lurkerspine: it ain't like they're gaining life
satyropodobny: shoot. that. face.
Forgotten_Lizard: no, if mountain, have 7 lands, 1 for WEpon, 4 for trap and 2 for sac right?
baskwalla: fine
F1SHOR: i fell like you shoot face on end step anyway it drops them low enough they cant risk anything
Genderi: it becomes a 3/4
satyropodobny: face is the place
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (10m from now).
Taylorton147: nah see if you draw mountain
SolarBlitz1: Shooting face gets them low enough even without obosh weaponize is a threat
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tergonis: face times!
ChaoticObserver: I think shoot
historyman_admu: cycle
Taylorton147: oft
deathfridge: cycle
Taylorton147: not great
baskwalla: cycle it
chaotic_good_ferret: shoot your shot
lurkerspine: I'd swing
Taylorton147: bike it
lurkerspine: they gotta block
Taylorton147: an attack
Genderi: annack here looks good
historyman_admu: i'd swing
inithra: they have arrow mana...
tergonis: swing on in
BloodnBullets: with springjaw up an attack is great
lurkerspine: yeah, at worse you trade with lore drakkis
satyropodobny: shoot drakkis i guess
satyropodobny: nvm
F1SHOR: do not shoot that :P
monkeyrama: We can't shoot that one NotLikeThis
catacryptic: 100% shoot that
1y1e: put a post-it over it so you don't get tempted
Taylorton147: you got life to spare
historyman_admu: yeah shoot face
Professor_Rakor: i like face shoot here
deathfridge: pew pew
historyman_admu: so that they have to block
SolarBlitz1: Face and mountin is a win
Professor_Rakor: so many draws do stuff
jonasjonIV: shoot
MAPBoardgames: Iced in the face.
bartimus_thundercask: shoot face
monkeyrama: Mountains please NotLikeThis
Professor_Rakor: both jame
Genderi: it's a 3/5!
satyropodobny: why not pangolin?
Taylorton147: i thought james had a land curse
satyropodobny: a mighty 2/5
Genderi: this is still fine
inithra: @Taylorton147 he just drew two in a row of the wrong colour...i'd call that a curse :P
lurkerspine: cards in library?
Zalos_melbourne: shoot yor
Taylorton147: it doesnt just leave it
jazzyjrw: they're going to tap down Obosh
satyropodobny: can't double block
lurkerspine: nah, you win if you draw a mountain
historyman_admu: yeah dont shoot
lurkerspine: or wilds
Taylorton147: FUCK
Forgotten_Lizard: JAMES
monkeyrama: Woooooow, deck come on
gamercat88: lrrFINE
m_logan2000: let double block then shoot is 100% better
Genderi: threat of activation is all you have here, so you want to keep it as long as you can
satyropodobny: lrrFINE
TheWooglie: lrrFINE
DRMagnify: lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF lrrEFF
Taylorton147: everything is fuck
DeathWarrior555: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
historyman_admu: DECK please cooperate jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
deathfridge: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Professor_Rakor: I think they're of 3 minds by now.
F1SHOR: its fine its just a false sense of security for OP
monkeyrama: lrrJAMES It's fine
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
Taylorton147: crack it!
historyman_admu: no wait to crack endstep
Deathrite_Sharkman: Yorion... is this stnadard or what?
Taylorton147: evolve those wilds
deathfridge: end of turn pew pew their face?
Taylorton147: uh oh
monkeyrama: Oh noooo
deathfridge: uh oh
Genderi: oh jeez
TheWooglie: uh oh
BloodnBullets: that not good
Taylorton147: UH OH
Professor_Rakor: them countering weaponize will be quite entertaining........
historyman_admu: uh oh
IbunWest: The shoe is on the other foot now
jordiebearTT: hahaha
MalBeam: oh geez rick
tergonis: this could be unfortunate
Taylorton147: bye bye
bartimus_thundercask: we lose
baskwalla: Capridor gonna get big
Professor_Rakor: spiderman pointing at spiderman
deinonychus24: Well, weaponize is going to win the game after all
deathfridge: shoot face?
baskwalla: oh no OP
deathfridge: before obosh dies
Taylorton147: trap something!
loki_lxix: they know the secret tech
Genderi: ye creature wins this is fine
Genderi: as long as we also not die
Taylorton147: draw other mountain
jonasjonIV: draw a mountain
deathfridge: 10
RedJackz: Will hold you against that
Vyous: Going to draw a 6 drop
Taylorton147: more than
monkeyrama: not the other mountain
monkeyrama: plz
T_Higgs_: they had the kill there
RedJackz: WINNEr
monkeyrama: Yessssss
historyman_admu: yasss
deathfridge: WINNER
drizter: saved!
Zalos_melbourne: inb4 light of hope
TimeToFry: They have blue up
Genderi: counterspell incoming
deathfridge: uh oh
Vyous: Sequencing :(
Taylorton147: OH
deathfridge: they can kill squad
Taylorton147: BOI
F1SHOR: had to weaponise before...
tergonis: they just blow up whisper
monkeyrama: Noooooooooo
Trymantha: F
WrightJustice: nooooooo
baskwalla: Pay 4
TimeToFry: No
RedJackz: Try
monkeyrama: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
F1SHOR: wait didnt matter?
1y1e: no land yet
SolarBlitz1: Pay 4, land for turn
historyman_admu: no we havent played a land
baskwalla: no
BloodnBullets: nope
monkeyrama: We did not
rogerkirk1: shessssssh
baskwalla: you're good
RaynMurfy: no
Night_xD: they could have just pinged the 1/1 :D
GapFiller: no
F1SHOR: wait we didnt! yes!!
monkeyrama: Still got it!
RedJackz: WINNAH!
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
WrightJustice: yeeess
MAPBoardgames: Weaponize monsters?
deathfridge: WINNER
lurkerspine: gg
1y1e: what a game
drizter: holy crap
jonasjonIV: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
SolarBlitz1: A winner is you!
TillianSwoard: never didn't have it
Genderi: Cool Game!
DiscordianTokkan: "Foooooled Youuuuuu"
Night_xD: <message deleted>op punted :D
monkeyrama: 7-0 babyyyyy
Taylorton147: 7 and 0 GANG!
TimeToFry: lrrGOAT
RedJackz: GG BOIES
tergonis: they let us have it!
F1SHOR: what a game lol
lurkerspine: nice nice nice
BloodnBullets: they should have shot the squad
baskwalla: good job james
TheWooglie: lrrFINE
arkilyd: they F'ed up
Zalos_melbourne: thwey couldve just killed a creature
jordiebearTT: gg
Taylorton147: gg james
IbunWest: Convolute still a terrible card.
ChaoticObserver: WOO
LackingSanity_: and that's why convolute is bad
loki_lxix: we da best
CapnRobert: nice
RedJackz: 7-0 dream is real
KingJimmeh: 7-0 gg
SolarBlitz1: Perfectly timed to finish too!
chaotic_good_ferret: whooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
CastleOtranto: lrrHORN
nitrodog96: yeah they could have shot the Whisper Squad with Weaponize
historyman_admu: POGGIES MY DOGGIES Cheer100
zenican82: Intense game!
itsxndy: hi youtube
1y1e: 7-0 the hard way lol
monkeyrama: That was quite the roller coaster
Evochron13: zalos_melbourne they're tapped out.
chadtastic112: @loadingreadyrun Why did you not use the springjaw trap on Yorion while Obosh was out?
chaotic_good_ferret: this is defiantly going in the highlightsa
F1SHOR: and james did it totally by himself :P
Taylorton147: claim that prize
loki_lxix: claim
GapFiller: ๅŠ ๆฒน! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Zalos_melbourne: @Evochron13 they couldve shut whisper squad instead of convulkate
Zalos_melbourne: *shot
Trymantha: @chadtastic112 cause the sleeper dart meant that there wasnt gonna be a good attack anyways
GapFiller: thanks for streming James
Zalos_melbourne: convulate wasted the mana
Evochron13: whisper squad can pull another out of deck
Evochron13: then throw the new one
chadtastic112: @trymantha Wouldn't it have killed Yorion since it deals 6 damage? and prevented a lot of damage?
Zalos_melbourne: was the other squad not played yet
1y1e: @chadtastic112 to em, opp had enough creatures that you James was dead in a couple turns no matter what, so better to go to face a try and scam the win - playing to your outs
Evochron13: opponent doesn't know that
Trymantha: @chadtastic112 thats a move to not lose, not a move to win though
Evochron13: nor would we for that matter
Evochron13: or rather, we could if we go back in replays but
chadtastic112: @1y1e Was there a better target to kill, though?
kanyewestward: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
1y1e: it was the best creature, but their other creatures were still enough to get the job done
Genderi: James played to win, and he won
monkeyrama: It hit face for 6, which is the damage we needed to win
Genderi: sounds good to me
chadtastic112: @monkeyrama I didn't realize the trap could hit face, thats my bad. definitely the best play then.
1y1e: it's an interesting line for sure! we were lucky it worked out
monkeyrama: Hey, no worries, lots of people don't realize it can hit any target @chadtastic112 SeemsGood
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:02:14.
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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NightValien28: the heck are venga boys
Nuurgle: They comin'
Taylorton147: @NightValien28 clearly never been on a party bus
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> What better way to spend a Thursday night than listening to Cori, Ben and Adam make constant references to popular musical act the Venga Boys. | Also we're still playing @GrimDawn | ||
hawkfalcon8: hello!
Bengineering: We like to party
Bengineering: we like
CastleOtranto: We're going to eat pizza!
Bengineering: we like to party
NightValien28: Taylorton147 the heck is a bus
Taylorton147: @NightValien28 the heck is a heck
Juliamon: Has anyone rewritten it for Desert Bus yet?
monkeyrama: Ready to eat pizza ๐Ÿ‘€
Taylorton147: jokes on all of you i have already consumed pizza this night
corianderd: @Juliamon seems like something that we would do
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ThingsOnMyStream: The Vengance Bus is Coming
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spicydungus: hi
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Nuurgle: rewrite a VengaBoys song for Desert Bus, but you can't do Venga Bus
monkeyrama: Oh my
Genderi: ooh sound
Genderi: just one sound though
corianderd: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Genderi: lrrHORN
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monkeyrama: Hey there, Adam seabatPjorg /
BusTed: Hello.
asthanius: hullo
Taylorton147: hji
unrealdoctt: Sup!
CapnRobert: hello
MAPBoardgames: Hello Adam
Fugi: Hi Adam
Genderi: hello hello
BoblinTheGoblin69: hi adam
Ivalenz_: Hello
Deathrite_Sharkman: taaliaYoshiHi taaliaYoshiHi taaliaYoshiHi
noSmokeFire: hewwo
DiscordianTokkan: Hello!
ldivergent: hey
jessieimproved: hellooooo
gamercat88: hi adam!!!!!!
tergonis: hello
drizter: PogChamp
Diabore: hallo
sir_jack_DB: HELLO.
7gorobei: hello
Nigouki: hello!
monkeyrama: Hello Ben and Cori's voices PogChamp /
YawnLance: Hewwo?!
darkspiredragon: An Adam has appeared
Lord_ZYRK: Adam seabatPjorg
boundwoodhome: Hello!
AgentMagicMaster: HES HERE seabatTROG seabatPjorg
MAPBoardgames: You say goodbye, when I say hello.
BoblinTheGoblin69: hi ben
CastleOtranto: Oh Adam, you startled me. I was listening to the Venga Boys.
MrBevers: lol
BoblinTheGoblin69: hi cori
Rhonlore: Adaaam
jessieimproved: hol up while I come up with one
asthanius: they're the vengabois and they like making noise
Reduce_Sanity: Man I havent seen Adam in a minute
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Ivalenz_: !subscribe vengaboysfacts
RegulusPratus: Dawns cannot be grim, only bright and cheery. This entire game is a lie.
monkeyrama: lol
domslashryan: Fun fact: The venga bus is coming. Everyone is pumping
monkeyrama: Ben what
Taylorton147: thanks for subscribing to venga boys facts
codl_: it's a fact, but it's not fun
Lord_ZYRK: Their wikipedia page is only full of lies
LoadingReadyRun: lrrGRAHAM Hey now, hey now, hear what I say now
Nuurgle: VengaFacts- 2 of the VengaBoys are girls
niccus: whose kids
gamercat88: fact: none of them are boys
monkeyrama: lol
Taylorton147: this aint anime cori
jetpixi: there is a kids bop for every song
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun kiddle really sounds like a euphamism for something you'd be brought up on charges for.
Ivalenz_: Hi lrrPAUL
Lord_ZYRK: Can we get some fun falsehoods about the VengaBoys?
BusTed: gottem
Nuurgle: KidzBop version of Boom Boom Boom Boom?
jetpixi: I have been made a liar
gamercat88: yet
ThingsOnMyStream: The VengaBike is Coming
djalternative: The Long Distance Game
Taylorton147: due a fucking pandemic
jetpixi: The Ongoing Goings on
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RegulusPratus: The plague, mark three
jessieimproved: Sounds weird to say, but I want my heat death
CastleOtranto: They don't say cemetery, they say BONEYARD.
monkeyrama: DLC that none of you have ever tried! PogChamp
BusTed: pepsi/chips/parents
Deathrite_Sharkman: when are the vengaboyz showing up
Feltic: No parents allowed? Aww, I guess I'll leave
HeyAustralia: !findquote party
LRRbot: Quote #2693: "This is COMMUNISM! Make Mario Party great again!" โ€”Cameron [2016-06-01]
Lord_ZYRK: Oh, it comes in gallons
asthanius: 1 jug of PCP, please
djalternative: I can get you a gallon of pcp
MAPBoardgames: They sell it by the gallon?
HeyAustralia: ooof that quote didn't age delightfully
loki_lxix: That WKUK ref
RegulusPratus: Am I going to be missing the gripping narrative if I haven't seen the previous VODs?
northos: ah, the continuing adventure of Large Fellow
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Doom4114: Woah, almost my 2 year anniversery
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djalternative: gallons of pcp is for wholesalers only
CastleOtranto: Hello Mr. Dealer. One gallon of the drugs, please.
northos: @RegulusPratus not really, the story is pretty light
monkeyrama: Remember to hide the password seabatBRAIN
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playmaster500: 2 years sub baby
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northos: although the in-jokes might be impenetrable :P
jetpixi: Dickbutt
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BusTed: Just hide Ben's aquarium.
Ivalenz_: dontsaypasswordoutloud
monkeyrama: Not again, Ben
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
CastleOtranto: pw: vengaboys4prez2020
jetpixi: Ohh....
ShadeofHades: The Password is 1234. I know because that's the combination on my luggage
DRMagnify: Me while im on my current DOS II run
monkeyrama: oooh noooo
TrueSkorn: Spaceballs
chaotic_good_ferret: Adam = cute
monkeyrama: Nice, Ben LUL
djalternative: @Bengineering there's a mod for that in 5
Nigouki: hopefully you had Tithe so at least you were making mad cash from all that religion
BusTed: Unfortunately, no.
sir_jack_DB: Radical.
jetpixi: Can't Stop Won't Stop
darkspiredragon: Wyld Stallions Victory condition
sir_jack_DB: Radical Radism
F1SHOR: i feel like im cheating myself out of a youtube vod by watching live
Kalpho: spreading the Rad-itation
monkeyrama: LUL LUL
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djalternative: Bill&Tedism
chaotic_good_ferret: their god does skate bored tricks and their mom buys them energy drinks
Swamplor: OK, chat and Dr.s LRR, I need advice. My kids are sound asleep. The odds that they will continue sleeping from now until tomorrow morning is very low. But if I wake them up now they will definitely whine at me and I just can't take any more of that.
BusTed: Never alone as a necromancer.
monkeyrama: The Kevins PogChamp
MAPBoardgames: CORI! You did the "do-do do do do!" at the same time I did after Ben said 'Phenomenon'
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>WWOOOOOOO
AllGoodDogs: In 6 I always named my religion "Turtles" because the message would read 'Turtles is the one true way to salvation, ignore all those other ones."
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>HEKP
Lord_ZYRK: Swamplor my advice is noise-canceling headphones
djalternative: @Swamplor sounds like you have your answer
jetpixi: a not parent I have no advice. Leave them?
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>CAN I HAVE HELP
monkeyrama: Look at the size of that axe
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>PLEASSEWE
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>MAN
zerragonoss: You just hit the last dungeon of act 3
F1SHOR: ive never played a game like this as a summoner but bens making me really want to
djalternative: easy on the all caps friend
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Wiliart: I see your Kevins and raise you my own Kevins.
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Fracaswell: please stop yelling
the_pabster: That is a thicc axe
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>PLEASE
rogerkirk1: <message deleted>HELP
monkeyrama: Easy on the caps, bud
jetpixi: you good ?
the_pabster: LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift LuvGift
djalternative: @ThingsOnMyStream assistance?
Kramburger: No mods, only chat
metaldog564: bruh
jetpixi: Seems to be...
monkeyrama: Thank you
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove seabatBRAIN
jetpixi: Si
Fracaswell: sergeModLove
floki4242: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
CastleOtranto: Mods are asleep. Be kind.
ShadeofHades: NO RULES CHAT Kappa
Juliamon: Sorry!! Distracted by Celeste.
Driosenth: no mods, no masters
glued_to_the_stream: sergeModLove
the_pabster: <message deleted>Keepo Keepo Keepo Keepo Keepo BigBrother BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Darleysam: mod team alpha strike!
Swamplor: POLICE OFFICER: Why is there a dead body in your inventory? CORI: I don't remember how that got there.
Genderi: no mods, just DLC
asthanius: @Juliamon The game, or the owl?
BusTed: The mountain or the owl?
blamemyphone: <3
MAPBoardgames: Woohoo! No adult supervision!
Brozard: @castleotranto I was about to say the same thing
Juliamon: The owl.
monkeyrama: benginCop
asthanius: @Juliamon Respect <3
F1SHOR: lrrHEART thank mods (and streamers i guess) :P
djalternative: what do you invent in your inventory
OwlsMowles: Hmm?
Fracaswell: i love that platypus cop emote so much
CastleOtranto: sergeModLove sergeModLove
iLetTheDogesOut: wooo i caught the bus
zerragonoss: Gland is quest item eye if for crafting
jetpixi: tea?!
metaldog564: lrrBEEJ
ardcollier: do you ever really have enough manticore glands
monkeyrama: Ben always does LUL
asthanius: Ben put on his Vengaboyz CD
Last1031: can you share the play list
Genderi: Twitch chat, what video game should I play right now while I listen to this?
Last1031: @Genderi grim dawn of course
monkeyrama: I don't think you 3 went up there?
djalternative: It's the "let's see how long ben can skirt the vod muting detectors
DiscordianTokkan: @Genderi Grim Dawn for pure chaos
northos: I could have sworn you guys went inside to get the portal but *shrug*
monkeyrama: I think you 3 got stuck in the hell area
jetpixi: LUL
NoxStryx: ask not who the vengabus comes for. it comes for you.
jetpixi: They're coming for you, Barabara
jetpixi: oops. Barbara*
NoxStryx: look! there comes one of them now
monkeyrama: Rift strats seabatBRAIN
jetpixi: seabatBRAIN
jetpixi: Yes she is
gualdhar: has zone maps that show possible spawn locations for quests like this
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
asthanius: "Maybe it's education"
Genderi: "nones of times" that's fantastic
monkeyrama: Hweat
gualdhar: fort haron is a different quest, the farmers are in blood grove proper I think
jetpixi: Cool hwip
Masslost: would be a easier way to save them
Kramburger: Boggers, my Troggers
MAPBoardgames: "I just bought some cheap land in the Vale of Despair."
sir_jack_DB: Fort A-Ron
jetpixi: @Kramburger NotLikeThis
Nigouki: anyone else have a choppy stream or just me?
MAPBoardgames: just you
Kramburger: @jetpixi Boggies my Doggies?
monkeyrama: Mine is a bit choppy
Orlantia: I mean I live near a place called pardee (pronounced party) ville
monkeyrama: That skit is the actual best
NoxStryx: mine is more magic and slashing than choppy
djalternative: you need go juice? I can get medical grade go juice
Lokolos: My name is Aron spelled with just one a, but people still call me A-a-ron
jetpixi: It's real fun when you date someone with that name and your dad likes dad jokes
itira: hello everyone!!
MAPBoardgames: DYNE-O-MITE!
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg /
BusTed: and not the pokemon aron?
noSmokeFire: @Lokolos right. you're a Aron
gualdhar: oh, that one you feel up dead bodies and get medals
monkeyrama: You have so many quests ๐Ÿ‘€
Bearudite: always be questin
Feltic: A drunk?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun unemployeed
F1SHOR: how will you ever get 100% completion :O
jetpixi: Holy hand grenade of antioch I just noticed all the questies.
Genderi: "Raggy"
BusTed: He would have gotten away with it, too.
Pharmacistjudge: Good evening Adam and chat
sir_jack_DB: o/
monkeyrama: Are they contractors?
Pharmacistjudge: How goes the murder fields?
jetpixi: They can have guilds
loki_lxix: guilds
asthanius: Adventurers have guilds
djalternative: most of the time they do have unions
Talin06: bandits
sir_jack_DB: ah, my land!
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Orlantia: adventurers without a quest are just murder hobos
walkeroftales: Don't worry! These farmers are more afraid of you than you are of them!
asthanius: An adventurer without a quest is a high-level NPC
ArcOfTheConclave: is a jail a jar?
BusTed: Quite the sticky wicket.
djalternative: Ben is def Shaggy cause he has the pet class. Adam is Fred, and Cori is Velma.
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
jetpixi: The portal fund is limited
Pharmacistjudge: Adam, you have hit your portal quota
monkeyrama: That tracks
monkeyrama: Fred's the leader
BusTed: He has a good ascot.
DRMagnify: Fred says fuck
ShadeofHades: "Alright gang, let's split up"
asthanius: When written well, Fred is great
noSmokeFire: would you rather be scooby?
Pharmacistjudge: Fred says "To the mystery machine"
sir_jack_DB: Fred's the only one with a driver's license
monkeyrama: Fred's stylish
djalternative: Fred's great in Mystery Inc
monkeyrama: Also he can drive
Masslost: what about scrappy though
Lokolos: I feel like my brother did...
RealGamerCow: TBH, no one's ever said that about Freddie Prinze Junior either.
Uzumaki15: Fred splits the party
Kramburger: Nobody has a favourite scooby do character
jetpixi: I hope not
MAPBoardgames: Can and has, I'm sure.
Kramburger: Scooby Do doesn't have Thumbs!
northos: there's no rule that says a dog can't drive a car!
northos: (there probably is)
monkeyrama: I would not be surprised, really. Scooby gets into some shit
sir_jack_DB: FUCK
jetpixi: can you llimit effects?
BusTed: How does he eat such enormous sandwiches with no thumbs?
Tripleyew: I do have to give it up for Fred's dedication to the ascot - he's found a style he likes, he's made it his own, he likes it enough to stick with it even when heckled for it - good for him
RealGamerCow: gottem
monkeyrama: Wow, that got him good
sir_jack_DB: @northos I hate you for getting there before me xD
Caffine1138: Damnit Raymond. I told you not to bring that Death around here anymore!
monkeyrama: Wax on wax off?
gizmofreak1: fred is definitely in my top 5 of scooby doo gang members
PandaLurker42: We have reached peak stream
djalternative: Scooby's even raced professionally back when Shaggy was turned into a warewolf @LoadingReadyRun
asthanius: Now we know: Adam loves jokes about mid-90's US sitcoms
jetpixi: MegaLULz
jetpixi: I actually missed the joke and i"m sad about it
Pharmacistjudge: oh yeah, Fred is the maker of traps
sir_jack_DB: oh yeah
jetpixi: He smart seabatBRAIN
iLetTheDogesOut: they tend to be pretty big brained
Rynehawk: Fred's a regular rube goldberg
CompletelyUnsure: Wasn't Fred taking credit for Velma
Rynehawk: with an ascot
Masslost: so does fred listen to trap music as he's a trap master
Pharmacistjudge: Thelma's trap would be far more practical
Orlantia: I like the version from venture Bros
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BusTed: grody
monkeyrama: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
marlonwow89: u deserve a sub just because its GD
Genderi: Was that a quote from Grim Dawn or Fred?
sir_jack_DB: I'm not a plumber but that doesn't sound safe
amythist: nah Fred was the traps, Velma was the one that actually solved it
jetpixi: thanks for clippin that @monkeyrama
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monkeyrama: SeemsGood @jetpixi
Tripleyew: this brochure for the local School of Plumbing Arts is... a little more intense than I was expecting.
jetpixi: Damn that was good LUL
northos: yeah we're finishing Act 3 here
BusTed: It's all an act.
asthanius: The Enigma Crew
noSmokeFire: conundrum squad
SerGarretCameron: Bus Gang.
NoxStryx: mister F gang
ashiok_nightmare_moose: spirit squad
noSmokeFire: Whisper Gang!
TrueSkorn: Powerpuff Girls
djalternative: Mystery Inc was the frist Scooby Doo show that was serialized its story and it really fleshed out all of the characters
FloydOfSmeg: Fistful of Kevins
Reduce_Sanity: Big Dumb Stupid Tribe
gualdhar: what's the cheap ripoff of the Hardy Boys?
RendezVoodoo: kevin's fellowship
monkeyrama: I mean, you kind of are
ashiok_nightmare_moose: whodunnit homies
Makimachine: The clue crew
jetpixi: The Funkadactyls
thraximore: the PP?
NoxStryx: the question crew?
Genderi: vangaboss and her vanga boys
monkeyrama: Oh, nice
asthanius: The Vengaboys
djalternative: Enigma Ltd.
walkeroftales: clue crew is somewhat taken by a podcast, fyi
Mangledpixel: umlauts on every letter
Shemerson: Dolph Ziggler was in teh spirit squad
chaostreader: The Venga Gang
TrueSkorn: Triple Clicking Crew
Awexdio: The Clue Oyster Bult
glued_to_the_stream: Whodunnit Vengaboys
monkeyrama: LUL
asthanius: "Quick o-pen up Ex-cel now"
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL
Amentur: The poggies posse
Juliamon: We like our paychecks
Juliamon: We like, we like our paychecks
walkeroftales: The Pog Pound: Poggies, my Doggies
iLetTheDogesOut: that's gold
NoxStryx: highlight of my week last week was I got like from 2 of the crew on Twitter for the vengabus meme I found
LegionofLashes: is it still a door and not a secret?
asthanius: At least 7
jetpixi: 1
ptay313: I actually am sitting in my office working on a spreadsheet lol
DiscordianTokkan: Brooklyn 99? With a funny joke? GO ON... :D
asthanius: ASMRtist?
BusTed: I need to catch up on the latest season.
monkeyrama: Oh myyyy
jetpixi: OH no
Naarius: VengaSMR
ShadeofHades: boo @asthanius :)
djalternative: you don't have the right microphones for ASMR
LegionofLashes: his heavy whispering was fantastic
Orlantia: I love that he only whispered and mumbled
Genderi: stop that Right now
jboogie247: Omg I just watched the latest Grim Dawn VOD and yโ€™all are STILL talking about Vengaboys
monkeyrama: looool
DiscordianTokkan: Ben Nooooo
Fluffy776: Weird time to come into the stream but okay
BusTed: binaural mic
Genderi: with asmr, "RIP headphone users" hits different
t00manygoats: Now this is the kind of content i come here for
AllGoodDogs: The wheels on the bus go WE LIKE TO PARTY
northos: totem? I 'ardly know 'em?
Rynehawk: LOL. Just watched a 99 clip of that ASMR. "My fans can't hear my mouth sounds" LUL LUL
jetpixi: An ASMR person that just does the time like when you could call on the phone "At the tone, the time will be...3:33pm..."
Raiger: As a Kevin...never. We are notorious for NOT listening
asthanius: Health Gun
Pharmacistjudge: I have several questions of the sterility of that needle
jetpixi: In a D&D game I played this guy had a bow that would heal people when he shot them with it
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TheGhostOfZero: these streams got me back playing Grim Dawn. thanks for the good times
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monkeyrama: James OpieOP
asthanius: Kyle or Trevor
sir_jack_DB: Karen.
AllGoodDogs: Karen
CompletelyUnsure: Chad
Orlantia: Karen
Zaraka00: trevor
sir_jack_DB: lrrBEEJ
SerGarretCameron: Gary.
InquisitorGaia: adam
FloydOfSmeg: Ben
thraximore: Connor for sure
stateofcomatose: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:09.
niccoli_omari: Karen!
Amentur: Dennia
dweebert91: Blake
NoxStryx: Damien
glued_to_the_stream: Karen
Juliamon: Tyler maybe
monkeyrama: Sometimes OpieOP
asthanius: Serge, provably
Amentur: *Dennis
Naarius: Karen is listening to you, but wants to talk to your manager about it
DiscordianTokkan: Geoff
djalternative: Karen does not give a FUCK about your issues
loki_lxix: you can not tell a Kyle shit
BusTed: Skyler
AllGoodDogs: Bartleby
northos: as long as he's not in the AFK channel :P
SerGarretCameron: MOOD.
TwitchTVsFrank: 60% of the time
monkeyrama: LUL
ghostvalv: sometimes it's 2020
themadchicken: Adam! BisexualPride good evening all
BusTed: Haha.
monkeyrama: looooool
BusTed: holes
monkeyrama: Holes?!?
monkeyrama: PogChamp
jetpixi: Oh god already?
nitestar428: Adam takes everything under advisement. Then proeeds to yeet it away.
iLetTheDogesOut: Stanley!?
asthanius: The movie, or absence of matter?
loki_lxix: Beej
stateofcomatose: I blame you Adam for picking this game up. It was on sale not long after you guys started it up
t00manygoats: like the movie, or book?
itsr67: a hole is something that gets larger the more you remove from it
walkeroftales: I thought he was saying "Popular Young Adult Action Thriller Cameron Lauder"
monkeyrama: Why is it blame and not thanks??
cabbageboy_: Adam it is such a pleasure to see you benginFingers
stateofcomatose: Because you are the one with the passion for this game?
asthanius: Because your shoulders are so broad
drcthulu: it's because you have big shoulders
LegionofLashes: because its a good thing to be "blame'd" for
SerGarretCameron: RNG manipulation.
NoxStryx: I heard, did you ever just think about bowls, the first time he said it
F1SHOR: yer this is James fault for not stopping them playing it
gualdhar: Adam I blame you for playing this game too. my life was better before I bought it
northos: this isn't even his final form
Orlantia: it's because your shoulders are so strong from lifting your big brain
Rynehawk: is that yargle?
jetpixi: The Great Kevin Genocide
walkeroftales: BDG, The Unraveler
AllTheWeasels: You were saying?
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nitestar428: because with big brain comes big shoulders
BusTed: Immediately punished.
itsr67: he's like a leshen but less scary
sir_jack_DB: hubris
LegionofLashes: please have clipped that
monkeyrama: I.... am not looking forward to soloing this
t00manygoats: tentacle tree man, sounds like a sick name for a band
jetpixi: Oh it really was The Great Kevin Genocide
BusTed: Looks like them VengaBoyz are at it again.
vouru: having mhw leshin flashbacks
monkeyrama: Flip Flop weather is Adam weather
asthanius: hide feet
iLetTheDogesOut: hell yea we are
RealGamerCow: No we are not. It's going to snow here tomorrow night.
t00manygoats: isn't all weather flip flop weather?
AllGoodDogs: Counterpoint: It's always flip-flop weather
gualdhar: man my area has a fucking frost warning tomorrow
cabbageboy_: yooooo
DiscordianTokkan: We're due for snow tomorrow
TwitchTVsFrank: even in december?
jetpixi: It'll be flippy floppy weather here for like a day or two and then the fog will roll in
sir_jack_DB: but ben imagine if you were working there and had everyone invading your space all the time
sir_jack_DB: that is my life
BloodnBullets: inside a cat?!
TwitchTVsFrank: the yeetah!
Pharmacistjudge: sing a song, you're the yeti man. sing a song tonight
t00manygoats: yeti man, yet another good band name
jetpixi: Aw...why not
Wicker_Knight: About Thong Sandals
DRMagnify: flippity floopitiys?
zerragonoss: The expansion environments are even better, I feel like the environment design would be up there with darksouls if the camera perspective allowed it.
AllGoodDogs: I got my swim trunks, and my flippy floppies.
monkeyrama: lol
Wicker_Knight: or Footthongs
Raiger: Would you prefer floppy flippys?
Genderi: flippy floppy weather is when it changes frequently
monkeyrama: But I hate wearing flip flops
Kramburger: Do you mean Thongs? Pluggers? Jandles?
jetpixi: I do slip on shows
ghostvalv: flippy floppies my diggy doggies?
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
F1SHOR: i assume by flip flops they are just talking about thongs yer?
jetpixi: shoes*
Orlantia: would you rather I call them thongs like the Aussies
NightValien28: flippy floppy my poggies
Dergib: what is wrong with flippy floppies?
AllGoodDogs: I'm flippin burgers, you're at kinkos straight flippin' copies.
Pharmacistjudge: I use's like flip flops, but fancier
cabbageboy_: hey we call them thongs where I come from
djalternative: any slip ons work really
DiscordianTokkan: Don't copy that floppy, don't clippy that flippy
jetpixi: that's a no over here @cabbageboy_ lol
TheAwkes: You say "flippy floppies," I think "big blue watery road."
djalternative: same
Dergib: wait! does adam count slides as flippy floppies?
monkeyrama: Slides?
jetpixi: slides=sandals?
TwitchTVsFrank: slides are just sandels without a back right?
Dergib: the ones that have a piece over the top that your feet slide into
monkeyrama: Oh
jetpixi: oh yeah. cuz they slide off your feet
jetpixi: or that @Dergib
djalternative: I count those
AllGoodDogs: Alright chat let's talk about the superior choice in footwear: Crocs
monkeyrama: It looks good, Adam
jetpixi: yeah cuz they flippity flop as you walk
Pharmacistjudge: I will soon bust out my uncle's flowbee
F1SHOR: those are thongs yup
Pharmacistjudge: anyone know what a Flowbee is?
TheAwkes: Don't do it Pharmacistjudge, it's a trap!
TwitchTVsFrank: flip flops have the piece between your toes
djalternative: crocs can go melt in a fire
monkeyrama: Oh yeah
monkeyrama: Flowbees
Theoretical95: Convienient
Lord_ZYRK: Well it certainly does suck
Orlantia: so what Adam is saying is that it's thong weather
Pharmacistjudge: yes, exactly that
ShadeofHades: It's a river of honey. Or is that beeflow?
AllGoodDogs: Slides have a tunnel for your feet, flippy floppies have a forest with a tree to wrap your toesies around.
monkeyrama: Butter road?
oyleslyck: The use flowbees in space when cutting hair aboard the ISS
Pharmacistjudge: it's not thong weather here...i's going down to -1 C tomorrow
Pharmacistjudge: and it's supposed to be spring
zerragonoss: Yep borken hills is correct for steps
jetpixi: Qhuest
Orlantia: depends on how hardcore you are @pharmacistjudge
Dergib: isn't broken hills a diablo area too?
djalternative: yeah. the weather in chicago has been bouncing back and forth between nice spring weather and frozen tundra
monkeyrama: Free points Kreygasm
Wicker_Knight: bicep polishing emoji
drdudeman: hello friends
TwitchTVsFrank: ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ
monkeyrama: Oh no, Green Hill Zone
Wicker_Knight: <Skeksis voice> ESSENCE
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
jetpixi: *shudder* @Wicker_Knight
jetpixi: my nightmare as a child
Rynehawk: that was eerily close to mcmahon tho
Pharmacistjudge: i'm a softcore...the softest of cores
Pharmacistjudge: I don't do nearly enough situps or other core exercises
Nuurgle: I feel like Ian would do a Skeksis voice, even if he couldn't do a good one
NoxStryx: problem is he often confuses skexy voice with sexy voice
Orlantia: I feel like Ian could just do a good skeksis
monkeyrama: Remember when we were talking about names that don't listen Kappa
jdb399: Hey Hey Hey LRR!
jetpixi: LUL @monkeyrama
asthanius: damn such a punk
Rynehawk: cut yourself on that edge
jdb399: lrrARROW_HF
AllGoodDogs: lrrADAM_SO
1losttheGame: theres the whole dungeon down there
AllGoodDogs: errr, wut?
asthanius: The one the Vengaboys sleep in
Wicker_Knight: also none of them are aluminum
AllGoodDogs: lrrADAM_SO
AllGoodDogs: there we go
monkeyrama: You didn't decide
jdb399: That's a lot of dudes
monkeyrama: So many items :o
Mangledpixel: we - found - a totem, we found, we found a totem
gualdhar: Ben's minions can learn how to taunt too
jetpixi: He even yawns the song LUL
noSmokeFire: that's so sad. malexena, play despacito
asthanius: Malificent
gualdhar: argh, I'm trying to craft an end-game relic for my necromancer and there are so many subcrafts on this thing it's hurting my brain
djalternative: maliflouious
itsr67: "Thank you!" "Pathetic bonuses"
monkeyrama: No winning with these two LUL
Orlantia: kick walnuts and cram rocks
zerragonoss: You could argue you are giving ben 90+ offensive ability since its effecting all his pets.
Kramburger: o7
itsr67: o7
djalternative: o7
Amentur: o7
1losttheGame: o7
Kramburger: Ben, they're called Friends With Benefits
Wicker_Knight: thanks. I hate it
Wicker_Knight: So, they're all Papyrus
itsr67: have you got your daily dose of CALCIUM?
Genderi: that's because ben's skeletons are the only one with eyebrows
1losttheGame: war cry is great
monkeyrama: It... what?
TeamSINS0: is that a wild ben ulmer i heard?
monkeyrama: 33% reduction at level 1?
gualdhar: health reduction doesn't work well on bosses
itsr67: it just does damage?
northos: current I think
zerragonoss: Health reduction resitnce is a thing as well
Tripleyew: "Wiggling eyebrows are features, not bugs!" "Wait, don't you mean 'a bug'?" "Sure, they aren't that, either"
gualdhar: max health
northos: bosses are resistant to it though
monkeyrama: yeet seabatBRAIN
djalternative: fus ro dah
itsr67: I just wanna scream! (aah)
AllGoodDogs: Fus Ro a-dah-m
Amentur: These are the doggies we can dream about
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asthanius: "Money can be exchanged for goods and services"
TeamSINS0: I hear 3 good people. James, Corriander, and ben ulmer. WE'RE HERE!
niccus: it's spiritual loot
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
jetpixi: Yes @asthanius Anya :)
Pharmacistjudge: thinking about stuff too much causes me problems
Nolwest: I've been thinking aobut getting this game, but it seems easy from what i've seen. Is there a part that makes you make strategic choices in combat or is it just hack and slash?
jetpixi: that sounds good, tho...
monkeyrama: wooooooow
BusTed: Quite the hill to die on.
Lordofironstorm: Who hates corn that much?
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
monkeyrama: lol
AllGoodDogs: Yeah, Freak on a Leash was awful.
asthanius: "Fuck corn. Send tweet"
Last1031: it is an awful band
jetpixi: Does he hate candy corn as much?
cosarprime: Nolwest, are you familiar with diablo or diablo likes?
NoxStryx: who is that person? that person deserves a kick in the shin, corn is best food
jdb399: Corn? Corn?! Corn?!?!?!?
monkeyrama: What's there to hate about corn?
CastleOtranto: It is almost impossible to be an American and not consume corn in some way.
Amentur: And if I'm still sad then I'll drink another Korn
Pharmacistjudge: corn is fine, corn-based politics are miserable
jetpixi: i had the best corn on the cob the other day
asthanius: What's your stance on maize?
Theoretical95: I can take maybe 1 corn
CastleOtranto: Now I really want to eat some corn.
AllGoodDogs: Chat can have a little a corn, as a treat
jetpixi: ALMOST a fun fact
Rynehawk: *RUNS TO GOOGLE*
Theoretical95: Toybox?
asthanius: Functionally identical? What function do they serve?
jdb399: Korn?
BusTed: The VongoLadz
F1SHOR: look at the fake music fan here :P
monkeyrama: Still got those gummies, Adam? PogChamp
djalternative: are you thinking of Aqua, Ben?
Theoretical95: I love them
DiscordianTokkan: I still don't know if it's Korn or Corn
asthanius: Banger, or Vanger?
jetpixi: Korn with backwards R is the band?
Theoretical95: Best Friend is un-ironically the best song
djalternative: Yeah. Ben's thinking of Aqua
jetpixi: or do you mean you dunno which one they went off on?
djalternative: they did barbie world
monkeyrama: Last thing you decided on was ghoul, I think?
Lordofironstorm: I had a friend in college who was obsessed with Toybox
1losttheGame: did you get tempest yet?
TheMoatman: I'm a Barbie World, in a Barbie Girl
zerragonoss: Lizrad is not bad either
jetpixi: I was in the 6th grade when that song came out. I did not care who actually made it lol
MagicWarluck: Aqua did Barbie Girl right?
baskwalla: Man, I thought Adam was playing Stellaris for a second...
1losttheGame: sorry i was thinking of something else
monkeyrama: Lizard is nice for defense
djalternative: I could've sword Toybox changed their name to aqua or the other way around.
jetpixi: I'm actually super surprised I was allowed to listen to Barbie girl at age 11
Wicker_Knight: it's the same reason they play Good Riddance at weddings
monkeyrama: You picked ghoul for defense januar1Think
gualdhar: oh, go Eel if you haven't already, nice defensive stuff
darkspiredragon: Have you seen the use of Ayn Rand's voice to speak the lyrics to the Barbie Girl song? It's disturbing.
Wicker_Knight: people don't know lyrics :P
asthanius: @djalternative They toured together
jetpixi: Yeah. But I couldnt like the Spice Girls...
1losttheGame: ah, but ghoul is life drain thats different :P
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stateofcomatose: Nah, Adam you've got it. Stellaris is just an idle game, just ask Cori
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ghost_user_1984: Iโ€™n response I activate top?
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Theoretical95: WHOA
BusTed: Wow.
DiscordianTokkan: Holy MOLY
1losttheGame: WHAT
Lordofironstorm: PogChamp
Genderi: the vanga boys are back
monkeyrama: ๐Ÿ‘€
ashiok_nightmare_moose: excuse me?
gualdhar: Sailor's guide or turtle both give blue
shurtal: will they play in Ibiza?
Fluffy776: katesWa katesOw
jetpixi: so...when can concerts happen again and who wants to go?
saucemaster5000: get hellogoodbye in there and it's the perfect concert
Amentur: That's rad
Rynehawk: Weird Al in concert is amazing
djalternative: I guess that was just apochaphil I heard as a kid, Ben
Theoretical95: Best Friend!
Rynehawk: def. a must see
Fluffy776: That's so much 90s in one tour I'm surprised it's legal
Pharmacistjudge: I want to a randy newman concert when I was in undergrad
monkeyrama: Inventory space NotLikeThis
Pharmacistjudge: it was just randy newman and a grand piano...nothing else
Dergib: the only prozak i know is a rapper
BusTed: Nice, Pharmacistjudge
jetpixi: Inventory management is the absolute worst lol. Can't do it IRL or in games
monkeyrama: What about all that sweet boss loot
Rynehawk: let it all out
jetpixi: Let it all out
jetpixi: lo
AllGoodDogs: Vengaboyz, Aqua, Creed, Spin Doctors, Sister Hazel featuring special guest Vanilla Ice, coming soon to a sold-out stadium near you.
Rynehawk: these are the mobs we can do with out
1losttheGame: so the devotions i did for the primal strike build was: ghoul, spider, kraken, widow,. viper, eel, sailors guide, toad, rhowans crown, ultos, and spear of the heavens with 1 point in the blue crossroads
BusTed: I think that's Mute City, Cori.
Amentur: Come on. I'm taunting at you
Last1031: you cannot port out
Theoretical95: Just grab one of the Kevin's bones
monkeyrama: lol
Despoiler98: WELP
jetpixi: seems that's been determined
1losttheGame: thats a limited timer, might not open again
monkeyrama: Guess we're going in now
northos: I think the door actually closes after some time
DesperadoZod: Oooo! Roguelike Dungeon!
zerragonoss: It is actully timed
j0xer: if you die you get locked out too
monkeyrama: Oh, that was fast
1losttheGame: yeah, its a quick timer
Despoiler98: shit that was like 60 secs
1losttheGame: LUL
BusTed: Gotta bring a door wedge next time.
monkeyrama: Could one of you have gone in there and dropped a portal, or would that not work in that area?
1losttheGame: no, no portals are allowed in there
jetpixi: but that's the best damage
monkeyrama: Got it
Brozard: @despoiler98 more like 100gecs
Lord_ZYRK: Spooky Metal lrrSPOOP
zerragonoss: Most compents are form blacksmith not drooped
Dergib: i miss top down rpg games like this
1losttheGame: might have to craft it
wolfmomluvsyou: hey yall <3
Dergib: everything is first person now a days
Mr_Pecks_Ecology_Class: Hollow fang
zerragonoss: Also you stash now has a search function
1losttheGame: far right tab for components
monkeyrama: I did not know you could just make these
erased_citizen: @Dergib have you tried Path of Exile?
KCazduke: So Adam, if you're ever interested in cosplay, I feel that you would make a great Lukka from Ikoria.
monkeyrama: I was wondering when I'd find something for that slot
1losttheGame: yeah, you get a whole lot of blueprints later on to get some of the real good slot components
Doctor_Pockets: I'm so glad there is a search bar for the blacksmith
jetpixi: afk again?
Dergib: PoE was just a little too complex for me
1losttheGame: and then you can buy stuff to put on items from the factions in addition to the components
corpseponcho: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:09:37.
Theoretical95: Did you lose Ben and Cori?
monkeyrama: Possibly deafened?
Doctor_Pockets: Should be able to search for specific stats like you can at the vendors too
jetpixi: YEah. Awful quiet
meepleskillz: !uptime
erased_citizen: I can see that in PoE, I tend to follow build guides that help out with choosing all the passives and all that
monkeyrama: Or they're just letting him think out loud atm
monkeyrama: sergeThinking
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Jim02762: very quiet
itsr67: waiting for ben to spoop adam
monkeyrama: Correct
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
MAPBoardgames: Rotate the fluids~!\
Genderi: rotate!?
Dergib: it was just way too build dependent
Genderi: please do not redistribute your fluids
AllGoodDogs: !brake
NoxStryx: SO I realized the other day that slot used to be AFK right, so that is why they are cursed with falling into the afk channel
theanthonydee: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #16: "*James* plays Minecraft. How hard can it be?" โ€”Adam [2015-02-17]
Dergib: AFK slot was last night
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oooo, what's this game?
NoxStryx: aww... then my Kevin of the curse is all wrong.
Fluffy776: GCU it's like Diablo but not, it's pretty cool!
NoxStryx: wait....why did origin autocorrect to Kevin?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: huh
Dergib: crossing the streams is AFK for now
monkeyrama: ^
monkeyrama: Hello
Baldrash: Goodbye?
1losttheGame: hi
NotCainNorAbel: hello
Dergib: but didn't this slot used to be something?
monkeyrama: Comfort sweater Kreygasm
Dergib: hola
zerragonoss: This slot is taking over for the long game
NoxStryx: CTK crossing the keyboards
Dergib: right
BusTed: Better than Superman.
ArkhamArchivist: Ben have you heard the Toy Box version of Russian Lullaby?
TheMoatman: Sounds like a ripoff of Macho Man by the Village People
1losttheGame: its a one time per session, i think you w8ill need to restart it
zerragonoss: You should be fine but I think the door is looked for this run
monkeyrama: Oh
1losttheGame: yeah
monkeyrama: That's unfortunate
Dergib: the real question is does ben take adamonculus home with him?
1losttheGame: LUL
MAPBoardgames: Let's get YETI to rummmmmbbbbbblllleee!
zerragonoss: You are pretty close to the quest giver who sends you in to all of them anyway.
Lordofironstorm: What's everyone's classes?
backtothefuchsia1: Hey, I just want to say that Grim Dawn doesn't get enough attention for being such a great RPG. Thank you guys for playing it!
stateofcomatose: Now hang on, flavorfully, shouldn't every necromancer be an occultist?
F1SHOR: tyranny was very good
j0xer: i hate tyranny
monkeyrama: Oo, that does sound nice
Lordofironstorm: I love the storyline and the aesthetics, but I can't stand the pause and play combat
backtothefuchsia1: @stateofcomatose I
j0xer: you HAVE to be the bad guy
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: is Tyranny the one that was from the Numenera people?
MAPBoardgames: Ben is playing a cheerleader, Adam is playing a Tesla coil, and Cori is playing a doctor (the bloodletting kind)
Lordofironstorm: Next Play It Forward, Adam?
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monkeyrama: ooo, Cori playing DD PogChamp
F1SHOR: yer now i want to play tyranny again lol
backtothefuchsia1: 'm not sure if you're being serious, but in this, occultists are those that worship the witch gods.
Tiber727: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou By the Pillars of Eternity devs
DreadfulDrifter: Tyranny is great, not many games where You Are the 'Evil Empire'
NamesAreSilly: I'd say an occultist brings back the dead by putting demons in the corpses, whereas a necromancer "just" reanimates it
monkeyrama: The PvP DLC is coming soon
monkeyrama: for DD
CAKHost: Good night, all!
Talin06: guest talking sim?
MAPBoardgames: Darkest Dungeon doesn't need multiplayer
Amentur: Sleep well @cakhost
BusTed: Escapist?
asthanius: Polygon?
TheMoatman: polygon?
Tiber727: Personally, if I were to make a game with moral choice, the good guywould have more allies, but the bad guy would have better gear.
ZER0_TW0: No Clip?
zerragonoss: Escapist
monkeyrama: It was Escapist
Ferisar: there was a huge outcry when they got added intially
j0xer: there was an option to not have corpses for a while after they were added i think
Lord_ZYRK: Cori is a noted corpse enthusiast
stateofcomatose: @monkeyrama Thank you, I was about to ask
Ferisar: though there's some negativity with any new feature in that game since they usually have downsides
monkeyrama: SeemsGood @stateofcomatose
Lord_ZYRK: BloodTrail
monkeyrama: No problem
Tiber727: I still greatly dislike corpses.
Lord_ZYRK: Hey I could've called you a corpse lover, but I wouldn't want people getting the wrong idea
MAPBoardgames: More corpses, more meat!
jetpixi: There's a word for that
monkeyrama: The jelly can, afaik
Pharmacistjudge: was corpses not in the base game?
Kerrisis: Anyone know if Twitch is having problems? It keeps throwing Error 3000 at me.
HasturTheYellow: I missed what game this is, but I've heard the word "Corpses" more times in ten minutes than I've heard in the last few years
northos: you're getting ahead of yourself a bit
Lord_ZYRK: Just set your Sheikah Slate to detect shrines Kappa
BusTed: Corpses and heart attacks I think.
zerragonoss: I think you getting close to the rover quest shrine so kinda.
monkeyrama: Virtue farming was a thing, too
Ferisar: yep
HasturTheYellow: Oooooh, it's Darkest Dungeon isn't it?
j0xer: no corpses in the world of Leper?
Lord_ZYRK: HasturTheYellow correct
HasturTheYellow: Thanks, yeah this makes a lot more sense in context
Pharmacistjudge: hmm i didn't know there was documentary on the game
Tiber727: I still think it was a boring way to solve the problem.
monkeyrama: Asking chat is a dangerous gamble LUL
Lord_ZYRK: The classic Savistrats seabatSEAL
Tripleyew: Always trust chat
BartholemewTheKitten: Hey it worked for Persona 5
BloodnBullets: its a sign of wisdom to ask others for help
MAPBoardgames: Go Left! spinaBad
BartholemewTheKitten: Always remember juice day
zerragonoss: If you want to be sure you can just pull up the checklist form grimtools its clear and spoiler free.
Dergib: can you give speedrun strats to james? they sucked at it
MAPBoardgames: !advice
LRRbot: You don't just Gigaloo cold.
Theoretical95: I mean 503 heads are better than one
TheAwkes: You can trust this specific Twitch chat quite a bit more than Twitch chat in general.
Meltalar: Adam has slain twitch chat
Pharmacistjudge: the DDR one is the speedymix
Theoretical95: whaat
monkeyrama: DDR is... an experience
djalternative: whaaaaaaaat?
jetpixi: I am very very very bad at it
Pharmacistjudge: I played DDR in my friends house alot
Theoretical95: DDR me some Paranoia
djalternative: I used to play doubles on ddr
monkeyrama: Used to play it at home with my siblings, we had two dance pads
Tripleyew: classic chat guidance: "30 seconds ago, there was a thing that I can't describe in a place you don't remember - it drops a sweet katana"
Lordofironstorm: I'm godawful at it but I always have fun
Pharmacistjudge: we pooled our money to buy some RedOctane Ignition pads
Lord_ZYRK: Cori was trying to break into that pro DDR circuit
vouru: honest is !always correct lol
asthanius: The first time I played DDR was the last day of middle school. They brought a literal DDR machine into the classroom. It was SICK
Nuurgle: Nerd line dancing
jetpixi: Aw :(
monkeyrama: Water Kreygasm
Natimus_Prime: DDR is fun as long as you aren't taking it too seriously.
Dergib: as a bigger person with no cordination i never touched DDR
iLetTheDogesOut: waterrrrrr
Lord_ZYRK: Sometimes that water really hits the spot
Genderi: water is reall good
jetpixi: Yesss...I like mine to sparkle, too
iLetTheDogesOut: cold for sureee
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: means you're dehydrated, I think
Pharmacistjudge: the form/ignition pads are my favorite
Pharmacistjudge: I still have a DDR pad in my room
AllGoodDogs: sometimes the water do be like that tho
Genderi: water is nature's wine
Amentur: Water is the true adult drink
DiscordianTokkan: Well water, yeah. Chlorinated water? Not as often
Zalos_melbourne: shit this water thing is really good, yall should try this - first creature ever
asthanius: Grapes are nature's chunky wine
Pharmacistjudge: @Amentur the true adult drink is metamucil
monkeyrama: Common mistake, they look like they could be siblings OpieOP
Lord_ZYRK: You ever just sit down with a snifter of Metamucil?
Pharmacistjudge: oh no
MAPBoardgames: Um... my Father was MISTER Rageblood.
Pharmacistjudge: you have to chug metamucil
BloodnBullets: is wine... nature blood?
jetpixi: No. Pepto, however @Lord_ZYRK
Pharmacistjudge: or it gets too thick
monkeyrama: Sounds like a hammer main PogChamp
AllGoodDogs: if it was me I would have simply one-shot killed them
Lordofironstorm: Why use many hit when few hit will do?
Lord_ZYRK: Pharmacistjudge the secret is to not add water Kappa
Pharmacistjudge: gotta use those beer chugging skills to get that fiber in you before you gag
niccoli_omari: So, whats the opinion that the flavor of water is wether hot or cold?
Zalos_melbourne: yeah like eventually you just pick up blues and higher
monkeyrama: Wooow, that seems real good
Doctor_Pockets: It does not
monkeyrama: No, pet damage should be in it's own category
SerGarretCameron: it does not, as far as I know.
northos: no, just all your damage
gualdhar: pet damage is a different category
northos: all* damage, terms and conditions may apply :P
zerragonoss: Money becomes important soon
Pharmacistjudge: @Lord_ZYRK I am not hardcore enough to snuff metamucil
jetpixi: Yes, I remember that song.
TheMoatman: All the colors of the wind
Theoretical95: Green Black and Blue are the colors of the sky
Lord_ZYRK: Do you think metamucil would be worse than the cinnamon challenge?
Zalos_melbourne: just gotta beat this flesh hulk Kreygasm
monkeyrama: Devotion point PogChamp
zerragonoss: Crafting, faction shops and the special recipe vendors in the rouge likes all take 10s if not 100s of thousands of iron.
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun before blue was invented, the sky and ocean were wine colored. This is known because of a discription in the ilyad.
HasturTheYellow: That's some bad wine :^)
Theoretical95: The Ocean is nature's wine
Kramburger: UM
jetpixi: The Illiad? or is that a separate thing
monkeyrama: Fun!
djalternative: I'm just bad at typing
djalternative: spelling
monkeyrama: All.... unfortunately still relevant
niccus: when the show does a punch it does a punch
jetpixi: For all I know it's a thing I didn't know about. I just happen to have the book directly to my left @djalternative
AllGoodDogs: It was the best wholesome family sit-com with morals
AllGoodDogs: Which was a surprisingly crowded category.
jetpixi: and I barely remember it LUL @djalternative
Dezinkled: I don't think it's the Earth that is the problem Ben
SerGarretCameron: Or, and hear me out, we could just have a few more apocalypses.
Pharmacistjudge: are we human? or are we necromancers?
Orlantia: Ben, fresh Prince is 30 years old
djalternative: @jetpixi I only know because I've studdied the origins of colors before
jetpixi: If this were the Buffyverse we will have at least 3 @SerGarretCameron
Amentur: They probably play DD without corpses as well
HasturTheYellow: @SerGarretCameron We'll see how this apocalypse shakes out, we might not need any more after this one
djalternative: Blue didn't really exist as a concept until it was able to be man made
zerragonoss: Sounds like a sex ba bombs opening
jetpixi: oh that's really neat @djalternative I didn't know that was a thing to study
northos: yeah
monkeyrama: It really does @zerragonoss
kainboa: yeah, you need to go a bit further to get the quest
Doctor_Pockets: Theres a quest that leads there but also a devotion shrine in it
SerGarretCameron: I meant than the 90's.
northos: I'm not sure you can do it until you get the quest? idk
Lysander_Gustav: Hello all of you!
jetpixi: Well I learned something new today :)
monkeyrama: Is that where the shrine is?
djalternative: @jetpixi yeah. There's not a ton but it's a good afternoon's worth of research
northos: you need to go turn in the Cthonic Seals quest, then there's another one, and then the one that takes you to the tomb
Doctor_Pockets: If it's the place I'm thinking of theres the one on the third floor past the secret door
jetpixi: :) @djalternative
amythist: Necromancers are just healers with bad timing
I_Am_Clockwork: heyho friends
Doctor_Pockets: I think the quest is part of the deaths vigil
monkeyrama: Yo, @I_Am_Clockwork
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jetpixi: My dad's not a cell phone
Lysander_Gustav: oh, which cult did you choose?
Lysander_Gustav: I never got around to picking a cult
jetpixi: Oh so I forgot about that band
djalternative: @jetpixi a landline then?
monkeyrama: looool
ghostvalv: in cars?
northos: they haven't picked a cult yet
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Theoretical95: Butterfly as sung by Avenged Sevenfold
Tripleyew: @AllGoodDogs cheers - well done
jetpixi: When I worked at Hot Topic we played that Avenged Sevenfold album a lot
silenceaux: 95 is their birth year
HasturTheYellow: ayyy, 69 subs for the day
AllGoodDogs: 69 storm count. benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
HasturTheYellow: Ya did gods work AllGoodDogs
Tiber727: Found the fake Wii gamer.
gamercat88: just wanted to say love you all! lrrHEART
jetpixi: and yeah they are @djalternative LUL
monkeyrama: woooow
DiscordianTokkan: Only Turtle Power! The batteries won't work otherwise!
Lord_ZYRK: ^
monkeyrama: GI Joe's infamous WoW episode
Amentur: You are loved as well, gamercat88 lrrHEART cohhL
F1SHOR: wow ben sick brags you had friends
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahahaha
jetpixi: That is amazing
gamercat88: dawh, thank you @Amentur
monkeyrama: Woooow, Ben LUL
Zalos_melbourne: what a fucking chad of a boss
BusTed: seabatBRAIN racial choice
Tripleyew: filthy customers, getting in the way of games
Doctor_Pockets: "A catalyst" is in blood grove
SmithKurosaki: Right?
northos: go to where Fort Haron was, but go right instead of left
gualdhar: aetherial essence is a rare crafting drop
SmithKurosaki: You know you're in deep when you pick a class based on RL ineterruptions
zerragonoss: Near the blood grove in past the glowly ground
Lord_ZYRK: more dots more dots more dots OKAY that'll be 36.95 STOP DOTS
northos: yeah
silenceaux: Oh, this actually is spooky ground wow.
jetpixi: The Pizza Hut
monkeyrama: Just keep swimming ๐ŸŸ
Zalos_melbourne: LRR should do a Divinity 2 playthrough on streams
jetpixi: The beeeaaaach
Lord_ZYRK: Beachineering
monkeyrama: lol
Pharmacistjudge: to be fair this place is called the "Dangerous Domain"
monkeyrama: That camping face
BusTed: Heheh.
Noxenluxe: Camping DansGame
jetpixi: We managed to get a spot in Yosemity for Labor Day
Dedwrekka: It'll be open, but will that be a good thing?
SerGarretCameron: We're getting Snow soon, or so I'm told.
Juliamon: Camping is a great idea until you do it
j0xer: camping once you can drink is even better
jetpixi: but we stay a fancy trailer so it's hardly camping
monkeyrama: Is it tho
Earthenone: @Zalos_melbourne i think some people played it together on their home streams for a while
Tripleyew: "camping" = Adam making a face like he just smelled something really iffy
monkeyrama: It's not snow season, wtf
Pharmacistjudge: Adam says, can we just skip the camping and just have a sleepover?
SerGarretCameron: Welcome to New England.
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, another polar vortex dealy
gualdhar: the last time I went camping there was a torrential downpour the entire weekend. that was 25 years ago
Pharmacistjudge: Fill this Ben with Antihistamines
Nigouki: summer is too damn MOIST around here
mercano82: Normally I love snow, but once quarentine ate the last 5 weeks of skiing, I'm done with it until November.
actionjb: Does Ben have a lot of Allergies?
Tripleyew: @Pharmacistjudge sleepovers - like camping, but with less annoyance, video games, and a full tasty breakfast the next day... this seems like a *really* easy choice
jetpixi: lol That was a while ago. That almost happened to me on a roadtrip once. Monsoon season
zerragonoss: I think this boss kills me more than anything else in the game and am am not sure why.
NotCainNorAbel: @actionjb no, he has all of them
JOZeldenrust: Some of my best camping experiences have involved torrential rain and snow.
jetpixi: Our trailed almost slid down a hill once cuz of rain
monkeyrama: Imagine doing these quests yourself
jetpixi: trailer*
Lord_ZYRK: It me :)
AllGoodDogs: Is it the speed?
jetpixi: Ben is in my ears!
monkeyrama: Oh my goodness
jetpixi: what happened
Lysander_Gustav: oh good bees
monkeyrama: Yung Adam never took a trip to Ibiza? sergeThinking
Doctor_Pockets: correct
northos: yeah now you want to go to the tomb
zerragonoss: Yap
SerGarretCameron: indeed.
northos: yeah
DiscordianTokkan: Sparkling Aqua
Lysander_Gustav: That was delightful Ben
monkeyrama: Is this the same bag of candy?
Lysander_Gustav: I shall listen to some aqua tonight
gualdhar: make sure you mess with your loot filters, probably don't need magic or basic rare items anymore
mercano82: What kind of camper are you, Ben? Carry out your trash!
Scrubbodiestobears: that KID is back on the ESCALATOR
asthanius: That Kevin's on the escalator again!
MAPBoardgames: Don't let that door talk down to you, its father was a jar!
monkeyrama: Did you already max out your shaman stuff?
jetpixi: I hope his leg gets suck and a bloodbath ensues
jetpixi: stuck*
monkeyrama: Ah, ok, that makes sense
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: Step one: cut a hole in the box.
the_elkae: As in, barbequeing the family?
MAPBoardgames: They're cookin' up some Ribs?
jetpixi: Meat shield
mercano82: I'm not sure if Boxnard would be onboard with that, LRRbot.
baskwalla: Please no more venga
jetpixi: It's contagious
baskwalla: think of the children
Theoretical95: More venga!
jetpixi: Heard of that!
jessieimproved: My husband was like, why are you humming the Six Flags song???
jetpixi: LUL @jessieimproved
monkeyrama: You spooked em to death
monkeyrama: loooooool
jetpixi: does say that :/
Lysander_Gustav: I didn't know they ragdoll! That's amazing
jetpixi: ooooo
jetpixi: it's not fake lol
Nuurgle: I deal with that a lot in Portland, have to check menus very closely to make sure they call meat by the real name and not some vegan alternative
jetpixi: I can tell the difference but I actually do llike the Beyond stuff
monkeyrama: There's a difference NotLikeThis
Nuurgle: One almost got me the other night with "buffalo tiger tenders"
actionjb: Na with impossible meat its really really hard to tell the difference
MAPBoardgames: Tastes like longpork
jetpixi: creamed corn or creamed spinach?
northos: yup
The_Wooba: are MTG streams only on Fridays?
Lokolos: It's close enough that someone that hasn't eaten meat in a long time.
actionjb: Impossible ground meat is V meaty
DiscordianTokkan: I mean. I could BARELY tell the difference between the vegan A&W burger and the regular ones. It came down to "This tastes like Meat" and "This tastes like Beef:
RealGamerCow: creamed corn and asparagus with a nice steak? oof.
Doctor_Pockets: Yep, big room right before the boss on the 2nd floor
zerragonoss: I think so, just look for a torch that is not lit
F1SHOR: from what ive tried if you tasted them together then you can tell but the vegan meat was still good
Bearudite: is there a wrong lever?
Last1031: bitch you never had a steak how do you know what it taste like have you been living a lie
monkeyrama: They streamed MTG Arena earlier today @The_Wooba
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: "oh"
gualdhar: I forget which floor, but it's the only unlit torch you can click on
NotCainNorAbel: There is too much good vegan and vegetarian food that I don't understand why there is the push to make worse versions of meat
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
cfusion25: How experienced are they guys with GD? Are these their first characters?
The_Wooba: thanks
cfusion25: @gualdhar IIRC its the last floor
Amentur: You're an amazing and loved human being, Adam lrrHEART
zerragonoss: Adam has a lot of experince pre expansions the other two are first time
monkeyrama: LUL LUL
MAPBoardgames: Adam is having WAY too muich fun with his charge attack
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:51:40.
Juliamon: I haven't tried Beyond/Impossible 'meat' but I imagine it's the same as gluten-free bread product claims.
Theoretical95: So many cultists
Doctor_Pockets: Did you all do "The hidden path" quest already?
jetpixi: Ive never had gluten free bread but I do enjoy the beyond burgers.
cfusion25: I am happy to see that nobody is playing a filthy retaliation warlord
gualdhar: between all the difficulties you'll have about 3 times as many shrines as max devotion points
monkeyrama: LUL The yeet
jetpixi: I actually prefer the beyond burgers cuz i've never been a huge burger fan
djalternative: I'm in camp Lab Meat
Lysander_Gustav: I need to get that ability next time I play
cfusion25: With the new expansions you don't need to worry about devotion points.
northos: I do think the "impossible meat" is actually *very* similar to real meat. but yeah certainly not exactly the same. and Beyond meat is much more different
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Anyone read The Space Merchants? I wanna chow down on some Chicken Little
MAPBoardgames: The secret doors in this game are dope.
tknomncr: Impossible Burger does not taste like beef, but it *is* a great burger (IMHO).
jetpixi: It's getting better for sure @northos
orbitaltuna: wendigo?
Theoretical95: This is what the impossible burger is made of
jetpixi: Yes @tknomncr
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, YEAH
elysium_21: Yeah, the beyond meat is good and I love it for my burgers but there is totally the difference between that and meat
Dergib: is there treasure goblins in this game?
elysium_21: texture wise though it's pretty good for a comparison
jetpixi: LIke a sack of taters
ArcOfTheConclave: 9 out of 10 zombies can't tell the difference.
j0xer: there is another treasure orb
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun the doom 2016 soundtrack goes great with this game
zerragonoss: Total speed is the most important pet attribute they actually hit a lot more if they move faster.
jetpixi: Dy-no-mite
monkeyrama: That sword's mom lets it have THREE skills? :o
cfusion25: Is this normal or veteran? and what classes are everybody playing? Adam is a warder but I can't really tell what the other two are playing. Looks like some mix of archanist ocultist and necro.
monkeyrama: What's Ultos get you?
monkeyrama: Oh, everything
vouru: not real coo. with your comment about shit meat ben, could show you some cow cond
vouru: condition videos
Theoretical95: Replace it but don't say anythig
jetpixi: Regift it
northos: Bart-chon
Theoretical95: Regift it to Ben and see if he notices
UnusuallyLargeMoth: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 7:01 PM
UnusuallyLargeMoth: which command is how long the stream's been on
Theoretical95: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:58:06.
Juliamon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:58:06.
zerragonoss: Little did he know shaman is a pet class
asthanius: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:47:09. lrrSPOT
gualdhar: Ben, you can be a shaman AND a pet class
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun What did Death's Vigil order? Did they order the party pack?
monkeyrama: Totems are pets, right? sergeThinking
cfusion25: Upgrade you weapon but use the illusionist to make it look like the same weapon
nartin9: grim dawn looks like path of exile
UnusuallyLargeMoth: is mayonnaise a pet?
monkeyrama: Similar style of game @nartin9
TheMoatman: Call me Bysmiel
djalternative: Call you Beschemel?
MAPBoardgames: Which looks like Nox
monkeyrama: We can't NotLikeThis
asthanius: Knox
Driosenth: Alamo
Lord_ZYRK: and Rogue looks like a text document
NoxStryx: condor
djalternative: Fort 128x128
gualdhar: wait where does Angband fit into all this
asthanius: FortNIGHT
jetpixi: Just a round the river bend
monkeyrama: Too sturdy to get knocked over NotLikeThis
Noxenluxe: ?? SeriousSloth
DiscordianTokkan: Y'ever shoulder-slam an eyeball, Billy?
monkeyrama: lol
e_bloc: Corgo200 Sekiro
Lord_ZYRK: "Are you still there?"
djalternative: adam's charge skill is him just checking people into the boards
1losttheGame: yeah 40 is good
zerragonoss: 40 is good you have an excluvie skill form shaman already.
djalternative: Bruce Almighty
jetpixi: Like Batman Force but not quite\
j0xer: Bruce Campbell
cfusion25: 0 Points in menhir's will. I guess its fine on normal
Himyul: it's Batman's strategy
KWardJenx: Bruce Campbell!!! FTW!
northos: yeah leaving one of your masteries at 40 is fine
1losttheGame: nah, the skills you get are better for stats anyway
Lord_ZYRK: Is doing it by Bruce Forces where you crawl through air vents or where you replace your hand with agricultural tools?
zerragonoss: I doubt it but I have not done anything endgame since I am to much of an altalholic
NotCainNorAbel: Pride300 - Professor Bruce
cfusion25: Stats are only useful for being able to equip items. You only really need to care about OA and DA.
monkeyrama: I'm surprised with all this loot you're getting you haven't gotten a better weapon
northos: the taunt isn't thaaaat strong
1losttheGame: that weapon is REALLY good that he has @monkeyrama
northos: if your allies keep beating up on things then you'll lose aggro
1losttheGame: like, until he gets ultos weapons, thats the set
monkeyrama: Ah
1losttheGame: yeah, the next version is like at level 40 something i think
monkeyrama: Lucky Ben found it, then wheelerPog
asthanius: no screaming
monkeyrama: Forever PogChamp
monkeyrama: Urgot!
kusinohki: taunt lasts until you kill them??
jetpixi: chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo
cfusion25: IMO taunt is only useful for activating devotions
Zalos_melbourne: Urgot, where's his shotgun knees
Lord_ZYRK: Forever and eternity
monkeyrama: Really really skinny Urgot
Himyul: how long do you stay mad at chat when chat taunts you, Adam?
1losttheGame: oh babe
1losttheGame: those are amazing
monkeyrama: Need more levels NotLikeThis
Doctor_Pockets: I don't know if it has a duration, I assume it just generates a chunk of aggro for you
j0xer: 40% lightning dmg on one time pretty good
1losttheGame: level 40 is one of those keystone levels
TheMoatman: Pogged Champ
monkeyrama: That has double the armor, does that matter?
SerGarretCameron: I have a great Dervish build with that set.
jetpixi: but...but...
Himyul: did someone say holes?
Lord_ZYRK: You did the good thing, not the unspooky thing
jetpixi: No! We did the holes thing already lol
cfusion25: Ah yes the perdition set. The early game retalitation build set.
asthanius: 2Bagz
KWardJenx: Ben not happy with the pace of gentrification in the dungeon.
gualdhar: is Candy the stripper name of one of the Kevins?
1losttheGame: she is good
jetpixi: which witch is which
northos: just always side with her basically
zerragonoss: You have the choice to have a store or not
cfusion25: I did not murder her in cold blood
monkeyrama: Oh no, we just used the heart
asthanius: Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
northos: the only benefit to going against her is you can get a unique helmet drop, but it's not super amazing anyway (and even then only for certain builds)
zerragonoss: you might have more in your stah
TheMoatman: Whoop whoop! That's the necropolice
1losttheGame: you can tap it for red blue or black mana Kappa
Genderi: the neck row police?
Lord_ZYRK: If there's anything Adam's good at, it's winning hearts
chumpofthemonth: Poggers my doggers
djalternative: just go to the ancient heart store and pick up 5
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Ben trying to one-up you, Adam
BusTed: whooshoooo
jetpixi: nyoooooom
lochnessseammonster: the buz is too cool... can't help but freeze everybody
1losttheGame: oh kevins are dead here LUL
northos: you need to go there for the rover shrine
Lord_ZYRK: Rude, Ben DansGame maybe it thinks YOU'VE got a weird tentacle
cfusion25: Go in, IIRC there is a devotion shirne
monkeyrama: looool
monkeyrama: Ben needs a kiddie leash
zerragonoss: you cant get the rover shine item till you have the quest
northos: oh, yeah, you can't get the item yet
BusTed: I heard devotion shrine and the rest just faded into a dull hum.
monkeyrama: R I P Ben and his Kevins
SerGarretCameron: you absolutely can get the item without the quest.
SerGarretCameron: you just cant use it.
monkeyrama: Ghoul proc Kreygasm
djalternative: you're looking for a peach that resembles a very firm butt
jetpixi: oh noooo
monkeyrama: Awwww, that book was so sad
jetpixi: bad bridge
F1SHOR: only fitting the necromancer would find terabithia now
djalternative: no. the bridge was safe. the whole point of the bridge was to ensure safty
cfusion25: My pet deathknight build has a rollercoaster for an HP bar. My hp bouces between 10% - 100% every second.
Lokolos: I was super bummed to learn it was based on a true story.
monkeyrama: Riftception PogChamp
jetpixi: i never read it and only saw the movie once. i just remember bad happening
monkeyrama: The book and movie were both BibleThump
djalternative: they used a rope to swing over a river
MrBevers: Ben makes his own friends
djalternative: then built a bridge post mortis
Lysander_Gustav: Swooping, verb -- the act of surreptitiously looking up swooping in urbandictionary to during a game of Cards Against Humanity
monkeyrama: No HOLES? NotLikeThis
jetpixi: please a Hole free zone please
BusTed: The worst.
Lord_ZYRK: Stanley Yelnats has been banished from this place
e_bloc: every stream :D
monkeyrama: oooh, good loot
jetpixi: Poor ben
monkeyrama: Shouldn't have died, Ben Kappa
djalternative: the real definition of swooping is something that I only realized was a very Chicagoland thing because of CAH
cfusion25: EXP share is proximity based. So when they die they not only lose EXP but also gain less.
Genderi: Adam you're *old*
j0xer: you have XP on your gear?
monkeyrama: Do you have gear that has an xp boost?
djalternative: def isn't as funny as the urban dictionary def though
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
Dergib: you are running very far ahead and killing things
Genderi: you're almost 42! that's quite the age
F1SHOR: Adam obviously has the streamer cheats on so he always gets to be best in the team
jetpixi: Ok. Not THAT old.
actionjb: Got my DB photo book in today. It looks great!
northos: no, the quest item spawns randomly in the first section of the rift
monkeyrama: Just ditching Ben down there?
monkeyrama: LUL
UnusuallyLargeMoth: Adam serious question, don't answer if you don't want to, how old are you? I keep thinking you're perpetually in your midtwenties from all the energy you project but then I think that of all the LRR crew
jetpixi: The game is now Ditch Ben
hideki101: he is a quest boss for a later quest
monkeyrama: 36 @UnusuallyLargeMoth
F1SHOR: i read that as ben is a quest boss for later lol
monkeyrama: Adam, how many potions do you have?
cfusion25: Lul standing in aether fire, top ten ways to accidentally die
djalternative: No one in the lrr cast has hit 40... yet
jetpixi: Not THAT old lol
Kramburger: He's the Savidaddy
EricTheOrange: dj not true
monkeyrama: Oh no NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: Never heard of them
djalternative: who? @EricTheOrange
aerohydra: something to write home about is the general consensus
jetpixi: I haven't heard about The Get Up Kids in a minute
aerohydra: but you do you
F1SHOR: as someone over 25 i now realise 30 is not old and 40 is obviously when old starts
Genderi: I really hope my level-age joke got through. I don't want to be the kind of person that just goes and yells at streamers and tells them they're old
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun 36 is like being in your midtwenties, considering all the energy you project, right?
EricTheOrange: @djalternative beej, Ian, Kathleen and Cam I believe.
jetpixi: 36 is the new 26
AllGoodDogs: Man of Conviction starts that album off with a bang.
aerohydra: man of conviction is a damn good song
TwoSenses: And now I have Sympathy stuck in my head which isn't a bad thing
jetpixi: as a 34yo...I have feelings...
monkeyrama: But... James is older than you
cfusion25: Soviet is 38 or somthing
Genderi: <3
F1SHOR: i only say im old when my young friends want to go out and do things lol
monkeyrama: So what does that make James NotLikeThis
AllGoodDogs: Dark Night Of The Soul?
the_elkae: I was born old
northos: dark souls of the side
Dish_KP: Here, I'll join your cause, just let me get my cane. Old Gamers Unite!
Nigouki: who cares about what an old man you are when you're still cute as heck
Genderi: dark side of the moon. definitely.
the_elkae: I'm just catching up to being born an old lady
AllGoodDogs: Were you also a Reggie and the Full Effect guy, Adam?
Jim02762: @jetpixi 34 is the new 24. Nothing to worry about :)
Scrubbodiestobears: it's BC 99, it's your birthday
TwoSenses: When I drove back to MA from CT for the first time in a while I put on Mass Pike because I'm an emo kid at heart
CataclysmicReverb: doodlecheer100 Meh, Bob Ross didn't start streaming till after he died, I think you're safe
jetpixi: WOO! @Jim02762 I'm young!
TwoSenses: While on the mass pike lololol
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zerragonoss: hey your almost to the dlc
aerohydra: i was supposed to see them in March, but the world
aerohydra: the get up kids
F1SHOR: the album im listening to tonight is a rewatch of the latest sidewalk slam it was amazing
jetpixi: I mostly remmeber that song about the Oakland Bay Bridge
BusTed: That checks out.
monkeyrama: wooow
NoxStryx: are aquabats anything like seabats?
Pharmacistjudge: 'When we were young'
monkeyrama: that sounds fun af
varmintx0: I mean, it's been awhile since anyone has gone to a concert now.
aerohydra: James told that story on his month of albums
lochnessseammonster: lrrWOW
BusTed: oshit
silenceaux: Maybe if you slept the entire day before you went...?
aerohydra: also he played the I am the avalanche record which only made me like you more
jetpixi: Nah Somehow still doesn't work @silenceaux
Pharmacistjudge: I've seen super late night Adam at Vegas. it's not pretty
Noxenluxe: The bootleg broodwar lans. Wow SeriousSloth
jessieimproved: oh god that makes me feel sleepy just thinking about it
Nigouki: yep, James did tell that story and his opinion that he was also too old for that now
TwoSenses: I remember that one time at a LAN party I drank 14 mountain dews. To be young again
jetpixi: Least for me lol
silenceaux: jetpixi well shit now how am I gonna be young forever
Lord_ZYRK: I was up for about 37 hours straight just this week
monkeyrama: whyyy
jetpixi: wow @Lord_ZYRK Wh
Lord_ZYRK: Couldn't sleep
jetpixi: y
Lord_ZYRK: Would not recommend
BusTed: D'oh.
jetpixi: I go loopy off a bad nights sleep
djalternative: that's hallucination territory
Scrubbodiestobears: my record is 55 hours straight for the mists of pandaria launch
NotCainNorAbel: I did 4.5 days in college; it was interesting...
stateofcomatose: Yikes, I haven't done that since Uni
northos: they are carrying you Ben Kappa
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ruscobrog: Alright, I'm finally giving aquabats a listen to. So far so good, thanks Adam.
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monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Lord_ZYRK: Though honestly once you pass 30 it doesn't feel so bad anymore
j0xer: 55hours is approaching bloodclot and death range
TwoSenses: Jesus I thought me seeing the sun rise twice for work was bad
F1SHOR: i barely last 4 hours without a nap
ghostvalv: yikes. I've barely done about 30
Scrubbodiestobears: i was TEN MINUTES LATE on server first 90 warlock D=
actionjb: God I should pull an all nighter sometime
Roosevelt: What about your 36 hour stream
asddsa28: i dont know how long i have stayed up for desert bus
UnusuallyLargeMoth: My record is 48 hours, almost straight, because college ate my soul
monkeyrama: I used to full ~2 days for college fairly often
Baldrash: My PB was 30-ish?
DiscordianTokkan: If you don't count 30 hour naps, I stayed up for 96 hours once
SerGarretCameron: 74, Mass Effect 3.
StephenJM81: yeah what about the 36 hour stream, Adam>
DiscordianTokkan: *30 minute naps
djalternative: I was chronically sleep deprived during high school so I refused to let that happen again in college
northos: lrrWOW
BusTed: That is a positive outlook.
marlonwow89: how you liking grim dawn?
TwoSenses: I mean when I ran EMS in college I had some long nights...but 55 hours damn
AllGoodDogs: Nuggie Centurion: 100 nuggies, 100 hours, all in one live stream @bengineering
monkeyrama: Adam's 24 hour + Gamehaus streams were a fever dream
djalternative: nonagon infinity is math's perfect album
jetpixi: I remember when I was in college (the first time) and I would go to the goth club every monday night and still go to class the next day. how did i do it?
carlospolicola: 68 hours working at university
CataclysmicReverb: I did like a 4-day no sleep TVTropes dive right after I lost a job and was really full of that stress chemical...
j0xer: i dont care how bad an ARPG is, if it has COOP multiplayer i'll play it forever
Pharmacistjudge: so he put in like 10% of the time he put into Darkest Dungeon
F1SHOR: wow i just realised this is the first week i havent played monster hunter
Dezinkled: I do a 24 hour board game session every year and I am usually up at least 8 hours before it starts
frogomb: The Cat With Two Heads
TwoSenses: Speaking of throwbacks my discover weekly has Motion City Soundtrack on it ๐Ÿ˜
geldaran: I made it nearly 72 hours w/o sleep once in highschool on a dare. I fell asleep on a bus ride. that 3rd day you start getting real loopy.
Pharmacistjudge: At some point we should count hours in a game as a "Persona" A Persona is 100 hours in game
AllGoodDogs: @TwoSenses which song(s)?
monkeyrama: Cursed smith? NotLikeThis
marlonwow89: can anyone recommand me some more rpgs? im trying to pass time by lol
Pharmacistjudge: So Adam has played 5 personas worth of Grim Dawn
TwoSenses: @allgooddogs My Favorite Accident
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Kamades: Thank you all for being great <3
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jetpixi: If I only had a heart
monkeyrama: why... did the heart not count toward the quest?
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: Equip items that prevent death.
Saphrex: ancient heart 0/1
Dezinkled: Do you need an Ancient Heart Adam?
DiscordianTokkan: Do you need to drop the heart and pick it up to make it count in the quest tracker, Adam? Or something?
jetpixi: Heart is the heartest
northos: nah you can drop it
monkeyrama: Ah, that did it
Lord_ZYRK: You have a heart, huh? Name four ventricles
monkeyrama: seabatCHOICE
thejuggernate: there is i think
DiscordianTokkan: Woooow
monkeyrama: Jesus LUL
ghostvalv: oofa
Obsolete2885: LOL
theambivalentagender: deep talks
NerdsHome: such love
MrBevers: roasted
jetpixi: there's 2 atriums anbd 2 ventricles I think
djalternative: ventricles 1, 2, 3, and 4 going clockwise starting from the top left
Dog_of_Myth: lrrWOW
Lord_ZYRK: I hear what you're saying
DiscordianTokkan: seabatTROG seabatHITBOX
KWardJenx: Fair point, well made
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg
ruscobrog: is this the new trapped in a bottle?
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Glim78: Adam, Corri and Second Best Ben is a good time
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Lord_ZYRK: and I will respond once I am off the phone with the burn ward
Xed_Regulus: A real Flowers for Algernon type situation
monkeyrama: They're all best Ben
nitestar428: damn, Adam serving grand slams
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL CORI
ghostvalv: wow
Nigouki: ahahahahahahaah
stateofcomatose: Well done Cori
KWardJenx: LOL!!!
FloydOfSmeg: #notallbens
DiscordianTokkan: Holy SHIT
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun Ben Kenobi is best Ben
KWardJenx: Cori!!!
iLetTheDogesOut: hello theree
monkeyrama: Does the armor amount matter, Adam?
Bengineering: ADAM U AFK'D
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun ^^^
monkeyrama: lol
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
Lord_ZYRK: seabatYIKES
JonnyGlitch: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:36:19.
BartholemewTheKitten: Ben's lust for adam confirmed
JonnyGlitch: Hello Everyone!
djalternative: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 18:15:20. lrrSPOT
hideki101: yes
Lord_ZYRK: Yo JonnyGlitch
JonnyGlitch: Adam is so speedy!
DiscordianTokkan: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
ghostvalv: gdqFAST
monkeyrama: He sacrificed so much for it
JonnyGlitch: Only someone who is NOT the Boshy would ask that
JonnyGlitch: Yay I mad Adam laugh again!
Dezinkled: What is this Boshy?
Lord_ZYRK: ItsBoshyTime
j0xer: its like being the guy but better
Pharmacistjudge: Now the sounds of super sonic will haunt you for the rest of your life
DiscordianTokkan: ItsBoshyTime
AllGoodDogs: @TwoSenses late responding but ... probably their best work. The drums on that track. lrrHEART
noSmokeFire: crack into a slim jim
djalternative: long boys, cousins of large fellow
ghostvalv: the long bois and their friend largo
monkeyrama: Boshy is a very difficult platformer Adam beat... and the beginning of last year
BartholemewTheKitten: Vengaboys vs longbois
Lord_ZYRK: How else would you say it ๐Ÿค”
monkeyrama: Wow, Boshy was so long ago NotLikeThis
djalternative: Colin Joast? (sp check)
nitestar428: the longboys, archnemesis of the vagaboyz
Pharmacistjudge: Honestly I associate Adam more with Spheda than Boshy
LemonOnRye: I wanna hear scooby do but with that kind of ghost
northos: skeletons are also real bad about not standing in damage pools
Dezinkled: Ah I see
djalternative: Man, I need to go back and watch Mystery Inc again.
Pharmacistjudge: bump that ghost
monkeyrama: Can one yeet a ghost
Pharmacistjudge: you can't sweep the leg of a ghost
CataclysmicReverb: Snake goes on its back and just doesn't know what to do
F1SHOR: i went to reinstall this and saw a new game "last epoch" which someone called POE meets grim dawn.... looks like its time to buy new games i guess
monkeyrama: looool
northos: haha soldier go brrrrrrrr
AllGoodDogs: Tipsy has maybe the worst beat of any song ever.
Pharmacistjudge: I would totally hang out with Adam after he had a Hurricane or two
BusTed: Haha.
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
jetpixi: LUL
monkeyrama: Wow, ghoul is real good
nitestar428: brrr to long and you'll summon a Cardi B to the party
thejuggernate: ghoul for days
ContingentCat: lrrSPOOP !!
JonnyGlitch: "he got his arse beat by a lightning weilding soldier"
northos: I played this game for like 1000 hours before I realized that boss's name was not actually Plagueis :P
JonnyGlitch: "who sounded like a wookie"
KeiRaccoon: Oh yeah, I always include Ghoul in my builds.
KWardJenx: You wouldn't understand. It's a shaman thing.
djalternative: a big AssAxe
theambivalentagender: A Big Ass-Ax
jetpixi: Savidry
jetpixi: that doesnt work
northos: bigassxe
AllGoodDogs: let me ax you a question about your ass axe
ContingentCat: i the axe Dummy thicc
monkeyrama: Savagery should
ContingentCat: *is
zerragonoss: the first one works with or without savergy since it just ups you two handed damge
thejuggernate: did you get the devotions shrine?
northos: I think it's really personal preference. I'm sure there are pros and cons to both but both definitely work
northos: savagery might be better on a min/max level
northos: but I don't know that you'll feel a huge difference
monkeyrama: Did your keys group manage to get all 15+ this week, Adam?
KeiRaccoon: I'm playing a Purifier right now and I do all the elemental damage. All of them
Morrigan9: seige, eeeewwwwwww
jetpixi: Who even walks anymore
theambivalentagender: I heard "if you play horde on warcraft" and automatically added "go f- yourself" to the end of that as a horde player
monkeyrama: He was wrong on the internet NotLikeThis
AllGoodDogs: I'm the hiphopopatamus, finding all the keys in this necropolis
northos: "I'll never trust you again", says Ben for the 10th time Kappa
Dezinkled: I haven't logged into WoW in 14 months. I might have a Siege key
DiscordianTokkan: So, as someone that doesn't WoW, are these keys to unlock raid boss runs?
ghostvalv: that stream was fun
monkeyrama: Oh wow
theleerm: hows the gunromancing?
ghostvalv: :O
monkeyrama: It was cool to hear the history you, James, and Serge had with Counter Strike, though
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Pharmacistjudge: you got on the Dauntless timer ladders
ContingentCat: speaking of which how's your AC island going Ben?
jetpixi: aw i just got back
SerGarretCameron: you can get the next level of cultist quest.
zerragonoss: Any news on another stream time?
ghostvalv: strong group
Doctor_Pockets: yeap
northos: I would do AShes first yeah
monkeyrama: This game is great for that. Time flies
gualdhar: ashes first
hideki101: Ashes first
KeiRaccoon: Ashes is first.
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
AllGoodDogs: Adam lrrHEART
gualdhar: you can do forgotten gods whenever but I find it's easiest when you do it last
ContingentCat: that's always a good sign when you lose track of time
Pharmacistjudge: Adam took time for Self Care
jetpixi: lrrHEART
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Forgotten Gods can technically be played whenever, you might want to do a little bit for the movement abilities
Pharmacistjudge: which is important
the_elkae: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Doctor_Pockets: If you want to respec I'd do it before this act boss, once you turn in the quest for it the npc peaces off to the next ashes hub
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
monkeyrama: Thank you three for this stream, it's very fun!
KeiRaccoon: This is a fun game.
Dezinkled: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
KWardJenx: mcdmHeart mcdmHeart mcdmHeart mcdmHeart
ContingentCat: lrrHEART lrrHEART katesHug2
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
iLetTheDogesOut: thanks for the stream all! It's always a blast! lrrHEART
ghostvalv: D:
jetpixi: oh that sounds awesome
Amentur: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial pharma2Vial pharma2Vial
jetpixi: Call everything a quest now
monkeyrama: Have a great evening!
ContingentCat: two tastes that taste together
ruscobrog: lrrHEART seabatBRAIN
LadyEarlGreyWarden: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream!
iLetTheDogesOut: byeeeee
ContingentCat: Thanks Adam Ben and Cori
NotCainNorAbel: Thanks for the stream
thejuggernate: bye
Nigouki: byeeeeeee
ghostvalv: and yourself too
crimall: Thanks guys
KWardJenx: Tanks byeeeeee
hyaundredneer: em kay byes.....!!!!
crimall: Okkaayy byyyyye
TheAinMAP: Good night.
ContingentCat: oh hey Wiggins is live
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Kathleen takes her turn in the PiF hotseat the only way she knows how, JRPG's :D. Game: Tokyo Mirage Sessions) at Fri 10:00 AM PDT (14:04 from now).
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