TehAmelie: i hope chat has a filling and nutritious day
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cameron takes over the Play it Forward crown to do what he could, beat Bloodborne! Game: Bloodborne) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (9m from now).
GapFiller: TehAmelie if by filing and nutritious yr mean caning From Rewatch W/ Love then yes day has been that
Crad0k: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Play it Forward (Cameron takes over the Play it Forward crown to do what he could, beat Bloodborne! Game: Bloodborne) at Wed 11:00 AM PDT (6m from now).
TehAmelie: sounds good
TXC2: Hello Everybody
Earthenone: sanguine salutations txc2
TXC2: hi Earthenone
TXC2: Nah Cameron Crank that shit up!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Human beings in a mob | What's a mob to a king? | What's a king to a parry god? | What's a parry god to the hitboxes in this game | http://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EerOfgdUYAANkSp.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1291071560715886593
Snowcookies: Hi Chat
TXC2: hello Snowcookies welcome
Leonhart321: What is a hitbox to a sword the size of a car?
PharaohBender27: Sanguine salutations! PrideWave
ArrestedHouse: ready for more hunt lrrCAMERON
PharaohBender27: I missed a lot of Monday's stream - was it mostly just DLC stuff?
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Manae: I think I would enjoy seeing Cam play through some MHW. That's another game that can vary from hitbox porn to hitbox rage in a matter of seconds
lirazel64: Wheee?
TXC2: Hello PharaohBender27 no, we beat Rom
Leonhart321: When I checked out, we just beaten Rom and made a start in Burgerworth
lirazel64: Don't really like watching Cam be IRL miserable...
GapFiller: Manae sweird actually dont recall seeing much hitbox porn so far this playthru
GlennSeto: I watched the last VOD and that section with the Amygdala laser was as much bullshit as I remember.
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hello everyone, hope you are well
TXC2: Hello nick_tamer_readinfrench welcome
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NovaTiempo: Evening all o/
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GlennSeto: Hello @TXC2, how are you?
TXC2: lirazel64 if this game actualy made Cameron Miserable he wouldn't play it
prof_membrane: Amygdala Laser?
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garion99: 5 months already? whut whut
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TXC2: GlennSeto I'm fine, how are you?
Rain2123: hello everybody lrrHEART
Manae: @GapFiller It's not been flashy when it happens, so it's easy to ignore over parries
TXC2: Hello Rain2123 welcome
GlennSeto: I'm good, thank you.
lirazel64: @txc2 I sure hope not.
Leonhart321: If it doesn't make him miserable, it certainly makes him despair at the mechanics
Altoguy16499: yar'ghoul after Rom is such BS it's not funny is what I learned from the last vod
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TXC2: here we GO!
GapFiller: Prepa-
TehAmelie: ahoy
TXC2: Hello Cameron
NovaTiempo: *sip*
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hello Cam, I hope you've been well! Let's go blood the blood :)
PharaohBender27: Coffee too hot?
Snowcookies: Hi Cam
GapFiller: good evening Cam lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
NojhLivic: Hello!
GlennSeto: @Altoguy16499 The last bit before the lantern is hot garbage.
the_beardzilla: Sevcon is always a good way to start the watching.
GirlPainting: critroleFire critroleFire critroleFire critroleFire
NojhLivic: Stream seem quiet to anyone else?
ArrestedHouse: hey cam lrrCAMERON
GapFiller: ohhh them too hot coffee feels
ArrestedHouse: sounds right for bloodborne
theleerm: yum
GlennSeto: If it's not the caffeine that wakes you up...
Leonhart321: Well, finished my overlays for my own streams and failed at finding Dittos in Pokemon
garion99: is that a good thing?
GirlPainting: just think of it as an estus flask Cameron ^^
Snowcookies: is coffee ok?
Kraest: I'm feeling. I think that's enough for today. lol
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Gamify your trash.
GapFiller: too hot coffee feels esp good when yr behind the wheel pullin outta the services back onto the motorway
ReynardWrecca: Well good evening everyone. I'm now five months jobliess, and running out of rent money and a wee bit scared, so I'm VERY pleased to have a Cam to gave upon. Also, if anyone has any good vibes to spare, throw them at Yorkshire please.
Leonhart321: Exceedingly hot coffee from coffee places is why I stick to cold brew
Invitare: You can do well today Cam, I can feel it. I just beat Sister Freide first try, it is a lucky day
GlennSeto: Cam, I watched the last VOD and you have my utmost respect for staying as calm as you did.
TXC2: Hello ReynardWrecca lrrHEART
NathanJay_GA: So, what's "The Story So Far"?
Invitare: now to be fair I had two phantoms but I'm bad at games
PharaohBender27: @ReynardWrecca lrrHEART katesHug2
GirlPainting: sad to hear that ReynardWrecca
Invitare: Sunlight Spear
Altoguy16499: fire is good against beasts, bolt is good against old ones
GlennSeto: Was bolt the thing Kin are weak against?
ReynardWrecca: Thanks @TXC2, @PharaohBender27, @GirlPainting :-)
GlennSeto: Kin are ostensibly not Old Ones but mutated humans (including Rom).
GirlPainting: ReynardWrecca where do you live? any sotial securety in place?
GlennSeto: Maybe softcap Health and Stamina before the Nightmare?
theleerm: you got the boomhammer or can buy the katana if you really wan t
Altoguy16499: you can probably beat Ludwig. it might just be running against a brick wall
Milocw: the next bell and ludwig were just behind the two giants who killed you
Leonhart321: You can try, but that's a wall I've yet to beat myself
GlennSeto: Well, 2x4 levels... but yeah, pretty expensive at this point.
ReynardWrecca: @GirlPainting - Yorkshire in UK, got some limited unemployment benefit, but my wife is pregnanr and we both work in theatre (which means we're don't currently work and won't be able to until 2021), so it's not enough to cover everything, even in Finance Famine Lockdown Mode.
Leonhart321: Healing near death is good.....but if everything two shots you anyway?
GlennSeto: The One Reborn should be entirely doable.
Milocw: bolt fire second weakness
Malkaresh: Hello Cam and Chat
TXC2: hello Malkaresh welcome
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Type_One___: :-)
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Milocw: yes
PyroWulf: Oooh, am I cathing Play it Forward LIVE for once?
Nefasine: You could pick up the tontus before the boss fight (if you haven't already) for easy lightning access
TXC2: hello PyroWulf welcome
Robot_Bones: he has it and used it to Doom the everloving heck out of Rom
Robot_Bones: oh and he just said that LUL
EvilBadman: Depends on the resists. ;)
PyroWulf: I've got Tinnitrus, the ringing in my ear sucks.
Nefasine: sweet, haven't been following. keep up the good work then hunter
Robot_Bones: Same Pyro Same :(
Milocw: 3% difference in defence
idavise: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 13:23.
Ferisar: you can get it into a stagger state by hitting it a lot
Invitare: I think it's like a leggier Rotton
Robot_Bones: it is a large Pile
Ferisar: it technically has the limb mechanic but it has like a billion limbs; no parries no
Malkaresh: This is a bad summon. He usually dies quickly so all he does is raise One Reborns health.
PharaohBender27: That's a huge moon
Nefasine: the adds are a pain solo
PyroWulf: I appreciate this weapon because it's a sword that becomes a bigger sword.
jonasjonIV: the seems bad
GlennSeto: It's basicially the Tower Knight fight from Demon's Souls.
ArrestedHouse: totally normal
JosephDeath: First time I beat this guy I didn't realize you could run up and murder all the jerks throwing fireballs at me...
Manae: squishy
EvilBadman: Ya done got me playing again, Cameron. I've never ARC built, so we're doing that and downed Witches last night
TXC2: Grade A nope here
CAKHost: Ew
GlennSeto: And it dies on inpact.
I_Am_Clockwork: The darksign?
GlennSeto: *impact
I_Am_Clockwork: Glorp
Kraest: That man certainly is 53 corpses
Leonhart321: @PharaohBender27 That's no Star Wars reference
theleerm: gross
Invitare: how can this be a "Great OLD one" when it was just reborn?
Invitare: surely it's new?
PyroWulf: It's fiiiine, don't worry about it.
nick_tamer_readinfrench: That's a big Skull Pizza
PyroWulf: Continue not worrying about it.
Ferisar: yeah, they heal the boss
EvilBadman: Pocket worms are super fun :D
Invitare: oh that's not very big
Invitare: I thought it'd be bigger
Ferisar: yeah he staggers real easy with the billion legs
wildpeaks: more legs than expected
TXC2: Gaping Dragon?
jonasjonIV: gaping...dragon?
wildpeaks: that is entirely too many legs and mouths
ReynardWrecca: Grumping Dragon
BrindleBoar: Gaping Dragon, Moist Tiger
Ferisar: you can but you have to pressure against the heal pretty hard
TXC2: BrindleBoar !sir
Kazman20a: yes they are
TXC2: this guy is doing the jitterbug Kappa
BrindleBoar: yeah I was aiming for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, didn't really work
STALKERsoldiers: so uh... what in the heck is this thing>
STALKERsoldiers: ?
I_Am_Clockwork: Yup adds heal
PyroWulf: I don't know why but Soulsborne games, awesome as they are, always make me want to reinstall Dragon's Dogma
Ferisar: hah
ReynardWrecca: @TXC2 Does he put the boom-boom into your heart?
EvilBadman: Gloves could help with the adds? I forget how far they track
Ferisar: i think you live here now
Robot_Bones: LUL
TXC2: ReynardWrecca he puts the acid reflux in my heart :P
Snowcookies: Can "what a healthy boy and so full of organs" be a quote please
GlennSeto: Take the win.
Bradway1: Body blocked the AOE I guess
Ferisar: it's very close to an instant kill but its range is not close enough to the tail
wildpeaks: don't jinx it
jonasjonIV: you just got gud
PyroWulf: I think it's an Invader Zim quote
Kazman20a: it spits and the spit stays on the ground. that damages you if you stand in it
Ferisar: lol, nice
Malkaresh: Damn. Cam making this boss look easy without killing the adds
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> This week on Dice Friends: | The truth of the sunken temple is revealed, Krankor's family history is laid bare and the heirs grapple with the paradox of extremely un-shrimpy shrimp. | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7O7xV2WirM || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1291076389517398016
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Good job Cam :)
Ferisar: easy fight dot com
ArrestedHouse: lrrHORN
Invitare: First Try
doubleayrun: whoohoo
wildpeaks: noice
Robot_Bones: Ez money
ReynardWrecca: @TXC2 Ironically, 'Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go' also gives me acid reflux.
ashteranic: that seemed suspiciously easy
Uzumaki15: Easy game for babies?
Malkaresh: EZ game Ez life
Ferisar: nah you did fine
Invitare: time for Blackflame One Reborn
Banrael: benginTry
NathanJay_GA: We'll take it!
GlennSeto: He can be a pain if you overthink it.
niccus: everywhere is probably a tail cut, there's totally a lot of pelvises in any pile of bodies
Ferisar: nope
idavise: !commands
RocknGrohlNerd: Cam is activly gaming
wildpeaks: could it be.. you got gud ?
I_Am_Clockwork: So yeah. I never got why this corpse pile exists, lore wise
PyroWulf: Cam got extra gud
Ferisar: he has limbs everywhere so all hits contribute to knocking him down, your weapon is good, and the big red AoE can't reach the tail bit
theleerm: have you considered that your a real gamer?
wildpeaks: turns out R1 was the secret all along
Ferisar: also yeah you're one whole gamer
floki4242: I just kept crawling and it just kept working
Obsolete2885: lol
niccus: no you're just gaming
Robot_Bones: That's Dark Souls. Wait...
Kazman20a: no, you are just that strong against it
GlennSeto: @I_Am_Clockwork I think humans wanted to make their own Old One with blackjack and hookers and ... it went poorly.
ReynardWrecca: The R1 buttpoke is generally the right call.
Ferisar: the area behind him has a bunch of stuff still if you want to explore it, the bath is kind of a shortcut to the boss
EvilBadman: This is just a roguelike and you'll get bodied by a trash mob now
TimeToFry: !quote R1
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Altoguy16499: honestly, I think that's probably one of the easier bosses in the game overall. the real danger is the adds....but you can murder them easy
TXC2: !findquote r1
LRRbot: Quote #2317: "That guy isn't actually that scary, you just stay behind him. You stay behind him and mash R1. Just like every other thing in these lrrEFF ing games. You just stay behind it and mash R1. And then you tell other people to git gud. That's how this game works. Stand behind it, mash R1, go to other people's chats, tell them to git gud. I think I've got it now." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
RocknGrohlNerd: oh you smacked that boy gud. let the pray wash over you :)
wildpeaks: and just like that, the R1 quote was summoned
krfsm: time for Micolash Cage?
Snowcookies: Everyone's weak in the butt
EvilBadman: Ah, the heady days of early 2016. A safer world.
Leonhart321: I mean, when a quote is appropriate, it is appropriate
Ferisar: oh yeah and you can buy chunks from insight now
wildpeaks: a fine cup of coffee/tea ?
TXC2: EvilBadman when only 2 famous people had died :p
EvilBadman: only 2 famous people ever?
EvilBadman: Good numbers
wildpeaks: keeping skin is OP in this meta
PharaohBender27: @EvilBadman Eh, 2016 had its own host of issues. @TXC2 Really? Thought it had been more already by then
theleerm: just dont have skin, thats my solution
lirazel64: Cam, look at Smallflower.com
MeLikeSmallMatters: smelling nice is important
EvilBadman: @PharaohBender27 A larger one reared its head ended of 16
TangleTrail: I use a shaving oil, 3 drop into damp palms rub, shave. smells faintly of sandalwood
accountmadeforants: I don't think I've ever had bad shaving soap, so it's probably fine to go with whatever anyone's willing to recommend.
TXC2: PharaohBender27 my memories of the last epoch of time are fuzzy at best :p
PyroWulf: No, no, you can buy CHONKS.
MeLikeSmallMatters: deodorant comes in bars?!
Ferisar: stonks
Invitare: is it 40 you need for everything?
lirazel64: They're a holistic pharmacy
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: Bricks?
TXC2: MeLikeSmallMatters yes, it's called soap Kappa
Qooroo: Where does one buy deoderant bars? I've searched unsuccessfully.
quasi79fu: hi chat..im excited Pummel Party Tonight and soem Bloodborne..Day will be epic...so Sanguine Salutations
PharaohBender27: @EvilBadman Yeah but the seeds of that larger problem were already planted and beginning to sprout by early 2016
EvilBadman: trooo
Ferisar: does your sword have a bolt gem in it still?
lirazel64: Lots of nice stuff.
TXC2: hello quasi79fu welcome
Altoguy16499: I thought you were able to see all the weird stuff one red moon? is it still actually required for some weird stuff?
PyroWulf: Seeing the cool weird stuff is the best part of high insight
MeLikeSmallMatters: @txc2 i don't use that, I bathe in pure minerals, just rub rocks everywhichwhere
nick_tamer_readinfrench: How do you get the moonlit sword?
TXC2: MeLikeSmallMatters such decadence Kappa
Ferisar: @nick_tamer_readinfrench gotta kill the first boss of the DLC
MeLikeSmallMatters: @txc2 thsnk you amazonBlasting
nick_tamer_readinfrench: @Ferisar thanks
Nefasine: use the ones that make the numbers biggest
monosceros: good time of day, friends PrideWave
Critterbot: Sure?
Ferisar: you can explore upper cathedral ward or go past reborn
TangleTrail: RE: shaving you might want to try "Total Shaving Solution II" it's a shaving oil, readily available on Amazon. I've been using it for years
Orlantia: re: shaving soap; may I recommend the brand "lather and wood"
TXC2: hello monosceros welcome
monosceros: ty txc <3
Manae: Stream canceled, shaving soaps to browse
krfsm: upper cathedral ward might be better, that's where we find Call Beyond, and the boss blocking it is a SCRUB
Ferisar: oh yeah call beyond is pretty sick
GirlPainting: are you shave with soap, cream, gel, or foam cameron?
idavise: !yay
LRRbot: Yaaaaaaaay...
MeLikeSmallMatters: wonder if I can find facial shaving stuff for my transfemme faceplace
GirlPainting: hmmmkai
krfsm: do you have the key to the upper cathedral ward?
Ferisar: yeah she's next to amelia's church
TXC2: I used to shave with just water, no soap or form or anything :P
TehAmelie: i believe if you falsely claim to have gone to Eton the headmaster is legally allowed to beat you
GlennSeto: Do you have poison knifes left?
PyroWulf: I use Harry's shaving gel for my actual shaving. It's simple, but I love it. My beard oil is where I pamper myself
PenguinMortified: helping eileen is such a bother
Leonhart321: If you do go to help Eileen, be prepared for Dark Souls level PvP
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Something tells me you often had very irritated skin
quasi79fu: you shave with soap/ i use shaving cream..is shaving cream different then soap?
GirlPainting: what smells do you prefer? maskulin smells, or flowery, or fruity smells?
I_Am_Clockwork: I always had a really hard time fighting the Bloody Crow
Orlantia: are you a silvertip brush user?
krfsm: there's just one, but he's a JERK
Leonhart321: Yes
GapFiller: yrs truly here shaves w/ a ladies leg shaver
GlennSeto: And backstabbed from 5 feet away.
GapFiller: inadequate perhaps but hey it does the job
Ferisar: nah just one, though eileen can't die during it/isn't helping you
TXC2: PharaohBender27 not really no, my skin seems to be made of Kevlar :P
quasi79fu: Old Spice?
Tom_Bruise: Later's good...
MeLikeSmallMatters: New spice
nick_tamer_readinfrench: You're at the prime of your life Cam
Leonhart321: I use a sensitive skin foam off the shelf
I_Am_Clockwork: The old ones are coming and everyone has the big sands
Ferisar: big brain
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quasi79fu: they sound creeepy
MeLikeSmallMatters: Gesundheit whom sneezed
Malkaresh: Not yet
Altoguy16499: I love that rye characters in the chapel slowly go insane over the course of the game
quasi79fu: blesss you whoever is sneezing offf camera
Snowcookies: plz no babies
Orlantia: I mean there isn't NOT a baby
Milocw: yes
Zaghrog: Rom's body has one
TangleTrail: Iosefka
Altoguy16499: one is from Iosefka I believe
GlennSeto: You can go to the hospital again.
EvilBadman: (there's actually four thirds)
Ferisar: uhhh you can get one froooom fakesefka and one later from the lady in red in here
Invitare: one is from that lady in the red? dress
Robot_Bones: iosfka, and the red dress lady
Milocw: the "lady" in the red dress will have one later
TangleTrail: we can go see Iosefka now to get one
Altoguy16499: also, one from the wet nurse later iirc
Robot_Bones: arianna
Ferisar: there's no cord from rom
I_Am_Clockwork: No cord from rom
EvilBadman: Not rom, different endgame boss
Ferisar: there's 4 total, two from NPCs, one from abandoned workshop, and one from wet nurse
Snowcookies: Chat is giving contradicting statments
quasi79fu: I have questions
Malkaresh: But yeah you can get Iosefka's now
krfsm: Fauxefa, Arianna once her questline completes, in the Workshop, and after Mergo's Wet Nurse
quasi79fu: Why are we hunting Umbilical Cords?
EvilBadman: ^
PharaohBender27: katesCry
idavise: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
Invitare: not Umbilical Cords
Robot_Bones: they are tasty treats
I_Am_Clockwork: Their for the “good” ending
Snowcookies: For the ending
TXC2: quasi79fu they unlock the true ending
Invitare: thirds of Umbilical Cords
GirlPainting: how about Suavecito Premium Blends Lavender Shave Soap 99 g
quasi79fu: Oh ok thnks Txc
Ferisar: yeah she's
Ferisar: a friend
Ferisar: " " now
Tom_Bruise: a good good friend
Robot_Bones: "Friend"
Milocw: the "lady" in red has one later
TangleTrail: she can be not hostile, and then you stab her for cord
Malkaresh: Not a friend, but she's non hostile
EvilBadman: There's 4 total in game as a couple are "missable"
Tom_Bruise: in the biggest quotation marks Microsoft Word offers
Altoguy16499: I think at this point, if you go in the back way to the clinic, she wont attack you
Ferisar: you can go visit her if you like, i think she's done with her experiment now
Ferisar: i forget if it's after one reborn or micolash
Kazman20a: you mean the fake one..
quasi79fu: What experiment was Iofeska doing?
quasi79fu: Do I even want to know?
Ferisar: you probably don't no
quasi79fu: D
I_Am_Clockwork: It involves giving people seabatBRAIN
Invitare: she's trying to make a god
quasi79fu: XD
quasi79fu: Ooooh
Laserbeaks_Fury: IIRC she was trying to birth an old one
Milocw: lofeska wanted to become a great one
Orlantia: @quasi79fu mind expansion
TangleTrail: @quasi79fu old one communion/creation
accountmadeforants: Iosefka wants that seabatBRAIN
quasi79fu tries to expand his mind and falls over dead
Ferisar: oh this one is fun
I_Am_Clockwork: Well, this iosefka does. The imposter
Milocw: lightning bolt
Ferisar: it's a lightning wave thing
Snowcookies: Giving birth to an eldritch god sounds tough
GirlPainting: so cameron, how much are you willing to pay for the soap? 10$, 20$, 50$ 150$?
nick_tamer_readinfrench: It brings all the blue sparks to the yard
quasi79fu has a headache now from trying to expand his mind
Malkaresh: You can buy posion knives after you get the hunter badge from Upper Cathedral
Leonhart321: If wee going the poison route, do we have poison gems?
GirlPainting: so lets say 30?
PharaohBender27: @Snowcookies I mean, if birthing an eldritch god were easy, it would kind of cheapen the whole thing, wouldn't it?
quasi79fu: wait a shaving cream out there costs nearly 2000 dolllars for it?
plummeting_sloth: "Not 150 dollars" *puts away diamond soap*
GirlPainting: how about "TRUEFITT & HILL Sandalwood Luxury Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl Sandalwood Luxury Shaving Soap
quasi79fu: What does that shaving cream have in it? Gold> Crushed Pearls?
TXC2: a $2000 shaving kit better make me never grow facial hair again :p
GirlPainting: 26,95€
Laserbeaks_Fury: Don't want to abrade your keyboard when you roll your face on it
TehAmelie: i'll be honest, all i know about Eton i learned from The Invisibles
plummeting_sloth: Made by real Eton students! Well, the servants of Eton college students
Ferisar: oh yeah all the bagmen are now dead
KidAmn: They were our FRIENDS, Cam.
quasi79fu: where are alll the monsters?
accountmadeforants: I still see a monster: it's you. Man. The monster is man.
Ferisar: there's now flesh werewolves all over yahar'gul
PharaohBender27: Does the "Eton College collection" make you an insufferable English snob? Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: Looks like they were late for the staff meeting Kappa
Manae: Careful what you wish for, @TXC2 . My dad had a nice, bushy beard. I inherited the genes from my mom's side where one uncle hasn't shaved his entire life
I_Am_Clockwork: That lantern is now full of eyeballs D:
GirlPainting: This shaving soap in a noble wooden jar from the Sandalwood series by Truefitt & Hill is known for its almost royal-British quality. When used, an invigorating and delicate foam is formed on the face skin in no time, which enables a very precise and gentle shave.The skin-soothing and moisturizing composition meets the characteristic combination of tangy and tart fragrances for the sandalwood series. The Shaving Soap comes in a polished wooden crucible, for which we offer the right refill packs.
PharaohBender27 sees what @Laserbeaks_Fury did there
TXC2: Manae touché
TangleTrail: Okay did some digging you can buy poison knives after getting the "Cosmic Eye Watcher" badge. Apparently it's in upper cathedral ward?
Intrepid_Colin: The evolved form of snob
prof_membrane: ‘I crashed it, Man. It seemed the prudent thing to do.”
Invitare: you're not rich enough
garion99: then you could have your own Barony
accountmadeforants: "Crucible"
plummeting_sloth: you'll really need to up your tweed game then
quasi79fu: when i grow a beard i loook like a Homelesss person
plummeting_sloth: oh, a crucibe. Handing for grinding chemicals when the soaps all done
Manae: I still have to shave to not look grungy, but if I let it go a week it doesn't look any different if I ignore it for two months
PharaohBender27: @Invitare A lot of money isn't strictly required for English snobbery - a "lineage" and an extreme sense of entitlement are probably enough
quasi79fu: hi s lantern can send out fireballls? How?
I_Am_Clockwork: Agriculture
Malkaresh: wat
I_Am_Clockwork: Wow autocorrect
plummeting_sloth: man, when that guy finds teh wheat that scythe was made for we're gonna have some giant bread
I_Am_Clockwork: Magic
quasi79fu: oh i like the glowy scythe
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Game robbed that visceral
TangleTrail: @quasi79fu it's lined with eyes
quasi79fu: ewwww
krfsm: @PharaohBender27 and an awareness of one's place at the top of the social ladder
BrindleBoar: something something health taxation
Altoguy16499: fist goes in healthpack comes out
PharaohBender27: @I_Am_Clockwork Wait "Magic" got autocorrected as "Agriculture"? Does your keyboard or phone thing farming is sorcery?
GirlPainting: so the Truefitt & Hill Soap has a 4.5 star rating from 46 revievers
quasi79fu: My place on the social ladder is at the botttom..lifting others up
I_Am_Clockwork: Shhh he sleepin’
Ace__of__Hearts: him a big boy
exerus16: Did he just start the DLC?
PharaohBender27: @krfsm Of course
GirlPainting: sure
TXC2: exerus16 he has yes
exerus16: cool
Invitare: this isn't the DLC though
prof_membrane: Basically fantasy Batman.
Invitare: this is just the Blood Moon
I_Am_Clockwork: @exerus16 this isn’t dlc, but he’s done a bit of exploring in the dlc zone
quasi79fu: i think that person is dying
GirlPainting: whats the command for a pm again? ^^
exerus16: Oh yeah, the stream ttitle says Old Hunters tho
jonasjonIV: no
quasi79fu: what thing?
GirlPainting: twitter....right....ööhhm....
TXC2: oh fuck
ReynardWrecca: I think the spookiest thing that could happen in a Soulsy game is if you approached a boss and instead of 'Elichach, High Priest of Pain and Spikey Things' or 'The Foresaken Abyss of Sorrow', it was just called, like, 'Steve' or 'Jackie' or some such. THAT ONE you'd approach with trepidation.
GlennSeto: Alt+F4
CamelAttack: Welp shes dead
Invitare: pres Alt F- too late
idavise: Noooo
Altoguy16499: whelp
GlennSeto: power button
PharaohBender27: OH SHIT
Orgmastron: NotLikeThis
Milocw: ah buttons
exerus16: oops
Tom_Bruise: does... does this mean we have to start over?
I_Am_Clockwork: Eff
quasi79fu: uhh cam
Snowcookies: shit
GapFiller: well piss
quasi79fu: you murdered them
StephenJM81: ALT F4!
Rhynerd: Dangit, game!
Orlantia: can you reload?
jonasjonIV: f
quasi79fu: WHYYYY
NathanJay_GA: the worst "oopsie"
I_Am_Clockwork: Rip o7
MeLikeSmallMatters: reload quickly
PharaohBender27: Did we just brick our game?
sterlingsojourner: Nooooooooooooooo
AtomicAlchemical: game. why?
KidAmn: r-r-r-retcon
EvilBadman: crash the game hope it didn't save
Robot_Bones: And paving the save
Invitare: I think it autosaved, you've got to be quick
exerus16: I don't think a souls game will let ou reset like that
Milocw: can't wait till controllers are replaced with thought devices eh
Critterbot: Wha...what happen?
Brozard: I just missed it, what happened?
Kazman20a: well that was the eaisest fight I everhad withher
Altoguy16499: didnt you make a joke about doing that to the doll at one point?
KidAmn: Cam accidentally booped.
krfsm: you still get her stuff IIRC
PharaohBender27: @Critterbot It looks like the wrong button got pushed and Thomasina wasted an innocent
Tom_Bruise: loss of progress c'mon boys
TangleTrail: pray
TXC2: fingers crossed everybody
Robot_Bones: a stiff breeze hit the attack button
ThatOverKillGuy: i just got here what happened?
exerus16: She was diying anyway, still sucks
PadawanTK16: Hi, what happened, I just og there
Invitare: yeah in DS3 I've got "talk" as attack, and "leave conversation" as off-hand attack
PadawanTK16: got here
Manae: Damned R2 buttons are way too sensitive sometimes
Invitare: so I keep killing people
Leonhart321: Wait, if you fails tate, try loading instead of continuing
Manae: like fast forwarding when watching a movie because you set the control down
GirlPainting: ok, i can´ t log in to my twitter
exerus16: @PadawanTK16 accidental NPC kill
GirlPainting: sorry
PharaohBender27: @PadawanTK16 lrrCAMERON pressed R2 at the wrong time and killed Eileen
quasi79fu: is killling eillen bad?
TXC2: well shit
jonasjonIV: there is no god!
PadawanTK16: oh
GirlPainting: can i post you the link otherwise?
Altoguy16499: it sucks that it was Eileen right at the end of her quest. I remember when they gave the NPCs enough health to make sure that this WOULDN'T happen
PharaohBender27: Can we retcon this as a mercy kill?
Snowwraith: Turns out, she has no health at that point.
MeLikeSmallMatters: I'm. sorry Cam
TXC2: quasi79fu it cuts us off from part of the story Cameron wanted to play
TangleTrail: I got into the habit of ripping my games save to a thumb drive periodically after the first time i did that
PharaohBender27: Since she was dying and all?
Orlantia: that's fromsoft
Caldurin: :-(
sterlingsojourner: I'm sorry. We can see it as an act of mercy and carry on in her name.
GirlPainting: any mod can foward me a link to camerons twitter real quick plz? ^^
ThatOverKillGuy: i am so sorry cam
TangleTrail: So sorry
quasi79fu: man this game is such a troll
Ace__of__Hearts: I'm sorry Cam
Snowcookies: unarmedoracle is the twitter handle
PenguinMortified: that's what new game+ is for
PadawanTK16: ok, I understand, i just watched the clip
GlennSeto: It really does suck.
quasi79fu: why even let that happen? the developers should be ashamed
krfsm: against this one? I think it's good, yeah. the Bloody Crow has really high bloodtinge.
Leonhart321: You have all my sympathies Cam
Orgmastron: That majorly honks
sterlingsojourner: @PenguinMortified You have a fair point there
PadawanTK16: wait, is she perma dead?
Snowwraith: I think this might be the worst enemy in the game.
Coinman1863: This lad is so hard
Kazman20a: well, you got father in her quest then I did she bugged out on me early. but that does suck
GirlPainting: yes i know camerons twitter account...but i can´ t log into mine
krfsm: just the one.
TangleTrail: It's only one
Leonhart321: There's only one
Snowcookies: we tried so hard to save her too lrrAWW
ThatOverKillGuy: so what happens now? does the game change?
Altoguy16499: the only character that respawns is the doll
Coinman1863: Might be harder than the DLC stuffs
PadawanTK16: oh, that sucks
sterlingsojourner: Only one
exerus16: @PadawanTK16 That's souls games for you
Robot_Bones: this was our last interaction with her questline
TXC2: GirlPainting it's @UnarmedOracle
Robot_Bones: now we don't get the rune iirc
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Sorry Cam :(
PenguinMortified: there's just one enemy here
Tom_Bruise: that's not a lotta damage
Altoguy16499: Wow you dealt no damage
Invitare: how strong
Snowwraith: This is genuinely horribly unfair.
Enmity777: Yeah this guy is rough
GirlPainting: TXC2 yes i know, BUT I can not log into my twitter account! i lost my password!
PenguinMortified: this guy is like the worst hunter in the entire game
Redhot19: holy shit we are fighting bloody crow already???
Snowwraith: Can't even summon help!
PadawanTK16: wait, so are you fighting yourself?
GirlPainting: can anyone plz send the link to him instead plz
krfsm: yeh, the Bloody Crow has, I think, the highest health in the game, including bosses.
sterlingsojourner: This fool took me way too long to beat. I just needed to like, luck into a perfect parry game.
TangleTrail: You can you can just run out the door and let it die to bleed chikage damage
AtomicAlchemical: I think you did more damage with those two hits than a visceral anyway
marethyue: they patched the bleed chikage on him, he'll just turn it off
Snowcookies: GirlPainting: I'd be happy to help
Snowcookies: you can dm me the link here
TXC2: nothing like being hit my the world's most accurate shotgun
exerus16: I think Arcane builds don't deal that much visceral dmg anyway
TXC2: *by the
Coinman1863: Hynrick is insance
Snowwraith: It's a double-barrelled pistol.
Ferisar: it's a dual-shot pistol @TXC2
nick_tamer_readinfrench: tilting really
quasi79fu: wtf?
GirlPainting: thx Snowcookies
cotillion1850: yeah visceral is really not wirth the effort with Camerons build since visceral damage stacks of skill
sterlingsojourner: Oh yeah, and he uses those dumb no healing orbs too
I_Am_Clockwork: High blood tinge means his gun hits like a truck
UncannyJimjams: hey all, how's the blood today?
Coinman1863: Have we finished the DLC yet?
Vinny_Fives: hey ev'rybody- Ohh... This fight
TXC2: Coinman1863 nope
quasi79fu: cam is sad
TXC2: Hello UncannyJimjams and Vinny_Fives welcome
quasi79fu: he made a oopsie
sterlingsojourner: High blood tinge and high blood resistance I think. So viscerals don't do too much.
quasi79fu: now we fightin someone who cheats
AtomicAlchemical: game fucked us, like it does
EvilBadman: His self damaging trick form is where the most of his health is going to be depleted. If he swaps to that form let him dot himself to death
Ferisar: just high health in general, it's basically a boss disguised as a hunter fight
cotillion1850: I mean Cameron do you want the cheese strategy for fighting him?
Redhot19: what boss is cam on main progression wise? One Reborn?
TangleTrail: and we need to do our chores again...
Ferisar: just beat one reborn @Redhot19
PharaohBender27: OK, so we've discussed how this game's director is a masochist - I'm now thinking this entire game was a ruse to make players enraged and seek him out to hurt him
quasi79fu: red something called a Crow?
EvilBadman: @Redhot19 One Reborn just got one shotted
TXC2: Redhot19 no we beat that already
PadawanTK16: wow, that's a tall boi
Ferisar: yeah it's why people sometimes just do poison knives to double up tick damage from chikage
exerus16: That giant's axe deal like half of that hunter's sword
Redhot19: you're doing well with bloody crow for the stage of the game
EvilBadman: Yeah that fucking sucked
TangleTrail: yeah,he won't follow you out the door, once he bleeds it you can book it
GirlPainting: Ok cameron, TRUEFITT & HILL have a store in Toronto. you should be able to order the soap there, if the douglas store dos not work out
accountmadeforants: I'm mad with you. That kinda shit would normally make me drop a game and never come back.
PharaohBender27: Honestly I probably would have just permanently ragequit right then, had I been playing and that happened
ComradeMik: hey team, what's doing today?
Altoguy16499: how come enemy hunters are allowed to deal 50% damage with a gun but you can only deal 10 damate?
PadawanTK16: I mean, this is how the enemies must feel when you fight them
Snowcookies: Just the usual comrademik
ComradeMik: how is this fine 5am treating y'all?
Redhot19: because enemy hunters have points in bloodtinge
TXC2: hello ComradeMik welcome
Ferisar: yeah it sucks, though at least she was going to die right after you finished this fight (which doesn't make it much better)
PharaohBender27: @ComradeMik We're having a rough time - this game's tendency to hairtrigger us attacking at the wrong moment lrrEFF ed things up bigtime
ThatOverKillGuy: they really wanted cam to enjoy that tapestry
Snowwraith: Yeah, if you spec into bloodtinge guns do lots of damage.
silenceaux: Also this gun is made for economy not damage
Invitare: he shot RIGHT over your shoulder
Ferisar: @Altoguy16499 high bloodtinge builds can do high gun damage, though also your relative health to enemies is always pretty low
PadawanTK16: @ComradeMik I'm doing pretty good, just waiting for some minis to dry so I can start painting them, how are you doing
Redhot19: Is Cam still using base pistol too?
Ferisar: yeah, no reason to swap really, no bloodtinge means guns don't matter much
PharaohBender27: @ComradeMik And so we're all a bit mad and dejected at the moment
TXC2: in soulsbourne games, your health is always lower then the enemies, but you can heal
ComradeMik: @padawantk16 not so great. sick with what I hope is the flu and can't sleep
Uzumaki15: Wait...the ai can visceral you!?!?!
EvilBadman: Yep
TXC2: Uzumaki15 sure can
fireredcrimson: How tf is he so calm\
ComradeMik: and yeah @pharaohbender27 game being a butt sucks
PenguinMortified: they sure can!
Redhot19: yeah they have all the tools at their disposal that you do
Invitare: how did he get his hands on the Carthus Milkring? That's a completely different game!
PadawanTK16: @ComradeMik oh, that sucks, hope you get better soon or some sleep, whichever comes first
exerus16: fun relaxing game, what'd be the next boss anyway?
Snowwraith: The base pistol is like the best gun if you're not specced into bloodtinge for standard interrupting.
Ace__of__Hearts: yes the ai also has infinite ammo
PharaohBender27: @ComradeMik Ooof lrrHEART I myself just got myself tested yesterday (came back negative, thankfully) for similar reasons
nick_tamer_readinfrench: aaaaahhhh fromsoft games right?
Snowwraith: As it's just quick and its base damage isn't horrible.
PharaohBender27: I BEG TO DIFFER
Greyah: No, that fight is bullshit.
quasi79fu: this game is fair?
PenguinMortified: bloodbourne has some not great *design* in it
Ferisar: hah, i don't think any of these games would claim to be fair :D but yeah this enemy just does a ton of damage
Snowwraith: This is all the bad NPC hunter design decisions cranked up to lots.
quasi79fu: So Dark Souls then is also fair? because I tried that game and found it a unfair experience
cdgentry1: Time to farm for blood?
quasi79fu: and this game to me seeems like Dark Souls
krfsm: might be worth going up into the Upper Cathedral Ward to get the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge so you can buy poison throwing knives
Tom_Bruise: these games haven't been fair since you could get the Iron Golem to bumble off the stage
Invitare: oh yeah you only have 8 vials
Leonhart321: I mean, this is THE hardest NPC fight in the game according to people
Malkaresh: Are we fighting the Bloody Crow?
krfsm: yes
PharaohBender27: @Malkaresh That's my understanding, yes
PenguinMortified: bloodbourne has a different issues to dark souls :D
Ferisar: there's nothing that really comes close leon, yeah
Redhot19: yeah this is absolutely the hardest NPC fight, typically meannt for endgame fights
Ferisar: a couple NPC fights in the DLC are quite hard but it's not on this level
FinalShowFilms: Missed the first hour, what's our current objective?
PenguinMortified: blood vials and NPC hunters suuuuuuuuck
ThatOverKillGuy: nah cam your doing better than me
Tom_Bruise: oh god, the "git gud"types...
Altoguy16499: I've always found souls born to be fairly unfair. it's a fair game doing unfair things
GirlPainting: but from games are berfectly balanced without any bugs, glitches or exploits!
AtomicAlchemical: The game cheats the player at every opportunity, but it is powerless to prevent the player from hurling the disc into the sea. A fair and balanced videogame experience.
quasi79fu: No Cam you are playing it fantastically
iris_of_ether: You're not wrong... :x
TXC2: I don't know Cameron, we've largly been in agreement that these games has some bullshit
TangleTrail: @FinalShowFilms defeat the bloody crow
JosephDeath: I always did like that enemies changed behavior as the night went on
Malkaresh: This NPC literally has all 99 stats. He is absolutely unfair in terms of an enemy that doesn't follow the rules the player does.
ComradeMik: neh, I found bloodborne to be the least fair of the from games
exerus16: The enemies in Souls games are ment to be stronger than you, at least it always seemed to be the design philosophy to me
ThatOverKillGuy: i wont hate you if you do
Snowcookies: Souls stans should be banned from commenting tbh
PadawanTK16: I mean, if I probably wouldn't make it this far. I probably would've quit at this point
quasi79fu: Cam is doing great ...You want to see someone who cant play this game..watch me play it
ComradeMik: DS3 felt punishing but fair
krfsm: nah, I totally get it
Ferisar: eh, i've restarted for less
PharaohBender27: Speaking of comments, has anyone noticed that on the LRR channel, the comments won't even load? I thought it was something on my end, but it's fine for any other channel I see.
FinalShowFilms: Oh, did something happen to Eileen?
Altoguy16499: you can still love a game that does unfair/rude things
Snowwraith: Nah, it's a bit mean she's one-hit death status there.
ThatOverKillGuy: i mean ive restarted games becauyse a charactor i loved died before
Malkaresh: I don't think I've ever fought him fairly. I always cheese him.
Jmonkey49: is he fighting elin or bloody crow?
PadawanTK16: that was terrible grammer, I wasn't paying attention
Blizzinam: Hey its Cameron! How we doing today?
Tom_Bruise: tbf, I've stopped playing these games, but that doesn't mean I think they're bad games that shouldn't be played
GirlPainting: think positive, you have a hot cup of estus coffee next to you, a wonderfull shaving soap is about to enter your life, and you have a captivated audiance hanging on your lips
Ferisar: @FinalShowFilms accidental swing out of dialogue got her killed
PenguinMortified: the enemies in dark souls are stronger then you but they usually have a very explcit weakness, this jerk sucks and is bad
Altoguy16499: same with any other piece of media.
Zaghrog: FinalShowFilms hair trigger R2 right after speaking to her
quasi79fu: Wow
LarkSachrosis: You are allowed to like a thing and acknowledge it's flaws.
quasi79fu: Wut
Snowcookies: I think it's fine to reset becaise an mpc died
Milocw: my only real complaint about bloodborne is how your gun attacks do so little damage compared to enemy gun attacks
exerus16: that range is just...
fireredcrimson: I want his patience lmao
I_Am_Clockwork: Pardonfuk?
Vinny_Fives: I know I'm just some rando, but the whole appeal of this playthrough has and should be your enjoyment, Cam. Sorry that you have to deal with bad attitudes... But play the game how you like. That's what most of us want
Onisquirrel: I always start out trying to fight him fair, then third or fourth attempt I end up cheesing him.
accountmadeforants: This is why we need Bloodborne on PC, so we can fix FromSoft's horseshit through save editing.
Kazman20a: counter hit always sucks\
Redhot19: bloodtinge/skill chikage builds do stupid amounts of damage, I did it for my second playthrough
FinalShowFilms: That happened to me on NG+. I accidentally hit the attack button while moving the controller while talking to Eileen at the first meeting and then she was just perma aggro.
Altoguy16499: @snowcookies the issue he's probably halfway through the game if not more
TangleTrail: Yeah, I cheesed the F out of the bloody crow after my 4th or 5th attempt
Milocw: dislike when game mechanics are way to different between player and enemy
PadawanTK16: @Blizzinam we're not doing so hot. We accidentally killed Eileen, and now we're dying repeatedly to this boss
Uzumaki15: I mean having that happen when it's not even really your fault it happened and the fact that it basically immediately auto saved right after so you can't back up, it just bad
Ferisar: i did one playthrough killing her early to get the daggers, felt bad tho
krfsm: it's not a boss, it's an NPC
Blizzinam: Ouch, that sucks.
lirazel64: I think at least half the reason to play these games is for the story. And if the game does you dirty x o you don't get the story... meh?
Snowcookies: Altoguy16499 yes,and? I'm not saying he should, just saying it's a fair thing to want
PenguinMortified: this hunter is pretty much a boss in all but name
Jmonkey49: is it bloody crow?
Tom_Bruise: on the plus side; these dudes drop vials so there won't be a need for chores until after
Ferisar: it is bloody crow yeah
Greyah: Honestly, I never even fight that enemy straight-up. I bait them into transforming their weapon and then let the self-damage do the job.
Redhot19: yeah this is pseudo boss fight
Leonhart321: I say this with no malice, all the attacks can hit, its just a matter of timing and dealing with the heals
Malkaresh: Poison knives are great. Or get him to transform chikage and kite him toward the cathedral entrance, and he will slowly kill himself.
FinalShowFilms: Bloody Crow is harder than many of the other bosses in the game, I think he counts as a boss
TXC2: a boss in mooks cloths as it is known
Vinny_Fives: I wouldn't be surprised if this fight was the most stacked in the game, from a stats POV. What is this joker's health??
Jmonkey49: oh goody he's the hardest NPC in the game fun.......
GirlPainting: fingers crossed
ThatOverKillGuy: im amazed we havent had a JUST GIT GUD person in here yet, when i streamed the game it was everywhere
Malkaresh: @TXC2 Exactly
EvilBadman: This NPC is somehow more annoying than...Lautrec
Altoguy16499: so this feels like PVP?
Vinny_Fives: you get maybe 2 mistakes to KO, he gets about 4,000
Ferisar: yeah the roll gun viscerals from crow are very brutal, it's the hardest thing to fight against in this fight
PharaohBender27: @ThatOverKillGuy If they ever showed up, Mods would take care of them real quick
ThatOverKillGuy: @PharaohBender27 true
Blizzinam: Oh dear lord thats a lotta health
Ferisar: he does run out of vials, at the very least, but yeah not bullets, which is a shame
PadawanTK16: maybe this is just your character when you restarted, finally come to settle the score
Ace__of__Hearts: even if they couldn't spam bullets that would be something
PenguinMortified: take away this dues blood vials and while it doesn't fix them it makes it a hell of a lot less annoying
Invitare: I think the NPCs in Dark Souls 3 eventually run out of magic, so they learned something at least
TXC2: all, all the range
Ferisar: during the transform the blade is slightly extended from the blood mod
Altoguy16499: its range? too much
I_Am_Clockwork: Aleatory they don’t heal >.<
Redhot19: transform chikage gets decent range
GirlPainting: he didn´ e evan took dmg
Milocw: for you not that far, for him too far
Ferisar: took damage, just used vials
Invitare: maybe you can cheese him with the door?
Leonhart321: He gets 2 heals if I remember right
FinalShowFilms: He uses blood vials. That's why the cheese strat requires numbing mist.
TangleTrail: Weapon range is extended by a bit when transformed if I recall correctly
Redhot19: @TangleTrail you are correct
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cuttlefishman: Gotta resub for the sub gods
cdgentry1: This fight is not fair, but, like actually unfair
Vinny_Fives: Apparently this guy can be poisoned with 3 knives
TXC2: Nice hit
Ferisar: we do not have three knives
Ferisar: old fashioned way
Malkaresh: We can go to upper cathedral and get the badge to buy poison knives if we get too frustrated.
Onisquirrel: I came in after the accident so I was really confused about what Cam was bummed about. But yeah I totally get the feeling of wanting to restart after killing Eileen at the end of the quest...
Ferisar: if he's using a dash or a roll that's not directly into you it usually means a gunshot
Altoguy16499: is bloody crow out of blood vials now?
Ferisar: yes @Altoguy16499
TXC2: well that visural was bullshit
PharaohBender27: WHAT
PharaohBender27: lrrJUDGE I call bullshit!
krfsm: you're getting him way down in health though
Altoguy16499: oh no
Ferisar: you can visceral blood vial healing, for anyone wondering
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Altoguy16499: is it chore time?
TXC2: the enemies always have priority of the player is such bullshit
Invitare: you might be able to fight him in the doorway since he probably won't leave that building
Malkaresh: I don't know what level of vit you need to not get one shot by his viscerals. It's happened to me at at least 40.
ThatOverKillGuy: why is his sword like getting hit by a truck and cam sword is like throwing a napkin at him
cdgentry1: They also have at least 2x your health pool and deal 2-3x as much damage
TXC2: ThatOverKillGuy bad guy is like way overleveled
Ferisar: 'cause it's essentially a boss fight @ThatOverKillGuy
silenceaux: Boss fight with different dressing, not a PvP duel.
ComradeMik: enemies getting prio over the player seems like bullshit
Malkaresh: All the bloody Crows stats are 99 and he's using +10 weapons.
cdgentry1: ^
PadawanTK16: the twofer
Jmonkey49: chikage bloodtinge is such a dominant build it's insane
cdgentry1: Time for a break+ads?
TangleTrail: Fed up Cam has had about enough of your shit Game
ComradeMik: does the patching trick work in blood borne?
TXC2: Jmonkey49 it's not insane, just powerful
ThatOverKillGuy: and you can see cams (dark) soul leaving his body
ComradeMik: *pathing
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cdgentry1: 4000 and a bit
irianwestfar: around 4200
PadawanTK16: If it were me, I don't know what I would do, because I'll probably not make it this far
PixelArtDragon: Who is this guy that he's so strong?
Manae: But he also heals a bit
cdgentry1: He has 1-2 blood vials
ThatOverKillGuy: lol hes hitting him for 420 so thats something
ComradeMik: cam did run him out of vials last fight
EvilBadman: @PixelArtDragon He's you but stronger, basicall
Ferisar: a hunter eileen was after @PixelArtDragon
Malkaresh: @PixelArtDragon He's an NPC with max stats and weapons.
TXC2: casual 85% of our health there
Invitare: apparently this is one of the few situations where the shield actually does something. It blocks his bullets
Jmonkey49: @txc2 powerfully insane maybe not like magic in dark souls but you know
accountmadeforants: Apparently they've got 3500 health normally, 9000 in NG+
mustangpanch: stair cheese him
Redhot19: fighting him too early in the game
cdgentry1: Nothing, its just a very hard fight
Ferisar: eh it's do-able now
FinalShowFilms: Nothing, it's just a very hard fight.
exerus16: He's the anime protag and you're a random goon
Altoguy16499: you're doing nothing wrong. the fight is just dumb
PadawanTK16: out of curiostiy, not to rub it in or anything, but would eileen help you in this fight?
krfsm: no
Leonhart321: You're doing nothing wrong. The wait and bait plan is how I did it
Malkaresh: You're not doing anything wrong, he's just kinda bullshit.
sterlingsojourner: You're not doing anything wrong, this guy is just obscene.
FinalShowFilms: No, Eileen doesn't interact with this fight at all.
krfsm: even in best of worlds she's dying on the steps outside.
ComradeMik: is there any way to pull him down the stairs towards the door and cheese him?
Leonhart321: But he is also hellaciously bullshit
sterlingsojourner: You're doing way better than I did on my first goes against him.
Ferisar: there's a couple patterns he has that make it a bit easier, being that if he dashes side-ways it means a gunshot and if he has chikage transformed the gun is not usable
TangleTrail: @PadawanTK16 no, whenyou find her she's been badly wounded by the NPC
Ferisar: only two vials to heal with, i think
Malkaresh: Cheese is a 100% legit strategy against this guy
JadedTrekkie: Where are we right now and how are we doing?
Altoguy16499: outside of cheese, i think this is one of the hardest fights in the games just cause of how quick you can die and because of how quickly he can kill you
TangleTrail: @JadedTrekkie chores, and then trying to take on the Bloody Crow NPC fight
FinalShowFilms: It's not way too early. No matter how buff you are he's always a hard fight.
Malkaresh: ^
cyplix8: I found him easier to fight on the stairs. If you go to far down, he will back up.
JadedTrekkie: oh LOL Bloody Crow
Kazman20a: my memory of this fight is that i gave it a couple goes then i left he room and let him bleed todeath
TXC2: "money? I wanted a bloodnut"
JadedTrekkie: I thought u were talking about a boss
PadawanTK16: wait, is this fight OPTIONAL?!?!?
Ferisar: you got close to doing it, so i think it's possible, the damage is just quite high
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mrMorphius: The pitter-patter of bloody feet
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JadedTrekkie: @PadawanTK16 yes but shh
FinalShowFilms: Even if you have 99 in all your stats and +10 weapons he's -still- a hard fight
Luminaire_p: unarmeHeart
Ferisar: though like, it won't not do a lot of damage even later
Snowcookies: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
JadedTrekkie: !quote
PadawanTK16: @JadedTrekkie do you actually get anything from it?
JadedTrekkie: idk
JadedTrekkie: i think some paper
cdgentry1: You get to progress the Eileen questline
Ferisar: @PadawanTK16 if eileen didnt' die, one last bit of dialogue and her caryll rune
Ferisar: her quest does end though
Redhot19: you get a carryl rune and 6k echoes from the fight
FinalShowFilms: And you get her hunter's badge that gets you her gear and weapon
PadawanTK16: why would he do this fight then?
JadedTrekkie: Did cam already go Cainhurst?
TXC2: JadedTrekkie yes
krfsm: @FinalShowFilms you get the badge anyway
JadedTrekkie: k
Ferisar: @FinalShowFilms you get that even if you kill her
Milocw: this was actually the end of her quest
Milocw: killing that dude
TXC2: PadawanTK16 it's the principle of the thing
JadedTrekkie: Has he beaten Yahar'Gul yet?
Malkaresh: Did we accidentally kill Crow mom?
Snowcookies: we did
PadawanTK16: mmm, I don't think gratification is worth cam's sanity
Ferisar: yeah, she died right after
Luminaire_p: Sorry, I forgot to vial my blood
Snowcookies: it was a sad
Ferisar: can't have dreams/mortally wounded
Altoguy16499: that was literally the last part of her quest
Malkaresh: @Snowcookies Oh no!
Snowcookies: If only NPC immortality was a thing
Invitare: they want you to have the option to kill NPCs
Ferisar: i get it for like, mechanical reflection of her being on her deathbed, but there is a grace hit on all the other NPCs at other times, including her
Invitare: it's just that it also means you can make mistakes
cdgentry1: Bloodeborne is strangely punishing, kind of like DS2 was
FinalShowFilms: I -think- it's because you can be in circumstances where you're talking to a window-NPC and an enemy can come up and attack you
Milocw: technically its a moral choice
FinalShowFilms: So they don't want you locked into a convo not able to defend yourself
Altoguy16499: I always assumed it was something along the lines of "all life is efemeral" and making it so any NPC can die
TangleTrail: Yeah, it's frustrating when the rest of the game allows you multiple hits before making an NPC hostile. But hey, one time whoops, and dead forever
Malkaresh: In FromSoft games NPC mortality is a "feature."
Milocw: kill or work with, your choice as a player
Altoguy16499: trying to be fancy/poetic, but it comes off as bad design
Vinny_Fives: there is a way in other souls games to reset an npc death... I'll see if it's possible here?
JadedTrekkie: there we go lol
PenguinMortified: that way you get to kill them all before going to ng+
Ferisar: no @Vinny_Fives
JadedTrekkie: Is there a Purging Monument or a Velka in this game?
JadedTrekkie: oh ok
Jmonkey49: @altoguy16499 wait how is killing NPCs bad design?
TangleTrail: @Vinny_Fives there is not
PharaohBender27: @Vinny_Fives From what I've heard doing this PiF, there really isn't a way - once it happens and the game autosaves, that's that
Ferisar: the only NPC who can be brought back in this game is queen annelise
krfsm: it won't bring her back anyway, she's dead.
Ferisar: because she's a literal vampire
Ferisar: haha oh no
Redhot19: Cam do you not enjoy the hunter fights in general? Or just this specific one
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Invitare: surely both the doll and Gehrman ressurect?
Altoguy16499: @jmonkey49 it's because it's super easy to accidentally kill an NPC by putting the controller down
Vinny_Fives: in DS1 you can reset that stuff
accountmadeforants: I feel like this is also partly due to the Dualshock controller having utterly stupid triggers.
Milocw: npc hunters are hunter fights with half a billion hp
Ferisar: @Invitare gehrman can't be hit, he vanishes, the doll is a doll, so she's jsut alive on the next visit
Milocw: would prefer something more reasonable, more healing less hp on npc hunters would be better
TXC2: if you hit the doll, she stops talking to you
cdgentry1: Could try wooden shield for Bloody Crow. Someone else mentioned it blocks the bullets at least
GirlPainting: yeah, i hate when games do that...at some point there is always the one hit kill, no matter how much HP you have. thats true for alot of games
drowbard: Not sure this is helpful but I think the reason the gun damage is inconsistent is because it fires to bullets next to each other
Ferisar: you can do gestures at her and she responds with her own gestures
Ferisar: it's very cute
drowbard: each does something like 40% of your health, and you can get hit by both
PadawanTK16: I'll be right back
drowbard: two* bullets
TXC2: Ferisar the polite clap is the best one
exerus16: How much blood echos are laying next to the crow?
Ferisar: there's multiple reasons the gun damage is inconsistent, the two bullets and the counter-hit mechanic
AtomicAlchemical: lrrWOW
Kazman20a: those extra damage hits are during your attack they are counter hits, if you hit some one right at the end of their attack animation it does extra damage
Tom_Bruise: Gilbert is having *quite* a nap
Ferisar: where if you're in or exiting an attack state, you take extra damage
Ferisar: yeah what kazman said
Redhot19: counter also happens with dodge/sprinting
GirlPainting: Cameron, if you could frankenstein the perfect from software game, what parts of what game would you put into it?
krfsm: you CAN get in, grab your echoes, and leave, since it's not a boss and there's no fog gate blocking you.
Ferisar: they're kinda different games tbf
BrindleBoar: Dragon's Dogma with guns Kappa
Leonhart321: Story from Sekiro, Magic from DS3, everything else from 1
EvilBadman: Cameron would def put the Estus in this instead of Vials
TXC2: just give me DS3 but with DS1 poise
Invitare: I feel like it's mostly gotten improved over time, and it would mostly just be Dark Souls 3, as a result
Ferisar: DS3 having no poise is still so sad
drowbard: Counters in Sekiro feel great
Redhot19: combat pacing, lore and weapon transform of bloodborne, build variety of dark souls
Invitare: Come, Sekiro
Altoguy16499: I need to get Sekiro. it looks so fun
Leonhart321: Sekiro makes it your fault for dying, not the game screwing you
EvilBadman: I also need to Sekiro
cdgentry1: Sekiro is absolutely great, but zero build variety
Kazman20a: I'm with you TXC2,since I haven't played enough seikero
GirlPainting: what dark souls needs for magic users is replenishing the magica better
Jmonkey49: DS3 magic is so broken
Invitare: Sorceror is the most balanced of the magic builds. Pyro is the strongest, Faith builds suck
Vinny_Fives: Sekiro is super fun. It's less flexible in terms of gameplay, but story-wise, environments, enemies, bosses, all A+
PenguinMortified: dark souls miricle builds were the jam
TXC2: I wish non sword weapons were move viable
TehAmelie: if i build a sorcerer i get a lot of dexterity and a dexterity weapon
Ferisar: anything outside of melee builds in DS has very sharp edges
accountmadeforants: Along that vein, my Frankensteined FromSoft game would be all the times when they work, and none of the time when they're randomly bullshit. Because I can genuinely appreciate nearly every design decision, it just works out very poorly in specific occasions.
PenguinMortified: lightning bolt volleys
Ferisar: that's such a 4Head comment, ngl
Kazman20a: although my favorite build in ds1 at the moment is a dagger/ magic sword build
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: The Surge?
FinalShowFilms: The Surge?
krfsm: The Surge?
Ferisar: the surge?
GirlPainting: The Surge?
Vyous: The Surge
Leonhart321: The Surge?
Redhot19: hellpoint? Its in beta right now
exerus16: The Serge?
Invitare: The Surge 2 is apparently a lot better
cdgentry1: The Surge 2 is a lot better than the first
ThreeCatsInATrenchcoat: The Surge 2 should've fixed a lot of stuff
Intrepid_Colin: It was meh...
TehAmelie: it did not have the From touch
noonetoday: the surge 2 is better
ArrestedHouse: The lrrSERGE
Vinny_Fives: Part 2, the Snerge
GirlPainting: i thought the Suerge was great
BrindleBoar: The Surge was fine.game
GirlPainting: it just hat to few bosses
Redhot19: and the boss design was not great
FinalShowFilms: Echoing that The Surge 2 is better.
EvilBadman: Nioh 1 and 2 are also very fine soul-likes
Invitare: I'd really like to see FromSoft tackle an actual sci-fi game, with guns
UncannyJimjams: good luck!
TehAmelie: i liked the mechanic where staying alive and not resting got you more XP and stuff
PixelArtDragon: As much as we talk about the bullshit FromSoft puts in their games, the parts that are not BS are wonderful and art
Luminaire_p: *Valor Rank Up*
exerus16: What are the echos being asved for? Just levels?
Mister_Skittles: oh this asshole...
Brozard: @Invitare You mean like Metal Wolf Chaos?
FinalShowFilms: The one big thing I'd like in a FromSoft game that isn't in it now is for the enemies to follow the same physics that the players do. Because that, for the most part, is the source of all my frustrations.
PenguinMortified: mortal shell looks interesting now that they're more gameplay shown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSs0_PBGiLs&feature=youtu.be
Ogrekidd: remnant from ashes was okay, but it didn't feel polished but I think it did okay considering it was mostly gun play.
Redhot19: @Invitare I'd recommend you look into hellpoint. Its in beta right now, kinda atm rough but a lot of promise
GirlPainting: Transformers! More than meets the eyes!
Ferisar: lots of farming on the way to this boss
Altoguy16499: from soft had literally the best environmental story telling I've ever seen
exerus16: You can go and spend them
Altoguy16499: it's a shame that the gameplay can sometimes suck
Brozard: Oh man, a Transformers Soul-like would be real good
Invitare: Brozard , no like the Soulsborne games, but with the gameplay translated into purely ranged. I think it would be interesting to see how they do that
Jmonkey49: Everytime you pick them up
EvilBadman: If only FromSoftware made the Armored Core games
garrison_fox: my heart stopped when i tuned in. thought this was jon stewart for a second
Brozard: @Invitare I know, I was joking
cdgentry1: I love that their blood vial heals for 2000
Ferisar: hahah that's
krfsm: well, Jewish
Ferisar: hmm, i guess kind of, a little?
TXC2: to be fair, it's the hair Cameron
Kazman20a: umm, that tripped and fell on your sword was full of them
Ferisar: uh oh
Malkaresh: That's bad
Leonhart321: No heals
Invitare: is that anti-heal?
krfsm: yep
PharaohBender27: o_O
Leonhart321: A bit
Malkaresh: Once the white aura wears off
Ferisar: uhhh 40 seconds?
cotillion1850: awhile
cdgentry1: 1 minute?
krfsm: 30 seconds or so?
Leonhart321: Heal now
Ferisar: there you go
Invitare: run out of the building, he probably can't follow you
Malkaresh: God that sucks
TXC2: too fucking long by the looks of it
Jmonkey49: numbing mist sucks
Tom_Bruise: that long.
HalvariChan: Until the smoke is gone
PenguinMortified: environmental story telling not so much, the games have a strong aesthetic but most of the story telling is done through item descriptions
PixelArtDragon: Did the AI just Lloyd's Talisman you?
Malkaresh: Yep
FinalShowFilms: Numbing Mist, and yes
TXC2: PixelArtDragon sure did
GirlPainting: 98%
GirlPainting: in one hit
cdgentry1: so fair
accountmadeforants: What the hell
GirlPainting: sure
Ferisar: ouch
exerus16: that was so dumb
FinalShowFilms: That bloodtinge.
PharaohBender27: For lrrEFF 's sake
Leonhart321: It's hateful how close you are to beating him
Vyous: Oh, I guess healing parryable?
TehAmelie: stunlocked you from 20 steps away, yeah that seems fair
Critterbot: Ok, game...ok.
PenguinMortified: maybe go somewhere else
TeiranDragon: it... counted healing as a visceral.... what!
TXC2: yeap, fun, engaging gameplay right there lrrEFF
Milocw: he won't turn on the chikage when below about 20% life
Manae: he won't use the trick mode after a certain percent
Altoguy16499: wait healing is parryable? wtf?
Malkaresh: Cam's learning the fight. He'll get it.
Snowwraith: It's definitely not a fair fight.
accountmadeforants: Getting grazed by half a bullet stunlocked you, such fun
Snowwraith: And not in a good way
HalvariChan: Yeah I learned that as well in this fight
exerus16: Almost killed tha lantern boys here
EvilBadman: Yeah, it's to avoid pvp fights having no danger when healing
TangleTrail: seriously there needs to be a safety on the switch in a from soft game
Jmonkey49: bloodtinge builds also make bullets do more damage fair totally fair
TXC2: I'm sorry could we have killed the lanturn there?
EvilBadman: no
krfsm: no
GirlPainting: Do you know why the good Hunter is the Protagonist?........it comes down to his personal respawn abillety
FinalShowFilms: That's the biggest reason I want Bloodborne in the PC. So I don't have those marshmellow playstation triggers that activate when you breathe on them.
Mister_Skittles: nope, you can kill the doll though
Leonhart321: No, thankfully this sint Shovel knight
krfsm: she comes back to life with no repercussions when you get back to the dream though
Zaghrog: well, the Shovel Knight checkpoints are hard to destro accidentally
TehAmelie: Miyazaki just looked at how you can kill kids with a missed shot and get the whole world to hate you forever in Fallout 2 and went "yes this is good design"
TXC2: hard is not impossible though
UncannyJimjams: does this weapon have two modes as well? or is that only some of the weapons?
FinalShowFilms: All weapons in Bloodborne have two modes.
ThatBoyf: It has two modes small sword and big sword
Zaghrog: true. I just think in this game, destructible lanterns could well be easy to "oop"
PharaohBender27: @Zaghrog Why would you destroy them deliberately? (Not familiar with that game myself, in case there's a self-evident reason for it)
Invitare: I've seen the pocket leeches, but is there any long ranged arcane?
Kazman20a: it does have two , sword and bigger sword
TehAmelie: (protip: don't have a firefight on the streets)
krfsm: just go out the door
Zaghrog: PharaohBender27 you get resources but more importantly, achievement run
UncannyJimjams: oh, gotcha
krfsm: hah
FinalShowFilms: There -is- a long ranged arcane spell.
krfsm: it's in the upper cathedral ward
krfsm: but you need 40 arcane for it I think?
Redhot19: @Invitare there are several long range arcane spells
FinalShowFilms: Blacksky Eye, but it's further into the DLC
Altoguy16499: can bloody crow absorb your souls like the other enemies?
Vinny_Fives: I didn't end up fighting this guy until after the chalice dungeons and orphan... And he was hard then T_T
krfsm: @Altoguy16499 no
FinalShowFilms: Yes you can
FinalShowFilms: It's hard to hit because he dodges, but they do decent damage if they hit
Malkaresh: By the time you get Blacksky Eye, I feel like the situations you would want it in are passed.
sterlingsojourner: Yes!
PenguinMortified: I don't know how far in it is but before ludwig there's a dude that drops 5 vials for free and respawns
Redhot19: you can, might not be worth it. Arcane tools really scale up at higher arcane levels
TangleTrail: Kinda, his hunter's bone dodge makes them less consistent to hit
Altoguy16499: cam is almost at the soft cap on arcane though I thought
Redhot19: arcane tools don't really follow soft cap rules tho
krfsm: there's call beyond too
FinalShowFilms: I am just now learning that there is an arcane tool that turns you into a Messenger.
FinalShowFilms: And I want it.
Vinny_Fives: @FinalShowFilms there is?? :o
TangleTrail: Cam is past the arcane soft cap for weapon damage, but tools continue scaling
Invitare: can he be poisoned?
FinalShowFilms: It's called the Messenger's Gift and you can find it in the Nightmare Frontier
krfsm: yes he can
cotillion1850: but he is very good at dodging
GirlPainting: has he tryed jumping?
Vinny_Fives: @FinalShowFilms Gadzooks, I probably have it then!
FinalShowFilms: You can apparently sneak past enemies as a messenger.
FinalShowFilms: If they didn't see you transform
Jmonkey49: Hunter tools scale to 99
Vinny_Fives: clearly the messengers are the true great ones of this world...
Redhot19: arcane weapon scaling yes, tools no
Vyous: There is a soft cap on arcane weapon damage, but not on tools.
Zaghrog: No soft cap for tools. yes for weapons
exerus16: It scales to 99 for tools
Redhot19: soft cap is 30 I think for weapon damage, toolls no cap
TehAmelie: i guess you'll just have to level it until you start seeing unsatisfactory increases
Tom_Bruise: 1st cap at 25. 2nd at 50
TangleTrail: soft at 25 hard at 50
Vinny_Fives: Your tools keep going up at least?
Malkaresh: My arcane build is at 50 and it shows. Don't worry Cam those arn't wasted points
Invitare: your arcane stuff is still going
GirlPainting: is there a way to respec?
exerus16: time to commit to the sunken cost fallacy!
krfsm: no
TangleTrail: @GirlPainting sadly no
krfsm: (no respec, that is)
GirlPainting: in ds3 you had the church
GirlPainting: sigh
GirlPainting: what a shame
Mister_Skittles: there is no respec in bb
PenguinMortified: bloodbourne came out before ds3
FanboyBryan: what is the name of this boss?
GirlPainting: how is this enemy called btw?
Malkaresh: Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
FinalShowFilms: The Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
cdgentry1: Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
krfsm: it's the Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
FanboyBryan: ty
GirlPainting: thx
Milocw: kay thought that sounded wrong, 50 is listed as soft cap for arcane, with tools scaling up to 99
Malkaresh: :D
FinalShowFilms: Milocw - 50 is the hard cap, not the soft.
krfsm: too many
TehAmelie: i wanna say 5 so far
Robot_Bones: Bloody Crow of Cainhurst sounds like a curse
Milocw: check felixwiki, states 50 as soft cap
cdgentry1: Each shot is 2, each bone use is 3......so....a lot
Jmonkey49: more than 20 but idk what Max is
Malkaresh: Fuck that man's couch
EvilBadman: 20 is max without runes/blood conversion
krfsm: uses a lot of bullets though
krfsm: wonder how just straight-up molotovs work?
Malkaresh: Looks like he's out of vials at least
exerus16: You can do that thing where you stab your leg and get bullets
Jmonkey49: only in corners
PadawanTK16: Wait, can you not use the couch again?
Manae: Yes
krfsm: probably not
TehAmelie: hmm what about virtual bullets like what you draw from your blood?
Malkaresh: Hunter tools use bullets
krfsm: if he's not used one yet
EvilBadman: @TehAmelie 5 bullets for about a vial worth of HP
Malkaresh: I was talking to chat Cam.
Invitare: Poison Knives work on him. If you want full cheese, you can just lurk on the stairs throwing them at him and leaving the building if he gets too close
TehAmelie: but can they stack higher than 20?
EvilBadman: We have o knives Ivitare
exerus16: Tonitrus uses 6 anyway
EvilBadman: @TehAmelie With runes, yes
FinalShowFilms: Apparently this is one of the few fights where you actually can get some use out of the shields. According to some it drastically reduces his bullet damage.
Invitare: oh are they from Insight?
Malkaresh: @Invitare We still need to go to Upper Ward and get the badge for that. We are out currently.
cdgentry1: You got this Cam!
Malkaresh: So close!
TXC2: clench
fireredcrimson: I'm holding my breath omg
Invitare: NotLikeThis
Redhot19: hold, hoooooolllddd
exerus16: shoot him!
Malkaresh: CLENCH
Malkaresh: Get rekt nerd!
GirlPainting: girlpaDIE
Vinny_Fives: YAAAAAS
exerus16: WOOOOOOOO
TehAmelie: eat it nerd
Zaghrog: lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN
PharaohBender27: FINALLY
krfsm: aluGotem limesYay
Mister_Skittles: whoop!
Luminaire_p: lrrHORN
STALKERsoldiers: nice!
garion99: nice
accountmadeforants: Yay!
Orgmastron: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
cyplix8: :)
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN_HF lrrGOAT lrrHORN
Jmonkey49: Amazing
PadawanTK16: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
exerus16: PogChamp PogChamp
ThatBoyf: PogChamp lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Onisquirrel: lrrAWESOME
RobotInProgress: Huzzah!
Vinny_Fives: To quote Yukon Cornelius, WAHOO
lirazel64: Huzzah!
Mister_Skittles: that guy is an asshole
GirlPainting: captai601Panties
EvilBadman: Ah, I see my stream's behind slightly. ;)
gonnaflunkib: YAAAY
Jmonkey49: Absolutely Amazing
Malkaresh: Cameron "Pro-Gamer" Lauder
TangleTrail: yay?
sterlingsojourner: Perfection
Altoguy16499: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
cdgentry1: Fight sucks. Great job Cam!
TXC2: some 1 is not 0 at the end there
quasi79fu: gg ccam
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
cyplix8: talk to crow lady
krfsm: he'd broken it
krfsm: she dead
Robot_Bones: yeah but he deserved it
FanboyBryan: ggs
EvilBadman: @cyplix8 She uh...dead
cotillion1850: you should be able to now
PharaohBender27: @cyplix8 Um, about that . . .
Kazman20a: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
exerus16: The nightmare os over, back to The Nightmare we go
cyplix8: oh. I missed that part.
TehAmelie: guy must have been like level 600
EvilBadman: @cyplix8 an accidental R2
cyplix8: dang job, making me miss stuff.
cotillion1850: the specter is getting in the way I think
Vinny_Fives: are you ready for the last boss in the game to be easier than that doof? :P
GirlPainting: congratz
Jmonkey49: itll work after world reset
Mister_Skittles: I gave up on that guy. he is a dink
Altoguy16499: bone home and take a break?
krfsm: @cotillion1850 no, it's just permanently broken now
lirazel64: Gee, only felt like 25.
Mister_Skittles: then fight the first d/c boss?
garion99: oh yeah that thing climbing up the church
Malkaresh: Did crow mom at least drop her Blades of Mercy?
krfsm: no, but she dropped the Crow Hunter Badge
PenguinMortified: I don't think she did
Snowcookies: yay breaks
cotillion1850: no but we have permission to buy them now
PharaohBender27: @Malkaresh I don't believe so
Altoguy16499: check the shops to see if you can buy Eileen's things
lirazel64: Pants!
quasi79fu: ok i will bee back for pummel party ok
Malkaresh: Oh. I think that's actually the better of the two drops for this build at least.
TXC2: so long quasi79fu stay safe
PharaohBender27: PrideWave @quasi79fu
FinalShowFilms: I believe so
Malkaresh: Tomb Prospector is church yes
Vinny_Fives: I've got a ridiculously overleveled NG+ character and was having fun roflstomping my way through the game, then came to the crow, got 2-shotted, and had to remember how to play again
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Luminaire_p: Have a good break!
cotillion1850: @krfsm yeah I am acctually playing this right now and I can still use the lamp after beating him
Snowcookies: jlrrBreak
NicklebackIsOk: jlrrBreak
Leonhart321: So did Cam beat the crow I take it?
Vinny_Fives: He sure did!
Leonhart321: Good, bloody validation is what that is
Vinny_Fives: but at what cost T_T
Vinny_Fives: I guess it's thematically appropriate in this game for you to donate your sanity to have to win sometimes
Altoguy16499: doesnt crow mom die anyway because from soft doesnt like having characters survive their story arcs?
Vinny_Fives: she super does. No happy endings unless you're patches
PixelArtDragon: Hey, Sunbro makes it to the end in Dark Souls
TehAmelie: hmm the newest idea to save money on mental health care from the British journal of psychiatry is "lithium in the drinking water". doesn't that make you feel better about the cosmic horrors and annoying difficulties of this game
Altoguy16499: so bright side: cam saved her 40 minutes of suffering
Invitare: not an NPC, but I think the PC gets a happy ending in this
Invitare: in the ending where you wake up
Invitare: and the sun is shining
Vinny_Fives: if he got the rune and badge from her when she died, he lost absolutely nothing
TXC2: Lithium fucking explodes in water, how the fuck are they gonna do that one TehAmelie ? :P
Invitare: it's all very nice
Altoguy16499: @pixelartdragon depends. my playthrough had him go hollow with a bug on his head
TehAmelie: don't ask me
lirazel64: @vinny_fives Cam didn't get the rune, though
TXC2: and we're back
Banrael: wb Cam
PixelArtDragon: @Invitare Is the sun really shining, or do we just think the sun is shining?
Vinny_Fives: wb :)
TehAmelie: yum
ThatOverKillGuy: i want a drinkypoo
garion99: ohhh whisky?
PixelArtDragon: Ooh, what are you drinking?
fireredcrimson: I'd need about 5 after all of that
krfsm: nice
Brozard: ooooo
PixelArtDragon: Ooooooh
krfsm: maybe I should get me a wee dram
Malkaresh: I think you earned that one.
Foxmar320: Hello Cam
ThatOverKillGuy: maybe ill get myself some wiskey
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Intrepid_Colin: Yeah after that whiskey was in order.
shaketomakeandbake: hi cam!!!!
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
krfsm: well, first fix cats' water and litterbox
TehAmelie: i can't wait to be able to afford a drink in two weeks. . .
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Invitare: PixelArtDragonmy understanding is that it really is literally morning. The thing about Bloodborne is that the world isn't actually ending. This is all just one night, in a single city that the rest of the world thinks is kind of wierd
PixelArtDragon: I was just thinking I should have some scotch
ThatOverKillGuy: it cost you the death of a npc
jonasjonIV: 40, 000 blood echos
Snowcookies: chat
Foxmar320: lol
Brozard: It's a good amount
Jmonkey49: 100 Schrutebucks
TangleTrail: Sounds like it's worth it
e_bloc: Corgo666 pour one out for eileen
TXC2: you drank it on stream, you can bill it to LRR Kappa
TehAmelie: "there's no accounting for taste" can be taken literally
Altoguy16499: it costs 2 runs for blood vials
LarkSachrosis: Sometimes that's what you want.
krfsm: 25yo is ... not gonna be cheap in any case.
e_bloc: legitimate business expense
Intrepid_Colin: I have a rather large whiskey collection, but also suffer from depression and do my best to stay away from alcohol when its bad.
lirazel64: Too early for drinks here.
Jmonkey49: Cam you should be able to fight Ludwig in the DLC
Malkaresh: Upper Upper. Go up past the way to the workshop
Invitare: yeah you could always have "fun" with Ludwig
PixelArtDragon: Hey, there are some really good budget scotches. You just need to go for the younger stuff from the better distilleries
TangleTrail: Strong disagree on Ludwig fight
UncannyJimjams: I'm too on duty for drinks, but soon
lirazel64: But I have some great Laiphroig...
krfsm: upper cathedral ward is up the tower, through the door that opens when bloodstarved beast is killed
Foxmar320: Yeah you gotta go super Upper Ward
Brozard: I feel like I need to bust out my bottly of Hibiki Harmony tonight
Robot_Bones: where you got the badge for your sword
TXC2: Intrepid_Colin I can not imagine how messed up I'd be if I drank while depressed
Foxmar320: It just keeps going
fireredcrimson: For all chat who is hardest boss?
ThatOverKillGuy: STRONG DISAGREE ludwig is a asshole fight
Malkaresh: As if you were going to the old workshop but keep going up instead of down. There is a locked door you can open now.
TehAmelie: i like this Neil Gaiman story that talks about whiskey that's described as "full-bodied" but "neglecting to mention the body in question was that of a goat"
PadawanTK16: @fireredcrimson ourselves?
lirazel64: See, I'm big on peat.
ThatOverKillGuy: mmmmm drinking leather
Intrepid_Colin: @TXC2 Yeah it's not good. But it looks really nice in my cabinet right now.
PixelArtDragon: "Not a big fan of peaty whiskeys" meanwhile I was considering getting me out some Ardbeg :P
shaketomakeandbake: how's the lrr crew today???
Jmonkey49: Chat: Ludwig isn't that hard I just did it last night with Valtrs help yes
krfsm: up here, yeah, and up the tower
Milocw: go to very top
Malkaresh: Yep just keep going up
TangleTrail: yup
Leonhart321: You drinking that got me to check on my plum wine on the fridge
krfsm: there's a locked door at the top you can get through now
Milocw: locked door you have key for now
Foxmar320: Didnt need a mouth anyway
Jmonkey49: Cam yep all the way up
Robot_Bones: but we need to scream
Intrepid_Colin: I have no mouth but I must scream
AtomicAlchemical: Just got back. Did Cam finally defeat Blood Crow?
Malkaresh: Yep
PharaohBender27: This place looks very familiar . . .
Brozard: Hey, it's Lon Chaney Jr.
Malkaresh: Twas a battle worthy of song
Jmonkey49: @atomicalchemical yes
AtomicAlchemical: I'll have to catch it in the vod then
krfsm: that transformation is pretty dang neat
TehAmelie: i fought Artorias today and realized for the first time he's left handed
Foxmar320: Im kind of glad to see someone else using that sword cause I used it almost the entire game
Malkaresh: Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear
GlennSeto: @TehAmelie He might not have been, originally.
Coinman1863: How far into the DLC did we get?
Foxmar320: Its great to have slow heavy attacks and an option for quick attacks
TehAmelie: and his left arm is broken in that fight, so it's a little fair
Robot_Bones: its a good sword, full of opportunity
Mister_Skittles: ludwigs holy blade
Malkaresh: Ludwig's sword is pretty all around good.
Jmonkey49: Brick Dentist: so I was able to remove your teeth and most of your skull
Foxmar320: Now the game truly begins
krfsm: there we go
TehAmelie: yeah he's using his right, and if you look it's clearly not his dominant hand
Malkaresh: Eldritch babbies
Altoguy16499: I still say the Abyss DLC is the best DLC from soft ever did
Altoguy16499: it's so good
Mister_Skittles: welcome to creepy ambiance town
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: that is it, actually - it's why he gave his shield to puppy Sif, because he couldn't hold it
Milocw: fetus
Jmonkey49: oh there's a bridge
TangleTrail: All sorts of nightmare town
Mister_Skittles: it baby
PharaohBender27: @Jmonkey49 "Did you get tooth with the cavity, though?"
Tom_Bruise: it's a little buddy, go say hi
Ominouslyominous: ew
Intrepid_Colin: Somebody's baby
Foxmar320: That is not kitty
TXC2: ooh a puppy! Kappa
TangleTrail: it stings
krfsm: it's but a baby!
PixelArtDragon: Everyone knows that in FromSoft games, NG+ is when the game TRULY begins.
krfsm: mmmmmmaybe..
Robot_Bones: their all Babies! Baaaabiiiieees!
Malkaresh: They're mostly just gross.
Brozard: gbye
ArrestedHouse: statistically, yeah
Dark_Pikachu_777: Lol kill it!
Foxmar320: Good message :D
AtomicAlchemical: Well, that's a Not Cat if I've ever seen one
Altoguy16499: bloodborne has my favorite soundtrack from Fromsoft
Laserbeaks_Fury: Old One Babies, we make our dreams come true
Mister_Skittles: those things are what happens when humans try and fuck god's...
Foxmar320: Oh yeah its great
Jmonkey49: @pharaohbender27 I think so. it's got to be one of these on the floor
Snowcookies: I never knew cats were so eldritch looking
Intrepid_Colin: Idk why but makes me think of the new pokemon Dragapult, which uses its babies as ammunition
Dark_Pikachu_777: I hated that fight...
Robot_Bones: you're unspeakably Dope, BOOM roasted
Altoguy16499: I can wait till cam gets to hear the music for Ludwig
Malkaresh: I listen to this OST sometimes when going to bed. It's like the pipers of Azathoth singing me a lullaby. :D
ThatOverKillGuy: at least the game lets you have IFRAMES during those attacks
Jmonkey49: To me this is one of the most terrifying places in the game
Foxmar320: Nice views of the city up here
krfsm: check where all the kittens are looking
Dark_Pikachu_777: Wait is this where all the babies are???
Jmonkey49: bring a torch
Intrepid_Colin: Lorian?
GirlPainting: anor londo?
Malkaresh: Lothric castle?
krfsm: Anor Londo?
PunLordPupper: Dragon's Peak?
Redhot19: for the brothers fight?
Dark_Pikachu_777: Hell no, to the no no nooo
Mr_Horrible: you mean anor londo?
Always_Armoured: lothric castle?
AtomicAlchemical: With the dragons?
GlennSeto: Arch Dragon Peak?
HalvariChan: Lothric Castle, I think?
InquisitorGaia: the archives?
GirlPainting: irithyll of the boreal valley?
HalvariChan: Anor Londo
TXC2: the Archives?
gsumbreon: anor londo
Invitare: you don't fight Ornstein in DS3
marethyue: dragon peak?
PunLordPupper: The dargonslayer armor?
Malkaresh: Iron Dragonslayer
Mr_Horrible: I'm just realizing now how many "way up" locations are in DS3
krfsm: dragonslayer armor?
HalvariChan: Then it's the Archive's, which is right after the Dragonslayer Armour
Leonhart321: Upper Lothic Castle before the Archives
Always_Armoured: the dragonslayer armour evokes ornstein
TXC2: you mean Haveals Armour
krfsm: that's Lothric Castle yeah
marethyue: yeah thats lothhric castle
InquisitorGaia: do you mean the nameless king?
Malkaresh: They are looking at their mommy
Mr_Horrible: there's the dragonslayer armor in upper lothric castle, yeah
accountmadeforants: They've got lil' wings of twig
Tom_Bruise: Do... do they even have mommies?
GlennSeto: Are there stormy skies or spooky butterfly monsters?
InquisitorGaia: havel yes
Dark_Pikachu_777: Reminds me of silent hill babies
TXC2: you fight Havel in Dragon's peak
GirlPainting: oh you mean the dragon slayer armor...thats empty
Invitare: Ah, then yes, it's Lothric Castle. It's not quite Ornstein's armour, but it's modelled on it.
marethyue: there are two places you could be thinking of
InquisitorGaia: thats archdragons peak
Jmonkey49: unspeakable horror
Mister_Skittles: they do. mommy is coming up
Intrepid_Colin: It's Ornstein's armor, infested with a parasite
Malkaresh: They are specifically looking at the entrance to Ebrietas
krfsm: which one did you see first?
HalvariChan: The "Ornstein" in DS3 is a possessed armor. It's empty, and located in Lothric Castle
Always_Armoured: is this camerons first full playthrough of bloodborne?
Rhynerd: Did Cameron pick up an item called Great Lake?
GlennSeto: her
Jmonkey49: don't get bit they cause frenzy
niccus: it's a souls game, time is unusable
InquisitorGaia: the dragonslayer armor is on archdragon peak after you defeat the nameless king
Dark_Pikachu_777: Gross babies hahaha
Foxmar320: So many crows
TXC2: Always_Armoured Cameron played this about 5 years ago
krfsm: like, if you've never been up here before, then this will remind you of DS3 even if DS3 came after, since you saw DS3 first.
Intrepid_Colin: Mashed Crow a recipe for the whole family
Always_Armoured: ebrietas much like the dragon lady in the painting from DS1 remains one of the only souls bosses i refuse to ever fight
nemryn: @Rhynerd Great Lake is a rune, iirc it increases defense
ThatBoyf: HEy so we heard you disliked the dogs and crows, and we tought: there shouldnt be more than one thing like that, so we made some dog crows
Mister_Skittles: these are pretty thick crows tbh
ThatOverKillGuy: we making crow pie tonight
Mr_Horrible: everything up here really likes living with 1 hp, eh?
Always_Armoured: like she did nothing wrong
Always_Armoured: she was just abandoned
Foxmar320: That looks fine
Malkaresh: It does kind of bug me how the same enemies are arbitrarily stronger in different sections of the game. Not enough to annoy, but just some minor cognitive dissonance.
Rhynerd: @nemryn thank you for that information.
GlennSeto: scythe + butt hole?
Mister_Skittles: fire is hot and sycthes suck
Foxmar320: Hand goes in, blood comes out
TehAmelie: sweet heal at least
GlennSeto: nice follow through
Jmonkey49: careful going through the door
Rhynerd: Although it would be funny if Cameron’s character was just carrying an entire lake in their pocket.
Jmonkey49: bring torch
Mister_Skittles: trade worth taking
Malkaresh: Lots of brainsuckers in here. Beware.
HalvariChan: I hate those things. I like having Insight
Malkaresh: By here I mean this whole area,.
Mister_Skittles: it's a moist boy
GlennSeto: Do you want the SMB2 Overworld Theme during that spectacular demise or your funeral?
Malkaresh: Oh Choir Set!
BrindleBoar: choirmor
TXC2: !addquote (Cameron) [now] I want my last action on this earth to be doing the worm so hard I fly 8 feet in the air."
LRRbot: New quote #7102: "I want my last action on this earth to be doing the worm so hard I fly 8 feet in the air."" —Cameron [2020-08-05]
Foxmar320: That sounds correct yes
Brozard: Chair gear
Intrepid_Colin: Like Swharma
Dark_Pikachu_777: I hate those lol
Malkaresh: @BrindleBoar I love Choirmor
Jmonkey49: Shwire
Earthenone: !findquote boop
ThatOverKillGuy: !quote 1
Luminaire_p: Gwarmor, but with a soft g
AdzyW: Hey Cam, just wanted to say that watching you play this inspired me to try again after giving up at Bloodstarved Beast several years ago. I actually beat Amygdala, Rom and Logarius last night. I wouldn’t have had the guts to do it without you.
Mister_Skittles: whatever that noise is. please kill the source
ThatOverKillGuy: aw im not a sub
TXC2: !quote 1
LRRbot: Quote #1: "There's no worse panic than the panic you feel when you think you might have got your head stuck in something." —RebelliousUno
UncannyJimjams: oh yeah, this isn't creepy at all
Malkaresh: Window ambush
andrew: how's that good blood doing errybody
TXC2: Hello andrew
Foxmar320: Hello there big frand
BrindleBoar: feck that got me
nemryn: oh, we're Resident Evil now
Foxmar320: Hey Andrew!
Mister_Skittles: oh yeah... blue eyed werewolves
Tom_Bruise: he's just wearing his cosplay contact
krfsm: blue eyes grey werewolf
HalvariChan: These beasts be buff, yo
ThatOverKillGuy: thank you @TXC2
Malkaresh: So these werewolves are the best option for chunk farming if you care
Jmonkey49: they're possessed
andrew: wow dang, i am playing thru this game real slow compared to cam; from the forest to here that fast? d a n g
andrew: hey txc2, hey foxmar!
TXC2: andrew we killed a boss on the first try, but we also killed an NPC by accident
andrew: @TXC2 Which NPC?
GirlPainting: Cameron, if you where an Transformer, are you an Autobot or decepticon and in what would you transform?
Mister_Skittles: @txc2 wait which npc
TehAmelie: we can just buy chunks apparently, but maybe farming insights would take longer
TXC2: andrew Eliene
accountmadeforants: Eileen andrew Mister_Skittles
Zaghrog: Eileen died in a very unfortunate accident
ThatOverKillGuy: when do these statues come to life and kill us all
Rhynerd: Poor Eileen. Killed by an accidental press of R2.
Tom_Bruise: that's good. knowing is for losers anyway
Mister_Skittles: ah, Eileen doesn't have much to live for
Foxmar320: Of goooood
Luminaire_p: I'd be a Junkion
Malkaresh: Who needs lights in the spooky cathedral?
GirlPainting: thats quite a transformation...and what would be your name?
Foxmar320: Didn't need that light anyway
Altoguy16499: this is cosmic horror though. nothing stands a chance
exerus16: bad dog
gsumbreon: lobosDied lobosDied lobosDied lobosDied
andrew: yeah that room is... A Lot
Zaghrog: Camera gets the kill once again
Brozard: unarmeOkay
Foxmar320: I remember hating this building
ThatOverKillGuy: thatovFinchat
Mr_Horrible: Werewolves just *ruining* the property value
Always_Armoured: suddenly, werewolves
gonnaflunkib: seems fair lmao
Foxmar320: Enable no clip. Problem sovled
NicklebackIsOk: i mean to be fair... don't dodge into walls?
Jmonkey49: They're were two and it was dark
PixelArtDragon: Fair and Balanced Gameplay TM
TangleTrail: YEaaaaah, I vaguely remember hating this whole area
Mr_Horrible: jmonkey49 3, even
Foxmar320: Sir
TXC2: uh what?
PixelArtDragon: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a curling rink.
Jmonkey49: lrrFINE
GirlPainting: Trapwinder, Flitchchaser, GrabTrap, SoundBlaster...?
Mr_Horrible: I remember this being a whole ordeal, yeah
ThatOverKillGuy: um sir... this is a wendys
accountmadeforants: Someone really should've given a warning about those stairs. They should've told us, dog.
exerus16: The gun should be good agiants that scythe guy
TehAmelie: i saw a red car with a white roof outside, assumed it was snowing and just thought "that seems accurate for 2020"
TXC2: are....are souls games gatekeepers?
Mister_Skittles: wait how did he get your souls
Malkaresh: There are like 4-5 werewolves in there plus I think 5-6 brainsuckers, and they are all in darkness or hidden positions.
PixelArtDragon: People who say the game is punishing you for being bad should have to endure 5 hours of nothing but the worst parts of the Anor Londo rooftops
PadawanTK16: @TehAmelie That makes sense
Mister_Skittles: @txc2 no that's the soil community...
TXC2: Mister_Skittles enemies can pick up souls in this game
Foxmar320: Good doggos
GirlPainting: TXC2 no, the games are fine...the speedrunners are the gatekeepers ^^
AtomicAlchemical: @TXC2 Nah, just a subset of the playerbase
TehAmelie: sir, that hitbox is not regulation size
Brozard: Unbeatable level geometry
Mister_Skittles: @txc2 I know but he was nowhere near where can died
Foxmar320: Too big for the door? Poor doggo
NicklebackIsOk: absolutely not
Snowcookies: Souls games have great aesthetic, but I would never play a game like this
Altoguy16499: seeing cosmic horror makes you go insane though
Bread_Zeppelin_: "let me pet the doggy"
GirlPainting: kindof dark in here
Jmonkey49: Only cause the puny earth brain can't handle looking at such majesty
Mister_Skittles: thank you got getting the touch out. my anxiety
PixelArtDragon: Man, if only there was a chandelier here or something
Always_Armoured: i feel like there was a trick to these wolves but i cant for the life of me remember
accountmadeforants: The real softcap is however much they can fuck with scaling to leave enemies with exactly 1 HP, every time
Foxmar320: Id say now we can admire the architecture but they broke the light
ThatOverKillGuy: does every fucking monster have a focus sash
GirlPainting: yes
TangleTrail: Now we can buy poison knives
krfsm: now you can buy poison throwing knives! ...and the fight we'd really need them for is done.
GirlPainting: i don´ t trust those statues....
Raincoast_Bear: Good morning Cameron and friends!
Malkaresh: Statues are fine. Its what may or may not be behind them.
Mr_Horrible: "sir, if you could hold these tentacles for me, just for a moment"
Mister_Skittles: jokes on you werewolves, we have pocket slug's
Mr_Horrible: whoof, nice dodges
Malkaresh: Dodged the ambush. Nice!
Mr_Horrible: I *always* get caught by those guys
ThatOverKillGuy: ill give those dodges a solid 9/10
BrindleBoar: triumph sips
accountmadeforants: It's a good thing our character knows which side of the ladder is the correct one, because we sure as hell can't see.
Mr_Horrible: stuck in the magic chains, worst feeling
GlennSeto: cool beans
PharaohBender27: o_O
Brozard: now it's Starship Troopers
ThatOverKillGuy: just a little sip
Mr_Horrible: I think the windows means it's actually Resident Evil
Malkaresh: I think you got all the Wolves, now it's just brainsuckers.
Altoguy16499: well that a grab and a half
Flickstro1: Mmmm.. delicious OpieOP
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Vyous: Oh hey, that's basically the monster from Demons' Souls
TXC2: monster, monster, monster, waterman and monster: attorneys at law
accountmadeforants: Delicious Insight Drank.
DreadfulDrifter: damned illithid
gonnaflunkib: I assume it took insight?
Mr_Horrible: magic chains re the woooooorst
GlennSeto: Jokes on the mindflayer, this game has no intelligence stat.
accountmadeforants: gonnaflunkib It did, 2 insight
Malkaresh: He stole your MIND
krfsm: it drains insight
ThatOverKillGuy: fucker stole my wallet
PixelArtDragon: That guy reminds me of that one invader in The Painted World with a giant bandage for a head
Mr_Horrible: sucked the extra eyeballs right outta ya
Brozard: Delicious when grilled
cotillion1850: no he stole our insight
TehAmelie: they suck insight out of you, i wonder how that works
Robot_Bones: you really don't want that insight anyway
Mister_Skittles: that's fair
Malkaresh: They eat your brain eyes.
BrindleBoar: NotLikeThis
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Robot_Bones: someone inhere has the key, upstairs I think
NicklebackIsOk: just check your soul memory!
Mister_Skittles: not as many as most I bet
TehAmelie: there is an excellent pun about insight and the opposite of insight in swedish i wish y'all could hear
Mr_Horrible: eh, only people that don't play have never punted any souls
Mister_Skittles: can the music chill for 5 minutes
Altoguy16499: that would be something fun to put on the credits. "here's the souls you lost"
ThatOverKillGuy: no the music is too good
ThatOverKillGuy: the music is the best part
Malkaresh: Get the gesture from the nice corpse man
Foxmar320: Opening a big door is always a good thing
Mr_Horrible: "so, uh, you kids like killin'?"
Simonark: I'm sure the orphanage will be heartwarming and tonally upbeat.
Robot_Bones: yuuuuup
Jmonkey49: make contact!!!
NightValien28: sanguine salutations chat, how goes bloodborne
Malkaresh: You need the gesture later
Mr_Horrible: @NightValien28 we're on top of the world
Malkaresh: Not like the game will tell you that
TangleTrail: Doesn't the key open the front door?
Ferisar: |0_
Mr_Horrible: well, on top of the church, at least
Robot_Bones: Y-M-C-A!
TXC2: hello NightValien28 welcome
exerus16: Just now realized, that prompt says ''talk''
Malkaresh: @TangleTrail Yes
Simonark: Helen Mirren's Russian accent holds up.
krfsm: indeed it was 2010: The Year We Make Contact
krfsm: and the balloon heat shield was cool
GlennSeto: Is HAL redeemed in that one?
Manae: Can you permanently lose souls, or do you leave multiple piles if you die without picking up the older ones?
NightValien28: Manae you lose them
Simonark: Bob Balaban was in it too, somehow
Altoguy16499: 1 soul pile at a time
TXC2: Manae nope you lose them forever
andrew: short cut short cut short cut awwyeah
Mister_Skittles: shortcut get
krfsm: the shortest of cuts
Mr_Horrible: big fans of levers, those Yharnamites
Foxmar320: Oh gooood it wants a hug
Mister_Skittles: so this game has aliens in it
richard_ermen: Oh, we Mr.BigStinger nowadays`?
DreadfulDrifter: @GlennSeto HAL didn't need to be redeemed
GlennSeto: Cam, that might have been the first of the orphans to greet us.
ThatOverKillGuy: not very big brain of him
andrew: @Mr_Horrible they basically keep the lever industry in business these days
TehAmelie: i don't know if it's true the script to 2001 was 3 pages long. . .
PixelArtDragon: 2001 was a very technically impressive film... for when it was made, which is why it doesn't hold up that well anymore
krfsm: I want to have one of those caps
TangleTrail: Should we go spend now that we have short cut?
cotillion1850: this is a boss area so if you need to spend echos do so
Mr_Horrible: andrew love to see support for local manufacturers, honestly
Jmonkey49: 2001 totally holds up what are you talking about
Mr_Horrible: wholesome
andrew: very
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I honestly can't stand 2001 - all metaphor, no story
TehAmelie: it's a peculiar artifact but you can't say it doesn't do what it sets out to do
Foxmar320: These robes will not stay white long
andrew: It Sure Does
Mr_Horrible: hello children do you want to talk about G O D?
ThatOverKillGuy: hey cam do you plan on playing Brutal Shell when it comes out, its a soul clone
Foxmar320: Im sure its fine
cotillion1850: it super is and if I remember correctly you need to kill the adds
Malkaresh: Celestial Emessiary. Just hit the one that runs away from you until it gets all big
PixelArtDragon: It holds up to hardcore sci-fi fans, sure. But not really to anyone else
Tom_Bruise: they just wanted hugs man
Mr_Horrible: I respect it
Foxmar320: Just NOPEd
Mr_Horrible: I too can feel an urge to nope out when a swarm of kids wants to talk to me
Foxmar320: Yep
Ferisar: "i'm going to bed"
Ferisar: "good bye"
TangleTrail: Hey, got the short cut, and it's very short
GirlPainting: kay, love you, bye ^^
krfsm: what does the expanded lore on the orphanage key say anyway?
Foxmar320: Sometimes you see someone coming for the hug and just have to leave
Malkaresh: Something about the Choir doing horrible things to children
Mr_Horrible: Ferisar oh wow that just gave me the headcanon that the bold hunter's mark is just your character smacking themself in the head so hard they pass out LUL
Rhynerd: “I am but a humble choir boy. I am not equipped to meet with a Celestial Emissary.”
exerus16: Just beat the game and then you're free!
Mr_Horrible: "gotta get back to the dream" *THUNK*
Ferisar: @Mr_Horrible haha it kind of is
Vyous: END is 40
Ferisar: the facepalm of destiny
Foxmar320: exerus16 new game + :P
Ferisar: i'll say that regardless of soft caps, END is not that useful at high values
cotillion1850: yeah 15 and 40 for end
Vyous: Yeah, VIT is 30
cotillion1850: Vit is 30 and 50
Vyous: 30 and 50
BrindleBoar: according to the wiki, vitality has soft caps at 30 and 50
FinalShowFilms: Do you want us to just link you to the wiki so you can read it yourself Cam?
Ferisar: realistically you can ignore end after 15 and it won't cost much
exerus16: It kind of tells you, you see how it improves you atributes, you see when it starts doing less
Zaghrog: Arcane scaling is not worthless beyond 25
Tom_Bruise: it never hurts to put points into muscle power
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MrSVCD: ooh, 20 months and a baby...
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cotillion1850: if you want invest in strength up to 25
Tom_Bruise: 1st softcap at 25 for arcane, 2nd at 50
TheAudiovore: luckily Arcane scaling on hunter tools caps at 99
TheAudiovore: so more points means better tentacles
Malkaresh: I really like the Choir set.
TangleTrail: need vials?
Brozard: Oh, that's the Choywaier set?
accountmadeforants: Arcane also scales for Discovery (item drops) up 'till 50.
Mister_Skittles: arcane resistance is good
FinalShowFilms: The GWAR set.
cotillion1850: well one of the adds is the boss in disguise I don't remember to tell which one
Ferisar: this boss is kind of a meme so it doesn't really matter what you're wearing
exerus16: Sing to the little ones
Malkaresh: "Choirmor" as @BrindleBoar said
krfsm: @Malkaresh I've looked at making an Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge pendant
TehAmelie: chat is like a voice controlled wiki that's about as effective as voice controlled AI despite natural language recognition. . .
Brozard: Can't wait to find the Trebu Set
Foxmar320: Crush a baby. Normal Bloodborne things
Ferisar: forgive us for not being a gestalt entity, amelie
Malkaresh: @krfsm That would be pretty sick. I don't really do jewelry, but that is an awesome idea.
ArrestedHouse: lrrCAMERON 🔪 BabyRage
PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie But would we beat Watson at Jeopardy?
Ferisar: the hunter badges?
ThatOverKillGuy: i bet they are esty
TXC2: someone on etsy probably does
Manae: All they want is ahug
Ferisar: i think lots of etsy creators make 'em
Mister_Skittles: all the hunter badges are sweet
I_Am_Clockwork: Gaze into eternity
Foxmar320: Im sure there is a Etsy store for them
Ferisar: there's a couple official ones
TehAmelie: i'm not criticizing, i'm just amazed Cameron trusts us to tell him this stuff
Snowcookies: etsy i guess
Aarek: oh right, this fight
Malkaresh: Bolt is good. Hit the one that seems non hostile until it grows giant.
GirlPainting: the are imunodefficient!
breadisbest1: !next
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Mister_Skittles: he trusts chat until chat throws that trust away
Ferisar: etsy is the best source for having one yeah, probably lower quality but eh
I_Am_Clockwork: I honestly forgot this fight
FinalShowFilms: One of them is the actual boss
Malkaresh: Gotta hit the right one.
Foxmar320: lol
FinalShowFilms: The others are summoned adds
Ferisar: there's one real one
Mr_Horrible: Trash: The Boss
Mister_Skittles: mountains of dudes into a dude mountain yes
cotillion1850: no one is real you have to find it
davidhydepiss: one dude is the correct dude
RatekStormcrow: the one without healkth bar is the real one
krfsm: torchtorch.jp sells some officially licensed ones (as well as some other FromSoft merchandise)
Malkaresh: The real one won't engage until his health drops.
Robot_Bones: its like the rat fight from DS2
GrizzmastahFlex: Deacons of the Deep
Mr_Horrible: deep deacons
Ferisar: rats
GirlPainting: they are bloodbornes decons of the deep ^^
marethyue: Deacons
Aarek: deacons
Ferisar: oh 3, deacons
NightValien28: the deacons
Mr_Horrible: but yeah, 1 dude is the real boss
Kraest: I stepped away a bit. I see we’ve found the Blue Man Group
Ferisar: B I G B L U E
BrindleBoar: the big brain play
Brozard: big baby
Foxmar320: There we go
TXC2: Best area in that game
davidhydepiss: there was the deacons, which was exactly this but actually worse
NightValien28: BIG FELLA
Mr_Horrible: L O R J L A D
Foxmar320: Found the real one
ThatOverKillGuy: hey you found him
Malkaresh: There's our big blue boi!
ArrestedHouse: B E E G B AB Y
jonasjonIV: they big
gonnaflunkib: ah
garion99: hey there big fella
marethyue: a friend
davidhydepiss: S P O O K E D
RatekStormcrow: Now he is easy to see :)
cotillion1850: now it isn;t hiding makes it easier right
marethyue: he wants a hug
I_Am_Clockwork: Bigger than before
jonasjonIV: lrrCIRCLE
ashteranic: wait, so cam is fighting alien grey's now?
Brozard: They all made boom boom in their diapers
aleksandrtitenko1989: <message deleted>https://u.to/mWQ5GQ
Ferisar: oh my god that tiny tinitrus damage
ThatOverKillGuy: HEY LOOK its the accurate representation of the twitch trolls who say GIT GUD
Ferisar: that's some shit
GirlPainting: now you turned it into the yorm the giant fight ^^
Ferisar: lmao
Robot_Bones: that's quite the chunj
niccus: don't talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son or my son ever again
Robot_Bones: chuink
Foxmar320: :P
BrindleBoar: get zapped
Critterbot: Rekt!
NightValien28: easy game for babies
TangleTrail: it's super effective
Mr_Horrible: welp
Brozard: sergeModLove sergeModLove
gonnaflunkib: rip
krfsm: I bought my wife a Silvercat Ring replica from torchtorch.jp
Malkaresh: :D
ArrestedHouse: lrrHORN
RatekStormcrow: that seemed easy
NightValien28: this is a weird fall guys mod
Jmonkey49: @thirtycubicfeetofsalsa the story is the evolution of mankind
FinalShowFilms: Time to smash the state
I_Am_Clockwork: Huh
Foxmar320: Im still waiting on that Cabal Warrior to spawn game
TangleTrail: Isn't there also a hidden boss around here?
cotillion1850: well damn that arcane scalling
Robot_Bones: boss is throught the window
accountmadeforants: Open area, Camera lost the advantage
ashteranic: beginning to think Cam's a little over leveled for some of these fights :P
Ferisar: weeeell the next one is right through the window so don't get too much hubris in you all at once
exerus16: Done with the apetizer
Tom_Bruise: well, that sure was one giant baby
Leonhart321: So that's what the tiny tonitrus does? Interesting
Malkaresh: Ebrietas is through the window
krfsm: the Celestial Emissary's kind of ... not that impressive.
Ferisar: don't worry, its nightmare mirror fight is more impressive
FinalShowFilms: Well it's just an Emissary.
Ferisar: at least visually and aurally
FinalShowFilms: Cam literally just killed the messenger.
cotillion1850: hey Cameron when you go vial farming you can switch in the Eye Rune to increase drops might save some time
Jmonkey49: that's why he's the emissary hes not supposed to be aggressive
ThatOverKillGuy: cam just killed a baby, lets all remember that
FinalShowFilms: Oh yeah, the Eye rune increases your drop rate
Ferisar: did we get the eye rune? i don't remember if we killed willem
cotillion1850: Yeah the Eye Rune increases Item drop rate
Foxmar320: Baby knows what it did
Malkaresh: Cam didn't kill Willem, so no eye rune yet
Brozard: In your defense, that baby was a dick
Mr_Horrible: that baby was comin' right for us, you all saw it
Robot_Bones: TBF that baby was kind of a Dick
FinalShowFilms: Remember when these guys could two shot you?
Ferisar: oh yeah, needa kill willem
Ferisar: old man rocking chair
cotillion1850: Oh right
ThatOverKillGuy: thats not true at all
GlennSeto: If babies were innocent, they wouldn't make them so cute. Kappa
Jmonkey49: you can either fight Ebrietas or regardless of what chat says I believe you can beat Ludwig
AtomicAlchemical: As an American, I can confidently say that defense will absolutely hold up in court
Malkaresh: It's not too bad since arcane boosts item drop.
Tom_Bruise: hey man, it's not your fault they didn't know how to put up a decent guard
cotillion1850: I forgot where else it drops other than Willem
walkerinc: What we just watched says otherwise
TXC2: I've BEEN punched by a 2 day old baby, does that count? :p
Jmonkey49: If you need help join the league and summon Valtr to help
Ferisar: yeah benefit of arcane build is drop rate
Ferisar: so there is that
Malkaresh: The best eye rune is in the Nightmare of Mensis
STALKERsoldiers: children are great, it's the parents that teach them that can be hit-or-want to hit
TehAmelie: remember The Campaign? it's one of the funnier Will Ferrell movies about really stupid guys hurting themselves through different kinds of stupidity
ThatOverKillGuy: my nephew bit me once
PixelArtDragon: It's okay, you don't need to punch babies to make them cry, they do that on their own
cotillion1850: True but wouldn't the Eye stack with Camerons already high arcane build?
Ferisar: it would
TXC2: if you want to make a baby cry, just wait.
Malkaresh: @cotillion1850 Absolutely. Willem's gives a plus 50 to item discovery.
ThatOverKillGuy: why do the birds bark like dogs?
TehAmelie: (he punches a baby in it)
TehAmelie: (in terrible CG)
Foxmar320: Battery?
Ferisar: oh yeah, why indeed @ThatOverKillGuy
PadawanTK16: What are we doing?
Jmonkey49: Battery or stick drift?
TXC2: PadawanTK16 bloodvial farming
ThatOverKillGuy: maybe its the bluetooth losing signal
Malkaresh: I once had play controller glitch out and I soundly turned left (no joke) while fighting Gascoigne and it actually saved me.
Ferisar: is the creepy sister in the window now?
ThatOverKillGuy: oh...
Ferisar: instead of the little girl
TXC2: Hasn't the ps4 controller died before?
PadawanTK16: ah, the fun bit if the ga,e
ThatOverKillGuy: that is weird
Foxmar320: Hmmm might be time for the Moonbase to get a new one
Ferisar: haha so she is
PixelArtDragon: That could be a PS4 issue, not a controller issue
Tom_Bruise: she... she's fine
Jmonkey49: possible stick drifting or sync issue
STALKERsoldiers: uh
cotillion1850: oh
cotillion1850: um
ThatOverKillGuy: i blame the controller
Ferisar: i'm sure that's fine
STALKERsoldiers: and thats 2 children he's made cry in like 10 minutes
cotillion1850: Yeah you need to leave and comback to see what happens
walkerinc: geez, man. Gotta give her some time to grieve, hehe
Mr_Horrible: "Does *anyone* in this city have a couch I can crash on?"
GlennSeto: Moon's haunted... which is actually kind of a spoiler here.
Simonark: It's been swept up in gloomy tropes..
ThatOverKillGuy: shes insane
Tom_Bruise: I too would be mildly perturbed around here
Foxmar320: ummmmmm
Ferisar: it said "what a perfect ribbon... and now it's all mine..."
TXC2: who isn't ThatOverKillGuy ?
Jmonkey49: Aliens guy intensifies
ThatOverKillGuy: true
TXC2: does anyone else think of the movie when Cameron says "sexy beast" ?
ThatOverKillGuy: puppers noooo
Malkaresh: Does that make you Ben Kingsely?
ArrestedHouse: sexy beast please, mr beast was my father
cotillion1850: yeah go back there after having gone to back to the hunter's dream
Malkaresh: All the time
Ferisar: like chicken nuggets?
ThatOverKillGuy: like a mc donalds cheese burgers
NightValien28: yes
Brozard: Like, streetcart hot dogs?
control_rig: No no I totally get you
GlennSeto: huh
walkerinc: Yes, everyday...and I give in
Ferisar: that's fair
Manae: Garbage tier meat cooking long and slow becomes top-tier meat. Also sausages, yes
Leonhart321: The burger coated in grease topped with cheese and bacon
Intrepid_Colin: Not buffalo or wild game, fast food or cheap meats
tenthtechpriest: I demand a can of spam
BTC1220: Yeah that happens probably more often than I'd like to admit
Kraest: Like pocket bacon
Brozard: tbf street hotdogs are bomb
TXC2: a $5 dollar stake or something
Mr_Horrible: The whispers of our Inner Raccoon
gek0h: whoo, i haven't caught cameron in yharnam since episode 1, and look at him now
WiltLeafWanderer: Craving the Double Down?
ThatOverKillGuy: what about some pocket bacon
Jmonkey49: don't mention the pocket bacon
e_bloc: a baseball hotdog
Foxmar320: Hotdogs are fair game. Not positive they are meat anyway. :P
AtomicAlchemical: Just get some fats and salt and gorge on it?
Rurrythe_blind: Why do I trust the pocket bacon more than I trust a street dog?
Malkaresh: Pepperoni pizza even though the grease gives me indigestion and acid reflux.
Intrepid_Colin: Pretty much
Xafty: the double down is kinda meh, if im being honest
Intrepid_Colin: There are far worse culinary abominations
Robot_Bones: giant offal yea
ThatOverKillGuy: i had one and i had to eat it with a fork and knife
STALKERsoldiers: never had, seems excessive to me
cotillion1850: Cameron are Vegan or vegetarian?
GirlPainting: hey cameron, you whanne see what i have been painting during the stream? ^^
Mr_Horrible: a double down honestly seems like it'd be more messy than anything else
Brozard: Popeye's Chicken Sandwich was pretty bad too
MrSVCD: I am think of feed dump when you say "Smokies"
ThatOverKillGuy: nah i love baconators
TXC2: cotillion1850 Vegetarian I believe
gek0h: my roommate complained about bowel movements for 3 days after his only double down
accountmadeforants: Apparently they also had a "Double Down Dog" in 2015
Simonark: I think the cure is to find.. like, a world class meat-heavy restaurant. Ideally in New York or London. As good as you can find. Break your principles once, and then if you picked somewhere out of reach, you should be craving something you can't do anything about?
STALKERsoldiers: i'm a fan of Carl's Jr./Hardy's Western
Foxmar320: I actually like the baconator but I don't get them often
Jmonkey49: Don't Slander The Baconator!!!
Foxmar320: No mayo tho
PixelArtDragon: I've never had bacon, so I have never understood the internet's obsession with it
e_bloc: pocket bacon? :p
electric_claire: I understand that, Cam
Intrepid_Colin: You need the regret
Ferisar: they do tend to make them pretty addicting
TehAmelie: we seek comfort in food that impacted our childhood
WiltLeafWanderer: Cord en bleu is probably a generous comparison ha. Baconator’s definitely the scratch to that trash-tier meat itch.
GapFiller: big mood Cam
electric_claire: Whenever I get a meat craving it's for sausage
GirlPainting: i painted a primaris reiver
control_rig: It's salt and fat. You're programmed to want it. So that's normal
Domma_love1: quality... while ordering fast food. uhmm not really. but then again there are lvls in that stuff 🤷🏾
Jmonkey49: I respect you don't eat meat please respect the Baconator
Malkaresh: I used to live next to this german deli in Portland that had all the best in bad for you meats.
Leonhart321: Having resisted the life of fast food for over a year now, I'm not craving that. Some good take out though is a different story
BrindleBoar: Isn't a gradual transition off of vegetarian diet better? So you're probably drawn to... less-meaty meats?
e_bloc: I think that kinda illustrates why those cravings should be ignored
ThatOverKillGuy: im sorry i wont bring it back up i see it distresses you <3
JaymicUnyielding: Hey Cam! I've been catching up in the VODs, just wanted to poke my head in and say I'm really enjoying the run! I'm sorry the farming is so frustrating, but I hope you're having fun regardless. : )
Mr_Horrible: malkaresh oooh, that sounds dangerous
Xafty: much as saying yes drive improve, pocket bacon was a time that No would have been acceptable
BTC1220: How did your stomach handle that after so long going sans
Leonhart321: Also way to correct lure to life phone, make me sound more gluttonous than I am
Ferisar: i don't think cravings have much to do with healthy food choice transitions
gek0h: improv can be boiled down to: always say yes and, unless someone offers a double down
Ferisar: hahah
Brozard: It's your epitaph now
PharaohBender27: @Xafty lrrCAMERON is already aware of that, don't rub it in
Mr_Horrible: mizzOOF
Rurrythe_blind: It haunts you as a meaty-specter
GapFiller: maybe its just the transparency of it all
GapFiller: with something classy theres the veneer of quality making up for it whereas when yr scraping the barrel w/ the fast food theres no illusion
Xafty: @PharaohBender27 not my intent, but fair enough
Malkaresh: @Mr_Horrible Deliciously so. Also eastern european meats and cheeses. And Wine.
gek0h: lumenflower gardens is a boss arena (celestial emmisary)
gek0h: ive missed a lot of episodes
Jmonkey49: she's kin bolt works better than fire
e_bloc: everyone makes mistakes
JaymicUnyielding: I think I heard that the slimy students in the college might be a good place to farm echoes to buy vials? Might be a bit less frustrating, anyways.
Jmonkey49: it's right next to the lamp
gek0h: theres a second hidden boss available from here
gek0h: ta da!
Ferisar: @JaymicUnyielding has been recommended and preference is to the contrary
Ferisar: btw below is the amelia boss room
NightValien28: as opposed to the entire game?
krfsm: you can always mark out
Jmonkey49: your in the grand cathedral
JaymicUnyielding: @Ferisar Alright, no problem then! Thanks for letting me know.
gek0h: yeah youre in grand cathedral (vicar Amelia's hine)
gek0h: home*
Jmonkey49: corner
Ferisar: uhhhh
Ferisar: sort of
Brozard: Spiky baby
FinalShowFilms: Not exactly, but yes
Tom_Bruise: I'm not sure that's hair
cotillion1850: there was an item on the other side of the walk way
gek0h: no not a kin baby
cotillion1850: sort of
GlennSeto: David Bowie hair.
Ferisar: you're more of a... vegetable
BurgerGamer: you can be close-ish to these guys
gek0h: you can be space broccoli tho
Ferisar: but yes
ThatOverKillGuy: hey cam, is there a vegitarian snacks you enjoy, maybe want to recieve in a mail time?
ThatBoyf: DIfferent kind of alien
TangleTrail: more like one of those stretched over a head of broccoli
krfsm: there was that shiny up top
Ferisar: damian profoundly blows for this fight
Ferisar: so don't even worry about it, haha
GirlPainting: that looks boss
accountmadeforants: Time for one of my favourite tracks.
cotillion1850: I mean he does heal
JaymicUnyielding: Ooh, Ebritias!
TXC2: ah a durgon
BrindleBoar: definitely a Cthulhu
Jmonkey49: join me now on the altar of despair and prepare for battle
Invitare: ah this is where those pocket leeches came from
EvilBadman: Yo what up Seath
TangleTrail: fight starts when you hit it
gek0h: tonitrus is probably bad n g l
Jmonkey49: yes bolt on kin
FinalShowFilms: If you get between her tails she can't hit you with most of her attacks for what it's worth
GlennSeto: Time to pay for all those tentacles you summoned.
Invitare: Ebrietas is like, canonically a Good One right?
jonasjonIV: you woke them up!
Mr_Horrible: she was just doin' a /pray
Brozard: Daughter of the Cosmos? That's fucking rad.
ThatOverKillGuy: thats a daughter...
Ferisar: this bosssss huuuurts
Invitare: like she's literally just trying to help the silly humans
Invitare: then this hunter comes along and starts attacking out of nowhere
gek0h: Cosmos is bloodborne slang for Great Ones
Ferisar: she's also not an actual old one, i think
FinalShowFilms: None of them are really 'good' or 'bad'. Ebrietas is one that was left behind and discovered in the tombs below Yharnam.
Jmonkey49: she want trying to help she was captured and experimented on
JaymicUnyielding: I LOVE this game's soundtrack.
FinalShowFilms: She's one of the sources of the Old Blood the healing church is using.
Jmonkey49: *wasn't she hates humans
krfsm: get the shiny on the right side of the cathedral?
JaymicUnyielding: I think Ludwig and Lady Maria have my favorite battle themes
gek0h: the story makes so much more sense if the chalices are part of your playthrough
GlennSeto: Can you talk to her?
GirlPainting: we are trying cameron
Ferisar: she only exists to do a boss fight
GlennSeto: Or does she attack either way?
gek0h: no shes pure boss fight
Tom_Bruise: Would the grand schemes of the ones beyond the cosmos even consider morality?
Jmonkey49: shes not good
accountmadeforants: It's probably my favourite non-DLC song
Ferisar: oh yeah call beyond
Malkaresh: She's not good or bad. She is a Great One.
Invitare: oh no, you have to fight her
TangleTrail: @GirlPainting nope
Invitare: just narratively she's good
GirlPainting: but all those voices are confusing and trying to operate a single pencil is difficult
Ferisar: remember that NPC in bergynwerth who shot you with a billion missiles
Jmonkey49: she is optional boss and strongest kin
TangleTrail: it's the thing that one shotted you in bergenworth
Malkaresh: This is the spell that Hunter in Burgerworth one shot you with.
Ferisar: this is that spell
Mr_Horrible: yup
krfsm: yep yep
Ferisar: it takes a TON of bullets, but still
gek0h: ebrietas is probably the hardest non Chalice non DLC boss in the game
BrindleBoar: "we tried to phone some dudes but instead it blows shit up"
Mr_Horrible: place a collect call to Beyond
cotillion1850: doesn't it east bullets like crazy?
GlennSeto: Glad your Arcane investment is working out after all. :)
cotillion1850: eat bullets
Ferisar: also just fyi in case you see an opening for it, her head takes a lot more damage
Malkaresh: Augur is still going to be your best bet for direct damage despite the range.
gek0h: imo piercing damage does more to ebrietas than bolt damage unless youre pure arcane
Brozard: My cloak does that in Destiny
Jmonkey49: @mr_horrible save money with AT&T dial right down the middle
Brozard: Spike?
Mr_Horrible: LUL
Malkaresh: This guy can be a good summon if you need it. He spams healing magic and has unlimited bullets.
Tom_Bruise: did that... *baby* have a name?
TehAmelie: did i have a name? i should rewatch that movie
gek0h: knew a charge was coming lol
gek0h: ebrietas hates ranged fights
GirlPainting: camera plz!
BurgerGamer: I really wish the hitboxes on this fight were less *everywhere*
ThatOverKillGuy: the camera boss is the worst boss in this game
Malkaresh: Yeah if you can get the timing on that head slam you can punish it hard.
GlennSeto: So in the Bloodborne version of ET, would Elliot befriend this one?
Jmonkey49: gotta love the fps drops
JaymicUnyielding: Alright, I should probably go back to finishing Monday's installment. Good luck Cam, and I hope you're still enjoying the game! Can't wait to see you beat the DLC bosses!
Malkaresh: Oh shit, I forgot the blood causes frenzy.
TXC2: "I can not tell what the hell is going on" me, at any given time.
Ferisar: yeah the blood frenzies super hard
TangleTrail: Frenzy
Tom_Bruise: oh right. Frenzy
Mr_Horrible: frenzy from the blood spew
silenceaux: Frenzy in your blood
ThatOverKillGuy: frenzy
Foxmar320: This boss gave me such a hard time
BurgerGamer: got frenzied from the blood she spat
gek0h: bloodborne has water even though the Bloodborne engine hates water
Ferisar: i'll be honest if you get frustrated just leave this fight for later
gek0h: ironic
Ferisar: 80% of health
BurgerGamer: it takes a huge chunkm of your health
FinalShowFilms: When Frenzy builds up it blasts you for a large percentage of your health
Mr_Horrible: it's like 80% of your max hp, yeah
ThatOverKillGuy: it hits you for 80%
Tom_Bruise: it deals a BUNCH of damage
TangleTrail: It deals a % of health based on insight
ThatOverKillGuy: its so much punishment
FinalShowFilms: You can take Sedatives to stop it.
Snowcookies: WOW
TXC2: why indeed
cotillion1850: since you have so much insight Frenzy does more damage
Malkaresh: It continues to build even after you leave the cause too.
silenceaux: There are ways to cleanse frenzy, aren't there?
Tom_Bruise: why? why the nerve to ask...
Foxmar320: Yeah its real nasty
exerus16: You can drink sanity juice
TehAmelie: unrelated but that was too funny. Lautrec went "you leave me no choice" and promptly backflipped off the cliff
krfsm: and frenzy resist goes down as insight goes up
gek0h: storing insight lowers your frenzy resist Cameron
cotillion1850: yeah sedatives will stop it
FinalShowFilms: Also Djura's gear has lots of Frenzy resist
accountmadeforants: Insight decreases your Frenzy resistance, by the way
FinalShowFilms: As does the normal Hunter sets
Malkaresh: @TehAmelie :D Nice!
BurgerGamer: there's a frenzy resist rune that's really good
TangleTrail: Crow Moms gear has decent frenzy resist
GlennSeto: Would spending insight lower the damage?
Ferisar: yeah frenzy rez armor and/or runes help, as well as spending insight
cotillion1850: I bleive so
exerus16: The more you know about the supernatural the quicker you'll go mad
Milocw: might be easier to equip the caryll rune for like 200 frenzy resist
krfsm: how much has the sword been upgraded, by the way? +8?
Malkaresh: There was a real good frenzy resist rune in the Forbiddden Woods. Don't know if we picked it up.
Mr_Horrible: the sacrifices we make
TangleTrail: Full on mall samurai
gek0h: djura ashen armor set + eileens crow mask + runes + 0 insight is great for farming winter lanterns but honestly not as relevant for ebrietas
Foxmar320: lol
ThatOverKillGuy: honestly frenzy is the worst affliction in the game
Brozard: Wait, that's IGA
walkerinc: hehe
gek0h: at least Bloodborne doesn't have Cursed debuff
ThatOverKillGuy: true
Malkaresh: Damn
Ferisar: yeah it's expensive
BrindleBoar: gotta spend bullets to make bullets
Robot_Bones: where are my souls sounds like something a ghost would scream at you in a spooky house
Aarek: Oh god, the abuse the poor subway staff got when it was like 8PM and people were complaining they were out of a bunch of stuff
PadawanTK16: wait, do your blood echos despawn?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: not until you do the Cursed Pthumerian chalice, anyway :/
ThatOverKillGuy: if you time it right when she lowers her head you can get a massive hit on her in the face
Foxmar320: In the butt!
gek0h: that's different, kinda
Malkaresh: @PadawanTK16 If you die before you pick them up they are gone forever
PadawanTK16: oh, ok
NightValien28: nice stun
TStodden: Blood Echos only despawn if you die before retrieving them... It's a common Dark Souls mechanic.
cotillion1850: use seditative
Malkaresh: Frenzy still building...
Ferisar: frenzy stops building from 0 with only one blood hit with the armor on, he's fine
TXC2: chat don't back seat
cotillion1850: oh wow the cloths worked
Ferisar: sedative use right under the boss isn't the best team
Ferisar: haha
gek0h: phase 2 fun
Foxmar320: Wow
TXC2: uh what?
NightValien28: she does so much damage
TangleTrail: buh?
Foxmar320: Yeah same
gek0h: there is persistent AOE damage in phase 2
Mr_Horrible: oh right, her damage aura in phase 2
PixelArtDragon: Was that Frenzy again?
NightValien28: is either full health or death
Malkaresh: @Ferisar Good to know. I'm just continuly amazed at how long after exposure it keeps building.
Ferisar: nah, just a stray tentacle hit
Mr_Horrible: I think that was just a swing
TXC2: I don't think it was frenzy
BurgerGamer: phase two just being near her slowly ticks down your health
Jmonkey49: You can fight Ludwig I believe in you
Mr_Horrible: the damage aura is nasty tho, since it *really* hurts your rally
Foxmar320: Yeah this is not a fun boss
Ferisar: it's not consistent, when she transforms and there's the high-pitched noise it pulses aoe near her
Foxmar320: It was not freenzy
TangleTrail: Aaaand, we're out of vials again...
gek0h: could have died to a swing, but gotta keep an extra close eye on your health dont assume it will stay full
walkerinc: This is why I watch people play these games and DON'T play them.
BurgerGamer: because this fight sucks, cam
FinalShowFilms: It's times like this I remember that one boss in Dark Souls can be killed by flinging poop at it over a wall. We've come a long way since then.
Snowcookies: maybe this is a rain check boss
Malkaresh: Welp. Gotta go Chat. Good Luck Cam lrrHEART lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
Luminaire_p: Is that a Van der Graaf mace?
davidhydepiss: ebrietas is weird but yeah she has a wonky aoe attack
walkerinc: That kinda crap would tick me off
TXC2: so long Malkaresh stay safe
PadawanTK16: Bye!
ThatOverKillGuy: if you have to ask "why" you really need to just remind your self its because the game hates us
davidhydepiss: stick entirely in her ass crack
Mr_Horrible: luminaire_p essentially
Foxmar320: Is she sitting on them?
Snowcookies: to quote the simic slaw: your suffering is delicious
Ferisar: yeah it's the hardest attack to dodge on this fight
ThatOverKillGuy: i just want to say, i wish this game had a shield
Ferisar: a swing
walkerinc: a monster
krfsm: @ThatOverKillGuy it has two
TXC2: ThatOverKillGuy it does, it's useless
GlennSeto: There is a hint of the Godzilla soundtrack in there and I appreciate it.
ThatOverKillGuy: oh lol
GirlPainting: probaly one of his 10X3³ tentacles
Ferisar: her arm swings have multiple hitboxes from the trailing tentacles
Jmonkey49: You have to dodge left she always attacks right
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:56:17.
Mr_Horrible: I seem to remember some of her swipes have really wonky hitboxes, yeah
Jmonkey49: or at least it seems that eay
Mr_Horrible: extra wide, to
ThatOverKillGuy: before you go in change to the weapon you like to use
Ferisar: yeah that's very weird
GirlPainting: controller fully charged?
Foxmar320: Does the Moonbase have another controller?
FinalShowFilms: That might be your controller. The left stick on one of my controllers has issues when playing Bloodborne.
FinalShowFilms: It does the same thing
Mr_Horrible: any spares to swap to, see if they have the same issue?
FinalShowFilms: I had to switch out controllers to get it to stop
Jmonkey49: it's gotta be stick drift
ThatOverKillGuy: focus sash
ThatOverKillGuy: its anoying
SandwichKed: There's never a good reason not to use a wired controller.
Luminaire_p: lumina1Wat
Foxmar320: Its a Pokemon item
garion99: pokemon reference
ThatOverKillGuy: its a pokemon reference sorry
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Pummel Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (3:01 from now).
krfsm: pokemon item that prevent OHKO
accountmadeforants: Pokémon item that lets the holder always tank one hit up till 1 HP
Zaghrog: focus sash is a pokemon thing, an item that keeps you at 1 hp if hit
FinalShowFilms: Yes
walkerinc: yep!
Ferisar: it sort of works
FinalShowFilms: That is the tactic
davidhydepiss: also she hates bolt so stick with the tonitrus
Foxmar320: She does have a big butt
Mr_Horrible: honestly yes, iirc
TangleTrail: yup
SandwichKed: I think I've seen that item in every ARPG
Ferisar: i prefer doing mid-range and baiting the head slams, but it's a bit riskier
MenomeAlice: Everyone has their "This boss took me the longest" story in Bloodborne, and Ebrietas is mine.
Ferisar: well, rather, it's less random but more risky
SandwichKed: Sometimes it's a skill instead.
ThatOverKillGuy: if yhou stay on the left side of her, she always attacks to the right
FinalShowFilms: She's also weak to fire (only 5 points more defense than bolt), so your big sword might work better
accountmadeforants: "Weapon at risk", there's the Tonitrus I know!
Foxmar320: Weapon at risk? Thats concerning
Jmonkey49: Tonitris has fastest weapon degrade
ThatOverKillGuy: you also ran out of vials
Jmonkey49: You can fight Ludwig I believe in you
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Pummel Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:59 from now).
Zaghrog: the usual large enemy thing, can't see their wind up animation
davidhydepiss: this is one of the weakest boss fights in this game, which sucks because she's one of the single coolest looking things in these games
TangleTrail: She has massive sweeps in front of her, they're almost impossible to see or dodge
GlennSeto: Maybe a good place to call it for today and start fresh tomorrow?
TXC2: back to the grind, yaaaaay
Foxmar320: blood farming :(
Kraest: Might want to try farming slug dudes in the academy. They give a TON of souls and you can just buy them from the messenger shop
ThatOverKillGuy: im so sorry
davidhydepiss: the good news is, once you beat her you're basically ready for anything outside of the DLC
ThatBoyf: Yay more Bloodchores™
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, sluggy boys were my go-to chore
GlennSeto: oh yeah, the slug students drop souls like crazy and hate fire
BurgerGamer: yeah, farming the slug nerds in the school is usually how I farm vials, tons of blood to buy vials with
ThatOverKillGuy: thats a new one
FinalShowFilms: Yup, your controller is having problems.
Jmonkey49: lecture building farming with moon runes yields 34-38k consistently
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MenomeAlice: The way I finally got through this fight, which I don't recommend, was stocking up on gunpowder and shooting her to death from a distance.
Kraest: That was happening when Adam played this last time
gsumbreon: motion controls! it fucks up speedruns a lot
FinalShowFilms: The same controller that was occasionaly stopping would also occasionally trigger the motion-control emotes on the wrong movement.
ThatOverKillGuy: i thin k your controller needs a tinker taylor solder fry
gsumbreon: bloodborne has motion-control gestures
PharaohBender27: katesWat
AtomicAlchemical: Glad to see your avatar is also done with this shit
Jmonkey49: hold x and spin left stick to gesture
gek0h: its sixaxis (when you hold x) for gestures
lirazel64: "Please, sir, I'm just an 'umble vial farmer..."
gek0h: sixasis is not reliable
Jmonkey49: which means never hold x in battle
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gek0h: nice
Foxmar320: PS4 is great but not without flaws
FinalShowFilms: You can always go gut the pig and find out
krfsm: check down the ladder
gek0h: arent you close to the border fam
ThatOverKillGuy: wait is the price out or are you just saying its 1000$ cad
TehAmelie: i read PS5 will be backwards compatiable, at least with PS4, but you need a PS4 controller
gek0h: nah it's only closed if youre american ;)
ashteranic: yeah, you do not want to be over here
Invitare: I think the border will open long before the PS5 becomes remotely affordable
ThatOverKillGuy: i wanna come back with my lungs intact please
ashteranic: WA's in okay shape, relatively, but that's a very, very *relative*
jonasjonIV: what you need, is 5 PS5s
accountmadeforants: "Hide your gun so God can't see"
gek0h: yeah put that gun in your pocket bro don't let us know you're carrying geez
Invitare: America is a wierd country
gek0h: have as many drinks as you want tho
AtomicAlchemical: I'd like to think that Canadian boarder security would stop you from entering a rapidly failing state
LemonLemur: I have never seen that sign, but I live in the south so...
PharaohBender27: Yep, that's the US for you :/
PharaohBender27: (Typed as someone living there)
TXC2: I really can't decide if open or concealed carry is scarier to me :P
gek0h: nothing makes me happier than shit talking the US as a US citizen
PharaohBender27: @TXC2 Fair
BurgerGamer: the weird part is being an american, hearing that and going "yeah, that's pretty normal"
gek0h: it's so cathartic
ashteranic: Seeing the documentation when i started my last job saying "btw, if you're parking on our property, you can't bring a gun in, OR leave it in the car. doing so will render you subject to immediate termination" and i kinda wonder if something happened to require it, or if it's just standard template here.
Foxmar320: :(
ashteranic: moving here from Australia and seeing that was kinda shocking
Foxmar320: Yeah its not great
ThatOverKillGuy: i live in toronto, its like USA without guns
UncannyJimjams: I've not seen that sign, but I live in the wild west
Jmonkey49: most people who carry a gun don't know how to use it. yep confusing
Vetinaari: That sword looks very cool
gek0h: @ashteranic the US had a problem with workplace shootings by disgruntled ex-employees
TangleTrail: It's even worse in the south, where "Southern Pride" and open carry are very prominent
gek0h: now we have problems with other kinds of shootings
ThatOverKillGuy: do you have another controller in the moonbase you can use?
Tom_Bruise: the controller still feels guilty I guess
Foxmar320: Cam ive gone through 5 PS4 controllers playing Bloodborne and Destiny
accountmadeforants: "Oh, you didn't want me to kill that lady, did you? Well la-dee-da, guess I'll stop *controlling* things, then."
ThatOverKillGuy: i feel ya
Milocw: controller is going the 3 stages of guilt for assisting in killing Eillen
PadawanTK16: maybe it sees how well your doing and wants to slow you down
gek0h: Rocket League claimed my first DS4, Bloodborne claimed my second
gek0h: they still mostly work but with sensor issues
Foxmar320: You are doing well
GirlPainting: the controller and the camera are on to something, i feel it
FinalShowFilms: Yeah, that's definitely the controller
accountmadeforants: You're making a lot of progress, yeah
ThatOverKillGuy: after eilens death i would of broke that controller in half and got a new one to be honest
FinalShowFilms: Swapping it out -should- fix it
PharaohBender27: Maybe we need to throw this controller into the (metaphorical) sea?
Foxmar320: You can swap controllers now if you want.
walkerinc: 9 minute for the run
wintertempest: might be time to euthanize it
GirlPainting: !break
TXC2: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Pummel Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:50 from now).
gek0h: do it up Cameron
PharaohBender27: Yep
Foxmar320: Yeah you can go long nothing for a bit
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
like_100_bear_asses: still not up to date on the vod, but stopping by with some Bezos-Bucks. hopefully i'll catch up before you finish!
ThatOverKillGuy: bye @TXC2
PharaohBender27: Good night, @TXC2 ! PrideWave
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody, and thanks for streaming Cameron
ThatOverKillGuy: thanks for being awesome
gek0h: can someone give me a recap on what non-DLC bosses are left in the main game? please use spoiler-friendly boss names
gek0h: or just a number of story bosses
Brozard: Thanks for the stream!
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gek0h: god I can't wait to hear more information about Wizards and the next iteration of project greenlight
TehAmelie: wowsers. the lizards in the Great Hollow gave me 5 titanite slabs
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: off the top of my head I remember there's still Raining Men and Screamy Bird left
gek0h: delicious lizards
gek0h: I'm assuming I know which two bosses those are but legitimately i'm not sure
gek0h: sounds like the non-mandatory final story bosses?
gek0h: oh i think i know which one raining men is, but there's like.. still 2 more bosses after that
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: no, the one in hidden city and then the nightmare castle
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: I can't remember what I'm missing past that though
gek0h: got ya so we're basically just past rom for mandatory
gek0h: and he's doing some optional areas
ThatOverKillGuy: oh god
gek0h: you can't leave less than 1 portion in the bottle
ThatOverKillGuy: did you get a new controller?
gek0h: imagine being the next person to try to pour a drink
Foxmar320: Nice!
PixelArtDragon: You put the bottle out of its misery. Good man.
ThatOverKillGuy: its dusty and oily, that only means adam used it last
Foxmar320: Im sure its fine
lirazel64: We'll soon know...
Jmonkey49: do you have bolt paper?
gek0h: ludwig's charge attack is great against ebrietas
gek0h: (she
gek0h: 's weak to thrust)
distrustingspectator: are they aliens?
GirlPainting: serve the queen, serve the queen, serve the queen....
lirazel64: That's quite a party hst.
krfsm: the electronic dolphin sound is pretty neat
ThatOverKillGuy: dosent she have a weakness to fire?
FinalShowFilms: Ebrietus is almost as weak to fire as she is to bolt.
accountmadeforants: PixelArtDragon The bottle's fine, the delicious insides were extricated
FinalShowFilms: So fire is fine
PharaohBender27: @ThatOverKillGuy katesWat
Foxmar320: lol
gek0h: fire is fine too
GlennSeto: They are "kin" ... meaning they used to be human?
walkerinc: PHRASING!
niccus: we're all soft to being poked
Foxmar320: Thats not much better :P
Jmonkey49: thrust is good yes
STALKERsoldiers: that's not 100% better but better
PadawanTK16: Wait, there's weapon durability in this game?
TehAmelie: "is she weak to thrust damage" doesn't sound much better really
gek0h: she has a soft spot for thrusting yes
Jmonkey49: @padawantk16 yes
gek0h: tontritus is the only base weapon you will notice durability on, basically
Jmonkey49: @padawantk16 and tonitris degrades the fastest
PadawanTK16: how many weapons do you get throughout the entire game?
Kraest: The summon for this fight sucks for the combat itself, but he is really great for distracting her.
Foxmar320: Its just a really good sword
gek0h: also the repair costs are ridiculously cheap unless you spend ALL YOUR ECHOES on levels
FarleyF: That's a quote if I've ever heard one
gek0h: (why wouldn't you tho)
Tom_Bruise: @PharaohBender27 such is the purpose of weapon durability... everywhere...
GlennSeto: So I guess if they used to be human and haven't killed themselves yet after the transformation, I guess they're doing OK?
accountmadeforants: Pretty much specifically for Tonitrus, I feel.
GirlPainting: girlpaDIE
FinalShowFilms: She did the pencil trick. You were the pencil.
gek0h: ebrietas was never human, but possibly had a human or pthumerian parent
gek0h: ebrietas' other parent was a Greata One
GlennSeto: @gek0h Nah, I meant the little blue fellas.
ThatOverKillGuy: they just want to hug
gek0h: the little blue fellows? yeah they're super vague
GirlPainting: they do probably "ouch!"
FinalShowFilms: The blue mushroom people were human once.
UncannyJimjams: I just remembered I have Dilly Bars in the fridge, I think a Dilly Bar is in order
Foxmar320: Let me check notes.... their attacks kill you is what I have wrote down
gek0h: i mean, certainly Iosefka's clinic points to most of the blue bois being former humans
drowbard: Pokemon reference
Gekyouryuu: it's an item from Pokemon
FinalShowFilms: Focus Sash is a Pokemon item that keeps a pokemon from dying in one hit.
UncannyJimjams: that's a pokemon item
Enmity777: Its a Pokemon thing isnt it?
Invitare: Pokemon reference
Foxmar320: Its a Pokemon item that lets you survive at 1 HP
Intrepid_Colin: Pokemon reference. Held item that leaves 1 HP
accountmadeforants: Focus Sash in Pokémon lets the user survive on hit at 1 HP
gonnaflunkib: pokemon item!
ThatOverKillGuy: oh that is a pokemon reference i am making, its a item in pokemon that stops you from getting 1 shot
Vyous: "Focus Sash" is an item from pokemon; lets you live at 1 hp
Gekyouryuu: if a Pokemon holds a Focus Sash it can survive at 1 hp
walkerinc: yes, but only just before you die
gek0h: i feel like this chat has a lot more pokemon fans than bloodborne fans gek0hReact1
GlennSeto: @gek0h I remember reading something about kin (former humans) bleeding yellow and OG old ones bleeding red... which seems backwards, but sure.
sacrenos: In Pokémon games, its a held item that makes apokemon survive with 1hp when it would have died otherwise.
ThatOverKillGuy: @gek0h i play both
accountmadeforants: Grazed the face, maybe?
Milocw: L2 instead of R1
Foxmar320: ouch
Kazman20a: counter hits work both ways
gek0h: @GlennSeto i enjoy the lore but I try not to demand it make sense
Jeezy56: huh Seath the Scaleless had a bad hair day
GapFiller: on that note anyone got any exp of the older From games? Otogi Metal Wolf Chaos Kings Field ect ect
Tom_Bruise: The year is 2034. Elden Ring 4 has just been released. The sheer scale of its world and lore is unrivaled. The camera is still busted
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accountmadeforants: If FromSoft ever made a VR game, they'd firgure out a way to bug out your eyes somehow.
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gek0h: we avoided the first frenzy wooo
GlennSeto: @Tom_Bruise "George R.R. Martin promises to finish Ice & Fire after Elden Ring 5."
PadawanTK16: oh wait, we just figured out how to dodge the charges! You run away more!
TheAudiovore: loved From's older mecha games
Foxmar320: Phase two
ThatOverKillGuy: get behind her when shes in phaze 2
gek0h: lasers
Tom_Bruise: @GlennSeto I would assume at that point George wouldn't be doing much of anything, what being confined to an oubliette and whatnot
gek0h: good dodging tho
DiscountRonin: you can do it Cam! I don't know what it is but you can do it!
accountmadeforants: Pushed through a lot of damage there!
GlennSeto: @Tom_Bruise Eh, I believe in science and the man's dogged determination.
Foxmar320: Can we race her damage
ThatOverKillGuy: GG
accountmadeforants: YEAH
Vyous: That frenzy was spooky
Foxmar320: YESSSSSS
distrustingspectator: omg
GlennSeto: what?
walkerinc: YAY!!
Tom_Bruise: It's done.
ThatOverKillGuy: EVERYONE GG!!!!
Milocw: GG
Tom_Bruise: Take it
krfsm: HSWP limesYay
GlennSeto: I mean YAY
GirlPainting: \[T]/ Praise the SUN!
Orlantia: benginTry
PadawanTK16: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Foxmar320: Congrats!
gek0h: well done sir
niccus: ??? !!!
prince_infidel: Nice!
ThatBoyf: lrrFINE
TStodden: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
Jmonkey49: Damn Amazing
PixelArtDragon: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
CakeLord927: PogChamp
amuseoffirebane: grats!!!
walkerinc: laviniHype laviniHype laviniHype ratsreHYPE ratsreHYPE ratsreHYPE
accountmadeforants: Got a lot of damage through the phase change and somehow dodged the frenzy, we take those.
PadawanTK16: It was the new controller!
GlennSeto: I think that's just about how I beat her.
RocknGrohlNerd: hype
krfsm: why? the VIOLENCE.
sacrenos: dPS race is generally not a souls mechanic...
GlennSeto: Frenzied flaying in round two.
FinalShowFilms: Fire damage is good, and you hit her in the brain several times which is her weak point
ThatOverKillGuy: i blame the new controller
Orlantia: it's an apology for eileen
gek0h: you have to come back here with a lump of flesh
gek0h: but it does nothing, basically
Jmonkey49: You can now totally kill Ludwig I believe in you
PharaohBender27: lrrHORN_HF lrrGOAT lrrHORN
Milocw: because this weapon can stagger her unlike the tonitris
Tom_Bruise: Congratulations! You've unlocked the option to Press X to do nothing
krfsm: you can now repair the tonitrus!
gek0h: have you explored Castle Cainhurst yet Cameron?
Ferisar: oh did you get her? nice
Jmonkey49: @gek0h yes
Foxmar320: Can I get "Press X To Do Nothing" on a shirt?
GlennSeto: Yeah, we met vampire waifu.
niccus: doing nothing is an important part in many strategic games
gek0h: ok, so then you can get the flesh item for the altar
Orlantia: is he having out in the garden having a nap?
TangleTrail: I think he's napping in the garden?
gek0h: not that the altar ever does anything
Ferisar: you can, notably, use both!
GirlPainting: isn´ t he in the garden behind the house?
Enmity777: Perhaps he went on vacation?
TehAmelie: how long has GRRM held out on us now? kids these days don't know what it was like to wait 30 years for Stephen King to finish The Dark Tower. . .
Ferisar: *metal riff etc*
krfsm: can you fortify the Ludwig's blade all the way to +9 now?
gek0h: +1-
gek0h: +10
gek0h: (oh, nvm
Jmonkey49: Killing Ludwig will be pretty easy after that
Zalthia: what a snazzy har
krfsm: need one more chunk, can buy chunks from insight shop
Zalthia: hat
ThatOverKillGuy: i think you can do ludwig
accountmadeforants: One more chunk
PadawanTK16: Did you repair tonitrus?
gek0h: i think you need to finish nightmare castle before you can buy chunks for insight
krfsm: he did
GirlPainting: just buy them
Ferisar: he did repair tonitris yeah
FinalShowFilms: Can you buy blood stone chunks from the insight messengers yet?
Jmonkey49: he's a beast dies to fire
PenguinMortified: easy vials next to ludwig
gek0h: isn't it wet nurse to unlock blood chunks?
krfsm: nope
krfsm: One Reborn
gek0h: ah
FinalShowFilms: No, wet nurse unlocks blood rocks
FinalShowFilms: Physical and arcane
Ferisar: he's mostly phys p1 and a bit of arcane in p2
Invitare: oh didn't you want more arcane for that new spell?
gek0h: resists?
Ferisar: and by mostly phys i mean he's like very phys
gek0h: like, *maybe* arcane
Jmonkey49: this will work
Milocw: blunt for first half, arcane for second half
gek0h: his arcane attacks are so easy to dodge, i'd stack only phys resist
Ferisar: his phase 2 is honestly easier despite being quite cool
Ferisar: hehe
Ferisar: 42069
gek0h: i can do phase 1 flawlessly but the phase 2 sword swings i still dodge wrong on
Mister_Skittles: I'm back chat, what we up 2
gek0h: it's like dodge dodge dodge swing, yuck
Milocw: executioner works well for the fight
ImpossibleBowler: Hey i just got here, what we doing?
Invitare: from what I've seen his Phase 2 is only an issue if you ever put distance between you and him
drowbard: One of the things I liked about Sekiro was that very little felt random and visibility in boss fights was generally high, because speed and mobility are higher. The trade-off of this optimization is that there is only one play style
Jmonkey49: Stand behind to avoid second phase AOE
Ferisar: good old etsy
gek0h: sekiro also has a camera that renders objects as transparent if they obstruct the view
Ferisar: nice and creative people
Mister_Skittles: Oh chat, are we lugwiging?
Ferisar: you can also pick up the whirligig saw on the way, if just for fun
Ferisar: it's a very silly weapon
gek0h: haven't you already done ludwig?
accountmadeforants: That's the intention, yes Mister_Skittles
Ferisar: he has not
gek0h: or, attempted?
FinalShowFilms: And the Constable set, which just looks nice.
Jmonkey49: I believe in you Cam!!!!
GirlPainting: object what?
ThatOverKillGuy: i forgot i hate these things
FinalShowFilms: They spit blood that poisons you
Ferisar: i think one of them was spitting blood behind the one you werre hitting
Mister_Skittles: they spit blood and causes poison
Milocw: what, you can't spit like a machine gun
GlennSeto: PC version changelog: All enemies have object permanence
Ferisar: firing line
Invitare: why are there so many and why do they have so much health?
lirazel64: So, we killed the last boss while I was on the phone? I should make calls more often.
Ferisar: but cameron, she has a blindfold cap on
ThatOverKillGuy: can you not use your gun?
Ferisar: can't see shit captain
Jmonkey49: I think they're afraid to go up the stairs
FinalShowFilms: There are so many because this is a river of blood, and they have so much health because they've been eating the blood
PharaohBender27: @lirazel64 katesLol
Snowcookies: Worse than 18 month olds
gek0h: i've never tried parrying bloodlickers, does it work
Milocw: sidenote, did you ever go down the river of blood?
Foxmar320: Gross
gek0h: oh yeah speaking of blood chunks
walkerinc: this place can't be sanitary
gek0h: there are half a dozen here
Ferisar: if you want a creepy army as a weapon
Ferisar: arm*
Lancelive: killing those large boys is a mercy
FinalShowFilms: There's a cool arcane weapon down there
Mister_Skittles: its the way to lugwig so
Milocw: well there are blood chunks down there
Milocw: and a very annoying enemy
Ferisar: the cave does have chunks as well
GirlPainting: one dos not simply walk down the river of blood
Ferisar: it is one fuck of a cave though
gek0h: ^
Invitare: you don't like horses? Oh...
GirlPainting: my cat is next to me, and she is verry cute and i love her verry much!
Intrepid_Colin: Is there an animal that you do really like?
PharaohBender27: Just because one doesn't like a type of animal doesn't mean one wants them to suffer
Jmonkey49: this is a nightmare it's not real
gek0h: it's real until we wake up!
PharaohBender27: @Intrepid_Colin He just said cats
LarkSachrosis: Famous*
Ferisar: "off to work commute"
GirlPainting: nope
Luminaire_p: Infamous. It's like MORE than famous
Foxmar320: No blood lots of jam
GirlPainting: no blood so far the eye can see capn
Ferisar: only jam here, sorry
PharaohBender27: @Luminaire_p I get that reference! :D
ThatOverKillGuy: gross
tenthtechpriest: has anyone here borne blood?
Invitare: oh it was taunting you
accountmadeforants: I'd like to think your hunter somehow doesn't know the stuff in her vials is blood.
RegulusPratus: Oh, didn't realize Cam was still going. How's things?
Milocw: well blood yes, but you know how the 3 second rule works
Mister_Skittles: there are mobs later on without any holes
GirlPainting: they have blood holes instead ^^
Lancelive: buttholes are more realistic on the eldritch abominations
niccus: the blood is the preserving agent, the glass is the tasty stuff
Jmonkey49: Rver of jam? is such a thing even possible?
Snowcookies: Game artist: give enemies buttholes
ThatOverKillGuy: anyone using range in this game is automaticly an asshole
Ferisar: wonder why it's damp
gek0h: fun fact, the Hunters Nightmare has two versions of the Yharnam Grand Cathedral. The river of blood that you are in is essentially the result of the Church's experiments into blood healing
Ferisar: LOL
gek0h: from the bridge behind you, you can see BOTH cathedrals
Mister_Skittles: i have legit never seen that
Invitare: how did it know??
Ferisar: so uhhh
Ferisar: beware gun
Foxmar320: Now i want pizza
Invitare: oh this cave
Milocw: now careful
Invitare: the Party Cave
accountmadeforants: Blood is like the tomato sauce of a skull pizza
Enmity777: more Dakka
Vetinaari: They have machine guns in this game?
STALKERsoldiers: now you can +9 ludwig yeah?
Mister_Skittles: he has infinate bullets btw
Ferisar: uhhhh
Ferisar: LOL
ThatOverKillGuy: UHH
GirlPainting: are the blood pizzas, the crystal lizzards of bloodborne?
ThatOverKillGuy: GAME
gek0h: protip: he has more blood bullets than you do
TangleTrail: oh right this misery
PharaohBender27: EXCUSE me!?
Invitare: what???
LarkSachrosis: That stance!
FinalShowFilms: Perfect game. Never no any glitches
Foxmar320: oh thats some goooooood glitching
Intrepid_Colin: Perfectly fine
Ferisar: powderkeg hunter like "i have transcended physical barriers"
Jmonkey49: oh it's a hunter
gek0h: take advantage and run
GlennSeto: so, just straight-up full auto?
ThatOverKillGuy: welcome to the highlight reel
gek0h: he wields a minigun
Foxmar320: hahahaaaaa
Mister_Skittles: we take those around here
Ferisar: the rare chance to fuck the game back
Ferisar: lol
Invitare: I believe he's really hard too
gek0h: he's a huge asshole
Foxmar320: oh this is great
gek0h: not bad for co-op
STALKERsoldiers: GAMEPLAY. got to love it
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, this guy is way too healthy
Mister_Skittles: when they game gives you expliots :)
FinalShowFilms: This is what happens when the NPCs don't follow the same rules as you. They phase into the rock and die.
Jmonkey49: see bloodborne is fair! just have to get lucky
EvilBadman: Is this Minecraft
Invitare: imagine if Bloody Crow did this
TangleTrail: Considering how difficult this guy genuinely is, I'll take it
GirlPainting: no exploids whatsoever
Ferisar: if his loot gets stuck in the wall once he's dead just reload the game
ThatOverKillGuy: man this games easy why do people complain about the game
Intrepid_Colin: Hey look it's Sorin Markov
GlennSeto: How much health is he packing?
Ferisar: nvm you're good
Foxmar320: nice
gek0h: @Invitare there's no wrong way to kill bloody crow
Ferisar: oh yeah that gun is silly
GirlPainting: healing is overrated
Orlantia: easy game for babies
accountmadeforants: seabatBRAIN You did it!
Milocw: one more tough enemy coming
Invitare: oh dear
FinalShowFilms: You might want to backtrack to get some. There's a mini bloodstarved beast in here
JaymicUnyielding: @Intrepid_Colin excellent reference
gek0h: if you can't reach items from a dead NPC, you can reload your game and their corpse will reset with their items to their spawn point
Rhynerd: No healing, only gatling?
Milocw: well not him
Invitare: that's not the tough enemy
Milocw: not him either
gek0h: i mean, this BSB doesn't have multiple phases does it
Ferisar: heheh
Invitare: nope
gek0h: it's only slightly harder than chalice BSB
Ferisar: it's your best friend
Invitare: the tough enemy is a little... hungrier than this
Rhynerd: What does the tough enemy look like?
Invitare: there it is
Rhynerd: Oh, like that
Foxmar320: oh goooood
krfsm: welcome to the party cave
Mister_Skittles: its so... juiccy
gek0h: this cave needs more disco lights
ThatOverKillGuy: get him trapped in the geometry
gek0h: option B: grab the blood chunks and boogie
FinalShowFilms: Got the weapon
niccus: a bad place
FinalShowFilms: You can run now
Ferisar: run awaaaaaay
FinalShowFilms: Yes
Tom_Bruise: you're in the cave from The Descent
Ferisar: uhh no
krfsm: got all the goodies in here
Ferisar: or yes?
Ferisar: i'm not sure
Mister_Skittles: no
gek0h: 9/9 chunks for a +9 weapon now
Milocw: ?
gek0h: no it will not respawn
Ferisar: there's a couple more chunks i think
Milocw: should be 2 more pick ups
gek0h: you missed 2 items
Mister_Skittles: i tihnk the beast drops something
FinalShowFilms: Look at the new weapon you got
Ferisar: blood river asmr
FinalShowFilms: I think you might like it
Invitare: there were two more on the lowest level
Tom_Bruise: that might take a minute
GirlPainting: lol
yakbop: no
ThatOverKillGuy: no cam you cant wait 20 minutes
Milocw: do you have isoefkas blood vile?
krfsm: only when near death.
Ferisar: this weapon is hilarious
GirlPainting: well, its a better ratio than in real life
Ferisar: the transform attack is the arm extending into the claw
Luminaire_p: lumina1Paw
GirlPainting: 20 min to heal from almost death to full is quite a regeneration
FinalShowFilms: It's an Arcane-focused one-handed weapon
gek0h: this weapon has one of the best Hold R2 charge attacks to watch
Tom_Bruise: oh good. A club with flangees
FinalShowFilms: The transformed version is still one-handed
Mister_Skittles: it requires a lot fo strength
ifritleviathan: just run adds
ThatOverKillGuy: i mean you need to go farm vials
Milocw: do you have one of the special blood viles?
Ferisar: hello any bleeders
walkerinc: but if you die, you have to clear it anyway
Milocw: vials
gek0h: farm vials we should be buying them at this point
Invitare: *licks ground*
Intrepid_Colin: I would go grab any last items and lose the souls we have
Rhynerd: If only the floor blood was useable.
Ferisar: i think they're at the bottom?
Ferisar: might be wrong
Ferisar: might be able to get some healing off parrying the small beast
gek0h: i think it's working great
gek0h: this place is pitch black otherwise
Mister_Skittles: time for skull gloves?
krfsm: or molotov
EvilBadman: Abuse some tools
krfsm: they scale with arcane iirc
Ferisar: i don't think so, distance is too far
gek0h: skull gloves wont work without blood bullets
krfsm: from up there
gek0h: and you cant make blood bullets
krfsm: he has 18 bullets though
gek0h: 6 shots imo isn't enough
Milocw: he has 18 normal bullets
Ferisar: yeah they fizzle too quickly
Foxmar320: wat
Milocw: had
Tom_Bruise: It has honestly shitted thee
gek0h: do they even work if you aren't locked on
Ferisar: nah too far, haha
krfsm: molotov the little guy, go in, grab the stuff, mark out?
walkerinc: computer says, no
EvilBadman: Use that window to abuse their pathing
GlennSeto: Tiny Tinitris wants a little more.
Rhynerd: It doth shit thee, good sire.
gek0h: throw a pebble
gek0h: wait for them to come around
gek0h: then jump down the shortcut
JaymicUnyielding: Tinytonitrus is my favorite new Jumpstart commander.
Mister_Skittles: the blood starved beast is weak to fire
gek0h: headcanon name: booty starved beast
Intrepid_Colin: Other one is circling around
Foxmar320: huh
Ferisar: that underhand, lol
GirlPainting: 2 cm aparently
Rhynerd: Onto the ground, apparently.
gek0h: delayed molotov is more of a trap than an offensive weapon
ThatOverKillGuy: this game hates cam
Foxmar320: Game hates everyone
walkerinc: From Soft: Why don't players use these items in our games Also From Soft:....
GirlPainting: don´ t you have the rifle spear?
tipulsar85: Yeah, this feels familiar...
GirlPainting: can you just shoot it?
TangleTrail: blue elixer snatch and grab?
gek0h: oh wow 3 blood dregs i'm impressed
krfsm: think so, yeah
Ferisar: it should, though it only reduces the aggro range, not remove it
TangleTrail: ,aybe after you lose aggro
GlennSeto: Do you have the next lantern?
krfsm: if you walk slow
Milocw: I'd say pungent then run and grab
Invitare: maybe let it lose aggro first?
gek0h: FYI the gun hunter is permadead now
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gek0h: and the bloodlickers don't come in the cave
Ferisar: well, got the items, haha
krfsm: got everything
Critterbot: Welp...
tipulsar85: welp...
Foxmar320: huh
krfsm: it's just 16k echoes, no great loss at this poiint
GirlPainting: we got what we came for
gek0h: 16K echoes instead of having to clear the river again
gek0h: fair trade
Rhynerd: lrrAWW
Intrepid_Colin: Well we didn't lose too many souls
Foxmar320: It was a nice attempt
PharaohBender27: lrrAWW
GirlPainting: there there cameron
Sk1nnee: fun game is fun
EvilBadman: up your sword, I think you have the chunks for it?
Ferisar: nope, made it in a couple of weeks
gek0h: surely there is main game content you can go back to, get some echoes, and buy whatever vials you need
IntegralHamster: Can't just buy vials?
GirlPainting: *comfortcuddle*
gek0h: farming vials directly is silly at end game
Invitare: not without any echoes
EvilBadman: Thought I sorry blood in inv, apoloiges
Tom_Bruise: they did; they had one guy farm for 6 hours straight, then filled in his QA form saying the game was fun and getting vials and bullets wasn't THAT much of an issue
krfsm: there's lecture hall and slime bois
TangleTrail: Well, we should have enough after doing chores
rolimka: i'm back. where are we now?
krfsm: they drop a lot of echoes
gek0h: they had LobosJr playtest this game, that's really all they need to do right
gek0h: good enough for him good enough for anyone
iris_of_ether: Can't give you blood, but can give you these, I suppose: Cheer100
Foxmar320: wat
accountmadeforants: "Singleplayer? I thought this was a PvP game?"
gek0h: you no longer need to visceral these guys to 1 shot them after a parry
Makrosian_Tae: Cam looks just like I did when I played this...angry, depressed, and exhausted all at the same time
gek0h: just the stagger weakness and your weapon will do the trick
GlennSeto: unsporting, really
tipulsar85: I am in a similar spot in Prepare to Die Edition. 17 humanity early game is hard to grind without having some on hand.
gek0h: i wasn't really giving tips, just pointing out why it died when you were shocked
GirlPainting: honestly, i think the farmable healing items thing is a good idea...but you shouldn´ t limit them then
gek0h: sorry cam
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: that "competitive pvp game with singleplayer elements" quote about Dark Souls still makes me angry
Milocw: I wouldn't have minded as much if they didn't increase the cost of items as you progress through the game
PadawanTK16: WAit, dark souls is PVP???
gek0h: at least they didn't introduce tiers of items
Milocw: give me one high cost that encourages farming early and buying later
Ferisar: i mean it has pvp
Ferisar: how pvp it is is largely up to you though, haha
Makrosian_Tae: except for the parts you're forced into it
PharaohBender27: lrrWOW
Snowcookies: lol wut
Ferisar: kind of like how world of warcraft is a pvp game with some mmo elements
Tom_Bruise: how big were those quotation marks around "some" ? were they as big as the sun?
gek0h: the dark souls community is not a great example of excellence in gaming
Jmonkey49: Communion Runes up blood vials. I use +4
gek0h: the games are, sure
TehAmelie: i've played it offline for like 2000 hours, hmm must be missing the whole point
Neljandik: Well of course, if you git gud then all the PvE is super simple and poses no challange. All you have to do is not get hit /s
iris_of_ether: lrrWOW
FinalShowFilms: I wonder how that person would react to see me playing Dark Souls in Offline mode.
Makrosian_Tae: @tom_bruise as big as this body moon!
Milocw: ??? darks souls feels more like a PvE with failed PvP elements
Invitare: I could happily do without Invasions in DS3
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: no lie, the DS3 subreddit is still filled with people angry about "gank squads" - aka people summoning 1 or 2 friends to play through the game with
niccus: a pvp game with some
PixelArtDragon: @Tom_Bruise They were grossly incandescent
niccus: body
Ferisar: idk, i respect people who enjoy their dark souls pvp, but yeah that claim is pretty silly
gek0h: ironically it's all my PvP souls friends who never play with me because they always move on to whatever the next multiplayer fad game is
gek0h: and my PVE friends are who i PvP with
Jmonkey49: Gankers have always been a problem which why I play offline
Mister_Skittles: i only remember all the hackers with infinate health and mana
Enmity777: The PVP in Dark Souls is OK at best imo
gek0h: dark souls doesn't have good enough netcode to be competitive PVP
Gekyouryuu: "oh, sure, Dark Souls is PvE. what next, you're gonna tell me Monster Hunter is actually about hunting monsters?"
Ferisar: i just did trolly shit in DS1 in invasions
gek0h: full stop
Invitare: yeah the issue is it's stacked in the Invader's favour, unless they invade a gank, which is wildly unfair on the invader
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: DS3 hasn't had a balance patch in 4 years so the pvp builds are still lighting ultra greatswords for perma stunlock
ashteranic: You thought it was a regular opponent, but it was ME, A Hacker!
Invitare: so it's not good either way
FinalShowFilms: Neither have I. That's why I play in Offline mode.
GlennSeto: Does the remaster still use those crappy P2P servers?
iris_of_ether: Honestly I think my fondest PvP moments in any game involve cleverly avoiding PvP in those games
TehAmelie: heck they even started that myth that "covenants are just for PVP stuff" that new players take to ignore them completely
Jmonkey49: DS anti cheat sucks so gankers would give people illegal items
ifritleviathan: the ringed city dlc came with abunch of pvp arenas
Makrosian_Tae: Wait, it's all bullshit? Always has been
GirlPainting: i never understood how people could see dark souls pvp as good....it is laggy as hell and isn´ t fun to begin with. especialy if you get forced to pvp in the middle of your pve experiance
Ferisar: it's because it's a bit unique with how invasions work
gek0h: nostalgia
exerus16: No way that hit his back
Ferisar: no other game really did that
Mister_Skittles: i think if you got blood vials for every viseral, it might help fix a lot of the games econimy
gek0h: when demons souls/dark souls first came out what other pvp experiences were there to compare it to
GirlPainting: pvp might be fun as invader...but as invaded....it SUCKS
PenguinMortified: arranged dueling was a big thing in each of the games
gek0h: it hasn't evolved much but those people still love it
Invitare: what if you could turn bullets into health, the same way you could turn health into bullets?
Enmity777: @gek0h any 3d fighting game
Ferisar: but yeah it's one of those things where i personally opt out 90% of the time
Ferisar: too frustrating for the same reasons most pvp games can be frustrating with a lot of downsides
Mister_Skittles: pvp in this game is cool. kill your OP or kill the belll ringing women
ifritleviathan: sekiro is getting an update in september that apparently will have multiplayer
gek0h: dark souls is a little like a fighting game but i've only met a few people that enjoy it as much as their street fighters
bluddragon1: Dark souls invasions on pc have a problem with hackers as well
GlennSeto: Yeah, lagstabbing.
Makrosian_Tae: NANI?
Ferisar: i think one of the funnier items in DS3 is the one that makes your world's enemies aggro the invader
tipulsar85: It is very annoying getting invaded in DS1, when you are under level 30 and being invaded by someone ten times your level.
drowbard: Sekiro pvp sounds dangerous, because response time is so tight
PixelArtDragon: Turns out, netcode is really hard, so a lot of stopgap measures are necessary. If you can figure out what measures were used, it becomes possible to game them.
Ferisar: oh yeah no sekiro pvp would never work
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Moroklumpen: Do let the hogs out
Ferisar: the timing requirements are too tight
gek0h: the problem with PVP in Bloodborne is the farmable gem system
gek0h: otherwise it would honestly be better than souls in almost every way for PvP
Jmonkey49: gattling guns
Invitare: Ferisar I used that when I got invaded in Anor Londo once. Then I turned invisible, because I had that, and let the archers kill the invaders
TehAmelie: i read this guide for Dark Souls Remastered to help players game the new system where you invade people based on weapon levels to pwn noobs better and i was like. . .never turning on Online here
Milocw: my what the ? kill in darks souls was with dark knight greatsword on the back swing hitting behind me while they were infront of me
PenguinMortified: later dark souls made some changes with who could invade and be summoned by whom
Ferisar: @Invitare seabatBRAIN
Vetinaari: Gotta say, wearing a full white outfit in this line of work doesn't seem particularly smart.
gek0h: the blood effects on clothing are so amazing though
gek0h: it keeps building up
Ferisar: "more blood!" *gets visceral'd into the river of blood* "no, not like that"
gek0h: warm damp isn't good
Invitare: not heal you, that's for sure
distrustingspectator: can run past these creatures?
Invitare: why don't the things filled with blood drop blood?
PharaohBender27: @Vetinaari What full white outfit? Kappa
gek0h: red shiny outfit
Ferisar: bloodied choir set really
gek0h: why can't i hold out empty vials and catch blood as it pours from the sky
bluddragon1: Just drink the blood off of the river
Mister_Skittles: atleast the spit does no damage
Foxmar320: There so gross
Invitare: wow look at that spread
gek0h: lol if you hate these things you'll love the chalice dungeons
Moroklumpen: Is that hair or tentacles on their... front ends?
sterlingsojourner: I don't think it's the good blood that you want
Ferisar: if i was the hunter i would simply reroute the river of blood to the dream with a series of canals
tipulsar85: Oversized zombie ticks...
kaffeetrinken89: why not both
Ferisar: start a blood economy
Mister_Skittles: calaces are good with friends
gek0h: you're way overleveled for 1/2 the chalices now
Ferisar: oh yeah
krfsm: yes
Ferisar: he went to gatling heaven
Milocw: looks like it
Foxmar320: Yeah overleveled for half the dungeons but some of them will still be a butt
bluddragon1: Chalice dungeons are an interesting idea but not why i play souls games
FinalShowFilms: Fun lore fact: that hunter appears to have been one of Djura's apprentices.
gek0h: powder kegs
SerGarretCameron: ah, yes, the Camera. The only boss in any souls game you don't ever beat.
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niccus: if you die in a wall, you clip out and go to heaven
gek0h: speedrunners beat the camera IMO
Rhynerd: Maybe the requirements for Gatling heaven is just firing a gatling gun for a long enough time?
Ferisar: whew these last second dodges
Makrosian_Tae: how... is this life form... functioning??
gek0h: going for iframes obviously :P
Ferisar: nice
gek0h: see that's why it's just a normal enemy now
Foxmar320: Nice
Ferisar: it's like star wars
Ferisar: you can feel the attack timings
gek0h: also there aren't any more of them anyways
amuseoffirebane: horray!
Mister_Skittles: follow the blood river up
gek0h: only 4 more blood lickers to go
Foxmar320: I can only imagine the smell here
white_wampa: heh
Ferisar: hatred
Ferisar: just a lootable
FinalShowFilms: They're eating the constable pants
gek0h: sucking is an important part of blood ministry
Ferisar: i think it's an armor piece?
Invitare: I mean, they literally suck, they're mosquito creatures
FinalShowFilms: It's pants for another armor set
Ferisar: constable something?
gek0h: you can go spend your echoes
gek0h: you'll respawn the bridge of course
Mister_Skittles: considering the auger puts them on their ass
Ferisar: good old blood splatter
Critterbot: Hey y-your robes, they used to be white, right? xD
Foxmar320: wow that was bad
Invitare: What is Poise?
Mister_Skittles: i thik they where both spitting on you
FinalShowFilms: Machinegun spitting
Ferisar: just a blood volley repeatedly hitting
SkitterSkulk: takin turns
Kerrisis: You were being shot
tipulsar85: You were being double teamed...
Ferisar: you have good poison resist so it basically never does enough
gek0h: who let the dogs out
Invitare: worth going back to the bonfire for ammo?
Makrosian_Tae: just like that Sekiro video with the arrows
Mister_Skittles: woouldnt be a souls game if the camera wasnt actively trying to kill you
Ferisar: uhhhh
SkitterSkulk: is this dlc or just an entire area i missed lol?
FinalShowFilms: Just past the two fuckoff executioners ahead
Makrosian_Tae: I mean Ghost
gek0h: it's quite close, not safe to sprint just yet though
Ferisar: it's fairly close but yeah not close enough
gek0h: it will be ahead on the right after you drop down a ladder and see a monstrosity in your way
Milocw: up ladder, past two big guns of the right side
Ferisar: brought tentacles to a whip fight
FinalShowFilms: There's another item on top of the wall opposite the ladder here
Ferisar: that's the whriligig, yeah, all the way around
krfsm: pizza cutter
gek0h: you have to get the next bonfire before the item on the ledge
Invitare: that's the pizza cutter
FinalShowFilms: You can drop down to the left of the ladder
Mister_Skittles: tactical drops
Angnor33: Chat, what does that Augur use to fule it?
gek0h: also watch out for an ambush if you drop down to the other side of that ladder platform (probably not worthy til you bonfire)
Ferisar: it's pretty dece
gek0h: (the lower side platform)
neacon: that tricorn hat makes a good direction indicator
Jmonkey49: whirligig saw is such a fun weapon
Mister_Skittles: @Angnor33 1 bullet i beleive
Angnor33: Ah. Thanks!
FinalShowFilms: The set's hat you get from the Legion boss
Ferisar: the hat is from a covenant reward, so this is you for now
Invitare: snazzy
bluddragon1: Of course yharnamites love the story of a guy eating a beast
PharaohBender27: We lookin' snazzy!
FinalShowFilms: I find the top hat looks good on this outfit
GirlPainting: finaly! after only 40 hours of gameplay!
AfricaByTotoAOE: Normal trousers Kreygasm
SkitterSkulk: yharnam, where one size really does fit all
FinalShowFilms: Just past the giant with the cannon ahead
FinalShowFilms: To the right
gek0h: run forward then turn right
Ferisar: past these two boys
Ferisar: to the right
CanPlayGames: Has your character written their perfect Sonnet yet?
Vetinaari: Love the "dipped my head in a bathtub of blood" aesthetic.
Mister_Skittles: up and hooked round to the right
Milocw: on the right past these guys
gek0h: you have to go foward before you go right
Ferisar: yeah
Driosenth: cheer400 you scrounge through enough dead bodies you eventually find clothes that fit
Milocw: yep
FinalShowFilms: As soon as you pass the giant with the cannon run right
gek0h: go straight til you hit a T then hook right
Milocw: yes
Jmonkey49: nightmare church
PixelArtDragon: Man, with such nice pants it feels like a shame to get blood on them again.
Ferisar: it's fairly safe to run past them using the monument as a sight blocker
Mister_Skittles: there are 2 beefy dudes, i can fight them or run
Milocw: keep right and quick
Milocw: now wait
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Invitare: ah yes, cannons
Jmonkey49: past the big boys
Mister_Skittles: you did it
MutantIronMan: so the constable set says they're from somewhere else, which begs the question, what do the other parts of the world think of yharnam?
Ferisar: you deed it
gek0h: great time to spend echoes
FinalShowFilms: Down the stairs takes you to that item you couldn't reach earlier too
SkitterSkulk: this is expansion content right?
GlennSeto: Is this just a world forgotten by the Imperium? What were those weapons?!
Ferisar: and the whirligig is down the stairs
gek0h: yes DLC
Jmonkey49: you made it
gek0h: you got permission to go over :D
GirlPainting: !next
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Jmonkey49: down the stairs for saw or outside to right through the tunnel for Ludwig
GirlPainting: no worrys cameron, you have time
GirlPainting: 1 hour 30 min or so
FinalShowFilms: Do you have enough to upgrade your weapon?
GlennSeto: Cam, please, my display fogged up from the inside.
CanPlayGames: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Point to the sign. Sir?
SkitterSkulk: ok thank you @gek0h :) i thought i had at least seen every area the first time through heh, i wouldn't have been surprised if i missed a whole areas but it's good to know heh
Ferisar: could check what the gems do
FinalShowFilms: Not a bad plan.
GlennSeto: seems wise
gek0h: yeah you get it quite soon
FinalShowFilms: Could upgrade your gems yeah
aldruon: Hey look it's a cam!
MutantIronMan: uncanny ludwig's is good right
CanPlayGames: !quote cam
LRRbot: Quote #3556: "I'm playing with my dolls!" —Cameron [2016-10-17]
gek0h: there are quite a lot of blood chunks throughout the DLC
gek0h: @MutantIronMan the only thng that changes is gem chapes
Jmonkey49: the moonlight blade is pretty sweet
gek0h: shapes*
Ferisar: ah, all for phys, unfortunate
Jmonkey49: it's second form has range attack that uses bullets
MutantIronMan: yeah i know, but does uncanny have better slots for a fire build
gek0h: the base story has shitty gems for everything except physical
Ferisar: huh could have sworn you had another fire gem
gek0h: if you want gem variety you have to do chalices
gek0h: or if you want to be a fire build or bolt build etc
Foxmar320: Yeah all the good gems are in the dungeons
Ferisar: yeah, it's something
gek0h: the gem system is one of my biggest criticisms of BB
Critterbot: Sure, why not?
gek0h: fire great
Mister_Skittles: yes he is a beast
Ferisar: heh, no
gek0h: not all the good gems, all the good non-physical gems
Mister_Skittles: i have no idea
Ferisar: he's uh... a large lad
gek0h: cannot parry, can stagger legs
FinalShowFilms: Yeah, fire is good. I have no idea if he's parry-able, I just got in on his left side and wailed on him
GlennSeto: Wasn't Ludwig like THE star of the old hunters? Like their Lancelot?
Invitare: he's not just a beast, he's an unsightly beast
FinalShowFilms: He has difficulty hitting you if you're on the left side of him.
Jmonkey49: yes he's a beast fire good yes
FinalShowFilms: Our left, looking at him
gek0h: Ludwig wasn't the first hunter but he was the first of the Church Hunters
FinalShowFilms: it's easy to tell which side is his bad side
FinalShowFilms: It's the side with the busted maw of eyes
gek0h: the first hunters found the chalices etc before the church was founded
Ferisar: honestly ludwig is just a hard fight, there's a lot of avoiding stuff well 'cause he pressures super hard
Ferisar: yeah
Ferisar: he basically is
FinalShowFilms: Ludwig was the founder of the Healing Church Hunters
Ferisar: he's very idyllic
gek0h: not the very first hunters but the first official hunters recognized by the Church
gek0h: to hunt in an official capacity
Mister_Skittles: he was the OG hunter, he was the first hunter to turn into a beast, discovering it was a side effect of hunting
Ferisar: he's very much "i believe what we are doing is right without any cynicism"
Invitare: if you want to go directly to Ludwig, it's back the other way. This leads to items
Ferisar: despite going bonkers
FinalShowFilms: Well, no, Gherman was the OG hunter. And Laurence discovered the beast transformation first I believe.
GlennSeto: I've seen a couple screenshots, but in his prime, I imagine blond bowl cut, blue eyes, stunningly handsome?
Ferisar: aw
gek0h: gherman's hunters were discontinued by the Church, so he basically trained Ludwig and then was replaced by him
Jmonkey49: Beast cutter can't close range while extended
Ferisar: oh yeah
Ferisar: he's a red eye
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FinalShowFilms: Crushing Vermin gets you points with the Legion covenant.
Ferisar: vermin are used for valtr
gek0h: vermin are a DLC quest line
MutantIronMan: what is that
Mister_Skittles: remember that cult you joined?
MutantIronMan: ah
Invitare: wow he called you vermin from beyond the grave
gek0h: the NPC for the questline is in forbidden woods by the first bonfire elevator
Jmonkey49: yes
krfsm: 0:19 here, time to go sleep
auxv: crush all vermin
Ferisar: yeah the ol' bucket
niccus: you picked it up!
krfsm: stay safe, stay healthy, everyone
Ferisar: i think you get the helm with 5 of them
Neljandik: 1:20 @krfsm I agrere with you
Neljandik: Goodnight
gek0h: i love the little thing that happens on the way to the whirligig
gek0h: oceans below or oceans above
krfsm: and for extra CanCon, there's Mr. Canoehead
Ferisar: she's fine
gek0h: that's the thing
gek0h: it only happens once
Jmonkey49: now he's done
Invitare: snale
white_wampa: She got f'd up
HorusFive: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Your back looks fantastic!
gek0h: such a nice touch to enjoy on your second time through the DLC
Ferisar: gamers don't look up
Jmonkey49: that's a glitch
sterlingsojourner: It's an angel from heaven
gek0h: it doesn't have any context yet
HorusFive: Well played again @LRRbot
Invitare: I believe Snails are both
Ferisar: it is not a glitch
Jmonkey49: it's from another level
Invitare: Pizza Wheel
BrindleBoar: Hallelujah
Ferisar: you will see why later
gek0h: by the time you finish the DLC it will make more sense
gek0h: (key word "more")
AfricaByTotoAOE: It's a teaser
SkitterSkulk: raining snail men lol
RobotInProgress: Not a glitch, just foreshadowing
FinalShowFilms: Bone home
Ferisar: gotta run past sadly
MutantIronMan: run
BlueMagnusStormCrow: It's what happens just before the bodies hit the floor.
auxv: mark
gek0h: you can bold mark after you grab the item
Jmonkey49: @ferisar yes it is it's not supposed to happen from soft just never changed it
gek0h: oh you got it
Ferisar: @Jmonkey49 according to whom, lol
gek0h: it's definitely supposed to happen, because you can see yharnam underwater in fishing hamlet
gek0h: feel free to link from soft sources though, i enjoy them
Ferisar: it's a set animation and is not interactive, and the corpse doesn't disappear, and references what happens later in the DLC
gek0h: (or DM me)
gek0h: no you can sneak
FinalShowFilms: Yeah. Beyond the giant cannon is the boss room
Invitare: yeah
FinalShowFilms: But from that second lantern you can not engage
Milocw: wait
gek0h: also you can get 5 free blood vials everytime you attempt the boss
gek0h: there is a respawning 'npc' that drops them
Foxmar320: Time to see if our blood crop is ready
Ferisar: haha this is why i start spending excess echoes on vials
Milocw: there is a guy before the boss the always drops 5 blood vials
GirlPainting: maybe take another way to farm blood to keep it fresh?
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TheWooglie: Go Cameron!
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Intrepid_Colin: Your reward for doing your chores is the fun chores
Foxmar320: I need to do my chores so I can do my chores later
mystdream: doing chores is the best part of destiny
GlennSeto: "The dank nurse"?
Jmonkey49: @ferisar you mean to tell me they actually designed an enemy to fall through a level into another level to foreshadow that the dreams are stacked upon each other. that's stupid game design. it's clearly a glitch that they didn't want to fix
HorusFive: I feel like "!gameplay" could almost be a command- with quotes like that
LarkSachrosis: Do chores to get better gear, to be better at chores.
Ferisar: @Jmonkey49 that's not how glitches work
gek0h: @Jmonkey49 you're insane lol
EvilBadman: "What clan is ur dad in"
Foxmar320: I wish I could have picked that up. I beat the raid in time but just couldn't afford it.
Ferisar: i mean i wouldn't be mean about it @gek0h
Ferisar: it's just definitely not a glitch, haha
Jmonkey49: Thats how DmC worked they made a glitch and decided that was gameplay
Duckshut: theres a weapon other than saw cleaver in this game?
Jmonkey49: it's a design glitch
Ferisar: haha yeah
Ferisar: i'm gonna drop it
Luminaire_p: I'm still happy that we got the win for all of you on that jacket, though. :)
bokochaos: Cam, did you move any of the cards from your 2XM PPR draft to any of the other decks you own?
Foxmar320: Yeah we even got Graham through the raid in time to get the jacket.
MutantIronMan: that force of will tho
Foxmar320: Yeah its still good
thundershot879: garden is fun
Critterbot: It cannot, not yet.
Foxmar320: I never got the entire armor set either
thundershot879: more if a fan of scourge
thundershot879: *of
gek0h: we need a level 400 player to let cam kill them so he never has to farm vials again
GirlPainting: what are your thoughts on Jumpstart Cameron? do you think it has potential as a fun paper enviroment?
Intrepid_Colin: I miss playing Destiny with the clan
Foxmar320: I should see what people want to do for tomorrow nights raid
Luminaire_p: There's armor in that raid? I thought it was just Energy Weapons the raid. :)
thundershot879: great now I'm remembering that I still need the garden bond
niccus: am i hearing.. planned obsolescence in a video game
CanPlayGames: After 2 years I finally got my Anarchy last night
Vyous: @niccus yup
Critterbot: Crown is...exhausting.
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bokochaos: personally @GirlPainting its a solid sealed environment, but there are some decks that are probably too strong combined, like Vampires Vampires
Luminaire_p: I love Terrabah, it's such a goofy SMG
tenthtechpriest: tarrabah? you mean recluse but fair?
Vyous: Did D2
thundershot879: Ive been grinding crown nonstop with the discord and finally got it last week
Intrepid_Colin: I remember when Gallarhorn was a thing
Vyous: *Did D2's rotation happen already?
UncannyJimjams: I'm only missing Tarrabah now
Luminaire_p: Rotation starts in November now
gek0h: @niccus what online-only server-locked games aren't planned obsolescence?
gek0h: the genre only grows
Critterbot: They can be finicky.
thundershot879: the air crystal is the big pain of crown
27 raiders from TheManaLeek have joined!
Foxmar320: Im looking forward to November. I want my dark ice powers
Foxmar320: Raid!
Foxmar320: Welcome raiders!
TheManaLeek: theman20Heart theman20Heart lrrHEART lrrHEART
Luminaire_p: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
GirlPainting: bokochaos i think it would make a great draft enviroment of you have like 30 packs open, and players can pick one by one.
TheManaLeek: Aren't we all just farming blood?
Foxmar320: Blood farming. Like you do.
Ferisar: how do you feel about the destiny content rotation, cam? i felt it was good since every time i've returned to the game i was just confused and a bit overhwelmed but heard community response isn't too happy
bokochaos: @girlpainting Agreed, but there are some benefits for having it go as a blind draft
gek0h: if i may offer a tip: when i farm vials directly i only kill the brick trolls because they are guaranteed drops. otherwise i farm echoes wherever it's efficient and buy vials.
AtomicAlchemical: @niccus What's funny is that the only other person I follow who plays Destiny 2 was like: "Oh thank god, they're forcing me to get rid of all this stuff so I can stop hoarding every item I ever get! Yay, spring cleaning"
Foxmar320: Oh 100% yeah needs to rotate.
UncannyJimjams: farming blood ain't much, but it's honest work
Foxmar320: Titan needs a massive update.
Luminaire_p: I mean, I hope that Titan comes back cool
LarkSachrosis: I mean I can make my own, so I don't need any store-bought blood.
Vyous: Can't wait until Whisper rotates out of standard Kappa
thundershot879: Io has been a big disappointment of a location
bokochaos: I'm planning on getting Burger Tokens cube boxes to reseal my jumpstart packs as mtg training sets
thundershot879: at least titan looks cool
gek0h: we need to get Cam the choir bell and then our blood vial woes are solved
Foxmar320: Its over 100GB and needs to be trimmed.
LarkSachrosis: Just makes it more complicated to update.
gek0h: WoW ran into that problem with legacy dungeon content too
Ferisar: yeah, i was kind of never sure if the content was worth doing or if i was just stumbling around pointlessly
SquareDotCube: I feel like Destiny needs a single-player game to just... experiment with things.
SquareDotCube: like what XCOM did with Chimera Squad.
PixelArtDragon: I'm really glad it works well on an external HD, I didn't play for 2 years because it was too much of my computer's storage to justify.
GirlPainting: bokochaos a jumpstart cube would also be fun. if you sleave them all up, but make little stickers on each card to have them quickly sorted by pack they belong to.
MutantIronMan: ludwig time?
Ferisar: yeah i think so
gek0h: look at all those echoes we could dump into blood vials
MutantIronMan: hell yeah
TehAmelie: i really only liked to wander around the pretty places in Destiny. so yeah, give me single player, let me install worlds as needed
Milocw: executioners
bokochaos: but you can also make it a quick limited environment by keeping the packs as they are yeah
niccus: i'm sweating and tugging my collar since my go-to is warframe and that game is <BASS BOOSTED KATAMARI THEME>
tipulsar85: Has anyone checked to see if the level squishing back to 60 in WoW is deece?
Vyous: To be totally honest, I'm kinda excited for the content rotation. It might be a good place for me to jump back in, because prior I just felt like there were so many things I had to have already done in order to do new conent efficiently.
Tom_Bruise: good ol' Whatshisdick. I remember when he gave me a thrashing that sens me six ways to sunday!
Ferisar: also i'd try the whirligig moveset because it's very silly, (don't have to use it)
SquareDotCube: And the funny thing is, if it doesn't work, they can just... Vex it away.
bokochaos: @GirlPainting I mean.... double sleeving exists for a reason :p
gek0h: it's one of the top damage output weapons in the game, but it's best for strength builds
MutantIronMan: saw go brrrr
Invitare: this is Adam's favourite
Ferisar: yeeeah it's fucking hilarious
SquareDotCube: The pizza cutter!
EvilBadman: I love this stupid saw
GirlPainting: bokochaos that would be to easy ;-P
mowdownjoe: Adam's preferred BLENDAH!
Ferisar: its L2 attack in 2h mode is just holding out the saw and watching it spin
TStodden: Medeval Diskarmor?
HorusFive: Doesn't sound like something Adam would say?!
TehAmelie: it's a funny item, you can tell just from the look
Jmonkey49: it's good but you need +8
tipulsar85: It's a Terarria Yoyo?
gek0h: eileen's just napping she'll be fine
bokochaos: they also posted all the decklists in the past @GirlPainting if you're willing to do the work
Ferisar: to the right to the right
Jmonkey49: Out he front, to the right, through the tunnel
Ferisar: yep
Milocw: yep
gek0h: after you go "up there" do a hard u turn to the right
Ferisar: the unfortunate friend knocking on the gate drops 5 vials
Mister_Skittles: yup
UncannyJimjams: off topic, thanks for getting me into 40k Cam. My paints love it, but my wallet doesn't lol
Mister_Skittles: oh its frank
Jmonkey49: right
GirlPainting: bokochaos nah....i don´ t have that kind of collection...i would probably just buy a box and be done ^^
gek0h: i love making blood vials right before i visceral that witch
Mister_Skittles: frank is a very engegetic body
bokochaos: but yeah look into Burger Tokens boxes and Cubeamajigs for making "resealing" the packs easier @GirlPainting
Milocw: there is a guy clawing at gate, kill him
GlennSeto: had to step out ... did I miss Ludwig?
gek0h: you must free him
Mister_Skittles: frank drops loot
Ferisar: that's 5 vials
gek0h: free the skeleton from his torment
Ferisar: and he respawns each lantern!
Luminaire_p: Man, "Let me in" got dark
NightValien28: let him in
MutantIronMan: @GlennSeto we're headed there now
Foxmar320: Its better this way Cam
iris_of_ether: benginCry benginCry benginCry
gek0h: trust me you're gonna do it a lot
LarkSachrosis: Free them
Ferisar: it's ok he'll come back
Jmonkey49: blood vials
Chaotically_Random: CAM YOU MONSTER!
CakeLord927: FeelsBadMan
niccus: those bones had a lot of blood
GlennSeto: So... you didn't need those vials. Just so you know.
Mister_Skittles: so ludwig.... is fucked up looking
Intrepid_Colin: I would go with Herbert
Mister_Skittles: just warning you now
gek0h: here comes the belly flop attack
Invitare: so Cam, you know you said you hated horses?
Ferisar: okay so this boss is hard, so you might die
Mister_Skittles: welcome to the underground corpse pile
Luminaire_p: Tiny Toni Trus
gek0h: i assume we had our chat with simon
Jmonkey49: underground corpse pile
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Foxmar320: Oh thats no ok
Invitare: don't look this gift horse in the mouth, because it;s full of eyes
Ferisar: lots of eyes
Intrepid_Colin: Yep
tipulsar85: Eyeballs for teeth?
FinalShowFilms: No
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 4:37:12.
FinalShowFilms: You fight the skull in the chapel later.
FinalShowFilms: The skull is Laurence
Ferisar: i think the chapel skull is laurence?
gek0h: this is Ludwig, the head on the altar you touch after amelia
Ferisar: oh, then yes
AtomicAlchemical: Thats! Too! Many! Tee- err... Eyes!
gek0h: oh, nvm
gek0h: laurence, ludwig
GlennSeto: you mean human? ;)
Mister_Skittles: that is ludgiws skull
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Is that a second head, or a postule with teeth?
spartan029joshua: those eyes in the mouth are almost as unpleaseant as all of Kroxa's teeth
Invitare: they're all Cleric Beasts
MutantIronMan: i dont think ludwig counts as a church beast
FinalShowFilms: It's a teeth postule
Invitare: I don't think he likes you anything
Milocw: L2
Ferisar: huh, wouldn't have thought of that comparison
Intrepid_Colin: Let's turn the "knight" into a horrifying horse monster
Invitare: I mean, Artorius is considered one of the best fights in Soulsborne and so is this
Foxmar320: Ouch!
SerGarretCameron: that comparison is very apt.
Ferisar: yeah this boss is a time and a half
GlennSeto: Wow, to be the best of the best and in the end you don't even have symmetry left.
CanPlayGames: Modeling him must have been fun
Mister_Skittles: so thats ludwig.... he sucks
gek0h: shoutout to Arti on YouTube who has my favorite ever boss fight video for Ludwig
Foxmar320: Ive never done the DLC so all this is new to me
Ferisar: his OST is SO GOOD
Luminaire_p: Just get hit 5Head
Invitare: his OST is so good... eventually
distrustingspectator: so is ludwig aware now of what he became, and how he became this thing?
Ferisar: haha but when the eventually hits!
Invitare: Phase 1 is nothing to write home about
gek0h: @distrustingspectator maybe not now, but soon
Invitare: but phase 2 theme is BibleThump
Milocw: while you can try and avoiding being hit, I went with hoping the planets align
GlennSeto: @Invitare It's not like you have time to write down anything.
Jmonkey49: @distrustingspectator no especially if you wear church gear
Ferisar: haha uhhh
Ferisar: it's a plan i suppose
EvilBadman: Eric Andre is 5 vials each time, IIRC
Milocw: for normal people like me, yep
gek0h: luckily you can still take hits from ludwig as a BL4 character
Ferisar: nah the church gear is after he dies, don't worry
EvilBadman: So that'll help farming
Milocw: you are wearing church gear
Coinman1863: Ah yes, horse boy
gek0h: the story relevance of clothing doesn't matter until after the fight
Robot_Bones: only after you kill him
FinalShowFilms: Executioner gear is church gear so you're fine
Ferisar: also yeah choir is the church
RaklarLS: ah yes, the traditional church gear: the double handed sword
gek0h: we a blood church
TheSoundOfWhiteNoise: Yeah, I'm still not sure if that thing is a second head or a pustule that has grown teeth.
Ferisar: haha yeah he's allll timings and knowing when it's safe
bisaflau: A streamer I watched literally tried Ludwig all night. I went to bed after his first attempts and after I woke up I just witnessed him finally beating him lrrFINE
GlennSeto: Also the whole fallen champion theme.
gek0h: @bisaflau ludwig the first time is a pretty solid challenge
Invitare: he's quick, agile, DLC and a legendary character in the lore?
MutantIronMan: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
gek0h: sadly ludwig doesn't stay much of a challenge on multiple playthroughs
RaklarLS: ok, in that sense it is like artorias. cant' stop moving
Ferisar: i mean haha
JaymicUnyielding: To be clear, Ludwig is one of the hardest bosses in this game.
JaymicUnyielding: Period.
gek0h: for sure harder than anything in the base story NG
Jmonkey49: @jaymicunyielding no he is not
SerGarretCameron: I feel like it's attacks are in a similar cadence as well.
niccus: bad news, ludwig doesn't know how to count to six
Ferisar: yeah he's quite difficult
gek0h: but to put the game balance in perspective, as a level 4 character it took me slightly under a minute to kill ludwig
gualdhar: this boss makes me want to play Candy Land
Ferisar: one thing i'll say to avoid is going directly under him, because he'll start buckling
Milocw: watching someone else play, wouldn't the right side be safer then the left side?
lamina5432: is he fire resistant?
Ferisar: uhhmmm
EvilBadman: Yeah ok, Eric Andre is 5 vials each time
white_wampa: I would guess that growth next to Ludwig head is a second head, but minus the major autonomic anatomy
gek0h: first time for ludwig i suggest level 80-100
Ferisar: maybe like, a tiny bit, but he's honestly just hard
Invitare: what level are you?
GirlPainting: is he made of astbestus soup?
Mister_Skittles: no, he is weak to fire
lirazel64: Wait, how does a skeleton get blood vials?
Jmonkey49: no you are fine
gek0h: skeletons don't start out as skeletons
Jmonkey49: he isn't for resistant
gek0h: honestly the camera is brutal on the stupid wall indents
JaymicUnyielding: He is easy to practice on tho. No need to farm!
gek0h: if it was a flat wall the camera wouldn't freak out so bad
Snowcookies: they stored their blood before they turned into a skelly
RaklarLS: i'd say dodge until you see a pattern, but this camera is fucked
Jmonkey49: if you join the league you can get Buckethead to help
AtomicAlchemical: Well, bones are where the blood comes from and skeletons are 99% Bones
Mister_Skittles: Ludwig is also psuedo random in his first form
MutantIronMan: i think the camera when locking on to amygdala is worse but that might just be me
AtomicAlchemical: (The other 1% is sadness)
Jmonkey49: but you can solo this I believe in you
gek0h: which weapons did you choose to upgrade? ludwig takes extra damage from serrated weapons in phase 1
Ferisar: honestly? kind of accurate
legiondivided: heya
Invitare: well he has so many things he can hit you with
Ferisar: haha i wish
RaklarLS: he's made of bones, how would it get tired?
gek0h: he's got a whole salad of attacks
DruthersHaver: from memory, no
legiondivided: I feel like screaming for that long would hurt your throat
TehAmelie: evidence suggests monsters do have stamina, but probably ludicrous amounts
Milocw: arcane spit of course
MutantIronMan: was that the anti-heal mit?
Invitare: saliva?
MutantIronMan: mist*
Ferisar: some normal horse juice
Drea713: I feel like he's way past worrying about a sore throat at this point in his life
Tom_Bruise: yea Ludwig's got other things on his mind
PixelArtDragon: Would using a faster weapon help?
Robot_Bones: Ludwig, have a snickers. Your an absolute monster when you're hungry
gek0h: ludwig has some of the best audio-based attack cues of any BB boss
MutantIronMan: rawr
GlennSeto: ok, the donkey kick was a little bit funny
tipulsar85: I think the white breath is his Ethel Mermen Impression...
JaymicUnyielding: I'd say just enjoy the learning process. He's a hard boss, but you basically don't lose anything per run and farming shouldn't be necessary.
RaklarLS: shame the queues are as he does it, not before hah
gek0h: all variations on demon horse screeching, but you start to learn what they mean
legiondivided: maybe ludwig just needs some juice or something to ease his throat
gek0h: like you can try to interpret his animations but i think the sound cues are more clean
Ferisar: hahah yeah you end up learning a bunch of patterns
MutantIronMan: give the horse his juice
SkitterSkulk: telegraph, "i'm goin to atta" finishes attack
JaymicUnyielding: Not much souls there anyway
gek0h: when he starts pawing the ground in place he's getting ready to charge, and it's often a 1-shot attack if you are under full HP
gek0h: there's a special scream too
niccus: it would be rude to watch
Invitare: oh right in the mouth eyes
gek0h: i don't even know if we've seen the delayed ceiling drop yet
gek0h: blood rain!
GlennSeto: "He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin..."
bokochaos: Hey~ Dr. Evil's
gek0h: ludwig is one of the best bosses at punishing reflex healing
sorceress966: You're doing well!
MutantIronMan: it is a brand new day today
distrustingspectator: how old is this Ludwig? Like 100s of years old?
Ferisar: yeah your dodges are already a lot better
legiondivided: the hp bar is past cam's head!
Ferisar: owie
RaklarLS: what?
j30000000: that charge
GhostValv: huh...
legiondivided: oof
sorceress966: You're a really fast learner, wow
SkitterSkulk: the low bellowy screach means he's charging?
j30000000: can you go small sword to get some more hits in and get back some health when hit
Ferisar: lol
gek0h: also i don't know if i've ever done ludwig with less than a +10 or +9 weapon
gek0h: so, props to you bro. props.
tipulsar85: Camron.exe has encountered an error...
Ferisar: i one day decided to do ludwig at +4 to get the moonlight sword faster
Ferisar: that was about 12 hours of my life
silenceaux: Please don't tell me that the screaming is actually an audio tell
CAKHost: Hi everyone! I'm back.
gek0h: oof ouch owie lol @Ferisar
Ferisar: oh god no
Sethalidos: Cam what are you drinking?
legiondivided: heya
Ferisar: just a lot of dying
CAKHost: I see we are one knight on his horse away from getting the moonlight sword!
MutantIronMan: @silenceaux well...
Ferisar: it still took like 10 minutes
Invitare: I'm reading this tip on the wiki "Ludwig gains his deadliest attack in this form, a charge attack that he briefly signals by screaming".
Invitare: he never stops screaming!
gek0h: 12 hours for a single attempt? must be a LobosJr NG+7 fist-only boss kill
CAKHost: !uptime
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legiondivided: he kinda also necer stops attacking
sorceress966: Sadly he signals everything by screaming...
RaklarLS: can the stairs be abused in this fight, as per usual in the other souls?
Ferisar: @RaklarLS nah it actually kind of sucks
gek0h: i would say ludwig can abuse the stairs
gek0h: but i wouldn't
PixelArtDragon: Can those jumps be parried?
gek0h: nothing he does can be parried
SkitterSkulk: seems to like to list to his right your left especially as it's attacking
gek0h: too big
Foxmar320: Full BRO mode engaged
iris_of_ether: Bros Bros Bros Bros
legiondivided: not very gamer of him
Ferisar: i'm sure he has plenty of butts to spare
auxv: which butt
Foxmar320: The third butt
RaklarLS: yeeees
Robot_Bones: Getting some good hits in on him now
j30000000: how does this thing move so well
RaklarLS: he does get confused in the stairs, a bit
MutantIronMan: turning turning
Mister_Skittles: ludwig is on the stairs agian
gek0h: honestly i feel like we're reaching the part of game where our build and gems are going to start holding us back, which is a sucky thing to say but i've been there on strength/arcane builds myself.
gek0h: the fire gems are not carrying their weight imo
Foxmar320: Nice dodging
Ferisar: you're doing really well dashing past that spew attack
Ferisar: it's a good opening for swings
Foxmar320: O_O
iris_of_ether: A schooner IS a sailboat!
gek0h: the charge attack is a perpendicular dodge window
Ferisar: yeah the charge is rude
legiondivided: did the stream just rewind for anyone else?
tipulsar85: A schooner is both a boat and glassware.
Ferisar: i've had that happen, it's a twitch bug @legiondivided
silenceaux: Does Ludwig handle being circled
gek0h: yes, if you circle at the right time
gek0h: it's not like BSB where circling is all you do
GlennSeto: @silenceaux He kicks.
RaklarLS: ludwig seems to have tons of attacks that hit all around
Ferisar: nah it's true, from games have a camera conflict in fights, it's true
legiondivided: spinny boy
Ferisar: it's a shame
GlennSeto: They want you to learn the enemy's moveset, at least.
Ferisar: like the drapery thing in amelia's room shouldn't really be a problem
silenceaux: So Ludwig definitely has answers. Unfortunately.
tipulsar85: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You should buy the fiber protection plan.
Tom_Bruise: I wouldn't know; everytime I played Dark Souls I ended up with the biggest slab of shield and parried never
Sethalidos: @iris_of_ether you know what, THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY!
SkitterSkulk: making the camera one of the enemies doesn't seem like a good by design decision
GlennSeto: The issue I had with Sekiro was very challenging boss fights and very few approaches I could possibly take. No builds, per se.
Ferisar: haha yeah being under him suuuucks
gek0h: headless undead giant has entered the chat
TangleTrail: Have we gotten to phase 2 in this fight yet?
silenceaux: So is this like a horse and rider mashed together or what
Invitare: no phase 2
RaklarLS: wow, swipe dodge
gek0h: or wait, not undead giant. headless bloodletting beast
niccus: it's a representation of what it feels like to be a horse
legiondivided: for the final boss the game actually switches to first person mode and you fight the cameraman who has been sabatoging you all game
GlennSeto: @silenceaux Maybe Ludwig just felt very strong kinship to horses. Nothing wrong with that.
Ferisar: i think your plan for the leap was solid a lot of the other tries, it's just tight
Sethalidos: @silenceaux it 'a or what
Ferisar: the other leap he does is way worse
RaklarLS: @legiondivided oh, so back to king's field then
gek0h: the worst part of ludwig's design is that his phase 1 is basically just a damage check, and if you can pump out enough damage then he just lies on the ground the whole time
silenceaux: @Sethalidos Messy. Thanks!
Ferisar: i don't remember but you might be able to sprint it
GlennSeto: XD
Ferisar: but that might be my other boss muscle memory
Intrepid_Colin: Whiskey burp
gek0h: if you cant stagger ludwig's legs then your damage is lower than average and the boss fight is way way way harder
MutantIronMan: does cam have the cannon leveled to about +6?
Tom_Bruise: just brimming with gamer energy right there
SkitterSkulk: @legiondivided i'd play the shit out of that fight if it were a thing lol
Ferisar: haha, no @MutantIronMan
Ferisar: frank with the contribution
MutantIronMan: damn
legiondivided: oh man I just googled kings field and that would be suck a cool boss for such an old thing
legiondivided: such*
TangleTrail: Any consideration for ringing the help bell?
GlennSeto: Anyone else who will sometimes mute the game during boss fights? I know you lose the audio cues and awesome music, but it lowers the stress level considerably.
MutantIronMan: i mean level the cannon, bone marrow ash, +4 bullet rune
legiondivided: I do that for most games honestly
gek0h: i could never play BB bosses without the OST
MutantIronMan: it helps sometimes
gek0h: i feel like the quiet would stress me out more
Foxmar320: im sorry wat
Ferisar: there's something very silly with the camera zooming out as you go behind the boss, snapping back into place, and the character lying face down in the blood
Ferisar: it's like "oh"
auxv: more vials, yay.
tipulsar85: Well that was bs...
GlennSeto: @gek0h That's entirely fair.
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: King's Field is rad and I really want KF5 someday
Tom_Bruise: Something hit your there. No idea what, this thing's the anatomical equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting
SkitterSkulk: no point picking up the echoes i always feel for boss fights, echoes are a price of entry heh
iris_of_ether: Hard agree, @thirtycubicfeetofsalsa
GlennSeto: How close was King's Field to Demon's Souls?
Ferisar: i'm ngl when i was doing this underleveled i just stopped healing and farmed on frank while going to the boss, lol
ashteranic: He says, killing a motionless NPC :P
Ferisar: nah p1 is harder than 2
Mister_Skittles: Ludwigs phase 2 is kinda easier
gek0h: phase 2 isn't "harder" it's just so different you have to learn it separately
Mister_Skittles: he moves a lot less
RaklarLS: not at all, other than some characters and weapons (moonlight sword) GlennSeto
GlennSeto: yeah, sometimes the loop of repeatedly dying, but learning little by little can be very zen
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: close by concept or by year? KF4, the last one they made, was mid-PS2 era I think? By concept, very very similar.
Ferisar: hahaha
Ferisar: ludwig that's a wall
iris_of_ether: King's Field was first person, slower paced. The "haha gotchas" were more about finding scary things and traps to the face, but not in the same way as this sort of thing. They also didn't always kill you.
SkitterSkulk: dodged the charge, once
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: A fun staple of the King's Field games was a fake wall with a skeleton guarding a chest, then a skeleton in that chest
GlennSeto: @iris_of_ether Oh, so a bit Ultima Underworld-ish?
legiondivided: horse kick seems rude
iris_of_ether: I have been killed by that chest skeleton!
Ferisar: ludwig like "hehe, old hunter bone" *dodge*
Invitare: why does a giant horse beast have quickstep?
iris_of_ether: @glennseto Possibly? I never played UU
silenceaux: Is big sword just too slow to capitalize on these opportunities?
robo__nixon: Sure: The Story of Soulsborne Boss Fights
GlennSeto: I think UU was real time combat? Never played it myself, tbh.
tipulsar85: Dog with a chew toy attack?
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: @GlennSeto similar in UU in presentation, but not as much an RPG and more just a straight adventure game
legiondivided: up and down
GapFiller: !uptime
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Ferisar: nice though!
GapFiller: !next
GlennSeto: Thank you for a good time, Cameron!
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AtomicAlchemical: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: you level up but you don't control stats, there are npcs but no real questlines
GirlPainting: thx subs! kay bye
GirlPainting: ^^
GlennSeto: Souls and then bone?
Ferisar: i think if you like ludwig you'll like the other DLC bosses
iris_of_ether: One King's Field game, I went after a treasure chest in a tower, fell through a pit trap (freaking out), landed in water (sigh of relief), started getting eaten by piranhas
Ferisar: they're quite good
Ferisar: except laurence, fuck him
iris_of_ether: I lived but haha what a dick move
RealGamerCow: !next
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Tom_Bruise: But before we go, let's stab a hag and steal her rocks
gek0h: living failures is boring
Jmonkey49: Nice job Cam
Ferisar: ah it's visually cool though
gek0h: laurence is boring in a different way, i guess
niccus: bold claim
GlennSeto: @iris_of_ether That sounds like a young Miyazaki just having a laugh.
Ferisar: can he do it
Ferisar: nice, haha
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: also King's Field 2 (just KF in the west) has the amazing distinction of being a fully 3d open world game on the PS1
tipulsar85: Have a good night Cam.
Intrepid_Colin: He will die
Robot_Bones: if we have to finish this and stream MTG at the same time! it. will. happen.
gek0h: cam can we see your current stats before you log off?
Ferisar: ooh the sex number
gek0h: oh wow you're so heavy in arcane
BrindleBoar: LUL
GirlPainting: so cameron, you whanna see what i have been painting during the stream?
gek0h: RIP lack of fire gems in the main story areas
GlennSeto: @ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa That sounds very cool. Games that pushed the console (like Soul Reaver and MGS) were just a special kind of amazing.
gualdhar: !next
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Jmonkey49: Extra strength would also help
gek0h: FYI fire gems and physical gems dont combine at all (for almost every weapon)
gek0h: the gem system is so hard to explain
Ferisar: nah he knows
gek0h: what your build needs is elemental gems or natural elemental weapons
Robot_Bones: It will help with the holy blade but not this sword
Jmonkey49: But you're good and you'll kill him until tomorrow
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gek0h: there's no reason to invest in that weapon with 16 strength
Robot_Bones: there will be more chunks
gek0h: you might want to try the flamesprayer honestly
Ferisar: eh it's still some benefit
gek0h: arcane is more for hunter tools
Invitare: but now you need it anywway to get the new spell
gek0h: you can level arcane to 99 with hunter tools, most stats stop scaling well at 50
JaymicUnyielding: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Pummel Party) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (51m from now).
gek0h: anyways, best of luck tomorrow just dont' want you to make things too extra hard for yourself :D
GlennSeto: Soft-capping all the physical stats and then just dumping more into arcane seems like a good way forward.
GlennSeto: What's the "honor system" max level in BB?
Ferisar: i think vitality value tends to be good all the way up to 50 mostly 'cause you don't, uh, die in as many one hits
Ferisar: i've never done pvp so couldn't say on this end
Milocw: why bother, physical does nothing to his weapon damage
gek0h: until you get Kos Parasite and lumenwood rune
gek0h: i mean if he wants to use holy moonlight sword it's a hybrid weapon
GlennSeto: @Milocw Sorry, didn't mean STR/DEX, just health, stamina and such.
Milocw: plus he should be still seeing 2 to 3 points of damage per point of arcane going up to 50
Ferisar: i think the plan is to swap to moonlit sword so phys gems will have at least some value
actionjb: I appreciate the work you do too
Driosenth: what's coming up?
GapFiller: thanks for streaming Cam lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
lirazel64: Bye
Snowcookies: Bye Cam
GapFiller: see yr later Cam
Snowcookies: Pummel Party
Ferisar: oh nice!
vmob: good bing!
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: thanks for all the bloodborning
Snowcookies: night
Ferisar: thanks for the stream, very powerful progress
Calaban161: 8 player?
lonlycracker: They have any plans for fall guys?
DoodlestheGreat: If the game allows some form of private servers, that would be workable. Otherwise they'd all be slapped into different games.
Dog_of_Myth: most they could do is 4 players
itsr67: !next
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TehAmelie: Pummel Party was not quite the "Mario Party but with Gang Beasts combat" i had envisioned but it sure is fun enough
DoodlestheGreat: I was reading Twitter about Fall Guys and one person referred to it as the "Dark Souls of Mario Party." BCWarrior
TehAmelie: really Dark Souls online is the Dark Souls of Mario Party
Earthenone: i thought that meme had been dead for years
TehAmelie: it's gone hollow
DoodlestheGreat: :tf:
Earthenone: !advice
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Earthenone: !findquote fire
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Naarius: !badadvice
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