Earthenone: !advice
LRRbot: Colors of the world are on your fingertips.
Earthenone: !findquote color
LRRbot: Quote #2031: "There ARE 5 colors in Magic, though..." —Graham [2016-03-04]
monkeyrama: Oh man, I'm excited for some Dead Space
DoodlestheGreat: !badadvice
LRRbot: Sail up your mother.
DoodlestheGreat: ariW
monkeyrama: I've only played 3, and I've heard the first two are much spookier and less action hero
DoodlestheGreat: I wonder if they ever dumped 3's microtransactions...
better_seasons: Nope dead space 3 still has the micro transactions but with the scavenger bots and the parts you could get with the dlc there was never a point to them in the end
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Dead Space) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: 'sup chat
monkeyrama: Hello seabatTROG /
Austere_Squire: Hoy, y'alls
sir_jack_DB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Dead Space) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
Arimus221: !next
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for the Let's NOPE! Today the boys go through time and play a the classic DEAD SPACE since Ben has never actually beaten it! | 📷 ||
sir_jack_DB: ready to party like it's 2008?
underhill33: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
ghostvalv: poggies?
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
Austere_Squire: errybody get spoop hype!
tidehollowcat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrS IGNAL
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Tidom_Kamf: OH BOY, Spoops in SPAAAAAAACE!
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PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! lrrSPOOP
Calaban161: Time for Spoop
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrSIGNAL Light the doggies signal my poggies lrrSIGNAL
YawnLance: Hey friends! lrrSPOOP
Austere_Squire: benginHeart lrrHEART
xantos69: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
niccus: gee adamunculus, what long limbs you have
crimall: SOOOOo ready for spoops
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HeyAustralia: Four months of LRR goodness! Excited for some spoops with my favorite spoopy boys!
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bigpuppystuart: is adam here tonight, i am not sure Ben will enjoy this one alone
kilotango30: <3 <3 <3 <3
monosceros: dead spoops!
PharaohBender27: @niccus I thought his name was Homunculadam?
chonkski: Lets yep!
v_nome: Guys, I know it's 2008 and it seems like a long way away but I have to warn you about 2020!
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JohnLockeCole: I mean, it sounds preferable to alive space, really, when you think about it
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Calaban161: Do we have Homuncule Adam?
Austere_Squire: At least Kathy won't be getting us killed any more
YawnLance: Corgo100 I hope you've managed to planet out so you don't get spooped too much benginFingers But seriously, I'm excited to see necro-more-ph of this game! Have fun spoop boys! lrrHEART
Rhynerd: Woo! Dead Space!
monkeyrama: These noises lrrSPOOP
itira: lrrSPOOP
ArrestedHouse: oh dang good choice
PharaohBender27: @v_nome About what? We just elected an African-American president, so racism's over! Kappa
Austere_Squire: @YawnLance That was terrible and I love it
DoodlestheGreat: @yawnlance, ConcernDoge
iLetTheDogesOut: Oh this is going to be a spoopy one
ratxprince: hello! the tweet says twitch - bengeneering
Pteraspidomorphi: Is Dead Space a horror game or an action game? (Asking those who played it before)
ButButTheJesus: woo, 2008! I still had hope in my life! ahaha! aha! ... *cries*
Enmity777: You guys linked to the wrong stream in the LRR Twitter post.
Calaban161: If they do Multi player for Dead space 3 it would be cool
YawnLance: I know I've done good when I get reactions to my terrible puns benginDab
v_nome: @PharaohBender27 Oh you sweet summer child.
Rujasu: It's... technically a horror game
TomfooleryFox: Is this one genuinely scary guys? On a scale of 1 to MAJOR SPOOP?
Juliamon: Bengineering did the Oopsie
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
sir_jack_DB: >.>
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monkeyrama: I've only played Dead Space 3, excited to watch you play the first as I've heard it's very spooky lrrSPOOP
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monkeyrama: Any
kilotango30: any
LoadingReadyRun: I forgot to run adds sorry x.x
sir_jack_DB: Any
ButButTheJesus: Any
monkeyrama: Oh my
monosceros: Dead Space is a horror game with more catharsis than most
sgowell: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ehsteveG: Any time now Kappa
CastleOtranto: lrrSPOOP
chonkski: any
Austere_Squire: Oh, wait, 2008. Oh no. I was.... 13
darkspiredragon: Spoops incoming
BrindleBoar: A N Y
Naarius: Ye olde scrollbars
monkeyrama: It's moooving lrrSPOOP
Juliamon: !clip
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YawnLance: Oh no, how will we know if there's ANY time left benginFingers
sir_jack_DB: xD
Easilycrazyhat: Spooky Any
mechmagic: it moves!
Naarius: lrrSPOOP
ButButTheJesus: Any dance!
Austere_Squire: Dood
Rujasu: But the monsters basically compete for screen time so the horror effect does tend to wear out
chonkski: lrrSPOOP
kilotango30: dancing any
Pteraspidomorphi: It's IE6! Horizontal scrollbars!
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Is this what happens when you “Press Any Key To Continue”?
Austere_Squire: doof, even
PharaohBender27: Of course, on the other hand, 2008 was also the Great Recession, though now even that might seem quaint in retrospect :P
iLetTheDogesOut: lrrSPOOP
Arimus221: lrrSPOOP lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrSPOOP
ButButTheJesus: is spoopin times now?
NateThePancake: is that supposed to be dancing?
itira: lrrSPOOP
NateThePancake: is the loading screen haunted?
darkspiredragon: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ProfBlahson: Ben I just finished this game on my own stream am excited to see how you like it!
ruscobrog: lrrSPOOP
itomeshi: @Pteraspidomorphi Now that's TRULY terrifying.
ghostvalv: lrrSPOOP
sir_jack_DB: :P
Pteraspidomorphi: Indeed, itomeshi
Austere_Squire: The ghost of countdowns past
soupgiraffe: I couldnt finish this game, was 2spoop4me lol
Myrph: Awww, not that I mind getting to watch some Dead Space, but I was super going for dinner more Paranormal HK
Austere_Squire: Hoy, spoops
ghostvalv: overlays haunted
kilotango30: :) :)
Ba_Dum_Tish: Spoops incoming
Creideiki_SE: lrrFINE
ButButTheJesus: Hello Spirit!
NateThePancake: hello, overlay.
Naarius: Hewwo overway
jessieimproved: am mortal
Serpens77: they finished Paranormal HK
r3fr4ct0r: Hello
cgwonder: lrrSPOOP
Pinwiz11: Why is Kathy writing the super title?
bigpuppystuart: Greatings fleshless one
monkeyrama: They finished Paranormal HK
thedragonlady: I'm so ready for this
kilotango30: now i know it's ben
ProfBlahson: Oh hello
BusTed: boom roasted
monkeyrama: Oh my
ButButTheJesus: NO U
jessieimproved: lrrSPOOP lrrFINE lrrWOW
ghostvalv: :O
ruscobrog: aw, thanks!
NimrodXIV: no u
Creideiki_SE: uwu
Austere_Squire: Spirit, may we have our good spoop bois, plz?
ratxprince: @loadingreadyrun the tweet says bengineering :))
bigpuppystuart: Awww *blushes*
PharaohBender27: Not going to lie, there's a non-zero chance I might have to spoop out of this stream
FoxBoxGamers: ^__^
Rujasu: Dagoth Ur casts Ur Cut
NateThePancake: Dead Space by text is going to be an interesting experience.
quasi79fu: i think ben time traveled somehow?
baskwalla: awwww
Calaban161: So are You
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Mighty bold of you to assume I’m mortal
kilotango30: uwu
TomfooleryFox: Such a cute spoop .
ghostvalv: :)
jessieimproved: chat is waifu
CastleOtranto: no u BOOM ROASTED
ProfBlahson: I mean debatable
chonkski: max spoop
monkeyrama: Is Ben stuck in the computer NotLikeThis
Myrph: well I'm obviously support behind then! well have to check the VODs
chompskyhonk82: did anyone watch the little animated movie which came out with this game?
BTC1220: "Why are you back so soon?" "Overlay's haunted." "What?" *clicks gun* "Overlay's. Haunted."
BusTed: do we have a freakzoid situation
PharaohBender27: @monkeyrama He forgot to run ads
itomeshi: I'm still bummed about how Paranormal HK went downhill so quickly.
TomfooleryFox: Is this the spirit of chair-Adam?
quasi79fu: does Ben know its 2020? LOL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's time for the Let's NOPE! Today the boys go through time and play a the classic DEAD SPACE since Ben has never actually beaten it! | ||
monkeyrama: Oh I nkow, I meant because of the message @PharaohBender27
YawnLance: I mean at least we know it's gonna be a good stream because the start went weird :D
BusTed: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ruscobrog: This is SUCH A GOOD INTRO
Austere_Squire: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
PharaohBender27: @monkeyrama Ah, I see! :D
ladylinzington: omg I got here JUST in time
r3fr4ct0r: lrrHEART lrrHEART
TheThromborax: Are they playing the Android version?
monkeyrama: Loooool
sir_jack_DB: consummate. professionals.
xantos69: Start over.
cgwonder: i'm hype for this. Always heard good things about this game but never palyed it because I'm too scared
kilotango30: JEDI GHOST ADAM
KCazduke: Cheer100 This is one of the few horror games I've been able to play from start to finish. These aren't your grandma's zombies!
Serpens77: goofed the spoop
quasi79fu: i can be here for an hour and sad but this should be great
Austere_Squire: Adam looked like a sith lord when they popped in
TamesLovesGames: no homuncul-Adam today
monkeyrama: Smooth as silk
eric_christian_berg: Adam looks like a force ghost!
bigpuppystuart: Ghost adam can't hug when you are scared
NateThePancake: Ghost Adam!
TheThromborax: Adam floating just a little bit
YawnLance: RIP Homuncul-Adam benginCry
TheThromborax: love it
monkeyrama: Adam's a floating torso lrrSPOOP
quasi79fu: oh Adam is a hologram
mechmagic: adam lost the shiny hat from last time
mowdownjoe: Certainly no dancing words!
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Robot_Bones: just replace adam with Ads
itira: Hello everybody! Hello Adam and Ben!
chonkski: Oh my god!!! Smol Adam!
bat_wool: Omg I'm almost on time!
jonasjonIV: good times
Calaban161: Adam is floating
cgwonder: heeeey Ben and Adam!
monkeyrama: That's so long ago NotLikeThis
HorusFive: Is that why you both look so youthful and trim!
jonasjonIV: Wen Ben was but a boy
The_Wooba: hello friends! any tips for somebody who wants to get into paper magic (after the rona) from playing Arena? @LoadingReadyRun
Nigouki: Back when video games were actually good Kappa
xantos69: Wow...I gotta buy Netflix stock.
chonkski: It looks like Adam is sitting on Bens lap
quasi79fu: So is Adam now Max Headrooom?
eric_christian_berg: Before the dark times, before the Empire.
Austere_Squire: Oooh, Ben, love the Monster Hunter sweatshirt!
sgowell: Crap. How old was ben?
TheAlmightyJonassons: hello everyone!
kilotango30: PogChamp100 100 bits for force ghost Adam!
Rujasu: Stay indoors.
tergonis: oh crap, i don't wanna be in high school again
cgwonder: I would have been 13 at this point in time in 2008
aziher: and nothing bad happened in 2008
bigpuppystuart: just because this game is old, that doesn't mean it won't fuck you up
thedragonlady: So excited for the Dead Space spoops, love this game Party100
YawnLance: Back when I was able to compartmentalize my mental health issues, good times :P
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer100 Adam, glad to see you’re back in the hot seat, we missed you! Ben, you take care of your beardy-bro!
TheAlmightyJonassons: same here, Ben
NateThePancake: 2008 cameras. Adam isn't joining virtually, this is just what the feed looks like in 2008.
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monkeyrama: Ahhh, that'll do it
kanyewestward: Oooooh dead space
blip2004: lol my friend lived in a "The Bunker" as well
seth_erickson: the Adam Humonculus has evolved PogChamp
ButButTheJesus: awww james frand
Radyin: Can you move Adam down a few pixels? He's floating. (But maybe that's spoopier.)
monkeyrama: We believe you, Adam SeriousSloth
PharaohBender27: Yeah, spoiler alert: 2008 wasn't actually that great. Take it from someone who finished undergrad that year, right into the height of the Great Recession
ruscobrog: Deadspace is what taught me about lets plays. Because I couldn't play it.
TheAlmightyJonassons: we played WoW and watched people play games
HorusFive: Get the doll from the other room and put James' face on it. lrrJAMES
YawnLance: Close enough! :D
TomfooleryFox: Ahhh 15 year old me.... That was not a good time...
blip2004: The Marker
itomeshi: Adam, 2020: This is an EASY game, for BABIES!
seth_erickson: Basically Alien Rock
Austere_Squire: spoilers for space rock evil, ben :p
monosceros: alien crack
sir_jack_DB: ohhhh BOY
ghostvalv: but it wasn't a rock...
iLetTheDogesOut: oh this is going to be great
blip2004: all hail The Marker
Scy_Anide: Some kind of Dead Space rock?
cgwonder: there's something about Adam
the_cardiac_people: it all the rocks fault!
chonkski: Hey Adam! Hope you are doing well!
Diabore: no homonculadam to scare ben this week is unfortunate
seth_erickson: Rock's haunted *cocks shotgun*
Rhynerd: Religious Alien Rock makes corpse monsters
cgwonder: There's something about Adam's hood and the lgihting that's making him look like a force-ghost today
monkeyrama: That called shot was amazing
Boi_Ginny: cheer100 Hello again Adam!
BusTed: accelerated rate etc
Scy_Anide: It's as great a moment that Ben maintained composure.
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: Adam is floating!
monkeyrama: Ghost hand 👀
Kaus_Jason: can i get a link to the gif
Simonark: Is "Wendigo Recognizer" a real tangible marketable skill?
mechmagic: they just dropped the new trailer
cgwonder: When Adam called the Josh turn I was so impressed by how Ben held it together
Austere_Squire: Ooh, that's a mood. "I wish Man of Medan was better"
PharaohBender27: Oh SNAP, lrrBEN
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YawnLance: That was amazing
DMGlol: homuculus adam is starting to look pretty realistic
JellyAndKake: Cheer200 happy to see Adam looking like a force ghost
boristhewizard: Homonculadam is alive!
Rhynerd: So, how likely would Ben be able to see Adam if he reacted to any of Ben’s called shots?
Arimus221: Adam with the lrrSPOOP float
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR_SO
soupgiraffe: I always quote adam from that stream lol "I'm the smartest man alive!!"
iLetTheDogesOut: 2 is the besttttt
monkeyrama: Is 2 the best?
thedragonlady: Yessss
ButButTheJesus: YES ADAM YES
blip2004: Finger guns?
ComradeMik: 2 is the best
bigpuppystuart: Content warning: Gore and mental illness
YawnLance: YEssssssss
BusTed: plees
seth_erickson: Dead Space 2 is PogChamp
thedragonlady: definitely YES
sir_jack_DB: !spoilers
LRRbot: Please do not discuss spoilers in chat, even jokingly. It's a massive dick move which ruins the fun for others, and you WILL be timed out or even permanently banned. This even applies to "obviously fake" spoilers, so seriously, just don't. Thanks for you co-operation, and enjoy the show!
BrindleBoar: no spoilerino
Rhynerd: Dead Space 2 is so good
mechmagic: these are all new to me too
ghostvalv: no spoilies my doilies
boristhewizard: Never even heard of deadspace
TamesLovesGames: it's 2008? Let's draft Shards of Alara!
enki1256: The jump moments in this game are great.
ruscobrog: There's a sequal?? Spoiled. D:
monosceros: poggers my doggers
ComradeMik: poggies my doggies?
Myrph: doesn't Dead Space 2 have a co-op mode?
monkeyrama: Adam never says pog ironically, tf
kilotango30: poggies my doggies
Robot_Bones: its cause the arm is his Wife
seth_erickson: I didn't say it ironically though?
Radyin: Does DS1 have the crunching?
ratxprince: poggies my doggies
Zu_o: Adam, you're looking rather sith/jedi today @LoadingReadyRun @seabats you should see about getting a blue stripy hologram filter on you
sir_jack_DB: hello cursor
Rhynerd: I promise not to spoil Dead Space. Cross my heart and hope to die.
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BubsIOU1: You owe me one
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CaptainEnder7: DS3 is the coop one
BusTed: Good sound cue.
RvLeshrac: The only problem with this setup is that Ben can't scare himself with Adam.
TheThromborax: no spoilers for a game so old the port I bought for my iPad DOESN'T WORK anymore
62MGcobra: i got both games when origin was just giving games away like epic is doing
monkeyrama: LUL
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TheMerricat: Joke Message.
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Kramburger: He's getting Worse
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s0lesurviv0r: time to socially distance some body parts
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DigitalSeahorse: aye! theonl45Heart
itira: awful
ComradeMik: why is adam south african now?
monkeyrama: That was something else
BrindleBoar: no it was perfect, I thought you were Funko
GlennSeto: What I'd like to know: Are DS1 & DS2 satisfying to play on their own, since DS3 is supposedly kinda meh?
ButButTheJesus: ROIT MAIT
HeyAustralia: I love how my name always gets a great reaction haha
Kramburger: Ben remember; Yarra River
monkeyrama: Cursor on Adam's face lrrSPOOP
PixelnStitches: I heard people trying to speak australian... and had to come in
Serpens77: remember, it's ok to make fun of other cultures, as long as that culture is Australia... apparently Kappa
DiscordianTokkan: It is TIME
Mal2mad: It's time for the STOMP
ButButTheJesus: @GlennSeto yeah, you don't need to worry about 3
DigitalSeahorse: lol
BrindleBoar: first one's free
bigpuppystuart: that is scarier than the game
TheMerricat: Onlyfans.
ghostvalv: :o
Gulleko: eogHee
ButButTheJesus: FEETS
NimrodXIV: well, it was only 1 foot
mowdownjoe: LEWD
YawnLance: Gotta make that $$$$
monkeyrama: Gotta pay for that one
Rhynerd: So, time to dress like I do normally
TheThromborax: Ben's Wikifeet: +1
Earthenone: lrrFEET
Digigoner: Technically, Ben's showing his feet on LRR's dime!
quasi79fu: to be honest the only dead space ive played is Dead Space 3 how different is 3 compared to this I wonder
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aClonedPickle: it's foot real estate
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DigitalSeahorse: now that it's not against TOS feet everywhere
PixelnStitches: pixeln6Love pixeln6Love pixeln6Love pixeln6Love
FoxBoxGamers: feet real estate
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Thefluffiestguineapig: The cursor looked like a teardrop, who did Adam kill?
RvLeshrac: Now you're on the Feet Wiki, which is an actual thing, and it was a treat seeing Ashly Burch discover that fact live on the internet.
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bat_wool: Thanks for the years of tears (of laughter)!
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Atifexe: Dead Space is one of the few horror games I actually enjoyed.
Rujasu: @quasi79fu 3 was a co-op shooter. 2 was a horror themed shoother. 1 is a horror game with pretty satisfying shooting
TomfooleryFox: Oh shhh- is this the game of thinking of?! On a space station?
Scy_Anide: Both your beards look great.
Atifexe: Rujasu has it exactly right.
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer50 extra Bits for Ben’s gratuitous foot “sexiness”
SajuukSjet: DS1 was definitely one of those games that you played alone, in the dark, and then had 'fun' sleeping afterwards :P
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Camthelion: Hoooi good bois!
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monkeyrama: Woooow, Adam
ghostvalv: :O
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CataclysmicReverb: Tonight we're playing with a full deck!
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Kyir: Is Adam a ghost?
quasi79fu is continuing the Gift Sub they got from PharaohBender27!
Scy_Anide: I need to trim mine into shape. I've been letting the goatee grow out for a long time.
Austere_Squire: a very spoopy ghost
ComradeMik: only fans has a twitch
ComradeMik: that seems... odd somehow?
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Atomic_Marshmallow: Too bad alien monsters don't recognize social distancing!
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quasi79fu: shhh dont let them know i resubbed
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TheAlmightyJonassons: Thank you very much for months of spoops, even if we missed some. Enjoy the nice weather, it snowed in Onario.
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DigitalSeahorse: beards make the tight fit masks less effective and more to wash after a trip out but saves on rasor blades and shaver batteries
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Austere_Squire: we gonna get that Storm Count to 100 pre=strem?
ratxprince: TransgenderPride TransgenderPride
The_Wooba: any tips for somebody who wants to get into paper Magic from Arena?
jonasjonIV: Jonas' are almighty.
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eric_christian_berg: Wobbly
monkeyrama: Adam's phasing into the background lrrSPOOP
fireiceair1989: cheer275 hopefully the spoops don’t put me to sleep. I just finished up my work fortnight this morning with a grand total of 168hrs or 7 24 hr shifts. cloudfNAP
quasi79fu: is it ok to say that Adam looks especially pale today? Like vampire pale today
iLetTheDogesOut: weeeee
DigitalSeahorse: xD
monkeyrama: Full comfort mode Kreygasm
Mysticman89: I feel like adam is like 1 or two pixels above the bottom of the frame
Calaban161: That Flip
itira: Cozy mode
Kyir: Making Adam Larger
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cthulhudude23: cheers, boys, can't wait to see LRR folks when grand prixs are allowed again. was bummed when Seattle got cancelled this year.
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monkeyrama: Sounds about right, Ben LUL
Mysticman89: now I'm doubting myself., meh
dweebert91: and the stream is demonetized Kappa
countz3r0: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 16:13.
monkeyrama: Game might be a bit on the loud side?
YawnLance: !cw
LRRbot: This game contains, or we have found it to contain, material that may be upsetting to some of our viewers. If that content is a problem for you, it's okay to not watch this stream. Self-care is more important.
BusTed: a sledgehammer
iconicshadow89: Dana Brooke?
CaptainEnder7: Anyone else see the cursor onscreen?
ratxprince: of an Australian
TheWanderingNomad: All the delicacy of Truck-kun bringing someone to Another World
RurouniGeo: Game volume is fine :D
kilotango30: you did your best
DigitalSeahorse: now Ben can be startled by Adam's noises again instead of his photo :P
Pteraspidomorphi: An android killing a machine?
saucemaster5000: Dave Bautista seems like a fairly sweet guy
rarermonsters: Adam you chose a performer with too much subtlety
hesterbyrde: Like doing open heart surgery with a handgrenade
DoctorOfBeard: like dave batista with a tortured analogy?
quasi79fu: i know my triggers so i willl be careful
Drasvin: Dave Batista, with a jackhammer, in the locker room
ButButTheJesus: there ya go ben
TamesLovesGames: JAFAR
bigpuppystuart: Content Warnings: Gore, mental Health, on screen Suicide and sadism.
kilotango30: like the miz being humble
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bat_wool: You can do the simile Adam
sgowell: Bautista was awesome in Hotel Artemis
TheWanderingNomad: Hmm moff the top of my head - Gore, torture, suicide anything else?
sir_jack_DB: also u r loud bois
Rujasu: Delicate subject matter in this case being alien limbs
BusTed: He did it.
YawnLance: Take care of yourselves friends lrrHEART
BusTed: The mad man.
ImmortalLen: Ben no
Calaban161: @ratxprince your not wrong we will tell you right to your face and with some harsh words what we think is wrong
quasi79fu: they are very Loud Bois ... sometimes
Edgarware: mop
Naarius: Loud bois confirmed loud
Austere_Squire: You weren't here when Homonculyou scared him, Adam
actionjb: All mops go home
Alahmnat: lrrMOP
Omthebox: Video is too loud, could you turn it down?
monosceros: mawp
quasi79fu: mop?
Lithobraker: mwap ????
Mysticman89: how will we clean the stream floors without mops?
CataclysmicReverb: But how will I clean up these tile floors?
Kramburger: Oh Ben
sir_jack_DB: oh geez
GlennSeto: Ben got a bit loud during the HK game.
ButButTheJesus: oh ben
RurouniGeo: Hard is good for this game!
xantos69: "We won't need that warning any more." Countdown until a scream....
ghostvalv: :O
kilotango30: only question marks
monkeyrama: Ben's in it to win it
Laserbeaks_Fury: Thick as a rock and twice as blunt
DoodlestheGreat: They get a bit screamy...
HorusFive: Pro-gamer Benjeneering
Drasvin: All the mops
TheAlmightyJonassons: @Chat we got you boos 👻
ritchards: oh, who's a hardcore gamer then?
iconicshadow89: that might have been a mistake
monosceros: frankly, that's just being a gamer
theanthonydee: hard mode is SEKIRO
sir_jack_DB: well, someone wants their face eaten
ratxprince: @calaban161 heh yeah i said it bc i am one of those Australians
TwitchTVsFrank: he's gaming actively
chompskyhonk82: oh you gonna die
FoxBoxGamers: uhoh
HorusFive: Is this SEKIRO?
quasi79fu: why no mops?
circusofkirkus: can we put brooms in the chat instead of mops?
RechargeableFrenchman: We love our resident mostly but less now than before loud boys
eric_christian_berg: That is fun to watch.
DigitalSeahorse: set volume so their normal voice sounds like a whisper
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thedragonlady: it's hard for a first time
bigpuppystuart: Scream for us gentlemen. Scream. No one will come to help you
quasi79fu: can we not mop the floor?
Edgarware: Dead Space 1 is soooo good
Koi_Coyolin: lrrFINE lrrFINE
cgwonder: You're gonna get salty when it suggests you change the difficulty when you dies too much
tergonis: gamer's right to never look up
biosomniac: I fucking love this game
BrieBeau: man, I am always off time to get my sub mentioned
kilotango30: what are mops??
RurouniGeo: It's not crazy hard Ben I promise you can do it! (But you will still call bullshit on an enemy or two LUL )
Japolai: trying to remember from 10+ years ago, but this game is hard
BrieBeau: also hi hello
Austere_Squire: I'm having RE7 flashbacks
rarermonsters: "I'm waiting for you there, in our special place"
Juliamon: Ah, the age of tiny subtitles
cgwonder: oh hey, it's the mass effect font
DoodlestheGreat: We're still gonna laugh at you when you complain, Ben. Chat's rights. :tf:
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is the protagonist a reference to Issac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke?
countz3r0: honeypotted again...
TomfooleryFox: Her name's not Kathy is it?
TheWanderingNomad: @kilotango30 -- In the show Archer, they oftened defeaned each and the main character would often go around going 'mawp' to try and see if his hearing has come back
YawnLance: The screen shake is deeply unpleasant
monkeyrama: That's rough
sir_jack_DB: HA, you have FEELINGS? what a sap
NoxStryx: @laserbeaks_fury very likely
Omthebox: Space turbulence.
quasi79fu: man game looks sooo good for being soo old
DiscordianTokkan: Tiiiny Subtitles, from back in the day and age of of relatively tiny resolutions
Austere_Squire: @Juliamon I thought I was the only one who thought the subs on games were tiny in this timeframe!
YawnLance: Thank you Ben!
ghostvalv: thanks for that
Pteraspidomorphi: Thank you
DigitalSeahorse: kilotango30, mops are what Ben gets scared of if in game thinking it's a spoop :P
RegulusPratus: Aight, let's do this. Where my super shotty at?
countz3r0: motion blur is clown shoes
DistractedMOSFET: if you thought "Where's my wife" was a little old in SH2 here's some "where's my wife" like 7 years later.
Invitare: asking Adam about Lore LUL
justwhatever_idk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 19:29.
ComradeMik: the game is pretty straightforward
Machtung7: so pretty!
ComradeMik: you won't miss much
Calaban161: @ratxprince even if you where not we have to have a thick skin because of aformentined strait shooters
Edgarware: The lore is this is Space
monkeyrama: This game really came out in 2008, that's wild
justwhatever_idk: does anyone know how the space died. who did space dead
blip2004: 2 movies
KinoGami: they made an animated movie
quasi79fu: so im guessing broken ship sent distress call and we here to investigate
GodImSoSorry: There were 2
Machtung7: there is
ComradeMik: there's like an animated short?
GlennSeto: What's "dead space" again? Is it really far away from the galaxy's core?
Austere_Squire: we don't talk about video game movies
rarermonsters: It was an animated movie and it was lousy direct to netflix
sir_jack_DB: there was an OVA
TheWanderingNomad: They made an animated movie
ImmortalLen: Yep, a n anime
enki1256: animated prequel
quasi79fu: and yes there is a animated movie
countz3r0: No, they want to make one
RegulusPratus: It was called "Alien", I think
DoctorOfBeard: event horizon?
thedragonlady: yes a prequel
chompskyhonk82: yeah there's an animated movies
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Dragonality: Ooh, my favorite horror game with the spooky bois! Nice!
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TheAlmightyJonassons: they did make a movie
thedragonlady: it's okay
BusTed: yes... thousands
Haosbringer: the dead space wii game was kind off sweet
TheThromborax: is this a remaster? or did it actually look this good in 2008?
CataclysmicReverb: You're thinking of Event Horizon, it came first
ArrestedHouse: its called event horizon Kappa
Rhynerd: Two dead space animated movies, weren’t there?
Phosphatide: wow twitch mobile changed the UI so fullscreen mode no longer shows the chat side-by-side, now chat pops out on top of the video covering part of the right side DansGame
Haydencp: was not very good
chompskyhonk82: the movie is sweet
eric_christian_berg: Everybody's dead, Dave.
TheAlmightyJonassons: imo it was great
Gulleko goes to google said movie
blip2004: Deadspace Aftermath and something else
Austere_Squire: i'm also having Alien Isolation flashbacls
TheMerricat: @Rhynerd yep, the second was aftermath, came out with 2
quasi79fu: wtf
DigitalSeahorse: time to put down the sun visor!
monkeyrama: Alien Isolation, that's a very good game
SajuukSjet: they were trying out the complete media spectrum release thing back in the decade... pushing the IP across multiple mediums
jetpixi: hello! Just gettin' in. MIss anything good?
YawnLance: lrrFINE
BusTed: This plays like a Disney ride.
Austere_Squire: @monkeyrama I'm way too much of a coward for it
justwhatever_idk: we're really meandering here
monkeyrama: Just started @jetpixi
quasi79fu: ere crahsing a ship
quasi79fu: ???
YawnLance: Just started jetpixi! :)
Lirelent: F
Invitare: you just standing there calmly, watching
jetpixi: not that late then! woo!
Uzumaki15: Another happy landing
ButButTheJesus: F
RurouniGeo: DAD SPACE
UnusualNightmare: yoooooo! one of the best games right here!
DigitalSeahorse: autodocking sounds like a sex thing also
RendezVoodoo: we did it team
wargodmogis: lrrFINE lrrFINE
CataclysmicReverb: We're busting you down to Lieutennant, Corporal!
RegulusPratus: Wear seatbelts next time!
Electrodyne: now I want to watch Event Horizon
justwhatever_idk: still in his chair
monosceros: we look inconvenienced
countz3r0: Don't Text and Pilot a Ship
justwhatever_idk: The chair was fine
TheThromborax: be a shame if anything happened to it
ritchards: Hey Isaac!
monkeyrama: Wow Ben LUL
jonasjonIV: lrrFINE_HF
ashiok_nightmare_moose: i like this game as opposed to other horror games bc the player deaths are often so extreme theyre funny
quasi79fu: but that isnt the guy from dead space 3 thopugh
Austere_Squire: you look like a veguely wondering Commander Shepard
rarermonsters: So, this isn't horror related, but she is MAD hot
baskwalla: Yup, Bill Burr
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
ratxprince: why is hhe just so chill
seth_erickson: Spotless Bill Burr impression
PharaohBender27: Corporal? These military? Then why are they not wearing uniforms? (I was AFK for a few moments if that was already clarified)
Rujasu: And the very end, I think
Easilycrazyhat: He actually looks like some celebrity, but I can't hink of who...
kilotango30: impeccable impression
Crumpler64: outside from death scenes yes
GlennSeto: Dat beefy rig...
TheThromborax: 2008 eyes
ChrisTheLemming: i hope that's not the only time we get to hear Bill Burr's voice though
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, right, our spines are the health bars
gamercat88: too close together is what they were
Austere_Squire: aha, what convenient spinal fluid that I assume marks your health?
CastleOtranto: Toe to tip, that's a Bill Burr.
justwhatever_idk: Yay we're done, clean bar of Green for everyone
jetpixi: Is he evil?
monkeyrama: I'm sure we'll see it plenty lrrSPOOP
Invitare: UI integration!
seth_erickson: the rigs are my favorite part of this game
hinhanska: Sith?
RurouniGeo: what IS up with that guys eyes... I wonder ;)
seth_erickson: you do
RegulusPratus: Speed, space trucker strength
BrieBeau: I'm watching this on a distant TV and those subtitles are invisible.
tergonis: go space mario!
DigitalSeahorse: you're a glow worm
ComradeMik: i do love how the suit changes as you get more armour
Easilycrazyhat: Big case of Space Horror Protagonist going on here.
cgwonder: wow they really made that helmet terrifying
NimrodXIV: oh yeah, this has the over-shoulder perspective. that's why I couldn't play this.
BusTed: loot PogChamp
DistractedMOSFET: Remembering graphics looked like this in 2008 is a little insane. It shows that you don't really need to push current hardware to have nice looking things.
Rujasu: "To run, run"
KinoGami: there was an achievement for only using the starting weapon
ComradeMik: it's a nice little detail
wargodmogis: Wait, why hard?
Dragonality: Ben chose hard? In for a spicy time.
justwhatever_idk: is there crafting
Austere_Squire: has anyone ever once needed the "LS to move" tutorial
mowdownjoe: The coolest thing about the game is the HUD. All right there on Issac.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I just want to point out Isaac is the only one observing proper engineering procedure by having a helmet on. That's going to turn out badly for the rest of them, mark my words.
seth_erickson: Because Ben's a gamer
RurouniGeo: Lol I know why Adam asked that hehehe
monkeyrama: It's a walking sim, Ben Kappa
ButButTheJesus: 2EZ
TheMerricat: Chat, I feel like I remember watching Paul play some version of Dead Space before, was it one of the later entries?
DigitalSeahorse: running sim
Despoiler98: That is pretty sweet
monkeyrama: This system is so damn good
Omthebox: Okay, Rude Ben.
Lirelent: yes, this was a tech demo for limb chopping, the game
Lithobraker: uggh, walking simulators Kappa
BusTed: The health/ammo UI is pretty slick too.
Laserbeaks_Fury: most immersive HUD
TheThromborax: yeah, just go that way. see what happens
Mysticman89: unsure if you have melee yet
jetpixi: Just Hack It
GlennSeto: No Omnigel? Kappa
HorusFive: Hack the doorpad PLEASE- man. Rude
Austere_Squire: why do randomly have the mechanical spine, tho?
actionjb: We are out of power : Hack it
ChaoTiX89: love that the UI is all in-universe too. So good!
sir_jack_DB: Hackerman
countz3r0: you need to stomp the boxes
Edgarware: Hackerman!
monkeyrama: Bioshock hacking 👀
crimall: STOMP!
Rujasu: @Austere_Squire Gotta have a healthbar somewhere
justwhatever_idk: This is Programming
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thedragonlady: I love the Isaac stomp
RegulusPratus: Isaac's a pro hackermans
GDwarf: Can't stomp, won't stomp
RendezVoodoo: gotta unluck stomp
Edgarware: You dont have stompy boots yet
justwhatever_idk: this is what happens when you get a Comp Sci degree
rarermonsters: You haven't learned how to step on things yet. You learn that later, from the Chozo
thedragonlady: best part of the game
kilotango30: Adam will help ben dissect any juicy lore. He is a lore expert as proven in Neir
ComradeMik: i think the spine is meant to be a reinforcement and the glowy bits are meant to reflect suit power levels
seth_erickson: Isaac's a BabyRage he doesn't learn on his own
Digigoner: oh jeez, i forgot how much I loved the detail in this game. The suit progression is a masterpiece
boristhewizard: Adam is a hacking master now, luckily
Kramburger: RIGHT, man the stompuing in this game felt so good
TheMerricat: Don't be mad at us lady, we didn't do it.
quasi79fu: ok im calling it that lady is soooo dead
RendezVoodoo: weird idle stance
monkeyrama: The stomp is really satisying, too
BusTed: re-route or re-route?
monosceros: he's a little monkey
Robot_Bones: he has the gamer slouch
justwhatever_idk: he has bad posture
Edgarware: Am engineer and can confirm: my posture is awful
cgwonder: yeah Isaac has terrible posture
Kramburger: Maybe he's not very self-confident
seth_erickson: Stomp is great yeah
Austere_Squire: why don't they have fancy helmets
succulent_club: Why is the player in a suit, but she isn’t?
Revelia: cause there's no gun in his hand yet
DiscordianTokkan: Hunched over IT professionals in SPAAAAACE! cheer100
SajuukSjet: the eternally tired stand like that :D
Uzumaki15: Why is Issac the only one who's wearing a helmet?
TheMerricat: @quasi79fu it's a horror game, everyone but the protag is dead :-P
ComradeMik: player is an engineer? she's a random civvie?
ChaoTiX89: stomping is so cathartic is this game, especially after beating a tough area
quasi79fu: lol
ComradeMik: i don't remember
monkeyrama: Isaac is prepared for anything
ButButTheJesus: @DiscordianTokkan in SPAAAAAACE?!
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Isaac's boots are the equivalent of knives in Resident Evil: The only thing you can truly trust.
YawnLance: I'm sure it's fine
Dragonality: @TheMerricat And possibly the protag too
seth_erickson: uh oh
monkeyrama: Hmmmm
seth_erickson: gamer senses tingling
iconicshadow89: gamer sense its a tingling
rarermonsters: Goodbye hot girl
Austere_Squire: i'm sure they're fiiiiiiiiiiiine
countz3r0: bonggg
cgwonder: i'm sure that blood isn't a bad omen or anything
HorusFive: People on ONE side of this window are in trouble
quasi79fu: hmmm i bet they die reallly horribly
RomanianMyEscutcheon: No, that's not blood, it's... marinara? We must've missed Spaghetti Night???
The_Wooba: thats a LOT of damage
eric_christian_berg: Damage Report: Everything's Fucked.
The_Wooba: need some flex tape
BrindleBoar: F
DigitalSeahorse: are they in quarantine in there?
jetpixi: Quaratine, you say
Austere_Squire: lrrFINE
quasi79fu: ooops
justwhatever_idk: wow like 7 squares of damage
GlennSeto: Has the game already established what Isaac's suit does?
countz3r0: brooooo
cgwonder: Rip you guys
tergonis: lrrFINE
SajuukSjet: they did such good job on the environment design in this game..
DigitalSeahorse: ha!
Dragonality: lrrFINE
BusTed: That's a good relaxing sound.
Austere_Squire: it's fine
Austere_Squire: this is fine
DigitalSeahorse: I was correct! :D
rarermonsters: Pretty decent visualization of how April went
quasi79fu: f
jetpixi: Open all the fire!
Austere_Squire: He didn't need those organs anyway
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Invitare: you could have yelled "behind you" instead of just watching
quasi79fu: they had no chance
cgwonder: oh god too many arms
justwhatever_idk: Isaac didn't do anything
bat_wool: Ben, do something! save them!
quasi79fu: and they had guns
DigitalSeahorse: spider arms
quasi79fu: Omg
Haosbringer: well that guy had a bad day
Machtung7: future of murder hornets LUL
justwhatever_idk: just letting it happen
ChrisTheLemming: "objective added"
Calaban161: Gamer scence? Is that like a spider sence but only works on electronics?
cgwonder: run ben run!
PharaohBender27: @rarermonsters I don't remember that much blood . . .
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Zettabit_Fox: Nope Nope Nope
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Camail: calmly exit
Austere_Squire: aha, another game with an Amble Mode
monosceros: power walk away from it
Camail: fast walk, isaac!
eric_christian_berg: Don't run. Don't give him the satisfaction.
quasi79fu: lol
monkeyrama: That's a loud beastie
jetpixi: Powr walk!
BrieBeau: GayPride Can a fan in quarantine that hasn't been able to watch in a while get a "Hey Beau"? I've missed you guys!
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Very polite of the scythey boys to let you check your map before trying to eat your face.
GamesAndInk: Isaac does not run! Isaac STRUTS away from danger!
seth_erickson: Elevators the safest place in Dead Space
kilotango30: hustlin'
Invitare: fortunately it's scared of elevators
Despoiler98: that went from zero to monster fast
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is it someone new?
jetpixi: human face?
justwhatever_idk: hate elevators
quasi79fu: oh nooo
RendezVoodoo: isaac just sauntering away
BusTed: That's a strong elevator.
TheMerricat: I appreciate the heath bar spine.
theanthonydee: its that Paranormal HK run speed
Pharmacistjudge: elevator of protection
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE
ComradeMik: oh i forgot how loud the music is
circusofkirkus: SEKIRO
Austere_Squire: Um... That dude may've had too many scythes and not enough organs
Haydencp: still scary
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yep just a normal day here
blip2004: elevator boss strikes again
TheThromborax: *sips tea*
Invitare: the elevator has a higher kill count than you
tergonis: good doors there, not a safety hazard at all
jetpixi: Speakin of your spine
GamesAndInk: Wow that's some good game design, showing you that you can cut off limbs before ever getting a limbcutter
ComradeMik: so much violin
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Just stay in that elevator forever and wait for rescue.
cgwonder: wow Isaac has a bad case of the 'slow saunter' when you try and run
The_Wooba: you only have half of your spine remaining
monosceros: if horror games have taught me anything it's that elevators are the ultimate weapon
Fugi: One of the elevator engineers got real tired of people holding the elevator
Rhynerd: That’s what happens when you ignore space OSHA, necromorph!
monkeyrama: Yeah, this game seems to get loud
DigitalSeahorse: it used the knive hands to credit card the door! :O
BrieBeau: chat too fast, monsters too fast.
Calaban161: It is atmospheric
quasi79fu: yeah lets talk about that guy
seth_erickson: Dead Space's graphics really hold up
BusTed: What could this cryptic message possibly mean?
Austere_Squire: that man has a shocking number of limbs for his advice
DoodlestheGreat: Dirty mags?
jetpixi: Idk @BusTed I think it's Latin
absorbedtulip9: hello everyone!! how's it going?
CommanderCrossing: someone tell him he has 7 more shots
DigitalSeahorse: quick before he grows knives
Camail: you aint got no legs, lt. dan
Austere_Squire: oh, ben fixed it
GlennSeto: We Soldier of Fortune now.
The_Wooba: EZ Clap
cthulhudude23: start of stream says loud screaming warning isn't needed anymore. immediately screams 5 minutes in lol
bat_wool: Cue Little Ships by Jean Jacques Perrey.
seth_erickson: Foot Stomp
Edgarware: Stomp Get!
TheThromborax: oh stomp
DigitalSeahorse: what if you leave them one leg?
ComradeMik: i remember when i played this i accidentally did the cutter only run
justwhatever_idk: There is just a screaming man while Isaac is just goofing
raze667: turn down the brightness. <,<
Mal2mad: STOMP. IT. OUT!
DigitalSeahorse: a leg up on life
Lordofironstorm: Curb stomp em!
seth_erickson: got some cash PogChamp
chompskyhonk82: ammo can be scarce in this game
CommanderCrossing: ammo is a limited resource ben
ComradeMik: because it was basically the only weapon worth using
RegulusPratus: Tell this guy to quiet down, yeesh
Lithobraker: Hey, people dying right now, I'm gonna need you to quiet down while I do this tutorial
Invitare: cash, the most important thing in this scenario
Austere_Squire: It's already fuse time!
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Lunareclipse123: If I ever find myself bleeding to death, I want to have the presence of mind to writ "Cut off their limbs" on the wall in my own blood, just to screw with the paramedics
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RomanianMyEscutcheon: Hey, remember when Tim Curry said that space was the only place left uncorrupted by capitalism? Thing about that...
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until_may: Its finally May that cant be all thats tingling...
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quasi79fu: wrong dooor
monkeyrama: Ben no NotLikeThis
quasi79fu: sorry to disturb you
Austere_Squire: Ponch him
Kyir: It's hard to shoot bullets in space
DigitalSeahorse: xD
wargodmogis: *aims between the limbs*
tergonis: just right between the legs
monosceros: they call him deadeye ulmer
DigitalSeahorse: your green is getting low
eric_christian_berg: Pacifist run!
Austere_Squire: Ponch him, you coward! :p
blip2004: oh man, hope he's not on hard mode. ammo is kinda rare
Lirelent: yea... on hard... ammo is more rare than moon sized diamonds
CommanderCrossing: wait its hard mode and adam let him shoot the dead guy 3 times?
RegulusPratus: It's just morphine
TheThromborax: hard mode and he's never played before? I hope the reload screens are fast
jetpixi: Classic horror music
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Insert Vape Juice directly into your spine!
mowdownjoe: No shame in playing on Normal.
Kyir: Ah, that's some good lore
BusTed: hell yeah audio logs
YawnLance: Yeah the limited ammo on hard mode is going to be interesting
Kyir: Love me some audio logs
AttackCowboy: lrrDOTS_BW lrrCIRCLE_BW lrrARROW_BW
TheThromborax: noir
TheThromborax: nice
ComradeMik: isaac: ...
The_Wooba: quarantine eh?
quasi79fu: how is that lady still alive?
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CommanderCrossing: so we aren't going to be using the plasma cutter any time soon
RendezVoodoo: isaac if youre ok say nothing
Austere_Squire: He understands good cinematography!
jetpixi: Gotta be polite
Kyir: I think it's very considerate
blip2004: lrrSCOOP_TK for later
DiscordianTokkan: He's a Professional
rarermonsters: I like any future where we can broadcast in thin air but it's still super staticy
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun just a heads up in case you don't realize it. In hard mode, ammo is SUPER scarce.
The_Wooba: Isaac is just so angry
HorusFive: It's like Zoom- it just turns towards whoever is speaking automaticalluy
Austere_Squire: wait, Nicole's missing?
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Ah, yes, exactly what the situation called for: Bribery!
Masslost: oh god the babies still have nightmares from them, ben will freak out at them
Pharmacistjudge: hold's a quarantine...
Kyir: Cool how he's just casually extorting you
kilotango30: sounds like a deal to me
justwhatever_idk: Isaac is pissed because there is a rock in his shoe that he keeps stomping on
Pharmacistjudge: and you are trying to escape it?
aziher: this is going to be Resident Evil 1 Hard Mode all over again
DiscordianTokkan: Is there unlimited ammo, only a need to reload?
tehThane: Does anyone else want one of those vending machines?
jetpixi: That's the best reason to save.
blip2004: oh no, it is hard mode
ComradeMik: it's pretty forgiving
BusTed: The menu sound effects reminds me of some Superfriends interstitials.
KCazduke: Oooo, skin mag
ComradeMik: as far as control scheme
BrieBeau: Pride100 been missing you guys! glad I get to watch live for once! please say hi Beau!
PharaohBender27 comes back from being AFK, sees @Austere_Squire 's post, and goes katesWat
countz3r0: spacebucks
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: #WHERESMYWIFE
HorusFive: Only if you miss
seth_erickson: Ben you can open lockers
HorusFive: OH wait
ButButTheJesus: *runs right past the ammo*
funsizecyclops: @DiscordianTokkan Nope, ammo pickups. ammo efficency is the main reward of dismembering enemies. though it's fairly generous.
Despoiler98: NOPE
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Diabore: he was just hanging around
Austere_Squire: who needs ammo when ponch
Arimus221: Ben not looting blue lights hurts lol
biosomniac: You -will- fuck up, but it gets so rewarding when you finally get the hang of it and start blasting off limbs left and right
PharaohBender27: lrrSPOOP
ComradeMik: !backseat
LRRbot: Please refrain from backseat gaming unless the streamer asks for help. The streamer wants to play the game the way they want. Feel free to discuss tactics in chat or with the mods.
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DigitalSeahorse: I had a nightmare last night that everyone was out being all close like under 3 feet and nobody was in a mask o_o
BusTed: The razzledazzle
quasi79fu: that was coool it snuck up behind him
Austere_Squire: Oh I hate the crawling so much
steven_strangle: Nice work, Ben
raze667: shooting the head is almost always useless.
raze667: getting an arm will give you a weapon to throw using the grab thingy
ghostvalv: what :O
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DigitalSeahorse: 1 backlit fan - red
Austere_Squire: Grab a cutter
ComradeMik: Benson from engineering huh
PharaohBender27: Oh, now I get the joke, @Austere_Squire - I thought I'd missed some worrying IRL news
monkeyrama: Could we possibly turn the game down a bit, it seems loud compared to you two, especially when there's an alien?
Austere_Squire: that's descriptive
NinjaRock2603: get ya self a cahtter over here
Camail: grab a cuttah
countz3r0: chunky
BlackIsis: Stop, stop, he's already undead
Mal2mad: STOMP! IT! OUT!
Austere_Squire: @PharaohBender27 Oh, I'm so sorry. I just thought it was funny that Isaac's wife (?) seems to be named Nicole
ButButTheJesus: @DigitalSeahorse oh, that's just reality in the construction areas here
funsizecyclops: Awh, you guyzzzz.
Alahmnat: in case you missed it
Phosphatide: BLOOD SwiftRage
ButButTheJesus: i like how they tell you that 3 times
Edgarware: Hey Ben! Shoot the limbs!
seth_erickson: How many times are you going to tell me this NotLikeThis
Rujasu: Focus testing was done with this game!
AgentMagicMaster: did you know you can cut off their limbs??
Lirelent: they built the WHOLE game around it, they were VERY excited about it
Uzumaki15: Pick up your tokens Ben
GamesAndInk: But can you imagine going through this game if you didn't read the wall and just shot their chest?
wargodmogis: Hey Ben, did you know you should shoot off the limbs?
monkeyrama: In case you didn't hear it the other times, aim for the limbs OpieOP
Lordofironstorm: DID YOU?
monosceros: dead space chest shots only run when
DigitalSeahorse: ButButTheJesus eep
MolaMolaphant: this is almost certainly the only Let's Nope where I'll have played the game before
quasi79fu: reaallly you can cut off their limbs? I didnt know that
PharaohBender27: @Austere_Squire Nah, it's my fault for not having played the game and then being AFK for a second and seeing that post lrrHEART
RegulusPratus: "But what if DON'T head shots?"
monkeyrama: Space whale? PogChamp
cgwonder: space whale?
quasi79fu: what the F was that noise
KCazduke: Oh yeah, stasis module is great
jetpixi: What a banger
BrieBeau: yayyyy
RomanianMyEscutcheon: I can't hear you Londoooooooon!
DigitalSeahorse: Hibo
monkeyrama: Could we possibly turn the game down a bit, it seems loud compared to you two, especially when there's an alien?
quasi79fu: lol heavy metal dead space style
monosceros: you're Link!
Camail: and a TIME wizard too
swaggytaco: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:17.
RegulusPratus: Casual time powers, nbd
Austere_Squire: Isaac's posture looks terrible; like he's an oldschool vampire
ComradeMik: oh yeah, i forgot this is an EA game
BrieBeau: @monkeyrama seconded
ComradeMik: gotta hold them hands
Camail: this was when EA had the occasional good game before sucking the lifeblood out of their studios
TheMerricat: Save stations every section is a bit of a foreboding thing.
quasi79fu: wait there was writing
Sanityis0verrated: always go into battle with an empty bladder
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Austere_Squire: Become as gods?
Alahmnat: word play!
circusofkirkus: no mods, no fear
SajuukSjet: if you aim, you get a light, iirc?
Laserbeaks_Fury: wash your hand, Ben
Anubis169 coughs
GlennSeto: @Austere_Squire This cannot continue.
AnkyTheFallen: toilet ammo
OliverWight: As a lady yes
jetpixi: Yes. All the time
Laserbeaks_Fury: at least 20 seconds
OliverWight: Its mostly bullets
RurouniGeo: Ladies love plasma energy
CataclysmicReverb: THAT'S why men aren't allowed\
gamercat88: big plasma energy
KidAmn: hell yeah lets cut some bodies up
jessieimproved: Yep, that's exactly why
Lordofironstorm: That's what they put in the tampon dispenser
monkeyrama: Suppose I could @ them next time LUL @BrieBeau
jetpixi: That's what takes so long
Camail: refilling your plasma guns takes awhile
Anubis169: circusofkirkus: hmm?
KCazduke: Beware of jumpscares
NimrodXIV: shit, secret's out
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korvys: No dog, know bear. Know dog, no bear.
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bat_wool: No mods, know bastards
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Austere_Squire: what's the red indicator on his back, do we know?
quasi79fu: this room seems safe im guesing its a trap
circusofkirkus: hi Anubis169 sergeModLove
Laserbeaks_Fury: The did say to shoot the arms
ButButTheJesus: BEN
Austere_Squire: OH MY
cgwonder: BEN
monkeyrama: Oh myy
TheMoatman: So, verdict on the momworthiness so far? Will my mom hate Dead Space?
Camail: FLAIL
quasi79fu: oh hai there
quasi79fu: jeez that got me
Despoiler98: Did he punch its head off?
Mysticman89: you punched its head clean off
jetpixi: stomp!
Austere_Squire: If it were me, I would simply Ponch them harder
Serpens77: arms don't go *there*!
Despoiler98: and it DIDNT DIE
monkeyrama: You'll get used to aiming soon enough
Camail: he was rich, and then dead
Austere_Squire: Oh my gods not again
monkeyrama: looool
cgwonder: behind you
Austere_Squire: Ben, no
CururuGuasu: Crunchy
kilotango30: he was one day from retirement you dicks
blip2004: doesn't hear screams
Serpens77: kneecap'd
Camail: yea the directional audio will be rough
tergonis: there's the scary intense music when one appears
ButButTheJesus: @TheMoatman I am told she will hate this ame
Dergib: wait!! ben has made adamonculus a real boy?
Rujasu: Are you still getting only left or right audio?
Dergib: what wizardry is this?
DJManaT: RUDE, I was trying to listen to the audiolog
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monkeyrama: Could we possibly turn the game down for us a bit, it seems loud compared to you two, especially when there's an alien? @LoadingReadyRun
countz3r0: this game + Hard Mode = Extra Spoops
SajuukSjet: this is a game that really tells you what's happening with the sound design....
jetpixi: doot doot doot
Camail: revel in your shame
Austere_Squire: Aha, 2000s games, when they made you wait for shit
TheMoatman: @Dergib Bengeppetto
cgwonder: ummmm, you might be out of stasis
jetpixi: Convenient
bat_wool: @loadingreadyrun Can you put the audio on mono? otherwise you're going to have a bad time
DiscordianTokkan: Mmm! Stasis juice!
seth_erickson: it's science
Camail: its part of the lore
seth_erickson: stuff
TheWanderingNomad: Less time magic, more a gravitational field?
RurouniGeo: Does Ben know he can statis enemies yet?
TheMoatman: Professionally underage
PharaohBender27: Oh good point, @bat_wool
Dergib: also ice to see adam alive
Austere_Squire: "You're a miner. Your job is time magic."
Serpens77: Isaac is a space nerd
GlennSeto: I like how these machines visibly pollute the air ... on a space station.
ImmortalLen: It's hacking not time travel
soupgiraffe: they let minors in space?
monkeyrama: Success!
Dergib: is there going to be a grim dawn this week?
TheMoatman: No, Isaac's a Minor, as in a Minor Miracle
Camail: WOW
quasi79fu: didnt stasis come from the necrothingies like in bio engiineereing reversal or something?
monkeyrama: Noooo
Drasvin: Not a miner. Issac is a mechanic/engineer
iLetTheDogesOut: 2008
Camail: thats unfair
Edgarware: RIP Ben
cgwonder: do they have an in game explanation of stasis?
bat_wool: oh rats
Juliamon: seabatCHOICE
Nigouki: can you change the mixing in the audio driver?
Earthenone: i think grim dong was last week, making this week a legoian week
Camail: why wouldnt they offer mono?
jetpixi: Is it wearing pants?
Dergib: wtf is that?
DJManaT: is this the first game or the second?
Nekuia: Bed could set the PC to mono but that takes time and knowing what to do.
PharaohBender27: 0/10, uninstall and demand a refund
Austere_Squire: can you stasis the dudes?
Dergib: no. stop. wtf is that?
DigitalSeahorse: clips aren't working well on my end today
monkeyrama: Can you fiddle with the external sound settings?
blip2004: @cgwonder they can manipulate gravitrons to change gravity, its how they planet crack as well
Serpens77: @jetpixi they're ex-people, so yeah
sleepingwalru: um, what
seth_erickson: I think you just missed a lot
ladylinzington: @DJManaT first
TheMoatman: Honestly, these dudes haven't really been all that jumpscary
countz3r0: you're on Hard mode.
jetpixi: Ah I see. I had a feeling when I caught a face at once ppoi
jetpixi: point*
sleepingwalru: stomp is very good, ben must have missed a bit
Austere_Squire: is that a licker
Rhynerd: Isaac did not mastee the stomp at this time
quasi79fu: reminder ben you are on Hard mode
BleedingToast: hello lrrBEN lrrADAM and chat
RomanianMyEscutcheon: @Austere_Squire You can, in fact, Stasis the dudes.
PharaohBender27: @DigitalSeahorse Twitch is sometimes a real jerk when it comes to clips. I can never figure out what couses it
quasi79fu: hi bleedingtoast
PharaohBender27: *causes
Ba_Dum_Tish: I never can handle playing these spoopy games
DiscordianTokkan: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
ghostvalv: seabatHITBOX
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL_SO lrrCREEPR_SO
ButButTheJesus: game. game pls.
AgentMagicMaster: 2008 baybee
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wow those boxes are tougher than Isaac
UnknownGerm: "Getcha real fake boxes here"
mowdownjoe: Nice hit boxes. real cool.
TheMoatman: Despite being *inside* the box
soupgiraffe: hard mode box
LightingExpert13: maybe stagger saving wouldn't be a bad idea in this game.
RendezVoodoo: stomp better isaac
TheMoatman: It didn't open
LightingExpert13: never played it though
Austere_Squire: Money can be exchanged for goods and services
itsr67: 3 Stomps this time
quasi79fu: headbanger door is back
TheMoatman: Can that door kill you?
wargodmogis: Everyone might be dead, but captalism will never die\
quasi79fu: ewwww
Saintnex: The range on the stomp seems shorter then what you think it should be
biosomniac: yeahhhhh get em ben
rarermonsters: This is an awesome action game but it's not scary
cgwonder: nope don't like the running on the arms one bit!
SquareDotCube: I think your stomp is 1/3 power compared to normal
DigitalSeahorse: RPGEpicSword lrrCREEPL_SO lrrCREEPR_SO RPGEpicSword
tergonis: gotta be right on top of them apparently
Austere_Squire: ben having a surprisingly touch time crushing the skulls of his enemies beneath his boots
monkeyrama: Unfortunate
SquareDotCube: or enemies have 3x the health
quasi79fu: asteroids are known to have minerals and metals
monkeyrama: Mining gets resources
seth_erickson: Space is where all the good minerals are
KCazduke: Ooo, lockers
cgwonder: fun shadow
RurouniGeo: The best mining is in space we just can't get to it yet
tergonis: raw materials are always important
SquareDotCube: We really want to mine in space. Get those rare metals
RegulusPratus: Asteroid mining is almost a thing irl
DiscordianTokkan: Heck, Alien was about a mining ship, wasn't it?
niccus: space is all about mining
xantos69: people will always need more stuff.
KCazduke: There's items in the lockers
mowdownjoe: We'll always need ore for metal.
seth_erickson: Ben you can open those lockers
crimall: Murdering Baddies is just preemptive healing
Austere_Squire: you're after that unobtainium
Dmc3628: or we mine Hell cause why not
funsizecyclops: mining is the best place for mining. All the asteroids and so much less dirt.
jetpixi: Gotta mine them space rocks
TheMoatman: Asteroid mines are like, the single most common space setting beyond generic "space colony"
StarWarsTHX1138: we always need more resources
Serpens77: space has literally all the minerals that exist that aren't on Earth!
GlennSeto: I mean... we'd probably sooner mine there than live. Space is not a homely place.
quasi79fu: and minerals and metals are needed in the creation of starcrafts and other items needed to survive the journey in space
Japolai: a friend of mine has a phd in rocket engines for space mining
dutchmoose: How else are we going to get trilithium
justwhatever_idk: Remember 2008
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gibbousm: Make us whole again..
RurouniGeo: You can open the white light lockers
GreyGore: @DiscordianTokkan Not just a mining ship, iirc it was an entire ship-sized refinery
monkeyrama: Unobtanium, the dumbest material name ever
ShaneLeeAtk: Nothing quite like being the 666th viewer of a Let's Nope stream.
Dmc3628: since System Shock I would think
gibbousm: Its a shame what they did to Dead Space 3
KCazduke: Really? System Shock 2 didn't do it right?
RegulusPratus: Dead Space 3: Combat Evolved
saucemaster5000: ah yes, the sci-fi future where mining is replaced by thinking resources into existence with our exponential minds
cgwonder: oh we're 100% going to mine shit in space when we have the technology for it. there's no way that won't be a thing the human race does
Serpens77: there is a remake of System Shock coming yeah
ashteranic: there's still remakes going on
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun the system shock remae is still underway.
GreyGore: @LoadingReadyRun The remake is still in the works, iirc
gibbousm: don't get stabbed
quasi79fu: i thought System Shock remake was later this year
Robot_Bones: oh lawd he comin
GreyGore: Just got MASSIVELY delayed
quasi79fu: that is what I keep on hearing
ashteranic: just slowly due to budget constraints
rarermonsters: This really isn't a horror game tbh
Serpens77: it was on Kickstarter quite some time ago
Scy_Anide: System Shock 1 is hard to go back to but SS2 is...playable at least.
Spluuga: the remake became bioshock :P
ashteranic: and the ole engine switchero
rarermonsters: This is basically doom
Serpens77: there's also a SS3 coming
monkeyrama: R I P
Dmc3628: i would definitely peg System Shock an analogue of the "Space Horror"
bat_wool: @monkeyrama I am still aghast that made it to the final script. it fing ridiculous.
Austere_Squire: isn't it possible to softlock yourself in System Shock 2 by picking the wrong skills?
BrieBeau: these alieums are gangly af
ImmortalLen: F
PharaohBender27: katesRip
quasi79fu: Omg Bioshock is one of My favorite games of alll times
sleepingwalru: Count em
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DiscordianTokkan: F
Solid_Fuel: f
quasi79fu: Would you kindly
thedragonlady: There's an explosive over there
Dergib: i missed the start. what caused monsters?
monkeyrama: Honestly @bat_wool , it's a placeholder at best LUL
seth_erickson: oh hey look a red barrel
mowdownjoe: Stomping doesn't seem like a strat on Hard.
TheMoatman: I'm about 105% sure you can't survive just stomping them
ashteranic: aim higher up the thigh
Austere_Squire: does that thing have like... a stomach/crotch mouth?
itsr67: good checkpoint for 2008
quasi79fu: maybe its time to forget Hard and go back to normal?
Austere_Squire: that's upsetting
RurouniGeo: imaBuff Leg Limbs have more health on Hard imaBuff
jetpixi: Oh he Darth Mauled you
PharaohBender27: katesOw katesRip
Countzeroor: Stomping works to finish them off, but if it doesn't kill them on the first stomp, back the hell off.
monkeyrama: Hard mode is real difficult
quasi79fu: or it will be a million deaths before we get anywhere
DigitalSeahorse: wait they grew extra limbs, how does shooting them off prevent growths?
tergonis: specially when you have 2 next to each other
TheMoatman: I've come to this conclusion by watching Ben try to stomp them at all
ButButTheJesus: if it were me i just wouldn't get stabbed
niccus: why does the camera not center on the head half of our decapitated body
countz3r0: You picked an extra hard game to play on Hard
ashteranic: stasis, then cut all the limbs off
Austere_Squire: This is the least accurate stomp I've ever seen. Tracking is a lie
LightingExpert13: shooting in the no no place?
countz3r0: Normal mode is kinda hard.
mowdownjoe: Yeah, no harm in turning this down to Normal.
Edgarware: Stomping is bigger in Dead Space 2
quasi79fu: stomping is the way to go on normal
sleepingwalru: I dont know if its been said but you could also shot them in the head when their down
quasi79fu: it especially was in dead space 3 for me
sleepingwalru: welp
Robot_Bones: you still need to stomp them so they spit out cany is the thing
sleepingwalru: he got there
Talin06: you are also on hard
steven_strangle: You are playing on Hard, Ben, maybe that's why stomping isn't working as well?
ashteranic: stomp's useful later to make sure they won't <censored>
Ba_Dum_Tish: Man Ben is cutting his issues off at the foot
GlennSeto: "Stomp less, smile more..."
Serpens77: don't worry about those guys, they're 'armless
qwelldark: u stomp them when there dead to get loots
RurouniGeo: You will run out of ammo if you try to beat hard with no stomps
ComradeMik: there's no overall count
Austere_Squire: the gun is pretty neat in this
Saintnex: I remember stomping on them, but I don’t remember what difficulty I played and apparently you are on hard?
DigitalSeahorse: Serpens77 benginPun ssandMOD ssandLOL
ComradeMik: immediately visible that is
funsizecyclops: Hard mode cuts everything with a damage number to 1/3rd normal.
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Countzeroor: I think you deal more damage if you shoot when you stasis them.
quasi79fu: time for normal maybe?
bat_wool: Sekiro!
ShaneLeeAtk: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 46:21.
qwelldark: u want every shot to count
Ba_Dum_Tish: Where is your SEKIRO now?
PharaohBender27: Maybe it's time to reintroduce skullcount to the overlay? Kappa
ComradeMik: i mean, if ben wants a challenge let him
Quillpaw: Stomp All Necros
Camail: the dick is the 5th limb
qwelldark: i remember restarting some parts after missing 1 shot
quasi79fu: do they have genitalia those things?
Austere_Squire: Ponch them!!
cgwonder: he's got t-rex arms
monkeyrama: He's learning the tech seabatBRAIN
LightingExpert13: let these masochist boys enjoy the way they want to die
KCazduke: Look for barrels
Kramburger: Stomp the corpse for loots
funsizecyclops: exactly
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Lirelent: ben's catching on to the aiming really quick, well done friend
Austere_Squire: stomp he exploding barrel
Austere_Squire: you know you want to
hyaundredneer: 1st NOPE-thru, chat? Ben, Adam, eve-ins
Rujasu: Yeah, stomping does work on killed enemies for loot
Quillpaw: also i just tuned in, i'm so angry i didn't get a notification for this. i love this game.
GlennSeto: Narrator: Ben proceeded to be not extra-careful.
Lirelent: PARTY!!!
Ba_Dum_Tish: The monsters seem to be SEKIROing Ben
UnknownGerm: Time to rope tese dopes
monkeyrama: This is rough
Austere_Squire: "I'll be extra careful!" "He was not extra careful."
UnknownGerm: *these
BrindleBoar: no, they just use vents to chase you
iLetTheDogesOut: they move through the vents
KCazduke: Yeah, if you run, they will jump into vents to try and cut you off
cgwonder: i think they can take short cuts through the vents if you run away from them.
blip2004: i think there are only like 2 sections where enemies don't stop
Quillpaw: this is one of many services the game provides, titled "we lock you in a room and fill it with necromorphs, please enjoy!"
monkeyrama: The enemy is smart
PharaohBender27: "Welp, time to die"
DiscordianTokkan: This seems Too hard for my tastes
ComradeMik: the stomp is a little unwieldy
monkeyrama: I really can't hear the boys very well NotLikeThis
Lirelent: yea hard mode is rough for how much ammo you get
GlennSeto: He's trying.
Serpens77: that's possibly the first time ever anyone has said that Ben are Adam aren't loud enough Kappa
cgwonder: stasis them?
BusTed: The ol' 1-2.
mowdownjoe: Yeah, turn the difficulty down if you can.
countz3r0: this will continue to happen on Hard Mode
excalgold: didnt have a leg to stand on in that fight
blip2004: you have to restart
BusTed: I'm not a fan of the tiny abdomen arms.
monkeyrama: It seems worth it, tbh
Quillpaw: you punched his arm off, but he punched your legs off, so we'll call it a draw
Edgarware: I mean you're not too far in so far
jessieimproved: aw man, you were in pieces, it was like I was watching my kid play Roblox
carcrash20: stasis and punch them before using ammo
Robot_Bones: you're not that far in
Austere_Squire: No shame, only whatever's fun for you!
Kramburger: @LoadingReadyRun Corpses may have extra loot if you stomp them once they're dead
RurouniGeo: tppowerFX1 ben the white light lockers you passed up in previous rooms you can open and have ammo in them sometimes tppowerFX1
Serpens77: 2008
hinhanska: You're not that far in, start over
darkspiredragon: Is this Spiderman 2099 the game?
gainsofcastamere: Use the barrels when they're right on top
wargodmogis: Just restart? you aren't that far in
cgwonder: maybe in the main menu?
gainsofcastamere: if possible
soupgiraffe: I feel like everybody is saying the same thing but to also say the same thing: I think itd be worth it restart. were not too far in and I
Austere_Squire: Gods, I hate their weird cavity
ComradeMik: the parry!
hyaundredneer: How run of the gate of them
cgwonder: oh god i don't like his stomach mouth
soupgiraffe: think youd enjoy the game better ya know?
jessieimproved: they sound entirely too much like a human
monkeyrama: Good start
blip2004: you're still in the tutorial section, you haven't even unlocked the shop yet.
Rujasu: Thoroughly stomps corpses for any additional loot
hyaundredneer: One must be most uunready for what lurks, sleeps, and dwells within.
VTMonster: Ben, how many lands are you running?
countz3r0: you also need to make sure you're opening all lockers and containers, you've already missed many
gainsofcastamere: You got dis!
countz3r0: and you need the ammo
cgwonder: we believe in you Ben!
drcthulu: nah, You're doing so good Ben you could turn the difficulty up
Ba_Dum_Tish: Chat is very trying Ben
PharaohBender27: lrrBEN has stomped his foot down on that suggestion!
LightingExpert13: might need to make a decision on if you want to restart at a lower difficulty
bootyboombass1: hello boys
BrieBeau: I believe in you Ben 🥰
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Sanityis0verrated: You do you Ben
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Scy_Anide: Ben's middle name is Hard, right?
TheAlmightyJonassons: I believe in you, you can do eet!
Austere_Squire: Live yer bliss!
excalgold: are we allowed to make jokes about Isaacs various states of dismemberment ? you've got this !
monkeyrama: Yooooooo
KCazduke: You did it!
TwitchTVsFrank: have you tried killing the enemy before they kill you
quasi79fu: that was close
monkeyrama: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Edgarware: lrrGOAT
cgwonder: yeah!
ghostvalv: sekiro!
ComradeMik: air horns!
ichiryuu111: stomp city
Stoffern: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Mysticman89: theres always peng
Haydencp: poggers
ButButTheJesus: lrrFINE
Despoiler98: we got a GAMER HERE
Ba_Dum_Tish: BENKIRO
itira: lrrFINE
Austere_Squire: Lookit how alive this man is
jonasjonIV: never didnt have it
Kramburger: Stomp corpses pls Ben
hinhanska: bees are females btw
Swamplor: This is a horror game because of the scary amount of backseating, right?
ButButTheJesus: it'll be fine now!
BusTed: benginDab
thedragonlady: There is one part of this game that is stupid hard on hard mode
Sanityis0verrated: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
GamesAndInk: Maybe we should turn the difficulty UP
RurouniGeo: imaDab imaDab imaDab
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
bat_wool: Suddenly a wild bees' sick appears...
Pteraspidomorphi: It was kind of easy, can we increase the difficulty?
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quasi79fu: ewww
BusTed: oh no
ghostvalv: D:
KCazduke: Zombie check
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
drcthulu: undead twitchy leg syndrome
monkeyrama: Cool ragdoll
Austere_Squire: You should call Adam anyways; he's p. chill
Lirelent: physics objects!
hyaundredneer: Shoot it...?
itira: restless leg syndrome
arcbound_roomba: I'm soooo uncomfortable
cgwonder: ummmm
Quillpaw: that gentleman needs a vibe check
unrealdoctt: Shoot it
thedragonlady: It sounds squishy
CataclysmicReverb: How is geometry formed?
unrealdoctt: Its gonna get up
NotCainNorAbel: restless leg syndrome
Lithobraker: he's dancing to ska! it's the skanky leg
gainsofcastamere: I always loved the in-game hud elements, really draws you in.
darkspiredragon: that one leg has a case of the zoomies. the rest of the body not so much
monkeyrama: looooool
BusTed: Haha.
quasi79fu: omg lol
NimrodXIV: lol
jetpixi: Ben ALWAYS knows
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bat_wool: dick, bees' dick. Thanks autocorrect.
Despoiler98: JBAITED
GreyGore: I think it was trembling with anticipation
Lirelent: haha, call it, still get played, so good
Lordofironstorm: Ben is cursed with prophecy
KCazduke: I said zombie check!
monkeyrama: Damn it
Quillpaw: hello highlights
ashteranic: you gotta stop trying to stomp them
GreyGore: Like "Oh man, oh man, oh man, I can't WAIT to surprise that Isaac guy!"
Sanityis0verrated: I'd give Adam at least a 7.5
ComradeMik: the stomps are not as accurate as you want
Saintnex: @loadingreadyrun stomping on dead bodies sometimes drop more loot I believe
chicken_fajitas: they're like cockroaches
jonasjonIV: again? no problem!
Stoffern: The range on the stomp just seems abyssmal
Despoiler98: Chat do you ever get a different gun?
Swamplor: Pretending to be a janky physics object is hardcore camouflage
LightingExpert13: they dudes...
Edgarware: Dead body stomps for extra loot are a DS2 thing, not this game
Ba_Dum_Tish: Stasis feels super important
Austere_Squire: Ben's trying to stomp the spiders, but also is afraid of the spiders, so he doesn't wanna get too close
BusTed: Eventually yeah, but you can upgrade the heck out of the starting one.
Austere_Squire: it's a feel i respect
GlennSeto: @LoadingReadyRun Maybe y'all could look into a global mono downmix for Windows sometime, for you to switch on at times like these? :)
ttam809: No fake adam this week?
OnyxOblivion: lure the others to those explosives
LoadingReadyRun: @Saintnex They know, that's why they want to stomp :)
Austere_Squire: Stomp the explosives!
quasi79fu: lol now that was hilarious
bat_wool: @despoiler98 oh yes you get lots
BusTed: Bamboozled by the incline.
Austere_Squire: ohay, Hullo, all of LRR
ComradeMik: the tech worked tho
LightingExpert13: mmmm tasty person
GamesAndInk: The HURBIS on this boy
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrGREED
bat_wool: well, a selection really
ButButTheJesus: @Gizmoloid that's EXACTLY what I was thinking, when I clicked on teh link I was like "I hope its that Critical Miss comic"
Saintnex: @loadingreadyrun fair enough! I hope I’m not back seating too much :P
KCazduke: Hey, we're getting better at this
KCazduke: That's what gaming's all about
OnyxOblivion: stomp every enemy corpse for extra goodies, btw
BusTed: seabatHITBOX
Austere_Squire: why are you so angry, angry jeff
ruscobrog: seabatHITBOX
mxBug: this protag is pretty rip and tear
monkeyrama: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
Ba_Dum_Tish: I feel like that suit is not as air tight anymore
ContingentCat: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
monkeyrama: It's very loud for us
theonlyangelx: I'm gonna have to catch the vods later, sending yall love!!!
enki1256: It is a lil
KCazduke: Zombie check time
emonotony: (the game practically speaking requires the initial weapon ammo & probably upgrades for a specific boss fight)
RurouniGeo: Perfect sound for me
AlienNanobots: Holy shit, I've been watching for half an hour and only just now remembered they aren't in the same room
jetpixi: bye @theonlyangelx
enki1256: you got this Ben.
kristamichele: I keep thinking the dead body parts are new body parts and doing a mini panic
Lirelent: sound balance sound great to me
hwdesperado: Do great with what you have
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mxBug: the system is working ! @AlienNanobots
ContingentCat: @AlienNanobots the illusion works
jetpixi: WOOOOW
Kramburger: JEBAITED
monkeyrama: Adam lied NotLikeThis
PolyGryph: nailed it
KCazduke: GOTTEM
Lirelent: yea this stream is VERY cool technology
Lordofironstorm: ADAM NO
Inquisitor_Xian: cheeky fucker!
ComradeMik: yeah, this game loves to do that
Mr_Dirty: is Adam on out team or team monster?
DiscordianTokkan: The trap!
chicken_fajitas: with the pump fake
monkeyrama: Adam's on team Alien
Saintnex: I have complete faith in you Ben, kick Dead Space’s butt!
Quillpaw: the two rules of necros: if you found it dead, shoot it first; and it ain't dead till it gurgles
jetpixi: Give 'em the double tap
drcthulu: super Jebaited
hyaundredneer: Each death gives you more resources to kill them next time?
hwdesperado: Stomp EVRYTHING to be sure, haha
Mal2mad: 666 viewers!
Pteraspidomorphi: If you're on a discord live channel and not a dm, it might be possible to increase audio quality
tezzerettinkerer: Even got Adam lmao
soupgiraffe: I thought ben was the traitor not adam lol
hesterbyrde: I love that all the jumpscares are accompanied by musical stings that sound like someone tasing a percussionist and throwing their instruments down the stairs.
jetpixi: no! not that one!
Mr_Dirty: The one with the spiders?
TheWanderingNomad: I Am Legend?
CataclysmicReverb: Air bud?
DiscordianTokkan: Oh! I, Robot!
TwitchTVsFrank: id4?
Rynehawk: Chairman of the Board starring Carrot Top?
StarWarsTHX1138: no no no no we don't talk about the dog in that movie
jessieimproved: definitely Men in Black
Austere_Squire: Adam, why
hyaundredneer: Stream got gaught by active view count 999, but upside down.
quasi79fu: lol
chicken_fajitas: he still alive
itira: Adam you lied
ghostvalv: 0/2
ContingentCat: Men in Black 2?
Mr_Dirty: Adam team alien confirmed
ComradeMik: yeah, this game kinda needs a quick step
ComradeMik: not like a full dodge,
GamesAndInk: I think you need to Check For A Pulse.
justwhatever_idk: you mean Wild Wild West I think, "I am (wild) legend"
HeyLuckyAnnie: So I was just searching for "Let's Nope" and mistyped it as "Let's Cope" and that seems super appropriate because this show is weirdly soothing
Austere_Squire: You just decked that man
ComradeMik: but a bit of a dodge would be good
monkeyrama: Never listen to Adam LUL
SajuukSjet: Hard mode :D
GamesAndInk: Telltales The Dead Space
Austere_Squire: Adam is very bad at telling dead things from alive things
bat_wool: @emonotony pretty sure they're playing no spoilers
Quillpaw: when a necro dies it lets out a very distinct death-gurgle, that's the tell
ComradeMik: unless they're limbless, there's not really a good sign
GamesAndInk: Necromorph Will Remember This
Stoffern: necromorphs tell no tales
monkeyrama: Upgrades Kreygasm
ghostvalv: weren't there lockers in the original tram room?
emonotony: @bat_wool I don't think it's a spoiler to say "upgrade the beginning gun and keep it's ammo" if you don't say why.
ComradeMik: 100%
monkeyrama: It really is, it's so good
bat_wool: Do you even bench bro?
Mysticman89: I vaguely recall theres an achievement for using exclusively the plasma cutter for the entire game
GamesAndInk: Yeap, plasma cutter all the way
druidofspores: plasma cutter is def the best
GreyGore: Dunno why, always felt the Power Nodes look very much like Ink Ribbons from the RE games
Austere_Squire: is that the first gun?
Austere_Squire: 'cause it does seem real neat
ComradeMik: the plasma cutter is the best bar none
BusTed: Yeah.
ButButTheJesus: there was an achievement/trophy for using only plasma cutter
Haydencp: that and the saw
BusTed: It is what he is currently using.
ghostvalv: dubstep weapon right?
Rujasu: Game's designed to be beatable with the cutter
Edgarware: I think the only other weapon I ever used is the Line Cutter
ButButTheJesus: oh yeah, I'm team chainsaw
KCazduke: You will want to upgrade your rig too
ComradeMik: there's some cool guns, but none are as accurate or as versatile
ContingentCat: Abusrd? Does it imagine Sisyphus happy?
MolaMolaphant: and getting other weapons changes the ammo economy...
RurouniGeo: the ripper weapon is great and in certain cases better than the plasma cutter against some enemies
Austere_Squire: is that Jack from ME2
monkeyrama: Upgrading the rig is also nice
Quillpaw: yeah the line cutter is also good, but it's just a Big version of the plasma cutter
cgwonder: to your left
emonotony: @Rujasu I wish the game was designed to be beatable with any weapon, it was *such* a let down.
Serpens77: a game about cutting the limbs off the enemies as efficiently as possible; best weapon is a thing that cuts things off seabatBRAIN
aziher: the Line gun was almost as good but had ammo problems
Saintnex: The least cool gun in this game is the assault rifle imo
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kynelwynn: Too Spoopy boys for a too spoopy game. Hope you both are doing well in this time of Sanctuary. lrrLove
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bat_wool: @emonotony I don't really think so either
ComradeMik: and the line gun can't change axis can it?
DiscordianTokkan: Occupado!
monkeyrama: lol
mxBug: lmao
cgwonder: Yes Ben!
ttam809: do these guys not stay dead?
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL LUL
jetpixi: what is even
ghostvalv: D:
v_nome: The URL for that clip seems strangely appropriate.
monkeyrama: We took it with us
PenultiN00b: 2008 was a time in gaming
mxBug: hahahahaha
ComradeMik: they do stay dead, there's just a chitload of them
ContingentCat: uhhh
cgwonder: oh god!
hwdesperado: True Horror!
LightingExpert13: oh this dude
SajuukSjet: the line gun is particularly fun for taking out a bunch at the same time
kristamichele: gonna go out on a limb & say you should keep the loud lads warning at the beginning of the stream
tezzerettinkerer: XD
Serpens77: haha that would work so perfectly as a scene in a movie of this
Rynehawk: jigglypuff has evolved
luckieletsplay: He's been sacrificed to the door gods
Mr_Dirty: elevators seem like a bad idea in this game
tezzerettinkerer: I cant breathe lmao
Saintnex: Oh dang that got me
Rujasu: -ish
druidofspores: I'm glad to catch this live, this my favorite LRR show :D
itsr67: "dying btw guys"
ButButTheJesus: 1 is not 0!
PenultiN00b: He's very gurgly
monkeyrama: LUL Adam
BusTed: Haha.
cgwonder: oh man the laboured breathing
Robot_Bones: I turned on the tram guys give me hospital
Drasvin: He's just trying to breath through a punctured lung
ComradeMik: i mean, he's probably got a bit of a punctured lung
ComradeMik: nbd
Quillpaw: isaac is one of those horror protags that just can't catch a break
ttam809: The one person backstage who doesn't turn off their headset
itira: LUL LUL
jetpixi: This is not how he saw his day goin
YawnLance: Is this where we learn that Isaac has coal miners lung? D:
ashiok_nightmare_moose: those lockers have pickups
thedragonlady: I can't breathe from laughing
Austere_Squire: Oh, my, you appear to be out of spine
MolaMolaphant: it's funny cause this is just what breathing in SCUBA sounds like
thedragonlady: these guys are great
cgwonder: no health no ammo no stasis. this is fine
RurouniGeo: the white light lockers behind you Ben! you passed it up like 3 times already!
quasi79fu: some people is going to die faster than others
Austere_Squire: "You suck and you're gonna die, Isaac"
splatty1: I think he has a lung puncture that happens to mostly be sealed by that suit Kappa
monkeyrama: Oh man, it suuuure does
hyaundredneer: They lifted quarantine? Is that bad, chat?
KCazduke: Wait you didn't save
Mysticman89: dear teammates, why aren't you getting perfect cs?
monkeyrama: Griefing your teammates never works
rarermonsters: But it's not league, she's telling her captain to not go deeper into the murder alien ship
jetpixi: Negative thinking hurts your gamer skills
chicken_fajitas: legit
BlackIsis: no ammo, no health, no problem!
sgowell: Was that the Kids in the hall “that’s a fact”?
Mysticman89: if her captain had better CS maybe this would be ok
mowdownjoe: Like, I get anxiety just BOOTING up Valorant. Competitive team-based games aren't for me right now.
Quillpaw: i do not trust long winding corridors in this game
jetpixi: Let him live his best life
KCazduke: There were lockers in the Tram station that may have had health
Robot_Bones: Alien "Murder " Ship
Despoiler98: Yeah dont Kinkshame the Captain
ContingentCat: bad vibes are a real thing katesGG
RurouniGeo: you passed it up ben go back to the tram
Austere_Squire: so, ben, you were for leaving Kathy behind in the last game. What about leaving Nicole beind here? :p
quasi79fu hands Ben some anything
ghostvalv: how about some alien
ComradeMik: go deeper Keepo
YawnLance: benginLol
Masslost: a store would be good
jetpixi: WOMP
BusTed: bop
Mysticman89: riivGoodVibes
druidofspores: He's trying to find his girlfriend anyway
Quillpaw: LMAO
NimrodXIV: you said anything
monkeyrama: loool, Ben
Mr_Dirty: free hugs
cgwonder: nayhting but that guy
Despoiler98: WELP
YawnLance: You got bodied
GamesAndInk: Nice!
GlennSeto: Tackled.
monkeyrama: It hit you that hard
hwdesperado: Powerful!
DiscordianTokkan: It hit you so hard the game crashed!
drcthulu: he hit you so hard he crashed the game
iamkaiserbear: we got ranched
Despoiler98: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
emonotony: Owned so hard the game died
tergonis: punched your soul out
bat_wool: oh God Ben!
Austere_Squire: Oh, you died so hard you're on steam instead
ButButTheJesus: nope
hyaundredneer: It think you're that bad....
cgwonder: got hit so hard the game crashed
justwhatever_idk: you died too hard
Saintnex: Woah
kingoftuesdaynight: Fuckin owned
darkspiredragon: hard mode got ben so hard it uninstalled
monkeyrama: Game says NO
chompskyhonk82: bloodsplosioned you
Nekuia: Game is over, time leave. Don't need to go home but you can't watch this stream
jonasjonIV: perma death
quasi79fu: ben got owned
A_Catastrophic_Success: So it is a bad sign that I join and instantly the game rashes?
jetpixi: Got hit into another dimension
NateThePancake: Steam wants Ben to stop embarrassing himself.
SoulSpliceV: Welcome to the highlight reel lmao
monkeyrama: "this isn't for you :)"
Austere_Squire: anyone else remember the time Graham read the words "my bones are wet"
Despoiler98: lrrCREEPL_SO lrrCREEPR_SO
Austere_Squire: that ruined my day a bit
Pharmacistjudge: Is this deadspace or Superhot?
soupgiraffe: this never happened
CastleOtranto: Ouchies my pouchies
ComradeMik: you have a tiny bit of health now
BusTed: hax
ComradeMik: it's totally a strat
ContingentCat: opens up Minecraft lrrBEEJ
GlennSeto: "Maybe Dead Space 3 is more your speed." Kappa
cgwonder: oh hey you got osme health!
ttam809: Pro Strats
SoulSpliceV: Speed strats
bartimus_thundercask: ben you missed a bunch of item lockers
RurouniGeo: ben there are white light lockers by the tram you haven't opened. two of them
Questhere: hot buttons in your area
quasi79fu: slap fight
TwitchTVsFrank: hot button push it and see
ContingentCat: welp
Nigouki: just checked Steam and 2011 is the last time I played this. I remember it being super spoopy, had just finished an insane boss fight but in the end the game was too much for me so I never finished it. Looking forward to this.
itsr67: muda muda muda
SoulSpliceV: Is there a hot pocket for them
Quillpaw: he clapped your head clean off
monkeyrama: Man, this melee is so bad
Edgarware: Yeah, melee is a last resort
Lordofironstorm: He decapitated you
Austere_Squire: you're an angry boi, Isaac. Ponch harder
GlennSeto: Isaac lost his helmet ... oh wait, it was his head.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL_SO wheelerMuldr_FC lrrCREEPR_SO
chompskyhonk82: Stomps are useful but slapping doesn't get the job done
cgwonder: i mena they didn't tell you three times in a row to melee
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easterncaveofwonders: That one time you get sent to the ShadowRealm when you aren’t even playing Magic. Love the streams thanks for all of LRR keeping us in content during the quarantines.
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monkeyrama: Health is nice
carcrash20: there is a box that might have ammo behind the monster
splatty1: just tank i guess
Kirkygirl: hi friends! I needed the distraction and nothing like two bois getting spooped.
Quillpaw: isaac does possess the Stomp of the Gods
Saintnex: I cant remember when we get the first shop in the game, but that would be SOO helpful right now
The_Brony_Vamp: Is there not a store yet?
monkeyrama: Oops whoops
ButButTheJesus: LUL
quasi79fu: ho about just leaving the ship and blowing it up?
RurouniGeo: Ben there are lockers you havent opened to your left
AgentMagicMaster: oww, you stomped on his kneecap
kilotango30: flatlined
tergonis: everything is a learning process
ComradeMik: he's got the lockers now
Quillpaw: quasi79fu oh they would but all their stuff blew up
bi0buster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:08:31.
ComradeMik: he knows they're there
jetpixi: You'll get it
monkeyrama: Up to you, Ben SeemsGood
gualdhar: did he have ammo?
soupgiraffe: do what you want to, just sucks to feel frustrated ya know? lol
RendezVoodoo: The audacity of the stomp stunned him
countz3r0: In Hard mode you need to be real meticulous about picking up everything, and conserving ammo
countz3r0: Every shot has to hit.
bartimus_thundercask: this game is alot of ramming your head against the wall till somethingnworks
druidofspores: I hope you two are doing well :) I would send more coffee if the shipping from Texas wasn't crazy expensive
monkeyrama: Stomped the leg off seabatPjorg
ComradeMik: buds, if watching a game being played not how you would tilts you out, maybe don't watch
Despoiler98: GOTEM
BusTed: Bopped.
jetpixi: *applause*
monkeyrama: benginDab benginDab benginDab
tergonis: booya!
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
GamesAndInk: Crack the CODE!
DiscordianTokkan: Niiiice
Scy_Anide: Nailed it in one, nice!
ghostvalv: poggies
Quillpaw: yeah that was the death gurgle, you got him
Saintnex: Got'm
TwitchTVsFrank: rileyqPog
bartimus_thundercask: nice job
Lirelent: Ben pro grammer, well done friend
lochnessseammonster: benginHeart
gainsofcastamere: stomp is ok with stasis or when out of ammo yeah
Lordofironstorm: D:
Drasvin: I think punch is to give breathing room
monkeyrama: Jesus, Ben LUL
cgwonder: veyr nicely done
jetpixi: No limbs for you!
itira: A R T
GlennSeto: He was behind this the whole time, like Jigsaw.
crimall: The way of the foot is greater than the way of the first
darkspiredragon: Always stomp those Goombas
gainsofcastamere: yeah punch is more of a push
RurouniGeo: ben stop passing up item boxes you need ammo
mowdownjoe: No, Adam... this isn't Neir Automata. Kappa
Revelia: ben relearning that 8-step process
Saintnex: if we only have one enemy, it might be worth it to just statis and stomp to conserve ammo
gainsofcastamere: scour every room for white lights
Austere_Squire: ben is perfecting the art of the ponch
gualdhar: hardcore knife run when Ben?
emonotony: Ben going full pacifist run
quasi79fu: lol
Mysticman89: apparently your melee damage actually does depend on what wepaon you have equipped
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the_elkae: lrrHEART
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cgwonder: one behind you as well
GlennSeto: I mean ... if they have somewhere else to be.
bat_wool: @mysticman89 that's crazy
RurouniGeo: Melee damage also matters on limbs. Legs have more health than arms on this difficulty
monkeyrama: Oof
kynelwynn: Hey, Adam pronounced it right! :D
gualdhar: oh man that's hilarious
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Haydencp: come on dude
ExhaustedElox: This game is so mind-bending. I love it.
xternal_0: this was ahead of its time in 2008
xternal_0: 685 views
TheBearBee: Hey Ben, Why are you hanging out with Emperor Palpatine's hologram?
quasi79fu: oh bt Loadingreadyrun i want to thank Graham for re-sparking my interest in Final fantasy games again i just bought the finalfantasy x and x 2 remake games and am playing through them again
ttam809: A hot key?
OnyxOblivion: press Y to use a stasis pack
gainsofcastamere: also keep in mind the ammo that drops is based on the weapons you carry, therefore only carry the cutter and ripper imho
gualdhar: @TheBearBee you don't know the power of the hoodie
Saintnex: @LoadingReadyRun I just want to say I am really glad ya'll are playing Dead Space, I have owned it for a long time, but never finished it because I dont really do well with horror games :D
ButButTheJesus: Aim Controls
monkeyrama: Not the juice NotLikeThis
countz3r0: There's a button that makes you quick turn for sure
cgwonder: just fucking stomp his legs off
Haydencp: nice
monkeyrama: He's learning seabatBRAIN
drcthulu: stomps > slaps
YawnLance: You're doin' good Ben! :D
TZTFG: benginHi benginHi
jetpixi: Look our boi. Growin' up so fast
Nigouki: ok now that he's mastered it time for melee only run
KCl_Man: seabatHITBOX
LightingExpert13: this is like miss congeniality with the stomping on feet
quasi79fu: are there bosses in Dead Space 1?
Haydencp: he is learning
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emonotony: yeeep
kynelwynn: Is this your favorite horror game, Adam?
quasi79fu: I know there were bosses in Dead space 3
MacSquizzy: Professional Gamer Benjamineering Ulmer
Quillpaw: there sure are!
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TheBearBee: Sup, I see you are playing the classic horror game, Expired Area
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gainsofcastamere: yeah
YawnLance: There are quasi79fu :P
AlienNanobots: Oh, you're doing the whole series?
CapnRobert: are you guys gonna coop three? it does some wild stuff with coop
monkeyrama: No, just the third
crimall: Yeah that was 3
seth_erickson: I played it like last year and it was still really good
quasi79fu: Oh Gahd Bosses on Hard Mode
Haydencp: 3rd one
emonotony: And some of the bosses are... not very thought out.
bat_wool: is Isaac wearing ice skates? those limbs practically popped off.
Despoiler98: I'm assuming the suit we are wearing is like an Exo suit of some kind which is why we can stomp creatures LIMBS OFF OF THEM or is Isaac just a superhuman?
crimall: for coop
enki1256: Exo suit.
CapnRobert: three did some real cool kinda unique stuff with the coop
kerbalized_: I'm so excited for DS3. A friend and I played blind and experienced the head fuckery
gainsofcastamere: rule for bosses? Shoot the yellow bits
quasi79fu: i liked the third
Kramburger: With the accelerated rate that ben's learning at, we'll be playing game 2 next week
blip2004: yes it is on steam
kerbalized_: it was amazing
AlienNanobots: Hell yeah, I'm here for it
monkeyrama: The third is the only one I've played, it was fine?
gainsofcastamere: nah origin :(
thedragonlady: It's pretty good
enki1256: Its built for deep space mining/working on ship repairs
Despoiler98: There's a bundle on steam now of all the games
gainsofcastamere: ah apparently both
MechaKuuga: out of ammo, monkaS
thedragonlady: It's good as a game but it loses the spoopy nature
quasi79fu: Dead space 3 is on Playstation Now is where i found it it might be on steam
chicken_fajitas: SAIL
monkeyrama: Dead Space 3 is not on steam
Haydencp: 3rd one is less horror more action
RurouniGeo: first store coming up yayyy
Solid_Fuel: no problems
jetpixi: Wish you luck?!
Stoffern: Isaac is weezing more than laughing
Saintnex: Yea the biggest criticism I have heard about Dead Space 3 is that it is just too actiony compared to horror
KeirenH: first one is definitely more of a horror game, whereas the others are more action shooters
splatty1: a nightmere up there you say?
HorusFive: Press F to wish luck?
Kramburger: GLHF bro
The_Wooba: where did the bodies go?
jdb399: Nope let's
loudwalrus: Hey, don't have time to hang out tonight, but wanted to stop by quickly and give you some of Bezos' money
jdb399: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:15:55.
TheBearBee: Oh wow, this really early in the game
TZTFG: benginSpoop benginSpoop benginSpoop
BusTed: "Good luck or whatever. Sorry, having some trouble hearing you over the alien guts clogging up my helmet."
jdb399: Hey Ben and Adam!
ashmedai127: great job, keep up the good work
jdb399: benginHi
Despoiler98: @Saintnex how is this more horror than action? We've just run around shooting one monster over and over
iamkaiserbear: Um Jammer Lammy was great, never played Parappa tho
cgwonder: shouldn't there be two dead bodies in here.... either that's a game thing or an omen
monkeyrama: Nicely done, Ben
jdb399: Lettuce is gross that's why
ButButTheJesus: dead space 3 is on origin for pc
GamesAndInk: That was some pro rap
DiscordianTokkan: There's also the one where everyone needs to go to the washroom, "In the rain or in the snow, I got the funky funky flow", or something
quasi79fu: yeah where are teh dead bodies that are supposed to be in this Room Ben
frogomb: When I say boom boom boom
jetpixi: Personally, I tear my lettuce lol
The_Wooba: its just crunchy water
Despoiler98: water and cellulose
gainsofcastamere: but soon more monsters show up, like the babies *shudder*
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loudwalrus: Don't have time to hang out tonight, but wanted to stop by quickly and give you some of Bezos' money. 12 months, that's almost a year!
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monkeyrama: So is watermelon, and Watermelon is great
Kramburger: You SHRED lettuce, geeze, never asking Parappa to make me a burger
ashmedai127: Reminds me of .//hack series with the character BT and the story behind her name.
jdb399: Gross water
niccus: lettuce is bordering on negative calories
TheAlmightyJonassons: lettuce is awful imo
ttam809: What about watermelln though?
MolaMolaphant: lettuce is just organic watter
ttam809: watermelon
jetpixi: Yeah. It fills you up without all the calories if you do it right
cgwonder: i fucking love lettuce but probaby because it's crunchy water
Drasvin: I like the crunch of fresh lettuce
Quillpaw: hello leaper fren!
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
jdb399: very very loud
quasi79fu: wtf ewww is that
The_Wooba: whenever i play Azorius control I always make sure to play Birth of My Lettuce
Austere_Squire: potatoes are vegetable; ergo, fries are a salad
TheAlmightyJonassons: @onyxoblivion that was a work of art right there
cgwonder: really not a fan of this guy
itsr67: that's one weird dog
ComradeMik: new enemy type!
monkeyrama: Lettuce exists for the texture SeemsGood
circusofkirkus: is that a space walrus
emonotony: Lettuce is extremely low-calorie, it fills you, it has ok nutrients and it makes a burger less heavy on your stomach.
GlennSeto: Love their dainty walk.
Mysticman89: That boy has done his nordic curls
Saintnex: @Despoiler98 its more relatively speaking, DS 3 is less horror then the first without any judgement on how much horror DS 1 is
Despoiler98: He tried
biosomniac: Man, you're getting to grips with the combat way faster than I did
drcthulu: tripod of death is doing his best
quasi79fu: i think we are walking into a trap
OnyxOblivion: @TheAlmightyJonassons ty
monkeyrama: LUL
ButButTheJesus: omg
TheAlmightyJonassons: ahahaha
multeyemeteor: Spalrus
jdb399: Dead Space is always the worst about using loud sounds as a crutch for horror
quasi79fu: callled it
josh___something: I just woke up, hello friends!
The_Wooba: RIP ship
Serpens77: Objective added: OH GOD FIRE
ComradeMik: shits on fire yo
BusTed: Good objective.
Nigouki: good job, you only touched it and it fucking exploded
YawnLance: Welp
itsr67: everything went from 0 to ON FIRE real fast
Mal2mad: Does that mean Adam is Gwen Stefani?
YawnLance: Farewell Ship
Electrodyne: Tired: Stasis Energy. Wired: Freeze-em Fries
quasi79fu: wow
HorusFive: Bad news about the car dad
Pinwiz11: space dude lost his space ride
Despoiler98: FIRE IN SPACE BAD CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
jdb399: Dead Space? More like Dead in Space
monkeyrama: R I P ship
ashmedai127: Pretty sure spaceships are not suppose to do that
LightingExpert13: rip train dude
hwdesperado: Jeez Issac, way to eff that up.
Despoiler98: wait was that the ship we came in on?
ComradeMik: the twofer!
HorusFive: The ship became broken
tergonis: the double!
biosomniac: Ooh, the twofer
TheAlmightyJonassons: @loadingreadyrun space pants is one of my favourite skits, I sing it all the time
quasi79fu: going to need those bullets
Saintnex: @Despoiler98 yup
Despoiler98: JUMPY WALRUS
quasi79fu: oh he can fly? WUTTTTT
monkeyrama: That's not ok, monster
jetpixi: Look at it wag its tail
Quillpaw: using stasis on leapers is really fun, i love watching them jump in slomo
LightingExpert13: he brought a buddy with
josh___something: a literal meat shield
LightingExpert13: buddy system
Despoiler98: I looked away for one second why did our ship explode?
A_Catastrophic_Success: He put on some body armor
BusTed: my b
YawnLance: Whoops
multeyemeteor: Stupid sexy space nightmare
jetpixi: Totes sorry fam
TheOtterWhoLies: Wait Hammond from Overwatch is in this game?
noisyblizzard: water under the bridge
monkeyrama: Ben's the captain benginDab
quasi79fu: captain is dead? or Undead?
sjcTheos: F
Robot_Bones: look at me, I am the captain now
kingoftuesdaynight: Ben's dead!
cgwonder: take a WILD GUESS
TheThromborax: "How?"
HorusFive: The same way as EVERYBODY ELSE
ttam809: everybody is dead dirk
quasi79fu: Ben Is Dead
emonotony: Captain Dave?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL_SO lrrCREEPR_SO
Pinwiz11: Did you try 12345?
quasi79fu: or not
Despoiler98: did they just get eaten?
OnyxOblivion: they dont have a plasma cutter, clearly
banachspacebar: well they don't have a plasma cutter
DigitalSeahorse: how? his heart stopped
quasi79fu: i think they got eaten
gainsofcastamere: How did he die? Necromorphs you dingus!
Austere_Squire: they're not used ot hard mode yet, ben
enki1256: Nor the exo-suit
KCazduke: They also don't have an armored RIG
jdb399: Dont you love when people in video games have no backups to get into certain systems so they can artificially insert a fetch quest
monkeyrama: Bulat
Kramburger: Bullast
PolyGryph: They didn't read "Cut Off the Limbs" written in blood, to be fair to them
boristhewizard: Imagine having to watch Adam's stream every day and answering that question. It's brutal.
ButButTheJesus: right past the boxes
Kramburger: hurr gun make choppy
quasi79fu: i hear whispering?
monkeyrama: whispering lrrSPOOP
jetpixi: huh
itira: exsqueeze me? could you repeat that?
Drasvin: Probably just the wind
Lordofironstorm: lrrSPOOP
quasi79fu: ok sexy whispereer where are you?
Salikon: space asmr
kingoftuesdaynight: It's that one toilet hand from majora's mask
jetpixi: Space Wind
ttam809: but can you wash your hands?
monkeyrama: Do these stalls not have doors?
OnyxOblivion: i legit never heard that in any of my runs before
ButButTheJesus: dead spasmr
BrindleBoar: honestly the rectangular toilets are spoopier than the zombermans
Robot_Bones: its telling you to just wash your hands
Despoiler98: NOT THIS SHIT
darkspiredragon: it's just the bidet
GlennSeto: What's the conceit for money in this game?
josh___something: bathroom whispers
Kirkygirl: There is no wind on a space station!
Rynehawk: be sure to drink your ovaltine
hinhanska: always wash your hands
BlackIsis: look, that's just good advice anytime
Mysticman89: I'm sure theres a perfectly good explanation for all of this.
hinhanska: and watch the vent
multeyemeteor: "Hey little Isaac, let me whisper in your ear..."
tidehollowcat: I'm pretty sure the moaning of the monsters is them speaking, but... strangely.
KCl_Man: moaning myrtle
monkeyrama: Watch your hands wash the vents?
DiscordianTokkan: "Do not touch Willie. Good advice!"
TheThromborax: 2008: the great mirror shortage
RurouniGeo: speedrun strats
monkeyrama: A store PogChamp
ulexarX: Cargo lift? No, car go drive
RurouniGeo: STOREEEE
kalateth: the difficulty settings on this game are so random... easy is pathetic, normal is normal, hard makes you die... lots
TwitchTVsFrank: watch the vents while washing your hands
DigitalSeahorse: yes, vents can carry covid too
sylverfyst: I was just talking about this game today, I love Dead Space so much!
Saintnex: wooooo
quasi79fu: heavenly store heal usss
Electrodyne: Ventsent Kennedy McMahon
splatty1: if you all jump at the same time in an elevator, it starts making an annoying buzzing sound Kappa
HorusFive: If you get a bunch of people in an elevator to jump at the same time- it goes down REAL fast
emonotony: (do not do that the elevator will safety trip and you get stuck)
sylverfyst: also line gun tho
TheAlmightyJonassons: @loadingreadyrun what was that from, I recognize it
Mal2mad: I mean, those dudes do remind me of the dude going to the store
monkeyrama: BAsically always go suit, right?
somecall_metim: time to get faxed
Despoiler98: lets see it !
biosomniac: The secret tech for this game was that your first weapon is also the best weapon
Despoiler98: WHAM
BusTed: glowup
Robot_Bones: and Plates
hinhanska: hell-moot
tergonis: and more strapy bits
somecall_metim: no ass armour
jetpixi: The difference is astounding
ttam809: Is his name actually Isaac, or did y'all just name him that?
josh___something: I M M E R S E D
somecall_metim: we need to protect that flat arse
quasi79fu: uh oh no medicine for health
Kramburger: Be careful who you call ugly in highschool
Mysticman89: actually named issac
Robot_Bones: don't need med packs if you don't get hit seabatBRAIN
Darleysam: turns health into damage!
monkeyrama: hmmm
AlienNanobots: Hundreds of years in the future and the secret of better armor is... more metal plates
jetpixi: He thicc
excalgold: you have some extra armor now
itsr67: thiccer
monkeyrama: He has bigger armor
DiscordianTokkan: He's not as slouchy also
azureHaights: thicc isaacc
Lordofironstorm: Extra thicc
josh___something: Healing is for babies anyway:P
Drasvin: Armored booty
somecall_metim: his booty need armour >.>
eric_christian_berg: Got dat war booty
Saintnex: I think he got a bit thicc from the extra padding
itira: Baby got back
Austere_Squire: "I tried to sneak past the necromorphs, but my legs are too dummy thicc"
Kramburger: He's bulking. He's got supplements from the internet and now he's getting JACKED
GlennSeto: Some dead space on the board?
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Perchipy: Dead space! I played through this game sooo many times.
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cgwonder: ooh having dead nodes is harsh
excalgold: oh right Adam isnt actually there - i.....did not realize that
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Japolai: I remember playing this 10+ years ago with friends watching over my shoulder. great game! are the babies in this one?
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monkeyrama: You're improving SeemsGood
Saintnex: I think you are doing amazing Ben!
The_Wooba: i love you
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dutchmoose: omg I forgot the bulbasaur babies
sylverfyst: @Japolai yeeep
Perchipy: Yeah the ugly babies' are in the first one I think
emonotony: Walking past, faces pass, limbs pass, torsoes pass, this is getting spoopy
Robot_Bones: feeling the rhythm, soon to attract the worm
monkeyrama: Is... that the menu noise
RurouniGeo: don't spoil ben on those!
ttam809: alright y'all, I'm headed out
ttam809: i think
karloff_bda: see you folks later got to ge up early in the am. Good luck and try not to get squished
chicken_fajitas: pride shirts GayPride TransgenderPride
ButButTheJesus: god, FURSUIT vehicle gets me every time
emonotony: Fursuit Vehicle was an a+ moment
CyberColossus: Hey chat
monkeyrama: Hello again, Ben
BusTed: Hello.
ButButTheJesus: gamers?
AlienNanobots: hold up
crimall: What Up Homies
AlienNanobots: there are GAMERS here?
UnknownGerm: Don't you friggin call me that
josh___something: Hi fellow gamer
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xenagosthesatyr: happy spooping everybody! can only pop in for a bit but wanted to say I love you to my favorite loud bois!
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monkeyrama: Sounds very Adam
MadWolf1290: I was looking forward to PartyGamer69 though!
BusTed: 1337bR069
Kramburger: Heh... Nice.
itira: katesNice
monkeyrama: leetbro69
sylverfyst: 420xxLeetBro69xx
cgwonder: leetbrosixtynine
KeirenH: LeetBroSixtyNine
DigitalSeahorse: latebro
Mysticman89: leetbrosixetynine
BrieBeau: I unfortunately gotta tap out so I don't get a headache but this was rad. thanks guys! you make games a better scene!💙
jetpixi: Delete!
BusTed: letebrosixty-nine
gamercat88: libro
Pteraspidomorphi: letebro69?
chicken_fajitas: gaymers
DigitalSeahorse: DaLeetBro
BusTed: Ah, Peng.
Mysticman89: There is always peng
ButButTheJesus: PENG
ButButTheJesus: Chapter 1: N
DigitalSeahorse: PENG
ButterBall000: Be sure to save your image in PENG
bronzeburrito1: now you will never die again
Stoffern: Peng is great
BrieBeau: byeeeee
cgwonder: to be fair, peng is a veyr 2008 thing to say
sylverfyst: @LoadingReadyRun how many times have you jumped out of your skin Ben? This game got me so much
monkeyrama: Spoilers 👀
blip2004: the Regenerator is the worst enemy
BusTed: uh huh
BusTed: thx
monkeyrama: That ragdoll tho
Mysticman89: now you can stomp her up
rarermonsters: She died like Bugs Bunny
BusTed: Noice.
chicken_fajitas: saw something about how English speakers are actually tsudere girls because we never say what we mean
lifecharacter: Throw some bodies?
emonotony: I can't remember how the story and gear beats go in early DS
josh___something: gravity gun!
Naarius: That ragdoll hand
monkeyrama: It loooks like it doesn't
thedragonlady: Nope!
Mysticman89: shes still warm ben
tezzerettinkerer: Space magic time Ben!
eric_christian_berg: Press F to pay disrespect.
jetpixi: Let the bodies hit the floor
cgwonder: wow, such a dignified end
BusTed: spooky ghoooost
sjcTheos: limesD
Rujasu: @emonotony Isn't that a whole game away? What even was there in DS1 that was a moment?
lifecharacter: "I know I just watched you die, but I need to test out this new ability."
monkeyrama: Jesus LUL
Pinwiz11: Put Kathy down
ButButTheJesus: gdi LUL
monkeyrama: Wow Ben
kenry6: YEET
Lordofironstorm: bye kathy
theanthonydee: we have force powers now. guess we're playing KOTOR
crimall: Take that Karen
josh___something: rood
A_Catastrophic_Success: Ben "Respect for the Dead" Ulmer
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL_SO lrrCREEPR_SO
tezzerettinkerer: f
rainy_sam229: oh hey the lets nope, i was just watching the alan wake vods
Naarius: lrrFINE
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerMuldr_FC
quasi79fu: did one of those body bage just move?
eric_christian_berg: They call him "The Corpsethrower".
DigitalSeahorse: LuvSnooze LuvBlush RPGGhosto lrrSPOOP
bronzeburrito1: ben they are in a bag i dont think they saw anything
Stoffern: eww
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble lrrSPOOP
cgwonder: what's the safe?
gwardandtheidiotsquad: one of my favorite games so get the f*** scared
monkeyrama: Flamethrowers are never as good as you want them to be in a game
Mysticman89: they tend to burn through ammo too quickly
tergonis: flamethrower where you have to cut to kill things seems bad
DiscordianTokkan: "lost" her
Lithobraker: I can believe it
bittersweet_distractor: The RE2remake one was ok
TraceBullet: emergency wang
gamercat88: and kendra or is she dead
hinhanska: the emergency wang?
ButterBall000: Flamethrowers arte good when the enemy reacts to being on fire.
hesterbyrde: Why in the hell is there thermite in the medical wing?
Despoiler98: Thermite!?!?!?!? In Space???? You want to decompress EVERYTHING?
quasi79fu: kendra is now probably the ultimate evil boss at the end..just watch roflmao
DigitalSeahorse: get some marmite too
NotCainNorAbel: a store across from another store!
Frednotbob: I can believe it. You're a minor character, you HAVE to lose the Damsel in Distress at least once during the game.
aziher: oh yeah Kendra we don't talk about her anymore
josh___something: monkey's paw curls
TheThromborax: "thermite from medical storage." why the fuck would a doctor need THERMITE
enki1256: So... much... blood.
Pteraspidomorphi: That's worrying
lifecharacter: Maybe that's just what he says when he doesn't want to talk to you anymore. "Communications are useless!" "I just wanted to ask you to pick up the dry cleaning."
bronzeburrito1: gotta cautorize those wounds
Despoiler98: Medical THERMITE thats a thing right?
DigitalSeahorse: my kingdom just for Zellers to come back and overtake all the wallmarts
countz3r0: @TheThromborax For very tough surgeries.
Kirkygirl: @DigitalSeahorse YAAAS
monkeyrama: But what if... we go a different way?
lochnessseammonster: seabatCHOICE
Kirkygirl: Also, hai.
Despoiler98: UM
Despoiler98: UUUMMMM
cgwonder: huh interesting
Mysticman89: occasionally games troll me though, and the 'wrong' way is correct since the other wasy would lead to the discovery that i need ot find an alternate route.
monkeyrama: Dat booty
AlienNanobots: headbanging
Saintnex: I am a massive completionist so I have to go the other way to find every thing :P
rarermonsters: Hey it me
Lordofironstorm: he thicc
ButterBall000: Das Butt
CataclysmicReverb: This's why you wear underwear
cgwonder: oh hsit
sjcTheos: boom headshot
Frednotbob: 'Are you a bad guy' he says, as the NPC continues to smash his head into the wall...
bronzeburrito1: stomp him ben
aziher: oh good
Lirelent: always double shot
TheThromborax: "Quick! We need to Amputate this man's arm! And the Table he's laying on! and the floor! BRING THE MEDICAL THERMITE!"
cgwonder: that dude was flayed
monkeyrama: How... was that man even standing
sylverfyst: rule number one stomp everything
Lirelent: haha
TraceBullet: amputating the floor seems like a bad idea in space
jessieimproved: On second thought, let's not go there. Tis a silly place
Despoiler98: @TheThromborax AND the hull of the ship!
DigitalSeahorse: Kirkygirl, I bought a Zellers shopping cart and some baskets with the branding on it when last store closed for the second time, also saved a lot on a new wardrobe :)
jetpixi: LUL @jessieimproved
DigitalSeahorse: cart was only $45
emonotony: TraceBullet The combination of thermite and decompression will cure most illnesses... permanently.
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jetpixi: yadda yadda
Lirelent: they were digging and the found "something", then "stuff" happened
RurouniGeo: that door can be opened with a power node
CaptainSpam: Blah blah blah science went too far, let's just eviscerate space monsters.
rarermonsters: You should really only do audiologs if people can't intuit what happened with basic genre awareness
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial pharma2Vial pharma2Vial
DigitalSeahorse: heck I could open my own little Zellers if I had a permit :P
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
TheThromborax: why do I feel like Jer played this WAY back in the day
sylverfyst: lrrSPOOP
RurouniGeo: you can get in there now ben if you use your power node
Frednotbob: Could you have smashed them with that cage-thing you moved?
emonotony: Prestidigitation?
Nigouki: ah, that was the 00s
itsr67: mage hand op
josh___something: mage hand
excalgold: owowburned my tongue on Mac and cheese....why has the mac and cheese betrayed me!
cgwonder: bheind you
RurouniGeo: Yes that gun was so cool they never made a HL3
sjcTheos: "Hero's Feast? Yes, I think I will."
emonotony: You can alter the flavor of any food with a cantrip in D&D
Drasvin: Just bacon and eggs? Why not the full breakfast experience?
LightingExpert13: these guys remind me of the leg things in silent hill
the_elkae: Ruthless aggression!
monkeyrama: The clench on that one
monkeyrama: oh my
emonotony: So you can finally have that perfect cup of baked beans flavored coffee.
splatty1: ruthless aggression Kappa
josh___something: ruthless aggression!
jetpixi: does health regen over time or nah?
TheThromborax: nah
jetpixi: Cool cool
Dog_of_Myth: lrrFINE
PaperDoopliss: Is anything more terrifying than floor waypoints?
theanthonydee: its 2008, can't jump those
excalgold: why are their walkways laid out like this.....this is a horribly designed ship ! i want ot talk to the shipwright !
cgwonder: yeah it's strange that there's stasis stations but no health stations
soupgiraffe: When ben had like 10 levitate in citadel of chaos lol
aziher: not sure you want to talk to the shipwright anymore
Penthesilea180: sup boys. Is space dead yet?
TheThromborax: it's like detain
monkeyrama: They seem fine, Ben
GamesAndInk: "We noticed you keep dying. Did you know weapons have an alternate firing mode?"
emonotony: cgwonder If you stasis someone you have plenty of time to get them to the hospital.
Officinalis: SCIENCE?
jetpixi: who got all them?
Mysticman89: all weapons too, so it'd indicate stuff like flamethrower also has alt fire
monkeyrama: lol
monkeyrama: oh myyyyyyy
theneatestburrito: LUL
itira: LOL
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL
DiscordianTokkan: Oof
jetpixi: FACE
sylverfyst: barbLUL
Despoiler98: WELP
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
quasi79fu: BEn YYYY
TheThromborax: CLIP IT
MechaKuuga: LUL
josh___something: amazing
Easilycrazyhat: ben, that's Adam's move
quasi79fu: LOL
ninja_theory_ashrams: S M R T
excalgold: what the crap game ! *flails*
DigitalSeahorse: Wilhelm
kilotango30: D'OH
tergonis: oh no that slow moving door hurt so bad
quasi79fu: oomg the Final bosss is a dooor
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
Synar10: That was some kind of Otaku Jeff door strats there
emonotony: Ben's throwing himself at a door, failing his roll and losing all his health? This seems familiar for some reason...
Officinalis: This ship's design of turning out all the lights except for a single strobe light in an emergency is probably not a good idea.
noisyblizzard: fighting fantasy ptsd
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
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Easilycrazyhat: Ben, don't forget you can throw their own bits at them
thedragonlady: Don't forget to pick up the limbs for weapons!
lifecharacter: Hear more.
emonotony: Space wizard!
monkeyrama: lol, that's the ideal use for that power
Mysticman89: sharp things and explosive things are the way to go eith kinesis
cgwonder: i think he was trapped in that room
cgwonder: maybe
tezzerettinkerer: vents...
VelvetFalcon: Ah, the Deep Spice.
emonotony: The game does love showing you enemies, then jump scares like 5min later.
emonotony: I can't even remember if that enemy works that way I just remember it happening a lot.
quasi79fu: lol
monkeyrama: LUL LUL
monkeyrama: He's cracked part of the code
excalgold: oh no my precious blood! that should stay IN my body!
BusTed: tha triple
lifecharacter: That man's got fancy legs.
gamercat88: he is actively gaming
emonotony: He's got the fanciest pants of them all
chompskyhonk82: After a shaky start and steep learning curve, Ben is slaying this game!
emonotony: @gamercat88 all games means no pants?
kenry6: That's making me think of the mass foot stomp scene in Kung Fu Hustle
Rynehawk: LUL
BusTed: It's a mimic!
chompskyhonk82: I'm impressed, U remember this being pretty hard.
VelvetFalcon: I kind of like his back vitality bar.
lifecharacter: Ghosts lrrSPOOP
sjcTheos: luggage intensifies
NotCainNorAbel: You sign with your name?
monkeyrama: Loot Kreygasm
Nigouki: Isaac took this Zoom call to the bathroom and forgot to mute
monkeyrama: Certainly not half health Isaac
sylverfyst: not a real gamer
tergonis: heal yourself you melon!
jetpixi: LUL @Nigouki
Easilycrazyhat: "Who needs that?" *literally dying*
wargodmogis: You don't need it if you don't get hit
NotCainNorAbel: good timing
KCazduke: Wait, what if med packs are actually asthma medications so that he's not breathing so heavily?
DiscordianTokkan: My signature has become a weird glyph
hinhanska: religion... again
NotCainNorAbel: I started journaling purely to write with fountian pens.
DigitalSeahorse: BIG MOOD
blip2004: Cool Markers bro
Pharmacistjudge: generally speaking you shouldn't use a rescue inhaler that much or you'll disrupt your potassium levels
jetpixi: i try to hard to sign my name so the first bit looks good and then it devolves into chicken scratch
Nigouki: oh right, I forgot about the cult shit
jetpixi: too*
Rynehawk: The Market is somethin......damn. LINE.
Inquisitor_Xian: those dong ol marker cultists
MinniChii: my husband and I would have the same signature if I took his name when we got married
monkeyrama: Unitology
DigitalSeahorse: digital notetaking mood
DiscordianTokkan: TERRENCE?!
monkeyrama: Absolute Unitology?
emonotony: It did change everything!
emonotony: To corpses!
v_nome: Here, the cows use stilts!
CaptainSpam: Man, that lift is calling you a max load.
aziher: with a name like that, how could it ever be a cult
Despoiler98: so the captain is GENERAL MARTOK
ButButTheJesus: ben
Easilycrazyhat: Ah yes, video game logic
KCazduke: Take your asthma medication
monkeyrama: Maybe if he had a big health pack Kappa
jetpixi: Elevator go up...elevator go down...elevator go up...elevator go down
bat_wool: If only they would follow the social distancing protocols, unlike their leaders. Satire!
BusTed: That elevator reminds me a lot of the old StarCom toys.
ButButTheJesus: ah my mom does that
Pharmacistjudge: pharma2Vial remember, some asthma medications should be used on a schedule, and some medications should be used as needed. pharma2Vial
Inquisitor_Xian: that's honestly my favorite friday nights episode
DiscordianTokkan: There was an unlocked door upstairs I think..?
hinhanska: that's me... i don't hold back (good or bad if you get my meaning)
BusTed: Haha.
monkeyrama: LUL Poor Isaac
Tiber727: Oh god now you're reminding me of that really stupid Family Guy scene where Peter grunts in pain for literally 2 minutes.
Soniczephyr: You heard hi with the door xD
Driosenth: Lockers means loot
sjcTheos: a room with lots of ammo... suspicious
monkeyrama: Fill this boy with ammo
jetpixi: hey. toe stubbing is a whole ass pain experience.
sylverfyst: more with that health pack
BusTed: Now we're just suspicious.
Lirelent: haha GLHF!
Easilycrazyhat: Ben will remember this
josh___something: so much ammo, wonder why they're givin you that
aziher: don't need to sell your health pack now
blip2004: there's no spooky doctor in the med lad honestly
Chaotically_Random: Which episode was that again chat?
sjcTheos: kylestFlexl
monkeyrama: Totally not suspicious
Feminine_Desires: I just joined and laready I know what this part is
kalateth: ammo dump + save statiion = boss fight?
KCazduke: These ads are so Bioshock
quasi79fu: uhhhhh
carcrash20: floating babies
cgwonder: wow that ad
jetpixi: Botany section?
itira: oh
monkeyrama: Babies NotLikeThis
itira: oh no
BusTed: oh no
jetpixi: jk not Botany
cgwonder: nope nope nope
Scy_Anide: Quick Ben! Give him a hand!
Masslost: yesss the babies
Lirelent: HEADSHOT
itira: great they scream
Camail: looks fun
BusTed: BabyRage come on in
gamercat88: bb
Pharmacistjudge: Babies! Lend me your ears!
monkeyrama: Babies! Lend my your ears!
monkeyrama: LUL @Pharmacistjudge
ButButTheJesus: this is a game for BABIES
Revelia: This game is full of babies!
Pharmacistjudge: *high five* @monkeyrama
BusTed: Punt.
gamercat88: yeet
Camail: punt the baby!
Rynehawk: stupid baby
sjcTheos: punted
CaptainSpam: Well, that's another way to do it.
Easilycrazyhat: *punt*
AgentMagicMaster: YEET
Drasvin: This ship is full of babies!
ButButTheJesus: punt the baby! punt the baby!
drcthulu: Kick the baby
countz3r0: KICK THE BABY
DigitalSeahorse: when grandma makes so much noise she sounds like she got a kidney stone but says she's had far worse o_o
BusTed: a-booga-booga-booga!
monkeyrama: Oh my
cgwonder: oh wow
jetpixi: well ok
MechaKuuga: LUL
quasi79fu: omg that scared me
CyberColossus: LOL
lifecharacter: Found the drama queen baby.
frogomb: Stupid babies need the most attention
excalgold: oh right horrible doom babies
Lenr_: ohh this is the stompy game. nice
TheWanderingNomad: "Kick another baby I guess."
TheBearBee: I dont think my computer has object permanence. It froze up when Ben covered his fice
gamercat88: do they grow back tenticles?
theanthonydee: yaw yaw yeeeet
cgwonder: at least he one shots them after the quick time
Ba_Dum_Tish: This ship is full of babies!
kenry6: That was dramatic
DigitalSeahorse: kick that spider football
Easilycrazyhat: They're evil, Ben
hesterbyrde: Because God or something
excalgold: could have been gestation tanks to keep the population up
Edgarware: Thicc
Electrodyne: Technically a Drop Kick
ButButTheJesus: T H I C C
DigitalSeahorse: making headcrabs I gues
BusTed: Hell yeah.
jetpixi: Thicc babby
MadWolf1290: ours is not the place to questionn science but to go WTH?
drcthulu: endomorph necromorph
Beowulf_Bjornson: Like a chicken
CaptainSpam: That's just the TF2 Heavy. :-P
excalgold: artificial wombs so that workers wouldnt need to stop working
tezzerettinkerer: "gods work"
CataclysmicReverb: Gotta experiment with babies somehwere. Won't let you on a planet, so you've gotta do it in space
monkeyrama: loooool, Ben
BusTed: I've been having a lot of fun with Pudge lately.
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dmjessus: oops! im super late to the stream. something something up for 24 hours and finally finally caught a nap. hope you guys are doing well! have fun and wreck shop!
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ButterBall000: Where are we? I thought Isaac was a minor?
countz3r0: Mega Space Corp always has to experiment on babies.
aziher: the ideal form, Ben
bobbymcbob33: kick them babies
Perchipy: no ben you do not want to anger dota fans
excalgold: bossfight ?
Camail: everything is derivative
Masslost: can you imagine being the dev who thought it was good idea to punt babies in this games
monkeyrama: That's so much ammo
quasi79fu: lots of ammo for a boss fight?
sk8sam24: Let's YES!
BusTed: Better make 'em count.
cgwonder: yeha you're about to deal with something big i reckon
Mysticman89: part of it is you get ammon only for guns you have, so if you have one gun only, all the ammo drops are the same ammo type
hyaundredneer: So I guess when you Dead Space, the developers cut back on ammo cuz space housekeeping is on budget...
ButButTheJesus: What did Willy Nilly ever do to you?!
mortition: I had a theory when I first played this that the game took place post psychotic break and the necromorphs were just the crew of the mining ship
sylverfyst: the fewer weapons you have the more ammo you have for that weapon
BusTed: The value.
BuffBeardTheWise: Wow the lighting in your room is so inconsistent
cgwonder: that guy's not dead
KinoGami: do shots penetrate?
jetpixi: That looked like some twofer shots
GlennSeto: Was that one wearing lederhosen?
Raithencore235: Adam with the hood up is giving me Palpatine vibes
monkeyrama: It's very strong
TwitchTVsFrank: LEADerhosen
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TwitchTVsFrank: Kappa
monkeyrama: We have zero health items
cgwonder: i think maybe keep health for now....
chompskyhonk82: You should start trying to practice throwing their limbs at them, mostly because it looks cool
monkeyrama: Do we want any healing?
Penthesilea180: A self gift of the Magi
kalateth: dead space: pacifist run
RurouniGeo: Proud Family?
sylverfyst: pop pop!
Electrodyne: Magnitude!
chompskyhonk82: I love community!
cgwonder: it's great
monkeyrama: It's pretty good, and also on Netflix
Kirkygirl: 99
gualdhar: Adam should definitely watch it
Easilycrazyhat: Been rewatching Community. I love it.
itira: 99
BusTed: Nine niiiine
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NotCainNorAbel: *breathing* Hey guys *breathing* thanks for the great entertainment *breathing*
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Easilycrazyhat: Donald Glover is amazing
Banana_Swonk: Nine Nine!
cgwonder: i've bene rewatching cumminty because it's safe nad familiar in these troubled times
RurouniGeo: power node to get into the door on your left
sjcTheos: never get complacent Ben
gawag_: this game has had some scary moments, but it's definitely not reading as a horror game to me
BusTed: The Chevy Chase portion?
fennthris: Thank god for netflix bringing community back
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble steveinAnon
cgwonder: yeah there's some iffy jokes but overall it's solid
boristhewizard: Brooklyn 99 ended so abruptly this season. The first 3 seasons of Community is golden tho
gamercat88: you know what still stands up.... Murder She Wrote
Baldrash: Community's still streets ahead.
Questhere: love nine nine but its gotten a bit stale
froshambo: somehow I never ended up playing this
KeirenH: I would argue with you about it being the best show on TV, except the shows I liked better ended
Saslic_Demidov: The save order is backward, instead of stagger saving it is just the newest save being overwritten each time
saucemaster5000: community was super spotty, but the good seasons were the best sitcom stuff ever
TwilightAvalon: Ahhh Dead Space.....The True Resident Evil successor :)
froshambo: Hi Adam and Ben!
Kirkygirl: It is really good and funny.
LightingExpert13: @gamercat88 yas queen
froshambo: hey, you guys are supposed to be 6ft apart
Zath_: You sure showed that game dev which designed it that way and allowed you to do that
cgwonder: i really enjoyed birds of prey
sylverfyst: the first season of community is a little rough, but the high points are definitely streets ahead
monkeyrama: Birds of Prey was apparently not bad!
Kirkygirl: Birds of Prey is also pretty good.
quasi79fu: uh ok
quasi79fu: what was that?
KeirenH: Oh yeah, the harley quinn show already got a second season
BusTed: Turn him on his side.
sjcTheos: recovery position
Robot_Bones: yeah the show is pretty good
gamercat88: @LightingExpert13 thanks hehe :D
chompskyhonk82: "I find you lack of faith disturbing"
CataclysmicReverb: Ben's been playing too much Star Wars
cgwonder: karma
DiscordianTokkan: Kool-Aid Man'd out there, OH YEAAAH
BusTed: It's time for what?
Robot_Bones: I love the legion of doom has such Guild of Calamitous intent vibes
RurouniGeo: the door to your left you can open with power node
monkeyrama: It was fine in dead space 3, iirc
sylverfyst: line gun still op
itira: Youre never wrong Adam
drcthulu: pulse rifle does the most damage out of every gun in the game btw
TwilightAvalon: The Pulse Rifle is actually VERY good in Dead Space 1, it just requires some upgrades and good aiming
froshambo: @LoadingReadyRun Ben your planeswalker voicecasting on Friday had me falling out of my chair
lifecharacter: Cutter until line gun is the way to go.
NuggetsTheUnicorn: "Correct me if I'm wrong which i am not"
Pharmacistjudge: it's like we enjoy you talking Adam
froshambo: *voiceacting
ShatteredShamrock: U R Cute, but not wrong
saucemaster5000: It's a shame Birds of prey and shazam didn't do very good financially, they were loads better than the rest of the dc stuff... so now we're getting another grimdark batman...
GlennSeto: Harley Quinn is great ... they just might be chickening out on the Harley/Ivy ship or be playing the long game.
tezzerettinkerer: God mind Adam at it again
Robot_Bones: 6d6 credits
monkeyrama: I forgot already
boristhewizard: Adam, never stop being yourself. You're the main reason I keep coming back to LRR. ♥️
Kirkygirl heaves self out
sjcTheos: twitch chat never forgets
seismiclawns: wait what?
Pharmacistjudge: oh no, i'm banned
ButButTheJesus: can't you sell that one thing in inventory
quasi79fu: whats a power node? wehre is it again?
jetpixi: what were we supposed to remmeber?!
MechaKuuga: Its interesting how the pulse rifle is the only weapon in the game that was "designed" as a weapon and it is the weakest
Pharmacistjudge: but i'm dead to both of you
Driosenth: remember, we parked in the ITCHY lot
monkeyrama: Have Adam "ban" me again Kappa
theanthonydee: execute order 66
monkeyrama: 2 times in one day
quasi79fu: am I supposed to remember something?
the_terror_that_flaps_: With the hoodie on, Adam looks like the ghost of Ben's Jedi Master, guiding him through the force.
DigitalSeahorse: what if we never knew in the first pl-
SerGarretCameron: Yeets Self sergeIntoTheSea
gamercat88: umm it is pronounced Geo'd
froshambo: just kick your way to victory
sylverfyst: rule one stomp everything
Kramburger: Technically, we're all unbannable because Adam's a coward
mechmagic: extreme footsie
dmjessus: I have been playing too much d&d... I heard 6d6 and was very confused about this game.
Calaban161: @LoadingReadyRun just a reminder there is a power noad dore that you need a power noad for
SmithKurosaki: lol terror
quasi79fu gets himself banned for not remembering something
Pharmacistjudge: uh oh, i'm at work and my tech heard y'all talking about me
cgwonder: oh sweet
undr_wander: That could be Nike's new logo: "The food does everything!"
monkeyrama: Space sections Kreygasm
Nigouki: oh god, i'm just remembering a later section and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
ShatteredShamrock: In space no one can hear you...
chompskyhonk82: You are on a time limit...
BusTed: Starts hearing the Sonic drowning music.
seth_erickson: Can't hear twitch chat complain in a vacuum Kappa
quasi79fu: can i get banned in the vaccuum of space?
enki1256: I'
chompskyhonk82: That's that real cosmic horror shit
DigitalSeahorse: katesHomie missjo1Ss katesHomie
monkeyrama: A space escalator might save you, Adam
RvLeshrac: Very real possibility, since you work on a moon base.
hinhanska: The Terrible Secret Of Space
NarishmaReborn: why i never watched gravity
GlennSeto: Adam... do not watch Gravity.
enki1256: I've got the same "fear", but down in the ocean, or just deep under-water.
Biomonkey01: As someone who is also terrified of space, the start of Mass Effect 2 freaked me the fuck out
ShatteredShamrock: Body Tune that fool
sylverfyst: oh this room
aquinas_0: hey does anyone else see a profound lack of vods?
Pteraspidomorphi: Or that episode of Love, Death and Robots
sjcTheos: Just yesterday I watched the "Helping Hand" episode of Love Death & Robots...
Inquisitor_Xian: Is this the death star>
boristhewizard: The funniest part of that is Adam ever thinking he could be an astronaut. seabatTROG
TheBearBee: we'll just draw in the abs
hinhanska: We are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space...
BusTed: hibbbidy... hip!
Pharmacistjudge: now, learn to Kaioken Ben
excalgold: Adam just dont jump at work and you'll be okay!
GlennSeto: oh this is cool
TheBearBee: This part is mega cool
itira: weeeee
CaptainSpam: "Your ammo indicator will flash red if you can't jump to a surface." Okay, who the HELL in the game's universe decided that was a good interface? Kappa
sylverfyst: not there
chompskyhonk82: Is this 2008 or 2001 eh
NuggetsTheUnicorn: Halo 2 anniversary comes out in 1 hour
bat_wool: I'm getting Event Horizon spoops over here
TheBearBee: Is this how a hamster feels
KinoGami: we're getting to the point i noped out on this back in 2008
excalgold: man i'd love if Halo had zero-g sections
monkeyrama: Oh right, no jetpack or anything
GlennSeto: I share that same fear of space, but I also kinda love the idea of sleeping in a transparent half-sphere overlooking Earth.
Pharmacistjudge: You're....Lonely...Rolling Star!
gamercat88: doing the grapevine
drcthulu: sealegs
Pharmacistjudge: Tachidomaranaide nee
froshambo: swiggity swooty
TwilightAvalon: Do the Creep...AH...Do the Creep AHHHH
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LightingExpert13: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:07:04.
LightingExpert13: ty lrrbot
Nigouki: you got free explosives Ben
Theoretical95: byee
monkeyrama: loool
seismiclawns: good aim ben
monkeyrama: Ok byeee
seth_erickson: My People need me
sjcTheos: team rockets blasting off again!!!!
sleepingwalru: WELP
TwilightAvalon: Use the Free Explosive Barrels
crimall: Proceeds to Yeet Self
GlennSeto: I know it defeats the purpose, but I want a mode where you're walking through this place with a squad of space marines.
drcthulu: he has to do space walrus things
DiscordianTokkan: OH. It's jumping in Zero G
Raithencore235: What is the backstory in this game?
Kirkygirl: Zero G? Yeah, it is zero G since Graham ain't here.
seth_erickson: there's a space rock that makes people into dead aliens Raithencore235
DigitalSeahorse: missjo1Cat missjo1Cat missjo1Cat missjo1Cat
GlennSeto: @Raithencore235 Apparently they found something on that planet and now monsters.
NuggetsTheUnicorn: although tEcHnIcHaLlY we shouldn't hear any sound at all when we're out there
DigitalSeahorse: !meds
gamercat88: Issac doing that breathe, stretch, shake but mostly breathing
DigitalSeahorse: Serge-ical
chompskyhonk82: Dr. Plasmacutter over here
seth_erickson: Well we could hear Isaac breathing because his rig has air in it
BusTed: TableHere FlipThis
froshambo: you're like an old vet that's lived on this wreck for decades, dispatching baddies like it's a sunday stroll
Raithencore235: Well all rocks except earth rocks should be regarded with with fear and suspicion
Gladuir: Oh gods deadspace, i love this series
Nigouki: you'd hear whatever you conduct through your boots and suit
Pteraspidomorphi: I think the stomps represent him feeling vibration, yeah
sleepingwalru: i mean there is probably still some air in that area
theanthonydee: now you see me, now you don't
chompskyhonk82: You would still here yourself and whatever reverberates through your body
monkeyrama: Good thing we're literally bathing in ammo
RurouniGeo: node door!
Nigouki: ahahahahahaa
Inquisitor_Xian: Turn around and that alien duder is just calmly using the elevator
Saintnex: LOL
circusofkirkus: ahahahaha
BusTed: Holy shit.
iLetTheDogesOut: LUL
ButButTheJesus: @Kirkygirl WHAT
Kirkygirl: hahahah
DiscordianTokkan: *clonk*
MakeMonsters: I forget how good this game is
Theoretical95: LOL
itira: BEN!
seth_erickson: LUL
BusTed: Like a bird.
NuggetsTheUnicorn: go to sleep ben
Easilycrazyhat: oh god, Ben
HorusFive: benginCry
Baldrash: Well DONE, sir.
seth_erickson: hahahaha
iLetTheDogesOut: hahahah
TheBearBee: Holy Shit
Kirkygirl: @ButButTheJesus it followed him
SerGarretCameron: There's air in the suit, so sounds in the suit, or reverberating through the hardpoints will totally still be fine.
GlennSeto: BANNED
DreadfulDrifter: also, to be fair, space is not a true vacuum and the Ishimura would also be leaking atmosphere to a degree
Xenovita: LUL
Lordofironstorm: What's a window?
TheBearBee: I thought that was a goof
CataclysmicReverb: Object Permanence
Gladuir: Y
monkeyrama: LUL
DigitalSeahorse: what happened?
TwitchTVsFrank: lmfao
AgentMagicMaster: Bonk!
Calaban161: Clip thast
UnknownGerm: What was that you said earlier about object permanence?
TwitchTVsFrank: f
Theoretical95: How do walls work?
kilotango30: how do we ban Ben?
circusofkirkus: peak gamer
Nigouki: It's called glass Ben, it's not a space invention Kappa
tezzerettinkerer: You absolute melon!
sleepingwalru: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
froshambo: i'm guessing ben has run into that window before
gawag_: this is not the first time I have literally laughed aloud this stream
CataclysmicReverb: @DigitalSeahorse Ben said he'd ban anyone that forgot about those lockers
CataclysmicReverb: like 30 mins ago
sleepingwalru: clip?
PaperDoopliss: Look at that pathfinding swivel
BusTed: Poor guy just ran straight into the window and was stunned on the ground for a few minutes.
itira: fantastic
Masslost: well that's a highlightreel worthy for sure
mortition: Ban Ben?
Gladuir: The space dementia sets in early
DigitalSeahorse: CataclysmicReverb oh :P
Banana_Swonk: ban ben?
Easilycrazyhat: It was a funny angle!
DigitalSeahorse: ty
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ARC_275555: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
laxdrake4: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
shatterdoll: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
NotCainNorAbel: Hello Raiders!
chezameed: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
hesterbyrde: Well timed raid
DICEandDECK: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmJohnnyHI wyrmmJohnnyHI
Nigouki: oh right, that's what the flamethrower is for
astleythemonk: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
NattJeger: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
hesterbyrde: Well done
Matthew_Raccoon: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
Masterteazone12_: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
SuperDudeGuy15: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
Naarius: Hello friends
sleepingwalru: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginCry benginCry benginCry
Perchipy: these are the worst enemy in this game
Nosser2: Those are the only reason to carry the flamethrower.
whitecougar21: ALIEN
DigitalSeahorse: raiders :O
TheBearBee: Don't you just hate it when your Ben runs into the sliding glass door
billybogota: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
Pteraspidomorphi: Can you stop, drop and roll?
Easilycrazyhat: Hi Wyrmwoodites
Welbog: These are why there's a flamethrower.
cgwonder: hi raiders!!
chompskyhonk82: A new enemy approaches
Revelia: baby flood
seismiclawns: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerH
Kirkygirl: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Masterteazone12_: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmRaid wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmLearnin wyrmmRaid wyrmmLearnin wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
hellobees: the wyrms crawl in, the wyrms crawl out
WyrmwoodGaming: hey friends!
ballistik88: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmPKhype wyrmmPKhype critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleAshley critroleBrian ;) critroleBrian wyrmmBobbydojo1 w wyrmmBobbydojo2 wyrmmBobbydojo1 wyrmmBobbydojo2
trogeu: wyrmmRaid wyrmmLearnin
thedragonlady: The one use for the flamethrower lol
Venn695: what a hell of a death to walk into
tezzerettinkerer: Those are the reason to have the flamethrower
gualdhar: perfect timing
Drasvin: The boones of monsters and the skin of Issac
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
kalateth: something you really want the flamethrower for
gprkrn: wyrmmLearnin wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
ButButTheJesus: @WyrmwoodGaming hullo frens!
yukieex3: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
A_Catastrophic_Success: katesScared katesNope
gilly_mcgillicuddy: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
deadman013: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
slytherindeception: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmLearnin wyrmmLearnin wyrmmLearnin wyrmmLearnin wyrmmPKhype wyrmmPKhype wyrmmPKhype wyrmmPKhype
DigitalSeahorse: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW missjo1Ss missjo1Ss missjo1Ss
cgwonder: maybe you can throw them?
NotCainNorAbel: exactly how I wanted you to read it
WyrmwoodGaming: from doom to dead space so much death
simon200o: critroleBrian
shadowslayer277: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCREEPL_SO lrrCREEPR_SO
Dog_of_Myth: Hola @WyrmwoodGaming and raiders
chompskyhonk82: This is the only thing the pulse rifle thing is useful for
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Lore wise, I think they are literally reanimated pieces of skin
monkeyrama: Oh my
Dog_of_Myth: lrrFINE_SO
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble lrrSLOTH_FC
WyrmwoodGaming: hell yea, eternal
DaSunao: Wyrmwood! The bones of trees and the skins of beasts!
Juliamon: Bones of trees, skins of beasts
DigitalSeahorse: :O
Mysticman89: tabletop doom is intense
TwilightAvalon: The Big Boomer Xenomorphs....Try to dismember their limbs....The Babies dont come out if you dont shoot the Stomach
Venn695: yeh, some DOOM Eternal
hoale_mtg: Doom sounds sick
Syrahmara: wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid wyrmmRaid
seth_erickson: New doom is sick
DigitalSeahorse: DOOM isn't wood related is it?
gawag_: it's very sweet
Driosenth: Doomy Turtle
Kirkygirl: DOOM Eternal is so very sweet
monkeyrama: woooow
RurouniGeo: PogChamp power node door PogChamp
Camail: adam is a hologram
seth_erickson: there's wood in it so I guess it works
sylverfyst: and synce it was Wyrmwood, I thought it was Dune tabletop LUL
chompskyhonk82: New doom is fun, best kind of shooter for people who don't like shooters
quasi79fu: this has been fun thanks for the stream i have to head out...Have fun with Dead Space Loading ready run and chat u are awesome see yall later okay
jetpixi: Nothin wrong with pale LUL
ShatteredShamrock: So...white
gamercat88: adam needs more.... D... vitamin D
hoale_mtg: omg yea
seth_erickson: saw your tweet about that
Pharmacistjudge: Ben....Only fancy people have Patios
GlennSeto: Do I wanna ask what those tiny things were before becoming necromorphs?
DigitalSeahorse: Adam's lighting is cooler :P
HorusFive: Only if you want non-crap furniture
seth_erickson: fake plastic was good
chompskyhonk82: second hand all that stuff for sure
Kirkygirl: ooof.
Lenr_: immediate tangent LYL
cgwonder: JESUS
Lenr_: LUL
NuggetsTheUnicorn: That's why you buy PORCH furniture you absolute nubbin
Camail: apparently only rich people have patios
Sanityis0verrated: yep I bought mine on ebay
Lirelent: i mean.. canadian dollars Kappa
seth_erickson: Could sell the plasma cutter Kappa
monkeyrama: 100% worth it
hoale_mtg: yea imagine having a patio
chompskyhonk82: You find it second hand for like couple hundred
wargodmogis: See the plasma cutter
gawag_: but those are Canadian dollars, everyone knows that's not real money
bat_wool: 15
RurouniGeo: Outdoor furniture is super overpriced
Sanityis0verrated: a lot cheaper but still
Pteraspidomorphi: +
hinhanska: mmm pale Adam
jetpixi: yeah I also especially enjoyed the fake plastic comment. I did not understand what was meant until now LUL
seth_erickson: unless it's saturday
p3nguinkin: just buy a hammer some nails and a couple 10 foot 2x12's and make your own bench
Saintnex: is it worth it to sell a bit more energy for some health?
WyrmwoodGaming: one of my favorite personal channels
hoale_mtg: VAMPIRE ADAM
serramarkov: Have fun guys!
Camail: never worth it :)
chompskyhonk82: You could save first
bat_wool: Fifteen hundred dollaridoos?!
p3nguinkin: oh... and I guess a hand saw at least
seth_erickson: I thought they were
WyrmwoodGaming: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
ButButTheJesus: yes adam
monkeyrama: Better actually be worth it, Adam OpieOP
Sanityis0verrated: I have to dye the cushions on the outdoor couch since they fe
the_terror_that_flaps_: @NuggetsTheUnicorn If they were really trying to spare a dime, they could get lawn furniture.
tergonis: gonna be 25 ammo
Nosser2: I think the rooms are always worth it.
Sanityis0verrated: are than*
Kirkygirl: @WyrmwoodGaming which human bean are you? Bobby or JV?
Mysticman89: I seem to recall there being something magical about that room that can be abused
BusTed: Live with our decisions.
thedragonlady: They almost always give you a node back
cgwonder: it's a pretty high price to pay so i feel the the game won't cheat us on this
WyrmwoodGaming: @Kirkygirl paulie
TwilightAvalon: The Line Gun Kreygasm The Shotgun of Dead Space
jetpixi: He's All IN!
Kirkygirl: well hiya!
circusofkirkus: oh hey, look lockers
chompskyhonk82: but yeah i remember they have payoffs
tezzerettinkerer: Most rooms that cost a node have a node in them
DigitalSeahorse: cam settings could probably make them look more close but we don't give a feck about skin tones here aside from natural human video editing colour correction
TacitusVigil: Why is Ben way too saturated? Kappa
BusTed: lore seabatTROG
Easilycrazyhat: Lore is priceless, Ben
Biomonkey01: Lore IS priceless
seth_erickson: Lore PogChamp
Mysticman89: audio log is priceless for completionists
chompskyhonk82: Priceless
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Dovakey: Kaw KAW
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monkeyrama: Better hope so, Adam LUL
seth_erickson: that's upgrade material right?
TwilightAvalon: Semiconductors are the Treasure of Dead Sapce
kilotango30: sell it for more bullets
Camail: topical
Inquisitor_Xian: all this talk of Quarantine is too real
Crow_T_Human: Wow, Dead Space AND Adam as a ghost? Win.
tezzerettinkerer: sellable conductor
jetpixi: Priceless = $0?
Nigouki: just a bit more than a cult
Lithobraker: Gold semiconductor: look at that amazing band-gap
hoale_mtg: you can buy one whole arm chair
RvLeshrac: Adam also doesn't take back anything on his stream, like when he murders a defenseless shut-in.
Theoretical95: worth
monkeyrama: Not worth NotLikeThis
Mysticman89: and lore!
josh___something: lore is priceless... in that it costs nothing
BusTed: Always. Worth it.
sylverfyst: womp womp
seth_erickson: 8 grand and an Audio Log PogChamp
circusofkirkus: but the lockers!
ButButTheJesus: lore!
kilotango30: Value
gawag_: but... the lore!
gualdhar: but the lore!
cgwonder: i really appreciate that this game allows you to keep playing while the audio log is going.
better_seasons: They get a lot better as you go along
Calaban161: made 8G
seismiclawns: lore is worth 2 grand
RurouniGeo: you spent 10k to make 11k in tiems
jetpixi: Lore=$0
Driosenth: by subtraction, Lore is worth 2 grand
darkspiredragon: Knowledge is power
lifecharacter: The real loot was the lore we found along the way.
TwilightAvalon: 10k Node gave you 9200 + Lore
BusTed: You also got the satisfaction of knowing what was behind the mystery door.
ShatteredShamrock: Lore's Gotta mean something right? Like, it's in the name
Mysticman89: at one point that room was bugged or something to have stuff respawn i think
Lordofironstorm: A lore is worth a thousadn words
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tezzerettinkerer: Most of the time node cosot rooms have a node in them, so it really could have been in it
RvLeshrac: When in doubt, #blamejames
Chaotically_Random: Ben, sell the large medpack and an ammo to get hte new Armor
monkeyrama: All of them except the one you wanted to use as an example, Adam NotLikeThis
ButButTheJesus: wait, is the selling price and buying price the same?
tezzerettinkerer: cost*
Dovakey: that, was a horrible bird
hoale_mtg: big man anon
TheBearBee: Gold SemiConductor, 3K; Large Medpack, 5k, for everything else there's space mastercard
Dovakey: i expected it better
aziher: @chaotically_random he already got it on the last machine
Uzumaki15: Wait, did the shop have the option to buyback 25 plasma for 1250?
monkeyrama: You already have that one
unrealdoctt: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
Chaotically_Random: OH ok, my bad ><
seth_erickson: there's more to look at isn't there?
monkeyrama: Technical difficulties NotLikeThis
RurouniGeo: imaBuff Some power node doors you get another powernode inside as well as a nice stack of items they are better after this chapter imaBuff
seth_erickson: it had a little scrolly bar and a new item icon
Theoretical95: You better go find it Adam!
Driosenth: you're clear = no more puzzles
Dovakey: did it run off? how does a monitor run away
jetpixi: whats on the second monitor?
jetpixi: oh
jetpixi: What a tragedy
Dovakey: @jetpixi the good shit
monkeyrama: Oh, Adam "can't" see us now, suuure
Saintnex: Adam cant see us? Adam I think you are an amazing person and streamer!
itira: It probably unplugged. he was messing with it yesterday on stream
Dovakey: quick someone talk about adam
DigitalSeahorse: lrrADAM lrrDARK lrrHEART lrrDARK lrrHEART lrrDARK lrrHEART
tezzerettinkerer: We're just chat lol
TheBearBee: Big Mood
jetpixi: LUL @Dovakey
seth_erickson: Unfuck this ship a new LRR tv show
p3nguinkin: for now...
Dovakey: adam your fucking amazing
Easilycrazyhat: Adam so damn cool. Glad he can't see this.
gamercat88: his butt
Drasvin: Adam is funny
noisyblizzard: adam is sooo funny
seth_erickson: Adam is very entertaining
darkspiredragon: Adam is a boss
LightingExpert13: adam is such a funny guy
ShatteredShamrock: He's such a sweet guy!
monkeyrama: He's kinda nice sometimes
StephenJM81: Adam is such a nice guy
jetpixi: He very funny
TamesLovesGames: adam is a neato burrito
circusofkirkus: he so vascular
PaperDoopliss: I love how energetic he acts on camera, even though it's not really his instinct
Naarius: There's too many good things about adam
breathlessisthehunt: His smile real good
lemmel: His everything
hesterbyrde: His laugh is the best.
Kramburger: I think Adam is a legit funny person
Theoretical95: Its tough there's so much to say
ButButTheJesus: HUEG BRAIN
seismiclawns: adam is so agressively wholesome
Kirkygirl: His sense of humour
Penthesilea180: He's a great guy
Dovakey: DANG
tergonis: adam is basically the best
KCl_Man: seabatBRAIN
iLetTheDogesOut: adam is the nicest human
AgentMagicMaster: adam is authentic
cgwonder: he's so funny!
LightingExpert13: always makes me smile
the_elkae: Absolute sweetheart
Saintnex: Adam you have a god-tier beard
Banana_Swonk: He uh, He's a good boy
DiscordianTokkan: Adam is an extremely nice person
josh___something: Adam savidan is FUCKIN WONDERFUL
MinniChii: He is great
OnyxOblivion: I love Adam's laugh
Raithencore235: Adam has a funny personality
Iceberg_Man: very funny
AshBurnem: Adam Savidan is a kind man.
noisyblizzard: abort abort
Easilycrazyhat: oh crap, stop being nice!
itira: i knew it!
TheAlmightyJonassons: he's hilarious
starlitdiscord: oh no he's back
Chaotically_Random: I love Jame's Twin Brother Adam
hesterbyrde: Adam has the best laugh on earth
JusticeJuice: Adam is supportive
monkeyrama: Cool technology!
Lirelent: adam is kindness incarnate
DigitalSeahorse: lrrADAM Adam is super fun
PMAvers: Adam did a good job on Sunday's Rhythm Cafe stream.
TwitchTVsFrank: adam is v funny
cgwonder: ben, to your right
tezzerettinkerer: #godmindadam
josh___something: Oh no, he can see us now!
simon200o: Love you Adam!
ashiok_nightmare_moose: hes a graceful loser
Theoretical95: He's not a coward
Pharmacistjudge: Adam is very genuine person who is appreciably honest even about himself and his faults
kilotango30: I love how much Adam dives into #LORE
Dog_of_Myth: Adam is normal
aziher: he's really good at rolling dice
itira: Adam is super open about mental health!
Electrodyne: Adam never had hard feelings after a Candyman joke
chompskyhonk82: Bad bulbasaur
DigitalSeahorse: Adam is an adorable Gerber Baby
succulent_club: He has a very rascally smile that I appreciate
DigitalSeahorse: :P
NuggetsTheUnicorn: SHIT he got us
Saintnex: ahhh fiddle sticks
monkeyrama: Oh noo, he can see it all NotLikeThis
Dovakey: we know, we just want u to feel good
breathlessisthehunt: oh no
Naarius: Nooo, chat's only weakness
breathlessisthehunt: that brain got us
itomeshi: Adam has an impressive level of chill.
hesterbyrde: Well this room looks wholesome.
Pharmacistjudge: quick mods, purge the chat :P
Electrodyne: Adam is only sometimes a coward
cgwonder: hard mode suddenyl doens't feel as terrible as earlier
TwitchTVsFrank: oh no our secrets
darkspiredragon: Joe's on you Adam it was all sincere
Theoretical95: I'm freezing just looking at him
DigitalSeahorse: lrrADAM kenohkBubble stempleNice stempleMnbOk
Calaban161: We all have to Die some time Ben
chompskyhonk82: Ben you'
Saslic_Demidov: I love that Adam never rages at games
monkeyrama: External chill
BusTed: rayfkSanic
Biomonkey01: Adam's beard game is always on point
itira: Why hedgehogs?
sylverfyst: Ben has figured out how to go around the windows to get to the lockers!
Masslost: seeing this makes me wish we got dead space 4
laxdrake4: lol
jetpixi: 1000 hedgehogs LUL
dmjessus: Adam has a really good voice for reading.
the_elkae: #relatable
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: He has never stolen MY chocolate milk...
Dog_of_Myth: Power of god and anime!
Camail: its the outside that counts
p3nguinkin: I mean Adam has been SUPER chill for the last couple weeks
TheAlmightyJonassons: @loadingreadyrun Oh darlings, I feel that
gamercat88: i feel kinda luke warm if we are being honest
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Lordofironstorm: Adam is a million fire ants in a skin suit
hesterbyrde: As someone with anxiety who gets called calm and chill... I feel you.
chompskyhonk82: Ben you're making hard mode look medium
jetpixi: It's what's on the outside that counts
NuggetsTheUnicorn: remember everyone, hide your true emotions
Theoretical95: It's what's outside that really counts
josh___something: why hedgehogs?
sjcTheos: too real
itira: True!
kilotango30: OOF
Kirkygirl: TRUTH
hunkajunk: Remember Adam. Hedgehogs may be terrifying while screaming, but they're the cuddliest when they're happy.
hinhanska: I say think things about Adam constantly, so saying nice things seems like being a stalker
ButButTheJesus: yep, it me
cgwonder: i know exactly what you mean, Adam. I'm always told that I'm 'calm' and I really don't get it....
Drasvin: Chill on the outside, screaming hedgehogs on the inside.
Juliamon: That's our secret
ghostvalv: Adam is relatable
monkeyrama: Sadness and Chill
Camail: the sad trio
jessieimproved: not sad, just tired
Juliamon: We're always sad
jetpixi: LUL @Theoretical95
Earthenone: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always afraid.
darkspiredragon: Supress the sadness with horror
Camail: they're spikey
kilotango30: Im in this picture and i don't like it
underhill33: sad gang sad gang sad gang
hesterbyrde: Also they're prickly but cute
Nigouki: wanna feel chill come to Toronto, it's around 0°C tonight and we had 2.8cm of snow on the weekend
v_nome: We got that big sad energy.
Theoretical95: @jetpixi TWINS
Omthebox: Replace sad with angry
kristamichele: I 100% would marry adam for that hedgehog comment alone
ButButTheJesus: dey have widdle noses
TheAlmightyJonassons: they vibrate when mad
itomeshi: We're all screaming inside. You at least are able to be something other than screaming.
itira: they also curl in on themselves when things get stressful!
Rynehawk: JAZZ HANDS
Kirkygirl: Speaking of pets, is it so wrong that I just want to hang out with a snake for an afternoon?
Pharmacistjudge: trapped under the umbilical cord of oppression.
drcthulu: those babies have great lung power for being so small
Raithencore235: Adam "filled with a thousand shrill screaming hedgehogs" Savidan
gualdhar: I mean, Dead Space 2 and 3 dropped the horror bit pretty hard
ShatteredShamrock: Ooky Spooky
Camail: getting in your groove
gawag_: maybe it's a side effect on being slowed down?
jetpixi: Their lungs are probably pretty mew @drcthulu
BusTed: Good ragdoll.
jetpixi: new*
TheAlmightyJonassons: Adam is also a handsome dude
monkeyrama: Dead Space 3 was not really horror
seth_erickson: if I remember correctly throwing their blade hands at them was really effective
josh___something: oh yeah, adam is a handsome lad
CaptainAmero: Cheer100 Just stopping by to drop bits while I get ready for another night as an essential worker. Will catch you spoopy boys in the VOD
ButButTheJesus: "that's not saaaaanstorm"
p3nguinkin: I seem to recall ammo becomeing less plentiful by the third act
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: @drcthulu have you heard a crying baby? lmao
jetpixi: I had forgotten about the Bane outtakes. Gold.
monkeyrama: That's a very good video
Banana_Swonk: haha loud noises = scary game
thedragonlady: Kinesis!
Kirkygirl: if faced with a situation like this IRL, I'd probably piss meself, ngl.
thedragonlady: Throw the limbs at the ones you aren't sure about
Kirkygirl: I don't do aliens too bad.
gamercat88: jump gang, jump gang, jump gang
KeirenH: "yeah, I gotta start throwing limbs more"
seth_erickson: the blade hands specifically
cgwonder: what the.....
Edgarware: She's busy
jetpixi: I do that with The End of the World video
DigitalSeahorse: stempleWoke wheelerMuldr_FC ssandGHOST bunnnGod
sjcTheos: wanna see a magic trick?
Camail: welp
Lenr_: well then
DiscordianTokkan: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a curling rink.
Kirkygirl: UHM
monkeyrama: wow
seth_erickson: seabatYIKES
itira: oh
Banana_Swonk: woah
Lirelent: just flyaing a man
Nosser2: "Pizza?! Gotham City isn't even known for it!"
Lordofironstorm: D:
laxdrake4: lol
LightingExpert13: boooo
iLetTheDogesOut: wow
ShatteredShamrock: Okay Bye!
Inquisitor_Xian: Yikes
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: Squid1 Squid2 Squid3 Squid4
ButButTheJesus: BEN
DiscordianTokkan: Niiiice
dutchmoose: wow groan
laxdrake4: wyrmmHaha wyrmmHaha
seismiclawns: wheelerMuldce
LightingExpert13: so bad
jetpixi: Adam needs to go on time out
seismiclawns: lrrWOW
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DigitalSeahorse: SAW benginPun benginPun benginPun
succulent_club: this operating theatre?
jetpixi: It was great and that;s why
succulent_club: it’s unsanitary.
itira: that baby has a huge head
LightingExpert13: alright it was a good dad joke.
Banana_Swonk: big effin baby
Sethalidos: the Let's Nope stands for no puns
monkeyrama: That is a laaarge baby
Commander_Pulsar: You'll never get ahead in comedy like that.
darkspiredragon: She didn't have a cutting remark so she tried the closest thing
Chaotically_Random: I Love Puns :D
noisyblizzard: that 's a BABY
HorusFive: So, there are regular people alive on this ship
DigitalSeahorse: cutting edge humor here
Sethalidos: nope
LightingExpert13: you got me. Good joke Ben
kilotango30: BabyRage
ghostvalv: haha that's funny
Lordofironstorm: Sir David Attenborough?
ButButTheJesus: so i have just discovered bane outtakes, thanks internet
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evilspoons983: clomping simulator
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monkeyrama: It's very good
itira: i know what im doing after the stream
Kirkygirl: UHM yeah]
cgwonder: i also have never seen the bane outtakes and noe i'm looking forward ot it
Kirkygirl: katesNope
jetpixi: Yeah I have plans after the stream now
BusTed: It's by the Auralnauts.
BusTed: They do good work.
monkeyrama: If chat's intrested in the Bane Outtakes video
monkeyrama: Here it is
seth_erickson: puts more power in his punch
Calaban161: Maximum Effort
Zandivya: I could definitely see Mads Mickelson popping up in one of these tapes anneLol
ShatteredShamrock: they really like introducing badguys behind glass huh XD
gamercat88: this isn't a car
jetpixi: what is it doin
iLetTheDogesOut: got the zoomies
NuggetsTheUnicorn: damn this guy does crossfit
monkeyrama: Zoomies indeed
p3nguinkin: better stomp him to make sure
jetpixi: put the spine in the biohazard waste
MechaKuuga: @LoadingReadyRun Now you don't have to grow one LUL
Mattmitchell45: What's it like to have a spine?
cgwonder: ehispers again
monkeyrama: Another Node Kreygasm
LightingExpert13: @monkeyrama thank you for the video
Kirkygirl passes the juice
monkeyrama: SeemsGood @LightingExpert13
Kirkygirl: ya ya yeet, ya ya yeet
tergonis: do not yeet the juice
ButButTheJesus reaches through screen for juice
jetpixi: Gotta blame it on the goose
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: they're never through until they're goo!
monkeyrama: Just drink water, Ben Kreygasm
Naarius: Drinking AND noping?
LightingExpert13: favorite beverage?
TheBearBee: What did I miss? I was watching the Bane Outtakes
Kirkygirl: here we go loopedy loo, here we go loopedy lie
monkeyrama: loool
cgwonder: presumably you'll come through here in vacuum at some point
ShatteredShamrock: Old!? *ages into dust*
ArkhamArchivist: they drank the tomb juice
evilspoons983: if the video logs are startling you, that doesn't bode well for the rest of the game
TheBearBee: No matter how many years into the future we get, message notifications are still scary as fudge
monkeyrama: All our ammo is gone NotLikeThis
gamercat88: line racks but i heard wine racks lol
Darleysam: a line rack? why would I need a rack for lines?
erloas: isn't an infection also alien life
monkeyrama: Just around the riverbend?
josh___something: @darleysam PrideLionHey
Darleysam: hey @josh___something!
Kirkygirl: I've never seen it either.
seth_erickson: Love me Atlantis PogChamp
underhill33: that movie slaps
monkeyrama: Duuude, Atlantis is great
Camail: oh my god i LOVED that movie
cgwonder: Atlantis is the BEST
iLetTheDogesOut: Oh its great
Entrop1kk: Atlantis is such a good movie
tergonis: atlantis is hella good
Inquisitor_Xian: its def the best
laxdrake4: Atlantis is the bomb
SerGarretCameron: Boom, bridge.
gawag_: is that Disney?
cgwonder: Atlantis and Treasure Planet are my fave Disney films
darkspiredragon: It's the last movie with Varney isn't it?
jetpixi: Huh. I never did see it
ShatteredShamrock: I love Atlantis, it has a pacing problem tho
DiscordianTokkan: I haven't seen it, but I hear it's Disney's version of Nadia of Blue Water anime
itira: Yeah Treasure Planet rules
gamercat88: Milo is great
orangeqrowe: Treasure
monkeyrama: It's solid all-around
druidofspores: Atlantis is my favorite Disney movie!!
Inquisitor_Xian: I ran a D&D game loosely based on that movie lol
MadWolf1290: it's got michael j fox
orangeqrowe: planet best disney
seth_erickson: Treasure Planet and Atlantis are both under rated I think
drcthulu: Atlantis is really good
ulexarX: I like the big drilling thing and the ship
cgwonder: It's stunning, and all the characters are stylistically great. Back before all of Disney's faces looked the same
monkeyrama: Willow movie night!
jetpixi: I love Disney yes!
monkeyrama: It was so fun!
hunkajunk: Ben, we watch cartoons on ours :) and have movie nights!
gawag_: damn, always thought it was other studio that was around at the time
VoodontWoW: Hamilton hype!
Entrop1kk: I love the fact that their production teams wore shirts that said "Fewer Songs, More Explosions"
Chaotically_Random: Emporer's New Grove all the Way
BusTed: seabatApp
itira: Willow is so good
seth_erickson: seabatApp
gawag_: oh yes
NotCainNorAbel: seabatApp
monkeyrama: seabatApp seabatApp
Rynehawk: peck peck peck peck peck peck
Kramburger: Wait, I missed out on Willow? DAMMIT ADAM
ShatteredShamrock: Just don't watch the Atlantis "Sequel" it's... just 3 episodes of the failed cereal cartoon series they tried to make out of it
itsr67: seabatApp seabatApp
jetpixi: According to my dad I watched Willow constantly when I was a kid
ghostvalv: seabatApp
Banana_Swonk: when was willow night???
kerplop1: isn't the princess bride on disney now?
ButButTheJesus: Chapter 2: I
BusTed: Dark Crystal?
Banana_Swonk: @kerplop1 yes, i watched it 4 days ago
DigitalSeahorse: Dark Crystal
NotCainNorAbel: I watched the goonies A LOT
gamercat88: Tim Curry, yas!
Kirkygirl: We've got Cabin Fever, we're all stuck out at sea!
Angnor33: Yes!
monkeyrama: It very much is, Adam
Chaotically_Random: I love the Muppets
DigitalSeahorse: ah
laxdrake4: truth
lochnessseammonster: looooove muppet treasure island!
Baldrash: Tim Curry was great in Muppet Treasure Island.
Perchipy: treasure planet is the best animation film, change my mind
Mattmitchell45: Muppet Treasure Island is astounding
Angnor33: Adam, those are the best three movies.
Camail: mine was A Knights Tale
ShatteredShamrock: I watched a lot of the Great Muppet Caper
Mysticman89: Iocane powder
TheBearBee: What about LoTR?
evilspoons983: Labyrinth scared the hell out of me
cgwonder: My go tos were Labirynth, Princess Bride and the 2003 Peter Pan. Jason Isaacs as Hook...
franksey: Never ending story
VoodontWoW: Great Muppet Caper is brilliant.
DigitalSeahorse: Princess Bride - "To the PAIN!"
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
sk8sam24: The Witch was brutal!
ButButTheJesus: oh FUCK adam I HATED THAT SCENE
sylverfyst: I watched a ton of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Hook, and NeverEnding Story
Penthesilea180: Flight of the Navigator. No contest
sk8sam24: ET also scarred me
KinoGami: the bat from the start of the great mouse detective freaked me out
jessieimproved: Third, monsters
monkeyrama: How could you forget about Artax
jetpixi: Omg...The Neverending Stooooorrryyyy
SquareDotCube: The Goonies?
UnknownGerm: I recently went back and looked up a plot synopsis of a movie I loved when I was very young...and holy shit was it fucked up
MinniChii: Troll in Central park terrified me
Kirkygirl: Aaaas yoooouuu wiiiiiiiisshhh....
DigitalSeahorse: xD
BusTed: Very melodic.
sjcTheos: seee ee e e e e e
sk8sam24: Screemed my head off on the ET ride at Universal Studios
DigitalSeahorse: you forgot cause the story never ended :P
ShatteredShamrock: Moonchild is still a bad name tho :P
sylverfyst: Falllllcoooorrrrrr
Xiff_: I will always have a soft spot for Tremors
seth_erickson: Goonies PogChamp
NotCainNorAbel: Hey you guysss!!!!
evilspoons983: Flight of the Navigator was great except when the existential crisis it sorta inspires creeps in
Spacepup: @Mattmitchell45 Muppets Treasure Island is the best pirate movie ever made.
seth_erickson: War of the Worlds was a movie that really freaked me out as a young child
kalateth: Hey You Guys!
evilspoons983: you have to be old enough for it to creep you out
ShatteredShamrock: I was accidentally in Astoria (the town the Goonies takes place in) on the 30th anniversary!
monkeyrama: looool
aquinas_0: flight of the navigator?
ShatteredShamrock: it's gorgeous
bat_wool: Beastmaster!
iLetTheDogesOut: we like to party
monkeyrama: The vengaboys
cgwonder: I need to rewatch Neverending Story. I LOVED it as a kid, but I haven't seen it in like 15 years and have very little memory of the actual events of the film
aquinas_0: so much flight of the navigator
gamercat88: @aquinas_0 yas!
monkeyrama: Going to eat pizza
jetpixi: Vengaboys! ALmost went a whole stream haha
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DigitalSeahorse: TMNT
jessieimproved: @cgwonder Neverending Story holds up, can confirm, still cried with my kids recently
gamercat88: you should also let her listen to Aqua, Barbie Girl is classic
Chaotically_Random: I went to a trade school in Astoria and where they filmed goonies, also on campus there was a warehouse that was off limits where they filmed Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle II they whole rave seen and the final battle with Shredder
dmjessus: my partner grew up in a really restrictive household so we have a movie night once a week to get her caught up on classics... like Jaws.
Durzo_Blint_: Six Flags had a massive ad campaign with the Vengaboys back in the day
monkeyrama: Ben LUL
ButButTheJesus: ben!
iLetTheDogesOut: weeeeeee
jetpixi: The suuuure did @Durzo_Blint_
BusTed: And yet...
Rynehawk: it looks like youre gonna drop him in a jet turbine
itira: Now im ready to hurl.. lol
CorruptDropbear: spine removed
Serpens77: is Ben disrespecting corpses again
kilotango30: that man needs a chiropractor
cgwonder: @jessieimproved good to know! I'm think I'll have a comfy day soon watching all the stuff I loved as a kid.
sleepingwalru: ben turning this into watch and play
TwilightAvalon: Its actually a smart idea to dismemeber corpses you find, because if they get possessed by Xenomporphs, they still are missing those limbs
gamercat88: you spin me right round, baby right round
Kirkygirl: @Serpens77 when is he not? :P
KCazduke: Man Issac is a monster mutilating corpses
Juliamon: I didn't see a lot of movies as a kid... my dad's always been a firm believer of "why pay to rent a video when you could just wait for it to air on TV and record it for free"
Serpens77: wow, Ben isn't excited by Pokemon anymore??
ButButTheJesus: they the only games that get me hard
GlennSeto: And when it's not scary, it's usually amusing.
jetpixi: It did NOT like that
BusTed: it was just a prank bro
monkeyrama: Just a prank, bro
evilspoons983: playing this in the dark on a 60" HD TV back in 2008 with full surround sound... at night... was a bit of a bad idea
Kirkygirl: OHHH
Pheonix888: Is this the one where you can use their spikes against them, or is that a sequel?
niccus: wasn't it bad
jetpixi: I dislike pranks lol
Kirkygirl: Yeah I saw the first episode.
Biomonkey01: I find prank shows deeply upsetting
cgwonder: which kid from stranger things? there are a few
Rynehawk: prank shows bad
GlennSeto: Is it shitty pranks?
Kirkygirl: PUNK'D
Serpens77: Gaten Matarazo
BusTed: "the original"
jetpixi: Punk'd
DiscordianTokkan: Candid Camera?
Serpens77: Dustin
Driosenth: Trigger Happy TV
BusTed: What about Candid Camera?
gamercat88: Dude Where's My Car
Durzo_Blint_: Candid Camera
sjcTheos: limesD
jetpixi: That was ok cuz it was celebrities and so i didn't feel as bad? Is that mean? LUL
aquinas_0: some of those, you have to wonder how no one died
PMAvers: But what if... and hear me out here... what if the show involved pulling pranks on Famous Youtuber James Turner?
hyaundredneer: More like constipated, no?
Mysticman89: when the 'prank' is breaking into someones room and beating them with a bat, it's not really clever.
TheBearBee: Just for Laughs is the only good prank show
hideki101: the voice acting in this game
Driosenth: He had a tooth ache
aquinas_0: yep
SquareDotCube: Jackass knew to keep the pranks to the crew and kept bystander involvement to a minimum
jetpixi: Heck yeah I did
Angnor33: John Lithgow
gamercat88: ron perlman?
monkeyrama: Does that have Chevy Chase?
CataclysmicReverb: there was a show for Harry and the Hendersons
frage069: Classic tv
aquinas_0: Lithgow
Nosser2: It's basically Alf.
HorusFive: It is ALF. Just with a Bigfoot
jetpixi: Great movie
monkeyrama: Ah, wrong old man
aquinas_0: sometimes Lithgow is the villain
UnknownGerm: That is often the case
KinoGami: john lithgow is either the dad or evil
Foxsploder: Or a preacher who hates dancing
Commander_Pulsar: Buckaroo Bansai
sylverfyst: minus Dexter
DigitalSeahorse: Alf wasn't big foot though, he just had big alien feet
DigitalSeahorse: :P
Kirkygirl: yep, it was good.
TwitchTVsFrank: i love harry and the hendersons
GlennSeto: Or a serial killer.
BusTed: Incoming message from the big giant head.
UnknownGerm: @KinoGami Sometimes both!
DigitalSeahorse: also Alf wanted to eat the cat
monkeyrama: Blademaster Ben
ShatteredShamrock: Oh! I loved Flight of the Navigator as a kid
sjcTheos: did his skeleton just fall out of his body???
lifecharacter: Welcome to Ravenholme?
DigitalSeahorse: and Alf is a racist
hinhanska: Except in Buckaroo Banzai
iLetTheDogesOut: ravenholme strats
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jetpixi: I watched a lot of those Disney movies from the last 90s early 00s
TheBearBee: Switch up the rolls. I want to see John lithglow as a teen in t-shirts and backwards cap
evilspoons983: he found a beyblade, time to find a stadium
jetpixi: He kinda tried that in HIMYM
Durzo_Blint_: @LoadingReadyRun Any of the LRR crew going to be playing Halo?
KinoGami: was john lithgow ever in trek?
aquinas_0: you know whats bizarre to watch again
Xenguin47: Hey, that's me!
aquinas_0: pagemaster
monkeyrama: Wow, that was not effective at all LUL
jetpixi: The Pagemaster!!!
lifecharacter: Just tossed that thing back at us
sjcTheos: half life 2 this is not
Inquisitor_Xian: This ain't ravenholm lol
DigitalSeahorse: good luck out there, stay safe
iLetTheDogesOut: oh i forgot about that movieee
hunkajunk: Pagemaster in french was horrible >.<
jetpixi: It's still good
hesterbyrde: Yeah Pagemaster scared the shit out of me. But I loved it
monkeyrama: Giant Spiders are always a seabatYIKES
Dovakey: not for me :)
Toxxick: @hunkajunk weve been over this
ButButTheJesus: oh god, the spiders and THE FLOWERS
cgwonder: Jumanji in general was terrifying
seth_erickson: I have the Pagemaster on VHS PogChamp
KCazduke: Lost in Space, the space spiders
gamercat88: Hex's from Fern Gully scared me
Mysticman89: the black goo in little nemo bugged me.
Beowulf_Bjornson: Spiders are like snakes that way
Biomonkey01: robocop when that dude gets mutated and then splattered
KCazduke: Those were freaky
druidofspores: Treasure Planet and Titan A.E. though
chompskyhonk82: Did anyone ever see Jim Henson's The StoryTeller?
darkspiredragon: What about Chinese Spider Puppet Ghosts
KinoGami: video games have made spiders so much worse for me. now whenever i see them i just hear screaching in my head
andy1503: spiders can be cuties if i'm expecting them
SquareDotCube: And then you have the Don Bluth movies of the mid-90s, when they went off the walls
jetpixi: The Brave Little Toaster was so good
hesterbyrde: **scorpion voice** GETOVERHERE
kilotango30: the spiders in skyrim always scared my brother
aquinas_0: titan ae would have been ok if they'd bothered to animate shadows
aquinas_0: at all
jetpixi: The Secret of NIMH is one of the fave Don Bluth films
succulent_club: I found The Witches (both the book and the movie) pretty spooky when I was a kid.
evilspoons983: the goddamn elephant drug trip in Winne the Pooh scared me when I was like 5
gualdhar: come ... to me.
druidofspores: yeah shadows would've helped
succulent_club: OHHH the Secret of NIMH is super spooky
jetpixi: I love it.
Durzo_Blint_: man this guy has terrible posture
jetpixi: I watched that soooo much as a kid
saucemaster5000: don bluth had an... interesting career. would love to see a netflux doc
Biomonkey01: Oh god, Watership Down
darkspiredragon: Watership Down
Driosenth: Don Bluth
Kirkygirl: What about T-Rex: We're Back?
andy1503: dogs
jetpixi: Don BLuth yeah
NotCainNorAbel: american tale
monkeyrama: Haven't seen either NotLikeThis
Sgt_mentos: That moment when your shots don’t do jack to the Monster, feels bad man lrrAWW
gamercat88: American Tale
Durzo_Blint_: All Dogs is sad as shit
Theoretical95: American Tale
aquinas_0: american tale
evilspoons983: American Tale 1 is booooring
TheBearBee: watership down
jetpixi: All Dogs !!
saucemaster5000: american tail
sk8sam24: The Rescuers Down Under!
kilotango30: @evilspoons983 The Heffalumps scared the shit out of me as a kid
circusofkirkus: american tale, but all dogs go to heaven has billy joel
RavagefoxDW: rockadoodle, fight me
jetpixi: Rescuers is Disney
jetpixi: i think
TheWanderingNomad: I still can't believe they made a 3rd American Tail
The_Brony_Vamp: The great mouse detective
BusTed: There are no dogs in America...
shesnarrating: Young Sherlock Holmes scared me, stupid stained glass Knight
wikisome: Bigged Lipped Alligator Moment
SquareDotCube: Give him the EVil Eye
Mistborn83: was the cartoon of Lord of Rings terrifying
aquinas_0: jaja gabor made that movie
ujduche: Secret of Nimh.
UnknownGerm: THe mouse of Minsk was so bizarre, I loved it
Kirkygirl: Yeah the tumbleweed stage coach was cool
Kirkygirl: UHM
Durzo_Blint_: The little girl in All Dogs was murdered by her father
aquinas_0: dahling
sylverfyst: The Goofie Movie?
evilspoons983: Fievel Goes West is good because John Cleese (et al)
monkeyrama: Bit of a nostalgia trip, eh?
jetpixi: All Dogs had that scene with pizza and it just looked so gooood
andy1503: rescuers is the best disney sequel ever
saucemaster5000: nuts to that. american tail actuall had a theme
KinoGami: oh wow i remember this
TacitusVigil: They just want to hug you Ben
KinoGami: weird
DigitalSeahorse: American Tale was pretty good too, West one was a bit funnier
TwitchTVsFrank: all dogs had a singing crocodile how do you beat that
TheWanderingNomad: @evilspoons983 - ...I am today years old realizing that Caterwall was played by John Cleese...
The_Brony_Vamp: Oliver and company
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
dmjessus: american tale hands down. like... all dogs is super sad, but damn if I dont start bawling when Fivel finds his family.
Angnor33: All Dogs Go to Heaven has Billy Joel?
Penthesilea180: How about The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under?
HorusFive: But what if we just go back across
itira: I own the majority of these movies on dvd... now i feel like i need to watch them all again
aquinas_0: "The Lazy Eye"
Biomonkey01: James and The Giant Peach weirded me out as a kid
evilspoons983: @TheWanderingNomad lol
jetpixi: The Goofy Movie :)
LightingExpert13: skirt
aquinas_0: oh that was the weird dahl adaptation
TamesLovesGames: SEKIRO
seth_erickson: the arms Ben
monkeyrama: loooooooool
TheBearBee: There are a number of animated films from that era that are just terrifying. Secret of Nim, Watership down...
Northono: can't miss that money
andy1503: hahahahaha
thatone75: f
lifecharacter: The herbis
monkeyrama: The last enemy NotLikeThis
dmjessus: welp
HorusFive: LuL
josh___something: LUL
druidofspores: nooooo
DigitalSeahorse: that moment they find the skeleton and it sneeks behind them and keeps playing dead every time they turn around
Kirkygirl: katesRip
thatone75: NOOO BEN
Mattmitchell45: Reminder, you picked up healing
Northono: worthit!
Inquisitor_Xian: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
TwitchTVsFrank: down under >>>> og rescuers
KinoGami: that was nothing to lose your head over Kappa
tergonis: never look away from the door!
shesnarrating: LMAOOOO
kilotango30: SLAPPED benginRip
darkspiredragon: Use Fivver to fight space zombies
RavagefoxDW: ded
TwilightAvalon: Welcome to DEAD Space Kappa
ContingentCat: the greatest enemy, Greed
itira: what about HOLES?
Banana_Swonk: ow my ears, why do the monsters scream so loud
Kirkygirl: @TwitchTVsFrank YES THANK YOU
aquinas_0: they're back where the villain gets et by crows for some reason
Sgt_mentos: Ded lrrSPOOP
GlennSeto: honestly though, Ben's been tearing through this difficulty like a champ
NotJustAFleshWound: @TwitchTVsFrank I thought that was just a well known fact. The first one isn't really that good imo
Kirkygirl: Jump on it
kilotango30: Popular young adult film "Holes" always spooked me as a kid
aquinas_0: god, they made a movie for holes?
jetpixi: NO @kilotango30 why!
aquinas_0: i remember when that came out
TheWanderingNomad: @aquinas_0 - Wasn't that a metaphor for being 'consumed' by fear?
monkeyrama: Oh maaaan
HorusFive: You SPOON
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
kilotango30: why not?
monkeyrama: wait what
PMAvers: The enemy.
aquinas_0: @TheWanderingNomad tell that to 7 year old me
Theoretical95: The thing in the room
gamercat88: who let the dogs out
seth_erickson: the one that had no legs
p3nguinkin: and this is why you should defile every corpse you find in this game
tergonis: the thing behind you with no legs
seth_erickson: can still move
itira: yes @aquinas_0 Starring actual canibal Shia Le Beouf
Mattmitchell45: The Legless One
Durzo_Blint_: the one without legs LUL
jetpixi: LUL every stream @kilotango30 It's just funny
josh___something: was it the one with his legs out?
GlennSeto: It's the wonder of life! Nature's healing!
Mal2mad: Oh hey, just noticed twitch now displays time streaming
aquinas_0: @itira that was a weird book, did they make our cannibal friend eat dozens of raw onions on screen?
monkeyrama: Didn't it always?
itira: They did @aquinas_0
aquinas_0: :D !!!
tergonis: no fuss no muss
monkeyrama: ooo, a save station and a store
RahnHammer: #PlayOfTheGame
multeyemeteor: The mono red of Dead Space
Durzo_Blint_: @LoadingReadyRun your character has terrible posture
Talin06: ruthless aggregation?
monkeyrama: Saturdaaay
Mysticman89: Valorant update happened today
jetpixi: I just got a drop! WOO
UnknownGerm: you got those stasis pack burning a hole in your pocket
seth_erickson: refilling the stasis might be nice
NotCainNorAbel: It was a lot of fun watching you all play
iLetTheDogesOut: its been buggy lately. was stoked to get the drop from saturdays stream
monkeyrama: oh my god, please do that on saturday
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NotCainNorAbel: the 13-0 rounds was amazing
monkeyrama: James will hate it
jetpixi: Yeah! I need to find them yeah
Diabore: i played exactly once and retired champion
cgwonder: maybe use a stasis pack for this upcoming bit
UnknownGerm: Ben, my dude, you have stasis packs
SerGarretCameron: you have a stasis energy refill, yes?
Electrodyne: If I don't have any friends is it still okay?
ButButTheJesus: Y or triangle?
monkeyrama: Sergical, maybe
Mysticman89: lrrSERGE ical
jetpixi: Instead of Find My Friends it's Find Some Friends
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pantlesswerewolf: Man I loved watching my brother Dead Space ages ago. So happy you guys are playing it now! lrrHEART
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cgwonder: niiiice
GlennSeto: *slow clap*
Juliamon: Don't have friends? The LRR Discord has your back!
Juliamon: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here:
monkeyrama: Nice stmops PogChamp
monkeyrama: stomps, even
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
ContingentCat: wow rude
Saintnex: wow game, what?
TwilightAvalon: Plasma Cutter is not a good gun
PaperDoopliss: I can't believe you just clocked Adam like that
gamercat88: whoa took your head off
p3nguinkin: you should never stop stomping.l...
Shemerson: those guys are the strong guys
sylverfyst: those homies you do not mess around with
Sgt_mentos: Controller throw, haha
Diabore: oh adam, did you hear about raw last night?
jetpixi: The yooths
RurouniGeo: Think of the Burnt ones as Crimson heads from Resident Evil macawArnold
monkeyrama: But greed
SerGarretCameron: the Hoobris
p3nguinkin: is best gun!
monkeyrama: It's really good, tho?
TwilightAvalon: Best Gun is the Line Gun
Shemerson: plasma cutter is the best gun
ButButTheJesus: i'm partial to the saw blade thing
Baldrash: Lies and slander.
Theoretical95: surgical even
thedragonlady: The line gun is a good upgrade but don't need to rush it
Diabore: 100% thought adam was about to do a 1 second timeout
Drasvin: Plasma cutter isn't as good as others at handling groups
Saintnex: plasma cutter is hella good for pretty much the whole game :P
gualdhar: you can make it bigger and pierce bodies, it's fantastic
PMAvers: It's... *blam blam blam blam shoots the wall six times* methodical.
GlennSeto: I think when your name is Ben, you have an uphill battle with Han Solo anyway.
bittersweet_distractor: At least get the line gun too, line gun is good
PaperDoopliss: The need to shoot a limb 5 times just lets you appreciate how powerful the gun is
Shemerson: line gun is stronger but the ammo takes up way too much space
APODionysus: Oh shit DEAD SPACE
APODionysus: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:51:14.
monkeyrama: Niiiiiiiiiiice
NotCainNorAbel: well done
itira: good job ben
monkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏 👏
HorusFive: wait for it
cgwonder: Yeeees Ben
Banana_Swonk: dab
Drasvin: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That appears to be some sort of sidewalk slam.
TwilightAvalon: Very nice!
iLetTheDogesOut: benginDab benginDab
Northono: First Try!
seth_erickson: SEKIRO
Commander_Pulsar: Plasma Cutter is Only Gun.
ButButTheJesus: @LRRbot nice
Mysticman89: the amazing ankle vacuum
JaysonMaxwell: Didn't even need to use the red-barrel
Diabore: 2k credies
monkeyrama: wooooow
ButButTheJesus: BEN
orbitaltuna: ooh deadspace
NotCainNorAbel: surprised there are no grenades in this game
RurouniGeo: Ripper is good!
orbitaltuna: shirt rippah
ButButTheJesus: ripper yassss
APODionysus: @loadingreadyrun Andre Braugher a delight. The fact that he still hasn’t gotten an Emmy for B99 is a CRIME
jetpixi: Sure would be nice if we had some grenades @NotCainNorAbel
TwilightAvalon: Fully Upgraded Ripper is NUTTY
Lithobraker: How low is the orbit that they have appreciable orbital decay in under 10 hours?!
PMAvers: if gun = chainsaw, qualityOfGun = good.
DiscordianTokkan: Off to the Rippers, boys?
theanthonydee: yaw yaw yeeet
monkeyrama: P O G, Adam
orbitaltuna: not the space baby
jetpixi: poggies my doggies
Baldrash: Poggies.
Darleysam: I've not played this for years and that purple glow still makes me go "ooh, power node!"
LightingExpert13: GOOOOOAAAALLL
BusTed: "So, is this a bit or...."
Sgt_mentos: Power move
monkeyrama: Poggies my Doggies will never die
ContingentCat: Does anyone know if they changed the recipe of the Canadian girl guide sandwich cookies in the last like 10 years? I got them for the first time in ages and I remember them being a lot better.
orbitaltuna: SMHPOGOLIRL
Genderi: just say Champ e
kilotango30: space poggies my doggies
Commander_Pulsar: okay, line cutter is good for the babies.
Mattmitchell45: POGs and Sails
orbitaltuna: pawwwg
TwilightAvalon: Line gun is basically the Shotgun
monkeyrama: We're using a mini line cutter seabatBRAIN
orbitaltuna: how postively pawgful
cgwonder: that sounds big and scary
ruscobrog: SKRY
ruscobrog: SKRT*
seth_erickson: I think Dead Space 2 has the creepiest enemies
jetpixi: I gotta get the last jelly!
seth_erickson: the dogs are DansGame
orbitaltuna: DS3 is when it jumped the shark right?
Lordofironstorm: gr8 cr8 I r8 8/8
CataclysmicReverb: ol' 2 Cake Frank definitely wouldn't leave any for us
monkeyrama: That crate insulted his favorite anime
jetpixi: LUL @Lordofironstorm
monkeyrama: This was fun!
itira: That was a good time
NotCainNorAbel: Thanks for the fun streams today
darkspiredragon: thx for streaming
hesterbyrde: Time is fun when you're having flies!
gamercat88: <3 my dudes
josh___something: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Saintnex: thanks for the stream Ben and Adam, its been amazing!
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cgwonder: i'm so down for that
hunkajunk: Dead Soace is Great! I'm down
shesnarrating: Woo!
monkeyrama: That would be neat
ContingentCat: ehhh maybe
Sgt_mentos: Haha, that’s so fun, lol
crimall: Im all for multiple months of Deadspace
ButButTheJesus: woo deb spape
jetpixi: be safe
itira: BC is lifting things slowly now
hesterbyrde: Thanks for the stream guys!
Lirelent: this is working out great for this show to be honest, thank you so much for this friends
NimrodXIV: oo gang beasts
ContingentCat: when you have such a good system set up, see how things go with other people first
HorusFive: This seems pretty successful for LRR- considering the difficulty level
josh___something: persona gaems?
DigitalSeahorse: don't be part of second wave either until the vaccine
Revelia: It's more shin megami tensei featuring fire emblem
Juliamon: Gang Beasts is a classic
Durzo_Blint_: how has he never played?
monkeyrama: Forever drafting
Durzo_Blint_: it's basically wrestling
ContingentCat: yay Cooking TTSF!
seth_erickson: I got to Diamond yesterday PogChamp
josh___something: Adam's never played gang beasts?!
monkeyrama: Sweet!
kilotango30: gang beasts gang gang beasts gang gang beasts gang
MechaKuuga: Cooooool
Sgt_mentos: Chef Ian is cooking, neat
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uhhh shoot more
underhill33: yeyeye
Mysticman89: the 3 losses don't count, those were warm up matches
DigitalSeahorse: honestly ppl saying they think this gonna end before the end of 2020 even months from now is disturbing like they gonna walk out and do some more spreading
kerbalized_: rereturn
Ba_Dum_Tish: Emperor Seabats
DigitalSeahorse: and no I'm not panicking
seth_erickson: !homestream
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Serge:
kilotango30: Mr Seabats
monkeyrama: lol, NieR is something else
DigitalSeahorse: thanks gnight
Electrodyne: Winky Smackdoma
josh___something: well, you got the OP AF loadout now tho right?
jetpixi: NieR is occassional disconcerting LUL
TacitusVigil: Ben's joining the Grand Army of the LRRpublic?
Juliamon: !wyrmwood
LRRbot: LRR's AFK streams are sponsored by Wyrmwood Gaming! Visit and use the affiliate code "LRR" for free shipping in the US, or "LRRworld" for $10 off shipping internationally. *table slap*
Atreides42: Night, everyone!
Phailhammer: cya :)
KCazduke: Night~
monkeyrama: Thanks for the stream, have a good night
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wyrmwood they have your hard wood needs covered
itira: Thanks everybody! Byeeeeee
cgwonder: Thanks Ben, Thanks Adam!!!
Questhere: byeeee
cgwonder: Bye everyone!!!
josh___something: *ponk*
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream, friends!
tezzerettinkerer: wyrmmLove
gualdhar: does "letting ads run" do anything if we're subbed?
HorusFive: Night Chat- stay healthy
Saintnex: night everyone!
PMAvers: Wyrmwood Gaming: They want to cover your hard wood needs.
gawag_: question: I watch via Chromecast and don't see the ads. does that still count lol?
Juliamon: gawag_ You're subbed and wouldn't see them anyway
LoadingReadyRun: ^
gawag_: @juliamon oh duh. thanks
kilotango30: !advice
LRRbot: Dooting isn't talking.
kilotango30: thank you lrrbot
HorusFive: !badadvice
LRRbot: It's just ahead.
Earthenone: !findquote just
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Earthenone: !findquote doot
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Banana_Swonk: nin y'all
Banana_Swonk: *nini
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: !advice
LRRbot: You have to be alive to sleep.
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4531: "Somebody slap a chip on me and I'll be an Amiibo." —Kathleen [2017-12-04]
Entrop1kk: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Kathleen takes her turn in the PiF hotseat the only way she knows how, JRPG's :D. Game: Tokyo Mirage Sessions) at Wed 10:00 AM PDT (13:53 from now).
KodeMage: uh, oh, the interface changed... where did "videos" go?
Earthenone: no clue where interface hid them
KodeMage: click the logo I found out
KodeMage: but it takes you away from chat, and I don't think it used to do that
PMAvers: Yeah, that's the new channel page.
KodeMage: yeah, and the videos page has what looks like a new placeholder for some art
PMAvers: It looks like it doesn't *leave* chat, at least, since if you click the Chat link on there it'll pop back out and not lose anything.
KodeMage: I don't know exactly what happened but I lost anything between my statement and earthenone giving the link, ty btw
KodeMage: if anything was there
Earthenone: there was not
PMAvers: I was honestly expecting the new channel page to... well, slot in there where the OFFLINE screen is currently more.