TehAmelie: "maybe more than 60 seconds" is long and hard in this case
TheWanderingNomad: Phrasing!
TehAmelie: oh, i should have put that much more filthy
TheWanderingNomad: I mean you can go either way with that one
TheWanderingNomad: Also morning all
Twinklebees: Long, hard and with absolutely no overpowered fisting.
quasi79fu: omg
Metric_Furlong: get a grip on yourselves, chat
quasi79fu: its not meeeee
quasi79fu puts himself in the innocent corner
TehAmelie: Tifa's performance enhancers means no mortal men last even 60 seconds
TheWanderingNomad: Oh I got a grip on myself Kappa
quasi79fu: ewww
Metric_Furlong: look, I'm afraid I have to be firm here
Metric_Furlong: there's an entire stream to come
NightValien28: chat, if any of you are interested in tlou2 stay the hell away from twitter or youtube
quasi79fu: omg
quasi79fu: are they spoiling the game?
Metric_Furlong: you need to keep yourselves focussed, in case Graham needs your penetrating insight
TheWanderingNomad: Looks like. THanks for the heads up NightValien28
quasi79fu: nooooo
NightValien28: yeah it got all leaked
TehAmelie: i got the Annotated American Gods in the mail today. that doesn't have a lot of filthy jokes potential but i'm happy with it
TheThromborax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (8m from now).
Twinklebees: Metric_Furlong: now now, no need to keep ramming it home.
NightValien28: most major cutscenes and plot was leaked
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie yeah. although it must be nice to finally gotten hold of your package
TehAmelie: oho
quasi79fu: chat is bored
TehAmelie: it actually came a week early. maybe Tifa was involved
TheWanderingNomad: Something something came early something lewd
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (6m from now).
quasi79fu lurks
TheWanderingNomad: Oh wait got it - "If it involves Tifa, I'd come early too"
TehAmelie: that's her powerfirst combo, as previously covered. nobody can last a minute
TXC2: Hello everybody
quasi79fu: hi
TehAmelie: howdy
TheWanderingNomad: Hey TXC2, wanna get in on the sexual innuendo?
dudecon: Came early for Tifa's Dolphin Blow?
TXC2: no y'all seem to have it handled
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! katesWave
TheThromborax: lol
TXC2: hello PharaohBender27
TehAmelie: something curse ring of alacrity something
CastleOtranto: Hello Chat!
Metric_Furlong: hello CastleOtranto
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @CastleOtranto ! katesWave
quasi79fu: hi
TXC2: hello CastleOtranto welcome
frnknstn: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (1m from now).
TXC2: title change
ccwgtb: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Mon 10:00 AM PDT (2s from now).
TehAmelie: on in 60 seconds, heh heh
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL
quasi79fu: countdown
quasi79fu: Final countdown?
Riandisa: xivCactuar xivCactuar xivCactuar
dudecon: [trumpet fanfare]
HorusFive: @quasi79fu doubtful- I think we likely have 5 or 10 more of this game
quasi79fu: uh i think i deaf? is there no music ?
ipoddodd: Disc 3 time?
dudecon: No tunes here either.
Zaghrog: No music
PharaohBender27: Not seeing a song title either, so no music.
quasi79fu sighs in relief for not being deaf
malc: jlrrFacepalm
294 raiders from James_LRR have joined!
quasi79fu: I can hear something?
MungoDude: jlrrPunch Poggo my Doggo! jlrrPunch
7gorobei: pogos my doggos
PharaohBender27: And of course the music starts right then :D
ipoddodd: @quasi79fu What did you say?
rocketjohn: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TXC2: hello Raiders
NotCainNorAbel: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
FenrisSchafer: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Jeezy56: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
corpocracy: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Milambus: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
TheWanderingNomad: A little early Raiders Z:P
STALKERsoldiers: THE PIT is here!
CraziestOwl: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
DiscordianTokkan: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPillow
GenericGameCr8: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TehAmelie: someone said we might power through the rest of disc 2 today thanks to the, uh, power of Tifa
Leonhart321: #PoggoMyDoggo jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
RAICx: Poggo my doggos! jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Orgmastron: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
red_shoes_jeff: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
brieandbacon: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
quasi79fu hears the sound of his own voice
Narcuru: jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrPillow jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
lemmel: jlrrPillow Poggoes my doggoes jlrrPillow
CyberCypher: jlrrPunch jlrrPillow RAID jlrrPillow jlrrPunch
TragicMtG: jlrrPunch Poggos my doggos!
floofynewf: HeyGuys
Firnsarwen: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrPunch
brunothepig: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
markaci: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TheAinMAP: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, jlrrPunch ers!
GapFiller: james raid lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrPillow jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
rocketjohn: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
kinslayer6788: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
snowcookies: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrIronball jlrrIronball lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
AmberLampLight: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
7gorobei: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Genie_M: hello countdown!
MyrddintheWizard: PogChamp my Doggo! jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
rocketjohn: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
brieandbacon: Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!
TwitchTVsFrank: rileyqPog poggos my doggos FrankerZ
rocketjohn: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TreeVor84: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Oh goody, it’s more PLAY IT FORWARD! More FFVII with @Graham_LRR! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EWoCn_sVAAkNx2z.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1254818339806822400
Gadora: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
daemonflowers: pogo my doggo!
ipoddodd: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
wench_tacular: jlrrPillow jlrrPillow
cassaclyzm: jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
brieandbacon: lrrFINE sergeFriend
Saphling: lrrDOTS jlrrIronball lrrARROW
odamadillo: Greetings Chat
Wrexadecimal: lunarTunes
Rustymagus: Hey chat!
Nemowoodbine: aaaaa good morning
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Q_sic: lrrHORN jlrrPillow lrrHEART
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lirazel64: Wheee!
quasi79fu headbangs
TheWarbo: pre-stream song with...lyrics!?!?
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @odamadillo and @Rustymagus !
quasi79fu neeeds a aspirin
PharaohBender27: @TheWarbo I know, it's wild!
Rustymagus: Is this the day we finish FFVII?
JadedCynic: ooo, mega ran
Zaghrog: This hasn't come on in a while I think
GamesAndInk: Is Meteor just the moon from Majora's Mask?
T45k_Force_141: What’s up party people
yunalasca is continuing the Gift Sub they got from Milambus!
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PharaohBender27: @Rustymagus Maybe the main story - lrrGRAHAM said he'd do sidequests after
logvanbaritenor: lrrJUDGE
TXC2: hello T45k_Force_141 welcome
Nemowoodbine: no way we finish today
quasi79fu knocks himself out while headbanging
GapFiller: Rustymagus probably not no
Nemowoodbine: at least one more i'd say. he said sidequests
yunalasca: jlrrIronball jlrrPunch jlrrIronball jlrrPunch
GapFiller: in terms of just the story yes we cd finish today
TeiranDragon: Still catching up, so hello from the VODs!
GapFiller: BUT...
TXC2: hello TeiranDragon
GamesAndInk: Gotta do those loyalty missions so that everyone survives the ending and we don't repeat the Aerith incident.
TXC2: here we GO!
Saphling: are we getting Omnislash?
ladylockwood92: Woo~
malc: this intro is so good
TheAinMAP: katesAir
NathanJay_GA: lrrDOTS lrrAWESOME lrrARROW
richard_ermen: And so it begins...
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TeiranDragon: Still catching up, so hello from the VODs!
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GapFiller: good afternoon evening G lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM lrrGRAHAM
rocketjohn: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
ATrophonian: Poggos, My Doggos!
quasi79fu: hulllo
Saphling: y'ello!
TXC2: Hello Graham
malc: yellow.
noSmokeFire: yellow yourself
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accountmadeforants: Why is it that "Final" Fantasy gets flak for having sequels, when there's already over 200 "Ultimate" Fighting Championships?
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Riandisa: Good morning, Graham xivCactuar
MystechJ: I was just listening to Black Materia the other day
Genie_M: hi!
Pintyhet: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TehAmelie: halo
Rustymagus: Hey G!
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Leonhart321: Poggos, my Doggos
TXC2: an whole game
malc: an entire fantasy
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theshinyakuma: Graham!
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HorusFive: Graham Plays the Whole Thing!
plummeting_sloth: A whole of a whole game
Sodaman64: Heyo G o/
peejeeful: hi graHAM
Foxmar320: Hello everyone
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red_shoes_jeff: [NEW GAME] lrrARROW [CONTINUE]
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ipoddodd: Speedrun Strats
JadedCynic: Poggo my Doggos Graham! (from James)
TXC2: Hello Foxmar320
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GapFiller: evening Foxmar
lurkerspine: Time to grind
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Foxmar320 !
SnivianMoon: Graham, just have to say, your going-live Tweet Photos continue to be superb.
GapFiller: yeh endgame is VERY close
quasi79fu: im ok with grinding
Nameless_Sword: Hey G
GapFiller: BUT...
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ipoddodd: But TIFA
noSmokeFire: cloud has installed grindr
SquareDotCube: Is the warning as big as the remake?
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Genie_M: get gold chocobo
Furvias: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:00.
Joda011980: goodevening everyone
Leonhart321: If you're past 50, you're fine. Plus all those Enemy Skils
quasi79fu: grinding can be fun
peejeeful: time to side questµ
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ladylockwood92: Happy to support you guys, even in these troubled times~ Also this playthrough inspired me to try the game out myself.
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plummeting_sloth: Even TIFA WEAPON cannont save us
Genie_M: get KOTR
neuroflare: there really isnt a point of no retiurn, you can leave north crater after you enter
quasi79fu: Ooh chocobos?
Manae: I recall reading the last boss scales to you (with a minimum) and is actually harder the higher level you are
boristhewizard: Are we going to try and get Omnislash?
TXC2: hello Joda011980 welcome
Genie_M: hiya!
brieandbacon: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
TehAmelie: we do have some sightseeing we could do, Wutai for a start
GapFiller: time to level up Yuffie so she can take on The Pagoda in Wutai Kappa
ATrophonian: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
AugmentingPath: I think "Cloud has installed Grindr" is the plot of FF7R
TXC2: !vod
LRRbot: Streams from the last few days can be found at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/videos and the Archive of all streams can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/loadingreadylive
Furvias: I caught up just in time to watch it live!
DeadGunner: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch Poggos my Doggos
JadedCynic: wooo radRaid Poggos mah Doggos! jlrrPunch
indianajo3: cheer1000 Have some bits from a high school teacher struggling to make it to the end of term with his sanity and educational self worth in check.
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Jadenim: Ah, ah, ah, staying inside!
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Saphling: @AugmentingPath Like Cloud needs Grindr. Everyone in the remake is already so thirsty
plummeting_sloth: the rename every previous Champion to teh Penultimate champion
jameswanders: Any news on Ikoria nickname submissions?
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jonasjonIV: seems like more than a month since I bemoaned the need to go to work rather than watch...
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LadyAiluros: Big mood from anotehr educator
TXC2: Cloud has whatever the Ace version of Grindr is
Foxmar320: cheer65 Thanks you G :D
AugmentingPath: Saphling that's because he actually set up dates with all of them and then forgot about it because of ~reasons~
Psychic_Ketchup: Hey all, I'm finally caught up on all the previous FFVII vods, so now I get to watch live. Heck yeah
jameswanders: Any news on Ikoria nickname submissions? I want to get Face Treader in :D
ipoddodd: @indianajo3 At the flipside of that and the students feel the same. We want nothing more than to be in class annoying you
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plummeting_sloth: neat!
TXC2: hello Psychic_Ketchup welcome
red_shoes_jeff: @TXC2 You mean Punchr?
CaptainEnder7: @indianajo3 sympathy from an elementary music and band teacher
boristhewizard: Thanks for the gift sub!
Gekyouryuu: sigh.... twitch is being toilets, so I'm probably gonna have to wait and watch the vod later. -_-
PharaohBender27: I actually had a dream last night about doing the type of work I can't while "working from home." :P Is . . . worksickness (like homesickness) a thing?
Zaghrog: Always awesome to hear Shivam
jameswanders: neat :D
monakai: Ooh, sounds cool.
Orgmastron: Shivam! PogChamp
ipoddodd: @red_shoes_jeff Just Tifa on that site
indianajo3: @ipoddodd Facts
cuttlefishman: Should get Shivam back for a lore episode sometime
JDMan94: yooo, got caught up on the YouTube vids, and then on the twitch vids, so now I can watch live again
MaybeTara: Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Pride100 Having a heck of a day of work. Thanks for the stream and for already significantly improving my day.
TXC2: I want to go back to kaladesh just so I can hear Shivam talk more about it :P
jameswanders: They got so much undeserved Twitter hate for Lutri.
SquareDotCube: what a clod
richard_ermen: And another Weapon
plummeting_sloth: You Clod'd him right up
TheWarbo: Proud Clod!
Nameless_Sword: about to fight a hojo
red_shoes_jeff: @ipoddodd No complaints from me.
malc: maybetara: oof, hope things improve
GapFiller: HOJO HYPE
TXC2: Prid Clid
ladylockwood92: You gotta give Vincent a chance to settle his beef with Hojo
dudecon: which was tougher than Diamond Weapon for whatever reason
etherosleveque: Hi Graham, subbed for the first time last week because of your FFVII stream, but got antsy and didn’t wait for you to actually be streaming at the time. Still catching up on the VODs, but wanted to stop in and say hi now.
Leonhart321: Those levels, you're fine to go through the rest of the game if you wanted
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SoundGuy0dB: Hey, Graham, Loving the streams! Also catching up with my FFVII playthrough after finishing the remake - am up to Mideel!
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GapFiller: totally forgot this bit was raining
richard_ermen: DiDn't defeating Proud Clod also mean defeating Kyahaha and Gyahaha?
TXC2: MaybeTara stay safe lrrHEART
TheWarbo: excuse me Graham, it's name is SISTER RAY </scarlet voice>
quasi79fu: wut is that
GapFiller: but is the Loveless sign still there?
Foxmar320: Oh that looks pointy
TXC2: hello etherosleveque welcome
plummeting_sloth: Big Tank Big
jameswanders: That guy looks quite tender
Wrexadecimal: @TheWarbo Ya beat me to it enigmaLUL
Genie_M: Kleinpanzer*Small
ThePov42: Big Tank Big
BusTed: That seems to imply different sizes of grosspanzer.
JadedCynic: FAT tank....the BIGGER version O_O
PharaohBender27: That's an awfully redundant name
richard_ermen: Grosspanzer (german) means Great Tank :D
mtvcdm: Grospanzer Big Big Big And I Mean Big Big
quasi79fu: its headlesss now?
monakai: 4
Wrexadecimal: Big big, and I mean BIG BIG tank
EvilBadman: Translator note: Gross means big
SoundGuy0dB: Thats a big PAnzer tan :P
Electro_Irisu: did we get vincent?
ipoddodd: Looks like 5
azureHaights: So, the remake remix of this track for the squats has NO RIGHT being the absolute banger that it is, and I love it for that
Vanbael: It better be big in the remake
ipoddodd: 4*
noSmokeFire: CHOMP
Leonhart321: Also, they never explained how they moved and installed the gun and the Remake better explain it
bigpuppystuart: that is for when you need the deepest of tissue massages
SquareDotCube: bonk
GapFiller: it figures if theres a Velvet Underground fan on the dev team theres probs a My Bloody Valentine fan too
JadedCynic: NOM!
PharaohBender27: @EvilBadman :D
ParaGamer85: Cheer100 deathuYikes
TehAmelie: it's IS a big big big and i mean BIG big
Foxmar320: Lightning was born
SignificantOtter: goodbye passer
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GapFiller: very big
HorusFive: Canon- Tifa Punched a Tank to death
Foxmar320: lol
etherosleveque: @txc2 thanks!
LocoNaut: !Uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:13.
richard_ermen: And you salvaged its cannon :D
snowcookies: lol
Bobb1t: Oh look, Hojo hybridized a dino-tank with the junon gun
cuttlefishman: We FF13 now
Dread_Pirate_Westley: So in 21 years, we can have FFXIII
noSmokeFire: slightly longer than a 7 inch gun
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Khasi1596: *winky face*
TheMoatman: I assume it's an eight inch gun
plummeting_sloth: These 8 inch guns BROTHER
MrPhlip: I'm sad the 8-inch cannon isn't a Barret weapon
ipoddodd: That's a short cannon
ThePov42: It's a small naval caliber artillery piece
AwkwardBirb: 8 inch cannon is not actually that impressive
Foxmar320: MrPhlip Right!
TheWarbo: definitely the standard method of tank attack
SquareDotCube: Could you steal something from it?
dudecon: In-tents start to the stream G
ThePov42: I mean, it still fires shells that are 8 inches wide
quasi79fu: what does cosmomemory do?
GapFiller: quic kaside: has THIS music played at any point between the Opening Mission and now?
ipoddodd: Does the 8 inch cannon have the normal bore of a cannon?
Nemowoodbine: barrett has half tifa's hp ;__;
PhorrestGaze: 8 inches is the bore
richard_ermen: I'm inordinately happy to see a calibre used for naval artillery on a sentient land tank used against PEOPLE.
Saphling: Lingering with intent, lingering within Tent
cuttlefishman: Barret would still... have ahard time w/ firm footing with an 8in fun
KevinTheShark: How many Tents are you on? Like 3 or 4 My Dude
quasi79fu: oh it back
SquareDotCube: steal?
AwkwardBirb: oh if the barrel is 8 inches wide, that's a different story. If it's just 8 inches long, that's meh.
Saphling: Cloud, iirc. it just mastered
JadedCynic: @LoadingReadyRun so, trying to pwrlvl?
LordShadner: Cloud has Lit
koolkatdq: Dragon quest That’s the post
JadedCynic: :D
Nameless_Sword: trine?
GapFiller: red_shoes_jeff its obvs a Dalek
TXC2: red_shoes_jeff it's got treads
Furvias: Cheer500 For being a calm voice while I take the day off of work to take care of the sick girlfriend
TXC2: Furvias lrrHEART
BusTed: Good thing she's a big ol tank herself.
cuttlefishman: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
quasi79fu: you got two of those cannons
SquareDotCube: just destroying assault-class tanks, don't mind us
Spacecarl: wow this thing hits hard
TheBlueFool: Cheer5000 Remember how I asked for good luck before my interview? IT WORKED! lrrHEART lrrHEART
accountmadeforants: Is Tifa no longer on the back row?
GapFiller: hey G wanna bring in Vincent?
aerohydra: ult weap
Saphling: His final weapon
KevinTheShark: Yeah, you want Vincent dont you?
Wrexadecimal: Missing score on the stairs
Electro_Irisu: weapon
Critterbot: No.
monakai: Up the stairs.
pickles_mcelden subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 16 months!
pickles_mcelden: Hey G thanks for the playthrough as an "Essential worker" the nostalgia from these vods has helped keep me sane .
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, pickles_mcelden! (Today's storm count: 22)
LordShadner: not yet
Duetic: His ultimate weapon is just eahead
Saphling: it's up the stairs
aerohydra: no its up more
Zaghrog: Ultimate weapon and Limit break
BusTed: Congrats, TheBlueFool
quasi79fu: barret needs limit break?
LadyAiluros: once you get his ultimate then you can get rid of him
Electro_Irisu: its on the stairs
Saphling: then you could go back to the save point and move him out
Rustymagus: Barret's ultimate wep is up the stairs
red_shoes_jeff: Story thing, I don't think we did it yet.
neuroflare: Vincent of rHojo fight!
LadyAiluros: also hello @Wrexadecimal
Nameless_Sword: his waepon is on the stairs, but only if in teh party
Electro_Irisu: it won't spawn if he's not there
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MystechJ: to be fair Tifa did a lot of damage to it
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SquareDotCube: also we need to change up to Vincent before Hojo
plummeting_sloth: Damn Hojo, you cray!
arcsyn_: Finally catching this live!
snowcookies: Vincent might be underleveled
Electro_Irisu: i think you can pick it up and then go back down and swap
TXC2: "what? I can't hear you over the wind!"
AwkwardBirb: Yeah that's fair
CleeKru: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:56.
JDMan94: yes, really need to bring Vincent
jonnykefka: why does Tifa have permanent doom?
Zaghrog: I don't think Red has anything special here, Vincent does though
ipoddodd: Are those swords, or cones?
Swamplor: Graham is surprised by how much damage a tank did to an unarmored woman LUL
Vanbael: I'd bring Vincent
JadedCynic: @Furvias you'll do wel, I'm sure - you got this! <3 lrrHEART radHeart unarmeHeart rayfkHeart sergeHeart
GapFiller: jonnykefka to OP her
Nemowoodbine: grab barret's weapon then head back to the save point and swap for vincent?
TXC2: jonnykefka curse ring
jonnykefka: oh ofc
red_shoes_jeff: Ditch Cloud, obviously. Tifa's the protagonist now.
drfox17: listen, most of the people on the team have a beef with hojo. but only 3 of us are going to get to punch him
GapFiller: jonnykefka Powersoul + Curse Ring = Godhand Girl
Vanbael: round housed into the next world
cassaclyzm: that was quite a kick.
AwkwardBirb: @jonnykefka that 8k damage is why
jonasjonIV: they don't like social distancing
TehAmelie: everything here hits like a small train
plummeting_sloth: oh, you don't want to slice Tifa. It only makes her mad
TXC2: Tifa was always the Protag
KevinTheShark: Damn, Tifa is taking SO MUCH damage
richard_ermen: TIfa 'Killer' Lockheart. A nickname she quite deserves :D
LordShadner: that's it
Electro_Irisu: and ya got it
AwkwardBirb: Curse Ring + some weapon makes her ridiculous
GapFiller: there we go
Nameless_Sword: there it is!
Wrexadecimal: There ya go
Pintyhet: Tifa just hits like a tank.
Nemowoodbine: boom goes the dyne-amite
cassaclyzm: Tifa just did more damage with that kick than the giant bahamut from space lazer
Zaghrog: Scales by equipped materia AP
Nemowoodbine: it's his ultimate!
Wrexadecimal: It's his ultimate
Saphling: If you want to change party members, you can go back to the save point, iirc
Nameless_Sword: ultimate weapon
SquareDotCube: also what a strange name
CraziestOwl: Tifa slaps
jonnykefka: yeah very ultimate weapon
Electro_Irisu: You now have his weapon it attack based off AP in gun
snowcookies: ults don't have materia growth
peejeeful: does damage acourding to AP
Manae: You can steal armor from those SOLDIERs
JDMan94: it gets waaaay more powerful with more AP on materia
Nameless_Sword: and THAT was why we brought Barret along today
quasi79fu: now go get vincent?
shurtal: Missing Score Damage = Amount of Ap of meteria equiped
Saphling: yup. treasure chest doesn't show up
Wrexadecimal: Yeah he needs to be there
AshleyYeo: Yeah you don't get it.
LadyAiluros: yeah now go back and get someone who does not suck
Nemowoodbine: correct
LordShadner: yes the chest isn't there
Nameless_Sword: yup
Wrexadecimal: Chimra!? D:
LadyAiluros: and ys you don't get it
MystechJ: dang Materia slots for days
monakai: Ayup. One opportunity only.
quasi79fu: wtfg is that
Electro_Irisu: the Chest doesn't even spawn unless he's in your party
cuttlefishman: It's cute
Vanbael: don't worry about, just blame hojo
richard_ermen: The no growrth is important, because the weapons deals damage based on the AP of its linked materia
Wrexadecimal: HIs name is Peter lrrBEEJ
Swamplor: "Max Ray" sounds like the protagonist of a low budget action movie
plummeting_sloth: God damn Hojo lay off the sauce
cuttlefishman: don't hate
Tregelen: it gets stronger based on ap in the weapon, max out 8 knights of the round and get him a bunch of str and it can overflow and 1 shot emerald
GapFiller: MAX Chimera
Newbiespud: The Most Chimera
BusTed: "maximum"
KevinTheShark: Hojo's DONE IT AGAIN
TehAmelie: [Hojo intensifies]
Camail: cant get any more chimera than that
HorusFive: Just wandering around the labs
northos: not THAT maximum apparently :P
AwkwardBirb: More like Minimum Chimera
LadyAiluros: One-Punch Tifa
TheWarbo: M a x i m u m
aerohydra: not that maximum
KingJimmeh: No so MAX
drfox17: not maximum enough
MystechJ: get wrecked
RobotHitchhiker: minimized chimera
Zaghrog: Yes!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I've seen more Chimera.
TXC2: Crybrusmera
Nameless_Sword: one punch!
JadedCynic: so SWOLE...so VASCULAR
richard_ermen: Missing Score is...THE single most dangerous gun in the game.
KingJimmeh: MAXIMUM Tifa
Leonhart321: More like Minimum Kimiera
accountmadeforants: Hojo made it by combining several OTHER Chimeras!
GlennSeto: I want a cup of that chinera's piss!
Camail: can we get minimum chimera next?
STALKERsoldiers: MORE HP? just insane
PharaohBender27: @AwkwardBirb OH SNAP :D
richard_ermen: Its fickin aswesome!
TheWarbo: Maximum Chimera is my favorite Theros meme deck
GapFiller: good thing were doing in the wizard eh
azureHaights: The Most Chi-ampionship
richard_ermen: Give Barret Missing Score
ArchRequiemD: Does not survive mad Tifa
red_shoes_jeff: More like MINIMUM CHIMERA.
NoxStryx: sooo...hojo is Vince McMahon?
teaspooncody: I'm glad he found the upper limit on how much chimera he was willing to produce
SeiichiSin: Good morning Graham!
Uzumaki15: Maximum Chimera the ultimate creating. Gets punched into oblivion in one strike
peejeeful: barret can one shot anything thanks to a bug in the game
AwkwardBirb: @PharaohBender27 I'm sorry he had to find out this way.
plummeting_sloth: just as planned
Zaghrog: It's possible Missing Score deals less damage, needs testing
Wrexadecimal: TACTICAL
AntiCrepuscular: Is that a big BIG tank?!
Foxmar320: Why a scope lol
GapFiller: 360 noscope
TXC2: for aiming Kappa
Camail: to see through
richard_ermen: A "Tacti"-scope :D
LadyAiluros: because why not?
Nameless_Sword: for better aiming
Vanbael: extra precision
jameswanders: bad breath?
StewartRWyatt: To see things far away
plummeting_sloth: so that giant giant bullet won'e miss
CleeKru: I'm so looking forward to "One Punch Tifa" vs. "Agatha Fisty" in the next Autumnal Rumble.... right?
jameswanders: sorry... abnormal breath
ArchRequiemD: It’s so fantasy
Dynemanti: could he even bend his arm to see through the scope?
TwitchTVsFrank: scopes are tacticool
Foxmar320: I like that Tifa enters the tank to punch it
accountmadeforants: How would he even use the scope? It's on the inside of his arm!
quasi79fu: can you destroy the bottom before the top part of that enemy?
GlennSeto: Never, in the history of guns, has a scope been so wasted on a person.
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GapFiller: okay new hedcanon Missing Score is a Super Scope
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WonderfulGlory: So he can aim
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Leonhart321: To aim? Not sure why that's surprising with a gun arm
SignificantOtter: yes, decapitate the tank
Swamplor: Seems hard to use a scope on a gun that is your arm. Seems even harder to do it without looking like a dickhead.
SeiichiSin: I see the Tifa meme is still strong.
Furvias: The current sword that Cloud has looks like a keyblade from some angles
KevinTheShark: That feeling when your limit break still isnt as strong as Tifa's normal attack
Samwel56: I don’t know, why doesn’t your arm have a scope attached to it
STALKERsoldiers: You get an attack all soon?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: For aiming
TXC2: "small, Far away"
JadedCynic: it IS described as "long distance weapon
plummeting_sloth: WAr was beginning and Fire was born
LadyAiluros: need more HP and MP Plus
Wrexadecimal: Vincent
peejeeful: red
Vanbael: Vincent
Foxmar320: Red
quasi79fu: vincent?
embyrr_the_dragon: Red
Leonhart321: Vincent
drfox17: @Foxmar320 how else is she gonna punch out the crew :D
AwkwardBirb: @GlennSeto Shotgun scope: HAI GUYZ
kamelion84: Vincent
GlennSeto: Vince & Red
GapFiller: Vincent
KingJimmeh: Red
TehAmelie: my headcanon is the name of Missing Score refers to that one symphony that has tanks in it. a page of the score required guns that were too big
PrimalMadness: Red!
Nameless_Sword: red
ParaGamer85: DANGIT Hojo stop crossbreeding random crap!!
Wrexadecimal: Vinny for flavor :P
JDMan94: Vincent. I don't think Red has any lines
Dynemanti: like if he bends his arm to bring it close to his face, it would be in his elbow or at an angle
Riandisa: Vincent
LadyAiluros: Red
Genie_M: red
ThePov42: Let Red get revenge
TwitchTVsFrank: red
sivakrytos: red
jameswanders: Yuffie :D
Zaghrog: Where's Barret's level 4 Limit break? Is it nmot here?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I think Cloud is no longer mandatory after his vacation.
Foxmar320: lol
Narcuru: red
snowcookies: Red
Saphling: Tifa is a must
GapFiller: bring in Vinnie Vampire
Genie_M: red for story reasons
TXC2: a 2nd tifa somehow Kappa
Twinklebees: Vincent gets his own whole game to settle his beef with Hojo.
MystechJ: Vincent
JDMan94: Vincent has actual exclusive lines
red_shoes_jeff: Tifa, Red, Vincent.
JadedCynic: vinnie
Vanbael: Mono-Tifa
Lorennar: vincent
STALKERsoldiers: I think vincent, broody broody boy needs some closure
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Never mind what I just said, then.
drfox17: boo game, let us make Tifa the main character
monakai: Fair point.
Wrexadecimal: I'd play a Red XIII only game. lol.
Lorennar: that is fair
TehAmelie: Red had his chance to tear Hojo's throat out
ladylockwood92: Yeah, that's fair.
jonnykefka: Oh please do a Dirge playthrough. It would be so amazing.
niccus: so is that the next PIF
JadedCynic: @red_shoes_jeff can't boot cloud; g just showed us
ArchRequiemD: Do the conversation then replay
Leonhart321: But we want a quality Vincent fight
adi_pie: Vincent May Cry
LadyAiluros: it's not as bad as epeole say it is
STALKERsoldiers: fair, and it... is fine i guess
TwitchTVsFrank: "ok"
GlennSeto: Oh, Hojo survives to appear in Dirge?
AugmentingPath: critics rave "dirge of cerberus is ok i guess"
LadyAiluros: yes @adi_pie
KevinTheShark: Oh yeah, you picked up Behemoth for RED in the shinra building
STALKERsoldiers: I played it, i enjoyed it. It is not a good game
Nemowoodbine: hojo is poisony right
theshinyakuma: ok Kappa
GapFiller: jonnykefka isnt Dirge notoriously bad
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samu_btdp1985: I have never played ff7 this is brilliant
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AwkwardBirb: @GlennSeto sort of.
red_shoes_jeff: @JadedCynic Irrelevant.
Manae: You can exchange entire characters if you select their name instead of individual materia
jonnykefka: @GapFiller yes. That's why.
TehAmelie: Hojo is a BIOlogist, get it
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GlennSeto: @awkwardbirb Clones?
KevinTheShark: Also G, you got Behemoth for Red
Samwel56: Critics all dierge of Cerberus “just fine”
jonnykefka: Let me be clear, Dirge is not a good game, but it is a hilarious game on many levels.
NoxStryx: sooo is Red actually a catdog thing? or did Hojo turn him into one?
Rhynerd: I look forward to seeing Hojo get beat up.
RegulusPratus: More slots, wooo
JadedCynic: @red_shoes_jeff you're right - your selections not including Cloud are irrelevant to the game :/
jonnykefka: @NoxStryx nope, he's just that.
Twinklebees: Agreed, jonnykefka.
azureHaights: Galaxy Brain: Vincent gets his closure in another game specifically because everyone brought along Death Sentence Tifa and only had room for one more
AwkwardBirb: @GlennSeto I don't remember, I forgot the wiki entry I read. Something about the internet or something?
hunkajunk: Helloooooooo Graham! as far as I remember while Poison and Status effects are a thing, this is mostly just a fight about punching him real hard in the right bits until they die so you can punch him in the other bits while his first bits don't eat you
LordShadner: don't forget that White Wind also cures status if needed
Zaghrog: NoxStryx Hojo did not tamper with Red, as far as we know
GapFiller: speaking of Dirge of Cerberus heres aa LRR Blast From the Past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAjkdIJn2cI
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cuttlefishman: What is Hojo weak to?
plummeting_sloth: Ethics
LadyAiluros: i'm 99% sure you can't really strick hojo with any debuffs
space_turbulence: not caught up on the last vod, what we doing today
jameswanders: @gOckley you get out of bed to watch?
Samwel56: I read on the wiki a scrapped question had hojo clone red and you fight them here. All had different color palettes
dudecon: lol @plummeting_sloth
GlennSeto: I kinda want to play Dirge, just to spend more time with Cait Sith and Yuffie
GapFiller: GapFiller actually having revisited that Unskippable a Dirge of Cerberus playthru is now totes mandatory
nightwingmisthawk: @gapfiller now there’s some nostalgia
AwkwardBirb: He absorbs regulations though.
Rhynerd: @space_turbulence beating up Hojo soon
HorusFive: @space_turbulence Giving Hojo his come-upance
Samwel56: *scrapped quest
drfox17: but it'll be funny when she counter punches!
KevinTheShark: Behemoth for Red????
Dread_Pirate_Westley: This is the point where I swap out all my mastered materia with the newly born versions and get a whole lot weaker.
Furvias: Hojo is weak to subtlety
Rhynerd: Also, Saving Midgar.
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thebeardedpadre: I'm out of fingers and toes, how do I continue to count months?
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RegulusPratus: Red's weapon
AwkwardBirb: "Regulations is just another word for new direction I can take this in."
richard_ermen: I think Hojo's only weakness is word salad.
space_turbulence: Cover/Counterattack actually got me through this fight
like_100_bears: kill it with fire. if fire doesn't kill him you're not using enough fire!
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun Check Redxiii's weapons
plummeting_sloth: alright everyone, huff some ether and get in there
Spacecarl: oh, switch Hades for Odin on tifa perhaps?
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STALKERsoldiers: do summons do more or less damage depending on who they are equipped to? like regular magic?
Samwel56: Try holy radioactive fire
RegulusPratus: Alright, fair.
Saphling: Hojo is resistant to ethics and soap
Zaghrog: seems a good idea
GlennSeto: Hojo is averse to succeeding in ANY of his ventures.
AwkwardBirb: @GlennSeto yeah just double checked. Hojo literally uploads himself to internet in Dirge of Cerberus.
Manae: Cloud might have bad memories of ribbons...
Samwel56: Holy radioactive soap and ethics
KevinTheShark: Hojo do weird stuff
SquareDotCube: Y'know, is HypnoCrown a FF6 reference?
jameswanders: Hojo is weak to mundane random enemy design
cassaclyzm: lrrFINE_SQ
STALKERsoldiers: does she still have Hades?
dudecon: I know I feel confusion whenever I encounter Hojo
RegulusPratus: Didn't Tifa have the Added Effect Hades combo thingy?
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hunkajunk: Oh. Might be a good idea not to blow Tifa's limit on Hojo's first form, might be a lot of overkill
plummeting_sloth: Hojo's lets his creatures existence do all the confusing for him
AwkwardBirb: I feel digust and anger whenever I see Hojo.
Saphling: is Disgust a status effect?
quasi79fu: hojo has forms?
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun Who has revive? They should have a ribbon.
AwkwardBirb: sure why not
PharaohBender27: Congratulations!
HorusFive: Congratulations
GapFiller: many forms
GapFiller: congrats
JadedCynic: YAY! \o/ lrrAWESOME
LordShadner: didn't we give her Hades+Added Effect armor?
TXC2: Congartulations
ContingentCat: Congrats!
KatieAndKia: Congrats!
KevinTheShark: Who needs revive when you have Phoenix
snowcookies: barret
HorusFive: Revive is for people who die. Why would you need it???
GlennSeto: @awkwardbirb The internet only really becoming ubiquitous after FF7 came out, kinda makes this a tricky retcon.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Double growth.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: Cheer100 thanks for keeping me company while I do boring admin stuff for the goovornemont
DiscordianTokkan: And also because Tifa's the one that kills everyone
GapFiller: lrrFINE
wiggins: okay, so where in the game is Graham at now?
plummeting_sloth: it's fine. it's not like Tifa takes hits
GapFiller: evening Matt
SquareDotCube: @wiggins stopping Hojo
AugmentingPath: never didn't have it
AwkwardBirb: @GlennSeto DoC didn't seem to think this was a hard retcon.
GapFiller: wiggins Hojo Fight
KevinTheShark: Were about to fight Hojo
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Midgar, Sector 8.
Furvias: @wiggins Hojo
miranfurz: yo thanks
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @wiggins ! katesWave
DarkMorford: Hey G! Great job with the AC intro for LIVE this weekend! lrrHEART
LordShadner: does Tifa have Hades?
HorusFive: Why would you count month? Time means nothing to me any more
AwkwardBirb: though DoC came out when the internet was much more established
Zaghrog: Tifa has Added Effect = Hades
Rustymagus: Wiggins!
snowcookies: hi Matt
wiggins: hi!
Saphling: End of Disc 2, yup
Twinklebees: End of Disc 2, aye.
Foxmar320: Hello wiggins
wiggins: AHYEAH
monakai: The last thing on disc 2.
odamadillo: Greetings Matt
Nameless_Sword: yup disc 2
LordShadner: ah good
GlennSeto: @pharaohbender27 Why, thank you yet again! :)
LadyAiluros: Almsot done with disc 2
Nameless_Sword: right at the end
red_shoes_jeff: Hi Matt! lrrFRUMP
GapFiller: yeh disc changover is after Midgar
novrdd: hello @wiggins
cuttlefishman: Hey G
wiggins: I just hit cosmo canyon last night, I have a ways to go
thrythlind: cheer1000 Thanks for the entertainment on my day off. I hope you in turn enjoy the silliness I sent you a couple weeks back regarding Desert Bus.
snowcookies: How's your FF days Matt
goatprince: hi matt
cuttlefishman: Tanks for the stream
wiggins: I heard!
ArboristAndrew: "how do the tanks keep getting on the stairs?!"
StewartRWyatt: Wait. How did that thing get up those narrow stairs?
plummeting_sloth: Tifa is now an avatar of death
muondecay: Punch tank
wiggins: walking death machine, apparently
Foxmar320: Tifa is so angry all the time
snowcookies: Boo cuttlefishman
jameswanders: Meet: Tenderizer
GapFiller: yeh Tifa has Powersoul + Curse Ring
Critterbot: She's One Punch Woman now. :D
Vanbael: Witness the power that is Tifa.
GapFiller: it OP
drfox17: Tifa "Consecutive Normal Punches" Lockhart
TheMoatman: Oh yeah, we've only been able to *tell* Matt about Tifa
Genie_M: 60 second death machine
muondecay: The Final Tifa
TheMoatman: Now he gets to see her
Saphling: Tifa confirmed Iron Fist
devintownfish: how did that tank get up there
Furvias: One Puuuuuuch
Twinklebees: I still like "Doomfist", since she's inflicted with Doom and that makes her ultrapowerful.
GapFiller: Literal Godhand Girl
thrythlind: did the immunity to death work?
yunalasca: Enjoy, and good luck with Hojo G. Catch you in the vod.
CraziestOwl: One punch girl
TehAmelie: Dark Souls wishes it had such drastic damage boosting equipment. . .
Aarek: Is Tifa Giantdad?
plummeting_sloth: it is pretty gross
TXC2: so long yunalasca stay safe
Furvias: Ewww grosspanzer
Zaghrog: We haven't done Death immunity on Tifa, it's not that necessary
GlennSeto: Remind me, does Tifa even die at the end of the countdown or does she have a materia combo that negates it?
AwkwardBirb: Suddenly being reminded of Momodora, where you can use some items to bring yourself to low HP and destroy bosses.
JadedCynic: it's the REAL reason, Tifa is everyone's fave - she gets OP
thrythlind: It was an email.
SquareDotCube: don't forget to steal?
GapFiller: GlennSeto yeh Tifa dies
space_turbulence: @loadingreadyrun your Tifa build inspired me in my Remake playthrough to turn Tifa into a punch god with HP UP, fury ring, and endless attack buffs
ladylockwood92: Tifa has become that meme of the big buff rabbit standing in front of the smaller rabbit.
yunalasca: Thanks @TXC2, you too!
Rhynerd: Could Tifa count as a Doom Slayer?
GapFiller: its happned several times
ryuhimora: SWORD OF DOOM
drfox17: wow, those guys survived being punched by tifa
TheWarbo: oh no tifa was my fave long before i hit this point
shurtal: Tifa, the human-shaped howitzer
Rustymagus: @Rhynerd She does now
plummeting_sloth: more like sword of wet!
TehAmelie: is this a Doom Eternal mod?
AwkwardBirb: That is not what the sword is cool
37calorieghost: I've hit an interesting wall in my FF3 playthrough, in which I've used all my pheonix downs and have no way to revive the white mage I've been grinding for job levels
AwkwardBirb: called*
Bahumot: You can tell they are Soldiers 1st class if they can take a punch from Tifa.
jonnykefka: meanwhile, in FF7R, I'm finding it annoying that I only get one "all" (it's called magnify now) materia
KevinTheShark: Ah Yes, Saitama Lockhart
StewartRWyatt: I still keep thinking of the Jethro Tull song whenever Aqualung gets cast
ladylockwood92: Cheer500 Monks are OP pls nerf
Saphling: Tifa's sheer physical might has been leading the way in my Remake playthrough
GapFiller: imean as weve seen from the Squats Game Tifa Lifts
Primidoxal: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 25:50.
RegulusPratus: The Brooditude
GapFiller: ofc shes OP
AugmentingPath: no time to play FF7, too busy playing FF7
GlennSeto: If the remake is well balanced, I might just play it on hard to really dive into the mechanics.
jameswanders: is it possible to level materia up to master in the remake?
LordShadner: yeah she hits harder then Aqualung at the moment
Rhynerd: Punch and Suplex, until it is done.
Samwel56: Square! Give Tifa her huge muscular arms you cowards!
odamadillo: In my remake playthrough I just fell into the sewer.
Foxmar320: Oh hello Hojo
Vanbael: I mean Tifa could have suplexed a weapon, if the weapon wasn't afraid
HorusFive: Hey there HoJo
PharaohBender27: HOJO
SquareDotCube: Vincent likes his coffee black and freshly brood
plummeting_sloth: Hojo acting like a mad organist
TXC2: in the remake, is it me, or does Tifa move like an Idol girl?
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letfireraindown: was the box for Barret's ultimate weapon already picked up?
space_turbulence: @rhynerd glorious XD
BritishRedFox: Cheer100 Time to punch a scientist
Saphling: @jameswanders it is, but they don't make additional materia
red_shoes_jeff: KA... ME... HA... ME...
Wrexadecimal: oh right
BusTed: Oh right. This voice.
monakai: lol
TehAmelie: punch and kick, rip and tear. . .
Foxmar320: LOL I forgot the Hojo voice
Kikazi: oh god
thrythlind: cheer500 To be clear it was an email and I asked you about sending it first in twitter. (also I may be tired and not very witty right now...sorry)
AwkwardBirb: Takes one to know one, Hojo
STALKERsoldiers: oh good
GapFiller: mebbe the Buster Sword is like Sabers Sword from Fate Stay Night
jonnykefka: wait we made hojo gilbert godfried?
neuroflare: if Tifa was a prize fighter she'd be called the Knuckles ofNibelheim
NathanJay_GA: oh crap, I forgot about that
drfox17: oh god i forgot about gilbert hojo
STALKERsoldiers: forgot about that
DiscordianTokkan: RIGHT. Gilbert Gottfired Hojo
quasi79fu: oh gahds that Hovo voice is terrifying
CaptainEnder7: Oh right, I had forgotten about Hojo Godfrey
TXC2: right the Gibert Godfrey voice
ryuhimora: oh good Hojo Godfried
Ipsen13: Thank you @TheBlueFool!
RegulusPratus: It's fine, you won't have to keep it up much longer
Khasi1596: I forgot about the Gilbert gottfried voice
GapFiller: jonnykefka OH YESH
Leonhart321: Hang on, since when has Hojo sounded like Iago
jameswanders: RIP graham's throat
Saphling: "have,' not "had"
TheThromborax: Put Gilbert Godfried in Smash you cowards
TheWarbo: why
HorusFive: Join the club, Hojo
Countzeroor: Hojo is totally Desty Nova.
plummeting_sloth: well, join the club Hjo
drfox17: @wiggins so now you have an objective with hojo voice acting
TwitchTVsFrank: gilbert is that you?
TehAmelie: Hojo, doing bad science? nooo
ladylockwood92: @Leonhart321 Since last episode
GlennSeto: "Look at me, I'm molting!"
ipoddodd: This lil thing?
Saphling: Lend him a hand? He might not give it back.
saucemaster5000: Is hojo wallace shawn or gilbert godfrey?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Use counters.
Furvias: Who turned on the throat damage mod for this voice pack?
plummeting_sloth: "stop being a dink!"
ryuhimora: what is WRONG with you Hojo!?!?!
AwkwardBirb: "I want to help my devil son, is that so wrong, failed project?"
ladylockwood92: 'Because I'm an asshole, that's why~!'
Vanbael: !badadvice
LRRbot: The second coming of Bone is nigh.
NightValien28: there is no short list
Foxmar320: (hands Graham a long list)
snowcookies: He's Hojo
CleeKru: !badadvice
LRRbot: Crush a dew!
KevinTheShark: Alright, I get that you're trying to help your kid
red_shoes_jeff: @saucemaster5000 Yes.
Saphling: What *isn't* wrong with Hojo?
LadyAiluros: wht ISN'T wrong with Hojo?
kamelion84: katesWat
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Which of the many things wrong with you is the reason you're doing this specific thing?
thrythlind: Hojo Gottfried?
tenthtechpriest: they made a list. it's called FF7
adi_pie: Every time Hojo speaks my brain just does a spit-take.
TehAmelie: 83%? that sounds made up
plummeting_sloth: Stab. Him.
LordShadner: clifs notes: Everything
Ipsen13: You know, after finding Hojo in Costa Del Sol, this voice is believable.
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jonasjonIV: boy!
ArchRequiemD: Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Hojo the true villain of this game
quasi79fu: the place they are standing on is metal right? if that wire is short circuiting electricity why arent they getting electrified or electrocuted?
Leonhart321: You're a terrible SOLIDER, but a Brilliant scientist
jameswanders: Hojo is gilbert gotfried toned down just enough to spare G's voice for the rest of the stream
LadyAiluros: EX-SQUEEZE-ME???
NightValien28: baby needs his mako juice
plummeting_sloth: Don't energize me or my son again
monakai: Yo Cloud and crew, this is a bad time to let the villain monologue.
Saphling: "...then why does he have Vincent's hair?"
Mediocre_Man5: science isn't about asking why! it's about horrible lack of ethics!
Lorennar: vincent is baby daddy headcannon
PharaohBender27: Hojo just go through puberty?
BusTed: hol up
tehThane: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 28:23.
accountmadeforants: Hojo supports ALL science. Even the terrible "science"... mostly the terrible "science".
HorusFive: Got a little Vader in your throat there Hojo
TheThromborax: The "you fool" bit with Gilbert Godfried on Hollywood Squares is one of the funniest things that has ever happened in the history of the Earth
n_mandrag: so hojo and that alien thingy.... eeeeeeewwww
STALKERsoldiers: hey vincent...
Rhynerd: I wish I could clip that voice change.
DiscordianTokkan: Jenova AND Hojo DNA
Crad0k: i'm pretty sure we knew that
ladylockwood92: Whoa, whoa, whoa...back up
snowcookies: makes sense. They're both messed up in the head
ryuhimora: HOJO NO
jonasjonIV: Sephoroth Hojo
teaspooncody: that's a yikes
GlennSeto: @saphling Hojo has the same hair antennas.
ipoddodd: HMM
Wrexadecimal: ff7: blame Hojo
jonnykefka: translation issues
TheWarbo: what does that mean
drfox17: in the background: Vincent - "YOU SOB"
BusTed: I can't believe you've done this.
KevinTheShark: So. Hojo, Lucrecia, and Jenova had a threesome
cuttlefishman: illusionary?
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Mangledpixel: I can't believe you did this!
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plummeting_sloth: "Hey Vincent, you may want come up here and hear this"
ryuhimora: Translation!
AwkwardBirb: Final Fantasy VII: Cleaning up Hojo's Shit
Robot_Bones: More actual crime
HorusFive: [Translation error- language not found]
GapFiller: this is why Vincent shd be here for this fight cz iirc Vincent has exclusive lines for this bit
Hotrob_McAwesometon: Fuck! I can't believe youve done this!
Samwel56: I really want to quote ff7 abridged but I don’t want to break the streak that no one has made an ff7 abridged joke yet that I’m aware of.
Saphling: Hojo hid behind the door when the bioethics were handed out
AugmentingPath: You did illusionary crimes! We're taking you to pretend jail
Vanbael: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
MystechJ: what is even
snowcookies: Science has ethics Hojo, you're just screwing around
Wrexadecimal: electric six LUL
Saphling: danger danger
AwkwardBirb: @Samwel56 we made plenty in previous streams
CrookedSmile: LOL
jameswanders: Hello, I'm with the Illusionary Crime Squad. We'd like to imagine asking you a few questions
CleeKru: !picnic
muondecay: !badadvice
LRRbot: Try putting bread in it.
ladylockwood92: I think I'm probably gonna use Vincent in my playthrough
jonnykefka: OK Electric Six by Gilbert Gottfried is amazing
neuroflare: maybe veiled or something to imply it was done behind he scenes
HorusFive: 1box
quasi79fu: uh oh
HorusFive: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
GapFiller: DANGER DANGER /Jack White intensifies
BusTed: peanut butter jelly tie
niccus: psychosomatic addict
37calorieghost: is there any effort goin on to do a better job translating ff7?
lazemby: this reminds me of whathisface from Borderlands 3
PharaohBender27: @Samwel56 I think there's been references to Abridged, but no outright quotes
ipoddodd: Grooving
plummeting_sloth: (Reminder text, illusionary crimes are destroyed when they are the target of spells or abilities)
CrookedSmile: all this time shinra headquarters was atually the taco bell
Foxmar320: Hojo gives me William Birkin vibes
neuroflare: errr without the knowledge of the testee
monakai: And so it was revealed, the entire plot of FF7 is because of an alien and a weird dude.
lazemby: the original vault hunter
TehAmelie: illusionary police, stay still while i read your mind
noSmokeFire: Hojo is a bad scientist. like, he's just not very good at it
richard_ermen: Hojo got's the moves
Khasi1596: impeccable dancing there, Graham
ryuhimora: Jenova Cells are not an approved weight loss medicine.
SeiichiSin: His workout dance.
Goorguy: hojo got that hip thrust down
Genie_M: jenovamusic
ladylockwood92: Good ol' Hojo, keeping the rave alive since 1997
Furvias: And now Hojo does Karamel Dancing
Samwel56: Oh ok than. “NO I AM MY FETISH!!!”
neuroflare: I know that music!
Wrexadecimal: I can't not think of the TFS version of this
37calorieghost: maybe with more people working on it?
Veste: cant believe hojo invented flim-flam
StewartRWyatt: He learned to dance as Casta Del Sol
ryuhimora: Green-skinned Hojo
sivakrytos: oh i forgot we got this music another time
DiscordianTokkan: Hojo's looking a lil green
plummeting_sloth: oh no, he's a drugpumped nerd
frnknstn: Hojo: bad scientist, incredible dancer
neuroflare: baw gawd king
Countzeroor: The only thing keeping Hojo from going full Desty Nova is talking about Karmatron Dynamics while eating Flan.
BusTed: Looking a little sallow.
Mangledpixel: oh nojo
JadedCynic: Pay no attention to the blue box; because down that road lies MADNESS!
Vanbael: Hojo doesn't look too well
MystechJ: making a note here huge success
quasi79fu: hojo looks zombie like
Dezufnocosem: sippin' on that T-Virus
Trixalicious: But tthis is jenova music
TehAmelie: gwah, haw, haw? how does that laugh even sound?
Mediocre_Man5: I like how Hojo's first instinct when faced with any problem is "inject jenova cells into it"
Gadora: Oh, it's not a presentation board with graphs? The results are just a fight?
ATrophonian: Gwah Hah Haw is such an underrated Vwee Hee Hee...
ladylockwood92: I feel like Hojo should have started working at Umbrella Corp
noSmokeFire: pokemon!
Saphling: The remake did a great job with Hojo. Every scene with him caused a truly visceral recoil of disgust
Robot_Bones: hojo I'm gonna need you to submit a paper on this for peer review
ArboristAndrew: just a guy with freaky pokemon
TXC2: so how Resident evil boss does this go?
like_100_bears: def one of my favorite boss themes of all time
Nameless_Sword: @TXC2 Very
GapFiller: TXC2 VERY
GlennSeto: Must have injected a lot then.
Furvias: "Hojo is just this guy you know"
AugmentingPath: Yeah, that man has definitely been injected with T-virus (J-virus?)
TheMoatman: Normal Hojo really doesn't deserve a J-E-N-O-V-A soundtrack
Saphling: Haw
Foxmar320: Ummmm
TheWarbo: mako juice
ryuhimora: Juice!!>!
Wrexadecimal: He's on the mako juice!
SignificantOtter: Sir
GapFiller: Nameless_Sword Jinx!
ladylockwood92: Please don't call it juice...
quasi79fu: is that a jellfish next to him?
KevinTheShark: Juice1?
TXC2: Nameless_Sword GapFiller thanks
DiscordianTokkan: M a k o J u i c e
margravetech: the juice is loose
Vanbael: Mako juice = thicc wet
quasi79fu: ewwww
ATrophonian: lrrEFF
jameswanders: This is what happens when you inject disinfectant, kids
PharaohBender27: Why does Hojo look green? Is it those Jenova cells he planted in himself?
nanostul: Is he OKAY? he looks a little green
plummeting_sloth: Man's hopped up on juice
MystechJ: he be juicin
monakai: Burn it!
noSmokeFire: kill it with fire
ryuhimora: I don't have any weak pointa!
ATrophonian: lrrJUDGE
Nameless_Sword: yeah.....grosss
HorusFive: I want a cup of Hojo's p**s
like_100_bears: EXCUSE YOU?
space_turbulence: Hojo never say mako juice again. better yet never say words
STALKERsoldiers: thats a lot of teeth
Foxmar320: Mako Juice is the newest energy drink from Shinra Electric!
Leonhart321: I think it's reacting poorly
TheThromborax: Soilent Mako is Hojo! It;s Hoooojoooo!
Scy_Anide: That was quite the glow-up
t3h_f1gm3nt: this...is...my....FETISH!!!!
AwkwardBirb: @HorusFive no you don't.
MadmanOreo: please do not drink the delicious mako juice
Samwel56: Is it the cells making him look sickly or has he always been like that
muondecay: mako juice is thick wet SEND TWEET
HorusFive: @AwkwardBirb true
TehAmelie: i want a cup of Hojo's pee. for science. it's got to be pure mako juice
theshinyakuma: tick tock tifa's clock is running out
Saphling: just before she dies
Vanbael: and the finisher!
Genie_M: still no odin protect for her?
thrythlind: I mean one armed-super suplex is still a thing
TXC2: who needs a suplex when you can PILEDRIVER!
someusername5: hello scythe man
TXC2: Samwel56 easy now
A_Catastrophic_Success: Bah god! That man has a family! As we are just finding out!
Zaghrog: Genie_M we went for Hades instead, to protect from Confuse
BusTed: It's a very distressing face.
KevinTheShark: Phoenix?
ladylockwood92: The name Mako juice is really upsetting...not unlike Hojo's design rn...
ATrophonian: Love that Jethro Tull.
Crad0k: joke's on you , hojo, she's already under death sentence
northos: wake up, sleeple!
ladylockwood92: Wake up Sleepel!
DiscordianTokkan: Wake up Sleepel
Saphling: All the people sleepel
StewartRWyatt: Wake up Sleepel!
accountmadeforants: Wake up Sleeple!
GlennSeto: Very apropos of Resident Evil 2.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: lol
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Open the doors and see all the sleepel.
plummeting_sloth: she nis now merely human
Dezufnocosem: the Sleepel's elbow
quasi79fu: this will be weird to see in remake im guessing
TehAmelie: hey, Life puts her at near death, that's even stronger than the curse status isn't it
embyrr_the_dragon: Wake up sleeple
Dynemanti: see this is why people don't trust scientists, this is what science causes
Wrexadecimal: wake up, sleepel lrrBEEJ
Furvias: Not dead is a kind of power
like_100_bears: rude!
SquareDotCube: Red XIII can death sentence?
TXC2: casts sleepel on self, has no effect
jameswanders: does she also power up when low on HP?
Nameless_Sword: he just regrew his limb!
tetlanesh: she still has added effect + odin?
LadyAiluros: IIRC isn't there some piece of dialoge that hints S knows H is his sperm donor?
holir_: No Assess materia?
tetlanesh: not odin. hades.
Robot_Bones: she does not
muondecay: gravity almost never works on bosses fyi
DiscordianTokkan: Demi never works
Zaghrog: TehAmelie Death Sentence is 4x damage, low hp is only 2x
ryuhimora: Immune to Gravity
STALKERsoldiers: added+hades
plummeting_sloth: man, gravity does not do shit
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Saphling: Gravity is useless
Wrexadecimal: Gravity doens't work on bosses? :P
northos: rarely :P
Nameless_Sword: gravity very rarely works on bosses
ThePov42: Gravity does not effect Hojo
jonnykefka: Gravity almost never wworks on bosses
TehAmelie: aw
Dynemanti: not on bosses
Foxmar320: Keeps us on the ground
LadyAiluros: nonver
Crad0k: against non bosses, sure
goatprince: gravity never does anything.
SquareDotCube: Holds things down?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Usually not against bosses.
LadyAiluros: not in any FF game
Leonhart321: Not on bosses
jonasjonIV: it keeps us down
Manae: Most bosses are immune
Anubis169: Gravity works on a few
AwkwardBirb: @jameswanders yup, either critical health or Doom status
Ubiki: bosses are usually immune
8_Escape: Not on anything you want to use Demi on.
jameswanders: nope. Gravity's always letting us down
Angnor33: It lets you know the situation is serious.
LordShadner: not to bosses I think
Trixalicious: Something like 80+% of bosses are iummune
timetwister7: that's true in like every FF game
EscherichiaCole: It is the weakest of the four forces
accountmadeforants: It always does something, it keeps your feetsies on the ground! Except for sometimes with Cloud.
GrandLlamaQ: Gravity does 9999 vs Emerald Weapon
SignificantOtter: ground attacks works best against flying types?
lirazel64: Makes me fall over...
plummeting_sloth: Everyone is defying gravity
Wolfstrike_NL: It sems like gravity........holds you down
monakai: I think demi is only good against non bosses. Basically, stuff where reducing health by a percentage isn't huge.
SoundGuy0dB: Gravity doesn't work on enemies with more than 9999 HP
Zaghrog: Gravity is more useless than most damaging Magic materia
sivakrytos: gravity is pretty useless yes
TheWarbo: Gravity is really good against all the enemies except the ones you want to use Gravity on.
EC_as_That: Demi never works on bosses
37calorieghost: doesn't gravity not work on bosses cuz they didn't want all the big boys to take a ton of damage from it?
thrythlind: A friend says Demi/Gravity is either really good or really shit depending on the game.
TehAmelie: there's always like, two enemies with enough HP to bother with Gravity who aren't immune to it
SquareDotCube: Gravity just brings the weight of the issue at hand
frnknstn: @EscherichiaCole lol
TheThromborax: I really appreciate the fact that Cloud doesn't put his sword away every time he casts a spell in the Remake
hunkajunk: Gravity is % based, so as a result in most fights where it does a lot, it is disabled , cause otherwise it would be Op as hell. Only exception is FF8 :(
Samwel56: Dave Spokesman: “and does gravity do anything?”
Aquarionics: Send the summons at it, then go get a coffee while they resolve.
Saphling: Hojo's mouth is upsetting
thrythlind: And Meteor and Ultima are apparently usually the big killer spells in every game.
GlennSeto: I mean, status debuffs are hot garbage in most FF games, since the bosses just go "NOPE!"
nightwingmisthawk: I’m interested to see what Squenix does in the future installment of the remake with Hojo’s transformation.
Foxmar320: Ummmmm
monakai: This part shocked me as a kid.
plummeting_sloth: Helvetic Hojo... he's from Switzerland
Nameless_Sword: taht wasn't even his final form!
nemryn: Supposed to be "Heretic Hojo" maybe?
Anubis169: Graham: Because the censor's board wouldn't let them translate it as "Heretic"
Zaghrog: E Skill makes most damaging Magic materia obsolete, as it has less stat penalties, is more versatile and more powerful
LadyAiluros: it's supposed to be Heretic
like_100_bears: lol what now?
Rhynerd: Hojo is not a bagel, thus you can aim at his center mass.
Wrexadecimal: oh right, forgot about this one
TXC2: Samwel56 "I asked a scientist, so was very confused"
quasi79fu: weird
BusTed: #1 Hojo NA
TXC2: *she was
noSmokeFire: PAL region Hojo
Nameless_Sword: that looks much more final form
Foxmar320: lol
Hotrob_McAwesometon: North American Hojo
plummeting_sloth: Lifeform Hojo Not Applicable
Mysticman89: is lifeform hhojo JJP a thing
TheWarbo: NA_lifeform is my favorite R value
Saphling: Lifeform: Hojo... N/a
like_100_bears: oh hey it's Cell
GlennSeto: Suddenly Paradite Eve.
StewartRWyatt: Helletic is apparently a mistranslation of "Heretic"
Twinklebees: GlennSeto: It's one of the few things I liked about the FFXIII games. Status effects were generally pretty darn good in them
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Nemowoodbine: not to get too schmaltzy but your sincerity and love for not just this game but Comedy and Entertaining in general makes the world a better place. you've gotten so many people through so many hard times, and just. thanks. thank you.
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Foxmar320: Hojo go to space
SeiichiSin: I thought Gravity was the skill that did a percentage of current HP.
Metric_Furlong: the Japanese version had you fighting Lifeform Hojo SE
TehAmelie: at least they often lead to hilarious loopholes, which led to the Vanish-Doom theorem
GapFiller: Anubis169 which is ironic since censorship issues were Squares main reason for leaving Nintendo
red_shoes_jeff: DEWIT
TXC2: Graham pls
peejeeful: hades is really pulling its weight
ryuhimora: Did you put Quadra Magic on Bahamut ZERO yet?
GapFiller: WAGON!
plummeting_sloth: run a Ho train!
KidAmn: Hojo KR is unbeatable though
Wrexadecimal: "running the dragon train" enigmaLewd
hunkajunk: GRAHAM NO
AwkwardBirb: yeah he definitely deserves a Dragon train
GapFiller: ITS A WAGON!
Leonhart321: Ewwwww
koristi_: Dragon Wagon
richard_ermen: Is ...is Hojo his own Fan-fic?
quasi79fu: hojo is a strange enemy
ladylockwood92: Mulf...not an image I needed...
Gabriel_Mobius: GRAHAM YES
theshinyakuma: excuse me i think thats illegal in all 50 states
azureHaights: Lifeform Hojo NA Co., Ltd.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Hojo will not go to space today.
Aquarionics: Hojo gets to go to space for free. Cid waited *ages*
LordShadner: lrrCOW
muondecay: Kill it with SPACE FIRE
red_shoes_jeff: All aboard the DRAGON WAGON!
sivakrytos: @SeiichiSin it is. part of the problem there tho is it can't kill
space_turbulence: Dragon Train/CHOO CHOO
someusername5: hojo limited liability corporation
AwkwardBirb: @richard_ermen worse, he does LARPs with them... It was not fun
getsomeinya: what is the origin of bahamut?
GlennSeto: @twinklebees I did not know that. Definitely something for the plus column.
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Aitsu111: JoJo no go space JoJo go science
Saphling: a whole 89 damage
BusTed: Denied.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: lmao
Foxmar320: Wow Hojo leave Red alone
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goatprince: oh. yeah. combo is GREAT with counterattack.
Aitsu111: *Hojo
bellatrix_melody: Just in time to hear the banger of the JENOVA theme! Thank y'all for keeping me sane during these trying times
ArchRequiemD: Summon death dragon for massive damage
HorusFive: Tifa- stop, give everyone else a chance
richard_ermen: Why is he dealing so little damage??
ArboristAndrew: combo - counter combo
MystechJ: Tifa is not having it
ladylockwood92: Time for go to space
Foxsploder: Stop. Hitting. My. DOGGO
Vanbael: orbital strike dragon
TheWanderingNomad: Commence Exterminatus
plummeting_sloth: A fight betweeen Hojo, Tifa and her 2 assistants
drfox17: @richard_ermen big gaurd is up
KevinTheShark: Ah yes, the orbital Dragon Strike
SoundGuy0dB: Heh, I remember in my friends 1st playthrough he used Quadra Magic Bahamut Zero-Mime PD
jonnykefka: AKA Bahamut EXTRA
MadmanOreo: bahumut zero, now with no calries
Rhynerd: “Hojo, stop beating up by friend!”
plaidchocobo: Best-looking summon, in my opinion
DiscordianTokkan: I love it's big dumb horn nose
Saphling: get the wings in firing position
Zaghrog: Tifa is not under Death Sentence, so no quad damage
space_turbulence: and that's why I love counterattack/cover in this fight
ATrophonian: Dragon it from orbit - it's the only way to be sure.
Trixalicious: Wiiiiiiings in spaaaaaaaaace.
goatprince: it's a solar powered dragon!
GapFiller: lock wings in attack position
floing_v: 6 wings, no sugar
ArboristAndrew: Bahamut (Gundam-Wing) Zero
Nameless_Sword: space dragon LASOR
PharaohBender27: That's so many wings!
HorusFive: Pinpoint accurate
SajuukSjet: the dragons look _so good_ in this game :D
ryuhimora: only minor clipping issues with those wings
ladylockwood92: That's why he's the Platinum Dragon
snowcookies: op plz nerf
SeiichiSin: Okay, then I did remember correctly, that would explain why it is useless on bosses.
theshinyakuma: aw man i was bout to make that joke graham
nemryn: Six-Winged Dragon
accountmadeforants: Low Orbit Ion Cannon in position
Dynemanti: mosquito ass nose
AwkwardBirb: Bahamut 0 was pretty great, waiting for Bahamut Kiwami though
Saphling: Precision Dragon Strike from Orbit
BusTed: I remember this animation very specifically.
AugmentingPath: RIP Eorzea
Mr_Whyt: orbital strike
theshinyakuma: s foils in attack position
northos: inb4 diet bahamut
someusername5: same dragon, new taste
ArchRequiemD: SUMMON space Dragon
like_100_bears: low cal bahamut
HorusFive: They'll go back to Bahamut Classic for the Remake part 2
drfox17: eat my orbital friendship lazer!
plummeting_sloth: that's a sturdy platform
red_shoes_jeff: He was also Bahamut Life, for a while...
jameswanders: wouldn't this damage the planet as much as Meteor, really?
odamadillo: @ladylockwood92 You are a fellow Brit right?
TheWanderingNomad: @AwkwardBirb - IGetThatReference.gif
TXC2: is there a Bahamut Cherry?
noSmokeFire: cloud is wearing the talking stick
SoundGuy0dB: flavourlezz bahamut....
GapFiller: gimme Bahamut MAX or gimme... well... somethin
MehallD: if you have haste, maybe cast it, your guys are real slow
TehAmelie: i like Bahamut in FFX where he's as superwered as his slow-ass majestic moves would indicate
PsychoI3oy: fuck that man in particular
Foxmar320: lol
quasi79fu: lol
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
kamelion84: katesLol katesLol katesLol
Foxmar320: This fight is personal
monakai: "...let them fight."
Gabriel_Mobius: Tifa is having none of him
KevinTheShark: I would Die if Frog Song worked on Hojo
plummeting_sloth: it's okay, let them fight it out
northos: Bahamut Original Recipe
frnknstn: Space dragon, sligtly more powerful than Tifa's fists
holir_: Tifa PISSED
EC_as_That: it sure is nice that THIS kind of spell doesn't take down the city with it
Crad0k: that's not how you flirt, hogo
GapFiller: katesLol katesLol katesLol
quasi79fu: slap fight
StewartRWyatt: Yay! Boo! Yay! Boo! Yay!
like_100_bears: it's fine she's got this
GlennSeto: I miss Bahamut Life, but Zero grew on me.
BoblinTheGoblin69: i attack with blue eyes white dragon directly
Trixalicious: This is getting to Disgaea levels of counter-counter-counter-counter.
plaidchocobo: Hojo go!
ArboristAndrew: My brothers always told me, "If you hit me, im going to hit you back twice as hard"
peejeeful: give her odin add effect
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Nameless_Sword: got em
wrathofwood: Tifa for the win woo
TwitchTVsFrank: ez
HorusFive: Who did more damage to Hojo? Tifa, or both Bahamut?
drfox17: that was a lot
Derkatronic: All was born.
arcanist1740: she evening looked like she was blinded? tifa still smash
Saphling: so many bb materia
EC_as_That: DING!
BusTed: Mmhm.
Genie_M: xp happened
heronblademaster: that's a lot of AP
DiscordianTokkan: Do new materia get born in the Remake?
northos: "all was born" how deep
ladylockwood92: Huh...I was expecting that to take a lot longer for some reason.
red_shoes_jeff: Yay!
SeiichiSin: All the levels!
theshinyakuma: all was born?
plummeting_sloth: I guess a little underleveled there
KidAmn: everything happens... so much
Twinklebees: And then Hojo uploaded his conciousness to the internet via Bittorrent, because Dirge of Cerberus was *bananas*
kaffeetrinken89: You found a battery
Newbiespud: That's Numberwang!
TheThromborax: that sounded like opening a good loot box
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Derkatronic: All was born.
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lirazel64: Alas, I mist depart at this dramatic climax!
noSmokeFire: @theshinyakuma materia that hit max level bud off a new level 1 materia
PharaohBender27: @Twinklebees katesWat
Helrumyc: and he's gone
like_100_bears: gross
Jarlax: you obliterated him. not even a body left
jameswanders: I still don't believe it
cuttlefishman: Are we overleveled?
Foxmar320: Red wow
SoundGuy0dB: from Sub-babies to Materia-babies
Saphling: "...and Hojo never hurt anyone ever again." >_>
plummeting_sloth: did... Tifa just punch Hojo into ashes?
LocoNaut: Power source for Tifa
theshinyakuma: @noSmokeFire ahh thanks
TheWarbo: understandable tbh
jameswanders: yo'dawg
holir_ is now wondering if he missed materia in remake. No behaumt
LadyAiluros: I mean it scans, if S got half is genes from H no wonder he went nuts
Vorrenthalla: don't worry about that zappy thing you saw that was just Hojo uploading himself into his computer. Nothing to worry about
BrindleBoar: thinkies
MystechJ: gross, hojo spawned
jarnatan: why are you on a giant Pipboy 2000
akssoon: Which version of FF7 is this? Steam / CD?
Twinklebees: PharaohBender27: I'm barely even exaggerating.
northos: I'm sure there's a gif of it somewhere on the internet lol
Kikazi: did Vincent not mention that?
Lord_Hosk: Hey Graham, can I tell you something super important... (motions to lean in)
Saphling: did we... turn off the machine?
TXC2: La Fin
AwkwardBirb: @Saphling Hojo: "Now you get to deal with my aftermath!"
Lord_Hosk whispers Graham... you're awesome
Xafty: pretty sure ive seen 2 of my 4 cats do something similar
Foxmar320: We just left the machine running
quasi79fu: did they turn off the gun?
TehAmelie: Hojo's gone to federal pound me into ash prison
Lorennar: vincent baby day forever
GlennSeto: Maybe the thought of Hojo boning down just shook him to the core.
HorusFive: And there were NO OTHER PROBLEMS in Midgard to solve
PharaohBender27: @Twinklebees Oh I'm sure. Still, that's just bonkers
Nemowoodbine: one disc
KevinTheShark: Glad to hear it Reece
jameswanders: Sidequest time? Golden Saucer games?
ContingentCat: to be fair Red does a lot of things I've never seen my cats do, namely talk
DiscordianTokkan: 7 Says
DiscordianTokkan: *Days
GapFiller: Red doing that thing where they stand on their hindlegs and use a ladder like people except better cz theyre catdogs /kathleen
Crad0k: "Well, back to WoW!"
plummeting_sloth: Meteor's gonna fall in about , uh, 6 levels of grinding
CleeKru: 7 Days to die... wait
DiscordianTokkan: Gotta give someone a VHS with the Meteor on it, then we'll be fine
jonasjonIV: Tie enough to watch the Ring!
GapFiller: OH the Under the Highwind bit
LadyAiluros: we have tim to do all kinds of chocobo husbandry, look for whoming great monsters and durdle around the planet
GapFiller: forgot abt THIS
holir_: CleeKru, you have to solve the puzzle or you will relive the day.
Foxmar320: We have Tifa we can't loose!
hunkajunk: Hey G, you should rest at an Inn 7 times.
Larkit: Dawn of the First Day : 168 hours remain
GapFiller: see this nxt bit is why Cloud x Tifa
northos: *inhales* noooooooooooo
quasi79fu: does seven days mean getting the king of round table thingie?
AwkwardBirb: It really do be like that Cloud
plummeting_sloth: "The power of Holy? You mean that one Alexander summon? NO I MEAN A DIFFERENT HOLY SHUT UP"
I_Am_Clockwork: Good morning friends. How goes the play forwarding?
ContingentCat: is that not enough Cloud?
StewartRWyatt: It do be like that
Samwel56: Your motivation is chocobo husbandry
quasi79fu: hi i am
TXC2: Hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
PharaohBender27: @I_Am_Clockwork We just beat Hojo
Furvias: Save the Planet, Save the Cheerleader
jarnatan: Always have a clear set of priorities before beginning a task
GapFiller: I_Am_Clockwork Hojo Fight
samwonk: Like, Cloud... it's the... planet.
arcanist1740: plus all our stuff is there
ButButTheJesus: @plummeting_sloth :D
Leonhart321: Cid: I'm fighting for Space
Trixalicious: "hey could you help us save the planet?" "Eeeh, I've kinda got my own personal feud going on. Maybe later."
GlennSeto: Look at spikey butt, becoming a leader and all.
drfox17: "From now on, Meteor day will not longer be a Midgard Holiday, but a day where the whole world rose up and told Jenova 'NO. We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish without a fight'"
EC_as_That: that something... that something is the plane of most people
Saphling: yup
LadyAiluros: I mean Jessie helped
teaspooncody: Cloud still needs to be clear that he isn't acting out of altruism or because he cares about any person, very on brand
Foxmar320: Remake chat time
HorusFive: ALERT- digression coming
StewartRWyatt: "Ecoterrorism: It's not the right way to do things"
kaffeetrinken89: Uhm, actually. I believe it was "Save the world, save the cheerleader."
Wrexadecimal: Tehcnically cloud planted the bomb... :P
plummeting_sloth: Cid: Well... I already got my airship and went to space, but I... I'm kinda good?
Metric_Furlong: extremely apolitical statements here
Twinklebees: I agree with you Graham.
GapFiller: the Remakes been out long enough for that now
red_shoes_jeff: Yeah... Barret, you-... You killed a LOT of people.
Crad0k: wait, really?
LadyAiluros: yes
MystechJ: what
Saphling: I found it interesting that it did, but they don't know it.
Foxmar320: I agree
GlennSeto: But the intent was there...?
koristi_: "Han shot first" type thing?
Metric_Furlong: oh, that old trope
TheThromborax: that happens in the demo. not spoiler
Wrexadecimal: I get that. But yeah, Shinra totally blew up their own reactor and wanted to use avalanche as a scapegoat
GapFiller: yeh thats not a good change
frenzyfivefour: Agreed
ArchRequiemD: No repercussions for that one
snowcookies: yeah
LordShadner: The lrrEFF
jonnykefka: her bomb did, just not nearly that big
MystechJ: oh that's not cool
Dared00: They did the "Greedo shot first"
Wrexadecimal: to cement shinra as the big bad megacorp
Zaghrog: Shinra made it a bigger boom
LadyAiluros: yeah
GapFiller: thats a point where the original is STILL better
GamesAndInk: @LoadingReadyRun "Han Shot First"
Metric_Furlong: "good guys didn't actually do anything wrong, they just think they do"
Xafty: the impact on the characters is the same, the impact on the players is much different
jameswanders: ooph... Han shooting second all over again
leebenningfield: Isn't that the plot of the 2nd Protomen album
GapFiller: Dared00 very good way of phrasing that
Dynemanti: yeah but like in the original the reactor explosion doesnt result in that much collateral damage
MehallD: It's a lot tougher to get away with terorism protags in the post 9/11 world
Leonhart321: As opposed to the glossing over the original did?
Vorrenthalla: not just to turn against avalanche. They want to make the people hate Wutai too
Saphling: It's interesting the different situation with Wutai
peejeeful: i'm fine with it because shinra wanted to start a new war
ladylockwood92: But...we already knew Shinra was bad...
Milambus: @leebenningfield kinda
Rhynerd: Maybe if Jessie’s bomb still went off, maybe...
Saphling: a cease-fire, but not peace
thrythlind: Sounds like my beef with Jackson's ending of LotR
Newbiespud: I like it myself, honestly.
HorusFive: Digression Complete
ContingentCat: yeah that sucks, cheapens they character growth
GapFiller: LoadingReadyRun wd yr call that a 'Han Shoots First' moment?
videowitch: I think the change makes more sense from a narrative perspective honestly
jonnykefka: They still got the key thing which is that even thinking it was their fault, they were willing to do it again
LeonisCo: I think blaming avalanche for the plate drop was more than enough
Dynemanti: the amount of deaths from reactor 1 was vastly increased in the remake though
ArcOfTheConclave: there is no world where Shinra would destroy 1/8th of the power grid to make some bad press for a dozen person group.
jameswanders: @thrythlind did Shirna blow that up too?
ButButTheJesus: I thought her bomb DID go off, and disabled the reactor, but then Shinra blew the whole thing up to make Avalanche seem REALLY bad.
quasi79fu: maclunkey
Lorennar: in original greedo never shoots
koristi_: What is with good guys not being allowed to do bad stuff? That's a very powerful character building device.
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jdb399: Wow! I'm awake in time for FFVII! Morning Graham!
SoundGuy0dB: Yeah, I prefer the original story, but it felt like they didn't want to have heroes guilty of actual terrorist bombings? but not sure?
TXC2: hello jdb399 welcome
HorusFive: Can't have your protags being terrorists
GapFiller: its onbrand incharacter for Shinra on the one hand but on the other hand it does feel like an unecessary change
jameswanders: At least they didn't replace all the guns with walkie-talkies
togashinaruta: I'd didn't get the read that it absolved them, because it was what they were trying to do.
Twinklebees: Heidegger had his incredibly dangerous phone app with a "Blow the reactor" button.
Saphling: the bomb's tiny explosion was actually kind of amusingly small
Blessings_from_the_Void: Jessie's bomb has got it going on
PharaohBender27: @jameswanders katesLol
peejeeful: yeah terorrism is a really sticky thing in 2020
TheWarbo: it feels kind of necessary with the other changes they made to the remake
GapFiller: speaking of changes kinda salty they get rid of Barrett yeeting Biggs into the 4th wall
STALKERsoldiers: they were trying to disable it, not take down the whole sector right?
GlennSeto: Does Shinra's meddling in the Remake tie into the Neo Midgar plan at all?
KevinTheShark: Get off the ship. Right now! Mid-air!
37calorieghost: I personally like the angle of Avalanche's plan in the remake, they always intend to use direct action with minimal harm, and shinra turns it against them
jarnatan: Make up your damn mind Cloud
kamelion84: katesLol
ladylockwood92: Really killing the mood there Cd
Dynemanti: like when you're walking around in sector 8 at the beginning of the original there's not buildings on fire everywhere and bodies, its mostly just chaos and confusion.
ladylockwood92: Cid*
GapFiller: and Jessie Biggs Wedge and their silly disguises on the train
drfox17: "I want you all to take a couple of day. Live like they're your last. Because.... they just might be"
deadinthestreet: graham i have been enjoying your ff7 playthru so much! Exactly what i need in these times, and after remake came out. Hope you end up enjoying remake as much as i did!
Vanbael: life coach cloud here
KeytarCat: Oh, I know this tropwe!
ButButTheJesus: @Saphling yeah it was like "poof" and a pipe blows up and I was like that was it?
KeytarCat: Trope!
Leonhart321: Vincent : eh, got nothing better to do
itsZerdath: Man, these new graphics are amazin'
Trixalicious: Why is "save the planet and not die" not a good enough reason?
CrookedSmile: i only need 2 of you anyways LUL
EC_as_That: And they never came back Kappa
GapFiller: eyyy Cloud x Tifa Under the Highwind
I_Am_Clockwork: Cayd Sith is like "uuum I'm techinicall not here"
Leonhart321: Erm, whose flying this?
someusername5: mostly just flies itself
Saphling: left it on full speed ahead
jameswanders: Pilot's so good now, doesn't even have to be there
quasi79fu: uh is the ship on autopilot? or are you crashing?
Vanbael: welp, we're going to crash
HorusFive: He's leveled up to the point he doesn't need to be there physically
GlennSeto: Is Cloud just trying to get rid of Yuffie and Cid? Kappa
Scy_Anide: It's fine it'll just do laps around the planet for a bit.
TehAmelie: they wanted to do it, they thought they did, and they went ahead to do it again, what is the difference except absolving them of actual culpability to the player?
STALKERsoldiers: lvl 99 pilot, astroprojection flight
t3h_f1gm3nt: barrA
ButButTheJesus: now kith?
red_shoes_jeff: "Tifa, you KNOW I have a memory thing!"
dialMforMara: “but Tifa, you’re my reason”
quasi79fu: it went quiet?
Rhynerd: Ah, they parked the Highwing.
Stabbytabbycat: slytqLurk
holir_: i'm offended in the remake the characters have fingers!
jameswanders: Is the no-mouth thing a mod, or like an "un-mod"?
LeonisCo: Does Vincent go back to his coffin?
jarnatan: "but Tifa, you're me" *beejdrop*
Saphling: "Someday" had better be quick...
TXC2: !ff7mod
LRRbot: Graham is playing the PC version of FF7 on Steam, mostly for loading times. He’s using the 7th Heaven mod-loader to run SegaChief’s “No Mouths” mod, to keep the original look of the PSX version.
Scy_Anide: Had to make a pit stop for the album cover art.
Crad0k: there's a nice bit in a transformers comic where one character does the old 'if you shoot him we're worse than he is and he wins' and the reply is 'but we are better than him, and he won't win because he'll be dead'
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goatprince: if you have low relationship levels with tifa, this scene is pretty awkward!
richard_ermen: D'aww
Vanbael: "that and you're OP"
plummeting_sloth: "So anyway, the worlds ending and everyone is gone and...."
Nitroxide99: Pilot: I set a crash course for the meteor, NARK!
ladylockwood92: Honestly, you probably don't actually need anyone except Tifa...
37calorieghost: cloud is such a doink in this scene if you don't gun for tifa
quasi79fu: that lady has no nose and mouth
TehAmelie: unrelated, but one thing Avalance should always have done better is taking credit for their crimes. to stop Shinra from blaming them for everything
GapFiller: honestly lookin forward to this bit in the Remake
Lorennar: DeathStar Tifa needs Cloud Hypeman
swedish_roman: gday Mr. Streamer
GapFiller: !mod
nemryn: @Crad0k "sounds like a win-win situation to me, he gets the moral victory and we get the actual one"
GapFiller: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Final Fantasy VII
plummeting_sloth: "I have no mouth and I must confess my feelings"
Scy_Anide: No.
quasi79fu: how does this lady breathe?
GlennSeto: I wonder if this scene retains its ambiguity in the Remake.
ContingentCat: wat
I_Am_Clockwork: the stars are always listening
TXC2: I sure hope not Tifa
jameswanders: Is there a "solo" category for FF7? Like when you don't take any unnecessary party members?
GapFiller: damnit theres a command for the exact Mod the games being played on
Foxmar320: :P
Saphling: Cloud is often a doink
TXC2: !ff7mod
LRRbot: Graham is playing the PC version of FF7 on Steam, mostly for loading times. He’s using the 7th Heaven mod-loader to run SegaChief’s “No Mouths” mod, to keep the original look of the PSX version.
plummeting_sloth: "Cloud, do you think the stars can SEE us right now
Spluuga: Tifa, they don have ears..
EC_as_That: I don't know if the stars care
Radyin: Implicit noses.
PharaohBender27: I see we've hit feels o'clock
Leonhart321: Tifa...... you ever wonder why we're here?
I_Am_Clockwork: it just takes bajillions of years for anything to reach them
ladylockwood92: Sometimes the writers are right.
TheWanderingNomad: I mean, one of the Info Books basically confirms they confess and bone here
NightValien28: G do not start a ship fight
Milambus: I didn't think we were playing a ship-waifu game
jarnatan: watching the lifestream on a livestream. metagaming right there
Leonhart321: I dunno Graham. I've come around wholly on Cloud/Jessie these days
Lorennar: wait that would make Cloud the Hammon to Tifa's Lesner
jameswanders: @ladylockwood92 that's why they're caller righters
GapFiller: GlennSeto we can only hope this bit stays like this when they get there
Nameless_Sword: i do like how this scene plays out with Tifa as best girl
plummeting_sloth: "Some day we'll find it Tifa. The rainbow connection"
STALKERsoldiers: Aerith had her great love. And then he died
KeytarCat: This feels kinda To the Moon to me
I_Am_Clockwork: @NightValien28 yeah naval warfare is to be avoided
hunkajunk: Hmm. I wonder. WIll the remake shift some things to make Advent Children make more sense?
GapFiller: in however many years it takes
space_turbulence: I am honestly all about Aeris in the remake. they r3ally added a lot of dimensionality to her for the remake
TheThromborax: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 47:31.
ladylockwood92: In the absence of Jessie, Tifa prevails.
EC_as_That: It is called a navel battle @NightValien28
nemryn: Tifa's archetype is the Designated Love Interest anyway
StewartRWyatt: "I really like how you punch our enemies into the sun"
TheWarbo: this scene *does* have the canon ship, it's hovering there in the background behind the two characters
37calorieghost: yeah pretty much, this scene feels really out of place in the anti-tifa run
red_shoes_jeff: ELLIPSES!
CleeKru: just... uh..
KevinTheShark: Your crotch does all the talking Cloud
BusTed: Tasteful fade to black.
NightValien28: listen here you nerds
Foxmar320: Cloud hint hint
GapFiller: SO chat that fade to black eh? howabt it? what happened there!?
CleeKru: p thank god
Leonhart321: *off screen voice* KISS YOU FOOLS
ButButTheJesus: it is?
KeytarCat: Well that's a thing
itsZerdath: bow chicka wow wow
saucemaster5000: quit moping and go to town already
Lord_ZYRK: and then they F U C C
ladylockwood92: Man...that took a long time.
plummeting_sloth: And Pilot Rank 12 watched
GapFiller: thats a Helluva night in the fields
NightValien28: I feel it is more implied they talked and no one wanted to write that dialogue
TehAmelie: [audience goes wooo]
EC_as_That: Hot poly on poly action
MystechJ: fade to sex?
GapFiller: OH YEH
nemryn: just like right there, on top of the hill, out in the open
Mysticman89: in front of my salad?
kamelion84: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
TXC2: "oh they FAWKING!"
PharaohBender27: katesLewd
Vanbael: Could the entire crew of the ship could have seen them
jameswanders: Better than the quicktime scene in Fahrenheit
GapFiller: FREE SHOW
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL never even thought of that
Foxmar320: lol
Qooroo: *insert Kathleen yelling kiss*
KevinTheShark: Oh lawd
Samwel56: How implied? Heavily? Lightly? HARD?
t3h_f1gm3nt: barrSqueent barrA
Saphling: Tifa: *oversleeps, misses the final battle*
drfox17: Yuffie: "i wasn't puking for once!"
GapFiller: katesLewd katesLewd katesLewd
Foxmar320: Like they could have at least went out of view of the ship
KNACC: this seems like a horrible place to bang
jarnatan: ASMR-Graham is on fleek
noSmokeFire: it has to be *freezing* up there, too
richard_ermen: Hihi
red_shoes_jeff: "We didn't LEAVE YET, we went to BED."
37calorieghost: and then Advent Children completely deletes all of this
richard_ermen: This is an appropriate hehehehehehehe moment :D
KingJimmeh: Could you not afford to use 1 Tent? XD
37calorieghost: :)
DarkMorford: Celebratin' Spring with a crazy little thing called... Fuckin' Outside!
frenzyfivefour: Tent inventory went down by 1
EC_as_That: And then they had sex again?...
GlennSeto: Who sleeps with a Jenova mutant, those cells are dangerous. ;)
GapFiller: Oh Yeh REALLY lookin forward to THIS bit in the Remake
Dynemanti: how does advent children delete any of this?
Foxmar320: Same only once
northos: same lol
Lorennar: I don't think it does
TheWanderingNomad: I wouldn't say it deletes it, but Cloud does go on a downard spiral
AshleyYeo: I'd say Advent Children makes it more clear that Tifa and Cloud were together at the end of the game
LadyAiluros: it does and it doesn't
sivakrytos: once is enough for advent children
AshleyYeo: They just brake up after Cloud thinks he's dying
Crad0k: advent children was the start of a long series of mistakes about expanding FF7
jarnatan: I have watched Advent Children twice. Never played the actual game.
HorusFive: !adult
LRRbot: Adult currently unavailable, please try again later.
GredoraGrims: Cheer100
Dynemanti: they live together and adopt two children
jameswanders: any rumours/guesses on how far the next remake game is going to get in the story?
ladylockwood92: !advice
LRRbot: Insert the Christmas tree into the chicken.
AshleyYeo: Remember the whole thing about Advent Children is that Cloud thinks he is days away from dying.
GapFiller: jarnatan then yr missed everything
ArboristAndrew: a super long rope ladder
CrookedSmile: a rope?
KevinTheShark: Oh GOD yeah when the remake FINALLY gets here its gonna be SO GOOD
TheWanderingNomad: @AshleyYeo - Honeslty I don't even think they broke up so much as Cloud just refused to talk about his terminal illness
GlennSeto: @ashleyyeo If somewhat estranged by the time AC happens.
Lorennar: Cloud has some serious survivor's guilt in advent children and doesn't know how to move forward with Tifa until end of Advent
drfox17: Yuffie: "I'm here!"
richard_ermen: Advent Children and those weird children was....so weird.
northos: "but just think of all the random surfaces we could do it on"
HorusFive: Also neither of us knows how to pilot
ladylockwood92: Especially without Yuffie yakking into the machinery.
Saphling: "No more flying around casually" Now it's flying around formally
Diabore: what lvl is clouds pilot skill?
Twinklebees: Oh Cloud, you big doofus.
SK__Ren: My Boyfriend is an Airship Pilot?
GapFiller: dyr knw how to fly this thing Cloud?
peejeeful: i really like advent children as a awsome action cgi movie where the story didn't really matter
AshleyYeo: @TheWanderingNomad Agreed
jarnatan: @GapFiller well, I got a summary of the story off the DVD before starting the film. But yes. I did. Why do you think I'm watching this stream? :P
AshleyYeo: @GlennSeto Yeah That is what I think too.
Scy_Anide: Advent Children is great as fan-fic.
GapFiller: eyyy Cid x Barret are back
Diabore: completely ignoring cait sith
ContingentCat: well that was quick
Dova_0: I would be very interested to see an honest breakdown on of the timeline up to this point of the FF7 universe
Leonhart321: Rocky!
plummeting_sloth: and you were there... and YOU were there
GlennSeto: Donkey!
Foxmar320: I like that Cait Sith was just laying there
KevinTheShark: All our friends are here! And Cait Sith too!
GapFiller: Scy_Anide the keyword there being fanfic
Samwel56: Advent children had a story?
LeonisCo: *Completely ignores Tifa*
Foxmar320: LOL
someusername5: no, there was a fade to black
snowcookies: lol
Wrexadecimal: ohhh
Saphling: Mortification complete
BusTed: awks
KeytarCat: there it is...
GapFiller: LOL
LadyAiluros: YUP
Theoretical95: y i k e s
Ipsen13: OTL
BrindleBoar: F
jonasjonIV: yep
ContingentCat: uhhhh
Diabore: yup, they fauked
quasi79fu: so they got free porn while on the ship?
Nameless_Sword: so embarassed.....
ladylockwood92: Oops
Nemowoodbine: and then she was traumatized forever
holir_: I DID NOT GET THAT 20 years ago
Nemowoodbine: again.
shurtal: Hey norm
TangleTrail: Woopsidoodle
TheMoatman: Was Vincent watching, too?
saucemaster5000: yup. we have it in vhs and betamax now
plummeting_sloth: Vincent, tell you YOU were'nt watching
drfox17: "Yuffie even made popcorn!"
Dova_0: 😆
snowcookies: cait is just deactivated in the corner
Wrexadecimal: @holir_ oh yeah, missed that
wrathofwood: poor Tifa lol
ButButTheJesus: eyyyy vincent!
nemryn: Vincent just give Cloud the finger-guns
SoundGuy0dB: lol
AshleyYeo: @Samwel56 Not a good one. Loads of silly multi media stuff and it was overall meh.
richard_ermen: :D
TheWanderingNomad: I assume Vincent was brooding in the corner
ladylockwood92: Audience's Favourite. Vincent Valentine
TheMoatman: NO! GOD NO
ryuhimora: PHRASING
Saphling: "Cooooooool? Meeeeee?"
snowcookies: Vampires are cool
HorusFive: Dramatic cape FLARE!
cassaclyzm: BRB writing fanfic
GlennSeto: Welp, that was gross and probably tanked their sex lifes forever.
BusTed: 😎
Foxmar320: lol
Dova_0: Poor Tifa 😂
jonasjonIV: vorp
jarnatan: Exit stage right
GapFiller: yes Vincent ofc yr can
TheWanderingNomad: You know, I honestly enjoyed how bussing awkard Vincent is in AC
Saphling: Vincent had to be dramatic
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerY wheelerT
tenthtechpriest: that was him practicing devil may cry jumps
MystechJ: double down on ohrasing
NightValien28: why did everything go red?
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videowitch: Dirge of Cerberus remake when
PharaohBender27: Scottish
Korlashheirtoblackblade: Graham, your voice acting in this play through has been great
SquareDotCube: Sean Bean?
HorusFive: Yes- everyone who matters is here Red
AwkwardBirb: Whatever it is, it needs to be SCOTTISH
quasi79fu: thank gahd Yuffie is gone
Nuurgle: Vincent jumped into the engine
Lorennar: *huerk*
Foxmar320: lol
Vorrenthalla: You should totally play Dirge of Cerberus at somepoint. The gameplay is genuinley fun and the plot is... interesting
quasi79fu: oh damn it
drfox17: Yuffie's been puking!
ArboristAndrew: NINJA SURPRISE
Robot_Bones: Cait Sith, Broadcasting from someone's basement
AshleyYeo: Dirge of Cerberus was great if you ever wondered what Steve Blum would be like playing Solid Snake
Samwel56: I love the idea of Vincent being a dork trying to be cool only to cloud.
tenthtechpriest: imagine if yuffie stole the materia
KevinTheShark: All our friends are here! Also Cait Sith and Yuffie!
Vanbael: Yuffie took her medicine!
TheWanderingNomad: @PharaohBender27 Dude, I don't know how to pay you back for all these subs :D
TXC2: Cait Sith comes from scotland, all of it, all at once
jameswanders: Why don't we just get a bunch of of Cait-Sith copies to do all the dangerous fighting?
arcanist1740: she has a point...
jarnatan: (she means the sex)
LadyAiluros: my precious cinnamon inja child
someusername5: yes
drfox17: "best parts"?
TheMoatman: ladylockwood92 reeve had extras?
Foxmar320: LOL
KingJimmeh: She was just busy in the bathroom puking
BusTed: peace
GlennSeto: Love her feeling punchy animation.
TheWarbo: he said that because you DID steal our materia
TangleTrail: What is up with the audio?
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerY wheelerT
PharaohBender27: @TheWanderingNomad Don't worry about it! :D
I_Am_Clockwork: her home plannet needs her :p
plummeting_sloth: "Also, Cloud and Tifa, I've learned SO much from watching you all last night"
jonasjonIV: her people need her
hunkajunk: Here's a thought. Reeve has a stuffed animal robot that can be controlled remotely by... psychic powers, and it's powerful enough to beat the proud clod and fight basically everything Shrina has made.
Foxmar320: omg I was not expecting that
Scy_Anide: I hope Yuffie does *whatever that animation is* in the Remake part 2 so I can figure out what it is.
richard_ermen: Time....to go breed chocobos
GapFiller: oh incase anyones wondering abt Yuffie x Vincent in the endgame heres an old Unskippable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAjkdIJn2cI
Saphling: "Spikey-headed ass"
TheWanderingNomad: Went down to the BONE ZONE
red_shoes_jeff: Yuffie, PLEASE do not ralph all over the rafters...
CrookedSmile: spiky headss
MystechJ: lol
Saphling: whatever feelings are.
TheMoatman: Who told you my ass was spiky
BoblinTheGoblin69: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Wicker_Knight: @hunkajunk Reeve only competent non-Hojo person in Shinra
KevinTheShark: *claps* good speech Barret
AshleyYeo: @hunkajunk Yep. And Reeve makes two. And another three in DOC.
TXC2: ah the death music
snowcookies: does Reeve have psychic powers are does he have some sort of materia?
AwkwardBirb: Bone zone did not contain actual boning. Just a lotta dead things.
kamelion84: katesCry katesCry
Samwel56: Red xiii, “that’s hot”
accountmadeforants: "No words? ... well, you know there's other ways to communicate your feelings..."
GapFiller: TheMoatman they have the visual evidence Kappa
ladylockwood92: Vincent is cool...he's also profoundly uncool.
AugmentingPath: EC_as_That dang, how did you know
nemryn: @Wicker_knight no, Hojo isn't competent either
space_turbulence: lrrAWW
arcanist1740: let's all go together...to the carnival casino and fight some dudes
Wicker_Knight: @nemryn I mean, he has mad scientist powers?
HorusFive: benginCry
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richard_ermen: @GapFiller Man I miss Unskippable...those were amazing. I mean, modern LRR is amazing as well but its one of the things that first brought me to consume the main content.
odamadillo: When they do this in the remake, that they get everyone to give their reasons for fighting.
AwkwardBirb: @nemryn no he's definitely competent... Just not in a way that's beneficial for anyone.
Wicker_Knight: granted, he doesn't seem to know much about what he's talking about
StewartRWyatt: One of those levers is the E-brake
CrookedSmile: transform
richard_ermen: Order of the Day: Defeat Weapons
Zaghrog: Lets side quest!
CrookedSmile: and roll out
niccus: time to go there immediately
Scy_Anide: GI Jooooooeeeeee!
snowcookies: Avengers assemble!
Nigouki: Let's rotate the cushions!
KevinTheShark: Thunderbirds are GO
SK__Ren: Auto-plots, roll out
Saphling: Let's mosey.
Twinklebees: To Disc 3, the Disc of Wall-to-Wall Bangers.
kamelion84: lrrWOW
Rustymagus: Yassss, rockets!
jarnatan: is Sephi Roth related to Tim Roth?
GapFiller: Sidequest Time!
Blade_Tiger: Oh hey am I just in time for the finale?
Wrexadecimal: ROckets!
SoundGuy0dB: OOH yeah
GlennSeto: TRANSFORM and move out!
drfox17: wait what
jameswanders: I vote Golden Saucer mini-games :D
I_Am_Clockwork: zooooom
plummeting_sloth: have.. we always had those?
MystechJ: now I just see Cid driving the Highwind like the train
Nameless_Sword: transform!
red_shoes_jeff: Wait what?
drfox17: i think we needed those props!
someusername5: sir, you dropped something
TXC2: has it had those the whole time?
TheMandrew: if Cid doesn't sound like Gibb in the remake, i'm going to be very annoyed
quasi79fu: uh you dropped something
Dread_Pirate_Westley: The completely non-functional airship transformation!
Vanbael: hyper drive?
LordShadner: "Let's move out... and grind!" Kappa
embyrr_the_dragon: Rocket airship
Crad0k: "why weren't we always doing that?"
HorusFive: "I've made some... modifications"
Foxmar320: Didn't need that part anyway
shurtal: the ship, no longer creates lift, only thrust
Mr_Whyt: look out below
northos: Cid, he uh...he can't here you...?
Leonhart321: And we didn't use these sooner...... WHY?
BoblinTheGoblin69: i would try and get all the ultimate weapons for your main party first
Gabriel_Mobius: The propeller fell on a town, killing dozens
EC_as_That: Just crash the ship into him
37calorieghost: After all this, I'm really getting a hankering for some FFIX
SoundGuy0dB: the Jet engines :D
Samwel56: It has ROCKETS! Best game ever ten out five
LadyAiluros: except we need to do a bunch of shit first
cassaclyzm: Time to.... breed chocobos!
Saphling: Losing.. control... except not really.
TheWanderingNomad: Look everyone knows you save the rockets for OH SHIT times
frnknstn: Did the abducted sub crew also come back?
arcanist1740: you jump out of this airship RIGHT NOW
richard_ermen: Geroni---who?
niccus: who?
TXC2: it looks like they're working on CID
HorusFive: Now I want a remake-tie-in about these 3 pilots
Derkatronic: Alons-y Alonzo!
richard_ermen: End of Disk 2!
GapFiller: Disc Changeover Time
Blade_Tiger: Seeing Graham play through this has made me want to give it another go myself
ButButTheJesus: Disc 3 get!
t3h_f1gm3nt: disc 3 baby!
SoundGuy0dB: Annnd now Disc 3!
Saphling: those three pilots definitely need to show up in the remake.
Samwel56: No really we live in this airship and you’ve holding us hostage
frenzyfivefour: This is usually where I get distracted Chocobo racing and trying to kill emerald/ruby instead of finishing the game
plummeting_sloth: Thank you, Lt Ladder
Saphling: I was very happy with the Sector Seven shinra guard pair
jameswanders: wait... do we lose the airship here?
Zaghrog: Just reminding us of that airbrushed image
EC_as_That: FF7 is four discs right?
TheWanderingNomad: That ladder doesn't look like it goes all the way down
Rhynerd: I hope the remake also keeps the Pilot leveling up.
LeonisCo: 3 discs
TheWanderingNomad: @EC_as_That - Three
TheThromborax: there's a bombshell drawing on the ship?
EC_as_That: Ahh
Zaghrog: FF9 is 4 discs
Nameless_Sword: time to head deeper underground, we're going we're going, deeper underground
TheThromborax: I didn't know
red_shoes_jeff: "No, really, THIS is our home. My family's downstairs, they haven't been happy with most of what we're doing."
Ipsen13: correct
Wrexadecimal: 3 for game, 1 install
richard_ermen: Back when bigger games needed more Discs...in the dark age
heronblademaster: PC version had an install disc and three game discs
ccwgtb: So we still have Yuffie's quest, chocobo breeding and battle square to do?
tetlanesh: on pc it was 4 for instalation purposes
letfireraindown: yeppers
Crad0k: yeah, both 7 and 8 PC have install discs
n_mandrag: FF8 also was 4 discs
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EC_as_That: I might be thinking of FF8
LadyAiluros: not really
hunkajunk: Nope, you can get back up.
JDMan94: it's actually not
Critterbot: You can totally get back from there.
ArboristAndrew: no, the no return point is further down
kaffeetrinken89: fordist? I don't think there any economic oppinions of that kind in this game.
shurtal: no, you can get back all the way from the spiral
Robot_Bones: no return is further down in the pit
Nameless_Sword: not quite, you can return from in there
EvilBadman: @EC_as_That Yeah, 8 and 9 were 4
theshinyakuma: no you can go pretty deep
neuroflare: oops sorry
ryuhimora: no, You can go all the way to the Jenova fight and come back up
LadyAiluros: no you can come back up from that point -- no return is the bottom of the crater
Zaghrog: ccwgtb no to chocobo breeding, but yes to Ultima Weapon
Saphling: you can technically go down into the northern cave, up until the last bit, and come back out.
neuroflare: didnt mean for caps
drfox17: Paaased the point of no return. No Turning Back Nooooow
Nameless_Sword: the literal no return point is like right at the end
ArboristAndrew: the no return point is when all of the charcters are gathered around a hole in the floor
hunkajunk: The no return point is like... an obvious Pit of Make you're gonna jump into after splitting up the party and reuiniting them
Crad0k: the return point is basically outside the final boss room
Gabriel_Mobius: I really like that your A team mirrors mine Graham
plummeting_sloth: okay Cid nice job crash landing here, but... I got shit to do, sooooo
NuCk3: Do we have Knights of the round yet?
Spacecarl: There's some sweet items to get then you can still bail
Wrexadecimal: Point of no return is right before a boss rush thing at th ever bottom, IIRC
MehallD: aww, they shoulda left in the disc change screens just for 10 secs or so, they had nice key art
masterfrog316: do other stuff first
LeonisCo: That door on the left
Saphling: You can come back out of that cave on the left
Wrexadecimal: *the very bottom
JDMan94: you come back up through that whole to the left
shurtal: big blue lifestream pit is the point of no return
JDMan94: hole*
neuroflare: the Movers down here give you lkike 300AP each
neuroflare: ]its killer
TheMoatman: Good, you shouldn't stream and drive
JDMan94: that face right there I think
richard_ermen: Dramatic world ender music
samwonk: Honestly, part of why I remember FF7 is that the discs were in this weird tall folding sleeve that didn't fit on a CD rack.
shurtal: now go up
jarnatan: alright, and after we save Crystal?
KevinTheShark: We couldve been buying save crystals this WHOLE TIME!?
JDMan94: cave phone is bring garbage
LadyAiluros: yeah use the crystal at the bottom in the mako hole room
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TXC2: "it could be you!"
Robot_Bones: LUL
videowitch: no
Wrexadecimal: go back inside?
Crad0k: no, go back in the door
LordShadner: if there was a cave WHY DID WE SLIDE DOWN?!
theshinyakuma: not sure if the glitch is in this version but be careful with the save crystal!
Saphling: you can go back in and take off as normal
LadyAiluros: go talk to the pilot
GapFiller: samwonk there were a whole bunch of games like that
GapFiller: apart from the other Final Fantasies there was also at least Metal Gear Solid iirc
jarnatan: all your materia is belong to us
Nemowoodbine: lmao
ArboristAndrew: hahaha
snowcookies: rude
MystechJ: dang it yuffie
cuttlefishman: Kinda mean
ArboristAndrew: wtf yiffie
Diabore: wow, rude
drfox17: oh yuffie
ButButTheJesus: yuffie. yuffie pls.
KevinTheShark: Oh Yuffie, you Gem
cuttlefishman: but in character
BoblinTheGoblin69: poor red
northos: good...try?
plummeting_sloth: don't pick on the dog!
GapFiller: lol Yuffie
BusTed: As some sort of bonding exercise.
Zaghrog: Uffie is a teen, remember
Nemowoodbine: nothing better in this world than picking on your cats
saucemaster5000: why?
TheWarbo: FULL pilot
noSmokeFire: damn, that plan was flawless
GapFiller: its onbrand it least
tenthtechpriest: FULL pilot!
PharaohBender27: What'd Red ever do to you, Yuffie!?
Korlashheirtoblackblade: why did we let her back on the ship again?
GlennSeto: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
red_shoes_jeff: FULL PILOT
HorusFive: So fast!
jarnatan: weeeeee
BoblinTheGoblin69: zoomies
northos: does it actually go faster now? or just look cooler?
northos: ah
Leonhart321: First stop, Ultimate Weapon?
Scrubbodiestobears: Drift King
frnknstn: ffffwooooosh
shurtal: time for SICK AIR DRIFTS
theshinyakuma: not sure if the glitch is in this version but be careful with the save crystal!
snowcookies: will we pagoda with Yuffie?
saucemaster5000: do cloud and yuffie make red 13 chase a pen when they're bored?
plummeting_sloth: it kinda looks the same
GapFiller: this is gonna be great for Yuffie
northos: fair lol
Nemowoodbine: isn't there a weapon flying around
BusTed: Slap a spoiler and a red paint job on it.
masterfrog316: 25 min gold chocobo?
ContingentCat: but it looks cooler so there's that
HesGotNoPants: are we going to fight all the weapons?
nemryn: we didn't "let" her on the ship, she just showed up
TheWarbo: it *feels* faster, and that's the important part
drfox17: Yuffie: [Puking noises]
HorusFive: Getting KotR?
GapFiller: snowcookies gotta grind her up for that
TXC2: it's a placebo effect Kappa
space_turbulence: We're doing it Tifa! we're Midgar drifting!"
frnknstn: what level is the pilot?
AwkwardBirb: don't diss pizza city
enduringevtron: but it FEELS faster
KevinTheShark: Oh yeahhh, you can get a thing in Wutai because you picked up the leviathan scales
LadyAiluros: go fight ultima
AwkwardBirb: pizza disk city*
GlennSeto: Can we try Ruby with Tifa?
GapFiller: Atma!
richard_ermen: FlyWeapon!
Wrexadecimal: Battle! >:D
SignificantOtter: hey buddy!
Foxmar320: You got this
awkwardreaper: ultimate weapon
ryuhimora: ULTIMA WEAPON
hunkajunk: Remember, he knows SHadow Flare for Enemy SKill :D
GapFiller: has Ruby shown up yet?
JDMan94: fighting ultima to get into the first place is probably a real good idea
fexworldwide: Flepon
Saphling: If we defeat him over the Ancient Forest, we can go there
JDMan94: forest*
ButButTheJesus: a hefty chonk
thrythlind: The game understands dramatic timing I guess.
HorusFive: Please to suplex a WEAPON
masterfrog316: no
EC_as_That: So what ARE we gonna do?
awkwardreaper: ruby is in the desert near golden saucer
Samwel56: Yes
Zaghrog: Ruby is around now
LeonisCo: Gotta get the best weapon for the guy you stuffed full of drugs
theshinyakuma: @Saphling he always ends there
GlennSeto: huh
ZeroArcana: the flying on'e the only one i could ever beat
Wrexadecimal: I think you need to beat ultima first?
GrandLlamaQ: You are on Disc 3 so everyone should be here soon.
Lorennar: tifa going to own the saucer?
Rhynerd: The big big big, and I mean BIG.
Saphling: @theshinyakuma Yup! I know
plummeting_sloth: we tried to suplex a weapon, but had teh WORST timing on DOT
awkwardreaper: wasn't he just like a red triangle sticking out of the sand
Zaghrog: Good point
Crad0k: do i do my SU joke again? "ruby's off mourning over sapphire"
TehAmelie: i know one sure way to get Ruby to show up is to meet Emerald
GlennSeto: Maybe after Ultima.
MehallD: yeah, beat ultima IIRC
LadyAiluros: yeah I think so
awkwardreaper: or does he appear after you take out emerald
CaptainEnder7: I think it shows up after you beat Ultima
theshinyakuma: @Saphling oh ok
HesGotNoPants: let's punch a weapon
Foxsploder: Ruby shows up when you take the buggy into the desert, right?
Diabore: and now the game truly begins
SignificantOtter: we in it now bois
jarnatan: "we're in the endgame now" - Graham Stark, in a twist
GapFiller: Gold Saucer Time!
TXC2: and now the game truely begins Kappa
GrandLlamaQ: "We're in the Endgame now, Tinky Winky."
Foxmar320: Grinding!
thrythlind: lrrIAN And now the game truly begins.
Nameless_Sword: grind time
shurtal: Sephiroth will keep, we got chores to do
Zaghrog: Battle Square for Omnislash?
Saphling: Omnislash?
awkwardreaper: yeh go for ultima
ButButTheJesus: yeah omnislash
LeonisCo: Have you been back to Gelinka?
MystechJ: cloud ultimate limit?
BrookJustBones: chocobo breeding
masterfrog316: cosmo canon for reds weapon
Master_Gunner: Chocobo breeding?
LeonisCo: (underwater ship)
samu_btdp1985: weapon fights
neuroflare: make birds fuck
Diabore: knights of the round?
Genie_M: do a bit of chocobo?
GrandLlamaQ: Ultima! Ultima! Get you some Shadowflare Enemy Skill, word.
tetlanesh: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:01:40.
space_turbulence: Tifa is beyond levels now
LadyAiluros: it's not too too bad
Genie_M: blue / green at least?
GapFiller: we bothering to level up Yuffie for The Wutai Pagoda?
RaklarLS: golden chocobos are such a pain to breed
Saphling: @LeonisCo Yup! we've been to the sunken airship
ccwgtb: Yuffie's side quest?
rainbowbatsuit: What about the Sunken Gelnika or whatever its called?
JDMan94: fastest way is to just beat ruby weapon tbh
awkwardreaper: can't you get one for taking out ruby weapon
BusTed: It's like trying to get a blue rose.
masterfrog316: just rng thern
Lord_ZYRK: Ooooooor alternatively. . .who wants to go SNOWBOARDING PogChamp
Samwel56: Grind grind gri gri gri grind grind GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND grind grind grind grind
Twinklebees: I got a Gold Chocobo at the weekend and it took me a few hours of dedicated effort.
GrandLlamaQ: The fastest way to get a Gold Chocobo is to beat Ruby Weapon and then go to Kalm Town.
GlennSeto: Everyone's optional story moments?
TXC2: "I looked up how fast to get a chocobo and it's not."
jarnatan: hold on a minute, how did Cloud even survive sleeping with Tifa
hunkajunk: While Omnislash is great, Remember you automatically get Omnislash for the "final" fight against Sephiroth. So if you don't want it for power level, you don't neeeeed it.
DocTower: She doesn't need to be very high.
ArboristAndrew: i dont think you can do wutai on disc 3
NightValien28: the only reason I have 99 hours int his 40h game is because of the damn golden chocobo
KevinTheShark: I did one of the rapid ones, took me about half an hour to get the chocobo
gOckley: You should get a non-yellow chocobo, just get a taste of it
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon's final drop is way more importnat than Shadow Flare, and way easier
Vorrenthalla: Do the battle square with Tifa
HesGotNoPants: we could get knights. I know you said no at the beginning but you are looking for time sinks
DocTower: Haste on you and slow on your opponent does wonders in the Wutai pagoda
snowcookies: yay frand
LeonisCo: He's gon play hard to get
Genie_M: you can do golden saucer
ArboristAndrew: i thought all of wutai had to be done on disc 2
JDMan94: chasing down ultima weapon is a pain
EC_as_That: Follow the river
NathanJay_GA: save first?
Diabore: ooh ,who dat?
GapFiller: ArboristAndrew yr can wait till disc 3 before recruiting Yuffie iirc
RaklarLS: are you doing the 7777 thing?
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37calorieghost: Ultima's downgrade from ffvi superboss to 2nd weakest weapon in ffvii is a bummer
Samwel56: How do you lose a 100 meter tall bird?!
Pintyhet: Chad Weapon
akssoon: !ff7mod
like_100_bears: git 'im!
DocTower: She was around level 35 when I did the pagoda with her.
GrandLlamaQ: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE Hey Graham, if you beat Ruby Weapon you can get a free Gold Chocobo in Kalm Town. It's just not great at racing. lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE
SK__Ren: Also, have you decided *where* you want to beat it at?
hunkajunk: Does the music seem to be oddly chaing Key to anyone else
GlennSeto: Chasing Deathgaze in FF6 was such a pain.
GapFiller: !ff7mod
DocTower: It was really annoying though.
plummeting_sloth: you kick that Nissian Ultima's ass!
TXC2: !ff7mod
LRRbot: Graham is playing the PC version of FF7 on Steam, mostly for loading times. He’s using the 7th Heaven mod-loader to run SegaChief’s “No Mouths” mod, to keep the original look of the PSX version.
Ktolos: Fly into ultima
DrChairthrower: Ultima-ish Weapon
Genie_M: but ruby weapon is .... a pain to beat
GapFiller: gotta chase Ultima all over the world TM
noSmokeFire: pen ultima weapon
plummeting_sloth: BONK
shurtal: poke
EC_as_That: poke
Foxmar320: Tifa wants to say hello WEAPON
Nemowoodbine: boop
SquareDotCube: You ain't my buddy, pal
fexworldwide: Senpai noticed you!
masterfrog316: tifa cant attack weapon right?
Ktolos: Need range
ButButTheJesus: #hesso_BIG
Blade_Tiger: Just open the fight with Ultima, nbd
TheWarbo: ahh, I see Graham has decided to take on the next Divine Beast
GapFiller: personal experience Emerald is the tougher fight Ruby is more... tiresome
GapFiller: more of a grind
Twinklebees: If she has long range it should be fine?
DocTower: long range
KevinTheShark: Oh NO
JDMan94: Tifa has the long range materia, right?
Zaghrog: Long Range would do it
Nemowoodbine: reload and equip it
MehallD: yeah, Ruby is just RNG-ing till you get the one character who can take it one on one
Saphling: darn
shurtal: i always start singing a country song whenever i cast big guard, to the tune of Big Iron
Foxmar320: Oh thats bad
jarnatan: put a reach counter on Tifa
STALKERsoldiers: dun dun dun
LadyAiluros: I don't think long range helps
GlennSeto: What a concept!
snowcookies: yeah, you removed for other stuff
Saphling: I think he has an Enemy Skill to learn
kaffeetrinken89: galaxy brain. aehm, ultima brain.
Scrubbodiestobears: interesting that it's playing the regular enemy music and not the boss music
Critterbot: Long range wouldn't change that, I don't think.
JDMan94: it's not a problem right NOW, per say
bellatrix_melody: Well thankfully we just saved
ArchRequiemD: Watch out for Shadow Flare
GapFiller: break out the Bahamuts for some Hot Dragon on Dragon Action
hunkajunk: Sooooo did you knwo Slash All is a long range attack?
ButButTheJesus: until mp runs out
constablecrab: Use bug spray on bugs, use ultima on ultima weapons.
LadyAiluros: yes @Saphling he does at the very end
shurtal: steal the mystile?
KevinTheShark: Nyooom
GapFiller: oh hes running away
Foxmar320: Home planet needed it
fexworldwide: Good chat. Bye!
Rustymagus: Ultima Weapon looks like something out of Power Rangers and I'm here for it
quasi79fu: wait he just runs away?
Hotrob_McAwesometon: and he was never seen again
plummeting_sloth: I must return to my home planet... which is this planet
shurtal: rammin' speed
Wrexadecimal: Yeah, gotta chase him down
Samwel56: Another job well done
JDMan94: yeah, I'd get every enemy skill materia equipped during the last fight
MehallD: can we menu? Give Tifa Long Range?
LadyAiluros: you have to wait for him to park it
StewartRWyatt: Should you equip long-range?
37calorieghost: that looks so dopey
theshinyakuma: long range
JDMan94: not yet
ladylockwood92: Stand still and fight me coward!!
LeonisCo: So indecisive
JDMan94: wait until he parks, chat
fexworldwide: "Sir! Sir! Do you have moment to talk about Jesus?"
AwkwardBirb: @Rustymagus should see Bahamut Sin in Advent Children. It REALLY looks like something out of Power Rangers.
LordShadner: give Tifa long range?
Foxmar320: welp
Dandinstorm12: Hey Graham
JDMan94: because now graham gas to refund him
GlennSeto: Are we being really shitty big game hunters right now?
Dandinstorm12: hey chat
Sly_chocobo: "And this is the part of the game where we harass the weapon of ultimate power."
JDMan94: refind
mtvcdm: Race me, Tifa, race me around the library!
LordShadner: ah
TXC2: hello Dandinstorm12 welcome
plummeting_sloth: I love this version of Monster Hunter
Saphling: so weird when the Twitch sound warping happens in sync with the key change in the theme....
RaklarLS: flying monster hunters, even
GapFiller: just noticed the Midgar Zolom is still around
Critterbot: Long Range only makes you do full damage from ht back row.
GapFiller: yr wonder how badly wed crush em at this point
jameswanders: I keep thinking of BotW
Lordofironstorm: Cloud is such a GS main
plummeting_sloth: "I'm not touching you I'm not touching you"
Manae: How is the airship hovering without the main propellers?
EvilBadman: Irritate several kaiju
theshinyakuma: you should just keep bonking him lol
Saphling: FFVII Kaiju Bothering Sim
LadyAiluros: do you have to go do some fights to get it to park
STALKERsoldiers: IM running a monster hunter esque Pathfinder game tomorrow and Im excited and scared all at once!
GapFiller: man this Kaiju Poking Game is sick
KevinTheShark: Cloud Dundee: Weapon Hunter
awkwardreaper: i don't know why but i'm imagining a big fly swatter out of the side of the highwind right now lol
Too_Many_Knives: Over the Ancient Forest
RaklarLS: Confuse-a-cat, but for giant world ending beings
cheetoJack: Kaiju Irritation Simulator 1997 looks neat
ladylockwood92: Man...Ikoria is weirder than I remember.
TheWarbo: what if instead of Godzilla, Ikoria had had promo cards where creatures were FF7 weapons 🤔
Dynemanti: places high in mako
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SK__Ren: You can blow him up over Midgar...It's something
37calorieghost: how many times do you fight Ultima again?
shurtal: Final Fight with Ultima Weapon played by Mike Haggar
Saphling: poke it enough it'll settle on a place, I think
theshinyakuma: im pretty sure you have to hit him more
37calorieghost: I don't remember
Foxmar320: Dragons GPS is messed up
plummeting_sloth: just get a giant spray bottle, spritz it when it goes somewhere you don't like
Critterbot: Keep running into it.
RaklarLS: @shurtal Ultima replaced by BIG PIPE
awkwardreaper: they already did something with the final fantasy artist he did the liliana alternate art remember recently
circusofkirkus: out maneuvered
AwkwardBirb: @TheWarbo I'd probably get that, but I also say that as someone that still doesn't have the Awano art of Liliana.
GrandLlamaQ: I'm going to have to do something extreme here...
TreeGamer35: i hope they start using thier other IP's to make more fun versions of cards like they did with Godzilla
JDMan94: yeah, this was always a pain
Lordofironstorm: "LEAVE ME ALONE, DAMMIT!"
kinslayer6788: dem jukes
DrChairthrower: Recalculating... make an immediate u-turn... recalculating
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You should buy the fiber protection plan.
Lord_ZYRK: Fuckin Jukes the Tragic Dragon over here DansGame
peejeeful: inital D
timetwister7: look at the jukes on this weapon
GlennSeto: @shurtal I'd bet on the Mayor any day!
quasi79fu: these ultimate weapons just dont seem dangerous
STALKERsoldiers: All i can hear is Recalculating... Recalculating...
Foxmar320: Ok Sure
AshleyYeo: Has anyone suggested to do a barrel roll yet?
Saphling: poor Corel
Twinklebees: They clearly named this one wrong. It's more Brownian Weapon.
Jallasar: Do A Barrel Roll!
Too_Many_Knives: Corel reactor
HesGotNoPants: gamera is twice the kaiju of this guy
Zaghrog: Corel village
LeonisCo: Fuck this mountain in particular
AwkwardBirb: Amano* not whatever I said
KevinTheShark: Erm... ultima? what do?
Lordofironstorm: ME NOT THAT KIND OF KAIJU
Dynemanti: he stops over any mako area basically
plummeting_sloth: It stopped over scenic "Random mountain"
GlennSeto: Guess Corel hasn't suffered enough.
Dynemanti: hes suckin it up
northos: gravity seems not helpful here
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KingJimmeh: Bin gravity?
shurtal: @GlennSeto Haggar, Cody, Guy fighting all the weapons at the same time, only way to give them a fair chance
thrythlind: Did you have cover twice?
snowcookies: back row?
hunkajunk: Summon da BIG dagron to deal with dis dagron
37calorieghost: God big guard hurts my ears so much
quasi79fu: do you have to fight these weapons or are they sidequest
jonasjonIV: moon moon?
LordShadner: RIBBON!!!
Zaghrog: hah, Ribbon
Sly_chocobo: Er.. did the limit break.. miss? What?
theshinyakuma: @quasi79fu optional
GlennSeto: @thrythlind Might zave maxed the original by now.
KevinTheShark: Riiiiight,ribbon means he cant go berserk
37calorieghost: good ol 90's fx chips
GapFiller: yeh lets summon some Bahamuts for some Hot Dragon on Dragon Action
Nameless_Sword: have a taste of your own weapon
RaklarLS: they're all optional, but they give good stuff quasi79fu
GapFiller: MENSU BEAM! /Adam
KingJimmeh: Thats more like it
Dandinstorm12: Later
awkwardreaper: lol
Nameless_Sword: peace out
Lordofironstorm: My people need me
HouseofShadow: lol
GamesAndInk: Who's the ultimate weapon NOW?
AwkwardBirb: "Goodbye jerks"
drfox17: Tifa lockhart too stronk
fexworldwide: The self-yeet.
jarnatan: "Hi, I'm Tifa" - "Ok fuck no bye"
Diabore: hit by tifa "nope fuck that im out"
quasi79fu: wow just so lame kind of boss in my opion
plummeting_sloth: "Yufi punches once* "Fuck this I'm out"
PharaohBender27: He had to return to his home planet
Khasi1596: Schlorped into the sky
ashiok_nightmare_moose: T pose into the sky
I_Am_Clockwork: he entered the ceiling membrane
37calorieghost: all every weapon punched
PharaohBender27: Which weapon was that, again?
DrChairthrower: One punch Tifa!
LadyAiluros: Midgar
MehallD: Mi'deel
Saphling: I almost always found him around Mideel
nemryn: @PharaohBender27 Tifa
GapFiller: PharaohBender27 Ultima
Diabore: @PharaohBender27 ultima
ladylockwood92: I must go now. The Planet needs me.
SquirrelEarl: He's roamin'
LeonisCo: He's gonna be wandering around for a bit first, right?
37calorieghost: how many bears do you think Ultima weapon is?
JohnLockeCole: My Planet needs me! literally that's why I exist
Crad0k: wutai too
PharaohBender27: Thanks, @GapFiller @Diabore
PharaohBender27: @nemryn :D
HesGotNoPants: it soaks up mako? does it eat dead people?
Samwel56: I saw a 12” pound girl deal more damage than a celestial hunk of iron traveling hundreds of miles an hour
RaklarLS: ultima is definitely the easiest one. Ruby is just bullshit. (or was it emerald?)
Dandinstorm12: Big Lake sounds like a town in MN
LordShadner: the not-as-ultimate-as-Tifa Weapon
jameswanders: doesn't it just disappear sometimes?
Samwel56: 120 pound
AugmentingPath: When you start to lose track of the holes in the ground you've left behind, it may be time to ask "am I heroing right?"
MystechJ: did he just f off?
NightValien28: jameswanders no it is always out ther
Zaghrog: Ruby does mean trciks like eject people from the battle
thrythlind: In-Universe Japan with a Chinese name
JadedCynic: ♫Wutai ain't nuthin' to lrrEFF with?♫
theshinyakuma: he can be over the ocean too
fexworldwide: "Excuse me, has anyone seen a kaiju? Kinda big? Likes to fly?"
GapFiller: RaklarLS Emerald is the hardest
37calorieghost: Ruby is bullshit
GapFiller: but yeh Ruby is the biggest nuisance
Zaghrog: Ruby is more of a puzzle fight than Emerald
theshinyakuma: those are just the places he stops
Diabore: tifa hit him, he dont want none of that shit anymore @LoadingReadyRun
LandsLeaving: oh man I love this music. brings back so many enemies
SquareDotCube: probably just flying around
wynternyghtynggale: Wutai clan
Falcataa: Have we checked Korea or Greece?
niccus: oh, speaking of kaijus, Ikoria nickname submissions are up
GaianLuck: nibble heim
37calorieghost: emerald is easier if you have underwater
Nemowoodbine: has anyone seen my weapon, you can't miss it, it's ultimate
jameswanders: he's in next tuesday
EC_as_That: There sure are a lot of big holes in the ground around this time in the story
fexworldwide: You're gonna have to start putting flyers up on lampposts.
LandsLeaving: how did autocorrect do that
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LandsLeaving: memories
accountmadeforants: Turns out, the real weapon was cowardice.
Dandinstorm12: lrrSPOT
37calorieghost: I'd say Ruby>Emerald>Ultima
HouseofShadow: bet he's over that cactuar island
jameswanders: @LandsLeaving I dunno, but it was perfect the first time
MaelstronSolenor: Don't worry, it just returned to the planet =P
GapFiller: put ultima on the back of the milk cartons
shurtal: Pretty sure he's still Cruisin' World
snowcookies: What if he was in our hearts all along
MystechJ: he did get punched by the ultimate
LandsLeaving: what's up Graham!
SeiichiSin: In before just flying behind you the entire time.
STALKERsoldiers: Hide and go seek with a Kaiju... fun
wynternyghtynggale: !badadvice
LRRbot: Aim for Third.
KevinTheShark: Can..... Can he stop on the knight of the round island?
tetlanesh: he is right behind you. isnt he?
RaklarLS: Tifa is just has a really dense muscle mass. She weighs 3 tonnes, but it's very, very concentrated.
quasi79fu: there is a cactuar island in this game?
AugmentingPath: LandsLeaving right the first time, I'm afraid... stay away from the windows
Spacecarl: Tifa really scared it away, eh?
theshinyakuma: he flies around st random till you hit him enough then stops over one of those at random
awkwardreaper: think you scared him of
TNestor: Hey everyone, I'm all caught up except for the past hour. What have I missed?
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awkwardreaper: or tifa did lol
LandsLeaving: You've scared him off
nanostul: something, something ..... Radio Translocator collar ..... something, something?
Zaghrog: North?
LandsLeaving: too spoopy for him
Zaghrog: I think he can stop at the Crater
GapFiller: hes obvs fleeing from Tifa
enduringevtron: the two of you are making an earth sandwich
Samwel56: He just nopped out of the game itself
holir_: He's home checking his turnip prices
Dandinstorm12: engage grid search techniques!
n_mandrag: you'ld think a gigantic flying weapon would be easy to keep track of
GrandLlamaQ: *Violently points to Subs* Look! Look!
constablecrab: THis needs more Yakety Sax
Lord_ZYRK: Flying around at the speed of sound / got no place to go / I've gotta follow my Mako
TheThromborax: he's probably having a beer. that's what I would do
ladylockwood92: @LoadingReadyRun But Graham...Ultima died 40 years ago
jameswanders: if only the planet weren't so toroidal, we'd be able to see him from anywhere :(
shurtal: with that excellent ps1 draw distance, he could be like 4 ft away and you could miss him
snowcookies: have you tried checking under your bed. That's where I usually lose things
awkwardreaper: he's gone to winchester and grabbing a pint and waiting for all this to blow over lol
theshinyakuma: he wont stop till you bump him enough
SquareDotCube: maybe he's underwater :P
drfox17: Yuffie: How did you lose a giant monst-HORK"
Lordofironstorm: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:14:06.
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JimInEngland: Two requests Graham - firstly, could you stream less FFVII so I can catch up on LRR's other content? Secondly, could you stream more FFVII so I don't have to watch other things while working on Wed and Fri? Thanks for all you do, see you in the VOD!
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ContingentCat: So anyways, how are you liking Animal crossing G? got good villiagers?
masterfrog316: cosmo canyon
LeonisCo: This is def the worst mini game in FF7
Lord_ZYRK: Defeated by our mightiest foe: draw distance
RaklarLS: possibly easier to do diagonals crossing the map
TheThromborax: the earth may be flat but Gaia is THICC
Nemowoodbine: weapon 2012 where the heck is that guy
accountmadeforants: Clearly Ultima just has a cloaking device. >:(
jameswanders: give up and take out your frustration in the battle room?
thrythlind: cheer1000 I do a lot of games or writing where Hel shows up as a friend/ally and every time you say Nibelheim I think she must be getting annoyed. Odd, because I don't think Nibelheim is connected to her actually.
plummeting_sloth: joining this buddy at the bottom of the sea, clearly
KevinTheShark: Did tifa ACTUALLY destroy him
Dandinstorm12: go left Graham Kappa
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FITorion: nice
Mr_Horrible: tfw Ultima Weapon is Ultima Weenie BabyRage
shurtal: i once spent like 15 minutes trying to find him only to bump into him while flying backwards in spot between northern cave and the Knights of the Round cave
TXC2: Nice
LeonisCo: Nice
Primidoxal: lrrGRAHAM_TK
Bladinus: nice
accountmadeforants: Nice
LandsLeaving: looks like the map is the true villain of this game right now
thrythlind: It is harder to be normal-ish when tired.
Critterbot: Pretty much yeah, there would never be a Sephiroth without Hojo's expieriments.
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART
KevinTheShark: Do a refresh by going into a town?
thrythlind: I get more ranty and "actually" mode goes off easier.
ladylockwood92: lrrHEART
theshinyakuma: no
Narcuru: maybe random fight?
BoblinTheGoblin69: lrrHEART
Nemowoodbine: buy a house!
TXC2: fun story: I recently learned that Schmultz is a real thing and not just a saying
shurtal: buy a vacation home?
Spacecarl: oh we can get the midgar key now, right?
GapFiller: ooooh buy the Shinra Mansion
kaffeetrinken89: you bullied weapon so much, it is hiding in its basement
GrandLlamaQ: Just a fewwww more Subs...
Lordofironstorm: Ultima Weapon's been dead for 7 years, Graham
ButButTheJesus: never knew you could buy a home
Nameless_Sword: oh have we been back to the midgar slums yet?
drfox17: can we go into midgard and see marlene?
LordShadner: heal up?
drfox17: is that a ting?
Mysticman89: surf ing
tetlanesh: just sell one maxed all
Nuurgle: "fly around until you randomly find Big Bad X" was what made me quit FF7 on my first playthrough back on PS1
holir_: if you had a vacation home you and Tifa could do your thing without people watching
LadyAiluros: you have master all materia -- you have 1.4 million gil. yo cam totally afford it
plummeting_sloth: one would assume property values would be tanking at this point on Planet
wynternyghtynggale: wow got my name in one shot!
RaklarLS: it's a lovely house. free inn
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Nemowoodbine: yeah we could go back to midgar, don't we still need tifa's weapon
Dandinstorm12: lrrSPOT
Zalbaag: Could it be above Knights of the Round?
TehAmelie: this and Mass Effect are the only games i know where you can theoretically stop adventuring and just live in your house but it gets boring after ten seconds
TXC2: "where are you Batman? I know you're in here you coward!"
drfox17: @wynternyghtynggale i mean, you're AC NH famous on this channel now
ButButTheJesus: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
PharaohBender27: Booooooo
kaffeetrinken89: ewww
AwkwardBirb: @Nemowoodbine I mean do we with Doomfist Tifa?
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lostluck42: it's my birthday! thanks for showing off this wonderful game! I've heard so much, but never got the chance to play when it originally came out.
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SeiichiSin: I see the puns are being unleashed.
bob_baggins: that actually made me chuckle
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Jallasar: Thanks for the stream, I'm really enjoying it! Also, I get a strong Starfox vibe from the jet airship flying. Just me?
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ContingentCat: How are you liking Animal Crossing G? Like all your villiagers?
jarnatan: Welcome to Play It Forward where Graham plays Airship Simulator
Nemowoodbine: completionism~
KevinTheShark: After Tifa, I think its the safest place for him
PharaohBender27: Happy birthday, @lostluck42 ! katesHype
HouseofShadow: the last of my bits says its at cactuar island.
Leonhart321: Punched so hard, we removed the character model from the game
AwkwardBirb: @jarnatan well now I want that to be a game.
odamadillo: Did it Glitch out?
SquareDotCube: Now we're just looking for Mako bars where Ultima Weapons hang out
lostluck42: also, have some bits Party100 Party100 Party100
GrandLlamaQ: Come on, just a little more
wynternyghtynggale: @drfox17 true but its funny still people have trouble
theshinyakuma: he doesnt usually fly that far out
Critterbot: I would be hiding too. :D
thrythlind: Airship simulator for some reason made me think of that old Dragonlance flight sim.
jameswanders: do you have to do other things before it respawns? Like, save or land?
lostluck42: @pharaohbender27 thanks!
wynternyghtynggale: should have seen James try and read and spell it
plummeting_sloth: okay, so next time we put a bell on it
EdmundJuniper: Did you equip ultima weapon greens?
snowcookies: he returned to his planet
Radyin: Have we fought any Cactuars on this playthrough?
kamelion84: katesLol katesLol katesLol katesLol
Dandinstorm12: well I think he just left
constablecrab: I'd hide, too, after taking one of those on the chin.
neuroflare: she kicked its ass from here to Midgars equivalent of hoboken
quasi79fu: ok im hungry.. going to go make food..
hunkajunk: I believe you can reset his location if you save and reload?
JadedCynic: Joke's on us, Tifa hit him so hard he's ONE the meteor... :P
awkwardreaper: well looks like he's definitely running scared from tifa
GrandLlamaQ: Finally!
Foxmar320: Im confident you can beat it :P
JadedCynic: *ON
CaptainEnder7: Check Fort Condor?
awkwardreaper: yeh cactur island
RaklarLS: ruby was "easy" with the 7777 thing, one character. not easy to set up though
GapFiller: no Cactuars yet
theshinyakuma: only on one island
Dandinstorm12: so no
Saphling: just on that one island
bob_baggins: stunts
kaffeetrinken89: but, how? I mean where does the weapon hide bird?
Orgmastron: They are?
peejeeful: desert
SquareDotCube: My questions is, where was Ruby Weapon keeping that gold chocobo?
GapFiller: oshit yeh we shd visit Cactuar Island
awkwardreaper: little island to the south if i remember where you get the summon too
KevinTheShark: Oh yeah, you can moprh them into Tetra Elementals
kaffeetrinken89: is ruby a pirate? ^^
goatprince: weapon hangs out above midgar, junon, cosmo canyon, mideel, and (i think?) fort condor. when not aimlessly flying around.
ArboristAndrew: it took me about 3 hours of gameplay on the switch version to get a gold chocobo. not sure if that is faster than grinding up to fight ruby
SquareDotCube: Was it a hamster wheel situation?
northos: fort no-longer-a-condor
Nenluen: crater near junon per wiki
theshinyakuma: @goatprince thats only after you bump into him enough
HesGotNoPants: please explain how tifa delt so much damage?
peejeeful: yhere are cactuar are in the desert under the golden saucer if i remeber
RaklarLS: whatever happened to the giant birb that hatched from the egg?
Pandax0: Land enter a city and then get back in the highwind to reset the world map?
Nenluen: ah, i missed the fight while making lunch
EvilBadman: Maybe reset the map
TylerWrightBC: Have you checked Gongaga Village?
theshinyakuma: @Pandax0 he did
awkwardreaper: have you checked near sephiroths place
plummeting_sloth: we tried resetting
TheRenewedValor: Hi G, just wanted to say this play-through has been very fun to watch and happy I can watch live now that I've caught up on the VODs.
awkwardreaper: wasn't he there sometimes
n_mandrag: >ultima weapon has left the game
wynternyghtynggale: Tifa punched him out of the game?
jonasjonIV: go left
goatprince: i usually fight this weapon intermittently while doing other sidequests.
shurtal: i love how two of the cutest enemy types in Final Fantasy (cactuars and tonberries) are two of the most terrifying random battle encounters
drfox17: maybe we go punch some wutai bois in the mean time?
TheThromborax: I'm saying, he is in a bar
jameswanders: nip in to get the midgar key and see if he respawns?
fry_dx: He's behind you!
GlennSeto: You could do other stuff and just jump it when you happen upon it.
sivakrytos: there's an island south of the western continent it hangs out at sometimes?
Gabriel_Mobius: Tifa hit him so hard he noped out
KevinTheShark: Is.... Is he in the Nibelheim reactor now?
Mysticman89: can you just start in one corner of the map and comb the whole map to kinda brute force things?
Dandinstorm12: engage grid searching
nemryn: @HesGotNoPants weapon that does 4x damage when she's Doomed + accessory that boosts stats and auto-Dooms
kaffeetrinken89: while we are talking about giant birds ... did ben record his nugget centurion?
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embyrr_the_dragon: Six years of supporting the stream, ten years of watching your content. I can't fully articulate how much LRR has meant to me. Please keep being awesome lrrHEART
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Mr_Horrible: shurtal the true face of evil: sofieRaid
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Druj_Nasu: How did you lose an entire kaiju?
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fry_dx: But yeah if you can't find him go in and out of a town :)
theshinyakuma: bone zone
MehallD: check on the corners of the map in case he's just stuck in circles
Saphling: Tifa sent him into orbit. Only Bahamut ZERO can hit him now
InquisitorGaia: did tifa hit him so hard he despawned
Fenrir_Azazel: is it at mt nibel?
theshinyakuma: did you get the key from bone zone
GapFiller: wait did we get the key yet?
Nameless_Sword: do we have the key?
Critterbot: You need to get the key first.
jameswanders: oh... I thought the key was in bone village
ContingentCat: go for a cheeky midgar
EC_as_That: Ultima weapon ultimately gave up and went home
goatprince: you can also buy the sneak glove! if you like stealing. which is a personal choice.
theshinyakuma: @jameswanders it is
snowcookies: crit
TehAmelie: i'd try rebooting the game. it does have its bugs
TXC2: 9999 HYPE
NathanJay_GA: we did it!
GapFiller: DAMAGE CAP!
HouseofShadow: just use triple slash Kappa
plummeting_sloth: WHAT
Manae: Jesus Tifa, they only have 200 HP!
ladylockwood92: Tifa hit him so hard he's vanished into FF8
I_Am_Clockwork: 9999
Dandinstorm12: hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype
KevinTheShark: Wel HOLY MOLY
fry_dx: Tifa could you relax please?
Twinklebees: Worst case maybe you could reload that save from just before you fought it at Corel?
Hoofy_Rogers: noice!!!
HorusFive: Cap Hype
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN
HesGotNoPants: does tifa need a better weapon?
orbitaltuna: punch gud
shurtal: @Mr_Horrible there's a thing in FF7R hard mode that makes tonberries even better, but i don't know if G/others know about it
constablecrab: Infinity damage.
CrookedSmile: wasn't it
kaffeetrinken89: peaked an poked
nemryn: @LoadingReadyRun we really need a !tifa command to explain why she's so strong
AwkwardBirb: @Manae "What of it?"
plummeting_sloth: she hits as hard as she can. ew cannot hit harder
GaianLuck: She got teef, ah?
drfox17: "You boys f'ed up. Do you know who this is? This is TIFA LOCKHART"
CrookedSmile: oh that's ff8 where the one thing can do 10000
GlennSeto: oh, Bone VillagE?
Kreiseler: "you make not like it but this is what peak performance looks like"
thrythlind: I thought in FF7 the damage does keep going higher but only the display is capped.
Nameless_Sword: bone village
muondecay: to THE BONE ZONE...i mean village
fry_dx: !tifa
Diabore: !tifa
AwkwardBirb: !tifa
embyrr_the_dragon: You might not like it, but this is what peak damage looks like
fexworldwide: Tifa just standing in the middle of a red mist.
AwkwardBirb: nope
koristi_: I loved in FFX how you would need an ability(?) to do over 9999 dmg :D
wiigamer1995: !tifa
ContingentCat: !explaintifa
noSmokeFire: !explainpunch
TXC2: we do not no
GamesAndInk: @LoadingReadyRun The Internet says: He's not actually missing, probably just stuck in loops over an ocean or something, but entering and leaving a town resets him to his starting spawn location so try that.
awkwardreaper: yeh the key was where the downed tomcat was always loved that place lol
fry_dx: !whyistifasostronk
jameswanders: Yes, getting the key is what I meant by "get the key"
n_mandrag: !Whytifa
cuttlefishman: but in lore, how is tifa so strong
JeromeFromNH: voxyDab bloobyDab
ContingentCat: katesNice
TXC2: happy Birthday
Hoofy_Rogers: damn highwind theme brings the nostalgia. although tbh every song is an instant headrush of happyness
Foxmar320: Tifa never skipped Punch Day
dredgyboi: @cuttlefishman Martial arts
jameswanders: didn't we get the harp already?
fry_dx: Normal I think
Lord_ZYRK: cuttlefishman she does 100 pushups every day
Robot_Bones: good
t3h_f1gm3nt: tifa is swole because she works out ERRYDAY barrA
piggy_sama: Shhhh, i'm watching while i'm supposed to be working from home. Don't tell >_>
Nameless_Sword: ummm.... normal?
lostluck42: lrrAWESOME
GapFiller: jameswanders yrd hope so since we needed it to get past dsic 1
theshinyakuma: thought it had a specific spot
Ktolos: Good treasure near the plane nose
thrythlind: Archeaology mini-game?
kaffeetrinken89: your staff is in position
Rhynerd: She’s kept to a training regiment from a fellow who has developed techniques that allow the fist alone to outmatch the gun and blade.
theshinyakuma: yeah i know its by the plane
LadyAiluros: it does
Robot_Bones: it is by the nose of the jet fighter
Nameless_Sword: @theshinyakuma it does have a spot... someone posted a 'map' last time we were here
LadyAiluros: is it in Book?
HouseofShadow: cheer50 Graham, have you tried Hard Mode on FF7R yet?
fry_dx: Tifa's not really strong, everyone else is just REALLY weak. 9999 damage is like a mid-weight slap
jameswanders: @GapFiller guess we just didn't bother telling them we found it.
v_nome: So, canon question. Is Agatha Fisty Tifa's gran?
KevinTheShark: I think the spot is usually right near the boss
plummeting_sloth: ooof, 100 gill though. little pricey :P
TXC2: v_nome sure why not
kaffeetrinken89: just doing some dynamite archaeology, nothing to see here
thrythlind: She's absorbing materia into her very bone and muscle. She is no longer human. She's virtually a Weapon herself.
SquareDotCube: -six days remain-
EC_as_That: 6 days?
thrythlind: actually, I do my last 500 to cheer that.
Leonhart321: Isn't it under where he was sitting if my long term memory of this game is to be trusted?
jameswanders: :(
GapFiller: apparently the plane here is a major part of where the whole FFX FFVII xover thing came from
Foxmar320: A potion nice
fry_dx: A potion is rather normal
jameswanders: I'm sure chat's just being chat: there's not actually a time limit here right?
ParaGamer85: Cheer50 Hey my power and cell service went out for about 30 minutes... We looking for the Harp?
theshinyakuma: 6 days till the moon crashes?
LordShadner: a 500 gil potion
noSmokeFire: "The Key to Sector 5 can be found near the smashed up plane on the main level of the dig site." according to a random guide
thrythlind: Cheer500 Tifa has absorbed the materia into her very bone, blood, and muscle. She might as well be the sixth Weapon.
AwkwardBirb: I don't remember a FF7xFF10 crossover?
Nemowoodbine: isn't the ffx crossover because there's literally a character named shinra
HesGotNoPants: @thrythlind so ghostly steroids?
LadyAiluros: yeah the devs saaid it was a thing
Rustymagus: Isn't there a character named "Shinra" in FFX, talking about new energy sources?
JDMan94: it comes from a character in X-2 literally called Shinra
nemryn: Well, alleged crossover, at least
jarnatan: that's the Fallout 1 solution
Nameless_Sword: in FFX-2 they discuss the 'farplane' as a source of energy.... like Mako
CrookedSmile: dawn of the final day tho
TehAmelie: it doesn't even matter if you put seven days on the in game timer
plummeting_sloth: look, a potion isn't a potion unless you've dug it up with your bare hands
goatprince: the crossover is barely 3 lines of dialogue, so i wouldn't put too much weight into it.
Saphling: The character Shinra in FFX-2 muses on utilizing the energy of the farplane...
KevinTheShark: Yeah, this isnt Majora's mask darn it
Diabore: but waht if i want the planet to die
RaklarLS: didn't the devs say it was "as a joke" though?
KinoGami: the X cross over is just an easter egg, not an actual canon thing
Eclipseon: Mega Man X 5 this is not
Nameless_Sword: and the person who brings it up is called Shinra
TehAmelie: (of course people have tested it)
jameswanders: @TehAmelie that sounds like experience talking ;
jameswanders: ;)
kaffeetrinken89: meteor crashed. now you have to fight big sky rock with sword.
fry_dx: If you never advance the plot then Meteor NEVER crashes. You're the monster, not Sephiroth
Twinklebees: Yeah, in FFX-2 they basically say "oho, the farplane is basically the lifestream". It's really silly, completely gratuitous and totally unnecessary.
peejeeful: there is also a cid in every game so all FF are in the same universe
ParaGamer85: I want to see that mod now, G.
thrythlind: I've missed a lot of things, does he already have Tifa's final Limit Break?
TheWarbo: yeah i think it's mostly "a cute reference" not "zomg games in the same canon"
nemryn: the crossover thing is basically fanfic
jameswanders: @Twinklebees look up the whole "everything's St. Elsewhere" trope
GapFiller: peejeeful iirc theres no Cid in FFI sadly
HorusFive: !clip
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Nameless_Sword: Do we want to check a map?
Hoofy_Rogers: savior of the channel!!!
AwkwardBirb: @peejeeful also Chocobos, Moogles, Tonberries, Biggs and Wedge, Malboros, and more
ButButTheJesus: can we have little awesome, as a treat?
kaffeetrinken89: Calling yourself is awesome is not really awesome, i guess.
fry_dx: Nice potion
Leonhart321: Pretty sure it's impossible for you to not be awesome
NightValien28: you don't cherish the kaiju
ArchRequiemD: Same multiverse becuase of the existence of the void in FFV and how it was expanded upon in Dissidia thanks to FFI Cid and Shinryu
Twinklebees: Yeah, I agree, nemryn
adi_pie: !tifa
LRRbot: Tifa is equipped with a weapon that powers up when she is close to death, and a ring that gives her the Doom status. This combo makes her a mobile weapon platform, for exactly 60 seconds before she suffers a fatal systems malfunction.
GapFiller: hes not exactly a set of carkeys is he?
Spluuga: wait.. you people are taking square naming things literally the same things that are totally different and thinking it's connected?
Foxmar320: Disappointment
jameswanders: This seemed like such a good idea before
HouseofShadow: nice potion, nerd
GaianLuck: It's more that we don't want you to forget to be awesome.
theshinyakuma: lrrFINE
adi_pie: Does that work, LoadingReadyRun ? :P
TXC2: adi_pie good job
Leonhart321: I think it's normal treasure and under where he's sitting
GlennSeto: Doesn't Dissidia just slap a big ol' multiverse "canon" onto all games?
Mr_Horrible: "Do you want New Treasure or Expensive Treasure?" Kappa
37calorieghost: TIL Jessie's last name is Raspberry
jameswanders: it's probably the game next-leveling you for cheating all those potions last session
embyrr_the_dragon: Normal guy, normal treasure
Dandinstorm12: damnit @adi_pie way to be useful :P
AwkwardBirb: >mobile weapon platform Nice
Nameless_Sword: and it should be up top near the 'firepit'
GapFiller: Cloud as Bricktop: How dyr lose an entire Giant Dragon Monster? Hes not exactly a set of fuckin car keys is he?
hunkajunk: !tifa
LRRbot: Tifa is equipped with a weapon that powers up when she is close to death, and a ring that gives her the Doom status. This combo makes her a mobile weapon platform, for exactly 60 seconds before she suffers a fatal systems malfunction.
Foxmar320: Better than what I would have said Adi. "Tifa is REAL mad right now"
Defii_Azrul: ShowLove100 My boyfriend turned me onto you guys a number of years ago with MtG skits and whatnot and I just want to say I love youand it's awesome to see you playing OG FF7. Thanks so much for all the entertainment! Be safe! <3
Diabore: "classic"
Nemowoodbine: is classic too easy?
theshinyakuma: graham the key is on the bottom tier
kaffeetrinken89: To get something out of the bone zone you have to pay little green people, to get your staff into position.
plummeting_sloth: we are basically overcloking Tifa, aren't we
fry_dx: This ain't it
tenthtechpriest: trying to get back into midgar, for the second time
Wrexadecimal: @plummeting_sloth If you're a DBZ fan, it's more like the kaioken
Foxmar320: Wow nothing?!
Nameless_Sword: the spot we want is to the right of that fight pit thing up top
Dezufnocosem: or if you're australian
HouseofShadow: oh. yeah, I finished the game on classic mode, and realized the only difference between it and normal mode is that the characters auto-fight more frequently.
Dandinstorm12: got 'em
ParaGamer85: Ah ok... r/whoosh I guess.
hunkajunk: Isn't the key in like a specific position? thougt it was marked in that guide
TXC2: Defii_Azrul lrrHEART
Mister_Hush: I come for the hot-knife-through-butter deconstruction of video game discourse
LordShadner: wow 500 git worth of air
Mr_Horrible: so wait, is the Classic mode the active battle, or the approximation of OG ATB? I don't know the nomenclature the Remake uses :p
LordShadner: *gil
fry_dx: @hunkajunk Yeah it is
Zaghrog: I tIt's hard to pinpoint the location just by the facing of the npcs
Leonhart321: Well, you do this. I'm making dinner
SquareDotCube: Combat seems to me like it's death by a thousand needles
Saphling: I didn't intend on finishing the Remake last night, but I did, because I wasn't sure when I'd get a chance to play this week.
SquareDotCube: in FF7R
RaklarLS: at this point they're just "failing to find" treasure, because you keep paying them
fry_dx: This is gonna be a potion
jameswanders: but tune in for G's play-it-forward in 20 years to see the remake
Nameless_Sword: here we go
Nameless_Sword: closer to the fire pit
MehallD: yeah, by the fire pit
TheWarbo: ahh eventually found the map that was posted last time we were here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps/197341-final-fantasy-vii/map/6199?raw=1
fry_dx: Told ya :P
GapFiller: jameswanders ah but will FF7R be finished by then? Kappa
kamelion84: katesLol
ATrophonian: Welp/.
Mr_Horrible: they're just having a guy buy a potion from the item shop each night to put in that box
37calorieghost: classic is nice cuz it means I don't have to sit there and press the square button over and over while waiting on ATB gauges
theshinyakuma: its right behind this digging guy right?
jameswanders: How many potions did you glitch last session?
ipoddodd: This is fun
AnAnonymousCheerer: Anon100 Anon100 Anon100
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Roses go in the mouth.
HouseofShadow: these potions better have a high resale value!
TheWarbo: digging through browser history for an image you previously were direct-linked is kinda tough
AwkwardBirb: so we got Ultima Weapon, Ruby Weapon, Emerald Weapon, Tifa Weapon, Sapphire Weapon, and I forgot the sixth and beyond.
EC_as_That: Is there a reason you place the dudes the same places each time?
fry_dx: You can dig there even if they're facing somewhere else @LoadingReadyRun
Manae: All the spots should work even if they aren't looking at it, if I recall
Nameless_Sword: well i think it did... last time...but oh well
Zalbaag: You can just tell people to dig a spot
ContingentCat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:30:28.
TheWarbo: Ahh, fair enough. I don't know the details, just "I know I clicked the link when someone else posted it"
odamadillo: Jade weapon appeared in Before Crisis
hunkajunk: I don't think they need to be POINTING at where you dig for them to find what you want. Dig wherever you want. The dudes are there to point you to SOMETHING
n_mandrag: @GapFiller rumormill has it that part two is about 3 years out.... so maybe 6-8 for the full completion ?
Ktolos: If you dig there they will find it, regardless of which way they’re facing
noSmokeFire: it not perfect system
fry_dx: If you know where the stuff is you don't even have to use the NPCs
jarnatan: Cloud is a dwarf and he's digging a hole
Mr_Horrible: AwkwardBirb the critical and commercial failure of Zirconium Weapon, and the cult hit Bismuth Weapon Kappa
kaffeetrinken89: How did the key even get there?
HouseofShadow: this is dwarf invasion
MehallD: I always found it at point 6 in my games
Nameless_Sword: they really want to make sure you find it
SoundGuy0dB: Yeah it can appear in multiple locations
Saphling: Seven nights of trying to find the key later, Meteor falls.
jameswanders: Stay-Puft Marshmellow Weapon?
Nameless_Sword: or maybe the guy dropped multiple keys
kamelion84: katesWat
Foxmar320: wow :(
theshinyakuma: @kaffeetrinken89 the guy outside midgar dropped it
AwkwardBirb: @Mr_Horrible sorry I didn't get that reference :(
holir_: what is the opening for Fallout 2?
PharaohBender27: Had to go AFK for a bit, we still trying to find Ultima Weapon?
Spluuga: never trust chat
wiigamer1995: zhephzFine
radioshackraider: Isn't it possible that the game bugged out and the weapon just disappeared?
RaklarLS: Phosphorous Weapon just lit up into flames the moment it came into existence, unfortunately.
KevinTheShark: I cant help but feel like this is a waste of time
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TXC2: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
GapFiller: PharaohBender27 lookin for the Midgar key instead for a bit
SoundGuy0dB: Gah, internet issues here :S
DrChairthrower: Don’t forget Lethal Weapon
Foxmar320: Tifa hit it into space
Supermareo: according to the guide i have you have to search for 'good' treasure for the key to sector 5
Diabore: it not perfect system
n_mandrag: Ok... could we just use the skeleton key shaped like tifas left fist of annihilation to open the gate ?
SoundGuy0dB: missed a bunch!
goatprince: sometimes it's good to refresh the world map for weapon
Mr_Horrible: AwkwardBirb LUL no reference, so don't worry. Just choosing some random other mineral names
GapFiller: PharaohBender27 apparently theres a glitch w/ Ultima that yr gotta go into a town to fix
AwkwardBirb: got it.
jameswanders: @PharaohBender27 we decided to grab the midgar key "quickly" to see if it respawns, but finding things seems to be alluding us today.
theshinyakuma: i thought you had to search good for key as well
HorusFive: Going to need to grind gil if you keep up with this much longer
theshinyakuma: huh
fry_dx: Yep there
Mysticman89: some googles have indicated both good and normal dpeending on the source
PharaohBender27: @jameswanders Yeah, because I think we'd just started this when I left like 5-10 minutes ago
Bladinus: benginPray
quasi79fu: what is the lunar harp?
odamadillo: Tifa's final weapon is in Midgar.
Nameless_Sword: *fingers crossed*
Foxmar320: Nice
ButButTheJesus: eyyyyyyyyy
Nemowoodbine: thank bahamut
NightValien28: first try
jameswanders: We can always sell the potions
HouseofShadow: katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice katesNice
KevinTheShark: Thank god for that
cuttlefishman: 1st try
kinslayer6788: yay, finally lol
hunkajunk: Ayyyyyy LMAO
Nameless_Sword: finally
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
constablecrab: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
ZethRuss: the key's a key item
KingJimmeh: Success!
jarnatan: we even have the one gil we stole from TIfa's savings!
jonasjonIV: lrrGOAT
Wrexadecimal: lrrHORN wrexadDAB lrrHORN wrexadDAB lrrHORN wrexadDAB lrrHORN wrexadDAB
JadedCynic: GOAT THERE lrrHORN lrrGOAT
AugmentingPath: grind up gil, snort it off of other gil
Gabriel_Mobius: bawkPoggers bawkPoggers bawkPoggers
kaffeetrinken89: key key key key
Nameless_Sword: let's go get tifa's best punchy glove
watchwilliam: martianSubhype martianSubhype
Nemowoodbine: always had it
Zaghrog: Weapon should have respawned now
SoundGuy0dB: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
TheTekkieman: And now to see Ultima on the way back.
HorusFive: But think of how much archeology you've funded. benginTry
SoundGuy0dB: Yay
jameswanders: we told you it was to the left
PapertheUnicorn: i like how the dude is out there, in the middle of the night, digging it up with his hands
PharaohBender27: lrrCIRCLE_SG
azureHaights: Never didn't have it!
SeiichiSin: Time to buy the vacation home and take a break from all this hard work!
frnknstn: got key item: key.
TheTekkieman: Called it!
fry_dx: The places things are are fixed so you can find any of the items by searching for anything. If you want to find it "properly" then it's normal treasure
RaklarLS: Tifa's best weapon: she takes the gloves off
ButButTheJesus: eyyyyyyy
MehallD: It's funny how Barret became opposed to violent means to eco goals when he became part of the capitalist class, with all that money
plummeting_sloth: nice!
fexworldwide: Finally Tifa gets an upgrade so she's actually good.
drfox17: @quasi79fu we needed that as a key item earlier in the game. it's a harp that lets you to through the forest to get to a temple
jarnatan: @ me on Midgar
GapFiller: There he is
fry_dx: fite me
Foxmar320: Its still looking for a spot lol
Mr_Horrible: Ultima Weapon: "NO! They said she was gone! THEY SAID IT WAS SAFE!"
Twinklebees: Meanwhile Yuffie is having just the WORST time.
jameswanders: how r are you talking, by irl?
theshinyakuma: 1v1 me cosmo canyon
plummeting_sloth: can't hide from Tifa now, big guy!
AdamYMHMI: Suddenly there's a knock on the office door... outside is Ultima Weapon
BrookJustBones: suddenly, a knock on the door of the moonbase
kaffeetrinken89: Just imagine the physics that would have to happen for that kind of movement.
drfox17: Yuffie is just so sick
holir_: it's 1v1. you just need Tifa
KingJimmeh: Ultima vs Tifa 1 v 1
ladylockwood92: Cloud: 'Drive me closer! I want to hit it with my sword!'
arcanist1740: 1 v Tifa me
de_greninja: Hey all, howdy Big G money
SignificantOtter: it's just Tifa lets be real
drfox17: it's worse, because of the knock back, she's getting pasted in her own vomit
draco_301: calling someone a taint is a new one
frnknstn: weapon sounds like a cat's yowl, slowed down.
TXC2: hello de_greninja welcome
GapFiller: speaking of Cosmo Canyon iirc theres another Buganhagen cutscene where he runs off outta Cosmo Canyon by myseln
STALKERsoldiers: rude Tifa. Rude
Mr_Horrible: hey now, Tifa has a variant important cheering section ;P
ButButTheJesus: "Fuck this, imma go protect another planet"
goatprince: it's a bit of a mess trying to learn shadow flare from weapon here, however good it is as a skill.
Mr_Horrible: *very
Foxmar320: Soon Tifa will not be able to contain that power
Scrubbodiestobears: one night only one night only it's Ultima vs Tifa sunday sunday sunday at the DANGER DOOOOME
StewartRWyatt: Just the casual 13000 damage
Gabriel_Mobius: Weapon: ".... OKAY BYE"
jameswanders: what level is Tifa?
Camail: my people need me
KevinTheShark: Her power is Absolutely over 9000
PharaohBender27: Soon Tifa will be UNSTOPPABLE
arcanist1740: well that was diverting
Zaghrog: Big Guard seems like a waste
HouseofShadow: she's more fist than woman now.
Mr_Horrible: oh my, I need more caffeine
LadyAiluros: i mean at this point tifa could prilly just 1v1 Sephiroth
kaffeetrinken89: that weapon is dummy thick
Nemowoodbine: new creepypasta: tifa hits for 10001 damage
theshinyakuma: IM OUT
Nameless_Sword: it peaced out...again
cadesguy: Waah
snowcookies: what's max lvl in this game?
Manae: Ultimate Weapon fears no man. But that THING? It scares him
Khasi1596: Waaah
fry_dx: @LoadingReadyRun Later on in the game you can fight the ultimate challenges, Emerald Tifa and Ruby Tifa
cassaclyzm: Why are you picking on that helpless giant sky dragon?
ContingentCat: So it did pretty much end up being 1v1, with tifa but cloud and red were there too
Mr_Horrible: *frustrated warks*
theshinyakuma: he always dips after the fight lol
HorusFive: I'm concerned for the day you try to tell Tifa she can't come on a mission, or you want her gear back.
Sly_chocobo: Why do I get the feeling hes just booking off to the other weapons "So yea, I showed up and that women with the fists.." Tifa? "Yea, she just like.. PUNCHED me! and it really hurt!"
jameswanders: This is '97: Ultimate Weapon has phasing
CommiePuddin: "Incoherent Screeching Noises" is my Cranberries cover band.
Mr_Horrible: and people rag on MNK dps Kappa
masterfrog316: when in midgar go to the church!!!
dudecon: Will it actually be an upgrade from the death sentence combo?
plummeting_sloth: go get Tifa's ulimate weapon, and then discard it because it messes up the combo
Foxmar320: lol
kaffeetrinken89: rude
TheThromborax: does "it" work with the ultimate weapon? wouldn't it just be worse?
theshinyakuma: weird flex
Saphling: Guy doesn't even try to come with
GapFiller: OH MAN just imagine fighting the Hell House now
plummeting_sloth: wait, why is it the sector 5 key but that door is marked 07
AdamYMHMI: He lives there now.
jameswanders: Why does the Key to sector 5 open sector 7?
LadyAiluros: go in teh church
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TheWarbo: hello hilariously proportioned church
Mr_Horrible: oh man, the Church of Toosmall
GapFiller: ALSO Aeris glitch here
AwkwardBirb: I'm sure he'll be fine
Khasi1596: that funky bassline
37calorieghost: sector 5 theme SLAPS
kamelion84: katesWat
masterfrog316: gggggghost
Twinklebees: I think the ultimate weapon is technically stronger but only if Tifa's limit gauge is full.
PapertheUnicorn: mmm that rotting pizza
Foxmar320: Oh hello Aerith
ButButTheJesus: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
GapFiller: awkward
Dandinstorm12: Nice
jameswanders: should we have brought barret?
AwkwardBirb: who these kids?
snowcookies: Ghost
Wrexadecimal: uhhhhhhhhhh
jonasjonIV: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
CaptainEnder7: Ah, back at the Our Lady of Weird Perspective Church
red_shoes_jeff: @kaffeetrinken89 No, Rude's the bald guy.
TXC2: uhhhhhh what
fry_dx: Hi Aerith!
quasi79fu: aerith? how?
STALKERsoldiers: WAT
t3h_f1gm3nt: BibleThump
Furvias: Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh
Leonhart321: #AerithLives
AwkwardBirb: AAAAH
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
HouseofShadow: this makes me so depressed
Nameless_Sword: um....... a ghostttttttttttt
holir_: AHHHH!!! A GHOASST!
PharaohBender27: katesCry
Saphling: you could say she's there... in spirit.
ButButTheJesus: so i've never done this part
SquirrelEarl: Ghost Aerith
dialMforMara: Mako Ghost
theshinyakuma: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Mr_Horrible: Cloud: "Huh, guess I'm still a little crazy"
thrythlind: When did Graham become Kayako? When did this become a Let's Nope of the Grudge?
theshinyakuma: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
peejeeful: GGGGGGhost
ladylockwood92: I've got bad news for you kids...
KevinTheShark: Noone tell Cloud she wasnt there! He doesnt need more of his psyche shattering!
jarnatan: I think the roof's got a leak
TheThromborax: can you go talk to Aerith's mom?
drfox17: "Do you ever think that someone could be so connected to a place that their emotions leave.... an echo?"
Saphling: "you stepped all over them!" "you're going to catch holy hell!"
PapertheUnicorn: if you hold up while the room is loading, you can bypass the vanishing trigger and talk to them
fry_dx: That's an exit
plummeting_sloth: also, does that church have a menorah on top
Twinklebees: At least Aeris gets to say "You're gonna catch Holy Hell"
kaffeetrinken89: @red_shoes_jeff Buuuuuh
AwkwardBirb: well now I want to see this scene
GapFiller: fuckin a Tifa
jarnatan: Tifa one!
GapFiller: settle down
Furvias: 9999
NoTomToLose: Which... doesn't make sense for her to say, since she'd be the one giving the hell?
fry_dx: Those things have like 140 health
STALKERsoldiers: he was already dead
t3h_f1gm3nt: nice
Kumakaori: Nice
Terradana: NICE
Hotrob_McAwesometon: katesNice
Wrexadecimal: N I C E wrexadDAB
ladylockwood92: Nice
thrythlind: does Tifa also have Counter?
margravetech: nice
TXC2: Nice
MungoDude: nice
Mr_Whyt: nice
HouseofShadow: what a house Tifa rly is
Milambus: nice
theshinyakuma: cant we just talk about this tifa
MehallD: nice
jonasjonIV: over 9000!
ContingentCat: Tifa knows no other way to do
37calorieghost: nice
holir_: Tifa making monster paint
ButButTheJesus: katesNice
GapFiller: NIC
shurtal: wholesome
CastleOtranto: katesNice katesNice katesNice
KevinTheShark: Tifa. You need to CALM DOWN
drfox17: Tifa Lockhart CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP
Nameless_Sword: they really shouldn't be picking a fight with tifa like that
NightValien28: its ya magical nice boy RayFK
PharaohBender27: katesNice
RayFK: Just a wholesome Nice
mtvcdm: If she didn't do it to him, who else would?
MungoDude: rayfkSanic
ATrophonian: N1C3
Kikazi: rayfkSanic rayfkKing
ContingentCat: katesNice
RayFK: <3
amative1: RayFK, a Kingdom of Ray
TehAmelie: i see a trident
iondream: church of W
TXC2: 4 prongs it looks like
nemryn: it's only got like five prongs?
kaffeetrinken89: Majora?
RaklarLS: it's more like a Psi
LordShadner: ah I wanted to see Tifa demolish a House lrrAWW
fry_dx: Correction: Those things have 72 health!
Nemowoodbine: is that guy still am sick
jameswanders: how long has twitch existed?
Mr_Horrible: "Bug Report: Tifa appears to have no "Gear Down" setting. We're afraid to attempt to implement one."
FlameReetardantPanda: maybe a weird weathervane?
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
TheThromborax: @loadingreadyrun way way back in the day you called it the Final Fantasy VII "Do-Over" in one of my favorite CheckPoint segments ever. Do you think that is still correct?
TehAmelie: maybe it's the church of Aqualung
shurtal: that guy no longar are sick
cadesguy: i like his tube
KevinTheShark: Oh yeahhhh, he had a number
jonasjonIV: stral his TV
plummeting_sloth: shame, he left his rad trophies
TXC2: jameswanders like 10 years?
Nameless_Sword: he longer are here
GapFiller: jameswanders since 2007 technically
Spacecarl: probably one of the ones to fall off the cliff at the crater...
holir_: Is the music the best part of this game?
drfox17: question: can we have Tifa Fight the MIdgar Serpent? Just for Goofs
GapFiller: counting when it was originally Justin TV
GlennSeto: "I went to that festival, it sucked!"
AwkwardBirb: oh right they went to nearby town right?
embyrr_the_dragon: MOSH MOSH?
peejeeful: still kidknaped i see
TXC2: "hello, is it me you're looking for?"
fry_dx: Yeah they're in Kalm
plummeting_sloth: Hey barret your kids gone
GapFiller: TXC2 Rich Tea!
TangleTrail: Hewwo?
jameswanders: alright, so no one has 420 months yet. I'm thinking that's the next true milestone after 69.
cuttlefishman: hewwo
frnknstn: did we ever tell Aeris's mom?
drfox17: YESSS
Saphling: Tifa turns the local fauna into a fine red mist.
Foxmar320: Omg Hellhouse :D
KevinTheShark: Og Oooood
Dandinstorm12: Taste it indeed
PapertheUnicorn: everyone is living in sewer holes and scrap houses, but aeris mom has an actual house
SignificantOtter: RIP
37calorieghost: holy crap
tenthtechpriest: catharsis for the remake fight!
HouseofShadow: tasted
kaffeetrinken89: In the middle of our street. Hell house.
adi_pie: Go, Tifa. Go.
SquareDotCube: That house: fucked
quasi79fu: oh its a house? wut?
AugmentingPath: That fight's longer in the remake
AwkwardBirb: What do we even need bulldozers for?
Rustymagus: Hell House in the Remake was just.. Fantastic
theshinyakuma: damage cap monkaS
Feltic: Tifa: Exterior Redecorator
37calorieghost: was that damage cap?
Scrubbodiestobears: Tifa really is a wrecking ball
EldarLuin: Yeah. Caught up on the VODs and now can see live!
CaptainEnder7: After the remake that must be so satisfying
Pandax0: Tifa, Brings the house down!
ladylockwood92: Tifa 'The Steamroller' Lockhart
PharaohBender27: Hell House? More like HELL NO House, amirite!?
Saphling: let's move that mechanical arm....
StewartRWyatt: Y'ever get so mad you kick a house to death?
GlennSeto: Oh, Marlene and Elmyra are in Kalm?
Furvias: Tifa is like Max Repel
odamadillo: Oh god the remake Hellhouse
TXC2: jameswanders you relise thats 34 years right?
GapFiller: TXC2 note that going by the video for that song hes singing 'is it me yr looking for' TO A BLIND WOMAN
v_nome: Hell house? In the middle of Hell street?
t3h_f1gm3nt: speaking of the hellhouse, have you encountered it in the remake yet, G?
TehAmelie: Fellhaus, if you will
KevinTheShark: I do like the Hell House Revival
red_shoes_jeff: There goes Tifa, collapsing the housing market...
piggy_sama: Playing the FF7R with my sister, we walked through this section just calling out for hell house the entire time.
Fenrir_Azazel: enemy comes up Tifa poke it
adi_pie: !tifa
LRRbot: Tifa is equipped with a weapon that powers up when she is close to death, and a ring that gives her the Doom status. This combo makes her a mobile weapon platform for exactly 60 seconds, before she suffers a fatal systems malfunction.
Wrexadecimal: FF7R Hell house fight was so good
TXC2: GapFiller RIGHT?!
AwkwardBirb: @37calorieghost yeah it's the damage "cap." No idea if it's visual cap or actual cap
muondecay: Like...the name says it all
AugmentingPath: red_shoes_jeff boo :-D
plummeting_sloth: Hell House is... well... it just is
Foxmar320: Did you fight it in the remake yet G?
PharaohBender27: We have a Tifa command!?
amative1: G: how far are you into the remake?
GlennSeto: one has to experience Hellhouse
theshinyakuma: @AwkwardBirb its actual cap
fry_dx: @AwkwardBirb Actual cap in this game
RaklarLS: also, you should pay a visit to aerith's step mom?
KevinTheShark: I do appreciate that its less meaty in the remake
peejeeful: i also luve the propeller guys in the re
cuttlefishman: Hellhouse is... an experience
AwkwardBirb: got it
ParaGamer85: Tifa can be even more OP by giving her Cover and Counter Attack, if I recall LUL
Manae: Sector 7 is STILL on fire
dudecon: Actual cap. To do more damage you have to do multiple attacks.
KingJimmeh: I am equal amounts glad Hell House is in Remake and also hate that Hell House is in Remake XD
Saphling: I love that this shop is in the remake too
TehAmelie: the housing is so bad in this slum, it will shoot you. with missiles.
AwkwardBirb: @dudecon or overflow nonsense.
kaffeetrinken89: I believe cleaning is not a priority in that economy.
EldarLuin: A lot of stuff to burn in Sector 7
HouseofShadow: do you know what chapter you're on?
shurtal: Hard mode in FF7r, the Hell house gets new abilites that, in my opinion, really flesh out the lore of Hell House
iondream: woah
holir_: I just finished last night. 34 hours
Foxmar320: lol
GamesAndInk: Hahaha
SquareDotCube: alllll the slots
jameswanders: @TXC2 mostly. hadn't done the math, but yeah guess I didn't need to ask when twitch launch
fry_dx: 28*8 though
Diabore: ???
kamelion84: katesLol
Wrexadecimal: enigmaS
muondecay: WOT
GapFiller: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Genie_M: 28 x 4 near death
cuttlefishman: 99 attack?
silenceaux: 28, but quadrupled I think
cuttlefishman: jeez
masterfrog316: wuttai next?
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN lrrHORN
KevinTheShark: Sneak Glove!
GapFiller: if Cid is in the party for that bit yr get a cutscene where he fixes the machine so the gun doesnt fire at yr
Jarlax: plus curse ring adds another like 30 or 60 or something rediculous
goatprince: it's not a weapon
Foxmar320: I love Wallmarket in the remake
Foxmar320: Its so good
fry_dx: Quadrupled for Doom, and doubled if her HP is yellow. So 224 total with both
TXC2: special weapon Dubai?
AwkwardBirb: Mythril Rod is a sad reminder of what was
koristi_: Wait, that store's sign is just "MAN MAN MAN" in kanji? :D
iondream: what.
jameswanders: Do you get anything for "completing" the arcane games in the Saucer?
KevinTheShark: Sorry What
fry_dx: @koristi_ where else would i purchase a man
Saphling: I don't think I've ever gotten this.
Saphling: neat
SquareDotCube: as opposed to snek glove
Dared00: Snake Glove. Santino Marella's sock.
EldarLuin: sneak sneak sneak
ButButTheJesus: me either
Dandinstorm12: 129,000
theshinyakuma: only 28 YEPP
ArboristAndrew: thats funny.... cus you just got robbed Graham
Thisbymaster: needed that at the beginning of the game
AugmentingPath: That merchant used the power of the sneak glove on you
kaffeetrinken89: It is funny, because that price was not a steal.
hunkajunk: Ah yes, an item you will never need again. Except for maybe stealing nuts for breeding?
HouseofShadow: I had no idea that existed. ftlPog
cuttlefishman: Did you take the kids potion
goatprince: it's great against weapon, where you can steal uncounted circlets and cursed rings.
holir_: hahah @ArboristAndrew
SignificantOtter: just gotta put on my stealing gloves
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red_shoes_jeff: Well, it was a steal for HIM.
Saphling: I do love that the remake lets Cloud play on the playground equipment
kaffeetrinken89: What nuts?
rycore1: stealing NUTS, you say?
Foxmar320: Stealing nuts just sounds rude
TehAmelie: in a weird design decision, if you're too good at stealing you'll be unable to steal some more rare items enemies may have
SquirrelEarl: Turns out Don Corneo not essential to Wall Market
Dared00: That price was a steal, as in, he basically stole that money from you
Nuurgle: just now tuning in, but weird that I could recognize that as Wall Market since I'm currently running around in there in Remake
Jarlax: oh yea, think you have a bunch of sources you haven't dumped into cloud yet
TXC2: steal dez nuts Kappa
thrythlind: stealing nuts sounds like a euphemism
NightValien28: that screen is over 30 min
GapFiller: Rekt House
lemmel: oh hey gazebo again
tetlanesh: i love what they did to weapons and armor in the remake.
Spacecarl: Oh I do remember you may be lot on consumables like tents and maybe downs?
Spacecarl: low
TXC2: shit was I possed by RayFK there?
HouseofShadow: I love the weapon upgrade system in Remake.
red_shoes_jeff: Do they explain where the GIANT GUNDAM HAND comes from?
37calorieghost: I understand its a system very ingrained into Gaia and the ff7 setting, but the materia system is so cool, I really wish it stuck around in some form for other FF games
kaffeetrinken89: Make Tifea wear 2 pairs of gloves at the same time, I guess.
fry_dx: Wait till you level it up to 4x cut
Saphling: I think it can when it's 4X cut.
hunkajunk: You can with 4X Cut Graham :)
goatprince: 4x cut might change target, i don't remember
Nuurgle: @red_shoes_jeff like everything else-Shinra
AwkwardBirb: @37calorieghost it's not Final Fantasy, but Path of Exile uses a Materia system for it's skills
red_shoes_jeff: I guess
thrythlind: @37calorieghost I kinda wish there was a game the combined the materia system and the job system, but not sure how that would work.
GapFiller: Brake Thyme!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
t3h_f1gm3nt: yaaaas. Highwind Takes to the Skies is such an AMAZING track
37calorieghost: @thrythlind Same here, I love both!
RayFK: @TXC2 Nah, just heavily influenced
sorceress966: I just showed up, darnit
EldarLuin: But I just sat down, LRRBot
silenceaux: @thrythlind Job restricted materia?
AwkwardBirb: Path of Exile uses the "Materia system" of FF7 and the Grid system of FF10.
Twinklebees: thrythlind: While that would be cool, I think it would be too easy to end up with a Worst-of-both-worlds system.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:23:16. lrrSPOT
TXC2: RayFK Ha :)
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:46:14.
37calorieghost: I actually started playing ff3 again cuz I wanted to mess around with jobs again
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Cause mayhem.
TehAmelie: unpopular opinion: while the materia system has a lot of fun tactics to it i don't like how it makes the characters' fighting styles devoid of personality
embyrr_the_dragon: !badadvide
embyrr_the_dragon: !badadvice
wiigamer1995: @thrythlind there is a ff7 mod called new thread that implemeted a job system it think
AwkwardBirb: I kind of want a board game that has the final fantasy job system.
GapFiller: 37calorieghost since yr mentioned jobs presumably thats FFIII is in FFIII and not FIII as in FFVI
TehAmelie: huh
northos: @TehAmelie agreed. I feel similarly about the licenses in FFXII (although the international zodiac job version improves that a lot)
constablecrab: I would play the hell out of a Final Fantasy Tactics tabletop game.
jdr_42: I actually have to go away. Apologies.
silenceaux: Characters playing too similarly is my biggest focus for evaluating turn based RPGs, honestly.
embyrr_the_dragon: !findquote cloud
LRRbot: Quote #4264: "I forgot what clouds look like" —Paul [2017-06-08]
AwkwardBirb: Closest we got to FF board game is the Chocobo board games, which are pretty simple. Though Chocobo series has cute art.
Dared00: oooh, Valorant
embyrr_the_dragon: !findquote tifa
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
constablecrab: Chocobo's Dungeon is fun
kalateth: Chocobo's dungeon is cute as hell too even now
OmnipotentTrevor: I'm loving this playthrough. There's a lot I either didn't notice before or forgot. Stuff like Red being the one to notice Yuffie was missing makes me smile as Yuffie/Nanaki shipper.
Trumbon3: Choco Dungeon 2 is p good
constablecrab: FFTA is my second favorite FF game.
LordShadner: um
AlexGol95: Yeah, FFT Advance rules
AlexGol95: kinda find zodiac system a bit annoying
silenceaux: FFTA let you have bangaa and nu mou party members and such, right?
AwkwardBirb: I really want the Chocobo Playing Cards after seeing them now.
GapFiller: got a real soft spot for the World of Ivalice
LordShadner: yep
SeiichiSin: I want the Beej shirt so badly.
PharaohBender27: Welcome back!
EldarLuin: Watching this playthrough makes me want to watch Advent Children again.
GapFiller: going back to playing Vagrant Story and OG Tactics
TXC2: and we're back
GapFiller: welcome back G
constablecrab: It's a great example of a game combining simple parts to create deep gameplay.
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PharaohBender27: Actually, it isn't
SeiichiSin: I do find it funny that it needs to say by "actual" popular demand.
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:50:45.
37calorieghost: tactics is so gooood
dmp817: its not his voice, its a long act
malsareus: I presume by breathing
RayFK: Hunting for Jesus
Foxmar320: Its not an easy voice
Saphling: someone on youtube uploaded a lot of calmer final fantasy music tracks, backed by quiet rainstorm sounds, and I nearly fell asleep this morning.
ghostvalv: isn't it actually not his normal voice?
TehAmelie: he has a lot of practice being Gilbert Gottfried
Spacecarl: At least hojo is dead now
drfox17: @GapFiller OG tactics is one of my favorites of all time
TXC2: He and Wallace Shaw share a voice
GapFiller: while we're here G any chance of a quick stop in Kalm to visit Marlene
37calorieghost: I think I like the tactics games more than most mainline titles
odamadillo: Board game Idea. Settlers of Gaia! You farm resources, Stone, Wheet, Chocobo, Steel and wood. You aim to reach 10 VP and build a Giant city. Oh wait would that make the winner Shinra!
KevinTheShark: Our friendly neighourhood Ruby Weapon
TXC2: "we're hunting for Wesus"
cuttlefishman: left
ZeroArcana: whuhapin
EldarLuin: Awww missed the Hojo bit?
Nameless_Sword: crater?
plummeting_sloth: Not even Gilbert Gotfried starts the morning at 100% Gilbert GOtfried
malsareus: Can we lure them with snacks?
Milambus: Tifa wants to punch you!
n_mandrag: @RayFK we found jesus. She is in our party. At least everyone keeps screaming OH JESUS! when she meets them...
embyrr_the_dragon: Let Tifa punch you, coward
shurtal: You do the nibelheim flashback?
Feltic: Have you tried looking under the bed? My kid always hides stuff there
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ToastyLoaff: just play the song of time to send the meteor back 3 days
EldarLuin: I was busy editing and uploading to YouTube. Had to focus. :(
KingJimmeh: Coward Weapon more like
malsareus: This sure is exciting gameplay
kalateth: and you find ultima on a beach with a drink and shades going " I'm on vacation... we'll fight later"
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Dothewhatnow: Where do you last remember playing with your weapon?
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Nameless_Sword: hmm..... weapon! come out where you are
AwkwardBirb: "NO NOT AGAIN!"
amative1: Put Weapon in Graham's line of sight, you cowards!
KevinTheShark: Considering Weapon are meant to be protecting the planet, they really Suck at it
ArboristAndrew: Yuffie: PLEASE STOP
Bearudite: you dirty rat
HorusFive: I will give you such a punch young weapon!
ladylockwood92: Debate me you coward!!
RayFK: The jukes!
37calorieghost: I think my favorite thing about the universally accepted voice for Cid being "chain-smoking grandpa" is that it's 100% accurate to his character despite him not even being the oldest member of the party
plummeting_sloth: bumper cars on a cosmic scale
GapFiller: Ultima WEAPON as Milhouse: Oh No Not Again!
Saphling: there we go
Saphling: he's on his way
Foxmar320: RNG was not on our side
AwkwardBirb: @KevinTheShark it's hard to do your job when the guy damaging the planet put up some weird barrier to make him invisible to you.
cuttlefishman: Who is oldest member?
fry_dx: Yeah he was 6ft behind you at all times
PharaohBender27: Also don't you dare try to run away this time!
Saphling: Gongaga totally needs more badness happening to it
ToastyLoaff: Sir! do you have time to talk about the word of Sepheroth?
Crad0k: Gongaga Village Fort Condor Midgar North Crater
Crad0k: Junon Area Mideel Mt. Nibel North Corel Cosmo Canyon
KevinTheShark: @AwkwardBirb Barriers gone now though
TXC2: 37calorieghost Cid is clearly a 60 a day man
CaptainEnder7: Long range materia?
aerohydra: Vincent technically
MystechJ: it's still too scared of Tifa to stop
AwkwardBirb: No idea then.
37calorieghost: Vincent's like, 50 something chronologically and nanaki is 46 or something
nemryn: @cuttlefishman either Red or Vincent, depending on how you count
Saphling: "Sir, have you heard the good news of Jenova?"
cuttlefishman: Not Cait Sith?
37calorieghost: and Barrett's older than cid by a few years
saucemaster5000: Oh it's doomgaze
Zaghrog: Big Guard seems a waste when Tifa only needs two turns
Zaghrog: if that
Foxmar320: welp
37calorieghost: Reeve and Cid are the same age
fry_dx: Vincent was born first, Barret is most-aged
jameswanders: How many more rounds with U-Dub?
Twinklebees: Yeah, Big Guard toooootally not worth it
KevinTheShark: Seriously!?
kaffeetrinken89: 46 in dog years?
ladylockwood92: I must go now.
jarnatan: Tifa is banned in Modern
cadesguy: "noooooo"
HouseofShadow: JESUS, TIFA!
Nameless_Sword: two fights and he's out
MystechJ: time to leave
arcanist1740: deathblow seems to be landing a lot did we do something?
Kerrisis: "Dude, will you STAND STILL?!"
Nameless_Sword: *two HIT
Milambus: "You know what? Nah...:
Zaghrog: Oh, we're done
GapFiller: TXC2 37calorieghost new hedcanon Cid has the voice of an old Glaswegian Grandmother at a bus stop in the rain
Nemowoodbine: last one
LordShadner: wait we have another punch cued up!
Saphling: finale!
AgentMagicMaster: who's scared of who, exactly?
Furvias: Tifa "bufferoverflow" mcgee
Jarlax: big guard is bad with tifa strats
Zaghrog: Bigger fight
plummeting_sloth: got there!
Nameless_Sword: here we go this will be it
Foxmar320: Finish it
LordShadner: E skill
Dread_Pirate_Westley: This is the final fight.
StewartRWyatt: Ultima Weapon to Tifa "Stop bullying me!"
drfox17: bold, not even healing
Mr_Horrible: "Such devastation! This was not my intent!"
TXC2: GapFiller :D
Zaghrog: Big Guard worth it here
Too_Many_Knives: Dark Flare E-Skill
EldarLuin: He has a bee bum
fry_dx: Red has been alive the longest
normac0208: this weapon will learn to not piss off Tifa! Be scared of the women with the arms like missles
Steelwolf171: Why is Tifa bullying this poor kaiju?
frenzyfivefour: “Yo you, yes you, i’m gonna punch ya!”
plummeting_sloth: Tifa still has teh pain chips on her knucles from last time
fry_dx: All three of them are technically the oldest :P
Nameless_Sword: come on Tifa knock this weapon outta here
ryuhimora: How... How is Tife hitting it?
ryuhimora: Tifa*
jarnatan: Long Range materia
GapFiller: Long Range
Saphling: long range materia!
plummeting_sloth: long range material
LordShadner: Long range Materia
ladylockwood92: Long Range Punching!
cadesguy: really long arms
Nameless_Sword: @ryuhimora Long range materia
ryuhimora: I meant... Physically
Twinklebees: Shadow Flare is his death throes attack, right?
TXC2: Tifa punches the air, the air hits Weapon
Zaghrog: SHadow Flare is cast on death
jarnatan: jumping
cadesguy: shadow flare is his final attack, right?
Robot_Bones: he does shadow flare to the one who kills him
hunkajunk: He only shadow flares as a final attack I think :(
Crad0k: shadowflare is his final attack
LadyAiluros: he will when he dies
ToastyLoaff: you ever see One Punch Man? same thing with Tifa
Mr_Whyt: mong mange materia
yomidian: @Mr_Horrible lahabrea shows up, tifa just jumps twelve feet and dropkicks him out of the elevator
Foxmar320: lol
Foxmar320: Unleash Tifa!
Nameless_Sword: finish him
someusername5: long range kick
plummeting_sloth: remember, Red's Buff ultimate doesn't work
theshinyakuma: loool
drfox17: there it is
AntiCrepuscular: neat
Saphling: hopefully it hits the one with E-Skill.
Mr_Horrible: yomidian LUL
fry_dx: Tifa has very long legs
Saphling: huzzah!
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
Nameless_Sword: got'em
EldarLuin: Baibai!
plummeting_sloth: hahah!
Foxmar320: Nice :D
jonasjonIV: fool! Deaht only makes her stornger!
TheTekkieman: Twirl in the darkness!
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
red_shoes_jeff: That looks so damn cool!
t3h_f1gm3nt: noice
Diabore: time for emerald?
TXC2: Whoop there it is!
jarnatan: all in 31 seconds work
thrythlind: Weapon apparently doesn't want to trigger either Tifa or Cloud's limit break
HorusFive: seabatBRAIN
cadesguy: that poor kaiju
northos: wait can you only get shadow flare on one materia then?
MyrddintheWizard: gg
RayFK: Holy
drfox17: @fry_dx They go all the way up!
someusername5: all was born
MystechJ: wow, that didn't take long
theshinyakuma: long range legs chat
Vyous: All was born!
HouseofShadow: my god, Tifa is just a absolute unit
GapFiller: also iirc this now unlocks The Ancient Forest
Saphling: ALL materias are born
EldarLuin: Ding ding ding!
kamelion84: lrrWOW
plummeting_sloth: All was born? That's a LOT of babies
NightValien28: so much AP
kaffeetrinken89: all alls are born
quasi79fu: whats ultima weapon?
empyreon: All was born!?
Diabore: sounds so sad
Saphling: you punched a kaiju to death
n_mandrag: its crying
Zaghrog: Cloud's ultimate weapon!
Wrexadecimal: Ultima weapon alwas blows up over cosmo canyon, rgh?
hunkajunk: And now for the puzzle forest full of spiders.
AwkwardBirb: that scream makes me feel a bit bad
adi_pie: It's deflating
quasi79fu: wow
Rhynerd: And now Tifa knows Shadow Flare
offbeatwitch: just gonna sink into the ground a little
someusername5: for every omega, omega was born
Foxmar320: We left a mark
GDwarf: More like penultima weapon, amirite?
cadesguy: maybe sephiroth was on to something with this "beat up the earth for the most AP" idea
jameswanders: Where is S-Flare on the Enemy Skill Ranking list?
SK__Ren: Did you not remember that?
TXC2: oh my
ButButTheJesus: bling blingity bling bling bling
GapFiller: wow thats a BIG crater
Bladinus: BOOM!
jarnatan: Tifa you scary
NightValien28: BOOOM
Crad0k: yeah, if you're looking to 100%, you need to equip all four Em to one person
fry_dx: You can walk up now
jonasjonIV: lrrFINE
Nameless_Sword: he went BOOm
DevInsanity: You seem to be making a habit of creating craters
constablecrab: Now who's gonna clean that up?
RobotHitchhiker: Light terraforming
Too_Many_Knives: Ancient Forest now accessible without a Chocobo
TheWarbo: no, Holy is something else
SquareDotCube: well we can land now
Kerrisis: I get the feeling they left out a cutscene there...
GapFiller: Tifa: oh did I do that?
plummeting_sloth: explosion.exe has failed
Hotrob_McAwesometon: that wasnt from shadow flare, that was from tifas fist
LordShadner: I think that was all of our All's
NightValien28: okay now let's kill emerald
MyrddintheWizard: uh...
kaffeetrinken89: yesterday was taco day
Mr_Horrible: Imagine beating that weapon and then *failing* to loot the Ultima Weapon
Saphling: Tifa inherits the title of Ultimate Weapon
Foxmar320: Ok so emerald and ruby now :P
ArboristAndrew: must be nice for cloud to have someone so strong to defend him all the time
sivakrytos: that sort of explosion might have some....mild environmental consequences
LocoNaut: With super Tifa other weapons might be doable
SK__Ren: You can annihilate a few different areas depending on where you beat him.
Zaghrog: It scales by hp
GamesAndInk: @LoadingReadyRun I assume that crater wasn't Ultimate Weapon, that was just the follow up attack to Tifa's double strike not having a target.
TehAmelie: that's how you know he's the main character
goatprince: does damage based on health!
TXC2: it's ultimate
37calorieghost: when do you get the underwater materia?
malsareus: +5 points for clear labeling
Nameless_Sword: which he gets from ultimate weapon
drfox17: go see marlene?
hunkajunk: To get Cloud's ultimate weapon, the Ultima Weapon, you must first defeat Ultima WEAPON
jameswanders: only appears on foot, perhaps?
LordShadner: which we get from Ultimate Weapon
GDwarf: Ah, Ultima (Weapon), not to be confused with Ultima (Weapon) (Cloud), Ultima (Seraph), or Ultima (Spell).
GapFiller: there shd be a little Red thing poking outta the sand at this point iirc
fry_dx: Yeah in and out should spawn it
getsomeinya: knights of the round?
Twinklebees: They say ancient humans hunted by incessantly tracking and tiring out their prey. Tifa shows us the tradition is still alive and well.
EldarLuin: Go figure
boristhewizard: Avalanche: "Let's protect the world!" Also Avalanche: "Let's destroy the planet's antibodies for shinies!"
red_shoes_jeff: Get some more Ether at Kalm...
arcanist1740: did you do something to increase deathblow's hit rate?
KingJimmeh: Cloud already had his Ultima Weapon... Tifa
silenceaux: Tifa kicked it into the shape of a sword?
yomidian: Ultima (disambiguation)
Zaghrog: oh yeah Ruby should be out now
Dezufnocosem: go play Ultima for a while
constablecrab: To be the man you gotta beat the man.
samwonk: Doesn't that make the first one the Penultima Weapon?
EvilBadman: I am once again asking for you to defeat Ultima Weapon
TangleTrail: You must first defeat Shen Loung
plummeting_sloth: not to be confused with Ultima (Nissian)
someusername5: Ultima (disambiguation page)
Saphling: After defeating Ultima Weapon, fight one more random battle and the Ruby will appear
jameswanders: I'm going to imaging Cloud just swinging the entire dead body around
Nameless_Sword: and then in FF8 ultima weapon is wielding cloud's ultimate weapon the ultima weapon
getsomeinya: are you going for knights of the round summon?
kaffeetrinken89: but ultima weapon is not the ultimate weapon, even if ultima weapon is.
ArboristAndrew: not to be confused with the classic game series Ultima
malsareus: it's almost like there's a theme to these things
KevinTheShark: The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club
EldarLuin: Yeah.... about that...
ArchRequiemD: Ah Ultima weapon and as both a monster and sword it is a longstanding part of the series.
MyrddintheWizard: And the Ultama games...
iondream: you have to fight one random battle before ruby will show up
plummeting_sloth: "Nah, we killed that"
northos: wiki says you need to do one random battle before Ruby appears
LordShadner: yeah Ultima on Red's Weapon
Master_Gunner: nah, he's referring to Tifa
ButButTheJesus: @Nameless_Sword oh right
Spacecarl: That was just Tifa asserting her new status as the Ultimate weapon.
Saphling: Elmyra
fry_dx: Elmyra
dialMforMara: @boristhewizard the Planet has an autoimmune disorder. I sympathize.
red_shoes_jeff: Elmyra?
sadboijamz: elmyra
37calorieghost: Ultima WEAPON, an homage to Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy VI, drops Ultima Weapon, the ultimate weapon for Cloud. This is not to be confused with the spell Ultima
noSmokeFire: Ultima Weapon's given name is Richard Garriott
TehAmelie: or the various instances of Atma Weapon appearing in FF6 due to smaller character limits
fry_dx: Ifalna :P
TheTekkieman: No, that's Ifalna.
Spacecarl: If you punch a Weapon to death you get it's title
Nameless_Sword: I don't think you can see marlene.... but i would be glad to be proved wrong
Nemowoodbine: ifalna
Foxsploder: That's Ifalna
Saphling: Ifalna is Aerith's biological mom
Critterbot: I can't remember ever seeing Marlene in Kalm, not even sure if you can.
drfox17: ilfanata?
Diabore: elmyra is adoptive mom
red_shoes_jeff: No, that's IFALLLLNA.
HouseofShadow: Ifalna is Aeriths actual mom
AugmentingPath: hint: most female names consist only of the letters L, M, and R
Rex_Hannigan: y do we care about Marlene right now?
hunkajunk: Aerith's real mom - Ilfana. Aerith's adoptive mother, Elmyra. Aetrith's Mommy, Elvira
plummeting_sloth: Aeriths mom knows BIO?
getsomeinya: are you getting the k lights of the round?
drfox17: because she's smol and adorable, that's why we care
HouseofShadow: that's the dude!
malsareus: Just dropping by and all
amative1: AugmentingPath except for Tifa, who has none of those
fry_dx: @AugmentingPath Just ask my aunt mrlrmlrmlrrml
Mr_Horrible: A "Bio Mom" implies the existence of a more powerful "Bio2 Mom"
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jonasjonIV: Elmira is a town in NY, where I was born.
TheThromborax: I jlrrFall na
Master_Gunner: gotta see if Marlene's mastered an Old Fashioned yet
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun Go cosmo Canyon for Red's best weapon.
walkeroftales: the umbrella corporation has produced a new biomomgical weapon
Saphling: it's a bit of a puzzle
theshinyakuma: oh god
fry_dx: The forest is tricky without a walkthrough
theshinyakuma: not the forest
Nenluen: good luck, it's a bit of a pain
theshinyakuma: please graham
iondream: you gotta fight once
Nameless_Sword: yeah a puzzle dungeon... is wierd
Saphling: Gotta get into a random battle after defeating Ultima to get Ruby to show up
ButButTheJesus: ohhh now i think i remember the forest i only ever did it once
getsomeinya: knights of the round?
fry_dx: It's not easy WITH a walkthrough
Diabore: ruby knows whats coming and they want NONE OF IT
plummeting_sloth: can we land in teh crater?
UrbanSamurai_22: I would say put the lower HP Plus on Tifa for double growth
Nuurgle: I lived in Elmira, NY. it was ok
KevinTheShark: I missed all this stuff because I just Dove straight into Sephiroths hole
Mr_Horrible: Ruby Weapon busy getting they ass beat in the MMO Kappa
LordShadner: maybe if you take the buggy into the desert?
KingJimmeh: Runy is scared. It got the message.
Zaghrog: yeah The Ancient Forest involves puzzles to progress/ find treasure
Foxmar320: omg Tifa's HP
TehAmelie: you could go say hi to Emerald Weapon and run away, iu'm 98% sure that'll spawn it
goatprince: the forest is usually easier with vincent's perfect accuracy weapon. (there's annoying enemies in there.)
red_shoes_jeff: "Hi Marlene, we didn't bring your dad! Hi Elmyra, your daughter's all kinds of dead! ... OK BY NOW!"
plummeting_sloth: ah good. that'll tell you where to find the Old Asses
theshinyakuma: you dont understand lol
kaffeetrinken89: what does an ass guide book do?
EldarLuin: Red mooned them! :o
MystechJ: cloud's new sword?
ButButTheJesus: @kaffeetrinken89 exactly what you think
quasi79fu: what does howling moon do ?
jameswanders: kaffeetrinken89 We'll tell you when you're older
yomidian: awoo
Zaghrog: Howling Moon does Berserk and Haste
quasi79fu: oh cool
TXC2: kaffeetrinken89 tells you why lube is mandatory Kappa
TheWarbo: OH well in that case
plummeting_sloth: It triggers some kungfu fighting
jameswanders: As opposed to all his other "tame" attacks
quasi79fu: oh is man on ball dying?
Pteraspidomorphi: See The Bugenhagen
ladylockwood92: Oh no! Not Bugenhagen!
plummeting_sloth: his ball is deflating
TXC2: BOO...genhagen
Saphling: Bugenhagen has no pronouns
quasi79fu: lol
AdamYMHMI: Bugenhagen's gender is Bugenhagen.
Scy_Anide: Boogie, for short.
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quasi79fu: i like that his ball is deflating
radioshackraider: Bugenhagen knows no gender, only ball
STALKERsoldiers: Grandpa Boogie
Foxmar320: Red can climb ladders?!
TehAmelie: pronouns: BUgen/Bugenhagen
quasi79fu: how does a cat climb a ladder?
Pteraspidomorphi: *Grandbugenhagen
ArboristAndrew: Bu-gen-ha-gen bu-gen-ha-gen oi oi oi
TStodden: Bugenhagen Das? lrrBEEJ
Ubiki: every time we refer to bugenhagen we must refer to bugenhagen as bugenhagen*
TillianSwoard: Bugenhagen's prefered pronoun is Bugenhagen
goatprince: red just.... red just climbed a ladder.
TheWarbo: no they're saying BOO-urnsgenhagen
Critterbot: INcreases his physical strength and gives haste, it does not inflict berserk.
HouseofShadow: his ball is deflating lol
EldarLuin: He climbs those ladders well
Saphling: Granddad Boogie
37calorieghost: NB Bugenhagen is a headcannon I can get behind
plummeting_sloth: man, climbing ladders must be tricking for REd
drfox17: Red, how did you climb that!?
Khasi1596: how'd he get up that ladder?
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dreaminginautumn: Bugenhagen is too mighty for mnere pronouns,
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hunkajunk: I mean, considering he's Red' Grandfather, but isn't related, is it possible that Bugenhagen is genderless ala Ashiok?
normac0208: Has the abandoned ship already been explored yet or is that on the to do list?
cassaclyzm: Oh good am I going to have to log off from work to bawl openly again?
thrythlind: Okay, that name starts the Hooked on a Feeling song in my head.
Saphling: The scene in the back of Cosmo Canyon with Seto will absolutely make me cry, in the remake....
plummeting_sloth: Listen Nanniki... can you find my hover ball? I'm pretty useless without it
ChimericalJim: I want to listen to the warble of newborn chocobos
Nameless_Sword: huh..... i would have thought that Red would have found out about this during his trip home earlier.... you know, the night when Cloud and Tifa did it
this_is_not_a_tpyo: I never noticed at all that Bugenhagen was on a floating orb thing. I always thought he was some legless dude that uses magic to float FailFish FailFish
jameswanders: Now a Red focus spin-off, that's something I would play
TheWarbo: occasional reminder that, like Heidegger, Bugenhagen is named after a historical figure
sadboijamz: grandpa noooo! :(
dudecon: F
plummeting_sloth: "Grandfather, please stop asking me about mating"
Nemowoodbine: ho ho hurrk
EldarLuin: It's not safe. Take this with you.
Veste: de
MystechJ: the warble of new born chocobos , "WARK"
cuttlefishman: F
HorusFive: BibleThump benginCry lrrFRUMP lrrAWW
jameswanders: Red XIII-Dead Redemption
kamelion84: katesCry katesCry
HouseofShadow: guyjudgeF guyjudgeF guyjudgeF guyjudgeF guyjudgeF
red_shoes_jeff: Santa? Santa! SANTAAAAAA!
Spluuga: Dirge of Nanaki
Psychic_Ketchup: As far as final words go, "ho ho" is pretty good
quasi79fu: again?
TheThromborax: did...did red get the floating ball?
MyrddintheWizard: RSVP bugenhagan
KevinTheShark: Its not safe to go alone. Take Tifa with you
sadboijamz: BibleThump
thrythlind: Bugenhagen. Bugenhagen. Bugenhagen. I can't stop this feeling seeping outside of me. Girl, you just don't realize what you do to me. When you smash me with your arms so swol. You let me know everything's "Oh No."
quasi79fu: so Red lied about that guy dying?
thrythlind: how did that become about Tifa?
accountmadeforants: Bugenhagen is... Bugenhagen. -No! Did Bugenhagen at least Bugenhagen before he Bugenhagen?!
snowcookies: Red is truely a kid
Bearudite: HAHAHA *cries*
cuttlefishman: Chat, it's raining
Zaghrog: IIRC Bugenhagen is not dead yet
goatprince: limited moon! the weapon with power based on MP!
Veste: bugenhagen will never get his wicked air guitar solo on PPV now
Nemowoodbine: !bugenhagen
Scrubbodiestobears: terrible day for rain
amative1: thrythlind I-II-IIIIYI'M Hooked on Nanaki!
LordOfMalice: F
jameswanders: can you do anything with the other huge materia we left up there?
Zaghrog: Buy more HP Plus?
TXC2: but it's not raining
peejeeful: did red12 eat bugenhagens corpse
STALKERsoldiers: Ah.. my heart when I hear the Rain quote
hunkajunk: From what I remember, Bugenhagen DOES go away, but... it's a journey he does not intend to come back from.
Zaghrog: None of the ultimate weapons describe their mechanics
ZethRuss: so, is there a break damage limit skill in ff7 ?
Nemowoodbine: all the ultimate weapons have secret....tricks
AwkwardBirb: iirc all the ultimate weapons have weird scalings
Crad0k: none of the ultimate weapons tell you how they work
LordShadner: we have at least 2
Critterbot: It's disappointing that all the ultimate weapons have no growth.
TXC2: hunkajunk like Blibo
goatprince: all the ultimate weapons have special parameters, like 'power based on MP' or HP or whatever
StewartRWyatt: Can't you get something from the Huge Materia since you mastered some regular Materia?
EldarLuin: The bar has power ups too, right?
compuNIC: Ultima Weapon does more damage with higher HP, Limited moon is the same for mp
hunkajunk: @TXC2 Exactly.
KevinTheShark: What? So Yuffie can steal MORE HP PLus!?
accountmadeforants: ZethRuss No need, I think? It just doesn't show the extra damage.
plummeting_sloth: "That's for the trinket, Grandpa. Cloud won't let me put it on because 'something something no growth"
theshinyakuma: yea all the ultimas have secret multipliers
Veste: oh gosh this physics formula
cadesguy: i am so curious as to what bugenhagen's method of locomotion will be in the remake. i have never understood his yoda chair.
arcanist1740: I too am learning this for the first time
Saphling: Materia shop is nearer Bugenhagen's place. across from the ladder
jameswanders: The tricks are listed in a hidden menu, but it's one you can't access
goatprince: Conformer, for example, does full damage when you use morph.
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon is probably the most obvious
BoblinTheGoblin69: like clouds does more dmg the more hp you have
Saphling: yiiiis
Saphling: Full Cure is great
Twinklebees: Ultima Weapon at least looks a little more...flaccid when Cloud's HP is lower, so it's a little more obvious how it works
akssoon: @LoadingReadyRun HAHA!
Foxmar320: Did you just steal from the back room
Zaghrog: What is says on the tin
HorusFive: Cloud- drink your Juice
goatprince: full cure sucks
cadesguy: it cures you fully
Critterbot: It's like it says on the tin.
Himyul: it does what it says on the tin
sivakrytos: it's a full...cure
Nenluen: Literal D&D Heal
AwkwardBirb: Sounds like Esuna?
Saphling: Magic X-Potion
kamelion84: katesLol
TehAmelie: it's Healing Ultima
Himyul: heals for 9999, but costs 99 mana
iondream: wow new to me
SquareDotCube: TIL....
AwkwardBirb: or what they said?
hunkajunk: It's not as good as White wind!@ :D
goatprince: (it sucks)
theshinyakuma: actually never seen that either
NathanJay_GA: that seems... inefficient
ArchRequiemD: usually not worth
ryuhimora: WHY
shurtal: Did you already do the Mansion Basement flashback?
goatprince: it doesn't All, either.
Crad0k: @ZethRuss no break damage limit, but there's some materia which allow you to go over, like slashall or double cut
Critterbot: Restore is infinitely more cost effective.
Zaghrog: shurtal it's been done
yomidian: the fate of most healing spells in ff games with any blue magic, Not As Good As White Wind
Martony101: You can’t use it either until it’s level 2 if I remember right
LordShadner: Tifa's powers up according to her Limit bar I believe
TheThromborax: if you level it up, does it get cheaper?
KevinTheShark: Plus you gotta level it up first
EldarLuin: Yeah they did the basement flashback
this_is_not_a_tpyo: I wonder if it would just be a good pairing with Added Effect or somethinig
HouseofShadow: its not worth, but I always picked it up to master all materia anyway lol
theshinyakuma: clouds weapon scales on max hp right?
ZethRuss: ok, thanks
SquirrelEarl: But it's needed for Master Magic Materia
shurtal: cool, @Zaghrog always forget to do that one when i replay ff7
drfox17: is this kinda how Kingdom hearts does heals?
AwkwardBirb: @Crad0k there are also some ways to make the damage overflow and kill things.
UrbanSamurai_22: New HP plus on Tifa's double growth
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon scales by actual HP I think
Himyul: "here, buy this priceless piece of the planet's knowledge."
Primidoxal: Hey G what do you think of chadly?
Volbeatz: i put like 7 hp plus' on my cloud
kirilia_: @LoadingReadyRun Do you know about the W-Materia glitch?
jameswanders: what all can you get from the golden saucer?
theshinyakuma: @Zaghrog i think youre right
Leonhart321: Don't we have enough Alls to sell that we can buy a villa now?
SirYacob: I just beat this game for the first time ever a couple days ago. I remember it being MUCH harder when I first tried it 20 years ago
jarnatan: is there a mod that turns the airship into the Weatherlight?
Crad0k: well, yeah, but those are glitches rather than intended gameplay :-p
eric_christian_berg: The dulcet tones of Graham's voice are helping me cope with shouty children stress.
dudecon: I think her All leveled up too?
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon's graphic updates based on hp
masterfrog316: wuttai next?
Himyul: a master all sells for 1.4 mil gil
sadboijamz: did you get premium heart?
plummeting_sloth: really? Dang
odamadillo: @sadboijamz Yes he did
Crad0k: without abusing w-item, mastered alls are the best way to make money
GlennSeto: At this point in my last playthrough, I just off-loaded all mastered Materias into their ultimate weapons when possible.
Zaghrog: If Cloud is at full health, Ultima Weapon is white with a blue core. As Cloud loses hp, the white turns more blue
Himyul: Are you getting a gold chocobo this run?
Nemowoodbine: manipulate for e-skill? transform for underwater?
Spacecarl: If you arent worried about status effects now you can probably switch hades for odin now on Tifa
Jarlax: she needs her cover back I think?
goatprince: steal-mega all is noice.
TehAmelie: Wutaiu guys doing?
Wrexadecimal: Can we mug for 9999 eventually? lrrBEEJ
thrythlind: So she can get one chance to steal a thing and then they die?
quasi79fu: that one weird looking peacock
GlennSeto: Ultima needs a thorough redesign if it's gonna jive in the remake.
cfpreston: then level mug into extort
UrbanSamurai_22: Beautiful plumage
theshinyakuma: cloud weapon is 3*power*current hp/max hp
TehAmelie: it's attacking your weak point!
quasi79fu: werent we going to ancient forest?
plummeting_sloth: oh no, my MP! I need that for things!
GlennSeto: Ultima the sword, that is.
jameswanders: mug is when you do damage, too right? Isn't steal better so you don't accidentally kill if you fail to steal?
compuNIC: Yeah I feel mentally drained when someone peacocks at me
Himyul: ancient forest DansGame
Nameless_Sword: ancient forest
Nemowoodbine: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:10:39.
HouseofShadow: Forest of the ancients?
quasi79fu: what?
Crad0k: ooooooh noooooo
quasi79fu: i dont underswtand
Psychic_Ketchup: By your powers combined
TheThromborax: all in on that stamen
TehAmelie: you want to be low level if you way to make a career in thieving anyway, so you don't succeed right away but get a chance to roll on their rare items
jameswanders: THat second to last one wasn't what I think I heard, right?
Marcanius: Someone in chat just got activated
Leonhart321: I HATED the Ancient Forest puzzle
theshinyakuma: cloud's ultima weapon is( 3*power*current hp/max hp)+1
sivakrytos: previously you needed a green chocobo
GlennSeto: You literally leveled a mountain to get there.
quasi79fu: stamen is part of a flower
GapFiller: if we hadnt just beaten Ultima WEAPON we wd need to grind up a chocobo to get here
jameswanders: oh, stamen. gotcha.
jameswanders: I misheard
GapFiller: fortunately
quasi79fu: lol
this_is_not_a_tpyo: I definitely needed a guide to get through the Ancient Forest. Oddly annoying area
thrythlind: @theshinyakuma sorry, not parsing math right now, is not more or less damage as he gets injured?
plummeting_sloth: Remember when those turtle men almost killed us a few weeks ago?
ButButTheJesus: @this_is_not_a_tpyo same
Robot_Bones: Ah yes the stamen, the power house of the flower
quasi79fu: oh no
quasi79fu: she going to steal everything
Kikazi: Hey G, is there a break time, or are we running to the end?
EldarLuin: more then ten level difference. lol
noSmokeFire: slap the XP share on her
quasi79fu: he ahd already a break
Zaghrog: thrythlind less hp = less damage
theshinyakuma: @thrythlind it would be less as he gets hurt
Bearudite: *Holds up pistil* I Dare you to say STAMEN again! Kappa
GapFiller: yeh esp if we wanna do The Wutai Pagoda grinding Yuffie might be a good idea
lurkerspine: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:12:28.
Boiler_bot: Oh are we doing Yuffie's Pagoda sidequest?
odamadillo: Typhon shall be yours soon I believe.
quasi79fu: does graham need another break?
TehAmelie: Yuffie's ultimate powers up when she fights things stronger than her. it's rad
thrythlind: Ahhh....so like the exact opposite of Fanatic in Sentinels then
jameswanders: Don't worry. You can rewatch the break on the VOD
Foxmar320: Yuffie is so excited to be in the party. Then she sees Tifa...
Kikazi: oh... wow, I was apparently concentrating too much on actual work and missed it
plummeting_sloth: let's just let her nature take over
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DocHoliday9999: First time catching Graham playing the FFVII - arguably the BEST FF game and one of my favorites from High School
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Himyul: is it really pronounced yoo-fy? I always called her yuf-y when I was a kid.
GapFiller: seems onbrand for Yuffie to have the Snek Glove
TXC2: Yuffie with the sneak glove? sounds dangerous
Leonhart321: Cloud: Takes a punch, Tifa: Kill them Red: And I provided moral support
NathanJay_GA: Yuffie is but a little baby
GapFiller: Himyul yeh its the Japanese pronunciation
drfox17: Yuffie's gonna get to Yuffie somebody
Jarlax: cover
Pteraspidomorphi: Actual work? Disgraceful
theshinyakuma: did we get red's limited moon?
kaffeetrinken89: but, shouldn't you play with another char after having a brake? "Have a brake, have a .... "
Foxmar320: E Skill?
GapFiller: theshinyakuma just now yeh
Dezinkled: If Tifa has long range should she go back row again?
jameswanders: You shouldn't be able to give yuffie material for the rest of the game after she steals it
Zaghrog: E Skill
HouseofShadow: why Magic Shuriken on Yuffie?
DocHoliday9999: level up those All Materia to split and sell!
TheThromborax: giving her materia is bold
Kikazi: @Pteraspidomorphi Indeed, I'm quite ashamed of it Kappa :D
MystechJ: is that the best weapon yuffie has
GapFiller: jameswanders presumably thats why she tried to make yr sign that contract on the airship
noSmokeFire: do you have double growth equipment for yuffie?
theshinyakuma: cool. in case anyone was wondering red's ultima weapon scales off of current vs maximum MP
lincolnwizard: huh
Foxmar320: Frog!
jameswanders: Is FF7-NoMateria run a thing?
plummeting_sloth: WHAT
TXC2: Frogy!
GapFiller: Frogger intensifies
Rustymagus: Now make that frog into a chair
lincolnwizard: eat the frog?
Malyonsus: i have no memory of this minigame
masterfrog316: poor frogs
Himyul: [SWITCH]
Crad0k: yuffie's ultimate doesn't scale, but it does assist with morphing
quasi79fu: weird minigame
Scrubbodiestobears: is this frog fractions 2?
TheWarbo: that sure is a lot of context we have for this minigame
theshinyakuma: i have horrible memories in this area
plummeting_sloth: this already screams high bullshit
frenzyfivefour: The original Frog Fractions
TehAmelie: the curse of designated spellcasters, they only stay at max power as long as they don't cast spells
GapFiller: jameswanders OH YESH
Saphling: near, because you'll need to be able to grab them quickly in succession
GapFiller: boy are there some yt vids yr need to see there
tetlanesh: ohhh this place. i hate it :)
Rustymagus: @Scrubbodiestobears Good one
noSmokeFire: finding those bugs must have been miserable on an old TV
Foxmar320: Ive never seen this place
quasi79fu: wtf are those
GapFiller: Triffids!
accountmadeforants: Push Switch to give up seems like a fun prompt when you're playing on a Switch. Just push it right off the table, rage quit!
DocHoliday9999: what system is Graham playing this on?
ButButTheJesus: @Foxmar320 only saw it once years ago
masterfrog316: i LOVE THIS PLACE so much tilting
quasi79fu: they do loook like triffids
DocHoliday9999: PS1 or PS2
Himyul: sounds like Ikea furniture
thrythlind: as I watch this, I wonder if during development a mini-game package concept was just absorbed by the FF7 team.
Foxmar320: Oh no its attacking us with leaves?!
NathanJay_GA: "the world will be destroyed in a week if we do nothing" "Imma play with da froggies!"
theshinyakuma: actually @Crad0k yuffies conformer scales with enemy level
SquareDotCube: ah, murder ginseng
cadesguy: they dodgey boys
HouseofShadow: like autumn leaves, his sense fell from him.
GapFiller: *John Wyndham intensifies
plummeting_sloth: the JUKES
Nemowoodbine: like punching a blade of grass
jameswanders: I absolutely loved Day of the Triffids in high-school
Manae: Everything in here has high evade
accountmadeforants: DocHoliday9999 Graham's playing on PC.
Rustymagus: So serious there, Cloud
thrythlind: "Hey, we need to do something interesting here, let's go steal an idea from that team across the hall with the party puzzle games."
TheWarbo: "i have healed myself for 200 HP" lol ok :-D
quasi79fu: Day of the Triffids is a great movie that hardly gets any love
Ba_Dum_Tish: I feel like wtf are you has been the motto of this ffvii run
noSmokeFire: how about some fire, scarecrow?
awkwardreaper: you not equipped clouds ultimate weapon ?
Prof_Poppinoff: Vincent's sniper rifle is good here i guess?
plummeting_sloth: "Dodge This"
Nenluen: you can get that item on the fly trap, by moving -very- slowly toward it and trying to grab it from the fly trap... as the grab range is slightly larger than the traps trigger, but it's still finicky
awkwardreaper: ahhhh
jameswanders: @quasi79fu book was better :P
Foxmar320: DED
quasi79fu: some thicc cheeeks for that monster
snowcookies: ded
theshinyakuma: yeah thats the big downside to all ultima weapons, no ap growth
Foxmar320: foxmarNOV
this_is_not_a_tpyo: Have to go up on that little hill. Also pick up and move the other frogs there because those plants have timers
HouseofShadow: TIFA! Give other people a chance!
Robot_Bones: That monster looks like he was having an allergic reaction to this forest
theshinyakuma: also this area suuuuucks
GapFiller: one of my old Uni profs once added Triffids to the standard grass > cows > humans food chain as a thought experiment
GapFiller: it didnt go well
Himyul: I guess the idea is that by the end of the game, you don't need growth on all your mastered materia
theshinyakuma: @Himyul yeah i guess
Foxmar320: Ummm
plummeting_sloth: huh
plummeting_sloth: don't like that one bit
NathanJay_GA: I like how Yuffie's celebration is way more enthusiastic than the others
this_is_not_a_tpyo: the TENSION
quasi79fu: lol
plummeting_sloth: and then what, guide?
thrythlind: Good thing your name isn't Seymore
theshinyakuma: just dont step on the middle lol
quasi79fu: oooh ostriches?
quasi79fu: maybe?
Leonhart321: Indiana Jones intensifies
lurkerspine: Birds with hands????
GapFiller: Cassowaries! RUN!
Himyul: more Ikea furniture
lurkerspine: that's scary af
cadesguy: those ostriches
cadesguy: have bear claws
Foxmar320: Yuffie is bad at this
theshinyakuma: @thrythlind my favorite musical
northos: cassowaries WITH HANDS
like_100_bears: d9 they have bear paws??
plummeting_sloth: russtle round it's corpse, Yuffi
snowcookies: Yuffie, I thouhgt you werre good at stealing
TXC2: lurkerspine Birds may or may not have belly buttons in this universe :P
SeiichiSin: You couldn't steal anything because the game knew it was already dead.
accountmadeforants: Maybe she did steal something and she's just not telling you?
HorusFive: "What killed the dinosaurs?" "TIFA!"
ButButTheJesus: ooh i like that stereo music run
GapFiller: northos yeh now we're really fucked
red_shoes_jeff: Apparently, all Yuffie knows how to steal is OUR TIME!
this_is_not_a_tpyo: wapons
Nemowoodbine: you got a lotta sources to feed cloud
HouseofShadow: open wide!
quasi79fu: tiem for clouds medicine?
shurtal: Gotta roid out Cloud
Foxmar320: Cloud open wide
KingJimmeh: Feed power to Tifa?
HorusFive: gotta put the juice in Cloud
drfox17: Cloud's gotta snort Mako and sources to keep up with Tifa
GapFiller: Juice Up Cloud
theshinyakuma: tifa all the sources lol
Saphling: does she need it?
Foxmar320: Tifa doesn't NEED them
Jarlax: yes
Nemowoodbine: tifa's at cap though
aerohydra: as a treat
plummeting_sloth: here comes the Sourse Plane
cuttlefishman: Tifa doesn't drug
HorusFive: Tifa needs no more power
KingJimmeh: And Guard?
Bearudite: does she NEED them at this point?
red_shoes_jeff: Screw Cloud. ROID UP TIFA!
frenzyfivefour: Tifa already at dmg cap
GapFiller: Clouds got piss tests he needs to avoid
Thisbymaster: Tifa produces the power sources
TheWarbo: is source the same as Mako Juice
Saphling: Cloud probably needs all the help he can get
plummeting_sloth: she literally cannot hit harder
ArboristAndrew: cloud get brain juice, tifa get muscle juice, red gets kibble
TXC2: Tifa IS the power source
LordShadner: she doesn't not need them
MyrddintheWizard: Sorry I missed this, but why Yuffie at this point?
Himyul: Cloud intensifies
noSmokeFire: @MyrddintheWizard she has some kind of pagoda-based side quest
Nemowoodbine: levelling yuffie to do wutai pagoda
Foxmar320: Ummmm
GapFiller: MyrddintheWizard grinding for The Pagoda
sadboijamz: Tifa is the origin of all power sources
shurtal: Giving Tifa Power Sources is like painting flames on the space shuttle, it won't make it move faster, she's already going max speed
plummeting_sloth: grim
tetlanesh: @myrddinthewizard for levels
Leonhart321: Yes, give the super SOLIDER steroids. NOTHING will go wrong with that
kamelion84: katesWat
MyrddintheWizard: ah I see.
theshinyakuma: she doesnt always hit cap though
Statist42: those sources are like drugs in pokemon?
GapFiller: Cloud needs the PED's cz Tifa dont need drugs
thrythlind: @theshinyakuma back in City of Heroes I played a character that was "Kodachi Kuno but if she were a sort of vampiric-plant-hybrid" (she had an origin connected to the Devouring Earth) and originally summoned critters gave XP, so when I ran into summoning enemies I kept saying "Feed me Seymore" and eventually started calling summoners "Seymores" in my strategy notes.
quasi79fu: what is that yellow orbie thing?
Saphling: beehive's at the top. it's how you get the materia
Nemowoodbine: a yellow materia there?
plummeting_sloth: god, this suddenly turned into a Sierra game
AntiCrepuscular: sprong!
jameswanders: oh, I remember this part! The guy we were watching play (in '97) got super confused here
GapFiller: thrythlind lol
Foxmar320: Ummmm
quasi79fu: lol
Himyul: bees!
Saphling: feed the beehive to the giant snap-trap plant
Nameless_Sword: yeah this place is confusing
Sly_chocobo: Game logic!
quasi79fu: oh allergy monster is back
Bearudite: time to clap dem cheeks
AugmentingPath: Spiro is not looking well
GapFiller: Fly My Pretties! Fly! *Wicked Witch intensifies
Foxmar320: lol
jameswanders: Yeah, there's time to play with frogs and grab beehives. It's not like the sky is literally falling or anything
lurkerspine: I legit did not see the grass things
theshinyakuma: @thrythlind thats awesome! i hope people got the reference, i saw that musical for the first time in highschool and loved it, then discovered the rick moranis version lol
Himyul: lrrEFF that weed in particular
this_is_not_a_tpyo: Tifa 'John Cena' Lockhart
ButButTheJesus: FUKKIN A
HouseofShadow: ABsoLUTE U NIT
DrGoldfire: what is that last enemy thinking after seeing... that?
ArboristAndrew: TIFA WITH THE AA
plummeting_sloth: I've wanted to punch a few ferns in my life as hard as I possible could, yeah
GapFiller: weve already established that Tifa is infact Borck Lesnar
Manae: "He got off easy"
GapFiller: no shes John Cena too!?
AlphaHelixNZ: Even disregarding the ridiculous equipment combo, Tifa really kicks a lot of ass doesn’t she?
MugenHedgi: For some reason, I imagine Tifa winding up a "Yeet!" when she does Final Heaven
Saphling: reeel close
jameswanders: ya missed
Saphling: not that close
theshinyakuma: looool
drfox17: New unit: 9999 damage is a "Tifa Lockhart" of damage
Nemowoodbine: oooooooo
Himyul: slash all is so gooooood!
Thisbymaster: slash all on Tifa
quasi79fu: oh nice
Saphling: we measure damage in Lockharts now
GapFiller: noice
theshinyakuma: slash all is hot
ladylockwood92: Tifa 'The Machine' Lockhart
MugenHedgi: Like "Yeeeeeeeeeeeee...et!" *punch*
this_is_not_a_tpyo: Slash all is so good for grinding
STALKERsoldiers: oh no....
niccus: r/all
theshinyakuma: @noSmokeFire booo
accountmadeforants: drfox17 I suggest a "Lockhurt", instead.
BlueMechanic: why slash some when you can slash all?
SquareDotCube: Now we control the horizonal and vertical (slash)
GamesAndInk: Tifa doesn't need extra HP when all the enemies are dead
plummeting_sloth: Slash-All (TM), as seen on TV
someusername5: slash all is before all is born
STALKERsoldiers: should you replace hades with Odin
Crad0k: it has been working
northos: added effect-hades was for confusion, not death
HubbeKing: Added Effect Hades prevents Confusion
Himyul: it prevents confusion, doesn't it?
Saphling: Tifa Lockhurt is Tifa's roller derby name
Manae: Added Effect--Hades is your confuse immunity
ArboristAndrew: added effect odin prevents death from the curse rin
HubbeKing: Among other things
Twinklebees: Added Effect Hades was for confuse, not death
KingJimmeh: When didn't it work?
Pandax0: i thought it was added effect odin
tetlanesh: it worked but for confusion slee0 etc
Spacecarl: No it worked. it was for the confusion and her killing everybody
theshinyakuma: added effect odin is death
Nemowoodbine: those birds are wearing oven mitts
Foxmar320: LOL
Narcuru: added effect odin prevents death
Terradana: LOL
Nemowoodbine: sin against god
GamesAndInk: That's STUPID
GapFiller: LOL
TXC2: ooof
Wrexadecimal: enigmaPOG
quasi79fu: casowary or ostrich thingies are weird
Foxmar320: omg
empyreon: LUL
KingJimmeh: Hehehe
Bearudite: HASSAN CHOP
red_shoes_jeff: ODIN is for preventing Death.
ButButTheJesus: WELP
STALKERsoldiers: oh thats dumb
AntiCrepuscular: pa-pa-pa-punch!
PharaohBender27: ONE. PUNCH.
STALKERsoldiers: i love that
margravetech: punches the ground and everything dies
HorusFive: Tifa- Official Murder Machine
peejeeful: added effect + odin stops the timer
HouseofShadow: holy crap. she is somehow even stronger.
dudecon: Can you link it with counterattack?
DocHoliday9999: Mr Burns EXCELLENT
EvilBadman: Slash-all doesn't work with counter, yeah?
theshinyakuma: SPEED RUN TIME BB
MystechJ: won button
CAKHost: @Bearudite YES
Himyul: I see we've entered the 'busted' phase of FF7 LUL
goatprince: slash all is great for training limits.
ladylockwood92: Monks OP! Pls Nerf!
sadboijamz: legit seeing a confused tifa murder her teammates had me dying
shurtal: is Tifa now a fully armed and operational Battle Station?
KevinTheShark: Noone is safe!
muondecay: found the easy button
GapFiller: shurtal and then some
plummeting_sloth: well, no one else gets a turn any more I guess
jameswanders: What of importance can we get at the Golden Saucer?
deyja429: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrJUDGE
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah before Tifa 1 hit kos the whole party
tetlanesh: iirc slash all can hit range?? not sure though
n_mandrag: Tifa has become Death, destroyer of Worlds
Himyul: my favorite combo is ultima<=>MP absorb
MaelstronSolenor: did you do the added effect death or went back to Hades?
jameswanders: "Tifa On-line"
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Foxsploder: Later, from another screen
SquirrelEarl: Come back later for it
kaffeetrinken89: Tife, you are the robot.
fry_dx: Ouchies
ladylockwood92: Tifa 'World Ruiner' Lockhart
accountmadeforants: Tactical Tifa Launch Detected
quasi79fu: this will be interesting in remake
compuNIC: isn't nature beautiful
CAKHost: And now we in Yoshi's Island
n_mandrag: (T)errifying(I)ndomnible(F)isting(A)gent T.I.F.A
kaffeetrinken89: harder better faster tifa
sadboijamz: ahhh my favorite jazz track, autumn leaves
tetlanesh: is she punching ground?
gOckley: now that you aren't using deathblow, does 2x cut and All cut work together?
Himyul: those are some dodgy weeds
GapFiller: tetlanesh YES
Furvias: @LoadingReadyRun I just realized you made Agatha Fisty in FF7
Foxmar320: She punches the ground so hard they take damage lol
MystechJ: those are super dodgy
Diabore: should tifa get counter back?
plummeting_sloth: she's punching all of reality and seeing what gets hit
ladylockwood92: See, that's why hitting Meteor with the rocket didn't work. They should have just had Tifa punch it.
STALKERsoldiers: can you add cut to slash all?
Malacorath: Yo G! Loving the stream, just accidentally beat Ruby Weapon, so now I am officially done with 7, on to numero 8
Crad0k: it also replaces 2x cut, annoyingly
Helrumyc: Has someone made a fist of the north star image but with Tifa yet? I feel like that's warranted
jameswanders: Can you attack your whole party?
KingJimmeh: Suppose individual atk is Deathblow
LordShadner: that is what D. Blow is for
Terradana: *chanting* Fisty's gonna kill you
this_is_not_a_tpyo: Those fucking sounds man
Saphling: that weird summo
AntiCrepuscular: so if tifa *did* get confused it'd be a one-hit KO for the rest of the team?
RayFK: Wow, that noise is wildly unpleasant
Nemowoodbine: weird it was in a bag?
Foxmar320: oh neat
drane10: Look, sometimes Agatha Fisty just happens
deyja429: Now where is Tifa in the Fisty Bloodline timeline?
Crad0k: second last summon, i believe?
DrChairthrower: Fisty wishes she was Tifa, and that’s terrifying.
ladylockwood92: Oh hey, you got an Typhon
NathanJay_GA: Ugh, they're like half-life barnacles
AntiCrepuscular: tyFUN
kaffeetrinken89: summon wind bag
Himyul: Typhon blows! Kappa (because it does wind damage)
fry_dx: Sometimes they just put materia in bags
ButButTheJesus: its rather splortchy
noSmokeFire: tifa is a rube goldsberg machine of death
cfpreston: heal steal
MugenHedgi: Petty enemies no longer challenge her. She must now attack the landscape.
CAKHost: FF7, meet FF6 (presuming Typhon wasn't in earlier FFs)
TehAmelie: our party is a Tifa support system, if you will
theshinyakuma: youve now made it further in this forest than i have ever been, always gave up before this
GapFiller: admission time: actually forgotten where to find Grahams old Fallout Agatha Fisty vids
n_mandrag: @ladylockwood92 yeah - but Meteor is propably sent against the planet by an anti-Tifa at the other end of the universe.
GapFiller: anyone?
Rhynerd: I wonder how Typhon looks in FF7
ladylockwood92: @n_mandrag Very possibly.
GapFiller: thanks G
Saphling: looks weird, tbh
TXC2: GapFiller they're on the main LRR channel
Nameless_Sword: that's the all female armlet
cyplix8: girl armor
jameswanders: okay, this is my new "most anticipated" section for the remake
ArchRequiemD: best female armor
Huschel23: @Rhynerd: Typhon looks like you should stuff it into a bag
MystechJ: Tifa is a delecately balanced killing machine
quasi79fu: ooooh ladies band
Malacorath: Yo G! Loving the stream, just accidentally beat Ruby Weapon, so now I am officially done with 7, on to numero 8
fry_dx: Cloud's not wearing his dress right now
ButButTheJesus: HUOALY
quasi79fu: wait so its Destinys Child
Himyul: don't nulify Holy, that's the whole point of the game!!!!
RayFK: You get good
Prof_Poppinoff: humble brag Kappa
drfox17: fill the materia slots on Yuffie?
drfox17: for AP?
Nuurgle: they'll probably replace this whole section with a single VR mission
NightValien28: you luck out and figure out hades paralizes him
Vyous: Accidentally slots cait sith?
Malacorath: got into a loop with Vincent in his limit break
Foxmar320: Slots Cait Sith could do it
fry_dx: No this section will be an entire spin-off game
ZeroArcana: how do you even ON PURPOSE ruby weapon?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah Hades nerfs Ruby
theshinyakuma: @Vyous lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
SnivianMoon: I 'Oops' beat ruby weapon years ago, and it involves landing on '7777' health. So like... You win, but you really didn't do anything but get lucky.
compuNIC: lucky 7s
afoersch: !up
Dread_Pirate_Westley: KotR junction HP Plus; Mime.
aitsu100: ah yeah the lucky 7s easter egg
tetlanesh: 7777 only takes part of his health though
deyja429: Also thank you to @TheBlueFool for the gidt sub.
afoersch: woah
afoersch: i mean