flatluigi: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Everything on Arena is legal, except Oko. Click here for more information: https://pastebin.com/K4JRvqQW
Creideiki_SE: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Kathleen's Island Tour (Kathleen and Cameron spend their Sunday afternoon in the world of ACNH. Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
GlennSeto: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Kathleen's Island Tour (Kathleen and Cameron spend their Sunday afternoon in the world of ACNH. Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
AmoriLinguae: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Kathleen's Island Tour (Kathleen and Cameron spend their Sunday afternoon in the world of ACNH. Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
tehThane: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Kathleen's Island Tour (Kathleen and Cameron spend their Sunday afternoon in the world of ACNH. Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Kathleen's Island Tour (Kathleen and Cameron spend their Sunday afternoon in the world of ACNH. Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! katesWave We ready for some chill streaming times?
Juliamon: Yes! And Heather's island! lrrBEEJ
DarkMorford: Hi friends!
CAKHost: I am!
GapFiller: oh Kathleens visiting Heather today?
fastlane250: lrrAWESOME
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @DarkMorford ! katesWave
PharaohBender27: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Kathleen's Island Tour (Kathleen and Cameron spend their Sunday afternoon in the world of ACNH. Game: Animal Crossing New Horizons) at Sun 12:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
GapFiller: !picnic
Mobilebeardunit: allo allo
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Mobilebeardunit ! katesWave
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL
fastlane250: we get signal
GapFiller: WE ARE LIVE
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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PharaohBender27: uni510 These AC Island Tour streams are quickly becoming my favorite Sunday activity
Laogeodritt: Ahh, here we are on the right channel =V
Laogeodritt: Hello, chat!
Dix: sup chat
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HbombAndFriends: Where does the time go?
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Damion277: Hello!
Brozard: @laogeodritt I was about to say
GapFiller: PharaohBender27 thanks for the giftsub
GapFiller: yknw was planning on switching over to the currently unused Prime sub but guess that can be put off for the month courtesy of yr generosity so tanks for that
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Laogeodritt , @Dix and @Damion277 ! katesWave
swedish_roman: hello world
HbombAndFriends: hbombaBomb hbombaBomb
TXC2: Hello Everybody
TXC2: I am not late! Kappa
PharaohBender27: @GapFiller No problem! :) Saw your badge had disappeared and thought I'd fix that
drfox17: aloha @TXC2
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @TXC2 ! katesWave
TXC2: hi drfox17 and PharaohBender27
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KenKopin: Lets get this handled first thing.
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secretbranch: Hey friends!
TXC2: hello secretbranch welcome
SkipIives: katesWave Hello all
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TXC2: hello SkipIives welcome
ghostface_no_pants_killer: cheer150 I normally don't watch Twitch live or play Animal Crossing, but this is too fun to pass up
cavygirl82: KonCha hi everyone
BoblinTheGoblin69: hey
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TXC2: hello cavygirl82 and BoblinTheGoblin69 welcome
swedish_roman: its been 0:00 for wuite a while now or am i just seeing things?
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: A dog is an infinite egg.
LordChrusher: cheer500
GapFiller: HOLD
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Don't use computers.
TXC2: Steady
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Ritaspirithntr: Woot Woot!!!
Orgmastron: ANDY! PogChamp
LadyTL: Hold. Hooooold.
banachspacebar: @swedish_roman yeah, that happens occasionally
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Kathleen, Cameron, and friends are back to visit more Animal Crossing islands! It’s another installment of Kathleen’s Island Tour! | This week we’re visiting @AndrewCownden, @LunarJade, and @Azralorne, as well as community members’ islands! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EXrbjT-UYAAZ92q.jpg || ⤵
drfox17: ooooo Andy will be amon the special guests today
Brozard: Stay on target
ContingentCat: @swedish_roman yeah apparently the countdown should have been a bit longer for them to get everything ready, but s o o n
PharaohBender27: @swedish_roman It's not just you, I suspect lrrKATHLEEN_FC is doing some last minute prep work
Laogeodritt: Ooooooh, Andy! \o/
GapFiller: Andy!
Knightlyvalor: Hi all!
TXC2: Here we GO!
Laogeodritt: Who's @Azralorne? I don't recognise that handle
GapFiller: not to be confused w/ Andrew
beowuuf: lol, first Dice Friends, now this? We are well fed with Andt!
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LadyTL: [Scatting Intensifies]
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: good evening Kathleen lrrKATHLEEN Cameron lrrCAMERON
PharaohBender27: katesWave lrrKATHLEEN_FC
TXC2: Hello Kathleen
ContingentCat: Hi Kathleen!
corianderd: o/
GapFiller: The Real One More
Damion277: Hey Kathleen!
drfox17: I've seen Heather's island from her streams, but I'm excited for a full tour
Laogeodritt: Did Kathleen almost say Brave New Faves? =V
TXC2: Hello corianderd
Mobilebeardunit: psaDab psaDab psaDab
SkipIives: Hello
Ritaspirithntr: YAY!!!
TheMoatman: Andy andy?
patbaer: heck yeah!
ContingentCat: Ooo good witch hat
Dix: a n d y
LordChrusher: Hey Andy!
GapFiller: good evening Andy
TheMoatman: ANDY!
drfox17: Oak Bay! hahahahahaha
TXC2: As seen on TV Andy
BoblinTheGoblin69: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Sarah_Serinde: Hullo friends!
GapFiller: corianderd evening Cori
ContingentCat: and a wonderful human being generally
TXC2: Hello Sarah_Serinde
urbanvagabond: lol oak bay
drfox17: ooooh Steph!
Edgarware: Steph!!
TXC2: Hello steph
PharaohBender27: SingsNote Tucson or bust! SingsNote
LordChrusher: Hello cam
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Geoff_god_of_biscuits: Yay More Animal Crossing
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GapFiller: good evening Heather lrrHEATHER
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Sarah_Serinde ! katesWave
Sarah_Serinde: Excellent :D
Ritaspirithntr: Hi Steph!!!
Knightlyvalor: And Andy is writer and performer of 'At least you're not dead' :-)
patbaer: sprt-of-curse
Juliamon: Some of it is perfectly normal!
TXC2: Hello Meg
GapFiller: yall shd be excited abt seeing Heathers Island
ContingentCat: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart the curse is well contained
SkipIives: Hi Andy and Steph and Cam and Kathleen and Heather and Meg
HbombAndFriends: Hi, all.
TXC2: Hello Sonya
Ritaspirithntr: Oh! Heather’s Island is a TRIP!!!
SkipIives: Hello Sonya
drfox17: Sonya, Sonia?
sonjopotato: Sonja!
Sarah_Serinde: Aww
GapFiller: Oak Bay OG Represent
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LordChrusher: Now to see if it is anything like the Oak Bay we grew up in
beowuuf: such a good name
KilrenKrae: my island is called pot farm becuase my sense of humor never left middle school
Kairanie: I named my island Oak Harbor, because when I think islands I think Whidbey Island
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BoblinTheGoblin69: i should probably get this game
PharaohBender27: Oh wow, we got a trio of waving people!
Traion: Whose Oak Bay are we gentrifying today?
GapFiller: for those unaware Andy went to Oak Bay High School same as the OG LRR Crew thats how he knws G x Co
PharaohBender27: @Traion katesLol
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Gabe_Fox: Loving the chill streams. Thank you so much!
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SkipIives: Nsburg is much more comforting than Snorsh
LordChrusher: I was in Andy's year at Oak Bay
drfox17: witch kathleen!
LarkSachrosis: !game Uber Adorable
Sarah_Serinde: So much creativity, so many different styles
Ritaspirithntr: @skipiives but Snorsh is FUNNY!!!!
LegionofLashes: * cuts down all trees on island * isabelle still says too many trees
drfox17: oooo additional peoples
mariomario42: That looks 110% Andy
ExachixKitsune: Oh my god you can get a really nice hat in this game
drfox17: oh, is the whole crew doing a tour?
ExachixKitsune: I've only just started playing, in no small fault to this stream...
Sarah_Serinde: Hahaha
NimrodXIV: :D
TXC2: so a yard then Kappa
PharaohBender27: @drfox17 Not quite, I'm not seeing lrrCAMERON_FC
Traion: Is that
Traion: Is that Heather's laugh I hear?
patbaer: love that tire
Frankenfruity: It's not home without a tire fire somewhere :P
drfox17: Somewhere, Penelope: "I sense WEEDS"
SkipIives: @Ritaspirithntr Nsburg is too, just more weird funny, than killer fauna funny. lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Sarah_Serinde: Traion Yes
PharaohBender27: I hear a lrrHEATHER_FC !
beowuuf: Heather's island should be showed off later.
DarkMorford: @Traion Heater's on the call today, yes
Ritaspirithntr: Yes! Heather is here
LordChrusher: More impressive than Bowker Creek
DarkMorford: Heather*
ContingentCat: @Traion yup we'll be going to her (not at all cursed) island later
TXC2: Neat Idea
Edgarware: Thats so neat!
space_turbulence: who's house we at?
drfox17: this kinda feels... Zelda ish?
Sarah_Serinde: This is Andy's island
banachspacebar: Andy's right now
fastlane250: the 12PM track is my favorite out of the ones i've heard
Traion: It's not cursed just horrifyingly beautiful @contingentcat ;)
beowuuf: Last time I saw anything to do with Heather's Island she had skeletons staring at you if you were in bed. I presume it went downhill from there? :p
patbaer: Oh, we're playing Mario Galaxy
drfox17: This is how I feel that Breath of the Wild does towns
space_turbulence: also @loadingreadyrun Kathleen thank you for doing this, it's so wholesome
TXC2: LOT of theme parks do that
Tr3nzyyy: @LoadingReadyRun could you please move the face cam so we could see the minimap?
ContingentCat: @Traion potato potatah
PharaohBender27: @fastlane250 Speaking of AC time-of-day music, apparently the 3 AM track is super weird :P
Juliamon: 3am is pretty weird.
drfox17: oh that flag
TXC2: 3am, being weird? the devil you say Kappa
Thane1607: Kathleen has put her robe and Wizard's hat on.
TheUnknownVeg: Kathleen's grump; Graham's not so grump
Ritaspirithntr: I miss Disneyland!!
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fastlane250: @PharaohBender27 In NH? I'm used to that being an AC tradition but I've never been up at 3AM t ohear the one from NH.
wildslothharry: Good Evening from England - making comics and OH MY THAT HAT!!! <3 <3 <3
Sarah_Serinde: lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: @fastlane250 Yeah. I was watching a video about the music in this game, and it discussed the music from the various times of day
Sarah_Serinde: katesSir
PharaohBender27: katesSir
Sarah_Serinde: Oh I really like that tiny pond
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] The trick is to do neither well.
LRRbot: New quote #6940: "The trick is to do neither well." —Cameron [2020-05-10]
Laogeodritt waves at @Sarah_Serinde
Sarah_Serinde: katesWave
TXC2: hello wildslothharry welcome
Juliamon: (Meanwhile there's me, who refuses to move any buildings so the Cranny isn't as close as it could be and Ables are as far from the entrance as you get)
Knightlyvalor: Didn't Cameron say 'very well' instead of 'well'? Or is that too much attention to detail?
Technic_AL: Good morning Everyone
Gekyouryuu: I've just had a silly idea: a company of people that build Nook's place, run by a little old lady. call it Granny Smith's Crannie smiths
wildslothharry: Thanks @TXC2 Glad to catch this live for once ^^
Ritaspirithntr: I think TQ would love Andy’s cliff Island!!
TXC2: Hello Technic_AL welcome
TXC2: Knightlyvalor I feel the quote still has the weight of the joke
SkipIives: like Niagra
Knightlyvalor: TXC2 true.
tipulsar85: The very relaxing waterfalls...
mariomario42: don't go chasing waterfalls Kathleen
TXC2: that waterfall looks like a level design
ReynardWrecca: Evening Kathleen, evening lovely chat.
Bearudite: kathleen, don't go chasing waterfalls
TXC2: hello ReynardWrecca welcome
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @ReynardWrecca ! katesWave
underhill33: What about a house tour?
TheWooglie: Stick to the rivers and lakes?
NimrodXIV: I only ever buy 1k. Y'all are nuts. :D
wildslothharry: Turn-nup FOR WHAT?!
ReynardWrecca: Ahoy @TXC2, @PharaohBender27; pleasure as ever.
Telnaior: hello chat :)
TXC2: hello Telnaior welcome
tipulsar85: Is Oak Bay in Thurpston County now?
Telnaior: a ghast spawned in my dream and I can't get back to sleep so yay island
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Telnaior ! katesWave
Knightlyvalor: Hi Telnaior !
Duwani1: I just got this game - how does the friend thing work in this game
drfox17: @Telnaior that sounds... terrifying
Ritaspirithntr: @telnaior OH DEAR!! I’m sorry!!
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Telnaior: @PharaohBender27 Thanks for the gift sub! eek hi lrrHEART
GreyKnightEXE: my blue hyacinths keep trying to take over my island
embyrr_the_dragon: I had that experience with black cosmos
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aitsu100: Woooo AC tour TIME lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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PharaohBender27: No problem, @Telnaior ! :)
Telnaior: @PharaohBender27 congrats on 444 :P
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kimjburge: Subiversary on an island tour? What more could I want!
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wildslothharry: So I missed the intro - is this Andy's melodic voice I hear?
TXC2: wildslothharry sure is
PharaohBender27: @wildslothharry It is! This is his island!
kaleidoscopemind: It is sad how excited I got when I heard the word "spreadsheet"
Knightlyvalor: wildslothharry it is!
wildslothharry: EXCELLENT! I'm so thrilled!
Sarah_Serinde: You get some many flowers when enough people water, it's great
TXC2: kaleidoscopemind welcome to adulthood Kappa
wildslothharry: Looking forward to planting advice from the West Country Doctor himself!
drfox17: "progressive flower beds and dinner"?
theambivalentagender: They also make flower grow faster
Dix: I need to start flower breeding this week
Shadwhawk: Remember, it's been determined that the checkerboard pattern is actually NOT GOOD for flower breeding!
Sarah_Serinde: Part of the Discord's general practices now includes requesting or offering watering when visiting
Dix: I FINALLY got Blue Pansys as myfirst hybrid
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
Sarah_Serinde: Checkerboard is still functional enough if you're not going hardcore
Zeruss_21: oooh! Good concept!
theambivalentagender: I would love that
SpectralData: @shadwhawk whats the best way?
TXC2: Checkerboard also just looks nice
chumpofthemonth: @shadwhawk What is the good pattern? I'm falling at it
ravnikarakas: I've dedicated the back half of my island just to breeding. it is taking forever
LordChrusher: Like a gardening show?
Shadwhawk: Let's see if it'll like this link.
Dared00: refined jeans
chibi_bento: please do that! it sounds amazing.
Knightlyvalor: I don't play this game, are there black tulips in this game?
wildslothharry: I'm into that - been enjoying Monterey Bay Aquarium use AC to talk about flower genes and insect behaviour
Sarah_Serinde: Roses are truly ridiculous
Ritaspirithntr: @sarah_serinde Yeah! I need to start hitting that up again! I’m growing impatient with my lack of Purple Roses, Purple Hyacinths, purple windflowers, Black Roses, and Black Cosmos
TXC2: like actual botany
Shadwhawk: There's a cloning and hybridizing guide, with links to pictures of good layouts
Orgmastron: @Knightlyvalor Yes!
underhill33: lrrWOW
corianderd: lol
Technic_AL: @knightlyvalor yup
chumpofthemonth: @shadwhawk Thanks! :)
ContingentCat: katesLol
Ritaspirithntr: Lol!!!
Sarah_Serinde: The Discord AC channel has some good resources for flower breeding in the pins
Knightlyvalor: Orgmastron, Technic_AL thanks!
Sarah_Serinde: The eternal struggle :D
SpectralData: thanks for that link!
TK_thats_me: Peak cute
VanillaBean0809: I've been watchhing LRR's backlog of animal crossing vids and have decided I need this game.......I've never owned nintendo anything
LegionofLashes: how did mailbox not be at your house?
DRMagnify: can we see maps?
PharaohBender27: Turnip soup for MONTHS
Juliamon: LegionofLashes Once you get a second level you get the option to pick it up and move it
Ritaspirithntr: Just a metric ton of turnips
drfox17: @VanillaBean0809 Welcome!
niccus: the catch with turnips irl is that you can't really sell them
ContingentCat: turnips keep
TXC2: !patreon
LRRbot: 2466 patrons for a total of $14,805.80 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
TXC2: Make it happen chat Kappa
underhill33: Can we see Andy's house?
porkupinesas: This pink person is cute. Whose is it?
drfox17: @VanillaBean0809 I am required ask you if you'd like adventures games, like Breath of the Wild
DRMagnify: once you get an upper floor you can
tipulsar85: I'm reminded of the tulips of Skagit County... thanks outbreak for ruining that chance of happening this year.
Laogeodritt: Bonus: Beej eats the whole thing post-house turnip sketch?
InkyGhoast: once you get your second floor you can move it
CAKHost: Have a nightmare of the fridge bursting with turnips?
PharaohBender27: @porkupinesas I'm guessing that's Sonja (sp?)
BoblinTheGoblin69: i still like the beej cosplay from a while back
Sarah_Serinde: I'm planning to finally make my basement pretty, but that means I don't want to fill it with turnips right now...so that means my front room is just littered with them >_>
Kairanie: After you get the second floor Tom Nook tells you you can move your mailbox, but you can do it from the beginning, because I accidentally picked mine up several times early on.
sonjopotato: You're right, I am the pink person!
GreyKnightEXE: make a home model out of turnips?
TXC2: half den
ContingentCat: cool
aitsu100: that is the most "dad" basement its amazing Andy
Sarah_Serinde: sonjopotato That is a very strong look you have going and I love it
NimrodXIV: I'm jealous of the fossil rug
drfox17: @TXC2 I read that as "half Dan" and I thought Playframe was back
TXC2: drfox17 ha :)
sonjopotato: @Sarah_Serinde thank you :D
Laogeodritt: That is a really stylish room. Busy but feels super cozy.
TXC2: Laogeodritt feels lived in to me
Sarah_Serinde: I got the gold HHA trophy today so I'm definitely going to be changing some rooms up now
VanillaBean0809: @drfox17 I haven't heard of it. My gaming repertoire is pretty limited; I have poor dexterity due to a disability. My current quest is currently figuring out if I CAN play AC with something like an arcade stick
underhill33: Have a gigantic tub
TXC2: this is a showroom bathroom you see in the ads
fastlane250: i think i just got gifted the fake David statue from a villager
Juliamon: Ooh there's a PINK vent fan!
Shadwhawk: And ONLY on your own island
ContingentCat: bedrooms and bathrooms aren't usually the same size yeah
theambivalentagender: *whispers* Unless you have alts...
Shadwhawk: It's terrible
Dix: yo that vent fan
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I really need CJ and Flick to visit more often so I can free up some of my storage pace
affinityforpie: small tables on candles, or partitions could work here
affinityforpie: er. candles on tables. coffee time.
Geoff_god_of_biscuits: God Flick and Cj never show up for me
Telnaior: !flush
Sarah_Serinde: I really want separate storage for clothing >_>
Shadwhawk: If you could get he and CJ to commission when you visit other islands, that'd be fine
PharaohBender27: So it's the prop room? Kappa
ramiel117: Build more wands to store clothing
Sarah_Serinde: That's so much work...
theambivalentagender: Each alt account gets one Flick commission
GreyKnightEXE: I just leave all my clothes on my beach
fastlane250: I store my fish on the beach and have a fort made of wasps next to Nook's Cranny
NimrodXIV: I only save the high-price ones for Flick/CJ
Sarah_Serinde: You could have that money *right now* instead of waiting weeks
Dix: I had Turnips for 90 bells this morning
BecauseGnomes: Beej is a man who loves value
Dix: 2 straight weeks of it LUL
Frankenfruity: Is storage space actually limited?
fubargames: A waterfall shower?
adambomb625: Whose island is this?
Juliamon: Frankenfruity Yeah, there's a cap
PharaohBender27: Dali
ContingentCat: oh wow
evalarene: I'm only 7 days into this game, and just getting turnips for the first time today. What price should I be looking for?
Frankenfruity: @Juliamon how can you then collect all of the things?
TXC2: why Tandem?
BusTed: One for poo, one for pee.
Juliamon: Frankenfruity You aren't technically *supposed* to
ContingentCat: katesLol of course Dali wanted that
Shadwhawk: @evalarene Buying price isn't as important, but the prices are 90-110. Selling can go into the 600s, which you want to look for. Lurk in the LRR Discord Animal Crossing channel for a very good chance at high sell prices throughout the week
Frankenfruity: @Juliamon I thought the game was supposed to be fun. :P
Sarah_Serinde: Eventually I'm gonna end up making a second profile just so I can store more things >_>
Dared00: We already had a Crapshot about 2-person pooping
fastlane250: lrrGARBO
evalarene: thanks @Shadwhawk !
underhill33: lrrWOW
affinityforpie: @evalarene I usually aim for 300 at the minimum, low as 200 if I still have some by Saturday, but the AC discord will have 400-500 fairly often or even 600.
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squickster: i love how this conversation is happening in a bathroom
ExachixKitsune: lrrWOW
Juliamon: Frankenfruity A lot of people just sell things they can reorder on demand.
NimrodXIV: now that's friendship
evalarene: thanks @affinityforpie !
Laogeodritt: @squickster How else would we have gotten to this topic? =V
pygmytortle: Honestly what I was thinking LUL
Sarah_Serinde: Juliamon I would do that more often if the game would just let me order more than 5 things a day...
TXC2: this conversation has taken...several turns
FITorion: Local Street of Dreams... Big expensive houses next to each other. Tub in corner... huge windows... which look directly into the neighbor house's bathroom... so you can stare at your neighbor as you both soak...
ContingentCat: so Descadat
NimrodXIV: LOL
ravnikarakas: 6x6
Shadwhawk: Oh, damn, I should see if I can re-create the Doom Bathroom from the SA forums
fubargames: LOL
adambomb625: Whose island is this?
wildslothharry: I am loooving the all-lavender "My gender is: fabulosity" OC someone is rocking
HbombAndFriends: I’m going to build a bathroom outside. Man’s Romance!
Sarah_Serinde: There are so many toilets in this game, just collect them all here :P
Laogeodritt: I wish you could partially wallpaper/floor a room, I'd totally want to put some dividers up and make some smaller sub-rooms here and there.
Sarah_Serinde: That'll fill up space
wildslothharry: @adambomb625 Andy! :D
squickster: @Laogeodritt one could have the conversation while wandering but 3 friends standing in the bathroom seems a bit odd
wildslothharry: Goodbye Andylandy!
Dix: Steph's island is awesome
TXC2: thanks for shoeing your island Andy
TXC2: *showing
Foxmar320: Hello
TXC2: Hello Foxmar320
wildslothharry: @Foxmar320 Oh hey, long time hearer-of-your-name. Is that weird? XD
VanillaBean0809: so in one video, kathleen was lamenting the lack of bushes in the game and then in the next vid, there was bushes, did that really happen?
Telnaior: Nsburg, of course
Foxmar320: wildslothharry lol
Ritaspirithntr: STEPH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOUR ISLAND!! It was nice to see you last Thursday!!
PharaohBender27: No motivation to spiff your place up like expected company!
Sarah_Serinde: VanillaBean0809 Yup! They got added in an Earth Day update
affinityforpie: awwww
Foxmar320: I only just unlocked paths so its going to be a while till I show my island off
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:08.
Foxmar320: Dawww
VanillaBean0809: @Sarah_Serinde thats awesome
FITorion: We were looking at houses at a different place... They all had unfortunate window placement. The Best/Worst was the Floor to ceiling window next to the toilet at the front of the house... so anyone visiting can see you in all your glory as they drive up or pass by on the sidewalk...
Knightlyvalor: Happy mother's day to all mothers!
morgoth_bauglyr: lewd
yay2727: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
lostluck42: is that a genuine venus or a fake venus?
Shfflecat: TOS
Dared00: awww
Telnaior: awwww
PharaohBender27: lrrKATHLEEN_FC
Ritaspirithntr: LOL!!
Foxmar320: Very nice :D
ContingentCat: so cute
wildslothharry: Much Cute. 5/5
lostluck42: oh wings. cool but fake
Sarah_Serinde: SO annoying
Laogeodritt: @FITorion That is some A+ residential design.
ExachixKitsune: That is such a cute outfit
Juliamon: SUPER annoying
lostluck42: victoire de samothrace :)
beowuuf: lrrKATHLEEN_FC wow, perfect
Sarah_Serinde: I still enjoy being able to change on the fly, but it's irritating
darkora: Your island tour is the primary reason I am currently downloading Animal Crossing, I hope you're happy with yourselves :P
Ritaspirithntr: Yeah
Sarah_Serinde: I love having a rain outfit for when it starts raining or I arrive at someone's island where it is
Player1NLatex: super annoyed that I cant buy multiple items at once from the able sisters.
TXC2: darkora the system works Kappa
PharaohBender27: @darkora :D
brainbosh: The wand also USES the clothes in each outfit, so you can't use them with other clothes
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Foxmar320: I was disappointed my beard got stuck in one outfit but not others.
ExachixKitsune: I'm getting so many ideasx
Tr3nzyyy: lrrCREEPL lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPR
badpandabear: What I hate about the wand is I need N copies of the same pair of glasses to maintain the illusion that it's the same pair in different outfits
Laogeodritt: I would've bought AC already by now if I had a Switch. Switch is a bit outside my budget rn unfortunately.
adambomb625: I downloaded it yesterday because of these tours as well!
fastlane250: vroom
Shadwhawk: Yeah, not being able to put the same piece of clothing in multiple slots is annoying too
Ritaspirithntr: Yup! I have so many copies of shoes for my Wand outfits
wildslothharry: I'm a surprised there is AC lore behind your magically stored and summoned clothes, VS new ones being put on? Animal Crossing: Eragon?
TXC2: Foxmar320 it took me way too long that you didn't mean IRL :P
affinityforpie: yeah it's strangely tilting when Mable lectures you for the wand thing.
Foxmar320: TXC2 LOL
Sgt_mentos: Uh oh, am I in time?
TXC2: Sgt_mentos not quite, you missed Andy's island
PharaohBender27: @Sgt_mentos You missed the tour of Andy's island
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Sgt_mentos: Oh no...
fastlane250: i forgot i finally got the reel-to-reel, been picking up stuff i threw outside for inventory space
Sarah_Serinde: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 37:30.
PharaohBender27: :D
Sarah_Serinde: Nice
ContingentCat: nicee
fubargames: Oh, no Firefly referrence?
wildslothharry: Ooooh Rainbow welcome mats! With the newer PoC inclusive design!
Traion: Heather's missing squid is hiding out here
VanillaBean0809: @fubargames I thought that too
lostluck42: oh wow. those path borders!
wildslothharry: 10/10 would Turnip!
tenthtechpriest: oh boy it's idea theft day!
TXC2: hello tenthtechpriest welcome
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Strategoat: I just wanted to hear cam's silky smooth voice.
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ContingentCat: so cute
TXC2: ooooh that rune like path boarder
Foxmar320: lol
PharaohBender27: katesLol
LadyDesco: lol
wildslothharry: Oooooh yeah, it's COVEN TIME! #HatLyfe!
EvilBadman: It's Phil.
FloydOfSmeg: sergeSqueak
Laogeodritt: This is such a nice residential area. Feels so comfy!
EvilBadman: We don't like phil
darkora: He doesn't know it yet, but he's moving
TheUnknownVeg: He's moving soon. He doesn't know it yet.
Meyari: That’s a great idea, using hats as signs
PharaohBender27: I see this island has its own Piper, so to speak katesSass
Foxmar320: Sounds like my island where I literally moved a villagers home to the back of the island on a cliff to get them to move
Ritaspirithntr: Aww
wildslothharry: As a Brit, I can say there is indeed "Irish" and "VERY Irish".
wildslothharry: My partner is Scottish. Her family is "VERY Scottish"
ReynardWrecca: Seconded @wildslothharry
Dix: Ah so that's the neighbor we don't talk about
adambomb625: Why do you want to get rid of him?
Sarah_Serinde: Cameron I love that
Orgmastron: So many rainbows! GayPride
Dix: That's a VERY Cam thing
Foxmar320: Cam :D
VanillaBean0809: clip that
ContingentCat: lrrHEART that's so cute Cam
TXC2: Good name Andy
affinityforpie: Emergent Clown is a good title
tenthtechpriest: did you notice the effect of it makes you feel better?
NimrodXIV: because flower breed needs to be more complicated?
niccus: i wonder how much of plantasia you can use as an island tune
Foxmar320: Ill take any bonus at this point to get my roses to breed
Ritaspirithntr: They should sing for you if you play for them
corianderd: kk sonata
wildslothharry: (So, I'm new to Twitch, and apparently commenting is gamified now? I got 'points'? wut?)
GreyKnightEXE: KK love song?
ContingentCat: is there a kk smooth jazz?
Foxmar320: wildslothharry yeah its strange
Gekyouryuu: @wildslothharry the points at the bottom are for watching, not commenting
VanillaBean0809: walking needs a euphemism?
wildslothharry: "KK, DM Slider"?
Gekyouryuu: you collect points the longer you watch, and if you click the points thing below the chat box, you can spend them on emotes and stuff, @wildslothharry
PharaohBender27: Since someone wanted it: https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticAffluentKumquatMVGame
wildslothharry: "Klonk Klock, Slide of my donk - By KK Slider?"
Sarah_Serinde: I got Marina that way too recently
affinityforpie: ooh those blue glyphs are nice. looks familiar
PharaohBender27: Oooh, that's very nice
Jillexie: Marina is my favourite on my island
wildslothharry: @Gekyouryuu ooooooh ok, cool, thank you!
Gekyouryuu: np
ContingentCat: Sherb!!
NimrodXIV: lol that monocle
affinityforpie: omg he fancy
fastlane250: I want a Sherb :(
wildslothharry: My Queer soul is so here for all the rainbows T-T Thank you!!!
adambomb625: The monocle really works on him
PharaohBender27: He's got STYLE
Dix: heck yah sherb
Dix: lrrGOAT
wildslothharry: GayPride GayPride GayPride
Sarah_Serinde: Poor Matt :D
Foxmar320: I have Sherb
CAKHost: I have Pashmina too!
Traion: Matt is sharpening his knifes
CAKHost: I love her!
VanillaBean0809: @PharaohBender27 thanks! I'm hoping that makes highlights
adambomb625: I got a cherry island, and one of my starting villagers is Cherry LUL
Jillexie: Sherb is so good
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PinkfloydYES: hey look 9 months sub baby
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Dix: You play a game
goatprince: i'm extremely jealous about all the goat villagers.
TXC2: hello goatprince
CAKHost: I think only the amiibo ones gives DIYs though...
Dix: I had to win a game vs Ankha and she thankfully picked Anchovy to leave
Foxmar320: Oh interesting
Azralorne: haha I had a feeling you would be goatprince
Juliamon: :O JULIAN
wildslothharry: I mean we've all struggled with moving, but playing a card game with a stranger? That sounds like a VERY Chaotic-Rich move?
affinityforpie: I think someone in the discord was able to reset when they asked which villager to replace to get them to replace a different one
Foxmar320: I want Louie to mvoe off my island so bad
Dix: You can have them pick a 2nd option
fastlane250: I think you can game it so it picks the one you want to go
ContingentCat: Makes sense
Dix: fastlane250 Savescumming
KevlarGiraffe: I bought Animal Crossing last week after watching this stream. Everyone's islands are so awesome and I can't wait to be able to decorate everything!
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adambomb625: How do you kick out a villager?
ReynardWrecca: I have a question, as an old person; is there, like, an end goal to this game?
goatprince: raymond was my first villager. i haven't had any good campers, otherwise.
goatprince: *first camper
GreyKnightEXE: you can save scum it a little bit to pick the villager you want to kick out
ContingentCat: @adambomb625 you have to actively neglect them for a while
Traion: @reynardwrecca not really, it's more like a bonsai
Sarah_Serinde: I have one who I'm ignoring and hoping she'll leave soon
NimrodXIV: I have 2 I've been ignoring for so long, and they refuse to go anywhere
Dix: I've got 3 'S tier' villagers according to lists: Marina, Beau, and Ankha and Kid Cat is NEVER leaving my island. I love that doof muscle cat
theunknownpoetb: I had that happen a couple of nights ago with this penguin character named Cube, and I was so happy I got him! I thought I couldn't get him cause my island was full.
Juliamon: Ignoring doesn't actually work
ContingentCat: so cute
thujastreams: Filbert <3
dmp817: i lost my filbert for gruff
Max_Fan: Kid Cat is great.
Juliamon: You have to get a camper to kick them out, or wait.
Garfy400: Clay
Dix: Max_Fan He gave me his picture the other day and I was stoked
Ritaspirithntr: Steph! That’s awesome cosplay!!
fastlane250: Roscoe has been in my town/island in all four of the games I've played so I will never let him go
GreyKnightEXE: Gulliver item
ReynardWrecca: @Traion You just...keep on prunin'?
ContingentCat: Kate has Nan and she's such a cute old lady goat
Sarah_Serinde: I had the chance to kick out Nan for a camper the other day, and on one hand she has a starter house instead of her proper one so it'd be nice to have someone with a nicer hat, but on the other hand she's a sweetheart
wildslothharry: I am really hoping to save for a Switch for my birthday - and these streams give so much hype T-T
SquareDotCube: SAME
CAKHost: The Beach Duck gives it as a gift
affinityforpie: Erik, Diana, and Pompom aren't allowed to leave our island, ever
swedish_roman: is kyle a wold or a hyena? asking for a friend
swedish_roman: *wolf
Ritaspirithntr: YES!! I want it!!!
thujastreams: Can has?
wildslothharry: I'm "Essential" working, so I'm really hoping the pay buff and some birthdaymoney will help me out there ^^"
Ritaspirithntr: I need a Tori gate for my shrine!!
theunknownpoetb: I love Cube, Flo, Archy, and Poppy. Poppy acts just like my best friend, which is funny cause she hates squrriels!
wildslothharry: That Tower would look great in a forced perspective shot?
affinityforpie: cube! the penguins are all great
RomanGoro: Whose island are we in?
ContingentCat: the pattern of paths looks so cool
GreyKnightEXE: 5x5 is proven not to work :/
EvilBadman: RomanGoro it's @azralorne
Dix: Plus, this dang game with targeting
TheUnknownVeg: As opposed to a soul patch of black roses
Sarah_Serinde: That's adorable
EvilBadman: technically also mine, but she runs it
ContingentCat: Ooo wow
InkyGhoast: oh wow!
Orgmastron: Magical grove!
AmoriLinguae: I want those 3d star things
HoshiChiri: Kathleen, you don't need a gold watering can- visitors give the same bonus!
wildslothharry: "Here's where I eat picnics and do witchcraft"
Sarah_Serinde: HoshiChiri You need a gold can to breed gold roses from black ones
PharaohBender27: Oooh, I see another island!
TXC2: the AC archipelago
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theunknownpoetb: Are the star burst from Celeste?
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Sarah_Serinde: Oh that's a great pattern! I just have a bucket
HoshiChiri: v@sarah_serinde visitors do NOT need the gold watering can. I got my first one yesterday from a friend with an elephant can
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, that IS nice water
tenthtechpriest: big mood
Sarah_Serinde: HoshiChiri Huh well that one is news to me
NimrodXIV: ah, a real bookcase. want
SquareDotCube: ironwood chair + item is really good
wildslothharry: @koristi_ 61 Months? That's almost 62 Months! :D
evalarene: an outdoor bookcase makes me worry about the poor books, but at the same time it's MAGICA:
CAKHost: I like putting the wooden fish on a vending machine! No real reason other than the game gives me the option!
HoshiChiri: @sarah_serinde I was surprised too! I'd heard rumors, but now I have proof!
evalarene: L
theunknownpoetb: A refrigerator for example...as I found out! lol
EvilBadman: what me no
Dix: "Yeah I'm not responsible for the look of this part of the island" - Steph
Ritaspirithntr: Lol!!
Orgmastron: A Man's Romance!
ContingentCat: Wow
goatprince: 'a man's paradise'
patbaer: hahaha
ContingentCat: the black gnome is very good
PharaohBender27: I thought I had spotted a skeleton earlier . . .
TXC2: clean, simple bridge
control_rig: There's a skeleton
Orgmastron: Casual skeleton picnic
PharaohBender27: I think that's the one I saw, @control_rig katesLol
Zalthia: Skele friend
AmoriLinguae: I have almost all natural ramps for accessibility
AllTheBacons: whos camping?
SquareDotCube: iron bridges + arched stone looks fantastic
Ritaspirithntr: Flat bridges for simple viewing pleasure!
evalarene: omg that's amaaaaazingh
Sarah_Serinde: Oh I love that little island
ContingentCat: Such a big brain play!
NimrodXIV: okay, but a fish out of range here would make me so mad
Sarah_Serinde: Yuuuup
TXC2: this game has such weird limits :P
Ritaspirithntr: Time to rethink all your plans Cam!!
ContingentCat: thakfully with bridges you can do stepping stones with teraforming but there's no workaround for inclines
affinityforpie: that's the sound of Cam suddenly having to do a lot of resdesigning. I know that sound. I feel that sound.
evalarene: what is that design on the ground?
tenthtechpriest: yeah that's a big mood
TXC2: swimmin' hole!
control_rig: I feel you Cam. I feel you.
Ritaspirithntr: Poor Cam!
Knightlyvalor: Artificial scarcity go! :-P
control_rig: Ooooooh
Ritaspirithntr: One of the props to making your island on a simulator first!
ContingentCat: I love decorative extra fossils for the museum
Knightlyvalor: Sorry to hear that Cameron
Ritaspirithntr: @azralorne Was it robot?
tenthtechpriest: I hate that the museum door is 3 wide instead of 2
wildslothharry: whoooaaaaaa loom goals
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I wish it was easier to tell what your customization options were
DiscordianTokkan: !!
fastlane250: ooh
Dix: C h e r r y
NimrodXIV: Cherry!
tenthtechpriest: cherry!
Zeruss_21: CHERRY!
wildslothharry: @tenthtechpriest YES.
Foxmar320: Yo!
wildslothharry: CHEERY!!!!
Knightlyvalor: Well, I'm going. Bye chat! Thanks for streaming all! Thanks mods!
Shfflecat: Cherry!
Orgmastron: Cherry!
TXC2: so long Knightlyvalor stay safe
Anubis169 hugs Knightlyvalor
Sarah_Serinde: For the storebought furniture too, because my default assumption tends to be that you can't customize it, and then I miss options
corianderd: that was for kathleen!
Dix: o/ see ya around Knightlyvalor!
wildslothharry: And the chat goes WIIIILD!!!
themcclintalk: Cherry was one of my OG villagers
PharaohBender27: Bye, @Knightlyvalor ! katesWave
Knightlyvalor: hugs Anubis169
Dix: Cherry is tier 2 or 3 depending on lists
themcclintalk: I have both Cherry and Cheri
control_rig: I love this B-Movie set!
fastlane250: Wait, really?
Max_Fan: Your island is where they faked the moon landing? LUL
Sarah_Serinde: Oh yeah that's a nice one too
Dix: I've got that Lighthouse if anyone wants it
fastlane250: I've got a pile of amiibo cards and a 10th villager slot I still have to fill
Sarah_Serinde: I have black and white and I don't like it haha
InkyGhoast: i have that lighthouse!
CataclysmicReverb: Oh, there's more than one lighthouse?
SquareDotCube: I got a yellow one :(
Sarah_Serinde: Dix I...might take you up on that actually
Traion: hahaha
corianderd: rude
Shadwhawk: Dark Rose Wreath. My Cobb is making that DIY now!
LunarJade: love you @corianderd
NimrodXIV: that floor!
Orgmastron: YO
BecauseGnomes: I'm finally starting to do some pathing on my island
Laogeodritt: Ooh, that kimono.
Traion: Messing with a route is rude Cori ;)
TXC2: FANCY wallpaper
Dix: Told ya Steph's island was cool :D
wildslothharry: THIS ROOM!!!
goatprince: like, 5
wildslothharry: Also is anyone else still playing Pocket Camp? - Is that a thing on the Discord?
CAKHost: 5 Purples
Dix: 'Lick' party
CAKHost: But you can customize them so I think you can change the colors
Sarah_Serinde: I don't know if people on the Discord are still playing Pocket Camp, but it doesn't come up in the AC channel
Sarah_Serinde: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
ContingentCat: WHAT
CAKHost: Don't like
SquareDotCube: I still go with touch
corianderd: i prefer touch party
mariomario42: blame James
Mangledpixel: !findquote lick
LRRbot: Quote #4684: "If you want lots of information, you should lick it." —Dale [2018-02-12]
fastlane250: Bringing back the Turner \Lickability Scale?
CAKHost: I like touch or collecting
Sarah_Serinde: I use "cataloguing" when I'm not talking to the discord :D
Ritaspirithntr: Yup! - Wait WHAT!!
NimrodXIV: lick or touch. both are weird, but I approve
Dix: Always with the Blame James
wildslothharry: KITCHEN OR SHITTER!!!!
ContingentCat: Now of all times licking random items is not at good idea
Traion: Shitter
PharaohBender27: Shitter1
TXC2: Shiter,
tenthtechpriest: bedroom
wildslothharry: Theme Song!!
TXC2: always shitter
GapFiller: definitely Shitter
ContingentCat: ooo
PharaohBender27: lrrKATHLEEN_FC got it right!
wildslothharry: Ooooooh it's a really nice kitchen, whoa!
Orgmastron: THAT TABLE
DiscordianTokkan: Good ol' Imperial Dining Table
CAKHost: Oh! I got the red dinner table today!
goatprince: those are classroom desks.
NimrodXIV: lol Steph used the same"counters" I did!
tenthtechpriest: oh that's brilliant
TXC2: I like the Dollie Rug
CAKHost: That's so good!
wildslothharry: It's a rotating table like in resteraunts!
Dix: CAKHost Yep! the Imperial Table spins
fastlane250: spinny table!
TXC2: ah it's a lazy susan
ContingentCat: Lazy susan table!
CastleOtranto: I have that table and I didn't know it spins.
tenthtechpriest: that table is a quarter mill and I love it
SquareDotCube: Imperial table
CAKHost: I haven't set it out so I haven't seen what you can do.
CAKHost: With it
drfox17: maaan, now I want Dim Sum
Mangledpixel: food go spinny!
Paradoxicpandabot: I would love to catalogue that! D:
Sarah_Serinde: Yeahhhhh...
Ritaspirithntr: Imperial Table. Different from the Imperial Low Table
wildslothharry: Lazy Susan isn't lazy - she's so rich that she has other people move for her now.
control_rig: I miss Dim Sum :(
DiscordianTokkan: I miss dim sum so Muuuuuch
Laogeodritt: dim sum <3
PharaohBender27: Bedroom!
CAKHost: I've had so many low tables, I think
TXC2: this room has an energy
control_rig: Sailor Moon!
wildslothharry: As one does
CAKHost: At least enough to get a brown and red one.
Sarah_Serinde: That's super cute
Ritaspirithntr: Lol!!
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Dix: @Sarah_Serinde we can work it out for the lighthouse tradeoff
drfox17: Sailor Pluto is not a Magical Gril. She is a Magical effin' WOMAN
Ritaspirithntr: And TQ is Jupiter
NimrodXIV: that is a good floor
IrisMudgarden: I have sailor Pluto cosplay. she's amaze
BodaciousNia: @LoadingReadyRun what is it that you enjoy about playing animal crossing, just curious as I'm considering buying it
goatprince: saturn's power is Death.
CAKHost: I need more ships in a bottle...
Traion: Kathleen "fake weeb" DeVeere Kappa
wildslothharry: Sailor Saturn was the console before Sailor '64
ContingentCat: Ben is Sailor Venus
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Kathleen) [now] I'm only a little bit chaotic.
LRRbot: New quote #6941: "I'm only a little bit chaotic." —Kathleen [2020-05-10]
Gekyouryuu: Saturn is Chibi Moon's girlfriend, right? like romantically?
goatprince: i have that desk in a lighter colour.
TheWooglie: Bureau
Gekyouryuu: @wildslothharry no, those sailors competed. Saturn was succeeded by Sailor Genesis
ContingentCat: and the supports so good
CAKHost: That's nice!
CAKHost: Custom board!
wildslothharry: @Cameron I have that desk! Nowhere to put it, but I haaaad to have it when a relative passed away.
Sarah_Serinde: Oh yeah Cameron I have that desk too
PharaohBender27: TWO globes!?
CAKHost: Yeah
wildslothharry: It's currently a fold-out printer table
ContingentCat: this game has priorities
MerrimanLyon: The lack of bookshelves is making my library building Very Difficult
SquareDotCube: also no closet doors, that you can place on the wall
Brozard: @pharaohbender27 There’s at least a third globe
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I want more book options too
Laogeodritt: Ooh, that triplet run.
Brozard: Called the “Cool” globe
affinityforpie: my island had a dozen toilet and toilet accessories easily before it got its first fridge
ArkhamArchivist: I just got the Manga Library Wall DIY’d
TheUnknownVeg: i love all these creative designs but my work so far is just sad trombone noise
CAKHost: Ooh! A barrel!
SkipIives: All the bookshelves are "Billy"s
IrisMudgarden: I've only got a bidet so far ha
CAKHost: *Barrels!
stillalivesomehow: a calix chimera
wildslothharry: Truely Rare - a table with Heterochromia?
wildslothharry: BEST. SHIT. EVER.
CAKHost: Nice butterfly!
DiscordianTokkan: Niiiice
Orgmastron: The most majestic bathrromn
Dix: Now THAT'S a shitter
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh this is so good
affinityforpie: woodland wall
wildslothharry: Would pay Turnips to poop here.
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Ritaspirithntr: WOW!!!!
banachspacebar: It's a DIY, too
Brozard: Dang
corianderd: the shower into the taurus tub really works
TXC2: I like how one looks like a mud bath
affinityforpie: I've seen it as a villager DIY every so often
GerrardUK: Last house "What do we do with such a large bathroom". This house "I made the largest room my bathroom!"
SharpCookies: I want that flower shower so bad D: I never get super cute diys!!
CAKHost: Flick needs to get his butt back to my island. >:[
Ba_Dum_Tish: I love how many onsens people have
wildslothharry: oooooh that sounds lovely
CAKHost: And a few more times because I have a backlog for him!
DRMagnify: it might be tall enough that you could perspective it with a cliff
EvilBadman: get ready chat
Dix: hahahaha oh poor cam
Ba_Dum_Tish: *Cat reading newspaper meme* I should customise my furniture
Sarah_Serinde: Same with inclines, yeah
NoTomToLose: EIGHT?!
control_rig: Oooooohh
CAKHost: Should we tell him that inclines are the same?
Orgmastron: SO PRETTY
BodaciousNia: WOW.. that wallpaper
Ritaspirithntr: Yes! EIGHT!!
fastlane250: cam broke
TheUnknownVeg: this is so beautiful
Laogeodritt: Poor Cam. D;
wildslothharry: I'm so sorry Cam, that laugh got me hard XD
control_rig: So pretty
TXC2: ah the moon witch bedroom
ExachixKitsune: Back to redesign my island!
Laogeodritt: This is an amazing bedroom.
HoshiChiri: @sharpcookies I could make that shower for you- you have a twitter?
AmoriLinguae: For me the inclines are much more of an issue : (
Sarah_Serinde: I have none of these Celeste recipes and I want them all
IrisMudgarden: I can even think of whered I put eight bridges. more than enough for me!
TheUnknownVeg: oh the star chart at the back
Inkompetence: Okay, parallax in the floor is pretty cool.
ContingentCat: also the hop animation is so dang cute
NoTomToLose: Celestial Alcove
IrisMudgarden: *cant
Laogeodritt: It also reminds me of the Rachel bedroom seen in Life is Strange: Before the Storm
Sarah_Serinde: Well, except for the sheep
CAKHost: I want a room like that. ;n;
Laogeodritt: scene*
vaderi: poor Cam
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah better Cameron learns now than later
vaderi: agreed
TXC2: never regret the truth
BodaciousNia: Cam sounds SOOOOO depressed
sivakrytos: someone must have made a koenigsberg animal crossing island
wildslothharry: @Laogeodritt Life is Starch: After the Turnips?
Laurence72: RIP Cam
CAKHost: Yeah, you can only do 3 layers.
Ritaspirithntr: Cam’s depression is making me laugh and now i feel bad!!
Geoff_god_of_biscuits: I do kind of regret using 4 inclines on my museum
Laogeodritt: @wildslothharry Pahahaha
bigpuppystuart: Seriously is Cam ok?
CAKHost: The 4th is purely decorative, in a sense
wildslothharry: Cam, please stay with us, it will be okay!
Sarah_Serinde: Yes Cameron is fine
Ba_Dum_Tish: Moon Room Power!
CAKHost: Is the wall and floor a DIY?
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dryxket: STEEP HILL <3
Brozard: I love how the floor doesn’t look deep, but the stars appear to float above the grade
corianderd: sable
Traion: Talk to Sable
ContingentCat: Sable is great
CataclysmicReverb: Yesterday she finally remembered my name!
CAKHost: Talk to her once a day, each day.
Ritaspirithntr: For the rest of your life!!
PharaohBender27: Yes, talk to Sable - she'll open up eventually
CAKHost: She warms up to you!
Ba_Dum_Tish: It kinda feels bad to keep bothering her.
Dix: I love Mabel and Sable
Sarah_Serinde: Sable's dialogue is adorable
AmoriLinguae: Yea, I wanna respect her wishes
Dix: Ba_Dum_Tish but its worth it
Sarah_Serinde: Oh that flag is so good
TXC2: "boy what a week" "it's Wednesday"
Laogeodritt: Ohhey, I forgot about that one *able sister's personality. Nice to see that mechanic is still around. I identified so much with her and taking time to warm up to people <_<
wildslothharry: ~Fighting Evil by the Moonlight~Winning Love by the Daylight~
Ba_Dum_Tish: @dix I know it is but it does feel like you are annoying her until the sudden flip.
Traion: Smuggle Marina out under your hat for Heather
EvilBadman: there's my house but I am a slacker
Shfflecat: Cherry's birthday is tomorrow.
ContingentCat: WOW
affinityforpie: airport/wisp are two of the better examples for the SM town tune, its harder to hear in some other places
Juliamon: Yup!
IrisMudgarden: true it is
BusTed: A black hat with Phil's name stricken out.
NoTomToLose: How much longer we going?
Brozard: E-ED-DC-B-D-
goatprince: that deffo was the sailor moon theme
SquareDotCube: Patty's is today.
Shfflecat: Yep, I'm gifting her a saxophone!
Brozard: D-DC-C-B-A-C-
Juliamon: I made her a cherry lamp!
vaderi: that's good reason
TXC2: thanks for showing your island Steph
wildslothharry: Cam's Bridge-Trauma has not affected his diligence.
SquareDotCube: I got Patty an orange princess dress
Traion: Your island is amazing Steph
kirbys2: Can't wait to show mine sometime T_T
Brozard: Or it could be AGFED
Foxmar320: I still love that your island is Nsburg
space_turbulence: agreed that is a very good name
Laurence72: So, what I'm taking away from this is that for Cam, the limit on water crossings is a brdidge too far?
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
TXC2: Laurence72 too soon Kappa
bigpuppystuart: <message deleted>i love that there was just a casual Kike of Samothrace in the plaza you flew over
bigpuppystuart: Nike
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:19:30.
Brozard: Have a great stream and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there
bigpuppystuart: Delete my intial comment i accidently typed a foul word
Ritaspirithntr: Always love seeing everyones unique islands!!
wildslothharry: Good time for a bio break ""
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AziraphalesShop: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:23:52.
bigpuppystuart: I feel so bad for that mistype i think i am just going to go
Juliamon: It's ok!
bigpuppystuart: i don't feel ok
TXC2: bigpuppystuart don't, it's a simple mistype that anyone could have made
Mobilebeardunit: @bigpuppystuart you saw the mistake and immediately corrected it
TXC2: *don't go
Graham_LRR: You’re fine bigpuppystuart, we know it was unintentional. I’m impressed you knew the real name of that statue!
Mobilebeardunit: you did the best anyone could have done with a simple mistake
TXC2: and we're back
GapFiller: welcome back Kathleen
PharaohBender27: lrrHEATHER_FC time!
fastlane250: now it's a town that's out of pocket Kappa
Foxmar320: Very strong strat
Ritaspirithntr: So we’re going into Heather’s Pocket! Great!!
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Sarah_Serinde: Yup solid philosophy
pixieproxy: Thanks eeeeetsben_1wk!
TheMoatman: It fits in a laptop pocket of a bag, I suppose
Ba_Dum_Tish: that's a biiiigggg pocket
ContingentCat: switch might fit in a big hoodie pocket maybe?
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Traion: Switch fits in hoodie pockets for me
TXC2: a big pocket, a magic pocket
PharaohBender27: :O
fastlane250: I am so glad NH does not have grass wearing.
Sarah_Serinde: There are SO many tiny changes that were so exciting haha
Foxmar320: Wow
ArcOfTheConclave: My roses!
Ba_Dum_Tish: My Cabbages!
Lithobraker: So New Horizons added a city planning council Kappa
fastlane250: In the first game they could outright take things from you if you talked to them.
CAKHost: I love designing too much in New Horizon. ;n;
wildslothharry: Back from Bio - is Kathleen yawning or in a constant state of shock?
CAKHost: That was nice.
wildslothharry: Without audio the two are conflateable
AziraphalesShop: Andy!!
Ritaspirithntr: Yikes! Glad i never played New Leaf long enough!!
Sarah_Serinde: I mean, New Leaf was still great
Foxmar320: One change I really want is the ability to craft more than one item at a time.
Sarah_Serinde: It also improved on a bunch of things from the games before it
TheUnknownVeg: Wild World (the only other one I've played) had predetermined spots which was nice, designated by signs
ArcOfTheConclave: if they eat your blue roses.
Ritaspirithntr: Or wait! Which AC game had you arrive by Taxi?
snjo_: Every time you entered the store, there was dialog to click through
Gekyouryuu: you stop being a human villager and become a goose. "peace was never an option"
TheUnknownVeg: @Ritaspirithntr you started Wild World in a taxi
PharaohBender27: katesLol
snjo_: Now Able MAble only does it foirst time in the morining
Ritaspirithntr: Oh! Ok! So my first and previous AC game was the DS version of Wild World!
Ritaspirithntr: Not NL
embyrr_the_dragon: I don't know about New Leaf, but in Wild World your flowers would fully die and disappear if you ran through them, rather than just lose their blooms
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah I grabbed a copy of that dress from the shop
Foxmar320: Omg
ContingentCat: katesLol
Orgmastron: Kowai~!
goatprince: a classic lqqk
Sarah_Serinde: I love this :D
TheUnknownVeg: Ah like the floating doll island in Mexico City
Sarah_Serinde: The axes are so good back there haha
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah bamboo is kinda awkward
TXC2: I like it's a bunch of twee dolls, and then RED SKULL
ContingentCat: It looks so cool at night
SquareDotCube: yeah I wish bamboo didn't follow the tree rules
SquareDotCube: I want it closely packed
DiscordianTokkan: I still remember seeing Heather's Axes on a stream and saying "How do you GET that furnishing!" and people pointed out "Oh, you just place the tool like furniture". Mind Blown.
ContingentCat: skeleton army
Laogeodritt: Aw, you can't do tight-packed bamboo groves? D;
NoTomToLose: "humans"
morgoth_bauglyr: 'humans'
TheUnknownVeg: Don't let noted bone-racist Alex Steacy near the white kingdom
corianderd: @LunarJade you are fantastic
NoTomToLose: bear-and-bird is a time-tested combo\
SquareDotCube: Oh right, I have the black-dressed dolly now
TXC2: !addquote (Heather) [now] This is where the humans hang out, whether they have skin or not.
LRRbot: New quote #6942: "This is where the humans hang out, whether they have skin or not." —Heather [2020-05-10]
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 :D
CAKHost: And Axes!
ContingentCat: there's a dense lore here
MrSVCD: Bamboo grows so quickly since it is grass and Grass do cell elongating rather then cell division like trees do, there fore speed.
ContingentCat: exiled
wildslothharry: And Heather is why that AC:NH guide book is the size of a table
ashiok_nightmare_moose: deeply amazing
Ritaspirithntr: He’s the overseer of the wilds!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Truely the most horrifying thing here is Zipper
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: hello friends, and chat.
TXC2: MrSVCD really? cell elongating sounds odd for a thing to do :P
TXC2: Hello NarwhalsInATrenchcoat welcome
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: katesLurk katesLurk katesLurk
TXC2: two sentence horror stories are some of the scarest stuff I ever seen
TXC2: hello ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat welcome
TheUnknownVeg: Looking Cool, Joker!
ContingentCat: and the anime hair wig it was good
CataclysmicReverb: Has anyone actually used the street organ?
Traion: This mask is just part of Heather's character model. And you can't convince me otherwise
Ritaspirithntr: I’m sad they don’t have a White Masquerade mask!!!
bigpuppystuart: sorry about that, i had to go off and have a private panic attack. I think i am alright now.
MrSVCD: TXC2 I am pretty sure. If I remember correctly grass don't make new cells, just making them longer.
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Ritaspirithntr: Hope you’re feeling better!! @bigpuppystuart
ContingentCat: Octavian as such a good house
MrSVCD: TXC2 seeds makes new cells still.
TXC2: MrSVCD oh I believe you, I just didn't think that was possible at all
bigpuppystuart: i think i am
CAKHost: Wasn't there another that look like a food?
embyrr_the_dragon: @bigpuppystuart Sending good vibes your way
TXC2: bigpuppystuart lrrHEART
bigpuppystuart: lrrHEART thanks chat
gamercat88: eugene a cop
fastlane250: Interpol agent
PharaohBender27: @bigpuppystuart lrrHEART
NoTomToLose: It's camouflage
patbaer: he's a fed
CAKHost: Oh you do have him!
ContingentCat: Mitzi seems suspiscious of the turtle friends
drfox17: wait, so
Sarah_Serinde: I want takoyaki and also Zucker
wildslothharry: OMG He is a Takoyaki! :D
drfox17: instead of it just being animals
MrMinteh: I love Zucker's little herb freckles
drfox17: he's a food!?
Foxmar320: I have yet to see a single cat villager
ashiok_nightmare_moose: you have awoken a powerful craving
Foxmar320: Im sad
TXC2: Mitzi has murdered a Man :p
CAKHost: I have MInt!
goatprince: i have 3 cat villagers
ContingentCat: Mint is great
EscherichiaCole: Apple is at my campsite today and I need to decide if I want to let her stay
CAKHost: She is adorable!
Traion: Mint is the best
patbaer: Mint!
chumpofthemonth: Zucker is a creepo and I wish he would want to leave my island
Edgarware: That shower!
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I'm here for this colour scheme
Laogeodritt: This mouse is so... minty.
Ritaspirithntr: @chumpofthemonth Ooh! I’d like to have him!!!
Foxmar320: Oh whats Mint making?
evalarene: OMG I waaaaaaaant that shower!
AziraphalesShop: @chumpofthemonth But he's a living takoyaki!
CAKHost: She also screams
DiscordianTokkan: I just got Judy on my island and... I'm disappointed that she CHOOSES to use the wooden block furniture, when she could have anything
TXC2: that shower looks like a death trap to me :P
CAKHost: Yes!
banachspacebar: her tail is toothpaste!
ashiok_nightmare_moose: heathers foyer is amonument to excess
TheUnknownVeg: mint just teaching folks alchemy
TXC2: who wouldn't love to make gold bars
CAKHost: If she ever gives me the option to change her saying, I'll try to make it some kind of scream
Ritaspirithntr: @evalarene i had recently got that shower and don’t need it.
CataclysmicReverb: I really dislike Henry...
Foxmar320: I have three who can never move and then everyone else is a maybe. Except Louie, I want him gone.
TheUnknownVeg: If Heather doesn't like a villager, they spend some time on Doll Island, and then it's okay :)
CataclysmicReverb: Wish he would move out already
dmp817: elise can get out of my isalnd
CAKHost: You have Peoke?
NimrodXIV: they're playing
RealGamerCow: Has Heather shown Doll Island?
goatprince: adult normal standard turtles!
Foxmar320: I have like six turtles in my house
evalarene: @Ritaspirithntr really? you dont want it?
CAKHost: Pekoe, I mean.
bigpuppystuart: oh god, mud dragons. those things are terrifying
rodog695: Yes she has @RealGamerCow
evalarene: I didn't know there were turtles!
Sarah_Serinde: This game has *so many* wonderful tiny details
Ritaspirithntr: The family will grow!
PharaohBender27: Oh hey, @Ritaspirithntr ! Your lrrBEEEJ cosplay made the latest hightlights reel!
stillalivesomehow: aww some of the villagerd have umbrellas
fastlane250: The moment I saw the player villager just casually hold a snapping turtle one-handed was the first time I ever truly feared a character in a video game.
Ritaspirithntr: @evalarene nope! It messes with my esthetic! Plus it’s in my catalog!!
evalarene: sweet! How can I get it?
evalarene: @Ritaspirithntr
CAKHost: Looks like a head?
Ritaspirithntr: @pharaohbender27 YES!!! That was the first thing i watched on YT last night!! So happy something of mine is good enough for the world! I can die happy!
SquareDotCube: I got around to making a pond that looks like a footprint. The big toe spawns pond fish in the nearby river!
evalarene: Nope I don't have her
control_rig: Me too
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah she was one of my starters
Ritaspirithntr: @evalarene i’m in the LRR discord, so you can just DM me!
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
SquareDotCube: I got Carrie, the normal kangaroo
evalarene: @Ritaspirithntr will do, thanks! I think I have a different name in there, standby
CAKHost: Pashmina and Iggly were mine!
Foxmar320: Flower reactor overload
Sarah_Serinde: Your flower pile is so much neater than mine, Heather :D
SquareDotCube: usually I just sell the excess at this point
patbaer: kind of gathering flowers
PharaohBender27: It's like the museum has a garden!
NimrodXIV: my money trees rotate between being replanted & being stumps
IrrationalDM: stripe them
SquareDotCube: oh, you got a pink windflower
TheMoatman: Oh my god, pickled onions are so good
Foxmar320: Ive got 1 purple rose and thats it
Ritaspirithntr: Screw Pink Windflowers! I NEED PURPLE!!!
control_rig: Womp womp
Ritaspirithntr: Lucky!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Dang you, durability
bigpuppystuart: I hope they know the quick repair trick
Traion: The good LRR hoodie someone smuggled on Heather's island in the back of the Ables always makes me smile
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That's so good
PharaohBender27: @Traion I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that!
Ritaspirithntr: Cam, you say that, but Heather put her Nooks Cranny on an inexcessible cliff when she first got it!
TXC2: absolute unit
bigpuppystuart: that Being that when you customize a customizable tool, it resets the durability even if you just put on a cosmetic change.
drfox17: erika!
affinityforpie: bear plus bear plus bear equals biggest bear
ashiok_nightmare_moose: they voltron?
TXC2: it's a bear turdecken?
Mobilebeardunit: psaBig
SquareDotCube: Giant Bear vs Giant monster!
patbaer: by their powers combined!
kerbalized_: bearducken
rosalinarobbins: henlo mobilebear
kerbalized_: or a bear Yager
drfox17: @SquareDotCube "Let them fight!"
CAKHost: Money Money Money!
TXC2: cash money, dollar bills y'all
PharaohBender27: Right, lrrHEATHER_FC has moneymoneymoney
Sarah_Serinde: I finally got that wallpaper the other day
SquareDotCube: Only costs 50,000 bells to make
CAKHost: That's so nice!
Dix: frick that wallpaper
TXC2: Sick bass guitar riff intensifies
accountmadeforants: The "Lods of emone" room
CAKHost: It makes a sound!
TheUnknownVeg: dollah dollah bills yo
CAKHost: Like you are running on bills!
DiscordianTokkan: The affordable wag flooring!
SquareDotCube: and the museum on the back
TheMoatman: Open the door, put money on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur?
Gekyouryuu: dolla dolla bells
PharaohBender27: Oooooh
DiscordianTokkan: The aluminum briefcase that has the stacks of cash use these bills also
Ritaspirithntr: So....monopoly Tom Nook
CAKHost: I did that to peek on Nook's KK fanboy-izm.
Gekyouryuu: @Ritaspirithntr no weirder than the new "monopoly for girls" they're releasing
accountmadeforants: https://youtu.be/ULeDlxa3gyc
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Ritaspirithntr: @gekyouryuu No Thankyou!!
wildslothharry: Curse Room!
wildslothharry: Oooooh Turtles!
CAKHost: Turtles! Of course!
TXC2: Indoor picnic room
bigpuppystuart: the turtles are stalking that hamsteer. the monsters
corianderd: hamster tv
Probevoyages: ohhh
frnknstn: footprints in the sand
CAKHost: Lol!
goatprince: the other is venus de milo!
Probevoyages: @goatprince nooooooooooo
BusTed: *hssss*
wildslothharry: @Gekyouryuu Wait, for real? Monopoly for Girls?
CAKHost: I wish the pizza wasn't just in the pan
Gekyouryuu: @wildslothharry look up Ms. Monopoly. she's the niece of the Monopoly guy
ClassicalHippo: Good thing there is a water cooler, don't want the turtles to get thirsty
krizzasaurusrex: wait, was that Andy?
CAKHost: That being said, who makes pizza in a pan?
Dix: krizzasaurusrex Yep!
krizzasaurusrex: !!!!
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Gekyouryuu: the commercial for it is WILD, because it's all about "girls need to be recognized for being inventors" and stuff, and then "SURPRISE, it's a gendered monopoly ad!"
CAKHost: Er, frypan
Sarah_Serinde: I feel like we don't really need to give the Monopoly people more free advertising here tbh
banachspacebar: @krizzasaurusrex yeah, we saw his island first
BusTed: Venus?
Dix: Venus DeMilo?
brainbosh: Oh no it was BAD
Foxmar320: There was a 5th?!
krizzasaurusrex: aww, i missed the early part. I'll have to watch the VOD!
Dix: Yeo Foxmar320
Mangledpixel: that show did a crossover with Power Rangers at one point
TXC2: Foxmar320 sure was
Probevoyages: kirby, the fifth turtle?
LadyTL: Love how monopoly was created as a critique of the crass excesses of capitalism and now it exists to embody those same excesses
Gekyouryuu: that's for the 90s TV show. There's a NEW girl turtle in the comics
TXC2: Moviebob did a good episode covering all the TMNT shows
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I'm glad I haven't seen/dont' remember that
Ritaspirithntr: NO THANK YOU!!!
Max_Fan: The car bed is great
NimrodXIV: the racecar beds honk and I love it
Mangledpixel: !Y
fastlane250: how do you get the Resetti poster
affinityforpie: beep
Ritaspirithntr: I don’t like those crossovers!!
TXC2: LadyTL As Capitalism is wont to do :P
patbaer: heck yeah
Mobilebeardunit: weve given Rudy so many beds...
GerrardUK: My Keaton has 3 race car beds, and the car park floor
goatprince: a lounger?
TXC2: "I sleep in a race car bed, do you?" "I sleep in a big bed with my wife."
Gekyouryuu: @LadyTL for extra insult, Monopoly was invented BY A WOMAN.
Lithobraker: In friends the racecar bed was Phoebe's fault right?
wildslothharry: @Gekyouryuu Hooooo wow, that is a lot. That music and ad is like "We have INVENTED FEMINISM", and then yeah - it's just gendered Monopoly.
TXC2: Lithobraker probably
LadyTL: @Gekyouryuu - Monopoly proper, or its precursor The Landlord Game?
Gekyouryuu: and now they're playing up Monopoly for WOMENFOLK
goatprince: you can pan too
patbaer: food bed
Gekyouryuu: @LadyTL the original concept that then gt stolen and released as just the bad half
SquareDotCube: all the pastabilities!
Probevoyages: who in the entire world thought girls never played monopoly? It's like...a family game.
damn_i_am_pretty: Women were only just invented two years ago Kappa
CAKHost: I love the crawfish!
wildslothharry: @Gekyouryuu Oh, I know - It was origionally Anti-capitalist, and now it's just "No, be a dreamer, be a winner, have all the money and eff over your friends!"
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah they do :D
SquareDotCube: Ooh a system kitchen
evalarene: OMG this is basically Tim Horton's hahaha
ujai321: i would want a little more counterspace, but overall, very nice kitchen
goatprince: it's the uni cafeteria!
Juliamon: My soup kettle has corn chowder!
Mangledpixel: enhance!
evalarene: I love how the steam escapes when you open it
wildslothharry: Heather - Knower of Tricks.
Sarah_Serinde: I want a rice cooker like that but I have so little space and they are not cheap >_>
CAKHost: Mushroom?
goatprince: a mushroom risotto!
accountmadeforants: A unitasker... for specific soups?!
TXC2: "gaze upon my FOUR slow cookers!"
rosalinarobbins: lol i thought that was a toilet
Foxmar320: I have the bear toster
bigpuppystuart: you toat bears? Canadians are weirder than i tthought
evalarene: is that a...dishwasher?
RAICx: I love how edgy the floor is
Gekyouryuu: it says a lot about our society that one of our most well known and branded board games is a capitalism simulator that no one actually enjoys playing, and requires you to spend hours trying to do nothing more than accrue wealth, and that no one comes out of happy, not even the winner.
goatprince: 'knife nook'
Foxmar320: Game really needs counter tops
Ritaspirithntr: It’s the shank zone
Sarah_Serinde: Can we move on from the Monopoly thing? It's not relevant and I feel like we don't need to reward that terrible ad by talking about it a lot here
ZeroArcana: chocko floor
Ritaspirithntr: Agreed
Sarah_Serinde: All the bags on the wall are cute
NoTomToLose: Backpack collection!
embyrr_the_dragon: Ooh, the space mobile is so goood
Mobilebeardunit: its kinda like a youtuber studio room...
bigpuppystuart: A summoning circle. For when you want to summon orcus to deal with those meddeling kids
Ritaspirithntr: I wish i could make that wall pattern as a custom design!!!
goatprince: i got one too, it's nice
Sarah_Serinde: The record player is a DIY
TXC2: bigpuppystuart like Orcus would ever do anything Kappa
Foxmar320: Ive seen Redd once
Sarah_Serinde: Everyone ones that, Kathleen :D
Sarah_Serinde: Oh I want the green version of that washer
CAKHost: I have the fake Academic painting. I love it!
TXC2: real Fake painting
DiscordianTokkan: The Cloud flooring is very good
Sarah_Serinde: When I don't have the chance to get real art, I like collecting the fake stuff so I can keep it for myself. Also I still desperately want angel statues :P
CAKHost: You just need to lay the clothes on the ground and it will get wet!
bigpuppystuart: is this the "we get it you vape" room?
bigpuppystuart: or is the carpet steam cleaning itself?
RothonWylar: hello
Ritaspirithntr: My first piece of art that i got from Redd’s ship was an Authentic Japanese painting and i chose to hang it in my room and NOT give it to Blathers!!
TXC2: hello RothonWylar welcome
Ba_Dum_Tish: Smoke machine
EscherichiaCole: My villager I hated is moving! I'm so happy!
PharaohBender27: Congratulations, @EscherichiaCole !
embyrr_the_dragon: @EscherichiaCole Which villager?
banachspacebar: yeah if I see a "Under a wave off Kanagawa" that's going straight into my room, sorry blathers
Ba_Dum_Tish: I didn't know about the secret beach until these streams
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART lunarj1Heart
SquareDotCube: What I've done is make a second player/house and store things I won't likely use but keep on hand in that house, by dropping it off and then having the other player pick it up to store.
EscherichiaCole: embyrr_the_dragon friga
embyrr_the_dragon: Ah, yes
BusTed: Haha.
Tantar: I like that
evalarene: omgggggggg love that!!!
Traion: So cute
TXC2: oh my
evalarene: that dark blue bear!! lrrHEART
Ritaspirithntr: WOW!!!
TXC2: big mood
drfox17: Teddy Bear!
bigpuppystuart: if someone steals that, you will become, Unhenged
PharaohBender27: SingsNote Picnic tiiime for teddy bears! SingsNote
Laogeodritt: @SquareDotCube ahaha, I remember having a storage player/house in the GCN game too. I'd usually mail that player stuff that I want to store long-term.
TXC2: "the kids are tired of war and are off to have a picnic" is the biggest damn mood
Ritaspirithntr: There are Korok Masks!!!
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah this is new
theunknownpoetb: That's what I wanted too, I wanted to make the Lost Woods with the Master Sword hidden in it.
Sarah_Serinde: I remember those fortune cookies!
Sarah_Serinde: So many Nintendo things
Ba_Dum_Tish: I actually kinda like the updates
Larkit: Y'all got the golden poop hat? I have an extra.
theunknownpoetb: I assume the updates were from their work on Spaltoon.
TheMandrew: @banachspacebar if you want the Great Wave, the Met gallery has an option on their website to create it a custom design and import it into the game
Sarah_Serinde: It's almost like they keep making improvements every time they make a new game lrrHEART
maltan_ankka: it was two play coins, not 200 bells!
Ritaspirithntr: @lunarjade if you find Korok Masks! You could make a Korok fountian!!
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cosmooooooo: !updog
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Sarah_Serinde: Though I'm still definitely not going to call tool durability an improvement >_>
Ritaspirithntr: Maybe?
Geoff_god_of_biscuits: maybe they'll add the cookies back in with Katrina
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah tool durability can go into the sea
Traion: Her totally natural native fruit that she got first try ;)
Ritaspirithntr: Actually, NVM they’re probably a house only thing.
xocamii: <message deleted>this is boring so sorry
Sarah_Serinde: I leave my coconuts un-picked so I can have cheap fruit available for that
SquareDotCube: I just sell my fruit at this point
ContingentCat: aww
PharaohBender27 averts gaze
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
banachspacebar: @TheMandrew yeah, but the Redd one looks better
ExachixKitsune: This is fine
TheMandrew: fair :P
fastlane250: vroom
TXC2: what kind of chickens y'all got in Canada ?
Ba_Dum_Tish: I sell my fruit but keep my local fruit for moving stuff
TheMandrew: a fond bearwell?
TXC2: thanks for showing your Island Heather
PharaohBender27: @TheMandrew :D
banachspacebar: maybe I'll try to give Redd the one from the Met lrrBEEJ
Ritaspirithntr: I keep my fruit in storage for plans to sell it when my storage is full. Then i’ll cash it in. Like a Piggy Bank!!
fastlane250: like it's probably some backend thing that makes island hopping impossible
goatprince: yeah, it's probably a stability thing
Larkit: What about making traveling to other islands just not take 5 minutes?
PharaohBender27: Is that villager wearing some sort of turnip hat?
goatprince: was that a maple leaf umbrella????
Traion: @larkit Nintendo has just reached 1998 in terms of the internet, so this is lightning quick for them Kappa
Larkit: LUL
ujai321: ehat's your turnip price?
goatprince: 'i love flowers and colour' as we walk up to the black roses
Ritaspirithntr: Yup
BlueChloroplast: I wish I could get Daisy Mae's hat in pocket camp
ContingentCat: still looks great
Ba_Dum_Tish: I will need to change my times when I get back to work so I can do stuff when I get home
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Kathleen, well known for being a colourful flowery person
goatprince: it's all flick, obvi
glitched_goddess: The statue looks amazing there
Larkit: He has a sweatshop somewhere
Ba_Dum_Tish: Red is contracting Flick
dmp817: friends fan theory, Redd is a failed art student
fastlane250: he used to run insurance fraud with Lyle
PharaohBender27: @ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat I mean, she does have that one shirt that's super colorful and flowery
fastlane250: in Wild World
ArkhamArchivist: I think the Kitsune Magic Redd uses is less reliable than Tom's Tanuki Magic
ContingentCat: Does Redd know about the fakes or has he been scammed too?
TXC2: Is this game turning Kathleen into Katie? Kappa
TheUnknownVeg: Tom Nook vs Redd
Dix: D E E P lore
DarkMorford: Oh yeah, Animal Crossing has some *lore*
TheMerricat: The deep deep lore of Animal Crossing.
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frnknstn: If Lyle works at the HHA, he could use that to case houses to steal from?
embyrr_the_dragon: In WW, if you started talking to Lyle, you COULD NOT STOP until you bought insurance
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Gasp! Thank you PharaohBender27! lrrHORN katesHug2 lrrHORN katesHug2 lrrHORN katesHug2
fastlane250: @embyrr_the_dragon You could weasel out of it if you didn't have enough bells
PharaohBender27: No problem, @ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat ! :)
BlueChloroplast: katesHype katesHype katesHype
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PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat katesLol
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Larkit: Have you tried buttfor?
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fragilepaper: Goddamnit merricat
InkyGhoast: Oh wow the guild-act!
PharaohBender27: Oooohhh
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Sarah_Serinde: It's so good lrrHEART
Sarah_Serinde: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
NimrodXIV: lrrHEART
IrrationalDM: no kidding on the plaza
Ritaspirithntr: We had a Touch Meet here before!!
bigpuppystuart: i think Merricat is a secret billionare who just wants to support small entertainment companies and people with silly twitch names.
Sarah_Serinde: We share DIYs and visitors and water each other's flowers and it's great
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ContingentCat: thanks for this great way to spend a Sunday afternoon lrrHEART
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BlueChloroplast: ahhh RAVNICA
TheMerricat: @bigpuppystuart I really wish I was :-P I'm just an unemployed single person who happens to have money atm. :-)
Traion: Eastern European timezone
Geoff_god_of_biscuits: ah the guilds
goatprince: there's stars going, it sounds like
Ritaspirithntr: SHIISAA RECIPE!!!
Sarah_Serinde: Oh yeah the onigiri design is adorable
IrrationalDM: Are the others unfinished?
Sarah_Serinde: I've been hearing stars, yeah
SmashTCG: @loadingreadyrun staaaaars
TXC2: "when you wish upon a starrrrrrr!"
Ritaspirithntr: Is celeste there too?
Juliamon: The transguild promenade!
thefatfeburary: uh thats sick
IrrationalDM: if this one is a Finnish Island?
Ritaspirithntr: No clouds is a good sign!
bigpuppystuart: Boros is my jam
theunknownpoetb: Boros
TXC2: best guild is Gruul
EscherichiaCole: Golgari 4 lyfe and unlyfe
InkyGhoast: Selesnya
ManGo83: sorry best guild is simic. I'm a badman.
Ritaspirithntr: Selesnya!!
affinityforpie: Izzet's great. Boon's Simic and Golgari designs are particularly great!
accountmadeforants: Guildless 4 lyfe!
thefatfeburary: dimir is the best
TheMoatman: And assassins
ContingentCat: that's not a sentence I ever expected to hear from Cam
Ba_Dum_Tish: Totally legitimate delivery
TheMoatman: Don't forget about the assassins
thefatfeburary: yeah
SmashTCG: couriers and reporters, NOT assassins and spys
holir_: o/ everyone
thefatfeburary: nice
hathor1982: Once I get a switch & AC, how do I join the LRR AC community?
TXC2: Rakdos is not a Khorne cult, no sir Kappa
TheMoatman: Gruul are where the goth hippies and janitors are
TXC2: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
TheMoatman: Not gruul
Traion: @hathor1982 lrr discord has an AC channel
TheMoatman: The other one
TheMoatman: Golgari
cosmikmulder: There should be two drum sets. One for Eric and one for Cav @LoadingReadyRun
thefatfeburary: Dimir
goatprince: i just have red, right now
TXC2: so chat we all saw the version of Africa done in animal crossing right?
Mobilebeardunit: ewww
TheMoatman: That isn't social distancing
bigpuppystuart: the one problem with Rakdos is i could see myself joining them to become a chef and then finding out i need to be a blood circus razor blade stripper in order to get good culinary training.
tenthtechpriest: I have orange and it's great because it kind of looks like those old poorly working lightbulbs we're not supposed to use anymore
hathor1982: @traion thanks! my husband was going to get me a switch for my 1st mother's day, but they're all sold out. :(
thefatfeburary: looks really nice
Lithobraker: Dimir: I'm an embassy attaché, totally not an intelligence officer.
BlueChloroplast: @TXC2 nope?
thefatfeburary: also Dimir
drfox17: @TXC2 The KK slider one?
drfox17: @TXC2 or someone playing it on instruments
Dix: oh no joycon drift
Ritaspirithntr: I just need the Wooden Shop Sign Recipe!
TheMoatman: And, for a very long time, the Dimir were legally obligated to oppose the law
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frnknstn: big drift = big mood
TXC2: drfox17 I guess, I saw it re-tweeted
BlueChloroplast: @PharaohBender27 Thanks for the gift sub!
bigpuppystuart: Catch a Kraisis!
Lithobraker: Simic: what's an IRB and why would I need their approval?
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah the flower change in this game was SO GOOD
PharaohBender27: No problem, @BlueChloroplast ! :) Realized we were close to Sub Hype: Answer ;)
thefatfeburary: uh nice a juice bar
thefatfeburary: caugh caugh "juice"
goatprince: that IS fashion
Shadwhawk: Golden Wand
BlueChloroplast: @PharaohBender27 of course, the answer to life, the universe & everything :p
Ba_Dum_Tish: Animal Crossing has been just everything that confinded people have been needing. Its amazing
hathor1982: @thefatfeburary vacation juice!
drfox17: @TXC2 I'm saving the KK Slider one for DB
embyrr_the_dragon: I have nine pairs of the same glasses
TXC2: drfox17 good, good
holir_: Black mary janes
Ritaspirithntr: It kinda looks like a gavel
thefatfeburary: @hathor1982 now we talking
goatprince: gay cowboy????? yes please
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TheMoatman: It's kind of incredible how bad Nintendo is at making video games sometimes
ContingentCat: Wow
thefatfeburary: wow
Mobilebeardunit: yooooo
Shadwhawk: Nova Lamps
thefatfeburary: sick
ContingentCat: nice slip
Ritaspirithntr: JEALOUS!!!!!!
BlueChloroplast: I was half expecting the Majora's Mask moon :p
embyrr_the_dragon: The star pochette is so good
Probevoyages: autems?
goatprince: australia is in 'mushroom season', i think
thefatfeburary: hm
Ba_Dum_Tish: @goatprince Can confirm
frnknstn: southern hemisphere is awash with shrooms
bigpuppystuart: A Freudian slip is a garment that accuses you of wanting to possess your mother.
Mangledpixel: a fairy area, or 'farea'
PharaohBender27: @bigpuppystuart lrrWOW katesLol
thefatfeburary: k bye
Ba_Dum_Tish: We are all neck deep in shrooms
ContingentCat: trying matters Kathleen lrrDARK
Larkit: That's a bird
ContingentCat: gesundheit Cam
bigpuppystuart: Bless you cam
tenthtechpriest: why is there no tire stack in my playground? I must fix this!
NoTomToLose: Your Dinosaur Pal Who's Fun to Climb On
holir_: Who's in the discord?
Mobilebeardunit: oh no, oh yeah. two accurate takes
tenthtechpriest: CURVED
Ritaspirithntr: Wow!!!
NoTomToLose: with Taako!
BusTed: Sizzle it up with Taako.
bigpuppystuart: work your magic Kathleen!
Juliamon: Where's our pigeon coffee uncle, Nintendo? WHERE IS HE
embyrr_the_dragon: I just want batch crafting
SquareDotCube: Actually I'd argue they need more paths, or just that path edging isn't grass
affinityforpie: you don't even get extra design slots for extra residents, sadly :( multiple users on the switch gotta share all of em
Ritaspirithntr: @squaredotcube @affinityforpie SAME!!!
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
MerrimanLyon: I need all the shell stuff!
PharaohBender27: Good night, @TXC2 ! katesWave
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming LRR
drfox17: @TXC2 G'night! see you tomorrow for KstW
Manae: New leaf had fixed construction projects
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah New Leaf had "public work projects" that let you build specific structures
BusTed: Nice diagonal work.
tenthtechpriest: outdoor furniture was the big WOW for the trailers
Sarah_Serinde: And that was big and exciting :P
Ritaspirithntr: Wow! We spoiled in New Horizons!!!
MerrimanLyon: Everything but like, shrubs, is new outside
TheMerricat: https://kotaku.com/even-the-guy-who-wrote-that-sea-bass-joke-in-animal-cro-1843376952 "Even The Guy Who Wrote That Sea Bass Joke In Animal Crossing Is Tired Of It"
ArcOfTheConclave: there were public works but nothing like this
Ba_Dum_Tish: So many quality of life improvements
Sarah_Serinde: That Polygon title is unfair honestly
snjo_: 98000 for a park bench in new leaf
Sarah_Serinde: Err, Kotaku
BusTed: Haha.
Ritaspirithntr: @themerricat LOL!!!!
goatprince: but that's whta chat is for!
drfox17: Penelope knows the weeds strats
Sarah_Serinde: Because the point of the thread about the sea bass joke was that they were trying to be positive about it
Ritaspirithntr: Yeah should’ve wrote it as C-
Sarah_Serinde: And the article has just picked the small negative thing and made it the point
korvys: Does she have a favourite villager?
banachspacebar: @Ritaspirithntr they actually started as C-
Ritaspirithntr: Ah!
drfox17: other plaza!
Sarah_Serinde: Here's the original thread about the sea bass joke without the clickbait title https://twitter.com/Rheiret/status/1259523659846135808
goatprince: gold roses, nice
bigpuppystuart: See if you can get Jace Belaren to come to your island.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Its the issue of being a common pickup. Any common catchable annoys when hunting the rare
TheMerricat: Kotaku unfortunately has overlords that want the entire media network to vear into the clickbait realm @Sarah_Serinde so I don't blame them for having unfair titles. they still do good work otherwise. :-)
Probevoyages: my little sister pushed furniture around irl when she was very young
Foxmar320: My house is full of bugs for Flick
drfox17: i mean, that's part of the reason most people like Anmal Crossing
Sarah_Serinde: TheMerricat Oh yeah it's not the biggest thing. Just...really misses the point
photosinensis: Doing this on Sunday seems...suboptimal.
goatprince: it also comes in red, i think
Sarah_Serinde: They are indeed craftable
photosinensis: Because we're all loaded up on turnips.
evalarene: Okay I have to ask -new to the turnip game, why do people keep putting them on their floor like that? Can you just keep them in your inventory?
SquareDotCube: I wish the ironwood set had a sofa...
Sarah_Serinde: The cute furniture set isn't really my thing but I'm so here for the mint/teal
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affinityforpie: @evalarene you can. but people buy multiple full inventories worth
Sarah_Serinde: They really do
drfox17: @photosinensis or perfectly optimal, as EVERYONE has turnips
Scy_Anide: Weekends are never suboptimal.
photosinensis: That is the other view.
Traion: @evalarene can't put them in storage, and they want their inventory empty to do other stuff
corianderd: the ring under the poster!
evalarene: @affinityforpie thank you for that. I have no money, so I can't do that. Makes sense.
Sarah_Serinde: Oh awesome
MerrimanLyon: I got a farm field floor from Sahara this week and I used it in my basement to store my turnips.
drfox17: somebody's a mimi fan
evalarene: thanks @Traion !
photosinensis: I don't quite have a housefull, but I bought B1,000,000 worth.
affinityforpie: Teddy! best bear
Traion: I want to hear the Digimon opinions!
Ritaspirithntr: THAT’S RIGHT!!! Boon has the Digidestined Crests too!!
evalarene: play-doh cake!
Juanikiki1: @photosinensis i get you, I bought almost 900k worth of turnips today
evalarene: shitter
PharaohBender27: Shitter1
Dix: kitchen
evalarene: wahooo
InkyGhoast: shitter
PharaohBender27: GOT IT
NoTomToLose: How is she so good at this game?!
Laogeodritt: theirs & theirs <3
korvys: Goths and Preps sinks
evalarene: I like that waffle pattern
glitched_goddess: I need a tub...
bigpuppystuart: II have always called them "Twin sinks"
SquareDotCube: This and That''s
beowuuf: yours and mine, someone will care more about it so be the 'mine' :)
Gekyouryuu: Their and There's
goatprince: theirs, they'res, theres, it's a polycule
evalarene: ever so 70s
ContingentCat: or for a triad there's Their's and They're's
goatprince: my birthday will be in a good long while, i'll be waiting for a while
TheMerricat: sure... we... give them....away?
InkyGhoast: yes there's lots of customization for the pan
frnknstn: Is that tablecloth part of the table?
LunarJade: @goatprince yeah mines a while away too but I loved the event in New Leaf so I'm excited to see it in this one.
saucemaster5000: I... just burned a sheet of fresh crackers cause I was watching the stream...
Sarah_Serinde: Stale cupcakes?
Sarah_Serinde: Yes :D
affinityforpie: stale cupcakes
Dix: Stale Cupcakes IS OP
InkyGhoast: Stale cupcakes!
ContingentCat: katesLol
goatprince: it;s expensive to buy, yes
affinityforpie: A/S tier song imo
InkyGhoast: That's my bedroom soudntrack
DiscordianTokkan: That briefcase has a Cash variant also! :D
Sarah_Serinde: There's also a cash variation of that briefcase
Stoffern: Discord on the PC!
NoTomToLose: As if the Dimir would publish a magazine
Dix: Wait there's different things on the PC?!
theunknownpoetb: I wanna know the story behind some of the songs like Stale Cupcakes!
banachspacebar: @Dix it can be customized!
AllTheBacons: ahhh that harp
Mobilebeardunit: woooooah
bigpuppystuart: this game is so wholesome. i should get it when switches aren't rarer than honest politicians
Juliamon: These are the elaborate ones
Ritaspirithntr: You can’t customize the Elegant Kimono Racks
ContingentCat: Wow
goatprince: the screens are kinda expensive, yes
evalarene: ooo I want that cherry blossom one
banachspacebar: those screens are 140k each iirc?
NoTomToLose: Three cats coveting the BBQ
ContingentCat: Thanks for being here Cam lrrHEART
drfox17: adios cam!
Larkit: It's for sitting on!
maltan_ankka: sorry for taking so long!!
evalarene: bye Cam!
maltan_ankka: this is boon btw
ritchards: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Airtone) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (1:14 from now).
ritchards: Airtone?
InkyGhoast: fun fact: stale cupcakes is called Blue Onigiri in Japanese
Mobilebeardunit: aha
Mobilebeardunit: that makes more sense
Technic_AL: @inkyghoast interesting!
InkyGhoast: I believe that the composer said Blue Onigiri/Stale Cupcakes was made when he was on a reverse sleep schedule, working all night and sleeping in the morning
AllTheBacons: stale jelly donuts
shurtal: Eat your burgers, phoenix!
rosalinarobbins: in pokemon they used to always say 'these donuts are delicious' whilst eating triangular onigiri
tenthtechpriest: why does everyone have donuts but US
EscherichiaCole: I'm still trying to get a copy of Stall Cupcakes.
EscherichiaCole: Stale
IrrationalDM: I have 3/4 monitors when I'm streaming (from home)
banachspacebar: the Babish where he made jelly filled donuts that look like onigiri was great
TheMoatman: Onigiri is generally savory, yeah
KinoGami: famously in pokemon
InkyGhoast: i've had a savory doughnut before, it's quite good
drfox17: @banachspacebar that was a good goof episode
PharaohBender27: Thanks for showing us your island, @maltan_ankka !
bigpuppystuart: I had Onigiri with pineapple jam and that was pretty sweet
ContingentCat: the pokemon one is definitly the most passed around
embyrr_the_dragon: Specifically jelly donuts for the syllable count
Mobilebeardunit: yaaaay
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Hamburger curry
SquareDotCube: Mashed hamburgers
riking27: fried hams
Dix: At this time of years?
Shadwhawk: I think they just decided to keep in old localizations even though most fans are familiar with 'rice balls' or 'tanuki' these days
Traion: Depends on how good the burger is I guess
TheMoatman: They fulfill similar culinary roles, tbh
photosinensis: If you serve a Texan-style chile con carne with rice, it's technically a curry.
Dix: Localized entirely within your anime?
Juanikiki1: Steamed Hams
drfox17: drift compatable
photosinensis: "Curry" is just such a broad term of "stews and sauces served on top of or alongside rice"
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I love the path borders
ContingentCat: oh Andy should see TQ's island she does a lot of great stuff with waterfalls
Dix: They updated that now though
Dix: You can see whats in stalls now if you approach it
holir_: You setup a different flooring with "stalls". Then you rotate stalls on command.
goatprince: you leave holes in front of the items, people have to fill them to get at the item?
rosalinarobbins: its sooo cuuuute
Ritaspirithntr: I used to do that, but that doesn’t seem to pop up anymore! Also, if there’s a DIY on the ground you won’t be able to read the DIY in the Stall!
Sarah_Serinde: Oh I know, I desperately want to be able to put items in the centre of tables outside
Max_Fan: That tray hanging off the edge. Ugh
InkyGhoast: ugh yes!
InkyGhoast: i have three of those tables and it's driving me bonkers!
Sarah_Serinde: At least you don't have to do that inside anymore
Sarah_Serinde: The indoor decorating is SO GOOD now
Sarah_Serinde: It's amazing
rosalinarobbins: where has he goneee
BusTed: Crosses, not Xs.
bigpuppystuart: she dead
BusTed: I was concerned.
goatprince: that's a rude question, kathleen
seismiclawns: Peaches is dead
PharaohBender27: There's a penguin named Cube that's like that
AranMathai: Peaches was previously a cast member in Equus.
ContingentCat: oh kindof like Cube
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SquareDotCube: Peaches reminds me of the K12 radio station logo from Saints Row
rosalinarobbins: chimken
Foxmar320: I have yet to see any chickens either
CulturalGeekGirl: Cam has Ken. He's a weeb
morgoth_bauglyr: these eyes add up
Dix: That's clearly a chovk
Arin108: My Peaches moved to a friend's island, where a glitch caused her to be stuck inside except for ceremonies, and then a patch banished her to the shadow realm
Ritaspirithntr: I have Ken!! He’s GREAT!!!
Traion: Good sass host
goatprince: they are
BusTed: seabatCHOICE
SmithKurosaki: Greetings!
kaffeetrinken89: three seashell fountain ^^
Sarah_Serinde: Yes
NotCainNorAbel: seabatCHOICE
Max_Fan: Yes, not close.
goatprince: lilies are pretty good too
ContingentCat: I like Wind flowers
sivakrytos: windflowers clearly
Ritaspirithntr: YES!!
bigpuppystuart: a goth gnome
Dix: I just got my first blue pansy spawns today
rosalinarobbins: gnome ref
shadoweva22: lol Serge sends everyone to ben and Ben to you XD
xxlilyplayz: I CAN EXPLAIN!
Max_Fan: Tell us the lesson that we should learn
BusTed: Moral number 8.
TacitusVigil: I was thinking of the Wheel of Morality too
HoneyJack07: Incoming!!!!!!
iris_of_ether: NICE
BusTed: Trivia Murder Party
patbaer: This was a lovely stream! Be good everyone
SquareDotCube: Yeah, that was me :D
SmithKurosaki: Trivia Murder Party tie in?
Ritaspirithntr: What important lesson will we learn!
284 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
HoneyJack07: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Tikosh_: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Arclight_Dynamo: sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart
Q_sic: benginHeart benginHeart
Austere_Squire: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart HeyGuys HeyGuys
YawnLance: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
red_shoes_jeff: CHAIN RAID!
GapFiller: BEN RAID
danthemediocre: benginRaid
Orlantia: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
NimrodXIV: benginHeart
red_shoes_jeff: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
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fragilepaper: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: Hi Ben!
Leonhart321: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Austere_Squire: It's a combo chain raid!
TheAinMAP: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Arclight_Dynamo: Serge technically sent us here!
TacitusVigil: Raidgineering!
Hopper7_14_21: HOLA
korvys: lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART benginHeart lrrHEART
BrookJustBones: sergeFuse benginFuse
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, raiders! katesWave
General_Hug: silariHeart VirtualHug hollyh5Love snowma9LUV silariPoggers plodskIhug eckybaBearhug bleedPurple lmac77Love
tandtrollog: benginRaid
bigpuppystuart: Camp Nettlebee 2. The wheel of death. Featuring Dale
Tikosh_: Ben & Serge Raid!
BulkRare: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
momma_tatts: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
danthemediocre: and serge's chat is here too
Nathade: sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergePrideLove sergeHeart sergeHeart
Austere_Squire: Hello from the Plaid Posse and the Brew Crew!
Ritaspirithntr: Oh Lord you two!!!
VTMonster: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Boon_33: sergeHeart sergeHeart sergeHeart
Suffix: benginDab sergeHeart sergeFuse benginFuse benginRaid
LunarJade: Hi Plaid Brew!
Tikosh_: how amazing are these things?
Austere_Squire: Hullo, LRR peeps
drfox17: what's Ben & serge been up to?
goatprince: vamiprew
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Austere_Squire: Ben's streaming a randomized Emerald Nuzlocke
SmithKurosaki: @drfox17 Cities and Pokemon
SquareDotCube: I now have a room and a half full of fish and insects.
Suffix: Plain Brew. Heather, I love it.
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tandtrollog: so many dead pokemon today
NimrodXIV: I have a wasp model that I love
TacitusVigil: Is that a loom?
Mobilebeardunit: yes!
sharp_chivers: Flick is a great artist
Mobilebeardunit: we have 2
Ritaspirithntr: @tacitusvigil yes!
rosalinarobbins: of course theres a loom
TacitusVigil: Neat. :)
Nigouki: whoa
TacitusVigil: That wall paper is great
SmithKurosaki: What wall is that?
fragilepaper: Woooaaahhh
PharaohBender27: Think Gary Whitta uses that wallpaper for his "Animal Talking" show
morgoth_bauglyr: science!
InkyGhoast: it's like a manhattann studio
Wicker_Knight: Wait, is that the Undertale Nabstablook music?
Austere_Squire: I dig this room
bigpuppystuart: Bone-us skeleton
red_shoes_jeff: Skeleton!? HIDE ALEX.
Austere_Squire: very good space
frnknstn: creepy gas mask
bigpuppystuart: oh wait ew no
InkyGhoast: @Wicker_Knight It's KK Song
tandtrollog: Boneathan
Wicker_Knight: ah
rosalinarobbins: nips
Nigouki: sew ALL the things!
Austere_Squire: sewing a lovely turnip dress
ContingentCat: ooo
rosalinarobbins: is that an artichoke pillow
bigpuppystuart: the Princess Kaguya pillar
ContingentCat: peony chair is cute
goatprince: i have the recipe for this wall, but gold. too bad i don't have this wall to build it!
Laogeodritt: Who's the deeper voice speaking on stream?
ContingentCat: er, mum chair I don't think there's peonies
NimrodXIV: that one turnip is special, it gets a seat
Austere_Squire: is this mostly checking out different Animal Crossing abodes? This is... kind of unexpectedly zen
PharaohBender27: @Laogeodritt You're probably thinking of Andy
PharaohBender27: Shitter!
Austere_Squire: very chill
coelopteryx: harmonious! that's a furniture theme
Juliamon: Austere_Squire It is!
PharaohBender27: I win! :D
coelopteryx: a lovely bathroom!
goatprince: yeah, i have it
rosalinarobbins: fez is so dapper
ContingentCat: fish wall paper is good
Laogeodritt: @PharaohBender27 Ah! Mic and the fact that he's not acting makes him sound very different. XD
Austere_Squire: Oh, I like the fish over the door!
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: I love the mug
coelopteryx: i have the bathtub in white because the HHA sent me one
coelopteryx: then i think a differently-tiled one fell out of a tree on me
PharaohBender27: @Austere_Squire These are very chill streams. They've become something I look forward to on Sundays :)
coelopteryx: or a balloon. either way it fell
goatprince: see-lop-ter-ix
Juliamon: You got there
coelopteryx: got it!
tandtrollog: its hard to have a bathtub fall on you
embyrr_the_dragon: I'm still a bit sad there was no sakura hair pin
Austere_Squire: @Juliamon @PharaohBender27 it just seems very calming and I appreciate that
goatprince: corner spider!
Nigouki: this game has corpse-sized freezers?
snjo_: One of my animals complimented my fashion, then gave me a garbage can
Ritaspirithntr: Too bad cherry blossoms were only 10 days
SquareDotCube: puts the kitsch in the kitchen
BusTed: 🕷
Austere_Squire: where is the spider?
Austere_Squire: ahhh
SquareDotCube: I want modular cabnets
SquareDotCube: instead of just drawers
Zero504: hello there! i just bought animal crossing yesterday!
beowuuf: they're features
Zero504: so new to the game
SquareDotCube: If we get a modular sofa, why not modular counters?
PharaohBender27: I see something in that microwave!
goatprince: but only ONE
bigpuppystuart: Kitchout the kitchin
fastlane250: That's why I bought it, the release day LRR stream.
Probevoyages: yeah, y'all sold me
KevlarGiraffe: I did.
Laogeodritt: Or less budget =V
Austere_Squire: this is such a diverse house
yourworstnightmare1313: planning on it now
SmithKurosaki: I didnt buy it until last week
evalarene: lol I purchased a switch AND this game because of these streams
Austere_Squire: i like it; all the rooms are different and good
evalarene: after the first one, I was hooked
fastlane250: i mean I was going to buy it eventually but seeing people play it forced my hand
rosalinarobbins: pandaaaa
Argumentable: I need a bunch of those arcade machines
LiveRice: ive only held off because i still cant get a switch for normal prices
ContingentCat: I wish I could get AC but I don't have a switch and the cost is just too much right now
Zero504: switch lite is $200
evalarene: not in our country
Ritaspirithntr: I wasn’t going to buy it because weeds! But they fixed that problem!
Zero504: oof
bigpuppystuart: alright. have a wonderful night all
Sqmach: Yeah, switch prices are real high right now. But I figured it was worth it for me just to have a nice chill game right now.
PharaohBender27: Goodnight, @bigpuppystuart ! katesWave
evalarene: switch lite here is $259.99
photosinensis: Yes. That's what I need right now.
goatprince: it's also a pac-man ghostr
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
PharaohBender27: I don't have a Switch and don't know if I'd enjoy *playing* AC, so I just watch AC streams like these and enjoy the game second-hand
its_owo: hello ppl
fastlane250: Crest the rolling log
evalarene: @PharaohBender27 I very much enjoy playing it, but since I got a Lite, my elbows are suuuuuper sore and so is my neck. I've been watching bestbuy.ca for a switch to come in so I can return it and get the actual Switch but it's been a week....nothing yet
Ritaspirithntr: There are some great forced perspective islands!!!
goatprince: rudy! one of my starters.
PharaohBender27: Also, I'm working from home and am already ducking out/multitasking to watch Twitch streams :P
ContingentCat: Oh my Rudy!
yummy_orangurus: Hi
Ritaspirithntr: @evalarene yeah! It’s the Switch Launch problem all over again!!
goatprince: sherb,,,,,,,,,
evalarene: @Ritaspirithntr yuuup
Mechsican: Rudy is way into investing in Magic: The Gathering.
rosalinarobbins: hims singin
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the stream Kathleen.
Ritaspirithntr: @pharaohbender27 same, but actually at work and in the basement by myself!
GapFiller: thanks for streaming anyway Kathleen lrrKATHLEEN lrrHEART
ContingentCat: flower extravaganza!
Traion: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Airtone) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (49m from now).
SmithKurosaki: Check the LRR discord for people Kathleen
PharaohBender27: @Ritaspirithntr lrrHEART
Ritaspirithntr: Thank you Kathleen!!
SmithKurosaki: Theyve been super helpful
Mobilebeardunit: that was a lot of fun! thanks again
Juliamon: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
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PharaohBender27: Thanks for streaming, lrrKATHLEEN_FC ! lrrHEART
damn_i_am_pretty: These streams are excellent, thanks Kathleen! kathle3HEX
iris_of_ether: I think Cam fell into flower breeding very hard
evalarene: @Ritaspirithntr I tried searching for you on discord and couldn't find you...
Stoffern: We want to help! And lick your stuff
ContingentCat: thanks for the stream everyone lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: kathle3HEX lrrKATHLEEN_FC lrrHEART
kopflurch123: what is this game about
evalarene: @Ritaspirithntr my name on there is Saskachoo
ghostvalv: :(
PharaohBender27: Oh no! :( lrrHEART lrrIAN
GapFiller: lrrHEART lrrIAN
ghostvalv: bending...
ContingentCat: What happened to Ian's back?
evalarene: thanks for this stream!
Sarah_Serinde: !team
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Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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SmithKurosaki: Nice to catch the tail end of this :)
GapFiller: bai Kathleen lrrKATHLEEN
fastlane250: okay bye
GapFiller: see yr tomorrow for Play It Forward Tokyo Mirage Sessions lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: !! more Andy on Toon yay
PharaohBender27: Bye! lrrHEART
Sarah_Serinde: The Toon streams have been fantastic, they're such good fun lrrHEART
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:11:01.
fragilepaper: Bye!
Juliamon: Speaking from experience, sometimes backs just... stop working right.
Sarah_Serinde: Yeah I've definitely had that happen to me for no discernable reason before, it sucked
Juliamon: The first time I was hospitalized it was because I leaned over to pick up a DVD from a chair.
jessieimproved: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Rhythm Cafe (Heather and Ian continue their never-ending quest to play ALL THE RHYTHM GAMES! Game: Airtone) at Sun 04:00 PM PDT (42m from now).
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GapFiller: !uptime
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