Notbri: Hi! Anyone here early?
Metric_Furlong: chat abides
Notbri: Hello :)
CAKHost: Hello chat!
TehAmelie: shalom
TXC2: Hello everybody
TXC2: title change
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL
bkowalski99: i saw 0 viewers on the side panel when i opened twitch and i was so confused
Snowcookies: More bloodborne? On a friday?
FinalShowFilms: While Cam is fighting Ludwig, I'm fighting boggle-eyed basilisks in DS2. I feel like I'm having the worse time.
TXC2: presumably Cameron is Determined to take down Ludwig
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Ludwig is out there | He can't be parried | He can't be staggered | and we are going to slaughter him. today. | 📷 ||
simriel: Walk into the church like what up, I got a big sword
ArrestedHouse: bonus hunts PogChamp
TehAmelie: i did mention for comparison my 5 hour fight with The Boss. it would seem Ludwig is even more of a bastard
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Malkaresh: Hey Cam. This play through has been great thus far. I really hope you stick it out. You got this friend! lrrHEART lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
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TXC2: ooh hype song!
nick_tamer_readinfrench: Hey Cam hope you are doing great!!
Snowcookies: #nerfLudwig
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Snowcookies: I need to figure out what password I gave to hubrisisalifestyle
Notbri: We're in it!
Notbri: Good luck Mr. Oracle, Ludwig's going down!
TXC2: Here we GO!
TXC2: Hello Cameron
TehAmelie: heya
simriel: If it were me, I would simply not die to the boss
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ClodiumSoride: My partner recently started watching your first playthrough of Bloodborne, which inspired me to pick up the game. I feel your pain. Mash R1 for victory!
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CompletelyUnsure: Wow, literally stumbled into a live showing on accident. What luck!
Deadly_Burger: hi cam
Malkaresh: Hi Cam! I mentioned this yesterday, but you might try going down the river of blood past the ticks for an abundance of upgrade chunks. There is a hunter with a minigun and a bloodstarved beast, but that might be a nice change of pace from Ludwig.
CAKHost: *Waves*
TehAmelie: i think the word is "trampled"
simriel: Ah yes, Normal Human Man Cameron
TehAmelie: lrrHEART_BW
Snowcookies: kinkshame?
CAKHost: Normal Human Conversations
Caleb_QDC: Hawt
Uzumaki15: And Caffeinated
Cool_Jean_Aunt: step on me foot monster~
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Metalupis: 80 months, that's as many as eight tens and that's really quite fantastic
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Caleb_QDC: Yes, like that
simriel: !clip
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TehAmelie: aside from it being terrible for fighting him, i like that Ludwig tramples you, being a horse
CAKHost: First, we must survive the sounds.
FlannelShirtEnthusist: Stay strong, never give up, carve a path to victory and hold high the holy moonloght
Snowcookies: maybe
FinalShowFilms: Not pathetically low, but also not the highest you could be doing.
simriel: "aaah! Loud Sound, Me Frightened" is a great quote XD
TXC2: but it's not the fun kind of steping though :p
accountmadeforants: That's more or less the kinda damage I remember doing, but then again, I forced through by sheer stupid, stubbornness over the course of a week.
Notbri: I think an upgraded Tonitrus is what I used, and it did a fair chunk more than you're doing with the Blade.
FinalShowFilms: I was only doing a little more damage than that when I beat him
Notbri: But who knows what stats are needed for it, you know?
FinalShowFilms: I was using a physical-focused STR build with Ludwig's sword though
drowbard: He is vulnerable to both, but more to fire, from what I saw online
Malkaresh: Luck to you sir!
Notbri: Oof, if it's +6 right now, then I think it's just worth going with what you're comfortable with.
drowbard: Sometimes these games be like that
ClodiumSoride: I haven't seen this far in the game yet, so I'll check this out on the VOD later. Good luck, Cam!
Metalupis: i don't remember what damage i was doing but i'm also the fool who finished the whole game using the trick cane
Cool_Jean_Aunt: is losing still fun though?
FinalShowFilms: If it makes you feel better at least you're not crawling through a nest of basilisks in Dark Souls like I am. They freak me the fuck out.
TXC2: some times you just have to headbutt that wall 'til it comes tumbling down
Malkaresh: We have a +6 weapon? Yeah I would get a +8 at least.
Caleb_QDC: That’s fine, I think I struggled especially hard with it but I think I put ~10 hours into solo-ing pikachu and snorlax without magic
Malkaresh: Cool.
TehAmelie: how hard would it be to get those upgrades? for reference
CompletelyUnsure: Something about having as many pebbles as you can carry while hauling that greatsword around is very funny to me.
Caleb_QDC: Sometimes things aren’t tidy like we’d like
Cool_Jean_Aunt: if damage is low why not switch to the faster sword?
TehAmelie: at least you avoided the "oh what? i was still alive? ...was"
TXC2: Cool_Jean_Aunt it doesn't matter, he's too fast to hit more then once anyhow
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Malkaresh: There are a bunch of bloodstone chunks in the blood river. Not easy to get. Two reasonably tough enemies in the way. One Hunter and one previous boss turned mook. Probably easier than Ludwig though. I will shut up about it now.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: it's not about being able to hit more its about dodging sooner
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kynelwynn: Have faith and confidence in your abilities, Cam! You can do this!
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accountmadeforants: Malkaresh He already got those.
kynelwynn: That Ebriatas like charge is bullsheet
Uzumaki15: The hit box on that charge is nuts
accountmadeforants: Or rather, I'm assuming you meant the cave with the Bloodstarved Beast and the hunter with the gatling gun?
TehAmelie: i guess it's rather a question of getting multiples of 30 insight to buy chunks, if we would go that route
FinalShowFilms: Woo! Phase 2!
Orgmastron: Phase2 PogChamp
Robot_Bones: Phase 2: Phase Harder
CompletelyUnsure: Jeez, is he going to spike it first try?
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TehAmelie: Knives Out eh
Cool_Jean_Aunt: there's music?
ArrestedHouse: hell yeah it is
kynelwynn: So yeah, this is the best part of the fight >.>
Uzumaki15: Is he parryable in phase 2?
TXC2: you got this Cameron, that was an Excellent run
TeiranDragon: well, you are at least making progress Cam?
Notbri: Cam!!!! Great job!!
FinalShowFilms: The left side of him is still his weak side in phase 2 as well
luguilugui: Oh god i'm having flashbacks of this fight
garruksgardener: Are ya winnin, sport?
TehAmelie: he has better posture, feels like he'll be easier to read. as long as he fits on the screen
kynelwynn: I know Olek bricked when you used him when his A.I. derped. Have you tried using the summons on Ludwig here?
Notbri: First fight of the stream and you beat the fucked-up phase!
Notbri: You got this
Malkaresh: @accountmadeforants Oh! I must have missed that. Sorry for the spam.
kynelwynn: Okay. Ganbatte!
HalvariChan: Luckily, the phase 2 fight is a teensy bit easier since Ludwig is more controlled in his movements. From what I know he isn't parriable, but you can safely lock on to always keep an eye on him
FinalShowFilms: I have never tried.
accountmadeforants: Not that I know of
garruksgardener: I think one attack is, could be mistaken
Notbri: He is not parryable!
Porsgaard81: Can Ludwig be staggered?
TXC2: Porsgaard81 not that we've seen
Laserbeaks_Fury: You can break his legs
Porsgaard81: Okay @TXC2
Notbri: @Porsgaard81 I think you can mess up his limbs
Manae: God those melee charges seems such BS
kynelwynn: Wiki says blows to the head can cause a stagger for visceral.
HalvariChan: @Porsgaard81 Yes! He can be staggered in both phases. In Phase 1 you need to do a metric buttload of damage to his side to stagger him, while phase 2 requires just enough pressure
TXC2: You've got the dodge on the spray attack down Cameron!
Mister_Skittles: Hi cam Hi chat, did i see we have made it to phase 2?
lesbianpunkpyromancer18: are you opposed to ringing the bell on this fight
groulux: Just Wanted to say I have been playing Bloodborne for the first time after watching you. Just killed Martyr Logarius this morning. Thanks for inspiring me to try it removed alot of the anxiety i had playing souls games. Good luck got to get to work.
TXC2: hello Mister_Skittles we sure did
TehAmelie: from what i can see staggering is really unpredictable and short
Porsgaard81: I thought I remembered something about staggering him!
Invitare: yeah, you're chopping off side-limbs
I_Am_Clockwork: From a meta lore perspective I find it interesting that an opbect associated with moonlight has a calming, humanizing effect on a werewolf type creature. (Wherehorse?)
Notbri: This is Cam's Zen Mind-Battle! No summons. Only revenge.
kynelwynn: Face
TXC2: for me "staggered" mean "can be visuraled"
FinalShowFilms: Visceral him in the face, yes
Invitare: which face?
Laserbeaks_Fury: The long one
FinalShowFilms: The face not the maw of eyes
kynelwynn: The horse face
Malkaresh: I don't know if those staggers leave a visceral window or if it's just a chance for a couple of free hits.
HalvariChan: Visceral is face!
Mister_Skittles: you hve to wait for the stagger audio que though
TXC2: which face? deface Kappa
MacSquizzy: He staggers when you do enough damage to one side of his rear legs. Afterwards that side takes increased damage
Notbri: Good looks, good looks
TehAmelie: ever think the monsters are like "what the hell they're healing by HITTING me? lrrJUDGE "
Invitare: that's half way through phase 1 though
Invitare: so it's pretty good
niccus: !subscribe ludwigfacts
TXC2: see right there, that feels like we should have be able to Vicsural :P
Invitare: no stream no, don't break now
Robot_Bones: He will continue his leap attacks in Phase 2, the best dodge for those is to keep running
Notbri: Great looks!
CompletelyUnsure: God he's so screamy
MacSquizzy: now here he staggers if you do enough damage in a short timeframe
klick37: This game makes everyone who plays it look like a BAMF
yakbop: phase change, the much easier half of the fivht
FinalShowFilms: Consistently getting to Phase 2 means you're more than strong enough to kill him
MacSquizzy: and then you can visceral from the front
Mister_Skittles: onto phase 2, lugwig has woken up
Manae: That very human eye is unsettling
Notbri: It goes on and on! Claim your birthright, claim the sword!
TehAmelie: random thought, since we don't use bullets for anything else, would one cannon shot do any good damage?
TXC2: blood happened
Laserbeaks_Fury: "oh right, I have a SWORD!"
simriel: Fear the Old Blood
kynelwynn: The blood. He did not fear it.
Mister_Skittles: he killed ALOT of beasts
Invitare: Ah, you were at my side all along. My true mentor. My guiding Twitch Chat.
BrindleBoar: "you used to be cool!"
HalvariChan: Lorewise, Ludwig went blooddrunk at some point, which turned him into a beast
hunkajunk: Good job Cam :)
LarkSachrosis: Can we get that sword? It looks rad.
FinalShowFilms: Yes you can
FinalShowFilms: Once we beat him
HalvariChan: @LarkSachrosis You can get the weapon after the fight
FinalShowFilms: That sword is the reward for beating him
JaymicUnyielding: Hey, friends, just got here. We made phase 2?! WOO!
Invitare: best song incoming
Manae: Getting very acquainted with Ludwig's guts
LarkSachrosis: Scaled down probs.
Manae: his empty, hollow guts
Notbri: That was awesome!
TehAmelie: what's Percival's deal? i now realize i don't know a lot of Arthurian canon
Robot_Bones: This Boss empty, YEET
ArrestedHouse: @JaymicUnyielding already made it twice today, which bodes well SeemsGood
I_Am_Clockwork: Camera!
wjzardry: can you confirm to us that you are actually having fun?
TXC2: I mean you did shockingly well considering
amuseoffirebane: wishing you luck cam!!
MacSquizzy: Well the good news is you were actually doing a good job dodging while the camera was goofing
HalvariChan: Always dodge as hard to one singular side. Sometimes even diagonally backwards is smarter since you have a higher chance to dodhe
wjzardry: sorry, meant as a joke
Mister_Skittles: ludwig is trying to swat a mouse with a bastard sword
FinalShowFilms: On phase 2 I focused on dodging left more than right
kynelwynn: getting the sword does require to answer a question though
LarkSachrosis: Is the camera a physical object in the game? LuvOops
JaymicUnyielding: Percival was one of the 3 knights who found the Holy Grail, along with Galahad and Bors.
TXC2: wjzardry use Kappa then
kynelwynn: Yes, while wearing a chest piece from the church, or no
Invitare: Ludwig the Holy Blade
wjzardry: @txc2 ah, cheers
TehAmelie: huh, i only knew about Galahad
Notbri: Ludwig's gonna eat it, and you're gonna take his cool sword!
Invitare: in Phase 1 he's weak to Serration like all beasts. In Phase 2 that goes away
Notbri: Best of luck!
Snowcookies: PLease note that Cam may or may not be in the mood for snarky comments
Invitare: because he reclaimed his humanity
Mister_Skittles: cam is out here agressively trading
Notbri: Great stagger. He takes more damage after that!
Notbri: Gross
wjzardry: We dodged the drop tho!
Notbri: Nothing to be done about that
Cool_Jean_Aunt: oh i just noticed it's dong
Enmity777: Man, I forgot how loud this boss is.
nemryn: You can do it Cam!
klick37: You can observe chat's failures because chat is a failure.
nemryn: oh, that was meant as encouraging, not snarky. Sorry!
Porsgaard81: It has a dong?!
Cool_Jean_Aunt: yes
Mister_Skittles: i dont know if ludwig rode a horse but i feel like he did and he is now one with that horse
LarkSachrosis: Pure text is also not always a great format.
Porsgaard81: <message deleted>PogChamp
simriel: Trust is a huge factor in any relationship be it socia or parasocial
amuseoffirebane: Did we upgrade our sword from yesterday or is this a different weapon?
ninjaskl: Damn this is tough
aussie_rob_w: Cam!!!
kynelwynn: Have you visted good friend Iosefka since the Red Moon (post Rom) had occured, Cam?
aussie_rob_w: Ooh my sub logo looks super cool now
kynelwynn: Not "should" but maybe as palette cleanser? I don't know if that helps you any
Roland_Malius: So, Ludwig is basically "It that rides as one" right?
Floofys: Poor skeleton. Just brutally murdered for his vials.
TXC2: Roland_Malius pretty much
Floofys: Skeleton has hopes and dreams. He hopes one day the gate will open.
FinalShowFilms: if Frank didn't want to get murdered for his vials, he wouldn't have 5 of them.
ninjaskl: You got this Cam!
Snowcookies: One day, that skeleton's dreams will come true
Floofys: Those are for his family, man.
Invitare: you'll really hate the other version of them
Floofys: He needs those blood vials.
drowbard: I think Cam has its number today. I can't speak for him but I wouldn't want to go do something else after those runs
Malkaresh: Ugh. Sorry chat for spamming information earlier. I'm technically working right now, so I'm kind of in and out of the stream.
Floofys: If he can make it through the gate he can deliver toe vials to his family.
Floofys: Those vials are all the skeleton has.
Floofys: Poor skelly.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: doesn't even have it's skin anymore Kappa
Floofys: HashtagJusticeForSkelemans.
crispymids: item clone your way to victory! /s
Notbri: Great run, good luck!
TXC2: crispymids this is not FF7 Kappa
I_Am_Clockwork: Dodged the drop!
aussie_rob_w: So The Matrix has been getting a lot of fresh exciting talk this week and it reminded me of that time you BLEW MY MIND talking about The Matrix and how it approaches the Heroic Arc for the Spoilers 2 LRRcast. I’ve always appreciated that and I don’t think I ever thanked you for it. So, Thankyou!
ninjaskl: That attack is just cheating on ludwigs part
Invitare: you've definitely turned up the aggression and it's working
How_Do_I_Shoot: ho crap what is that thing
nemryn: wow, that jump attack is, uh,\ really something
Floofys: That's Ludwig.
aussie_rob_w: Ludwig‘s a Jerk.
Notbri: @Floofys He knows
TXC2: How_Do_I_Shoot as I said last night, a mistake at the glue factory
novrdd: yeah that jump attck ugh..
kynelwynn: There's two leaps. One is up and down right away, the other is up some blood falls, some mroe blood falls and then he drops
Floofys: Awwwww poor skeleton
Floofys: Robbed again.
WiltLeafWanderer: Seems random, yeah :/
ThatBoyf: It feels like the ceiling attack has like two or three different timings. Really annoying
Manae: The only thing worse than finding a solution to a problem is the problem going away without you know why
Manae: er
Cool_Jean_Aunt: thanks every IT guy Kappa
FinalShowFilms: When I'm employed I work in I.T.
aussie_rob_w: That skeleton eats it every time.
Manae: worse than NOT finding a solution
ArrestedHouse: oh yeah "guess i got lucky this time"
FinalShowFilms: If it helps, we don't know why it works either
nemryn: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and nobody knows why
TXC2: that's black boxes for you :P
I_Am_Clockwork: All the time
aussie_rob_w: I like seeing that skeleton just get gibbed
I_Am_Clockwork: And since I work in QA, that means a big headache for me
velkettin: what kind of build is he using ?
TXC2: velkettin arcane
Greyah: The jump attack has two different timings with different tells, though I'm afraid I can't really describe the difference between the windup. The slow one has a tell for the landing as well, which is the blood dripping. It's shortly after that.
How_Do_I_Shoot: i hate it
velkettin: thank you!
Snowcookies: Ludwig, please be a bit kinder to us
How_Do_I_Shoot: is this the guy from the sword
nemryn: he just does so much damage, ugh
TXC2: How_Do_I_Shoot yes
Greyah: It's the drippy sounds, specifically, I suppose.
Foxmar320: Hello Cam
How_Do_I_Shoot: what happened to him
aussie_rob_w: Hey Foxmar
Malkaresh: 2nd phase!
Ferisar: let's goooo
Manae: getting a lot better at the charge at the very least
TXC2: hello Foxmar320
wjzardry: woop!
niccus: eh, you know, a lot of blood, a lot of time, a horse
Foxmar320: I got here just in time!
niccus: happens to everyone, really
Notbri: Round 2. Good luck!
Malkaresh: We wants your shiny sword!
How_Do_I_Shoot: ah it talks
novrdd: aaaaahhh
How_Do_I_Shoot: i hate that
novrdd: round twooo
Greyah: I love this transition. It's so good.
Mister_Skittles: hey ludwig, can i borrow that sword
Invitare: here we go again
kynelwynn: Viscerally
Ferisar: even if we have to visceral you
Ferisar: like five times
FinalShowFilms: Get him out of there guts first.
Notbri: Yes, maybe we've been wrong this whole time, we're SAVING Ludwig.
JaymicUnyielding: WE WILL SET YOU FREE
simriel: You just gotta remove all of his blood
Luminaire_p: That horse has a man in it and that ain't right
amuseoffirebane: yeah let's gooo!
FinalShowFilms: Just stick your hand right in there.
FinalShowFilms: And pull him out.
MacSquizzy: lol the horde of phantoms
How_Do_I_Shoot: it got a big knife
WiltLeafWanderer: O hai sword
Uzumaki15: This second phase music is really good
aussie_rob_w: Oh DANG
Ferisar: the OST for this fight is sooo gooood
PixelArtDragon: Whoever wins, wins weilding Ludwig's Sword
How_Do_I_Shoot: not to turn this into a carryon film but his is bigger than ours
novrdd: welp
MacSquizzy: had a good rhythym going for a bit there
Porsgaard81: Good attempt.
Foxmar320: Wow this is like a entire separate boss now
Malkaresh: Every time a little closer to victory
How_Do_I_Shoot: keep at it i Bay leaf in you
wjzardry: Progress!
Ferisar: yeah ludwig p1 and p2 are toootally different
nemryn: is he parryable?
Ferisar: re: foxmar
WiltLeafWanderer: Progress, though
Greyah: That is a problem I also tend to have with phase 2. I'm not sure why it does that.
FinalShowFilms: Rather than trying to dodge forward and left, try just dodging straight left - he moves forward with his attacks, so you should get around him easier that way
kynelwynn: No parries, only staggers
TXC2: nemryn he is not
I_Am_Clockwork: I get that dodge behavior sometimes while locked on
floki4242: I'm glad to see you making progress
DarkAbyssKeeper: Those accursed birdies.
monosceros: sanguine salutations, everyone PrideWave
Ferisar: the dodge left instinct is right though, his overheads are not that accurate so you sometimes avoid them by just being sideways
Mister_Skittles: yeah, i cannot remmeber is the auger can help stagger him or not in phase 2
Ferisar: so you're doing well
Toxxick: Can we take a moment to acknowledge how this place must SMELL
FinalShowFilms: And he favors his attacks on the sword-side so keeping opposite it keeps you opposite most of his attack range
Manae: Going to be time for chores soon =/ Only 3 vials in the bank
TXC2: Hello monosceros welcome
kynelwynn: Ludwig was named after Ludwig Von Beethoven, the composer of Moonlight Sonata, suggesting Ludwig's affinity with the Moon
Notbri: yay.... chores...
Ferisar: oof
I_Am_Clockwork: That’s neat @kynelwynn
kynelwynn: With skelefriend at the gate, chores are easier at least
Notbri: @Toxxick rotting horse
TXC2: Toxxick I'm thinking it's gonna have an odd copperish smell :P
DarkAbyssKeeper: Ludwig is not a name I would generally associate with several horses glued together.
I_Am_Clockwork: seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX seabatHITBOX
TXC2: this boss has tells? :p
TehAmelie: usually normal horses have extremely weird glued together names
Ferisar: you're putting on pressure soooo well now in p1
kynelwynn: The charge tell is. He screams. >.>
TehAmelie: well, race horses
monosceros: you can't call the screams a tell if he screams all the time!
Ferisar: hehe horses go ngyehngyehngyeh
Porsgaard81: Imagine having a race horse name.
Notbri: Go chores
PixelArtDragon: Well, horses and glue are something that have gone together...
FinalShowFilms: Just want to punch Frank over and over again?
Foxmar320: Time to see if our blood crop is ready to harvest
aussie_rob_w: I think it’d be neat if one of the tells was that he stopped screaming.
Mister_Skittles: not dont that in a while, time to do fariming
Ferisar: that's the tell for p2 @aussie_rob_w Kappa
monosceros: is the best vial farming not just killing that one 5 vial guy and getting yourself killed?
Notbri: Twitch users are all horse lovers
StephenJM81: I could never play this game, it would drive me mad
Invitare: it'd probably be faster to farm that one guy taht drops 5 vials outside the boss
DarkAbyssKeeper: Sorry, I just turned up, and as a proud denizen of the internet, vomited the first thought I had into chat.
simriel: And the fact he literally Neighs probably was a sign there :P
kynelwynn: She's doing well.
nemryn: not relevant to the current situation, but
nemryn: dogs are weak to Blood
Malkaresh: We're in the neighborhood, we can just pop by and see how she's doing.
Ritaspirithntr: Has lrrCAMERON slaughtered Ludwig yet?
aussie_rob_w: Hey, this game has guns! I never knew that.
TXC2: Ritaspirithntr not yet
I_Am_Clockwork: @nemryn explain bloodhounds, then Kaap
I_Am_Clockwork: Kappa
kynelwynn: Sadly the guns (the player uses) are woefully lackign in the damage one might expect
Ritaspirithntr: @txc2 i wish ‘em the best of luck!
TehAmelie: oh yeah, the switch to two handed button is healing in this game right? it would be so awful to play it after years of Dark Souls
Manae: Shoot with the 2h mode?
I_Am_Clockwork: Having guns be the parry mechanic is interesting, but leads to some head scratchers
Malkaresh: A lot of the controls are so close to Dark Souls, and then differ just enough to ruin your muscle memory.
Manae: for overhead I think it was said
TXC2: to be fair, firearms have pretty much always done less damage then sword IRL, it's just Guns have range :P
MacSquizzy: Can't you just farm the guy right outside ludwig that drops 5 vials?
monosceros: I think you're catching people mid conversation here cam :P
TXC2: MacSquizzy he only respawns on death
MacSquizzy: @TXC2 so kill him and then immediately die to a nearby mob?
Ritaspirithntr: Sounds about right
DarkAbyssKeeper: Cameron out here collecting the blood tax from the brick dentists.
TehAmelie: i was thinking, could the cannon do anything to Ludwig? since we don't use bullets anyway
TXC2: MacSquizzy sounds exhausting to me
FinalShowFilms: Cam's bloodtinge isn't high enough to really make use of cannon damage.
Malkaresh: Need a lot of strength to use the cannon
I_Am_Clockwork: I think the cannon would be to slow
TehAmelie: ooh
Malkaresh: Yeah
kynelwynn: Cannon is for staggers, not damage anyway
monosceros: I assume the Augur doesn't do much to Ludwig?
MacSquizzy: @TXC2 seems faster and easier than running through old maps again and again, but to each his own
Malkaresh: Eh. Bone marrow ash the cannon, and hit a staggered enemy does a shit ton of damage.
errantvalor: i think there is a better farm route for blood vials
TehAmelie: it's a cannon, MIchael, how hard can it be to fire holding in your hand? 10 Str?
nemryn: also you only get two shots of the cannon
monosceros: @errantvalor you could describe it. that would be more helpful
MacSquizzy: I don't think there's any other tricks or secrets that Cam needs to beat Ludwig at this point, just more practice
errantvalor: ok give me moment
plummeting_sloth: The cannon is only good for having the satisfaction of know that when faced with an eldrich unfathomable being from the moon, you won by shooting it with a fucking cannon. Just a personal sense of satisfaction thing IMO
monosceros: because they really, really hate you
TXC2: plummeting_sloth like DOOM
plummeting_sloth: EXACTLY
Malkaresh: This is a decent low risk farming route. I use forbidden woods, but I'm a monster.
I_Am_Clockwork: “Where are all your vials?” “I threw them in the lake!”
FinalShowFilms: I buy my vials. But I'm lazy.
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PadawanTK16: How’s it going?
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aussie_rob_w: @i_am_clockwork I dunno why that made me laugh so much.
kynelwynn: Yo! 'Sefka?
accountmadeforants: FinalShowFilms I mean, that still involves probably net the same amount of grinding for echoes, so to each their own.
Notbri: Does anyone in chat know if Enemies eventually stop dropping Vials after being killed many times? I thought I heard that, but the Wiki doesn't say.
monosceros: I don't think we can afford to buy Vials after getting pulped by Ludwig @FinalShowFilms :P
TehAmelie: buying blood vials is a scam by big blood echo
FinalShowFilms: @accountmadeforants I stockpile them when I'm up a bunch of echos but not enough to level.
plummeting_sloth: I will say, that isn't neccessarily not in keeping with the lore. I recall that one Lovecraft story where they beat the pressence under Witch House by using flamethrowers and barrels of acid
I_Am_Clockwork: Do the item spawn rates change after the blood moon rises?
aussie_rob_w: @i_am_clockwork I’m still giggling. Thankyou, have a muffin. lrrAWESOME
FinalShowFilms: So throughout the game I'm buying vials rather than only when I need them
Malkaresh: Yes
kynelwynn: Maybe through the back door, surely she left that open?
Mister_Skittles: I have never done an arcane build so humor me on this, is it worth using the call from beyond/gloves just for damage on Ludwig as bullets are next to useless?#
nemryn: @plummeting_sloth didn't the just ram Cthulhu with a boat one time?
DarkAbyssKeeper: I usually just go from the first shortcut to the graveyard, via the bridge, 4 trolls no waiting.
MacSquizzy: @FinalShowFilms that's a good strategy but not particularly helpful right now
lawful_neutral_wizard: I can never see vials in this game without thinking of Blood by MCR.
Malkaresh: Drop rates are based on enemy and location, not time of day.
FinalShowFilms: Not it isn't. I was just sharing since Malkaresh was talking about how they farm Forgotten Woods
monosceros: use the backdoor. like the doors taught us
Zaghrog: Hi chat, hi Cam! What are we doing today?
plummeting_sloth: if I recall, those executioners are always good for a vial or 2
kynelwynn: @Mister_Skittles The problem with spells is the windup cast time. Ludwig is very often just ON YOU and doesn't give much time to either attack or dodge
FinalShowFilms: Ludwig is harder than both of them.
TXC2: Hello Zaghrog welcome
Mister_Skittles: Ludwig is widely considered a bitch tbh
HalvariChan: To be fair, Ludwig is one of the hardest bosses in the game
simriel: Oh did we kill Ebritus?
niccus: ludwig's just a fucker
Porsgaard81: I do think Ludwig is very hard.
kynelwynn: That was the cannibal there
Invitare: the DLC is *hard* and you might be a little underleveled
Notbri: On the topic of physical violence sometimes *working* in Lovecraft, people are obsessed with vampire rules but at the end of Dracula, a cowboy stabs him with two knives and that's enough to kill him
FinalShowFilms: Ludwig is -substantially- harder than Ebrietas, the former hardest boss in the game
JaymicUnyielding: Oh, I think that was the Cannibal.
errantvalor: use the lamp here to go back to Hunter's Dream and repeat the process.
Mister_Skittles: I think ludwig is the second ahrdest boss in this gaem after the orphan of Kos
aussie_rob_w: @mister_skittles “Ludwig is widely considered a bitch” is an excellent sentence.
Ferisar: this clinic is full of BABIES
Robot_Bones: Not the mama
HalvariChan: Oh right, maybe you haven't talked to the doctor after killing Rom?
kynelwynn: back to that branch, Cam
errantvalor: use the gate left of the central yarhnam lamp,rom here, you can kill the first enemy on the bottom floor of the building that will drop two Blood Vials more often than not. Head upstairs to kill the two enemies there and sometimes get more Blood Vials. Head up the stairs and kill the enemy (also an occasional Blood Vial drop), then take down the two Nether Beasts.Once they are down, head left at the bridge and kill the Brute and the Crazed Crows.
Mister_Skittles: @aussie_rob_w surveys are in and...... u is a bitch
Invitare: how else are you going to a get a one third umbilical cord?
Ferisar: @errantvalor excuse me
FinalShowFilms: The front door was right there
FinalShowFilms: You can open it for quicker access if you care to
aussie_rob_w: LUL
kynelwynn: there we go
Robot_Bones: friday
I_Am_Clockwork: Friday
drfox17: i am so confused
monosceros: the 160th of march
Saphire282: Whatever day you want it to be
aussie_rob_w: G’night chat. G’night Cam. You got this!
Notbri: I am frightened of this place....
Invitare: every day is Tuesday in the Rhythm Cafe
monosceros: national holiday, blursday
TXC2: so long aussie_rob_w sleep well
Robot_Bones: Specifally Friday the 7 of August
Ferisar: i'm sure she's fine
PadawanTK16: Wait, what are we doing?
Malkaresh: He's fine
Malkaresh: *she's
kynelwynn: She's.. she's got a little tum tum ache
TXC2: PadawanTK16 talking to "losesfka"
HalvariChan: She's been impregnated by a Great Old One
drfox17: um, iosefka
drfox17: that position
Cool_Jean_Aunt: nya~
Invitare: oh there she is
Mister_Skittles: this isnt iosefka
drfox17: "iosefka"
BrindleBoar: Fauxsefka
TXC2: why is her hand being that fraking me out the most? :p
kynelwynn: Give her a little surgery, Cam
Ferisar: sooo she has one third of an umbilical cord
Notbri: God, freaky...
HalvariChan: You want the umbilical chord, right?
Malkaresh: Too many eyes in my brain
Mister_Skittles: well, time to die, she drops loot Cam
MacSquizzy: I dunno, seems fine to me
Laurreth: awkward
drfox17: I dunno Cam, have you ever had eyes on the inside of yoru skull? maybe it is nice
FinalShowFilms: Gotta get the demons out of her
Notbri: Is it our place to *save* her?
niccus: i'm pretty sure that's syphillis
Robot_Bones: Seems to me she's full of dogs and that aint right
GreayStone: rapturous, there's a word you don't see often
lawful_neutral_wizard: She must have ghosts in her blood
kynelwynn: It's for the best
Malkaresh: She wasn't a good person Cam. It's okay.
plummeting_sloth: a fine assisted birth
FinalShowFilms: It's ok, she was murdering people anyways
Laurreth: Sir? Your woman is hysterical.
Notbri: @lawful_neutral_wizard better do cocaine about it
monosceros: she wasn't good. she was the best
Ferisar: tbf she was already doing war crimes
adun007: besides, it's all just a dream anyways
Mister_Skittles: she killed the original ioseka tbh
HalvariChan: The tentacles?
Malkaresh: ?
simriel: Naaaah
velkettin: hunter symbol...
WiltLeafWanderer: Must have been a beast /shrug
RobotInProgress: the hunters mark!
monosceros: the lurching?
adun007: ?
Notbri: Slugs???
Ferisar: oh yeah
simriel: It's a coincidence
simriel: Totally
monosceros: oh right
Ferisar: nice, never noticed that
HalvariChan: Oh yeah
HalvariChan: Never noticed that
monosceros: huh.
Vyous: Yep. That's neat
BrindleBoar: ooooh
plummeting_sloth: oh, a rune!
drfox17: what?
Robot_Bones: nice never noticed that
BrindleBoar: huh
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, the mark
Malkaresh: HOLY SHIT
FinalShowFilms: The symbol of the Hunter is a hanged man.
kynelwynn: It makes a hunter's mark? Curious
Mister_Skittles: the symbol on the hunters mark is a person hung by their feet so the blood drains out of them
Notbri: OH
MacSquizzy: Doesn't look like anything to me
luguilugui: lrrSPOOP
Ferisar: they have one of those in old yarnham from a hanging body
simriel: Totally a coincidence... yuuuup
Ferisar: it's the hunter's rune
Malkaresh: Hunter's rune
HalvariChan: Hunter's Mark
I_Am_Clockwork: That’s really cool
Mister_Skittles: its the hunters mark
Greyah: Oh wow. How have I never noticed that.
Notbri: That's crazy!!
LarkSachrosis: Neat!
plummeting_sloth: good eye Cameron
adun007: huh, I never noticed that
I_Am_Clockwork: What an amazing little detail
drowbard: Oh that is super cool. Great catch
drfox17: @TXC2 ooooh, today is bonus play it forward
Malkaresh: I have that tattooed on my forearm. How did I miss that?!
Ferisar: yeah, there's a couple bodies with that symbology in the game, never saw this one though
plummeting_sloth: the maternity ward
Ferisar: old yarnham has a couple bodies hanging with the same pose
SquirrelLord1111: Yeah i had not seen that yet
TXC2: sure is drfox17
FinalShowFilms: Nope, that was it.
HalvariChan: This is the end of her plot
lawful_neutral_wizard: (to the tune of Sweet Caroline) "Bold Hunter's Mark..."
Ferisar: nah that was it
kynelwynn: If you come in before Red Moon, it's a boss fight
Robot_Bones: that was it\
Invitare: never
velkettin: that was the end
drfox17: @lawful_neutral_wizard ba ba baaaaa
Ferisar: she's there as a source of the umbilical cord, 'cause she stuck alien stuff in herself
RobotInProgress: To a dream where there are no other mortals
FinalShowFilms: You could fight her as a hunter prior to killing Rom, other than that this is her end
kynelwynn: she is a hunter with a scythe and a shotgun
Mister_Skittles: nope, thats the end of her plot. you can kill her via fighting her if you come back before Rom. she gives a rune instead of the cord
Malkaresh: No that was all her plot. She should have dropped an Oodeon Writhe rune, but I've had it fail before.
TehAmelie: about 4/5 of the mark from Berserk. i like From's subtle little references
HalvariChan: Either you kill her pre-Rom, or you kill her post-Rom
simriel: Now eat the umbilical chord :P
Malkaresh: Extra bullets or vials I can't remember.
kynelwynn: No. It's an either/or thing
nemryn: the rune is if you kill her before Rom
HalvariChan: Isn't Oedon Writhe only if you kill her pre-Rom?
accountmadeforants: I think you only get the rune if you fight her earlier, but then you don't get the umbilical cord
Ferisar: yeah oedon writhe is pre-rom i think
EvilBadman: Yeah Rune is pre-rom
Malkaresh: Like I say, I've had it fail to proc before.
Manae: But then you don't get the cord
velkettin: oedon writhe restores bullets upon a visceral
kynelwynn: Eh. Umbilical better
Mister_Skittles: its the rune of the cord, one or the other
Robot_Bones: it that or the cord
HalvariChan: But if you kill her before Rom then you don't get the Umbilical Cord
simriel: It's rune of cord
Ferisar: pre-rom she doesn't drop the cord so it's fine
FinalShowFilms: The Umbilical Chord is how you get the 'best' ending.
LarkSachrosis: What do you get from a *whole* umbilical cord?
monosceros: eh, to be fair there are four chords and you only need 3
kynelwynn: yes. eat it
Mister_Skittles: and there are 4 3rds of an umbilical cord
Ferisar: "good" but yeah
Malkaresh: @velkettin Ah thanks.
MacSquizzy: FOr some definitions of good, yes
FinalShowFilms: You have to eat 3 umbilical cords.
EvilBadman: This the cord you can "skip" since there's 4 in the game and you only need 3
Mister_Skittles: you need the cord to get the different ending
TXC2: LarkSachrosis the "good" ending
Notbri: @LarkSachrosis You get slugs
HalvariChan: "Best" ending. Quotation marks mandatory
Ferisar: there's 2 left, one from the wet nurse boss and one from the red dress lady
Notbri: Certainly it's the ending with the most weird stuff.
simriel: "Good" "Ending"
MacSquizzy: @Notbri spoilers
monosceros: the symbolism ending
Mister_Skittles: tbh i think the "good" end is letting gherman kill you
plummeting_sloth: yeah, Best in air quotes indeed
Duhstink: its the best ending by far
drfox17: you're smart Cam!
Luminaire_p: Enjoy break!
I_Am_Clockwork: Vaati did a whole video about someone who tried translating the Bloodborne runes into an actual language
Notbri: @MacSquizzy apologies!!
I_Am_Clockwork: It was eat stuff
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Either pull harder or cut it off.
JaymicUnyielding: You are smart. Everyone makes mistakes.
Mister_Skittles: omg is it bloodborne stuff
lawful_neutral_wizard: Is it the shirt from Twitter?
drfox17: @LoadingReadyRun I just want to say, if Jacob Burgess comes by with chips, you should try some
JaymicUnyielding: SICK
Notbri: You found it!!!
Malkaresh: Nice!
HalvariChan: OOOOOH
Mister_Skittles: omg yes
Notbri: Sick!!
Saphire282: awwww.
velkettin: OOOH
drowbard: oooooooohhh
Foxmar320: foxmarLOOT
wildpeaks: looks gorgeous
Snowcookies: oooh
ArrestedHouse: oooooh
monosceros: that's lovely
Cool_Jean_Aunt: pretty almond
GrizzmastahFlex: dope
TXC2: Neat
niccus: the correct nerd shit
simriel: Pretty
SquirrelLord1111: OOOOH THATS COOL!
drfox17: All of LoadingReadyRun should try Jacob's potato chips
amuseoffirebane: pretty!
Orgmastron: ooooh shiny
Saphire282: it's very vibrant
nemryn: pretty sure the 'good' ending is the one where the Hunter and the Doll and Amygdala and Eileen all go out for ice cream
drowbard: That looks great
HalvariChan: Never too late to start wearing jewelry :P
WiltLeafWanderer: Damn, sterling?
wildpeaks: you wear jewelry now
EvilBadman: Yeah good bag charm
SquirrelLord1111: Hope you enjoy it!
drfox17: @LoadingReadyRun keep it to give to a young adventurer one day
BogglesUrMind: Every day cam takes steps closer to becoming the wizard he was born to be!
wildpeaks: oh yeah, looks good on a bag too
accountmadeforants: Hey, worst come to worst, it could pass for Grandma Shit, not just Nerd Shit :V
noonetoday: you will gain 1 insight
Malkaresh: That's so cool!
Snowcookies: ooh, what's it called?
drfox17: it will start their journey
Saphire282: You obviously start wearing jewelery, just for that
wildpeaks: would look cool as a crown too
SquirrelLord1111: Off of your bag might be best cause its daily use
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
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LordChrusher: cheer100
TXC2: and we're back
krfsm: how goes this Friday?
lirazel64: Hi all, sorry to be late.
TXC2: hello lirazel64 welcome
FinalShowFilms: It probably would be
simriel: I remember using it a LOT for Ludwig
Ferisar: @lirazel64 no forgiveness
FinalShowFilms: And you're not using your bullets for anything right?
niccus: might as well try once
Cool_Jean_Aunt: everything is blaseball
BrindleBoar: it says Bloodborne for me
TXC2: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
ThatBoyf: Says bloodborn on my end
Vyous: I still see it as bloodborne
Snowcookies: I'm seeing bloodborne
TXC2: !live
Malkaresh: Eh. Give hunter's bone a try, and if it doesn't work out drop it.
niccus: back to boodborne
ThatBoyf: BUt Blaseball is life. Go moist talkers
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HalvariChan: Old Hunter Bone was a big help for me, personally, since I didn't use the gun at all, and you get a few more iFrames but with a slightly smaller window with further distance dodged
Malkaresh: No wrong strategy in a FromSoft game.
krfsm: what IS blaseball?
Ferisar: hahaha
Orgmastron: @krfsm It's basically weird fantasy baseball
Cool_Jean_Aunt: blaseball has already taken you up. all hail blaseball
TXC2: us Mod were talking about blaseball, and to me, it sounds like something from SB Nation's Fumble Dimension :P
Zaghrog: Cori streamed Blaseball yesterday, that stream gets into what Blaseball is
Ferisar: that's definitely how it feels following game devs on twitter
wildpeaks: good ol' social pressure
TehAmelie: you don't really "play" Blaseball as much as read and/or write stories about it the wiki, from my understanding
Ritaspirithntr: You got this lrrCAMERON !!!
Zaghrog: The swipe underneath really honks
Ferisar: yeah the "i'm backing up" attack comes out quick
monosceros: his whole moveset is obnoxious af
wildpeaks: dropping from the ceiling is annoying too
Mister_Skittles: why is the safest place in the room under ludwigs belly buttons... I dont....
Ferisar: it's not really safe under him
Mahglazzies: This fight and Orphan mess me up the worst
Zaghrog: The vomit attacks are the few things that feel "normal"
MacSquizzy: I'm happy for everyone who is into blaseball but it seems way too Online(tm) for my tastes
MacSquizzy: And I already follow Film Twitter, one person can only be so Online before it becomes unhealthy
TXC2: MacSquizzy oh you poor person
kynelwynn: His attacks seem to be: big wind up right hand 270 degree arc, right hand, left hand, left hand, over hand smash, head but, head butt into foreward moving multi attack, horse bucking twice and a left hand swipe, short upward jump and drop, delayed upward leap and drop, then at 75% health, sprew goo in arc, spew goo straight and the ebriatas charge bullhonkus
monosceros: what the fuck ludwig
monosceros: you were just staggered
monosceros: apparently
Notbri: Cam knows all he needs to know
Mister_Skittles: i wish the charge would donk his head into the wall.
kynelwynn: staying under him seems to trigger his backstep swipe
Malkaresh: It seems like a few of his different attacks have the same tell as well.
Mister_Skittles: Did he just amination cancel us
wildpeaks: is this what npcs feel like when they fight a speedrunner
Invitare: is he... wavedashing?
TXC2: Ludwig is what Happens when Loki gets REAL randy with the horses again Kappa
Mahglazzies: I'm getting flashbacks to when I first fought Ludwig, took me several days and my god did it feel satisfying
monosceros: you didn't grab the vials
Malkaresh: Left the vials
krfsm: I work in the sportsbetting biz, so I think I need to understand blazeball
MacSquizzy: Are the skeletons in that tunnel moving?
velkettin: yes
niccus: like any other skeleton
MacSquizzy: Well I don't like that
lirazel64: Don't even worry about it.
TehAmelie: is Ludwig a PC who's not only min-maxed into a hideously game breaking custom prestige class but also epic level?
Leonhart321: Loki in Bloodborne would be horrifying
PixelArtDragon: @MacSquizzy The question is, why isn't your skeleton moving on its own?
krfsm: remember, the average human has slightly more than one skeleton inside them
TXC2: slightly?
monosceros: I really wish ludwig did some damage to himself on some attacks
wildpeaks: we keep spare parts, like the extra buttons you get with a coat
dsnavely13: Average is taking into account pregnant women
monosceros: maybe then the fight would feel any semblance of fairness
Mister_Skittles: good rehearsal ludwig
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Matt_Cowdery: you're good
TehAmelie: is it weird i thought of people with bone teratomas before pregnant women?
Matt_Cowdery: just hit him with wepon and dont be hurtd
wildpeaks: what a terrible nightmare we just had and that didn't really happen
monosceros: @TehAmelie I'm going with a yes on that
BlueFingers5: The over head hit on the nightmare crows looks really satisfying
TehAmelie: i blame this game
velkettin: this is making me want to fight ludwig again but i can rarely get summoned for him ):
TXC2: TehAmelie I think it's weird that I didn't consider pregnant women at all :P
gek0h: oh joy, my twitch viewing has aligned with another stretch of Cameron in the outer limits of Yharnam's vague realities
MacSquizzy: nice breaks
TXC2: LOT of blood there
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:16:21.
ashiok_nightmare_moose: is Ludwig... Big HoRse?
TXC2: the biggest
monosceros: you couldn't see the wall
lucasbune: No, Ludwig is patrick
dsnavely13: is this NG or some level of NG+?
gek0h: NG i believe
TXC2: new game
monosceros: this is NG. Ludwig is just *that* hard
DarkAbyssKeeper: No, its Becky
suburbanguitarist: @velkettin I'm gonna fighting him in a day or two
krfsm: @TXC2 / @TehAmelie the average human also has slightly less than two legs.
kynelwynn: It's DLC, home of the hardest bosses
magicdale: What class are you?
Asoxa: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news :D) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (1:41 from now).
dsnavely13: It just seems like his damage is kinda low
Matt_Cowdery: backing away from him does encourage the charge attacks
bits4bytes: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:17:34.
GapFiller: whole hour late missed everything presumably
BrindleBoar: LUL
monosceros: m'hunter
doubleayrun: hoonter
wjzardry: shoulda gone warlock
gek0h: @dsnavely13 his damage is kinda low, compared to a standard strength build
GapFiller: we crushed Ludwig yet?
Mister_Skittles: that answer too me off gaurd
TXC2: magicdale we speced into Arcane
nemryn: @magicdale an arcane build
magicdale: thank you
lirazel64: A gentleman passed away here recently who was both a Moose and an Elk, but I don't think his name was Ludwig...
simriel: I mean a Titan could just thundercrash the boss :P
Luminaire_p: I thought we were a hoonter...
HalvariChan: I'm only running this in the background, so I don't know what you've tried, but hugging his left side in Phase 1 might be a bit of a help, since it's a sort-of blind spot
gek0h: it's too bad the flamesprayer needs to be upgraded because it's an actual ranged weapon, unlike normal hunter tools
Mister_Skittles: Eileen is really good at that
Malkaresh: Damn. Gotta bounce chat. Good Luck Cam, you got this! lrrHEART lrrCAMERON
kynelwynn: Oh, that reminds me, you can buy her attire now
monosceros: have a good one Malk <3
HalvariChan: LEFT!
DarkAbyssKeeper: A Titan running the charge, nova, charge nova cheese would do well in Bloodborne.
BrindleBoar: Kappa
TXC2: kynelwynn we know
simriel: Wait, she died? Awww
Malkaresh: @monosceros Cheers friend!
kynelwynn: The controller killed her
TXC2: so long Malkaresh stay safe
Foxmar320: I hate when the boss sits on my souls
DarkAbyssKeeper: The boss sitting on your souls is just capitalism in action.
Foxmar320: You got some really nice swings in that run.
Mister_Skittles: he didnt even charge at you...
monosceros: Ludwig is like some motherfucker playing Temur Reclamation. just working up to the one big thing that makes the whole run not matter
Zaghrog: yeah the aim on that charge was interesting
TXC2: monosceros wow, what a way to put it
HalvariChan: The hitbox of the charge attack is a bit bs at times.... Okay a lot of the time
I_Am_Clockwork: His moveset is starting to remind me a bit of ph2 Osiris from DS3
TXC2: Ludwig is a Combo player, that makes total sense
Mister_Skittles: thats the plus of phase 2, he shuts up
Zaghrog: really?
Zaghrog: no screaming in phase 2? That seems a major plus
HalvariChan: Yeah you're at that stage in the bossfight. I've seen people need upwards of 50-60 rounds against Ludwig before they manage to take him down
Notbri: f 'how many hits can I get it before it ruins me,' is the game with a lot of fromsoft bosses but it feels like you have that down, but the timing for this seems crazy hard to figure out, especially how fast that charge is.
Notbri: It feels unfair to me
gek0h: it's not obvious but this boss design is a damage check, and since it's the first DLC boss it's the first time you really see how your damage matches what the game expects
gek0h: with lower damage it's exactly this frustrating and challenging :(
TXC2: gek0h that really doesn't help
Notbri: @gek0h Persuer in DS2 seems less tedious compared to this
gek0h: no, it really doesn't
Notbri: Pursuer*
HalvariChan: @gek0h well... It's a horrible design for a damage check
gek0h: i'm not going to argue that it's a silly boss design
gek0h: i enjoy the fight but i wish it was less based on damage output
velkettin: what audio slider would the screaming fall under?
monosceros: I would not complain if you muted the game and put on some Big Giant Circles on or something
Snowcookies: Ludwig, we're trying to listen to the music here
gek0h: smooth dodge! :D
gek0h: phase 2 begins
Orgmastron: Phase 2!
Matt_Cowdery: the music for this fight is the best in the game
Notbri: Alright Alright. Glorious Silence.
Mister_Skittles: transform and shut up
HalvariChan: Now for the (luckily) easier part, which is still harder than everything else you've done so far in the game
amuseoffirebane: rooting for ya!
HalvariChan: I really dislike this boss
Notbri: Good luck!
Notbri: He sucks.
wjzardry: i certainly find this phase much more readable
monosceros: his voice is way too smooth for his face
SquirrelLord1111: Time for the sword, have we figured out if Cam can parry the sword or does the game not allow it?
Notbri: It's unparryable.
TWCblank: Oh snap, old hunters DLC added a moonlight greatsword? nice!
niccus: no parries, just pain
Dark_Pikachu_777: Youre STILL fighting ludwig???? Omg you poor guy. Im so sorry.
SquirrelLord1111: Dang
gek0h: he does get staggered during this phase but it's not reliable during the length of his charge move
peejeeful: its a long time, but i think i always tried to dodge left into the swing rather than right where the swing ends
lucasbune: !camera
TXC2: WOW that's bullshit, he hit you when you were down
gek0h: absolutely making progress
Dark_Pikachu_777: Lol i should hop on and be a meat shield 🙃
MacSquizzy: @Dark_Pikachu_777 we are not in the helping stage of this fight
Lysander_Gustav: hello everyone!
simriel: @Dark_Pikachu_777 Cam has made it clear he wants to do this solo
TXC2: Dark_Pikachu_777 Cameron isn;t summoning, he;s gonna do it himself
amuseoffirebane: hello!
MacSquizzy: We are in the politely encouraging stage while Cam continues to practice
Lysander_Gustav: oh, that's a cool looking sword
TXC2: hello Lysander_Gustav and amuseoffirebane welcome
Dark_Pikachu_777: Lol i believe in you! You can do itttt
Mister_Skittles: fasionborne, the best part of this game. love it
simriel: I dunno why after all of this, the fact you are focussing on the hating of the hat made me laugh quite hard
lirazel64: Note to self: do not send Cam a top hat.
Porsgaard81: What does the hat do?
I_Am_Clockwork: The real boss were the hats we found along the way
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Do damage while you attack.
monosceros: !badadvice
LRRbot: Stand in the fire.
wildpeaks: lrrbot :D
How_Do_I_Shoot: be kind to yourself
TXC2: you are not helping Lrrbot
Snowcookies: lrrbot, no need to be a souls stan
TWCblank: that was a fantastic overhead
gek0h: such a pro at the charge dodge now
How_Do_I_Shoot: that attack is obnoxious
lirazel64: Bit on the nose there, lrrbot.
Notbri: There is literally zero advice chat can give, folks. Don't bother him with 'go left' and 'dodge the attack.'
gek0h: ^ basically yea
How_Do_I_Shoot: you can do this cameron
Snowcookies: Don't be like 2015 chat
Lysander_Gustav: provide morale support only?
Leonhart321: This is THE most annoying boss ever, and I'm including every DLC Souls boss in this, Gael included
How_Do_I_Shoot: think of all youve acomplished in life
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lucasbune: That charge dodge was fantastic, you're making progress
gek0h: hear hear
simriel: @Leonhart321 I actually adore the Gael fight
amuseoffirebane: go cam!
ReynardWrecca: Good evening everyone, good evening Cam. I hope your violent swathe has been particularly bloody today.
TWCblank: @simriel agreed, I had a lot of fun with Gael
TXC2: Hello ReynardWrecca welcome
ReynardWrecca: A pleasure as ever @TXC2
Leonhart321: I'm going by those *rankings* you see everywhere. Personally I find Kahlemet the actual worst
lucasbune: Headbutt? Does he have one of those?
Mister_Skittles: After watching Cam, I have discovered I only killed ludwig because i had help lol
simriel: I rate the Blue Smelter Demon as worse than ludwig, but that's mainly cause getting to it is a damn chore
Lysander_Gustav: there's so many limbs on this guy
How_Do_I_Shoot: this boss fight seems particularly miserable
Invitare: I often see Midir as being the worst, simply because he has buckets of health
Invitare: and jumps around a lot
Mister_Skittles: yeah, plus side, the walk to ludwig isn't a bad one
monosceros: the Smelter Demon fights are so great. I really wish they weren't both gated by super obnoxious gauntlets @simriel
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TXC2: !events
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Caleb_QDC: This is still oddly pleasing to listen in on while doing chores, and sincerely rather than from schadenfreude. Thank you for letting us along for the ride!
Mister_Skittles: tbh is the arena had shit all over it like father G's, it would be infurating
TXC2: it still amazes me the Fromsoft have never made the Camera work in these games
simriel: Actually yeah, Dancer of the Boreal Valley is a great example of that
How_Do_I_Shoot: @Caleb_QDC i cant imagine the screams are pleasing to listen to
drfox17: oy vey
gek0h: so, the best in-story gems for Cam's current weapon/build are: +9% Attack, +15% Attack, and then 1 of either the +fire, +bolt, or +arcane damage gem. The fastest way to increase damage on this character (aside from consumables) is to check to see if you have any of those and find the ones you're missing
Caleb_QDC: @how_do_i_shoot I have no explanation, but on the whole the stream is
Mister_Skittles: @TXC2 its probably a much harder a problem to solve that it appears
TXC2: Mister_Skittles clearly
DarkAbyssKeeper: Arcane is a bad call for Ludwig, though.
Mister_Skittles: I am sure people have informed them the smera sucks
gek0h: i wish it was a matter of "oh, you have a +7% and you could have a +9% instead" but if you don't have those specific gems then you don't have anything even close
Leonhart321: If they didn't care, their games wouldn't be as popular as they are
DarkAbyssKeeper: Gem, not build.
monosceros: I also feel it's a feature, and not a bug. considering the whole story with Miyazaki and masochism
Jmonkey49: @darkabysskeeper Ludwig p1 is weak to arcane
wildpeaks: I wish it would let you switch first person and third parson camera, like Elder Scrolls games
The_Ninjurai: I love that weapon you are using. It is so cool that the sheath is another blade
Manae: Question for y'all that know the game: is it possible to use the rune to escape a boss arena, or once you drop echos in one is it "kill it or risk punting 'em?"
gek0h: the game throws physical gems at you all through the story, but the special gems for arcane are sort of "have to know where they are" or be good at finding things
Invitare: you can teleport out
TehAmelie: Horizon Zero Dawn added a FOV slider on PC, that seems like a genius move. what if you could just. . .see from further away?
monosceros: @wildpeaks I mean, the game sometimes basically throws you into first person :P
Notbri: @Invitare he knows
amuseoffirebane: nice!
Invitare: no I was responding to the person in chat who asked
Fulufu_: Sekiro was a bit better in that things like pillars and fences would become see-through if the camera got close to it.
Notbri: @Invitare my bad!!
Lysander_Gustav: I find it distressing that some of the monster death cries sound similar to the player character's. Makes me think the player character died.
wildpeaks: given how the camera is behaving, sometimes it's zero person mode
Mister_Skittles: Cam is so much better at this game tha tme omg!
Invitare: there's a flicker of shadow too, which is an interesting visual note
monosceros: is that audio tell worth hearing all the screaming, though?
DarkAbyssKeeper: Jmonkey, but p1 is also weak to bolt and fire, which carries over to p2.
monosceros: ngl it's starting to give me a headache as well
gek0h: 15 vials still cameron's really starting to vibe in phase 1
Notbri: Nice!
How_Do_I_Shoot: good job
Konda020946: phse 2
Mister_Skittles: GJ Cam,
amuseoffirebane: awesome!
wildpeaks: woohoo, fancy sword time
Ferisar: *installing p2 patterns*
Mister_Skittles: he stop screaming now
lucasbune: This was good.
Jmonkey49: stay behind to dodge AOE
gek0h: you've definitely got what it takes to beat him, with the current build and gear you have
Robot_Bones: Phase 2 Electric Boogaloo
I_Am_Clockwork: Sword time! :D
cyplix8: It's weird that we didn't notice that shiny sword during the first round.
Leonhart321: God, that scream is making my ears ring
Invitare: sometimes it takes forever for the music to transition...
Ferisar: uhmmm
Ferisar: would not advise
Matt_Cowdery: dont risk it
gek0h: no you can't stagger the charge attack reliably
Mister_Skittles: would not advice you try
Invitare: I doubt it
gek0h: stagger will happen once towards the end of phase 1
Jmonkey49: from behind I think so
BogglesUrMind: Oh. He has a moonlght ultra greatsword?
gek0h: it's called holy moonlight sword in bloodborne, but yes
ReynardWrecca: Whenever I see Bloodborne, I always imagine Paul in that Crapshot - "Now last time we did get absolutely lrrEFF ed by Martyr Logarius..."
Invitare: it's also not an Ultra GS
Notbri: Good looks!!!
Notbri: NICE
BlueFingers5: YES!
gek0h: whoo the visceral
Porsgaard81: Yeah!
Ferisar: fuckkkk
TehAmelie: oh dear he got mad
Invitare: uh oh
Notbri: WHAT
gek0h: rip
Ferisar: i forgot
How_Do_I_Shoot: whomstdve
Notbri: What at all was that
sleepscience_: Daaaaaaaamn
amuseoffirebane: wha
cyplix8: that seamed super fair
gek0h: that's a hard attack to warn you about
Invitare: yeah that attack
GhostValv: D:
FreaQU: wat
Mister_Skittles: i didnt want to spoil that. he does it at 25% and only once
MacSquizzy: You have to strafe that big slam
Leonhart321: EXCUSE ME
drowbard: wtf
Uzumaki15: Wat?
Invitare: it's a one-shot
How_Do_I_Shoot: what dragon ball z bull shit was that
I_Am_Clockwork: Huh
GrizzmastahFlex: ooooooh, I think that was a cone attack
Ritaspirithntr: Well that was a beam
Konda020946: i did not remember that
Ferisar: okay yeah if he ever does an Overhead charge up you want to just get to his sides
lucasbune: The classic "you stood in the wrong half of the map" attack
Orgmastron: Cool attack!
Notbri: Christ, they just can't have a phase without some bullshit in it huh
TehAmelie: well, new record
I_Am_Clockwork: Cool game :p
Ferisar: it's just a frontal cone
Jmonkey49: stay behind to avoid that
simriel: Yeah he does that precisely once, and you need to get out of the cone
Ferisar: i totally forgot
gek0h: but yeah after he lifts his sword (and does a close range aoe) he slams it down and does a long range cone attack. his slam has terrible short-range tracking, but there's an AOE right before it
How_Do_I_Shoot: really good attempt tho
Mister_Skittles: its a cone in front of him he does at 25% after the knockbacka round him
Invitare: that happens around 25% health, just so you know
I_Am_Clockwork: Very solid phase 1
BogglesUrMind: I do hate bosses that kill you with attacks you only get a chance to learn on 5% of runs.
Ferisar: haha yeeeeah
Notbri: It's true, I think once he does that it takes a long, long time before he can do it again.
How_Do_I_Shoot: each of these fights is seriously stressful to watch
Notbri: Which isn
gek0h: cameron is cracking their code
AtomicAlchemical: It looked like the AOE hit you twice. It looked like there might be a window of 1-2 seconds to heal between the hits
Orgmastron: yeeeeah
Ferisar: on the bright side once you do the dodge past him he's open to get smacked around
Leonhart321: He appears to be doing a charge attack that is similar but completely different to his other charge attack
Invitare: it also staggers first, so if you're anywhere in front of him you're just doing to die anyway
Jmonkey49: alll attacks can be dodged behind him
Mister_Skittles: you almost survived it, the hunters bone seem to suit you
gek0h: we've been robbed
Snowcookies: it'd be great if they left you off at the last phase you were fighting
BrindleBoar: they're on the right side from the entrance
wildpeaks: well fiddlesticks
ChaoticFool: That horse really needs a hug
TehAmelie: that one didn't seem as bad as the stray demon's "make a giant fireball explode at some incomprehensible point mid-air behind you"
Leonhart321: As you come in, right hand bone oike
ThatBoyf: The attack that kills you so hard it deletes your souls as well
Notbri: @Snowcookies Is there a boss like that other than something like bed of Chaos?
gek0h: don't worry you'll kill him this time and then you can find the souls
Ferisar: haha oh yeah what's that about
TXC2: Snowcookies Bed of Chaos may the only boss that ever does that :p
Ferisar: weird location
monosceros: they are where he killed you from lol
Invitare: the game saves the location a few seconds before you die
monosceros: that's weird
gek0h: ^
simriel: That's a really good question
gek0h: if you run off a cliff the souls do not end up at the bottom of the cliff. the souls are saved to several seconds before you died.
TehAmelie: heck, that's like 1/3 of a level there
Snowcookies: idk I don't play fromgames
CaptainSpam: Ludwig, you're kinda a dink.
Ferisar: ludwig's response: "AAAAA"
Ferisar: best, - ludwig
Lysander_Gustav: I've never seen someone fight this boss before now. Is it from a DLC?
Mister_Skittles: I'm just focusing on the shiney new sword on the otherwise of this demon horse man
Ferisar: it is indeed @Lysander_Gustav
simriel: Oof
Vyous: Oof
simriel: Big OOf
Ferisar: pretty understandable anger
MacSquizzy: Damn I wanted to mow the lawn today but it sounds like it's about to rain
Notbri: It's a strange time... we're all very strange in it
HorusFive: Ugh.
TehAmelie: if you fall out of bounds your souls just stay on the last solid ground you touched though
TXC2: Idiots Cameron, idiots are partying
wildpeaks: I miss outside
gek0h: there's a lot of good reasons to be redirecting anger at ludwig aside from his stupid ugly horse face
Vyous: The Mayor of LA started to turn off water to residences that were holding large parties.
Ferisar: lol
simriel: I took a little trip out this week, it massively improved my mental health and ability to deal with it all. It was just a few hours but it helped a LOT
Saphire282: Haha, that's brilliant @Vyous
The_Color_Twelve: Ah crazy old horse ... guy. This takes me back
Manae: Meanwhile in GA they suspended a kid for posting a picture of how crowded and mask-less the school was
WiltLeafWanderer: People make bad choices. Large gatherings are a punt on a cosmic scale these days
Ferisar: ohh yeah that may help if you have some phys resists
sleepscience_: Your dodge timing on this fight seems excellent now
gek0h: i'd be glad to help you figure out if you're using the best weapon gems that you have available
magicdale: I dont have much expirence with bloodborne, does this boss have a weakness to fire or anything that could help make the boss easier?
FinalShowFilms: Do you have the rune that gives you more blood vials?
LarkSachrosis: "Surgical Long Gloves". Why do those words sound weird in that order to me?
The_Color_Twelve: The great bane of drunk souls
Notbri: I think at this point a recalibration might be in order
TehAmelie: how much did that visceral do anyway? it didn't seem like a game changer
ThatBoyf: Yeah situation is much better in germany by now, so we thought we could try our weekly DnD session again, and the week after one of my players coworkers was diagnosed. Luckily nothing came of it and we are all negative, but back to online we go.
Ferisar: "no you can't leave not allowed"
The_Color_Twelve: He plays for keeps
BlueFingers5: Yeah I Always hated those "here's what not to do" things
simriel: That was a helluva dick move From
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FinalShowFilms: If you load in offline mode you don't get those.
Notbri: How dare you try to cut your losses and run, says From!
gek0h: so for your arcane build, in addition to a single fire gem, the gems you're hoping to find in your inventory say "+ % ATK". there is a 9% and a 15% ATK gem available in the base game pre-DLC
FinalShowFilms: The shadows of other players that is
Jmonkey49: unsolt the fire gem for damage gems
CompletelyUnsure: Fun fact: I you fall asleep to the sounds Cam grinding Ludwig, your dream will be real fucked up.
monosceros: probably having a snooze somewhere not fighting ludwig
gek0h: gherman is sometimes asleep behind the workshop
simriel: probably out back snoozing
gek0h: two fire atk gems is great yeah
Jmonkey49: use pure damage
gek0h: the only thing they combine well with is +% ATK
Ferisar: i think your rune layout is as good as it gets for arcane
Ferisar: @Jmonkey49 cam is like 36 points deep into arcane
TXC2: chat don't backseat
gek0h: if you have +beast damage gems that works for phase 1
sleepscience_: If you ever intentionally or accidentally hit Gehrman even once then he's disappeared
Jmonkey49: use the empty Phantasm shell to apply arcane to blade
Matt_Cowdery: Orgrimmar
Mister_Skittles: @Jmonkey49 he has a fire sword so it doesnt work
Milocw: maybe the caryll runes, not much but you could get 7% more resistance to physical
FinalShowFilms: Can't jmonkey because it's already fire based.
sleepscience_: I hit Gehrman right at the very beginning of my playthrough, I think unintentionally heh
gek0h: he's too relentless to use the hunter tools well in phase 1, but you *can* try things like the executioners gloves in phase 2
Jmonkey49: but if you unslot the fire gems
FinalShowFilms: Yeah Clawmark and blood raptures probably aren't going to be as useful here as having more blood vials or more physical damage reduction
Ferisar: yeah lake and great lake both might help a bit
Milocw: down by the lake runes should be a 4% all and 3 % physical that should be useful
Jmonkey49: use the shell before entering arena
I_Am_Clockwork: The boss were fighting is more resistant to arcane than fire
gek0h: double fire gems against ludwig will be better than the shell buff
I_Am_Clockwork: Or so I remember
BlueFingers5: is there a rune that fixes the camera?
p3nguinkin: More VIT?
FinalShowFilms: Lake and Great Lake both help with your defense
Jmonkey49: @i_am_clockwork phase 1 is weak to arcane
WiltLeafWanderer: Boosted defense seems fine? But maybe not priority
Mister_Skittles: maybe the runes that increase defence
FinalShowFilms: Lake, Great Lake, and Arcane Lake maybe
Notbri: Might be worth a shot. Anything is at this point, right?
Ferisar: yeah a bit of help is still a bit of help
monosceros: could be the difference between a one shot and a 2 shot
Ferisar: i wanna say any long range sword stuff is arcane but anything that hits is physical
Jmonkey49: cam what is strength stat?
Ferisar: or split physical at least
gek0h: if you want to find it, you can get a +9% ATK gem from the Forbidden Woods to improve your third gem slot
FinalShowFilms: The sword does phys and arcane. I think he only has the one thrust attack so vs. blunt can be your focus
TXC2: Jmonkey49 Cameron is not going into strength,
Milocw: I am unsure if the sword is physical or blunt, I only noticed that arcane helped
Notbri: He has pretty high Arcane defense in phase 2, but like you said, damage isn't the proplem.
gek0h: ludwig is weak to serrated and fire
gek0h: not blunt or arcane
Jmonkey49: @txc2 I get that I just wanted to know
FinalShowFilms: Gekoh, we're talking about our defense, not Ludwig's
gek0h: oh, we're talking his resists
Jmonkey49: I would never ask someone to respec
Invitare: the pro-gamer move would be switching this all mid-fight
monosceros: the pro gamer move is enduring any of this at all :)
Milocw: first phase I definitely took less damage going blunt, more importantly I survived the charge after going blunt
Jmonkey49: but use of empty Phantasm shell would work to apply arcane to blade
Snowcookies: the pro-chat move is not nagging streamers
Ferisar: hahaha
Mister_Skittles: there are runes that increase stamina but i don't know where they are
FinalShowFilms: You can only use empty phantasm shell on non-elemental blades jmonkey
Notbri: Straight into the trash, you got it.
FinalShowFilms: It doesn't work because Ludwig's blade is currently fire
Mister_Skittles: i would, its creepy lookin
TehAmelie: hehe, nag. horse joeks
simriel: Nah if you put it directly up your butt you get a secret bonus buff
krfsm: @Mister_Skittles the Clockwise Metamorphosis (or Anti-Clockwise, I don't remember)
simriel: Just... right up there
Ferisar: like he could reslot all the gems into phys but also like honestly that isn't the problem because then he'd have to reapply the arcane buff
I_Am_Clockwork: Huh what did someone call me?
Ferisar: which is just going to disrupt the fight patterns already learned
Mister_Skittles: @krfsm i think they increase stamina by like 20% but i dont remember where they are
gek0h: so I think I heard that we haven't finished the last 2-3 mandatory story bosses?
gek0h: like, pre-nightmare bosses
monosceros: this is a damn fine look
krfsm: one is in Forbidden Woods, but I don't remember where the other is
DarkAbyssKeeper: Bah, just got Vicar Amelia down to a non-visible health bar.
RebekahWSD: I like the flow of the coat/cloak
Ferisar: we haave four bosses left, i think @gek0h in the main story
Orgmastron: That's a solid look
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
monosceros: poops today, poops tomorrow
Ferisar: salutes
GapFiller: poo w/ great immediacy
Notbri: !advice
LRRbot: This node doesn't working in test run.
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: Stroke the wurm.
PixelArtDragon: !flan
Jmonkey49: @ferisar not if it did more damage
hunkajunk: !adult
LRRbot: I need a different adult!
GapFiller: LRRbot yr gave that advice yesterday!
PixelArtDragon: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
Notbri: There we go!
monosceros: LRRBot is just into stroking the wurm
gek0h: did cameron do the inside of Iosefka's Clinic?
TXC2: !findquote stroke
LRRbot: Quote #2948: "I can't stroke the katana? What a shame." —Graham [2016-07-13]
monosceros: he did
TXC2: gek0h yes
Notbri: !findquote poop
Notbri: Oh right I should sub
gek0h: so he just missed the +9% gem when running through poison cave, sadly
TXC2: !findquote poop
LRRbot: Quote #511: "I have a variety of poop-related slang." —Kathleen [2015-07-21]
Ferisar: which 9% is it?
Ferisar: phys?
Ferisar: oh the fire gem
gek0h: +9% ATK near the undead giants in the poison cave
birbwizard: its been awhile...... i wonder if chat can give helpful advice yet......
gek0h: no, the fire gem is by the brain sucker in cathedral ward, after the BSB unlock elevator and the workshop drop
Ferisar: ah okay
gek0h: he got two fire gems though, so I think he might have got his current fire gems from random drops
Ferisar: i'm pretty bad at knowing where the gems are since i've never really done arcane
GapFiller: see the problem is the idea of chat giving advice being anything other than foundationally misconceived
Ferisar: and phys gems kind of rain down everywhere
gek0h: without knowing where the 5 relevant gems are, arcane weapons are trash compared to hunter tools
gek0h: it's a frustrating system for beginners. from soft why.
Ferisar: idk, seems to be doing okay
birbwizard: @gapfiller your right of course however i have some hope.
gek0h: yeah you can't play the game without finding phys gems
monosceros: fromsoft? frustrating? never!
gek0h: if you want the game to hold your hand always spec strength
Zaghrog: Strength build seems to always be the beginner path in any Souls-like
birbwizard: hit it harder strategy.
Jmonkey49: you don't have to go strength but hitting soft caps always helps
kynelwynn: *coughs nervoiusly in Dark magic >.>*
GapFiller: seems weirdly fitting to watch 4 streams on one monitor while reading abt St Di of the Landmines being the 1st post privacy pioneer on antoher
gek0h: the other builds are great once you've learned how the stat/weapon/damage systems all relate
gek0h: but the game tells you that weapons have both scaling in strength AND scaling in arcane, and that's just not true
FinalShowFilms: Meanwhile, back in Dark Souls 2, I'm at the part where FromSoft forgot they weren't making a platforming game.
gek0h: unless they're hybrids (not many)
Ferisar: well, given cam is going for the sword on this boss's back i think he'll be fine
gek0h: yeah, that's the other frustrating part of non-strength builds
gek0h: they are SO GOOD when you hit NG+
Jmonkey49: @gek0h it doesn't help the put the best weapons in the dlc
Notbri: How's everyone feeling?
gek0h: cam's gonna be fine and ludwigs gonna die soon, but i feel for him trying to evaluate the difficulty of the boss and not knowing the extra challenge he's facing
krfsm: had a quite good pho for dinner, that's nice
gek0h: vs a +10 saw cleaver strength build
Notbri: Hahahaha
Ferisar: meh, it's fine
Notbri: I'm sure he knows the full extent of the challenge
simriel: yeah Ludwig is a helluva difficulty spike
FinalShowFilms: He does know the challenge he's facing.
Notbri: Don't you worry about that
simriel: but it's achievable
Ferisar: i remember watching someone two shot the boss by just making whirligig go brrrr
TXC2: and we're back
Ferisar: which is just kinda
gek0h: you can't really know the challenge until you have something to compare it to IMO but obviously he knows what's what
amuseoffirebane: welcome back!
sleepscience_: There are probably at least 4 or 5 bosses in every Souls game that I have a very similar experience to this with
FinalShowFilms: gek0h, this isn't the first time he's played bloodborne.
FinalShowFilms: Or a souls game.
Notbri: @gek0h He knows.
kynelwynn: You got this!
FinalShowFilms: Non-STR builds are -always- harder than STR builds. It's not some secret knowledge.
p3nguinkin: export footage... havn't heard that one before
How_Do_I_Shoot: you refocused , you energized
How_Do_I_Shoot: get out there and get it
Ferisar: idk i found this ancient manuscript from scotland that says "str is ez"
How_Do_I_Shoot: ewww
TXC2: Push a Git update
Ferisar: maybe it is ancient secret knowledge
Leonhart321: As long as there was no artificing
Laurreth: what solvent did you use?
krfsm: "pour a heineken"
Critterbot: Not getting the vials?
Notbri: Good luck!
Mister_Skittles: Get out there and stab Ludwig in his presumably manly balls
aussie_rob_w: Can’t sleep.
aussie_rob_w: How’s Ludwig?
TXC2: aussie_rob_w loud
Milocw: so have been playing along, build can succeed, know what your missing, you need a cat to sit on your lap, thats what did it for me
wildpeaks: screechy boi
JaymicUnyielding: His backdash has a hitbox and it's absolutely disgusting
Ferisar: i think the cat would not appreciate fighting ludwig's
Ferisar: screaming
wildpeaks: ow sorry to hear you're having a headache :(
gek0h: all of ludwig's attack hiboxes are frankly disgusting
Zaghrog: the screeching is definitely quite grating
lirazel64: You won't get an argument from me about the volume.
gek0h: Yharnam ASMR
Ritaspirithntr: After a few fights one tends to go deft from the screeming
lirazel64: As long as you can hear the tells.
Milocw: I think ludwigs screaming is what caused him to sit with me, sat down and stuffed his head into my stomach
wildpeaks: I hope this boss drops a sweet katana at least
Invitare: you could take a break and do some main game. Get the screaming out of your head
sleepscience_: I'm finding the volume being lower to be nice as well haha
BrindleBoar: a sweet excalibtana
TXC2: Invitare we just had a break
gek0h: a 'break' as in a return to earlier parts of the game, i think
Milocw: if volume is bugging you keep it down, if anything having my cat sit with me calmed me down, so
Orgmastron: @wildpeaks He drops a sweet greatsword, which is pretty close
Invitare: yeah the rest of the game
wildpeaks: nice
p3nguinkin: is Ludvig fused with his horse?
wildpeaks: it appears so
gek0h: yeah fighting him with 1h weapons is kinda silly, the 2h modes miss enough as is
Greyah: Ah, the fume knight problem.
Notbri: Real good looks.
amuseoffirebane: alright!
Angnor33: phase 2?
Notbri: Let's go.
Milocw: plus while its small, the brief pauses in his movement when he gets staggered while cam is 2 handing seems to help
HorusFive: lrrCAMERON_SG
Lysander_Gustav: the online wiki isn't very helpful for this boss, besides "his sides are vulnerable, his limbs don't regnerate after breaking. Try fire/bolt paper, and dodging" Great job wiki. Very helpful.
lirazel64: Ok... my city government just sent out a reverse 911 about our rising positive rate.
HalvariChan: You've actually seen most of phase 2's attacks
HalvariChan: afaik
Invitare: yeah Phase 2 is widely regarded as easier
gek0h: your other souls experience is translating better into phase 2 i think
gek0h: was harder for me since BB was my first souls game
FroggoPrince: oh bby, we Ludwig
TXC2: lirazel64 that sounds bad, stay safe
lirazel64: *joins Ludwig in screaming for a while*
Invitare: the key is to stay close enough that when he does the OHKO you can get behing him
niccus: the movement is more measured but that's still a big freaking sword
Ferisar: nice
Invitare: here it comes
Ferisar: niiice niiice
amuseoffirebane: yes!!
Invitare: nice
Notbri: Nice!
Invitare: Teh Urn detected
Critterbot: I believe!
niccus: no run is a run until it's the run
gek0h: c'mon second stagger, give us a second stagger you stupid dog food
peejeeful: holding breath
Invitare: NotLikeThis
How_Do_I_Shoot: we can do it
Invitare: out of heals
gek0h: one of them is going to die
Ferisar: fuck yeah
TheWooglie: GG
gek0h: GG man
Ferisar: GG
Biomonkey01: FIRST TRY!
TheWooglie: Clap
BlueFingers5: YESS!!!!
accountmadeforants: lrrHORN
FinalShowFilms: GG
JaymicUnyielding: THE BEAST IS DEAD
How_Do_I_Shoot: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
kynelwynn: Put on church set
Mister_Skittles: FUCK YES
amuseoffirebane: DAB
Porsgaard81: Yes!
kynelwynn: WOOT
Caldurin: wooo!
drowbard: YES!!!!
Lysander_Gustav: yas!
RobotInProgress: YEEEEEEES
Zaghrog: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Notbri: YES!
Greyah: You did it!
TehAmelie: lrrGOAT
monosceros: HELL YES!
krfsm: HSWP limesYay
Jmonkey49: Gottem
hunkajunk: YAY CAM!
Milocw: WHOOT
HalvariChan: WOOOH!
ThatBoyf: Well earned victory dab
Driosenth: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Lordofironstorm: WOOOOO
Luminaire_p: unarmeClick
FenrisSchafer: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
How_Do_I_Shoot: you dd it
Orgmastron: FUCK YEAH
ritchards: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LarkSachrosis: lrrGOAT lrrHORN
Ferisar: haha you played that so well, lmao
ZethRuss: first try
Notbri: CAm!
rolimka: FUCK YEAH
Angnor33: lrrGOAT lrrHORN
BrindleBoar: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
peejeeful: woot
simriel: OOOH! The Visceral kilL! Woohoo!
RobotInProgress: DAB DAB DAB
TheWooglie: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Caldurin: Good job!
Lysander_Gustav: yay
smasngrab: Nice! grats
CAKHost: GAME!!!!!!
hunkajunk: We love you Cam ^_^
Ritaspirithntr: YOU DID IT!!!!!
FroggoPrince: truly you are the bloodborne
lirazel64: HUZZAH!!A
Critterbot: GOT THERE! :D
dbhkyle: DABS WILDLY
Amentur: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
gek0h: made phase 2 look so much easier than my first time fighting ludwig
I_Am_Clockwork: Yeeeeeeaaaah!
wildpeaks: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Angnor33: Nice!
FinalShowFilms: Now go talk to his head
MacSquizzy: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Greyah: Congrulation!
simriel: Someone clip that reaction!
amuseoffirebane: I'm so happy for you!!!!!
accountmadeforants: benginTry
Greyah: First try!
TheHaCoFo: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Angnor33: lrrGOAT lrrHORN
PixelArtDragon: FUCK YEAH!
Snowcookies: Woot, Got there!
WiltLeafWanderer: FUCK YES
kynelwynn: lrrHAM hopeLove lrrHEART lrrFINE
Lucien0451: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
peejeeful: first try
Notbri: I'm SO HAPPY for yoU!!!!!
simriel: The Hahooo
vmob: congratulations Cam!
PixelArtDragon: HUZZAH
iris_of_ether: benginDab benginDab benginDab lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART unarmeOkay unarmeGameplay
krfsm: first try every try
abadcat: aaaaaa
wildpeaks: you deserve an ice cream
Perchipy: Good job!
TXC2 hugs Cameron
drowbard: Oh that looked so good
Jmonkey49: YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lysander_Gustav: hahaha
TheWooglie: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Notbri: Ding ding!!
dbhkyle: SAVE
Snowcookies: !clip
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monosceros: HIGHLIGHTS
Notbri: Level up
Invitare: so Cam, thoughts on that boss?
storiers: congrats!
Notbri: !
Angnor33: lrrHEART lrrAWESOME lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrHORN lrrHORN
DarkAbyssKeeper: The secret was not to be given a headache?
Notbri: SO YEah
NonjaBiru: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
adun007: Good Work!
GapFiller: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT cheer100 VICTOLY
ZethRuss: delete the prior vods
kynelwynn: Now you answer the question. Wear church garb and say Yes
Jmonkey49: Congrats!!!!!!!
simriel: You look SO happy my dude
lirazel64: PowerUpL CrreamAwk
chefryto90: benginDab benginDab benginDab
kynelwynn: Or say no
Angnor33: That has to feel good.
Ritaspirithntr: Go celebrate around the Moonbase like a MAD PERSON!!!
WiltLeafWanderer: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
KrummyAmI: lrrAWESOME
Invitare: do not attack the head
Milocw: now talk to the head on the ground
Ida_N01: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Notbri: So, now that it's behind you, how do you feel?
Jmonkey49: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Mister_Skittles: go tak to his head over there
TXC2: Fuck that feels good
HalvariChan: There we go! Second easiest boss in the DLC beaten!!
Anubis169: Congratulations Cam lrrAWESOME
Perchipy: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Invitare: put on church clothes and talk to the head
RobotInProgress: delete prior vods? there are no other vods
lirazel64: PowerUpL lrrCAMERON PowerUpR
Notbri: Like, how do you feel about the boss design and stuff
fireredcrimson: I am so thankful I jumped on here just to see you finally defeat him!!
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gek0h: this is when you put on church clothes
FinalShowFilms: You are wearing church clothes
Milocw: your good
CAKHost: Now talk to the head
Ferisar: anything with a scraf counts as church
Notbri: Yeah, you get different dialogue!
How_Do_I_Shoot: theres the endorphins
Notbri: Yep!
Milocw: excutioner is church
Ida_N01: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrCAMERON lrrHORN lrrHORN
Leonhart321: Put on some church garb and talk to the head
Matt_Cowdery: gascoignes works too
gek0h: the executioners set is church clothes, plus choir
Notbri: And you just need a single piece
krfsm: yes, choir does (as does executioner)
smasngrab: what er all learned from this is that Fromsofts camra is the real boss monster
Porsgaard81: That was a good fight.
FinalShowFilms: Say 'Yes
gek0h: there's no wrong answers
margravetech: yes
Ferisar: yeah they're doing
Ferisar: great
TXC2: so Sparta is a place here?
wildpeaks: aww
niccus: uhhhhhhhh
kynelwynn: Big hugs to Ludwig
wildpeaks: only dreams now
Leonhart321: No, they're monsters like you *mashes to bloody paste *
gek0h: NB pthumerians
TXC2: Guy and Gals and non-binary pals
CAKHost: They are good people!...Not beasts!
ritchards: go to that light
Notbri: Thoughts about Ludwig, now that's megadead?
Jmonkey49: Did cam ever meet Simon?
Ferisar: and there it is
Mister_Skittles: we got a new thing
krfsm: there you go
gek0h: pretty sure we talked to simon
kynelwynn: Praise the moonlight
Manae: Oh my god I go to get my wife from work and you go and kill him without me getting to witness it :( Now I gotta wait for the VoDs
PixelArtDragon: Hunters of all shape, ability, and gender
Luminaire_p: ARE you though?
niccus: easiest boss in the game, never a problem
Mister_Skittles: dont worry. maria is next
Vaelith: moonlight sword Pog
FroggoPrince: That MUSIC though
FinalShowFilms: And now you have the upgraded version of the sword you're using now.
Biomonkey01: So, is just alive like this forever? Cuz he's still moving
Greyah: I love the Ludwig fight tbh. It's one of my favorites.
Ferisar: maria is SICK
Lysander_Gustav: is there a way to replay bosses?
Leonhart321: Stockholm Syndrome setting in hard I see
Notbri: Hell yeah! GG Cam!
Invitare: so are you going back to the main game now? You've got the big sword
amuseoffirebane: I'm so happy for you!
kynelwynn: Light the lamp!
Ferisar: the drugs
accountmadeforants: You'll probably love Maria, then.
monosceros: you pay them to flagellate you
FinalShowFilms: Don't forget to light the lamp!
Notbri: I'm all jittery!
auxv: well you got more comin
krfsm: the CATHARSIS
HalvariChan: Light lamp and check out sword?
gek0h: very important to go get some more blood vials right now
Ferisar: the winny drugs
Angnor33: Well don.
TXC2: the endorphins children!
PixelArtDragon: Phase 2 looks like a genuinely fun fight
RobotInProgress: :)
WiltLeafWanderer: Now to charge up the Chonkest Sword
simriel: Yeah that feeling when you beat a difficult boss is just amazing
CAKHost: We all saw it. Cam beat it so quickly!
Ferisar: enjoy your magic sword
Critterbot: Oh I bet the feeling of satisfaction is awesome!
TehAmelie: it's all worth it isn't it
Notbri: How do we get to the clocktower?
Vaelith: that's probably my favorite weapon in the game
JaymicUnyielding: A well-earned victory!
Ferisar: parrying gwyn is so sad
gek0h: does anyone know if cameron got ludwig's eyeball or whatever
Leonhart321: You did the thing and got the Shiny sword you wanted out of it, now we load that baby up to 10 and ride to Valhalla
Notbri: Parry god
Invitare: so remember there's a spell you want arcane for. Or maybe you want more damage scaling?
gek0h: sorry, laurence* eyeball
Amentur: Yeah Gwyn is ... less interesting
Vaelith: the shiniest sword
TXC2: oh I've beaten Gywn without parrying, it's....difficult
drowbard: The best feeling these fights give me is that feeling that you finally did everything right and overcame through the application of hard earned knowledge
Notbri: That's true, is it just Moonlight sword to the end of the game?
FreaQU: Also, Solaire can almost solo Gwyn
Lysander_Gustav: nice
simriel: Gwyn is such a sad boss, and I think that's on purpose. He is a fraction of his true self
Notbri: Wow that's sexy.
TXC2: fancy sword
ritchards: looks a lot smaller on you...
gek0h: moonlight sword is basically ideal for cameron's build
Leonhart321: I wish I could get there with Kalhameet
Ferisar: notably your gun attack in transform mode costs QS
PixelArtDragon: Gwyn is pretty disappointing for being a "final boss of the game"
Greyah: And now for one of the coolest weapons in the game.
Lysander_Gustav: such a pretty sword
CAKHost: Spacy sword
FinalShowFilms: So long as you have bullets, your R2 and L2 charge attacks do ranged sword beams with that
iris_of_ether: Moonlight Sword is always fab
GapFiller: ohhh lookit that sword
Ferisar: lmfao
Milocw: arcane and attack gems in ludwigs
GapFiller: doesnt it feel SO good to hold it
Vaelith: this DLC is legit some of From's best work
gek0h: you only want arcane gems (not bolt or fire) for moonlight sword, but you can use physical gems in it fine because it's hybrid damage
sleepscience_: GAH I missed it
sleepscience_: Stupid work
Invitare: can you guy those ones?
TehAmelie: i never felt that, maybe cause Kalameet is just totally optional
simriel: That was funny
Mister_Skittles: its my favouate weapon in this game
Jmonkey49: also up Quicksilver bullets
Notbri: @sleepscience_ It's clipped!
Milocw: 16 total
kynelwynn: The sad boss in Dark Souls is King Vendrick, imo
Robot_Bones: 16
TXC2: Gale is stupid hard
Ferisar: 3 5 8
gek0h: 16 to go +1 to +4
Invitare: Gael is a great send-off for the Dark Souls franchise
Leonhart321: 3, 5, 8 yeah
simriel: Gael is a wonderful final phase, and his story is just perfect
Robot_Bones: 16 total
Greyah: Gael is wild. Seems pretty often the DLC bosses from FromSoft games are really tough huh.
Milocw: 3 more bad math
gek0h: need 3 more blood stone shard (16 total)
TehAmelie: ditto, Cameron
Robot_Bones: its plus one already
krfsm: he had three
Ferisar: gael is very well regarded as a boss fight for sure
gek0h: it's showing him as 3 short
Mister_Skittles: you should put the sword in "2 handed" mode Cam
gek0h: hm
wjzardry: Did we beat ludwig or are we powering up?
Milocw: oh missed you got it to +1, my bad
Invitare: the most fun I ever had in DS3 was a co-op run
simriel: I hold that the true ending for DS3 is Gael
TXC2: wjzardry we beat him
Notbri: Lud's toast, bb.
wjzardry: @TXC2 nice!
Mister_Skittles: crush some manmans knowedlge
Leonhart321: I only need to go Kahl and Gael before finishing the game at this point. The problem is I have to do Kahlameet and Gael
FinalShowFilms: Because you lost 40 insight
Ferisar: dumping insight increases beasthood meter
Mister_Skittles: you lost insight
gek0h: losing insight changes both frenzy resist and beast meter charge
Greyah: Those fill up when their max goes up.
Lysander_Gustav: I watched my brother fight that one boss from 3, the dragon rider in the middle of a sandstorm. It was wild.
I_Am_Clockwork: Dropping 40 insight will do that
Notbri: Instant madness!
Milocw: maximum resistance is based on how much insight you don't have
HalvariChan: Loss of Insight makes you temporarily beastly
Notbri: Just eating tabs of acid, basically
Ferisar: yeah your maximum goes up
krfsm: can you get Eileen's gear
krfsm: ?
FinalShowFilms: Your resists change, so your gauges change
gek0h: basically the game punishes you for hoarding insight, and so when you sell the insight your meters change beneficially
Ferisar: it reduces frenzy resist but it decreases your beasthood as well
gek0h: but when your meters increase they seem like they have a value
Ferisar: and beasthood is for beast blood pellets
kynelwynn: Insight and Beast are on a scale, yes. So by lowering Insight you raised your frenzy/beast "score"
lirazel64: Glad I was here for the end of Ludwig.
Matt_Cowdery: no it increases it since you know more you're less susceptible to it
Greyah: And as a balancing factor, the bars start filled up so you can't like, increase your max mid-combat to your advantage.
Ferisar: it's in the regular shop
Ferisar: with the badge
FinalShowFilms: Eileen's gear is in the regular shop
HalvariChan: I think Eileen is the regular echo fountain
krfsm: ah, right
Milocw: when resistance goes up the new part of the bar starts filled
I_Am_Clockwork: It drops the min, but not the current value?
Leonhart321: Eileen is the normal shop yeah
Mister_Skittles: you go slightly mad because your a moment you can see things you cannot complehend
Notbri: Now that's one hell of a sword.
Invitare: Titanite Slab
Zaghrog: Different shop for EIleen stuff
simriel: Blood blood, for your blood
Milocw: also eileens gear is in the blood echo shop
FinalShowFilms: Phys and Arcane ATK up
TXC2: BLOODROCK written and drawn by Rob Liefield Kappa
Ferisar: atk up 9% is very good
Jmonkey49: blood rock in nightmare of mensis
HorusFive: Wait, I walked away for a minute. Do I need to VOD to see the end of Ludvig?
FinalShowFilms: Or just gneric 'ATK up'
Ferisar: for hybrids
kynelwynn: Blood Rock is the Titanite Slab. You only get one in a normal playthrough (Or is it two? I know the DLC adds one)
Leonhart321: Blood Rock was my Lordi cover band
krfsm: one in base game
Mister_Skittles: @kynelwynn 2, there is one in the dlc
krfsm: and they get added in insight shop but costs 60 insight or so
gek0h: ATK will boost both the physical damage and the arcane damage dealt by the sword
gek0h: it has two modes
krfsm: after Wet Nurse I wanna say?
Ferisar: chalices afaik
Milocw: chalice
gek0h: there's a 15% ATK gem you can get in the end of the story
FinalShowFilms: Yeah wet nurse adds blood rocks to your insight shop
gek0h: main game, not DLC story
Ferisar: actually i will say there is one cool-ass bone witch looking armor from the chalice dungeons that's fairly early
Ferisar: which looks excellent
simriel: not gonna lie I love Chalice Dungeons
Enmity777: Aren't there ATK gems later in the DLC? I might be misremembering
Milocw: will be some gems in the DLC that should be usable as well
gek0h: no, several bosses before the "go to NG+" end of the game bosses
Mister_Skittles: transform the sword Cam... do it....
FinalShowFilms: He saw it already Skittles
Greyah: The MLG absolutely obliterates enemies from Cainhurst, which is kinda funny.
kynelwynn: You can shoot lazer beams now
FinalShowFilms: He's napping somewhere in the garden.
Ferisar: back to hermany
gek0h: there's also a +18% arcane gem in the same area as the +15% ATK gem
Mister_Skittles: fully charged r2 in transform state makes me happy
Ferisar: i apologize
TXC2: for a walk?
lirazel64: Love the pleats.
kumatsu: he can chill on the front loop, too
HalvariChan: Have you checked by the tree stump?
GamesAndInk: Hey Cam! You seem chipper today, happy to see it :)
Jmonkey49: equip runes to up QS bullets
Invitare: TXC2 he can't walk
CompletelyUnsure: Swords with wraps on them are 100% my shit.
gek0h: it's called Nightmare of Mensis
Milocw: FYI, both your R2 and L2 attacks use bullets while transformed
Robot_Bones: yeah he kind of effs off for a while
I_Am_Clockwork: Where have gone, joe demagio our nation turns its lonely eyes to you
Invitare: oh it's the main story
accountmadeforants: Yup
Ferisar: yeah you're actually right against that area after one reborn
FinalShowFilms: If you continue the story you'll find more gems basically
Ferisar: it's also definitely easier than the DLC at this point
gek0h: after micolash and before the next boss is where the gems are, on a hidden bridge area
accountmadeforants: "Doll, have you seen our cool sword?"
Invitare: yes
simriel: You are reminding me how much i adore this game. I need to do more Chalice Dungeons. I wanna fight Yarnham proper
Greyah: You bought some shards, so yeah, those cost a lot.
Lysander_Gustav: dang
TXC2: worth it
Invitare: all your Ludwig echoes
Leonhart321: Worth it, I'd say
I_Am_Clockwork: The rocks are expensive
wildpeaks: fancy sword
HalvariChan: DLC weapon upgrades are expensive but worth it
Ferisar: just in case you didn't see, eileen's set is available in the regular shop
Milocw: well there is more to the DLC
gek0h: advent plaza
SquirrelLord1111: Howdy, Did I miss Cam killing Ludwig?
Vaelith: there is much more DLC
WiltLeafWanderer: Don’t forget to adjust your runes?
FinalShowFilms: Did you go through the portal after the One Reborn?
Invitare: I'd definitely do the main story now, either way
HalvariChan: You have like... 3 more main bosses in the DLC
Leonhart321: Straight to Maria and one shot her like the god we have become?
Ferisar: i think advent plaza
Robot_Bones: Advent Plaza has an exit to night mare
Jmonkey49: lecture building second floor
gek0h: advent plaza is the last boss you killed
simriel: @SquirrelLord1111 It was glorious
Ferisar: felt like they helped a little for the fight
HalvariChan: There's not much more to the story, but in that case it's the Plaza
Matt_Cowdery: where is cam at in the main story?
FinalShowFilms: Lecture Building 2nd floor, which will be accessible from the lamp after the One Reborn boss area.
Ferisar: oh they are very good
SquirrelLord1111: Got it, cant wait for the VoD then @simriel
FinalShowFilms: Yes
Ferisar: yeah there are
Matt_Cowdery: yee
Mister_Skittles: yes
FinalShowFilms: There is also one that increases quicksilver bullets
Jmonkey49: Advent plaza takes you to lecture building second floor
gek0h: there are quicksilver bullet boosts yes
Leonhart321: Yeah
Jmonkey49: formless odeon
snazariah: theres one that restores bullets for vicerals
Ferisar: that would be so nice
Ferisar: yeah there's visceral bullets
gek0h: you can get health regen on visceral, but not HP
FinalShowFilms: Rally is when you regain health from hitting things.
Greyah: Oedon Writhe gives bullets on visceral.
Leonhart321: That would be useful
Jmonkey49: visceral up 200 hp
Ferisar: haha yeeeah
snazariah: yeah theres a healths one and a bullet one
gek0h: not health potions* HP is not the right term
Invitare: Oedon Writhe, the one Iosefka didn't drop?
Milocw: yep
Greyah: Sadly, yes.
Milocw: or by sending particular npc's to isoefka
snazariah: can you buy it?
CompletelyUnsure: What went wrong with yosefka?
Greyah: There is another one that can be found in *random chalice dungeons* which is the best one.
Ferisar: there's a +1 for killing the nun, +2 for killing iosefka, and +3 in the dungeons
Greyah: Because game design.
snazariah: you can buy some in the birdbath no?
FinalShowFilms: You can get it by killing Adella the Nun
gek0h: (+1) is obtained by killing Adella the Nun at Hypogean Gaol or sending her to Oedon's Chapel and killing her there. A second method is to send her to Iosefka's Clinic and collecting the heir rune from a kin.
FinalShowFilms: In Oedon chapel
gek0h: iosefka has the +2 version
Mister_Skittles: bullets + 4 is in the regular game
sleepscience_: Just watched the clip of beating Ludwig, have a dab from me sir
HalvariChan: Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice for +4 as a random dropp
HalvariChan: +3 I mean
TehAmelie: hmm does more blechoes from viscerals assume you kill things with them?
gek0h: we can't get to hypogeon gaol anymore anyways
Greyah: The one in the chalice dungeons is random, but you can use a seed to just get the one you want.
Mister_Skittles: this is from the wiki "A secret passage taking elevator leading to Healing Church Workshop in Cathedral Ward. Take the elevator up, turn around and roll to open rooftop. It's in a chest."
gek0h: you can get + to max bullets from 1 to 5
Ferisar: i forget, where does moon 2 come from?
FinalShowFilms: Oh, have you gone back to visit the lady of the evening yet?
Jmonkey49: blood rapture rune visceral restores hp
FinalShowFilms: In Oedon Chapel?
Vanbael: Afternoon cam and chat
gek0h: moon 2 is from the bottom of the stairs in micolash's arena
sleepscience_: So happy you still have all of the rest of the DLC to experience
Ferisar: ah ok
Greyah: I'm afraid not.
gek0h: you have to do the chalices in order essentially
planeswalkagogo: just tuned in, how exactly does the rune system work? Is it hot swap, or do they get consumed?
HalvariChan: Pthumeru Ihyll is quite a way down
gek0h: starting from pthumeru chalice and going upwards
Ferisar: further in the dungeons i think
Greyah: Let me see if I can find the chalice flowchart, because it's uh... a long road.
FinalShowFilms: Yeah, further in the dungeons
BrindleBoar: planeswalkagogo hot swap
simriel: The excitement you have for the game right now is amazing
Jmonkey49: @planeswalkagogo hotswap
HalvariChan: I think you get Ihyll after Defiled?
Robot_Bones: runes are hot swap
planeswalkagogo: thank goodness
FinalShowFilms: It's so you can have a number of dungeons saved and ready to go
Robot_Bones: yea
FinalShowFilms: If there are specific recurring resources you want to farm
Milocw: the chalice dungeon you did, somewhere on the 3 floor was the +2 formless oedon
Robot_Bones: any chalice at any spot
BrindleBoar: well - they can be changed at a workbench, rather, but they aren't consumed or destroyed unless you sell them
snazariah: try code 27fe7wh7
Sunrise_Laro: the grave Stones are just Slots/Saves to keep your dungeons open
gek0h: chalices can be preset or randomized, first you have to clear the "preset" version and then you unlock the ability to create or travel to randomized versions opened by the community
snazariah: that should have it
Robot_Bones: The chalice is all that matters
Greyah: No, the stone you put the chalice at does not matter except for the bottom one.
Malkaresh: I'm back. What's our status?
Milocw: layer three
Mister_Skittles: they tree out essentially. the depth of the chalance detwemins its difficulty
Milocw: yes
FinalShowFilms: Can't use codes unless you've unlocked a version of the chalice already unfortunately
TXC2: Malkaresh we beat Ludwig
SquirrelLord1111: It might be easier to look up than to rely on chat
HalvariChan: So if I remember correctly, you need to do the following chalices: Pthumeru - Central Pthumeru - Lower Pthumeru - Defiled - Pthumery Ihyll - Pthumery Ihyll Root
Greyah: There are simply multiple headstones so you can have multiple chalices active.
planeswalkagogo: wait, you can manually enter seeds for this?
Malkaresh: Fuck yeah! Go Cam!
gek0h: that's correct @HalvariChan
Milocw: it is listed as loot and I have it doing only this chalice
FinalShowFilms: Only once you've unlocked the chalice normally @planeswalkagogo
Malkaresh: Definitely going to watch that vod.
Mister_Skittles: yes, if someone else has the chalace active, you can seed into theirs.
Ferisar: hah
Malkaresh: Holy Moonlight Sword!
gek0h: the chest loot in pre-set, the enemy loot is randomized
Greyah: It's more like a fixed drop in a random chalice.
Milocw: I think it should be a chest
HalvariChan: Chalices are a bit complicated... "Root" is a specific variant of a specific chalice which generates a dungeon
Ferisar: r o bb ed
gek0h: all runes are in chests yes
Greyah: Good sword is good.
gek0h: for chalice loot
smasngrab: You got aa proppa choppa
wildpeaks: chest as in torso or container ?
planeswalkagogo: what rune is Cam looking for, and more importantly, what does it do?
Greyah: Ok, so I don't remember which chalices you already have.
BrindleBoar: might want sound back
kynelwynn: Switch mode and charged attack, just for fun
Mister_Skittles: maria will teach you now to parry
Greyah: But I did find the chart that has the chalice progression!
BogglesUrMind: Oh no did I miss Cam beating Ludwig?
SquirrelLord1111: Cool new sword Cam!
HorusFive: Thicc sword
wildpeaks: fancy glowing sword
Ferisar: she's pretty fun to parry
HalvariChan: That was me, and yes don't parry her
Mister_Skittles: she has big parry windows
planeswalkagogo: hit for 666!
HalvariChan: Parrying her makes the fight too easy
Ferisar: but yeah her fight is more interesting if you don't
Greyah: Maria can become very easy if you just spam parries.
accountmadeforants: It does end up feeling cheesy, yes.
Notbri: Holy shit this sword. Awesome.
TXC2: what colour is this? cyan?
Matt_Cowdery: Maria staggers a bit easy, with a big weapon like this, you'll probably feel it right away
CompletelyUnsure: That charge used bullets?
gek0h: doing visceral attacks in chalice dungeons spawns blood lickers when you leave the room. doing a parry and not doing a visceral is fine tho.
Biomonkey01: Satan's got your back!
Cool_Jean_Aunt: Hail
TXC2: !findquote hail satan
LRRbot: Quote #4836: "Hail Satan, the nice goat." —Kathleen [2018-03-24]
Mister_Skittles: @TXC2 holy moonlight colour
wildpeaks: nimlotSatan
Ferisar: but i've worked very hard on those iframes
Ferisar: pls
Malkaresh: cheer500 I missed Ludwig's defeat but you deserve this! lrrHEART lrrCAMERON
Greyah: This sword does massive damage (50% more) to bloodlickers by the way.
sleepscience_: As someone who spent a very VERY long time trying to beat Maria and didn't restrict myself from parrying, I wouldn't say it makes her too easy. But maybe if you're incredible at parry timing it is
Notbri: Moonlight Blade cuts like butter.
Mister_Skittles: you killed a big horse monster
planeswalkagogo: Cheer50 Woot! I'm in the VoD now!
Ferisar: oh yeah there's not a lot of cheating ludwig, except maybe high STR high staggering
Mister_Skittles: you definitely earned it
SquirrelLord1111: You cut Ludwig free!
HalvariChan: Ludwig is not really cheatable
Malkaresh: I have never beat Ludwig solo. So big ups to you for taking the time to learn him!
Vanbael: Gonna have to watch that fight on the vod
TXC2: yeah, you worked HARD for that Win Cameron
simriel: Oh yeah that boss is stone nuts, and when you learn it you just feel great
kynelwynn: Outside of the moments when the boss just did flippy crap or the camera dilled, you
Mister_Skittles: even in base form its a great weapon. then it has energy waves on top
Makrosian_Tae: which boss we talking about?
sleepscience_: Still regret having two NPC companions for Ludwig
Ferisar: honestly the thing that makes ludwig way harder to cheat is that he fucking punts you if you try to sit under him
gek0h: to the extent that ludwig is cheese-able, you did things as least cheesy as possible
Luminaire_p: 6ish?
HorusFive: Party333 No more horse-boi
TXC2: less than that even
HalvariChan: I think you've already grabbed that chest
simriel: I remember spending about that long on Fume Knight XD
Zaghrog: less than 6 hours I think
quasi79fu: sanfuine salutations i missed sooo happy Cam is past that horse thingy
HalvariChan: The next thing I think you need to do is open the next non-Root Pthumeru chalice if you want the Oedon Writhe rune
Luminaire_p: Just TRON us into the protocol
simriel: So... you're feeling good, Trials later? :P
gek0h: if it's a non-root chalice then it's random chance
I_Am_Clockwork: Metaphor made manifest
gek0h: wait, am i backwards
Malkaresh: I'm just so happy the arcane build is finally ONLINE.
gek0h: root is random?
HalvariChan: You open the next chalice in the Hunter's Dream
kynelwynn: To do a different Chalice dungeon you have to make it at the headstone
Milocw: it should be this dungeon, otherwise I have no idea where I got mine from
Ogrekidd: been raiding with the LLR destiny discord after got 2 of the raids down for moments of triumph
Cool_Jean_Aunt: !advice
LRRbot: You don't just Gigaloo cold.
quasi79fu: Go and have fun?
HalvariChan: We're going for the Oedon Writhe Rune, yes?
Simriel: I love raiding with the LRR destiny group
gek0h: i have no idea if there is an odeon writhe rune in this chalice sequence or not. i can't find any confirmation of that on wikis.
planeswalkagogo: what does Oedon Writhe do?
HalvariChan: Then you have a looot of new Chalices you need to unlock
FinalShowFilms: Killing Adella is the easiest and quickest way to get one
gek0h: oedon writhe is bullets recovered from viscerals
planeswalkagogo: nifty
TXC2: planeswalkagogo gives bullets from doing visceral attacks
HalvariChan: Central Pthumeru would be the next, which you do in the Hunter's Dream
Simriel: Spinny]
Malkaresh: Adelia's is only 1 bullet per visceral.
Ferisar: you know the thing that makes me appreciate the dungeons a bit more now that i think about it is that it's more of the game without any threat to "finishing" anything, if that makes sense
FroggoPrince: If you're in a Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice, it's just a random drop, but it's Layer 1
FinalShowFilms: Yeah just bone home and head back to the dream. Then start unlocking chalices in order
HalvariChan: You've killed all the bosses, so you're done in this chalice
gek0h: it's so much harder to give directions in a chalice than in yharnam
Malkaresh: If we missed the 2 bullet one from fauxsefka, the chalice dungeon rune is going to be more worthwhile.
CompletelyUnsure: Form the wiki: (+3) is obtained from a Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice (random chance). There's a reccomended glyph to.
planeswalkagogo: can you stack runes to make viscerals into pinata hits?
wildpeaks: lucky Home
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FinalShowFilms: Ignore root chalices until you get to Phtumeru Ihyll
gek0h: pthumeru ihyll (+3 odeon writhe) is like 5 chalices ahead of where we are
kynelwynn: Each head stone can be the "door" to another chaliuce dungeon
HalvariChan: You've done Pthumeru, so next is Central Pthumeru, then Lower Pthumeru, then Defiled, then Pthumeru Ihyll
FinalShowFilms: Nothing
Ferisar: none, afaik
HalvariChan: None
Milocw: none
kynelwynn: "Save slot" essentially
FinalShowFilms: The numbered ritual altars are just so you can have multiples saved.
Mister_Skittles: none, you just have X of them
Ferisar: yep, that's basically it
FinalShowFilms: Yeah, they're save slots
gek0h: the ritual altar is for the Short Root Ritual Chalice which lets you do PVP and co-op quick matchmaking
Ferisar: and then you can remove and change them
HalvariChan: Central
Greyah: Central Pthumeru is what you want, yeah.
HalvariChan: You get the next Chalice by defeating the final boss in the current chalice
Greyah: On the bright side, going through all of the chalices lets you see some bosses that are unique to the chalices!
FinalShowFilms: Each final boss unlocks the next
FinalShowFilms: And so on, and so forth
Ferisar: ahaha
Caleb_QDC: Oh wow, I stepped away just in time to miss Cameron’s success! I’ll have to check the highlights
Malkaresh: @LoadingReadyRun These are the community solved dungeons.
gek0h: many of the chalices are from the main story, the rest are from progressing through chalice bosses
HalvariChan: You're going to go ballistic when you get to the Defiled Chalice
Ferisar: 7 hour marathon attempt at ludwig
Ferisar: one try tho
j30000000: im sorry i missed it grats
Ferisar: yeah a bit
HalvariChan: Naah
Milocw: ?
HalvariChan: Only a little
HorusFive: This should be fun then
Mister_Skittles: oh you are going to pancake these people
FinalShowFilms: In two or three chalices you'll hit the difficult parts.
wjzardry: bb has a way of doing you in anyway
gek0h: you're overleveled until you reach depth 3 or 4 chalices
gek0h: this is depth 2
Greyah: For this one, probably.
TXC2: I mean can you be overleveld in a Fromsoft game?
Ferisar: their hamburgers = not safe
monosceros: nah you're gargoyle-ly overleveled wheelerKappa
niccus: ok sorry for keeping quiet for so long, but here comes the boss "two ludwigs"
TXC2: monosceros get out Kappa
HalvariChan: I'm in NG+ with stupid stats and I'm underleveled for Defiled, which is impressive considering the Chalices don't scale with NG cycles
Makrosian_Tae: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
Greyah: That made me laugh out loud, thanks, @Ferisar
Malkaresh: @TXC2 Being overleveled is the only way I know how to play these games.
gek0h: RIP not getting DLC bosses as chalice bosses in the DLC update, seriously from soft that hurts
HorusFive: !maam
TXC2: Malkaresh indeed
Ferisar: @Greyah hahah blame adam
ChrisGMiller: What's the lore with this place, eveything seems much more... dead
Ferisar: it's the pregenetor civilization
Ferisar: under yarnham
BrindleBoar: one of these days... bang! zoom! straight to the blood moon!
gek0h: these are the pthumerian labyrinths, and the denizens here are the pthumerians
Ferisar: progenitor? that's the word
HalvariChan: @ChrisGMiller This is the labyrinth, which is a huge network of catacombs Yharnam was built upon
kynelwynn: There's.. yeah.. a lot to unpack with "what's the lore" in regards of Bloodborne
monosceros: the progenitus civilization
Mister_Skittles: i love that this is technically a one handed sword
ChrisGMiller: Ah, the before peoples. i'm with you
gek0h: the pthumerians discovered the blood of the Great Ones long before Yharnam grew from a small village into a mighty town
Malkaresh: @ChrisGMiller These are literally crypts of a fallen civilisation.
Malkaresh: Destroyed by the old Blood
Ferisar: we drank the tomb juice
TXC2: how did we get here?
TXC2: !advice
LRRbot: Flunge!
HorusFive: How did any of us get here, really
j30000000: sounnds like a trip
gek0h: there was a wolf and it was on fire
BrindleBoar: but it's a hallucination with loot
TXC2: sounds about right lrrbot
FinalShowFilms: It's a dream within a dream
kynelwynn: You would say, this is not your beautiful house? That is not your beautiful wife?
ChrisGMiller: @Malkaresh and the Old blood is Old Gods right, as is Elder Things?
gek0h: and then a bunch of tiny skeleton dolls
Ferisar: it would work
Malkaresh: Why are any of us in a chalice dungeion?
CompletelyUnsure: Oh, so it's Persona
Simriel: It's a hallucination, but it's also Real
Ferisar: i mean the main game is a series of hallucinations
Matt_Cowdery: Naw, the pthumerian dungeons are a physical place beneath yharnam
Ferisar: so it def fits
WiltLeafWanderer: That tracks
ashteranic: been busy for a bit. did cam get past ludwig or whoever it was ?
Malkaresh: @ChrisGMiller Correct. The blood of the Great Ones.
mystdream: one dream to another
FinalShowFilms: They are, but we're accessing them via a dream.
HalvariChan: From the Central Chalice onwards there are dead ends
Simriel: @Matt_Cowdery That doesn't mean it can't also be a hallucination that is inside of us
quasi79fu: this entire story could be seen as a metaphor of driving out the evils of sin within yourself ...Right?
Matt_Cowdery: but this also has residents of the nightmare in it, so its probably a dream about those places?
TXC2: ashteranic he sure did
gek0h: there are 4 different categories of chalices and they all represent slightly different cultures / geographic areas below yharnam or the surrounding areas
ashteranic: nice
Matt_Cowdery: Yeah, strawberry fields, nothing is real
I_Am_Clockwork: The catacombs are a tomb complex built by the Pthumerians on top of an Old One who “stayed behind”. The Berganwurth scholars spelunkers their way through and found the old one at the bottom. The Challice dungeons are a psychic echo of that story playing out in our Hunter’s dream
krfsm: have you had any opportunity to try out the beast cutter?
ashteranic: oh right, the glowy sword ludwig has. that'd be a giveaway
Ferisar: just fyi, those ranged attacks take QS
kynelwynn: L A Z E R B E A M
Mister_Skittles: you have energy waves now Cam
gek0h: probably not enough strength for the beast cutter?
ChrisGMiller: @Malkaresh Got it, just was curious at which part of the Lovecraft/Dewraith mythology this was ... near.
gek0h: oh, i'm thinking of whirligig
Makrosian_Tae: woah!
wildpeaks: umm :D
iris_of_ether: That sure was a sentence.
Driosenth: like a mosquito
j30000000: a lot of the game is someone's unconscious brung to life by an old one so it tracks
drowbard: The hitboxes on the new sword look so good
Leonhart321: If it lasts for more tha. 4 hours, consult a doctor
WiltLeafWanderer: Yours lights up?
gek0h: @ChrisGMiller the end of the DLC becomes very explicitly love craftian
wildpeaks: well that's what happens when bones home
thehokeypokey: we gem farming?
ChrisGMiller: neat!
kynelwynn: Thought the lazer was durability loss, not QS. Is it both?
Malkaresh: Also if you think building arcane is rough, I'm trying to do a bloodtinge build right now with Bloodletter (DLC) and Evelyn as the main goal. The starting game SUCKS.
Greyah: I love the light trails this sword leaves. So pretty.
gek0h: the moonbeam projectiles? they consume quicksilver bullets @kynelwynn
Mister_Skittles: there is 1 illusory wall in this entire game
Manae: It's nice to have a sword that doubles as a torch
kynelwynn: MMk
Ferisar: i think there's a way left of the room with the locked door
Leonhart321: Sadly I have to peace out now since I have work tomorrow, good luck with the bloody extractions
kynelwynn: Moonlight in DS used to just chunk its durability
Ferisar: oh or that
gek0h: there are no illusory walls in the main game and dozens of illusory walls in the pre-set chalices
Ferisar: well hey accidentally blood vial farming
Malkaresh: @ChrisGMiller This game is a Lovecraftian Matrushka nesting doll with a dollop of CHambers on top.
krfsm: mercury? you mean, liquid shiny candy?
quasi79fu: mercury is poisnous though
j30000000: as one does I mean you have to do cocaine to get the ghosts out of the blood
TXC2: Drinking Mercury, then getting super depressed, then insane?
Makrosian_Tae: what do the runes do?
Simriel: @quasi79fu So is Other Peoples Blood. Hasn't stopped us yet
Ferisar: i thought it was just mercurial
planeswalkagogo: man, I used to have a toy with mercury in it. good times
accountmadeforants: By the way Cam, Checkpoint+ should be coming up in about 5 minutes. (Unless I've missed something?)
gek0h: runes give you stat (minimal) customization
iris_of_ether: Have you seen the Mercury Toilet video by Cody's Lab? It is a wild ride. :D
BrindleBoar: yeah but if you don't drink mercury, then you won't be able to make mercury bullets with your blood
krfsm: drinking mercury was a constipation treatment back in the day
Simriel: !next
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Xafty: isnt eating/drinking mercury less an issue than you would think, like its not good to be sure, but doesnt it basically just pass through you?
Angnor33: Jabbing random vials of blood you find lying on monsters is also not good for you. Kappa
quasi79fu: there is tomb in China that is considered a toxic place because of the mercury in it..
ChrisGMiller: @Malkaresh i watched the foldablehuman video on the endings, but have never played. Kinda like 40k, i dig the lore, not the game.
Ferisar: oh yeah this guy
bokochaos: If you're feeling depressed, can I offer you some lithium?
quasi79fu: The builder of the tomb wanted silver rivers and made themout of mercury
ChrisGMiller: @Malkaresh but thanks for the clue in
TXC2: Gods I love how they handle Mercury poising in Legend of Korra
FinalShowFilms: Use your R2 charge attack from a distance
gek0h: funny how the first time you face this guy he's not a boss
hunkajunk: Cam, I have an odd question for you. I know on some of the podcasts you've talked about sitting in a quiet cafe with a pastry and a coffee, just looking outside silently as a relaxation thing. Would that sort of activity still work for you if you were accomanied by someone? not touching, not saying sanything, just sitting a few feet away also enjoying a nice beverage and pastry ?
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat, how goes the blood letting? Are the patients recovering?
GapFiller: phun phact Quicksilver (aka Mercury), Arsenic, and Cinnabar the ingredients for The Elixir of Life according to classical alchemy
Malkaresh: @ChrisGMiller I get it man. I watched videos of this for years, before I started playing. Just because I found the Lore and universe fascinating.
Matt_Cowdery: This dude is straight up using dark souls pyromancies
GapFiller: one recipe at least
Orgmastron: Secret apeshit technique! NotLikeThis
planeswalkagogo: big slops is fine
TehAmelie: have you heard this idea to put lithium in drinking water to make people happier? i can't decide if it's horrible or horribly efficient
TXC2: hello TheMerricat welcome
quasi79fu: hi merricat
gek0h: BPS is so rude, he interrupts us non stop
GapFiller: TheMerricat Cam dominated Ludwig
SquirrelLord1111: Good ol Pocket Worms
GapFiller: it was awesome
Xafty: @GapFiller so pure mercury, a mercury salt, and arsenic. fun
Notbri: That's just a deathclaw
nolessthanagod: Are you intentionally dressed like a Thraban Inspecror?
sleepscience_: I only ever fought one of the chalice bosses. Never fought that guy
Malkaresh: Uninterruptable and continous?
TXC2: Notbri huh, yeah it was :p
gek0h: chalice dungeons have some bosses that FromSoft probably decided were too annoying for the maing ame
TehAmelie: well yeah. i hope there aren't several plans to drug drinking water
Makrosian_Tae: why are we rune hunting exactly? what are they for?
thehokeypokey: most of these chalice bosses are pretty boring
gek0h: upcoming stream at 2?
Simriel: Checkpoint + is scheduled to be on in 2 minutes btw :P
planeswalkagogo: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news :D) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (42s from now).
Xafty: depends on what you mean by "drug" cause we add a lot of stuff to drinking water for reasons
Notbri: @Makrosian_Tae Fun and Sport!
Ferisar: hahaha
iris_of_ether: :D
j30000000: have a good one cam
thehokeypokey: I think the last one is cool though
MrVirite: oopsy
Notbri: Whoops!
TXC2: thanks for streaming Cameron
krfsm: seeya!
Snowcookies: thanks Cam
Simriel: We've been trying to tell you for a few but it was really funny watching you realise XD
Malkaresh: Cheers Cam! lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
JaymicUnyielding: Alright, see y'all Monday then!
drowbard: Thanks for the stream Cam!
vmob: thanks Cam!
GapFiller: dont worry Cam the CP+ Crew will hold for yr
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kynelwynn: You're welcome!
CAKHost: Thanks for the stream!
GapFiller: anyway thanks for streaming Cam lrrCAMERON lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART xoxoxo
lirazel64: Good work today, Cam. See you next week!
TehAmelie: in this case i'm thinking of drugs as central nervous system stimulants. . .though i don't know if lithium is that
PharaohBender27: Oh, this aired today as well? Better watch the VOD :P
peejeeful: thanks for the sstream cam
TXC2: !next
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Ferisar: game's ez first try etc etc
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wildpeaks: baiii
Ferisar: thanks for the stream
TXC2: !twitter
kais58: !next
beowuuf: thanks for streaming!
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iamNuTTeRR: Aloha Friday!! Popping in to wish you a fantastic stream!! Also have a wonderful day!! Mahalo 🤙🏾🤙🏾
vmob: good bing!
GapFiller: bai Cam lrrCAMERON see yr later lrrHEART
planeswalkagogo: well, Cam just made the highlight real this week, lol
TXC2: Goodnight Everybody
PharaohBender27: Goodnight, @TXC2 ! PrideWave
beowuuf: night txc2
PharaohBender27: So, since I missed that whole stream, how long did it take lrrCAMERON to put that damn horse down?
PadawanTK16: I’m wondering the same thing
accountmadeforants: PharaohBender27 'bout half the stream.
Ferisar: i think he downed him about an hour ago
Raiz0k: Hello!
Makrosian_Tae: damn
Manae: About two hours today
drowbard: He got it around an hour ago?
beowuuf: i thinj some of us blinked and he beat it, but over an hour and a half, i need to go back and see the successful run
HorusFive: It was past the 2hr mark, right? I am also going back to find it as soon as the VOD clears
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Ferisar: it was a fairly clean victory
Makrosian_Tae: is it that hard?
Ferisar: though he was fully out of vials
Ferisar: yeah if you're doing ludwig with a just okay build he can be very challenging
Raiz0k: Hard boss for Cam on Bloodborne?
PharaohBender27: So I guess he decided to stream today just so Ludwig would be out of the way by the weekend?
beowuuf: phase 2 cheat attack didn't help!
Raiz0k: (well "harder", this is a FromSoft game)
beowuuf: *cheap
HorusFive: I'm happy he got past it. I was a little uncomfortable watching Cam get more and more disheartened.
PharaohBender27: @Raiz0k Very. He literally spent all of yesterday's stream unsuccessfully trying to beat it
Manae: He streamed last Friday, too, though that was due to shooting Monday. Maybe he just wanted to continue the streak
PharaohBender27: @HorusFive Same
Ferisar: sometimes we go through pain to get where we wanna go, so it's ok
Ferisar: cam picks up what the game puts down pretty quickly
TehAmelie: i know fluoridated water is good cause people can't afford to go to the dentist, but i have this funny idea more accessible mental health care would be preferable to making everyone take psychopharmaca
PharaohBender27: So, those of us who are watching Checkpoint: We all did our homework, right?
Raiz0k: Of course!
PixelArtDragon: Shit, there was homework?
Jeezy56: I did this week
wildpeaks: an eldrich dog ate my homework
HorusFive: No. But I have a good excuse. I'm very lazy
EightBitDreams: Checkpoint *is* my homework...
beowuuf: it's almost like mental chemistry is far more delicate than enamel and so giving people drugs can do horrible things if it's a blanket dose to everyone
GapFiller: again
PixelArtDragon: Quick, can I copy off someone?
PharaohBender27: @PixelArtDragon lrrHEATHER said a few weeks ago that watching the Checkpoint episode was "homework" for Chillpoint
TehAmelie: yes, that
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
Raiz0k: *There's* the audio.
accountmadeforants: So, it was actually only about 40 minutes from the end of the stream:
GapFiller: actually tbf we did go offline today
PixelArtDragon: @PharaohBender27 Oh good, I did it then.
GapFiller: unlike yesterday
CastleOtranto: Haha, I thought I'd accidentally started an episode of Road Quest.
Raiz0k: That's one of them good accidents.
kusinohki: @CastleOtranto would that be so bad though?
GapFiller: seeing the actual sausage being made w/ Cam swapiing out for Adam was a hilarious highlight tho
TheMerricat: On the other hand @TehAmelie they used to include Lithium in 7-up so.....
CastleOtranto: I do have an episode up in another tab, actually.
GapFiller: presumably we sadly wont get to see the further highlight of Heather giving the paif od them the gears over that Kappa
beowuuf: we've seen swapping differnt studios before when checkpoint and lrrmtg used to blend together
PharaohBender27: If I'd realized lrrCAMERON was streaming today, I'd have been there to see him finally gain sweet victory
frnknstn: Stream still titled bloodborne here
GapFiller: frnknstn and?
TheMerricat: And while it's not a huge amount, most people have been getting a small amount of lithium in their water naturally. So it's not as if this is one of those _completely_ off the wall ideas. Just a bit off the wall.
Manae: @PharaohBender27 I had to go pick my wife up from work and got back to see him getting the sword from the defeated boss
beowuuf: themerricat: is there a carbonated drink that didn't used to casually include hard drugs for fun?
GapFiller: TheMerricat mmm delicious lithium
TehAmelie: for fun? ha. they used to give babies morphine to make them quiet
TheMerricat: LOL @beowuuf Well Mountain Dew didn't though it was meant to be a chaser for moonshine.
PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie How much would it cost for a municipal-wide supply? Lithium is a lot more expensive than flouride
Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : weren't there some sensationalist articles about trace Prozac in the water across the US about 15-20 years ago?
TehAmelie: good question
beowuuf: themerricat: lol, as long as someone showed restraint back in the day :p
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Chillpoint! Hang out with Heather, Beej and Paul and chat about this week's gaming news! ||
GapFiller: we shd as a society be thankful nobody ever thought to put crack in the water
Manae: @Raiz0k there were articles a few months ago about mass pharmaceuticals in waterways nationwide
Manae: And drugs in Florida, hence Meth Gators jokes
TehAmelie: baby drops, usually made with a mixture of cocaine, opium, laudanum, morphine or maybe heroin, if not all
Raiz0k: @GapFiller : given the Cold War experiments *that we know of*, I'm not so sure.
Raiz0k: Ah yeah, old timey drugs, a little bit of everything.
LordZarano: LSD in the water, maybe
Lithobraker: just got here, what are we talking about the re: cold war?
GapFiller: Raiz0k yeh it feels that wd be one way of getting people ready for war enmass
EightBitDreams: Wake up sheeple! They are putting Dihydrogen monoxide in your water!
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: LordZarano we can only wish theyd put acid in the water
Raiz0k: As in, die peacefully @GapFiller xD?
snailkane: Evening!
wildpeaks: always has been
TheMerricat: @Raiz0k yes, mostly due to improper disposal from my understanding, I'm not sure the trace was ever enough for folk to consider it biologically impactful, just enough to wake everyone up to the idea that maybe flushing it all down the toilet was a bad idea
Scy_Anide: The frogs were inside us all along and the fractions were the friends we made along the way.
beowuuf: beej's hair is finally achieving A Look
TehAmelie: the trouble with LSD is you become temporarily immune after taking it for three days
CastleOtranto: I'm merely Frog Addition
PharaohBender27: @Lithobraker Talk about addidatives in the water, such as fluoride. Some people in chat have opinions
keroan0: Schrodinger's Fractions
GapFiller: good evening lrrPAUL P lrrBEEEJ B lrrHEATHER H lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Raiz0k: Oh, @LoadingReadyRun : huuuge props for the excellently hermetic joke in the recorded episode!
beowuuf: arg
kusinohki: why would anyone want fractional frogs?
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat So if I take antidepressants, where am I supposed to pee?
wildpeaks: MMOARG
InkyGhoast: hoi
niccus: fractionally good
TheMerricat: lol @PharaohBender27
GapFiller: tangent liking the Spike Spiegel hair Beej
red_shoes_jeff: Frog Integers when!?
EightBitDreams: It's time to chill...EXTREME CHILL!
keroan0: @TehAmelie oh man, I thought you were talking about Lake Shore Drive and I got so confused. Need to get out more
GapFiller: looks good on yr
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Raiz0k: @TheMerricat : yeah, hence "sensationalist". And +1 on the side effect.
beowuuf: props to the 'welcome to the jungle' riff at the top of the episode btw :)
Raiz0k: You could even say Frog Fractions is a Multimedia™ experience (remember that label?).
niccus: which sequel
beowuuf: it took me a stupid amlount of time to find out about the secret....i played it straight for so long...
beowuuf: (the first one)
GapFiller: yr they played it onstrem onetime iirc
Stoffern: Playing Frog Fractions 2 would be hard at this point...
TheMerricat: Frog Fractions, 2, or 3?
GapFiller: G and Cori
Raiz0k: The real Frog Fractions was the friends we made along the way.
BigFMonster: good to know i have that bundle but only played like 4 games from it
PharaohBender27: @Raiz0k I'm having flashbacks to game announcements almost a decade ago
Scy_Anide: Since you reminded me about it, I just installed Frog Fractions along with the DLC.
frnknstn: Glittermitten Grove isn't even a terrible little game on the cover
Raiz0k: You're welcome xD.
LarkSachrosis: Stormdancer is a much better name.
kusinohki: stormdancer sounds like a magic card
Raiz0k: Spoooiled foreveeer.
Raiz0k: It does.
beowuuf: until the secret was out
accountmadeforants: Honestly, most people wouldn't be able to play any proper Frog Fractions game without people "spoiling" the gimmicks.
PixelArtDragon: *pidgeon meme* Is this... a Frog Fractions sequel?
beowuuf: that was a wild arg from what little i heard of it
beowuuf: it was a wild level of trust
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Juliamon: Yeah, that's... how Kickstarter was INTENDED to work
GapFiller: contra Star Citizen
PharaohBender27: OH SNAP lrrHEATHER
Lithobraker: Raiz0k TheMerricat Have we already discussed how we exposed people to a neurotoxic substance for decades? (lead)
GapFiller: at least theyre being upfront
LarkSachrosis: Just with less cocaine and strip clubs.
Dared00: Star Citizen?
GapFiller: Lithobraker yeh but it was pre strem so it doesnt count