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raven534: !nexr
raven534: !next
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corianderd: o/
Juliamon: o/
Astra7525: o/
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Lirelent: o/
Gekyouryuu: !next
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Juliamon: Welp, just saw today's Crapshot.
Lirelent: maayaHi
raven534: Hello, I saw a cori
raven534: Oh yeah, that crapshot sure... was
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
atc927: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Earthenone: !findquote beej
LRRbot: Quote #3700: "When Ian and Beej are left unsupervised in the moonbase, sometimes fire occurs." —Kathleen [2016-12-05]
raven534: NonBinaryPride TransgenderPride GayPride AsexualPride GenderFluidPride lrrHEART
Earthenone: apropriate
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori and Cameron continue their dive into roguelikes with Nauticrawl! ||
raven534: Did they see the Crab Dance?
corianderd: that's certainly a thing
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Gekyouryuu: huh. I thought last week was the last roguelike, but ok. not complaining
Juliamon: Turns out there's a lot of roguelikes!
TacitusVigil: I was thinking the punchline for the Crapshot was going to be "Very good! Next to you try with partner, yes?"
TacitusVigil: *Next time you try with partner, yes?
raven534: I entirely forgot
KV1NN4: oops capslock sorry
raven534: the punchline, that is
Mcgwee: hello everybody
Juliamon: Title needs updating, btw
ritchards: rustle
TheAinMAP: Hello.
TehAmelie: howdy
Nigouki: that better be a delicious sandwich
Juliamon: Looks like you have a light missing. Very shadow, much dark
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TrueThorn: Become Crab.
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Sethalidos: juat di8d
raven534: Ah, title's here
Rufran: Hey Cam and Cori
TacitusVigil: It's very much been a day :(
Gekyouryuu: ooooh, nice Faye cup
Sogheim: nice glass!
Juliamon: It sure has.
Lirelent: it's ok for it to have been a day
raven534: There was a Crapshot and a Crab Dance
e_bloc: Corgo100 Corgo100 hello friends
Triad_shadowclaw: its going well how are you cam?
atc927: welp... it's 11 PM here.... I'm mostly done with my day, I'll just have to watch some LRRLive
Sogheim: CorgiDerp we are good here, we went to Sonic CorgiDerp
Lirelent: I sprained a calf running, so yea, I guess I don't get to do that for awhile
Rufran: it has been a tired day for me
raven534: I interpreted that as a baby cow, @Lirelent
niccus: just the baseline dread of being in a submarine
TStodden 's rage is currently simmering towards work & the company handing LOA requests...
atc927: Warning: Don't read this game!
GredoraGrims: MrDestructoid100 Love you guys and your content! Hope you're all staying healthy and safe!
Juliamon: Is everyone excited for virtual shrubbery in a couple days? Because I sure am.
Kikazi: nice CB cup
Kikazi: glass?
Gekyouryuu: I've now had a silly idea: an entirely underwater MtG plane. 20,000 Sealed Leagues under the sea.
Sogheim: virtual shrubbery? tell me more
Gekyouryuu: @Kikazi if you just saw the cup, you might be lagging?
TehAmelie: is Paranautical Activity in the cards by the way, speaking of roguelikes with made-up words based on "nautical" in the title?
Kikazi: @Gekyouryuu I might be (wouldn't surprise me), but I might also be slow to notice :)
atc927: So.... [silence] Words!
Kikazi: I'll refresh
How_Do_I_Shoot: is cam growing a beard
Th3HolyMoose: Anyone else hear an echo in cams voice?
atc927: @How_Do_I_Shoot Isn't everyone now?
How_Do_I_Shoot: no i shave 3 times a day
Th3HolyMoose: madman
How_Do_I_Shoot: sorry
JakeKamas: It's fine, you still look hansom Cameron
TacitusVigil: Wait, we're supposed to be shaving these days?
Rufran: I would never hold it against you, Cam
MAPBoardgames: Cam isn't growing a beard, but he is a Canadian.
Th3HolyMoose: Shaving is overrated when you got no place to be
How_Do_I_Shoot: i feel really bad now
Kikazi: zero judgement here... i refuse to use a webcam while working from home for a reason
Triad_shadowclaw: the shadow suits you
TacitusVigil: I'm sure that wasn't important.
tehcrashxor: I haven't shaved in 11 years. I highly recommend it.
tehcrashxor: Yay laziness!
jessieimproved: My husband is at Gordon's fisherman level of beard at the moment
Kikazi: oooo, pretty
rocketjohn: well this is gorgeous.
samwonk: I had a shaved head and a beard before all this and now everyone's stealing my sad trend.
rocketjohn: and also the game.
JakeKamas: Handsome* jeez that was embarrassing
rocketjohn: :)
Rufran: ooo, the subcrawler thing is cute
Th3HolyMoose: I cut my hair like.... every 3 years. So I can't say much about shaving.
ritchards: are there roguelikes that aren't 8-bit games?
Nameless_Sword: hmmm somewhat beautiful and peaceful... I wonder what lies beneath the surface
atc927: You know that I never gonna give you up!
raven534: The radiation
Rufran: oh, is this Duskers
raven534: It's on drugs
rocketjohn: one seems sufficient
jessieimproved: Take your RadAway
alphashados: I've heard that more is always better, so more atmosphere is probably fine.
CaptainSpam: At most 1, and also in general 1 is a good rough floor value for that, too.
SachielOne: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Nauticrawl: 20,000 Atmospheres
Lirelent: you'd have to be 20km underwater for that much water preasure
TacitusVigil: Have we tried turning out Nauticrawl off and on again?
TacitusVigil: *our
Lirelent: or 2km, rather
Lirelent: right numbeers
Kikazi: oh Cam, you rogue you
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Hello friends
Inept_Hope: how obscene
Kikazi: oddly satisfying
Kikazi: lol
alphashados: This looks like a fantastic fidget simulator
Nameless_Sword: so many buttons, switches and levers....
raven534: All systems stay
TacitusVigil: This is ground control to Major Cam, you've really talked the sim.
Rufran: is it the red button under the plastic cover?
tehcrashxor: Go Left? Kappa
VoyRising: Are we just trying to figure out how to turn the thing on?
SievertSchreibr: Press the ‘any’ button?
TacitusVigil: The Magnificent Ferengi
alphashados: Awww, I was just about to watch that episode!
jessieimproved: too soon Cameron KappaHD
TacitusVigil: Iggy Pop was the other non-dead Vorta in that episode.
JosephDeath: I'm actually watching through DS9 for my third time so my gf can see it for her first time
VoyRising: The weird 3d displays was my least favorite part of Picard.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we have light
Nameless_Sword: we have power!
MAPBoardgames: Switch: ON!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: This looks really satisfying
alphashados: Full steam ahead, captain!
Ant__R: ahead flank: e m e r g e n c y s p e e d
Rufran: oh, this really is Duskers
alphashados: r a m m i n g s p e e d
Moroklumpen: Is this the entire interface?
7gorobei: vent gas? y/n
sir_jack_DB: *farts*
sir_jack_DB: Kappa
TehAmelie: the FF7 sub minigame has been hugely updated for the remake eh
cmdrud87: pls no steppi
TehAmelie: we're so far from the steppes
TehAmelie: probably
Lirelent: good thing we have two tanks
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Dragoonspirits86: with all the stay at home streams lately, have you guys looked at setting up the squad stream stuff twitch does? i dunno much about it, is it hard to set up?
Lolipopadventure: BlessRNG engine
plummeting_sloth: finally, more fuel to inject
p3nguinkin: are we under water or boring through the earth? (sorry tuned in late)
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh it does the thing where it wont tell you your fuel levels unless the engine is running
Lirelent: paul tech is way more amazing than twitch squad tech
Lirelent: ben/serge used to do a fair amount of twitch squading
plummeting_sloth: better than our hook net
GapFiller: evening Cam lrrCAMERON lrrCAMERON lrrCAMERON
Laserbeaks_Fury: ahh and by having "two" tanks, you'll know how far you can go and have enough fuel to get back
Lolipopadventure: LuvUok
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is there a balance tanks button?
rith_the_awakener: I like this game, it's like trying to learn how to drive a car entirely through trial and error
plummeting_sloth: look, nethook has plans okay
TehAmelie: unless you drive so efficiently on the way there you can't replicate the trick on the way back. . .
Lirelent: hu
kusinohki: poo, lost track of time and tuned in late... what's this game about?
alphashados: Everything is fine
Lirelent: is this an in world #fuel?
Juliamon: We're escaping a prison(?) in a deep-sea vehicle.
TehAmelie: it seems to be about being thrown into a mini submarine to sink or swim
TehAmelie: ooh, there was backstory?
Juliamon: There was a screen of it
actionjb: Ok this game seems nutty cool
amras0x00: presumably the gate should be opened now?
Lolipopadventure: NotLikeThis
raven534: Try the down arrow?
kusinohki: guessing no windows to see underwater life/scenery?
rith_the_awakener: It's a cool game but pretty hard
TehAmelie: it's very different from the other roguelike with a mutation of the word "nautical" in the title
rith_the_awakener: Expect to die a lot
plummeting_sloth: we've got salt for days
Solipsody: It seems pretty effectively claustrophobic. Definitely captures that aspect of the minisub experience.
TheMerricat: we are in a sea mech without the manual and have to figure out how to get away
Juliamon: kusinohki We're at 20k atmospheres. We aren't going to see shit.
alphashados: 20k atmospheres under the sea
amras0x00: Am I wrong in thinking the "open gate" command was important?
raven534: But at least sonar works well
Lirelent: windows would be hard at 20k ATM
TehAmelie: as i recall one atmosphere equals about three meters of depth. . .
Biomonkey01: Oh god, underwater things. I hate this already
kusinohki: how deep would 20k atm be?? is the ocean even that deep out side of the trench (forget it's name, it was in Abyss)
alphashados: Marianas Trench?
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kusinohki: @alphashados that sounds about right
kusinohki: there might be another trench??
sir_jack_DB: this machine is wildly inefficient
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gizmofreak1: OOOOOHH!!!! who lives in a giant robot under the sea? Cambob Lauderpants
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amras0x00: There was an "open gate" command
PixelArtDragon: Is this like 80's computer games but with better graphics?
amras0x00: that probably does something
Nameless_Sword: maybe around the corner to the east?
Lolipopadventure: LuvUok
amras0x00: but that's just my two cents
Lirelent: I do a fair bit of SCUBA, 10 meters down in sea water increases pressure by 1 atmosphere, makes all the math super easy because praise metric!
kusinohki: also guessing no ballast to slowly surface??
TheMerricat: 20k atmosphere would require alien planet
TehAmelie: yikes, very alien
Nameless_Sword: ok... guess not
Astra7525: we haven't interfaced with the other thing
alphashados: According to Google, the most on Earth is about 1071 atmospheres at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. So very alien.
rith_the_awakener: I think one of my favourite features of this game is that you can't see outside, so you have to use your imagination as you what's happening outside the vessel
Solipsody: Wikipedia says ~10m for one atmosphere. So this would be about 20 times deeper than the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench.
rith_the_awakener: Makes the game feel even more claustrophobic
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's like Myst, but just one complex machine
kusinohki: come to think of it... how dense is this mech to stay at 20k atm...
LordSaphni: Oh this was a fun little game
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amras0x00: I'm still thinking the "Open Gate" command on the octothorp thing has something to do with progressing.
TehAmelie: on a planet with 200 km deep oceans the gravity should be incredibly high and maybe metals have a very different hardness
spiffinn: what happens if you run out of resources? game over?
Astra7525: can we not fire our hook into that?
Juliamon: spiffinn It IS a roguelike
Raiz0k: Anyone else from Europe/CEST has an "off by one" error on LRR's Live page? What's weird is that the schedule is late, but the horizontal marker appears to be correct. Actually, it looks like it's more off by half an hour than by one hour....
Solipsody: @TehAmelie Perhaps the mech itself is flooded with oxygenated fluid instead of air, to equalize pressure somewhat.
sing_o_muse: are we the bad guys?
spiffinn: oh ok, makes sense
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How_Do_I_Shoot: does anyone want some carrot cake
Raiz0k: Also, is this a more atmospheric Duskers?
amras0x00: am I just completely wrong here
Laserbeaks_Fury: Cast In The Name Of God, Yea Not Guilty
TehAmelie: perhaps
TheMerricat: @sing_o_muse we are escaping prisoner.
sing_o_muse: i see
Lolipopadventure: where is compass
Lolipopadventure: yay
ContingentCat: katesHype
alphashados: Progress! lrrHORN
Nameless_Sword: and so the path ahead is clear\
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TheMerricat: damn it @laserbeaks_fury , don't make me break out the big o opening again. I just got that ear worm out last week
Laserbeaks_Fury: You must gather your party before venturing forth
PixelArtDragon: This makes me think of GATO
Nameless_Sword: cloack?
rith_the_awakener: This also kinda feels like a single player version of those Star Trek-esque bridge crew games
rith_the_awakener: Though the fact that the player is in control of all aspects of the vessel makes it more frantic
Solipsody: I think that was records rather than storage.
Raiz0k: OK, more of a cross between Duskers sans command line bot control and Myst....
Lolipopadventure: HSWP CoolCat
Laserbeaks_Fury: You've decloked in it's los
JadedCynic: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 36:12.
ContingentCat: that sounds bad
alphashados: Hull integrity is still at 64%, we're fine
alphashados: Probably
richard_ermen: Nice...Nauticrawl ^^
rith_the_awakener: Rip in piece
TehAmelie: you'd think at this depth hull integrity would go from nominal to critical very fast
Lolipopadventure: LUL wow this game
Reduce_Sanity: Were gonna lay off their coasht and lishen to there rock n rooolll
richard_ermen: Is Cam on a Rogue-bender nowadays?
MAPBoardgames: johnlo1Butts
amras0x00: if star trek has taught me anything, you don't die until someone says "one more hit will take us out"
JadedCynic: stealth game in a different medium than most expect? ;)
rogerjmexico: oh no i didn't need to know this game exists
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: 200km deep oceans? there's going to be some exooic ices at the bottom
TheMerricat: @richard_ermen I believe that has been the theme for a couple of months now.
stateofcomatose: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 37:53.
CrazyZonie: @amras0x00 If star trek has taught me anything, it's you don't die until either your plot armor gives out or you put on a red shirt.
Solipsody: Maybe we're coming at this wrong. Maybe instead of a 200km deep ocean, it's a regular-depth ocean of mercury instead of water.
kusinohki: interesting thought @Solipsody
Juliamon: Ah that's true, we don't know that we're in a water ocean
TehAmelie: hmm mercury would do it without even extreme depth
TheMerricat: possible too @solipsody
JadedCynic: never assume anything
TehAmelie: what is its density, 13 and some kg/l?
Reduce_Sanity: did we scrape the bottom?
rith_the_awakener: This game makes me think about all those action movies where the protagonist, with no training whatsoever, somehow knows how to pilot a plane or a ship etc., and what that would actually most likely be like
Raiz0k: I mean, for an amalgamate-friendly hull, that would be an interesting death....
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: or an ice ammonia mix?
Laserbeaks_Fury: I do with there was a distinction between a wall and unexplored area, but I assume that's a deliberate choice
SpikySpahgetti: What is the bleeping and blooping
CrazyZonie: Is Cori giving voice to the game's computer, ala Star Trek style?
SpikySpahgetti: Not enough CLIs
Solipsody: Legibility of the text is maybe not ideal.
TehAmelie: are we turning our head as far as it goes by the way? it's a great claustrophobic little touch if you can barely move your head
SpikySpahgetti: So then write it in Hellvetica
amras0x00: @CrazyZonie "Cori, locate James." "James is not currently on the moonbase." Yeah, I can see it
SpikySpahgetti: Muwahahahaha
kusinohki: this seems like a bad escape plan... find some manuals first and maybe fake a coat of arms...
Raiz0k: @TehAmelie : helmet maybe?
Laserbeaks_Fury: So this is turn based?
TehAmelie: or a very tight little minisub
CrazyZonie: @amras0x00 I wouldn't be upset if my computer started talking like Cori.
Solipsody: @kusinohki And risk the wrath of the Guild of Heralds? Are you mad?
Raiz0k: Also, cockpits are usually designed to have a limited required FOV.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Why do I get the feeling walking blind is going to become a SOP
CrazyZonie: @amras0x00 Now, if it starts talking like Ian, I'd be a little worried.
JadedCynic: this reminds me of Objects in Space...
amras0x00: @CrazyZonie harsh, but fair
SpikySpahgetti: Inb4 genre roulette where u wake up naked on an island
CrazyZonie: @amras0x00 More of, "I like Anime and Japanese culture... just not to Ian levels."
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh I see, you can use the dots to sort of plot your path
Solipsody: @spiffinn We don't really know what the main character in this is wearing, but I guess we can assume canonically they're dressed exactly like Cam.
SpikySpahgetti: This looks liek a horror game?
Raiz0k: @TehAmelie : or, agreeing with your effect interpretation but from a different direction, to signify someone under stress.
Raiz0k: (atmospheric or otherwise ;p )
Solipsody: @SpikySpahgetti I meant that for you, sorry.
SpikySpahgetti: Is it a turn base horror game with oceanic features.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I dunno about horror. It's got dramatic tension, like a sub movie
rith_the_awakener: Another thing I find interesting is the fact your never see the exterior of the nauticrawl, leaving it up to your imagination as to what exactly it is your piloting
PixelArtDragon: Decloak?
JadedCynic: oh YEAH
Solipsody: @Laserbeaks_Fury Ever see The Bellow?
SpikySpahgetti: Inb4 brown alert
Raiz0k: HARPOON!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Subwolf
Nosser2: Silent Hunter?
sjcTheos: cool runnings? No wait
TacitusVigil: Silent Service
Astra7525: Silent Hunter?
JadedCynic: Silent Service
Lirelent: i386 ?
BasilHunter: run silent run deep?
Laserbeaks_Fury: *Seawolf
JadedCynic: GATO
Kikazi: Red October?
JadedCynic: GATO was the 80's
Raiz0k: But yeah, also, Silent Service.
ghostvalv: silent service on nes :O
SpacePotato01: 688 attack sub was kinda neat
SachielOne: silent hunter?
Solipsody: Das Boot: The Game.
MadameAdversary: I played Silent Service on my Commodore 64 because old.
JadedCynic: I've played most of what ppl are mentioning
Raiz0k: And Das Boot, yes!
TehAmelie: The Hunt for Red October: The Software is still there at the moonbase i believe
rith_the_awakener: This is also a lot like the dumb monorail from Myst, but not awful
SpikySpahgetti: So cam ur training in college has led u to this moment
oyleslyck: Codename: Iceman from Sierra
kusinohki: "what are you ?" - a death trap next to a turret...
Raiz0k: @oyleslyck : that's more of a horror adventure 'though?
Raiz0k: Oh, it *is* a TBS. So Duskers analogy went out the window.
BusTed: It's the sound effects, too.
tehcrashxor: Yeah, aesthetics where what I was talking about
SpikySpahgetti: What if when u ran out power u just suffocate.
SpikySpahgetti: Slowly
kusinohki: the UI reminds me of FNaF...
JadedCynic: controls maybe, but the type of locomotion is VERY different, three-dimensional instead of one-dimensional
SpikySpahgetti: Like really slowly
rith_the_awakener: Yeah it's an aesthetic thing
rith_the_awakener: It's also not awful
CrazyZonie: Any chance LRR playing Artemis spaceship bridge simulator? You don't have to be in the same room to play as a starship crew.
Dragoonspirits86: oooo artemis would be fun to see yah
raven534: This sub is so freakin' strong
SpikySpahgetti: This ambience just makes tense
Laserbeaks_Fury: Could you take small steps with no consumption to recharge?
rith_the_awakener: I love Myst, but man that monorail...
oakentree: ohno this looks like it's intensely my kind of thing .-.
ContingentCat: I'm glad that beeping is in a lower pitch than alerts tend to be really, it going for a long time isn't particularly bad
BusTed: Oops whoops.
SpikySpahgetti: Inb4 u get shot at after decloaking
JadedCynic: not QUITE far enough... :(
Solipsody: Well that's not ideal.
JadedCynic: those green icons...
Solipsody: Isn't that a hard corner? They shouldn't be able to shoot around that.
Lolipopadventure: SabaPing
SpikySpahgetti: Needs more industrial sea noises
TheMerricat: @crazyzonie @loadingreadyrun I'd suggest Artemis to Ben since he is in charge of Crossing the Steams IIRC. That'd definitely be cool to see.
JadedCynic: @Solipsody we were at the apex of it, not past it and occluded :(
Darleysam: ljgami1Kwaken
spiffinn: one of the symbols moved
Lolipopadventure: Squid1 Squid3 Squid4
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh do we have to trick the squid into the turret?
tehcrashxor: An animal who is both Surf and Turf!
SpikySpahgetti: This sounds a lot like the game prey from 2017 when ur space walking
JadedCynic: it was close, but welp
brainbosh: Is it related to the Pacific Northwestern Tree Octopus?
Astra7525: you had 3 refills
BusTed: D'oh.
oakentree: the land squid, also known as a spider
SpikySpahgetti: The ambient industrial noises
JadedCynic: radO7
Astra7525: and a 2nd tank
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : weirdly, Beej would be first association for "commanding officer" in this case.
Astra7525: or not?
CrazyZonie: @TheMerricat Thanks. Outside of twitter, any good suggestions for getting in touch with Ben?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Do you need a charge to start the engine, like a real car?
niccus: explosive compression is a lot less pretty than explosive decompression
SpikySpahgetti: Someone send cams newly widowed character wife flowers
TheMerricat: @crazyzonie let's nope is just after this. he should be on for that stream :-)
CrookedSmile: Wouldnt that be implosive compression
Solipsody: The fuel issue seems to be the primary limiting factor on run-durating. Is there a trick to learn to get more, or is it just optimizing your use of the starting resource?
Dog_of_Myth: It even comes with a cup holder. They thought of everything.
kusinohki: I think they managed to get more resources in a previous run, but not sure how
spiffinn: can you sit indefinitely with the engine on?
Raiz0k: The cup holder is sort of a cockpit meta-meme by now xD.
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is a lot of buttons
SpikySpahgetti: Pushing buttons is good
SpikySpahgetti: Inb4 a 7,7 hydra kraken appears
TheMerricat: @solipsody I suspect that there are check points where you get refills. the guide I checked suggests the "quest finder" does a good job of leading you to where you need to get to
kais58: I have seen 3 seconds of this and it looks exactly like my jam
SpikySpahgetti: lrrFINE
Solipsody: @TheMerricat So just learning to find checkpoints faster than you run out of fuel. Okay.
rith_the_awakener: This game also kinda reminds me of text adventures, mainly due to how most of the action is conveyed through the text display, letting the mind's eye visualise the events happening around you
Raiz0k: So, again, a bit like Duskers.
tknomncr: Check the target values in the center of that display.
rith_the_awakener: I've never played that I'm afraid
SpikySpahgetti: U mean the text adventures where u die instantly and the way to advance makes no sense @rith_the_awakener
Solipsody: This is taking on a real "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" vibe now.
not_trxsh: <message deleted>You have a small penis
Raiz0k: Sure, it's a pretty esoteric game, you steer a group of drones through a command line interface exploring derelict sci-fi ships.
spiffinn: reach full cloack is blue, keep low battery consuption is red
Solipsody: @Raiz0k Sounds like something I'd like.
SpikySpahgetti: Alexa calibrate the engines
not_trxsh: <message deleted>This is a PORNHUB raid sponsored by pornhub
Lolipopadventure: NotLikeThis
TheMerricat: we have a mod avail?
gsyhiap: sergeModLove
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: sergeModLove
Juliamon: I'm here, I was absorbed in the game for a sec
PixelArtDragon: sergeModLove
Amentur: cohhML
Solipsody: Also, Twitch is cool with that/
Solipsody: ?
kusinohki: TY mods lrrHEART
movienationyt: tomfmYLTSI tomfmYLTSI tomfmYLTSI
Solipsody: Managing power to the displays makes this a lot more FNaFish. No pun intended.
CrazyZonie: Thanks Mods. I also reported him/it
movienationyt: left
Raiz0k: @Solipsody : might be? It's a good concept, but a bit rough around the edges. And when I mean the edges, there's sort of a conceptual praecipe that you kind of fall down when approaching the mid game - because it's more of the same, whereas you'd expect more options of controlling the dumb robots.
ifritleviathan: I joined late can somone explain what im looking at in game
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 57:26.
SpikySpahgetti: Ur looking at buttons and nobs
SpikySpahgetti: With industrial undersea noises
Juliamon: ifritleviathan We're fleeing from somewhere in a deep-sea vehicle
Raiz0k: Nobs? I see only hummies 'ere!
Juliamon: We don't know what anything does.
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TheMerricat: @ifritleviathan we are an escaping prisoner in a sea mech without the manual attempting to find our way to freedom
kusinohki: @ifritleviathan I think we're escaping a prison in an underwater mech which we don't know how to operate
wildpeaks: figuring out what anything does is part of the fun
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k that’s why ur the first mate and I am not
ifritleviathan: cool
spiffinn: it's interesting how values don't update until you move, so you can peek at radar between movements
Solipsody: @Raiz0k Ah... A common problem with games that sounds like I'll like them actually.
Solipsody: Ah, fuel refills.
MAPBoardgames: Loot all.
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : <orky> xD </orky>
TheMerricat: @ifritleviathan and if it's not obvious, this is a rouge like, we expect to die often
PixelArtDragon: Are you sure you're not ,urderhobos?
ArcOfTheConclave: are we fugitives?
JadedCynic: if we move fast enough
JadedCynic: @ArcOfTheConclave yep
Astra7525: why landsquid? Are we not underwater?
TheMerricat: very much so @arcoftheconclave
Solipsody: Does this do "bone files" like NetHack, where you find your old Nauticrawls, or are there just random wrecks?
Raiz0k: @Solipsody : yeah, they sort of stopped mid-way. But, I mean, for an indie game, it's understandable.
SpikySpahgetti: Retro games are kinda funny in how it’s defined.
SpikySpahgetti: I am pretty sure ps2 era counts now
Raiz0k: Gah, don't make me feel old please.
SpikySpahgetti: I mean it is over 15 years old
Solipsody: "Want to feel old? This is what Ridge Racer V looks like now..."
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohhh thats what the dim blue is
Raiz0k: Yeah, memento mori jokes aside, it's true.
spiffinn: i think expected charge is the soft bars in the battery indicator
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah
SpikySpahgetti: I love the opening for ridge racer
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:02:18.
SpikySpahgetti: It’s like riiiiiiiiddge raccer
Raiz0k: What I wonder is... how much time do we have until Raspberry Pi is considered "retro"?
SpikySpahgetti: Isn’t it already
raven534: It's old, not retro
SpikySpahgetti: Artimino is the new pi
kusinohki: all about that crev-ass...
PixelArtDragon: Once mre, into the breach]
SpikySpahgetti: Not sure if I said it write
CrazyZonie: It has to become old before it can become retro.
Solipsody: Haven't we all.
raven534: Become old?
Raiz0k: Went into the crevace.
TStodden: In terms of generations... 2 generations old = Retro... 3+ generations = Vintage...
SpikySpahgetti: Back in my day we had a thing called cartridges
SpikySpahgetti: *shakes can angerly*
SpikySpahgetti: Cane*
raven534: Hey, those were in my youth too!
Solipsody: I thnk you mean cassettes, friend.
raven534: Can works too
CrazyZonie: @SpikySpahgetti Yes, I remember them. Having to blow out dust and use #2 pencil errasers to clean the conacts.
SpikySpahgetti: I live on laser disks beta max and 8 tracks
Raiz0k: Yeah, that reminds me of Alex's Receiver stream, i.e. floppy disks.
TStodden: In terms of Raspberry Pi's... Pi 2 series is retro, Pi 1 series is vintage
Raiz0k: Specifically 5.25.
teammanfred: We just had old tires and sand if we were lucky.
Solipsody: Shoebox in the middle of the road, etc.
JadedCynic: wax cylinders and punch cards you newcomers ;)
Raiz0k: Cool, I have vintage items now xD.
SpikySpahgetti: I wonder when Twitch will become retro
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh does heat make us more detectible?
Raiz0k: Ada Lovelace's brain engrams.
SpikySpahgetti: Hmmmm
kusinohki: maybe heat dissipate now?
JadedCynic: @SpikySpahgetti at this rate of Moore's Law, I guess about the 2040s?
Solipsody: Is there any penalty for dissipating heat too often? Or advantage to running a little hot?
Applecrisp: i love the little coffee cup rattling
SpikySpahgetti: Moore’s law kinda died
SpikySpahgetti: Intel can’t even 10nm
Raiz0k: BTW, is the rotation an out-of-turn action? Sorry, I know this is the n-th stream of that game.
SpikySpahgetti: Unless they finally released not 14nm ++++
JadedCynic: yeah, kinda hit the limits of the medium and the laws of physics governing same, huh? :)
SpikySpahgetti: Amd seems fine at 7nm though
TheMerricat: My first computer was a Timex/Sinclair ZX81 - Dad brought it home wihtout asking mom, it was a kit you got the components and had to solder them to the board yourself. Mom was furious. You loaded programs off cassette tapes and if you played them just as normal tapes it sounded like a modem. Because it was so underpowered they utilized the video processing portion of the CPU for handling the demodulation
SpikySpahgetti: Just borg me up dock
TheMerricat: so when you loaded a tape the screen was full of black bars and static.
Solipsody: Don't worry. They can just keep adding more cores and using speculative execution to pretend the computer is actually faster.
SpikySpahgetti: Inb4 our human brains have chips in them
TacitusVigil: Every time I hear that sound I think I'm hearing the start of the Emergency Alert System.
Raiz0k: Except the laws of physic are kinda "fuzyy 'round the edges", as evidenced by the last N generations of CPUs :).
SpikySpahgetti: @tacitusvigil same
kusinohki: @TheMerricat I think you have me beat... first computer I remember was a TRS-80 color computer 2
JadedCynic: @TacitusVigil IKR?!?
SpikySpahgetti: I wonder when quantum computers will become mainstream at home
Solipsody: Sometime after somebody manages to use one to actually do something?
kusinohki: also saved programs on cassette. remmber getting a disk drive (5.25 which plugged into the rom port) and thinking it was so much easier to deal with
JadedCynic: @TheMerricat you trump me - an atari 400 that was fully assembled. radO7
SpikySpahgetti: I wonder how many people can fit on that sub
Laserbeaks_Fury: Light is green, the trap is clean
SpikySpahgetti: Sub subscriber special
SpikySpahgetti: Red lights on subs. I seen enough movies to know this is bad
JadedCynic: the BIG game for that was Eastern Front - 1941 which came on a cassette tape and took about an hour to load into memory and then you played a computerized board wargame...with ironman mode - no saves
raven534: What's the far left monitor?
BlightningHelix: So why are you turning everything off when you move?
JadedCynic: get into routine and teach muscle memory
SpikySpahgetti: The only winning move is not to play.
plummeting_sloth: this is like the sub version of that game Alex played last week
JadedCynic: juuuust barely visible
JadedCynic: and now we're clear
DrakeSD: Is there any benefit to having heat?
JadedCynic: I don't think so; just makes cloak less effective?
Solipsody: Just scoot around the far side, should be okay.
SpikySpahgetti: Warm bodies detected
MAPBoardgames: looks like the middle cirlce is nethook range?
TheMerricat: This was the 'super' game that I always played on the ZX while the tape lasted - - outside of that they sold books that contained programs you'd type in yourself that as a aspiring 8 year old programmer I kept trying to do but never had the stamina necessary to type in all 30+ pages of code.... esp since I dind't know how to type.
Solipsody: You can probably kill the cloak for a bit.
raven534: Was that an auto-switch? for the fuel?
RaklarLS: for some reason this reminds me of TIS-100 despite the little similarities; replace the programming with protocol.
kusinohki: @TheMerricat my dad had subscription to Rainbow magazine which printed all the code for the programs they were talking about. I basically had one hand pointing at code and the other 'typing' (more like hunt and peck) so I could play some of the games
TheMerricat: According to the guide, a SMALL amount of heat is necessary or you die. But you have to avoid over heating.
forcedreject: bopping industrial track
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : pretty much standard for the time, right? We've had those listing things over tin the Commie Block.
3nugget: Sparks combing out of a control panel seems bad
KeytarCat: I was playing a horror game while watching, and that was a bad combo
KeytarCat: this has great sound for survival horror
forcedreject: Survival Horror ASMR
SpikySpahgetti: @forcedreject I absolutely dig ambient industrial noises in games. This reminds me of prey 2017 when u space walk.
Raiz0k: Although the BASIC programs were like 10 A4 pages, tops.
forcedreject: @SpikySpahgetti In Space, everyone can hear you ASMR
kusinohki: did I hear "zepplin mode"?? !!
Raiz0k: Yuuup.
SpikySpahgetti: Rollercoaster is one of the few games written entirely in assembly. Which is why it ran so well on computers
SpikySpahgetti: Rollercoaster tycoon
Raiz0k: Really? *All* of it?
RaklarLS: so, is there a reason for the control panel to be studded leather? is it a diving coffin?
MAPBoardgames: Unlabeled sliders
SpikySpahgetti: Yeh pretty sure all of it was written in assembly.
SpikySpahgetti: Or 90 %
SpikySpahgetti: That’s why it was smooth
Raiz0k: Wikipedia says 99% by anecdote of creator, so, yeah, wow.
TheMerricat: I'm trying to find the copy of the book that I spent a full year getting the programs in for, it was this super weird combo they had a comic then the code for a game related to the comic, then more comic, then another game, and etc. the premise was a guy who was a time traveler fighting an evil wizard and who was a super A-hole to the rest of the 'good guys' who were trapped in the past with him.
Raiz0k: But, you know, coding in Assembly all the time requires a special kind of brain.
3nugget: Is he operating a Submarine?
Raiz0k: As in, the kind that slices it hands to some Cyberdyne scientists to show that they are a robot.
forcedreject: @Raiz0k I believe that brain is called a computer
Solipsody: @TheMerricat Hm... I used to have the Microadventure books when I was a kid, similar but text only. I wonder if it's related?
Raiz0k: A special kind of brain topology then :p.
Astra7525: I think you are feeding too much power in the nethook. don't need that much range
rith_the_awakener: Time for squid hugs!
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k it’s a really special achievement
KeytarCat: Please don't hug the squid
forcedreject: I want to see how optimize a game is when it's programmed in Brainfuck (yes that's the actual programming language name)
Raiz0k: No you don't ;).
Jin_Gitaxias_Core_Augur: Greetings Cameron
SpikySpahgetti: Just program in assembly or scratch then
Raiz0k: And you really don't want to see it in Malebolge either.
raven534: @forcedreject I'd prefer Whitespace
3nugget: I mean, we could do Lisp and really hate ourselves
SpikySpahgetti: @jin_gitaxias_core_augur I prefer the red praetor
kusinohki: gimme 3 steps gimme 3 steps mister gimme 3 steps towards the door
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : "program it in assembly and scratch" actually describes Brainf**k really well.
Solipsody: @forcedreject Have actual humans actually managed to write a working program in that yet?
anororn: Just start writing in compiled machine code. I'm sure it'll be fine
Jin_Gitaxias_Core_Augur: @SpikySpahgetti Then your favourite is the worst
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k wait really.
CrazyZonie: @kusinohki Lol! Somehow, I don't think Cam's at risk of spurned lovers.
raven534: Malebolge is still no human code, right?
forcedreject: @Solipsody I mean technically "Hello World" is a program so...
SpikySpahgetti: @jin_gitaxias_core_augur nah I really love elesh norn. She is such a bomb
MAPBoardgames: Can you swap for a dead battery when you know you are going to be moving?
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : "scratch" the action, not "Scratch" the language, to be clear :).
forcedreject: @raven534 Also Whitespace reminds me of classic punch cards
SpikySpahgetti: The fact I didn’t know the red ones name should have been a clew
Borgrim_: this is somewhat similar to moving under a cardboard box in metal gear
Jin_Gitaxias_Core_Augur: Urabrask
SpikySpahgetti: There we go
SpikySpahgetti: The haste anti haste guy
raven534: Well, we know who read the Wikipedia list of esoteric programming languages
MAPBoardgames: Precision!
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k I have no idea what ur referring to but the fact I made ur brain click. Is good
Lord_Hosk: You know, you would be able to decrype it yourself Cori... IF YOU HAD STUDIED!
gilliam414: *clap clap* Precision!
SpikySpahgetti: @jin_gitaxias_core_augur I have never seen anyone cast Jin gitaxis but I’d love to do it one day
corianderd: hosk noooooooo
corianderd: make me
Solipsody: My favourite was always Befunge. It's not actually hard to use, but it's fundamentally different enough for most coding to make people's heads hurt until they get it.
raven534: I want to, I have it in my Kruphix deck
SpikySpahgetti: Java was kinda annoying
RaklarLS: i tend to go get it with defense of the heart. casting is a bit too much.
SpikySpahgetti: Probably need to try something else instead
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Raiz0k: @raven534 : the funny things is, "read the Wikipedia exhaustively" is a pretty much a meme in my social circle.
TheMerricat: bleh I can't find it. I know I found it last year and was going to buy a copy out of nostalgia off amazon but it was $100 for a copy.
Raiz0k: Uh, Java is alright.
Borgrim_: is stuff more likely to break down when used at 150%?
SpikySpahgetti: So far my decks for edh are ayara jhoira from commanders quarters. And sevala green white cEDH
MAPBoardgames: lrrFINE
SpikySpahgetti: Java is verbose
Raiz0k: No doubt about it.
KeytarCat: I think it was just a battery?
natedesuka: it was just a battery, it said so
SpikySpahgetti: Wasn’t bad but it the teacher clearly preferred c++
KCazduke: Oh hey, what's this?
SpikySpahgetti: And the GUI I was using was bad
Raiz0k: But the 100th time you read someone else's code you will probably start to appreciate "verbose" ;).
Solipsody: @TheMerricat Yeah, that whole genre pretty much vanished. Micro Adventures are probably less collectable (not comics) and even they are almost impossible to come by physically.
forcedreject: @Raiz0k I prefer comments
Raiz0k: I don't.
Raiz0k: If the code doesn't explain most of the stuff you do, there's something wrong there.
CrazyZonie: @KCazduke Sadines, more likely
Astra7525: I feel like we are steampunk space explorers...
SpikySpahgetti: There is a reason why finding ur own style for programming isn’t prefered
Solipsody: Technically, code is always a description of what it does. Just not always a description of what it's supposed to do.
SpikySpahgetti: Ur programming should be easy to read by a newb
TheMerricat: So stupid question chat, do they know how to use the 'finder'? I saw they just tuned it on but....
Solipsody: Haven't heard them mention it much.
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : answer is simple. Because "programming as an asocial actiivity" is a complete myth.
SpikySpahgetti: My philosophy is that if u do a job so well that a newb can pick up and replace u. Makes u irreplaceable
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k just like programming in java for fun
kusinohki: what exactly does 35% cloak mean?
KCazduke: <.< I take it those purple things are bad.
Raiz0k: It can be, if you're doing fun things.
SpikySpahgetti: That red light means u haven’t junded em out
ImmortalLen: I'm listening to this stream as I work and I keep thinking there's a weather warning in my area.
Solipsody: @TheMerricat Looks like they're using it.
TheMerricat: @KCazduke those are turrents
kusinohki: isn't it really more of an all or nothing thng?
TheMerricat: @Solipsody yep. :-)
Bearudite: I am not a fan of that buzzer sounding just like a severe weather warning
SpikySpahgetti: Who programs a power plant for fun
Solipsody: @SpikySpahgetti My dad.
raven534: Looking at that map I went "Imagine pokemon gen 3 but with limited air underwater"
Raiz0k: @Bearudite : or police siren in a jingle, am I right?
MAPBoardgames: Cloak not quite good enough?
CrazyZonie: @Bearudite So Severe Weather != Severe Military?
Bearudite: Severe Military Weather is Just BulletStorm right?
MAPBoardgames: Never didn't have it.
DrakeSD: Blue light = Happy Cloak, Red light = Unhappy cloak
Raiz0k: xD
raven534: Uh oh, better refill Mind then
CrazyZonie: @Bearudite I think that is applicable. The sound only happens when bad things (towers/squids) happen with firearms.
Raiz0k: Oh, yeah, Cori hit the nail on the head.
rith_the_awakener: It's about finding a rhythm
KeytarCat: Crunchy abstract art
CrazyZonie: CAM! It's more puzzle than fiddly
KCazduke: Probably because you have a lot of time to figure out each step?
TheMerricat: @SpikySpahgetti Have you seen the guy behind Zachtronics? - that's his whole shtick.
SpikySpahgetti: I thought the red light meant u were about to be junded out
niccus: oh hi
SpikySpahgetti: So he programs in java for fun
SpikySpahgetti: I remember when jagex
SpikySpahgetti: Stood for java games
Solipsody: There's just enough margin for error in this game that you aren't just learning exactly how many pixels to adjust each slider. You get to feel a little bit like you're making decisions instead of just getting conditioned to push the buttons it wants.
Raiz0k: I mean, it's where you find "fun".
Raiz0k: Generally a frame reference challenge.
TStodden: Crunchy sound bad...
SpikySpahgetti: Fun is subjective
KeytarCat: Squid BEBBY!
Raiz0k: I've friend who like to solve a Rubik's Cube.
Raiz0k: For ma it's just an optimization problem.
SpikySpahgetti: I find playing storm decks fun
Raiz0k: And good for you!
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SpikySpahgetti: Storm is like a Rubik’s cube and wheel spinning with maybe a pay off
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Raiz0k: Yeah, see? Fun is relative.
shadowtalon910: That Brrrt buzzer reminds me of the US national warning system on tv.
GrenExile: Where does a canadian get packaged MTG stuff online? looking to grab all the commander decks and card kingdom doesnt ship up here.
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k I know
SpikySpahgetti: I am also surprised why I love storm in mtg
SpikySpahgetti: Wheel spinning is fun
BusTed: Proprietary power.
CrazyZonie: Battery Encrypting Trolls, that's who
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planeswalkagogo: Hey Cam! Happy Talking Sim!
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SpacePotato01: the symbols are in code
Solipsody: DRM, man. First it was ink cartridges, now life-saving nauticrawler batteries...
Bearudite: they make it a _and a +
TacitusVigil: You encrypt it by locking it in a dura-cell. Kappa
SpacePotato01: egyption for plus and minus
BusTed: Isn't that what a lightning cable is?
tehPete: They're right next to the downloadable RAM and Cars
Gekyouryuu: you turn them into an X and a Division Sign, obviously, @LoadingReadyRun Kappa
RobotInProgress: Scratch the plus and minus off
Swamplor: You encrypt it by switching the + and - labels
shadowtalon910: They paint over the terminals to disguise which end is which
auxv: holding battery, hacker voice "I'm in"
Angnor33: How to encrypt a bettery: the APPLe vs. Android charger debate.
TheMerricat: network just crashed on my end chat, did they make it to the wreck and if so, what was on it?
ArcOfTheConclave: there is a puzzle lock that needs to be solved to use it?
SpikySpahgetti: Does the battery have scratch and sniff
KeytarCat: @
ArcOfTheConclave: @TheMerricat encripted battery
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti: TBH I'm about Graham's age and started playing just before high school, so I'm only dimly aware about the concept of a Storm deck, and only through LRR.
TheMerricat: ANOTHER?
Solipsody: Welp, time to go start cooking. Have fun storming the ocean!
TheMerricat: later @Solipsody :) have fun cooking!
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k I played commanders quarters jhoira which is my only experience with it.
SpikySpahgetti: Came best described storm decks as a rubiks cube
Jasoman: Chat what kind of contraption are we in?
SpikySpahgetti: Cam
Raiz0k: But it's nice how these abstractions come together.
TheMerricat: @Jasoman we are escaping prisoners on an alien planet in a sea mech we don't have the manual for.
TheMerricat: @Jasoman 20 atmospheres down.
SpikySpahgetti: Jhoira draws cards for historic u just play cantrips.dek
SpikySpahgetti: But cams description of storm is accurate just google it
CrazyZonie: Well, it wouldn't be stolen by authroized personel.
SpikySpahgetti: It’s taking a game that’s supposed to be multiplayer and just playing solitaire. @raiz0k
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Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : interesting, I will.
planeswalkagogo: Nice
RobotInProgress: Beep
Raiz0k: beep
planeswalkagogo: “Land” squid?
Raiz0k: Bootleg Bullsquid, eh?
CrazyZonie: What about a Land Octopus? I think a land octopus could stop you.
planeswalkagogo: So, I got here a bit late. Can someone give me the tl;dr?
RobotInProgress: A door or wall could stop us
Raiz0k: @CrazyZonie: I've watched that speculative documentary, no comment.
SpikySpahgetti: @raiz0k
Juliamon: planeswalkagogo We're a prisoner on a presumably alien planet trying to escape in an underwater mech we don't have a manual for.
SpikySpahgetti: Cam talking about storm
CrazyZonie: @Raiz0k Yeah, I've seen a few. There's a YouTube Channel dedicated to showing the land octopuses in testing environments.
Raiz0k: No, I mean "The World Without Us" things.
KeytarCat: oh nO
62MGcobra: uh....
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : got it earmarked, thx!
sir_jack_DB: xD
Raiz0k: Yuuup.
sir_jack_DB: day-tooonnnaaaa!
CrazyZonie sings "Ain't no tower high enough, ain't no squiddie close enough, ain't no valley long enough, to keep me away from freedom!"
Mister_Hush: um excuse
sir_jack_DB: let's go away
Raiz0k: goodbye
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we flying bois
Astra7525: hahahhah
KeytarCat: OH YIKE
TheMerricat: LOL
Raiz0k: Wait, what.
rith_the_awakener: Here we go!
KeytarCat: BEANS, CAM
sir_jack_DB: hello there
Astra7525: ready to learn a new interface?
TheAinMAP: A whole new set of controls?
DrakeSD: Just as you thought you had it mastered
ghostvalv: para fly engaged
HydraWiggins: try spinning, that's a neat trick
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TheAinMAP: Break time!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: sounds good
planeswalkagogo: Thank you, Cameron
CrazyZonie: Stretchy legs, Cam
CrazyZonie: Self care is the best care.
kusinohki: a zepplin is just like a sub in the air right??
Astra7525: That was such a ballsy move
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: This has been great so far
Astra7525: You finally manage to achieve the "level" goal, and then they dump an entirely new interface on you
Raiz0k: And here I though the Zeppelin mode was an off-hand joke...
SpikySpahgetti: lrrGARBO
Gekyouryuu: so, friends who also watch Cam's home streams: was he on yesterday and Twitch just didn't tell me, or no?
coolbond: anyone else here excited for Redds and Leifs appearance in New Horizons?
Juliamon: coolbond YESSS
SpikySpahgetti: I wish wotc would reprint fetchlands
coolbond: ARTTIME
SpikySpahgetti: In a meaningful way
TheMerricat: So my phone is very excited and decided to ping me with 'breaking news!' - Fortnite is now on the Google Play Store.... wee.....
SpikySpahgetti: Google just made 100 bucks for that push notification. @themerricat
Gekyouryuu: oh, yeah, because if it weren't, Google's made it so stuff not on the play store gets constant popups and regarded as malware
Gekyouryuu: so it HAS to be there to not get hecked over
SpikySpahgetti: I stopped using google
Raiz0k: @SpikySpahgetti : watched the video and now i_understand_that_reference.png .
SpikySpahgetti: Those dice look dope
Gekyouryuu: oh, cool. More Receiver II AND Jackbox tomorrow on top of FF7? my cup runneth over
SpikySpahgetti: Storm is like a rubiks cube
SpikySpahgetti: I just love spinning my wheels tbh
SpikySpahgetti: It’s why I love bolas citadel
Izandai: 'Sup nerds?
Raiz0k: 'sup!
Raiz0k: Descenders was a freaing whiplash!
Gekyouryuu: Descenders was RAD
Bearudite: these cockpits look like Myst Puzzles
Gekyouryuu: was super cool to have the Dev in chat for that, too
SpacePotato01: maybe that's why this was a grapplecraft, because submarines float into the sky otherwise?
DrakeSD: Why Nauticrawl when you can Aerocrawl?
Raiz0k: @Gekyouryuu : also all that!
willbruh99: yes cameron
plummeting_sloth: I love that this is like if you took Manhole and made it a cockpit UI
trespunto14: Hi
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Yeah, Reciever II had the devs in chat for it aswell, I just like the insights that they can give
Raiz0k: Ah, yes, 3D Sunless Skies.
niccus: new car same beep
ArcOfTheConclave: new crawler?
plummeting_sloth: ugh, I was so dissapointed by the Magmatic Seas latest album
Raiz0k: Subduction Zone Skies?
SpikySpahgetti: Inb4 emerkrul shows up outside the window
Raiz0k: Holly crap, I was right, this *is* Duskers meets Myst!
Izandai: @SpikySpahgetti Better (worse) yet, Marit Lage.
SpikySpahgetti: Oh god it would be a flying 20,20 indestructible
Raiz0k: Gah, the faux monospace...
SpikySpahgetti: @izandai thing in the ice
Nigouki: are the coordinates on the back of the CD case? Kappa
jkoon78076: hi everyone
SpikySpahgetti: When u push buttons in the right order.
HorusFive: !panic
SpikySpahgetti: Hmmm
niccus: oh i love unknown entity
SpikySpahgetti: Oh god beeping
CrazyZonie: Oh, Gawd! ANSI Art!
Lightningbro: Darn and blast, I forgot that Talking Sim was on.
Raiz0k: Yeeeep.
Astra7525: look at the window, cam
Astra7525: we can see the ship
Gizmoloid: Map is 115 pounds!?
SpikySpahgetti: Still cheaper then tingles maps
CrazyZonie: Lets hope power mgmt isn't a thing wiht derrigibles.
Raiz0k: Wait, so rarity-based mechanic plus environmental switching? Oh boy....
SpikySpahgetti: But do they have mythics?
TheMerricat: whelp chat, we now know what we were in, magma.
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Gekyouryuu: weren't you given a map? or did I misunderstand the deal?
mtg_charles: hi cam how are you doing today
Juliamon: I'm glad I didn't voice my thought earlier, when we were discussing non-water options, where I thought it might be like Minecraft lava
kusinohki: flux capacitor.... fluxing.
mtg_charles: could someone explain what is happening
SpacePotato01: it could also be your lungs and how much the crystal has irradiated them.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun don't forget to make sure you equip that equipment you bought.
CrazyZonie: @mtg_charles Chaos through pushing random buttons and seeing what joyus fun they cause
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @mtg_charles we've been given a ship but all the controls are unexplained
mtg_charles: interesting thankyou
TheMerricat: @mtg_charles we are escaping prisoners who are in a mech of some sort, without a manual. We were in the bottom of a magma sea and now we are in the sky.
chesul: Cam, you just decreased your altitude thrust.
korvys: Uh, you turned your altitude thruster *down*, not up
korvys: nm
Astra7525: look, I worry that the term "landsquid" implies the existence of... skysquid
spiffinn: i wonder what those potential lines represent
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: why would you put that into the world @Astra7525
brainbosh: Easy Breezy Beautiful
Gekyouryuu: I, too, enjoy Eizouken
Juliamon: I'm more concerned that landsquid can survive in magma.
korvys: This reminds me a little of Objects in Space
kusinohki: japanimation... I hate you so much right now
TheMerricat: @spiffinn if you mean the 'circular' lines around the islands, I'd guess they are depth lines. the islands are floating on the magma seas.
Gekyouryuu: "ain't no problem"? what poor grammar, @LoadingReadyRun . it's "there amn't a problem."
Raiz0k: @Juliamon : I'm still in awe of how there's a zeppelin mode on a submarine, so you can at least take solace in some form of vindication.
TheMerricat: Cam and Cori love triggering flags I think.....
Bearudite: I am waiting for tailspin style airpirates
SpikySpahgetti: Tempting fate eh
chesul: Bearudite if a fox in a biplane shows up I'm totally buying this game.
Raiz0k: Every time we approach the halfway point of the stream....
CrazyZonie: @Gekyouryuu Oh, it's worse than that. Thanks to Cori and Cam, I have "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" stuck in my head.
kusinohki: just get into the sea
TheAinMAP: sergeIntoTheSea
TheMerricat: Whelp chat. I have to run. Have fun with the rest of the stream :-)
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Yay...
CrazyZonie: And just when you thought Battery management was a thing of the past.
CrazyZonie: Laters @TheMerricat
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : see ya!
Gekyouryuu: @CrazyZonie I was about to ay you just did the same for me, but I managed to nip it in the bud by turning it into that scene in Chicken Little at the end, with the overly dramatized movie-within-a-movie
Juliamon: lrrFINE
Astra7525: hostile nauticraft perhaps
Raiz0k: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
ArcOfTheConclave: rival?
kusinohki: naughty-craft
CrazyZonie: Fuel?
Bearudite: sold all the batteries
CrazyZonie: Battery is fine for now. Engines cut out. Fuel?
62MGcobra: ooo time to get ganked by sky pirates
Astra7525: I think you picked up an encrypted item
BasilHunter: switch to 2nd fuel tank and refuel at some point?
Lightningbro: So, as someone who got here HYPER late, why is Cam turning off all the machinery before moving?
Juliamon: Limited resources.
kusinohki: energy conversation I think
natedesuka: conserve battery
Raiz0k: Because SILENCE.
CrazyZonie: @Lightningbro Ship has only so much power and too many things to run.
kusinohki: conservation... *sigh*
Raiz0k: (but also that)
movienationyt: dump that heat lol
TStodden: Cam's trying to conserve resources & limit power consumption, so he's only keeping stuff on for as long as he needs them to proceed.
HorusFive: Probly didn't need whatever that was that fell off
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Alicemouse: how does this button work again..
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plummeting_sloth: hopefully it wasn't teh front that fell off
Raiz0k: Fell, or came in?
kusinohki: moar cloak!
Raiz0k: Alright, *that* fell off.
SleepyDeveloper: Good evening Dr. Cam
TheMoatman: I am extremely not a fan of this using the TV severe weather alert beep
HorusFive: So Majestic
Lightningbro: "Sentinels invoked" That's not ominous in any capacity.
Raiz0k: @TheMoatman : which one is it?
TheMoatman: That really short honk
plummeting_sloth: sorry boys, places to be *engine fails to turn over*
Raiz0k: Ah, seriously? That's not cool @TheMoatman .
plummeting_sloth: yeah, it's the Civic Alert TV siren
Gekyouryuu: @TheMoatman yeah, it keeps spooking me, too, since I don't have my TV on, but keep managing to forget the game is using it
natedesuka: fly?
TheMoatman: It's not a spook as much as a "huh, is something happening?"
Raiz0k: That's very irresponsible on the part of the devs then.
CrazyZonie: Check your six, Cam
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CrazyZonie: Sire, might it confused them if we ran away some more?
HorusFive: I know there's a method to this madness- but I can't shake the thought that Cam is just switching off these monitors in the hopes that if he doesn't look, the problem just goes away
plummeting_sloth: inspect the subs subsystems
TehAmelie: i got called away a while. are we learning to navigate the super-duper-dubocean?
plummeting_sloth: the perfect crime
TehAmelie: or subocean
Raiz0k: AAAAAH
ghostvalv: wat
SachielOne: Beware the Tholian Web
Astra7525: Is this game designed to troll the player?
Astra7525: like... what the hell
HorusFive: That's science!
Raiz0k: Cam's trying out his jack was what got me here.
TehAmelie: i wonder if there's seas in the earth's mantle
SpikySpahgetti: Cams dad joke
anororn: At this rate, the coffee cup is going to be an integral part of an interface at some point
TStodden: Twitch plz...
Gekyouryuu: you're on W3
natedesuka: that W3
Inept_Hope: that's not z3
Telarra_: you're on w3
sireggsbenedict: thats w3
BasilHunter: that's mot Z3, that's w3
SpikySpahgetti: What’s that red doom triangle.
BlandSpice: That W3 at the end?
TehAmelie: that's a good name for an upgraded dreadnought
Raiz0k: Yup.
Raiz0k: And, also, that.
Zalthia: Red thing is getting closer
Raiz0k: And now Cam is a Minecraft Villager.
ImmortalLen: I don't understand what's going on but I do understand that Cam is in danger
Astra7525: are we even doing any damage?
SpikySpahgetti: The red triangle of doom approaches
SpikySpahgetti: I am so glad there aren’t jumps scare Easter eggs.
SpikySpahgetti: This game is totally tilting my horror sense. Pl
Raiz0k: oh no
SachielOne: WAKE UP... Grab a brush and puuut on a little makeup
Eyclonus: last time I caught Cam streaming, it was total warhammer, and he freaked because it was 5am
Raiz0k: Wasm't that a whiiiiiiiiiile ago?
Eyclonus: I'm in Australia so I don't usually catch streams
Raiz0k: I'm in Poland so neither do I :).
TehAmelie: uh-oh, time to get out and push
Astra7525: still in gun mode?
spiffinn: did you need to close the matrix?
Lightningbro: They aren't in Bola mode, but I also don't thing they're in Energy Net mode either.
Eyclonus: THey're in brown trousers mode
Lightningbro: weren't*
Mister_Hush: well you have been sticking it into every dang thing
SpikySpahgetti: @eyclonus code brown
Mister_Hush: you try stickin' a usb drive in a few random ports and see if it don't come away sticky everntually
SpikySpahgetti: !help
Astra7525: I think with the matrix open, the nethook button is continously in knot matrix mode and you just fizzle out because it either has no target or incorrect knot settings
SpikySpahgetti: !schedule
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spiffinn: Astra I agree
spiffinn: the keyhole never stopped being red
Raiz0k: Iiinteresting, because Cam's paint points are shared with mine,
Raiz0k: (except for the dog).
Astra7525: oh look, the nethook led is flashing again
SpikySpahgetti: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Jacob's Unbeatable Tackle
TehAmelie: what has two thumbs and doesn't know what these buttons do?
Eyclonus: REminds me of indepth submarine simulators
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Not us, we don't have thumbs
Eyclonus: Pun intended
SpikySpahgetti: !gooseadvice
Eyclonus: RSR
Raiz0k: Oooh, IF
Pseudonymn: Flying, are we?
Raiz0k: *S is a good analoge.
Eyclonus: @LoadingReadyRun try Cold Waters for an updated version
SpikySpahgetti: !fetchlands
Eyclonus: The campaign is turn based, but the combat encounters are real-time
spiffinn: the world of this game is really interesting
SpikySpahgetti: This game seems hypnotic
CrazyZonie: Steampunk meets early computing?
Eyclonus: Steampunk
SpikySpahgetti: So mkultra era?
TehAmelie: a little Ministry of Space
Raiz0k: Yeah, the quilt is wear.
Eyclonus: Steampunk and Alien
SpikySpahgetti: It is succeeding aesthetically
plummeting_sloth: Flashgordon punk
Raiz0k: That's more like dieselpunk anyway.
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MAPBoardgames: Steampunk often means: to hotglue gears onto things.
SpikySpahgetti: Steampunk is like a boiler
Astra7525: Was a "queen" explicitly mentioned?
spiffinn: royalty was, at leaset
SpikySpahgetti: Both are unattractive
PaperDoopliss: Rebelling doesn't sound very punk
Raiz0k: Ah, yes, Leninpunk.
brainiac4: I'm starting to think we need a macro with all the steampunk definitions.
brainiac4: !subscribe servo facts
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: yeah, the story is quite punk. but the cold indiference the notes take on your death sells it
SpikySpahgetti: !subscribe servo facts
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SpikySpahgetti: !help
brainiac4: @SpikySpahgetti just don't try to unsub...
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
SpacePotato01: thanks for streaming, this has been interesting
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !badadvice
LRRbot: Dying is a free action.
Raiz0k: Exactly!
SpikySpahgetti: !plans
Raiz0k: Also, the sonar thing.
SpikySpahgetti: !help
CrazyZonie: Common design language.
Raiz0k: People won't recognize that.
Astra7525: a circular display with a line waving across it in circular motion automatically reads as radar
Eyclonus: I keep expecting to hear Active Sonar pings
anororn: This game reminds me of In A Dark Room, where you have a simple interface, but as you go on you open a lot of other things to fiddle with and parts to play and such
SpikySpahgetti: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
TehAmelie: glub glub
Raiz0k: But yeah, probably one of the last games that showcases this kind of interface.
Mcgwee: oooo
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That sounds interesting
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Trashweazel: oooooo
Astra7525: Is the new TalkingSim Theme "Maritime Adventures"?
frage069: That sounds fun
Raiz0k: Is the AI called ARID ;p ?
Astra7525: I love how Ben and Adam have officially become "The Boys" now :D
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: the RE3 remake is what they've been playing. Adam's been on the pilot seat
SpikySpahgetti: Spoopy game
Raiz0k: The Spoopy Boys.
Eyclonus: I've had to put on "relaxing Submarine pings for 10 hours" and I'm confused why they called it "Relaxing"
SpikySpahgetti: If this game didn’t make my pants brown
SpikySpahgetti: The next game might
jessieimproved: I had about 10 days today, would like less days plz
TehAmelie: friends, i tell you this with all of my heart and all the wisdom in the entire universe: take it sleazy
tehcrashxor: Thanks for the stream guys!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: okbyeee
tehcrashxor: katesThank
Juliamon: lrrHEART
jessieimproved: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Resident Evil 3) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (21m from now).
SpikySpahgetti: Adam spoopy doop
jessieimproved: I needs my LRR today
jessieimproved: Ready for some lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
SpikySpahgetti: U know what’s crazy I know a guy a lot like Paul
Mcgwee: nice stream night y'all
TehAmelie: everyone already forgot about The Good Place? :(
TheThromborax: I didn't! eagerly awaiting season4 on netflix
SpikySpahgetti: SirMad
monkeyrama: Adam...
TehAmelie: ah, the resolution is so great
Vyous: o/ live?
TehAmelie: hi Adam
brainbosh: Live
Nigouki: hi Adam
monkeyrama: We can see you
SpikySpahgetti: Oh hai Adam
jessieimproved: is silent?
Eyclonus: @LoadingReadyRun no audio
Vyous: No sound it appears
Nigouki: hi intro vid
SpikySpahgetti: Ur back from nier
Eyclonus: silent movie
monkeyrama: It's not live yet
Pheonix888: flawless
Electrodyne: Hi Adam
actionjb: Hai
Dish_KP: hi Adam
Nigouki: and now can hear you!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: byee
SpikySpahgetti: Spoopy
Eyclonus: Bi
Dish_KP: bye Adam
Nigouki: cya in a bit!
monkeyrama: LUL LUL
SpikySpahgetti: Welcome Adam
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Sethalidos: nope
SpikySpahgetti: That’s a high storm count
TheThromborax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Resident Evil 3) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (17m from now).
SpikySpahgetti: Grapeshot!
noisyblizzard: the adam is a fleeting creature
SpikySpahgetti: Adam is 3,1
SpikySpahgetti: I think someone bolted him
BlightningHelix: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Resident Evil 3) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (14m from now).
monkeyrama: Same thing happened to Alex the other day ligerLUL
TheThromborax: it's super effective!