malc: oh I totally forgot what day it was
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GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are hanging out in the world of Modded Minecraft and the SergeCraft 2 Modpack. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (4m from now).
TXC2: Hello everybody
malc: sergeHi
TXC2: Hi Malc
FDR101: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno and Serge are hanging out in the world of Modded Minecraft and the SergeCraft 2 Modpack. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (12s from now).
The_Flying_Bun: they are late, hrm, hmm, *disgruntled villager noises* fgsZZZ
The_Flying_Bun: (yes, I am joking, don't worry)
dialMforMara: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSignal
ContingentCat: * lrrSIGNAL
dzayah12: hi
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Narcuru: Hey that's almost 2 years!
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lemmel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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mtgfanguy: Yes I’ve needed some LLR content
donuts_are_holy: Mine O Clock!!
Alahmnat: 'morning all
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the_cardiac_people: Thank you for the entertainment in these trying times
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ArcticAtlantic: hi chat sergeHi
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James, Uno and Serge are back with their modded Minecraft adventures. It's time for Mine O'Clock! | ||
TXC2: hello Alahmnat and ArcticAtlantic welcome
FDR101: sergeHi friends
Alahmnat: this track is a banger
donuts_are_holy: lrrJAMES_TK
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shaunnow: Twelve months! That's almost a third of 2020 so far. Thanks for all the amazing content
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sir_jack_DB: I won't be chatting, I'll be crafting, but hi everyone!
woolynelson: definitely a banger.
crazymaxter: hay
TXC2: here we GO!
TXC2: hello sir_jack_DB welcome
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW
vanguard1112: MINE O CLOCK
DiscordianTokkan: Mine Time!
Didero: It's weird to watch a minecraft stream where there isn't a chunk being punched :P
starlitdiscord: ahhh this intro is still so good
GapFiller: good afternoon eveing home James lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TXC2: Hello James
cassaclyzm: morning!
TheAinMAP: Hello.
wrathofwood: harro harro
Didero: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
malc: jlrrFacepalm
Aylig: Twitch Channel
RomanGoro: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Zaghrog: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
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snowcookies: mrning James
MyrddintheWizard: Good Afternoon all.
mr_yarget: dude, that room looks so comfy
JaysonMaxwell: jlrrPillow PrideCheers jlrrPillow
deadly_winchester: Carrot milk, carrot milk, carrot milk
Diabore: i see a serge reflection
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torin_nionel: Wooo, Mine O'clock!
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ContingentCat: Morning James
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MagnusCarter: Hatless James !
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TheAinMAP: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Zaghrog: That Grand Prix Black Lotus plaque sure looks gorgeous
MyrddintheWizard: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrJAMES jlrrPunch
carrotboi4: what mods are there
shaunnow: Hair and beard game on point
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing SergeCraft 2, developed by Serifina! Get it here:
mtgfanguy: The crap shot was...... unusual
Narcuru: The Peaks! jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Zaghrog: ah, a playmat
Diabore: 285 already
malc: I love that Serge is reflected in it
Anubis169: well there's TXC2, Me, Lrrbot...
Nigouki: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
Firnsarwen: nice! sergeJustRight
Anubis169: Kappa
herph: those reflections
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malc: that is placed so perfectly
vanguard1112: Wooly PogChamp
crazymaxter: then cast grapeshot for 20
Firnsarwen: lrrHEART sergeGift
stizzet: just take the glass out of the frame
FDR101: thanks @woolynelson
TheThromborax: yup
DarkMorford: Hey James, hey chat!
ContingentCat: agreed
Narcuru: speaking as someone who sold things via it yes very much so
TXC2: Ebay is a website from 1999 :P
TXC2: hello DarkMorford welcome
vanguard1112: @DarkMorford helo
HesGotNoPants: the crap shot was just an excuse for shirtless beej
Lightningbro: Yay! I'm actually live for Mine O' Clock! How rare.
TXC2: hello Lightningbro welcome
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BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: it's minecrafting time!
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Milambus: You're a rad person James
MDrift314: James you need to invest in a pop filter for your new setup :P
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TheHaCoFo: Since it will be soon the next one, are Subbaybys stackable?
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Zaghrog: It's fine if James doesn't want to call himself that, but James is rad
Firnsarwen: Agreed @Zaghrog !
Milambus: Uno is rebooting
rocketjohn: uno is rebooting internet
malc: Serge is v quiet
rocketjohn: serge is queit
TXC2: Hello Serge
GeneralMemery: serge is quiet.
ArcticAtlantic: a distant Serge
DarkMorford: Discord very quiet
daemonflowers: uno is having problems
Firnsarwen: I can't hear ser.... I can hear him a tiny bit.
sgowell: Uno is rebooting his Internet atm
ContingentCat: maybe just speak up Serge?
noSmokeFire: turn up for serge
GapFiller: yeh Uno is offline right now
rocketjohn: still quiet
Aylig: turn up for serge, he's still quiet on our end
DiscordianTokkan: John Madden
JaysonMaxwell: "Levels Levels" and all that :P
vanguard1112: john madden
shaunnow: Still very quiet
GapFiller: guessing hes got stuff going on
ContingentCat: still pretty quiet
Aylig: Perfect
Firnsarwen: a bit quiet, but not too bad
crazymaxter: sounds
Xed_Regulus: Very good
Zaghrog: Great!
malc: got there
TXC2 clicks fingers
snowcookies: James is an idiot Kappa
shaunnow: Excellent
crazymaxter: good
bigpuppystuart: that is perfect
randompherret: *cheffkiss*
DiscordianTokkan: Thar we go
GeneralMemery: perfect
Alahmnat: "I wet the bed at night?"
ContingentCat: better
FDR101: yes
mtg_charles: vary good
snowcookies: much better
shaunnow: What music
cuttlefishman: You need to talk sexy fish to us James
Didero: It's fine but don't tell Serge and keep him reciting
ContingentCat: music?
woolynelson: perfect
Firnsarwen: v. good
TheAinMAP: sergeJustRight
FDR101: good
noSmokeFire: music is barely audible
Zaghrog: seems good
Milambus: LEvels seem good
DiscordianTokkan: Music quite faint
GeneralMemery: music?
mtgfanguy: Perfect
iplaygamesbad_: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:59.
randompherret: music good now
Firnsarwen: there's music? xDE
bigpuppystuart: music is rather quiet
Firnsarwen: ok, now we hear music
Firnsarwen: lol
ContingentCat: oh there it is
Pavlovs_Dog_: :D
GapFiller: Serge isnt online right now
rocketjohn: server was superlagged
GapFiller: he not joining us today?
Zaghrog: music level is good
Firnsarwen: I have 9 very large poofy cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven!
Firnsarwen: muzak is good
vanguard1112: lrrBEEJ
Zaghrog: Firnsarwen Ooh, very nice!
Firnsarwen: where the heck ARE you?
Milambus: That's Uno's base
djalternative: Serge doesn’t stream moc
DarkMorford: Firnsarwen Nice
herph: uno's base?
ContingentCat: what even is time?
cuttlefishman: did you make the BA recipe @Firnsarwen ?
TXC2: hello Uno
Firnsarwen: @DarkMorford @Zaghrog I am excite xD
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TXC2: !uno
LRRbot: RebelliousUno is streaming as well. Be sure to check out his view of the stream and give him a follow!
Firnsarwen: @cuttlefishman I did not, no!
cuttlefishman: BA posted a video the othe rday of cinnamon rolls
DarkMorford: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación!
bigpuppystuart: the best way to avoid waking up with massive headaches is to avoid waking up. Just sleep through...well everything
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Firnsarwen: @cuttlefishman it's one that's labelled like "the best cinnamon rolls you'll ever eat" by Monique of Ambitious Kitchen?
cuttlefishman: what
malc: ahahahaha
Siladuell: LUL
FDR101: C R A B S !!!!
vanguard1112: RAVE
TheAinMAP: Crabs!
DiscordianTokkan: Uuuuuuh
Wolfstrike_NL: :)
ContingentCat: what?
Alahmnat: rofl
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ZachtlyAsIntended: Month 30: Crabs have invaded. We will feast tongiht.
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mtvcdm: Giant Enemy Crabs
shaunnow: CABRS
Sarah_Margaret: Oh yes, giant crabs
daemonflowers: SERGE!
NimrodXIV: the gigaloo got crabs
Creature_Comforts: chrisCrab chrisCrab chrisCrab
malc: oh good I was looking forward to this
snowcookies: omg
Jarhi28: Give them some music!
DiscordianTokkan: Gigacrabs!
wrathofwood: crab rave
lifecharacter: Kill them.
dragonbretheren: Giant Crab Friends
deadly_winchester: Crab invasion
TXC2: !clips
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Kikazi: now don't get crabby, James
noSmokeFire: looks like some regular-sized crabs to me
SK__Ren: sergeFuse jlrrFacepalm
crazymaxter: CRAB
TheMerricat: lol thats what serge was telling us not to talk about last night. :-)
Talin06: lrrFINE
Wolfstrike_NL: James: not how?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: OH I wasn't expecting it to move
Jake_The_Pirate: do these crabs dance?
FDR101: we got him serge
AmberLampLight: sergeFriend
Firnsarwen: James is my favourite xD
mtgfanguy: What the crab
Siladuell: Do they dance?
daemonflowers: those things are massive
GapFiller: this is even better on multitwitch for crazy delay echo two strem audio
MyrddintheWizard: Thanks, I hate it...
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that scared me immensly
fry_dx: Don't they have names?
Firnsarwen: I believe they do indeed have names.
MagnusCarter: Ice crabs ?
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] How is never a question in modded Minecraft.
LRRbot: New quote #6908: "How is never a question in modded Minecraft." —James [2020-04-21]
dialMforMara: how is a question if you want to replicate it
malc: the hitbox is very small in the middler
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Firnsarwen: Don't worry James, the hitboxes are just tiny
TheWormbo: you can, just click cancel
SAJewers: gigaloo i think is just missing the botania flower that plays despactio :P
heronblademaster: the hitbox is just above the shadow
noSmokeFire: their hitbox is a cube right above their shadow
Meltalar: uhmm
cuttlefishman: more like giant_friend_crab
Creature_Comforts: Chicken!
Firnsarwen: @TheMerricat sergeJustRight
TheWormbo: hint: the hitbox is where the shadow it
Rogue_07: @LoadingReadyRun I don't think you have to be in the channel to be gifted a sub!
Meltalar: if they survive!
jarnatan: I know nothing about any of this but Im happy to be here!
Jogela: Those crabs look so happy
TheWormbo: yes, Serge, crab :)
fry_dx: The name showed up just for a second there
malc: Uno's connection is trousers
TXC2: some real english
NimrodXIV: oh dear
Jarhi28: YES!
Jogela: LUL
malc: YESSSS
vanguard1112: PogChamp
FDR101: H A H A
TXC2: oh my
Siladuell: LUL
Jake_The_Pirate: yesss
ContingentCat: OH MY GOD
elah806: CRAB RAVE
daemonflowers: YES
wrathofwood: it is crab rave
TheAinMAP: SingsNote SingsNote
ContingentCat: YES
SquirrelLord1111: Rave!
daemonflowers: This is AMAZING
ArcticAtlantic: they so funky
TXC2: so limber
randompherret: who brought the fire
mtgfanguy: Holding
MagnusCarter: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Siladuell: awesome
SydPreviouslyHeadache: went from terrifying to "I love it"
MyrddintheWizard: THANKS, I HATE IT!!!
Firnsarwen: perrrrfect.
malc: jlrrFacepalm
rocketjohn: i don't thinkt hat's the biggest they get either
dialMforMara: Crabcore!
randompherret: it is time to use it
daemonflowers: Serge you are the best
bigpuppystuart: Molander would be so proud of Serge right now
Firnsarwen: jlrrFacepalm
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noSmokeFire: cravatars
Alahmnat: crabatars
saweeks: nuke it from orbit
MagnusCarter: For the explosion
TXC2: our Crabatars
ContingentCat: oh my I love the crab dances
NimrodXIV: that's the problem, Uno's stuck in the wall
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stumpinaut: what am I watching right now?
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SquirrelLord1111: ALL WILL be CRAB
Talin06: the bird disco was pretty rad
Meltalar: totally accutrate, serge and kjames dancing around while Uno is clipping the server
bewski: maybe unos having issues bc his crab avatar is lagged into the wall :p
constablecrab: pennyCrabgod pennyCrabgod pennyCrabgod
Milambus: Serge seems to have forgotten what happens on the last episode of a season...
Firnsarwen: The good news is, they can only hurt you with their tiny hit boxes, so most of the time you don't get hurt near them!
Firnsarwen: Hi Harvey Milk!
daemonflowers: Was't he brown?
ContingentCat: he wanted to hang out with the crabs
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UnnnaturalD20: Good morning. It's time to mine
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jackieboy123476: <message deleted>hello
Zaghrog: entity skin rerolls on pickup
Milambus: Buts a new instance...
daemonflowers: he was totally brown, not spotted
noSmokeFire: I'm ready ready for it to be May :x
mtgfanguy: How do you feel about the commander ban james
SmithKurosaki: Related, I saw a blue cow recently
jarnatan: Various Things is my favourite
TheMerricat: MInecraft Dungeons = Minecraft Diablo.
jackieboy123476: <message deleted>hello
mtgfanguy: Lol
Rioxcon: does the moon base PC have a graphics card powerful enough for minecraft ray tracing
ContingentCat: oh no
malc: no, the US
snowcookies: oh no
djalternative: @loadingreadyrun idea: melt the biome instead of blowing it up
Firnsarwen: ooooooOOOooooo
malc: some routes will be affected, some won't
ContingentCat: the part that comes across to the UK?
noSmokeFire: there's more US between tex and uno than you and tex
jackieboy123476: <message deleted>shout me out
creasehearst: go vpn to canada, that should fix it :P
SAJewers: i'm playing on one of the community servers (i'm in NS), and i'm getting issues too
TiberiusEsuriens: it must just be the wrong tubes
malc: "between Milwaukee, WI and Zion, IL."
Quillpaw: try using different tubes
Alahmnat: *shakes fist* routing!
dragonbretheren: "It's a silly place"
Milambus: Discord's servers are somewhere else (I woudl guess)
malc: the internet might reroute around it given time -- lots of people working to mitigate...
Didero: Computers run on luck and magic
TiberiusEsuriens: you don't need Uno! You have Uno, but a Crab
albatros064: yeah... it's a joy trying to explain to customers why things aren't working for them, when there's absolutely nothing we can do about it, even as a data center
Firnsarwen: @malc so knowledgeable!
Jogela: Stupid but we love them
Talin06: Yes the internet is dumb and will make you dumb
Firnsarwen: They're adorable
Zaghrog: I wonder how many different routes of fibre there are across the Atlantic to support Internet
constablecrab: Let the crabs be free!
mr_yarget: I love the crabs.
Jake_The_Pirate: I love the giant crabs!
Didero: That needs to be in the quotes database
dialMforMara: Will the giant crab fit in a mob bag
TXC2: #DyeTheCrab
Quillpaw: "i've never tried to dye a crab before" is quite a sentence
mr_yarget: dye the crab, man that sounds nasty
TiberiusEsuriens: so we're making Alaskan Blue Crab OpieOP
Firnsarwen: How do the crabs look from the top level?
SquirrelEarl: Either a plan for today or a plan for a new mod
Alahmnat: "dye the crab", very different from "Die, the crab!"
Firnsarwen: Dye James' first
DiscordianTokkan: Crabitar, the last Crab-bender
malc: firnsarwen: I try :-)
Meltalar: die the crab? wlak with a sword towards them
thundercat2000: hi james
TXC2: a heart boi
jarnatan: Who's winning?
Booklegend: You want to talk about the internet being stupid don’t forget that for large parts of the Midwest the internet is still ran off of systems that where put in place 20+ years ago with no infrastructure updates
Jake_The_Pirate: what's it show up the top? my phone screen is too small
ContingentCat: I like how the orange stands out in all the blue
TXC2: us?
snowcookies: it's to add contrast to the base
ExachixKitsune: Hello friends!
Firnsarwen: awwwww
Alahmnat: crab frens!
Jake_The_Pirate: they are the best crabs!
Firnsarwen: They're SO CUTE
noSmokeFire: blue/orange contrast is a classic for a reason
daemonflowers: this is amazing
TXC2: hello ExachixKitsune welcome
herph: can you ride the giant crabs?
RebelliousUno: right gave it up as a bad job
Jake_The_Pirate: I love them
the_canuck_mystic: I take this is not a vanila stream today?
dialMforMara: The view from crabove
Nigouki: since the crabs are so out of scale you clearly need a bigger igloo, the Omegaloo
wrathofwood: the crabs are awesome I love them
creasehearst: the GigaCrab in the GigaLoo
Zaghrog: They're actually pretty cute here
circusofkirkus: gigacrabs for the gigaloo
snowcookies: "natural"
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Giga crabs in the gigaloo obviously
daemonflowers: YES
SmithKurosaki: LOVE THE CRABS
dialMforMara: @the_canuck_mystic still Sergecraft2
Firnsarwen: LuvBlush LuvBlush LuvBlush
Alahmnat: !crabsgood
UnnnaturalD20: this is better than when Serge made crab friends
ThePhyx: Hey James, is there an approx ETA on post-pre-release youtube upload? Much thanks!
Kikazi: me too
the_canuck_mystic: @dialMforMara Yep, that explains it.
mtvcdm: Look, James, have you never heard of snow crabs?
ContingentCat: same
Quillpaw: same
bigpuppystuart: you need thhe rave crab music
circusofkirkus: embrace the hippy lifestyle
Meltalar: SERGE, CAN WE TAINT THE CRABS? Ask Suffix for help :D
SquirrelLord1111: same
noSmokeFire: or: mohawk
DiscordianTokkan: DIY haircuts are In
cassaclyzm: Yeah I'm getting close to that myself
TXC2: James has a JOJO-esque haircut Kappa
Creature_Comforts: chrisCrab
13 raiders from RebelliousUno have joined!
ContingentCat: I think you look good with the curly hair James
Zaghrog: I did my own hair this past weekend, probably for the first time in over a decade
TXC2: hello Raiders
Firnsarwen: so cute!
Zaghrog: And by that I mean buzzed it shorter, not a huge project
ContingentCat: Now Kiss!
Meltalar: Now kiss!
mtvcdm: The mating dance!
NimrodXIV: lewd
dragonbretheren: Now Kiss!
fry_dx: This is peak content
Firnsarwen: YAY! We did it!!
dialMforMara: How do you breed crabs
ThePhyx: Post-Pre-Release on Youtube eta? Thank you
TXC2: wheres Liz to comment on this Crab dancing? Kappa
FortunaeRota: Sorry just came to the stream. Why are there gigantic crabs? Are they naturally that big or did something happen to them
starlitdiscord: aww
snowcookies: sexy
GapFiller: did everyone lose Uno again or is that just me?
TiberiusEsuriens: MoC, but Crabs
SK__Ren: Dancing Chitin to Chitin
RebelliousUno: where have I gone at this point lol
dialMforMara: @fortunaerota Serge struck them with lightning
mtvcdm: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
Jake_The_Pirate: @fortunaerota sege happened to them
Firnsarwen: I hope someone's clipping this
Wolfstrike_NL: Lets do that!
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daemonflowers: I only just realized that James is flying through the tubes in the intro.
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RebelliousUno: welp
thundercat2000: crab people....
ContingentCat: awww
Alahmnat: sad uni
snowcookies: metaphor for this stream
Alahmnat: *uno
the_cardiac_people: Ask LRR?
Firnsarwen: awwww
starlitdiscord: oh nooo
crazymaxter: awwww
Meltalar: i litterally said that 10 minutes ago :(
rocketjohn: rude.
TXC2: !clips
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SAJewers: i mean, i still think you should do botania and make the Despactio flower lrrBEEJ
thundercat2000: oh...
dragonbretheren: lrrAWW
saweeks: that 3rd wheel feeling
Milambus: He knows you're talking about him
RebelliousUno: :'(
daemonflowers: all alone
TXC2: I'm gonna need this clip to show up as a meme on Imgur Kappa
TheMagicWalrus: alexum is its name
thundercat2000: so who's gone crazy staying at home?
TXC2: "people enjoying life" " me"
Aylig: feenBanger feenBanger feenBanger
TiberiusEsuriens: for like 2 years I thought Despcito was pronounced, Dispatch-io
SAJewers: yeah, the thing serge saw on his stream that played Despacito
Meltalar: can minecraft play a spottifiy playlist ?^^
Firnsarwen: Did someone grab a clip? my twitch didn't want to clip anything
Zaghrog: thundercat2000 eh, been getting used to that for years
TXC2: thundercat2000 I have, but like 7 years ago :P
ExachixKitsune: it's Despcito a type of soup?
SAJewers: i'm sure serge remembers it :P
Kikazi: is anyone gif-ing this?
UnhingedBear: what did I just walk in to?
RebelliousUno: quick hit james with lightning
daemonflowers: this is amazing
starlitdiscord: this is so good
NimrodXIV: Quarantine, day 32
thundercat2000: james is crab people confirmed...
constablecrab: I feel so seen.
Quillpaw: i'm so glad i could be here for this
Kikazi: where's Dammit Liz when you need her?
bigpuppystuart: why get crabs when you can be crabs
wrathofwood: crab rave for life
TXC2: it's been a long 31 years.......
Koshindan: That turned from cute to horrifying.
thundercat2000: yeah
FDR101: A R E N A ! ! ! !
starlitdiscord: ooop
RebelliousUno: that scans
rocketjohn: *snow parrot
Alahmnat: I'm here for the Planet Earth-style narrative-building
ContingentCat: Ooooo
FDR101: S U F F I X ! ! ! ! !
daemonflowers: SUFFIX!
ArcticAtlantic: step 1 - have you heard of Suffix
elah806: Oh man, can't wait for James to hear about this
starlitdiscord: suffix!
ExachixKitsune: Welcome to the serge stream logic friends
TXC2: sounds rather SCP to me
ContingentCat: check out the captain James
Quillpaw: suffix!!
DiscordianTokkan: Huh, that villager was randomly spinning also
ContingentCat: @DiscordianTokkan that's the security intern ThinksTooMuch
ExachixKitsune: (Emblem curtosy of avi_miller)
snowcookies: hail hydra
ThePhyx: Sorry to repeat, but I can't find any info about when the Post-Pre-Release will be posted to Youtube, and not sure where else to ask, thanks
TXC2: "try"
thetoastmonster: Gravitononium!
malc: yes.
RebelliousUno: Serge fully embracing my life's motto Out of Sight out of Mind
ContingentCat: Yup
NimrodXIV: woooow
Alahmnat: wow
constablecrab: amazing
MechaKuuga: FacePalm
ExachixKitsune: It's a 10-chunk radius
TXC2: so this is minecraft Chernobyl?
Sarah_Serinde: ThePhyx I'm sure they'll get it up as soon as they can, it might take a little normal than usual because they're working from home right now. If you want to watch it right away, you can always watch the vod on Twitch
malc: but by building this you are making everyone come and look :P
ExachixKitsune: yex!
ExachixKitsune: Yes TXC2
jackieboy123476: this is maths
TXC2: this wall is off centre no?
Wolfstrike_NL: Serge? how can we update the middle, we're not allowed to go there
Mangledpixel: boop
malc: lol
ExachixKitsune: It may be off centre to the maps, but the box is centered on the mess
Firnsarwen: lol
starlitdiscord: ahahaha
rocketjohn: do not cross the wall
Koshindan: Don't go inside or you'll be contaminated!
ArcticAtlantic: i was waiting for that but i still snorted my tea
ThePhyx: Ok ty Sarah
Quillpaw: don't go in the exclusion zone, james! you'll have to be decontaminated!
TheAinMAP: So much diorite.
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (James) [now] This is Lord Hosk levels of madness.
LRRbot: New quote #6909: "This is Lord Hosk levels of madness." —James [2020-04-21]
coelopteryx: three HUNDRED megabytes!!
SievertSchreibr: Hello everyone!
TXC2: Good lord
ExachixKitsune: that's not a small rift
Nigouki: hehe, taint
ninja_theory_ashrams: this week on "megastructures"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that is so cool
mtvcdm: Well I know what we're doing next week
UnhingedBear: I want to do that
Quillpaw: we must decontaminate
snowcookies: I saw a clip of diorite Suffix
TXC2: mtvcdm setting this on fire? Kappa
ExachixKitsune: New mine o'clock project; make another one of those
SquirrelLord1111: Its a wall of static...
mtvcdm: In spectaaaaaaaacular fashion, TXC2.
ExachixKitsune: !quote Suffix
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RebelliousUno: so to speak
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
TXC2: "proven to clear 100% of taint!"
PantherTuer952: i dont understand, is that real or did serge make that up?
CataclysmicReverb: It's like salt showers
Didero: Please stop saying "The taint has spread" >_>
Aarek: #TeamSuffix
daemonflowers: Serge you are a beautiful person
Quillpaw: serge is the hero the server deserves
freeridercam: Suffix, just spreading that taint
ContingentCat: god I'm 12, I can't stop giggling every time he says "taint"
Mangledpixel: gotta settle it in the real world, aka the Minecraft world
Natimus_Prime: The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny?
Nigouki: i hope it looks exactly like the Cell arena from DBZ
dialMforMara: Fight me mine-r-l
Koshindan: lrrJAMES
TXC2: is Hero the right word?
DiscordianTokkan: @Nigouki Only made from Diorite
jarnatan: As someone who has never mined craft, this is a trip
bigpuppystuart: Nice Zardoz cosplay there james
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Abavus: Good recovery
CataclysmicReverb: Nah
RebelliousUno: Also James, if you didn't realise you don't have music going atm
LucasTheDrgn: who was doing actually additions?
noSmokeFire: botania and AA have some options
TheWormbo: yes, ring of liquid banishing and lots of batteries
FDR101: chat did research
RebelliousUno: at least not that we can hear
Crokoking: destruction gadget
CataclysmicReverb: There's means with botania....
TheMagicWalrus: theres a better way in vanilla
CataclysmicReverb: But it's not permanent
TheMerricat: lots of dropping sand?
ninja_theory_ashrams: all these squares make a circle
Bartlebad: Isn't there a liquid deletion tool
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, I think there's rings that do it
SAJewers: james: yes, ring of liquid banning
RebelliousUno: Ring of Liquid Banning
TheMerricat: pump it out
Mangledpixel: mix is good
snowcookies: god
malc: mix is good
SquirrelLord1111: Good
snowcookies: good
Zaghrog: Serge doesn't have the advanced water removal tools
ContingentCat: good, it's not too loud
daemonflowers: good!
Koshindan: sergeFall
TXC2: it sure does Serge
malc: sergeIntoTheSea
TXC2: #MaxiumSponge
TheThromborax: sponges? there's not a wand for this?
ExachixKitsune: serge may have an astral perk to make him reach further
ExachixKitsune: just... never go back to vanilla, like me
nanostul: Serge has larger reach
Xed_Regulus: Is Twitch having difficulty running the stream for anyone else?
TXC2: YES! we've broken Serge with mods ha ha Kappa
Mangledpixel: you have plenty of sponges, you can just spam em
RebelliousUno: ring of liquid banning is going to be your friend really
SAJewers: i mean, it wouldn't surprise me if there are datapakcs for that :P
TheThromborax: Just focus on Dungeon
SievertSchreibr: So Serge cheated yesterday? Or was it legit?
LucasTheDrgn: wait for mods to update to 1.16... it'll only be about, uh, 4 years
Zaghrog: If James or Uno wants to, I don't think Serge would decline the use of better tools
EJGRgunner: feels like you should be able to builders wand with sand to do this better
TheMerricat: @LucasTheDrgn I wouldn't expect it to take more than a few months after it becomes finalized, mod authors are excited to move to it too.
Firnsarwen: @EJGRgunner Serge didn't have enough sand, honestly
RebelliousUno: builder's gadget would be better
mtvcdm: Welcome to Sponge-a-Chunk
Zaghrog: Serge doesn't have a builder's gadget either
Quillpaw: so would you say this is a sponge-a-chunk?
TheMagicWalrus: astral sand gens break in lazy chunks some times
TheThromborax: I can't believe there isn't an easier way to do this
SAJewers: why not ring of liquid banning setup?
Firnsarwen: oh I missed the loss of the infinite sand generator... what DID Serge do?
CataclysmicReverb: Most modding just decided to take a pause once the word "netherite" was uttered
EJGRgunner: as more of this is done WITHOUT sand, though, it should be possible to just do it with sand
RebelliousUno: SAJewers mostly serge didn't have power for it
SquirrelEarl: Build a column of sand, undo
RebelliousUno: and I can't connect to the server right now
Zaghrog: There almost certainly is a better way to do this, but for Serge it wouldn't be worth the effort
SAJewers: fair, though maybe task james with that?
avi_miller: Not sergeOffByOne
Firnsarwen: Update: My Cinnamon Buns are amazing
SievertSchreibr: What project is James working on?
noSmokeFire: james is pretty comfortable with AA, right? so he might consider the ring of liquid banning
TXC2: so what is this for?
TheMerricat: can't you make sponges in this pack?
DiscordianTokkan: Oof. James' Elytra is running low
Kazman20a: would a falling square of sand clear the water?, so builders wand over the whole then update the sand ?
Koshindan: Or just make the squares smaller for next quadrant.
ExachixKitsune: Yeah maybe James can find a faster modded way to do it, and he can do one quarter in half the time
Crokoking: you can make a destruction gadget to speed this up
noSmokeFire: @TXC2 serge and suffix need a battle arena to settle their differences
Firnsarwen: @SievertSchreibr helping Serge with his project of building a giant Battle Arena for Serge's Final Confrontation with the "Villain" Suffix.
Zaghrog: Firnsarwen unsurprising. Enjoy this moment of decadence!
TheMerricat: @TXC2 battle arena for the final show down between Serge and Suffix
Dergib: do they dry faster in the nether?
TXC2: noSmokeFire ah Ok then
Atifexe: Is Mystic Agriculture in this pack?
noSmokeFire: MysAg isn't in the pack
RebelliousUno: no mysag
SievertSchreibr: @firnsarwen Tnx!
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kynafox: How many times has James fell down the hole today?
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Firnsarwen: @Zaghrog thank you!
TXC2: sand, sand! SAND!
Firnsarwen: @SievertSchreibr you're welcome!
Atifexe: No faster furnaces from that, then.
TheThromborax: leave the torches
CataclysmicReverb: What is that the sound track to?
DiabeticMaddness: i just had that talk about them fixing it with the ppl i play with lol
snowcookies: lrrFINE
TheMerricat: !soundtrack
Quillpaw: that's very satisfying to watch
TheMerricat: !album
FDR101: lrrFINE
EJGRgunner: Wait. You're going to have the streamer do the boring thing and the exciting thing done off stream?
mtgfanguy: lrrFINE
Dergib: james being a coward :P
starlitdiscord: this feels really nice
RebelliousUno: Ring of Liquid Banning wouldn't be actually too bad to build to be honest
TiberiusEsuriens: I love how tall this is that torch trick has like 4 active at once
masterfrog316: in be4 james accidently floods it
SievertSchreibr: The torch trick is so satisfying
RebelliousUno: but also risks killing the sea
fry_dx: Punch-A-Chunk: Ocean Monument Edition
TXC2: Carrot Milk?
herph: a wizards duel
Meltalar: colosseum style!
DiscordianTokkan: Serge, are you going to Bedrock?
TXC2: what's step 2?
brieandbacon: Two men enter, one man leaves?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Don't cronch the chunks.
Alahmnat: step 1) make battle arena, step 2) battle
Quillpaw: it's the ten duel commandments
ExachixKitsune: This is as deep as it is going
TiberiusEsuriens: James is Second? We're doomed Kappa
TheThromborax: Why would you choose James and not the Wither?
shaunnow: james do the sweet streamer thing and crunch this ocean monument with Serge
Meltalar: there should be seats for the viewers
sorceress966: Everything is legal in New Jersey
ExachixKitsune: it was almost 4x4 chunks
cadesguy: "the hole"
Mangledpixel: 2 people enter, Suffix leaves
ALLxISxLOST: #BlameChat
Koshindan: sergeScopeCreep
Zaghrog: James is well experienced in digging to bedrock
ExachixKitsune: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
snowcookies: James is an enabler
RonnyConcrete: What about pitch-black anti-blocks on the bottom?
FDR101: sergeScopeCreep
DiscordianTokkan: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
daemonflowers: chunk punching is in his blood
starlitdiscord: sergeScopeCreep
TheAinMAP: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
Abavus: What's that`? Bedrock? Perfect! sergeScopeCreep
rs_ls: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
brieandbacon: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Nigouki: sergeScopeCreep jlrrPunch
SquirrelEarl: Bedrock to Build Limit sergeScopeCreep
omdorastrix: *inefficiently* digging to bedrock
ContingentCat: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
jarnatan: Bedrock and roll
Nathade: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
Ktolos: I’m with James
SAJewers: punch a chunk: modded edition?
Zaghrog: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Ktolos: Bedrock
Clockwork_Penguin: Minecraft really brings out the bond villain in Serge, doesnt it
LucasTheDrgn: make that the fight, you have to each punch half the arena to bedrock
Siladuell: just bring the sea down to bedrock too
TiberiusEsuriens: James "If you didn't want to punch the chunk, why did you even ask for my help" Turner
snowcookies: james has been digging down to bedrock for 3 months now
JeremyDevoid: lower the sea floor to bedrock
Firnsarwen: I mean, Bedrock seems good.
JeremyDevoid: simple fix
skylordshadow: If you want to see the sea you could put the sea to bedrock too
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, it's Y29, it's not THAT far from bedrock... :P
Meltalar: james, serge reduced the scope creep already. he wanted to do a 6chunks x 6 chunks arena first. now it's just a 4 x4
cadesguy: ohh builders wand to place sand hm
Zaghrog: I think Serge was going for 4x4, and now it's only like 47x47
ExachixKitsune: This is actually 3x3, it was originally 4x4
TheMagicWalrus: james if you come to an ocean in the punch a chunk are you going to punch it
Quillpaw: finding a random thing in the world that makes no sense to you is truly the human experience
ExachixKitsune: except yes it's 47bx47blocks because that made a center
Pathfinder430: jlrrFall
Nigouki: spiraling down probably works better than opposite walls?
TheMerricat: how do you take fall damage in water?
FDR101: TheMerricat he hit a wall
DiabeticMaddness: no uno today??
TXC2: America is having many issues
glued_to_the_stream: Hey chat, what are we doing today?
rocketjohn: oofa
ExachixKitsune: wow rude
Nigouki: well technically America is the UK's fault
TXC2: hello glued_to_the_stream welcome
Alahmnat: I mean, you could replace "internet" with just about anything and that statement would still be true...
W4it: im in america and im around so guess not all america lol
glued_to_the_stream: sergeHi
ContingentCat: the internet is weird
Koshindan: You started with 24 sponges. How did you end with 23?
ExachixKitsune: it may also be specifically Uno->server too
ContingentCat: sergeSqueak
Bartlebad: Not using Tiny Coal, Uno would be displeased
Nigouki: sergeSqueak
cadesguy: Ah so something cut the big "Minecraft" cable
Rhonlore: what is being done right now?
rocketjohn: why don't you put a sponge under you to mine quicker?
Firnsarwen: Serge, do you have that underwater features or whatever it was, activated on your map? Supposed to make the monuments very easy to find
Quillpaw: man i just got hit with this nostalgia of early early alpha when sponge was a weird ugly dev block
thundercat2000: know the feeling...
Firnsarwen: Beacon Hill Drive In! I miss that place! <3
GapFiller: which album James?
GapFiller: wanna knw if its one Ive heard
snowcookies: enemies are spawning
wrathofwood: you mean it wasnt a mashup of Alice Cooper and Coltrane music
Kikazi: so I apologize if this is stream viewer BM, but I just saw this and can't help sharing with James:
Alahmnat: I'm really sad I'm stuck in 1.12 because of some of the mods I'm using, 'cause I'd love to have the ocean update
GapFiller: yeh Journey in Satchidananda is a good album
GapFiller: not heard it recently come to think of it
Kikazi: will do! I'll send it via discord
icesing: hey just wondering what map are you useing?
GapFiller: shd probs dig it out an give it another whirl
djalternative: A meal kit service
swaggytaco: your elytra broke
Narcuru: youre elytra is broke
Meltalar: serge had delicous pork belly the other day!
TXC2: Dig your way out! Kappa
ExachixKitsune: I did not know you could repair elytra like that
TheWormbo: James almost looks liek a professional now :)
Sarah_Margaret: You might need to equip it
fubargames: Push some emergency cows into the hole for lether?
rocketjohn: face up when you jump
ContingentCat: maybe the problem was James all along
SquirrelEarl: Serge has tons of leather that you can steal
nanostul: James levels up...
Quillpaw: we got wall spiders!
Bartlebad: Using the entire landing strip there
GenericGameCr8: That took some skill there James!
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Nauticrawl) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (2:29 from now).
RebelliousUno: Still getting packet loss
ContingentCat: @Quillpaw yeah they're fine during the day
glued_to_the_stream: Wait why are we hollowing this out again?
TheWormbo: yes, you can, they still spawn in the same locations
fry_dx: Narrator (played by Morgan Freeman): "It was, in fact, James's first rocket rodeo"
RebelliousUno: I guess I'll go set up my new Switch
Mangledpixel: Serge, vanilla structures should still generate in the same plaes
ExachixKitsune: What games do you have Uno?
RebelliousUno: I got the switch specifically to get a work out
ContingentCat: going to Cross some Animals Uno?
RebelliousUno: since I have Ringfit Adventure
DarkMorford: Uno, if you got Animal Crossing I want a friend code. :P
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun have you heard about all of the bots buying every switch possible?
Jake_The_Pirate: lrrGREED
Quillpaw: ahhh animal crossing
RebelliousUno: Yes it was a pain to buy one
SAJewers: serge: there is mod you could probably use
RebelliousUno: I had to have Amazon refreshing constantly to snag one
Firnsarwen: lrrGREED seabatBRAIN_BN seabatBRAIN_BN
RebelliousUno: Also Unpopular opinion, I'm not actually that bothered by Animal Crossing
Koshindan: What about placing the sponges down the middle and dropping sand on the side pieces after?
Peripherality: i finally just got mine today, and since i work at ups, i just took it home :D
Firnsarwen: @RebelliousUno I feel the same, honestly
TiberiusEsuriens: New Crapshot just went live. I am intensely uncomfortable....
yalc321: The latest crapshot was...something
RebelliousUno: I'm not bothered by it either Serge
Meltalar: he can't be a boshy
circusofkirkus: i would love to see adam play animal crossing though
Shiny_Platypus: thank-you everyone for being in the baground while i did an assessment for my spanish class. it was my first spoken assessment so i was really nervous. you didn't know you were helping but you all were
fry_dx: Adam plays Animal Crushing, not Animal Crossing
ContingentCat: Adam dropped by on the LRR release day Animal crossing stream and was like "what why?"
SAJewers: can you give tom nook a sidewalk slam? :P lrrADAM
Firnsarwen: @Shiny_Platypus lrrHEART
TXC2: I put it to you that Adam would be Tom nook if he could be Kappa
ninja_theory_ashrams: at this point, Nintendo is going to make more copies of Animal Crossing then there are Switches
constablecrab: You can build a wrestling ring in AC
TXC2: Shiny_Platypus lrrHEART
TiberiusEsuriens: you can, but you weren't directly centered and facing straight
DeadGunner: but can you dodge roll?
TiberiusEsuriens: you like to reach over at an angle
constablecrab: There are tables, ladders, and chairs.
fry_dx: 0-3, but 3 is very rare
Quillpaw: that's usin' your noggin, james!
Bartlebad: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
dialMforMara: I got 31 sponges from a monument
Bartlebad: Big Brain move there James
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
djalternative: I'm hoping for a showcase showdown in AC from kathleen on live this week
TXC2: !events
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Rhonlore: i still don't fully understand why we are doing this?
TXC2: Rhonlore it's to make a battle pit
Quillpaw: we're making an arena for serge and suffix to battle to the death
Rhonlore: ah
Nigouki: James is digging a hole, a water hole
Bartlebad: Battle arena for Serge to take on the dastardly Suffix
Quillpaw: alternate answer: sponge-a-chunk
ContingentCat: @Rhonlore for a really cool battle arena
aaronthemonstergamer: what modpakc u playing
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing SergeCraft 2, developed by Serifina! Get it here:
avi_miller: Shows you how time distortion is working during this whole thing that I was like, “wait.. Live is this week?
ContingentCat: James just consider this a look at what it would be to punch an ocean chunk
Shiny_Platypus: <3 TXC2
aaronthemonstergamer: what u doing
Koshindan: It seems like you're losing one sponge every square.
aaronthemonstergamer: okie
Doctor_Arsone: Hello chat
ContingentCat: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
Narcuru: wait
fry_dx: James is playing minemine
dragonbretheren: Sponge a chunk?
offbeatwitch: that is a lot of sand
Quillpaw: there's going to be something at the bottom of the hole this time
JaysonMaxwell: Finally doing that ocean chunk ya' promised kappa
TXC2: hello Doctor_Arsone welcome
Jogela: Koshindan I think he has 25+24 in rotations
avi_miller: James “Professional Hole Maker” Turner
Rhonlore: the falling sand is very satisfying
SK__Ren: Vanilla+
ExachixKitsune: It's probably a cheat for competitive punch-a-chunk but
offbeatwitch: oh man. old minecraft versions are even worse for that. pre like 1.5 there were NO mouse tweaks and it's awful
AlliterativeAlternative: isnt the point of a punch a chunk to suffer
TiberiusEsuriens: casual punch would love that. make your sorting system easier to manage, too
Quillpaw: "weeeeeee--sploosh"
aaronthemonstergamer: what version
offbeatwitch: been playing tekkit classic a little bit and yeah. inventory sucks
JaysonMaxwell: Use-ability Add-Ons are always acceptable LuvSign
TheMagicWalrus: knowing your luck you'd break a pick and it would replace it with a one health one that would break
metaldog564: what is the meta for punch-a-chunk these days?
offbeatwitch: mousewheel is the most useful one tbh
daemonflowers: seriously, why doesn't vanilla have that?
TehAmelie: it looks so weird when the sand pillars keep standing on top of the torches. how does that happen? just bugs i guess
metaldog564: what are the pros doing?
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TXC2: TehAmelie shadow blocks
Eklinaar: I always play Vanilla with InventoryTweaks, JEI, JourneyMap, Appleskin, and the Light Overlay. IMO they're essential quality-of-life improvements that don't change the core gameplay.
TehAmelie: hm
snowcookies: metaldog564 making an underwater battle arena
brughshrekman: <message deleted>bruh ur shit
aesir_blade: Does it make sense to pillar up the center of each segment and put sponges there?
JaysonMaxwell: If you go "all in on reach" with astral you can get something like +6 or so I think. It's nuts :P
Quillpaw: the bane of serge's existence
FDR101: !curse
TiberiusEsuriens: Atarka!
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove sergeModLove
daemonflowers: the curse!
StarWarsTHX1138: when does Minecraft Dungeons come out?
avi_miller: James has Haste, but Serge has Reach.
TehAmelie: long range mining. what will they think of next?
FDR101: LadyAtarka, why?!
ExachixKitsune: Whatis MC dungeons?
Alahmnat: Minecraft: Diablo basically
Eklinaar: @ExachixKitsune A Diablo-like set in the Minecraft universe.
ExachixKitsune: oh cooooool
nekodacody: hi
ContingentCat: Atarka!!
snowcookies: time to hole up caves
SeiichiSin: Goooooooooooooooood morning Chat! And also hello James.
TXC2: the caves are for when we bust through the floor Mortal kombat style Kappa
jarnatan: You see Ivan, if you punch sponge with sponge, sponge destroyed
TXC2: hello SeiichiSin welcome
TehAmelie: why are you digging to the bottom of the sea if one may ask?
ninja_theory_ashrams: must get rid of the caves, there should be no escape for suffix
Koshindan: Now Suffix has an escape cave if Serge gets the best of him in the duel.
TXC2: TehAmelie to make a battle arena
ContingentCat: find out?
ExachixKitsune: if there is, you have a water elevator
daemonflowers: do it
TehAmelie: naturally
Quillpaw: i was kind of hoping he'd do the torch trick and we'd just hear serge yelp as he started falling
mercano82: Zoom in on your map to see
Mangledpixel: you can also zoom the minimap
Wicker_Knight: Wait, why are we helping Serge fight Suffix?
snowcookies: Minecraft Battle Royale
ContingentCat: collusium style
TehAmelie: look at the satanic sigils in Doom maybe
saweeks: thunder dome
Quillpaw: definitely chiseled marble
SilentOptimist: lottsa marble
TXC2: Wicker_Knight Suffix knows what they did
ExachixKitsune: wow rude
fry_dx: The Snerge that is Suffix?
JaysonMaxwell: !hubris
CataclysmicReverb: So basically floating bits around lava floes?
Simonark: Wait, worse than Prefix?
mercano82: It needs a car you can beat up.
aerohydra: aside from that time serge crashed the server
Wolfstrike_NL: Suffix is the hero we need, Serge is the hero we got
ContingentCat: @Wicker_Knight haven't you seen what Suffix did? He made Serge build a big thing with Diorite!
Koshindan: sergeOffByOne
Minecart_rolls .
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FDR101: can we stream the serge VS suffix faceoff on next week's mine'o clock with commentary by
FDR101: james and uno
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ninja_theory_ashrams: oh, I just got excited, because I remembered that new Xcom is out in 3 days
j0xer: so you're telling me sand can fall like this but you can't chop down a tree and have it hit by gravity?
TehAmelie: "New Xcom" would be a good name for it i think
DigitalSeahorse: seabatBRAIN_BN sergeHeart sergeKappaccino sergePrideLove
rocketjohn: whaaaaat?
jackouk: Just joined and James is in a big hole. This seems normal
skull666388: Always meant to try and catch LLR streams. Now there is nothing but time.
Mangledpixel: it's a single squad with more of a character emphasis
TXC2: X-com is a game I wish I could like more :P
Wicker_Knight: no Uno today?
ContingentCat: internet troubs
TXC2: hello skull666388 welcome
ExachixKitsune: Uno had a plethora of technical issues
creasehearst: XCOM: Chimera Squad is the title
Quillpaw: sponging a hole
ContingentCat: draining a hole
TXC2: Sponge out a hole
Mangledpixel: hole creating
constablecrab: Drying a hole.
Kyir: ew
daemonflowers: draining?
NimrodXIV: ew
SquirrelEarl: Sopping a hole
dialMforMara: fixing a hole where the rain gets in
Nigouki: a hole is a hole Kappa
Koshindan: Plugging a leak.
gsyhiap: drinking a hole?
dragonbretheren: "Sponging a hole" sounds very wrong
TXC2: yeap Phrasing sure is dead eh? Kappa
TehAmelie: it's a bold move to put out a big budget game without years of advance advertising
kainboa: so, this is like a miniature specialized version of a punch'a'chunk
Didero: If you like chunks, why do you keep destroyin them then?
nanostul: Plumbers?
JaysonMaxwell: Circle =/= Chunk ... cutting corners there?
ExachixKitsune: It's also a bit circular so isn't a full chunk
ipoddodd: When's the ocean punch a chunk?
ContingentCat: it's 64 blocks side
ArcOfTheConclave: plumbing the depths?
ContingentCat: first desert punch then ocean punch
nanostul: Plumber Warz?
ninja_theory_ashrams: welcome to the totally not evil drying of the ocean
daemonflowers: would sponges be allowed in punch a chunk?
JaysonMaxwell: Ya don't need sand - just a bucket of lava and some tenacity :P
creasehearst: special rule for ocean punch-a-chunk: must clear all liquids as well
TehAmelie: water behaves so funky in Minecraft it's hard to think of this as draining the sea
Mangledpixel: sponges, but you can only place them on the top layer?
amras0x00: I thought the punchachunk rules say you'd have to use wood?
TehAmelie: build-a-chunk might be easier
TXC2: water in minecraft is more like the Creeper from the games of the same name :P
constablecrab: I used to know how to build giant pyramids with a bucket of water and a bucket of lava.
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Kiwijelly: My grandmother passed away yesterday from covid19 at age 91. We got to say goodbye thanks to her nurses setting up a zoom call for her. If you know a first line worker in this tell them they're amazing. If you are one, well, you're amazing! Thank you
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TehAmelie: filling an 18x18 area of sea would take, how many sand blocks?
Quillpaw: how to retrieve sponge
JaysonMaxwell: LavaBucket. It works, you just have to be really careful not to make obsidian.
ContingentCat: an underwater monument you raided on an adventure wednesday
NimrodXIV: <3 Kiwijelly
TehAmelie: my condolences
TXC2: Kiwijelly lrrHEART
Mangledpixel: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
malc: Kiwijelly: my condolences. lrrHEART
SergeYager: <3
Wicker_Knight: @Kiwijelly lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHEART
BoatyMcBoatfaceJr: lrrHEART
daemonflowers: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART bamHeart bamHeart lrrFRUMP
Joalni: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
CastleOtranto: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
cassaclyzm: lrrHEART
ContingentCat: @Kiwijelly lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Narcuru: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Ritaspirithntr: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MechaKuuga: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Jake_The_Pirate: lrrHEART
autumnrayne92: lrrHEART lrrHEART
GenericGameCr8: lrrHEART my condolences @Kiwijelly
StarWarsTHX1138: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: caves
lochnessseammonster: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
tehcrashxor: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Narcuru: the cave below
Mistborn83: can someone explain what exactly is going on here?
avi_miller: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DarkMorford: Now that I think about it, kiwi jelly sounds delicious. I should look into making some at some point.
Minecart_rolls .
meanderingmasquerade: hello~~
Bartlebad: You should put glass over the section Serge is soaking up to heck him up ;)
TXC2: Mistborn83 we;re digging out a battle arena
Kiwijelly: it's a good time to make preserves
TXC2: hello meanderingmasquerade welcome
Mistborn83: a battle for what?
lochnessseammonster: my sister just got back from testing... should have results tomorrow
TXC2: Mistborn83 Serge vs Suffix
ContingentCat: @Mistborn83 justice I think?
TheMoatman: It's so satisfying to watch
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Tehbeard: Such satisfying sand removal
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DigitalSeahorse: Kiwijelly arenetLove shigiHeart kathle3TRI ferociousPride sergeHeart sergeKappaccino sergePrideLove
aerohydra: a battle between serge and suffix for the fate of the server
Mistborn83: is there a back story to this battle and why does the arena have to be so big?
Mistborn83: and why in the middle of the ocean?
DigitalSeahorse: ladyhe11SnuffHEART katesHeart jcvimHearts slytqHeart slytqLewd benginHeart bunnnLove theonl45Heart
iletthedogesout: Hello chat! So we are working on the battle arena. The final confrontation happen sooon
aerohydra: theres a back story and why not, bigger is better im led to believe
JaysonMaxwell: @Mistborn83 yes - something about competing to find out who the greatest villain is? Or something lrrBEEJ
SquirrelEarl: Rich narrative of Hubris
AlchemicalPanda: Wait, you're building a battle arean... Nice!
snowcookies: something to do with thaumcraft
polaris415: harsh but true
Meltalar: he would mutate crabs normally?
daemonflowers: @Meltalar yes
lochnessseammonster: we all have our ways of coping
Quillpaw: he would, yes
TXC2: Genius and insanity are but two faces of the same coin Kappa
malc: jlrrPunch
daemonflowers: you clearly don't know serge
Abavus: CurseLit
JaysonMaxwell: lrrHORN Shots Fired
iletthedogesout: Serge and Suffix have been having a fight over corruption of the server
TehAmelie: hmm what if the ground in the arena was a bowl?
nanostul: I'm not sure genuous might not be the word I choose but...
malc: sergeFriend
ContingentCat: oh ender friend
Lily_Tiger: Watching the sand fall like that is really relaxing yvonAYAYA
Bartlebad: Hello surprise Enderman
Quillpaw: that enedermen scared the crap outta me
orbitaltuna: did they drain this manually?
Creature_Comforts: Enderman PogChamp
Meltalar: enderman!
Creature_Comforts: They used sponges
ContingentCat: @orbitaltuna with sponges yup
malc: also, don't flood stuff
orbitaltuna: then why's there so much sand?
Tehbeard: Isolation Serge seems much meaner :/ Kappa
nanostul: Imaginative would probably be more like it
Kiwijelly: volcano fortresses are played out. get yourself an ocean bowl
Creature_Comforts: James is going to crash the server with falling sand
mtgfanguy: Caught to torch handed
dotshtv: !modpack
malc: sergeFriend
malc: F
gsyhiap: F
DiscordianTokkan: RIP
Seagulyus: who will win - a giant pile of sand, or one torchy boi? (answer - one torchy boi)
starlitdiscord: oh
TheWriterAleph: boink
Creature_Comforts: LUL
SeiichiSin: GG
GenericGameCr8: F
ContingentCat: F
polaris415: F
Bartlebad: F
Alahmnat: F
dialMforMara: f
TheAinMAP: katesRip
AlliterativeAlternative: f
Abavus: katesRip
meanderingmasquerade: F
deadly_winchester: F
Meltalar: we told you!
daemonflowers: f
AlchemicalPanda: Lol
Kiwijelly: f
TXC2: James why?
starlitdiscord: F
Sarah_Margaret: *giggles*
EJGRgunner: mtgngRip
boyesie: F
NimrodXIV: you cannot in fact go farther
Quillpaw: LUL
snowcookies: f
sir_jack_DB: hello highlights lrrBEEJ
RomanGoro: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
robothehobo9: f
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
lochnessseammonster: jlrrFacepalm
daemonflowers: omg
Bartlebad: That's problematic
rocketjohn: look up, look down, the sand is an enderman
TehAmelie: how did it even get there?
avi_miller: F
DiscordianTokkan: That's going to be fun to get back too...
Ritaspirithntr: Uh oh!!
dragonbretheren: lrrFINE
Didero: !addcount death
JaysonMaxwell: "Death ... ahh ... Finds a Way"
FDR101: F F F
cassaclyzm: jlrrFacepalm
CastleOtranto: katesRip
TheWormbo: oh, so that enderman sound was not in *my* game Kappa
SquirrelEarl: This way we get to see the crabs
Wicker_Knight: The coliseum claims it's first victim?
malc: I love those crabs so much
cadesguy: excuse me why are the grabs titanic
SeiichiSin: It wasn't falling this time, but still add it to the death count.
ExachixKitsune: !UPTIME
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:27:56.
Bartlebad: Guess James is done helping
dotshtv: What is the modpack
TXC2: the crab dancing eases the pain
orbitaltuna: why are the crabs so big
TehAmelie: giant crab dancer, dancing for money
meanderingmasquerade: woah~! giants crabs~~!!!!!
mtgfanguy: Rip
TXC2: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing SergeCraft 2, developed by Serifina! Get it here:
malc: jlrrFall
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAHA
Alahmnat: roflmao
Lily_Tiger: F
iletthedogesout: hahha
NimrodXIV: good idea!
starlitdiscord: F
Wicker_Knight: 2nd victim
TheWriterAleph: F gennaLUL
SeiichiSin: Never mind. That one was fall damage.
Nigouki: perfection
ContingentCat: F
Kiwijelly: f
Milambus: who didnt see that coming?
ManWithThePlans: jlrrFall
JaysonMaxwell: jlrrFall jlrrFacepalm jlrrFall
gsyhiap: NotLikeThis
boyesie: F
snowcookies: lol Serge
dragonbretheren: That was just a proof of concept test for the arena, right?
daemonflowers: the crabs are giant because of lightning
ExachixKitsune: That's such a good clip
cassaclyzm: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFall
RomanGoro: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFall jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
TheAinMAP: sergeFall katesRip
Aarek: sergeFall
polaris415: jlrrFall jlrrFall jlrrFall jlrrFall
Koshindan: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
mtgfanguy: lrrFINE
avi_miller: sergeFall sergeFall
JeremyDevoid: serge was ready for the TP thats why he was not on the ground
ninja_theory_ashrams: lrrJAMES_SQ lrrJAMES_SQ lrrJAMES_SQ
lochnessseammonster: lrrJAMES_SQ
1losttheGame: lrrFINE lrrFINE
TehAmelie: that's what a telefrag looks like when you don't die, huh
Quillpaw: lrrJAMES_SQ
Didero: Once they get a taste for blood, they're dangerous
boyesie: where did the enderman come from?
Jake_The_Pirate: lrrJAMES_SQ
Koshindan: Correlation does equal casualties.
starlitdiscord: lrrJAMES_SQ
SAJewers: I thought Steved moved to Dawnguard?
NimrodXIV: James has pearls?
cadesguy: what does a jamespearl do when you throw it
SAJewers: Steve*
Count_Nodonora: Never justify bullies, it's not your fault, they need anger management if they get violent when you just look at them.
ContingentCat: lrrJAMES_SQ
CataclysmicReverb: An Enderfolk for a James
Jake_The_Pirate: it is very late, I made a flat Graham and a flat Adam emote before I got it right
malc: lol, jake
Jake_The_Pirate: lrrGRAHAM_SQ lrrJAMES_SQ lrrADAM_SQ
bigpuppystuart: An eye for an eye and a toothless leaves the world blind and toothless
Alahmnat: flat beard squad
avi_miller: @cadesguy It teleports you 100 blocks above where it lands.
cadesguy: @avi_miller LUL
bigpuppystuart: that would sound wiser if i knew how to type
malc: whoops
TehAmelie: lrrJAMES_EB how about a new James, after the old one got squished?
cadesguy: uh oh
TehAmelie: water flows down slower than sand collapses, is that weird?
Wicker_Knight: weird for a simulation, or weird for minecraft?
sir_jack_DB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Nauticrawl) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (1:56 from now).
swaggytaco: its not a bug
Wicker_Knight: I don't think they consider it a bug
edmaffei: I just got here, what are they doing?
glitched_goddess: Watching it fall is amazingly pretty
ContingentCat: it's been around so long I don't think it's a bug
badpandabear: It's in bedrock, so I doubt they'll change it
Seagulyus: water falls one block every tick but thigns start falling at a tick and continue to fall
Lightningbro: Yeah, that's a deliberate change, it didn't originally do that.
TehAmelie: sand and gravel is supposed to be unstable elements i guess
ContingentCat: like using a door for air
Milambus: Just because its not a bug doesnt mean they wont change it.
daemonflowers: like ladders stopping wate
TXC2: there would be backlash if they took it out
swaggytaco: why would they chose to make their game worse for no reason tho
dangerous_safety: minecraft players start whinning when exploits get taken away
JaysonMaxwell: Never Forget the Sand Generators - it took them years to fully kill those, and they WANTED to fix it.
CaptainSpam: Wait... is Serge getting James to build the deathmatch arena?
orbitaltuna: crab battle
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glued_to_the_stream: Seven months! That’s almost one week!
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cadesguy: just mod it back in
AlliterativeAlternative: mortal combat
EJGRgunner: Feels like it should be magical combat
SquareDotCube: TNT only
Koshindan: A battle of wits.
SquirrelEarl: Dimensional Rifts and Lightning bolts
Bartlebad: Slap Fight?
omdorastrix: Spleef?
TehAmelie: potions only?
ipoddodd: Fists
CaptainSpam: I mean, we should do it the traditional Minecraft way, Spleef.
SAJewers: wood swords?
noSmokeFire: TNT battleship
CataclysmicReverb: So fists
ninja_theory_ashrams: slappers only, no odd job
gsyhiap: Falling from high places, wait, no, that's James' specialty
Zaghrog: Would it be easy to fix? If yes, you'd think they would've fixed it by now
JaysonMaxwell: Obsidian barrel with TNT flying machines :D
ExachixKitsune: We not doing that weird snow game?
creasehearst: Suffix is probably gonna show up with the best weapons and armor possible, he is the supervillain according to Serge
JaysonMaxwell: Alternatively - railgun and minecarts.
Zaghrog: Unless they don't care to fix it
TheWriterAleph: CRAB BATTLE
elah806: Serge, you know if you try to insist on low power Suffix will sneak in something high power, and then you'll have a knife in a gun fight
rocketjohn: i think there should be spawners
SAJewers: someone on one of serge's community servers has a sword with i think sharpness 30?
Ritaspirithntr: I don’t crabs are hostile
orbitaltuna: the splash zone?
Koshindan: How many squids has Serge killed by draining the squares?
Bartlebad: A platform like from Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power
Wicker_Knight: What would Serge's Jojo Stand be?
ContingentCat: you can't have a battle arena with no crowd
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Meltalar: we have a cave underneath, let mobs wander in during battles!
Wicker_Knight: Suffix's would be Thaumic Purple
Milambus: I think Stands would be overpowered in a battle
Mistborn83: how is serge removing the water?
SeiichiSin: This no fall damage thing must be a bug for James.
SilentOptimist: you're gonna need a vomitorium!
Quillpaw: james's stand is definitely big giant circles
snowcookies: sponges Mistborn
Seagulyus: SeiichiSin I think its something to do with the rocket he uses to fly around?
Kyir: Digging holes in the sea is so satisfying
Milambus: @Quillpaw sounds about right
TXC2: the point is we appreciate it !
TXC2: Kappa
orbitaltuna: ah so this is the drying machine
SeiichiSin: Nah, it is some wings he has. Basically a glider cape I believe.
gsyhiap: We do appear to be winning this particular fight against the sea
Zaghrog: SeiichiSin Slime boots prevent falling damage
ContingentCat: gesundheit
Seagulyus: Zaghrog ahhh I've not heard of those
Zaghrog: Elytra would also help
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun are you going to be making box seats for the VIPs?
lochnessseammonster: classic
Nefarious_Ned: It's James, he always finds a way to fall to his death.
Quillpaw: wow, poor uno
snowcookies: and one for Uno?
ContingentCat: yeaaah
DevInsanity: Yeah. He had a salad and everything
NimrodXIV: MArch is over, it's fine
steelfox13: It's just a box, that we put James in
TXC2: slime boots are minecraft's cruellest mistake
Mistborn83: Does that make Adam Brutus?
Alahmnat: depends on which Caesar
DarkMorford: Yeah, they named a salad after him!
ipoddodd: He died surrounded by friends
snowcookies: like a knife to the back
Milambus: He does have a month named after him
malc: Et Tuno?
SeiichiSin: Gravity is your Brutis.
TehAmelie: most caesars were not assassinated i'm pretty sure
EJGRgunner: For many of the Caesars, yes, it worked out fine
gsyhiap: Et tu, Uno
ExachixKitsune: malc : 10/10
TXC2: Creser did die surrounded by friends Kappa
djalternative: @DarkMorford they didn't actually
Bartlebad: Who would be Cicero?
orbitaltuna: one day there'll be a salad dressing named after james
lochnessseammonster: @malc sergeJustRight
nanostul: It's canon
ninja_theory_ashrams: Biggus Dickus
Alahmnat: would Cam be insulted by being cast as Cicero?
aerohydra: and a birth procedure for that matter
ContingentCat: we did it! it being 80% of it
orbitaltuna: incontinentia
Koshindan: Leave a message for Serge in torches?
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AlliterativeAlternative: we will name a salad after you james
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Bartlebad: So, remembering that Enderman from earlier. Would kinda suck if it grabbed a block of glass and flooded the arena
raven534: So James gets.... dressing and a contraceptive?
TXC2: so who the Mark Antony of LRR?
Jogela: It is going to a king-of-a-hill
DigitalSeahorse: shigiSurprise
Abavus: First try
DigitalSeahorse: shigiSide
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Radjack: Onward to beating the server villan; Serge!
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omdorastrix: Carrots, Milk...
Nefarious_Ned: Lots of things!
DigitalSeahorse: shigiSide shigiLightR
ContingentCat: um?
malc: "Lots of things!"
CataclysmicReverb: gravy
NimrodXIV: hurk
ContingentCat: oh no
gsyhiap: Weird veg but ok
TXC2: Simic slaw?
Kikazi: Could you use water to wash the torches away faster/easier?
malc: gsyhiap: lol
ContingentCat: what
glued_to_the_stream: Lots of things!!
Mangledpixel: bleargh
FDR101: @LoadingReadyRun you should totally stream the battle on next week's MoC with live commentary by James and Uno.
EJGRgunner: ew
meanderingmasquerade: ewww
Quillpaw: yeah i gotta agree that james salad is just the simic slaw
djalternative: Again. Ceasar salad isn't named after Julius or Agustus Ceasar
meisbored: would try
CosmicDot: no cattor milk?
TXC2: Reminder: James is a monster
CaptainSpam: I've tried Sandwich Spread. It... sort of tastes like a sandwich version of thousand island dressing, if that makes sense. Not bad.
DiscordianTokkan: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That appears to be some sort of sidewalk slam.
TreeVor84: jlrrFacepalm
TehAmelie: what would your roman emperor name be if you can't say Biggus Dickus?
Koshindan: Gummy worms. The best protein.
MadameAdversary: Yeah, sounds like Simic Slaw
CosmicDot: *carrot
thetoastmonster: he doesn't deny it
Bartlebad: Congratulations, I can go home from work for I am now sick
SeiichiSin: What gave it away Serge?
rocketjohn: would you like some toothpaste on that as well, you monster?
EJGRgunner: So I guess James doesn't do the cooking at home
DiabeticMaddness: what simic salde???
ContingentCat: It's going to take more that a week to get this ready
AlchemicalPanda: Go to his stream and do it :)
raven534: CTS Minecraft Gladiators
ContingentCat: this SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY
Abavus: That battle not-a-dome
Koshindan: It's more of a battle cylinder.
Alahmnat: the Battle Cylinder
SilentOptimist: i'm keeping that recipe in mind for next Desert Bus
omdorastrix: Mor e like a Battle-Cylinder
malc: spongin' spongin' spongin' spongin'
ExachixKitsune: I think you'll be surprised how much serge gets done on his streams
UnnnaturalD20: now that Serge said it ya'll need to put a glass dome on top
aerohydra: James Turner, Famous Youtuber Memorial Battle Dome
stinkydeelux01: it has lots of things in it
Mangledpixel: Spongeons and Dragons
SmithKurosaki: It was nice of James to help you with the arena serge
ExachixKitsune: I have no doubts this will be done in time
Koshindan: It's the opposite of a glass of water. A glass of battle.
Alahmnat: the programmer's mantra
Alahmnat: "it takes longer once"
ContingentCat: And now without the torches we have a mob farm
TehAmelie: hmm should the spectators be bottled in under the water?
TheElrad: @LoadingReadyRun you put your torches into the shulker instead of sand
bigpuppystuart: "We spent weeks building this arena and the combatant summoned creepers and ruined it in minutes. Now i have to destroy them both, for real" James commentating the battle.
EJGRgunner: At THIS point, there should be enough sand to use a builder's wand
lochnessseammonster: and it was faster
Bartlebad: Drr Drr Drr
DiscordianTokkan: Hahah
meanderingmasquerade: NO
SK__Ren: Drrrrrr
EJGRgunner: Drrr
tehcrashxor: Drrrrrrrrr
Quillpaw: i believe it's a manga actually
ExachixKitsune: X to doubt
djalternative: Drrrrrrrrrr
avi_miller: Manga not Anime Serge
Bartlebad: Curse of the Amigara Fault
Kyir: Creepy manga that deserves a read
SK__Ren: A very Iconic story by Junji Ito
TXC2: !addquote (James) [now] Beej said it, it has to be funny.
LRRbot: New quote #6910: "Beej said it, it has to be funny." —James [2020-04-21]
ContingentCat: it's an Anime Serge hasn't read yet
omdorastrix: It's the Manga equivalent of a creepy-pasta
Alahmnat: remember, Serge can read anime
djalternative: Wasn't it technically in the junji ito anime last year?
Jondare: Oh, i thought that was a Steven Universe reference
DigitalSeahorse: weird SIDEMOUTH noises
TehAmelie: i've never seen James aim so carefully as when placing sponges. how rare are they?
TXC2: ha ha, Chat goes drrrrrr Kappa
LordMortus: Hello from within my own Minecraft world :)
Bartlebad: He has reach from Astral Sorcery, no?
raven534: Serge has REACH?
TXC2: hello LordMortus welcome
gsyhiap: Serge has longer arms?
TXC2: Reading is tech kappa
TheWriterAleph: reading the Serge explains the Serge
snowcookies: !findquote reach
LRRbot: Quote #5098: "Just reach in behind me! Mind the goo." —Beej, as Carfax™ Seagull [2018-06-25]
Quillpaw: remember kids, gemrazer has reach!
brieandbacon: It's okay, James has flample
ContingentCat: Reading the Serge explains the Serge
Bartlebad: Reading the Serge explains the Serge
BlightningHelix: Reading the Serge explains surprisingly very little about the Serge
TehAmelie: ten blocks of reach, i believe. he can block creatures with ten-tuple flying
ContingentCat: @Bartlebad nice drift
Koshindan: Save the squids. :(
avi_miller: Isn’t reach redundant when Serge has flying?
gsyhiap: TheWriterAleph - not even Serge reads the Serge
nanostul: That is such a flavor fail.... you should have squished all the water out of those wet sponges
CaptainSpam: See, this would be more hilarious if Suffix were also helping build the arena. Kappa
Mistborn83: how many squid had to die for this battle
Mistborn83: can we make a sign in remembereance
ContingentCat: physics is weird Serge
lochnessseammonster: sergeCounting
gsyhiap: CaptainSpam - "helping"
raven534: Coastal wizards?
Quillpaw: in kayfabe we blame suffix
orbitaltuna: of the coast? or are we too far out
steelfox13: of the coast
daemonflowers: suffix the wizard?
TehAmelie: if they wanted to be realistic sponges should not absorb more than their volume of water
CaptainSpam: @gsyhiap No, no, that would be the hilarious part, legit helping. :-P
TXC2: Suffixs of the coast?
ExachixKitsune: Abort!
Funky_Abigail: I just tuned in, and I have no idea what's going on here.
Shiny_Platypus: captainspam? any relation to the KoL captainspam?
ContingentCat: again!
UnnnaturalD20: many squids died for the plans of thos battle station
lochnessseammonster: jlrrFacepalm
CaptainSpam: @Shiny_Platypus The same.
RebelliousUno: you can totally rush this
gsyhiap: CaptainSpam - the hilarious part is only finding the sabotage later
RebelliousUno: you just refuse to Kappa
Shiny_Platypus: well hey there!
DiscordianTokkan: Dang, James;s Elytra is almost broken again
snowcookies: Squids are creepy and deserve to die
Mistborn83: I feel like there should be some sort of memorial for the squid that died
TXC2: !addquote (Serge) [now] I like to think of sponging as Minecraft golf.
LRRbot: New quote #6911: "I like to think of sponging as Minecraft golf." —Serge [2020-04-21]
CaptainSpam: E-zed P-zed.
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun why not go golfing with your friends on CTS
Taylorton147: heyo
Shiny_Platypus: long time no see! you technically still owe me a haiku ;-)
Jogela: Rules?!?!?!
Mistborn83: James what is your handicap?
CaptainSpam: I probably owe a lot of people a haiku... :-P
Milambus: Golf with Friends would be a good game yea
TXC2: hello Taylorton147 welcome
fry_dx: Rule 1: No infecting
SAJewers: i'd watch james golf
TXC2: hello Shiny_Platypus welcome
daemonflowers: i feel like golf is a sport that would be easy to play 6 feet apart
Taylorton147: at this rate i cant wait to get out, and im not even that social
gsyhiap: You must always stay at least 6 feet away from your golf ball Kappa
TearsOfQueso: The golf course behind my house already re opened and the biggest new rule from what i can see is no golf carts lol
RebelliousUno: don't lick things
ag30fru1n616: your elytra just broke
ContingentCat: no carts
BlightningHelix: I miss going to the driving range.
fry_dx: When lockdown is lifted I'm gonna say "oh, neat" and continue sitting in my basement flat playing videogames
raven534: Get TWO golf carts, forehead
Mistborn83: What is your average score in in golf? And have you ever had a hole in one?
EJGRgunner: Yah, no golf carts reduces the number of shared surfaces.
ThinksTooMuch: Either no carts, or everyone gets their own cart
TXC2: fry_dx right?
snowcookies: dry your sponges
ArcticAtlantic: what if you were assigned an individual golf kart with 2 metre long sticks poking out in each direction
djalternative: get seven golf carts and constantly jump between them at speed
BodaciousNia: you walk.... to play golf.. is that .. normal?
combatwombativ: is fixing elytra with leather a vanilla thing?
nanostul: A perfectly good walk ruined!
bigpuppystuart: try golfing with a sword. then everything is a slice
Milambus: yes serge, he just died twice
RebelliousUno: no
Mistborn83: makin it rain
Wicker_Knight: was
BodaciousNia: what is it now?
Funky_Abigail: What are you building?
djalternative: a murder hole
swaggytaco: phantom membranes or mending
atc927: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:49:50.
Milambus: a hole. in the sea.
ag30fru1n616: put elytra on
ExachixKitsune: I like james using serge's bridge
dumbflanders: hello
atc927: Fffff...... I've missed more than half of the stream...
Mangledpixel: James, equip your elytra!
TehAmelie: an extra grande murder hole
raven534: Do you tell all the gladiators to go die in a hole?
FDR101: and that somebody is lrrSERGE
snowcookies: the person who dies has a username starting with an S
gsyhiap: Somebody with a name beginning with 'S'... sergeThinking
Taylorton147: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:50:28.
Taylorton147: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Nauticrawl) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (1:38 from now).
Alahmnat: as a treat
ContingentCat: Serge can have a little break, as a treat
atc927: I arrive, and he's going on a break...
fry_dx: 3 and a bit moments
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
DigitalSeahorse: sergeHeart sergeKappaccino sergePrideLove
mtgfanguy: Who will die. Find out next week on mine I’clock
Alahmnat: time to make a sandwich
ExachixKitsune: I'm in the middle of ffxiv crafting! I can't take a break
nanostul: Mamma James?
ArcticAtlantic: james may not be our mum but lrrbot sure is
Seagulyus: hey quick question since james and serge on are break anyway; anyone else having problems opening discord right now?
Seagulyus: both the site and the app are just loading endlessly for me
snowcookies: new crapshot is up if you want something to watch while breaking
ArcticAtlantic: it's working for me but i've had it open for a while @Seagulyus
daemonflowers: @snowcookies it's certainly... interesting
snowcookies: yup
donuts_are_holy: lrrJAMES_TK lrrJAMES_TK lrrJAMES_TK
Taylorton147: so what is serge craft exactly, is it just serges server?
ExachixKitsune: !modpack
LRRbot: Current Minecraft modpack: James, Uno and Serge are currently playing SergeCraft 2, developed by Serifina! Get it here:
malc: taylorton147: it's a custom modpack made by Serifina for Serge
fry_dx: I hope Serge has continued digging as was instructed :P
Taylorton147: cheers gang
TXC2: Crapshots are for AFTER the stream, like a dessert Kappa
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chuckaw1977: Love to watch you guys minecraft. Hope you stay safe and healthy
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TheAinMAP: katesAir
TXC2: and we're back
malc: btw, no music during break. dunno if that was intentional
TheMoatman: Serge did cut off a child's ear
Milambus: I thought Serge was Dawn Guard now?
fry_dx: Serge is a cute fluffy monster, like a Pokemon
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:56:32.
TXC2: TheMoatman hockey was involved, that's different
bigpuppystuart: yes the commercials take over everything
RebelliousUno: Comercial overrides the stream
DavidHighfrost: i just have to tell you all that i blame you guys that i have bought minecraft and am playing the sergecraft mod and that my free time seems to be gone ;)
djalternative: anybody who doesn't see the commercials is also probably paying you already
ipoddodd: Is this anti scope creep?
fry_dx: All We Need Is Gravel
omdorastrix: Battle is a "Build Battle"
raven534: Not in the ground, Serge
Bartlebad: You still need to build the viewing stands
Wolfstrike_NL: 1 half diamond, 1 half diorite for serge vs sufix?
Abavus: jamieOhjeez
swaggytaco: whats your elytra names?
CataclysmicReverb: 6 fathoms under :D
swaggytaco: named
fry_dx: He's talking about Serge, But A Crab, not Serge
chuckaw1977: lrrFINE
Taylorton147: so what are they trying to build?
Quillpaw: Taylorton147 a big hole
TXC2: a battle arena
skylordshadow: Now serge just needs to clip that and set it as his ringtone for you
FDR101: it's gonna be great
djalternative: yeah. he's talking about crab serge not human serge
swaggytaco: is serge paying you?
TheMoatman: A collaborator
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP_EB
Creature_Comforts: D:
Quillpaw: you killed him!!! D:
amras0x00: mega torches prevent slime spawns
amras0x00: and you'll want a mega torch here anyway
TXC2: Serge has Interns?
Milambus: There is a reason Tony Stark stopped making weapons...
rs_ls: exposure to Suffix?
creasehearst: so far james has been paid in huge crabs and leather for repairs
GrunkusDunkus: stop exposing yourself to James
mystery_monkey: hello
noSmokeFire: brain = sponge + slime?
TXC2: hello mystery_monkey welcome
fubargames: What are you doing to that poor ocean?
Nigouki: noSmokeFire basically yeah
TXC2: noSmokeFire you're not wwrong
Last1031: I think there should be a cornucopia from the hunger games in the center of the arena to provide powerful weapons
FDR101: Have at it, I N T E R N
Taylorton147: on a sort of tangent, my new ram should be here tomorrow and should help fix my computer so i can get back on minecraft
chuckaw1977: You need a gigaloo in the center
noSmokeFire: serge sleeping while james works smh
Foxmar320: Why are we draining the ocean? Did the ocean try and fight Serge again?
noSmokeFire: serge made a preemptive attack on the sea
fry_dx: Yo same
aerohydra: battle arena with suffix
FDR101: a gigaloo won't fit in here
raven534: What an offhand comment
RebelliousUno: there wasn't always an offhand it's true
Milambus: @Foxmar320 because its there
Quillpaw: no we're fighting the ocean so we can fight suffix
snowcookies: James is a Minecraft hipster
nanostul: Such an offhanded comment...
TheWriterAleph: you should make a dome in the middle and fill it with water
dangerous_safety: i always forget serge is relatively new to minecraft
Kikazi: water to quickly remove torches?
HarrowHall: never thought to try to rapidly lay down a torch under sand like that... this changes everything
noSmokeFire: james has been into minecraft since it was underground
DigitalSeahorse: raven534 xD
mercano82: Minecraft is, what, 10 years old?
cassaclyzm: The concept of "there is an end to this game" feels new to me even though it's been around for like 8+ years
TXC2: I mean, I've been WATCHING James play minecraft for like 5 years now :P
Ritaspirithntr: Did...did surge not know about that?
Count_Nodonora: In September this year, I will have been playing minecraft for 10 years.
FDR101: W E ' R E D O N E
djalternative: I think I've been around since 1.6.7?
TheyThemPronouns: okay, I've been out of it for a while. what's this about off hand?
Kikazi: i remember playing alpha
Quillpaw: re-serge-ence
Ritaspirithntr: The technique has been used since the dawn of release!
SquareDotCube: Minecraft is the game that keeps on giving, literally
TXC2: TheyThemPronouns there used to not be an offhand in the game, it was just right hand only
FDR101: 3.25 stacks
Funky_Abigail: I hate sand. It's gritty and course, and it gets everywhere.
mercano82: Cue the Star Trek fight music
SK__Ren: I discovered Minecraft through the Bay12 Forums for Dwarf Fortress when it was in Beta. All my initial builds were little 3x3 alcoves and 1x2 hallways lol
GrunkusDunkus: oh my
djalternative: maybe I came in just at the very tail end of 1.5.2
Alahmnat: try not to think about the fact that left-click activates your right hand and right-click activates your left hand
martypunker: I just got here and uuhhhh, what is this?
GrunkusDunkus: that's astounding
chuckaw1977: Gigaloo!!!
FDR101: first do the ground and make it something besides gravel
AlchemicalPanda: Lava pit trap
Foxmar320: I built an entire underwater base without sponges.
AlchemicalPanda: Punji sticks
fry_dx: Upside down gigaloo?
mercano82: cactus
daemonflowers: there should be traps
AlchemicalPanda: Make it a ready fighting ring
Foxmar320: Sponges are for lazy people. :P
skylordshadow: serge you should put levels with elevators
UnnnaturalD20: concentric lava moats
Foxmar320: James you saw my underwater base on the crew server. No sponges
SilentOptimist: the arena could all be underwater, stands and all
combatwombativ: I like traps
nanostul: I thought sponges - were lazy people
Abavus: Lava theme for sure
Taylorton147: is it just the 2 of them on this server?
fry_dx: Multiple GLASS levels :P
avi_miller: All I can see is a face
daemonflowers: glass
SquirrelEarl: Looking at it, I am reminded of a globe
AlchemicalPanda: Although, if You make it lava... James will die in it during construction
TheWormbo: sponges are renewable through spawner changers and mob spawners in SergeCraft, but they are can't be farmed through soul cages
chuckaw1977: lava floor with glass above it
avi_miller: Going D:
TheWriterAleph: now fill it with water!
rocketjohn: floors made entirely of elevators
JaysonMaxwell: "Glass Floors - multiple layers, TNT chess, Lava basement"
SquareDotCube: Yagerdyne 2.0
rocketjohn: so that people can go up and down quickly
Bartlebad: Make it a full on Battle Bots arena
Wolfstrike_NL: diorite floor :P
RebelliousUno: multilevel spleef areana
FDR101: M O D E R N G L A D I T O R I A L A R E N A
Taylorton147: lava would be hard to clean up, arrows deal with themself
Mangledpixel: or like the environment from the Running Man, destroyed buildings and such
Kyir: This isn't even Suffix's final form!
starlitdiscord: the floor falls away!
TheyThemPronouns: I guess I don't know what off hand is. Obvs a secondary equip, but, like right click? ( Should probably just look it up ;) )
djalternative: Spleef it up!
beowuuf: You're fighting for the world. Make the floor look like a map, then glass for every level above it.
Milambus: I think WCW did a PPV like this...
Kyir: Fill it with lava!
bigpuppystuart: fill it with lava
nanostul: Fill it with LAVA
daemonflowers: LAVA
RealitySoldier: My first version was probably 1.8.1 beta, I think it wasn't so long after/before they introduced either end or nether. Was mostly exploring at that point, or making fancy layered boxes :P
Bartlebad: That, but with Lava
SAJewers: fill it with another liquid?
omdorastrix: Spleef with randomized TNT droppers
RebelliousUno: spleef yes
Koshindan: Fill the bottom with water and squids for spectators.
Foxmar320: spleef is fun
TXC2: hell yes spleef!
cassaclyzm: Spleef is a uniquely minecraftian sport
combatwombativ: fill it with pressure plate traps
starlitdiscord: spleef!!!
CaptainSpam: No, that's the thrilling conclusion! After Serge defeats Suffix, Suffix's dying move is to break the arena and flood it with Serge inside!
TheGiantHobbit: viewer boxes in the water outside for the different stages?
SAJewers: what was the one mindcrack would do with the vine tower?
bigpuppystuart: or fill it with creepers and try to knock people into the sea of creepers
malc: just fill the arena with rifts
AlchemicalPanda: James... fill it with traps when Serge isn't there.
Bartlebad: Ensure the antagonist's demise
martypunker: Wait, is this a battle arena for Serge vs Suffix?
Foxmar320: Wait Serge is the hero? Have you seen his volcano of death?
daemonflowers: maybe uno could build the traps?
snowcookies: you could be an anti-hero
TheWormbo: it would be a great heel turn
CaptainSpam: The death volcano was a different world, and thus non-canon. Kappa
theambivalentagender: It's the "murdering a murderer makes you a murderer" argument all over again
combatwombativ: not death traps, traps that only deal a couple damage
RebelliousUno: it'll be filled with Chickens to be honest
Milambus: The greatest evil can not be killed, only banished or trapped for a time
UnnnaturalD20: that is of the dark forces that corrupted suffix would let him fight fairly
omdorastrix: Order VS Chaos Spleef
circusofkirkus: fill it with giant crabs
JaysonMaxwell: A Multi-layered puzzle. At the bottom - a Wither :D
quietcat: make it like the arena in Tron: Legacy
aerohydra: redstone rigged TNT to blow at particular times
beowuuf: game of death, bruce ;lee style
martypunker: That also sounds like something a bad guy would do.
Kyir: That makes Serge seem like the final boss, who is usually the villain Kippa
DentedPockets: Fill the pit with lava, and play spleef over top, only the most extreme forms of combat
Milambus: No.. the Hero goes on the journey, not the villian
FDR101: sergeScopeCreep
RebelliousUno: and what happens if suffix doesn't make it through
Tehbeard: 3 days? plenty of time for scope creep!
Angnor33: James, rig the entire arena to explode and kill both of them...
mrMorphius: Bring in a blaze spawner?
BodaciousNia: What do you guys think of the new RTX stuff for minecraft?
omdorastrix: Spleef over Zombie Pit spleef over Wither, generated when senses daylight
martypunker: James basically just described the premise of about 98% of all video games.
TXC2: Milambus Avengers 3 says hi Kappa
ExachixKitsune: Serge is the hero we need, James is the hero we deserve
snowcookies: James was the server mastermind
SpikySpahgetti: Hmmm I can’t figure out how to sub with prime on mobile.
TXC2: SpikySpahgetti you can't
SpikySpahgetti: Rip
RebelliousUno: you might want a beacon
JaysonMaxwell: Wait - with those lightning tridents you could make an army of charged-creepers :D
amras0x00: multi-level spleef sounds fun
SquareDotCube: Spleef, but can we put silverfish into the blocks?
skylordshadow: doesnt it break snow instantly?
Foxmar320: Most spleef use enchanted tools to insta break the floor
DentedPockets: @squareDotCube Yes!
Angnor33: But will the charged Trident just make Suffix bigger?
RebelliousUno: Glass and a good pick?
combatwombativ: throw lightning at each other!
swaggytaco: ooo ice spleef
RebelliousUno: ice and a regular pick actually might do it
SpikySpahgetti: @txc2 lord bezos has failed me
Mistborn83: can you and serge battle real quick to test it out?
Mangledpixel: most spleef arenas do, Serge
RebelliousUno: Snow is fine
Foxmar320: Ice
RebelliousUno: something that breaks fast
chuckaw1977: TNT Run
martypunker: I'm sorry, I have no idea what this "spleef" is. It sounds rude.
starlitdiscord: slime!
RebelliousUno: not packed ice
RealitySoldier: glass and pick!
ExachixKitsune: Is there a better modded spleef block?
dragonbretheren: wood floor, a fire starts in the center
Creideiki_SE: @martypunker
quietcat: ah yes, the boom box
RebelliousUno: Spleef is basically one of the oldest Minecraft games
chuckaw1977: Dirt Dirt Milk Dirt Milk Dirt Milk
Dashiell: Could be a labyrinth
fubargames: Have chests with different levels of enchanted shovels that are in places that are risky to go?
martypunker: Gotcha.
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RebelliousUno: Often you fill the bottom with lava
martypunker: Three rockets each.
Pathfinder430: 3 firework rockets for 3 lives/bo3
ExachixKitsune: lava
SK__Ren: Lava
Nigouki: lava
rocketjohn: spawners
Pathfinder430: I guess that would be bo5
Mangledpixel: if you have a recovery thing, then there should be some pre-made holes to aim for
SK__Ren: Or, Liquid Death
swaggytaco: fire doggos
malc: llama
thundershot879: resonance ender
Bartlebad: Oh, you can also have ladders, but then that's risky if the opponent has a bow
Mistborn83: salad dressing?
FDR101: @LoadingReadyRun slime blocks
snowcookies: friendship]
RebelliousUno: punji sticks
SquirrelEarl: T5 Ghast Spawners
RomanGoro: blood?
skylordshadow: make multiple layers of snow
cassaclyzm: Sometimes you can have different materials so they take different amounts of time to get dug up
Ktolos: Spiked
CrazymattCaptain: death lasers
Nenluen: does sergecraft have spikes?
starlitdiscord: taint liquid!
Mistborn83: tears?
omdorastrix: Random TNT droppers
ExachixKitsune: fire dogs!
Ktolos: Spikes
djalternative: Molten metal?
SniperPumpkin: coat the bottom in pungie sticks
Kazman20a: angry piggmen
Milambus: you dont fill the pit... break through the bedrock
RealitySoldier: I initially thought spleef arena used blocks falling underneath you
Mangledpixel: liquid hot llamas
jdkirkham03: lava edged creeper
CataclysmicReverb: What about: liquid taint?
SilentOptimist: make it a smeltery filled with molen gold!!!
Angnor33: I feel like Suffix is just going to show up with a wand and encase Serge in Bedrock.
CataclysmicReverb: For poetic justice
starlitdiscord: liquid taint liquid taint
chuckaw1977: fire bats
JaysonMaxwell: knock-back shovels?
omdorastrix: @SergeYager Randomized TNT droppers
thundershot879: liquid ender pearls
ipoddodd: Blood
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djalternative: Liquid emerald made from melting villagers?
kanadinbacon221: howdy yall
lochnessseammonster: maybe a couple little lava pools so falling in certain areas are more sudden deathy than others?
TXC2: if you have liquid taint consult your Doctor
JaysonMaxwell: RNG has choosen, creepers it it :D
TXC2: hello kanadinbacon221 welcome
combatwombativ: also give each person a knockback weapon
ExachixKitsune: Warning; creepers will break the glass around the edge and flood the arena
Nigouki: watch it blow a hole in the wall and flood the whole thing again
ipoddodd: Skeletons, to shoot through the holes
skylordshadow: can you make a charged creeper spawner?
Nigouki: James, you have one job
thundershot879: lrrHEART
TheAwkes: And when a creeper breaks the glass...
SAJewers: ah, finally found what it was called, King of the Ladder:
JaysonMaxwell: Creeper disappeared?
Nigouki: *had
Ktolos: Goodbye creeper
SmithKurosaki: Creeper gone
Taylorton147: creeper gone
Taylorton147: you had one job james
Amosff: cheer100 but what if, bits
EJGRgunner: cheer50 I just noticed that you'd gotten no bits today. That seemed outrageous. Bonus meme:
painterskies: JAMES
Taylorton147: thats what i said
glued_to_the_stream: Creeper aww man
omdorastrix: That;'s a sacrifice we're willing to make
LordMortus: I made an underwater base similar to this on a server and was only told about sponges half way through building it :)
swaggytaco: just mob bag them from your farm?
kainboa: isn't there some way to make blocks unbreakable in thaumcraft?
TheWormbo: it would have to be within 32 blocks to not despawn
Wicker_Knight: yes
Narcuru: A-mos-ef-ef?
werebears_arms: how about a good old fashion Hoe down, you both have a wooden hoe and fight to the death
Wicker_Knight: there's also a way to make blocks unbreakable in Astral
Ktolos: Obsidian lining a for a few layers down?
Amosff: narcuru is right on it
kanadinbacon221: lrrHEART_SG lrrHEART_SG lrrHEART_SG lrrHEART_SG lrrHEART_SG lrrHEART_SG
RebelliousUno: fill it with Witches
SeiichiSin: People have a hard time pronouncing my name, so I just tell people to call me Sin.
Amosff: but it's the long moss sound as serge hit on
EJGRgunner: Where's Minecart Rolls when you need them
SilentOptimist: a giant smeltery that slowly fills with molten materials
RealitySoldier: Astral will make the blocks glowy, and may be kinda slow, waiting wor the wand to recharge
EJGRgunner: Amos. Like Amos and Andy or Tori Amos
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Bartlebad: oh hey certus quartz
EJGRgunner: ?
Minecart_rolls .
djalternative: Witches and withers would be nice. a whole bunch of status effects on the person in the pit
Last1031: fill the entire arena with TNT with presure plates on top
Nigouki: !findquote bag
LRRbot: Quote #5289: "There's a 1/100 chance that the bag sets to "dogs" for a little while." —Dale [2018-08-27]
embyrr_the_dragon: Fill the pit with guardians.
RebelliousUno: oh fill the pit with Withers
RebelliousUno: not wither skeles
CataclysmicReverb: creeper's just going to make another hole...
RebelliousUno: actual withers
GrunkusDunkus: many witches
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Foxmar320: Yesssssss
malc: F
circusofkirkus: LUL
Tehbeard: gg James...
RebelliousUno: hah
WarKr0: ty james
djalternative: this kinda makes me miss nitro creepers
iletthedogesout: hahaha
painterskies: dammit james
Bartlebad: Thanks James
malc: hahaha
gsyhiap: LUL
snowcookies: of course
Alahmnat: lol
SmithKurosaki: F
BasilBrushOff: LUL
chuckaw1977: lol
Bartlebad: Collateral Creeper Damage
daemonflowers: lol
Narcuru: oh god im dying
Firnsarwen: creeper was only at half health after the first hit
mercano82: Plot twist: Serge and Suffix team up to kill James.
Bartlebad: James put himself in the corner
Alahmnat: the long-suffering Serge sigh
Bartlebad: and them immediately left the corner
DigitalSeahorse: quote "I meant to try to kill you, in my defense."
embyrr_the_dragon: Please quote that
Firnsarwen: that was a short time in the hole
fubargames: If that's your defence I think you should not represent yourself in court
DiscordianTokkan: Phaahahaha
lochnessseammonster: james did volunteer to be ceasar
SpikySpahgetti: That was the weirdest way to sub from mobile I ever done
BasilBrushOff: Nobody puts James in the corner (because a circle doesn't have corners)
SeiichiSin: First thing James does, is something.
RomanGoro: I'd probably make the floor soulsand
Taylorton147: james is such a meanie
gsyhiap: "I won't do anything" sergeThinking
TheWormbo: OMG, that's Uno's music!
Minecart_rolls .
Firnsarwen: btw, I DO love this battle arena.
Foxmar320: The only creeper in all of Minecraft
RebelliousUno: it is indeed
ninja_theory_ashrams: be varry varry quiet, serge is hunting creeper
RealitySoldier: wait, uno makes music?
RebelliousUno: I must be starting TheWormbo
malc: !music
ipoddodd: Fill in te hole more
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devintownfish: sergeHi what up
RebelliousUno: RealitySoldier no this is Zircon, but it's what I use as my starting music
Minecart_rolls: lrrHEART
RealitySoldier: ah
snowcookies: lol
TXC2: hello devintownfish welcome
RealitySoldier: it bops
Firnsarwen: @malc Colossus by Zircon
Foxmar320: Creepers find you, you don't find them
SmithKurosaki: The nice joke accounts are great
swaggytaco: dont you have a creeper spawner?
skylordshadow: sergePrideLove lrrHEART
malc: firnsarwen: thanks! #firnsarwenBot
Firnsarwen: @malc I try ;)
malc: :-D
Minecart_rolls .
RebelliousUno: you can use punchachunkbot in James channel as well Malc
raven534: Ooh, setting up arena things so you can speed up battles sounds awesome
SquareDotCube: Creeper! Creeper! Creeper! We have creepers at home
malc: yeah I forgot about that, thanks uno!
Foxmar320: LOL
malc: ahahahaa
RebelliousUno: lol
Foxmar320: Yessssssss
mtgfanguy: Maybe make a creeper spawner or 10
Minecart_rolls !
BasilBrushOff: HAHHAHA
TXC2: this was a mistake
martypunker: This was the smartest idea.
DiscordianTokkan: HAHAHAHAH
devintownfish: lrrFINE
Abavus: LUL
TheAinMAP: HahaThisisfine
Alahmnat: JAMES
Foxmar320: Im so happy now
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Milambus: teleport
CaptainSpam: James, why don't you have a sword?
RebelliousUno: rekt
daemonflowers: HUBRIS
Eklinaar: F
Firnsarwen: why don't you have a swrod???
Ritaspirithntr: Hahahaha!!!!
TheAinMAP: katesRip
TXC2: !clips
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BasilBrushOff: RIP
Kyir: LUL
gsyhiap: LUL
starlitdiscord: F
Kyrillous: Hi highlight reel!
gsyhiap: F
lochnessseammonster: jlrrFacepalm HahaSweat
Foxmar320: :D
RebelliousUno: that was bril
circusofkirkus: AHAHAHA
RomanGoro: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
tehcrashxor: katesLol katesLol katesLol katesLol
mtg_charles: f
baskwalla: lolz
TheJoe743: F
quietcat: slytqRIP
dragonbretheren: Hubris
devintownfish: lrrAWESOME
snowcookies: rip James
Minecart_rolls .
MrSlacker3: I was here
iletthedogesout: LUL LUL
meanderingmasquerade: F
Firnsarwen: jlrrFacepalm
rocketjohn: oh you idiot child.
Narcuru: what are the chances
swaggytaco: finally punished for never making armor or a sword
avi_miller: F
CaptainSpam: Brillo, James.
omdorastrix: HELLO Highlight
SmithKurosaki: Hubris indeed
GrunkusDunkus: top. notch
Mistborn83: lrrFINE
rocketjohn: hello highlights
Bartlebad: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
creasehearst: the hurbis
TXC2: Never Dig straight down!
chuckaw1977: at least you didn't die from falling
TheWriterAleph: never dig straight down, kids
Foxmar320: foxmarRIP foxmarRIP foxmarNOV foxmarNOV foxmarRIP foxmarRIP
Eklinaar: lrrFINE
Mushbie: wheelerHub
RebelliousUno: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFall
daemonflowers: f
bigpuppystuart: wow, it became animal crossing
UnnnaturalD20: F
Foxmar320: Clip it
CrazymattCaptain: well that's a safe hole to fall down
Trahas: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
GrunkusDunkus: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
starlitdiscord: wow
JeremyDevoid: gotta find some fun way to die if you cant fall
SeiichiSin: I can believe this happened.
RedRaptor: Veteran Minecrafter James Turner dies by digging straight down.
ninja_theory_ashrams: top notch, James
SpikySpahgetti: Retired champ
Ritaspirithntr: YAAASSSSS!!!!!!
coopdawg_22: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:22:01.
embyrr_the_dragon: Waaaaow
SK__Ren: lrrGREED
daemonflowers: first rule of minecraft: never dig straight down
rocketjohn: i would rather the lava tbh
SquareDotCube: oh James, violating the most basic of Minecraft rules
dangerous_safety: maybe just put spiders under the arena
Foxmar320: Two
SmithKurosaki: Clip pls
TheAinMAP: SSSsss
chuckaw1977: maybe you should just...oh I don't know...MAKE A SWORD?
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SpikySpahgetti: Retired from minecraft. Fallen into spiders
FDR101: SSSsss
Wolfstrike_NL: Serge looks ffor 5 minuts, James turns 1 corner
SmithKurosaki: The Pit of HUbris
Tehbeard: @SmithKurosaki of James' death?
swaggytaco: or armor
Milambus: But have you?
combatwombativ: serge should put loyalty on the trident
mtgfanguy: Up up and away
gsyhiap: LUL
Firnsarwen: huh, I thought he'd gotten loyalty randomly
SeiichiSin: Notice how it wasn't that James "survived" this long.
gsyhiap: funny looking creeper
DigitalSeahorse: seabatSEAL_EB seabatSEAL_EB seabatSEAL_EB
lochnessseammonster: vampire creeper
Firnsarwen: as expected.
Taylorton147: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Bat_takes_off and dies.
baskwalla: Serge is a monster
SAJewers: what happens if you hit james? :P
DaSunao: lrrCOW
Funky_Abigail: Serge you monster!
DigitalSeahorse: poor bat frand seabatSEAL_EB
TXC2: a bat is a flying type, of course lightning is gonna kill it Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: F
fubargames: "The same thing that happens to everything else. -Storm"
gsyhiap: feliciaBoom
TheAinMAP: lrrCOW SSSsss
Firnsarwen: nice.
RebelliousUno: charged creepers are massive
bigpuppystuart: now place 200 of those
Abavus: lrrWOW
RebelliousUno: think of the free labour you could get in the chunk punch
Foxmar320: Is it time to mine with super creepers?
Minecart_rolls .
Firnsarwen: Can we get Charged Creeper Contractors, please?
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Foxmar320: Punch chunk super creeper challenge when?
Firnsarwen: we experience... loss?
CaptainSpam: @fubargames They... turn into charged monsters that explode at will?
malc: firnsarwen: but they charge double
mtgfanguy: Charged creepers are terrifying
amras0x00: a little bit of | || |_ |?
bigpuppystuart: @io_Otter Thanks for the gift sub!
Firnsarwen: @malc jlrrFacepalm
rocketjohn: i mean when are you going to re-use the arena?
RebelliousUno: So, you could probably make a T5 Charged Creeper Spawner
FDR101: @LoadingReadyRun put creepers on top of a platform inside a cage to blow a hole in said platform
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP_EB
RebelliousUno: it might take a while
Saintnex: I mean when we have a number of them, we might lose a lot/flood the area
Firnsarwen: seabatBRAIN_BN seabatBRAIN_BN seabatBRAIN_BN
raven534: So, James, you have an arena. What does MTG stand for here?
Arararagi234: So what are they going to build way out here?
DigitalSeahorse: seabatBRAIN_BN seabatSEAL_EB lrrSPOOP_EB wheelerMuldr_EB wheelerT_EG
ipoddodd: One just has rockets and a way out
Firnsarwen: @Arararagi234 a battle arena for Serge v Suffix
Foxmar320: One is just milk and cookies.
DigitalSeahorse: cournLoves_EB
SeiichiSin: Spoon most OP weapon.
chuckaw1977: rename the special shovels as "Spoon"
raven534: Minecraft Terrible Gladiator Arena?
Saintnex: oh Serge and Suffix are finally resolving their differences?
Wolfstrike_NL: could also add a chest with a few rockets, and a chest that triggers tnt
GrunkusDunkus: what is a shovel if not a big spoon?
DigitalSeahorse: sergeCounting sergeCounting sergeCounting
circusofkirkus: at least 4
Firnsarwen: @Saintnex basically?
Milambus: that site would tell you Serge
Alahmnat: "resolving" is perhaps the wrong word
TwoMenInAHorseCostume: Is the fight happening today?
lochnessseammonster: jamietMath
SpikySpahgetti: How does one math
djalternative: pi * r^2
TheWormbo: d²/4
rocketjohn: pi-r-squared applies.
LucasTheDrgn: 1557 per layer
Firnsarwen: @TwoMenInAHorseCostume no, not fully sure when, will be on Serge's stream
Saintnex: @Firnsarwen welp... go #TeamSuffix I guess Kappa
ipoddodd: About 1600
TXC2: 1590
SpikySpahgetti: Math is that the thing with the letters and symbols.
gsyhiap: sergeSqueak
malc: sergeSqueak
nanostul: That's ridiculous - everyone know Pie are round
DiscordianTokkan: sergeSqueak
Firnsarwen: @Saintnex lrrBEEJ
dragonbretheren: sergeSqueak
SpikySpahgetti: High level math=letters and symbols.
FDR101: sergeSqueak
starlitdiscord: sergeSqueak
Quillpaw: sergeSqueak
Nigouki: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
devintownfish: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
DigitalSeahorse: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
Firnsarwen: sergeSqueak sergeSqueak
djalternative: sure you can
AlchemicalPanda: T5 spawners with a level
Minecart_rolls squeakily.
rocketjohn: just use spawners
AlchemicalPanda: So you can trigger it when you start
Foxmar320: LOL
TheWormbo: is that a thing in this pack?
DigitalSeahorse: sergeSqueak seabatSEAL_EB sergeSqueak
mtgfanguy: 1520 blocks of snow
Wicker_Knight: a single ghast will fill most of this space
Wolfstrike_NL: is this gonna b don in 3 days, or 3 weeks :P ?
mtgfanguy: I think
Foxmar320: This is why Serge is not the hero he wants pet Ghasts
Saintnex: This battle to the death is getting more and more complicated lol
nanostul: Something Something scope creep?
AlchemicalPanda: I mean, you start it when you start the fight
Firnsarwen: jlrrFacepalm
Wicker_Knight: sergeScopeCreeper
gsyhiap: sergeScopeCreep
AlchemicalPanda: If the fight goes that long, you've failed
TheWormbo: soul cages have a max of 30 mobs, as long as they stay in a 16x16 area
DaSunao: sergeScopeCreep
Wicker_Knight: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
AlchemicalPanda: And the server dies
AlchemicalPanda: That is Suffix winning the fight serge
snowcookies: James, have you ever made a slimesling before
dragonbretheren: The bottom layer just spawns charged creepers until someone falls in
SilentOptimist: are there summoners in 1.12?
SpikySpahgetti: I just joined I assumed James was the idiot hero and serge the affably evil villain.
DigitalSeahorse: sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
SquirrelEarl: How about a series of T5 Spawners that James has a series of LEvers to control
TheWormbo: tier 5 spawner produces 6 mobs every 2 seconds, but all soul cages alre limited to 30 mobs, if you keep them in the area
fubargames: And you can't put a timer to turn it off after a while?
bigpuppystuart: no, we aren't under estimating, we are just thirsty for chaos
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Firnsarwen: But if Serge is making the "rooms" with the mob pit traps... doesn't he have an advantage because he knows where the bad monsters are? >.>
skylordshadow: vex would go through the floor
SpikySpahgetti: It’s not chaos if u don’t accidentally crash
combatwombativ: and crossbow dudes
devintownfish: is there a way to do a one time use redstone circuit so when then fall down it turns it on then off?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP_EB lrrSPOOP_EB lrrSPOOP_EB lrrSPOOP_EB
DaSunao: I was spleefing endermen tearing down an end city. That is really satisfying
FDR101: pillager spawners on the sides
Eklinaar: Duel At The Bottom Of The Sea
Taylorton147: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Nauticrawl) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (58m from now).
ArcOfTheConclave: Holy Scope-creep Batman!
Saintnex: @Firnsarwen I mean I just assumed that Serge is conveniently ignoring that because he is the actual villain of this tale lrrBEEJ
Firnsarwen: @Saintnex I mean, yes?
Pavlovs_Dog_: you could have your caesar control the switch for the spawners as needed.
ArcticAtlantic: this looks incredible with all the water cleared
SpikySpahgetti: Excalibur?
raven534: "A sweet katana"
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Firnsarwen: O hai Cloud.
LucasTheDrgn: use the creative modifier to put like 17 levels of beheading on it
skylordshadow: can you behead players with it?
TXC2: not a soul
Foxmar320: It needs a beard
chuckaw1977: Call it "Kindness"
DiscordianTokkan: My cleaver was so FUN in Sergecraft 2
Firnsarwen: Your skin is pretty fun xD
DentedPockets: Quarantine James skin
SpikySpahgetti: Sword of feast and famine?
Wicker_Knight: Serge, if you want the infused Cystal Sword is already available to you and is the most powerful base sword in the pack
rocketjohn: new skin for the next actual minecraft season
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Stay moist!
SAJewers: too bad the bedrock character creater isn't in java
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PinkfloydYES: mineoclock
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SpikySpahgetti: Java is such a verbose programming language
beowuuf: booby trap uno's base for next week
Milambus: Modded Punch-A-Chunk?
FDR101: you should put a railgun at the bottom and name it Mine o' Glock
ipoddodd: That's why it's fun!
GapFiller: all the more reason to do it
TXC2: yeah, so go do it Kappa
rocketjohn: that seems needlessly unfair
lochnessseammonster: exactly
bigevildan: 30 min of dancing crabs.
rocketjohn: yeah, i bet you could punch a chunk in 30mins
SAJewers: how baout a tesla coil?
TheWormbo: I just finished a 5x5 ocean chunk punch around an ocean monument :)
BasilHunter: Gigaloo dome over the hole :)
SpikySpahgetti: James nether death montage
Firnsarwen: but you have the skeet shooting arena
omdorastrix: Mine-Crabs?
DigitalSeahorse: who put guns in MC?
Firnsarwen: the perfect skeet shooting arena now
Bartlebad: Show off the Party Parrot room for anyone who might not have seen it
Pavlovs_Dog_: is it just me, or does that floor lon like it's screaming?
creasehearst: spend the last bit of time making new gear so you're ready for the nether for next week? :P
SpikySpahgetti: If I wanted guns I’d play a different game
fubargames: Can you bag The Enderdragon`?
LucasTheDrgn: is this playlist public? it'd be nice to browse through
SAJewers: test it lrrBEEJ
TheWormbo: that'S a bad idea, it will fly to the overworld and delete all blocks in its path
SpikySpahgetti: I took a fantastic break from online gaming. It got too toxic from all parties
TXC2: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes many chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. You can buy his music here: He even made some remixes specifically for LRR:
fubargames: Feels like the arena should have one of those before that sword....
omdorastrix: Does a disp[enser with a mob bag dispense the mob?
TheWormbo: *to the origin
Taylorton147: oh are those movable windmills vanilla or modded?
SAJewers: ooh, go collecting records?
DigitalSeahorse: If I wanted guns I'd go to the dang South :P
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaToronto
ForOhForError: what's with tthe giant enemy crabs?
SpikySpahgetti: Serges coffee and record shop.
BasilBrushOff: hai crab friends
Foxmar320: I normally try to collect every disk when Im in a minecraft world
LucasTheDrgn: @TXC2 yeah, i appreciate that! I remember there were some non-BGC songs as well though
ipoddodd: How did the crabs get that large?
SpikySpahgetti: I kinda want to see what serges coffee and vinyl shop would be
Firnsarwen: @ipoddodd
Foxmar320: I had all of them on the crew server but then my base got hit with a glitch and deleted all my stuff
Firnsarwen: bah, sorry
Firnsarwen: @ipoddodd hit them with a charged trident a few times
rocketjohn: james is going to get killed by this crab
fubargames: Am I correct in assuming that you're not supposed to be able to punch from a lower level in your multileveled Spleef?
DigitalSeahorse: o_o
SpikySpahgetti: That looks painful
DigitalSeahorse: giant crab!
mosartov: 🦀
BlightningHelix: Giant friendly crabs
mtgfanguy: Just use leads
LucasTheDrgn: can't you use a fishing hook to pull mobs?
SeiichiSin: I really want to mess around with this modpack sometime. Though no idea where to find it.
DigitalSeahorse: how it get so big?
snowcookies: Uno is stuck in geometry
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kiiwiiboy: 8 months already? Also giant dancing crab?? This is perfect
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Bartlebad: Bag it and drop it closer?
TXC2: LucasTheDrgn approaching nirvana is anouther band James listens too
RealitySoldier: bgc - big giant crabs
sing_o_muse: 🦀
DigitalSeahorse: xD
fubargames: I'm thinking you should award the winner of each Spleef-level with some enchanted weapon/tool
DigitalSeahorse: ducks!
DigitalSeahorse: oh wait it's a chicken
avi_miller: Speaking of new records, Have you heard the one composed by Lena Raine, that is being added in the new update, “Pigstep”?
gavin_a_laugh: lrrHAM
Taylorton147: these crabs might be too big
DigitalSeahorse: I want MC ducks
Laurence72: that looks sorta lewd
Taylorton147: ikoria crabs
Bartlebad: That dancing is WAY too excited for this song
Saintnex: Well this is vaguely horrifying lol
DigitalSeahorse: stempleDuck
TXC2: "we call this the act of mating" Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: stempleMad
SpikySpahgetti: Graphically suggestive imagery
Ritaspirithntr: Geez what is this?
malc: O_o
Milambus: Eldritch beast!
chuckaw1977: its a crab orgy?
BasilBrushOff: tentacle tentacle tentacle tentacle
DiscordianTokkan: That's Eldritch
TheWormbo: works with the music
Taylorton147: loveCRABian
ikkadkarf: Lewd!
Ritaspirithntr: This is horrifying
LucasTheDrgn: Melds with Crab
TXC2: I've seen this hentai Kappa
ikkadkarf: In a few months it'll be more crabs.
Saintnex: Oh this is not better
lochnessseammonster: katesNiles
baskwalla: You guys are into weird stuff, no shame, just weird
rocketjohn: a dark souls boss
bigpuppystuart: it looks like the lego version of "the thing"
SpikySpahgetti: R u trying to summon emerkrul
chuckaw1977: Thanks...I hate it
TXC2: Sweet Dreams everybody Kappa
BasilBrushOff: this is the true banger
meanderingmasquerade: wtf
mtgfanguy: This is unusual
Bartlebad: Before you're done today, show people the party parrots
lochnessseammonster: benginSpoop
Narcuru: is this how dark depths works?
rocketjohn: is this the upper limit of crab size?
SpikySpahgetti: That’s it I am rotating myself out of reality
Funky_Abigail: the hideousness of these crabs will haunt my dreams forever
incslayer: this is oddly soothing
Mangledpixel: there's your next Zoom background, people
malc: hah
raven534: The true world of horror was Minecraft all along
Saintnex: noep
RomanGoro: Are you trying to replicate today's crapshot on minecraft?
ikkadkarf: I just got here and I feel like I've witnessed something I can never forget.
Luthien_frejya: very soothing
baskwalla: I don't know where one crabs ends and the next begins
lochnessseammonster: we need party parrots to wipe the memory of this horror
Foxmar320: I gave Serge all my music on the server so he should have almost all the music
Shoki_Donai: Ah, my perfect loop.
avi_miller: Someone better clip this
ExachixKitsune: Oh I love this
Ritaspirithntr: Ok. I’m going grocery shopping
TXC2: !clips
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
SpikySpahgetti: Ummm
mtgfanguy: Yes this reminds me of the crapshoot today
rocketjohn: good luck Ritaspirithntr
TheOldBadger: I just clicked in
TheOldBadger: I think I might go?
skylordshadow: wait you can make gifs your zoom background?
ikkadkarf: This is it. This is why we're here.
axare123: Hi friends!!!
Firnsarwen: @TheOldBadger Giant Dancing Crabs not your jam? ;)
JaysonMaxwell: Would the dance sync with pigstep - time to do science :D
Bartlebad: So, can you hit their weakpoint for massive damage?
SpikySpahgetti: Putting this on a playmat and submitting into to LRR store
Taylorton147: @skylordshadow yeah seen alot of good ones
chuckaw1977: The stream highlight video should just be this for the whole video
TheOldBadger: @skylordshadow You can make videos your zoom background
yourworstnightmare1313: this is amamzing
DigitalSeahorse: stempleWoke
TXC2: hello axare123 welcome
malc: Serge "Avant Garde Crab Art" Yager
Mangledpixel: crab art. crart.
starlitdiscord: hehehehe
daemonflowers: minecraft has reached its peak
DigitalSeahorse: stempleHEART stempleHEART stempleHEART
Saintnex: As it turns out, MineOClock was actually where all the eldritch horror was being kept
snowcookies: skylordshadow yep. there's some really funny ones out there like someone walking into themselves
Taylorton147: @skylordshadow like people walking in on themselves
Koshindan: Do they dance faster with faster songs?
ExachixKitsune: #content
SpikySpahgetti: Devianart is that u?
Ritaspirithntr: @rocketjohn thanks, but I’ve been having very good luck with my grocery shopping!
ikkadkarf: Is this Simic Slaw?
chuckaw1977: 10 hour video of this?
DigitalSeahorse: slytqLewd
Firnsarwen: this is fantastic.
abaoa_qu: !Next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Nauticrawl) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (47m from now).
TXC2: #Content
rocketjohn: Ritaspirithntr long may it continue :)
skylordshadow: wow lol
s4ems: wtf am i seeing
omdorastrix: LRR-chandise
DigitalSeahorse: steveinLUL
oyleslyck: crabcore 2.0?
s4ems: i just got here
Milambus: Its too fresh
Taylorton147: @ikkadkarf its whats it becomes if you dont eat it
s4ems: what
SpikySpahgetti: This is how simic slaw is made
Mangledpixel: I think the view straight down from above was weirder
VTMonster: full screen james crab dance
TXC2: s4ems crab dancing
Saintnex: I mean James did help create it so.... yes
ArcticAtlantic: omg yes that's the name of the dance
chuckaw1977: This is the Crab Commander we have been begging for
ArcticAtlantic: do the simic slaw!
Firnsarwen: @s4ems 3 giant crab dancing
TheMagicWalrus: giant crabs are the type of evil Lord Suffix is fighting against
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gsyhiap: Top quality crustacean entertainment
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Foxmar320: 11?
Firnsarwen: yup :D
ExachixKitsune: "better"
SpikySpahgetti: Crablander
KevinTheShark: After just seeing the new Crapshot with Beej, I really didnt need the traumatic crabs
Capitalfleas: Oh to be a crab
malc: s4ems: welcome, I'd love to explain but I think James cannot be explained
Ritaspirithntr: @rocketjohn I mean, it’s been pretty chill! I actually saw a whole shelf packed with toilet paper last week too!! Midday
TheWormbo: yes 11
ExachixKitsune: oofah
Mangledpixel: lrrSPOOP
cassaclyzm is continuing the Gift Sub they got from TheMerricat!
snowcookies: james no
Firnsarwen: @malc is it really James, though? It's both, it's both.
rocketjohn: holy crapping.
Natimus_Prime: Oh serge, this isn't a record, it's an audio log
SpikySpahgetti: I feel confused?
Garrcanine: well this is an image to load in to
Darleysam: so THIS is what nvidia's RTX drivers are for
Bartlebad: LaboredBreathing.mp3
malc: firnsarwen: fair
Unlucky_Desperado: just make it black and white and you have some horrible student film
lochnessseammonster: i really want them to dance to carrot milk
Saintnex: oh NOEP this is NOT a good sound with the crabs
Firnsarwen: What the what is this... "record" ?
Foxmar320: 11 is a really strange disk
JaysonMaxwell: Eldrazi Meld - hmm.
Bartlebad: whoops
DentedPockets: The reflection behind you is interesting...
Firnsarwen: @Unlucky_Desperado right???
SpikySpahgetti: This is why u need rtx
baskwalla: The crabs in the reflection behind you, James. It's the best.
UnnnaturalD20: this is.....
MAPBoardgames: What sort of monstrosity am I looking at here?
Pathfinder430: I can see them dancing in the reflection of the poster behind you James
RomanGoro: I would ping someone from the crew to kick James out of the streaming office, but.....
Firnsarwen: oh gosh you're right @DentedPockets the reflection makes it better! (worse/)
cassaclyzm: Came for the minecraft, stayed for the avant guarde giant crab art
chuckaw1977: there is actually lore behind this record
TheWormbo: the spectral graph of 11 shows a creeper face at some point
Mr_Horrible: it seems I have come back to... something...
TXC2: this is madness, we;ve all gone mad
oyleslyck: crab intensifies
ChekhovsCannon: Thanks, I hate it
raven534: James, turn around and look at the picture
Funky_Abigail: the real crab dance was the friends we made along the way.
ArcticAtlantic: @baskwalla ahaha i hadn't noticed that's amazing
snowcookies: Paul, Graham! Save us!
gsyhiap: lrrSPOOP 🦀
malc: thewormbo: oh really? that's neat :)
Saintnex: So we think its the record, but in fact its just the crabs making the noise
SpikySpahgetti: @mapboardgames they are summoning emerkrul
rocketjohn: the chicken clucks just make it worse
SniperPumpkin: the end of this stream has gotten.....weird
DiscordianTokkan: Oh GOD. They're right. the reflection in James' picture behind him is AMAZING
TXC2: "is this art?"
Narcuru: i love the chicken looking at you judging
Unlucky_Desperado: and then the chicken....judging you both
BasilBrushOff: chicken is just like "yeah whassup?"
badpandabear: Chicken is like WTF?
ArcticAtlantic: that chicken
circusofkirkus: oh no
ExachixKitsune: Tooo farrr
TheAinMAP: Whoa.
malc: Quab Pro
SpikySpahgetti: Emerkrul noises intensfies
lochnessseammonster: sergeSnerge
nanostul: Wow - that was vertigo enducing...
gsyhiap: Hello chicken friend
chuckaw1977: Chicken is judging you
mtgfanguy: Oh crab this music and the dancing almost sounds cult like
silverfur64: Why are the crabs huge?
Foxmar320: 11 sounds like someone running down a tunnel from something to me
Firnsarwen: ooo, they're in a neat configuration now
UnnnaturalD20: that's not disconcerting at all
raven534: Is this... the Squid Pro Quo?
RomanGoro: James, we're starting to approach Gangam Hell levels
TheWormbo: people actually play the game like this :X
Firnsarwen: second floor view?
JaysonMaxwell: Remembers Time Machine - and the large crabs at the end of the earth ... uh oh.
DigitalSeahorse: stempleMad stempleMad stempleMad
KevinTheShark: There's a quark dance thing right?
ArcOfTheConclave: @silverfur64 lightning I think
SeiichiSin: I like how the FOV is called Quake Pro rather then showing a number.
The_Bread_is_Delicious: Anybody have the botania battle music? Seems like it could be applicable.
Bartlebad: "Everything looks better through a Fish Eye Lens!"
Firnsarwen: triiiiippy xD
rocketjohn: your camera work here is excellent
SpikySpahgetti: This content seems very strange
Mistborn83: IM not sure I care for this
ArcOfTheConclave: this FOV is so nauseating
TXC2: I hope this whole section makes it to the highlights KAppa
Saintnex: It actually looks like Serge is trying to train the crab monstrosity
nanostul: Serge, that is not the chicken dance...
donuts_are_holy: Hi all.
Firnsarwen: @SpikySpahgetti you're not wrong... it gets weird sometimes.
brieandbacon: First the Crapshot, now this?
lochnessseammonster: isolation is getting to both of you...
Taylorton147: this is some weird asmr shit
TXC2: hello donuts_are_holy welcome
chuckaw1977: I'd like to unsubscribe...I clicked a button by mistake obviously
UnnnaturalD20: they're almost in sync
Lightningbro: Anyone know the button that turns on Cinematic mouse movement?
Unlucky_Desperado: this feels like some kids art film he's submitting for a class project and has no idea what avant garde is but is nailing it
Pavlovs_Dog_: kinda looks like someone's playing 3 card monte with those crabs
Firnsarwen: hihi @donuts_are_holy ! sergeHi
daemonflowers: this should be the outro for mine o clock from now on
yourworstnightmare1313: upload like an hour of this to youtube, instant million views\
Lightningbro: I feel James could use it for this
Mistborn83: I think the chicken is equally confused
donuts_are_holy: lrrJAMES_TK lrrJAMES_TK
raven534: Unsubscribe Crab Dance
mtgfanguy: The chat is funnier than the crabs are disturbing
BasilBrushOff: Day four hundred and seventy two. Solitude and lack of daylight is beginning to take an effect on the Mine O'Clock crew.
snowcookies: Thank you for subscribing to Crb Dance
yourworstnightmare1313: lol
SpikySpahgetti: Ikoria mutate crab mechanic in minecraft
Saintnex: @raven534 Thank you for subscribing to Crab Dance... it was a mistake?
SpikySpahgetti: And scene
gsyhiap: raven534 - thank you for subscribing to crab dance, now with extra Serge!
Firnsarwen: Serge's Eletra when he's doing that looks like crab pincers
KevinTheShark: You are now subscribed to Crab Dance
Taylorton147: @snowcookies unsubscribe UNSUBSCRIBE
RealitySoldier: Guys
Firnsarwen: perfect.
RealitySoldier: It's the Crab Rave
KevinTheShark: Thankyou for subscribing to Crab Dance
TXC2: this is your brain on crabs Kappa
Firnsarwen: @Taylorton147 You are now subscribed to Crab Dance
SpikySpahgetti: Would u like to subscribe to crabdancefacts
Taylorton147: @Firnsarwen NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
brieandbacon: I think I might go back to the real world, to get this off my mind...
oyleslyck: Crab rave, it's what crabs crave.
TXC2: Crab Dance is sponsered by Red lobster Kappa
SpikySpahgetti: Thank you for subscribing to crab dance facts
RedRaptor: We just need the carrot carrot milk mix to accompany this crab rave
mystery_monkey: this... is wonderful
ArcticAtlantic: i know we can't hear it but i think james's character is rapping
Foxmar320: LOL
malc: hahaha
Saintnex: NOOOOO
gsyhiap: F katesChicken
GapFiller: F
Funky_Abigail: F
Firnsarwen: oooh dear.
Taylorton147: f
Milambus: F
Mr_Horrible: wow, our first moshing fatality sofieGasp
DiscordianTokkan: F
daemonflowers: the dancing was lethal
SpikySpahgetti: There is no way out
Bartlebad: Giant Enemy Crab has a taste for blood!
ikkadkarf: Did you know that a roaming mass of dancing crabs is called a "horror"? Thank you for subscribing to Crab Dance Facts.
bigpuppystuart: Crabby shogoth wants chicken tonight
Mangledpixel: ℂ ℝ 𝔸 𝔹
Bartlebad: Show the party parrots?
erased_citizen: Uno leaves for one day and this is what you devolve to?
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:47:33.
Saintnex: see what evil this has wrought!
SpikySpahgetti: Chicken unsubscribed from crab dance
ArcticAtlantic: i would be up for party parrots if possible
Firnsarwen: benginRip sergeIrene
Milambus: This is why we need Uno in MoC
mtgfanguy: Fatality
SpikySpahgetti: Facts
fry_dx: pixlriP benginPun pixlriP
brieandbacon: 🥕🥕🍼
TXC2: yeah we all need to go sit in a darkened room for awhile now Kappa
mtgfanguy: Ouch
SeiichiSin: I mean, welcome to LRR streams. Things always get weird at some point.
gsyhiap: TXC2 - huh, I should probably turn some lights on in here lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
rocketjohn: is that as big as they get?
SpikySpahgetti: Define normal stream
ExachixKitsune: TXC2 : And also because of this
malc: we have Uno, but a crab
bigpuppystuart: have a great day all
Funky_Abigail: unsubscribe crab pile
rocketjohn: we miss you uno
Saintnex: Uno in fact is the hero we both need and deserved lol
Milambus: Like you do
Foxmar320: yep normal episode
Firnsarwen: Several Highlight Reels. Probably highlight reels for not even LRR things.
SpikySpahgetti: Unsubscribe from crab dance facts
Mr_Horrible: well it sounds eldritch when you describe it like *that*, James
Taylorton147: !follow sege
snowcookies: Uno wasn't here to do the actual work
TXC2: thanks for streaming James and Serge
Taylorton147: aw i fucked it up
TXC2: !team
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Saintnex: !upnext
Minecart_rolls away.
Taylorton147: !next
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mystery_monkey: hello
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snowcookies: bye Serge
GapFiller: thanks Serge
Shoki_Donai: Thanks for the stream Serge and James!
Narcuru: Bye Serge!
Firnsarwen: Thanks for the stream, guys! lrrHEART jlrrPillow
Pavlovs_Dog_: bye
Saintnex: jlrrPillow
Narcuru: Thanks for the stream, James!
TXC2: !events
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rocketjohn: so cam is my friend and cori is yours?
Foxmar320: Resident Evil 3
mystery_monkey: lrrWOW
RealitySoldier: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 12:50 PM
RealitySoldier: jackbox!
erased_citizen: Spookybois
GapFiller: oh is the AC strem a new regular?
GapFiller: for now?
KevinTheShark: Live!?
mystery_monkey: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
FoxFyr: Wait holy crap its been a month since live sergeHolyMoly
Milambus: Not regular he said
SquirrelEarl: The new One More
combatwombativ: house of lies!
TXC2: GapFiller it's the new one more Kappa
Saintnex: ohh we should call it Animal the Crossing
GapFiller: TXC2 well said
Taylorton147: cyaaaa
snowcookies: Thanks for the stream James
TXC2: !patreon
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SeiichiSin: See ya later!
Saintnex: Thanks for the stream James!
GapFiller: thanks for streming James lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TXC2: !discord
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ikkadkarf: Thank you for this dark gift, James.
snowcookies: !team
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RealitySoldier: good bye y'all!
TXC2: !twitter
malc: byeeeeeee
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Saintnex: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES
TXC2: !ytmember
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GapFiller: see yr later
snowcookies: bye
TXC2: bye
combatwombativ: bye
Shoki_Donai: Bye!
mystery_monkey: bye
bigpuppystuart: stay safe all
Pavlovs_Dog_: bye
Milambus: Bye James, byt Chat
erased_citizen: lrrHEART lrrHEART
ikkadkarf: Remember chat: we must never speak of this again.
TXC2: Goodnight everybody
GapFiller: if anyones stuck for something to do between now an Talking Sim Adam is playing Nier Automata right now
LoadingReadyRun: @mystery_monkey Thanks for the sub there at the end.
LoadingReadyRun: I missed it
LoadingReadyRun: Sorry!
LonelyTex: Did I just miss it?
LonelyTex: Drat.
GapFiller: Adams live
GapFiller: go watch him
LonelyTex: I run the server and heard rumors of performance/connectivity issues and wanted to check in, but thanks
SpikySpahgetti: Adam madladivan?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> If you're not watching Mine O'Clock I don't even know what you're doing with your life :P THIS, this is the kind of content you're missing out on. ||
r3fr4ct0r: !next
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TehAmelie: incredible, someone already made a movie of this stream
cmdrud87: !next
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