kusinohki: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Theycallmejokke: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Check your gain for clipping 'cause Heather and Ian are back in the Rhythm Cafe to play Distortions! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EXsIwuYU8AEDyeH.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1259619390250610688
sir_jack_DB: Distortions, huh? I wonder if there will be a sequel called Modulations lrrBEEJ
kusinohki: I thought this WAS the sequel to 'feedback' :P
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I don't know, but that art looks tight af
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: more than you would think
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we are pygmy narwhals
Dared00: hi y'all
sir_jack_DB: xD
sir_jack_DB: hello Dared00
sir_jack_DB: good start xD
ghostvalv: :O
zuchen_120: I literally just tuned in to that and it was great
DoppoBijou: Lucky to catch a Rhythm Cafe stream for once after a long time! XD
Dared00: Heather's House of Reason
RockPusher: foxmarFIRE foxmarFIRE foxmarFIRE
kusinohki: um... how is the moonbase still standing??
BusTed: Hey hey.
CoolDant: love that the voice of reason starts listing where all the firestarters are
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @kusinohki on four legs, like a normal base
RockPusher: jamieCare tiltyhEXTREME
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kusinohki: back injury?? what happened?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: A back injury? Hope you feel better very soon
Theycallmejokke: The road to music
DarkMorford: Hope you're back to 100% soon, Ian. Spines can suck sometimes.
Ritaspirithntr: Ooh! Trippy
p3nguinkin: did you try to lift a first gen xbox controller without assist?
Theycallmejokke: seabatCHOICE
BusTed: D'oh.
kusinohki: oof... hope it gets better!
BusTed: Violin playing!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: This is a very pretty game
p3nguinkin: Well feel better soon! lrrHEART
BusTed: Homunculadam still around.
Dared00: oh, he's still here
maestrith: Hopefully it has a good story that they can read for us.
EricTheOrange: Hi hi hi~
Ritaspirithntr: HAHAHAHA!!!!!
ghostvalv: seabatPjorg ?
Ritaspirithntr: !clip
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SquareDotCube: He has, with Necrodancer
enigmadk_: what did i long on to? lol
EricTheOrange: this looks interesting
Jensling: Now I kinda want to see Adam play a VR rythmgame
Jensling: something that also is a bit of a workout you know?
EricTheOrange: Theirs that metal game that I remember being advertized for the switch.
GapFiller: eurgh Rhythm Game w/ Tank Controls hurr hlorf
EricTheOrange: Adam likes metal, he may be into that
kusinohki: I suggested a VR game some time ago... I've totally forget what it's called now
enigmadk_: its a blind playthrough
EricTheOrange: that art style is giving me a "where the wild things are" vibe
Jensling: I'd definitely watch Adam mosh through some metal tracks on Beat Saber
Dared00: Oh.
BusTed: Whoa.
BusTed: Frenetic.
AranMathai: What -is- this?
ArcOfTheConclave: is this an endless runner?
Traion: What is this?
Theycallmejokke: This break nake
p3nguinkin: Does Calamity just follow her around?
kusinohki: do we need to break out the let's nope bingo cards?
kusinohki: already have 'lost memory'
EricTheOrange: it's a game about running through collapsing environments
BusTed: Is this like a preview of different levels?
Theycallmejokke: Surfs up
Traion: Are we playing the trailer?
maestrith: ADHD the video game
enigmadk_: huh?
Dared00: *Adam voice* "this game SUCKS"
constablecrab: Giant sabertooth hamster?
ghostvalv: :\
enigmadk_: O_o
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Dared00: as always, the greatest horror is the Xbox controller configuration
ghostvalv: :\
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: hopefully
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BusTed: Like an auditorium or something.
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EricTheOrange: someone forgot to texture this room
IncredibleFrown: man i feel like everyone's island is bigger than mine...
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The fog is a sahara thing iirc
TacitusVigil: Episode One: Once Upon a Beginning
constablecrab: Great, now I'm imagining Animal Crossing survival horror.
IncredibleFrown: so, we live in an ipod
Dared00: is this Superhot?
RockPusher: tiltyhPLS
enigmadk_: damn
IncredibleFrown: (do you think this game is about a breakup...?)
TacitusVigil: The menus are in you imagination....
BusTed: Good eye.
Decaped: in which key is the violin?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Do we need the Let's Nope warning that horror games deal with mental health the same way a sledge hammer deals with a nail. Badly.
GapFiller: who needs menus and convenience when yr have nostalgia for inferior quality media
IncredibleFrown: this is a lot of talkin for a rhythm game.
PMAvers: Something something wake me up inside something something
TacitusVigil: Is the monster a metaphor for economic disparity?
Dared00: Are we humans, or are we monster
EricTheOrange: no jhon, you were the monsters
BusTed: My shotput!
IncredibleFrown: fill your life with laughter and violins
IncredibleFrown: whoof these are definitely animations.
enigmadk_: that eyemotion tho.... jeeks
TacitusVigil: The camera is moving too fast and blowing it. Duh. Kappa
EricTheOrange: gyo levels of gas
Decaped: i would not be surprised if the camera actually is colliding with it
constablecrab: Violin Needletoes
TacitusVigil: An amnesiac protagonist? I feel Alex's unhappiness.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: yeah, how else am I going to get caffine in the morning
TacitusVigil: Are we sure this shouldn't be on W+P?
Traion: I figured it out: We need to remember the distortion: Something about Rhythm being on a Tuesday but it's actually a Wednesday but it's actually a Sunday except it's a Monday in Australia
SquareDotCube: Somebody had a quite a bit of money. And found the Unity Store, apparently.
SquareDotCube: also that is a WRINKLY coat
SnivianMoon: Getting some distinct Watch+Cafe vibes on this one.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: small explosive, probably
p3nguinkin: with a blast cap
Dared00: this might be the best Watch+Cafe since Chopin
constablecrab: An alarm clock pinata
Traion: @snivianmoon now I imagine sitting in a delightful cafe, drinking good tea, and watching W+P on a giant screen. I would love that place
TacitusVigil: We just need Alex to show up in chat and tell Ian to Go Left :D
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ghostvalv: the end
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: So, I'm not seeing much "rhythm game", but this is very visually interesting
monosceros: and that's how we became a member of Siouxsie and the Banshees
SquareDotCube: Or land on the mountain
Traion: Never
RealGamerCow: Next week
SachielOne: Death animations are why I stopped playing Tomb Raider. Someone on that team liked making those WAY more than anyone should be comfortable with.
IncredibleFrown: i'm guessing you'll play a song and bridges will materialize
RealGamerCow: They lean hard into the motion blur yeah?
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BusTed: Good to know.
monosceros: this is precarious at best
monosceros: bad, or very good, if she was aiming for the hole
Dared00: at least the checkpointing is forgiving
KeirenH: oh boy, I guess we watch + play now
juzztshay: interesting
constablecrab: This seem significantly more functional that your typical Watch + Play game
monosceros: dark souls ninja flip through that
BusTed: But in the Latin alphabet, "Jehovah" begins with an "I."
Traion: I'm beginning to think this game might not be good
constablecrab: You chose... poorly
IncredibleFrown: yeah you're gonna fix this bridge with a song, and then you're gonna cross to another tableau of crumbling architecture with a cutscene about your ex
SquareDotCube: I can't continue without my good buddy super-eye!
Dared00: lrrHERE
Ba_Dum_Tish: Why is that the save point?
lolm83: Save point hole
Mangledpixel: !findquote save
LRRbot: Quote #3954: "Cori will save us" —Kathleen [2017-02-08]
TacitusVigil: Quick, play the Song of Time and send us back three days!
CururuGuasu: Popular young adult novel Holes?
Anaerin: There's not enough bars on that staff for it to be music.
SachielOne: Sirus, is that you?
Anaerin: Achenar. Or Sirrus.
BusTed: Bring me... violin pages....
constablecrab: But do you pursue Lu Bu?
Ingavar_Khaos: wut
Traion: Heather can we get your opinion on this lady's bag?
EricTheOrange: well this being a horror game I'm gonna say this monster represents our.... lost daughter.
constablecrab: Now you see the violins inherent in the system!
lolm83: At the end of this journey, you will find that the monster was inside of you all along! hooray!
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
Rabbt300: Just turned on the stream.... and BOY am I confused!
IncredibleFrown: ah, the eyeball bird!
lolm83: Oh hi mr bird man!
RockPusher: !birb
LRRbot: Stretch out your neck!
TacitusVigil: Oh hai Mark.
monosceros: I thought this was Rhythm Café, then it was Watch+Play, now it's Let's Nope
TacitusVigil: Don't stop beleivin'.
constablecrab: Can we do both??
lolm83: hold on to that feelin
Anaerin: Journey's Journal
Papperslappen: lrrSPOOP_TK
IncredibleFrown: the journey journal
EricTheOrange: Horror games love "horror as a representative of inner issues". It was interesting in Silent hill 2. Kinda played out now.
Mangledpixel: no, the Journey (the band) game was an arcade title
Anaerin: "Strange Hangar"?
Lord_Hosk: You saw a cut scene
Anaerin: Those wrists are chained together.
IncredibleFrown: @EricTheOrange it would help if more of them were as good at it as silent hill was
Anaerin: Oh, I don't know, you can play Pizzicato...
Decaped: these vistas would be more bearable with good music in this music game
boristhewizard: art
Lord_Hosk: Technically not a part of the violin but a part of the playing of the violin.
Dared00: A R T
IncredibleFrown: isn't this supposed to be some kind of music game??
Mangledpixel: !findquote art
LRRbot: Quote #5867: "It's art right?" —Adam [2019-03-06]
PaperDoopliss: Nothing more artistic than jaggies
GDwarf: "Where are we?" "An art."
EricTheOrange: insert adam art gif
monosceros: blank space with trees? art
iris_of_ether: Persistence of Memory - The Music Game?
Anaerin: Why is her hair being cut at the horizon?
oyleslyck: not sure if intentional game are or unintentional bug
DarkMorford: Wow, that screen tearing.
GDwarf: Levels of art increasing
KeirenH: what the fuck
IncredibleFrown: well, at least there's music now...
Mangledpixel: a meta for what?
constablecrab: Well. Music
EricTheOrange: A R T ?
Anaerin: That's... also, now how you use a bow.
ArcOfTheConclave: Is this... art? .meme
PaperDoopliss: Serious musicians are also well known for not letting their bows touch their violin strings
CururuGuasu: It’s an Isekai now
BusTed: pennyWhat
Blade_Tiger: PHYSICS
Rabbt300: No, this is at least a Meta-Sex or Seven
monosceros: don't drive and play the violin
PaperDoopliss: OH HELL YES
Rabbt300: Meta-Six...(dangit)
iris_of_ether: Ahahahahaha
SachielOne: Just leave that Stradivarius loose on the passenger seat
EricTheOrange: we were so distracted by our violin we crashed on a clear road
EricTheOrange: Were gonna play the violin like a badass
constablecrab: As per standard musical practice.
IncredibleFrown: carry it over your shoulder like an archery bow
SnivianMoon: Tsk, another act of senseless violins.
Anaerin: A Violin bow. As opposed to a Viola bow. Or a Cello bow...
EricTheOrange: @Anaerin well I've never played a string instrument but I assume the violin bow would be shorter?
GDwarf: Violin bows are fairly long
Anaerin: So stick to the right-hand side here, then transfer to the left at the hole.
KeirenH: its just the same asset rotated 180
constablecrab: This better involve a fiddle contest with the devil at some point.
SnivianMoon: Remember, in hebrew Jehova starts with an "I"!
GDwarf: I'm...not actually sure if different stringed instruments have different bow lengths
Decaped: please do not fall asleep during our game
IncredibleFrown: just don't get tired fourhead
oyleslyck: should be press "A" to run - try not to die
IncredibleFrown: oh, is it over?
Mangledpixel: DIST🐦RTIONS
Stoffern: So this is the story of Big Bird and Rain Lady?
PMAvers: Texture! Something that David Cage doesn't understand!
EricTheOrange: I always found opening credits pretentious. Like our game/movie ect is so good that your gonna want to know who these people are before you even watch it. Like I feel credits are earned after a thing.
TacitusVigil: Are we sure there are rhythm elements in this game? Kappa
BusTed: She looks like she's been impaled by the bow.
TheMoatman: Wow, Sears sold a range with four induction burners in the 80s
SnivianMoon: To David Cage, QTEs are all the texture you need!
PMAvers: And then out of nowhere a apple falls upwards from under the bridge. BOSHY TIME
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IncredibleFrown: it means "the cuernos"
GapFiller: thought occurs QTE's are like texture tiling
Pteraspidomorphi: Hm, has the schedule been off by 1 game for Rhythm Cafe? Both this week and the last the game I had previously seen on the schedule didn't seem to match (just got here)
GapFiller: when both are good yr dont even notice them
GapFiller: when thyre bad tho
TheMoatman: Why is there land in sky?
SquareDotCube: Wait, where do we get our first?
Anaerin: Jugde Dregde
TacitusVigil: Wait, there's clearly enough room for her to go on the ground aroudn that.
IncredibleFrown: ah, bennet foddy's violining over it
Bellpei: Bennet Foddy's Distortions.
EricTheOrange: I like how they point out the music was licensed as if they assume youd think they stole it.
monosceros: hey, Bennet Foddy was behind Ape Out, that game was good
SquareDotCube: It's just the Traveller
Anaerin: I mean, it's an okay moon, don't know I'd say it was super...
Bellpei: All Bennet Foddy games are good, actually.
TheMoatman: I mean, QWOP was also good
TheMoatman: In a sense
Stoffern: Maybe its Iron Moon...or Spider Moon
TheMoatman: (Bennet Foddy also made QWOP)
IncredibleFrown: yeah that wasn't a dig at bennet foddy :v
Invitare: A E s t h e t i c
Anaerin: Æ S T H E T I C
monosceros: X AE A-12 s t h e t i c
Pteraspidomorphi: That's a good habit
EricTheOrange: I feel like we are in for some SYMBOLISM!
Bellpei: Now this is resembling the path.
constablecrab: Always go the direction the game isn't leading you. That's where secrets live.
PMAvers: Speaking of which, how about that Like a Dragon trailer?
Lord_Hosk: a Viola... or a cello
Pteraspidomorphi: The worst is when you go down the sidepath and it turns out to be the main path and then you can't go back
EricTheOrange: Stand up base
Lord_Hosk: Heather stole my joeak
TacitusVigil: Crimes?
SquareDotCube: Glue two basses together?
constablecrab: Cake4Bass
Bellpei: Would you eat the WHOLE cake?
IncredibleFrown: so these are also cairns then, probably
Warm_Pleather_Dad: dual wielding bass Kappa
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I would eat cake for a lot of things. I would eat cake to get out of a lot of things. I would eat cake.
monosceros: shitty cake is not like shitty pizza, you can't just have it and be happy
BusTed: Good to know.
Rabbt300: Well.... When your life meter gives you lemons...….
DoppoBijou: Insert "Curb Your Enthusiasm" theme here.
teavian: Pog
IncredibleFrown: well, there's ya problem. got no more blood.
Warm_Pleather_Dad: she ran outa blood Kappa
TacitusVigil: I guess I was expecting something more.
EricTheOrange: Hospital coffee man
TacitusVigil: "I assure you Beej is wearing a shirt"
SquareDotCube: I told her I liked rutabegas...
SquareDotCube: I despise rutabegas...
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I told him those were nice boots
EricTheOrange: @TacitusVigil shes says "it will be fine" to her not getting blood I think.
monosceros: but... rocks... age?
Lord_Hosk: I told here a deep dark secret the day she died... I told her... If you practice the violin with your eyes closed while walking on the bridge with no hand rails you will be fine... Turns out... she wasnt.
TacitusVigil: @EricTheOrange Yeah, I just found that to be hardly a lie I guess.
IncredibleFrown: there is no such thing as an old rock
PaperDoopliss: Hanging out in here and being immortal seems like a pretty good deal
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
IncredibleFrown: ah, we found the hair-from-the-drain monster
EricTheOrange: eat quaker oats or YOU WILL DIE
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Just don't forget like Ben
PaperDoopliss: I take it back lrrSPOOP
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
PMAvers: So wait, is Adam getting paid for coming in today?
Fruan: Nope Cafe!
iris_of_ether: lrrIAN lrrADAM
Phailhammer: Introducing our new spokesperson for Quaker Oats: Shia LaBeouf. lrrBEEJ
ZuNy77: adam "is this art" savidan
Gizmoloid: Welcome to Watch And Nope Cafe!
Roosevelt: Does Adam get paid for being on the stream?
IncredibleFrown: wow this guy's really good at comforting ian
TacitusVigil: Watch the hands, Adam, you're not David Coppa-feel.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Those were some top teir highlights
PMAvers: Oh wait, that's some shitty violin playing.
EricTheOrange: well at least Ian has stereo hearing.
Pheonix888: Will there be a supercut after everyone has spent time with "Adam"?
BusTed: "But I can't play my violin without rosin!"
monosceros: it sounds like either a bad violin or an average moog synthesiser
IncredibleFrown: eyeball t. bird, do you know about violin?
EricTheOrange: Ido like the land narwhal thing
TacitusVigil: @Pheonix888 Yes. And then we'll learn the terrible secret: "Adam" is just a golem that LRR has brought to life.
Anaerin: Oh, that lovely synthesized voilin soundfont...
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @EricTheOrange I'm glad, we like us too
Ingavar_Khaos: what ive gathered from reviews is this game is either really good or really bad
KingXicor: it's one of those reality-tearing fiddles
ZuNy77: time to get run over by a car agian?
EricTheOrange: our textureless apartment
noSmokeFire: this lookslike Let's Nope
IncredibleFrown: we're back to the iApartment again
IncredibleFrown: "well, now you have"
ZuNy77: oh no an even more horrible fate than being in a car crash living in suburbia
PMAvers: I mean, there is no more Adam Savidan. There's only BEEJ.
EricTheOrange: more points for dead daughter as trauma represented by horror monster
TacitusVigil: Why is it vaguely like a polaroid but too big for a polaroid.
IncredibleFrown: when i wear this raincoat, i *become* my sister
EricTheOrange: oh maybe dead sister?
noSmokeFire: definitely dead sister
noSmokeFire: warning: plot area
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Dead sister would line up with the diary
IncredibleFrown: wouldn't that just be unfortunate? *stares down barrel*
EricTheOrange: that is a joke I don't get. are winners appales white?
novrdd: the environment looks like it came from architectural rendering
Warm_Pleather_Dad: sure is stock photos Kappa
frostownik: the motion blur is unsettling
IncredibleFrown: i hope you hold your violin on your back like a default model's stowed gun
Phailhammer: This is a little piece I call "Wonderwall" lrrBEEJ
IncredibleFrown: @Phailhammer "today, -day-day-day-day-day"
IncredibleFrown: YES
noSmokeFire: maybe it's an electric violin
Phailhammer: IncredibleFrown *tennis ball launcher starts up*
Ingavar_Khaos: time stamp to first rhythm section!
Anaerin: It's an electric violin?
ZuNy77: i dunno why is she slinging it like its a hunting horn in monster hunter
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: The skirt looks like it's got physics on. so it isn't more to animate but is a pain on the computer
Rabbt300: Surely, "Why are the F holes not holes" is quote-worthy?
BusTed: She's a lefty or the chin rest is on the wrong side.
IncredibleFrown: it's an electric violin i guess
GapFiller: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
EricTheOrange: don't tell me what to do lrrbot.
Anaerin: Odd. Why is the audio suddenly only coming out the right hand side?
Anaerin: There we go.
EricTheOrange: @anerfine for me, may be on your end
LoadingReadyRun: I bumped the mouse, so we were only "listening" out of one ear.
Laogeodritt: Hello, Ian!
Laogeodritt: I appreciate the reasonably anatomically accurate violin on that character's back.
Laogeodritt: (Wtf's with the black bridge, though? D= )
BusTed: Let's hear that A440
PMAvers: Wait, that looks like... GAMEPLAY?!
IncredibleFrown: they're not common. they're rares
noSmokeFire: @Laogeodritt have you noticed the holes are solid extrusions?
EricTheOrange: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:09:46.
Laogeodritt: @noSmokeFire I have not yet!
EricTheOrange: OK who had 69 (nice) minuets
Laogeodritt: @BusTed Or if we're playing Bach, conventionally A=415Hz, and arguably A=392Hz. =V
IncredibleFrown: i remember this mask from majora's
IncredibleFrown: look at this bird mask guy! every time i do i wonder why!
BusTed: He said the thiiing
monosceros: so how long until this game got to the rhythm part?
noSmokeFire: like an hour
Anaerin: That was 2 notes...
Laogeodritt: @BusTed (If curious: I just watched the documentary that came with Wispelwey's latest 2012 recording of the Bach cello suites, and one of the points was that he chose to use A=392Hz based on some historical evidence and aesthetic effect of that low tuning.)
BusTed: Interesting, Laogeodritt
Laogeodritt: Oh man, that bow animation though. And that very MIDI FM synth sound.
Lord_Hosk: You broke it Ian!
IncredibleFrown: turned my apartment back into trees
ArcOfTheConclave: Just came back to an actual rhythm game. thats nice
noSmokeFire: it's open concept
Laogeodritt: Wait you're just... actually here now?
MAPBoardgames: My house CURRENTLY looks like that. I need to clean up.
Dared00: one day, when they blow up all the buildings
BusTed: lrrCOW
IncredibleFrown: we turned the sotc bridge into physics objects
Gizmoloid: My money's on never.
ArcOfTheConclave: the power of SONG!
Lord_Hosk: What do you mean Heather? This is literal! this is all happening exactly as you see it
BusTed: Where did he come from?
noSmokeFire: @Laogeodritt like a sword!
monosceros: anyway here's Wonderwall
Laogeodritt: Clearly this game is *not* for bowed string players. So many yikes. SO MANY YIKES.
ArcOfTheConclave: 4:33?
IncredibleFrown: @laogeodritt yea she carries the violin like a rifle and the bow like a pistol
Gizmoloid: We have a free violin button IIRC. Can we actually play Cotton-eye-Joe?
BusTed: Maybe you can play Hot Cross Buns.
TheMoatman: Yogurt batch 2 is almost at inoculation temp, I'm going to strain the whole batch for greek because I've found I greatly prefer it for my normal yogurt
TheMoatman: Particularly with fresh yogurt
Gizmoloid: The skirt attempting to open like a parachute looks hilarious!
Laogeodritt: @TheMoatman Ooh, yoghurt-making! Hope it turns out well! =3
gualdhar: wait, is this a horror rhythm game?
TheMoatman: Those bass notes always remind me of the koyaanisqatsi theme
Pteraspidomorphi: I wasn't here from the beginning but it seems like art to me
Kramburger: Ah good, it's A Quiet Place
IncredibleFrown: man, good thing we're not carrying any instruments
gualdhar: when did Rhythm Cafe do a Let's Nope crossover?
EricTheOrange: @TheMoatman so is it yogurt with a short o sound or yohgurt with a long o sound?
monosceros: woops all Limbo
EricTheOrange: game is now first person
noSmokeFire: @EricTheOrange or we turned invisible
IncredibleFrown: ah the camera was just too close
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
TheMoatman: @EricTheOrange Yougort
monosceros: this game is jank, mildly creepy, and we had an Adamunculus cameo. is this Crossing the Streams
Laogeodritt: @IncredibleFrown At least we didn't get a view of the inside of our character's body! Camera clipping is fun. =V
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IncredibleFrown: love to see the teeth wedges
TheMoatman: You see with you eyes, what I see with my nose
TheMoatman: *your eyes
EricTheOrange: Jaing shi?
IncredibleFrown: ah i see this is the part where they played limbo
monosceros: wasn't finding this guy the point of coming in here?
EricTheOrange: maybe it's a friend?
TheMoatman: This is some rad post-rock, though
BusTed: *whump*
Gizmoloid: It just RAN over the gap! Cheater!
mxBug: out of this world
monosceros: another dimension another dimension another dimension
EricTheOrange: out of this world
TheMoatman: Another dimension (another dimension) (another dimension (another dimension))
Lord_Hosk: Super mario brothers 4
BusTed: Doki Doki Panic
IncredibleFrown: walking through this area in shoulder-cam and then switching to platformer view is kinda neat i guess
mxBug: oh yeah i was wrong. BusTed got it
Laogeodritt: and by "injured" you mean "magically fine"
IncredibleFrown: video game characters either never get tired or wear out instantly
monosceros: it's castlevania time
mxBug: pretty sure this is a dream
EricTheOrange: I prefer this side view to the over the shoulder thing we had before
Ingavar_Khaos: I wonder if you couldve skipped this if you found the other part of the "Silence" music... cuz it says they can hear you
Dog_of_Myth: Tasty Cave Apples
PMAvers: Hopefully it's not a road apple
ghostvalv: glomp?
IncredibleFrown: wouldn't playing silence music just be...
banachspacebar: 4'33"? Yes.
IncredibleFrown: sometimes i get the impression that they can see a shape... *silhouette of dickbutt*
Ingavar_Khaos: oh hey!
Rabbt300: You must play the music of Silence so loudly that it drowns out all the other noise.....
Rabbt300: Wait, What?
monosceros: thanks for the crabapples, giuseppe
PMAvers: Wait are we eventually going Metroidvania?
BusTed: Cool song.
IncredibleFrown: i think you gotta hit it again
PMAvers: Do you have to let go and play that note a second time?
TharkWarrior66: This feels a little like MYST - if anyone remembers that game from the 90s.
IncredibleFrown: so it's a zelda ocarina
SquareDotCube: the Mawpy
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
noSmokeFire: !uptime
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oyleslyck: feels like Loom, but instead of a loom you play a violin
Ingavar_Khaos: @TharkWarrior66 I remember!
noSmokeFire: 90 minutes before you get to play ONE, ten second song
IncredibleFrown: i like that "silence" inflicts you with tinnitus
EricTheOrange: so this game is as much a rhythm game is Occorina of time is a rhythm game
ArcOfTheConclave: It is just lrrSPOOP y to make me want to bounce. See you next week!
IncredibleFrown: you're doing it too early i think
Warm_Pleather_Dad: what a horrible way to cast a silence song Kappa
EricTheOrange: I prefer song of storms personally
IncredibleFrown: i wonder where we are in this vista.
IncredibleFrown: she said the thing again...
TharkWarrior66: LOOM indeed I see the inspiration
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
EricTheOrange: @TharkWarrior66 yeah I see the resemblence to loom
Lysander_Gustav: :D
Gizmoloid: negative climbing :D
Laogeodritt: wait, are they memories about travelling or memories that travel?
Laogeodritt: Yeowch, that knee-clip into rock looked painful.
IncredibleFrown: so this narrator has a voice instead of just subtitles now?
uktemperance: Would they even keep out that much wind XD
Talin06: just hope it does not implode
TharkWarrior66: Positive phototaxis
TharkWarrior66: Is that Seattle Center over there?
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's at least a C+
SquareDotCube: while someone plays a harmonica a far way away
IncredibleFrown: the box could be anything
TharkWarrior66: Or dynamite
silenceaux: It... DOES sound quite confusing to use Capslock instead of the button actually for Escape?
oyleslyck: music wall: number 2, the original title of Mambo #5
Warm_Pleather_Dad: makes more sense then midichlorians Kappa
SerGarretCameron: F-pasties.
IrrationalDM: floating rock?
uktemperance: "Is this... [...]... Climbing?"
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well I use the Force, I lifted a box, I lifted some rocks, While I stood on my head
TharkWarrior66: That's not Seattle Center it's LAX.
KingXicor: This game seems like it belongs on Rhythm Cafe, Let's Nope, Talking Simulator, and Watch and Play all at the same time.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I this the kind of game where we might challenge the Devil to a fiddle contest?
breadisbest1: seems like a watch and play game
banachspacebar: Call up Alex and ask for advice finding suboceans?
Ingavar_Khaos: maybe go back to the other area and take the side path you didnt take?
TharkWarrior66: Need a portal gun.
TharkWarrior66: I think there was a side path back and to left.
johnhelix: That's a dope outfit, if nothing else. Gotta love the yellow raincoat.
Zalthia: This game is very prety
monosceros: my SO just pointed out to me that what the protag has is a viola and not a violin
SquareDotCube: at least we got wile e coyote physics
TharkWarrior66: Ian does a James.
Ingavar_Khaos: Unwanted thots?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Always do the science
Ingavar_Khaos: YEET!
oyleslyck: yolo
TharkWarrior66: Backdoor
Zalthia: !uptime
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monosceros: Coraline
SquareDotCube: Viola?
IrrationalDM: Suzie
SquareDotCube: Choraline
Laserbeaks_Fury: Chorusline
183_: are you nervous for tomorrow?
skyf1sh3r: there are a lot of places like these, most of them are underwater.
SquareDotCube: The Darkness? Cool!
kusinohki: Melady? How is that actually spelled?
Talin06: is this now the NOPE Cafe?
kusinohki: melody ??
TharkWarrior66: I agree. Fun to watch too.
EricTheOrange: ehhhhh I dunno if I agree with that
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SquareDotCube: read the sign?
liphttam1: Those LOD tree models sure do love popping in
EricTheOrange: look directly at the sun
zed_alpha: Reading the rock explains the rock.
Warm_Pleather_Dad: wat
DarkMorford: Face off!
ZuNy77: i needed that
Alsritt: not everyone had the patinece to see shenmue three in it's full glory
kusinohki: did anyone see you play ALL of shinmue 3??
ZuNy77: i thought it was a pollution joke
SnivianMoon: Now I'm remembering the Shenmue III playthrough, and getting sad that we never learned how Charcoal is made :(
Gizmoloid: Oh, right THAT sunless moment!
Alsritt: get to da chappah!
EricTheOrange: it's 6 moon base time, we need a save of some kind
Alsritt: a friend!
Sogheim: oh hey it's Ian! hello Ian!
TheExactSame: beyond the clipping plane
IncredibleFrown: i remember it like it was yesterday, because it was today
xXAYAYAXx: lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN
Laserbeaks_Fury: You remembered how to play Freebird
Alsritt: did we just turn the draw distance down a ton, or is that the game?
Laogeodritt: @SnivianMoon Oh man, I do miss the Shenmue III PIF.
liphttam1: you passed the notes twice
SquareDotCube: CDEF
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh When the Saints...
Alsritt: try on the wall?
Alsritt: Man, i don't remember Ocarina of Time looking like this....
IrrationalDM: there were notches higher up
Sogheim: those cut pieces of wood make me think they form something when you line them up right but maybe I played too much of The Witness
Warm_Pleather_Dad: the big rock wall next to the house...
SquareDotCube: look a little to the right
Alsritt: playing badly kills us?
liphttam1: oh thooosee walls
Hexy_Lexy234: hello chat and LRRfolk
Alsritt: *cups hands* PLAY FREEBIRD
Hexy_Lexy234: question, is this a spoopy game?
SerGarretCameron: spoopiments, if you will.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I really hope theres a song to make it rain and it the Song of Storms
IncredibleFrown: @hexy_lexy234 it might like to *think* it's a spooky game...whether it accomplishes that is a different story
dweebert91: get closer?
Vlanoik: it's more uncomfortable than spoopy
Hexy_Lexy234: ill see how i deal, but i may have to leave. im a major weenie
liphttam1: Spoopy game activate
Ingavar_Khaos: THATS NOT GOOD
Alsritt: boss fightttttt
EricTheOrange: well it's creeping me out
Hexy_Lexy234: ohey aliens :P
IncredibleFrown: ah we're about to get caught by the flying saucer
ardcollier: too much Let's Nope this week; keep expecting the Paranormal HK scream
uktemperance: You've found some friends!
liphttam1: This feels like you're in a corrupted matrix
CururuGuasu: Epic rock music fight
Alsritt: we found it again!
IrrationalDM: Your going backwords
Alsritt: towards the light?
Hexy_Lexy234: go towards the wicked metal concert! :P
oyleslyck: Y R Y P
PMAvers: So what's the chances the flying skull from Thumper shows up now?
liphttam1: Idk that one note looks bugged
EricTheOrange: 2 1 2 3?
EricTheOrange: or 2124?
Alsritt: wasn't there two different ways of playing?
uktemperance: Blue Purple Blue yellow, right?
IncredibleFrown: it looks right
oyleslyck: 2124
Vlanoik: try playing silence to reset?
gualdhar: it's definitely DCDF on the staff
Warm_Pleather_Dad: it's clearly white white yellow white Kappa
IncredibleFrown: maybe you need to cram your face right up on it...?
TheAwkes: I think either the game is borked, or the duration of the notes matters.
KingXicor: YOYP
Alsritt: jammin to this track tho
KingXicor: not YOYB
banachspacebar: if you go back to the previous one, can you play to that?
liphttam1: Yeah it looks like the yellow note is z-fighting with a white version of it.
liphttam1: Like it bugged.
IncredibleFrown: blue red yellow purple...?
oyleslyck: maybe the game soft locked
Warm_Pleather_Dad: didn't it turn the light on?
IncredibleFrown: well yea it did light up as the rock music turned on huh
Alsritt: aha, we did it right already
SquareDotCube: nyoom
Vlanoik: oh, like on the way here you had to follow the sun for a bit
Vlanoik: rather than the flags
Alsritt: this game looks.... ambitious, but not really up to the task
uktemperance: Was this hole made for you?
NonjaBiru: Oh, that hole was made for us
Sogheim: no no not that kind of hole
McWork3r: So I know I'm like 2 hours late but how is this a rhythm game?
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
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enigmadk_: plays violin
Hexy_Lexy234: !updog
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Pteraspidomorphi: True rhythm comes from the heart, McWork3r :P
Alsritt: @McWork3r there's a bunch of mechanics with playing a violin
RockPusher: Thank you Ian, thank you Heather lunarj1Heart tiltyhEXTREME
tapdancingbeavers: Thanks for the stream :)
McWork3r: Ah, that's both odd and enlightening
IncredibleFrown: it's more of a zelda ocarina game than a rhythm game but close enouh for lrr work
Laogeodritt: @McWork3r So far, turns out it's more of a music-themed game than a rhythm game.
RockPusher: Take care Ian jamieCare tiltyhEXTREME
enigmadk_: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
McWork3r: Have a great night man, sorry I missed the stream.
McWork3r: Why was it playing discount God is an Astronaut though?
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Snip lunarj1Snip
iris_of_ether: lunarj1Snip lunarj1Heart lunarj1Snip
RockPusher: tiltyhCheers tiltyhEXTREME
Hexy_Lexy234: LoadingReadyNow
RealGamerCow: Twist: KISS is always a solo stream.
Phailhammer: cya :)
thundercat2000: !next
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