SamanthaGolgariQueen: lrrSIGNAL
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
BogglesUrMind: Who's in the drafting chair tonight folks?
Josherm: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
monkeyrama: lrrJAMES / \ lrrADAM
Josherm: seabatPjorg jlrrPunch
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James and Adam are live with this afternoons LRRMTG and they're gonna play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Isn't that WEIRD!? No, it's not, we do it every week, you should really be use to this by now. 📷 ||
samu_btdp1985: hello?
monkeyrama: Welcome to the jungle
samu_btdp1985: hello darkness my old friend
Rogue_07: Hi samu, Im darkness, how have you been?
LoadingReadyRun: 3
monkeyrama: 👀
LoadingReadyRun: 2
samu_btdp1985: good good nice to catch up
LoadingReadyRun: 1
ghostvalv: :O
ggodopaste: Hello Darkness, my old friend
monkeyrama: PogChamp
Rogue_07: Hi ggodo
monkeyrama: Hello James
Rogue_07: hope all is well
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monkeyrama: We can hear you loud and clear OpieOP
monkeyrama: You're at the office? :o
Josherm: Sweet Puma hat bro seabatBRAIN jlrrIronball
ggodopaste: Adam is quiet
gnome_friend: !findquote adam
LRRbot: Quote #2312: "How are we supposed to beat Adam? He's just better at video games than we are." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
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spr1nkl3z: You guys are the reason I got into magic!
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ggodopaste: Not realy any better
monkeyrama: Seems good
ggodopaste: Adam is way Quieter than James
ghostvalv: chirp
samu_btdp1985: Adam is still a little low
monkeyrama: It's fine
monkeyrama: James is just loud
samu_btdp1985: its better
jonasjonIV: turnip for what
Alas_Babylon: He sounds better now
pyronils80: Hello and good evening! :) :) :) Hi James and Adam! :) :) :)
ggodopaste: yeah, actually, bit better.
Rogue_07: Adam always sounds great
monkeyrama: Oh dang, is historic anthology 3 up and live now?
Alas_Babylon: That's perfect, let's be gamers
accountmadeforants: Babies shouldn't be crispy, James!
ghostvalv: better than soggy unicorn
Robot_Bones: cause its been deep fried
KingOfDoma: Hey guys! Just saying hey before turning on my work VPN and being unable to chat! Later!
monkeyrama: But Adam is a big baby OpieOP
ggodopaste: BALANCE!
Lordofironstorm: I think it's good
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Earthenone: crisp unicorns of the age of majority
Lordofironstorm: Fried unicorn, duh
marshacado: Time to draw some land
ttam809: Lands are important
mr_borschik: oh my god perfect mana
jdb399: NOw it's time for the curse to reverse, you're gonna be mana screwed
monkeyrama: Thanks James SeemsGood
marshacado: wow that is impressive
Rynehawk: that is a majestic unicorn of a hand
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ZachtlyAsIntended: 31 months of magical bois and their cards. Nice.
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Alas_Babylon: A crisp baby unicorn hand
code1300: Mana sad no paper fight this week :(
monkeyrama: OP sure likes their emotes
Alas_Babylon: I'm not a fan of the only wolf (and the only bear) in the set being that 4/4, which synergizes with... humans
monkeyrama: Should be a fun stream
Hexy_Lexy234: @LoadingReadyRun yall are awesome people who i appreciate
BusTed: PogChamp
EJGRgunner: PogChamp
code1300: Yah all day
monkeyrama: I still haven't gotten around to finishing watching RQ
Alas_Babylon: PogChamp
Hexy_Lexy234: PogChamp
swordmaster2551: what color is that triome?
monkeyrama: Abzan
Alas_Babylon: Indatha is Abzan
Dwinick: the voice of god sounds like adam
breadisbest1: any thoughts on the cash prize tournament?
monkeyrama: Arena likes to be loud
ronnieliv: '11:00am' me 'okay so 1;00pm'
monkeyrama: Double Masters 👀
ttam809: @ronnieliv ssame
SmashTCG: Double masters!!! what dose it meeeeeean
jdb399: Double Masters: Still no Fetch Lands because screw you that's why
Hexy_Lexy234: more like doubly disappointed with the lack of fetch lands
monkeyrama: They did
LiamK712: Yep
jdb399: Yep, in the articles
monkeyrama: Fetch lands are coming later
cepragassen: they actually did
mr_borschik: yes
Josherm: VoteYea
Alas_Babylon: They say they're reprinting fetches in 2020, it just won't be in Double Cheeseburger Masters
baskwalla: No fetches
accountmadeforants: Yup, it was in the article. To temper expectations.
PosingAThreat: Yeah, in the announcement
code1300: Yes
Jazzo44556: No fetches
samu_btdp1985: no fetches
monkeyrama: Good to get that part of the announcement out of the way quickly
code1300: Correct
jdb399: It feels like a sick joke because fetches are almost all up to $50+ some way more than that
PosingAThreat: I mean, they did say fetchlands will be available this year
PosingAThreat: outside the Money Lair
monkeyrama: Fetchland reprints are coming this year, just not now
jdb399: @PosingAThreat Yeah but they are gonna put them into some over priced product that isn't a meaningful reprint
monkeyrama: We don't know that
Hexy_Lexy234: @monkeyrama i agree with you despite that i dislike the lack of the reprint
ttam809: they're not just using the fetches in the secret lair as the justificatoin?
ttam809: justification?
monkeyrama: Oh right, this deck has vigilance synergies :o
Despoiler98: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering in its digital form. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (16m ago).
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Doesn't a 5/2 already have deathtouch, basically?
jdb399: They also didn't say the next reprint wouldn't just be another secret lair
SmashTCG: 2 life Pog
ttam809: cool
SmashTCG: farfinder
jdb399: They just said it would be something other than the initial secret lair
m_logan2000: that opps is suspicious
monkeyrama: Guess we'll just have to wait to find out
jdb399: Yeah
m_logan2000: had we not mutated they would have got us
monkeyrama: The mutate won us the game PogChamp
BloodnBullets: without the mutate they would have survived. I guess they just wanted to play it out
m_logan2000: they tried to opps into a blow out
SmashTCG: they should have kept up the leech for blocks
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Whenever my opponent says "oops" I always assume I misplayed somehow.
ThatPoorSod: unless the oops was an angle shoot tactic to get you to just attack without pushing for extra damage
ttam809: some of them are better than others
monkeyrama: When was the last time you were in the office?
cepragassen: the dumbest thing about triomes is you have to chose to play them when you have no mana to cycle them
rogerivany: He was there on Tuesday.
monkeyrama: I pay attention, I swear OpieOP
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Deathclaw31: I miss big dumb idiot tribal
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monkeyrama: Will you be streaming future Valorant streams from here, then?
monkeyrama: Makes sense SeemsGood
monkeyrama: Release date Jue 2nd, so early
m_logan2000: not yet
TheWarbo: not yet!
TheWarbo: noooooooo
monkeyrama: They have the mana for both, why didn't they?
Bolsha: Now is good
TheWarbo: oh right, -2/-2
1y1e: wow I had no idea that card had more text
monkeyrama: Leech answers a lot of things in this set
PosingAThreat: Leech is really good for draft chaff really
SmashTCG: keet on keet action?
Alas_Babylon: Random rules question: I can cast a spell that costs XWW with Vadrok's mutate ability, and declare any value for X that I want, correct?
SmashTCG: sac the farinder?
Alas_Babylon: Just as long as the initial spell has a CMC of 3 or less?
monkeyrama: This thins our deck of lands, that's... almost removal
cepragassen: we don't need removal, just smash
Alas_Babylon: actually never mind
itsr67: @Alas_Babylon no, X would equal 0
PosingAThreat: If you're casting a spell without paying its mana cost, X must always be 0
ForOhForError: block sack giraffid gets you a 10 point life save
SmashTCG: James WHY
Deathclaw31: the curse is real
monkeyrama: We'll run out of lands eventually
Adreus_Eternal: Building a sealed pool and I have 2 dirge bats and a lutri. Do I play 1 bat plus companion or double bats?
HoneyJack07: James can draw 5 lands in a deck with 3 lol
rogerivany: Dirge Bar seems good. (I haven't played the set).
monkeyrama: It's a solid card
monkeyrama: 4 mana 4/4 than can buff a human
rsizzle_99: how come chat is so empty
monkeyrama: Oh, I read that as bear, the bat is also very good NotLikeThis
Anubis169 dances
PosingAThreat: Bat vs Lutri will depend on what spells you have to copy really. If you're just using both as ambush vipers the bat's much better
ForOhForError: I'd say go lutri, extra card really helps in sealed
monkeyrama: Fun!
Lordofironstorm: No Grim Dawn tonight?
monkeyrama: Grim dawn is tonight
FDR101: did you say valorant on ben's channel?
FDR101: when?
Lordofironstorm: Ohhhh
SeiichiSin: 6:30 am? Oof.
Diabore: way to be a downer james
Lordofironstorm: Oh boy, turn 2 Sprite Dragon
monkeyrama: Adam calling his accomplishment nothing ResidentSleeper
Zaghrog: James shooting things down hard
Csvoor: thoughts on double masters?
itsr67: geeze james, shooting down accomplishments
Agl0vale: James with the bright and sunny outlook
rainy_sam229: my name is rain and im here to say, im excited for road quest day in a major way
rogerivany: Memory leak seems like it should be a counterspell to me. Probably reminds me too much of Mana Leak.
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monkeyrama: So Ivy worked overtime is what you're saying, Adam
JDogg2K4: I'm late. What game are you talking about?
monkeyrama: WoW
JDogg2K4: ahh
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Ferisar: yolo, you only leak once
Ferisar: hmm
monkeyrama: Gnarr is also another card off of Kergua
SoldieroFortune: Anything interesting in yard for back for mor?
SoldieroFortune: *more
monkeyrama: Puting the bear in the bin is also good for back for more
ClassicNative: wait till he attacks and when he mutates then back for more
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PosingAThreat: I'd return the vigilance guy, still kills the sprite
monkeyrama: Keruga value seabatPjorg
monkeyrama: Bear is more pressure
monkeyrama: especially when they're stuck at 4 lands
m_logan2000: im super greedy, i would have played keruga, trade with gorilla then back for more keruga
m_logan2000: even raking only go to 1
ForOhForError: raking claws plus a thing but you can dual block
m_logan2000: no
m_logan2000: ya
monkeyrama: We do
monkeyrama: Nicely done!
monkeyrama: Ikoria is your format
Agl0vale: has the curse been broken?
Deathclaw31: no
JDogg2K4: #sponsored attractive singles in your area!
Baldrash: Get you that bread, Adam.
PaperDoopliss: If you keep saying the hashtag before "sponsored" I'm 100% in
Earthenone: what sort of sponsorship are you looking into adam (within the limits you can discuss such things to the general public)
monkeyrama: They're trying to ramp into something good
monkeyrama: Oh dang, OP has a good hand
Ordsmed: That Risen Beef!
monkeyrama: Risen Beef :o That's great
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twistitch: 4 months! How cool!
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Akaiatana: Adam, Graham didn't know Shmean Shmail Shmeron during the nickname podcast and was so confused :P
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Oh dang, that's smart, Adam seabatBRAIN
lurkerspine: aren't they going to ram through?
swordmaster2551: ram through
Digigoner: gets it out of their hand
rogerivany: Farfinder has vigilence?
m_logan2000: its fine, back for more will get us back in it
monkeyrama: Why'd they put it there? Huh
Digigoner: lol
swordmaster2551: lol
How_Do_I_Shoot: wohoo
Lordofironstorm: Huh?
Earthenone: grats
m_logan2000: lol
monkeyrama: They conceded :o
PaperDoopliss: lrrWOW
MrTulip: they've had enough
ravenlord_xix: The mare was their Lich!
Mangledpixel: maybe their pizza arrived?
swordmaster2551: paid actors
PosingAThreat: pog dude
Lordofironstorm: Why?
BloodnBullets: wow OP was not pleased
monkeyrama: What even
Deathclaw31: mana screwed?
ghostvalv: :O
Earthenone: 7-X just how you drew it u[
Scarbble: we count those
MrTulip: they're gone, out of here, vamos
Aarek: lrrSCOOP
PosingAThreat: I mean I'm not a huge fan of vigilance either, but dude
someguynamedDane: thats a stronk back d
PaperDoopliss: I mean our opponent burned through their hand and we were in a pretty commanding place
A_Dub888: Adam "Super Drafter" Savidan
How_Do_I_Shoot: i wish i was this good at drafting
rogerivany: That seemed premature
monkeyrama: It was fun!
monkeyrama: That program works really well
Earthenone: ohh you win
Lordofironstorm: Brokkos again
Lordofironstorm: wow
monkeyrama: The wincon PogChamp
swordmaster2551: brokkos is brokko
How_Do_I_Shoot: more like wokeoos
Ordsmed: The Big BUG!
Lordofironstorm: Colossal Dreadmaw with recursion PogChamp
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Wokkos
monkeyrama: Adam trying to force cycling again OpieOP
Ristow: there was like 6 first pick quality cards in that pack
Lordofironstorm: Bespokkos
HoneyJack07: Mutated Brokkoli
MrTulip: I agree, rescuer is pretty fucking good
Lordofironstorm: Wow
someguynamedDane: forcing cycling is never wrong in ikoria
SamanthaGolgariQueen: It's a sign
lurkerspine: lavabrink still there... jeez
PosingAThreat: is this a new draft?
monkeyrama: Wonder what people picked over that venturer
Lordofironstorm: I call hax
monkeyrama: oh man, empathy and back for more in the same pack
How_Do_I_Shoot: we doin it
Raithencore235: I love Primal Empathy
Earthenone: mole to search brokkos i guess
Lordofironstorm: Mole is the pick here, I think
BoblinTheGoblin69: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 52:29.
PosingAThreat: how do you get brokkos and the proper triome in your first two picks you lucksack
monkeyrama: Spinnerets is a decent trick
Spakerman: Fixing first. Then recursion
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Mono-green BUG
monkeyrama: Surprisingly little mutate in these first packs
3DSylak: No
3DSylak: Take the falls!
3DSylak: Omg
3DSylak: Another on color rare
Lordofironstorm: Chevill!
monkeyrama: Oh man, Chevill is fun
Toxxick: Gaston!
swordmaster2551: chevill is actually pretty legit lol
How_Do_I_Shoot: chevills not that good
Earthenone: on color mythic lol
Ristow: Greathorn could just be better in this deck tbh
monkeyrama: but there's also subdual and greathorn
SerGarretCameron: twelve dozen eggs or bust.
Lordofironstorm: Do it
How_Do_I_Shoot: for the one mind
PosingAThreat: chevill needs removal to be good
BoblinTheGoblin69: mythic
Digigoner: more likely to find another greathorn
PosingAThreat: greathorn is guaranteed to be good
Ristow: Chevill has the upside for sure
monkeyrama: EZ Gemrazer
seth_erickson: Chevil is good
3DSylak: All rares on color?
3DSylak: Wtf
Lordofironstorm: God, this deck is gonna be gross
Earthenone: wolfbear, good with chevel
SamanthaGolgariQueen: Chevill headbutt LUL
SerGarretCameron: this is the removal pack, I guess.
BoblinTheGoblin69: nipper
Ristow: Wolfbear + Chevill is nice too
monkeyrama: Wolfbear is great
3DSylak: Capture Sphere?
BoblinTheGoblin69: capture sphere
monkeyrama: Raptor still in the pack, dang
lurkerspine: this deck is only pack 2? gross
monkeyrama: Empathy is just value
swordmaster2551: 2 pack deck ez
Earthenone: i wonder what mythic will we open in pack 3
How_Do_I_Shoot: second brokkos
3DSylak: Vivien Maybe? Kappa
Lordofironstorm: Inb4 Mythos of Brokkos in pack 3
SmashTCG: i wish more reanimation spells were instantspeed
Diabore: illuna
Ristow: a certainy PW would be nice
romanempire144: Vivien, calling it
monkeyrama: Another Broccoli would be neat
NoFaTe121: ultimatum with right colors ?
monkeyrama: Subdual shutting down mutate chains is solid
swordmaster2551: viv can carry you to a min of 5 wins it feels like lol
SmashTCG: uhhh
Lordofironstorm: I'd play it in this deck, though
SmashTCG: in limited i guess?
PosingAThreat: I've been disappointed with the sultai ultimatum in draft
monkeyrama: Still have another pack to go through, too
How_Do_I_Shoot: omg this is pack to
SmashTCG: the sultai ultimatum is just " i win the game"
planeswalkagogo: Sultai Ultimatum is GREAT for Commander and Meh for Draft
monkeyrama: That's a good feeling
SeiichiSin: And then James's curse comes and he draws only lands for three games.
How_Do_I_Shoot: its "thats a lot of words for i win the game
Ristow: Vivan would be great, settle for King Kong though
monkeyrama: Wooooow
Earthenone: lmao
3DSylak: Wow, nice
monkeyrama: You were rewarded
Lordofironstorm: PogChamp
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg
SmashTCG: oh dear lord
Lordofironstorm: Jesus
3DSylak: Not mythic but close Kappa
SmashTCG: bargel?
SmashTCG: i love The ozoleth
Lordofironstorm: Heron?
3DSylak: Dreamtail Heron
swordmaster2551: nice heron
monkeyrama: easy heron
Lordofironstorm: Oh my god
3DSylak: Ez gnarr
Lordofironstorm: Gnarr
swordmaster2551: that gnarr
JDogg2K4: That is a clever idea
How_Do_I_Shoot: gnarr
Spakerman: This deck is pretty absurd already
monkeyrama: Haircut time? seabatPjorg
gamercat88: is dis the first draft of the day for us?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: GNARR! (Not a shout, just the sound they make)
Lordofironstorm: D"
3DSylak: Woweee
monkeyrama: This deck is bonkers
3DSylak: Sphere
How_Do_I_Shoot: alrighty then
3DSylak: Needs removal
BrindleBoar: I heard you like Gnaar so I put Gnaar in your Gnaar
BoblinTheGoblin69: sphere
swordmaster2551: I might have taken mammoth for back for more value
lurkerspine: probably 3 drops
3DSylak: Just 2 removals? Feels bad man
Spakerman: Cut the back for more, you don’t have big things
monkeyrama: Glimmerbell is a decent mutate target
3DSylak: So, just one removal? worst :(
swordmaster2551: - back and chevill and then you don't really need black?
PosingAThreat: even in this deck back for more does a decent impression of dirge bat tbh
lurkerspine: Chevy?
Spakerman: Although Back for More is instant removal that works well with typhoon
Digigoner: step?
3DSylak: Cut the other otter
Ordsmed: Monstrous?
BoblinTheGoblin69: stomp
SmashTCG: ehh i like otter over brushwag
3DSylak: Brushwagg is better
SmashTCG: what mutates onto it that dosnt have flying or trample
lurkerspine: brushwagg is a great mutate target
monkeyrama: Brushwagg is very good in a mutate deck
3DSylak: Otter is simply a bad octopus
talas_engineer: i like otter over a lynx, esp with herons
BoblinTheGoblin69: or you jam it on a flier and jam for like 8
SmashTCG: going otter into hero is Huge
simsimsimplify: If not a tempo deck then lynx isn’t great
SmashTCG: heron'
PosingAThreat: one heron only. I'd like otter more in a deck with vulpikeets
lurkerspine: I wish you could set default sleeves and default lads
monkeyrama: Broccoli ftw
ravenlord_xix: I missed part of the deck building, why no Primal Empathy?
Gooseblast: 2 Gnarrs with Brokkos PogChamp
HoneyJack07: Brokkos is Adams companion
swordmaster2551: @SmashTCG Otter on heron with recon on the field, I had an OP with that and primal empathy, I won cause they didn't count their cards and decked lol
monkeyrama: You 100% can
3DSylak: Lands you cant
3DSylak: Sleeves yes
someguynamedDane: Sultai just seems to be a strong combination in iko
SammArchibald: Don't think lands
frozenphoenix7: I mean, Shark Typhoon is more of a flash creature than a 6 mana enchantment imo
monkeyrama: Lands for draft I think just goes off the set?
TheWarbo: they added sleeves, and said "we're working on lands" in the same update
simsimsimplify: Bell is probably better because of the flying for your mutate creatures later
lurkerspine: I haven't found either option... might be blind
drcthulu: no it's just the bundle lands it'll pick over normal ones
SmashTCG: @swordmaster2551 i did that once, but i also had 60 cards because.... you know... yorion
SeiichiSin: I must find this setting!
ptay313: yeah, they have said default lands are coming
Aarek: lrrSACK
monkeyrama: This curve tho
ravenlord_xix: Always on curve
gamercat88: things are happening, we doing it
Earthenone: you have good luck, for future ref :P
HoneyJack07: no luck , all skill
How_Do_I_Shoot: james curse lifted
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ravenlord_xix: Now, do you play Angurius on curve?
1y1e: look for the "make default" button in bottom left of the sleeve select menu
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SammArchibald: Just came back online, what's our record so far in the draft?
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trespunto14: hi
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Earthenone: Gnarwag?
monkeyrama: Gnarrwag seems legit
SmashTCG: i MUCH prefer the Gem razer artwork
lurkerspine: I'd pump
1y1e: @SammArchibald we just started this one!
monkeyrama: save it if you can
Earthenone: they are using arrow anyways on the other 4.4 trampler attacking if they have it
SmashTCG: Or not
monkeyrama: Huh, ok
SmashTCG: uhh
SammArchibald: @1y1e thanks!
BloodnBullets: guess they just wanted to force you to use the mana?
3DSylak: Mutate on gemrazer now jaja
ravenlord_xix: maybe they forgot about brushwag ability?
SmashTCG: gross
monkeyrama: That gorlak hits hard
VoyRising: PrideGasp
SmashTCG: weird play
SmashTCG: but okay
monkeyrama: Probably would have played that as it's own creature, OP?
itsr67: probably just using their own mana just cause they're screwed
SmashTCG: bait it with brushwag?
TrickJarrett: Incoming raid folks :)
monkeyrama: Oh, just noticed they're short on mana
TrickJarrett: At least, when Weekly MTG ends
Earthenone: i dont hate naturalist/symbiote attacks as well
TrickJarrett: Yes, yes we were
wargodmogis: Kaalia and mana crytp in double masters
Biomonkey01: Sounds sexy
SmashTCG: hey trick, is there a Counters theme in Double masters?
SmashTCG: it feels like there is
TrickJarrett: I know nothing about the set :)
SmashTCG: judgeing by doubleing season and atraxa
SmashTCG: Sure :)
TrickJarrett: My world is such that I can't keep in the loop on future sets the way I used to
1738 raiders from Magic have joined!
closedsockets: lol
Earthenone: welcome raiders
2uentin: shrimp5Wave
monkeyrama: Magic raid :o
closedsockets: magic raiding
treesinland: ayyyyy its mah boi
monkeyrama: Wowie
WrightJustice: waow
alo_200: magic raid
Josherm: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
MazaParaza: raidd
EvelynHewett: Who's Jame's talking to?
Duhstink: double the raid
maple_boi88: arenaid
CleeKru: oh wow didn't even have to click anything
rogerivany: Lot of raiders
jdb399: We got some big noos about Double Masters
monkeyrama: RIP brushwagg
Lordofthelights: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Alas_Babylon: @EvelynHewett Adam Savidan
im_eating_peanut_butter: Magic raid!
megaRammy: How bout that Double Masters, eh?
treesinland: not enough creatures going sideways in this match
EvelynHewett: Hey Adam!
Duhstink: 4 is double 2
closedsockets: we just came from the double masters announcement
Aixenn: Did you see no fetchland reprint?
CyberDr8gon: Double Masters, Double Bad
TheMightyTaylor: Raid!
closedsockets: they spoiled 2 more cards
2uentin: Cards look sweet :)
lurkerspine: wooh ram time
Duhstink: There are two of them!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Does LoadingReadyRun still make Friday Nights? (Yes, but who knows when the next episode will be?)
alo_200: mana crypt confirmed
Earthenone: shevalia and ram?
closedsockets: kallia the vast and mana crypt
treesinland: I thought ny'lotha was the current raid
ItsJayjee: Kaalia and Mana Crypt were spoiled
monkeyrama: Ram through with Chevill PogChamp
2uentin: @Duhstink LUL
jdb399: Atraxa, Mana Crypt, Kaalia of the Vast, all were spoiled
CyberDr8gon: million dollar box confirmed
ravenlord_xix: could get greedy and just pass
TheMightyTaylor: Double the Masters, Quintuple the price
EvelynHewett: So dashing
closedsockets: aatraxa was spoiled earlier
Alas_Babylon: promo Atraxa looks *gorgeous*
closedsockets: guys the price is gonna be good if they are releasing them at big box stores
Ordsmed: Wait to get the bounty and draw next turn?
closedsockets: walmart and target msrp the same as magic online which is 6.99
Earthenone: 6 damage is probobly better than the bonuty
treesinland: PRINT RUN?!
monkeyrama: GEtting in for damage here seems better than waiting to get the draw
garbagefire_investments: lol we are invading LLR now?
Aixenn: we didnt, it was quite annoying tbh
lurkerspine: post combat
SmashTCG: attack, then back for more
closedsockets: The print run is big enough that wal-mart, target, walgreens, amazon are all getting stock
Earthenone: we have a dead 4/4 this is a good attack
monkeyrama: Nice nice nice
SmashTCG: Draw a caaard
phyrexianagent: gg
ArchRequiemD: Nice
SmashTCG: i find gemrazer is a Very solid magic card
Knallkasten: Gg
SmashTCG: its 3 mana to mutate right?
Alas_Babylon: 1GG, yep
treesinland: two mythics geez
treesinland: typhoon
monkeyrama: The Triome was P1P2 as well
treesinland: and a back for more
SmashTCG: and you got passed gem razer
treesinland: two gnar
SmashTCG: which is nice
treesinland: you were gifted a draft
TheMightyTaylor: Lol. I just brought my opponent to -106 in one alpha strike.
bobbymcbob33: this deck looks insane!
SammArchibald: Haven't drated Chevil, he worth spending a rare on for Brawl or Gladiator?
EvelynHewett: How you doing Adam?
monkeyrama: We did get some good cards passed to us
TZTFG: Holy viewers did we get some raids or something?
closedsockets: everyone is fighting over cycling in limited I find green and black are usually pretty open
Anonyman41: he's a mythic, but hes a pretty good one
TheMightyTaylor: @sammarchibald He's quite good
ChaoticObserver: @TZTFG Magic raided post the Double Masters stream
SammArchibald: @TheMightyTaylor 👍thanks
Knallkasten: Ive never had a better Hand in all my paper drafts LUL
VTMonster: lil nipper
phyrexianagent: so chevil into farfinder into gemrazer into gnarr into brokkos? seems good
monkeyrama: Chevill is a fun card
TheMightyTaylor: @sammarchibald No worries lrrHEART
monkeyrama: I built a brawl deck around him, it's pretty neat
mralexrobloxian: Trying to build a standard deck based around getting The Ozolith out, adding counters to it, put counters on other things, swing.
Digigoner: Red, The Clincher, Send the pain below...
monkeyrama: Chevelle?
lurkerspine: send the pain below
styl07: The Red
jwish27: seeeeeing red againnnn
EvelynHewett: Famous for their musical saws and cumberbunds
closedsockets: send the pain below
closedsockets: is what I remember
monkeyrama: James LUL
Earthenone: tell heather
BloodnBullets: aaaand muted
Earthenone: :P
Deathclaw31: rip VOD
Wikt: angry heather noise in the distance
Alas_Babylon: IT was less than 7 seconds, we gucci
jdb399: Aaaand VOD demonetized
JohnPraw: 2 whole seconds of the song? Time to go to prison.
monkeyrama: Just like pog, and yeet
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SammArchibald: What is Twitch's stance on © music?
maple_boi88: no life for you. too much song.
Anonyman41: discard brokos?
Ryavis: brokos
lurkerspine: breokkos?
Alas_Babylon: Brokkos?
SammArchibald: <-- treating chat like Google I know
Mister_Hush: @SammArchibald A robot mutes 30 minutes of the stream when it detects copyrighted music
Alas_Babylon: Brokkos has been surprisingly fun in Brawl - bypassing Commander tax is kinda fun
lurkerspine: anguirus, kill the trap?
treesinland: #kiblergoogle
monkeyrama: Be lost without us
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Gemrazer the fox?
Mister_Hush: @SammArchibald 30 minutes of the VOD*
Ryavis: gemrazor destroys the deadweight
drcthulu: Twitch chat is Adam's Siri
Earthenone: mutate idiot to remove deadweight?
Mangledpixel: twitch chat is simultaniously more helpful and less helpful than Google
AllGoodDogs: Pride1500 Chevelle slapped and I will fight anyone who disagrees. Much love, Adam and James. lrrHEART
SammArchibald: @Mister_Hush crazy... but understandable.
Wikt: or get the ded weight
Dread_Pirate_Westley: We could get rid of deadweight or the trap with gemrazer.
p3nguinkin: mutate gemrazer gets rid of dead weight
Skelletor85: Chevill is a human
Alas_Babylon: We can kill the Dead Weight too
Arimus221: Mutate fox for trap
Skelletor85: and gets a buff from the bear
Mister_Hush: @SammArchibald Yeah... I wonder if they have control in for channels that might purchase an American radio / broadcast license, or if it's an all or nothing thing on their end
monkeyrama: Gemrazer does some work here
monkeyrama: nevermind
Anonyman41: 6 mana and 2 cards to kill your 2 drop lol
Skelletor85: they knew
VTMonster: it has deathtouch
Alas_Babylon: Still, odd trade
Alas_Babylon: Our resources are so much better than theirs
SammArchibald: @Mister_Hush not to snitch, but watching Wheeler I was wondering the same thing about it...
Mangledpixel: btw, Anguirus is pronounced Ann-gwee-rus, IIRC
monkeyrama: Love that raptor homie
Earthenone: naturalist and mind?
Alas_Babylon: Acquiring a music license for streaming is notoriously hard/expensive
zamru713: naturalist first to discount of one mind? or is it not human?
monkeyrama: It's a human
Alas_Babylon: It is, but we can use it to pay for Brokkos onto Angie
Alas_Babylon: (or the Symbiote now)
Alas_Babylon: We've got options aplenty
SammArchibald: Need that symbiote etb sound for a text tone
monkeyrama: If we get a land BlessRNG
monkeyrama: Come oooon, James's curse
Arimus221: Draw
PixelArtDragon: @SammArchibald Some streamers just might not mind having muted VODs (or no VODs at all)
phyrexianagent: yeah think we of one mind
phyrexianagent: lol
monkeyrama: That raptor can get very annoying
SammArchibald: @PixelArtDragon makes sense!
Earthenone: still casting 3 spells on turn 5, not a bad deal
SammArchibald: gnarwaggg!
VTMonster: wag that brush
TheWarbo: "I think we gnarr the brushwagg here"
SammArchibald: brokkgnarr?
monkeyrama: Played a gnarr with tax
zamru713: brokkgnar sounds like a new Pokemon
TheWarbo: Brokk Lesgnarr?
AllGoodDogs: Gnar, gada.
monkeyrama: Please no removal
Ba_Dum_Tish: Broccoli lesnar
Anonyman41: you wouldve lost if they had taken the damage
swordmaster2551: ez win
Pyroxx___: step
swordmaster2551: step
jwish27: step
Earthenone: do we win with steppe?
Sage0fMadness: Step?
TheWarbo: Step is lethal
Arimus221: Step kills
aitsu100: Big STEPY
monkeyrama: Wowie
ravenlord_xix: steppy
Sage0fMadness: LUL
monkeyrama: Gettin stepped on
Knallkasten: Stepppy
Alas_Babylon: No steppy
Sogheim: steppy no steppy
Mr_Bitterness: Gnarr steppy
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ples steppy
DurianRain: ads Pog
finalxboss: lil steperino
Earthenone goes somewhere
mralexrobloxian: One-eyed monster killed Teferi
Hmhlund: Fblthp the conquerer
SmashTCG: wheres our Muuuuusic
monkeyrama: In your soul lrrSPOOP
Josherm: lrrSPOOP seabatYIKES
monkeyrama: Welcome back
adamjford: h-hewwo?
monkeyrama: Do you send discord friends into the void during breaks sergeThinking
Alas_Babylon: That's a turn 3 5/5 with haste
MeadyOchre: Red Snapper? Pretty dapper
monkeyrama: Symbiote t2 is hasty gemrazer t3
ravenlord_xix: might have to get aggressive if this is the cycling deck
Invitare: Use Ram Through on it Kappa
monkeyrama: Sonic would be proud
TheWarbo: can't step
TheWarbo: okay, now we can step
monkeyrama: Big damage seabatPjorg
SammArchibald: grosssssssss feels over indeed
flikerz1: zenith flare
SolarBlitz1: Ah so this is how we beat the Cycling, we big steppy them
ravenlord_xix: get the flex tape cause that was some big damage
Lordofironstorm: Chevill and ram through?
frozenphoenix7: I like Symbiote + Mutate Heron.
Alas_Babylon: We can't Ram Through the Capridor, it'll grow and it won't be deathtouched
Ryavis: symbiote then mutate?
monkeyrama: Sharknado 🦈
Invitare: big goat :O
Deathclaw31: sharknado
monkeyrama: We can draw into a frost lynx, but we don't really have much "removal" do we?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: ram through and hold up cycle typhoon?
ravenlord_xix: why not save and have 4/4 flash?
Lordofironstorm: Drop a land, then it's a 6/6
monkeyrama: It's be a 5/5
Lordofironstorm: I keep forgetting the cycling is 1UX
ArcOfTheConclave: a 5/5 just kills them right?
monkeyrama: It should, if they attack
Deathclaw31: ram through?
ravenlord_xix: shark flies james
monkeyrama: They're dead in the air
Alas_Babylon: They're dead
Lordofironstorm: Ram through on the 5/5?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: big dead
SammArchibald: They dead from shark?
monkeyrama: Death by flying shark
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg
swordmaster2551: nice rares
swordmaster2551: :P
DurianRain: Nice1
Lordofironstorm: That was a close game
monkeyrama: Just draft good cards 4Head
monkeyrama: They recovered well
SammArchibald: Cat generating Man is an odd combination, but yah know, it's MTG
monkeyrama: That's the owner coming looking for it 👀
BigBenS221: It's to avenge the kitty @SammArchibald
monkeyrama: Nothing suspicious here OpieOP
SammArchibald: @monkeyrama @BigBenS221 mind blown...
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Wishful thinking, James
MechaKuuga: James has Brushwag on the brain
monkeyrama: That vulpikeet can't gain abilities either, right?
SammArchibald: pokeball it?
kamelion84: katesLol
Lordofironstorm: Jebaited
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: oh hes there somewhere
lucasbune: @monkeyrama it can, but not through mutate
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: brushwag is always there
ravenlord_xix: the brushwag is in our hearts
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: watching and waiting
monkeyrama: Ah, I see @lucasbune
gamercat88: the brushwag was in us all along
BoblinTheGoblin69: brushwag is eternal
SmashTCG: imagine if there was a Caputre spehere that, after 3 turns it becomes control magic
nanostul: I think the quarantine is really getting to James... I'm worried about him....
Aarek: The real brushwagg was the friends we made along the way
JKBalch: lrrHEART lrrHEART
tastymcnuggett: Coward
Deathclaw31: play your land and pump brushwagg Kappa
monkeyrama: Come oooon, broccoli BlessRNG
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I think you actually put it on the 1/1 so they cant weaponize it without giving you draw
chaostreader: ^
Lordofironstorm: The curse!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: F
zipfool: james...
Deathclaw31: sciRIP 7-0 streak
tastymcnuggett: F
monkeyrama: 7-x streak
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megaflycraft: 35 months?! That's like at least 2 days, can't be sure though
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monkeyrama: Still possible 👀
Lordofironstorm: It was a 7-X streak
darkspiredragon: just dead
Deathclaw31: i meant this run
Deathclaw31: we hadn't lost yet
monkeyrama: HOLES
monkeyrama: !?!?!
SammArchibald: You in the office today James?
Zaraka00: adam pls
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: it might not have mattered cus they couldve just sacced the 1/4 and then the killed chevile anyway
Mister_Hush: HOLES!
Deathclaw31: I haven't seen that movie in 12 years
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: but in theory
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: I think it was the right play
monkeyrama: It worked seabatPjorg
SeiichiSin: My usual streak in draft is... 1:3.
kumatsu: Do I need to get another sub to Stanleyyelants today?
SeiichiSin: So I mean, you are doing way better then me.
monosceros: you clicked autopass
monkeyrama: I will not stand for ZYRK banning stanley_yelnats LUL
monkeyrama: He's heeeere!
TheWarbo: i mean that's the idea of "thanks"
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: broccoli is here and full of vitamin k
chaostreader: !card Brokkos apex
LRRbot: Brokkos, Apex of Forever [2BGU] | Legendary Creature — Nightmare Beast Elemental [6/6] | Mutate {2}{U/B}{G}{G} / Trample / You may cast Brokkos, Apex of Forever from your graveyard using its mutate ability.
monkeyrama: Oh no
Lordofironstorm: D:
DiscordianTokkan: D:
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: thats badd
monkeyrama: Our immortal broccoli NotLikeThis
Kwannon23: OWL2019teatime
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: they ate our broccoli NotLikeThis
monosceros: retail shark typhoon
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: frick
lucajak2006: <message deleted>REEEE
DiscordianTokkan: Nuuuuu
Lordofironstorm: D: D:
monkeyrama: Woooow, they have answers for everything
Ryavis: wow
deinonychus24: Opp has perfect answers
Anubis169: lucajak2006: Please don't :)
TheWarbo: who would win, a bomb 6-mana rare or one stabbagey boi
Deathclaw31: Opponents deck must be called Oops all Answers
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LJGamingNetwork: Ahoy! ljgami1Heart
R_Trelawney: ljgami1Kwaken ljgami1Nailedit ljgami1Friendlyfire ljgami1Heart ljgami1Adequate ljgami1Heart ljgami1Friendlyfire ljgami1Nailedit ljgami1Kwaken
Quietslayer1232: knock knock ljgami1Heart ljgami1Heart
Josherm: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
monkeyrama: Mainboarded double wilts
monkeyrama: wow
gamercat88: a second wilt
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: oof
DiscordianTokkan: I guess it cycles too, at least?
monosceros: I guess it's free cycling with Zirda
jonasjonIV: they really hate sharknado
monosceros: they must be a weird cycling-mutate mix
monkeyrama: They had it all, wtf
BrindleBoar: an big steppy
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
LJGamingNetwork: gg
Lordofironstorm: Damn. Abzanswers.dek
Deathclaw31: isn't ii 1 and 2
DiscordianTokkan: One seabatYIKES
Deathclaw31: you won the 1st game
Maquahuitil: Good luck bois gtg!
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: wolfbear is so chonk
monkeyrama: They don't mess around up here in plat
SmashTCG: cycle nute?
SmashTCG: ya cant cast it
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: cant cast it tho
SmashTCG: oh no
SmashTCG: Humans
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: 1 mana draw 2 time baby
Deathclaw31: hopefully this Opponent isn't running 2 wilts
monkeyrama: B/W humans is a spooky deck
SmashTCG: Maybe keep the neut
SmashTCG: for the humans lord?
ravenlord_xix: you can ram through , naturalist, and of one mind
monosceros: ancestral recall? what are you doing here
DiscordianTokkan: !card wolfbear
LRRbot: Exuberant Wolfbear [3G] | Creature — Wolf Bear [4/4] | Whenever Exuberant Wolfbear attacks, you may change the base power and toughness of target Human you control to Exuberant Wolfbear's power and toughness until end of turn.
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monkeyrama: They'll chump chump, probably
monkeyrama: with bastion out, I know I would
Lordofironstorm: Wow
SmashTCG: time to start clearing those out
monkeyrama: One more mutate creature, please
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: if we draw heron its so gas
monkeyrama: A second gnarr would be neat too
SmashTCG: keep it for the legendary lord
SmashTCG: they have kudro
SmashTCG: Clearly
chaostreader: Send the 3/3s in? The more creatures they have the more value.
SmashTCG: oh man
monkeyrama: Holy moly
SmashTCG: just et his sargents?
SmashTCG: and hes out of stuff
monosceros: if only Bastion of Remembrance was Poison-Tip Archer
Lordofironstorm: Neither do they now
ptay313: attack with everything
DiscordianTokkan: Swinging for 12 seems nice?
SmashTCG: or godzilla?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: smash first
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: now no smash
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: smashing very delicate profession
SmashTCG: Knew it
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: yike
SmashTCG: GO
monkeyrama: They had him, too, wow
ravenlord_xix: Hello there, general Kenobi
monkeyrama: All they need are some lockdowns and they have the dream humans deck
SmashTCG: why james
ForOhForError: they probably have a quest
SmashTCG: we never saw brokos
monkeyrama: Dang, this deck seemed like it'd do so well
SolarBlitz1: Well that draft hit a wall
Lordofironstorm: New draft!
MadWolf1290: nye!
hijinx18: bye Adam!
monkeyrama: See ya on the VengaBus
monkeyrama: You can do it!
Lordofironstorm: Or Humans
Lordofironstorm: Bastion did work
deadinthestreet: heed or bastion
ptay313: i take bastion here
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: Id take the dead weight personally
DiscordianTokkan: It's never really set my hair on fire, the Enclave. Bastion seems good?
antyself2: Heelbonder
antyself2: *Herdbonder
monosceros: Bastion feels like a better late pick
NerdsHome: herdbonder is fun
arcticdnd: Cheer100 What is up all you lovelies. Hope you all are having a great day!
monosceros: I'm on Heed team
Lordofironstorm: Bastion keeps us more open
Agl0vale: plains
JKBalch: Bastion
deadinthestreet: heed or basrtion depends what you wanna play
monkeyrama: Ooh, we humans now
SmashTCG: HUuuuumans
Lordofironstorm: B/W humans it is
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: humans here we come
deadinthestreet: haha go into rakdos
e_bloc: instantly rewarded
SmashTCG: caaaal
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: checkpoint
Lordofironstorm: officer
Zettabit_Fox: checkpoint
deadinthestreet: menace lord
JKBalch: Hmm, Human draft. I like it
monkeyrama: Call works well, too
NerdsHome: isn't tapper better?
monkeyrama: This pack's great
SmashTCG: i like call
SmashTCG: its s ogood
SmashTCG: leak?
JKBalch: Checkpoint seems better
Zalos_melbourne: leak is fine
ptay313: not much menace in humans
e_bloc: take a leak
deadinthestreet: friendship
Lordofironstorm: Friendship?
Zalos_melbourne: coggers
deadinthestreet: rockslide
SmashTCG: banish?
Lordofironstorm: Necropanther
monosceros: now we're humans+
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: wait if you dont know whats going on, and I dont know whats going on, then whose flying the plane?
SmashTCG: in a HUmans deck?>
TheWarbo: Necropanther with no mutate targets Kappa
shonfisc2: i mean all of our cards are sweet in non human decks aswell
Lordofironstorm: We can shift into aggro
antyself2: Commando?
MechaKuuga: Did Adam leave?
Lordofironstorm: Nightsquad
SmashTCG: nightsqa?
deadinthestreet: we have no human synergy just go for rakdos sacrifice
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: fight as one is real good tho
DiscordianTokkan: Commando is a human too!
jordiebearTT: Just put the necropanther in a tux; noone will ever know.
Evochron13: commando's probably the better human though
SmashTCG: Sqwaaa
monosceros: 1 whole human
SmashTCG: your having a stroke?
oddmeg: does the humans deck ever work super well? iv not had sucsess when iv drafted it
monosceros: you have lost touch
NerdsHome: 1 human? draft complete
SmashTCG: Bargel?
shonfisc2: bargain it up
JKBalch: *Holds up plucked necropanther" Is this a human?
monosceros: bark dargain is good
Lordofironstorm: Bargain?
arcticdnd: humanless humans. like podless pods
SeiichiSin: You don't need humans in a humans deck.
Agl0vale: bargain
Zettabit_Fox: next 2 packs will be great
MrBrightside1: what do you wanna see in pack 2?
shonfisc2: you can always go abzan
Lordofironstorm: Poacher
SmashTCG: meat!
Fistacles: bushy boi
shonfisc2: solid green creatures left
antyself2: Bushmeat
SmashTCG: definatly NOT human meat
monosceros: Poacher is a cool human
Lordofironstorm: Abzan is an option, too
lookimadinosaur: bushmeat is an amazing card
chaostreader: This deck looks like a lot of recursion. Which is good.
shonfisc2: Abzan seems open, still some deece green dudes
Ordsmed: Bush meat, and then you torch meat. Untill you get you, satisfaction~
shonfisc2: RAM THROUGH
SmashTCG: ram?
antyself2: Ram through?
Mangledpixel: kitty!
Zettabit_Fox: humans and cats
SmashTCG: very late ram
e_bloc: humans often have cats as pets
shonfisc2: Go green black splash white !
ptay313: ram seems like a good sign
SmashTCG: HEdge
Lordofironstorm: It's pretty late
monosceros: I like the cat because it has godzilla art
SmashTCG: fighter of the NIght squaa
SmashTCG: Call someone to draft with yuo
monosceros: Kudro passed to us in pack 2, cold read
e_bloc: you need the the fake Adam that Ben sets up
1y1e: Daysquad! Fighter of the Nightsquad!
Munchill: cat/human tribal
SmashTCG: Oh wow it wheeled
STALKERsoldiers: Human Cat deck go!
NerdsHome: it's all coming together
jordiebearTT: So no one else is in humans.
SmashTCG: solo humans
noSmokeFire: human-cat, human-cat, always on/the attack
monosceros: so this is a Kathleen deck
Lordofironstorm: This is shaping up alright
noSmokeFire: look out! here comes the human caaaaat
ptay313: shhh
Ryavis: there was a checkpoint officer in the same pack, right? so the other humans player probably took that
e_bloc: and then like a recording of someone saying 'yeet' and 'pog' every 30 seconds
SmashTCG: maaan i love titans nest
SmashTCG: Squaaaa
sigilousb: taper
ptay313: whisper squad?
SmashTCG: start takign suqads?
Zalos_melbourne: farfinder or serval
jordiebearTT: *whisper squad*
antyself2: Whisper?
monosceros: I like squad
noSmokeFire: @e_bloc I think Ian has a new project for TTSF
Lordofironstorm: Whisper?
DiscordianTokkan: Snare?
NerdsHome: bushmeat again?
sakst82: whisper squad
e_bloc: I'd take a mulligan on this draft
DiscordianTokkan: Squad works too
SmashTCG: churn?
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Unas84: Resub, because you are my P1P1 James ;D
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antyself2: Cavern Whisperer?
Zalos_melbourne: that or whisperer
Lordofironstorm: Whisperer
NerdsHome: flier is nice
monosceros: let's fly
monkeyrama: Flier is a human
Lordofironstorm: Rewarded
monkeyrama: Lockdown PogChamp
sakst82: we need a lockdown
Josherm: seabatTROG
Professor_Rakor: probably wheel a whisper squad
SmashTCG: Unless there is a foil Graham inthe pack
monkeyrama: Maximum comfort mode? seabatPjorg
DiscordianTokkan: Some good stuff will wheel from that pack too
Zalos_melbourne: arrow
SmashTCG: becasue you cannot pass a foil graham
Lordofironstorm: Arrow?
antyself2: Barrens?
jordiebearTT: Divine Arrow
SmashTCG: call
antyself2: Arrow
ptay313: leech?
micahmind: bug
Professor_Rakor: ring ring, death -dweller calling
sigilousb: leech
shonfisc2: maybe wheel the dual land
ptay313: oh, yeah, arrow
Zalos_melbourne: fight
antyself2: whisper
SmashTCG: Swaaaad
Lordofironstorm: Fight?
Zalos_melbourne: fight as one here we have some non humans
Lordofironstorm: or squad
NerdsHome: is that the 3rd snare tactition?
ptay313: whisper #2
sigilousb: squad
micahmind: coilbug is great in bw sacrifice
jordiebearTT: *whisper squad*
sakst82: squad up
shonfisc2: Assemble the squad
Agl0vale: definite whisper
antyself2: Fight or squad seems right
zamru713: squad tribal?
monkeyrama: All-in on the squad now, I guess LUL
antyself2: Commando
SmashTCG: thats a bug in the game
Zalos_melbourne: dead
antyself2: Dead weight!
shonfisc2: lets gooo whisper squads for days
SmashTCG: 3 squads is critical mss
Lordofironstorm: This is shaping up nicely
Zalos_melbourne: maned
DiscordianTokkan: If you get 5 whisper squads does it become a shout send tweet
monkeyrama: Maybe we'll open the lord in P3
ptay313: nice, poacher wheeled
Agl0vale: nah, this deck is an easy 7-0
antyself2: Green seems pretty open still
SmashTCG: oh god
Serpens77: we're really calling this "Afternoon drafto!" and not "Drafternoon"?
Mangledpixel: a cool song, eh, can we hear it? :P
sakst82: we'll get one more lockdown in the next pack. and the deck will be strong. maybe another piece of removal or 2
SmashTCG: not fangs?
Josherm: seabatBRAIN jlrrFacepalm
Serpens77: seabatBRAIN
sigilousb: bombs>removal>creatures
antyself2: Call
monkeyrama: So many choices
sakst82: a pacifism/blood curdle would be nice
Serpens77: I think Black might be open
Josherm: Black wiiiide opem, jeez
Lordofironstorm: Tactician?
Zalos_melbourne: is no one cycling?
antyself2: Tactician!
sakst82: wow tactician androckslide that late... thats crazy
monkeyrama: It was picking removal, I guess?
Zalos_melbourne: paci
shonfisc2: I mean that is a good removal card
Lordofironstorm: Pacifism?
SmashTCG: Thats not a hard Splash
antyself2: That or pacifism
sakst82: pacifism probably just better
Ryavis: does this draft pod have like 5 people trying to force cycling or something? what's going on?
Mangledpixel: I don't think autoselect takes into account what's already in your deck
sigilousb: nobody is picking cycle, otherwise snare cant be 14 pick
Zalos_melbourne: keensight
Lordofironstorm: Deadeye
monkeyrama: I think deadeye, tbh
Zalos_melbourne: got there
shonfisc2: Pogdown
SmashTCG: lockdoooown
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Josherm: Deadeye hopefully wheels looking at the end of P2
WizardZedd: Mentor puts a counter on "non-human" :/
antyself2: Dead weight
Lordofironstorm: Dead weight
micahmind: lock it down!
Zalos_melbourne: another weight
ptay313: yeah, deadeye would have been better there
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, more dead weight!
sigilousb: dead
NotCainNorAbel: Auto select obviously does not think you can pilot this deck and is trying to push you in another way.
sakst82: hopefully the deadeye wheels
Zalos_melbourne: banish
Lordofironstorm: Banish?
antyself2: BAnish?
sakst82: i like the leech
SmashTCG: bargel?
sigilousb: yes
SmashTCG: i love bargel
DiscordianTokkan: Chekponk!
monkeyrama: Nice, an officer
shonfisc2: oh Pod dude
SmashTCG: night squad might rotate too
sigilousb: in this deck, leech is so late game, u can die before
Lordofironstorm: I'd leave some non-humans in for mutate
sakst82: commando is strong
sakst82: play them all
monkeyrama: Panther seems not great
WizardZedd: Cut mentor
SmashTCG: cut all the non humans?
shonfisc2: its just better than snare tactician isnt it?
deinonychus24: What are the mutate targets?
Zalos_melbourne: cut bushmeat
monkeyrama: I'd prefer tiger over whisperer, tbh
jordiebearTT: Yeah, snare tactician is an easy cut.
hempsox: with the lockdowns, all humans all the tie
hempsox: time
shonfisc2: i mean what does mentor actually do in our deck?
Lordofironstorm: @deinonychus24 Necropanther, Whisperer
antyself2: Is keensight alright without non-humans?
ptay313: Mentors don't really do anything here
Zalos_melbourne: one mentor, cut churn
sigilousb: The Human League deck
Zalos_melbourne: bring back tiger
Lordofironstorm: Glider
WizardZedd: Yeah, the mentors are a vanilla 1/4 for 3 in this deck
monkeyrama: Those mentors do almost nothing for us
Lordofironstorm: Put tiger back
Lordofironstorm: It's so good in this deck
micahmind: the mentors are 2/5s with lockdown, chat!
sakst82: i think u want to run all commandos and seargents
DiscordianTokkan: Not Double Sergeant?
sigilousb: 16 lands dude
ptay313: Yeah, I think Tiger is the only non human I would play in this deck
antyself2: Add Tiger, cut whisperer since it can't mutate?
sigilousb: average is 2.5
Lordofironstorm: I'd run the tiger
WizardZedd: Cutting the marshals?
jordiebearTT: Cut panther for tiger?
antyself2: Necropanther has no mutate target either
sakst82: both daqsuqad marshals in
shonfisc2: prolly just cut a land?
monkeyrama: Panther is an easy out
sakst82: panther out
monkeyrama: It won't mutate
MostCallMe__Tim: H james, just got done installing new RAM and a m.2 drive
SmashTCG: cut tiger?
sakst82: yes. and both daysquad marshal. u want all humans
sakst82: blade banish and dark bargain are meh
shonfisc2: i wouldnt cut it
Chartle: cut a swamp :D
Lordofironstorm: Cut bargain
SolarBlitz1: How good is memory leak?
shonfisc2: id just go to 16 lands
antyself2: Bargain or leak?
Iceberg_Man: cut a land
sakst82: memory leak can come out
jordiebearTT: 16 lands seems good; curve is low.
hempsox: cut a land and add the marshall
sakst82: i really think you want the daysquad marshals in there are 2 creatures
Lordofironstorm: Bargain or leak
sigilousb: leak out
Lordofironstorm: save the banish
maverickut: cut memory leak
sakst82: dark bargain out. 1 land out. 2 daysquad marhsal in
Chartle: i'd play 16 land in this deck
Lordofironstorm: let's goooo
Zettabit_Fox: aggro!
DiscordianTokkan: The Marshals are deec too
sigilousb: idem, i guess 16 lands is the fact here
monkeyrama: Gettin stuff ready for the Grim Dawn crew
SmashTCG: the only Triome a grull card fits in is Blue green red, right?
jordiebearTT: Dead weight before he can mutate.
monkeyrama: Yes, believe so
Serpens77: Grim Dawn is back with a VENGAance
noSmokeFire: the symbiote's entry noise gets me every time
SmashTCG: so quartzwood crasher is a super hawkward card
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monkeyrama: The nightmare 👀
TheMoatman: The thing about the current Jeskai control fires deck going around, is that its winrate is inflated by being so boring to play against that people just concede
TheMoatman: Worse than cycling's goldfishing
Himyul: memes can die?!
e_bloc: memes never die they just become more and more unbearable
TheWarbo: dead weight the nightmare, they gain 2 less life Kappa
Lordofironstorm: Dead weight on Umori?
monkeyrama: Let's get some lockdowns 👀
sigilousb: the warbo ur insane
Lordofironstorm: D:
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
ptay313: well, it was a good game. both teams tried their hardest
sigilousb: card advantage, ur dead
Lordofironstorm: lrrHORN
monkeyrama: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
IbunWest: lrrHORN
TheWarbo: is there still one labeled "do not press"?
Josherm: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
noSmokeFire: Didn't paul say he changed the "do not press" button?
monkeyrama: Oh myyy
Josherm: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Mangledpixel: good grief that airhorn made me jump out of my skin
MadWolf1290: lrrFINE
TheWarbo: that...that was some reverb
Vyous: Careful you don't hit the 'do not press' button
SmashTCG: no james
Himyul: is one of them the santa's elves thing still?
SmashTCG: you just WHISPER the word SQuad
DiscordianTokkan: JUMPSCARE
NicotineRobot: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Feltic: Jump Scare!
Serpens77: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
ptay313: hit the do not press button!
monkeyrama: looool
Josherm: LUL LUL
TheWarbo: lrrGARBO
Amentur: lrrGARBO
TheWarbo: rip DNP button
DiscordianTokkan: Smart
noSmokeFire: RIP santa's elves
Lordofironstorm: I miss Watch+Play
ZachtlyAsIntended: You should set up the full Carrot Milk track up as a "DO NOT PRESS" button
ptay313: no do not press button SirSad SirSad
ZachtlyAsIntended: see how many goozles you can get
Lordofironstorm: Jesus, can this guy stop playoing stuff?
zipfool: hmmm
RockPusher: Still proud of talking Ashley into pressing the do not press :D
IbunWest: Cool topdeck.
DiscordianTokkan: Oof, ow; my bones
zipfool: i dont think our deck is very good...
jordiebearTT: Don't forget you've got a 3rd squad.
monkeyrama: Things are not looking great
ritchards: if it helps, I agree
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Lordofironstorm: I think it's not that bad, we just drew poorly
jordiebearTT: Inb4 Adam goes 7 wins with this deck.
monkeyrama: So that was your plan all along, James
ritchards: wouldn't it make more sense for Adam to come in on days when he is also doing the Grim Dawn game?
monkeyrama: It's Adam's problem now ShadyLulu
jordiebearTT: You have another squad you can pull out.
DiscordianTokkan: Menaché
monkeyrama: They wanted to swap so that Adam wasn't in the office streaming for 6 hours straight with little time for a break @ritchards
monkeyrama: What if we find one this time, though
ritchards: that is also sensible
sigilousb: umori was the difference
sigilousb: not ur fault
monkeyrama: Ooo, Lukka
korvys: Was that Travis?
Serpens77: possible
Serpens77: Travis is Gideon too
DiscordianTokkan: How many Wildcards got used up in the Gladiator deck prep?
Feltic: I still don't have that darn shark
thundercat2000: hey James have you tried the cycling deck?
monkeyrama: Thanks for the stream, James!
Spiritreaver: bye James milHeart
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream, James!
sigilousb: have fun dude
SmashTCG: oh god
thundercat2000: wipe time
SmashTCG: its thursday?
mtgfanguy: Oh, man, I missed the stream
SmashTCG: NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: ooh, neat
deadeyedan5012: Darn I just got here
DiscordianTokkan: Road Quest stream, woooo~
mtgfanguy: Road Quest Nice
thundercat2000: wait what?
thundercat2000: cool
Agl0vale: have a good night James
thundercat2000: bye
mtgfanguy: See you later James
hijinx18: thanks James!
korvys: It's coming...
niccoli_omari: I wish i could actually play, the update broke the game for me :(
thundercat2000: how/
thundercat2000: ?
niccoli_omari: unity is crashing as soon as i start up MTG arena
niccoli_omari: im digging around on the internet trying to piece together an answer
secretbranch: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
monkeyrama: Uh oh, the VengaBus is coming
gamercat88: das bus
thrythlind: when does it start?
xantos69: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
monkeyrama: Soon ™️
undecided44: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (48s from now).
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
korvys: It's coming...
monkeyrama: Oh dear
YawnLance: The bus approaches benginSpoop
corianderd: lrrHORN lrrHORN
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori, Ben and Adam are still playing Grim Dawn on a special Bonus stream in place of the Long Game! | Do you like dated references to popular Euro pop act the Venga Boys? Better slide in here, then. | ||
Bengineering: Make some noise
Bengineering: 4 da venga boi's
monkeyrama: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Lockraemono: Everyt
northos: uh
corianderd: is fine
flamingspidernado: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SerGarretCameron: Venga Boos.
Lockraemono: Everyt hype
Phosphatide: what up gamers KomodoHype
Kramburger: E V E R Y T
monkeyrama: LUL
senshi5609: Everyt
Scrubbodiestobears: hey all
griffith4321: hello
Bengineering: E V E R Y T I S A W E S O
ChaoticUndercurrent: everyt
monkeyrama: That little text window
noSmokeFire: Everyt Fin
Phosphatide: woah 0 viewers? what's this indie stream i stumbled upon? OpieOP
Lockraemono: Everyt...hing is fine
flamingspidernado: everything is fine!
monkeyrama: MVP
BusTed: Everyt 🤔
Lockraemono: Everyt....hing is working properly
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senshi5609: Everyt i fin
monkeyrama: Oh no