Nigouki: Silent Hill 3 not acquired yet?
wildpeaks: I'd imagine Alex would still have Silent Hill 3 somewhere as it's one of his favorites ?
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bv310: !next'
bv310: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Paranormal HK) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
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cgwonder: Can you smell what the spoops are coookiiiiiiiing?
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Austere_Squire: Aha, Storm Count is 53 before a let's nope
Austere_Squire: we're positioned to ruin it for Ben again
Arclight_Dynamo: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
enki1256: Ouh, mood music.
monkeyrama: Soooky music lrrSPOOP
eric_christian_berg: My Sharona!
ButButTheJesus: is can haz be spoopin times right meow?
Austere_Squire: is this from SH3?
Austere_Squire: Are they playing that this stream?
monkeyrama: Nope
monkeyrama: Paranormal HK is the game
Austere_Squire: Ah, well
Juliamon: Adam's out today
ladylinzington: what happened to SH3?
ladylinzington: ohhhhhh
Austere_Squire: No idea what that is, but is' good spoop boi(s)?
Austere_Squire: Oh, I hope Adam's all right
Juliamon: He's alright, just having a rough day
Nigouki: great spooky music so far
ButButTheJesus: i like it
YawnLance: Hey friends! benginSpoop
Austere_Squire: Aw; I was watching some of his VODs and he seemed to be getting a bit tired
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jetpixi: ooo creepy
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHEART lrrDARK lrrHEART lrrADAM
wynternyghtynggale: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
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iLetTheDogesOut: Lets get spoopy!
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PhorrestGaze: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: Taking mental health days is important, especially in these weird times.
sir_jack_DB: eeeeeehhhhh
monkeyrama: Man, twitch emotes are all over the place today
MAPBoardgames: I'm like'n this music
gualdhar: anyone know if this game is "jump scare" scary or "looming dread" scary?
jetpixi: I'm sure this will not give me nightmar
jetpixi: es
Austere_Squire: this sounds pretty looming dread?
sir_jack_DB: I like low-level spoops
aerobeing: It reminded me of a song, but I can't remember which song it is.
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aWabbajack: double Sub versary yaaay!
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soupgiraffe: ooh excited
monkeyrama: I believe it has both?
Diabore: oh i do NOT like the music
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LucyCloudberry: here comes a spoopy boy
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ButButTheJesus: lrrSPOOP_TK
jessieimproved: Thanks to my cheap small mixer, I can hear this music and the animal crossing music really quietly in the background lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
jdb399: Apparently Ben decided to Let's Nope today 😂
aWabbajack: previously had it on LRL
Austere_Squire: I do like the actually scary games (Like Visage), but also the weird ones like Daymare are a different kind of fun to watch
TheMerricat: I had to reload chat so I can't tell who asked but this game DOES have jumpscares according to the review.
TheMerricat: reviews
KCazduke: Scares of the jumping spider
jetpixi: thanks for the heads up! @TheMerricat Those get me every time!
Diabore: i am not ok with this music
theanthonydee: jump scares? we're in for a good time then :D
NightValien28: oh boi
TheMerricat: I love this music @Diabore
NightValien28: I chose a bad time to eat
Vergotterung: lol
supvik6969: Spoopy
MAPBoardgames: Flawless, as usual
sir_jack_DB: lrrSPOOP
HeyAustralia: I am so glad Adam is taking time off to feel better and relax, but I’m gonna miss his reaction to jump scares
Diabore: cmon intro, you can do it
NightValien28: did the intro mess up or was it me?
monkeyrama: introooo
DoodlestheGreat: lrrSPOOP
BusTed: we good
Xenovita: LUL
letfireraindown: wooo
cgwonder: heeeeey Ben!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN
iLetTheDogesOut: wooo!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrHERE
HeyAustralia: benginFingers benginFingers benginFingers benginFingers
CastleOtranto: Hi Beard, I mean Ben
monkeyrama: LUL
DrWreckage: Why is this intro so busted?? Like for real
Diabore: nice quaranbeard ben
wildpeaks: it's like programming: if it works on the first try, it's suspicious
TheMerricat: Ben and Chair?
wynternyghtynggale: oh the quarenbeard is nice
monkeyrama: Possibly?
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BlindProphet32: Its haunted.
monkeyrama: It's goin to be spooooky for sure
Diabore: for real spoopy
NimrodXIV: it's good spoop
Juliamon: Oh, we were listening
jetpixi: oh we heard the music
BusTed: such spoop
aerobeing: Oh. I think it's Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz that it's reminding me of.
ButButTheJesus: i like it!
wildpeaks: it's ok, we'll protect you from the spoopy game
enki1256: Its you and us Ben, you and us.
Austere_Squire: Having a rough day and I hear Adam is, too, so hopefully the subs impreove it for someone
Nigouki: music is definitely spoop out of 10
Vergotterung: yea the music is pretty nice
KCazduke: Pride100 My bits aren't scary, are they?
monkeyrama: We're here for you, Ben benginHeart
CastleOtranto: lrrSPOOP
jetpixi: But you are technically alone lol
TheMoatman: It could be happy spoopy music
cgwonder: we're here for you Ben
TheMoatman: Oh no
jessieimproved: We're with you Ben lrrHEART
Rockario: lrrSPOOP
Diabore: did ben make another puppet
monkeyrama: Oh yess
Vergotterung: oh boy
sir_jack_DB: oh no
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bluphoenix28: I am so glad that all the LRR folx are safe and rocking it so hard in this troubling times. keep being awesome and keep safe! You're essential!
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Nigouki: oooooh....
ButButTheJesus: OH BOY
wildpeaks: uh oh
HeyAustralia: Put hoodie in the char
HeyAustralia: Chair
jetpixi: LUL
NimrodXIV: Build-An-Adam
NightValien28: build-a-adam
TheMerricat: lrrHEART Twitch Emotes... Please! lrrHEART
coachNelly: I’m scared already
TheMoatman: He's going to make an Adam meat puppet
ButButTheJesus: katesLol
aerobeing: Is that not gonna stretch it out?
NightValien28: needs more filling
multeyemeteor: Wow, Adam got ripped!
KCazduke: He needs a head
PhorrestGaze: Adam waifu pillows in the LRRstore when?
BusTed: mmhm
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weff47: 17 months of not knowing what to put in this message box!
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supvik6969: Adam bodypillow
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: It's like he's in the room!
meepleskillz: shashasha!
LucyCloudberry: quarantine does weird things to us
hesterbyrde: IT's even got Adam's shoulders
Ba_Dum_Tish: So is this like that Alex doll that Ben made?
letfireraindown: put some stuffing in the sleeves
Rockario: Toe to tip
Vergotterung: they don't have a mannequin to dress up?
monkeyrama: LUL
arcaneIllumination: An Adam-golem? Reminds me of the Alex-golem?
cgwonder: big wide shoudlers and teeny tiny arms
wynternyghtynggale: its a QuarenFriend!
jetpixi: Got a pillow you can tape a pic of his face to?
thedragonlady: I can't wait for Adam to see his waifu pillow
theanthonydee: is this tinker tailor solder fry, the Beb edition??
NightValien28: helmet not big enough
coachNelly: I thought we said Adam couldn’t make it but there he is
wildpeaks: this seems safe and not at all a heavy thing that might fall
monkeyrama: It's perfect
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Blastdas: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
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monkeyrama: Got a chain mail beard, like the real ADam
blip2004: now to wait for the helmet to fall and scare everyone
TheMoatman: My, Adam, what shiny chain veil you have
xantos69: That is exactly like Adam. In fact...I think this is better. Hello new stream friend! lrrBEEJ
Ba_Dum_Tish: So Adam bodypillow?
ardcollier: this is pretty much how we used to sign one of my friends into 9am ethics class
wynternyghtynggale: Quarenfriend Chair
DoodlestheGreat: And that can be Adam's beard!
DrWreckage: Ben is actively problem solving
TamesLovesGames: lrrADAM
HeyAustralia: If it falls during the game it will just heighten the spoops
luckieletsplay: i betcha anything that helmet is gonna fall during the stream and scare ben real bad
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sir_jack_DB: LOL
Vergotterung: hahaahaha
monkeyrama: Yesssss
Austere_Squire: Can confirm. Adam definitely a chainmail wearer. He plays Sekiro.
NightValien28: HAHAHHAHAHA
NimrodXIV: :D
ButButTheJesus: katesLol
jetpixi: Google
de_greninja: I love you Ben
Rockario: This, uhhh, might not stay together ttoo well
MyBuddySuperfly: isn't that...more terrifying than being alone?
arcaneIllumination: The Adam-golem seems to have less love/effort put into it than the Alex one. What does this mean?
rodog695: @Dish_KP Thanks for the gift sub!
monkeyrama: Oh my
varmintx0: This isn't creepy at all. Nope, definitely not.
NightValien28: oh yeah
MAPBoardgames: What's the over/under on the "head" coming off during the stream?
multeyemeteor: Adam = Resident Headless Horseman
Nigouki: LoadingReadyRun why didn't you use the mustache uncle photoshop version? Kappa
Ba_Dum_Tish: So is this now a voodoo doll of Adam?
coachNelly: Brb...
ardcollier: this is absolutely not going to crash to the floor during the first jump scare.
niccus: i'm pretty sure google personalizes image search results
wildpeaks: lrrFINE
bluphoenix28: handsome pic
Diabore: that is definitely what comes up first
Austere_Squire: Adam is a swole fellow
ButButTheJesus: inb4 helmet falls and scares you to death
Dish_KP: can't wait to see ben scare himself with his own creation ^^
wynternyghtynggale: I think this is the real horror game for letsnope
Rockario: The music absolutely makes this
TamesLovesGames: that helmet is going to fall and scare the BUS out of Ben
monkeyrama: Ben makin a voodoo doll
NightValien28: it ain't helping
KCazduke: What's the over/under the head falling off scares ben?
Robot_Bones: I feel deprived that you arn't using the buff photo to scare off the ghosts
ButButTheJesus: @TamesLovesGames same
Phailhammer: MAPBoardgames Over the top of the chair, then under the desk. :P
Juliamon: TamesLovesGames I look forward to it. Have your clip button ready!
Rockario: Ben, this struggle is exactly how you use a tape gun
BusTed: Just creating an Adam homunculus. Nothing weird here.
Austere_Squire: that's called a tape gun?
Rockario: If professional experience has shown me anything
aerobeing: I'm afraid for the shirt stretching out.
TheMoatman: I don't see a difference
sir_jack_DB: LOL
monkeyrama: It's like he's really there lrrADAM
bluphoenix28: I make no admission of having seen that google search lrrSLOTH
arcaneIllumination: @KCazduke If he doesn't tape the helmet down, I'd say pretty big.
CastleOtranto: Why did Google auto-complete my search to "adam savidan jar"?
cgwonder: he's become too swole for his head
RvLeshrac: I hope Adam enjoys this.
Austere_Squire: why did you not find one of his elite gamer pictures
meisbored: just overlay a bigger picture?
Vergotterung: @Austere_Squire yea it's for taping up boxes
Dish_KP: NO, that's Adam. Small ass head, huge ass shoulders.
Dwinick: looooool
sir_jack_DB: perfect
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: perfect!
awwkwrdunicorn: this is perfect. who needs real life Adam?
letfireraindown: You're gonna have to leave this set up in the corner for tomnorrow's streams
Austere_Squire: I just noticed the tattoo sleeves
ButButTheJesus: adam pic is now loadbearing
Austere_Squire: goddamn
HoneyJack07: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
aerobeing: And then it suddenly starts talking.
NimrodXIV: Perfect.
BusTed: Perfect.
thedragonlady: lrrADAM just like Adam
hyaundredneer: Adam!?
meepleskillz: nailed it.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I'm just waiting for Adam to just show up in the corner of the screen from behind his green screen sheet
monkeyrama: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
Raithencore235: Are we paying homage to Adam!?!? Just as he deserves!
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer100 The “Build Your Own Savidan” Kit is the quality content I come here for. Thanks Ben, I love it!
cgwonder: please terrify the next person in the office using this
Rhynerd: That is indeed Adam Salletdan.
NonjaBiru: Woah! Where did Adam come from?
hyaundredneer: Ben!? What did you do!?
LucyCloudberry: Adam with his trademark medival helmet
AtomicAlchemical: It's as if Adam were alive and with us today!
HeyAustralia: Just have chair!adam in all LRR streams? I like that idea
YawnLance: Corgo100 I feel that Homuncul-Adam may be the spoopiest thing about this stream, I hope I'm wrong. Have fun Ben, don't get too spooped benginFingers
jetpixi: Perfection
multeyemeteor: Golem Savadan
wildpeaks: definitely leave this on the chair for the next person to find :D
Diabore: now we just put "emet" on the inside of the helm
Austere_Squire: This is definitely what I needed after today
thedragonlady: Is Adam ok? I missed that part
AranMathai: Ben, that is a truly magnificent beard.
kalateth: 20:1 Adam stays fine till the end of the stream... 2:1 the helmet falls off and ben jumps
KCazduke: The helmet seems fuzzy on the edges...
cgwonder: i like the photo choice becuase it looks like he's placidly agreeing to everyhting you say
PhorrestGaze: Art!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Say the poggies Ben
Kramburger: That's our Adam!
RvLeshrac: I believe he says "Poggies my doggies", Ben.
Lordofironstorm: SEKIRO
littleblueboxes: Wait, I catch this live for once?
wildpeaks: calling it now, the helmet will fall eventually and scare us
aerobeing: LUL
NightValien28: poggies
iLetTheDogesOut: hey look its adam!
cgwonder: flawless impression
HoneyJack07: Adam is like , I dont feel so good
jessieimproved: DOUBLE lucky
BusTed: Do it for the bit.
wildpeaks: he's there in spirit
gualdhar: you say that like you haven't lost it yet
monkeyrama: YESSSS
jetpixi: YES
theanthonydee: just leave puppet adam in the moonbase for tomorrow's people to find it
Dish_KP: What do we think? 20 minutes in when Ben gets scared by "Adam?"
iLetTheDogesOut: YESSS
NightValien28: you already lost it my dude
PhorrestGaze: We're in the we.
Diabore: CLIP
letfireraindown: just like the rest of us in lockdown
Vergotterung: haha
BusTed: Very good.
Primidoxal: HAHA
NightValien28: there you go
blip2004: clip it and ship it
cgwonder: YESSSS
theanthonydee: HE SAID THE THING!!
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TalesFromTheManaCrypt: it counts
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
YawnLance: Still doesn't count :P
Calaban161: I wonder how Adam will feel all of this
MAPBoardgames: WE is correct, you and Spoopifer
TamesLovesGames: that defeated voice
Ba_Dum_Tish: Small victories
TheMerricat: Maybe Ben should have taken a mental day too :-P
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: yesssss
Austere_Squire: "I put the Adam is Nostradamus" is actually real funny to me
Dwinick: I could see your soul breaking a bit
Questhere: h's real, you just have to belive
monkeyrama: It happened!
Kramburger: VICTORY
enki1256: Ben truly lost it.
meepleskillz: PogChamp lrrSPOT
varmintx0: "Otherwise, I'm losing it." ...I hate to break it to you.
TheMoatman: Poggos, my doggos
cgwonder: Someone please quote that as adam saying it
Raithencore235: I was expecting Ben to mention "THE JAR"
hyaundredneer: If chat is still here...then its probably still we.
Primidoxal: Poggers my doggers
kilotango30: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
soupgiraffe: damn I was looking away cooking and whipped around so fast lol
Fu4ow: it doesn't count
RvLeshrac: He is also known for saying "The Dutch!"
kristamichele: Adam would be really proud of all of this
littleblueboxes: I've never been so attracted to a chair
HoneyJack07: beb losing it
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metaldog564: Dude, you brought your waifu to work, not cool
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Rhynerd: note: Technically Adam Salletdan said it.
Lordofironstorm: Then Adam busts in and yells, "I got it all on camera!"
Electrodyne: Adam Soundboard?
radax997: The bromance is strong in this stream
jessieimproved: in sledgehammer ways
letfireraindown: So, does anyone in chat know how to design/order a body pillow? I think Ben can use an Adam
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kid_flashionable: I have the twitch baby now!! I think I'll name them ... Lurr. Thanks for all the awesome memories and for continuing this stream during these troubled times! Love all you guys!
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Ba_Dum_Tish: The Loud boy
xantos69: cheer50 Bits for New fake Adam. Is this my new dad?
jetpixi: Oh. Did anyone clip part of the Adam building?
varmintx0: I predict Adam will be very quiet on this stream...until the helmet falls over.
urbanvagabond: lrrBEN
Austere_Squire: Holy damn, shoutout @TheMerricat for all the gifts to the channel
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Inquisitor_Xian: HEY guys! 6ft distance you too! social distancing!
Inquisitor_Xian: two
Austere_Squire: fakeradam, fantastic
monkeyrama: That helmet is going to jumpscare Ben LUL
Vergotterung: yea I'm probably going to be staying at home till July at the earliest
Austere_Squire: oh no, it will
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:09.
theanthonydee: tinker tailor solder fry, the Beb edition
James_LRR: Evening Ben, sup Adam.
monkeyrama: Ya done good, kid SeemsGood
monkeyrama: Hi James lrrSPOOP
TheMoatman: The big problem is that Homonculadam is *way* too quiet for Adam
Austere_Squire: hoy, big J
gualdhar: quick someone get the waifu sorter
wildpeaks: today on Tinker Tailor, Ben builds his own adamfu
TheMoatman: Ben you have to yell enough for the both of you
jetpixi: Not even James can tell! What a likeness
jessieimproved: now all you need is an Adam soundboard
cgwonder: did you remember to ad the trace amounts of 15 other elements?
James_LRR: wait, thats fake?
monosceros: Dadam Savidad
kilotango30: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
monkeyrama: It's very lifelike
the_cardiac_people: Wheres he at though?
Austere_Squire: "Faker? I think you're the fake hedgehog around here!"
wildpeaks: legitadam
ButButTheJesus: ?????????
KCazduke: It's gonna scare Ben
Kramburger: You can tell it's fake because it's quiet
Ba_Dum_Tish: The real troll would have been to put a picture of James face on it
jetpixi: LOL @Kramburger
monosceros: would real adam break quarantine? @James_LRR
wildpeaks: savidan-garanteed-adam
Austere_Squire: i think fake adam can see into my soul
LucyCloudberry: you should just loop footage of him in the corner and see how well it syncs up with the game
James_LRR: wait, yah, that's not 6'
monkeyrama: Did fake Adam bring his candy?
Vergotterung: no can't hear it
cgwonder: nope not loud
RvLeshrac: Wilson Savidan
MAPBoardgames: Can't hear the fan at all
Arclight_Dynamo: Inaudible. Fan away.
Rockario: I thought Ben was using that opportunity to do some off-camera ventriloquism
Raithencore235: What do you mean @james_lrr , this is a COMPLETELY LEGIT 100% AUTHENTIC Adam. *no Adams were harmed in the production
metaldog564: wow, fake Adam is a naughty boi
AranMathai: Ahh. This game.
steven_strangle: lrrBEEJ_TK sounds spoopy
monosceros: this title screen reminds me of Kakurenbo
monkeyrama: Neat!
MAPBoardgames: We HOPE we'll have subtitles
jessieimproved: I really dig original language with subtitles
thedragonlady: I'm sure we can make it up if not
jetpixi: We'll figure it out. Process of elimination
thedragonlady: yes!
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 17:20.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Could this be the return of Foursquare Tan
NightValien28: oh no this looks good, I am scared
Austere_Squire: Good social distancing practices
MAPBoardgames: S to Stand Back
RegulusPratus: Oh, the HK stands for Hong Kong. Everything makes sense now.
James_LRR: You honestly might wanna ditch totally real, not fake adam so you can move over and not block the subtitles.
Austere_Squire: Wait! Ben! You and adam aren't social distancing!
James_LRR: that also works
GapFiller: wow Cantonese
GapFiller: thats actually quite odd being able to understand an ingame language without needing the subtitles
dweebert91: no Adam tonight?
monkeyrama: Thanks!
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 18:23.
jetpixi: Clues!
monkeyrama: Unity Kreygasm
Ba_Dum_Tish: @dweebert91 He's right there with Ben Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: Cantonese sounds so strange when I'm used to hearing Mandarin.
rasterscan: Settle down, Johnny Bravo.
JohneyS: @GapFiller So you're saying if the subtitles miss something you can.. fill in the gaps?
GapFiller: fwiw this looks uncomfortably true to life
jetpixi: which movie?
TheMoatman: I also liked Ghostbusters
hyaundredneer: She already spoops me out, is that a bad sign?
dweebert91: How did I miss him? Kappa
HoneyJack07: your in the murders basement
Scy_Anide: That bike, so spoopy.
MAPBoardgames: S to Standback. W to Walk, D to Dosie-do? A to Listen to Chat?
NightValien28: and no batteries, alex is happy
KCazduke: Adam is your security blanket
monkeyrama: But Adam is right there OpieOP
jetpixi: You two can conquer anything!
jessieimproved: When you're alone, spoop games get real
MAPBoardgames: Chat is here with you Ben!
GDwarf: But Adam *is* by your side, he's right there!
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: But adam is by your side
cgwonder: What do you mean, Ben? Adam's literally right there.....
NightValien28: yeah I understand
Ba_Dum_Tish: But Ben, Adam is there
steven_strangle: horror games are always scarier when you're playing them by yourself
James_LRR: no
TheMoatman: Now would be a good time for James_LRR to mess with the lights
multeyemeteor: Watch fake Adam come to life
swaggytaco: no
jetpixi: damn james
cgwonder: Nah
James_LRR: he would say he would
soupgiraffe: too bad cori couldnt tune in with you. I love when yall do let's nopes
Austere_Squire: I think Adam would punch a monster
DarkMorford: @GapFiller It's actually kind of the opposite for me. My brain keeps trying to parse the audio as Japanese, and it's throwing me off.
wildpeaks: naw Adam would never do that
HoneyJack07: you can jump into his arms
ButButTheJesus: oh ben... he would be GONE
monkeyrama: Man would dip immediately
TheMoatman: But I don't think the moonbase has that capability
RegulusPratus: Clearly you need to turn the studio lights off
theanthonydee: is this C.E.L.E.R.Y?
Kramburger: Wouldn't he Ben? Let's be real here
wildpeaks: exactly, Adam would punch the monster
NightValien28: he would he is too big heart
Kikazi: seabatYIKES seabatApp
James_LRR: Now me!
Ba_Dum_Tish: So this is the Adam you would throw to the Zombies
wynternyghtynggale: he would put you in a jar and leave you
GapFiller: JohneyS yes except for the sad fact that its gone 1am here in Albion meaning probs wont be in the strem much longer
Diabore: the easiest way to get away from a monster is a .22 revolver, one shot to your buddies leg and youre home free
James_LRR: I would also leave your ass
BusTed: oh dear
NightValien28: adam hear as big as brain
arcaneIllumination: Are those "x"s on the wall clues?
jetpixi: This is great.
cgwonder: i'm sure that's gine
NimrodXIV: this is fine
metaldog564: waifuadam
Monocled_Falcon: I don't trust simulAdam.
cgwonder: fine
Austere_Squire: Adam's elite gamer brain would locate the monster's weakpoint and a bazooka
tsinclairblack: Stand-in Savidan
monkeyrama: This is 100% fine
Pheonix888: he would so leave you in a jar
Rockario: lrrCREEPL lrrADAM lrrCREEPR
KCazduke: Steam scare?
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Rhynerd: Ben did some Alchemy, and made an Adam.
GreatGoogley: he wouldn't sacrifice himself but i think you coiuld trick him with the ole whats that over there and get a head start
swaggytaco: thats where i keep the switch to my basement door too
RvLeshrac: See, Other Adam in chat here also says the same.
radax997: Nope, that's bodypillow Adam
wildpeaks: electricity next to water pipes ? this seems safe
ButButTheJesus: do we have to staaart the geeeeneraaatorrrrrr?!
BusTed: gdi kathy
hyaundredneer: Yep. Nothing could definitely go wrong here
TheMoatman: JESUS
monkeyrama: LADY
YawnLance: Kowloon Walled City really is a great horror game setting
jetpixi: IT GOT ME
Austere_Squire: GEEZ KATHY
monkeyrama: PLEASE
ArrestedHouse: LuL
steven_strangle: AHHHHHHH
James_LRR: uh
captainmarkov: LUL
soupgiraffe: damn lol
xantos69: Yep this will be a good one.
RegulusPratus: Personal space!
Aenir798: the FUCK?
rasterscan: Oh no.
DiscordianTokkan: WELP
MAPBoardgames: I jumped! TWICE!
monkeyrama: Kathy NotLikeThis
Vergotterung: wut
YawnLance: KATHY PLS
Pteraspidomorphi: Good start!
Austere_Squire: Yeah, take kathy, monster. She sucks
jessieimproved: oh noz Kathy
Diabore: NOPE
Calaban161: She got out
wildpeaks: well, time to go home
Xenovita: yeet
Bearudite: ummmmmmm
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NightValien28: dead
meepleskillz: well that didn't take long
tergonis: i don't want to find her
Nigouki: welp
enki1256: Wuddafuck.
wildpeaks: bye kathy :D
monosceros: she deserves it
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
Bearudite: she gone
Diabore: she dead, time to go!
TamesLovesGames: what the HECK
iLetTheDogesOut: and away she goesssss
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
tergonis: she'll find us
Aenir798: No let her die
Juliamon: 0 to 60 in no time flat
kalateth: and I now need new pants.... christ...
Lordofironstorm: RIP Kathy
jessieimproved: she can go that's fine
Aenir798: she deserved that
RegulusPratus: It was vampire ducks. Only explanations.
ag30fru1n616: She went straight through that wall
Austere_Squire: Kathy sucks and she deserved it
wildpeaks: short game :D
radax997: What the hell...
HeyAustralia: Spoops don’t like other people doing the scares
tergonis: did you get the key from her at least?
radax997: Roll credits?
HoneyJack07: well that escalated quickly
BusTed: yes.... why...
YawnLance: Eh, no reason. I'm sure it's fine
NimrodXIV: want to run yet
Monocled_Falcon: That seems like a friendly door
DiscordianTokkan: lrrFINE
RegulusPratus: Check your six?
tergonis: lrrFINE
ag30fru1n616: It's gonna be a LOOONG stream
Diabore: you can still silent hill
Drathak: Oh we're gonna have a fun time
rasterscan: I got a feeling this game is jumpscare-o'oclock.
cgwonder: oh fucking hell i can already tell i'm not gonna be able to sleep after this stream
BusTed: nothing spooky about bunk beds
thedragonlady: I'm right there with you Ben
theanthonydee: grabbin some popcorn because we're in for a good time today!!
ButButTheJesus: #MyGodTheSmell
monosceros: oooh, kowloon walled city is a good and spooky piece of history
enki1256: Ohshi. Is this set in Kowloon?
Austere_Squire: Oh my gods, I just thoight Adam's picture was a portrait game texture
GapFiller: welp on that bombshell its also 1.30am Wednesday morning here in Albion so sadly gonna havta to peace it there
GapFiller: night night Ben lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrBEN lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
thedragonlady: I love scary games but playing them takes me a while
BishopSansPants: The Bad Smell TM
Estyl_: adam you're looking great today
Ba_Dum_Tish: The walled city was interesting
jetpixi: this one time i started a horror game on the switch and all i did was wonder around the main room for 20min. Then I put it down forever. I didn't even come across any spoops.
monkeyrama: This mechanic
PhorrestGaze: key 1/144 found
RegulusPratus: Kowloon's pretty dope
NightValien28: wow we got a key fast
monkeyrama: is everywhere
Austere_Squire: What a reasonable looking key
trashermastered: hi
Pteraspidomorphi: Not just any key
Rhynerd: That little is living with a death body, isn’t she?
Pteraspidomorphi: The *rusty* key
MAPBoardgames: Kathy wan't abducted, she just ran away very quickly. Backwards. While screaming.
NimrodXIV: uh oh
monkeyrama: A hide mechanic??
wildpeaks: James wouldn't happen to be in the office, right ?
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
NightValien28: oh good
cgwonder: oh great
cgwonder: that bodes well
thedragonlady: ohhh no
sir_jack_DB: nope
YawnLance: Welp, we're hecked now
Drathak: Jelly
jessieimproved: hiding games can be seriously spoopy
thedragonlady: Amnesia feels
soupgiraffe: next step: sanity meter
Austere_Squire: Blood pudding?
NightValien28: tomato soup
monosceros: you know Ben, if you can hide, something's gotta seek!
Robot_Bones: I hope that's not.. Kathy's Blood
Bearudite: sweet and sour sauce
RegulusPratus: Probably pig's blood
DiscordianTokkan: A shadow, but no way of holding the flashlight
HoneyJack07: simic slaw!
Diabore: how are we holding our flashlight?
RegulusPratus: Oh look, rice
Rhynerd: Cranberry sauce. lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Hmmmmmm
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Also that shadows should not exist with your flash light
Vergotterung: lol
Austere_Squire: there's not enoigh sharks for simic slaw
cgwonder: nope nope nope
BusTed: That's a lot of rice.
Arclight_Dynamo: Hahaha.
actionjb: This game is pretty spoopy
kristamichele: I am not a fan of the sound effects aaaaaah
Lordofironstorm: lrrFINE
Robot_Bones: Delicious Rice
Nigouki: looks like an offering
Monocled_Falcon: Kathy just wants that rice, getting abducted is hungry work
kanyewestward: damn i wish i was as calm as adam
jessieimproved: that rice looks like an offering
wildpeaks: mmm a rice offering ? starting to remind me of Detention
AtomicAlchemical: We can always tap out and go to Silent Hill
monkeyrama: Oh, we jumpin tonight lrrSPOOP
monosceros: jumpscares are my lifeblood, give them to me
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is very nice rice on awful floor
Robot_Bones: They are apples, put them on the train
thedragonlady: probably offerings for a monster
TamesLovesGames: lrrSPOOP
thedragonlady: Totally normal
Pteraspidomorphi: No tapping out! Adam's disapproving gaze is watching you
Austere_Squire: Here we have the reason I don't play horror games: I am a coward
monkeyrama: Adam help NotLikeThis
Juliamon: Game too good
radax997: You can always ask Cyclops Adam to hold your hand...
wildpeaks: oh good
BusTed: 👀
Ba_Dum_Tish: Adam's stoic silence will get us through
Lordofironstorm: lrrSPOOP
Austere_Squire: This is Fine.
TZTFG: Where is Savidan?
ArrestedHouse: SourPls
Monocled_Falcon: Some sick freestyling going on in this hell room
RegulusPratus: That's not how you Buddhism
jetpixi: all it better now
Austere_Squire: Don't turn around
BusTed: Just... turn around.
Bearudite: raspberry jam
jetpixi: is*
wildpeaks: "behind you"
Diabore: we live here now
BishopSansPants: I kinda hope that it jumps the darn and just goes jiangxi.
monkeyrama: Back up slowly NotLikeThis
tergonis: now we never turn around
iLetTheDogesOut: to turn around...
Ba_Dum_Tish: Radio 103.5 the spoop
NightValien28: don't
tergonis: ever
jessieimproved: I'm making that little girl in the car face right now
cgwonder: oh god
YawnLance: There's going to be nothing behind you
YawnLance: It's fine
cgwonder: please don't turn around
jetpixi: reeeal slow like
monkeyrama: We live here now
Austere_Squire: Ben no
KCazduke: O_O
niccus: walk backwards
thehighsloth: its coming to get u
monkeyrama: everything's fine
Austere_Squire: no
tergonis: just turn the radio back on and chill out to jams
soupgiraffe: quick like a bandaid
radax997: Dont turn
drizter: walk backwards for the rest of the game NotLikeThis
kristamichele: we are all in this together! everyone hold your breath
JustPete74: Just gonna stare at this wall for the rest of my life
monosceros: rip that bandaid
HeyAustralia: This is the kind of game my fiancé always wants me to play cause he thinks they are funny, while I’m terrified. 10/10 could not play
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Kikazi: it's always great when you turn around and there's nothing there... then a few steps later...
LucyCloudberry: "hey we were listenin to that"
Austere_Squire: Weeping Angels?
monkeyrama: The door closed, too
cgwonder: ooooh i don't like that
thehighsloth: dont trust the door
NightValien28: I no like this
YawnLance: Oh, that's not pleasant
Flyingdelorion: Don't blink
monosceros: kiss them in the cheek
MAPBoardgames: Didn't you play that other really good Asian horror game while alone, too?
Naarius: The spoopdas
Sahdee: Why am I watching this with the lights off?
Diabore: i dont think those 2 were there before
Austere_Squire: KATHY NO
BusTed: yeet
monkeyrama: Kathy no NotLikeThis
xantos69: This will be a good stream.
steven_strangle: That's some teethy grin
cgwonder: oh shit
radax997: Were they looking at you?
DiscordianTokkan: Kathy Noooooo
arcaneIllumination: I'm sure the bloody Buddha's won't harm us.
Pteraspidomorphi: HeyAustralia: That's probably why it's funny :P Like, I wouldn't play this, but it's funny to watch Ben play it
Austere_Squire: Kathy why do you suck so much
cgwonder: well we found Kathy
thehighsloth: run bitch ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun
MAPBoardgames: TEETH
Calaban161: She vampired real fast
jetpixi: is this literally the run speed?!
wildpeaks: oh she hungry
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is a slow run
monkeyrama: Is this... running speed?
Kikazi: hold shift?
TamesLovesGames: T E E T H
Diabore: this is running? oh we ded
Lordofironstorm: THAT'S THE RUN SPEED?!
soupgiraffe: adam: time to boogy!
YawnLance: Kathy no D:
RegulusPratus: Just try to talk to her and deescalate
CastleOtranto: Kathy, Elektra tore up your new shoes!
NightValien28: I knew kathy was evil
radax997: Ruuuuuun
jessieimproved: I feel like I need Adam too now lrrFINE
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
MAPBoardgames: Hair so shiny.
Monocled_Falcon: Our boy's pretty tough if he can run right after getting hucked through a brick wall
Kikazi: oh damn
Lirelent: suuuch shinneeeey hair
monkeyrama: Slowest run on the planet
Lordofironstorm: Are we like, a turtle-person?
CastleOtranto: We could all use a little Adam right now.
Juliamon: That's Fatal Frame levels of run speed
Bearudite: leisurely walk
meisbored: maybe "run" was mistranslated
Diabore: no whispers, shouold be good
cgwonder: honestly games need to fix their sauntering run speed. resi is the same
Lithobraker: So chat what's the sitch with Adam?
seth_erickson: I like to imagine you're in the closet slurping that tea
thehighsloth: hahaha the slirp sound in the silence of death :D
Olomag: Ah yes, let me take a leisurely stroll out of danger. Very good.
Calaban161: The Music stoped must be safe
Ba_Dum_Tish: He did get thrown through a wall. Lets see how fast you move after that
aWabbajack: lrrBEN_SG stay cool ben! lrrBEN
YawnLance: So, I don't think Kathy's going to be available for the second day of filming...
MAPBoardgames: Hold 'Shift' to amble.
BusTed: wow
monosceros: power walk away from kathy
monkeyrama: We're so slooooow
Austere_Squire: it's a brisk walk
BusTed: Shift to mosey.
Kikazi: teeniest bit
tergonis: light jog
radax997: Even my grandma walks faster
TZTFG: Mom pick me up I'm scared
jetpixi: Power Walking IS an Olympic sport
Diabore: if that thing was coming after me you can bet your ass id set a new land speed record
BishopSansPants: We Filbert now
Anubis169: not quite
Anubis169: but close <3
RegulusPratus: Back Ally Dentistry is NO JOKE
Pteraspidomorphi: Were there legal dentists in KWC?
soupgiraffe: illegal dentistry
saucemaster5000: missed the beginning of this -- no co-partner today?
Kikazi: I also wanna point out that she through you through a waist-height cabinet, a radio and a BRICK WALL... it's amazing he able to move that fast at all...
BusTed: It's a good strut.
monkeyrama: Kathy's got a powerful walk
jetpixi: I'm surprised I haven't gotten any texts about my screaming
Arclight_Dynamo: It's the Shift Shuffle.
cgwonder: she's werking that undead lewk
Austere_Squire: Kathy jumpscared you and then Became the Jump Scare
Monocled_Falcon: Shift to strut
kristamichele: what a game fill of mosey-ers
monkeyrama: Everywhere's a catwalk for Kathy
gawag_: is this a follow up to another game from this stream?
monosceros: hate to see her leave, love to watch her go
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh man I wanted the hopping chinese vampires
TZTFG: Shift to get. a hustle on
jessieimproved: I keep forgetting what I'm doing in Animal Crossing, this is...great? lrrFINE lrrSPOOP
jetpixi: LUL @monkeyrama
Kikazi: everyone got your bingo sheets out, right?
seth_erickson: Wouldn't be a horror game without a generator
BusTed: Grate idea.
wildpeaks: keys and generator in the first 10 minutes ? we're gonna have a bingo soon
theanthonydee: not to fear, for we have adam to reaffirm us. this is version 1.0 of C.E.L.E.R.Y
Lordofironstorm: You gotta investigate, Ben
rasterscan: Oh shit, anyone have a link to the Let's Nope Bingo?
Lordofironstorm: duh
Monocled_Falcon: That generator's about to be loud as hell
thedragonlady: Close the door first
tergonis: you're trying to save the obviously undead lady
RegulusPratus: Do we have an objective? Or just survive?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Got to get a handle on this situation
Pteraspidomorphi: !bingo
LRRbot: Check out for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
BishopSansPants: Kathy ate it
radax997: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 29:04.
BusTed: Does our key work?
wildpeaks: a key they say
DarkMorford: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:24:47. lrrSPOT
gawag_: TEETH has been called
rasterscan: @Pteraspidomorphi Thank you!
tergonis: maybe have to select the key?
jetpixi: why even
monkeyrama: Cool planks
de_greninja: I would check my insurance of they sent me to this dentist
Ba_Dum_Tish: Kathy was just getting her teeth fixed by the dentist and wanted to show us her new smile
HoneyJack07: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
monosceros: some days you just feel like wood planks
MAPBoardgames: Keys, Generators, what was the third item of the horror game trifecta?
wildpeaks: time to build a sweet bird house
Pteraspidomorphi: rasterscan: Oh, I didn't even see you asking. I wanted it for myself :D
Theoretical95: the planks are for later iirc
Laserbeaks_Fury: If I had a hammer....
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
NimrodXIV: tink
BusTed: Smash the state.
wildpeaks: hammers: the universal key
seth_erickson: it was a wood working hammer before NotLikeThis
Talin06: Silly Ben thinking he could just turn it on Kappa
monosceros: hardcore lockpicking
Ba_Dum_Tish: Can't stop hammer time
arcaneIllumination: Break lock?
cgwonder: smash the state!
tergonis: the most enthusiatic hammering
YawnLance: Oh hey, it's the illegal dentist's place
TZTFG: At least it's not batteries
Nefasine: just tap it
NightValien28: universal key
cgwonder: maybe that's why kathy's teeth are messed up
thehighsloth: we dont need no key here boi
RegulusPratus: Go sit in the chair! It's probably comfy!
kainboa: oh, hey, there's a broken lock :-)
steven_strangle: _It looked just like real teeth_
monkeyrama: Dentures PogChamp
Fu4ow: ohhh this is gonna be some teeth stuff huh?
HoneyJack07: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
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Lordofironstorm: Just like Dr. Zoidberg
seth_erickson: He's got the best dentures in the business
ardcollier: real teeth! real teeth! real teeth! (bangs on WFH desk)
ButButTheJesus: so what if he "scares children"
Pheonix888: is he making vampire false teeth?
snake12341: Is that a chair with a picture of adam?
steven_strangle: Someone's been stealing teeth and giving them to Elderly People
de_greninja: @fu4ow Yeah, have you seen kathy?
Pantsravaganza: The elderly centre... nope. don't like that.
ButButTheJesus: TEETH
Vergotterung: its a bit loud yea
TamesLovesGames: T E E T H
jetpixi: I hate teeth
kilotango30: teeth
Inquisitor_Xian: TEETH
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Phailhammer: TEETH
YawnLance: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
DaSunao: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Kikazi: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
monosceros: who cast Kroxa
HeyAustralia: !findquote teeth
LRRbot: Quote #5492: "All right, chat, wind down the teeth." —Lindsay [2018-11-09]
seth_erickson: I like the "Chart of Dentistry" Picture
DigitalSeahorse: TEETH TEETH TEETH
Vyous: What if Kathy isn't a vampire, she just got some nice new teeth from the dentist? Kappa
NimrodXIV: oh GOOD
Naarius: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
monkeyrama: Oh no
YawnLance: No thanks
snake12341: NOOOOO
Diabore: OH GOOD
Juliamon sighs
Inquisitor_Xian: TEETH TEETH TEETH
RegulusPratus: So ginseng and rats?
Pteraspidomorphi: That explains everything!
saucemaster5000: you heard him folks -- don't sub unless you REALLY mean it.
snake12341: Oh god what have I come too
Monocled_Falcon: OH BOI
jessieimproved: teeeeeeth
BusTed: I'm starting to wonder about this guy's credentials!
monosceros: DIY KROXA
orbitaltuna: adam is so quiet today
Kikazi: lrrHERE
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SirBiffaloEsq: Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeth
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wildpeaks: this is totally not gonna get old
Zappeljakob: TEEEEEEETH
BishopSansPants: Maybe Kathy just wanted to show you her new teeth
ardcollier: growing teeth! unarmeOkay
snake12341: Is the monster just a set of giant teath?
DigitalSeahorse: this guy had a real hard on for the tooth fairy didn't he?
jetpixi: But you made it!
monkeyrama: BibleThump BibleThump
Ba_Dum_Tish: All teeth all the time
Naarius: lrrFINE
TZTFG: benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop
YawnLance: How did that get me?! D:
jessieimproved: Kathy did have some sweet chompers
monosceros: Kathy's teeth are pretty great
NightValien28: the hell was that
armpitt: how does she not guess where you are
wildpeaks: big mood Kathy, I also hate unexpected rings :D
TamesLovesGames: lrrHERE
Sogheim: hey um what's this?
ButButTheJesus: !SIR
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You're showing too much imagination.
Pantsravaganza: teeth
TZTFG: At least we know where to hide
RegulusPratus: Why was bell
theanthonydee: adam! reaffirm us please!! we need you!
Sogheim: teeth?
Fu4ow: Thanos but for the tooth fairy
Pteraspidomorphi: armpitt: She made eye contact last time. She's just showing us who's boss :P
Zappeljakob: how is it, all alone in the Moonbase Ben?
YawnLance: I guess Kathy might have done too much of that teeth growing recipe
monkeyrama: Kathy Please
Diabore: is this protag defenseless, stoic, or both?
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Hit the weak spot for massive damage.
arcaneIllumination: I mean magic would explain this dentist's Suspiciously Fitting Dentures.
Kikazi: hey folks, have we seen an abandoned wheel chair yet? I may have looked away and missed it
Calaban161: I need an adult
jetpixi: Drop bears!
Ba_Dum_Tish: she just wants your opinion on her new dentures. We're the aholes here lrrBEEJ
plague_shaman: Oh no! Spoopy ghost game and it's just ben. THis will be good
thehighsloth: its the dentist here he does good work
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
monkeyrama: LUL
YawnLance: It's just like he's here
BusTed: Flawless.
Sogheim: sweet tattoo sleeve Adam
monosceros: something something man in a jar
TZTFG: fear itself
HeyAustralia: Oi oi oi
Diabore: @Kikazi no wheelchair, but a dentistry chair
Ba_Dum_Tish: Japanese Japanese Kramburger!
jetpixi: kathy went that way
monkeyrama: Oh great
raven534: No! Not the drop bears!
YawnLance: Stealth time?
monkeyrama: Kathy's on the move
Lordofironstorm: One of these times, she's gonna be waiting for you when you come out of hiding
seth_erickson: oh she be patrolling
kainboa: I guess we live here now?
Calaban161: @LoadingReadyRun The Drop Bears are real dont mess with them.
Kikazi: @Diabore ah, sadly, that's not on my bingo sheet, but thanks!
jetpixi: Yeah . I saw we stay put forever
jetpixi: say*
theanthonydee: day 5 of living in a closet. kathy still hasn't found us yet
Kikazi: lrrHERE
harvester369: safe spot stream
Vergotterung: anything else to do back where she came from?
Monocled_Falcon: We're safe in the dentist's office, it's basically sacred ground
HeyAustralia: We could turn the cabinet into a lovely tiny home
YawnLance: I mean this closet seems fine
ardcollier: we have plenty of our own teeth and do not need her help
Pantsravaganza: lrrHERE
cgwonder: we live here now
RegulusPratus: This is now a Just Chatting stream
thedragonlady: Go for it you got this
snake12341: Ben I see you found your chrono hiding spot
jetpixi: We can just chat that's fine
kainboa: so, how has Your day been?
armpitt: woah
YawnLance: Although I'm not too sure how I feel about going back in the closet benginFingers
Vergotterung: was that a graphical glitch?
Zappeljakob: did anyone saw a face flashing just now?
snake12341: Did anyone else see ben's player moddel when he went into that?
armpitt: i did
Lordofironstorm: I think you just saw your own model
thehighsloth: she be strolling she hunting coming to be biting
Fu4ow: @YawnLance nice
jetpixi: no....... @Zappeljakob
Lordofironstorm: did me a frighten
frogomb: Why is Adam so quiet today?
monkeyrama: Oh man
jetpixi: lrrSPOOP benginSpoop
arcaneIllumination: Would the dentist's office count as "Abandoned Hospital" for the trope bingo?
Calaban161: Ben you have to come out of the closet eventualy
Vergotterung: wow
Pteraspidomorphi: ffff
BusTed: got got
wildpeaks: ok that got me too :D
snake12341: Well I'm off to play league. Don't die ben
Austere_Squire: Dammit, Kathy, use your words
Kikazi: ded
Diabore: NOPE
monkeyrama: Those footsies though
bv310: Adam's just a little stiff is all
monosceros: that was a good jumpscare hot damn
iLetTheDogesOut: wooof
SirBiffaloEsq: Inside voice, Kathy
kainboa: fucking hell, that spooped me
Diabore: sorry ben, im outtie
seth_erickson: can we crouch
Bearudite: crouch?
NimrodXIV: it's getting me too arrgh
snake12341: BEN! I just said don't die!
kilotango30: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
HeyLuckyAnnie: lrrFINE
Vergotterung: crouch maybe
JustPete74: I find Adam's quiet stoicism reassuring.
bv310: Dang jumpscares
cgwonder: maybe try going to the right first instead?
wowlolman3: *You Died*
CamelAttack: You're doing great Ben!
thedragonlady: Flashlight?
RegulusPratus: Okay, try to talk to her and de-escalate
azurite0123: Wow Adam is fearless
seth_erickson: Can we crouch around those pallets?
BishopSansPants: Kathy is just out here like "Where'd Filbert go? I wanna show him my sick new teeth. Dr. Ho's legit."
Drathak: I watch everything with headphones
arcaneIllumination: Ooh, all I need is "Where did that corpse go?" to get bingo!
NimrodXIV: maybe you need to crouch-walk past?
Pantsravaganza: !bingo
LRRbot: Check out for interactive Trope Bingo cards.
jetpixi: DAMMITY
monkeyrama: Dang it
Vergotterung: no keep to the right
YawnLance: Oh geez
Drathak: This is going to be tedious
Austere_Squire: So much for she's not that bad, Ben
wildpeaks: fiddlesticks
kilotango30: seabatCHOICE
kainboa: that goddamn shriek...
cgwonder: yeah her shadow was decieving there
jetpixi: I thought she was too
monkeyrama: She's got spidey senses
armpitt: ya i saw the shadow and thought the same
sesho13: Where adam?
rasterscan: I saw it too. The psychout.
seth_erickson: she be creepin
Monocled_Falcon: Shoulda grabbed some dentures from the office. Everyone knows ghosts hate teeth.
Austere_Squire: Aha. A crank
YawnLance: We gotta go crank it
Zappeljakob: Tell us Ben, are you really alone in the Moonbase right now?
Kikazi: she really seems to like that corner, thankfully
rasterscan: Man, good thing she chose such a thorough, well thought-out patrol path.
HeyAustralia: Adam is taking the night off, @sesho13 but we have homunculus!adam in the meantime
Austere_Squire: Kathy is undead and proud with that swagger
cgwonder: i'm so fucking tense right now
monkeyrama: Whew
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BishopSansPants: She's definitely going to hear this generator.
NimrodXIV: time for a noisy generator
jetpixi: the planks ARE useful
monkeyrama: The wood planks are useful PogChamp
PaperDoopliss: It
YawnLance: benginSpoop
PaperDoopliss: It' s all done, Ben
oyleslyck: never say "we made it" in a horror game until the credits roll LOL
Zappeljakob: watch it break
seth_erickson: It 's all done
TamesLovesGames: mechanics!
Austere_Squire: Well, I hate it here thanks
ladylinzington: Occupado!
Pantsravaganza: crank it!
HeyAustralia: She’s just very possessive of that generatoe
monkeyrama: Oh great
thehighsloth: wood her one weakness
jessieimproved: Okay I'm impressed so far, this is actually not bad
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimGasp jcvimBlink jcvimGasp
wildpeaks: this seems safe
Vergotterung: lol
monkeyrama: a dark sewer
Phailhammer: "Hey! It's ten at night! What's with the racket!"
YawnLance: Much safer
teavian: Pog
monkeyrama: much safer down here
PaperDoopliss: I love how quickly the "tension" track died out
rasterscan: Every horror game has gotta have sewers.
cgwonder: why wouldn't we want to be here now?
TamesLovesGames: totally safe in the sewer
ButButTheJesus: #mYgODtHEsMELL
BusTed: welp
Vergotterung: hahaha
Naarius: lrrFINE
wildpeaks: maybe we'll find out dog
cgwonder: i'm sure this is FINE
Biomonkey01: Just out for a leasurely stroll for your life in the sewers
Lordofironstorm: Always the best level of any horror game
HeyLuckyAnnie: Is Adam scared?
jetpixi: New phone who dis
Inquisitor_Xian: everyone get the sewer level box on your bingo cards
ComradeMik: uh... adam, you're not looking so hot there.
Kazman20a: did we rember to close and seal the trap door?
Vergotterung: yea it's a phone
tergonis: nothing bad ever happened in the sewer
kaziel0: Hi Ben! defiiaRip
jetpixi: That's how you call your grandma
Monocled_Falcon: Kathy may be an undead monster, but she won't stoop to running around in the sewers
ComradeMik: pretty flat looking if i'm honest
RegulusPratus: The call is coming from INSIDE the Moonbase
monkeyrama: Someone installed a landline just for this
YawnLance: I'm sure it's fine Kazman20a, what could go wrong
oyleslyck: hey the TMNTs live in sewers, I'm sure they will protect you from the lrrSPOOP
Pteraspidomorphi: Why is there a landline in the sewer?
Kikazi: Hey Ben, call out if you see a backlit fan. It's all I need for Let's Nope Bingo!
Austere_Squire: I've watched you guys stream, a phone rang in the game, and I've stared gormlessly at my phone
James_LRR: had to take the garbage out, did he poop his pants yet?
lazaro287: I’m glad I came across this stream Lol . I love it
ardcollier: there's a phone? get ready for potential audio logs
Austere_Squire: only a little
jetpixi: Almost @James_LRR
frozenphoenix7: Moshi moshi
Pantsravaganza: I know the sewer is where I keep my landline
monkeyrama: Pretty much, James
Kikazi: @James_LRR a couple times
silvalunae: ello
wildpeaks: could be a mobile with a retro ringtone
BishopSansPants: You're just an old person with a landline ringtone.
BusTed: moshi mosh
lazaro287: Hey everyone I’m new
NimrodXIV: don't
Austere_Squire: did gravity just go weird?
Austere_Squire: like, did he just float?
YawnLance: Oh Kikazi, I saw the shadow of light shining through a fan at the beginning when Kathy was dragged off! :D
Kikazi: @YawnLance really? Sweet! BINGO!
HeyAustralia: The old lady. The one we all know.
HeyAustralia: So specific
Azsedcf: Adam looks a little thin there.
Kikazi: Thanks @YawnLance and Ben!
amuseoffirebane: oh no i missed the beginning! Adam's looking.... good?
monkeyrama: Key time 👀
jetpixi: I thought it did break once but i may have misheard
Austere_Squire: "Aha, a key" - a true horror gamer. All is key
Pantsravaganza: Please add "If you want to stay alive, find the old ladies home"
wowlolman3: To make sure you're not killed by the old lady, find her home. Seems deece.
cgwonder: so far it's been genuinely scary, which is not always the case with horrow games
gawag_: I see you've fetched the bolt cutters
monkeyrama: Is... that how that works?
kaziel0: I heard the wood start to break... 😬
Bearudite: I just need vengeful child
TheBorzoi: Picks up bolt cutters - Can't get through a locked fence. Seems legit
Biomonkey01: Why can't you just cut through the fence?
Nefasine: if only we had a bolt cutter to get through the wire gate
wildpeaks: at least it's a believable type of "key"
silvalunae: glhf
jetpixi: who Peggy
Rhynerd: I’ve heard it for@garage doors too
rasterscan: I'm doing awful on the Bingo, way too many trope for a Resident Evil style game
YawnLance: Yeah, that has definitely been used on Let's Nope many times benginLol
Globalnet626: lol
monkeyrama: Oh Peggy
Austere_Squire: can we start an "Is this a key" meme and it's all different things that are keys but aren't called keys in horor games?
oyleslyck: Peggy Picasso
PaperDoopliss: smudge stickitis
Ba_Dum_Tish: Doesn't your home come with hiding closets?
RegulusPratus: She got the swirlies
Kikazi: Peggy's had better days, methinks
jetpixi: the badge went through the laundry
Zappeljakob: locking good Peggy
rasterscan: Not enough for Watch and Nope quality
Ba_Dum_Tish: How many hiding closets are there in the Moonbase?
Lithobraker: Pegi 18
mxBug: uzumaki vibes
samwonk: Look, no one looks good in their ID photo.
cgwonder: the wind changed and she got stuck like that
Naarius: Friends don't let friends Gaussian blur
HoneyJack07: go home peggy , you drunk
aerobeing: Inbe4 we meet Peggy and she actually looks like her photo.
monkeyrama: Ummmmmmmm
YawnLance: Was that us?! D:
Austere_Squire: GEEZUS
LucyCloudberry: ????
jetpixi: glitch?
monkeyrama: What was that
Biomonkey01: Do not mention that cursed manga @mxBug
Austere_Squire: FUCK, KATHY
rasterscan: Wow
Nigouki: LOL, that was your own model!
Lordofironstorm: It loaded your model
BishopSansPants: Haha it was you
monkeyrama: Was that us?
PaperDoopliss: Alright that was genuinely spooky even if it was probably a bug
armpitt: that not a bug, its a feature
Friedent: I don't know how ben would do it, but I really wish he could make humunculAdam blink just once
mxBug: are we not here to witness curses
Lithobraker: Seen kids don't go to illegal dentists or you'll end up like Peggy
Raithencore235: Is Kathy the horror equivalent of Karen?
cgwonder: that scared the shit out of me
duke_dice: Howdy Ben!
Austere_Squire: Scaring you with your own face
jetpixi: crouchy time
Ba_Dum_Tish: @Raithencore235 She wants to spoop our manager?
BishopSansPants: We were so scared our soul left our body for a sec
PaperDoopliss: I think Karen is the horror equivalent of Karen
rasterscan: You know, for all the roughness, the game does at least make super clear when it's stealth mode
wildpeaks: mirrors are certainly scary
BishopSansPants: nbd it happens
Raithencore235: @ba_dum_tish exactly!
HoneyJack07: got that strut
Pantsravaganza: !findquote kathy
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
kalateth: turns down the sound just so that I don't fall out of my chair... again....
wildpeaks: game's very good so far imho
Pantsravaganza: !findquote ben
LRRbot: Quote #5251: "If you can beat this, I'll take Ben out for ice cream." —James, to Paul [2018-08-09]
monkeyrama: Oh dang
cgwonder: you got this ben
wildpeaks: well now James owes Ben ice cream when he's done with this stream
Prince_Oisin: stealth master
arcaneIllumination: I hope that the loop of activating a thing, hiding, having to sneak around her to get something else does not become the only game play.
monkeyrama: Um
Austere_Squire: why is everything so loud
Jim02762: piece of cake
Austere_Squire: also how can she not see you through the giant gap you leave in the doors
Pantsravaganza: !findquote easy
LRRbot: Quote #2643: "Let's just do a test screw and see if it feels right. Yes, that just goes in nice and easy." —Ian [2016-05-30]
Zappeljakob: Considering i'm on Nightshift and alone right now, I will take my leave here before my colleagues find me dead in front of a Computer in the Morning. Good night folks
itomeshi: So... who's the new cohost?
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP
Rhynerd: @zappeljakob good night!
wildpeaks: it's "totally legit Adam"
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Yep she is
de_greninja: lrrHERE
Lordofironstorm: Is Ben dropping some frames for anyone else?
Arclight_Dynamo: Adam-ish
StephenJM81: is anyone else losing frames?
StephenJM81: yeah
eric_christian_berg: ja
Pteraspidomorphi: Oooh I thought it was just me
UncannyJimjams: the Adam facsimile
Arclight_Dynamo: @StephenJM81 Yep
monkeyrama: Twitch is struggling
HoneyJack07: adam is a trooper , literally hasnt flinched or moved . He is fearless
wildpeaks: yeah, everytime she's activating, he freezes for a second
HeyAustralia: Yes, I have had a few frame drops
DatOneRezKid: yuppers
YawnLance: Yeah, I'm seeing drops too. Thought it was just me
Pteraspidomorphi: Twitch is twitching
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep
darkspiredragon: twitch is being twitch
jessieimproved: twitch is twitchy
Juliamon: I'd blame Twitch, emotes are already suffering
Ba_Dum_Tish: Twitch not happy
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Sure is twitchy tonight
Rhynerd: Yep
ButButTheJesus: yeah i thought it was just me
lazaro287: Oh no
varmintx0: It's not terrible.
wildpeaks: twitch gets spooked :D
de_greninja: lrrSPOOP_TK
CleeKru: yeah... everytime you scream actually
Jim02762: not that bad
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Doesn't sound okay
CleeKru: or she screams
Arclight_Dynamo: Twitch had a similar jankiness yesterday around this time, too.
RegulusPratus: Are these closets like warded or something?
Austere_Squire: Ben, why must you always jinx everything
CleeKru: wierd
monkeyrama: It's a good thing Kathy doesn't think to check in these closets we're running into
wildpeaks: sneaky breeki
YawnLance: At least this game doesn't seem to have that mechanic where if the monster sees you hide then you're hecked
DatOneRezKid: hmm yes.. it really do be like that..
Fu4ow: ghosts can't enter closets. all part of the connection with Narnia
Ba_Dum_Tish: Hmm I saw them in this room with one hiding spot and now they aren't here. Welp guess I'll just leave.
silvalunae: scared?
Arclight_Dynamo: Three wires.
Pteraspidomorphi: There are three!
YawnLance: There are three wires D:
Theoretical95: There are 3?
wildpeaks: oh nooo
monkeyrama: There's one more? NotLikeThis
BusTed: Aw beans.
Calaban161: Why did I get rid of all my stufffed animals I need one to hug
seth_erickson: NotLikeThis
Ba_Dum_Tish: There is....another
wildpeaks: sergeOffByOne
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: The ghost added another when you werent looking
lazaro287: Lmao dam
NimrodXIV: eff
TheBorzoi: So, is Ben doing this solo today or is Adam just AFK?
harvester369: look she's ghosting you she knows where you are
jessieimproved: ghosts do everything while you're not looking, until they murderize you
monkeyrama: That... sounded like you got punched
HeyAustralia: Adam is taking the night off @theborzoi
enki1256: Twitch doesn't seem to like looking right at her?
RegulusPratus: We Metal Gear now
YawnLance: Homuncul-Adam is with all of us
PaperDoopliss: Do we know why Kathy is all screamy and murdery? I just showed up recently
monkeyrama: LUL
Fu4ow: @PaperDoopliss demon teeth??
Vergotterung: Ghosts
silvalunae: ouo
YawnLance: It happened rather suddenly PaperDoopliss
TheBorzoi: Oh right, sorry. I didn't recognise him
PaperDoopliss: @Fu4ow Valid
jessieimproved: the got yoinked right at the beginning
Kikazi: Kathy got possessed
YawnLance: Long hallway? lrrFINE
tergonis: everything's safer in the sewers
tonylowetv: Who doesn't love sewers?!
Kikazi: or somethin
itomeshi: Nothing bad will happen in this long hallway.
HoneyJack07: but she still showing her stuff
duke_dice: did Kathy get possed with simic slaw?
monkeyrama: This song though Kreygasm
Bearudite: based on how messy the above ground is these are surprisingly clean
Raithencore235: Teeth growth medicine, only some side effects
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Best OST
RegulusPratus: Did somebody order a JUMP SCARE
jetpixi: Made it back for the song! That was great
thehighsloth: haha that was great song ben bro
monkeyrama: Sewers confirmed, very safe
theanthonydee: the best song from the best beb
Kikazi: I'm calling this a "sewer mission" for the purposes of my second bingo sheet
Pteraspidomorphi: Of course it's poop and pee!
TheBorzoi: Everything will be less spoopy if you sing what you do
Fu4ow: hidden loading time probably
PaperDoopliss: Oh shit sky. I'm not used to sky in horror games
seth_erickson: they subverted your expectations by making you crouch for no reason
meisbored: many frames are missing
aerobeing: I see a red door and I want to paint it white.
HeyAustralia: Honestly twitch being glitchy just adds to the unnerving ambiance of the game
PaperDoopliss: No skybox, but that makes it all the spookier
sjcTheos: so smoooth
Aurelius101: A mar-ball, if you will.
RegulusPratus: Your hammer was destroyed, apparently
lazaro287: Does anyone else’s game just randomly freeze
gawag_: the frame drops are just on my end, I'm assuming?
HoneyJack07: he touched the butt
aerobeing: Eggshell white, so it looks nice.
sjcTheos: frames are being dropped.
monkeyrama: It looks really nice
Kikazi: yeah, the spirits won't miss their marble, it's fine
jetpixi: The EnVIrons
Fu4ow: nah seems like twitch is being twitchy
NimrodXIV: frames dropping all around
harvester369: its dropping for me too
PaperDoopliss: Yeah, this exterior area is rad
jetpixi: And he HAD the Yipds
jetpixi: Yips*
lazaro287: @Gawag_: on my end as well
YawnLance: As I said earlier, Kowloon Walled City is an A+ horror game setting
Pteraspidomorphi: It's Kowloon Walled City, yeah
seth_erickson: where can I get a Donut Pendant
thehighsloth: if i have learnt anything in my horror experiences it is that alot of horror based stuff that comes from asia is always scary
aerobeing: I used to have a single marble ball when I was a kid. I wonder where it ended up.
CleeKru: !clip
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Austere_Squire: i wasn't looking and i thought ben was just singing a random story for some reason
Prince_Oisin: the dream catcher is hungry
Prince_Oisin: feed it donuts
monkeyrama: Donut was the key all along
Kikazi: red jelly donut?
BusTed: Look with your special eyes.
RegulusPratus: Oh, you're divinations
Vergotterung: line up the red stuff
Pteraspidomorphi: Dentisssst! Is there nothing I can take?
Arclight_Dynamo: Mmm... forbidden doughnut...
Skakerman_: Now you are the dream
Austere_Squire: Ben
Kikazi: oh dear
Austere_Squire: are you a ghost
NotCainNorAbel: let the bodies hit the floor!
varmintx0: Huh?
Bearudite: wut
YawnLance: Hello sir
Stalevar_: usually it's a "thingie" that goes into a doughnut
NightValien28: huh
iLetTheDogesOut: you summoned kevin
monkeyrama: Hmmmm
cgwonder: ummmmmm Ben did you just KILL THAT PERSON?
thehighsloth: haha u found a body
SquareDotCube: I just show up and I see Ben has begun singing out a note
NightValien28: found him?
PaperDoopliss: Very Good Trading Co
NimrodXIV: you made a corpse!
YawnLance: Le-oh no D:
BusTed: eww
Austere_Squire: Oh
Vergotterung: oh for sure
monkeyrama: His whole eye
jessieimproved: oh my
jetpixi: I'm sorry leo..lemme get that for ya
seth_erickson: I did this..... You Did This
wildpeaks: eye see
Kikazi: eye on the prize, I guess
monkeyrama: It's... so clean
sjcTheos: katesChup EVERYWHERE
YawnLance: He might have had a glass eye?
BusTed: Now he's got his eye on you.
Skakerman_: It's a clean pop
splatty1: eye am sorry leo Kappa
Juliamon: Eyeballs don't... work like that...
SquareDotCube: Don't you hate it when that happens
TZTFG: How is he talking tho
NimrodXIV: Alas, poor Leo
Naarius: Friends don't let friends blur!
Arclight_Dynamo: Glass eye?
Fu4ow: very... spherical
aerobeing: Cameraman.
RegulusPratus: Are the face swirlies contagious?
thehighsloth: do u think he can see clearly now :P
Pteraspidomorphi: Swirlitis
Petaaaaaaaaaaaa: Heh, he "sees" why
TZTFG: Oh it was us my b
wildpeaks: the photoshop monster is on the loose
PaperDoopliss: Anyone but Leo!
enki1256: Is one eyed Leo about to haunt you next?
HeyAustralia: Maybe the illegal dentist is also practicing illegal optometry
seth_erickson: a false tingle NotLikeThis
Prince_Oisin: I also forget to put my optic nerve in when I fall from nowhere
YawnLance: Oh no
HoneyJack07: thats what his face looks like now
monkeyrama: Nooooope
YawnLance: Those are not okay
jetpixi: very dislike
Kikazi: oh good
cgwonder: NOPE NOPE NOPE
Naarius: lrrFINE_HF
Austere_Squire: Oh
NimrodXIV: pls no
soupgiraffe: oh yes
Austere_Squire: oh good
Abelzumi: friends don't let friends ge their heads checked
Austere_Squire: i don't hate this
seth_erickson: Hello Ben
aerobeing: An Adam mask.
PaperDoopliss: But they're so happy!
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Pharmacistjudge: Evening Ben and Adam
BusTed: I was expecting a spider or something to jump out of it.
lazaro287: BrainSlug
Austere_Squire: don't worry. they probably grow legs and chase you
DatOneRezKid: it be like that sometimes..
lazaro287: ThankEgg
SplittingImage77: Eye solved the puzzle
monkeyrama: It's a good thing that eye was a perfect sphere
aerobeing: @SplittingImage77 LUL
YawnLance: Austere_Squire, please benginCry
BusTed: Haha.
monkeyrama: LUL LUL
wildpeaks: down the eye-ley
Austere_Squire: benginHeart Love ya
Lithobraker: Gaussian blur is a gateway drug to Laplacian convolutions
Mister_Skittles: please ben, every other time. people have 2 eyes...
YawnLance: The eyes make it so much worse...
kainboa: Not just regular legs, probably spider legs...
SplittingImage77: Baby legs
thehighsloth: to help u get a head :D :D :D
Bearudite: looking for the 6 fingered man
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Kikazi: oh, it doesn't want you to, it just lets you. YOU'RE doing this Ben, it's YOUR fault lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
HeyAustralia: The next dead body from nowhere will be wearing one, I’m sure
eric_christian_berg: You should print one out to use for Adam.
jetpixi: good idea me watching this whilst eating dinner
Ghostalker: just ask zephyr to lead the way
Austere_Squire: if Ben reads only one of my comments today, I'm glad it was that one
YawnLance: Just hold Homuncul-Adam's hand, it'll all be okay
Austere_Squire: even if it makes me a terrible person
lazaro287: It’s crawling in the wall behind u
cgwonder: yeah the sound effect when you get a new objective is very startling
wildpeaks: we can still get chased, don't jinx it :D
Olomag: Oh no! Old people!
YawnLance: Oh
monkeyrama: Hello lady
thehighsloth: nope nope nope
rasterscan: So welcoming!
NightValien28: no
theanthonydee: stranger danger!
BusTed: I'm sure she's nice.
Vergotterung: she seems normal
NimrodXIV: friend or demon
YawnLance: Ma'am, pls don't do us a murder
NightValien28: trap, bad, no
Nigouki: don't be rude Ben, she invited you
Prince_Oisin: thats not person
tergonis: helpful lady?
monkeyrama: She seems nice
Prince_Oisin: nope nope nope
wildpeaks: hello totally normal lady that's not going to cook us and eat us, I hope ?
NightValien28: we about to die
aerobeing: @NimrodXIV Porque no los dos.
CleeKru: good idea me watching this at 3 am....
jetpixi: is this his granny?
tonylowetv: She just wants to read your cards
wowlolman3: don't go social distancing
cgwonder: oh hey, 2 days after my birthday
ButButTheJesus: katesScared
monkeyrama: Oh, is that what's up
YawnLance: inb4 she pulls one of those masks out from under the table and puts it on
kainboa: What's the worst that could happen by talking to this weird old lady...
wildpeaks: oh good
HeyAustralia: And 4 days before mine
RegulusPratus: "It's hellmaw day. It happens every year. Chill."
Nigouki: oh, it's only the gates of hell being open, thank god it's nothing serious
HoneyJack07: she gunna eat you
Kikazi: so she's either a bad ass and knows how to handle this evil, or she's evil and will kill you in a very evil way
random_shoes: bastille day?
jessieimproved: I'm thinking "come over" should have been "go out"
Prince_Oisin: oh as long as it's just the gates of hell opening
Prince_Oisin: I'm sure that's fine
lazaro287: lrrHEATHER
Vergotterung: yea they said that at the beginning of the game
jessieimproved: I think we're suffering from some translation issues
jetpixi: Ya know those festivals are always crowded and overpriced. I say we skip it.
RegulusPratus: Hungry Ghosts are a strict downgrade from Hungry Hippos
iLetTheDogesOut: got it
BusTed: But what if she has candy?
monkeyrama: Don't open the door, Ben
Pharmacistjudge: you're going to open the door...aren't you?
YawnLance: Ah, an exorcism lrrFINE
wildpeaks: we're totally going to open the door, aren't we
Vyous: We are absolutely going to open the door.
Monocled_Falcon: Oh, but what about Hungry Hippo Ghosts?
monkeyrama: It's the jar problem all over again
tergonis: yea we're definitely gonna ignore that advice in a cutscene
Dashiell: Remember: [...] open the door [...]
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimRaid
Awexdio: Does this mean we're on a timer now?
aerobeing: She's gonna say: "It's me, your buddy Adam, open up."
CleeKru: lrrHERE
seth_erickson: What if she says if you don't open the door you're a coward NotLikeThis
RvLeshrac: Hungry Ghost Festival *is* a thing.
wildpeaks: you find an hungry door in a jar, do you let it out
PaperDoopliss: Oh good! We can use the key to open the door
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimTeatime jcvimTeabag
rasterscan: Ben's not Adam, he won't fall for it!
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimBye ok lady
Austere_Squire: Pretend the door is a glass jar
hyaundredneer: I half-expected her to disappear
aerobeing: I bet she's gonna say "don't open the door".
Austere_Squire: think how asam would disapprove
cgwonder: whatever you do, don't open the jar- i mean door
Arclight_Dynamo: The door is ajar. A jar! Kappa
wildpeaks: :D
BusTed: Trying to outsmart the game.
jetpixi: Can't skip leg day!
SquareDotCube: We're here to taebo?
Pharmacistjudge: We have the new Chinese Ring uses Talismans
DigitalSeahorse: yo, I'm totes eating peanut butter on egg right now :P
monkeyrama: lrrFINE lrrFINE
RegulusPratus: Sweet, free bleach
jetpixi: ARE YOU?!
TStodden: We're here to whip your body & spirit in shape!
DigitalSeahorse: not bad
Kikazi: Ben, if you succeed, I hope to hear it in Ace Ventura's voice
jetpixi: Is it good? @DigitalSeahorse
Fanklok: Has Adam lost weight?
DigitalSeahorse: jetpixi yup
DigitalSeahorse: :D
jetpixi: dammit. now I gotta try it
DigitalSeahorse: xD
ButButTheJesus: tea!
SplittingImage77: @Fanklok Yeah, he's looking a bit thin
Vergotterung: was there something behind that bookcase?
NotCainNorAbel: not after 2 beers
monkeyrama: Teabagging a ghost 👀
darkspiredragon: Adam is unimpressed by your squats
jetpixi: In Destiny I can
JustPete74: Adam can
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wildpeaks: 2gaming4me
SquareDotCube: That's how you get a blonde wig
Kikazi: I can... a few times... gonna need a phone within reaching distance to call 911 though
Amentur: Man these apartments remind me of that taiwanese spoopy game
monkeyrama: Did we get the talismans she said we neded?
PaperDoopliss: @monkeyrama Yup
Kikazi: oops
Zandivya: anneLol
blip2004: that was a horrible time to come back
eric_christian_berg: Maybe five to 8?
monkeyrama: Got it. thanks SeemsGood
YawnLance: Guess it's 9:30 then?
Pinwiz11: aaaaaaaaaaaaa
arcaneIllumination: 9:30 is when she is prepping dinner in the kitchen.
Himyul: ghosts are very particular about their clocks
enki1256: 7:55 makes sense.
thehighsloth: maybe like 7:50
PaperDoopliss: I'm not convinced that the time on that click is passing
cgwonder: 9 would maybe put her in the kitchen?
HoneyJack07: can someone clip that lol
SquareDotCube: How about 4:20
Himyul: the unliving have strong feelings about daylight savings time
SquareDotCube: lrrBEEJ
Zandivya: Maybe set it to next year and she'll have left
thehighsloth: maybe u have to do 8 but then sneak around her?
seth_erickson: maybe we need to just hide back here and she won't see us
seth_erickson: Am I look Pretty?
arcaneIllumination: Can you close the door?
Fu4ow: who's skirt?
Fu4ow: whose*
Skakerman_: Set it to 9 now?
seth_erickson: maybe we set it to 9 now?
NimrodXIV: I assume you have to sneak out?
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
seth_erickson: that was a close one
thedragonlady: Yes agreed
ContingentCat: Twitch chat overthinking? Noooooo
seth_erickson: and not open the door that parts important I think
Himyul: that's a really weird way to say Netflix and chill
RegulusPratus: Yeah, the apartment door's the only interactable
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Send your sinuses to Arizona.
thehighsloth: hide in the closet for good measure
YawnLance: Oof, just realized this stealth is relying a lot on directional hearing... benginFacepalm
itomeshi: Is that a Samsung vacuum cleaner box?
wildpeaks: should I even ask the context for this advice :D
monkeyrama: Nopenopenope
BusTed: don't like that
seth_erickson: we good
NimrodXIV: No Ma'am
RegulusPratus: You should let her out. She asked nicely.
BusTed: Wait, but what if she asks nicely?
jetpixi: DON"T TRUST IT
Austere_Squire: I'm sure she just wants to apologize
NightValien28: no
Prince_Oisin: but look how sincere she is
YawnLance: NO LOK
soupgiraffe: nope
BusTed: Haha.
ButButTheJesus: GAME
monkeyrama: Excuse me game
Vergotterung: hahahaha
Austere_Squire: I trust her implicitly
rasterscan: AHAHAHAHA
ButButTheJesus: GAME NO
Jim02762: yes
NimrodXIV: NO
iLetTheDogesOut: NOOO
rasterscan: !clip
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JustPete74: She'll be fine
Nigouki: Open it you coward Kappa
raven534: Open all the other doors!
Himyul: 8(
BusTed: A tiny peek couldn't hurt.
NightValien28: THIS GUY SUCKS
Xenovita: WutFace
TamesLovesGames: NOPE
jetpixi: The Illusion of Choice
wildpeaks: katesNope
Pharmacistjudge: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
Kikazi: walk away
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
seth_erickson: just hide in the closet it'll be over soon
aerobeing: Wait, what happened?
Bearudite: absolutely not
Monocled_Falcon: Just sit in the closet for the next two hours
ButButTheJesus: just wait for like 5 minutes
DrWreckage: QUIT THE GAME, don't let it rule you
NimrodXIV: peace out
Animefreak369: quit the game you beat it just now
raven534: Play on your phone, put on loud music
theanthonydee: we just go back to our living space. the safe closet.
jessieimproved: go back to talk to grandma?
Amentur: NO screw you game
monkeyrama: Dang it, game
jetpixi: Balls
Himyul: I'm sure Adam would have feelings about this
BTC1220: seabatCHOICE
Animefreak369: its over you killed the thing
Pinwiz11: byeeeeeeeeeeee
Kikazi: (I'm just guessing about walking away)
ButButTheJesus: fuck u game
wildpeaks: well fudge
kristamichele: I gotta go in my thinking closet
NightValien28: aerobeing she was begging to open the door and then when everything went quiet the dude wants to go in to check it out
DaSunao: lrrGARBO
itomeshi: The illllllussssion of choice!
aerobeing: Is there a clock?
seth_erickson: We have to be idiots NotLikeThis
rasterscan: I wish Adam was here to shout what we're all thinking
Austere_Squire: it's almost like you don't trust the undead monster
Pharmacistjudge: I told you would check. seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: no Adam today?
MirandaArqayla: classic Adam
soupgiraffe: perfection
SirBiffaloEsq: i l l u s i o n o f c h o i c e
Saintnex: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:09:41.
jetpixi: Can you talk to granny again?
aerobeing: Can we just leave?
NightValien28: guess we die
Bearudite: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICEseabatCHOICE seabatCHOICEseabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
ButButTheJesus: yeah just wait 5 minutes
Nigouki: talk to gramma?
DrWreckage: Quit the game, for real
Austere_Squire: whenever I'm annoyed with someone, all I can hear in my head is Adam saying "THIS DUDE SUCKS!"
Saintnex: we live here now
YawnLance: Ben, you gotta do it
LadyEarlGreyWarden: seabatCHOICE
rasterscan: Maybe go to commercial break and wait? xD
Himyul: Outwaiting ghosts seems plausible
kilotango30: benginFingers
DrWreckage: Don't let it boss you around
Arimus221: Want to go on break? LUL
seth_erickson: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
HeyLuckyAnnie: I love when Adam says "This game sucks!" and "This game rules!" and they mean exactly the same thing
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: what're we playing BTW? No RE because no Adam?
NimrodXIV: break time! :)
monkeyrama: Playin that waiting game
thedragonlady: lrrHERE
seth_erickson: PogChamp
Naarius: lrrFINE
jetpixi: I gotta do it
HoneyJack07: just pretend she is playing storm and wait
thedragonlady: lrrFINE lrrHERE lrrSPOOP
Lordofironstorm: RIP Protagonist
eric_christian_berg: Not even the illusion of choice.
Kikazi: great time to buffer Twitch
Kikazi: really
NimrodXIV: she's fine
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh well that's what I get for not paying attention
Austere_Squire: Hahaha
Pinwiz11: save the game, alt-f4,they all live happily ever after
eric_christian_berg: Let her sleep it off.
seth_erickson: Should I go or Should I stay
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
Austere_Squire: Should I stay or should i go now? You should stay
cgwonder: i dont trust this
soupgiraffe: sike!
Prince_Oisin: no she's not ok she was a ghost!!
ButButTheJesus: who's saying that?!
Himyul: now she's a double ghost!
jessieimproved: whoooo said that
Austere_Squire: Who cares about Kathy? What has Kathy ever done for you that outweighs the attempted murder
Kikazi: ok, Gramma said so... so...
monkeyrama: Where is this old lady
seth_erickson: We win PogChamp
rasterscan: Wait what
Lordofironstorm: Wow
seth_erickson: it wasn't a trick
Vergotterung: lol
Zandivya: Wha?
BusTed: Uh ohhhh
Saintnex: I did not expect to start hearing cantonese on Lets Nope :p
jessieimproved: wedatedtheend
Pinwiz11: Part 2?
PaperDoopliss: Oh, was that Kowloon Walled City?
thehighsloth: ooh no
Kikazi: @PaperDoopliss apparently
Vergotterung: Kathy chan!
PaperDoopliss: Rad. More stories need to take place in Kowloon
wildpeaks: totally-not-skype
HoneyJack07: they started dating and thats how Danny Phantom was born
thedragonlady: Wait what's on the wall
seth_erickson: BAMMM get a coffee to refresh
Austere_Squire: is that your friend's eye in that logo on the wall
NimrodXIV: *boom* get coffee
eric_christian_berg: Need coffee to understand Cantonese.
thedragonlady: Did he want to remember the eyeball
itomeshi: Oh, we're playing Serge!
Calaban161: That noise to stand up
SirBiffaloEsq: Shit, she's ghosting us
Vergotterung: *lunch*
YawnLance: Kathy, you can't just spam our chat and then not respond
Lordofironstorm: Spooky Coffee
Kikazi: nice posters...
Zandivya: She's ghosting you?
awkwardreaper: that is one freaky baby picture lol
Fu4ow: tfw I get a coffee to refresh my mind
Prince_Oisin: every good office needs an eyeless doll painting
enki1256: Interesting.... guess its an AU where the walled city still stands? Seeing it was demo'ed back in the early 90's and its a park now.
BusTed: Right.
seth_erickson: No ghosts in this editing studio
YawnLance: Electricity is expensive Ben
seth_erickson: She's just upset we didn't open the door earlier Kappa
monkeyrama: Ghost Face... lrrSPOOP
jetpixi: LIke from Scream?
RvLeshrac: This letter really speaks to Ben, I think.
arcaneIllumination: probably meant appease, not applause.
TStodden: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Lordofironstorm: What do they have against the Wu-Tang Clan?
Austere_Squire: Aha. The true terror. Youtubers
Fu4ow: is this a youtube coop?
wildpeaks: "scream, like and subscribe"
Pteraspidomorphi: This is basically the moonbase
Lithobraker: Yeah but you have cheap hydroelectric
Dergib: that's all?
Saintnex: Its good
ProfBlahson: 40? That’s it?
jessieimproved: It's not the lights it's the air conditioning
jetpixi: "Do you like scary movies?'
thedragonlady: Delicious
Xenovita: its SeemsGood
wildpeaks: it's delicious
Kramburger: Go to Japan, it's a whole thing there
Austere_Squire: at what point do we say Kathy gets to fend for herself
awkwardreaper: my flat in uk i'm paying like 65$ a month there abouts lol most things are electric very little gas use
monkeyrama: Why is everything locked NotLikeThis
soupgiraffe: hold it
theanthonydee: its probably occupied
YawnLance: Bathrooms are expensive, Ben lrrBEEJ
seth_erickson: Who's running this building
aerobeing: If you do use AA/AAA batteries, I recommend getting either latest version of Japan made Eneloops or Fujitsu equivalent, with a smart charger.
Bladinus: no pooping on company time!
TStodden: At my old apartment, I was spending around $100 / mo for electricity + gas, but I was on budget billing... so it wouldn't spike over winter.
Nigouki: shit on the boss' desk in protest
wildpeaks: now there's the real horror
empyreon: It's good, and depending on the machine it can be nice and toasty
jetpixi: This is one of Beej's properties?
Prince_Oisin: guess i'll just piss on this rug then
Amentur: It's okay
HeyLuckyAnnie: someone call OSHA on this place
monkeyrama: It's no streamer mansion, though OpieOP
ButButTheJesus: oh my god, its the Chinese Moon Base!
Drathak: Dude getting paid to poop is great
ButButTheJesus: its your counterparts in China!
oyleslyck: gettin' paid to poop, livin' the dream
thedragonlady: Try the Mr. Brown coffee it's the best, no joke
Fanklok: oes Graham know your wastin g LRR funds pooping?
Kramburger: Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's ewhy I poop on company time
Lordofironstorm: Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I poop on company time
TheMoatman: I wasn't listening too closely and heard Ben say "my apartment's like forty bucks" and immediately thought he was talking about his rent
eric_christian_berg: You can't rush poop.
tknomncr: Excremeditation time
YawnLance: I have directional hearing and I could not tell where the heck that was coming from
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monkeyrama: Man doesn't know how phones work
seth_erickson: he's just staring at the phone
ButButTheJesus: katesNope
Kikazi: 15 min poop breaks? you are but a little baby... oh, wait, no, that means you're pro level, never mind
Vergotterung: hahaha
Dergib: poop breaks are the best. they can't tell you no
TheMoatman: And $40 rent? In Vic? (Or anywhere?)
seth_erickson: How did he even snag this job he's an idiot
Vergotterung: cursed camcorder
SquareDotCube: And now Fatal Frame. -ish
TheMoatman: Technically, I only had to clock out if I spent more than 20 minutes away
seth_erickson: why did you say serial so weird
raven534: Hardisk? Not, like, hard drive?
Natimus_Prime: I'd rather be a cereal killer
TStodden: They spelled "Cereal" wrong. lrrBEEJ
Awexdio: Killer Kathy is back! And this time Granny isn't here to save you!
BusTed: gross
aerobeing: "Serial" in Russian means (TV) "series".
awkwardreaper: this definitely sounds like a place you don't wanna work hahaha
rasterscan: Ow
Pharmacistjudge: I prefer Hot Oatmeal killer
seth_erickson: seabatYIKES
DigitalSeahorse: I eat cereal
Pharmacistjudge: or Pancake Killer
jetpixi: I feel like that's not bad
jetpixi: But my view is skewed
DigitalSeahorse: waffle killer!
wildpeaks: 1875 a month ? o.O
jessieimproved: whoo boy, I mortgage a house on a half acre for that where I am
monkeyrama: Not compared to where we are @jetpixi LUL
Lithobraker: Pitch: a serial killer who only targets true crime podcasters
thehighsloth: oh hell no
Fu4ow: where's the gunpla desk
jetpixi: looooong fart
Kikazi: from what you've shown of your apartment, I consider that $1800 a steal
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: only $18.75?!
seth_erickson: This office is full of Nerds DansGame
YawnLance: Sounds cheap compared to Dublin :P
DaSunao: I'm at 180k yennies a month, that ain't bad
Scy_Anide: My apartment is exactly the same price.
seth_erickson: Kappa
DrWreckage: You aren't even getting to live in a cool ass place like new york for that money
awkwardreaper: someone is in toilet it's why it's locked lol
ProfBlahson: God I want your rent holy moly
Kikazi: pardon, $1875
ButButTheJesus thinks a third into rent wouldn't be bad
Vyous: Recently moved out of a studio that was 2200 per month us. So glad I no longer live in that area.
DigitalSeahorse: *looks at y'all menacingly with a waffle iron*
aerobeing: hardisk
iLetTheDogesOut: who just keeps them stacked like that?
aerobeing: In 30 years kids won't know what those are.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Thats one solution
Amentur: Office needs some WD40
DrWreckage: I live in a big american city with all the features-- 600$ a month
ComradeMik: that's less than i pay per month in aus
TheMoatman: See, $1875 is about what things start at near me. Except in USD
ComradeMik: i do have a bigish house
seth_erickson: Ben's going nuggie crazy NotLikeThis
TStodden: Makes my $500 rent + $100 utilities + $100 internet seem reasonable.
ButButTheJesus: @DrWreckage same, 1200 here
ComradeMik: but still
wildpeaks: is it entirely made of gold for that price ? o.O
Scy_Anide: I live in Manhattan and that IS the price of my apartment, $1350 in Harlem.
Scy_Anide: (USD)
YawnLance: Oh, we're a streamer
monkeyrama: You could rent the front room in my mom's house for that money PogChamp
Ciijay: Oh yeah, if you live in a big city - you probably pay 2/3 towards rent. or half.
Arclight_Dynamo: I went to school in Toronto. I spent $1000 a month on a tiny basement with uneven floors, asbestos, and ten thousand spiders. Seven years ago. So.
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben i work in IT i know those hard drive, all of those are cursed!
jetpixi: Hi @Ciijay !
TheMoatman: Did I see some Nicomments earlier
CastleOtranto: I live in rural America. You don't even want to know how little my mortgage payment is.
Ciijay: Hey @jetpixi !
seth_erickson: disembered is she a Dark Souls Character?
DigitalSeahorse: I literally live in a hole, large hole but still crowded with my stuff, $687/m
DigitalSeahorse: unshared
Kikazi: oh joy
monkeyrama: Wow
YawnLance: Oh we are 100% livestreaming
monkeyrama: We're here PogChamp
jetpixi: ooooo
ButButTheJesus: it us!
BusTed: Like Periscope or whatever.
Ciijay: Hi VOD
Animefreak369: yea thats an asian thing
DigitalSeahorse: Toronto*
seth_erickson: What is this shit????
rasterscan: 7 - Lungs
TheMoatman: It's the same thing NicoNico does
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Wear the jellyfish with your ship.
Ciijay: hello future me
Lordofironstorm: Yeah, this is what the Chinese equivalent of twitch is like
Laserbeaks_Fury: Chat in a game, not *that* is horrifying
jetpixi: Can we tell him what to do then?
TheMoatman: Both for videos and streams
rasterscan: 4 - HEart
Scy_Anide: I mean, either way you are.
Kikazi: I think those are the main character's (who's watching the video) thoughts
seth_erickson: puzzle inc
Fu4ow: er, a vod of a livestream?
raven534: Hey, a bathroom! Better than your office, I guess
PaperDoopliss: I kind of like the distracter scare chords
jessieimproved: Aw, thought I was going to get a bingo square, but that toilet is so empty
TheMoatman: Ah, those must be from the Sephiroth Clones
Kikazi: lrrGARBO
monkeyrama: nice poo box
Awexdio: I think 7 is an unlucky number for China
Fu4ow: 4 months pregnant?
Lordofironstorm: The chat flies across the screen
Prince_Oisin: it's the code to the safe with a key
gawag_: lungs 7 heart 4?
DigitalSeahorse: unshared kitchen and bathroom, shared entrance*
jetpixi: 4 hearts and 7 lungs
aerobeing: @jessieimproved Remember cs_militia map?
Lex_Peacekeeper: you must gather 4 hearts and 7 lungs
PaperDoopliss: 4 is Japanese
Veverica12: Japanese is 4
jetpixi: It's 4 for sure
TheMoatman: That one's japan for sure
Vyous: 4 is Japan
monkeyrama: 4 is a bad number in chinese
Gizmoloid: Yeah it looks just like comments on videos on niconicodouga
SquareDotCube: If you have four hearts and seven lungs, please see a doctor
oyleslyck: its 4 in china for sure
Phailhammer: 4 is bad in China as well.
letfireraindown: the paper Adam keeps catching me when i look up
raven534: We need 3 GI tracts
TStodden: 4 of hearts? 7 of lungs? 3 of guts? What demented deck of cards is this!?
Abelzumi: that's japanese
jetpixi: My collegues are largely chinese and we tend to stay away from 4
Austere_Squire: 4 of most organs is bad
Kramburger: Four hearts, seven lungs, can't lose
spiffinn: is adam absent?
Abelzumi: japanese 4 = shi = death
seth_erickson: a Luigi Board PogChamp
frogomb: 7 is for hukjai
monkeyrama: What is this?
jetpixi: Mini game?!
Kikazi: Roxanne, you don't have to turn on the red light!
ButterBall000: Oh, damn! How long ago did this start?
SquareDotCube: Well there's one
AtomicAlchemical: 4 is death in China, Japan, and I think also Korea?
seth_erickson: Rob this crime scene you idiot
DigitalSeahorse: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:22:50.
jessieimproved: @aerobeing ahh the low poly poo poos
jetpixi: dafuq
Pinwiz11: ewewewewewewewew
Vergotterung: lol
Austere_Squire: I hate these words
blip2004: is it a vod if its not on demand and instead is just a normal ass video
Kikazi: ruh roh
monkeyrama: Hmmmmm
LetsConsider: ewewew
niccus: oh, a wife guy
Juliamon: nope nope nope
Fu4ow: this is a cool ass concept
seth_erickson: uh oh that doesn't bode well
Phailhammer: katesNope katesNope katesNope
jetpixi: these words in this configuration are ew
Prince_Oisin: not doll people please not doll people
Kramburger: Ben, minor spoiler, but at the end of this section don't forget to like, share and subscribe
Austere_Squire: Mircowave seen some shit
TheMoatman: If I said you had a beautiful body would you trade me for a better one
Phailhammer: We Dr. Steinman now. lrrBEEJ
DigitalSeahorse: um
seth_erickson: whos storing their notes in microwaves
Kumakaori: looks like a puzzle solution or two
Kikazi: "house of dismembered opera singer" he said at the start..
aerobeing: That microwave made me think that we need to call in a repairs person in Cooking Simulator.
DigitalSeahorse: horror puzzles!
Arclight_Dynamo: Wow, what a pain in the ass.
Fu4ow: oh good you don't *need* to read cantonese
ghostvalv: lrrSPOT
Arclight_Dynamo: I understand it.
TheMoatman: Is Jumpscare Lady the opera singer?
aerobeing: @jessieimproved And if I'm not misremembering, you could destroy them by shooting them.
BusTed: This looks like a map from the original LoZ.
TheMoatman: Or are there also just other random ghosts?
Phailhammer: Arclight_Dynamo: No, we haven't found any of those yet. lrrBEEJ
Arclight_Dynamo: @Phailhammer Hah. :P
monkeyrama: That drip tho
LetsConsider: oh
wildpeaks: maybe the numbers is the order ?
seth_erickson: what even is the thing we're interacting with?
Kikazi: match the pattern for the number
Laserbeaks_Fury: the cubes slide, like an abacus?
Arclight_Dynamo: Do you want a hint?
soupgiraffe: 3
Austere_Squire: 3
Prince_Oisin: 3
harvester369: 3
gawag_: I don't know what the bottom part is but yeah
Pteraspidomorphi: The remaining one
awkwardreaper: 3
LetsConsider: Each number has a pattern at the bottom
oyleslyck: assume 3
Pinwiz11: one item on the inside, three on the outside?
LetsConsider: Put the pattern for the number
awkwardreaper: looks at the bottom parts
awkwardreaper: arrange the numbers like the bottom
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gawag_: ohhhh
jetpixi: "This doesn't seem right" is all I say during puzzle games
Kikazi: there ya go
DigitalSeahorse: gotta have "guts" to solve this one
kristamichele: ask adam
arcaneIllumination: Glad it gives you the clue sheet con the puzzle screen.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Stop getting hit by everything.
Kikazi: yeah
Arclight_Dynamo: Ey, he got there!
kainboa: Brain, Heart, Intestine, By your powers combined, I'm Captain Spoop!
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seth_erickson: Oh yeah we gamin now
Kikazi: ya
Kikazi: all down for 6
DigitalSeahorse: Adam smiling this whole time like he knows :P
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimLol
Kikazi: 8!
oyleslyck: No 8
Kikazi: 8 then 5
orbitaltuna: should draw an owo face on adam
Arimus221: Swap 5 and 8
blip2004: you did 5 on the 8
iLetTheDogesOut: yea adam definitely has got this solved already
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimReally lrrADAM katesChair
seth_erickson: He's too smart seabatBRAIN
oyleslyck: 8 is still wrong
raven534: 8's still wrong
Stalevar_: 8 is still wrong
soupgiraffe: do 8 like 7
thehighsloth: 8 still off
Kikazi: 8 is still wrong
random_shoes: 8 is still wrong
Kikazi: lrrGOAT
aerobeing: A Fifth Elementy stone.
monkeyrama: how did that show up :o
seth_erickson: LUL
YawnLance: NOPE
BusTed: oh boy
monkeyrama: Pleaaaaase no NotLikeThis
iLetTheDogesOut: NOPE
Kikazi: but of course!
ButButTheJesus: OH BOY
frozenphoenix7: Have fun Mr. Ulmer.
GoblinRanger: Pefect for your adam puppet there
wildpeaks: at least it's not spiders
TamesLovesGames: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Pteraspidomorphi: Creepy Doll loves you
Lex_Peacekeeper: you have to make the puppet that will chace you!
Nigouki: but Ben, you literally made and Adam puppet today Kappa
Arclight_Dynamo: Ben. Yu LITERALLY MADE a puppet today.
theanthonydee: adam, what do you think of the dolls and puppets?
Kramburger: Bet you wish you had Adam about now
DigitalSeahorse: sergeSnerge
Austere_Squire: this was, perhaps, the wrong game for solo
Dergib: yay puppets!!!!!
RvLeshrac: I think I just saw Adam move.
Pteraspidomorphi: She wants to play with you
Kikazi: yipe yipe yipe
p3nguinkin: says the man with the jace marionette pet in arena :P
seth_erickson: wildpeaks what if it's spiders that are puppets NotLikeThis
Prince_Oisin: those are some thick thighs
soupgiraffe: I thought you didnt like featureless humanoids
DigitalSeahorse: stempleShrine
Fu4ow: still haven't hit bingo
wildpeaks: *gasp*
DigitalSeahorse: stempleSilver
DigitalSeahorse: stempleMonkey
Mister_BlueSky: And spiders, oh my.
Kramburger: More like a HUGmonclous
itomeshi: aka a Gol-adam?
frozenphoenix7: What are Homunculi but puppets made of flesh
theanthonydee: Ben made Version 1.0 of C.E.L.E.R.Y
monkeyrama: lol
DigitalSeahorse: arenetGabeFace
jetpixi: LUL
seth_erickson: Mood
Kikazi: wow, really?
Dog_of_Myth: Wut
thehighsloth: hahaha
wildpeaks: LUL
NightValien28: beautiful
DigitalSeahorse: ladyhe11SnuffHEART
Austere_Squire: People die from death and become Bardo
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerClown wheelerH wheelerH wheelerClown
Mister_BlueSky: DO they?
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimEva jcvimBlink jcvimOh
Laserbeaks_Fury: Pull the finger
Fu4ow: woah exact timing on reincarnation?
seth_erickson: Honestly when can I become Bardo
DigitalSeahorse: slytqWhat slytqWhat slytqWhat
spiffinn: oh that sound
Kikazi: ooo, is there buried treasure?
DigitalSeahorse: bunnnBlind
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
awkwardreaper: hahaha
blip2004: why smash the wall when you can burn the place to the ground
KCazduke: Whoops
BusTed: spoop
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Animefreak369: HOW DARE YOU
thehighsloth: hahahaha
DigitalSeahorse: steveinMouse steveinStabby
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL
seth_erickson: Why is the game mad at us
jetpixi: Dance it out
thedragonlady: aww
amuseoffirebane: nope dance
theanthonydee: adam help!
DigitalSeahorse: hahahhaha
harvester369: jlrrBreak
Shakari_: jackson 5 scare lo
thehighsloth: that was great
mxBug: myster15Spooky
Inquisitor_Xian: I love you ben lol
thedragonlady: lrrFINE
arcaneIllumination: Did Ben miss that text?
frozenphoenix7: So that goes on the highlights, right?
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Don't let the scientists get you. They're wily.
Kikazi: the words "How Dare You" also scrolled across the screen in red
Dog_of_Myth: Welcome to the highlights
darkspiredragon: Social distance from the Ghost Ben
p3nguinkin: lrrSPOOP
itomeshi: We can.... we can play another game.
thedragonlady: lrrFINE lrrHEART
Fu4ow: @Kikazi was that the chat?
Amentur: 10/10 Spoopy dance
soupgiraffe: that needs to be on a highlight reel
gawag_: the chat message was really good
Animefreak369: me missed the best part
DigitalSeahorse: steveinDevil benginSpoop katesNope
seth_erickson: game not happy we paused
mxBug: gammac2SweetScary
Lex_Peacekeeper: and now on lets nope Ben plays animel crossing!
Dergib: this is why I love watching the let's nope
YawnLance: Oh...
Pteraspidomorphi: Cursed VOD
Fu4ow: ooh it was a "highlight my message"
wildpeaks: chat intensifies
GoblinRanger: It said how dare you when you were dancing around there
Vergotterung: wow no thanks
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Dergib: ben and adam always have amazing reactions
Pinwiz11: whaaaaaaaaaaaa
Kikazi: oh my
jetpixi: um....
monkeyrama: what even
seth_erickson: wow vod really was cursed
Phailhammer: katesRip
Animefreak369: and now you are cursed rip
Nigouki: oh good, the red text only said DEATH
TheMoatman: My stream froze during all that
Pteraspidomorphi: Seven daysss
gawag_: cursed
TamesLovesGames: C U R S E D
wildpeaks: well that went well
NightValien28: look on the bright side you didn't deal with it
Prince_Oisin: well then
p3nguinkin: Somehow this doesn't seem any better...
YawnLance: So Ben, how many channel points to do that on your stream? lrrBEEJ
DigitalSeahorse: vileolTape vileolTape vileolTape
darkspiredragon: hard to tell if ghost or twitch... maybe ghost is in twitch
Pheonix888: #content
mxBug: 死死死死死死死死死死死死死死死死死死
gawag_: that was fucking great
Fu4ow: gramma said only people *filmed* by the camera
monkeyrama: Break time PogChamp
seth_erickson: it's because we're not gaming
Kikazi: no,... they weren't off...
Himyul: why do all the sticky notes have the same thing on them?
arkilyd: Turned off or just all on sleep mode
Amentur: We didn't have to deal with it!
wildpeaks: xraCH3
DigitalSeahorse: ssandWOW
DigitalSeahorse: bunnnSad bunnnSad bunnnSad
frozenphoenix7: Whoaaaa, we're halfway there. Whoaaaa, living for the scare.
theonlyangelx: theonl45LURK
Kramburger: Ben's Adam Sadadan
awkwardreaper: someone is gona be dreaming of puppets later lol
KCazduke: Corgo100 Horror games are like extra spicy food - we put ourselves through the pain because we enjoy it!
Mister_BlueSky: Ben needs Adam to not be spooped. mister165Obligatoryheart
TwitchingPokki: This must be hard without another person Ben, you got this! We are here for you but it's not the same~~~
Lex_Peacekeeper: lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM
raven534: It can be the end if you want, right? Just talk out your feelings for 1:30
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
DigitalSeahorse: what wildpeaks said vileolTape
the_cardiac_people: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:32:41.
niccus: past you needs a stern talking-to for picking this for a solo night
Dergib: i can't wait til the giant puppet is chasing us
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky mister165Tailswave
ButButTheJesus: @monkeyrama thanks for clipping that, I was looking away when it happened
Mister_BlueSky: mister165Wave DigitalSeahorse
monkeyrama: lrrHEART @ButButTheJesus
DigitalSeahorse: want shirt, no money tho >.<
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer100 Hey friends, it’s your mid-stream reminder to drink some water, take your meds, and tell someone you love them! 💗
raven534: I was also looking away, so lrrHEART thanks @monkeyrama
Fu4ow: this game is doiong some real cool stuff
harvester369: hopefully a highlight reel
monkeyrama: No problem SeemsGood
SpookySpaghooti: Hey LRRfriends! How are we?
Dergib: that def has to make highlight reel
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DigitalSeahorse: stempleTeaTime sergeHeart sergeKappaccino sergePrideLove katesTea jcvimTeatime jcvimTeabag
monkeyrama: Hi again Ben
Lex_Peacekeeper: When Ben comes back the game is just animel crossing at night, dealing with ranchos
jetpixi: Speaking of AC. How are people's turnips?
theonlyangelx: this is my favourite Adam thus far XD
Diabore: whatever it takes to stall the game
Ba_Dum_Tish: Animal crossing is kinda like a mobile game. It only requires a small investment each day
Lex_Peacekeeper: @jetpixi the discord had a 597 price today alot of people sold
Dog_of_Myth: Well Adam is the strong silent type.
jetpixi: nice
TStodden: Ranchos will turn into Scorpos in ~3 days...
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Pinwiz11: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Mister_BlueSky: Adam? Silent? WutFace
theonlyangelx: @Dog_of_Myth stronk and quiet, best type
Dergib: that was weak ben
Dergib: you can do better
ghostvalv: :O
Kramburger: My wife and I have been getting really into it. We share an island and the other day my wife turned our living room ingame into the this is fine mere with campfires
monkeyrama: ?
gawag_: there was another iteration of this game that was on this show before, right? I asked before but had to step away before I could see the answer
Phailhammer: THere goes Ben's universal translator again. lrrBEEJ
Dergib: the burp
KCazduke: This game specifically is like mapo tofu. :D
monkeyrama: Wow LUL
ButButTheJesus: ew!
ghostvalv: plz no
theonlyangelx: :| lol
mxBug: lmao
Dergib: oh then sorry
jdkaiba: bravo
Amentur: Thanks. I hate it
jetpixi: i can burp on demand, too. weird skill i decided to develop
Himyul: for the record, chat did not 'demand' that
monkeyrama: lol, that's smart
theonlyangelx: hm, i'm getting super buffery so imma dip XD
Himyul: is it just me, or is he dropping a ton of frames?
theonlyangelx: is it set in hong kong?
monkeyrama: Twitch is acting up again
raven534: That's a lot of electrical bill, Ben
jetpixi: James is gonna get mad about the bill
teavian: lrrSPOOP
Kramburger: We demand nothing, we merely content ourselves with reminding ypou of your duty
EldarLuin: Creeeeeeeeeepy
eric_christian_berg: Gibbs!
Phailhammer: theonlyangelx I believe so.
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
monkeyrama: Oh great, haunted prop room
Himyul: that's probably Bartleby
oyleslyck: Kathy turned it on
Lordofironstorm: RIP Ben
TheMoatman: James up to his old tricks
BusTed: You did grab a bunch of props.
thehighsloth: den den den
theonlyangelx: @Phailhammer coool! I miss HK
jetpixi: Of course the prop room is haunted. They all are
Dergib: the puppets
Lithobraker: Don't worry, Bartlebee will turn off the lights for James
Kikazi: pretty sure James could stay more than 6 ft away and still flip the switch :D
Ba_Dum_Tish: Good
The_Voices: its just Gib
theonlyangelx: ok, dippi time!
DigitalSeahorse: forcing air back up from diaphragm isn't the most healthy thing I hear but you do you
ghostvalv: :)
Bearudite: didn't you collect parts for Adamonculous?
TStodden: Could be Harry, Bartleby, Pistachio or Gibb...
Vinny_Fives: Bartleby needed a reading light... for reading
NightValien28: oh look its the murder corridor
Dergib: gib did it
Lex_Peacekeeper: IAn has a remote control for all the lights
ButButTheJesus: james shows up in full hazmat suit, just to fuck with the lights
Dog_of_Myth: lrrFINE
theanthonydee: why are all the lights red??
theonlyangelx: theonl45Heart benginHeart lrrHEART
gawag_: okay, maybe I'm just reading similarities to similar east Asian horror games. I'm bad at remembering the names lol
Amentur: This is good
Pteraspidomorphi: On second thought, let's not go down the creepy hallway. 'tis a silly place
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh good, good, good
Kramburger: Jesus, Ben
Awexdio: It wasn't Red lit before I think
DigitalSeahorse: from stomach with diaphragm*
seth_erickson: was that door always there?
YawnLance: Oh hey, it's that dripping noise again
Lordofironstorm: KATHAAAAYYY
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I'm impressed that helmet's still up there to be honest
monkeyrama: Oh nooooo
Ba_Dum_Tish: Our office sucks
thehighsloth: u been pulled back
Bearudite: huehuehuehue
monkeyrama: Ditch Kathy NotLikeThis
jetpixi: Oh yes
YawnLance: You cannot escape it Ben
EldarLuin: I yeet!
monkeyrama: Save yourself NotLikeThis
Lex_Peacekeeper: build your dream doll Ben
Dergib: you are back in city
Pinwiz11: Kathy's strong, she'll be fine
YawnLance: Better find a hammer :D
BusTed: But what if... not Kathy
oyleslyck: Dump kathy already, she's trouble!
Saintnex: Kathy is gonna get us killed
darkspiredragon: Ghost hasn't murder screamed at you enough
niccus: ack
thehighsloth: yes forget kathy she only 1 woman
Amentur: Let Kathy live her new life alone
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is Kathy worth all this
thehighsloth: u have other optins
wildpeaks: is it the same devs as Devotion by the way ? or the rendering/setting merely looks similar ?
Himyul: that's the tense violins button
Prince_Oisin: Ben, everything's going to be ok. they're just going to steal your 4 hearts and 7 lungs and replace you with plastic
DigitalSeahorse: xD
gawag_: c o o l g a m e
awkwardreaper: you really don't like puppets do ya
TheBehemothBarn: This my greatest fear as well, so good luck...
monkeyrama: Oh great
YawnLance: Nope
Pteraspidomorphi: Inconspicuous Button Spawns Monsters?
Arclight_Dynamo: I think saving Kathy from a supernatural horror goes well beyond the scope of our work relationship with her.
monkeyrama: A nice tunnel
Lordofironstorm: She has a real problem with being posessed all the time
soupgiraffe: kathy let's you do that one thing you like
seth_erickson: in we go
Saintnex: noooo, lets not do this...
EldarLuin: Secret tunnel! Secret tunnel!
jessieimproved: cool game
ButButTheJesus: GREAT COOL
gawag_: fuuuuuuuuuuuck that
Pharmacistjudge: what was that game where you can abandon your girlriend at the beginning of the game?
actionjb: Nothing bad can happen here
TheMoatman: Don't look back
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Mister_Hush: were those the masks from 3 Ninjas
Prince_Oisin: noon why would you go in the bad doll room
itomeshi: Secret Tunnel, but Nooooooooope!~
Mister_BlueSky: Something scurries by in 3, 2...
awkwardreaper: tight space with a puppet
wildpeaks: this seems safe
Pharmacistjudge: when she was kidnapped by like the mafia?
theanthonydee: no turning back now
DigitalSeahorse: dollies: "Do you want to play?"
Arclight_Dynamo: Imagine all the dust and, like, SPORES, we're breathing.
seth_erickson: Kathy howd you get in here without opening the door NotLikeThis
Ba_Dum_Tish: Who designs these buildings
Kramburger: Creepy Hole is what my wife call my butt
thejuggernate: and it just gets worse
monkeyrama: looool, that would have been amazing
wildpeaks: oh good
ButButTheJesus: omg ben
EldarLuin: lol
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben its the cramped passes, you never died in there did you?
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: how many dolls following you?
Prince_Oisin: oh good
YawnLance: You're getting closer to it :D
oyleslyck: you got a friend in me....
TheMoatman: It's to cover up the footsteps
Mister_BlueSky: A |/| D Y
Prince_Oisin: OH gOoD
Mister_Hush: ew
steven_strangle: Ben, have you ever considered doing any VR horror games for let's nope? Resident Evil 7 VR is really, really good
wildpeaks: bad plumbing, the real horror
seth_erickson: It's dripping right in our ear NotLikeThis
YawnLance: d r i p d r i p
TheMoatman: Is that blood or water?
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP seabatYIKES
Himyul: don't ask questions you don't want answered
EldarLuin: There's your dripping
TheBehemothBarn: Nope
TheMoatman: Because that 's a *lot* of blood
thehighsloth: that looks like a whole lot of nope
DigitalSeahorse: :O
gawag_: don't like that!
TheMoatman: Oh good, water
TheMoatman: I think
Ba_Dum_Tish: Secret tunnel in the blood bath
NightValien28: this is hell
Reduce_Sanity: late to the stream. why do we have Wilson Adam?
DigitalSeahorse: water dammage!
Dergib: does that hole look heart shaped?
Kikazi: ohgoooooood
TheMoatman: T posing to assert their dominance over Ben
Dog_of_Myth: lrrFINE
DigitalSeahorse: floating....
Saintnex: sure, yep, just water
NightValien28: no ben
ButButTheJesus: lrrFINE
Lordofironstorm: and evil puppets
RvLeshrac: Nothing to be afraid of? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much that's going to cost to repair?
Himyul: and black mold. Fear and black mold
seth_erickson: Fear is the mind killer
Mister_BlueSky: They're not T-posing, so they can't be very powerful.
Prince_Oisin: Oh, don't mind that that's just my blood room nothing to see here
DigitalSeahorse: how are they hanging there
Countjondi: I can't stop looking at "ADAM"
TStodden: Fear & Black Mold (the silent killer)...
theanthonydee: man we must be sweating a lot for it to be dripping this much
raven534: So just don't think about being afraid
Kramburger: Squats build booty!
arcaneIllumination: It' just water with some rust from pipes.
Kikazi: in some religions, "Fear" is an actual diety...
monkeyrama: Ben, did you want to swap sides again?
Awexdio: Nothing to fear except fear... and killer demon puppets
soupgiraffe: reminds me of fatal frame
Kikazi: deity*
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is how Adam stays fit practising his t-bagging
TheMoatman: Hell of an opera singer
DigitalSeahorse: I'd get stuck
Mister_Hush: hello!
soupgiraffe: they has lots of those kinda hallways
jetpixi: It's like a dream/nightmare
itomeshi: You didn't look behind curtain #1
Reduce_Sanity: spoopy
monkeyrama: Adamunculous is kinda...
thehighsloth: mushi mush
Legion_AI: The repair costs for something like that in your weird foundation basement are gonna be huge
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draja128: Let's all send Mail Time dolls for Ben!
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TheMoatman: Oh wait, that was the video
Prince_Oisin: nopenopenope
monkeyrama: Kathy's got that strut, tho
YawnLance: Wait... if we save this girl do we have to go out with her too?
Lex_Peacekeeper: hit the gong!
harvester369: it's a doll though
majortom829: hello Ben and completely normal Adam
TheMoatman: That's a very conspicuous gong
Arclight_Dynamo: Can we bong the gong?
gawag_: you shouldn't have opened that door Ben
gualdhar: ok chat, how spoopy is the spoopy tonight?
DigitalSeahorse: y'all right there, miz?
YawnLance: Decently spoopy gualdhar
wildpeaks: it's quite spoopy
awkwardreaper: just what happened in this town hahahah
Pharmacistjudge: I am reminded of how brought "Ben" to GP Seattle.
thehighsloth: bong the gong with master wong
oyleslyck: security guard noped out
TheMoatman: Oh no
TheMoatman: Hit it
TheMoatman: You gotta
TheBehemothBarn: NEAT!
thehighsloth: do it
Mister_Hush: the mallet?
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Never hug people with your mouth.
PlusDY: you gotta
Mister_Hush: I like Gong Bonger
Kikazi: hey ma'am? Ma'am!? MA'AM!... can you direct me to the nearest pharmacy? I need prescription sedatives... cuz I ain't sleepin tonight otherwise....
YawnLance: The gong bonger, the thing to bong the gong.
thehighsloth: nooo
SquareDotCube: you have your fist...
Arclight_Dynamo: Are those landmine warning signs by the window?!?!
Saintnex: the gong bonger lol
Lordofironstorm: The gong bonger
ghostvalv: the gonger
Pteraspidomorphi: Horror protagonists making bad decisions? Never
TheMoatman: I believe that's called "cannabis"
raven534: !findquote bong
LRRbot: Quote #3151: "Maybe the moose can be smoking a bong, rather than playing a guitar!" —Kate [2016-08-08]
Himyul: the gonger donger
monkeyrama: What if we hit a bong instead of a gong OpieOP
DigitalSeahorse: ssandCOIN theonl45SPANK ssandSPOOKED gong slytqDD
jetpixi: Yeah. Gong Bonger is good
kusinohki: a bong the size of a gong??
Kramburger: Can't bong the gong, can't honk the gronk
Lordofironstorm: Is that the technical term?
blip2004: the Rangle Bangle
gawag_: the "gong bonger"
Pharmacistjudge: @Kikazi you'll need a script for that
TheMoatman: It might
DigitalSeahorse: Be a gonger
kristamichele: this is nightmare music
Awexdio: Don't forget to find the nearest hidey hole after hitting the gong bonger
Mister_Hush: Can we name a Pokemon GongBonger
Saintnex: wait what?
Kikazi: @Pharmacistjudge under normal circumstances, yes....
Prince_Oisin: if you can't bong the gong can you tum the drum?
oyleslyck: better than the water dripping tho
Arclight_Dynamo: What are those yellow triangles by the window?
TheMoatman: Maybe Mr. Wong can bong the gong?
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah.
seth_erickson: don't have the mallet NotLikeThis
TStodden: Anything can be used as a striker...
Pteraspidomorphi: A tiny table... that's an impassable barrier
monkeyrama: It..... might
TheMoatman: Maybe you were supposed to take the gong bonger
Shadowner: you forgot the item? lol
Bearudite: I would
awkwardreaper: probably would hahah
wildpeaks: it's gonna be a doll arm, isn't it ?
e_bloc: dat Adam tho Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100
wiggins: Hi Adam! good to see you! who's that you're streaming with?
TheMoatman: like some sort of Sierra game
wildpeaks: or similar doll-based
thehighsloth: u underestimate what these games like to do
Dog_of_Myth: Hairpin?
seth_erickson: but only very ineffectively
SquareDotCube: the gobonger
Mister_Hush: @TheMoatman Hey! Some of those games were alright!
wildpeaks: if they really expected you to pick it, taht's a bit unfortunate they make you backtrack this far
DigitalSeahorse: my regular antihistamine I ran out of, now if I want relief I only have what makes me drowsy or probably gives me a headache cause it did when I first tried the Allegra
UncannyJimjams: hey Ben, let's bong some dodongos!
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YawnLance: So chat, while we walk back, how is everyone? benginLol
Awexdio: Well now those rooms have to be haunted so you can get jumped in them
EldarLuin: Careful Ben. That's the Helm song
jetpixi: Doin' good @YawnLance
Pteraspidomorphi: The helm is being respected
TStodden: Gong a Bong...
Arclight_Dynamo: Something on the ground by the water hole?
EldarLuin: It's never done.
Mister_Hush: If James were around and he drew a penis on the gong, would we then need to bong the dong gong
letfireraindown: totally, helm is no more'
Lex_Peacekeeper: and thats why Ben blow himself up
HoneyJack07: yep still creepy room
Nosser2: hates dolls, also sits next to large Adam doll
Rockario: @TStodden Get it ooon SingsNote
letfireraindown: DO IT
awkwardreaper: you can just imagine getting a parcel soon :P
Himyul: did Ben just challenge chat?
oyleslyck: reverse psychology... it works
Pharmacistjudge: seriously you will deleted off mailtime
wildpeaks: odd
TStodden: Ben will NEVER visit Heather's Island...
Arclight_Dynamo: Is this... Gong Poggers?
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben would you rather have mail time dolls or another crawling spider box?
DigitalSeahorse: I would like to see a map of all these tunnels to see how they connect up and if the building still makes sense
wiggins: It's a challenge NOw
monkeyrama: Don't do it. honestly
Saintnex: Chat pls, dont, be nice
PaperDoopliss: Remember, parasocial relationships have a low "dick move" bar
monkeyrama: It's not a funny joke
Bearudite: was that the wrong gong bonger?
jetpixi: Yeah heather's island has a theme...
Omthebox: Do we need to show you Alexs comic again?
wiggins: I don't know what we're talking about
Shadowner: mail him a helm then
Arclight_Dynamo: Chat. Stop being dongs.
YawnLance: Folx, please. Don't be dinguses. benginHeart
Kikazi: @wiggins not to encourage this
Pinwiz11: Isn't there that other room?
UnknownGerm: Also mailtime stuff in general seems inadvisable right now
Mister_Hush: @wiggins don't mail dolls to Ben
Pteraspidomorphi: wiggins: Sending creepy dolls to you guys in the mail
LetsConsider: Okay, what about an Adam doll?
PaperDoopliss: Matt can send Ben all the dolls he wants, but we probably shouldn't
Phailhammer: Ben: "Please don't do the thing." Chat: "Is this...a challenge?"
spleenlord: Whats up with Adam. He looks a little stiff
DigitalSeahorse: sounds like UPS :P
ButButTheJesus: @NimrodXIV ikr
SquareDotCube: Instead send all creepy dolls to Matt
LetsConsider: Can we send you adam dolls?
Kramburger: @NimrodXIV I was just thinking about that!
Lordofironstorm: Oh GoOd
wiggins: the real trick is to send the office dolls that aren't creepy until you see them out of the corner of your eye in mid-light
itomeshi: @NimrodXIV Wow, that's, uh, timely.
TheMoatman: UnknownGerm with how long those mailtime packages sit between episodes, it's probably fine
thehighsloth: do u still have the hammer from the last chapter?
UncannyJimjams: serious question: is Ben not into dolls or something? I didn't know that
monkeyrama: LUL
wiggins: dolls that aren't creepy until you wake up and hear breathing in the dark
TheMoatman: Send gunpla of the Mobile Dolls from Gundam Wing
Pantomine_X: That Adam doll is terrifying
ghostvalv: that would be poggies
thehighsloth: dam
UnknownGerm: uhhhhhhh
DigitalSeahorse: Ben has been sitting next to a real doll all this time :D
Phailhammer: Okay, now *that* was a challenge. lrrBEEJ
seth_erickson: Is a pokemon plushie doll off the table?
monkeyrama: Adam would hate that LUL
SquareDotCube: What outfits of preference?
Lex_Peacekeeper: Check under the stairs
itomeshi: Send Ben HAMMERS to smash any dolls he runs into, if anything.
Roland_Malius: I mean.... he did say the google images come up with shirtless pictures....
Pteraspidomorphi: Ian could probably make that for you
Omthebox: @monkeyrama adam doesn't have to know Kappa
jetpixi: Everything in the room has been interacted with?
MagicWarluck: Bong the Gong? is that what kids are calling it these days?
jetpixi: oOoOo @Omthebox
Mister_BlueSky: An Adam doll that when you pull the cord in the back says things like, "You're banned", "Cool game", and "Poggies my Troggies". seabatTROG
wildpeaks: we might need a hint ?
monkeyrama: I mean, fair
DigitalSeahorse: gong bonger
Pinwiz11: I thought there was a room in the apartment to the right of the room with the tunnel
seth_erickson: is there something in the windows in the hallway
LetsConsider: I'd want Adam's consent before making a dakimakura of him
gawag_: you know you are truly stuck in a game when you head the score track restart
DigitalSeahorse: hint tiem!
kusinohki: the door across the hall from the lock door - can you just run into it and open it?? I know it doesn't have an interactive prompt, but... *shrug*
wildpeaks: I thought I saw an interaction on the right of the gong for a split second, but can't be sure
Saintnex: was there something by the wall next to the gong? BTW This is not advice! I think I saw something
seth_erickson: can we crawl under the table in that door area?
DigitalSeahorse: missing something on dark hall floors?
TStodden: If anybody has like $500 to burn, they could make a custom Adam Action Figure...
awkwardreaper: theres nothing on the puppets hung up in that leaking room to examine or anything
YawnLance: I think the room beside the room with the hole was just a bathroom
TonsillarRoom65: the bong gonger is upstars
Arclight_Dynamo: I looked it up.
gawag_: the bathroom is where I usually bong my gong
Lex_Peacekeeper: did you get whatever was in that ring box?
Arclight_Dynamo: Would you like to know where thr gong bonger is? I looked it up.
itsr67: @TStodden he has a button on his back that makes him say "We're HERE!"
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Arclight_Dynamo: Upstairs from the gong.
Arclight_Dynamo: On a chair.
Arclight_Dynamo: Next to the door that doesn't open.
wiggins: ben, rounding that corner with your camera pointed at the floor was a real amateur horror game move
jetpixi: Even Chat missed it
YawnLance: Wow, just looked it up and it's super hard to see
wildpeaks: mm
seth_erickson: just kinda slipped past everyone
monkeyrama: Huh, we all missed it
thehighsloth: yea everyone missed that 1
wiggins: "we're gonna get super jump scraed here" "points camera at the floor"
Arclight_Dynamo: Other door.
wiggins: :p
YawnLance: Across the landing
jetpixi: Can't get scared if you can't see it! @wiggins
TStodden: Might have to check with the makers... but that's probably extra.
monkeyrama: Wooooow
itsr67: backtracking area McNoScare
seth_erickson: other door
YawnLance: See, it's sooooo hard to see
FrostTwig: Gong
BusTed: bong that goooong
Kikazi: lrrWOW
DigitalSeahorse: chair?
wildpeaks: oh wow
wiggins: don't drag us down with you
Shadowner: can only see what you look at
PaperDoopliss: Oh is that what that is
Mister_BlueSky: Gamers don't look up OR down.
gawag_: cool game!
Saintnex: lol we are the biggest dummies lol
jetpixi: We not smart lol
Omthebox: What is this we?
DigitalSeahorse: :O
wildpeaks: we are all so blind
Saintnex: phrasing!
DigitalSeahorse: derp
kusinohki: get it on, bang a gong...
BusTed: down at fraggle rock
seth_erickson: we got the big dumbs LUL
Pinwiz11: I hope it's not the wrong gong bong
Rockario: Yep, that's a bonger if I've ever seen one
NightValien28: its a brown tool in a brown chair, it is hard to miss
monkeyrama: oh nooooo
thehighsloth: oh no
TheMoatman: Oh god I thought that was a slide whistle at first
sk8sam24: Yah that's a Nope from me...
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh. Right. Opera singer.
wildpeaks: dinner is served
NightValien28: nope
Phailhammer: Oh hey, I recognise that gong sound. :D
seth_erickson: that's gonna be a nope from me dawg
Mister_BlueSky: Sounded like Ice JJ Fish for a second.
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben that sound means your doll is done
Shadowner: behind you
FrostTwig: I just showed up, something tells me context does not help
sk8sam24: Nope nope nope nope
silvalunae: no thanks
UncannyJimjams: welp
Bearudite: it sounds like a record being played slow
jetpixi: hands in front ogf face now
PaperDoopliss: You're not alone Ben! We're here for you! Parasocially!
Arclight_Dynamo: It stopped and that's WORSE.
seth_erickson: they got the creep factor cranked up to a 100
Phailhammer: Stop eating the microphone!
SquareDotCube: ma'am are you okay
monkeyrama: It stopped so abruptly NotLikeThis
darkspiredragon: you woke up karen, the "I want to speak to your manager" screaming ghost
gawag_: anyone have a translation?
TheMoatman: That's a *big* bloodstain
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: for reasons unrelated to what's happening now, I have lowered the stream volume
TheMoatman: I like it onctrl
DigitalSeahorse: slytqDance slytqKnife jcvimAngry
ButButTheJesus: ctrl for me
sk8sam24: Is this like Zombies or just mean people...
Bearudite: I am a crouch on ctrl
wildpeaks: numpad 0 for me
awkwardreaper: it's alright your trusty gong bonger will protect you
Awexdio: And it is at this point that I turn the volume down 1) to avoid ear piercing screams, and 2) to maintain composure by ignoring ambience
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimGasp jcvimOh jcvimCry jcvimBlink
thehighsloth: yea ctrl is the way
wiggins: like a band aid
monkeyrama: Noooooooooooooooooo
YawnLance: NOPE
jetpixi: nice big long hallway for "sprinting"
sk8sam24: noooo
Saintnex: NOPE
wiggins: lol
gawag_: I hate it
Titan457: Oof
sk8sam24: nope nope
itsr67: MEGA NOPE
BusTed: oh no
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
NightValien28: NOPE
Vergotterung: what
Pteraspidomorphi: Spidery!
wildpeaks: welp, maybe it really IS spiders
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: they were so...smooth
EldarLuin: Hurray for mute!
FrostTwig: That's a big nope from me
gawag_: I hate that you're right
silvalunae: that actually got me x'D
thehighsloth: dear sweet jeus on a stick da fuck was that
NightValien28: I hate all of that
Lex_Peacekeeper: Spider doll even worse!
seth_erickson: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
monkeyrama: I haaaaate it
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimGasp jcvimGasp jcvimGasp
Kikazi: well, you certainly called it
DaSunao: Fucking NOPE and power walk away
Saintnex: thats not okay!
FrostTwig: jog away
gawag_: Ben why do you have to be so smart
letfireraindown: i tend to adapt, but like the controller Half-Coordinated used for Neir Automata a few years back, i like fully customizable
RvLeshrac: Some sort of spider man
wildpeaks: :D
jetpixi: it's so much faster!
NightValien28: hate this hate this hate this
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimBye jcvimBye jcvimBye jcvimGasp
empyreon: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NimrodXIV: nope nope nope
seth_erickson: it's too spooky NotLikeTHis
Titan457: That's so freaky looking
HeyLuckyAnnie: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
BTC1220: General Kenobi you are a bold one - that thing probably
ButButTheJesus: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
itsr67: good, its weakness is doors
sk8sam24: ADAM IS SO STOIC THROUGH THIS, no emotion at all
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimGasp wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE
UncannyJimjams: this fucking jabronie of a monster, holy crap that got me
soupgiraffe: whoever said at least it's not spiders.. get out
Professor_Rakor: Man, Adam seems scared flat.
ButButTheJesus: ckkkkk
sjcTheos: kaitScare
Arclight_Dynamo: Knowing it was coming didn't make it any less awful!
jpvb98570: what happen to adam?
ghostvalv: D:
Himyul: spider man, or spider menace?
iLetTheDogesOut: "hello there"
Shadowner: need gin
thehighsloth: the holy fuck was that abomination
Scy_Anide: Did it just...stop chasing you?
gualdhar: I like how Ben perfectly predicted what would happen and was still freaked out
enki1256: Lady spider-puppet.
p3nguinkin: Adam was not spooped
Saintnex: okay... we live here now lrrEFF Kathy and what ever the heck that was
Bearudite: Adam is a ROCK
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerY wheelerT lrrSPOOP
Stalevar_: your two favorite things. creepy dolls and spiders. what's not to love?
gawag_: @jpvb98570 he got turned into a puppet
sjcTheos: music cues indicate we are now safe
wildpeaks: Adam has nerves of steel
BusTed: Get me pictures of spider-doll!
Phailhammer: BTC1220 katesLol
Lex_Peacekeeper: @jpvb98570 the spider doll got him
HoneyJack07: Adam did not move a muscle , our hero
Kikazi: so... spiders plus man-sized dolls equals lrrEFF THAT!
itsr67: give adam some water, he looks parched
Awexdio: Demon Opera Singer Spider Puppet. Yup. That's a thing
ButButTheJesus: eh it got bored
DigitalSeahorse: Adam composed as ever :D
sk8sam24: Is that a pipe?
TStodden: Google Translate?
ButButTheJesus: does chat have chinese speaker?
Titan457: "Music"
hyaundredneer: Is it wrong to have this stream view minimized due to quirky wonky controls of game?
thehighsloth: yea adam aint flinched once this stream boi is made of steel
monkeyrama: It's like a growl
BusTed: undowmtakeable
Kikazi: Ben, if you're getting a headache, its fine to end the stream early buddy
YawnLance: This ambient noise is really oppressive
wildpeaks: is the secret ingredient love ?
Kikazi: lrrHEART benginHeart
ButButTheJesus: he's JUST screaming he's fine
random_shoes: spider doll, spider doll
monkeyrama: It got very loud in this particular area
silvalunae: there is another weight on the table I think
sk8sam24: Just ask the demons to tone it down a little
DigitalSeahorse: stempleDuck stempleMad stempleWoke
Lex_Peacekeeper: try grabbing the weight behind the scale?
itomeshi: Weight on the other side of the scale?
frozenphoenix7: What are they selling?
silvalunae: huh ; ;
rasterscan: Weren't there other doors in the first room?
Shadowner: anything along the hall
Arclight_Dynamo: If you get stuck, I gotchu. Say the word.
Lex_Peacekeeper: there also seemed to be something on the shelf to the left of the door
Mister_BlueSky: The sign mentions a hairpin.
TheMoatman: Check the next room, too
YawnLance: Yeah, I've got a walkthrough up if you need help Ben benginHeart
DigitalSeahorse: stempleWoke wheelerMuldr benginTraitor ssandGHOST bunnnGod
Saintnex: Im guessing we need to fill the container with something and then that will be our counterweight?
Mister_BlueSky: Something about a missing hairpin.
ButButTheJesus: i like when games have ambiance like this but not this loud
monkeyrama: lol, Ben
DigitalSeahorse: thanks
itsr67: like a Spoink
Kikazi: she pretended to be the Easter Bunny for way too long
soupgiraffe: there once was a man from Nantucket..
seth_erickson: she did jumping jacks until she finally died
sk8sam24: Google Translate?
Pinwiz11: She pumped up the jam way too much
hyaundredneer: Wait. What if Adam is in this game?
monkeyrama: The translation could use a bit of work
seth_erickson: it's been going down hill a lot
Omthebox: Jump so badly she bleeded bloods to deaths
YawnLance: Okay, you got it! :D
thehighsloth: yea boi nice find
Bearudite: rough translate of the board "I recently lost a hairpin at the club. Although this cracked wood geo-floral product is not famous, it is very precious to me. If found, please express my deep gratitude to the returner"
Saintnex: ohhhh noooooo
Shadowner: drink it
monkeyrama: I'm sure it's fine...
Koshindan: It's juice.
ButButTheJesus: its just tea
nanostul: quit screwing around Ben....
Nigouki: it's THE JUICE
Lordofironstorm: That handle was not for a generator
Omthebox: Monster
Pharmacistjudge: it's delicious soup
e_bloc: obviously orange juice according to Adam
soupgiraffe: G U L P
BusTed: Mummy juice
empyreon: sarcophagus juice!
eric_christian_berg: It's fine.
DigitalSeahorse: churn the butters
Vyous: Tomb Juice
Telarra_: google translate on the blackboard is rough, but it says something about a reward for a lost hairpin, "black with woody pink petals"
Amentur: Smelly red liquid TPFufun
aWabbajack: lrrGARBO full
Awexdio: We used the key do we need it anymore?
EldarLuin: Is this going to be like Alyx? You walk through a door, a new things happens?
jetpixi: cuz you can't go over the tables...
monkeyrama: For real
thehighsloth: plenty of fish in the sea
sk8sam24: Kathy is on her own...
Lordofironstorm: Kathy;s just gonna get possessed again, why bother?
Koshindan: Leave and find a professional.
e_bloc: how long have you been with nicole
TheMoatman: I bet Kathy's been dead the whole time
Shadowner: her body all smashed
monkeyrama: Like, nope, that's it
e_bloc: cause I'd have to go get my wife, it's been 12 years
Bearudite: Kathy was already haunted
jetpixi: this is the most important conversation in any relationship
wildpeaks: Kathy has all our dvds
jpvb98570: ben, what is that monstrosity by your side
Professor_Rakor: But what if she finds a big sword...
thehighsloth: we will summon an army to come get u
Kramburger: "Honey, if I ever tell you to save yourself, I want you to know I mean it"
Shadowner: has the keys to the car?
NotCainNorAbel: now if Nichole was taken would you go after her?
e_bloc: Corgo100 yeah under 5 years and I think you're fine :p
gualdhar: I'd die of a heart attack before the monster had a chance to kill me
jessieimproved: well in that case
monkeyrama: Not the Prestige NotLikeThis
Fanklok: Ben I can say with 100% certainty if there is a spider demon it can keep you
Omthebox: I'm a millennial, I'd go after the spider puppet out of principle.
jetpixi: I love the Prestige!
gawag_: didn't our character just start dating her?
Himyul: this is when Adam would mention something about Holes
ButButTheJesus: "she's got my backlog of physical games, I can't lose those!"
Raithencore235: And the board games, don't forget the board games
Mister_BlueSky: Holes? seabatTROG
jessieimproved: haha been with my spouse for over 20 years, I'm good, the spider can have him
ardcollier: "AITA because I left my girlfriend to be eaten by a spider demon"
e_bloc: @himiyou mean famous young adult movie holes?!?
Koshindan: Can you grab the juice handle?
Kikazi: and they were CO-works
PlusDY: they were coworkers o.o
Kikazi: workers*
wildpeaks: it's gonna be hidden in plain sight again, isn't it
thehighsloth: we right here ben :D
Fanklok: This is just a big lesson on not dating co workers
jetpixi: Lookin' for tools in all the wrong places
ButButTheJesus: ohmagawd they wuh coworkers
monkeyrama: We can actually get the hairpin this time
seth_erickson: ah yes the tool we needed
Bearudite: it was in the translation
monkeyrama: Kathy NotLikeThis
Mister_BlueSky: Ehhh.. Not worth it.
monkeyrama: Noooooooooo
sk8sam24: Nope
TheMoatman: Oh god why
e_bloc: that's a nope for me dawg
wildpeaks: oh noo
ButButTheJesus: NAW
YawnLance: Hope you like stealth Ben
BusTed: Or it means she has an original picture and not a real person's face.
Jim02762: you hate spiders
gualdhar: hey look it's Kathy
Saintnex: did... did it get worse?
Vyous: Oh dear
monkeyrama: Time to leave lrrSPOOP
Vergotterung: it got even worse
mxBug: holy fuck
thehighsloth: welp she dead time to go
Pteraspidomorphi: She seems nice
RvLeshrac: In Australia, they call this a Tuesday.
Titan457: benginSpoop
Jim02762: dolls & spiders
wildpeaks: that is darksided
Telarra_: lrrSPOOP
darkspiredragon: Games fun, Ben
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Omthebox: It just Unrealed into the ceiling.
p3nguinkin: lrrSPOOP
sk8sam24: Spider lady is bad
EldarLuin: Yay! Sneak time!
TamesLovesGames: even the Simic wouldnt create that beast
Professor_Rakor: Just roll up a big newspaper.
Shadowner: she just wants to kiss
Bearudite: welp too bad about kathy
ButButTheJesus: lrrHERE
monkeyrama: Hooray NotLikeThis
TheMoatman: Flaming clown spiders?
Dog_of_Myth: lrrFINE_HF
seth_erickson: Also yeah I was right dolls via spiders
Kikazi: to be fair... it's not a spider doll thing... it only has 6 legs...
wildpeaks: giant spider dool
jetpixi: And that is why I will stay in my hemishphere @RvLeshrac
wildpeaks: *doll
Koshindan: Flaming Spider Dolls.
harvester369: @rvleshrac I loved that
ButButTheJesus: Flaming clown needle spider dolls
wildpeaks: at least it's not on fire ?
RvLeshrac: All it needs is clown makeup.
p3nguinkin: Fire fixes all spider problems!
Fanklok: What about a doll that spews spiders out of it's mouth?
Kikazi: lol benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Pteraspidomorphi: But the arms...
thehighsloth: hahahaha finding new lvls fear
darkspiredragon: @Kikazi Wait till it grows 2 more
thedragonlady: lrrFINE lrrHEART
Koshindan: So it's a doll crab?
monkeyrama: It could be anywhere NotLikeThis
YawnLance: It sings... D:
itira: HAHA
thehighsloth: grows or adds 2 more
Kikazi: @darkspiredragon GDI!
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
ButButTheJesus: ADAM N O
monkeyrama: Ben killed Adam NotLikeThis
APODionysus: Return To Ikoria will have Creature - Spider Doll Shark
wildpeaks: that's why she's looking for us, she needs two more legs
itira: ADAM!
YawnLance: Homuncul-Adam, NO! D:
de_greninja: MAN DOWN
gualdhar: IT GOT ADAM!
TamesLovesGames: RIP ADAM
Titan457: RIP Adam
Lex_Peacekeeper: why would you head that way first? thats the way it went!
NightValien28: NOOO OUR BOI
seth_erickson: Adam NotLikeThis
Mister_BlueSky: Adam breaking? Send for the man.
NimrodXIV: Adam fainted!
Omthebox: You killed him
Professor_Rakor: Adam's collapsing under the pressure.
PlusDY: Adam dont leave me
KCazduke: You killed Adam!
p3nguinkin: and it killed Adam!!!
sk8sam24: Just stay under the desks, like an earthquake drill
Lordofironstorm: someone clip that
TheMoatman: MAN DOWN@!
BusTed: And that was when Ben hit rock bottom.
EldarLuin: Adam ded?
steven_strangle: RIP Adam, taken before his time
Titan457: He was taken too young
ButButTheJesus: ITS NOT OK
Koshindan: Never seen Adam fall apart like that on Stream before. It must be really scary.
HeyLuckyAnnie: Can't wait for this week's highlights reel
Amentur: No! Our boy!
DeadGunner: is this why alchemists are forbiden from making human life?
soupgiraffe: shes making gamers look up
darkspiredragon: Look Ben, love conquers all. Just give it a kiss...
Bearudite: its got THICC GAMS
Gadiven: They need to put that in the Ny'alotha Raid
wildpeaks: such an effective monster though
awkwardreaper: i dunno what's worse that it's a spider doll or that it's singing to you lol
frozenphoenix7: Ben, abusive to his coworkers <_<
TamesLovesGames: it looks like a morph creature from Onslaught
YawnLance: Just wait until you see the animation when this thing kills you
Spacepup: At the end of the stream that Chair is going to stand up to reveal that Adam was underneath it the whole time.
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gawag_: this is another level
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jetpixi: oh noooo @YawnLance
Himyul: yeah, watch it more :D
EldarLuin: lrrFINE
PlusDY: I would like to observe it less, thank you very much
oyleslyck: OK I don't know if any translated the board, but basically someone lost a hairpin at the theatre. They describe it. They say it's not valuable but very precious to them.
Titan457: Why does it look so fleshy?
HoneyJack07: ben cant sleep for a while now
CaptainSpam: Oh, hey, Adam's looking good tonight.
TheMoatman: and here we see the nopetopus in its natural habitat
wildpeaks: "here you see the spider doll in its natural habitat"
DigitalSeahorse: ssandWOW
Fanklok: Honestly, you shold probably just burn down the country this thing is in
gawag_: how would this tiny ass desk conceal us at all
Titan457: Okay, I got here like 2 mins ago
TheMoatman: She's got dead parts, like a doll's parts
Mister_BlueSky: Gamer spider dolls don't look down.
blip2004: snake, Snake? SNAAAAKKKEE
sk8sam24: What's the dangly bits
monkeyrama: Hoooow
Professor_Rakor: In case of fire, tornado, earthquake, bombing, or spider monster, hide under a desk.
Saintnex: lrrEFF
Shadowner: ok new game
sk8sam24: oooh
Pinwiz11: fuck
enki1256: Classic chinese/japanese horror.
itomeshi: Hey Ben, let's play WoW instead.
Lordofironstorm: That was bullshit
Saintnex: holy crap that got me
seth_erickson: cheated NotLike This
TheMoatman: looked right before you went under
Himyul: it just wants your legs so it can be a proper doll spider with 8 legs
Koshindan: Your butt was sticking out. benginButt
gualdhar: whelp chat I'm out before I have more nightmares tonight
Bearudite: its crap at opera
TheMoatman: there was a musical sting like MGS
jetpixi: i hope no one in the surrounding area thinks I'm in danger or something
zenoflamer: Just joined, what the fuck is that?
oyleslyck: need a box, metal gear style
gawag_: I would like to know what this song is
DigitalSeahorse: it turned before you were under
Kikazi: @zenoflamer Good question!... Next question!
KCazduke: I guess it has object permanance?
YawnLance: @zenoflamer A spider doll monster made out a dismembered opera singer...
TheMoatman: So is this still "the opera singer"?
ButButTheJesus: i give them an A+ for monster design and animation, at least for my tastes
monkeyrama: That nice little pitter patter of nightmare feet on the ceiling
zenoflamer: @yawnlance Oh. I hate it.
sk8sam24: earthquake drill!
Awexdio: I go to get a drink... and I come back to Arachna-puppet Hide-n-seek.
seth_erickson: I don't like the sounds it be makin
KCazduke: God it's so creepy
gawag_: yeah I guess it's singing opera
monkeyrama: They did a pretty good job with it
Arclight_Dynamo: This game is very good. There's some polish it could use, but it's good.
Gadiven: run ben run
KCazduke: I'm sweating, and I think only half of it is from the spicy tofu I made.
TheMoatman: Yeah but I mean is it just a monster in her corpse, or does it have her memories and is doing the ghost "I hate everything because I was murdered" thing?
ButButTheJesus: yeah mechanics wise it seems simple
sk8sam24: silence....
wildpeaks: mm it's growing on me, it's kinda cute when it's not trying to eat our face
Awexdio: It's a Unity horror game where the Horror doesn't come from Unity
awkwardreaper: i have a feeling the tools will be here somewhere and you will have to do that again
TheMoatman: Tools!
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: you can definitely tell that they cared about what they were making, which always adds a lot to even the simplest of executions
TheMoatman: Now you have to get back through the room
wildpeaks: just a happy little spider
gawag_: there was a little puppet theater in the walled city part earlier too
Mister_BlueSky: I will be an audience as well.
Scy_Anide: It's like a good low budget horror movie. They have talent, just limited resources.
gawag_: when were in that bigger open area with the clown masks
frozenphoenix7: Look, just because they clapped doesn't mean they like it.
TheMoatman: So did Puppet Man kill Opera Lady or was that someone else?
NightValien28: starting to think that the opera's singer death was not suicide
monkeyrama: It got so quiet
oyleslyck: ah so the hairpin is referenced on that message board you were wondering what it said
monkeyrama: I don't like the quiet
itira: ahhhhhhhhh
BusTed: razzle dazzle time
zenoflamer: God I hate it
jetpixi: I've got a feeling, that it's a demon
Dedwrekka: Watch it just stayed there instead of chasing you
Pharmacistjudge: you had a feeling? that tonight's going to be a good night?
Professor_Rakor: They sure presented a loop.
Kikazi: running running running must go faster must go faster CAN'T GO FASTER!
Pharmacistjudge: that tonight's going to be a good, good night?
sk8sam24: Famous last words...
monkeyrama: "safe"
gawag_: yeah too few assests in these hallways
Awexdio: Puppet Man and Opera Lady in hidden relationship. Something went south. She killed herself. Puppet man immortalized her in puppet
TheMoatman: That waspretty bad
Professor_Rakor: IIt's gonna be in the vent isn't it
TheMoatman: @Awexdio katesTea
de_greninja: wait you missed something
Kikazi: against our better judgement, we're coming
TheMoatman: *katesThank
Saintnex: Give us back our DVDs Kathy!
TheMoatman: * katesThank
frozenphoenix7: Oh totally @Professor_Rakor
Bearudite: Kathy ain't worth it
Professor_Rakor: Sometimes to beat a monster, you must demonstrate a loop.
EldarLuin: The DVDs are worth it
DaSunao: Oh god, just what we need, this fucking thing crawling down the vent at us
BusTed: I want my Frasier boxed set!
TheMoatman: A visual glitch
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben, KAthys been dead for 10 years, you have to let her go
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Kikazi: i think that was just a graphical glitch
Mister_BlueSky: We wanna watch Good Will Hunting!
TheMoatman: Some z fighting or something
Bearudite: Just Get netflix my dude
de_greninja: @professor_rakor Wheeler, is that you?
seth_erickson: I need that Micheal Caine Director's Cut
Kikazi: and that was a sub :D
wildpeaks: z fighting, the real horror
seth_erickson: It's one of a kind
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
HoneyJack07: she has the password to netflix
Mister_BlueSky: Hoi! I'm Hoi!
EldarLuin: attractive
zenoflamer: That's odd
Koshindan: Hoi didn't have our dvds so it's fine.
wildpeaks: the photoshop monster has gotten Hoi
TheMoatman: Didn't we sorta know he got swirlied?
e_bloc: goddamned 2FA
EldarLuin: Half life flashbacks
sk8sam24: What's this building supposed to be
TheMoatman: Because if the whole fade to black red text that 100% said "die"
Kikazi: speaking of Hoi
Professor_Rakor: Ah hoi hoi.
monkeyrama: WELP
zenoflamer: Ahoy
BusTed: Ahoi hoi
Mister_BlueSky: Ahoy Hoi.
Naarius: ahoihoi
AranMathai: Hoi, there.
iLetTheDogesOut: Ahoy mateys
seth_erickson: LUL
Titan457: Hoi-ly shit
Pharmacistjudge: Ahoy
itira: i dont like it
e_bloc: really not a fan of that
thedragonlady: omg that got me so bad
Trippk6: chips
UncannyJimjams: Jesus christ
PaperDoopliss: Looks like a classic case of fan death
Kikazi: seriously Ben, your timing on these things is becoming legendary
thehighsloth: hahaha that got me
FrostTwig: Nope
Kramburger: BEN
Saintnex: Hoi-ly lrrEFF
TheMoatman: Imagine this game with a budget
Mister_BlueSky: Hoi, wanna hang out?
DaSunao: He's just hanging out with his fans from chat
itira: ben!
EldarLuin: suede?
HeyLuckyAnnie: Adam looks shocked at this turn of events
wildpeaks: it's the Nope curse
BusTed: I like that he wrote out 'fuck'
theinvisiblevoice: they said the fuck word
wildpeaks: it's been passed on from hosts to hosts of the Let's Nope since the beginning of time
seantheman2: hey Ben, enjoying the spoops?
ButButTheJesus: oh we Grave Encounters now
FrostTwig: Oh no, are we in a video game?
Lithobraker: It's approaching Alex in that Russian game levels
KCazduke: So I feel that it's pretty nice that ghosts have learned how to adapt to new technology. It's great they've moved past floating bedsheets and blowing out candles!
TheMoatman: But why were his eyes bleeding?
Saintnex: so the voice acting is actually pretty decent
wildpeaks: I think the window was open ?
Koshindan: Why don't they just jump out the window?
HoneyJack07: the doll spider reminds me of the white angel from phyrexia
Kikazi: Hoi hoisted himself... I apologize, that was disrespectful... ysbrydPunjail
FrostTwig: Check his pants from yesterday
nanostul: look up Ben...
FrostTwig: that's always where I leave my keys
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Kikazi: (but really, I apologize for that one)
wildpeaks: oh nevermind, the wind moving the drapes were misleading
YawnLance: So the key is in another hard to see place, I can point it out if you need me to! :)
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TheMoatman: Maybe near the vent
TheMoatman: And it might make you crou- yep
Theoretical95: He couldn't find that?
FrostTwig: How did he drop it on a shelf?
EldarLuin: He didn't look too far
TheMoatman: Bounced?
blip2004: huh, i was sure he was going to grab you
wildpeaks: a sneakey
sk8sam24: Hello?
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monkeyrama: Hoi, buddy
Titan457: Don't trust phones
Kikazi: who could be calling at this hour?
Lordofironstorm: Bananaphone!
Himyul: mush-y-mush!
wildpeaks: moshi moshi
TheMoatman: I mean, Hoi didn't get frankensteined into a monster
Saintnex: nooo dont answer that, its always bad and evil
Nameless_Sword: well... this seems like a safe place to be.... very well put together and safe indeed
BusTed: got there
iLetTheDogesOut: ayyyyeeeeee
monkeyrama: loooooool Ben
BusTed: Hahahaha.
zenoflamer: OH GOD
sk8sam24: hahahahaaha
seth_erickson: eyyyyyyy
Kikazi: BEN! ADAM NO!
blip2004: it happened
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
itira: Adam no!
de_greninja: Woooow
mxBug: LMAO
Saintnex: lol
awkwardreaper: hahah
archon458: NO!
YawnLance: Homuncul-Adam did not like your joke
ButButTheJesus: BEN
mxBug: oh god
Bearudite: PERFECT
TheMoatman: Mister Anderson
Mister_BlueSky: Hi Highlight Reel!
NightValien28: omg
Himyul: Adam's revenge!
thomasthetwinkengine: NO ADAM
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
ButButTheJesus: GDI
Lordofironstorm: LUL
awkwardreaper: amazing
Nameless_Sword: Even when he's not here Adam managed to get Ben
wildpeaks: this joke kills
theanthonydee: james! ben killed adam again!
amythist: gotta say Ben's quarantine beard is coming in gloriously
EldarLuin: don't worry... he's just mostly dead.
Rockario: The closets he could get to disappointed lrrBEEJ
Professor_Rakor: Somehow Adam still trolls us.
p3nguinkin: Adam spooping you long distance!
monkeyrama: Adam loved that joke so much
sk8sam24: Oh god
Arclight_Dynamo: Are landline phones creepier now that people have smartphones and don't like to talk on them?
Titan457: lrrBEEJ
BusTed: The self-fulfilling prophecy.
Dish_KP: YES!! YOU DID IT!!!
absorbedtulip9: Ben killed Adam!!!!!
de_greninja: Someone clip that please
theinvisiblevoice: welcome to the highlights
Pteraspidomorphi: Don't lose your head, Adam
ComradeMik: wow, even pseudo adam hated it
DigitalSeahorse: lrrADAM
FrostTwig: That piano has a tone of keys
Phailhammer: Arclight_Dynamo: Land...line? lrrBEEJ
Kikazi: cuz you haven't answered the phone yet?
Dish_KP: I've been waiting all night
Arclight_Dynamo: @Phailhammer Yeah. I read about them in a newspaper. Kappa
zenoflamer: Ben it's your grandma answer the phone
Rockario: @Arclight_Dynamo A creepy part is that they are unattended phones with publicly accessible numbers
darkspiredragon: Spider doll singer wants to make a collect call will you accept the charges Ben?
Titan457: Bossu?
SquareDotCube: *answers phone* *gets pulled into the Matrix*
Kramburger: Ben Wrong language!
absorbedtulip9: it's Jake from state farm
Arclight_Dynamo: @Rockario Just *anyone* can call them!
gawag_: but who was phone
Phailhammer: Arclight_Dynamo: What are these words you keep using? lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Ya don't say
Kikazi: well fancy that
Rockario: @Arclight_Dynamo But if you're in a building alone and the phone rings... should you pick it up?
PlusDY: It's missing some kind of... key
Pharmacistjudge: hold a has a secret can it be?
TheMoatman: Looks like you gotta get them flat
awkwardreaper: they all have to be level
hyaundredneer: You would think they would take a hint making a call to a street alley seemingly abandoned via an incident that nobody knows what went down over there...
e_bloc: but size doesn't matter
ComradeMik: ah... i see i was not alone....
wildpeaks: well we're gonna be here a while
TheMoatman: I think that's the height
TheMoatman: Those two in the middle
Arclight_Dynamo: Being able to actually read the characters might help?
itomeshi: you found the right height, it appears
gawag_: this seems like a hard puzzle
absorbedtulip9: why these puzzles make me mad lol
Himyul: could you get there by always swapping highest and lowest?
spiffinn: do the symbols mean something?
awkwardreaper: those 3 in centre arhe right heigh to go for
monkeyrama: Are they numbered?
p3nguinkin: there are two sets of five matching top symbols...
EldarLuin: I can read the numbers... kinda
EldarLuin: make them all the same eight?
EldarLuin: *height
F1SHOR: the first one seems alil to high
hyaundredneer: @wildpeaks But then they'd punished if solving the puzzle becomes too prolonged
hyaundredneer: Then again, idk. This be a 1st watch.
BusTed: Yeah. That deep one probably dictates the standard height.
F1SHOR: this actually seems like a fun lil puzzle game you know if this was a puzzle game show....
jetpixi: This reminds me of a puzzle in Rusty Lake: Roots. Weird game.
archon458: do the symbols at the top mena anything?
sk8sam24: symbols on the illustrated on the paper?
archon458: mean*
monkeyrama: 👀 He's doing it
monkeyrama: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
theanthonydee: puzzles. the game.
Kikazi: lrrGOAT
BusTed: Nice.
Vergotterung: nice
wildpeaks: woohoo
ButButTheJesus: lrrGOAT !
EldarLuin: I'm a smartie every day
sk8sam24: Dat's a claw
iLetTheDogesOut: benginDab benginDab
soupgiraffe: sperm pendent
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Amentur: benginDab benginDab benginDab
FrostTwig: benginDab
seth_erickson: 2 more commas to go PogChamp
Koshindan: Find some lrrBEEJ
jetpixi: Audience cannot go backstage, sir!
ComradeMik: creamy colour huh?
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
Kikazi: or a game of blind the insect doll?
HoneyJack07: come down here to new orleans .....tons of beads
Arclight_Dynamo: Find some WD-40?
Vergotterung: lol
ZawaAmaz: commasutra
Vergotterung: it you
monkeyrama: It's angled at the ceiling lrrSPOOP
EldarLuin: now all you need is another shadow to appear WITH you... yay
TheMoatman: Every single hall in this place feels like somewhere that fucking spider is going to chase you
Arclight_Dynamo: I keep thinking they're corquet mallets. :D
Arclight_Dynamo: *croquet
Vergotterung: it was a theatre
monkeyrama: Shamisens for everybody
jetpixi: I did too @Arclight_Dynamo
ButButTheJesus: what is a shamasun
sk8sam24: Lots of wide open spaces.....
Mister_BlueSky: They paid for that model, they're gonna get their moneys worth.
Kikazi: love these long, dimly lit hallways
Fu4ow: anyone get another bingo?
FrostTwig: this place is a sham
Arclight_Dynamo: @ButButTheJesus A bowed musical instrument.
Vergotterung: hiding space?
iLetTheDogesOut: yea.aaaaaaaaaa
iLetTheDogesOut: whoops
EldarLuin: emoticons
Arclight_Dynamo: Wat
Vergotterung: lol
jetpixi: Anger inside
mxBug: more likely a sanxian
TheMoatman: No
TheMoatman: Wait
Kikazi: oh...
Theoretical95: There's a peephole
Mister_BlueSky: 6..9...6...9.
Theoretical95: on the door
Himyul: BWRY
Koshindan: Number of people?
monkeyrama: These paintings are actually pretty cool
TheMoatman: 2 white
TheMoatman: 3 yellow
awkwardreaper: with colours
TheMoatman: 6 blue
mxBug: 😠 💙 😠 🤍 😠 ❤️ 😠 💛
TheMoatman: 5 red
wildpeaks: this could be hard for colorblind players
gawag_: that mask stuff in traditional Chinese theater is really neat
wildpeaks: *would
Arclight_Dynamo: 6243 I thought?
monkeyrama: Daaamn it game
EldarLuin: wow
awkwardreaper: 6 and 5 other way round
Arclight_Dynamo: WOW
TheMoatman: JESUYS
Saintnex: WHY
FrostTwig: Rude
Dog_of_Myth: HHAHA
ButButTheJesus: GAME
Theoretical95: hehehehe
sk8sam24: ffffffffffffffffffffffff
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
oyleslyck: Jebaited
Vergotterung: holy crap that was good
Titan457: lrrEFF lrrEFF
seth_erickson: HAHA LUL
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: classic
wildpeaks: wow
YawnLance: Game pls
ButButTheJesus: GAME WHY
TheMoatman: That's actually pretty good
Kikazi: wow... dick move, game...
monkeyrama: That got me good
BusTed: Here is your reward.
Lordofironstorm: FUcking baited
itira: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Professor_Rakor: That's pretty good.
Arclight_Dynamo: That was WELL done.
steven_strangle: That's actually such a neat piece of design but also FUCK THIS GAME
Theoretical95: use the spotlight
EldarLuin: the light?
Mister_BlueSky: Can't just look through peepholes in horror games, what do you have a deathwish?
Telarra_: the ol' razzle dazzle
wildpeaks: that was really good :D
Vergotterung: can you aim the light?
jetpixi: WTF
monkeyrama: What
gawag_: C O O L G A M E
FrostTwig: BWhahahaha
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP
monkeyrama: tf
BusTed: yeah ok
Kikazi: oh... hey... I was right!
oyleslyck: That was actually clever
EldarLuin: wow game
Vergotterung: lol ok
sk8sam24: Trusty Rusty Light
TheMoatman: Looks like the spotlight is unstuck
Theoretical95: Love that
jetpixi: huh
itira: what the shit?
KCazduke: Huh
de_greninja: wut
awkwardreaper: well light not stuck now
NightValien28: omfg
InquisitorGaia: wat
mxBug: what
seth_erickson: You really got Jebaited
thehighsloth: haha wat was that scream
TheMoatman: Or not
Omthebox: k
Kikazi: a game of blind the insect doll!
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR stempleWoke jcvimGasp benginSpoop
awkwardreaper: go back in room
excalgold: did Adam do somthing with his hair ?
someguynamedDane: I'm not even mad about that tbh
monkeyrama: That was real good
Amentur: That was amazingly well done
wildpeaks: chef kiss
jetpixi: That was really good
thehighsloth: that was really good
Bearudite: bam fukin boozled
theanthonydee: adam is impervious to fear!
Kikazi: I'd like to point out that the spider thing ran back this way...
ghostvalv: anyone clip it?
EldarLuin: door and wall everywhere
Dog_of_Myth: Real Fake Doors!
jetpixi: that spider was waitin
Koshindan: There was masks on the side wall.
KCazduke: Oh, it's a magatama
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FarleyF: you know what would be really cool as a new stream - either a one off or continual. a Talking Simulator Horror Edition with Alex and Ben. Alex has plenty of experience and opinions about Horror games and Ben as a developing horror person would be a great fit
HoneyJack07: Im just waiting for the spider thing to have babies and they all come after you
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awkwardreaper: i mean it got into that locked room i'm sure it could be where it wants :D
monkeyrama: They did Let's Nope together for a while
TheMoatman: What?
Vergotterung: horror person?
TheMoatman: No
excalgold: wouldnt that be called 'screaming sim' ?
Tiber727: It doesn't matter where it is. It will appear behind you whenever it feels like it.
Theoretical95: Time flies when you're having fun
TheMoatman: I realized this morning that this will be my tenth desert bus
Kikazi: what the ratio of good vs bad horror games in your 3-year horror career?
Kramburger: Three years, that's almost 36 months?
jetpixi: and gettin spooped
e_bloc: what about a stream that's just ben in a room with spiders
TheMoatman: Four
TheMoatman: Almost
Titan457: Speaking of Alex and Ben, did they ever finish playing Maize?
KCazduke: Which horror game would you say was the most terrifying that you've played?
p3nguinkin: is there an interactable point at the back of the center stage?
nanostul: But where did you get the orange juice and vodka Ben?
LetsConsider: Time is moving too quickly
ButButTheJesus: oh man, I forgot about Maize
Saintnex: huh
EldarLuin: pfft
rasterscan: Pfffthahahaha
Bearudite: to open the jammed door
Dog_of_Myth: 3 years.....that's almost a decade.
BusTed: Haha.
thehighsloth: didnt u and alex used to do this stream together
InquisitorGaia: screwdriver was to open jammed door
Vergotterung: you needed the screwdriver for the door
BusTed: Do it up.
seth_erickson: I think we needed the screwdriver for the door to get back out of that hallway
jetpixi: Screwdriver is for vitamins
EldarLuin: nice office
sk8sam24: oooh fancy glasses
BusTed: Put in a cage where they *belong.*
Vergotterung: ghost vision!
monkeyrama: Oh no, secret glasses NotLikeThis
TheMoatman: CONSUME
nanostul: Rose coloured glasses
KCazduke: Put your hands on the wall
Telarra_: are those... rose-colored?
Bearudite: both hands in the Circle
Kikazi: knew that was gonna happen... its national treasure all over again!
wildpeaks: O B E Y
Dog_of_Myth: REDRUM
mxBug: it's backward
awkwardreaper: have we gone into fifth element now
sk8sam24: symbols on edges
Amentur: I'm a meat popsicle
Arclight_Dynamo: I am a meat popscicle.
Nigouki: i feel like that's also mirrored....
e_bloc: heart emoji 100 emoji winky emoji
Kikazi: um
EldarLuin: someone doesn't know how to walk
jetpixi: WELL
Lex_Peacekeeper: Ben it says "i am a meat popsickle
TheMoatman: Oh *good* the magic glasses are highlighting red footprints
Kikazi: hi ghoat friends
HoneyJack07: @LoadingReadyRun what happens if the spider thing has babies
theanthonydee: 6th sense? oh good
Saintnex: oh this is not okay
Bearudite: got our secret speks
Arclight_Dynamo: Wibblin'
krabthecrab: Oh, it's detective vision
Titan457: Flashbacks to The Room
wildpeaks: uh oh, someone walked into UV wet paint
monkeyrama: Looked like they were bopping
excalgold: they have a lot of nervous energy
Theoretical95: vibrating?
gawag_: ghosties at the opera
UnknownGerm: vibin
seth_erickson: they're jammin
monkeyrama: Holes?? seabatTROG
itira: Did someone say Holes?
Kikazi: get in the hole!
TheMoatman: I'd rather not go into the ghost hole
InquisitorGaia: its a ghost AA meeting
BusTed: They're all hopped up on jolly ranchers.
TheMoatman: A secret door!
Telarra_: bibblin and bobblin
SquareDotCube: Benny go into the hole
seth_erickson: Stanley Yelnats Online
Abelzumi: You ain't full-blown yet bby
Titan457: oh
thehighsloth: away
Kikazi: about that "genius" bit, Ben
Amentur: Did someone say holes?!
iLetTheDogesOut: spoke too soon
ghostvalv: oh no
YawnLance: Nice way out you've got there Ben
Lordofironstorm: uhhhhh
thehighsloth: run away
Lex_Peacekeeper: right into its nest
thomasthetwinkengine: yyyyyyyuh oh
TheMoatman: Wee
excalgold: are you though ? surprise chinese opera !
Lordofironstorm: uh oh
Awexdio: That's not out...
monkeyrama: Are we sure
krabthecrab: Charge!
sk8sam24: nope
TheMoatman: *We're gonna get jumpscared
Awexdio: That's further in
Pharmacistjudge: It's a trap!
gawag_: buhhhhhhhh
Arclight_Dynamo: "I'm a genius! Oh no!"
Pteraspidomorphi: Where did she tuck the extra legs?
wildpeaks: well it looks pretty from here
Bearudite: really good animation
TheMoatman: Oh good that's less than I expected
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
eric_christian_berg: We will never speak of this again.
jetpixi: damn I was liking that
reneweddrake: oh no.
someguynamedDane: Ghost opera is my favorite
Koshindan: Is this stage fright?
Kikazi: hey, you got an achievement!
Angnor33: That seemed friendly enough.
Trippk6: hard pass from me
Theoretical95: Not yet
sk8sam24: behind curtain?
Mister_BlueSky: Not on the ceiling YET.
awkwardreaper: the spiders so gona come out from that curtain
Mister_Hush: this place has better seating and better lighting than some theaters I've performed in
itomeshi: Did you find a way out, or did you find a way in?
p3nguinkin: yet
ShavriSadi: yet...
jetpixi: till she spawns there
TheMoatman: Yeah but they can just teleport her onto the ceiling
KCazduke: Not on the ceiling... yet
NimrodXIV: it's 100% on the ceiling
HoneyJack07: spider babies !!
PlusDY: Aw man, look at all those places to hide in the rafters!
Professor_Rakor: Welcome to my parlor said the Spider-Doll-Monster to the Ben.
itira: im so tense right now
TwitchingPokki: But is she on the ceiling now
TheMoatman: Check the rows
movienationyt: austin6Cozy austin6Cozy
Kikazi: i say it comes out from under the stage
Titan457: benginPray
someguynamedDane: Totally not a creepy altar
Mister_Hush: That's.... not usually how curtains are hung
itira: Bet when you come back out itll be there............
Koshindan: G2
BusTed: Good deal.
rasterscan: G 21
itomeshi: G 21
oyleslyck: g2 or g21?
Lordofironstorm: Those are some very nice antlers
krabthecrab: Watch out for chandeliers and magical lassos
Lordofironstorm: WHat happened to your colored glasses?
Mister_BlueSky: G 21
itomeshi: G 21
sk8sam24: G21
seth_erickson: g21 I think
BusTed: twenty one
thedragonlady: 21
movienationyt: G21
monkeyrama: Almost
NimrodXIV: there was a mark after the 2, yeah
sk8sam24: Slowly look around...
Theoretical95: Now
Mister_BlueSky: It's just repositioning itself to wherever you're not looking.
TheMoatman: Oh no
Kikazi: oh good
sk8sam24: What?
TheMoatman: *We're* puppet man
Vergotterung: hoo boy
monkeyrama: Noooooooo
YawnLance: Kathy? Our DVDs! D:
Titan457: Boss Fight?
BusTed: Whoops.
monkeyrama: Kathy better be worth it
Stalevar_: yes?
Theoretical95: She's soo not worth
kanyewestward: was this game made for ben
PaperDoopliss: I think it's implied that we were just perceiving a less-old version of this place?
sk8sam24: Damn the DVDs
kainboa: Kathy, We want a divorce!
SquareDotCube: But the DVDs, Ben!
Vergotterung: yea there's teh spotlights
wildpeaks: Kathy you owe use ice cream when this is done
thehighsloth: oh shit
HoneyJack07: Spider babies !!!
PlusDY: You don't know that Ben, they could be from an unrelated giant spider
thedragonlady: I bet this is what the room actually looks like
gawag_: but Ben, we know the stage lights kill it! your superpower!
monkeyrama: Thanks, I hate it
Phailhammer: I am...not looking forward to seeing Kathy again.
seth_erickson: The Micheal Caine's Director Cut might not be worth it now that I think about it
soupgiraffe: might be worth it to buy on prime video.. forget the dvds
KCazduke: At least the game has been good and teaching you mechanics for this.
Theoretical95: Remember where the lights are
someguynamedDane: Center of room start I'll bet lol
thedragonlady: there's your weapon
FrostTwig: you need to trigger the fight first
Vergotterung: or the door
TheMoatman: I don't think you're even gonna get to the door
Kikazi: oh, hey BINGO! AGAIN!
BusTed: Which shall it be?
TwitchingPokki: Shoot it with that yinyang
NimrodXIV: stay in the light path
monkeyrama: seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
EldarLuin: lrrFINE
wildpeaks: we gaming now
TheMoatman: I bet they won't do anything without you manning the light
someguynamedDane: lrrFINE
jetpixi: Nice knowin ya
thehighsloth: good luck ben bro
sk8sam24: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Titan457: lrrFINE
movienationyt: austin6Cozy austin6Cozy austin6Cozy
Theoretical95: You need to play with the puzzle thing to get things started
awkwardreaper: gl man
monkeyrama: lol
ContingentCat: welp
darkspiredragon: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
mxBug: nyannDab
Vergotterung: it would be great if you could focus on it where it appears and one shot it
monkeyrama: All that prep
awkwardreaper: face ya fears we got ya back
gizmofreak1: lrrFINE
sk8sam24: Nope
HoneyJack07: @LoadingReadyRun Ready for the spider babies
wildpeaks: oh, the door has the symbols
TheMoatman: OH hey
PlusDY: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Kikazi: you know, the perfect bait and switch would be this boss room all set up... and the spider doll lady never shows
thatchesterguy: could it be? have i tuned in time for the Lets Nope?
TheMoatman: I recognize that disc
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP
Theoretical95: baiii
thehighsloth: yea boi
monkeyrama: That noise clip tho
BusTed: piss off, spider-doll!
soupgiraffe: lol she was like eh nah...
sk8sam24: Nope she back
Kikazi: need to scare her away agin
PlusDY: You beat the boss!
Phailhammer: Chevron one encoded...
TwitchingPokki: looks like ur making the horns again?
gawag_: actively gaming
jetpixi: what is happening witht this thing
Titan457: Go now
EldarLuin: gotta grow them antlers
monkeyrama: This is... way less scary?
oyleslyck: lol
thatchesterguy: why is Adam spooping me more than that spider thing
Lysander_Gustav: one of those things where the monster is better left in the shadows
Fu4ow: antlers?
Vergotterung: yea this is kinda lame
TheMoatman: Okay, at least her AI isn't very good
Bearudite: ghostbusted
thehighsloth: ok not so bad
TheMoatman: I mean, you can fight back now
wildpeaks: now we're just bullying the spider
darkspiredragon: spider ghost doesn't like the limeLIGHT
jetpixi: Don't jinx it!
EldarLuin: Need better music
Theoretical95: It's so anti-climactic how it just skitters off
Theoretical95: with no sound
PlusDY: What is this, dark souls
NightValien28: don't jinx before phase 2
monkeyrama: She just peaces out ligerLUL
franksey: she seems like a 2 stagger atleast
Titan457: Get rekt
BusTed: go on, git
p3nguinkin: or spawn somewhere differently?
RedRaptor: What the ever flippin heck is that thing?!
Kikazi: videogames!
Phailhammer: "Chevron 8...locked!"
EldarLuin: Fire! Good.
rrtycoon2: arrrrrggghhh.....aww.
monkeyrama: Burn it all down PogChamp benginBurn
FrostTwig: everything is on fire
itomeshi: This is good desensitizing therapy for Ben.
sk8sam24: Getting hot in hur
jetpixi: Everything is Fire!
seth_erickson: burn it all away
PaperDoopliss: We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
Dog_of_Myth: That fight was lit
oyleslyck: crispy
PaperDoopliss: Oh, we let the motherfucker burn
TheMoatman: Boom! Roasted.
Vergotterung: lol what
FrostTwig: Toasty
ButButTheJesus: GAH
wildpeaks: crispy
monkeyrama: Gross
ContingentCat: wow gross
Theoretical95: Now that we see her upclose, she's actually pretty smokin
Lysander_Gustav: seems a bit convoluted way to set something on fire, but sure
Mister_BlueSky: I really wish it jumped up at you while you're taunting it just now.
sk8sam24: Is it dead.....
jetpixi: Probiscus!
gawag_: this is the part where we shoot it in the face with a machine gun right?
TheMoatman: Good monster design, though
thehighsloth: thats nasty
ghostvalv: yikes
Kikazi: impressive model, honestly
PaperDoopliss: And then we died of smoke inhalation
itomeshi: Aspect of Lamprey.
excalgold: freaky Doctor Smith spider....
HoneyJack07: GG Get Rekt
sk8sam24: really
ContingentCat: gross
TheMoatman: Fuck.\
TwitchingPokki: rip
Trippk6: thats it?
monkeyrama: Ben............
Arclight_Dynamo: HAHAHAHAHAHA
HorusFive: Dead forever
iLetTheDogesOut: HAHA
sk8sam24: tooo soooooon
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHAHA
oyleslyck: spoke too soon
itira: BEN
Nigouki: BEN
EldarLuin: lol
rasterscan: Hahahahaa
thehighsloth: hahaha
NimrodXIV: BEN
antyself2: RUN
Lysander_Gustav: well, okay
sk8sam24: BEN
iLetTheDogesOut: BEN
Bearudite: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
BusTed: Her spirit is free, you see.
wildpeaks: you just HAD to say that
empyreon: BEN
awkwardreaper: hahahaha
Mister_Hush: it has a proboscis... but it's a spider...
Titan457: LUL
harvester369: damn it ben
TheMoatman: Every time, BEN
FrostTwig: Ben, why
ContingentCat: Narrator: No
thehighsloth: never free
p3nguinkin: lrrCREEPL lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPR
Vergotterung: isn't this just part 2
LetsConsider: Good job, Ben
TStodden: Falling into the ending trope there...
sk8sam24: Nope nope nope nope
Kikazi: Ben... your timing... sergeJustRight
reneweddrake: lol
movienationyt: lol spokoed by singing
theanthonydee: no u
gizmofreak1: BEN STOP THAT
Mister_BlueSky: In your hubris, in your arrogance!
Lysander_Gustav: Wait, did you play this before?
CapitalCraze: BUT what about her sister!
gawag_: how does it feel to get got
jetpixi: You have a special ability, good sir
TheMoatman: 100% jumpscare, right?
Lex_Peacekeeper: its time for her sister!
Amentur: LUL
HorusFive: And nothing was ever bad ever again
TwitchingPokki: the hurrrrrbis
Morrigan9: adam sings so well
sk8sam24: lol
itira: JUMP
sk8sam24: NOPE
HoneyJack07: the wale the female , the male is somewhere with the babies
Lysander_Gustav: I seem to remember a game like this that was a bamboo maze
mxBug: is her soul free ?
excalgold: haha silly ben
Trippk6: lol
Kikazi: Hey, maybe Kathy is also a wonderful singer and is leading you to the exit, eh?
ContingentCat: yeaaaaaah sure
awkwardreaper: or there maybe a second one
hyaundredneer: Dolls? A bit foreshadowing, no?
Pinwiz11: part 3. I left Karen and moved to the South Pole.
sk8sam24: Where are the DVDs?
Koshindan: Kathy still left you to die.
Koshindan: And took the dvds.
EldarLuin: yay Ben!
gizmofreak1: wheres kathy
mxBug: where's kathy tho
Lysander_Gustav: new jump scare upcoming?
monkeyrama: It combined them into one awful nightmare benginCry
LazyC0Mmander: Ah so I see Ben has finally lost the last bit of his mind.
Arclight_Dynamo: "It's the bleak room." "The break room?" "I know what I said."
Raithencore235: And that was only chapter 2
HorusFive: Who does the cleaning around here!
soupgiraffe: whamjangled the office
seth_erickson: she wants the dvds all to herself DansGame
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Damaris1034: Just got here. Adam looks very svelte today
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DigitalSeahorse: benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop ssandWOW ssandMOD
wildpeaks: and she took the box of cookies from the kitchen too
Tiber727: It turns out, fire is the answer to lingering spirits?
excalgold: why does this place look like a Moonbase in Hong Kong ?
Kikazi: recorded?
HorusFive: Spell-check is a blich
Lysander_Gustav: Wow this is weird
AranMathai: Ah. So Kathy's toast.
Lysander_Gustav: Is this trying to be scp?
darkspiredragon: Spider dimension
monkeyrama: RIP Kathy
hyaundredneer: But if thou is fried, who kept her here?
Abelzumi: that's the eye pad
Kikazi: eye sees you
wildpeaks: RIP our dvds
Fu4ow: ah "exposition dump"!
EldarLuin: Ha! That painting is in House Flipper
Lex_Peacekeeper: thats Serges nightmare
DigitalSeahorse: vileolTape vileolTape vileolTape arenetGabeFace
sk8sam24: It's another dimension.....
Mister_BlueSky: "This isn't where I parked my car."
p3nguinkin: time to fill out your time card and buy other DVDs
TheMoatman: Great.
Lysander_Gustav: No John, you are the demons
Vergotterung: lol
ContingentCat: Serge's greatest fear, no coffee
sk8sam24: Nope
Fu4ow: soo, each murder site is connected to each other?
Vergotterung: mm hmm
Tiber727: Oh no evil camera. Please don't trap me in this photo of a tropical paradise!
Kikazi: yeah, we just installed automatic doors, that's all
Calaban161: It is still spoppy
TheMoatman: The real horror starts now
excalgold: 'why dont you have a seat ?'
Arclight_Dynamo: Suddenly the office is just literally the Moonbase...
soupgiraffe: ah! meetings!
Theoretical95: LOL
Kikazi: projector?
AranMathai: Sucks to be the person sitting in the middle.
Titan457: Oh no! Public Speaking!
monkeyrama: Cool tv
Pharmacistjudge: so...if you know it's a cursed camcorder...Why do you still have it? Why did you use it?
Lysander_Gustav: ac unit of doom?
ButButTheJesus: meetings is spoopy
monkeyrama: assets ligerLUL
Theoretical95: it's clipping
EldarLuin: something's wrong with the tv
TheMoatman: lmao
YawnLance: Oh no
wildpeaks: uh oh, if we're being stopped by talismans, are a goast ?
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahahahaha
Kikazi: oh REALLY!?
TheMoatman: Like LMAO
TheMoatman: They just put it the wrong way
ghostvalv: :O
Pharmacistjudge: Like Ben, if I gave you a Haunted cursed Ring Fit, would you use it?
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
iLetTheDogesOut: its the walls tv
Kikazi: wowo
Lex_Peacekeeper: its a second tv
jetpixi: They forgot to turn it the right way oh noooo
EldarLuin: it's trapped..... forever
ContingentCat: WHOOPS
Vergotterung: lol
NimrodXIV: IT installed it wrong
itomeshi: Boooo..... the spooooky TV Butt!
NightValien28: maybe its a tv doing the blair witch thing
PlusDY: !clip
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XaioLoon: oh wow
Theoretical95: AND IN THE WALL
KCazduke: It happens. Whoops
TamesLovesGames: Game design!
wildpeaks: woops :D
DigitalSeahorse: arenetLUL
awkwardreaper: its a projector
Mister_BlueSky: Dammit Geek Squad!
AranMathai: The molding is also screwed up.
darkspiredragon: look, it's a haunted building the TV is supposed to be backwards
excalgold: is this Let's nope or Trash Night ?
TheMoatman: First the backwards lathe, now backwards TVs
jetpixi: oh NOW we can move stuff
HorusFive: I'm impressed- the mount doesn't normally work that way. It must ahve taken a lot of work
TheMoatman: What is this world coming to
excalgold: that water cooler looks os angry!
TZTFG: Welcome to Watch and Play
orbitaltuna: does anyone keep hoping "adam" will suddenly spring to life
ContingentCat: @excalgold yes
TheMoatman: Wait, is this supposed to actually be our office?
AranMathai: Woah, those posters.
HorusFive: Have some pride in your work space people
Pinwiz11: angry water dispenser
sk8sam24: Nope
AranMathai: What the crap is going on with the wall art?
Lysander_Gustav: going for a bit of marble hornets I guess?
Lordofironstorm: I think someone's been going through your office
monkeyrama: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
TheMoatman: Spending all my time on Kathy Chan
movienationyt: or is the tv suppose to be like that for a reason
wildpeaks: lrrSPOOP
Calaban161: The Eye's have it
Kikazi: somebody got mad at the boss
excalgold: how do they know what my computer room looks like!
sk8sam24: uhh oh
NightValien28: game can't scare us anymore we dealt with a demon spider
excalgold: hahaha
sk8sam24: lool
TheMoatman: Like, actually, or in the Bart Simpson way?
Theoretical95: LOOL
TheMoatman: lmao
monkeyrama: Ben ligerLUL
Mister_BlueSky: The eyes are everywhere. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
someguynamedDane: LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
HorusFive: LOOOOL
Lysander_Gustav: Spooked by adam
sk8sam24: hahahhahahahahaha
Kikazi: oh. my. god. Ben...
TamesLovesGames: LMAO BEN
Vergotterung: hahahahahahahaahza
Lordofironstorm: LUL
thomasthetwinkengine: LMAO
iLetTheDogesOut: hahahaha
thehighsloth: hahahaha
YawnLance: Homuncul-Adam, NO!
UnknownGerm: uhhhhhh
itira: Adam stawp!
Abelzumi: HON
ContingentCat: katesLol katesLol katesLol katesLol
Kalpho: that was great
BusTed: The gift that keeps on giving.
awkwardreaper: hahahaha
Vergotterung: hahahaha
wildpeaks: :D
thehighsloth: yes it happened
Gladuir: Ben no
EldarLuin: oh ben
CapitalCraze: adam with the comedic times
MirandaArqayla: OH NO
theanthonydee: james! ben killed adam. AGAIN!
Saintnex: and Adam is def ded this time lol
JaysonMaxwell: lrrSPOOP lrrADAM lrrSPOOP
Riandisa: Oh Ben
darkspiredragon: LUL
HorusFive: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Questhere: good one Adam
NimrodXIV: omg Ben
CastleOtranto: You hate to see it.
Vergotterung: wow
excalgold: Adam got a hair cut.....
AranMathai: Hello highlight reel?
TamesLovesGames: I CALLED IT
thomasthetwinkengine: HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING
Jim02762: Damn Ben! Made me spill my beer. WTF?
Lysander_Gustav: katesHeart
Kikazi: benginHeart benginLol benginHeart benginLol benginHeart
KCazduke: Annnnnnd he's gone.
DeadGunner: Ha ha nice one adam
HorusFive: ded
ContingentCat: You Goozled Yourself!
Inquisitor_Xian: Oh Ben, my poor boi
empyreon: RIP
Calaban161: Humuncle Adam with the Jump scare
thehighsloth: adam got u
gawag_: amazing
Nigouki: poor poor Ben, his own worst enemy
ghostvalv: turns out the spoops were the friends we made along the way
movienationyt: oh shipply
de_greninja: Ben are you ok? Do you need a hug?
NightValien28: call it a night, cannot top that
Professor_Rakor: Adam is a master troll.
JaysonMaxwell: Welcome to the Highlight Reel :D
CastleOtranto: But we all knew it was coming.
EldarLuin: Just leave him ded
harvester369: I think ben is the highlight reel this time around
ruscobrog: See you in the stream highlights
Vergotterung: lol
awkwardreaper: poor adam lol
iLetTheDogesOut: you played yourself
darkspiredragon: Adam has to stop scaring Ben
doctorGunsforhands: argh where's the clip button
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Kikazi: Adam... you seem... shorter...
excalgold: so you have LRR CHair wearing an Adam shirt as your co host ?
Dog_of_Myth: Adam is cat confirmed.
DigitalSeahorse: jcvimGasp steveinStabby lrrADAM
movienationyt: oh adam you dead rattler
Titan457: I'm laughing so hard I got a headache
wildpeaks: Stealth 100
ButButTheJesus: he's not dead he just took his helmet off it was too hot
YawnLance: Adam got you and he's not even there benginDab
UnknownGerm: maybe just have it a as an overlay on the stream so you stop scaring yourself
orbitaltuna: rip adam
Mister_BlueSky: This is Let's Nope, where we get scared by coat racks sometimes... it's fine.
p3nguinkin: you know the scariest thing in this room?
awkwardreaper: maybe grab another hardrive
PaperDoopliss: How do you feel about abstract drawings of eyes, Ben?
p3nguinkin: the open office floor plan
TheMoatman: I have to say, I've never seen someone jumpscare themselves before
EldarLuin: There's so many eyes
movienationyt: look at white borad
TwitchingPokki: Pretty sure it's time to Zoom the ghost
Kikazi: so I guess the theme of this one is "the eyes are always watching"?
kristamichele: I dont think I've laughed this hard all quarantine, what a TREAT
Theoretical95: Try getting another hard drive?
franksey: maybe you have to find the camcorder
Kiwijelly: where did you get footage of my room?
soupgiraffe: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:47:31.
darkspiredragon: the ghost is probably still using Skype
Titan457: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 19:33:26. lrrSPOT
ButButTheJesus: @kristamichele ben's quite a hoot
Pharmacistjudge: and ben have I taught you nothing? when you make a homoculous of someone you have to use the oldest photo you can find of them!
Koshindan: Under the table?
Lex_Peacekeeper: under the table?
movienationyt: The ghost is on ICQ chat
Titan457: You did learn how to crouch
gawag_: god, what happened to Skype?
monkeyrama: Is it in the wall tv Kappa
p3nguinkin: can you interact with the TV in the board room?
TheMoatman: I think I might have seen something on one of the desks on the poster side of the computer room
mxBug: under the table and through the door to kathy's haunted house we go
EldarLuin: nothing afaik
UnknownGerm: Microsoft happened to skype
Kikazi: lol
TheMoatman: More of a frontlit fan, really
Dog_of_Myth: Booo
movienationyt: The Ghost is using MSN Mesanger
SquareDotCube: it's lit, fan
excalgold: AIM, the ghost is using AIM
TheMoatman: Check the other computers, I think I saw something
EldarLuin: ICQ?
enki1256: Yahoo rooms.
Kikazi: AOL IM?
jetpixi: What's their AIM away essage?
ruscobrog: american sign language?
DigitalSeahorse: Front lit
jetpixi: message*
someguynamedDane: 1200/undefined/the ether
monkeyrama: It's too bad we walk like a sloth
soupgiraffe: you've got spoops!
jetpixi: LUL @someguynamedDane
Kiwijelly: never mind, this is too neat to be my room. and there aren't enough postit notes
ContingentCat: lrrSLOTH
Kikazi: lrrSLOTH
movienationyt: ICQ=ICQ is a cross-platform messenger and VoIP client. The name ICQ derives from the English phrase "I Seek You". Originally developed by the Israeli company Mirabilis in 1996
darkspiredragon: No they use chat rooms on either Lycos or Alta Vista
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE lrrHERE
Theoretical95: Oh the room next to the kitchen should have opened up
thehighsloth: hey sloths are natures most chilled and lovely animals
jetpixi: never did use ICQ
jetpixi: That one!
monkeyrama: Oh hey
HorusFive: found it
Orlantia: perhaps it's on the backwards TV
thehighsloth: they give great hugs
monkeyrama: Convenient
sk8sam24: Nooooope
BusTed: mmhm
Lysander_Gustav: oh okay
EldarLuin: That room maybe?
theanthonydee: automatic doors right?
HorusFive: ah poop room
ContingentCat: oh no
Lysander_Gustav: yay the haunted toilet
jetpixi: You probably have to go
BusTed: the terlet
Theoretical95: occupado
Lysander_Gustav: nope
Orlantia: katesNope
jetpixi: Oh god. Poop monster?
Kiwijelly: also I learned recently sloths can swim
EldarLuin: with flashing lights. perfect
excalgold: Uhhh...Janitor to the bathroom please////
thehighsloth: no no no no no
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP
BusTed: gotta check for poopers
awkwardreaper: told ya someone was in it earlier when it was locked lol
Kiwijelly: which is cool
Theoretical95: eewww
monkeyrama: Ghost poop
Nigouki: the feet are on the door keeping it closed
SquareDotCube: occupado?
TheMoatman: Shitter's full
Amentur: Estoy poopin
movienationyt: dropping the kids of at the pool=going for a poop
sk8sam24: nope
Koshindan: This bathroom needs an accessibility stall.
iLetTheDogesOut: door number 2
Kikazi: hey, flickering lights, that's on the bingo card
BusTed: Skip 2 and go to 3
Mister_BlueSky: When is it ever NOT the last stall?
Pteraspidomorphi: Bingo!!!
Orlantia: katesNope katesNope katesNope katesNope katesNope
iLetTheDogesOut: door number 3?!
EldarLuin: it's always the 3rd
TheMoatman: This Chinese bathroom isn't ADA compilant
gawag_: love this trope
thatladyinplaid: Moaning Murtle
AranMathai: It's going to pop up behind us now, isn't it?
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Theoretical95: turn around?
jetpixi: Genius
Kikazi: correct! which means!
ButButTheJesus: mirrors?
sk8sam24: mirrors?
InquisitorGaia: now wheen you leave
Fu4ow: mirrors
TheMoatman: Was that painting always like that?
jetpixi: OH NO
DigitalSeahorse: Mirror
Mister_BlueSky: Your powers! Ben!
gawag_: wow those mirrors
jetpixi: mirros are no
monkeyrama: Are we the ghost NotLikeThis
ContingentCat: We're a vampire!
Theoretical95: WE'RE A VAMPIRE
iLetTheDogesOut: we've been the vampire the whole timeee
TheMoatman: We're vampires!
jetpixi: mirrors*
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP
Titan457: You're a vampire? Why didn't you tell us?
Calaban161: We are a vamp
Professor_Rakor: those are some jpeg mirrors
jetpixi: can you flush one?
thatladyinplaid: It's just Moaning Myrtle. You're at Hogwarts now
excalgold: if your a vampire you have to tell us....
Orlantia: lrrFINE
Lordofironstorm: Well no one in this office flushes, I guess
sk8sam24: wash hands? 15 seconds at least?
Kikazi: what's the green thing on the floor?
DigitalSeahorse: Vampire
Pharmacistjudge: you are now Cursed! You must now clean these toilets
TheMoatman: Check the trash cans?
EldarLuin: Remember.... no smoking
eric_christian_berg: You need the used condom on the floor.
ContingentCat: ok just a gross bathroom
TheMoatman: Was that painting on the ground?
Kiwijelly: can you flush the toilet is the worst can you pet the dog knock off
wildpeaks: ghost just wanted to point out the place needs to be cleaned
TheMoatman: Great.
Kikazi: oh good
monkeyrama: Oh
jetpixi: gross bathrooms really are horrific
sk8sam24: oops
soupgiraffe: fuuuuuuck
iLetTheDogesOut: oh
Vergotterung: ooh boy
ButButTheJesus: ah there we go
AranMathai: Oh hello.
TheMoatman: Wonderful.
ContingentCat: oh hi there
jetpixi: Oh I see
EldarLuin: oh goodie!
Lordofironstorm: uhhhh
Titan457: Well that'd do it
someguynamedDane: nope nope nope
movienationyt: dropping the kids of at the pool=going for a poop
Orlantia: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF
wildpeaks: oh good
Calaban161: Oh
Koshindan: Kathy!
Kikazi: "red light" is nother bingo spot
AnkyTheFallen: oh good, the room the hell is fine
thomasthetwinkengine: oh dear
Pteraspidomorphi: On the bright side, it's not a spider
NightValien28: I swear to go kathy
gawag_: good!
TheMoatman: OR hanging
EldarLuin: Hoi?
excalgold: just hanging around ben
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Where is circle?
Kiwijelly: no thank you
BusTed: We all float down here.
HorusFive: Found your shadow. Got to sew it back on
Kikazi: we all float here
wildpeaks: we Control now
AranMathai: We all float down here.
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
darkspiredragon: Ghost is just hangin'
TheMoatman: It's a ghost, Ben. It doesn't care about things like "physics"
Mister_BlueSky: You'll float too!
Lordofironstorm: lrrSPOOP
jetpixi: this is all quite unsettling
monkeyrama: You'll float too 🎈
Lex_Peacekeeper: shadow ghost
HorusFive: Super Hot
ContingentCat: ok lrrSPOOP
EldarLuin: Hiya Georgie
Tiber727: Glitch or scare - you decide.
AnkyTheFallen: you the goast
InquisitorGaia: ART?
wildpeaks: welp, it moves
TheMoatman: There's one or two more chapters left, I think
Titan457: Well that sure was an event trigger
TheMoatman: I think the one that shut
FrostTwig: lrrFINE
thehighsloth: was it ever really there
Raithencore235: If intentional that was good
TwitchingPokki: It's in another dimension~ another dimension~ another dimension
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSPOOP stempleWoke ferociousShook
Calaban161: Nope
Arclight_Dynamo: Okay, the slow-roll is good.
Orlantia: eye seeeee yooouuuuu
excalgold: get your computer and go home.....
thehighsloth: PogChamp PogChamp
excalgold: no job is worth that!
sk8sam24: sounds?
EldarLuin: at least five haunted
movienationyt: oprn the lovker
Toquenuke: adam is looking good today, very thin looking
Vergotterung: doorbell?
FrostTwig: who would decorate like this
Raithencore235: 5 ghosts? Out of how many?
someguynamedDane: I actually really appreciate the slow roll in this
Awexdio: 5? More like 500
AnkyTheFallen: the red light was off now
sk8sam24: handprints
thomasthetwinkengine: PIZZA GHOST BABEY
jetpixi: Hawaiin?! <3
Awexdio: One on every tape recorded
sk8sam24: Handprints....
ButButTheJesus: so i've had caffeine and noisy neighbors and watching this... yep imma be up all night
CastleOtranto: PIZZA. PASTA. Put it in a BOX!
Orlantia: ummmm
movienationyt: open locker
Lordofironstorm: go to computer, type up letter of resignation due to haunting, leave
Kikazi: oh, are those bloody handprints on the glass door new?
HoneyJack07: im sick of these mfing ghosts in this mfing place
Ceris75: But how will you pay for the pizza
Vergotterung: conference room?
darkspiredragon: Really slow rolling this one
Arclight_Dynamo: Pizza sauce. Not blood. Kappa
ContingentCat: bloody or tomator sauce?!
ContingentCat: *tomato
gawag_: do we still have those glasses?
Lysander_Gustav: Is that the handprint from the box-art of that old shooter game "Blood?"
soupgiraffe: you guys gotta keep this one going next week
monkeyrama: No thanks
Kikazi: oh good, Roxanne turned off the red light
jetpixi: bad giglings
ButButTheJesus: GAME
TheMoatman: Fuck.
sk8sam24: nope
AranMathai: Ah hell.
Zandivya: Or jam. Strawberry jam prints
Lysander_Gustav: Oh hair
Titan457: Hey firend
thomasthetwinkengine: uuhuhuuuhuhhh
BusTed: Hello...
TwitchingPokki: Oh hey, the pizza man
movienationyt: hello Steve
monkeyrama: Hello there
Kikazi: right...
thehighsloth: pizza man let him self in
Kiwijelly: oh good
Orlantia: katesSir
AranMathai: fffff
Arclight_Dynamo: I mean, yeah, I love this sort of thing.
Kikazi: would it have been worse if it WASN'T gone?
e_bloc: pinea\pple on pizza fucking lsap
Mister_Hush: spoops are too predictable
e_bloc: *slaps
excalgold: 'i got a tip for you, stop being a damn ghost !'
TZTFG: Ben look to your right
Ceris75: hehe "tip"
monkeyrama: Free coffee seabatPjorg
CastleOtranto: Just the tip. Just for a second. Just to see how it feels.
Vergotterung: lol
BusTed: Going to be up all night.
sk8sam24: lol
TheMoatman: Was that cabinet always sideways?
Theoretical95: Hey free cofee
Ba_Dum_Tish: That is just enough coffee
NimrodXIV: Serge was here
PlusDY: Call Serge!
Dog_of_Myth: Serge was here
Amentur: Pizza delivery in the times of social distancing
wildpeaks: sir, you might have an addiction
EldarLuin: Coffee Boss?
p3nguinkin: enough for CHAT!
NightValien28: damn it serg
ContingentCat: Nah just put them in the fridge
Koshindan: You think Serge would drink vending machine coffee?
sk8sam24: nope
FrostTwig: rude
monkeyrama: Rude af
AranMathai: Why didn't they just keep some sage in the office?
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Mister_Hush: housekeeping
CastleOtranto: Whoops
Titan457: Well that's just rude
jetpixi: No one is home!
thehighsloth: have to drink the coffee
excalgold: throw coffee at them!
Kikazi: I've known people at work who would be SO excited by that broken vending machine
TwitchingPokki: Who is it?
NimrodXIV: Nope
Calaban161: Not Home
F1SHOR: the door slam froze my internet for a moment that scared me
tergonis: nobody home
eric_christian_berg: Drink the coffee if you want to leave.
someguynamedDane: NOPE
DigitalSeahorse: katesBeans katesBeans katesBeans katesBeans katesBeans
Pteraspidomorphi: If you wanted to come in you shouldn't have closed the door, ghost
darkspiredragon: Serge want Cofee
theanthonydee: housekeeping!!!
empyreon: Candygram!
NightValien28: Koshindan a person that drinks mcdonald coffee can drink any coffee
EldarLuin: Throw cans at them
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: not gonna let you out until the vending machine is fixed
Pharmacistjudge: Depends...Serge has drank cold brew coffee from a can.
Lysander_Gustav: nah he's in the ceiling
TwitchingPokki: Pretty sure ur ghost is a cat. Closed the door then scratched to get in
movienationyt: no it's Steve Zaragoza
Kikazi: maybe he did run away, then ran right back? Too much coffee?
Orlantia: lrrSPOOP
RvLeshrac: Oh Ben, if you've never had canned coffee, you absolutely have to get your hands on a can of Boss or UCC Coffee With Milk.
AranMathai: euuuugh it left the door open...
HorusFive: Too much coffee -> poops
TheMoatman: Why would you slam the door and *then* run away?
IncredibleFrown: that was a very pt move
HoneyJack07: start throwing cans
SquareDotCube: down the stairs behind the sofa trick
TheMoatman: *knock on it
EldarLuin: It's never just a cat
Vergotterung: this ghost is a jerk!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Well at the moment ghosts are all that is at the office
NimrodXIV: I hate this a lot
Koshindan: Who you gonna call? HR!
Figgyleaf: You can’t slam the door and then knock to come in! That’s rude!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everyone else is keeping social distancing
random_shoes: nope
wildpeaks: this ghost is
Kikazi: the mileage the developers are getting out of these levels is amazing
thehighsloth: hate this hallway with the taped door
Orlantia: just take the computer and smash the glass door
jetpixi: messages!
monkeyrama: noooooooooope
AranMathai: Wait - the badge on the floor. Have we already looked at it?
BusTed: Is it our swirlface?
Zandivya: It's the ghost of interns past
Koshindan: Wow using all our toner.
jetpixi: who dat
EldarLuin: Hoi?
Kikazi: damn son
TheMoatman: Is that us?
EnoTheTonberry: Is that a Picture of Adam on a chair?
F1SHOR: was this the making of slenderman
TheMoatman: That's Kthy, isn't it?
jetpixi: You forgot to tip
sk8sam24: Pizza's here
gawag_: damn boi
TZTFG: It's a picture of Adam
InquisitorGaia: art
CastleOtranto: Oh, Lily Tomlin
IncredibleFrown: aw man don't copy your butt
AnkyTheFallen: pizza guy forgot his coffee
CapitalCraze: oooh do me next
Mister_BlueSky: Contactless delivery!
p3nguinkin: peggy and hoi
Ba_Dum_Tish: Man we getting picasso'd up in here
TwitchingPokki: Ok, THAT is the pizzaman
thehighsloth: kathy been hit by the photshop now
Calaban161: It is the ghost of picaso
Amentur: I must say it's nice of the game to give us a chill ghost after that Spider-Doll demon from hell
TheMoatman: That's the same shot from that card, right? Or was she wearing a jacket?
jetpixi: RUN?!
Titan457: This would never have happened if Kathy just gave us out DVDs
thehighsloth: time to die
Awexdio: What a disrespectful haunting
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
NimrodXIV: no
Theoretical95: it's a rave?
darkspiredragon: Rave Time!
excalgold: Drop the base!
thedragonlady: This ghost can't hold still
sk8sam24: lol
DigitalSeahorse: katesBBJ katesBBJ katesBBJ
ContingentCat: where's the drop?
amuseoffirebane: it's open!
NightValien28: DROP THE BASS
theanthonydee: HOUSEKEEPING!
e_bloc: pizzas here
sk8sam24: F for flashlight
AranMathai: Flashlight?
monkeyrama: No game nooo
darkspiredragon: Beej Drop Incoming!
wildpeaks: nobody here
thehighsloth: hahaha
YawnLance: Oh no
excalgold: NOPE!
ghostvalv: f
YawnLance: Oh no oh no oh no
EnoTheTonberry: Didn't you learn from your every topping pizza?
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerMuldr wheelerMuldr wheelerMuldr
F1SHOR: that was good lol
DigitalSeahorse: stempleWoke stempleWoke stempleWoke
Vergotterung: wow this is good
EldarLuin: lrrFINE
Lysander_Gustav: oh that face-warper filter. Nice
excalgold: NOPE| nopenopenopenope >.<
Orlantia: lrrJUDGE
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FrostTwig: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Kikazi: I'm honestly clapping
TheMoatman: Wait, there are lights on? Why did we turn on the flashlight?
AranMathai: Waiiiiit. -we're- the one trapped in the hell dimension, aren't we?
ContingentCat: Wow that wasted a lot of Ink
DigitalSeahorse: bunnnYikes
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wow how many times were we employee of the month?
kilotango30: putting the nope in let's nope
SirBiffaloEsq: All around me are familiar faces....
soupgiraffe: fuck all of this
someguynamedDane: This game is soooo good.
AnkyTheFallen: the ghost is just proud of it's photography ben, damn it
awkwardreaper: think the printers out of ink now
BusTed: We're going to need more toner.
InquisitorGaia: your hallway got shorter
sk8sam24: new subscriber hellooooo
HoneyJack07: please clip that
DigitalSeahorse: ssandGHOST ssandGHOST ssandGHOST ssandGHOST
TheMoatman: The other door is open, too
kristamichele: this is most unpleasant
Vergotterung: opened the door next to you
gawag_: art! art art art!
IncredibleFrown: hey mate i think your dark room is fucking up your photos
Fu4ow: did one have teeth?
kainboa: lmao, new subscriber who dis?
DigitalSeahorse: bunnnGod bunnnGod bunnnGod bunnnGod
Awexdio: Bathroom. Your reflection
KCazduke: You know it's spoopy when the sub message makes Ben jump
Kiwijelly: Welcome to my art installation
Orlantia: fuck this game
TheMoatman: I mean, Kathy works here
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jetpixi: Was Kathy the boss?
monkeyrama: Jesus, this game
Titan457: I don't trust it
Figgyleaf: So, this game is like, nailing every one of your phobias, huh?
Kikazi: oh, Kiki... poor porr Kiki
excalgold: cars dont move like that....
EldarLuin: Who drives like that?
TheMoatman: Ahh, she's going to die from the Ghost Face Killer
SidewinderSky: Kathy a pro drifter
Arclight_Dynamo: Lagged?? :D
Pteraspidomorphi: Twitch!
sjcTheos: lrrSIGNAL
gawag_: bumper cars! weeeeeeee!
IncredibleFrown: ah the boardcast
DigitalSeahorse: vileolTape vileolTape vileolTape
drews_togekiss: Boardcast
InquisitorGaia: this car appears to have a zero friction coeficint
Fu4ow: did we drop some frames there?
monkeyrama: Perfect timing
EnoTheTonberry: Did ya get spooped?
TheMoatman: It does, but I also don't want to stop
Arclight_Dynamo: This was great, Ben! Thank you!
Kikazi: this game is amazing so far
Vergotterung: wow
Kiwijelly: @TheMoatman the rapper?
sk8sam24: Midnight here... so thanks.....
Kikazi: seriously, they have made excellent use out of such small spaces
PaperDoopliss: Thanks Ben! Those were some good good spooks
darkspiredragon: thx for streaming
jetpixi: Phew...that sure was a thing
TZTFG: Twitch is having issue
TwitchingPokki: Hell yeh, well done Ben~~
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you save?
NimrodXIV: great, I'm supposed to go to bed now?
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the spoops
monkeyrama: This game was real spooky
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh cool
ButButTheJesus: DAYUM
Nigouki: thanks for the stream Ben!
iLetTheDogesOut: ooooofa
e_bloc: Corgo1000 thanks for the spoops Ben!go get some pinapple pizza
soupgiraffe: yessss
Toquenuke: why do i always catch the end of these...
someguynamedDane: This has been a trip. I'm super into this
KCazduke: Time to go home and try not to believe there's a spider doll in the corner of your bedroom. ^^
thatladyinplaid: This is goooood!
Saintnex: This game real spoopy, but def needs a proper translator to help
Toxxick: Rough translation but ultimately good game?
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream, Ben
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben has had his spoop cleanse
thehighsloth: this is actually a good game
Vergotterung: how many chapters was that
p3nguinkin: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
awkwardreaper: was fun
Amentur: This is quality spoopa
monkeyrama: Thanks for the spoopy stream, Ben!
thomasthetwinkengine: TYSM!
YawnLance: Thanks for the stream Ben! benginHeart
thehighsloth: there has to be auto saves
Titan457: Nice
Kikazi: Ben, you keep picking the real scary ones when you're there all alone :)
letfireraindown: body pillows for the office!
franksey: we haven't jumped like this in awhile!
thedragonlady: Thanks for the spoopy time! Sorry we missed Adam
xantos69: Ben you took that like a champ. Well done!
Professor_Rakor: And a very special thankyou, to Adam.
Mister_BlueSky: Adam always misses the good games. :D
TZTFG: benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop
BusTed: Good stuff.
Theoretical95: It's a good unity horror game
EnoTheTonberry: Man, Adam has been such a great commentator this episode
TheMoatman: So stream 2 next week or do we have to wait until a sentient Adam is back
monkeyrama: They did such a good job with what they had
someguynamedDane: The timing is on point
Vergotterung: the first one was a little goofy but the last one was real good
Zandivya: elfSpookbold
monkeyrama: The spider boss was lame, but everything else is solid