Jean_Jacques_EB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Hatsune Miku Future Tone) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (8m from now).
PendelSteven: Yeah yeah
PendelSteven: T minus 8 and couting
PendelSteven: countin' even
Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: You can never truly own an alligator.
PendelSteven: That's splendid advise
GapFiller: !badadvice
PendelSteven: Remember what?
PendelSteven: Remember that it's always advice if it's not used as a verb?
PendelSteven: That was good advice....
PendelSteven: I guess I'm confused with defense
PendelSteven: and defence
PendelSteven: actually, it makes sense in Euro English
PendelSteven: defence & defensive
PendelSteven: advice & advising
PendelSteven: and my Magic cards keep spelling colour & defence wrong - oh well
PendelSteven: in a larger sense there's mayonaise & mayonnaise between Dutch & English... basicly the same word, but spelled wrong in English :)
PendelSteven: also, we eat much more of it here
Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Heather and Ian are back at the Rhythm Cafe for another round of Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone! | 📷 ||
TehAmelie: let's vocaloid?
Dared00: hi chatspeople
PendelSteven: T minus 1 minute
PendelSteven: 'Ello 'yall :P
PendelSteven: Wanna hear something nuts?
PendelSteven: I'm eating peanuts
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treyhawk42: Yea. Rythym Cafe!
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PendelSteven: They aren't even nuts!
TehAmelie: nuts on so many levels!
TehAmelie: howdy
GapFiller: good evening morning midnight Heather lrrHEATHER
PendelSteven: but so Dutch, 'case Indonesia
SAJewers: pinkkiHatHi
Traion: Hey Chat. Hey Heather, hey Ian
Clench_Eastwood: sound is good
PendelSteven: see also pindakaas, peanutbutter
PendelSteven: although that's cause British, 'cause India
PendelSteven: +- same region
PendelSteven: hmm
Traion: Need to stall for 4 more minutes by my count
PendelSteven: and earlier today I ate chicken satay with peanutbuttersauce
PendelSteven: can't get any more Dutch ... well in Europe then
PendelSteven: at least
TehAmelie: sing the pain away eh
PendelSteven: Again, not anymore
kusinohki: rythm tuesday...
PendelSteven: It's monday, but it's sunday for you
Traion: Heather, as the Chief Lurker, appreciates her people. #AlwaysWatching
PendelSteven: also
PendelSteven: Monday, Sunday... It's FUNDAY
kusinohki: I'm getting some audio pops... is it just me?
PendelSteven: it might be
MFT_Manny: @kusinohki no its popping for me to
Dared00: yeah, sounds like Ian's connection might be spotty
Traion: Next AC update: museum get music pieces. Oendan style game to donate the piece
treyhawk42: Love Groove in the Heart!
PendelSteven: think it's more the skype or whatever the kids are using nowadays
PendelSteven: I've actually never videocalled - shocking, ey?
kusinohki: *shrug* I try to avoid audio calls when I can...
Traion: Rhythm Games need a story: the sillier the better
PendelSteven: pretty much, like musicals?
Lithobraker: music videos are modern opera
Juliamon: I'm doing my first videocall tomorrow... telemedicine. Not looking forward to it.
Earthenone: !quote chopin
LRRbot: Quote #1623: "Oops, off I go to Mongolia!" —Chopin [2016-01-20]
Gobukiller: Sad songs say so much... or so I've heard...
PendelSteven: I thought Chopin died in the 20th century?
PendelSteven: Nobody?
PendelSteven: He died in the 19th century
PendelSteven: Plebs :P
Traion: Authentic Mongolian Dubstep has a new emotional connection to me thanks to Chopin Kappa
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Invitare: he was revived later and went on a journey to many places, including Mongolia
kusinohki: "there'll be sad song... to make you cry. sad songs often do" (I forget the rest)
PendelSteven: but I suppose that's not Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
Traion: You have no officially lied to YouTube about time to gameplay Kappa
Juliamon: Is all the audio getting choppy now, or just me?
PendelSteven: Also, for the record, I hate Chopin
PendelSteven: (Chopin, Chopin)
Dared00: okay, yeah, all the audio is choppy
kusinohki: audio is getting worse for me as well
Traion: Heather the audio is choppy
PendelSteven: wait, that's I love Chopin
Japolai: yeah, the game audio is really choppy
niccus: not just game audio
PendelSteven: Chopin. Too many pianosongs 2/10 - Steve
Juliamon: It's no longer limited to Ian
constablecrab: Are vocaloids intended to look like plastic figurines, or was that just what the technology could produce when this was published?
Traion: Heather is cutting out too
Japolai: actually, yeah, all audio is choppy
SAJewers: oh good, so i'm not the onlt one
Juliamon: Here's hoping the local recording's fine
PendelSteven: it's odd
Traion: It seems to get worse when Heather scrolls through options
Dared00: oof, it's getting worse
Probevoyages: oh gosh I just remembered the Game Grumps' santa visual novel from last year that was super dark and weird
Juliamon: @Loadingreadyrun The stream is REALLY not having a good time with the game
kusinohki: yeah, audio does not like scrolling through options...
Traion: Audio seems to cut out every time Heather cycles a costume piece in her selection
Dared00: audio is super choppy
toasty647: the audio dislikes indecision
PendelSteven: drivers?
Probevoyages: "Santa is a little girl and a debt collector who went so far into debt that she ate rudolf" is a story you can't unhear
Styxseus: The audio is stuttery, but lowering to 480p fixed it for me, might be a twitch-thing?
SeiichiSin: It is the audio yeah. It also seems to be doing it every second or so.
Sarah_Serinde: I think it doesn't only happen when she cycles through options, but it's worse then
kusinohki: even doing nothing, audio is a bit choppy. it just gets worse with option cycling...
Gobukiller: I think that was just a coincidence, it's just stuttering
Traion: It's choppy in general but gets worse when cycled
Juliamon: It was fine before you started the game up
PendelSteven: When Windows will update my drivers automaticly (thanks I hate it), I will reinstall my drivers again next sunday
PendelSteven: 'cause else Windows prefers video over audio
PendelSteven: not handy when you're making radio
Traion: Turn it off and on again?
PendelSteven: or in this case: stream msuci games
PendelSteven: msuci?
PendelSteven: That's probaly Polish for music. I hate Chopin.
PendelSteven: :D
kusinohki: base line?
Talin06: Ian sounds choppy too
kusinohki: or bass line since rythm game??
PendelSteven: internet....
Juliamon: I would watch that. And then turn it off in frustration.
Traion: Light the Paul beacon?
FITorion: I am the tech support for my parents...
Gobukiller: Yeah, I think it's the entire stream having problems, not just one audio track
Gobukiller: nope
PendelSteven: that made the music louder
biocentrica: just louder
kusinohki: it got louder... but that's about it
Probevoyages: oh, I thought you meant a stream with one set of parents being troubleshot by the whole community
Gobukiller: Now it's just loud AND stuttering
GDwarf: Still stuttering
Traion: nope still stuttering
Traion: Turn the game off and on again?
toasty647: Burn it down and try again time?
kusinohki: restart skype call or whatever ian is using??
PendelSteven: Yeah, well, that's Windows for you?
PendelSteven: I always hope next week my system is the same as this week, but it never is somehow (thanks I hate it)
Traion: Nope we didn't get a word you were saying during the menu
GDwarf: I think it's all stream audio stuttering, maybe? It's hard to say for sure.
Juliamon: So far, so... stable..?
PendelSteven: The only way to make sure the system doesn't change is to not connect it to internet....
Probevoyages: Ian is stuttering
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah definitely still a problem
Gobukiller: Ian is stuttering too... probably the whole stream
Dared00: still stuttering
GDwarf: Ian's audio is definitely stuttering a bit, but I'm not sure if that's an Ian-only thing
Juliamon: Ian's been stuttering from the start.
PendelSteven: but a streamercomputer not connected to internet is like a cheeseburger without cheddar
toasty647: Still stutering
GDwarf: Audio's still stuttering, for sure
Juliamon: No, the music's very stuttery
Probevoyages: it's stuttering more now
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah Heather you stutter a whole lot when scrolling through those menus
GDwarf: All audio is stuttering, I can say for sure now
PendelSteven: that seems to be the problem, yes
SeiichiSin: May the Schwartz be with you.
kusinohki: lrrAWW good luck!
biocentrica: good luck
Sarah_Serinde: lunarj1Heart
biocentrica: lrrHEART
PendelSteven: Also, yes, sometimes Windows somehow starts up wrong
Lithobraker: and we can confirm that in the 30s replay it stutters too
PendelSteven: It sometimes feels like we're back to Windows 98 with 10
kusinohki: I've had a time or 2 where windows didn't want ot start at all....
Dared00: glad to see that the song I requested ruined the entire stream ;D
FITorion: it deja'vued for me there
Juliamon: It wasn't the song, it was the game
PendelSteven: Can't we just all go back to 7? That worked great
LunarJade: Just restarting the computer
kusinohki: gotta love tech. works fine 123 times in a row, but that 124 time? burns the place down
Juliamon: The deja-vu thing is related to ads.
Traion: Probably make a note to check if the local recording is fine before uploading
Juliamon: LRR didn't run an ad, so the stream didn't know what to do with itself and replayed.
Sarah_Serinde: Traion I'm sure Heather will make a note for Heather :P
PendelSteven: I'll start up my PS4 meanwhile
kusinohki: should heather make a note for heather to make a note to heather??
Traion: But all her post it notes are at home right now Sarah. Her system is in trouble!
PendelSteven: (see if I can wake up my brother lol)
Juliamon: In other news, today was absolutely gorgeous and it was incredibly frustrating being stuck in the house.
PendelSteven: (not the intention of course)
PendelSteven: hmm
Traion: @juliamon are you immunocompromised?
Juliamon: My mom is
PendelSteven: in two days it will be better weather in Europe
Traion: Ah yeah, that sucks. Friend of mine is in the same spot
PendelSteven: as it is we're in a showers from the North Sea phase
PendelSteven: Guess I'm talking Europe around the North Sea / Atlantic mostly
PendelSteven: West-Europe
cheezweazl: lrrSIGNAL
GDwarf: Sounds OK so far
QuaziK_: is it rhythm time?
PendelSteven: hey
SeiichiSin: You don't have to sit in the corner, you didn't do anything wrong.
toasty647: No stutters
PendelSteven: it actually seems to work fine
SeiichiSin: lrrFINE
Dared00: hey, audio good!
FITorion: seems fine
Traion: Heather is magic confirmed
PendelSteven: yeah, I love it when my mouse cursor disappears - not
Gobukiller: Let's rock and roll... or... Jpop?
Earthenone: dog ears
Earthenone: and :P mask
Probevoyages: tongue mask
PendelSteven: darn it - out of coca cola
PendelSteven: brb
SeiichiSin: Probably a good idea to cut it yeah.
SeiichiSin: That or edit in an Epilepsy sound trigger warning.
Dared00: the banter part had fine audio
Traion: Professional Youtube's woman Heather Dery
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Gobukiller: Do the groucho glasses, because comedy Kappa
Probevoyages: Well...
toasty647: Optional tongue is the best kind of tongue
SeiichiSin: But, but, butt... Hear me out...
Probevoyages: "I am a gift"
PendelSteven: you are a gift... to your parents
FITorion: cat
Probevoyages: Someone calling attendance and she gets to say "present"
PendelSteven: or you were at least
ArcOfTheConclave: party in the back
toasty647: Party is in the back
FITorion: yes
ArcOfTheConclave: cat is party
toasty647: The cat says party to me
FITorion: hang in there cat is best
Juliamon: Santasaurus rides again!
Probevoyages: This loadout is OP already
PendelSteven: I know I have an extra day off, but it's not christmass, that much I know
kusinohki: i was in the other room... her name is Rin? Isn't she obligated to wear a bell then??
Gobukiller: Kinda makes me think of the dinosaur from Cut The Rope
GDwarf: I assume that ribbon's just glued on, really
Traion: Looks like those are tied ribbons stitched or glued to the gloves
PendelSteven: tele[caster]
Dared00: this... had a 3D version in previous games. hmmm.
Traion: The game betrayed us!
GDwarf: The game is overruling our choices! I call for a rebellion!
Armstrong11139: Maybe there's a setting for it? Usually it doesn't let you customize a character if they aren't rendered in the video
Juliamon: This isn't even a GOOD MV
toasty647: We must rebel against the vocaloid project
constablecrab: You can’t end solitude by yourself.
Probevoyages: Finally when I react to people touching my shoulder it's justified by existential threat
toasty647: I feel the loss too Ian
Traion: Heather enjoys the usb drive dead drops she and G have going on
Gobukiller: I don't think thrust vectoring means what you think it means...
Traion: I was the same Ian
orbitaltuna: limesDab thrust vectoring rules the aisles limesDab