SoldieroFortune: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cameron takes over the Play it Forward crown to do what he could, beat Bloodborne! Game: Bloodborne) at Mon 11:00 AM PDT (14m from now).
TehAmelie: it takes 60 seconds for blood to clot in the air
TehAmelie: well, unless it's backed up by more wet blood
TehAmelie: i know this only because of a Douglas Coupland book where a billionaire enlists a HIV immune person to cure people by mixing her blood with them
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey Cam, just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying these Bloodborne streams and that you are awesome 😊
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cameron takes over the Play it Forward crown to do what he could, beat Bloodborne! Game: Bloodborne) at Mon 11:00 AM PDT (1s ago).
TehAmelie: i agree with the previous speaker
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey Cam, just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying these Bloodborne streams and that you are awesome 😊
TXC2: also Hello everybody
ArrestedHouse: lrrSIGNAL
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL lrrFINE lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: yo
Rain2123: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cameron returns and is gaming at medium power. Today we run headlong into The Old Hunters DLC on Play It Forward! 📷 ||
Snowcookies: Time to pause this James Bond podcast
Titan457: !venga
TXC2: Snowcookies it's quite the ride isn't it? :P
PharaohBender27: Not sure how long I'll be here today - just came off a stressful and aggravating weekend, the underlying issues from which are still in play.
TXC2: PharaohBender27 lrrHEART
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: ah good, I'm not late for bloodtimes
Snowcookies: I'm only 30 minutes in and my god
CAKHost: Hi all!
TXC2: hello CAKHost welcome
PharaohBender27: @Snowcookies Oh, I just finished it - it gets even more bonkers
PharaohBender27: @Snowcookies You might think it can't, but it CAN
Rain2123: hello lrrSIGNAL
TXC2: hello Rain2123 welcome
Snowcookies: I'm expecting all the bonkers
CAKHost: I seem to remember my dad talking about the Casino Royal that they are talking about
CAKHost: But yeah, it is kind of out there.
rucdoc: o7
CocoaMix86: is it the song, or is audio kinda jank?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It’s a new episode of FROM REWATCH WITH LOVE, and today @Graham_LRR and @Matt_LRR are taking a brief detour to experience the 1967 adaptation of CASINO ROYALE. | It’s... a heck of a thing. | (also avail. on iTunes and Spotify) | 📷 ||
Manae: Sounds fine to me. Maybe you need to refresh, @CocoaMix86
KidAmn: I think it's just the chiptune-y ness of it
CocoaMix86: yep, refresh fixed it
CocoaMix86: lol thx
CocoaMix86: BGC makes some awesome tracks
ninogamer12345: Hi chat
TXC2: they sure do
ninogamer12345: @cocoamix86 hi
TXC2: here we go!
rucdoc: Morning Cam
Malkaresh: Hello all
TXC2: hello ninogamer12345 welcome
ninogamer12345: @txc2 How you doing
TXC2: Hello Malkaresh welcome
CocoaMix86: it's THE cameron! This specific one.
TXC2: Hello Cameron
GapFiller: good evening Cam lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
TehAmelie: ohaio
TXC2: ninogamer12345 Tired from the PPR :P
TheFaceofCho: a cameron exists
Rain2123: Hello Cameron
Snowcookies: Hello
SeiichiSin: Good morning Cam!
ArrestedHouse: hey lrrCAMERON
Leonhart321: Hello Sir Lauder of Blood
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey Cam, just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying these Bloodborne streams and that you are awesome 😊
KidAmn: that expression is the one I make everyone morning when the caffeine hits.
DoodlestheGreat: It's okay. Hot as hell.
CocoaMix86: "forever"
rucdoc: Doctor Cam, you're a bit quiet?
accountmadeforants: Cam did the laundry and freed us all!
j30000000: its a monday today omg time does exist
Manae: That could be true if you become a nudist
ninogamer12345: Until next week...
CAKHost: Trying to keep my focus on work but it isn't working if I am here.
groulux: Great! I get to watch Bloodborne and Paint some cool miniatures!
CocoaMix86: time for SPEEDRUN my dude
averythetiger: We shall commence the gaming
TehAmelie: i've begun doing laundry very gradually since i found my freezer removes virtually all filth from clothes
vmob: gooding!
TXC2: more guts then Oscar Kappa
FinalShowFilms: I learned today that you can kill Amygdala real quick with the Moonlight greatsword.
averythetiger: Oh, the stream logs must be one behind. I didn't see the Ice King fight.
Leonhart321: And now we hit the Ludwig Wall
NathanJay_GA: He was huge
PadawanTK16: Hi cam!
MolaMolaphant: Logarius fight is like 50/50 absolutely destroying him with viscerals and getting torn to bits by missing roll timings
Leonhart321: I say we like Cam won't just humiliate him and me by first timing him
Redhot19: god boomhammer is such a cool weapon
Malkaresh: Busy at work this week so will be interacting less.
j30000000: there is a ridiculous amount of intestines in the human body so that checks out
TXC2: War (machine) Hammer 40,000
averythetiger: Up where the doll prays
TXC2: j30000000 isn't it some number of miles of intestines?
TehAmelie: the Love Hammer if you're really super into Battle Angel Alita
Redhot19: I will never not get excited about the weapon design in this game
MolaMolaphant: that fight is rarely close. my first playthrough it took me dozens of tries. My recent one I beat him on the second attempt (cause I showed up fully kitted up)
CocoaMix86: *i s t h i s a s p e e d r u n? ! ?* /s
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accountmadeforants: CamHasFun%
Redhot19: this is the worlds most recent speedrun category
groulux: Wait does the Doll pray at the hunter's nightmare headstone? That's pretty cool.
averythetiger: I just always underestimate Logarius like "Yeah, I can just speedrun over to the Chikage! No problem!"
PadawanTK16: Woah, sick hammer
SeiichiSin: Speed running how many deaths you can get in an hour.
TXC2: wait is this DLC stuff?
averythetiger: This is dlc territory
lirazel64: G'morning/day, all.
Redhot19: +6 is low for dlc
TXC2: Hello lirazel64 welcome
TXC2: averythetiger I thought so, thanks
CocoaMix86: slow bullets break the immersion for me, ngl
accountmadeforants: I keep expecting each of those swings to take like, half the stamina bar, but nope, just big swings.
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CocoaMix86: --/s
Manae: You're a greatsword main right now, not hammer main
averythetiger: The whole hunter's nightmare is arguably harder than the entire main game, but you're always tempted to rush into it to get the fun weapons.
MolaMolaphant: Yeah, you can wander around DLC for a bit, but the bosses may cause you some pain at this point.
TXC2: does ANYONE really like stairs?
TheExactSame: I mean, looking the way they do, they've got to be used to some stares
j30000000: @TXC2 22 feet was disemboweled from the martyr in fist full chunks
accountmadeforants: I'd take stairs over ladders
CocoaMix86: Cam, can you describe the plot currently in the worst possible way you can?
HalvariChan: Pizza cutter is in a cave
Ferisar: hmm pizza is ahead i think
Uzumaki15: So they're like Claptrap in borderlands, they can't beat the stairs boss
Redhot19: pizza cutter is a little further along but you are close
TehAmelie: it does seem like a pizza cutter sort of place
TXC2: j30000000 I see
Ferisar: the cave has the weird gross arm weapon
Ferisar: which is also fun
TehAmelie: if i picture what this game would describe as a pizza cutter
Malkaresh: Past the ticks down the river of blood are a bunch of chunks, a minigun, Amygadaln arm, and a blood starved beast.
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Redhot19: arm weapon is a pain to get though
TXC2: blood is sterile right? Kappa
accountmadeforants: You know, with a whole river of blood going, you'd think they'd stop trying to extract it from Hunters who fight back.
TehAmelie: it is a disinfectant
averythetiger: Yharnam. Sanitation is somewhere on our list of priorities.
Redhot19: quick fill those vials with the blood from the river!!!
lirazel64: Can you imagine how this place smells?
Uzumaki15: I don't think there's a lot in this game that could be considered 'sanitary'
Manae: Tummy rubs with a sharp blade take care of that
Zaghrog: puppies often get zoomy
TehAmelie: it would smell like the world of rotting meat the protagonist experiences in Song of Saya
Tom_Bruise: It's gonna take a little bit more than a bottle of hand sanitizer to go through this place
PharaohBender27: This is a game where changing into clothes we found in a sewer was an upgrade in freshness
Thandres: the closest thing to sanitary is getting a wicked clean slice with some of those murder instruments
j30000000: yes the blood is sterile and he likes the taste that is why he bathes in it
averythetiger: Good lord. At least we're getting 9th level coldbloods.
chrono2x: Your pupils, likely
Kraest: @chrono2x he’s not blood mad, his pupils are fine (for now)
j30000000: also if he can dodge a animated corpse he can dodge that axe
Redhot19: this guy is such a POS
averythetiger: That Beast Cutter's got so much more range than it deserves.
Enmity777: Oh shit, is it DLC time?
TXC2: how come his treaded Cane is so much better then ours?
averythetiger: Well done
TehAmelie: something is wrong when a clean visceral does less than a third of a ude's ehalth
Ferisar: we have that weapon, haha
blip2004: he was using the Beast Cutter
TehAmelie: +spelling
Tom_Bruise: He must've grinded for some extra levels
Kraest: The dying hunters have such a great scream
j30000000: I dont like it either
averythetiger: It's the strength build threaded cane. I've tried it. It's fun.
Ferisar: that's the whirligig
TXC2: Moving, writhing, Squirming
accountmadeforants: Or stick their arm through some grates
HalvariChan: @TXC2 in lore, the Beast Cutter is the precursor to the Threaded Cane. However, since it's fairly crude in comparison, it (along with the other old hunter weapons) caused the hunters to go blooddrunk, which is why the Nightmare exists
shortieXV: That dog was on fire...
TXC2: HalvariChan ah neat
Tom_Bruise: still not as bad as having to defeat the four most powerful entities because your character can't climb over some rubble
averythetiger: And THAT'S the final saw weapon
averythetiger: And weirdest
Redhot19: that weapon is sweet, gives some really cool movement builds
chrono2x: reeks of boss arena
Malkaresh: Executioners incoming
HalvariChan: @TXC2 Basically, all the old hunter weapons just tore things apart with blood going *everywhere*, which turned hunters mad. The modern hunter weapons, in comparison, have been designed (in lore) to not do the same kind of physical tearage as the old weapons to prevent hunters from going bloddrunk
TehAmelie: clearly the answer is space jump
averythetiger: With an overture of 1812
j30000000: so whos nightmare is the dlc i have never played it
TehAmelie: sorry not sorry
RedShiftLive: @j30000000 kind of unknown, some think its Maria's
HalvariChan: @j30000000 All hunters' nightmare, theoretically. In reality we don't know, but the prime candidates are either Lady Maria or Gehrman
averythetiger: Following the theory of Great Ones creating dreams, it's likely Kos.
CocoaMix86: Cam, can you describe the plot currently in the worst possible way you can?
Xilats: I live! Felicitous Sanguine Salutations, fellow viewers.
GlennSeto: Hello, what did I miss? Still making inroads into the Nightmare?
TehAmelie: excuse me can i blunderbuss question
HalvariChan: I'd just rush past these guys since there's a lantern right past them
TXC2: wow that hitbox extends like 2 miles in front of that axe :P
SeiichiSin: This guy doesn't really like axing any questions before chopping you to bits.
TXC2: Hello GlennSeto welcome
Manae: is that mic encroaching on the cam?
Kraest: Ah yes, the Hunter’s nightmare, otherwise knows as Not-Kadath-But-Kinda
Snowcookies: believe so
GlennSeto: @Kraest Way too few cats.
averythetiger: People put a lot of stock in the idea of this grave stone having the Hunter's Bone, and Maria having the quickening effect.
Redhot19: you are really close to a great vial farm spot though
FinalShowFilms: Even at pre-final-boss levels Hunter's Nightmare is a pain in the ass.
Xilats: The lighting in this area reminds me of a schoolyard - dismal, bleak, and bleached.
GlennSeto: How rude.
averythetiger: Also, Maria is dope af, and people like to theorize about her.
kumatsu: now we're on speedrun strats benginUroPog
Redhot19: maria is incredible, the dlc image of her has been my phone background for forever
GlennSeto: "This never happened before..."
TehAmelie: she looks like she don't care, walking on imported air♫
kumatsu: @GlennSeto the free space on your GDQ bingo card?
GlennSeto: @kumatsu It was either this or "only in a marathon"
MrMurly: when u see cam playing bloodborne, just as u start to pick up the game <3
RedShiftLive: @kumatsu "This strat is really risky so I'm only going to attempt it once"
TeiranDragon: *joins stream, is overwhelmed by squishy scream sound effect* Aahhh yes, Bloodborne.
Xilats: I really enjoy watching Cameron play Bloodborne. It genuinely makes me happy to see him solve and practice a solution until he succeeds.
averythetiger: Anime injury rules
TXC2: why not? it's maths Kappa
GlennSeto: You say that, but...
actionjb: You only die when you have 0 blood, even 1 blood is ok
Ferisar: what you didn't know is everyone is wearing ketchup packets under their clothes so it's all tickling contests
Blade_Tiger: Didn't you know Cam? Organs are interchangeable
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j30000000: that was a mugging plain and simple
RedShiftLive: Infinite poise, what's that?
Redhot19: you are really close to the next lamp, sorry if I'm backseating
Xilats: @Blade_Tiger I wish that was true for my organs. I'm still on the old last gen standard. and I'm running out of parts. I need to upgrade my motherboard so I can put a higher bandwidth brain in my rig.
Redhot19: I just know this sequence is REALLY frustrating
GlennSeto: So frustrating when they are at like 5% health and a bullet does not end them.
RedShiftLive: This sequence really sucks honestly you can just run by most of it
j30000000: yes
averythetiger: Can, or should?
Redhot19: I always running to the next lamp
TXC2: all of them
Xilats: ?!
HalvariChan: Red Eyed hunter... It's a buffed version
RedShiftLive: he has red eyes that means he 2 hits you
acelandau3: dummy thicc
Ferisar: yeah, the red eyed hunters are stronger
j30000000: duck that guy
TeiranDragon: Wow game... that's... okay.
floki4242: the hunter of hunters
p3nguinkin: cool game!
averythetiger: The whole dlc hits so much harder than you'd think.
Redhot19: pistol animation also is counter damage I think
Tom_Bruise: Isn't this area supposed to be played just before you fight Gehrman?
GlennSeto: If this is too nasty for our current level, there is always Burgerworth.
Ferisar: like the hammer guy from last time
TXC2: red eyes take warning
Ferisar: they do die forever though, so there is that at least
RedShiftLive: ^
HalvariChan: @Tom_Bruise Technically this area is for right after Rom
raven534: red eyes at morning, hunters take warning?
Redhot19: @Tom_Bruise you can get here after amelia fight but it is supposed to be endgame yes
floki4242: that thing is deeply unpleasant
GamesAndInk: Why not both?
TXC2: the answer, as always, is both
JAGxTERRA: hi everyone
acelandau3: dogs are literally the worst part of all soulsborne games
TXC2: hello JAGxTERRA welcome
Snowcookies: Souls fans are like that
HalvariChan: It's generally agreed that the DLC is the best part of the game and doable way earlier, but it's by far the hardest part of the game by a grotesque amount, especially later
averythetiger: Oh yeah. I love these games. A lot of the online communities are the worst.
acelandau3: dogs can jump into the void and still hit you somehow
RedShiftLive: @HalvariChan I disagree I think this area being available right after Rom is fine but Maria and Orphan are not feasible to fight as the power level it takes to kill Rom
lirazel64: It IS a nightmare!
JAGxTERRA: @TXC2 do you have "hello [username] welcome" hot keyed?
Thandres: seems reasonable
HalvariChan: Before the DS3 Ringed City DLC was released, the final boss of this DLC was considered the hardest boss in Soulsborne
TXC2: JAGxTERRA nope, everyone of them is a handcrafted comment
Tom_Bruise: I don't think he's kidding you
JAGxTERRA: so artisane
floki4242: when did renji become a hunter
TXC2: "am you shitting me?" "I am not shitting on you"
PendelSteven: 'Ello, I put it on the discord music already - feeling under the weather
Redhot19: now its just debatable which boss is the hardest, I'd still consider the final boss to be the hardest
monosceros: good tidings, friends PrideWave
acelandau3: @HalvariChan which ringed city boss is considered the hardest?
PendelSteven: Feeling like I'm almost somewhere, but quite a distance away
TXC2: Hello monosceros welcome
PendelSteven: And I'm not sure from what
monosceros: thank you txc <3
PendelSteven: I see no barriers or turns in my head
j30000000: I love the lore of these games and they way its presented but playing them is rough
pacotaco009: are you going to be in the next Friday Night Magic episode whenever it comes out?
HalvariChan: @RedShiftLive To be fair, Orphan is not necessarily feasible after Wet-Nurse either. I had to wait until NG+ before I managed to defeat it
RedShiftLive: @HalvariChan very true but I feel like accessing this are early but then waiting until after Wet Nurse to clear it is a smarter idea
PendelSteven: 'cause I feel.... like half having a vision now
Tom_Bruise: hurray, cosmic gothic horror chores!
Redhot19: you are close to a good vial farm
PendelSteven: or call it half hallucination - that is probably more scientific
NdroFox: the... shuffle crows are an interesting choice of enemy design
MolaMolaphant: Yeah, Orphan is definitely a hard boss. +10 weapon is definitely recommended. Unless you're Lobos and going fisticuffs.
j30000000: grab item and run?
FinalShowFilms: Did you already get the Constable chest from around here?
PendelSteven: So.... I'll be AFK, better for everyone
HalvariChan: @RedShiftLive Might be, but the weird thing is that Maria is such a jump in difficulty anyways that Gehrman is kinda easy in comparison, and you can't really defeat Gehrman before you've done the DLC else you start a new NG-cycle
PendelSteven: And the speed which you play is just right for me now
PendelSteven: bye bye, people, be well!
Gekyouryuu: "how can you have any Martyr Logarius if you don't eat your dogs?"
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MolaMolaphant: there's an alternate route that has a summonable friendo that I used to take out the saif hunter
TXC2: you got this Cameron
j30000000: at least you dont have to go back
MolaMolaphant: cause that guy's MEAN
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TehAmelie: gotta get our bloodwork in
Redhot19: you are close to a good vial farm
raven534: red eyes at morning, hunters take warning, red eyes at night, monsters delight!
kynelwynn: What is Cam hunting for presently in the Nightmare? Ludwig?
p3nguinkin: I don't understand why you need to farm blood vials... based on what I have seen all these enemies are VERY full of blood... like anime levels
TXC2: well right now we're hunting for blood vials :P
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Cool game, but the farming is kind of annoying
Redhot19: the dlc is great but I think you are there too early
Kraest: Yeah...I wouldn’t do the dlc until very late game, personally.
averythetiger: Oh, it'll kick your teeth in hard, but if you don't mind the bloody gums, there's some gems in there.
TXC2: the concept of the blood vials was very poorly thought out
kynelwynn: Depends. Are you going after item drops or trying to kill bosses?
j30000000: ya lets get the bloodmoon
Tom_Bruise: I shudder to think how many chores must be done in between attempts at fighting Ludwig
Kraest: I generally don’t do the dlc until just after Wet Nurse
Redhot19: if you can upgrade your weapon to +9 it will be a lot better, I don't think you should really do dlc any lower weapon wise
averythetiger: Yeah... but even I can't defend the Horse Shit fight the moonlight sword is locked behind.
TehAmelie: oh baby, a triple
kynelwynn: Yes. Ludwig is how you get the Moonlit, but that's a boss fight (an intense and hard one)
Redhot19: ludwig is nice because you get 5 free vials every attempt
acelandau3: this great sword is so good
TehAmelie: is it. . ..great?
Vaelith: I tended to simply buy piles of bood vials from the vendor after about halfway through the game
TXC2: almost certainly
Tom_Bruise: slightly more than 5 vials per attempt, yes
Redhot19: yes but you get to ask yourself is it worth it to go past 5 this attempt
averythetiger: Nah, you usually don't get to heal at any point.
Redhot19: rough opening? die and try again. Great start, go for it and see what happens
Kraest: Depends...are ya summoning, son?
Milocw: ludwig took me like 20 try's the first
FinalShowFilms: I like doing this DLC early because you can turn yourself into a blue broccoli sprout after you're done and wobble through the rest of the game. But that's me.
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Ludwig is suuuper hard
kynelwynn: Well.. califlower head with tentacles
Redhot19: yes but it is REALLY difficult to do so without experience
FinalShowFilms: The area after the next boss fight in the DLC.
averythetiger: Oh yeah. Just kill Ludwig, then get yo'self some brain fluid.
FinalShowFilms: Has the tools you need
Milocw: blue caryll rune in dlc
GlennSeto: oh, I thought people were talking about the squid ending
averythetiger: It is quite funny. Later, there's even a rune to become... beastly.
Redhot19: normally broccoli man runs are NG+
ThatBoyf: He turned himself into an alien. Funniest stuff ive ever seen
floki4242: big 2020 mood
Milocw: now now 3 sets of brain fluid, yhat made me feel guilty collecting
TXC2: maybe every run is a NG+ run :p
averythetiger: If you want to use the Parasite, yeah, but you can just be a broccoli.
FinalShowFilms: Alien run is specifically Arcane
TeiranDragon: The pleasure of those double one hit kills
groulux: But you are already a Vampire! ;)
FinalShowFilms: Because the weapon you get for it does nothing but Arcane damage
Redhot19: alien runs are arcane yeah
acelandau3: it will be majestic
ArrestedHouse: arcane aliens sounds like a good cartoon
PendelSteven: wait
Redhot19: but for full experience you need to defeat the used to be hardest boss in the series, now its debated
PendelSteven: I'm still half thikning
blip2004: the dlc can be very unfair at times like just before a boss
PendelSteven: An alien is technically a being not from earth
Manae: Is this that Futurama meme? You were doing well, until everybody died
floki4242: Arcana aliens just sounds like outer space D&D
averythetiger: But that does require killing all of the main dlc bosses... and that is unquestionably Herculean.
PendelSteven: how can you change into a being that is not from earth?
j30000000: magical girls arcane aliens.. best anime of this season
GlennSeto: It seems we're tempting Cam towards something very specifically his shit.
FinalShowFilms: It is however hilarious to go up against cage-faced mensis dude when you are all broccoli
PendelSteven: First you would have to be born somewhere else
Gekyouryuu: @j30000000 isn't that just sailor moon?
PendelSteven: So if you change into an alien, you need to be reborn
TehAmelie: wouldn't it be horrible if they eventually ran out of bullets and blood?
TXC2: PendelSteven Alien maybe a metaphor
vmob: PendelSteven maybe it's enough to add a few non-earth components
GlennSeto: Does Micolash get really jealous when you're a walking brain covered in eyes?
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey Cam, did you get to keep that force of will box topper?
PendelSteven: okay back to afk
TXC2: TehAmelie there presumibly is a hard limit to the number of the items you can have, after which no more will drop
GlennSeto: @TehAmelie Dark Souls 2 only respawned enemies 10 times over.
j30000000: were they aliens i thought they were still human so its just sailor moon but they all have broccoli heads
GlennSeto: Which was a cool concept, but it would suuuuck here.
TehAmelie: mm-hmm
STALKERsoldiers: how much did i miss? Just got here?
STALKERsoldiers: just got here!
groulux: 61 Models is alot of models
TXC2: is the idomitus box that good or something?
averythetiger: It's what that guy was punching you with
ThatBoyf: TIndomitus is great, currently painting it would reccomend, great value
Snowcookies: nothing much was missed
TXC2: Hello STALKERsoldiers welcome
Redhot19: saif is cool, really mobile weapon
bokochaos: Cam, would you rather: win and be #1 at a magic pro tournament (your choice of format) or run a soulsborne game without ever taking a hit?
Redhot19: but mainly dex scaling if I remember correctly
groulux: Getting on my indomnitus box after this Imperial knight,
Redhot19: If you get to next dlc lamp you can max vials in a few minutes with hunter mark
averythetiger: We could buy bullets/vials with our pocket change.
MolaMolaphant: mtg tourney win comes with money
MolaMolaphant: AND is really cool
j30000000: magic means money right
Redhot19: buying bullets and vials isnt worth
TXC2: I mean, Pro tours have cash prizes, so that one?
MolaMolaphant: Hollow Hob isn't THAT internet famous...
nick_tamer_readinfrench: You are kind of internet famous already
Redhot19: theres too many no hit souls runners now
Snowcookies: is internet fame worth it tho?
floki4242: magic is supposed to be fun not stressful
TXC2: same for me just doing stanard Ranked on Arena :P
kynelwynn: You mean ghilie suit Cam in draft chaff wrappers was a falsehood? *gasp!*
j30000000: to much magic!
nick_tamer_readinfrench: I really enjoy watching cam playing mtg
j30000000: uro is very tedious i agree
kynelwynn: Which do you enjoy more, Storm or Aristocrats, Cam?
p3nguinkin: Cam, in the before times I would agree that that would be too much... after after so long locked in my home... I would take all that MTG
Vyous: The only times I've enjoyed doing main events is when I've A) Loved playing the deck I was playing enough that I would play it that much anyways and B) Not cared about the results.
Tom_Bruise: I get tired after a single night of commander. I couldn't possibly play THAT much Magic
Vyous: I learned about a new emote, lol
TXC2: j30000000 don't worry, they'll ban it 3 months later then they should have Kappa
kumatsu: I find myself REALLY regretting working MF Reno instead of going to hang out with folks, now
j30000000: oh thats what im missing friends lol
Robot_Bones: what if the brick were made of fetchlands?
Ogrekidd: honestly fetchlands are the worst part about playing paper magic.
j30000000: ya its ridiculous also how is pioneer doing
Manae: I really identified with the whole "last played during the summer and winter expansions" and "damage still went on the stack" in one of the earlier Friday Nights, but watching the MTG content recently has me wanting to check out a Friday night at the local comic store when all this finally blows over
Robot_Bones: just got some key bans today
cyplix8: Going outside with friends sounds nice. *Sad Murica' Sounds*
floki4242: I just play I don't pay attention to the nonsense
shortieXV: #banConstructed
Vyous: Something something szechuan sauce?
acelandau3: maybe we just need to reprint magic players
nick_tamer_readinfrench: In all fairness, the price of fetchlands is ridiculous
kynelwynn: Screw the idea of a collector's market, reprint dual lands and moxen!
bokochaos: I can't wait for the next FNM/casual night my lgs can do
averythetiger: It certainly is a game with a lot of baggage
j30000000: i know in pioneer right now its ban splinter twin all over again
bokochaos: I have a box of mystery booster we are going to friendly draft as a "welcome back" thing
kumatsu: I definitely spend some amount of time thinking about how much of a party the first Magicfest post-quarantine is going to be
j30000000: do you ever buy mats or you just farm them
kynelwynn: Demon's Souls throwback?
1y1e: probably a dsign trade off.... "we want to give them 20 estus to start with but..."
kynelwynn: Get that grass
Billy_Waggledaggers: I feel ashamed to say that I'm still none the wiser as to what is going on in this game.
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acelandau3: blood estus is just unsanitary
averythetiger: The flask is such an elegant solution. Abandoning it is so baffling.
Redhot19: I think it makes it weird giving more healing charges during level progressions, but this is the worst implementation
TXC2: I think DS3 got it the most right with estus
TeiranDragon: I think that has to be it Can, that there's no estus flask just so that it's different.
Redhot19: I think it also adds to the risk/reward nature of this game
kynelwynn: @Billy_Waggledaggers TL;DR: Hunters get a blood infusion to make them capable of fighting monsters. However there's more to this world than just werewolves and gothic monsters. Turns out there's cosmic horror aliens behind the scenes too!
averythetiger: I don't know. It just seems like a bizarre mistake.
Milocw: at the time, community was torn between demon vs dark souls healing, they decided to go demon but balanced by saying you can not carry a billion healing items with you
Redhot19: its definitely a miss, but I can see the justification for it
shortieXV: its probably an overcorrection to the combat healing
TeiranDragon: I suppose so Redhot19, they want to try and force you to farm heal drops between lanterns as a push your luck mechanic.
Malkaresh: I think it's fine. But I actively farm for levels as well, so I usually have a stash of 300 minimum
MolaMolaphant: I found that the way they filled in blood vial drops made exploration for longer durations possible. Some areas are well-designed on that front, and feel GREAT. But if you're stuck on something, it feels AWFUL
j30000000: it might be a thought process of just they want the flavor of farming blood to feel like its overflowing purely for the narrative
HalvariChan: It's hard to trade off an eternal healing item with a larger supply of expendable healing
p3nguinkin: but all the mobs you kill are full of blood!!!
MolaMolaphant: @p3nguinkin well sure, *terrible* blood, yuck :P
Kraest: I prefer blood vials, tbh. The risk/reward point is something that I’m interested in, and it makes me constantly consider and reconsider what I’m doing and whether or not it’s a good idea.
Redhot19: @TeiranDragon its a combination of unease for not knowing when you get more heals to keep on theme with lovecraft horror along with encouraging aggression through rally healing
shortieXV: DS2 sorta did that with life gems I guess
BrindleBoar: I don't know what's right or wrong, I only know that I hate grinding consumable items. If it brings someone back from death, permanently improves stats, or heals multiple characters, then it's reasonable. If I just have to farm 50% heal things, then it feels like my time is being wasted to stretch the game out.
kynelwynn: I think a balance could have been struck of making them farmable, but every respawn gave you 5 or 10
HalvariChan: Lordran/Lothric
Redhot19: I don't think they want you to feel "safe" exploring this world is the thing
Raolin_Darkbane: Maybe they should have made them easier to buy? As it is the farming is quite unsatisfying
Invitare: A thought: would having unlimited healing in Soulsborne games actually be bad?
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Invitare: like often you die due to a combo, not attrition
1y1e: what's telling is they never walked it back; could have easily added a late game DLC item, like when you get a named character's blood, that can be used more than once and auto-refills
averythetiger: I guess they might look at games like Monster Hunter where so much of the playtime is preparation, but I don't like those parts of that game either.
Raolin_Darkbane: Not if you spam level wit. With unlimited healing pure vit builds would be more otpimal and that playstyle is not as fun
HalvariChan: @Invitare It would probably be, since it would ease off a lot of the excitement and tension you naturally get with limited healing supplies per ressurection, which is what draws in a lot of people to these games
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nemryn: the idea that you could run out of healing contributes to the tone
averythetiger: The vial count feels meaningful in the very beginning when you start with nothing and have to scrounge, but once you can just start farming, it's just a chore you're punished with when you struggle.
1y1e: actually maybe that's an angle: they wanted to make buy healing items a trade off vs permanent character stat upgrades, but it was too harsh so they let you "find" healing out in the world as a bonus, and now here we are.
Redhot19: its really hard to tweak the blood vial system in this game cause it REALLY impacts designer intended gameplay as well as overall feel for the game. But again its definitely a miss in the game,
TehAmelie: i had not considered the limited healing works different for high Vit characters
TXC2: and we're back
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey Cam, once the pandemic is over and you all can play magic in person again for the Friday Night Paper Fight, what format would you like to play the most?
averythetiger: Kinda like the weapon degradation. It's here, and it's necessary with the game as is, but what does it add?
TehAmelie: it's a way to encourage aggressive plays even in the character builds, then
A_Dub888: !findquote draft
LRRbot: Quote #1157: "Cube is not Commander Draft. Cube is Momir Constructed." —Cameron [2015-11-26]
j30000000: I think its a narrative choice but the fact you have some of the old blood in you from the transfusion should mean you start with a baseline of vials that you can make but ya its weird and a chore late game I just want to be able to play the game
TXC2: jumpstart maybe?
HalvariChan: Oh yeah, now that you have unlocked the Nightmare, have you talked with Gehrman?
BrindleBoar: do you have a favorite draft format?
nick_tamer_readinfrench: I miss the IRL draft streams
MolaMolaphant: @averythetiger actually, some cursesd runes give you big damage bonuses at the cost of durability, and it made for some interesting gear loadout decisions in my last run
Kraest: I like drafting but I’m REAL bad at it XD
PixelArtDragon: I miss in-person drafts too. I have a box of Mystery Boosters sitting on my shelf for five months now that I haven't touched.
TXC2: Kraest I am awful at draft :P
j30000000: you get a gem slot as well
Alchemistmerlin: I miss buying a booster box and drafting with friends so much.
EvilBadman: I like buffing the flamesprayer, but I rely on tools too much, mebbe
nemryn: I've found the pistol good for finishing off guys with one pixel of health left
MolaMolaphant: Mostly the first couple points earns you the rune slot, so you can put a healing thingy on it
averythetiger: Does that ever make durability low enough to make a difference in a single outing, or is it still a chore between runs?
TehAmelie: healing. . .pistols?
Alchemistmerlin: I have a box of Conspiracy: Take the Crown just sitting on my desk taunting me.
groulux: The tear of the doll is the one I slot in there
Robot_Bones: I normally slot the doll's tear gem here, it gives 2 hp per sec
Milocw: did you break the tear?
averythetiger: It seems like the risk for that reward is mild inconvenience.
Milocw: it has a heal gem you could put in
j30000000: also when i upgrade my pistol it was easier to stagger some enemies
EvilBadman: Flamesprayer is B arcane if you're still building that way
MolaMolaphant: @averythetiger I had to go back every couple runs against Orphan, and definitely couldn't explore with the rune attached
TXC2: Weapon Durability has never made sense in these games
Milocw: first take her to a doctor, she is bleeding tears
TehAmelie: i like the DS3 approach where you just restore all item durability when you sit at bonfires. though why not just remove it and give those special items charges of their durability-consuming abilities. . .
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Yeeeeaaah Burgerworth
MolaMolaphant: At least it's not Demon's Souls, where folks would rush to Scraping Spear and just invade and break all the new players' gear and brick their saves
kynelwynn: Thanks for the reminder, I need to order lunch
averythetiger: Original Dark Souls did something interesting with crytal weapons and durability, but that's about it.
tabernaclefart: Wait, the 32oz isn't a large?
PixelArtDragon: Is... is the large bigger than the 32ox?
vouru: tim hortons... we feed our truckers there!
j30000000: its supposed to be a mechanic to stop you from farming everything and force you to go back. It limits my play time and that is just the feel bads
PendelSteven: (back) good question, I'm not sure how much a 32 oz is
TXC2: is Tim Horton's even legally allowed to close?
acelandau3: madara.. uchia?
Intrepid_Colin: Tim Hortons still better than Dunkin
floki4242: I don't need to sleep ever again
averythetiger: It's just a brain mosquito.
PendelSteven: It's been years since I seen a ...
Laserbeaks_Fury: whats more scary, these guys are the tiny fly bodies with human heads?
vouru: sounds aboot right
PendelSteven: I had a big thing in the 90s
tabernaclefart: So a coffee and pastry based economy? My wife will be a billionaire...
PendelSteven: plactic drinking thing which said the size both in liters and oz
TehAmelie: i have not actually tried banking a bunch of titanite chunks to keep a crystal weapon working, should do that. . .
Vyous: I bet those things have a gorss looking grab attack...
TXC2: tabernaclefart that's pretty much the west coast yeah :P
MolaMolaphant: The way they've moved through mechanics to curb mindless grinding are interesting. DS2 with capped enemy respawns was the most interesting, and most frustrating of the bunch, I think.
j30000000: im excited to kill tom
nemryn: just a regular 'ol mutant, nothing to see here
vouru: how BB treating you today Cam? u seem in better spirits
j30000000: rom
phageangel: oh thats the weapon i played with
j30000000: kill it with fire
Laserbeaks_Fury: the only good bug, is a DEAD bug
TXC2: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Your back looks fantastic!
PixelArtDragon: That's too relevant, @LRRbot
TXC2: on a long enough timeline, near death is always
MolaMolaphant: in Fromsoft? typically 30% hp. Sometimes 20%. can check...
j30000000: there is a hunter in the academy
Laserbeaks_Fury: Probably too low HP to be useful
tabernaclefart: @TXC2 Fair. When I lived in Cali, my wife would sell cottage kitchen goods as a side hustle. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Go home Cpl. Anon!" from my 1stSgt after bringing in muffins and such.
averythetiger: All the blue rune effects are super minor.
Milocw: can't remember if it was 25% or 30% for this game
Intrepid_Colin: Accurate
MrTulip: as opposed to the rest of the game, full of sane and heatlhy individuals
TXC2: tabernaclefart ha ha
kynelwynn: Ah, the artillery centipede
averythetiger: It's a centipede flower shooting meteors. What's the issue?
TehAmelie: shiny!
TXC2: It's an Ent, it;s must be friendly right?
Snowcookies: go into the light...
Manae: Okay freaky mouth and acid spit
tabernaclefart: That thing is like my dog "What is in your mouth?!?! DROP THAT RIGHT NOW!"
PixelArtDragon: Is that the Gaping Dragon?
TehAmelie: that's way too many teeth
Manae: And uh... that certain look
Manae: No sir, I don't like it
averythetiger: Reminds me how I NEVER look those things in the front.
TXC2: Like a Georgia O'keef Painting Kappa
Snowcookies: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
EvilBadman: good ol' Gaping Dragon
RobotInProgress: A faint wiff of Gaping Dragon
Khador1: I know the items normally tell a story but why was that hunter dead there with the madman wisdom ?
kynelwynn: Sedative helps with frenzy build up, ja?
tabernaclefart: aroboSmug aroboSmug aroboSmug
kynelwynn: up
averythetiger: Right ubove you
j30000000: in the academy
kynelwynn: Mind the hunter
Laurence72: I mean, after a day of fighting things like this, I'd need help falling to sleep too
Laserbeaks_Fury: twenty twenty twenty-four hours to go
MolaMolaphant: @kynelwynn yeah. It just empties the bar and stops buildup, though. still better to kit up for not getting murdered by frenzy than to rely on that, but it helps
averythetiger: Ritual material I think
TXC2: woah
j30000000: wth
chrono2x: uhhh
acelandau3: sure
NathanJay_GA: uh huh...
nemryn: Pearl Slug is for the chalices iirc
j30000000: wow
Malkaresh: Call Beyond. It can one shot.
TehAmelie: suddenly, a wizard?
Kaorti: This jerk.
Kraest: yeah that hunter is, uh...bullshit.
phageangel: "beware of arcane"
TXC2: the world's most powerful magic missile
j30000000: game is fair and balanced
nick_tamer_readinfrench: wow
tabernaclefart: You sure ate their shiny balls
GlennSeto: one missile?!
cdgentry1: they hit like a truck
Orgmastron: Magic missile out of nowhere
nemryn: welp
WiltLeafWanderer: Whaaaaa
nick_tamer_readinfrench: lrrFINE
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averythetiger: 9th level magic missle
Notbri: She fired like 12 of those things, I guess that spell is just designed to one-shot god.
Ace__of__Hearts: normal game
EvilBadman: "I see you too are a person of Arcane."
vouru: BibleThump
SeiichiSin: That was a lot of bos taurus excrement.
Ace__of__Hearts: god I hate that Brudle-ass-fly
Notbri: Does high arcane skill confer greater resistance to arcane?
Malkaresh: Dig that Choir set though.
TXC2: Notbri doesn't seem like it :P
acelandau3: nice
chrono2x: Some serious resistances at least
Malkaresh: I too have pocket slugs
Malkaresh: Nice
Notbri: who IS this lady?
chrono2x: Nicely done
tabernaclefart: EAT POCKET SLUGS!
averythetiger: I didn't even remember that hunter having the Call spell.
Ace__of__Hearts: oh are we doing Rom today?
tabernaclefart: uwu
kynelwynn: Go up the ladder and stairs, sir.
chrono2x: Where do you get those spells she one-shot Cam with?
averythetiger: Be patient! We're getting dressed for school!
TXC2: "yes I am a student here, go school"
Ace__of__Hearts: they are arcane spells you get them later on Cam's build I think
GlennSeto: are the cakes ever explained?
Malkaresh: @chrono2x In the upper cathedral ward IFRC
averythetiger: They are wax sealed jars
GlennSeto: oh
averythetiger: And they're full of eyes if you break them
GlennSeto: ooooh
tabernaclefart: Yeap, full of eyeballs
Ace__of__Hearts: yes the entire town was furious you violated dress code
Raolin_Darkbane: So, uh, what does that slug do that Cam got before he was rudely murdered?
GlennSeto: that makes way more sense
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tabernaclefart: So you can gain insight
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TXC2: just the best Camera here Kappa
TXC2: Oscar worth Cinematography Kappa
kynelwynn: there's a spell
Ferisar: oh yeeeah this spell
EvilBadman: @Raolin_Darkbane Yes, it's A Call Beond
Ace__of__Hearts: we killed Jeff Goldblum
EvilBadman: beyond*
Lyinginbedmon: Environmental storytelling: When a monster is carrying the munitions required to kill it.
averythetiger: Oh, yeah. The shell is actually pretty good for us.
tabernaclefart: Color palette is really diverse too.
kynelwynn: buffs your stabber
acelandau3: its a good thing you really dont need to heal for romm
GlennSeto: Wow, you got Goldblum's autograph!
Ferisar: it's basically arcane paper
Ferisar: but re-usable
averythetiger: Rub that slug on our sword!
j30000000: yes just rub the tool with lotion
Ferisar: yeah you need a purely phys weapon
tabernaclefart: Parm cake
TXC2: both, it's a cheese cake Kappa
averythetiger: Oh yeah. That's a silly restriction. Makes papers pretty useless for most of our weapons.
tabernaclefart: LORE
Khador1: Has the character got enough insight to see the invisible stuff and secrets yet?
Invitare: I didn't see the start of the stream, did you reach Ludiwg, or decide to leave the DLC for now?
kumatsu: Wheel of Parm is my Lamb of God cover band
Ferisar: hehe manbeast go blurrrr
GlennSeto: Just when a giant sword could not get more phallic... we're gonna lube it up.
Laserbeaks_Fury: like 3 kids, this time round
averythetiger: No Ludwig. Back to main game for a bit.
Ferisar: yup
j30000000: yes time to kill rom
GlennSeto: Burgerworth smol
j30000000: also the old man
Shemerson: burgerwerth is quite small
Ace__of__Hearts: hey buddy
j30000000: he has run
averythetiger: Palpatine has looked better.
Malkaresh: Bolt is good
j30000000: rune
cdgentry1: Bet this guy drops a sweet rune
Notbri: Rom-time. Let's get that bloodmoon baby
EvilBadman: Content Warning: Spiders. Like a lot of them.
Ferisar: sure does
Malkaresh: All the adds
kynelwynn: Give William a stabbin' >.> For Old Time sake
j30000000: you ignore adds
Kaorti: every side
averythetiger: Rom and the Rommlettes, yes.
Milocw: thrust for spiders
Kraest: Rom fight IS ads XD
Notbri: Spiders! Spiders! A giant legion of spiders!
Ace__of__Hearts: Rom is the queen of adds
j30000000: the old man in the chair yes
PixelArtDragon: Rom and the Nogs
Milocw: arcane for rom
GlennSeto: many crawly adds
Ferisar: he drops an okay rune, let's not get ahead of ourselves
Notbri: At least you have a big lake to run around in
Ferisar: lightning vs. kin yeah
kynelwynn: Rom is weak to being spammed.
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah I recall Rom being weak to bolt
Malkaresh: She is kin. Bolt vs kin
NathanJay_GA: Bolt the... spider?
Notbri: Rom is weak to Cam
Ace__of__Hearts: let master willem just chill his mind is far away now
averythetiger: Where's that Watch + Play account for "More Spiders Than Expected"?
kynelwynn: Just don't try to hit the head
GlennSeto: ugh, kin = Rom used to be human?
Ferisar: mm i can see it being okay against the adds
EvilBadman: If you don't like spiders, I'd hop off the stream for a bit.
j30000000: always attack the side as well she has an armored head
Ferisar: have never tried it though
CamelAttack: KIll that dude he drops a sweet sense of terrifying unknowable dread.
Malkaresh: @GlennSeto Implied yes
averythetiger: There is reference for Rom having been a human at some point.
Notbri: Good luck, Cameron!
kynelwynn: Two summons?
GlennSeto: oh yeah, massive arachnophobia warning
NathanJay_GA: Can we summon Olek, at least?
floki4242: why do you have zappy stick
Kraest: Probably, yes
Ferisar: can buy some vials
Ace__of__Hearts: hit the spider with electricity also do not get rolled on also avoid meteors also avoird babies
averythetiger: Spending our cash is a good call
GlennSeto: fair
kynelwynn: You coiuld, you have a straight run to the boss right now
j30000000: we never lie
Ferisar: yeah the runback is pretty fast now
Notbri: Yeah, might be worth buying Vials IMO
A_Dub888: Qlisten
Leonhart321: Or both
A_Dub888: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
TeiranDragon: Yah, spend your souls.
TXC2: chat provably lies
tabernaclefart: Roll back the rim!
averythetiger: This is a clean boss run up, at least.
Milocw: you could also equip that +7% arcane resist rune
floki4242: I'm at work and I came back if you have a Tesla coil on a stick I was just curious
vouru: stubborn is how Adam became the boshi so it seems to work
phageangel: do you oftne play souls like gams like this?
j30000000: if you use bolt paper on you main weapn should be more effective
tabernaclefart: What degrees?
GlennSeto: Oh, Doll fight's back? Good for her.
j30000000: roger i have a str build ignore me
JAGxTERRA: Yeah whats with the electric mace?
Ferisar: the alternative way is to switch ludwig's to physical runes and use bolt paper, but
Ferisar: it's a bit too much micro
Milocw: you should have picked up crescent bolt runes in the nightmare frontier that you could put on ludwigs sword
Mister_Skittles: hi cam, hi chat
TXC2: Hello Mister_Skittles welcome
Ferisar: yeah in my experience the bolt ones are rarer
JAGxTERRA: @Mister_Skittles dear friend!
Milocw: go go rng
Ace__of__Hearts: is Cartilage head a Bloodborne boss Cam?
GlennSeto: Rom is quite doable without optimal gear.
Mister_Skittles: what are we presently up 2?
Kraest: I respectfully disagree XD
Ferisar: yeah rom is mostly a patience fight
Mister_Skittles: Ludwig?
Milocw: yes
tabernaclefart: Yeah, the wolf guys
Ferisar: you could get the gang together, it could be funny
tabernaclefart: Get the gang!
Notbri: If Rom gets adds, so do you!
Robot_Bones: wolf bois near the start
kynelwynn: You could bring the entire mess just to try
Malkaresh: You can summon Twin and Henryk or Damian. Not all three.
Kraest: Rom is the only fight I consistently summon for. Even OoK was alright for me, but Rom kicks my teeth in every time
Milocw: its the first type of wolf enemy you encounter
FinalShowFilms: With Rom especially I like taking summons in with
EvilBadman: Bring the boys
Uzumaki15: Has bringing in a summon ever worked for us though?
Ferisar: damien kind of sucks for all of the the alien fights despite beng put next to them constantly
TXC2: ah always fun when slack just decides to reload it's self and the stream tanks :P
Ferisar: since he's arcane
Malkaresh: They sometimes get stuck on Willem's patio though
accountmadeforants: Crack some boys for the Old ones.
cyplix8: first time is the easiest because no spiders yet
j30000000: glhf
Milocw: kill the scholar
TXC2: you got this Cameron
PixelArtDragon: @Uzumaki15 It draw aggro, which is especially useful for fights with multiple enemies
Ferisar: haha
Ferisar: nah you're good
Notbri: Ahahha, Covenant of Spiders
EvilBadman: Time for brab
EvilBadman: crab*
j30000000: no
Robot_Bones: nah just swan dive in
Notbri: Good Luck!
Ace__of__Hearts: I like summons because at least it gives the spiders another target
averythetiger: Terrible form on that dive. A 2 from the judges.
Mister_Skittles: its a leap of faith
Notbri: WOAH
Notbri: That's a hit and a half
tabernaclefart: Time to get the boys
NathanJay_GA: wat
kynelwynn: yeah, they hit HARd
TXC2: good lord
Orgmastron: QUe??!?
Ferisar: yeah the spider dives do like most of your health
tabernaclefart: Puke
EvilBadman: The first spider dropped you to a sliver
Malkaresh: Spider blades did about 90%
Notbri: That's fucked
Manae: Something dropped you to like 10% at the start
Robot_Bones: spider puke
accountmadeforants: The very first hit deleted like 90% of your health
NathanJay_GA: Dammit Olek!
JAGxTERRA: those spiders are nightmare fuel.
EvilBadman: Those adds blow
Milocw: spiders suck, high thrust damage
FinalShowFilms: And that's why I like taking in summons, so they can get eaten by the little spiders
Mister_Skittles: yeah Rom isnt the boss in this fight. the babies are tbh
p3nguinkin: More VIT?
drcthulu: acid?
tabernaclefart: More thrust is always the answer
j30000000: lol
TangleTrail: at least it's a straight shot to the fight
Kraest: Tonitris v good in this meta
IntegralHamster: Wait, wasn't Cam in DLC? Is DLC over?
Jmonkey49: no bolt is good
EvilBadman: You can leave the DLC @IntegralHamster
averythetiger: Just be really careful around them. They only have 2 moves.
Robot_Bones: DLC has been put on the shelf for now
Milocw: depends, what do you have an easier time dodging, spiders or roms spells and then do you
GlennSeto: nah, DLC was too nasty for now
IntegralHamster: I see. Thanks!
TXC2: fashion souls is the real game
Snowcookies: Turns out, friendship is dead in yarnham
Khador1: What does Vacuous Mean?
JadedTrekkie: Why are they called "Ads" anyway?
Ace__of__Hearts: Master Willem just watching you repeatedly jump into the lake
Ferisar: a part of me kind of wishes willem would point at the lake and you jump and die and hear "he he hehe" instead of a boss fight, but that's mean
Lyinginbedmon: @Khador1 Empty
TXC2: JadedTrekkie cause they're added to the fight
Ferisar: yeah rom's head is very protected
Snowcookies: additional units
Robot_Bones: yeah the heads are heavily armourd
kynelwynn: Jaded: "Adds" as in "additional things to fight"
JadedTrekkie: ah
Lyinginbedmon: @JadedTrekkie Short for "additional" I think, as in additional enemies
MolaMolaphant: all the rom spiders have VERY chunky stone faces.
j30000000: if you can stay far enough away from the adds you can just wail on rom
JadedTrekkie: makes sense
averythetiger: The rock part is just... hard as a rock.
j30000000: souls
nick_tamer_readinfrench: I hate the kamikaze spiders
Milocw: rom and spiders are considered shielded from in front
kynelwynn: Now Rom has attacks
Robot_Bones: Gamers love adds 4Head
averythetiger: Look at those damage chunks though!
JadedTrekkie: 1 cycle Rom no balls go speedrun strat
Ferisar: you can sprint them yeah
TangleTrail: yeah their faces are duper armored
MolaMolaphant: with some weapons, you can stagger out of the disappearing once. Get in some bonus damage.
j30000000: he doesnt do them in close
kynelwynn: yes, but Rom has an AoE
rolimka: what happens if you hit the head?
Malkaresh: Does anyone know if the adds are infinite? I seem to recall there "only" 3 waves.
JadedTrekkie: you can sprint the missles and hope the game doesnt bug
Jmonkey49: only body shots with charged tonitris
kynelwynn: hitting the head just does very little damage (High armor)
Robot_Bones: they are in waves
vouru: iv foud it difficult to deal with the adds, resorted to hit and run tatics
JadedTrekkie: Isnt this like one of the only boss in any Soulsborne game with more DEF on the head?
tabernaclefart: Is it Gang time?
Manae: Pulling missiles up is just super uncool
averythetiger: Got that Quelaag "Kill anything near me" pulse.
nick_tamer_readinfrench: It's ok Cam
SquirrelLord1111: The upwarrd missiles is real mean
JadedTrekkie: 4Head
Invitare: is Deacons of the Deep the only good add fight in Soulsborne?
Leonhart321: I remember summoning the soellcaster nad letting him deal with Rom while I dealt with the spiderlings
TXC2: Invitare pretty much
Tom_Bruise: just be a pre-cog next go-around, see future attacks
Milocw: simple, you don't use dodge bots
Leonhart321: *spellcaster and
j30000000: all good its just the rom simulation
JadedTrekkie: @Invitare nah Elana and Ivory King are good too
nemryn: you can do it Cam!
Robot_Bones: Rom has up ward missles, long range missles and a burst attack, in addition to flopping around
JadedTrekkie: Ah yes my deadly move
TangleTrail: don't forget to stab the guy in the chair for a umbilical cord
JadedTrekkie: the 'flop'
Ferisar: yeah a lot of the fight later is keeping an eye on rom while dealing with adds
tabernaclefart: Why is Rom called Vacuous? He seems to be full of bullshit.
Invitare: he's actually full of eyes
mowdownjoe: I walk in and suddenly too many spiders.
kynelwynn: You can keep hitting rom as she teleports, bte
JadedTrekkie: this was honestly my least favorite boss.
SeiichiSin: If you fight this boss with a slashing weapon, does that make the fight a ROM hack?
j30000000: its because of all the bullshit he sucked in
electric_claire: Rom looks like a child's drawing
JadedTrekkie: @SeiichiSin you can deal enough dmg with the saw cleaver to cancel its tp 2 times and kill it before it TPs
averythetiger: Apparently the teleport to safety is interruptable, but I can never do it.
Robot_Bones: Sick chunks
Kraest: I've been able to interrupt her only once
SquirrelLord1111: Got some good damage in before phase 2
Malkaresh: Interesting. I just noticed that Tonitrus doesn't trigger the transform mode icon.
Ferisar: you have to be able to do a lot of damage to interrupt it
tabernaclefart: Too bad you can't just kill all but one spider so he can't spawn more.
Invitare: teleporting? Slow down there Gwyndolin
HalvariChan: Wooh the phase skip!
RedShiftLive: @averythetiger you have to do a full charge attack with some beast blood meter at the last part of his teleport
Leonhart321: Phase skipped so more spiders than usual
Ferisar: oh yeah phase skip
Ferisar: funny
coriolis_storm: That's like a phase spider in D&D
RobinTheRude: That was, in fact, a lot of damage.
TXC2: ah rolled into that one
JadedTrekkie: I think you need a heavy attack with some weapons
Robot_Bones: if Rom isn't on the screen everyone should be asking "where's Rom?"
tabernaclefart: Beast roar is a aoe blast when surrounded.
JadedTrekkie: OH GOD WHERE'S ROM
Ace__of__Hearts: don't be too nervous about just pressing your face into Rom's body in the first phase and wailing on her
JadedTrekkie: What's energizing his weapon, never used the Tonitrus before
Ferisar: its the transform button @JadedTrekkie
TangleTrail: kiting the mobs and then attacking Roms life points directly us a possible strategy
JadedTrekkie: ok
Ferisar: you pushed its phase
tabernaclefart: So, are the little roms called Romlettes or Romalitos?
chrono2x: You skipped a phase since you did so much damage
Ferisar: from big numbers
j30000000: you went through two phases
kynelwynn: spider waves are health related iirc
averythetiger: I think our first attack triggered two teleports.
TangleTrail: you did so much damage it skipped a phase
Robot_Bones: elictricity is the transformed tonitrius
Tom_Bruise: they just keep birthing spider-babies man
Ace__of__Hearts: you skipped a phase because you hit it a lot
Ferisar: only whenever it teleports
kynelwynn: yeah, one set per phase
Ferisar: which is a set amount
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yes, they have a limited number of adds
TangleTrail: a set number each phase yeah
Ferisar: this is the last phase
kynelwynn: right now
JadedTrekkie: go for it
TangleTrail: more spells
Robot_Bones: Rom the floppy
tabernaclefart: This is phase 3
Intrepid_Colin: No phase 3, just kill
Robot_Bones: this is it
Leonhart321: You're in it
Jmonkey49: you're in it
j30000000: htis is 3
SquirrelLord1111: Isn't this phase 3? thats why extra spiders?
Kraest: You skipped phase 2
JadedTrekkie: fk em up
Ferisar: if you kill rom now you're one and done
Ace__of__Hearts: this is phase 3
TangleTrail: you're in phase 3
Robot_Bones: you DPS hard enough to skip 2
Invitare: Blackflame Rom
Ferisar: gg
j30000000: nioce
Ferisar: lol
tabernaclefart: REKT
kynelwynn: PRAISE
BrindleBoar: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
1y1e: GG
Tom_Bruise: Phase 3 is DEAD
tabernaclefart: You skipped phase 3
ArrestedHouse: lrrHORN
nick_tamer_readinfrench: gg
lemmel: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Ferisar: yeah it's not a hard fight, haha
j30000000: !!!!
Zaghrog: You skipped Phase 2
accountmadeforants: Nicely done
SquirrelLord1111: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
tabernaclefart: phase 2*
PendelSteven: Yatta
TangleTrail: you skipped phase 3
JadedTrekkie: @LoadingReadyRun you skipped phase three. You cancelled his TP with a heavy
Notbri: Weird Boss
Tom_Bruise: You blitzed through phase 2
Jmonkey49: you skipped phase 2
Ace__of__Hearts: NICE
chrono2x: @loadingreadyrun You skipped phase 2 because you did so much damage
coriolis_storm: Phase 3 is "It Dies"
JadedTrekkie: phase 2*
Leonhart321: You did so much damage as she was teleporting, you slipped a phase
Mister_Skittles: you skiipped a phase by dpsing so hard in the teleport
niccus: you spidersed!
Kazman20a: phase 3 is ehrn he starts teh upward spikes
FinalShowFilms: Rom's phases are 'not teleport' and 'teleport'.
j30000000: that is why it spawned two waves
simriel: Oh we at Rom? I just popped in to say hi
averythetiger: Your souls are around here... somewhere
chrono2x: Yep
Ace__of__Hearts: you skipped Phase 3
TangleTrail: yeah
phageangel: yea
tabernaclefart: Yes
kynelwynn: yes
Jmonkey49: yes
Zaghrog: Teleporting spawns the spiders
Ferisar: the speedrun strat for this fight is to literally put on a beast blood pellet and bolt paper on a saw cleaver and stagger rom out of the teleports
PendelSteven: I dunno, man, I'm just here for the ride along
Ferisar: and it just dies
Intrepid_Colin: You did enough damage when she was teleporting
Mister_Skittles: somewhere in the void
chrono2x: Didn't you die with 0 souls
Jmonkey49: run around you will find them
JadedTrekkie: S OMEGALOL U L S
PendelSteven: I'm more clueless than you
Milocw: from losing them here before...good luck finding them
TXC2: and also where is the way out?
averythetiger: It is a limited space, so you MIGHT be able to find them if you're determined.
Ace__of__Hearts: yes it does that if you get a lot of damage on the first wave
TangleTrail: did you pick up your souls the second attempt?
tabernaclefart: Did you have souls?
Jmonkey49: cut secene
SeiichiSin: I'm going to go with lost forever for 200 Alex.
Ferisar: just a bit
Tom_Bruise: well don't just aimlessly wander this void, have a chat
PendelSteven: Does this ever turn into sea?
FinalShowFilms: They were near the entrance. You might be able to come back from Byrgenwyrth?
JadedTrekkie: Uh oh
Ferisar: but you do have ideal damage type for the fight
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cardinalwiggles: Here's to the endless void !
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Robot_Bones: this is fine
JadedTrekkie: all of your nonbasics are becoming mountasins
BrindleBoar: "you got red on you"
Laserbeaks_Fury: She spilled wine all over her dress
j30000000: every thing is fine!
TXC2: uh Moon WAY too close
kynelwynn: Dawn of the Third Day
coriolis_storm: She is having a BAD DAY
averythetiger: Nobody likes spilling wine all over a white dress.
PendelSteven: Oh 'ello
SquirrelLord1111: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
ArrestedHouse: BabyRage
floki4242: oh no my Islands
nemryn: uh oh
Orgmastron: BabyRage
Mister_Skittles: well camm,you killed the spider that was shielding the horrors of the world from everyone
Robot_Bones: hello there
tabernaclefart: Tap 2 and a red
TXC2: Is Moon Baby?
PixelArtDragon: So... the moon is a baby?
JadedTrekkie: BabyRage
Snowcookies: is that blood on her dress?
Ferisar: @floki4242 lol
TangleTrail: don't forget to stab the man in the chair for an umbilical bit
Ace__of__Hearts: oops we broke it
cyplix8: Where is Link? He needs to push that thing back up.
accountmadeforants: Wow, Blood Moon is such a whiny baby
JadedTrekkie: Mono Red OP
Jmonkey49: repair lightning ball as it degrades really fast hitting the heads of the spiders
averythetiger: That's not true @TangleTrail
vouru: making good progress!
Robot_Bones: it was all Babies? Always has been
I_Am_Clockwork: @snowcookies yes
Ace__of__Hearts: we broke Yharnam
kynelwynn: No more Hypogean Gaol. It all Yhar'Gul now
TXC2: how do we know that?
Jmonkey49: return to lake to find souls
PendelSteven: Oh. OK.
j30000000: you can go get the umbilicol chord now
simriel: Oh yeah, you should maybe stab whats his face
Ferisar: time to yahar the gul
niccus: i guess you're just that insightful
BrindleBoar: >_>
Ace__of__Hearts: you might want to repair Tinitus
floki4242: that doesn't look good
Mister_Skittles: yarnum was always broken, we just couldnt see it
FinalShowFilms: "helooo"
PendelSteven: 'Ello
Ace__of__Hearts: oh Amigdala
Tom_Bruise: Oh good, blood puddle folks
mowdownjoe: Yep, we dealing with shit now.
blip2004: i hate this section so much
PixelArtDragon: Big ol' bowl of gnoppi
averythetiger: Oh right. Bell witches. I almost forgot.
Jmonkey49: yahargul sucks kill the chimes!!
simriel: surprised we haven't started the DLC yet
FinalShowFilms: I'm sure nothing weird is happening in Yahar'gul.
HalvariChan: Bellringers are literally everywhere in this section
TXC2: simriel we have
Ferisar: yeah so one thing i'd reccommend for general leveling at this point is if you're going to keep arcane, put everything else into vit
PendelSteven: or rang
Ferisar: stamina in this game has a pretty fast regen timer so leveling it too far ends up not helpful
phageangel: thoughts on double masters?
averythetiger: Moon's haunted
kynelwynn: btw, dudes respawn
simriel: @TXC2 Oh?
BrindleBoar: "always was"
Malkaresh: Oh hey Rom was weak to Cam!
TXC2: moon's haunted
HalvariChan: Yep
MercurialVox: at 46 insight can you really be sure that it wasn't in your head?
PendelSteven: nice purple sky with a big, nay huge moon
accountmadeforants: Finally looked up
PendelSteven: I'd say amber moon
tabernaclefart: *Grabs Pistol* Moons Haunted
Lyinginbedmon: Odd that doing something here on Earth would affect something 384,000 kilometres away so significantly
TXC2: simriel Cameron was doing so of the DLC at the start of this stream
Ace__of__Hearts: Rom was sort of holding things back
SeiichiSin: A red moon, in a game about blood? That can't be bad. It has to be a good sign that everything is going right... Off the edge of a cliff.
j30000000: this is what happens when the old ones start to wake up
kumatsu: They're enjoying a nice session of D2, obviously
PendelSteven: orange
1y1e: lol the BM riflesman
simriel: All moons haunted, every moon.
j30000000: so no we did this
PendelSteven: doesn't quite look red in my eyes
HalvariChan: Killing Rom reveals almost everything that's been hidden from you, and shows you what you couldn't comprehend before (unless you hit 40 Insight)
Mister_Skittles: Roms job was to hide the horrors of the nightmare from everyone. you killed him sooooo
Ferisar: they're blood boys
PendelSteven: Why not?
Jmonkey49: Rom is a she
PendelSteven: This world doesn't make sense anyhow
TXC2: their blood is under VERY high presure
Mister_Skittles: tbh its implyied that this entire game takes place in a dream
PendelSteven: I might also be in high rational mode, since overcoming sickness
Intrepid_Colin: Sir, do you have a permit for that fire arm?
Ferisar: (there's bell ladies who keep summoning them in this area)
nemryn: so was that Rom with the dress in the cutscene?
floki4242: who keeps giving Grandpa the musket you know it's dangerous
averythetiger: All things blow up at a certain threshhold.
IntegralHamster: Scientific term is crapton of damage
tabernaclefart: Is it the spot on a man's head where if you hit it, it'll explode?
PendelSteven: Another reason why this isn't this world @Intrepid_Colin
Ferisar: nah it's related to this area's mechanic for the enemies
TXC2: nemryn Rom was the spider summoning thing
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think it's to distinguish them as the guys that respawn till you kill the bell ringer
j30000000: brilliant!
floki4242: yes commonly referred to as the head
Jmonkey49: @nemryn no it maybe a spoiler though
PendelSteven: And well, as I said before, I'm here for the ride, I haven't a good grab of the ins and outs of this world
PendelSteven: Does this country have a president or a king?
PendelSteven: Is there a mayor?
PendelSteven: Where is the police?
nemryn: ah, if it's a spoiler, never mind then
FinalShowFilms: I'm at the same place and time but I realize I forgot to kill Paarl. Time to broccoli-slam him.
averythetiger: There WAS a queen, but we'd have to... dig her up.
Mister_Skittles: there was a queen and a church once
PendelSteven: Depending on when this takes place in Europe - if it were - there were street guards at one point
Ace__of__Hearts: I mean, at this point it sort of is your fault
PendelSteven: actually pretty much since there were cities
TXC2: to be fair, isn't police a really new thing IRL ?
tabernaclefart: I heard the Belle of the Ball in here
Mister_Skittles: yeah, the church and the hunters. they all went mad on blood
sterlings97: Hi chat, HI Cam!
BobDabUilder491: lrrCAMERON
BrindleBoar: no more cowbell
simriel: Excuse me WHAT?
TXC2: hello sterlings97 welcome
Ferisar: well hey
TXC2: You and I remember Fresh prince VERY differently Cameron
Ferisar: there's your bolt gem
j30000000: hey hey
HorusFive: Yeah- the church ran this place before all the blood-madness, right? And these people would probably say that they ARE the authority
j30000000: bolt gem!
PendelSteven: In West-Philidelphia born and raised...
vmob: damp bolts
Ace__of__Hearts: all of the students just tripping balls watching the moon
TXC2: Forget Bolt gem, get me a bolt gun! Kappa
Mister_Skittles: the church also kinda caused teh blood madness when they started drinking kin blood
averythetiger: It's just all the enemies from the starting area, but worse in every way!
Ferisar: lol
Ferisar: that door got me too
accountmadeforants: Whenever a door closes, a... wall? opens
HalvariChan: There's always the giant hole in the wall lrrBEEJ
PendelSteven: See, I would ran to city hall: there are monsters in the street
averythetiger: We haven't refilled since Rom
Ace__of__Hearts: have you refilled since Rom?
IntegralHamster: You didn't sit at bonfire after Rom
Mister_Skittles: you did fight rom this life
Jmonkey49: you never reset
Robot_Bones: shouldn't have spent all those souls on avocado toast
TXC2: time to SFRA ?
kynelwynn: bell ringing woman
PendelSteven: but yeah, it's horror, rational is out of the window
FinalShowFilms: Bell-ringing lady brings them back
Kazman20a: another bellringer
Ferisar: yeah the bell ladies respawn the blood villagers
HalvariChan: Bell Witches in this section can summon more guys in a buffed state
Ferisar: it's why they explode
averythetiger: Is this past where Cam got in his first try at this game?
TXC2: well shit
PendelSteven: maybe that's why I don't like horror that much
j30000000: how far has cam gotten in this game?
Jmonkey49: find and kill Bing ringers
PendelSteven: We're on a road to nowhere...
PendelSteven: #randomlyrics
Laserbeaks_Fury: the wort part ius these guys drop nothing
Tom_Bruise: oooOoOh gooooOOod, more chooOooOooOores
PendelSteven: oh, 'ello
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quasi79fu: sanguine salutations cam, im sorry im late
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tabernaclefart: Cameron, what are you degrees in?
Jmonkey49: into the woods
PendelSteven: See, yeah, that makes sense, suddenly unexpected grabbed by a giant...
TXC2: tabernaclefart Eng lit and Chemistry
Ace__of__Hearts: Old McYharnam had a farm
ifritleviathan: do the adds despawn if the bell ringers die?
Tom_Bruise: At some point, it's probably better to spend bloodsouls on Vials in the store I guess
shortieXV: We like the farming. We like. We like the farming.
tabernaclefart: @TXC2 Thanks! Interesting combination.
accountmadeforants: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
WiltLeafWanderer: Farming Simulator?
Milocw: the old guy in the rocking chair before rom, kill him for a caryll rune that you can equip for +70 item discovery to make this less painful
quasi79fu: hi and sanguine salutations chat
averythetiger: Nobody's dead until the bell stops
chrono2x: No, there is just 5 of them
tabernaclefart: Oh, wassup Gillyboi
PendelSteven: Apparently Rom was easy - and we were not so powerful
TXC2: I'm sorry, who the fuck is this guy?
Jmonkey49: chime maidens stay dead until you leave or die
vmob: hi quasi79fu
quasi79fu: hi vmob
j30000000: their isnt just one unfortunately
TXC2: Hello quasi79fu welcome
tabernaclefart: @TXC2 Gilbert
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TXC2: tabernaclefart oof
PendelSteven: nice
quasi79fu: hi txc today was grocery shopping day .sorry i was late
tabernaclefart: F Gilbert
quasi79fu: how is cam doing?
Jmonkey49: he beat rom
quasi79fu: oh sorry i missed that
PendelSteven: not a problem
PendelSteven: it is sort of an rpg, from what I know of the game, right?
PixelArtDragon: Isn't that the endgame loop of Destiny 2?
Ogrekidd: you sworded that man right in the gouch
PendelSteven: grind grind grind
accountmadeforants: PixelArtDragon Nah, that's "Want more chores? Do more chores first!"
Jmonkey49: @pendelsteven it's 100% an RPG. though grinding is only necessary depending on build and skill level
Tom_Bruise: If chores is what you want, Monster Hunter has managed to reduce punching dinosaurs to chores
SeiichiSin: I heard you like grind, so we put some grind in your grind so you can grind while you grind, before you grind, and after you grind.
PendelSteven: horror action rpg
theleerm: i always feel bad for the dogs in these games
PendelSteven: if you put 'hard' in front of it, that pretty means Soulsy
FinalShowFilms: The concession that you can just buy more of the resources is probably the thing they put in to counterbalance the non-replenishing nature. But then you need all the blood echos you lost when you died to do that so...
PendelSteven: a hard horror action rpg
averythetiger: We still have our Rom souls out in Ya'har'gul somewhere.
j30000000: i only feel bad for the real dogos. you need to kill bloodborne pups with fire
Hexasam: just tuned in, sounds like a bit of vial farming?
MolaMolaphant: and you've come to bar'har'gul?
TXC2: hello Hexasam indeed farm times here
PendelSteven: I'm more a happy fantasy turn-based and happy fantasy strategy rpg kind of person
PendelSteven: Guess that describes Dragon Quest & Disgaea
kynelwynn: Oh. Tangentially returning to the subject of MtG, Banned and Restricted list up.
HalvariChan: At this point I think you can also go to Upper Cathedral Ward for 2 optional bosses, come to think of it
Tom_Bruise: ah yes, the acursed move-queuing...
PendelSteven: But Persona also somwhat falls into the Happy Fantasy Turn-Based RPG
Malkaresh: It's hard not to hit the button more than you need to.
FinalShowFilms: Oh yeah, Eileen is at the Grand Cathedral now
HalvariChan: Oh yeah that as well
averythetiger: But the key for the Upper Ward is farther into Yahargul
FinalShowFilms: If you want to save her. And get her stuff
j30000000: ya the game sucks that way its almost like experiencing lag in real time
Ferisar: welllll
FinalShowFilms: No, you fight the hunter all by yoursefl
kynelwynn: Nah. She's fine
FinalShowFilms: And it's a pain in the ass
PendelSteven: sure, Persona deals with demons, but ... it's not exactly horror
TangleTrail: no
Malkaresh: Nope you will just die for her a bunch
MolaMolaphant: oh god, no. The Eileen fight here is HARD. Definitely track down a BUNCH more poison knives and blood resist
Ferisar: haha sort of
FinalShowFilms: Only if you also spam numbing mist
Ferisar: there's no stake in the fight, she's not a participant
HalvariChan: Yeah this part of Eileen's quest is safe for her, but hooooooo boooooy are you gonna die a lot
Milocw: it should be the graa
PendelSteven: I would even call Shin Megami Tensei as a whole half horror
Ferisar: so you can't accidentally kill her
Malkaresh: I think you need to beat The One Reborn to get to the Upper Ward no?
Milocw: the grand cathedral
PendelSteven: having horro elements
HalvariChan: @Malkaresh only Rom must be killed
TangleTrail: there is a way to cheese it if you want the strat
Hexasam: been there TXC2 :( on a related note, how welcome are gameplay suggestions here?
PendelSteven: Yes, it's 22:00
Malkaresh: @HalvariChan Ah. Thanks.
tabernaclefart: Oh snap, thanks for the med reminder cam
TXC2: Hexasam only when Cameron ask for it
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Ferisar: @Malkaresh you need to get the key from yahargul, it's from a ledge jump not from one reborn
Malkaresh: Right One Reborn to get to Mergo's Nightmare.
Hexasam: understood, thanks! TXC2
HalvariChan: @Malkaresh Upper Ward is mostly just weird, but also the second boss, Ebrietas, is fairly challenging at this point because you are used to fighting true Great Ones compared to beasts
Malkaresh: @HalvariChan I will admit I generally find Ebrietas fairly easy because I tend to overlevel, and you can summon Damian you spams healing magic.
cyplix8: I don't think his arcane is high enough to cast a Call Beyond yet either. That makes the Ebriatas fight easier.
Jmonkey49: @halvarichan she's one of the hardest bosses in the main game
HalvariChan: A Call Beyond is like... 45 Arcane iirc @cyplix8
cyplix8: I think it is 40
Malkaresh: 40 sounds right
HalvariChan: @Jmonkey49 I found her fairly easy, but the big chunky ones aren't that bad for me. The hard ones are the human sized bosses xP
Malkaresh: ^
cyplix8: ^
HalvariChan: In any case, A Call Beyond has a ridiculous requirement with such a high potential fail rate
Malkaresh: Also ^
Jmonkey49: @halvarichan you got any tips? still can't beat her
cyplix8: Right, it seems like it is only good for the huge bosses.
HalvariChan: Go for the butt, @Jmonkey49 . Always go for the butt on the big ones, and you should be fine after you learn her moveset
Jmonkey49: @halvarichan nope her rotation speed always kills me
HalvariChan: The bullet cost for A Call BEyond is also generally not worth it, when you take into the high fail rate of it
Malkaresh: @Jmonkey49 If you don't mind summoning, Damian the Mensis Scholar will spam healing magic and draw agro.
HalvariChan: @Jmonkey49 Alternately, go face and dodge a lot. Those are the 2 things I did to take her down 4th try
TXC2: and we're back
TXC2 sets timer
Jmonkey49: @malkaresh oh I've done that but since summoning causes boss health to go up it offsets and I die
averythetiger: 420 coffee. I think we can remember
HalvariChan: Yahar'Ghul is the new area
Jmonkey49: @halvarichan you gotta a best Weapon?
Malkaresh: @Jmonkey49 Also if you can bait her slam attack you can land a charged attack on her face and get a visceral.
FinalShowFilms: If you want to save Eileen, you want to go to The Cathedral Ward
HalvariChan: @Jmonkey49 I used Holy Blade, and bolt paper since Old Ones are weak to bolt
averythetiger: You can do it later
kynelwynn: Eileen is fine
Jmonkey49: no you don't have to
FinalShowFilms: You can do it later. I just don't know how much later.
Kraest: You can save Eileen at any point
HalvariChan: You can do it whenever, Cam, but you can get her stuff at this point in the game, basically
Leonhart321: Eileen is fine, you can finish her quest later
Jmonkey49: @malkaresh I try and she does charge attack
phageangel: dont forget about that jumping attack
averythetiger: She will only die if you end the game first, or go murder her yourself
phageangel: its very good
Malkaresh: As long as you've got her to this point I don't think she goes anywhere.
Jmonkey49: @halvarichan yeah I use bolt maybe I'm just underleveled or underexperienced
Malkaresh: @Jmonkey49 Sorry. My last strat is to just overlevel and fight a +10 weapon.
Tom_Bruise: those molotov lobbers could go compete at the olympics man
distrustingspectator: can you just run past them?
TXC2: wow this is some bad gameplay
chrono2x: Can you rush to find the bell-woman?
HalvariChan: @Jmonkey49 What's your level? I'd suggest doing her at around 80-90
PixelArtDragon: Is this a Catacombs situation?
HalvariChan: Bell Witches can respawn literally everything in this area. It's a rush section
Jmonkey49: @malkaresh sounds like that would work thanks
kynelwynn: You can rush the bell woman, but if you don't knbow where she is you are likely to just get swarmed
chrono2x: ugh, this is bad design
mowdownjoe: Yeah, when I watched other streamer at this part, they just bee-line to the bell woman.
Jmonkey49: @halvarichan probably 70 something above 75 thanks for advice
distrustingspectator: run away!
PadawanTK16: man, a long range weapon seems very good in these instances
Jmonkey49: you just have to run and beline
cyplix8: The bell lady is in that building at the bottom of the stairs
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: You can read the instructions, but don't follow them.
goodroundboy: uhhhhhh
HalvariChan: Yeah you can't take your time killing everything in Yahar-Ghul, you basically have to rush and kill the bell-ringers every section
Jmonkey49: honestly no never
Malkaresh: Certainly not when you get to the Cramped Casket enemies.
Jmonkey49: worst area easily
Tom_Bruise: "If you thought this story was gonna have a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention"
quietcat: I couldn't get past the intro area so I would not be able to tell you lol
MolaMolaphant: this area's kind of a hellscape. Definitely a rush it kinda area
Tom_Bruise: all Souls-titles eventually resort to "just run past everything 'cuz it's too much of a hassle"
TehAmelie: uninteresting is the word
Jmonkey49: it's not a fun area at all and it only gets worse
PixelArtDragon: What if the way you needed to avoid the enemies was more interesting?
chrono2x: Honestly, the fact that souls also vanish after a single bad moment, seems very feel bad
Malkaresh: The other option is to go very slowly and methodically.
PadawanTK16: the fact that there isn't a rifle you can get or something seems unfair. You could totally pick up the long range guy's gun and use that, but no, you have to dive head first into horde's of enemies
Jmonkey49: I got through it by using a glitch to skip everything including the boss
S846: where's the minikit on this level?
Malkaresh: But you're already doing that I think
goodroundboy: there is a bow blade that u can use as a long distance weapon but that's in the dlc
Leonhart321: I think you grabbed them as you ran
XP105: You already picked them up
PixelArtDragon: Didn't you already get them?
MolaMolaphant: I think this weapon on physical damage was one-shotting these enemies? I can't remember. Pushing arcane scaling leads to some advantage on boss fights but can make exploring ... rough.
AtomicAlchemical: I thought you grabbed them fro the top of the stairs at the start?
TeiranDragon: You got your souls back already I think Cam. They were at top of stairs before you rushed past the mobs
phageangel: ofc the game punishes you for pretty much anything it can
Jmonkey49: yes and it's long
shortieXV: do what you want. I am not your dad
HalvariChan: Basically. As soon as you kill the bellringer the enemies are super weak
PixelArtDragon: Gib door plox
Malkaresh: I think you end up doing recon and dying a bunch until you know the area, and when to rush and when to wait.
Jmonkey49: also hunters they are hunters here hunters plural
Khador1: what is the stuff dangling from the lamps
HalvariChan: Shortcut door here!
PendelSteven: oh that's handy dandy @HalvariChan
j30000000: 3 of them I died a ton against them
averythetiger: I don't consider it a mistake that a certain area rewards a different approach.
chrono2x: There are still a ton more bell-women too
distrustingspectator: do you get moneys for killing these dudes?
AtomicAlchemical: You aren't a chump. That's bad design.
Jmonkey49: you can also run pass them
MolaMolaphant: the mechanics are built to encourage aggression, but mostly in individual fights, not in exploration. This area expands that and it's... not all that fun
Malkaresh: Yeah don't want to fight the 3 hunters all at once.
Jmonkey49: I wasn't telling you can I'm sorry
phageangel: i think being a chump is the whole point XD
Jmonkey49: *cam it was chat discussion
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mnemonicman: Imagine the envelopes you could open with that letter opener.
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HalvariChan: That's an Amygdala
HalvariChan: Yeah this section sucks *hard*
Malkaresh: Drop off a ledge on the right side of the upper level before the Amygdala to get a hidden Bell ringer.
Khador1: Why was their a lazer?
distrustingspectator: a laser beam! what is this game? craziness
phageangel: wow thats deadly
TXC2: this is some bullshit is what
mnemonicman: Ultraman is in this game?
PadawanTK16: Wow, this game sucks
Orgmastron: Suddenly Orbital Laser
Jmonkey49: amygdalas have laser attacks cuz fun
goodroundboy: this whole area sucks so bad
Luminaire_p: :(
SeiichiSin: And this is why I absolutely will never play a Souls style game again.
goodroundboy: there's a lantern on the other side of the door after the laser though!
FinalShowFilms: I think that's the only Amgydala that does that too. Which in my mind is even worse.
averythetiger: You can't treat each death as a failure. You're going to hurt yourself.
Jmonkey49: this is almost on par with blight town
Malkaresh: Cam you are neither a chump or an idiot. This is just Yarhagul
Mister_Skittles: dude seriously?
Malkaresh: Right
lawful_neutral_wizard: What's happened so far this stream?
HalvariChan: You *are* in the worst section in the game right now. It doesn't get any worse (maybe except if you want the Rakuyo or the first section of Mensis)
Malkaresh: Also the key to Upper Ward. Yes Chat?
TXC2: lawful_neutral_wizard Cameron Beat rom
Jmonkey49: delayed explosion kill yep fun souls
ThatBoyf: Bellringers are absolutely bs
Manae: Coffee machine
phageangel: that wasnt even delayed explosion he died to a dust cloud
Jmonkey49: upper cathedral ward isn't much more fun but with 100% less chime maidens
phageangel: with maybe a frame of hitbox left
Malkaresh: Right side of this platform
TXC2: Remember in Dark souls, the guys who would make the skeletons keep re spawning? remember how they DIED FOREVER?!
Jmonkey49: Blood Souls = BS. makes sense
ThatBoyf: Yeah the fact that bellringers dont stay dead is so terrrible
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun Time to change the Coffee Pot
Jmonkey49: Cam I'm sorry you're great the game sucks
phageangel: yes coffee pot
Snowcookies: Coffee pot, a better Bloodborne fight than this
Earthenone: pride51 lrrHEART
NeuterCommuter: This is giving me flashbacks to the Littlest Streamhouse crapshot.
Jmonkey49: @thatboyf they stay dead unless you die or leave the area
PadawanTK16: @LoadingReadyRun coffee pot
phageangel: @LoadingReadyRun time to attend to the coffee machine
Jmonkey49: Chime maidens give buffs and health Regen
averythetiger: Back up
Ferisar: there's a bell maiden up at the top from where you dropped down
Snowcookies: healing church, the wrst kind of church
Ferisar: this is the way back up
Snowcookies: !advice
LRRbot: Find the dragon's heart and pour out the ooze to discover the treasure within.
Ferisar: ladies
Malkaresh: JESUS
Ferisar: lmao
blip2004: lemmings
FinalShowFilms: The bell lady is in the room under you.
Malkaresh: Thats a lot of 'mns
Manae: At least that was a bit hilarious
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FinalShowFilms: For what it's worth
Tom_Bruise: they just... disappeared...
averythetiger: She's just below you
phageangel: ooooff
Invitare: oh I remember Adam playing this. Generally awful parts stick in the memory
chrono2x: ugh
HalvariChan: Well that's a new one
Tom_Bruise: oh they didn't
j30000000: omg game
TXC2: oh now THAT'S horseshit
distrustingspectator: i agree. awfulness at optimum.
MolaMolaphant: that's some bullshit
HalvariChan: I've never seen that happen before
Jmonkey49: take the lamp
TXC2: No worries Cameron
Snowcookies: wut
GapFiller: hm thisll be awkward inna minute
GapFiller: or maybe not
TXC2: and we're back
vmob: so this area is just a collusion of terrible ideas, huh
Brozard: Muted?
Mister_Skittles: you muted Mr Cam
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun you're muted
168 raiders from Bengineering have joined!
Snowcookies: Hi Ben!
Ferisar: give him a second he's in a precarious spot, haha
bennguyen200: Hi Cam
TXC2: Hello Raiders
TheAinMAP: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
TheR34per5: HI CAM
demondrinkingtea: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
YawnLance: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Malkaresh: Sometimes it's not worth picking up your Echoes too.
Lord_ZYRK: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Lynikss: <message deleted>you look like jeffrey epstein
kaziel0: Hi Cam! benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Fracaswell: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
vouru: coffee is a good idea. Think ill mimic u cam
jadenmina: Hi Cam and Chat!
bennguyen200: Uh oh I think Cam might be muted again
distrustingspectator: so what's the story behind these bell ladies?
CastleOtranto: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
TheR34per5: benginTraitor
chrono2x: At least that shortcut helps
chefryto90: Hi Cam, hows the bloodborning going?
Jmonkey49: @distrustingspectator they're evil
FinalShowFilms: So the next lantern is just beyond this laser Amygdala
Malkaresh: @distrustingspectator They are beckoning the eldritch horrors of the Great Ones
HalvariChan: Lantern lady is there though'
HalvariChan: Makes stuff a bit better
PadawanTK16: @chefryto90 not well
Orlantia: hi Cam, so worse than a normal souls experience?
Ferisar: if you take this drop into the middle cage there's a key for an area
HalvariChan: Jump into middle for key
Malkaresh: Drop into the center
TXC2: Orlantia so much worse
chrono2x: Where is the next woman?
thehokeypokey: looks like we got squid punch, so that's cool
AtomicAlchemical: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrCAMERON
FinalShowFilms: There's a gatling to your left when you exit this door
TehAmelie: i'm having fun writing, if that makes it any easier
Malkaresh: New Area Unlocked!
Jmonkey49: you got the key
averythetiger: It's a hard area that requires changing your approach a bit, but we're just tired and upset.
RedShiftLive: now you can fight squid mom
Brozard: Pancake him!
Jmonkey49: Upper cathedral ward might be more fun this place except for the lycans
thehokeypokey: does he have any good electric damage?
phageangel: define good:
HalvariChan: This area gets better when you're not there anymore
Ferisar: hmm once you're past the area at the top with the crones is another lantern
Malkaresh: Yarhagul just sucks.
Ferisar: i don't know if that makes it good or bad, but that's a thing
Jmonkey49: Nightmare of Mensis is way more fun than this place
blip2004: this area and boss are some of the most frustrating parts of this game
RedShiftLive: this area sucks and we all agree this area sucks
Tiber727: "I like this game, but this area is awful." -- The FromSoft experience.
Mister_Skittles: you can go to the upper cathedral ward now if you like? you just got the key
Malkaresh: At least the ladies can't respawn now.
fireredcrimson: What boss is in this area? been a while since I've played
phageangel: i can tell you expecting it to get easier is probably going to disappoint you
Jmonkey49: @fireredcrimson The one Reborn
averythetiger: I don't agree this area sucks. I think we're expecting it to be something it's not.
Ferisar: oh noooo
phageangel: im not laughin
chefryto90: Oh no.
fireredcrimson: Oh that boss isn't bad at all. I HATED that area too
j30000000: im sorry cam thats a rough beat
Malkaresh: Enemies are clear now at least, you can take a bit of a breather
Notbri: This place is two blighttowns but without the interesting design
RedShiftLive: @averythetiger what are we expecting it to be? Because this area sucks because of respawning enemies and insta-kill enviroment hazards should I expect something more fair? The next areas in this game aren't as brutal
Jmonkey49: @averythetiger it does suck the best advice is too run past everything and people even use glitches to do it it's bad game design
Zvkki: Whats up!
TXC2: Hello Zvkki welcome
Zvkki: Love me some Bloodborne. Can't for it to hit PC
accountmadeforants: If only they were smart, then they'd know to git gud. That's how you get the most out of FromSoft games.
Malkaresh: Be nice if the laser hurt the enemies as well
theambivalentagender: @averythetiger What are we expecting it to be? Well designed?
Notbri: I like gothic as much as the next person, but it sure does make everything look samey and boring sometimes
Notbri: And just. confusing.
Tom_Bruise: man those crazy crones sure can lob a molly
averythetiger: We are expecting that if we are properly good at the game, we will not die, and we are expecting slow, methodical exploration to be the idea approach.
Zvkki: George RR is doing the story/world. I'm expecting Elden Ring to be top tier.
Malkaresh: This part you do have to run past.
Notbri: Yay chores!
Malkaresh: Lamp very close!
HalvariChan: Lantern right past the deathlaser
Mister_Skittles: @averythetiger dude.... read the room...
averythetiger: I do, consider the vials a mistake.
Orlantia: it's a fromsoft game where "it's not a bug, it's a feature" is not just a mentality, it's an enforcement
Malkaresh: Just past the Amygdala
goodroundboy: if u can make it past the laser there's a lantern
Tom_Bruise: OR, take these 50k souls, and buy vials
Malkaresh: CLEAR!
theambivalentagender: "If we are properly good at the game, we will not die" isn't that a...reasonable expectation?
Mister_Skittles: I knew it was there but i didnt wanna spoil it
Jmonkey49: @averythetiger that only works if you know the area backwards and forwards if you don't it's a confusing mess and easy to get lost
Orgmastron: Progress! -ish
TXC2: "properly good" sounds awefuly gatekeeperish for my liking
Emergent_OS: Nothing will beat a moment, when Cam fell down from the stairs in Blight Town in the Original Dark Souls.
AtomicAlchemical: Now you never have to do that specific crap again!
Zvkki: You ever play any Dark Souls?
Snowcookies: Cam has on stream
Intrepid_Colin: Soft cap at 30
Mister_Skittles: also, remember to just dump the reset of your echos into vials
Ferisar: you will need to drop all of the fire gems for it to apply
phageangel: vitality 30 endurance at 40
Notbri: When Yahar'gul gets you down, have tea with the doll
Milocw: unequip the other fire gem to see bolt damage
Tom_Bruise: The choice is yours; a level and chores, or no level and no chores
RedShiftLive: you have cold blood dew
doubleayrun: what does soft cap mean in this instance?
Zvkki: Just wanted to stop in and say hey! Gonna get back to my DS stream. Praise be to the old blood. Have fun!
Notbri: Is the One Reborn an optional boss?
Ferisar: the benefits per level get reduced @doubleayrun
TXC2: doubleayrun the returns on leveling up slow down
Kraest: @Notbri Nope
shurtal: I've unfortunately trained myself to only play big beefy swords in Souls-and-SoulsLike games (and i really like the dodge and hit hard gameplay those weapons require). One of these days i'll play a caster. One of these days.....
averythetiger: I'm not upset, and I'm not trying aggravate anybody, but I disagree with the general opinion here and I wanted to say so. It is okay to think I am wrong. I quite like Cameron, and he is doing a fine job making his way through.
doubleayrun: Oh, that makes sense. Thanks!
Ferisar: for the bolt gem to cause bolt damage you need to get rid of the fire gems cam, just fyi
Ferisar: currently it's just sitting there
Ferisar: just making sure
RedShiftLive: oof sorry I must have missed that
Alness49: This "Rent" will of course, include Daddy's beer, because there is no way I'm getting through the week without MY comforts
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TXC2: Alness49 too real
Mister_Skittles: @averythetiger its fine and dandy saying your not meaning to doing a thing. but your doing it! read the room. if you disagree, maybe keep it to yourself till a discussion is being had
Luminaire_p: Hello, Cameron. unarmeHeart
TXC2: Hello Luminaire_p welcome
Luminaire_p: I'm doing alright!
Mister_Skittles: dats a cool emote
Luminaire_p: It's from Cameron's personal stream!
Jmonkey49: @averythetiger why do you think it's a good area or an area where you need to lower expectations if you're new to the area
Snowcookies: cleaning the streets of Yarnham
Brozard: unarmeHeart
Luminaire_p: I think that would look really good
simriel: unarmeHeart
theambivalentagender: Agreed
goodroundboy: strong agree
Mister_Skittles: I an see it. or a brouch
theambivalentagender: unarmeHeart
Orlantia: I would like a pin of the hell' heart emote
Mister_Skittles: then you can stream while you stream at stremaing
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kalateth: Bloodborne + LRR sub renewal = good time
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GhostValv: fair
TXC2: I mean we DO have a command for the homestreams :P
Brozard: I need a coffee heart pin, and hell's heart pin, and a BNF pin
PixelArtDragon: I'd like a pin of the lrrFINE emote
Malkaresh: Not really a pin guy myself, but it would look really sick.
lirazel64: Ethics. always getting in the way.
Luminaire_p: Don't mean to make you feel awkward. lumina1Heart
simriel: If you won't talk it up I will, Cam's home streams are great and you should come join in and hang out!
PixelArtDragon: All these talks of pins makes me remeber that I should get some pride pins
Luminaire_p: Brain things! That never happens to ANYONE.
TXC2: BIG FUCKING MOOD there Cameron
Luminaire_p: Certainly not to me for a solid week
hunkajunk: Ok so, here's the plan. I'm gonna slice up some zuchini super thin, then toss with a bit of salt and some avocado oil. Spread out on a baking sheet, then broil for like 5 minutes. Then gonna put some sshredded cheese on top and bake it for a bit longer on a much lower heat, probably about three fiddy
Ferisar: i forget, does the creepy girl replace the girl whose mother you were looking for now
phageangel: on the brightside ur like 3/4 of the way through
TXC2: "you're a good person" (My Brain) "but what if I'm not?"
Ferisar: it's a living
AtomicAlchemical: @TXC2 Yeah. Biggest, Evergreen Mood
Malkaresh: Behold my blood fields. They are barren.
Mister_Skittles: smll other question, does anyone know how to get upper ward? i cnanot remember
theambivalentagender: it's kinda like being told you can take food from someone's fridge without asking, but you still feel obligated to ask
kalateth: all this pin talk reminds me of an old one I had that simply read " A good day is when the shit hits the fan and I hae time to duck"
PixelArtDragon: It's not much, but it's honest work
Luminaire_p: "He's my blood bag!"
Brozard: @hunkajunk I waaaaaant that
Notbri: Cameron retires from streaming and opens a blood farm
Notbri: A mad max movie now would just be a live-stream'
TXC2: wow for the time we thought 2015 was bad year :P
TehAmelie: it was great yeah
phageangel: if 2015 is a tire fire what is 2020
Kraest: @Mister_Skittles Top of the tower to the right of the cathedral ward lamp
GhostValv: the sandstorm was amazing
phageangel: 20 car pile up fire?
MrCurrent: is this a blind playtrough?
TXC2: phageangel a literal, actual apocalypse
Tom_Bruise: @phageangel a giant furnace that burns tires
vouru: we cant even have a movie now in 2020... what a fricking year
goodroundboy: whoa
hunkajunk: Is it bad that I own Fury Road, and yet have never seen it
Orlantia: wow that would have been a treat
Luminaire_p: I still can't believe they're doing a Furiosa prequel movie without Charlize Theron
Ferisar: @hunkajunk just a bit
theambivalentagender: Dang its been five years since that movie
Tom_Bruise: @hunkajunk yes. Go watch it
phageangel: oh god ur right we cant even be saved by a madmax movie
simriel: Cam's home stream has mini painting and chill Destiny playing
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] So many people exhaled it had a smell.
LRRbot: New quote #7092: "So many people exhaled it had a smell." —Cameron [2020-08-03]
goodroundboy: i saw that movie twice in cinemas & immediately got a tattoo
Ferisar: huh
Ferisar: interesting, lol
doubleayrun: I had an experience like that watching Whiplash. I think everyone watching was holding their breath for the last 5 minutes
Luminaire_p: I think Furiosa's arm is a bit of a tip to that, but it's still not GREAT about it
Intrepid_Colin: That man had phasing
simriel: "used Popcorn" is something I didn't need in my life, thanks XD
Ferisar: just phased into a different dimension where swords didn't matter i guess
DoctorAddams: oh no, five years ago i was timed out by cam after decrying the Mad Max trailer whilst he was playing this...
MrCurrent: fury road would be better if it wasnt called mad max. He was barely in the movie just being a silent protaganist
phageangel: oh ya almost everywhere
Intrepid_Colin: He had a good reign
TXC2: so soon? AHAHAHA
phageangel: like half of an oko ban
SeiichiSin: Got banned?
Notbri: @MrCurrent That's every mad max movie
Namboto: I will dance on his grave
averythetiger: He will be... no, "missed" isn't the word...
floki4242: Wilderness Reclamation is the one I'm upset about
Tom_Bruise: Will he though? Will he really?
hunkajunk: But Cam. With 3Feri gone, you can play Finale of Promise again and cast ALL the spells again!
Jmonkey49: I never watched fury road on theater I just bought the Blu-ray
accountmadeforants: I still like how their excuse for not banning him sooner was that he was singlehandedly holding back Reclamation.
Alness49: Teferi: Funproof
PixelArtDragon: Hopefully, 3-feri will become cheap enough for me to make an Oathbreaker BW tempo deck
accountmadeforants: Yup :D
hunkajunk: They did!
Vyous: They sure did
theambivalentagender: lol yeah
Tom_Bruise: "your opponent is playing Hearthstone, but if you hit this button, you can play Super-Magic!"
TXC2: there sure was, it's been a shit show the last 2 years in stanard
Tom_Bruise: Yes, Temur just splashed white for T3feri
floki4242: sultai wildernest reclamation
phageangel: everything teferi helped stop was also being used to make it go
doubleayrun: my super sick Jund Teferi homebrew
averythetiger: I kinda hope color fixing in Standard gets much harder. Fewer rainbow nonsense decks.
storiers: "we've made a card that stops powerful blue strategies" "ah, so the card is in one of blue's enemy colors?" "no the card is also blue of course"
PixelArtDragon: "You were supposed to destroy the Reclamation decks, not become one of them!"
FinalShowFilms: So as a warning: The pigs have a new suit down here.
Tom_Bruise: I miss GRN/RNA standard
AtomicAlchemical: To be perfectly honest, the only Mad Max movie about Mad Max is the first one. Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome and Fury Road are all stories about other people that Max wanders into and acts as a catalyst to bring about a resolution.
MrCurrent: i dont like standard that much, i cant play my jank decks
TeiranDragon: whoops that's a big thing on the wall there
Mister_Skittles: i love how the amagdalas are just hanging out
Ferisar: amygdala just sitting there like :grimace:
distrustingspectator: i hope for a great mono white deck in standard within the next few years.
TXC2: Tom_Bruise right? Remember when Steamkin was the worse card to face? seems almost qaint now eh?
Malkaresh: What's better than a Bell Ringer? Bell Ringer + Dogs.
TXC2: Death from above!
PadawanTK16: Did your health bar get bigger or am I dumb
FinalShowFilms: Immediately to the left of the stairs
Malkaresh: Hiding on the left
FinalShowFilms: Down the stairs turn left
vouru: mtg makes me sad, im too poor for constructed/bad at it, and even worse and poor for drafting
Mister_Skittles: she is like below you
goodroundboy: god i hate being able to see the amygdalas
Alness49: "We just found this hole where Dogs just keep coming out of. It's concerning but this tarp will solve the problem entirely"
TXC2: vouru that's why I only play Arena free to play :P
Tom_Bruise: @TXC2 that or Teferi5 or Wildgrowth Walker, take your pick, but at least the distance between them was inches, not miles
vouru: the only format i could do was dollar store drafting with my wife
Mister_Skittles: playing... wait thats me
Kraest: Oh good, Cam hates me XD
PixelArtDragon: Wait a minute, these stairs look like they're from Anor Londo.
Ferisar: sorry we're all out of the 2/3ds gun
Ferisar: how about this peashooter
Luminaire_p: Nice timing!
Mister_Skittles: that man just ran on to your sword
Malkaresh: Is it a long list?
MrCurrent: he's just enjoying his right to bear arms
AtomicAlchemical: About to get one shorter
RedShiftLive: It was @Malkaresh
Ferisar: guy behind corner alert
vouru: @txc2 prob with mtga the match find means ether curb stomps for ether me or my opp never an even match
phageangel: would you settle for a single bullet from that gun sometimes as loot?
xer0r3x: I am finally getting into ds3!
TXC2: vouru fair point
simriel: Is one of your things to do today Trials :P
solemn_storm: this huge ass sword that also sets fires is great
Mister_Skittles: so this room sucks
j30000000: 3 hunters on the other side of that door
Ferisar: ta da
averythetiger: Oh jeez. The triple
Ferisar: it's uh... having a bad day
vouru: plus if you wanna draft you ether do it as a special treat once in a while or dish out dosh
Orlantia: I didn't realize there was a difficulty setting where enemies possessed the phasing ability.
MrCurrent: how far along is cam in the game? what is spoiler territory?
Jmonkey49: hunters
Jmonkey49: 3 of them
PixelArtDragon: So why do we fight the other hunters? Are we not their allies?
Robot_Bones: 2 hunters hiding
Shemerson: these guys are the worst
Tom_Bruise: they put a little bell on it and now it doesn't shine anymore
phageangel: like 3/4
TXC2: MrCurrent I think we're fairly far along
Ferisar: there are 3
FinalShowFilms: There's one on the right hand side of the right staircase
Ferisar: they all hurt
averythetiger: Pulling one is hard. Maybe impossible?
j30000000: down the stairs on the right
FinalShowFilms: You might be able to pull it alone?
MrCurrent: aight
TXC2: PixelArtDragon Hunters go crazy over time
RedShiftLive: please don't fight them just go left out of this building and around the church
vouru: this is gonna be... hard.
Mister_Skittles: one is down the stairs i tihnk
phageangel: ohh this room
j30000000: if you go down on the left you can sneak up behind him
Ferisar: haha wise choice
Kraest: You can cheese them by aggroing them and locking yourself in a jail cell
FinalShowFilms: Brace for new pig
Mister_Skittles: but they drop loot
goodroundboy: good call
j30000000: roger good call
Ferisar: normal things
MrCurrent: Yahargul is my favourite place, such nice music
averythetiger: We call that a "Dave"
j30000000: those hit like tanks be carefull
Orlantia: was that phalanx?
Alness49: Live and let die
Ferisar: yahargul had a remodeling
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Once you pop, you're full of cream.
Jmonkey49: skeletons in a chest
Mister_Skittles: a heratic on fire
Tom_Bruise: kill it
Invitare: a mistake
Milocw: human torch
ThatBoyf: A candle *obviously*
Earthenone: i have been watching on youtube so i am a bit behind, has cam caught up to the point he droped out at previously?
Jmonkey49: and they have projectiles
Mister_Skittles: that one is a wheel barrow ful of mistakes
phageangel: consuming abberation?
Jmonkey49: long distance projectiles
phageangel: is that u?
averythetiger: It's just one of those Full Metal Alchemist things.
hunkajunk: Ice is cool
TXC2: !findquote cool
LRRbot: Quote #2065: "That was cool, but not what you needed." —Paul [2016-03-09]
wildpeaks: chat is cool
Tom_Bruise: Sunglasses are cool, right?
phageangel: oh look more of them
wildpeaks: bowties
RobotInProgress: You're cool Cam :D
Gekyouryuu: a basilisk is cool
Ferisar: oh yeah! this works now
HalvariChan: Shortcut!
skuzzo: Big swords thrown over your shoulder are pretty cool.
Luminaire_p: "Accursed... SEXY... beast..."
HalvariChan: There's also a secret if you time a jump in the elevator
Jmonkey49: that's the glitch area
DoktorNik: Is that the sword sword?
Ferisar: it isn't a glitch area
Ferisar: just hidden
Ferisar: facing the way out at the bottom
Jmonkey49: no not elevator before
Invitare: Accursed beast? A great terror looms
1y1e: yay! we're helping!
wildpeaks: chat is helpful as always
Jmonkey49: this is not a glitch but it's new
averythetiger: The secret stop can make the boss run more.. bearable.
FinalShowFilms: Through the hot tub
kynelwynn: they are a bunch of skulls in a rough approximation of a pizza shape?
Jmonkey49: cuz it's a fun name
GapFiller: skull pizza is an evocative phrase
Ferisar: "huh water's warm"
MrCurrent: has cam gone to Cainhurst? its easy to miss
Jmonkey49: teleport
Alness49: Well that name is conjouring a mental image
HalvariChan: And now you're close to the worst boss in the game!
averythetiger: It defies explanation, but it fits.
Jmonkey49: @mrcurrent yes
MrCurrent: nice
v_nome: I only know I call them skull pizzas because I learned it from you.
FinalShowFilms: The hot tub also lets you skip MOST of this area
FinalShowFilms: And drops you off next to the boss room
Ferisar: the part of yarnham where all the speedrunners lived and died trying to clip through walls
averythetiger: I call them skiddly diddlies, but that from a different stream.
Malkaresh: I learned it from watching you!
Mister_Skittles: thats not true
Mister_Skittles: Kos is in the DLC
SeiichiSin: To shreds you say.
TXC2: to shreds you say
DoktorNik: man I platinumed this game ages ago and I don't think I ever explored this route
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: You must convert taxmen back into entertainers.
FinalShowFilms: Honestly I hate One Reborn way more than Kos
Jmonkey49: bad times down there
Tzeeeeentch: the worst boss is a bit after this one
HalvariChan: It's like that big armored dude bossfight in Demon's Souls, except poorly executed and 1000% more gross
Invitare: the worst boss in the game is the one that killed you last
Ferisar: this bath is a sort of fast track to the boss, btw, if you wanted to explore
Tzeeeeentch: fuck miccolash
averythetiger: Not anyone's favorite, I don't think.
Invitare: actually no it's Micolash
Malkaresh: Yeah Puzzle bosses are the worst.
Jmonkey49: the boss is fine and somewhat easy
Malkaresh: Micolash isn't hard. He's just the worst.
Jmonkey49: no you got all shortcuts
Mister_Skittles: sooo Cam... wanna see the moon have a baby?
Ferisar: behold the town of noclippers
kynelwynn: For all your frustrations, thank you for streaming, Cam. We <3 you and your efforts. And hey, you beat Rom and have gotten to the next phase of the game story. Next time go find out what's up with Eileen?
Snowcookies: Can the moon not?
Ferisar: they died like they lived
PixelArtDragon: @Malkaresh What do you mean? Bed of Chaos is a totally fair and balanced fight.
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TXC2: Mister_Skittles I saw that Doctor who episode, it was bad Kappa
Malkaresh: :D
Jmonkey49: Miccolash is just annoying especially with all the running
kalateth: I'd rather a puzzle boss then a boss that has a reset mechanic that puts the fight back to the start if you don't interupt it
Mister_Skittles: @TXC2 this is worse in every way
Tom_Bruise: Yon
Robot_Bones: Bed of Chaos is easy, dies in one hit Kappa
Ferisar: yeah if you want to explore this area is decently large
Tom_Bruise: Yonder, a pile of skeletons await
Ferisar: though quite spooky
Malkaresh: Oh they're awful
HalvariChan: Bellringers are in the boss arena
Mister_Skittles: its a kart of once people
averythetiger: One day, I'll learn the fire bomb trick to never fight the Bed legit ever again.
Tom_Bruise: The pile of skeletons spews blood. Ofcourse it does
Intrepid_Colin: I dub the Horrid Gushers
Intrepid_Colin: thee'
Shemerson: they like to shoot blood needles at you
Invitare: is that a chest its grown out of? Is this a mimic?
MrCurrent: look at that cute bundle of skulls
FinalShowFilms: The moon did horrible things to those pigs.
Alness49: Oh good, it's a giant meaty rail cannon
Jmonkey49: projectiles
Malkaresh: Mark home?
Jmonkey49: that cause frenzy
Malkaresh: Set up for boss run tomorrow?
wildpeaks: must be the thing from Inside
TXC2: "guns?" "no, arms of fire" "......shit"
PixelArtDragon: Who decided that a big pile of flesh and bones should have a firearm?!
averythetiger: More juicy than anybody wants them to be.
Invitare: when you have that many arms you might as well put a gun in one of them
FinalShowFilms: Also they're all extruding from chests. So here's your answer to where the mimics are, Cam
Shemerson: the ones in this area only do ranged attacks unless you approach them
Ferisar: haha
Ferisar: fair response
TXC2: is this want the founding fathers meant by right to bear arms? Kappa
Jmonkey49: it's not a fireare
wildpeaks: tentacles vs ball of arms
storiers: Bloodborne feels like a setting where if someone tells you something has firearms you have to stop and ask them if they have a gun or if their arms are constantly on fire
Jmonkey49: firearm it's vomit
Jmonkey49: frenzy vomit
PendelSteven: This reminds me a both of Ratchet & Clank, but you can have Mr. Zurkon or whatever you have so you don't have to shoot
PendelSteven: the turret gun was fun for example
vouru: perhaps an impromtu coffee break?
Mister_Skittles: it proboably involes blood in this game
phageangel: might be firing arms
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Orlantia: tea break
j30000000: good progression today frustrating but good nioce nioce
phageangel: not exactly sure what its firing
Orlantia: tea break with laudanum
Luminaire_p: Thank you for the stream. :)
TXC2: We beat a boss today
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
averythetiger: In a world where we're shooting mercury filled with our blood, what IS a firearm?
Mushbie: Thanks for the stream Cam
PendelSteven: Again though, R&C could be described as a happy sci-fi 3rd person shooter
Malkaresh: Yeah nice progress! Rom's down.
TeiranDragon: Thank you so much for the stream Cam.
ArrestedHouse: some progress SeemsGood
Snowcookies: Thanks for the strems!
Ferisar: yeah it's fairly stackable
TehAmelie: we certainly went places
Malkaresh: No cap on arcane I think?
kynelwynn: I always thought the caps in this game were 40/60
Jmonkey49: @storiers they're are enemies with actual fire arms or arms on fire in the chalice dungeons
GapFiller: thanks for streaming Cam lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
AtomicAlchemical: Thanks for streaming Cam!
PendelSteven: So I guess you could say I like happy games
vouru: thank you for the stream cam!
TXC2: thanks for streaming Cameron
PendelSteven: Thanks for streaming
Jmonkey49: yes arcane scales the best
Malkaresh: My arcane build is at 50 and it shows.
vmob: thank you for streaming
vouru: tools scale s with arcane zll the way to 99
PendelSteven: Still doesn't explain why I like xcom, that is a bit of a mystery to me
PendelSteven: maybe 'cause it's sci-fi
Ferisar: i think it has a sort of soft cap but it keeps scaling spell items so it doesn't really get bad
j30000000: thanks for the stream cam it was fun!
Jmonkey49: good stream Cam cya
Orlantia: thanks for the stream, Cam.
PendelSteven: and hey, xcom is not easy
PendelSteven: apparently
PendelSteven: that is what I hear at least
PendelSteven: playing Legacy Magic helps, I suppose
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Jeremy returns to the GM seat to welcome Ian, Matthew and Andy back to A Rasp of Sand! This week, The Finale!) at Mon 06:00 PM PDT (3:51 from now).
PendelSteven: Thanks for streaming!
PendelSteven: Bye bye
TXC2: !events
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Malkaresh: Thanks Cam!
Ferisar: the reborn yeah
simriel: Go home, play Trials :P
Tom_Bruise: The pile of skeletons, yes
Ferisar: mm you climb to kill the adds who heal it
Ferisar: i think you can plunge it? i forget
Ferisar: sorta kinda, you can just bunk it very hard but it can get annoying if you lose pressure
krfsm: she looks disappointed
Ferisar: bonk* even
Zaraka00: :{ face
thrythlind: cheer300 btw, your playthrough is giving me some thoughts for a Scion 2e game I'm prepping to start in a month or two....
krfsm: I think you can buy them from the Insight Shoppe by now
krfsm: not 100% sure
Ferisar: nah not yet
Ferisar: i wanna say chunks are after one reborn
Ferisar: either that or micolash cage
TXC2: !events
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krfsm: one reborn yeah
kynelwynn: Brain, brain brain is a hell of a game
TXC2: "Brain brain what is brain?"
GapFiller: Brian?
Ferisar: quarantine is getting to the moon
kynelwynn: in one ending? yes
ArrestedHouse: bloodborne: majora's mask
Luminaire_p: Fuzzy Moon sounds like a cover band
krfsm: don't worry about it, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about
MrCurrent: moon is not suspiscious Kappa Kappa
GapFiller: Three Days Remain
Ferisar: oh the broccoli head thing?
Ferisar: it's pretty sweet
krfsm: yes
vouru: moocian
Zaraka00: lunite
krfsm: or selenite
krfsm: I guess
ThatBoyf: Lunari
krfsm: depending on which root you go for
friendtrain: Mooninite
iris_of_ether: I think lunarian gets used in Planetes
TheAudiovore: has Can been gathering the umbilicals?
TheAudiovore: *Cam
krfsm: "soiled"
kynelwynn: *squint*
Luminaire_p: Earther, King of the Britons
kynelwynn: Earthican?
krfsm: the soiled ones
TXC2: I like Taerrans
SirMorek: Yes, please
simriel: But we Belta Loada!
SirMorek: Subscribe to Earther facts
krfsm: because there's soil everywhere, geddit, geddit
Vyous: Gian perhapse?
Ferisar: earther, the children's tv show
thrythlind: Terran is good
TehAmelie: especially ugly if you precede it with "flat"
Earthenone: you rang?
thrythlind: Gaian maybe
Earthenone: :P
simriel: I think its MEANT to be ugly the way belters say it?
Alness49: Earther sounds like it was written by a smart person who thinks everyone else is stupid
vouru: i mean there is earthling?
TXC2: when are we renaming Earth Holy Terra? Kappa
kynelwynn: Bye!
Luminaire_p: Okay bye!
Ferisar: lol, thanks for the stream
SirMorek: Petition to rename earth to "Human Prime"
vouru: lol bye
ArrestedHouse: bye cam!
TXC2: !patreon
GapFiller: bai Cam lrrCAMERON see yr later lrrHEART
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TXC2: Goodnight evrybody
TehAmelie: today i learned the best new term in ages, "low-hanging morals"
Jean_Jacques_EB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Dice Friends (Jeremy returns to the GM seat to welcome Ian, Matthew and Andy back to A Rasp of Sand! This week, The Finale!) at Mon 06:00 PM PDT (3:43 from now).
TehAmelie: it suggests a class of morals we embrace just because it's easy, as well as stuff you have to work for