Tregelen: I believe you can get the basement flashback now if you like
LordShadner: made up is a little strong
GlennSeto: Apparently it takes a considerable amount of mental fortitude to survive something like this. Seph had his force of will, Cloud & Tifa had each other and Aerith is an Ancient.
richard_ermen: @flameburstx Now now, Onewingedangelmon is his evolved form ;)
Dezufnocosem: I'm BUILT
MousseFilledCat: Basement Flashback is so good.
JadedCynic: well, more a 'performance' than a mere 'illusion' - Cloud is a pretty good actor?
Saphling: SOLDIERS are all part Jenova. Great. Probably why they're all crazy
Ace__of__Hearts: hey does the frog Barret turns into have a gun for a hand and if not does the frog arm hurt when it turns back into a gun?
KinoGami: Saphling pretty much
GapFiller: speaking of that: we shd probs check on that guy in Sector 5 again
PendelSteven: Jean Cloud van Dam
richard_ermen: YEAH
richard_ermen: :D
Saphling: Character Growth!
snowcookies: Cloud is not gonna mope anymore
richard_ermen: Mr.T with the best burn
HorusFive: Not just SOLDIEDs, but also a bunch of washout recruits have Genova cells
Foxmar320: The voice! :D
Vanbael: go to disney world
Saphling: heartening music cue!
SirTrae: Master of my own illusionary world is a strong line
richard_ermen: That's right Foo!
PendelSteven: Woof! Woof!
snowcookies: #SavethePlanet
The_FlyingDutchman: 5 canadians and a sketchy scott
Ipsen13: -deep breath-
ghostvalv: choo choo
ShDragon: froot froot
GlennSeto: @loadingreadyrun I think the optional cutscene in Shinra mansion is now available. :)
RegulusPratus: "Meteor? No, I'm gonna spend 80 hours breeding chocobos for fun and profit."
Izandai: So can we get a quick recap of what just got revealed there?
KinoGami: froot froot
OccasionallyManly: Avalanche Time!
brainbosh: Ah yes, Barret's well known catch phrase
Genderi: I'm now...more confused
Saphling: he salutes back!
richard_ermen: Random crew member!
Pteraspidomorphi: That was a relaxing mako bath
RobotHitchhiker: And after that sentimental scene, yuffie immediately leaves to vomit off the deck
plummeting_sloth: except for train that we did get off of earlier
Saphling: One True Party
hunkajunk: Damnit, as cheesy as that moment is, the way all the speech bubbles come up as the fanfare starts..... Still fist pumped at my desk
Ace__of__Hearts: thank you train man
Lightningbro: OMG, I've never seen Cloud's character growth before. NO wonder people love this guy. He was a jerk but now he's awesome. XD
Vanbael: get best team back
drfox17: yesss tifa is higher level than cloud!
Foxmar320: No saving allowed!
DragaFireHawk: Getting the band back together!
RomanGoro: I've just figured it out, Graham isn't doing a Scottish accent, he's doing a Jimmy from Barkerville accent
drfox17: she's the real team leader
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
snowcookies: A+t team
KevinTheShark: Getting the Gang BACK TOGETHER!
Genderi: "I pretended to be badass, when in fact, I was even more badass"
richard_ermen: Did we already have the moment of Cloud and Tifa in front of the airship?
TXC2: drfox17 as it should be
GapFiller: RomanGoro nah nah its Drew McIntyre
Mr_Horrible: We're getting breaking updates RE: The Boys, and their status regarding being back in town
Smitteye99: lol why is cait sith irish? i missed a lot
SK__Ren: Ze Galinka... she sinka
Saphling: Cait Sith is being controlled by Jimmy from Barkerville
MousseFilledCat: @richard_ermen That's right before the final dungeon
richard_ermen: I adore scottish Caith Sith :D
KinoGami: what level is the pilot now
Gekyouryuu: if Cait Sith has a scottish or gaelic accent, I want him to call Cloud "McCloud" just once
The_FlyingDutchman: lrrGRAHAM_EB
Veste: oh.... cloud's back....
GapFiller: oh Cloud shd totally check in an Yuffie
Pedantically: @richard_ermen that's WAY later
Ace__of__Hearts: it's weird that you have decided Cid is Miles O'Brien
Nydestroyer: whats the pilots level
Natedogg2: richard_ermen: That won't happen until later - end of the disk I think.
HorusFive: Pilot Level?
richard_ermen: Ok
TXC2: Smitteye99 Scottish and why not?
Orlantia: pilot pilot
RegulusPratus: Junon Reactor? Wasn't that a Matrix reference?
richard_ermen: emo
PendelSteven: So deep
Mr_Whyt: Vincent is so dark
Stoffern: Are none of these people real airship crew?
plummeting_sloth: "Sir, I am the only thing keeping this thing in the air. Please don't talk to me"
richard_ermen: xD
user_with_name17: dont forget yuffie on the railing
richard_ermen: CID
northos: too real
Foxmar320: lol
Wrexadecimal: LOL
Izandai: Too Real
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
SK__Ren: big mood
MousseFilledCat: Too real
cotillion1850: Graham do you want to go the Nibelhiem lab so we can see the flashback with Zack?
Vanbael: mood
JadedCynic: Cid is ALL OF US
kamelion84: katesLol katesLol katesLol
snowcookies: lol
plummeting_sloth: Too Real
HorusFive: Vincent- stop being professionally emo for a minute
The_FlyingDutchman: lol big mood
akssoon: 4th wall break!
RomanGoro: Hahaha that was a good one
AnDagda: When did Cait Sith get a Derry accent?
Ace__of__Hearts: that man is playing Galaga!
AugmentingPath: What is a Cloud? A miserable pile of secrets!
tenthtechpriest: forgetting who has what materia is a big mood
richard_ermen: Cid feels like that burnt-out playtester, always gruff with warstories aplenty.
Nydestroyer: Still need to talk to the pilot! ::P
Mr_Horrible: poor Yuffie
Omega117: I really hope the airship in whatever part of the remake we get it in doesn't end up being just a glorified fast travel menu
user_with_name17: worst ninja
TXC2: AnDagda not run together enough to be Derry
Saphling: "when I was in SOLDIER"
cadesguy: wait
Scrubbodiestobears: goddamnit cloud
KinoGami: gravol
Foxmar320: Cloud wat
MousseFilledCat: ad translation
Izandai: Cloud hang on
TalisKanju: WHAT?! "When I was in Soldier"
plummeting_sloth: wait, you weren't in SOLDIER Cloud. WE just went through this
Rhynerd: @andagda last stream somebody mentioned that some versions of Cait Sith are given scottish accents.
cadesguy: cloud we were JUST over this
user_with_name17: cloud not quite all there yet
GapFiller: maybe give he another tranq
ArchRequiemD: Drugs, Mako, and Alien genetics
Foxmar320: Cloud pls
richard_ermen: Remember, sometimes he also still is Zack :D
Genderi: cld you weren't in soldier
sivakrytos: we DID just cover his motion sickness tho
TXC2: ArchRequiemD hell of a weekend Kappa
leebenningfield: that's my secret... I'm always nervous
TheBloodsparrow: Cloud's advice for motion sickness, MY FAVORITE PART!
Nahvi42: Dramamine?
BusTed: slytqShrug
PendelSteven: but does she know that?
DiscordianTokkan: Meanwhile I, a monster, can read on an airplane during turbulence.
Ace__of__Hearts: when on a big ship it's best to stay near the centre
cotillion1850: Graham do you want to go the Nibelhiem lab so we can see the flashback with Zack?
1losttheGame: i think he meant like, shinra grunt as a soldier
thomturtle: So if he wasn't in soldier, is he just super human?
YourDMJay: he sitll probably trained for it
Izandai: Dammit Square...
Vanbael: when I was in not-SOLDIER
northos: I mean, the overall concept still fits with him being a grunt. but yeah, he was technically wrong
The_FlyingDutchman: I mean he was a SOLDIER grunt right?
richard_ermen: Time to get the Knights of the Round Table!
drfox17: @HorusFive We call that a "yuffie"
VTMonster: I find looking at the horizion helps
Tregelen: highwind music in the overworld now
KevinTheShark: Damn, Cid trains em fast
Lightningbro: I think he was IN Soldier, he wasn't 1st class.
richard_ermen: Curses, I came in too late
GapFiller: man that was a stream
Orlantia: materia
PendelSteven: push the button
snowcookies: Good plot
accountmadeforants: You acquired the Huge Plot
Mr_Horrible: The plot, it's so... BIG...
ShDragon: That was sure a plot stream
user_with_name17: was "a soldier" vs "in SOLDIER"
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
TheWriterAleph: clapclapclap
Jyggalag35: thanks Graham :D
hunkajunk: Nice hanging out with ya Graham :)
Alahmnat: thanks for the stream, G
TristanGalahad: Now I'm all emotional
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:07:04.
Genderi: Thanks, Graham, I uunderstand less now!
DragaFireHawk: "I'm going to stop living in my illusion. Also, I was in SOILDER, so I didn't get motion sick anymore" -Cloud 1997
Wrexadecimal: güd strim!
richard_ermen: Yay
PendelSteven: B-B-Bonus stream?
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (It's a bonus Alex stream! He's checking out the sequel to the 2012 release, Receiver. Game: Receiver 2) at Fri 01:30 PM PDT (18m from now).
ContingentCat: ooo
AntiCrepuscular: receiver 2 is out?!
TXC2: !events
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Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, Graham xivCactuar
kamelion84: thx for steam
RegulusPratus: Oh, neat, I like Alex
Spacecarl: Thanks as always!
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (It's a bonus Alex stream! He's checking out the sequel to the 2012 release, Receiver. Game: Receiver 2) at Fri 01:30 PM PDT (18m from now).
Mr_Horrible: hell yeah!
TXC2: !ppr
LRRbot: The Ikoria Post-Prerelease will be happening on April 18 2020! For more information:
Gekyouryuu: @KevinTheShark he's getting a LOT of EXP because he's underleveled and we're doing later game content
pete_simpson: Cheer100 I'll have to catch the vod.
GlennSeto: We'll remind G of the Zack scene next time.
Mr_Horrible: can't wait to watch some good magic times
drfox17: looking forward to it!
odamadillo: Thanks for the stream of nostalgia Graham.
like_100_bears: bonus stream! bonus stream!
thomturtle: That sounds awesome!
PendelSteven: T W E L V E H O U R S ?!?
ghostvalv: godzilla sized ikoria
Rhynerd: @anticrepuscular to my surprise, it came out this week
Jyggalag35: wpooo
mouseguin: Tomorrow is gonna be great.
lil_toasty555: woo woo
HorusFive: Oh, but when will I get time to watch the VOD of earlier today which I missed? Surely the worst problem I face in my life currently.
Firnsarwen: soooo much Ikoria! Such great.
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SignificantOtter: thanks graham
AntiCrepuscular: Rhynerd Sweet! PogChamp
PendelSteven: W E I R D ?
PendelSteven: I loved <3 this part of the game
Firnsarwen: Thanks for the stream, Graham! lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh. The Gibb answers Tweets video just went up!
TXC2: I sware more people are going for walks here now then they did before :P
GapFiller: thanks for streming G lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM
Mr_Horrible: thanks for streaming, G!
TXC2: !vod
LRRbot: Streams from the last few days can be found at and the Archive of all streams can be found at
PendelSteven: This is why FF7 is comicbooky!
JadedCynic: well, a lot of motion sickness arises from the discontinuity between the body's sensation of motion (inner ear feeling rolling & pitching/turbulence, eg) vs vision seeing unmoving things within the vehicle - reading, esp filling one's vision with an unmoving book/sheet of paper etc, can REALLY make motion sickness worse
Saphling: thanks, Graham! This has been a lot of fun.
snowcookies: Cya Graha,
ContingentCat: thanks for the stream G lrrHEART
HorusFive: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW lrrGRAHAM
GapFiller: see yr later G
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2468 patrons for a total of $14,731.12 per month.
TXC2: !discord
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ArchRequiemD: Bye
snowcookies: Bye Graham
PendelSteven: Thanks for streaming!
TXC2: !twitter
TXC2: !ytmember
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PendelSteven: And so I'm looking forward to Remake 2
tezzerettinkerer: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
PendelSteven: or Remake 3
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:09:25.
PendelSteven: I dunno, Midgar was severely meh to me
TXC2: Remake 2: the Remakeining
swedish_roman: is it done?
Alsritt: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4014: "Out of the frying pan and into the bigger frying pan that's filled with napalm!" —Alex [2017-02-15]
TXC2: yeap
PendelSteven: even in the new Remake you can see... it's just a city
Alsritt: well that bodes well for this upcoming stream
PendelSteven: not a happy city
Gekyouryuu: so I know how much time I have
Gekyouryuu: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (It's a bonus Alex stream! He's checking out the sequel to the 2012 release, Receiver. Game: Receiver 2) at Fri 01:30 PM PDT (15m from now).
PendelSteven: one could argue Midgar is a dystopian city
PendelSteven: so that didn't make me happy - at all
Rhynerd: “Welcome to the city where the only thing that’s pretty is the thought of getting out.”
PendelSteven: This is why I started playing FFVII when it was out on PC and a buddy of mine said: you should play this!
PendelSteven: Eventually I bought the PS1 game
PendelSteven: (...)
PendelSteven: But erm, before FF7 the closest to what an RPG was I played was ... Swords & Serpents on NES
PendelSteven: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
PendelSteven: games that are RPG-ish
PendelSteven: The first mentioned is a dungeon crawler
fastlane250: Hello!
EvilBadman: You're live pal
richard_ermen: 'ello Sailor
Feltic: Hooray, Alex!
PixelArtDragon: Oh hai!
RuiFaleiro: Hi Alex
AntiCrepuscular: Holy heck, receiver came out in 2012?! :o
PendelSteven: Hello
RegulusPratus: Welcome!
GapFiller: hi Alex not taking the strem offline>
snowcookies: hi alex we see you
raven534: Video! No audio though
PendelSteven: We see video
l0gin4me: hi alex
notarealartist: LUL
SharktoothJack: Hello
Kerrisis: Y halo thar Alex!
GapFiller: ?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: lrrSIGNAL
Feltic: cheer100 Good to see you Alex, hope you're keeping well
AntiCrepuscular: o/
Trashweazel: kathle3HEX kathle3KNOT kathle3PRISM kathle3TRI kathle3EYE kathle3EYE
p3nguinkin: look at those magnificent pandemic locks!!!
PendelSteven: Ello confused Alex!
pete_simpson: Frozen mic.
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
fastlane250: lrrWOW
Alahmnat: hi Alex!
TacitusVigil: Hello Alex. It's good to see you. I hope you are well.
snowcookies: having tech issues?
LoadingReadyRun: heather is going to kill me
Nigouki: beep boop
Baldrash: Whoopsie-doodle.
GapFiller: LoadingReadyRun nah this is the best bit
snowcookies: We won't tell her Alex
PendelSteven: We sure hope she doesn't
EvilBadman: @LoadingReadyRun just get prepare your body for DOLL ISLAND
Feltic: Heather will have to wait till this is over at least, so there's that
PendelSteven: 1) I like Heather and don't want her go to jail
l0gin4me: Social distancing will protect you from Heather
AntiCrepuscular: Did alex snip the audio cables with Heather's fabric scissors? Kappa
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:15:18.
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (It's a bonus Alex stream! He's checking out the sequel to the 2012 release, Receiver. Game: Receiver 2) at Fri 01:30 PM PDT (10m from now).
PixelArtDragon: Heather is going to need to kill you from 2m away, so maybe try zig-zagging?
PendelSteven: 2) It would be not good for the studio to be a place where murder had been
PendelSteven: Welcome to LRR studio: once a scene of crime. Sounds great on the resumé.
PendelSteven: I might be overthinking this....
GapFiller: Heather is a close range specialist so far the time being Alex is fine
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
KevinTheShark: For nowww
RegulusPratus: Hooray, it's content!
PendelSteven: Too be fair, I like to think deep
VariableVacancy: oh cool, I've been loving this game
PendelSteven: Not whilst I'm watching a fantasyfilm where they use an imported word from another language....
JadedCynic: welcome to /k/ folks B)
PendelSteven: but that's why I like Buffy and Marvel
PendelSteven: grounded in our world
PendelSteven: so a concept like thursday can exist: Thor's Day
PendelSteven: from our old gods
sir_jack_DB: k
offbeatwitch: i saw someone say "of course alex is playing receiver 2", was like hm why, looked at the game's description and went "of COURSE it's alex"
TXC2: sounds
TXC2: here we GO!
Nigouki: i have absolutely no idea what this game is
JadedCynic: graham mentioned not getting the intro screen music working until it was tweaked up - some weird threshold thing.
PendelSteven: even if we know Thor as Donar here in our country
TXC2: Hello Alex
GapFiller: good evening Alex
Feltic: Sound good
DiscordianTokkan: Mic is working!
Alsritt: I'm suprised Alex wasn't one of the devs on reciever, honestly
Nigouki: voice yes
Kikazi: sound is good
VariableVacancy: oh, hi Alex
GapFiller: not seen yr live in... quite some time
Schatten88: hi hearing you loud and clear
JadedCynic: Hi Alex - your mic is hot!
TheBloodsparrow: yup
richard_ermen: We can hear you
Bahumot: The Alex can be heard!!
Alsritt: We got u!
Mangledpixel: we hear ALL
snowcookies: heard
flatluigi: it's an alex
PendelSteven: that's why Thursday in Dutch is Donderdag
sir_jack_DB: hawt mic
red_shoes_jeff: HAI ALAX
DiscordianTokkan: Aaag
niccus: severe! content! warnings! good game, but, yeah, there's some content here
CamelAttack: Look at that Luxorious hair!
Mangledpixel: hehehehe
GapFiller: FOIL!
TheMoatman: I've spontaneously gone deaf
Invitare: I can here e v e r y t h i n g
PendelSteven: Donderdag - Donar's Dag
richard_ermen: Tinfoil Hat deployed!
Mr_Whyt: tinfoil hat mandatory
DiscordianTokkan: We certainly heard THAT
Kikazi: we've gone full tinfoil
AntiCrepuscular: Wait, is this tinker tailor tinfoil-hat-maker?
Mr_Dirty: Use tin foil to protect self from internet
PendelSteven: But today is Freya's Day!
HorusFive: Lovely Locks Alex. Are all the barbers closed up there? 'Cause around here we're no longer allowed grooming
Nigouki: uuuuuuuuum
flatluigi: this content warning is very important
PendelSteven: Oh
GapFiller: HorusFive implying its not a choice
Critterbot: Time to dust off those muscle memory skills!
PendelSteven: Warning: this is a warning
TheMoatman: That's always a good sign
GapFiller: thats kinda bullshit right
TXC2: !cw
LRRbot: This game contains, or we have found it to contain, material that may be upsetting to some of our viewers. If that content is a problem for you, it's okay to not watch this stream. Self-care is more important.
GapFiller: a warning without any deets
VariableVacancy: Yes very much content warning
HorusFive: @GapFiller It's not a choice for me. but my hair just looks unruly right now.
PendelSteven: and don't play this game without a tin foiled hat on
AntiCrepuscular: Alex just proved the tinfoil hat isn't working!
TXC2: pro tip: NOTHING is a replacement for handgun safety training
PendelSteven: next to the Windows button?
flatluigi: i did see some details in discord at least, alex
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PendelSteven: boink boink
TheMandrew: ok that's a good THUD
AntiCrepuscular: That reflection :D
Invitare: N E is actually two buttons
Creideiki_SE: @TXC2 My fluffy teddy bear would disagree.
TheMoatman: No John, you are the target
GapFiller: hammerhead
Rujasu: You're... a target dummy?
JadedCynic: "In this world, you're either a gun, or a target."
ShinerCCC: XD did I miss the Canlander
PendelSteven: my head hurts
Kerrisis: Back in the 2000's, Gateway started printing "Any" on the Spacebar purely to reduce the number of support calls about that...
KevinTheShark: Wow, straight into Watch and Play
TXC2: boy I've missed Alex playing a game :)
HorusFive: And that was how Alex was defeated by a door, just like Adam
PendelSteven: I guess that's a blue light then, not purple
PendelSteven: That is a europlug, yes
TheMoatman: Well it's a european model at least
PendelSteven: not grounded
JadedCynic: yeah, with PROPER plugs Kappa
insane_42: So Alex, how about KF2?
Invitare: maybe the developers just appreciate good plugs
PendelSteven: you don't see that often anymore, but okay
TheMoatman: lol
Baldrash: EEP
Alahmnat: lol
DiscordianTokkan: Oh. Windows.
PendelSteven: at least not in my country
fastlane250: lul
offbeatwitch: WINDOW!
HorusFive: LUL
Lord_ZYRK: Ah, good to see Alex is wearing his porper PPE MiniK
sjcTheos: windows NotLikeThis
snowcookies: omg
GapFiller: RIP
Feltic: Windows
Vanbael: owned
SK__Ren: haHA.... owowowow
Wolfstrike_NL: we received bullets!
JadedCynic: !death
the_elkae: slytqRIP
Mr_Whyt: stream over
HorusFive: lrrWOW
TXC2: it begins Kappa
PixelArtDragon: THat was a bit loud
tezzerettinkerer: F
RegulusPratus: That looked more green than blue. Hax.
Stalevar_: end stream
AntiCrepuscular: Does it still make you hammer the 'W' key to run like the original?
Mr_Dirty: were we hiding behind a window?
PendelSteven: rounded outlets are usually grounded nowadays
JadedCynic: that's gonna be a pretty big counter, I fear...
JadedCynic: turn the other lights off, so you can see the BLUE light
AntiCrepuscular: tappy tap tap!
Invitare: boxes of plugs!
DoodlestheGreat: That's a lotta power plugs.
PendelSteven: but yes, Europe could be a dystopia
Invitare: they DO like good plugs
Mangledpixel: that is an odd control choice
JadedCynic: so Sprint is not a toggle...
AntiCrepuscular: it's a weird sprint control, yeah
PendelSteven: indeed we do
asthanius: Game audio is definitely a bit higher than Alex
CamelAttack: Game a bit loud
domslashryan: GTA:SA running
Mangledpixel: I hope, for accessibility, you can change that to a hold-button
Alsritt: GUN!
FoobyDude: oh boy
TXC2: bullettes
PendelSteven: A floppy disk - aha
FoobyDude: can't wait to share more fun facts and protips
PendelSteven: so it is an alternate dystopian set in the 80s / early 90s
Roscoe_DarkHorse: Thats some pretty neat background music
Nigouki: drums in the deep?
AtomicAlchemical: Wow, that run mechanic seems really user unfriendly
PendelSteven: now the outlets make sense
Alsritt: :<
PixelArtDragon: It feels strangely refreshing to see Alex playing a non-shitty game for a change
Izhuark: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:05.
Kerrisis: We're LEARNIN'!
JadedCynic: @LoadingReadyRun ...but at the same time FORCE you to learn the skills and abilities available
FoobyDude: tappy tappy
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sir_jack_DB: DONK
JadedCynic: nicely done, alex!
Alsritt: @PixelArtDragon we're still not quite sure, but it's not there yet
JadedCynic: HO HO HO, Now I have a gun
PendelSteven: it also explains the warnings at the start
PendelSteven: we don't like guns in Europe
Nigouki: Model 10 = 10 bullet clipazine Kappa
AtomicAlchemical: Ah, this is what Portal is missing: GUN!
PendelSteven: only police and criminals use guns here - and military of course
JadedCynic: and firearm operation is VERY GRANULAR
insane_42: gun simulator 2020
TXC2: so this is a single action?
AntiCrepuscular: does that say "slaw holster"?! :kappa
PendelSteven: well, and hunters
plummeting_sloth: and now we never reload again.
Alsritt: 1, 2, 345, everybody in the chamber now c'mon let's die!
PendelSteven: but licenses for that and such
plummeting_sloth: just find a new gun every time
IncredibleFrown: "whoops" is always such a great thing to hear from someone wielding a gun
PendelSteven: a genuine revolver
user_with_name17: did you know tinfoil hats actually focus the reflecting electro-magnetic radio to a point somewhere in side the object they semi enclose
FoobyDude: double action
sjcTheos: mawp
PendelSteven: and genuine noiselevels
AntiCrepuscular: guns loud
Rhynerd: Oh darn, I missed the intro.
TXC2: guns are LOUD
Yoyogre: Negligent Discharge!
PendelSteven: as they are in real life
JadedCynic: hey, experimentation is necessary
raven534: Glad we're applying appropriate gun safety
Rhynerd: Is that a a smith and wesson .38v
PixelArtDragon: This game is so realistic, you need ear protection from the gun's audio
SleepyDeveloper: BEEP
JadedCynic: @AntiCrepuscular "Spin cylinder" in this really skinny font
PendelSteven: the 80s music
IncredibleFrown: weight of trigger pull is apparently a modeled mechanic in this game
AntiCrepuscular: killdrones as deadly as in the original
VariableVacancy: you do actually have to hold the mouse button longer in double action
Izhuark: Hello !
PendelSteven: yeah, guess we're in an alternate 1985
JadedCynic: @PixelArtDragon amen...
raven534: It's not wall hacking if the wall stops being there
FoobyDude: theres a spot you can see that turret through the fence
KV1NN4: i know guns and stuff are meant to be loud but could the game audio be lowered a tiny bit please?
Alsritt: #GAMER
JadedCynic: oh so we can just go back and hack again, interesting
PendelSteven: I've explained this earlier, I was born in the 80s, but learned much from is from osmosis
Izhuark: That was close...
IncredibleFrown: hackerman
Rhynerd: Neat!
AtomicAlchemical: Oh no, the robots understand bullet physics
FoobyDude: easiest just to spam G and adjust accordingly
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun can the game audio be turned down a bit please, it's rather loud
FoobyDude: go under the barrel palette
like_100_bears: nope
TXC2: thanks Alex
Yoyogre: Flank the turret
JadedCynic: you have a revolver; it has fully auto
like_100_bears: barrl pallet
PendelSteven: I still remember ungrounded outlets in my parents house in the 90s for example - that was changed then
JadedCynic: yeah, best way to win a battle is by NOT FIGHTING
AntiCrepuscular: also it has unlimited ammo to spam
TheThromborax: It's an Alex!
PendelSteven: and yes, I heard a lot of 80s music on the radio in the 90s
PendelSteven: knowing the 80s by osmosis, I am a 90s kid
FoobyDude: you killed it's motor
plummeting_sloth: I guess?
AntiCrepuscular: neat!
TheThromborax: is this a game with a VR mode?
FoobyDude: no VR unfortunately
raven534: They did actually license the guns, right?
JadedCynic: tippy - impact caused it to tip higher up meant more leverage. Hey Archimedes!
TheThromborax: it reminds me a lot of Alyx
kristian_fischer: Holy h*ck, is it time to operator?
Yoyogre: It doesn't have VR but the first game had a VR mod
RegulusPratus: If you holster it cocked and loaded, do you shoot your own leg?
Izhuark: Audiologs !
VariableVacancy: yes
VariableVacancy: very yes
Rhynerd: Are threat tapes on or off?
FoobyDude: only if you do it quickly
Izhuark: Audiologs hype !
FoobyDude: holding the holster button safely holsters the weapon
JadedCynic: become a machine to survive
raven534: No, it's not a fucking balloon, just a regular one
Rujasu: Well, it's not a balloon anymore
FoobyDude: balloons give you ammo
snowcookies: bullets are a commodity Alex
KidAmn: it's some kind of operator operating operationally I see
JadedCynic: also that playback level was trollingly low compared to the sound level of the gunfire
plummeting_sloth: take THAT helium supply!
Khador1: What game is this?
serramarkov: I can't watch or play 1st person shooters, but have fun, good luck and may you and yours be/stay wonderful! See y'all on another chat!
Easilycrazyhat: looks like it does something to your ammo?
TXC2: in before theres 99 balloon to shoot
TXC2: !gmae
JadedCynic: there's even MORE in the sun - easy peasy
rocketjohn: I mean, as it's red it surely should have exploded.
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Receiver 2
auxv: is there actually
TacitusVigil: Are we invisible?
FoobyDude: no
raven534: 99 balloons of helium in the air, 99 balloons of helium...
Invitare: walk into ladders to get a concussion
PendelSteven: oh wow
RegulusPratus: 4 down, 95 to go
Baldrash: It's not a troll if the intention was for the weapons to more realistically loud.
FoobyDude: the balloons are just supply caches throughout the world
PendelSteven: we sure are in a city
FoobyDude: not a collectable
plummeting_sloth: I like the idea that guns are painstaking to fire and load, but ladders you just walk into and it works
GlennSeto: I mean, helium floats up, so it has to end up on the moon eventually. Kappa
ghostvalv: don't copy that floppy
PendelSteven: that isn't even a 3.5" disk
PendelSteven: 5.25" - definately 80s
SleepyDeveloper: that turret alert sounds like a smoke detector chirp
JadedCynic: 5.25" DD or HD?
AntiCrepuscular: gamersense!
Izhuark: Big brain time !
Lord_ZYRK: You outcheekied the breeky :O
JadedCynic: can't fiddle with machine with a gun in your hands
PendelSteven: this is why we have / had room for DVD-drives eventually in our PC's
PendelSteven: mind blown?
Izhuark: It must be the wind
PendelSteven: I sure hope someone didn't know that here
Rhynerd: Is there a taser drone in the area?
TXC2: I wonder if theres any rare or unusal guns in this game if it's going for realism
Khador1: So whats the premise of this game?
FoobyDude: time for things to really get going
plummeting_sloth: The time is now!
PendelSteven: Where is ANYWHERE?
JadedCynic: your time is up, my time is now?
Robot_Bones: the receiver was his wife all along
PendelSteven: Well, I'm gonna shower
Izhuark: We are an illuminati now ?
JadedCynic: ooo, MAG-LITE™ bet they licensed that
SleepyDeveloper: why I have I not heard of this game series until now? This tickles my firearm enthusiast bone.
plummeting_sloth: I hope there's a painstaking reload sequence for the batteries for the flashlight
JadedCynic: @Izhuark probably
FoobyDude: granted that's still how they do it
Yoyogre: You should check out the help notes in the menu. There's a lot of useful tips in there.
JadedCynic: spinnnnnn
PendelSteven: one more thing: your hair is about as long as mine now, Alex
FoobyDude: no easy way to hold a flashlight and a pistol at the same time
PendelSteven: we have that in common
RegulusPratus: Russian Roulette time?
JadedCynic: we could concievably play Russian Roulette
PendelSteven: okay, showertime
ghostvalv: barrel gun go clack clack
snowcookies: lightswitch
droxboy04: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:41.
FoobyDude: it's on the wall
Izhuark: I think it's just the light ?
FoobyDude: it's a lightswitch
Rhynerd: A light switch!
TXC2: Cylinder go brrr
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Izhuark: A Lightswitch ? in my videagaymes ?!
PendelSteven: so apparently the signs are in English yet they have continental euro sockets
TXC2: PendelSteven translation convention
7gorobei: flashlight in the off hand in a weaver hold is discouraged as it provides a target for the enemy to shoot at.
PendelSteven: probably
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Mangledpixel: PendelSteven we've got our Universal Translator on
FoobyDude: using a flashlight in a low light environment is never a good idea while in combat
JadedCynic: oof, that 80's synth...
PendelSteven: we can assume the language actually spoken in Final Fantasy VII Remake isn't English either
PixelArtDragon: So uh, where are all the people?
SleepyDeveloper: they're coming out of the walls man! O.o
FoobyDude: there is an option for holdable sprint
Rhynerd: And let’s not get started about Metal Gear Solid 3’s “Russian.”
PendelSteven: I was gonna hit the shower
TehAmelie: i blinked and we died
rocketjohn: so run is "hammer w" ?
JadedCynic: dud?
FoobyDude: a blocked chamber is that
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: a blank?
Izhuark: I don't think it's good...
Despoiler98: Blocked chamber?
FoobyDude: you can't use it
Yoyogre: You can go in the options to enable running with the shift button
JadedCynic: blank charge?
Stoffern: a welded chamber
HPBraincase: Blocked chamber?
AntiCrepuscular: D:
sjcTheos: Jebaited
Rhynerd: Oh, a dud round blocked the chamber, I guess.
TXC2: "a jelly dohnut sir"
Izhuark: Oh
brutalhonduras: hacked gun
Orlantia: oh noes
Despoiler98: HAHAHAHAH
Nigouki: wait, is there limited lives and that's how it denotes them?
Orlantia: blocked cylinder
Despoiler98: ya broke it Alex
Izhuark: Is it your life ?
JadedCynic: ew, ..45 ascap round shoved in there? :(
TheThromborax: jammed forever?
donuteater: try shooting it?
TXC2: is gun broked ?
like_100_bears: oh lol
Izhuark: your lives*
CamelAttack: Something fucky about that bullat.
Rhynerd: lrrHERE
Yoyogre: Looks like you got pranked by the Threat :p
FoobyDude: @Nigouki nope, just a "haha screw you" from the game
plummeting_sloth: is that a death mechanic?
Izhuark: Wait... Is it a roguelike ?
FoobyDude: this game handles death in a pretty simple way
like_100_bears: new house who dia?
TXC2: do we not have a cleaning rod?
VariableVacancy: no, it's just randomly like that
like_100_bears: *dis
JadedCynic: bit by bit piece together your layout...
PendelSteven: okay then, we might be in Germany?
JadedCynic: if you live that long
VariableVacancy: It's just a dead chamber, the game wants you to work around it
FoobyDude: funfact: you can smash through windows with your body
like_100_bears: oh hey it is a house!
FoobyDude: just sprint and jump into the glass
AntiCrepuscular: first game was procedural, with chunks of map that got joined up randomly and random item placement
PixelArtDragon: Why are there no people in this game>
Despoiler98: are we just looting someones condo?
AntiCrepuscular: *cronch*
Despoiler98: oooooooh thats a broken ankle
SleepyDeveloper: mah bones!
wintertempest: crunchy
TXC2: who needs shins eh? Kappa
FoobyDude: not fine
Alsritt: bang bang
Despoiler98: HAHAHAHAHAH
Scrubbodiestobears: walk it off!
Zu_o: lrrFINE
AntiCrepuscular: 'glass'
Nigouki: lrrFINE
Rhynerd: Not fine
Izhuark: lrrHERE
Reecer6: glass can kill you???
RegulusPratus: "New Help information available on: glass"
brutalhonduras: Not tuned to the "beep" yet I see :)
like_100_bears: lrrFINE
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That beep scares me every time
Alahmnat: ahh, it's been so long since we had a proper "shouty Alex" stream XD
JadedCynic: 7th floor
TheThromborax: how did he ruin his gun?
Reecer6: i was hoping each time you died you'd get another blank chamber
Rhynerd: A dud round, I assume
FoobyDude: was that mr brightside
Mangledpixel: crates!
Despoiler98: @TheThromborax it appeared to be a jammed round?
CavernousBeast: I'm glad to see they finally put out Receiver 2, I really enjoyed the first one :)
Zu_o: so, as this is a reciever game, I assume there are more pistols?
VariableVacancy: It almost always spawns you with a dud chamber when you have the revolver
like_100_bears: abstergo?
Yoyogre: @Reecer6 Yeah, if a glass ceiling breaks over you, it can kill you
VariableVacancy: it did spawn me with two dead chambers before
Despoiler98: DANG
northos: that's sweet
plummeting_sloth: NICe
TXC2: neat
SleepyDeveloper: stelth
sjcTheos: all my blood
FoobyDude: take a look at your reflection
Despoiler98: STEALTHY
JadedCynic: so I guess we're clad in denim?
Orlantia: @like_100_bears seems like it
FoobyDude: you can't bleed
Lord_ZYRK: Now to find some band-aids for all the cuts
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That's why we're made of cardboard
like_100_bears: achievement unlocked: gained entry
TheThromborax: see, THIS is how you use unity assets. THIS is what they are for
plummeting_sloth: HOUSEKEEPING
northos: I also like that your reflection is a firing range target
TXC2: so Cardboard Stronger then glass?
Despoiler98: MAID SERVICE
JadedCynic: bullat went through wall and other window?
gravity_pike: i just got here, what is this game, chat?
RegulusPratus: Now steal the flatscreen!
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Receiver 2
like_100_bears: balloon!
FoobyDude: that singing is an indicator of nearby tapes @LoadingReadyRun
Nigouki: wait, why is thre flat panel TVs and monitors
Izhuark: Neat :
Izhuark: :)
like_100_bears: you missed a balloon!
plummeting_sloth: oh, put it on Cameron and Cori's list then
gravity_pike: no, i mean, What Is This Game?
Nigouki: or is it the tapes and floppies deliberately out of time?
Rhynerd: A trailer and review hinted at it being a roguelite, yes
JadedCynic: yep
FoobyDude: shoot that
JadedCynic: oh tell me we
Reecer6: YES
AntiCrepuscular: PogChamp
Izhuark: Yes !
Mangledpixel: hehehehe
TXC2: I mean, you can easily fall from that hight and be fine
FoobyDude: it creates audio errors
Critterbot: Haa, neat!
northos: @gravity_pike roguelike FPS with realistic gun mechanics
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: wicked
sjcTheos: GOTY
plummeting_sloth: worth it
RobotInProgress: :0
brainbosh: You broke the game
like_100_bears: EXCELLENT
Roscoe_DarkHorse: Fantastic!
Rhynerd: @gravity_pike operate a pistol like it’s real to find tapes and survive murderous drones
RegulusPratus: Event not Found lol
JadedCynic: I think we got hit by riccochet?
Rujasu: Well, something happened
VariableVacancy: lol, error messages from that
amythist: well it created an error string if nothing else
brainbosh: Just errors all on
offbeatwitch: well it worked even if it caused errors
plummeting_sloth: Newtons cradowned
SharktoothJack: Hi friends, just came in and this looks fun
Alsritt: wait, did we actually error out, or is that part of the game?
Orlantia: I love the event not found error strings
rocketjohn: why are you a target?!
like_100_bears: sink boollet
JadedCynic: wait....that's a flatscreen tv
TXC2: hello SharktoothJack welcome
northos: *interacts with center of screen to turn it off*
CavernousBeast: Lmao your reflection is a shooting range target? Yeeees
JadedCynic: there's a bit of ananchronism for 5.25" floppies
Yoyogre: You're literally a moving target for the turrets lol
Izhuark: nice shot !
TXC2: ooooooh we blink when we shot
JadedCynic: say, we're not a ruthless marksman we blink when we fire
richard_ermen: This seems less intensive than Receiver 1.
FoobyDude: in reality you'd hold the good bullets in while the bads are dumped
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun Alex, if you had a choice in your revolver for this game, what would it be?
Lord_ZYRK: JadedCynic we specialize in working with legacy systems. . . and guns.
FoobyDude: gun history time
kusinohki: how hard is it to set up a speed loader for a revolver?
AntiCrepuscular: there's that beep reaction we're looking for :D
Yoyogre: @richard_ermen There are 5 ranks of increasing difficulty. This is only the first one
richard_ermen: Ohhh, I see
plummeting_sloth: but also waiting until the cylinder is completely empty before reloading goes against every shooter game instinct
Izhuark: Is there a way to augment the voice volume ?
northos: hoooo that click
FoobyDude: you killed it's ammo box so now it's out
FoobyDude: you're safe
TXC2: no 357 magnum?
Gekyouryuu: hey, just got here. did we ever play the first of these games on stream? trying to remember if I've seen it before
Despoiler98: Are there person enemies or just the sentry guns?
AntiCrepuscular: Should be Izhuark, I think the original had a separate level slider for voice
CavernousBeast: In the first game there were Drones and Turrets, so I assume it's the same or similar here @Despoiler98
Rhynerd: That was close
TXC2: Gekyouryuu I doubt recall so no
JadedCynic: yeah, Hollywood doesn't like slowing down details
AziraphalesShop: Heat and they absorb some of the blowback force
JadedCynic: I see blue light...
amythist: Despoiler98 if it;s like the first, just turrets/drones
sjcTheos: aw was hoping for turret in elevator
SleepyDeveloper: To video game devs, all guns use clips, except for revolvers of course. No mags allowed Kappa
Kumakaori: there's something exceptionally endearing with the tin-foil cap XD.
AntiCrepuscular: close call
Rhynerd: Man, it would be awesome if you could find a speed loader in this game. Although I imagine you’d often have to load the speed loader like it’s the revolver in your moments of safety.
Despoiler98: Cool
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You are being very aggressive, I'm going to need you to simmer down.
TehAmelie: i heard today practicing shootersm'n replace their guns every 30,000 shots, i wonder if that happens in this game
TXC2: lrrbot on point
Despoiler98: are there other guns?
JadedCynic: wait, was there something on the railing
FoobyDude: there's 2
JadedCynic: @Despoiler98 I imagine there will be...eventually
Mangledpixel: I think there's 2
plummeting_sloth: I know there are some ARMA-3 mods that include jams you have to work a lot to fix
itsr67: @Despoiler98 Yes, and you get them as you rank
amythist: there was an interact prompt to the right by the ladder
Critterbot: Should be at least a semi automatic pistol, the first game had that.
Despoiler98: Oh Neat
dudecon: 30k rounds is a standard service rifle life
brutalhonduras: There's 2
Kumakaori: I appreciate glass injury
itsr67: @Despoiler98 you also never choose your gun at the start
Rhynerd: @despoiler98 I think the roguelite nature means you unlock other pistols later. I saw like four or five other in the trailer.
VariableVacancy: yeah, you unlock stuff as you go along
kusinohki: @TehAmelie I assume there's a lot of gun maintenance done inbetween replacements too...
ehsteveG: Minor laceration detected
Kumakaori: Consequencces for shooting through glass? I love this game already
Rhynerd: And one review mentioned a desert eagle
Despoiler98: thats cool
TXC2: 30K rounds is a rifle's service life and a ISPC shooter's month Kappa
Despoiler98: BODIED
SleepyDeveloper: Desert Eagles are nice, I have one in 44mag.
DrWreckage: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 33:02.
Despoiler98: I love how you Blink when you fire
JadedCynic: hit it higher
brutalhonduras: if light is out it's allready down
FoobyDude: you've already disabled it
Yoyogre: You broke the camera on that turret
Stoffern: It cant see you anymore, you shot its sensor
Yoyogre: Negligent discharge count : 2
FoobyDude: you have to pay attention to what chamber is lined up with the dud chamber
Erin_Streams: IT IS DEAD
Mangledpixel: that one's dead already, I think
34Witches: uh oh
AntiCrepuscular: uh-oh
Despoiler98: Dead chamber
TXC2: hard mode time
Rhynerd: I think that one can no longer hurt you.
Mangledpixel: the one to your right isn't, though
gravity_pike: your done shittered
JadedCynic: there's on in the doorway to the right, thoo......
sjcTheos: save one.
Izhuark: That's right, i think you are good.
Despoiler98: now double action should be a bullet
Yoyogre: If you look in the menu, it'll tell you about your weapon
VariableVacancy: line up the dud with the hammer and the first bullet will do
Despoiler98: FUCK
JadedCynic: what did *I* say? :D
Oohlgrist: this is intense
SirEelBiscuits: the one with no light won't shoot at you, its camera is dead
AntiCrepuscular: thought Alex was about to walk in front of the other one there :D
FoobyDude: you can shoot through walls btw
chesul: playing Russian roulette against a turret seems like a bad plan.
JadedCynic: well, you're lrrEFF anyways, but here ;)
Despoiler98: This is why I qualified on Semi Autos when I went to get my armed security card O.O
Kerrisis: Round left on the ground?
FoobyDude: line the dud chamber up with the top left @LoadingReadyRun
Zu_o: Can you shoot through the wall?
Omthebox: Dope hat my dude
AziraphalesShop: Is the one round that's stuck a glitch or part of the game design?
Rhynerd: Is that turret guarding a tape?
VariableVacancy: if you check the menu theres a brief manual of arms for each gun
Despoiler98: Can you shoot through the chair?
FoobyDude: it rotates counter clockwise
7gorobei: you can see the rim of the cartridge when the cylinder is closed
brutalhonduras: angle is where you shot the first one, you could shoot it without it seeing you
FoobyDude: the snub nose one goes clockwise
WereDoor: oh hi @Zu_o
JadedCynic: #NowWeKnow
Yoyogre: It tells you which way it turns if you press escape
SirEelBiscuits: the bullet which starts at the top will be skipped when you fire
Micsig: you can see edge of rounds right then
Zu_o: Hey WD
Genderi: what happens when he hits the dud?
Mangledpixel: wait, why did they make them go different ways, FoobyDude ?
JadedCynic: hydrostatic shock
FoobyDude: it's how the revolvers were designed
amythist: Genderi it goes click
JadedCynic: collect and consume 5 tapes
amythist: 38 speciak
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun if you had your choice of revolver for this, what would you choose?
donuteater: So is it just revolver adventures?
JadedCynic: Saturday Night Special!
JosephDeath: Being paying minor attention while working... "Consume Tapes"?
7gorobei: colt detective special
SleepyDeveloper: mr saturday night special
brutalhonduras: @Mangledpixel One is a S&W, the other a Colt, they rotate differnt since they tried to go around the other's patent historically
Genderi: so we can always test with a mostly blank chamber
JadedCynic: Alex, if you'd just READ THE DOCUMENTATION... LUL
Mangledpixel: brutalhonduras ohhh, I see
ehsteveG: Heavy Machine Gun! PogChamp
FoobyDude: funfact: every game in here is a game wolfire made
Izhuark: The game is teasing us !
FoobyDude: aside from polybius
Despoiler98: I stepped away are we carrying a Saturday night special?
Alsritt: do they have Wolfenstein?
7gorobei: technically clockwise is slightly better as it pushes the cylinder crane into the frame
TXC2: Polybius is real, don't at me Kappa
Izhuark: Music indicate a tape is close right ?
FoobyDude: lol
WereDoor: ahh overgrothth os there other game
Yoyogre: @JosephDeath Yes, the tape are delicious, they taste like INSIGHT and FOCUS
brutalhonduras: @Mangledpixel All fo those things get explained in the tidbits of lore you gather in game.
AntiCrepuscular: @TXC2 Yeah, Jeff Minter made it Kappa
Mangledpixel: cool, ty brutalhonduras
JadedCynic: yeah "Hollywood Moonlight" even :P
FoobyDude: balloons can get you 1 to 2 bullets, so it's best to find a line of them and collat
WereDoor: have we died to tazerbot yet
kusinohki: tuned in late... is there an objective or exit or is it simply 'survive as long as you can'??
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AntiCrepuscular: not yet WereDoor
Despoiler98: FUCK
FoobyDude: nice
AntiCrepuscular: :D
FoobyDude: you hit it's barrel
FoobyDude: it can't fire straight now
bv310: Welp
ehsteveG: Medic!
Despoiler98: HOW ARE YOU ALIVE
Yoyogre: You lucky bastard!
VariableVacancy: lrrSACK
FoobyDude: you're safe
brutalhonduras: Damn, how did you live :D
Mister_BlueSky: panicBasket
HorusFive: !panic
Saphire282: I'M PANICING
A_Catastrophic_Success: lrrFINE
Despoiler98: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Yoyogre: How are you still alive!?
JadedCynic: Okay, that's some Pulp Fiction level lrrSACK luck there
Izhuark: We saw our life in front of our eyes at least 10 times in the last 1o seconds.
like_100_bears: that went perfectly what are you talking about
Stoffern: you broke it
Izhuark: 10 seconds*
brutalhonduras: it's dead
FoobyDude: to conserve ammo, you don't need to kill the entire thing
Yoyogre: It's probably out of ammo at this point
TXC2: some real rabbit in head lights moments there
AntiCrepuscular: looks pretty beat up!
Izhuark: I think if it doesn't have the light it's dead.
Saphire282: looks dead to me
JadedCynic: goit its was 'blind' after the first shot, the barrel bent on the second shot
FoobyDude: if you can hit 1 critical spot on the turret, it's pretty much done for
brutalhonduras: it was kinda dead after your fist shot, you shot of it's ammo, it probably had one round left
ButButTheJesus seriously considers panicking
SirEelBiscuits: When you destroy the light it can't fire at you any more, but it's not actually destroyed
TXC2: are gun is fixed?
Despoiler98: fuck only 4 left
SirEelBiscuits: it's safe to just walk up and hack it though
FoobyDude: critical spots being it's ammo cache, camera, and battery
7gorobei: new gun @TXC2
JadedCynic: @TXC2 our gun is diff and no jammed cylinders
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TXC2: 7gorobei JadedCynic ah ok then
Genderi: oh we can watch it turn!
FoobyDude: @LoadingReadyRun the balloons give you ammo
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Mkeyzz: balloons give you 1-3 ammo
rith_the_awakener: I'd love it if they'd put like a flintlock pistol in this for a laugh
somecall_metim: shit, how much have I missed
Rogue_07: Ooo Bonus stream w/ Alex
cuttlefishman: What does this game add compared to Reciever 1?
Rogue_07: Nice hat
somecall_metim: and I knew alex would be playing this
TXC2: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 41:21.
34Witches: Wow, I can't believe it took me this long to notice the tinfoil
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun hey Alex, if you were to choose a revolver for this, what would it be?
FoobyDude: @cuttlefishman a lot of dick kicking is what it adds
FoobyDude: this game punishes you a lot more
Gekyouryuu: oh, yeah, why the tin foil?
JadedCynic: @rith_the_awakener not even conceeding to percussion cap? gotta keep a pinch of the paper-wrapped cartridge's gp charge to load the flash-pan? :D
FoobyDude: because the threat is dangerous
Yoyogre: @cuttlefishman More pistols, different enemies, more lore and some very !!FUN!! stuff that I don't want to spoil
Mangledpixel: Gekyouryuu to block the mind control rays, of course
Gekyouryuu: ah
JadedCynic: its motor is broke, but it can still 'see' and shoot
TXC2: python is .44 magnum right?
Genderi: so it doesn't just have realistic gun, it has realistic enemy
someguynamedDane: Pretty sure the og is .357
brutalhonduras: @cuttlefishman At least 10 guns, probably more, more different enemies, better graphics, gun jams.
cuttlefishman: I know the python from City Hunter
FoobyDude: funfact: you can shoot tapes to collect them
SleepyDeveloper: 357 is good round, but my revolve that takes it is hard on the hands
FoobyDude: you don't get to listen to it however
Despoiler98: nothing like a couple shattered ankles
like_100_bears: wqlk it off
JadedCynic: three components: blue-light sensor on top; gun itself - seems rapid-fire .38 smg action? middle and then motor in the 'hip' that rotates the whle thing
like_100_bears: *wqlk
Rhynerd: The Mongoose Strikes
like_100_bears: *WALK
FoobyDude: protip: going off a ledge crouched, then uncrouching as you fall, you take less fall damage
Izandai: Oh is this that game where no aspect of gun using is glossed over and you have to do EVERYTHING manually?
Orlantia: rock island auction has some cool snake guns for sale
SirEelBiscuits: on the barrel right there
SirEelBiscuits: there's a disk
TXC2: Izandai pretty much
APODionysus: !uptime
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JadedCynic: oh this is the 'manifesto' of the 'mastermind' of this 'training program'?
Izandai: @TXC2 ty!
SleepyDeveloper: voiceover guy needs a pop filter
FoobyDude: you can walk into balloons
FoobyDude: #gains
JadedCynic: for just three easy payments of 22.95 we'll give you six tapes or 2 8-tracks...
Despoiler98: oh god is this conspiracy theory shit?
Stoffern: Oh absolutely Despoiler98
JadedCynic: @Despoiler98 of course
rith_the_awakener: Ehhhhhhhh I don't like this voice over
SleepyDeveloper: no, the media really does have a hate boner for firearms
Izhuark: Easy game !
Reecer6: tapes comin' so easy
Mister_BlueSky: Mood.
Pteraspidomorphi: Thus the tinfoil hat
PaperDoopliss: @Despoiler98 Kind of, but I think divorced from any down-to-earth conspiracies
Izhuark: lrrSACK lrrSACK
Rhynerd: Unload the pistol.
GraceTveit: content warning upcoming
IncredibleFrown: the planet's dyin cloud
Izandai: uh
ninja_theory_ashrams: for no raisin
e_bloc: gun physics
FoobyDude: boom pow
Izandai: rekt
SleepyDeveloper: This guy channeling de niros character?
Despoiler98: What?
IncredibleFrown: ooh he too smart
VariableVacancy: damn, good intuition
ArcOfTheConclave: Join AVALANCH!
Trumbon3: wow that was nice
PaperDoopliss: This is pretty much the apocalypse that the really out-there conspiracies are warning you about
TXC2: do what?!
VariableVacancy: that got me the first time
Izhuark: What was that!
JadedCynic: know when to load 'em and know when to fold 'em B)
JosephDeath: Ummm looked away... came back to.... what?
VariableVacancy: check the follow up tape in the menu
Rhynerd: That was a threat tape.
Orlantia: ahh yes poison gas, like liquid nitrogen!
Yoyogre: Congratulations! You survived your first Threat Echo!
ArcOfTheConclave: @JosephDeath suiside warning
Kerrisis: Jesus...
itsr67: So, some of the tapes are depressing ideas, which means that it's the Threat, and that's the warning to unload your gun
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat. I seem to have come in at a wonderful time. ;-)
JadedCynic: gun safety - don't keep your gun loaded unless you ARE GOING TO USE IT
TXC2: so is this game only revolvers?
amythist: Alex you can't say something like that and not do it
PaperDoopliss: @TXC2 Ohhhhh no
IncredibleFrown: yeah the evil tapes know how to turn the safety off and stuff but can't put bullets in that aren't there
somecall_metim: and semi autos
Rhynerd: There’s semi-automatics later
TXC2: hello TheMerricat welcome
Lord_ZYRK: Robots are people too MrDestructoid
JadedCynic: holster your gun
JadedCynic: yeha
VariableVacancy: its pretty easy to tell from tape guy's tone of voice
Yoyogre: @TXC2 It has semi, but you unlock them at rank 2
TXC2: ok cool
IncredibleFrown: also tape guy rarely refers to himself in first person unless it's an echo
like_100_bears: cassette voice is very quiet
somecall_metim: I hope they allow mods; I want to use a bolt action rifle again
VariableVacancy: hmmmmmm
GraceTveit: The glock in this game makes me unreasonably angry
JadedCynic: geez these tape are REALLY low... :P
Bearudite: please tell me there is a polibius cabinet
ninja_theory_ashrams: I shot myself in that old "call of cthulu: dark corners of the earth game"
ArcOfTheConclave: is this a cult?
Izandai: katesLol
somecall_metim: how'd you not die?
FoobyDude: lol
PaperDoopliss: Watashi no fuck youuuuuu
DarkMorford: Okay, Ai-chan, sure. :P
Gekyouryuu: shame they changed Kizuna Ai's VA
Yoyogre: It's out I think
FoobyDude: that's not how you japanese
JadedCynic: @Bearudite good point, I dunno if they wanted to go THAT deep :)
ArkhamArchivist: 2 Interaction Points remaining
code1300: Is there a Friday night paper fight tonight
Izhuark: I think it's good !
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (It's a bonus Alex stream! He's checking out the sequel to the 2012 release, Receiver. Game: Receiver 2) at Fri 01:30 PM PDT (39m ago).
VariableVacancy: same VA, I thought, they just got two more so they could make more content
TXC2: !events
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JadedCynic: you shot off the blue light sensor on the top
Rhynerd: Is the vocal music a cue for the tapes?
IncredibleFrown: when they fall over they have a hell of a time shooting you anyway
cardinalwiggles: big fan of r eceiver
TXC2: code1300 should be yes
TheMerricat: @code1300 no but there is a Friday Night NOT Paper Fight tonight. :-P
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GraceTveit: I super appreciate the earnest gun safety and mental health messaging of this game
Orlantia: do it you break the flashlight you can manually disable them?
DarkMorford: @Gekyouryuu Yes and no. They added two voice actresses as well as the original and in-universe there are now three different Kizuna AIs.
JadedCynic: the voice actor is REALLY channelling Adam West's unique cadence
Rhynerd: @orlantia yep
PendelSteven: I'm back, but still confused
endoforder: NIceu
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: first try
SleepyDeveloper: balloon with the epic dodge
Genderi: 2 bullets = 2 bullets
somecall_metim: would it be okay to say something about those balloons?
MAPBoardgames: I just wandered in. What am I looking at here?
FoobyDude: @LoadingReadyRun walk into the heckin balloon instead of wasting a bullet
PaperDoopliss: @PendelSteven Welcome to Receiver. It doesn't stop being confusing
Izandai: @MAPBoardgames Gun Simulator 2020
PendelSteven: It looks like Blade Runner City
TheMerricat: You know you want to Alex.... the valve is calling out to you, it wants you to shoot at it.
Gekyouryuu: @DarkMorford oh. hadn't heard that. I'd been led to believe the OG Ai just IS NOT doing anything anymore
Despoiler98: Well blanks also shoot out wadding so that could pop it
TheMoatman: I believe they can't even use them as movie props?
Izhuark: That's a good thing, I think ?
somecall_metim: @LoadingReadyRun have you played the first receiver?
cuttlefishman: longarms are purchaseable for hunting
MrTulip: Can’t have much hunting, I imagine.
JadedCynic: you KNOW that can't be a REAL longarm
cuttlefishman: nowhere near Canada with ability to pick up
cuttlefishman: Boars, deer overpopulation is a thing
cuttlefishman: also bears in parts of Japan
PendelSteven: dead in the water
JadedCynic: so time do go stealth
Rhynerd: This is a sneaking mission now.
MAPBoardgames: "oh no! out of ammo!"
Gekyouryuu: to misquote Devo, just pistol whip it
Mister_BlueSky: Oh, that bit in Persona 5 makes a bit more sense now.
GraceTveit: I think it'd be neat if there was a Resident Evil styled game with Receiver's gun mechanics
Yoyogre: You destroyed it's magazine
endoforder: youve been bamboozled
niccus: just like tf2
MechaKuuga: time to MGS this shit
JadedCynic: just kick it over?
somecall_metim: Jammy sod!
sjcTheos: you spin me right round
FoobyDude: its out of ammo
Stoffern: I think its dead
rocketjohn: nice footsies
Izandai: uh
Izandai: h
Izhuark: GG !
Izandai: hm
JadedCynic: you got all 5 of the tapes
TXC2: Good enough
Izandai: katesChicken ?
FoobyDude: OH BOY
donuteater: Yay?
rocketjohn: GGWP
Lord_ZYRK: Run > Gun
Rhynerd: Rank up!
DarkMorford: @Gekyouryuu I don't know what their original intent was when they hired the other actresses, but that's what we have now. Generally the original actress is mostly doing music stuff and AI Channel, while the others (nicknamed Aipii and Love-chan) are doing most of the AI Games content.
Reecer6: you have ranked up to being able to sleep
somecall_metim: oh god. the glock
FoobyDude: the FUN GUN
SleepyDeveloper: ooooh
Izhuark: What is that ?
bv310: lrrGOAT there
niccus: hey, half a gun!
PendelSteven: 'ello
endoforder: clipozeen
VariableVacancy: glock time!
Rhynerd: Glock get?
VTMonster: cipazine
gravity_pike: i see we dont have access to "kick it over" technology
donuteater: Yeah!
JadedCynic: misison was to get the tapes not the targets
GraceTveit: Ooooh boy
Genderi: glock
TXC2: time for a glockazine
Rhynerd: Glock get.
Izandai: eyyy time for Climpozine!
itsr67: collect all tapes and you rank up, DIE, and you derank
Izandai: uh
MechaKuuga: LUL
Orlantia: ahhh glockazine
Yoyogre: ND count : 3
Vanbael: wut?
GraceTveit: Yuuup, the glock is a garbage XD
somecall_metim: @LoadingReadyRun seriously, always unload that before holster
WereDoor: g18
Mr_Whyt: desk pop
FoobyDude: you shoot yourself if you don't practice holster safety
JadedCynic: surprise; gun in your other hand
Despoiler98: God glocks suck
Critterbot: One in the chamber.
JosephDeath: ND? Negligible discharge?
Orlantia: even says Glock on the mag
Ed25519: There's a fantastic youtube channel "TheJapanChannelDcom"... an Australian ex-patriot living in japan, posting a fantastic series of vids of just everyday life in Japan... I highly recommend.
FoobyDude: also it's on full auto
TXC2: JosephDeath yes
Gekyouryuu: @DarkMorford gotcha
Yoyogre: You should read the help in the menu if you don't want to die
PendelSteven: biohazard
JadedCynic: wait, so we had the gun in right, mag in left....WHO WAS LITE?!?
somecall_metim: for those that don't know; the glock has no external safety
Rhynerd: Was that the last round in the glock?
Micsig: That gun safety alert LUL
Despoiler98: we have a full auto glock????
ArcOfTheConclave: @JosephDeath Negligent
offbeatwitch: negligent
SleepyDeveloper: looks like an older gen glock
RegulusPratus: "Gun safety: new information available"
Izandai: @JadedCynic Mouth?
FoobyDude: 17
amythist: 17
dudecon: 17
FoobyDude: full auto mod
TXC2: 17
MAPBoardgames: Well it's empty NOW
PendelSteven: I dunno, you're the American
ehsteveG: The Gordon Freeman Special
Yoyogre: G17
NiallF: Gun in one hand, mag in the other, torch in your mouth
dudecon: said so in the hud
Mr_Whyt: selector switch makes it an 18
donuteater: 18. the bit at the back is the giveaway
endoforder: the last round is now in your foot
Vanbael: magazine goes into gun?
Izhuark: Put the clipazine in the gun !
Vanbael: profit
somecall_metim: I have a magazine, I have a gun. UHH loaded gun
Mister_BlueSky: Gunazine?
gravity_pike: huh magazine-gun!
FoobyDude: glockazine
kusinohki: now to find some keys!
SleepyDeveloper: we have teh clippozines
Rhynerd: Glock is now loaded.
Autious: Hi everyone.
JadedCynic: @RegulusPratus but why would ANYONE ever want to read VITAL INFORMATION presented to people? "MAH IMMERSION!" :P
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Those were... words
MechaKuuga: you can just walk into the balloons for a bullet
VariableVacancy: t- a few moments before we inevatiably shoot our leg again because theres no real safety
NiallF: You can just walk into the balloons
endoforder: ribbed for plesure
SleepyDeveloper: Glocks are decent, I love them, but the f*cking takedown levers can DIAF
MAPBoardgames: Glock and load?
TXC2: I thought the glock was blowback not roller delayed?
JadedCynic: handle....hypoxic but inert gasses like freon?
Mr_Whyt: glock still uses the browning tilting barrwl, roller delayed is mainly an hk thing
R2JL: A slight tip, if you don't mind: You can pop baloons by walking into them if they're low
Rhynerd: Oh hey, a forklift!
VTMonster: shoot tanks
HPBraincase: I spent 5 years working for a company whose specialty was modifying Glocks... I hate it.
PendelSteven: lo and behold: more pipes
HPBraincase: Also, yeah, blowback
somecall_metim: the company or the glock?
endoforder: forklift = shenmu
HPBraincase: Both?
Yoyogre: You can only choose between one bullet in the leg or go full auto and empty the mag in your leg
7gorobei: glock is inertial recoil action
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun I've had a silly idea: a battle royale where all the weapons are buried in patches of dirt. call the game Mine a Glock in the Morning. Kappa
WereDoor: wow the flashlight is actualy usefull now
Orlantia: think they're using the Glock lable with a paid license?
NiallF: I hate the arcades, because they have the same blue lights that the turrets do
PendelSteven: welll close but not always @endoforder
JadedCynic: red handle is fuel or other flammable, yellow is toxic gasses, white is oxygen...forget what green or black are...
Genderi: Are the sentries the only enemies [we've seen so far]?
Izandai: It can't see though.
FoobyDude: if the light's out, it's dead @LoadingReadyRun
DarkMorford: Dammit, Gek. LUL
ButButTheJesus: @Gekyouryuu eyyyyy
PendelSteven: ah here's the Dr. Who enemy again
Orlantia: you can break them if it can't see
Reecer6: i think alex is afraid light is off != camera is off
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun when the camera is disabled it can't shoot
endoforder: 10 +1
cardinalwiggles: 10 + 1 in chamber maybe?
Critterbot: Well, 10 +1
FoxBoxGamers: oooo what is this
FoobyDude: it's not about killing the turret, it's about making sure it can't shoot you
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Just wondering if you want game hints/tips?
Izandai: I think you very specifically have to shoot the light.
ArcOfTheConclave: one in the chamber
JadedCynic: @Genderi yes...apart from the environment itself - heights for fall damage, broken glass
Izandai: Then it can't see.
Critterbot: Never forget the round in the chamber.
Bribe_Guntails: F
Despoiler98: OW
TXC2: MechaKuuga not unless he asks
Izandai: F
cuttlefishman: F
Izhuark: F
Yoyogre: ND count : 4
FoobyDude: SLOW
endoforder: f
FoobyDude: HOLSTER
collectangels: Oh my, where have I come to? First thing I see is Alex wearing an aluminum hat and shooting a poor table
JadedCynic: F
Kerrisis: Uhh... wat?
MechaKuuga: LUL
Yoyogre: Also OOF
Izhuark: That startled me !
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Gun safety
CommiePuddin: Where did you shoot yourself?
WereDoor: fun button ?
PixelArtDragon: F
Genderi: You have succesfully removed bullets!
PendelSteven: Clumsy Canadian :D
munnaperson: f
NiallF: To add bullets, first remove bullets
HPBraincase: Eject magazine. Shoot self. Totally standard
MAPBoardgames: Pro-tip: Don't use a real gun on a light gun arcade cabinet. The results won't lead to a high score.
Saphire282: F
ninja_theory_ashrams: twice
VariableVacancy: yup, the glock is annoying like that
Despoiler98: press F to blow your brains out?
Orlantia: finger OFF trigger
donuteater: Why does it go off every time?
MechaKuuga: @TXC2 Gotcha boss
Omthebox: Consume 5 tape
Rhynerd: So, holding down holster is safe holstering
Izhuark: That's a more friendly gun !
Despoiler98: Do you have to start all over again?
MechaKuuga: lrrFINE
gravity_pike: welcome to America, here is your self-inflicted leg wound
TXC2: donuteater no safety
PendelSteven: Pro-tup: Don't use a real gun. Ever.
itsr67: If you haven't gotten the idea yet, a theme of this game is gun safety
JadedCynic: I like to think alex just fired a round into his foot, and passed out from shock, only to bleed out later with no one around
Izandai: What's with that one chamber?
TheMerricat: @Genderi there are no human enemies in the game, I'm not sure how many variants of turrets there are.
raven534: Remember everyone: Gun safely
MrTulip: Is that...tinfoil?
Yoyogre: @donuteater He's holstering too fast
PendelSteven: It sure is
Despoiler98: @MrTulip dont worry about it
DarkMorford: @Gekyouryuu Oh, and to tell them apart: Aipii has a yellow * hairclip, Love-chan has a blue #, and original Ai doesn't have a clip. ;)
collectangels: Is this like ultra-realistic shooting?
itsr67: @Izandai some of the guns will just have part of their magazine/ chamber "removed"
MAPBoardgames: What's with that one cylinder?
TXC2: collectangels yes
Gekyouryuu: ah, ty, @DarkMorford
telemacus: dont wanna blow a finger off
MrTulip: I’m worried about it.
collectangels: noice
Omthebox: seabatBRAIN
Bribe_Guntails: that cylinder is welded shut
ehsteveG: If you're careless in paintball you can't be trusted to be careful om the range
FoobyDude: there are gun safety tapes too
NiallF: The one chamber is welded shut, so you learn which way the cylinder rotates
Orlantia: how is your Galaxy brain shielding doing?
Rhynerd: Drill yourself until it is second nature.
kusinohki: guns aren't toys?? *shocked*
ecocd: And, say, accidentally kill yourself in a Tiger zoo.
PendelSteven: it's worse than firerworks
itsr67: the gun trivia tapes are so cool in this game
Kerrisis: No need here. Essentially no public gun ownership in the UK. *shrug*
WolfireGames: We hope you guys enjoy the game! :D
FoobyDude: tape right there
Izandai: You don't treat every gun like it's loaded because every gun is actually loaded at all times. You treat every gun like it's loaded so that you never accidentally treat a loaded gun like it's not.
gravity_pike: how do you know where to go? or are you just wandering?
Critterbot: Always handle a gun as if it is loaded, even if you know it is 100% not loaded. It's just a good habit.
Despoiler98: nope
FoobyDude: and yeah you could
ehsteveG: LUL
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leowigginsvo: hi @WolfireGames !
TheMerricat: @WolfireGames welcome :-)
VariableVacancy: Yeah, asside from the "MEDIA EVIL" nonsense this game has some interesting themes
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SleepyDeveloper: getting over guns, with bennet foddy
Despoiler98: no offense to the game but this guys voiceover is annoying me
PendelSteven: Oh 'ello developer
Bribe_Guntails: the game audio is really low vs. your voice @LoadingReadyRun
Kerrisis: Can anyone hear what the tapes are saying?
Izhuark: Put stone on stick !
GreenOne16: hey, how do you like Receiver 2?
R2JL: Ah, I see you've alreadt encountered the *thing*
dudecon: no, too quiet
TheMerricat: @Kerrisis I can.
gravity_pike: @kerrisis yeah
TXC2: Bribe_Guntails trust me it's really loud when the gun fires
howdydowdy: it's very quiet, I have to turn the stream up very loud when one plays, then turn it back down once it's done
brainbosh: Tapes are kinda quiet, is there subtitles?
Mister_BlueSky: I hear it rather easily.
Genderi: Clearly good strategy: just get the turrets out of ammo then you win :)
ninja_theory_ashrams: remember the one in the chamber when listening with a glock
Rhynerd: @r2jl and he handled it quite well.
MAPBoardgames: The game VOICE is low. Actual sound effects, OKAY.
PendelSteven: the game sure is intriguing
TheMerricat: Headphones may be necessary to hear the tape audio.
Yoyogre: @VariableVacancy It's basically "Conspiracy nuts/cultists that were actually right in their beliefs"
Autious: No subtitles yet, we're working on it!
Bribe_Guntails: @TXC2 I know etalPsycho
Orlantia: so the plugged chamber is to be able to carry it hammer down
GreenOne16: @WolfireGames devs here too?
Genderi: damn unfortunate
brainbosh: Oh, nice, you can turn of the bad tapes?
Leedopo: @autious hiiiii!
Autious: Yes.
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Autious: Hia
PendelSteven: multiple devs
AntonRiehl: A few of us are here :)
Bribe_Guntails: we have the Publisher in here
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MeJustinYouChat: Hai Alex I think you're swell
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Izhuark: Wow, Hello devs !
like_100_bears: voice volume up?
TheMerricat: @Autious welcome :-)
TXC2: hello Autious welcome
itsr67: Hi @Autious ! Your game is great!
AntonRiehl: Thanks :)
FoobyDude: real great game
FoobyDude: yup
FoobyDude: just make sure them sights lined up
Kerrisis: Score!!
Izandai: EZ GG
Mangledpixel: nice!
Despoiler98: ONE SHOT ONE SHOT
Baldrash: SNIPED
ehsteveG: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
telemacus: no recoils says yes
Izhuark: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Yoyogre: Noice!
Rhynerd: Got it!
like_100_bears: HEYOOOOOOH
GreenOne16: @AntonRiehl hey, Anton! Glad to see Wolfire back! Been there since 2008
MAPBoardgames: Damn! lrrGOAT
evanperry2019: dob for the camera
TXC2: !clips
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bv310: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Izandai: Welcome to the highlight reel.
PendelSteven: I do wonder which continental city this would be... judging by the outlets used
Despoiler98: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
pyronils80: Hello and good evening! :) :) :)
dudecon: Dio? is that you?
Autious: Thanks everyone rexHi
AntonRiehl: Thanks @GreenOne16 :)
DeathWarrior555: @howdydowdy thanks for the sub gift earlier just caught it
Genderi: This game is great y'all!
7gorobei: kobe
Bribe_Guntails: @LoadingReadyRun would you like a tip regarding "grabbing bullets" that you'd find very helpful?
TXC2: who even need scopes eh? Kappa
Gekyouryuu: Darkness, No Parents.
ButButTheJesus: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
like_100_bears: by crossing the street
howdydowdy: no worries @DeathWarrior555
PendelSteven: Megacity
ninja_theory_ashrams: ain't no sunshine when she goed
PendelSteven: Get ready to seee Judge Dredge :)
TXC2: Bribe_Guntails don't offer help unless Alex asks for it
Genderi: there was an interactable at the top of the-I now realize that the interactable at the top of the ladder was probably... the ladder
Bribe_Guntails: aye understood, mod
DeathWarrior555: @howdydowdy just being polite and thanking ya
PendelSteven: Ahaha hon hon hon baguette
gravity_pike: hon hon hon
Autious: ono, he has escaped
howdydowdy: @DeathWarrior555 Alrighty! Hope you enjoy!
like_100_bears: now don't fall
GreenOne16: @WolfireGames would you do a Q&A live stream? I'd love to chat with the devs
raven534: If you want to get high, take drugs
Izandai: katesLol
BusTed: Shin splints.
Izandai: All that vertigo for single bullet.
DeathWarrior555: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
AntonRiehl: We have an AMA coming up in 30 minutes
Zu_o: missed something up there I think
like_100_bears: no cracking this time tho
WolfireGames: We're actually hosting a reddit AMA in around 40 minutes :')
Mister_BlueSky: I still love the silliness of rolling UP stairs. Like.. only in videogames.
PendelSteven: oh that's always nice
GreenOne16: @AntonRiehl @WolfireGames is it gonna be like live chat?
TehAmelie: heights, water, lava, always a mystery when you first encounter them
Gekyouryuu: clap clap clap
AntonRiehl: Reddit AMA
MAPBoardgames: Like a Pro
Izandai: ez game ez life
ArcOfTheConclave: iron sights!
FoobyDude: oh boy
Izhuark: SeemsGood
like_100_bears: GOTTEM
Despoiler98: NOPE
Kerrisis: Gah!!
MeJustinYouChat: hahaha
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AntonRiehl: We'll be as live as possible?
WolfireGames: RIP
PendelSteven: oof
Yoyogre: RIP
AntonRiehl: @TheMerricat Thanks for the gift sub!
Rhynerd: They can look up?
Bribe_Guntails: HAHAHA
Izandai: katesLol
Izhuark: XD
Autious: :D
Yoyogre: ND count : 5
endoforder: hahaha
FoobyDude: safely holster
Bribe_Guntails: GLOCK LEG
Despoiler98: Safety THIRD
FoobyDude: HOLD
IncredibleFrown: nice one
GreenOne16: tin foil? xD
Rhynerd: Hold your holsterings.
ninja_theory_ashrams: thrice
splatty1: what causes that?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun in case you missed it the devs are planning on doing a live AMA in about 30 min, if you want a vod to catch after the stream. :-)
TXC2: note to self: NEVER GIVE ALEX A GUN
endoforder: pass through wound nice
niccus: there's quick holster and careful holster
SleepyDeveloper: The RSO at my outdoor range would have you duct taped to the wall by now Kappa
NiallF: You can tell Reciever players by the way their right leg is mostly scar tissue
IncredibleFrown: number puts it into inventory
itsr67: @splatty1 quickly putting away your holster by tapping TAB and not holding it
WereDoor: is the 1911 not in this game ?
Autious: m1911 is in the game
itsr67: @splatty1 your gun* not hoster
TXC2: WereDoor it is later
PendelSteven: I'm gonna look for band aids.... I fell yesterday
VariableVacancy: we just haven't got it yet
Orlantia: gun is random @weredoor
Izandai: oh no
Izandai: katesLol
GreenOne16: @Autious it is in the game, I believe
ecocd: Get Alex a VR set up.
dudecon: lol
Yoyogre: @NiallF I'm not sure you can call them "legs" at this point...
PendelSteven: it's not bleeding, but... recoveryis better
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Izhuark: Nice range of pick up !
TXC2: a single action army is in the game, which is sweet
Izandai: uh oh
Kerrisis: *facepalm*
How_Do_I_Shoot: is there not a safety
WereDoor: ok cool ty
Izhuark: Taking those bullets one by one would have been a pain.
JadedCynic: so what's the obtuse key-combo to load a mag with bullat?
FoobyDude: no safety on this glock
kusinohki: so now the gun needs re-oiling...
TXC2: How_Do_I_Shoot not an externial one no
Rhynerd: Oh, right guns can jam in this game...
Gekyouryuu: I like the animation for this
MAPBoardgames: That was a crapshot
telemacus: stiff ass spring
Izhuark: Load the clipazine !
JadedCynic: and the dent you get in your thumbtip from the rims
SleepyDeveloper: I've never seen a glock with an auto mod before.
Orlantia: now you put it into full auto
Izandai: A lot
Orlantia: yesssss
How_Do_I_Shoot: do guns not have safetys
SleepyDeveloper: some do
NiallF: JadedCynic - E to remove mag, hold Tab to holster, Z to apply boolat, tab to draw, E to insert mag.
JadedCynic starts making a list of things That Could Go Wrong
VariableVacancy: not the glock
cardinalwiggles: haha
SleepyDeveloper: glocks dont have external safetys
TXC2: How_Do_I_Shoot most do yes, this glock doesn't
Izandai: katesLol
How_Do_I_Shoot: why not
Lord_ZYRK: FailFish LUL
sing_o_muse: LUL
MeJustinYouChat: haha
telemacus: rack le slide
Orlantia: Glock has a trigger safety
IncredibleFrown: readiness was exaggerated
morgoth_bauglyr: bwak
DeathWarrior555: lrrALEX lrrALEX lrrALEX
Rhynerd: I hope somebody clips that
morgoth_bauglyr: lrrFINE lrrFINE
TXC2: !clips
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SleepyDeveloper: i'm thinking of button safeties yah
Rhynerd: ‘Cuz I can’t right now
Bribe_Guntails: NA aim
GreenOne16: @WolfireGames @AntonRiehl you can tell it's by Wolfire seeing how each next bullet meets higher resistance from the spring. Heck, I bet David even did lights turning not all at once, but quickly one-by-one as electricity spreads
cardinalwiggles: haha!
person322: you're on full auto
Bribe_Guntails: NA gun handling LUL
Izhuark: Do we get blinded by the shots ?
Yoyogre: You ALMOST hit it
FoobyDude: glock fires waaay too fast
IncredibleFrown: bullat is gone...?
Izandai: hm
Rhynerd: Were you braining yourself with the glock?
NiallF: BANG! And the bullets are gone
Orlantia: I love that your vision went black
niccus: is the glock a gun built to wreck itself
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Izhuark we blink
Izandai: Note to self: Full auto fucking sucks.
Genderi: where bulat go
CommiePuddin: Bullet machine go brrr
TehAmelie: i wonder if starting out with a bolt action rifle would be safest for learning
How_Do_I_Shoot: throw the gun at it
SleepyDeveloper: most instinctively blink when they shoot IRL
TXC2: what the hell was the RPM on this?
Bribe_Guntails: How to use gun: Point at floor, close eyes, pull trigger EleGiggle
JadedCynic: do you adjust the sights? LUL
HPBraincase: The Glock 18 is the reason Glock made a 30 round magazine
VariableVacancy: It's hard to shoot without blinking like that, so the game simulates that
VariableVacancy: especially in full auto
kavika13: I think the glock 18 means it was invented in the 1800s
Rhynerd: I think you hit it’s motor
FoobyDude: 1 bullet
Izandai: Less than 4
dudecon: empty
Rhynerd: Oh, nice!
cardinalwiggles: looks empty
MAPBoardgames: 1-3 rounds
TXC2: 1800 is like 1200 to meany :P
Stoffern: maybe 3 bullets
pyronils80: empty just one round
ecocd: 1800 rounds / second might be stretch for a rail hun.
Yoyogre: Full auto is only useful as a last resort in this game
HPBraincase: And also why aftermarket companies make 50 and 100 round DRUM MAGS
Genderi: it's definitely either full or empty!
cuttlefishman: why do we keep firing at the centre of mass of the turret... when it doesn't seem to do anything
Orlantia: 1800rpm
cuttlefishman: instead of the... sensor
GreenOne16: @WolfireGames @AntonRiehl btw, never seen glass breaking done so well, love how it cracks exactly where you shot and sread is stopped by other cracks
How_Do_I_Shoot: so why doesnt this gun have a safety
NiallF: My favourite thing is the way you blind yourself for a whole second by limp wristing a desert eagle and ejecting brass right into your own face
Drunk_Owl: is this meant to be a VR game?
Izhuark: Welp
JadedCynic: @cuttlefishman because observing the effect of our actions would be galaxy brain level
SleepyDeveloper: @How_Do_I_Shoot it has a trigger safety
Rhynerd: 4 rounds and a dream.
VariableVacancy: @How_Do_I_Shoot because that's how it is in real life
AntonRiehl: Thanks @GreenOne16 :) Although, I can only take credit for music-y stuff
Rhynerd: The dream is in the chamber
Stoffern: Is THIS a bullet...?
Izhuark: We're learning !
endoforder: chair != bullet
SleepyDeveloper: Not all pistols have safety switch on the side
How_Do_I_Shoot: okay but why tho
Omthebox: And gravity
SleepyDeveloper: by design
Izandai: katesLol
MAPBoardgames: And ladder safety
sing_o_muse: ow
GreenOne16: @NiallF what is limp-wristing?
Professor_Rakor: and ladder safety
BusTed: jlrrFall
MeJustinYouChat: And gravity
TehAmelie: we didn't need all those legs
JadedCynic: GUN SAFETY; despite this game LITERALLY trying to make it seem otherwise, Alex is GOOD with gun safety
Izhuark: And general safety x)
fastlane250: i can make it on my own!
Bribe_Guntails: The in-game files, and a tape, explain WHY there is no mechanical safety switch
Orlantia: gravity keeps pulling you down
ecocd: Firearm Safety II. What happened in the frrst game?
JadedCynic: OSHA workplace safety? Not so much...
kavika13: RIP ankles
TheMerricat: @How_Do_I_Shoot the theory is you don't 'need' a safety with a glock
cardinalwiggles: who needs ankles
NiallF: @GreenOne16: just not having a good grip on the gun and having it twist from the recoil
Rhynerd: Not dead yet!
GreenOne16: @AntonRiehl yeah, I totally remember you and flute from OG. I was back in high school in 2008 when I started following Wolfire
Yoyogre: @JadedCynic Gotta report the Threat to OSHA
How_Do_I_Shoot: not a great theory
Kyir: That guy was very into that pronunciation
AntonRiehl: Fun :)
sing_o_muse: SUDDEN AUSTRIAN
niccus: great idea!
sing_o_muse: LUL
TXC2: full auto pistols are almost always a bad idea
Micsig: 1200!
MrTulip: Suppressive fire!
Bribe_Guntails: game still too quiet strimr! BabyRage
Kyir: shhhh
GreenOne16: @AntonRiehl I do remember OG theme on flute, You, David, Aubrey, Jeff&John
WrightJustice: nice foil hat
VariableVacancy: omg
JadedCynic: Yeah, recoil is STILL a thing, clients?
Kyir: ATF's coming for us all now that we know
AntonRiehl: Haha... that was a fun trip :)
niccus: this sounds like a series of great ideas
SleepyDeveloper: fun switch best switch
CodeRenegade: aww geez, rip my dog
AntonRiehl: Glad you remember @GreenOne16
CodeRenegade: atf on the way
TheMoatman: If you need to put 30+ holes in something in less than two seconds, you probably could use 30 holes in under ONE second and just get a MAC-10 anyway
Autious: Double tap that mag
FoobyDude: Z to tap the mag
Genderi: I love/hate how they give you the falling damage tutorial *every* *time*
AntonRiehl: I remember your username as well. :)
cuttlefishman: too soon Alex
Orlantia: @bribe_guntails if he turns it up you'll be deafened by the discharges
kusinohki: LRR now on ALL the watch lists...
PendelSteven: settled for one band aid: undermy left thumb
m00ntruther: "best way to convert money into noise" amazing
Izandai: @Genderi I mean, you clearly didn't get the message the first time.
Bribe_Guntails: @Orlantia just the way I like it etalPsycho
Rhynerd: “Unless your lonely and REALLY want to hang out with an ATF squad” is also a good line.
ecocd: It's a large misconception in public that automatic machine guns are pretty much the same thing. The truth is so stupid, it sounds like an urban myth.
PendelSteven: well near the heft on my hand
PendelSteven: god, this feels much better
Izhuark: @Genderi Did you know that falling from heights might cause injury or death ? Kappa
TXC2: Right chat i'm off
TheMerricat: later @TXC2 ! :-)
TXC2: goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Alex
Izhuark: bye TXC2 !
cuttlefishman: bye txc
JadedCynic: @Genderi "Reminders will continue until accidents stop happening"
Orlantia: bye TC!
Invitare: wait is this the game with hyper-realistic gun mechanics?
VariableVacancy: no
FoobyDude: Z to tap the mag in @LoadingReadyRun
PendelSteven: bye T
Mangledpixel: Invitare yup
ecocd: by TXC
TehAmelie: if Metal Gear has taught me anything, keeping all your empty magazines can be very useful to distract guards
Bribe_Guntails: oh yeah that's one annoyance that needs a toggle: in-your-face hints
FoobyDude: no light = cant see
Yoyogre: @TehAmelie Unfortunately, the kill-drones are deaf
FoobyDude: = can't shoot
dudecon: you picked it up already
brainbosh: You ate it already
PendelSteven: I haven't seen guards yet though, @TehAmelie
Rhynerd: You have the food in your inventory
DaSunao: My experience trying to shoot a 9mm was that I suck at using iron sights
MAPBoardgames: 1+0=1
dudecon: no you have lots
Nefarioz: load more bullets into the magazine?
Orlantia: we should ND to make sure
FoobyDude: pinned mag
Rhynerd: Any rounds in the other magazines?
dudecon: need to holster to see
morgoth_bauglyr: XX
Izandai: rude
cuttlefishman: umm
JadedCynic: @FoobyDude well, more like "doesn't know when to shoot", mechanically capable of shooting, but never gets the signal to do so
Micsig: hahahaha
snapman_i_am: is antialiasing a tool of the threat
VariableVacancy: says the canadian
Omthebox: Wouldn't that be. The Dev 🤔
FoobyDude: essentially
NiallF: The legendary California compliant mag
Nefarioz: @snapman_i_am LUL
Reecer6: i think my gun carries too many bullets, how can i limit that
Kerrisis: Were there not bullets in that mag?
Rhynerd: You can take rounds out of magazines now?
Rhynerd: Nice!
How_Do_I_Shoot: okay going to try one more time why is the safety on the trigger and why is the theory that a glock doesnt need a safety
JadedCynic: @VariableVacancy hey, we're not gun-averse, just not gun-foolish
splatty1: they read the law about shotguns and thought they had to plug their magazines too Kappa
Yoyogre: Just punch the Threat in the dick! It was so easy, the world is saved!
Mr_Whyt: cause glock
telemacus: cause the best safety is not having your finger on the trigger
TheMoatman: The idea is that you have to actively move to pull the trigger
Nefarioz: because of how they treat firearms in the austrian military glock didn't feel a need to add a external safety
Bribe_Guntails: The game has lore files and tapes that explain the lack of safety switch, but if you REALLY want an explanation I can say
VariableVacancy: I was just joking because magazines are limited to 5 rounds in Canada, so they're the ones pinning magazines
NiallF: Apparently Austrians never holster a gun with one in the chamber, so the concept of an external safety doesn't occur to them
PendelSteven: I only like the song 'finger on the trigger' by erm donna summer originally?
jubale1: i loved the original
MAPBoardgames: I don't think dropping the bullet on target does much damage.
TheMoatman: Since the safety won't stop someone intentionally using the weapon
R2JL: According to one of the tapes, it's because it was designed for Austrian commandos who carry without a round chambered
Orlantia: isn't that how all Browning action guns are?
Genderi: it can't see, so you can go grab its juice now
Reecer6: you can always jump
FoobyDude: you can shoot the tapes
Izandai: hm
Kyir: Good staircase right there
TheMoatman: And apparently the design won't be triggered by some random finger-like object sticking through the triggerguard
FoobyDude: shoot tape to collect tapes
ghostvalv: more like ohshit
Thandres: knees are temporary, loot is forever!
TheMoatman: *won't be defeated
Rhynerd: Yeah, that fall looks lethal
Kyir: More ladders to jump off!
Izandai: Are we a sentient target dummy?
Nefarioz: has he gotten a threat log yet?
fubargames: I just joined the stream. Whythe tinfoil hat?
PendelSteven: why not?
MAPBoardgames: I think you can just grab the thing
Genderi: @Nefarioz a single, which alex was prepared for
Rhynerd: Does Reciever 2 have the same sprint system as the original?
Wolfstrike_NL: the game had content warnings
NiallF: The tinfoil hat protects from the Threat's Anti-pattern
GreenOne16: @WolfireGames @AntonRiehl whoa, AMA says Max Danielsson is lead programmer, doesn't David program nowdays? I missed a lot, it seems
Orlantia: when you press check too hard
PendelSteven: ladder
pyronils80: the worst Glock ever
Rhynerd: Slide seems damages
JadedCynic: Z
snapman_i_am: dropping bullets like you're playing half life alyx
AntonRiehl: @GreenOne16 Max is @Autious -- He's been taking the lead programming role on this game, but David is still heavily involved
FoobyDude: gotta slap that mag
Kyir: This game is definitely teaching me that I should never get within 10 meters of anything gun shaped from any direction.
NiallF: Rhynerd - the mash-to-sprint is still in there, but you can switch to holding shift if you want
AntonRiehl: He can probably tell you more about that situation
Izhuark: Sound like a bad tape
Mister_BlueSky: "Problem".
Reecer6: ah, a good tape
MeJustinYouChat: This is actually true and hoorifying
Izandai: eeeyup
VariableVacancy: solve the "problem" with a real problem
Rhynerd: @niallf thank goodness
CamelAttack: Yikes!
JadedCynic: Yeah, Gen. Marshall studied this and found 1/10 of GIs were "fighters"
BusTed: Dark.
TheMerricat: Not saying anything being said on the tape is wrong, but this is why the tinfoil hat for whomever asked ;-)
Orlantia: yup
SleepyDeveloper: deeeeep
ArcOfTheConclave: fireing squad with 1 blank
PendelSteven: erm
m00ntruther: woah
FoobyDude: oof
MeJustinYouChat: the USA got real good at it
Nefarioz: i loves these tapes
FoobyDude: never got that tape
OriginalGarwulf: Gotta speak as a historian here...that study was debunked.
kusinohki: every army portrays "the other side" as demons in every war...
BusTed: Gamin'
Reecer6: it was very scared
Kyir: Pro Gamer Move
MeJustinYouChat: That was an excite
ghostvalv: poggies
Baldrash: Clutched!
Yoyogre: Nice!
niccus: just look right into the barrel
cardinalwiggles: GG EZ
pyronils80: this is the cause why many european country banned shooting on siluets for civilians
FoobyDude: wow
Izhuark: Poggies my doggies !
JadedCynic: oh wow we were JUST out of it's angle of travel
Rhynerd: Damn, Son
SleepyDeveloper: He just chuck norris'ed the gun
FoobyDude: didn't know that could happen
NiallF: holy moley, I didn't know that worked that way
7gorobei: livin on the edge
MAPBoardgames: katesScared
Izandai: But yeah, I thought our reflection was a silhouette target.
GreenOne16: @Autious oh, hello, may I ask what engine it is, what programming language? was glass breaking your own feature?
SleepyDeveloper: booger hook of the bang switch
SleepyDeveloper: *off
Autious: @GreenOne16 we're using Unity, C#, and the glass breaking is David's own invention.
GreenOne16: sorry, not followed the team for a while, never heard of Wolfire getting more programmers, that's dope
OriginalGarwulf: SLA Marshall supposedly did a number of interviews, but nobody could ever confirm his work (or find his data).
Dish_KP: what's this? Alex? Not playing garbage? What a pleasant surprise!
GreenOne16: @Autious yeah, I think glass breaking was never done like that before, I totally could feel that Wolfire touch
Kyir: If you live Florida, you will often shoot yourself in the game regardless
TheMoatman: TBF, there have been a *lot* of W&P games that *really want* to be this
Autious: @GreenOne16 Yeah, it's a classic David feature.
Sly_chocobo: So uh.. should I ask why your wearing a tinfoil hat?
PendelSteven: thank god for that
OriginalGarwulf: Robert Engen wrote a book about Canadian soldiers in WW2, and one of the persistent problems was that they were TOO willing to open fire on things.
waterpnda: wait theres a receiver 2?? whattttt, how did i not hear of this
Yoyogre: Fail to feed
MAPBoardgames: Gun safety tip: Don't twirl your run like Robocop
fubargames: So, have you seen yourself in a mirror in this game?
PendelSteven: we're mostly concerned about falling here in Europe :)
HPBraincase: Yeah this all sounds about right for a glock.
Izandai: I think you broke the motor.
Yoyogre: You got it's motor
FoobyDude: killed the motor
JadedCynic: @Sly_chocobo game has content warning about suicide and metnal health
Izhuark: Go the recoil is so bad...
Nefarioz: it is not the glocks fault, the expalin that the threat degrades firearms faster
Lex_Peacekeeper: it has a force field!
Rhynerd: Yeah, that’s a broken motor
xantos69: Ok, so what am I watching?
Sly_chocobo: Ahhh I see...
MAPBoardgames: I bet you could hit that witha 1" barrel
TheMerricat: @MAPBoardgames well unless you ARE Robocop, because hey, then you are made of metal... :-P
Autious: We could add gun twirling, but you'd just be shooting yourself in the face.
PendelSteven: nice lamp
Drunk_Owl: Wait, revolver ocelot isn't a realistic depiction of guns?
Genderi: aww just a cmputer
Rhynerd: Just TV
dudecon: Receiver 2, a game about all the not-fun parts of guns
Pteraspidomorphi: fubargames, we have seen reflections
kusinohki: save the last round for yourself?
waterpnda: is this game actualy better then receiver 1?
NiallF: xantos - It's receiver 2, a game about shooting yourself for various reasons
GreenOne16: @Autious there is probably more that doesn't meet the eye, it feels like lights turn on gradually, as the electricity flows, not all at once, which is a nice touch
kusinohki: oh, wait, not a zombie game
Yoyogre: tap rack bang
JadedCynic: SOME of the tapes we find don't have historical info, or gun safety doctrines, but have...uh, 'depressive episodes' that persuade us to shoot ourselves
MAPBoardgames: @TheMerricat I wouldn't recommend it even if you are made of metal.
PendelSteven: indeed, not a zombie game
Bribe_Guntails: Time to throw the mag into the trash etalPsycho
jubale1: @waterpnda more detailed scenarios
Autious: @GreenOne16 Yes, we do play with light flickering, that's Joel's touch.
m00ntruther: @LoadingReadyRun Alex as someone who likes firearms, what do you think of the Warhammer 40k Bolter, what with its self propelled .75 ammunition
GreenOne16: @Autious is it ok to ask if you plan to add more to the game? content or DLC?
IncredibleFrown: some of them are supposed to have weak springs iirc
pyronils80: the poor magazine
PendelSteven: more an escape room
Rhynerd: A bullet
JadedCynic: @kusinohki well, you could argue that these automated turrets could be 'zombies' so...
SleepyDeveloper: Personally I'd love to see more games with guns that actually are this realistic. Nice job.
Autious: @GreenOne16 Maybe, but we don't want to promise anything and take it at our own pace.
PendelSteven: as in: it's you vs machines
munnaperson: yeah but turrets never lived
Autious: Thank you @SleepyDeveloper
Rhynerd: Wait, if you dropped a dud mag from those unsafe staircases, would you cast the magazine into the abyss?
Izandai: #PoorJudgement
PendelSteven: Goofy laugh :)
MeJustinYouChat: @OriginalGarwulf That's very interesting I've read some work that went on from Marshalls point
MeJustinYouChat: Sort of confused where that leaves that work
Bribe_Guntails: @Autious did you include subtitles with the tapes? I've seen mismatched text shown in the bottom tape UI for ONE cassette
JadedCynic: WHM40K is clearly, "Science Fantasy"
pyronils80: 40
munnaperson: what qualify a zombie
Yoyogre: If you spam jump you can mantle higher obstacles
MAPBoardgames: I think the bolters need more dakka!
GreenOne16: @Autious absolutlely can understand you, yeah, take your time, hearing you are open to it is already cool! I'm so happy about R2, to me it's the return of Wolfire
dudecon: isn't this the lower level that you cleared earlier?
kusinohki: at least bullet did not fall through grate
Autious: @Bribe_Guntails We have a system built for subtitles and localization, but we haven't written the actual subtitles yet, that's in the works.
snapman_i_am: bullet should have fallen thru the grating, immersion ruined
Rhynerd: 7 rounds. More than a revolver!
FoobyDude: you can manually load a cartridge into the chamber if you lock the slide back with no magazine in the gun or in hand
JadedCynic: @dudecon no we never got this low
pyronils80: 40K is all over the top in every partof his universe
Rhynerd: Well, more than most revolvers
JadedCynic: this is BELOW the 'lower level
Autious: @GreenOne16 Thank you!
Critterbot: Domed!
FoobyDude: domed
cardinalwiggles: this cardboard box will protect me!
Vanbael: F
Yoyogre: F
NiallF: Military grade cardboard
munnaperson: f
Rhynerd: Back to the colt detective.
MAPBoardgames: Wait. You mean cardboard boxes AREN'T good cover? Who knew?
Boblinthegoblin69: radical headshots on a whole 'notha level
Gekyouryuu: silly idea: Warhammer Fantasy designed for the sensibilities of a video game Ape. Warhammer for DK. Kappa
JadedCynic: the Colt DeFective Special, 5-round six-gun
How_Do_I_Shoot: why does one bullet have a cross on it
IncredibleFrown: the crimebog supreme
PendelSteven: maybe 10 ply cardboard
FoobyDude: you can make that jump
SleepyDeveloper: its meant to show a non-usable chamber
Alek2ander: Time to yeet yourself
Bribe_Guntails: @How_Do_I_Shoot sabotaged cylinder
Critterbot: First trigger pull will currently not fire a round
ArcOfTheConclave: Boxnard?
Rhynerd: That was scary
FoobyDude: you get an insane amount of air control in this game
Ordsmed: Do you want this cake?~
FoobyDude: you just need to use it right
Izandai: Congratulations, you played yourself.
MeJustinYouChat: So how bad did you want that floppy
PendelSteven: the longer I look at the city, it feels more and more like Gotham City... Oh yeah.
JadedCynic: @How_Do_I_Shoot it's not a cartridge, but a blocked (and market as blocked) cylinder, so we can only load 5 in our six-gun
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cemdir: what is this game, seems weird
Lex_Peacekeeper: a bullet droped from that balloon
SleepyDeveloper: PEEKABOO
Dish_KP: I'm confused.... is there just a hundred buttons? It looks like you have to do everything manually
GreenOne16: @Autious is it ok to ask about what your near future plans are? more work on R2 or another project?
Rhynerd: @cemdir Receiver 2, a game about handling guns like they’re real to deal with an existential threat.
munnaperson: boom
kusinohki: are there any mechanics to distract the turrets? throw a rock or something behind type thing?
JadedCynic: the pale blue light seems to be the 'reflected moonlight' that Hollywood loves so much to illuminate EVERY night scene with; the turret's sensors seems more...indigo? almost violet? @LoadingReadyRun
brainbosh: This is like Truck or Train sim, but for guns
PendelSteven: well, the game was build around it
Rhynerd: @cemdir the exisential threat made murder drones to kill you
SleepyDeveloper: WoG is good if you want to learn the internals and how to take guns apart
VariableVacancy: It also plays into the themes of the game
Autious: @GreenOne16 a mix of things, nothing specific, patching bugs in R2 is on my todo list right now.
Autious: @GreenOne16 And then taking a break.
Drunk_Owl: I've seen a few people ask about what this game is so I'm answering: it is a shooter game that has realistic guns (actually simulated pins, springs, etc.) and you have to follow real gun safety rules to use them
PendelSteven: European looking
FoxBoxGamers: no detail overlooked
TheMoatman: Little bit
BrindleBoar: that's some quality trash
splatty1: gun simulator, not to be confused with gun qwop Kappa
Izandai: Yeah no there's a lot of detail there.
DaSunao: Shoot the garbage!
Rhynerd: No
TheMoatman: But not too much
Kwannon23: Nice pokémons
Ordsmed: !quote
frage069: You have seen a lot of garbage so makes sense
rocketjohn: it's good garbage
Boblinthegoblin69: they are
Autious: Lukas put a lot of love in our textures.
red_shoes_jeff: Kinda. On both counts.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I would also point out you haven't seen any crates yet ;-)
JadedCynic: no...not at all, but does the object move?
dudecon: great normal mapping
MeJustinYouChat: Nah I'm here for tinfoilhatman pointing out good trashbags
pyronils80: they look like trash bags for a model train
munnaperson: yes
Mangledpixel: TheMerricat not true, we saw some early on
JadedCynic: lrrSACK
IncredibleFrown: hackerman
Rhynerd: I hope a dev is still around to relay that compliment
Darleysam: @LoadingReadyRun I'm curious, have you seen Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades at all, or even tried it?
AgentMagicMaster: POG
atc927: What have I missed?
MeJustinYouChat: Is that gas
Invitare: Poggies my doggies
Yoyogre: PogChamp
GreenOne16: @Autious sorry for milking the info, I'm just so happy to have the cahnce to ask. That's dope to be working on a game like that. I'm a programmer too(C++/Linux), I'd love to be working on games one day. This game is a gem!
FoobyDude: wow
Rujasu: It's a VR gunamajig
Darleysam: it's a super detailed VR gun-simulator thing
PendelSteven: now this looks like basement of a building...
Bribe_Guntails: I'll be honest, I Operator the SHIT out of this game and I didn't know that drones were unable to fire while you were hacking them wetDEER
munnaperson: how does it not see you
FoobyDude: VR weapon manipulation simulator
Rhynerd: @atc927 alex unlocked a glock, and accidentally demoted himself back down to colt detective
Autious: @GreenOne16 Hey, that's my background too, i'm a Linux/C nerd through and through.
VariableVacancy: this room sucks
Genderi: Ignoring the lightswitch right in front of you :)
Genderi: :(
GhassanPL: Oh my
Bribe_Guntails: VENTILATED
Izhuark: That were we died the first time after finishing the tutorial right ?
MAPBoardgames: Is that a lightswitch you were leaning against?
GhassanPL: What is this?
atc927: Guess I'll have to watch the VOD then...
GhassanPL: Receiver?
cuttlefishman: alex, can you not hit the lightswitch
FoobyDude: the only downside to H3VR is you'll never experience jamming or malfunctions
itsr67: FILLED with lead
GhassanPL: Also why the tinfoil hat?
SleepyDeveloper: *beep* *oh there you are* BLAM BLAM BLAM
itsr67: @GhassanPL yep, reciever 2
munnaperson: f
GreenOne16: @Autious yeah, wish there were more actual game dev companies here in Russia :c
NiallF: Yee, and I can not stress this enough, Haw.
VTMonster: my uncle got injured by the blowback frmo a revolver
VariableVacancy: they sure are simple and don't malfunction
Boblinthegoblin69: i am making a game in c# and its hard to make good textures
IncredibleFrown: have you seen the dueling revolvers and semiauto pages in the notes?
Izandai: Yeah, that's fucked up.
Critterbot: What about hunting?
JadedCynic: well at least we know that unlike with human opponents, using our flashlight doesn't attract the attention of the turrets
brainbosh: Ah, the undab
Genderi: oh gods, the lore tapes... they have to do with the actual video game
kusinohki: you have no identity... you're just a walking target
Zappeljakob: you should definetly worl on your ingame-Make up
Genderi: that's incredible
Autious: @GreenOne16 I'm sure there will be in the coming years. You could always look into the Baltics or eastern european countries, they have a couple.
NiallF: Flashlights absolutely attract the turret's attention
Izhuark: From a aesthetics standpoint, revolver are honestly pleasing.
SleepyDeveloper: So no castle doctrine or defending your home in Canada?
IncredibleFrown: @jadedcynic actually the flashlight makes you easier to detect
Orlantia: I want to get a Webley–Fosbery
dudecon: Probably good. Revolvers are notoriously skittish and difficult to take down.
MAPBoardgames: That room was too small for a pool table.
xantos69: It won't be alive long if you send it well. Kappa Kappa
Mr_Whyt: a reasonable amount of force is allowed i na self defense situation
Bribe_Guntails: No, because we're reasonable people in Canada :D
munnaperson: does the pool work
red_shoes_jeff: I could be mistaken, but of all the times we've died, the only time I can remember us being *demoted* was the accidental self-shot.
PendelSteven: as it should be
GhassanPL: Castle doctrine is a thing pretty much in the US and a few other countries
JadedCynic: death is never 'sufficent force' in Canadian Law
m00ntruther: what if you stab them
cuttlefishman: it gets wierd in Canada
Mr_Whyt: people have be acquited for using guns in a self defense situation but its rare
Izandai: We're very big on personal sovereignty down here.
PendelSteven: you should not kill anybody
GhassanPL: I am still unclear as to the purpose of the tinfoil hat, chat :P
Izhuark: ^
Izandai: Maybe a little too big.
Anaerin: "Reasonable force" - Killing is not reasonable force.
BusTed: That should earn you a korok seed.
Autious: I think a guy in sweden emptied an illegal revolver in self defense, and got aquited.
GhassanPL: I mean, fair enough :P
Kyir: Who isn't wearing one right now?
Autious: through a door
Vanbael: don't worry about Alex's head
PendelSteven: reasonable force - kicking, punching....
GreenOne16: @Autious I just feel I'm stuck at my job, it takes so much time, and I really hate the place, I want to work on a project that inspires. But yeah, I have to pull myself together, maybe look for more opportunities and learn more as well. Thanks for the answers! =D
TehAmelie: in sweden i believe shooting anyone in any circumstance costs your weapon licences
Mister_BlueSky: The bigger question is why don't YOU have a tinfoil hat?
JadedCynic: You mean someone is NOT wearing a tinfoil hat? Poor them
PendelSteven: prefably use judo to hold them
SleepyDeveloper: Here in the US I guess we're just different. Someone break into my house its game on.
Bribe_Guntails: Can we Home Alone the shit out of our homes in Canada tho?
NiallF: I think it's dead
Genderi: you definitely got something of its
Talin06: well the cops around here just shot a guy b/c they thought he was stealing a pizza
Autious: @GreenOne16 Change can be scary, but it can also be really good, from experience. I wish you all the luck!
JadedCynic: I went hunting once; didn't mind the killing part; even the cleaning of the was lugging the 500lbs of meat several hours out of the woods that got me :P
red_shoes_jeff: I think you got the motor.
Gekyouryuu: obvious reason for the tinfoil: Alex wants to get baked. that's legal in Canada, you see.
Vanbael: think you can finish it off
HPBraincase: I think you got the motor?
FoxBoxGamers: but my conspicuous red ballcap means I deserve kill over a tv
Alas_Babylon: Just joined... is this an FPS that's trying to be as accurate as possible with the gun mechanics?
Izandai: @Talin06 Was he in fact delivering pizza?
GhassanPL: I like to larp as a scientist! I'm interested in and know a lot of science but I have no formal education or training!
Bribe_Guntails: @Gekyouryuu LUL
Boblinthegoblin69: in the states its stay strapped or get clapped
Despoiler98: @SleepyDeveloper Im with you I have 1 pistol for self defense in my home if you break into my home your fair game as far as I'm concerned
JadedCynic: yeah, disabled the motor
Zu_o: @Bribe_Guntails no, that's something about unsafe weaponization
snowewolf: its probily because of how often B&Es end up in assaults and murder
Talin06: no it was carry out
Mr_Whyt: check out the Ian Thomson case for reasonable force involving a firearm
BrowneePoints: Oh wow it's an Alex Stream!
GhassanPL: That is indeed true
atc927: What is the purpose of this game?
Bribe_Guntails: thanks @Zu_o
FoobyDude: unless you work at black mesa
TheMoatman: Maybe with the science *you* do
Izandai: Also if you LARP as a scientist it's pretty easy to accidentally become an actual scientist.
TheMerricat: Depends on the type of scientist.... :-P
sniperserpent: depends what type of scientist
Autious: @atc927 It's manyfold.
aerobeing: Unless you're a scientist at Black Mesa or Aperture Laboratories.
GhassanPL: Wait, I know that voice
Scy_Anide: I've butchered animals for science and I can say with supreme confidence that watching something die is fucking miserable.
sir_jack_DB: good doc
KeytarCat: I try not to drill strangers
gravity_pike: I've seen some youtube scientist larpers who pretty consistently nearly blow their legs off
patience_zero: ooh a bonus stream, whats the game?
PendelSteven: but yeah "guns bad' we all know this
sir_jack_DB: Receiver 2
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JadedCynic: maybe if the motor movement had a louder 'whirr' people might be more likely to not waste ammo on a 'disabled turret'
Izandai: ALEX
Khador1: So what is actually going on in this game?
Mangledpixel: ALEX
ghostvalv: :O
BrindleBoar: they're the same picture
PendelSteven: unless we are invaded by aliens perhaps
tenthtechpriest: ok g man
FoobyDude: lol
Bribe_Guntails: FreakinStinkin
Kyir: What's the difference VoHiYo
FoxBoxGamers: I have enjoyed both
ehsteveG: lewd but I approve
Genderi: CBT babey
Izhuark: savage
GreenOne16: @Autious oh, thank you so much! Though I hope I will pull myself together soon. I'm already 27 :c
FoxBoxGamers: they both get results
Gekyouryuu: I thought it stood for Closed Beta Test
Boon_33: ahh, good old cbt
tetelande: thats my kind of jokw
PendelSteven: (thinking XCOM now )
Despoiler98: My taco order just showed up THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW
Izandai: katesLol
IncredibleFrown: ohh they're talking about weed
Zu_o: @Bribe_Guntails it lines up with Canada's stance on land mines, as our country is (proudly) one of the strongest advocates against the production and use of them. IE. The ottowa accord
Boblinthegoblin69: in the states its stay strapped or get clapped
MAPBoardgames: And someone in that apartment building 4 blocks over just died.
FoobyDude: true swoosers hold their gun like a WW1 frontline battalion leader
munnaperson: that m8ght be a highlight
Yoyogre: BTW, you can pull the hammer for more accurate shots
Nefarioz: why shoot the baloons one by one? you only get one bullet from the so you go +/-0
PendelSteven: beeo
Bribe_Guntails: I appreciate the info @Zu_o , some Citizen I am, eh?
VariableVacancy: you can get two bullets from balloons sometimes
DaSunao: I have personally fired a gun only on one occasion
PendelSteven: *beep
IncredibleFrown: i usually find bullets don't penetrate multiple in a line very consistently
GreenOne16: @Nefarioz I think you get more at times
VTMonster: bue-lats
atc927: Why do you need to shoot balloons?
FoobyDude: @Nefarioz there's a chance to get more than just 1
Boon_33: I wonder if the bullets stop moving when they hit a balloon.
PendelSteven: hand placement :)
Kazman20a: it is a revolver it should be held in the proper British stance, partially extended in one hand with the other hand behind you :)
Nefarioz: better to line them up and take all with one shot
FoobyDude: anywhere from 1 to 3 bullets per balloon
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chaostreader: Keanu Reeves really dove into and enjoyed all the training he did for the John Wick movies.
Izandai: I just nearly broke my fucking back doing increasingly exaggerated versions of the "turn the gun 90° sideways" thing that John Wick does sometimes.
splatty1: welcome to CBT², combination therapy and fetish club Kappa
Izhuark: I have shot a gun once at a fair lrrBEEJ
Zu_o: @Bribe_Guntails if you are happy to learn then you are someone who can be proud to be any countries citizen
Bribe_Guntails: Thank you :D
munnaperson: Thank you
PendelSteven: I don't like fire... so erm....
Kyir: Classic debate
aerobeing: huh
aerobeing: TIL
Orlantia: most of the time I have to separate my Forgotten Weapons lore from my games
person322: dude that unboxing video was super cool
Baldrash: That was a rad little video.
aerobeing: I enjoyed your mispronunciation of the Russian names. :p
GhassanPL: Ooh, more firearm and firearm accessories videos plz!
JadedCynic: discrete
JadedCynic: not discreet
Izandai: Yeah, that's fair.
JadedCynic: discrete as in 'separate'
MeJustinYouChat: Where would one find that?
HPBraincase: Its a sometimes snack.
Izhuark: That's fair and really cool on your part.
AziraphalesShop: Alex1981?
JadedCynic: @MeJustinYouChat look four our mutual firend on vimeo
GhassanPL: Also chat, I'm making beans!
Kyir: I love the little tappy footsteps when you run. Those are amazing.
Lex_Peacekeeper: why did that window have a target ring on it?
SleepyDeveloper: I've done a few YT vids in the past, but mostly slow mo gun shots at a range. Kinda want to get back into the firearms education vid stuff
korvys: Yeah, I watch Forgotten Weapons a lot, but then I get a lot of... less cool gun channels recommended.
ghostvalv: what about the older military history route like myke cole?
Porsgaard81: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (2:01 from now).
JadedCynic: @Lex_Peacekeeper because the glass is partially reflective, and we see ourselves as a target
chaostreader: I understand the general idea and mechanics of firing a weapon but never have. I’m decently sure I could load and fire a gun, just have never had an opportunity/ never really wanted to.
TheMerricat: Have to head out and grab groceries chat. Enjoy the stream and enjoy the game Alex. :-)
Izhuark: Uuh :(
Izandai: Have you seen any of Ahoy(on YouTube)'s Iconic Armaments videos?
Bribe_Guntails: LUL
ehsteveG: I watch Steve MRE and Forgotten Weapons and now my suggestions are awful
VariableVacancy: yea...
SleepyDeveloper: Just get a copy of Modern Reloading 2nd edition :P
Khador1: Alex, When did you do an unboxing video ?
Mr_Whyt: yeah it's rare that american gun vids keep politics out of it
tetelande: what about anime gun fandom
splatty1: then you also start getting weird adds too, at least I do
FoobyDude: sometimes, they're the same
FoobyDude: *coughs in girls frontier*
Labjer: Sword fandom can get up there, but Gun fandom always feel dangerous to get into
tenthtechpriest: the most toxic of fandoms
Izhuark: @tetelande I hear pretty bad things about an anime called Gate.
JadedCynic: @tetelande worst of both worlds? ;)
munnaperson: @themerricat bye!
Alas_Babylon: ^ da video
snowewolf: Try 1980-2000 football fandom for the try toxicity
Kyir: How much overlap is there between Gun fandom and Anime fandom?
Spluuga: oh god I've seen some atrocious crusader helmet custom receivers v.v
Gekyouryuu: @FoobyDude do you mean Girls' Frontline?
Lex_Peacekeeper: oohh play pacman!
Khador1: Oh cool
PendelSteven: more ways in how I don't like guns: there are two characters in Marvel I wish there wouldn't be: one of them is the Punisher
Orlantia: @loadingreadyrun did you happen to get Ian's French rifle book?
PendelSteven: (the other Deadpool)
snowewolf: also it was a good unboxing video man
FoobyDude: @Gekyouryuu yeah, that's what i said
GraceTveit: Do you get the joake?
Alas_Babylon: Gun badonkadonks
Gekyouryuu: you said Frontier
SleepyDeveloper: M&P Series are decent. But the modern pistols have a crap spring for the takedown lever
FoobyDude: pssshhh
FoobyDude: nooo
Kyir: Kreygasm
JupiterStarlight: what this game about alex?
MrTulip: Snrk
Alas_Babylon: wow luud
snapman_i_am: some cringe writing in this
tenthtechpriest: thanks now I want it
GhassanPL: Speaking of obsolete tech, I've been learning COBOL
brainbosh: Get those square butts?
FoobyDude: tape on the left on the floor
MAPBoardgames: I like how the turrets have different damage areas. Like you can hit the sensor or the rotating motor.
rith_the_awakener: Oh hey Polybius
GhassanPL: If Alex is a gun otaku, I am a programming language otaku :P
PendelSteven: so much arcades
Lex_Peacekeeper: about to say you walked past a tape
tenthtechpriest: don't become icarus and fly too close to the gun
sir_jack_DB: lol Polybius
VariableVacancy: this is a good tape
m00ntruther: jesus
JadedCynic: route to getting a Restricted Firearms License - using them for content?
MEL_155_A: If the unboxing video link hadn't been posted yet:
telemacus: BibleThump
JadedCynic: here we go
person322: uh oh
PendelSteven: 'the threat'
SleepyDeveloper: O.o
corpocracy: Holy shit
Kyir: The VA's breathlessness is really good.
SleepyDeveloper: Here we go
Rhynerd: Speaking of the threat...
FoobyDude: this tape's fine
FoobyDude: he's just confused
splatty1: lol
splatty1: so many boxes
HPBraincase: This guy is like Somber Kirk
Izhuark: Sound platonic
leowigginsvo: this one isn't! It sounded like it but that wasn't intentional
PendelSteven: now it makes more sense
MeJustinYouChat: I gotta go sleep, it's been real see you in the vod
JadedCynic: @Kyir if feels like the VA is emulating the unique speechj patterns of Adam West
munnaperson: weird
Autious: The VO person is Leo Wiggins
Fluffasaurus: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:56 from now).
SleepyDeveloper: yaaas
Kerrisis: Stoppin powah!
JadedCynic: oh yeah, 1911
VariableVacancy: STOPPIN POWA
korvys: stoppin' powa
sir_jack_DB: woohoo
Vanbael: Stoppin POWA!!
ninja_theory_ashrams: 1911
MAPBoardgames: Wow that sounded just like a disscussion I might have heard on W+P
Bribe_Guntails: ".45 huh?" - Naked Snake
sir_jack_DB: !powah
Labjer: S T O P P I N P O W A H
Yoyogre: Remember, it's V for safety
Kyir: @JadedCynic I'm honestly not sure if I've ever heard Adam West speak
sir_jack_DB: aw
ghostvalv: :O
Rhynerd: The original weapon of Reciever! The colt m1911!
person322: hurray a safety!
PendelSteven: suddenly yellow light
tenthtechpriest: mawp
FoxBoxGamers: sadly doesn't work on Twitter
TheMoatman: Eleven point four three millimeter, full metal jacket
Mr_Whyt: a classic
Izhuark: those fume trails :o
Mangledpixel: blam!
FoobyDude: make sure to make excessive use of that safety switch
ninja_theory_ashrams: good Ole JMB
fullofliesandbees: I really appreciate the audio on those gunshots. It has impact.
SleepyDeveloper: These are b*tch to take a part but fun to shoot.
JadedCynic: @Kyir ever seen Family Guy - Mayor of Quohog? Or those old Batmn tv show episodes? very theatrical cadence
Critterbot: Is it an M1?
Alas_Babylon: Can you play this game in VR?
Nefarioz: Din't put the safety one monkaS
GhassanPL: @LoadingReadyRun Do they teach you basic firearm technique in Canadian schools, like they did in Poland when I was in HS?
JadedCynic: Colt 1911
Alas_Babylon: Because this seems like the perfect kind of game to have in VR
PendelSteven: Batman '65 lol :)
Autious: Oh, we have all the details of the insides, David even animated the springs.
Izandai: Pro Tip: NEVER fire a gun into the air. That bullet doesn't stop being dangerous until it hits something, and that something might not be the ground.
Mr_Whyt: i have one from 1917
MAPBoardgames: Protip: Even if you hit your target, the bullet will continue to fly until it hits something dense enough to stop it.
SleepyDeveloper: They had a bunch of milsurp ones going through the CMP program in the US, but they got bought already
PendelSteven: Come to think of it: '65? That was when Marvel was +- two years old, so DC had to do something to gain interest in their comics
munnaperson: nice shot
JadedCynic: the 1911 is the only handgun I've ever fired - went to a range for a party.
Bribe_Guntails: 1911 LEG! LUL
ghostvalv: :O
Vanbael: F
FoxBoxGamers: that's a step in the correct direction already
sing_o_muse: uhhh
Yoyogre: ND count : 6
Kyir: F
ninja_theory_ashrams: nd
Alas_Babylon: First rule: Never trust a turret
SleepyDeveloper: doh
FoobyDude: gotta use that safety
munnaperson: g
Baldrash: Welp, hope you like crawling out of here.
FoobyDude: silly man
Rhynerd: ND?
JadedCynic: safe your gun before holstering
tenthtechpriest: uniform rules throughout a whole nation? what a novel idea
munnaperson: oops f
Labjer: Missed the femoral, everything is fine
JadedCynic: limp...limp
Izandai: "One set of rules for the whole country" oh god, Alex, take me out to dinner first at least. Kappa
Yoyogre: @Rhynerd Negligent Discharge
Gekyouryuu: what does ND mean?
Gekyouryuu: I ask right as someone answers
The_Brony_Vamp: I had a GI 1911 I had to sell it when I moved
red_shoes_jeff: I don't know that I'd ever want to OWN a gun, but I definitely wanna go to a range sometime, if for no other reason than to say I've done it.
BrindleBoar: "it just went off on its own"
Rhynerd: And funny enough, I meant that question to ask if a negligent discharge happened
frage069: Thank you. I had an idea from context but couldn't get negligent by myself
HPBraincase: Like that time my old boss slammed a drawer with a gun in it and it went off. We found the bullet in a filing cabinet.
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Kyir: Are there mechanical malfunctions that happen with 0 human interaction at time of malfunction?
Rhynerd: But at least it meant somebody got a question answered before they asked it.
Rhynerd: @yoyogre thanks
Lord_ZYRK: red_shoes_jeff target shooting can be fun. I'd say give it a try.
Izandai: I think in the same vein as "treat every gun like it's loaded" it's fair to call every kind of unintended discharge an ND.
KCazduke: Odd question to Alex: Has you ever played Persona 5, and have you seen the guns available to the player characters?
telemacus: if the gun is on the table there will never be a mechanical failure
JadedCynic: negligent implies sloppy behaviour - the operator wasn't doing things properly. accidental means mechanical fault - safety slips when operator activated it, eg
FoxBoxGamers: gosh that sounds nice
Izhuark: Wow
Thandres: from a laymans perspective it seems like an accidental discharge would be a subset of negligent discharge
asthanius: What if you never had a partner?
TheMoatman: So no virgins
VariableVacancy: that's nice
Spluuga: Kyir for example too hot chamber can cook off the round
Izhuark: That's really nice
Autious: In Sweden you have to be a member of a gun club and have them vouch for you.
Gekyouryuu: oh, yeah, I just remembered, when I was a teenager I went to a summer camp for a week, and one day they had us using front loading rifles to fire at clay discs attached to a target board
bl1ghtn1n6: seems deece
ehsteveG: At my local range you have to have the slide locked/action open if you're not firing. I [perhaps naively] assume most ranges have a similar rule
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CastleOtranto: Wait yeah, what if you don't comjugate?
Izandai: @TheMoatman Hey, it's one way to make sure an incel never gets a gun.
Gekyouryuu: I was one of 3 people that managed to actually hit a target
Lord_ZYRK: Wait wait wait you aren't just giving weapons to people without making sure they aren't dangerous? How do you even live there? MiniK
MitchTheQuaker: as a US citizen, that sounds nice
gravity_pike: wow, a country that thinks it's important to prevent domestic violence? What a concept!
Bribe_Guntails: Alternatively could you sign a form/contract that allows them to access ALL your information on the Internet and anywhere?
Bribe_Guntails: I'd sign that
Mr_Whyt: mandatory 28 day wait period before they even start to process the application
patience_zero: Here in the UK its not impossible to find a pistol club or get shotguns. However We cant really get alot of the interesting firearms....On the other hand, gun crime is low
62MGcobra: speaking of which i need to renew my license
KCazduke: I love your tinfoil hat, dude
JadedCynic has been married for 21 years this march
PendelSteven: It's April
Scy_Anide: @JadedCynic Congrats
gravity_pike: In the US the cops'll show up, say, "The bruising's not that bad," and just fuckin' leave. Cops have a higher incidence of DV than civilians.
GlennSeto: @jadedcynic Congratulations!
Izandai: @JadedCynic Congratulations!
munnaperson: how is it highlighted
PendelSteven: so does that mean you'be been married for 21 or will be 22 next year? Congrats anyhow
DaSunao: My training managed to get me to mentally recite safety chamber magazine safety several times watching this game already
wildpeaks: seems tricky if someone wants one to protect themselves from an abusive former partner though
PendelSteven: Again, I'm a classic overthinker
red_shoes_jeff: Balloon in the corner
Lord_ZYRK: Actually do the gun safety
JadedCynic: @PendelSteven we married mar 21, 1999
PendelSteven: get it
TheMoatman: Always... keep... loaded. Never... lock. Got it
munnaperson: America has less gun laws
FoobyDude: yup
Despoiler98: fucking campers
FoobyDude: this a cod boy
Bribe_Guntails: I'd accept a dud bolt just to own a PS90
FoxBoxGamers: meanwhile here in the 'states I just heard an ad on the radio yesterday for a service to "allow you to exercise your 2nd amendment rights the most quickly!"
chaostreader: @jadedcynic You have been married longer than I’ve been alive.
Boblinthegoblin69: in the states its stay strapped or get clapped
Beefpants: Is... that a tin foil hat?
Despoiler98: HAHAHA
SleepyDeveloper: 7
Yoyogre: ND count : 7
munnaperson: ng
InquisitorGaia: ive seen an accidental discharge that i would qualify as completely accidental. a m16 spring broke, not sure how it caused the mechanism to fire, but we had to assume it was wear and tear, we were coming back from clearing the roads of ied's in iraq, the soldier had his weapon pointed out the window and was using his firing hand to drink some gatorade so i couldnt be neglegint
ghostvalv: states is really weird about that :(
Lord_ZYRK: Real world example: I turned 14 and was given a high-powered rifle to do with as I saw fit.
DaSunao: @Boblinthegoblin69 I get you're memeing, but no
dudecon: There are also very few restrictions on building your own guns here
PendelSteven: @chaostreader that is why this community is so great, everyone's welcome
Mark_D_Stroyer: I’m liking this Talking Sim, great to have you back Alex.
JadedCynic: but if the gov't needs consent of 'current' AND *previous* conjugal partner...and it's been over 20 years since I last even SAW My Previous Partner....?
SleepyDeveloper: I've only had 2, and both were safely at the range.
PendelSteven: just don't be a d*ck
red_shoes_jeff: I'm sure whoever's on the ground floor would disagree with you, Alex.
JadedCynic: LOL clipping that
kenohki2: Use dat safety
teavian: F
SleepyDeveloper: gg
ehsteveG: God Jmamit
Izandai: uh oh
Beefpants: loooool
Despoiler98: STOVEPIPE
Lord_ZYRK: That's what happens when you grow up in a hunting family in rural US
62MGcobra: stovepipe
MatthewDennisMTG: I've never heard of this game and it looks like a gem
s0lesurviv0r: like someone drunkenly shooting a thousand dollar monitor on stream
Despoiler98: BAD
JadedCynic: wait, I can't clip that
PendelSteven: erm
TheMoatman: Yep
Mr_Whyt: or like a stovepipe
ghostvalv: wait until the round gets stuck on your hat or glasses :O
Mark_D_Stroyer: I had one and that honestly scared me into being ~incredibly~ careful with how I hold weapons
FoobyDude: they included a good few though
aerobeing: @JadedCynic It's called a magazine. :p
Bribe_Guntails: haha what a beautiful scream LUL
Reecer6: oh my god it leaves wholes in the curtain
telemacus: failure to feed, failure to eject, stovepipe
itsr67: @MatthewDennisMTG It is most definitely a gem in the rough
Izandai: Fun fact: I'm not sure how widespread this is, but at least in some states, it's illegal to have digital gun ownership records. They all have to be paper, which means many of them are decades old and literally crumbling.
FoxBoxGamers: what if they're just simulating the entire inside mechanics of every gun Kappa
Despoiler98: way better then a misfired round still in the chamber that is TERRIFYING
J01000111: "That would be crazy" he said, wearing a tinfoil hat immediately before screaming
teavian: Kappa
MAPBoardgames: I like Alex's girlish scream
JadedCynic: Iheheheheheh, I'm waiting
fin9n: what obstructions
Lex_Peacekeeper: watch out the other onee still seems alive
PendelSteven: that is a blue light
Reecer6: borbstruction?
Lord_ZYRK: seabatYIKES
RobotInProgress: for a moment there I thought you said Roundabout, "I'll steal it! No one with ever know!"
Mr_Whyt: kaboom
JadedCynic: bore obstruction? throw away that gun
62MGcobra: underwater?
SleepyDeveloper: Bore obstruction
Yoyogre: The game has pretty much all the ones that can be cleared without tools
FoobyDude: tell that to the hipoint C9
Bribe_Guntails: oh @LoadingReadyRun why are you ignoring the Help and Diary files you pick up?
asthanius: I've seen Looney Tunes. I've seen Bugs put his finger in the barrel.
FoobyDude: the thing is a beast
MitchTheQuaker: so is the point of this game to have a faithful recreation of a gun?
aerobeing: Fuseless one?
kenohki2: Alex how be it
Rhynerd: Bore obstruction. As in bullet fired but is still in the barrel
Despoiler98: STOPIN POWAH
SleepyDeveloper: i.e. a squib load
FoobyDude: it can fire rebar that's been jammed down the barrel
Mark_D_Stroyer: Boar Obstruction: A pig blocks your way
MrTulip: Never had a nd/accidental, did squash a .22 while working the bolt action and got myself real scared
Rhynerd: So firing the gun again means you fired abullet into anothwr buller that’s still inside the gun
Rhynerd: And bad things happen
Bribe_Guntails: I see that's fair. I do not like it, but it's fair.
snowewolf: @LoadingReadyRun what happens when you shoot your reflection?
p3nguinkin: the player modle is a paper target?! I love it!
JadedCynic: well, while you're in a combat situation; if you've got a gunsmith's tools, feel free to unload, clear the receiver
FoobyDude: that would have killed you
JadedCynic: oh, so 'because it's more entertaining if I don't"
Bribe_Guntails: HAHAHHA
Izandai: uh
Yoyogre: @snowcookies You break the glass/mirror
ghostvalv: :O
Izhuark: Reel gaymrz don't rid no manuels !
m00ntruther: Alex what is the best conspiracy theory you've ever heard? my favorite is the theory that the moon is a holographic projection thats why my name is moontruther
FoobyDude: SAFETY
Vanbael: F
wildpeaks: famous last words
BrindleBoar: F
Izandai: What happened?
c4cypher: LUL
teavian: F
Yoyogre: ND count : 8
Micsig: 8
62MGcobra: haha
Bribe_Guntails: GUN IS NOT TOY
SleepyDeveloper: 8?
JadedCynic: RICOCHET off concrete
MAPBoardgames: You didn't need that foot did you?
Labjer: You dummy
Despoiler98: DEMOTED
JadedCynic: DEMOTED
SquirrelLord1111: 8?
kenohki2: Wow, you failed the safety check
Izhuark: Demoted !
Rhynerd: Whoops
TheAinMAP: katesRip
Izandai: What happened???
munnaperson: that's guns baby
62MGcobra: bye bye 1911
offbeatwitch: alex made a Small mistake
Beefpants: Do not pass go
dooppatrol: what happened
PendelSteven: o_O
Rhynerd: Back to a revolver!
Beefpants: do not collect $200
teammanfred: sergeSqueak
Boblinthegoblin69: sergeHolyMoly sergeHolyMoly
JadedCynic: byebye POWAH
62MGcobra: click
red_shoes_jeff: Yeah, that's interesting. You only get demoted when you ND yourself.
Inept_Hope: Is the safety faulty or are you just not using it=
Inept_Hope: ?
Labjer: Second time you blasted yourself, right?
SleepyDeveloper: *bwom* "suddenly a hand appears out of nowhere" *SLAP*
Mark_D_Stroyer: Hey kid you’re going to shoot your eye out!
patience_zero: it has been -0- inutes since last ND
c4cypher: owo
Yoyogre: @red_shoes_jeff You get demoted for any deaths
Rhynerd: @inept_hope probably just wasn’t used there
teavian: lgwTilt
aerobeing: I'm expecting one of those kid guns, that has the plastic bit that makes "shot" noise when you pull the trigger.
munnaperson: we need a ND counter
Rhynerd: I kinda wish demotion would only happen with ND
PendelSteven: I'm gonna read the last issue in my FF by Byrne omnibus 1
c4cypher: monkaS
Bribe_Guntails: HAHAH glorious scream
Izhuark: Poggies my doggies !
SleepyDeveloper: clutch
PendelSteven: I'll be AFK
JadedCynic: there's tha tmusic...must be a cue that a cassette is near
Mangledpixel: clutch!
aerobeing: With the little fireworks style "explosive" stuff.
asthanius: Lucky duck
munnaperson: that was close
Yoyogre: @munnaperson I counted and it's at 8
MrTulip: Sack
chaostreader: Wait are they real ranks? And if yes, can you get demoted to Seaman.
ehsteveG: Never didn't have it seabatSEAL
FoobyDude: protip: there are a few cheatcodes to skip tiers and give yourself ammo
JadedCynic: gun is twitching? or is that just walking?
munnaperson: @yoyogre thanks
FoobyDude: not gonna tell em tho
TehAmelie: is there some plot reason you can't just lift those turrets up and point them into corners like misbehaving children or Portal turrets?
s0lesurviv0r: one of the bullets is different is that a concern?
Rhynerd: Man, it’s been a while since we found a threat echo.
62MGcobra: not a bullet
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie get moar bullat from in them?
itsr67: @s0lesurviv0r It's a filled cylinder, it doesn't fire
s0lesurviv0r: ah
frage069: Uh oh
s0lesurviv0r: thanks
GhassanPL: Um, okay, calm down there Mr. Foddy
62MGcobra: there are also magazines that you cant fill all the way
c4cypher: The 'Threat' likes to weld cylinders closed just to screw with you, they also gimp some of the magazines you pick up in the same manner
Mark_D_Stroyer: That’s a Webley isn’t it?
FoxBoxGamers: jesus
JadedCynic: @TehAmelie technically unless the mission REQUIRES us to 'disable # turrets', we wouldn't have to do anything to ANY
asthanius: Does he "work"?
ehsteveG: Nice one
GhassanPL: That was dark :D
kenohki2: Wow that sounds like all the salary men in Japan Kappa
SleepyDeveloper: BANNED
Izandai: Obligatory joke: No, because he doesn't work any day.
Bribe_Guntails: wetCLAM
Izhuark: Nice one, Izandai :)
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m00ntruther: what about the S&M 500?
asthanius: Level designers
Reecer6: cranes, probably
c4cypher: The Colt Detective Special is the other one, this is the S&W Model 10, the
Bribe_Guntails: the THREAT did it!
leowigginsvo: I have to focus on this AMA so I'm gonna close the stream for a bit but thanks for playing! To anybody who gets tired of my voice on the tapes I'm sorry! I'll be back later if you're still playing!
asthanius: Arcade!
Schatten88: @LoadingReadyRun have you ever come across the welrod mk2?
Mark_D_Stroyer: That man was skilled with forklift.
ehsteveG: Why fire a SW500 when I could slap a ring post as hard as I can?
SleepyDeveloper: home defense
m00ntruther: @Schatten88 the what
Izandai: katesLol
ehsteveG: for free
MAPBoardgames: The most dangerous game?
plummeting_sloth: and target shooting AT dangerous game
BrindleBoar: big PP energy
FoxBoxGamers: you have been de-feet-ed
c4cypher: You'd be surprised, this game does have a big hand cannon, and it utterly WRECKS drones and turrets
wildpeaks: it's ok, we didn't need all this blood
munnaperson: f
asthanius: Died of foot-amputation
Mark_D_Stroyer: A good .44 is already a bit much as it is, and even when I didn’t have carpal tunnel...
Izandai: Dangerous game, but not THE MOST dangerous game.
Labjer: I mean, it shot your feet, but as you fall I bet it got the rest of you!
Omthebox: It made your pee pee the no pee pee
Bribe_Guntails: well there goes your pp :D
amythist: full mag
Izhuark: Not the glock ! :C
asthanius: Gun chess, the most dangerous game
MAPBoardgames: To say that guns represent dicks is a phallusy.
itsr67: mister no safety mcgee
Rufran: oh hey, receiver 2
munnaperson: he was de feet ed
Gekyouryuu: <message deleted>Alex, you reminded me of this:
Lord_ZYRK: Dammit MAPBoardgames LUL
Gekyouryuu: oh, hell, that link
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: "Had"
Gekyouryuu: I apologize
JadedCynic: @SleepyDeveloper so you're content with getting sued by the next of kin of your neignour that the bullet went into....after going THROUGH your assailant....and the concrete wall between apartments...
TStodden: I thought Knife Checkers was the most dangerous game...
gravity_pike: didnt shoot yourself this time, nice
Yoyogre: Glock leg time!
amythist: the holes will be dark/black looking if empty
plummeting_sloth: well, hat's one way to check
The_Brony_Vamp: S&W 500 was made for big game like moose
Mark_D_Stroyer: @rufran Or rather Re:Ceiver.
asthanius: @TStodden You've never seen a RifleRook
Schatten88: @m00ntruther it's a gun from WWII that was used by the british covert forces, considered one of the gun closets to a hollywood silencer
JupiterStarlight: I am thinking about getting a beretta 92
InquisitorGaia: ya you can see the brass in the holes
person322: boolet
m00ntruther: ah
c4cypher: 'round' also works
Mangledpixel: boolat go in clipozine
JadedCynic: yeah, even the developers thought "yeah they gotta grab each cartridge individually" was TOO GRANULAR
plummeting_sloth: no, you're loading clips into your clipozine
Zu_o: Semi auto?
red_shoes_jeff: Put bullat in clipozine.
SleepyDeveloper: @JadedCynic that's why you dont use FMJ, There are purpose made home defence Hollow Points you can use. Also you dont use large calibers.
Rufran: I like that the time it takes to put rounds into the magazine increases as the mag gets fuller because of the spring tension
Bribe_Guntails: Tap, Rack, Bang
m00ntruther: Alex and Chat, what would the gun equivalent to the Trabant be?
InquisitorGaia: whos narrator?
Bribe_Guntails: Tap, Rack, Bang!
red_shoes_jeff: He did say "most."
plummeting_sloth: A pipegun?
Bribe_Guntails: etalPsycho TAP RACK BANG!
aerobeing: Drop, and roll.
Lord_ZYRK: Stop drop and MAWP
asthanius: There's Polybius
asthanius: of course
JadedCynic: @SleepyDeveloper so why respoind with "home defense" when someone asked what purpose the S&W 500 serves?
Gekyouryuu: ok, Mods, I have a MUCH more reasonably sized version of the link I tried to share before. may I share it?
7gorobei: @m00ntruther hipoint pistol
Rufran: how long has the stream been going?
Anubis169: go for it :)
asthanius: Tap then BLAT
s0lesurviv0r: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:00:23.
SleepyDeveloper: @JadedCynic I wasn't talking about the S&W 500, I thought Alex was talking about the revolve he was just using
gravity_pike: if it fails to fire, congratulations! your gun is now a grenade!
red_shoes_jeff: This game's kind of interesting, I may have to try it myself later.
JadedCynic: Q: is there a contemporary handgun with a bore greater than .50?
kenohki2: They gave you an 18?
plummeting_sloth: There' similar rules for firing cannons. 3 minute hold after the first misfire, 5 minutes after the second misfire. 3rd misfire, you flood the barrel with water and fish the round out with the worm
JupiterStarlight: what are the balloons for?
Mr_Whyt: old ammo
FoobyDude: its a modded 17 @kenohki2
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DaSunao: There's several darwin awards for badly maintained ammo
Gekyouryuu: but yeah, that picture is what Alex reminded me of
Lord_ZYRK: JadedCynic .600
JadedCynic: @JupiterStarlight they have ammo ...
Izandai: katesLol
c4cypher: F
Yoyogre: LUL
PixelArtDragon: There's special training ammo that can cause a jam
rith_the_awakener: Woops
Bribe_Guntails: I say this game is a must get: it's incredibly informative on mental health, gun safety, and general good habits
sing_o_muse: whoops
Yoyogre: F
plummeting_sloth: Hang-fires are big with muzzle-loaders.
munnaperson: that was a splat
Bribe_Guntails: A very pertinent game for this time
Telarra_: these levels feel so familiar, did they just reskin things?
7gorobei: weak primer strikes are the more common failure to fire
plummeting_sloth: a not completely seated round will hangfire
rith_the_awakener: It would be fun if this game had a gyrojet pistol in it
Rhynerd: Neat!
62MGcobra: just decides to go off. sounds like the remington 700
rith_the_awakener: Those were wild
InquisitorGaia: i was on a rifle range once, when i was in the army, where somehow this random idiot on the line next to me had a double feed and stood up from prone and swept everybody including the tower, needless to say i had a broken hand and he had a broken jaw
itsr67: @Telarra_ There's a solid mix up of the environments at times, not a FULL reskin, but has some variety
Yoyogre: Remember to press V before pressing TAB
JadedCynic: if you agree with the Cognitive Development school of psychology...
c4cypher: You don't check for a squib by staring down the barrel
aerobeing: I feel like this would be easier with Valve Index controllers.
itsr67: @Telarra_ like some areas get blocked off and changed around
splatty1: though revolvers are probably less dangerous because most don't seal
JadedCynic: ew. that hurts me just hearing about that
J01000111: This one?
Songar87: there was a CSI episode where a bullet stuck in the barrel caused them to think that two shots went off
ArcOfTheConclave: @J01000111 that is super cursed
aerobeing: It that real.
DaSunao: Jesus fuck the barrel is deformed
Izandai: HOW
chaostreader: HOW?!?!?
niccus: that gun is sick
Bribe_Guntails: dear lord jesus mary-have-mercy
c4cypher: I wish I saw the face of the gunsmith he took it to
ninja_theory_ashrams: everytime you holster with the hammer back, I flinch
brainbosh: There was that famous case of a bullet stuck in the camber, yeah?
J01000111: but wait there's more!
Micsig: God, the brass lines make it so good
SleepyDeveloper: hammer back with the safety on is fine with a 1911
JadedCynic: how did that barrel not explode?!?
plummeting_sloth: So I shoot cannons, and a similar issue is when there's a gap behind the powder bag that the vent tender just dumps a TON of loose powder into trying to fill up the vent. The 4F powder lights, "foomps" the round out of the barrel where now it's a bomb that explodes outside teh barrel or just sits on the ground waiting to go off
The_Brony_Vamp: Old ammo can be awful. Had some withe cracked shells, some where I could take out the projectile, or the round wouldn't go off.
J01000111: this is an /r/gungore twitch channel now
MatthewDennisMTG: owie, had that happen to me
Rhynerd: I still remember a murder mystery show where the killer put a smaller shotgun shell than normal into somebody’s ammo bag so they’d accidentally kill themselved with a bore malfunction.
MatthewDennisMTG: last time I ever wore a loose long-sleeved shirt
The_Brony_Vamp: By take out I mean by hand
InquisitorGaia: rotate your wrist dont bend to look down thru the chamber
Izhuark: Exactly !
TheAwkes: When a narrator tries very hard to sound like they're saying something without saying anything at all. Is it intentional in this game?
Dish_KP: I like the gun safety stuff! I'm confused about the other narration
Master_Gunner: Defense in depth - make sure several things have to go wrong before anything bad can happen
MinniChii: Common Sense IS NOT Common
c4cypher: First thing the AF taught me was to always check and clear the chamber
ArcOfTheConclave: these are very good gun safety audio logs
Master_Gunner: just in case you fuck up at one step or another
TheGreatDeox: First thing I learnt in cadets was how to check a weapon is safe
RiverBirch: Here I am getting back from a quick run in Recevier 2, to see you playin.
MAPBoardgames: You gotta make the noise too.
ehsteveG: Yeah?
RiverBirch: How's it going?
ehsteveG: Kappa
aerobeing: *click, click, click&
RiverBirch: JEsus christ
Izandai: Yeah, Jerry, something sure is fucked up about that.
Bribe_Guntails: Zoidberg'd outta there LUL
Autious: Gun are not toys.
Bribe_Guntails: aahh right in the spleen :D
Yoyogre: F
JadedCynic: "see lisa? because of me there's a warning"
RiverBirch: So here's a question, chat, has he shot himself in the kneecaps?
chaostreader: The only gun you should point towards your face is one made entirely of chocolate. Those you eat barrel first.
Spluuga: oh yeah hot 7.62 casings in the winter turning up under your hip while firing laying down is so fun
kenohki2: Send that one away
MAPBoardgames: Goodbye round
itsr67: RIP that bullet
RegulusPratus: Sighting a Desert Eagle as close to your face as possible
teavian: Rip bullet
GhassanPL: Also a lot of it is applicable to archery, and vice versa
SleepyDeveloper: you can get those and chocolate bullets from Amazon
Izandai: @RiverBirch Pretty sure something else shot him in the kneecaps.
Izandai: Oh you never ate that?
RiverBirch: @Izandai Yeah but, you can shoot YOURSELF in the kneecaps tho
62MGcobra: that was on a mail time
Telarra_: are the flying bots still in this?
Gekyouryuu: I REMEMBER that mail time
JadedCynic: @RiverBirch we don't explicitly know for sure, but he might had ND'ed into his leg before
Bribe_Guntails: Your sight picture stinks, streamer! BabyRage Kappa
Izandai: aw boo
asthanius: He saved it so it would appreciate in value
gravity_pike: I've been to a gun range once, and my buddy kept on doing "James Bond Shit" with his pistol, which doesn't make me feel great about going to gun ranges.
Rhynerd: Darn
Zu_o: how much is the resale value of a chocolate gun, I am curious what it would sulfur.
asthanius: It's an investment
chaostreader: I was 100% referencing the one you got on Mailtime.
Yoyogre: @Telarra_ Yes, he's not high enough rank to meet them yet.
SleepyDeveloper: That looks just like my Rock Island 1911
plummeting_sloth: But yeah, teh "multiple round in one barrel' was HUGE in the muzzle loading musket days. You close or squint your eyes to stop the flash in pan from hurting them, you're firing in a volley in a line so you can't be sure you've heard your round go off, you're in a panic and don't want to die, so you just load agian, and keep loading. 4,5 rounds in the same musket before it blew up
Bribe_Guntails: @asthanius that's not how food works wetABE
Bribe_Guntails: :P
JadedCynic: how old is it again? even if it has bloomed, it's still edible...just might have an odd texture
c4cypher: ftf?
InquisitorGaia: the best firearms training is getting shot by an asshole who pulled his dads glock out to show it to you and aimed it at your leg and pulled the trigger saying, and i quote, "Its not loaded dude"
Izhuark: Noice !
Telarra_: @Yoyogre haha, that's a fair change, they're pretty tough
JadedCynic: it's the temper
JadedCynic: I forget how long ago that was....
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia NotLikeThis
Izandai: @InquisitorGaia oh no
plummeting_sloth: AS Steve1989 will tell you, Bloomed chocolate is fine eating
red_shoes_jeff: @InquisitorGaia God DAMN.
c4cypher: LUL
SleepyDeveloper: 9
Yoyogre: ND count : 9
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 9
noSmokeFire: ahaha
InquisitorGaia: that was my first bullet wound in my life
Izandai: You sure did, if by "him" you meant "me"
Labjer: Not a fan of your toes, I see
JadedCynic: alex...did you Safe that gun before holstering it? Oh, okay
Izandai: @InquisitorGaia I'm sorry.
c4cypher: STOVE
RiverBirch: I mean, you cant fuck up as bad as I have when you fucking discharge a desert eagle into your shins.
telemacus: get piped
noSmokeFire: are turrets the only enemy?
Rhynerd: The V key will become our friend, eve tually
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plummeting_sloth: SEKIRO
chaostreader: @inquisitorgaia I hope it was the Only bullet wound in your life.
red_shoes_jeff: "If Mister Safety Latch Am Not On, MISTER CROSSBOW AM NOT YOUR FRIEND."
itsr67: @noSmokeFire There are flying drones, which are terrifying
JadedCynic: you don' have to KILL your target, just INCAPACITATE it
noSmokeFire: @itsr67 thanks I hate it!
nartin9: This is not Valorant
Bribe_Guntails: I think the idea that this game "Dark Souls the Gun Safety into you" is funny and true, what do you all think?
RegulusPratus: Good ol' Mazlowe's Hiearchy of Needs, eh
InquisitorGaia: certainly made me want to know how to avoid that shit, @chaostreader nope, was shot a couple more times when i was in the army
person322: gotta love them FTFs
noSmokeFire: would this be a better or worse game in VR, do you think?
Boblinthegoblin69: would love to stay and watch but i have a pre calculus exam to get to
itsr67: @noSmokeFire They come at you fairly quickly with a tazer, so they don't even have bullets
J01000111: M I N D T E C H
Izhuark: Robotech ? Kappa
GhassanPL: MindTecque
JadedCynic: @nartin9 yeah, as the Category and Stream Title state :)
asthanius: Sculpt the mind
JadedCynic: MindFuq
BrindleBoar: Lizardman, Lizardman and Lizardman
c4cypher: Reminder: somebody made a Receiver mod for Minecraft
R2JL: Anyone have a link to the unboxing Alex did?
Dish_KP: This is the weirdest Motivational Seminar I've ever been too
StewartRWyatt: Is the guy on the tape supposed to sound like a supervillian pre-breakdown?
doctorGunsforhands: oooEEEoo
LionsEyeDiamond: ooo weee oooo
HPBraincase: Oh man I just realized I actually have a saturday with no plans for once tomorrow. I finally get to play Half Life: Alyx. Huzzzzaaaaahhhh
RiverBirch: @c4cypher Thats fucked
noSmokeFire: I like that this game is obviously very serious about gun handling, but also lets you climb a ladder with your gun pointed at it
p3nguinkin: Hey Alex, you get that thing I sent ya? *winks exegeratedly*
JadedCynic: MindTec™ presented by the congomerate of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe
InquisitorGaia: so is the point of this game to have an introspective understanding of guns?
asthanius: "Call me the MindFucker"
Gekyouryuu: I am Mentok! The Mind Toker! wait, lemme try that again. Mentok! the Milf Spunker!"
asthanius: Harvey Birdman references, A;ex
p3nguinkin: another harvey birdman quote
amythist: I know what this game could do to screw with the player, throw in a single action revovler
Pantsravaganza: Mindtech. Because we can modify the brain but have no creative expression...
c4cypher: Yeah, Wolffire games featured the mod in a video
R2JL: @62MGcobra Thanks!
rith_the_awakener: Can we just stay here?
Labjer: Right in the dome piece
FoxBoxGamers: wait... "consume" tapes?
Yoyogre: @amythist Well... You can get one at rank 5
62MGcobra: @R2JL still have it in a tab for after lol
Gekyouryuu: ha! ha! ha! dangly parts.
plummeting_sloth: was that David Bowie?
BrindleBoar: just stuff 'em in your mouth
Rhynerd: Nice apartment
RegulusPratus: Put that back on, I love the stock footage channel
Mangledpixel: it's like in Videodrome
Lord_ZYRK: Whooo's the man in the suuuit
Despoiler98: it was FANTASTIC
TStodden: Tapes: For EXTERNAL USE ONLY
Gekyouryuu: Stephen Colbert's rolls were GREAT
p3nguinkin: weird but good... like really good
Gekyouryuu: yeah, he had wings
fiftymcnasty: Yes is was HB
red_shoes_jeff: Well, that's what it was.
Rhynerd: He does have wings
Gekyouryuu: Falcon 7 -> Phil Ken Sebben
plummeting_sloth: Not only weird, but also had some very realistic depictions of actual legal system
Bearudite: ok, but its not the first think Space Ghost
c4cypher: Haha!
asthanius: Let's take MULTIPLE Hanna Barbera cartoons
InquisitorGaia: is this a hospital?
fiftymcnasty: Cartoon Network owns the rights to HB
fastlane250: I don't even think they had to license
Despoiler98: ha HAAAAAA Multiple Entendre!
ehsteveG: WB just happened to own it just like Space Ghost
CompletelyUnsure: !uptime'
Trashweazel: a bunch of hanna barbarra went public domain awhile ago
JupiterStarlight: are we talking about selab 2021?
BrindleBoar: no, Cartoon Network bought whatever was left of Hanna Barbera - it's also how they made Sealab 2021 and Space Ghost
plummeting_sloth: Like, the episode about mediations was SPOT ON
CompletelyUnsure: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:13:06.
Baldrash: Ha-HA! Bodies in a wood chipper!
Dish_KP: Williams Street is a Hanna Barbara setup. All HB IPs were fair game on adult swim
SerGarretCameron: You're dead to me, Can Opener.
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun can you shoot through the box to take that one out?
Angnor33: I mean, Space Ghost Coast to Coast?
Genderi: "surrealist fuckin' weirdo shit" is one of my favorite subgenres
JadedCynic: @noSmokeFire hey, if the player wants to IGNORE the continued explanations of gun safety, why whould we NOT prevent them from discovering the consquences of their unsafe behaviours?
Mister_Hush: Sealab 2021 was *amazing*
rith_the_awakener: Lizardman, Lizardman, and Lizardman
HPBraincase: I think it was a natural extension of the Space Ghost idea, personally
Gekyouryuu: "that's what separates us from the beasts! well, that, and product placement."
gravity_pike: @rith_the_awakener YES
dylan16807: "a spin–off, Birdgirl, was ordered to series in May 2019" huh
c4cypher: Braak Show > Space Ghost CTC
Bribe_Guntails: The closest I got to Harvey Birdman were those intermission clips called "Tales from F.E.A.R." and those are hilarious as shit, they're about an evil organization but they're still an ORGANIZATION LUL
Magnetic__North: Space Ghost was very early in their progresson
Despoiler98: Hey did you get that THING I sent ya?????
Izandai: BOO
Gekyouryuu: @c4cypher "don't talk to me, mom, I'm a murderer!"
plummeting_sloth: I loved when they coshared their law office witha Greek Restaurant
JadedCynic: Space Ghost was a bit of a one-trick pony and tired quickly - not enough original writing to sustain it
cfpreston: art history!
MAPBoardgames: That shot was a work of art?
Labjer: Sir this is an art museum
7gorobei: spaceghost came first, birdman was when they hit their stride
Gekyouryuu: "well, what do you wanna do, now?" "watch the power puff girls movie on dvd!"
Dish_KP: Space Ghost had the ability to really make me laugh out loud. I'd definitely say Harvey Birdman was more clever, but as a teen, CTC just did it for me
s0lesurviv0r: he should have exited through...the gift shop
snowewolf: @LoadingReadyRun have you seen Fear and Lothing in Las Vagas? if so what you think of it?
Bribe_Guntails: Anyone else remember those Tales from F.E.A.R. segments?
JadedCynic: Sir? Sir, this is an Art Gallery, not a museum.
red_shoes_jeff: What is that tune even called...?
itsr67: c r u n c h
Earthenone: !next
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R2JL: I've heard Alex hum this song a few times, what actually is it?
fastlane250: i can see
rith_the_awakener: Drugs
JadedCynic: @red_shoes_jeff "The Andy Grifith Show Theme"
Izandai: Which one?
InquisitorGaia: the american dream is dead
7gorobei: andy griffths show theme @R2JL
Gekyouryuu: so, who else is hoping that, since it's been two years since season 7, that Venture Bros. new season will be this year?
Labjer: Man, what is it with videogame characters either being able to fall forever, or unable to fall more than two feet?
Mister_Hush: sorry, what book?
JadedCynic: Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
MAPBoardgames: Ghostbusters is about a small business startup.
Mister_Hush: oh
gravity_pike: The American Dream is having power and freedom but no responsibility.
R2JL: @JadedCynic @7gorobei thanks
sing_o_muse: by hunter s thompson
red_shoes_jeff: @JadedCynic Oh. Cheers.
c4cypher: This is bat country
SquirrelLord1111: Its about the death of the hippie movement about the american dream. How drug culture is the last of it as the rise of the Yuppie movement starts.
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun thoughts on The Venture Bros.?
JadedCynic: Fun Fact: Director Ron Howard appeared on The Andy Griffith Show as a child
GhassanPL: You could really recognize Hunter's prose
plummeting_sloth: As I think Cameron described it, Vegas: American, the Ride
sing_o_muse: Vegas is quintessentially american
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> NORTH 100 is here with Part 1 (of 3) of their Ikoria Set Review! | #MTGIKO | ||
Izandai: Las Vegas was invented as a city-sized tax dodge.
plummeting_sloth: fair
Bribe_Guntails: The depraved core of the USA eh?
ArkhamArchivist: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
dudecon: and no loose women?
JadedCynic: yeah
asthanius: What do you do? Goody two, Goody two, Goody Goody Two Shoes
offbeatwitch: vegas is a very weird liminal space
corpocracy: It's adult Disneyland
s0lesurviv0r: sounds right
FoxBoxGamers: I love that description, yeah
red_shoes_jeff: Penn & Teller's live show is a real treat.
Saphire282: ahahaha. That sounds about right.
random_shoes: yahss
asthanius: Imagine if Epcot but America
FoxBoxGamers: Sinsney World
EvilBadman: Vegas is where the corpse of the "Wild West" shambles on
InquisitorGaia: thats fair
plummeting_sloth: although seeing the atomic museum and the insane shooting gallery is definite the twisted yet sober way to experince the town
wildpeaks: the city of excesses
JadedCynic: Alex - hear the arabic singing? that's an audio cue that you're near a cassettte
ArkhamArchivist: No, Disneyland is America: The Ride: The Videogame: The Movie
asthanius: "We built mirrored buildings in the middle of a desert because we wanted to"
Khador1: I kinda want to go to vagus but not sure how much of it I would actually be into it, like how much is drinking and gambling?
Izandai: hm
ArkhamArchivist: Hoover Dam is huge, btw
Izandai: hrm
plummeting_sloth: uhhh
wildpeaks: embrace the subocean
sing_o_muse: Fuck taxes and fuck God - Vegas
Oneiros96: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:20 from now).
arcanzaJenkins: I had to spend 12 hours in the Las Vegas Airport once. It sucked
TheMoatman: Which is hilarious because Nevada is pretty mormon
Telarra_: lrrHERE
Alek2ander: well this is a place
Bribe_Guntails: oh no pepeHands
Izandai: lrrHERE
Izandai: oh
plummeting_sloth: oh man.. there HAD to been thing here
GhassanPL: I like Ernest Cline's take on the American Dream in Paradox Bound: America should not work, but it does because there is a magical pact called "the american dream" that makes it work :D
Saphire282: So, all Americans are stupid with their money? Always chase after lights and luxery asthetic, and love a chance to go banana's?
Yoyogre: Does that even count as ND?
Bribe_Guntails: oh wow
JadedCynic: didn't die of fall, died of riccochet :D
Temperature_Droplet: there is a reason they had a fallout game take place there :D
EvilBadman: @ArkhamArchivist No disney is CAPITALISM the ride, but it can be easily confused with AMERICA the ride
JadedCynic: @Yoyogre yep
fullofliesandbees: My grandma was one of the downwinders.
Rufran: oh hey, I've never seen that death message
Izandai: @GhassanPL Are... Are we 40K orks?
Yoyogre: Well, ND count 11 then
Bribe_Guntails: you actually shot yourself there. You hit yourself with your bullet
Dish_KP: If they don't cancel GP Vegas, I'm in on August!
GhassanPL: @Izandai Kinda, yeah
Gekyouryuu: A chicken in every pot, a roof over every head?
plummeting_sloth: the one time I went to Vegas, I went to the tropicana, and there's pictures of people in that hotel of folks watching the atomic tests from teh pools
Decaped: America is also capitalism the ride.
Lex_Peacekeeper: "its so F()cking weird" a guy in a tinfoil hat
Alek2ander: Is Receiver about the real American Dream though?
Izandai: @GhassanPL I don't like it but I can't deny it.
I_Am_Clockwork: He's a big wrestle boy, isn't he?
asthanius: The American Dream (tm) is "Everyone can make it if they try hard enough, get lucky enough, and want it bad enough"
wildpeaks: sure sounds like New Vegas, especially Dead Money
Saphire282: Yeah, but that's a myth
RegulusPratus: Everything I know about the Manhattan Project, I know from Richard Feynman's biography and from that one time I accidentally graduated with a Physics degree
plummeting_sloth: The American Dream isn't one thing
random_shoes: "show up, get rich"
JadedCynic: @Gekyouryuu no that was a literal presidental campaign promise
InquisitorGaia: i can explain it in a quote, "Americans are not poor, they are temporarily embarassed millionairs"
Saphire282: That's deep Alex
GhassanPL: People are REALLY bad at probabilities
TheMoatman: Well part of it is that "American Dream" has about a billion subtly different definitions where the nuances completely change the interpretation
plummeting_sloth: Langston Hughes talks a lot about the American dream interesting ways
noSmokeFire: one big score from striking rich, one big loss away from losing everything
MAPBoardgames: Take out the old problems, introduce new problems.
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun the problem with america is that every poor person thinks of themselves as an impoverished billionaire who's momentarily inconvenienced.
Izandai: Well, the insidious thing is that it might. It's just so incredibly less likely than people believe it is.
Mr_Whyt: didnt the writer of grapes of wrath say something like "every poor american just sees himself as a temporarily disadvantaged millionaire" or something like that
Bribe_Guntails: etalPsycho Storage Wars
s0lesurviv0r: "work hard and you can end up like me, but no we won't give you enough hours to make your rent payment."
asthanius: The American Dream is literally a dream. It's not a thing you can do. And nobody knows that.
p3nguinkin: people buying into the grift
Lord_ZYRK: The American Dream is a completely different thing every two years. It's nonsense used to convince people to give you their money.
Saphire282: Also storage wars has the gambling aspect
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> If you missed it during the last episode of LIVE, Gibb answered some of your tweets. | ||
Zu_o: "Most people in America imagine not that they are living at a certain wealth point or status, but that they are in fact temporarily poor on the cusp of profound wealth and happiness" was a quote I saw somewhere
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 10
Yoyogre: ND count : 12
asthanius: Stop speaking truth to power while playing vidja games
asthanius: they make you die
InquisitorGaia: check your corners
Izandai: It's true that anyone theoretically *can* become fabulously wealthy, but it's far more true that *very few* people *will* become fabulously wealthy.
Khador1: I remember there was a episode of Storage wars where they found a copy of Ancestral vision
byzantinepundit: John Steinbeck
CrossAlteisen: I can't
byzantinepundit: I believe
GhassanPL: Both the US and China look to me what cheap labor and few labor laws does to a country
Gekyouryuu: I just said that, yeah!
JadedCynic: John Steinbeck?
tobiaslc12: why the hat?
Saphire282: you don't know if there's something "super valuable" in that storage lot. Someone left their gold there, or super rare collection of posters or something there. Is the thought.
TheMoatman: The through line on all of them is varying degrees of "work hard, get rewarded", but that ranges from "work hard, get stupidly rich" to "work hard, be content and happy"
EvilBadman: I don't think that's an American centric thing anymore.
CastleOtranto: Hang on, gotta go play the Powerball
noSmokeFire: alex I was *literally* typing that. your tinfoil hat is not suppressing your telepathy
theambivalentagender: @Zu_o I mean that sums up the mindset of a good number of people in my country. "We can't tax the rich because someday I'll be rich and I don't want to be taxed"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh, I heard about this, it's a VR game right
Yoyogre: @Bribe_Guntails You didn't count the 2 shots when he fell?
asthanius: I love how the game knows how complex it is, so it has the control scheme constantly on the side of the screen
Lord_ZYRK: "But if we start putting taxes on millionaires and restrictions on big business then what happens if I become a big business owner millionaire?"
TheMoatman: noSmokeFire it
byzantinepundit: According to Steinbeck, Americans never embraced socialism due to the pervasive notion that they were temporarily embarassed millionaries
rimeocean: gambling pays a suprisingly amount of my city's school budget, from texas
TheMoatman: *it's to suppress *your* telepathy
Gekyouryuu: its why our laws favoring the rich don't get challenged enough. "but if we make it bad for rich people now, then it'll be bad when I'M rich." @LoadingReadyRun
red_shoes_jeff: BraVO, sir!
Bribe_Guntails: @Yoyogre im not sure that counts, to me that was a "fuck it" moment and just fired intently, wildly
AziraphalesShop: Part of why it's so hard to pass a better tax system in the US is because so many people are convinced they are going to be rich someday.
RatekStormcrow: There was an interview with a mom who had trouble because of the pandemic stuff, and the first thing she said was "I need to get my credit rating back" .. not food not anything else .. her credit rating.
GhassanPL: Wait, you can't store more than one mag?
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh do you have to load the magazines too?
AziraphalesShop: @Gekyouryuu Exactly
Zu_o: The way we showcase Confirmation bias makes it a somewhat natural conclusion and I believe our best options will end up being revamping how we design some of our media
R2JL: And this is the part of the game that really tries my patience
Yoyogre: @Bribe_Guntails Yeah, I wasn't sure either.
Jakmob: I've shot myself so many times in this game
TheMoatman: I've shot my fair share of guns, but I think the 1911 is the only one I actively want to shoot again
asthanius: Don't touch that dial
InquisitorGaia: can you tell if your using 9 or 45 out of that?
TheMoatman: I suppose I can just buy one now
Izandai: @Gekyouryuu Of course the secret is that we could never make it truly "bad" for rich people. The only way to do that would be to make them no longer rich.
JadedCynic: "Hey guys - have you seen that thing in the news?"
Bribe_Guntails: etalPsycho shoot your TV with your unregistered firearm
GhassanPL: Pinned?
TerrorAnts: Most people are just selfish and think what they'd save if there were less taxes would save them from their current position
theambivalentagender: Also, I think a lot of things are changing over here in the US, especially with the younger generations. The shit is starting to get more exaggerated and people are getting fed up.
arcanzaJenkins: how are you holding the flashlight while climbing the ladder?
Gekyouryuu: @GhassanPL I think it means set to carry less than a full load of ammo
I_Am_Clockwork: is there a reason you would pin an already low capacity magazine?
Zu_o: @theambivalentagender I agree and I hope we see change soon across the world.
Yoyogre: @arcanzaJenkins mouth
InquisitorGaia: i only ask cause theres 9mm 1911's and mods to change between 9 and 45
Gekyouryuu: like a pin was put in to stop you adding more
asthanius: The sheeple have awoken
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GhassanPL: @Gekyouryuu Makes sense, thanks
Bribe_Guntails: Yeah I think good change is imminent, whether or not that happens via burning down the house is irrelevant
Dish_KP: Recently there was an episode of Antiques Road show where a guy's wife brings his Beta collection of MTG cards, learning the whole thing is worth a few hundred thousand dollars. My mother called me about it and asked if any of my stuff would have been worth that much if she hadn't thrown it away. I had to put her on hold to stop laughing
asthanius: A rising tide lifts all ships
Laserbeaks_Fury: I wish one fo those cabinets was Polybius
TheMoatman: It's greater than they act like, but it's less than it could/should be
gravity_pike: join a union lol
Izandai: I think this coming November is gonna be one of the most important months in this country's entire history.
Bribe_Guntails: I mean that change WILL happen, whether or not shit burns down
asthanius: "Becomes"
plummeting_sloth: like I say, it means a lot of things. There's a notion of the American dream born in the USCT soldiers in the Civil War that comes up in Liberation Theology. Something from the 2nd Great Awakening, turned on it's head. A reconcillation of manifest destiny with the oppressed. Where do folks find themselves in communities built on the bodies of others
JadedCynic: humans are typically short-sighted and don't think about the long term consequences of actions or choices - lower taxes so more moeny for taxpayers.....dirty water supply and bad roads
tetelande: Capitalism isn't perfect? *pikachu gasp
theambivalentagender: @asthanius I think it's less "sheeple" awakening and more people who have always kinda had these thoughts are now learning how to be waaay more vocal about them now that things are going this south
Lord_ZYRK: Dish_KP my mom saw that episode and asked if I played LUL
HortonFearsACoup: Cheer100 Loved your last Soviet ammo unboxing. And I'm digging the hat. Does it come in tactical?
Zu_o: @plummeting_sloth would it have been?
TerrorAnts: I mean, young people still aren't turning out to vote - so I doubt change is imminent, unfortunately
Bribe_Guntails: Turret: etalPsycho "YES"
Boiler_bot: Oh cool, there's an actual shooter part of this game. I assumed the game was just Gun Workshop sim.
TheMoatman: Hella
asthanius: @theambivalentagender True, but also have you seen those people who are like "Wait, so you're saying my landlord DOESN'T have my best interests at heart?"
tenthtechpriest: a moist nugget
theambivalentagender: @TerrorAnts There's a lot of voter suppression crap that happens with younger people tbh. That's a huge problem.
gravity_pike: gotta do the pacifist run of this gun sim
JadedCynic: exactly, there are NO goals given for "Kill n Turrets"; you don't HAVE to kill any of them.
aerobeing: AFAIK, it's quite sturdy.
Boiler_bot: OW Christ I needed to turn my volume WAY DOWN
GhassanPL: Are the turrets in this game equipped with a specific firearm?
not_a_dwarf_cleric: where could i find the vids your talking about?
Bribe_Guntails: Turret: still etalPsycho
JadedCynic: "The acme of skill is not winning a hundred battles; the acme of skill is winning one battle WITHOUT FIGHTING"
Gekyouryuu: @LoadingReadyRun if you haven't already, would you ever consider looking into the mobile game Girls' Frontline to see what all they do with the various guns?
Zu_o: @theambivalentagender voter suppression and voting laws in your country are despicable and UNBELIEVABLE
TerrorAnts: @theambivalentagender sure, but I also know plenty who think it just doesn't matter and won't vote
Zu_o: It's nuts
RegulusPratus: "We can't have a bunch of elected officials in an office in Washington deciding the entire economy! It has to be a bunch of unelected guys in an office in downtown Manhattan."
Lord_ZYRK: Speaking of Nagants, this is always a treat
gravity_pike: @Zu_o ya lol
The_Brony_Vamp: Going to get hex receiver?
InquisitorGaia: this is a remarkably unoiled weapon
R2JL: @GhassanPL No, there's a vague comment about them shooting "rifle ammo" but otherwise I'm pretty sure they're just some sci-fi bs
SharktoothJack: Really the dangerous thing is to say things like, “things are different now and they’ll just naturally get better over time.” Things only get better if people /make/ them better
theambivalentagender: @Zu_o I agree, thankfully I live in CA where that isn't nearly as much of a problem as other place. Good to know my president thinks I'm "cheating" by mailing in my ballot /shrugemoji
JadedCynic: mag empty? discard it (game misleading ;) )
GhassanPL: Like, it's video games and all that but still, it's a property of an art form that it fosters healthy debate and discussion like this!
Bribe_Guntails: oh my got is that a piccture of a Hi-Point with an UBGL?
Bribe_Guntails: AND SUPPRESSOR
Gekyouryuu: in Girls' Frontline, for April Fool's every year they change Mosin-Nagant's sprite to have her riding a horse
plummeting_sloth: I got to fire one of those!, Alex. I was a family heirloom brought over when they fled Latvia. Shot it at the NRA headquarters, but because I didn't want to join I had to get a card that designated me as a dedication non-NRA member
TerrorAnts: At best, the only voter suppression affecting us is mostly not having a federal voting holiday
Izandai: uh oh
arcanzaJenkins: subocean ate it
offbeatwitch: alex its in your gun.
InquisitorGaia: i think you grabbed it
plummeting_sloth: I'm a proud card carrying NON member of the NRA
TerrorAnts: At least on a country wide level
TheMoatman: You definitely put it back in
JadedCynic: magazine is in the gun; it's jammed
Xiff_: I guess this is a pacifist run now
offbeatwitch: wait. hang on
p3nguinkin: in the gun....
theambivalentagender: @TerrorAnts I highly, highly disagree.
cfpreston: clipozine in gun
Officinalis: Oh man. Is Alex doing his own highlights?
offbeatwitch: ah. makes sense
TheMoatman: Oh yep that'll do it
Boiler_bot: Hey are there revolvers in this game?
Yoyogre: Pee is stored in the gun
TerrorAnts: Can't be suppressed at the polling station if you never even try to vote in the first place
Izandai: @Boiler_bot A few, even.
R2JL: @plummeting_sloth That's amazing
JadedCynic: @Boiler_bot oh yeah, Colt model 10, detective special
Rufran: there are two revolvers
Lord_ZYRK: plummeting_sloth LUL
Boiler_bot: Izandai neat!
rith_the_awakener: They should include an apache pistol, that thing is wild
AziraphalesShop: Does that mean the bullats are stored in the balls?
RegulusPratus: Alex's hobbies: guns, Soviet-era nuclear tech, and various other things that get you put on watchlists
Boiler_bot: JadedCynic oh my GOD my favourite!
Rufran: a .38 special and... I forget, some colt thing
Izandai: katesLol
Boiler_bot: WAIT
FoxBoxGamers: holy shit
sing_o_muse: holy
asthanius: Speedrun strats!
TheMoatman: Oh, I see you've found the sub-ocean
tenthtechpriest: YOU ARE THE ONE NEO
gsyhiap: wall wax
Gekyouryuu: lrrSACK
JadedCynic: lrrSACK
noSmokeFire: spider-man spider-man
Lord_ZYRK: The gamer who lived PogChamp
wildpeaks: living on the edge
arcanzaJenkins: lrrSACK lrrSACK
red_shoes_jeff: Um, HELP.
Officinalis: Spider man....spider man
Bearudite: Where is my Wembley Fosberry .455 Auto?
thunderbird32: The tap W to sprint tilts me out every time. HATE IT
ehsteveG: Hey this is how Spiderman by neversoft started!
Boiler_bot: We live here now I guess
sjcTheos: lrrHERE
Izhuark: lrrHERE
Yoyogre: RIP
TheMoatman: More of a sub-pond, realy
noSmokeFire: time to rub yourself on the geometry
frage069: Now you have to do it yourself
Feltic: lrrFINE
plummeting_sloth: but where's teh subocean?
aerobeing: I see we're doing the second season of Altered Carbon.
Ranakel: Every day is Watch & Play day
Khador1: jesus that makes my shin tingles just from looking at it
Rhynerd: Your mind has opened a new path
Izandai: Amazing.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The geometry is solid on this side? Darn
plummeting_sloth: I was promiced a subocean!
Boiler_bot: Suddenly we're Ghost In The Shell
R2JL: Cliff Hanger, Hanging from a cliff... And that's why he's called Cliff Hanger!
GhassanPL: I like how the game says "You fell of a *TALL* building"
JadedCynic: "....control your fate" - yeets self over ledge intsead of onto it, and lucksacks onto ledge 10 feet down....
Izandai: @R2JL UnderstoodThatReference.gif
Yoyogre: Glock Leg time!
GhassanPL: Like falling off of any building is good
Officinalis: Can someone give me the gist of this game/experience?
RegulusPratus: B'loons!
aerobeing: @Officinalis Lower your volume.
Laserbeaks_Fury: 96 more to go
RegulusPratus: So like what's the goal here?
R2JL: @Officinalis Gus Simulator 2020
R2JL: *GUn
plummeting_sloth: also hey chat hello. I can't remember if I said it here, but I was trying to be quarantine safe and tried to change my own oil last Wednesday and got crushed under my own car and today is the first day I've been allowed booze with my medication and weeee I'm a cheap date
Gekyouryuu: not going for the trick shot all 3 b'loons at once?
InquisitorGaia: balloon = boolets
Reecer6: i mean, falling off a one-story building is pretty survivable
TheAwkes: Are they red? Are there 99 of them?
red_shoes_jeff: I feel like you can get those other balloons in one shot.
Izhuark: @RegulusPratus Collecting philosophy and gun trivia tapes.
Izandai: @Officinalis Extremely granular gun simulation, plus audiotapes about gun safety and mental health.
aerobeing: @R2JL 1st one seemed accurate as well.
Yoyogre: @RegulusPratus Find tapes, avoid death, acquire INSIGHT.
thunderbird32: @Reecer6 Yeah, but the fall damage is stupid unforgiving in this game
theambivalentagender: @TerrorAnts Not having mail-in/absentee ballots for all states is a big issue. There's also not having adequate polling stations is another, especially not having them in areas accessible for college students. And a big one is having different early voting options in certain areas - such as giving more leeway to white-majority areas
aerobeing: @R2JL Especially if you have played Jagged Alliance games. Gus Tarball
RegulusPratus: Alright, good to know
Izandai: FLYING drones???
Dish_KP: @Officinalis it's a cross between qwerp gun safety and existential Philosophy Simulator
Genderi: "flying drones"
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: flying what now?
asthanius: Drones that fly
plummeting_sloth: but I was smart and made some homebrew last month!
Genderi: flying drones.
wildpeaks: don't even worry about it
Boiler_bot: But game, what if I feel empathy for the killdrones?
Officinalis: This game is the essence of Alex then.
niccus: you know, drones but flying
red_shoes_jeff: You know, drones that fly.
Genderi: that's fucking fantastic
R2JL: @aerobeing I actually haven't heard of that
noSmokeFire: y'know, spiders with wings
JadedCynic: oh THAT was a GREAT way to introduce new content
s0lesurviv0r: lrrFINE
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 11
TheMoatman: Controlling your environment controls you
asthanius: Don't get hit
Izandai: katesLol
Yoyogre: ND count : 11
Rhynerd: You can unlock flying drones. They have stun guns on them
sing_o_muse: our poor leg
JadedCynic: alex, did you SAFE that gun?
cardinalwiggles: everytim
thunderbird32: The Steam forum is so salty over the Glock
FoxBoxGamers: I'm sure the suspiciously-timed advice tapes won't have anything to do with what's about to show up
Rhynerd: Don’t push, hold
Rufran: the glock doesnt have a safety
JadedCynic: oh crap
TheMoatman: They do not
HortonFearsACoup: oof
greenfrog88: Trigger safety
InquisitorGaia: this game is super sensitive
aerobeing: @theambivalentagender And then actually providing the mail-in ballots that were requested.
Rufran: there is a tape about that
Officinalis: Time for a story about my grandpa.
asthanius: The safety is a wall you put in front of the barrel
Yoyogre: You have to unload the chamber to make it safe
GhassanPL: I'm sorry? Wow, I would not touch a pistol without a manual safety
TheMoatman: Getting some deja vu
Bribe_Guntails: Sounds right tto me
Mr_Whyt: correct
frage069: That sounds right
InquisitorGaia: there is no relliable saftey, remove bulets
TheMoatman: Yes that's why
Boiler_bot: I mean, basically.
7gorobei: correct
Tidom_Kamf: Sounds right
thunderbird32: As long as you don't try to holster the revolver while cocked anyway
JadedCynic: so...woudl this game be better with an analog-stick controller?
kavika13: there's internal "safeties" on the glock as well, to help avoid drop fires
MatthewDennisMTG: correct, revolvers do not have a mechanical safety
Bearudite: there are some revolvers with safeties but they are uncommon
dudecon: slamfire don't have safety either
TheArchitectX: Some revolvers have safeties, because they are single action.
Rufran: the creator of the glock has officially said "the safety is not carrying it loaded, idiot"
InquisitorGaia: safteies can break, they are a mechanism
Izhuark: Yeah, I think it's hard to shoot a revolver 100% by mistake....
aerobeing: @R2JL It's a pretty good isometric tactical shooter series from end of last century. Jagged Alliance 2 is the best one, AFAIK.
wildpeaks: it's not foolproof
noSmokeFire: that's why I always load all my guns one bullet at a time whenever I want to shoot something
Bribe_Guntails: Correction: Don't carry it chambered
Boiler_bot: I mean he's not wrong
WrightJustice: you were shot by a turret LUL
VariableVacancy: honestly I started doing that in this game
Piffler21: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:32:49.
Rufran: sorry, yeah, chambered
GhassanPL: Like that's the only part that I still have instinctually ingrained from the gun training - safety on when not shooting
cfpreston: safety procedures are only as good as their use
VariableVacancy: I just never chamber until I'm ready
aerobeing: @R2JL With a plot of liberating a small country overtaken by a totalitarian usurper, using mercenaries.
kavika13: pro tip: it's actually pretty fast to eject the mag, rack the slide, then grab the round off the ground (in game)
GhassanPL: Reinforced by years of Ctrl+S as a coder :D
Dish_KP: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:05 from now).
Autious: On the SAA they used to rest the hammer in an unloaded chamber.
TheMoatman: (Double-action) Revolvers just have a really high trigger pull, and glocks both have a kind of high trigger pull, and the auto-safety that requires fairly specific conditions to fire
InquisitorGaia: always assume a gun is loaded
aerobeing: @R2JL Gus Tarball was one of the most experienced hardcore mercenaries.
StewartRWyatt: What do those X's mean?
JadedCynic: @VariableVacancy it seem he usually ends up ND'ing when he goes to holster the weapon; forgets to clear the chamber...which would also involve removing the mag
Officinalis: He was into guns/the western aesthetic. He was somewhere where they were doing trick shots of various kinds. He went up to a group doing trick shots, and unloaded six shots into his foot.
BrindleBoar: glockinating the countryside, glockinating the robots
Bearudite: why are they giving you pinned mags thats just mean
Officinalis: Then he revealed he lost his leg in WWII.
Trashweazel: guns on auto
greenfrog88: Is that a fun switch on the side of the glock?
The_Brony_Vamp: Try having a safety that make the hammer drop. Scared the crap out of me I put the safty on.
Khador1: Why would they pin a magazine ?
TheMoatman: That's one way to put it
kavika13: (inb4 accidental mag dump lol)
kavika13: oh dang he got it while I was typing it
snowewolf: Bullets, a small pre-explotion contain by two metal objects held together by friction
Yoyogre: There's a trick you can do to eject the round in the chamber with pulling a new one from the mag
AziraphalesShop: Carry capacity restrictions
RothonWylar: generic game assest #4 ANd 5 aon display
aerobeing: @R2JL Stracciatella is a mod that makes the game playable on modern PCs.
FoxBoxGamers: bucket?
Rufran: I think the tape you are hearing is on the other side of the wall
GhassanPL: Ugh. Ugh. Where is it?!
Genderi: I can't wait to learn that these flashflights *do* have a burnout mechanic, just, they last a realistic number of *real life hours* before stopping
dudecon: had a little semi-auto handgun years back with no mag. Loading one round at a time worked just fine. No slide lock either though, so it took all the fingers to pull off.
7gorobei: most double actions have a long pull at 8-10 lbs, the weight is part of it, but the pull distance is more of a factor in making it safer
aerobeing: @Genderi LUL
Yoyogre: Just casually walking away from the turret LUL
CastleOtranto: No, my mordern kitchen!
InquisitorGaia: nice touch, it shot through the door siding
CastleOtranto: Er.. modern
Autious: I think the battery life of the flashlight is 6 hours.
JadedCynic: glad to know I wasn't the ONLY one thinking of that @LoadingReadyRun :D
InquisitorGaia: @LoadingReadyRun glocks dont do that
Tidom_Kamf: @Khador1 well i can speak for Canadian laws only, but basically legality. Smei-auto Centerfire is Pinned to 5, unless its a pistol mag, then pinned to 10. becasue thats the law
Bearudite: the gun be like "Sorry, I'm a Glock"
BrindleBoar: that wouldn't be an authentic glocksperience
R2JL: @aerobeing Thanks for the info! Sounds like it's probably not my jam, but making a note of it to look into later.
Telarra_: I always found the brown box on the back was the best place to aim
p3nguinkin: if you want it to feed properly get a barretta
JadedCynic: to be fair, the glock looks worn - it's probably got imperfect mechanism too - grip looks half-gone
TheMoatman: That's why we call her Clippy Jean
HortonFearsACoup: Gotta work on those #groupings
Autious: I checked the battery life, it's at most 5.5 hours.
GhassanPL: That's my least favorite part about guns - they are highly mechanical device meant to work under VERY high pressures, temperatures and mechanical stresses, which means they fail A LOT
aerobeing: That might depend on the situation. Shooter suppression is a thing.
Bearudite: he teaches Gun Kata on the side
CastleOtranto: I'm torn between how good this narrator is and how all of these clips sound like the first take.
Autious: @Genderi i'm not kidding, it's at most 5.5 hours of batter with some random variation downwards.
TheMoatman: I wonder if Christian Bale remembers any
Bribe_Guntails: there are also lore reasons for weapon failures
wildpeaks: tactical
cardinalwiggles: f
Genderi: @Autious lrrHEART lrrHEART
TheMoatman: Signs point to no
JadedCynic: @GhassanPL yeah, it would be nice to have a gun MAINTENANCE and repair section in one of these games...
offbeatwitch: or... not! :P
R2JL: !highlight
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Genderi: I am very pleased by this
Alsritt: *pout* dumb game for bad people
InquisitorGaia: glocks are terrible
GhassanPL: @JadedCynic Yeah, I actually find that fascinating
Bribe_Guntails: You tried face-checking a turret etalPsycho
FoxBoxGamers: game's unfair, they're LITERALLY aimbots
HortonFearsACoup: GG no re
plummeting_sloth: My favorite part of EQuilibrium is the thing that reminds Chrisian Bale's character to be human is a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. As someone that has raised said puppies, this is obviously true
VariableVacancy: we can make more of these!
Izandai: hm
InquisitorGaia: HA
asthanius: Lathe the wall
p3nguinkin: lol
pyronils80: are there only handguns in this game?
Rhynerd: Whoops
Rufran: yeah, I was about to say storage
Piffler21: Reverse Lathe
Boiler_bot: Nobody gets to lathe
thunderbird32: @pyronils80 AFAIK, yes
TheMoatman: Maybe it's that way to tilt you
Yoyogre: @FoxBoxGamers They're aimbot AND campers LUL
Piffler21: for Unlathing
Autious: We've patched the incorrectly flipped lathe
TheAwkes: Must be mothballed.
GlennSeto: I forget which movie it was, maybe Lethal Weapon 1, where two characters argue about sidearms and one goes "yeah well, a revolver doesn't jam".
aerobeing: It's the famous debate of Smith and Wesson vs Colt clockwise, vs counter-clockwise lathes. :p
Rufran: this isnt a manufacturing area
wildpeaks: perfect distraction for a turret
tenthtechpriest: but it's not tilted, it's reversed
Invitare: Perfect gun mechnic recreation. Puts lathe the wrong way round
Alsritt: it's so that way the player doesn't think that it's interactable, most likely
JadedCynic: @LoadingReadyRun so it can't be used by acciident - SAFE storage?
7gorobei: keeps people from messing with the knobs
Autious: I'm ashamed as a lathe nerd myself.
donuteater: can you thumb load a round into the chamber or do you have to stick it in the magazine? Ocelot strats
GhassanPL: We're all weird
pyronils80: @thunderbird32 thx
Mangledpixel: might just be the procgen getting it wrong
62MGcobra: south hemisphere lathe
FoxBoxGamers: if it were usable you could upgrade to a lather sight
GhassanPL: That's what makes us great :D
JadedCynic: @Invitare well 'wrong' if you want to USE it
HortonFearsACoup: Unity asset? What's this game made in?
aerobeing: @FoxBoxGamers LUL
wildpeaks: it's like putting a bunch of paintings and one is slightly tilted
RothonWylar: I'm almost suprised this isn't watch and play
Rufran: no, it isnt procgen getting it wrong; the terrain is set
JadedCynic: @FoxBoxGamers or rebore your barrel for larger ammo?
asthanius: Hack-ING
Boiler_bot: You murdered that poor turret
Rhynerd: Executed with impunity
snowewolf: Are plastic shotgun rounds a thing, as in the pellets are plastic, and if so are they banded like the plastic mine ?
Rufran: only things that change are item locations and the order of rooms
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 12
JadedCynic: ND
Yoyogre: ND count : 12
wildpeaks: as is tradition
thunderbird32: Whomp whomp
InquisitorGaia: why is that door so tall compared to you?
johannhawk: remember
tenthtechpriest: EVEN HOLIER
kavika13: this one has a manual safety too
MAPBoardgames: What was that about self preservation?
Jakmob: lol what's with the tinfoil hat
HortonFearsACoup: 13
johannhawk: Murphy's law is in effect in this whack ass world
Izandai: "holeyer" BOO
VariableVacancy: stoppin
CastleOtranto: gdi
Yoyogre: Use the safety you nerd!
VariableVacancy: powa
Rhynerd: Self preservation.
wildpeaks: Stopping Powaa
asthanius: FUCK
ameliette: was that a damn holy/hole pun
Despoiler98: STOPPIN POWAH
TheMoatman: Oh, *that* Thompson
FoxBoxGamers: HAH
JadedCynic:'s like Alex can only ND when it's ironic
Izhuark: Noo, my stream crashed at the right time :c
asthanius: MEMES
ham_kind_of: yikes
Izandai: katesLol HOLY SHIT
red_shoes_jeff: HAHAHAHAHA
Izandai: MEMES
DaSunao: That was a holy holey pun.
BrindleBoar: that's a lot of cows
Izandai: I LOVE IT
JadedCynic: yeah, John Thompson
FoxBoxGamers: I wasn't expecting THAT
tenthtechpriest: that took a great turn
asthanius: The fucking MEME
CastleOtranto: Daaaaamn
Quillpaw: that was....a lot
GhassanPL: Yo, feral cows are not a joke :D
aerobeing: They were preparing for that Diablo 2 stage.
thunderbird32: I feel like I've heard Forgotten Weapons talk about that story before
Genderi: that was fantastic
Laserbeaks_Fury: Why does this game feel LASER TARGETED to you, Alex?
uktemperance: holy crap I'm choking on that joke
ham_kind_of: damn
Alsritt: 30-50 feral cows vs backyard wild hogs: who would win
leebenningfield: of all the Thompson gunners, Roland was the best
Genderi: Nice!!
InquisitorGaia: its true, nobody really needs a tommy gun
VariableVacancy: oh cool, that's the magazine
person322: yeah you got the ammo on the back
wildpeaks: turret friend ?
Bribe_Guntails: @Autious the work on this narrator is phenomenal I say
Rufran: yeah, you hit the ammo housing on the back
Izandai: Huh. Killed the ammo box. Neat!
Yoyogre: Yup that's the mag
JadedCynic: whaile shot alex
Bribe_Guntails: HAHHAHAHAHHA
R2JL: I feel like you could fill this week's highlight reel just from this stream
asthanius: Great jorb
Izandai: katesLol
Yoyogre: ND count : 13
Boiler_bot: well
Alsritt: ND:13?
wildpeaks: *slow clap*
thunderbird32: :(
JadedCynic: ND:13
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 13-14
RothonWylar: oof
pyronils80: Ha Ha
62MGcobra: lrrWOW
arcanzaJenkins: how even
MehallD: Shame there's no safety on this gun, eh?
InquisitorGaia: you shot those bullets, they went off
person322: they may still have a bullet chambered so be careful if you go for the ammo pack
RothonWylar: F
red_shoes_jeff: And just like that...
HPBraincase: You got exactly as much ammo as you needed. To shoot yourself. Again.
cynimo: so i jsut tuned in did you just accidentally shoot yourself?
Rufran: note: if a turret has seen you it chambers a round and if you blow off the ammo housing after that it will still have one round left to fine
Godofmuffins: Weapon safety Alex, Weapon Safety.
Rufran: fire*
cfpreston: self preservation
Izandai: @cynimo He did.
Bribe_Guntails: ZE IDIOTEN, ZERE IS A SAFETY *USE IT* EleGiggle
Rhynerd: Alex did accidentally shoot himself
DeathWarrior555: lrrALEX lrrALEX lrrALEX lrrEFF
Mangledpixel: cynimo yep. And not for the first time.
PixelArtDragon: Those turrets are kinda cute when they really want to kill you but can't, so they track you around
donuteater: I understand that it's there to teach you a lesson, but I love how it NDs every single time
RothonWylar: so ijust came in what is our premise?
MAPBoardgames: Maybe the correct amount of ammo is 0. This way you won't shoot yourself.
cynimo: neat, waht is this game
JadedCynic: you COULD say that "alex is sloppy with gun safety" but to be fair, the keyboard controls are PRETTY obtuse and awkward...
tvenn: does lrr have a vr setup
Jakmob: double feed is the worst
Rufran: you had a double feed, yeah
Bribe_Guntails: Ok I'm pretty sure I heard TWO ND's back there
Quillpaw: how do you practice trigger discipline when you don't appear to have fingers?
Izhuark: What's a double feed ?
Rufran: those are the hardest to clear
JadedCynic: you shot your 1911 too fast?
InquisitorGaia: a double feed happens if you fire too fast
MAPBoardgames: Well, you're still alive. So yeah.
JadedCynic: impressive, alex
VariableVacancy: two bullets tried to enter the chamber at the same time
johannhawk: @cynimo yeah the game has a serious case of Murphy's law since the world is trying to actively kill you, which includes fucking up your gun related luck
Izandai: I know you're not this bad IRL. I know that because you're sitting here in front of us.
Mangledpixel: tvenn yes. This game doesn't have VR yet, though, as i understand it.
Izhuark: Oh okay, cool.
thunderbird32: @JadedCynic Yup, they controls are aggravating to say the least
greenfrog88: Anyone here try out the pelican vault cases? Considering the double rifle one
Alsritt: it's like playing Nethack; there's so many commands you have to remember at any given time that dying to the controls is just a given
aerobeing: @tvenn AFAIK, yes, but I'm not sure how accessible it is currently.
uktemperance: So this is some kind of... realisting shooter?
donuteater: Do you own any guns of your own Alex?
tvenn: nice thanks for the responses!
InquisitorGaia: @Izhuark a double feed is when you have a bullet in the chamber and try to chamber a second behind it, results are explosive
johannhawk: @uktemperance realistic controls, but the real enemy is paranormal malfunctions
uktemperance: Neat
Genderi: @RothonWylar @cynimo consequences of poor gun safety simulator (roguelike fps with realistic gun mechanics)
chaostreader: @donuteater He has at least one. But the one I know about is entirely chocolate.
Bribe_Guntails: I think current finger tracking doesn't have the neccessary fidelity yet for comparability in this kind of game
Rhynerd: @rothonwylar Use a gun like it’s real, survive kill-drones, find tapes, and eventually ascend to fight off the existential threat that made these drones.
Boiler_bot: I look forward to the Brown Bess Musket DLC
gualdhar: please don't fuck doors, they hurt
TheMoatman: Bribe_Guntails it wouldn
FoxBoxGamers: door fuck! DOOR FUCK!
wildpeaks: 1 shot, 1 kill
Izhuark: @InquisitorGaia Sound pretty bad, indeed. Thank for the info :)
p3nguinkin: but Alex... in saying fuck doors... you made another door...
Alsritt: so what the heck are those red things?
FoxBoxGamers: (please I beg you)
TheMoatman: *It wouldn't be the first game to have a gimmick controller
7gorobei: a double feed is when the fired casing doesnt extract and the cycling of the action pushes the next round into the blocked chamber
Garbonzo42: does this still have the flying drones, or just the turrets?
Mangledpixel: yes, this is a shooter with emphasis on realism, proceedurally generated levels, and a storyline to do with weird conspiracy theory stuff. Also, content warning for self harm stuff.
asthanius: Wait, this is Proc-Gen?
gualdhar: oh, so like animal crossing
Genderi: yep!!
Mangledpixel: asthanius yep
MAPBoardgames: Often they have had bullts. go check
Bribe_Guntails: Just like the previous game
JadedCynic: hey, you holstered your glock without discharging - with these controls, that's impressive :D
asthanius: Holy shit this is amazing
cuttlefishman: chat, before you romance a door
Laserbeaks_Fury: red luftballons?
Genderi: Every time we get randomly built level, distributed pickups, and gun
thunderbird32: @Garbonzo42 I believe there are flying ones, yes.
cuttlefishman: chat, before you romance a door... check which way they swing
Kwannon23: lead balloons? Is that a thing? OWL2019Winston
aerobeing: I do think Valve Index controllers would make controlling this game easier.
johannhawk: IRL a glock has multiple safety features
wildpeaks: is this a door dating sim
TheMoatman: *Slowly* slicing the pie, Alex
asthanius: Proc-Gen strategy games always fascinates me
rith_the_awakener: Man, i want pie now
donuteater: Swat turning!
PixelArtDragon: Is this about room clearing?
Mister_BlueSky: Left.
johannhawk: but in this "reality" the glock's safety features don't work anymore
Garbonzo42: @thunderbird32 booooooooooo
Kwannon23: OWL2019pewpew OWLTracer
InquisitorGaia: as a point man i always went right if door opens clockwise, left if opposite
Quillpaw: are we learning gun kata?
aerobeing: Kind of makes me want to rewatch Equilibrium
cynimo: and how do we know where we have to go?
Boiler_bot: "Be the Glock. Let the gun *flow* through you."
Bribe_Guntails: Receiver: Starts with Glock 17
donuteater: Gun Kata meditation?
Bribe_Guntails: The Threat: I'mma ruin this man's whole career
CastleOtranto: I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I aim with my eye.
BrindleBoar: the tapes emitting the muazin is also sort of weird
Laserbeaks_Fury: A series of Guntras , if you will
Genderi: It occurs to me that I don't know enough about guns to know how much of this lore is fact or fiction
CastleOtranto: I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. I shoot with my mind.
RothonWylar: I'm assuming these areas are randomly generated?
thunderbird32: @Garbonzo42 Don't quote me though, I couldn't stand the controls and glitches, and returned the game. It's just what I read in the Steam forum
johannhawk: yeah the tapes are like, 50% gun safety instructions and 50% "open your third eye" psi op instructions
TheMoatman: This man would play a good cult leader
patience_zero: @Boiler_bot he has, 13 times
Izandai: @CastleOtranto UnderstoodThatReference.gif
CastleOtranto: I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. I kill with my heart.
donuteater: I'd like to see this but multiplayer
asthanius: An entire clippazine
Boiler_bot: patience_zero true
InquisitorGaia: you tryna hotswap?
aerobeing: @johannhawk PSI depends on the tyre and is generally written on the side of it. :p
Yoyogre: Now you've got 2 mags worth of bullets to shoot your legs with!
asthanius: But Alex, what if you are the fool?
Genderi: I feel like this game really benefits from singleplayer
asthanius: Fool, dump thyself
InquisitorGaia: 2 turrets
Alsritt: wellp
Bribe_Guntails: YOU CAN'T DO THAT, FOO'!
Yoyogre: How nice of those turrets to give you a clean shave! LUL
aerobeing: @Genderi Can you imagine Tarkov with these mechanics? Or CS: GO. LUL
JohneyS: They were apparently from the east side.
MAPBoardgames: The recent Purifier comic with the kids comparing sticks reminds me a lot of people comparing their guns.
gravity_pike: you would think that these turrets would eventually run out of bullats
BrindleBoar: bled out
Genderi: having the player pace engagements means you can take your time fiddling with the gun bits
Rhynerd: If I remember correctly, the idea is that realm is a place connecting your mind to another reality, that might be the last safe place after The Threat created an event called “the mindkill” to try and wipe out humanity.
TheMoatman: Did you bleed out?
TheMoatman: You didn't get hit again
CastleOtranto: @Izandai katesNice
thunderbird32: A hilarious nightmare
Mister_BlueSky: Sounds interesting at least.
jdogs124: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (50m from now).
Boiler_bot: Oh sweet
MAPBoardgames: Final score: -2 to -5
VariableVacancy: any bullet will kill you, but theres a weird delay
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's like a zen koan, but it's the Zen from Half-Life
ArcOfTheConclave: consume topes?
johannhawk: the Murphy's law in this world also applies to you getting shot apparently
Rhynerd: PvP or Co-op?
Boiler_bot: I do like revolvers.
ehsteveG: Co-op and you lose if anyone dies for any reason
Yoyogre: @gravity_pike They can run out. But they do have quite a few.
Quillpaw: would the multiplayer have friendly fire Kappa
GyrthMcMulin: lrrFINE
teavian: dangDoom
kavika13: totally got hit. the screen distorted when the strike happened
Rufran: well, this reality is meant to be what is left of our reality after the mindkill
Rhynerd: What kind of horror are we picturing?
Hangedman: A roguelike where all the potions are various kinds of trigger discipline
InquisitorGaia: why exactly did sombody glue a pop cap in the gun?
Rhynerd: @rufran ah, thank you for the clarification
donuteater: Did I miss any other guns or is it all pistols?
Rhynerd: @inquisitorgaia to fuck with you, I assume.
johannhawk: it's all sidearms
rith_the_awakener: this game could do with rocket jumping Kappa
thunderbird32: Just pistols
Bribe_Guntails: Oh boy if this was multiplayer the few of us with the mad skills would be outright murdering like it was a war crime WutFace
johannhawk: there will probably be mods that add shotguns and rifles
Rufran: my interpretation is that this reality is supposed to be a collective perception, but now you and maybe a few others are the only ones left. So, all that is left is the perception of a few and because of that it is broken
johannhawk: like for the last game
Yoyogre: @InquisitorGaia Because they killed everyone you loved and they hate you
aerobeing: True grit or true grip?
Izhuark: GRIT
InquisitorGaia: grit
Rufran: grit
kavika13: grits
kavika13: and shramp
GlennSeto: Is one of the chambers broken?
InquisitorGaia: ya
Firnsarwen: Is.... Alex wearing a tinfoil hat?
Yoyogre: It's welded
Lord_ZYRK: Firnsarwen are you not?
InquisitorGaia: @GlennSeto it comes with a fake
aerobeing: Is it not a feature to avoid accidental discharge after loading?
Firnsarwen: @Lord_ZYRK I mean, not currently no.
johannhawk: @GlennSeto since revolvers are not as Murphy's law-able the game world will try to fuck up your gun by welding one of the chambers shut instead
Lord_ZYRK: Firnsarwen seabatYIKES
I_Am_Clockwork: wouldn't your bullets fall throug hthe grating?
Kumakaori: XD. ouch. rough
Kumakaori: rude, sir.
GhassanPL: It's your favorite game!
plummeting_sloth: heh, another backbreaking simulation I'm glad they didn't do is having bullets drop through mesh floorling like that
Izandai: @I_Am_Clockwork Game's not THAT mean.
Lord_ZYRK: I_Am_Clockwork don't give the devs ideas
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 14
Izandai: katesLol
aerobeing: LUL LUL LUL
Yoyogre: ND count : 14
Firnsarwen: What even happened?
GlennSeto: @johannhawk Cruel, but understandable from a game design perspective.
Hangedman: This is the weirdest slenderman game yet
62MGcobra: lrrCOW
HumbleHomies: alex playing receiver2 hell yesss
Rhynerd: @firnsarwen Negligent Discharge.
Napalm2000: so far this game looks exactly like the first one! neenohGat
cynimo: this is kind of hard to parse as someone who knows nothing about guns
Rufran: @Firnsarwen if you dont hold the holster button the gun misfires
asthanius: Just shoot the Slenderman
asthanius: Simply fire upon his frame
Bribe_Guntails: Alex how can we take any of your words on firearms when you keep self-inflicting Glock Leg in a game about gun safety? Kappa
aerobeing: Receiver Slenderman Matrix
plummeting_sloth: instead of notes you find bullets. And shoot teh slenderman. Make him less slender
Firnsarwen: @Rhynerd @Rufran neeeeat! This must be the "incredibly detailed gun handling mechanics" game I heard about
arcanzaJenkins: henlo fren
GlennSeto: Or you end up killing some dumb college kid in a costume.
Quillpaw: hewwo? mistew tuwwet?
Rhynerd: I mean, we have a glock, and one mode to the Slenderman game proved to me that Slenderman is weak to glock.
Khador1: It would be awesome that every 25 or so lives it spawned a 'agent' and just had a mobile enemy with a gun to hunt you
GhassanPL: Are you there-?
GhassanPL: Helloo?
Genderi: @cynimo I'm for one finding the tutorializations fantastic as someone whoe knows 0 at guns
mowdownjoe: I'm imagining this game in VR, and it's glorious.
InquisitorGaia: just nod if you can hear me
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 15
MAPBoardgames: spinaTato
Mangledpixel: "I don't blame you"
Reduce_Sanity: lmao
Yoyogre: ND count : 15
asthanius: They were all on you
Rhynerd: Floppy in the plants!
Rufran: holster is by default both tab or ` and I think sometimes I bump tab when trying to press ` and that causes me to do that sometimes
Alsritt: strong protal vibes from this
cynimo: @genderi i got here in the middle of things otherwise it would probably be clearer
johannhawk: yeah if you actually listen to the info in the game instead of glossing over it you are going to be well prepared
Alsritt: "Are. you. still. there?"
Kwannon23: Speaking of hard games or being bad at games(are we?), I reinstalled Spelunky HD last night. It hooks you in but is so dang frustrating throughout. OWLReaper OWLMoira
johannhawk: speeeeeeeen
asthanius: Russian Roulette this game
asthanius: God can you imagine an RR run
Izhuark: One bullet, one dead !
johannhawk: yeah if you align your chambers right you can do that
Napalm2000: So how does the shooting yourself mechanic work in this game?
UponMyOath: Does your character blink every time they fire?
johannhawk: it's also how you deal with getting only one chamber welded off
Genderi: controls on screen, there's an escape menu with precise info per gun
red_shoes_jeff: Doesn't work as well when you can SEE the bullet.
Genderi: Mao.
plummeting_sloth: chamber it! Chamber it!
AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender: So why are you in a different place with a different gun after you die?
johannhawk: @Napalm2000 the game world has Murphy's law in effect so if you CAN shoot yourself like a dumbass you WILL
Bribe_Guntails: @Autious have you or Wolfire considered letting government agencies use Receiver 2 as an informational, non-certifiable edutainment tool for gun safety? I think it's a good idea
Genderi: @AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender that's the part that makes it a roguelike
Genderi: levels procgen, gun random
Autious: @Bribe_Guntails If they want to, that would be cool. We could even make a modified version for their use case.
hovermyr_is_questionable: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:55:02.
InquisitorGaia: 20
korvys: 9
MAPBoardgames: 20 - 30
Napalm2000: @johannhawk I see. sounds random
GlennSeto: What happens if you pull the trigger on a welded chamber? Just nothing?
Rhynerd: Nothing.
Quillpaw: "bullets can penetrate farther than most people"
Yoyogre: @AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender Your crude world is not the true reality. Welcome to The Dreaming.
VariableVacancy: jeez 20
UponMyOath: Welded?
Kwannon23: The tape dialogue is so quiet. I dunno if that's a specific option. OWL2019vinyl
johannhawk: if the welded chamber is aligned over the barrel and you pull the trigger you skip the welded chamber
InquisitorGaia: use slugs in a shotgun, you gotta make sure
Godofmuffins: RPG-7 Perfect Home Defense Weapon
FoxBoxGamers: I want the most dangerous option. AS IS MY RIGHT.
Izandai: AR-15 is the answer to all questions about guns.
Bribe_Guntails: yeah @Autious , especially modifying it appropriately. However I don't believe you can just wait for them to know this game exists let alone it's utility. It will need to be presented forth
Despoiler98: plus when you pump a pump action shotgun it SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE
plummeting_sloth: pigeon shooting? AR-15
RegulusPratus: Flamethrower, for home defense
R2JL: The most effective home defence weapon is a phone to call the f---- police
Napalm2000: cal 50
silverxX59: nah a field cannon is best
rodog695: omg ammosexual is my new term for gun nuts
ehsteveG: The sawed off that exposes the shells Kappa
plummeting_sloth: Lighting a grill? Ar-15
rith_the_awakener: Davy Crocket Recoiless rifle is what you need!
InquisitorGaia: i like using 1911 with hollow point for home defense, cause you know it wont go far
johannhawk: nice shot
Despoiler98: @R2JL if they are in your house its probably too late
Gobukiller: Well what you really want in home defense is a gun someone can grab from around a corner before you can turn to shoot
Izandai: Home defense? AR-15. Target practice? AR-15. Big game hunting? AR-15. Small game hunting? AR-15.
62MGcobra: 16 inch gun
Alsritt: If Factorio has taught me anything, it's that laser turrets are the best home defense.
GlennSeto: @uponmyoath As chat explained to me, some revolvers have chambers that are welded shut, to up the difficulty.
Alsritt: That and robots solve every problem
Bribe_Guntails: Beanbag or some other less-than-lethal ammo may be better than ammo designed to kill
MrTulip: Dangerous to everone concerned.
Despoiler98: I prefer my suitcase Tactical Nuclear Weapon I dont have to worry about aiming
snowewolf: i shal use a punt gun for home defence
Kazman20a: chiappa triple threat
Seagulyus: Bribe_Guntails Riot ammunition
plummeting_sloth: Punt Guns: Because Fuck Birds
Genderi: what's the prompt?
Izhuark: I prefer a pun gun >_>
Izandai: My preferred home defense weapon is a couple of tonfa.
Rufran: I think it's on one of the windowsills downstairs
rith_the_awakener: Wanna murder 20 ducks?
Rhynerd: How about I just but a belt of grenades?
greenfrog88: Mateba 6 Unica
Bribe_Guntails: HAHHAHAHHA
silverxX59: let me just load these here 8 gauge slugs if i honestly don't want to deal with anything at all
Despoiler98: An MG34 AHAHAHAHAHAHA
Autious: not the dog :<
chesul: Best home defense weapon, a Davy Crockett
GlennSeto: You know what would be great in this? A realistic nail gun.
Bribe_Guntails: STILL LOADED
Godofmuffins: GAU-8 Avenger. 30mm Gatling Auto Cannon. Perfect for home defense.
aerobeing: All guns are schroedinger guns.
Despoiler98: Only point your barrel at something that you want to destroy
gualdhar: "double think mind tech"? wtf
InquisitorGaia: remove mag, then chamber
Bribe_Guntails: Schrodingers Gun, when you're not looking into the chamber it's always loaded 4Head
johannhawk: hey have you read the revolvers and semi-auto cassette files yet?
UponMyOath: @glennseto cheers. Guess I’ll have a google as to if that’s a real thing with use cases
johannhawk: they both act like one is superior over the other
InquisitorGaia: if you do it reverse, double check and tripple check both
Rufran: when I got this tape in the game, I had literally just died because I made this mistake
plummeting_sloth: when you keep asking it for money?
Genderi: when you're fighting for your life in a video game
red_shoes_jeff: A gunfight, MAYBE?
RegulusPratus: When you're waving an empty gun at a turret
IncredibleFrown: if you're in a hollywood gunfight
sing_o_muse: when it isn't and you need it to be
Reecer6: well, when you have to fire i guess
InquisitorGaia: @LoadingReadyRun i will if its not actually loaded in combat
korvys: Well, when you pull on a target and it doesn'
gualdhar: if you assume it's loaded and try to shoot someone when it's not?
donuteater: I'm reminded of the K story where someone uses a 50 cal as home defence
MAPBoardgames: When 6 crack-heads are trying to f*ck your dog?
aerobeing: When you are in a firefight and it turns out to be unloaded.
GhassanPL: This trigger some trauma from my programming jobs
chesul: in a combat situation, where you have to shoot someone and it's not loaded?
Yoyogre: @LoadingReadyRun When you want to actually shoot the thing?
GhassanPL: Bad programmers LOVE to assume
leowigginsvo: You're still playing! Glad you're enjoying the game
Gobukiller: The only situation I can think of is if you're actively in combat
plummeting_sloth: I am... OH SHIT
GlennSeto: Do some of the tapes make you shoot yourself, because they're really dumb?
korvys: Uh, hopefully 0
IncredibleFrown: well, define "combat"
InquisitorGaia: i assume
Izandai: I love the various weak points on the turrets and the different effects of hitting htem.
gualdhar: I'm in combat seabatBRAIN
Izandai: *them
Napalm2000: Being too safe could be seen as uncool by chicks. Kappa
Rhynerd: Hopefully 0
sing_o_muse: if you believe the southeners, 24/7
chesul: outside of combat it will NEVER bite you to assume it's loaded.
Reecer6: i have killed twenty people in the last minute while watching this stream
red_shoes_jeff: Internal, or external?
Izandai: Gun nuts believe that they are always potentially in combat.
aerobeing: *Richter Weaponslam here reporting from the battlefield*
Kwannon23: Trying to shoot someone before they shoot you? Then it doesn't shoot and they're like "you were gonna shoot me?!" Blam! *kills you*
offbeatwitch: i'm in combat with this bagel
RegulusPratus: Do pathogens count as armed enemy combatants?
GhassanPL: Never assume anything, always double check and verify
Izandai: katesLol
greenfrog88: just store with chamber flags
DaSunao: I only have interacted with guns in the context of having very little sleep and shooting one while being screamed at
donuteater: I'm posting in the middle of a firefight right now!
Bribe_Guntails: LUL
ehsteveG: FFS
Jakmob: LUL
plummeting_sloth: hehehe
FoxBoxGamers: THIS... is the deadly bagel
Despoiler98: Center Mass Bagel FAILURE
frage069: Good one
Bribe_Guntails: that's a good one
silverxX59: can someone quote that
offbeatwitch: LMAO
Genderi: that was great
leebenningfield: that was funnier than it deserves to be
Izandai: No Alex that was GENIUS
GhassanPL: Unless the bagel is sideways
IncredibleFrown: help i shot a bagel with too much accuracy
thunderbird32: That was amazing
Izandai: "Do not aim center mass on a bagel, you will miss!"
GhassanPL: "Wellakshully
xantos69: cheer50 for Missing on center mass on a bagel
Reecer6: it concerns you that you are standing on the gun
Despoiler98: OMG QUOTE THAT
Bribe_Guntails: It's fucking hilarious
johannhawk: @GlennSeto those are called "Threat Echo" tapes, render your gun safe if a tape you are hearing is unusually spooky before some SCP shit happens
TheMoatman: Old Yeller's revenge
wildpeaks: only dreams now
Despoiler98: JESUS
Mangledpixel: I think it's just physics jiggling
Bribe_Guntails: LUL
plummeting_sloth: there's bulles there my dude
chesul: @LoadingReadyRun shooting center of mass on a bagel works if it's in profile.
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Kwannon23: Actually, wouldn't sideways be with the top/bottom facing you? If it's in a natural sitting position then you don't see the hole from the side.
Alsritt: can we put that as a LRR quote
PixelArtDragon: Damn, I was hoping the cartridges would fall through the floor
Alsritt: the bagel thing
Rufran: @Mangledpixel no, it was still alive
Mangledpixel: Rufran ah, ok
Rufran: it was just missing its camera and ammo housing but the battery and motor were intact still
johannhawk: HALFWAY THERE
GhassanPL: Huh, I always wondered, round vs chain link fence, what wins?
johannhawk: we know green is the camera, orange is the ammo, and the box on the bottom is the motor
chaostreader: “Do not shoot center mass on a bagel, you will miss” -Alex, like a minute ago.
johannhawk: but where's the battery?
VariableVacancy: also the box
R2JL: OK I give up
VariableVacancy: its like, the back of the gox
RegulusPratus: Do not shoot my breakfast. Just don't. I was gonna eat that.
johannhawk: oh ok it's an another piece of the box
Bribe_Guntails: Y'know I was thinking that you could have some kind of bolo ammo to make a shotgun good to restrain a home invader, then I looked up bolo ammo. THEN I thought up that a proper bolo launcher purpose built to only restrain is sutiable for home defense.
Reduce_Sanity: so this game is about gun safety
RegulusPratus: Shooting bagels is generally considered a party foul
GreyFox0012: hello lrr people. been a while
snowewolf: Dave Chappelle said it best "First shot, bird shot. Next shot, buckshot. Bird shot, and then after that, gun’s Jamaican. Buckshot, buckshot, buckshot. "
red_shoes_jeff: Surprising nobody, that bagel one was POPULAR.
Bribe_Guntails: I like to say that this game will Dark Souls the Gun Safety into you
Yoyogre: @johannhawk Camera is the brown box on the side of the barrel. Green is the fire selector. Battery is in the back of the base, near the motor.
UponMyOath: Definitely miss the weird droning and oddly stilted delivery of the tapes in 1
rith_the_awakener: Know what'd be great? This plus Superhot
johannhawk: @Reduce_Sanity gun safety in a world where Murphy's law is in effect
johannhawk: @Yoyogre ah ok
Despoiler98: @Bribe_Guntails a bolo round at those speeds would act like a chain shot from a cannon, look that up and think about a persons ankles
Gobukiller: I think you found its heart
chaostreader: !findquote bagel
LRRbot: Quote #5819: "You haven't had a poop until you've had a pizza bagel poop." —Jacob [2019-02-12]
VariableVacancy: super
VariableVacancy: hot
Rhynerd: Dude!
ehsteveG: SUPER ND
TheMoatman: Okay, so the generation seems to work in rooms
Izhuark: Super
Autious: Hey, i wouldn't mind working with superhot guy, i'm a fan.
Izhuark: Hot
TheMoatman: So that lathe was, in fact, placed backwards
Lord_ZYRK: Bribe_Guntails what you'd want is a netgun
silverxX59: is this game VR compatible? cause if it isn't that should be changed
Bribe_Guntails: yeah a netgun sounds better
RiverBirch: imagine how fucked a game would be where you fuse Recevier and Superhot
FoxBoxGamers: inside fridge?
korvys: net room?
johannhawk: @silverxX59 the original game had a VR mod, no VR for this game yet
ghoti12890: wait, is your reflection a shooting target?
FoxBoxGamers: can that happen?
GhassanPL: I never understood people who think a gun is a good deterrent from robbers
korvys: *next
aWittyUsername: baloni?
TheMoatman: @ghoti12890 yes
Bribe_Guntails: definitely better than designing a whole new gun and ammo
HumbleHomies: inside toilet?
RiverBirch: Might be out back
Rhynerd: Apparently.
uktemperance: wasn't there something opposite the door?
ghoti12890: that is hilarious
Bribe_Guntails: *Thump*
MAPBoardgames: If video games as taught me anything is that you can often find spare ammo in the toilet
Bribe_Guntails: *Thump* .... *Thump*
Yoyogre: Jump into the glass
Dish_KP: Break it down, Jerry!
Alsritt: it's in the shitter, alex!
RiverBirch: Jump!
Rufran: I think it is upstairs
Noxialiss: shoot again
Izandai: Shoot the shitter!
NathanJay_GA: I wonder if we can take a page from Elvis'book and shoot the tv
Rhynerd: I guess that tape was right about a point where you stop seeing anyone as anything other than a target, even your reflection in the mirror...
snowewolf: behind the mirror>
snowewolf: ?
person322: if you jump into the glass it tends to break more easily
Izhuark: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
red_shoes_jeff: Shitter's clogged!
rith_the_awakener: Shoot the bidet!
Lord_ZYRK: bulat ineffective how do toilet?
offbeatwitch: i don't think we can open the shitter
Noxialiss: shoot window again
Bribe_Guntails: It's too quiet to be very close
offbeatwitch: or outside?
Rufran: hmmm...
Yoyogre: Run AND jump into the glass
Rhynerd: In the plants, maybe?
snowewolf: mirror?
uktemperance: So safe
aerobeing: This area reminded me of cs_estate
Lord_ZYRK: God what a ledgelord Kappa
frage069: Ah mindkiller mantras
R2JL: @Lord_ZYRK booo hiss
MAPBoardgames: That would have cut the shit out of you.
Quillpaw: running through broken glass like that just....seems like a bad idea
Alsritt: my kindgom for a Diablo 2 style minimap
Genderi: So what, if anything persists between runs?
rith_the_awakener: Man I multiplayer shooter with these mechanics would be hilarious
MAPBoardgames: Protip: don't jump through plate glass.
dweebert91: Whats on your head?
GlennSeto: "Haha, my face is a shredded mess of meat!"
Genderi: @dweebert91 tinfoil hat of course
aerobeing: I mean cs_militia
HumbleHomies: my girlfriend said the tapes in the first receiver sounded like paul
R2JL: @dweebert91 Tinfoil hat
Rhynerd: @dweebert91 tinfoil. To protect against the mindkill
Quillpaw: shhh, go to sleep. only dreams now.
johannhawk: @Alsritt apparently they are working on patching some progress loss issues but what persists are guns you unlocked already and the cassette and floppy disk files
Yoyogre: Surprisingly, smashing through glass is one of the few things that doesn't hurt you
Rujasu: Isn't the hacking mechanic just the Stardew Valley fishing minigame?
Izandai: eyyy
Lord_ZYRK: dweebert91 you mean his hair? 🤔
johannhawk: @Yoyogre actually glass shards CAN hurt you in the game
Despoiler98: wut
atc927: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (31m from now).
TheMoatman: How can you tell when you need to unload?
dweebert91: I think I walked in on something I don't want to know more about
leowigginsvo: "Pumpkin-" NOPE
Despoiler98: OH
johannhawk: SCP incident avoided
thunderbird32: OH, this is one of the tapes that tries to kill you
Rhynerd: Nice try, Threat!
leowigginsvo: This tape was weird to record, I can't imagine calling my kid Pumpkin, it feels weird, I had to do like 7 takes
johannhawk: OH NO THE GLOCK
Despoiler98: soooooooooo content warning much?
Yoyogre: @johannhawk Yeah, but when you jump through a pane, you are immune to that somehow
Lord_ZYRK: Outbrained your attempt to unbrain us seabatBRAIN
Rufran: you can reload during the tape, you just need to do it before the tape ends
Genderi: @TheMoatman gun safety
Izandai: Well that one was fucked up.
donuteater: He kind of sounds like crispin freeman
InquisitorGaia: the glock, a gun worse than a hand full of poo
VariableVacancy: oh, are you the val @leowigginsvo ?
NathanJay_GA: oh cool, now we can play Polish roulette
johannhawk: @Yoyogre oh yeah i get it now
Rhynerd: There are some vocal cues in the threat tapes to warn you.
DaSunao: @Despoiler98 Yes, no shit, several content warnings
GhassanPL: @leowigginsvo I uh what?
VariableVacancy: I actually quite like the tape voice acting
Despoiler98: @donuteater he's in the chat :P
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia Why?
leowigginsvo: thanks @VariableVacancy !
Despoiler98: katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared katesScared
johannhawk: RIP Shins
donuteater: Discount crispin freeman!
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia Or in what way.
niccus: STEALTH
thunderbird32: Lucked out there!
Yoyogre: PogChamp
Lord_ZYRK: GhassanPL it's the VO
johannhawk: you probably can't handle an another fall like that
VariableVacancy: lrrSACK
Despoiler98: HAHAHAHAHAH
Yoyogre: ND count : 16
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
GhassanPL: Really? That's pretty cool
asthanius: Safety third
thunderbird32: LOL
fastlane250: stelth
Kumakaori: XD;.
RavingPenguin: nkoS
Autious: Hahahaha
Izandai: katesLol
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Perfect
Pheonix888: Nice recovery
InquisitorGaia: @aerobeing the glock is nortorious for what you see here
Genderi: fanstastic
Vanbael: Close enough
sing_o_muse: LUL
Telarra_: it's blind, at least
TheMoatman: Well, that's one way
johannhawk: okay NOW you can't handle an another accident
tenthtechpriest: IT WAS JUST A PRANK BRO
Autious: Cheer50 nice
frage069: Stove pipe
Izandai: Now THAT was a comedy of errors.
Despoiler98: AND the Stove pipe
leowigginsvo: @donuteater honestly "discount crispin freeman" is the greatest compliment
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia The casing not ejecting?
offbeatwitch: just place the gun on the ground and walk away
MAPBoardgames: ND count?
TacitusVigil: [Runs in with pizza] Hey all, what's going....oh.
Alsritt: that is a special kind of stupid
donuteater: its jammes
Lord_ZYRK: ungun me plz how do ungun
donuteater: jammed
Genderi: I feel like there's some wisdom in filling up your glock mags one bullet at a time
Rufran: by the way, you unlock every tape you pick up to listen to again in the pause menu. However, when you successfully live through a threat tape you unlock another tape that you wont hear without going to the menu and listening
offbeatwitch: last i saw was 14 so.... 15?
Yoyogre: It counts as stealth if all the witnesses are dead Kappa
gualdhar: ~live
gualdhar: !live
Ranakel: Guns are easy bruh, just point and shoot 4Head
DaSunao: @TacitusVigil Donald Glover's expression changing as he takes it all in was beautiful
chaostreader: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:10:56.
rith_the_awakener: Does no one know how to use doors in this universe?
Despoiler98: no thats when you Yeet the gun and magazine off into the sea in different directions
gualdhar: thanks chaos
wildpeaks: where we're going, we don't need doors
aerobeing: @Rufran huh
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @rith_the_awakener what is this "door" you speak of?
InquisitorGaia: @aerobeing it runs 9mm which usually doesnt have enough pennetration for kevlar, has the amazing ability to nd on average once ever few mags, and misfires every 50 or so rounds, even if oiled
Despoiler98: OMG so much of this stream is going in the highlight reel
red_shoes_jeff: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 22:21:05. lrrSPOT
Genderi: @rith_the_awakener doors are an ertifact of the past. only guns now
space_turbulence: just popping in 'cause I wanna say I love your work Alex! Purifier is weirdly comf0rting in these times
HumbleHomies: so the second game not have the flying drones?
Yoyogre: @MAPBoardgames 16 Negligent Discharge so far
snowewolf: i just had the idea of putting slitly undersized ammo in clip and when somone uses it just watching the gun explode in their hands. please tell me guns dont work like that
Leedopo: @leowigginsvo so was this recording all done remotely or did you meet the devs in person before recording?
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia Have they not improved it with the newer models?
itsr67: @HumbleHomies it does, later
Mangledpixel: HumbleHomies not yet
Izandai: @HumbleHomies They've been referenced, but not yet seen.
johannhawk: @HumbleHomies i assume they appear in later levels as the difficulty ramps up
MAPBoardgames: Thanks Yoyogre
Genderi: @HumbleHomies we have been warned of their existence, we have yet to see them
dudecon: there are drones, Alex just hasn't gotten there yet because he keeps shooting himself
Rhynerd: @humblehomies I think you have to progress a bit to unlock those as a threat, like how you unlock pistols over time
Rhynerd: UNLOAD
leowigginsvo: @Leedopo I have a home studio, so I did it all at my place over the last four months, great question!
HumbleHomies: oh gotcha
Rhynerd: That is a threat tape for sure
Bribe_Guntails: I love that sound of the turret chambering when it first sees you
asthanius: Hey man, you wanna talk about it?
asthanius: oh
asthanius: I see
InquisitorGaia: @aerobeing theyve tried, but the most recent modle ive found is worse than the last
wildpeaks: sir
GlennSeto: Cue your character just pistol-whipping himself to death.
Izandai: Oh no someone took away all the bullets!
plummeting_sloth: if no one cared whether you lived or died, then how would they know how great and powerful your guns were?
GhassanPL: How are the games making you do these things?
Lord_ZYRK: snowewolf you'd probably have feed issues
GhassanPL: Is there an in-game explanation?
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia Which gun would you say is better/doesn't have those issues?
Rufran: that "Threat Recovery" tape is the tape you unlock for getting through the threat tape without dying
VariableVacancy: the threat can temporaily take control of your body
GhassanPL: Ohhhhh
johannhawk: @GhassanPL basically, some of the tapes are possessed by the enemy
MAPBoardgames: Alex doesn't need story beats to shoot himself in this game.
Jakmob: "The Threat" makes you shoot yourself by corrupting some of the tapes.
aClonedPickle: oh wow the tinfoil hat hadn't registered as odd to me until you mentioned it
Rhynerd: It helped enough to get Alex this far
GlennSeto: this gun sounds really cheap
johannhawk: if you listen to the real version of the threat tapes it becomes a recovery story i think
Jakmob: it's also the cause of all the gun malfunctions, except for ND
Lord_ZYRK: aClonedPickle why does it register as odd now?
Yoyogre: @GhassanPL The Threat is an entity that killed everyone but the Receivers. It can whisper things to you that you confuse with you own thoughts
Genderi: listen to the recovery tape to find out?
GhassanPL: This game does one thing very well: bring across the absolute EXPLOSIONS that guns make
MrTulip: No tigers here.
InquisitorGaia: @aerobeing the only reason theyre still sold is cause they have gov contracts, 1911 hands down, it has a reliable mechanism, it has stopping power, and for some reason it can fire under water, not that thats needed very often, but its a neet fact
Yoyogre: ND count : 17
Rhynerd: Probably the gun?
MAPBoardgames: See?
Jakmob: example
Bribe_Guntails: ND: ...17?
UponMyOath: Does the glock sometimes not chamber when you rack it?
korvys: Presumably you were in the garage making that phonecall
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Is that how threat tapes work?
plummeting_sloth: you do not recongnized teh facesd in the garage
TacitusVigil: The problem with these turrets is they don't talk. Aperture Science's do.
Izhuark: DEMOTED !
Rhynerd: Aw man, I wanted to hear that tape.
Vanbael: Again?
wildpeaks: ripperoni
offbeatwitch: this happens every time, alex
Rufran: you are demoted when you die
sing_o_muse: LUL
thunderbird32: Yeah, you get demoted for dieing
Alsritt: @LoadingReadyRun there's a cheat you can put in to rank right back up
UponMyOath: How did that happen?
offbeatwitch: just like. you've been on 0 for a while
Rhynerd: Death is a demotion.
TStodden: TBH, I didn't realize that was tin foil until now... I thought it was just a bandana he was sporting as a change of pace.
Bribe_Guntails: THAT'S A RANK MINUS! DansGame
Despoiler98: OH SHIT
xantos69: You shot yourself and you honestly feel like a demotion is the worst thing that has happened to you recently?
Despoiler98: SHIT SHIT HIST
Reecer6: do you get demoted for all deaths? i feel like all demotions so far have been due to nd
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia Does any particular company make 1911 better or are they all good?
Despoiler98: Thats BAD
asthanius: That's what you get, Rookie
Lord_ZYRK: Shit's busted YEET
AmberLampLight: This seems fine
rith_the_awakener: "You have been demoted. Also you are dead"
Rhynerd: Gun is now grenade?
TheAwkes: <in Spongebob> Stop hitting yourself.
wildpeaks: throw gun, grab katana
aerobeing: @InquisitorGaia Company = manufacturer.
kainboa: welp, you're shafted now
Despoiler98: PHEW
Despoiler98: CHeCK IT
InquisitorGaia: @aerobeing i like my colt, but theyre all made the same as far as i know
Despoiler98: check the chamber
GlennSeto: I thought this was the good semi.
Bribe_Guntails: That would have been ND: 18 if the new round was chambered LUL
7gorobei: you get demoted for shooting yourself, if the turrets kill you no demotion
johannhawk: again, Murphy's law is in effect in this whack ass world
AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender: So how did you die that last time.? I'm not getting the premise of this game yet.
Bribe_Guntails: Nah, any death is demotion
Despoiler98: I just got so fucking tense I used to carry a 1911 that was my nightmare right there
Vanbael: stopping power is good
GhassanPL: Did this Threat also set up these turrets? How? Why?
sing_o_muse: @AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender ahot ourselves in the leg by accident
sing_o_muse: shot
VariableVacancy: pulled the gun out too fast and the trigger went off
Rufran: @AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender he holstered the weapon too quickly and it discharged in his leg
Rhynerd: @ameroblade_aka_xenrender Alex didn’t holster his pistol correctly and it sent off. The shot went through his lag and killed him.
VariableVacancy: your like, in a weird dream state set up by the threat
GlennSeto: @despoiler98 Are they prone to double chambering?
AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender: @sing_o_muse LOL seriously!?
Rhynerd: Yep.
sing_o_muse: yeah it's that kind of game
Rhynerd: Not the first time Alex died that way.
leowigginsvo: @GhassanPL they have a Mindtech called "The Dreaming" which allows them to send things to Reality B, the Turrets and KillDrones are to take care of anybody who didn't get wiped by the mind kill, if memory serves
HumbleHomies: overgrowth arcade cabnet neat
johannhawk: normally holstering a glock would be safe due to it's multiple safety features but in this "reality" the game takes place in they don't work @AmeroBlade_AKA_Xenrender
Rhynerd: Welcome to Reciever 2, it takes gun safety seriously.
thunderbird32: Hey look, a Polybius machine :)
Vyous: Oh lol polybius
sing_o_muse: we're on 17 NDs i think?
GhassanPL: I, uh, I might be to stupid for this game :D
Quillpaw: hah, polybius
Despoiler98: @GlennSeto no but I carried a 1968 era 1911 with manual reloaded rounds so there was.......extra risk, I stove piped a lot of rounds
GhassanPL: Too*
asthanius: It's nice that you can always count on one arcade cab in a game being Polybius
Bribe_Guntails: Every time Alex pulls the trigger when he (un)holsters take a shot :D
Urzorn: My man, there's a borderless window mode in the settings. gets rid of the top bar.
Temperature_Droplet: btw: are we making any progress in the game?
Rhynerd: New mag!
leowigginsvo: @GhassanPL I only kinda understand and I've been reading the tape scripts for like 4 months, so no worries
VariableVacancy: I love this one
teavian: AAAAAAAA
Despoiler98: O.O
asthanius: EMPTY YOUR MIND
leowigginsvo: My favorite tape to record!
rith_the_awakener: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Despoiler98: EMPTY IT
Yoyogre: I like this tape
GlennSeto: @despoiler98 Stressful indeed.
teavian: lrrFINE
starlitdiscord: aaaaa?
leowigginsvo: "Good job"
tenthtechpriest: good job
FoxBoxGamers: AaaAAaAAA
Mister_BlueSky: Goodjob.
niccus: good job
Izhuark: Is you mind empty yet ? !
Autious: Good Job
TacitusVigil: "Good job"
TheMoatman: The Angry Zen Master's little brother wasn't nearly as popular
Vanbael: He should take notes from the Angry Zen Master
rith_the_awakener: Imagine if it just started playing Big Enough
Fluffasaurus: !next
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frage069: Angry zen master indeed
Quillpaw: why isn't your mind empty?!
itsr67: ah, the angry zen master tape
Bribe_Guntails: Anyone who can't focus while listening to that tape is a FILTY CASUL! DansGamew
Vanbael: Empty your mind like you'll empty your mag
plummeting_sloth: look at my mind? Empty as shit
aerobeing: LUL
InquisitorGaia: where is my mind
Despoiler98: @GlennSeto carried it as the only armed officer on a post so I had an extended mag with hollow point rounds. It was my Dad's. I shot it at the range every weekend to get my muscle memory ingrained I can field strip a 1911 blindfolded
johannhawk: think you can shoot multiple balloons in a row?
johannhawk: i think you can make your bullets back that way
raven534: Yes, that is proper gun safety, as long as you empty it not by firing it
Bribe_Guntails: wetDEER
gualdhar: if your mag is your mind, your mag will always be empty. if your mind is your gun, your mind will always be loaded
Izhuark: Nice
Quillpaw: noice
Reecer6: these guns are wildly accurate
sing_o_muse: nice
teavian: dangBop
TheAwkes: Pro.
NathanJay_GA: pistol snipin'!
Himyul: one more, below the line of the building there
aerobeing: @Despoiler98 Are you also able to put it back together blindfolded?
Vanbael: insert Pacha 'just right' face here
FoxBoxGamers: always treat your mind as if it is loaded
johannhawk: walking into the balloons also pops them
TehAmelie: i do not aim with my hand. . .
Despoiler98: @aerobeing oh fuck no I just throw the parts all over the living room....... O.o
rith_the_awakener: Mind boolits
aerobeing: Whoa. That's a deep one.
sing_o_muse: are we ninja running?
UponMyOath: I said it earlier, but the character blinking every time they shoot is such a neat little detail
Bribe_Guntails: @Autious here's the bugged subtiles
Quillpaw: what is having adhd in this metaphor
HumbleHomies: never point you mind at anything you dont want to destroy
Gekyouryuu: weird euphemism for pooping: "gotta make sure I empty the chamber"
GlennSeto: Plus who would dare fire a gun that was assembled blindfolded?
Autious: @Bribe_Guntails That's odd, i just saw it myself. I thought i had completely disabled them.
Bribe_Guntails: You all saw that? Subtitles, albeit mismatched
sing_o_muse: holy shit
aerobeing: LUL
Despoiler98: HAHAHAHAH WOW
sing_o_muse: LUL
TheMoatman: katesWa katesOw
plummeting_sloth: so many of these history brief sounds like Jack Keroic does gun history
Quillpaw: GAME???
asthanius: He wanted to fill his siblings with lead
Despoiler98: katesWa katesOw
GhassanPL: No, I et it
p3nguinkin: because it is a marvel of engineering... you can compleatly strip it with a knickle and a bobboy pin...
TehAmelie: "gonna fire a caliber 2"
leowigginsvo: "it's a sex joke"
wildpeaks: I wish the tapes had subtitles
FoxBoxGamers: I'm not sure if that's a "kill my siblings" or a "autofiring penis"
Bribe_Guntails: Props to the writer for this game LUL
GhassanPL: If I had 20 siblings, I'd think about killing some motherfuckers all the time
aClonedPickle: yeah FN finished it
Yoyogre: @Bribe_Guntails Yeah, I had those when I played, but it's weird, it sems to be the only tape that does this?
atc927: Citation Needed is a really good show!
johannhawk: IIRC the Browning Hi-Point wasn't fully finished when he died
GlennSeto: Yeah, subs would be neat.
Quillpaw: hold up there were kamina shades on that arcade cabinet
Bribe_Guntails: Yeah that's the only tape I've seen with subtitles so far
NathanJay_GA: I bet one of those arcade cabinets is Polybius
Urzorn: Can't be demoted from level 1 my man.
TheMoatman: Apparently he did
donuteater: hi power, not hi point. Hi point is a different brand
MAPBoardgames: You get demoted if you shoot yourself.
TheMysticEiramanthus: Well that was hilarious to arrive to
sing_o_muse: rip
Vanbael: Ah the BAR, the rifle used by Hemmingway to hunt U boats
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
korvys: @LoadingReadyRun I think it only demotes you when you die to an ND
johannhawk: whoops
TheMoatman: At the bench and everything
Bribe_Guntails: It's good you caught that bug @Autious
HumbleHomies: oh bullet induced nap time
Reecer6: please give me a gun that can hold 0 bullets
silverxX59: man this looks game looks like it would be neat to speed run
Izhuark: Well, at least they are next to each ohters.
Himyul: now you can play Russian Roulette LUL
niccus: oh, yeah, very soon
johannhawk: make sure you align the bad cylinder with the barrel
GlennSeto: Are those nono rounds?
atc927: !next
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Dish_KP: !next
Vanbael: !next
RegulusPratus: !next
TheMoatman: I don't think it was completed for a *while* afterwards, either
Gekyouryuu: are you not playing Highlander?
korvys: !next
aerobeing: "On November 26, 1926, while working at the bench on a self-loading pistol design for Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) in Liège, he died of heart failure in the design shop of his son Val A. Browning."
markededge: magic in 15./
Mangledpixel: another 4tr hour
sing_o_muse: aren't you in it?
MAPBoardgames: Something. something. magic. something
Yoyogre: @MAPBoardgames You get demoted for any death, if you are not already at rank 1
Izhuark: In 15 minutes there will be the canlander FNPF.
Mangledpixel: but this stream was scheduled to end at half past
R2JL: @LoadingReadyRun Are you playing in the canlander tonight?
gualdhar: gesundheit
sing_o_muse: hmm, i see
Izhuark: Yes, that's it.
drcthulu: can't read your throughts if you have a tinfoil hat *points at temple*
RegulusPratus: @LoadingReadyRun You can always come back to this game if you're having fun. This has been neat.
p3nguinkin: same...
atc927: Isn't it now a FNNPM?
Dish_KP: I miss it too, Alex. I miss it too.
frage069: Yup, Friday night not paper fight
Quillpaw: i also miss paper magic :(
snowewolf: same
VariableVacancy: this new set weirds me out
Despoiler98: UNLOAD
R2JL: I would also love to see this on the ongoing roguelike Talking Sim series
wildpeaks: do you miss paper magic, or hanging out with people non-digitally ?
rith_the_awakener: I wish I had the DIY know-how to make one of those webcam rigs
donuteater: I do want to see this as a watch and play, more for grahams reaction than yours.
asthanius: What
magicalphilosopher: ive tried using messenger so it feels like you play paper magic
johannhawk: apparently one of the floppies states that each level has 10 times the tapes you need
Despoiler98: STAPH
Izhuark: Unload the gun Shinji !
Bribe_Guntails: Just try it, gun! TRY IT! etalPsycho
Vanbael: empty your cylinders
RaistMajere_Gaming: Hi, Alex. hope you're having a good afternoon.
GlennSeto: @loadingreadyrun Recently rewatched the Chernobyl HBO drama. Do you have a go-to documentary on the subject?
Bribe_Guntails: Yeah... didn't think so DansGame
Scrubbodiestobears: we don't need The Threat to shoot us we can do that ourselves!
Bribe_Guntails: Jebaited
plummeting_sloth: that god for our shitty chamber
Dish_KP: Did he just try to off himself?!
ameliette: do the threat tapes get more frequent as the game goes on?
gualdhar: would have been funny if it let you shoot yourself, then just demoted you
Bribe_Guntails: Can't be demoted if you're already bottom rank HahaThink
sniperserpent: a friend of mine works at a nuclear plant, it's very interesting to see the way modern nucelar paperwork describes the chernobyl incident
Vanbael: Count down to Disaster is a good series in general
Yoyogre: The Threat would just give you like 20 loaded Glock 17 if it really wanted to kill you.
snowewolf: have you heared of the fires in pripiat going on, almost reached the reactors last i hered
sjcTheos: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
Despoiler98: Its one of the most amazing engineering feats humans have ever done
Leedopo: it's movable? WHAT.
Autious: GG everyone, and good night, thanks for the stream!
asthanius: A case for a case
TheMoatman: I still can't believe the other units kept operating until the 2000s
WetPaperSack: That IS a pretty sweet documentary
golgomett: lol
ameliette: oh yeah theres several documents on the new sarcophagus already. i saw one on the construction of it, was very cool
Leedopo: @autious Thanks so much!
Bribe_Guntails: Thanks for the game @Autious wetUP
Gekyouryuu: have a good night, @Autious
Despoiler98: @Leedopo theres a bunch of documentaries on it, they slid it into place
DigitalSeahorse: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:27:37.
GlennSeto: Yeah, they slid it over the old sarcophagus.
Autious: rexHi
DigitalSeahorse: well heck
R2JL: Apparently the exclusion zone is also on fire, so that's good
plummeting_sloth: it's a russian nesting sarcophagus
GlennSeto: Is the core still emitting heat?
sniperserpent: i hate when people see the message of chernobyl as "nuclear stuff is bad and dangerous" rather than the specifics of went went wrong
RegulusPratus: Just break into the new one
Despoiler98: No Offense Alex why the fuck would you want to
LieutenantElliott: I just noticed the time foil hat he's wearing
R2JL: @plummeting_sloth *slow clap*
TheMoatman: Everything is still emitting heat
LieutenantElliott: tin*
dudecon: the question isn't if there's heat, the question is how much.
silverxX59: and the ghosts don't forget about the ghosts
TheMoatman: I believe the elephant's foot is still warm at least
Despoiler98: Did you see the Radioactive Forests around the site were on fire up until recently? RADIOACTIVE FORESTFIRES
DigitalSeahorse: vileolHeck katesH pegaNo
Yoyogre: Chernobyl was the worst case scenario, it can't get worse than that.
Bribe_Guntails: speaking of reactor accidents, have there ever been accidents on Western nuclear subma... sod it I can look it up
wildpeaks: afaik they did manage to stop it though
plummeting_sloth: man, showing ourselves as a target dummy, and thus encouraging us as a thing to shoot. Man...
Despoiler98: the fucking SMOKE WAS RADIOACTIVE
DigitalSeahorse: 2020, stoppit already
rith_the_awakener: I still feel the photo of the "Elephant Foot" is one of the scariest photos of all time
Saphiroko: chernobyl was like, a perfect storm of mistakes
aerobeing: @sniperserpent Quite a few things went wring. The whole project seems like quite a clusterfuck. There were injuries during construction, safety rules not adhered to. At least one fatality during construction.
Saphiroko: one that is very VERY unlikely to happen again
DigitalSeahorse: o_o
TheAwkes: Biosequestration undone by fire? Sounds bad.
R2JL: I don't think it's once and for all either, it's another hundred years or so and hoping we'll figure something permanent out by then (IIRC)
leowigginsvo: See y'all around Twitch! Keep having fun and I'm sorry if the tapes get annoying! Come on over to r/pcgaming to ask me or the other Wolfire devs questions about Receiver 2. Have a great night!
aerobeing: @sniperserpent It's done by humans, so it's inherently dangerous.
GlennSeto: @yoyogre Eh, it could have been worse, if the coal miners hadn't installed the heat exchanger.
Yoyogre: ND count : 19
plummeting_sloth: welll that and the winds going the wrong direction
DigitalSeahorse: wait, is the fire near it nowÉ
Yoyogre: No wait 18?
aerobeing: @sniperserpent *wrong
Yoyogre: 18
DigitalSeahorse: ?*
GlennSeto: oh?
sniperserpent: the setback's to co2 levels caused by the pshback to nuclear caused by chernobyl are a whole other disaster to the obvious immediate disaster
TehAmelie: i hear kids in Ukraine still grow up dreaming of finding ways to fight Chernobyl. one step above firefighter
Vanbael: !next
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GlennSeto: Good thing I asked for those documentaries.
Lord_ZYRK: Concrete: well known for its high thermal transfers
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thunderbird32: @sniperserpent Well, Chernobyl, Windscale, three Mile Island, and Fukashima.
DigitalSeahorse: speaking of which the anniversary of Chernobyl is this week Apr 26
DaSunao: 3 mile island was operators refusing to trust indications and being a bunch of fuckheads
DigitalSeahorse: coming*
Saphiroko: do people still call Three Mile Island a "disaster"? becuase it wasn't really that bad
GlennSeto: The HBO show was good, thematically, but I sense they were a bit cavalier with the details, as often happens.
DigitalSeahorse: next*
johannhawk: magazine feed failure i think
Despoiler98: I can't believe the divers who went into that flooded reactor "Basement" or whatever not only survived but saved all of Europe they should have been given Nobel prizes and ever civilian honor of every country on the European continent
InquisitorGaia: because its a glock
Bribe_Guntails: I believe Three Mile Island was more a failure to clearly communicate more than a nuclear accident
DigitalSeahorse: nu clear
Saphiroko: @Despoiler98 two of those guys are still alive IIRC
plummeting_sloth: well, perhaps good timing
sniperserpent: the three mile island disaster was mostly bad user interface design
Bribe_Guntails: The experts weren't forthright and the public didn't respond well, right?
floing_v: There is a nuclear plant near where I live that's getting teared down. And while cleaning recently I found a pamphlet on what to do in case of 'nuclear emergency'
kainboa: so, human nature in other words
p3nguinkin: yay capitalism....
Himyul: the problem with nuclear energy isn't nuclear energy, it's human nature
DaSunao: What about the time the US Army did a reactor crucifixion?
Bribe_Guntails: I'm liking the reasonable discussions here, political and otherwise
Izhuark: Yeah, nuclear energy if manipulated properly is safer than most people thinks.
Despoiler98: @Saphiroko I know right? They were sure it was a suicide mission and they did it to save everyone, why we aren't fucking bowing down to them as a world I don't know
ehsteveG: For some reason, I remember you saying you had a stand up set written about nuclear history
TehAmelie: the important criticism of the HBO show i think is that it tries to create a "great men" narrative. it's better to see it as a kind of a fable than a historic document
VariableVacancy: largest nuclear reactor in the US is a few hours outside my city
chaostreader: My dad was a nuclear on an air craft carrier so I know a little about nuclear stuff. Not as much as I should but.....
FoxBoxGamers: the lrr chat is super nice for discussions @Bribe_Guntails
DigitalSeahorse: most accidents could have been prevented by following by the book and not cutting costs
Saphiroko: @Despoiler98 seriously, they better have been set up with money for life.
plummeting_sloth: I remember when the cooling tower of a power plant almost fell into teh river where my girlfiend lived. That wasn't a result of the unsafeness of nuclear power, that was the result of people never reinforcing a river bank for FORTY FUCKING YEARS
InquisitorGaia: id buy it
RegulusPratus: Or a podcast
thunderbird32: A comedic video essay maybe?
DaSunao: @chaostreader I'm nuke waste out in Japan right now
raven534: What about... a webcomic?
Saphiroko: podcast!
GlennSeto: I liked that comic with the robot.
ehsteveG: NEAT
DigitalSeahorse: :O
aerobeing: I thought you were gonna say "it was in a vase".
asthanius: Yum
Bribe_Guntails: "GOD, HOW DO YOU RATE 'LRR?' wetCALL
Saphiroko: woooah
VariableVacancy: that is not something I would want to find on accident
thunderbird32: Ah
Despoiler98: O.O
Despoiler98: WHAT
DigitalSeahorse: JUG
Bribe_Guntails: God: wetUP
DigitalSeahorse: xD
TheMoatman: That sure is a phrase that could only exist with transmuted elements
GlennSeto: swell
Lord_ZYRK: Whoopsie doodle
SquirrelLord1111: LATER?
ehsteveG: [To be continued]
GhassanPL: Wait, refined plutonium?!
asthanius: It had "XXX" on the front
sing_o_muse: "later"
Solid_Fuel: jug with a handle?
DigitalSeahorse: uh lol
NathanJay_GA: Wheres the lie, though?
SquirrelLord1111: So how old was it?
Saphiroko: wow. that's like saying "best by date: whenever"
Pheonix888: Yeah, im sure Bob is on top of that, it'l be fine
Yoyogre: ND count : 19
plummeting_sloth: Ah, its like how the US army dealt with their Mustard Gas stores after WWI. They just fucking buried them in spots around Eastern Maryland
ehsteveG: Why use plutonium when pinball machine parts could pass for it Kappa
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 19
Bribe_Guntails: ND: 20
InquisitorGaia: bloody glocks
cmdrud87: so, basically, "do not throw away"
Yoyogre: ND count : 20
Bribe_Guntails: Gosh it keeps ticking up
Solid_Fuel: did you just shoot your self in the head?
Saphiroko: ohh, I watched a really cool minidoc about making plutonium rods, it was fascinating
Rhynerd: More like the foot
sing_o_muse: oh no
dudecon: half-life is only 14.4 years, so it's probably mostly decayed now.
Saphiroko: :O
Bribe_Guntails: haha good British
fastlane250: spilled the plutonic spaghetti
niccus: slight boo boo
Rhynerd: Or hopefully the ground, and the is just a bit burned
ehsteveG: You guyss this is mental
Saphiroko: hoo boy
thunderbird32: It's a wonder we're not all dead, honestly
tenthtechpriest: those poor radium girls
Bribe_Guntails: F
aerobeing: Kind of like with asestos.
Mangledpixel: radium toothpaste
aerobeing: *asbestos
rith_the_awakener: Watches
VariableVacancy: Radium Taco Sauce
DigitalSeahorse: did he wake up the next day?
atc927: !next
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silverxX59: radium condems
asthanius: Toothpaste
Solid_Fuel: where do you find theese stories? is there a vierd page on the net i can read?
plummeting_sloth: fair. I mean, the plutonium isnt gonna hurt by low level combustion
InquisitorGaia: check your check you check your corners
BlueMagnusStormCrow: Radium condoms
Lord_ZYRK: Radium glassware. Why? because it looks cool.
Saphiroko: aww
a_bullett: fiesta ware
rith_the_awakener: Drinks
Mister_BlueSky: Childrens toys.
aerobeing: katesWat
Saphiroko: @Lord_ZYRK and it glows!!
Dish_KP: Alex, you're scaring the Magic Players :P
Ranakel: Radium toothpaste
asthanius: "It glows in the dark!"
niccus: i think fiestaware was regular uranium
gualdhar: nothing makes me want to shit like a radioactive isotope
Bribe_Guntails: Oh yeah I remember that tidbit in historical academia
DigitalSeahorse: contraceptives :P
R2JL: I remember reading about the challenges in decomissioning naval ships with radium deck markers
VariableVacancy: I would love some radium glasswere
wildpeaks: "you look positively glowing"
KevinTheShark: I remember a story of Radium blankets, Self warming
DigitalSeahorse: super effective
RothonWylar: theeres still a non zero amount in fire alarms
thunderbird32: IIRC, the red or orange Fiestaware
VariableVacancy: the aren't radio active from whatI hear
Bribe_Guntails: Like putting cocaine in everything wetABE
Porsgaard81: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night NOT Paper Fight (The crew plays MTGO! This week, Canadian Highlander! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Lord_ZYRK: They used to use unshielded X-rays in shoe stores to see if your shoes fit right, too.
Diabore: are we talking about uranium girls?