DigitalSeahorse: :O
DigitalSeahorse: dammit twitch now I can't use the faces I like cause they're all overridden with purple
DigitalSeahorse: >(
Juliamon: Huh, did they remove the option to choose your emote set?
Earthenone: :o
Raiz0k: Are they :)?
seth_erickson: there are non purple ones :O
DigitalSeahorse: >( :| O_o
seth_erickson: :)
DigitalSeahorse: I clicked on the white ones just now
Raiz0k: Wait, what :/.
Raiz0k: Oh, OK, that works.
DigitalSeahorse: :\
DigitalSeahorse: just me?
Earthenone: i type them, not click them, maybe thats it?
LordZarano: check check ;)
DigitalSeahorse: hmmm
seth_erickson: seems like maybe there's an option to change it in your account settings
Raiz0k: I think the trick is skipping a space ahead of the next sentence. Or... it could be some new default.
DigitalSeahorse: nope I typed this :/
Raiz0k: :/
Juliamon: Check your settings, yeah
Juliamon: For me it's under the Twitch Prime settings
accountmadeforants: :7
LordZarano: if you have twitch prime then there should be an option for it yeah
DigitalSeahorse: I don't
Raiz0k: Neither do I, and it just works here....
Raiz0k: Could be just a SNAFU on the side of Twitch.
LordZarano: It was originally a Twitch Turbo thing
Juliamon: Personally I like the purple ones best anyway
accountmadeforants: Yeah, the purple ones are the best. Though the monkey ones have the most variants. Decisions, decisions...
Juliamon: I hate monkeys, so those aren't even a consideration for me
Raiz0k: So none are LRR-inherent?
Juliamon: I have no idea if channels can choose default sets
Raiz0k: (sorry, had a bit of a skip before I came back to chat)
Juliamon: #notastreamer
Raiz0k: Ah, thanks.
LordZarano: #NotOnTwitch
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
seth_erickson: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
underhill33: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TheWarbo: oh boy, big dumb idiots
TheWarbo: i am excite
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Adam has been left to his own devices for LRRMtG so that means drafting big dumb idiot tribal. | ||
kirbytronic: sergeSqueak
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Big dumb idiot tribal? this isn't let's nope! lrrBEEJ
monkeyrama: Let's get that broccoli πŸ‘€
AtomicAlchemical: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
kirbytronic: Big Dumb Idiot tribal is just drafting Ikoria
Earthenone: thanks to adam a while back for reminding me peach rings exist, i now am eating peach rings
monkeyrama: Good choice
TheWarbo: now i wish i was eating peach rings
MilkInBag: peach rings πŸ‘€
TheWarbo: peach rings are so good
Kaaosa: this is spooky
seth_erickson: Hellooooo seabatTROG seabatPjorg
monkeyrama: Hi there, Adam!
MilkInBag: ADAM HI
frostownik: henlo Adam, henlo chat!
Kaaosa: Yo it's BIG A
bigpuppystuart: Hello Adam.
Sibwow: poggers
ninja_rin34: Hayo
hijinx18: hello
MilkInBag: left with the best boi
James_LRR: seems reasonable.
Krokaar: your trapped in here with me!
BlindProphet32: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
James_LRR: i'm dead weight anywyas
monkeyrama: They left the kid
LiamK712: Yay Adam!
frostownik: not the worst case scenario
monkeyrama: James πŸ‘€
rain_llovienda: Adam solo = Perfection
satyropodobny: clearly got stuck with the better option
seth_erickson: James doesn't seem busy at all DansGame
ninja_rin34: Love it
Sibwow: !ck
Earthenone: !cardkingdom
TheWarbo: πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ πŸ’―
Kaaosa: They doodoo fast
monkeyrama: Oh, the season's over?
LiamK712: Card Kingdom: Fast doodoo
Krokaar: card kingdom just sent me my order I ordered abuot 4 weeks ago, it was nice! also got one of the last few buttons maybe?
MilkInBag: yeah I'm plunging also
TheWarbo: Card Kingdom: a kingdom of doodoo fast
Sibwow: me too adam
monkeyrama: I thought we had another day NotLikeThis
MilkInBag: reached Plat 1, then I got down to 2
ninja_rin34: Yes
Raiz0k: Adam had a long day. Here's for a relaxing afternoon!
MilkInBag: and I keep losing with sick decks
monkeyrama: Oof, that's rough
novrdd: sahur everyone! have a nice day!
seth_erickson: I got my first 7-0 the other day PogChamp
monkeyrama: I got hard stuck in gold 3ish
aussie_rob_w: Take that fox and cycle a lot.
seth_erickson: Gyruda companion real stronk
MilkInBag: this deck is great
Kaaosa: I have never won a game of MTG Arena against a live person :|
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Hey Adam, hope you're feeling good!
MilkInBag: but you have too many lands
monkeyrama: Oh right, we drafted a bonkers cycling deck
MilkInBag: get that lutri in asap
Kaaosa: is 60 lands not the meta?
seth_erickson: cycling runs about 13 or 14
monkeyrama: I think we get a tapper or two in here
MilkInBag: perfect
aussie_rob_w: Twice this week I’ve accidentally BM’d my opponents in Arena by saying GG when I thought I was dead, then seeing the line that not only keeps me alive but wins me the game
MilkInBag: fox cycles too
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Toxxick: Oh we GAMIN' bois
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monkeyrama: Oh noooo
MilkInBag: seabatYIKES
aussie_rob_w: Oops
LiamK712: OOf
LackingSanity_: rip
underhill33: Oof
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
seth_erickson: Oh No NotLikeThis
Kaaosa: Yeah I totally get what you mean
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I have never played this format, and am bad at limited in general, but looks good to me
ArcOfTheConclave: Back for more!
Kaaosa: [card name], am I right? :v
MilkInBag: hand is perfect
Rogue_07: Oooh, the Boros Cycling deck
Rogue_07: Is this limited or constructed?
seth_erickson: I've had Gyruda mill both of my graveyard recursion spells though that's fun :)
kirbytronic: I've been doing a lot of dying with decks I thought were good.
Toxxick: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
MilkInBag: <3 it's ok dude
ArcOfTheConclave: I love back for more's play pattern
kirbytronic: *sends adam nachos*
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: Adam now has the man in the chair, we're gucci
jonasjonIV: lrrHEART lrrHEART
LiamK712: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Astro_Nata: lrrHEART
aldruon: the solution to that is to only have 7/7s in your deck. who needs a mana curve?
rodog695: lrrHEART
MilkInBag: yeah UB flash is unplayable
bartimus_thundercask: hey adam we understand and we support you
monkeyrama: We're here for you benginHeart
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: lrrHEART sergeHeart slytqHeart Here's all the hearts I own
AtomicAlchemical: UB flash is a trap
monkeyrama: U/B flash just needs to get all the right cards
Raiz0k: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
aussie_rob_w: UBflash is so hard to get right
MilkInBag: the more good cards you have in UB, the less 'flash matters' cards you want to keep
Professor_Rakor: I've been playing constructed with slitherwisp. It's neat.
Pabs0210: My wife said it was her or adam streams, sometimes i miss her
asthanius: Sure'd be a shame if that 1/4 got...tapped.
MilkInBag: reflection has haste, don't forget
LiamK712: lol @Pabs0210
seth_erickson: I'd do tactician then reflection and cycle yeah
monkeyrama: I think we monkey now?
itsr67: hi adam hi chat
Wiliart: Don't you want to play the fox and cycle it into greatness?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Had to cancel this evenings TTSF, so the next scheduled stream is Graham, back tomorrow for the final episode of Play it Forward featuring Final Fantasy VII! So tune in for that at 10AM Pacific on ||
seth_erickson: fox is only really good on turn one or turn 2 imo
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Dingus, TTSF is cancelled :(
Professor_Rakor: Vroom vroom.
MilkInBag: I think I'd go tactician and fox, cycle charge next turn for a really big turn
aussie_rob_w: Tactical time?
monkeyrama: We hit fora bunch now
Professor_Rakor: casual ten damage
Professor_Rakor: er, 9
monkeyrama: And if we get a land we can tactician+cycle next turn PogChamp
MilkInBag: oof, game is over LUL
Kaaosa: I feel like I'm playing this game in 1920 watching other people play
Mistborn83: Never
seth_erickson: yeah tactician cycle tap slam
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
MilkInBag: yeah tap otter
MilkInBag: to be good
monkeyrama: Reflection is so good
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monkeyrama: Good start!
DigitalSeahorse: ladyhe11SnuffLURK ladyhe11SnuffHEART
MilkInBag: you just attack without the raptor and they could do nothing
AtomicAlchemical: Didn't have the tapper, obv
djalternative: I was caught watching asklrr that I forgot this went live
seth_erickson: I lost a couple times with the deck I posted in the discord sometimes you just draw 9 of your 13 lands in the top 20 cards it's tough
MrTheWalrus: It's James, so I'm going to guess he lost by only ever drawing lands.
Rogue_07: Otter!
monkeyrama: Ah, the James curse
itira: Hello Adam! Hello everyone!
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:59.
monkeyrama: Oh, it doesn't?
djalternative: anybody on call either now or later with adam today?
seth_erickson: just becomes a 3/4 right
monkeyrama: What happens?
monkeyrama: Oh, that's unfortunate
seth_erickson: layers are strange
TheWarbo: oh yeah, same as theros gods
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monkeyrama: Niiiice draw
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: It's the only way to truely know for sure
DigitalSeahorse: lrrADAM lrrHEART hope you feel awesome today
aussie_rob_w: Get em!
monkeyrama: Casual 9 damage
Galactic_pain: I like getting the Godzilla arts and all, but I dislike having to pay 10k gold to draft the new set
asthanius: 3 mana fog?
seth_erickson: Blood Curdle most Likely I think
djalternative: Quick Draft Ikoria will be up tomorrow @Galactic_pain
frozenphoenix7: Flash Bat potentially
Galactic_pain: Sweet
seth_erickson: flash bat is 6
asthanius: 6 to mutate
asthanius: 4 to cast normally
monkeyrama: 6 to ,utate, less to play normally
djalternative: I've been saving up for quick draft
monkeyrama: Tactician is too valuable to risk it
seth_erickson: I mean maybe if we had perfect information I might attack into that open mana Kappa
jonasjonIV: big brain
kirbytronic: Adam: Good at Magic
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Even when you "can't" play this game you're better than me
theblackerlotus: elmer!
monkeyrama: Oh no, starrix πŸ‘€
Earthenone: chame if it were to turn sideways
Professor_Rakor: That sure is a spooky tapped creature
seth_erickson: I think we save a cycle for their turn
Raiz0k: Cah Caw!
lochnessseammonster: woo we jammin
monkeyrama: Cycling decks can be so strong here
monkeyrama: so many 1 mana cyclers
lirazel64: Wheee! what no notification?
Drathak: Addaaaam my favorite LRR guy !
lochnessseammonster: just watched SWS... thanks again friend! you guys are hilarious and that was a force of editing...
Raiz0k: Oooh, desperate play mode.
fightrousoxide: Oof
GlutnFree: You're excluding the best color in magic from your deck bro where's all the green at
dbhkyle: It was great!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Mutating Starrix onto Starrix is sweet though
monkeyrama: I haven't listened to it yet, I'm planning on it on saturday
fightrousoxide: This archetype's brutal, man
noSmokeFire: SWS was a hell of a ride
Ristow: should have split it into 2 nights Kappa
Krokaar: woo wooo!
notthepenguins: may have been long, but it was great
asthanius: I appreciate Beej being a robot who speaks through the light panels on the back wall
itsr67: It was like 3 sidewalk slams in one and it was great!
MilkInBag: Yeah who cares about 15 hours of editing or something, it's super easy to do OpieOP
fightrousoxide: Y'know what, it's always well-produced, so you're obviously doing something right
monkeyrama: Must be a lot of work finding all the clips
fightrousoxide: Also yes
fightrousoxide: This is god's perfect deck
DigitalSeahorse: rudeLove
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I begrudgingly edit vids so I applaud anyone who does it successfully
Raiz0k: Adam, don't belittle your craft !
aussie_rob_w: Hey Adam, did WWE re-sign Drake Maverick after his crying video went viral?
notthepenguins: dont worry adam, I split it into two nights when listening to keep to the spirit of mania
Galactic_pain: I really need to stop ending up in Abzan mutate when I draft
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itsr67: in a perfect world, it would've been great to see the change between night 1 and 2
fightrousoxide: I mean you see a Starrix and you gotta pick it
monkeyrama: I usually end up in temur mutate, so I know that feel @Galactic_pain
monkeyrama: When pigs fly, maybe
Scar_Red_Tiger: As someone who also does video editing, always love the your work.
fightrousoxide: If only there was a pig in this...
fightrousoxide: Oh wait
Galactic_pain: And there's usually at least on Brushwagg in the deck
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Adam is a humble dude who does the same thing over and over again and refuses to let us complement him on how well he does it.
monkeyrama: James drafted this deck, his curse lingers
fightrousoxide: Seems like a good build, so yeah, you're probably right lmao
monkeyrama: Right
Raiz0k: That doesn't need to stop us from stating the realistically obvious.
MilkInBag: Hey can we transfer channel points between channels? Asking for a certain gang
monkeyrama: If only, Milk
Galactic_pain: The Obosh mutate deck I drafted a while back was pretty sweet
fightrousoxide: Oh man, I tried an Obosh deck and beeeeeeeeeefed it
fightrousoxide: It was my worst deck this format lmao
seth_erickson: I had a Kaheera Companion deck with Keruga in the 40 Kreygasm
Sogheim: oh hey it's Adam! lrrADAM was watchin' FNPF $20 challenge today with the Thallid Bowl but now I'm here
fightrousoxide: Woof
fightrousoxide: This is a hilarious format
monkeyrama: I drafted a 7-0 lurrus deck in my very first draft and have never gotten that magic again
seth_erickson: 3/6 vigilance is good
monkeyrama: I think we get a big idiot on the board
fightrousoxide: I haven't played Magic more than I have during this standard and limited format
aussie_rob_w: Big ol Vantabig
frozenphoenix7: I mean, maybe you don't <_<
Galactic_pain: An 11/11 Fertilid w/ LL and Vigi was probably my favorite part
seth_erickson: smells like shark hands
monkeyrama: Incoming Broccoli
fightrousoxide: wow
fightrousoxide: Mentors?
Makimachine: I got a Rakkos mutate deck in my first draft and went 6-3, best ever for me in Arena. :D
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Galactic_pain: Especially with Obosh out
monkeyrama: They... didn't?
Diabore: chump check
fightrousoxide: Holy moooooooly
seth_erickson: They were bluffing DansGame
asthanius: I'd kill the Oddity, then
Raiz0k: yup
fightrousoxide: Round 4. FIGHT
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Diabore: so odd(ity)
fightrousoxide: I mean you got a lot of lands out of your deck
Earthenone: weird bird
dbhkyle: That's so many wings. 0-0
fightrousoxide: I wouldn't count yourself out just yet
Vulparium: Heyo Adam
WrightJustice: many winged birb
monkeyrama: Too many wings
CapnRobert: ya still in this one'
fightrousoxide: See, right on cue
seth_erickson: We a rumblin'
monkeyrama: You were right πŸ‘€
thedragonlady: Holding out for the 4/4 I guess
Raiz0k: Niiice.
monkeyrama: Ooo, charge would be great
fightrousoxide: Be. Aggressive. Be be aggressive
jonasjonIV: oh
fightrousoxide: Oof
Mr_Horrible: hmm, they've deployed the Larj Boi
monkeyrama: The biggest of the dumb idiot tribe PogChamp
seth_erickson: you're too late to do any stinging
CapnRobert: tap on their end?
Pharmacistjudge: Afternoon Adam and chat
Pharmacistjudge: how goes the games?
Mr_Horrible: might be able to alpha next turn, depending on their attacks this turn?
Mr_Horrible: if they goof, I guess
Mr_Horrible: No one OP should have all these oddities
espeonsun: Hi friends katesHeart hallie2Hello
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg /
Diabore: honestly, how many lands in deck? cycling can get away with 13~ most of the time
monkeyrama: That's going to be a laaaarge shwagg
asthanius: Not anymore it's not
Mr_Horrible: brushwagg almost bigger than godzilla NotLikeThis
Robot_Bones: its SO Big
dbhkyle: Gonna get heckin wagged yo
CapnRobert: ya
seth_erickson: Diabore this deck can't sadly
Earthenone: !findquote big
LRRbot: Quote #5733: "Maybe we should change Now Kiss to Big Mood." β€”Kathleen [2019-01-18]
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Earthenone: so do you
CapnRobert: cause they need to spend mana to make brush a threat vs godzilla is just a threat
Mr_Horrible: I mean, so do we
monkeyrama: We also have 10 lands in play
SolarBlitz1: They need 2 more lands before a 3 set of activations for Brush, yeah.
seth_erickson: we only have like 8 or 9 cycling cards total and a couple of them are 2 mana cyclers
monkeyrama: Aggressive WutFace
Mr_Horrible: I mean, they gotta have something
CapnRobert: checkpoint officer doing work here
Mr_Horrible: make 'em have it?
vinvis_: tap
Ryavis: not like you can block their fliers anyway
vinvis_: they were dead
13hellfyre13: Lethal?
aussie_rob_w: They’re doing backswing math
Mr_Horrible: probably impatient, yeah
m_logan2000: we had lethal, assuming they had nothing
MilkInBag: I don't want to be rude, but you're in silver
monkeyrama: Maybe trying to bait a mistake?
seth_erickson: only if they had nothing
m_logan2000: but i like being patient
Mr_Horrible: if you tapped the bird we had 13
DRMagnify: tap, untap, tap, attack was lethal
seth_erickson: but we played it safe which was just as fine
monkeyrama: The season just reset, Milk
kirbytronic: Eh, it happens
monkeyrama: Everyone's down here now
Mr_Horrible: nah, it was a high-risk, high-reward
CapnRobert: still had it
Mr_Horrible: LUL BIIIG same, Adam
MilkInBag: @monkeyrama oh right
jonasjonIV: its fine
Mr_Horrible: I play so conservative
SolarBlitz1: I have that too, I play safe then I let the moment slip past me.
Drathak: I am the opposite
Drathak: I barrel through all I got
MilkInBag: any 2 land hand with cyclers is good LUL
fin9n: I abandon ship as soon as possible
Raiz0k: And yet, you've won.
drizter: a wise man once said: "math is for blockers"
MilkInBag: I hate how RW cycling is too good
monkeyrama: what a draw seabatPjorg
Mr_Horrible: that's the biggest thing I'm still practicing, is doing more "make them have it" lines
seth_erickson: this train is scheduled for the Red Zone PogChamp
fightrousoxide: cycling is definitely really good but it's far from unbeatable
STALKERsoldiers: Hello everyone!
monkeyrama: Cycling decks when they curve out are really fast and hard to deal with
seth_erickson: depends fightrousoxide it's definitely the strongest of the archetypes
asthanius: *gestures to arena* Is this...over?
Diabore: *gestures to roman* is this...over?
MilkInBag: no deck is unbeatable
Mr_Horrible: it's also a deck that takes a lot of the proper cards to really pull off
theghostwiththemost: hi
Krokaar: jamaya
MilkInBag: so it's not really a goal to achieve
monkeyrama: Wow, just draw perfectly
STALKERsoldiers: blow it up on his turn
Mr_Horrible: like, if you don't have multiple foxes the deck gets waaaay worse, imo
MilkInBag: I often win with RW cycling with not a single fox
frozenphoenix7: I'm fine having zero foxes if I have enough Stingers and Flares
Robot_Bones: except of course... this one
Mr_Horrible: MilkInBag I demand a deck with 100% winrate including against itself Kappa
monkeyrama: We win this way
seth_erickson: you do need a couple of uncommons to really pop off but that's why it's so good is because it's pay offs are all at common
frozenphoenix7: Heck, I'd rather have more Stingers than Foxes tbh
thomturtle: Holy heck.
seth_erickson: uncommon I meant *
historyman_admu: that was a game of magic
monkeyrama: The 4 mana instant really makes cycling decks resilient
MilkInBag: is RW Cycling...good? πŸ¦‹
monkeyrama: Look at this curve
Mr_Horrible: fair enough, I ain't had much time to draft the set, that's just what I've seen the times I've played against it
monkeyrama: wtffffffff
Raiz0k: No lands?
seth_erickson: Adam I had a deck I posted in the discord with 4 Flourishing Foxes and 7 Drannith Stingers Kreygasm
monkeyrama: 7 stingers LUL
STALKERsoldiers: thats rude
seth_erickson: got a zenith flare to felt great
satyropodobny: not really
Ryavis: better they arrow your fox than your reflection
MilkInBag: also, fire prophecy, what a card
Mr_Horrible: engage the mizzOOF
monkeyrama: Wow, this deck is being kind to you today
TZTFG: Savidan! Are you back on Let's Nope next week?
MilkInBag: Now I feel like farming back to platinum with cycling LUL
Raithencore235: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 39:39.
Rahserat: Oh god, I lost to this deck in standard. I hope your draft version is jsut as good :D
Blasteg: cycling is good for your body too, good exercise
monkeyrama: The game Ben chose for Let's Nope is wiiiiild, Adam
rain_llovienda: Its ok to struggle, thats how you know youre trying
drizter: suspicious amount of open mana
Diabore: i truly hate double zenith flare
notthepenguins: Do what you gotta, just let us know if there's anything we can do to make it easier for you (aside from welcoming you back with open arms, which is a given :p )
seth_erickson: had to block the marmoset I think
MilkInBag: Welp that was the stream, goodbye everyone
DaVeganPolice: Popping off seabatTROG
monkeyrama: They were
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Rahserat: 7 months? That is almost as long as this lockdown feels
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Diabore: time to retire champion
LiamK712: Retire a winner
Mr_Horrible: OpieOP
Raithencore235: @LoadingReadyRun did you see the Adamuclous?
monkeyrama: Cool deck
seth_erickson: End on a high note seems good
Raiz0k: You absolutely smashed it!
satyropodobny: the power of the chair
Mr_Horrible: you and James have gotten some *sweet* Ikoria decks these past few weeks
Diabore: ben made a you on tuesday
aussie_rob_w: Woo!
frozenphoenix7: Ben created your brother.
notthepenguins: Ben crafted a substitute Adam
monkeyrama: Ben mad an Adam doll to keep him company
aussie_rob_w: Did you just not drop a game?
Mr_Horrible: Unprofessional, or FUNprofessional?
aussie_rob_w: Nive
notthepenguins: It was somewhat alarming in retrospect given the monstrous puppet in the game he was playing...
Invitare: open the boosters
MilkInBag: you will be forced into it by a P1P2 flare
romanempire144: dumb idiot tribal|
Mr_Horrible: Adam turning up the difficulty slider
romanempire144: *?
Drathak: Abzan is me
seth_erickson: I've been doing the just go around the pentagon
STALKERsoldiers: IM a mardu guy myself
notthepenguins: brokkos is so cool
monkeyrama: Dang, you've got two filled already?
MilkInBag: green ResidentSleeper
Mr_Horrible: Adam just wants to mutate Brokkos from the yard
notthepenguins: i'm mardu in theory but sultai is so fun
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anactualheehaw: numotWOW
Drathak: LUL
kirbytronic: Pack 1 pick 1 ultimatum
Emptiedcheons: numotSAD numotSAD numotSAD numotSAD
MilkInBag: oh no, Kenji
seth_erickson: The Nummy
anactualheehaw: numotHELLO
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Diabore: big raid!
TheWarbo: yarok, big dumb idiots, sultai in general. yup that sounds exactly like my magic tastes
timfreilly: numotHOLD
Emptiedcheons: numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB numotB
Mr_Horrible: tha nummy raid mizzPOG
monkeyrama: Kenji with the phat raid
Zempre: numotHELLO numotHELLO numotHELLO numotHELLO
ringoderbar: numotWOW
ArcOfTheConclave: I'm saving the apexs for last because I like the godzilla arts
smost15: numotYES numotYES numotYES numotYES numotYES numotYES numotYES numotYES numotYES
BusterKingSyros: numotHELLO numotHELLO numotHELLO numotHELLO
seth_erickson: MechaGodzilla PogChamp
Tomba_san: numotHELLO
CBftw: numotGASM numotGASM numotGASM numotGASM numotGASM numotGASM
STALKERsoldiers: Hello Kenji!
tierfun: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid
MilkInBag: He's like James, a total stranger who doesn't follow the raids
anactualheehaw: it is probably a personal insult
SolarBlitz1: I imagine watching these creatures mutate from a tiny fox into a giant Shark-man WOULD be rather disgusting
Dementia55372: Stream's not worth it Kappa
monkeyrama: Comforting voice PogChamp
chumpofthemonth: numotYES numotYES numotYES
itira: Thats sweet
soft_lard: Nummy lullabies
Drathak: Soothing sounds of kenji saying GET THE SLEEVE
aussie_rob_w: Hi Kenji!
Galactic_pain: I may be Grixis, but that doesn't mean I can't pull out the big boys sometimes
radio_penguin: I do that with Sidewalk Slam sometimes
Kyir: Titan's Nest PogChamp
MilkInBag: it's like...clash
monkeyrama: There's your sultai rare OpieOP
seth_erickson: Clash seems like the easy answer
Blasteg: huh, we can do real draft on arena now?
aldruon: i used to put on let's nope when i was about to fall asleep. Ben & Adam screaming, so soothing
seth_erickson: Naturalist is also good
TeamSINS0: it would be funny to see dale dress as dale dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome
frozenphoenix7: Clash has seemed bad more than it's been good
Mr_Horrible: symbiote is a house
monkeyrama: I love the symbiote
Invitare: oh I forgot about those enchantments. I wonder if I can do 5 colour with them all
DaVeganPolice: no 1mana cyclers, bad pack
seth_erickson: Real People drafts Kreygasm
ringoderbar: titans nest is better in draft than many people thinl
monkeyrama: homie gets you good value
Mr_Horrible: such a solid common, esp for the green deck
MilkInBag: very bold
seth_erickson: do it
Mr_Horrible: turn 2 symbiote, mutate turn 3 greenhorn Kreygasm
MilkInBag: I'd pick the land over symbiote but
monkeyrama: Eyyyyyy
MilkInBag: oh see, your sultai rare
monkeyrama: Another sultai rare
seth_erickson: Sultai Rares up the wazoo
Galactic_pain: Do it
monkeyrama: It's a sign
Rahserat: do it. get greedy
STALKERsoldiers: go sultai broke stuffs
frozenphoenix7: Uncommon missing? Someone took a Flare Kappa
MilkInBag: Adam: Man I identify with Sultai, I love those colors. Also Adam: NO I will not draft sultai rares
seth_erickson: greens the easy fixing color so I say go for it
Wiliart: Let the sultai flow through you.
CapnRobert: play what you want go for fun
DaVeganPolice: Whisperer/Ivy?
monkeyrama: It's a very good mutate target
sassyjaya: now take every greathorn you see
seth_erickson: elemental seems good so does the whisperer
Mr_Horrible: I've been very pleased with cavern whispy
LackingSanity_: fertilid imo
MilkInBag: I don't think I've ever seen titan's nest get cast in a single game of limited
chknnugget420: charge is so good
DaVeganPolice: Good pack
monkeyrama: Removal is nice
Mr_Horrible: the fact that it can hit walkers can be such a lifesaver
seth_erickson: Charge is fine here
chknnugget420: GB is open
MilkInBag: that pack is so bad
Mr_Horrible: hemo's pretty splashable
rain_llovienda: brushwag is so good
squigel: wilds?
sassyjaya: phage is pretty good
satyropodobny: wilds though
MilkInBag: all in skull prophet
monkeyrama: Ooooh, the prophet PogChamp
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I would take the hemophage, but only because that art is awesome
Rahserat: skull daddy!
seth_erickson: but wait 1 mana cyclers Kappa
MilkInBag: crystal
Ryavis: r
MilkInBag: I often play 1
Ryavis: am through is good, yeah
seth_erickson: crystals are good in cycling or playing the Ultimatums
monkeyrama: I don't think I've ever actually shipped a deck with a crystal
DaVeganPolice: bushmeat Kappa
Rahserat: ooh, an island
aldruon: but is it a bargle with yargle?
zarbit: ram through at instant with Go for Blood at sorcery is unreal to me
LackingSanity_: you have better options than crystal in green for fixing, but they aren't awful
MilkInBag: very not
monkeyrama: That bug is fine
Mr_Horrible: it is decidedly medium
notthepenguins: i'm not thrilled by the bug
seth_erickson: BenS and Voxy are both pretty high on the bug
monkeyrama: Aggressively fine
Easilycrazyhat: If it gets going, it's pretty good
Kyir: Emergent feels so dirty
zarbit: coilbug is like a C half plus
Mr_Horrible: can be just what you need, or just a 2/2
HondoTrigger: ceremonial tribute to the greed god PogChamp100
Ojovanoski2: i like having at least 1
notthepenguins: but it can be useful in the right game
MilkInBag: think about cycling, and then think about what the bug does LUL
Wiliart: Being a bear is a good floor to build on
Mr_Horrible: it reminds me of the skeleton
notthepenguins: personally its early on my list of cuts tho
Henshini: It can loop with poacher
MilkInBag: a 7 mana 2/2
monkeyrama: Pteron is also a solid mutate target
Mr_Horrible: sometimes the regrow is god-tier, sometimes it's irrelevant
TheEnigmaEngine: Song of Creation + ominous seas is fun in draft
TenoshiiGaming: I like coilbug with weaponise the monsters in a RB sac shell
TenoshiiGaming: It's a slow but steady clock
monkeyrama: YESSSSS
MilkInBag: Kreygasm
HondoTrigger: WOW
zarbit: well that's just unfair
Antraxonn: WELL THEN.
Ryavis: hahaha
gamercat88: yas!
LiamK712: Ayyyyyy
DaVeganPolice: WE DID IT
Galactic_pain: Ok
HondoTrigger: CALCULATED
Ryavis: amazing
Josherm: emongHUGE PogChamp
sassyjaya: better lucky then good
Sogheim: luck? or skill?
seth_erickson: EZ Game
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
squigel: Swamp
satyropodobny: SKILL
Ba_Dum_Tish: Never punished
TheWarbo: WOW
SnivianMoon: He can't keep getting away with this!
TenoshiiGaming: haha just as planned
Wiliart: Should have been more greedy
zarbit: "he can't keep getting away with it"
redyounglink: rewarded
Rahserat: lrrSACK lrrSACK
monkeyrama: Just open Broccoli PogChamp
Galactic_pain: lrrSACK
DaVeganPolice: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatCHOICE seabatCHOICE
Mr_Horrible: The man, quite simply, cannot be stopped
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrWOW
romanempire144: luckiest man alive: Adam Savidan
Easilycrazyhat: Lucky is better than good
MilkInBag: the graveyard dumb son
blastseeker: god tier drafter
Raithencore235: 100% SKILL
LiamK712: Adam Sultai Savidan
Henshini: lrrAWESOME
TheWarbo: so we take the goriak here, right?
drizter: 7-0 EZ
Sogheim: gotta get the broccoli!
SnivianMoon: That Sultai deck is back on the escalator!
cdgentry1: WHy are we so good at this game
HondoTrigger: the absolute disrespect by not having the Space Godzilla style on Brokkos OpieOP
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: You don't even need blue! Just mutate!
Astro_Nata: seabatPjorg lrrSACK
rodog695: lrrWOW
chumpofthemonth: numotGHOST
MilkInBag: and the land
monkeyrama: Heron I think
seth_erickson: Heron I think
DaVeganPolice: Nearly a perfect try lmao
Sacramenthol: Which one is the best apex boisss
Antraxonn: Bird is the word
Chiefsantino: lando
Ryavis: heron is pretty good, yeah
Galactic_pain: Heron
Mr_Horrible: but if you charge revealing Brokkos the OP has to uninstall Kappa
Ba_Dum_Tish: Shemtail Meron
MilkInBag: I'd take the land over the heron
sassyjaya: heron is damn good
Rahserat: heron won't wheel either
seth_erickson: probably not
gamercat88: da birb iis da word
DaVeganPolice: Heron for me
HondoTrigger: heron, you'll have perfect mana every game james isnt here
HondoTrigger: farfinder is great here
monkeyrama: Really?
Wiliart: This is a great pack
MilkInBag: farfinder slam
seth_erickson: ez pezie symbiote imo
DaVeganPolice: SeemsGood
zarbit: if we were UG splashing black I'd take polly
HondoTrigger: we already have the better symbiote SeriousSloth
MilkInBag: farfinder is way better than a splash looter
Mr_Horrible: I like the finder here. Polly on the splash is a tough sell
zarbit: but I don't want polly and skull prophet in the same deck
TheEnigmaEngine: can I ever play a turn 2 Skycat without it being immediately killed
seth_erickson: the symbiote fixes by looting
Sogheim: Fox fixes your ultimatum mana
Galactic_pain: Plus it has Vigi
MilkInBag: naturalist slam
Antraxonn: Thornwood Falls?
HondoTrigger: naturalist is great here, you really want to get ahead on mana in this format
Mr_Horrible: is step any good?
Philologia: dual land though
seth_erickson: land or naturalist
Ryavis: there's a dual land
LackingSanity_: himbo naturalist
MilkInBag: heeeeeeeh I think it's the land
Feltic: Mutato friend
sassyjaya: this is going well
monkeyrama: Farfinder wheels so often
MilkInBag: fertilid Kreygasm
zarbit: is migratory greathorn a mythic common? Discuss.
Rahserat: fertilid or anticipate I#D say
seth_erickson: what a late fox
MilkInBag: sandwurm easy
DaVeganPolice: quick, go into cycling
blastseeker: it's open time to switch
HondoTrigger: sandwurm is a great reveal off charge
Traion: Hey Best Adam, hey Chat. Been jamming Gladiator all day, the format rules
Feltic: I love the otter, but sandworm is good
Invitare: free kraken
DaVeganPolice: we dont' have a good deck for seas
Mr_Horrible: A fox, a 1-mana cycler, and a 2-mana cycler, in the same 9-card pack mizzThinking
SnivianMoon: Big dumb idiot poster child, Greater Sandwurm
monkeyrama: Ominous seas without car draw is meh
seth_erickson: He's fun done some good work for me
Mr_Horrible: goriak has overperformed for me in decks w/ symbiote
Sogheim: Plummet's great
Mr_Horrible: big dumb vigilance mutato
Sogheim: no one expects the fifth Plummet
DaVeganPolice: seas in a izzet draw-go deck nearly got me there... sadly outplayed myself a couple times to many
TheThromborax: is it cheaper to do an all person draft?
MilkInBag: imagine if you get parcelbeast
Mr_Horrible: the vigi is great for growing mutates with essence symbiote
monkeyrama: It's a fantastic mutate target that hold it's own before then
Antraxonn: Poacher? This late?
Invitare: pivot into Whisper Squad
aldruon: vigilance creatures are awesome mutate targets
squigel: just open viv
seth_erickson: also the green white vigilance deck is like my favorite deck so far so that might skew my perspective
HondoTrigger: Recluse
monkeyrama: I think ram through over charge?
seth_erickson: The Frondland is soooo good
Antraxonn: Felidar with all the Farfinders PogChamp
MilkInBag: felidar is so good
Wiliart: Recluse for the reach
BlightningHelix: There is a part of me that one day wants to just draft whisper squad.
seth_erickson: I'd take the Recluse though
monkeyrama: Oh, there's a spider, nvm
zarbit: recluse over ram through?
HondoTrigger: Recluse hope Ram or Naturalist wheels
Galactic_pain: I like recluse here
sassyjaya: frondland is bonkers
satyropodobny: ye spider
Traion: Recluse is so nice, but Ram Through is nice too
Antraxonn: I'd go Felidar here
aldruon: weaponize is so good
seth_erickson: quick pivot into cycling take Drannith Stinger
WonderfulGlory: The spider mr. frodo
MilkInBag: lurker Kreygasm
HondoTrigger: the beetle than can go back to youre hand from the yard is great in the weaponize the monsters deck
Earthenone: snek?
seth_erickson: pivot pivot pivot
DaVeganPolice: Flare PogChamp
monkeyrama: It didn't matter what else was in that pack, tbh
sassyjaya: mamba is fine
zarbit: love snapping off the lurker
seth_erickson: mamba has been decent for me
Diabore: some times it doesnt reserve and its real annoying
LiamK712: Essence scatter?
Mr_Horrible: yeah, mamba has been underwhelming to me
HondoTrigger: take bargain to get Brokkos in the yard OpieOP
MilkInBag: mamba dies to literally everything
nitrodog96: don't pivot, are you kidding me chat?
nitrodog96: take the essence scatter tbh
lookimadinosaur: there arent a lot of X/2s in the format
DaVeganPolice: lmao pivot pivot pivot Kappa
Wiliart: Having small things to mutate into is important to have too.
Philologia: essence scatter?
LackingSanity_: I would have been tempted to splash frondland with evolving wilds, 2 farfinders, and fertilid
monkeyrama: Mamba has been pretty meh
lookimadinosaur: essence scatter is amazing
seth_erickson: I take mamba since we have no swagg
monkeyrama: for me
MilkInBag: another lurker Kreygasm
TheWarbo: i feel like mamba is more "less good than I want it to be" than "actively bad"
zarbit: whoof, 2x lurker and a broccoli?
satyropodobny: PowerUpL SeriousSloth PowerUpR
MilkInBag: migration path Kreygasm
monkeyrama: Another heron, too
zarbit: prob just dead weight here though
seth_erickson: another heron?
zarbit: the adult pick
Antraxonn: Dead Weight tho
sassyjaya: heron again
monkeyrama: This pack has lots for us
nitrodog96: I can get behind mamba here though, one mana creatures are always good
Wiliart: Dead weight, need some more removal
DaVeganPolice: dead weight?
seth_erickson: Heron or dead weight
Mr_Horrible: dead weight?
Diabore: heron
Mr_Horrible: removal we can recur with the lurkers
Rahserat: heron
nitrodog96: dead weight seems like the pick here, in another universe I'd snap pick the boar
darkspiredragon: dead weight hoses the cycling decks payoff creatures
Traion: Heron draws a card, nothing better in magic
nitrodog96: imagine frondland felidar wheeling
Mr_Horrible: I really like weight with lurkers, but heron is so strong too
seth_erickson: it almost certainly wont
zarbit: NO WAY felidar wheels. I'll eat my hat
MilkInBag: Dead Weight is less and less good for me, it often misses good creatures and it's not very good in the format
seth_erickson: Frondland Felidar
monkeyrama: That felidar is not wheeling
Diabore: leech
seth_erickson: I'd take leech
DaVeganPolice: mutual
Traion: Dead Weight is to weak for 2020 Magic LUL
DaVeganPolice: mutual gets you value from pacified creatures
Mr_Horrible: I mean, I could see it, we're seeing a lot of good white go by
zarbit: that hat's safe another day
seth_erickson: creatures with removal abilities strapped on are especially good with the lurkers
Diabore: we need to reveal the forever beast with its charge at least 1 time this draft
jdb399: Afternoon Adam! Sultai good stuff in draft today?
Jogela: leak?
zarbit: if we run mutual destruction I'd run coilbug
nitrodog96: dead weight seems so weak here
Rahserat: do we have enough payloads for the ultimatum?
seth_erickson: I'd cut the leak and the bargain
DaVeganPolice: memory leak?
cdgentry1: probably cut emergent
nitrodog96: and mutual destruction seems bad without coilbug
gamercat88: sandworm?
Mr_Horrible: I'd cut ultimatum, yeah
IaCthulhuFthagn: Always greed.
seaclinton: This doesn't feel like an emergent ultimatum deck.
STALKERsoldiers: need? no. Should? No. Want to? YES
seth_erickson: Also with mutual destruction I think we do want coilbug
darkspiredragon: ultimatum only searches for mono colored cards as well
Mr_Horrible: we don't have anything spicy besides brokkos and the sandwurm for it to get
squigel: mosscoat?
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IaCthulhuFthagn: This is a coward stream, I see Keepo
nitrodog96: how good is bushmeat poacher here?
MilkInBag: 1 is always nice
TheWarbo: our best ultimatum is, like, Sandwurm 2xHeron, which is not exciting
zarbit: down to one island too, right? wilds + 2x farfinder should be enough sources
Pnoy__: @Mr_Horrible ultimatum cant get brokkos
monkeyrama: The farfinders are functinoally better than the goriak
TheWarbo: and we probably don't get that best shot
monkeyrama: tbh
satyropodobny: might as well cut all the blue
Mr_Horrible: pnoy__ oh right mizzS
seth_erickson: maybe lose the naturalist or a land?
MilkInBag: I'd cut dead weight
STALKERsoldiers: 2/4 vigilance is great targert for mutate
Mr_Horrible: I'd keep it in, we have lots of mutate targets
MilkInBag: yes, it's not very good
HondoTrigger: you want naturalist to get ahead on mana, I'd also go down a blue or 2 since you have 2 farfinders and e wilds
Mr_Horrible: 3 2-drops and 4 3-drops
MilkInBag: but MAYBE it's good because of 2x lurkers
satyropodobny: coilbug
monkeyrama: Dead weight does a lot on this format
sassyjaya: why did we pull the ultimatum?
STALKERsoldiers: dead weight is fantastic, i wouldn't
IaCthulhuFthagn: Removal is bad in limited... hmm...
Rahserat: cut the naturalsit?
Traion: Maybe a heron?
BusterKingSyros: hemophange isn't great
zarbit: I think I'd cut bargain or poacher
seth_erickson: two charges might be bad since our deck goes to the late game?
nitrodog96: hemophage
MacSquizzy: cut one heron
Ramzzal: probably cut a symbiote, are they that good here?
AtomicAlchemical: Cut the wurm?
Mr_Horrible: honestly I'd say hemophage
STALKERsoldiers: hemophage?
nitrodog96: hemophage seems super blah
chknnugget420: 16 lands with all the farfinders and ramp
zarbit: cutting a mutate card makes the herons and lurkers worse, I'm not a fan but hemophage is def. the worst here
frizzy_fry_fro: how do you set your default basics?
monkeyrama: Hemophage is pretty meh
MilkInBag: hemophage could be better than heron with 2x lurkers because you can trade with deathtouch
monkeyrama: The deathtouch is nice, though
cdgentry1: could get away with 1 probably
STALKERsoldiers: i like this actually
TheWarbo: Brokkos is mutatable with no blue, too
nitrodog96: @MilkInBag that's actually a good idea, I forgot the hemophage had deathtouch
STALKERsoldiers: wurm, heron, and poacher?
MilkInBag: yeah hemophage is playable for deathtouch, not the drain
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I bring news from the WeeklyMTG. Arena announcements abound!
monkeyrama: Can you mutate off the ultimatum?
Diabore: oh its the bad ultimatum
Mr_Horrible: yeah, i'd say you can get away with 1 island, I think
chknnugget420: yeah I wouldn't run ultimayum with migration path
squigel: and the worm gets shuffled
BusterKingSyros: getting 2 creatures is good
notthepenguins: i mean thats still a pretty good turn
sassyjaya: bargain
Diabore: i would not run that ultimatum
nitrodog96: no @monkeyrama, "without paying its mana cost" is an alternate cost that you have to pick, you can't choose mutate instead
MilkInBag: I would play emergent only if you had actual removal
seth_erickson: I'd cut a Charge of the Forever Beast
AtomicAlchemical: Keep the poacher
monkeyrama: Thanks! @nitrodog96
seth_erickson: since it's a dead draw late in the game
ArcOfTheConclave: the drain has been relevent bit it's no gary
nitrodog96: the second charge here feels worse than the hemophage, yeah
STALKERsoldiers: what's your most likely scenario?
nitrodog96: hard agree on this one
STALKERsoldiers: i like that
monkeyrama: This seems good
cdgentry1: if best case is meh, then average case is bad
djalternative: so?
Mr_Horrible: that seems solid
nitrodog96: there's a point where "mono creature" is just the nuts
DaVeganPolice: Love creatures,
XcaliberCrusade: Best case scenario: Adam wins all the time every time
nitrodog96: I drafted red-green mono creatures and went 4-0
Traion: We need creatures so our big boi can come back forever, like the Undertaker
JeracotIII: a lot of creatures but it's a creature heavy format
nitrodog96: then got screwed and flooded twice
Robot_Bones: creature gang, creature gang, creature gang
STALKERsoldiers: excatly my point, if the best is ok, your most likely is just blugh
MilkInBag: I just want to say why I don't like Dead Weight, it doesn't kill good cards like Tactician or any flyer really
monkeyrama: We'll drwaw a swamp
nitrodog96: yeah @MilkInBag it feels like the weakest good removal spell in the set
STALKERsoldiers: it slows them down i think
monkeyrama: ok, thanks deck
DaVeganPolice: got there
seth_erickson: Just draw the Natural Sultai
zarbit: must. be. nice.
Traion: I think Turn 4 is the sweet spot for Ivy Elemental
monkeyrama: Dead weight in a lurrus deck Kreygasm
Mr_Horrible: charge revealing ivy Kappa
MilkInBag: dead weight is great against bad cards OpieOP
redyounglink: I like that prophet gets the slime cauldron from UH OH come in
MilkInBag: I explained before
seth_erickson: the 3/1 isn't a bad card DansGame
monkeyrama: Milk is fighting a weir crusade
djalternative: Cube Draft is coming to arena
monkeyrama: weird*
Traion: If dead weight is so good why don't people play it in vintage Adam? Kappa
tennis_spamboy: ivy
nitrodog96: as fine as I am with dead weight it's definitely the worst good removal in the set
Diabore: 5/5 ivy?
seth_erickson: play a large Elemental
nitrodog96: having the coilbug with mutual destruction makes me snap run the mutual over dead weight
STALKERsoldiers: 4/4 elemental and then fly it
KeiRaccoon: It's a fine card, weaker in this format, I think.
MilkInBag: oh no I'm not saying you're wrong, that would be presumptuous from me, I'm just saying it wasn't very good in the matches I've played
nitrodog96: hard agree
lamb_of_gojira: deadweight is great
monkeyrama: That can be a 7/8 flier next turn PogChamp
nitrodog96: this format is absolutely medium creatures tribal
TheWarbo: oh wait, i keep thinking that heron is a pteron
frizzy_fry_fro: dont block
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lamb_of_gojira: like 12 vocalists on one song? that's crazy
zarbit: chat - dead weight vs easy prey?
MilkInBag: easy prey any day
breadisbest1: what is the best kind of doughnut?
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Mr_Horrible: between those 2, yeah easy prey
STALKERsoldiers: kill tokens too
monkeyrama: If you have lurrus, dead weight. otherwise, easy prey
AtomicAlchemical: Dead weight hits early drops that can run away with the game, like flourishing fox
Mr_Horrible: only consideration is if you have some permanent recursion, like lurrus or lurker, but that's pretty specific
seth_erickson: No Charge does the damage
Mr_Horrible: charge deals damage
sassyjaya: charge deals damage
TheWarbo: it says on the card "Charge deals damage"
monkeyrama: It's the charge
zarbit: charge deals the damage
Traion: Charge deals damage
STALKERsoldiers: charge does the damage
notthepenguins: no, Charge deals the damage
MilkInBag: no it's charge
lamb_of_gojira: ivy elemental is od
lamb_of_gojira: d
IaCthulhuFthagn: Ivy Elemental is Odd either way.
lamb_of_gojira: oh nvm
KeiRaccoon: The card will say. In charge it's the card
monkeyrama: Main deck yorion PogChamp
Mr_Horrible: ?
STALKERsoldiers: oopha
lamb_of_gojira: @LoadingReadyRun I think it matters if the card said that the revealed card did the damage than you would need an odd card
Mr_Horrible: oh, the lynx, right
seth_erickson: seems like we need to one up this flying creature
Mr_Horrible: forgot what was under that octopus LUL
MilkInBag: kill the elemental in response Kappa
hinhanska: mr pouty lips
Mr_Horrible: I like just mutate onto elemental
MilkInBag: keep heron for elemental, to block yorion
zarbit: I like just naturalist and lurker here
punmaster10: ! uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:07:47.
punmaster10: oh no
nitrodog96: the nut trick
Mr_Horrible: can sac the naturalist
seth_erickson: mill 3 to get to Brokkos Faster?
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seth_erickson: or wait is it 2
monkeyrama: Ram through would have been clutch
monkeyrama: 2 @seth_erickson
cdgentry1: thats okay
nitrodog96: imagine if they were just slow rolling the coordinated charge for disrespect
seth_erickson: time to stabilize
Mr_Horrible: mutate lurker, get a critter back?
ArcOfTheConclave: second blue for ult?
zarbit: ult got cut
Ramzzal: bushmeat all day
monkeyrama: We're not running that
TheWarbo: we cut ult
TheWarbo: no good mono targets, really
seth_erickson: I think it was smarter to play it safe and just play the lurker as a regular creature
nitrodog96: coilbug is super useful here
nitrodog96: wow
cdgentry1: alright, we stable-ish now yall
sassyjaya: bug and ivy
monkeyrama: Bug and poacher are best friends
Wiliart: Elemental cheap and than heron?
Wolfstrike_NL: could make a stupid 7/7
sassyjaya: then next turn heron to get the other heron
Mr_Horrible: Fivey Elemental PogChamp
cdgentry1: wow
WolfingHour: 4/4 had vigilance?
seth_erickson: they had an untapped 3/6
axiomnibus: I like watching Adam play Magic- he does everything I would do, but better.
monkeyrama: Another arrow NotLikeThis
zarbit: @WolfingHour mutated on farfinder
WolfingHour: yah
cdgentry1: we die now
satyropodobny: we ded
MacSquizzy: was about to say, fetch first
nitrodog96: dark bargain
nitrodog96: lmao
monkeyrama: We are dead
seth_erickson: and now we die NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: That dolphin NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: we needed to bargain for removal there, I think
zarbit: best late dolphin I've ever seen
cdgentry1: had to not mutate there
seth_erickson: right on time :)
punmaster10: punt
monkeyrama: Oh noo, answers NotLikeThis
nitrodog96: perfect timing!
squigel: it you didn't play the e wilds before drawing
Ramzzal: i wouldve got bushmeat back, ive never seen that card underperform
ArcOfTheConclave: extra blocker better then a card
nitrodog96: three best words in magic
blastseeker: well you wouldnt have gotten both of those on the bargain cause you drew off the mutate
nitrodog96: I understand Adam
cdgentry1: or could have bugged
IaCthulhuFthagn: Clearly the answer was putting the ultimatum in the deck.
nitrodog96: hand's insane
monkeyrama: It's alright, that's how we learn
lurkerspine: sneep
nitrodog96: natural tron?
zarbit: this hand isn't great is unreal
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
MilkInBag: 3 colors and farfinder, what else do yo uwant
Mr_Horrible: that was a tight game, yeah
DaVeganPolice: big learning
zarbit: poll - oppo is on 4c or 5c?
Graham_LRR: @loadingreadyrun you can turn auto-tapping back on, if you want. Cameron turned it off during the PPR.
oddmeg: whats the most recent thing that made you laugh?
oddmeg: also hi all :) hope you are having a happy thursday :)
LemonOnRye: I've seen like 8 cards, and this deck looks insane. Hows it going chat
Mr_Horrible: Brokkos no jokkos
monkeyrama: Hello seabatPjorg /
DaVeganPolice: ew
LemonOnRye: seabatPjorg
DaVeganPolice: not that card
Mr_Horrible: I mean, does it matter Kappa
DaVeganPolice: seabatPjorg
oddmeg: i dont get why people ever give that card anything other than menace and deathtouch, it baisically ensures a 2 for one if you are agressive
oddmeg: and at 21 op can afford to be agressive
ArcOfTheConclave: can just recast next turn
Gooseblast: Brokkolos πŸ₯¦ PogChamp
nitrodog96: @oddmeg in my first IKO draft I was in a low-curve WB deck without Lurrus, I had a couple games where I went long and had to play it on deathtouch lifelink to live
redyounglink: I usually go deathtouch lifelink
Mr_Horrible: oddmeg their thought process was probably "he has to double-block to trade anyway"
monkeyrama: All combos of abilities with that card are good, tbh
LemonOnRye: Does give a lot of choices
nitrodog96: mutating that onto brokkos is a massive blow out waiting to happen
Rahserat: ram first so you can rumble
oddmeg: huh, i always menace deathtouch cause i like the promice of a gaurenteed 2 for 1
punmaster10: menace deathtouch
punmaster10: kill two creature s if you block
Mr_Horrible: and if we draw a land we can do both gabyWheee
nitrodog96: OOF
Mr_Horrible: sofieGasp
monkeyrama: Man subdual is a great card
nitrodog96: Yeah that aura is a dumb card
DaVeganPolice: atleast the heron replaced itself
Mr_Horrible: what the eff is this deck?
punmaster10: we got got
seth_erickson: op's got the soul read on us NotLikeThis
oddmeg: i never end up playing keep safe even if i get it in the draft, is it worth valueing higher?
LemonOnRye: I mean, he still got a 7/7 trample vigilance
ArcOfTheConclave: just swing?
Mr_Horrible: yeah, we shouldn't be afraid to attack w/ brokkos
punmaster10: o damn
TheWarbo: yeah i think the point of brokkos is to jam
DaVeganPolice: just waiting for OP to whip out the white mana, fulll 5-color goodstuff
monkeyrama: ezpz
Mr_Horrible: "...*another*... 7/7"
oddmeg: he's... so BIG
seth_erickson: inb4 plains General Kudro
DaVeganPolice: casual 8/8 flier
LemonOnRye: Respect the wagg or face my curse seabatTROG
oddmeg: i kinda love this set, the mutate and counters give you so much of a toolbox, but it dosnt get totaly chatoic
Rahserat: Golos incoming
monkeyrama: niiiice
Mr_Horrible: the limited feels just the right amount of powerful
nitrodog96: yeah, fair scoop7
Terradana: lrrWOW
MilkInBag: I thought I would hate the set because there are too many effects, but I've found it's a pretty deep set
punmaster10: @oddmeg I think this is a great set too, but too pushed in my opinion
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oddmeg: the way mutate dosnt always make the creature biger was such a good choice, it feels like it leads to better games than the kind of voltron that OG theros encouraged
Alsritt: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:20:10.
seth_erickson: SeemsGood
lurkerspine: The set sometimes gets super complex, but otherwise I love it
monkeyrama: Good plan SeemsGood
Juliamon: !break
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Scrubbodiestobears: oh man i tuned in just in time for ads lmao
oddmeg: i feel like certain elements of the set had to be pushed, like otherwise mutate ends up either too parasitic or unplayable outside of draft
punmaster10: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #5906: "They stick out like dogs balls." β€”Adam [2019-03-16]
punmaster10: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #6291: "1.5.2: just the way Richard Garfield intended minecraft to be." β€”James [2019-08-06]
oddmeg: ah yes, MTG, the way Richard Garriot would want it to be played
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monkeyrama: Hi again
monkeyrama: Is it nice up there today?
lurkerspine: Wait, just saw that mechagodzilla isn't going to be available in collector boosters... Well I guess I'm saving $220.
Super_Sophomoric: God hand
STALKERsoldiers: haha in the one true temperature scale
XedMada: kelvin?
monkeyrama: ooh, that's nice and chilly
oddmeg: i drafted a red black "everything is odd" deck with obosh as ompanion and got full wins in best of 1 earlier, it was so janky and explosive and terrible and great :D
Dread_Pirate_Westley: 13 Kelvin? How are you surviving?
punmaster10: my favorite is the temur one
MilkInBag: I'm sad Wizards won't enable 'hide alt art' in arena
boristhewizard: Missed you on your home stream, Adam. Hope you're doing alright! lrrHEART
monkeyrama: 13c = 55f
punmaster10: cold
teh_turtwig: Heya adam, just thought i should say that the long game of gloomhaven has inspired me to buy gloomhaven and frosthaven
MilkInBag: 0K is like -275C
BlightningHelix: Would you say this deck is going for Brokkos?
NamesAreSilly: Kelvin starts at Absolute Zero
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Water freezes at 273K
noSmokeFire: kelvin is almost 300 degrees colder
Wiliart: 0K is -273,15 degreec C
Scrubbodiestobears: 0K is the point where all movement and vibration completely stops
NarishmaReborn: 13 kelvin is about -260 C
monkeyrama: Wooow
MilkInBag: LUL
1y1e: GOTTEM
itira: ooooooooof
v_nome: I would love to be able to hide alt art too @milkinbag
Scrubbodiestobears: LOL
Dread_Pirate_Westley: 13 K is cold enough to freeze the nitrogen and oxygen in the air.
SolarBlitz1: lrrWOW
Mister_Skittles: absolute zero
nitrodog96: kills farfinder smolLUL
MilkInBag: funny thing in our universe, there is an absolute zero for temperature but technically no upper limit
nitrodog96: "that's not how it works, opponent!"
bravejrl: 0 kelvin is the coldest theoretical temperature
monkeyrama: Eat your broccoli, kids
STALKERsoldiers: unless the mutate effect will break you
monkeyrama: You only kill something in response to mutate if the mutate ability is bad for you, like killing a creature
nitrodog96: fertilid, take one off, mutual destruction the heron
SolarBlitz1: Usually at that point I go "You do the math" and then they've mained decked the 3 mana Fog for annoyance
TheWarbo: kelvin is fun because 20 kelvin is twice as hot as 10 kelvin, where there's no reasonable way 20 degrees is twice as hot as 10 degrees.
nitrodog96: 7head plays
lurkerspine: You can bargain
punmaster10: charge is pretty bad now
oddmeg: iv killed things in responce to mutate before, mostly only on the apex creatures, particularly the one that brings 10 CMC work of stuff back from the grave
Mangledpixel: the kelvin scale is the Celcius scale offset by exactly 273.15
AtomicAlchemical: As you approach 0 k, solids transition into the 5th state of matter in which atoms begin to... overlap I guess? (It's very strange)
minksterella_: @AtomicAlchemical that sounds fake but I trust you based on the username
MeadyOchre: 5th state of matter? wtf?
nitrodog96: yeah killing things in response to nethroi mutate seems like the best reason
KCazduke: It's too bad you can't mutate it from the graveyard or something.
punmaster10: does somebody have a Wikipedia article
JadedSimulacrum: Bose-Einstein condensate right?
monkeyrama: Look at that dead weight πŸ‘€
punmaster10: is that lethal
nitrodog96: lethal without effects
nitrodog96: wait, no
monkeyrama: Not lethal
nitrodog96: math is hard
monkeyrama: If we had one more mana
punmaster10: yeah it really is
nitrodog96: calculus exam yesterday went well, today I can't add six plus one
KCazduke: Broccoli too strong
Rockingbomb: hi adam, wanted to drop by and say thanks for sidewalk slam. it continues to be in the top tier of podcasts i listen to.
oddmeg: math is for blockers
RAZRBCK08: didn't account for having to tap the prophet to play brokkos
monkeyrama: Broccoli is good for you OpieOP
redyounglink: broccoli lesner
IaCthulhuFthagn: @MilkInBag: Though our QM models have trouble with extremely high temperatures and blackbody radiation, since wavelengths become short enough that uncertainty becomes troublesome.
nitrodog96: Well, yeah, you can't have a good wrestling podcast if you've never wrestled 4Head
monkeyrama: Hand's gas PogChamp
oddmeg: i v much enjoyed the most recent sidewalk slam, its been a realy comforting and soothing and fun distraction in tense times
MilkInBag: @IaCthulhuFthagn oh I'm sure it's terrible to actually measure temperatures over millions
punmaster10: uwu what's this
notthepenguins: there's a really strong green/black brawl deck, at least
swaggytaco: dont worry, we can still draw 10 lands
notthepenguins: idk if it's made its way into general standard
TheWarbo: kaheera doesn't even buff the krakens, what a nonbo Kappa
monkeyrama: Milk DansGame
IaCthulhuFthagn: @MilkInBag: This becomes a problem way, way, later than that. As in, not supernova temperatures, early-universe temperatures.
seth_erickson: Don't forget the Prophet can mill as a way to find Brokkos
nitrodog96: dead weight is a good card, it's just the worst good card in the set
itira: Even i listened to sidewalk slam this time and i dont even watch/have any interest in wrestling anymore.
MilkInBag: @IaCthulhuFthagn cool to know!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Win first?
KCazduke: Constructed Standard is basically Wilderness Reclamation or Fires of Invention or Dream Trawler right now
punmaster10: we are not
swaggytaco: 4 dead weights obviously
RAZRBCK08: historic Anthology 3 has 2 great cards in it so far
seth_erickson: I think we mill ourselves with the Prophet
punmaster10: @swaggytaco value
IaCthulhuFthagn: @MilkInBag: But there technically are upper limits in the standard model for that reason.
monkeyrama: Super dead weight
AtomicAlchemical: We can't deal with this! Our opponent even has the best sleeves!
SolarBlitz1: It's true, everytime I see a new Sidewalk slam i'm happy. Both from seeing your and Grahams enthusiasm/dismay, to seeing Beej's disbeleif
MilkInBag: @IaCthulhuFthagn yeah I was mostly thinking, technically temperature was infinite at the big bang since nothing was held in place
Evochron13: there's also mono cycling znith flare in standard
oddmeg: you know whats fun,? that 1 mana spell that does 1 mana to everything your opponant controlls when you have obosh on the bord, you know whats better than that? doing it twice :D
m00ntruther: dont forget about mardu humans, thats been great
Evochron13: and gyruda ramp
monkeyrama: Standard is pretty boring, tbh
KCazduke: Awkward.
TheWarbo: !quote dana
LRRbot: Quote #6331: "If you're cursed, it's your fault." β€”Dana Fischer [2019-08-15]
notthepenguins: boros cycling in standard is really good
seth_erickson: OP's on my Kaheera list I mentioned just wait till Keruga hits the battlefield
itsr67: choo x2
MilkInBag: yes, it can
monkeyrama: It can be OpieOP
n3ther: standard is perpetually boring 4Head
MilkInBag: Standard has been bad for a while
notthepenguins: is Lurrus still tearing stuff up?
lurkerspine: I think Khans was the last "great" standard
oddmeg: i mean, standard always seems b boring to me? its just not my cup of tea
A_Dub888: Be honest, are you actually James in an Adam sized meat husk?
MilkInBag: Teferi is still legal
NarishmaReborn: what if standard is always boring just because you love draft too much
nitrodog96: draw mutual destruction
TheWarbo: standard can't be boring, it has Drill Bit
notthepenguins: honestly I think Ikoria improved standard a bunch
seth_erickson: Teferi and Fires are the only cards I find boring tbh
Evochron13: the standard problem is that everything right now is pretty combo heavy. you just "oops in win" most of the time
Robot_Bones: Don't worry Milk, there are 3 more Teferi coming in Core 2021
notthepenguins: It still frustrates me but I dont dislike it as much as I did before
Booklegend: I’ve been refining a white/black life gain buff deck in standard and get stuck at gold 3-2
Bearudite: maybe standard was always boring πŸ€”
punmaster10: no island
monkeyrama: We don't need blue to mutate PogChamp
itsr67: Poggies my doggies
seth_erickson: and they're everywhere in standard right now
nitrodog96: and get the sandwurm or?
Wiliart: The standard the pro's are playing might be boring because of the lack of diversity. You can play whatever you want.
HoneyJack07: poggies my doggies
TheWarbo: yeah all the apices are like that, you can get away with missing one of the two allied colors if you mutate
monkeyrama: RIP
TheWarbo: but you need three to cast without mutating
seth_erickson: the perfect counter NotLikeThis
TheWarbo: what are we doing her? dying.
DaVeganPolice: mutual destruction 1 time
zarbit: "this deck has everything!" [dies to Capture Sphere]
KCazduke: Broccoli, don't go to sleep here, you need to block!
monkeyrama: James plz
STALKERsoldiers: is james here? is that the problem?
nitrodog96: he's not sleeping, he's been sphered!
punmaster10: JAMES
punmaster10: WHY
Mr_Horrible: uh oh, I come back to see 4 lands in hand mizzS
monkeyrama: 11 lands drawn this game πŸ‘€
nitrodog96: I already called him out lrrJAMES
MilkInBag: by playing another one
nitrodog96: lrrFINE
Josherm: Chumping with a 7/7 feels bad man
monkeyrama: How many lands did we mill?
MilkInBag: rub ins
KCazduke: Wow
nitrodog96: 12/17 and milled like two more?
punmaster10: bruh
TheWarbo: they don't know what's in our hand
KCazduke: That is waaaaaay too many lands.
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: #blamejames
STALKERsoldiers: tap tap tap tap concede
seth_erickson: is this all our land _/
TheWarbo: !findquote curve
LRRbot: Quote #2168: "My deck curves out at 7, so I put in 8 lands to be safe." β€”Cameron [2016-03-26]
monkeyrama: Gotta have one James game per stream OpieOP
JeracotIII: 5 or 6 lands in deck when we evolving wilds
AtomicAlchemical: Turn 4 playable
Mr_Horrible: think, Adam, what would Brokkos do?
TheWarbo: Charge + Fertilid PogChamp
STALKERsoldiers: gg guys
Mr_Horrible: sofieGasp
STALKERsoldiers: its the friendship
gkgaming05: why are drafts so expensive :(
Earthenone: kill the dino?
seth_erickson: dead weight that 1/1 dino
Earthenone: so they cant mutate
Mr_Horrible: I like killing the dino to stop mutate, yeah
monkeyrama: That seems like an ok choice, for sure
seth_erickson: they're off lands time to capitalize
Mr_Horrible: and they cycled a crystal, so they're digging for land 3
seth_erickson: Heron?
nitrodog96: recluse first, then heron, then lurker feels right
Mr_Horrible: red can't kill a 5-toughness critter, right?
Zalos_melbourne: blade banish
Mr_Horrible: I wouldn't mutate, they've got banish mana now
A_Dub888: !findquote all in
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
samu_btdp1985: exiles spell?
nitrodog96: double fire prophecy, blade banish
seth_erickson: could be blade banish
Ramzzal: block and divine arrow too
Mr_Horrible: like, even if we don't mutate, they've gotta do something
nitrodog96: mute opens for blowouts way too much
seth_erickson: I think we hemro the 4/5 now
benspaceguy: Those lands are NOICE
nitrodog96: heron > hemophage imo
punmaster10: we need card advantage more than life
seth_erickson: either one is fine
lurkerspine: man if only that spider bird had trample
TheWarbo: Ikoria, the set with the flying/reach creatures
nitrodog96: and we're shortly going to win
STALKERsoldiers: ram through EOT for win
BlightningHelix: A creature having both flying and reach is very silly
seth_erickson: well the hemophage also makes them lose life so it's not just like gain x
Josherm: Flying and reach PogChamp
monkeyrama: Homphage does drain each time it mutates, right?
nitrodog96: @STALKERsoldiers doesn't have trample
seth_erickson: bird doesn't have trample
STALKERsoldiers: ram through does...?
nitrodog96: it's not flame spill unfort
STALKERsoldiers: oh ok sorry
STALKERsoldiers: you are right
Mr_Horrible: oh my god, can we double mutate for the win?
AtomicAlchemical: That there is a swole spider-fox-heron
seth_erickson: we just hemo and then lurker and kill them with hemo triggers
TheWarbo: if they have nothing we can mutate for the win
benspaceguy: GIVE THEM THE WURM
punmaster10: we can win with hemophage
nitrodog96: two mana short on hemo winning
Mr_Horrible: LUL wurm also good against that board
monkeyrama: Don't have answers BlessRNG
Mr_Horrible: you mutate hemo, then mutate lurker
TheWarbo: mutate with phage, then with lurker
seth_erickson: drains 3 then you mutate the lurker
monkeyrama: We were in a good spot either way
Mr_Horrible: wurm was also lethal, since their board couldn't block it
Mr_Horrible: the more conservative line
Bearudite: 7/7 seemed to work
seth_erickson: 7/7's also known to win the game
Diabore: its fine to not murder in the optimal fashion
gkgaming05: so the move is to play bo1 draft right?
seth_erickson: Light of Hope I guess might have gotten us with that line
nitrodog96: I think bo3 is better if you can win a *lot* of the time
seth_erickson: choosing the gain life option
monkeyrama: whisper squad tribal πŸ‘€
Mister_Hush: is whisper squad the opposite of highlight gang
Ba_Dum_Tish: Its popping off
Mr_Horrible: I deeply wanted them to find no squads there
Mister_Hush: I wanna join whisper squad
Mr_Horrible: the ultimate BDE move
Kaaosa: Watching the Adam in his natural habitat is wild
seth_erickson: *whisper* *whisper* *whisper* *whisper*
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: with a name like Mister_Hush, I'm not surprised
Ba_Dum_Tish: *rabble rabble rabble*
gkgaming05: how can I get enough good to get a draft quickly
Mr_Horrible: Adam chilling in the Elder Recess PogChamp
n3ther: *throws pokeball*
TheWarbo: i feel like "whisper squad" and "highlight gang" are kind of opposite ideas
gkgaming05: gold*
monkeyrama: They got so many
Diabore: or the indestructible thing
Zalos_melbourne: this man going off
monkeyrama: wtf
Alsritt: holy jeez
seth_erickson: incoming Bastion of Rememberance
Ba_Dum_Tish: This man is actively whispering
Alsritt: that's so much whispering, we could be a t a library
monkeyrama: So many whispers
monkeyrama: it's almost a yell
Kaaosa: No you're very calculating here. When we video game you are much more fly by the seat of your pants :v
NamesAreSilly: I'll be honest; I was looking away and I thought Adam kept "shh"ing chat.
AtomicAlchemical: Can we will ourselves into having Extinction Event in our deck?
seth_erickson: Whisper Squad out in force PogChamp
Zalos_melbourne: inb4 extincetion naming even
Mr_Horrible: tfw the Squad has reached its goals mizzS
monkeyrama: Full playset of whispers PogChamp
Ba_Dum_Tish: These whispers have a lot to say to Adams face
gkgaming05: what's the best way to get a lot of gold for drafts
seth_erickson: I'm guessing Lurrus is in this deck
punmaster10: !card suffocating fumes
LRRbot: Suffocating Fumes [2B] | Instant | Creatures your opponents control get βˆ’1/βˆ’1 until end of turn. / Cycling {2}
Alsritt: we should be using skull prophet to mill, to try and hit our mutate guy?
seth_erickson: we should be yeah
monkeyrama: Niiice
Alsritt: or we just kinda hit it, huh
Mr_Horrible: POGGERS
seth_erickson: yep
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @gkgaming05 fastest? probably buying gems and drafting with those lrrBEEJ
seth_erickson: I'd save it for Brokkos
monkeyrama: That charge thou. Drawing a worm would be nice
Mr_Horrible: not mutating the lurker?
gkgaming05: ye that's probably @narwhalsinatrenchcoat it's not too expensive right?
seth_erickson: I think I can guess which Whisper Squad is the leader now
samu_btdp1985: is this sultai big bois
Ba_Dum_Tish: Whisper whisper whisper HAMBURGER
Mr_Horrible: we'd get another host for brokkos back, was my thinking
Mr_Horrible: deathtouch trample PogChamp
monkeyrama: We can do that this way too @Mr_Horrible
seth_erickson: death touch on a trampler is PogChamp
STALKERsoldiers: that's mean
LemonOnRye: Well, the forever beast is now venomous so that is nice I guess
Mr_Horrible: monkeyrama oh. right. FailFish
Mr_Horrible: clearly I need more coffee or more reading LUL
boohneyrabbit: Yo Adam, you the shit.
monkeyrama: You can loop brokkos for as many times as you can find a host
seth_erickson: That whisper squad is no longer whispering he's Screaming Bloody Murder
Diabore: @monkeyrama doesnt it end as soon as the brokko lurker mutate dies?
A_Dub888: !card rushmeat
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Diabore: wait, i get what you mean now
TheWarbo: who would win, a playset of whisper squad or one forever-boi
A_Dub888: !card bushmeat
LRRbot: Bushmeat Poacher [3B] | Creature β€” Human Soldier [2/4] | {1}, {T}, Sacrifice another creature: You gain life equal to that creature's toughness. Draw a card.
punmaster10: full swing seems good
Diabore: they need to put 4 in front of it atm
monkeyrama: As long as you keep providing a host for brokkos, it can come back forever PogChamp
Mr_Horrible: *Bushmeat Poacher finding Brokkos* PogChamp
Diabore: flying brokkos!
zarbit: and they didn't even attack?
Alsritt: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #1608: "That egg wants a pineapple!" β€”Beej [2016-01-18]
punmaster10: kekw
boohneyrabbit: Dobs
TheWarbo: gonna get the rub-ins
Ba_Dum_Tish: Froot Froot
monkeyrama: They're dead to just the heron πŸ‘€
Alsritt: there are so many weird quotes inthe lrr bot; is there a way to see them all?
Diabore: poggie my doggie
STALKERsoldiers: that's even more gross
ArcOfTheConclave: not bm
Kaaosa: Adam, you need to do some anime monologing before you murder an opponent.
asthanius: More open to blowouts if you did both
seth_erickson: no bming for you Kappa
TheWarbo: !qdb
LRRbot: Quote database:
Mr_Horrible: Bushmeat poacher selling the same Brokkos over and over LUL
Sogheim: !advice
LRRbot: Don't listen to your spouse.
zarbit: don't win much at home? where'd those 90 packs come from?
AtomicAlchemical: They were hellbent, how could we blowout?
punmaster10: that's bad advice
seth_erickson: it's easier to tilt yeah
Kaaosa: I esports more in private as well
Zalos_melbourne: and on draw
asthanius: Watch them counter our Farfinder
Diabore: @Mr_Horrible thats what should have happened in the cat came back, just sell the cat over and over
Ba_Dum_Tish: Someone to comiserate with
Juliamon: Reminder that !advice isn't always good
monkeyrama: Winstreak ended NotLikeThis
Wiliart: We offer the bad advice you can ignore. If you're at home you don't ignore your own bad advice?
seth_erickson: !smash
LRRbot: Put Aloy in Smash, you cowards!
DaVeganPolice: just play more VALORANT watched you pop off
Diabore: ooh aloy in smash would be awesome
Bearudite: so it might be the brackets you are playing in
I_Am_Clockwork: "I have to be on my best behavior, or I'll disappoint Twitch chat! What a blow that would be D:" Kappa
Kaaosa: Whoa if they put Aloy in Smash.. I'd have to give up Ness forever
Earthenone: yeah lrrmtg is in bronze/silver stuff with newer players where at home you are in diamond leauge or whatever
Diabore: now i really want aloy in smash
asthanius: I like Mutual Destruction -> 2nd Farfinder, no blocks
seth_erickson: gotta kill that tactician stat
monkeyrama: Cycling deck lrrSPOOP
seth_erickson: I like destruction and second farfinder
nitrodog96: same idea I had, asthanius
nitrodog96: it's prob a good plan
TheWarbo: "all i have to do is hope the aggressive boros deck has no removal"
Kaaosa: Speaking of Smash, my Switch ethernet adapter came in yesterday and now I'm afraid to play online with it because if I lose it's 100% my fault now
Kaaosa: what have I doen
Kaaosa: done
ArcOfTheConclave: find + ram?
STALKERsoldiers: swing, mutual, farfinder?
STALKERsoldiers: ram is better yeha
monkeyrama: There can still be lag on your opponent's side @Kaaosa OpieOP
Kaaosa: @monkeyrama Big if true :v
seth_erickson: Kaaosa but imagine if you win the first match you play then you can retire champion
Kaaosa: seth_erickson that's what I did with League of Legends so maybe....
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun just about 2/3s threw sidewalk slam, have you guys decided what edges D@D name is?
seth_erickson: seabatBRAIN
Earthenone: guess we chuck a fox at the cat
Zalos_melbourne: mutual i guess
monkeyrama: For real tho, I have my switch on ethernet and it can still very much lag if your op's internet is bad
Flyingdelorion: Accept your defeat, learn from it and try again? Just like real life... @Kaaosa
Zalos_melbourne: !card Savai
LRRbot: Did you mean: Savai Crystal; Savai Sabertooth; Savai Thundermane; Savai Triome
Kaaosa: Never
nitrodog96: thundermane
Zalos_melbourne: !card savai thunder
LRRbot: Savai Thundermane [RW] | Creature β€” Elemental Cat [3/2] | Whenever you cycle a card, you may pay {2}. When you do, Savai Thundermane deals 2 damage to target creature and you gain 2 life.
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nitrodog96: sabertooth is the 3/1 for 2
matleigh35: zenith flare? dont give a care
monkeyrama: Maybe there's no flare BlessRNG
asthanius: Edge in D&D is just Edge, the human
asthanius: He's a wreslter
monkeyrama: Unlucky
Feltic: How are we not headed towards Vampire on Edge?
nitrodog96: swing
seth_erickson: try and cycle into mutate
nitrodog96: symbiote
Zalos_melbourne: oof ouch
Mr_Horrible: cycle wurm?
Earthenone: bargle out on your own terms
x0den: !card zenith flare
LRRbot: Zenith Flare [2RW] | Instant | Zenith Flare deals X damage to any target and you gain X life, where X is the number of cards with a cycling ability in your graveyard.
STALKERsoldiers: cycle and pray?
LackingSanity_: ur ded
punmaster10: so close
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
nitrodog96: hold up dark bargain to go out on your own terms
A_Dub888: Dark Bargain, out on your own terms
asthanius: Cycle wurm
seth_erickson: cycle into mutate is our best out
punmaster10: when cycle
oddmeg: cycle sandworm pray to get something
STALKERsoldiers: dead weight?
Zalos_melbourne: or a mutate
ArcOfTheConclave: any mutate
TheWarbo: hope you can trigger symbiote, I guess, buy 4 life by mutating
punmaster10: wurm cycle
SmashTCG: i mean, Edge is a Human Viking
monkeyrama: Peeeerfect
SmashTCG: So he has to be a berzerker
nitrodog96: like, we die to zenith flare, but we were dead to zenith flare anyway
seth_erickson: one time no three cyclers
nitrodog96: cycles three times?
nitrodog96: disgusting if true
Booklegend: In WWE kayfabe I think edge would be a incubus warlock
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Zentiseon: OP doesn't even need another one
Zalos_melbourne: 1 more
seth_erickson: BlessRNG
monkeyrama: Noooooo
oddmeg: wowee
asthanius: wow hax
STALKERsoldiers: ooph
nitrodog96: well I guess there was no way out
oddmeg: thats just a good cycling deck tho
zarbit: oof ouch my bones
nitrodog96: opponent went dummy
punmaster10: good deck
nitrodog96: we go again
seth_erickson: one mana off of doing the symbiote into the spider to feels bad
Zentiseon: OP: I, am ineveitable
asthanius: Report OP for cheats Kappa
oddmeg: i love drafts so much
zipfool: i've seen a lot of that zenith flare cycle decks
SmashTCG: He's Edge Of the sword coast
ArcOfTheConclave: any draft deck with 2+ flare had irresponsible 7 other drafters
CastleOtranto: Oh Big Mood
underhill33: Same tbh
nitrodog96: he's the leader of the bunch!
monkeyrama: Grape Ape!!!
oddmeg: yeeee
DaVeganPolice: BIG MONKEY!
nitrodog96: and easily the dumbest card in the pack
Zalos_melbourne: who else in LRR has gotten into Gladiator format?
Zentiseon: BIG BOI
SnivianMoon: Put your hands together!
seth_erickson: Or they opened two zenith flares
drizter: big dumb idiot PogChamp
Wiliart: King of the Kongs
x0den: i wish i could lose my grasp on reality, i have to go back to work tuesday :(
redyounglink: leader of the bunch
darkspiredragon: That card is bannannas
CastleOtranto: I wake up and think, "What stream did I watch yesterday? Okay, today is X"
oddmeg: everyones favorate trans ally who casts for 6 mana
Sogheim: Magilla Gorilla, Gorilla For Sale
SmashTCG: @LoadingReadyRun what do you think of Edge of the Sword coast, its So good
seth_erickson: Kogla is absurd he's like the Questing Beast of this set to much text
monkeyrama: Would the vod get muted if we playd it OpieOP
nitrodog96: put yo hands together if you wanna clap as we take you through this monkey rap, HUH
STALKERsoldiers: chat please find dk rap and... GO!
Zalos_melbourne: wolf boi
oddmeg: i love how donkey kong became a trans rights icon
Mangledpixel: it is on like unto the Donkey Kong
Earthenone: 4/4 4 4?
seth_erickson: green white vigilance
zarbit: heron and don't look back
oddmeg: the vigilence guy, good build around
Zentiseon: Fox to stay open?
metaldog564: doggo
A_Dub888: !card kogla
LRRbot: Kogla, the Titan Ape [3GGG] | Legendary Creature β€” Ape [7/6] | When Kogla, the Titan Ape enters the battlefield, it fights up to one target creature you don't control. / Whenever Kogla attacks, destroy target artifact or enchantment defending player controls. / {1}{G}: Return target Human you control to its owner's hand. Kogla gains indestructible until end of turn.
seth_erickson: It's sweet
SmashTCG: Its super good if you nab the rare for it
punmaster10: you have to take fox
seth_erickson: I love it
monkeyrama: It's fine, actually
Bearudite: They're finally here performing for you if you know the words you can join in too
Diabore: vigilance is fun
BlightningHelix: Draft it
Zalos_melbourne: Probably bad is your specialty adam Kappa
SmashTCG: The rare is basicly an auto win
oddmeg: now you have to take it
cdgentry1: human-mans
zipfool: green white vilgilance sounds fun
Wiliart: I went 7-2 and 7-1 with the vigilance deck.
LackingSanity_: it's not that much of 'a deck'
Diabore: fair warning its NOT good, but it is fun
LackingSanity_: at least compared to cycling.dek
monkeyrama: Let's do it!
BlightningHelix: Do the thing you haven't done before
sterlingsojourner: fat dog GW humans
SolarBlitz1: Even just 2 Heedbonders kept me in a game I should have lost
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Leave the fox, you coward.
oddmeg: is this the stream where adam rebels against the chat and god?
Super_Sophomoric: for science
bravejrl: Just take the 4/4
x0den: fox bird!?
Kumakaori: fun > best.
SmashTCG: punshed
monkeyrama: This is LRR's account anyway, no stakes Kappa
nitrodog96: bold of you to assume Adam knows how to draft perfectly
Bearudite: put your hands together if you wanna clap as we take you through this monkey rap
Zalos_melbourne: vulp
CastleOtranto: Force Mono Hats!
SmashTCG: Impusle?
seth_erickson: my last vigilance deck went 6-3 so
nitrodog96: farfinder seems right here but vulpikeet feels more fun
Zentiseon: Forcing Vigi
punmaster10: live your best life
redyounglink: go for it tribal
oddmeg: vulpekeet is good, as is pollywog
monkeyrama: So many 3 mana creatures
nitrodog96: helica glider is second pick here, easily
monkeyrama: I don't think you're "real bad" at playing
nitrodog96: but ram through no question send tweet
x0den: im bad at both :)
monkeyrama: You got to mythic once
TophTheHermit: When I drafted vigilance it ended in a lot of board stalls, with me at obscene amount of life, and opponent decking out.
monkeyrama: You can't be bad and get to mythic
seth_erickson: We just hedge our bets for pack 2 Kaheera into pack 3 frondland felidar
Booklegend: The white green Vigilance deck is a lot of fun if you can pick up a couple solid footings
oddmeg: can we call people who play magic magicians , is that a thing we can do?
monkeyrama: Playing for fun seabatPjorg
lurkerspine: They're planeswalkers
seth_erickson: oh yeah Solid Footing is great
nitrodog96: I'm the type of drafter who goes 7-1 with the only loss being from Arena crapping itself loading the first match, and then goes 0-3 the next draft
Earthenone: wotc says we need to call them planeswalkers now
Mister_Hush: playing for fun NotLikeThis
nitrodog96: banish?
owlbearian: Adam, I appreciate you. Live your best life
oddmeg: i mean they are planeswalkers in the fiction of the game, not like IRL
seth_erickson: we can still be red green
AtomicAlchemical: If the vigilance deck gets a felidar it is a downright tilting experience for the opponent
DRMagnify: banish?
nitrodog96: yeah that's fair
Zentiseon: Believe in the VG
seth_erickson: the bonder is mono green PogChamp
oddmeg: if you were a planeswalker what would your +1 be?
monkeyrama: Prophecy is very very good
nitrodog96: greathorn is good
zarbit: so we're off GW bad cards and onto RG good cards?
seth_erickson: The Menace deck is also real fun
monkeyrama: I build a standard menace tribal deck, it's pretty fun
nitrodog96: brushwagg!
Wiliart: The almighty one!
nitrodog96: bond is better in all seriousness
SmashTCG: That card IS absure
DRMagnify: i keep forgetting you can do the heedbonder for just green so we dont even necessarily be in white
cdgentry1: bold of you to assume he doesnt have a +2
SmashTCG: Titanoth rex
oddmeg: its a good card
nitrodog96: @monkeyrama what, are you only looking at rhystic study? LUL
drizter: 4 color bad stuff PogChamp
SmashTCG: inot that
oddmeg: you dont wana take the brushwag?
nitrodog96: INSANE
Squitz19: ew
oddmeg: brushwaggg tho
Zalos_melbourne: and gain 7?
zarbit: and it gains 7
oddmeg: hes so brushy
monkeyrama: ? @nitrodog96
SmashTCG: Cycle Godzilla, reanimate godzilla
nitrodog96: @monkeyrama joking about the set Prophecy
monkeyrama: Vigilance PogChamp
nitrodog96: being a terrible set for value
DiscordianTokkan: Greathorns are VERY good
LackingSanity_: base green stuff
Zalos_melbourne: take it
Earthenone: my +1 would be you may put the top card of your library into your graveyard, and if you do look at the bottom card of your library
monkeyrama: Ooooooh @nitrodog96 LUL Got it
seth_erickson: Vigilance PogChamp
nitrodog96: egg is a massive annoyance aha
LackingSanity_: I still dont like egg
SmashTCG: just take a few good cycleing monsters
Robot_Bones: BIG EGG
lurkerspine: Get the giraffe
Zalos_melbourne: i mean just abzan?
Naarius: The meh mutato
oddmeg: flycatcher is better than it looks in my experience
monkeyrama: Vigilance Kreygasm
SmashTCG: FUlly grown
erinmicah_: jund em out
Zalos_melbourne: pulse
nitrodog96: egg good giraffe bad
BrindleBoar: doooo iiiit
DiscordianTokkan: Flycatcher is good with Alert, yeah. And with Porcuparrot mutations, because vigilant pingers.
seth_erickson: I'd take the sabertooth for the Keensight Mentor we're definitely going to get
SmashTCG: How are you not taking any impulses
nitrodog96: egg good egg good
SmashTCG: how is
TheWarbo: e g g
monkeyrama: You did? sergeThinking
Zalos_melbourne: UGHH
Mangledpixel: [jawa voice] soooogah!
nitrodog96: ughhhhhh
oddmeg: how good of arena to offer us an egg in this trying time
seth_erickson: Winota is Poggers
lurkerspine: nya humans
punmaster10: pivot
nitrodog96: dire tactics and trumpeting gnarr are both in this pack too
x0den: so about that red...
erinmicah_: take winota you coward
Zalos_melbourne: winota is like the most popular brawl commander it feels
punmaster10: you need too
SmashTCG: time to draft some humans
monkeyrama: Winota DansGame
magicalphilosopher: Hey Adam just joined is this the first time your drafting ikoria?
punmaster10: it's Soo good
Zentiseon: In the words of Ross: PIVAAAHHTT
TheWarbo: swing kogla, reveal heedbonder. live the dream
AtomicAlchemical: Forget wedges, we're Naya now
LackingSanity_: time for naya jank-em-out
TheWooglie: Winota Rider?
SmashTCG: you need to balance humans and non humans
Wiliart: Pacifism?
deyja429: Parrot?
nitrodog96: caesar! kidding, it's probably like pacifism
oddmeg: removal is good
LackingSanity_: pacifism
Zalos_melbourne: Liger feels like it doesnt do anything ngl
SmashTCG: Weaponise
deyja429: Pacifism is also good
Zentiseon: Pacifism
seth_erickson: I'd take parrot or pacifism
STALKERsoldiers: that's an interesting question to come back to
seth_erickson: parrot is far better in red black or red blue
monkeyrama: Parrot is good, but we dno't hav much for the parrot to work with
WolfingHour: take humans too
seth_erickson: it's a human for winota Kreygasm
SmashTCG: do you have any cycleing?
historyman_admu: parrot is good with vigilance
monkeyrama: Are we playing winota?
oddmeg: nya cycling isnt a bad plan tbh
DaVeganPolice: Enforcer? human?
Zalos_melbourne: splendor?
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Omthebox: If I know anything about Adam drafts, the IDGAF decks have a good chance of 7-0ing for no good reason.
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seth_erickson: Splendor Mare for sure I think
LackingSanity_: mare is good
SmashTCG: go for blood
SmashTCG: is better
nitrodog96: hard disagree
Zalos_melbourne: rumbler
STALKERsoldiers: you can go abzan splash 1 or 2 red sources
nitrodog96: giving lifelink on cycle is really good
oddmeg: rumbler so good tho
nitrodog96: okay this deck is silly
oddmeg: a lot of decks just cannot deal with the rumbler
Zalos_melbourne: vigilance
Zentiseon: Fixing? Psshhhh
DaVeganPolice: winota jank less goooo
nitrodog96: may I advise cutting the unbreakable bond?
LackingSanity_: swap the unbreakable bond for prophecy maybe?
AtomicAlchemical: The best part is that the big ape has human synergy
monkeyrama: Officer PogChamp
nitrodog96: Hah, that's incredible
STALKERsoldiers: I absolutely love Black white human deck
Omthebox: breaking point for humans is. it getting coffee in the mornings
Zalos_melbourne: ALL PLANNED
DaVeganPolice: EZPZ
monkeyrama: Oh my god, it does
deyja429: GG Well played
nitrodog96: obviously this deck was meant to be
LemonOnRye: seabatBRAIN
seth_erickson: We can put back in the Prophecy
Zalos_melbourne: serval
Zentiseon: All according to plan
nitrodog96: Perimeter Sergeant is something you'd like later with Winota
deyja429: benginTry
seth_erickson: Vigilance though NotLikeThis
LackingSanity_: bounce the daysquad marshal for 6 mana make a 1/1
nitrodog96: but divine arrow now
Diabore: all according to keikaku
Invitare: Perimiter Sergeant for more synergy though
nitrodog96: Divine Arrow now, Perimeter Sergeant later
nitrodog96: we need the actual removal
deyja429: Naya Humans is looking real
Zalos_melbourne: we deal with things by killing the opponent guys
nitrodog96: Hey, Divine Arrow gets rid of the Mosscoat Goriaks
deyja429: Take the Greathorn
monkeyrama: I don't think we want the cat
punmaster10: removal synergies with every deck
AWildTransgirlAppeared: is fire prophacy in the side?
nitrodog96: Hah, I'm impressed he wheeled
STALKERsoldiers: i mean you can hard cast it and then mutate onto it for two
seth_erickson: He came back to us PogChamp
nitrodog96: king caesaaaaaaa
monkeyrama: Bring in the King
AtomicAlchemical: Greathorn onto Greathorn, obviously
ToastasaurusRex: Snap-pick, who cares if it's a good idea
LackingSanity_: Gotta love the humans/mutate deck
nitrodog96: I've gotten blown out twice
A_Dub888: Humonsters
BlightningHelix: Naya Bonders.
nitrodog96: by that stupid card
monkeyrama: I've lost to that fog
seth_erickson: It can blow out real good but it's just fine
Zalos_melbourne: footing works with vigilance right
DiscordianTokkan: I've gotten hella blown out by it, but that was in sealed
seth_erickson: it does Zalos
Zappeljakob: the monsters were the humans we meet along the way
monkeyrama: Yooooo
Zalos_melbourne: oh baby
nitrodog96: Oh my GOD adam
Zentiseon: Hooooweeee
gamercat88: rat tail long? we can only hope
LackingSanity_: Bad charm is bad
STALKERsoldiers: oooo
Diabore: getting there
nitrodog96: Absolutely insane
monkeyrama: The warden PogChamp
STALKERsoldiers: warden good
ToastasaurusRex: I was tempted to Divine Arrow again
punmaster10: snap pick
DaVeganPolice: these packs slap
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: he can't keep getting away with it
Mister_Hush: seabatPjorg
Zappeljakob: playing all the cards
monkeyrama: It really is great removal
seth_erickson: we need some 2 drop non humans though
Invitare: Swallow Hole has been rubbish for me. People always mutate onto Farfinder, and then it's useless
STALKERsoldiers: keet?
nitrodog96: Vulpikeet here?
Zalos_melbourne: surv bond
alcyon91: Wow the white pivot is real
ToastasaurusRex: Arrow again
DaVeganPolice: keet keet?
AtomicAlchemical: point of order: he *can* keep getting away with this
gamercat88: keet to yeet
zipfool: another divine arrow
oddmeg: the bond gets us back cyclers
nitrodog96: there's not really any low target in the pack is the thing
lirazel64: We're all going to be cosplaying Vikings or something similar before this is over.
DaVeganPolice: feeilng the keet
nitrodog96: keeter feels super good
lookimadinosaur: arrow
seth_erickson: We're in the market for some 2 drop non humans so gotta keep our eyes peeled
magicalphilosopher: Arrow is removal?
DaVeganPolice: Vulpiyeet
nitrodog96: do it!
oddmeg: rex
Zalos_melbourne: the dream
seth_erickson: Serval
Mangledpixel: yeyeye
ToastasaurusRex: Big boy or more vig?
Drathak: We vigilance boys nowwww?
oddmeg: rex is so good
monkeyrama: Live the vigilance dream
Ryavis: heedbonder is a human
monkeyrama: It's a human, too
Wiliart: second heedbonder
Mister_Hush: Never Die
ToastasaurusRex: Bonder then
LackingSanity_: getting 2 heedbonders down is good
nitrodog96: spontaneous flight snap cut
Mangledpixel: time for some Heedbondage
oddmeg: foxy boi
seth_erickson: Symbiote
Zentiseon: Symbiote
Drathak: 6 drop vigilance, right in
monkeyrama: Symbiote for low cost mutate target
LackingSanity_: shwagg though
nitrodog96: realistically you're cutting your cycling stuff I think
SolarBlitz1: Two heedbonders is 4 life a turn.
walkeroftales: symbiote and wheel the vantasaur
Zentiseon: The Glorious Brushwagg will return to us
monkeyrama: Niiiice
Zalos_melbourne: land
ToastasaurusRex: Good Mutate setup now
Zalos_melbourne: or do we need the fixing?
Mister_Hush: this deck is gonna be so dumb
SirBiffaloEsq: It seems we are getting away with it
magicalphilosopher: Do it
TheWarbo: i love the screm that babbo makes
alcyon91: This is some funky deck
Diabore: is this what they refer to as "doing it"?
Drathak: POG X 2
seth_erickson: sabertooth or dino
nitrodog96: Cut some cycling stuff and the Spontaneous Flight, grab Vulpikeet, send tweet?
lookimadinosaur: vulpikeet tho
Scrubbodiestobears: take the dino
Scrubbodiestobears: live your best life
Zentiseon: Dino also cycles if we need it
oddmeg: dinasaur is fine, i always feel safer with more removal but both are good picks
monkeyrama: Goriak PogChamp
Drathak: Solid foooooting
Zalos_melbourne: mosscoat
seth_erickson: Goriak Poggus
m00ntruther: ssargent
SirBiffaloEsq: Vigilante and a mutate target
oddmeg: solid footing
oddmeg: combos with vigilence
LackingSanity_: if there was ever a goriak deck this is it
ToastasaurusRex: Cut red, vigilant 3-drop
walkeroftales: I'm here for this big dumb idiot tribal
nitrodog96: Cutting red feels so weird with Winota but it's correct here
Zalos_melbourne: serg
magicalphilosopher: Splash red maybe for boros legend ?
SirBiffaloEsq: What does the big foot do? Is it the naturalize that cycles?
Ratchet215: yes you are Kappa
nitrodog96: splashing red for winota feels good here
monkeyrama: It came back???
seth_erickson: it's probably fine
Zentiseon: I said it would return
oddmeg: brushwag
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: You're *our* idiot
deyja429: This deck looks real
Mangledpixel: shwaggles!
ToastasaurusRex: Cutting red seems reasonable, you got good stuff in Selesnya.
Drathak: Do we have fixing?
Super_Sophomoric: it's an embarrassment of riches
oddmeg: sandwork is best
punmaster10: I disagree because winota is so strong that she warps the gamee
SolarBlitz1: Is... is no-one in green at all?
Mangledpixel: Shwaggies my daggies
LackingSanity_: hell yeah
chaostreader: Keep Winota.
AtomicAlchemical: I think we still splash for Winota
monkeyrama: Doesn't look like it
nitrodog96: fix lands at the end
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gamercat88: can we just play all of these, no cuts
monkeyrama: So much green
redyounglink: Winota can probably ride in on our herd of greathorns
Drathak: Hoh we got king kong
monkeyrama: Deck's too good, play everything
Zentiseon: Play it all
monkeyrama: Kappa
BubbaRad: run em
Zalos_melbourne: do we even go humans?
nitrodog96: You're trying to split between vigilance and mutate
seth_erickson: We can cut the Egg Now
Wiliart: Get in the sold footing if you're playing vigilance.
metaldog564: play 50
47MD: cut flight and healer
WolfingHour: flight
Josherm: Add 7 lands, 60 cards let's gooo
seth_erickson: Cut the Drannith Healer
historyman_admu: cut the mole
nitrodog96: and cut your cyclers
LackingSanity_: Keep it all, pretend you have Yorion
monkeyrama: If you're cutting humans, we can cut winota/red
SolarBlitz1: Do we need 3 greathorns?
LackingSanity_: is spontaneous flight that good?
Zalos_melbourne: cut a horn
ToastasaurusRex: Look through the top-end to see if anything doesn't justify its mana cost
TheWooglie: cut farfinder if you don't need fixing?
monkeyrama: I don't think we cut officer?
Zalos_melbourne: cut the bond
nitrodog96: everything at the top end justifies its mana cost in a vigilance deck tbh
eXTeeGi: cutting winota is probably the right thing to do, but also the boring thing to do :)
1y1e: footing combos
ToastasaurusRex: I'd rather have the diraffid than vantasaur
Lucidmooselid: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR Hi everybody
LackingSanity_: farfinder has vigilance though
SolarBlitz1: Farfinder has vigilance and things deck, and good mutate
monkeyrama: Farfinder is vigilant sergeThinking
Wiliart: Keep farfinder for vigilance
x0den: cut a breathorn if you dont need fixing?
AtomicAlchemical: Go to 2 Greathorns?
historyman_admu: its vigilant though
punmaster10: I think that winota is so powerful though that when you cast her you win
TheWooglie: oh yeah I forgot that
seth_erickson: I think Winota is worth the splash as just a 4 mana 4/4 that finds a daysquad marshal
nitrodog96: hard agree with seth here
monkeyrama: We could go down a horn
nitrodog96: I like running Winota over a greathron here
SolarBlitz1: I dont think we need 3 horns yeah
seth_erickson: Probably cut the spontaneous flight maybe
Zalos_melbourne: do we have humans for survivors
STALKERsoldiers: I agree with seth
Diabore: with 3 greathorns and a farfinder we can probably cut a land
TheOtterWhoLies: @LoadingReadyRun Can I get a happy birthday? It's my birthday!!
nitrodog96: Adam, Winota finds Heedbonder. Good God this deck is d umb.
Lucidmooselid: triple horny is horny af
LackingSanity_: if you're playing winota, i think you want the marshal back in
seth_erickson: Happy Birthday TheOtterWhoLies
Wiliart: Get the solid footing, for your vigilance creatures.
AWildTransgirlAppeared: The ony thing that winota gets right now is the Heedbonder
monkeyrama: This is a very good bond deck
TheWooglie: TheOtterWhoLies but you lie
punmaster10: cut flight maybe
ZachtlyAsIntended: he's lying
Zalos_melbourne: then i guess cut 1 symbiote
ZachtlyAsIntended: he is the otter what lies
monkeyrama: Happy birthday, otter!
LackingSanity_: maybe marshal in over king caesar?
AtomicAlchemical: Maybe cut the 3/6 dino?
bravejrl: Play the prophecy instead of the arrow
lirazel64: Happy Birthday!
TheOtterWhoLies: Thank you guys!!!! Adam is the big burly magic slayer!
SolarBlitz1: The Mare?
nitrodog96: @AWildTransgirlAppeared that feels like it's enough in this deck honestly, at worst it's a 4/4 for 4 and at best it gets nuts synergy
STALKERsoldiers: mare maybe?
seth_erickson: But who needs threats when we have a bajillion life
monkeyrama: I genuinely think we cut Winota
lookimadinosaur: cut brushwag
TheOtterWhoLies: Thank you all. I feel good
Lucidmooselid: lol
AWildTransgirlAppeared: At worst it is a 4/4 that makes the mana harder.
historyman_admu: i will cut winota
nitrodog96: T2 Symbiote, T3 mutate Cubwarden, T4 mutate King Caesar, swing like a bajillion?
STALKERsoldiers: i didnt even see the brushwag
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: only 2 2 drops though
AWildTransgirlAppeared: We have good fixing but it is "free"
punmaster10: @lookimadinosaur how dare you disrespect the B R U S S W A G G
nitrodog96: oh, wait
nitrodog96: mixed up the mana costs
nitrodog96: king caesar is the mutate 3
deyja429: lrrGOAT benginTry
RyeDusty: I think i cut flight over brushwag
alcyon91: Turn 2 symbiote turn 3 cub turn 4 Caesar pog
Lucidmooselid: douchwag is gonzo play the deck!!!
nitrodog96: turn 3 cub isn't possible
SolarBlitz1: We can sideboard if we tank anyway
monkeyrama: Don't need three mountains, right?
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I think 3 mountains is too many
Lucidmooselid: shes hot sheet
Zentiseon: Brushwagg is good boi tho
RyeDusty: Brushag ia another mutate target and trigger winnona
nitrodog96: yeah two mountains tops imo
ToastasaurusRex: Eh, let's try it, but if Winota doesn't work out, we swap Winota out for the other Greathorn
Zalos_melbourne: winota is the banwe of my existence in brawl ngl
disciple007: Riders of Winota
monkeyrama: We have a lot of fixing
nitrodog96: idk about the other Greathorn, I think I'd take the Brushwagg over it personally
LackingSanity_: right now you only have 2 potential hits for winota, right>
nitrodog96: even in this deck
LackingSanity_: ?
seth_erickson: Let's see how it goes if we don't like it we can change it
historyman_admu: is marshall in the deck?
monkeyrama: This was a good day of magic SeemsGood
Lucidmooselid: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Zentiseon: oof
monkeyrama: Cool mountains
nitrodog96: Wow, the worst case hand first time
LackingSanity_: lol
Earthenone: perfect hand
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I feel vindicated haha
Xaunaught: So used to watching VODs that I forgot this was live until Adam said the time lmao
Lucidmooselid: snap eep what ya mean
Lucidmooselid: keep
47MD: she need s anon human though...
Zalos_melbourne: mull
nitrodog96: Winota is either a fine card that draws removal, or pops off and gets you Heedbonders
seth_erickson: we have 3 turns to draw a forest I'd keep this
TheWarbo: we don't really need plays on the firs three turns, right?
RyeDusty: Mull i think
AtomicAlchemical: Don't we also have a combat trick aura that makes vigilance better?
monkeyrama: Winota by herself is.... fine?
AtomicAlchemical: Deck is full of non-humans
nitrodog96: we'll just james turner a forest here
SolarBlitz1: Just gotta channel your inner james
deyja429: lrrGREED Everytime Adam
Zalos_melbourne: now wo just need a forest
nitrodog96: JAMES
monkeyrama: 4 color mutate πŸ‘€
Lucidmooselid: lol
Omthebox: Oh no they're doing what were doing but faster!
nitrodog96: lrrJames
nitrodog96: lrrJAMES
Zalos_melbourne: oh youre so right
nitrodog96: Oh my GOD
Zalos_melbourne: nvm
monkeyrama: Forests please BlessRNG
seth_erickson: NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: She's missing an arm
nitrodog96: her art has cat ears
x0den: does she have cat ears!
47MD: she only has 1 arm
Zalos_melbourne: she has raccoon ears
x0den: ?
Zentiseon: Winota is furry
QuantumTwitch: yes
monkeyrama: That's such a nice touch
Mister_BlueSky: It's a cosplay.
TheWarbo: the bonders all dress like the animals they're bonded to
STALKERsoldiers: her bond is a giant fox thing
seth_erickson: She's got cat ears PogChamp
Lucidmooselid: lrrJAMES lrrJAMES lrrSPOOP come on forest
Omthebox: She's a cat girl PogChamp
ArcOfTheConclave: all the bonders wear kigurumis
1y1e: all bonders are canonnically furries
ToastasaurusRex: OmNomNomNomNom
x0den: i guess it makes sense with where we are
Mister_BlueSky: Winota, Attender of Conventions
AtomicAlchemical: Yeah, the bonders all dress up like their monsters
monkeyrama: We have like 9 forests
Omthebox: Is this, a green deck?
monkeyrama: deck please
DoctorHutch: has anyone opened a Tranquil Cove in Ikoria Limited? i've played over 20 limited events, and cracked over 70 additional prize packs, and somehow I don't have a single one
BlightningHelix: Serious answer: bonders all sorta dress like their animal companions.
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I see that Winota is a trans woman as well lol
nitrodog96: @DoctorHutch yeah I opened a few, I just don't draft WU so I haven't picked any either
seth_erickson: I've seen a couple here and there DoctorHutch
DiscordianTokkan: Remember Chat, they aren't necessarily Furries if they just have cat ears. They could be into kemonomimi stuff. lrrBEEJ
DoctorHutch: so weird
monkeyrama: Theeeere we go
Zalos_melbourne: we are so good at this game
STALKERsoldiers: never didn't have it
SirBiffaloEsq: Absolutely calculated
DoctorHutch: like, the stats on it are out of this world low
Drathak: We came here to not tap our creatures
nitrodog96: see? winota top tier
nitrodog96: we clearly can't lose this game
TheWarbo: like, lookit this dude and his monster
monkeyrama: Maybe she'll find one of our vigilance matters homies
seth_erickson: now we get to find our Herdbonders PogChamp
deyja429: Winota nowhere
nitrodog96: definitely no removal that can take out either of our creatures
monkeyrama: Dead weight?
Zalos_melbourne: single black?
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: dead weight?
nitrodog96: holding Dead Weight
HorusFive: It's a trap
monkeyrama: I think it's def dead weight
Lucidmooselid: dead or spiineret
TheWarbo: postcombat dead weight, yeah
x0den: !card dead weight
LRRbot: Dead Weight [B] | Enchantment β€” Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature gets βˆ’2/βˆ’2.
nitrodog96: spinnerets doesn't warrant an attack to me
nitrodog96: dead weight definitely does
redyounglink: Winota big payoff in the naya vigilance draft archetype.
nitrodog96: NICE
monkeyrama: Nice hit
Zalos_melbourne: got there
nitrodog96: "Feeling vindicated" same!
seth_erickson: I'd want mutate hits with the symbiote
Zalos_melbourne: oh we are at 8
Lucidmooselid: doing it
LackingSanity_: isn't flight a sorcery?
Wiliart: And so the lifegaining begins
DoctorHutch: there are no commons or uncommons left in the whole set I don't have. 4 of....except tranquil cove with not a single copy its messed up
nitrodog96: flight is instant
ArcOfTheConclave: Flight is not a sorcery
LackingSanity_: oh, i have not been evaluating that card correctly
Mangledpixel: wouldn't be very spontanrous if it was a sorcery
seth_erickson: yeah I'd block now
nitrodog96: @DoctorHutch it's wack, right? I feel like I see it a lot but also I never pick it
nitrodog96: yeah, what can they have
SirBiffaloEsq: We also have survivor's bond
chaostreader: !card spontaneous flight
LRRbot: Spontaneous Flight [2W] | Instant | Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. Put a flying counter on it.
Anonymousless: wouldn’t be very spontaneous at sorcery speed
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Omthebox: Check chump?
Zalos_melbourne: you absolutae buffoon
DoctorHutch: most of what i've played is sealed! Its not even like i'm ignoring it
monkeyrama: It was the weight PogChamp
nitrodog96: if they're holding ram through too they're nuts
Xaunaught: Gotta peace out for work See you in the VOD <3
Zalos_melbourne: im the real one, IM THE REAL ONE
SolarBlitz1: We can mutate to give it a counter too
Omthebox: later vod Xaunaught!
DoctorHutch: i feel like maybe its not in the sealed pools or something
nitrodog96: speaking of ram through
nitrodog96: it's a 3/5 base, so no
SirBiffaloEsq: It makes it worse
monkeyrama: It'll get slightly bigger
ArcOfTheConclave: it does not
seth_erickson: I'd mutate onto the symbiote to attack more
ToastasaurusRex: The little one
TheWarbo: it gets the symbiote counter, but that's it
STALKERsoldiers: it gets 2
Zalos_melbourne: so 2/4
LackingSanity_: I'd rather have a 4/5 on the ground
STALKERsoldiers: so its a 3/5
nitrodog96: same here
STALKERsoldiers: oh wrong card
Earthenone: 1 power vigilance non human flyer is enough to winona every turn
nitrodog96: 4/5 ground and a 1/3 in the air > 2/2 on the ground and a 2/4 in the air, every day
Lucidmooselid: nice life gain that i always forget
seth_erickson: at this point yes
nitrodog96: once per nonhuman yeah
Zalos_melbourne: yeah winota is dumb
monkeyrama: Wonita is "fore each" yeah
monkeyrama: for*
Zalos_melbourne: her trigger shouldve been once aq turn or make her cost like 6 mana
nitrodog96: triple block?
nitrodog96: with survivors' bond up?
nitrodog96: what an absolute blowout
nitrodog96: well, not up, but soon
LackingSanity_: I think it might be worth fitting more a few more humans up to hit?
RAZRBCK08: 2 more humans I think Daysquad and second bonder
seth_erickson: no we took out Daysquad Marshal
monkeyrama: we took out daysquad
nitrodog96: we cut daysquad absolutely
TheWarbo: this survivors bond is gonna be so mean
KCazduke: That Life gain can get out of hand pretty quickly OH SHIT
nitrodog96: gah, heelbonder!
STALKERsoldiers: that's bad
RAZRBCK08: oh nvm then
Zalos_melbourne: oh they get win
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: also the 2/2 cycle 1 guy
monkeyrama: They whiffed :o
69 raiders from rileyquarytower have joined!
zarbit: worst Gyruda ever recorded
nitrodog96: Dear God, they blanked
rabbottman: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
Izandai: katesNice raid
Diabore: big ol wiffleball
StinkyFetePete: Hello there
kric4807: rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH
monkeyrama: Hi Riley and raiders!
turnoneraginggoblin: rileyqHAH rileyqLUL rileyqHAH rileyqLUL rileyqHAH rileyqLUL
Yurielx: what up nerds?! rileyqHAH
rileyquarytower: WHAT'S UP NERDS
Earthenone: think of all the life
GreatGodOm: Raid if 69. Nice.
seth_erickson: Not anymore she doesn't do anything
STALKERsoldiers: you don't get much else do you?
x0den: what else can you get?
ToastasaurusRex: Double bonder, gain sily life
StinkyFetePete: Party number NICE
Wiliart: the bonder keeps you very healthy
nitrodog96: Winota isn't doing anything
STALKERsoldiers: she doesnt do anything anymore
monkeyrama: rileyqGasm rileyqGasm rileyqGasm
seth_erickson: I think we want the 6 life a turn
nitrodog96: grab the bonder, start gaining six a turn
KCazduke: Wait, there's a line here
SolarBlitz1: You'd gain 6 per turn
Lucidmooselid: if you have gyruda you should always be pannionrunning it as your comm
TheWarbo: 6 life a turn is kind tempting too
Zalos_melbourne: OH im so fucking dumb Gyruda is from among those cards i just thought you get a even costed minion
KCazduke: Yeah, do it!
walkeroftales: he saw the line!
nitrodog96: absolutely insane value
Zalos_melbourne: im so dumb no wonder it didnt work in brawl
pacco_tacco: noxOMEGA
rileyquarytower: rileyqHAH rileyqHAH rileyqHAH
Zalos_melbourne: nope no mana
Wiliart: they are tapped
monkeyrama: Target the poacher?
Alexwx14: They're tapped out
Zansab: no mana
KCazduke: Costs mana
nitrodog96: no, they can't, they don't have mana
seth_erickson: no untapped mana
m_logan2000: no mana
Ryavis: they have no mana up
GreatGodOm: They don't have the mana to sac
STALKERsoldiers: no mana
kric4807: rileyqScream rileyqWTF rileyqShh rileyqOneTime rileyqGasm rileyqOops rileyqFacepalm rileyqYes rileyqPog rileyqReally rileyqSleeper rileyqLUL rileyqRTFC rileyqEyeroll rileyqHAH
walkeroftales: if they sac in response, great?
historyman_admu: they cant sac
Yurielx: rileyqLUL rileyqHAH rileyqWTF rileyqPog
seth_erickson: 6 life a turn seems good
monkeyrama: Heedbonder does way more for us now than winota
monkeyrama: PogChamp
nitrodog96: insane by every definition
KCazduke: Holy sheet that life gain
TheWarbo: just gonna hit them for 1 per turn lol
Lucidmooselid: lol
QuantumTwitch: yup
monkeyrama: You sure were
Lucidmooselid: never didnt have 18 life
Mr_Horrible: OH NO
TheWarbo: oh no kogla is even
monkeyrama: They hit Kogla NotLikeThis
n3ther: oh fucking no
ghostvalv: D:
KCazduke: Doom
nitrodog96: we lose!
Mister_Hush: our win con
Zalos_melbourne: rut roh
seth_erickson: It's over NotLikeThis
kric4807: GG
TheWarbo: dis not good
ToastasaurusRex: GG fam
Alexwx14: oof
nitrodog96: thank you gyruda, very cool!
GreatGodOm: Woof
SolarBlitz1: Heedbonder and like one other is good lifegain
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Gigan vs Kong
SolarBlitz1: and oh no
m_logan2000: standard is that you
Drathak: OUR OWN APE
STALKERsoldiers: uhoh
KCazduke: That sucks
walkeroftales: oh no! your own petard!
nitrodog96: Losing to our own card
Mister_BlueSky: Both sides played well.
Mr_Horrible: Oh no my depths sofieGasp
nitrodog96: foisted!
nitrodog96: lrrSCOOP
ToastasaurusRex: It's almost like cards that are busted in Eternal Formats aren't fair in limited.
TheWarbo: the secret tech to beating gyruda is to play bad cards
Mister_BlueSky: coxPB
Lucidmooselid: lol
redyounglink: they even have the human to protect it
seth_erickson: Seems correct here
AtomicAlchemical: Judge, my opponent keeps having answers!
Lucidmooselid: oh they had enough fun
monkeyrama: We're super not coming back from that one
historyman_admu: we need more humans
Omthebox: They really did play our duck but better
nitrodog96: Played their cool card, got our cool card, blew us out?
nitrodog96: They had plenty of fun adam
nitrodog96: turns out gyruda is stupid
pacco_tacco: HahaThisisfine
Zalos_melbourne: they got to play our cool cards BEFORE us
seth_erickson: We got to have fun to though so it even'd out
historyman_admu: add daybreak marshal
Mr_Horrible: Judge! My OP is living their best life! BabyRage
nitrodog96: good hand!
seth_erickson: ohhhhhhhhhh this hand is poggers
nitrodog96: Judge! My opponent just did something sick!
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olkiswerve: it's JUICE DAY!!!!
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nitrodog96: "What?" "Look!" "Sick!"
KCazduke: Corgo100 I'm sorry your monkey boi got stolen. Hope you're having fun still!
floki4242: Confirmed Adam Not human
GreatGodOm: Riley Knight. Confirmed regular person.
olkiswerve: every day is a sunday these days... :(
Drathak: No one tells me when to drink juice
Tiber727: As someone who plays decks that are designed to be incredibly grindy, conceding is an option you should freely consider using.
CastleOtranto: It's Thursday!?
Agl0vale: everyday is juice day
redyounglink: Gerudo Valley
monkeyrama: Gyruday indeed
DaVeganPolice: Hey, does anyone here know if they're fulfilling orders from the LRR shop?
DiscordianTokkan: *checks* Aha!
olkiswerve: it's THURSDAY, or as I like to call it, WEDNESDAY
Tiber727: Gyrados
HorusFive: Days of the week no longer have meaning here
TheWarbo: gyruda and gimbles in the wabe
monkeyrama: We're winning PogChamp
Easilycrazyhat: Is this your heal-turn
KCazduke: It's slightly worse (Or better?) Nyxfleece Ram
Zalos_melbourne: man i cant believe boot nibbler is a 2/1 with deathtouch that you can mutate kappa
Zentiseon: Heedbonder? More like Healbonder amirite
olkiswerve: nice lewis caroll reference
nitrodog96: better imo @KCazduke the one mana difference between 2 and 3 isn't a huge one, and the upside on it is massive
KCazduke: Trap. Totally trap
monkeyrama: We've got lots of lifeagin
monkeyrama: we can take it
nitrodog96: better P/T, more flexible pips, vigilance, end step trigger so main phase casts affect it
nitrodog96: more applicable subtypes
KCazduke: Hmm.
KCazduke: That Recluse is pretty bad
redyounglink: cycling the mare helps you stabilise too
izzy_stardust: are we dead to the brushwagg?
monkeyrama: Recluse is swole af
Ryavis: you could havve double greathorned to get to kogla
KCazduke: And hope they don't have mana up for the pump
GreatGodOm: Should have blocked with the bonder.
seth_erickson: only 7 power
Alexwx14: pump only gives +3
monkeyrama: Do we have a pacifism? We do, right?
SolarBlitz1: It's +3/+3
seth_erickson: mutate force the 6 mana
seth_erickson: PogChamp
olkiswerve: wow that must feel good
KCazduke: Oh yeah, and you can force the pump by blocking
chaostreader: Brushwagg is an amazing mutate target because that ability on a large creature with trample is deadly.
seth_erickson: I like blocking with the Herdbonder
monkeyrama: Have to block with the horn then
Mr_Horrible: I'd block to bait the pump, yeah
KCazduke: If you block with both though, don't you avoid damage?
seth_erickson: Herdbonder been doin' work
walkeroftales: if you feel like a battlecruiser, you could cycle onto kogla
SolarBlitz1: Herdbonder's lifegain gonna be better than it's block over 3 turns
nitrodog96: that's absolutely incredible, I want that
KCazduke: Lifelink is also gross
Mr_Horrible: gabyDOGGERS
olkiswerve: POG
monkeyrama: Oh myyyyy
nitrodog96: off the chain
seth_erickson: Kogla also destroys that crystal
iLetTheDogesOut: POG
nitrodog96: literally off the chain
Drathak: CAT APE
Zentiseon: No need to cycle mare now
marcieline91: King kong ain't got nothing on me
walkeroftales: or you could topdeck an amazing card every time
Scrubbodiestobears: Kogala had kittens!
nitrodog96: AHA
monkeyrama: No blade banish please BlessRNG
nitrodog96: Oh my god that's insane
Mr_Horrible: *Extremely Wayne June voice* "A singular strike!"
nitrodog96: he can't blade banish now!
DiscordianTokkan: Ook Ook! imean Choo Choo!
GreatGodOm: Keep up the kogla bounce from now on.
redyounglink: Build your own questing beast
walkeroftales: DONKEY KONG IS HERE
seth_erickson: I told you Kogla is the Questing Beast of Ikoria
DoctorHutch: the white exile card is their best out
Diabore: i never remember the kogla attack trigger
olkiswerve: HIS COCONUT GUN
TheWarbo: hold up the indestructible, I think?
Mr_Horrible: His coconut gun mizzS
DaVeganPolice: monkey smash
KCazduke: All aboard the Kong Train
olkiswerve: CAN NATURALIZE
monkeyrama: This deck recovers pretty darn well
Robot_Bones: A God Damn Hero Ape
Omthebox: My head keeps using the Cherry Bomb beat with the DK rap words.
seth_erickson: we went down to 12 I think at our lowest this game
nitrodog96: what is this deck?
Diabore: fair
olkiswerve: oh my god
iLetTheDogesOut: totally fair magic
seth_erickson: we can get our second herd bonder
olkiswerve: it's bomb city
Diabore: balanced
monkeyrama: Just draw all your rares OpieOP
nitrodog96: very fair magic
Mr_Horrible: Adam don't be mean BabyRage
KCazduke: Well this is gross
Kyir: Winota decks have been ruining my day in brawl
Diabore: magic
SolarBlitz1: Let's go hun that other herdbonder then
Alexwx14: Lowering shields feels like the only way we could lose I guess we just get to have it all
noisyblizzard: never didn|t have it
deyja429: lrrJUDGE
Zalos_melbourne: die for the cause young cubs
DiscordianTokkan: Holy moly
ArcOfTheConclave: fair + balanced
Drathak: Siri play the song gas gas gas from inital D
nitrodog96: well, we get the other bonder
iLetTheDogesOut: chooo chooo
Diabore: win(ota)
timidaiski: what is this deck? dang
walkeroftales: pretty nice to topdeck all your best cards
olkiswerve: ikoria is like, the most fun I've ever had drafting a set
DaVeganPolice: did it
monkeyrama: We might want to add more
TheWarbo: lol looking at the top 24 cards
Diabore: got one!
Toxxick: that moment when you realize that Winota isnt a ONCE PER COMBAT ability
TheWarbo: this is so silly
monkeyrama: so that she has more hits
DaVeganPolice: yeah, did we just see the entire deck?
nitrodog96: yeah, it's not "one or more"
nitrodog96: yep @DaVeganPolice
nitrodog96: pretty insane
AlchemicalPanda: Hi Adam, just wanted to pop in and say hi!
DaVeganPolice: lmao
Zalos_melbourne: winota got through testing somehow
Tiber727: He's finally here, to fight a dude. His basic attack, can wreck artifacts. If he's stolen for you, it's gonna hur!t
DRMagnify: its filthy in constructed with the chandra that makes 1/1s
nitrodog96: bounce winota?
Tiber727: *from you
walkeroftales: Damn! They put a trample counter on their 1/1!
Mr_Horrible: Toxxick I had a moment like that a day ago where I realized that half the "human" tokens in standard are actually just Soldiers sofieGasp
ArcOfTheConclave: Kogla saves a human
nitrodog96: oh fair max value
SnivianMoon: Turn your lands sideways - if you wanna tap.
Golldum: why not bounce winota with monkey
KCazduke: And I expect this is scoop city?
nitrodog96: 38 to 3
DaVeganPolice: casual 38
SolarBlitz1: Casual 38 life
bainard656: That seems fair
bravejrl: You should have returned her to your hand
Wiliart: Looking at your life total.. are you playing commander?
monkeyrama: This is basically the same thing
Klingbolt: monkey has more text!?
nitrodog96: This looks like last time I drafted Seeker of the Way in my Cube
disciple007: @loadingreadyrun this deck is gross
KCazduke: Whoops
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Perfect timing
Mr_Horrible: you had to say it NotLikeThis
seth_erickson: they were doing their best
KCazduke: I made a 60 card Yorion Jeskai Control deck in draft
robthedragqueen: hi
KCazduke: Humand Drafting is awesome
seth_erickson: might want to bring in the day squad marshal
seth_erickson: other than that the deck is popping
deyja429: Could we cut a thing for the 3/3 that makes a 1/1
seth_erickson: Yorion's the hardest to do I think
monkeyrama: The companions are also just fine in the deck normally
Diabore: i dont think id ever companion umori in draft
seth_erickson: I also think Umori is just better in the 40
monkeyrama: I did it
monkeyrama: It works really well
Diabore: the creatures feel a little to shallow
monkeyrama: Umori in a mutate deck is poggers
Alexwx14: I've had two gyruda draft decks with 5 lava serpents
Drathak: Yeah if you get him early in a draft it's easy to just all creature mutate
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: free 8th cards are just busted
Mr_Horrible: needs at least a few blitz leeches ore the disruptive mutates, yeah
cagedtiki: whats ur favorite deck in modern
seth_erickson: I don't think so
monkeyrama: Adam doesn't really follow constructed formats @cagedtiki
noisyblizzard: lurrus was a bit sus to me
Mr_Horrible: don't pacify mentor
seth_erickson: I'd pacify the wildbonder
monkeyrama: It still can activate, yeah
TheWarbo: i feel like wildbonder worries me even pacified
monkeyrama: Arrest?
TheWarbo: both of em, really
seth_erickson: you were thinking arrest
Mr_Horrible: arrest, probably
monkeyrama: Yeah
seth_erickson: there was also one in ixalan I believe
Mal2mad: I just went 7-2 on a Sultai deck with Yorion. The blink is super useful, since it can also separate mutated creatures.
olkiswerve: not a lot of great pacify targets as a whole anyway
Mr_Horrible: considering there's like 17 pacify variants I feel it's a blameless crime to confuse them sometimes LUL
Wiliart: Flight into ram through?
rosstodon: I've done that - high complexity does that
seth_erickson: we can flight and ram through to kill the wildbonder
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Mivair: Hi Adam! Hope you're doin' ok. When in doubt, turn creatures sideways! Or don't, if they have vigilance.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Mivair! (Today's storm count: 53)
SolarBlitz1: Thankfully we've gained 4 before they hit for 5
monkeyrama: Blocking with the wildbonder out is interesting
gdadjim123: just adam today?
monkeyrama: because they have to decide to damage you or kill the blockers
KCazduke: Nom nom nom nom nom
Alexwx14: Its allright to run really high land counts in Yorion draft decks, having a gauranteed 5 mana 4/5 flyer helps mitigate the flood
uncrackedp1stachio: yes! Finally got time to pop into this stream
KCazduke: That's Symbiote ate that whole man
monkeyrama: Things πŸ‘€
Mr_Horrible: "My island is called The Red Zone, and we've got a lot of villagers moving in today." Kappa
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Not stuck, blessed
NotCainNorAbel: No one else to drag us down
SamanthaGolgariQueen: And his wolf, KCazduke
Mister_Hush: jam cannon
Mr_Horrible: blessed Adam content sofieBless
MilkInBag: Grocery store expedition: complete and successful
Drathak: The dreeeeam
Dergib: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (17:10 from now).
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
cculver16: adam's my favorite lrr person
seth_erickson: Monsters
monkeyrama: That creature finally got played and not cycled
NotCainNorAbel: Did you get milk?
TheWarbo: oh no! removal!
Mr_Horrible: oh no it got spooked sofieGasp
monkeyrama: and it dies immediately NotLikeThis
MilkInBag: @NotCainNorAbel yes, and also dark chocolate milk
rosstodon: kind of like how you're stuck with an ice cream cake after you lock it in your freezer and then hit anyone who tries to open it with a hockey stick
Easilycrazyhat: What a menacing 1/3
Ryavis: ah yes, menace... perfect keyword for a mana dork
Darleysam: graham and james don't let us stay up late and drink lemonade
NotCainNorAbel: @MilkInBag then yes, Successful is the word I would use
seth_erickson: we ram through that now though before they can untap and pump
monkeyrama: Nice save there LUL
noisyblizzard: @rosstodon LUL
MilkInBag: Ram through through
monkeyrama: woooooow
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Bodied
Mr_Horrible: Le Beeg Pog
TheWarbo: that was an odd sequence
SolarBlitz1: And now we have a 3/3 flyer, noice
SnivianMoon: Bah gawd
jonasjonIV: nice
Mister_Hush: both players really showing up for that fight
seth_erickson: get back the vantosaur?
Mister_Hush: what a game of magic
Alexwx14: Opponent on full WUBRG
monkeyrama: The value train NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: I've been finding that bond seems to very rarely get to bring 2 things back, even in a deck with a good mix
SnivianMoon: I believe we need the leader of the bunch at this point.
toomanybears: hey adam i just wanted to say that i watched the firefly funhouse match after hearing about it on sidewalk slam and i fucking loved it
monkeyrama: It was a wild one
seth_erickson: I think you put the warden over top in case they have Extinction Event
Mr_Horrible: oh man, I'm so behind on my podcasts, I still need to catch up on SwS
Alexwx14: Isn't a 3/5 lifelink better than two 1/1s
Kyir: @Mr_Horrible The Wrestlemania episode is An Experience
djalternative: !card survivor's bond
LRRbot: Survivors' Bond [1G] | Sorcery | Choose one or both β€” / β€’ Return target Human creature card from your graveyard to your hand. / β€’ Return target non-Human creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
PlusDY: Hi Adam! Hi chat!
Ryavis: oh hey, flier
seth_erickson: what a draw I think we go all in
rosstodon: Alexwx14 mutate always happens regardless of top/bot
djalternative: do it on a token
LoafOfBread4: You get 2 1/1s it's ok
monkeyrama: Battlecruiser giraffid PogChamp
PlusDY: How's my favorite flying fox been performing?
TheWarbo: I like it on a token, yeah.
Wiliart: Mutate the token to fly in and slowly kill them?
RatekStormcrow: removal exists
seth_erickson: I go all in Battle Cruiser mode Activate
redyounglink: If they had removal they probably would have used it
DRMagnify: theyre in double brushwagg territory
Mr_Horrible: I'd say no fear, but I'm also bad at Magic
rosstodon: maybe not if it was sorcery removal
monkeyrama: This seems fine, actually
seth_erickson: but even if they have removal we can just bond it back into our hand
monkeyrama: Could be a blade banish, too
TheWarbo: that brushwagg is gonna get so big
SolarBlitz1: So much life in this game
Alexwx14: @rosstodon I was saying that not mutating and casting it plain would have two 3/5s as opposed to a 3/5 and two 1/1s
djalternative: maybe it's all land?
TheWarbo: whole team has lifelink now
monkeyrama: They get to start drawing cards now
rosstodon: Alexwx14 OH I see what you're saying, def an option yeah
TheWarbo: gaining 6 per turn, no biggie
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Alchemistmerlin: button
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eXTeeGi: 3 lands
monkeyrama: Oh myyyyy
Mr_Horrible: sofieGasp
monkeyrama: That crasher is real good
Diabore: are they on 4 colours?
SolarBlitz1: Mutate on the token?
seth_erickson: mutate for the 1/1's I think
Mr_Horrible: greathorn on the keet, I think
Alexwx14: How many cards left in their library
Mivair: On one hand I don't see how we lose this game because of the sheer amount of life you're gaining, on the other hand Ikoria is the format of Real Buff Bois
adamshandy: you can race it if you grow the vulpikeet
frozenphoenix7: I think we make it bigger
Mister_Hush: with your lifegain? hell yeah you can race whatever you want
djalternative: mutate the flyer I think
PlusDY: Big moves
Mivair: You've got life for YEARS
monkeyrama: We can race everything PogChamp
Mr_Horrible: remember that the Crasher tokens go exponentially tall, but not exponentially wide
TheWarbo: this worries me
Mivair: Centuries even!
olkiswerve: adam savidan is the fastest man alive
Mr_Horrible: they only ever get 1 token per turn
djalternative: ah. a fog
monkeyrama: They had the fog πŸ‘€
TheWarbo: i am 100% fine with that turn
Diabore: ive never seen that card cast
Mr_Horrible: deeply offended that OP cast that
seth_erickson: Thwarted NotLikeThis
SolarBlitz1: That goddamn fog has got me too many times
amishpothead: hey why am i banned in chat ?
rosstodon: that's... an interesting thwart?
Invitare: you're not
Earthenone: you arent?
Ryavis: crasher gets out of hand pretty fast
Mister_Hush: We still have 48 life and a million lifegain so uhhh
themadchicken: they create a bunch more tramplers
Mivair: I think we can race it
monkeyrama: Those tokens will be so big
eXTeeGi: *shrug*
Mr_Horrible: I like double-block the crasher there
swaggytaco: nice one
Mister_Hush: i'm sorry what
Invitare: whhaaat is that 18/18
seth_erickson: We get to find our other herdbonder PogChamp
Mivair: Unless they have turbofog
Diabore: !card quartzwood crusher
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
monkeyrama: The crasher makes tokens
amishpothead: i swear I'm banned in chat
MilkInBag: how is there an 18/18 trampler on the board and you have 30 life
themadchicken: can we race an 18/18 trampler?
djalternative: you get to see your whole deck
Diabore: !card quartzwood crasher
LRRbot: Quartzwood Crasher [2RRG] | Creature β€” Dinosaur Beast [6/6] | Trample / Whenever one or more creatures you control with trample deal combat damage to a player, create an X/X green Dinosaur Beast creature token with trample, where X is the amount of damage those creatures dealt to that player.
PlusDY: You probably lose
seth_erickson: I think we just attack with 6/7
AWildTransgirlAppeared: You are not amish I can see you
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: if you hit they die I think
Mr_Horrible: MilkInBag Ikoria! *jazz hands*
zarbit: just getting here, this game looks wild
eXTeeGi: what is an 18/18 to our (formerly) 48 life total?
monkeyrama: Crasher's going to keep making bigger and bigger tokens πŸ‘€
rosstodon: If all you say is "I'm banned in chat" -- you are likely to get your wish
SolarBlitz1: They take 11 I think after blocks there.
seth_erickson: Have to block the Brushwagg Now I think
Mivair: It's all got trample, blocking's not gonna do a whole lot :/
Mr_Horrible: wat
MilkInBag: wtf
monkeyrama: What??
DRMagnify: it gets at least +12
rosstodon: think you had to kill the 6/6 last turn
Mister_Hush: is that literal, licensed-ass Godzilla
monkeyrama: They could have had a hasty 8/8
zarbit: wait, they didn't just cast it?
djalternative: nah. you've got this
monkeyrama: that must've been a misclick, right?
DRMagnify: still 12 ithink, so its 41 max damage?
Mr_Horrible: yeah, I think we double-block the crasher if it attacks
noisyblizzard: @Mister_Hush yes
Mivair: They're thinking about what exactly they can attack with
eXTeeGi: digging for ram though?
Mivair: because they're so low
rosstodon: It's 4 at most unless it shows a #
Mister_Hush: did WotC for really real print actual Godzilla as a card, i'm fuckin dying
Wiliart: If not a number, than a stack is 4 at most.
monkeyrama: It's an alt art
historyman_admu: that godzill had haste right?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: That's a large tramply boi.
Mivair: It's a licensed alt art yeah
DRMagnify: i would love the hubris
rosstodon: Mister_Hush flavor names with alt art, yeah
monkeyrama: Yes @historyman_admu
MilkInBag: @Mister_Hush it's an alt art but arena can't handle that properly and it's a mess
Mr_Horrible: you die to the doublestrike no matter what, I think
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I fully expect them to have a second fog and Adam dies on a flunge
Diabore: dont die to double strike now
seth_erickson: I block with a 1/1 and a 3/5
SolarBlitz1: Don't die to double strike
eXTeeGi: you'd still be above 20 lol
Mr_Horrible: yeah, just let it through
redyounglink: ram through also bad here
rosstodon: they'll get another 18/18 if you do
KCazduke: Wow that's a biggun
Kyir: That's a large dino
Mivair: now we gotta kill 'em
monkeyrama: Those are some absolute units
seth_erickson: how many cards in op's library
RatekStormcrow: Stil above starting total :)
Mivair: Welp
djalternative: flunge
rosstodon: well, we get some life?
Diabore: hey, gain 14 this turn
Mivair: We're just super dead though
zarbit: pretty good draw, aside from missing the Winota trigger
Fanklok: Remember math is for blockers
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: it has trample so blocking just shrinks the token form infinite/infinite to infinite/infinite
olkiswerve: new objective: survive
monkeyrama: They have enuogh blockers to block everything
rosstodon: they're repping... 50+wag
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hoktauri: I see Adam, I hit the button
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MilkInBag: most likely, 2 18/18 trample is a lot
seth_erickson: What a Game
monkeyrama: Yeah, crasher can get out of control really fast
Ryavis: you really needed to kill the crasher when you had the chance
Mivair: 2 18/18 trample and the brushwagg
photosinensis: I think you've got to be a top deck hero WITH STARS IN HIS EYES
Tiber727: I think the previous turn was the turn to flunge, before he could put out enough blockers.
monkeyrama: We're soooo dead
rosstodon: wellp
Alexwx14: not killing crasher probably cost us
MilkInBag: oh it's over
Mivair: Rip us
Invitare: oh that kills you
lurkerspine: gg
redyounglink: rip
DRMagnify: oh we're dead dead
zarbit: well now we're toast
Mivair: RIP US
DaVeganPolice: o7
olkiswerve: f
monkeyrama: OP living the dream
Mister_Hush: second godzilla
MilkInBag: it was already over with the wildbonder
PlusDY: What a game!
rosstodon: you had to chance it
Drathak: Big plays big plays
izzy_stardust: more humans!
seth_erickson: Adam more human
rosstodon: maybe throw some extra bodies under it
Mivair: One more game! One more game!
TheMerricat: !lasttweet
LRRbot: ~lasttweet
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LRRTwitter: [3h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Had to cancel this evenings TTSF, so the next scheduled stream is Graham, back tomorrow for the final episode of Play it Forward featuring Final Fantasy VII! So tune in for that at 10AM Pacific on ||
seth_erickson: eh who needs more humans when the herdbonders are more than enough
Mivair: Clearly this is the start of a beautiful 12 hours Magic stream, because there's no stream after this
RegulusPratus: Egads, the mirror
monkeyrama: Naya mirror πŸ‘€
djalternative: Is grim dawn happening tonight instead of TTSF or no? I know there were talks about it.
Feltic: peeb peeb?
Mivair: Nope
djalternative: cool
Mr_Horrible: King Caesar lookin' like he's on a fighting game character select screen
monkeyrama: Next scheduled stream is G tomorrow
RegulusPratus: Yay, cooking battle, then? Or just nada?
Mivair: FIght!
RegulusPratus: Aww
djalternative: just nada
Ritaspirithntr: Shocker!
silvalunae waves
Mr_Horrible: I also like how he has paws, but is making a fist somehow
Mivair: Beep beep!
DiscordianTokkan: Choo Choooooo
Mr_Horrible: he's going all out, just this once sofieGasp
Ba_Dum_Tish: Froot Froot!
Feltic: mcdmCH mcdmOO mcdmCH mcdmOO
Mr_Horrible: spidermans dot jpeg
Omthebox: The mad man
MilkInBag: Gojira, the greatest metal band PogChamp
monkeyrama: Are they us, but stronger? Or are we them, but stringer?
izzy_stardust: this is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!
eXTeeGi: this is what it means to go even further beyond
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PlusDY: Now it's time to stop, and see what froot we've got
Mivair: Ramp into the sky!
itira: Adam?
monkeyrama: That damage though PogChamp
itira: lol
SolarBlitz1: Beep beep comin through
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Naarius: Duel of the Fates, but with train noises
silvalunae: noice
Mr_Horrible: *train noises to the tune of Duel of the Fates*
gamercat88: gotta go fast, froot froot
Ba_Dum_Tish: Stop stop he's already dead
Pharmacistjudge: Froot Froot
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Amazing
rosstodon: please say this deck is called King Caeser Salad?
silvalunae: ^^^
Wiliart: Somebody with editing skills please make that.
Mr_Horrible: the man, he's gaming
Mivair: It's time for Pain
Tiber727: See, I was imagining Duel of the Fates with a sick chugga beat in the background, personally.
SolarBlitz1: Nice quick "one more"
Alexwx14: one more?
iLetTheDogesOut: banger alert
MilkInBag: Duel of the Rails
Mivair: One more!
seth_erickson: more humans
Drathak: Uno mas?
monkeyrama: Wow raid πŸ‘€
Omthebox: Wow, raid
Alexwx14: Thats the spirit of one more
Mivair: Pfft, Adam playing WoW, what a nerd
Mister_Hush: World of Warcraft ResidentSleeper
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: the cancel button actually worked PogChamp
MilkInBag: a 1 mana cycler? nevet cut that
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: a land for the 2/2 cycle guy
SolarBlitz1: The Splendor mare?
rosstodon: *Adam gets distracted by magic* 50 DKP minus!
MilkInBag: flight is poo poo
Omthebox: Losing, losing is not great. Easy question, next!
MilkInBag: what no, splendor mare is VERY good
PlusDY: Run egg you coward
Alexwx14: The tapper is good
izzy_stardust: is solid footing good if you're jamming humans?
Alexwx14: Cjeckpoint officer
Mivair: egg Egg EGG
seth_erickson: this seems fine
MilkInBag: why do you want to add mediocre humans
silvalunae: what does the egg do
daralin666: Bring the tapper in
rosstodon: we don't like the prophecy? or just not enough fixing for it?
djalternative: I don't want you to put it in. I just like chanting: EGG EGG EGG
MilkInBag: cut a giraffid then
Mivair: gets a +1/+1 counter when it mutates silvalunae
PlusDY: Play the cute creatures
PlusDY: You know the ones
monkeyrama: Over the healer?
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (16:50 from now).
silvalunae: @Mivair thank lrrHEART
izzy_stardust: doh, solid footing is not the card i thought it was :P
MilkInBag: wait, you always play tapper over giraffid
gualdhar: no long distance game tonight? all magic all day?
monkeyrama: We were vigilance tribal
Drathak: But vigilance ok
MilkInBag: why is getting 1 hp better than permanently locking down their creature? OpieOP
SolarBlitz1: You said you wanted to finish this draft, so we'll see how much faster that is now lrrBEEJ
Aarek: seems good
djalternative: mind anyone but adam's business
Mivair: Look if we play mono-vigilance we'll never turn creatures sideways, and isn't that what magic's all about?
izzy_stardust: they've got a companion insta concede Kappa
Drathak: 1 hp per turn thank you
Alexwx14: Life = HP
MilkInBag: Ok ok, I get it, you're great, this deck is great OpieOP
monkeyrama: I mean.... sure
monkeyrama: U/W fliers :o
MilkInBag: where is the plains ramen
Lockraemono: good morning!
monkeyrama: Ummmm
Mivair: Morning!
monkeyrama: shut up, milk LUL
MilkInBag: LUL
Deathrite_Sharkman: good night ^^
Mr_Horrible: thoughtcast in standard DansGame
Mivair: Goodnight!
Josherm: Adam, did you see Ulamog is coming to Historic? That's a new large boi
61 raiders from msigrist83 have joined!
MilkInBag: I expected fire prophecy here
germangaryoak: msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt Siggi send his regards msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt msigriSt
Deathrite_Sharkman: @Josherm wait what
Omthebox: Raiders seabatBRAIN
Mr_Horrible: I'd go for it
MilkInBag: wow a Brad Nelson raid PogChamp
monkeyrama: Triple raid PogChamp
Josherm: @Deathrite_Sharkman Ulamog and Phyrexian Obliterator announced as first two cards for Historic ANthology 3
Mr_Horrible: it's either essence scatter or keep safe, I'd guess. Gotta play into one
gizmofreak1: !card jubilant skybinder
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
monkeyrama: Adam drafted this deck because of you OpieOP
Omthebox: This deck is not an example of that learning OpieOP
msigrist83: Hey! Would love too meet you as well :)
Deathrite_Sharkman: mono blackkkkk @Josherm
Josherm: @Deathrite_Sharkman Gary's best friend, baby
monkeyrama: Success!
Alexwx14: I honestly can't tell the difference between Brad and Mike when they aren't next to each other
Deathrite_Sharkman: yeah plus tendrils
seth_erickson: We're time walking there Skybonder PogChamp
gamercat88: PartyPopper
germangaryoak: WE HAVE PEAKED CHAT
MilkInBag: Mike Sigrist gives his PT invite to Adam confirmed PogChamp
msigrist83: Stream draft mostly but yeah play everything
germangaryoak: siggi is a limited player at heart
monkeyrama: Fun!
gizmofreak1: !card jubilent skybonder
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Omthebox: Or they're off a color
Mivair: !card jubilant skybonder
LRRbot: Jubilant Skybonder [1{W/U}{W/U}] | Creature β€” Human Wizard [2/2] | Flying / Creatures you control with flying have "Spells your opponents cast that target this creature cost {2} more to cast."
msigrist83: Ok dinner time later everyone!
Deathrite_Sharkman: !card jubilant skybonder
LRRbot: Jubilant Skybonder [1{W/U}{W/U}] | Creature β€” Human Wizard [2/2] | Flying / Creatures you control with flying have "Spells your opponents cast that target this creature cost {2} more to cast."
seth_erickson: might be hopeing to Clash of Titans us
MilkInBag: they block and fire prophecy something
Mivair: jynx Deathrite_Sharkman
monkeyrama: They got nothin seabatPjorg
seth_erickson: they probably aren't off color since they used a evolving wilds already
germangaryoak: they can copy their essence scatter :o
Deathrite_Sharkman: @Mivair i'll buy you a coke :P
djalternative: prophesy, spill, or rockslide
Mivair: :D
Invitare: now it's a life factory
MilkInBag: mythos
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Still counts as a creature with vigilance, though.
Alexwx14: Who needs reach when you have infinite life
TheWarbo: still gains us life benginUroPog
monkeyrama: Capturing a giraffid :o
izzy_stardust: capture sphere, AKA pokeball
SolarBlitz1: Ah the bigbrain of vigilance for life as you could feel the sphere against the reach
MilkInBag: but keepsafe isn't playable πŸ€”
olkiswerve: maybe they're just bad
Alexwx14: ^^
germangaryoak: what are we splashing red for?
jgordon100: that's also a logical explanation
monkeyrama: Winota
seth_erickson: !card Winota, Joiner of Forces
LRRbot: Winota, Joiner of Forces [2RW] | Legendary Creature β€” Human Warrior [4/4] | Whenever a non-Human creature you control attacks, look at the top six cards of your library. You may put a Human creature card from among them onto the battlefield tapped and attacking. It gains indestructible until end of turn. Put the rest of the cards on the bottom of your library in a random order.
MilkInBag: Win-more-ta
germangaryoak: do we have that footing aura?
SolarBlitz1: They could also be learning/new
gualdhar: even if they're "just bad" it's helpful to think about their outs
seth_erickson: we do just not in the deck
Invitare: I mean they're ranked silver
olkiswerve: that definitely came out harsher than intended, oops
Mr_Horrible: this def does feel like they're holding something
Mivair: Oofa
swaggytaco: :o
Deathrite_Sharkman: noice
monkeyrama: There goes our board NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: LUL well there we go
Deathrite_Sharkman: lrrWOW
germangaryoak: bond, get both of them back PogChamp
Mivair: We didn't need those creatures anyway
Omthebox: Why cant we hold all these flames!?
Zappeljakob: well guess what opponennt
eXTeeGi: but that card is banned :P
Mivair: lol
MilkInBag: imagine having enough mana to replay them both
Mr_Horrible: LUL we can almost even play both again
petpeevshp: Why not swallow whole
TheWarbo: haha
MilkInBag: @petpeevshp the target must be tapped
sk8sam24: !card Swallow Whole
LRRbot: Swallow Whole [W] | Sorcery | As an additional cost to cast this spell, tap an untapped creature you control. / Exile target tapped creature. Put a +1/+1 counter on the creature tapped to cast this spell.
Alexwx14: The target needs to be tapped
monkeyrama: It does PogChamp
Professor_Rakor: Otter force one.
sk8sam24: Kittehs!
monkeyrama: Vigilance hard counters that, so we can't get got by it OpieOP
djalternative: swallow hole. A hole for swallows.
Mivair: Kill it you cowards
niccus: no dupes at least
itira: Did someone say Holes?
germangaryoak: any consideration to just play the warden as a creature here?
monkeyrama: Holes PogChamp
MilkInBag: HOLES?
seth_erickson: our lifegain NotLikeThis
Kyir: No one ever mentions Holes
Deathrite_Sharkman: @djalternative plz no
TheWarbo: Lutri says no second Flame SPill
monkeyrama: Dig em up
Mivair: Holes was really good though...
MilkInBag: young adult children movie LUL
DaVeganPolice: HOLES
monkeyrama: Awwwww
germangaryoak: thought the 2/4 might be better than the 2 1/1s
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL
Josherm: Starring The Beef? @Pog
HorusFive: The greatest film of a generation Holes?
meniir: Holes...
Mister_BlueSky: seabatTROG H O L E S ?
MilkInBag: aww
Drathak: You sure about that?
Omthebox: Same tho LUL
Mr_Horrible: Shia Lebouf vehicle Holes? PogChamp
djalternative: @Deathrite_Sharkman you don't like birds?
monkeyrama: You were so close
Kyir: You should have just watched Holes instead of being sad
MilkInBag: You need to think more about holes to stay happy
camelwizard: S-stanley Yelnats?
DaVeganPolice: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN Holes seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Mivair: Adam whenever you're sad all you gotta do is watch Popular Young Adult Movie Holes
itira: Holes makes everything better
DiscordianTokkan: I should watch that one of these days
monkeyrama: Could have watched holes
Mister_Hush: Adam, it's okay to have feelings and to express those feelings
Nuurgle: shoud have started digging yourown Hole
Fanklok: You made it through the entire let's nope without talking about it
Lockraemono: do a party watch stream of Holes
monkeyrama: but that would ruin the bit
MrsLlante: We study Holes in our year 7 class....
Drathak: Someone get this man a vhs copy of holes
itira: ^
Omthebox: Maybe, we're the baddies?
Mr_Horrible: OP's deck actually appearing to be sweet now sofieHmm
sk8sam24: That otter has first strike....
PlusDY: Divine Arrow saving the day, as always
Deathrite_Sharkman: ok chat I'm gonna go offline, it's suddenly after 2am again
Deathrite_Sharkman: lrrHEART lrrHEART
NamesAreSilly: Tutu's are for wearing, not swallowing
Naarius: But what if I only have Holes on laser disc?
Mr_Horrible: laters sharkman!
Drathak: vhs only
MilkInBag: I never play around the bad cards LUL
Omthebox: Gain more life
monkeyrama: Now we do πŸ‘€
izzy_stardust: winota?
Mivair: Speaking of triple green
seth_erickson: Vulpikeet will be good for us
Lucidmooselid: @Naarius just blur your eyes
seth_erickson: I'd swallow up Lutri
Mr_Horrible: I think buff a cub to eat lutri?
Wolfstrike_NL: swallow first striker?
seth_erickson: they can't because of Lutri
Mr_Horrible: they can't
MilkInBag: they can't have another keepsafe, lutri was companion
Naarius: om nom nom nom nom deliciosos
seth_erickson: One of's only
Naarius: Ack to many s
sk8sam24: Lilo is angry
meniir: That cat just devoured an otter.
TheWarbo: they can't have "another" anything because Lutri
sk8sam24: I mean Stich
monkeyrama: Indeed
FITorion: what's the word on TInker Tailer?
meniir: How hungry was that cat?
Mangledpixel: FITorion cancelled, I believe
PlusDY: Judge! My opponent's deck is sick!
Mr_Horrible: yeah, OP actually seems to be living the Lutri dream in draft here
Alexwx14: Companions are very strong
meniir: No trace of Lutri, just gone. Bones and all.
seth_erickson: need like Vulpi or Kogla
TheWarbo: ~lasttweet
LRRTwitter: [3h ago] @loadingreadyrun> Had to cancel this evenings TTSF, so the next scheduled stream is Graham, back tomorrow for the final episode of Play it Forward featuring Final Fantasy VII! So tune in for that at 10AM Pacific on ||
Mr_Horrible: Dankey Kang
seth_erickson: Where is Kogla?
MilkInBag: you can also get Winota and hit 4 humans
Invitare: time to top-deck Donkey Kogla
izzy_stardust: ape or king ceaser is good i think?
MilkInBag: it's a human
TheWarbo: when kogla's not on the stream, you should be asking "Where's Kogla?"
monkeyrama: The flier is human
Mr_Horrible: flier's human
bouse69: flyer a human
monkeyrama: so they can't
redyounglink: hopefully in the core set we'll get apes with escape
Kuelyst: Cuz flyer human
Mr_Horrible: and they probably wanted the extra rummage
ArcOfTheConclave: they wanted the loot?
MilkInBag: bonders are human
Alexwx14: They wanted to rummage
Deathrite_Sharkman: @Mr_Horrible clearly King not Dankey :P
sk8sam24: You can do it Adam!
DiscordianTokkan: Werner Hertzog voice: I want to see the baby Imean Ape
bouse69: probably to get rummage
Lucidmooselid: your not losing this game yet
Mivair: monkey time!
Mister_Hush: cat's like an ape
historyman_admu: yeah o n the otter to give it flying too
Mr_Horrible: @Deathrite_Sharkman he's both of their's long-lost cousin Kappa
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Damagicsausage: So close to 1 year
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, Damagicsausage! (Today's storm count: 59)
Dread_Pirate_Westley: If they burn it, we still have good attacks.
djalternative: have we seen essence scatter yet?
seth_erickson: not yet
monkeyrama: WE haven't
Diabore: how late were you planning on going adam
Deathrite_Sharkman: @Mr_Horrible shot called it's another king! but somehow a cat DansGame
monkeyrama: Finishing the draft
monkeyrama: Man's got a raid to get to
TZTFG: @Damagicsausage One year in sergeHi time?
seth_erickson: still at a casual 20 Feels Good
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: opp must have some insane bomb left
MilkInBag: what a nerd Kappa
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Aarek: What a nerd.
TheMoatman: I can't tell if you're joking or not
itira: huge nerd
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: they are playing so conservatively
camelwizard: Fantastic Sidewalk Slam episode brotherrrrrrrr
PlusDY: Hehe
TheWarbo: doing things because you like them? what is this nonsense
Queginn: Wait, you have a life outside of this?
Naarius: Go enjoy your raid [insert angry face here]
Mr_Horrible: I can't judge, I've already had my FFXIV raids for the week Kappa
ghostvalv: I hope you get terrible off spec loot only
Omthebox: This man has never made a joke in his life.
DiscordianTokkan: It's OK to like things!
Naarius: I dunno, that's the most I've got
korvys: Adam Savidan has never told a joke in his life, how dare you
Easilycrazyhat: Adam never jokes
Drathak: You're the only person on the comedy network LRR that doesn't joke
monkeyrama: If only he knew how to joke
Robot_Bones: does this look like a man with a funny bone in his body Kappa
Mr_Horrible: Shiva prog NotLikeThis
germangaryoak: I have been playing Persona5Royal and man i forgot how LONG that game is :D
MrsLlante: They've updated it so it is much easier to get through the beginning of the game (FFXIV)
ogier300: Loved that sidewalk slam. The edit was so good.
Zappeljakob: thats....okay
Josherm: Big FFXIV patch in June-ish revamps the base ARR game world
Kyir: I started playing FF14 and burned out before I could hit max level BibleThump
Omthebox: I might get back into it too. Got friends who play it so *shrugs*
SolarBlitz1: They're easing the base starting game in the next big patch around june-july
Mr_Horrible: it's a slog to get to current content for sure, but I do love me that story so much
djalternative: is the barrier to entry having to talk to Jacob about FFXIV?
akhmorn: don't talk to me about shiva prog
izzy_stardust: wait, why block?
DiscordianTokkan: Once 5.3 drops, they're streamlining the base games storyline to not be... so fucking long
korvys: Man, I'm still not through SwS yet
monkeyrama: You could talk to Joe, he's been playing it fresh
Mivair: ruh roh
seth_erickson: didn't want them to draw a card izzy_stardust
DiscordianTokkan: Like, the lead-up TO story. Cutting down fetch quests
Mr_Horrible: ooh yeah, that's true, they're refactoring ARR to help make it less of a grind to get through it
NamesAreSilly: The 100 quests between ARR and the first exp
NamesAreSilly: ?
izzy_stardust: oh right @seth_erickson cards have text
DiscordianTokkan: @NamesAreSilly Yeah
PlusDY: At least you have a lot of life for them to eat thru
SolarBlitz1: Heavensward
seth_erickson: they get lost when they're little square images
MrsLlante: Heavensward is AMAZING!
Mr_Horrible: Full disclosure, I paid to skip the 100 quests LUL
Mr_Horrible: couldn't do it
NamesAreSilly: Heavensward is great, what are you on about
Mister_Skittles: yeah they are reducing all that in the next patch#
akhmorn: the disrespect for coerthas western highlands smh
sk8sam24: Adam, you ever get into the Vice show Dark Side of the Ring?
Omthebox: If I get back into it, I'm paying to skip that
Mr_Horrible: but played through all of Heavensward and Stormblood
Professor_Rakor: The guiness world record holding FFXIV for the longest ending sequence.
DiscordianTokkan: the 100 quest pointless slog is hopefully going byebye soon at 5.3. Because Heavensward is one of the best effing Final Fantasy stories I've experienced.
SolarBlitz1: Heavensward is boring for a great chunk at the start, I took a break. But Stormblood onwwards has been banging
Invitare: ah you can tap down the thing that makes flying counters
seth_erickson: it's gonna be close
korvys: "Heavensward", as a title, looks like someone is gooffing on like... "Heaven Sword" or something
germangaryoak: we can always officer the lethal flier
monkeyrama: We on the mill strat? PogChamp
seth_erickson: if they have a heron for the wolverine they might get there
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: need to draw spontaneous flight
Zath_: The otter does more to kill them than you
Mivair: Didn't we take out the Spontaneous Flight?
LoafOfBread4: They might deck especially with the tapper on board
korvys: I have found that every opponent has essence scatter, at all times.
germangaryoak: bonder is so good
Earthenone: more healing!
seth_erickson: life gain is back online PogChamp
rosstodon: How many Honey Mammoths is too many?
seth_erickson: 1
germangaryoak: i think op needed to fly the wolverine
monkeyrama: We're unkillable PogChamp
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: I think you playing the vulpakeet already?
ι»‘ζ›œηŸ³η“Άε­: played*
germangaryoak: considering they couldve pumped it too
germangaryoak: it was like a 3 turn clock
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Autotapper tapped a forest. Keep that in mind if you cycle again in case you draw Grape Ape.
PlusDY: That's 1 more than 4!
germangaryoak: 6+8+10
djalternative: what's their deck size at?
germangaryoak: i think we want them to attack with the otter
monkeyrama: We can take the hit
shadmanowitz: whoa I just got here what's going on
seth_erickson: if they don't cast a spell we just timewalk them
seth_erickson: easy game
TheWarbo: tapping their doublestriker and swinging in seems like a decent move here?
monkeyrama: That otter is getting too big
daralin666: How many cards in their deck?
TheWarbo: oh no they're both gonna grow
monkeyrama: They sure are
germangaryoak: 4+5+6
germangaryoak: is 15 we gain 2 a turn
ArcOfTheConclave: 4 in deck?!
rosstodon: I ask because I ran a deck with 4 mammoths :P
seth_erickson: we can always attack in with the 2/2 lifelink as well to gain some extra life
Dread_Pirate_Westley: They have a double striker.
germangaryoak: they can give it double strike
Zappeljakob: he can block the lifelinker with the doublestriker, so no lifegain for us
seth_erickson: right
monkeyrama: Cool lands
Mivair: I thought James wasn't here?
MilkInBag: #BlameJames
loonark: can block 2/3 with lifelink
loonark: tbh
germangaryoak: we can block the trampler yeah
Lucidmooselid: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
monkeyrama: oops
ArcOfTheConclave: is the otter a may?
monkeyrama: I guess we can tap the double striker now
Wolfstrike_NL: tab down the double strike then
germangaryoak: wait do we have lethal
seth_erickson: I think we block with the lifelinker here
germangaryoak: next turn
MrBrightside1: tap the double strike and crack back?
germangaryoak: we tap 2 creatures
Diabore: tap and tap is only 4
germangaryoak: oh right officer cant tap and attack
TheWarbo: we'd have to topdeck something to make it lethal
Diabore: because we lose the officer
djalternative: need to find 1 more damage
seth_erickson: I think this is good blocking with the 2/2
Diabore: id let it in
germangaryoak: we can think about blocking with all creatures
germangaryoak: but the officer
MilkInBag: I block the pyro with the 3/4 and 2/2
Wiliart: 12 damage if they add more counters
ArcOfTheConclave: block with the king?
seth_erickson: we want them to deck unless we draw the vulpikeet
redyounglink: LET HIM IN
monkeyrama: Oh wow
Diabore: 13 now
TheWarbo: tap down the 1/2, make them block the 3/4 with the guy that grows fliers
Diabore: if they tap mentor
MilkInBag: seabatYIKES
Diabore: gdi, they did it
monkeyrama: We're dead
redyounglink: ooch
monkeyrama: Woooow
TheWarbo: oh yeah
Zappeljakob: yep, dead now
TheWarbo: wow
monkeyrama: They came back
seth_erickson: NotLikeThis
eXTeeGi: goddamn
izzy_stardust: super dead
ArcOfTheConclave: they dead?
shadmanowitz: lrrFINE
meniir: That's the big yikes.
monkeyrama: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
monkeyrama: Unfortunate
PlusDY: GGs
DaVeganPolice: GGs
Diabore: vigilance is fun, but its not good
monkeyrama: We flooded pretty hard
monkeyrama: Thanks for the stream Adam
MilkInBag: take care my dude
shadmanowitz: See ya!
redyounglink: ggs
Lucidmooselid: RaccAttack RaccAttack HahaBall HahaBall HahaBall
iLetTheDogesOut: thanks for the stream adam!
DaVeganPolice: thanks Adam!
TheMoatman: See ya
Wiliart: Yeah, have noticed a large James curse in Arena lately.
erinmicah_: see ya adam
DaVeganPolice: seabatBRAIN
seth_erickson: Thanks for the stream was a good time
itira: Thanks Adam! Take it easy! Bye everyone!
djalternative: Commander
seth_erickson: An actual Paper Fight
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Make a deck of red or blue one drops and cast 3 spells. I hate to see that quest go unfinished.
seth_erickson: Commander through Webcams PogChamp
monkeyrama: Do you know about tomorrow for yourself, Adam? Or we playing it by ear? @LoadingReadyRun
monkeyrama: Up to you, it's fine either way SeemsGood
Kyir: Life's tough sometimes.
MediocreGamer42: We love you adam@
seth_erickson: tuesday yeah
MilkInBag: No, you're not a baby. You can have it rough and it's valid
itira: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Deathrite_Sharkman: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
hijinx18: thanks for the stream Adam!!
monkeyrama: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DaVeganPolice: Thanks Adam!! seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Nigouki: byeeeeeee! take care!
MilkInBag: byyyyyyyyye
monkeyrama: Have a nice time raiding
NarishmaReborn: thanks adam! you're great!
seth_erickson: the game Ben started has got the good spookems
itira: byeee
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Earthenone: !findquote smoke
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