quasi79fu: woot
quasi79fu: im going to g o get foood for this hilarious anime train wreck of a game Brb
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! katesWave
quasi79fu: Arrrrgh me mattey ahot
quasi79fu: ahoy
quasi79fu: me hoook hand not sooo good at typing
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu I keep telling you captain, you should use some of our loot to buy a nice porcelain hand or something
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
quasi79fu: arrghhh i'll make ye walk the plank if yeee think i be a fancy kaptain
quasi79fu: fire the cannons
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu Would you at least consider a wooden hand, Captain? You keep wounding yourself with that hook!
quasi79fu scratches his bum with his hoook
TXC2: quasi79fu sir this is a family stream Kappa
quasi79fu: oops
mrMorphius: Heck yeah! More games with Kimgdom-hearts style names!
quasi79fu puts himself in the shame corner
mrMorphius: mattlrHeck
PharaohBender27: Party150 Please pass on my mad props to lrrHEATHER for her brilliant decision to use your Persona portrait for the YouTube VOD thumbnail
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AliceLovelin: VirtualHug
Mcgwee: time for anime!
GapFiller: HOLD
quasi79fu: wooohooo
TXC2: here we GO!
Pteraspidomorphi: Time for mirages and sessions
GapFiller: good evening Kathleen lrrKATHLEEN lrrDARK lrrHEART
TXC2: Hello Kathleen
erantun: hi everyone! made it just in time
Radyin: Hi Kathleen! It's boss times, right?
ComradeMik: morning y'all from the wrong side of 3am
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @erantun ! katesWave
TXC2: Pteraspidomorphi read that as marriages :p
vespa_amazonia: hello everybody
vespa_amazonia: need you to know i've paused she-ra season 5 to be here, so.
Radyin: You got JRPGed.
TXC2: vespa_amazonia we thank you for your sacrifice.
GapFiller: oyeh we were in the middle of a dungeon
GapFiller: in medias res start today eh
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s PLAY IT FORWARD and @Kathleen_LRR is back with more TOKYO MIRAGE SESSIONS! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EYEvqB0UwAAYlJr.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1261341788310089728
drfox17: okay
drfox17: where were we
Manae: Message from Touma: hey let's go kill that boss!
GapFiller: mmm delicious delicious grinding
Radyin: You'd think there'd be a memo about your boss being kidnapped.
PharaohBender27: Would any of these "worrisome rumors" have to do with your boss sexually harassing employees, Ayaha?
quasi79fu: wait so depression isnt normal in the game? Are these people constantly happy? Thats a scary thought
Paranundrox: good morning chat and Kathleen
quasi79fu: hi para
TXC2: Hello Paranundrox welcome
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @Paranundrox ! katesWave
Rogue_07: Have we saved drunken boss lady yet?
MeLikeSmallMatters: Hi Kathleen, I just got my hardcopy of this delivered for my WiiU since i saw you play it last! ^w^
Paranundrox: the grinding scales nicely too since drops scale with Sessions
Paranundrox: and as you need more drops, you start getting longer Session chains
dirty_p0ssum: hi
quasi79fu: those savage enemies dont seem balance seem they keep killing you
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @dirty_p0ssum ! katesWave
PharaohBender27: @Rogue_07 Nope, not yet
TXC2: it's like they're savage or something.....
Paranundrox: the Savage enemies scale with level, so they're always a threat, but they're definitely doable at a certain point
mowdownjoe: IIRC, Savage Encounters level with you. So NEVER SAFE.
Mcgwee: like EO's FOE's you jump em later!
TXC2: man the worse part of that dress is that midrif opening
Manae: They're never safe, but when you can chain five attacks instead of two you kill stuff faster
GapFiller: TXC2 ...not gonna be able to unsee that
GapFiller: so thanks
dirty_p0ssum: hey Kathleen, do you know when there's another Friday night?
Manae: instead of doing two attacks and taking six
TXC2: GapFiller I meant on Tsubasa
Paranundrox: apparently Savage Encounters scale with Itsuki's level specifically
GapFiller: Does LRR Still Do Friday Nights? Kappa
mowdownjoe: I still remember end game Savage Encounters in the tutorial dungeon when I backtracked to that to get some loot after a certain event.
GapFiller: iirc theres an actual command for that
PharaohBender27: lrrHEART
Paranundrox: I wonder if you can cheese that on NG+ by kicking him out of the party
Pteraspidomorphi: Uh
TXC2: !fnquestion
Graham_LRR: There will be more Friday Nights at some point lrrHEART
GapFiller: Graham_LRR evening G
TXC2: thanks Graham
quasi79fu: hi graham
Rogue_07: Hey Graham!
Mcgwee: hi graham
LordShadner: and when you have more characters you can switch to protect weaknesses and avoid enemy sessions
quasi79fu: youre awesome graham
Rogue_07: Good to see you
dirty_p0ssum: true, thank you
Paladia_Gorom: Hello other humans
TXC2: Hello Paladia_Gorom welcome
Paranundrox: Friday Nights will continue when morale improves wheelerKappa
quasi79fu: hi paladia
vespa_amazonia: @Paladia_Gorom wow presumptuous
GapFiller: Paranundrox oh man Friday Nights x sWs xover
Paladia_Gorom: @vespa_amazonia harsh, but fair
quasi79fu: wait am i not human?
mowdownjoe: @Paranundrox And by "morale", we mean global pendemic. And "improves", we mean "disappears."
mynameisie: Morale will improve around the time Friday Nights continues
TXC2: what is human?
GapFiller: beep boop I. AM. A. HUMAN.
Paranundrox: what is dancer
red_shoes_jeff: Ahoy
Paranundrox: reasonable
Frypod1077: Hello every cat and dog viewing this
TXC2: Hello red_shoes_jeff welcome
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @red_shoes_jeff ! katesWave
quasi79fu checks his circuitry to see if he is human
Paladia_Gorom: Does anyone here text with stickers, genuinely curious
DarkMorford: Graham/Kathleen, would either of you like Leopold or Timbra for your islands? I'm kicking one or the other of them today because Marina's at my campsite, but I'd like them to go to a good home if possible.
quasi79fu: awww poor baxter
mowdownjoe: Aww... no cat stream?
Invitare: I'm quite sure Chat would't mind
Mcgwee: no
MeLikeSmallMatters: I'm so sick of being sick of things
GapFiller: mowdownjoe cant have the cats overshadowing the humans
Juliamon: My sister's ESO group chat uses stickers all the time
Mal2mad: stickers are evrywhere in my messaging apps.
Ritaspirithntr: I occassionaly use stickers in texts to help get my intent across
Paranundrox: Itsuki is on a very restrictive texting plan :P
Paladia_Gorom: Neat @juliamon
quasi79fu: meow
mowdownjoe: MEOW
red_shoes_jeff: MEOW
GapFiller: woof
Paranundrox: wheelerMuldcb
drfox17: nyan?
mtg_charles: meow
quasi79fu: lol
quasi79fu: Meooooow
Paranundrox: yeah the quests aren't great
DarkMorford: Is Baxter doin a screm?
SerGarretCameron: I did a while ago, and will again on occasion. Sometimes you just need a cute bear telling you it's gonna be ok.
Paladia_Gorom: Our cats are asleep right now
Paranundrox: go here, now go there, no go here, have a thing
quasi79fu: baxter wants atttention
Ritaspirithntr: How much do you want to bet baxter will be very much a cat and mess with the streaming equipment!
Orgmastron: That's a recurring problem
Mcgwee: sounds like a jrpg to me
wandering_goliath: I have been waiting for the intermissions to do requests and side sessions. The game really can feel like it is pulling me in 5 different directions some times
vespa_amazonia: IS media good tho
vespa_amazonia: seems controversial
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Golf it out!
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Negotiate with the badger.
quasi79fu: bless you
vespa_amazonia: zay gezunt!
GapFiller: gesundheit
PharaohBender27: Gesundheit!
Wolfstrike_NL: Gezundheid
The_Quiet_Alestain: Gesundheit
drfox17: salud
Paladia_Gorom: Blesshoe
The_Quiet_Alestain: Ah
drfox17: same here in texas
Mcgwee: saving is your only friend
Radyin: Tree sex is the worst.
Mcgwee: never enough
GapFiller: ah tree porn season
TXC2: May: the tree sex month
iris_of_ether: Apparently grass season started HARD here in Seattle
vespa_amazonia: well it's nice trees are getting some at least
The_Quiet_Alestain: I have that sometimes. But only after getting up in the morning. But it can go for an hour.
mowdownjoe: Right... Jack-Ana's Bear Ass quests.
Paladia_Gorom: It is autumn where I am so no allergies running around right now
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Mcgwee: ahhh time honored tradition of collecting bear asses
quasi79fu: i like that skulll
Paranundrox: I think it's the one who stole the performa of the depressed girl
red_shoes_jeff: She's not even trying! That inflection was hee-horrible!
vespa_amazonia: oof
quasi79fu: and dead
Manae: I hope Tsubasa has that super move ready
Paranundrox: Maragi is super painful
TXC2: we seem to be getting boddied
aussie_rob_w: Hi Kathleen
aussie_rob_w: Hi chat
Paladia_Gorom: Ouchies
quasi79fu: again I ask are you sure this game is balanced?
TXC2: Hello aussie_rob_w welcome
Rogue_07: good golly miss molly
Mcgwee: owwwww
mowdownjoe: Use the big skills if you got 'em.
Paladia_Gorom: Hi @aussie_rob_w
Mcgwee: that's the megaten I love
TXC2: the best defence is a pre-emptive strike
Paladia_Gorom: Rocket powered pegasi!!!
Rogue_07: Balanced around rocket tag
vespa_amazonia: riptsuki
aussie_rob_w: Awww she says Thankyou for the healing!
aussie_rob_w: That’s cute
iris_of_ether: Why does she have a rabbit on a stick o_O
KCazduke: How slick is it?
Paladia_Gorom: Violence is normally a valid answer
LordShadner: need more skulls
quasi79fu: but dont you need three slick skulls?
LordShadner: true
KCazduke: How fast can you keep saying slick skulls stick?
vespa_amazonia: @iris_of_ether it's a twee microphone
Talin06: do the hokey poky?
TXC2: !findquote violence
LRRbot: Quote #4192: "If you don't have agility, you can use violence." —Dale [2017-05-05]
denofaiz: They drop from Dark Mages here
mowdownjoe: Well, you did Estoma away the trash mobs. But they would be dropping from the trash mobs.
iris_of_ether: @vespa_amazonia Oh wow
vespa_amazonia: depression: fixed!
quasi79fu: that creepy to touch person heart with your voice. that makes her sound like a Siren
LadyLockwood92: Hey folks, sorry I'm late x
quasi79fu: hi ladylockwood
TXC2: Hello LadyLockwood92 welcome
PharaohBender27: No worries, @LadyLockwood92 :)
vespa_amazonia: hey @LadyLockwood92
iris_of_ether: Mmmm, ThirsTea
GapFiller: it feels the fact they made this game IMMEDIATELY before starting dev on P5 is a not unrelevant fact here
Paladia_Gorom: @ladylockwood92 good evening/morning/afternoon to you
GapFiller: LadyLockwood92 hey lateness is fashionably stylish these days
PharaohBender27: SingsNote I'm addicted to stress, that's the way I get things done . . . SingsNote
Paranundrox: Yeah I really hope we see another game like this in the future
quasi79fu: im ok with this kind of stream
quasi79fu: watching someone die repeatedly is frustrating lol
GapFiller: yeh theres a reason we dont do deathcounts anymore
Arlodog1: Sometimes all I want to do is watch a dungeon with no fights
Paranundrox: I'm a genius!
Paranundrox: oh no!
drfox17: we gotta keep those archers away form tsubasa
TheMandrew: i dunno about frustrating, watching Adam become the Boshy was a lot of fun
Paladia_Gorom: Last stream was appropriately humorous
quasi79fu: why are you a genius Para?
TheThromborax: Kathleen, did you stream the WII U version of this game a couple of years ago?
GapFiller: yep
LordShadner: she did
Paranundrox: yeah she did a few streams with Heather
GapFiller: theres a bunch of Kathleen x Heather strems in the archive
TheThromborax: thought so
TXC2: GapFiller don't say it like that :p
quasi79fu: and death incoming in 3 .. 2 .... 1
Paladia_Gorom: Comeuppance!?
quasi79fu: lol
Rogue_07: THis is gonna hurt...
GapFiller: uh oh
PharaohBender27: katesScared
quasi79fu: we hardly knew you
GapFiller: TXC2 sorry force of habit too much tumblr
bennguyen200: for entertainment.... death
quasi79fu: wow you actaully did it
PharaohBender27: HahaSweat
Rogue_07: OK, killing the mage and we should be good
Paladia_Gorom: You can do it!!!
quasi79fu: believe In Touma.. Believe
quasi79fu: eeek
GapFiller: ruh roh
Lordofironstorm: ohhhh boy
Paladia_Gorom: I feel like their is an emoji for situations like this
quasi79fu: lol
Paladia_Gorom: But I can’t think of it
Rogue_07: Wow, the boys have a shitton more defense than poor Tsubasa
quasi79fu: SHe Lives!! For how long?
LordShadner: she can get revenge
iris_of_ether: Ooh, looks like most of my Craftalong supplies are arriving today and Monday. Time to get ready to glue my fingers together repeatedly. :D
quasi79fu: lol
Paladia_Gorom: If only we had vengeance from fe...
quasi79fu: one left
quasi79fu: oh my gahd the tension
Paladia_Gorom: I think we got this
vespa_amazonia: here he comes!
Paladia_Gorom: Easy
GapFiller: Paladia_Gorom easy game easy life eh /Adam
LordShadner: so much detritus
Paladia_Gorom: Listen here @gapfiller
Paladia_Gorom: It was a fun encounter to watch
quasi79fu: dark mages are probably your trash mobs you keep not letting attack you
LordShadner: I believe the fire mages have your skulls
Orgmastron: The skulls drop from low-level enemies. Also the quest is infinitely repeatable.
ChimericalJim: This has a strong Persona 3/4 vibe
quasi79fu: low level enemie sgood for grinding money and exp right?
LadyLockwood92: Presumably this was after Atlus got bought out by Sega?
Rogue_07: Wow. looks like retail work has crushed Anna's soul
GapFiller: Anna seems happy
LordShadner: isn't the detritus for selling?
Paranundrox: there's an exchange for Detritus later
Paranundrox: you get stat boosters
LordShadner: ah
AnAnonymousCheerer: Anon50
LordShadner: oh you have some incense!
vespa_amazonia: small "fixed" amount on the ice pack i think
vespa_amazonia: so first aid kit will be better later?
vespa_amazonia: unlike everyone else here, she's in therapy
ChimericalJim: That Black Frist mask!
Ritaspirithntr: She’s mirage ho!
Mcgwee: totes
NoTomToLose: That sounds like a rude nickname Rita
LordShadner: Black Frost in an Anna mask?
The_Quiet_Alestain: Yeah, that would be swell.
Paladia_Gorom: Is frost the Pikachu of SMT?
ChimericalJim: Yeah, he's the company mascot
vespa_amazonia: @Paladia_Gorom ...yes
GapFiller: given all the Jack Frost merch ...yes
Paladia_Gorom: Thanks for the info
red_shoes_jeff: How are people's weapons looking, btw?
vespa_amazonia: camera dungeon!
red_shoes_jeff: PIZZA TIME.
PharaohBender27: Itsuki "Only needs one weapon ever" [Whatever his . . . surname? Given name? is]
vespa_amazonia: Aoi i believe
Paladia_Gorom: Why not?
vespa_amazonia: you monster how dare you dress her in those scandalous clothes
Paladia_Gorom: Also the pizza serving lance is hilarious
LadyLockwood92: Yeah... that's about what I expected...
red_shoes_jeff: Ahaha! Ahahahaha!
TXC2: Yeah this has a persona 5 palace feel to it
drfox17: not quite "in the name of the moon" there itsuki
drfox17: you can work on that
LordShadner: he's not wrong?
Lordofironstorm: D:
Joda011980: goodevening everyone
mowdownjoe: Sealed? CHEAT!
TXC2: hello Joda011980 welcome
bjorntid: Their Personas?
Ritaspirithntr: I just got some Dexter’s Laboratory Vibes when you did that laugh!!
vespa_amazonia: stand theft!!
Paladia_Gorom: Try punching the camera man
red_shoes_jeff: Punch him with all of your HAND FISTS!
LadyLockwood92: Yeah...'cause it's Tsubasa's fault. Just like everything else.
quasi79fu: is it la la la la time?
accountmadeforants: Groovy
Mcgwee: pose off?
ArchRequiemD: That Hurt
red_shoes_jeff: Why are we.... What was the plan, there?
LadyLockwood92: Tsubasa really needs to stop apologizing for this stuff.
vespa_amazonia: yeah she's got some self-esteem shit to work through
Paladia_Gorom: So I just played the part if ff7 where cloud cross dresses, and I didn’t think my day could get weirder
GapFiller: Faceless Masses!
drfox17: @Paladia_Gorom FF7 or FF7R?
Paladia_Gorom: Ff7R
drfox17: you are probably correct
red_shoes_jeff: Y'know, this photographer wouldn't be much of a problem for the other SMT protags. THEY have GUNS.
AzureishDragoon: I could go for some Yontory Dogs Coffee
GapFiller: MV Time
TXC2: anime time
drfox17: @red_shoes_jeff I'm imagining how Joker would have handled him
Paranundrox: the animations are fun
drfox17: that is a lot fo boots
GDwarf: Those boots are absurd and I love them
SajuukSjet: this concert stole the wall design from the podcast room! :P
quasi79fu: oh creepy guy is back
Paladia_Gorom: I thought that was Claude for a bit their
ArchRequiemD: @red_shoes_jeff But guns are the most useless of all jrpg weapons
ChimericalJim: Joker would have sent Morgana to steal his camera while the rest of the party distracted him
plummeting_sloth: I do which that odd tassle would pop up and smack him in the face
Paranundrox: I'm sure this character is totally irrelevant
quasi79fu: those bald ladies have big bewbies
drfox17: the jacket and ultra long boots being the same color... is making focus on the crotch
ChimericalJim: This game looks sweet, how have I never heard of it before?
red_shoes_jeff: Does this dude seem unreasonably skinny to anyone else? EAT A SANDWICH, dude.
TXC2: drfox17 probably the point
GapFiller: tryin to figure if this guy was based on anyone irl now
vespa_amazonia: do you think he has to lower himself into those boots on a winch
quasi79fu: so is he the big bad villain or youre next harem member?
drfox17: @TXC2 missio accomplished?
TXC2: red_shoes_jeff I wager it's partly due to the art style
ArcOfTheConclave: inb4 He's evil?
plummeting_sloth: yep, all these faceless colors love him!
bennguyen200: my god that dialogue
drfox17: oooo who are you "offical staff member"
ArcOfTheConclave: heterochromia?
quasi79fu: im guessing he brainwahsed those fans
Paladia_Gorom: @quasi79fu Why not both
Paranundrox: @ChimericalJim it was on the WiiU, and recently re-released on the Switch
GapFiller: ChimericalJim it did come out originally on the WiiU right as people stopped playing the WiiU
ChimericalJim: Oooh
Lordofironstorm: Original Character, Do not steal
GapFiller: mmm steel donuts
Ritaspirithntr: @red_shoes_jeff funny you say about how skinny he looks.
plummeting_sloth: they both demand the same thing... drawing focus to your crotch
accountmadeforants: Your special eyes!
plummeting_sloth: Tsubasa has learned SMIZE LANCE
TXC2: "what do your idol eyes see?"
vespa_amazonia: well THAT'S a mood
quasi79fu: who the F is that Lol
vespa_amazonia: oh this guy again!
drfox17: bare chest guys, and tiny terminator
GapFiller: still LOVING that scarf
GapFiller: Tom Baker wd be proud
plummeting_sloth: I thought that scarf was cape
vespa_amazonia: G-d, that hair
quasi79fu: this man moonlights as a female idol right?
PharaohBender27: Why are our heroes hiding the truth from this guy?
TXC2: we don't trust him?
vespa_amazonia: too pretty to trust!
quasi79fu: for a stranger he knows awfully alot
Orgmastron: They don't want him to know about all the supernatural stuff
TXC2: his face looks vague and indistinct
DarkMorford: Oh god, that pun.
SK__Ren: Feeling old for remembering something? mood
Lordofironstorm: Maiko-mplex
DarkMorford: ^
vespa_amazonia: "coquettish ennui"???
quasi79fu: i lost track of what is being said
Paranundrox: Is that.. hmm
PharaohBender27: "coquettish ennui"? katesWat
drfox17: just some word salad?
GDwarf: "I'm tired of everything, but I look sexy while doing it", I guess
plummeting_sloth: I don't think those words mean what you think they mean
Lordofironstorm: Coquettish Ennui is my Four Non-Blondes cover band
Mcgwee: ?!
Manae: I think they can work together
LadyLockwood92: I don't trust this guy, he's making weird word choices.
drfox17: @GDwarf "Sexy Nihilism"?
Manae: Sort of an aloof look
quasi79fu: gory?
quasi79fu: i hear a siren?
GapFiller: drfox17 goths ARE pretty sexy
red_shoes_jeff: THE COPS!
quasi79fu: runnn
TXC2: Ok good that's in stream :p
Lorennar: perhaps a youthful longing?
Kibbik: A kind of bored, flirtation?
RayFK: Did you win the Anime?
vespa_amazonia: oh dang i just got an actual work project for the first time in weeks so i gotta run, y'all take care
GapFiller: evening Jordan
accountmadeforants: For a moment there, I thought Tsubasa's poster said "Feet".
DarkMorford: Hey Jordan
TXC2: Hello RayFK
Coogrr: For strictly professional reasons of course
RayFK: Hey folks!
LadyLockwood92: @vespa_amazonia See you soon
GapFiller: vespa_amazonia take care lrrHEART
PharaohBender27: @Kibbik "A kind of bored flirtation" doesn't many any sense, either
TXC2: so long vespa_amazonia stay safe
Manae: Displayed cleavage?
Paladia_Gorom: Cya @vespa_amazonia
red_shoes_jeff: That's it! ALCOHOLISM!
Ritaspirithntr: Oh boy! Is this gonna be a ride!!
LadyLockwood92: 'This is just pics of her feet!'
Kibbik: What's coquettish ennui, is the answer in the photo book?
accountmadeforants: Come one, game, show us what coquettish ennui looks like!
GapFiller: *Quentin Tarantino intensifies
LadyLockwood92: Oh yeah, that's the one you read out, the foot fetish joke.
accountmadeforants: *on
TXC2: My omplex Kappa
drfox17: pfffft hahahahahahaha
NoTomToLose: LOL
quasi79fu: its a porno?
GDwarf: This reaction image is pretty great
NightValien28: what in the name of ass is happening
Paladia_Gorom: Well if this is peak anime, it would be pick of her hand because that would be Jojo reference
Lorennar: Tsubasa just learned something about herself...
drfox17: "This is.... SMUT"
Manae: Isn't this the point where the shopkeeper is supposed to bust in and scold them?
SK__Ren: Is there a soul in that photo book?
LordShadner: i see the LED's still work Kappa
ChimericalJim: This is great! It's like everyone is Yusuke!
LadyLockwood92: 'Now this is a Tasteful Nude!'
Coogrr: this is really ho.... err very well made
drfox17: Touma: I'm getting something!
quasi79fu: loooks relaxed?
GapFiller: Ruby: This. Is. Filth. FILTH!
quasi79fu: Oh Gahd Im scared
denofaiz: This is funnier in the US version because it was a gravure book in Japan
PharaohBender27: I feel like this is a book you shouldn't look at in a group situation
Ritaspirithntr: @gapfiller lol!!
PharaohBender27: Kathleen! :D
Kibbik: To study in private...for clues.
TXC2: Tsubasa just admit that you're gay
LadyLockwood92: That tracks.
denofaiz: Tsubasa is Bi
quasi79fu: ewww
LadyLockwood92: Damn, it really is full of feet pics.
ContingentCat: a "private life" is that what the kids are calling it now?
quasi79fu: Oh nooo
RayFK: Touma gonna jerk it
LadyLockwood92: LEWD.
DarkMorford: Okay, I'm really not liking that socks/shoes thing Tsubasa's got going. The pink argyle clashes with that teal *hard*.
red_shoes_jeff: Touma, why don't you hop over to that vending machine and address ALLL THAT THIRST.
PharaohBender27: @red_shoes_jeff katesLol
denofaiz: Horny on main
quasi79fu: they wanted to expressss. SEX
LadyLockwood92: They wanted to express how sexy they were and how much of it they were having.
Paladia_Gorom: This is so strange
quasi79fu: a quickie
GapFiller: mmm quiche
LadyLockwood92: Argh! Stop apologizing for being uncomfortable!
Lordofironstorm: I mean, he's also possessed by a song demon, so I wouldn't take his opinon too seriously
Paladia_Gorom: @ladylockwood92 AGREED
PenguinMortified: "I learned that I should let myself be sexulised even if I'm uncomfortable with it," aha.
GDwarf: So, Tsubasa learning and growing is fine. Tsubasa learning and growing because mentors keep berating her rather than giving her constructive criticism is...not.
Manae: yeah, stop worrying, Tsubasa, just be an object -_-
quasi79fu: so Tsubasa going to paradde naked next in front of the camera next
Ritaspirithntr: @ladylockwood92 but it’s a reflex!
Sgt_mentos: That's not a problem really, everyone's kinda uncomfy with their photos taken...
Qooroo: I love anime "I"ve learned [thing] from this experience, and it will change me in [this way]." dialogue.
LizardDucks: She got all that from a porno mag?
Frypod1077: The first step is faking it, the second step I’m not sure about
Radyin: Meanwhile. your boss is still kidnapped.
plummeting_sloth: Ah, I just need to stop being affected by my agoraphobia! Why didn't I think that!
quasi79fu: so minigame time while bosss is kidnapped?
PharaohBender27: @LizardDucks It's erotica, not porn Kappa
Lordofironstorm: It's ecchi as opposed to hentai
Kibbik: Very tasteful.
LizardDucks: Tasteful
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, its fine, lrrFINE
GapFiller: it feels this is one of those lost in transration moments as theres no cultural equivalent of Gravure outside Japan
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Korolan: Can you follow me into this Dressing room?
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
Korolan: I want to show you.. poses
Knightclasse: But we can't do anything about any of that until we're better at modeling
drfox17: kiria's reactions are priceless here
Paladia_Gorom: lrrFINE
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quasi79fu: is this Kama sutra in a anime version
PharaohBender27: Cheerful *and* anticipation? I'm getting conflicting messages here
LadyLockwood92: "This game SUCKS!" - Adam 'Big Brain' Savidan
Sgt_mentos: Oh man, missing out big time with the expressions
ChimericalJim: Ooh, I wonder if we'll get a Rise Kujikawa cameo?
drfox17: i recognize that music!
Awexdio: Class Change?
Sgt_mentos: Fan service... wooohooo???
Mcgwee: ooo falcon knight
Paladia_Gorom: Falcon knight now?
plummeting_sloth: I love that these Vids look like she's just completely shocked at her own chest. And I mean, yeah I guet it
LadyLockwood92: I hope not, this game has the exact opposite message to her character arc in Persona 4...up until the end tho.
Korolan: Unlocked the DTF unity
NoTomToLose: Horinozawa's magic camera was stopping us, but now that you've learned to MODEL artistically, victory is assured!
ArcOfTheConclave: Will Tsubassa unlock all the magufin performas?
TXC2: plummeting_sloth she's short so she looks up a lot, so looking down is a surprise for her Kappa
Radyin: So, we've unlocked Blue Steel?
Lordofironstorm: The Tsubasa Oribe School for Kids to Learn How to Read Good and do Other Stuff Good Too
Mcgwee: actually yeah
LadyLockwood92: I think we've unlocked pleasing a guy who is clearly trying to get a teenage girl to do poses that are definitely not appropriate for her.
Frypod1077: Touma asking if you still have the magazine
quasi79fu: virility?
Sgt_mentos: One thing this game got quite accurately is the perils of untimely texts messages with all your dem phones...
PharaohBender27: "Bruncheon"? katesWat
quasi79fu: this game sometimes scares me
drfox17: itsuki, don't make it weirder
ChimericalJim: I'm stealing that. I eat a nearly low sugar diet!
NoTomToLose: Did You Mean: "near-zero sugar levels"?
Kibbik: Nearly low sugar levels, I need to use that one for marketing an energy drink.
GapFiller: what is that the keto diet or something
TXC2: Bruncheon sounds like the kind of Lunch bros have :P
Lordofironstorm: Why are they trying to impress a man who is possessed by a demon?
LadyLockwood92: I think I'd be a lot less annoyed by this game if they would stop saying that Tsubasa is in the wrong for being uncomfortable with her situation.
PharaohBender27: !keikaku
drfox17: we saved these weom,en, right?
PharaohBender27: !findquote keikaku
denofaiz: yes
Sgt_mentos: Bruncheon, the ultimate solution for when you're waking at an awkward timing to eat luncheon....
DarkMorford: I kinda want to track down a Japanese copy of this just to see what got changed in the localization.
GapFiller: *translator note: keikaku means plan
NoTomToLose: the demon will certainly be reasonable if we appeal to their artistic taste
Manae: @Kibbik Oh marketing would love that. Where I work we almost marketed something as having a "touchable screen" because we couldn't call it a touch screen but it had buttons near it
TXC2: !findquote translator
LRRbot: Quote #6786: "I'm pretty good at translating minecraft James." —RebelliousUno [2020-02-25]
Ukon_Cairns: maximum efficiency
quasi79fu: learned from a porno magazine about modeling .. I stilll dont understand how that last one helped
NoTomToLose: mentos that got me
Radyin: That is normally how I prepare for major fights.
denofaiz: Have to track down the Japanese WiiU version then
LadyLockwood92: This is deeply unprofessional.
PharaohBender27: Huh, I got a whisper from LRRbot saying "That is a sub-only command," but I *am* subbed
Mcgwee: checks out
GapFiller: stylish
drfox17: "Okay, we need you to pose for this photographer An-I mean Tsubasa"
DarkMorford: Cute.
Lordofironstorm: That...is certainly an outfit
PharaohBender27: Those are some damn high socks
LadyLockwood92: This better not be gross.
GapFiller: Harajuku Finest
bennguyen200: the actual F
quasi79fu: bewbie shot
NoTomToLose: DYING
LadyLockwood92: I am Upset™
denofaiz: This is way funnier then the Japanese original
Radyin: "I have a jauntily angled hat!"
Mcgwee: huh... I like this outfit
drfox17: @PharaohBender27 when to socks stop and tights begin?
Sgt_mentos: Ahh, I'm dying, hahahaha
Graham_LRR: This is hilarious
plummeting_sloth: I can see it! She has massive neck pain!
Rogue_07: I legitimately cannot tell.
denofaiz: Way better then the bikini
GapFiller: Rogue_07 this is just how teenagers in Harajuku look
NoTomToLose: I hope Graham is watchin--- ah there we go :D
quasi79fu: this guy is a pervert right?
Lordofironstorm: First date? Better dress to play baseball!
Sgt_mentos: Man this anime posing shit is hard...
PharaohBender27: @drfox17 Good point. But those look more like socks to me
ChimericalJim: I'm sensing coquettish ennui all over the place!
ArcOfTheConclave: @Rogue_07 all sock
Korolan: Put your hands up and stick out your chest?
NoTomToLose: lol CJ
Mcgwee: Bluuuue steellllll
GapFiller: ChimericalJim yeh this just screams coquettish ennui
KCazduke: <.< >.>
Rogue_07: @GapFiller Ah, Harajuku. It was always waaaay to crowded when I was in that part of Tokyo.
Radyin: That looks like coquetteish ennui if I've ever seen it.
LadyLockwood92: Now you see...the word seductive is a real Red Flag right there.
Frypod1077: She dressed up as JLo from her days on In Living Color
quasi79fu: wtf is that pose
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
Lordofironstorm: Jojo pose
ArcOfTheConclave: WHY???
KCazduke: Yeeeeeeessssss, do the pose.
plummeting_sloth: DX for life
Graham_LRR: Toe-to-tip, that’s some coquettish ennui
Ritaspirithntr: Thank you Kathleen!!
NoTomToLose: watching this whole game so far was worth it just for this sequence
Sgt_mentos: It's okay Kathleen, you're gonna get better with practice
KCazduke: O_O
Qooroo: I would have so much respect if she'd thrown the horns.
jessieimproved: haha itadakimashita
Mcgwee: sport fingers!
TXC2: ah his stand
drfox17: gangrel!?
GapFiller: thats a literal Jojo Stand
Mcgwee: spirt
Kibbik: Say what you like about this guy, but he's really captured her coquettish ennui.
LadyLockwood92: Of course it's Gangrel.
Lordofironstorm: Jotaro?
LadyLockwood92: That asshole.
bennguyen200: trickyyKnife trickyyYIKES kill me nooowww
Mcgwee: oh that asshole!
KCazduke: You thought it was Performa, BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!
Korolan: Ah perfect, his stand arrives
Rogue_07: Why is the back of his head a different color?
Lordofironstorm: Never played Awakening or original FE. WHo's Gangrel?
Sgt_mentos: I hear the jojo bg music, haha, the jojo is strong in this one
Mcgwee: early game asshole
drfox17: Meanwhile, Touma is just dragging Maiko out the door of the dungeon
Radyin: Strumpet. Not a word I've heard in a while.
plummeting_sloth: STrump?! What are you, Fallstaf?
denofaiz: From Awakening
LadyLockwood92: Gangrel is cartoonishly evil.
Mcgwee: a king started first war I game
accountmadeforants: Behold, the power of my stand: "Look at this photograph!"
LadyLockwood92: He's also 'Craaazy~'.
GapFiller: vapid doe eyed strumpet sounds like it came from a book of sexist villian cliches
drfox17: I would love it if it cut back to Touma & Itsuki dragging an unconcious Maiko to the door
Ritaspirithntr: I mean, the “Trickster” Outfit in Awakening looks like a Jester outfit
plummeting_sloth: This is my Stand. Phil A Stein!
Mcgwee: still an asshole
quasi79fu: dorito battle
LadyLockwood92: To sum up, Gangrel sucks
Lordofironstorm: @LadyLockwood92 Is he like an early game bandit boss?
SpikySpahgetti: Hi there everyone
Mcgwee: huh at least creepy photo asshole has balls
Korolan: Cut that umbilical cord
TXC2: hello SpikySpahgetti welcome
GapFiller: evening SpikySpahgetti great timing
LadyLockwood92: He's the first Royal villain you fight in Awakening I believe.
Knightclasse: I mean, he was evil in Awakening, but he did have some reason for that
SpikySpahgetti: Why I have no idea what’s happpening
TXC2: is this the Coquettish ennui? Kappa
Sgt_mentos: That unimpressed look is a lowkey power move no?
NoTomToLose: totally TXC2
LadyLockwood92: @knightclasse he was evil because he was an asshole.
Mcgwee: true Chrome dad was an asshole as well
LordShadner: spear!
quasi79fu: can i say he is a cute evil guy this Gangrel
drfox17: Chrom: "Lucina, honey, I need to borrow your Falchion"
Mcgwee: but being an asshole because of an asshole is pretty petty
Knightclasse: I mean, Ylisse persecuted a blood crusade against his country, killing his family
drfox17: Lucina: "Daaaad, it's MY falchion"
LadyLockwood92: Well yeah, but he's still an ass.
SpikySpahgetti: I am so confused?
drfox17: his head comes off!?
quasi79fu: oh coool he can take offf his head
Manae: wait what
LordShadner: lrrEFF
LadyLockwood92: He couldn't do that in Awakening.
Manae: He's oddjobing with his whole head
ChimericalJim: You can do it!
Sgt_mentos: Oh, man, this might be a TPK
Mcgwee: Chrom's dad huge asshole
LadyLockwood92: I'm gonna have to step up my game~😅
quasi79fu: lol Gangrel just yawned I think he is bored by this fight
Sgt_mentos: Real sticcky situation
PharaohBender27: katesScared
Karoyence: ouch the one hit kill
PharaohBender27: katesRip
GapFiller: seabatYIKES lrrSPOOP
Rogue_07: gabyFine
LadyLockwood92: I wanna say Jeralt might be the only *good* Dad in Fire Emblem...
drfox17: things look grim for our heroes
Rogue_07: @LadyLockwood92 Ike's dad was a baller.
Mcgwee: I dunno Ike's was ok
LadyLockwood92: Fair enough, must explain why Ike is so rad.
Sgt_mentos: Now the question that enters my mind is: When did Kathleen last save???
ChimericalJim: Quick, someone awaken to a persona that has a demon summoning app
Knightclasse: Jeralt is just low-buget Greil knockoff
Rogue_07: Also Eliwood's dad was good people
Awexdio: Rough guess... probably need like 4 more levels to make this fight reasonable
Mcgwee: well he was talking into a rebellion...
Mcgwee: talked
Sgt_mentos: Oof, big damage all around
quasi79fu: maybe one person should focaus on ehealing
TXC2: doesn't he get dizzy doing that?
Rogue_07: Honestly, I like going into fights underleveled only if I know the boss's strategy.
Mcgwee: he's trying his best to keep you down
Mcgwee: and its working really
PharaohBender27: TPK
quasi79fu: maybe grind low level enemies
LadyLockwood92: Oof
PharaohBender27: Somewhere, lrrHEATHER smiles
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
Sgt_mentos: lrrFINE
GapFiller: lrrFINE
RyubosJ: luckily the traning idolsphere is great for fast exp.
LordShadner: need to find the adds' weakness and remove them quickly
Bionull: TCE - Total Coquettish Ennui
Sgt_mentos: Brutally punishing but entirely reasonable, haha
Mcgwee: grind dungeon
ChimericalJim: lol
LocoNaut: Got really punished by the weapon triangle there
Mcgwee: bloom dungeon! exp boosters!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> This week’s CHECKPOINT, and a new episode of NORTH 100, are coming today! | Things got a little delayed due to [gestures at everything], thanks your patience! || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1261361854594441216
Bionull: What do you expect, LocoNaut? The evil stuff is all about triangles.
Ritaspirithntr: After losing to Gangrel the first time, i found a specific strategy that works well against him, despite being mildly underleveled
LordShadner: ice-lunge looks like it will be good for that fight
Bionull: The key is to make him spin counterclockwise.
Mcgwee: sometimes dying but learning the fight is useful in its own right
LadyLockwood92: That sounds like a good idea.
Sgt_mentos: Savage...
LadyLockwood92: Also, my biggest issue with this game is how it constantly treats Tsubasa like she's in the wrong for not being immediately comfortable with the spotlight.
Mcgwee: huh speak of the devil
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:29:33.
ChimericalJim: Ooh, it uses the Persona 3 split physical types. Sweet!
Mcgwee: that's the trap
Bionull: This is it! Running away!
Rogue_07: @ChimericalJim Fire Emblem physical split, really.
Rogue_07: Swords/Axes/Lances
ChimericalJim: Ahhh
denofaiz: And ARROWS
Sgt_mentos: Man one of these monsters gives me the creeps, it's a killer clown thing lrrAWW
Awexdio: If Itsuki's already maxed... wouldn't it be more efficient to grind with the new one? Or does the leveling system not particularly care?
Rogue_07: Between the way his weapon looks and his general "bro" status, I keep expecting Touma to be using an axe
Bionull: Do your bros use axes?
Rogue_07: In Fire Emblem, many do.
Rogue_07: And yeah, most of my bros know their way around an axe
quasi79fu: my internet tried to cut out for no reason
denofaiz: This is why you complete all the side stories
ArchRequiemD: Axe uses are either really bro or try hards
Rogue_07: Is Ice-lunge going to be helpful with Kiria?
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Mcgwee: pretty much
denofaiz: They also added in to the Switch Rerelease several new areas
Bionull: I'm glad you can be completely honest with us about jrpg mechanics, Kathleen
Knightclasse: Also, where would you find a wiiU?
Sgt_mentos: Time to get a switch to play AC + this game, haha
Radyin: But what if you have a Wii U but not a Switch? ;)
dastar512: X
LordShadner: X to ...
Rogue_07: Gotta say, the background music for this isn't nearly as compelling as the Persona games.
Rogue_07: Did Meguro write the music for this one?
LordShadner: overkill ignores restances
Bionull: Which is too bad, cause Tsubasa really needs to burn her dread.
Sgt_mentos: It's super effective!!
groglox: Nani??!
DarkMorford: Kiria <3
LordShadner: confuse
Ritaspirithntr: Curse and Holy magic are more powerful than the Elemental Spells, but they can’t be chained into sessions.
dastar512: i'd say that was pretty effective lol
Bionull: Don't you love when your favorite performers go off script and make an ice tornado?
Lordofironstorm: Is it not pronounced Meh-Dye-Ah?
Sgt_mentos: Dammit, why are there so many clowns in this area?
denofaiz: adlib skills ignore resistances and repels if I remember correctly
SK__Ren: I've always pronounced it meh-dee-ah
Lordofironstorm: Dya
Bionull: Aw, it's called skellington? They really peaked with nickelwise.
PharaohBender27: You can say that again :P
TXC2: English has like 12 vowels
Rogue_07: Guys, I just finished my linguistics classes for the semester, don't get me starte
Rogue_07: *started
Sgt_mentos: Hmm, those skellingtons are hitting the quarterwise level on the disturbance scale....
PharaohBender27: About English, @Rogue_07 or about languages i general?
PharaohBender27: *in
Rogue_07: @PharaohBender27 WHile a lot of what I've been learning is English-specific, there's been elements that touch on other languages as well.
Rogue_07: But I'm mostly focused on the English since I'm getting my master's in ESL teaching.
Sgt_mentos: Peace, haha
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: this is the game that's the SMT skillsets with the Fire Emblem characters, right?
GapFiller: thats the one
PharaohBender27: Good luck with the master's, @Rogue_07 ! :)
red_shoes_jeff: Pumpkin spice SOUP? That sounds disgusting.
GapFiller: still waiting on pumpkin spice cold medicine
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: "thematically out to lunch" yeah that sounds right
Mcgwee: yeah luck like that meaning getting while you can
Sgt_mentos: FE == Fan service, haha
Rogue_07: @PharaohBender27 cheers! One year of student teaching left, then I'm done!
drfox17: @red_shoes_jeff didnt cam make that on one LRL?
PharaohBender27: @red_shoes_jeff They literally did a LoadingReadyLive bit a few years back where they had a "pumpkin spice meal" that included a soup course
Rogue_07: I mean, pumpkin soup is a thing and good
red_shoes_jeff: I do not remember that one.
Lordofironstorm: I'm sorry, how do you pronounce the name of that sword?
Rogue_07: That's just Cadabolg from F/SN
GapFiller: gesundheit
LadyLockwood92: Gesundheit
Bionull: Most games save that sword name for the endgame.
ChimericalJim: bless you
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: and then a generous helping of idol stuff on top in case you forgot it was Japanese
PharaohBender27: It was an early one, before I was here on Twtich - I only know it from the YouTube
drfox17: i remember cam popping open a tupperware and saying " Buckle up"
Our_oBoros: Well, you say "food"...
Ritaspirithntr: But there is Fire Emblem Mechanics in combat! The weapon wheel and class weaknesses are still relevant for Allies and Enemies!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: are there demons/demonic fusion in this or just weapon upgrades?
Sgt_mentos: Ahh, the perils of a cat owner with allergies
Lordofironstorm: That's not a rapier
PharaohBender27: Whoops, forgot to @red_shoes_jeff in that last post
Lordofironstorm: That's a lance
GapFiller: the LRL in question is called Gargorlyng Dong and its from 2016: http://wiki.loadingreadyrun.com/index.php/Gargorlyng_Dong
red_shoes_jeff: That is a lance.
Rogue_07: Performa/Patronus/Stand/Persona
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: gotcha
GapFiller: in other news wow LRL has been going for closing in on 5 years now
Rhynerd: Who gave that man a tiny lance and told him it’s a rapier?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: also hi Kathleen, I didn't actually say hi. How are things?
GapFiller: Break Time!
Rogue_07: In all fairness, Chrom is not a smart man.
Sgt_mentos: !advice
LRRbot: Always fly by the seat of your ass.
GapFiller: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
red_shoes_jeff: jlrrBreak
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:45:55.
PharaohBender27: @red_shoes_jeff Here's a link to what I was talking about, in case you were curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EwdVIuorcQ&list=PLV_qemO0oatiTXHkUldifDfgCK5IWpCp3&t=4m20s
denofaiz: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:26:15. lrrSPOT
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> CheckPoint time! | This week with stories on: Destiny 2, PUBG, Culling Origins, and Animal Crossing! | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGzW1_lGXaw || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1261366927919853570
LadyLockwood92: Have switched over to my laptop now that I'm done with dinner and doing the dishes.
Sgt_mentos: I was just watching Dice Friends with Dale as a DM, man Dale's such a good and entertaining DM, haha
PharaohBender27: Welcome back, @LadyLockwood92 !
Ritaspirithntr: Lol! Stream Audio stopped playing only to have Safety Dance grace my ears as it plays in the work space!
TXC2: and we're back
PharaohBender27: Welcome back, lrrKATHLEEN !
GapFiller: welcome back Kathleen
TXC2: Ritaspirithntr nice
Sgt_mentos: Jump scares, yayy!!
LadyLockwood92: Welcome back Kathleen~
ChimericalJim: welcome back
Korolan: Graham!
quasi79fu: this game problematic? You dont say?
drfox17: oh we're back
LadyLockwood92: I'm enjoying the streams, wish the game would treat Tsubasa better tho...
GapFiller: eh MSTing the games faults is part of the charm of this stream
drfox17: i was watching Kathleen eat pumpkin spice things
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Sgt_mentos: Still not strong enough, oh no....
Manae: Stay, save, and check it out?
Ritaspirithntr: Did you save?
PharaohBender27: @drfox17 Apologies, since that was likely my fault :P
Rogue_07: lol
Manae: WELL then
wheatbyproduct: you gonna die
GapFiller: seabatYIKES
Sgt_mentos: I think she saved like pretty recently???
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
Mcgwee: welp
ContingentCat: seabatYIKES
Orgmastron: Oh these are endgame enemies
quasi79fu: oh noooo deaht incoming
Manae: expGG
Rogue_07: gabyFine
Sgt_mentos: OMG, one hit kills, gg
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
PharaohBender27: katesRip
drfox17: @PharaohBender27 it's a good segement
GapFiller: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
LadyLockwood92: Good lord
TXC2: Terrible Terrible Damage
ContingentCat: welp
Rogue_07: Ah, SMT games
Mcgwee: smt: hubris kills
red_shoes_jeff: We came to the WRONG NEIGHBOURHOOD.
LadyLockwood92: I was only kinda paying attention, then I saw what level they were.
Ritaspirithntr: Now that you know where NOT to go! Let’s grind those Levels!! 😄
Sgt_mentos: I am just imagining wrestling commentators shouting: " And this show is OVER!!!"
Mcgwee: its the drops you want
RyubosJ: the mobs also drop tomes, which is what youwant
Raiger: Yeah, I only use the tomes from here to help with leveling, not so much the fights
denofaiz: Cash Money
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: hey chat, is screen cleaner usually isopropyl alcohol? or something else?
drfox17: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou that sounds right
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, it must have been ticking up the levels each time it displayed that message.
Knightclasse: Yes, the longer you stay in here the higher level the enmies get
denofaiz: The thing in the back is just a boss battle that fucks you over
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: okay, I need some isoprop to get some acrylic paint off and all I could find was screen cleaner
Orgmastron: B
Sgt_mentos: Yeah, the protective coating might get wrecked, however, there are compounds out there that doesn't dissolve it...
LadyLockwood92: It's Cleave with a better name.
Mcgwee: rebuff cleave
Mcgwee: debuff
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Manae: Well that music is getting ominous
LadyLockwood92: Tharja is a lot more associated with capital D Dark Magic in Awakening.
Rogue_07: Is that portal to the hellmouth in their office?
Rogue_07: How do they explain that to clients?
LadyLockwood92: Well.. it's in the alternate universe linked to their office.
Mcgwee: kimono girl is hired?
GapFiller: maybe they say Itsuki is a gopher
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the funny thing about this is that even though I don't know the Japanese words, I recognize the anime cadence immediately
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: like the way they're speaking
PharaohBender27: DENIED
Orgmastron: F
Mcgwee: denied!
GapFiller: F
TXC2: some bullshit there
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: gcuofcBWT
Mcgwee: f
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
GaianLuck: <message deleted>Tell Serge he's a meany pants for stealing your viewers.
Sgt_mentos: Toming it up
LadyLockwood92: Stacks on stacks on stacks.
Ritaspirithntr: Imagine one of those in game timers starting the moment you walk in to that dungeon. And it keeps ticking down when you’re in the menu
Graham_LRR: @gaianluck pls don’t make it a competition, thanks
red_shoes_jeff: Cheers, Gra lrrHAM
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Estomaaaaa XD now there's a name I haven't heard in a dog's age
Rogue_07: Pro speedrunning strats with Kathleen
Sgt_mentos: speedrunning 101: Grab all the tomes!!
LordShadner: the is also an item for weapon mastery as well
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: man I should replay SMT3 Nocturne Maniax. That seems like a long enough game to last through quarantine
drfox17: time for one fight?
red_shoes_jeff: As a treat?
TXC2: nutritious tomes
GapFiller: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou never got round to Maniax how does it compare to the original?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: not sure since I didn't really play the original, but the True Demon path is a ton of fun IMO
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I mean, it's awful and hard, but fun
Sgt_mentos: Omg, the clowns here are more creepy lrrAWW
LadyLockwood92: Maiko can clearly wait.
GapFiller: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou yr say that as tho SMT's are not by definition awful and hard but fun
Raiger: Two tomes per level
wandering_goliath: i think it is always half
RyubosJ: always half
Ritaspirithntr: Correct! Half an exp bar per tome
red_shoes_jeff: Okay, so the tomes give XP, but what do the Skill Books do again?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: true true
Mcgwee: skill lv ups
RyubosJ: level you up to the next skill
Orgmastron: Skill Books give you weapon XP
Mcgwee: master weapons faster
GapFiller: also just looked this up but apparently there are 2 versions of Maniax? one w/ Dante and one w/ Raiho from Devil Summoner
Coogrr: Ah yes yak shaving
Sgt_mentos: Omg, that is such a mood...
Mcgwee: mood
LadyLockwood92: That is a huge mood
GapFiller: ah irl sidequest pileup
GapFiller: such a mood
drfox17: aka how I play Breath of the Wild
drfox17: Oooo Korok
SK__Ren: Shaving the Yak?
TXC2: "honey did you fix the lamp?" (emerges from under a car engine0 "what does it look like I'm doing?!"
LadyLockwood92: It really doesn't belong to Itsuki...
SK__Ren: I think thats the idiom here?
red_shoes_jeff: I've done that with the Spider-Man game. "OKAY! I've foiled SIX muggings, and FOUR robberies! CAN I PLEASE GO BACK TO TAKING THIS PHOTO!?" It was around that point I knew I'd gotten completely in character.
Coogrr: @SK__Ren it is and its a great one
Ritaspirithntr: Check the laptop
Knightclasse: If you press y in the text it shows you
Xirrahnos: Yes, best game! So glad to see you playing it :)
LordShadner: might not be far enough in the main quest
Mcgwee: I believe I you!
Orgmastron: You got her Performer level up high enough that a side quest will come up for her later
PharaohBender27: @red_shoes_jeff katesLol
aussie_rob_w: <message deleted>Zxxzxzzxxzxxzxzxzxxzx#@@###@# ###@# #
TXC2: aussie_rob_w you ok?
Juliamon: Cat?
LordShadner: high luck doing work already
Orgmastron: Yup
Manae: I need to fight against a six-year-old to design my island
wandering_goliath: hold x!
Mcgwee: plus?
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, I had to stop playing Animal Crossing, it was really hitting my ADHD hard.
drfox17: thank gooodness
Mcgwee: amen
Sgt_mentos: Jojo is back...
GapFiller: thank God for ffwding
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I'm still desperately resisting the Animal Crossing lure, but as the Destiny community gets more negative the AC draw gets worse and worse
Raiz0k: Just joined, and is this.... Persona with idols as superheroes?
GapFiller: hey kids remember the days of Unskippable cutscenes? Kappa
Ritaspirithntr: You can do that for any dialogue! Even Tiki!
Rhynerd: And fire emblem characters as personas! Good and bad!
Mcgwee: ughbhh ptsd right there...
drfox17: I remember ice worked well?
PharaohBender27: @GapFiller I was just about to make that joke right before lrrKATHLEEN figured out it *was* skippable :D
Rhynerd: Oh, and fire emblem characters as shopkeepers too, I think
Raiz0k: That's quite a buffet then.
Raiz0k: Oh, it's a Megaten game...
LordShadner: boss hated spear and ice that we found
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: but Kathleen, didn't you see that guy's update to his old Persona 2 walkthrough? dying is actually bad! Kappa
TXC2: Gods how did we survive the days of unskippilbe cutscenes? :P
LadyLockwood92: Aha, I was about to ask if it worked on the mooks too
Mcgwee: we didn't know better
GapFiller: GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou chicken egg qq: is that the fault of the community itself or Bungies fault?
Raiz0k: We survived those thanks to Unskippable, probably.
Mcgwee: ignorance can be bliss
Raiz0k: (I'll get my coat)
drfox17: there we go
LadyLockwood92: It looked like you took out Gangrel for a second there
Manae: Be sure to microwave your HP Sponges on occasion to kill bacteria
Mcgwee: already going better
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: GapFiller honestly I don't know anymore. I just like personally for my own sanity cannot handle that much negativity. Like I still love playing Destiny but I can barely stand to interact with the community right now.
LordShadner: hah no slash-slash
LadyLockwood92: Nice
drfox17: oooo looking cool Kiria
Mcgwee: its smt buffs debuffs matter
LadyLockwood92: Awesome
TehAmelie: it's laways the other players that ruin online games. . .
Ritaspirithntr: PERFECT!!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: man, idol culture is just....idol culture is weird.
PharaohBender27: katesOw
Ritaspirithntr: @gcu_ofcourseistillloveyou I also tried to resist the lure of ACNH, but after giving in and playing it is something i have NOT regretted! Just take the game at your own pace! Without it i wouldn’t have been able to celebrate B-Day parties with my family!
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, my main grievance against Gangrel is that he makes searching for anything related to my favourite Vamp clan annoyingly difficult.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: the maid culture is a weird trope, but idol culture overall just freaks me out a bit, with the conflation of the real and the performance, and the veneration....we have similar things stateside but I feel like idol culture specifically takes it to another level
Sgt_mentos: Hmm, seems like we just had our Badonkadonk handed to us again...
Juliamon: Idol culture is more of a big *SIGH* than maid culture
Rogue_07: I think Idol culture's a lot more mainstream than maid culture
Rogue_07: maid cafes are a weird Akihabara thing in Japan, Idol stuff is big news
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I feel like the maid thing is a weird trope but idol culture is a whole industry and social construct that unsettles me a bit
quasi79fu: isnt there like bulter culture as well aas a maid one?
quasi79fu: butler i mean sorry i cant type
Raiz0k: Although if you go to Akihabara and see the proliferation and variety of maid cafes, oh boy...
LadyLockwood92: Idol culture is definitely a much more problematic thing.
Raiz0k: Is like every 10th person on the street is working for them.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: I definitely read that as "butter culture" and now I'm picturing the Iowa State Butter Sculpting Fair or w/e :D
PharaohBender27: Bonus lrrGRAHAM ?
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: hi Grahamsm'n!
LadyLockwood92: Bonus Graham~!
GapFiller: hai G
red_shoes_jeff: Hi Gra lrrHAM
Rogue_07: Graham!
Raiz0k: Hello Graham!
Sgt_mentos: Graham cameo...
PharaohBender27: Bonus lrrGRAHAM indeed!
quasi79fu: wait is like the kitty eared and tailed people the same thing as maid culture?
quasi79fu: HI graham
NoTomToLose: Hi G, we didn't hear you
red_shoes_jeff: Bye Gra lrrHAM
Ritaspirithntr: Yeah! Maid Cafe’s is one of things i’ll try to keep my Mom away from! They’re embarassing to admit!
Juliamon: quasi79fu Only if they're in maid costume, otherwise it's just kemonomimi
Rogue_07: @Ritaspirithntr are you living in Japan?
Raiz0k: Ah, wasn't aware of the distinction.
Graham_LRR: I didn’t knock, just bumped something in the hallway. I said, “best of luck with the rest of this boss fight” lrrGRAHAM
Raiz0k: But there's everything, from WWII Nazi uniforms to quipaos (sp.?).
TXC2: Graham_LRR now you need to do that again after the boss fight Kappa
Ritaspirithntr: @rogue_07 No, but she wants to take me there in 2 years! Which will be my first time ACTUALLY in Japan!!! So excited, but i do have to pay my way!
quasi79fu: why nazi uniforms?
Juliamon: Aesthetic
Knightclasse: Kiria's dodge on point
Rogue_07: @quasi79fu they were on the same side in WWII so they don't have quite the same stigma
Rogue_07: Mind you, it's still fucking creepy
Raiz0k: Yeah.
quasi79fu: i would say so
Raiz0k: I mean, I didn't see any swastikas (on those uniforms), but still.
Rogue_07: Also @Ritaspirithntr awesome!
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu @Rogue_07 Also I'm guessing that Nazi atrocities aren't taught about as much in Japan as in Europe and the U.S.
goldreaver: monkaS
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: ummmm....did that guy's head just fly off and...yeah. that just happened. gcuofcWelp
ArchRequiemD: Is that Gangrel
Knightclasse: It is
Rhynerd: Me missed!
GapFiller: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
LadyLockwood92: Yep.
Rogue_07: @PharaohBender27 how WWII is taught in Japanese schools is a hell of a can of worms
Sgt_mentos: Oh god, we lucked out
Raiz0k: And to be fair, if you're not aware about the entire systematic mass murder and other atrocities, those uniforms are somewhat stylish.
Orgmastron: Japan has a...complicated...relationship with Nazi stuff
Juliamon: Yeah, let's not go into Japanese war history.
Raiz0k: Yeah, i was just about to say.
PharaohBender27: @Rogue_07 Yeah, I can imagine, especially seeing how Japan's memory of it's role in the war is . . . rather selective
Raiz0k: Especially no, err, units...
Knightclasse: Stylish, but not as warm as you might want
Rogue_07: Yuuuup
Anubis169: Let's move on from that question manYES
quasi79fu: whats sad is the symbol the nazi's used has a completely different meaning before they used it and now no one can use it because of them
Anubis169: quasi79fu: There are several karate dojo in UK that use a manji as their logo
Ritaspirithntr: I know i’m not a mod, but yeah let’s move on from historical politics!
drfox17: limit breaaak
Anubis169: people are fine as long as they're educated about it
Rogue_07: @Ritaspirithntr also, if you want recommendations for places in Tokyo to check out, just ask! I lived there for 2 years and have opinions.
PharaohBender27: Right, boss fight
quasi79fu: why is gangrel not dead
Sgt_mentos: Boii, clenching my butt for like 10 minutes is quite tiring actually
drfox17: oooo, do we go for the killl?
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
LadyLockwood92: Victory!
Mcgwee: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
drfox17: oh ew
Korolan: Too Comically Evil to die
Xirrahnos: How is he not dead yet? - great alternative title
GapFiller: VICTOLY lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
TXC2: Sgt_mentos good for the glutes though Kappa
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN_HF lrrGOAT lrrHORN
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Kathleen I request celebratory Cat Tax
Raiz0k: Yeah, exactly xD.
Sgt_mentos: I'm gonna have a bit of a lie down... lrrFINE
Ritaspirithntr: @rogue_07 ooh! Thanks! I might, but we haven’t planned the trip at all yet so i don’t know how many day’s we’ll be there, but i do have some main things on my bucket list to hit first! Like taking it all in at a public park right after we land!! 😅
quasi79fu: awww bazter sleepy cat
TXC2: oh NEVER wake a sleeping cat
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: that is OK. we shall not disturb Baxter nap.
ContingentCat: yes bothering a sleeping cat is a bad idea
GapFiller: it figures Baxter wd do the floppy boneless thing if yr tried to move hime
Raiz0k: Wait, where's Baxter?
ContingentCat: katesLoaf <3
TXC2: Raiz0k asleep out of shott
TXC2: *shoot
PharaohBender27: Best wishes for your future trip, @Ritaspirithntr ! :)
Raiz0k: Oooooh.
Mcgwee: true true
LordShadner: repel and drain
Rogue_07: @Ritaspirithntr Ueno park is right near a big station you'll be able to take the train from the airport to.
red_shoes_jeff: So, ditch Mazio, then?
Rogue_07: But I think Inokashira Park is really nice.
JohnLockeCole: that said since you *always* want to session, power attack, or heal, the Buffs/Debuffs and Buff/Debuf Skills are *super* useless
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: does this game have Almighty damage?
Ritaspirithntr: @pharaohbender27 Thanks! It’s still 2 years away so we should be able to go by then! 😅 @rogue_07 i’ll keep that in mind!
Raiz0k: No, definitely don't bother him, sleep kitty good kitty.
PharaohBender27: Let sleeping katesLoaf s lie
Raiz0k: :D
Sgt_mentos: How long does Baxter sleep a day tho?
JohnLockeCole: Buff/Debuff-Clear I mean
JohnLockeCole: ehh you can get the Buffs/Debuffs you need in boss fights through SP
ContingentCat: specializing is ok
NoTomToLose: You can't swap out Itsuki, so he wants general skills over duplicate silver bullets
Mcgwee: yeah
GapFiller: we did what we came to do
Knightclasse: Chrom's skills are super tight too since he gets such a wide variety and you always have to use him
PharaohBender27: Yaay! Now we can experience more inappropriate work interactions!
Raiz0k: Cats sleep around 18hrs a day in general.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: same, Baxter. Same.
TXC2: wakes up at 3pm, yeap sure is cat
LadyLockwood92: 'Oh...uh...you didn't see all of those...um...nevermind'
quasi79fu: cats in general are night time creatures.. if you have a active cat during the day you are lucky
Raiz0k: Yeah, cats have it all worked out.
Rogue_07: "titty shots sell"
drfox17: oh!
denofaiz: That I'm bi
drfox17: i had to take a call, we saved maiko?
TXC2: drfox17 sure did
Sgt_mentos: Hmm, so wake up for food, can resonate... lrrAWESOME
denofaiz: yes
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PharaohBender27: @Fayili Stay safe lrrHEART
LadyLockwood92: Yeah, I'm being sent back to work next Thursday too.
quasi79fu: so he isnt going to get arrested for kidnapping people?
ContingentCat: @Fayili lrrHEART good luck
Lordofironstorm: Oh god, those outfits
ContingentCat: @quasi79fu nope because Anima
TXC2: is that Maiko?
ChimericalJim: Good job!
ContingentCat: *Anime
goldreaver: It's modeling? Shoot!
LadyLockwood92: This is ironically more clothing than Maiko's worn all game.
ArchRequiemD: What we sane players want to say is. WE don’t forgive you
Fayili: (I'm actually going to duck back out because I'm both behind in streams, and in this game, but I wanted to drop my resub and complain a little. Ganbatte Kathleen!)
Sgt_mentos: Pose pose pose...
quasi79fu: who is that on the left of tsubasa
drfox17: can we.. change maiko's outfit?
drfox17: so that she has a shirt that fits
Orgmastron: Unfortunately no
Raiz0k: @quasi79fu : are they? Having furry monsters in the house, I wouldn't say that. They just have shorter sleep cycles, so it looks like they are. Of course, they're adapted to nocturnal and twilight-light condition. [checks] Ah yes, Aunt Wikipedia says they're "metaurnal".
Rogue_07: OK, I think they're blocking like the single most well-trafficked pathi n the world.
quasi79fu: so she went back to the same photographer who kidnapped her boss and was perverted?
Rogue_07: Seriously, that would cause such a traffic jam
denofaiz: I mean he was pssessed
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: it's okay, he learned A Very Important Lesson
quasi79fu: Man anime is weird
Lordofironstorm: @quasi79fu Now he's not possessed by a song deomn
Raiz0k: Oh, they would!
Knightclasse: He was posessed. He's not normally like that
drfox17: oh look, a fully voiced and modeled character
quasi79fu: who the hell are you blonde girl?
TXC2: "which country?" "OLD COUNTRY!"
Lordofironstorm: So this is Ann?
LadyLockwood92: And let's face it, this game is *deeply* okay with Perverts.
PharaohBender27: No, it's that we have NO CLUE WHO YOU ARE
drfox17: Which country? MIND
drfox17: *Mine
Raiz0k: Kathleen: that's called "But Not Too Foreign" by TV Tropes gang.
NoTomToLose: she looks WEIRD
Rogue_07: I mean, to be fair, so was Ann
Ritaspirithntr: Totally NOT this games Yusuke!!
Lordofironstorm: The thirst is real
quasi79fu: Omg she is backing to being weird about Kiria again?
quasi79fu: Seriously?
quasi79fu: she works and battles by her side alll the time
denofaiz: Tsubasa is horny on main
RyubosJ: more like she stands out because everyone else in the scene has a blue/white colour scheme while she has yellow/green
LadyLockwood92: Tsun.
Raiz0k: BTW, I cannot hear "Tsubasa" without thinking about Captain Tsubasa.
Lordofironstorm: @denofaiz Everyone in this game is Horny on Main
Sgt_mentos: Awkward Turtle...
quasi79fu: Oh i get it/// Tsubasa secretly has a crush on Kiria that makes sense now
Knightclasse: To be fair, Kiria is VERY cool
Rogue_07: I like how the music immediately fades out the minute Itsuki does something that resembles flirting
Bionull: Except when she puts that eyepatch on
TXC2: quasi79fu yes, "secretly"
Raiz0k: (which was called "Captain Hawk" here for some reason, despite Tsubasa being named just that)
LordShadner: yes "secretly"
Coogrr: Ah classic jrpg exposition
Orgmastron: @knightclasse You could say she's.. Ice Cold
Rogue_07: Well, if we beat Gangrel, it's probably Grima?
quasi79fu: I say its that weird guy with high heelede booots and two colored eyes
quasi79fu: that is the master mind
denofaiz: Wrong weird dragon
drfox17: someone EEEEEEVIL
LadyLockwood92: Most likely gonna be Grima.
denofaiz: Think older
Lordofironstorm: We have to defeat the king of the Dorito Ghosts
drfox17: and possibly a dragon
TXC2: we beat Gangrel, So Edge and Christian are next right? Kappa
LadyLockwood92: Either that or Ventrue and Nosferatu.
drfox17: i mean, maiko, that's a stretch
ArchRequiemD: It Fire Emblem so probably a demon, a dragon, a demon dragon, or an earth dragon
drfox17: Tiki isn't possessing you
drfox17: it could be a partnerhsip
quasi79fu: wait is the main villain Tiki herself? LOL
drfox17: you're looking for someone with a.... Change of Heart Kappa?
GapFiller: TXC2 oooh do we get Kurt Angle as a joke bonus boss too?Kappa
red_shoes_jeff: Itsuki got smart again. Somebody write all this down.
quasi79fu: Oh Gahd its the Blond Girl
LadyLockwood92: Why is that not a though that came to you Maiko...you have a lot more experience with Mirages?
Raiz0k: Blonde Girl™. So the American, I guess?
quasi79fu: your Harem expands
Sgt_mentos: *facepalms, the Blonde girl...
ArchRequiemD: Social Link
denofaiz: One more person for Itsuki to be dense too. lrrBEEJ
LadyLockwood92: But not *too* not Japanese.
drfox17: she seems.... fine. Like, just fine, I don't see any problems here
Raiz0k: Oh, yeah, "Western" first name, "native" last name, checks out.
quasi79fu: so is she somehow going to get accidently naked too for Itsuki?
PharaohBender27: Then why were you talking to us at the shoot!?
Lordofironstorm: "I'm the HR department"
quasi79fu: lol
Orgmastron: @sgt_mentos Half-white*
drfox17: she seems helpful
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ClockGear: How are you doing Kathleen?
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LadyLockwood92: He's apparently a qualified Therapist...so...
Raiz0k: @Sgt_mentos : are you kidding me? Those suspenders are completely unpractical ;)!
Lorennar: at this point I think he is maybe drifting toward manager or producer
ArchRequiemD: But isn’t jrpg harem protagonist a job all its own
Manae: Those suspenders are doing exactly what they were designed to do
Raiz0k: I see a potential for a drinking game here...
Sgt_mentos: Is her name a play on L.A Noire?
LadyLockwood92: God...shut up about Hollywood!
quasi79fu: is Hollywoood even in this dimensoion of a game?
Raiz0k: A very short one at that.
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: can we call you "your annoying friend who just moved to LA"
Lordofironstorm: "Did I mention I'm AMERICAN?"
drfox17: Itsuki, you can't ask these questoins
Raiz0k: HAH!
quasi79fu: Omg Itsukik is sooooo blunt
Raiz0k: And also, "From Europe", we're almost at bingo state folks.
Mcgwee: hmmm I wonder what her goal is
Lordofironstorm: OMG Itsuki, you can't just ask people why they're white!
LadyLockwood92: Omg Karen, you can't just ask someone why they're half-white"
red_shoes_jeff: It's not. This is just a weird conversation.
LadyLockwood92: !(
Rogue_07: "halfu" is...I'm not sure how common it is, but I know I heard it when I lived there.
quasi79fu: in china and Japan that would be a big deal though wouldnt it?
denofaiz: yes
Raiz0k: Yeah, that's the "Not Too Foreign Thing" mentioned before.
Lordofironstorm: Are those leather suspenders?
Sgt_mentos: What an self-centric girl, swipe left...
LadyLockwood92: I hate her already.
Rogue_07: Depends on the context involved. My buddy's kids are half-Japanese, half-American, and it wasn't a thing.
LordShadner: so she's diva-lite?
Raiz0k: @quasi79fu : depends on where. Maybe in 1985, not so much in 2020 and more urban areas.
quasi79fu: why you going to paint your face on every tv everywhere>
LordShadner: (i hope light )
Sgt_mentos: Oooh, sick burn.....
drfox17: I honestly think that, given this is an entertainment talent agency, this lady is.... fine
quasi79fu: Touma you are my hero
Lordofironstorm: Touma with the roasts!
TXC2: LordShadner she probably eats some humble pir later
TXC2: *pie
Sgt_mentos: My man touma throwing shade right here
LadyLockwood92: She sucks.
Raiz0k: Yeah, that would be par for the course.
quasi79fu: phone ringing
Ritaspirithntr: LOL! Acurate!
PharaohBender27: Oh my God I already can't stand this person
drfox17: lissa?
TXC2: Donnel! Kappa
htp2001: virion
quasi79fu: some naked lady persona?
LordShadner: her Firesona?
denofaiz: Snooty noble person
Rhynerd: Serra! wait, wrong FE.
denofaiz: Maribel
Rogue_07: Honestly, Severa would be perfect
LadyLockwood92: Ugh...she's the worst.
accountmadeforants: Roy. (I don't know, I only know Fire Emblem characters from SSBM)
ArchRequiemD: @rhynerd I like that guess
Raiz0k: Also, Ellie has a "cutesy" voice (there's a name for it, sorry, forgot), while most of the characters have "mature" voices, at least in this scene.
drfox17: @Rogue_07 oh my, i didn't think of severa
TXC2: this is only Chapter 2 done? :P
Rogue_07: I love my Fire Emblem daughter, but she has some issues.
Raiz0k: That's certainly part of the iritant factor.
Sgt_mentos: Oh wow, I like Virion tho
Rogue_07: (I always marry Cordelia)
ChaoticObserver: I mean ther'es only 5 actual chapters
ChaoticObserver: And then the intermissions between
samwonk: Yes, I did play Dragon Age.
TXC2: ChaoticObserver ah ok
Theroastedrooster: !next
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drfox17: even on the "total jerk" scale, she doesn't seem that bad. Fire Emblem has had much worse
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> I know it’s not possible for everyone at this time, but if you can, get out there and support your LGS :) 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EYFU5rAU8AEttKb.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/LRRMtG/status/1261382724486443008
quasi79fu: can we just leave her in a ditch somewhere? alive i guess.. though I would prefer dead
Mcgwee: The dragon knight lady... names...
accountmadeforants: Or you can just bench 'em immediately, as is your right.
Bionull: Pretty sure Graham hated Yuffie forever
quasi79fu: Yuffie was hilarious
Mcgwee: so jrpgs
denofaiz: The new things added in this game
Korolan: I mean... Yuffie tho
Ritaspirithntr: Like the roller coaster ride that Ryuji takes us on!
Graham_LRR: Naw Yuffie is fun
denofaiz: If you do this now, you can dress Itsuki as joker
ArchRequiemD: @quasi79fu if this was fire emblem yes by not recruiting them or killing them as an enemy unit
GapFiller: Yuffies motion sickness was esp funny
Ritaspirithntr: YES!!!
Ritaspirithntr: EX stories are AMAZING!!
red_shoes_jeff: "Please, I beg of you! My poor phone...!"
drfox17: OH i know which FE character she reminds me of!
drfox17: L'Archeal
Lordofironstorm: Did we do Tsubasa's Side Story?
ChaoticObserver: Yeah, EX stories are new to this version
drfox17: she feels like a L'Archeal
quasi79fu: i have to go sooon but man this whole stream has been fun.. will Kathleen be doing this again on Monday?
TXC2: quasi79fu yes
TXC2: !events
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LadyLockwood92: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is an airplane. Where are you even planning to go?
red_shoes_jeff: Well, she just texted you, apparently.
quasi79fu: Then you chat have a great day and Kathleen thank you for this amazing stream
Orgmastron: Check your texts
ChaoticObserver: I think Tsubasa just left you a message
denofaiz: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a restricted area.
drfox17: @Graham_LRR will new Yuffie puke on airships?
denofaiz: !quote
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TXC2: so long quasi79fu saty safe
quasi79fu: see you alll later
denofaiz: !badadvice
LRRbot: Don't use computers.
PharaohBender27: katesWave @quasi79fu
Rogue_07: !quote alcohol
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Sgt_mentos: Welp, that just happened.... again
denofaiz: !quote beer
Rogue_07: jesus
Rogue_07: that stuff will fuck you up
GDwarf: Shochu is apparently about 50-proof
PharaohBender27: How big is a "big bottle"?
Lordofironstorm: So professional
PharaohBender27: @GDwarf :O
Sgt_mentos: Is Shochu like Soju?
TXC2: so Shochu is basically Rum?
goldreaver: Hair of the dog I see
drfox17: solution for hangover: get drunk
GapFiller: ah hair of the dog
red_shoes_jeff: "Got it Boss! One WATER coming up!"
GapFiller: always the best solution
drfox17: why yes, she is a god
TXC2: drfox17 that how I used to do it
Rogue_07: Shochu is....whenever I drank it, it was for the explicit purpose of getting drunk
NoTomToLose: "You have to enter this dungeon for the ingredients to Tiki's Surefire Hangover Cure"
Rogue_07: I found it tastes like rubbing alcohol
Sgt_mentos: Uhh, mom, I'm not watching porn, it's some weird game audio.... no.... it's lrr mom, it's a game, dammit
Rogue_07: It mixes well though
TXC2: I stuck to real vodka, has no taste at all
drfox17: Tiki, I dream about a big dragon, you don't know any, do you?
Rogue_07: Also, Chuhai (what they translated into "lemon vodka") will sneak up on you.
Lordofironstorm: "I'm just the blandest human imaginable"
LadyLockwood92: Boring.
accountmadeforants: Itsuki has no dreams. That scans with my headcanon.
GapFiller: TXC2 "What is this? This is pointless! It's— you can't taste it, you can't smell it... Why did we waste our money on this, bloody— why are we on a traffic island?"
Rogue_07: Because it's like a soda but has alcohol
denofaiz: Itsuki is bland on everything except for food
denofaiz: and drinks
Raiz0k: @drfox17 : you laugh, but essentially forcing your metabolism to switch to "higher" alcohol metabolites is why that solution ("hair of the dog [that bit you]" I believe is what it's called in English) works. And is very, very, unhealthy.
Mcgwee: electric sheep
Ritaspirithntr: Tangled flashbacks
Lolipopadventure: pokketHAZGOOD
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
neacon: something is perky on her
NoTomToLose: Kathleen your punch-ups today are sending me :D
Sgt_mentos: Tsubasa: lrrFINE
GapFiller: lrrFINE
TXC2: GapFiller replace traffic island with skip and yeah thats it :P
red_shoes_jeff: "Ah yes, the DEATH ROOM. I'm familiar."
drfox17: @NoTomToLose Kathleen confirmed White Mage, like Yuna
denofaiz: This is also where you can get Tiki can jump into sessions
drfox17: pls tell me she turns into a dragon
Sgt_mentos: @drfox17 , I was about to say that
GapFiller: drfox17 oh come on KAthleen is obvsly the black mage
ArchRequiemD: Tiki why do you always make me feel so sad for you. Why are you always alone
Rogue_07: So, Tiki, do you know what an "Intervention" is?
LordShadner: is there a shirt for Maiko in there? Kappa
drfox17: @GapFiller The lady can multi class! she can heal while telling you that you did it wrong"
Rhynerd: If the item that allows Tiki to join in on sessions isn’t a Dragonstone I will be disappointed.
PharaohBender27: Wuh-oh
NoTomToLose: You don't say.
drfox17: @GapFiller I have a feeling that's how FF14 white mages operate, right?
Lolipopadventure: so many dialogs danAww
Orgmastron: @rhynerd The Dragonstone doesn't come in until much later
Sgt_mentos: Oh, another bear *** quest, neat!!
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red_shoes_jeff: OR she can suffer in silence, and learn the dangers of excessive drinking.
Manae: This better not be bear bile instead of asses
accountmadeforants: What she'll do? Learn a valuable lesson about not drinking too much?
GapFiller: moar bear arses!
Mcgwee: yeah of course
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:58:37.
Mcgwee: never enough bear asses
Raiz0k: I have a feeling the dialog's intended "I'll go" and Kathleen's rendition have a different inflection....
denofaiz: Well you don't need to kill monsters for the hangover cure
TXC2: !findquote bear asses
LRRbot: Quote #5311: "I just want to go out and get bear asses." —James [2018-09-11]
dissimulate1: ass-pirational
NoTomToLose: BEAR aspirational zone
Sgt_mentos: OCD cleared
Raiz0k: Area of Ass-pirational Zones?
denofaiz: !findquote beer
LRRbot: Quote #4278: "You beer you, fam." —Ian [2017-06-17]
TXC2: ah Greece
Ritaspirithntr: “A little peek” she says LOL!!
neacon: i dont know, i saw some "chests" i liked in that previous zone
Mcgwee: oooo
ArchRequiemD: It’s a fire emblem map
Raiz0k: Surprisingly historically accurate color-wise.
Mcgwee: this is nice
LordShadner: this level totally designed on Switch
TXC2: "just a quick dungeon Morty, 10 minutes in and out." Kappa
Raiz0k: :D
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: alright Tsubasa what';s with the increasingly pointed sighs
Mcgwee: is this ylisse?
ArchRequiemD: It’s not it just looks like one aesthetically
accountmadeforants: She's still trying to figure out "coquettish ennui"
drfox17: "I need to talk to Tsubasa, and she's going to be a fan girl mess if you stay here"
Raiz0k: You called it!
PharaohBender27: @accountmadeforants katesLol
red_shoes_jeff: That is NOT true.
drfox17: awww, i would have picked 1
Lolipopadventure: danX tsubasa
Sgt_mentos: Oh man, this is getting convoluted...
PharaohBender27: "What if Kiria sues me for copyright infringement?"
PharaohBender27: katesLol
denofaiz: !findquote song
LRRbot: Quote #2537: "From now on, "!findquote butts" is "the song of my people"." —eatenbyagrue1988 [2016-05-17]
Hulio826: Wait, is Kathleen a Gizz fan? Huh, never knew Kappa
Raiz0k: Oh yeah, a big one.
Lordofironstorm: "Tsubasa, have you ever heard of 'Slipknot'?"
Raiz0k: Mentioned multiple times on Checkpoint, Graham's VLOG, other places.
drfox17: find your heart by punching monsters
Sgt_mentos: Let's go get that bear ass together
Raiz0k: In other words, that part wasn't sarcasm ;).
Lolipopadventure: 20 min of dialogs Kappa
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: Tsubasa, I support your aspirations, but if you run into a dragon who promises your dream and calls you "o idol mine," run the hell away
Mcgwee: always collect bear asses is groups of 3 and 4
Rogue_07: @GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou She's already met TIki?
drfox17: @Mcgwee so 12? Kappa
TXC2: Clever girl'd
Mcgwee: sounds like a end game line up to me
GapFiller: gesundheit
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh yikes, do we already have an Ahamkara in play?? we're in trouble.
Ritaspirithntr: I love the pay offs of this dungeon!
drfox17: new clothes for everyone!
Lordofironstorm: We found the Human Condition in the box!
Sgt_mentos: Oh man, where's our bear badonkadonk?
drfox17: fashion souls?
Rogue_07: Samurai Justice is just going to be Ryoma from Fates I bet
accountmadeforants: That'll be 50 microtransactionbucks, each.
Raiz0k: Are these "forms" mechanical as well, or just cosmetic?
denofaiz: Just cosmetic
Mcgwee: dress up!
control_rig: Did Twitch change their UI? I can't seem to find the VODs or clips.
TXC2: control_rig apparently yes
NoTomToLose: I mean... in theory, sure
drfox17: maybe show off the new costumes?
TXC2: !vod
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Sgt_mentos: We should really call it, haha
red_shoes_jeff: I really wanna see what those clothes look like, first.
Rogue_07: Show off the new costumes before you go!
NoTomToLose: but you don't get any further by 'stopping playing'
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:07:07.
Ritaspirithntr: Knew this would happen! There’s a chest in here she needs to see!!
Sgt_mentos: Wow, that level tho...
TXC2: time to SFRA
Mcgwee: welp
accountmadeforants: And Tiki is also there!
seantheman2: hey Kathleen, how goes the stream?
Manae: Don't you still have on instant sessions?
TXC2: hello seantheman2 welcome
Rhynerd: Dangit, she doesn’t come in as a dragon.
seantheman2: thanks @TXC2
drfox17: traport?
seantheman2: just got back from a long leg workout
Mcgwee: dress up?
drfox17: dress up time!
drfox17: illusuory
Lordofironstorm: My favorite hangover cure
drfox17: so.... not real stuff
accountmadeforants: All Illusory stuff, are we making a Placebo?
PharaohBender27: @seantheman2 Afraid you came at about the end of the stream, sorry :/
Ritaspirithntr: Oh drat!
Orgmastron: Illusory Caesar!
Sgt_mentos: Bye everyone... Imma leave first
dmp817: overclock!!
GDwarf: Devil Survivor, neat
Rhynerd: The bunny ears!
Rogue_07: Sweet, Devil Survior
denofaiz: Not imaginary Vodka?
Rogue_07: *survivor
Mcgwee: yeah!
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: holy crap it is
drfox17: wooow
Rhynerd: Heck yeah!
Raiz0k: This dress, it was made for me!
Rogue_07: Re...colored Yukiko?
LadyLockwood92: It has 'Just For Kathleen' on it right there!
Orgmastron: Ah, I thought it was a Vocaloid thing
GapFiller: Maximum Amounts of Extremely Fucking Yes
seantheman2: @PharaohBender27 that's cool. I was just coming in to say hello
TXC2: that's a lot of hair
Mcgwee: yay
Ritaspirithntr: These were all DLC costumes in the WiiU Version!!
Lolipopadventure: eloS
drfox17: that is a lot
dmp817: kathleen fangirling is best
red_shoes_jeff: I beg your god damn pardon.
Mcgwee: persona q
drfox17: p3?
TXC2: !clips
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Sgt_mentos: Well, this has turned into a screamo track, haha
PharaohBender27: lrrKATHLEEN is hype
Manae: That is some hair
Rogue_07: What
drfox17: agiris?
GDwarf: I...don't...I don't know what that's from
ArchRequiemD: Is there a nocturne one so we can have the Demi fiend
GDwarf: I don't think it's P!
Lolipopadventure: LUL
Mcgwee: I'm so happy
drfox17: robot girl from persona?
ChaoticObserver: I want to say some of the new ones are from later Fire Emblems too
GapFiller: Aegis from P3?
Mcgwee: Etrin oddyessy
LadyLockwood92: Neat
Awexdio: I think that wardrobe for Kiria is a Fire Emblem costume
denofaiz: Tusbasa was persona q
ContingentCat: katesHype fully clothed
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: not Aegis, Aegis didn't have a skirt
Countzeroor: Oh, the Princess Costume is Etrian Odyssey.
dmp817: found it
Orgmastron: Definitely not Aigis
denofaiz: I think its an Etrien Oddessy
Mcgwee: EO
red_shoes_jeff: Weapons?
Rogue_07: Kiria's casual outfit is really good except for the underwear
SK__Ren: Someone say Etrian Odyssey?
GDwarf: Ah, it's an Etrian Odyssey 3 reference
dmp817: itsuki also get joker
Mcgwee: yes
GDwarf: The Monarch class from EO3
SK__Ren: EO is my J A M
PharaohBender27: Thanks for the stream, lrrKATHLEEN !
Sgt_mentos: Such pandering, much wow lrrBEEJ
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: thanks for stream, Kathleen!
GapFiller: !next
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TXC2: thanks for streaming Kathleen
ContingentCat: Thanks for the stream Kathleen lrrHEART
SytYoshi: Thanks for the stream.
Mcgwee: ooo I so red if demi fiend is in here
LadyLockwood92: Thanks for the stream Kathleen~
Ritaspirithntr: There are more good costumes in there! Make sure you go back on Monday!!!
Sgt_mentos: Thanks for the stream
Ritaspirithntr: Bye Kathleen thanks!!
TXC2: !events
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GapFiller: thanks for streaming Kathleen lrrKATHLEEN lrrHEART
GCU_OfCourseIStillLoveYou: oh damn I hope Demi-fiend is here
red_shoes_jeff: Stream for the thanks!
Mcgwee: bye bye!
Raiz0k: Thank you Kathleen!
Lolipopadventure: bye pokketH
TXC2: !patreon
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TXC2: !discord
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TXC2: !twitte
PharaohBender27: katesWave
TXC2: !twitter
GapFiller: bai Kathleen lrrKATHLEEN see yr on Monday lrrHEART
TXC2: !ytmember
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Korolan: Thanks Kaffleen!
Ritaspirithntr: And the intermissions will increase in lenght!
GapFiller: !uptime
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TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
denofaiz: !updog
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GapFiller: !uptime
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Earthenone: !next
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Earthenone: !advice
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