DiscordianTokkan: Byeee
RealGamerCow: Pie or die
Solid_Fuel: i choose pie
SoldieroFortune: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Cori is off to the Blaseball Park! Game: Blaseball) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (10m from now).
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I choose more dice
Juliamon: Hello!
secretbranch: So ready for blaseball!
secretbranch: i ujst got into it a coulpe days ago
EOstby: I've heard a decent bit about it, but their website is painfully uninformative without creating an account, so I'm here to see if that's worth it.
Porsgaard81: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Cori is off to the Blaseball Park! Game: Blaseball) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (5m from now).
secretbranch: Yeah, I was really worried that it woulduse real world money but it doesn't!
DoodlestheGreat: On the off chance Blaseball is not that great to stream, maybe we could get Cori to play Fall Guys. itmejpD
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL
Nigouki: lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: i like that the invention of Blernsball is coming closer
Easilycrazyhat: Almost thought that was Vengabus for a minute XD
DiscordianTokkan: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
TehAmelie: !venga
LRRbot: This is not a Venga Bus of honor. No interstate free disco is commemmorated here. No traffic lights are burning here. The danger is to the body, if you like to party.
TehAmelie: whoa, a double
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Good evening splortsfans! If you've got time come hang out with Coriander and watch some blaseball. ⚾️🩸http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/Eexq-TDUwAARNHd.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1291524821654753281
DiscordianTokkan: Heck Yeah, Bus
RandomTrivia: Or, if you will, Bus yeah, Bus
TehAmelie: blazeball sounds like it would be a cool game, why isn't there such a thing?
Greggleswong: BUS IS COMING
EOstby: Bus yeah, VengaBussers!
amam741: WE are all love Blaseball
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skappas: never look back. go tigers
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hascow: gotta show up for Blaseball, my third favorite Definitely Real Sport
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secretbranch: What teams are y'all reppin?
hascow: Yellowstone Magic 4 Life
gualdhar: I'll be honest I don't get blaseball from looking at it, so I'm hoping Cori can make sense of it
SaladCookies: I need a blaseball explainer because rn I associate it with 17776 for some reason
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flameeye7: The commissioner is doing a good job!
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KristiHayling: CAN'T. CATCH. THESE. HANDS.
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secretbranch: I'm in on New York Millenials
RandomTrivia: I had literally not heard of Blaseball before Cori mentioned it. I read like half an article and am still none the wiser
vmob: gooding!
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NickTheDM: Baseball
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ardcollier: the commissioner is doing a great job.
Phosphatide: SPLORTS seabatPjorg
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SniperPumpkin: We are all love Blaseball
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EOstby: Yes, share with me the secrets of this Blase-ball.
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mercano82: I thought it was a TTSF week. Is Ian still indisposed?
vmob: i have very little idea what this is but am ready to find out
hascow: Blaseball: A fake simulated absurdist baseball league where a season takes a week, you can bet on games to make money for votes so you can change the rules each offseason
amam741: As Above, So Below
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Loonatic93: The Awesome Store called. They said they need more of you!
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LoadingReadyRun: @mercano82 Ian is still away
bennguyen200: A bonus stream ..... lrrSLOTH
TheManaLeek: Blasé ball!
GhostValv: :)
ardcollier: Blaseball: an incremental betting game with heavy Night Vale vibes
LackingSanity_: looking forward to participating in the cultural event that is blaseball
TheManaLeek: Hold up, this has Night Vale vibes? Why wasn't I informed??
otzzila: The commissioner is doing a good job.
TehAmelie: in my headcanon this is the baseball they play in 17776
mercano82: @loadingreadyrun thanks for the info
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hascow: Night Vale vibes is a bit extreme, but it does have some weirdness
otzzila: Yeah, if you like nightvale vibes, come root for the Hellmouth Sunbeams
hascow: like sometimes the weather is "Lots of Birds"
RegulusPratus: I have no idea what any of this is, but I'm eager to find out
ardcollier: don't root for the sunbeams, they're currently beating my beloved Hades Tigers.
EJGRgunner: Hades Tigers, all the way
SaladCookies: I love it when the weather is lots of birds
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Rynehawk: 'Murica's Pastime!
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amam741: Yellowstone Magic is where it's at
bl1ghtn1n6: we are all love blaseball
otzzila: Hey, the tigers are out only friends
flameeye7: The Tigers just stole home base
SniperPumpkin: Join the KS Breath Mints, Fresh Breath is for e v e r y o n e
RandomTrivia: Oh yes, I remember that classic genre, Wubstep
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RealGamerCow: Pie or die
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flameeye7: Tigerbeams!
otzzila: We are all love blaseball
wedge_x: TACOS
unarmedoracle: literally woke up to catch this
LackingSanity_: go moist talkers!
secretbranch: hey cam!
bl1ghtn1n6: hey cam
RandomTrivia: Oh hi lrrCAMERON
IgnisDeus: lrrHEART lrrCAMERON
Phosphatide: good plan, cam
PeruggiaUK: i have no clue what this is, but it sounds great. not that i know how baseball works either.
LoadingReadyRun: i forgot to run an ad so there's like 40 seconds left
bennguyen200: @unarmedoracle That's a MOOD move Hi Cam lrrHEART lrrCAMERON
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RandomTrivia: Oh the drop lined up the zero lrrWOW
TehAmelie: i feel like the wubstep genre was perfected in the fake LRR CD-ROM game
TheWriterAleph: @PeruggiaUK i don't either, but i'm here for it
Rynehawk: wubby
Drasvin: nakateYo Hello
gualdhar: scroll bar
Phosphatide: perfect time for me to get a drink
hold_no_carter: much wub
Ignatiuspants: oh dang that drop tho
RandomTrivia: That scroll bar...
vmob: it's go
PeruggiaUK: IT's Go...
Stoffern: It's Go scroll bar
secretbranch: IT's GO
otzzila: I love this new UI
Nymo: It's go t-
wordlessRage: Chicago firefighters represent
matt9181: It’s go?
RandomTrivia: pay no attention toe the lrrPAUL behind the curtain
bennguyen200: Paul must be messing with us with that one
innovativemethods: good gag!
SaladCookies: The bonus stream intro sting is my favorite
TehAmelie: hi Cori
secretbranch: SPLORTS
goatprince: you've been boothed!
Stoffern: what a relief
TheWriterAleph: hi Cori!
offbeatwitch: good evening coriander "game developer" dickinson
DiscordianTokkan: Splorts
SaladCookies: Hi :3
wedge_x: boof
BITs19_: Spray it! Don't Say It!
flameeye7: Hey Cori
Nosser2: I'm ignorant!
GhostValv: k
RegulusPratus: I don't know what a Blaseball is! Tell us more!
Durugai: now hand over those shoes
PeruggiaUK: Expand my mind
Rynehawk: im so explited
SaladCookies: I've heard of blaseball but I found the website to be impenetrable
Max_Fan: Splorts!
EOstby: I am one of those last two!
NightValien28: pro splorts
dsavillian: SPRAY IT DON'T SAY IT
RandomTrivia: Third group here
SniperPumpkin: it's time for Splorts!
TheWriterAleph: go cityname sportsteam!
TheAwkes: Yep, I'm one of those. Completely ignorant.
amam741: I haven't done everyday things since I discovered it
TheManaLeek: I just passed the curtain and I'm scared
nyquister_: Well, lets make there only be two types of people
TheOtherTrevor: I am one of those 3 people
amam741: As Above, So Below
GDwarf: "The Discipline Era", "Uncertainty"
MacSquizzy: Is this a jon bois thing?
Dared00: THUMBS UP 👍👍👍
ardcollier: you will end up logging in about 6-8 times a day
dsavillian: The commissioner is doing a great job
Mysticman89: is this secretly an incremental game?
ardcollier: through no fault of the commissioner
BITs19_: The commissioner is doing a great jpb!
JellyAndKake: the best job.
wordlessRage: the commissioner is doing a GREAT job
secretbranch: There's NO MUSIC IN BLASEBALL
Driosenth: I thought it was blasé-ball
RegulusPratus: Woo, New York team is best team!
offbeatwitch: it really sounds like a jon bois thing but it isn't (as far as i know, i know who's behind it)
LiamNeesonsKneesSon: after seeing Andrew tweeting about this I can finally learn what it is
amam741: the commissioner is doing a great job
dsavillian: Please tell me you are a moist talker
GhostValv: ?
SaladCookies: Is there crying in blaseball?
JellyAndKake: your kicks are my kicks.
BITs19_: The book does not refer to music...
hascow: I can't believe Cori is a fan of the contemptible Moist Talkers
EvilBadman: Jazz Hands represent! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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jaoinpc: The commissioner is doing a great job
x0den: hello o/
Diabore: not at all, is it anything like blurnsball?
Durugai: the commissioner is doing a great job
TehAmelie: just have to share this rare picture of Banana Cori taking a break between punches the internet somehow gave to me https://i.imgur.com/ztf9efg.png
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Vector_Zero: 23 months? That’s almost two years!
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PeruggiaUK: Hit ball and run faster than ball is all i know
CastleOtranto: Youth WIll Save Us
dsavillian: @SaladCookies there is if you are a moist talker fan
wedge_x: blaséball
swifty5700: hello
RegulusPratus: I know of the bases balls
GDwarf: It's the game with the hoops and the puck, right?
JellyAndKake: let's go Shoe Thieves!
flameeye7: Crying in Blaseball is [Redacted]
TheWriterAleph: this music seems inordinately epic. i could be wrong
CastleOtranto: Millennials for LIFE
otzzila: The book gave birth to the Hellmouth! Home of the Sunbeams!
LackingSanity_: I remember week 1. things were so much calmer before all the incinerations
RealGamerCow: Oh you mean the first season , in which the PIES won?
secretbranch: NY Millenials
RandomTrivia: Oh so it's CalvinBall/Mornington Crescent?
dsavillian: f o b i d d e n k n o w l e d g e
amam741: Games are on the hour
RegulusPratus: New Rule: Machetes are a type of bat.
CastleOtranto: Dominic Marijuana for MVP!
Juliamon: RandomTrivia It seems too organized for Calvinball
hascow: Shame Phase is VERY IMPORTANT
otzzila: Randall Marijuana for is there!
RedRaptor: Will this have instant replay?
Durugai: SO many BIRDS
SniperPumpkin: RandomTrivia no, it's more like a colaborative fiction about an RNG
dsavillian: Why are there so many birds
SaladCookies: Once the ball is in play, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXimmaterial planeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX lmaooooooooo
wedge_x: 6796 birds
otzzila: The birds are a punishment for peanut cheating
LackingSanity_: crying in blaseball is recommended
Aarquus: RIP Jaylen Hotdogfingers, forever in our hearts
TheWriterAleph: can we vote on the existence/discouragement of crying vis a vis blaseball?
dsavillian: I blame the peanut cheaters
Dared00: crying in blaseball is required if you're a Garages fan
RegulusPratus: Crying in blaseball is M A N D A T O R Y
Phailhammer: I think I've read this SCP article. lrrBEEJ
SaladCookies: ohhhhhh okay so like, as this goes on different portions become unredacted?
RandomTrivia: This reads like the Douglas Adams guide to cricket. The teams take turns being In. The team that is not In is Out. The team that is Out tries to get the team that is In Out etc. etc.
niccus: maybe? maybe we hope so? maybe we hope not?
secretbranch: A Garages player just died like a half hour ago
ardcollier: Atlas Jonbois only lasted one game.
ritchards: time for a Road Quest...
hascow: Season 2 also instituted the Fourth Strike
CleverCrumbish: Oh wait, it's a public event, not an individual participation thing? I'm instantly less interested, but I understand why this might be fun for people with no ethical sport to bond over
CastleOtranto: Sandie Turner is the gayest mermaid in Blaseball!
otzzila: Yeah, the discord is lovely, check it out
BITs19_: Spray it don't say it!
Solid_Fuel: beg is free tho
Scy_Anide: Is this going to be the longest highlights reel bit?
amam741: As Above, So Below
dsavillian: @CleverCrumbish it's quite literally like watching the box scores of baseball and nothing else.
Solid_Fuel: i would buy a beg
Vanbael: Go Talkers!
dsavillian: with the upside of being able to write the story with your discord group :D
dsavillian: Go Moist Talkers!
jaoinpc: Go Fridays!
hascow: the contemptible Moist Talkers. I hate them so much. They have cost me so much money
TehAmelie: i think i get it. is this like NationStates but with sport?
CleverCrumbish: @dsavillian Yeah nvm then
unarmedoracle: go pies?
otzzila: Yeah, the collaborative fiction is wonderful. Go Hellmouth Sunbeams!
CastleOtranto: Go New York Millennials!
RegulusPratus: "New York Millennials" isn't my team so much as my demographic
Nuurgle: cool, I understand completely. short stream tonight
LackingSanity_: go talkers!
dsavillian: Polkadot Patterson best pitcher. literally 87 fingers
ardcollier: I avoid the Discord entirely and I'm still enjoying blaseball.
Dared00: forbidden knowledge!
CastleOtranto: The Crabs can suck it!
EvilBadman: Breckenridge Jazz Hands "We’ve Got Winning to Do. Just for You."
amam741: The SIBR
Rynehawk: should i hang on to my polkadot patterson rookie card?
chrono2x: holy cow
KeirenH: is this just saltybet, but with sport game sim instead of fighting game AIs?
BodaciousNia: summoning cthulu??
Durugai: Forbidden KNowledge!
BITs19_: The DOT
TehAmelie: weirdly, this card is the first indication i've ever seen of how many people are on a baseball team
CastleOtranto: Damn, that's a good pitcher
Kaorti: Thwackability AND UNthwckability
Dared00: @keirenh pretty much
offbeatwitch: all i know about Blaseball is Pitblull
otzzila: Number of fingers, Anticapitalism
TheWriterAleph: this sounds amazing and i'm scared to know any more about it, lest i be drawn in
Vector_Zero: @randomtrivia I dunno, normal baseball rules are also pretty inaccessible. The batter bats the ball into play. The players try to make a play on the ball. The batter becomes the batter runner and runs to the base. Etc. vocabulary is limited.
SrMuskrat: Polka Dot Patterson is a legitimate ace
wordlessRage: "thwackability"
hascow: @TheWriterAleph it is SO worth joining in
Drasvin: So...are more stars better or worse?
bl1ghtn1n6: stars are good
ardcollier: more stars better
Dared00: yeah, PolkaDot is a legend
LackingSanity_: stars are good unless you're no stars lars
flameeye7: Polkadot Patterson has as many fingers as Lars Taylor doesn’t have
bl1ghtn1n6: PolkaDot's always an easy bet
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wargodmogis: Sportsball?
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BITs19_: We stole The Dot from a blessing, didn't we?
amam741: Games happen on the hour, every* hour
RandomTrivia: That's fair @Vector_Zero I suppose any sportsball or splortsball has to work within its own bounds
TehAmelie: Jazz Hands vs Moist Talkers sounds like a deathmatch we'd all like to see
ardcollier: that's how my team got Jessica Telephone, from a blessing
Dared00: oh noooo, Townsend pitches for Garages next match ;_;
ardcollier: setting off decades of enmity
bl1ghtn1n6: the watchparty chat is wild
Durugai: the yelling and screaming IS good fun
RealGamerCow: Everyone with the name "Dan" became "Peanut" last season
bl1ghtn1n6: I had to stop, it was a bit much
SaladCookies: I love this kind of thing
RealGamerCow: 4 strikes is so bogus
Aarquus: also Shame
AceTheStriker: So this is like Fantasy Fantasy (Football) Baseball?
SaladCookies: Truly the best of what the internet has to offer
bl1ghtn1n6: still annoyed by the vote for 4 strikes
dsavillian: you know. the more you say this out loud the more absurd it becomes.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: too real
Scy_Anide: It's fantasy fantasy baseball
RealGamerCow: Cmon Morrow
Mysticman89: baseball meets frog fractions?
RandomTrivia: Fantasy Fantasy Baseball
bl1ghtn1n6: fantasy baseball, emphasis on fantasy
Kaorti: baseball legacy
dsavillian: it's Flantasy Blaseball
EJGRgunner: I voted for Eat the Rich
RegulusPratus: Can Blaseball be viewed through the lens of the postmodern?
dsavillian: I'm in for Interviews
EvilBadman: I voted Interviews
hascow: I want to Get to Know the Players
chrono2x: Why does this remind me so hard of Football 17776?
Durugai: Boo pies
dsavillian: I kind of want them to win a 3rd so they can ascend
hascow: the Pies are BAD this year. Let's not stomp them further
Dared00: Pies already lost Jessica Telephone
x0den: but if they win a third doesn;t everyone acend
blackwlf: This is very confusing when I'm only listening every few minutes.
LackingSanity_: pies have lost one postseason game across 2 seasons
otzzila: She went to the crabs
bl1ghtn1n6: the Pies lost Telephone
RealGamerCow: BOTH series. Only losing once in the postseason.\
EJGRgunner: Jessica Telephone is the HEART of the Tigers. Leave them alone!
bl1ghtn1n6: she went to the Tigers
Cool_Jean_Aunt: ok but eating the rich is a bigger political thing
theneatestburrito: It's our social responsibility to Eat the Rich
AceTheStriker: Interviews seem good to figure out the secret stats
TwitchTVsFrank: how long is a season?
RealGamerCow: Our beloved trans-dimensional angel Jessica was taken from us
BITs19_: Blessings work like a raffle
Dared00: blessings are a raffle
Kaorti: Hey! Friends at the table!
hascow: Blessings are a raffle
ChaoticObserver: A season is a week right
bl1ghtn1n6: Tigers getting Violence and Telephone is kinda absurd
RegulusPratus: Eat the Rich is always the correct choice
ChaoticObserver: Monday-Friday, palyoffs Saturday I think
RandomTrivia: I want to go make another cup of tea but I know that when I come back a minute later I will have absolutely zero idea what's going on
otzzila: Seasons are a week
dsavillian: they are like raffles
ardcollier: Jessica and the Dial Tone are the queen of Hell right now
dsavillian: so you buy raffle tickets for your team
CamelAttack: They traded away Jessica Telephone?! Monsters!
ArkhamArchivist: I could go for some Performance Enhancing Demons
bl1ghtn1n6: Telephone was stolen, not traded
Dared00: Lovers win one with ZERO PERCENT
Dared00: *won
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, the blessings are a bit annoying
amam741: The Lovers got a 0% voted for blessing last season
TheMandrew: Ok, I'm sold on this *thing* go Tacos!
RegulusPratus: How does one define anticapitalism
bl1ghtn1n6: as a Steaks fan, Telephone was stolen from us week 1
Q_sic: Friends at the Table... like Austin Walker's group?
RealGamerCow: She has a gunblade bat
ardcollier: seduced.
bl1ghtn1n6: I believe it was seduction for the batter
flameeye7: She was seduced
PeruggiaUK: headhunted sounds so sinister
RealGamerCow: The Dial Tone
Altoguy16499: are you able to change teams at any point?
flatluigi: yes, friends at the table is sponsoring the latest season
Dared00: @q_sic yup, they sponsored Season 3
ardcollier: changing teams is 2000 coins
Q_sic: nice
orimazer: 2k in the shop
wedge_x: seduce hunted
GhostValv: seems legit...
TwitchTVsFrank: this is all wild
Orlantia: I'm a big fan of "performance enhancing demons"
flatluigi: they played a game in blaseball too
RealGamerCow: The lore got bonkers
bl1ghtn1n6: the lore is wild
RealGamerCow: and people got upset
AtomicAlchemical: I just got here and I'm already very confused, but I'm here for it
orimazer: go mills
Aarquus: the lore happened very suddenly and keeps happening
secretbranch: If you were a blaseball player, what would your name be?
ardcollier: whoever drew the Ren Hunter art on their wiki page is great
Kaorti: why is there a hellmouth team?
niccus: one day baseball will spellcheck into blaseball
RealGamerCow: There is some very good fan art
bl1ghtn1n6: in classic fandom style, the fandom got kinda absurd
flameeye7: Stare into the sun
Easilycrazyhat: ads suck -_-
EvilBadman: Do it anyway cori :D
Koshindan: Block the ads, eat the rich.
SquareDotCube: ^^
SaladCookies: Big SCP energy
RegulusPratus: Ha! Cori gets ads for games and adobe products. How embarassing!
otzzila: oh twitch doesn't like commas in links https://blaseball.fandom.com
Mysticman89: personal life as a time traveller. how about that.
TheWriterAleph: so when does the netflix anime come out?
TehAmelie: is this like Kingdom of Loathing where walking the wiki is basically playing the game but without constraints?
Altoguy16499: so is the wiki just fanfiction?
PeruggiaUK: "dislikes fax machines" me too Jessica
theonlybarber: !help
chrono2x: Also 11 wives
RealGamerCow: Fanonical
Scy_Anide: Probably a little cannon.
secretbranch: canon is redacted in blaseball
Mysticman89: are there also cannons in blaseball?
Scy_Anide: literal*
Durugai: NO TEETH
x0den: splorts fan :D
Drasvin: !findquote sports
LRRbot: Quote #5216: "Chess: the original e-sport." —Paul [2018-07-30]
storiers: for example, I believe the name of her bat was a fan lore creation that now appears as text whenever she bats
SaladCookies: !teeth
TwitchTVsFrank: are there cannons!?!
EJGRgunner: Cannon is Jessica's arm. Don't try to run on Jessica.
dsavillian: LUL the cute girl with the undercut that works at best buy
flatluigi: there's no canon in blaseball
ardcollier: there's a Discord just for you sapphic Jessica Telephone thirsters, too, apparently
Kaorti: there are arm cannons
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, they added the Dial Tone after someone came up with it
RandomTrivia: I love characters that have no name but "That cute girl with the undercut who works at Best Buy"
otzzila: No, he died recently
chrono2x: Incinerated
thephyrexianeggroll: What exactly is blaseball
mtvcdm: Hello! The commissioner is doing a great job!
bl1ghtn1n6: some folks just got incinerated
Durugai: Beasley Gloom, best doggo
otzzila: RIP Rhys, our only good batter
PeruggiaUK: is death the end? will they come back?
TheManaLeek: Moist Talkers tied the game up!
amam741: Rip Rhys, last to die before the Blasphemy
dsavillian: Moist talkers with 2 on in the bottom of the ninth
dsavillian: come on shame
otzzila: Incineration is the only way out!
ardcollier: Jaylen Hotdogfingers got incinerated by the Book.
lirazel64: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 19:51.
SaladCookies: due to the heat where I am, which is in hell LOL
RegulusPratus: Incinerated by a rogue umpire, oh dear
mtvcdm: Go Firefighters! They're from Chicago!
otzzila: Who?
storiers: no one who has died has comoe back as of yet but who knows
Dirk_Strider_tT: Fuck, I'm rooting for the Garages
GhostValv: ?
thephyrexianeggroll: I am extremely confused
AlchemicalPanda: I... so wish I could log in to this rollercoaster of something
AceTheStriker: Why do the teams have Alignments?
GDwarf: What...happens if the sunbeams play the garages?
chrono2x: Who are the rivals of the Moist Talkers?
salimancer: Yeah! Go moist talkers!
SquareDotCube: There is something terrifying about seeing an umpire with a flamethrower now that I think about it
Uppercaseccc: Garages 4 life
secretbranch: moist talkers is currently in extra innings!!!!!!
orimazer: rip scraps
orimazer: rip chorby
InquisitorGaia: i dont understand the seattle garages what are those?
EJGRgunner: Peanutiel
Dared00: speaking of Garages, have you been on their Bandcamp? https://thegarages.bandcamp.com/
thephyrexianeggroll: WHAT IS THIS GAME
Uppercaseccc: is Jessica telphone stilla live?
LackingSanity_: or peanutiel
Durugai: RIP Teeth
bl1ghtn1n6: good old Peanut Bong
Vyous: So. . . is this an ARG?
goatprince: are there any prominent Matts in blaseball?
Lanthess: When I first tuned in I was like, "Baseball? No thanks." But now I realize I'm just having a stroke.
deceitfulgemini: did the garages release a new track?
mtvcdm: Have we discussed Jessica Telephone yet?
BITs19_: We have The Dot, but not much more
x0den: has peanut floyd been informed?
bl1ghtn1n6: we just talked about Telephone
deceitfulgemini: also WHO'S SHOES? OUR SHOES
thephyrexianeggroll: @lanthess join the club
salimancer: But PolkaDot Patterson though
BITs19_: Richmond Harrison is a 6'0" Axolotl
SignificantOtter: We are from Chicago!!
storiers: m lee lunsford did a good fan art piece of one of the garages players
innovativemethods: that's all right, if they can pitch!
SaladCookies: This is like SCP and Night Vale had a baseball themed 17776 baby
hascow: yes @mtvcdm we went to her wiki page
AtomicAlchemical: Okay... I think I am less confused but definitely more befuddled
Diabore: polkadot starts next game
RealGamerCow: wow that moist talkers pitching lineup
SquareDotCube: So the Moist Talkers could use a summoning
LackingSanity_: the mt lineup was better before Alstott and violet burned to death
chrono2x: Seems like the Moist Talkers need to reroll their lowest three players
x0den: also this song rocks, is it BGC?
thephyrexianeggroll: Wait was the peanut a person that he ate or was it the food kind
Loonatic93: Heysoos.
salimancer: It's Garbage Day!
Rynehawk: thou shalt not steal tho. A real limiter
secretbranch: quote "jsesus is gonna get on base"
salimancer: We're taking out the trash
Easilycrazyhat: hay-sues
mtvcdm: Landry Violence had a bad peanut too and dipped to 4 star.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: these are all sentences and words Kappa
gamercat88: nice one!
otzzila: The bad pitchers seem pretty good actually
orimazer: hows the anticapitalism of the moist talkers look?
goatprince: coRI!!!!!!!
TheWriterAleph: is this the venn intersection of D&D and Jelles Marble Run?
innovativemethods: laundry violence?
goatprince: aaaa!
PeruggiaUK: is hitting not important then, only throwing?
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, the half-star pitchers do surprisingly well
deceitfulgemini: low stars get a very good overall chance... besides Gunther
elah806: This is all hitting like lightining bolts straight to the part of me that loves Jon Bois
TwitchTVsFrank: so the is like irl sports fandom without the actual sports?
bl1ghtn1n6: ooh, shame watch
LackingSanity_: moist talkers are the least anticapitalist team in the league
Fugi: wow 10 innings, love blaseball
LackingSanity_: unfortunately
RandomTrivia: It all sounds like a hybrid of Adams and Pratchett but internet-aware
Aarquus: lets see that Shame!
deceitfulgemini: shame gang!
thephyrexianeggroll: am I having a stroke
ardcollier: there's actual sport, just sped up to chatroom attention span.
secretbranch: millenials are my team and they're demolishing the flowers rn
SquareDotCube: Makes sense, the half stars are all wild pitches
ardcollier: actual splort, sorry.
RealGamerCow: shut him down ruslan
mtvcdm: We do have talks about blaseball in the sports channel in the LRRCord. Our number one rule in there is "yes, it's a sport".
Lanthess: Ok...I'm signing up. Who is my favorite team?
deceitfulgemini: what is a sport?
chrono2x: Full counts are always rough
Fugi: A single, what a great start
deceitfulgemini: all I know are splorts
otzzila: Woah now, its a splort
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, blaseball's come up in #sports and #media
reverend_dooknanimus: Go Garages! #PARKEM
hajnal_endot: GO BREATH MINTS
RealGamerCow: Lanthess anyone but the Tigers
innovativemethods: One ball should be a blessing.
lirazel64: Stole second?
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AceTheStriker: Is there a log of all of these somewhere?
thephyrexianeggroll: I am so confused
banachspacebar: I'm gonna be That Person and say go tigers
Fugi: I think 20 innings is the most ever?
orimazer: i was up for a 20 innings game
mtvcdm: I do note how there's no such thing as a relief pitcher in blaseball. When it's your day to pitch, it's *your day to pitch.*
deceitfulgemini: oh but today though
orimazer: it was a lot
RealGamerCow: I've seen 17
Durugai: we went to 15 then broke the server vs teh Tacos
bl1ghtn1n6: there was a 20 inning game season 1
Dared00: today a game went to 15 and then server crashed
otzzila: 20 is the most so far iirc
elah806: I'm browsing the rulebook and it is VERY unnerving that one of the few entirely unconcealed ones is "If a team wins three championships, they, and Blaseball, shall ascend."
Fugi: There is no log of _everything_
amam741: WE just had a game go so long it broke the site
deceitfulgemini: us shoe thieves had 15 and went grandslam into a gateway error
CamelAttack: Crush those Firefighters, Magics
reverend_dooknanimus: #unslam
mtvcdm: We haven't caught word of an archive yet in the Discord; if someone finds one do tell us.
TwitchTVsFrank: this game needs a field screen like gamechanger
gamercat88: do they have playing cards?
innovativemethods: the pies might just win the first three!
amam741: SIBR have a lot of logs
EJGRgunner: Jessica Telephone just tripled for the Tigers
Fugi: You don't like the shoe thieves??? They have a rich history
EvilBadman: Andrew wants a shoe thiefs logo
orimazer: you should walk a mile in their shoes before you say that
TheMandrew: damn shoe thieves are crushing the Tacos though
goatprince: the shoe theives will go the distance.
AceTheStriker: I like how one of the Teams is just Dale
Amosff: wha- what IS this?
EvilBadman: tattoo
PeruggiaUK: im definitely learning something, but i don't know what. insight gained.
x0den: ooh jazz hands beat crabs
Durugai: Yeah but.. Where's ya shoes at Cori?
deceitfulgemini: we been crushing it this season
NeedleChoko: Your Kicks are Our Kicks
Aarquus: where were u when Stu Trololol stole home?
AtomicAlchemical: IDK, the Shoes Thieves seem to be on a hot streak there
Loonatic93: Is there a Minnesota team?
SquareDotCube: Are the shoe thieves cobbled together?
Koshindan: I don't know who the Shoe Thieves are, but now I love them and won't tolerate insults to them!
Rynehawk: imagine how humid it is in the Moist Talker's dugout
RealGamerCow: steady, ruslan, you great big ball throwing boy
Dared00: omg Dalé
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks having a bonkers game right now
deceitfulgemini: OUR SHOES!
gamercat88: shoe check
elah806: I'm going to get into so many semantic arguments about if this game is a clicker and I am looking forward to every second of them
blackwlf: I suspect Nargles.
EJGRgunner: The Tigers are mounting a MASSIVE comeback in the bottom of the ninth!
deceitfulgemini: 👟👟👟👟
bl1ghtn1n6: beating a 4th strike team feels good every time
mtvcdm: For Season 2 there was a decree vote regarding relegating the worst team out of the league and replacing them, but Season 2's worst team was the San Francisco Lovers and nobody wanted to see them go.
thephyrexianeggroll: Is this just autogenerated baseball with ridiculous lore
EJGRgunner: They've tied it after entering the 9th down 4 runs!
amam741: Everyone loves the Lovers
banachspacebar: ooh, breath mints vs fridays is 10-10 in the seventh
RandomTrivia: What the fan wiki brings to mind is old-school WoW content where people would literally research it by playing it and gradually the knowledge base would grow. I know the same happened for early Minecraft mods with zero documentation, players simply made their own.
amam741: They're a polycule
AlchemicalPanda: Oh man... the Firefighters have some... problems with their teams
SaladCookies: ooooooh
RealGamerCow: Beasley, be a good boy
chrono2x: Oof, the 12th
AlchemicalPanda: No start players... oof
GDwarf: Top of the 12, eh?
banachspacebar: and sunbeams-tigers is into the 10th
SaladCookies: Have you played Universal Paperclips?
RaemonDamon: can a team be involved in 2 games at once?
mtvcdm: We sure do, AlchemicalPanda. We surrrre do. We're gonna need to make some "trades" in the offseason.
RealGamerCow: Cori, are you drinking Moxie?
CraziestOwl: The good stuff
TheManaLeek: Time for a Play For Ever chant
RaemonDamon: Since time travel has been established
Durugai: also a FAST game
bl1ghtn1n6: Firefighters had some bad peanut reactions
EOstby: OK, I have been convinced to join this. Go Fridays!
KeiRaccoon: I don't care about any of the teams, but I care deeply about Jessica Telephone.
Amosff: @saladcookies i've been playing last couple days
Dared00: yesss Garages
Fugi: btw cori if you'd like a user script for a 2 column layout (assuming your monitor is big enough) https://gist.github.com/Fugiman/1cbe3b776bb9603298fc4258495af09a
Iperithon: I for one suppor the canadian Moist talkers.
Fantusta: ooh deep into extras
SaladCookies: It's one of my favorite clickers @Amosff
Dared00: Shame Watch?
mtvcdm: Poor Sebastian Telephone, Jessica's brother. Hasn't settled into a corporeal form.
secretbranch: something i haven't caught yet is how weather affects things
bl1ghtn1n6: shame watch
RealGamerCow: does winning in extra innings count as shame?
Loonatic93: Awww... No Minnesota team...
bl1ghtn1n6: weather's...weird
Fugi: Woooo!!!
CamelAttack: Wow the Breath Mints and the Fridays.
bl1ghtn1n6: sometimes there are birds
secretbranch: GARBAGE
orimazer: talk moistly to me
salimancer: come on lets take out the trash
AtomicAlchemical: So, in what way do you interact with this... thing?
mtvcdm: Any game where you'd normally get a walkoff is shametime, 9 innings or otherwise.
AllGoodDogs: How do I possibly pick a favorite team?
Fugi: Nooooooo
BITs19_: nooooooo
Fantusta: At least it wasn't a double play!
orimazer: you pick the mills, easy
Fugi: at least it wasn't a double
niccus: the same way you interact with regular baseball
TwitchTVsFrank: are games normally 12 innings or is this sudden death overtime
theneatestburrito: You hate to see it.
dsavillian: it's overtime @TwitchTVsFrank
Dared00: @twitchtvsfrank overtime
Fugi: SHAME!!!!!
TheManaLeek: We're doing it!
bl1ghtn1n6: SHAME
orimazer: SHAME
chrono2x: Score!
salimancer: Yeeeahhhhh
mtvcdm: You interact with it, partially, by contributing to the lore. This is essentially SCP of sports.
dsavillian: SHAME
amam741: SHAME
Aarquus: SHAME
Dared00: SHAAAME
Uppercaseccc: SHAME
salimancer: Shame
GhostValv: jocatGasp
otzzila: More like slow agonizing death, but yes
secretbranch: GG
goodroundboy: is blaseball a game for people who understand baseball?
storiers: You bet, which gives you fake currency, which can be used to buy votes, to vote for small changes to the rules over time
otzzila: SHAME
chrono2x: Garbage went home!
Durugai: SHAME
wordlessRage: shaaaaame
jaoinpc: Shame
mtvcdm: The Shame Phase
dsavillian: Run up the score!
nyquister_: Can games tie?
banachspacebar: another shame!
EJGRgunner: Peanutiel Duffy wins it for the Tigers!
Fugi: Tigers also shamed the Sunbeams
bl1ghtn1n6: meanwhile, 20 runs for the Steaks, including 7 in this inning
Mysticman89: the shame grandma is proud
x0den: grats! you mon!
otzzila: Sunbeams shame, as is tradition
banachspacebar: Tigers-Sunbeams is also shame
Fugi: So double shame this day
mtvcdm: There was a Season 2 decree vote regarding 'Enhanced Shame', in fact, where any runs you gave up in Shame carried over to your next game, but it didn't carry.
flameeye7: I lost so much money today
chrono2x: Woah
Durugai: Spies have mad underdog power
Max_Fan: A plitching duel for the ages
EJGRgunner: Math Velasquez 0 stars? That doesn't add up.
Dared00: Mike sucks so bad we wrote a song about it
amam741: (Technically to maximize coin gain, always vote the percentage)
otzzila: Spies are always rated too low
bl1ghtn1n6: I wish we'd gotten enhanced shame
nyquister_: Sunbeams have been shamed!!!
B4rberblacksheep: Never bet against the spies, it never goes well
bl1ghtn1n6: I've been burned betting against the spies plenty of times
Durugai: Look, Bookbaby is TRYING
orimazer: they're a well read baby, but still, a literal baby
otzzila: Still pretty sure that's not a team
B4rberblacksheep: Also I wondered how long it would be before LRR found Blaseball
offbeatwitch: garages fans writing music has been great
theneatestburrito: A Garage band, huh?
PeruggiaUK: how does a solar eclipse change the game
orimazer: they got a bat
Durugai: She had a peanut I think
mtvcdm: Could be a yummy reaction
Drasvin: Peanuts as a weather?
bl1ghtn1n6: shoe thieves with the new player, Blood Hamburger
TwitchTVsFrank: so they are a garage band nice
Nemo_Rasa: I think this is what happens when you feed a machine learning algorithm a few decades of baseball stats and let it loose upon the world
flameeye7: Wow, shoe thieves lost a player
SniperPumpkin: Power of Love Spirit
GDwarf: "Status: Intact, Alive"
Cool_Jean_Aunt: too many birds are a weather?
Orlantia: met at yaoi con 20xx
trilemma85: Bloodlust is a normal baseball thing.
Durugai: Also welocme our new player Blood Hamburger
AllGoodDogs: Chat, I would like to announce that I am now a Los Angeles Tacos fan.
DoctorHutch: was is chavo guerrero? coming off the top rope?
bl1ghtn1n6: too many birds leads to the game log getting obscured by mention of the birds
mtvcdm: I'm taking the Flowers this coming round against the Breath Mints.
chrono2x: Nice batters
IgnisDeus: you just bet on the thieves
bl1ghtn1n6: Fridays are looking good
amam741: You bet on the thieves btw
BITs19_: have we discussed that PolkaDot Patterson has 87 fingers?
banachspacebar: Breath Mints-Fridays is now up to 11-13
secretbranch: how does weather affect the matches?
jaoinpc: It’s island time
Dared00: they slow down the match
bl1ghtn1n6: didn't realize they had 2 5-stars
Diabore: theres a game thats 20-6 in the top of the 8th right now
ardcollier: "I bet on the wrong thing" happens more often than one might like from a UX standpoint.
bl1ghtn1n6: oh god, the Steaks are still going
Fugi: 5* hitters don't matter that much
amam741: Look at York's wiki page
Fugi: Since they just get walked
lazyturtle5716: what happens when you crack open a peanut?
CorruptDropbear: What the heck am I reading.
bl1ghtn1n6: Lovers looking well done
mtvcdm: Miami looks like a good bet on the pitching matchup.
amam741: Fridays have some of the best cards
meisbored: casual fridays, makes sense
Drasvin: Casual Fridays
otzzila: Fridays' cards are great
NarishmaReborn: peanut ascension?
Fugi: OK chat please remember to NOT vote for Blaserunning
Cool_Jean_Aunt: i'd go with hawaii since LA is a hot mess in real solar eclipses
amam741: I love York's card
orimazer: i love the mills
Loonatic93: So the odds are based on who the fans bet on?
jaoinpc: Look at York silks card
orimazer: no 5*s
nyquister_: What are peanuts and why do I want them? (newbie question)
orimazer: but min 2 on each
CorruptDropbear: We're from Chicago.
mtvcdm: Chicago's got some issues
bl1ghtn1n6: pls no blaserunning
Dared00: they're from Chicago!
orimazer: youth will save us
Fugi: Cori Hates Chicago Confirmed
amam741: They're from Chicago
Diabore: steaks are going to eat them alive
Uppercaseccc: II belive in the firdays
mtvcdm: As a Wisconsinite, Chicago embarrasses me
BITs19_: check out the Steaks V Lovers game that's live rn
Uppercaseccc: sorry firefighters
CorruptDropbear: Is this just Baseball after 2020?
IgnisDeus: Welcome to Chicago, it's about loyalty, not winning
GhostValv: seabatUseless
CorruptDropbear: YORKS OUR DORK
Fugi: Wow this steaks game
wordlessRage: the firefighters may be bad, but they are from Chicago
Cool_Jean_Aunt: too real
wordlessRage: which checks out
otzzila: 20-6, still in the 8th lrrFINE
Fugi: 20-6
CorruptDropbear: YES, IT'S THE CAR RUG
Fracaswell: this is amazing
x0den: first homerun at 2?
underhill33: lrrWOW
CorruptDropbear: Is this just a massive community ARG
bl1ghtn1n6: we didn't get anything in the 8th, not sure Steaks can close Kappa
orimazer: they got raised
bl1ghtn1n6: we got 7 runs in the 7th
mtvcdm: The Steaks got grilled
secretbranch: Well this is rare. Well done!
shurtal: have they never been higher?
EJGRgunner: Missed steaks were made
bl1ghtn1n6: and it was looking good for us before then
orimazer: rip blankenship
Uppercaseccc: yes
bl1ghtn1n6: yep
Nefarious_Ned: What is this?
amam741: Siblings
mtvcdm: The Steaks should really pick up Blood Hamburger from the Shoe Thieves.
bl1ghtn1n6: Jess was on the Steaks before she got stolen
orimazer: blood hamburger tho
orimazer: good name
Fugi: oh shoe thieves got an incineration, RIP Blankenship Fischer
otzzila: This is the cultural event that is blaseball
secretbranch: rip
Durugai: TEETH is no more
bl1ghtn1n6: we maxed out her stats, then she got stolen immediately
mtvcdm: Blood Hamburger is 3 1/2 stars
Durugai: we're working on it :P
hascow: I cannot believe the Shoe Thieves were lucky enough to get an incineration into a 3.5* hitter
Uppercaseccc: if the umps incinerate Jessica we riot
CorruptDropbear: So basically it's an automatic ARG
bl1ghtn1n6: the folks on the wiki are fast
x0den: so i have to ask, is death permenant here?
orimazer: so far?
CorruptDropbear: It appears so
orimazer: yes
hascow: so far
Fugi: Yes
mtvcdm: The lore develops FAST in this game.
bl1ghtn1n6: the people who are into this, are super into this
otzzila: Incineration is the only way out.
x0den: ty
Aarquus: incineration is the only way out.
niccus: hades is a team, so who knows
secretbranch: that will prob be voted on in the future i'd bet
Solid_Fuel: YET
CorruptDropbear: EAT THE RICH
mtvcdm: Incineration is the only way out. They can never stop playing.
Durugai: death is permanent, though the Sebastian Townsend/Woodman saga is a thing
SquareDotCube: Until necromancy is introduced
nyquister_: If DC can bring back Superman, this game can too
GDwarf: CorruptDropbear It's not exactly an ARG, it's more a community story
bl1ghtn1n6: for now, incineration is the only way out
orimazer: we gotta get the souls from shomewere tho
mtvcdm: It's high-speed collaborative storytelling.
amam741: incineration is the only way out
GDwarf: If it was an ARG then there'd be puzzles to solve and an ultimate secret to find
secretbranch: it's a splort
otzzila: Its collaborative fiction
Fu4ow: an MMO idle game?
RandomTrivia: It's a simulator, right?
Diabore: summoning circle?
mtvcdm: The game does things and the fans say yes.
Max_Fan: It's splorts!
YawnLance: A way of life?
offbeatwitch: it's an online game
amam741: There is a meta plot though
DrWreckage: This thing is so inaccessible. I don't even know how to interact with it and I've tried several times.
Mysticman89: slightly more interaction homestuck
CorruptDropbear: So collecctive fiction
Cool_Jean_Aunt: it's an SCP
elah806: Group storytelling, definitely
SaladCookies: It's whatever SCP is
IgnisDeus: text based statistics MMO
meisbored: is it mostly random?
niccus: a collective baseball illusion
amam741: There's stuff going on with the peanuts
MAPBoardgames: Oh No! I'm late!
mtvcdm: The SCP Sports Network.
TehAmelie: a multiplayer writing workshop
amam741: SHAME
TheDeafMints: You can bet now btw Cori
otzzila: @hmouthsunbeams is an amazing twitter btw
mtvcdm: Take the Dale.
Durugai: I mean, it's a SportsSim kinda thing? But fans makes it what it a true cultural phenomenon that is Blaseball
AtomicAlchemical: Its a random number generator that people are using to construct narratives
SquareDotCube: more an artificial reality than an augmented reality
Fu4ow: @AtomicAlchemical isn't that all sports though?
MAPBoardgames: What'd I miss?
MetallicFro42: audience participation based simulation, with SCP/Fallen London feeling unfolding
CorruptDropbear: My favourate part is now artists just doing fanart XD
Stoffern: So has the Sunbeams ever actually played against that team they dont believe exist?
flameeye7: Yes
mtvcdm: They were one of the four worst teams last season,
mtvcdm: New York upgraded hard.
otzzila: The art is great
AtomicAlchemical: @Fu4ow Sport analysis sure. Actual sport has some physics engines involved
nemryn: Felix Garbage is certainly a name
hascow: Let's Go Yeong-Ho!
RaemonDamon: I just joined the Magic
Aarquus: go Magic!
EJGRgunner: Always bet on the Tigers. Always bet on Jessica Telephone.
Dared00: Millennials have a lot of fans because they're being pushed by the Waypoint team
PeruggiaUK: When you say yours, do you actually create a team, or teamname at least
bl1ghtn1n6: ugh, the Magic
solarparade: flower bois
RaemonDamon: watching this let me know that this even existed x3
Uppercaseccc: tigers all the way
Diabore: is felix garbage related to eugenia garbage?
hascow: as a Magic fan, hitting is our weakest thing
innovativemethods: well, right now legacy's looking good!
bl1ghtn1n6: Tigers are dominant right now
offbeatwitch: as a tigers fan i think the tigers are gonna win
CorruptDropbear: OK, what am I reading.
secretbranch: how would one pronounce peanutiel
otzzila: You pick a favorite team, that gives you a small payout when they win and displays it at the top
Dared00: Tigers are definitely the final boss this season
flameeye7: Crabs v tigers is a tigers shoe in
Uppercaseccc: TRUST THE CRUST
nemryn: like cockatiel, except it's a peanut instead
Cool_Jean_Aunt: blame hades
MetallicFro42: claws up!
salimancer: Gotta go pies
bl1ghtn1n6: really hoping Magic hit a streak of bad luck, Steaks are a few games back on em
PeruggiaUK: @otzzila ah got it
SquareDotCube: I love that game!
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dsavillian: every time I bet on miami I lose
TehAmelie: i bet you could make a bong out of a peanut
TehAmelie: if you were into that
secretbranch: i tend not to bet on peanut games
Cool_Jean_Aunt: you can
Fu4ow: I always bet all my money
RealGamerCow: Do we know what birds do yet?
EOstby: Things I know: It's Island Time! Things I do not know: Everything else.
ardcollier: people's allergy status is Forbidden Knowledge
banachspacebar: Re: Peanutiel Duffy, I encourage chat to look up his wiki page
Orlantia: performance enhancing demons!!!!
amam741: Birds have no observed effect yet
ArkhamArchivist: Oh man the leagues
secretbranch: games begin in 18 mins
Max_Fan: I wonder when the Neutral League will show up
Fugi: yeah
Fu4ow: what is this webpage?
secretbranch: Mloneyball
mtvcdm: Joshua Butt has a fun page.
Uppercaseccc: Fugi are you the peanut cheather
Fugi: For predicting who wins so you get better bets
Fu4ow: is this an unrelated idle game?
amam741: protect blaseball
AllGoodDogs: LRR Fantasy Blaseball League when?
niccus: get those slabermetrics going
Mysticman89: i feel like 5 hours to udpate is itself a reference. to antimatter dimensions i think?
Fu4ow: we talked about the unslam?
amam741: Do you want a link to another lore thing Cori?
secretbranch: There are no server errors, only CIESTAS
RandomTrivia: Oh, they Fall Guys'd themselves
Comeback323: so is this an idle game?
Stoffern: Do we know who made Blaseball, or has it just appeared under some secrecy?
mtvcdm: The Firefighters don't have left field, center field and right field. They have 'Western field', 'State field' and 'Lake field'.
amam741: Yeah
Dared00: @stoffern The Game Band, I think that's how they're called?
Durugai: Beasley Gloom is best boi with best art ^^
amam741: AS Above, So Below
Stoffern: huh
orimazer: ☝️👇
ardcollier: the Blaseball devs made an Apple Arcade game before this.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: she must a birb
storiers: yeah, The Game Band. based out of LA. They previously made an Apple arcade game called Where Cards Fall
Edgarware: YESS Blaseball
Dared00: Mike Townsend is worst boy
GhostValv: :O
mtvcdm: Oh Lord check Baby Urlacher
SniperPumpkin: Dear Dr. Coriander, are you familiar with the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park (now closed)?
GhostValv: who's a good pitcher
Edgarware: Mike Townsend is a disapointment
DiscordianTokkan: Signature Pitch: NO TAKE ONLY THROW
otzzila: Allison Abbott has amazing art by an artist familiar to Desert Bus fans
Aarquus: Cory Twelve pest pitcher
Edgarware: York Silk is also very good
Vn497: Everybody hates Tillman
BITs19_: check the fingers on Polkadot Patterson
Dared00: oh yeah, Allison Abbott's art rules
ShDragon: I am so powerfully confused.
secretbranch: the face keeps shifting lmao
DiscordianTokkan: The morphing image is Great
MetallicFro42: 87 fingers and all
Fugi: I kinda miss when players were just cosmic entities but the new lore is great too
BITs19_: he has 87 fingers!
bl1ghtn1n6: oh yeah, the blaseball fandom is also wonderfully queer
RandomTrivia: Pffft, of course there are fan-made Blaseball Cards
amam741: Cory 12 is a gem
Durugai: Esme just has "no" for pronouns
RadiantFalconGV: wait what
otzzila: I'm pretty sure "No Stars" Lars is the best pitcher, just not at blaseball
Aarquus: cory 12 strict upgrade over famous oconnor
Vn497: No Stars Lars!
TehAmelie: extremely different browser game but have people played AI Dungeon?
Edgarware: Axel Trololol is also 5star pitcher
RadiantFalconGV: so what is Blaseball?
bl1ghtn1n6: no stars lars is the best, I always get winning bets off them
flameeye7: No stars Lars is invaluable
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Fugi: Oh that's good
amam741: Cory does their best
GhostValv: :O
otzzila: That is adorable
PeruggiaUK: adorable
DiscordianTokkan: That's very good
secretbranch: owl-wette
ShDragon: That's the best
Edgarware: The Moist Talker art has been so good
RadiantFalconGV: is it like... Baseketball but significantly more official
underhill33: Perfect
RandomTrivia: So cute! Very Ghibli
Durugai: i mean Blakenship Fischer was a weird entity but RIP
bl1ghtn1n6: I'm gonna go grab food, and get ready for tomorrow
mtvcdm: And then there's Lou Roseheart, also of Chicago. "The entire plot of the game Persona 5 is loosely based on Lou Roseheart's actions on December 17th, 2012."
Edgarware: I'm excited for BLOOD HAMBURGER
TwitchTVsFrank: how much of this stuff is official?
Durugai: BLOOD is going to be a good time
niccus: nothing and everything
RadiantFalconGV: @Edgarware that is not even Fighting Baseball levels of bad, that's just Daniel Bloodworth playing baseball
bl1ghtn1n6: the wiki lore is written by the fans, but that doesn't mean it isn't official too
bl1ghtn1n6: Landry Violence is great
Edgarware: The only thing the game has taken from the Fan Canon is the name of Jessica's bat
Aarquus: Cory!
Fugi: I love cory twelve
Vn497: Math is good
amam741: RIP Famous
RealGamerCow: look at KennedyCena
Fugi: Is Cori in the bloodhouse?
ardcollier: Washer Barajas is a geyser.
Aarquus: famous got what they deserved
amam741: I love Washer
ardcollier: https://twitter.com/GalaxyBrainLiz1/status/1291067748945207297 <--- great Washer Barajas art
niccus: and a partridge in a pear tree
Edgarware: The bloodhouse is a fun time
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RandomTrivia: That was a deep cut Fugi
amam741: Bllodhouse is the Patrean
Dared00: Bloodhouse is a channel for Patrons
RadiantFalconGV: I'm sorry I just logged on to this site and the first name I found was the Kansas City Breath Mints
Edgarware: The Pie's resident catgirl
Raincoast_Bear: Hiya Corri ! It was a rainy day here in New Westminster. I have no idea what Blaseball is about...
amam741: Check out Halexandrey
IgnisDeus: should you run an ad before the round starts?
AceTheStriker: What does solar eclipse do?
Raincoast_Bear: Hmm, apparently: "Blaseball is a baseball simulation game with an absurdist horror backdrop."
VelvetFalcon: So is it called Blaseball because it's a reference to Sonic 06's Blaze the Cat?
Dared00: @acethestriker Rogue Umpires can incinerate players during the eclipse
AceTheStriker: Ah
Raincoast_Bear: Yes Polygon
SniperPumpkin: It's the cultural event of blaseball
Edgarware: We are all love blaseball
Vn497: We are all love Blaseball
Fu4ow: polygon article declared blasphemous pronunciation info I believe
Durugai: Thoughts on the Commissioner and the job they are doing?
Raincoast_Bear: OK Cor. I'll stick around for the REAL thing!
bl1ghtn1n6: we are all love blaseball
Cool_Jean_Aunt: all hail blaseball
Dared00: @durugai great
mtvcdm: The Commissioner is doing a great job
amam741: We recently got new art for Inky Rutledge if you want to take a peek
Edgarware: What team is Cori rooting for?
Vn497: The Commissioner is doing a great job
EvilBadman: Ok, now I am greatly amused I selected the Jazz Hands
AlchemicalPanda: Lou Roseheart's backstory is a trip
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Unable_To_Load: that's almost 9 months!
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Edgarware: Ah, I figured. Gotta rep Canada
Fu4ow: it's pronounces blaseball
EvilBadman: but can we be rivals?
AceTheStriker: Also, What's with the alignments, I think I missed that part
Uppercaseccc: Hey Cori how do you feel the comish is doing?
YawnLance: Wow, the lack of Garages support here greatly disappoints me :P
GDwarf: So, does the fandom have a system in place to resolve conflicting fanon?
Raincoast_Bear: Team Cori!
ardcollier: alignments == division names in real baseball
Durugai: PolkaDot pitching easy 800 bet
amam741: Alignments are the divisions of the league
bl1ghtn1n6: can one truly rival PolkaDot Patterson?
TwitchTVsFrank: loaded bases forbes is such a good nickname for a bad pitcher
Dared00: we are all love blaseball
AceTheStriker: @ardcollier cool, thanks
TheManaLeek: I fear that Polkadot may some day disappear, like Polkaroo
mtvcdm: And then there's the matter of Atlas Jonbois.
Edgarware: Pie or Die
RadiantFalconGV: oh god this is so dumb and I love it
Vector_Zero: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrARROW
MetallicFro42: Don't let them win a third time
AlchemicalPanda: 3 minutes!
Edgarware: I miss Jonbois
EvilBadman: Cashmoney or Septemberish
Solomsimulacrum: I’m very intrigued by this concept, but also confused
YawnLance: Sick pronouns
Vector_Zero: @edgarware he’s still doing stuff
Raincoast_Bear: Team lrrCORI lrrCORI lrrCORI lrrAWESOME
TheThromborax: what is
Vector_Zero: Unless somethings happened v recently
KeiRaccoon: i am now participating in the cultural event of blaseball
TheThromborax: is this a clicker?
AlchemicalPanda: @KeiRaccoon Which team?
amam741: Check out Mike Townsend if you want
secretbranch: moment of truth!!!!!!!
Durugai: so... many.... birds
KeiRaccoon: New York Millenials, because I live in NY State and I'm a millenial
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Edgarware: @Vector_Zero No i mean the blaseball player with the last name Jonbois. They played for two whole games and then died
Vector_Zero: Everything I Learned About American Sportsball I Learned From JohnBois
KeiRaccoon: Second choice was Seattle Garages
AlchemicalPanda: Seems like a super reasonable reason
secretbranch: this is by first name
Raincoast_Bear: Are the Seattle Kraken in this league?
Vector_Zero: Ah. I have dipping in and out and missed context
AlchemicalPanda: 30 seconds
InquisitorGaia: 30 seconds till game start
Edgarware: Has Cori heard the Mike Townsend song?
Mysticman89: pseduothumbs eh?
YawnLance: Dammit Mike
InquisitorGaia: 10sec
CodaPDX: Mike Townsend's song slaps, TBH.
amam741: miike no
TheThromborax: I'm so lost
TheManaLeek: Play ball!
amam741: Blall time!
bl1ghtn1n6: play blall
Durugai: Play Blall
Officinalis: Who's our team?
sevenishmagpies: Birds why do do you hate blaseball.
Officinalis: GO Talkers!
mtvcdm: *Your* team. Some of us love lovable losers from Chicago
Fu4ow: a denser UI would be nice
Unable_To_Load: What's our mascot?
Fu4ow: saw someone do it with 2 windows
VelvetFalcon: Go Talkers!
Dirk_Strider_tT: I bet on the moist talkers just so you know
VelvetFalcon: Go Canada!
meisbored: this whole thing is confusing, but especially the game part because i don't understand "real" baseball
offbeatwitch: i'm keeping a close eye on the crabs/tigers game
Raincoast_Bear: The Moist Talker should have a logo that features - TEETH.
bl1ghtn1n6: I would like for a more condensed view so you can watch all of the games
AllGoodDogs: Oh no, big early lead for the Fridays.
MetallicFro42: I wouldn't... just assume the crabs will lose again
Officinalis: Those are definitely some one star players we have there. I assume one star...is...sub-optimal?
Edgarware: Cori if you refresh it fixes the games moving around. They pushed the fix earlier
amam741: The games moving is a known bug they're working on
That_Guy_82: what is this game?!
VelvetFalcon: COME ON TALKERS!
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mtvcdm: 1 star is bad. 0 stars is worse.
bl1ghtn1n6: Tigers have been really good this season
amam741: @Edgarware Thanks, I didn't realize they fixed it
Edgarware: They pushed the fix like 5 minutes ago :P
Edgarware: Lots of hotfixes in blaseball world
blackwlf: Okay, someone explain this to me. Is this just algorithm based or randomized or what?
CodaPDX: The tigers are like the Yankees of Blaseball.
TheManaLeek: Koch Koch Koch!
VelvetFalcon: That's what I'm talkin' about!
VelvetFalcon: Heck!
Cool_Jean_Aunt: it's almost like the tigers are powerful beings that inhabit the underworld Kappa
TheThromborax: @blackwlf sorry, chat seems unwilling to beak kayfabe
Vector_Zero: Non zero OBP!
blackwlf: @TheThromborax I'm both stoned and very, very confused.
Edgarware: Fugi made a CSS script to fix that
AceTheStriker: You could make a bunch of windows for each game and resize them
AllGoodDogs: Wanda Pothos with an RBI double for the Tacos.
TheThromborax: @blackwlf SAME
AceTheStriker: but that's kinda, absurd?
mtvcdm: If the season ended right now, in playoff position are: New York, San Francisco, Charleston, Yellowstone in the Good League; Hades, Canada, Seattle, Breckenridge in the Evil League.
Solid_Fuel: open two windows?
Fugi: i literally linked it earlier
VelvetFalcon: Garbage day!
Solid_Fuel: yes :D
mtvcdm: Philadelphia is one game out of playoff position right now.
Edgarware: Just type the gist url in by hand somehow
Fugi: UHHH
mtvcdm: The Pies can still get in and maybe even threepeat.
Mysticman89: It's probably worth it
Edgarware: Ascension is coming
AceTheStriker: e-mail the link to the second computer
VelvetFalcon: On the board!
GhostValv: moist talkers on the board
niccus: one point!
EvilBadman: Booo
Stoffern: Send an e-mail with the link to the other computer
offbeatwitch: you can go to https://gist.github.com/Fugiman and find it there
delta__vee: ^
TheManaLeek: Dem RBIs!
kerbalized_: use one mouse to toss to the other PC
bl1ghtn1n6: ooh, Talkers with 3
VelvetFalcon: Three points!
DiscordianTokkan: Up with 3!
mtvcdm: The Pies leading the Sunbeams 2-0, so the result in Halifax could pull them into position.
TheThromborax: take a picture of the link with your phone and show the picture to the other computer
Fugi: I'm over here SWEATING
EOstby: Hawaii just had two players incinerated in the same half-inning. :(
amam741: Wash em out!
Fugi: you need tampermonkey
Edgarware: GreaseMonkey or Tampermonkey
CodaPDX: The refs are out of control.
VelvetFalcon: Alright Patterson, bring us back on the offensive!
Fugi: and then press the "raw" button
otzzila: Just open two windows
TheThromborax: TOS
Mysticman89: I feel like theres probably a 'manual' way through inspection nonsense, but thats not my area
kerbalized_: we appreciate your furious typing Fugi
Lanthess: Crabs are keeping the Tigers down!
bl1ghtn1n6: two windows doesn't really work, I just tried that
mtvcdm: Hawaii just got torched.
offbeatwitch: telephone just hit a SCORCHER
nyquister_: Telephone with a 2 homerun
Spirrie: What is Blaseball?
Mysticman89: I think I just saw a player named demonic maujuana
Dared00: @mysticman89 Dominic
Mysticman89: slightly better i guess
TheManaLeek: Triple!!!
TheThromborax: @spirrie chat won't break character to say, unfortunately
secretbranch: OH BABY A TRIPLE
mtvcdm: Santa Maria!
AllGoodDogs: We had a steal of home in the Fridays/Tacos game earlier
Spirrie: @TheThromborax Is it just a simulator? I'm very confused
TheManaLeek: Someone else sacrificing for Jésus for once!
mtvcdm: But... but get to know the players, cori
Fugi: I really don't want the extra points for stealing bases
Durugai: mmm Stealing
banachspacebar: on the other hand, it ruins the chance of a double spillover
Fugi: Since then games won't get extra innings
amam741: Magic would love it if we could ever get on base
Dared00: oh no, I've just realized that Moist Talkers and Garages are tied for 1st
Edgarware: Did you see the actual research paper evaluating the base stealing compared to shame outcomes
Fugi: I want the max amount of blaseball
TheThromborax: it's an algorithmic or random simulator with a full wiki of all the players, etc
CodaPDX: basically going to act as a tiebreaker.
niccus: it should be a 0.01 points so we just have a steal counter
Fugi: Do you?
amam741: WE don't know
Fugi: I'd assume that 8.1 beats 8.0
TheThromborax: @spirrie meant to @ you above
MAPBoardgames: I've been watching for about 40 min now and I still have no idea what I'm looking at.
amam741: I assume Fugi is right
Edgarware: I just want more chances at shame
EJGRgunner: I just want to Eat the Rich
Fugi: I want a 60+ min game
TheThromborax: yum
mtvcdm: I think I'd rather eat the crust this offseason.
amam741: We won't know unless it passes (or someone asks the keepers)
Dared00: yeah, Eat the Rich and Interviews are probably winning this election
TheAwkes: Rounded down integers is how timers work already. Why not rounded down integers in score?
Fugi: I have 17 peanuts left
banachspacebar: Spies just had a player incinerated
Spirrie: @TheThromborax Kind of like one of those AI-written things, but based on baseball?
amam741: Fugi did you see what happened earlier today?
Vyous: Every new account gets 10 peanuts it looks like.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: what are peanuts for?
actionjb: Nice extension @Fugi thx
CodaPDX: Spies just lost a player.
Fugi: @amam741 no
ardcollier: I bought one peanut before Peanut Fraud happened
Dared00: @amam741 the Grand Sham?
Edgarware: The Grand Unslam
Fu4ow: @Fugi had to edit `match` to `https://www.blaseball.com`
amam741: @Fugi Game almost went to time and it crashed the site for a few hours
secretbranch: fridays also lost a player
TheThromborax: @spirrie well, "based," but yes. players die. there's fire
TheThromborax: Who counts peanuts?
Spirrie: @TheThromborax Interesting...
MAPBoardgames: 2 more fore Moists
Fugi: @amam741 nooooooooooooooo
itomathefuzzy: I'm very confused as to what is happening here XD
Fugi: @Fu4ow oh. darn websites not redirecting to one version of the url
VelvetFalcon: Yo, Patterson is a LEGEND
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nullrush: I have no idea what I'm looking at
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EJGRgunner: cheer50 The Commisioner is doing a great job!
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SirBiffaloEsq: The Commissioner is doing a great job
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Q_sic: Go Yellowstone Magic!
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Scy_Anide: Oh I get it, this is esports.
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SniperPumpkin: Fresh Breath Hear We Come!
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amam741: the commissioner is doing a great job
SirBiffaloEsq: @Scy_Anide Esplorts, technically
amam741: El-Splorts
offbeatwitch: nagomi is a much better pitcher than her rating gives her credit for
Dared00: Garages what are you doiiiiing ;_;
Dared00: Miiike ;_;
amam741: Yeah, ratings are a little off for Math and Cory as well
TheManaLeek: Gonna shut out those Jazz Hands
banachspacebar: @Dared00 Spies nonsense is what's happening there
CodaPDX: Mike Townsend, why are you so bad?
Mcgwee: I've been here listening and I can say I have no idea what this all is but I get the idea that that's the point
AtomicAlchemical: Those birds are after the children
mtvcdm: Shockingly, Garbage was garbage
IncredibleFrown: so, this is......fantasy baseball but nobody is real?
FoxBoxGamers: is anyone real?
rainy_sam229: we blaseing?
banachspacebar: Frown: more or less. baseball, saltybet, a touch of nightvale
AllGoodDogs: Pride1000 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
IncredibleFrown: 8/6 blase it
YawnLance: Seeing Mike Townsend clamber up onto the mound makes my heart sink every time benginCry
ardcollier: @mcgwee it gives you something to yell about with your friends that isn't, like, climate change or what sort of helmet you need to protest
actionjb: The flowers are coming back from an 0-2 deficit, pretty hype
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Dandinstorm12: blaseball? Hell yeah
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Dandinstorm12: hey chat
TheMandrew: Gooooo Tacos!
AllGoodDogs: Blasphemy!
bl1ghtn1n6: Pies-beams is tied up
EOstby: Game's not over, though, given that the Fridays have already had 3 incincerations this game.
Fugi: I'm so happy that Magic is doing better this season
ardcollier: jessica with the solo homer!
bl1ghtn1n6: Telephone with another
mtvcdm: Mike Townsend could be worse. He could be Tillman Henderson.
MetallicFro42: You picked the team that stole PolkaDot Patterson! Hardly good.
Rytel: Oh holy crap yes this is happening
amam741: Fugi, Magic has never been bad
EJGRgunner: cheer50 Jessica Telephone is unstoppable
RealGamerCow: EOstby 3>? wiw
Rytel: #freshbreathnation
RealGamerCow: wow
banachspacebar: oh sweet, with the fugi script and scrolling out a touch I get all ten games all the time
amam741: We were #9 last seaason
MAPBoardgames: I'd like to see this only based on sideball rather than baseball.
bl1ghtn1n6: I'd like the Magic to be slightly less good, Steaks are 2 games behind em
Kramburger: I have participated in Blaseball since [Uptime] and I am ride or die with the Garages now and forever
nyquister_: Telephone is carrying the team, Brock Forbes is brick wall for the only batters
Dandinstorm12: Man, Moist Talkers really go out there and slapped that one
Aarquus: magic missing the postseason by a game last week was heartbreaking tho
TheThromborax: do the Jazz Hands just suck, or what?
blackwlf: Is the symbol after the inning count. . . weather?
Dared00: @kramburger hell yeah, welcome to The Band
Rytel: Weather
goatprince: i, too, wish to be squall but not a crappy teen
bl1ghtn1n6: yes, that's weather
Dandinstorm12: Lowe Forbes trying to maintain the shutout
Edgarware: Also peanut rain
blackwlf: Ah. What's the peanut symbol then? Rain of peanuts?
blackwlf: Okay. Thanks.
bl1ghtn1n6: Talkers cleaning up here
bl1ghtn1n6: Crabs with the comeback, 6-5 vs the Tigers
MAPBoardgames: Wow 9-0, Talkers
Fugi: If a player plays under a peanut plague they may accidentally eat a peanut, adjusting their stats up or down depending on whether they are allergic
Dandinstorm12: oh I got who was hitting mixed up
Dandinstorm12: mmm
rainy_sam229: i just saw in the votes that stealing a base could be worth 0.1 points and omg i need it
SniperPumpkin: 5438 birds
Dared00: Shame Watch? Kappa
Drasvin: Bird Noises!
AtomicAlchemical: "Do these Birds have souls?" lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Fu4ow: haha won 700
bl1ghtn1n6: shame watch for the Tigers coming up next inning, same for Spies
banachspacebar: firefighters need three runs to shame steaks
AlchemicalPanda: Jazz on the board
EJGRgunner: RIP Hendricks Rangel
Dared00: ooooh, Jazz
bl1ghtn1n6: Jazz hands with 1
bl1ghtn1n6: time for the comeback
Rytel: This is why the Breath Mints are the best team. At the end of the game, if your breath is fresh, have you ever truly lost?
Dandinstorm12: Patterson ruining the shutout
Dandinstorm12: trade him
kerbalized_: f
mtvcdm: Dallas shuts down Chicago 3-1
TheDeafMints: another game finished cori
bl1ghtn1n6: my bets paid off well
VelvetFalcon: Apparently Mike Townsend sucks.
FoxBoxGamers: it's very weird seeing "garages v spies" given what happened to me over the weekend
AllGoodDogs: I bet on the underdog Crabs and they are on the verge of an upset.
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks started the season pretty slowly, but we're on a hot streak
TheThromborax: what is the currency?
bl1ghtn1n6: need some to fall our way tho
flameeye7: The crabs are beating the tigers, somehow
MetallicFro42: somehow
AllGoodDogs: Crab rave
bl1ghtn1n6: the Crabs winning is gonna hurt a lot of folks' pockets
blackwlf: If you lose or spend all your coins, is there any way to get more?
otzzila: Beg.
ardcollier: go in the shop and beg
bl1ghtn1n6: you can beg for more
AllGoodDogs: First and third for the tacos!
blackwlf: Ah, good.
nyquister_: Brock is too good
RealGamerCow: Also, you get passive money when your team wins
TheAwkes: RNGesus strikes again.
EJGRgunner: Nagomi Meng isn't much of a pitcher
bl1ghtn1n6: the Tigers are so stacked
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ImmoralEthicist: This is like blurnsball, right?
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Vn497: Love da crabs!
CamelAttack: Eat it millenials!
otzzila: Yeah, a decent strat is to just beg and bet it all repeatedly
AllGoodDogs: Ugh, stupid Baldwin Breadwinner
Dared00: Nail Bat with a triple!
KeiRaccoon: Do games start on the hours?
mtvcdm: I tried to bulk up on the passive income from my team winning, but my team being Chicago that isn't working out for me
bl1ghtn1n6: starting off, the beg function's good for getting off the ground
CodaPDX: Allison Abbot steals home!
Drasvin: My team won! The Magics
mtvcdm: Not home. Fourth base.
RealGamerCow: I really wanted to like Nolanosphilia but she's just not good
bl1ghtn1n6: last season my passive income was deece, Steaks had 72 wins
Dandinstorm12: oh bottom of the 9th time for the tigers bats to get going
bl1ghtn1n6: less good this time aruound
SniperPumpkin: Solar Eclipse, Anything can happen
Dared00: Allison Abbott's art is chef kiss
ShaneLeeAtk: Baseball on a rubberband
Dandinstorm12: put your rally caps on chat
amam741: As Above, So Below
TheThromborax: except for the word "Blernsball" everything you just said was complete gibberish
SniperPumpkin: Come on Mints! do it for fresh breath
TheDeafMints: OH WOW
RealGamerCow: damn 4 strikes
bl1ghtn1n6: are the Crabs gonna get there?
EJGRgunner: Tigers down to their last out
Dandinstorm12: oof, that's a mean strikeout
mtvcdm: !birb
LRRbot: Wark, wark!
Dandinstorm12: pulled the string on them
bl1ghtn1n6: the 4 worst teams last season got a 4th strike this season
wynternyghtynggale: !Y
SquareDotCube: So what players have we lost this round of games?
Dared00: @thedeafmints WHO
TheDeafMints: Look at garages vs spies game
VelvetFalcon: The Tigers look OP in terms of stats.
Dandinstorm12: man on 2d, first runner in scoring position
YawnLance: RIP Miki Santana benginRip
e_bloc: Corgo442 i love the offbeat games streams with Cori
banachspacebar: oh, yeah, the spies incineration was a little bit ago
Dandinstorm12: correction, runner on 2d
MetallicFro42: claws up, I guess
bl1ghtn1n6: Crabs got there, dang
TheDeafMints: Miki Santana was incinerated
e_bloc: V.v.V Crab gang crab gang
mtvcdm: Replacement Fitzgerald Blackburn is a 2-star.
Fugi: wow
bl1ghtn1n6: 2 Fridays incinerations, dang
AllGoodDogs: Damnit, Tacos.
banachspacebar: jesus, *Two*
bl1ghtn1n6: that's rough
RadiantFalconGV: NOOOO not Sebastian Sunshine
ardcollier: man, the umps hate the Fridays
AllGoodDogs: Tacos deserve justice, they faced two criminals!
AtomicAlchemical: RIP Fridays
TheDeafMints: wow
IgnisDeus: jezzus, RIP Fridays
RealGamerCow: The incinerations seem to be accelerating
mtvcdm: The two replacement Hawaii players are 1 star and 1 1/2 star.
TheDeafMints: Fridays got a double incineration
SquareDotCube: "I hate Fridays" - some rogue ump
GhostValv: fresh meat
e_bloc: chemistry might not be there yet
Fugi: please no
Dandinstorm12: ducks on the pond
Durugai: Lets go Doc
Fugi: My Lovers
bl1ghtn1n6: bus, need this Lovers bet to pay off
Dared00: whose shoes?
TheManaLeek: Grand Slam one time....
banachspacebar: we gon' see some *shaaaaame*
Natedogg2: C'mon Lovers!
TwitchTVsFrank: do stats change?
TheManaLeek: The walk :O
mkx_mk_rocks: hi
GDwarf: Stats do change, yes
bl1ghtn1n6: wow, the walk
Durugai: Morrow deciding not to break the universe again
Dandinstorm12: bases still loaded, nobody out
Durugai: SHAME!
bl1ghtn1n6: SHAME
RealGamerCow: shaaaame
Fugi: sighs
DiscordianTokkan: SHAME
GhostValv: shame
Dared00: SHAME
Veggiekeks: S H A M E
EJGRgunner: cheer50 SHAME
Dandinstorm12: Milo can't find the plate
amam741: SHAME
Uppercaseccc: SHAME
bl1ghtn1n6: dangit
MAPBoardgames: Shame?
Fugi: there goes 500
e_bloc: which side are we on for this game
mtvcdm: The incinerations are honestly a good way to keep things mixed up and to keep the stats from getting too big. Otherwise the blessings handed out in the offseason will start stacking and making everyone overpowered.
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TheManaLeek: Bases loaded walk is a BOLD play
Drasvin: Shame!
oatway: oh hey it's my favourite new incremental game and community building experiment
sevenishmagpies: s h a m e
MetallicFro42: noooo my money
amam741: There have been 19 incineration this season, with 17 the entire last season
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TehAmelie: i randomly picked Tacos for my favorites without knowing anything about this sport five minutes ago but if anything happened to them i'd burn down every blaseball field and then myself
Edgarware: shame!
actionjb: Shame!!!!
Uppercaseccc: well two fridays are dead
TheAwkes: The meta-textual EVERYTHING here is so incredibly deep for something just days old.
TheGhoulFieri: im new to this what does shame mean?
RealGamerCow: Hendricks Rangel joins their sibling Juan in heaven
mtvcdm: Shame is what happens are the home team has already won.
Fu4ow: @TehAmelie your love is spicy and good
Dandinstorm12: I'm shocked Milo is still on the mound
Dared00: oh god, it's 3:30am, I need to go to bed, see ya all
bl1ghtn1n6: g'night
Vyous: And every run scored against a team in shame gets added to their opponent on the next game
Mysticman89: hows the update coming
Edgarware: They keep playing the bottom of the 9th if the team wins, despite the game technically being over
Camail: my disappointment in milo brown is immeasurable
DiscordianTokkan: Cycle fluids time!
DiscordianTokkan: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
sevenishmagpies: F L U I D S
amam741: @Vyous That wasn't voted in
RealGamerCow: The new Fridays may not be good stats wise but they have good names.
Vyous: @amam741 Oh, my bad I thought it was
RealGamerCow: Basilio Fig and Juice Collins
AllGoodDogs: Peanut Bong pitching the next game for Dale.
amam741: No, we got Peanuts and the Fourth Strike last season
RealGamerCow: Right I gotta go bet. Always Bet On Bong
Camail: are stats dynamic in any way?
SohNata: I can't watch now, but I want to be on the record as saying: GO Jazz Hands!
amam741: What do you mean Camail?
Camail: as in, do player stats change
TheAwkes: If W/L is your only scoring mechanic in the season shame runs are meaningless. If you run total score as tie breakers, shame runs super matter. Yay!
RealGamerCow: Camail sort of? Peanuts can alter player stats
mtvcdm: Hawaii lost 6 stars in talent and got 2 1/2 stars back.
amam741: They can if the player randomly ingests a peanut
RadiantFalconGV: @Camail I bet, but also sometimes players straight up get incinerated
bl1ghtn1n6: stats can change from peanuts or blessings, but I believe that's all
banachspacebar: Camail: Without some sort of impetus, I don't believe so
RadiantFalconGV: which means they die
Camail: ah
bl1ghtn1n6: players don't naturally gain stars afaik
RealGamerCow: bl1ghtn1n6 peanuts can change stars
banachspacebar: or rather, without some sort of impetus, we have no reason so far to believe they do
RadiantFalconGV: which means this is the Mutant League Baseball game I've always wanted
amam741: Players don't gain skill over time, no
Camail: i want a AA blaseball league
RealGamerCow: As can blessings at the end of the season
RealGamerCow: The minor leagues in Blaseball are called the Underleagues
RealGamerCow: I think
RealGamerCow: Has Cori mentioned the Blaseball Wiki? It's a wild place.
AllGoodDogs: Yeah, there have been regular trips to the Wiki
RealGamerCow: Sorry, I meant the Discord
RealGamerCow: The population of the Discord is too big now, but the team channels are still great
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Rytel: The site and game is fun, but the Wiki and the Fanlore are astounding
sevenishmagpies: blase it
banachspacebar: zoom out a little bit
Fugi: Uhhh whats the resolution of your monitor
RadiantFalconGV: take me out to the home plate / take me out to the field / buy me some peanuts and more peanuts please / make the gods proud and honor me / so it's root root root for the home team / if they win let it be shame / and its one, two, three sometimes four strikes and you're out / at the blase ball gaaaaaaaaaaame
Fu4ow: may have to zoom out, or edit the URL
Fugi: might have to zoom out
e_bloc: experience is simply the name people give to their misclicks Corgo150
Solid_Fuel: you got hacked with css
mtvcdm: Lovers ought to tee off on Gunther O'Brien.
TristalMTG: oh no, an idle game in the background?
secretbranch: pretty much
Fugi: i made the script for 4K monitors lol
bl1ghtn1n6: looks good
SniperPumpkin: fugi, does twitch support 4k streams?
secretbranch: 4kseball
sevenishmagpies: that is a lot of pixles
Fu4ow: @Fugi yeah gonna edit my local version
Azralorne: so fancy Cori
Rytel: Blaseball 4k21
EvilBadman: 4k 240hz Blaseball
TristalMTG: Is this not blaséball
SquareDotCube: lol Fugi, thinking everyone's got a 4K
Stoffern: What are the minimum system rquirements for Blaseball?
niccus: i think you'd want to prioritize hdr monitors
secretbranch: ALL MOIST
Drakas: hello
banachspacebar: lots of birds with this upcoming day
banachspacebar: Stoffern: A web browser
VelvetFalcon: Gotta go for the Lovers!
Koshindan: So you expectorate a win for the Moist Talkers?
mtvcdm: !addquote (Cori) [now] All money on Moist.
LRRbot: New quote #7108: "All money on Moist." —Cori [2020-08-06]
andrew: boo how dare you bet against the shoe thieves
VelvetFalcon: Kichiro Guerra is the best Magical They in the league!
Fugi: @andrew because of the LOVERS babyyyyy
x0den: do you think graham would go for the shoe thieves? has this already been talked about>?
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks got this
AllGoodDogs: 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
mtvcdm: The Firefighters have plummeted to being the worst team in the league.
andrew: Hi frienddd
andrew: Not yet, I've had a busy day :P
Fu4ow: I love sexton but...
andrew: @Fugi pshhh lovers are goin down
Rytel: Fridays have two 5*, that's hard to bet against
SquareDotCube: Tacos can get trucked Kappa
AllGoodDogs: Man ... the Tacos hate.
AllGoodDogs: I feel unwelcome here.
bl1ghtn1n6: weren't the fighters 2nd in the Good League last season?
Camail: i wonder what the betting statistic of the Fridays are on fridays
AtomicAlchemical: Magic won the upset last game
secretbranch: ye millenials!
mtvcdm: The Fridays might be weighed down going forward from the sheer weight of all the memorial patches they have to sew onto their uniforms.
amam741: Never count out the Magi
quietcat: yeah, who actually pays millenials?
actionjb: Are the odds calculated by how people are casting bets?
amam741: No, odds are static
Camail: mtvcdm they might just make the uniforms out of patches
Camail: almost like scalemail
actionjb: @amam741 Do they actually represent the odds that a team will win?
Rytel: Come on, Breath Mints vs. Flowers?
banachspacebar: odds are static and payouts aren't entirely proportional
mtvcdm: The Pies are tied for the last playoff spot right now.
Rytel: Do you realize how hard mint destroys a garden
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throwntowolves: Gambling? I hope you have a system.
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amam741: @actionjb Mostly we think
actionjb: Interesting
MetallicFro42: I'm sorry for your lots then
Aarquus: Time for crab.
amam741: SIBR would know more
mtvcdm: Hades is ten games up on second place in the Evil League. They've run off with the 1 seed.
actionjb: This feels a lot like 17776
andrew: ok what is _this_
sevenishmagpies: wait is this an idle game???
LathosTiran: something, something, 9 women, one month.
sevenishmagpies: oh no must add it to my idle game rotation
niccus: i feel like there should be an idle game named An Unrelated Idle Game just for streamer purposes
chrono2x: I've been playing Melvor Idle recently.
siltyroach: Melvor Idle is great!
Mysticman89: same on melvor
amam741: Melvor is solid
TheAwkes: So it's also commentary?
Mysticman89: melvor is basically runescape but idle
niccus: rip kongregate
actionjb: The Cory Idle stream actually sounds pretty fun
TheAwkes: Halvor Pitchaxe.
TheAwkes: Doubles as a viking name?
Natedogg2: Hittem Haard
TheArchitectX: Chuck Taters.
chrono2x: You can start with any of the skills
actionjb: Yeah this looks nice
VelvetFalcon: Cilantro Dark-Mode?
Mysticman89: I think we actually did have an idle stream one time, on talking sim i think
amam741: Have you played Runescape Cori?
LathosTiran: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 6:47 PM
actionjb: @Mysticman89 Yeah I remember, those were fun
etaluia: is this an idle runescape?
goatprince: Man Pocket™
Mysticman89: its basically idle runescape with a few tweaks
Mysticman89: mastery being notable
amam741: This is heavily inspired by Runescape, but the dev is branching out more as development goes on
Camail: games where number go up...they are my weakness
Adamantcheese: i thought playing EVE was just using Excel at your day job pretending to do work
Fugi: I actually enjoyed the quests in Runescape quite a bit
sevenishmagpies: EvE is an Experience/.
Solid_Fuel: mining sounds chll
Raiger: Nothing wrong with just mining asteroids!
Mysticman89: so you have an overall woodcutting skill level for example, but also mastery over specifically cutting regular logs, and mastery for oak logs, and so on
sevenishmagpies: I miss it sometimes like an addict misses meth or something.
LordZarano: This looks very similar to Progress Quest
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denofaiz: Whoo 4 months in a row!
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amam741: 10 mins to game
LathosTiran: doing the equivalent in No Mans Sky. warp to new, sell cobalt, buy cobalt, new warp......
djalternative: oh. this is different from what I was expecting. I'll need to jump back to the beginning.
Driosenth: I stopped playing EVE 10 years ago, I had to quit cold turkey, I was running 4 accounts in specialized mining ships and 1 just for transporting minerals
Camail: tho in a year or two, it could be blaseball
Camail: eventually everything might be blaseball
Kaorti: always was
SirBiffaloEsq: Soon the world will be divided into blaseball and blaseballn't
RadiantFalconGV: there was no before
Spirrie: Cori, did you know that most of Emily Dickinson's poetry could fit into the Pokemon theme song?
Camail: multiboxing is a way of life in eve
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Kaorti: otherwise people would try to raid solo
MrQBear: Okay I'm super late, but I typed 'Blaseball' into google before clicking in and I'm scared now.
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Xavorin: lrrHEART
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itomeshi: Thanks Cori, now I'm on another idle game.
Mysticman89: part hat costs 2 billion
Camail: MrQBear dont be :)
Mysticman89: party hat
amam741: You just stopped mining
MrQBear: @Camail But how do I pick a team?
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mtvcdm: Gambling? I'm in!
amam741: It's a toggle, it stays on when you go to the other tabs
Vyous: My system is to bet down to 0 and then beg
Mysticman89: melvor had an event where you can beg your parents for money to buy lootboxes
Fu4ow: it's free money, so the strat is to beg all the time
Driosenth: 5 EVE accounts, not 5 characters on one account. I was running 5 clients at once.
amam741: I'm at 31,000 coins (after betting for these games)
SirBiffaloEsq: SO GOOD
TheAwkes: Does your money count as zero if it's all tied up in bets?
mtvcdm: SO GOOD
AllGoodDogs: Nom nom nom. Peanuts.
bl1ghtn1n6: I don't have peanuts
bl1ghtn1n6: I don't trust the peanuts
kingkarate1: GO WINGS!!!
amam741: I may have an obsession
flameeye7: Squirrel makes you consume 2 peanuts per click
otzzila: Yes, it does. You can bet on things and then beg
RandomFedora: So when is LRR going to sponsor Blaseball?
KeiRaccoon: @TheAwkes Yes
MetallicFro42: 35k and still can't get peanuts. Someday...
bl1ghtn1n6: I've maxed out on stuff, so I'm probably gonna start getting to the point where I'm rich
amam741: Squirrel is still bugged to buy
mtvcdm: Protect Blaseball
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, peanut crimes was rough
MadameAdversary: How do you make fraudulent peanuts?
bl1ghtn1n6: ngl, LRR sponsoring blaseball would be sick
Driosenth: Oh, I don't know destiny so I didn't get the similarity
e_bloc: as a Marylander I feel like I have to root for the crabs
RandomFedora: All those peanut crimes, and I was unable to get any :(
bl1ghtn1n6: (someone was using illegal means to get peanuts)
amam741: For Melvor, it toggles on and off so you toggled it before tabbing away
mtvcdm: You can still get peanuts. You just need a million coins.
sevenishmagpies: thanks y'all i'm also now chopping trees and betting on blaseballs
amam741: THis time you didn't though
Mysticman89: I've spent the past week or so fishing and cooking whales to get pets
RandomFedora: also Go Team Breathmints
RandomFedora: Fresh Breath here we Come!!!!
Veggiekeks: Minty fresh Minty fresh!
kimjappas: Cori how long have you been blaseballing?
amam741: You did last time
Rytel: Fresh Breath Nation
kimjappas: Neat!
kingkarate1: Wild Swings, Wild Flings, Wild Wings!!!
Mysticman89: you can sell you wood from bank, and also buy new axes in the store.
AllGoodDogs: 72 and Spicy
Mysticman89: climbing the ladder!
KeiRaccoon: Time to learn about the lore of my team.
amam741: Just got my 8th Melvor 99
Rytel: The fanlore is WILD and that’s why I love this
RandomFedora: So I only just joined the stream, what website is this?
Mysticman89: I'm just missing combat 99's, herblore, and runecrafting 99 right now
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tyrsredritehand: Yay more Cori!
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RandomFedora: not the blaseball site
mtvcdm: See, I've played a lot of sports games in my day. THIS is the kind of sports game I get into. I'm not too much for sim-type games. If i wanted to watch something that looks like a real sporting event, I'd just watch the real sporting event.
Mysticman89: I believe have have supplies for 99 herblore but been distracted by pets
chrono2x: Sell the logs you’ve chopped?
Spirrie: Currently watching this while playing Animal Crossing and making sure my gecko doesn't jump off my bed
mtvcdm: Give me gun blades and peanut plagues.
AtomicAlchemical: Do not eat the gum
Mysticman89: via bank
amam741: BAnk
TheDeafMints: bank
blackwlf: What does eating peanuts do?
Mysticman89: also melvor sometimes plays weird if its a background tab
Mysticman89: (as do a lot of games)
bl1ghtn1n6: I love that the fanon is so active, it's just a bit too intense for me to really get into
Mysticman89: and by weird I mean slow motion time due to browser thottling
secretbranch: who's ready to get moist?!?!?
e_bloc: let's go crabs V.v.V
Adamantcheese: _moist_
Camail: thats a weird way to cheer
kimjappas: Repping the magic here. Hoping for a strong game against the Mills, theyre real good this season
RandomFedora: Go Breath Mints, Use Your Fresh Breath!!!!
blackwlf: This is very weird but I'm invested.
mtvcdm: The Firefighters surrender a run quickly as well, the Dale give up two.
kingkarate1: Let's go Axel!!!
kimjappas: Inky pitching a good game
Mysaryl: why does the Millennials v Magic game have 3 strikes, but only for the millennials? nani?
amam741: They can't see through Inky's ink
mtvcdm: Mysaryl, the four worst teams at the end of last season were granted a fourth strike.
sevenishmagpies: As a pile of birbs who stan the garages, I can confirm there are lots of birbs in garage game.
amam741: 4th Strike rule
Paranundrox: oh hello
Paranundrox: how did I not know this was happening until now
Mysticman89: ps theres a melvor phone app so you can idle on the go too
Paranundrox: I've been missing out on the extra Blaseball value
Mysaryl: weirdness
sevenishmagpies: @Mysticman89 no why do you do this to me
bl1ghtn1n6: blaseball's been good so far
Paranundrox: blaseball is great
bl1ghtn1n6: we are all love blaseball
Mysticman89: I play a lot of idle games. join me in this quest for efficiency
bl1ghtn1n6: got to see the Steaks put up 20 v the Lovers, that felt good
Mysticman89: delicious dopamine hits
GhostValv: bird noises
Paranundrox: it's a clicker game with extra steps
sevenishmagpies: i have... 3 on my phone now and 3 on desktop...
amam741: C'mon Logan
sevenishmagpies: have you played exponential idle on mobile?
AllGoodDogs: every team I bet on is losing so far ... cool
JasonTheRelic: ok I am slightly drunk and even more confused, what is this game?
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone@
chrono2x: Hi
kingkarate1: Wild Swings, Wild Flings, Wild Wings
Lysander_Gustav: Blaseball?
Mysticman89: I think I have like 6 idles installed currently, but only really play 3 ish right now and i should retire AD since im deep in end game.
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks with 6 already
bl1ghtn1n6: dang
amam741: Steaks are on a tear
Lysander_Gustav: I've heard a little bit about blaseball, but didn't know someone made an actual game for it
Lysander_Gustav: I thought it was conceptual
Paranundrox: it started with the game
amam741: The game came first Lysander
e_bloc: is it rare for the steaks to score that many so quickly
bl1ghtn1n6: Firefighters can't put out our grills
Paranundrox: all the other stuff stemmed off it
Lysander_Gustav: Oh okay
bl1ghtn1n6: it's rare for anyone to score that quickly
Paranundrox: Eugenia Garbage, the sentient pile of garbage
Mysticman89: acttually come to think of it, I started realm grinder in repsoonse to the LRR idle stream. am currently at RG's endgame.
niccus: which endgame?
Mysticman89: post merc challenges
bl1ghtn1n6: but the Steaks, in my experience cheering for them, are usually not great at capitalizing on bases, so it's good to see
mtvcdm: The Steaks running rampant early.
gamercat88: ut oh jazz take the lead
Mysticman89: it lended itself well to the level of attention I can spend on my phone while at work
Lysander_Gustav: okay, googling realm grinder...
bl1ghtn1n6: you love to see it
Paranundrox: nah, she doesn't have one currently
Paranundrox: we're pretty light on lore as a team
SquareDotCube: Fear the Grear
Azralorne: are the wild wings from Buffalo, NY
banachspacebar: Mexico City, actually
Paranundrox: Jenkins Good, despite being our best pitcher, has basically one line of lore
amam741: Mexico City Wild Wings
Azralorne: boooo
RandomFedora: My Breath Mints are not doing so hot
Paranundrox: which is that he learned how to play from Wii Splorts Blaseball
Lysander_Gustav: The whole lore that seems to have sprung up around this game is kind of interesting.
Paranundrox: we count those
bl1ghtn1n6: the lore is wild
Paranundrox: RICHMOND
Paranundrox: let's goo
Lysander_Gustav: Kind of reminds me of that football of the future series.
Paranundrox: Richmond is so clutch, despite his star rating
AtomicAlchemical: Novak with the 3-Home run hit!
bl1ghtn1n6: but aren't y'all from Canada? :P
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks still going, Dale with 5
bl1ghtn1n6: Mills loaded
Paranundrox: let's go Shelton
Paranundrox: get that donair
CraziestOwl: Jazz hands are winning “
CraziestOwl: ?
Paranundrox: sac fly!
bl1ghtn1n6: oh, hey, Oliver Notarobot
TacitusVigil: I don't understand why Blaseball is so popular but *my* invented sport of Beejball is critiqued as "incomprehensible"
Lysander_Gustav: I wonder if anyone has made a game based off of 17776.
Paranundrox: yeah Oliver got traded for Polkadot Patterson
AlchemicalPanda: cori... how are the steaks up 7-0 in the third
Paranundrox: "traded"
kingkarate1: WHEEL'S UP!!!
Paranundrox: Polkadot Patterson is... not as good I think?
Paranundrox: Jenkins is more consistent, I think
actionjb: Rookie mistake to overlook the dot
RandomFedora: We Have Fresh Breath (clap-clap-clapclapclap)
bl1ghtn1n6: Patterson's 5-stars, haven't seen em lose much if at all
EJGRgunner: I accidentally bet on the Spies before this game, and even though they're up by 3 I'm still sweating bullets.
Paranundrox: SIBR should have pitching stats up in a few days
GhostValv: steaks are really sizllin
actionjb: The Dot is clutch and there is nothing else to say
Lysander_Gustav: Is this an idle game? Or do you input info and it simulates a season?
banachspacebar: @EJGRgunner this is what the spies do though
AllGoodDogs: Mcdowell Sasquatch home run! 72° and Spicy
Lysander_Gustav: Oh, so it's sort of like Saltybet?
sevenishmagpies: blaseball is an mmo game
Kaorti: like as unto real sport
RandomFedora: We Have Fresh Breath!!!!
e_bloc: crabs are back in it baby!
Lysander_Gustav: :D
KeiRaccoon: @Lysander_Gustav Baseball meets saltybet with a touch of Night Vale
Paranundrox: incinerations we believe are during Solar Eclipses
RandomFedora: or a hell mouth could open up
RandomFedora: that was exciting
Paranundrox: Peanuts weather can cause Allergic/Yummy reactions
Mysticman89: ps you can probably upgrade to oak logs by now, unless melvor got super thottled
Electrodyne: Beisball been beddy beddy good to me
Azralorne: why......lol just why
Kaorti: a hellmouth only happened once
RandomFedora: That's our Boyfriend!!!
RandomFedora: Who Knows?
Paranundrox: have you poked at the Forbidden Knowledge at all, Cori?
Kaorti: probably won't ever happen agian
Kaorti: possibly
Veggiekeks: Breath Mintas finally scoring. freshen those flowers up
mtvcdm: Everyone knows there can only be one hellmouth at a time. That's just science.
NotCainNorAbel: Another hellmouth, in 2020....yeah how could that happen
otzzila: The Hellmouth is a wonderful home and you are all welcome to visit. I am required to tell you that it is absolutely not safe for you to do so
Mysticman89: are their other hellorifices i wonder
Paranundrox: We know how the stats feed into the Star Ratings, and that's about it, yeah
Lysander_Gustav: I like this concept
Rytel: What did I say? Mint will DESTROY a flower garden
Natedogg2: No, I'm pretty sure there's another Hellmouth in Cleveland.
Paranundrox: also we know roughly what stat bundles correlate to what areas of the game, and that's it
RandomFedora: Have you peaked over at the Blaseball Wiki at all?
gamercat88: oh snap Dale with a comeback
RandomFedora: Some of the team histories are amazing
KeiRaccoon: Ugh, the Millennials had bases loaded in the top of the 3rd and didn't do anything with it.
SniperPumpkin: the mystery of Blaseball
Paranundrox: oooh
Paranundrox: let's go Lachlan
Rytel: I want to visit Eizabeth’s bakery, I Am Going To Kill God and Take His Place.
Kaorti: Reach Heavan through Blaseball!
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks still going, dang
bl1ghtn1n6: Wings have an out to spare too
ulexarX: How did you get the two rows next to each other?
RandomFedora: Go Dickerson!
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks loaded
secretbranch: wheeler!
amam741: @ulexarX It;s a script
niccus: what happens if every base is loaded at the same time
e_bloc: steaks are just pouring it on like it's A1
Kramburger: Fu-gee
ulexarX: No worries, I only got in halfway through anyway
Paranundrox: Ziwa with the triple!
Paranundrox: it's really fun to watch with fans live
goatprince: tell me about your dwarves cori.
Kramburger: But then who is Dwarf Fortress?!?
Lysander_Gustav: I feel like someday I should try Dwarf Fortress.
goatprince: i demand to know what terrible art they have created.
captain_wulf: i dont know what's going on ... but you have my attention lrrSPOOP
Mr_Dirty: How would your dwarf team do in baseball?
Mysticman89: Have you ever tried sandcastle builder? That's a game where knowing what is going on is unlikely
splatty1: have they fixed the glitch where telling your dwarfs to kill were-beasts can just make them start attacking everyone?
RandomFedora: That's our Boyriend!
Mysticman89: sandcastle builder is probably the most infmaous idle game that I haven't gotten into
rzrdrgn: Catching a live game for the first time and I think I'm finally starting to get blaseball...
Kaorti: Dwarfs would menace with spikes of menace.
secretbranch: What would your name be in the Blaseball Universe?
Manae: The real question is: how many would die to random crap like a baseball between the eyes or a mis-swung bat?
Paranundrox: Jesus walks
Paranundrox: alright Richmond, do your thing
SquareDotCube: But it's all about the socks, Cori
bl1ghtn1n6: Crabs keeping it close
Paranundrox: alright Ziwa, we know you can hit
splatty1: my last fort died to a were-ass induced death spiral
TheManaLeek: Haven't played Dwarf Fortress in like four years and I'm sure I've forgotten how :(
e_bloc: big opportunity for the moisties
niccus: so close...
e_bloc: and it just slips out of their hands
LathosTiran: best item story i ever got was about a sapphire encrusted sapphire
flameeye7: Sunbeams tie it up with a home run!
UnhappyYak: Cori! Let's get moist!
banachspacebar: I should play DF again sometime
SquareDotCube: I kind of wish werebeasts weren't year... one? two? Just a bit too early
AllGoodDogs: Sit down, York!
Manae: Were-creatures weren't as much a problem before they became stalkers. Now you have twenty ticks to react instead of them announcing when they arrive on the map
e_bloc: and the crabs have clawed back!
splatty1: suddenly your entire medical staff is dead or turns into a bloodthirsty monster every month, its hard to survive
smtn93: what am I looking at?
AllGoodDogs: Crabs!
MrQBear: I wish I wasn't so late to the stream, I'm not sure how to play Blaseball.
Kaorti: Lets! Get! MOIST!
flameeye7: Rip Tigers
UnhappyYak: this is how you play Blaseball
Mysticman89: I should be grinding the latest valorant battlepass but I cant look away
Paranundrox: Fielder's Choice, aka a more heartbreaking strike olut
rzrdrgn: I look away for a minute and the crabs run away with the game!
AllGoodDogs: Basilo Preston, 72° and Spicy. Tie game!
e_bloc: oh yea baby
UnhappyYak: we are all playing blaseball together
SquareDotCube: Like why can't the first one just be an idiot and announce after I got a volley of crossbowdwarfs ready to make it into a pincushion
e_bloc: Crabs are shelling the tigers now
EJGRgunner: Tigers are FALLING APART in the top of the 9th
Arium26: Uh oh, Tacos tied it up
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e_bloc: V.v.V
UnhappyYak: Tigers are losing to very human boy Oliver even
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hyralt: What is happening.
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SquareDotCube: No incinerations though, yet?
TheDeafMints: 3 SquareDotCube
Gryff1n: Hazzah! Pie in shame!
TheManaLeek: Noooooooooooooooo
flameeye7: Shamed!
Diabore: oh that hurts
EJGRgunner: Telephone hit a solo Homer
Mr_Dirty: That was not a yell
banachspacebar: Oliver Notarobot and Peanutiel Duffy is a pitcher-vs-batter match between two ordinary human beings
TheManaLeek: Allll my money, out the window :D
AllGoodDogs: Jessica Telephone homer!
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Arium26: What does that mean as far as gameplay?
UnhappyYak: garbage day?
bl1ghtn1n6: we're grilling
Diabore: spies got up 4-0 in the first is what happened
Mysticman89: if you bet against the odds, is there a bigger payout?
KeiRaccoon: Yes
DiscordianTokkan: Oh POGifers! Ensure Garbage hits the ball!
TheManaLeek: Bases loaded!!
TheManaLeek: No outs!
banachspacebar: Yes, though payouts aren't quite proportional to odds of winning
UnhappyYak: yeah, the payouts are very gameable
Diabore: thats 1
TheManaLeek: Shame incoming, shame shame shame
Diabore: i got 100 on moist
Mysticman89: I was noticing most tof the payouts here are ~double, but the odds were mostly not in line with that
UnhappyYak: do it for TyVi
Edgarware: you did it
SquareDotCube: that's a tired pitcher
EvilBadman: nooooooo
TheManaLeek: SHAME!
Diabore: TRIPLE
DarkMorford: Hey Cori, hey chat!
UnhappyYak: SHAME
DiscordianTokkan: A triple!
otzzila: SHAME
Veggiekeks: SHAMED
banachspacebar: SHAME!
Paranundrox: Triple into Shame!
KeiRaccoon: SHAME
chrono2x: Shame!
Diabore: SHAME
flameeye7: Holy shit!
Malkmaven1176: Shame!
secretbranch: SHAME
RandomFedora: Get Shamed!!!!
sevenishmagpies: S H A M E!
TheManaLeek: My money is saved :D
banachspacebar: I'm hoping that the Firefighters can manage to pull out a shame from this one.
EvilBadman: the fix is in!
EJGRgunner: crabs continue to have the Tigers' number
chrono2x: God, what an intense game
AllGoodDogs: Come on Tacos!
KeiRaccoon: @banachspacebar That's a tall order
Diabore: 200 in my pocket from a moist win
chrono2x: Come on Friday
Diabore: it was 5-2 going into the 9th
SaladCookies: crabs are my boys
Diabore: how did you get the double wide?
Mysticman89: fugi script
SquareDotCube: flowers lost
boundwoodhome: I have no idea what is going on but I’m enjoying it
chrono2x: @diabore Fugitive made an extension
GhostValv: well done Steaks
Diabore: ah, to complex for me, got it
AllGoodDogs: TACOS!
Malkmaven1176: NY, going for the shutout
SquareDotCube: shit, obvs
KeiRaccoon: Come one Millennials, you have a nice lead, don't blow it.
Veggiekeks: Eating only the freshest mints obviously
KeiRaccoon: Ok good
Mysticman89: scripts into tampermonkey/greasemonkey is less complex than it sounds. Making your own script is the spooky thing.
Paranundrox: Peanut Allergy is a flat debuff to all stats
Paranundrox: it's brutal
chrono2x: Poor firefighters
Paranundrox: Simon Haley used to be 2.5 stars
Paranundrox: now he's a 1 star
bl1ghtn1n6: fighters get another allergic reaction
Paranundrox: but Ziwa used to be 1.5 and is a 3 now
chrono2x: Jazz hands again?
Paranundrox: they have better hitters in general
Paranundrox: but I mean
DiscordianTokkan: Weather Peanuts!
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chrono2x: Oh, I see. A 3 game series
bl1ghtn1n6: Conner pitches better than his rating
SquareDotCube: Maybe the Firefighters could use a more motivational motto
UnhappyYak: yeah, all series are 3 games
aussie_rob_w: What’s all this then?
bl1ghtn1n6: if Mills win and Steaks win, we have a tie for the 4th Good League playoff spot
bl1ghtn1n6: hoping we can get there
e_bloc: bet it all on the crabs
SquareDotCube: Flowers got it bad last time though
Diabore: full star dif
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Diabore: i thinnk you missed crabs v tigers
niccus: i want to see a vegas/reno casino sports betting lounge with blaseball on every screen
TheMerricat: I could see someone setting up a VR setting like that @niccus
Paranundrox: do you have a favorite player on the Moist Talkers?
Mysticman89: would you ever play blaseball yourself if given the opportunity
Lysander_Gustav: Is the lore already part of the game, or is most of it fan-created?
aussie_rob_w: I have questions
Edgarware: Other than how good a job the commissioner is doing?
aquinas_0: how did a clicker game become a cosmic horror collaborative writing thinggummy?
aussie_rob_w: What IS blaseball?
Paranundrox: blaseball is incredibly deadly @Mysticman89 :P
Paranundrox: sure!
UnhappyYak: Good is GREAT
MrQBear: Dear DrLrr and Chat: I just bet all my money on the 'favored to win' team. How doomed am I?
secretbranch: If you were a player, what would your name be?
Vyous: "Score on the sacrifice" just means they scored then got an out, right? There's no actual blood sacrifice going on?
Mysticman89: sometimes the risk of death makes it more exciting. People do extreme sports
Paranundrox: @Vyous it's a standard Baseball term
Vyous: Gotcha
Mysticman89: plus if you're not allegergic to peanuts, potentially free peanuts!
Paranundrox: the batter gets out, but it moves the other players around
Mysaryl: I dont understand peanuts
DarkMorford: How would you rate the spectator experience compared to other up-and-coming sports like Baseketball? Kappa
secretbranch: Nice!
UnhappyYak: unfortunately many players are allergic
SniperPumpkin: Coriander Dickinson is already a pretty Blaseball Name
Paranundrox: about 75% of players are allergic
Mysticman89: peanuts is a comic strip
TheMerricat: Did they ever get the mice in the LRRBase?
EricTheOrange: oh hey your still on aftetr i'm home from work
Mysaryl: but howcome I can eat them?
bl1ghtn1n6: I wasn't a huge fan of the screaming, but it is fun to get caught up in
Paranundrox: we *think* eating peanuts during a game might increase the chance of reactions
SquareDotCube: lack of humans probably means dead mouse
Mysticman89: imagining the peanuts referenced in blaseball as comics is more itneresting than treating them as legumes
Paranundrox: but we have no data to back it up
Mysaryl: huh
EricTheOrange: OH NO the jazz hands were shamed! *GASP*
Paranundrox: it as 5 - 2 and then we scored 6 in the bottom of the 9th
Mysticman89: you're level 27 woodcutting now entirely off normal logs
EricTheOrange: Have you tried clicker heroes 2?
niccus: my current go-to mobile distraction atm is a mod for pvz2
Mysticman89: willows are better than oak since you cut enough normals to skip over oak
EricTheOrange: weather.... peanuts
SaladCookies: Do you have any other browser games you'd recommend? I'm really liking the two I've seen in this stream
SaladCookies: specifically idlers
Mysticman89: wait, halifax is now a sunken city?
Mysticman89: oh dear.
blackwlf: Yeah, we sank a while ago.
Paranundrox: oh, there's a new Google Drive pinned in the Moist Talkers channel that has collected fanart, Cori
Mysticman89: baby is a wild speciies
Paranundrox: there's some delightful stuff
UnhappyYak: I didn't realize Blankenship had been incinerated
EricTheOrange: these background sound like they come from dwarf fortress
Paranundrox: Rhys Trombone, the only good Sunbeams player :P
AndersonTrooper: So what do peanuts do??
UnhappyYak: I miss Atlas Jonbois
Diabore: i actually got the script working, it was surprisingly easier than i expected
Paranundrox: Peanut Fraud messed things up a bit
Paranundrox: 5e
Diabore: you can eat peanuts
Diabore: click on the icon
AndersonTrooper: Hahaha thats great
Paranundrox: Peanuts aren't really acquirable anymore
Diabore: ah, i ate all my peanuts too
Paranundrox: because of Peanut Fraud
blaseball_radio: Negative peanuts
Diabore: i dont know about infinite, but i had 10 and now i have none
blaseball_radio: No peanuts have been consumed
LathosTiran: ah, Skinner's mixed nuts selection :P
actionjb: I wonder if the community will need to construct specific teams for something
UnhappyYak: I'm definitely not interested in Blaserunning
EricTheOrange: but... eat the rich
Diabore: i went late stage
Paranundrox: yeah Interviews is gonna be exciting
Spirrie: Hearing you talk about this just sounds like a shitpost. I know very little and am unsure if I want to know more
Mysticman89: do you want to '[win' or do you want to unfold?
EJGRgunner: I think if I have another vote, it'll go towards interviews
niccus: oh wow blood hamburger is 4 1/2 stars
LathosTiran: yeah, I'm worried this would hit one of my ADD hyperfocus moments and I'd gain a PhD in blaseball in two days
actionjb: You never bet against your team, for any reason
MrQBear: I just realized that I bet for all the "better chance for winning" teams, and bet against my own team. Hmm.
actionjb: TRAITOR!
UnhappyYak: though you should probably not bet for your team right now either
UnhappyYak: because bugs
Paranundrox: I often bet against the MTs
MrQBear: I was on autopilot, @actionjb !
Paranundrox: I believe that's fixed, Yak
MrQBear: I don't even know what I'm do ing! D:
Paranundrox: if we win, I'm happy
IgnisDeus: Ok, I feel stupid. How do you embed the script Fugi Made?
Paranundrox: if we lose, I made money for more votes to make us better :P
actionjb: Turn your back when your friends are down on their luck we are
Mysaryl: moist talkers is the worst team name
andrew: How'd your betting go Cori? Chris & I hopped on voice for a while to chat, and I lost _so_ much on that last round
Paranundrox: oof
actionjb: @andrew Yeah last round hurt
EricTheOrange: awwww man he has a profile pic. how come we don't have any profile pics
Paranundrox: @EricTheOrange we haven't uploaded them yet, mostly
andrew: thats the best way to spend money
Paranundrox: TyVi has fantastic art (RIP)
Paranundrox: I just bet max with whoever has the best odds
andrew: @actionjb I lost ~80% of my coins, that was rough. How about you?
Paranundrox: and slowly accrue more money
pixelmystic11: can somebody explain this please?
actionjb: Oh wow, I think I just lost half of mine, thats rough bud
Paranundrox: Tyler Violet
andrew: @pixelmystic11 Blaseball is a fantasy baseball league with calvinball-esque rules and betting. Its weird and impenetrable on purpose, almost all wiki info is fan-written, and it's v popular right now
EricTheOrange: meh human, boring
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actionjb: The boston flowers really need one better pitcher
brainiac4: Cori, with your love of idle games, I assume you have played Spaceplan. What did you think of it?
actionjb: Do we know what the Weather effects do?
Mysticman89: spaceplan, crank, paperclips are all quick and digestable for those who don't want to live on an idle game for the next year
Paranundrox: eclipses mean incineration
actionjb: Oh
actionjb: That adds some tension
niccus: normal weather
EricTheOrange: so if it's peanuts can we eat some peanuts
Paranundrox: Cori has no peanuts to eat
Paranundrox: and it's 1 million for 1 million
EricTheOrange: we can't eat sky peanuts
Paranundrox: notably, 1 million coins is not earnable in one season
Paranundrox: you can get about 3/4 million in one season, with max bets and perfect luck
actionjb: Do your coins reset every season?
Juliamon: If coins reset Eat the Rich would be fairly meaningless
EricTheOrange: distribute the wealth, eat the rich
Diabore: @Paranundrox what is max bet anyway?
Paranundrox: 800
Paranundrox: max passive is 60
AllGoodDogs: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:53:20. lrrSPOT
andrew: alright come on shoe thieves lets do this
TheMerricat: How long do games last chat? I joined midstream
Arium26: Lovers starting strong
Paranundrox: depends on length
AllGoodDogs: 20-30 minutes?
KeiRaccoon: Roughly half an hour
Diabore: about a half hour on average
EricTheOrange: @andrew not rooting for canada how dare you. wheres your patriotic pride.
Paranundrox: the longest game was like 20 innings or something
SniperPumpkin: TheMerricat 30-45 minutes on average
Paranundrox: watching Jenkins pitch is always great
actionjb: Is it one game every hour forever?
Paranundrox: bing bang boom
andrew: @EricTheOrange where are your shoes BAM gottem :P
Paranundrox: 4 pitches, 3 outs
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks starting strong again
UnhappyYak: looks like the Thieves still have that extra game
Paranundrox: yeah the Grand Unslam
andrew: @EricTheOrange honest truth? I didn't realize there was a canadian team, I just assumed they were all american cities and didn't read them when I signed up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
KeiRaccoon: @actionjb 99 games in a season over 5 days, so mostly. But there are siestas that can last a few hours. Post season is saturday, no games sunday.
Paranundrox: Sunday is the Election
UnhappyYak: elections sunday
brainiac4: how do you get the two-column view for Live games?
EricTheOrange: on the 7th day we rest
UnhappyYak: you have to have a script
brainiac4: aha, cheats. I see. ;)
Diabore: @andrew the "Moist Talkers" are the canadian team
niccus: performance-enhancing scripts
e_bloc: Maryland Crabs: "Yes we crustacean"
andrew: @Diabore Yeah, I'm aware now. I was just telling Eric I didn't know when I selected my fave team
andrew: Thank you though!
Diabore: ah, no worries
andrew: Garbage Dayyyyy
CosmoHelix: Does anybody know the name of the other game Cori is playing in the background of Blaseball?
SquareDotCube: So... The Merkin?
oatway: please, that's his father's name, just call him Richard Hair
Diabore: how many days is a season?
Paranundrox: Richmond Harrison is a giant Axolotl
Paranundrox: basically a cross between Chansey and Wooper
SniperPumpkin: Diabore seasons run monday-friday
RealGamerCow: cmon pies
Juliamon: "An axolotl, which is a cross between [two Pokemon based on axolotl]"
CosmoHelix: Thanks so much!
actionjb: Ok and last question, why do some teams have 3 strike outs and some teams have 4?
andrew: nooooo beasley come on shut it down
Paranundrox: that was an election Decree from last season
TheDeafMints: worst players of each season gets gifted with 4 actionjb
RealGamerCow: it was voted in last season that the worst teams get 4 strikes
Paranundrox: the bottom 4 teams get a 4th strike this season
MrQBear: I bet against my own team, but go Shoe Thieves!
brainiac4: My son's middle school baseball team was the River Bandits. At one point we accidentally wound up with one of the other team's bats during a game. When the parents pointed it out to me, I said "well, we are Bandits, what did you expect." They were less amused than I expected.
actionjb: Oh interesting
andrew: Yeah the lovers have fourth strike, which is part of why they keep wrecking my shoe thieves
KeiRaccoon: So now the Millennials have had massive upgrades leading into the season /and/ 4 strikes, so they've been doing great.
EricTheOrange: catchup mechanics, just like mario kart
SquareDotCube: My headcanon is that Blood Hamburger is Mayor McCheese but as a vampire
brainiac4: My Spies are doing it!
Kivipaperisakset: What... what am I watching? Can someone explain what this is?
EvilBadman: (a long heavy sigh) jazz hands whyyy
andrew: sup PJ
TheMerricat: @Kivipaperisakset This is Blaseball, a weird lovecraftian take on fantasy baseball.
EvilBadman: @andrew not my team, the jazz hands, that's for sure
MrTheWalrus: Do the peanuts have significance?
andrew: it's... not lovecraftian at all?
Kivipaperisakset: Wow, best pronunciation of my handle by any lrr member so far!
Paranundrox: Peanuts can cause allergic/yummy reactions
Kramburger: You know, this is just a rebuilding season for the garages, we'll get 'em next year, you'll see
Paranundrox: which is a flat buff.debuff to stats
Diabore: losing
Kivipaperisakset: We want that number to be bigger? Cool, I can get that. Go team!
RealGamerCow: cmon hollow man
Juliamon: I would love to see Nsburg put together an underleague team
TheMerricat: @andrew SCP-ian?
EricTheOrange: so are all the teams besides the moist talkers from the US?
Paranundrox: yes
Paranundrox: the Dial Tone
EvilBadman: wild wings are from mexico
UnhappyYak: PDP
Paranundrox: Axel Trololol is also a maxed pitcher
Kivipaperisakset: So is this a phase where we just follow results, or is Cori taking game actions now? :P
Paranundrox: Math Velazquez is a 0 star pitcher who is actually pretty goodf
UnhappyYak: Wings are from Mexico City
Paranundrox: @Kivipaperisakset the only game action is to bet
Juliamon: Does Hellmouth count as US just because it took the place of a US location?
andrew: @Kivipaperisakset We're just following results right now, live as they happen
EricTheOrange: so are player names randomly generated or are they voted on?
Kramburger: Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am will to make
Paranundrox: random
MidgardSerpent: why are there sometimes 3 spots for strikes and sometimes 2?
andrew: Stu's on the shoe thieves
EvilBadman: @juliamon in 2020 same place
TheMerricat: @Kivipaperisakset the game is currently simulating all the league games you can see the plays as they happen
UnhappyYak: Hades probably is in the US
Paranundrox: @MidgardSerpent some teams have 4 strikes as aresult of last election
andrew: My current theory is the names are generated via a hybrid ML & human intervention process; Like they have a button to spit out 20 names, and they just keep pressing it til a name makes them laugh
MidgardSerpent: @Paranundrox ah, of course. Thank you
Paranundrox: there's a reason the Tigers are 52 - 25
EricTheOrange: so who decided the team names and where they came from?
RealGamerCow: The tigers have SO many stars
UnhappyYak: I'm pretty sure that the last name Jonbois came after the game was launched
RealGamerCow: Too bad they honk the bobo in the playoffs
MrTheWalrus: All of these names are superb, but Landry Violence is particularly excellent.
Spirrie: I'm going to head to sleep, was definitely fun to watch!
Kivipaperisakset: So where does the Lovecraftian part come in? I like how this screen captures all the real excitement of a baseball game.
Alephred: Sleve McDichael would fit right in here.
e_bloc: damn
TheMerricat: night @Spirrie !!!
Paranundrox: @Kivipaperisakset the lore, the player incineration, stuff like that
Diabore: im only down on 2 of my bets
CosmoHelix: I look away for a minute and the Pies blow their lead.
TheMerricat: @Kivipaperisakset @andrew corrected me that it's not really lovecraftian, but I content that it is atleast SCP-ian, there's a lot of background stuff that has SCP vibes.
Diabore: jesus is here!
RealGamerCow: come on Beasley you good boy
Paranundrox: Jesus is really really good at drawing walks
sblue333: oh hello wat dis
TheMerricat: contend even
andrew: actually ML is probably overthinking it; I could make a tracery script and just give it a big list of first names, last names, and nouns in a half hour
EricTheOrange: Based entierly on the team names I like the pies.
Diabore: garbage day
Diabore: immediately pops a fly
Diabore: mints are taking the flowers out back
aquinas_0: Cheer100 polygon lied to me, and this is wonderfully absurd
EricTheOrange: though I am a fan of your tradional fantasy stuff so Magic calls to me
KeiRaccoon: It switched sides in the Millennials/Magic game, but I don't know exactly what happened because there were 'too many birds'
TheMerricat: I feel bad about the shoe thieves. They really are being robbed ATM
Kivipaperisakset: so, if all you do is bet, how is "Moist Talkers" our team? or did I misunderstand... (haven't had my morning coffee yet, so I might have missed something)
KeiRaccoon: @TheMerricat Ironic
seckswrecks: York's our dork
RealGamerCow: Never feel bad for the shoe thieves.
UnhappyYak: when you create an account you must choose a favorite team
Paranundrox: @Kivipaperisakset you choose a favorite team, and get passive income when they win
Juliamon: Kivipaperisakset You get passive income from "your" team
Paranundrox: and your votes count for them
Diabore: flowers over there getting picked
Kivipaperisakset: What can you do with money? Just bet more, or invoke eldritch rituals?
adelius3: is this...sports?
Juliamon: Yes.
UnhappyYak: you buy votes
EvilBadman: what even is sports
Fugi: you love to see it
actionjb: Man the flowers are killing me today
Paranundrox: splorts
UnhappyYak: it's splorts
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korvys: I'm late, but I'm glad you are also a Moist Talker, Cori :P
xybergay: ok its the tigers game to win now
TheMerricat: @Kivipaperisakset bet, and buy votes for the election on Sundays.
Paranundrox: Shame Watch
AllGoodDogs: TAIGA
AllGoodDogs: TACOS
andrew: Shame Watch
ShDragon: What does shame do?
CraziestOwl: Now I kind want a baseball d&d game
Fugi: "The birds are after the children..." wow that is ominous
Paranundrox: instead of the game ending, the Away team has to finish fielding
korvys: "Shame Phase: If the home team scores the winning run in the bottom of the final inning, the away team must complete the game in shame, despite being mathematically eliminated."
KeiRaccoon: @Kivipaperisakset Close, you can vote on decrees and blessings.
EricTheOrange: @Fugi HAH
xybergay: yesss
Juliamon: Instead of a walkoff, blaseball transitions into the "shame phase" when the home team pulls ahead in the 9th
xybergay: SHAMEEE
Diabore: SHAME
KeiRaccoon: Yeah the bird messages are something else.
e_bloc: nooooooooooooo
e_bloc: not the crabs
secretbranch: SHAME
itomeshi: shame?
UnhappyYak: SHAME
RunningMonkeys: shame
xybergay: ONE TIGER
sevenishmagpies: S H A M E
xybergay: MANY STRIPES
EricTheOrange: So in cannon are their fans in attendance at like arenas or whatever?
KeiRaccoon: My favorite is 'BIRD NOISES'
Antitonic: @korvys Would you recommend Moist Talking then? The Shoe Thieves look good...
korvys: @Antitonic We have a player named Eugina Garbage
Kivipaperisakset: OK, last question until I go put on the coffee: decrees and blessings? Decrees affect rules, blessings teams and/or players?
Diabore: cmon fridays
Fugi: could the fridays please step it up
Juliamon: EricTheOrange The lore seems to indicate it varies between stadiums
KeiRaccoon: @Kivipaperisakset Yes
Paranundrox: @Kivipaperisakset correct
Kramburger: Shoe thief sounds like you're a couple of rejections away from being a chair sniffer
xybergay: I like the shoe thieves but i have money on the lovers so they gotta lose this one
TheMerricat: @Kivipaperisakset exactly, for instance one of the current decrees is that the worst teams get 4 strikes instead of the normal amount.
EricTheOrange: @Antitonic I believe Cori Picked them because they are the only Canadian team.
korvys: Do the Thieves still have that entire game they stole?
andrew: yesss tie game lets go shoe thieves steal all of xybergay's money
Diabore: moist wins!
Kivipaperisakset: cool. coolcoolcool :P
Arium26: Picklestein stole home for the Magic
TheDeafMints: Oh my team is up against your team cori next game btw
Diabore: welp, fridays are dead
EvilBadman: Diabore good luck
Fugi: @andrew congrats
korvys: Oh, yes, it looks like they do. If you do the math, the Thieves have 1 more game on their record than everyone else.
AllGoodDogs: Lee Davenport. Hero. 72 and spicy.
xybergay: i got money back from the tigers winning and my other bets are going through so im set anyway
andrew: @Fugi dont jinx it :P
Antitonic: I mean, as an audio editor, I kinda feel obliged to barrack AGAINST the Moist Talkers. :P
EricTheOrange: ouch 71% on the tigers.
korvys: Jazz hands can't break the code
Fugi: @andrew I bet on the lovers so I'm happy to jinx it :P
Paranundrox: Morse has better stats in all categories but one than Greer Lott
bl1ghtn1n6: dangit Magic
CorruptDropbear: BIRD NOISES
bl1ghtn1n6: need you to lose
SniperPumpkin: for Fresh Breath!
andrew: Yeahhhhh nice one Beasley we got there
Diabore: cmon, gotta be minty fresh
Simbionis: Yay Shoe Thieves!
MrQBear: I'm glad the Shoe Thieves won.
TranquilCalamity: Fresh breath, here we come!
bl1ghtn1n6: oh hey, we get 2 series to beat up on the firefighters
CraziestOwl: Sunbeams getting owned
EricTheOrange: Millenials nly made up of players between the ages of 20 and 40.
Antitonic: This is weird enough I should check it out. But for now, return to VODs.
Fugi: Welp
secretbranch: y i k e s
Diabore: jeez, last i looked dale was at 5
secretbranch: show me wild wings grand slam
bl1ghtn1n6: come on Mills
Pterodactal: !y
EricTheOrange: so what IS Dale?
Kivipaperisakset: So, it's a browser game. If I'd play this, would I see the same teams and matches?
Fugi: Performance Enhancing Drugs aren't banned in Blaseball
secretbranch: Juicy Steaks
TheDeafMints: yes Kivipaperisakset
LathosTiran: eating frozen concentrate right out of the can
bl1ghtn1n6: those steaks? well done
Kivipaperisakset: (coffee on its way. Löfbergs Lila Magnifika)
UnhappyYak: do you know much about Pitbull
EvilBadman: @kivipaperisakset Everyone is betting on these games simultaneously
SquareDotCube: Bring me a pizza!
CraziestOwl: Do that introduce new teams over time?
CraziestOwl: They
CorruptDropbear: GAME
bl1ghtn1n6: gdi Magic
Diabore: spies win
TheMerricat: @Kivipaperisakset yes and that's part of the fun, there are discord channels dedicated people cheering for their team together and eveything :-)
bl1ghtn1n6: Steaks, don't give it up here
Diabore: pies win
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Fugi: Ate too many peanuts
bl1ghtn1n6: Firefighters with 5 in this inning
korvys: I would say the discord is even more interesting than the game itself - so much fan art and cheering and it's amazing.
andrew: the discord rules
aquinas_0: They said it was a clicker game too
bl1ghtn1n6: the Discord is great
Paranundrox: yeah it's a blast
bl1ghtn1n6: I've backed off it a bit, but the Steaks team room is chill
aquinas_0: :D
TheJollyFlyingMan: come on crabs
Paranundrox: I can't speak to the other team channels, but the Moist Talkers are super chill
Fugi: Lets go Wild Wings!!!!
Diabore: flowers can make a comeback
EricTheOrange: theirs like ONLY 3-4 degrees of separation
bl1ghtn1n6: we have one of the smaller fanbases
secretbranch: wh-what sign?
Fugi: We just need one grand slam
UnhappyYak: the commissioner is doing a great job
bl1ghtn1n6: so the channel's a bit slow, but it's a good place
Fugi: The commisioner is doing a GREAT job
holidayMD: Who are the Yankees of blaseball?
EricTheOrange: How could we embarrass you.
bl1ghtn1n6: @holidayMD probably the Tigers
Paranundrox: the Tigers are the Yankees of Blaseball
UnhappyYak: the Pies have won 2 of 2 championships
korvys: Millenials, yeah
Paranundrox: NY
Diabore: ny
Vyous: Yankees are NY
secretbranch: New York
CosmoHelix: No keep cheering
EvilBadman: the Bronx
CorruptDropbear: is that a pokemon reference
TheMerricat: So chat, can you go broke? If you do, what happens?
Paranundrox: the tigers have crazy good players and records
bl1ghtn1n6: you can beg for more coins
UnhappyYak: the Tigers are certainly dominant this season
secretbranch: But I would say that, if we're going by points, I'd say it's the Steaks
Paranundrox: @TheMerricat you can beg as long as you have 0 money
korvys: The Tigers appear supremely overpowered this season
EvilBadman: You go to the Salt Mines
CosmoHelix: New York Yankees
Paranundrox: so you can beg and bet on all matches
bl1ghtn1n6: eh, the Steaks have really average players
Diabore: im good at begging, a lot of practice
TheDeafMints: you also get 5 coins everytime your team wins
ardcollier: the Tigers didn't buy our way there, though, unlike the Yankees.
Arium26: Steaks are almost done blowing their lead
ardcollier: we just seduced Jessica Telephone.
bl1ghtn1n6: and I say that as a Steaks fan, we manage with a meh roster
e_bloc: they're gonna burn those stakes
korvys: Blases loaded
bl1ghtn1n6: GET OUT FIGHTERS
Diabore: thats 2 out
bl1ghtn1n6: pls no
e_bloc: gonna be stakes on a shame
CorruptDropbear: 2 outs, all bases loaded...
CorruptDropbear: FOUL BALL.
Paranundrox: every dot is full
bl1ghtn1n6: YES
CorruptDropbear: OUT
Paranundrox: woo
Paranundrox: my bet is safe
Diabore: my hart cant take it
xybergay: rip firefighters
ShDragon: So stressful
xybergay: hooray for money tho
ashiok_nightmare_moose: what a nail biter
Arium26: We still gotta sweat one more inning
bl1ghtn1n6: just have to hold on for another
Diabore: extend the lead
sevenishmagpies: this is a high steaks game
TheMerricat: ysbrydPunjail ysbrydPunjail
Diabore: its really heating up
CorruptDropbear: why is this so interesting
Diabore: he phoned it in
TheMerricat: I like my steas medium rare. not well done.
CorruptDropbear: Final inning
Paranundrox: alright, close it out
bl1ghtn1n6: bus
Paranundrox: I need my 1200 coins
Diabore: bottom of the 9th
niccus: here comes the reverse sear
ShDragon: because it's all of the excitement of rooting for sports but condensed and without any of the real life baggage
bl1ghtn1n6: just gotta finish
LathosTiran: hold the line
xybergay: oh its getting interesting
bl1ghtn1n6: that's 1
bl1ghtn1n6: NO
CorruptDropbear: OH WOW
Diabore: FFFFFFF
bl1ghtn1n6: WHY
Arium26: And there it is
Paranundrox: you can still hold it
e_bloc: the dagger
xybergay: its tied now
CorruptDropbear: TO THE OUTFILD
AllGoodDogs: YES.
Q_sic: baby urlacher up
CorruptDropbear: WE TIED
ShDragon: Extra blaseball!
bl1ghtn1n6: NOT LIKE THIS
korvys: To be fair, the Firefighters have the best team slogan.
Diabore: papa needs to sleep in a bed cmon steaks
niccus: you said one more game, so here comes the extra innings
Q_sic: oh it's not
xybergay: the game that lasts forever
bl1ghtn1n6: ok, we're in extras
Diabore: to the 10th
CorruptDropbear: Extra inning
e_bloc: the stakes have never been higher
Arium26: Get your shaming fingers ready
UnhappyYak: spillover watch
secretbranch: steaks have never been hgher
AllGoodDogs: What are we gonna do with all these birds?
Diabore: keep looking at the birds
bl1ghtn1n6: time for our average batters to not get on base
sevenishmagpies: what's the beef you have with the birds anyway
Q_sic: Is there a fanmade box score?
bl1ghtn1n6: wish we could close out games
CorruptDropbear: BIRD
Paranundrox: @Q_sic almost
bl1ghtn1n6: folks in the discord are working on box scores
Paranundrox: SIBR is very near to publishing stats
xybergay: we like to walk
Q_sic: great
bl1ghtn1n6: we take thos
Paranundrox: the Society for Internet Blaseball Research
CorruptDropbear: I have to say that my favourate part is artists drawing the teams just based on the names
bl1ghtn1n6: gdi
xybergay: RIP
bl1ghtn1n6: Conner's not gonna hold
secretbranch: yike
xybergay: eternal game!
AllGoodDogs: Cmon Paula
bl1ghtn1n6: our half-star pitcher can only do so much
LathosTiran: the Blaseball League Association for Science and Education
bl1ghtn1n6: YES
AllGoodDogs: oh my.
bl1ghtn1n6: the double play
AlchemicalPanda: WAFC
ShDragon: Play Fo-re-ver!
secretbranch: WE LIVIN
xybergay: TOP OF 11
CorruptDropbear: CORY
niccus: see, firefighters are ideologically opposed to fire, and this puts them at a disadvantage against steaks
AlchemicalPanda: Get Cory out of here
xybergay: RIP
AlchemicalPanda: As it should be
korvys: yes, but to be fair, they are from Chicago
bl1ghtn1n6: come on
bl1ghtn1n6: we just need one
Paranundrox: I also love the betting to get you invested in random games between other teams
Paranundrox: it's great
secretbranch: w h e e l e r
Diabore: 300 people are VERY invested in this
Paranundrox: wheelerPog
bl1ghtn1n6: way more than 300 (I bet the Discord is going crazy)
EricTheOrange: eat ball
AlchemicalPanda: Strike um out
bl1ghtn1n6: come on Summers
CorruptDropbear: the hidden stats makes it interesting
EricTheOrange: If kirby eats the ball does he turn into a blase ball?
CorruptDropbear: PONY
bl1ghtn1n6: gdi
Diabore: bugger
AlchemicalPanda: Awwwww yeah
bl1ghtn1n6: and now to hold for anothe
AlchemicalPanda: Lets go Firefighters
ShDragon: SO much for ever sleeping
AllGoodDogs: BUTT
AllGoodDogs: Come on, Butt!
MrQBear: If you ask them to wrap it up, they might decide to do that by losing?
TheManaLeek: Maybe this will be the fabled game that never ends
AlchemicalPanda: Except that guy... He's the worst
secretbranch: BOO BUTT
IgnisDeus: Go Go Chicago! What ya say? Let's win today!
xybergay: i like the firefighters more than the steaks but i have money on the steaks
Diabore: SHAME
CorruptDropbear: SHAME
AllGoodDogs: BUTT! for the win!
bl1ghtn1n6: NOOOOO
Q_sic: shame
ardcollier: shaaaaame
CorruptDropbear: SHAMEEE
Arium26: Shame time
TheManaLeek: Shaaaaaame
AlchemicalPanda: SHAME
RunningMonkeys: SHAME
secretbranch: OOF
AllGoodDogs: Butt shame!
xybergay: fuck shammeeee
Fugi: noooooooooooooooo
bl1ghtn1n6: NOT LIKE THIS
Paranundrox: aw, my bets
secretbranch: SHAME
VorlonScout: The games go to extra innings at inconvenient times? It really is just like a real sport.
Fugi: my moneyyyyyyy
ShDragon: NOOOO
Diabore: THE 0 STAR WINS IT?????
korvys: They certainly are from Chicago
xybergay: i should have gone with my heart
AlchemicalPanda: WAFC
CorruptDropbear: not the children
IgnisDeus: lrrHORN lrrHORN
sevenishmagpies: s h a m e :(
bl1ghtn1n6: we needed that win
bl1ghtn1n6: bussing 0 star Butt
CorruptDropbear: BUTT SCORES
AlchemicalPanda: We are from Chicago
bl1ghtn1n6: I'm so angry right now
secretbranch: blaseblall
sevenishmagpies: this stream was amazing
iris_of_ether: Thank you for the srmeme of the lovely slort of blaseball
bl1ghtn1n6: oh well, we'll get em tomorrow, we got another series with the Firefighters
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ardcollier: splorts splorts splorts
sevenishmagpies: splorts
Paranundrox: thanks for the stream!
EricTheOrange: CHAK PNT
secretbranch: Blloodborne
secretbranch: Vlalorant
secretbranch: Mlagic the Glathering
secretbranch: Alnimal Clrossing
ardcollier: bloodblorne
secretbranch: Plop'n Mlusic
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Mysticman89: I hope your hourney into melvor idle doesnt consume you
secretbranch: LloadingRleadyRlun
azrufow: excuse me mrs thumb
egonomogo: commissioner is doing a great job tbh
secretbranch: That was a good blonus stream
vmob: glood bing!
TheMerricat: Chat, have a wonderful rest of the day/night. Be well, be safe, and be happy!
secretbranch: glood nlight everyone!