JohnLockeCole: !next
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malc: !badadvice
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JohnLockeCole: ahh, So like, from where we were last I knew, we're almost for sure finishing the game today, eh?
Foxmar320: Yo
NightValien28: yup
NightValien28: according to G this is the last section
DarkMorford: Ready for the FINAL Final Fantasy? Kappa
Zaghrog: I don't think it's going to take 3 hours to finish the game
Diabore: i ttrust g to fill the time
Foxmar320: Not with Tifa around it won't
Zaghrog: that could be
JohnLockeCole: like unless Safer Sephiroth ends up taking five or six attempts (which, like, Is not likely, G's party is pretty prepared for him)
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon means Cloud is dealing similar damage
JohnLockeCole: Did G get Omnislash?
NightValien28: yeah
GapFiller: last strem yeh
Zaghrog: Actually, I think Tifa might be a liability because she can't have Ribbon, but Hades added effect might be enough
JohnLockeCole: oh nevermind, all the remaining (nonweapon) bosses are a breeze with that
NightValien28: as long as tifa doesn't get confused he will be fine
Zaghrog: I think only Safer Sephiroth has a realistic chance of hurting the team
GapFiller: gotta dig out that fanart somebody did abt it
Foxmar320: oh that fanart was so good
JohnLockeCole: Zaghrog and that's just because Safer Sephiroth has % attacks, which, once you know about, aren't that hard to deal with, just use heals after
Zaghrog: Big Guard means it's hard for the team to take a ton of partywide damage
paronomasiac042: Why call him "Safer" Seffi? He's clearly less safe
Alahmnat: oh yeah, I loved that art XD
GapFiller: Safer is a mistranslation
Alahmnat: (also hi chat, how's your Friday going?)
drfox17: art?
drfox17: danke
GapFiller: dat the one
Foxmar320: Its so good
Zaghrog: Ribbon means Safer Sephiroth's big attack isn't too dangerous
JohnLockeCole: note: anyone here who has not seen Sephiroth's Ultimate attack, you're in for a treat
drfox17: that is very good art
drfox17: ahem
TheWanderingNomad: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (6m from now).
JohnLockeCole: like seriously have treats ready, it takes a while
TheWanderingNomad: Morning chat
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! katesWave We hyped got the endgame?
GapFiller: been turning over a little theory while nobody was lookin
GapFiller: Final Fantasy VII is the JRPG Kind of Blue
TheWanderingNomad: I am, missing out on a little sleep for it!
GapFiller: Miles Davis was never not a prickly argumentative man w/ OPINIONS and AGENDAS often in the form of a 'yr doing it wrong' attitude towards the work of his peers
GapFiller: and this is reflected in all his work incl Kind of Blue
Zaghrog: It's possible the regular enemies in the crater prove more challenging
GapFiller: Kind of Blue is a sly sardonic deconstructive commentry on the cultural milieu from which it emerged requiring a casual familiarity w/ that cultural milieu for its expressive intent
drfox17: "IIIIIIN This Corner, the barmaid of battle, the one punch woman, TIIIIIIFAAAAAA LOCKHART! And her Avalanche backup dancers"
GapFiller: and yet this has all been largely swept aside by the pedestal onto which the album has been placed
GapFiller: Kind of Blue is now taken as a standalone representation of its genre (as a standard introduction to its genre even) inna way which erases the subtly hostile parodic nature of the album
GapFiller: sound familiar?
Foxmar320: "Avalanche backup dancers" is a nice touch
drfox17: "IIIIN THE OPPOSING CORNER, The corpse of the greatest SOLDIER of all time, and all his clones, and big eff'in rock, SEPHIROTH"
GapFiller: this all sounds like something for the Wall Market Colosseum
Zaghrog: I actually think with Ultima Weapon, Cloud with 2xCut deals more damage than Tifa on average, assuming Tifa is using Deathblow+added cut
paronomasiac042: @GapFiller Augh, I hate removing jazz from context. Like, the entire *genre* is social commentary.
drfox17: remember chat, 9999 is now "A Tifa of Damage"
Genie_M: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (3m from now).
PharaohBender27: @drfox17 :D
GapFiller: paronomasiac042 yeh totes
Genie_M: finale incoming
JohnLockeCole: drfox17 shame it wasn't a No DQ match, what with "The planet" getting involved
TXC2: Hello Everybody
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @TXC2 ! katesWave
JohnLockeCole: Hullo TXC2, Welcome
TXC2: hi PharaohBender27
TXC2: hi JohnLockeCole
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JoshIsRood: Let's stop Meteor... somehow. I have to be honest I have kinda lost track of the plan over the past few episodes. Do we throw the golden Chocobo at it?
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dialMforMara: hi friends
GapFiller: lrrCOW lrrCOW lrrCOW jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
JohnLockeCole: any chance of a show of hands who hasn't seen the engame of this game?
Zaghrog: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Powersoul+Curse Ring seems a midgame combo. The Ultimate Weapons have som much more raw power
GapFiller: solo James raid there yrsee
JohnLockeCole: Hullo Mara!
dialMforMara: how goes JLC?
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @dialMforMara !
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (1m from now).
JohnLockeCole: it goes as well as can be expected
dialMforMara: hi @PharaohBender27
dialMforMara: my birthday is tomorrow
TXC2: I hadn't seen any of this game until this PiF
TXC2: happy Birthday tomorrow dialMforMara
dialMforMara: :)
PharaohBender27: Happy early birthday, @dialMforMara ! katesHype
GapFiller: 生日快乐 for tomorrow dialMforMara
Zaghrog: Title has changed
JohnLockeCole: Zaghrog conditionally, most of the "Ultimate" weapons in 7 have hidden scaling Modifiers, like Cloud's Has the Atma Weapon effect, where the closer you are to your max HP, the more damage it does
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (6s from now).
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Join Graham for a journey back to his youth and a full play through of the original Final Fantasy VII. Game: Final Fantasy VII) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (1s ago).
drfox17: oh man, i just had another title for Tifa
TXC2: so close
drfox17: "The bruiser who will make you Gone in 60 seconds"
GapFiller: right?
Foxmar320: Sooooon
Zaghrog: JohnLockeCole I am aware. It's possible that Tifa's ultimate weapon is harder to optimize, but ultimate weapons don't force the accessory slot
JohnLockeCole: Right, but other than Ribbons or things for weird combos (like tifa has) what are you ever *really* doing with an accessory slot
amative1: It's almost time for the Final Final Fantasy Final VII stream Final
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Marenai: Never finished FF VII. Here live for the final stream. I've really enjoyed this, thanks Graham!
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Critterbot: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: lrrSIGNAL
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL
t3h_f1gm3nt: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: Incoming
dialMforMara: is this in fact the last episode?
Zaghrog: JohnLockeCole Ultimate weapons have more materia slots and RIbbon is a huge deal
GapFiller: probably
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Tomasu82: 40 is almost a meme...
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TXC2: dialMforMara more then likely
GapFiller: unless...
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t3h_f1gm3nt: Lets finish this!
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HeroClixer: lrrSIGNAL
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JohnLockeCole: and Sephy using % damage moves can be used to force tifa into the HP critical range, getting double the effect out of her powersoul
dialMforMara: hey, thanks!
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neuroflare: thanks for doing this playthrough Graham, it's been a highlight of being stuck at home and a great blast from the past. It's my favorite FF game and one I haven't gone back to since the summer I graduated high school.
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Zaghrog: The low hp bonus is not nothing, but it seems unwise to stay at 1% hp
drfox17: "We're live, for The Battle of The Planet, Only Here on the LoadingReadyRun Entertainment Network! Shortly, we'll go backstage to see how our Challenger TIFA LOCKHART is prepping for this bout"
kynelwynn: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
togashinaruta: anyone else not getting music?
PharaohBender27: uni1700 , or 100 bits per episode of this Play It Forward (I think). Thanks for talking us all on this journey, lrrGRAHAM - it's been one hell of a ride.
jameswanders: Was expect the title to have "final" in it.
Foxmar320: Its G time!
TXC2 shares out his last Easter egg
LadyLockwood92: Oh hey~ I was waiting for this
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wandering_goliath: They best part of working from home is actually getting to catch streams live!
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Zaghrog: DIfference between Added Effect Hades and Ribbon is not huge, but there are fights where it matters
PharaohBender27: @togashinaruta I'm starting to very faintly hear it
Brozard: woooo
LadyLockwood92: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
BusTed: Hey all.
togashinaruta: @PharaohBender27 thanks
TXC2: hello BusTed welcome
Zaghrog: I don't mean to say the combo is bad, I just think it loses value in the end game
LadyLockwood92: Also Yay Road Quest soundtrack
GapFiller: sooo Remake Play It Forward nxt? Kappa
GapFiller: actually tbh given how many people of already asked srsly thats not really all that funny as a joek
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for @Graham_LRR’s last session of FFVII (barring accidents) on PLAY IT FORWARD! | 📷 ||
Foxmar320: G is playing the Remake on his own time
KevinTheShark: Cheer50 Celebrating me passing my first exam at Uni with a fine cup of G star
GapFiller: yeh exactly
Radyin: House of Stark: Play all the Final Fantasy games.
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CAKHost: Woo! Can't wait to sit around watching Kights of the Round kill all the things!
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STALKERsoldiers: hello all
notarealartist: hi
GapFiller: Radyin that sounds miserable
ShaneLeeAtk: Going to buy the Road Quest OST today for that 100% support of Big Giant Circles.
LadyLockwood92: Also he wants to give someone else a chance to host too
PharaohBender27: Congrats, @KevinTheShark !
GapFiller: personal experience talking there
Mangledpixel: boop
monakai: Did the storm count reset?
TXC2: hello STALKERsoldiers and notarealartist and Mangledpixel welcome
monakai: nvmd, can't see digits.
TXC2: !storm
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KevinTheShark: Thanks PharaohBender
SharktoothJack: Hoi chummers
Scrubbodiestobears: oh my god i was so confused by the music, i forgot i left the page open and i'm just sitting here drafting in arena lmao
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EnigmaHarper: 74 months is an inconceivable amount of time when time is meaningless anymore. But I'm glad that you are here to tell me what day it is. What day is is anyway?
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W4it: hello everyone!
Radyin: @gapfiller It would also take approximately 17 years.
Brozard: Grats Kevin!
PhoenixMelior: The end day, and I'm sad about it
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Zaghrog: Looking forward to comentary on whatever happens in the remaining parts of the game
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Foxmar320: I wouldn't mind Play it Forward of Dirge of Cerberus. :P
TXC2: hello W4it welcome
KevinTheShark: Thanks Brozard!
JohnLockeCole: if you *want* to see a well done stream of the remake, Matt Wiggins and Lumi have both done playthroughs and have VoDs available
Huschel23: Hello!
TXC2: Hello Huschel23 welcome
TheWanderingNomad: @JohnLockeCole - Lumi?
Huschel23: Hey, TXC2 :)
Foxmar320: JohnLockeCole I also streamed it
atc927: Hello there!
KevinTheShark: Didnt Kate stream it?
Huschel23: Can you believe it's been almost seven days since Sephiroth summoned Meteor?
GapFiller: yep
Wrexadecimal: @KevinTheShark she did!
JohnLockeCole: Oh, sorry foxmar, do I not have you on my followed channels list anymore?
TXC2: Hello atc927 welcome
Dared00: Aaaaaa, I love this remix
t3h_f1gm3nt: barry kramer, formerly of the game grumps, also did a ff7r playthrough and has vods on his twich vod youtube channel
Wrexadecimal: I'm getting rolled on ff7r's hard mode
DJ_dak: FF7R done! Now let's see the original finished
Brozard: This remix is fantastic
DarkMorford: I need to go back and watch the parts of Kate's run that I missed. Or just give in and buy it for myself. :P
t3h_f1gm3nt: @Wrexadecimal yeah i gave up after dying to the wrathhound like 10 times
TXC2: Here we GO!
lirazel64: ShowLove500 Sorry I can't stay, but I want to watch this in one go and I have a meeting in an hour. These streams have been delightful.
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Isaac3567: I should probably get around to beating the train graveyard in the remake... I stoped halfway through chapter 11
DarkMorford: @Brozard Right? It just has a really epic feel to it.
Too_Many_Knives: Love this intro
Foxmar320: Game time :D
paronomasiac042: here we go!
Foxmar320: Intro so gooooood!
TXC2: Hello Graham
GapFiller: good evening G lrrGRAHAM lrrHEART
Karoyence: It's time to finish it!
NightValien28: good morning G
HeroClixer: Hi G!
Foxmar320: Yooooooo G
Too_Many_Knives: Good afternoon, G
t3h_f1gm3nt: hai G
Alahmnat: hi Graham!
Saphling: g'mornin'!
SeiichiSin: Hello and good morning!
Mangledpixel: the show where we don't play games backwards
cassaclyzm: I'm psyched
ShaneLeeAtk: Yo, G!!
Too_Many_Knives: final_countdown . mp3
JohnLockeCole: This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten
kynelwynn: Tweet?
Wrexadecimal: tee pee kay Kappa
Ritaspirithntr: Wow! Perfect timing!!
AlphaHelixNZ: Morning everyone. It’s 5AM here, but I wasn’t going to miss this!
TheWarbo: !findquote end
LRRbot: Quote #6183: "I don't think there's any way to end a fight without killing somebody." —Beej [2019-06-29]
Zaghrog: I have confidence in the game being finished this stream
raven534: Was very confused because the intro made Haikyuu inaudible and I was in a different window
GapFiller: sooo bets on catastrophe then? Kappa
Foxmar320: Boss fights for Tifa to warm up with
Alsritt: !findquote boss
LRRbot: Quote #4984: "what's that alien movie with will Smith and the coffee boss guy?" —Kathleen [2018-05-15]
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MagicSeeker1: I’m just here to say hey, and I will catch you on the VODs.
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Aquarionics: That's some graphic design in that guide
LadyAiluros: not redonk anymore
LadyLockwood92: lrrFINE
PharaohBender27: Time for redonkulous boss fights
PipPosit: @LoadingReadyRun I started watching on the youtubes, then when I caught up on those, I started watching the VoDs, and then I caught up on those literally yesterday.
LadyAiluros: you have KOTR
BrookJustBones: so first hour is a complete plot summary right :P
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mowdownjoe: Good afternoon, G!
Saphling: good timing
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imat156: Hey G! I'm still back in the vods (Just about to start the Pagoda), but I wanted to stop in and say how much I've been loving your adlib scenes in this game, I've laughed out loud to an empty room several times. Keep the funny times rolling!
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CAKHost: Just avoid the Tonberries and you will be fine
JohnLockeCole: we have knights of the round and omnishlash, yeah sephy is going down like a total jobber
Aquarionics: The second hour is quadra knights of the round.
RegulusPratus: I mean, we'll finish today barring a Meteor strike or something
swedish_roman: hello mr streamer care to explain the story of ff7?
BrindleBoar: nailed it
GapFiller: yeh thatll do for a plot summary
Wrexadecimal: that scans
monakai: ProTip: using KotR on the bosses make the next bosses have more HP.
Foxmar320: We summon KOTR then everyone takes a 20 min break
Nydestroyer: Cloud shrug animation
wildpeaks: save the planet, save the world
Qooroo: You've lost me.
TXC2: Jenova bad, fuck hojo
DevInsanity: Good summary, G
Ritaspirithntr: My copy of FF7 Remake will be DELIVERED TODAY!!!! So happy!
PharaohBender27: @imat156 You're close to catching up!
dudecon: Hojo cray cray
NightValien28: big meteor no crash we stop
accountmadeforants: Lifestream thicc wet.
Saphling: #blameHojo
Pteraspidomorphi: Curse you, Hojo
Wrexadecimal: Can't do quadra + KotR
neuroflare: he has one KOTR, But I have two KOTORs
GapFiller: hurr eurgh KotR spam
peejeeful: aerith no breathing
d00t_boi: I finally caught up on the series yesterday, and this is my first livestream!
Zaghrog: KotR doesn't seems necessary
mtvcdm: Plot summary: Save world by punching really hard
TXC2: Hello d00t_boi welcome
TheWarbo: Jenovabad sounds like a city in a totally-not-India fictional setting
kamelion84: katesWat
Foxmar320: That sounds rad
Ritaspirithntr: That one mad scientist is a really coocoo head!!
raven534: Counter KOTR
imat156: @PharaohBender27 Very close!
azureHaights: "Ah, you hit me, HEY HADES THIS GUY'S TALKIN' SHIT ABOUT ME"
GapFiller: thats actually a good thing
ArchRequiemD: Cheer100 I don't want this to be over the nostalgia and good feels of you and the community have been nourishment for my soul.
LNRstar: plot summary: save planet for ancient aliens
Saphling: you do have Quadra-magic
CAKHost: Really?
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KingJimmeh: We did get Quad magic
GapFiller: keeps people from falling asleep playing the game
sivakrytos: quad magic bahumut zero is where it's at
KevinTheShark: Im glad you cant Quad KOTR, that would take HOURS
LordShadner: can W-summon and mimic KoR
JohnLockeCole: you can Quadri-BahamutZERO
NightValien28: I think you can double kotr then mime and go for an early lunch
CrmsnDragoon: W-summon nights of the round for 4 min of animation before the fight gets to continue
dudecon: get cratered?
mouseguin: Cheer200 Last stream already. Have my last bits. Thanks for this whole thing, it’s really kept me going. See you when I rewatch you on YouTube!
accountmadeforants: One last thing... *proceeds to grind for Ruby Weapoon*
CrmsnDragoon: Knights*
noSmokeFire: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:29.
Wrexadecimal: Gelnika!
SoundGuy0dB: nice
Zaghrog: The crater is also a fine place to grind that
GapFiller: yeh Guernica
GapFiller: for Picasso
Foxmar320: So is the plan now to fling the gold chocobo at Meteor?
CrmsnDragoon: KotR otherwise known as "the boys"
Huschel23: That shouldn't take too much longer. What is it, 6 times Meteorain?
Scar_Red_Tiger: But 4 tims Bahamut Zero is still 0
Zaghrog: Manipulate is particularly helpful
drfox17: right, Tifa's gotta stretch before exerting herself
Saphling: It's Relnika in the remake, which was interesting
Tinasaurus_Rex: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 9:56.
monakai: Cactar Island also good for building limits. Manipulate, always do 1000 damage to yourself.
goatprince: are you going to morph Unknowns into sources?
Leonhart321: Just set my pan pizza dough to rest ready for an hour, let's do this
GapFiller: managed to not land of Emmy there
Sharidori: sunken gelnika!!!
jameswanders: Enjoyed your guys' CheckPoint this moring, G. Never watched those pre-pandemic.
Zaghrog: In the crater, the Black Dragon can be Manipulated to use Laser, which does 50% of current hp damage
Foxmar320: Cait Sith still hanging out
azureHaights: oh he mad
AlphaHelixNZ: Did I miss getting the Midgar Sector 5 key or did that not happen?
GapFiller: AlphaHelixNZ last strem
jameswanders: Happened
Saphling: Cait Sith, just happy to be let into the party
Zaghrog: AlphaHelixNZ it happened
neuroflare: fury is perfecct to have on cloud then
Foxmar320: Its fine we get Cait's second limit then Game Over the final boss. :P
jameswanders: Think it was 2 streams age, tbh
KevinTheShark: With the HP-MP swap, you can fight easier monsters and level the limits very quickly.
atc927: I have a thing to ask Graham: today we played Unsanctioned, and my gf chose Graham Stark to be the person outside of the game for the Flavor Judge ability. So a giant goblin is about to pounded to death by a wrestler insect. Do you think that makes any sense?
DocTower: put cover on cloud rather than Tifa then?
AlphaHelixNZ: Huh. I watched that stream. How did I miss that?
Ritaspirithntr: Famous last word
ArchRequiemD: doesnt Barret have a good piece of armor
GapFiller: AlphaHelixNZ lot going on tbf
DocTower: Oh, cool
jameswanders: @AlphaHelixNZ pretty sure it was the one before that.
Mangledpixel: "are you wearing something stupid?" is an interesting take on the "what are you wearing?" creepy phonecall
jameswanders: It was when we were search for Diamond.
Sharidori: what platform is this? steam? ps4? switch? ps1?
jameswanders: !mod
GapFiller: PC
Saphling: sounds like Antman
TheMoatman: The latter
TXC2: !ff7mod
LRRbot: Graham is playing the PC version of FF7 on Steam, mostly for loading times. He’s using the 7th Heaven mod-loader to run SegaChief’s “No Mouths” mod, to keep the original look of the PSX version.
NightValien28: it does trakc
Nemanthil: Isn't it just getting a specific number of kills? Not needing to use limit.
Alsritt: shoud we use triple AP weapons so we can grow some stat or magic materia?
atc927: You just supposed to say if it makes sense or not.
Zaghrog: sounds like a matter of how huge the goblin is
swaggytaco: we need a justification for it to be an offical judge ruling
kat2kool: I mean I'd believe it
d00t_boi: Hey Graham, do you think you'll have an Autumnal Rumble this year?
zshunter: @Nemanthil the level 2s are always use the first level x times
Huschel23: @Nemanthil: We need the second 3rd level limit. And for that we have to use the one we have a couple times. 6 times, I think
atc927: Fff... anyway, thanks!
Huschel23: And we've used it maybe 4 times already
Fullwagon: is meteorain what meteo is short for?
Zaghrog: We need 8 total uses
LordShadner: at least 3rd
Zaghrog: that was probably the 3rd use
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vegetalss4: Personally I'd have needed to know how giant a goblin we were talking here.
Sharidori: my steam save file was gone because of the stupid cloud save not sync properly :(
monakai: I think you lost Cover.
Leonhart321: Might as well stick Triple AP on while we're doing this.... never mind then
accountmadeforants: It's cool, the giant goblin is just maintaining kayfabe.
Nemanthil: Right. Yes use meteorain 6 times.
Alsritt: @Sharidori shoulda used a Tifa save then
KevinTheShark: G, if you use HP-MP on cloud, you can fight easier monsters because lower HP means your Limit break comes up quicker
TXC2: the giant Goblin is doing the job
CAKHost: Such a pretty mad-face
atc927: The goblin token had 6 +1/+1 counters on it.
RomanGoro: Top rope jums is how smaller wrestlers beat the big ones, so that works
DJ_dak: Ultima Weapon plus Omnislash plus KotR plus Tifa of Death... Those final bosses don't stand a chance
Sharidori: @Alsritt too bad no aerith save Kappa
cuttlefishman: Quadra
Saphling: yup
Huschel23: Although I find it personally a little insensitive to be summoning Meteors right now
cuttlefishman: pretty stronk
Alsritt: @Sharidori booooooooo
Furvias: Hi Graham, I might be going live with a huge project at work, but there was no way I was missing this Cheer500
Foxmar320: :P
cuttlefishman: imo
Zaghrog: Tifa to back row
Zaghrog: ok got there
ArchRequiemD: Quadra Bahamut Zero
Foxmar320: wtf is that
cuttlefishman: TEETH
Alahmnat: Tongue
TeiranDragon: Pride1000 Hello, but this time not from the VOD caught up to watch the end. Thanks for this awesome run.
PharaohBender27: Oh right, this monstrosity
GapFiller: TONGUE!
mowdownjoe: TEETH
atc927: It does.
Foxmar320: I DON't want to see that in the remake
cuttlefishman: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
A_Catastrophic_Success: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
awkwardreaper: hey how ya doing, how does the ff7 go today :)
Manae: That says tongue, but he's using his tail....
Saphling: the tongue is... on the back
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deathscaddy: Hey Graham, Just popped on to re-sub and say thanks to you and all the LLR crew for keeping us entertained and only rarely bursting into musical stints of "Cabin Fever". Heading off now, will catch this on YT later
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azureHaights: Bah gawd, that's Literally Alex's music!
wildpeaks: both terrifyng and flamboyant
CAKHost: Tongue is tail whip?
TXC2: Manae what if it's both? kappa
kynelwynn: You don'
Aquarionics: I hope the remake is exactly the same polygons, textures and everything.
togashinaruta: what's that thing called?
theleerm: that fucker is real ugly
tezzerettinkerer: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Alsritt: if we're primarily charging limit breaks, shouldn't it be better to equip worse weapons so we can get more hits in?
dialMforMara: @deathscaddy do you mean the song from Muppet Treasure Island?
Saphling: huzzah
Wrexadecimal: wrexadDAB wrexadDAB wrexadDAB
raven534: Cloud now has the ability to SLASH THE ALL-MUG
Rockario: You said we're fighting Unknowns. So there's a Pokémon crossover here
Saphling: Finishing Touch is pretty useless
GapFiller: aww
northos: I mean, can we try it once?
GapFiller: not even once>
ArchRequiemD: show it once
Alsritt: or does limit charge based on how we're hit and now how we hit
Wrexadecimal: Can't even show it off before we fight? :
TheWanderingNomad: "Hey Cloud eat this."
monakai: While you're here, did you get Double Cut from the back right in this room?
JohnLockeCole: Finishing Touch isn't really even that good
awkwardreaper: ah so you farmed the battle points then :D
Leonhart321: If you want to see Finishing Touch, watch Advent Children
accountmadeforants: If throwing the Golden Chocobo doesn't work the first time, reload the save and enter the crater as fast as you can.
TheWanderingNomad: *Shove Omnislash into mmouth*
Wrexadecimal: yeeee
cuttlefishman: hit them with the sword... all of the times
Diabore: how a lot g?
drfox17: "You got the TOUCH you got the POWER"
RegulusPratus: "How many slashes is that?" "All of them."
Diabore: 8 a lots?
constablecrab: The plan is simple. We launch Bruce Willis at it.
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Believe your Justice.
SoundGuy0dB: Finishing Touch is fun
awkwardreaper: really i thought it took a while that's good
groulux: Awesome! Baby is napping so I get to catch this one live! Painting while watching these has been the highlight of the last couple of weeks Thanks Graham! I will be going through my own playthrough over the nexl while.
wiggins: ah, we're in the gelinka
TXC2: Hello Matt
Foxmar320: Hello wiggins
GapFiller: sweird Battle Square x Wutai Pagoda lot shorter than yr remember
peejeeful: do we have redxii limit break?
Saphling: a matt!
Mr_Bitterness: I'll admit, I never ground up the Golden Chocobo for KotR
EternalXDrifterS: Are you building toward the golden chocobo, or did it already happen?
GapFiller: wiggins evening MAtt
wiggins: ah yeah
Critterbot: like 15 a lot. :D
TXC2: GapFiller we were real over leveled for Pagoda
deathscaddy: @dialMforMara Yup that's the one
Ritaspirithntr: Lucky
dialMforMara: @deathscaddy heh
TXC2: EternalXDrifterS did that last stream
Leonhart321: Before we hit them all of the times, how about we hit them really hard once
Vyous: Did we give anyone else other than cloud & tifa their lvl 4s?
Ritaspirithntr: Also graham, i thought you weren’t planning on getting KotR?!
drfox17: yeah, yuffie just dumpstered the pagoda fights
northos: bye Tifa
Hotrob_McAwesometon: get yote
Foxmar320: oh wow didn't kill it
raven534: Very much not finishing
constablecrab: The touch didnt' finish.
dialMforMara: what is Red's final limit break?
Mangledpixel: t o n g u e
GapFiller: TXC2 yep better than being woefully underleveled (personal experience that if rolling straight into The Pagoda after Yuffies sidequest on disc 1)
awkwardreaper: oh no first time i saw tifa die from that
wiggins: Cosmo Memory
VTMonster: what kind of cthuloid horror isthat?
jameswanders: @Ritaspirithntr it was knda an accident
Nemanthil: Why not added effect thiny to have Tifa not die?
wildpeaks: you need a refund on that "finish touch"
hunkajunk: Cosmo Memory is also like.... Not good.
1losttheGame: wait why arent you going to get it?
mowdownjoe: !tifa
LRRbot: Tifa is equipped with a weapon that powers up when she is close to death, and a ring that gives her the Doom status. This combo makes her a mobile weapon platform for exactly 60 seconds, before she suffers a fatal systems malfunction.
cuttlefishman: what if it was a... finnish touch
Nemanthil: Right. :D
wildpeaks: :D
GapFiller: wanna give Emerald Weapon a try? just as a oneoff?
hunkajunk: It hits everyone for 9999. That's it. It's objectively worse in most fights than his level 3 Earth Rave, and heck, worse than his level 2 Stardust Ray!
Leonhart321: Everytime I read that, I always default to Faiz Accel 10 seconds or Accel Trial's Maximum Drive
Saphling: he just rarely gets attacked because Tifa of Doom
Ritaspirithntr: @jameswanders how does one accidentally get KotR?! I remember grinding for that (with help from a guide)
GapFiller: admission time: totes forgot abt the One Wolf Moon limit break
goatprince: red can be your cover guy
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Lafajet: 21, I'll stay (Blackjack joke!). Thanks for the playthrough G, it's been fun!
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Alsritt: Tifa WEAPON will defend the plannet
BoblinTheGoblin69: are you gonna equip tifa with her ultimate weapon b4 sepheroth
dummy_thicc_materia: Cheer1000 Sephiroth is just a Jenova's witness
TheMoatman: I've gotten *really* good at crashing Linux.
Wrexadecimal: Let's Mosey. :)
GapFiller: aww Yuffie STILL beaning into the Engineering Pit there
raven534: Do we have a weapons-grade Tifa?
PharaohBender27: @dummy_thicc_materia lrrWOW
Robot_Bones: Tifa is the Ultimate Weapon Boblin
flameburstx: @dummy_thicc_materia god damnit i can't unknow that
Nemanthil: @BoblinTheGoblin69 Ultimate wep is not as good as the combo he is using.
GapFiller: dummy_thicc_materia damnit
e_bloc: Corgo210 drafting jeskai cycling on MTGA for the billionth time, anyway GL on finishing up FF 7
Foxmar320: Tifa some assembly required
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io_Otter: Oh boy, just in time to watch this all wrap up
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awkwardreaper: yeh i have to admit i haven't gone back and played this since highschool been a really good watch :D
ArchRequiemD: Has anyone else other than me wondered if the party is the "weapons" of the new age?
TXC2: Alsritt ease on the allcaps eh
jameswanders: @Ritaspirithntr well, we didn't want to finish on Wed but battlerooming went a lot quicker than expected. Chat found some gold choco speed strat guide so we spent about an hour and grabbed all the secret cave materia.
Nemanthil: @BoblinTheGoblin69 Right, ignore me. Only 60 sec with that.
awkwardreaper: very tempted to go back and play it now though
frenzyfivefour: did we get a second added effect mat?
drfox17: that's okay, with the final weapon she's almost as powerful
Wrexadecimal: @Alsritt Tifangelion :P
Vyous: Oh right, who's gonna be on the B team?
GapFiller: oyeh Yuffie still had all the materia
KamikazeAardvark: never played FF7 but iheard thelast fight takes like 40 minutes?
GapFiller: that seemed bad
Leonhart321: I dunno, KOTR-Mime spam is the Auto Win
Alsritt: @Wrexadecimal dangit, how did i miss that
Scrubbodiestobears: @LoadingReadyRun to be fair you could added effect + odin if there's no risk of confusion (idk if there is) and Tifa's timer wouldn't matter
Critterbot: Could always just get the enemy skill death sentence and revive her as needed.
GapFiller: Leonhart321 thats VERY boring
Wrexadecimal: @Alsritt I gotchu fam
Foxmar320: Im with you on this plan
accountmadeforants: That's what the Odin thing is for, no? That way she's always mostly dying, but never actually dying.
Uzumaki15: Seems dec
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xantos69: G, I had never seen this game before. I spent years hearing people say "how incredible it was". Now I have had a chance to see what everyone was talking about. Thanks very much for sharing a game you are passionate about. More Streams Like This Please!
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Huschel23: Fourltima
Mangledpixel: qultima
awkwardreaper: did we say quadra worked with summons
Wrexadecimal: no quad Bahamut zero? :P
Ritaspirithntr: Lol!
Diabore: with you so far
neuroflare: do you have the mana to cast Ulktima 4 x?
awkwardreaper: if not i'm sure double cast does work with summons get that junctioned woth KOTR
1losttheGame: what if you quadro ultima and then mimic? Kappa
Manae: Quad-Ultima then mimic it
goatprince: red will be chuggin' turbo ethers
Leonhart321: So is Bizzaro Sephiroth, we all know we're here for One Winged Angel
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docsamurai: Hey G-Star. Sad that I can't stick around for the finale, but I'm in meetings all afternoon. Just stopped in to say I've really loved this series and it's made *gestures broadly* all this at least a little better.
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Saphling: Quad-Avada Kedav... I mean Ultimaa
Gekyouryuu: use red's ultimate weapon?
Wrexadecimal: @awkwardreaper quad works with any summon that isn't kotr
raven534: So the third of those would be penultima?
awkwardreaper: oh that sucks well i'm sure double cast can
TXC2: "hmm....water"
DevInsanity: It's only 80 seconds
Genie_M: 1,5 minutes for KOTR
neuroflare: Seph's spell is LOOOOOOOG
awkwardreaper: i'm sure i've seen it done more than once somewhere back in the day :D
neuroflare: long even
EvilBadman: KOTR is like 45seconds
cassaclyzm: It was just under a minute and 20 seconds
SoundGuy0dB: Yeah, I run 2x added effects on Tifa after mastering it so I can use Added woth Odin & Hades
Rockario: Glad I watched this, cause now I get what Cloud is doing in Smash Bros
GapFiller: psyched abt hearing One Winged Angel again just for the memories of hearing it live at Distant Worlds
Mediocre_Man5: just make sure you don't link quadra magic/Ultima and Ultima/hp or mp drain on the same character, or you can freeze the game
Wrexadecimal: 2 minutes
dudecon: yeah, supernova is crazy
Wrexadecimal: supernova
Too_Many_Knives: Supernova
Crad0k: supernova
muondecay: Supernova
KinoGami: was it longer on the PS1 because of loading times?
goatprince: supernova
GapFiller: Supernova
Leonhart321: Suoernova
LadyAiluros: Supernova
Diabore: you can w-summon a quadra magic summon for 8 SUMMONS, and then mimic for 8 MORE SUMMONS
DJ_dak: supernova
invadercom: it felt pretty damn long
awkwardreaper: i'm sure one winged angel can turn you into toads as well was quite annoying
sivakrytos: @GapFiller all three boss tracks are BANGERS
raven534: Super-genova!
Robot_Bones: It only feels that long cause most people W-Summun KOTOR and Mime it
Leonhart321: Still Supernova
neuroflare: well it hits the sun, and causes thesun to supernova
Zaghrog: It does make the Sun explode
Crad0k: which i think is longer, but does % damage, so it'll never actually kill you
Gekyouryuu: it makes the sun go supernova
DevInsanity: Magic
TheWarbo: it's a space word, close enough
cuttlefishman: Graham, keep in mind this was the 90s
Serivus: but then it hits the sun, and supernova's to do damage to you
1losttheGame: jupiter would NOT do that LUL
goatprince: he flies it to the moon, through jupiter AND mars
TXC2: thats not how planets
e_bloc: I think you're giving them too much credit
Saphling: it summons a meteor to hit the sun
wildpeaks: a wizard did it
AlphaHelixNZ: The question is , is FFVIII’s Eden longer than KotR?
cuttlefishman: they didn't know astronomy in the 90s
peejeeful: yes but it goes into the sun and the sun goes supernova
ArchRequiemD: Then blows up the sun till it stops right at the party
Einamune: ff planet is a toroid
azureHaights: Ah yes. DanceDanceReunion SuperNOVA
Alsritt: @Diabore ... is there even a triple materia slot at any point
EvilBadman: in the remake Sephiroth casts Muse's Supermassive Black Hole
Alahmnat: I remember my friend showing me that cast as like the most wicked rad thing ever in 1997
TheWarbo: that's...not how supernovae work
Too_Many_Knives: Eden is longest summon in the series
Alahmnat: and it kinda was, lol
TXC2: pro tip Jupiter does have a soild core
TheWarbo: not how suns work?
Aquarionics: Robot_Bones: A Knights of the Old Republic summon would be the best crossover ever
Huschel23: It's just Jenova Illusion magic to frighten you :P
TheBlueFool: Ah vamp for time, the classic heel move.
Critterbot: Yeah like...that attack doesn't make much sense.
CAKHost: Jupiter exists in this universe?
e_bloc: here's a powerful attack. what sounds good? supernova. got it
Aquarionics: Korea does
Ritaspirithntr: Yeah! Nothing too lethal
Alahmnat: @CAKHost I mean, so does Korea, apparently
GapFiller: CAKHost and Greece
Foxmar320: I look forward to supernova in the remake :P
Mr_Bitterness: @Too_Many_Knives and then they recreated the summon exactly for the Eden boss fight in FFXIV
Mangledpixel: apparently Supernova's long animation was added for the international version
DrChairthrower: So, supernova is about 0.7 Tifa punches, got it.
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chicken_fajitas: cloud>Jupiter
Nemanthil: Do you have bahamut 0?
CAKHost: D'Okay!
dostrow_: good morning/afternoon @all
Vyous: Alexander lowers max hp, so. . .
jameswanders: how many bits to _not_ take Tifa with you? ;)
docsamurai: codefall?
Gekyouryuu: @loadingreadyrun use red's ultimate weapon for more materia slots?
docsamurai: ?codefall
Zaghrog: Shouldn't Tifa have Added Effect Hades?
Crad0k: and eden is even less time efficient than knights; if you're up to the point where you can get eden's 60k damage, you're probably at the point where you can get squall to do 250k in 20 seconds
awkwardreaper: phoenix tagged with final attack or the one that casts when you die might be useful
Lafajet: @drchairthrower 700 millitifas
docsamurai: I guess that doesn't work anymore
Foxmar320: Materia management is very important
Critterbot: Ice isn't that useful tbh, not many enemies are weak to it.
sivakrytos: @awkwardreaper i don't think he has final attack
Rockario: Cure Alls cure nothing
Leonhart321: Added Effect Odin to let Tifa live through Cursed Ring
Zaghrog: We have no protection against Tifa being confused right now
Crad0k: g didn't get final attack, it was going to take a while longer in battle square for that
RegulusPratus: Riveting freakin' content. Menu organization is my JAM.
GapFiller: RegulusPratus dem RE4 flashback eh
CaptainEnder7: Reequip Tifa?
BoblinTheGoblin69: what about counter w. cover
DrChairthrower: @lafajet ah, yes, the millitifa - a perfect unit.
masterfrog316: missing 1 on cloud?
Zaghrog: alright, only a matter of time until Tifa wipes her teammates again
e_bloc: it's actually very satisfying in a way
CaptainEnder7: Gotcha
FormerlyFormal: oh, yeah, confused Tifa would be bad news.
KevinTheShark: Tifa is vulnerable to destroying the Party btw?
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AlphaHelixNZ: Woohoo! I figured out my password!
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jameswanders: we'll edit that all out in post
Crad0k: crater has the best xp and best ap enemies, although the ap ones can be gits to kill
Leonhart321: Do we need Long Range at this point?
Jarlax: tifa doesn't need magic or summons. just attack
x0den: is it worth it to move tifa to the front and free up the long range slot?
Nemanthil: Remember to stock up on elixir. Best way is to w-item duplicate them. The enemies that can't be attacked before giving them an elixir gives MASSIVE AP
dostrow_: mastering Mime so you can just endless Knights of the Round and kill Sephiroth is so dirty
mowdownjoe: Yeah, we don't want another round of confused Tifa murders her friends.
jameswanders: The "Final" day.
KevinTheShark: Cant Tifa be confused now and destroy y'all?
awkwardreaper: had to think there lol
frenzyfivefour: You know what that means
TXC2: Freya's Day
e_bloc: if you're going to edit it in post, I'd prefer a supercut of only menu organization
Foxmar320: Its Friday?!
northos: giving Tifa the back row defense bonus when she's covering everything is handy
PharaohBender27: Friday, May 1, aka May Day
Diabore: is it??? weekend time!
amative1: It's gonna be May
coachNelly: Inconceivable!!!
PerpetualDM: dood *Prinny voice*
JohnLockeCole: Dudes it's Friday
1losttheGame: WOW
kat2kool: wow, rude
Scrubbodiestobears: WOW Cid
kamelion84: wow
raven534: TXC2 Is it Freya's or Frey's?
docsamurai: Hey G, have you heard about how to use Cait Sith to one shot any enemy in the game?
1losttheGame: AND YOU ARE CID?
LadyLockwood92: Wow
Alahmnat: "warm-hearted"
Mister_Hush: get dunked on gamer
Nigouki: that's right Cloud, you uncultured swine
x0den: cid is a man of culture not manners
AlphaHelixNZ: Saturday morning here!
Mr_Bitterness: Loveless, like, the manga?
Thisbymaster: Cid, now is not the time to throwing shade
Leonhart321: Just cause we haven't see it, doesn't mean we don't want to
EternalXDrifterS: Everyday is friday...or monday... I have no idea. I'm lost every day.
Foxmar320: Dawwww
accountmadeforants: Cid spotted a fake Theatre nerd
northos: "fear is the mind killer..."
Zaghrog: I admit I don't remember which of all the crater's enemies can confuse Tifa
dostrow_: granted not as dirty as the whole black flag slots trick to trigger End Game and one shot every enemy with Cait Sith (including the Weapons)
Saphling: He goes on longwinded about the play and its meaning if you lie
TXC2: raven534 it's Fry's day Kappa
asthanius: No, he's NOT afraid. Didn't you hear him?
jameswanders: Oh yeah, we made it through April chat! Only a few hundred years until June :D
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun whats on fnpf tonight? it doesnt say on the schedule
KevinTheShark: I am Moana of Motnui, You will board my boat
Anonymousless: no Rude’s in the Turks
wildpeaks: we found the goth
kynelwynn: O M G Vincent giving us his high school poetry
LadyLockwood92: Almost certainly
RegulusPratus: It's his LiveJournal because it's the mid-90s
Saphling: Quoting from Loveless Act II
SajuukSjet: Nah, Rude's with Reno, he's not on the ship atm :D
Thisbymaster: EDGY
Leonhart321: He's quoting Loveless Kappa
TheWanderingNomad: Vincent is almost as purple prose as Urianger in FFXIV
sivakrytos: vincent only reads out of his diary
Alahmnat: Vinvent has a deadJournal
ShaneLeeAtk: Edgelord
awkwardreaper: edgy emo vincent lol
SerGarretCameron: it's in his DeadJournal.
jameswanders: "Say it cool", G
UnknownGerm: Go read some William Blake, Vincent you nerd
Foxmar320: Normal
Diabore: it normal
NightValien28: cool
Brozard: It’s a journal DAD
GapFiller: RED: lrrFINE
grgriffin3: Gotta be cool, yo
RegulusPratus: Be cool. Do a kickflip!
Rhynerd: I just arrived. What did I miss?
jameswanders: I wish "Say it cool" could be a CardKingdom button
KevinTheShark: Hows Yuffie doing?
constablecrab: I'm sick all over. I feel shook.
theshinyakuma: hey its friday! im here for more KOTR
kynelwynn: Barret feeling sick? Yuffie knows what you can do about that
PharaohBender27: @Rhynerd Cloud getting his Level 4 limit break, pretty much
Leonhart321: Every time with that accent
Gascitygaming: the territory?
scottishteddy676: i love gaming but i cant play games more than once because it doesnt matter how long has past i will rember every part of it so ill no what to do at everypoint so ill get really bored and because of this i cant play great games like this again :(
Foxmar320: lol
SpikySpahgetti: Hai there everyone.
drfox17: It's Penelope's favorite character! Barf NInja!
silenceaux: noooo be nice to Red 13
TXC2: hello SpikySpahgetti welcome
accountmadeforants: Full Metal Pilot :|
Robot_Bones: Never go full pilot
Mangledpixel: that's a big ol' hole
Rockario: Cait "Drew Macntyre" Sith
wildpeaks: the future awaits underground
ChimericalJim: Go get 'em Graham
RegulusPratus: Was there a giant bikini lady on the ship's side the whole time?
AbyssalSnowstorm: BREAD
Rhynerd: Yes
TXC2: RegulusPratus yes
wildpeaks: inb4 we find a fallout shelter instead of sephiroth
sivakrytos: yes the pinup was always there
mowdownjoe: The point pin-up on the Highwind... did we ever see that before?
dudecon: yep. very WWII bomber art
MrBigBentz: finally got my financials back under control
jameswanders: I've zero recollection of this part of the game
wildpeaks: congrats :)
jameswanders: @jonasjonIV
AlphaHelixNZ: I remember the FFVII final dungeon being one particularly long, even by FF standards.
drfox17: @jameswanders It's okay, soon, Tifa will punch Sephiroth, and he won't remember much either
jameswanders: @AlphaHelixNZ I think that's why we saved an entire stream for it.
SpikySpahgetti: So is graham near the end?
TXC2: SpikySpahgetti yes
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Caralad: Time for my favourite boy to stream one of my favourite games
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northos: entering the final dungeon momentarily
dummy_thicc_materia: It's ok G. Sorry not sorry
KingJimmeh: I remember I used to have a Jenova's Witness tee from VG Cats :)
Tr3nzyyy: ‘UGE MATERIA
SpikySpahgetti: Is this the ladder of no return
Leonhart321: We just have to roll into FFVIII
AlphaHelixNZ: @jameswanders Oh for sure. :D
sivakrytos: no you should be able to return iirc
jameswanders: @SpikySpahgetti chat said the _real_ point of no return is later
Zaghrog: The point of no return is very obvious
SpikySpahgetti: Ahhh
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HydraWiggins: thank you for this stream, and for sws, and everything else, especially right now
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northos: I like how it says you can only slide down when that's not remotely true
monakai: You can go all the way down until the party is all standing around.
PharaohBender27: All right, time to take an extended coffee break from working-from home - don't want to even multitask for the grand finale
theshinyakuma: yeah you can go very far in here
Pandax0: You can all but walk up to Sehpy and still go back.
Saphling: you can go just about all the way to the final sequence of bosses, and walk all the way back out
SpikySpahgetti: I just joined I know jrpgs have a point of no return.
jameswanders: Chat, what's the all-time best RPG?
Critterbot: You can go all the way down just before the boss fights start and still go back up.
cassaclyzm: One of my favourite tracks in the game. In all games.
monakai: Did you get the Save Crystal?
SpikySpahgetti: So I was figuring out where things were
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doomlimit: Round number life update: I tried to grow a quarantine beard but had to give up because it made me want to itch my entire face off. I will make myself feel better with the pummeling of some kind of angel demon man.
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mowdownjoe: MORE DRUGS
TXC2: jameswanders Fallout New Vegas Kappa
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jameswanders: I'm hoping to :D
Foxmar320: Hmmmmm
jonasjonIV: life
Leonhart321: The World Ends With You
Karoyence: Tales of Symphonia ranks pretty high for my all time best RPG
TheWarbo: team CT here! :-D
theshinyakuma: chrono trigger?
insane_42: Ultima Underworld
Ritaspirithntr: It’s the point of no return for side quest, but the game as a wholr
Jarlax: Suikoden 2
Metric_Furlong: Shadow Hearts 2
KingJimmeh: Shadow Hearts
drfox17: RPG-7?
A_Catastrophic_Success: KOTOR
Hotrob_McAwesometon: @jameswanders Legend of dragoon
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 @jameswanders I'd actually unironically consider that a contender
Zaghrog: This and Chrono Trigger are pretty high up there
Caldurin: Chrono Trigger for me too
Pandax0: Earthbound
sivakrytos: MY favorite is probably this one
Isaac3567: Onimusha or Legacy of Kain, just to be different
Masslost: a skyrim run would be funny to watch
Robot_Bones: This just reminds me of Cam's story about one of his Jobs being "Watch this hole and make sure it doesn't go anywhere"
KingJimmeh: FFIX
Mr_Bitterness: FF6 or Chrono Trigger
LadyLockwood92: I really enjoyed Golden Sun
Foxmar320: It tried
Gascitygaming: super mario rpg? anyone?
Alsritt: see, my issue with RPG items like that is that I always wait till RIGHT BEFORE the final boss to use all of those stat upgrades, so it'll be like "alright Sora/Terra/Cloud, time for you to take like 40 pills all at once"
masterfrog316: ff9
JohnLockeCole: jameswanders maybe Chrono Trigger, Maybe Torment, FF6 is a really special one to me
RegulusPratus: It's Legend of Mana
paronomasiac042: FFIX
awkwardreaper: chrono cross was a fun game too i thought
KingJimmeh: Pokemon Gold/Silver
Dezinkled: Does it have a Death attack of Lv4 Death?
dudecon: you're going to be saying that a lot
ArchRequiemD: Chrono Trigger and FFII
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beckbat: The 3 YEAR! I would like to my throw my hat in for never having played this and really enjoying your playthrough.
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Aquarionics: Planescape Torment
dummy_thicc_materia: Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Corgo100 Have my final bits for the final stream. Thanks for making this run so awesome
mowdownjoe: Earthbound is easily my favorite JRPG. That and Mother 3.
theshinyakuma: @Gascitygaming still working on my first playthrough of mario RPG. its amazing
TheWanderingNomad: So @Alsritt What your saying is you dope'em up before a fight
Talin06: Skies of Arcadia
Crad0k: baldur's gate 2
Zaghrog: My 3 favorite FF games are 6, 7 and 9. 12 is also very good
Isaac3567: @LadyLockwood92 Thats actually where I got my username from, I loved those 2 GBA games as a kid
RegulusPratus: Hot Take: 3D Mana Games are a sin against God and Man, send tweet
Alsritt: @TheWanderingNomad it's better than getting them addicted over the course of the game, i guess?!?!
DrChairthrower: “What a weird enemy” is FF7 in four words.
kynelwynn: Crit-Counter is so good
Diabore: reds damage is so cute
Foxmar320: Nice
dostrow_: @jameswanders depends on the criteria, for nostalgia, Shining Force, for replayable story, Dragon Age: Origins, for mainline story, Final Fantasy VI .... this could go on for ever
northos: didn't we already have one of those?
TXC2: sounds powerful
KevinTheShark: I feel like Red isnt...contributing as much as he could to the team
masterfrog316: good with slash all
Diabore: you can hp absorb kotr
Fenrir_Azazel: Hey G, what if you gave cloud slash all, Tifa seems to do more damage if she punches out a single target
Foxmar320: Oh hello
kat2kool: an dargon!
Foxmar320: Dats a big one
Too_Many_Knives: Drag'n
Pandax0: Dargon.
GapFiller: WAGON!
JohnLockeCole: RegulusPratus I dunno Kingdoms of Amalur always felt like a 3D mana game to me, and it was quite fun
Zaghrog: This one is good for girnding limits with Manipulate
wildpeaks: how to train your dargon
TXC2: is this the dragon from Shrek?
Aquarionics: It'll give Red a chance to level up a bit
Alsritt: FF6 or Neverwinter Nights are my favoirite RPGs
mowdownjoe: I can't read "Send tweet" without hearing Graham's "Life stream is just thick wet".
KevinTheShark: So close to getting another Dragon Armlet
Rockario: @diabore but he does a fun flip
Manae: This is the only part of this game I haven't seen. Back in the day, even got past the whole "Highwind upgrade" cinematic but went on to other games while grinding materia and for the weapons without ever finishing.
Pharmacistjudge: So, Chat. You are starting a new RPG, Ideally, how much time do you want to spend to reach the ending (not including major sidequests)?
paronomasiac042: Baldur's Gate, anyone? That's a great one
TXC2: !findquote tweet
LRRbot: Quote #5139: "I predict a lot of angry tweets." —Graham [2018-07-05]
AlphaHelixNZ: All time best...? How the heck am I supposed to answer that in a world that includes FFVI, Chrono Trigger, NieR: Automata, and that’s not even going into the rabbit hole of games that aren’t JRPGS!
Leonhart321: At this point, the only things you haven't done at Limit level 4s and the WEAPONs
ArchRequiemD: you get to steal dragon armlets
Diabore: @Pharmacistjudge 60 id say
Caralad: Graham, have you played the remake yet? And if so, what did you think?
Pharmacistjudge: I think the main game should be over in 40
TXC2: Pharmacistjudge 40 hours, 60 with sidequests/DLC
Foxmar320: G is playing the remake on his own time
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Jameson920 : Caught up on the VoDs just in time for the final stream!
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Alsritt: @Pharmacistjudge 30-40. I try to do a lot of the side content, but i will typically get impatient towards the end.
drfox17: boooo
jameswanders: We almost need a "What does Graham think of the remake" command
Caralad: lol
Pharmacistjudge: That being said, one of my favorites, chrono trigger, is over in like 12
drfox17: level 4 death!?
PharaohBender27: @AlphaHelixNZ Yeah, this is why I'm generally averse to "what's your favorite x?" type questions
Caralad: ok ok, so m
Alahmnat: Left 4 Death
RegulusPratus: Do we have anything in the hopper yet for the next Play It Forward?
Metric_Furlong: AlphaHelixNZ I believe the traditional answer in that case in 'Planescape: Torment'
drfox17: how many levels of death are you on?
kynelwynn: If the character's level is divisible by 4, they die
ThirdFloorDraft: it'll miss until it hits... but if it does
Caralad: so i miss a lot of streams
muondecay: Only hits if your lvl is a multiple of 4
KevinTheShark: I think its meant to be like.... C4?
Huschel23: It has about a 25% chance
CaptainEnder7: You die if your level is a multiple of 4
JohnLockeCole: Lvl 4 death only hits if your level is divisible by 4
amative1: So is that better or worse than a Tonberry? lrrBEEJ
Wrexadecimal: Instakill if level = divisible by 4
themysticmogul: Level 4 hits anyone who's level is a multiple of 4
ArchRequiemD: I think it only works if you are a multiple of 4
Critterbot: Hits you if you have a level divisible by 4.
Pandax0: if you level is dividable by 4 you die.
Dezinkled: Does ribbon prevent it?
LadyAiluros: no it's if your level is divisible by 4 you die IIRC
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
SpikySpahgetti: Spoopy name
thatjerkherc: only if your current level is a multiple of 4
TreeGamer35: look forward to hearing your final thoughts
KingJimmeh: We can't be talking about Tifa could we?
TXC2: level 4 death, it even kills the victim's shadow Kappa
themysticmogul: Ribbon does prevent death
Zaghrog: all of the Level N abilities look at character level
NightValien28: did you get past wall market?
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @I_Am_Clockwork ! You came in time for the finale!
TXC2: hello I_Am_Clockwork welcome
RegulusPratus: Tell us about the strange things
Driosenth: What level of Death are you on?" "Like 4 or 5 my dude"
togashinaruta: @Pharmacistjudge However long the story takes - I've enjoyed FF, DQ, BG, and gmaes like Tacoma and Gone home
AlphaHelixNZ: I could just cop out and say Witcher 3.
Zaghrog: I don't know if Ribbon helps against Death effects
SpikySpahgetti: What are those awesome things?
KakuEpsilon: L4 Death kills you only if your level is divisible by 4., Also an Enemy Skill
Caralad: Spoilercast for ff7 remake when Kappa
Alsritt: Are we really supprised that /Squaresoft/ put strange things in their game?
SnivianMoon: On the topic of the remake, G, would you consider having like... a chillout stream discussing your thoughts on it, once you're done? Or something similar?
Pteraspidomorphi: I started yesterday, having a good time
Dared00: maybe Talking Sim?
Too_Many_Knives: Need a spoiler stream for it
GapFiller: no rush G
I_Am_Clockwork: Talking Sim!
Pharmacistjudge: FFVII remake Gvlog?
PharaohBender27: A vlog?
BrindleBoar: GrahamPoint Kappa
jameswanders: I'm watching a 100% speedrun from 2018. So many jokes about how the rumoured remake will "never actually be released"
Leonhart321: Talking Simulator is a stream that exists
KevinTheShark: In a Vacuum, its a very good game, in comparison its still a good game
x0den: maybe if you finish this faster than expected?
Foxmar320: Yeah I would save that for a podcast or vlog to minimize spoilers for people
TXC2: oooooh FF7R talking sim
Joalni: Maybe with Wiggins?
DarkMorford: Maybe call up Wiggins and do a Countdown to Not-infinity?
Nemanthil: L4 Suicide is an Enemy Skill in Final Fantasy VII. It takes 31/32 of HP from all enemies with a level divisible by four, and inflicts the Mini status.
Master_Gunner: Countdown to Final Fantasy podcast with Matt?
EvilBadman: I haven't even touched it, and I'd prefer if this strea would stay away from the major stuff, because I don't want to switch off.
grgriffin3: Yeah, spoilercast would be good for that
Ranakel: Thank you for your continued restraint, ensuring my continued lack of knowledge in spite of my lack of a PS4
gOckley: Would absolutely love a vlog, or maybe a podcast with Matt
Alahmnat: actually do that thing from your X ways to Y Live segment and just walk around your apartment talking into the camera about it
Foxmar320: TXC2 not a bad idea. Cam wants to play it.
Scar_Red_Tiger: FF7R sounds like a bonus stream candidate
RegulusPratus: Countdown to Meteorfall
chicken_fajitas: l4 death works depending on if your level is a variable of 4
KakuEpsilon: I would love a FF7Remake and what I feel about it with Graham, done in the style of an Expose but with Checkpoint+ Graphics
Zaghrog: good idea G
PharaohBender27: @EvilBadman I haven't seen people post any real spoilers in these streams
Rhynerd: If Graham was to appear on Talking Sim to discuss FF7’s Remake, would it be Cam playing and Graham as the cohost?
GapFiller: yeh a Talking Sim series mebbe a few months from now might work
BrindleBoar: a second slash-all, as a treat
GapFiller: esp as the fact that Talking Sim is upfront abt being a Spoilers Off strem is well known
TheMoatman: Just make sure they don't @all or the channel will be mad
awkwardreaper: thats the further hole down on the other side
jameswanders: Does mime use the original character's stats and/or damage rolls?
Foxmar320: Cloud likes sources so we filled this cave with them. Open wide!
KevinTheShark: Clouds gonna have to open REAL wide with all these sources
x0den: what does cam think of jrpg's?
Masslost: graham if you get a chance look at the video Gavin Verhey posted on twitter about commander, its pure gold
RegulusPratus: Hero Drink is Hero-flavored
grgriffin3: Try new Hero Drink, from the makers of Gatorade!
awkwardreaper: are they necron models lol
AlphaHelixNZ: I could go for an entire stream just discussing the music.
TheWanderingNomad: I like the idea someone waved of G and Wiggins doing a Talking Sim
Pharmacistjudge: cross scissor? are there uncrossed scissors?
Too_Many_Knives: Scyther with pants!
hunkajunk: Was about to make that joke lol
awkwardreaper: from warhammer 40 k lol
TXC2: Hero Drink: it's what heroes CRAVE!
SpikySpahgetti: @grgriffin3 but does it come with double xp?
jameswanders: @Masslost what is it about? I don't have a high Verhey tolerance, I've found
JohnLockeCole: something seems to have inflicted Sad on Tifa
TXC2: awkwardreaper I was thinking the same thing :P
awkwardreaper: they did look very alike lol
SpikySpahgetti: Hero drink. What are the stats
TXC2: Big mood
Foxmar320: We all have a big sad from time to time
SpikySpahgetti: How much is it...hmmm
jameswanders: See doesn't want this PiF to end, either ;)
togashinaruta: I mean, we all are, right?
Masslost: @jameswanders its about the all the fancy ways people pimp out their decks
Alsritt: Are there any other examples of SUPER well hidden sidequests like FF9's Lost Nero Family?
BrindleBoar: T Gon' Give It To Ya
mowdownjoe: @foxmar320 lrrHEART
jameswanders: @Masslost ah, so not for me then, gotcha.
Alsritt: ones with super obscure trigger conditions that took a while to discover in the game
Foxmar320: mowdownjoe foxmarLOVE
Crad0k: oh, flayed ones
wiggins: lol, I trab back to this window and then it turns out I've been mentioned a million times what's going on
paronomasiac042: Hey, chat! Is it just me, or is there occasionally audio warping in this stream?
Dezufnocosem: if someone in your life is inflicting sadness on you, you need to cut them out of your life
KakuEpsilon: IT's so hard to keep up in chat and watch the G-stream
SpikySpahgetti: Dragon lad with dressed in plaid didn’t even know what he just had.
Lord_ZYRK: paronomasiac042 known Twitch compression thing
t3h_f1gm3nt: i really love the gambit system once you get all the good gambits
NightValien28: wiggins we talking about how good your beer choices are
KakuEpsilon: Especially on the Twitch PS4 App
TXC2: wiggins chat is talking about you and Graham doing something with FF7R
wiggins: lol
wiggins: ohhh
jonasjonIV: @Alsritt the flower crown quest from Dragon Age Inquisition
Genie_M: started FFXII the first time yesterday
PharaohBender27: @wiggins Mostly speculation about ways for lrrGRAHAM to discuss the FF7 remake - a lot of people are saying you should be included in that
Genie_M: it's ... interesting
cuttlefishman: Make it a podcast
TheWarbo: chat desires Remake Thoughts
cuttlefishman: with dogs in
Zaghrog: Genie_M it's pretty good imo
DarkMorford: @wiggins We were suggesting a Countdown to Not-Infinity with you and G.
Furvias: @wiggins the collective wants you to do a ff7r podcast
Lord_ZYRK: Countdown to Meteor :O
Pandax0: G and Matt FF podcast when?
RegulusPratus: Countdown to Meteorfall
cassaclyzm: Countdown to Meteor?
etherosleveque: Shamrock100 Hi Graham, greetings from Alaska! Been watching and enjoying the VODs, currently on episode 10, but dropping into the live stream to catch part of the finale because I don't mind spoilers. Wishing you the best of luck on the big ol' final battle!
drfox17: @wiggins "Countdown to Meteor?"
Pteraspidomorphi: Lord_ZYRK, I was about to say
DrChairthrower: Remakes to Reunion or some such nonsense.
Diabore: one off matt and g podcast, "Countdown to Meteor"
KevinTheShark: @wiggins I'll be watching your playthrough once G's done here!
Critterbot: Nice.
AlphaHelixNZ: Every time I go to look at FFXII I take one look at the characters’ outfits and put it down again...
TreeGamer35: love the remake look forward to hearing thoughts from you guys
wiggins: hail hydrawiggins
jameswanders: I mean... should LRR find some old review of FF7 and, ya know, remake it?
mowdownjoe: lrrFRUMP
Robot_Bones: Graham explains his takes on the FFVII remake is the June youtube Ask LRR
Lord_ZYRK: Pteraspidomorphi you weren't the only one LUL
PerpetualDM: \o/
TheMoatman: De-man
Pteraspidomorphi: Clearly :P
wiggins: cut off one head and two more will rise in its place
TreeGamer35: this is not a dance
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun one off matt and g podcast, "Countdown to Meteor"
neuroflare: I still shave weekly. after a week and ahalf my face drives me crazy
GapFiller: phunnily enough FFXII is up there in the favourite stakes
GapFiller: meanly due to similarities w/ FFII at that
neuroflare: not just from the way itlooks, either
KakuEpsilon: How far are you in the Remake, Mr. Wiggins?
Alsritt: there's gotta be something to prevent random encounters, right?!?!?
adi_pie: Is it time to get up the Hydrawiggins' back?
HydraWiggins: Squid1 lrrFRUMP Squid2 lrrFRUMP Squid2 lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP Squid2 Squid4
Foxmar320: Hey adi
PhoenixMelior: How did you know i was here
wiggins: I finished it, kakuepsilon. Haven't done hard mode yet
odamadillo: @loadingreadyrun Talking about the remake I am curious about how you feel about the way Summons are handled in the remake.
SpikySpahgetti: Oh jeez that sounds terrifying.
Lord_ZYRK: Down, Cloud! No SOLDIERs on the furniture!
Foxmar320: Everyones been waiting
PhoenixMelior: But thank you anonymous gifter :)
KevinTheShark: Noone ever leaves Graham. We're trapped here forever
TXC2: how did they get here before us?
sivakrytos: still not the point of no return
Ranakel: I wonder if we'll have a talking simulator-like bit reflecting on the adventure at the end.
KakuEpsilon: Ah, cool. So you're far ahead of Graham
AlphaHelixNZ: I need to figure out how to bits. It’s been a while...
GapFiller: TXC2 NPC Powers
Wrexadecimal: I do it right before the mad dash at the very end of the dungeon
1losttheGame: and you didnt put it in the gold saucer? Kappa
Uzumaki15: How'd you get here befoire us?
adi_pie: I never knew about that.
Robot_Bones: But we put ours in the gold saucer Kappa
Tomasu82: dont they know never to split the party?
Tregelen: there's a trick here to double all the items you get
drfox17: ooooh, do we need to put materia and weapons on the other team
KevinTheShark: Ohhhh yeah, the whole item get shenanigans
jameswanders: Save crystal seems abusable... any sweet speed strats with it?
ChrisGMiller: i believe you should take the one less traveled, it makes all the difference.
embyrr_the_dragon: Go left? Kappa
Philologia: I have been studying/doing research 10-13 hours every day of the last few weeks and catching this stream live is legit one of the few joys I decided to leave time for when I can, so great work!
muondecay: !advice
LRRbot: Most humans are soluble in fire.
Zaghrog: We can eventually do both
LadyAiluros: crater center is best place for save crystal
aerohydra: you can loop back and get anything missed
paronomasiac042: @Tomasu82 This is a JRPG. *Always* split the party
AbyssalSnowstorm: gawd dang it, Cid...
GapFiller: technically Yuffie x Vincent being here doesnt square w/ Dirge of Cerberus
SpikySpahgetti: !badadvice
LRRbot: The day star is good for you.
I_Am_Clockwork: !vasolineorbarcode
goatprince: there's an iten duping trick here, but it's not really necessary.
TXC2: Philologia lrrHEART
kat2kool: I appreciate Vincent and his personal wind
Pteraspidomorphi: Those advices were reversed
PharaohBender27: @AlphaHelixNZ Click the little diamon symbol to the right of your chatbox. If you don't have any, there should be a "get bits" button at upper right on your screen
Leonhart321: Just remember, one path only tells the truth and the other only lies
GapFiller: kat2kool yr just cant see the cunningly hidden fan
d00t_boi: Only one path has a man in a jar.
jameswanders: @Leonhart321 and one stab ppl who ask tricky questions
HydraWiggins: I think advice and badadvice are confused
PharaohBender27: @AlphaHelixNZ Unless you're on mobile, in which case I'm afraid I don't have a clue :P
Goorguy: Vincent over here fourth wheeling
RegulusPratus: Suicide Mission: Failed
gOckley: it's the ME2 suicide mission
Critterbot: Now you can go wherever you want, though.
Foxmar320: Yes
odamadillo: @wiggins Also if you are still here Matt. How did you feel about the way Summons are handled in the remake?
grgriffin3: I appreciate your enthusiasm, Cid
AlphaHelixNZ: @pharaohbender27 I got that far, and bought some bits, but they don’t seem to be showing up. O_o
GapFiller: Fission Mailed
KevinTheShark: I love Cids confidence
muondecay: oh that lovable goth weeb
TXC2: of course he is
Lafajet: Cid, my man!
UnknownGerm: man, what a dork
EvilBadman: Or is Naruto Vincent-running
grgriffin3: I appreciate your enthusiasm less, Vincent
ThirdFloorDraft: he's lived in a cellar for decades... be nice to vincent
ThirdFloorDraft: he doesn't know any better
SajuukSjet: tbf, he did it first :D
PharaohBender27: @AlphaHelixNZ Maybe wait a few minutes, or refresh?
LordOfMalice: Vincent clearly invented the 'Naruto' run.
snowcookies: Aw I'm a bit late
AlphaHelixNZ: @pharaohbender27 And yeah I’m on mobile! Haha.
jameswanders: I feel like more of the PCs could have gotten end-game story arcs
KevinTheShark: Dont F*** Up
1losttheGame: no, Naruto Vincent runs!
PharaohBender27: @snowcookies Not too too late, though
EvilBadman: I have good points infrequently :kappa:
6kittenshp: Cheer200 Never played FF7 myself but I've really enjoyed this playthrough. Thanks for all the hours of enjoyment!
ThirdFloorDraft: down?
embyrr_the_dragon: When you come to a fork in the road, take it
Zaghrog: Up?
jameswanders: so many forks and nary a plate of spaghetti
Foxmar320: lol
GapFiller: so show of hands anyone NOT get Yuffie x Vincent by this point in the game?
JakeKamas: uhhhhh Is it supposed to look like this?
grgriffin3: Vincent gonna solo this raid
KevinTheShark: The variety of items on these paths is frustrating
ThirdFloorDraft: what?
Diabore: poor vin
Caralad: poor vinnie
goatprince: oooo, the materia grinding zone!
Lafajet: Bye Vincent!
TXC2: up down up down left right left right A C start....wait what?
Foxmar320: huh
RegulusPratus: Let's split up, gang!
AlphaHelixNZ: @pharaohbender27 Also, forgive me but I must: You once more walk among the living!
JohnLockeCole: oh hey this place, this is the AP farming place
Zaghrog: GapFiller have seen it happen without Vincent
dialMforMara: what happened to don't split the party
ArchRequiemD: feed elixir for massive ap
LadyAiluros: give it an elixer and kill it and it will give you AP out hte wazoo
Wrexadecimal: Lots of AP?
ThirdFloorDraft: it's like 13$ a g?
goatprince: you kill them.
masterfrog316: feed them elixers then attack
thatjerkherc: then you kill them
Diabore: oh i just ff12 flashbacks
LadyAiluros: you kill them
KevinTheShark: They go away
neuroflare: hell yeah magic pot its still 4/20 right
theshinyakuma: you kill the,
SpikySpahgetti: This was the last time we shall see Vincent. Or is it?
sivakrytos: then you just punch them
theleerm: it gets you REALLY HIGH
muondecay: Then they leave giving massive ap
neuroflare: nooo its may!
Critterbot: Then you can kill them and they'll give you tonnes of exp.
jameswanders: you typically just smoke 'em or bake them into brownies.... I've heard
LadyAiluros: dupe 99 elixers
masterfrog316: use w item - elixer dupe?
ArboristAndrew: this is where the W-item glitch really pays off
TXC2: a little Elixir as a treat
kat2kool: I mean we have sooo many
goatprince: w-item exploiting makes this a smooth process.
Shemerson: you can hurt them without giving them elixirs
Saphling: you can always W-Item glitch more
1losttheGame: oh yeah, you can just farm elixers LUL
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
Huschel23: I hope they did haopy
Shemerson: can't
Huschel23: happy
PharaohBender27: @AlphaHelixNZ :D
paronomasiac042: Way better than the jar of eyes in FFX. That's just luck
kat2kool: wow
GapFiller: Steal!
Foxmar320: Deathblow was born
asthanius: TIME was born
cdgentry1: dang
Wrexadecimal: wrexadDAB
Goorguy: lol
TXC2: Deathblow was born!
jonasjonIV: time was born
snowcookies: Time was born
muondecay: YUP
kynelwynn: All of Time was born
jameswanders: Death was Born :D
grgriffin3: Effective!
KevinTheShark: HOLY MOLY that was awesome
UnknownGerm: ho dang
Zaghrog: Elixirs are powerful yo
Nemanthil: Those are the best way to farm AP.
tenthtechpriest: TIME WAS BORN
KingJimmeh: Double Deathblows!
goatprince: if you don't want to cheat, you can steal elixers off of master tonberries down here. maybe another enemy too, i forget.
ArchRequiemD: somoene clip that face please
theleerm: time was born
Ipsen13: Materia baby boom
SnivianMoon: "TIME WAS BORN" is a very ominous message.
muondecay: FYI this is the BEST leveling/grinding area
LadyAiluros: yeah those guys on triple Ap weapons is amazing
GapFiller: lrrWOW
Lafajet: Time was born, universe now exists
NightValien28: best farming area
mowdownjoe: That seemed like a lot.
ArboristAndrew: double/triple weapons go soooooo fast here
Nemanthil: With w-item for elixirs.
Too_Many_Knives: "Time was born" We Chrono Trigger now
Nemanthil: And triple wep for cid and cloud.
peejeeful: double growth with these guys seems great
Rhynerd: Steal was also born, but that doesn’t compare to Time.
jameswanders: final dungeon and haven't even mastered KotR yet?
Huschel23: And yet, Tifa is still sad
RegulusPratus: Give Tifa some speed
PharaohBender27: @jameswanders We have KotR
Rhynerd: Time is clearly the favorite child of this family.
DrChairthrower: Oh wow yeah 6000 AP on triple weapons... dang.
Critterbot: So yeah, W-Item to dupe elixirs and magic pots is like the way you grind levels and materia ranks :P
AlphaHelixNZ: So do we think baby materia is the size of a ball bearing? Kappa
adun007: first time I've seen late game ffvii, what is W-item?
Foxmar320: LOL
BrindleBoar: lrrFINE
TXC2: adun007 doubles an item
snowcookies: ko
mowdownjoe: @huschel23 It's post-partem depression. After birthing TIME.
Huschel23: @mowdownjoe: Oh my. yeah that'll do it
jameswanders: @AlphaHelixNZ it changes sizes like the One Ring. Fist sized on the ground and marble sized when you put it in weapon slots
ThirdFloorDraft: lrrWOW
goatprince: you can, by accitent, eat items too.
AlphaHelixNZ: @jameswanders That makes sense!
darrtimus: nice
Rhynerd: Alexander levelled up! Good for him.
TXC2: it's easier to dupe then to not
d00t_boi: How many times can Summon Materia level up?
Foxmar320: :D
fexworldwide: Judge!
GapFiller: lol
Hatty0: you can megalixer these pots too
grgriffin3: I'm sorry what
TXC2: !clips
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Nemanthil: Did you equip triple growth wep?
awkwardreaper: lol
TheMoatman: That's even easier than in dark souls
kynelwynn: This is a skit
razorswift: lrrWOW
theshinyakuma: JUDGE
Foxmar320: Graham is so indecisive
D1cey1: sir
amative1: lrrJUDGE
ThirdFloorDraft: quit being so indecisive
KingJimmeh: On 20th thought...
GapFiller: this needs clippin
Saphling: bwah
Wolfstrike_NL: sergeHolyMoly
Manae: expCheese
TheWarbo: graham has displayed a loop
snowcookies: enter cheat step
Hugh_Munculus: lrrJUDGE
aussie_rob_w: HOLY MOLY
ThirdFloorDraft: your hurting the game
Zaghrog: Megalixir also works yes
1losttheGame: LUL
Syntheticuh: basically, you pick an item, pick its target, pick a second item, pick its second target. But if you cancel while picking the second target the game gives you your first item back. And you can keep doing it to get infinite items
adun007: wow
ChrisGMiller: that's an amazing impression of the people i work with
Foxmar320: Crapshot time?
Kumakaori: I. buh. GUH. obscenely easy XD;.
Leonhart321: We have displayed an infinite loop and Sephiroth must concede
Ritaspirithntr: Yup!
grgriffin3: That is BONKERS
KevinTheShark: All dat AP
ArboristAndrew: and Tifa the Airbender cleans up
Kumakaori: wheeler LOOP f'real.
circusofkirkus: need an elixir in these trying times? how about 20?
cuttlefishman: so vascular
Dothewhatnow: Clouds pockets just slowly growing in size.
Scy_Anide: Huh, I've played FF7 at least half a dozen times and did not know that.
TheMoatman: Dark souls item dupes saved me *so much* time doing boring soul grinding for my dumb builds
1losttheGame: time to max ALL MATERIA
GapFiller: Sonic Tifa
jameswanders: Pif Summary: Graham "I dunno want to try that glitch, it's too hard", Chat "TRY IT", Graham "How is that so easy?"
wildpeaks: checkmate, Sephiroth
theleerm: wheelerLoop
neuroflare: these are GREAT for AP farming
Foxmar320: Wat
UnknownGerm: they also give tons of XP which is cool
Crad0k: movers!
Zaghrog: these are pretty good AP too IIRC
PerpetualDM: wheelerLoop wheelerLoop wheelerLoop wheelerLoop
grgriffin3: She moves in the spaces between spaces now
LadyAiluros: also a ton of AP
Marenai: I know why that's happening too.
ArboristAndrew: the other farm enemy
TheWarbo: boingy boingy boingy
muondecay: ooo these guys are worth a lot of AP too
theshinyakuma: these are good too
goatprince: movers! gil is their specialty.
doomlimit: No, there are also....uh, tangerines, apparently.
LadyAiluros: movers
Critterbot: Oh these things, thye give you SO much AP.
ArchRequiemD: you were getting really lucky with them
sivakrytos: uh, no, these enemies are NOT the only enemies here
aussie_rob_w: That’s
Caralad: They're what I grinded to level 99 on
RegulusPratus: Tifa, better known by her wrestling persona "Speed Boost Blaziken"
Goorguy: You've upset the pollen?
aussie_rob_w: Huh.
Nemanthil: Haha.
t3h_f1gm3nt: holy moly
grgriffin3: This is a revelation
Foxmar320: Ummmmm lets just stay here for a bit :P
CAKHost: I think you are on the path to get a ton of AP
Zaghrog: so yeah, the Crater is a special place
Foxmar320: AP farm!
thatjerkherc: and 900000 gill
Nemanthil: You can master whatever you want here pretty quick.
ArboristAndrew: watch out for the jester/goat thing fight
GapFiller: Cloud just walkin underwater there
peejeeful: get the double growths out
cdgentry1: don't even need to grind really
JohnLockeCole: this is how you do things like Master Knights of the Round
Huschel23: Yeah, you can spend a lot of time in this area
Manae: Ain't his first time submerging in the lifestream
kat2kool: Cloud you don't have the Underwater materia yet, how did you do that
Lord_ZYRK: Graham "thicc wett" Stark
CAKHost: I seem to remember doing that to power up my materia
Lafajet: Didn't know Cloud was amphibian
MekaSasquatch: @LoadingReadyRun you are basically fighting super close to the lifestream, makes sense
GapFiller: then again we already knw Cloud can walk on underwater from Aeris
Rhynerd: Is it possible for a summon materia to become born here?
SnivianMoon: I imagine Cloud and the Party moving through this area, just dropping materia everywhere as new ones are born with each battle.
Alsritt: considering you can't go back to the rest of the game, it makes sense
Foxmar320: Ummmmmm
Alsritt: oh no
KingJimmeh: Run
tenthtechpriest: FEAR
UnknownGerm: UHHH
sivakrytos: here we go
kat2kool: OH NO
Too_Many_Knives: Equip the Triple growth weapon
RegulusPratus: Why star?
t3h_f1gm3nt: RUH ROH
Alsritt: KOTR!
jameswanders: what's the star?
awkwardreaper: awwww he cute
PharaohBender27: lrrFINE
ainamarth120: then you combine it with triple ap weapons
KevinTheShark: NOOOOOO not again!
Marenai: lrrWOW
doomlimit: Reminds me of the XP-farm apple enemies in Wild Arms ACF. Apparently fruit are just the most powerful life form.
Lafajet: NotLikeThis
Riandisa: xivTonberry
adun007: master Tonberry, oh dear
Saphling: cute turtle monk friend!
Foxmar320: What does the star mean?!
D1cey1: uhoh
Rhynerd: Oh dear
ArchRequiemD: can steal ribbon from him
Saphling: with a lantern to light their way
tenthtechpriest: how did that not kill the tifa? she's got so much grudge
grgriffin3: This all seems bad
Himyul: It doesn't help you now, but Yuffie can morph these guys into Ribbons
muondecay: remind me how that one works again?
TheWanderingNomad: Not like this. NOT LIKE THIS
awkwardreaper: he just wants a friend lol
ThirdFloorDraft: he's getting closer
TXC2: was is star?
PhoenixMelior: We should run
TXC2: *why
JohnLockeCole: This is bad
Caralad: @TheWanderingNomad but he just wants a to get close for a hug, clearly
Zaghrog: Everyone's Grudge scales by how many targets the person has killed
Goorguy: how much hp this thing got jeez
vegetalss4: Ah, he survived multiple Tifa punches!
SnivianMoon: Oh gracious me, these are scary
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KingJimmeh: The normal one had 30000 hp. Don't want to know about this.
Zaghrog: correct
GapFiller: yep
KingJimmeh: KOTR
goatprince: a master pug, yes
Himyul: correct
TheMoatman: Sounds right
ArchRequiemD: yes
Critterbot: That attack does damage based on how many enemies a character have killed.
AlphaHelixNZ: Oh heck.
Crad0k: regen=all is handy for this fight
accountmadeforants: Master Tonberry?! I thought they'd retired!
lilyoswald: ton berry!
GapFiller: Extra Scary Tonberry is Extra Scary
jameswanders: oh, so one of the scary Tomberrys, I get it.
Huschel23: I think it means that this Tonberry has a quest fo you
TheWanderingNomad: @Caralad - Yea, then he shivs you with a shank and shanks you with a shiv. OF DEATH
KevinTheShark: OHHH heck, Oh Laawwwwd he comin'!
BBumbo: he just wants to scratch your back from the front
fexworldwide: This must be what it's like for other enemies to fight against your team/
RavingPenguin: Master Tonberry, greatest of all Tonberry
TheMoatman: You can also tell because it's blue
LadyAiluros: EG is a counter to all physical attacks
ArchRequiemD: Mug him
Rhynerd: Was that the second or third tonberry encountered this playthrough?
peejeeful: quad ultima
Foxmar320: It knows who the threat is
tenthtechpriest: @muondecay tonberries have an ability that does scaling damage based on enemies that character has killed. also they just slowly cross the screen then do an instant kill
KingJimmeh: Phew
Wrexadecimal: enemies slain?
Caralad: Based on number of enemies killed
grgriffin3: Well that was territfying
Manae: Did it just MELT?
Critterbot: Yes.
Himyul: 10 * the number of kills
goatprince: kills x #
Nenluen: yeah
Hatty0: 10x number or kills
TheWanderingNomad: @Rhynerd - I think third? I only remember the two from Battle Square
Leonhart321: Enemies killed x10
Dared00: I wonder if there's a fanart of Mary Berry Tonberry
Lafajet: Tonberry is my favourite cuddly nightmare monster
Caralad: which deals damage equal to the number of kills the target character has amassed, multiplied by 10.
jameswanders: So the goal is to get to this part of the game without killing anything
Saphling: little turtle-fish monk friend
jdkirkham03: that is simialar for ff8
TheWarbo: so 4610 damage because you've killed 461 enemies
KevinTheShark: Hopefully never having to deal with any more Tonberry's
PharaohBender27: katesNope
Too_Many_Knives: classic FF mob
Alsritt: aihrman!
ThirdFloorDraft: he likes watching
Goorguy: When did Monster hunter get here?
kat2kool: G can have little a panic, as a treat
ArchRequiemD: sorry you can steal an elixir it morphs into a ribbon
uberdan1337: It's all about Morph with the Master Tonberry
Rhynerd: @thewanderingnomad okay, I couldn’t remember how many tonberries were encountered during the Battle Square
DevInsanity: There are only two appropriate responses to a tonberry. "Quick! Kill it! Kill it!" and "Quick! Run away!"
Huschel23: @ArchRequiemD: Do you just poach it?
KevinTheShark: Ah yes, Air Jordans
jameswanders: @kat2kool thanks for putting "little a" the right way around :D
Lafajet: Usually Ahriman I believe
Foxmar320: More magic pot
donuts_are_holy: Hi Graham.
goatprince: it's the french word for English, i think
neuroflare: like the french word for german?
Tantusar: Panicking is a free action.
paronomasiac042: Sneak up on a pot and throw an elixir in
Huschel23: Well. Germany
ArchRequiemD: @Huschel23 what do you mean by poach?
wildpeaks: german, not english
vegetalss4: Allemagne is Germany.
PharaohBender27: ^
AlphaHelixNZ: Hmm. My bits still haven’t shown up.
GapFiller: as werid translations go its pretty nondescript in this game
muondecay: YUP. Grinders paradise this is.
Nemanthil: This is where i am farming before endgame.
Zaghrog: Elixirs are limited in number, if you don't duplicate
AlphaHelixNZ: Also that was a weird sentence...
TreeGamer35: what.... end game area giving you tons of xp to be sure you are ready for this. what a terrible thing
hunkajunk: They're looking at your butt!
LordOfMalice: Vacine for what?
RegulusPratus: Je ne parle pas un seule mot de Français
LadyLockwood92: Mike Wazowski looks different
jameswanders: Why do other languages have an actual word for Germany but in German it's just "GermanLand"?
Caralad: @Zaghrog That's right, I forgot about the duplication glitch!
Robot_Bones: Eiffel Tower!
awkwardreaper: its to get your characters lvled up fast r alt characters before brutal boss battles :)
odamadillo: It has been so long since I played this. I do not remember this part at all.
Ritaspirithntr: Well yeah! The final boss is a big f****** jerk!!!
KingJimmeh: A kill for Red? Madness.
TreeGamer35: "been spending most my life living in a grinders paradise"
Rhynerd: They have Tifa surrounded, those poor bastards.
vegetalss4: but the french name for Germany is no less weird translation
PharaohBender27: @jameswanders (shrugs)
ShaneLeeAtk: Check your money stash now.
GapFiller: jameswanders well tbf why dyr need a name for yr own country
Kerrisis: THought Allemagne was French for Germany? Angleterre is England, I think.
lilyoswald: Once when I was playing this game I literally fell asleep in the middle of a battle against those eye guys and when I woke up in the morning I had a game over
TXC2: jameswanders because languages are weird
LadyAiluros: good armor
HydraWiggins: they use lasguns
Huschel23: @ArchRequiemD: You know, I thought the word meant something else actually. I think I just made up a meaning when playing Final Fantasy Tactics. :P Anyway, I meant to suggest turning the Tonberry skin into a ribbon, that's all
amative1: NO Vaccine
DiscordianTokkan: Imperial Guard? Way too much money for an army at GW? lrrBEEJ
TXC2: good one Graham
Crad0k: they're the guys in red that carry pikes who guard the emperor in return of the jedi :-p
goatprince: you're specifically in the AP grinding zone. outside of here, it's not nearly as rich.
Rhynerd: Somebody just left their entire IG army in that chest.
PharaohBender27: @jameswanders Also, the German name for Austria, "Österreich," literaly translates to "Eastern Empire/Eastern Realm," because Vienna used to be the capital of the Hapsburg empire
ArchRequiemD: @Huschel23 Ah
awkwardreaper: power source
RegulusPratus: There's a guy on my Facebook with some strong opinions about what vaccines do
dostrow_: there were some power sources
1losttheGame: wait there were 2 power sources
awkwardreaper: you missed
snowcookies: 2 power sources
ThirdFloorDraft: for 'frog' fights
noSmokeFire: you can get vaccinated against frog?
Zaghrog: frog and Mini
Mangledpixel: so you may not become as unto a froge
kat2kool: *slaps top of Cloud's head* you can fit so many drugs in this bad boy!
ThirdFloorDraft: terminator walk through water
TXC2: yeap, Mump, measles, rubella and frog Kappa
uberdan1337: Don't trust it
Foxmar320: O_O
KevinTheShark: Isnt it nice when you are on raiils
kaffeetrinken89: dvilman
wafflesoup: LUL
Caralad: Ironically, it "Cures" virus in ff9. Which is....not how vaccines work
uberdan1337: Well done
Riandisa: Christopher
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: It's Clouds fursona
Goorguy: Is that thing wearing a VEST?!@
TheWanderingNomad: Gonna just add that to the ol' lexicon
ThirdFloorDraft: god I hope that's a deep cut anime reference
NightValien28: 2020 anime
CodeDancer: Do you think FFVII was more limited by technology or budget?
neuroflare: looked like a twilek
KevinTheShark: A dead anime
Rhynerd: So, by putting a little big of frog inside you, you become unable to turn into a frog?
Foxmar320: Did it just tail slap Tifa?!
Karoyence: the dead kinda aparently
Saphling: weird vest-wearing horse deer thing
UnknownGerm: It's a Hot Topic homunculus
awkwardreaper: it's like goku crossed with a horse lol
CAKHost: bunny dude!
snowcookies: "what manner of anime are you?" - Graham, 2020
SajuukSjet: JoJo?!?
dostrow_: did...that thing just rub its butt on you?
Gascitygaming: don't kick that horse... thing.... creature
TXC2: !addquote (Graham) [now] What manner of Anime are you?!
LRRbot: New quote #6922: "What manner of Anime are you?!" —Graham [2020-05-01]
CAKHost: Oh right!
grgriffin3: I do not like the thing that attacks by wiggling its butt sensually at you
I_Am_Clockwork: XD
razorswift: poor christopher
CAKHost: That guy!
snowcookies: thanks TXC
Foxmar320: Im sorry Graham I won't do it again
cuttlefishman: Wasn't Jiji with Kiki?
cuttlefishman: iirc?
GapFiller: Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher The Pebble
BusTed: Christopher Christopher Christopher
kaffeetrinken89: Still looks like Devilman.
Marenai: wat?
SamAmtiskaw: Looking forward to Chris in the remake
mowdownjoe: Totally normal Chris...
x0den: run?
cassaclyzm: i'm laughing out loud at Christopher
TXC2: Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher
Manae: Regen!
MyrddintheWizard: Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher!
TheWanderingNomad screams externally
Riandisa: xivTonberry xivTonberry
Lafajet: I feel like the translator may have been gettign some personal issues out there
1losttheGame: DO IT
Jameson920 : steal?
Lord_ZYRK: Graham you just murdered some innocent guy out walking his weird dog BibleThump
Leonhart321: Says the man who watches a show with a champion named Braun Strowman
paronomasiac042: Kill it! Bang!
KevinTheShark: Oh CMON! Not again!
Hangedman: reminds me of the first time i fought an Armstrong in FFIX
GapFiller: !picnic
Crad0k: regen=all
grgriffin3: Activate fear again!
kaffeetrinken89: Also Christopfer is not okay, but Alexander is?
PharaohBender27: Not another grudge match!
LadyAiluros: run!
d00t_boi: Kill it with fire
Mangledpixel: note that that wasn't a translation issue, that was a direct transliteration from the Japanese
sivakrytos: ultima is naturally all enemies isn't it?
etherosleveque: Sorry, but what is the big deal with Tonberries?
BrindleBoar: oh lawd he comin
Mr_Horrible: "you've killed a lot of people, Tifa Lockhart..."
Mangledpixel: クリストファー (Kurisutofā)
DevInsanity: It only uses everyone's grudge if you attack it twice between its moves.
GapFiller: etherosleveque theyre terrifying buggers
sivakrytos: @etherosleveque they stab you and you die
SignificantOtter: "what do you got there?" "A KNIFE" "NO"
TXC2: it always goes for tifa
Foxmar320: Tifa got the knife
GapFiller: etherosleveque also Everyones Grudge and dem knives
razorswift: stabby
kat2kool: @etherosleveque they one-shot you once they're close enough
tenthtechpriest: just tonberry things
Goorguy: Gotta use my stabbing knife
KevinTheShark: Welp. We're boned
Lafajet: @etherosleveque Well, throughout the entire series they just mess you up
etherosleveque: Oh dear!
Manae: You can morph them in to a ribbon, but good luck
ArchRequiemD: Morphs into Ribbon
Saphling: Avada Kedavra
TXC2: strap in
Leonhart321: Oh good, time to make dinner
kaffeetrinken89: That frog is mean.
lilyoswald: oh, do we have 4X ultima?
drfox17: GAmbit!
Foxmar320: :D
TXC2: 1 Ultima ah ah ah
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN
Nydestroyer: thats one whole tifa punch
TXC2: "only"
awkwardreaper: lol
RegulusPratus: "Nu-nu-nu-nuclear Launch Detected"
Digigoner: does it cost the full MP for each cast?
peejeeful: then mimic
dudecon: just barely more damage than the damage cap
etherosleveque: Never played far enough in to the game to encounter one. Thanks for the explanations
x0den: that wasn't that bad
GapFiller: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
vrulg: you need to laugh like the count now
noSmokeFire: this the ultima, penultima, prepenultima, and paraprepenultima
AlphaHelixNZ: @etherosleveque Also there’s the contrast between how adorable they are with how deadly they are, that just makes them scarier.
Crad0k: it does
Lord_ZYRK: One, twoo-WHO, thurrree
DarkMorford: G, you should have brought your Switch so you can hunt for new bugs while the battles run themselves. Kappa
ArchRequiemD: can someone send me a link on how to clip it has been so long I don't remember
Caralad: Yup
Caralad: It does
CAKHost: Now we know how many!
AlphaHelixNZ: Did... did it just EAT two Ultimas?
SignificantOtter: *shrug*
x0den: I think ff8 Ultima takes longer
SignificantOtter: Seems fair
GapFiller: favourite Tonberry moment is Paines Mascot dress sphere from FFX2
goatprince: i think it's full MP each cast, which is why you can only 3x cast KoTR
Aquarionics: ArchRequiemD: Clipperboard icon on video
kaffeetrinken89: Hero Drink, as opposed to Monster Drink.
KevinTheShark: Yeah, that was Equivalent to one single good Tifa Punch
Foxmar320: LOL
Lord_ZYRK: ArchRequiemD Alt+X
GapFiller: gdi
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! It's like an al fresco general store!
Rhynerd: “Mr. Red XIII, how many ultimas does it take to get to the Tonberry center of a Master Tonberry?”
Kerrisis: Yup. W-Magic Quadra Ultima costs around 1200 mp.
x0den: run?
mowdownjoe: Why?
Mangledpixel: ah, the Kanji for Gighee can also be read 'Ziggy', and the person was based on Ziggy Stardust. Still don't know why 'Christopher', though
Manae: Mimic shouldn't cost MP, though
Foxmar320: Game has it out for you G
arcanist1740: each time you kill one, they get stronger!
Nydestroyer: if you mime the deathblow does it do the linked added cut as well?
drfox17: mime?
peejeeful: omni slash time
Huschel23: Do I remember correctly (or am I making it up right now) that if you have two or more copies of the same materia, you can couple more than one support to it and trigger them both? I feel like that's a thing...
Zaghrog: The powerful thing about Ultima is that it's non elemental, so hard to defend against. SDmage depends on who's using it, how strong their magic stat is
PharaohBender27: What is this, the Tonberry Masters' Academy or something?
KingJimmeh: Do it
TreeGamer35: if only ff7 had an overflow ability to crack the 9999 barrier
LoadingReadyRun: Magic, demons, space monsters, giant robots: no problem. Little guy with a knife: RUN!
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themysticmogul: Quadra Magic shouldn't multiply ultima's MP cost. Are you sure it drains more?
northos: next tonberry better watch out
GapFiller: we shd defeat one so we can get it as a summon
Lafajet: I like how the more of them you kill, the worse of you'll be. Tonberries are inevitable
Sly_chocobo: So, Im curious.. Does W-Item duping/using work with those 'Source' boosting items as well?
lilyoswald: If I remember correctly you can 4x knights if you use hp/mp swap
Sly_chocobo: as that could get.. very.. more broken?
Cactus_Cactus: Any special reason to use Slash all on Tifa instead of 2x attack?
drfox17: @Sly_chocobo no, only battle usable items
donuts_are_holy: Quick question for you Graham, what music do you use for your Gvlogs?
x0den: why is tifa in the Jesus pose?
Zaghrog: Sly_chocobo not easily
GapFiller: LoadingReadyRun yep basically
Aquarionics: Sly_chocobo No, because you can't use them in combat
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Fear the Tonberry
snowcookies: Hi possibly Paul
kaffeetrinken89: Give Tife Phoenix + cast on death?
kat2kool: @Sly_chocobo normally no, but apparently there's shenanigans you can do
TXC2: Hello Paul
Foxmar320: Hello Paul!
Crad0k: no, because you can't use them in battle; but! there is a glitch you can do, but it's tricky and annoying
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LadyAiluros: it's a lot harder b/c you can't use them in combat
paronomasiac042: Hi, Paul-ssibly!
Alahmnat: hi Paul :)
GapFiller: LoadingReadyRun also evening Paul lrrPAUL lrrPAUL lrrPAUL
Riandisa: He just wants hugs though xivTonberry
LadyAiluros: Hi, Paul!
Sly_chocobo: @PharaohBender27 Thanks for the gift sub! :) Dont know why, but cheers
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, lrrPAUL !
Critterbot: If an enemy steals them from you and you get them back you can use and dupe them in battle.
LadyAiluros: thee is a materia in the middle of the glowy bit
awkwardreaper: yeh brill against ruby weapon
Zaghrog: Is Final Attack in the Crater?
LadyAiluros: no Final Attack is in battle square
TXC2: it's in battle sqaure no
Tregelen: battle square
Saphling: Special Battle in the Battle Square
PharaohBender27: @Sly_chocobo I figure it's fitting to gift someone with your username during an FF7 stream :)
Crad0k: battle square, you needed to get w-summon first
cuzuki: battle arena reward i think?
donuts_are_holy: Quick question for you Graham, what music do you use for your Gvlogs?
LadyAiluros: It's in the secret batter in battle square
TheWanderingNomad: It was at the Battle Square you elected not to get it I blelieve?
kaffeetrinken89: Should we research where final attack is or no?
uberdan1337: But you have the strategy guide
hunkajunk: Final Attack is available as a prize for chocobo racing, or for beating the special battle at the battle square
awkwardreaper: yeh battle arena
KingJimmeh: According to Chat last stream, Final Attack is in Battle Square with the Special Battles.
SoundGuy0dB: Final Attack i9s a reward for the special battles
Sly_chocobo: Haha, Welll thank you :)
Manae: You need to solo Proud Clod to get it
drfox17: A Tifa of Damage!
frenzyfivefour: pre-empt and final-attack
Foxmar320: :D
Manae: in the special battle
lilyoswald: ooh
GapFiller: gdi not another one
Saphling: ooh yay
donuts_are_holy: Thanks
thatjerkherc: you can get the sources with w item by morphing an enemy that gives you that source but it's a bit tricky with some of them like mind source. but power source is silly easy
Saphling: very deserving Tonberry
kat2kool: that's so much sword!
tenthtechpriest: cloud very much fears the tonberry
RomanGoro: Cathartic
hunkajunk: "What if I just slash them 16 times?"
jonasjonIV: i enjoy
circusofkirkus: get royally f'd tonberry
TheWanderingNomad: Just Yeet Slash him into nonexistence
Saphling: nice
GapFiller: that Tonberry totally had it coming
Foxmar320: Nice
northos: ded
Zaghrog: Good use of Omnislash
Critterbot: That man...went away.
ArchRequiemD: Cloud has the power of God and Anime
kynelwynn: Omnislash or, Cloud on PCP
awkwardreaper: you have to fight with ultima weapon/omnislash to get s rank
Kerrisis: Cloud loses his temper...
KingJimmeh: Much satisfying
mowdownjoe: He deserved it.
paronomasiac042: Was that 15 swordings?
Foxmar320: Cloud is super tired of seeing that guy
theshinyakuma: cloud used sword
snowcookies: gg
lilyoswald: wait, he ends that with braver? I never realized that before
vrulg: there are no more slashes left, you used all of them.
x0den: oh that's going to look great in the remake
uberdan1337: "What if I just don't stop attack?"
LadyAiluros: Cloud used Omnislash - it's SUPER EFFECTIVE
TheWanderingNomad: What if I hit them a lot and the once...REALLY hard
drfox17: Consecutive dormal slashes
Nemanthil: Ultimate wep.
GapFiller: Cloud is NOT here to fuck Tonberries
Nemanthil: :P
DrChairthrower: Wait, what if we DIDN’T take turns?
tezzerettinkerer: That was a lot..
AlphaHelixNZ: Oh that makes me so happy. I haven’t seen Omnislash in yeeeeaaaars.
winterstretch: Hey graham! I was watching your asklrr this morning and you mentioned a kids program called puddle lane which through me for a loop as my father who passed away produced that. never thought i would hear about it through lrr :)
LadyAiluros: Doublecast
donuts_are_holy: Thanks.
Molladia: Gees it would suck it that Break didn't kill it.
LadyAiluros: literally Doublecast
Goorguy: So when are we getting the quarantine Gvlog?
Rockario: Do these Tonberries *want* the world to explode or what?
PhorrestGaze: Can he slash in klingon?
Saphling: Heal and attack in the same turn
ArboristAndrew: its really great for duping spells.......
sivakrytos: thanks game for the materia in the second to last room in the game
peejeeful: doel quad ultima
cdgentry1: double cast 4x Ultima?
UnknownGerm: can you double quad cast stuff?
KingJimmeh: Double Cast but different spells I guess
AlphaHelixNZ: And bonus, it actually killed it!
lilyoswald: I've been playing the remake, I need to go through classic again as soon as I finish
Thisbymaster: double cast, Quad magic?
Nemanthil: Can you cast 2 quadra magic stuff? For 8 casts?
Critterbot: It is not the way to go, but there is some materia down there.
amative1: buuuuut you have this battle first!
Saphling: a bigger golem
Sly_chocobo: I have.. vague memories with doing something like this with knights of the round and Mime so its csts like.. 8 times? which is.. painfully boring to watch
Foxmar320: Hello mr robot
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Saphling: not very well armored golem
PharaohBender27: MrDestructoid
odamadillo: Graham I am curious. Was ff7 your first Final fantasy game?
Nydestroyer: a bigger less blue ice golem
mowdownjoe: Not a Tonberry. We're fine with this.
NightValien28: not anymore
Sly_chocobo: Not.. that.. armored...
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Whole lotta good that armour did it
Kaorti: it's no tonberry
LadyAiluros: dead. you are super dead
drfox17: can't take two tifas!
Juliamon: Needed better armor.
aussie_rob_w: Hey Graham, just wanted to ask if you’re a fan of Jon Bois’s Chart Party shows? That clever use of material seems right up your alley.
TXC2: that's a Space Marine Centurion :P
Genie_M: it's what it says on the tin
MekaSasquatch: @LoadingReadyRun Discount Weapon
A_Catastrophic_Success: Not armored against Tifa, though
Hangedman: Armored Golem sounds like a vanilla 4/4 that costs 5
kat2kool: and defender
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TXC2: aussie_rob_w I know Alex likes them
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Molladia: Oh, and button press because it's here.
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Caralad: So as someone who is behind on the is tifa so much stronger than everyone else. Just his materia layout?
TXC2: !tifa
LRRbot: Tifa is equipped with a weapon that powers up when she is close to death, and a ring that gives her the Doom status. This combo makes her a mobile weapon platform for exactly 60 seconds, before she suffers a fatal systems malfunction.
kat2kool: !tifa
LRRbot: Tifa is equipped with a weapon that powers up when she is close to death, and a ring that gives her the Doom status. This combo makes her a mobile weapon platform for exactly 60 seconds, before she suffers a fatal systems malfunction.
lilyoswald: lol
SpikySpahgetti: Scargle sounds like yargle
etherosleveque: Sorry my name gave you some troubles there. It's the name of my first D&D character.
Caralad: gotcha
aussie_rob_w: That pronunciation of KNIFE cracked me right up.
BigGayJulia: Hey friends
snowcookies: that command is useful
cuttlefishman: Is this... safe
LadyAiluros: This is where you use save crystal
SpikySpahgetti: Hai @biggayjulia
TheWanderingNomad: Oh boi! More drugs for Cloud!
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @BigGayJulia ! Welcome to the big finale!
TXC2: hello BigGayJulia hello
LadyAiluros: this is point of no return
sivakrytos: THAT big glowy hole is the point of no return
lilyoswald: It's fine, so many people have problems with that, I think it is because I accidentally made it all lowercase :)
Critterbot: The point of no return is here so be careful, drop the save crystal maybe?
UnknownGerm: "Jason!"
EternalXDrifterS: Okay, I'm so used to watching your streams on youtube, I forgot you were playing this live.
UponMyOath: @aussie_rob_w It was the exact delivery of Graham Voice I was hoping for
Saphling: Run save?
BigGayJulia: Also hey G, I changed my name from tastethebeams, just to keep you in the loop :P
cuttlefishman: Kinda small for the center of the planet
I_Am_Clockwork: wow small planet
Foxmar320: The gangs back together
zaooo: Ooh, it's live. See you fine people in the VOD, technically.
ritchards: chewy noughat?
Alahmnat: time for the thickest of wets
I_Am_Clockwork: like teeeny tiny planet
TheWarbo: feels like thicc wet, smells like aloe.
kat2kool: sweet, more drugs
theshinyakuma: i would be very careful with save crystal. its been known to be very glitchy
SnivianMoon: We've reached the depths of the thick wet. The deepest, thickest wet.
EternalXDrifterS: Vincent ominous emo walk in
I_Am_Clockwork: if you were able to walk to the center in less than an hour
Foxmar320: Ummmmmm
cuttlefishman: seems dece
lilyoswald: huh
Wrexadecimal: wat
Saphling: thanks, Vince
Ipsen13: -jump-
AlphaHelixNZ: This went a lot faster than I was expecting.
dialMforMara: what does it do
snowcookies: woah
tenthtechpriest: thanks vincent
TheWanderingNomad: I like how all the mandatory characters on the top row and the two extras are on the bottom
grgriffin3: Daaaamn, Vince!
NojhLivic: Umm. thanks?
Lord_ZYRK: "No biggie"
LadyAiluros: MegaAll is good stuff
awkwardreaper: hmmmm center of the earth what a lovely room of death you have hear sephiroth hahah
mowdownjoe: WAT
Diabore: dang vinnie, nice grab
etherosleveque: Think E-Theros.
wildpeaks: daang
sivakrytos: if you want the stuff you should go back anyway
Alsritt: did we qualify for a 2 or 3 party fight?
TXC2: that seems important
malsareus: How long have you been holding that Vincent?
drfox17: wait, is that like, All + Magnify?
Robot_Bones: you could have gone back before here to get dupes
northos: give back.....the elixir?!?!
Wrexadecimal: What'd Yuffie grab? I wasn't looking
LadyAiluros: Yuffie plz
grgriffin3: Yuffie we have like 20 of those, you aren't special
tenthtechpriest: I don't think yuffie understands how elixirs work
KydrouKair: Kinky
amative1: It's a consumable... if you want the empty bottle, I guess I can give it back...
Nydestroyer: As a Vincent it also freaks me out when people play final fantasy because its one of the only things that has someone named Vincent in it
Saphling: it's a frustration to get
kat2kool: @Wrexadecimal megaelixir
Wrexadecimal: @kat2kool ahh
Lord_ZYRK: *immediately drinks MegaElixir* *Hands Yuffie empty bottle*
Huschel23: Vincent just shot it
Saphling: Every Action
BrindleBoar: now you see the power of the Naruto run
Foxmar320: Vincent's got you bro
drfox17: oh myyyy
amative1: GIVE IT TO TIFA
KingJimmeh: Wow
northos: does that include slash, or only magic?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Do everything all the time
noSmokeFire: all all
RegulusPratus: ALL IS ALL
jonasjonIV: everything you di is all
Wrexadecimal: All all, all the time
drfox17: wait, so ... Deathblow All?
Crad0k: including attacks
wildpeaks: that's all folks
Mangledpixel: everything, all the time
TXC2: All all I mean all all
Lafajet: Vincent out here just validating every overpowered fanfic written about him
Saphling: I would be curious to see Deathblow-All
Caralad: *blinks*
dontortelli1981: hello
cuzuki: yup
SpikySpahgetti: Every all?
malsareus: apply all to all
enduringevtron: all the alls will all without alling your alls
NoTomToLose: Everything is all... once, right? Until you level it?
I_Am_Clockwork: life in the fast lane
CAKHost: Even the summon? :O
mowdownjoe: Give to Weapos Platform.. I mean, Tifa.
silenceaux: Wait, triple links?
Sakevi66: ALL IS ALL
Crad0k: yeah, auto slash-all
NoTomToLose: I think it does, it works with Morph
NojhLivic: Summons? DO you summon for each enemy?
SpikySpahgetti: Sets of all include all.
lilyoswald: only one way to find out
peejeeful: lets find out
Thisbymaster: 4x all?
drfox17: time for science?
d00t_boi: *Dave's Spokesman voice* "Everything is All"
BigGayJulia: G, any plans for Doom Eternal on stream?
kynelwynn: So anyway, here's WonderW-All
noSmokeFire: wiki says death blow works
Crad0k: The affected commands from Command Materia are Steal, Mug, Sense, Morph, D.blow, and Manip.. Equipping Mega All will change the Attack command to Slash-All,
x0den: try it? what's the worst that would happen?
Leonhart321: All is One and One is All
Himyul: r/all
ipoddodd: @kynelwynn NO
kynelwynn: XD
DrChairthrower: @kynelwynn ow no
aesir_blade: is slash all similar to the @everyone materia?
hunkajunk: Wait, are you not using double cut then?
dialMforMara: @kynelwynn pronounced wonder double all
Zaghrog: I don't think Mega all does anything with SUmmons
SpikySpahgetti: !servo facts
dontortelli1981: you don't need slash all if you're using mega all it's automatic
TXC2: Himyul ah yes the forbidden subreddit Kappa
Thisbymaster: switch out Cloud's weapon
Nemanthil: Wiki sats d.blow should work with megall
Leonhart321: @kynelwynn Dammit I almost missed that
PipPosit: Deathblow+Added Cut all.
Huschel23: I'm not sure that's true
Rhynerd: !Subscribe servofacts
LRRbot: You are already subscribed to Servo Facts.
kynelwynn: Gotchu fam
PipPosit: Kill all the things.
Foxmar320: I believe you G
ArboristAndrew: are we doin this?
RegulusPratus: Tent it up, my dude
lilyoswald: Is this point of no return?
awkwardreaper: be so funny if you can replicate that save crystal lol
Zaghrog: It's where I always put it
kat2kool: don't forget the speed source
Wrexadecimal: same
AlphaHelixNZ: I mean that’s where I tended to put it.
kynelwynn: @Leonhart321 You All-most missed it?
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Lord_ZYRK: Wtf Graham that was two pixels too far to the left DansGame I'm telling the FFVII community on you BabyRage
awkwardreaper: i want saves everywhere hahah
PharaohBender27: !unsubscribe servofacts
LRRbot: Thank you for subscribing to Servo Facts.
Huschel23: Well, then it's true for you ;)
SpikySpahgetti: The council of save crystals has spoken
Mangledpixel: oh yeh don't remember to use the sources
dontortelli1981: sephiroth is a punk ass bitch
Alsritt: !quote crater
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Zaghrog: Maybe equip Ultima Weapon on Cloud?
sadboijamz: is it time to mosey
Lafajet: Let's mosey
Mangledpixel: *don't forget
kat2kool: Vincent's got his fan going again
Saphling: nice
Zaghrog: You'd have to climb up to the intersection to get there
RomanGoro: !moo
KevinTheShark: It would be amazing to W-Item the save crystals
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon?
Nemanthil: Mega All will cause attacks, commands, and magic spells to hit all enemies or all allies at once. This gives it the effect of having linked All Materia on all magic, as well as an equipped level 1 Slash-All Materia. It is also the only way to allow Steal, Mug, Sense, Morph, D.blow, or Manip. to hit all enemies.
RomanGoro: !mousy
andrew: lrrMOSEY
SignificantOtter: it happening
lilyoswald: MOSEY
TXC2: hello andrew welcome
Twinklebees: Oh boy, time for some *music*.
cassaclyzm: I love this part
Zaghrog: Cloud could be using a more powerful weapon
orbitaltuna: transform and rollout
TXC2: Transform and roll out!
Crad0k: yeah, there's more stuff you could get, but none of it is really worth the time
PharaohBender27: "I'm trying to play it cool here, Cid!"
TXC2: Cloud says mosey in the remake right?
Nemanthil: Maybe check up on your equipment and materia?
Zaghrog: ^
Lafajet: With how they handle swearing the remake, I look forward to see what they do with Cid in that regard
AlphaHelixNZ: So just to confirm, sending a message with bits is just: cheer command + number of bits + message?
RegulusPratus: Oh no, look at all those monsters just slightly out of frame!
amative1: "I'm not doing all the voices" ** proceeds to do all the voices anyway
Foxmar320: TXC2 he has a Texan accent and everything its great
CaptainEnder7: Change weapons?
TXC2: AlphaHelixNZ I think so yes
Leonhart321: I need my waifu and I need our dog
Wrexadecimal: The Smooth McGroove version of this is fantastic.
Critterbot: Yeah, should probably have used a tent.
Saphling: Cloud should have his Ultima Weapon.
Zaghrog: Weapon check
lilyoswald: this music is soooo good
cassaclyzm: It's gettin' close now
neuroflare: thats jenova's music!
Critterbot: It'll be fine though.
BrindleBoar: chonk
Foxmar320: Oh hi
Nigouki: thicc
lilyoswald: hello sir
PharaohBender27: @AlphaHelixNZ I usually click on the diamond shape by the chat box and choose from there
TheMoatman: God I love J-E-N-O-V-A
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: That's a large lad
sing_o_muse: that's a big boi
sir_jack_DB: who's this thirsty fella?
NightValien28: big lad
Diabore: oh he a swole mans
TXC2: Foxmar320 I know that not to be true, but I wish it where
Critterbot: Oh that's a big lad!
GapFiller: O DAT BIG LAD
Rockario: "Say it right Cloud, LEEEEET'S MOSEYYY!"
PharaohBender27: lrrSPOOP
UnknownGerm: WHat an absolute UNIT
TheMoatman: It's such a jam
grgriffin3: Oh hello Exodia
northos: waaaait a minnit
I_Am_Clockwork: I, Ron Man
TXC2: iron mang
wildpeaks: someone ate a lot of soup growing up
dontortelli1981: I use final attack and Pheonix on all three of my party I ressurect constantly if I die I also like Bahamet zero with quadra magic and with summon materia
godort: RDJ has hit the gym
GapFiller: I! AM! IRON! MAAAN!
LadyAiluros: jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball jlrrIronball
TimeToFry: The long awaited crossover
Foxmar320: TXC2 maybe when it comes to PC with mods :P
Rhynerd: That’s a big boi.
Hotrob_McAwesometon: @alphahelixnz the arrangement can be any which way as long as the cheerX command is in there
Aquarionics: Tony Stark's been workin out
Rockario: Iron Fella
mowdownjoe: That's not Tony Stark!
Alsritt: well, now i know where Kingdom Hearts got it's inspiration
LordOfMalice: Is this the MCU?
RegulusPratus: Mug him for RDJ's autograph
fexworldwide: Legally Distinct Iron Man
grgriffin3: He needs the guitar riff
TheMoatman: Oh I killed a ton of these guys in Kingdom Hearts
jdkirkham03: iron giant
Hangedman: these big boys also had a rad design at the end of FFIX
Caralad: This boy does not skip leg day
TXC2: Foxmar320 we can only hope
PharaohBender27: That sword's as big as God!
etherosleveque: Cloudbuster armor?
Crad0k: at this ponit, regen all is probably better than barrier
GapFiller: looks more like Warmachine
MyrddintheWizard: jlrrBall
lilyoswald: I gotta play though FFVII and FFIX again
TheMoatman: No Red, I think that dude is the Big Guard
ArchRequiemD: These were annoying in FFX
I_Am_Clockwork: finally someone with a bigger sword than cloud
SaiaseiGM: That movie came out 12 years ago today.
TXC2: wuh magic
AlphaHelixNZ: It seems weird to me that there’s an enemy skill you can only get from one of these battles, well past the point where it would be of any real use.
Zaghrog: Ultima Weapon time
fexworldwide: Do you think Cloud had sword envy when he saw that guy?
DrChairthrower: jlrrIronball
drfox17: Tifa Lockhart clap clap clapclapclap
RaynMurfy: Looks like death blow all is working
uberdan1337: Did I miss something? When did Tifa start Deathblowing-All?
TXC2: SaiaseiGM get out Kappa
sivakrytos: @AlphaHelixNZ no you can get it earlier in the crater
KingJimmeh: Except Tifa
Foxmar320: Tifa knows whats up
Hotrob_McAwesometon: Cheer100 boss is calling for a meeting, so I gotta step out for a bit - good luck with the world saving
TheMoatman: @SaiaseiGM I thought Iron Man was 07?
dontortelli1981: this dude is gonna have a bit of trouble killing sephroth he can but he'll struggle
Leonhart321: Tifa already has hers
TStodden: Considering we're at the end-game... might as well go all out.
Robot_Bones: she already has her ultimate weapon
northos: tifa has all all
Zaghrog: I'm not sure if it would be a downgrade for Tifa
kat2kool: Tifa has MegaAll
noSmokeFire: tifa *is* the ultimate weapon
AlphaHelixNZ: She IS the ultimate weapon.
Aquarionics: Tifa already _is_ her ultimate weapon
noSmokeFire: eyy same hat
uberdan1337: I see
Crad0k: plus, tifa's is based on her limit guage, she's worthless if it's not full
TheMoatman: Huh, I guess it was 08
AlphaHelixNZ: @nosmokefire Hah, ninja’d.
DrChairthrower: @themoatman definitely 08. Also yikes 12 years.
dudecon: 112 isn't that much more than 99 though
drfox17: maybe give pre-emptive to someone with big guard
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Thisbymaster: mime'
dontortelli1981: <message deleted>tifa has big boobs lol had to say it
kat2kool: Does someone have Kotr?
TheMoatman: Oh right, I was still in 7th grade at this point in 07
Zaghrog: Double Cut on someone?
Himyul: ultima mp-absorb is a great combo
TheMoatman: *08
TheMoatman: That's probably why
Zaghrog: Cloud Double Cut
Pandax0: HP<> MP!
thatjerkherc: double cut
jameswanders: did we win yet?! :D
PharaohBender27: katesNope
Saphling: a mistake
Foxmar320: NOPE kill it
TXC2: Jameson920 working on it
DrChairthrower: I had to choose between senior prom and Ironman release. I chose poorly.
Critterbot: Zombie dragon.
GapFiller: YIKES
hunkajunk: Huh. You have 8 megalixirs. I wonder if you'll have the time to use all those before the end of the game...
Stoffern: Pointy
kynelwynn: Bone dragon?
RegulusPratus: Say hi to Clawdaddy
BrindleBoar: it's ya boi dragon zombie
drfox17: big guard?
dontortelli1981: almost to jonova
jameswanders: wow, "Only Opponents" bug is here too
EldarLuin: Oh good. Didn't miss the big baddie boss fight yet
Huschel23: I think this thing has a weird E-Skill. Something was up with that...
grgriffin3: It's a Dracolich!
Saphling: Draco-lich
TXC2: a tyranid is what that is
Hangedman: oh dang i love yugioh
Saphling: yiis
aussie_rob_w: lrrSPOOP
kynelwynn: So give it an X-Potion
snowcookies: WHo let dragons be zombies?
I_Am_Clockwork: that hting looks like Cho'Gath from league o.O
aussie_rob_w: lrrFINE
AntiCrepuscular: looks like a spiderdragon zombie to me D:
Saphling: yessss
embyrr_the_dragon: Ah, it's gaping dragon
monakai: And now, the one time Pandora's Box, glitched to only ever be cast once per game.
Manae: Added effect?
Saphling: The ESkill you can only get once per playthrough!
kaffeetrinken89: Is there are difference between a dragon zombie and a zombie dragon?
TimeToFry: ?
Foxmar320: LOL
TXC2: snowcookies the Game of thrones writers? Kappa
Caralad: ?
Dared00: ?
awkwardreaper: lol
sing_o_muse: uhh
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
drfox17: WHAT
orbitaltuna: ?
KevinTheShark: Well i GUESS thats what a dragon zombie would look like
Zaghrog: This is a one time experience. It nevers happens again
DiscordianTokkan: ?
Rhynerd: It’s like gaping Maw came back from the dead as a skeleton
andrew: wat
Pandax0: ?
TXC2: ?
razorswift: ?
grgriffin3: WHAT
sir_jack_DB: ?
Nigouki: ?
Baldrash: ??????
CaptainEnder7: ?
Foxmar320: ?
ghostvalv: ?
Dothewhatnow: ?
wafflesoup: ?
godort: ?
dialMforMara: uhh
Huschel23: @monakai : Ah yes, that was it
Invitare: ??????
Q_sic: ?
NightValien28: ?
Saphling: it can only be cast once per play through
mowdownjoe: ???
wiggins: ?
cassaclyzm: Ummm
wildpeaks: uhhh LUL
amative1: ?
x0den: ?
HisEvilDomain: there are only two locations you can fight this monster, both really short areas
Critterbot: This is a missable enemy skill, it will only be used once ever.
grgriffin3: ?
Saphling: YES
1losttheGame: WHAT WAS THAT
RaynMurfy: ?
TamesLovesGames: ?
Shemerson: and he'll never use this attack ever again
AntiCrepuscular: ?
tezzerettinkerer: ?
Wrexadecimal: PLEASE let that be in the remake when it happens
Nemanthil: ?
accountmadeforants: Hit 'em with the ???
snowcookies: lol
drfox17: um
kaffeetrinken89: the riddler attacks
Himyul: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: fitness
awkwardreaper: i completley forgot about that hahaha
frenzyfivefour: WHATS IN THE BOX
Saphling: nice
TXC2: Riddle me this shit
ElderAtropos: QUESTION MARK!
wiggins: what's in the box!
dialMforMara: how does that work
ArchRequiemD: ?
EldarLuin: The attack of the giant ???????
RegulusPratus: That was what, correct
Hugh_Munculus: katesWat
LadyAiluros: yeah lernable skill that you won't have cuase you can't goback and save
Q_sic: Step3: Profit
grgriffin3: What...The HELL just happned
KevinTheShark: You have th epower now!
embyrr_the_dragon: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: an undead cat
UnknownGerm: ?????
Saphling: it will only be used on you once per playthrough
Tregelen: the enemy uses it once
Zaghrog: No, enemies only ever use it once in the whole game
Shemerson: the enemy only ever uses it once per save file
Critterbot: No, it will only be used on you once.
Himyul: no, that was the ONE time the bad guys use it
LadyLockwood92: is this a dark souls?
SnivianMoon: Now I just want an enemy attack that damages players with the MISSING TEXTURE error.
awkwardreaper: they must have ran out of ideas for art and just thought meh why not a ?
sivakrytos: no YOU can use it as many times as you want
Rockario: That looked like the opening to a gameshow
Foxmar320: One way to find out :P
razorswift: it does ?
Shemerson: once per save file
Saphling: It does ?
HisEvilDomain: ^^^
Zaghrog: If you fight that enemy again, it won't use it
Marenai: I had to go get food did I miss plot.
Shemerson: I think you have to start from the beginning again
kaffeetrinken89: It does ? POWERFULLY
Tregelen: it's like e-skill ultima
LadyAiluros: yeah but you can't save -- you can enounter them somewhere wlse in the crter
Shemerson: if you want it on all the Eskils
Rhynerd: Pandora’s box cannot be refilled, I guess, unless you’re a protagonist.
x0den: what did it do?
sivakrytos: the white boxes are the box
sivakrytos: *boss
GamesAndInk: Deals heavy damage, ignores defense
Saphling: Pandora's Box will only be opened once
theshinyakuma: use ?
Zaghrog: nobody, because you didn't equip it
Crad0k: the game sets a flag the first time it's used, and then checks for the flag
awkwardreaper: yeh i want you to use it see what happens lol
Thisbymaster: no one
Saphling: ???? is actually a different E-Skill
Crad0k: mega all overrides double cut
Zaghrog: Probably would be nice to equip Double Cut, yes
Huschel23: can we Dispel its barrier? If that's worth it
zed_alpha: cheer500 THRILL as FInal Fantasy 7, with a single special attack, effectively summarizes my entire emotional state for the last month or so.
jameswanders: Does anyone know how the BattleSquare enemies are randomized? Can they be anything from other parst of the game?
Critterbot: No one is using double cut atm.
Rhynerd: According to chat, nobody has double-cut.
hunkajunk: The standard elemental magic materia don't really do enough damage to be wroth equipping here
kaffeetrinken89: death dispells barriers, it appears
Zaghrog: Double Cut materia is definitely unequipped
zed_alpha: eh, the sword isn't that great
Foxmar320: Grand Sword not so grand
Nemanthil: HAhaha: "Casting Pandora's Box on Proud Clod at the Battle Square with a party member and the enemy both having Reflect can result in an infinite loop reflecting back and forth between the party and the enemy.""
Mangledpixel: no no, this is the previous one's cousin
TXC2: jameswanders I believe they're random from a list
Zaghrog: Equip Double Cut?
zed_alpha: Do you often use any of your other party members?
AntiCrepuscular: Imagine if *that* was cloud's ultimate sword LUL
Critterbot: Dispell will be useful for the finial fight.
cdutson: oh are we beating the game now?
Foxmar320: Yes
theshinyakuma: yes
Zaghrog: Double Cut is not equipped to anyone right now
NojhLivic: Yup!
jameswanders: @Nemanthil wow. Who'd ever expect something called "Pandora's Box" to be a problem?
Saphling: yup
BusTed: for realsies
fastlane250: Guess I tuned in at the right time. lrrAWESOME
Tregelen: of you use knights of the round on the next bosses the final one will be stronger
Critterbot: You passed the point of no return a while ago.
Zaghrog: oh well, no double cutting
Foxmar320: End Game
Nemanthil: @jameswanders Haha, yeah.
Inari_Kitsune: @nojhlivic waves!
Twinklebees: Time for my personal favourite boss music in this game.
NojhLivic: Here we go again!
dudecon: not gonna... save?
TXC2: and now the game truely begins Kappa
Saphling: alas for doublecut, my favorite materia
NojhLivic: Inari_Kitsune Heyo!
Hangedman: real demanding folks in chat today
lilyoswald: commence the end game
cdutson: but first, some jenova
AlphaHelixNZ: Cheer95 Graham! Thanks so much for this Play it Forward. It’s been a hell of a ride. Too many thoughts to cram into such a short message, so just... thanks. =) P.S. I’m a Kiwi, it’s “enZed” not “enZee” Kappa
Diabore: now the game truly begins
PharaohBender27: lrrSPOOP
tenthtechpriest: hi mom
beowuuf: he on;y gets the reference in the remake
monakai: Banger alert incoming.
Foxmar320: Gross
Saphling: Love this song
Stoffern: Are we done with the tutorial?
EternalXDrifterS: And now to enter the best boss music!
Mangledpixel: wibbly wibbly wibbly wibbly
kaffeetrinken89: are there eldrazi on ffVII world?
Nemanthil: Yes, don't use knights. Makes stronger later.
cdutson: the twitching part is weird
Saphling: such good music
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
I_Am_Clockwork: the slap slap slap sound is silly
Lafajet: Space Mom is here
Nydestroyer: Vincent mvp
Wrexadecimal: lunarTunes lunarTunes lunarTunes
Camail: she kinda just tussles your hair
RomanGoro: Dit that just make the mistake to b slap Tifa?
Critterbot: This is the first of the final 4 fights, and 3 of them have it's own music. Enjoy guys!
Aquarionics: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
UnknownGerm: So is this just one of the songs playing in reverse? it always sounded super weird to me
UponMyOath: I've been impressed with how consistently horrifying the Jenova designs have been
northos: ah, the SECOND best boss music we'll hear today :P
LadyLockwood92: space tiddy
Wrexadecimal: If you ultima Jenova here, final boss gets extra HP, I think?
BusTed: Squid4
RegulusPratus: Dat Jenova booty, 10 metres and perfectly spherical
AlphaHelixNZ: Birth, Life, Death, Synthesis.
razorswift: 4
muondecay: ultima
TheThromborax: woah that thing is almost NSFW
cdutson: its gonna hurt
Foxmar320: Im sure its fine
LadyAiluros: She casts Ultima
PharaohBender27: katesScared
HisEvilDomain: She casts Ultima and dies
Manae: Is that the moon from Majora's Mask?
EternalXDrifterS: HAste All?
grgriffin3: It's gonna enrage!
cuzuki: ultima iirc
cassaclyzm: It gives you a fruit basket
dastar512: GolemBoss in Chrono Trigger.
TNestor: lrrFINE
Qooroo: Countdown to cookies.
cdutson: big guard?
monakai: KotR here gives extra HP to the next 2 bosses.
zed_alpha: wait, was that it?
jameswanders: Let's just approximate Jenova as a sphere to make the math easier
zed_alpha: Was that *it*?
Polyd3uces: confetti
Saphling: love that music
cdutson: or just win, that's good too
Foxmar320: See it was fine :P
accountmadeforants: Fortunately, Tifa has her own ominous countdown
zed_alpha: Was that the final boss?
drfox17: doesn't matter!
RegulusPratus: We win, game done
GapFiller: well that was easy
Zaghrog: Countdown just leads to Ultima
cdutson: @zed_alpha nah
mowdownjoe: Well, that was quick.
amative1: Well, that's been Play it Forward
fexworldwide: It's like when your parents started counting down when you were a kid.
zed_alpha: Did you just make the final boss go out like a punk?
Saphling: wow
morgoth_bauglyr: lrrAWESOME
RomanGoro: Hey, chat, I think this party is OP
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
UnknownGerm: WUT
grgriffin3: Well damn
Foxmar320: So much XP
Caralad: @zed_alpha oh you sweet summer child
zed_alpha: @cdutson alright, I was about to say
jameswanders: Tifa's countdown _starts_ at 1
RobotHitchhiker: Wish that music went with a harder fight
Brozard: Corgo100 I’ve never played FF7 and only barely followed these streams, but I’ve enjoyed the hell out of watching you play then when I do catch these streams.
lilyoswald: if we assume jenova to be a sphere of uniform density
I_Am_Clockwork: sepheroth's mom was worth bank XP
AlphaHelixNZ: Huh. That didn’t last long.
hunkajunk: Time for.... THE BIRTH OF A GOD
Himyul: killing Jenova is one heck of an experience
mowdownjoe: Jenova's a jobber.
spurius: lrrSIGNAL
Leonhart321: So, considering we'll be done in 30 minutes, is there a plan for the rest of the stream Kappa
snowcookies: wow
RegulusPratus: "I learned a lot from murdering that orb lady."
sivakrytos: birth of a god also a major banger
Thisbymaster: that was just the pre-boss
northos: would you say this isn't even the final form? :P
Mangledpixel: wheeeee
jameswanders: @Leonhart321 New game+
GapFiller: ohhh the slowdown here on the original PS1 version
Saphling: Jenova: Don't come near me or my son ever again. Tifa: *....
PipPosit: What do you mean that isn't even her final form?
CAKHost: Freefalling!
awkwardreaper: im sure one of these turns you all into frogs lol
Lafajet: I like it when the game designers just go "screw it, give them all the EXP and AP"
TheThromborax: final fantasy, home of the "rule of more than three"
ShaneLeeAtk: Can we fight that again please?
KevinTheShark: Welcome to....the twilight zone
DrChairthrower: Ah yeah, let’s get weird.
BrindleBoar: fly into the danger zoooone
kat2kool: I learned a lot thanks to my murdering ways
zed_alpha: And now we get to meat god, I guess.
northos: is this...Kingdom Hearts?
peejeeful: yeah cause in ff you have only one boss battle and one form
Jonci_: Holy got really big
grgriffin3: Mood whiplash
cdutson: insert butterfly meme
drfox17: gang's all here
Leonhart321: We're Kingdom Hearts noe
jameswanders: even one empty rock, ouch
vrulg: butterfly meme . gif
EldarLuin: lol
awkwardreaper: ah the music
Nydestroyer: Looks like they are about to fuse
PharaohBender27: SEPHIROTH!
Alahmnat: rofl
Brozard: Is this...light? *raises palm*
drfox17: hahahaha
Saphling: "power"
RegulusPratus: Just keep swimming
amative1: Not yet G... wait a /bit/ longer =D
awkwardreaper: everyone loves
Himyul: it's over 9000!
cdutson: butterfly meme intensifies
lilyoswald: He cast float on everyone!
Shiz514: my favorite music right here
northos: no, that's just normal Cid :P
Laurence72: Cue the ominous chanting!!
Leonhart321: Is this his Stands power?
drfox17: Yuffie puking!
HisEvilDomain: Vincent seems fine
Masslost: is this a jojo reference
GapFiller: note again that Yuffie x Vincent being here doesnt scan w/ Dirge of Cerberus intro
Jonci_: Sephiroth uses "Personal Space!"
Lord_ZYRK: Dancing uncontrollably
jameswanders: Magneto's always seemed OP to me
Saphling: Vincent's over there, just fine
kat2kool: out of our league maybe, but Tifa's got this
Baldrash: Holy Moly!
CAKHost: He's getting ready to release his sweet jams!
Lafajet: -One-winged Angel intensifies-
Toucansuit: Just got done watching someone finish remake, and now to watch Graham finish OG
Brozard: Time for some spaghettification?
GapFiller: Gravity Squeeze!
Foxmar320: Choose your characters!
drfox17: Have you met our lord and savior Aerith Gainsboro?
Saphling: and never use them
monakai: You can also just make one real stronk party.
EternalXDrifterS: That was an easy boss... The boss gets up, the music is different.. The music has lyrics?!?!
I_Am_Clockwork: Test Your Might
vrulg: holy heiress batman?
orbitaltuna: we need the moly materia
jameswanders: Yuffie and Cait, windmill slam
Zaghrog: 2nd group doesn't matter
Lord_ZYRK: :grimace:
cdutson: oops?
LadyAiluros: ifyou do it right it doesn't matter
KamikazeAardvark: is it bad im just imagining a "and now fora commercial break" xD
accountmadeforants: Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission flashbacks...
Shockrates20XX: Is that Holy behind Sephiroth, physically blocked by him?
I_Am_Clockwork: Moooooraaaal Combaaaat!
ipoddodd: They’re grooving though
theshinyakuma: Choose Your Fighter
KevinTheShark: Never check in with the other group
BoblinTheGoblin69: did you forget to equip the premium hearts
EldarLuin: One Winged Angel Incoming!!!
mowdownjoe: Right... we do need the B-team.
Foxmar320: OH Good!
kaffeetrinken89: ouch
razorswift: welp
kat2kool: oh dear
Alahmnat: oof
cdutson: this is fine
snowcookies: oh no
Zaghrog: Doesn't matter, 1 groupn is enough
Foxmar320: So team of Yuffie and Cait Sith
enduringevtron: RIP
morgoth_bauglyr: bigger sephiroth?
Himyul: but you never need to switch to alt groups
PharaohBender27: So we're on moderate difficulty?
monakai: Just never look over at them.
Leonhart321: Or, alternatively, we just nuke him ASAP and move onto the good music, I mean bosd
Tregelen: dont need the other teams at all
cdutson: so what did you do badly against jenova?
Saphling: I never needed B or C teams
Lafajet: Me no am Bizarro Sephiroth
GapFiller: just an open call here: if yr ever get the chance go see Distant Worlds just to hear this nxt one live
Saphling: good break time
jameswanders: As opposed to the blatantly normal Sephiroth from the game so far
Radyin: How does Cait Sith still have reception down here?
GapFiller: well go see it for other stuff too but that especially
circusofkirkus: B team, just hide over in the corner, A team got this
cdutson: yeah I've never needed b/c teams
DiscordianTokkan: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Zaghrog: 'A squad will survive, teams B and C will not enter
thatjerkherc: b squad will be fine..... maybe
PharaohBender27: Agreed
Lord_ZYRK: Now is the time
KevinTheShark: Perfcet timing
monakai: THIS is the point of no return.
GapFiller: Brake Thyme!
Foxmar320: B team gets KOTR so they don't just die
Diabore: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (5:32 from now).
snowcookies: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
sivakrytos: there's no break between sephiroths
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
I_Am_Clockwork: A number of Bosses
AlphaHelixNZ: I think the first time I tried, my first team died and I ended up losing. It’s been a while.
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:26:25.
drfox17: so who's our team here chat
RegulusPratus: Just W-Summon Knights of the Round if you need a break during the fight
Lord_ZYRK: Hit the can? What did that can ever do to you?!
drfox17: Yuffie?
zed_alpha: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:05:25. lrrSPOT
Zaghrog: The other teams don'rt come in if you don't need them
Laurence72: nice spooky music to leave us waiting in :P
silenceaux: such ominous music...
kiyobean: Ooh the anticip...........
frnknstn: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a big big big and I mean BIG big
drfox17: I mean, we have to pick a B team
jameswanders: So... the game rated Gs Jenova fight at "B" level? What do you need to do to get A?
Huschel23: @kiyobean : Say it!
Zaghrog: I've never equipped the B and C teams
kat2kool: I think Yuffie, Vincent, and Cait have the next most levels?
amative1: How long, to the point... of no retur-rn!
AlphaHelixNZ: So here’s a question for chat: Favourite FF final boss fights?
drfox17: I'm thinking... Yuffie, Vincent and barret
cuttlefishman: HELL HOUSE
kiyobean: @Huschel23 .....pation!
frnknstn: This stream convinced me to give ff13 another go :(
cuttlefishman: or more like... HEEL HOUSE, amiright
kat2kool: Barret I think is the only one with two limit breaks
drfox17: @frnknstn why the frowny?
GapFiller: FFXIII has... problems
drfox17: oh i read that as FF14
UnknownGerm: Okay, so if how well you do against JENOVA determines how many teams you need to fight Seph, how in the hell are you expected to do better than G did here?
Himyul: you need to have certain character levels
silenceaux: might be a kill order thing
adun007: quad-cast Ultima all?
frnknstn: @drfox17 yeah 14 is great
Leonhart321: @alphahelixnz For Music, FFX Last Seymour Fight, For the Boss, FF6 Last Bosd
Lafajet: @AlphaHelixNZ I could make a list with just FFXIV bosses, but if we're talking singleplayer, probably the Black Waltz trio from IX for nostalgic reasons (they really aren't anything to write home about when it comes to gameplay)
Leonhart321: Last Boss
adun007: I have no idea, I was just spitballing ideas
GapFiller: personally FFXIII helped codify why I dont unconditionally love FFX is many of the problems w/ 13 are there in 10
Syntheticuh: ff13 is great and I think a big reason people hated on it initially was it's different combat system (action rpg instead of the turn based). Now people are used to action rpg combat so i dont think itll be an issue on a replay
Foxmar320: Welcome back G
GapFiller: welcombe back G
monakai: It is time.
TXC2: and we're back
GapFiller: lets kill Seph
drfox17: so who's the B team
EldarLuin: Hi G
EldarLuin: Sure
drfox17: sure
Foxmar320: Sure
cassaclyzm: I'm excited
snowcookies: sure
TimeToFry: Yes!
wildpeaks: go ahead
amative1: Go for it
vrulg: no
BrindleBoar: 1 party is if you take too long, your average level is low, or 1 or more characters are very underlevelled. 2 party is if your levels are medium or if you don't have Yuffie or Vincent.
Foxmar320: Oh good
Wrexadecimal: Shoot the core. :)
TimeToFry: WutFace
kaffeetrinken89: who is this guy and why did he talk to us, while he wasn't back?
vrulg: "magic"
TXC2: "sir, your magic is showing"
Too_Many_Knives: !advice
LRRbot: Watch out for the Orbitz.
jameswanders: @BrindleBoar what's 3?
arkilyd: We about to fight KENNY OMEGA!
KevinTheShark: Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes
Saphling: You put your left magic in, you take your left magic out, you put our left magic in, and you shake it all about
LadyAiluros: KOTR him into next week
BoblinTheGoblin69: please
kat2kool: ugh, sounds like Madarame in P5
shurtal: if Bizarro Sephiroth is anything like Bizzaro Superman, you defeat him with reverse psychology and hugs?
frnknstn: !advice
LRRbot: Hit it with the brick.
EldarLuin: lol
Wrexadecimal: Quad bahamut zero :P
Himyul: just double ultima it a few times, it'll be good
jonasjonIV: what is the difference between torso and core?
drfox17: but... who is the B team
EldarLuin: Good plan
Nydestroyer: But luckily we got the rng all attack right?
grgriffin3: Yeah, seems smart
Stoffern: "Yeah doc, I sprained my left magic"
monakai: KotR v effective in this fight.
BrindleBoar: jameswanders you win the fight fast, you have all the characters, and your levels are high
AlphaHelixNZ: To be honest I’m not even sure what my own answer to my question would be.
CAKHost: Sounds right!
peejeeful: kotr +mimic
shurtal: love the location name
CAKHost: Also you are in ????
drfox17: oh, use some items, great
Dezinkled: can you mimic Knights of the round?
TXC2: jonasjonIV core is the abs, torso the pecs
Wrexadecimal: @Dezinkled YEp
UponMyOath: Is Sephiroth the boss that has an extra phase to account for KoTR?
TehAmelie: oh hi
Zaghrog: Eh, it's not that hard. KotR seems overkill, let alone Mimicing
Saphling: When the carpal tunnel in your left magic acts up...
theshinyakuma: yes that is doable
PharaohBender27: ????
razorswift: 4x Pandora's Box
TimeToFry: ????
drfox17: do we still want the 60 seconds on tifa?
Himyul: Dezinkled you can mime W-summon KoTR
EternalXDrifterS: 4x the Knights of the round?
TXC2: "we're in the thicc wet now bois"
Laurence72: we are in 4 of the pandora's box
noSmokeFire: someone was saying that KOTRing an early phase buffs his last phase
Foxmar320: Oh! Ive been to ???? before. Was not happy with the service
OmnipotentTrevor: I've kind of thought that this fight here is the early ideas for the FFX party system. All coming down to the question of "how do we have the player's whole party fight?"
razorswift: that's where we are
jameswanders: @CAKHost I think this is a little south of ????, but definitely the greater ???? area, yes
drfox17: ooooh gun lance boys
kat2kool: gun bois
GapFiller: Team Grouchy Old Men
BoblinTheGoblin69: remember tifa's weapon
grgriffin3: SHooty lads!
Foxmar320: Cait Sith and Yuffie are like "Yeah thats fair"
EldarLuin: Gun boys and ... it's called a LANCE... helloooo!
AlphaHelixNZ: Maybe FFVI for story purposes, although any opportunity to listen to Exdeath’s fight music is something I’d leap on.
GapFiller: *correction Team Grumpy Old Men
grgriffin3: Death Penalty, great name
Crad0k: don't give him death penalty
Zaghrog: I wouldn't bother spending too much effort to equip these guys
Tregelen: just never swap to them
Leonhart321: Homemade pizza and One Winged Angel, let's do this
Himyul: they don't need it, just don't switch to them
CAKHost: @jameswanders but not ????, we don't talk about that place!
VoodontWoW: Welcome to Huhhhh?
EternalXDrifterS: Cait and Yuffie is the joke party
tenthtechpriest: team objective:survive
Saphling: Party of Thief and Spy.
Saphling: you can do that. just never swap to them
Zaghrog: Yes, really
helgridr: missing score doesnt do anything without materia
GapFiller: Yuffie x Cait Sith are Team Dan Hibiki
noSmokeFire: cait sith is baby sitting the teenager
Foxmar320: lol
GapFiller: Gravity Squeeze!
Crad0k: also, missin.... oh well, too late
drfox17: Yuffie: [PUKING]
Laurence72: and nothing of value was lost
AlphaHelixNZ: Heh. I used to use KotR + Mimic. Thoroughly cheesy.
TehAmelie: i just got here. did i miss this scene?
Alahmnat: everyone is here. and cloud
sing_o_muse: is Barret posing?
Caralad: By our powers combined!
kat2kool: "*everyone is here" *(everyone but yuffie and cait)
EldarLuin: This is so Japanese. XD
kynelwynn: G, have you seen Dan Floyd's FFVII Remake playthrough?
Foxmar320: Go team stuffed cat!
Tregelen: he's aiming his gunarm
jameswanders: Growing up whenever I played RPGs with more PC than could fit in your party, I always through I should play with the lowest level characters to help improve them.
Saphling: also good music
Leonhart321: What's wierd, in the Canon, Yuffie and Vincent get yetted out of here and go back and help Midgar evacuate..... and then we get Dirge of Cerberus
sing_o_muse: ah i though he had his arm crossed
Tregelen: banger alert
monakai: Controversial take: I don't like this song that much.
Critterbot: This is such a banger!
northos: "think about the sequence of the 5 targets"
theshinyakuma: kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM
vegetalss4: Sephiroth did not look like that a moment ago
Tregelen: nice, make sephiroth harded
Lafajet: It was nice of Seph to wait for you all to equip yourselves before attacking
Tregelen: harder*
PharaohBender27: Does Sephiroth have a second Sephiroth growing out of his head?
Foxmar320: Sit back and relax everyone
EldarLuin: Sit back and enjoy the show
shurtal: time to make a sandwich
BusTed: Time to make a sandwich.
hunkajunk: I have to say... I do wish we had a fight against Sephiroth in like, his normally presented form. Instead of Monster, Monster, and Shirtless
grgriffin3: ALright everyone, take 5 while the knights do their thing
Mr_Horrible: oh man, movie time
RomanGoro: This is the moment to take a break :P
Saphling: love this music
Critterbot: Turn it up!
GapFiller: but we just got back from break G Kappa
Caralad: Honestly this song hasn't stuck in my head that much compared to other songs. But that might be due to the fact I only did it once
Master_Gunner: time to sit back for a while, grab a coffee
mtg_fuzzy2wuzzy: Hi Gram
Pharmacistjudge: KoTR, time for another break
Himyul: did you get KoTR from chocobo racing or ganking Ruby?
TXC2: hello mtg_fuzzy2wuzzy welcome
jameswanders: I don't think I've seen this boss battle before... so far it's not holding a candle to the FF6 Kefka fight.
Manae: This took FOREVER on my poor old Win98 computer
TehAmelie: we're the knights of the round table, our animation's quite unberable
RomanGoro: Should I worry about that bit that's getting 0 damage?
dostrow_: KotR + Mime is so nasty
AlphaHelixNZ: Oh man. I haven’t heard this music in ages.
EldarLuin: KotR came with gold chocobo
mtg_fuzzy2wuzzy: Why does this attack exist
TimeToFry: Flashy
kat2kool: @Himyul rng manipulation
TehAmelie: someone has probably recorded that song 15 years ago
Huschel23: Sephiroth's plan was almost perfect. But he had not accounted for the Arthurian heroes coming to get him. Rookie mistake
LadyAiluros: the 90's were a hell of a thing
fexworldwide: I really wish the Knights of the Round Table from Monty Python played here.
TXC2: Himyul we followed a guide to get a gold chocobo in a bout 40 mins
AntiCrepuscular: Himyul chocobo breeding RNG manipulation
VoodontWoW: Get comfy!
Himyul: neat
Isaac3567: Doesnt this add like another 20k HP to the next boss?
Zaghrog: jameswanders the FF6 Kefka fight is quite something, yes. The next boss is pretty cool though
Caralad: @mtg_fuzzy2wuzzy "Lets show off what we can do with this newish console" maybe?
AlphaHelixNZ: Which is honestly strange given I periodically listen to FF music just because.
kaffeetrinken89: cho cho here comes the knight train
kynelwynn: Knights of the Round (In a way) exist as a Raid Boss in the Final Fantasy XIV MMO
grgriffin3: Well that was exciting
awkwardreaper: ahhh kotr its a good summon lol
Saphling: The reference to KotR in FFXV made me irritated
Foxmar320: Boss is having a moment
Sly_chocobo: er.. wow that was.... fast
Robot_Bones: GG
sadboijamz: nice
Too_Many_Knives: DOMINATED
Vyous: Oh
shurtal: GGEZ
MyrddintheWizard: lol
jonasjonIV: k
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
Ipsen13: SS Bizarro has sunk
Caralad: @kynelwynn wait really? I just got ff14. Sick
Critterbot: uhh...ok.
snowcookies: bye bye
Zaghrog: We didn't need KotR
Wrexadecimal: dunked
LadyAiluros: yeah that worked a trat
Jonci_: You have to inbreed a LOT of chocobos to get it
RaynMurfy: GG
fexworldwide: So we just one shot the boss.
Aquarionics: Wow
EldarLuin: haha <3
Tregelen: safer sephiroth gonna have a buttload more hp now
CAKHost: So Ghei again?
Lithobraker: gg no re?
Twinklebees: Dun. Dun. Dun. Dun.
BusTed: slytqShrug
ElderAtropos: that works
SnivianMoon: Yup, KtOR one shots that form.
jameswanders: done, good stream graham
GamesAndInk: Cool game
AlphaHelixNZ: It’s not? Kappa
TheMoatman: Two more
Saphling: yesssssss
PharaohBender27: So technically Cloud et al. didn't defeat him, it was the knights Kappa
Alahmnat: waow
t3h_f1gm3nt: ITS TIME
CAKHost: Or that one undead guy again?
Saphling: now the music
Mr_Horrible: kynelwynn yeah, looking at this, I'm actually impressed how much the knights in XIV are modeled after the ones from this sequence
TheMoatman: HERE WE GO
Laurence72: Wait! Is that latin I hear!!
AntiCrepuscular: get one-shot! :D
hunkajunk: I... I guess this is what happens when you don't use KotR on Jenova.
Zaghrog: I think I would have preferred a fair fight
adi_pie: Time to start up FF8.
Foxmar320: Its time
Leonhart321: I mean *gestures at WEAPON*
Saphling: bring da noise
grgriffin3: LEGGO
Mr_Horrible: hadn't realized before
GapFiller: also just putting this out there: if yr even get the chance to see Distant Worlds live GO if only just for this (well for other stuff to but mainly this)
DiscordianTokkan: SE-PHI-ROTH
theshinyakuma: Kreygasm
ArrestedHouse: PogChamp
drfox17: wow, just one shot
Genie_M: music up
awkwardreaper: one winnged forgifiying angel lol
cassaclyzm: yesss
KingJimmeh: Here it is!
drfox17: from Knights
RomanGoro: Kenny Omega's finisher!
Scy_Anide: Good ol' Octopus Sephiroth.
Huschel23: Father? Oh :(
EternalXDrifterS: Well then...
ArchRequiemD: Activate Latin leitmotif
KNACC: yessssssss
jameswanders: okay, yes, this is pretty sweet
EldarLuin: Needs more electric guitar.....
Zaghrog: KotR would make us miss out on sweet tunes
AntiCrepuscular: cues up Smooth McGroove
TXC2: I get one winged angle now
Nydestroyer: Its Yu Yevon!
kynelwynn: @Caralad It's in the Heavensward expansion so.. if you just got FFXIV, it will be a while
Nydestroyer: I mean
Kerrisis: Sepiroth got WIERD!
x0den: ff7r thoughts to fill in the free time after you're done here?
Nydestroyer: what
UponMyOath: This is gonna be feckin WILD in the remake
dialMforMara: ok, this is much weirder than I expected. And I'm not looking forward to the singing.
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winterstretch: Hey Graham, I watched asklrr this morning and you mentioned puddle lane which was a program my farther who passed away produced. was super sureal hearing it referenced in your video and i brought me lots of lovely nostalgia. thanks for the great content!
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LadyAiluros: the OG OWA
Crad0k: don't go too fast, let him do supernova once
arkilyd: @LoadingReadyRun But NO ONE kicks out of the One Winged Angel
JohnLockeCole: oh wow we cleared bizaro *FAST*
TheMoatman: Okay now do it again without Tifa Kappa
Atreides42: This song sounds awesome live.
Sly_chocobo: I so want Tifa to just punch him in the gut, and Seph to just *fold*
SpikySpahgetti: Super ultimate friendship final rainbow magical attack?
Juliamon: One-and-four-winged angel, really
Saphling: Seraph-roth
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Ah, the song that is the reason this game is 3 discs
shurtal: Good old Borg Gourd
BrindleBoar: Knights of the Round one-shots everything except this version of Sephiroth, the Weapons, and chocobos.
amative1: Estuans interius Ira vehementi. Estuans interius Ira vehementi. SEPHIROTH!
kaffeetrinken89: nobodys is planning to build a wa ... wiat a sec
fexworldwide: Yep. I remember playing this at the time and being like 'What. The. Hell."
Zaghrog: jameswanders I think this boss beats any single one of the FF6 end bosses, even if the whole package might be better in 6
SaiaseiGM: Cheer250 bah gawd that’s Kenny Omega’s music!
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Sly_chocobo: Who needs holy, when you have Tifa the destroyer
Caralad: There is a great video out there, where the man who composed this goes through his creation process for it
RegulusPratus: Okay, okay, okay, but is THIS the Promised Land?
Marcanius: Why do people call him a one-winged angel when he's clearly got 7 wings?
EldarLuin: I read that as Shadow Glare by the look on Seph's face. XD
offbeatwitch: honestly no idea how graham navigates these menus so efficiently
mowdownjoe: I remember a friend from my first LGS saying you could sing the theme to the Mickey Mouse Club to the tune of One Winged Angel and it works perfectly.
TXC2: to be fair though, this is closer to what Angles looks like Kappa
Foxmar320: :D
amative1: Estuans interius Ira vehementi.
DevInsanity: SEPHIROTH
amative1: SEPHIROTH!
Manae: If this was on Active Tifa would have died already just in animations
NathanJay_GA: Bah Gawd, that's Kenny Omega's finisher!
Laurence72 headbangs
OmnipotentTrevor: SEPHIROSS!
DougWrestleview: Cheer1000 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Oh good! Got here just in time to listen to Kenny Omega's finisher! Cheers!
Caralad: He actually made a ton of small riffs, and then kinda mashed them together
x0den: brentalfloss?
TXC2: *Angels
sorceress966: SCARYBOSS
Mangledpixel: FRITOS
PharaohBender27: SingsNote SEPHIROTH SingsNote
Foxmar320: SEPHIROTH!
theshinyakuma: kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM kkenJAM
PhorrestGaze: SEPHIROTH!
Too_Many_Knives: SUPLEX GOD
NathanJay_GA: Ha!
Gulleko: eogSing SEPHIROTH
KingJimmeh: Suplex Him!
drfox17: go tifa
Dezinkled: Is this the first time there are vocals in the game?
uberdan1337: MercyWing1 MercyWing1 MercyWing1
Bladinus: let him cast Meteor too :)
drfox17: suplex him
RegulusPratus: Yeah, give 'em the Final Heaven!
kat2kool: yasssss do it!
LadyAiluros: SUPLEX HIM
jonasjonIV: suplex sephiroth
grgriffin3: Alright, I get why everyone is so obsessed with the music in this game, this is a real banger
vrulg: I always though a bit of this song sounds like they're singing "ham and cheese"
Alsritt: all rise for the national anthem
peejeeful: spelex sephi
frenzyfivefour: NORTHERN LIGHTS
EldarLuin: PopCorn PopCorn PopCorn
SpikySpahgetti: bgirlWiggle
dialMforMara: I wish I knew what any of the other lyrics meant; that would make this song less off-putting
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: obviously this version is a classic, but I legit think the Advent Children version is probably one of the best compositions we as a species have created
t3h_f1gm3nt: @TXC2 wrong chorus :P
Saphling: nothing like reading the libretto of Carmina Burana, and finding these lyrics
Sly_chocobo: Can.. Tifa Suplex him? that'd be quite the thing
UnknownGerm: The interview Polygon did with Nobou Uematsu about this song is FASCINATING
Too_Many_Knives: Suernova incoming
Foxmar320: Yessss Tifa
Huschel23: I've been to the Distant Worlds concert twice and both times this was the last piece they played. Probably every time
PhorrestGaze: PrideWingL lrrCIRCLE
JellyAndKake: sephi sephi bishi bishi
adi_pie: Here we go. adipeMog
thatjerkherc: suplex!!!!!
KingJimmeh: Nice!
FormerlyFormal: go tifa!
SnivianMoon: Yesssss suplex him!
DRMagnify: boshi?
adi_pie: adipieMog adipieMog
Dared00: let's suplex a god
RomanGoro: Time to suplex an angel?
Syntheticuh: there was a magic card called Nefarox in a core set and everytime me or my friends would play it we'd sing this song ending with NEF-A-ROX gabyLul
Foxmar320: LOL
accountmadeforants: Now witness the power of this fully operational Tifa station!
ghostvalv: :)
mrMorphius: TIFA, suplex sephiroth into the sea
amative1: One-Winged Suplex
TimeToFry: LUL
TheMoatman: That's a little exceasive
sing_o_muse: LUL
Caralad: Byeb tifa
kiyobean: YASSS
AntiCrepuscular: I never wanted to see that angle on sephiroth
Foxmar320: :D
Saphling: veni veni venias, me me mori faustias
jonasjonIV: and she dies
amative1: 00
Blade_Tiger: Tifa is the true final boss
Jonci_: Just gonna suplex a God, no big deal
mowdownjoe: SHORYUKEN
SpikySpahgetti: The combo friendship attack.
RegulusPratus: Punch God is pleased
Huschel23: Now rest, Tifa
Mr_Horrible: "That lady just done piledrove a seraphim sofieGasp "
Naarius: lrrJUDGE Tifa is popping off
Lithobraker: Tifa from the top rope!
noSmokeFire: the planet creates a weapon whenever it suffers a grievous wound. Tifa is that weapon.
Rhynerd: @marcanius maybe the bottoms wings count as legs for some obscure reason? Maybe it’s supposed to be “one black-winged angel” but people just shortened to “one-winged angel” at the detriment of truth?
SpikySpahgetti: Falcon punch
grgriffin3: And then she died, the end
kaffeetrinken89: slow bird is slow
Too_Many_Knives: Here it comes
Critterbot: Here it is!
jonasjonIV: does eyes
Alsritt: whups, that one wasn't supposed to be caps
JohnLockeCole: So the first time I played this, I had levels like in the 30s, and this was legitimately scary, like the music and visuals are actually really intimidating and the fight can be really tough, it won't be for graham here, but it can be
Bladinus: yis!
Wrexadecimal: 2 minutes later...
Foxmar320: Time for a trip
adi_pie: adipieMog
Saphling: coffee break
Tregelen: strap in
offbeatwitch: tifa may have suffered a fatal systems malfunction
Caralad: Welp, time to destroy the universe!
sorceress966: the zoom in on his face, i camt XD
Kerrisis: Welp, ime to go make a drink.
Lafajet: "Did you suplex a god? No? Then let me deal with this"
Leonhart321: So, run ads?
PharaohBender27: o_O
Nydestroyer: The weird part about this is he can use it multiple times
Dared00: *Evangelion opening starts playing*
LadyAiluros: make a sandwich, chat
EvilBadman: MATHS activate
grgriffin3: Oh no, MATH!
amative1: Wait, is this Evangelion?
SpikySpahgetti: Uh oh
frenzyfivefour: Maths
Laurence72: I ike how this places FF7 on Earth
auxv: imma go get some water
RomanGoro: Oh no! Not Math!
Saphling: The ultimate destructive magic Comet
DevInsanity: Look out! He's using maths!
Diabore: and back to going late
kynelwynn: The random math always confused me
GapFiller: MATHS FUN
silenceaux: Math!!
SpikySpahgetti: Space batte
Nigouki: well i'm glad he did the math
razorswift: oh not maths!
Twinklebees: Veni-Veni-Venias.
eatkins95: nap time
CAKHost: Oh no. Math
kaffeetrinken89: math attack
SignificantOtter: it's this that one meme?
Blade_Tiger: Why is Sephiroth attacking you with the "lady looking at math" meme?
drfox17: some vector calculus?
Saphling: from outside the galaxy
LadyAiluros: i love the fake physics equations too
wildpeaks: unleash Science
MekaSasquatch: THE POWER OF MATH
Nemanthil: It has math! You're screwed.
shurtal: The beginning of Superfluous Square Magic Animations (tm)
TXC2: Maths, the most powerful force in the universe Kappa
Rockario: I have seen Tifa Meteor smash Sephiroth, my FFVII experience is complete
PharaohBender27: We'll defeat Sephiroth with the power of MATH
grgriffin3: Pluto nooooooooo
Foxmar320: Gone
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Smitteye99: get rekt pluto
Saphling: poor Pluto
drfox17: WHAT
AntiCrepuscular: OMG
frenzyfivefour: rip pluto
razorswift: NOT PLUTO
Lordofironstorm: WHAT
Jonci_: Get wrecked Pluto
EldarLuin: There goes the planet
wafflesoup: LUL
Saphling: didn't deserve that.
Lordofironstorm: HAHAHAHA
wildpeaks: wow
Lafajet: Pluto? GONE
ghostvalv: suck it pluto
DougWrestleview: THAT MONSTER!!!!
SpikySpahgetti: Nobody can defeat math!!!
lukyhemee: This ff7 remake looks very low res. Reminds me of a ps1 game.
Foxmar320: lol
AlphaHelixNZ: “And this one’s for Biggs, and this one’s for Wedge, and this one’s for Jessie, and this one’s for Aeris!”
Nigouki: just gonna pass by Uranus? Kappa
Saphling: poor Jupiter
Dared00: @kiyobean NOT ANYMORE
Too_Many_Knives: voooop
HyruleGirl9: NOT JUPITER
AntiCrepuscular: I forgot this ridiculousness :D
arcM128: Did they just skip Uranus and Neptune?
RomanGoro: WHAT???
vegetalss4: Thats amazing
Wrexadecimal: BAck when pluto was a planet, in the before times
SignificantOtter: Pluto was a planet at the time, leave it alone
Caralad: I forgot the names too. Haha
fexworldwide: Is Pluto in the remake?
the_elkae: um
RebekahWSD: what the...
EvilBadman: Uranus is safe
OmnipotentTrevor: He can do this attack multiple times though
LadyAiluros: Proof the Gaia is Earth somehow
tenthtechpriest: screw jupiter in particular
vrulg: they missed hitting your anus.
dialMforMara: bwoop
awkwardreaper: he cast's this but still need meteor to wipe out the earth lmao
Lordofironstorm: This seems excessive
TheMoatman: lmao
GapFiller: hey chat remember when Pluto was a planet?
TimeToFry: Christ that's hilarous
Lithobraker: Why don't we get to see Uranus get rekt? 0/10
sir_jack_DB: woowoowoowoo
SnivianMoon: Wait... Does this canonically make "the planet" Earth??
godort: 🦀 PLUTO IS GONE 🦀
Foxmar320: I want to see this in the remake :D
amative1: Napkin-ring Jupiter
Laurence72: Poor Tifa, missing all of this
Aquarionics: Sepheroth is the reason Pluto isn't a plante anymore
helgridr: and that is why pluto is not a planet anymore...
accountmadeforants: I'd like to think it's just passing through our solar system as it makes its way to the FF7 one.
Cactus_Cactus: Bells, frogs, pink cherries, peter pan, ham and cheese, SEPHIROTH
Genie_M: so this is .... earth?
Mr_Horrible: oh no he learned how to do ridiculously long cutscene attacks from us
togashinaruta: See, Pluto's not a planet.....
LadyLockwood92: 2 hours later...
kaffeetrinken89: now i want a donut
EldarLuin: Super nova!!
offbeatwitch: whoopsie
Invitare: isn't this how Bayonetta ended?
kat2kool: no no chat, Sephy destroyed Pluto BECAUSE it's not a planet
grgriffin3: This is all very silly
Dared00: please please please please "Miss"
TXC2: GapFiller Pluto was never a planet Kappa
CAKHost: Oh it blows up the sun!
itsr67: oh goodbye
BrindleBoar: just blow up the fukken' sun
SpikySpahgetti: Jupiter noooooo!!!
DiscordianTokkan: By Mercury
razorswift: now imagine how this will look in the remake in 10 years when this part shows up
eatkins95: Please miss
DRMagnify: oh right the Almighty
jonasjonIV: oh thank goodness, MArs is okay
CAKHost: That's why it is supernova
saucemaster5000: Wait... FF take's plac in our solar system??
jameswanders: Is that three note riff supposed to sound like "Sef-phir-roff"?
justanotherman: this music theme is fantastic
LadyAiluros: this is extra extra
Himyul: "miss"
enduringevtron: this attack seems slightly excessive
SpikySpahgetti: We in it now!
ContingentCat: whoops
t3h_f1gm3nt: pluto will always be a planet in my heart, dammit!
drfox17: Tifa: "I've killed dragons in less time than this, Jeez"
Uzumaki15: So he just...blows up the galaxy...
frenzyfivefour: thats where they got the korean bbq
adi_pie: Mars is safe then. Kappa
Lafajet: Well, bye bye Earth I suppose
OmnipotentTrevor: "Why don't we just get really dumb with this?" -The Developers
Saphling: edge of the sun is Right There
EvilBadman: It was earth all along? YOU MANIAC
RomanGoro: Turning a planet into it's component polygons is just rude
Smitteye99: all that jazz for 4k damage
dialMforMara: @jameswanders those are in fact lyrics
CAKHost: Wait, it kills the party by kill the player?
silenceaux: Mars got off scott free though
rrtycoon2: So, who needs meteor when you can just do this?
Foxmar320: hahaaaa
snowcookies: is this power called "planet destroyer"
ArchRequiemD: and it stops right at the party
vegetalss4: Are we the Cetra?
Mr_Horrible: Ah yes, Mercury, Venus, and The Planet
grgriffin3: This seems like a "you just lost" kind of attack
Tregelen: solar system's fucked yo
Ipsen13: sephiroth....explodes the sun, and we're all worried about a meteor?
Too_Many_Knives: Here comes the sun
offbeatwitch: the gang's just chillin
dslucia: yeah, this attack is so over the top
AlphaHelixNZ: A dwarf planet is still a planet. :Z
The_Ninjurai: What happened to Sephiroth's legs?
Caralad: Blows up the galaxy. Takes 5k damage. Ok next?
MrSVCD: This game is not political.... no, not at all...
Saphling: love it
Blade_Tiger: So why does he need to call Meteor if he can just BLOW UP THE SUN
Leonhart321: Huh, so this is the game before the Planet of the Aped
arcanist1740: we'll be in real big trouble if it touches us
Dared00: ooof
RebekahWSD: Huh.
KevinTheShark: *miss*
DevInsanity: Tifa's done more damage by punching things than Sephiroth does by blowing up the solar system
Saphling: yowch
Jonci_: Ouch
Beowulf_Bjornson: * miss *
Nenluen: so if it's earth, does that mean Korean BBQ is an ancient dish?
thatjerkherc: so Korean bbq is just a relic of the olden times
kaffeetrinken89: ff 7 was stranger than i remember
Huschel23: Thankfully we're safe in the planet's core
TimeToFry: Doesn't even 1HK LUL
Kerrisis: Aaaaaand.....5000 damage!
GapFiller: TXC2 okay but how many moons does The Earth have? Kappa
kat2kool: Tifa just having a nap as the solar system blows up
SamAmtiskaw: but then Cloud hits him with a sword, right?
itsr67: owww
SpikySpahgetti: Blow up the solar system
CAKHost: Are we all ghosts?!
Manae: So all that for Fallen Angel?
HadesLeprechaun: good thing he didn't have quad magic materia on
grgriffin3: This seems....Bad?
TheMoatman: Is this the only FF game canonically set on earth>
Critterbot: Megalixir time!
Syntheticuh: big hearty LOL to those that think this game isnt political
Crad0k: this attack only does % damage, it can never outright kill you
Rockario: If he could do this, why did he need the Meteor?
Rhynerd: So THAT’s why Korean BBq and Texas exist
peejeeful: he blows up the universe multiple times
RobotInProgress: Yawn
Foxmar320: lrrFINE
d00t_boi: Sun: *Is exploding* Tifa: I sleep
amative1: Limit!
LadyAiluros: the How OP Are You test was always can you off him before that cooks off
uberdan1337: What's an exploding sun between friends?
JohnLockeCole: Note: that attack does % damage, it can never kill you by itself
A_Catastrophic_Success: Destroys the entire solar system, but fails to kill you?
TXC2: GapFiller damn you Kappa
ArchRequiemD: Omnislash
UnknownGerm: My headcanon for that is that Sol is a different system, but it's on axis so blowing it up is still RUL BAD here
Marenai: this is so "look at the size of my [genitals]!
noSmokeFire: does he have anything to steal? Kappa
jameswanders: @Rhynerd not to mention Camelot
TheThromborax: no wonder disc 3 is so short!
Foxmar320: wow miss
EldarLuin: lucky tifa
Saphling: Sephiroth treis to break Tifa, and fails
TheMoatman: Although I do like the idea that Midgar isn't *on* earth, but Supernova is so powerful that it reaches to their planet
Rockario: Awooo!
Foxmar320: Yessssss
Alahmnat: haha
dialMforMara: what's the flavor win?
JohnLockeCole: and This will probably end it
LadyAiluros: oh just Onmislash him and get it done
fexworldwide: I love the idea of Tifa using Mug here. "He blew up the world, let's see what he has in his pockets."
Caralad: Do it cloud! Now!
Riandisa: When I fought Sephiroth here originally, everyone was eventually dead but Vincent in his gigadunk limit form. All I could do was put down the controller and cheer him on.
Saphling: yiiis
GapFiller: please let this be the one
grgriffin3: The flavor, it's delicious
Saphling: I hope it works
cassaclyzm: So many slash
TimeToFry: My left ear is lonely
TehAmelie: more slash than a Guns & Roses show
RegulusPratus: Now Mime it!
Saphling: boo
Hatty0: id use megalixers at this point over healing magic
GapFiller: damnit
uberdan1337: Those are rookie numbers.
Too_Many_Knives: Would be better if you'd healed first, because atk tied to HP
grgriffin3: I am deeply upset that that didn't win it
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Isaac3567: Shouldve let cloud heal up before that
EldarLuin: He's a big boi
ArchRequiemD: wow
kynelwynn: Take all of my Love, my Hate and my Anger! SHINING FINGER!
Himyul: the true flavor is Tifa killing him on a cover counter attack
LadyAiluros: Chonky Boi
AlphaHelixNZ: So, can anyone shed some light one why this form is called “Safer” Sephiroth?
noSmokeFire: time for mime!
GapFiller: 'more left in the tank' what is Sephiroth Mark Henry?
dslucia: yeah, cloud needed more health first katesLol
Tregelen: using kotr on the previous fight gave him a huge hp boost
silenceaux: You don't have Destruct hanging around, right?
EvilBadman: shit caps sorry
dialMforMara: whoa
Foxmar320: hahaaaa
SignificantOtter: NICE
Manae: @AlphaHelixNZ I think it was more "sereph" spelled wrong on purpose
northos: wow I never realized how much some of the FFXIV Shadowbringers enemy designs look like this
Wrexadecimal: enigmaPOG
Countjondi: Ultima isn't that a different game
kat2kool: dang this is awesome
Saphling: nice combo
LadyAiluros: @AlphaHelixNZ Mistranlation of Seraph Sephiroth
Rockario: Sephiroth, you were supposed to lay down for three! What are you doing?!
KevinTheShark: Oh LAWD
grgriffin3: I love the sound of that explosion
Critterbot: Can you cast ultima 8 times like this?
Smitteye99: so glad this lined up with my lunch break
sir_jack_DB: this is absurd
offbeatwitch: the noise channel in the [emulated sound chip does some WORK in this game
sir_jack_DB: xD
fastlane250: this sure is some sound
grgriffin3: Really sounds devastating
asthanius: Still shorter than KoTR
Saphling: FFVII Ultima-nia
UnknownGerm: wuh oh
AlphaHelixNZ: @ladyailuros Ah! THANK you. I’ve always wondered.
MekaSasquatch: about one tifa punch
Robot_Bones: Which spell? Despell
lukyhemee: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:43:10.
EvilBadman: Hit 'em with Beta to avenge the big snake
VoodontWoW: ariosa generosa
KevinTheShark: Use Pandora's Box on him?
Foxmar320: Lots of going to space this fight
dialMforMara: @LadyAiluros @AlphaHelixNZ Sefirot is a concept in Kabbalah, related to the in-game Lifestream thingy. It's not "seraph."
grgriffin3: And now we summon our own space-based atttack!
LadyAiluros: @AlphaHelixNZ NP!
SpikySpahgetti: Where are the gundams.
cassaclyzm: Aw yeah, space garbage
masterfrog316: pandoras box?
Saphling: Call Bahamut from the vasty deeps
Himyul: yeah, but yours doesn't wreck a solar system
sing_o_muse: Oh look it's stardust fragon
EldarLuin: Firin' mah pew pews!
Lord_ZYRK: Final Fantasy IN SPACE
sir_jack_DB: oh hai dargon
grgriffin3: You're not the only one with too many wings, Sephiroth!
Foxmar320: SEPHIROTH!
ArchRequiemD: Orbital attack Dragon inbound
Leonhart321: Who wins, Space Angel or Space Dragon
kat2kool: we can also try out that pandora's box eskill if we wanna be fancy
RegulusPratus: Six wings! Almost as good as your seven!
Lafajet: Space Dragon, coming to you shooting lasers, Space Dragon!
Juliamon: One-winged angel, meet six-winged dragon
fexworldwide: Activate the Kaiju Kannon!
jameswanders: ooops, wrong planet G
Alahmnat: it bothers me more than it should that his wings are all clip city as they fan out
SpikySpahgetti: White lighting attack!!!
Saphling: all the way to the bottom of the crater
OmnipotentTrevor: I'm now expecting the remake to just have a whole set of chapters in space.
Rockario: Cloud's space garbage is a dragon, therefore better
peejeeful: space godzilla
DarkMorford: @offbeatwitch Even more impressive because the audio engine in this game was basically a direct port of the one from the SNES FF games. So it's not even really using what the PS1 was capable of.
grgriffin3: 99nice
cassaclyzm: 99nice
amative1: Juliamon it's 12 times better!
northos: the one time where the scale of the Bahamut animation *almost* makes sense
Tregelen: nice
Too_Many_Knives: gg
awkwardreaper: i mean with all this overpowered materia how have they not destroyed the planet already hahahaha
grgriffin3: GG
Foxmar320: lrrGOAT
t3h_f1gm3nt: GG
itsr67: eyyyy
Wrexadecimal: yeeees
AlphaHelixNZ: @dialmformara I get that part, it was the “Safer” part that seemed odd.
asthanius: gg close one
EldarLuin: Bai bai pretty boi
Omega117: gottem
jameswanders: f
kat2kool: GG!
Critterbot: A winner is you!
Genie_M: 1 more round
thatjerkherc: gg G
SignificantOtter: byyyyyyyeeeeeeee
RomanGoro: EZ PZ
t3h_f1gm3nt: barrAaaandTIME
JadedCynic: hey guys, how's the fight....oh
dastar512: bahamut best boi
SwiftAlpaca: gg!
adi_pie: Ending with a Baha Blast
cassaclyzm: Ah but there's one last attack
SytYoshi: pennyBwomp pennySnowbwomp
GapFiller: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
KevinTheShark: Bahamut Saving the day!
snowcookies: yay
kynelwynn: lrrDARK lrrHEART lrrSACK lrrHAM
SpikySpahgetti: Ohhhh
Alahmnat: hooray!
lukyhemee: This ff7 remake looks very low res, almost reminds me of a ps1 game.
MyrddintheWizard: GG, G
awkwardreaper: gg
LadyAiluros: @dialMforMara Yes I know that b/c Trfareth is another Kabbalah branch -- but IIRC the wiings are where they got Seraph from
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
LadyLockwood92: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
neuroflare: woo now people who didnt get ultima weapon and omnislash can see it
DiscordianTokkan: A Winner is You!
SpikySpahgetti: bgirlGg bgirlGg bgirlGg
TheMerricat: Uh, one more?
Huschel23: Shouldn't have messed with Tifa's hometown
Wrexadecimal: Forgot this is how he dies
CandyNuke: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
ElderAtropos: GG lrrHORN
Ipsen13: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
paronomasiac042: Holy shit. I watched the whole story. I coulda *played* the game, dammit!
Atreides42: Now comes the hardest part.
grgriffin3: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
JadedCynic puts on dark glasses
LadyAiluros: they are paths on the tree of live in Kabbalah
Critterbot: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrGOAT
eatkins95: GG
SpikySpahgetti: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TimeToFry: Byee
Saphling: dragon-guided tactical strike from orbit, al the way to the bottom of the crater
Alahmnat: lrrGOAT
hunkajunk: You haven't done it yet...
SpikySpahgetti: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Genie_M: and now for the final battle
RomanGoro: What a weakling, not even a big NOOOOOO when they're defeated?
frenzyfivefour: lrrGARBO_TK Sep now
Mal2mad: You just got Pwned! F! T! W!
dialMforMara: @LadyAiluros tbh I'm not surprised a JRPG is doing Kabbalah wrong
grgriffin3: Boi got Thanos'd
DougWrestleview: That's what you get for Pluto!
Lafajet: That's a pretty nice effect for 1997
offbeatwitch: he's being turned into radio waves
Cactus_Cactus: Deleted Sephiroth
wildpeaks: razbutTen
DevInsanity: and now, the final interactive cutscene
Tomasu82: really milking that wasnt he
CAKHost: :D
TheBlueFool: jlrrBreak jlrrBreak jlrrBreak
Lordofironstorm: Ms. Jenova I don't feel so good
silenceaux: Return to the lifestream, Sephiroth.
sir_jack_DB: baleeted
dialMforMara: @LadyAiluros also "sefer" is Hebrew for book, so *shrug*
EldarLuin: Then the music died
JadedCynic: lrrHORN lrrGOAT GOAT THERE! Whale plaid Graham! lrrAWESOME
kynelwynn: Airhorns to the Victory theme
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PharaohBender27: Sephiroth? More like DEATHiroth, amirite!?
Leonhart321: Now, just remember, this last part is crucial. The slightest mistimed attack will end you
amative1: But what about B team?
Himyul: that wasn't even his final form!
LadyAiluros: @dialMforMara I mean Evangelion used it and didn't get it right eithr IIRC
Saphling: Yuffie is so worn out from nothing
EldarLuin: She's still motion sick
SwiftAlpaca: but wait, there's more
Decaped: Neat. I had never seen the endings since my saves got deleted in the crater
Aquarionics: *Cu-pling* Defeated Sephiroth?
jameswanders: Yes, Yuffie _didn't_ steal our material
GapFiller: mebbe Yuffies motion sick again
KingJimmeh: That's her Yeet'd pose
drfox17: Graham, she's been Puking that whole fight
CAKHost: Her motion sickness kicked up
vegetalss4: Maybe she broke her back when she landed
Huschel23: Planet shmanet, Barret
RobotHitchhiker: The FMV will take care of the planet
tenthtechpriest: go home proud clod
peejeeful: G you know how they do MTG + godzilla now, i hope they doe MTG + FinalFantasy some day
JohnLockeCole: yeah, cut Yuffie a break, it hurt when she fell from Heaven
drfox17: Yuffie's like a raisin after loosing all that fluid
wafflesoup: And just walk out like nothing happened
Himyul: I feel the cosmos
Caralad: Oh, you thought it was over?
accountmadeforants: "Everyone, line up, here's your 'You tried!' medals..."
DRMagnify: i feel the brownies kicking in
Lafajet: "Unless the planet messes up, in which case no home anymore I suppose"
MatthewDennisMTG: are you feeling it now, Mr. Cloud?
TXC2: does Yuffie have like ANY electorates left in her body after all the sickness?
Caralad: Guess again suckers!
KevinTheShark: I feel the need. THE NEED FOR SPEED
jameswanders: so... it's up to _us_ to save the planet?.... well crap
Nameless_Sword: ah one final.... 'battle'
kiyobean: Wheeeeeeee!
Too_Many_Knives: (Stargate theme)
Rockario: Let's go home Proud... I mean, Cloud
Aquarionics: Cloud *is* meteor!
enduringevtron: cloud just yeeted his spirit again...
Pheonix888: I for one am shocked....
EldarLuin: Dr Who
Foxmar320: Cloud having a Kingdom Hearts moment here
drfox17: @TXC2 she needs an IV
Laurence72: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Leonhart321: Get. Out. Of. Mah. Brain
AlphaHelixNZ: @txc2 I don’t think she’s zoned for electorates. Kappa
TXC2: yeap Stargate intro
GapFiller: DOCTOR WHO!?
Mangledpixel: and now the wormhole sequence from Stargate
insane_42: I do love me some SG-1
NojhLivic: Dr Who, StarGate, Sliders...
DiscordianTokkan: Cloud and Sephiroth's Excellent Adventure
grgriffin3: And now we are in double secret space
ArchRequiemD: Square cut scenes were always better than others at the time
Lafajet: Oooooh boy...
enduringevtron: finally found hte wormhole weapons!
Saphling: Love this
MyrddintheWizard: SUdden DOctor who openning is sudden.
jameswanders: @GapFiller got there just before me ;)
SpikySpahgetti: This is so 90s it’s great
DocHoliday9999: ahh Squaresoft cinematics
Saphling: Why hello
Alahmnat: lol @insane_42
TXC2: AlphaHelixNZ dame autocorrect :P
JohnLockeCole: And This is why I have a big problem with Advent Children, Cloud Dives into himself and Defeats the Remnant of Sephiroth that is Within him, as such he shouldn't be affected by Geostigma
RegulusPratus: I've seen this movie. Contact, right?
GapFiller: hi buddy
jameswanders: no twitch no!
Too_Many_Knives: ohai
Aquarionics: Stupid Sexy Sephiroth.
Isaac3567: @LoadingReadyRun I remember when i went to replay this game I could never actually get past the final fight due to a scratch on my disc. I could "win" but my screen would stay black and never play any of the final scenes
KevinTheShark: 'sup
DocHoliday9999: FINAL FIGHT
cassaclyzm: Aw yeah, shirtless sephiroth
Nameless_Sword: shirtless sephiroth…. oh my
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Saphling: Lovely
LadyAiluros: mah ovaries
DrChairthrower: And somehow this is still less trippy than FFVIII
theleerm: sup brah
dastar512: now we need the proper story finish
cassaclyzm: This is anime as heck and I'm here for it
Nameless_Sword: time to finish this
paronomasiac042: Ten bucks on the emo twink!
x0den: get that man a shirt
TXC2: the final battle in SPAAAAAAACE
thatjerkherc: omnislash!!!!
TreeVor84: and now they make out
grgriffin3: OK, this is sick as hellllll
Foxmar320: Do it
SpikySpahgetti: Oh jeeez
muondecay: TIME
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Wear the jellyfish with your ship.
Critterbot: It is impossible to lose this.
Saphling: noooo
Genie_M: aaand TIME
SpikySpahgetti: Cliffhanger?
Tregelen: lol
ArboristAndrew: so i neglected to get Omnislash before beating the game when i played it recently, and the game still gave me the Omni limit break to use
Zaghrog: lol
Too_Many_Knives: TIME
fexworldwide: 1 vs 1 final destination no items
TimeToFry: Uhhh
LadyAiluros: too slow G
KNACC: i love that sephiroth is shirtless for no reason
Saphling: missed the omnislash
BrindleBoar: counter steals the kill
Jarlax: died to counter!
Vyous: Haha, counter attack
Wrexadecimal: LOL counter-kill
neuroflare: LOL you waited to attack
Critterbot: Uhh?
Ipsen13: LOL
Jonci_: Ruined by the counter
Huschel23: Well, he was faster...
Crad0k: too slow
Leonhart321: XD
sivakrytos: THIS is bullshit tho
NoTomToLose: Too slow :D
DevInsanity: Did you just ACCIDENTALLY get the quick kill via counter?
Hatty0: ahahahaa
Nameless_Sword: oh boo
Foxmar320: wow
TXC2: Shepi put on a shirt man
Hatty0: thats amazing
EldarLuin: classic
Pteraspidomorphi: I'd never seen that happen
CLEwizard: what
dialMforMara: wow
dslucia: you weren't fast enough graham katesLol
Mangledpixel: ha!
Himyul: LUL
drfox17: what is that, like 2% of your health?
UnknownGerm: oops whoops
Alahmnat: lol, wow
t3h_f1gm3nt: LUL
tenthtechpriest: F
CLEwizard: what a let down
adi_pie: Perfection
Lafajet: lol
CAKHost: You didn't get it in!
wildpeaks: LUL
AlphaHelixNZ: So I did learn this until much later but apparently Cloud always has Omnislash here.
1losttheGame: LUL
Nemanthil: Hahah
grgriffin3: Oh that's gooooood
theleerm: lol
theshinyakuma: NOOO
PharaohBender27: :D
cassaclyzm: glad you got it in before, then, hahaha
Foxmar320: Ive never seen that
sing_o_muse: LUL
noSmokeFire: oh my GOD
1losttheGame: "you arent even worth it"
Mr_Horrible: wow G, no respect for cinema Kappa
eatkins95: The best
Baldrash: Cut-cut-cut! Take 2!
ArchRequiemD: anticlimatic
MyrddintheWizard: LUL
HisEvilDomain: yup, any action will killl S|ephy, even steal]
theleerm: perfect
KevinTheShark: Wooooow
DRMagnify: Speedrun strats
Smitteye99: moment ruined
frenzyfivefour: lrrGARBO_TK
Ipsen13: I guess that's a more....grounded ending
RobotHitchhiker: Womp womp
Nemanthil: Counter kill on sephy.
DiscordianTokkan: Cloud just casually slaps his everything off
t3h_f1gm3nt: yeah cloud always has omnislash for this one fight
AlphaHelixNZ: Hahahaha! Oh dear.
Zaghrog: yes, Cloud always has Omnislash there, it's scripted
Armstrong11139: Well, at least we got to use Omnislash on the other form...
theleerm: 10/10 good gameplay
kaffeetrinken89: off by one
rykaan: Start over!
Nemanthil: So good.
CAKHost: I was always wondering if that could happen!
thatjerkherc: the perfect ending
SnivianMoon: That was amazing
uberdan1337: lrrSPOOP
EldarLuin: Cloud is a Disney Princess now
ArboristAndrew: i actually feel that works better for me thematically
cassaclyzm: you oopsed him to death
quietcat: I’ve never played a FF game before but I am a Kingdom Hearts fan and watching this explains so much
accountmadeforants: Very western. I like it.
AlphaHelixNZ: Actually I think that happened to me once too.
itsr67: pave the save
dialMforMara: I hope the remake gives that a little more weight
DrChairthrower: I feel robbed.
Critterbot: Speedrun strats!
Rockario: That's such a good end!
TreeGamer35: legit did not know it could go that way
Vyous: Party777 Was a blast watching this playthrough, thanks Graham.
SpikySpahgetti: Time to unlock the secret ending
DougWrestleview: Planet Sauce
Nameless_Sword: we missed the final omnislash? well time to restart the game i guess
CAKHost: Because you usually counter with the limit too
KevinTheShark: Metal Gear?
ShaneLeeAtk: He only had 1 HP here.
Saphling: haaand
BoblinTheGoblin69: lrrGREED lrrGREED
Zaghrog: I think Spehiroth always gets the first trun, to make Cloud reach the limit
Dared00: thick wet?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: those SHOULDERS
asthanius: "Wow...Lifestream IS thicc wet!"
solring84: Doesn’t count, play again!
grgriffin3: HAND
Alahmnat: that was a very Kurosowa ending to the fight
wildpeaks: and now Cloud is a Twitch streamer
mrMorphius: Look, at least you got to hard cast Omnislash
JadedCynic: it Aerith? ;)
Electrodyne: Just got back from shopping, do I need to rewatch this from the beginning to see AMAZING things?
BoblinTheGoblin69: lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
DocHoliday9999: #AerisLives
Nameless_Sword: way to go G, you did it!!
coachNelly: Thanks for doing this playthrough!
kiyobean: Reminds me of when Indiana Jones shot that sword guy
MediocreGamer42: we still have to watch all the credits
vrulg: Lifestream, are you there? It's me, Cloud.
TheMerricat: That's not how physics wor but ok.
thatjerkherc: that boy can jump
kynelwynn: Cloud and falling, always falling
Himyul: this is why you don't skip arm day
PharaohBender27: ShowLove777
KevinTheShark: Cloud suddenly becomes a super badass
GapFiller: kiyobean phun phact that happened cz Harrison Ford had dysentry
SpikySpahgetti: The ole reach out of faith
TheMoatman: Wow, this looks almost like a ps2 game now
Lafajet: Cloud Stronk
peejeeful: suiced
paronomasiac042: The real promised land was the friends we made along the way.
grgriffin3: One arm while carrying to persons of body weight, Cloud is RIPPED
Foxmar320: The one arm
Leonhart321: *Cloud lets go* BAD END
KevinTheShark: Cloud's just flexing now
Robot_Bones: He was in SOLDIER ya know
MekaSasquatch: Stop talking about your ex with your current bro
Isaac3567: Did Tifa just use her chest to hold herself up on the ledge there?
dialMforMara: @grgriffin3 it's all those strength ups
gOckley: Did Cloud and Tifa just agree to a suicide pact?
LadyAiluros: And her bewbs hld them both up
JohnLockeCole: To be fair, Cloud is Legitimately superhuman
TXC2: so Tifa is what, 125, 130 pounds? Cloud is Stonk
AntiCrepuscular: 100% yes Isaac3567
Decaped: Sephiroth is hiding in his arm, like in metal gear solid
sing_o_muse: where's yuffie?
Juliamon: I mean, he DID spend the whole game wielding massive metal blades
Saphling: "Yuffie and Vincent fell in, but who cares?"
northos: haha doesn't show Yuffie or Vincent because they're optional
BrindleBoar: no Yuffie or Vincent
KinoGami: hmmm 2 people are missing...
KevinTheShark: Hey you guuuuys
Aquarionics: Except Yuffie and Vincent, who died.
Ciijay: Vincent and Yuffie just chilling elsewhere
awkwardreaper: are you surprised you've all seen size of buster sword he swings around one handed hahahha
Lafajet: Except Yuffie and Vincent I guess
JadedCynic: we WERE going home, but we didn't get very far before that tremor...
Saphling: oh cid
asthanius: Cid's 35, btw
noSmokeFire: cid's head is so TINY
dialMforMara: Extremely Square Cid
Nemanthil: "this is how humans talk right?"
Hatty0: wow i forgot about this cutscene
saucemaster5000: yuffie and vinc3nt died offscreen
RobotHitchhiker: Oh Cid's tiny tiny head
Mr_Horrible: Cid's shoulders are unusually broad
MekaSasquatch: @LoadingReadyRun fossil fuels!
itsr67: the cigarette drop
Foxmar320: welp
grgriffin3: Put that cig out, Cid, be careful
Robot_Bones: Cid has some big UwU eyes
GapFiller: NOTE Yuffie and Vincent were OPTIONAL characters in the original
accountmadeforants: Cid! Don't smoke in the Lifestream! D:
Caralad: lrrFINE
Saphling: he went Full Pilot
PharaohBender27: WHOOPS
Nydestroyer: I think he just dropped his sig into the life stream lol
Jonci_: One Airship Delivery!
KevinTheShark: Because of course this happens
Rockario: Nooo! His iconic cigarette!
Huschel23: Looks like some sort of FULL PILOT has arrived
Thisbymaster: did someone order delivery?
asthanius: Full Metal Pilot
uberdan1337: We blow up Mako reactors so...
noSmokeFire: by gawd that's Full PIlot's music!
TStodden: If Mako can explode...
thatjerkherc: anything is flammable if you try hard enough
Leonhart321: And now the Planet has a nicoteen addiction
itsr67: wheeeeeee
stco84: surf it
KidAmn: if Lifestream is thick wet, and oil is thick wet, then most likely yes
EldarLuin: Yuffie's not the one yeeting now
drfox17: I think we need those bits
amative1: Full Pilot, the REAL hero of FFVII
GapFiller: ah a classic outta the inferno
samu_btdp1985: did you fight any of the weapons
itsr67: D:
BusTed: Those parts seem important.
Nameless_Sword: escape pod time!
TXC2: the s-word
Lordofironstorm: HE CURSED
drfox17: what
Aquarionics: EMERGENCY JETS?
Jarlax: 1 more transformation
Vyous: OH RIGHT!
enduringevtron: there's a lever for that
sing_o_muse: ah of course
Robot_Bones: Finally cut scene curse powers
JadedCynic: "Thank goodness we have that lever!"
sir_jack_DB: ah yes, Airplane Mode
Mr_Horrible: why is there an emergency pull-cord right next to the floor?
NightValien28: why weren't we flying that one?????
sing_o_muse: the back up je
JohnLockeCole: This isn't even my airships final form
kat2kool: In case of emergency: JUST TURN INTO A JET
sadboijamz: the highwind has like 3 emergencies lmao
grgriffin3: How convenient
KinoGami: it converts into a jet plane
saucemaster5000: dang that's sick
BrindleBoar: RIP all of the crew though
Rhynerd: All but Ruby, I beleive @samu_btdp1985
Saphling: that's its second transformation
uberdan1337: BACK BACKUPS
Lord_ZYRK: Luckily, the airship that was also a rocket is ALSO a jet plane
jonasjonIV: this isn't even its final form!
NojhLivic: That's like it's third transformation right?
KevinTheShark: What is WITH this air vehilcle!?
beowuuf: flying machines, son
Nameless_Sword: the lesson for the day, always have an escape pod/plane waiting for you
DougWrestleview: Michael Jackson taught us well
BoblinTheGoblin69: what happened to the piolets limit break?
DrChairthrower: Battle bridge, separate!
Aquarionics: Couldn't we have chased Ultima with that?
snowcookies: in case of emergency, turn into jet
asthanius: Marlene's dress just changed
Huschel23: Marlene hears Aerith's music
GapFiller: oooh forgot we got a CG Marlene
asthanius: in a single cut
Saphling: Marlene's sort of okay
grgriffin3: I'm very upset that the Remake is PS exclusive for a year, because I have a powerful urge to play it now
JohnLockeCole: "Ok"
drfox17: let's be honest, she's the person we care about
DocHoliday9999: for an explosion that concentrated of that magnitude for a planet as small as this one - shouldn't this push their orbital path?
sir_jack_DB: HONK
enduringevtron: its a jet, dressed like a rocked dressed like another rocket
paronomasiac042: Bah-gawd! That's Aerith's music!
dialMforMara: don't let anyone tell you Holy is deus ex machina. Holy was set up well ahead of time. The real deus ex machina is Highwind showing up right then.
DevInsanity: That's probably fine, right?
Leonhart321: Beat me to it
Lafajet: Marlene confirmed demi-ancient
EldarLuin: Majora's Mask?
amative1: Oh. Right. Meteor.
Foxmar320: Midgar now doing great
DRMagnify: ah yes the blood tornadoes
ArboristAndrew: meteor-nadoes
TXC2: wow so like fuck the tides I guess
KevinTheShark: Well this is fun
Tregelen: midgar looking a little toasty
Alahmnat: oh right, I remember this part of Majora's Mask
GapFiller: grgriffin3 wait its NOT PS exclusive?
KinoGami: oh good. fire tornados
Huschel23: Is this Avalanche afgain?!!
NojhLivic: Al those people...
saucemaster5000: it's okay, link's fighting skull kid
Alsritt: "not a social commentary"
theleerm: is there more fight?
accountmadeforants: Oh hell, guess we shouldn't have spent so much time breeding Chocobo.
Ipsen13: After LoZMM, I'm totally expecting to see a grimace somewhere on that rock
grgriffin3: @GapFiller Not forever, just until next year, allegedly
Leonhart321: And bear in mind, in Canon, Rufus survived this
TimeToFry: That's a lot of people kicking the bucket
kynelwynn: Welp, all those people are dead
RomanGoro: So how many millions die on Midgard here?
Baldrash: @GapFiller Correct. It's a one-year exclusivity deal.
Manae: So now we're Hell Star Meteor
mowdownjoe: Totally not stating a message...
embyrr_the_dragon: Because this is how a meteor strike works
jameswanders: @tcx2 tides work differently on a toroidal planet, anyway
TStodden: Marlene won't get atomized by meteor, but is still likely in the blast radius to get roasted...
OmnipotentTrevor: Meteor is Galcatus from that one Fantastic 4 movie?
malsareus: okay is a fleeting concept I guess
PharaohBender27: katesRip Midgar's population
DougWrestleview: The bodycount in this game was at least 2.1 million but everyone only remembers the one.
TXC2: RomanGoro all of them?
ArboristAndrew: CATCH
Wicker_Knight: @DocHoliday9999 it's gonna have to, how else will we stay stable without Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, or Pluto and with the sun gone Red Giant lrrBEEJ
KevinTheShark: Well, There goes Wall Market
VoodontWoW: They did make Marlene hella adorable in Remake.
GapFiller: grgriffin3 Baldrash uh TIL thought it was just PS exclusive fullstop
itsr67: What a save!
insane_42: I kill people with mercy
Booklegend: We won and it only cost about 20,000 people
Rhynerd: Is Cait Sith’s operatir still in Midgar?
Lord_ZYRK: Planet like lrrSCOOP
insane_42: I have videos of it XD
paronomasiac042: What a save!
ArboristAndrew: Flat earth comfirmed
Decaped: They would have evacuated Midgar at this point. like, maybe 10% would have stayed
EldarLuin: Three days.... THREE DAYS!!!
Nameless_Sword: oh no.... it's not enough
itsr67: @paronomasiac042 thanks lol
snowcookies: a bunch of Midgar evac'ed
VoodontWoW: Good end?
Saphling: "going to happen"
sir_jack_DB: the escape jet looks sick though
DougWrestleview: Meanwhile everyone is saying 'Congratulations'
SniperPumpkin: glad to see that the highwind has plenty of safely lights
Isaac3567: So I guess my question is.... Why was the Black materia ever created in the first place?
vegetalss4: So how many people lived in Midgar again?
LadyAiluros: It's a Klingon Bird of Prey now??
UnknownGerm: I kind of want here in the remake for a specter of Aerith to show up and say "Not in my house, motherfucker!"
Saphling: wow, Reeve
kaffeetrinken89: it becomes undergar?
grgriffin3: "The Gang Lets That Happen"
RomanGoro: Ah, I see
Leonhart321: Yeah, we need to blow up the reactors first
TheBlueFool: Holy : * is 110% done with your shit Meteor*
Foxmar320: Red Its here
Saphling: final approach
sing_o_muse: yeah no dip red
kiyobean: @Isaac3567 A wizard did it
GapFiller: if needed a reminder of just how old this game is consider how theres no voice acting for this bit
paronomasiac042: @itsr67 I try
Lafajet: Yeah, because no one has ever been harmed in the slums
JohnLockeCole: He is Already Here
malsareus: approaching the core of the planet
Manae: If only you didn't stop to do all those side quests, Holy could have activated DAYS ago
jameswanders: "Refuge in the Slums" is an odd concept/great band name
LadyAiluros: Holy is saving the planet but eradicating the problem
LadyAiluros: nothing wrong her
Isaac3567: And thats not even explaining why it was expanded into a giant temple. Like can other materia be set up into tents and houses and stuff?
DocHoliday9999: just have Tifa punch it
Saphling: love this music
Rhynerd: @isaac3567 probably Jenova’s doing?
Nigouki: so do we get to supplex a space rock now?
EldarLuin: This is a long cut scene for the time. Wow.
zepinkone: ah yes
zepinkone: The Fantasy!
adi_pie: I still very much dig this bit.
grgriffin3: This sounds kinda like Won't Get Fooled Again
jonasjonIV: just get one of the colaocked guys to knife it
kynelwynn: This is some DBZ Spirit Bomb level of bs
itsr67: ah, the Wifestream
HadesLeprechaun: forget the planet, what about the SUN that exploded!
DougWrestleview: Planet Sauce!
accountmadeforants: Time for the wibblies!
sivakrytos: @EldarLuin this is why disc 3 is ONE dungeon
Caralad: Aerith's prayer
Aquarionics: This is the third disc. Most of it.
Thisbymaster: tenticles!!!
Tregelen: the reason the game has a third disc is for these fmvs
Caldurin: Ah, hello Aeris
uberdan1337: 30% of Midgars populace would be outside Protesting, saying that Comet Change isn't real.
offbeatwitch: theres a lot going on in this lore hey
Mangledpixel: Lifestream Ex Machina
saucemaster5000: waifustream?
frnknstn: this cutscene is why 3 disks
fexworldwide: It's Cthullu.
Saphling: Aeris leading the army of the dead
GapFiller: EldarLuin yeh the fact that the endgame got a whole disc to itself makes seen given this
EldarLuin: Oh I get it. I was in HS when this came out, man. ^^
Twinklebees: Planet Saved by Thick Wet. More at 11.
JohnLockeCole: Caralad Nahh Holy Was Aerith's Prayer, this is the Planet's Self Preservation
LadyLockwood92: Thick Wet saves the day~!
DougWrestleview: Bonjour! Bonjour!
Lafajet: Lifestream, I ain't gotta explain sh*t
Booklegend: Quick cast chocomog and hope for fat Chocobo
sadboijamz: this cutscene is most of disk 3 lmao
ArcOfTheConclave: ghosts?
TXC2: "you scream, I scream, we all scream for lifestream!"
wildpeaks: the planet is summoning the power of Twitch Chat using livestream
Himyul: mostly you made sure Sephiroth wasn't going to eat all that energy
DrChairthrower: @uberdan1337 we can’t let the end of the world bring the economy to a halt!
Lithobraker: Lifestream, the Sodastream from Goop.
Isaac3567: Now I just see Aerith as Aragorn from Return of the King with her army of the dead
Hatty0: @wildpeaks lmao
BusTed: GivePLZ
frnknstn: Thick wet is coming!
PharaohBender27: @wildpeaks :D
noSmokeFire: PrideGive sending energy
peejeeful: the lifestream going to suplex meteor?
Zaghrog: Holy was delayed by Sephiroth
Caralad: @JohnLockeCole I think a theory is though that aerith's influence is causing this though
sivakrytos: @JohnLockeCole aeris' prayer in the opening
sir_jack_DB: big planet energy
Scy_Anide: The planet is finally going back to work!
Saphling: all that energy Sephiroth was just going to chug
EldarLuin: I never had a PS1 to play this back in the day... this is my first time seeing it. ^^
DougWrestleview: By your regret combined, I'm the Lifestream!
LegionofLashes: "dealt with" planet explodes 3 seconds later
drfox17: Aerith: "Thanks for punching that guy Tifa, I got this part"
TXC2: isn't this how the movie ended?
Vlanoik: @uberdan1337 that "comet change" comment cracked me up worse than it should have
Kaorti: The planet was spending a lot of its energy containing Jenova I guess
Nydestroyer: if its the planet, why did it take so long to get to another part of itself? lol
Foxmar320: Planet is like "I got this!"
LadyLockwood92: All jokes aside, these visuals are absolutely *stunning*
KevinTheShark: Ah yes, the Lean Green Meteor Stopping Machine
Huschel23: I believe we convinced the planet that humans should not be eradicated by Meteor (also Red XIII)
UnknownGerm: "YEET!"
BusTed: Spirits Within did have a similar moment, as I recall.
PharaohBender27: katesHug GivePLZ PrideGive TakeNRG PrideTake katesHug2
wildpeaks: yeah it definitely took inspiration from this
Tregelen: the area around midgar is desolate
Beowulf_Bjornson: Oh, it's the mass effect ending
Saphling: Spirits Within looked very similar
EternalXDrifterS: Planet: Hold my beer!
I_Am_Clockwork: yeet this orb into the sun
saucemaster5000: too bad sephiroth had quad equipped when he cast meteor....
Swamplor: Planet just needed a couple of episodes of standing around yelling to power up
coachNelly: Midgar still looks pretty Bus’d
GapFiller: the very best cinematics 1997 cd provide
itsr67: ah my EYES
PerpetualDM: Very much "Spirit whithin", yes.
Critterbot: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
kaffeetrinken89: what a nice meteor to wait all that time for the planet to react
AlphaHelixNZ: Pretty.
thatjerkherc: Thank you for the wonder experience during these strange times. Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100 Cheer100
GapFiller: ohhh the callback
accountmadeforants: Beowulf_Bjornson All three of them simultaneously! Red, Green AND Blue!
Leonhart321: Ah, the Wifestream
sorceress966: And now the remaining population is blind
Arigato_Corleone: OMG SHE LIVES!
DougWrestleview: Aerith: 'Wait'll they get a load of me."
Electrodyne: Like, Comment, and Subscribe to this Lifestream if you enjoy it
cassaclyzm: Love that it ends on those three notes.
EldarLuin: Spirits Within's animation sucked
GapFiller: dem bookends
Saphling: and then this kickass music.
Furvias: @loadingreadyrun "Lifestream is Thicc wet send tweet" T Shirt please
Critterbot: The End.
Lord_ZYRK: BusTed that's certainly. . . A Final Fantasy to bring up
kat2kool: that was SO rad
Foxmar320: lrrGOAT
snowcookies: end
insane_42 claps
Nameless_Sword: and the day is.... saved? oh yes of course it is
GapFiller: Wait for The Stinger
stco84: the end?
grgriffin3: Good stuff
neuroflare: wait for the after credits@!
SwiftAlpaca: Nice
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tenthtechpriest: Congrats on finishing FF7 and thanks for the trip down memory lane
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KingJimmeh: Considering how good the videos in Remake look, imagine how a scene like that will look in the Remake Sequels on a PS5
itsr67: Good. Game.
kiyobean: Yayyyyy!
dialMforMara: that sure was a thing
JakeKamas: Wow, that was incredible
frnknstn: THree notes is all it takes to make me tear up
Zaghrog: There is a stinger
JadedCynic high-fives @DougWrestleview B)
MatthewDennisMTG: GG!
ContingentCat: katesHype katesHype katesHype
I_Am_Clockwork: Cheer1000 Thanks so much for streaming this classic!
EldarLuin: *clap clap clap*
LadyLockwood92: ShowLove777 This was absolutely amazing G. Gonna have to play through for myself now~
ghostvalv: gg
theshinyakuma: one more scene
CamelAttack: And everybody died.
awkwardreaper: isn't there another clip at the end
SytYoshi: Thank you so much for the playthrough!!
KevinTheShark: Za WARUDO!
cassaclyzm: He did the whole thing!
KingJimmeh: And Congrats G!
noSmokeFire: Cloud will return in: the avengers
Too_Many_Knives: These credits are loooong IIRC
grgriffin3: Thanks a lot, G, glad I got to experience this thing, finally
sadboijamz: remake time, amirite?
Thisbymaster: I am sure that last part will be a whole game in the next one
Toucansuit: BloodTrail
JakeKamas: Thank you so much for playing this Graham!!
Nameless_Sword: way to go G
RomanGoro: So with that final image, I have to say that any person who insisted Aerith was supposed to be revivable never finished the game
godort: That was pretty good
ArcOfTheConclave: *mario voice* "Thank you so much for playing my game!"
tezzerettinkerer: eyyyy
AntiCrepuscular: o7 for the single-handed translator
mowdownjoe: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
stco84: congrats
PhoenixMelior: Thanks G. This was great
Simonark: "Image Illustrator" is an odd job title translation...
breadisbest1: who has the next game?
enigmadk_: the end is so worth the wait
HyruleGirl9: and now we all watch advent children together right?
cassaclyzm: These are chunky credits
ghostvalv: jlrrPunch
jameswanders: Can you keep playing post endgame, or have to go back to your last save?
Crad0k: i was always fairly whelmed by the actual ending sequence
Leonhart321: So, Dirge of Cereberus or Advent Children? Kappa
KinoGami: and then there is the 2 hours cutscene they released years later Kappa
LadyLockwood92: *dabs in victory*
Fire_Summoner: Good job G!
EldarLuin: Thanks G. Never knew the entire story. :)
Alahmnat: thanks so much for streaming this, G
hunkajunk: Thanks for playing through this Graham, it's been a slice :)
Jarlax: and then a few years later these three douchebags show up and it gets kinda confusing...
Kaorti: Tifa punches the WHOLE THING
PharaohBender27: ShowLove777
ContingentCat: So now uhhhh Geoguessr?
TehAmelie: we gotta hear Rude talk to the president on the phone right
JustPete74: They'll be fine.
Karoyence: cheer150 thanks Graham for this wonderful Play it Forward
AlphaHelixNZ: Muh feelins.
bruce_lee_3000: Does this mean we are doing the post game bosses?
stateofcomatose: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
AnisariansShade: glad I could tune in for the end. Thanks G
Arigato_Corleone: FF7 was decades ahead of its time
Baldrash: So what was the final game time?
LightingExpert13: interesting credits
EnigmaHarper: oh no! I step away for a minute and miss one winged angel. lrrAWW
ArchRequiemD: AS good as that scene is I think the arrangement they did for it in Advent Children's Reminiscence of FFVII is better
Booklegend: So can we talk about how messed up the world is right now from having an object that big entering atmosphere and the major issues that alone causes
LadyLockwood92: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
kynelwynn: Thank you for playing through this G. Your voices, interpretations and the like was highly enjoyable. We need more clips! ;)
kiyobean: Crisis Core next!
Alsritt: On a technical note, the fact that they got voices to sound as good as they did in One Winged Angel is a testiment to Square's ingunirty. At a time when audio was so limited by recording and the PS`1`` audio chip, it was actually super impressive
TheGamesBlog: Thanks for the streams, Graham!
Octonomicon: Thanks Graham!
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KingJimmeh: LRR Advent Children Complete Commentary?
kaffeetrinken89: "Battle Programmer" is a cool job description ^^
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Revenentforce: man im exhausted,just got done watching a 24 hour stream >_>
PharaohBender27: Oooh, there's a new AskLRR?
badwolfbay87: lrrHEART
AlphaHelixNZ: Yeee! Thanks Graham! :D :D :D
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STALKERsoldiers: Congrats on beating FFVII again, and thank you for streaming it to those of us that didn't play it first time around!
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Zaghrog: Booklegend I think the Lifestream intervention is a plausible handwave to that stuff
Saphling: nice
etherosleveque: cheerwhal100 100 more bits for the successful finish. Nice job. Thanks for all the fun!
Foxmar320: Nice reference
LadyLockwood92: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TheMoatman: (He is a nerd, you see)
kynelwynn: Oh? He's "from Winnipeg, you idiot!"?
TXC2: From Winnipeg you idiot Kappa
Tinasaurus_Rex: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW Loading Ready Feels
RomanGoro: st
PerpetualDM: lrrHEART
Decaped: SO, we can blame Shin Nagasawa for HELLHOUSE
RomanGoro: It's the same wrestler who had an entrance video custom made by Toby Fox
tezzerettinkerer: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
amative1: Well, we've got like an hour left... Golden Saucer minigames?
Foxmar320: I never got to finish this game either. Save coruption
KingJimmeh: Big Guard and Death Tifa FTW
Zaghrog: E Skill is more powerful than Magic materia in general
DarkMorford: I love finding out that popular sports figures are nerds too. Kinda feels validating in a way.
snowcookies: no, the Winnipeg thing is Chris Jericho's gimmick
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TangleTrail: thanks for the stream. it's been a great ride as someone who never played
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LadyLockwood92: Kenny Omega is a big nerd send tweet
LordOfMalice: So Cloud can kick out of the one winged angel?
DevInsanity: cheer777 Thanks for the playthrough. Loved your commentary (and acting) throughout.
Saphling: Master Command.....
DocHoliday9999: Aqualung and LV5 Death
DrChairthrower: Cheer500 Thanks for this playthrough, G.
NotCainNorAbel: Pride300
Crad0k: master magic isn't too bad
Critterbot: The Enemy Skill Materia is arguably the most useful materia.
ArchRequiemD: master materias allow for some stupid combinations
gOckley: Oh man, yeah head to the gold saucer and SNOWBOARD
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snowcookies: !findquote lifestream
LRRbot: Quote #6913: "Lifestream feels like thick wet, send tweet." —Graham [2020-04-22]
EldarLuin: HSWP
ArchRequiemD: is that the FFI theme
kat2kool: Party250 This playthrough was an utter delight to watch, thanks so much Graham! lrrAWESOME
northos: wow...I did NOT know this theme was in this game
raven534: We should have a highlight reel for the end of each PIF
Zaghrog: Aqualung, Beta, Trine, Shadow Flare, White Wind, Big Guard, Angel's Mercy. Basically all the magic you might need
CastleOtranto: Thanks for the playthrough Graham
Mr_Horrible: It's been great watching this playthrough. I'll have to catch up on some of the VODs, but it's been a ton of fun lrrHEART
Wrexadecimal: OH hey, they use this bit of music in mobius FF too
Gekyouryuu: cheer100 ah, yes. enemy skills. just remember the blue mage mantra: "boy, I hope I can tank this."
sir_jack_DB: oh there it is
KinoGami: this is the final fantasy theme
sir_jack_DB: I love this part of the ending
LadyLockwood92: Now I wanna relisten to the Black Mages version from Advent Children
LadyAiluros: Fun fact - Masashi Hamazuzu inb the choir went on to compose for the series including FF7R
helgridr: yay prologue
JohnLockeCole: oh hey, it's this game's only use of "Final Fantasy Main Theme"
Saphling: love all versions of the FF theme
uberdan1337: Good old Final Fantasy Interlude.
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LavenderCreations: so much nostalgia, this has been great :D I dunno what to do with my mornings now!
NightValien28: so what did nomura do in this game, I missed his name
TehAmelie: i have wondered why both Zelda and FF ended up with this exact bit of triumphant end theme
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FormerlyFormal: pretty sure this track is in all FF games
AlphaHelixNZ: It’s also a great ride for those of us who have played it many times, too. :)
drfox17: is that how blue mages work in FF14?
SoundGuy0dB: Cheer500 Awesome run Graham! FF7Remake Good, FF7 Original = BEST!
Ipsen13: @AlphaHelixNZ ^
Zaghrog: this is the Final Fantasy theme, used in most, if not all FF games
VoodontWoW: Thank you Graham!
KinoGami: enemy skill is the blue mage skill in FFVII yes
SK__Ren: oh lol I wake up and its over.
SaiaseiGM: This playthrough was amazing.
sorceress966: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN Thank youuuu for the gift~~
JohnLockeCole: FF4 was *Great* for uses of Final Fantasy Main Theme
LadyLockwood92: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
malsareus: Done, so in 20 years
Atreides42: Both are amazing games.
Leonhart321: I mean.... you're not wrong
EldarLuin: Loved the accents and voices
DocHoliday9999: sooooo, 2030
PharaohBender27: So around 2035
Lafajet: @LoadingReadyRun As someone who has a lot of nostalgia for them, any chance of a Play It Forward for the other PSX FF games?
enigmadk_: the remake has some surprises
RomanGoro: Me what?
Dothewhatnow: I have been using the phrase "Tifa Weapons Platform" now while playing the Remake when she pops off.
kiyobean: Cheer300 Thanks for keeping us sane for a few weeks of lockdown!
jameswanders: Yes, this is the best of all FF7s
KingJimmeh: And thank you to that one translator for his work
Foxmar320: I enjoyed the remake
KinoGami: time for FFV KappaHD
Zaghrog: Nobuo has described this piece as both gentle and powerful
Hatty0: G thanks for playing through my favourite game from a childhood, its been really nice watching this :)
drfox17: Mike Baskett! our translation hero
ArchRequiemD: Not gonna cry I am tearing up right now.
DRMagnify: Michael Baskett - One man localization
accountmadeforants: Michael Basket, the one localizer. Dang.
Saphling: FFIX would be love
DJ_dak: damn, the Final Fantasy Theme always makes me emotional
Decaped: ugh, that announcement about it possibly being more than 3 games is a huge downer.
DougWrestleview: TACTICS!!!
grgriffin3: The FF7 Remake will be done around the same time Rebuild of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 comes out
RobotHitchhiker: I look forward to finishing ff7 remake on the PS 7
Nydestroyer: Xenogears :D
neuroflare: lets do it G!
Foxmar320: I liked 9
grgriffin3: So, 2050
JohnLockeCole: Eight is not a good game
godort: IX would be a dope watch
RurouniGeo: Final Fantasy Tactics
EvilBadman: Next PIF still TBD?
DocHoliday9999: FF6
Leonhart321: 8 is fun to purely break it
Huschel23: Yeah, we're severely lacking FFIX
stateofcomatose: Them not having a roadmap or long-term plan for the remake is a real downer
masterfrog316: 9
Manae: FF6 would be amazing, but that one might need actual grinding
KinoGami: grgriffin3 they are releasing that digitally soon
Critterbot: X?
DevInsanity: Chrono Trigger?
theshinyakuma: 10!!
HadesLeprechaun: XII is so good
Saphling: 12 is lots of fun
Smitteye99: 12?! What a madlad
sir_jack_DB: @grgriffin3 OOF, well played xD
Zaghrog: 12 is great
MediocreGamer42: Do FF9!!!!
t3h_f1gm3nt: 12 doesn't get enough love
LadyAiluros: YES
kat2kool: I'm definitely gonna have to go back and watch Kathleen's playthrough of FFX now
northos: XII would be sweet
Arigato_Corleone: tactics :)
DarkNacht: Play it forward all FF games starting with 1!
dslucia: i love 12
Pteraspidomorphi: Adam played X, right?
LadyAiluros: 12 is so so good
kiyobean: Yes 12 is my favourite!
Saphling: 9 is my all-time favorite
Shemerson: 12 would be sweet,
Wrexadecimal: INternational 12 with all the enhancements? :D
ArboristAndrew: lrrPAUL lrrALEX lrrBEN lrrCAMERON lrrMATT lrrSERGE lrrJAMES lrrIAN lrrADAM lrrBEEEJ lrrKATHLEEN lrrHEATHER lrrCORI lrrSPOOP Look Graham, all your friends came to see your victory
Leonhart321: Zodiac Age? I'd be down
dslucia: the zodiac version is neat
Twinklebees: 12 is pretty great.
floing_v: 9 is my fave
Electrodyne: Play some Blitz, ya?
AnDagda: Would watch XII
Laurence72: Tactics!
Revenentforce: 12is kinda meh
t3h_f1gm3nt: the zodiac board is SOOO GOOD
adi_pie: 12 could be fun to watch too.
noSmokeFire: @Pteraspidomorphi yeah, adam played X
MaidenOfCyn: oh 12 would be so great
Lafajet: XII IZJS is super nice
Shemerson: but chrono trigger
AlphaHelixNZ: @kinogami Oh that one would REALLY hit me in the feelings. That was my first Final Fantasy.
Epiphoney: 12 is on Switch also.
Baldrash: I never played XII. I should rectify that at some point.
drfox17: I have 12 istting on my shelf, i haven't touched it
KingJimmeh: Tactics?
Lightningbro: Zodiac? That does sound fun.
EpiiMeth: 12 is great
Saphling: oooh, Chrono Trigger
Gekyouryuu: cheer50 play it forward for ff14? Kappa
peejeeful: i never finished 12
Critterbot: XII is good, but if not that then X.
SoundGuy0dB: FF12 is my nest one on the new Zodiac REmaster - I never did finish FFVII
HadesLeprechaun: 12 is my fave
jarnatan: Next Play it Forward is just gonna be a Kingsglaive watching party
Revenentforce: itjust felt wierd
KinoGami: 12 is ok
DarkNacht: FF1 is best
jameswanders: You should play the full remake when the second full remake comes out in 20 yeras
kanyewestward: anyone like X and X-2?
enigmadk_: @LoadingReadyRun how would you rank the different FF´ s
GapFiller: I wd be into FFIX just to see if my problems w/ it are still valid always disliked IX compared to VIII
Pteraspidomorphi: I never played 12 so I'd like to watch
SK__Ren: FF12 is great. Has one of the best Steelbook cases ever
DrChairthrower: I know FF8 gets a lot of hate, but a talking simulator about breaking it would be fun.
ArboristAndrew: i loved 12's combat system
sadboijamz: 9 would be awesome
Radyin: I think 9 and 12 always seem like the forgotten FF games to me.
muondecay: Is the switch port of 12 good?
Laurence72: fair enough :)
kenohki2: I just started playing 12 zodiac and I'm rather enjoying it
drfox17: TActics is my jam
Zaghrog: 12 uses the same setting as Tactics
JohnLockeCole: Manae 6 is actually very non-grindy *if* you do all the optional content, kind of the opposite of 10 that way
KinoGami: X and X-2 are fun
DocHoliday9999: that's a hard no for X-2
TheMerricat: I just want a Chrono Trigger PIF. :-)
neuroflare: FF Tactics lowkey Best FF
Foxmar320: The only FF games ive played and finished are 9, 10, 15 and 7R
GapFiller: kanyewestward I preferred X2 to X
DocTower: IX is great
MaelstronSolenor: in general, all ff are great games if they are your jam =P
Wrexadecimal: Shoutout to FF Type-0. Surprisingly good IMO
FormerlyFormal: 12 is a personal fave
UponMyOath: Is 12 the one with the bunny lady and Han Solo? Or is that 13?
KydrouKair: Chrono Trigger is so good!
Huschel23: Half of 12's cahracters are kind if meh. But otherwise, it's good
DougWrestleview: 12's sdtk always puts me in a happy place
KinoGami: X-2 dress sphere system was sweet
northos: @GapFiller FFIX is extremely good, if my take means anything to you
SoundGuy0dB: It was basically Final Fantasy - Star Wars! And I liked it - just never finushed it
Saphling: now I just want to play Chrono Trigger again
mowdownjoe: FFTA brings back warm memories. Actually my first Final Fantasy.
Leonhart321: Or, and go with me on this, Chrono Cross
MaelstronSolenor: 12 is one on the short list
MediocreGamer42: 9 has Vivi, so it wins
EpiiMeth: The real forgotten FF is FF2
RurouniGeo: brady games thank you
Revenentforce: since you beat 7 you should do 8 next :P
asthanius: Love it
Mr_Bitterness: FF6 is still my favorite
Diabore: thats a bit of time
Saphling: yiiis
peejeeful: but i would like to finally see the end of 12
ArboristAndrew: "2 hours later"
grgriffin3: Bit of a timeskip
uberdan1337: Matt finished playing FF12 a while ago on his stream.
KingJimmeh: Get one of the anime team to do FFX-2 xD
TXC2: quite the time jump
EpiiMeth: Nobody seems to like FF2 :(
jarnatan: That's a timeskip if I ever saw one
KydrouKair: I really loved Final Fantasy 9
PharaohBender27: That's . . . a long time
offbeatwitch: small timeskip
6kittenshp: I started 12 and then my sister overwrote my game and I never went back
EternalXDrifterS: FF8 next?
Huschel23: @MediocreGamer42: This is correct
itsr67: exqueeze me?
cassaclyzm: I completely forgot about this
Zaghrog: UponMyOath It has "Han Solo" and a Viera character
KinoGami: that's because FF2 is bad
GapFiller: northos to clarify my problem isnt that IX is bad (it isnt)
DarkMorford: 500 years later... the remake is completed.
AlphaHelixNZ: Ugh. I know it’s popular but I really dislike IX. I prefer VIII.
KinoGami: even the creator says it's bad
AntiCrepuscular: jameswanders LUL
SkipIives: The Matrox Graphics credit brings me back.
sorceress966: 500 years later, we are all dead, yeah?
DiscordianTokkan: Babby Reds!
Leonhart321: Red's Alive...... everyone else is dead, but Red lives!
asthanius: So good
adi_pie: I had forgotten this wasn't just an Advent Children thing.
MrSVCD: Cute!
DocHoliday9999: Mufasa died here
Saphling: they so tiny!
Foxmar320: Dawwww
dialMforMara: Red has puppies?
Critterbot: Puppies! :D
jonasjonIV: Red CXII
RomanGoro: Kitty!
t3h_f1gm3nt: NANAKI BABYS
GapFiller: northos my problems w/ IX in fact have little to do w/ the game itself
DJ_dak: I always get lost in the insane amount of side content in 12, then get bored because I loose track of the main story
raven534: Ikoria?
LadyAiluros: ChibiRedPuppers
snowcookies: baby Reds
Decaped: oh neat, didn't advent children begin with this shot?
BrindleBoar: Old 13
PerpetualDM: FF2 had a few cool ideas that were recycled successfully later.
mowdownjoe: BABBIES
grgriffin3: Is his tail supposed to be on fire?
DougWrestleview: I just can't wait to be Kind!!!
drfox17: i was gonna say, does red have a beard now?
TheMoatman: Now he's Red XV
AntiCrepuscular: Red looks beefy
DougWrestleview: King!!
EldarLuin: Chibi puppy children
PharaohBender27: Red lives to be 500 years old!?
neuroflare: PUPPERS
Ritaspirithntr: Advent children opening!!!
Rockario: puppies!
SajuukSjet: ah yes! the start to FVIIAC Kappa
Pteraspidomorphi: Red's tail was
Juliamon: So much for "last of his kind"
Wrexadecimal: Simbaaaa
gOckley: How did Red... breed?
Alahmnat: I remember this part from my friend's playthrough back in 97, somehow
Nameless_Sword: red!
LadyAiluros: Babbboreds
OmnipotentTrevor: And here is where people debate over the meaning of the ending, and if holy destroyed humanity.
dialMforMara: it's the ciiiiiircle of liiiiiife
Laurence72: took him a long time to get a wife
Lafajet: Bye bye humanity
sorceress966: Everything the light touches
Nameless_Sword: they do live for a very long time
northos: @GapFiller Gotcha, understandable
Zaghrog: this is 500 years later, so way after AC
VoodontWoW: Cloud, welcome to the Avengers.
GapFiller: PerpetualDM my take has often been that 12 is 2 w/ the technology to backup the ideas
kusinohki: "it's the circle of life!"
silenceaux: Is Red bigger there?
ZeroskieS: Goose!
Mangledpixel: awesome
Lordofironstorm: #Notpolitical
noSmokeFire: @accountmadeforants he budded
TehAmelie: if Red is a catdog, are those kittpuppies?
TheMerricat: LIFESTREAM.
Saphling: love the streams of midgar
Electrodyne: Red CCCCCXIII?
TreeGamer35: he is like 50 durring the events of the game and in his race that is like 15
BrindleBoar: Life is returning to Midgar.
ZeroskieS: HONK
stco84: not political
saucemaster5000: mine
senshi5609: how did he reproduce is my question
TheGamesBlog: And nothing of value was lost...
ArchRequiemD: Trees will come back to here
BusTed: nature is healing, man was the virus, etc
kat2kool: Utter Lack of Politics
Arigato_Corleone: midgar au natural PogChamp
Leonhart321: And everyone else died
Saphling: Not Politica
drfox17: that is a BIG contrast from the remake's opening
Smitteye99: it kind goes hand in hand with the opening cinematic to FF7r with that over the cliff perspective
TNestor: Zanarkand??? Lolol
wildpeaks: lifestream finds a way
Manae: So the opening to FF7R was a reference to the ending with the birds then
ArboristAndrew: Sephiroth wins
frnknstn: Green Midgar is sweet
noSmokeFire: maybe holy turned everyone into cats
HyruleGirl9: we are the virus meme
Genie_M: so humanity is extinct
TheMoatman: That's only like... a hundred and fifty years worth of ruins
kat2kool: so so so SO rad
Saphling: Not Political
PerpetualDM: @GapFiller That's a good take I'd say.
rykaan: I'd play a post-midgar destruction game.
AlphaHelixNZ: Suddenly: NieR: Automata.
I_Am_Clockwork: I like that it implies that even with all that life magic it took 500 years to fix all the damage Shinra did
Alahmnat: I do think that final shot will make a good comparison to the opening short of FF7R
Wrexadecimal: @TNestor nah, that's before FF7. ;)
Lafajet: Something something Geostigma
dslucia: i see no politics here
LadyLockwood92: Definitely no politics here
RegulusPratus: So what's the next hour gonna be about?
DougWrestleview: Nevermind everyone who died during the great calamity...
t3h_f1gm3nt: FiNaL fAnTaSy 7 Is NoT pOlItIcAl
Stalevar_: now this is the city of the ancients
Lightningbro: Jeez louese Red's species lives for a long time
OmnipotentTrevor: Also, Nanaki should not be this active 500 years later. Even if he is long lived, that's far longer than the lifespan Bugenhagen gave us.
RomanGoro: I was going to make a reference to a certain silly slogan going around lately, about healing and who's the virus, but I can't even type it unironically
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:05:15.
kynelwynn: 500 years later, technology had halted so everyone died
SaiaseiGM: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 14:37:58. lrrSPOT
ContingentCat: Remember when video games didn't have any politics Kappa
ElderAtropos: thanks for the play through! great walking down memory lane
GamesAndInk: Cheer100 Anyway, Graham, like I was saying: NO ecological message past Midgard whatsoever.
TheMerricat: @kynelwynn or we evolved to the point where midgar's tech was barbaric and moved out.
Evochron13: i saw a video comparing the old FF7 opening with the FF7 remake opening and talking about the advances in animation. it was real good
mowdownjoe: Dan did a great comparison between the two openers of FF7 and the Remake for New Frame +. It's worth a watch.
sivakrytos: i liked the ambiguity there
Tomasu82: of course just because the city is deserted doesnt mean everyone is dead.
SignificantOtter: did the Planet just hit reset?
JohnLockeCole: what happened to midgar is a bit unlcear, but humans are either extinct or super not living there in 500 years
uberdan1337: 500yrs later: Well, at least Red made it.
Robot_Bones: Cloud, Wa Happan?
GapFiller: the lesson here clearly is FFVII is the Studio Ghibli movie that never got made
MaelstronSolenor: yup, those are just pawns for the story
EvilBadman: @Evochron13 NewFrame+?
itsr67: YOU saved the planet
silenceaux: It's what AVALANCHE was fighting for.
BoblinTheGoblin69: and so is red 13
Smitteye99: Cloud and Tifa had a kid and named him zangan obviously
Foxmar320: Yeah we did the thing. We saved the planet.
RurouniGeo: Barret Accomplished his misison is the point
Mr_Horrible: yeah, it's a well-crafted ending scene
Lithobraker: The Highwind crashed and red13 had to eat cloud and tifa to survive Kappa
SaiaseiGM: And Red XIV and Red XV
KevinTheShark: Some day Simba, All of Midgar will be yours!
awkwardreaper: thanks graham was fun loved it
TXC2: thanks for streaming Graham
LightingExpert13: how are red 13 children created?
Foxmar320: Thank you Graham for this
PharaohBender27 is experiencing feels
OmnipotentTrevor: But if humanity died and Red's race lived, what about Nanaki's half-human crossbreeds? Kappa
jarnatan: We did it Patrick! We saved the city!
MekaSasquatch: @LoadingReadyRun red13 survived because cats always land on their feet
raven534: But you didn't hack it!
Saphling: the lakes and streams of midgar always made me happy
Revenentforce: now for continuity we must see ff8
GapFiller: so it was just like the original Army of Darkness ending then
ZeroskieS: it was mitosis fkoLOL
northos: nah he just learned how to Mitosis
kynelwynn: Red reproduced via budding
Pharmacistjudge: or they can reproduce asexually?
UponMyOath: Or, he can reproduce via mitosis
EldarLuin: they were hiiiiiiding
DeadGunner: or red reproduces by budding?
Ipsen13: It would be NICE to know (and it shows strength of the characters that we want to know how they fared after the ending), but yes, it is certainly NOT the story to know what happens after the ending
vrulg: Maybe he reproduces by budding
theshinyakuma: awesome job graham! youve provided so much entertainment for me during this time of lockdown
Fire_Summoner: Cloning!
jarnatan: Red Osmosis
RomanGoro: Translation error on "last of the species"?
enduringevtron: life....uh....finds a way
GapFiller: well remember how Red was introduced
SerGarretCameron: it was Hojo, who knows.
KevinTheShark: Hojo was Inferring Red was the last
breadisbest1: who has the next game?
jameswanders: don't have to mate with your own kind ;)
Leonhart321: I mean, we did have that moment before we saved Aeris from him
peejeeful: hojo stuf
vegetalss4: Maybe someone invented cloning
Dezufnocosem: from what we've seen of enemies, a talking dog isn't that weird in this world
TheMerricat: wasn't there that guy who wanted to mate red with flower girl? :-P
Scy_Anide: I mean, based on Hojo's experiments it may not need to be the same species I guess.
OmnipotentTrevor: Apparently one of the handheld titles introduces another member of his race
Metric_Furlong: good news, you say?
MrSVCD: Good hojo can probably make cubs
Himyul: to shreds, you say?
snowcookies: future FF7 material says there's one other member
jameswanders: I like good news!
Rhynerd: Hojo was off on his research.
vrulg: Little known fact: Dogs are actually plants
PerpetualDM: I like RPGs...
noSmokeFire: Hojo, noted awful scientist
Smitteye99: Hojo sucks
Riandisa: Thanks for streaming this, Graham
TheMoatman: I'm sure they could invent genetics in the next 500 years
kynelwynn: So
Foxmar320: Hojo was a butt
AlphaHelixNZ: Yeah I always assumed he managed to find a mate of his species.
SytYoshi: Many thanks Graham.
TreeGamer35: no he is not
TheMoatman: And clone him
neuroflare: Thanks again forplaying this G! Youre the best!
jonasjonIV: Hojo kinda dumb
Saphling: surprise Hojo got stuff wrong
UnknownGerm: Hojo had is DNA somewhere probably, so they could just make more
EternalXDrifterS: SCIENCE
KingJimmeh: Hojo's a dick
grgriffin3: Hojo isn't a reliable anything
jameswanders: In further good news, Good news!
n_mandrag: He found a nice wolf /cat something...
kat2kool: just in general, never listen to Hojo
MaelstronSolenor: not even a reliable human =P
AntiCrepuscular: GOOD NEWS
ContingentCat: I don't think Hojo
drfox17: Hojo's also not a good scientist
Rhynerd: Like how Hojo is bad at science in general.
Electrodyne: I'm pretty sure that's what we walked in on when we met him
GapFiller: GOOD NEWS
Foxmar320: oh!
JohnLockeCole: Good NEWS!
BrindleBoar: Hojo's not reliable, period. Except for monsters.
Pteraspidomorphi: Oo already
PharaohBender27: lrrEFF Hojo
mowdownjoe: GOOD NEWS
Lafajet: Good news, everyone!
NojhLivic: Ooh? ooh?
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: The Panalysts The RPG?
sorceress966: You have a new delivery job for us?
Leonhart321: Kathleen Persona 5 Royal?
MaelstronSolenor: nooooo
kat2kool: Oh I love Good News
SoundGuy0dB: Ahh yes, Hojo the Worst nattaror
ContingentCat: I don't think Hojo's a reliable anything
Rhynerd: Bad and science and a bit of a jerk in general.
frnknstn: !!!
Critterbot: Go on...
shurtal: Hojo, understated fact, is straight trash tier
accountmadeforants: Adam plays P5R Kappa
SaiaseiGM: Good News!
jameswanders: Not you? I thought you said good news?
AlphaHelixNZ: Ooh.
wildpeaks: fingers crossed for New Vegas
Wrexadecimal: @Leonhart321 that's my guess
Zaghrog: Same time slot! Woo!
Genie_M: persona 5 royal then
Metric_Furlong: same time slot, nice
drfox17: ooooh
Robot_Bones: Kathleen's Persona 5 royal times???
peejeeful: persona 5 kathleen
DrChairthrower: P5R???
frnknstn: Adam P5R?
GapFiller: it IS consistent for me
BoblinTheGoblin69: p5r?
Lightningbro: Kathleen Xenogears maybe?
jonasjonIV: oooh
kat2kool: YAY
frenzyfivefour: ooo
t3h_f1gm3nt: oooooooooooh
adi_pie: adipieMog adipieMog adipieMog
Genie_M: ooooooh
acero47: nice
TheGamesBlog: OOOOH
KingJimmeh: Nice!