lrrHEART
James_LRR: He's lying
thundercat2000: playing aerna myself....not like you guys though
Shoki_Donai: It is pretty good.
QuantumTwitch: is it just me or are there other pepole that experience it
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey G, how is this event going to work?
punmaster10: wow
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun at least you know the best cards for Canadian Highlander, that will be helpful for limited, right?
vincent_valentine23: Hey Gram Love watching you guys first time on twitch normally watch on youtube
malc: ~botflip
LRRTwitter: (╯°Д°)╯ʇoqɹɹ˥
gnome_friend: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: a Wandering Monster!
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ContingentCat: !findquote hello
LRRbot: Quote #363: "Oh hello, EVERYTHING" —Foxmar [2015-06-18]
exerus16: Just play James' deck, you don't need to know any cards
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun James lost to adam and Jordan. You have to redeam the stream
Arimus221: There was a whole 0 viewers at one point in the stream LUL
hawkfalcon8: @AllGoodDogs lrrHEART
Stickill1: oh that's a CLOSE G
m_logan2000: think he means it was so fast
thundercat2000: been using jund food.
RayFK: @James_LRR Cards have reach
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: three colours!?
gnome_friend: The bucket has REAFCH?
nick_tamer_readinfrench: How is this event going to work?
TehAmelie: all dogs go to heaven, except those class traitors in Paw Patrol, eh
hawkeye437: missed my resub :(
thundercat2000: so many counters in this set!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: More importantly, there are cards that grant reach.
ContingentCat: no
James_LRR: yes
noSmokeFire: as a tallm'n, graham knows a thing or two about having reach
djalternative: super low
malc: yes, quietly
kais58: there's an option for that!
James_LRR: it's a bit low
Arimus221: Yes, just quiet
radio_penguin: yes faintly
lazav101: verry low
Dumori: I mean knowing white and black will help you with this
ContingentCat: there we go
arrowgrut: do a sealed
CaptainEnder7: At least it's not those horrible enemies from FFVII
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gleamdemon: Such a good day, btw thank you for inspiring me to play FF7 for the first time, live on stream
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SolarBlitz1: Bo1 Human drafting
Abavus: Might be too far now but we'll see
sblue333: hello! Very jealous rn, can't wait to play Ikoria tomorrow
manfred909: or win 3 times
62MGcobra: oops all removal
TXC2: removal and menace
Zengor: more likely to win 3 times
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Lose? With this deck? That seems unlikely.
Korlashheirtoblackblade: menace + removal
drfox17: it's kinda gross
ContingentCat: definitly pronouce it so it rhymes
TXC2: pah-tag-ee-ah tiger
someusername5: pataiga taiga
Mr_Horrible: I mean, it's called that *now*
exerus16: You can't lose, the cards themsleves won't let you
Korlashheirtoblackblade: you kill their things and attack and then they die, or concede
seancplays1: This deck is removal and menace and that's the deck
sblue333: Most of the problem is with the deck #BlameJames
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Shadow_Zer0_: Keep up the great work!
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Dumori: It’s white black menace matters with a lot of good removal.
ContingentCat: nope some of us had stuff to do
djalternative: It's a nightmare squirrel
limushil: it's a nice deck
Unas84: oh def take your time and there will probably be new people joining
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queenfounder: Oops all the answers
radio_penguin: Oh hey he did draft Bismark
sblue333: I just tuned in! We got any mutate in this deck? Would be nice to learn how it works
Desruprot: when in doubt throw humans at your problem
TXC2: sblue333 not is this deck no
SwankyFlea: Hunter's Nightmare is a really good DLC
Unas84: Menace 2: Menacer
SohNata: MegaMenace
someusername5: menace 3: menacer
Cinominn: man..... do i watch this or the vod for ff7? hard questions
Gekyouryuu: I'm referring to upgraded Menace as Torment
limushil: bargle the yargle
manfred909: MENACE the menacing
xxt3x: how do you get access to ikoria
A_Dub888: Super Menache
togashinaruta: Horrible looking, or the most cute sugar glider ever! (dream eyes)
queenfounder: @cinominn if you like participating in chat I’d watch this now. The vod will still be therr
drfox17: be sure to read the call of death dweller, James didn't fully understand the restrictions at first
chaostreader: @sblue333 Not really. But the YouTube has a rules video that explains it nicely.
noSmokeFire: @xxt3x wait a day
BrookJustBones: upgraded menace is threnace right?
TXC2: xxt3x be a streamer or wait until tomorrow
natureboy1: Off Topic, but have you heard of the WWE's big release of a lot of their employees today?
xxt3x: ok thx
someusername5: benace threnace quanace
gnome_friend: @togashinaruta I think it's a flying squirrel since they don't have creature type "possum" yet
djalternative: ideally your opponent never blocks
Lithobraker: Oh hey they made Douglas Haig a magic card!
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jameswanders: @BrookJustBones only if "requires 2 more to target" is Hextwoff
Gekyouryuu: oh, @LoadingReadyRun I just got $1,200 from the gov'm'nt. would you say FF7 remake is worth it atm?
TXC2: No one is happy about WWE right now
noSmokeFire: you WANT to control a human
BrookJustBones: you want to have a human
Arimus221: You want a human for that
RogueLink: Hey Graham! How go the games?
SohNata: The WWE stuff is just so sad. Everytime I check twitter another favourite is gone
savorycookie: the crystals on the background play music
noSmokeFire: several humans and a suite of alternative removal
Ukon_Cairns: we at LRR have several humans mogsUp
gnome_friend: lrrBEEJ
Earthenone: that human brought its own human
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun you can play a song if you click on the crystals in the top corners enough times
radio_penguin: they are at a 'state' of existance
sblue333: They're better humans than we are!
TXC2: LRR contains multitudes
Zengor: sounds good
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Shadeling1: forty months? that's as many as four tens!
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jameswanders: When is the P(ost)PR happening?
noSmokeFire: all these humans full of tinier humans
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2YETYw7lIk
RogueLink: I want to build human tribal in standard.
gnome_friend: !findquote human
LRRbot: Quote #1717: "If you panic, all of humanity dies." —Cameron [2016-02-05]
btd5player: Dire tactics!
A_Dub888: Oh the humanity
Earthenone: swing all in and let them figure it out?
Lithobraker: Seriously considering buying a switch with my pandemic money before they all get sold out
sblue333: @nosmokefire Ah, the miracle of childbirth
TXC2: Money Cam made that quote playing X-com
iSmartMan1: Swing in, hold up Dire Tactics and Arrow?
noSmokeFire: @sblue333 except these babies come with their own swords
STALKERsoldiers: Take out the Seargent i think
Unas84: welcome them to the jam?
alex_they_cryptid: slammmm
seancplays1: Just attack and deal with it later
DwaginFodder: hate to lrrGREED , but has G mentioned a time for the next giveaway?
gnome_friend: @noSmokeFire Baby mods? lrrBEEJ sergeModLove
Earthenone: if they try and get cute eating something you can also deadeye it
chaostreader: @dwaginfodder Not yet.
noSmokeFire: @gnome_friend bayyyy-beeee mods dodododoodoo
Arimus221: Nice
Ryavis: haha, nice\
DwaginFodder: juicy plays
TXC2: noSmokeFire I will ban you Kappa
Roashrak: you can arrow
RassilonDND: this block seems super dece
SmashTCG: you can kill both
Unas84: this is def better
Korlashheirtoblackblade: yeah, works how you want it too
Unas84: yeah
iserguy: I like your plan more
alex_they_cryptid: your plan works
exerus16: do it!
Anubis169: noSmokeFire manZAPL lrrAWESOME manZAPR
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Cinominn: Super hyped for ikoria, also really enjoying the ff7 playthrough keep it up G
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: This way is a 2-for-1. The others are 2-for-2.
iserguy: I didn't even see that line
3PlayerPolitics: nomf
TheKingWiggins: Beautiful
m_logan2000: your play is beter
TXC2: too late with that opp
gnome_friend: Graham "You're right and that's terrible" Stark
gnome_friend: Is it Checkpoint time? lrrBEEJ
noSmokeFire: that's one way to get out of paying customs
gnome_friend: sergeHi @HGJRIK
SmashTCG: tactics seem good
averythetiger: Check and point on him
drfox17: did we inherit the curse?
shurtal: "The tapping is really irritating" things aquarium fish would say?
HGJRIK: HeyGuys HeyGuys
TheElrad: graham, we told you not to be like James
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masta2505: I came for the Magic, I stayed for all the other crazy stuff.
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62MGcobra: the mirror?
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gnome_friend: lrrWOW @shurtal
Gekyouryuu: tbf, it IS James' deck
RassilonDND: i do like how dire arrow this time looks like you got kamehameha'd
seancplays1: it seems that bw humans and removal is good in limited
WotC_LeeSharpe: hey graham hope you're enjoying IKO and Player Draft :)
sk8sam24: race race race!
jameswanders: too much removal, classic mtg isue
alex_they_cryptid: this deck is dumb powerful
RassilonDND: anyone have cliffnotes for the state of the game?
jameswanders: human drafting is here
TXC2: splenda mare ?
masta2505: is that already a human-draft deck?
drfox17: deadeye?
WotC_LeeSharpe: Sweet, been a long time coming, glad we got it out with IKO. Especially during these terrible COVID-19 times when we're all at home.
samu_btdp1985: how did the state go
punmaster10: divearrow before they gain life
chaostreader: Human drafting drafting humans.
TXC2: WotC_LeeSharpe big mood
Dumori: @wotc_leesharpe I’m more impressed you got this out working remotely tbh
Zengor: two human decks made through human drafting
Unas84: @WotC_LeeSharpe yeah, that's some fortuitous timing, can't wait to try it tomorrow!
3PlayerPolitics: <3 @WotC_LeeSharpe
hawkeye437: def did not realize that thing has flash
iSmartMan1: @WotC_LeeSharpe Perfect timing, I'd been waiting for human draft to get back into Arena
jameswanders: "Human drafting" must sound like some sort of slavery thing to non-mtg players
Quaseymoto: @WotC_LeeSharpe Convincing me to try arena again. so well done
averythetiger: This really is removal tribal here
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headless_joker: How does the event tomorrow work
Taylorton147: hry gsng
leebenningfield: is it like MTGO leagues now, where you have a live draft pod, and then play games as desired
WotC_LeeSharpe: Glad to hear many of you in the chat are excited about it too :)
TXC2: Duhstink easy on the allcaps please
gnome_friend: That's an alarming sub name
SolarBlitz1: Black seems in a good spot this set already
SmashTCG: @loadingreadyrun yeah, because bots arnt snarfleing it up
Taylorton147: hey gang* been a long day at work haha
exerus16: opponent saved you from a missplay
Ukon_Cairns: the human drafting is nice, but now that we on ikoria im noticing a disturbing lack of drafting with monsters mpieThink
savorycookie: Grimdancer combos with removal
gnome_friend: sergeHi @Taylorton147
chaostreader: @headless_joker If you mean the PPR it’s not tomorrow
punmaster10: Menace deathtouch
jameswanders: @gnome_friend it's a SouthPark reference, if that helps
arrowgrut: did we win or loose the last game
arrowgrut: ?
62MGcobra: win
Jensling: lots of removal makes it seem like mutate is kinda weak?
Taylorton147: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 1:20 PM
TXC2: arrowgrut we won
RassilonDND: @WotC_LeeSharpe It was my most wanted feature next to being able to set up tourneys with friends
Milambus: Vampire ChoiceHawk
Taylorton147: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 16:34.
djalternative: lose isn't in this deck's vocabulary
TXC2: this deck is 5-0 right now I think
Wolfstrike_NL: gg
sblue333: gg
punmaster10: gg
elah806: Oh god I just realized what the rampant menace in Ikoria is going to do with Staggering Insight in standard oh god oh god oh god
3PlayerPolitics: booo
alex_they_cryptid: just kill it
jameswanders: @Jensling I suspect hard casting is correct unless there's a worthwhile mutate trigger
KCazduke: UH-OH
Draken03: dire tactics in respone win
Nydestroyer: that would be sick if it wasnt for the removal lol
averythetiger: That would have been a great play in most circumstances
exerus16: you still win
Gekyouryuu: @Jensling I think that's just to discourage piling everything on one creature. mutating once or twice spread around as a bonus seems fine
punmaster10: lethal
seancplays1: gg
sblue333: kill it in response to etb
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Right.
Ivannorr: You can crack the rocks at the back to reveal larger musical crystals
Korlashheirtoblackblade: that checks out
sblue333: ye
DwaginFodder: decks dumb, ggs
noSmokeFire: this has been leech maths with graham
Mr_Horrible: jensling most mutate has scaling benefits, and killing something that's about to mutate keeps the creature on the stack around. Time will tell if that's enough to balance it out, tho
punmaster10: retire champion
arrowgrut: yayayayayayay
KCazduke: Dire Tactics is ridiculously efficient removal.
arrowgrut: !record
Zengor: 7-0 looking very real
averythetiger: For maximum aristocrating
sk8sam24: What we drinking?
exerus16: Pure value
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AlienNanobots: Still here
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RassilonDND: I would be interested in graham looking at the draft pool and maybe rebuilding it after this game
leebenningfield: I've barely played any Magic in a year, but I might get back in with this set
RassilonDND: based on his preferences
noSmokeFire: I hate to say it graham, but I don't think your "prove you're bad at magic" plan is going to pan out
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun click the encased crystals in the upper left and right and you can mine them out
djalternative: the crystals in the top corners play music if you click them enough
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jonasjonIV: locrioix
Wiliart: Click the big rocks with blue on the bottom, after enough clicking those rocks turn into music crystals.
deathrite_sharkman: hey graham I'm late
btd5player: Click the rocks!
TXC2: so it's La Fauoix ? Kapa
The_Cakemeister: Tactics is probably? going in Teysa.
LackingSanity_: red bear with double upside
Mr_Horrible: Pretty sure that's a type of dragon, not a sparkling water, G Kappa
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kirbytronic: To meme or not to meme, that is the question
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sk8sam24: Cool, we don't get that out east, but breweries making sparkling water for us sober folks is great idea!
deathrite_sharkman: Usually I look at all the preview but now I know none of these cards ...
punmaster10: dancing time
TXC2: men touch.....wait
Earthenone: eye of sauron
elah806: It's Wheeler's spoiler!
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Hevarius: Thanks for all the content! I appreciate the work everyone puts in to making such a great community!
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biscuits_box: click the big rocks in the top left
Mr_Horrible: I keep seeing this board and bracing myself for Teostra to show up NotLikeThis
Milambus: Grimdancer sounds like a Ghost song
oyleslyck: Phillips is also making hand sanitizer for front-line workers
Dread_Pirate_Westley: That card is in the basic land slot of some drafts, I think. It's been everywhere.
RassilonDND: I forsee a lot of burning
hawkeye437: @Mr_Horrible ok, so it's not just me
SoulEater50210: @deathrite_sharkman You should see the godzilla versions of some cards. Just found out they existed a little bit ago
RassilonDND: red got some sick removal and creatures this time round
ibplunderin: @Mr_Horrible as long as the draft bomb Lunastra doesn't show up
The_Cakemeister: Well, now that you've mentioned Toestra, I can't unsee it.
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
Ryavis: no legs
elah806: GO!
meisbored: oyleslick is right, phillips posted something along those lines recently
Shoki_Donai: Nice
Evochron13: that was great
SmashTCG: Go!
Kumakaori: you, geddout~
alikaoz: Battle!
3PlayerPolitics: lAQL
richard_ermen: O_O
Zahowy: GO!
Evochron13: "Go!"
Desruprot: Go!
savorycookie: GO
punmaster10: lol
viridimayai: It's a good model
btd5player: GO!
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
3PlayerPolitics: lawl
deathrite_sharkman: GO!
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The_Kraken19: Did you know that if you laid all the Magic cards end to end around the equator a lot of them would get wet?
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samu_btdp1985: yeet
richard_ermen: Yikes :D
Mr_Horrible: That was *fantastic*
RogueLink: 10/10
Draken03: Dorkiest animation
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We hadn't cast that yet.
Draken03: I love it
DwaginFodder: gO
Mr_Horrible: GO
ggodopaste: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Macheya: That was pretty good.
Earthenone: (they like it when you point at the graveyard)
sblue333: NO
savorycookie: I think we have a nickname for that card
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Ukon_Cairns: "everyone one buy me - Go!"
deathrite_sharkman: write that down nicknames ppl
tru_boredom: is voice isn't in the least bit what I expected after reading the novel
richard_ermen: I would give my left testicle for him to go YEET :D
Ba_Dum_Tish: GI Jooooeeee
ContingentCat: are there arena mods? if so has someone done that
EliteArcanist: Wow that's amazing
grouchomarco: hey graham how's ikoria?
ggodopaste: lrrFINE
TXC2: blood curdle is A+ removal
richard_ermen: Hey Chat, is it EYE-Koria or I-Koria?
62MGcobra: oops where's our removal
drfox17: we have the James curse!
Milambus: you are playing a James deck
TXC2: richard_ermen Eye
punmaster10: I-koria
Ukon_Cairns: oh is the ellipse symbol just "this card has words on it, maybe read them"
richard_ermen: Or worse, Ay-Koria?
noSmokeFire: james didn't have this problem while he was playing this deck
S3xua1HarassmentPanda: @loadingreadyrun Psh... I’ve had this account since before Twitch existed. lrrAWESOME
northos: more like smelleater wolverine Kappa
btd5player: No.
Earthenone: now you can chuck a scorpion at your problems!
richard_ermen: Why are some of the symbols golden ?
alex_they_cryptid: wait
Draken03: No point not to wait
KCazduke: The destruction that is mutual! WONDERFUL!
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seancplays1: There isn't much reason to not wait
averythetiger: The rakdos deck isn't gonna counter it.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: See if they try to get more value, or you can chump something before you sac.
Mr_Horrible: these UI updates are noice
noSmokeFire: it's a menace
btd5player: Sac the scorpion!
3PlayerPolitics: Big Frightens fr
seancplays1: you can break the rocks in the back
deathrite_sharkman: nice song##
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
samu_btdp1985: hey g have you seen all the wwe firings
m_logan2000: double block to try and bait a trick?
Super_Sophomoric: that sound makes me think of crash bandicoot for some reason
TXC2: samu_btdp1985 yes
Ba_Dum_Tish: I can see them casting another instant during combat to activate double strike
ArcOfTheConclave: click the top rocks!
samu_btdp1985: latest being rusev
m_logan2000: nvm
Feltic: Rusev :(
Mr_Horrible: Large Frightens, Esq
Gekyouryuu: just keeeeep clicking that one and the big one in the upper left
punmaster10: no block
viridimayai: He's gonna activate teh wolverine
Milambus: yes
Ryavis: scorpionh block wolverine?
TXC2: probably
KCazduke: Quite possibly!
TheElrad: probably
Wiliart: block with the scorption, and than sac it
Shoki_Donai: Sounds about right
Micsig: cycling could do it too
Dynellen: block with scorpion
seancplays1: scorp in fromt of wolv then sac?
kais58: double block the wolf?
Draken03: block with scorpion
historyman_admu: just block with the scorpion
elah806: Those crystals sound like a texture from Bjork's biology-themed iPad album
schwimmschik: scopr block wolverine then sack it
Jonci_: First James, now Graham Minecrafting
btd5player: Probably
punmaster10: nice
draco_301: double block the 4/5
alex_they_cryptid: love it when you do a block while I type it
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iSmartMan1: Ah, they must have been trying to cast it
averythetiger: Which means they didn't read it
Dumori: I think they wanted to cast it
Ukon_Cairns: it had no targets if they were trying to cast it
3PlayerPolitics: noice
m_logan2000: attack to 1?
BlandSpice: They've got 8 on board
Natedogg2: We can get them to 1.
chaostreader: I think they thought stinger was any target? Maybe?
alex_they_cryptid: ya fine
noSmokeFire: if they can chain four cycles... Kappa
viridimayai: Go for it!
sk8sam24: This your first time playing the set Graham? Sorry working in and out of stream...
averythetiger: Beautiful
62MGcobra: dunk
seancplays1: dead weight solves double strike problem
TXC2: this deck can't lose!
punmaster10: kill the 2/2
btd5player: Remove the blocker!
Mr_Horrible: I think so too
KCazduke: The weight that is dead and they must have two removal spells?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we have to try, right?
Milambus: dooo et
samu_btdp1985: do it
thedragonlady: Do eeet
drfox17: just go for it?
Mr_Horrible: they wouldn't have kept the blocker if they had 2 removal spells
deathrite_sharkman: yeet+
A_Dub888: !findquote aggressive
LRRbot: Quote #2931: "Emrakul's not a particularly aggressive card." —Gaby [2016-07-09]
alikaoz: Final yard, all in!
BlandSpice: They don't have enough for two flash blockers I think
sblue333: go for the win
BlandSpice: Oh that'll do it
tru_boredom: wow
averythetiger: And then we died
thedragonlady: oh nooooo :(
KCazduke: GG
gnome_friend: lrrSCOOP
Shoki_Donai: Oof
Mr_Horrible: ono
Zahowy: gg
The_Cakemeister: Oof.
Ryavis: well, you would have lost either way
seancplays1: oof
ContingentCat: welp
Hafglop: decent.
3PlayerPolitics: gross
TXC2: well poop
sblue333: Wait Leech
noSmokeFire: should've planned around the shrieking eels
m_logan2000: we were beating that anyways
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?
3PlayerPolitics: sick brags
KCazduke: That was the out they needed
DwaginFodder: ooof
LackingSanity_: It seems they still had all those
Wiliart: A loss! With this deck?
KCazduke: Surprise Leech
Zengor: didn't draw enough removal
AlienNanobots: A message as true then as it is now
gnome_friend: !findquote meme
LRRbot: Quote #5826: "We only remember the Memes." —Paul [2019-02-14]
kais58: J picked Dead Weight over one, it's quite expensive
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Super_Sophomoric: LUL
rotagaki: BibleThump
deathrite_sharkman: !findquote wet
LRRbot: Quote #344: "You are so *** wet!" —Alex [2015-06-13]
punmaster10: bruh moment
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natureboy1: that leech is quite reminiscent of massacre wurm
Abavus: Cats! katesHug2
ContingentCat: katesLurk
Draken03: huhoh
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I know what's getting Dead Weighted.
Duhstink: They wouldn't get wet in Ultra-Pro™ Sleeves™ Get them today™
FrostbiteCoyote: that's alotta meow
RogueLink: Adam used that as a companion earlier.
iSmartMan1: But Graham, where's the fun in that?
northos: yeah but this way is SWEETer
Earthenone: catmander
Korlashheirtoblackblade: but that one is easy
averythetiger: But if you can do the thing....
KCazduke: The Companion of Motherhood!
historyman_admu: Adam drafted a decent Kaheera deck earlier
TXC2: but.....but the vaule?
Abavus: That's one of the easy ones to do, just don't pick humans basically
RassilonDND: you dont have to, but that one is pretty easy to draft around
Zengor: but if you do do the thing they're great support
Korlashheirtoblackblade: basically just means no humans
shadowbow464: Janes did that
gnome_friend: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #939: "I'm all whacked out on hootie gems." —Adam [2015-10-24]
The_FlyingDutchman: yeah but the flavor
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Welbog: You are reading this in your voice.
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Ivannorr: But now everything is the best creature types or else!
btd5player: 8th card is great card.
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun you are aware that James played a 60 card deck earlier, right? :P
alex_they_cryptid: the companion gives them a guaranteed turn three
volraths_bane: Adam did this companion earlier
Ukon_Cairns: but graham, now i can play 41 cards without feeling like its a mistake
sithenin: lrrARROW_HF lrrCIRCLE_HF lrrDOTS_HF
KCazduke: The Bonder of Cunning Night Cannot Be Cast!
Earthenone: its a werid animal lord
Geekscience: i keep thinking that lava is the orange glow of the countdown timer running low
mtgmogisthegod: adam and james fought, adam had this same compion i think its the easist for limited
CastleOtranto: Hey chat, is there a cap on channel points? I haven't gotten any in an hour.
Ryavis: stuck on two lands fight!
gnome_friend: KITTY!
alex_they_cryptid: oof, this is rough
KCazduke: The traditional 3/1 Cat.
schwimmschik: dead weight it!
ContingentCat: @CastleOtranto I don't think so, I currently have 100k twitch might just be having a time
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, really for draft the stipulation is basically "dont play humans"
KCazduke: The Arrow That Is Divine!
DwaginFodder: lrrFINE
sk8sam24: Poor kitteh
gainsofcastamere: fair
schwimmschik: should have dead weighted it
Easilycrazyhat: I haven't seen anyone try, yet, but is the arena interactive at all this time around?
averythetiger: When holding 2 mana, you cast whatever you can
Ukon_Cairns: 0 is up to 2
KCazduke: The Awkwardness that is the Mana!
DwaginFodder: yike
Earthenone: deadeye to eat a cat?
punmaster10: oof
alikaoz: Deadeye could have hit the kitty
noSmokeFire: @Earthenone deadeye is alf?
alex_they_cryptid: the turn they swing will hurt
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It has flash.
alikaoz: Read Mutual!
Earthenone: the 1.1
Earthenone: kitty
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Could have eaten the 1/1.
TillianSwoard: the 1/1
Wiliart: the left kitty
sblue333: why not eat the 1/1
ArcOfTheConclave: the 1/1
alikaoz: the 1/1
exerus16: the 1/1
KCazduke: Should you Commit to the Weight That Is Dead On One Cat?
punmaster10: Garrison cat
Geekscience: you can always keep up the cunning nightbender, it has flash
Earthenone: sorry. many cats :)
alikaoz: it has flash for speedy kill next turn
Easilycrazyhat: There's too many cats. it's hard to keep them straight XD
useridjake: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 32:04.
3PlayerPolitics: tooo many cats too many cats
zerodividesbyyou: also the webcam exactly precisely covers text boxes when you right click a card
alikaoz: oof
alikaoz: cars will hurt now
TXC2: 3PlayerPolitics no such thing
3PlayerPolitics: :D
gnome_friend: !findquote cat
LRRbot: Quote #4332: "I am too busy to manually anger my cat." —Kathleen [2017-07-31]
punmaster10: nightbondef
cheezcake: morning
TXC2: hello cheezcake welcome
KCazduke: The Weight That Is Dead!
3PlayerPolitics: oopsadoodle
Easilycrazyhat: scorpion & distruction is nice
Earthenone: ohh companions dont go back to the command zone? thats good
aerohydra: you can only cast companion once a game
TXC2: why whip noise with scorpion?
zerodividesbyyou: Hey Graham, did you see my comment about the webcam?
Super_Sophomoric: flying kitty
noSmokeFire: it's riding the dilu horse
murabittoo: i wanna fly forever
RAZRBCK08: yea companions are specifically one shots
useridjake: does a companion show up "in hand" like a commander would? that would make sense
punmaster10: do the thing
Ryavis: mutual destruction has flash, so you can hold it up
Mr_Horrible: Fly For-Ev-Er *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*
averythetiger: Throw scorpion at flying cat
RebelliousUno: Companions can be cast from oustide the game, once you've cast them if they die they're just a card in your yard
alex_they_cryptid: all of the things that give counters are better than their until end of turn counterparts
gainsofcastamere: having it for bigger stuff is fine too
KCazduke: The Death of the Tooth Like A Saber Should Be Your Priority I Think!
OrangeBeard: Sac bug and get bug back? For 6 mana?
btd5player: Do it!
ArcOfTheConclave: @useridjake companion is one time.
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: 'Confidential' and 'children' both start with C.
RebelliousUno: if you have a way to get them back from your graveyard you can
m_logan2000: and costs white
Arimus221: They don't have white up right now
djalternative: they don't have white up
historyman_admu: do it
TillianSwoard: bug can return itself from graveyard
DwaginFodder: theres a black indestructible trick too
OessiMC: doing it now uses mana better i think
STALKERsoldiers: Do it now, he doesn't have white
3PlayerPolitics: do it. do it nao!
historyman_admu: and you have a blocker as well
TangleTrail: Do it now
Earthenone: !card coilbug
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
alex_they_cryptid: wait
Nydestroyer: I mean they need a trick to kill you right?
viridimayai: Do it now, stops them from having a trick
btd5player: Do it!
Golldum: what does coilbug do?
xxt3x: now they more likely have an answerr on their turn
nudibranch93: now for blocker
Geekscience: coilbug can recur itself
noSmokeFire: @Golldum goes back to your hand from the yard for a lot of mana
Earthenone: i know coilbug comes back but i dont know how
KCazduke: Combat Trick to avoid The Destruction That Is Mutual Would Break Us.
zerodividesbyyou: !card Durable Coilbug
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Evochron13: cards don't necessarily have haste but mutate
STALKERsoldiers: 5 mana coilbug comes back
Abavus: @LoadingReadyRun your camera is exactly in front of the zoomed in cards
deathrite_sharkman: green and black do typically have some haste
savorycookie: 4 and a Black brigs coilbug to hand
Zengor: now call is great!
Earthenone: you can call for 2 though, so its all good
Lordofironstorm: a 4-color draft deck, eh?
punmaster10: we go off
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historyman_admu: get the bug
hawkeye437: I can only read that as "helvetica glider"
historyman_admu: cause it trains
DwaginFodder: 4c lrrGREED
historyman_admu: drains
gnome_friend: @Nefarious_Ned Lookin cool joker!
btd5player: Nightmare Squirel
3PlayerPolitics: ba boom
Geekscience: nice
Drimdort: Death-dweller is total cmc
KCazduke: The Strike That Is First
TXC2: flying is better I'd said
RebelliousUno: interesting UI for the keyword counters
Super_Sophomoric: so many choices
Kykiwi: a scropion with deathtouch? legasp
Mr_Horrible: 2 hard-to-block critters and a damaging dies trigger? we're in a good way
BecauseGnomes: Need a drink after that one
TheElrad: what can OP do against such reckless hate
TXC2: *i'd say
Zengor: so much power
Geekscience: this format is looking super interesting
62MGcobra: uh... one more?
sblue333: ayy gg
3PlayerPolitics: silver get!
Nefarious_Ned: lrrADAM_SG
drfox17: one more win!
Lordofironstorm: 7-1 baby! Here we come!
Drimdort: gee gee
KCazduke: What Godzilla Card Would Graham Want A Foil Copy Of?
punmaster10: ye
planeswalkagogo is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Brooklynnb545!
Shoki_Donai: Hmm indeed
Draken03: greedy keep
RogueLink: Have a chance to play Mutate yet?
DwaginFodder: mulll
Nefarious_Ned: lrrBEEJ_SG
alex_they_cryptid: this draft set has so much power, and really only two power
tru_boredom: pray for plains
drfox17: the question is.... do you believe in the curse
TXC2: turns out giving keywords forever is powerful
gnome_friend: ca-CAW
Super_Sophomoric: its James' curse
punmaster10: keep
serramarkov: I'm really liking what I'm seeing of Ikoria, I'm much more excited, now.
averythetiger: Humans. Bringing us boring tribal since innistrad
thaneh: Shoulda mulled
DwaginFodder: hrmmm
radio_penguin: can't unsee Kudro as Otto von Bismark
zerodividesbyyou: He says, and then immediately dies
thaneh: Nvm
punmaster10: yeah now
zerodividesbyyou: @averythetiger it's only boring cuz you ARE one
KCazduke: That Is The Vigilant One!
alex_they_cryptid: mossy boi is the poster child of mutate
planeswalkagogo: subbing in the free word!
Caralad: graham are you looking forward to player drafting on arena?
hawkeye437: saying goriak is the same mood as saying legac
planeswalkagogo: *world
radio_penguin: he even throws pesants at problems like real Bismark
KCazduke: That Is The Gliding One!
averythetiger: Yes. As a nerd, I spend a lot of my time trying to pretend I'm not myself.
RebelliousUno: well
mtgmogisthegod: sorry miissed the ending to that last match, we 1 or 2 loses?
Mr_Horrible: first strike seems like a good choice when you need to stop aggression
Zengor: a great mutate target as well
WaymanLive: its a pretty good target for mutate as well
3PlayerPolitics: welp
RogueLink: whelp
RebelliousUno: that came out of no where
useridjake: shifting the power/toughness over like they did just feels right.
TXC2: mtgmogisthegod 1 lose
62MGcobra: we won the last game
Geekscience: what does divine arrow do; does it kill the 5/5?
Ryavis: dire tactics on their turn?
62MGcobra: 6-1 right now
xxt3x: YHe has a godzilla solid and mythos of bruko
btd5player: Dire Tactics
punmaster10: oh no
exerus16: Dire times require dire tactics
BlueSwitch: Thank you for explaining how that worked!
TXC2: Geekscience no, 4 damage
mtgmogisthegod: @TXC2 thank you
hawkeye437: divine arrow does 4 dmg to attacking or blocking creature
TheElrad: or you could go to 9 next turn
zerodividesbyyou: you've heard of power and toughness, get ready for THICCR and THICCNESS
joerivlimpt: Hey Guys
KCazduke: Go Away, Foul Beast!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We can wait until their turn. There's no God's Willing in this format.
Rioxcon: any point in holding it until their turn?
jonasjonIV: eat the mike, tlak to the mix
joerivlimpt: Sorry @kcazduke :D
Super_Sophomoric: eat the trail mix, live your life
RebelliousUno: it's like Moly's Cube
richard_ermen: Godjira!
DwaginFodder: haha Yikes
Saphling: Godzilla happened
Duhstink: Godzilla? More like Got Cycled
noSmokeFire: and for our next act: godzilla on! a! unicycle!
Zengor: who needs godzilla, just throw him into the bin for another card
TXC2: it has flample!
northos: flample counter!
TheRobAwesome: good old flample
richard_ermen: The name in the little box is the real name though, but those are amazing cards ^^
alex_they_cryptid: vigilance tribal
TheElrad: you got zillad
lazav101: when is the giveaway going to be?
drfox17: arrow?
Ryavis: attack, divine arrow on the block?
KCazduke: The Littlest Flampler.
Draken03: Sergeant, prep for next turn?
savorycookie: GO
natureboy1: does he say no or go?
DRMagnify: Does he yell 'Go' or 'No'?
punmaster10: kudro
RebelliousUno: jlrrIronball_EB
Geekscience: mind games
btd5player: Bye-Bye, Godzilla
radio_penguin: I think its 'GO'
62MGcobra: Godzilla noped to general
DwaginFodder: o hi uno
Nefarious_Ned: giveaway you say?!
Wiliart: More rock clicking!
northos: @Kerrisis in case you're not familiar with the setup, the actual card is Titanoth Rex, there's just a promo where it's skinned as Godzilla (and they did the same for a bunch of creatures from the Godzilla mythos)
sblue333: wait, giveaway?
btd5player: Bug and Arrow!
Hafglop: What Hey, we can't call that back from the GY now.
viridimayai: Beetle hold Divine Arrow?
Kokonut_Binks: The UI is so interesting
useridjake: Saturday can't get here fast enough. I'm excited for the PPR
richard_ermen: Background Music?
deathrite_sharkman: this is fun
KCazduke: They have lots of land.
I_Am_Clockwork: we an anime opening now
romanempire144: do the FF fanfare!!!
shurtal: there's another crystal on the left, and they have stereo sound
deathrite_sharkman: shame i never have audio on in arena
viridimayai: Which one do we arrow?
noSmokeFire: PoPR or "potpurri"
Milambus: left side also breaks
RememberSHADY: I looked at my clock to check my local time then realized that I always forget that BC and LA share a timezone LUL
mtgmogisthegod: theres a give away? alright ive been bouncing streams but im sticking around awhile sorry ben/adam
punmaster10: attack and then commando
iSmartMan1: I wonder if that's an actual song
nanostul: Does that play for the opponent as well?
serramarkov: Is there anything more frustrating than waiting for a new toy to charge so you can play with it the 1st time?
radio_penguin: dang on saturday I'm building a garden.
jonasjonIV: ded
KCazduke: Block, Arrow?
RebelliousUno: this game is a mess
viridimayai: Arrow the flier block with bug?
savorycookie: You can if you block
Geekscience: block arrow get bug back?
btd5player: Shot the squirrel
RassilonDND: why not 2-1 there?
Hafglop: You can Kudro it
KCazduke: Wait, you can kill it
punmaster10: block and arrow
DRMagnify: I dont think we can kudro it, its only graphical
Kokonut_Binks: It returns from the yard!
Mr_Horrible: if you play another human you can YEET
gnome_friend: It doesn't actually ahve 5 power
savorycookie: Kudro only hits creatures with 4 power or more
queenfounder: Won’t eat trail mix into the mic but will play with the crystal noises
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: No you can't. It has 3 power.
Geekscience: it doesnt have 4+ power
TillianSwoard: nitegaurd commando gives 2 humans with raid
Hafglop: It had last turn
Mr_Horrible: oh right
iSmartMan1: But its power isn't 4+
Micsig: not actually power 4+
Geekscience: its just masquerading as a 5/5
KCazduke: You died
RassilonDND: menace counter
Mr_Horrible: it's needs to be minimum big
natureboy1: he gave it menace
Ukon_Cairns: other?
Ryavis: menace
meisbored: it had menace
fiftymcnasty: it got menace
I_Am_Clockwork: it got menace
gnome_friend: RIP
BrookJustBones: it got menace
deathrite_sharkman: has 3 power
Derthon: removal that gives menace
Shoki_Donai: menace
Kykiwi: you life went to 0
historyman_admu: blockyou need mana for kudro
exerus16: power=3
WrinnAndSix: menace
walkeroftales: kudro costs 2
btd5player: Menace
DRMagnify: The removal spell gives menace counter
Kokonut_Binks: Menace
Zengor: kudro couldn't block
MyrddintheWizard: Menace.
Hafglop: It has 5 power when it attacks.
KCazduke: That was a lucky top deck
MyrddintheWizard: And no open mana.
noSmokeFire: the blurdle
Super_Sophomoric: I think you have to go into full control to activate his ability right?
MyrddintheWizard: Yikes.
thaneh: Menace
punmaster10: wow
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Mr_Horrible: I'm gonna keep forgetting that kudro can only kill stuff with 4 or more power
limushil: Menace man
RebelliousUno: it's a little funky that UX for it
Easilycrazyhat: frustrating with that removal :\
limushil: It’ll mess you up
Geekscience: kudro can only kill stuff with 4+ power
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RebelliousUno: I think there are better ways to rep it
KCazduke: You probably should have blocked it the last turn and then Arrowed it to 2-2.
averythetiger: Just means you gotta pay attention and read the cards
RebelliousUno: Arcades and High Alert and that Huatli
hoale_mtg: so when does stuff rotate out of standard?
RebelliousUno: October
useridjake: fall
Easilycrazyhat: Kinda felt bad when my opp did that in RNA...
jonasjonIV: hindsight is a 20/20 counter
gnome_friend: !findquote bargle
LRRbot: Quote #4929: "You can't just come out of the gate bargling everybody's Yargle and expect to live." —Kathleen [2018-04-28]
TXC2: hoale_mtg when Zendikar comes out
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I think maybe a different color for the power in that case, other than just the "modified" color
iamthemidboss: I got a new speaker for my tv and the base in your voice is very different when you have a subwoofer lol
Countjondi: I love that art on dead weight
sblue333: No no no
punmaster10: no
sblue333: aww
KCazduke: What is Graham's Favorite Big Monster For This Set?
limushil: That’s a lot of land
sblue333: woulda mulled
tenebraecorvidae: what sets are rotating out this october?
Gekyouryuu: the ravnicas
Hafglop: Would not have mulled a hand with removal and card draw in a deck like this
punmaster10: ravinca block
fubargames: What are these sound effects?
LordSaphni: theres another crystal on the left isnt there?
Super_Sophomoric: and 2 removal spells
tenebraecorvidae: ah, thank you
joerivlimpt: It will possibly be the worst brawl deck, but I want to make a Kaheera deck (lets go Cat, Elemental, Dinosaur tribal)
hoale_mtg: rip ravnica
hawkeye437: did we lose the last game against GW butts?
Geekscience: dead weight keep up arrow?
sblue333: Certainly has gotten better
RebelliousUno: m2020 also goes in the autumn
Wiliart: @LoadingReadyRun When will we the nicknames site be up again?
RockPusher: Dix holding the perimeter there gabyLul
Hafglop: Perimeter Sergeant looks like Graham.
averythetiger: Hopefully standard players with sell their shock lands and the prices can go down a little
hoale_mtg: darn rip m20
Ukon_Cairns: idk, i made a ugin deck without any basic lands that might be hard to beat as "worst brawl deck"
BrookJustBones: you could draw I guess
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deathrite_sharkman: risky play
RogueLink: oof
Geekscience: gee willikers
TXC2: oof
Ryavis: attack, mututal destruction?
RassilonDND: well thats a bad miss, at least we can kill it next round for sure
KCazduke: Time for Mutual Destruction?
noSmokeFire: "I'm not owned I'm not owned" I shout as a slowly turn into a corn cob
seancplays1: block then deadeye?
yamahako: Oooo that guy has flash
planeswalkagogo: jam, mutual seems good
btd5player: attack and sack
djalternative: destruction then call?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Bring it back?
BlightningHelix: Since rotation came up, WAR also rotates in october, right?
DwaginFodder: deadeye, mutual on their turn
Earthenone: dark bargle?
DwaginFodder: aww
KCazduke: The Bargain That Is Dark?
TXC2: BlightningHelix yes
Pyroxx___: first stike
Earthenone: it had first strike
gnome_friend: @BlightningHelix yes, WAR is one of teh Ravnica sets
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It had a first strike counter, you couldn't.
punmaster10: attack mutual
Hafglop: Bargain is sweet with Call
RassilonDND: "don't call it a comeback" call of the death-dweller
Hafglop: Can effectively sometimes draw 3
KCazduke: Hold up the Deadeye That Is Lurking, and Surprise Them!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: OP is of 3 minds.
gnome_friend: Of no mind
Shoki_Donai: Hmm
Mumpaaah: Of THREE Minds
deathrite_sharkman: mill is turned on
viridimayai: shark
A_Dub888: !findquote draw card
LRRbot: Quote #4647: "Draw some different cards." —Beej, giving Magic advice [2018-02-01]
Hafglop: No it's the same mind over and over again
patbaer: Be careful, Graham- you
Ukon_Cairns: mono of one mind
Zengor: maybe it's a deck built around that kraken enchantment
Professor_Rakor: Judge, my opponent dropped rocks on my land cards.
patbaer: you're fighting a VIP
KCazduke: The Board That Is Wide!
punmaster10: mill him
LukeMage15: the butterfly effect!!!!
planeswalkagogo: he IS a VIP
chaostreader: @patbaer Everyone in this event is a VIP
robowizard418: they forgot to mutate
Gekyouryuu: brb. it's almost 5 pm, and I woke up 2 and a half hours ago. seems a perfect time for a bowl of cereal
Zengor: why didn't they mutate that
robowizard418: lol
patbaer: OOOO, fancy. Also hi Graham!
Ba_Dum_Tish: When everyone is VIP no one is
RassilonDND: i wish ours read LRRMTG_VIPS
TXC2: when everyone is a VIP, NO ONE IS! Kappa
strictlycheese: You'll always be a VIP to us, even when you aren't on this account Graham
Hafglop: They didn't mutate because they want a blocker
KCazduke: Why would they Not Mutate the Otter That Thieves?
joerivlimpt: Are you playing more draft after this or something else?
seancplays1: call back the human guy?
DragonMZ: I wonder if LRR will fight Day9 at some point today
Ryavis: attack, use call to bring back the lurking deadeye?
iSmartMan1: Call the Perimeter Sergeant back so he can pump your team next turn?
TillianSwoard: could get back the seargent
savorycookie: Call back the 3/2 human? It'll buff your commando next turn
gnome_friend: Luckily importance isn't a zero-sum game
TXC2: going wide is a thing
TheWooglie: I need Nelson and Serge to tell me how to mutate
Ryavis: wait it's too big nm
Hafglop: They didn't mutate because mutating gives them one less blocker
seancplays1: it buffs enough to get past the lizard
hawkeye437: that otter reallly steals? no dignity
IOI681387: It's adorible, that's what is does. Kills you with cuteness. And card advantage.
punmaster10: call for value
noSmokeFire: vorthos drakkis
Officinalis: Vorthos
iSmartMan1: Pumps token, commando, and nightbonder
savorycookie: It would also have menace and deathtouch
Officinalis: Drak
Abavus: Big into destiny
deathrite_sharkman: @TheWooglie it's on youtube already!
KCazduke: Is It A Beast That Is A Lizard
Earthenone: jhonny, timmy, spike and drakkis
TheWooglie: deathrite_sharkman is it? ooh
Ukon_Cairns: there is no meaning, only lore drakkis
Ryavis: uh, is one of their lands clipped into a rock?
DrChairthrower: funkytown?
karmakamikaze: Actually a typo, it's a LURE Drakkis. You use it to lure opponents
tenebraecorvidae: lore drakkis, not like the other drakkises? drakki? draks?
noSmokeFire: @Ryavis it's a counter Kappa
deathrite_sharkman: @TheWooglie jup, go check ^^
biosimicist: at least you get to play music when you are playing Ikoria
DwaginFodder: jammin
TXC2: Ryavis yeah it does that
Drimdort: prowess
TheWooglie: deathrite_sharkman oh yeah I found it
Zengor: better stormchaser mage
Hafglop: Now that's a card worth mutating ontu
RassilonDND: i mean all the decks you should be facing are 6-X
KCazduke: It Is The Faerie That Is Also A Dragon
SmashTCG: i dont know how i feel about nonlegndarys with Names
UnkeptFlea: Prowess with a capital P
seancplays1: definitely call
btd5player: Call the seargent
Mangledpixel: 3 Dorats were what mutated into King Ghidorah, IIRC
WrightJustice: ancient faerie dragon
Leedopo: ur spells matter aggro is the sickest of sick archetypes.
Hafglop: @SmashTCG It's only for the Godzila version..
iSmartMan1: It would be good to have a Perimeter Sergeant with deathtouch and menace...
alex_they_cryptid: it's really just a sprite dragon with a style
punmaster10: call
savorycookie: Call gives your creatures menace and deathtouch, it gives you super attacking ability
chaostreader: Use call. Get a menace deathtouch creature.
Officinalis: It's probably a little loose for the preview event too in terms of matchups.
SmashTCG: i know but that might be a source of confusion
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TXC2: it's not, they put up against anyone close to your rank
djalternative: slam, call, deadeye
Zengor: damn
RassilonDND: oh man I have no clue how im going to keep track of keyword counters on paper without going to time...
Ukon_Cairns: opp we gonna need you to stop poppin off plx
iserguy: kill the otter
alex_they_cryptid: is that cyclecaster mage?
Hafglop: @RassilonDND there's some weird cut-outs in packs
BrookJustBones: Deadeye is still cmc 4 right @djalternative
SerGarretCameron: Judge, OP is actively popping off.
Zengor: deadeye is 4 mana
snowewolf: well my internet just turned to shit
Earthenone: yeah i dont think this format is well suited for paper
KCazduke: Probably shouldn't have held up the Call.
iSmartMan1: Weight on the flier, before it gets big
djalternative: I just realized that
DwaginFodder: graham youre just ded
Earthenone: but it came at a good time for that
iSmartMan1: Aaaand too late
tezzerettinkerer: Thats a monstrous OOF._
btd5player: Call of the Death-dweller!
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snowewolf: lrrFINE
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drfox17: bring back the sgt?
RassilonDND: @Hafglop still going to take so much time with punching them out, using them, keeping track of them
Hafglop: Do we wait for them to go off?
btd5player: Use the call to get the sergeant back!
iSmartMan1: Ooh! Okay, weight the flier while you still can
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (It's time for CTS. The Crew plays online games and does a friendship! Game: Totally Reliable Delivery Service) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3:02 from now).
iserguy: or wait till he uses resources making it bigger
kais58: btd5player: refresh stream
gnome_friend: Go left
KCazduke: Call?
btd5player: Call!
kais58: btd5player sorry not you
Gekyouryuu: Graham, question: whenever nickname submissions for Ikoria stuff happens, are we also gonna nickname the godzilla cards and/or the cards from commander?
iserguy: wow....
strictlycheese: Like that digital effect
D00kqc: wow
Zahowy: wow
Shoki_Donai: Welp
Wiliart: Vu deja!
Baubao: oh no
KCazduke: Dead
Hafglop: @RassilonDND Keeping track takes as long as you make it to be
drfox17: what
btd5player: Call of the death-dweller, Graham!
I_Am_Clockwork: the same perfect pet
samu_btdp1985: it is uncommon?
MyrddintheWizard: Top Deck the same Dorat...
Easilycrazyhat: It was Sprite day at teh draft pod and we missed out...
Zengor: somehow the board state remains unchanged
Garthous: what the heck indeed
iserguy: meanwhile, your deck: "heard you needed lands? no?"
odinmuninn: what is his deck
exerus16: I just looked away for a second, I though you exiled that guy
RassilonDND: @hafglop, not only will i be writing them down, so will my op. No way werent not spending more time than without them
Gekyouryuu: cause I wanna nickname the Baby Godzilla "Godzookie"
Mangledpixel: ah right yes. Dorats were genetically engineered 'perfect pets' from the 23rd century, brought back in time by the time-travelling Futurians to 1944, where they were planted near an atomic testing site, leading to them mutating into King Ghidorah in 1954.
alex_they_cryptid: can you only get a style for a card in your pool?
NazTMann: @iserguy To be fair, it did start out life with James at the helm
planeswalkagogo: @LoadingReadyRun I think you missed some subs earlier while deep in the tank
Hafglop: @RassilonDND IDK I personally never find tracking to be a big issue, years of commander games with convoluted board states will do that to you
Gekyouryuu: @Mangledpixel wait, THAT'S where King Ghidorah comes from?
RogueLink: This is your first draft right graham?
Mangledpixel: Gekyouryuu yup
RogueLink: I mean this one coming up :)
Hafglop: Are we doing any constructed?
planeswalkagogo: what's that WUBRG icon?
RebelliousUno: See Led
iSmartMan1: He did one sealed
Drimdort: He did 1, right?
djalternative: he did 2 draft 1 sealed
TXC2: he did 1 sealed
BrookJustBones: james did a 60 card deck sealed
Wiliart: James did it once
Pyroxx___: sealed
Stickill1: sealed it up
RebelliousUno: Sure go for Seals
WrightJustice: just 1
Stickill1: seal it up?
btd5player: Draft!
DJFedora: 5 color challenge
UnkeptFlea: sealed
Lordofironstorm: Player draft!
Mangledpixel: it's the new player thingy
Short51: draft
Drimdort: seal it away
alex_they_cryptid: I think this is a new account so it looks odd
odinmuninn: sealed
punmaster10: draft
stormshot64: Sealed!
Porsgaard81: I prefer draft.
sblue333: whoa so many gems lmao
Athelgar: wth is that 15k worth of gems ?
Earthenone: marduuuuuu
ArcOfTheConclave: the new durdle turtle!
Hafglop: That's a mythic!
Mangledpixel: ah, King Kong
sblue333: these are like fake accounts for the streamer event
RebelliousUno: I mean you gots the trip land as well
Desruprot: ooh the an apex
btd5player: Force Kaheera as companion!
Gekyouryuu: Vadrok with the correct triome land! dang!
RebelliousUno: Elemental..dinosaur...cat
Ukon_Cairns: its rodan but not rodan!
KCazduke: Thunder, Thunder, Thundercat, HOOOOO
Super_Sophomoric: wowzers
Professor_Rakor: live that +20/20 dream you coward!
Lordofironstorm: Jeskai time?
RAZRBCK08: you do have the Jeskai triland
LackingSanity_: temur splash white?
tru_boredom: if you play vadrok, I think you have the godzilla version of him
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun my nickname for Offsprin's Revenge: "Hello. My name is Inigo Meowntoya. You killed my mother. Prepare to die."
Hafglop: Two Ram Throughs. TWO
djalternative: 5 color good stuff?
Khuasta: hello!! katesWave
Baubao: Triland feels like a sign
Drimdort: Green seems good
Genderi: How mysterious
Mangledpixel: soogah! soogah!
gnome_friend: sergeHi @Khuasta
RebelliousUno: that mysterious egg is very mysterious
TXC2: hello Khuasta welcome
Pyroxx___: green blue?
Ukon_Cairns: its doomblade + lava axe. in green
RothonWylar: adam popped off with the cat lord earlier
jawat2021 converted from a Twitch Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
exerus16: It has to be Jeskai
Desruprot: the +20/+20 enchantment as well
Illuvater01: ram thru is great
BrindleBoar: he L I K K
BrookJustBones: check the companion
I_Am_Clockwork: our green looks stacked
Lucidmooselid: what does thtitonous rx do?
Lucidmooselid: rex
Illuvater01: cool whhilt
Drimdort: It can cycle, if you do cycle, give a creature you have trample
TXC2: Lucidmooselid cycles to give a trample counter
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: I don't know how wilt is in flavor with artifact destruction?
Earthenone: also the weird animal lord
btd5player: Green/white!
Lucidmooselid: nice
Earthenone: is green
Super_Sophomoric: explosive veg with cycling?
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, companion can go in the deck. but probably dont wanna weaken the deck to sideboard it
TillianSwoard: and green hybrid
Lucidmooselid: cool
Leedopo: the gb gold dude is actually just green
chaostreader: Maybe try some form of green heavy Bant?
gnome_friend: All hail brushwagg
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Magic not known for having a lot of 11/11 humans.
I_Am_Clockwork: Brushwag Brushwag!
3PlayerPolitics: :D
Hafglop: Almighty Brushwagg + Colossification + Ram Through Dream is alive
deathrite_sharkman: so kawaiiiiii
RebelliousUno: So humble
lazav101: yes
samu_btdp1985: is our selesneya companion viable
sblue333: green white
TillianSwoard: you have 2 naturalists
Earthenone: you have hybrid cost cards that have green pips too
D00kqc: dont forget the hybrid green cards
nudibranch93: there's a second humble lad
RebelliousUno: and you have egg
Gekyouryuu: read the Humble Naturalist's flavor text
planeswalkagogo: mono-green viable?
Demolion13: 2 porcuparrots??
btd5player: Hybrid Green!
Mangledpixel: I like that both the original Brushwagg and this new one have flavour text that is to do with people experiencing great hubris
punmaster10: we could play the companion
Zengor: there's a UG mutate
Lucidmooselid: twin beaks
DaCardCzar: The green, black and blue hybrids mutate
BrindleBoar: It's Free Porcuparrot
Drimdort: What's the companion?
joerivlimpt: Do you have a lot of vigilance in white?
Wicker_Knight: Ikoria has the best names
Genderi: yeah it's worth seeing if we can companion, even though we probably can't
DwaginFodder: im getting double messages from everyone in chat
Leedopo: you have a gb gold card that mutates for golgari and gets back a permanent to the hand.
RebelliousUno: For some of the cards in this set do you have to come up with normal names instead for a nickname podcast
elah806: How far in advance do they design these? Is it feasible that someone came up with Humble Naturalist while Bylaw and Order was playing? The Molander energy is.........string
3PlayerPolitics: 768k gems? how much did James start with chat?
elah806: *strong
I_Am_Clockwork: get IN
mtgmogisthegod: lead the stampead was dianas spoiler,it was halerios to hear someone so young go it was good before it will be good again and shes not wrong of course shes so smart
Ridgenator: Do mutate creatures have a slightly bigger artwork than other cards?
DwaginFodder: i think we hit Jeskai with Kaheera
DwaginFodder: yes ridgenator
I_Am_Clockwork: sultai splash red for the jeskai card?
ikesolotl: you have a "blood curdle" in black
planeswalkagogo: does the Egg get in?
Pyroxx___: remember evolving wilds
eternalaje: Howdy hows it going today
Hafglop: Not even sultai, you can pay the mutate with only green
chaostreader: @elah806 At least a year. It might be more.
btd5player: Green/blue land!
Geekscience: what colors are your triland?
A_Dub888: Sultight
TheKingWiggins: How many cards this set will not need nicknames in the nickname episode?
Hafglop: We don't need sultai, it's hybrid mana
TillianSwoard: both your UG and BG mutate creatures can be played as mono green
Lucidmooselid: Yeah tf that art is slightly bigger HahaBall HahaBall
TXC2: Ridgenator yes and no, the reminder text is missing, so it's bigger in arena
lirazel64: Salty? Graham, salty?
RebelliousUno: 0/5 but do you have that white enchangment
alpha_lumare: Egg?
RebelliousUno: enchantment*
chaostreader: Bant?
toomanybears: hey i thought there were supposed to be table friends for this did something change?
TXC2: toomanybears this is not the ppr
DwaginFodder: toomanybears thats this weekend
Texan_Reverend: You can also just run green and cast them exclusively for their mutate costs.
toomanybears: ahh
RebelliousUno: that'll be the PPR saturday
gnome_friend: !birb
elah806: That's a yikes
alpha_lumare: Egg??
Amentur: All the feathers
toomanybears: its all a little confusing
BlightningHelix: Creature type - Bird Bird Bird Bird Bird Bird
I_Am_Clockwork: avian odity: only slightly more wings than regular Suntail Hawk
Ukon_Cairns: what if it was just a ball with every type of wing on it
MennoKnight42: i've been watching so much FF7 play it forward that it's jarring to hear Graham without that music behind him
bonemaunger127: "what bird is that?" "yes"
WalrusOntheCourt: Any removal? As you said, there is a ton of removal in this format ...
Earthenone: even if not 4 mana unsummon and draw is cool
holz1994: Put a flying counter on your 11/11 PogChamp
TXC2: pouncing "why does it have arms?" shoreshark
falingard: pteron, the only creature with hexproof in the set
3PlayerPolitics: nip nip
swampmist1142: Hi graham!
Ukon_Cairns: to ponce with
elah806: Avian Oddity's art reminds me of the very, very old Friday Nights episode where Paul has written a list of mashed up variants of caw blade and draw go and then "what's next?"
Mazrae: hello hello
iSmartMan1: The average creature CMC in this set is above 3, so I'm not sure how good Easy Prey is
planeswalkagogo: Hi Graham!
TXC2: hello Mazrae welcome
chaostreader: Hexproof seems really good for mutate.
Garfman314: i'm a pangolin fan, so i've collected all of them so far
Garfman314: i'm excited for a new one
radio_penguin: love that george micheal song
FabledTrickster: Don't forget the egg
Ukon_Cairns: the 2x evolving wilds probably get in if we wanna be 3 color
Geekscience: thornwood falls?
Earthenone: in these trying times?
Lucidmooselid: Pangolins are badass
deathrite_sharkman: could you per any chance move your webcam view?
WalrusOntheCourt: How many pangolin cards are there?
TXC2: chaostreader there's like zero of in set though :P
Mangledpixel: the jeskoptions
Lordofironstorm: And the triome land
btd5player: Triome
chaostreader: Bant? Maybe try white?
BrookJustBones: vadrok would work in temur or mardu as a mutate only
Ukon_Cairns: over the done button maybe?
Ukon_Cairns: yeah
malc: goodbye?
DwaginFodder: i think webcams at the best spot it can be
iSmartMan1: YES
iSmartMan1: NO
DRMagnify: when is golive for general release? Next week?
zerodividesbyyou: GRAHAM HAS FLASH
iSmartMan1: YES
espi: Graham stop teleporting D:
deathrite_sharkman: thx! now the new cards will be visible XD
3PlayerPolitics: :D
Illuvater01: so many gems!!
Garfman314: @WalrusOntheCourt a few
gnome_friend: Vorthos Lizard?
snowewolf: @LoadingReadyRun is the Pre-Pre-Release stillgoing on, and if so how?
RogueLink: Didn't realize it was warmer in the bottom right corner of the screen. Good to know. 🤔
chaostreader: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2YETYw7lIk
DinoGeneral: lol open widows yet it just snowed by me
BrindleBoar: so you're saying you should squander all the gems on cosmetics? Kappa
jkoon78076: you got the jeskai land
snowewolf: thank you
gnome_friend: Do we want vorthos lizard?
Earthenone: @DRMagnify i think they were saying you can play it at home tommorow on arena? i have no idea about physical cards in this era though
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I'm so pumped for the ppr, the lineup is stocked!
TXC2: yeap, we finaly got LSV on a PPR
Lordofironstorm: Triome land
DRMagnify: @Earthenone Thanks, I jjust wanted to know in case i need emergency gems
DwaginFodder: physical cards release May 15 if things are on track
Lucidmooselid: yeah lsv and gooby we are spoiled
munocard: Cycling: 1 seems VERY good
Lucidmooselid: and prof!!!
Raithencore235: It's Graham! How are you finding the new set in sealed/limted?
iSmartMan1: Cloudpiercer: most likely winner of the set's "Surprise Reach" award
ginganinja314: It’s happening on my gfs birthday so I probably won’t catch much of it live :(
sblue333: I think green beats are just better
Rain2123: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:08:11.
stateofcomatose: So got here a bit ago, don't know if anyone has mentioned it, but the battlefield... looks great but it keeps making me think we are roping lol
TXC2: Raithencore235 this is the first sealed he's doing, so not much info yet
peldone: Mutate on that one means that you can build a two color deck with it.
Vetinaari: Where can I find the schedule for today?
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
Duhstink: Did you find the hidden Kiora in Ikoria yet?
Earthenone: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out https://loadingreadyrun.com/live for an interactive schedule, or http://lrr.cc/schedule for a Google Calendar version.
Vetinaari: Thanks!
lurkerspine: G you got another Rockslide
Lucidmooselid: i like that its a fow with wings
Super_Sophomoric: 1 mana modal spell
Lucidmooselid: fox
munocard: Light of Hope is just a decent charm
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun Just out of curiosity, can you check if the comicbook styles are in yet? They're all mutate or triome cards.
queenfounder: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:09:16.
Illuvater01: I'm really liking mutate, some crazy creatures coming up
espi: Gust of Wind is nice with UW
Geekscience: thats 40 right there
RivanDarkStar: @LoadingReadyRun Hi Graham, not sure if you know but if you buy packs you can get all of the Godzilla style cards and you have all the gems
chaostreader: Cat is a good mutate target?
planeswalkagogo: IMO the green build looks more fun
TillianSwoard: 4 mana 4+ damage kill spell
Super_Sophomoric: anticipate
espi: you want the low drops to mutate on I think, like the Turtle and Cat
Zengor: vadrok likes more 3-drop noncreatures
I_Am_Clockwork: you have the mutate Egg as well
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Ponder your fists!
RogueLink: Mutate seems strong. I'm curious to see what you think about it.
I_Am_Clockwork: in colorless
holz1994: I think you run all the Rockslides you get, it kills basically everything
WrinnAndSix: sultai looks more fun
btd5player: Turtle
gnome_friend: I like UG
harpjacob2020: yes
BrindleBoar: turtle is deeply unexciting but I think having a 0/5 base to mutate onto is dece
HPBraincase: Mutate feels like the real version of that Un-Set "Glue a creature to another creature" ability.
blueavalon01: the egg?
TillianSwoard: creatures without text are not great mutate
shadowbow464: The egg
Genderi: Go green!
stateofcomatose: agreed
gnome_friend: UG time!
harpjacob2020: greeeeeennnn
Zengor: UGx or maybe just UG looked pretty good
arrowgrut: GREEN
DwaginFodder: awww
espi: you can also run the two W/G W/G creatures
RebelliousUno: An egg in these trying times
deathrite_sharkman: agreen
arrowgrut: !!
kirbytronic: Get stompy
stateofcomatose: sorry agreened
chaostreader: Bant? WGU
I_Am_Clockwork: yeah as cool as some of the individual Jeskai cards are, green was a way more solid pool
TXC2: yes
Lucidmooselid: of course
Raithencore235: I think having good low drops to mutate onto is important
djalternative: YES
WrinnAndSix: yes
snowewolf: yes
Genderi: How much trample do we have?
Duhstink: dew it
Pyroxx___: yES?
TillianSwoard: yes
lurkerspine: yeah buddy
Professor_Rakor: absolutely, you coward
fubargames: Sealed IS typically slower?
Zahowy: 100%
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @HPBraincase yeah, but this way we don't get Paul's super sweet card reader thing where the host/augment pair would show properly
ToastedArts: can be used offensively too
jkoon78076: of coursw
deathrite_sharkman: for the meeeemes
hawkeye437: for the MEEEMES
harpjacob2020: do it you coward😂😂😂
Baubao: Let me call this guy called Palpatine... He said dew it
Zengor: the meme potential is too good
I_Am_Clockwork: now its bigger
mtgmogisthegod: do it for the kitty
stormshot64: DO IT
SerGarretCameron: 2000%yes.
Lordofironstorm: Big boi
iSmartMan1: The BIGGEST boi
Illuvater01: with two ram thrus yes
shadowbow464: Meme it
gnome_friend: We hardly have any black cards
RockPusher: BIG. KITTY. wheelerMor
lamina5432: trample fight with colassal
Professor_Rakor: We're not here to not play big dumb cards.
djalternative: or sultai
Lucidmooselid: Who dosent want a 20 20
TXC2: !vaselineorbarcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
WrinnAndSix: sultai?
TillianSwoard: Remember that your GB and UG mutate creatures have hybrid mutate
Texan_Reverend: Simic seemed good. Plus, I think you can skip Black and just pay the mutate cost on the one creature.
I_Am_Clockwork: your creature, bigger than before
Arimus221: Brushwagg!
stormshot64: It’s ability could just be green
snowewolf: you will be 2of1ed but if you put it on somthing with trample its just gg
RAZRBCK08: you technically don't need blue for gnar's mutate but there is a chance to get screwed
hawkeye437: the brushwagg can boost itself without limit
Lordofironstorm: Strictly Better Charging Badger
gnome_friend: Blue definitely
iSmartMan1: Colossified Brushwagg! YES
deathrite_sharkman: 21/21 brushwagg
Zahowy: brushwagg and colossification *chef's kiss*
togashinaruta: Graham, are you avoiding the companion restrictions, or focusing on avoiding revealing it?
Zengor: brushwagg is really good
chaostreader: If the deck fits it, maybe run the Companion?
RockPusher: How's Khaavren doing G? jamieCare
natureboy1: ALL HAIL the Almighty Brushwagg!
Genderi: Do you want removal or spells?
Man_on_horse: there's the blue hexproof to give +20 +20?
djalternative: zagoth?
Texan_Reverend: Same is true for the G/B mutate.
arrowgrut: blue
DwaginFodder: Colossal Brushwagg PogChamp
Earthenone: it blocks brushwag. 0/10
QuixoticZ: Adam had some good work with that thing in a Jund deck earlier
Illuvater01: does companion take up a sideboard card spot?
QuixoticZ: +1/+1 vigilance
arrowgrut: play blue
hawkeye437: sb slot
TillianSwoard: the 2/2 bear with upside is good
iSmartMan1: @QuixoticZ Yeah, but that was in Draft, not Sealed
Vetinaari: @Illuvater01 Yes it does.
DwaginFodder: yes illuvater02
Super_Sophomoric: does the companion affect color identity?
deathrite_sharkman: some say they breed creativity though
Super_Sophomoric: for deck building?
Illuvater01: thnx
espi: Anticipate
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
iSmartMan1: @Super_Sophomoric Color identity is irrelevant in limited
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Graham
Genderi: Kaheera is also a Vigilance lord
deathrite_sharkman: @TXC2 ciao ^^
RockPusher: 'night TXC2 sergeModLove
RebelliousUno: Later TXC2
hawkeye437: @Super_Sophomoric I'm pretty sure you still have to follow all normal color identity rules in CMD
falingard: what about the Essence Symbiote?
Super_Sophomoric: ahh goodto know
mtgmogisthegod: wind drake is fine
chaostreader: @super_sophomoric No. They have unique restrictions.
Vetinaari: @Super_Sophomoric The companion must abide the color identity of your commander (in commander).
tastymcnuggett: why isnt companion your companion
RebelliousUno: it's a very specific set of creatures
I_Am_Clockwork: flashcrab :O
falingard: Pteron is a good mutate target
Pyroxx___: what about the gnarr?
chaostreader: @super_sophomoric They also don’t play like a commander.
historyman_admu: Pteron is a good hexproof mutate
TheRobAwesome: wingfold wears a colossification well
RebelliousUno: Companions don't have to be companions
peejeeful: what up G i just walked up 59 flights of stairs in the shinra building
beckbat: might be running enough mutate for the egg
App1e_Jakes: Migration path is great
Genderi: The Gnar is pretty Gnood
RebelliousUno: always egg
Earthenone: some evolving wilds too
mtgmogisthegod: no
kirbytronic: Pdon is good to mutate onto
blueavalon01: yes
djalternative: now, do we run egg?
Genderi: eh
I_Am_Clockwork: Egg! Egg! Egg!
Arimus221: How many mutate?
VentusVee108: Egg boi!
RebelliousUno: it's a good mutate target
tastymcnuggett: ooooohhhhhhh neat
Mangledpixel: soogahh!
SerGarretCameron: count your mutates.
Amritaz: egg!
BrindleBoar: how much mutate did you end up with?
Draken03: the golgari uncommon is bonkers!
Ranakel: Having the companion as the companion means getting rid of the brushwagg and that's just a no no
TillianSwoard: I would run the mutate bear over the egg
ilzalith: Egg Time
Ukon_Cairns: i think the egg goes in the jeskai version with all the mutate
historyman_admu: Get the Pteradon
iSmartMan1: Can I offer you an egg in these trying times?
stormshot64: Egg
I_Am_Clockwork: in all seriousness, you have some mutates but not ALL the mutates in this list
MadameAdversary: But is it a ceiling egg?
Arimus221: 3, oddity is cycle not mutate
arrowgrut: yes egg
Officinalis: Egg seems weak with four.
ToastedArts: adventurous impulse?
BrookJustBones: boneyard lurker can mutate for mono green
Earthenone: but what if....we got greedy?
Zaraka00: run the lurker as mono green mutate cost?
hawkeye437: probably just run bear because it's a bear
Earthenone: gravediging mutato is also runnable
Genderi: bear with upside, if you're just filling curve?
Pyroxx___: lore drakkis or boneyard lurker?
3PlayerPolitics: triple green and not evolving wilds?
espi: +2 evolving wilds +1 pacifism +1 plains
RebelliousUno: almighty bruswag is a type of removal
btd5player: Do you have black removal?
gnome_friend: ^
djalternative: oh. btw, G, I found the first mention of Ceiling Egg back in an old Crapshoot like last week.
I_Am_Clockwork: don't need removal if YOu have the giant donkey creatures XD
arrowgrut: explosive veggies!
Geekscience: impulse?
tastymcnuggett: @RebelliousUno i see you love the wagg as well
VentusVee108: Hey Gram, is theregoing to be an Ikorea nickname stream still?
AnimeIsMistaken: Wilt? Why?
hawkeye437: @RebelliousUno you play it and your opponents concede to show reverence
gnome_friend: @djalternative what's the name?
App1e_Jakes: What does the rare land do?
Pyroxx___: hybrid mutate creatures?
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one_of_the_voice: almost two years, best decsion I've made.
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EvilBadman: When'd G tag in?
Ukon_Cairns: i mean, we have classic green removal of "attack you for 14, blocks?"
RebelliousUno: tastymcnuggett what's not to love
App1e_Jakes: Thank you.
hawkeye437: @EvilBadman about an hour ago
RebelliousUno: hawkeye437 so they should
Draken03: uncommon golgari?
chaostreader: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:16:43.
TillianSwoard: Also have the mutate BG creature
EvilBadman: Ah, good. :) I've been watching Adam.
djalternative: @gnome_friend forgot. crapshoots aren't really named very memorably
espi: its a U/W dual, run it for the selesnya hybrid creatures
App1e_Jakes: The Green Black mutater is great here
AnimeIsMistaken: Wilt isn’t great
App1e_Jakes: You don't need to splash for him
Genderi: you don't even need to splash it technically
Geekscience: why not go full sultai
TheRobAwesome: is titanoth worth it without some reanimate? cycling and trample seems iffy
Geekscience: we have 2 evo wilds and a simic dual
Texan_Reverend: Boneyard lurker could just go in as a mutate card.
RebelliousUno: unless you get stuck with it as your only creature
DwaginFodder: wilts great this format
ToastedArts: dont even need black to mutate it
RebelliousUno: do you reconsider the egg now?
3PlayerPolitics: yay
deathrite_sharkman: i like wilt
BlightningHelix: I'd keep Wilt just because Ozoliths are a thing, myself.
btd5player: Light splash.
Lordofironstorm: Blood Curdle is really good
VentusVee108: How does one make an artifact wilt?...
DwaginFodder: pacifism and capture sphere are huge
espi: tri-land casts our Selesnya hybrid creatures + fixes blue
BrookJustBones: not the draw four?
chaostreader: There is pacifism.
Zengor: wilt can get rid of pacifisms and capture spheres
KCazduke: Would you rather fight Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra or Ghidorah?
App1e_Jakes: I think the draw four is better than anticipate
chaostreader: The black enchantment blood artist.
iSmartMan1: I think Keep Safe is for the Mutate deck
Geekscience: keep safe looks good to cut, not really where the deck wants to be
deathrite_sharkman: cut the 20/20 aura
DwaginFodder: oo that too chaostreader
DwaginFodder: lots of things
BrindleBoar: naw, too funny not to run
Nydestroyer: brushwag
Lordofironstorm: But the MEMES
Illuvater01: have a green blue land right?
deathrite_sharkman: xD xD i know, graham
Ukon_Cairns: 20/20 aura is classic green removal
RebelliousUno: collosification on brushwag is going to be great
Desruprot: also hey its limited it might win a game
BrookJustBones: second evolving wilds?
emctoo: you can't just not run big cat aura
Amritaz: memes!
natureboy1: the aura's gonna win the day :p
Genderi: When we lose our first match, we can trade in the aura and the brushwagg, but for now this is correct
SerGarretCameron: Never cut your Memes, folks.
ggodopaste: never cut the 20/20 aura
savorycookie: Hexproof bird combos with big cat aura :P
DRMagnify: What does ram through do?
RAZRBCK08: you can't open the giant kitty and not run it if you're in green
PiousHeathen: ramp is consistency
Nydestroyer: I just mean giving the brushwag +20+20 seems good
shadowbow464: Become backtrr
EvilBadman: Party100 I hope this final "Rusev" day finds you appropriately elated
mtgmogisthegod: a bushwack with +20 is a moral victory
tenebraecorvidae: the almightiest of bushwags
Geekscience: its already slow, i think
Lordofironstorm: Ship it
Earthenone: puch, with trample
LordSaphni: colosos + ram though
Geekscience: no harm in running the second
DwaginFodder: seems deece
PiousHeathen: that seems good even without the trample part
mattydubs75: Do you think e-mailing Wotc asking for more gems is the play here?
Drimdort: Trample spell baybee
BrindleBoar: fight without the symmetry
App1e_Jakes: How many humans do you have?
App1e_Jakes: For survivor's bond?
Ukon_Cairns: oh, ram thru slightly less bonkers than i thought. still dont know if i like that its a card.
deathrite_sharkman: blood curdle ... yum?
Geekscience: 2 swamps sounds good
Mithgar: Evolving Wilds does make it less likely to draw lands, making it harder to reach the very high CMC cards
Korlashheirtoblackblade: 1 swamp should be fine unless we have accidental self mill
PiousHeathen: Ramp of any sort is going to let you cast your unanswerable top end.
App1e_Jakes: Is that worth? Not saying it isn't just wondering.
btd5player: Only two swamps seems good.
BrookJustBones: maybe swith a naturalist for the migration path, you are top heavy
Genderi: that is not worth considering
Korlashheirtoblackblade: (assuming 2 Ewilds)
TillianSwoard: can you buuy fancy land in the store?
Arimus221: You could buy them at the store
TheAwkes: You can spend those Gems.
Landgraft: this account has like all the gems
MagnusCarter: you have 700k gems though, you could by some
tenebraecorvidae: you have plenty of gems, you could buy fancy lands
btd5player: Add a migration path!
DaCardCzar: you might be able to buy fancy land
lurkerspine: I like migration path because your curve is high
DwaginFodder: mithgar the percentage points on that are miniscule
cephallope: Mediocre land of disappointment
Landgraft: gems can be exchanged for lands and services
lazav101: buy fancy lands
Rioxcon: you can probably buy with gems
deathrite_sharkman: you can buy ANYTHING
lazav101: you can buy whatever you want
Lordofironstorm: Play the mind games. Use Lightning Bolt sleeves then hit them with the Sultai deck
3PlayerPolitics: i like it
magicoliphant: Graham, what is your favourite magic format of standard, pioneer or modern?
Draken03: How many forest for the ape&
RebelliousUno: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 2:25 PM
EternalFayt: mismatched lands just to troll?
gnome_friend: Time for the magical cards!
DwaginFodder: lolrip
KCazduke: Time of the spells of Magic!
Genderi: I would even consider the triome as bad Remote Isle
kokotiu: otter nice
deathrite_sharkman: @Draken03 he should need 3/7
Mithgar: @DwaginFodder In a deck that has 17 lands, take 2 of them out after using the Evolving Wilds, that's a nearly 10% reduction in likeliness for drawing a land going forward. Not a HUGE deal, but when you're aiming for 7+CMC cards, it's a hurdle to consider
beckbat: It's time to d-d-d-duel
Zengor: risky
Draken03: Welp there goes the triple G xd
samu_btdp1985: ah the Khan's format
hawkeye437: why is the soundbyte so long?
rocketjohn: It's all that thornwood, falling
KCazduke: The dart of sleep!
Easilycrazyhat: it's for realism. Water is loud.
Geekscience: thats how loud waterfalls are
Drimdort: It does not tap though
BrindleBoar: nap in a needle
ryllo7: What's going on yall
deathrite_sharkman: @Draken03 plus e wilds and thorn tho
chaostreader: Waterfalls aren’t that loud. They are much louder.
SmashTCG: wait
fubargames: Now we really need to Ram Through our +20/+20d creature!
tru_boredom: it does
EvilBadman: It absolutely does
Stickill1: It does
taeasakura: it does
SmashTCG: Final rusev day
rocketjohn: yeah, it does
Baldrash: Sure does, sadly.
SmashTCG: WHaaat
samu_btdp1985: it does hes gone
App1e_Jakes: Yes.
rocketjohn: he's one of like 20 people released today so far.
TillianSwoard: you have 3 G
punmaster10: yes
Earthenone: you have 3 forrests
The_FlyingDutchman: it does though :(
VentusVee108: Swaaaaamp!
punmaster10: we are
Genderi: We already have GGG
BrookJustBones: you have 3 green
Zengor: defo swamp
historyman_admu: we have three G
Dumori: WWE released a bunch of folk.
Jondare: *For the record, it means he got laid off, NOT DEAD
Myclept: Rusev apparently has been released, but is alive and healthy FYI
lazav101: swamp
northos: @Jondare thank you for that VERY important clarification :O
KCazduke: Ottah
ryllo7: Can a player counter cycling
mtgmogisthegod: once everyone has this set and it settles a little, do you think its going to be like khans block were everyone starts with 2 lands and 2 extra life?
TheKingWiggins: WWE is releasing so many wrestlers today
RebelliousUno: ryllo7 cycling is not casting a spell
zerodividesbyyou: @ryllo7 with like stifle sure
samu_btdp1985: they have started releasing nxt talent
alikaoz: I'll Whirlwind Deny that
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EvilBadman: i wouldn't have said "Rsuev" with the quotes in a bit message if he had died, chat. Jesus.
LordSaphni: can Tails End stop Cycle?
DwaginFodder: yes
App1e_Jakes: No point
Geekscience: heelbonder fetch?
The_FlyingDutchman: yikes that wwe cut list is harsh
zerodividesbyyou: @ryllo7 but yeah it's an activated ability, just like how stuff on board that costs mana to activate is
App1e_Jakes: Just attack
Arimus221: Wilds + Heedbonder
Duhstink: cycling can be countered by removing the opponent's life total
hawkeye437: booooooone
SmashTCG: uhhh
espi: no
IOI681387: seems fine
Duhstink: (to 0)
tenebraecorvidae: you could technically counter cycling with that older cycle bird wizard
iSmartMan1: Attack and see what you draw
App1e_Jakes: You're just getting a land.
savorycookie: Try to get more value out of the mutate
SmashTCG: nah
goldenexperience921: Mutate
goldenexperience921: mutate
KCazduke: Attack with the OTTAH
RebelliousUno: if you can mutate surely you should? For the lols
SmashTCG: they tap it
lil_toasty555: mutate
chaostreader: Dart doesn’t tap.
KCazduke: The Naturalist Which Is Humble
Earthenone: evolve and nature to gorila next turn?
Zengor: do you even have anything to get with the mutate?
FabledTrickster: Remember mutating just leads to the creature coming out normally if its target dies.
Silverbolt202: can mutate be countered and if so what happens
zerodividesbyyou: @kcazduke did you hear melee fox in your head too when you typed that?
Illuvater01: what's that dot dot dot button on the otyer
App1e_Jakes: Can't, it's human.
Super_Sophomoric: cant mutate onto a human
TillianSwoard: you cant mutate the heedbonder
Wiliart: Can't mutate unto humans
ArcOfTheConclave: Non-human
Genderi: @Silverbolt202 Mutate is casting a spell
Lordofironstorm: Can't do it on Bonder
historyman_admu: you cant mutate to humans
punmaster10: human
jkoon78076: mutate is non human
SmashTCG: thats a human
Silverbolt202: ok
BrookJustBones: mutate would show an arrow
savorycookie: The dot dot dot means it has some kind of ability or text @Illuvater01
chaostreader: @illuvater01 It means it has an ability.
KCazduke: @zerodividesbyyou Nay, I Heard The BROKEN One!
lil_toasty555: is a hooman
magicoliphant: That art on evolving wilds was awesome!
IOI681387: new cards, who dis
RebelliousUno: He's so brushy
gnome_friend: Brushwagg hype!
I_Am_Clockwork: brushwag brushwag!
BrookJustBones: mutate onto brushwagg
VentusVee108: Mighty boi!
Arimus221: Combo in hand LUL
Wolfstrike_NL: 21/21 brushwag?
iSmartMan1: Brushwagg AND Colossification in hand? THE DREAM
SmashTCG: for a second there i though that was your nickname for it
deathrite_sharkman: lrrWOW
Zengor: mutate onto brushwagg!!
savorycookie: Brushwagg!!!
SmashTCG: but thats actually it name
Mangledpixel: Bruh-swag
RebelliousUno: Brushwag and then mutate onto the brushwag?
TheRobAwesome: 4/4 ex-otter time
Illuvater01: I think I preferred the icons to the dot dot dot button
dangerous_safety: colgate
SketchyDetails: Colgate mascot
savorycookie: Brushwagg is gonna be stronger than Jace the Mindsculptor, calling it now
historyman_admu: kill that tapper?
BrookJustBones: and ram through the tapper?
KCazduke: Ram Through The Officer?
Arimus221: Those two allow you to hold up ram too
lil_toasty555: kogla le colaget mascot
gnome_friend: Brushwagg vs Storm Crow?
Geekscience: play the 2 hold up ram through for attacks
Khuasta: what is the three points of the creatures on the battlefield means?
Kaktus021: I just want a colossal brushwag
savorycookie: we should get Brushwagg vs Storm Crow duel decks
CleeKru: huh... nicknames for this set are probably going to be very... obvious
EternalFayt: attack then ram through?
fubargames: You have the combo!
Genderi: ah but now they get to attack
bear_1n_the_hat: Hello!
Khuasta: ohhh
gnome_friend: sergeHi @bear_1n_the_hat
Earthenone: lrrDOTS
Genderi: err, they get to tap with it now
BrindleBoar: colossal brushwag would be hilarious
Amentur: lrrDOTS
Mathonwy: Playing Sultai???
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrDOTS
Super_Sophomoric: oh its an elipses!!!!
fubargames: Even the trampler for it!
jonasjonIV: ellipsis counters
Mangledpixel: those are known as the 'points of ellipsis'
CygnusInfinity: I'm going to have a fantastic time eventually donating a Conspiracy (humans) to a mutate player in commander
MennoKnight42: i haven't played Arena in ages, those badges look way nicer
RebelliousUno: agro then sleeper?
joerivlimpt: Bow for the almighty brushwagg
Zengor: these badges come out with this update
lil_toasty555: combo wombo time
Mathonwy: Also, Hi Graham and chat.
TillianSwoard: does king kong have trample
hight9191: Love that spider art
gnome_friend: sergeHi @Mathonwy
iSmartMan1: And next turn, you play Kogla with Naturalist
Easilycrazyhat: I feel like the new ability icons are a bit dull :\
Illuvater01: are all the people playing streamers?
Lordofironstorm: Ram through?
Genderi: 5/6 flying reach
KCazduke: Graham, when you draw cards, what side do you pick it up from?
VentusVee108: Does anyone know when the set fully releases into MTG Arena? I don't remember...
I_Am_Clockwork: flying and reach LUL
Mithgar: It flies AND has reach!
BrindleBoar: yeah that's going to be a priority to ram through
GameAgeddon: was this draft vs bots or draft vs humans?
LemonOnRye: Legally distinct kong seems good
Geekscience: ram through in response
Super_Sophomoric: you don't add the P/T
ArcOfTheConclave: 5/6 v 7/6
Super_Sophomoric: or do you?
Earthenone: brushwag!
Arimus221: Now you could ram it lol
Zaraka00: ram through kills it now
PiousHeathen: you do now
gnome_friend: Oh now you can ram through
CygnusInfinity: Deathtouch, yay!
KCazduke: The Nightmare that Hunts!
savorycookie: Very helpful!!
LemonOnRye: Does that let you ram it now?
PiousHeathen: now ram through eats them
TillianSwoard: brushwagg ccccombo
Draken03: ram throught
Earthenone: raming deathtouch?
Mr_Horrible: oh, lol, you have something that can fight it now, too
historyman_admu: ram it now
punmaster10: he says with collosifacation in hand
walkeroftales: Does deathtouch work with Ram Through?
Genderi: oh shit you can ram now
3PlayerPolitics: GET BRUSHED
Genderi: it sure does!
iSmartMan1: Do it!
Khalahd: Ramming speed!
1MrGhost: Fear the almighty brushwag!
Zengor: brushwagg the destroyer
LemonOnRye: Brushwag ramming in
savorycookie: Ramalam
Nameless_Sword: how goes the monstering?
Gekyouryuu: I haven't played Arena in FOREVER despite having been in the closed beta because I don't have any money to put into it, don't have enough currency in-game already to play anything, and no idea if there's a COMPLETELY free way to play. -_-
I_Am_Clockwork: Almighty Brushwag is my new Wrestling persona
tru_boredom: this card was in James's black deck but I don't know if you saw it when you. played it
DwaginFodder: ramming speeeed
deathrite_sharkman: come on and ram and welcome to the jam
Mangledpixel: walkeroftales yep, deathtouch works with all damage
Easilycrazyhat: @walkeroftales I think so? It needs more than 1 power, though.
KCazduke: Brushdeath!
Tingeltangelibach: excuse me?
tenebraecorvidae: 21/21 trample, deathtouch, almightiest bushwag
PiousHeathen: brushwagg survives
cephallope: Deathple? Trampletouch?
BrindleBoar: "so about the petard you just gave me... I'ma hoist it"
Genderi: it's dealing the damage, so deathtouch aplies
IOI681387: Counter point, 24/24 deathtouch tramble
Garfman314: brush of death?
CygnusInfinity: Punished
SmashTCG: what A FOOL
Geekscience: its just an instant speed rapid bite, what a card
Zahowy: Brushwagg is a god
3PlayerPolitics: lawl
PiousHeathen: super punished
walkeroftales: SO MIGHTY
Earthenone: and thats why you play cards post combat
wheatbyproduct: brushwagg!!!
Lordofironstorm: The blowouts
lil_toasty555: ooooof
KCazduke: It also fights
Geekscience: big A P E
Sogheim: that brushwagg is almighty
savorycookie: Ultimate value
RogueLink: King Kong o'Clock!
Logue_Yne: have you read the flavor text of collossification ?
Mr_Horrible: the lad, he is larj
Easilycrazyhat: dew it
ilzalith: a chonky boy enters the battlefield
KCazduke: Kogla fights
Comeback323: you can kill both
lazav101: brushwagg almighty!!!
VentusVee108: Fear the pokey boi of death!!!
Comeback323: its fight one or more
Nameless_Sword: fight fight fight!
DwaginFodder: kogla fights getim
Arimus221: Ape smash and swing
Zengor: big lad fights menacing boy
joerivlimpt: He underestimated the brushwagg
BrindleBoar: also, they appear to be a mutate deck, and if they only have the human they can't
Comeback323: nvm
Easilycrazyhat: the flavor text in this set is greeeaaatt
deathrite_sharkman: pls moce the webcam again XD
krslcsn: Why wouldn’t Kogla have reach?
Gekyouryuu: if you haven't yet, read the Naturalist's flavor text sometime
KCazduke: Smack em
zerodividesbyyou: @gekyouryuu there definitely is. just complete your daily quests for gold, then spend your gold on drafts. Keep doing that and if your winrate is good enough, you'll earn even more and you can sometimes profit gems from draft for entry into gems-only events
TillianSwoard: because he was defeated by airplanes
RebelliousUno: King Kong never actually hit the planes right?~
TheWooglie: He only has reach if you have a nearby tower
EvilBadman: Kong didn't actually hit a plane did he?
Earthenone: !findquote scritch
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
SmashTCG: Did King kong Kill many jet planes ?
savorycookie: Kolga doesn't have reach bc his hands are full
Baubao: Surprised to see King Kong doesnt have 3d-animation
I_Am_Clockwork: cuz they don't have a bow, duh Kappa
RebelliousUno: he just swatted at them
espi: "This [has / doesn't have] reach?"
rocketjohn: kogla should get reach if you equip him with a building.
LemonOnRye: Kogla also breaks his rocks? That is aweseom
cephallope: Value!
savorycookie: One hand is on a tree the other is holding a human
CygnusInfinity: Where does the almighty brushwag like to be scratched?
EvilBadman: @savorycookie Oh that's way smart
dimirwhispers: colosification the brushwag!!!!!
Gekyouryuu: @zerodividesbyyou but how do I do dailies if I can't afford to pay into anything to play?
krslcsn: @savorycookie I can accept that
MagnusCarter: because he always misses the fliers ?
Mangledpixel: RebelliousUno depends on which version. I think he took one out in the 2005 version
Easilycrazyhat: brushwag, though...
TheRobAwesome: I mean, King Kong got reach from that big artifact he had in the movie
MrWrann: How does Thieving Otter steal a card from your own deck for you
kokotiu: nylea got a bow but still doesn't have reach
Zengor: brushwagg has trample so
ilzalith: colossus bushwag!!!
jkoon78076: collassify the brushwag
historyman_admu: fully grown can give it trample right?
LordSaphni: Allmighty Bushwag
KCazduke: Colossal Brushwagg
gnome_friend: @CygnusInfinity the biggest mystery of Ikoria
hight9191: The otter has nice flavour text too if i remember correctly
shurtal: brushwag colossoficafy?
iSmartMan1: @dimirwhispers If we get two more lands, that's the plan
punmaster10: land
Geekscience: yes
punmaster10: we need land
Nameless_Sword: yes it can
maverickut: fully grown gives trample
PiousHeathen: that seems worth the land at this point
Easilycrazyhat: make brushwagg thicc
RebelliousUno: yeah you could boneyard onto teh brushwag
joerivlimpt: But the brushwagg has trample :D
PiousHeathen: and you can hold up the return effect for induestructable
RebelliousUno: everything onto the brushwag
samu_btdp1985: colossal brushwag
I_Am_Clockwork: boneyard lurker can get us that evolving wilds, yeah?
RebelliousUno: pants for the pants king
mtgmogisthegod: 27 power stopped by a 1 power brushwack
Earthenone: mage goriila biger?
MrOrion24: Collosify Brushwagg
Arimus221: Fully grown give a trample counter? LUL
Genderi: get tapped down first
togashinaruta: well, keep the naturalist in hand now
Zengor: get back evolving wilds?
mtgmogisthegod: trample counter kola
historyman_admu: we dont have mana for colossify
planeswalkagogo: @MrOrion24 he doesn't have the mana for it
ilzalith: i wish there was a way to let non mutating creatures mutate
I_Am_Clockwork: don't worry once graham has the mana you KNOW he's itching to clossify his brushwag
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1MrGhost: So is the almighty brushwag going to be just a big a lrr meme as charging badger?
zerodividesbyyou: @gekyouryuu you're gonna have weaker decks for sure, but there are 1. cheap decks that are strong. and 2. the prebuilt decks aren't all stars, but they're usually not that bad. a couple upgrades and you'll be having fun like the rest of us. also if you EVER have a 500 gold quest, ALWAYS reset it too try and get the 750 gold ones
I_Am_Clockwork: which is a normal sentance I created using my human words
MrOrion24: aah ok
DwaginFodder: attack with the wagg
SmashTCG: you had fully grown why not attack?
Mangledpixel: ilzalith there is, you mutate onto them
PiousHeathen: get the land
Easilycrazyhat: boneyard lurker onto otter?
Genderi: since you had fully grown, I guess you could have attacked with the 2/xs
narwhalrus7: should've swung with otter
Arimus221: Boneyard for wilds
EternalFayt: vigi = 2 hp a turn?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Onto the Brushwagg seems good.
DoktorNik: save boneyard for kogla?
SmashTCG: slepeing dark is sacrifice isnt it
MagnusCarter: dart is a sacrifice
tru_boredom: @doktornik but why mutate on the bigger card?
Easilycrazyhat: Ooooh, that's so good.
krslcsn: Over retains p/t
Gekyouryuu: @zerodividesbyyou no, but it's not a matter of how GOOD my decks are if I can't PLAY in anything, right? or have I been an idiot this entire time and could've just played outside of the "hey, there's a draft on right now" formats?
fubargames: It's not another Lyre
Geekscience: i used the humble naturalist to cast the humble naturalist
tenebraecorvidae: one land from the best interaction in the set
ArcOfTheConclave: not a cantripping lyre?
Texan_Reverend: @Gekyouryuu There's free to enter constructed stuff that you can grind dailies in.
chaostreader: @tru_boredom To give it more abilities or trigger mutate abilities
Mangledpixel: Gekyouryuu you can always play constructed games, either as friendlies or on the ladder
LemonOnRye: PogChamp
fubargames: @Geekscience, so were did they like scratches?
Baubao: Gekyouryuu the game gives you 10 free decks to start with, and you get daily quests that reward gold, and you can buy packs with gold
Duhstink: uh oh
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Geekscience: ooof
SmashTCG: OH no
Drimdort: uhoh
MyrddintheWizard: Incoming Giant Brushwag?
Nameless_Sword: oh dear
Coogrr: that card is very very good
zerodividesbyyou: @gekyouryuu oh... yeah you can straight up play casual 1v1, ranked standard, historic modes, all sorts of other stuff. the entire list of formate to play is available when you click the play button
Zahowy: my boi
PiousHeathen: if you top deck a land you might just win though
DiscordianTokkan: UH Ohhh!
Lordofironstorm: Yikes
SmashTCG: thats bad
TillianSwoard: ok then
Super_Sophomoric: woof
PiousHeathen: because he tapped out
iSmartMan1: Uh oh
bear_1n_the_hat: I want that card for comander
Genderi: This collasivication is going to come in use
savorycookie: oh goodness
ilzalith: @Mangledpixel i mean in the sense of stacking creatures that otherwise cant mutate onto each other. like that red enchantment that gives all your cards escape in theros
Mr_Horrible: it's quite a lot of death
Geekscience: big boys
krslcsn: gross
1MrGhost: So he brings all his boiz from the yard?
punmaster10: o no
tenebraecorvidae: Get James in her. We need a land
shadowbow464: F
tenebraecorvidae: here*
narwhalrus7: wait I think you just lose
iSmartMan1: Fingers crossed for land...
Mr_Horrible: a local maximum of death
Mangledpixel: ilzalith ah, I see, yeh that would be cool
narwhalrus7: because of the lifelink
KCazduke: Well, Hope you draw land next turn
bear_1n_the_hat: Also really like the story with it.
VentusVee108: Fully Grown
Earthenone: yeet the gnar?
iSmartMan1: Giraffid
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: If we were to graph the amount of death over time, we would just have reached peak death
PiousHeathen: flycatch
TillianSwoard: giraffid
Gekyouryuu: @Texan_Reverend @Mangledpixel @zerodividesbyyou oh, wow, the client has either not done a good job f communicating that, or I am EXTRA blind. @Baubao that much I knew, but didn't know there were free games outside of the drafts/sealeds/etc.
cephallope: Well, undeath so far. Death comes later.
Nameless_Sword: big kitty??
Easilycrazyhat: @Gekyouryuu You can play for free in the "Play" queue with any deck. Even if you lose, you still get progress towards your dailies which gets you currency to get packs or enter drafts.
PiousHeathen: brushwagg!
KCazduke: The really, really weird one.
Wolfstrike_NL: on our 4/4?
Genderi: ooh more deathtouch
TillianSwoard: bonder?
PiousHeathen: if you top deck a land you win?
gnome_friend: Double deathtouch? lrrBEEJ
RaynMurfy: ape
Nameless_Sword: on our big guy?
iSmartMan1: Vigilance guy?
deathrite_sharkman: why does the owl keep hooting "shave and a haircut.."? i keep finishing the line in my head
Genderi: kong?
Drimdort: Colossus taps
Genderi: for tramplin'?
Earthenone: king kong?
Gekyouryuu: @Easilycrazyhat yeah, somehow I never picked up on that and now I feel dumb
IOI681387: mutated one?
mtgmogisthegod: 2/4
PiousHeathen: shiz
zerodividesbyyou: @gekyouryuu it's not amazingly clear on the homepage, but I think you might be extra blind too
Genderi: the good news is we win next turn
iSmartMan1: DO THE THING
LemonOnRye: Any time. What could go wrong?
punmaster10: kolga
Zahowy: do it!
SmashTCG: if only it had flash
samu_btdp1985: BRUSHWAGG
Easilycrazyhat: @Gekyouryuu Don't worry. The interface can be confusing. Now you know though and can build up some nice decks :)
PiousHeathen: do the thing.
savorycookie: IT IS TIME
Wiliart: The allmighty Brushwag!
Mangledpixel: time to make the BIGGEST BRUSHWAGG?
tenebraecorvidae: The Almightiest Bushwag!
SmashTCG: Luchker?
beckbat: Thing about Collossifiying King Kong is that you can protect him
Zengor: colossal brushwagg
BlightningHelix: Swing in.
EvilBadman: Black's got no removal, it's fine
Mathonwy: Why the swamp???
iSmartMan1: You said it yourself Graham, we have it for the memes
TheRobAwesome: gotta get that tapper outta the way tho
Nameless_Sword: so big kitty? on our 'otter'?
IOI681387: has to be the bushwag right? trample?
samu_btdp1985: big boi
lil_toasty555: kogla time!
meisbored: bout that time, eh chap
mtgmogisthegod: moral victory grahm is amazing
DwaginFodder: you know what to do graham
ArcOfTheConclave: 27/26 ape!
Mithgar: You didn't come here to NOT make a stupidly large Bushwagg
BlightningHelix: FLUNGE. FLUNGE. FLUNGE.
I_Am_Clockwork: we didn't come here to NOT collosify our brushwag
Gekyouryuu: @zerodividesbyyou wow, really putting all that time I had in the closed beta to use, huh. >.>
Zahowy: Cheer100 Colossification on the brushwagg
Earthenone: 21.21 deathtouch trample with a pump ability is probobly good enough?
Arimus221: They still have the tapper
lil_toasty555: hes already tapped
fubargames: Big brushwagg!
Comeback323: they will just tap it down every turn
TillianSwoard: they will keep it tapped with the officer
Genderi: @Mathonwy we have a small black splash. half of it is on the battlefield
Zebunisher: time for a collosal brushwag?
DrChairthrower: bigwagg!
rmonkeyman: collosify the wagg!
deathrite_sharkman: wooooooo
RebelliousUno: if only you still had the ram through
punmaster10: big brushwagg
tastymcnuggett: WAG
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TheWooglie: also next turn you can give it trample
adamjford: magict1GLHF lrrHORN magict1GLHF lrrHORN magict1GLHF lrrHORN
magic_michelp: magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
IOI681387: vigilence is good too though...
GLHFMagic: magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
Genderi: this is fine
Beerknurd_TX: RAID!!!!
PiousHeathen: but then they have to choose
hight9191: go big or go home... or out I guess
ElektroTal: so there i was brushing my wagg
magic_michelp: magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
deathrite_sharkman: perfect raiding time
SmashTCG: yeah thats fair
glhfmeghan: hoi
iSmartMan1: Yeah, Kolga gets freed
Mangledpixel: timer!
wheatbyproduct: deathtouch trample
ShootAllures: magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
Zengor: yeah sounds fine to me
RebelliousUno: they'll keep whatever you make huge tapped
magic_michelp: magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
wheatbyproduct: means you win
historyman_admu: timing out
punmaster10: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
adamjford: Maria says hi
frankscx: magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF magict1GLHF
CygnusInfinity: they have no officer mana right now
alex_they_cryptid: lrrFINE
meisbored: lrrHAM
tenebraecorvidae: Do it anyway! for the meme!
mtgmogisthegod: just do it
lurkerspine: attack first?
Mangledpixel: alilyClock
Genderi: doesn't matter, you want to the brushwagg big
tastymcnuggett: truly is the almighty brushwag
JakeKamas: attack with the otter thing first?
iSmartMan1: Yeah, you're out of timeouts
zerodividesbyyou: @gekyouryuu I would say it was ... suboptimal probably
SerGarretCameron: and you can fully grown things to deal with it.
thegitrogsquirrel: Maria says hi
SmashTCG: lurcher swing fully grown?
Dumori: I think you still brushwagg and keep them scared
mtgmogisthegod: yeah
CygnusInfinity: oh yeah. it taps. Forgot.
adamjford: Collosification? That's my favourite RHCP album
wheatbyproduct: you put it on brushwagg because it has dt trample and if they can't asnwer it they lose lol
ElektroTal: ikoria's got some real tromple energy
tenebraecorvidae: Yes!
VentusVee108: THE THING!!
savorycookie: YES YES YES
CygnusInfinity: New cards and all
LemonOnRye: And you can make Kolga indestructible on the next attack
SketchyDetails: swolewag
deathrite_sharkman: yo
1MrGhost: That is one big boi...
Wolfstrike_NL: It sure is Almighty now
Zahowy: YES
Earthenone: if we draw ram through we win
tenebraecorvidae: We Did It!
lil_toasty555: beefy boi
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We have another ram through, right?
Earthenone: right?
DiscordianTokkan: Brush-Swag
adamjford: B R U S H W A G G
dimirwhispers: BRUSHWAGS FOR LIFE
Drimdort: You can see them just looking at it. They're not even sure
TheRobAwesome: we have a second ram through right? Just gotta magical christmas land them
savorycookie: C H O N K W A G G
Ba_Dum_Tish: Tis a thicc boi
tenebraecorvidae: That's the moral victory is it not
Mangledpixel: if not anything else it's an intimidation move
mtgmogisthegod: that so scary
punmaster10: WAGG THAT BRUSH
Zengor: this is the reason magic exists
DrChairthrower: Big big, and I mean big big big W A G G
Dumori: OOOF
LemonOnRye: Sorry Mr. Brushwagg, you can't go through the check point
adamjford: I've seen so many Koglas today
tastymcnuggett: B U F F W A G G
adamjford: going ape everywhere
savorycookie: get wagged
MrWrann: That officer is real powerful to stop a massive Brushwag at the gate
Dumori: Bye bye tample counter
Baubao: they are digginf for answer
IOI681387: uh-oh captain
BrindleBoar: wow they had a lot of birb
VentusVee108: Chonkwagg 2020
Jondare: Also, Trample+Deathtouch is just insane
punmaster10: this has to be the greatest moment in the history of magic the gathering
I_Am_Clockwork: 4 color mutate seems like a heck of a thing
Garfman314: chonkwagg 2121
Genderi: OP shouldn't be attackin' rn imo
orellien2773: “Well, Checkpoint Officer, the good news is that you no longer have to deal with the giant ape trying to get in here. The bad news...”
iSmartMan1: Ok, stop lands
Officinalis: New magic themed Crapshoot: Checkpoint officer asks for Brushwags papers. Denies entry.
tenebraecorvidae: The mightiest of all bushwaggs
Baubao: math is for blockers?
BrindleBoar: they saw the line
Easilycrazyhat: they saw the line
I_Am_Clockwork: bold
ArcOfTheConclave: deathtouch trample!
alex_they_cryptid: I think mutate is actually good, I just want to play already
fubargames: Sad we don't still have the ram through
adamjford: oh god that Brushwagg has deathtouch too? disgusting
Earthenone: we have 2 in deck
fubargames: Did we play the second Ram?
Earthenone: play land since you will pitch it anyways?
iSmartMan1: They're gaining 5 each turn with Apex
planeswalkagogo: top deck the ram and you just win, lol
kokotiu: well topdeck it ^.^
Drimdort: just topdeck
SmashTCG: oh
mtgmogisthegod: we know are outs\
DwaginFodder: game is so long
Arimus221: Top deck ram for win
Genderi: I think we're rinning the race
DoktorNik: life link for 5 in the air is why they don't bother blocking
tenebraecorvidae: top deck
SmashTCG: second ramthrew is lethal
SmashTCG: WOw
Genderi: we're winning the race even
Henshini: What does the ellipsis counter mean? Did they change the “has other abilities “ icon?
LemonOnRye: Any removal makes the wag online
RAZRBCK08: top deck and ram through the officer hopefully
Nameless_Sword: the problem(s) is that tapper... and them gaining life from their mythic
Dumori: I mean we win this race justy no?
Mangledpixel: Henshini exactly that
Wolfstrike_NL: Genderi, they do have a 5/5 lielink
Zengor: having so much mana and 3 humans in play makes kogla a really big problem
3PlayerPolitics: cmooooon ram
punmaster10: we can topdeck a w
TillianSwoard: they have lifelink on the big mutateer
adamjford: Meghan drew lots of cards, Maria milled herself to death without noticing. Good times
Zengor: even if we can't attack with the brushwagg
zerodividesbyyou: James would've been too much of a coward to try this. thank you Graham
punmaster10: how many cards in deck
thegitrogsquirrel: i Love all the green you have.
DaCardCzar: We have a second tram through. Which by the way kills them.
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun if i understand it right, Death touch+ ram threw means you deal 20 face damage
fubargames: Just make sure they don't fizzle the spell by saccing the target somehow.
BrindleBoar: Genderi it has lots of things
iSmartMan1: So it taps for Coiling Oracle. Seems good
Easilycrazyhat: What's the removal look like in this deck?
MennoKnight42: yeeeeaaaahhhh i was gonna say
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ibplunderin: I have seen a lot of games in these streamer games where creatures end up with trample and deathtouch. Limited is going to be so messy :|
dangerous_safety: King Colgate
tenebraecorvidae: kill them with almighty bushwagg you mean
Super_Sophomoric: the keyword scroll LUL
VentusVee108: Keyword soup!
gnome_friend: Rammit
Dumori: That scroll bar of abblites
I_Am_Clockwork: so... is mutate basically just like Bestow, but without the enchantment keyword?
CygnusInfinity: Those Mythics are definitely mythic
Drimdort: Removal is the face
iSmartMan1: Welp, I think we're just dead here
SketchyDetails: Would you like a land?
MennoKnight42: lifelink is gonna beat you in that race
Nameless_Sword: yeah the apex has everything.....
adamjford: @I_Am_Clockwork
rocketjohn: I_Am_Clockwork it's reverse bestow
adamjford: oops
alex_they_cryptid: I think that lifelink gives it to them
I_Am_Clockwork: I guess the mutated creatures don't fall off and become normal creautes
hight9191: If you draw the ram through, pls kill the officer
Dumori: I_Am_Clockwork similar but diffrent and things dont drop off on death
Darkdelance: The ikoria postprerelease is tomorrow right
adamjford: @I_Am_Clockwork a merged creature is the creature on top plus the text boxes of everything underneath it
mtgmogisthegod: i want to see that black kill spell give bushwack maence
Dumori: Darkdelance Saturday
useridjake: This officer is stopping our giant kitty at the door...
punmaster10: swing with the 4/4
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SmashTCG: Literaly any removeal please
Easilycrazyhat: @hight9191 I mean, Ram Through on anything is leathal.
useridjake: Flavor wise.. I disagree
Khalahd: The brushwagg has deathtouch still, too, haha
togashinaruta: Can you tap the Naturalists for useless mana to gain life off the tapped creatures?
zerodividesbyyou: Graham please explain lore wise how this officer is arresting and holding this humongous brushwag
DwaginFodder: love how op is 4c
Genderi: @deathrite_sharkman Thanks for the gift sub! lrrHEART lrrHEART
Super_Sophomoric: we need a fling
Easilycrazyhat: rude
Mrsodaking: Wait they missed lethal
SmashTCG: swing out? hope for Luker to land?
punmaster10: the almighty brushwagg is in timeout right now
planeswalkagogo: Checkpoint officer is the best Ram target,though
Lordofironstorm: oof
deathrite_sharkman: @Genderi lrrHEART lrrHEART
Drimdort: cycle it?
Earthenone: cycle for ram through
tenebraecorvidae: cycle?
Baubao: NotLikeThis the dream
iSmartMan1: I mean, you still lose...
SmashTCG: cycl;e it?
Dumori: a turn too late deck
adamjford: the brushwagg is very polite and doesn't want to cause any trouble
Officinalis: Brushwagg doesn't have the right papers.
bear_1n_the_hat: Oof. But that art is cute.
historyman_admu: cycle it
savorycookie: The Brushwagg is very polite
1MrGhost: The brushwag is a law abiding citicen.
kokotiu: cylce might draw
Nameless_Sword: cycle
iSmartMan1: Might as well cycle
RockPusher: Checkpoint Office is to the Brushwagg as Graham is to Baxter
Mangledpixel: I_Am_Clockwork if a mutated create dies all the creatures that make it up go to the GY (only one 'dies' trigger though). If they get flickered though they return to the battlefield separately
fubargames: Cycling is a ram through!
MennoKnight42: that would've been great two turns ago
SmashTCG: OH
Drimdort: rip.
Easilycrazyhat: well, it was a good run
iSmartMan1: Nope
Sogheim: the ape could destroy pacifism if it wasn't enchanted with pacifism. boo.
RebelliousUno: JAmes are you lurking
Zahowy: NO
KCazduke: Dead
punmaster10: cycle
BrindleBoar: rip
Damagicsausage: numotFLOOD
3PlayerPolitics: nooooo
meisbored: mahp
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Confirmed: Lands not spells.
historyman_admu: UGH JAMES
adamjford: F
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun swing with Lucher to draw
DwaginFodder: lrrAWW lrrAWW lrrAWW
Nameless_Sword: attack with the otter?
gnome_friend: !badadvice
LRRbot: Do a violence.
tenebraecorvidae: full swing?
DiscordianTokkan: the curse
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Geekscience: maybe theyll forget
deathrite_sharkman: booo this game
Zengor: oh well at least we made a big brushwagg
General_Pants: island confirmed not a spell
Lordofironstorm: lrrSCOOP
adamjford: #BlameJames
DiscordianTokkan: Confirmed; is land
Baubao: MAYBE
Zahowy: please
deathrite_sharkman: island is usually a good draw in magic
lazav101: you did the meme, you still won in that regard at least right?
TheOneCalledStu: THE CURSE
SmashTCG: SO close
Drimdort: awwwwwwww
punmaster10: at helps heart stab at thee
3PlayerPolitics: nuuuuuuuu
Zahowy: no
fubargames: Cards in deck?
iSmartMan1: Nope :(
kokotiu: T.T
tenebraecorvidae: NOOO
DwaginFodder: lrrAWW lrrEFF
Amentur: lrrAWW Darn
KCazduke: Fully ded
Zebunisher: F
Nameless_Sword: nope, didn't get there
bear_1n_the_hat: How much land are you running?
planeswalkagogo: so much not drawing the ram
Drimdort: gee gee
Baubao: how many cards are left in dec?
RebelliousUno: saddest of hamsters
SmashTCG: what is Koglas ativated?
MyrddintheWizard: gg
iSmartMan1: So, Checkpoint Officer is super good
KCazduke: Same as it ever was
lazav101: the meme was worth it
Dumori: bear_1n_the_hat aboput what you see give our take 1/2
Ba_Dum_Tish: #BlameJamesCurse
I_Am_Clockwork: well our brushwag was pretty colosal, so it's a win in my book
Zahowy: MY BABY
3PlayerPolitics: waaw
Geekscience: even more curious, we fetched all those ties
cephallope: ANd theres the death
Dumori: 21/21 deathtouch trample and we lost Q
Earthenone: all this suffering because they forgot to give king kong reach
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deathrite_sharkman: so now cut the aura ? Kappa
tenebraecorvidae: Flavor win already
ibplunderin: I wonder how many games I win with skill, and how many I win because the opponent draws 5 lands in a row.
IOI681387: Enjoy the break!
RebelliousUno: with that I'm going to bed
RebelliousUno: night folkx
ibplunderin: Night Uno!
RockPusher: dixWTF dixGRITCHAMP
Zengor: watch graham ram a colossal brushwagg into the opponent's face
theficklecat: Good night
chaostreader: We fetched three times. With two evolving wilds.
deathrite_sharkman: get some water like me, folks
iSmartMan1: @ibplunderin Sometimes, it's just about having the skill to survive until your opponent hits 5 lands in a row
bear_1n_the_hat: Good night.
Dumori: night Uno
RockPusher: 'night RebelliousUno sergeModLove
Taylorton147: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (It's time for CTS. The Crew plays online games and does a friendship! Game: Totally Reliable Delivery Service) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:08 from now).
Runlikethew1nd: Wait is the initial up for everyone rn
Runlikethew1nd: Initial
DarkMorford: That sounds like something Suspiciously Fast Movers would offer. Kappa
mtgmogisthegod: alright guys lets banned together and get this officer banned from sealed, he is a flavor fail
Runlikethew1nd: Ikoria
gnome_friend: !findquote flavor
LRRbot: Quote #6000: "The warmth does not diminish the flavor." —Graham [2019-04-19]
chaostreader: @runlikethew1nd Ikoria is our tomorrow.
chaostreader: *out
Runlikethew1nd: @chaostreader thx
gnome_friend: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always ashamed of my words and deeds.
alex_they_cryptid: hype
savorycookie: anyone know what the rewards are for human draft vs bot draft?
deathrite_sharkman: @savorycookie Limited resources did a podcast and spreadsheet about it today
savorycookie: Oh cool I hadn't seen that yet
CygnusInfinity: Honk
Kitsumekajime: oh no goose
gnome_friend: !gooseadvice
Stickill1: that honk actually made me jump a lil
thenb44: !y
deathrite_sharkman: a goose
3PlayerPolitics: honk
munocard: Honk
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: !y
Easilycrazyhat: unexpecte crapshot
alex_they_cryptid: HoNk
I_Am_Clockwork: remember Horrible Goose? those halcyon days? good times
bear_1n_the_hat: Nice
shurtal: keep people on their toes
Kitsumekajime: lol i just got off work at the pharmacy i am so excited to play this myself
Easilycrazyhat: cycling, but...
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
gnome_friend: !findquote fine
LRRbot: Quote #6250: "Everything's fine, it's all part of stuff." —Adam Koebel [2019-07-29]
deathrite_sharkman: 10 sources
munocard: Everything will be fine
I_Am_Clockwork: we're all fine here, now...
alex_they_cryptid: lrrFINE
Lordofironstorm: lrrFINE
BrindleBoar: Untitled Graham Game
Fruytk: famous last words
Super_Sophomoric: we've got that dork too
I_Am_Clockwork: how are you?
Wiliart: I only believe that if james would be here.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I get the reasoning, and with any creature cycler I would be on board
Runlikethew1nd: We will be fine
Logue_Yne: proceed to nt be fine
Easilycrazyhat: You can break stuff again!? Yes!
DwaginFodder: lrrFINE
Kitsumekajime: those sick beats <3
radio_penguin: the crystal on the other side is breakable too
mtgmogisthegod: boon 90% of the time is opt without the scry, there has to be better cyclers
deathrite_sharkman: lrr mixtape when?!
Easilycrazyhat: I missed the interactive arenas so much ^.^
bear_1n_the_hat: Ding
historyman_admu: Punished!!
3PlayerPolitics: lol
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrGreed
munocard: Still fine. Not on fire
alex_they_cryptid: rip
historyman_admu: lrrGREED
Drimdort: Calculated~
Duhstink: forests dont grow on trees Graham
munocard: Never didn't have it
bear_1n_the_hat: Everything is fine.
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrGREED lrrGREED
Easilycrazyhat: totally on purpose
Lordofironstorm: nevr didn't have it
Capitalfleas: Had to walk away. Did we kill em with the Bushwagg?
MrWrann: lrrFINE
deathrite_sharkman: plz graham the camera
munocard: Okay now ladies?
Drimdort: no
TillianSwoard: its a human
hawkeye437: human
savorycookie: Is it just me or did that gremlin go 'eyy' when he entered?
Easilycrazyhat: can't
3PlayerPolitics: never didn't not haven't it
Comeback323: no you wont
historyman_admu: You cant!
I_Am_Clockwork: can't human
djalternative: nope
BlightningHelix: Can't mutate onto humans
mtgmogisthegod: the curse will assist you
Lordofironstorm: can't do that
Drimdort: Can't mutate onto people
lazav101: no we didn't kill with the wagg
Nameless_Sword: not doing that, it a human
deathrite_sharkman: cnt see the macro cards
Easilycrazyhat: seems fine
alex_they_cryptid: your face is in the way
TillianSwoard: 4/4 for 4 is fine
Genderi: 4/4 is good 4
Drimdort: 4/4 for 4
munocard: RIP?
Drimdort: Double bear
Easilycrazyhat: can cast kogla next turn, so that's nice
Radyin: Did someone say that there was a streamer mode for this battlefield?
DwaginFodder: have you decided on raffle time?
munocard: Kogla seems good
RandomFedora: sometimes you just need a 4/4
deathrite_sharkman: be(bear)ar
Kitsumekajime: i so want the mechagodzilla card
Mathonwy: Yay! I just got my weekly win reward!
bear_1n_the_hat: Bear mutant
alex_they_cryptid: ggg3 bear tribe : 6/6
munocard: plz resolv
I_Am_Clockwork: in b4 essence satter
Genderi: There's definitely a deckmaster thinger for arena
I_Am_Clockwork: scatter
I_Am_Clockwork: oh nice
adamjford: quit aping around, Graham
mtgmogisthegod: i like kola with 3 or more of these human druids like wow
deathrite_sharkman: from 0 to ggg sources in no time
MrWrann: Poor gremlin
munocard: Kogla doesn't have custom animations?!
deathrite_sharkman: @adamjford nice
bear_1n_the_hat: Rude
thegitrogsquirrel: i love how green your deck is
Kitsumekajime: maybe tomorrow?
EvilBadman: @Genderi The most prevalent one is invite only beta and also new set breaks them.
Easilycrazyhat: that card's great
munocard: You don't sac to get that kraken
Drimdort: not again
Genderi: that would do it
Mathonwy: So, using gems to unlock set mastery... Is that permanent, or just for a week?
RAZRBCK08: idk if any of the new cards have custom animations on this client
gnome_friend: General Kudro does
Genderi: just attack with it to destroy the pacifism wheelerKappa
gnome_friend: He says "GO!'
alex_they_cryptid: the fact that the ominous thing doesn't sacrifice is so powerful
Evochron13: "just an 8/8"
Arimus221: @Mathonwy that is permanent pretty sure
LordSaphni: they can do it more than one time though
Lordofironstorm: @RAZRBCK08 Feind Aritsan does
lurkerspine: kill kogla, bring back lurker?
hawkeye437: banish? what is this YGO?
Easilycrazyhat: destroy kogla with bood curdle and get it back with bond...?
BrindleBoar: it also doesn't get sac'd or anything, they keep making 8/8s
Evochron13: noteably the token can be made at instant speed and doesn't destroy the enchantment afterwards
Darkdelance: just blood curdle your own kogla so you can recur it
deathrite_sharkman: I'd be tempted to replace the black splash for wilt with better mana
totumusmaximus: maybe only mythic have animations?
DwaginFodder: see @loadingreadyrun this is why we run Wilt
RandomFedora: this draft or sealed?
DwaginFodder: draft
hawkeye437: sealed
alex_they_cryptid: hit kogla with blood curdle
tru_boredom: sealed
Geekscience: what does the bond do?
DwaginFodder: wait it is sealed sorry 4Head
Drimdort: @tru_boredom Enemy spells that target your flying creatures cost 2 more
Dumori: I go get a beer and we have a flashbacks to the last game
Easilycrazyhat: it's weird, but...kogla's good
nextday415: not the draw 4?
Genderi: I like the omentory to buff 3 creatures
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Bond -> lurker -> kogla
nextday415: oh whoops
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Mentor your mana dude and then you have 2 tramplers to give +1/+1 counters.
peejeeful: you can get kogla back with lurker
mtgmogisthegod: get back boneyard kill kola get it back with boneyard by mutate on bushwack
Drimdort: Can't mentor naturalist
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Non-human, never mind.
tru_boredom: @drimdort i think you wanted to tag someone else?
Drimdort: Only on non humans
Genderi: damn, sorry G
Drimdort: Ah, mb man
bear_1n_the_hat: Oops
gnome_friend: !sassplan
LRRbot: I don't know, go ask Serge's mods.
Easilycrazyhat: !findquote whoops
LRRbot: Quote #727: "One, two... whoops!" —James [2015-09-24]
Super_Sophomoric: note to self, always run pacifism
adamjford: for free, even
adamjford: best time to make mistakes
Kitsumekajime: its all about learning from graham
Easilycrazyhat: Errors build character
deathrite_sharkman: more like day minus 3
bear_1n_the_hat: Life is an error.
lazav101: !badadvice
LRRbot: Test the death pit.
Easilycrazyhat: wut
Mangledpixel: ca caw!
Nameless_Sword: blinky the companion
shadowbow464: James made the deck
Ratchet215: is the Kaiju of the big Ape the King cesar card?
CygnusInfinity: @Nameless_Sword Blinky Buddy
tru_boredom: no the companion deck
lurkerspine: kill with kogla?
BrookJustBones: james made a yorion sealed deck
Drimdort: The menacing brushwagg
mtgmogisthegod: is bushwack just a highly playable charging badger
IOI681387: @Ratchet215 no ceaser is the apex cat, and some other monowhite cat
zigboy22: These names
shadowbow464: No he made that companion
alex_they_cryptid: mutated brushwagg
wolfiezz43: are you not playing with anyone else?
Nameless_Sword: would have to be ON the brushwagg
Ratchet215: oh oooooh ... King Kong. Now I get it
totumusmaximus: you cant mutate humans anyway
lirazel64: That's a really sad kitty Opponent has.
Dumori: The Almightest Brushwagg
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Can only mutate Brushwagg (or Kogla, but that seems less than ideal).
deathrite_sharkman: these cards already have their own nicknames
iSmartMan1: Ooh! Mammoth Spider
Easilycrazyhat: gnarr on brushwagg and swing?
Ammondale: I think opponent didn't do the companion condition, they just cast it as a 4/5
Earthenone: !card literally anything
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
chaostreader: @ammondale James did it earlier
SmashTCG: that
SmashTCG: was a 4 mana 6/6
SmashTCG: over 2 bodys
CygnusInfinity: somehow adding the 'very' qualifier onto that made it sound less trustworthy of a statement.
SmashTCG: wpw
Kitsumekajime: how does the apes ability work?
Easilycrazyhat: I kinda like that restriction
savorycookie: Mutating this way still gives you a 3/3, I think it's ok
Earthenone: ape can pick up a human to become indestructable
Super_Sophomoric: and you can still give it +4/+4
KCazduke: Ominous Sea seems Ominous
Wiliart: !card Kogla, the Titan Ape
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
EternalFayt: Reping Lethal
TillianSwoard: king kong can pay 1G and return a human to make it indestructable
djalternative: literally anything needs to be an un card
WalrusOntheCourt: If there was hexproof, it is like every creature becomes a bogle as they mutate and add abilities.
Easilycrazyhat: that's not suspicious...
Drimdort: gee gee
deathrite_sharkman: FortOne katesLewd
Nameless_Sword: nicely done
Easilycrazyhat: only on itself though, right?
SmashTCG: isnt that in commander
BleedingToast: hello graham and chat guyjudgeHi
alikaoz: Slippery Bogbonder, isn't it?
gnome_friend: sergeHi @BleedingToast
Kitsumekajime: I missed watching some mtg lol
adamjford: Crystalline Giant and Wingfold Pteron puts them on themselves
RobertF95: How soon do you think Arena will be supported on Mac/iOS/Console?
alex_they_cryptid: there are also ways to move counters
falingard: only the Pteron does hexproof
Kitsumekajime: wait evolving wilds is back
Kitsumekajime: sweet
Earthenone: there was a 6 drop that has hexproof counters in blue
KCazduke: I think there's only one hexproof creature in this set, and it costs 5U
Easilycrazyhat: I think that's for the best. Bogbonder looks sweet, though.
Gekyouryuu: does the crystal giant not?
kirbytronic: Yeah, Pdon too
gnome_friend: lrrGREED
savorycookie: the art on Avian Oddity is so good
KCazduke: The greed is reall~
djalternative: there are hexproof counters in main iko
bear_1n_the_hat: Nice.
KCazduke: Dawwwww
Nameless_Sword: always had it, never didn't have it
punmaster10: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Dumori: Yeah Crystal giant can get I think any evergreen keyword
laskotheking: @LoadingReadyRun Hi G! Last time I watched this stream it was James! Glad you're on cause WWE's BS has me upset, and your streaming always cheers me up
lazav101: the greed
alex_they_cryptid: pollywog is good
KCazduke: It's so cute
Zengor: that frog is really good
Easilycrazyhat: Is this 3/3 games for drawing Kogla? XD
mtgmogisthegod: crystal gaint sac it with the ozilick on the field you can give anything hexproof
SmashTCG: Mutate might actually be better in constructed then lmited
Gekyouryuu: you can mine out a crystal in the upper left, too
KCazduke: That's baaaaaaad
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Easilycrazyhat: The Many-Birb
Xenotechie: @laskotheking if nothing else, the next Sidewalk Slam will sure be a Thing
KCazduke: Play Oddwing?
KCazduke: So odd
KCazduke: So many wings
quirkygecko: Hey did you guys know there’s reference to the wanderer in this set
Zahowy: One One Mind
Mr_Horrible: Bird Ball
punmaster10: make it fly
Nameless_Sword: a mass of feathers
Drimdort: Birdtopus
SmashTCG: TOomany Wing! toooo many wings
Easilycrazyhat: "How many wings do birds have?" "Enough"
punmaster10: it's so cute
savorycookie: Which card is that?
alex_they_cryptid: the wanderer is emrakul
Xenotechie: the Avian Oddity is the result of feeding all the cards with flying into a neural network
cephallope: Bird battlesphere
SmashTCG: She CAN, she has to focus
Anonyman41: Wanderer is MTG stan lee
Vandred921: I wish she'd make a cameo in each set post War.
Shoki_Donai: I love that flavor.
Kitsumekajime: i wonder how the wanderer felt when she was stuck on ravnica
Gekyouryuu: not just an implication. she HAS to focus hard to stay somewhere
KCazduke: Oh noes
Athelgar: is the ikoria book out?
DrChairthrower: oh, I never knew the Wanderer's thing, that's kind of cool
EvilBadman: Wanderer is Sam Beckett
Earthenone: ohh good, phasing in in this set
Mangledpixel: phase dolphin doesn't have Phasing? boo
tru_boredom: @athelgar yes it is and it's really good
Easilycrazyhat: that draw spell is super nice
KCazduke: The only one you can put it on.
lazav101: that creature reminds me of kroxa, but instead of too many teeth too many wings
Nameless_Sword: the only one we can
SmashTCG: the only valid target?
historyman_admu: only one target for mutate
alex_they_cryptid: the wanderer is similar to emeria, a humanoid representation of emrakul
SmashTCG: Non HUmans
masterinferno47: the wanderer can control where she pansewalk
shadowbow464: You have one choice
Jondare: I legit hope they keep repirinting that card in all the sets, with the wanderer just jumping into whatever plane we#re on, neheading some nig thing, and then jumping away again xD
Nameless_Sword: no HUMANS
totumusmaximus: why mutate when it costs you the creature underneath?
Athelgar: @gekyouryuu ty
Gekyouryuu: yw
KCazduke: Elves are a valid target, though.
RandomFedora: the oddity because you can't Target a human
STALKERsoldiers: Mutate can give bonus efects
Kitsumekajime: and your back to starting life woo
masterinferno47: its just if she does it to sooon after she did it then its random
SmashTCG: Trumpeting underneath Pog
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KCazduke: That's a combat trick
alikaoz: fishy
mtgmogisthegod: there are 4 hexproof counter cards 2 in c20 2 in ikoria crystal gaint and the 6 mana pteron, with the ozolith you can move those hexproof counters
Easilycrazyhat: 3 damage is acceeptable
SmashTCG: ITs fiiiine
Mr_Horrible: and mutate doesn't re-summoning-sick it, correct?
Nameless_Sword: take it?
Arimus221: Race!
rhade7: Nah
SmashTCG: He forgot it had flying
fubargames: I feel they should let the card frame show more icons for keywords
Zahowy: definately not holding something
Xenotechie: i wouldn't gamble it
djalternative: or you could fully grown into ram through, right?
ogundiety: They absolutely have a combat trick
savorycookie: @Mr_Horrible correct
TheOneCalledStu: got here late what is the triple dot counter on the creatures
kirbytronic: Nicknames this set will be odd
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Kitsumekajime: oh no otters!
KCazduke: So Crittery
Xenotechie: if they just wanted to force the damage, they would have attacked with the dolphin too
Spartacus1209: Heckuva bluff if they didn’t have anything.
Nameless_Sword: king kong time
Arimus221: Kogla!
alikaoz: Play Holga
Earthenone: !findquote kong
LRRbot: Quote #1469: "Donkey Kong can't melt steel beams." —Ian [2016-01-06]
Easilycrazyhat: Legally distinct giant Ape.
SmashTCG: Just call him Kong
Arimus221: Then grown ram next turn
Nameless_Sword: kogla kong!
cknaack: If a mutate creature has flash can you mutate at instant speed?
deathrite_sharkman: oof
bear_1n_the_hat: Kong it.
djalternative: fully grown gives trample
Mr_Horrible: also can I just say I'm tickled by the fact that this many years on, when so much Magic rules lingo has been updated and modernized and condensed, "Summoning Sickness" is still a thing :p
Vetinaari: @cknaack Yes.
KCazduke: That Ottah though
TheOneCalledStu: what is the triple dot icon on the bottom of the creatures?
Easilycrazyhat: Is fully grown a trample counter?
narwhalrus7: phase dolphin and thieving otter is a sick combo
movexig: I know that monkey! His name is Donkey.
PyreDynasty: It’s ya boy kong!
punmaster10: bonk
KCazduke: Dead?
SmashTCG: Ohhh thats a lot of draw
totumusmaximus: i thought farfinder was a 3/3 :/
alikaoz: >what is the triple dot icon on the bottom of the creatures? "Too much text, read the card"
deathrite_sharkman: @TheOneCalledStu just means they have more text i think
Earthenone: grow and ram through for the OTK?
BleedingToast: my recent new islander in animal crossing is a tech loving hamster called graham, went into his house and he said to me "this is the house of graham"
KCazduke: Ram through!
TheOneCalledStu: neat
Nameless_Sword: yup super dead
Easilycrazyhat: spells with trample is absurd XD
Kitsumekajime: damn
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @BleedingToast
Geekscience: nice
DaCardCzar: Give em' the ram!
bear_1n_the_hat: Damn
Dumori: POW
punmaster10: are they dead
Shoki_Donai: Nice
Drathak: Ramming Kong
SmashTCG: Yeah thats Fair
Kitsumekajime: that was crazy
Nameless_Sword: nice nice nice
mtgmogisthegod: green seems amazing upcoming standard they have 4 hexproof creatures for mutate
Drimdort: Fair cards
Super_Sophomoric: get rekked
Earthenone: fair dingum
Zahowy: this set is awesome
WeedenProject: Damn, you really went ape there
deathrite_sharkman: katesWa katesOw
historyman_admu: Trample on Spells is AWESOME
Xenotechie: they got kong'd
DwaginFodder: ramming speed is GOOD
kirbytronic: Visit the store
Zengor: spell trample is so good
Mangledpixel: Holy, and might I say also, Moly
lirazel64: Oo!
thegitrogsquirrel: i love green
masterinferno47: lrrWOW lrrWOW
laskotheking: Let's go G!
lazav101: this is amazing
Drimdort: Spample for the win
alikaoz: 3 card combo, but damn it felt good
movexig: Get... konged?
gnome_friend: !card mole
LRRbot: Did you mean: Mole Worms; Graf Mole
Zengor: there's a red one with it too
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun as it turns out, Direct damage in green that care about power are decent
Zengor: 4 dmg with spell trample
KCazduke: Super Duper Death Ray~
Xenotechie: clap clap clapclapclap
MYOJ1N: seems good
aerohydra: jeej!
Caseheroes: Its like the Super Duper Death Ray
ElektroTal: everybody have fun tonight. everybody king kong tonight
KCazduke: Keep for the greed
Wiliart: Nope
Kaktus021: This really is a black border Un-set
Leedopo: shiiiiiiiip
Gekyouryuu: oh, I keep dipping in and out. have I missed G's half of the giveaway?
RobertF95: Ah, when Un-cards come to life
CygnusInfinity: 👏 Spells 👏 with 👏 trample 👏 👏 Are 👏 A 👏 Great 👏 Design 👏
Earthenone: dont worry you are against a scrub
Nameless_Sword: this seems.... fine?
Kitsumekajime: giveaway?
JohnLockeCole: it's Jordan!
DwaginFodder: gekyouryuu no not yet
Xenotechie: i keep forgetting cycling is a thing
historyman_admu: JEEJ
119 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
SketchyDetails: OH NO
gnome_friend: Welcome raiders!
KCazduke: XD
thraximore: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
DrChairthrower: He can't keep getting away with this!
SmashTCG: oh hi jordan
Fts_grif: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
nanacomehome: wheelerY wheelerH
minksterella_: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
Nameless_Sword: Jordan!
HoneyJack07: GRAHAMMMMMMMMM wheelerY wheelerH
deathrite_sharkman: uhoh
wodezuipengyou: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
TheOneCalledStu: So Dr. Gra lrrHAM how is Ikoria?
Kaorti: HA!
senpaipugs: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
FurthestChunk: wheelerY wheelerH
wiigamer1995: zhephzFine
DavePickles: wheelerY wheelerH
Paranundrox: for the second time even
Xx_JAG_xX: wheelerY wheelerT
Dr_fragenstien: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
Zahowy: uhoh
DwaginFodder: wheeler gang!
ChaoticObserver: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Mangledpixel: James fought him earlier
RandomFedora: and you're Fighting Jordan
lazav101: uh......
iSmartMan1: Again!?
Ammondale: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerT
thraximore: wheelerMuldcb wheelerMuldcb wheelerMuldcb
Paranundrox: James played earlier against Jordan
JohnLockeCole: Jordan beat James earlier, so this is the blow off
KCazduke: Never didn't have it.:D
Kumakaori: ayyyy Jeej~ again.
croisvoix1: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
mtgmogisthegod: the shade in standard that gives your spells deathtouch with the red trample spell is just kill a thing and bolt seems awesome
fubargames: lrrFINE
gnome_friend: !quote wheeler
LRRbot: Quote #5908: "The spirit of the challenge is to win the challenge." —Wheeler [2019-03-16]
punmaster10: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Kumakaori: uhoh
KCazduke: o.o
TheOneCalledStu: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Kumakaori: that's a helluva 3 drop XD;.
KCazduke: Menace
sentryyy_: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerLoop wheelerLoop wheelerH
FurthestChunk: so how's the format so far
TheOtherTrevor: wheelerLoop
Dumori: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
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shadowbow464: And James played against adam
lil_toasty555: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4
Easilycrazyhat: he's screen sniping!
Dr_fragenstien: time to wheelerRanch some fools
alikaoz: Mass of Mutations!
CleeKru: lrrFINE
TheOneCalledStu: !quote wheeler
LRRbot: Quote #6566: "It's yeehaws and hubris all the way down." —Wheeler [2019-11-12]
Shoki_Donai: The otter will save us.
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun G... is that a 3/3 for3 in colorless
zuchen_120: I was technically in both places. So i'm going to say thank you for the welcome
senpaipugs: such a good 3 drop
floki4242: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrSIGNAL
ElektroTal: ah, the thotter
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fluffybumhole: oh boy
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northos: well not BIGGER per se :P
Xenotechie: ah, we were raided by Benjamin of the Many Wheels
Professor_Rakor: ahh, the flenace
Zengor: daaaaamn
loki_lxix: and now it flies
FurthestChunk: octomechagodzilla
Dmc3628: perfect we blood curdle that sucker
Kitsumekajime: quick kill it with death
Nameless_Sword: menace AND flying.... and draw a card
Super_Sophomoric: this just got way out of hand
Pyroxx___: curdle I guess
ArcOfTheConclave: now kill it
punmaster10: kill it quick
Easilycrazyhat: don't worry about it
Nameless_Sword: well.... time for it to die?
SmashTCG: NO
shadowbow464: Nice
ElektroTal: oh no
alikaoz: Keel eet, doo eet nao
FurthestChunk: yeah we need to end this giant asap
KCazduke: I would kill it now.
senpaipugs: now it really has tpo die
minksterella_: kill it now
Dr_fragenstien: whoops, wrong emote
ElektroTal: KILL
Lordofironstorm: blood curdle now
ElektroTal: IT
surpancreasjr: This is terrifying
deathrite_sharkman: killlllll
minksterella_: it can get hexproof
alex_they_cryptid: now, it might get hexproof
Easilycrazyhat: just kill it
lil_toasty555: end it !!
TwitchTVsFrank: oh its jordan
TillianSwoard: It can gain hexproof
Frizzlenill: oh goodness the sheer number of 'flample' style keyword portmanteaus we need to come up with for crystalline giant is ludicrous
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun at least it wasnt mecha godzilla
FurthestChunk: yeah if it gets hexproof it's just game over
Countjondi: *before it lays MORE eggs
zuchen_120: need some LRR emotes addon for mtga "I really wish you wouldn't" and many more
Nameless_Sword: yes it can....
Nameless_Sword: oh my
FurthestChunk: crystalline giant is an ez first pick and i hate that it is
djalternative: this is sealed G
FurthestChunk: this stupid hearthstone card
TwitchTVsFrank: i was like why is graham bming lol
stormshot64: You gotta do it
Arimus221: Grown and two rams is gonna be good I think
senpaipugs: the fact it can get hexproof is so strong
alikaoz: I love the crystalline fuck and
KCazduke: Uh-oh
SmashTCG: fully grown and fight y
fluffybumhole: that's a pretty good lava axe
Easilycrazyhat: Whhyyy
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aiamethyst: In lockdown there's much free time for crafting. Just saying.
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SolarBlitz1: You can also excivate the crystal the other side too, if you hadn't done that
chaostreader: @twitchtvsfrank To be fair, James started it earlier.
Drimdort: BONK
Nameless_Sword: hit for 12... nice
Shoki_Donai: lrrFINE
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Ranneko: Ikoria: Make My Monster Grow!
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Leedopo: @furthestchunk something something eot would be more hearthstone-y but yes that card is bonkers.
TheOtherTrevor: Yeah, those lands don't stand out very well on the background
Dr_fragenstien: yes op, that was nice
ChaoticObserver: This format looks fun
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun no its Limited
Nameless_Sword: sorry not 12... but a lot
Zengor: i'm so excited for this format
TophTheHermit: These are some real haymaker swings
loki_lxix: looks like this format is aggro
ElektroTal: oh snap, i didn;t realize that you could ram through in your attack step
senpaipugs: how high would you rate is compared to other limited environments?
CleeKru: wait.. ram through ALSO HAS TRAMPLE
QuixoticZ: everything has trample. creatures with trample, fight spells that work with trample, even burn spells with trample
Vetinaari: Ikoria being a wild format seems on flavor.
TwitchTVsFrank: #blamejames
mtgmogisthegod: digging for answers you gottem on the ropes
RedRaptor: rayfkSanic rayfkSanic rayfkSanic
daralin666: Are you disappointed there was no pre-pre-release?
Nameless_Sword: @CleeKru only if the creature HAS trample
FurthestChunk: the main problem i have with crystalline giant is playing with it in paper
Dumori: CleeKru It Rams Though
Drimdort: Conditional Spample
lirazel64: Seems like green is native to Ikoria.
SmashTCG: CLone huh
Xenotechie: a singular shenanigan, if you will
fluffybumhole: gottem
FurthestChunk: because nobody's bringing all the counters possible
Frizzlenill: @daralin666 the post-pre-release is going to be such fun that it should make up for it
Carsonogenics_: "it's not a bm! i actually like them don't worry" :p
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CleeKru: @Nameless_Sword ahhh... ok
HPBraincase: Every once in a while, I hear the crystals as the start of the Harry Potter theme...\
fluffybumhole: that clone is real good
surpancreasjr: How has this format been so far?
EternalFayt: it would be kinda cool, kinda bad if the opponent could hear you play the gem in the corner
Kumakaori: 2 short.
KCazduke: Cycle for Double Trample
alikaoz: soon
stupidforgames: so what's our record at the moment
daralin666: @frizzlenill looking forward to it
Zahowy: double trample
acero47: you could attack and then ram through
Easilycrazyhat: double trample is instant win, right?
Nameless_Sword: double trample!
Earthenone: tromboploline
FurthestChunk: well, we have the green source for king kong
JohnLockeCole: Jordan just said "Double Trample, Game Respects Game"
SketchyDetails: TrTrAmAmPPLeLe
lil_toasty555: no double haste is the win
fluffybumhole: now it's trombomple
Kitsumekajime: double hexproof and your invincible
SolarBlitz1: Double trample hits yourself?
Earthenone: does ram through ram twice now? :P
chaostreader: @hpbraincase That or Star Wars. Either way it’s composed by John Williams.
senpaipugs: double trample deals damage into the next game
Kumakaori: trampleample
alex_they_cryptid: ttrraammppllee
KCazduke: Next turn, penguin sniper
Paranundrox: does Double Trample Double Ram? lrrBEEJ
ElektroTal: two tramples is a tromple
deathrite_sharkman: tramples thru 1 player to the next in commander
Shoki_Donai: If you get triple trample is teleports you to their house.
NGKnights: Double Trample AKA My Cup Runneth Over
lil_toasty555: double trample hit TWO opponents lol
punmaster10: do it
minksterella_: double trample deals damage to the player behind them also
1y1e: double trample means any extra damage you deal opp beyond zero tramples into next game
TheOtherTrevor: Too bad two first-strike counters doesn't equal double strike
iSmartMan1: No, Triple Trample is the instant win
Dr_fragenstien: according to playground rules, double trample means it deals trample damage twice or something
dokuroyaiba: will the kaiju arts come in regulair packs as well?
Gekyouryuu: @Kitsumekajime double hexproof actually reverses the polarity and makes it so ONLY your opponents can target it.
SpoonfullOfSugar: Double Trample: all damage in excess of defending player's life total can be assigned to creatures that player controls
sk8sam24: don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious....
Kitsumekajime: lol
Nameless_Sword: kogla kong time!
alikaoz: Ape out!
fluffybumhole: hoo hoo
Kumakaori: dangity XD;.
RandomFedora: destroy them all
SketchyDetails: Toothpaste Ape is a BEATING
KCazduke: Nuuuuuu
lil_toasty555: f
Xenotechie: well, still a 2-for-1
alikaoz: Kong was shot down!
HPBraincase: It's like Essence Scatter, but late
Zengor: oh well
KCazduke: Just punch?
CraziestOwl: Hey everyone how’s drafting
FurthestChunk: yeah that's still value but rip kong
bear_1n_the_hat: You just got the eye.
Kitsumekajime: no not the kong!
Frizzlenill: that's a fantastic new art for thornwood falls
fluffybumhole: oof
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ZethRuss: Thanks for the streams and entertainment :)
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senpaipugs: i quite like the evolving wilds art
TillianSwoard: Tripple trample
Desruprot: LUL
cephallope: Just have the sound play as long as you control the land
Drimdort: TRIMPLE
Jondare: I sudddenly have a need to pee, thanksd Falls...
Dr_fragenstien: three?! PogChamp
Arimus221: Triple Trample LUL
deathrite_sharkman: loud waterfall you got there G
SketchyDetails: Several
Kumakaori: 3 trample counters, ah-ah-ah
lil_toasty555: ALL OF THEM
CygnusInfinity: Art Great. SFX, long
Nameless_Sword: triple trample!
alex_they_cryptid: tttrrraaammmpppllleee
taeasakura: Trompompoline!
KCazduke: Triple Trample is pretty fun
Zahowy: TRiPPle TramPle
bear_1n_the_hat: Trip tramp
Nameless_Sword: tra-tra-trample!
Ammondale: you have corrected the fact that he doesn't have it naturally
Nuurgle: Trample? More like Tri-mple
fluffybumhole: trambambombampoline
senpaipugs: does it have the trample for the ram through?
SketchyDetails: TrTrTrAmAmAmPPPLeLeLE
iSmartMan1: Triple Trample! We did it!
Kitsumekajime: so rude
Super_Sophomoric: did we put that disenchant back in?
RandomFedora: oaf
Landgraft: its got trimple?
Kumakaori: that's a solid card >>;.
Zengor: so much removal
gnome_friend: !findquote bully
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
STALKERsoldiers: Judge my opponet is popping off!
FurthestChunk: ben wheeler got like four reach counters onto an incubation druid earlier in standard
TheOtherTrevor: Tramples so hard he hits into the next game
astrosmasher: oppo ghosting
PixelArtDragon: I'm a little disappointed that two first strike counters doesn't become a double-strike counter.
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Lodiedo: Trample then trample and then trample some more!
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ItemCraftingLive: It's like the looneytoons gag where the same truck runs back and forth over the same character.
punmaster10: hits both opponents
eldrazi_agro: cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla
CraziestOwl: It goes beyond life point
Dr_fragenstien: This wednesday, trample, trample, trample!
mtgmogisthegod: man now i wish there was a card that said get 10 of the same keyword counter on this you win the game
Kitsumekajime: rofl
Kumakaori: not ded yet
punmaster10: we live
Dr_fragenstien: all under control
alikaoz: Shuffle it to win
Drimdort: The game isn't over until it's over
Kitsumekajime: gg
Drimdort: Oh.
zuchen_120: uh oh]
KCazduke: Ded
Easilycrazyhat: The james is coming from inside the deck
bear_1n_the_hat: Just by a life
minksterella_: kill it
senpaipugs: f
Shoki_Donai: Whelp
CygnusInfinity: literally the same noise
Kitsumekajime: rofl
Shoki_Donai: WOW
asthanius: JAMES
djalternative: you can't let Jordan beat both you and james
TillianSwoard: Lol
Earthenone: !clip
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alikaoz: One less!
Desruprot: LUL
Drimdort: Sheeeeeesh
mtgmogisthegod: curse
punmaster10: not dead
Super_Sophomoric: wth???
Ammondale: JAMES
adamjford: Gonna blame James for this one too
Kumakaori: I mean, you asked for that XD;.
TheOneCalledStu: THE CURSE
CygnusInfinity: Hi James
Argumentable: now there's even less :)
thejuggernate: LAND CURSE
Arimus221: LOL
KCazduke: Now one fewer
WrinnAndSix: James
HPBraincase: The cuuuuuuurse
Zahowy: JAMES
Buxx345: the CURSE
deathrite_sharkman: nice
wiigamer1995: zhephzFine
Vetinaari: James?
Paranundrox: and now even fewer
Zengor: wow
Anonyman41: are you sure James isnt over
Countjondi: oww
bear_1n_the_hat: Land
Wiliart: #BlameJames
Nameless_Sword: curssssssse
ogundiety: James, is that you?
mtgmogisthegod: blame james
WrightJustice: lrrWOW lrrJAMES
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun is james visiting your house?
ChekhovsCannon: immediately draws land
ArkhamArchivist: #BlameJames
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun the REAL question: would we have drawn a land if we didn't crack Wilds?
RendezVoodoo: We James now
ItemCraftingLive: Oops
CraziestOwl: jlrrFacepalm
asthanius: How did James get in your house?
RayFK: Good game bud!
punmaster10: top deck time
zuchen_120: style points
noonetoday: I James watching or something?
meisbored: i keep thinking that owl is singing "The Right Stuff"
croisvoix1: James get out of Graham's basement
Xenotechie: Graham, are you vying for Serge's position as the premier lands pilot of the format with that play?
RayFK: I am going to let my little gremlin shine
Easilycrazyhat: The real game was the lands we drew along the way
JohnLockeCole: Both of you had all lands hands at the end there
Runlikethew1nd: To many lands
punmaster10: bruh
Lightningbro: "Look at how few lands there are in my deck" (Draws a forest) What a time to tune in on.
TheWarbo: so his hand, as he won...was *also* three lands
RandomFedora: rip
quirkygecko: JAAAMES!!
RayFK: Jeeze
RayFK: Yeah my two cards were both lands
multeyemeteor: "Hello Arena shuffler, my old friend... I've come to talk to you again..."
Ammondale: the meeting with jeej and then the last land draw should be in the highlights
Mathonwy: Wooooo! I just got Tier 1 Bronze in Standard!
RayFK: Alright, back to my own nonsensne!
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Camthelion: Yooo! Thanks for keeping us sane!
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Easilycrazyhat: He's some sort of Pro. W'ere doomed.
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Lord_Hosk: 56 months thats almost 1 forest
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Khasi1596: e zed keeps...
CygnusInfinity: Ooh! LSV, no the other one
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InternetArt: 22 Months Subbed, looking forward to drafting this set after the pandemic panic.
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Xenotechie: 1 mana cycking is immensely deece
Dr_fragenstien: time to cast the... bird?
bear_1n_the_hat: Scratch scratch scratch
Kitsumekajime: Burb!
Pyroxx___: wird
Duhstink: Wird.
gnome_friend: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
FurthestChunk: avian oddity is my favourite queen song
deathrite_sharkman: two bits
creasehearst: wyrd byrd
shurtal: I never knew birds could have TOO MANY wings. Now i doo
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radio_penguin: excellent bird
Kitsumekajime: magic?
froshambo: eyyyyy it's Graham
Gekyouryuu: I like that Avian ODDity has even power and toughness
malc: weard beard
Vetinaari: Yay :)
FurthestChunk: h e a l i n g c r y s t a l s
Dr_fragenstien: because the crystals glow in the presence of monsters
lil_toasty555: he a spcieal birb
Malacorath: is there going to be a nickname ttc?
Kitsumekajime: ugg i miss subbing i need to see if i can again
VTMonster: Has Graham heard about the WWE releases?
FurthestChunk: i'd assume so
djalternative: Crystals glow when mosters are near on Ikoria. They grow even brighter when they mutate. @LoadingReadyRun
froshambo: wow graham, you need a haircut, just like me
Lord_Hosk: Hey I get to be next to Camthelion, its good to be next to you again buddy.
Dr_fragenstien: flycatcher garfield?
Lord_Hosk: Ill take what I can get
froshambo: looking forward to being glued to this channel on saturday
narwhalrus7: giraffe time
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Dr_fragenstien: same :(
Mathonwy: Kathleen can do it!!!
STALKERsoldiers: Thankfully I shave my head :)
Camthelion: Ohai Lord_Hosk ! good to be next to you as well :D
Argumentable: Glad I started shaving my head years ago
Mithgar: I was 2 months past due for a hair cut when this started. I'm now in full-on Shaggy and Scooby mode
Vetinaari: @de_greninja Thanks :)
Mathonwy: Just give Penelope the safety scissors, she can do the haircut.
Carsonogenics_: i haven't gotten a haircut in like 9 months...
multeyemeteor: I imagine a 2 week period, where hairdressers are going to be like kings and queens of the country
Japolai: do haircuts to each other as an lrl bit
Kitsumekajime: i almost gave myself one since i work in a pharmacy i wanna look nice but yea
Kitsumekajime: i dont trust myself lol
uberdan1337: I'm surprised I'm not seeing more buzz-cuts.
Easilycrazyhat: 'At the eve of 2020, mankind fell to The Hairball following The Great Stillness'
lonlycracker: how is the draft format feeling so far?
Gekyouryuu: G, chat, I had a silly idea: what if the first plane Lukka planeswalks to is Ravnica, and he sees the Simic doing stuff and is just like "YOU DO THIS ON PURPOSE?!"
Professor_Rakor: Get 3 trample counters and get the 4th one free!
bear_1n_the_hat: I also have weird head.
DrChairthrower: Yeah, buzzed my own, can confirm have the weird head.
Zath_: That's what hats are for
mtgmogisthegod: okay g we can get you a hair cut, but i need to know how many international traveling laws you want to break?
alikaoz: Tramplefluff
steifen4: Graham, you are super fun to watch and generally very likeable. Thanks for all the content!
Nameless_Sword: make your own flample!
Mathonwy: I have a weird head, too. And a weird face. And a weird body.... I'm just weird.
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ham_kind_of: double vigilance; when it attacks it turns upside down and assigns damage by toughness instead of power.
uberdan1337: Well, you can buzz it with a short guard on, to hide the bumps and stuff. Believe me. lol
holz1994: Over here Hair Trimmers are sold out basically everywhere
Sogheim: to be honest, when people kept talking about the cute otter in the spoiler, I thought they meant Lukka and not Lutri
FormerlyBoredGamer: My over grown hair was bugging me enough last week that I broke down and cut my own hair.
FurthestChunk: just try out being bald Kappa
TheAwkes: It wouldn't have been a problem for me, I've been cutting my own hair for years now, but the battery in my clippers stopped taking a charge just before the events what is, and I don't think it's worth replacing it right now.
froshambo: @Gekyouryuu lol
gnome_friend: OTTER FRIEND
asthanius: Risk it for the biscuit...bizcuit...buzz cut.
Dumori: Look every one should be rocking a shit hair cut as a matter of PRIDE
Mr_Horrible: I believe "double vigilance" is just "paranoia"
Sogheim: yay Otter!
TrueSkorn: You should have your kiddo cut your hair on LLR Live
Gekyouryuu: I buzzed my head a month-ish ago, and my hair seems to be growing back faster on one side than the other
mtgmogisthegod: ask ian what he does
CygnusInfinity: oh yes, well known otter planeswalker, Lukka
ham_kind_of: creature starts spinning
Mathonwy: Ian is already the baldy in LRR. Graham can't do that, too.
Mr_Horrible: Dumori I mean, I have been for the last like 3 years already :p
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun Oh no Godzilla Basics is the new Secret lair
adamjford: I am extremely privileged in that my partner that I live with is a hairstylist that has her whole kit here at home
lazav101: did I miss the giveaway?
deathrite_sharkman: @Mr_Horrible congrats you made me lol
korvys: @Dumori I look like a lion, as a matter of pride, but I'm not proud :P
Mr_Horrible: LUL
zuchen_120: I think you could probably set a sub goal for having one of the two of them shave your head.
Dumori: Mr_Horrible same but you know now I can come out of this with my hair down my back and pretend I wasn't already growing it
Drimdort: As someone who had their hair cut yesterday by a family member, it's.....aight
Xenotechie: but it would be such a good team building exercise Kappa
Earthenone: you missed on giveaway, and i am about to step away o i imagine the giveaway will be in the nest 10 minutes
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @korvys
Lord_Hosk: That seems like something a kid would like for like 4 or 5 snips and then be like "can I go play now"
Mr_Horrible: Dumori seabatBRAIN
Nameless_Sword: we ok.... JUST
Desruprot: I think Mentor can pump self now
Dr_fragenstien: they ordered blockers in an unfortunate manner
Xenotechie: you were afraid you goofed, but it was the opponent what done did the goof!
Drimdort: Hail brushwagg!
Paranundrox: great with Mentor
Vetinaari: Opp goozled themselves
seemsdeece: do we have any sweet rares in this deck
jkoon78076: all hail the brushwag
Zengor: oh shit you get to mentor the brushwagg
TillianSwoard: mentor starts pumpin
Dr_fragenstien: now you can't lose
gnome_friend: @seemsdeece Kogla?
iSmartMan1: Time to start mentoring?
Mr_Horrible: I deeply love that the new brushwagg looks just like the old brushwagg
Papperslappen: wag that bush
bear_1n_the_hat: Bruisewag
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gnome_friend: @seemsdeece and colossify
seemsdeece: nice
Professor_Rakor: The Mighty Booshwag.
SketchyDetails: brushwagg is just overpowered charging badger
ItemCraftingLive: Rushwagg
deathrite_sharkman: shave and a haircut
Dr_fragenstien: make my brushwagg grow!
holz1994: Make my Brushwagg grow!
Mathonwy: That is some awesome card art for the Brushwagg.
punmaster10: B R U S H W A G G
Duhstink: dont forget to brush your wag
lil_toasty555: bushwag? oh yeah now it's all coming together
gnome_friend: Brushwagg is excellent
ruscobrog: 2 bits
iSmartMan1: Brushwagg AND oddity AND mentor itself
PixelArtDragon: Let my brushwagg go! Oh wait...
Kitsumekajime: thanks for streaming today graham today has been a rough one this is so needed today
adamjford: the art is fantastic
asthanius: That's how Brushwaggs look, Graham. Geez.
PyreDynasty: Brushwagg is love
Easilycrazyhat: it's got the same crazy eyes
FurthestChunk: it's just some complete weirdo
Xenotechie: i love how it also has the retro flavour text
Nameless_Sword: brushwagg swagger
Mr_Horrible: "Yeah, it's a brushwagg. Ain't you seen a brushwagg before?"
ham_kind_of: brushwag is life
Mr_Horrible: toe to tip, that's a brushwagg
Malacorath: my IWD secret lair arrived this morning. ...I'm so happy
Kitsumekajime: oh no the cops are after to porcuparrot
Argumentable: no mad science allowed
mtgmogisthegod: i dont care how dumb it is mutate will be fun
Easilycrazyhat: double pump
Mathonwy: Jebus, is this Pokemon? Critters evolving into other critters all over.
asthanius: My only problem with the Brushwagg is "Almighty" in the name. It feels too much like an Un-card with that name, imo.
Drathak: Man life in ikora must be crazy. animals mutating into other ones all over the place
bear_1n_the_hat: Sounds like here.
ItemCraftingLive: Wagg that Brush!
HPBraincase: I know Mutate is like.. The creature shifting into another creature, but I can't help but picture it as one creature eating another to gain its strength
djalternative: I'm splitting a box of ikoria with my sister thanks to this whole pandemic thing
Drimdort: Primal Zerg style
Drathak: More like them fusing @HPBraincase
ham_kind_of: yeah, first they bring in pokemon lands in theros, now this smh my head
ChaoticObserver: He can tap the thing to ping for 1
Mr_Horrible: It is incorrect, but my name's not Shirley
lil_toasty555: DBZ style fusions between all the critters
Mathonwy: It's always so nerve-wracking going into combat, when the opponent has mana and cards in hand...
multeyemeteor: I just want to Porcuparrot Torbran
ham_kind_of: though for real this set is really cool
Zengor: if they had divine arrow they wouldn't have blocked right?
Dr_fragenstien: yeah, divine arrow gets the waggles. guess they didn't have it
Sogheim: I wanna mutate Heliod and just stack everything under him
Drimdort: Fun
thaneh: You can activate it sgain
belteshazzar98: Wow
ChaoticObserver: Dang
Mr_Horrible: big spice
Professor_Rakor: spicy
Dr_fragenstien: that card is nuts
Vetinaari: daaaaang
Drathak: They killed The Almighty
tergonis: didn't see that coming
Nameless_Sword: oh my.... nice comabt trick
lil_toasty555: noooo.....
FurthestChunk: Eh, you still have a 4/6 flampler and a 5/5 trampler
bear_1n_the_hat: I really like that trick.
thaneh: Oh whoops
Mr_Horrible: oh no, kitten attacks
Easilycrazyhat: Lion King 2: Simba's revenge
alikaoz: They Fought as One to end the Bushwagg
Xenotechie: that line took come courage from the opponent, another pump from the brushwagg would have completely undone the work there
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Kitsumekajime: oh totally forgot i had a twitch prime sub free lol
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Dumori: The baby horde comes at you fast
Mathonwy: Are you threatening me? I am the great Cornholio!
Paranundrox: Oh, you're approaching me?
Nameless_Sword: attack with everything?
Mithgar: A Porcuparrot... turned sidesways... in combat.... at this time of year? in this locality?
mtgedge: what is this JoJo's
Dr_fragenstien: they can go to 1
JosephDeath: Guessing he forgot about the trample?
alikaoz: Play the land to pump
alikaoz: oh
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun if you missed me saying it earlier, my nickname for Offspring's Revenge: "Hello. My name is Inigo Meowntoya. You killed my mother. Prepare to die."
punmaster10: full swing
lil_toasty555: soooo close
bear_1n_the_hat: Do it
SmashTCG: Oh that token has haste!
adamjford: lrrJAMES
Mr_Horrible: oh, the token gets haste
bear_1n_the_hat: Land
FurthestChunk: yeah if we had swung with the naturalist we would have won
SmashTCG: Miiiis play
m00ntruther: hey G!
ItemCraftingLive: I'm amused that comander will have things like Mutate and crew at the same time. Pilot a car and then it becomes a Dinosaur....
Mr_Horrible: that's a very canny play
Easilycrazyhat: children are limber
Xenotechie: getting proper goozled on the lands, too D:
UponMyOath: Are ya winnin son?
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KilrenKrae: Tight plays
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m00ntruther: @LoadingReadyRun did you hear about all the people from WWE who got released today?
Mr_Horrible: we'd have the otter and they'd be down the pinger token, but yeah, this is a tight spot
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Mr_Horrible: rather, it would be a tight spot regardless
Dumori: m00ntruther not see a full list but I know it's longer than I'd like to read
Dumori: Expecting NXT cuts tomorrow if we get them too
punmaster10: okay
Nameless_Sword: so close
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bear_1n_the_hat: Dob
Kumakaori: aggro tap down
Dr_fragenstien: if they think you have a trick, they might not overextend
gnome_friend dobs
Dr_fragenstien: good game
UponMyOath: Notable releases I’ve seen so far are Angle and Rusev, and maybe the Club?
FurthestChunk: why did i dob
m00ntruther: @gnome_friend how do you chat in different colors
Dumori: Did not expect those 1/1 to stabalise so well
lazav101: gg
SmashTCG: Yeeeeah
gnome_friend: @m00ntruther put /me before your text
lazav101: sure
Kitsumekajime: hehe almost got my name right
djalternative: remember you have to giveaway some ck money
m00ntruther neat
loudwalrus: I care what channel
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punmaster10: draft
MagmaTheLionhearted: affini5Disappoint
gnome_friend: !cardkingdom
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m00ntruther: MAWP
fubargames: Why does Amazon keep their money on a table?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Whack
SmashTCG: NotLikeThis
gualdhar: MAWP
Dumori: MAWP
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Kitsumekajime: wait card kingdom money?
thejuggernate: I was like, oh yeah i have one of those.
itomeshi: !cardkingdom
lazav101: lol
Kitsumekajime: i miss going to mox bellevue
gnome_friend: !findquote kingdom
LRRbot: Quote #5305: "Dark Souls is the Kingdom Hearts of gameplay." —Paul [2018-09-03]
alex_they_cryptid: card kingdom money, cool
RobotInProgress: Don't forget that if you want to stop your amazon prime that Amazon will do everything they can to stop you
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @fubargames why do *we* keep amazon's money on a table
Shadow_Zer0_: Card Kingdom money?
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sokamish: 55555 months! (with pluses in between)
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surpancreasjr: What’s with the crazy expensive draft?
Mathonwy: Like, store credit for CK?
Wolfstrike_NL: jeej money?
BrookJustBones: James just closed his eyes and picked someone in chat
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Vetinaari: Card Kingdom has its own money?
loudwalrus: New prices for real-person drafts
JoshMelnick: i believe drafts are with real people now, which is why they're so expensive
mrcr1s1sstowe: <#
Duhstink: James chose randomly
tergonis: ooooo
mrcr1s1sstowe: <3
Super_Sophomoric: thats whats up
Dumori: G* has $50 USD store credit for CK to give away!!!
m00ntruther @LoadingReadyRun are you as scared of Fiend Artisan as I am?
Shoki_Donai: It's pretty cool.
Zahowy: <3
Nyx_fire: <3
Duhstink: Card Kingdom a card for kingdoms
Juliamon: All that good good credit
Kitsumekajime: i got some buttons i miss my move to cheat step button
PipeSmokingOwl: lrrWOW
Raithencore235: woo, thats $75 CAD
djalternative: there should be one in obs. I don't know what version of obs but one of them has a giveaway thing built in
surpancreasjr: Holy crap that’s so expensive
biscuits_box: randomly?
punmaster10: a kingdom of cards
surpancreasjr: Good lord
alex_they_cryptid: Credit is cool
Mathonwy: We could all say a word, and that get's put in a randomizer...
Paranundrox: Human Persons
Dumori: I told james to give a way $99 he didn't listen
mtgmogisthegod: o i missed it must have been when i left to see adam
gualdhar: timer is fairly generous
bear_1n_the_hat: Have fun!
Nameless_Sword: human.... people? oh my what is the world coming to
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: $50!? that's like, £10 of human money
fubargames: Is the human draft being added to Arena now?
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methodical_monk: Real peoples!?
Shadow_Zer0_: That is very generous of card kingdom
STALKERsoldiers: recommend! Click something on color then look around
JoshMelnick: if there were ever a time to ignore Serge's advice of Read Every Card....
CygnusInfinity: it is! @fubargames
Arimus221: Watch out for the clocks
UponMyOath: I wanna draft with common people
alikaoz: People Draft! Nice! Also, Tezzeret is the best current character
Kitsumekajime: i would so wanna use that to get an ikoria booster box
Mathonwy: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat Fuggin ouch, dude.
bear_1n_the_hat: That is so cool.
v_nome: Do we then play with these same humans?
zkillzzz: that thing is so good
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ABoxOfNoobs: 10/10
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Nameless_Sword: menace lord yes please1
ponbern: will we know what streamers you are drafting with?
tru_boredom: yes menace tribal again
alikaoz: Howbonder is great
Gekyouryuu: build the menace deck!
fubargames: Sweet, I had not heard that! Not that I play Arena, but I watch enough streamers that do that I
EvilBadman: No, you do *not* play with your pod
mtgmogisthegod: yes
tergonis: it's gross and i love it
Kumakaori: oh, yeah. good rare.
Duhstink: seems deece
JoshMelnick: and evil firebreating
Paranundrox: Raptor is sweet
RAZRBCK08: no it's basically leagues
lazav101: raptor!
Drimdort: That's good
TillianSwoard: Menace aggro it is
adamjford: that card is disgusting I'm pretty sure
Leedopo: wait does human drafting actually cost more than bot drafting? if so, for shaaaaaame wizards.
FurthestChunk: that's a strong first pick
Lord_Hosk: That seems powerful
Nameless_Sword: a very GOOD dinosaur
Kitsumekajime: thats super good
D00kqc: deace
froshambo: camera covering cards
fubargames: *that I'll enjoy that!
FurthestChunk: hope to get the uncommon back?
shadowbow464: Pick it
FlameAndAir: That seems fun
maverickut: raptor is strong
btd5player: Menace Tribal!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @v_nome no, we go in the pool of people who also drafted with humans
m00ntruther: pick it, wheel the hybrid thing
RAZRBCK08: that card is busted
Mathonwy: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat speaking of value of the pound, how's the Brexit going?
seemsdeece: lot of menace in Rakdos
punmaster10: menace
mastershake29x: @v_nome likely not, you play with anyone who has human drafted
falingard: and it has menacebreathing
Kumakaori: oh and super menace boi too XD;.
canoecrasher: Mono Menace?
Nameless_Sword: keep eyes on the timer at the bottom
DwaginFodder: did i miss the giveaway?
biscuits_box: Warning you are on a time limit
Invitare: Adam used that with a cat-ape thing that could have menace counters
STALKERsoldiers: oof and the menance needs triple? Scary Pack
froshambo: thx
QuantumTwitch: that is bonkers
Drimdort: Menaceagain!
alikaoz: Thanks!
adamjford: @Leedopo it costs the same as traditional draft did before
Wiliart: Select the card you like, before the timer runs out. If it runs out, you at least get that card.
Gekyouryuu: remember timer
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Mathonwy Honestly, I try to avoid it at all costs
Invitare: timer!
fluffybumhole: is good enough
DaCardCzar: PICK
biscuits_box: 10 s3cs
Arimus221: Gonna time
Kumakaori: 10 seconds
JoshMelnick: oh whoa the pack ui is super rad
Pyroxx___: 10 secs!
trainerthatroc: you can reserve cards like mtgo now
rikpol: timer
Drimdort: Just like the James draft, it's menace time!
Kitsumekajime: time
peejeeful: time
MadWolf1290: there's no GREAT place for it, but m'eh
tergonis: time graham
Zahowy: pick
FurthestChunk: lmao that's great
tru_boredom: pick
Vetinaari: PICK FAST
Stickill1: timer
historyman_admu: You have 10 seconds
Duhstink: packs on packs on packs
Zengor: timer
Shoki_Donai: Make sure to click that timer is crazy
MadWolf1290: PICK
STALKERsoldiers: Timer!
holz1994: TIMER!
Nameless_Sword: timer!
tru_boredom: quick
PixelArtDragon: Cool Technology
Paranundrox: relax chat
Pyroxx___: connection?
Dumori: G it's like MODO hilght at least
Leedopo: @adamjford but it's bo1? so, you get less magic?
biscuits_box: 1 minute
Mathonwy: Take the swamp!
TillianSwoard: Far finder
EvilBadman: Deadeye's nice
biscuits_box: 50 secs
btd5player: Tenative
BlightningHelix: Menace Tribal!
D00kqc: why not
Pyroxx___: yes
djalternative: yes
Drimdort: Menache!
Gekyouryuu: yeeeeessssssssss
m00ntruther: Menace Tribal
tru_boredom: yes
mtgmogisthegod: yes meance matter
SmashTCG: Do it
MadWolf1290: sur
btd5player: GO alll in!
alex_they_cryptid: menace tribal
FlameAndAir: What could possibly go wrong
Nameless_Sword: seems good
Kitsumekajime: menache tribal
FurthestChunk: this card is nuts if you get it going yeah
ixidor_: ya
golgomett: yes
trainerthatroc: ye
Vetinaari: Let's do it!
biscuits_box: 40 secs
CleeKru: sounds good
fluffybumhole: le menace
JPattemore: Always like card like farfinder
Geekscience: why not
bear_1n_the_hat: Do it
STALKERsoldiers: Menace tribal sounds scary as EFFF
Dumori: menace and removeal
aksu560: absolutely!
JoshMelnick: lmao that seems like the most: It Will Wheel ive ever seen
radio_penguin: welcome to the city of menace
lazav101: yes
btd5player: All in!
narwhalrus7: take the farfinder
adamjford: @Leedopo There will be a Bo3 queue tomorrow. That's what I'm talking about (the Bo1 queue remains terrible value)
EvilBadman: I think the treason'll wheel
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Spice8Rack did such a cool story for the reveal of that card
HPBraincase: Oh man, I should have used my sub message to ask Graham if Penelope liked the shirt I gave. :(
PyreDynasty: Drafting synergy?
PainlessQuill8: Love the art on far finder
radio_penguin: the canals run red with vengance
Easilycrazyhat: Man, I want all the triomes, but I know they're not nearly as good without the fetches. Still seem great, though
Pyroxx___: well, no more menace tribal
biscuits_box: 50 secs
m00ntruther: Lore
ItemCraftingLive: I dub this deck: Dennis
zenican82: Menace sounds fun 👍
punmaster10: menace time
aksu560: Deck name "Wait, IT HAS MENACE?"
FurthestChunk: I like the serpent
PyreDynasty: Street sharks!
Kitsumekajime: it reminds me of mtgo but better
FurthestChunk: I do enjoy that packs can stack up like that
multeyemeteor: You can click the icon with your user name to see the entire table
STALKERsoldiers: I may get into Arena now. I like draft but wanted humans not bots
Easilycrazyhat: I've seen a lot of people accidentally picking cards with extra clicks. Not sure if it
Vetinaari: The Arena people are just overall killing it rn.
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a messenger
korvys: The guy passing to you (or their avatar) looks vaguely like Dix
FurthestChunk: Though seeing it seems like infinite stress
biscuits_box: watch the timer!
Earthenone: i mean as someone who prefers zone drafting so people dont feel undue pressure i dont really like the packs piling up on people
QuantumTwitch: yea they hit one out of the park with this draft interface
Duhstink: this is exactly like dragging and dropping the wrong cards into the wrong side or cmc spot on mtgo!
Duhstink: :D
bear_1n_the_hat: Nice.
Easilycrazyhat: 's tricky design or just getting used to it
alikaoz: You can see who the hell is the bottleneck
Duhstink: (not really it's awesome)
Leedopo: @adamjford so bo1 bot queue is cheaper than bo1 people queue, or nah? or are all of the drafts the same price.
PixelArtDragon: I find it weirdly a lot easier to jank draft with humans
biscuits_box: timer
Commissar_Ravek: oh neat, player drafts.
Commissar_Ravek: how long has graham been live?
Geekscience: bloodcurdle
biscuits_box: 40 secs
Earthenone: blood curdle, menace kill spell
pers0n0fblah: get that blood curdle
WrinnAndSix: curdle
Ryavis: bloodcurdle
mtgmogisthegod: the orange bar goes down fast so watch clock
lazav101: blood curdle
Nameless_Sword: oh yes blood curdle
trainerthatroc: the drafts are now super expensive and I hate it
Paranundrox: @biscuits_box he can see the timer, you don't need to give a running count
biscuits_box: 30 secs
jojo558: quick is ranked I think?
adamjford: @Leedopo I haven't played Arena in a long time, but I think the Bo1 bot draft queue is unchanged
D00kqc: bloood
fluffybumhole: and menace
Kitsumekajime: with menance
JoshMelnick: ohhhhh the bot one cycles between formats! that seems like a really great use of the system they have
biscuits_box: 20 secs
fubargames: Not adding something like MODOs leagues then?
btd5player: Removal
bear_1n_the_hat: Bread
Gekyouryuu: a removal spell that GIVES MENACE
STALKERsoldiers: blood best curdle
Nameless_Sword: a VERY good removal
CleeKru: and it give menace
SmashTCG: Smasher is removal and card draw
Ba_Dum_Tish: The thing is at the moment everyone is talking to their audience so pack passing will be slow
Despoiler98: what expansion is this I dont recognize it
alikaoz: Highlight a card at the start so it doesn't pick a random one if time runs out!
Kitsumekajime: does it bargle with yargle?
Dumori: hopefully this means the bot pick orders get updated even faster I can only imangen we get more drafts on a Arena than MTGO these days
QuantumTwitch: wilds
Paranundrox: @Despoiler98 Ikoria
remyjette: @Despoiler98 ikoria, new set that comes out tomorrow
gnome_friend: !findquote bargle
LRRbot: Quote #4929: "You can't just come out of the gate bargling everybody's Yargle and expect to live." —Kathleen [2018-04-28]
Despoiler98: oh thats why
FurthestChunk: I kinda like taking evolving wilds relatively high
alikaoz: Ram?
remyjette: i really like how the cards fly in from the left/right depending on which pack you're on
Nameless_Sword: wolverine double strike with menace seems good
bear_1n_the_hat: Bombs
mtgmogisthegod: watch the clock james didnt pick a card 4 times
Gekyouryuu: imagine wolverine with menace and double strike
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gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Push the buttons.
TheWooglie: where does "it not perfect system" come from?
Paranundrox: It's not like Graham is new to online drafting
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Inept_Hope: Who else is in the pod?
gnome_friend: @TheWooglie Krogslist
Kitsumekajime: i hope anyone else who still has to work is doing well the pharmacy im at is a bit crazy at this time lol
Paranundrox: @TheWooglie one of the Krog Crapshots
DwaginFodder: could the cam go over the sb so we can see picks?
Earthenone: krog and torg, the perfect system
narwhalrus7: there should be achievements on magic arena
alikaoz: Everyone is new to this one
Chillie: TheWooglie see Krogslist crapshot
PixelArtDragon: @TheWooglie Lookup Krogslist
xantos69: cheer50 Bits
TheWooglie: ah thanks
narwhalrus7: like you get an award for putting every keyword counter on a single creature
trainerthatroc: I hate that the drafts are so expensive now. I could barely justify the 5000 coins but now it's 10k and it's crazy for a f2p
STALKERsoldiers: leech is bonkers
Shoki_Donai: Leech friend!
Man_on_horse: Any people you know in the pod?
MagmaTheLionhearted: Lrrbot is our true hero
fluffybumhole: cathartic is good
adamjford: Mutating onto a Fertilid is pretty great
PyreDynasty: Leech beech
Kitsumekajime: aww a new cathartic reunion
KCazduke: Green looks open
pers0n0fblah: yeah, only the draft portion is with the same people
DarkMorford: James played (and lost) against Adam and Jordan this morning. :P
WolfingHour: what was p1p1?
CleeKru: is drafting with friends possible now?
1y1e: question: do the packs animate around the table in table view?
Gekyouryuu: @Kitsumekajime it's also part 3 of a mini-story told across three cards. it goes Forbidden Friendship -> Capture Sphere -> Cathartic Reunion
JoshMelnick: doing fully pod centric drafts not-in-person seems generally like a logistical nightmare
Dumori: It was boy I sure hope I have a free 4-5 hours to draft
Geekscience: could you do an 8 person draft of friends and play against your pods?
pers0n0fblah: Labyrinth Raptor
Kitsumekajime: @Gekyouryuu awww how cute
mtgmogisthegod: kenji got paired up against the same person twice this morning
Dumori: the amount of pods that went to time....
PainlessQuill8: I’m pretty excited to get this game
RAZRBCK08: you have to set aside like 3 hours minimum for a draft before leagues were a thing
QuixoticZ: that raptor might be my favorite card in the set. looks like a beating
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m00ntruther anyone know what I should do? i have 40 emporor butterflies in my AC house
JoshMelnick: @Geekscience i dont think they said anything about that yet but i am also really holding out hope that they implement it eventually
IOI681387: Can't wait to build raptor standard
direwolf2000: hi
alex_they_cryptid: wizards give us free phantom drafts setting to do with friends
FurthestChunk: reflexes is a deece+ trick imo
tergonis: reflexes so good
Khasi1596: reflexes is very good
Paranundrox: Reflexes is gross
fluffybumhole: might want to go into blue
korvys: I don't believe you can draft with friends, but we used to draft will LRR people in the past by all joining a queue at the same time (in MTGO), so that might be possible
RAZRBCK08: reflexes is great
Paranundrox: less Power than most tricks, but FS is gas
Paranundrox: FS permanently, that is
Pyroxx___: dedi
Gekyouryuu: we didn't get back howlbonder, did we? someone else might be in our deck
Pyroxx___: why is it in the sideboard?
fluffybumhole: i mean howlbonder is just good anyway
Pyroxx___: nevermind
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun 👆 KITTY
Lord_Hosk: Private drafts are a thing people have wanted for... ohhh 10 years.
Pyroxx___: I missaw
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Being able to talk to humans is my favorite part of draft
djalternative: the next thing they're doing is x64/mac support
CygnusInfinity: I wish I could cast Heightened Reflexes on myself to be able to have some level of actual shooter game skill
JoshMelnick: im guessing that MTGA drafts will generally be populated enough that simul-queues probably won't work here (unless everyone is extremely high rank :V)
keyboardmage: can you change position?
trainerthatroc: cover sb in corner?
EvilBadman: Import a second face came window and then cover yourself on yourself
Earthenone: aid works well with menache
Geekscience: pick
IOI681387: Pangolion!
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun what would the draft look like with the other view
btd5player: Unlikely Aid
m00ntruther: lol Kathleen in the background
Nameless_Sword: aid seems good
Vargen_HK: My wild-ass guess: they had hoped to roll out player drafts with private lobbies as a "social feature" but with the LGSes all closed they decided to give us what they could now.
narwhalrus7: highlands
ItemCraftingLive: Lemonaid
SmashTCG: Unlikely aids flavor text is the best
Gekyouryuu: aid is another spell to power up wolverine
KCazduke: Personally speaking, I think that private draft events should be phantom drafts to prevent people from using them to grind out collections from bot accounts
Kitsumekajime: lol
Gekyouryuu: caves?
FurthestChunk: probs want the land
Kitsumekajime: caves
Duhstink: nice land for your deck
bear_1n_the_hat: Land
biscuits_box: land
fluffybumhole: gainland probably
Shoki_Donai: Land cool
Geekscience: caves
kokotiu: thats neat gloom pangolin and unliely aid almost have the same art
fluffybumhole: sails
FurthestChunk: don't yell at graham to make a pick please
Kitsumekajime: lol
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @KCazduke especially if private drafts have no entry fee
Kitsumekajime: twitch has words for you
Dumori: KCazduke I mean they'd still have to play the entries so it's not like they'd be cheaper
ItemCraftingLive: Turt
robowizard418: bic boi
hgrosh1: incognito eh
ChipMissile: Oh, fancy new drafts!
mtgmogisthegod: sorry gramh was gifted a sub to ben so i ran over to thank his chat im back
FurthestChunk: well that's a mythic
monowog: ooooh baby
robowizard418: splash winota
trainerthatroc: winota!
djalternative: WINOTA!!!!
narwhalrus7: WINOTA
robowizard418: its cool
monowog: 4c good stuff it is
JoshMelnick: oh my god winota is one of the bombiest bombs
Earthenone: ohh...
narwhalrus7: winota is so good
Lordofironstorm: Mardu Humans time?
FurthestChunk: yeah this card is nonsense
biscuits_box: Winota!
JosephDeath: Yes please
QuixoticZ: and you have the right mana rock to help with that splash too
QuantumTwitch: I hear that mardu is goood
TillianSwoard: Ok were are Mardu
Diabore: gotta take it, it has WIN in the name
blueavalon01: u have the crystal
Kitsumekajime: splash white?
btd5player: Mardu them out!
D00kqc: winota please
CygnusInfinity: We Marduing it
robowizard418: it doesn't say one or more
punmaster10: incognito h.mmmmm
ZealousCrow: SIX cards
Dumori: So windmill into Mardu
Super_Sophomoric: all that for 4?
erfunk: She's great. At worst a 4/4 for 4 that randomly procs extra creatures.
djalternative: Winota is the ONE ARMED GODDESS
FlameAndAir: Mardu seems fun
shadowbow464: Mardu
kokotiu: mardu!!
fluffybumhole: welcome winota
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Tapped and attacking too!?
bear_1n_the_hat: Boom
P1KLES: consider it mardone
CleeKru: boo
Nameless_Sword: take the mythic, mardu-ing it
CleeKru: lrrWOW
KCazduke: Mardu-ing it
Kitsumekajime: woah what is that big spell
TheWooglie: fixing land
robowizard418: splash ultimatum
SoldieroFortune: that scoured barrens might come back around too.
Despoiler98: lrrWOW
KCazduke: Take Crag?
Drimdort: MARDUUUU
ThatPoorSod: mardu human monsters
Geekscience: crag?
Pyroxx___: Craig?
FurthestChunk: well i guess someone gets an ultimatum
robowizard418: splash
JoshMelnick: alright i see your four colors and raise you...... a fifth color....
Lordofironstorm: Perimeter Sergeant?
Duhstink: you'll need humans for winota :)
STALKERsoldiers: Mardu bonders!
monowog: 5c good stuf
FurthestChunk: kinda like the crag
Zengor: winota seems kinda hard to make work in limited
SmashTCG: And you can instantly tell that its not a Bot traft, becaue a rare got passed
m00ntruther: crag
Gekyouryuu: raid creature triggers if winota gets them, yes?
antyself2: Mardu splashing ultimatum
LackingSanity_: windy craig
deathrite_sharkman: timezones starting to annoy... so tired
hgrosh1: crag
Kitsumekajime: do it
Dumori: Nightsquad?
btd5player: Nightsquad or craig
KCazduke: You need a mix of humans and non-humans
Despoiler98: fixin time
pers0n0fblah: Craig
ItemCraftingLive: Craig
robowizard418: craig
djalternative: craig
QuantumTwitch: Crag allday
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Craig seems good here
STALKERsoldiers: commando is good
MagmaTheLionhearted: That art for genesis ultimatum is so good!
SmashTCG: remember to balance humans and non humans
narwhalrus7: fixing is good
TheWooglie: Creag
bear_1n_the_hat: Suprize muthafuka
Sage0fMadness: no one expects the Spanish fangquisition
Leedopo: fixing good, raid meh.
robowizard418: !craig
Ba_Dum_Tish: Loading Ready G
ZealousCrow: We'll take it... for the craig
IOI681387: But vampire weasel combat trick!
tehfewl: can't beat good fixin
KCazduke: How many creatures do we have?
ZealousCrow: No one is gonna get that joke
robowizard418: ooh
monowog: ooooo
SmashTCG: Ticktacks!
m00ntruther: DIRE TACTITS
robowizard418: nice pack
STALKERsoldiers: Dire tactics is nuts
Lordofironstorm: General's ENforcer!
Paranundrox: oooh Dire Tactics
tru_boredom: oh yeah removal
Earthenone: dire tactics i gueeeeeeees
Kitsumekajime: i mean yea
Shoki_Donai: Removal good
fluffybumhole: i mean it's good
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Tactics has been strong for us so far
TillianSwoard: Dire tactics is bonkers
btd5player: Dire Tactics
robowizard418: removal
IOI681387: the other w/b is a human though for winota
Mangledpixel: Dire TicTacs
Leedopo: tactics!
pers0n0fblah: maximum color greed
3PlayerPolitics: leech is gre8
KCazduke: No General's Enforcer
Despoiler98: I mean.........
biscuits_box: yup
djalternative: this IS a wedge set
FurthestChunk: the enforcer is also good but we want the removal
Vetinaari: 5C here we go
trainerthatroc: dire or leech
Wiliart: it is good removal
SmashTCG: The enmforcer makes Winota INDestructable!
tergonis: otherwise it's what leech?
TillianSwoard: enforcers also good
m00ntruther: Dire please G
Goorguy: leech
Duhstink: you have a legendary human
Gekyouryuu: enforcer makes indestructible Winota
tru_boredom: dire tactics
alex_they_cryptid: dire
btd5player: Removal!
fluffybumhole: at the least no one else gets it
monowog: g.e. is not a bomb
fubargames: Trap?
gizmofreak1: you need more humans
tergonis: rockslide also signals
alikaoz: The only way I'd say no to the Tactics would be if playing Temur
blueavalon01: dire
zenican82: Dire 👌
DwaginFodder: tactics
CleeKru: there is a lot of fixing...
SmashTCG: Maardy
NGKnights: Dire tactics too good.
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punmaster10: you have to take tactics
WrinnAndSix: tactics
Lordofironstorm: Tictacs?
FurthestChunk: General's Enforcer is really good
SolarBlitz1: Timer remember
ZealousCrow: we want more humans
Geekscience: rockslide will wheel, tactics might not
ItemCraftingLive: enforcer
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The fixing in this set seems to gravitate to wedges anyway
zkillzzz: we need humans for winota
Gekyouryuu: don't have many humans YET
monowog: tactics is fine without humans
mtgmogisthegod: benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky
bear_1n_the_hat: The eye!
JoshMelnick: whoa guess no one on your left is in Red
fluffybumhole: prophecy is disgusting
STALKERsoldiers: Winota needs humans, so try and get some
RassilonDND: fire prophecy is going to be a pretty high pick common
sk8sam24: What happens if you don't make a pick before the time is up? You're fate is in random hands?
FurthestChunk: enforcer can exile from the opponent's graveyard which is also nutty
robowizard418: leech
Pyroxx___: MENACE????
gnome_friend: Whisperer?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: What if you're dishonest?
Ryavis: menace creature
Earthenone: snek?
hgrosh1: leech
Ryavis: whisperer
WrinnAndSix: leech
BlightningHelix: Whipserer
ItemCraftingLive: Leach?
therealnillasprite: don't you need humans for Winota to be good?
btd5player: Marshal!
Earthenone: ohh nightmare
fluffybumhole: leech?
Mangledpixel: leech
Nameless_Sword: leech?\
alikaoz: Careless Whisper
narwhalrus7: the snake
STALKERsoldiers: snake
Geekscience: menace creature
Gekyouryuu: marshal?
pers0n0fblah: whisperer?
djalternative: person on your left def not in black
FurthestChunk: cavern whisperer sure is a 5 mana 4/4
Paranundrox: Whisperer seems sweet
totumusmaximus: we need creatures no?
Dumori: Whisperer
loudwalrus: menace theme!
Nameless_Sword: no wait... the whisperer
Diabore: hey g, random non magic question, how far into ff7 remake are you?
biscuits_box: yup
tergonis: whispers
Lordofironstorm: Marshal?
Nameless_Sword: menace!
SpoonfullOfSugar: menace
rikpol: cavern
seemsdeece: mamba is real good
P1KLES: reusable dead weight seems good
CygnusInfinity: Whisperer does have Menache
surpancreasjr: Hey does anyone know what time ikoria drops? Midnight or sometime tomorrow?
robowizard418: crystal
Mangledpixel: yeh, James got hit with a few autopicks
narwhalrus7: friendship for winota
SmashTCG: frienship is good for the deck
narwhalrus7: nooo
mtgmogisthegod: only pack 2 right. surge says its never to late to wheel. benginDab
STALKERsoldiers: hopefully can wheel or get another one
Dumori: I guess Whisperer is a common so we can maybe see another couple
alikaoz: Friendship was good for token dino, for winota
Earthenone: commando got better with those 1 drops
SmashTCG: NEat
sk8sam24: What happens if you don't pick in time?
Nameless_Sword: commando
FurthestChunk: commando is also a human
fluffybumhole: is that gremlin good in this format?
FurthestChunk: and is sick to drop in with Winota
lazav101: commando
gnome_friend: lrrGOAT
ItemCraftingLive: it comes with a free Steve the soldier
Geekscience: mmm, bushy meat
SmashTCG: Cant be bolted Pog
Kitsumekajime: birb goat
Gekyouryuu: poacher plus the act of treason = fun
PainlessQuill8: Best bird goat
gnome_friend: What are the wing emotes?
volraths_bane: Goat busted with Divine Arrow
fluffybumhole: she cares about all the things
biscuits_box: James got asked if he was still there he was taking so long... lol
Paranundrox: she cares about Humans and non-Humans
SmashTCG: a Non humans, gets humans
ZealousCrow: That's awkward
FurthestChunk: so just keep picking!
Invitare: ah yes, the anti-red goat bird
BlightningHelix: The bonder decks look fun but hard to put t ogether
Lordofironstorm: Bastion!
SmashTCG: BAstioN>???
FurthestChunk: bastion is kinda neat
Commissar_Ravek: bastion
fluffybumhole: oooooo bastion wheeled
Paranundrox: ooh Bastion
mrcr1s1sstowe: whisper
alex_they_cryptid: blood artist
seemsdeece: its almost like she unites them
Nameless_Sword: she is just a 4/4 for 4, which aint bad
djalternative: bastion wheeled?!?!
Dumori: It wheeled
RassilonDND: bastion
tru_boredom: whelly bastion
ItemCraftingLive: Bastion
STALKERsoldiers: bastions back
alikaoz: Bastion
STALKERsoldiers: back again
Nameless_Sword: bastion?
deathrite_sharkman: night, G and chat lrrHEART catch the rest in the vod
FurthestChunk: shimmerer is not good
lazav101: bastion
Zahowy: bastion of artists
alikaoz: It's for mutations
Duhstink: that's the play of the game
fluffybumhole: i guess shimmerer is to ambush and then mutate?
FurthestChunk: it's cool to mutate on, sure, but so is 95% of other creatures
kokotiu: weird card nice art
trainerthatroc: counters stay with mutation so that's why it's weird
Lordofironstorm: Sergeant
asthanius: The counters are the only reason it's a good mutate target.
fluffybumhole: well i guess black's open lol
volraths_bane: It's a mutate target that boosts the PT of the top creature
Dumori: Sargent over commando?
Earthenone: commando triggers when you cheat it out right?
Geekscience: sergeant?
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun i find it kinda weird that you guys got 2 spoilers this season but both were commander
FurthestChunk: dark bargain's solid
djalternative: bargle?
hgrosh1: dark bargains
BlightningHelix: Bargle
Masslost: ikoria feels like legion 2.0
ZealousCrow: I'm loving the art in this set
Zahowy: yeah i believe black might be open
Mangledpixel: bargin
Kitsumekajime: leech
Dumori: Bargle
ItemCraftingLive: Bark Dargain
FurthestChunk: darkle bargle
RassilonDND: yargle that bargle
narwhalrus7: leech
Geekscience: dormamu, ive come to bargle
volraths_bane: The Dsrgain?
asthanius: Have you come to bargle?
seemsdeece: bark dargain
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Wolveroo: 14 MONTHS Woohoo (no bargal without yargal!!!)
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thejuggernate: durgan burgan?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yargle bargle
lazav101: Bargin?
zuchen_120: It's worse than netflix
SmashTCG: very unexpected
asthanius: e g g
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Fangs. I hate it.
FurthestChunk: that sure is a hatebear for standard
korvys: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:54:45.
Kitsumekajime: backwater
SmashTCG: Dranneth is BIG oof
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djalternative: shuts off companion
Nameless_Sword: parrot?
Earthenone: wow, is dranneth banned in commander yet?
korvys: Oh, I take it there was no FF7 today?
trainerthatroc: shark?
STALKERsoldiers: with lifelink
theambivalentagender: Shuts off adventure too
lazav101: magistrate
Pyroxx___: Bond. Unbreakable Bond.
asthanius: Boot Nipper?
Diabore: rise with lifelink
theambivalentagender: -For standard
fubargames: First human hate bear to look like a bear in the art?
FurthestChunk: I suggest that we ride the dilu horse
TheBearBee: When you're so accustomed to VOD that you keep trying to rewind and wonder why its not working.
PainlessQuill8: Rise with upside
aria_undying_partisan: reanimation is so strong with cycling everyone
EvilBadman: @Earthenone Why? Commander has multiple players to murder that dude
Ba_Dum_Tish: Rise from your grave
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun OH there a combo with that in Pioneer with Possiblity storm
LackingSanity_: It's only your graveyard so its worse than rise
tru_boredom: why do people believe that a hate ear is bannable in commander?
bear_1n_the_hat: Fight it
djalternative: Story of Winota: Monster ate her arm, then she bonded with it and they've been besties ever since
FurthestChunk: because people don't want to kill a hatebear in order to play the cool card in the command zone
Vetinaari: @tru_boredom Because they want to cast their commanders
cetiken17: @tru_boredom they play graveyard decks
RassilonDND: hey graham, have you found the autp picks AI to be reasonable?
STALKERsoldiers: thats an interesting lore
trainerthatroc: drannith magistrate makes it so opponents can't cast commanders
JPattemore: @tru_boredom because people run much less single target removal than they should?
FurthestChunk: even though it dies to every wrath ever
zkillzzz: because they don't know what the commander banlist is for
Paranundrox: 2 mana is a lot, but 2 damage is a lot
fluffybumhole: I now realize why clash of titans is 5 mana
asthanius: "I throw my Godzilla at you for...2 damage"
Drathak: Yeah looks like people gotta put some single target removal in their deck for once
D00kqc: take the ripper
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun yeah the new Red walker is not a g ood guy
ZealousCrow: 2 AND sac?
ZealousCrow: ouch
TheWooglie: more fights?
STALKERsoldiers: another steak
SmashTCG: he's kinda an ass
belteshazzar98: @tru_boredom Because it simply says no commanders. I disagree since decks should be able to remove him, but there is a reason.
v_nome: Weaponize The Monsters just makes me think of a hamster with a knife taped to it.
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: pretty sure its the forest
STALKERsoldiers: steal
djalternative: connection?
tergonis: reach goodness
tru_boredom: just kill the damn bear it's an2/2 it's not that hard
Earthenone: it seems like an unfun card that shuts off the game before it even starts for a lot of people? i dont know i dont play it too much
alikaoz: Lukka is the best guy
Nameless_Sword: we have zero five drops... so yeah?
IOI681387: more fights!
Geekscience: arrow?
zenican82: @trainerthatroc it's a great stax piece for edh
fluffybumhole: blood for the blood dino
trainerthatroc: rip menace dreams
aksu560: did we abandon the menace theme?
volraths_bane: With Mamba and Parrot I'd do Piercer
IOI681387: punch all the things!
Paranundrox: @Earthenone there's worse offenders already that do basically the same thing
FurthestChunk: it's a two mana 1/3, it dies to everything
Despoiler98: Punch ems!
Paranundrox: like Nevermore exists
FurthestChunk: spontaneous flight is a cool card
Dumori: aksu560 didn't get the cards really
tergonis: serpent is pretty good too
Super_Sophomoric: still filters lands out
FurthestChunk: ride that dilu horse
rikpol: lava serpent
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: Dark Bargain will help with fixing
Paranundrox: and is harder to deal with
aksu560: @Dumori fair enough
FurthestChunk: yeah i kinda like serpent
aksu560: I was just wondering with fight cards not really going with menace
mtgmogisthegod: wilds
STALKERsoldiers: i think serpent
Nameless_Sword: i like a 5/5 haste with cycling
Kitsumekajime: another craig
Pyroxx___: menace!
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Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun do you think youll have time to finish this draft?
EvilBadman: Multiplayer Commander has enough POWERFUL MAGIC flinging around that a dude like the "no commanders/graveyard" guy shouldn't stick around
Paranundrox: that's the Godzilla
erfunk: A gojira
PainlessQuill8: Godzilla!
SmashTCG: BIG boy
Nameless_Sword: seems good
volraths_bane: SpaceGodzilla
fluffybumhole: interesting
zkillzzz: gorilla
narwhalrus7: death corona
Gekyouryuu: Void Beckoner is Space Godzilla
thejuggernate: space godzilla
alikaoz: Death Corona"
multeyemeteor: That's the formerly known as Death Corona
drcthulu: the void beckons
CleeKru: oh it's Spacegodzilla!
Nameless_Sword: cat ape would be good
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun that's the godzilla card what needed name changing
Lordofironstorm: Tigorilla is actually so good
lazav101: yes
KayOfAvalon: Shimmerer looks interesting with Mutate around.
Zahowy: its the death corona
D00kqc: its death corona
PainlessQuill8: Cycle then rise it
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: deathtouch at instant speed is always good
STALKERsoldiers: has menace
Paranundrox: Beckoner's Cycle is really good
FurthestChunk: yeah that's spacegodzilla void invader
zenican82: Do the trigerilla
TheMicah21: @LoadingReadyRun you see all the WWE releases today?
ItemCraftingLive: "oh hey void, I saved you a seat! Come on over!"
narwhalrus7: leak for the sideboard
tru_boredom: didn't James get the space godzilla? so you could use it
gamercat88: do ever just feel like a catape
ZealousCrow: Trample is so easy to undervalue
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J_Rey15: Actual human drafting! Praise Godzilla!
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Nameless_Sword: there is the cat ape
CygnusInfinity: WotC changed Spacegodzilla's moniker to Void Invader due to current events
Duhstink: Are you sure about tentative connection?
lazav101: connection
daniel_not_dan: wow real drafting
Geekscience: youll see another one
Kitsumekajime: maybe stick rakdos?
Duhstink: So you're tentative
fluffybumhole: spontaneous flight seems good
Paranundrox: that's basically the same pack :P
Gekyouryuu: @CygnusInfinity on Arena they did. MtGO just isn't getting the card at all, iirc, and it's not getting reprinted irl, even with the new name
volraths_bane: As a pure Johnny, I love this type of set.
gnome_friend: !findquote joke
LRRbot: Quote #6666: "When have I been known to take the obvious joke? ...I mean, other than all the times that I've taken the obvious joke." —Ian [2019-12-29]
djalternative: can we get all 8 packs stacked on someone?
FurthestChunk: yeah we could've been riding a non-zero number of dilu horses today
Geekscience: but they're humans
Nameless_Sword: commando is good with bastion, though, right?
LackingSanity_: i like commando, just 3/4 stats for 3 is pretty decent
FurthestChunk: i just love that they found a way to make a near enough functional reprint of ride the dilu horse
fluffybumhole: !card Ferocious Tigorilla
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Nameless_Sword: the menace dream still lives
CygnusInfinity: @Gekyouryuu oh it's not? I though the press release they put out said the following print runs would have it as void invader
WrightJustice: wow so much vault
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: That vault dummy thicc
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J_Rey15: If this actually works out for Arena, mtgo is gonna feel it
SmashTCG: i think you only open it once
EvilBadman: This is a "god account" so, yeah
mrcr1s1sstowe: <3
SmashTCG: it just gives you 15 vaults at once
djalternative: remove those islands. they've got no place here
Gekyouryuu: @CygnusInfinity maybe I misread it? I'd just heard it was only being changed on Arena and then not reprinted
CleeKru: can you get the Godzilla cardstyles on this account?
trainerthatroc: islands?
mrcr1s1sstowe: fpr lor Drakkis
Lordofironstorm: I think you cut the Drakkis
Gekyouryuu: @CleeKru yep. we got Dorat for entering this draft
Butternades: It’s good to finally catch another graham magic stream
EvilBadman: @Gekyouryuu It's being fix every where it's feasible.
mrcr1s1sstowe: thats why islands
alex_they_cryptid: it is getting printed with a new name
mrcr1s1sstowe: agreesd
Nameless_Sword: so how good is winora? in this deck
CleeKru: @Gekyouryuu is this how you get them? per entry?
CygnusInfinity: @Gekyouryuu oh, I misread it. You're the correct one here
zkillzzz: heightened reflexes is so good
ZachtlyAsIntended: first strike counters are so good
e_bloc: crystal?
trainerthatroc: cut islands for other lands just mutate drakkis?
nickelbolas1234: !card lore drakkis
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
nickelbolas1234: !card lore drakis
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
e_bloc: negative islands
Gekyouryuu: @CleeKru not sure if there's other ways, but it said on the entry screen that, until sometime in may, you get one free with draft entry
mtgmogisthegod: no islands
punmaster10: might not have ikoria
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: running the lore drakkis just for mutate?
narwhalrus7: two leeches seems like one too many
Khasi1596: reflexes has overperformed every time ive seen it
korvys: How many humans do you have? Is Winota better than a hard-to-cast 4/4 for 4?
gnome_friend: !findquote paul
LRRbot: Quote #6419: "'You can mute me any time, Paul!' 'It wouldn't help.'" —Beej and Paul [2019-09-25]
Geekscience: why run lore drakkis at all? are we in the mutate or instant/sorcery strategies? or is it just a solid creature?
Voidhawk42: Just got here, who we battlin??
trainerthatroc: deadeyes good with winota
CleeKru: another downside from not doing a ppr
Super_Sophomoric: mmmm bushmeat
Riverdrag0n: anybody have any spicy humans lists theyve been brewing?
Gekyouryuu: yeah, how well does Winota actually fit here?
CygnusInfinity: @korvys Winota is really good with Commandos
rikpol: cut deadeye
djalternative: how do you brush your meat, G?
KCazduke: You want the critical mass of HUmans though
narwhalrus7: does lore drakkis have flying?
Lordofironstorm: cut the islands
Dumori: swap outt those islands
Geekscience: cut the islands
nudibranch93: how's your human/non-human ratio?
Sage0fMadness: winota-ing into a leech seems sweet though
e_bloc: 2 hits?
CleeKru: cut the islands i think?
e_bloc: 3 hits?
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LackingSanity_: how often are you turning on the wolverine?
KCazduke: You need more HUmans
Zengor: well, it's still a 4/4 for 4
e_bloc: yeah just add some garbage humans
Riverdrag0n: i really want a dank momo black humans list
gnome_friend: !findquote human
LRRbot: Quote #5828: "Its ears aren't pointy and it's riding a spider, that says "human" to me." —Serge [2019-02-15]
erfunk: So is a 4/4 for 4 worth the splash?
Gekyouryuu: cause if we cut winota, we're only 2 color
Capitalfleas: Winota is as long as your humans are more expensie than the beasts. Try and play Bushwacker?
CygnusInfinity: I'd go back to 3 Commandos personally
Sage0fMadness: whoops nevermind, had it backwards
BlightningHelix: I'd maybe cut the drakkis for another human
Lordofironstorm: Maybe we're just Grixis instead of Mardu?
Commissar_Ravek: i'd cut winota and crystal
Dumori: Add garbo humans cut lava?
zenican82: Keep winowta
IOI681387: Hey, prerlease can be nerve wracking its ok
DwaginFodder: sanitys right, dont think wolverine is worth
nudibranch93: feel like bushmeat might be good
SketchyDetails: Massive Pitstain sounds like a weird indie game dev studio name
Solid_Fuel: so uhm. is animal crossing worth it?
QuixoticZ: 4/4 for 4 who is still fetching some bodies - even if the bodies are just getting killed to trigger bastion?
epticrin: Nightsquad always makes a 1/1 when hit off Winona
djalternative: but the one armed goddess!
Gekyouryuu: crag out, too, then?
Landgraft: did we end up in soggy Savai again?
Gekyouryuu: said it right as you got there
shaena: leech?
e_bloc: add an island
KayOfAvalon: Rambling Wossname?
trainerthatroc: force in winota out?
KayOfAvalon: The removal based on lands in play
erfunk: At least one creature in.
STALKERsoldiers: Damp Mardu looks like
zkillzzz: another go for blood?
Zengor: connection seems alright
Dumori: leech can be a blow out removing counters and -2-2
Super_Sophomoric: keep the rock. it ramps and cycles
JoshMelnick: i used to play a card with dimir hybrid mana in my izzet flash deck and MTGA insisted that it was a grixis deck
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suprfluffykitty: Sha sha sha
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Duhstink: you do have a sac creature
Dumori: Can strip keywords so it can utterly mess up combat
KayOfAvalon: I think Leech, and swap out the islands.
gnome_friend: lrrADAM
Dirigsene: lrrARROW_SG lrrARROW_SG
Duhstink: ah gotcha
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Serpens77: Ikoria is doin' an excite!
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Frankshepinc: Happy to Sub!
e_bloc: yeah we're gonna really be crossing the streams if you keep going
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historyman_admu: the preacher is a sac outlet
Geekscience: who's taking over after you?
DwaginFodder: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (It's time for CTS. The Crew plays online games and does a friendship! Game: Totally Reliable Delivery Service) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (50m from now).
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v_nome: AFK: At Freakin Keyboards?
Runlikethew1nd: How r u gonna cast the drake
Lordofironstorm: err...crossing the streams?
Dumori: I think removing keyword counters or straight killing +1/+1 counter heavy creatures at instant speed plus getting a body is very much worth it for 6
Frankshepinc: What do you think about the trilands making the Eldraine Castles more viable?
fubargames: Yeah, that didn't sound like a boardgame even in these virustimes
Sermoln: the castles are already viable
Radyin: You mean CTS?
DwaginFodder: i think the castles were fine already
Earthenone: the "afk" time slot has been replaced with "cts" during this era. its an easy mistake
gnome_friend: lrrDOTS ?
PipeSmokingOwl: bloobyBucko
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the illusion of choice
Talin06: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (It's time for CTS. The Crew plays online games and does a friendship! Game: Totally Reliable Delivery Service) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (47m from now).
Chillie: !advice
LRRbot: Turn the crank.
lazav101: !badadvice
LRRbot: Buy more gachapon.
Earthenone: !findquote crank
LRRbot: Quote #5871: "Cranking the Twiddlestick Charger is optional." —Graham [2019-03-08]
gnome_friend: !card twiddlestick
LRRbot: Twiddlestick Charger | Artifact — Contraption | Whenever you crank Twiddlestick Charger, tap or untap target creature.
eldrazi_agro: cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla cgbGodzilla
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun Every time I see/hear that game title I'm reminded of Suspiciously Fast Movers. Good times. :)
punmaster10: hello
Zahowy: Hi
mtgmogisthegod: hello
alex_they_cryptid: welcome
CygnusInfinity: Zoom Zoom
historyman_admu: vroom vroom
AlienNanobots: vroom vroom
somewhatclever_: When will Ikoria nicknames suggestions be open?
MagmaTheLionhearted: Hello there
ZealousCrow: No they actually do
Kitsumekajime: kitsumCabbit kitsumCabbit kitsumCabbit
Edric_Punmaster_of_Zest: Graham showing up bouncing around to motorcycle sounds is probably the height of my wednesday
Despoiler98: We get it cycle boi you have adequacy issues
djalternative: These are for Graham barrA barrA barrA barrA barrA
trainerthatroc: I'ma be jamming to Godzilla by blue oyster cult during my ikoria events
LoadingReadyRun: [Giveaway] Start ! Options: cardkingdom
KCazduke: Hello Graham.
JumbahJawn: did twitch eat mybsub?
djalternative: cardkingdom
Arimus221: cardkingdom
Sermoln: cardkingdom
im_in_love_with_a_goat: cardkingdom
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CygnusInfinity: Huh, Cool
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Super_Sophomoric: !cardkingdom
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e_bloc: a kingdom of cards
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