accountmadeforants: !advice
LRRbot: Don't prejudge things just because they're skulls.
Naarius: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you checked your butt?
NearOak: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (1m from now).
accountmadeforants: Skulls?
niccus: !advice
LRRbot: Most humans are soluble in fire.
Naarius: lrrSPOOP
t3h_f1gm3nt: ok that's not bad advice. when i was younger i would tend to accidentally sit on things i was playing with and when i couldn't find it, i would inevitably find it under my butt LUL
NightValien28: huzzah made my lunch in time
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (36s from now).
t3h_f1gm3nt: found lots of tv remotes that way too
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Enjoy milk.
ThoughtProt: ooo im here live for a change!
GapFiller: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrBreak jlrrBreak jlrrBreak jlrrFall jlrrFall jlrrFall hm
GapFiller: not to complain or anything
GapFiller: actually quite humbled
accountmadeforants: I feel like the princess and the pea, I don't think anything could ever hide under my butt.
quasi79fu: hi
Earthenone: !findbutt
LRRbot: Behind you.
quasi79fu: stream soon?
GapFiller: but it does wonder how Ive earned such generosity this past week
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (48s ago).
GapFiller: first Adam now James
drfox17: I don't know, does G have to get Cloud back to progress? or can we just have Tifa Lockhart Adventures for a bit
quasi79fu: im on time!!!!!!
quasi79fu: wooot
GapFiller: apparently its straight to Mideel from Junon
GapFiller: misremembered that personally
t3h_f1gm3nt: i think we can go back to nibelheim and get tifa's thing from her room, but i think everything else is closed off to us until we go to mideel
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (1m ago).
GapFiller: and apparently theres not much dicking around to do at this point
TXC2: Hello Everybody
t3h_f1gm3nt: heya txc2
azidbern95: morning/afternoon all
Pteraspidomorphi: Hi
GapFiller: it figures Final Heaven can wait
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LoadingReadyRun: Sorry for delay, on in 5
GapFiller: hi G
azidbern95: no worries G
GapFiller: np take yr time
t3h_f1gm3nt: s'all good G. we'll be here :)
TXC2: No worries Graham
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godort: I'm caught up and on time to watch live for once
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drfox17: aw, i wanted Tifa to go do adventuring, maybe get that cowgirl outfit back, just tell cloud "yeah, some stuff happened while you were gone"
l0gin4me: Just enough time for me to finish lunch :)
GapFiller: no doubt others present will shortly be along to complain abt the strem being late
quasi79fu: where is cloud? does graham need cloud for game?
TXC2: in the sky?
quasi79fu: lol
quasi79fu: true clouds are in the sky
t3h_f1gm3nt: oof so i got to the pillar attack in the remake today...lets just say something during that sequence made me cry like a little baby :(
GapFiller: in the meantime... must. resist. urge. to. abuse. newly. gifted. emotes.
Earthenone: the computer i haunted it dosent save to the cloud
quasi79fu: question can you go the whole game without cloud in your party?
GapFiller: this isnt Chrono Trigger
quasi79fu: or what about Tifa does she need to be in the party?
GapFiller: t3h_f1gm3nt yeh seen that bit on others streams
quasi79fu: ive never played chrono trigger
GapFiller: pretty brutal stuff
jameswanders: Most of the time you're forced to have cloud
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ArchRequiemD: Unlike Chrono Trigger you cannot go the rest of the game without interaction with the MC
Foxmar320: Hello
jameswanders: sometimes you're forced to have specific second or third members
TransientPoe: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: evening Foxmar
TXC2: hi Foxmar320
GapFiller: that was a quick 5mins
TheBloodsparrow: Yay!!!
GapFiller: not that Im complaining
TXC2: Time is different in Canada Kappa
ArchRequiemD: Anyone else here ever kill Lavos on New Game plus with just Crono from the fair teleport
Twinklebees: Neat, my pizza arrived just in time for the strem.
RegulusPratus: The beacons are lit! Nibelheim calls for aid!
GapFiller: Twinklebees damnit now I want pizza
NightValien28: that's not beacons its just nibelheim on fire LUL
GapFiller: thanks for that
godort: @ArchRequiemD I did years ago when I wanted to see all the endings
ThoughtProt: wooot, live playsmens
TXC2: now the big question, will be in studio A or studio G ?
GapFiller: Chrono Trigger NG+ aint got nowt on Chrono Cross NG+
jameswanders: I seem to recall the game not pointing you very strongly towards where you get cloud back. You just have to explore until you stumble into it.
odamadillo: Hello everyone.
GapFiller: man that was a trial anna half
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drfox17: Time for Tifa Lockhart Adventures!
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TXC2: hello odamadillo welcome
AugmentingPath: Are others hearing sound? I'm not hearing any circles, big giant or otherwise
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
quasi79fu: commercials are weird
Zaghrog: Shame the music is muted, anyone else not hearing it?
PhoenixMelior: I hear nothing for some reason
GapFiller: theres no music
TXC2: AugmentingPath no sounds here
NojhLivic: Yay! Finally caught up and can watch it live.
quasi79fu: i have commercials right now
jameswanders: Yup, a cover of 4:33 is playing for me too
ArchRequiemD: @godort The differences in the endings make that game so replayable
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Onean: Woo. Been catching up on the VoDs for this while I grind my Zodiac weapon in FFXIV, now I've got a live one to watch while I KEEP doing that.
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mouseguin: Hello. Glad to finally be watching it live for once.
Dared00: hi y'all
Lordofironstorm: Actual recording of the Canadian frontier in winter?
ghostvalv: jlrrPunch
Too_Many_Knives: @LoadingReadyRun Music is muted
TXC2: hello mouseguin and Dared00 welcome
Twinklebees: The game has quite a bit of "Ok, you have this new method of travel to get places you couldn't before...Go explore. good luck."
GapFiller: jameswanders its only a cover if its exactly 4'33
323 raiders from James_LRR have joined!
northos: lrrSIGNAL jlrrPunch
Sarah_Serinde: jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrPillow
MungoDude: jlrrPunch Chunk Raid! jlrrPunch
GapFiller: if its any other time its just silence
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Wilcroft: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
theshinyakuma: hello Graham and chat
lemmel: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Jeezy56: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
red_shoes_jeff: Inbefore the bell!
TXC2: Hello Raiders
RegulusPratus: Oh hey, it's those guys
Narcuru: jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
CyberCypher: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Alahmnat: yay it's time to hang out with G again!
snowcookies: Heyo
NathanJay_GA: Oh damn that raid tho
Fenrir_Azazel: Raid
Stoffern: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
coopdawg_22: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RighteousDevil: jlrrPunch
RomanGoro: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TheAinMAP: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Orgmastron: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
JadedCynic: vooooooosh!
Dix: What a Chonky Raid
thetoastmonster: Could have that been timed any more perfectly? I don't think so!
Bartlebad: Has anyone asked Hor is Cloud?
rocketjohn: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow benginButt
Saphling: woot
Too_Many_Knives: Music is fixed!
Bartlebad: How
red_shoes_jeff: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Firnsarwen: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrIronball jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
toidol: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
VTMonster: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
snowcookies: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrHEART
GapFiller: JAMES RAID jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW
JadedCynic: lrrSIGNAL
kendog61: the8bitDance the8bitDanceC the8bitDance the8bitDanceC
LadyAtarka: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
lochnessseammonster: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch lrrHORN lrrHORN
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GenericGameCr8: I almost have a sub baby!!
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quasi79fu: oh my commercials are done
DaSunao: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrJAMES
Saphling: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
brieandbacon: jlrrPunch CHUNK. CHUNK. CHUNK. jlrrPunch
Milambus: jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrFacepalm jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
Aarek: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Fenrir_Azazel: jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
quasi79fu: i have music now
cassaclyzm: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
Alahmnat: greetings chunk-punchers :)
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Back at it again for PLAY IT FORWARD! | @Graham_LRR’s run of FFVII continues but we’ve misplaced our protagonist. | 📷 ||
mouseguin: There’s the music!
jameswanders: @GapFiller nah, must have been an up-tempo version.
quasi79fu: im so behind everyone else
ALLxISxLOST: jlrrIronball jlrrFall jlrrBreak
DaSunao: jlrrPunch
Pikapoleon: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
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AugmentingPath: Circumstances mean I can watch LRR live again! You could call it... a Reunion.
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ladylockwood92: Hey guys~ Finally caught up on the VODs~!
JadedCynic: James Raids Graham! radRaid jlrrironball
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JadedCynic: jlrrIronball
herph: jlrrPunch x18
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DentedPockets: Thoughts on the FF7R materia system?
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ThoughtProt: @ladylockwood92 then welcome updtodating with all of us
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drfox17: how was chunck punching James crew?
Mazrae: woo hoo play it forward im a little behind in the vods in on part 9 right now but just wanted to say hello to everyone
quasi79fu: so question thhe weapon creqtures do they get stronger as the game goes on? because that first one seeemed weak
TheOldBadger: Is this Road Quest music?
Sarah_Serinde: Very eventful, but actually in a good way drfox17
MungoDude: very exciting drfox17 - we have 3 villagers now
ThoughtProt: @TheOldBadger i think so
ladylockwood92: Yep~
Sarah_Serinde: TheOldBadger Yes!
snowcookies: James got distracted by villagers
Zaghrog: TheOldBadger sure is
TXC2: TheOldBadger yeap
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Too_Many_Knives: Watching the Midgar VoDs in tandem with playing Remake is fun.
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drfox17: @TheOldBadger yup!
TheOldBadger: <3
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TheAinMAP: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW katesAir
TXC2: here we GO!
TristanGalahad: WOO!
ladylockwood92: lrrHEART lrrHEART
drfox17: @MungoDude villagers in the chunk!?
peejeeful: juist in time
godort: I love this intro so much
theshinyakuma: @quasi79fu 2 of the weapons are the strongest bosses in the game
Orgmastron: @quasi79fu Yeah the later WEAPONs are *much* harder
GapFiller: good evening G lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM
BusTed: Mornin'.
TXC2: Hello Graham
malc: it is a great intro
Saphling: g'mornin'!
ThoughtProt: good evening!
t3h_f1gm3nt: hoi G
Genie_M: hello
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cassaclyzm: Yo!
peejeeful: evning
meisbored: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
SaiaseiGM: stopped my own stream to come watch this
swedish_roman: why hello
TheWarbo: But I was promised a Cloud with 99.999% uptime!
Saphling: OGFFVII
gsyhiap: sergeHi katesWave lrrHEART
Foxmar320: Hello Graham hows it going?
JadedCynic: have fun, G* !
NathanJay_GA: I appreciate the number pad on the keyboard in the intro
Saphling: Curiously Strong
saucemaster5000: Perfect background while I grind nook islands for stone to build a cemetery
brieandbacon: Let's. Get. Chunky! jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Bartlebad: Curiously Strong?
PhoenixMelior: Birb shirt!
GapFiller: not the best
mouseguin: Hey G how B?
GapFiller: but very highly ranked
BusTed: Pilcrow
Lordofironstorm: Will you ever play the remake on stream?
JadedCynic: radRaid
red_shoes_jeff: Ahoy
malc: birb melior!
GapFiller: eyyy Pilcrow Shirt!
TreeVor84: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TristanGalahad: one of the best
Foxmar320: Beat the remake last night. Super fun
TheBloodsparrow: Yes please, I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on FF7 Remake Wallmarket
odamadillo: I am still waiting for my copy of the remake!
Jyggalag35: hey everybody :D
Amosff: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
JadedCynic: too many steps between source and stream ;)
Saphling: sweet
sir_jack_DB: hello friends, hello G
gsyhiap: nice
Turtlevoid: See you on the vod Graham
malc: it is a good pun
Bartlebad: Don't forget to include the bug in your TPS Report
Saphling: paragraphs
JadedCynic: ooo NICE
swedish_roman: thoughts abt ikoria?
daemonflowers2: such a good shirt
jameswanders: oh, I thought he meant best Final Fantasy; he meant best Final Fantasy VII, cause that's a thing now.
DotaProp: Type face Humor
Too_Many_Knives: Typography puns
GapFiller: swedish_roman tomorrow
rocketjohn: typesetting humour!
Saphling: pun-agraph
Xcuube: cant believe im gonna have to make a choice between catching play it forward live and giving my full attention to the remake as i play it....
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chrono2x: I've been really enjoying this playthrough. Thanks for doing it, G!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, chrono2x! (Today's storm count: 17)
JadedCynic: such WIT B)
gsyhiap: that is some excellent grammar/wordplay
TheMoatman: Oh lord I'm going to have to suggest a rewrite on our primary software
sir_jack_DB: having a day off from my grocery job and kicking back :)
62MGcobra: thats our
malc: This Graham has stopped responding.
ArchRequiemD: Now I am more worried about
PhoenixMelior: Joeks
Kerrisis: Neeeeeeerd! :D
Alahmnat: shirts that are laser-targeted at Graham, lol
Rustymagus: Woop, made the stream!
Nigouki: huzzah, i'm finally caught up with all the vods of this
Emergent_OS: Hi Graham. The recent Checkpoint was great. Amazing how well the show is put together in these difficult circumstances.
Barb4rian: lrrHEART
62MGcobra: thats our Graham
Firnsarwen: The raid probably would have been about 200 more but they left for here xD
Despoiler98: nom
Commander_Pulsar: Type Face Humor is like Ghost face Killa?
TheWarbo: mmm granola
Foxmar320: Good good
quasi79fu: i think personally final fantasy 10 is amazing but probably not the best one
Lordofironstorm: Ohh myyy
DeadGunner: like all at once?
phorrestgaze2: mmm granola
gsyhiap: Graham ate the whole thing?
Saphling: one of them was missing
Didero: Fill this man with granola bars
brieandbacon: Um, phrasing?
ThoughtProt: one whole granola, oh my
DotaProp: Im in the middle of wall market, took me 20 mins to kill that GD hell house
Jyggalag35: Well good news my job was going to cut back hours but then they stopped it :D
SquareDotCube: Graham "Entire Granola Bar" Stark
Foxmar320: Im sure hes fine
steelfox13: Hopefully in the top mouth
GapFiller: MAN DOWN!
drfox17: i mean we have the true main character now
jameswanders: @gsyhiap he didn't say "ate".
Firnsarwen: The typsetting pun is sergeJustRight
TristanGalahad: Who knows. Not in a stream of Mako or anything
Orgmastron: Cloud is ????
PhoenixMelior: I prefer ff x, can't pick a best.
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Fungidoctor: Used to sub on the Gamehaus, but that Troglodite bailed. Now I'm subbing on your great FFVII stream. Lot's of fun.
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Gekyouryuu: I heard a BIG spoiler for the ending of FF7 remake, and it's.... bold.
Mathonwy: Did you... Did you put the granola bar in the right receptacle?
TXC2: Mathonwy we can only hope
GapFiller: yeh it turns out there are less of The Adventures of Godhand Girl than I remembered
MungoDude: Kellogg's Corn Flakes - The Original & Best
Feltic: Huzzah, got caught up on Scrubs podcast, now I get Graham on FF7
Firnsarwen: @Mathonwy jlrrFacepalm
jaris0: Graham, have you played the remake?
MrWtchNGame: Dang, gotta catch up! Hi everyone, and now bye!
Pedantically: Right on time! Just finished my own playthrough. Well, "finished."
GapFiller: still at least this strem we get to look forward to The Adventures of Bow Legged Man
TXC2: jaris0 he has
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mouseguin: Cheer200 Where is Cloud Part 2?
Foxmar320: I liked the materia system in the remake
Emergent_OS: May I ask, what are raids and how James make them?
Foxmar320: Bless you
Saphling: blessya
TristanGalahad: DAB
malc: Gesundheit
Mathonwy: Bless you.
jaris0: LUL
MungoDude: bless you
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
Unas84: Dabless you
CamelAttack: Gessundab
cyberneticpython: LUL
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FloydOfSmeg: dabsneeze
TamesLovesGames: benginDab
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hondor64: Just finished FF7r now to keep enjoying your playthrough of the original
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t3h_f1gm3nt: i like the materia system in the remake. its still true to the OG form but with some updates for modern sensibilities. also some cool new materia
northos: @Emergent_OS it's a way of sending your viewers en masse to another streamer at the end of your own stream
thundercat2000: yay
Emergent_OS: Got it, thanks!
NojhLivic: Yeah watching this play through has made me appreciate the storytelling in FF7r significantly more. So much stuff about FF7(1997) I'd forgotten.
Narcuru: @Emergent_OS when a streamer is done they can make their chat move over to another streamer
Leonhart321: Mechanically speaking, FFVIIR is damm close to perfectly translated
ShDragon converted from a Twitch Prime sub to a Tier 1 sub!
TristanGalahad: Gotta grab my switch and play along!
Wrexadecimal: Beat FF7R last night. so good
GapFiller: man this strem is just gonna be FULLA people going 'hEy PlAyEd REmAkE YeT???' for the nxt few strems isnt it?
jameswanders: oooh, when does the Ikoria Nickname site launch?
TristanGalahad: I beat it in 3 days >.> oops
Saphling: I'm currrently making Cloud play on the playground equipment outside of Sector 7.
EvilBadman: No childrens
LadyAtarka: Did they even sleep?!
hondor64: my playtime came at 40 hours
drfox17: Wiggins is pretty far in
Tregelen: isolation's a hell of a thing
Jyggalag35: I knew people who did within 2 days
Sarah_Serinde: Graham this is me looking at everyone else's Animal Crossing islands :P
WeedenProject: I think I beat the remake on sunday...
JellyAndKake: I can sleep when I'm dead
Rustymagus: I'm 20 hours into the remake and I'm probably a little over halfway?
Leonhart321: I mean, I got my copy a week early and was determined to beat it before the actual release date
Despoiler98: whered you leave cloud?
wiggins: I'm about 25 hrs now
MungoDude: sounds fine
Decaped: is this a remake stream? should i just leave and watch it after i've played?
GapFiller: evening Matt
Tregelen: i'm nearly done with my second playthrough, about 50 hours
Saphling: he fell in a hole
cassaclyzm: He's fiiiine
Serioavion: as a fellow parent I feel you Graham
godort: I finished the remake at about 35 hours
odamadillo: Graham. You should go see Johnny in Costa del sol as Tifa.
ThoughtProt: he'll be fineeee
TXC2: hello wiggins
DotaProp: kinda...
snowcookies: Is tifa gonna visit her house again
Mathonwy: Did Cloud get misappropriated?
KingJimmeh: I started Remake Friday midnight at digital release and finished it by Tuesday. Redoing bits in normal at the mo.
Zaghrog: I think it might be more accurate that Cloud left us
TristanGalahad: he's just floating around
MungoDude: I've missed a few episodes I think
TheWarbo: a big jump is fine; we have cloud for those :-D
jameswanders: yeah... big news from last time: we stole a snowboard
Saphling: Cloud evaporated
HunterLionheart: I just finished the remake, took about 43 hours doing just about everything.
ThoughtProt: how i always wanted it
l0gin4me subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 26 months!
l0gin4me: As someone without the time to play the original or remake. Thanks for this playthrough!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, l0gin4me! (Today's storm count: 21)
DarkMorford: Tifa's in charge, as it should be.
TheMoatman: In the future, she'll stop being tifa
drfox17: @wiggins I really enjoyed your stream last night!
red_shoes_jeff: WE decided on Cid.
GapFiller: hey chat qq: does the game actually give yr any indication at this point that yr supposed to go to Mideel? forgotten
Foxmar320: Clouds fine. We sent him on vacation
TheWriterAleph: I always think "this game is 'only' XX hours long"... but i haven't found time to beat RE3Re yet, so wtf do i know
Despoiler98: Cloud became missing
drfox17: @wiggins I don't usually get to watch your streams
Too_Many_Knives: 2/3 Sephiroth
DevInsanity: A situation ensued
Rustymagus: @GapFiller Don't think so...?
Alahmnat: lol
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TheMoatman: Roll 7d3 for ant damage
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sivakrytos: and now the world's ending!
ManicPixieDreamLurker: Cheer500 You lost Cloud? Have you tried looking down the back of the sofa?
mtvcdm: Cloud became in another place
TristanGalahad: He just needs to figure out who he is
Lordofironstorm: What a Gamer
62MGcobra: cloud went to a farm upstate
Emergent_OS: Graham, does having an extensive of original FF7 hurt, or help your enjoyment of the remake?
Despoiler98: Like ya do
Tregelen: if you travel around some people mention the lifestream bubbles up to the south
Onisquirrel: cloud also decided gravity wasn't really for him
RomanGoro: There maaaaay be a huge meteor on the sky
space_turbulence: Cloud dissasociated so hard he made a meteor
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quasi79fu: you almost got gassed in a chiar as well
Emergent_OS: knowledge
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Mathonwy: Not too interested in Sephiroth's torso...
quasi79fu: and yuffie pretended to be a reporter
Jyggalag35: woo
wiggins: lol
drfox17: nah, just do stuff as Tifa, it's fine!
TXC2: howdydowdy lrrHEART
Malacorath: Graham, did you know about Griffinflies? they were prehistoric dragonflies that were 2 feet across
ShDragon: Cid's "warm personality" convinced the crew to mutiny, remember.
saucemaster5000: oh and cait sith is scottish now
NojhLivic: Where, who, how, profit.
Saphling: yiiis
GapFiller: also Sister Ray is a reference to The Velvet Underground but thats not very important
asthanius: The remake benefits a LOT from having knowledge of the original
MungoDude: where is Cloud? how is Cloud? why is Cloud?
Kerrisis: It helps. It very helps.
asthanius: Like a LOT
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
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Mr_Horrible: it's amusing because I've got about 2.5 episodes between where I'm catching up on the vods, and when I'm able to catch live :p
Saphling: The Other Item Store in Wall Market!
TristanGalahad: How far into the remake are you?
Mathonwy: Cait Sith should have always been scottish... Or at least Irish.
peejeeful: @howdydowdy Thanks for the gift sub!
northos: #GirderSpoilers
DotaProp: and the Hands and stuff
wiggins: they sure did!
niccus: it's built for newcomers but it's also extremely about the return
howdydowdy: People have been very very kind to me in this community as of late. I've gotten a gift sub to James, Serge, and Ben, all in the last two days. So I figured I'd pay it forward, since i'm pretty comfortable in my situation right now
DotaProp: You fight the HELL HOUSE yet?
Leonhart321: The better question is how has the reamke affected your head cannon that Cloud/Jessie is the superior pairing?
TheWarbo: I feel like the remake did a very good job of "this is here for people who've played the original to go OH, but it won't feel odd if you play it like a brand new game"
Joalni: @LoadingReadyRun @wiggins Since the next Countdown to Infinity has to be delayed, it might be interesting to have a podcast episode with Graham and Matt about the remake once you've both finished it.
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eatkins95: So hyped since you started ff7, I've decided to play through the entire main ff series.
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quasi79fu: hell house?
Foxmar320: I forgot about the hands :P
Saphling: I loved making Cloud play on the playground equipent
Jyggalag35: oh you meant that in a good way Graham :D haha
Lordofironstorm: heh
sivakrytos: it's astonishing how many "one screens" from the original are recognizable in the remake
Lordofironstorm: nice
quasi79fu: what is hell house?
ladylockwood92: Nice
swedish_roman: did you miss the mass gifting?
jameswanders: My wife's playing the remake, and I heard them talking about Aeries being an Ancient already. That's way earlier than in the old one right?
GapFiller: also yes Yuffie handles airships abt as well as boats
TXC2: quasi79fu an enemy you can fight
Kerrisis: Graham: Out of interest did you ever play Crisis Core?
Joda011980: good evening everyone
Diabore: oh, that
Wrexadecimal: Ah, I know where you are. Nice
Too_Many_Knives: Oh you're in the exact same spot I am
GapFiller: mebbe Tifa shd give Yuffie another Tranquiliser
ThoughtProt: cloud is the prettiest cloud in the remake.
TristanGalahad: that part of the game is so good lol
rachowwastaken: Hello Graham
godort: that whole chapter was my favorite part of the remake
dialMforMara: Oh hey you’re live. What did I miss?
Rhynerd: Poor Yuffie.
KingJimmeh: Good the end of the tournament is a while thing and I loved/hated it simultaneously.
Narcuru: @dialMforMara nothing really
TXC2: dialMforMara basicaly nothing yet
dialMforMara: Ok
YourDMJay: how dare you play this game
dialMforMara: Thank you
cfpreston: 7 10 42, hut hut hike
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wiggins: that's a lot of hours of play, wow
Jyggalag35: wowoow
Alahmnat: that'll keep you busy
Too_Many_Knives: The entire series? See you next year
Despoiler98: have they ever remade FFI?
jameswanders: I'm 1/4 of the way through FF(1) myself
eatkins95: On 3 atm
peejeeful: i really enjoy the remak sure it has problems but i like it
TristanGalahad: damn. like damn.
ArchRequiemD: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Finding the lost main character that is an original Square plot device.
TheBloodsparrow: Cheer100 I don't need you to stream the whole thing but I hope you will stream just the Wall Market section of the remake. Thank you FF7 old school is making me feel feelings.
snowcookies: Hi Matt
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Bladinus: Hi Graham, this has been a great trip down memory lane.
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TheWarbo: Graham Dares.™
YourDMJay: without me!
Pteraspidomorphi: eatkins95: Are you going to play sidegames too or only the main ones?
BusTed: Eagggghh!
KingJimmeh: Lv4!
Mathonwy: So, when are we gonna play through all of the Dragon Quest games?
LordShadner: yes
Foxmar320: Yep
Rustymagus: Pilot DING
snowcookies: yes
Narcuru: yep
NojhLivic: Yeah he started at level 3
Saphling: he's a quick learner
DragaFireHawk: He leveled while the game was off XD
GapFiller: that high intensity Cid training
peejeeful: yep
Joalni: He was. What happened?
Jyggalag35: yepp :D
quasi79fu: why is he leveled is he not a npc?
ArcOfTheConclave: DING!
odamadillo: Don't think you saw me say this before. Go visit Johnny in costa del sol as Tifa.
SquirrelEarl: Cid is a good teacher?
quasi79fu: can you play as the pilot?
saucemaster5000: dude's been grinding
leebenningfield: I replayed FF 1 on PSP, and then I started FF 2 and didn't get very far
Despoiler98: THat is NOT what you want to hear from your pilot
ArchRequiemD: Do those levels even mean anything?
mercano82: @Despoiler98 There was a 16bit-ish remake for the PS1
eatkins95: Main. I might play the first crystal chronicles
TheBloodsparrow: nice
northos: ah yes, there is A Thing in the sky now
BusTed: Oh.
GapFiller: leebenningfield which FFII>
dialMforMara: @odamadillo is this the same Johnny in the remake?
Alahmnat: I'm kinda tempted to dive into XII myself
snowcookies: quasi79fu it's an NPC
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrFINE
Foxmar320: Im worried about it
Orgmastron: lrrFINE
TristanGalahad: Come for the amazing game, stay for Graham's voices
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
Diabore: thats a pretty purple sun
Saphling: it'll keep
jameswanders: @leebenningfield jap FF2 or us FF2
Dread_Pirate_Westley: This is the part where you spend 30 minutes just flying around the world on the Airship.
Despoiler98: lrrFINE
the_one_and_only_kim: how is deck building happening for the PPR, are you doing sealed pools beforehand or opening fresh ones as the day goes on?
dialMforMara: +airship, -cloud
Zaghrog: mercano82 his dialogue changes as he levels up
TXC2: I thought that was the sun :P
Joalni: I would have expected it to make more noice rather than just hum.
StewartRWyatt: Dawn of the first day
Rustymagus: R2 to fly the airship, I think?
NojhLivic: Fly me to the meteor, let me play among the materia
asthanius: Physically enter the onion
northos: @dialMforMara I mean I'd take that trade
Alsritt: @quasi79fu it's a joke by the developers; he levels up with story beats and time. IT doesn't affect anything except super minor speed changes for the airship.
Pteraspidomorphi: Goodbye, main theme
MacSquizzy: *Syndrome voice* if everyone's dead, no one is
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VTMonster: To Airship is human, to forgive is not company policy
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rachowwastaken: i thought you were going to end at “it will only kill”
TheWriterAleph: Flight Simulator '7
dialMforMara: @northos same
masterfrog316: there's a way to get a gold chocobo with out racing at this point in the game if you have enough gill
AntiCrepuscular: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:11.
jameswanders: anywhere*
TXC2: and fuck does it go
phorrestgaze2: go button for go
MungoDude: the airship is the monkey?
ThoughtProt: hey G, in this game they reference a war that was fought in the past. who was it against/who won/why did it start?
TheWarbo: Crater Lake, eh? :-D
dudeross2: good morning Graham!
leebenningfield: actualy FF 2 remake on PSP. I've finished 4, playe and never finished all the other main ones
Jyggalag35: @Alsritt wait ti changes the airship speed? wow never noticed
Mathonwy: Where is Costa Del Sol?
drfox17: so fast!
TristanGalahad: Keeps you from getting Knights of the Round without a Gold Chocobo
mercano82: That is a lot of terrain pop-in
Alsritt: very, very minroly. Like 2% per level
GapFiller: speaking of that who else was introduced to the 1st 2 FF's by Final Fantasy Origins on the PS1?
Too_Many_Knives: There are many craters on this planet. It would be foreshadowing if you could see them from the ground.
Saphling: cancel, irrc
DotaProp: Cancel
wiggins: haha, I did that so much in 8
Alsritt: secret boss time?
Saphling: top right
GapFiller: also the overwodl music has changed
MatthewDennisMTG: Confused, is this the remake or the original?
Zaghrog: corner
TristanGalahad: keep going more east
accountmadeforants: That's a very good horizon effect for them having so little resources to work with.
NightValien28: ain't one of those islands incredibly deadly
KinoGami: in one of the corners
Too_Many_Knives: KotR
GapFiller: MatthewDennisMTG Remake Kappa
wiggins: *tries to land* *goes backwards*
TristanGalahad: Round Island!!!!
YourDMJay: why this planet got so many craters
Foxmar320: Ah
ThirdFloorDraft: knights of the round!
Rustymagus: Where's the curve? Right there! *points to horizon*
dialMforMara: @thoughtprot pretty sure it was shinra vs wutai
wiggins: Are you planning to get KOTR, G?
NojhLivic: The "I need to take a break" materia
kamelion84: katesWat
Genie_M: only gold chocobos get there
Helrumyc: angle of the horizon expertly hidden by the Highwind
jameswanders: is the planet Toroidal in this one, or are there edges?
Mathonwy: Golden Chicobo?
Despoiler98: Dont worry about it
Saphling: people keep crashing things into it
ThirdFloorDraft: earth has more
TristanGalahad: there is a method to get a Golden Chocobo in like.... 10ish minutes
GapFiller: God the KotR quest is such a pile
Nigouki: well, to be fair Earth also has plenty of craters
Despoiler98: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Lordofironstorm: Meteors?
YourDMJay: not strong atmosphere here
dialMforMara: Is there another movement option after the airship?
northos: I mean isn't that pretty much explicitly the case? lol
neuroflare: doesnt look like theres a moon to catch them for it
HMinnow: [Switch] also lets you fly if you hold it and press a direction
ArcOfTheConclave: People casting meteor!
DragaFireHawk: Justice does rain from above after all
HPBraincase: Turns out, giant meteors hitting this planet... Not new.
rachowwastaken: probably meteors like the giant one in the sky
northos: or at least one previous meteor
Kaorti: Planet's seen some shit.
accountmadeforants: The planet abandoned a proper atmosphere in favour of giant kaiju
peejeeful: because jenova crashed into the planet
justwhatever_idk: I like Graham pronounces Chocobo as "Ch'Cobo"
TheWarbo: given ben's KOTOR streams, the KOTR abbreviation keeps messing with me :-D
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Alsritt: Jenova tried to land in the right spot, but got it wrong a few times, so she yeeted herself back into space
LordShadner: we do have a comet materia
Despoiler98: To be fair EARTH has a lot of craters too but theyve been eroded
TristanGalahad: CHOCOBO SAGE!
Saphling: north
quasi79fu: there is a house?
DotaProp: past the Glacier
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You're not far enough north yet.
DotaProp: You need to keep going
GapFiller: Icicle Inn
Rustymagus: It's the "eye" in the northern continent
eatkins95: Cheer100 I am currently on 3.
Emergent_OS: It is like watching National Geographic!
TheWarbo: bzzzzzt
GapFiller: Nobody Allowed In
coopdawg_22: Can you go higher?
Too_Many_Knives: 'tis a silly place
BusTed: T'is a silly place.
northos: 'tis a silly place
Pteraspidomorphi: It's a silly place
Jyggalag35: buuble buuble buuble butt
DotaProp: Tis a Silly place
drfox17: tis a silly place
stormcooper256: tis a silly place
t3h_f1gm3nt: sephiroth casted megabarrier around the crater :P
ArcOfTheConclave: Gating!
Too_Many_Knives: God, we're predictable
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
stormcooper256: this chat rocks haha
MacSquizzy: Can we go to space?
GapFiller: Red XIII
Foxmar320: I have no idea :P
Mathonwy: Costa Del Sol?
Zalbaag: What was that weird snow house?
GapFiller: made vague hints
dysond: hi Graham loving this playthrough! i never played ff7 but have friends that love it!
Joalni: <3 chat
Saphling: stop by Costa Del Sol to see Johnny
drfox17: @Too_Many_Knives hive mind!
Jyggalag35: golden chocobo hunting?
jameswanders: is snowboarding in GS unlocked now?
Nenluen: mideel, south east islands
Despoiler98: @MacSquizzy I dont think propellers work in space
YourDMJay: gotta wait one more final fantasy to go to space
stormcooper256: also hi Graham and chat, caught a live one
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun don't we have to play the piano in nibelheim as tifa?
JadedCynic: wow, I got two keystrokes into that MP&THG ref and it was all over chat; <3 Chat :D
sivakrytos: red said something about hot springs in the south
Alsritt: man, and i thought the airship in FF6 was cool
Mathonwy: That poor pilot, having to jump the airship like that...
YourDMJay: or go back 3 final fantasies
Lordofironstorm: Whoa! auto height correction
Diabore: oh johnny boy
Dared00: Johnny is a star now
TristanGalahad: God I love Johnny in the remake
odamadillo: Talk to him
TXC2: hello stormcooper256 welcome
Wrexadecimal: Johnny enigmaLUL
GapFiller: Nenluen we knw where to go we just dont knw if anyones told us where to go
jonnykefka: Johnny, in English, is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, and it's amazing
Alsritt: although to be fair, the airship in FF6 was a MARVEL technically
ArchRequiemD: I see you also enjoy messing around with the wonky airship mechanics.
justwhatever_idk: How many games into the remake series will Airships happen
LordShadner: Graham think of the poor pilot (lv4)
ThoughtProt: : hey G, in this game they reference a war that was fought in the past. who won/why did it start?
dialMforMara: Johnny J-fresh J-dog, he’s a talker
MacSquizzy: Cons: can't go to space Pros: girl punch good Overall: trash game 7/10
dialMforMara: And then he blacked out
TheWarbo: let's go nibble some heims
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SirMorek: Hello friends, working on catching up with the vods. Gotta say, I've been loving this playthrough so keep being excellent!
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peejeeful: how was the honey bee inn for you G
drfox17: Just Tifa Adventures, let Cloud sleep this one off
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JRandomHacker: Wait what I'm actually watching live? Caught up with the VODs last night and now I'm here!
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DotaProp: you cant QUITE get her limit yet
Foxmar320: OH! FFVII Remake Johnny is my new LRR Johnny. I kept waiting for him to black out. :P
howdydowdy: This is actually super revolutionary. This is how I always wanted flying in Pokemon to work. There was the little Latios/Latias thing in ORAS, but it was very limited, and not as fun as this looks
stormcooper256: That airship plummets sooooo fast to land haha
HMinnow: ya boy johnny gets quite a bit more screentime. Also played by Yuri Lowenthal
Saphling: probably Wutai didn't want to be owned by Shinra
Too_Many_Knives: Shinra's war of conquest
YourDMJay: Wutai Versus Shinra/Midgar
GapFiller: it was The Wutai War
Jyggalag35: i assumed Shinra just wanted other people's stuff
NightValien28: because capitalism
wiggins: yeah, they mention it in the OG
StewartRWyatt: Is it Midgar or just Shinra?
odamadillo: Crisis Core explains it more
TheBloodsparrow: They allude to it a couple of times
stormcooper256: @JRandomHacker WERE HEEEEEEEEEEERREEEEEEEE
plummeting_sloth: oh dang, I forgot this was also today
Pedantically: Wutai refused to let SHINRA build a reactor. SHINRA won
sivakrytos: it's mentioned a LOT in wutai
abaoa_qu: That war is in Crisis core
snowcookies: there was one with the ancients too
dialMforMara: It sounds like a shinra war of conquest, as one does
DotaProp: it comes up if you do the Yuffie battles in Wutai
GapFiller: then again in the original The Wutai War is never really explicitly gone into
Too_Many_Knives: Shinra already won a domination victory in the backstory
Roscoe_DarkHorse: Isnt the cannon pointed at wutai?
wiggins: but yeah, Shinra v. Wutai
asthanius: It was about Korea, who lost. Hence Korean BBQ
jonnykefka: Mako reactor in a holy place I think it was
ShDragon: Yuffie went rabble rabble about it in the Wutai story.
ArchRequiemD: The Wutai quest and the Pogoda talk about it
TXC2: "hero"
JRandomHacker: @stormcooper256 Hi!
KidAmn: much war. Very battle. Wow.
ArcOfTheConclave: I think it was expanded on in other games
space_turbulence: always seemed like a vague reference to hostility between Japan and China
TristanGalahad: I really love how much the remake is fleshing out the backstory of the world
Despoiler98: Dont talk about the WAR!
Alsritt: Crisis Core involves a lot of the war
justwhatever_idk: 5 whole years. Nobody was Alive 5 years ago
YourDMJay: yeah cloud joined the army just after the war ended
LordShadner: between Wutai and Midgar *cough* Shinra *cough*
Foxmar320: Yep Wutai refused to let Shinra build a reactor near them
JadedCynic: iirc, Cloud's a vet if not decorated?
stormcooper256: also have been catching up on VODs and just got in for a live one
Saeif: The world of FFVII feels really empty sometimes
swedish_roman: 5 years ago. that's pretty recent
ThoughtProt: figured to ask because with something like a program literally called :SOLDIER I thought it might have been a bigger deal.
YourDMJay: and lost his chance to be a "hero"
TristanGalahad: Only Cloud can play the piano,
ArchRequiemD: Crisis core expands it quite a bit i believe
boristhewizard: lol, Twitch just gave me an ad for FF7R with a cover of Bullet with Butterfly Wings in it? We 90's again.
mercano82: The first rule of War Club is don't go into too many details about War Club
DotaProp: nah you cant get it until After
RomanGoro: There was a war but you go all over the world and you never meet someone who would have been the opposing side, right?
Saphling: you come back as Cloud, I think, and play it again
abaoa_qu: Cloud did not fight in the war significantly
DotaProp: you come back WITH Tifa
MacSquizzy: Yea can't imagine living in a society where everyone talks about recent wars like they occurred in the distant past and don't really matter
Mathonwy: Didn't you have a guide book???
TristanGalahad: I tried yesterday lol
TXC2: many a moon
DragaFireHawk: Only Cloud is allowed to play Tifa's piano XD
ContingentCat: Wow five whole years, who can even remember that far, that's like 2015 for us, practically anciant history lrrBEEJ
sivakrytos: people in wutai in this game are pretty traumatized about the war
YourDMJay: Wutai was the opposing side
HPBraincase: It has been "many mooooons:
GapFiller: dunno abt anyone else but Im half on the way to treating the Remake as a completely new game
GapFiller: one that has the exact same story setting characters etc etc as the Original but still a completely new game
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Helrumyc: Just finished marathoning the VODs at 2x speed just to watch live today. Never played VII, X was my first one, but I'm enjoying this playthrough greatly and I'm enjoying Graham's joy at replaying it.
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TXC2: ContingentCat you joke, but Gods does it feel like it
justwhatever_idk: @ContingentCat you're joking but genuinely I have aged 100 years since 2015
Pteraspidomorphi: I think that's just the highwind song
plummeting_sloth: I love how you ZWOOP over the mountains
nemryn: I think that's part of why Wutai is kind of a tourist trap now, they got ruineed by the war
abaoa_qu: America is at war right now and most people don't talk about it
cassaclyzm: no time for cloud, gotta breed chocobos!
Pedantically: You can get a gold chocobo with no racing at this point.
LordShadner: can we buy a Villa?
GapFiller: ContingentCat that wd be funny if it was an actual joke
mercano82: FF6 was like that in the World of Ballence; World of Ruin had the same music on foot and airship.
Saphling: go check in on Johnny
DotaProp: so you cant Chocobo up either yet
mouseguin: Fort Condor is a place right?
BusTed: They're taking it well.
Rustymagus: @GapFiller It definitely feels like a new game!
jameswanders: prob so you can't do stuff in it without being Cloud :/
YourDMJay: ohhhhmy gosh, of COURSE gold saucer is closed!!! because all the mini-games uses cloud's model!
plummeting_sloth: didn't close after all the all the murders, but closed now
TheOldBadger: SURF ING
Saphling: everyone in the world is occupied by the impending end
YourDMJay: and cloud isn't here!
DevInsanity: It's good that people aren't panicing
Foxmar320: Im glad everyone is so calm
ContingentCat: @justwhatever_idk yeah but it also feel like 100 years since like January
NightValien28: oh look
Firnsarwen: It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine! lrrFINE
DragaFireHawk: Speaking of Johnny... XD
TristanGalahad: I don't remember the name of the town but you gotta go to the town that gets destroyed by Ultimate Weapon
phorrestgaze2: now that pollution is down we can see the meteor of death in the the sky!
Rustymagus: @TristanGalahad Mideel ;)
NightValien28: so much for tifa being the love of his life eh
ArchRequiemD: Is there a weapon in the desert yet?
plummeting_sloth: Does... Johnny need to take a crap?
Alsritt: is she in the shower?!?!?!
peejeeful: hey wut about tifa johnny
Cykouxis: yey final fantasy !!!
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun Are you going to do some chocobo races as Tifa
mercano82: He's still late for his shift, though.
jameswanders: Nice to have this game about the end of the world to distract us from all *gestures vaguely at world* this.
RoboIcarus: Johnny always need to take a crap
Mathonwy: So..... The world is ending, and everyone ISN'T losing their minds?
NightValien28: the earth is healing ... wait
accountmadeforants: "SURF ING" "SUNTAN"
ladylockwood92: Nature really is beautiful~
phorrestgaze2: but not buying TP? unrealistic.
TristanGalahad: This is what Chicken Little was really about
ThoughtProt: the earth is ending and they're not all grabbing toilet paper? for shame...
YourDMJay: we've been in quarantine for two months and meteors are already returning to their natural habitat, WE were the birus
GapFiller: ContingentCat yeh we are well on the way to transitioning from a teleology approach to the passage of time to an Eternal Present approach it feels
Orlantia: soooo if you can't land in the crater how do you get knights of the round?
Pteraspidomorphi: Everyone just looks goofy in this game
plummeting_sloth: ah, they always say that though
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Pteraspidomorphi: Even when freaking out
GapFiller: wheres The Velvet Underground?
GazzyW007: honestly if there was a big meteor that we all know is going to wipe us all out... most of us would probably be relatively relaxed outwardly
NightValien28: wow I didn't know it did that
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rogerivany: Good to see this live, bad that I got laid off to do it.
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sivakrytos: lewd
Leonhart321: Better question, how did they move it?
space_turbulence: "today's monster slayin' tallies have bin ouopdayted!"
hunkajunk: I mean, they're also the locals of a resort town. They're living their best life already, what else are they going to do?
Zaghrog: Orlantia breed a schocobo that can cross the ocean and climb mountains
jameswanders: can we get back into Midgar at this point?
drfox17: can we talk with Cid's "not wife"? because i'm concerned about her
GazzyW007: at least at that distance
plummeting_sloth: now, to just lure all the other Weapons back in front of the cannon like the first one
Rustymagus: @Leonhart321 Very carefully
GapFiller: jameswanders we need the key
GapFiller: from Bone Village
ThoughtProt: back to midgar?
Jyggalag35: booooone villaaage
DotaProp: its a shame there isnt a LOT to do here with Tifa in charge unless you want to go start catching Chocobos
ThoughtProt: you can do SQUATS
TristanGalahad: I think you need to go to Mideel
Orlantia: @zaghrog so the thing that Graham said he probably wasn't going to do
Izandai: Cid married She-Ra? isn't she like 16?
jameswanders: wow... your airship's so much bigger than that giant rocket
peejeeful: you cant enter midgar i think
ShadowSilenz: Meteor comes to end the world. People still go panic buy Toilet Paper. :P
GapFiller: TristanGalahad we knw yr need to go to Mideel
TheWarbo: i'm sure that was just a one-off NPC comment, not important
Saphling: she's worried, too, but at least isn't being yelled at
NightValien28: she still fixing up that lard tea
GapFiller: TristanGalahad what we dont knw is if anyones told us to go there
Mathonwy: Big rock go smash. That's what's gonna happen.
plummeting_sloth: well she seems fine BuBYEEE
drfox17: @Saphling Agreed
TristanGalahad: OOOOHHHH my b
mouseguin: Called it.
Zaghrog: Orlantia exactly. There's a couple other treasures along that path too, but no real plot
Jyggalag35: Lard tea is notoriously messy
TXC2: Izandai nah he married 80's She ra Kappa
Lordofironstorm: The Big, Big, HUGE Materia
jameswanders: @peejeeful I heard you need a key from Bone Village to enter Midgar
GazzyW007: oh right, the huge materia was mandatory wasn't it
RegulusPratus: Yeah! Fort Condor!
odamadillo: Can't you race as Tifa?
Boiler_bot: Tifa gang Tifa gang
DotaProp: Fort Condor you HAVE to do once you find the Spiky Cabbage
Tregelen: or breed a gold chocobo
theshinyakuma: oooo are we doing huge materia?
LocalTrey: could start the chocobo breeding stuff....
Mathonwy: You're a pit of the ancients....
Zaghrog: all of the huge materia gigs are plot stuff
LocalTrey: or was that after cloud...
sivakrytos: saucer's closed atm
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JadedCynic: Graham going for 100% enjoyment - wringing every minute of entertainment out of the game lrrHEART
theshinyakuma: I dont think hes doing chocobo
DotaProp: yeah, cuz hes a cabbage right now
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Pit of the angels sounds like a euphemism
DevInsanity: Like in an RPG. There's an imminent threat looming, most go complete side quests
snowcookies: Graham isn't chocobo breeding
KinoGami: you can chocobo race as both cid and tifa later
GapFiller: eyyy broken stream
Tregelen: saucer's closed but you can breed
GapFiller: thats grand
Izandai: @TXC2 Isn't she like 60? Kappa
Saphling: If you repeatedly talk to Cloud once you find him, he makes a Xenogears reference.
Izandai: Now, that is?
YourDMJay: the saucer has to be closed, it uses cloud's model for the minigames! that's so funny
Tregelen: you're welcome
Lordofironstorm: Okay, Las Vegas
peejeeful: not just breed but inbreed
Jyggalag35: i mean... we can always breed i guess
YourDMJay: i never thought of it
justwhatever_idk: Love to breed when the sauce is closed
snowcookies: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That is a concerning amount of wasabi.
jameswanders: ya wanna give back the map and snowboard you "borrowed" here?
YourDMJay: but game design is wild
Wrexadecimal: lrrADAM
Boiler_bot: Spider?
Mathonwy: What?
DotaProp: Tifa does have a Jockey model in game too
theshinyakuma: is he gonna do bahamut zero
Jyggalag35: spider...
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun so we aren't becoming a"wark"manufacturer. is there anything plot wise with chocobos?
plummeting_sloth: it's a long term loan
daemonflowers2: SIDEWALK SLAM!
Saphling: Tifa and Cid both have jockey models
ladylockwood92: lrrADAM
AntiCrepuscular: The kid said to come back and tell him if you got good
Xcuube: oh, THAT spider
ShDragon: Hi Adam! Yay Sidewalk Slam!
PhoenixMelior: I know what thats about!
GazzyW007: Editing sidewalk slam? tieNess
jameswanders: A Clue!!
Xcuube: sws hyyype
TXC2: oof SWS is gonna be weird
GapFiller: Mideel Island Clue
Boiler_bot: How odd must be nothing
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, I think I know what the disappointment is now, too.
Spacecarl: subtle
TristanGalahad: How does one pronounce in blue?
ThoughtProt: WAT!
Saphling: Blue Accents are hard to do without sounding stereotypical
plummeting_sloth: I'm sorry, I couldn't understand you over your thick blue accent
HMinnow: Icicle Inn is a shitty name for a town
Jyggalag35: SHILL!
Zaghrog: Orlantia the only plot part where chocobo stuff matters is the prison under Gold Saucer
YourDMJay: your accent was very blue for a moment
ChaoticObserver: Because videogame NPC
stormcooper256: I want to speak in blue
Lordofironstorm: "Speaking in blue? What are ya, high?!"
howdydowdy: Obviously it's a trap
Izandai: "How did you pronounce that in blue" is a hell of a question.
Gekyouryuu: because it got colder and his words froze, @LoadingReadyRun
Firnsarwen: @TristanGalahad Sadly.
jameswanders: I guess the game expects you to try and give back the snowboard. How quant.
GapFiller: Welcome To Corneria
Mathonwy: Chocobo tracks?
GapFiller: There Are Many Guards In The Castle
EvilBadman: It wasn't in blue, you just have synesthesia.
jameswanders: quaint, even
Firnsarwen: Bouncy bouncy!
DevInsanity: Some people can pronounce italics, but that guy pronounces blue
Jyggalag35: ah yes the normal rabbits
ContingentCat: Imagine finding out you're an NPC
Foxmar320: Wow really? Jumping?
Didero: carrot carrot miss carrot miss carrot miss
TristanGalahad: @Firnsarwen oof
justwhatever_idk: It'd be cool if a real human language used colors to denote specific parts of speech but also inefficient
wiggins: don't you trash talk my boy Cid
Leonhart321: You mean the ONLY clue to finding Cloud is there? I went all over the world and found him by luck
plummeting_sloth: well Sid, you're really pining for the bench huh
GazzyW007: cid can have little an experience, as a treat
Orlantia: I can't believe they named a game after that move
DeadGunner: Cid got a little part as a treat
t3h_f1gm3nt: @wiggins i see you are a man of culture as well
Izandai: Cid can have a little EXP, as a treat.
YourDMJay: can't believe we've been in quarantine for a month and jumping is returning to nature...
ipoddodd: You can have a little being in the party, as a treat
Saphling: some of the other party members suggest it too, iirc
Morrigan9: i hope Remake Cid is the saltiest mf-er lol
VTMonster: how disappointing is it that you don't get the victory music in the remake?
sivakrytos: red sain something about hot springs on the southern islands
Mathonwy: Look more like Hop ping...
LocalTrey: go find the hermit
Boiler_bot: VTMonster seems impractical
TristanGalahad: I just noticed they're holding carrots like swords
TheWarbo: Jumping Bee? Is that like a Spelling Bee?
t3h_f1gm3nt: i seriously cannot wait till we get the part of the remake where cid shows up.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: That's not a bee. It's more of a rabbit.
northos: Cid can have little a kill, as a treat
Foxmar320: Nice job Cid you did the thing
JadedCynic: yay Cid!
HPBraincase: Cid. Murder. As a treat.
GapFiller: speaking of bunnies it figures still got a couple days to stock up on leftover Easter chocolate
stormcooper256: spelling bee for double dutch
jonnykefka: hhhuh, I wonder if Cid is going to have a cig in the remake
Zaghrog: Besides Cid's qualities as a character, he also has a sweet lvl 4 Limit Break
odamadillo: I am pretty sure I was able to race as Tifa during this time but it was years ago when I played it.
ceiran_91: someone somewhere mentions an island in the south, that's your entire hint
azureHaights: This isn't Divekick, Graham, it's FF7. Kappa
Izandai: @t3h_f1gm3nt I too cannot wait for 2030.
kamelion84: katesWat
Wrexadecimal: oh riiight
YourDMJay: wait wot
Mathonwy: What is that???
plummeting_sloth: AHHHHH
nemryn: @GapFiller really? I can't find any in my area
TheBloodsparrow: You're going to need to build Cid up or you'll be sad later. :D
DragaFireHawk: Is that a purple Boo?
Foxmar320: Ummmm
itsr67: UHH
Jyggalag35: LUL
Boiler_bot: Some kind of Cat-thing?
GazzyW007: !sir
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Izandai don't you put that evil on me! ....maybe 2025? LUL
GapFiller: wow honestly forgot abt this bit
Firnsarwen: sergeFriend !
Lordofironstorm: Than man is some sort of plum
TXC2: is is a balloon wizard?
YourDMJay: so tifa wasn't the last ancient?
Jyggalag35: dont think ive done this
accountmadeforants: Had my last guest... for dinner!
masterfrog316: talk to chocobo for materia
jameswanders: When are "Ancients" first mentioned in this game
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Can you get something from the chocobo?
Izandai: @t3h_f1gm3nt Seems optimistic but sure!
JadedCynic: I.....forget....
plummeting_sloth: I'm... Slimer's cousin?
Firnsarwen: he's... very spherical and snakey
justwhatever_idk: This will be a fun part of the remake
NightValien28: you ever forget your own existence
Foxmar320: Sir your tail is in the fire
stormcooper256: Gandalf.... that is what they used to call me
TheWarbo: Tifa "How can you not know who you are?" Cloud, from wherever he is: "Uhhhhhh"
tenthtechpriest: he is what chocobos transform into given enough time
Robot_Bones: Gandalf, Yes you may still call me gandalf
StewartRWyatt: Oh no. Chocobo Sam died!
GapFiller: justwhatever_idk and yknw it WILL be in the Remake
LadyAtarka: I love Chocobos
quasi79fu: this person seems uselesss
iamkaiserbear: Cho Cobosage
tenthtechpriest: NUT you say
Zaghrog: !I don't quite remember..." is the number one piece of dialogue from this guy
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun Talk to his chocobo.
itsr67: Man cabin fever does wonders to the psyche
GapFiller: Ronnie Reagan!
TheWarbo: Greenz n nutz
justwhatever_idk: This dude likes Fucking, and Weed
Lordofironstorm: "Mr. Chocobo Sage, are you aware that you are a floating prune?"
TheWriterAleph: "welp see ya later"
plummeting_sloth: nice!
Saphling: have another one!
Foxmar320: What a strange place for a chocobo store?
bwk789: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 29:50.
GapFiller: Enemy Skill GET!
KinoGami: need those nuts to breed. because you know. of course you do
Boiler_bot: Thanks Choco
NightValien28: wark
ipoddodd: WARK
Jyggalag35: wark
TXC2: justwhatever_idk who doesn't? Kappa
HPBraincase: I feel like this is how some people will be after quarantine.
quasi79fu: it threw up a materia at you?
TheThromborax: So, how far ahead of Youtube are we?
peejeeful: wait you got to nut chocobo's for them to breed?
Wrexadecimal: oh my?
Alahmnat: um
ArchRequiemD: Does anyone else think a chocobo would make for some dank nugs
plummeting_sloth: do you remember why you can't remember?
TXC2: lewd
Pedantically: Sylkis Greens are fire for getting good racing stats
Diabore: thats a quote
Leonhart321: TOS?
bowsin_durrows: Which episode would this be?
NightValien28: sir!
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLewd
Alsritt: horny nut
Robot_Bones: Phrasing?
stormcooper256: wait, you need nuts to breed?!
itsr67: TOS
ThoughtProt: sir...sir...that's an odd phrase.
Jyggalag35: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
inheizen: Would you say you're not nuts about it, Graham?
Zaghrog: for real though, Nut-items are used for chocobo breeding
justwhatever_idk: @TXC2 fair enough
TXC2: bowsin_durrows 12?
TristanGalahad: Get dose Knights!
snowcookies: make chocobos smooch
LocalTrey: doing battles I think makes him remember...
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Armstrong11139: What's this about nuts and breeding? I may have come in at an odd time...
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GapFiller: good evening offscreen Adam
xxdagamerchixxx: are you playing on Switch
GazzyW007: hi adam
Saphling: Hello, Adam!
Boiler_bot: Hi Adam
theshinyakuma: knights is like a 10 minute cutscene though
RegulusPratus: Pfft, more like Knights of the Square, amirite
Jyggalag35: Hi adam
Rustymagus: W-Summon + Knights of the Round = Go Make a Sandwhich button
Zaghrog: xxdagamerchixxx this is on PC
ContingentCat: Hi Adam good [time of day]
DotaProp: Quick Hot SwS takes on the WWE Cuts!
justwhatever_idk: Adam suplex Graham
peejeeful: hi adam
stormcooper256: A wild Adam appeared
ghostvalv: poggies
theshinyakuma: @rustymagus correct
TheOldBadger: doggies
JadedCynic: palookaCo?
xxdagamerchixxx: oh i have the remix on switch
circusofkirkus: spelling time with Adam
ipoddodd: Poggies my doggies
RayFK: Your Go
TXC2: DotaProp they suck
Neisan29: Wasn't it the Post-release today for Ikoria?
GapFiller: evening Jordan
JadedCynic: anyways, back to FFVII
jameswanders: been a slice
RayFK: Hey bud
snowcookies: saturday
Raiger: @Neisan29 tomorrow
GapFiller: Neisan29 tomorrow
JadedCynic: heya Jeej
xxdagamerchixxx: jaded are you playing the remake
RayFK: evening folks
HMinnow: I dont recommend it. KOTR is neat but the effort to get them is not worth stream time honestly.
Izandai: Oh, I just had a sad thought. I guess it's gonna be a while until we can have Mail Times again.
justwhatever_idk: it's afternoon
Jyggalag35: Evening :D
GazzyW007: god, i don't look forward to the pain of G+A having to talk about the Spring roster cuts for WWE
magicbknight: post release is tomarrow
PendelSteven: Oh 'ello
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TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information:
xxdagamerchixxx: oh youre going to the creator
plummeting_sloth: and so, after wasting time with a forgetful ghosts, our heroes continued
GapFiller: GazzyW007 O God the roster cuts
jameswanders: @Izandai I think G said they've got a pretty decent of Mail Times in the can already, waiting for release
HPBraincase: Some jokes are more for the joke teller than the audience. Thats okay.
GapFiller: that was literally yesterday
plummeting_sloth: Do a Barrel Roll!
TristanGalahad: that's pro flying right there
YourDMJay: we're having fun
Saphling: going under those bridges was such a big deal in 1997
Izandai: @jameswanders Oh, well that's good.
YourDMJay: going under bridges
Foxmar320: Flying skills here are just outstanding
PendelSteven: *Do a Barrett roll
RegulusPratus: Disregard sidequests, acquire plot
Mathonwy: Some poor sap crossing that bridge on foot just shat himself...
plummeting_sloth: hehe
Zalbaag: KotR might no be worth it, but the other specials are
tenthtechpriest: how does one social distance a mail time?
JadedCynic: "In the Editing Inbox basket" so to speak
Zaghrog: RegulusPratus ooh good one!
GapFiller: hey G: what level of bullshit do the roster cuts feel like to you right now?
Neisan29: Thank
accountmadeforants: The pilot must've gained so many levels from that stunt
justwhatever_idk: Mail Time Several Times
BusTed: He got it.
circusofkirkus: LUL
Booklegend: Hey G roughly how long is the new sidewalk slam going to be
Izandai: katesLol
Foxmar320: lol
NightValien28: HAHAHAH
HPBraincase: Tyler Perry presents the town of Madeal
raven534: Yes, M'deal?
DotaProp: WAOW
justwhatever_idk: lol
Wrexadecimal: lrrADAM
Kerrisis: @loadingreadyrun Out of interest, did you ever play Crisis Core, Graham?
TristanGalahad: I'm dead!
NathanJay_GA: well then
NimrodXIV: Hi Adam
JadedCynic: dammit adam :)
Nenluen: ft. condor?
Saphling: Mideel, or Other Zealand
Jyggalag35: LUL
MungoDude: ffoxesLUL
PendelSteven: Why is that so funny?
Xcuube: im glad adam is having fun
ArchRequiemD: can you see if weapon is fightable
wildpeaks: share with the class
ContingentCat: katesLol
lirazel64: Graham, is anyone going to the P.O.? and are you open to getting stuff for Mail Time?
tenthtechpriest: adam found the thing
jameswanders: Adam found a jar, sounds slike
space_turbulence: God bless Adam
NightValien28: adam seems amused
Raiger: Did Adam just get the joke? lol
silenceaux: !shh
JadedCynic: some things never change
justwhatever_idk: Mideel the funniest thing
Foxmar320: Sounds like it
plummeting_sloth: its in the middle of madeal
Izandai: Sounds like this next episode is gonna be a good one.
1losttheGame: i love that mans laugh
MungoDude: skatem1LOL
ThoughtProt: wanna do squats?
Saphling: love it
NightValien28: hahahahha
quasi79fu: adams laugh is infectious
AllGoodDogs: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Aarek: seabatBRAIN
Foxmar320: This kills the Adam?
Boiler_bot: Yeah let's do some sidequest stuff
lochnessseammonster: got em
Morrigan9: or he's gone mad
JadedCynic: okay, I'm gonna be looking forward to that moment :D
Mathonwy: Adams laugh is so contagious.
RegulusPratus: "He said leyline! The fool!"
TXC2: Adam's laugh is the best
Zaghrog: There's a bunch of good items to be found and bought in Mideel
Jyggalag35: I hope adam doesnt realize we can hear him
YourDMJay: it's good he's having fun
ShDragon: Man I love Adam as a person so much. <3
NightValien28: damn it that caught me off guard
wargodmogis: I cound't hear him talking, but i can hear him laughing
ThoughtProt: at the wallmarket gym!
rogerivany: I'm looking forward to the next Sidewalk slam
xxdagamerchixxx: lol
corpocracy: Adam laughing give me energy!
jonnykefka: where's the guide?
Twinklebees: I don't think there's actually anything to do til you get cloud back
Mathonwy: Nooo!
DentedPockets: Is Adam Santa?
Didero: Does the guide not mention sidequests?
GapFiller: theres no sidequests right now
PhoenixMelior: Adam i love you
justwhatever_idk: Adam is Still Laughing
MungoDude: looks like some sorta sidequest slam
NightValien28: NOOOO
quasi79fu: so what is sooo funny for adam
JadedCynic: adam <3
ThoughtProt: at the wallmarket gym of course
jameswanders: I think all the side quests are locked until you reCloud
DotaProp: Wuati Yuffie Fights for Leviathan?
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SidewinderSky: As someone who can't really JRPGs, it's been super interesting to see this game in particular through the eyes of someone who loves it so much, thanks Graham!
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Zalbaag: Did we beat the tower in Wutai?
Nenluen: if you have 4 enemy skill materia, you could do the wutai pagoda
ipoddodd: His laughing in the background is so funny
NightValien28: let us have his laughter
Mr_Horrible: I'm hearing a jovial trog king having a fun time in the background
mouseguin: Cheer50 for Adam laughing.
Bunoc1: can't wait to hear that joke.
Pedantically: Not much in the way of sidequests
GapFiller: theres literally nothing to do but go straight to Mideel
Gekyouryuu: huh. apparently the next Secret Lair is basic lands with Godzilla in the art
odamadillo: Dig up Midgar key in Bone village?
Saphling: bless adam and his contagious laugh
jonnykefka: and the game doesn't let you do much until you get cloud back
stormcooper256: some say that somewhere Adam is still laughing
Boiler_bot: You could get the Midgar Key from Bone Village?
PerpetualDM: Adam is precious!
xxdagamerchixxx: Get the ultimate weapon
RegulusPratus: I mean, there's chocobo breeding, power-leveling materia for Cosmo stuff, etc etc?
HMinnow: i dont think there is much special to do as Tifa sadly
PhoenixMelior: No pls the laughter gives me joy
RomanGoro: Can I ask that these laughter get clipped and used as punctuation on the next highlyight reel?
DotaProp: its such a shame
Goorguy: Why is this things shadow so small?
aerohydra: gotta get cloud back first
TXC2: an episode too big for one night? Kappa
Firnsarwen: that's one heck of a landing
YourDMJay: ddbGriff_TK
DotaProp: that this is ALL Tifa does as the leader
ipoddodd: I like that the propellers only spin when the airship moves
NightValien28: oh yeah ultima weapon should be around
jameswanders: Well, you can wander aimlessly around the map for hours, like most of us did back in the day
KCazduke: Hooray, Tifa party
Zaghrog: soon getting another cool piece of music
GapFiller: on the other hand might wanna spend some time leveling Cid up
Mr_Horrible: *Special Eyes voice* "MY DEEL!"
RobotHitchhiker: You could go fill some enemy skill materia
JadedCynic: @quasi79fu seems like he's found some GREAT imagery to go alongside of some of these more 'punchy' jokes (heck, didn't you spend TWO DAYS recording this monster?)
quasi79fu: they look like nightmares
GapFiller: just saying
space_turbulence: yeah honestly I'd be down woth more Adam laughter, makes things a little brighter
TheWarbo: Gekyouryuu have we gotten official announcement on that, or just the leak/fake from a completely unremarkable instagram account?
Mathonwy: It's just cruising for BJ's. Don't worry.
goatprince: ah, headhunters. my go-to for gil farming.
EvilBadman: How can all four of them be head of hunting? ?????/
Jyggalag35: Anyone enjoying a good morning drink?
cfpreston: aint no party like a tifa party
accountmadeforants: Headhunters! Get away before they start spamming you on LinkedIn!
Foxmar320: DED
DotaProp: I took the time to train everyone up to Clouds level
Foxmar320: foxmarFIRE
TheOldBadger: Fire3 aka exporosion?
Tomasu82: on the ps1 there was a glitch to land on the edge of that cliff and be put on the lower section to get the special materia there. but dont think it works on pc
plummeting_sloth: look, you can't be all the HEAD hunter. Someone needs to be the assistant hunter
MacSquizzy: Did Cid just give them the sign of the cross?
RomanGoro: Also, did you end the sWs episode by firing Beej to keep the projected profits or di you rcod it bfore wednesday?
jonnykefka: Firaga: for when you REALLY need to kill it with fire
Saphling: these guys are also a good source of ethers, iirc
karmakamikaze: Cid is one of my dream cosplays, if I can ever build up the confidence
Pedantically: @xxdagamerchixxx you literally can't until after Mideel. The boss to get it shows up in Mideel
KCazduke: You know, I kind of wonder why Cid uses polearms as a pilot
Saphling: yess
Pharmacistjudge: I miss Lit
Diabore: thundercats go\
YourDMJay: fire three, the third fire
Pharmacistjudge: and Lit2
GazzyW007: I love the -ra, -aga, -aja names
PendelSteven: Oh well
HMinnow: The new name for all bothers me tho
RegulusPratus: Ice3 All One Word
1losttheGame: cause polearms are SICK
tingglytoes: !uptime
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azureHaights: Fire, But Three Of Them
Crad0k: is it these guys or a recolour that's some of the best grinding outside of the final dungeon?
GapFiller: KCazduke Cid IS a dragoon
Foxmar320: Plot is about to happen?
Izandai: Fire 2: Electric Boogaloo
jameswanders: Caution. Incoming Plot.
JadedCynic: yeah.....that was a little....too 'programmer-variable-name'
Saphling: Yeah, you lose another party member for a while
RegulusPratus: Go say hi to the cabbage
GapFiller: yeh might wanna level up Cid
Zaghrog: it takes a bit before we get Cloud back yeah
AlphaHelixNZ: I always preferred the numbered names myself.
ArchRequiemD: Yeah this was the one game that really broke series continuity on spell names
HPBraincase: I love running around in the "forest" because it implies that Tifa is like... 2.5 trees tall. Its great
TXC2: Plot: the happening
jonnykefka: Yeah, getting Cid up to "usable" is not a bad idea
goatprince: mideel has several missables! make sure if you want them to get that ASAP.
Rustymagus: Ahh, these things! I remember fighting a ton of these to grind materia and levels
JadedCynic: the Grind is REAL (and not yet boring)
ReverseCreations: we effectively have like 3 story events I think it is
PendelSteven: @Izandai that would be Lightning 2: Electric Boogallo
TheWarbo: 2.5 trees :-D
Lordofironstorm: I prefer the Fire-Fira-Firaga name scheme by a lot
mercano82: In the NES Final Fantasies, there was a four character limits on spell names, so it was FIRE, FIR2, and FIR3.
RobotHitchhiker: Go manipulated for enemy skills?
Izandai: @PendelSteven That would be Thunder 2: Electric Boogaloo
nemryn: @KCazduke Space flight is just like jumping really high, right?
DotaProp: you drop off Tifa, go getThe HUGE MATERIA then come back and its story time pt2
jonnykefka: He's level 40, what level is everyone else?
YourDMJay: do we need cid to be decent later?
EvilBadman: Foie-Gifoie-Rafoie system. Wait, what game? Kappa
RegulusPratus: FIR3 sounds pretty l33t
YourDMJay: i forgot this part entirely
plummeting_sloth: just start cramming experience cigs down Cid's throat
StewartRWyatt: I finished the Remake this week, and holy hell now I just want the next part to come out.
Porsgaard81: Where *is* Cloud?
jonnykefka: White Wind
Mathonwy: That sounds... Tedious.
GapFiller: altho theres not actually that much to The Adentures of Bow Legged Man
GapFiller: just Corel and Fort Condor iirc
KCazduke: Yeah, it's almost like not swapping out party members and keeping them all at the same level can backfire on you, right?
YourDMJay: cloud got controlled by sephiroth
ghostvalv: FIR3 sounds BALR
YourDMJay: and now he's disappeared
GapFiller: Porsgaard81 in Mideel
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Furvias: Glad you all are going strong, I'm working on my screen perfect Gus from Qwerpline cosplay.
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Pedantically: Either here or the hallway in Junon are the best grind spots RN
Robot_Bones: White wind outside of Junon
TheFaceofCho: JAMP
YourDMJay: when sephiroth exploded the crater
DotaProp: Mideel is good. also Wutai gets you a lot of Phoenix Doens and X-Potions
GazzyW007: Enemy skills are cool, but not all that necessary
Mathonwy: K...
corpocracy: It's kinda wild to see Cid use a cigarette in a video game. I feel like that wouldn't fly nowadays
PendelSteven: Blizzara?
justwhatever_idk: doink
JadedCynic: yeah, it's like old hands like myself STILL trying to break ourselves of the '8-digit ALLCAPS filenames' :P
Mathonwy: Thanks Cid.
Saphling: these guys are good for dropping Ethers
Baldrash: About as disappointing as the animation.
TristanGalahad: tanky boys
TheThromborax: Cid being a main character feels so strange
Porsgaard81: Oh, that sounds bad.
Foxmar320: Cid tried
GapFiller: corpocracy The Nineties
HMinnow: in the grass by fort condor. broken healing spell
Arranon: So the FFVII victory fanfare is my phone ringer. At the end of every fight I look at my phone. Someday I'll learn.
ReverseCreations: @corpocracy Just wait til Cid in the remake to update him he now Vapes.
Orlantia: I, for one, cannot wait for Graham to become
justwhatever_idk: Cid just kind of crtl+v'd himself toward that enemy
frenzyfivefour: loldrg
GazzyW007: White Wind is the only E.Skill that I'd think is useful enough to get
Izandai: Prediction: Cid will have a vape pen in the remake. Kappa
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DotaProp: White wind is V Good
ArchRequiemD: I wish Dragoons stayed useful as the series went on.
Saphling: big bird
HMinnow: big bird
MacSquizzy: Make sure all thre characters have the materia
corpocracy: @izandai hah!
red_shoes_jeff: Does everyone in the party have E Skill?
Boiler_bot: They look like big Bird-Bears
KCazduke: I don't get why airships can only land on grass
GapFiller: Izandai idunno waping is already getting kinda passe
Mathonwy: Stupid dimir flash deck needing 26 rares...
jonnykefka: Zemzellett, big lrrEFF-off bird thing
GapFiller: Izandai maybe theyll make him a weed guy
DotaProp: Heals All equal to current HP of caster and cures a bunch of status ailments
quasi79fu: mainpulate sounds cool
YourDMJay: wow 16 materia
GazzyW007: @Izandai old man Cid complains about ecigs as an anologue man
Mathonwy: Sorry, building while watching this.
YourDMJay: Owlbears!
Foxmar320: Bird bear?
Foxmar320: OIC
jameswanders: Triple-B
EvilBadman: big bird bears doing thangs
HunterLionheart: Oh Zemzellet? White wind hero?
Jyggalag35: oo owlbears
Diabore: thats a swole bear
Alsritt: OWLBEAR
Izandai: @GapFiller Cid with a blunt would also be pretty hilarious.
TristanGalahad: A distant relation to the bugbear
YourDMJay: HOOT GROWL!! (hoot growl!)
goatprince: white wind is... fine, guys. it's great on dedicated blue mages as a white mage alternative.
quasi79fu: welp that was easy
justwhatever_idk: Demands Hug
GapFiller: Bad Seed
TXC2: so we're getting into a situation with an owlbear?
HMinnow: oh and there is one sidequest you could probably do if you wanted. Theres the Wutai Pagoda
LordShadner: you also have an Acc. to help manip. if needed
Izandai: @GapFiller He's just still a massive grouch despite the weed. katesLol
YourDMJay: HOOT growl HOOT growl
EvilBadman: @RayFK Slow work day there too, eh?
RayFK: Shhhhh
YourDMJay: any dimension 20 fans? no? just me?
Izandai: @GazzyW007 Yeah, that's more likely.
Foxmar320: wow nice
accountmadeforants: Izandai a vape pen that looks like a Saturn V rocket
TheThromborax: well that was remarkably easy
DotaProp: weird
UnknownGerm: neat!
PendelSteven: yay
GapFiller: Izandai theres only so many edges weed can take off
jonnykefka: It did, it was just hidden behind the dude
TheWarbo: I enjoy that Jordan got here like 5 minutes after the shop that literally sells nuts.
TheWarbo: Excellent timing.
goatprince: i love when Red 13 does the cool spin.
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sjard42: just started this on the vods
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DotaProp: attack itself
Rustymagus: It's flying, so they can't reach it
ArchRequiemD: use white wind
Crad0k: attack itself
Mr_Horrible: but it's butt is *right there*!
PendelSteven: Blizzara
Foxmar320: DED
BusTed: splorp
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: oofa
GapFiller: DED
karmakamikaze: Cid is a dragoon, a flying enemy shouldn't stop him : (
Saphling: blizza-Gah!
GapFiller: just ded
justwhatever_idk: It's like two feet in the air Cid, I've seen you jump eight before
MacSquizzy: I think you got him
Alsritt: Blizzaza
Goorguy: well that was efficient
Rustymagus: @karmakamikaze Agreed! He should be able to Jump that
Mathonwy: I am tired. I need more coffee.
TheThromborax: if you level up enemy skill materia enough for it to split, do you have to re-learn all of the skills? Are they materia-specific or across the whole playthrough?
PendelSteven: handy dandy
Rustymagus: @TheThromborax They're Materia-specific
LordShadner: if my memmery is right white wind heal you for how much hp the user has at the time
TristanGalahad: @Mathonwy I feel that on a spiritual level
Lightningbro: Yo, just got here, what'd I miss?
AlphaHelixNZ: Enemy skill materia doesn’t split.
accountmadeforants: Pft, they really dumbed down Ice 3. Ice 2 is still where it's at for the hardcore Ice fans.
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Jhoiraful_Chaos: I'm on my first playthrough and have been enjoying the vods as I work my way through the story
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YourDMJay: don't forget you have the manipulate item that boosts the chance of manipulate working too
KCazduke: That was a surprising comet
Izandai: At least Cid only being able to leap 20 feet when doing a limit break makes more sense than Cloud only being able to leap 40 feet in cutscenes.
YourDMJay: so really it's a breeze from here on
LordShadner: wow I messed that sentence up
Orlantia: comet. it's meteor, but cute
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Galbally: 13 months that's almost a year
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Gekyouryuu: ffs, my internet is going nuts. it SAYS I'm connected, but images on pages and this stream both are stuck in the "there is a swirling circle until we decide it's loaded" phase
Mathonwy: I still have to work tonight. Friday night at a restaurant that now does delivery.... It's gonna suck so much.
TristanGalahad: @Orlantia Chibi-meteor!
justwhatever_idk: @Orlantia Cuteor
TXC2: Comets are ice, meteors are rock and metal
voydesoul: @what's up @loadingreadyrun hows the stream
YourDMJay: mini-teor
Jyggalag35: that sucks @Mathonwy :/
goatprince: did you ever play ff8 Graham? Quistis doing blue magic was always comedic. (she pukes on enemies.)
Mathonwy: And our state hasn't issued a stay-at-home order. So, we get to be disease vecotrs.
RayFK: Graham, I only watch this for the plot Kappa
TXC2: stay strong Mathonwy
red_shoes_jeff: Okay but.... of all the places to fire missiles FROM... WHY do they all launch out of the butt?
HMinnow: Enemy skill is such an interesting time. Especially when they only give you access to a bunch of them right at the end game where they are shit
bwk789: change up manip materia
togashinaruta: @Gekyouryuu i was getting that a lot last night - i think its backbone related
YourDMJay: can't believe red 13 called these guys betas and killed them..
thetoastmonster: I recognised Snake from Simpsons there. "Oh no, Beta!"
Orlantia: beta testing complete...
northos: you can't use enemy skills on yourself in order to learn them on the newer materia right?
Vyous: Did you ever reach the twist?
GapFiller: thought occurs we are actually surprisingly close to the endgame
odamadillo: I remember grinding here to master my materia because they give good ap.
GapFiller: not THAT close obvs but still closer to the end than the beginning
lirazel64: Sooo... when did the world of FFVII merge with Ikoria?
TristanGalahad: @Mathonwy My state's under stay at home order too. Thank god we stocked up on coffee before it
PendelSteven: There's actually a fair chance I don't have to work tomorrow - normally I do work on saturdays
HPBraincase: They're like giant roly polys!
YourDMJay: do these turn into mothra if you take too long?
BusTed: Bleem.
AlphaHelixNZ: You can buy some sweet materia in Mideel IIRC.
EvilBadman: FF8, the /other/ thing that released on 9.9.99
ShDragon: Bleem?
SquareDotCube: Bleem1?
HPBraincase: PSEmu?
Morrigan9: epsxe?
mercano82: Bleem?
adi_pie: PCSX2?
GapFiller: PSX2
Wrexadecimal: Oh man, bleem!?
Dared00: Bleem!
MungoDude: ePSXe?
leebenningfield: the other one was Virtual Game Station?
SirTrae: I would play FF8 when I finish my FF7 run, but the Remastered Xenoblade Chronicles is coming out soon, so I'll be doing that first
Foxmar320: There are so many PS1 emulators
AntiCrepuscular: team naptime!
adi_pie: God, I remember all these emulators.
Orlantia: erry body have a nap
goatprince: you keep saying bleem? are you having a stroke
PendelSteven: No, for me I will join team dinnertime
Mal2mad: nah, ePSXe worked.
goatprince: oh nooooo!!!!
JadedCynic: Bleem! "there's a name I haven't heard in a LOOONG time...."
KCazduke: So in the new FF7 Remake, occasionally Barret will sing the Victory jingle in his deep voice and it's just PERFECTION.
Izandai: Oh fun!
Pteraspidomorphi: epsxe worked fine
Mathonwy: Oh no...
GazzyW007: biggs too powerful
GapFiller: Round Call: what was YOUR PS1 emulator of choice?
1losttheGame: lul
PendelSteven: Have fun! Good luck! Later!
Lightningbro: Oh yeah, PSX emulation has gotten better since then.
TheWriterAleph: "i cast CTD"
unremitting: Dear Graham : How is the remake sound track treating you?
GapFiller: mine tended to be PCX2
red_shoes_jeff: He cast a spell that KILLED THE GAME!
Crad0k: i had the PC version, which meant i had chocobo land, which meant i could break the game *EVEN MORE*
EvilBadman: A PS1, then a PS@, Gapfiller
Boiler_bot: Time for sadness
EvilBadman: PS2*
theinvisiblevoice: I beat ffx and the cinematic locked immediately. never watched it
Radyin: I had Connectix Virtual Game Station. Played IX on it. It did not work well.
Wrexadecimal: The remake OST is so gooooood
Saphling: Under the Rotten Pizza
Saphling: is amaaaazing
peejeeful: yep
TheWarbo: Underneath the Rotting Pizza so good
jonnykefka: it's so, so incredibly good
GapFiller: Rotting Piza yeh
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you actually buy the soundtrack without ordering a stack of physical CDs from Japan?
TristanGalahad: soooooooo good
Foxmar320: Oh yeah! Its amazing
Pteraspidomorphi: I didn't find a way
goatprince: it slaps! that pizza slaps!
Orlantia: is it banger alert?
KCazduke: I'm really, really enjoying all of the Chocobo Remixes
HMinnow: Under the rotten pizza, yeah
Wrexadecimal: They went lrrHAM on the OST
TheBloodsparrow: They made the victory music a tango I LOVE IT
StewartRWyatt: All the Turk tracks slap
jonnykefka: the soundtrack is like 70% amazing and 30% basically fine
DevInsanity: The remake soundtrack forced me to adjust the sound setup of my PS4.
Meltalar: kenohki is doing a FF VI replay. at least he started it yesterday
NightValien28: they all bangers it is a shame I cannot find a place to buy it
Pedantically: Weapon shop here has good stuff
Izandai: The remixes are spectacular.
KCazduke: Hip Hop de Chocobo, Electric de Chocobo...
t3h_f1gm3nt: OMFG YES G! I literally stopped playing for a solid couple of minutes and just listend to Under the Rotting Pizza for a full iteration when it started up in the remake
rainbowbatsuit: I think it's called Hollowed Skies in the remake?
Wrexadecimal: There's a really awesome remix of those who fight that you hear at a certain point and I love it
UnknownGerm: AS it turns out, Nobou Uematsu knew what he was doing
Jyggalag35: Any negatives about the remake that stands out for you? @LoadingReadyRun
jameswanders: Is Mideel the last city/town in the game?
voydesoul: @loadingreadyrun remake needed an optional mode for Cloud to say balls to it and shack up with Jessie
goatprince: (the contain materia is here and imminently missable)
Nigouki: M'deel
GazzyW007: Oh no its florida
plummeting_sloth: So, what's Your Deal in Mideel?
Saphling: The Gold Saucer track from the remake is just as much of an earworm as expected
ipoddodd: I too am a fellow old person
sivakrytos: some of that is cuz the original ones are really strong
TheBloodsparrow: wow
Lordofironstorm: And of course Cloud misses the Hot Springs Episode
DotaProp: time to get best Tifa Accessory and one of the best Magic Materia
jameswanders: Does Mideel not have... sky?
Orlantia: there is a cannon
NightValien28: look up my dude
Saphling: niiiiice and quiet. and he's three days from retirement
plummeting_sloth: What's Mideel you say? Oh, taking it easy I guess
dialMforMara: Onsen episode!
DiscordianTokkan: Babby chocobo!
accountmadeforants: A mini chocobo!
dudecon: Have you looked... up recently?
t3h_f1gm3nt: CHOCOBO CHICK!
TristanGalahad: BABY CHOCOBO!
1losttheGame: sir, have you looked at the sky?
AntiCrepuscular: chickobo!
peejeeful: crack?
GapFiller: on the one hand the Remake soundtrack is on Spotify
tenthtechpriest: TINY BABBY
KCazduke: Wait it's Karen
nemryn: are you okay, ma'am?
GapFiller: on the other hand Fuck Spotify
Boiler_bot: Oh no
DotaProp: give that Chocobo a treat!
Foxmar320: Wow this lady is on Haste 3
pickles_mcelden: scratch that chocobo
starlitdiscord: BABY
UnknownGerm: that's a chicken
KingJimmeh: I was on the fence about seeing the Distant Worlds for just the FFVII Remake OST but after hearing it, I definitely want a ticket to the London show.
Orlantia: I want it!!!!
sareged: do you have a memmet green?
HMinnow: I would recommend talking to the doomsday prepper in each store
DevInsanity: Quick! Hide the toilet roll
Manae: I'm not the biggest fan of the Those Who Fight Further remake. Just a bit too busy and you lose the old parts
sir_jack_DB: "hello cash!"
BlueMechanic: Hotsprings? Is this the Onsen episode?
quasi79fu: the music amazing lol
BusTed: I feel like doomsday prepping is a little more acceptable when there's a literal giant meteor on the horizon.
DeadGunner: Ain't that just a chicken?
space_turbulence: yeah how much TP do they have?
AntiCrepuscular: pet the chocobo!
YourDMJay: weird npc dialogue
sivakrytos: how will supplies help you if everyone dies?
masterfrog316: behind the ear? talk to chocobo you'll understand?
RobotInProgress: cocaine is a hell of a drug
HisEvilDomain: ^^^
JadedCynic: I thought Tifa's last name was Lockhart, not Cash...
KCazduke: I don't understand how using a tent once means you can't use it again
DotaProp: give it greens
Foxmar320: :(
Rustymagus: WARK
Saphling: yet
AntiCrepuscular: :(
KingJimmeh: I think they need to use their own stock of Tranqs
goatprince: you need greens!
YourDMJay: this was one of the translator's 60 hour weeks where they had nothing left to give
justwhatever_idk: "We've ran out of all the food!!!" "What??" "Just Kidding"
Booklegend: Why did we get mairo cart 64 music all of a sudden
TristanGalahad: I imagine she talks like an Okami character
northos: cannot pet ye 'bo
DotaProp: if you haave some, then scratch its ears
GapFiller: lrrAWW
AugmentingPath: So this is, what , the ninth resort town we've been to?
Lightningbro: I seriously am always amazed that Chocobo's are SO small when they're chicks.
CastleOtranto: Why can ye not pet ye chocobo?
dslucia: you can, you just have to aim yourself right
Robot_Bones: You need to give it mimett greens to pet it
ipoddodd: At what point is a chocobo just a chicken?
drfox17: wait, so we get Tifa in control of the team.... for a hot springs episode!? Square....,
quasi79fu: earthquakes?
GazzyW007: lrrHORN
UnknownGerm: MOOD
NathanJay_GA: ye cannot get ye chocobo
user_with_name17: best chocobo song. Moonbowmusic on youtube does a great cover with a fiddling rabbit
NojhLivic: What's with that girl in the blue dress? She freaking out?
sivakrytos: @AugmentingPath only the fourth i think
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mynameisfourteen: Dear Tifa,How do you fight with Boxing Gloves on your hands?
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ThoughtProt: chadley confuses me
dslucia: oh yeah, you do need the mimett greens though
LocalTrey: think ya need greens from the sage to give to the little guy
HMinnow: There are SO many hipster dressed background character.
AlphaHelixNZ: The baby chocobos in FFXV really, really look like chickens.
thetoastmonster: is that Chun-Li
KingJimmeh: The lack of interesting outfits for the bg characters in Remake is my one letdown
goatprince: you need a mimmett greens for the chocobo.
Saphling: Contain materia!
sareged: a materia
Nenluen: mimmet greens, and yes a materia
AntiCrepuscular: shrug... shrug... shrug...
DotaProp: Contain Materia, its V Good
KCazduke: I think y ou get materia?
Robot_Bones: need mimmet greens
Zaghrog: It's a pretty cool materia actually
NojhLivic: Oooh she's advertising
Boiler_bot: Contain Materia, it's awesome
Robot_Bones: you get materia
plummeting_sloth: does... this hot spring fight off pirates with those cannons
Saphling: mimmett greens and scratch behind it's ears, and you get a great materia
Foxmar320: Nice sales pitch
Mathonwy: Chun-Li gots the big mood....
TheWarbo: i...i don't think that last part was supposed to be in a barker kind of voice
starlitdiscord: o h
accountmadeforants: We have saleslady! And GUN!
JadedCynic: "I have no internal monologue!"
quasi79fu: wait how is that person in this store as well?
voydesoul: tifa has some nice cannons too!!!
theinvisiblevoice: You GET TO scritch the chocobo
justwhatever_idk: Chocobos Love Kush
justwhatever_idk: Weed Joke
VTMonster: some chair and tea
Pteraspidomorphi: "Love"
Mr_Horrible: Chocobos like cats, in that sense
TXC2: voydesoul settle down
NightValien28: weapons for charity
Dezufnocosem: arm cannon from goodwill
HMinnow: You should talk to the prepper in each store
TristanGalahad: yaaaaaaassssss
plummeting_sloth: Well, I see teh courage (is the arms), what's the love part
AntiCrepuscular: Oooh, is this the place with the secret door?
JadedCynic: Charity - best expressed with weapons
GapFiller: try the backdoor
Foxmar320: Time for a little shopping
GapFiller: its real funny
Zaghrog: not for long
Lordofironstorm: A crystal glove? Is Tifa Michael Jackson?
jameswanders: Now Clod is missing from your char screen too
northos: Vincent is gearing up for a round of PUBG lol
KCazduke: Crystal Gear is Dope as eff
Izandai: Dammit, why doesn't Barret get a Crystal Cannon?
goatprince: i LOVE partizan cheese!
stormcooper256: whew, passing off a weapons store as a charity store is impressive
azidbern95: name the Winchester Sam
VTMonster: partisanal weaponry
raven534: Party-san
Pedantically: Get one for whoever will replace Tifa
nemryn: @Izandai he gets an antimatter cannon instead!
Rustymagus: Love that banjo fill
DotaProp: there is a key to that door
Saphling: prepper lady is annoying
TristanGalahad: god Karen
RayFK: Vincent be dropping in Miramar?
TheWarbo: yeah that 3x3 grid of characters at the bottom is dropping like flies :-D
LordShadner: no armor?
stormcooper256: She's intense
plummeting_sloth: I want the Value Village of Gun Shops
NightValien28: karen chill the fuck out
GapFiller: Prepper Karen is funny
Izandai: @nemryn ...I have concerns.
Orgmastron: That character is too rwal
MungoDude: someone's had too much coffee it looks like
Lordofironstorm: *Rails a line of cocaines off the Chocobo's back*
Orgmastron: real*
KingJimmeh: I don't think that women needs weapons XD
Mathonwy: Vincent is boss... Get him up to spec.
Zaghrog: If we want the Mimett Greens, can we buy it here or do we need to go to the farm or the sage?
Robot_Bones: we are the crystal combs
Saphling: she's hoarding goods for when the crash comes, as it were
jonnykefka: double growth or +16 attack
HMinnow: Crystal weapons are real handy
UnknownGerm: I really do appreciate how Uematsu did different muscial styles for the chocobo theme in each of the games
goatprince: javelin is my go-to for cid laaaate into the game.
DotaProp: if you get the curse ring here Powersoul is better than EVERY other wepon tifa could possibly have
jonnykefka: HP absorb + summon = good
ElektroTal: run vincent or we're not friends anymore
Foxmar320: lol
Boiler_bot: YAY
Zaghrog: It's worth it
aerohydra: mimmett i think
Mathonwy: We want Vincent, Graham...
Robot_Bones: Mimett Greens!
northos: suddenly, side quest!
Foxmar320: Must feed chocobo child
Saphling: mimmett greens and scratch behind the ears
GapFiller: UnknownGerm yeh the Distant Worlds Chocobo medleies are alotta fun
p_johnston: is there any reason G isn't selling old weapons? I always dumped them as soon as i could.
TXC2: hello ElektroTal welcome
goatprince: you need to go to the chocobo sage to get the mimmet greens.
Jyggalag35: who wouldnt watn to talk to a chocobo
Saphling: mimmett greens
DotaProp: any i think
Boiler_bot: Mimmet
Zaghrog: specifically Mimett
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tetlanesh: Watching FF7 Remake content is making me consider buying into PS4. Your FF7 replay is not helping either :)
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DotaProp: Oh yeah its Mimmett
KCazduke: Graham, has you started Chocobo Breeding yet?
cfpreston: charity shop of peace and love, and guns!
Saphling: and scratch behind its ears
NightValien28: pstt kid, want some greens
goatprince: that chocobo chick wants to get greened out.
Mathonwy: They all died, because you didn't breed them!
Jorge4hg: give the chocobo the good stuff
plummeting_sloth: the silence of the Chocobos
godort: Chocobo breeding was such a slog
KCazduke: But...But...Knights of the Round materia. o.o
Lordofironstorm: Heh, nut
GapFiller: Chocobo breeding is honestly a pile
GapFiller: KCazduke not good enough
goatprince: you have to scratch behind the chocobo's ear.
GapFiller: not worth it
Pedantically: Cbocobos are gone to signify the stables are open for rent
masterfrog316: you can do it without racing,. it takes 25 mins
frenzyfivefour: Was one of my favorite things in this game
Robot_Bones: remember to scratch behind the ears
Goorguy: Do a flip!
TheWarbo: graham throwing up blue sparks
starlitdiscord: nyoooom
Boiler_bot: NEEEOW
Mathonwy: Midgar Drift!
frenzyfivefour: It probably does go to long for the final on tho
Foxmar320: Yuffie is now super air sick
Manae: Yuffie is HATING you right now
The_FlyingDutchman: so zoomy
northos: bet Yuffie's having a great time with that
Jyggalag35: drriiffft doooowwwn
p_johnston: fair. makes sense to minimize the shopping in stream.
Lightningbro: The chocobos are secretly the real thing summoning Meteor, the Black Meteria is just a REALLY powerful Manipulate Materia. I kid of course but in many FFs Chocobo's CAN cast Meteor.
YourDMJay: oh wow they have additive speed?
YourDMJay: the classic blunder
TXC2: turned so hard my screen froze :P
ElektroTal: i love flying the airship close to the water
KidAmn: DEJA VU, I've just been in this place before
KCazduke: What about fighting all of the Weapons?
TristanGalahad: @GapFiller Their's a way to breed a gold chocobo in like...15 minutes ish? it's 100% a cheese but that grind is awful
Leonhart321: Do a Barrel Roll
DotaProp: Behind the ears!
mouseguin: Ha. Turned around.
Saphling: Ears!
HMinnow: there is a third store as well
plummeting_sloth: Yuffie is following along on foot
nemryn: Yuffie had to steal other people's lunches just so she could lose them
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RinaInTheRain: Hey Graham. Please say hello to future me as I watch this back on the twitch VOD later.
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Robot_Bones: scratch behind ears
Foxmar320: YESSSSS
Dezufnocosem: CanYouPetTheChocobo
goatprince: ear ear EAR
KCazduke: EAR
PaperDoopliss: Choices and consequences
Boiler_bot: His ears
DotaProp: its his ears
TheFaceofCho: sir
The_FlyingDutchman: hmmmmm
TheWarbo: best dialog ever
Telarra_: uhhh
circusofkirkus: BELLY BUTTON?
GapFiller: EARS
Saphling: Good luck
kamelion84: katesLol katesLol katesLol katesLol
Robot_Bones: ear ear ear
NightValien28: so many questions
Lordofironstorm: Chocobos have ears?
drfox17: "I puked out my lunch. And my breakfast. And my dinner. And the materia i had saved up. TIFA YOU'RE THE WORST" - Yuffe
DiscordianTokkan: That's not a belly button
goatprince: yes, that's weird.
The_FlyingDutchman: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That's not how you wear that.
DotaProp: ok
Tarnius: Oh my god, imagine how cute Chocobo babies will look in the remake.
TheWriterAleph: belly button? EXCUSE ME?
Izandai: Hang on
circusofkirkus: no...
RothonWylar: birst don't have belly buttons\
mrMorphius: If it hatches from an egg..
AntiCrepuscular: "ARMS"?! chocobo's don't have ARMS!
mtvcdm: You can pet the chocobo in Final Fantasy VII
1losttheGame: no
Izandai: No they don't
VTMonster: no
starlitdiscord: uhh
l0gin4me: no
goatprince: (no)
TXC2: they sure don;t
ipoddodd: The parent doesn't hve an umbilical cord?
asthanius: no
NightValien28: no
DotaProp: NOPE, sure dont
UnknownGerm: sure don't
KCazduke: Wait birds don't have navels
Saphling: nope
Zaghrog: we might have to guy more greens if we miss this
TwitchTVsFrank: no
Mathonwy: Don't they come from an egg? How they got a belly button with no umbilical?
Izandai: Only mammals do
asthanius: Only mammals
JaymicUnyielding: They SHOULDN'T
EvilBadman: No cords, no buttons
GazzyW007: chocobos might
LocalTrey: kinda?
YourDMJay: they come from eggs
Jyggalag35: i mean chocobos might..
ghostvalv: :/
TheWriterAleph: they definitely do NOT
snowcookies: Chocobos come from eggs right?
space_turbulence: doubtful
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Only placental mammals do.
Orlantia: chocobos don't lay eggs
JadedCynic: wait, what?
Genie_M: sure, chocobos are mammals
Vanbael: what do you think they are, mammals?!
RothonWylar: unles its a live birth bird
goatprince: doesn't have arms either!
DiscordianTokkan: Cloacas are NOT Belly Buttons, game
ceiran_91: You did say you weren't interested in chocobo breeding, so...
Zaghrog: chocobos do come from eggs
HMinnow: I think chocobo are born live
DotaProp: unless Chocbos have Live birth?
TheWriterAleph: OR EARS
asthanius: Hojo did it
Lightningbro: No, they aren't mammals. But do birds have ears?
andysoo89: Are chocobos mammals?
TMLTurby: Dragon Whelp does
Izandai: Square I have questions
baskwalla: Maybe Chocobos are mamals
dudecon: it's the mako energy
Foxmar320: oh nice
cfpreston: birds dont have arms technically
NojhLivic: I mean they don't have arms either. They have wings.
Lordofironstorm: Fake Chocobo!
peejeeful: maybe revers platapus
plummeting_sloth: Also ear is kind of a stretch
TXC2: "birds don't have belly buttons" "what did you just see Lisa?"
northos: ooooooh Flare
Manae: Why do so many chocobo run around with materia?
RegulusPratus: Flare!
Saphling: it's super powerful at this stage
Zaghrog: the name is weird yeah
space_turbulence: Bird is secretly dog
quasi79fu: what does contain do?
Fire_Summoner: Different universe different biology
bob_baggins: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 52:12.
Crad0k: break is great
KCazduke: WAit, you sure you want Tifa to have the materia?
geldaran: they have ear holes, and the wings ar e biologically specialized arms.
dudecon: Mako energy means every animal has bellybuttons now. Humans have two!
Mr_Horrible: I like that "Contain" has "Flare". Like, yeah, that definitely "contains"
KCazduke: Don't you lose her soon?
DotaProp: there is a creaky floorboard on the upper level at the left
Orlantia: chocobos have umbilicals
Pedantically: 3 levels of various containment spells and then F L A R E
pickles_mcelden: behind the holes on the side of the head?
niccus: birds do sort of have a belly button since it's their connection to the yolk within the egg, it doesn't form anything really visible though
Pintyhet: Birds do have little belly scars from their connection to the yolk sac.
Orlantia: it's cannon now
Zaghrog: Time for "Off the Edge of Despair"
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's Zack!
NojhLivic: Pokey headed. His hair is still pokey headed after being drowned?
Lordofironstorm: Huh, must be someone else
tenthtechpriest: IT'S ZACK
AlphaHelixNZ: I mean, there are reptiles that give birth to live young so... *shrug*
GazzyW007: that's GOTTA be kane
MungoDude: I found this: "Inside a bird's egg there is a tiny cord that connects the developing embryo to the yolk sac. When the egg cracks open, the hatchling does in fact have a miniscule residual scar where the cord was. As the nestling grows up, the scar fades. It's pretty much invisible by the time the bird takes its first giant step from the nest."
DotaProp: Doggo is V Cute
sivakrytos: contain has one of very few wind elemental spells
l0gin4me: Blue eyes are cloud's most distinctive feature
Leonhart321: We found Sephiroth?
Foxmar320: Those special eyes
Lightningbro: Wait, what? Blue Eyes? But Soldiers have green eyes I thought?
TheWriterAleph: "spiky haired protagonist-looking guy? that could be ANYBODY"
RegulusPratus: Some kinda pallette-swapped Zack cosplayer
Saphling: poor spiky-headed thing
Lordofironstorm: TO be fair, it is a dog
Mathonwy: Nope.
plummeting_sloth: But Tifa that dog still has his hopes up
quasi79fu: what if its not cloud though
karmakamikaze: It's Zak
Orlantia: sephiroth got a hair cut?!?!
red_shoes_jeff: Be fair, Gra lrrHAM Spiky hair and big swords must be pretty common around here.
Mr_Horrible: the sword obviously was his driftwood subsititute to cling to
Mathonwy: "Clinic"
GapFiller: uh oh clinic
plummeting_sloth: In case of an emergency, your Buster sword can also act as a flotation device
GapFiller: that sounds bad
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro different cultures distinguish colors differently, its a weird things were just learning more about
TheWarbo: "Halt"
The_FlyingDutchman: turns GOKU
TheFaceofCho: hAlT
Pandax0: HEEL
Izandai: @Mr_Horrible This implies that the Buster Sword is less dense than water.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: love how remake Red XIII still looks "90s Rad"
Gekyouryuu: look, @LoadingReadyRun , we know Zack also had spikey hair and a long sword. those aren't exactly unique traits in this world.
rogerivany: The sword was a flotation device
AdamYMHMI: Definitely not the organ harvesting factory.
plummeting_sloth: Hey, too soon!
Izandai: uh
Izandai: too soon
ceiran_91: turns out, the Buster Sword is surprisingly buoyant
Saphling: "What's a friend?"
Mathonwy: I don't undrestand friend.
Foxmar320: I love the doctors face.
TheWriterAleph: "he's over there motorboating my nurse"
accountmadeforants: His mouth is trying to escape the mod!
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, patient number 00000001?
Lordofironstorm: Fuh-rend....
Lightningbro: @Jyggalag35 Fair point, I have heard how... mixed this translation is.
Boiler_bot: Free-ind
DiscordianTokkan: What Is... Frand?
Orlantia: sir, did you know you have a five head?
NojhLivic: I'm sorry, people who wash up from the sea have no friends.
Mr_Horrible: Izandai I mean, there's gotta be some trick to Cloud swinging it with his scrawny-ass arms :p
weff47: is this Dr. Nick?
RayFK: Jenova, search "friend"
Alahmnat: don't worry, he's doing terribly
nemryn: the only medical facility in the world
TheWarbo: "Don't worry. But his condition isn't good"
GapFiller: oh dear
quasi79fu cannot find the definition of friend
GapFiller: feels time
sivakrytos: you know, your ONLY PATIENT
AugmentingPath: Lightningbro green isn't really separate from blue in japanese, check out Blue-Green Distinction in Language on wikipedia
TristanGalahad: Graham needs to write every final fantasy script from now on
DotaProp: Cabbage Cloud!
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro oh yeah the translation was all done by one person so.. mixed results :D
starlitdiscord: oop
Zaghrog: "Off the Edge of Despair". A cheery name for a song
drfox17: is cloud now Christopher Pike?
KidAmn: Cloud looks like he got interrobanged a little too hard.
JRandomHacker: yeah he not great right now
Violentfrog: there is no cloud...only Zuul
drfox17: does he beep now
W4it: "safe"
NimrodXIV: oh they gave him the good painkillers
NojhLivic: Okay cloud, 420 isn't for another few days
asthanius: Goo gah!
The_FlyingDutchman: cloud may hvae hit his head a tad much
Saphling: This was something I really liked about the Remake, introducing the idea of Mako Poisoning early.
Orlantia: cloud is on morphine
Alsritt: mako is a helluva drug
pickles_mcelden: "oh do you mean the only person here? yeah that guy. "
ShDragon: He's like that guy you saw in the slums before!
quasi79fu: is he a zombie
Lordofironstorm: He's not in great shape, but he IS high off his ass on painkillers
TheWriterAleph: "staaaarrssss..."
asthanius: Re-Mako
Foxmar320: Ahhhh so he had a few to many drinks of mako.
ThoughtProt: all that drug you've shoved in him.
drfox17: the baffle plate rupture
peejeeful: ohno cloud will never dance, what will andrea rhodea say about this
AntiCrepuscular: caught yourself just in time there, G LUL
Lightningbro: @AugmentingPath Well, yes I know this, but a good Translator would translate it correctly as Green.
accountmadeforants: No... no, you were finally saying it right.
GapFiller: AugmentingPath Lightningbro yeh its a Far Eastern thing extedning outta a Chinese thing
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MousseFilledCat: Woo! FF7!
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plummeting_sloth: Marker poisoning. He's been sniffing to many markers
GapFiller: Tcheng
LordShadner: he's high on life (energy) Kappa
HunterLionheart: Maybe he treated Jessie's dad
Alahmnat: lol
Mathonwy: Literally???
NightValien28: its a good thing his whole personality is stored in the planet's cloud
quasi79fu: but he is in the room
Jyggalag35: literaaaly
Saphling: his spirit trapped between life and the lifestream
YourDMJay: XD
TheWriterAleph: he's a doctor, not a wordsmith!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: He's literally figuratively miles away from us.
TheWarbo: My brain is doing fine with how the remake says "Mako," but "Don Corneo" it just NOPEs out
dudecon: lol
Vanbael: this is his projection
MrBevers: He's streets ahead
NojhLivic: I think the doctor is high too
Evochron13: sadly the change to the word literally makes that a valid sentence now....
Tarnius: Okay doctor.
TXC2: Wymoing then?
JadedCynic: so, wait, is that gonna happen to the REST of us too?
AdamYMHMI: "We've had glowing reviews for our Mako treatment center."
ghostvalv: ease up on the Maudlin
AugmentingPath: Lightningbro yep, that would definitely be the case if a good translator had been involved in this project :-D
TheWriterAleph: doc's projecting hard
Alahmnat: this guy's get horrible bedside manner
Nydestroyer: I feel like this doctor needs a name
Pteraspidomorphi: Is there nothing he can take??
Violentfrog: dr spaceman
Mathonwy: Darkness! Imprisoning me! All that I see!
ipoddodd: What... Is Red XIII?
Sergue_Thorien: The commentary is excellent
RegulusPratus: You know what this man needs? Some more Mako. Cure3!
JadedCynic: My soul tears a tiny bit every time someone misuses the word "LITERAL"/LITERALLY :(
TheOldBadger: Doggo
W4it: are those eyes or sunglasses on the doctor?
Jyggalag35: what is that squeking wheezing noise?
TXC2: red XIII is nanaki
Izandai: I like that no one questions the cat-dog.
sing_o_muse: a lab rat dog
GapFiller: ipoddodd dogcat isnt it obvs
space_turbulence: excuse me, I'm actually a doctor of philosophy
Alsritt: and then they had sex
DotaProp: Tifa gets a pillow
TXC2: Jyggalag35 ventilator
Zaghrog: This song is another one on the long list of impactful tunes from this game
drfox17: Tifa.... Suplex him. I'm sure i'll help
YourDMJay: I GOTTA BE HONEST. I love this doctor and every word he says.
Mathonwy: And then Tifa takes advantage of the situation.
Goorguy: This isn't Xenogears Alsritt
Foxmar320: They could have at least put him in a bed
starlitdiscord: is it suddenly night
Violentfrog: that posing was not thought through
Lordofironstorm: *all Cloud's hair falls out*
Jyggalag35: @TXC2 thats uh.. some ventilator
RothonWylar: this definitely could not be dubbed with adult themes .. noo sir....
Saphling: There is a Xenogears reference if you repeatedly talk to Cloud as Cid
RegulusPratus: Also, wait, yeah, you can buy the Restore Materia at the corner store, why are there doctors?
Foxmar320: Break times!
drfox17: Suplex this man, it will help
ipoddodd: Go1 Do the thing!
DiscordianTokkan: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Jyggalag35: lrrHORN
GapFiller: Brake Thyme!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
SignificantOtter: it good
AntiCrepuscular: are we getting ventilator squeaks forever? D:
The_FlyingDutchman: awkward pose too
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:17.
JadedCynic: ♫ there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me; is there any one at home?♫
quasi79fu: ok we will be here?
AugmentingPath: Lordofironstorm revealing that his head is, in fact, actually spiky underneath
Lightningbro: Aaand now we listen to the squeeking wheelchair... lovely.
accountmadeforants: The squeaky noise...
Jyggalag35: oh good the ventilator is squeaking
Mathonwy: Why is the ventilator squeking??? Why is he on a ventilator?
JadedCynic: mmmm, l'eau-l'eau!
W4it: next time on: "What is Tifa doing to Cloud?"
cardboardhorde: Hahaha! The squeaking
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RT @GabySpartz> The LRR “Post-Prerelease All Day Stream Thing” is going down tomorrow! | Last time I was on, I called Marshall’s Emrakul in his sealed pool - #rigged | This time, I think Graham’s gonna get Vivien 👀 🍃 | I can’t wait to hang out with you, @Graham_LRR, and @lsv, 9am PT! #sponsored 📷 || ⤵
Mathonwy: I have so many hospital based questions.
Dared00: squeak
peejeeful: yes the squeeek
The_FlyingDutchman: @AugmentingPath you mean cloud actually has a buzzcut?
plummeting_sloth: stupid cloud hogging all teh generators
Lordofironstorm: dodododododo
plummeting_sloth: er, ventilators
nemryn: @plummeting_sloth it's an easy typo to make
Lordofironstorm: I think that's a heart monitor, not a ventilator
Lightningbro: Oh! Or it could be an EKG! That'd make sense
user_with_name17: you would think working in that office they would fix the squeak after a day
Mathonwy: I love the squeak.
AlphaHelixNZ: That’s just his neck. Cloud has problems.
CarDoorTheGhostDeer: you can also just mute the audio??
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ExachixKitsune: Have fun with FFVII! I'm off to play FFXIV - which is like twice the FFVII?
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Oglops: Phew I'm finaly here
Mathonwy: EKG shouldn't have that aftersound... The one that sounds like rushing air...
Pedantically: Yo, how do I resub on mobile?
drfox17: that's cloud doing the Christopher Pike think
drfox17: he's beeping at tifa
Alsritt: that's the wheelchair
GapFiller: gotta record that squeak
Pedantically: NVM, found it
GapFiller: and make a noise track outta it
MekaSasquatch: is it ending or starting?
Jyggalag35: middle @MekaSasquatch
Lightningbro: @Mathonwy Remember this IS a game from the 90s, using sound effects effectively was.... not as much of a science as it is today.
Oglops: I can't believe I made it in time
MekaSasquatch: @Jyggalag35 so i was right on average
Anubis169: lrrSPOOP
GapFiller: evening Anubis
Jyggalag35: basically :D
Gekyouryuu: oh, sure, stream behaves and lets me watch when it's a break. -_-
Izandai: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:00:06.
Lordofironstorm: Beep
Mathonwy: I should go get my laundry and take a shower.
Anubis169: Where's Anubis?
PixelArtDragon: @Lightningbro I dunno, sound engineers were doing some pretty amazing things even in the 60's.
Anubis169: He owes me £10
drfox17: i must say, I am excited for tomorrow's stream
Jyggalag35: wait LSV is on this!?
Mathonwy: What's tomorrow's stream?
ExachixKitsune: The real Anubis was inside us all along
Jyggalag35: i did not know that
ExachixKitsune: specifically, inside Anubis169
drfox17: I wanna see if we can destroy Gabby's lands again
Anubis169: *HLORF*
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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Sarah_Serinde: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information:
shurtal: "Whenever Anubis' not on screen, all the other chat members should be asking, "where's Anubis?"
Lightningbro: @PixelArtDragon They were, yes, however sound effects in gaming OFTEN misreprisented things. There are so many games I love who the devs have talked about certain sound effects and I've had to go "That's not even remotely what that sounds like"
Jyggalag35: but why Anubis ?
TXC2: why not
Mathonwy: How Anubis?
Jyggalag35: but who Anubis ?
Anubis169 turns his audio alert off
Foxmar320: Anubis? Never heard of them
Lightningbro: But what Anubis? that's the real question
Mathonwy: The squeak will always find you Anubis...
PixelArtDragon: @Lightningbro That's true. Games were probably limited heavily in their sound budget to begin with. Plus, there's probably a lot of sound effect reuse to lower disk usage.
Mediocre_Man5: whence Anubis?
ContingentCat: Oo more Animal Crossing on Sunday
Izandai: Wherefore art thou Anubis?
PixelArtDragon: But how's Anubis?
Jyggalag35: wherefore art thou Anubis
drfox17: @ContingentCat I hope one day they visit Dancouver Island
Jyggalag35: damnit @Izandai
Foxmar320: Glad we could help with that :P
Izandai: ninja'd
Lightningbro: @PixelArtDragon Correctamundo!
ExachixKitsune: lrrHEART sergePrideLove Anubis169
Mathonwy: Anubis?
Mathonwy: Never heard of an Anubis.
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accountmadeforants: Anub's
ReynardWrecca: LRR is the constant constant in my life.
the_elkae: A new Anubis bis?
PixelArtDragon: A nu phone, who bis?
AlphaHelixNZ: @mathonwy Must be a typo. Clearly they’re just talking about an ibis.
Jyggalag35: A nub is ?
GapFiller: used to knw a guy w/ a dog called Anubis
Anubis169: manLOL
nemryn: what happened to the other one hundred sixty-eight Anubises?
GapFiller: everyone called the dog Newbie
azureHaights: Anutris, now with 50% more Anubis
Anubis169: nemryn: So fun fact, this is not a whole number
LordOfMalice: I am not the only one hearing this squeak right?
Firnsarwen: so I was out of the room when G went on pause... what is that squeaking? Is it a swing?
GapFiller: nemryn ever seen Jet Li The One?
drfox17: some kind of ventaltor or EKG
GapFiller: or The Highlander
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mikialice: Really been enjoying the playthrough Graham, thank you! What a blast from the past.
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Lightningbro: @LordOfMalice We're debating on if it's a Wheelchair, a Ventilator, or an EKG...
Firnsarwen: @drfox17 ahhhhh, makes sense, thanks!
shurtal: @LordOfMalice Correct, it's a sound in the game
nemryn: @GapFiller ah, I see
azureHaights: @LordOfMalice I legit thought it was a weirdly-sampled neigh when I came back, but yeah
drfox17: "hospital sounds"
the_elkae: What squeak? I hear none Kappa
ExachixKitsune: Oh are we in the hospital place
GapFiller: clearly Anubis169 killed all the Anubis's's's's to become the most Anubis of all
Jyggalag35: I always thought it was a mix of cloud's breathing and him rocking back and forth in the wheelchair
Anubis169: I'll give ya a hint, I had this name when I first got on IRC at age 6, and the 169 came later, it's just that IRC doesn't allow colons in your nickname ;)
Foxmar320: We are in the hospital place :P
quasi79fu looks for the squeaking mouse
LordOfMalice: Is this like one of them spooky haunted murder hospitals?
EvilBadman: If you play Animal Crossing, Graham tweeted out some patterns for the Woodcock 500 Hat and a LRR Hoodie last night, btw
peejeeful: clouds wheelchair contains a mouse
Foxmar320: Naaaa not a murder hospital. Yet...
ExachixKitsune: It's not a good hospital, but it's not a bad hospital. A really Mideel-of-the-road hospital
SpectralData: sweet, able sisters just opened shop
GapFiller: yknw a drop of WD40 (or the FFVII equivalent) wd do wonders here
Lightningbro: @LordOfMalice No, but Cloud's basically a vegetable at the moment.
RegulusPratus: Been like 10 minutes. Graham must have been eaten by a bear. That's the only possible explanation.
quasi79fu: man tha bed is creaking what the heck are they doing on it?
Jyggalag35: Makes sense to me
TXC2: or eaten a bear
GapFiller: mmm beatr
PixelArtDragon: I think it's more probably a shark
nemryn: I always thought this was Cloud's neck squeaking? Somehow?
accountmadeforants: Hm, I've assembled all the food I currently have the recipes for in Bloodstained. Guess I'll have to play the game proper again.
Jyggalag35: Possible both eaten and eaten by a bear
TXC2: and we're back
GapFiller: welcombe back G
Foxmar320: Im sure Graham could fight a bear if he had to
Orlantia: tifa is really trying to get him back
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ccwgtb: Thanks for doing this play through Graham! Have you ever heard the prog-rock version of the boss-fight music which the composer's own band, "The Black Mages" recorded?
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JadedCynic: that was fine, G
Foxmar320: oh welcome back
nemryn: because it's wobbling back and forth so much
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Graham! We were worried you and a bear got something to eat.
MungoDude: oh hey
quasi79fu: Squeeeeeak
PapertheUnicorn: oh my god, i just saw palmer in the remake. they made him such a goblin
Zaghrog: A cheery song for a cheery moment: "Off the Edge of Despair"
Jyggalag35: Oh good Graham did not get eatten by a bear
Alahmnat: happy aunt birthday
Wrexadecimal: Happy 60th to the aunt! :D
Oglops: This part made me cry a lot of times mgl
Oglops: ngl
PixelArtDragon: Your dear aunt Euphamia?
mouseguin: It wasn’t creepy at all.
ryuhimora: wrong button there G
AlphaHelixNZ: @nemryn I joke about it, but honestly same.
Foxmar320: Oh how nice
RegulusPratus: Oh, that's nice
justwhatever_idk: Hap Aunt
Joalni: lrrHEART
BusTed: Wholesome.
ArchRequiemD: That's nice
JadedCynic: cool! Hope you wished her happy birthday on behalf of all of us :D
Jyggalag35: <3
MyrddintheWizard: That's really sweet, Cheers
accountmadeforants: Cool! Surprised Skype survived that, though.
wiigamer1995: zhephzFine
rogerivany: Still could've did it on stream
Anubis169: A very flappy bathday!
sir_jack_DB: hap birf 2 aunt
quasi79fu: aww thats nice thing to do
Bluedevyl: @LoadingReadyRun we did that for my son yesterday and we're doing another for my father in law today
lochnessseammonster: aww sweet lrrHEART
jonnykefka: singing over videoconference is always such a shitshow
Thisbymaster: akward position
AlphaHelixNZ: D’aww that’s sweet.
ryuhimora: my stream just jumped back in time 30 seconds
Gekyouryuu: so, I got the FF7 remake yesterday. I'm two chapters in. did the reactor mission and made it to the train back to sector 7. it's a lot of fun so far
Foxmar320: LOL
drfox17: oh we've done like 80 person skypes
DragaFireHawk: Oh gawd XD
peejeeful: i really love the squeak part of the song
Alahmnat: lol wow
Crad0k: OH NO
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
Mr_Dirty: This Cloud's hair is way bigger than the new ones
TristanGalahad: ouch
Jyggalag35: wooooow
Orgmastron: OH NO
Linwey: Oh nooo
DragaFireHawk: I bet she loved every second of it though
accountmadeforants: And for your birthday: this cacophony!
Jyggalag35: but a very wholesome shitshow
iamkaiserbear: no family is safe from Guitar Guy
like_100_bears: oh dear
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Pedantically: Just "finished" my playthrough (I'll probably go back and beat Emerald); I'm really enjoying your take on the game.
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quasi79fu: the squeak drives me insane
lochnessseammonster: on the subject of aunts, i recently discovered my great grandmother's name was Euphemie
justwhatever_idk: Old Auntie: "Oh I love poly rhythms"
Foxmar320: Wall Market was amazing
JadedCynic: I bet she was laughing herself silly - give her some unique memories :)
MousseFilledCat: The wall market section has my favorite line in the whole remake
ryuhimora: @LoadingReadyRun my stream jumped back in time by 30 seconds so it looked like you came back then switched back to the commercial screen
togashinaruta: This is only a marker of how little time means to me now - it felt like you had only been gone for a few seconds
drfox17: @lochnessseammonster GOOD NEWS
accountmadeforants: I feel like you'd get... stuck? When you hit the MMO.
MousseFilledCat: "killed it, I know, moving on"
KingJimmeh: I might do FFVI next so for some retroness.
ExachixKitsune: uh also the mmo final fantasies will be a thing
ceiran_91: wait, on 3 or "3"
Lightningbro: I'm sorry, I didn't see that. I LOVE that joke. "To errship is human, to forgive is against company policy" I'm gonna use that.
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Spacecarl: Thanks for this playthrough. It's been lovely. Your voicework is choice
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rogerivany: Thanks
Evochron13: @LoadingReadyRun hi Graham, I sent you an email with respects to card kingdom giveaway and I got lrrGRAHAM in a whisper back; I presume that the email was received?
GapFiller: dunno why but every week my stream doesnt swtich back to video after the break
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LordShadner: So glad I've been getting all of these live. Keep up the great work Graham lrrHEART
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GapFiller: just audio
GapFiller: and I knw its just me no idea why
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:11:14.
dummy_thicc_materia: Graham's reaction was all I could ever hope for. Now back to my non-novelty account
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frenzyfivefour: Wrestling got me back into LRR
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Pedantically: Ruby is standard fair for me, since he can be stopped with Hades, he's pretty easy once you figure him out.
Saphling: it's amazing
GapFiller: oh man The Black Mages
GapFiller: so good
Bladinus: ^ yes
Lightningbro: The Black Mages and The Primals are gifts to humanity.
nemryn: Awww yeah, Black Mages
ReynardWrecca: Fine, everyone but.
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raven534: I've heard LRR got me back into wrestling
AlphaHelixNZ: I can’t remember if I ever beat Ruby and Emerald.
frenzyfivefour: Thanks SwE
UnknownGerm: I consider the black mages version the definitive version of still more fighting
frenzyfivefour: SwE
frenzyfivefour: Sws even
Jyggalag35: the black mages are great
raven534: Why does his neck need greasing?
KingJimmeh: That FFX Blitzball track is top notch metal XD
Saphling: we were thinking ventilator
red_shoes_jeff: I thought he was snoring.
Lordofironstorm: And that's the end of the game
sivakrytos: tifa you DEFINITELY did not believe in his memories earlier in the game
GapFiller: bit of WD40 wd do wonders there
DotaProp: I always interpreted as weelchair squeak
AugmentingPath: Really low res heart monitor?
DiscordianTokkan: sergeSqueak
thetoastmonster: Beetlejuice, is that you??
Bladinus: sergeSqueak
Izandai: I was thinking poorly-foleyed heart monitor.
LordShadner: maybe we will find out in chapter 7 Kappa
W4it: his brain is swelling with mako!
Lordofironstorm: That doesn't sound scientific
JadedCynic: are you saying Cloud isn't a normal human?
quasi79fu: mako knowledge?
Dezufnocosem: I told you not to dunk your brain in the knowledge pool dude, I warned you bro
samwonk: I'm telling my students you can get high on learning.
quasi79fu: n ot radiation?
LordOfMalice: This doctor is high as fuck
SK__Ren: Oh, well now you're being uplifting Doc
ShDragon: "professional"
ccwgtb: @UnknownGerm Agreed, I also like the alternate translation of "Those Who Fight Further".
mersharr: is he a real doctor?
Foxmar320: Good doctors voice G :P
accountmadeforants: "...see that great big meteor in the sky? That's a light! Ha ha."
Saphling: I did like the call-forward to Mako Poisoning, in the Remake
Lordofironstorm: knawledge
Diabore: "professional"
Tehbeard: Mako knowledge.... so Cloud knows Kung Fu now?
quasi79fu: i dont think this man is a doctor
red_shoes_jeff: Are you... THREATINING our comatose party leader?
p_johnston: i thought it was just to indicate clouds crazy. like weird background music.
ReverseCreations: So is Hojo?
TXC2: "doc Can I see your MD?" ""
TheWarbo: look medicine in this world necessarily involves things like "the Lifestream"
Diabore: good ol elipses
drfox17: " I suplex'd him back to health!"
AlphaHelixNZ: Wait. He had the knowledge of the Ancients dumped into his brain? Is this secretly Stargate?
Gekyouryuu: "Hope? more like... NOPE." -Cid, 1997
RegulusPratus: Says the medical professional to the ecoterrorist cell
Saphling: No Meteor, only Cloud
Alsritt: c'mon cid, just pull Cloud's plug already
accountmadeforants: Shhhh, only Cloud now.
TheWriterAleph: "we're getting married"
KingJimmeh: I think the squeek is Cloud's neck.
Lightningbro: Only Cloud, only cloud... only cloud...
ThoughtProt: Time for red13 advenutres?
Alahmnat: I think it's a pulse monitor
Saphling: Cid's over there asleep
silenceaux: Just. Cloud.
Zaghrog: Another opportunity to make an easy materia swap from Tifa, but I suppose Graham is going to do it the hard way...
plummeting_sloth: "WE should get back to the plot"
quasi79fu: oh no did you just leave Tifa?
Lightningbro: @Alahmnat EKG was what I agreed upon too.
HMinnow: I always assumed it was a ceiling fan
ZethRuss: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:15:10.
TXC2: what can WE do?
quasi79fu: does that mean we have to have Yuffie in party?
GapFiller: its time for The Adventures of Bow Legged Man
GapFiller: who is currently asleep
Dared00: Fandango
Laurreth: Cloud needs to git gud!
JadedCynic: There comes a time when every medical professional reaches the limits of their abilities and that of their profession's knowledge...and sometimes all you can offer someone is superstition-like 'hope' or 'faith'....and if that HELPS, where's the downside?
GapFiller: *Mr T intensifies
accountmadeforants: Cid's like "I don't believe in hope... wait... that means... Oh, I made myself sad. :( "
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BusTed: An'don'go hate smoke
rogerivany: Let's breed Chocobos
plummeting_sloth: it is i, Andogo
itsr67: adventure of the party of MANLY MEN
Foxmar320: YES!
Dared00: THERE IT IS
ElektroTal: andongo fears bombs
nemryn: Andongo dislikes smok
ThoughtProt: shut up cait sith....damn spy
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Alzharade: STAAAAAARK....evenin'.
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TheWarbo: oh right, cait sith's accent
Jyggalag35: LUL
TheWriterAleph: "can't wait to bomb some an'don'gos!"
Oglops: ecks dee
TXC2: "I can't wait to bonk the Andongos" Kappa
plummeting_sloth: so you're a spy and a terrible spy
Leonhart321: I'm sorry, I can't understand you over that hilarious regional accent
Saphling: hairflip
NojhLivic: Hehehe. Okay I like that dialog.
snowcookies: lol
drfox17: wait that's how he refers to them!?
Alsritt: gya ha ha and kya ha ha
TristanGalahad: Yes!!! The Palmer voice is coming!
Pedantically: LOVE that he calls them that
azureHaights: Those Rufus-legs did a thing
AntiCrepuscular: I love that Cait Sith uses their laughs to identify them :D
raven534: Three, we have too many chairs
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Foxmar320: 4. Solid Gold Toilets
GapFiller: o yeh Palmer is there too
SK__Ren: 3: ... 4: Profit
BusTed: slytqStonks slytqStonks slytqStonks
cdutson: snort
northos: no no, 3 ??? 4 Profit
mercano82: 3 is ???, 5 is profit.
Wrexadecimal: s t o n k s
sadboijamz: STONKS
ArcOfTheConclave: 3. ???
JadedCynic: no, G - 3 ???? and 4 PROFIT!
azureHaights: Complete. Global. Stonkulation.
snowcookies: thanks G
Izandai: Nonono, 3 is ????. 4 is Profit.
Orgmastron: STONKS
jessieimproved: 3. Profit
sing_o_muse: G R O FI T
plummeting_sloth: 4: Prophet
Oglops: o thought palmer died
samwonk: There's like four people in this conspiracy that meets in this massive conference room.
Oglops: amazing
DiscordianTokkan: slytqStonks slytqStonks slytqStonks
snowcookies: Hi Reeve
Saphling: Huuuuuuuuuuge
KingJimmeh: Its soo OTT and Final Fantasy, but I love Rufus' remake design.
Jarlax: wait, Palmer's still alive? I thought he died by getting hit by a truck
Lordofironstorm: HUGE
drfox17: we're sending bruce willis and a nuke!
Gekyouryuu: VASCULAR Materia
quasi79fu: Thicccc
Lightningbro: You mean.... @dummy_thicc_materia ?
mercano82: Thicc materria
plummeting_sloth: We're collecting absolutely units materia
Saphling: Special
Leonhart321: Thick, or THICC?
itsr67: H U G E materia
GapFiller: Dummy T H I C C Materia
nemryn: @Jarlax they had a spare
cdutson: she shimmies. it's what she does
PixelArtDragon: The Materia is too dummy thicc and keeps attracting the Sephiroth
Alahmnat: highly specific multiple
plummeting_sloth: This materia is Big big big, I and mean BIG big big
Diabore: wow, wonder what fire 330 looks like
samwonk: They compress the materia until it gets Huge.
Saphling: That's totally how you use materia
drfox17: um
Lordofironstorm: oh my
Jyggalag35: uhh
Dared00: the BITS
TheWriterAleph: wait a sec, i just saw this movie
snowcookies: bad plan?
quasi79fu: oh i get why they are called Kyaa haa haa and waaa haaa haaa
drfox17: to bits you say
Foxmar320: I don't think she has thought this through
l0gin4me: The solution to a super weapon is a bigger weapon
Milambus: yea, just put a nuke on it!
TXC2: why is she in a evening gown in this Businesses meeting?
HMinnow: i love that description of Hedegger and Heidegger
raven534: It already is bits
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Nothing can possi-bly go wrong.
RomanGoro: Do you have a better plan???
accountmadeforants: They're going by Telescope naming. "Extremely Large Materia", "30 Meter Materia", "Overwhelmingly Large Materia"
adi_pie: I love how Rufus is slowly realizing the massive idiots he's surrounded with.
plummeting_sloth: You're going to Dodge Ram Meteor
HMinnow: err scarlet
Furvias: #materiafanfic
BusTed: Corel Draw
AugmentingPath: Scarlet with the one million bits! Thanks so much Scarlet.
Dezufnocosem: just let Tifa punch meteor
thetoastmonster: Is Meteor a character? Is that why the name is capitalised, and they don't say "the meteor"?
Alahmnat: would you say this is Operation... Corel Draw?
Dared00: they can draw
Lightningbro: "Bash materia into meteor"... BRUH, JUST USE THE MATERIA. If they're huge they probably have some insane spells in 'em.
TheWriterAleph: CAAARL
Gekyouryuu: Corel, that KILLS people!
Zaghrog: Ah, time to see if we have to pay for Ultima
quasi79fu: carrrrrrl
goatprince: time to get the ultima materia!
Saphling: Cloud: *is shook*
Oglops: awww
quasi79fu: i didnt get that
PixelArtDragon: Um. TOS?
plummeting_sloth: Barret, please!
GapFiller: ShockedCloudFace
kamelion84: katesLewd katesLewd
inheizen: Look at how huge it is.
ghostvalv: :O
quasi79fu: oh noooo dont show him your huge thing
adi_pie: Considering how this localization happened, I'm not shocked lines like that exist.
rocketjohn: "the materia is my penis"
GapFiller: so shocked he drops his controller
Pteraspidomorphi: GapFiller: Not with the mod!
Dared00: Barret wants to show Cloud his Huge Materia
DiscordianTokkan: HahaReindeer
Bladinus: sofieGasp
corpocracy: So is it "Huge" materia or just really big materia?
RegulusPratus: I cast Penultima
Milambus: Hey Cloud, check out my Huge Materia... its pretty huge, huh?
sadboijamz: hey cloud i know you just got over mako overdose, but check out this GIANTmateria right here
ashiok_nightmare_moose: Step 1 Cut a Hole in a Box, Step 2 Put your Huge Materia in the box
iamkaiserbear: I showed U my Huge Materia plz respond
Gekyouryuu: "look at the size of this materia! it's at least as big as Mog!"
Oglops: i can't deal with caith sith's accent LUL
nemryn: @JadedCynic well, for stuff like this, a large number of small pieces will burn up in the atmosphere easier
Mediocre_Man5: "what do you know, you're a robot cat"
RomanGoro: I have no idea if Graham's scottish accent is good or bad, but it's hilarious
Oglops: cait*
Lordofironstorm: @corpocracy I think it's like the neutron star of Materia
Izandai: "B-baka!"
Alsritt: we have the tech to build massive reactors that use the litteral lifeblood of the planet to power massive cities, we have the ability to make skyships that are reliable, we even have the magic to absolutely conjure fire, ice, poison from literal nothing, our world is even populated by monsters that break the laws of reality, INCLUDING A HELLHOUSE. but space travel? nah. pipedream.
Saphling: character growth!
GapFiller: eyyy character development from Barret
Pedantically: Genre Savvy Barret
cdutson: barrett's having a real moment here
AlphaHelixNZ: Am I the only one who puts the emphasis on the second syllable of Corel?
RegulusPratus: "New plan: we make the dog leader!"
Oglops: it really do be like that
DiscordianTokkan: And Cid is... nodding off?
Jyggalag35: @RomanGoro i think the answer is yes
MousseFilledCat: I always thought it was weird that Cid is the one who becomes leader after this
drfox17: oh god why
snowcookies: wow cid
GDwarf: AlphaHelixNZ Ah, like the software company?
GapFiller: Not It!
Saphling: which theme is this?
ContingentCat: um wat?
Izandai: what
tenthtechpriest: voluntold as group leader!
drfox17: i would take the theif before this
theshinyakuma: lol cid
LocalTrey: wonder how huge the huge materia will be in the remake, as regular materia seems to vary between marble and softball size
plummeting_sloth: ah, like all good leaders, they are awoken from a nap and appointed
drfox17: at least yuffie is a pro materia stealer
accountmadeforants: You have the second-spikiest hair!
GapFiller: that was totally a NOT IT moment right there
cdutson: this is.. could we have a vote or something?
TheWriterAleph: "you son of a bitch. i'm in."
Telarra_: @Alsritt I mean, after all, the world is square
AlphaHelixNZ: @gdwarf Yeah that sounds about right.
cdutson: cause I'd vote for Red if anyone
rogerivany: Is yuffie even in the room?
Lordofironstorm: Ah yes, put the alcoholic serial abuser in charge. Nothing can go wrong
Izandai: Yuffie's in the bathroom.
GapFiller: rogerivany still airsick remember
quasi79fu: y cant red 13 be leader?
Jyggalag35: yuffie is outside trying not to die
drfox17: she's probably fomiting
RegulusPratus: Cid, say "Metal Gear?!"
shurtal: time watch a man run around like he's about to shit himself for, like, multiple in game days?
Saphling: I love how Cid runs
Zaghrog: Operating Room would have been... something different
plummeting_sloth: those are TWO different rooms, let me tell you
cdutson: pelvis first
theshinyakuma: @Telarra_ yet you can wrap back around
GapFiller: Bow Legs!
GlennSeto: No offense, this should still fall to Barret.
Oglops: poor yuffie
JadedCynic: wait, Corel - isn't that in Ottawa?
ryuhimora: I think it was a slute
ryuhimora: salute
JadedCynic: *huuuuuuurl*
t3h_f1gm3nt: poor yuffie
GapFiller: lol
Izandai: katesLol dammit Yuffie...
RegulusPratus: Let poor Yuffie off the ship
snowcookies: literal team baby Yuffie
GapFiller: we shd give her some more tranqs
quasi79fu: yuffie roflmao
plummeting_sloth: that's cool yuffie, you were never going to leave teh bench
Scrubbodiestobears: maybe a single finger salute
Lightningbro: I also do not think it's a salute.
NojhLivic: Excellent voice actin graham. I felt the bile in my throat.
TXC2: being sky sick reminds me of Toph
cdutson: i love that he runs pelvis first
Pandax0: ah yes the mono finger salute.
quasi79fu: can we throw yuffie off the ship to help her?
plummeting_sloth: it was a 1 finger a salute
HMinnow: You should talk to Yuffie after you get cloud back. its great
sivakrytos: cid would TOTALLY flip barrett off
andysoo89: What level is the pilot now?
YourDMJay: we got our own boardroom now
p3nguinkin: Vincent!!!
MousseFilledCat: Vincent
Oglops: ya
theshinyakuma: VINCENT
JadedCynic: press F to hold Yuffie's hair back
red_shoes_jeff: Vincent.
Oglops: yes
Jyggalag35: vincent
snowcookies: sure
accountmadeforants: Put in Cait Sith, so we can hear you do the accent more.
Lightningbro: Vincent, Vincent. I've not seen any gameplay of him
KingJimmeh: B-Team now xD
Saphling: vincent isn't great at the Corel bit
l0gin4me: Vincent seems fun
p_johnston: can we talk to pilot man again to see what level he is?
Oglops: YAS
drfox17: i'm always pro yuffie
NojhLivic: VIncent has his turn. Yuffie deserves some time out.l
Bladinus: we just bleeding party members now
ghostvalv: traitor-kun
SerGarretCameron: Yuffie is lowest level?
HunterLionheart: Yuffie >>>
ElektroTal: vincent is the best
Genie_M: yuffie could be his daughter
p3nguinkin: need that former turk to know how the enemy is thinking...
LocalTrey: yuffie is low lvl her
theinvisiblevoice: perfect party
plummeting_sloth: Yuffie IS in time out
SK__Ren: Everybodies favorite mutant vampire
theinvisiblevoice: wait, cait Smith for cid
sivakrytos: my teenage self def thought vincent was the best
odamadillo: I was hoping for more Scottish cat
Orlantia: GUNS
theinvisiblevoice: sith*
Alsritt: gotta love that by mid-disk 1, you have the oppurtnity to get all of the party members. by mid-disk2, we're down 3
Jyggalag35: @Genie_M believe Cid is 30, Yuffie is 16 so... possible but ..
RegulusPratus: Come on, let poor Yuffie off the ship
ThePov42: Cait Smith
Lord_ZYRK: Go by the Winchester? This is no time for a pint Kappa
theinvisiblevoice: yeah, but that would be the perfect party
GapFiller: unless G is planning on doing The Wutai Pagoda theres no real reason to use Yuffie at this point
sivakrytos: older me is not sure my teenage self was wrong
ReverseCreations: I love that they give Cid his run cycle in Advent Children
nemryn: @ThePov42 Cait smh
Oglops: awww
theinvisiblevoice: hah
northos: "go-get-them" lol
ElektroTal: my party had yuffie and vincent basically permanently
KingJimmeh: How Goth.
JadedCynic: @Lord_ZYRK no, that's the PLAN - just let all this Meteor stuff "all blow over" B)
Alsritt: edge edge edge
plummeting_sloth: OH for FUCKS sake
Oglops: lrrAWW
RegulusPratus: That vampire's got a gun!
TristanGalahad: Great High Edge Lord
Alahmnat: Vinvent has a deviantArt account
Jyggalag35: Vincent is exactly what i wanted to be Freshman HS
cdutson: vincent: the gothiest goth to ever goth
Lordofironstorm: Such an edgeboi
Alahmnat: *Vincent
KV1NN4: God seeing Vincent in action really informs me about my first boyfriend and his take on vampires
LocalTrey: wait corel wasn't there extra story if barret is there?
AlphaHelixNZ: I like the voice TFS gave Cait Sith for machinabridged.
Lightningbro: I mean, Vincent is, like, the one person more genetically F'd than Cloud, so having no emotions is par for the course.
GapFiller: oman Vincent and Cid as Solid Snek and salty Campbell
plummeting_sloth: Cid needs to use teh bathroom
Morrigan9: did the pilot skip level 5?
TristanGalahad: @Jyggalag35 omg saaaaaame
red_shoes_jeff: Cid clearly needs the nearest bathroom.
Alahmnat: wait no, Vincent has a deadjournal
LordShadner: how are we on armor?
JadedCynic: So, can we buy him a pair of Winchesters - named "Sam" and "Dean"?
Zaghrog: And then we get another opportunity to use the Materia Exchange menu
GapFiller: actually yeh since we are going to Corel maybe Barret outa be in the party
Gekyouryuu: @AlphaHelixNZ yeah, Lani does good work
Saphling: if you talk repeatedly to Cloud, he references Xenogears, which I only found out about last week
Jyggalag35: @TristanGalahad broody vampire with a gun, hell yaaa
cdutson: this song just makes me bounce in my chair
TXC2: JadedCynic if only
Lord_ZYRK: SourPls
masterfrog316: get the key from behind the item shop
GapFiller: nice damage mod
AlphaHelixNZ: @gekyouryuu Most definitely.
plummeting_sloth: I was trying to watch FF7 abridged, and this at the same time, but I kept getting confused between the 2, so I'm going to wait unitl this finishes
accountmadeforants: I wonder why it lets you buy multiples of weapons, when every party member has a unique type.
goatprince: the sniper can't miss.
Zaghrog: Sniper has maximum hit chance
Alahmnat: what's Attack%. anyway?
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun What about armour
Alsritt: @Saphling got a source?
Jyggalag35: sniper good for death blow
Pedantically: 255 is can't miss
Tregelen: never misses, good with deathblow
TXC2: Alahmnat chance to hit
l0gin4me: In 255 will never miss
azureHaights: yahoo
accountmadeforants: Did everyone just hear that yahoo! ?
Alahmnat: an 8-bit hit chance, how odd.
Saphling: @Alsritt I'm replaying it. I talked repeatedly to Cloud at the hospital here, and he mentions Xenogears.
Pedantically: It's good. Has 6 slots too.
Lightningbro: I always just imagine Vincent scenes to be "This is Vincent, he's a vampire" "I'm not a vampire" "He's basically a vampire" And I don't know why.
masterfrog316: the key for that dor behind you
GapFiller: Saphling YES the Xenogears reference
Zaghrog: Attack% ver 100 is useful, because that number is compared to the target's Defence %
SerGarretCameron: crystal, not diamond
jameswanders: I feel like that was just an unfortunate 30mins to have missed
Oglops: @Lightningbro that's pretty much how it goes during the game
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GapFiller: Lightningbro cz thats basically what they are
MrSVCD: There is a rare enemy that can only be hit by a 255 hit weapon. or rather it has a 1/256 chance to hit I think.
Saphling: @GapFiller I only found it this play through, after owning the game for 23 years...
nemryn: or "zenogias", at least, because translation is hard
Thisbymaster: give ribbon
MrSVCD: I can't remember.
goatprince: it's in the secret jungle.
jameswanders: What does Contain do?
HMinnow: there is also a materia store and accessory store you didnt che k out here
DotaProp: think it was that minotaur dude on great glacier
Lightningbro: @GapFiller See, now I want if the Remake gets to that point that they get permission and reference Xenoblade
Manae: Long Range + Counter + Cover
accountmadeforants: Puts people in jars, I hope
Zaghrog: Contain is pretty good
snowcookies: Whose gonna be your stealer
ThePov42: Contain - The patented Savidan Materia
Spacecarl: Maybe give Cid the HP plus if hes gonna be covering?
jameswanders: What happened to Tifa?
Alzharade: Cheer100 This music is great when you're tooling around on a Chocobo on FF XIV. My Roegadyn Dark Knight is so damn majestic.
Fenrir_Azazel: shes with cloud
capt_chandler: Cheer1000 popping in to announce my newborn son Elton Graham Kearns. Don't overthink that middle name, we just happen to like it.
GapFiller: jameswanders looking after Cloud
TXC2: jameswanders she's staying with Cloud
Lightningbro: !findquote contain
LRRbot: Quote #4635: "What are the three of us doing in this shipping container? With our clothes on?" —Cameron [2018-01-30]
jameswanders: man, we're losing party members left and right... or north and south I guess
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I've not been paying attention, what happened to cloud?
nemryn: I think Contain is supposed to be debilitating status effects?
TXC2: congratulations capt_chandler
WeedenProject: Do you not need to have Barret for the upcoming bit in Coral?
Furvias: Contain to answer the Jar question in FF7
DarkMorford: @capt_chandler Congrats! lrrHORN
Zaghrog: Revive?
Dared00: @capt_chandler congrats!
Izandai: Tifa and Cloud are just having some... "Quality Time"
Lightningbro: I was really hoping for a "You cannot contain my power" joke from that quote.
p_johnston: congrats
p3nguinkin: acsessories?
nemryn: like for some reason I think Flare has a chance to cause Death in this game
GapFiller: capt_chandler eyyy congrats lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MrSVCD: @capt_chandler Conga Rats!
peejeeful: i realize cid is smoking in his profile pic, o the times have changed
Furvias: @capt_chandler congrats
Zaghrog: Yay, revive and Restore not on the same character!
GapFiller: Izandai given Clouds current condition that seems just a tad sketchy
Zaghrog: now a revived character can be healed immediately
wargodmogis: Shouldn't you move red back?
Fenrir_Azazel: move red to back row now that he has long range
Zaghrog: Red to back row yeah
Saphling: Congrats!
KingJimmeh: Congrats =D
snowcookies: congrats
Izandai: Yay baby!
ContingentCat: Congrats!
Angnor33: Congratulations!
GapFiller: Graham not a fan of Graeme eh
SignificantOtter: congrats! that's an entire baby!
Izandai: @GapFiller Don't worry about it.
SerGarretCameron: buy crystal armlets.
DotaProp: go left to get the Key
JadedCynic: congrats lrrAWESOME lrrHORN
ShDragon: A literal actual sub baby!
Lightningbro: @GapFiller Or Gramme. or Gram
quasi79fu: why does cid walk so weird?
plummeting_sloth: ah, Cid... a man tha topens doors after my own heart
silenceaux: Still a melee weapon though.
GapFiller: or Grant
GapFiller: or George Gordon
nemryn: or Gumbo
Saphling: "Elixir"
Fenrir_Azazel: Cid with hp plus with cover?
ceiran_91: I think polearms might mean something else in this game
TXC2: Cid walks weird 'cause of where he keeps his polearm Kappa
TheMoatman: Oh, did Cid replace his hand with a pole?
ContingentCat: At least has has a good doggo
TheWarbo: NPCs who notice! Oh no!
ThoughtProt: start the redemption!
coelopteryx: oh my goodness
quasi79fu: do it
Lordofironstorm: That's a scary-looking dog
kamelion84: katesScared katesScared
plummeting_sloth: Hell, I can go get them in my freaking airship
Lizardman175: honesty best policy
GapFiller: Kleptomania!
Zaghrog: I don't think he cares
starlitdiscord: oop
niccus: what a leader
BrainBetter: That first answer is Very Cid.
MousseFilledCat: What does the guide say?
goatprince: truth.
PixelArtDragon: Be rude, or lie?
Natedogg2: Fess up
GapFiller: finally an NPC calling yr out on yr rampant Kleptomania
Thisbymaster: they dead
like_100_bears: uhoh
Saphling: "Elixir"
oyleslyck: honesty is the best policy
JadedCynic: wuh----CONSEQUENCES?!? IN *MY* JRPG???
Izandai: huh
oyleslyck: Old man will remember that.
coelopteryx: everything turned out okay in the end
accountmadeforants: Only young anime children get to steal things all willy-nilly!
Saphling: click
Goombill: So what happens if you lie to the old man?
plummeting_sloth: So, I can like... rescue your family in my airship if you'd like
Robot_Bones: for the door in the weapon shop
Spacecarl: Of course they wait until now for calling you out on taking stuff from houses after nothing all game
Zaghrog: I don't remember that either
TheWarbo: okay item description, settle down
GapFiller: this is almost as good as that kid in Wutai
like_100_bears: achievement get!
Nenluen: it's for the weapon shop door
p3nguinkin: so... is that old man able to break the 4th wall? because I don't remember ANYONE ELSE noticing you take their things...
GamesAndInk: Does that open the door in the shop?
DotaProp: there is a locked door in the weapon shop......
Lightningbro: @JadedCynic I now want a JRPG that's just consequences... Anyone got recommendations?
Lizardman175: for that locked door in the shop?
coelopteryx: honestly that does sound like something to be jealous of. a giant bird thinks you're cool and gives you a shiny rock? that's an honor
oyleslyck: hmm any locked doors for that key?
GapFiller: yeh the key is for the door in the weapon ship
peejeeful: weapon store key
ParanoidRabbit: maao
TXC2: that is an odd looking cat
LocalTrey: weapon store for key
NightValien28: kay
plummeting_sloth: "now to be fair, I am 99 years old"
Zaghrog: neat stuff
JadedCynic: @Lightningbro a JRPG that's just consquences...wouldn't that be a VN?
PixelArtDragon: Everyone's a critic. If you don't like it, you try saving the world1
jdkirkham03: guess i will have to watch the vod to see what i miss
quasi79fu: i thought it was a house
niccus: bed, bath,*and* beyond
Saphling: hee
HMinnow: Ooh and you should try talking to the prepper in the materia store. if you talk to her it ensures a good thing later
Spacecarl: How many slots does the crystal bangle have btw?
adi_pie: To be fair to that old-timer. The world will definitely not be ending. :P
NightValien28: KAREN
plummeting_sloth: "Actually, I'm an actress, I'm doing this until I land my big role"
GapFiller: damnit Karen calm down
DotaProp: BE HONEST!
JadedCynic: good job, Cid #YouHadOneJob
Serivus: n
hareifplays: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:33:13.
karmakamikaze: Cid you doofus
TheMoatman: WHY
Izandai: ?????
NightValien28: omg
ShDragon: Hahah
ThePov42: UM
ContingentCat: what
Saphling: with 3D shading
Lordofironstorm: Then why is there a lock?
The_FlyingDutchman: lawl
Lord_ZYRK: Come on down to real fake doors
oyleslyck: Jebaited
Tarnius: Real fake doors.
GapFiller: LOL JOEKS!
Mr_Dirty: Wow we are dumb
Vanbael: Real fake doors!
Telarra_: 100% genuine real fake door
snowcookies: wtf?
Izandai: WHAT
itsr67: WHAT
ThoughtProt: why?!
TheMoatman: The concussion world
TXC2: is this store a cartoon?
Oglops: t r o l l e d
NojhLivic: People here are weird
accountmadeforants: I love this man
AmberLampLight: how did he put the key in the ... wall...
AlphaHelixNZ: What?!
tenthtechpriest: is everyone in this town high as fuck?
Wolfstrike_NL: And you made a keyhole into the wall????
coelopteryx: cid got owned by the most classic cartoon joke
DotaProp: Tifa just beat the game
NightValien28: CID can't tell a wall apart
Lightningbro: Is this a reference to Mirage town? It totally is isn't it.
Izandai: REAL-ASS FAKE DOOR?????
JadedCynic: And somewhere, wherever he is, Alex is inexplicably angry right now @LoadingReadyRun
theshinyakuma: REAL fake doors
ParanoidRabbit: Good gift
drfox17: door to the dino past!
Acroamatis: Cheer100 Cheer100 Another big thanks for delivering entertainingly-voiced nostalgia in trying times.
Genie_M: we call them textures
snowcookies: cursed
ThePov42: Here, take this ANCIENT CURSE
niccus: !advice
LRRbot: It's really hard to kill someone if they don't trust you.
ParanoidRabbit: Have a curse
Didero: Sorry you tried to break into a nonexistent door in my shop
Zaghrog: "not much of an apology"
like_100_bears: what could go wrong
Alsritt: cursed ring!
Pandax0: you got loony toons-ed....
coelopteryx: well okay then?
RegulusPratus: That's not much of an apology at all
Lordofironstorm: Cid just got Wile E. Coyote'd
SerGarretCameron: It's Deeply Cursed!
Oglops: yay you have received a c u r s e
goatprince: i LOVE curses!
Lord_ZYRK: Hooray curse \ seabatTROG /
ThePov42: What a totally odd interaction
AlphaHelixNZ: What the actual?!
Saphling: yes. weird.
drfox17: dino past!
GapFiller: yeh weird
itsr67: Can't wait to see this in the remake
Oglops: but...
TheWarbo: buuuuuuut
EpiiMeth: Auto Doom is great
DotaProp: Death sentence
coelopteryx: but...
RegulusPratus: "A bit cursed"
Driosenth: check the book!
GapFiller: O GOD its the door to The Discovery Zone!
snowcookies: but...
Fenrir_Azazel: is this how cid goes to kingdom hearts??
Natedogg2: Status, not stat
oyleslyck: James land flooding level of cursed?
TheWriterAleph: DO IT DO IT
KevinTheShark: "status"
Tregelen: your actual stats
theshinyakuma: a small curse
Leonhart321: Dreams? Another World? Are we Radical Dreamers?
Thisbymaster: yay...??
quasi79fu: what does it do
GapFiller: we all remember that one Simpsons episode
Forgotten_Lizard: I minor case of the cursed
PixelArtDragon: Increases them all by 0
Lightningbro: Wait, it auto dooms YOU? or on hit?
AmberLampLight: increases each stat but... by 0
Robot_Bones: it gives death sentace but massive state increas
BTC1220: consult the tome
Alsritt: increases your actual stats, not ur equipment stats
JadedCynic: but it won't say what it'll do UNTIL you ready it....
accountmadeforants: "The Curse Ring gives +35 Strength and Magic, +15 Vitality, Spirit, and Dexterity, and +10 Luck, but inflicts the wearer with Death Sentence."
ContingentCat: ring can have a little curse, as a treat?
like_100_bears: just a BIT cursed
masterfrog316: diff stats
drfox17: it makes you only draw lands
hunkajunk: It's amazing. But it gives you Doom, the 30 second death counter. But put Added Effect-Destruct into your armor.... Or just finish all the fights in under 30 seconds :D
Pedantically: It does, those aren't stats. STR, DEX, LUCK, ETC are stats
coelopteryx: "increases each stat but also lowers each stat. you're welcome"
Tregelen: it inceeases your strength and such, conpare on the status screen
masterfrog316: speed ect...
Izandai: huh
GamesAndInk: "The Curse Ring gives +35 Strength and Magic, +15 Vitality, Spirit, and Dexterity, and +10 Luck, but inflicts the wearer with Death Sentence."
ContingentCat: welp
Feltic: How bad could it be
Lordofironstorm: Is this a creepypasta?
Alahmnat: starting to think this strategy guide might not be super great
like_100_bears: oof
DotaProp: so V good with Tifa
DotaProp: its also 60s
TXC2: that sounds bad
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:35:33.
Izandai: huh
Lightningbro: Why so good with Tifa specifically?
JadedCynic: so I just typed Google with "FF7 c-" and it completed "...curse ring" :D
GamesAndInk: "The Curse Ring can be useful when paired with Tifa's Powersoul or Master Fist weapons, as the Death Sentence status makes her deal quadruple the normal damage with Powersoul, and triple damage with the Master Fist. "
DotaProp: makes Powersoul SO Goddamn stronk
GlennSeto: gotta go fast
TristanGalahad: super funny if you have Phoenix linked with Final Blow
plummeting_sloth: "The "wrap it up" ring
MaelstronSolenor: The Curse Ring is particularly beneficial when combined with the Added Effect and Destruct or Odin Materia linked in a character's armor, as this will negate the Instant Death effect caused by Death Sentence. The Enemy Skill Death Force also protects the user when cast. (It can be learned from Adamantaimai on the beaches of Wutai.)
Robot_Bones: added effect + Odin in your armour will make you immune to it
KevinTheShark: If you have Death Force you can just outright nullify it
Izandai: I think we found the speedrun strat.
LordShadner: which counts doom
Rujasu: Sounds fine for weaker mobs
Lordofironstorm: But why does it have a lock where you can put the key in?
DotaProp: Im currently hitting for over 7k regular damage with her (Cloud hits for 2.5k ish)
Lightningbro: "If you kill them within 30 seconds it's just a strict upgrade"
Saphling: The Curse Ring is particularly great when combined with the Added Effect and Destruct or Odin Materia linked in a character's armor, as this will negate the Instant Death effect caused by Death Sentence.
ContingentCat: wow
GapFiller: was this the OG LRR house from the very early seasons?
snowcookies: great
Gekyouryuu: talk to cloud for Xenogears reference?
Alahmnat: G, your parents are amazing
NightValien28: wow
Izandai: wow
HMinnow: Come on down to real fake doors
NojhLivic: Oh museums do that a lot! That makes sense.
GapFiller: cool parents
NightValien28: right your dad is indiana jones
NojhLivic: Closed doors make places feel bigger.
Pandax0: some sort of data Warehouse?
like_100_bears: oh my god Graham's prents were trolls
Saphling: yup!
JadedCynic: That is GALAXY BRAIN - I am so grateful to them for giving us you and Kate
BlueMechanic: Come get your real fake doors
Alahmnat: huh.
snowcookies: yup
ContingentCat: cool
DiscordianTokkan: Yep!
Izandai: oh no
Jyggalag35: i knew that one
Master_Gunner: you're not wrong
cassaclyzm: I wonder if it's different in cultures where they read right to left?
JadedCynic: yep
TXC2: yes I've heard that before
goatprince: people like walking to the right. it's weird.
TheWarbo: that not a thing everyone just assumes?
Jyggalag35: i alwyas try to go to the left just to see what happens :D
MekaSasquatch: @LoadingReadyRun right preference is also a factor in crowd simulation and analysis!
like_100_bears: weird
Saphling: My PS1 and copy of FFVII are on display in a museum 1990s pop culture exhibit right now.
JadedCynic: IKEA does that
Crad0k: huh, i always go left
KevinTheShark: As a British Shark, we walk on the left Kappa
asthanius: Grocery stores are designed the same way
DragonMZ: What about in places where they drive on the left like Japan
Leonhart321: They do? How odd
DiscordianTokkan: I wonder if that's the same Here as it is in the UK? Driving on the Right vs Left?
NojhLivic: That's why you always go left in dungeons to find the treasure (or trap)
MaelstronSolenor: but but but.... RPGs teach us, always left first
rainbowbatsuit: I have literally always walked right when entering my local museum
TheWriterAleph: is that a "driving on the right" thing?
plummeting_sloth: so you're saying our chat advice is WRONG?!
oyleslyck: is that for places that also drive on the left?
tenthtechpriest: gorcery stores do taht too
TheMoatman: I wonder how much of that is natural vs how much is assumed because museums set up exhibits to go to the right
odamadillo: Ok it is official. Anyone with the surname Stark is awesome.
Genie_M: and circle rooms anticlockwise
NightValien28: but is that due most people being right handed or is there a different reason?
PixelArtDragon: Is that the same in all countries though?
SignificantOtter: no longer a FF7 stream, only Museum Talk
RomanGoro: That would be why I tend to see exhibits in the wrong order
gOckley: For those of us in Western Canada London Drugs is designed with that same principal
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GapFiller: weird Ive always naturally turned left
Rhynerd: That explains some of my accidentally missing stuff in my favorite museum.
Lightningbro: Well then, that throws a monkey wrench into my "follow the left wall" plan for mazes.
GapFiller: Ive been doing it wrong this whole time!?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That makes sense, Mazes are also designed thinking people will walk right
UnknownGerm: I think the Vancouver Art Gallery goes against that? There's a lot of time where you're expected to go left
TXC2: I wonder if that is to do with handeness
ContingentCat: I wonder if that's due to dominant hand brain stuff
accountmadeforants: "Hey Cid, you look tired!"
1losttheGame: SHE IS ALSO DEAD
GapFiller: Cait Sith clearly Steiner mathed it
snowcookies: Cait Sith is also just a robot
Diabore: kinda hard to be around when youre dead g
l0gin4me: I feel that "go right" just gets further enforced as you grow to learn that you are expected to go right
AugmentingPath: And when has Cait Sith ever led us astray?
Paxcow119: Tifa is bestest, STRONKEST.
KevinTheShark: By GOD Jessie can.
JadedCynic: @plummeting_sloth no, chat's advice is pro-strat to shortcut long loops of grind the devs set up
NightValien28: I mean eventually jessie did get smashed
HMinnow: the only correct choice is Tifa
Izandai: I mean Tifa is the only choice because she's the only one who lives long enough for there to actually be a relationship.
karmakamikaze: Jessie can, and Should
tenthtechpriest: jessie is maximum thirst and cloud is zero interest in jessie
Youngfozzy: jessie is the BEST end of story
The_FlyingDutchman: Jessie is so good in the remake
Leonhart321: Yeah, Jessie is amazing in the remake
Robot_Bones: "My girlfriend turned into the planet"
oyleslyck: Jessie thirsty
TXC2: Jessie is THIRSTY
Driosenth: Knock some sense into him Cid
ContingentCat: Oh god the thirst is real in the remake
Mangledpixel: best designed museum I've been to is the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, leads you back and forth on different levels beside the wreck of the ship, telling its story and expanding on the various sections
Natedogg2: You're Number 1, Cloud.
GlennSeto: I think Cait Sith lied, because he foresaw Aerith's fate.
62MGcobra: you say ppl like walking to the right however it seems every time i walk into someone i go right and they go left
KevinTheShark: I imagine Cid just slapping Cloud atthis point
Dread_Pirate_Westley: You are #6.
Spacecarl: I wonder if thats because Cloud was still thinking he was "Zack" at the time
Lightningbro: Jessie's great "don't let it get to your head man, it's all a game to her"
ArghyV: I missed the first hour of the stream and oh dear, Cloud doesn't look too good
Orgmastron: Polyship is best ship
drfox17: Erica Lindbeck does a great job
coelopteryx: xenogears??
TXC2: Robot_Bones that's rough buddy
Saphling: there you go
JadedCynic: heh, I wonder if putting the Curse Ring on Cloud's finger right now...would that help? ;)
karmakamikaze: Hahaha
Oglops: wow
Izandai: huh
p3nguinkin: Xeno gears?!?!?!?
Paxcow119: LAWWLLLL
adi_pie: HA
Kaorti: wut
ghostvalv: :O
GlennSeto: WHAT
Dezufnocosem: you wanna go to mcdonalds Cloud?
Saphling: I only found out about it last week.
NojhLivic: Xeno Gears!?
Oglops: holy shit
Rhynerd rolls a d20
Wrexadecimal: WAT
AugmentingPath: Robot_Bones That's rough, buddy
tenthtechpriest: XENO GEARS
UnknownGerm: from another stream: Jessie: "call me Son Goku, 'cause I'm gonna RIDE THAT CLOUD!"
Nydestroyer: Xenogears!
Nydestroyer: Best game
niccus: everything is canon
Alsritt: oh wow, that person was totall right!
plummeting_sloth: ah, this is my favorite bob dylan lyrics
Vanbael: Xenogears Otoocon!
red_shoes_jeff: @Robot_Bones "That's rough, buddy."
like_100_bears: lol what now?
GapFiller: O this translation is different
BrainBetter: That's like... a weird translation of the opening song, too.
Izandai: I feel like that's also an Evangelion reference?
karmakamikaze: I should go back and play Xenogears, never finished it
Izandai: Am I reading too much into it?
YourDMJay: xenogears was a beaitful mess
Rhynerd: 2. You are number 2
RegulusPratus: Xenogears is the best game never made
user_with_name17: Xenogears? next Play it Forward?
MousseFilledCat: I kind of always assumed that Cloud's feelings for Aeris was just residual Zack
adi_pie: HA
JadedCynic: HERE WE GO; yeah, the 'parallel universe' reference
The_FlyingDutchman: Cloud is so out of it, he is breaking into different games
YourDMJay: they tried so hard and failed so spectacularly
TheMoatman: Xeno gear?
Pharmacistjudge: oh Xenogears...the great RPG that just ran out of time/budget
adi_pie: You have no idea how funny that is.
silexx_mw: In the Ps1 version, he said Xenogears phonetically
Robot_Bones: Thank you everyone in chat for picking that up
Saphling: whut
TheMoatman: A hind D?
kamelion84: katesWat
Nydestroyer: WWhelp now its time to replay xenogears again
sivakrytos: the first two just sound like talking about sephiroth
MekaSasquatch: What ? xeno gears is like a year older than ff7 @LoadingReadyRun
Saphling: um
ghostvalv: zuh
Paxcow119: @MousseFilledCat Same, totally.
NightValien28: wat
Saphling: I've never had that happen before
TXC2: um
Pharmacistjudge: disc 2 was literally mostly dialogue to the main character as they say in a a chair
Izandai: ?
silexx_mw: So that's why some ppl may have missed that
Riandisa: That's new
plummeting_sloth: did... you just loop
cotillion1850: did you glitch music Graham
quasi79fu: uhhh wait a moment
Izandai: hm
quasi79fu: did you just loop?
mrMorphius: Nothing happened.
TXC2: is it meant to do that?
GlennSeto: Fun fact: Xenogears was a pitch for FF7, that got turned into its own thing.
Lightningbro: Why... is... creepy Sephiroth music playing?
Saphling: nothing happened, clearly
snowcookies: Silent hill?
LordShadner: "space is warped and time is bendable"
ContingentCat: ok..?
GamesAndInk: Speedrunners call that the Graham Stark Loop
Lordofironstorm: Now it's Xenob;ade Chronicles 2, aka "Waifubait with an RPG attached"
Oglops: it happened to me too, very creepy
quasi79fu: im scared
plummeting_sloth: talk about accidental horror
Bahumot: Time to put in a bug report.
HMinnow: Oh that happens sometimes i the ports. It happened to me
mrMorphius: lrrFINE
SWPilgrim: I love Cids running animation
ReverseCreations: I think when you ran forward you were clicking in a direction to run back into town
RobotHitchhiker: The lifestream looped back on itself briefly
Lightningbro: Oh, You wrong warped! XD Nice.
HMinnow: its just a sound glitch
TXC2: what if we had gone the other way?
Saphling: Get Vincent a winchester, and Cid a pint
Spacecarl: Might as well work on lvling up the limit breaks
GapFiller: my favourite Xeno game anecodte was Graham talking abt Xenosaga III originally intended to be Xenosaga III-VI until somebody told the dev team 'Guys nothing happens in any of these games!'
JadedCynic: I watched a friend get to that and showed me the ref....and when I borrowed his PS and played FF7 I never got NEAR this far :)
MousseFilledCat: I loved Xenogears
Gekyouryuu: maybe you kept pressing up and it walked you back into town immediately?
plummeting_sloth: well, at least with the Winchester, Vincent's stupid gun flippy thing actually makes sense
JadedCynic: whup
Zaghrog: did someone get a new Limit break? Something leveld up besides All
LordShadner: gears is Great
GlennSeto: Xenogears is very good.
Nydestroyer: I also tried to do that
Wrexadecimal: I tried on xenosaga. I just couldn't do it
Izandai: Oh wait Xenogears. I was thinking of Xenoblade. Nevermind.
Lightningbro: I honestly love where the Xeno games are know, though I've heard how amazing Gears is, I need to play it some day.
user_with_name17: I loved xenogears and gave up on .3 of the first xenosaga
Oglops: as a xenosaga fan, i agree
Nydestroyer: Xenogears though... love it to death
TylerWrightBC: Having played all 3: Don't
user_with_name17: give me xenogears 2
BrainBetter: Xenogears is so wonderful, and ... none of what makes it awesome made it through.
SquareDotCube: Xenosaga, or "here's a bunch of robot maids"
Scrubbodiestobears: that's how i felt about FF13
RegulusPratus: Like I said, Xenogears was the best game never made
KevinTheShark: Its just "Hey here's some characters you know, and they're doing some stuff!"
Lordofironstorm: XC2 is blatant weeb bait
raven534: Oh yeah, those are fun
Izandai: Oh this is the same franchise.
niccus: xenoblades are good but also significantly horny
MousseFilledCat: I would love a Xenogears remaster
Nydestroyer: Just going to admit I was young enough that "gear" was on a spelling test and xenogears made me get that question right XD
adi_pie: A lot of stuff happens in then, it's just unclear what everything happening is *doing*
AlphaHelixNZ: I like Xenoblade Chronicles. Though to be fair that’s the only one I’ve played.
itsr67: Xenoblade is great, but LONG
DotaProp: Chronicles is Alright especially as all the VO is British
Invitare: Xenoblade Chronicles is very good
1losttheGame: WAIT xeno gears and xenoblade is the same series??
Oglops: xenosaga 2 was the worst of the 3, i know they wanted to focus in one of the main characters but, wow
GlennSeto: Xenogears was supposed to be part 5 of a 6 part saga.
adi_pie: "Events sure are happening around me" The game.
Gekyouryuu: Xenosaga, aka "here, enjoy T-Elos and Kos-Mos, you weebs"
South_N: i'm looking forward to trying xenoblade on switch
nemryn: wait, the Xenoblade stuff is part of the Xenogears universe?
Lightningbro: all three Chronicles are amazing
GapFiller: 1losttheGame same devs
BrainBetter: Xenogears Disc 2: The Powerpoint is also... something.
AlphaHelixNZ: That’s a fair summary.
red_shoes_jeff: Oh, that's Xenoblade alright. But it IS pretty good.
Saphling: Save game?
noSmokeFire: a friend of mine played Xenoblade in college and HATED when I mimiced the character's voice lines
Mangledpixel: a jerperg
ParanoidRabbit: The man in the store said this is the Xenosalsa you were looking for
JadedCynic: dangit, of COURSE my ISP would hiccup and mean I miss the conversation I was REALLY getting interested in :(
ghostvalv: so big
Pedantically: You come out here, so it's convenient to leave the ship here
drfox17: johnny cole train?
LordShadner: same MousseFilledCat
kamelion84: train
RegulusPratus: Xenosaga was supposed to be the Prequel series to Xenogears, but it didn't end up panning out
Mordin_Solus_Sings: I keep hearing that XC2 is a great game, but I can't even get past the ludicrous fanservice in the trailers.
karmakamikaze: Xenogears related: "7 Years Broken" by djpretzel on OC ReMix is a really nice song
Balthasar_Wiseman: I just wish they didn't change the art style so much between xenosaga 1 and 2
DotaProp: Xenoblade X is big titty anime girls because the artist decided to draw them that way for NO reason
Lightningbro: I LOVE LOVE LOVE one of the big twists from Xenoblade Chronicles X. "Wait, why aren't you dead?"
itsr67: I'm really looking forward to the remaster of Xenoblade coming
GapFiller: mebbe Barret shd be in the party for this bit
Gekyouryuu: not taking Barret to defend his home and get the materia, @LoadingReadyRun ?
ParanoidRabbit: You are pardoned
accountmadeforants: They said the Huge Materia must have Huge Guts...
TXC2: Jesus, "vascular metria" got me real good :P
GamesAndInk: @LoadingReadyRun Is it ever explained why the heroes are trying to stop Shinra from blowing up Meteor? Isn't that going to save the world?
peejeeful: can you get the thing in the well now
mowdownjoe: I want a cup of that materia...
drfox17: yeah, let's get the barret
Saphling: you can get his ultimate limit break after this too
Lizardman175: well thing is after the train
Natedogg2: Oh well.
noSmokeFire: the well is playing coy
ParanoidRabbit: Well then
plummeting_sloth: Wellp
Mangledpixel: well well well
ContingentCat: wellp
motorwaffle: Well I'll be darned
cdutson: oh well
red_shoes_jeff: The Return of GUN TEAM?
Nydestroyer: Wasnt a little girl
goatprince: talk to the kid after saving corel.
noSmokeFire: well well well
p3nguinkin: darn, now all I can here is Graham trying to sell me jrpgs "are you tired of story, why not try grinding levels?" "annoyed by level caps we have a jrpg for that" etc
NightValien28: well-p
Gekyouryuu: @GamesAndInk probably because "who expects Shinra to do this well, or in a way that doesn't endanger people?"
AlphaHelixNZ: I’m looking forward to the definitive edition.
TristanGalahad: is Cid tall enough to reach the item in Kalm that Cloud was too short to get?
DotaProp: if you stop the train!
Pedantically: Thing in the well is a prize for succeeding at the next part
quasi79fu: wait you can talk to a well?
GapFiller: oh the well is doing the thing eh
kamelion84: katesLol katesLol katesLol
WeedenProject: You can get the thing in the well as long as you do well enough in the coming section
cdutson: welcome to the latter-half of this game
UnknownGerm: "Well the thing about the well is...well, it's a well."
liamwal1690: hi graham
Lightningbro: Can we keep Vincent though? I want to see the gunboys in action
Alsritt: @GamesAndInk it's implied that this is actually a TERRIBLE idea that could have massive ecological ramifications, and the heroes are trying to both stop Shinra from dooming the planet AND find a better way to stop it all
Alahmnat: the mid-game haze is real
Genie_M: aka middle of the game
asthanius: Remember everyone, we parked in the Itchy lot
quasi79fu: i think im seeeing Graham is looping himself
goatprince: also, you can steal something nice from the final fight on the train.
GamesAndInk: But it's like... the ONE THING megacorps who spend their time building superweapons is good at is blowing stuff up! Let them blow up Meteor!
noSmokeFire: so does the airship make chocobos completely irrelevant, or is a bird somehow more manueverable?
nemryn: I think it's less "trying to stop Shinra" and more "we have our own plan that intereferes with Shina's"
mowdownjoe: Aimless is fine. Not like I have anywhere I can go.
Alsritt: since they're the ones that know about the Life Materia? I'm not sure if that's the case here
KevinTheShark: Cheer50 *President Shinra's Voice* Well Well Well. WELL WELL WELL
SerGarretCameron: Please remember, Diamond is not Crystal.
frenzyfivefour: “The Gun Club”
Orlantia: so regular materia is like the size of a base ball. are huge materia the size of beach balls?
Syntheticuh: i cant wait for ff7r cid to show up (assuming he wasnt in this one that i havent made it to the end of yet). really hope they keep his "drink your tea" line
DotaProp: I just had my game crash twice while exploring the Disc 3 Crater.... FML
ArghyV: Gun Boys!
user_with_name17: birds can land in places the airship cant
red_shoes_jeff: GUN TEAM!
Saphling: Vincent's limit break isn't great in the Corel train section
ContingentCat: Aimless episodes can be good, just chilling durdling around.
ThoughtProt: must keep red
GapFiller: Gun Squad Hard Mode!
MacSquizzy: Full B Squad
plummeting_sloth: I hope the weaponsmith at Madeel is, after your sale this time, "Now... are you SURE you have everything you need this time?"
Alahmnat: I will say the FF7R President Shinra has insufficient southern drawl.
quasi79fu: i like red
accountmadeforants: Swap Barret around with someone else on the bench.
MousseFilledCat: Grumpy old men team!
KidAmn: Let's go Team Mangst
Spacecarl: Keeping red seems wise
Lightningbro: Underlevel, (inhales) Hoooooo!
theshinyakuma: vincent is easy to get ultima weapon
Fenrir_Azazel: red is heals
ParaGamer85: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:45:38.
SquirrelEarl: Two Guns and a Jumpboi
Zaghrog: Orlantia the models in the game depict them as bigger than beach balls
ThoughtProt: need at least one of 'your' team alive in there
Alsritt: @GamesAndInk it's a bit like detonating a nuclear bomb in the atmosphere; sure it'll stop the meteor, but it'll also damn most of hte plannet
cdutson: hey Graham just wanted you to know my little Animal Crossing person is proudly wearing a woodcock 500 hat
GlennSeto: Eff it, let's get dangerous.
Pedantically: You don't need a strong team for Corel. you do for Condor
LocalTrey: go with the gun squad
Crad0k: Orlantia more the size of people
Gekyouryuu: here's what I'm looking forward to seeing: will Vincent's sniper rifle in the remake be an ACTUAL rifle or a handgun with a scope again?
rogerivany: I find it weird that shops sell gun arms since only 2 people got the operation, Barrett and Dane. It can't be economically viable.
GapFiller: MousseFilledCat yeh Cid x Barret sounds deece
p3nguinkin: gun squad!!
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ContingentCat: @cdutson sergeJustRight
HMinnow: This level is more than fine for this part of the game
Alsritt: and shinra doesn't even have the best track record for blowing up things; their massive cannon for Weapon barely denting it
GapFiller: Cid & Barret sounds very Statler & Waldorf
fry_dx: Ah dang, I got here very late and missed Tifa leading the party. Did we go play her piano?
Mangledpixel: time is an illusion
ContingentCat: what even are days anymore?
MousseFilledCat: Are you going to do the Vincent side story? With Lucrecia?
cdutson: oh yeah i should get that shirt
HMinnow: You should talk to the prepper in the materia store
GapFiller: fry_dx we tried at least
noSmokeFire: I prefer FM cannon
drfox17: not an FM cannon
Saphling: better than coffee
motorwaffle: The best part of waking up
Lightningbro: This, is my morn'n gun.
Jyggalag35: should days even be a thing anymroe?
Alsritt: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #5978: "I want content behind waterfalls." —Matt Griffiths [2019-04-10]
Gekyouryuu: A-M is for Morning, P-M is for Mouring
plummeting_sloth: Doesn't the Prank Patrol use an AM cannon
JadedCynic: Cid & Barrett is a Pink Floyd reference ;)
DeadGunner: Don't talk to me untill I've had my gun arm
Gekyouryuu: Mourning*
HMinnow: she has different lines
user_with_name17: ante meridian gun arm
liamwal1690: your mom and dad
DiscordianTokkan: I tried to make my own Woodcock 500 hat, but couldn't get the top script to come out well, so I'm very happy your version made it work, Graham
LocalTrey: AM gun arm easy listening
LordShadner: sure to wake up your enemy Kappa
stormcooper256: th AM Cannon blasts soundwaves at that terrible Alarm clock frequency and pitch
GapFiller: Karen Simmer Down
GamesAndInk: @Orlantia A baseball has a 4.5 inch radius, and Huge Materia have 330x the power of a Materia, so a Huge Materia would have a radius of 31.1 inches, assuming the volume:power ratio is the same...
Saphling: get some toilet paper
Vyous: Why is the chocobo race music playing?
HMinnow: Shes fun
JadedCynic: Capitalism Karen - that's now that character's name
Lightningbro: @Vyous Doomsday preper has a Choco-chick
Gekyouryuu: "what's a dollar? how many Gil is it?"
AugmentingPath: You're close, this world is actually about ~materia things~
GamesAndInk: @Orlantia So twice the size of a beachball
cdutson: she's got a lil chocobo pet
Vyous: Ah, missed the chocobo chick, thanks @Lightningbro
GapFiller: Prepper Karen cd probs outrun a Chocobo
noSmokeFire: chockaboo
cdutson: i love this overworld theme
GapFiller: maybe she took Don Corneos hypers
ArghyV: She's a materia girl
Pteraspidomorphi: Choc O'Bo
TheWriterAleph: it's obviously pronounced chocobo
adi_pie: I believe the correct way of saying it is Chicken.
plummeting_sloth: Coco-boco
cdutson: so menacing
Dezufnocosem: Chuckieboobs
GlennSeto: @loadingreadyrun You can feed that Chocobo for profit.
red_shoes_jeff: Gun Bois!
Orlantia: @gamesandink that's a large lad
fry_dx: The chocobo race music is the soundtrack to panid buying
MousseFilledCat: Old Man team!
MacSquizzy: CHOOcuhBOO
SignificantOtter: GUN GUYS
JadedCynic: Mayko, Mahko; who cares when it's just yo...oh right, stream. *blush*
ghostvalv: gunbois
Fenrir_Azazel: Swap Vince
tenthtechpriest: gun squad!
the_piebandit: <3 you Graham and <3 this game
GapFiller: Gun Squard Hard Mode!
karmakamikaze: Choc O'Brien
BrainBetter: Gundoods!
Robot_Bones: lrrFINE
MousseFilledCat: Vincent's technically 50 ish
KevinTheShark: If Cid aint there, you aint stoppin that train
Lightningbro: I mean, it's just five leve...ooooh... that's more than five...
Alsritt: time for a little bit of poerlevel?
Zaghrog: it's not that big a deal
p3nguinkin: who needs levels when you have GUN!
drfox17: i'm sure you'll be fiiiine
itsr67: men with guns gang
JadedCynic: The Grind™ is REAL
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Grab him a Crystal Armlet?
Robot_Bones: gun squad gun squad gun squad
ghostvalv: wait... Gun GANG!
like_100_bears: might wanna do some grinding G
liamwal1690: lrrHAM lrrHAM
Gekyouryuu: this am cannon. this am materia. I are Barret.
Zaghrog: press the Arm or Wpn
RegulusPratus: Oh yeah, just put everyone in the back row
GapFiller: Grumpy Old Man Gang Time
RobotHitchhiker: Better armlets might be good
Morrigan9: have you seen the principle skinner meme? "have i been pronouncing Mako incrooectly? No, it's the developers who are wrong!"
Lightningbro: I mean we joke, but remember gun wielders get to be in the back lane and take less damage, presuming that's also a mechanic like normal.
fry_dx: The long range materia is useless with a long range weapon
Orlantia: does Barrett need long range since gun?
Fenrir_Azazel: put long range on Cid and have back row team?
theshinyakuma: you could go to shipwreck and grind while getting cid limit
AlphaHelixNZ: Graham you can move them all at once!
JadedCynic: the Gruff Guy Gang
AlphaHelixNZ: Whoops, too slow.
liamwal1690: lrrAWW lrrAWW lrrAWESOME
ghostvalv: the tech
Lightningbro: @Fenrir_Azazel They're LITERALLY the B(ackrow) Team!
HMinnow: Only Holy in the game
fry_dx: Barret has it, but can't use it
GapFiller: Alexander is the ONLY Holy in the game phun phact
Zaghrog: ^
noSmokeFire: does barrett have that from when we gave him scissors?
cdutson: do guns not get backrow damage debuff?
TheWarbo: silly barrett, having the materia that *I* equipped to you
frenzyfivefour: Gun back row club
sivakrytos: the only PLAYER USABLE holy...for story reasons
Gekyouryuu: if everyone is in the back row, it's the front row
Zaghrog: cdutson correct
red_shoes_jeff: Back! Row's! Back, ALRIGHT!
HunterLionheart: wait, why does Kjata have a 'U' in it here?
plummeting_sloth: just a bunch of battle clowns, hanging out in the back row
cdutson: hhhuh
frenzyfivefour: Back ally gun show
Saphling: are giant boxing gloves
noSmokeFire: ""guns""
cdutson: like the cannon ball
TristanGalahad: lol drill arm
Saphling: or a giant can opener
GapFiller: some of Barrets guns are not guns
Mangledpixel: is one of them an egg whisk?
SquirrelEarl: Atomic Scissors
Wrexadecimal: Give him a mid-range weapon, flailed mace lrrBEEJ
TehAmelie: legally they're guns, or they couldn't sell them at the arm gun store
cdutson: the jaws of life
plummeting_sloth: oh right, teh scossors!
TehAmelie lies
AlphaHelixNZ: They do get the JRPG debuff though. Kappa
Vorrenthalla: I found out recently that there are a few not guns that are long range like one of Red XIIIs weapons is actually long range
GapFiller: new hedcanon Barrets arm works like Inspector Gadget
TristanGalahad: the atomic scissors are a spiritual experience
ryuhimora: cid is so goofy
ArghyV: Are those train tracks on that rickety rope bridge?
cdutson: or.
fry_dx: Yeah
Sly_chocobo: These all sound like.. uh.. things you would do in private with your loved one ^^;
Jyggalag35: or not
plummeting_sloth: the Atomic Scissor is my favorite wrestling move
HMinnow: I remember ther are 3, I don't remember which the 3rd is
UnknownGerm: or dril arm: "I will face Sephiroth and walk backwards into the lifestream."
cdutson: sure why not
mowdownjoe: Well, someone died
sir_jack_DB: o.o
ContingentCat: I like to think he has an immersion blender attachment at home
Saphling: that's how railway bridges work, right?
accountmadeforants: I want a gun for Barrett that's just a regular hand.
Orlantia: Barrett's am is a stand mixer and some duct tape
stormcooper256: decline to comment
adi_pie: I see Barret also uses Hard Light. Kappa
plummeting_sloth: it's a bendy train
snowcookies: OSHA is calling
NightValien28: no OSHA only SHINRA
noSmokeFire: shinra took OSHA out back and shot it
JadedCynic: there's no OSHA, on...dammit
Alsritt: what is the name of the FF7 planet? Midgard is the city, but...
DiscordianTokkan: OSHINRA
MacSquizzy: Don't be mouthist
Vorrenthalla: OSHA probably did exist but then got bought out and dismantled by Shinra
TXC2: in that they have any number of mouths
JadedCynic: @NightValien28 well said! :D
fry_dx: Some would say that one is too many mouths for a mushroom
Lordofironstorm: Quadlaser
Lightningbro: "Atomic Scissors" Riight.... remember when everyone was all, "LET'S MAKE EVERYTHING ATOMIC" ... (Sighs) Life can be stranger than fiction
Wrexadecimal: too many being more than 0? O_O
Nydestroyer: wait
ryuhimora: I wonder what Shinra's version of OSHA wouls look like
sir_jack_DB: Vincent with the Terminator reload on that rifle
TheWarbo: what is the correct amount of mouths for a mushroom, in your opinion?
plummeting_sloth: hey, those mushrooms need your help. They ahve a lot of mouths to feed
SquareDotCube: Barret's ultimate gun is just fingerguns
KevinTheShark: Yes, these railroads are Shinra Compliant
Izandai: Vincent, you don't need to twirl your gun EVERY time you shoot.
fry_dx: Mouthshrooms
Nydestroyer: they literally have a quad lasor?
Sly_chocobo: Or you know, Kitchen Utils you bought off TV...
lirazel64: If you don't have physics, you don't need OSHA.
stormcooper256: why does these stacks of vertebrae have timy umbrellas
Natedogg2: TheWarbo: Negative 1
Gekyouryuu: @Alsritt Gaia or Gaea iirc
Pandax0: no OSHA, Just Oh shit that's dangerous looking.
RegulusPratus: Oh! Anti-Materiel Cannon. Forgot what the AM stood for.
Jyggalag35: @Natedogg2 soo.. a butt?
AugmentingPath: Well, that was about as effective as I would expect throwing a handful of seeds at Barret to be
Mangledpixel: in the Star Wars parody film I did vfx for aaages ago we had a scene where Anakin attaches various things to his mechanical arm for household chores, including an egg whisk. Ahh, good times.
red_shoes_jeff: Now, EYES are a completely different story.
mowdownjoe: You made Toad cry.
cdutson: what does that guy do again?
Lightningbro: Unless they're cute mushrooms, like from the Mana games. (Legend of Mana/Trials of Mana)
Sly_chocobo: "Take the surgery out of cooking with Atomic Scissors!"
TehAmelie: mushrooms with mouths that curve laser beams like they're the hitmen from Wanted are the worst mushrooms
Orlantia: what IS an AM Canon?
Lordofironstorm: @Izandai "I don't HAVE to but I WANT to"
Rujasu: Those are some twisty rails
BaconWrapOG: Man this is the worst part of the game
noSmokeFire: @mowdownjoe you're assuming that's a mouth on Toad
plummeting_sloth: just me, living my life in my buried tractor
cdutson: what does that guy in the cave do again?
RegulusPratus: It's basically an anti-tank rifle
Nydestroyer: Yep they just do have a quad laser...
cdutson: I know he does SOMEthing
AlphaHelixNZ: I thought it was antimatter cannon?
Alahmnat: Four Laser is definitely firing more than four lasers
Malyonsus: this is where I grind for aerith's limits on disc 1
nemryn: iirc in Advent Children Barret's gun-arm can Transformer into a regular hand
KevinTheShark: I got my Limit Breaks up on the Beach Plugs
TXC2: anti metrial is not anti tank
Saphling: anti-materialism cannon spurns worldly goods?
Spacecarl: Which limit is Barret on currently? one that requires kills or uses of the limit?
TraceBullet: nothing can withstand the Quad Laser
plummeting_sloth: wait, antimaterial? He has a 30mm autocannon on his arm? NICE
Zaghrog: unfortunately, we're not getting to use our Limit breaks to get second Limnits in a level
Orlantia: so it's a .50 Cal attached to his elbow
GapFiller: anti materialism seems fitting for the eco terrorist
Orlantia: that has got to be loud
TehAmelie: it's an anti-materia gun, for ecoterrorism
Lightningbro: @Alahmnat Gonna take a WILD guess and say that's "Shi" laser, it's not Four Laser, it's Death Laser.
peejeeful: only works for 2 limit break in each lvl 1st is how many times you use them
NightValien28: bird mama
ZealousCrow: Wow I completely forgot this part
Gekyouryuu: auto-mail cannon? designed by Winry Rockbell?
snowcookies: birb frands
TheWriterAleph: look at all those chickens
dudecon: you think tennis elbow is bad?
sivakrytos: gotta level up your B team for the one time you have to use them
SquareDotCube: a hard to swallow foe
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro probably also a pun because it shoots four lasers
Lordofironstorm: Are we grinding?
Lightningbro: @Alahmnat By that I mean; "Translation is hard" as the joke/comment goes"
Sly_chocobo: @Lightningbro Is Shi not.. 13?
plummeting_sloth: hehe
Saphling: there's a reason why my main party was always Cloud, Tifa, and Cid
Izandai: KatesLol
Zaghrog: using the first limit break within a Limit level 8 times earns the second one
Izandai: katesLol
liamwal1690: cool coaster
TXC2: but it is AN idea
ryuhimora: I'm getting a lot of pitch shifting on the audio here
GapFiller: Sly_chocobo no thats 4
GapFiller: as in death
sivakrytos: oh sorry two times. not now. the later time i meant
TXC2: and that's good enough Kappa
Didero: No save staggering?
snowcookies: If this is the B team, whose the C team?
Lightningbro: @Sly_chocobo I don't know how to spell them, Ichi, Ni, San, Shi. it's four.
TehAmelie: it's a fairly hard game if you don't grind levels but it's not way too hard eh
SquareDotCube: at least it's not a DEEP IAN problem
fry_dx: I'm keeping my fingers crossed we get the three-party Bizarro fight and have to use the C-team of Cait Sith and Yuffie
Jyggalag35: Cait Sith @snowcookies
Saphling: heee
TXC2: snowcookies Jessie ,Wedge and Bigs Kappa
Mr_Dirty: If we always win surely we don't need a B team
GapFiller: just personally I like the warbliness
noSmokeFire: big sid!
GapFiller: but that very is just me
Robot_Bones: Just feed him some rare candy Kappa
ContingentCat: @ryuhimora if you refresh sometimes the sounds weirdness goes away.
Lightningbro: @Sly_chocobo 13 would be... ... what, Gosan?
MousseFilledCat: Except for Vincent. Vincent only gets the kill limits, he only has 4
RomanGoro: ryuhimora that's due to some setting to keep the latency low, I can never remember exactly the name, but that's the issue
ryuhimora: it sounds like the music keeps speeding up and slowing down
Orlantia: @squaredotcube DEEP IAN (tm) is fun
AlphaHelixNZ: @txc2 Too soon! Kappa
Alsritt: *pitiful*
sir_jack_DB: the TWO-FER
plummeting_sloth: leave some for the rest of the team, Cid
Lightningbro: @GapFiller I also kinda find it to be part of the charm of Twitch
TXC2: the value
Lordofironstorm: Cid being a showoff
SWPilgrim: Cid loves value
AntiCrepuscular: aww
noSmokeFire: :( no bigger Cid
Firnsarwen: no giant Cid :(
sivakrytos: @fry_dx i literally until a few days ago did not know it was variable numbers of parties
Spacecarl: Yeah the limit breaks alternate between needing limit uses and just kills
Izandai: Come on game, shit yourself inside out again.
Saphling: Gold Saucer attendant gets a chill and doesnt know why
KevinTheShark: *flasbacks from gold saucer*
Jyggalag35: lame no glitch :(
GapFiller: Lightningbro indeed
liamwal1690: go graham
nemryn: I guess sometimes you might translate 'shi' as 13 to keep the 'unlucky number' connection
drfox17: "oh god, that guy from the gold saucer is at it again"
ThoughtProt: lrrSACK_SG
SquareDotCube: considering his smoking habit you'd think Cid would have a high poison resistance
GapFiller: iirc it only happens w/ Cloud lrrAWW
nemryn: and then in the sequel it turns out no, they specifically meant four, and you're stuck
theshinyakuma: almost as reliable as the thoughtseize bug
ThorSokar: Oh hi there
plummeting_sloth: I guess you got the drop on them
ryuhimora: Apparently I have low latency turned off :c
plummeting_sloth: ah, teh sleepy squad
Lordofironstorm: Nice perception rolls there, SOLDIERs
Spacecarl: that ribbon coming in handy
TehAmelie: many meat points
Lightningbro: "You guys are?" Yes, Avalanche, can we just walk through and we'll pretend we snuck past you? It'll be easier on us both.
GapFiller: Lordofironstorm not SOLDIER's just soldiers
cdutson: sir, in the business we pronounce that as 'hup pups'
KevinTheShark: Vincents Gun-Flex always makes me lauugh
Serivus: the first time I played FFVII my C team just threw massive amounts of gil at Bizarro Sephiroth
Wrexadecimal: CHOO CHOOOOO
DiscordianTokkan: Froot Froot
Spacecarl: Oh yeah be ready to stop the train in time!
AntiCrepuscular: ain't no getting off this train track we're on!
GapFiller: TRAIN!
like_100_bears: a pretty ribbon for Vinnie's hair
plummeting_sloth: Da-fucking-am
ThorSokar: WHAT
fry_dx: An entire train just came out of a tower not eight feet in diameter
Lordofironstorm: Froot froot
Mr_Horrible: how a train that long...?
the_piebandit: HYPE TRAIN
RegulusPratus: "Alright, team, what're we packing? Gun, gun, pointy stick. Let's do this!"
Saphling: got Lightning materia?
Mr_Horrible: fit in that tower?
TheWriterAleph: CHOO CHOO
stormcooper256: scaling is a bit off hahaha
Izandai: Oh I really hope in the remake Cid just swears like a fucking sailor.
itsr67: wait what
fatalDestiny: A very tight spiral rail?
JadedCynic: oh right, suplex time?
NojhLivic: If I remmeber right, there's treasure in this section can you can miss and never go back to get. It frustrated me greatly.
adi_pie: OH. The train bit!
rogerivany: The reactor is a TARDIS.
ShDragon: Than goodness there's no gaps in the track anywhere along the way oh wait
shadowtalon910: HypeGriffin1 HypeGriffin2 HypeGriffin3 HypeGriffin4 HypeGriffin5 HypeGriffin6
KevinTheShark: I love Cid so damn much
Alsritt: So THIS is what a guy's night out looks like!
EvilBadman: Who the hell do you think you are? I AM
ryuhimora: That's a long train to have come out of that structure
Lordofironstorm: High-speed train chase time?
AntiCrepuscular: oh THIS bit :D
kamelion84: train katesHype katesHype katesHype
cdutson: i .. do not remember this part of the game
Jyggalag35: train on train violence
DiscordianTokkan: Multi-track drifting time
Didero: There's an elevator, it's fine
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ParaGamer85: Oh hai Graham vanaGuns How’s that saving the world thing going?
l0gin4me: Tower is clearly bigger on the inside
drfox17: well this race is on rails
peejeeful: crank it
plummeting_sloth: did we even see an unbroken track on the way in there
JadedCynic: shorter train; less load of cars so it'll be faster
Rujasu: So, uh... Does this work in this version of the game?
karmakamikaze: The trains were created in there. It's just a big replicator
Nydestroyer: pacman train
KidAmn: well Graham, when a mommy train and a daddy train suplex each other very hard...
KevinTheShark: While im driving Barret, make me some GODDAMN TEA
RegulusPratus: "Barrett, have you perhaps considered gettin' offa this train we're on?"
PapertheUnicorn: to be fair, its a very small train
WeedenProject: Now if you do too badly on this section, you don't get the item in the well. Ever.
Twinklebees: Who'd have thought these trains were hand-cranked?
cdutson: ah yes that's how trains work
GapFiller: Cid is suddenly remaindereing me of Trevor from GTA V in his ability to drive pilot any vehicle
Genie_M: getting all 4?
p3nguinkin: expert pilot there...
Saphling: quiiick
Gekyouryuu: "I mean, this can't be harder than flying a rocket, right?"
chrono2x: What kinda train needs this?
coelopteryx: come on, baby, do the locomotion
drfox17: i don't think... that's how trains work
JadedCynic: all aboard the QTE-train, Conducer: GRAHAM!
TehAmelie: Cid is such a 1920s era astronaut. just brute force it, right
niccus: ten minutes?
Rhynerd: “If you can fly an airship, you can fly a train”
Firnsarwen: @chrono2x the video game kind
TheWarbo: trains..trains do not work in a manner that makes sense to QWOP
SK__Ren: Train Squats
plummeting_sloth: good cardio, I guess
thetoastmonster: Oh so THAT'S how you drive a train
Kumakaori: Gameplay~ . :/.
mowdownjoe: wat
Izandai: This is even more dubious than how the remake handles trains.
Driosenth: I think it's manually stoking the engine?
RegulusPratus: Is this an advertisement for exercise equipment?
NojhLivic: Riviting gameplay
Didero: when human labour is cheaper than some coals and a steam engine
HortonFearsACoup: Cheer100 Chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo
JadedCynic: that wsa a short 10 min
GapFiller: O God this bit is just gonna be a string of QTE's in the Remake isnt it
Ipsen13: I am a train on the wind...
Lordofironstorm: YEET
quasi79fu: weirdest way to drive a train
cmdrud87: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (It's a bonus Alex stream! He's checking out the sequel to the 2012 release, Receiver. Game: Receiver 2) at Fri 01:30 PM PDT (1:26 from now).
Saphling: yiiis
Alahmnat: wow, fancy battle arena
ryuhimora: this is NOT HOW TRAINS GO FASTER
cdutson: spiny pipe-arm
stormcooper256: I mean that was obv KOBE for accuracy
tenthtechpriest: note they left a runaway train
toralosty: uni100 uni100 uni100 uni100 uni100 I love Forebear's Blade run FF7 run.
Saphling: Cid has some sort of element attack that is negated
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Lightningbro: Smoggers my doggers. ... Sorry.
Tarnius: I like Vincent's casting animation!
plummeting_sloth: Smug alert!
Kumakaori: boom~
goatprince: the eagle here has a unique armour to steal, i believe.
like_100_bears: what even is that thing??
DiscordianTokkan: Cid may need to unequip that elemental damage materia
GapFiller: Joggers & Smoggers
PapertheUnicorn: did the hell house make it into the remake?
jameswanders: I'm worried that the remake pulled too much into Midgar from later in the original
fry_dx: Smaug alert?
raven534: Just be glad it wasn't a Smaug alert
KevinTheShark: Cheer50 Train Go BRRRRRRRRR
NightValien28: PaperDoopliss yeah
GapFiller: *Bill Callahan intensifies
TehAmelie: and another lightning bolt!
Alahmnat: @PapertheUnicorn yep
itsr67: @PapertheUnicorn Yes, yes it did
cdutson: why did cid do no damage?
TehAmelie: wait is Vincent a MTG player?
PapertheUnicorn: i need to find that now
TheWarbo: speaking of, did you see the clip from Matt's stream involving an that?
like_100_bears: @papertheunicorn yes it definitely did
NojhLivic: Why is there still a countdown?
Oglops: Vincent is so extra for everything I love him
Serivus: Man, it's been a long time since I've thought about Strong Bad
thetoastmonster: This is getting out of hand! Now, there are two of them!
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SquareDotCube: Have you had Barret scan
Saphling: sure.
plummeting_sloth: barret upcuts his spells onto the enemy
DiscordianTokkan: Crash in 10
KevinTheShark: I think there's a thing you can steal off the next enemy though
SquareDotCube: does a squat and dab
Nenluen: smash into corel
blip2004: the train crashes
NojhLivic: If they get away, won't you get away with them?
GapFiller: the train crashes into Corel
Oglops: I like that even Yuffie points that out in Dirge of Cerberus
Didero: The sound effect of that enemy attack is very annoying
fry_dx: In 10 minutes you crash into the town
theshinyakuma: smash into the town
Zaghrog: 10 minutes until Corel village
TristanGalahad: Corel go boom
Spacecarl: it'll destroy the town in 10 mkinutes
Natedogg2: They'll reach the town in 10 minutes. Which is bad.
Pedantically: They hit Corel in 10m
Robot_Bones: they ram the town in 7 minuets
Pandax0: I mean, they could get to their base where you are WAY outnumbered?
fry_dx: People live on the tracks
AlphaHelixNZ: Why isn’t Cid doing any damage to them?
l0newoofie: everyone is sad
ThorSokar: Ah, countdown mechanics, the universal soft-lock location in old video games
GapFiller: note train crash in Corel means yr dont get the Huge Materia or the Materia from the well
Lightningbro: @Oglops Honestly, I love the characters for 7 despite never playing it. Cloud is that guy trying his best to be that sexy edgy guy, and then Vincent is just FLAT OUT that sexy edgy guy
LordShadner: white wind to cure status?
fry_dx: @AlphaHelixNZ He has an elemental attack which they're immune to
Saphling: Not on Vincnet
TehAmelie: there's a Huge materia in it if you stop the train, iirc
plummeting_sloth: time for some uppers, boys
Lizardman175: I crashed the train my first time playing the game and didn't reload. Missed out on the huge materia
HorusFive: Large Lad
jameswanders: Anyone else find it weird when every character in an RPG has access to Magic?
Lordofironstorm: That's a large lad
AntiCrepuscular: now *that* is a sword
Gekyouryuu: oh, yeah, Cid does the Mario jump
Oglops: @Lightningbro right???? that's exactly it I love them for it LUL
cadesguy: barret's "sense" animation is the the best because he furiously dabs
StormDraylor: What a chonky boi
AlphaHelixNZ: @fry_dx Huh. Which element is it?
TheWriterAleph: [jethro tull intensifies]
sivakrytos: aqualung is usually good, tbh
Alsritt: is Demi just gravity?
Nigouki: you may not like it but that's what the ideal body looks like
Gekyouryuu: can we steal that sword for Cloud? Kappa
Foxmar320: Oh thats a big sword
TehAmelie: large iron mans are usually perfect demi targets
Pandax0: Aqualung works, because the iron giant would rust.
KidAmn: shame you couldn't cast Demi Moore
GapFiller: uh oh
GapFiller: lol
Lordofironstorm: Doesn't Demi halve the enemy's health?
Jyggalag35: lul
JadedCynic: tiny bit annoyed that the combat start animations sitll have the timer counting...
NightValien28: wow
Saphling: a bit underleveled
KevinTheShark: You can steal from the Condor BTW
coelopteryx: woh, the exp
Kumakaori: whoa exp
Alahmnat: that was a lot of xp
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Demi2 does half its current HP, if it works.
ArghyV: P-p-power leveling
ceiran_91: steal from the next dude
plummeting_sloth: that was a Very Indy Jones end to that fight
Robot_Bones: oh hey, barret is at 40
snowcookies: Barret is catching up
JadedCynic: we're getting Barret to catch up :D
shadowtalon910: XP
fry_dx: @AlphaHelixNZ Correction: His attack is 50% poison, which they absorb, so the net effect is 0!
KevinTheShark: Laser halves the enemies health
SquareDotCube: well it ain't demi more
Pedantically: Demi2 halves current HP
Lightningbro: Yyyyyyyyyo, Ten thousand experience will give you such a crick in the neck!
stormcooper256: hahaha
Robot_Bones: Boostie Jump
Kumakaori: @Lightningbro >D. I like it.
KevinTheShark: There's something to steal?
LordShadner: yes'
Saphling: yup!
Zaghrog: yes
Robot_Bones: trine yes
ceiran_91: Steal here G!
peejeeful: yes
AlphaHelixNZ: Yeah. I’ve never been a big fan of the gravity spells in Final Fantasy.
rogerivany: It must be a guarenteed fight on each car.
GapFiller: Trine is lightning yeh
sivakrytos: trine is lightning yes
Zaghrog: steal could be good yeah
TehAmelie: Trine is Bolt 2.5, essentially
cdutson: ah yes, gun bird
Lightningbro: @Kumakaori I'm glad someone did, I usually just make jokes to make myself laugh and hope someone agrees.
sivakrytos: time limit
rogerivany: White wind should cure Sadness?
Saphling: timer's getting low
stormcooper256: we are on a timer and G is just like, hold up, lemme steal something
Foxmar320: Always be stealing
cdutson: sun's gettin low
GapFiller: yeh timers runnin down
goatprince: it's a warrior armlet, i think. it's unique.
Lizardman175: it's got something, but not worth crashing the train
Pedantically: Whatever it is is worth less than Ultima, just saying
Saphling: Warrior Bangle
brainbosh: Is a timed section the best time to do this?
TXC2: why is gun falcon?
peejeeful: wait why are we fighting the white falcon zord
Oglops: NICE
Lightningbro: Nonsense, this is a JRPG, if you don't collect everything how are you supposed to do everything
W4it: yes, timed section is always best time to steal
plummeting_sloth: the Bangles were Warrios, in their own way
Alahmnat: didn't realize Corviknight had another evolution
Lord_ZYRK: peejeeful turns out the Power Rangers have been working for Shinra the whole time
Saphling: worried about that timer
KevinTheShark: Is it just me that finds Vincents Limits very Unhelpful?
GapFiller: uh timers getting a tad low
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DiscordianTokkan: There's almost always time, it's fine
fry_dx: We good
Foxmar320: That poor man
ArghyV: Oh RIP train guy
W4it: does time not stop during dialog?
Lordofironstorm: Great idea. Fight the guy driving the train
TehAmelie: does anyone remember this 1980s TV show about special effect robots fighting each other on some alien planet?
HorusFive: What is ONE MAN against AVALANCH
GapFiller: oh RIP this guy
BTC1220: "Frag out!"
cdutson: them long animations
user_with_name17: time doesn't stop anywhere
KinoGami: time just doesn't stop
Kumakaori: "you call that a grenade?"
like_100_bears: so much for him i guess?
SquareDotCube: wreckt
plummeting_sloth: get eff'd, rando
stormcooper256: big mmod
Oglops: excellent timing cid
Saphling: up and down together
Foxmar320: ummmmm
Trixalicious: Who designed that?
cdutson: how.. is that the leap of ogic
Tarnius: Okay Cid, whatever you say.
plummeting_sloth: sure
Saphling: down together
Alsritt: helluva driving system
Lordofironstorm: oh boy
tenthtechpriest: and thus dies the only one who can control the train
KevinTheShark: Bop It!
GamesAndInk: Okay, real talk. The last ship Cid piloted crashed and he decided it was a boat now. Is anyone sure he's ACTUALLY QUALIFIED?
Alsritt: KABOOM
Saphling: good job!
TehAmelie: i always found mashing the buttons weirdly effective for that
Lordofironstorm: Dink
Crad0k: horray!
northos: love tap
Lizardman175: *boop*
Oglops: oof
Robot_Bones: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
cdutson: is huuuuge
azureHaights: DONK
TristanGalahad: so thicc
plummeting_sloth: hey, got y'all a train!
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
plummeting_sloth: enjoy
like_100_bears: yoink!
Nigouki: just put a whole train load in your pocket
Spacecarl: Yay!
SerGarretCameron: Hyuge.
stormcooper256: where did the train go?
KevinTheShark: Now y'all be gettin' a Bahamut
HorusFive: (Adam) "It's SO BIIIIIG"
fry_dx: No if you run out of time it goes storming through the whole town and you lose out on the other thing
ReverseCreations: getting that Huge Materia is always the most anxiety inducing
Spacecarl: It's VERY sad if you destroy the town
Kreiseler: the size of that la...materia!
cdutson: i dont think i ever stopped the train when i played
GapFiller: KevinTheShark oshit yeh thats the materia
TehAmelie: i'm Hugh Materia, and this is my brother Colm Materia
stormcooper256: wasn't it basically touching that first set of junk?
plummeting_sloth: wait... how did that train get there in the first place
GapFiller: totes forgot
accountmadeforants: Maybe now Well-senpai will look at you!
Rujasu: What's the actual mechanism for stopping the train?
ThorSokar: MAYBE don't build your house on the train tracks!?
AlphaHelixNZ: Destroy the town? I mean, look at it, how can you possibly make it worse?
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tenthtechpriest: clean burning coal!
cdutson: hey it gives em something to do
TheWarbo: is this...Fallout?
stormcooper256: hahahah
Alahmnat: Operation Morlock
Lordofironstorm: #NotPolitical
Mr_Horrible: they had us with the first half, not gonna lie
SquareDotCube: sure, become mole people
SerGarretCameron: I mean, that miiiiiiight work, maybe.
Saphling: right?
TehAmelie: flashbacks to the Chernobylshow here
NightValien28: oh heck
Zaghrog: it's an amazing rock alright
Mr_Horrible: oh shit kid that *is* an amazing rock
DrChairthrower: pretty good rock, tbh
RegulusPratus: It's a pretty amazing rock, ya
AugmentingPath: We can't allow a tunnel gap!
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> RT @wizards_magic> The @loadingreadyrun crew is taking their Pre-Prerelease event online for all of us to enjoy! Join them, and a TON of Wizards guests tomorrow April 18th from 9AM-9PM Pacific at for the #MTGIkoria POST-Prerelease! #LRRIKO 📷 ||
GapFiller: YO Ultima GET!
niccus: that rock is extremely radioactive, kid
fry_dx: @Rujasu Up+Tri, Down+X, alternately. The game tells you it's not working when it is
quasi79fu: oh wow
RobotHitchhiker: Best rock
TXC2: "mr president there must not be a mineshaft gap!"
Lord_ZYRK: But only today
Pteraspidomorphi: So, who's read Seveneves?
Foxmar320: But only TODAY is free
like_100_bears: recieved: a rock
plummeting_sloth: "...I got a rock"
BrainBetter: That is an amazing rock, kid.
mowdownjoe: Nice.
Aarek: Its a good thing that little kid didn't know how to use materia
Saphling: woman in the building near the inn has Barrett's final limit
Alsritt: kiddo had a weapon of mass distruction and just handed it over to strangers
Mr_Dirty: Can we throw coal the space rock?
WeedenProject: So if you failed the time limit, you miss out on ultima
ParaGamer85: Let’s take the city and push it somewhere else!
Lightningbro: Cloud would have had SUCH AN EASIER TIME had he just LOOKED IN THE WELL when you told him too.
nemryn: @Pteraspidomorphi yo
stormcooper256: the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles
KevinTheShark: Gotta level that bad boy up
lil_toasty555: you saved our lives! ...heres a rock
fry_dx: More like UlTifa
Zaghrog: Ultima is one of, if not the biggest changer of stats
GapFiller: lil_toasty555 tbf its a Helluva rock
RegulusPratus: Why can't you cast Penultima
drfox17: woooow
TristanGalahad: then.... big boom
Robot_Bones: No no, it DOES nothing
Tarnius: Magikarp materia.
itsr67: wait it doesn't do ANYTHING unitl 3rd?
Saphling: then we can avada kedavra our enemies
accountmadeforants: "It doesn't do anything!" -"No, it does nothing!"
stormcooper256: got anyone with double growth on ?
Lightningbro: Would Element-Ultima level up Ultima?
Pedantically: It augments your MP and magic
theshinyakuma: @Robot_Bones my favorite flavor text
Saphling: talk to the woman in the building up top
Zaghrog: It needs to level up once
Crad0k: 2nd, third is when it splits
mowdownjoe: Big bada-boom
GapFiller: its like Aeriths useless materia
Oglops: Gotta go back to work, great seeing you guys!
fry_dx: That roster is looking a little slender
quasi79fu: so what is barrets limit break thingie
plummeting_sloth: oh, at least buy a pity molotov :P
mouseguin: Like Aerith materia. Does absolutely nothing.
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:05.
Zaghrog: Aerith's "useless" materia is a key item
Oglops: Hopefully I can be during the whole stream on Monday
Saphling: the woman in the building near the Corel Inn has Barret's limit break
quasi79fu: chat said that there was a limit break in that town
TristanGalahad: save the birb!
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Spacecarl: Yeah you probably wont use it but since you saved the town you can get Barrets thing
LocalTrey: borb
Pedantically: Condor is fine. the sub minigame SUCKS
like_100_bears: BIRB HOUSE!
RegulusPratus: Maybe ditch Bio-Element on Cid if you're gonna go fight robots?
cdutson: sure did
snowcookies: is the world map more clear in the remake?
Saphling: it has had a bird the entire time?
Foxmar320: Birb!
red_shoes_jeff: !birb
Firnsarwen: G, that town had a limit break, apparently?
like_100_bears: no?
JadedCynic: hmmmmmm
SignificantOtter: uh oh
cdutson: well it had both i think
Tregelen: the bird has always been there
DragaFireHawk: I think the egg hatched
shurtal: maybe, a condor?
NightValien28: birb is egg final form
Tarnius: Aww yis, Fort Codor, my jam.
TristanGalahad: pretty sure birb was always there
Zaghrog: both
Pedantically: It always had the bird
Kreiseler: no graham we've always been at war with Oceania
GDwarf: Some sort of...mountain-sized condor, would you say?
TheFaceofCho: techinically birb was always there
TheWarbo: there was a Mysterious Egg, but someone cast a Mutate spell targeting the egg Kappa
TehAmelie: it's fort Condor, not fort Omelette
KevinTheShark: Phoenix is VERY handy, i must admit... especially for when you have a couple dead party members
Paxcow119: Easter was last weekend, homie.
samu_btdp1985: what's the big purple thing in the sky
AntiCrepuscular: Fort Egg, more like!
Mr_Dirty: well where else do eggs come from?
cdutson: it always had birb, but the egg hatched
Pedantically: You're thinking of events about to transpire
quasi79fu: Graham what bout barrets limit break thingie
GapFiller: phun phact this is the one time the RTS game is compulsory
GapFiller: another phun phact this one time its compulsory its best to lose the RTS minigame as yr get special stuff for fighting the boss yrseln
TristanGalahad: FIRE CA-CAW
Tregelen: You can get a unique item if you let them reach the shack on this final fight
Crad0k: final attack=phoenix
karmakamikaze: Looks like a bronze dragon
Nuurgle: to get in, just open up the Con-door
NojhLivic: A pheonix. One of the few things that could possibly heal the world after a calamity.
stormcooper256: oh yeah, what about ultimate limit break?
Saphling: Woman in building on upper level of Corel has it
Firnsarwen: Last town had it
TristanGalahad: talk to the woman in the upper building in Corel
peejeeful: in corel
Zaghrog: one of the people in Corel Village has it
KevinTheShark: You gotta speak to someone
Lightningbro: @GapFiller What do you get for fighting the boss then?
goatprince: talk to the couple in one of the houses in corel.
Spacecarl: Since you saved the town
KinoGami: yep
Robot_Bones: mosey on back
KinoGami: you get locked out of fort condor too
Crad0k: Tregelen also, you don't have to do the awful tower defense if you just let them reach the hut
TheWarbo: lemme just head back across the world
Saphling: zippity zoop on down to bustling Corel
Spacecarl: Yeah the train just destroys the town. it's very sad
quasi79fu: sorry graham to make you backtrack
quasi79fu: chat was talking about it and i was wondering
Robot_Bones: i feel like cid is a mosey'er
HunterLionheart: my original play of the game I absolutely failed to save corel
Saphling: woman in upper building
Tregelen: i dont mind the fort minigame but there is a trick to make it way easier
HorusFive: Thanks for bringing us down Gramna
Gekyouryuu: while we're at it, @LoadingReadyRun what about that one lake-y area up a waterfall, near gold saucer iirc, that you said might be relevant to Vincent?
chicken_fajitas: yeah you have to have a lot of mune
Zaghrog: Crad0k it's also possible to win that minigame by clearing the map of enemies. The deployment line moves with your troops so it's not that har
Zaghrog: dd
GapFiller: Gekyouryuu need the submarine
Gekyouryuu: oh
AlphaHelixNZ: Kid’s gunning for Yuffie’s shtick.
KeirenH: !next
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Tregelen: you need the sub or a mountain chocobo for vincents stuff
Feltic: This pimento is all I have left of my kitchen
Robot_Bones: its a disaster skywalker we're after
quasi79fu: ok how is catastrophe not worse than a meteor?
Robot_Bones: can't get there yet
cotillion1850: need the sub
MousseFilledCat: It's good backstory
TristanGalahad: I think you need either a chocobo or the submarine to get there
theshinyakuma: you need the sub
LocalTrey: choco or sub
GapFiller: hai Adam
JadedCynic: Hi Adam! o/
Lightningbro: "I am trapped behind this tiny child" Ah yes, that's the RPG experience I'm used to.
ceiran_91: you can land just to the left with the highwind
cdutson: that's a chocobo only thing innit? or ... it's a submarine thing
lil_toasty555: Adam!
Lord_ZYRK: ADAM you missed the choo choo train
HorusFive: Yo Adam
JadedCynic: take care Savidan
PerpetualDM: seabatTROG
TXC2: is it yellow? Kappa
omdorastrix: Good. I'm hungry
NojhLivic: The submarine mini game in the golden saucer was my favorite
ceiran_91: wait, nvm
stormcooper256: Graham pinchy hands Stark
TehAmelie: you get so many vehicles to leave parked in weird places in this game, i love it
mouseguin: Sup sup Savidan
ghostvalv: seabatPjorg
TehAmelie: well, the submarine only goes into i think two harbors
snowcookies: Did James come in to pay everyone today yet?
Saphling: Hi Adam! Thanks for the Sidewalk Slam
Lightningbro: @stormcooper256 Nah, I think he was just emulating Gib, he did say "gib" after all
lirazel64: *waves at Adam*
TristanGalahad: Anyone else just get in Highwind and fly around the map for fun when they're bored?
tagrath: ff7: all the vehicles
Zaghrog: TristanGalahad totally
GapFiller: TristanGalahad yr mean there are people who didnt?
cdutson: gotta get that caaaysh
Mathonwy: So, quick question, did you have a few videos that show the editing stuff? I thought you did, but can't member.
TristanGalahad: @GapFiller I mean hey I'm a weird person! I don't know what other normal people do!
Mr_Whyt: spent hours grinding
KevinTheShark: Or just Win the fight at the top
Robot_Bones: you could tower defense or you could just fight the boss
Scarbble: i loved the fort condor mini game
drfox17: oh we gotta do this again!?
ceiran_91: There's a way to cheese this
Pedantically: Just don't play, fight the fight. it's not too hard
ArchRequiemD: RTS time
Lightningbro: @tagrath I miss games being vehicle gated rather than story gated... I've not been playing many that do lately.
Tregelen: @loadingreadyrun if you let them reach the shack you can get a really great armor
RegulusPratus: Ignore mini-game, kill 'em yourself
Saphling: don't waste money on repairers
Zaghrog: alternatively, we could just let them get to the top
hunkajunk: Ignore. No reason to not just fight the boss
HMinnow: You can also just let it grt to tbe top and kill the enemy
DarkMorford: I was doing some reading the other day; apparently the audio engine for FF7 was almost a direct port from the SNES Final Fantasy games. I guess if it sounds good and you know how to write music for it, don't mess with it?
matleigh35: what even is a junion area?
goatprince: i usually just let them get to the top.
GapFiller: or just do the boss fight
snowcookies: Mathonwy: Crapshoots and some older loading times have
sv_evo: @Saphling wait, there's a new side walk slam?
TehAmelie: the training wheels are off on this egg
Tregelen: yeah it's just a regular fight
GapFiller: sv_evo incoming
Lightningbro: Does the guide not mention the armor?
Tarnius: I loved the Fort Condor minigame for some reason. Always did it, every time.
GapFiller: sv_evo Adam was editing literally as right now
Zaghrog: Don't we get the armor anyway if we win the minigame?
chicken_fajitas: I usually save 100000 b4 this
Robot_Bones: its cheaper really than buying all the troops and there are no consequences for fighting the boss at the top
Tregelen: no the armor drops from the commander only
Mathonwy: Oh, duh... Yeah. Imma go watch that.
RegulusPratus: I liked the Crapshoot. Writer's room just shooting the shit.
sv_evo: @GapFiller yeah! thanks
Zaghrog: the battles do grant items when you beat them
GapFiller: Tarnius tbf it WAS a tower defense before they were cool
Mathonwy: After the stream.
Lightningbro: That... guide... kinda sucks...
plummeting_sloth: the guide does mention the belch though
Serivus: The guide doesn't mention a lot of things... I had the guide and it misses a bunch of stuff
Saphling: protect this area
Tregelen: you still get huge materia and phoenix as long as you beat the commander
Robot_Bones: we must protect this house
GapFiller: Lightningbro still better than the FFIX one
EvilBadman: That guide was probably written pre-release too
AlphaHelixNZ: Yeah, I used to come back to do the mini game every chance I got, for the rewards.
user_with_name17: it released with the game, which lets remember, had one person do the translation
Foxmar320: Guide always miss a few things.
Saphling: I had a "Complete Survival Guide" for FFVII from 1997, and it was incomplete as heck. missing maps, wrong labels, etc.
KingJimmeh: At least it aint the FFIX guide
Lightningbro: @GapFiller That's... not good to hear as someone who still needs to play 9
MacSquizzy: Is it a Prima guide?
Mathonwy: Gamefaq for the win.
Mr_Dirty: 1997 is no excuse it was the 90's everything was rad. Is the guide rad?
HorusFive: I just glanced at the sign below and read "It Em"
Paxcow119: Probably a "Brady Games" guide, aka useless toilet paper
EvilBadman: @Lightningbro On the FF9 guide was infamously bad!
KingJimmeh: And the FFVIII Official guide was my first guide and was really good.
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro the guide for FF9 is literally worth it dont get it
stormcooper256: oh the egg is back
silenceaux: good birb~
Tregelen: no
mouseguin: Don’t do stairs.
Robot_Bones: no
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro worthless*
Nenluen: nope
Saphling: Every guide is better than the offiicial FFIX guide
Tregelen: armor from boss fight only
Nuurgle: Guides were BIG business back in the day. You had to be the first to get one out for the hot game or people bought the competitor's guide
GapFiller: Lightningbro its 2020 yr dont need a strat guide just use gamefaqs and yt videos
AlphaHelixNZ: By definition, any guide that isn’t the FFIX guide is going to be good by virtue of not having anything to do with FFIX. Kappa
Tregelen: yep
Robot_Bones: yup
Lemontartz: Really enjoying this stream, gonna go start from the beginning with the VODs
niccus: ok, guys, guys, i have a plan,
Lightningbro: @Jyggalag35 "Get it" you realize the internet archive has all of the older prima guides just, in PDF to download?
Tregelen: you do need to start it though
KevinTheShark: Settle up everyone, this is gonna take a while
Zaghrog: there's a button to tell it to start
samu_btdp1985: ff9 guide just promoted a website
Crad0k: there's two ff9 guides, one is useless, one is about 10% useless
Foxmar320: Yes 12
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro for the record the guide is full of links to a defunct website that has vital info so it is literally worthless
Tregelen: you can use shoulder buttons to make it faster?
Zaghrog: you can increase the speed
Earthenone: i mean theres also the ff12 guide do not open these random chests scattered throught the game or you lose acccess to the best weapon
Mathonwy: Here's the plan: All you guys do NOTHING, and I'll win on my own. Just... Just sit there.
Lightningbro: @GapFiller I like finding older Strategy guides just for consolidation of information sorted by topic or location in game.
HorusFive: Look at em go
Saphling: the ff9 guide was incomplete, sending you to a now-defunct (I think) website
Lordofironstorm: So many polygons
user_with_name17: like 12!
CrazymattCaptain: wait what is this?
Lightningbro: @Jyggalag35 So it's bad, AND didn't age well?
Paxcow119: Dat Verticies...
KingJimmeh: So, whiile we wait, enjoying the gameplay of Remake G?
drfox17: do you have to steal the armor?
drfox17: or is it a drop?
CrazymattCaptain: tower defense?
Tregelen: it's nice how the whole shinra army dissapears and only the commander fights
Tregelen: its a drop
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EvilBadman: playonline[dot]com was the FF9 site and yeah it's dead now
GapFiller: actually were Tower Defense games a thing in 1997?
GapFiller: obvs they existed
KV1NN4: tq!
Radyin: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:20:17.
GapFiller: but were they already on the way to becoming what they have since become?
azureHaights: Well well well, and I mean BIG big,
GDwarf: Well well, and I mean *well*, well well
Jyggalag35: @Lightningbro Yes exactly, look up images of its, i wanna say 40% of the info is contained the the defunct website
HorusFive: cheerwhal100 G- not to complain- but your skipping Wednesday totally made me lose track of what day it was :)
Lightningbro: Ah yes. Horton Fears Aku, the Samurai Jack spinoff we never knew about
Tregelen: i believe in pterodactyl
DarkMorford: @LoadingReadyRun I was doing some reading the other day. Fun fact: apparently the audio engine for FF7 was almost a direct port from the SNES Final Fantasy games. I guess if it sounds good and you know how to write music for it, don't mess with it?
Mathonwy: Things could suck worse. One of the great Superpower nations of the past century could be headed by a moron that has allowed this pandemic to spread and kill tens of thousands.... Oh, wait.
Feltic: You mean it's not Wednsday?
GapFiller: DarkMorford I mean the SNES engine was a good system
stormcooper256: big oof
GapFiller: why fixed what aint broken
like_100_bears: heck 'em up!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Don't forget to steal.
HorusFive: !panic
SquareDotCube: Can't lose units if you never deploy them
DarkMorford: Ah, sorry. Didn't mean to spam, just wasn't sure if you saw.
fry_dx: Days of the week are a legal fiction
DiscordianTokkan: Time to steal!
silenceaux: I'm sure you'll make it.
samu_btdp1985: what's on f.n.p.f today
Mr_Horrible: Commander Grander Horn? mizzThinking
Tregelen: no its a drop
Zaghrog: it's a drop
Zaghrog: don't worry
fry_dx: What is a week anyway? We can just make up new days
Crad0k: no, it's a drop
TristanGalahad: That vampire's a werewolf!!!
GapFiller: samu_btdp1985 no paper fight cz Ikoria
jameswanders: didn't Vincent have steal?
Mathonwy: Steal anyway.
LordShadner: white wind also does status
TXC2: samu_btdp1985 Canlander I think
Lightningbro: Does it have a steal?
theshinyakuma: its a drop
Crad0k: no steal
AlphaHelixNZ: “Is this Thursday? I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” - Arthur Dent
Nenluen: the armor is a drop, but there's a rare item as a steal, it's just a consumable, but, still it's pretty rare
Mr_Horrible: Graham you're fighting this boss 1 day too late, *yesterday* was National Horn Day Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: Good ol' baby Behemoth
fry_dx: I'll call today Fryday. That'll be easy to remember.
Crad0k: Steal Item dropped Morph Nothing Imperial Guard (100%) Nothing
Mathonwy: National Horn Day? That sounds... Dirty.
SquareDotCube: The bass? Yes it is
samu_btdp1985: canlander tonight?
plummeting_sloth: this guy has not pocket!
Tregelen: well done
Foxmar320: welp
user_with_name17: magic breath soings fun?
Lightningbro: Wait this fight is how you get the Morph materia?
northos: """grand"""
GapFiller: lol
Nenluen: oh, right, it's a steal from the first run of this minigame
adi_pie: welp
Crad0k: that was... yeah, you got it
Sarah_Serinde: Canlander is what's currently on the schedule
RaklarLS: that high pitched, distorted sound for the barrier always brings me back. I hated casting it because it made my teeth feel weird
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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Nuurgle: Grand Attack should deal 1,000 dmg
Jyggalag35: womp womp
Nenluen: for the claw / consumable item
Mathonwy: That fight would have been a lot harder earlier in the game.
SquareDotCube: One whole Imperial Guard
DiscordianTokkan: e g g
Saphling: burd, nooo
coelopteryx: big! bird!
ParanoidRabbit: EGGCITING!
mrMorphius: orb?
Dared00: hey, it's "egg"
Mangledpixel: soogahh!
lil_toasty555: eggy boi
HorusFive: !y
Feltic: Oooh, hot hot hot
plummeting_sloth: is this that Teapot Dome scandle i've been hearing about
Mr_Horrible: sofieEgg
GamesAndInk: The egg's gonna blow and inside is... a smaller... egg?
Foxmar320: Birb!!!
SignificantOtter: eggo crack
Lordofironstorm: RIP the bird
Saphling: I love its feet
KevinTheShark: Ca CAWWW
Jyggalag35: F
TristanGalahad: fire scraw
samu_btdp1985: EEEGGG!!!
Mathonwy: Birb no!!!!
DotaProp: SKRAW!
Natedogg2: A life for a life.
quasi79fu: so the egg killed theother bird?
adi_pie: Dead D-E-D
Nuurgle: Phoenix...Down
jameswanders: I feel like chicken tonight
GapFiller: Its a Bird! Its a Plane! NO its a Giant Plane Bird RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!
silenceaux: Birb...
GDwarf: It's a bird bird, and I mean *bird* bird...
the_elkae: Better than the Gobbledygooker
TheFaceofCho: CAW CAW
SK__Ren: Baby Condor evolved into Phoenix
northos: awwww
mowdownjoe: Birb got scrambled.
NightValien28: BABY
Lordofironstorm: BIG CHOCOBO
Nigouki: how is babby birb formed
TehAmelie: "quack"
coelopteryx: oh my goodness
plummeting_sloth: the condor! The Egg! The Eggdor!
Saphling: big little bird!
Mr_Horrible: Full Life baybeeeee
samu_btdp1985: big boi
HorusFive: Big Baby Birb
SignificantOtter: bye eggo
DiscordianTokkan: They leave the nest so soon...
Mangledpixel: babby giant phoenix!
1losttheGame: man, we uh, could have used that a disk ago
Foxmar320: Big baby birb
BrainBetter: Ultimate Cute Achieved.
ArghyV: Kweh?
drfox17: that... is a large choco
like_100_bears: lorge brb
TheFaceofCho: good bab
plummeting_sloth: well... bye
TXC2: that's a big physics nope
silenceaux: And off it goes.
LordOfMalice: So majestic
Lord_ZYRK: Little flappies ( ◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧
Mathonwy: And now we have released a horror upon this world.
Nigouki: speaking of THICC BIRBS, that fat chocobo in the remake....
Jyggalag35: Fat Chocobo...?
HPBraincase: Yes. Like all baby birds. Flying immediately as it hatched.
fry_dx: Fort Eggshell
Saphling: Phort Phoenix
matleigh35: fort nondor
ghostvalv: cracked
Lordofironstorm: "It was big chicken. You're welcome."
plummeting_sloth: Fort CRacked Egg
Mr_Horrible: Fort Roost?
space_turbulence: had a staff meeting from finding cloud until now. i miss anything big?
Macheya: Fort Gonedor
TXC2: Fort Fort
AugmentingPath: Fort Gondor... wait, that's taken
Scarbble: we're Fort. Just... Fort.
Bunoc1: maybe the pheonix could use a phoenix down
Mangledpixel: Fort The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Condor
TehAmelie: i like Phort Phoenix
Lord_ZYRK: space_turbulence there was just a really big bird
ParanoidRabbit: Fort Sans Condor`?
Diabore: i just realized what sids walk reminds me of, it looks like he has to shit
Wrexadecimal: absolute unit mareria
GapFiller: Fort Without Condor
Underachiever28: My buddy said he used him government check to buy a PS4 and FF7. Is this what he was talking about?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: There isn't anything we can give you. Also, here's this Huge Materia.
plummeting_sloth: Shit dog, that materia's thicc
ArghyV: Short Condor
northos: "I didn't mean to fool you, I just deliberately deceived you to convince you to offer hel"
like_100_bears: "i just had this in my back pocket this whole time."
Saphling: how did he get that info?
user_with_name17: is snuck a word?
quasi79fu: underwater means submarine right?
MousseFilledCat: Phoenix Materia, first?
Mr_Horrible: ah yes, "that little fella"
SaiaseiGM: Cheer100 i want a cuo of that Materia's piss
cdutson: is cid being kind or gross
Lordofironstorm: "Not worried aboutCLoud, though"\
samwonk: How... big... is the Huge Materia?
ArghyV: Yes
TXC2: huge, veiniy metria
Mangledpixel: M'deel
TheWarbo: have we done a "M'deel" yet?
DiscordianTokkan: *Tips fedora* M'Deel
Foxmar320: Field trip to MIDEEL!
Zaghrog: big plot thing
plummeting_sloth: God Cid, what's your Mideel
SaiaseiGM: *cup. i meant cup
Saphling: and I mean big big big
silenceaux: Phoenix is Real
HorusFive: SOOOO BIG
LocalTrey: whats your MIDEEL?
fry_dx: It's about the size of a bus
TehAmelie: it's hueg liek Xbox
Mathonwy: Bought the side of MAH DICK!
Wrexadecimal: big big. and I mean, a big big big
Tregelen: about the size of a head
omdorastrix: Yuge
cdutson: given materia is usually the size of a medium marble
Jyggalag35: doesnt phoenix give a chance to autorevive?
NojhLivic: BOwling ball?
KinoGami: size of your head
Natedogg2: We can see them later on.
Mathonwy: *size
TheWriterAleph: small enough to fit in your pants i guess
aerohydra: 330 times bigger
Feltic: I mean, it's not small
Crad0k: bigger than a person
ContingentCat: tiffs hat M'deel
TXC2: bigly big, big big in it's bigly vastness
Lightningbro: I was looking at the wiki and aparently "Final Attack-Pheonix" works.
AlphaHelixNZ: @txc2 Oh gods. Thanks for that.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Bigger than a Big Materia, but not as big as an Enormous Materia.
Dezufnocosem: Big Materia Energy
Mr_Horrible: oh right, I meant to ask, can we get a bahamut count, G?
KidAmn: how big is a Huge Materia gonna be in the remake then...
Leonhart321: A big, big, big and I mean big big
DotaProp: you will see them at Cosmo Canyon when you get there
adi_pie: That big, but can shrink.
SerGarretCameron: human torso sized?
RaklarLS: so, Dragon Ball sized
HorusFive: Until you slot them, then they're marble sized
Tomasu82: well, there's the wee, the not so wee, and the FRIGGEN HUGE
NojhLivic: But they shrink when you attach them to equipment in the remake right?
DotaProp: and thats how you get Bahamut ZERO
peejeeful: until you put them in a glove
KevinTheShark: When you take em to Bugenhagen
Crad0k: did you get phoenix?
frenzyfivefour: Like enriched uranium
snowcookies: What happens if you could equip huge material Kappa
KidAmn: it's so VASCULAR
Saphling: save game before boss?
Tregelen: dont forget your new armor
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:26:39.
Lord_ZYRK: KevinTheShark gesundheit
Genie_M: they float at bugen
Zaghrog: Save is definitely good
Saphling: yup
DotaProp: Ultima Weapon Fight #1
Mathonwy: Materia does NOT need to be vascular....
cdutson: oh right. is this a Weapon moment?
DotaProp: Ultimate
ceiran_91: they don't shrink, you just snap off a piece of the priceless gem and then bin the rest
Saphling: freeze is such a good spell
hunkajunk: Or like, how do you slot 8 of those into a glove???
cdutson: i remember getting blindsided by this
LocalTrey: remake materia ranges from marble to softball in size so who knows how HUGE huge materia will be
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Pheonix888: Aww thanks. Your a real cool streamer too. Loving the nostalgia, even though I never played it myself. thanks!