PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! PrideWave Usually not here for Talking Sim, but I saw the highlights and then the VOD from last week's stream, and am working from home today, so I figured I might as well catch the new episode of "Talk+Play" :D
beowuuf: hey hey
PharaohBender27: PrideWave @beowuuf
beowuuf: same, usually need to take comp break by now, but that vod too good
beowuuf: oh, except always working form home, hence needing to takle a comp break after working all day then MoC :p
PharaohBender27: "MoC"?
beowuuf: mine o clock
PharaohBender27: Ah
RandomTrivia: It was truly a ride, and Cori and Cam are demonstrating all the "features" flawlessly
beowuuf: Cori has certainly found the perfect pixel hunter, with all the logic ..
beowuuf: The almost psychadelic level of story cramed in to each cut scene is intense.
PharaohBender27: By the way, I saw in the VOD there was some debate as to when the game takes place, which I can answer: it was a bit blurred out, but that newspaper she stole had a date of sometime in September 1931
beowuuf: ah, interesting :)
PharaohBender27: Aka the sort of year you choose when you want to have a 1930s aesthetic in a German setting, but don't want to have to deal with Nazis :P
PharaohBender27: Though of course the historic nitpicker in me would note that GĂĽnther's car model is very mid or late 1930s in style
beowuuf: i mean nazis are about 1933 onwards but i can see trying to push it on from 1920s where lots of CoC stuff gets set
quasi79fu: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games.) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (4m from now).
beowuuf: oops, i mean 1932
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf I mean, they would have been around in 1931, they just weren't running everything yet
quasi79fu: wooot and then spoopy thyme..with spoopy bois I hope
quasi79fu: hi chat
beowuuf: hey hey
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @quasi79fu
quasi79fu: hoep today is goood day for you gusy
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf 1932's when they had the highest non-rigged election results, 1933 is when they seized power
beowuuf: been hot and sticky in the UK, but this is a nice end
quasi79fu: Man I cant type XD
TehAmelie: the stream is off right? we're just hyped for the adventures of the Nightmare Realm
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie Yep!
quasi79fu: I swear im not drunk officer.... the lines on the road keep moving on their own is alll
beowuuf: yup yup :) also watching the crapload in the background, it's a good one
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf Oh right, I should do that at some point later
beowuuf: my fingers get about 80% of what my brain meant to type, and my brain isn't that good to begin with
quasi79fu crashes his car
TehAmelie: yes. . .we're traversing a chaotic nightmare realm, and we're about to enter a dimension of evil too
beowuuf: and yeah, i have a weird encycloppaedia from the early 1930's, so weird to see what they say about hitler / nazis. Like 'eh, sure, they exist,' *shrug*. and there's only 'the great war' mentioned.
quasi79fu: what is hilarious is I love hidden object games but this one seems I dont know cheaply made?
DoodlestheGreat: Hello, everyone.
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf Yep.
quasi79fu: Hi Doodles
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @DoodlestheGreat !
beowuuf: We need another phoenix feather for the staff i reckon, and we need some item to finally get to use the potions in the little kit
quasi79fu: Cori needs to use feeesh token on that shelf
quasi79fu: that is last I remembered
PharaohBender27: @quasi79fu No clue what the budget was, but it doesn't seem *well* made
beowuuf: oh yeh, we got a fish by screwing that weird head to the body
PharaohBender27: We probably will need a tail, too
TehAmelie: i wonder what non-shovelware hidden objects would be like
DoodlestheGreat: We were in a dimension of evil LAST week. This is going to be a dimension of Confusion. (g-d point-and-click adventures...)
quasi79fu: i stilll like my Dark Parable series of hidden object games
quasi79fu: as well as several others
CaptainSpam: I feel as if non-shovelware hidden objects would be more of just classic point-and-click adventure games?
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
quasi79fu: I hear spooky music
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
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PharaohBender27: I hear a lot of bird noises
beowuuf: ah, not going to see all of dev diary, so i'll pause for later
greatwahooney: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Coriander and Cameron have located Hans but misplaced Agatha. Today we take a stand against the shadow within every dream in Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within! đź“· ||
quasi79fu: i found and playing newest entry in a hidden object game series that is horror based called Phantasmat which is good..Not great but good
golden_wind_jon: yes
noSmokeFire: whollllle HOG
quasi79fu: I ve heard about whoville
noSmokeFire: also, Cori, if you're reading this: we've only had Hauler for a stream and I want to protect them with my life
LoadingReadyRun: <_<
SquareDotCube: Oh boy, more of this wtf game
quasi79fu: Sometimes you can learn interesting things from playing certain the hidden object game Mayan prophecy which taught me the Mayan Gods that they had
beowuuf: Hauler is amazing
PharaohBender27: @noSmokeFire lrrCORI 's face game was *on-point* yesterday evening
quasi79fu Lurks
beowuuf: quasi79fu: point and clicks certainly dictate an odd pace that gives you time to learn things :)
Earthenone: !badadvice
LRRbot: Stroke the wurm.
Earthenone: !findquote stroke
LRRbot: Quote #2948: "I can't stroke the katana? What a shame." —Graham [2016-07-13]
beowuuf: yeah, good advice is click on the wurm
quasi79fu: The wurm is always friendly isnt it?
theleerm: ive missed the other streams of this, anything i need to know?
quasi79fu gets eaten by the Wurm
beowuuf: Patches overthinks things, Hauler underthinks things, and ...darn, forget Andy's character first name but he's jus tagreeably french about everything. Good mix.
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RandomTrivia: !quote 7101
LRRbot: Quote #7101: "I think we should take a break before we go to the Nightmare Realm." —Cori [2020-08-04]
quasi79fu: theleerm nope...just enjoy the hilarity
quasi79fu: as we search for hidden objects in a Nightmare realm
PharaohBender27: @theleerm It's a "hidden object game" that is hilariously bad is the short version
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AdmiralMemo: Oh hey Talking Sim... I think I can simulate talking. The question is whether it's believable as "normal" or not.
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RandomTrivia: Hello!
TehAmelie: halo
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, lrrCORI !
quasi79fu: HI Cori
fragilepaper: o/
wildpeaks: lrrSPOOP
theleerm: hello real human
niccus: finding simulator
RandomTrivia: Cori are you being speech-jammed?
ritchards: nice hat!
beowuuf: theleerm: woman investigating the disappearance of a kid years ago, ended up in hel; dimension with grown up kid, looking for other friend now, with a demonic dream evil thingie. Lots of clicking
wildpeaks: greetings, disembodied voice visiting upon this land
Invitare: time for Rhythem Games??
CaptainSpam: I suddenly feel as if the most appropriate background for Talking Simulator is the Max Headroom background.
quasi79fu: Cori found herself in H e l l...She wants escape
TehAmelie: oh yeah we already entered the game's nightmare realm, i forgot that whole stream
AdmiralMemo: Is there a Shadowkeep though? Can we keep our Shadow?
noSmokeFire: the SANDMAN
beowuuf: Shaodw within, but he's actually outside the guthar dude? Gunthar is the one inside?
theleerm: thanks to everyone that explained stuff to me!
quasi79fu: Shadog
beowuuf: I forgot shadog
PharaohBender27: Woah
RandomTrivia: Don't forget, the squirrel is the source of all problems
PixelArtDragon: He casts only one shadow? So we're not in that Doctor Who two-parter?
wildpeaks: oh Good
DoodlestheGreat: KAM-RON. KAM-RON BAY.... :tf:
Huschel23: Oi, hello Cori and Cam and chat
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: You don't just Gigaloo cold.
noSmokeFire: @beowuuf Shadow Without
quasi79fu: Feesh token
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beowuuf: there we go
beowuuf: we have fish
wildpeaks: things certainly happenned
EricTheOrange: use fish on book shelf
ritchards: Tip: A 'plus' on an item means you can do things.
wildpeaks: we even understood some of these things
PharaohBender27: @EricTheOrange I feel like we need a tail for the fish first?
rrtycoon2: We need the blood of a bad dog...thing...maybe?
beowuuf: we had one of two feathers that maybe let us charge a staff?
quasi79fu: Shadogs
theleerm: lrrCAMERON_SG
x0den: hah now that i have two monitors i can watch both adam and lrr at the same time!
quasi79fu: Fluffs
PharaohBender27: Right, by the way: What the hell happened to our presumably daughter!? We haven't seen her since the train
noSmokeFire: LORD of ANIMALS
Huschel23: Is the Sandman still standing in that other place?
wildpeaks: ominous
beowuuf: x0den: third monitor for ben?
quasi79fu: You can fly in this game?
MikoKisai: @PharaohBender27 I'm pretty sure that was the daughter of the woman sittting across from us
DoodlestheGreat: WITH MY NOSTRILS!
quasi79fu: Hive?
x0den: @beowuuf in time
wildpeaks: wast of skin run, go
PharaohBender27: @MikoKisai Huh, For some reason I'd thought the "woman across from us" WAS us
beowuuf: torchless shadog run
noSmokeFire: oh, is the Fluff the little friend in Hans' box
PixelArtDragon: Throw dung pies at the Sandman
FoxBoxGamers: I'm so happy for this Talk&Play experience with these awful 'games'
quasi79fu: Syringe on shadogs
quasi79fu: feeesh token on shelf
lirazel64: What's all this about a wasp queen?
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: give Him a dream
beowuuf: we need a thing to put in the dish to then be able to potion it
Orgmastron: OH NO
RandomTrivia: Sandman forbid you begin the jigsaw before you find all the pieces
DoodlestheGreat: Cam, how often have you made such jokes about this game, only to have them come true?
beowuuf: there was that fish outline under the shelves
noSmokeFire: but this is a NIGHTMARE dodecahedron
niccus: regrettably
quasi79fu: Cori is doubting reality
InkyGhoast: can we do something with the spear?
Dmc3628: in the other games in the series this is tame
wildpeaks: what even is reality
beowuuf: greataxe...cameron beat me to it
EricTheOrange: games a bit loud
RandomTrivia: Certainly not this wildpeaks
FoxBoxGamers: I played another one of these a while back and it was friggin horrifying
Dmc3628: i remember in Dark Moor they gave you an ACTUAL DOOM Blade to fight the Kelpie
Solid_Fuel: teddy!
quasi79fu: feeesh on shelf
PixelArtDragon: Yeah, the s3 was used more in 3.5e and it technically doesn't exist
PixelArtDragon: *d3
wildpeaks: I recall vaguely a fish symbol at a bookcase ?
beowuuf: yeah, fish symbol was under the shelf on the bookcase back there
Huschel23: Ah, there he is. Just waiting for your creative solution
FoxBoxGamers: if you're up for an even more startling 'hidden object' experience in a few months, look into Christmas Stories: Gift of the Magi
PharaohBender27: Oh good, we didn't softlock the game by getting rid of the Shadog
beowuuf: oooh, we could stab the syringe in to the body.
wildpeaks: oh good
noSmokeFire: that's. how ink works.
noSmokeFire: sure
Solid_Fuel: it is dark blood. we always find that in the swamps
piggy_sama: I'm so glad I was scrolling through twitter and saw the notification. I really wanted to see more of this.
quasi79fu: Roflmao
beowuuf: This game makes you think something will won't happen, then goes 'haha'
RandomTrivia: Wait, we did that to read the book?
niccus: it's more of an insight, really
Solipsody: If it's in a book it's true, Cam.
wildpeaks: because a quill is classier
Huschel23: That's also why chat never lies
beowuuf: oh hey, this is useful. We know what we need to put in that dish now. Cool
PharaohBender27: 1931, per the the newspaper we stole last time
wildpeaks: what's the point of doing fancy dark magic if we have no class
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TheMerricat: 47 months? That's got to be a clue!
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RandomTrivia: And where you can take someone
FoxBoxGamers: which are alarmingly common things, apparently
beowuuf: lrrHORN lrrSPOT lrrHORN
PixelArtDragon: Yes, the olden times of the 1930s, well before the invention of the fountain pen
RandomTrivia: You can take someone's newspaper by switching it for a book real fast
Huschel23: Ach, Hans! Nap!
beowuuf: 47 months? what is this, star trek?
wildpeaks: I'm sure he's fiine
PharaohBender27: By the way, turns out there is an actual town in Germany called Mittenwald ( ) - don't know if the devs for this game were aware of that or not
noSmokeFire: so somehow the fluff here is supposed to lead us to other fluffs, but is noninteractable
quasi79fu: LOL
VoodontWoW: A puzzle piece shaped thing is a puzzle piece? Whaaaa
noSmokeFire: REALLY
quasi79fu: whats in the box
Huschel23: Oh no, is that supposed to come out?"
quasi79fu: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Jack
TheMerricat: did they finish the kids' room yet chat? I got here late.
niccus: feed it with juice
beowuuf: oh we can pop it out. Ooooh, so this is what gets charged? Huh, ok, i thoguht it would be the feathers cause i thoguht there was a two charge reference
quasi79fu: Jack is in the Box...Let him Out
RandomTrivia: Make sure you charge the scepter appropriately for your time
MikoKisai: @TheMerricat they have not done anything in that room this session
quasi79fu: feeesh
beowuuf: themerricat: literally just started, so this is the first thingie getting solved really. Not gone back to the room with the chidlren's room yet
VoodontWoW: Always change the batteries on your scepters.
SquareDotCube: And another mirror'
beowuuf: fish symbol was on the shelf
wildpeaks: is this the bookcase with the fish symbol ?
EricTheOrange: oh right we have to fix thw bear
KV1NN4: music is really loud
Solid_Fuel: why do these kids have so many toys?! unfair!
KV1NN4: comparatively (for me)
beowuuf: fix box to fix bear to fix kid to get hedron
Huschel23: Yeah, the game gets loud at times
noSmokeFire: teach the bookshelf about JEZUUS
quasi79fu: oh those are fluffs?
wildpeaks: yay storytime
beowuuf: fluff will kill shadog? sweet, good thing we fed it
RandomTrivia: Is that the TF2 scout in the bed?
wildpeaks: welp, short story
PharaohBender27: Well, that's an awfully short story
Solipsody: Fluffelstiltskin.
SquareDotCube: Yep. Just gonna stuff a kid's book into a secret part of a bookcase that looks like books.
FoxBoxGamers: do you still need something for that three-emblem thing outside? is that fluff one of them?
Huschel23: I don't think that dog has earned its wings
TheMerricat: Maybe if you had given them names they would have been more motivated Cam :P
DoodlestheGreat: Mine were named Schecky and Scatman.
wildpeaks: ohhh
SquareDotCube: instead of, say, just putting it in the bookcase.
wildpeaks: ok that's cool
quasi79fu: oh they killled the Fluffs
wildpeaks: "why is this foot up here", the age old question
PixelArtDragon: Those shadogs got booty
AtomicAlchemical: Clearly written by the sandman
TehAmelie: is this the opposite plot of Rise of the Guardians? and are we the Boogeyman?
beowuuf: second feather, yay, and...purple gem? what's that for?
Huschel23: Is that why people finish books?
wildpeaks: the real treasure is the actual book hidden somewhere in the bookcase, they'd never see it coming
Huschel23: The gem at the end
quasi79fu: oh this loooks complicated..wait never mind
RandomTrivia: Uh... magnets?
wildpeaks: teddy bear is now armed and dangerous
noSmokeFire: I love a good plug and play bear
piggy_sama: That bear is terrifying with those eys
Solipsody: This is the adventure game you'd make if the only thing you knew about adventure games was that Old Man Murray article about how terrible Roberta William's puzzle design was. but you didn't get that it was negative.
Solid_Fuel: stuffing
InkyGhoast: fluff
TheMerricat: stuffing
natillynoo: stuffing
MikoKisai: stuffing in the lower left
wildpeaks: the eyes look like it's wearing sunglasses
quasi79fu: fluff inside
beowuuf: stuffing first?
RandomTrivia: That was a magic fucking needle
theleerm: ah yes knitting
quasi79fu gets a needle stuck in his barefoot
CaptainSpam: That blanket has consumed that teddy bear.
KV1NN4: really no one else finds this music super loud? x.x;;;
MrVirite: This is some intense music
beowuuf: got louder
PharaohBender27: @KV1NN4 I find it a bit loud
quasi79fu: music is tad loud
VoodontWoW: We do.
CaptainSpam: The music does seem a bit loud.
Huschel23: @KV1NN4: No yeah, the children are really sound sleepers
KV1NN4: ok
KV1NN4: lol
RandomTrivia: Let's just put this together out here, careful not to drop any pieces into the abyss!
piggy_sama: The music is way more intense then the mood
CaptainSpam: Gentlemen... BEHOLD! MAGIC!
KV1NN4: the music is blowing out my speakersa a bit
quasi79fu: Cori's brain is immmensivly masssive
KV1NN4: hopefully it can be adjusted int eh optins..
johkmil: D12!
thebumblingbagofbogusluck: Doing magic through gathering you say...
Gizmoloid: @KV1NN4 It's a bit louder than usual, but it's not drowning out Cory and Cam, so I don't mind.
GhostValv: doing barbaric damage
PharaohBender27 sees what @thebumblingbagofbogusluck
PharaohBender27: *did there
AtomicAlchemical: *whack* WAKE *whack* UP *whack* HANS!
Huschel23: @thebumblingbagofbogusluck: Yeah, like we all used to be hunters and magicians
Solipsody: They keep the sceptre from picking up background noise.
FoxBoxGamers: what a GOOD incantation
RandomTrivia: Pffft, rekt
FoxBoxGamers: w r i t i n g
niccus: ok?
Huschel23: Goodbye
theleerm: that was easy
johkmil: That mace is massive.
quasi79fu: Roflmao..If eternal why idd you disappear?
Invitare: roll credits
beowuuf: i am the author of my immortal is what they meant to say, bad translation
quasi79fu: magic bubbles
FoxBoxGamers: is it???
InkyGhoast: i have several questions
beowuuf: wait, there's three dogs now? book lied to us!
Solid_Fuel: are we not going to help him?
Invitare: what just happened?
quasi79fu: from somehow?
Huschel23: I was really hoping the soap would stop the dogs
TheMerricat: from somehow? Not somewhere?
Earthenone: !findquote dog
LRRbot: Quote #5289: "There's a 1/100 chance that the bag sets to "dogs" for a little while." —Dale [2018-08-27]
MikoKisai: so... what exactly happened to Hans?
BlindProphet32: That chest has teeth
Solipsody: @MikoKisai He tried to play this game and it killed his brain.
niccus: no i think this is regular dissonance
johkmil: The bag is probably out of reach.
beowuuf: never blink during a cut scene
noSmokeFire: Ludo Narrative is a good name for a dog
DoodlestheGreat: Luchadores Discobiscuits!
quasi79fu: why was Hans smoking black?
Rivulatus_: What is Ludo narative disodence?
RandomTrivia: !quote 6409
LRRbot: Quote #6409: "Zombie or not, the dog should get good pets." —Heather [2019-09-19]
Solid_Fuel: big chair = big boy
quasi79fu: hooooo mannnn
FoxBoxGamers: pamANTHA
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf I was busy clipping - there actually something in German onscreen or something, or were you just joking about the "I am eternal" bit?
johkmil: Is there enough ludo and narrative for dissonance to arise?
DoodlestheGreat: And I am Sandwich, King of Mustard.
VoodontWoW: Ludo! Ludo Narrative! Bad dog! Get off the couch.
beowuuf: pharoahbender27: they said 'i am eternal' before dying
WyleeCoyote556: Ludo Narrative? Wasn't he a third-line forward for the Leafs in the early 80s?
quasi79fu: boats can fly
TheMerricat: Dirty Hoo MAN!
beowuuf: i was just joking, sorry
Invitare: why not?
Invitare: why can't they leave?
wildpeaks: delightful
PixelArtDragon: Hoo-man? Are these Ferengi?
Solipsody: "We cannot leave this shelter, because animation is a lot of work."
PharaohBender27: @beowuuf No worries - just curious :)
Gizmoloid: "We're all prisoners here, so we want to imprison someone too."
niccus: it's probably better to not be able to hear them
beowuuf: :)
InkyGhoast: they sound vaguely like Hungarian lolcats
Huschel23: I like that they get the German culture right in this game. Fluffs are severly under-represented
quasi79fu: we steall alll your valuables nowwww
johkmil: I think Ludonarrative Dissonance is pitching for Yosemite Magic this season.
beowuuf: we need to indiana jones that pedestal
InkyGhoast: i think there was something on the first page of the book?
quasi79fu: wait who was those people?
RandomTrivia: We managed with a newspaper, why not?
Huschel23: Was there a thing on the first page?
GhostValv: orb?
PixelArtDragon: @johkmil I hear their curveball is weak, though
noSmokeFire: LOVE a good orb
InkyGhoast: TEETH
PharaohBender27: A mimic!
wildpeaks: lrrCIRCLE
quasi79fu: Its a Mimic
FoxBoxGamers: as could kicking it
FoxBoxGamers: but okay
MrVirite: The luggage's cousin?
RandomTrivia: What a coincidence, we have those things
undecided44: look at the teeth... it's surely a mimic
Gizmoloid: Who ties and NAILS a mimic to a staircase?
TheMerricat: Heather liked that
theleerm: thats is not oil thats like sap or something
rrtycoon2: I love finding empty pots when I'm done cooking.
beowuuf: i like to come to a strange placw and set fires
lirazel64: Terry Pratchett strikes!
RandomTrivia: We don't have the bear any more, we gave it to the kid
beowuuf: rarr
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe the ferengi have oven mittens
EricTheOrange: keys and doors and keys and doors
beowuuf: towers of hanoi must come in to play during this
GhostValv: :/
Solipsody: Wait, you couldn't take it because it was DIRTY?!
quasi79fu: uhhhh
Huschel23: What are we even doing right now? Trying to get back to pur world?
RandomTrivia: I guess the ash was still hot?
FoxBoxGamers: you're in THE NIGHTMARE WORLD
Solipsody: How dirty was it?
FoxBoxGamers: surely there are more pressing concerns
beowuuf: look for our friend agatha and also incidentally kill evil dude
TheMerricat: Pamela needs to get her priorities in check
undecided44: there was certainly still some "clean" on that rag... we could use it next time
beowuuf: pamantha pamalastein
Solipsody: Alligator clip?
Solipsody: Good for hooking bags?
johkmil: Pamantha hates doing anything with her hands.
VoodontWoW: Drunk on puzzles.
quasi79fu: i have feeet
RandomTrivia: I don't know why but "Get dizzy if too clicky" killed me
x0den: blades of mercy?
PharaohBender27: o_O
quasi79fu: gilded cog
noSmokeFire: gilded cogwheel in the bridge mechanism?
beowuuf: 2nd from right?
TheMerricat: Try the middle badge that was covered in ash?
theleerm: gilded cogwheel
quasi79fu: cori has a gear
MikoKisai: the thing you cleaned with the rag was a bridge mechanism, I believe?
quasi79fu: and gilded cog on bride mech thingy
beowuuf: oh, wait, we'll need to clean that badge to use it, won't we
FoxBoxGamers: [dust]
Solipsody: Wait, you need dirt? You just threw away a rag covered in dirt!
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun might want to double check what the name of that piece that was coverd in ash was.
GapFiller: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 31:38.
RandomTrivia: The ones up top don't matter to the story, they're just Fluff
quasi79fu: gear
DoodlestheGreat: Full of minerals!
Huschel23: @RandomTrivia: LUL
PharaohBender27: Yeah, that is a bird outline
theleerm: put the gear into the hile
Invitare: laver is very good for you
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun might want to double check what the name of that piece that was coverd in ash was.
Invitare: the Welsh make bread out of it
beowuuf: use middle one
quasi79fu: best hint ever Roflmao
beowuuf: without bird in way
cdranobm: wow
theleerm: no you didnt lol
quasi79fu: Cori u didnt
beowuuf: always put wreath i nthe way first
FoxBoxGamers: time for "this isn't how gears work" puzzles!
Invitare: actually laverbread is not bread, it's something else
MikoKisai: you probably have to link the matching ones without crossing
FoxBoxGamers: oh it's THIS mobile game
PixelArtDragon: Oh, so this is FLow
PixelArtDragon: I'm really good at that game
RandomTrivia: That is not what I was expecting the bridge to look like
MalBeam: wait, an actual puzzle in this game
wildpeaks: no wonder this bridge was broken
wilcoxchar: Actual gameplay startles everyone
jkoon78076: how long have you been live?
PharaohBender27: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:10.
beowuuf: 34 mins
FoxBoxGamers: oh thank god, a bathroom
Solipsody: I actually build bridges for a living. The real ones are indeed complicated and stupid, but if I got drawings for that monstrosity I would quit and go live in a cave.
quasi79fu: shels can scrape right?
Amentur: You'll need 2 more seashells
wildpeaks: oh good, 7 more to find
RandomTrivia: Wait, a SHARP shell?
VoodontWoW: Is *this* a flat bird?
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Stab it in the deadly lasers.
noSmokeFire: is the big orange flower a collectable?
beowuuf: about 25 mins puzzle time
Solipsody: Flower?
Huschel23: Yeah, just leave the jar and wait for the bugs to crawl inside
wildpeaks: oh yeah the orange flower looks like the paper
AtomicAlchemical: If only we had some cloth we could wrap our hands in.
jkoon78076: I have been unreasonably exotic l excited for this stream
jkoon78076: excited*
TheMerricat: The book told you what you need to chase the borers with but I can't remember what it was
johkmil: You probably need to use the shell as currency to barter for pieces of a bavarian ant-spoon
quasi79fu: go scrape with the shelll right?
beowuuf: yeah, game is a thing :)
I_Am_Clockwork: Maybe we need to bait the jar?
Gizmoloid: Hmm, 0/8, do you have to click 8... bugs?
noSmokeFire: there was a boot that mentioned needing "buggyfruit juice" to lure borers
beowuuf: sharp shell to free mimic?
Lysander_Gustav: hello everyone!
Xenguin47: There was a note in the book about needing bug something juice to lure the borers
FoxBoxGamers: hey a second shell
Amentur: This seems safe
quasi79fu: stick you hand in the mimic
PharaohBender27: Yep, just reach right in the toothy box
The_Voices: this is normal
FoxBoxGamers: only one more now
Invitare: what if it was full of organs?
RandomTrivia: A jigsaw within a game of pickup sticks?
beowuuf: flying tooth box, sure
Lysander_Gustav: oh neat an adventure game
Solipsody: Now you just need a pile of filth.
Xenguin47: Some manner of powder
beowuuf: can we close shelf to see under for more items?
WyleeCoyote556: what if it was full of hands? O,o
wildpeaks: oh good, it was storing one of its severed limbs in itself
quasi79fu: scrape the dirt from top thingy?
johkmil: That’s such a long animation for every ant.
beowuuf: green bug by purple glow?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: inb4 they didn't mean dirt, but smushed up termites or something
quasi79fu: Oh those are the Crystal Borers that the boook told us about
beowuuf: nm
I_Am_Clockwork: What is a fluff but a miserable pile of tweezers
Lysander_Gustav: I've heard the Nacy Drew games were good
InkyGhoast: apply leaf to zone?
noSmokeFire: I think the checklist is to restore this tree
TheMerricat: For any USAians out there Biden just announced Kamala Harris for his VP pick.
jkoon78076: shell on tree?
Xenguin47: Need restoration potion from long list dude?
beowuuf: bugs back on stand
Solipsody: If I were a pile of dirt, and I might well be, where would I hide?
noSmokeFire: LICHEN dust
Xenguin47: Ooh! Dust!
beowuuf: bugs get real bird?
quasi79fu: and there is the dust
lirazel64: @solipsody In chat!
Solipsody: Oh, on the wall on top of a puzzle. Of course.
niccus: that's why they give you seashells in bathrooms
beowuuf: once we have non-weak tree?
RandomTrivia: Oh it's mimic dust! We can lichen it to something else!
quasi79fu: hi solispody
hammybone_: puts down seashell, finds only pile of dust
beowuuf: the cutting shell, the scraping shell, and the wiping shell, it all makes sense
Xenguin47: Made from 100% post-consumer liches
TehAmelie: are we the Lichen King?
PixelArtDragon: Liches be trippin'
WyleeCoyote556: lichen' ain't easy
beowuuf: booooo ok that was good randomtrivia
johkmil: The seashell was one of the most useful items in the game so far — two uses!
niccus: an actual list of things to get!
Lysander_Gustav: how is the game so far?
RandomTrivia: @beowuuf Thank you very much, I'm here all week
Xenguin47: That's a nifty looking skull
Solipsody: Flame is gonna be hard.
wildpeaks: "that's no moon"
beowuuf: this game is a trip, especially during cut scenes. The game logic is sergejustRight
beowuuf: moar areas, with moar stuff
PixelArtDragon: Actively gaming!
Xenguin47: Hey look, the triangle pieces we need
quasi79fu: oh no a creepy dolll collection
piggy_sama: How long is this game?! (Not complaining, I appreciate the commentary)
quasi79fu: you woke up th ehoooky thingy
johkmil: You need to collect the dolls in order to stop them, I assume.
PharaohBender27: @piggy_sama Think someone said at the end of last stream we were like a third through
beowuuf: someone at the end of last week aid they weren't halfway yet?
quasi79fu: I love that third rule
wildpeaks: we're going to crash into the islands, aren't we
Xenguin47: Good SOP list
piggy_sama: @PharaohBender27 I am both shocked and pleased and confused haha
RandomTrivia: RIP Cori
beowuuf: you aren't the boss of me book
jkoon78076: but what if I want to crash into an island
FoxBoxGamers: step 2. do the thing this is the steps for
beowuuf: and i love that tick cartoon
niccus: we're going to die in art school
PixelArtDragon: The third rule sounds like someone absolutely did that at one point
Asimech: Death, art school, same diff.
Lysander_Gustav: single purpose objects are kind of strange in these types of games
noSmokeFire: WHY are those THERE?
Solipsody: Floating boats are good, but isn't a flying boat more what you're looking for?
noSmokeFire: puzzle piece above the crystal
quasi79fu: puzzle piece
FoxBoxGamers: puzzle piece?
Amentur: Puzzle piece
jkoon78076: puzzle piece
Gizmoloid: Puzzle piece!
Solipsody: Insects!
TheMerricat: We are now approximately 75% through the page on the walkthrough I found -
quasi79fu: crystal borrers
TehAmelie: can we quote that? "We're going to die." "We're going to art school!"
FoxBoxGamers: oh! with the crystal termites!
Xenguin47: If only we had a jar full of borers
undecided44: puzzle piece above the pink cheese board
beowuuf: always decrystalise your brushes before use
quasi79fu: the crystal termites
Solipsody: Apply entymology to it!
johkmil: Decrystalise the crystals! Reverse the polarity of the ion flow!
RaklarLS: maybe it's salt. lick it?
lirazel64: The bugs.
MikoKisai: look in the pouch?
quasi79fu: use bugs on pink crystal thingy
Solipsody: "Crystal borers"
hammybone_: oh I hate it
Xenguin47: Oh god... not a fan
beowuuf: i think the best error message was when cori was mashing the superglue on the string, and the game said 'there has to be another way' It seemed liek the perfect help video / product selling video
beowuuf: oh hey, it's the kid we gave the bear too, let's trap them in a window now
RandomTrivia: That swapping animation takes way too long
TehAmelie: this is a pretty cool puzzle. i wonder if you could get it to work physically
hammybone_: good enough
noSmokeFire: OK, having two big fuzzy blue blobs is just egregious
Xenguin47: What gormless child..
rrtycoon2: oh dear, that jaw offset...
Kyir: That child's mouth looks a bit odd
FoxBoxGamers: what a stupid face
quasi79fu: Yay you solved the puzzle...Hey wait
PixelArtDragon: There's an interesting parity here with regards to whether there are any pieces not the correct way up
Lysander_Gustav: oh I hate sliding block puzzles
beowuuf: i mean if a blue fuzzy blob killed shadogs the took your hand, what face would you make :p
Asimech: Good thing these are rotating blocks! Totally better. @Lysander_Gustav
RaklarLS: these are less bad that sliding blocks
RaklarLS: than*
Xenguin47: Bottom left just to the left of the bear looks like the missing arm
PixelArtDragon: I wonder what the god number for this kind of puzzle is
TehAmelie: i want to go back in time to the 60s or so and try to explain "a two-dimensional rubik's cube of triangles" to people and see what happens
DoodlestheGreat: And the one in the middle seems kinda Velma...
quasi79fu: this window is shaggy?
beowuuf: if this were a real puzzle I'd break the pieces off and put them back together, like a rubik's cube :p
Xenguin47: missing arm for the right hand blue guy
niccus: it doesn't look like it has parity or rotational issues, so maaaaybe it's easier?
SquareDotCube: I think some of the parts on on the left.
hammybone_: oh thank god is saved it
rrtycoon2: Theres a bold blue line i nthe lower right ones.
RaklarLS: their arm is next to the bear
Huschel23: The left halberd is missing some of its handle.
noSmokeFire: the kid's head slowly rotating into space is something else
FoxBoxGamers: yeah heaven help you if you curiously click the reset at the top @hammybone_
quasi79fu: Skip button does that Cori
Xenguin47: That's quitter talk, Cam!
Solipsody: You know your game is good when you have to include a button to skip the parts *between* the cut scenes.
Astra7525: pride adn accomplishment?
quasi79fu: also bugs on pink crystals?
niccus: but you're actively gaming right now
DoodlestheGreat: Yeah, I think "relief" is going to be as good as it gets.
hammybone_: got there
TehAmelie: if you wanted to brute force this, can some mathematician tell us how many configurations you'd have to try`?
beowuuf: nice done!
RandomTrivia: Well played. You have chosen... wisely
MikoKisai: @Solipsody that's actually something that's basically expected of the genre
Laurence72: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
jkoon78076: great job cori
PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie It's not that simple
jkoon78076: I believed in you
Solipsody: @MikoKisai That's not a good thing.
PixelArtDragon: There can be loops that don't immediately look like loops
beowuuf: can we cure the tree yet to get maybe a bird?
TehAmelie: yes, how many operations you'd have to go through rather
niccus: did we try bugs on crystals?
johkmil: The shape game would have been helped by the two creatures not having the exact same coloration.
I_Am_Clockwork: Does his list have a new list?
undecided44: maybe Crystal boring insects for the pink crystals?
noSmokeFire: WHY
MikoKisai: @Solipsody it is for a large part of the audience for these games - for them it's about the hidden object parts and story, not the minigames
niccus: oh no ian worked so hard on that leather bag
Amentur: But why?
RandomTrivia: Okay, we un-crafted a bag...
RaklarLS: there's what, 28 triangles? if you're going to spin them all across randomly there's like 28 factorial possible arrangements?
beowuuf: this
DiscordianTokkan: Game plz
hammybone_: see, its fine now
Cepsys: Ornithopter?
Lysander_Gustav: sure all right seems logical
beowuuf: we have wing repair material at home
jkoon78076: bugs on crystal?
undecided44: at least you didn't have to find a needle and sinew
Amentur: Can we ise termites on crystal?
RandomTrivia: Repaired is a strong word here
Asimech: I take it Cori's just winging this?
TehAmelie: every triangle can be turned three ways too
PixelArtDragon: @TehAmelie Well, that's what a god number is for a puzzle. Not so easy to find, nor is it always helpful. For example, every Rubiks cube can be solved in 20 steps, but good luck finding them
RaklarLS: this doesn't look.. .safe
Huschel23: Bugs on crystals sounds correct, yes
FoxBoxGamers: >>crystal borers
AtomicAlchemical: Yep. Just punching some holes in leather with our bare fingers. Normal stuff
Xenguin47: Never go full bird.
RandomTrivia: !quote 4333
LRRbot: Quote #4333: "How is a cat different from a bird? Oh right, two holes." —Ian [2017-07-31]
niccus: please dont squish the dragonfruit
quasi79fu: its hard knock life...For me...
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun to save you some frustration you are done with this area ATM, you'll be coming back. Your current task is to release the boat and you have everything you need to do that.
MikoKisai: @TehAmelie you couldn't rotate the pieces individually, only in pairs, so it's just 30 factorial (because there were 30 pieces and the parity is locked)
TehAmelie: hm
quasi79fu: Bugs please on Pick crystals?
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Lysander_Gustav: maybe use termites on cystals?
PixelArtDragon: @MikoKisai I think that's an upper bound, there may be fewer actually achievable states
Solipsody: This game is giving me an even worse headache than work did today, but if I don't see them put the bugs on those crystals I'm never going to be able to sleep tonight.
PixelArtDragon: Something something it's been half a year since I did any group theory
trevor_impersonator: lrrCORI and lrrCAMERON
johkmil: Let’s just let them play.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun to save you some frustration you are done with this area ATM, you'll be coming back. Your current task is to release the boat and you have everything you need to do that.
jkoon78076: jar on crystal
PharaohBender27: @Solipsody Oof, sorry to hear that lrrHEART
niccus: DONT DIE
wildpeaks: oh no we have lives
RandomTrivia: We Rhythm Cafe now
Huschel23: Is this Hugo?
noSmokeFire: surely we could go slightly further to one side and be fine
MikoKisai: @PixelArtDragon I think they'd all be achievable because you can park any piece in the four corners and rearrange everything else, but otherwise that is correct
Asimech: Three lanes, at least.
RaklarLS: definitely hugo, without the phone presses
GhostValv: D:
PharaohBender27: OH NNNOOOOOOOO
RandomTrivia: Oh I can't unsee that
beowuuf: what?
Amentur: OH NO!
Solipsody: @PharaohBender27 Thanks.
niccus: just like haven's vault
hammybone_: NOPE
niccus: heaven's*
Nigouki: It all keep tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling doooooooown....
beowuuf: jacks in the sky, doll head bobbing in the clouds, nbd
RandomTrivia: Oh please no. Put that thing back right where you found it
noSmokeFire: "hewwo"
GhostValv: let's nope starting early?
chickenace11: why does the hand stay
FoxBoxGamers: Talk&Play -> Talk&Nope
jkoon78076: sword
Laurence72: Is this the End of Evangelion??
Vyous: And all those floating jax pieces
Gadora: Did you take its puzzle piece?
niccus: wasn't that baby in runner 3?
johkmil: Is this hell?
iris_of_ether: lrrFINE benginOh benginNo
RandomTrivia: Hey look, literally anything else - let's look at that
Gizmoloid: It just being there isn't all that upsetting, but it hiding definitely is.
beowuuf: sure
wildpeaks: why does the skeleton still have hair ?
theleerm: how does the skeleton have hair!
RaklarLS: seriously, was this made by the same people who did Tormentum? because it has those vibes
x0den: bone on drgon fruit?
Amentur: We have the hard thing for the fruit now
RandomTrivia: I love that we know *exactly* which parts of the skeleton we'll need later, for puzzles we haven't even seen yet
niccus: that helmet doesnt look watertight
Gizmoloid: lrrCREEPL_SQ lrrCREEPR_SQ
beowuuf: why? who knows!
Lysander_Gustav: that voice
FoxBoxGamers: hey look a elderly blue thing in a dream world with a hooka
FoxBoxGamers: GET IT gamers??
Invitare: we already beat Micolash D:
noSmokeFire: *good*
RandomTrivia: That seems fine
hammybone_: why would you ever want to come back
Invitare: Oh Kos or some say Kosm. Grant us eyes
Solipsody: Promise?
I_Am_Clockwork: Kos, or some say Kosm grant us EYES!
quasi79fu: but wait how can we get the paint back to you if we cant return here?
beowuuf: stay forever to look for puzzle pieces, clearly
TehAmelie: now i kind of want a coloring book game
beowuuf: so we need to crush th bones for ash?
MikoKisai: the dragon fruit allows you to do something to it
jkoon78076: bone on dragonfruit
Lysander_Gustav: wait so the game gets bricked if we make a mistake and bring the wrong things?
Solipsody: They're deliberately trying everything except the bugs, aren't they?
Gizmoloid: Is bone hard enough to crack that fruit thingy?
PharaohBender27: @Lysander_Gustav Oh God
RandomTrivia: @Lysander_Gustav I don't think the game will let us brick it
MikoKisai: @Lysander_Gustav these games are basically always super linear and have no dead ends
niccus: oh, a kiwi egg
TehAmelie: umm what about the blorange
beowuuf: so bug juice on crystals, bugs ion crustals?
PixelArtDragon: What about the blue raspberry?
MerryPringles: is this game... complete nonsense?
RandomTrivia: How convenient
natillynoo: mimic had a brush?
Solipsody: I'm so angry.
HisEvilDomain: the colour orange was named after the fruit, it used to be called yellow-red
InkyGhoast: on me?
Laurence72: Cori's face is *chef's kiss*
Solipsody: Eff it. I'm out.
I_Am_Clockwork: Decrystalize me daddy
Asimech: Wait, that was liquer, we should've drank it!
RandomTrivia: That was a very specific solvent
niccus: this game is to adventure games as being too tired and getting pareidolia out of stucco walls is to hidden object games
johkmil: So it wasn’t the termites after all. That would have been too subtle.
noSmokeFire: weird thing on the table's hole?
Pteraspidomorphi: Clearly the magic paint crystallized
quasi79fu: some of the games i play do change the cursor to things like grabby hands or gears when something is interactable
Gadora: Every time Cam says "Naturally" on its own, my mind goes to Who's On First. This greatly enhances the watching.
beowuuf: of... course...
FoxBoxGamers: in a magic foil tube no less
RandomTrivia: But what did they do with the cap?
Asimech: Tube-o-blue. Or tublue.
jkoon78076: can you do something with the symbol
noSmokeFire: please tell me we're going to eat the sandman with crystal borers
johkmil: Pamantha found cocaine in the fantasy world. Got it.
Rynehawk: yay Its again!
Dmc3628: who's ready for bullbus battle mechanics
noSmokeFire: Hans has gun hands now
beowuuf: no hans!
Lysander_Gustav: okay
PharaohBender27: Now Hans is evil!?
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GhostValv: oh no not hans
Whisle: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:00:59.
Rynehawk: is that kuato?
RandomTrivia: So, in summary, this is MacGuffin Trading Simulator
johkmil: I did not expect a boss fight.
hammybone_: oh. i guess he's just gonna... stand there?
x0den: glad he's so polite to just let us walk away for a bit
noSmokeFire: oh. can you buggy juice the crystal to carve the shape?
MikoKisai: I think you need to do something with the parchment and solve this puzzle
InkyGhoast: combine stensil and buggy juice
beowuuf: i thought we needed to make tree not weak? did i miss that solution?
FoxBoxGamers: it looks like you actually have the thing you need for the stencil... somehow?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun that last puzazel you were at that you still haven't replaced the crystal on.
Amentur: Kick Hans in the groin
RandomTrivia: Can we borrow the sceptre back from the knight earlier?
PixelArtDragon: Maybe you can use the gem in the parchment?
InkyGhoast: combine stensil and bug jar?
quasi79fu: is the bugs for shaping the crystal for the stencil?
PharaohBender27: o_O
FoxBoxGamers: and now the bugs to make them eat the shape out??
wildpeaks: ohhh
quasi79fu: Oh coool
niccus: cameron, you're a genius!
beowuuf: so, we don't use the bugs on the crystals, jsut that crystal
Dmc3628: bioshock pipe puzzle time
PharaohBender27: Can't remember if I posted this already:
HisEvilDomain: wait, so the insects will eat *around* the sruit juice, not the sugars of the fruits?
beowuuf: apparently?
noSmokeFire: we're charging the lizards
InkyGhoast: the corners?
kumatsu: delicious pipe dreams?
x0den: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Jack
HisEvilDomain: bonk* go to horny jail?
Dmc3628: oh the game doesn't bother telling you the method for boss fights
RandomTrivia: Oh dear, there's a skip button
PixelArtDragon: Wait, when did the tassels come back?
RandomTrivia: That means there's a stupid puzzle
MikoKisai: find the matching one on each side?
x0den: how's your norse?
Dmc3628: close
johkmil: Puzzle fight!
Asimech: Drag and drop?
InkyGhoast: maybe its a ...qucik time event?
Dmc3628: nope
Asimech: Something with symbols that exists in all of theirs?
InkyGhoast: and you gotta click faster?
I_Am_Clockwork: Pick ones he doesn’t have?
Dmc3628: there's one symbol that doesn't appear in "defenses"
wildpeaks: oh, we need to highlight all of them ?
FoxBoxGamers: or the one that matches none of his?
Dmc3628: this is a holdover from the first game and oh man they don't bother telling you the battle mechanic then and even now
wildpeaks: are tower of hanoi-ing again ?
wildpeaks: *are we
PixelArtDragon: Maybe it replaces the symbol that doesn't match?
wildpeaks: ohh
RandomTrivia: Good thing we have infinite lives but Hans doesn't
PharaohBender27: @Dmc3628 Wow that's . . . not good design
noSmokeFire: just clobber hans with your scepter
niccus: has that "info" button always been there?
FoxBoxGamers: and now he's fine
Dmc3628: oh yeah the third game was god awful they gave you an ACTUAL sword but the boss fight against Kelpie was double QTE stylized
I_Am_Clockwork: I hate this because both the goal and the mechanic are obscured, meaning you just have to slap randomly at things until something works :/
AtomicAlchemical: How did we get here?
quasi79fu: where the h e lll are we?
Gizmoloid: And suddenly we're uh here.
wildpeaks: oh good, a sewer
PharaohBender27: Wo sind wir?
Angnor33: Happy fun sewer times!
GhostValv: real world?
Pteraspidomorphi: No insult swordfighting Dmc3628?
beowuuf: we're back? without agatha?
InkyGhoast: also whatever happened to agatha
wildpeaks: what about the girl we left with the sandman ?
beowuuf: lol, hans sat on scissors
Huschel23: OW
quasi79fu: where is Agatha?
PixelArtDragon: Great, now we need to get tetanus shots
jkoon78076: you're in the golgari rot farm
MolaMolaphant: the *shear* carelessness
Dmc3628: somewhat there's 2 bars that flash in for both # of hits and the hit chance window
beowuuf: agatha is forgotten until game 5, clearly
MikoKisai: impressive that he just has a cardboard bed here
Gekyouryuu: ysbrydPunjail @MolaMolaphant
SeiichiSin: I get here just in time for break.
DoodlestheGreat: From someone more coherent than this game's designers...
GapFiller: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
EvilBadman: DoodlestheGreat no guarantees
Gnuttor: What a good game. Can't wait to get it. Or no. I Can Wait.
Dmc3628: for me at least 2 was the least """bullbus""" game in the series because there were no battle mechanics and it least had a through enough line to hold suspension of disbelief
TheMerricat: We are now about 80% done according to the walkthrough. There are several more septer fights
lirazel64: @seiichisin Don’t worry, all you've missed are dream-logic puzzles.
johkmil: My headcanon is that Hans has actually been living in the sewers for 20 years. Everything else has been a hallucination.
lirazel64: The baddie said he was eternal, just before he lost a fight and dissolved.
SeiichiSin: No great moments of the brain just melting from how silly some of this stuff is?
beowuuf: we seteed on spores and hallucinated with him
lirazel64: One or two...
TheMerricat: That's been most of the stream @SeiichiSin
SeiichiSin: Then I missed all the important parts!
SeiichiSin: I need to fix the go live notices on my phone soon.
Dmc3628: there will be more mind melting soon
TheMerricat: I think you'll have plenty more after the break, the walkthrough doesn't look any more coherent going forward than it did before
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Oh goody
johkmil: Spores and fungi in sewers have a long history of causing hallucinations of fantastic worlds — just look at what happened to the Mario brothers!
lirazel64: The chain-drive puzzle was the most elegant one, I thought
CaptainSpam: @johkmil: That's the truly terrifying part. Mario Brothers is the actual real world. Kappa
PharaohBender27: @lirazel64 Yeah, a couple of these puzzles have been not terrible, but then . . . there's the rest of the game
DoodlestheGreat: lrrHERE
Scy_Anide: I have arrived precisely on a time!
johkmil: lrrHERE
lirazel64: The ones about fetching ingredients from hither and yon are the most tedious, to me.
Dmc3628: sounds delish
TehAmelie: i want an electric unicorn! for science
EvilBadman: We need that doll to level up
RandomTrivia: Oh I picked the wrong time to come back
beowuuf: are we under the original chapel?
kumatsu: *Tim Allen noise*
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia We've only been back like a minute
RandomTrivia: Yeah, I sat down to the sight of that doll...
Invitare: Keyboard Cat?
PharaohBender27: Wait - did the Sandman destroy the town!
jkoon78076: good to know there were mends back then too
beowuuf: sure
EvilBadman: Bloodborne got a lot more colorful
Gekyouryuu: seems like it
TehAmelie: did the war start?
beowuuf: welp
PharaohBender27: It's 1931
johkmil: Well, the world has ended. Time to die.
quasi79fu: is this actually real world or just nightmare world version of it
TehAmelie: [Fawlty Towers joke]
Invitare: ah then it myst be time to conquer Earth
EvilBadman: We Yahar'Gul Unseen Village now
beowuuf: we'll find out at the end this is the nightmare realm so us defeating the shadow didn't count
PharaohBender27: Though I suppose this makes Mittenwald like 13-14 years ahead of the rest of Germany Kappa
TheMerricat: Just in case you managed to get to this point and still don't get how this works!
RandomTrivia: We'll just put this bicycle wheel in our back pocket...
Gadora: Oh gods.
BrindleBoar: NotLikeThis
TehAmelie: it is a bit like The Phantom Menace huh
beowuuf: lrrWOW
johkmil: Where in Germany is this?
jkoon78076: chloroform on doll
niccus: i took a phone call and now we're in bloodborne?
x0den: the doll is saying we can do soemthing to it
TheMerricat: what's in the bag?
PharaohBender27: @niccus It appears the Shadow Realm is invading our world
CaptainSpam: If only Bicycle Repairman were here!
jkoon78076: chloroform on doll!!!
johkmil: Is Hans going to end up in the DDR?
beowuuf: bavaria?
Huschel23: @johkmil: Yeah, somewhere in Bavaria, I think
RandomTrivia: Why do these people insist on storing their magic sceptres without their power sources?
quasi79fu: why is the doll in her inventory interactable?
johkmil: Is this actually a prequel to Jalopy?
TehAmelie: these are some rockin sewers
PharaohBender27: @johkmil Depends on which part of Germany this takes place in - if it's Bavaria like people are saying, he'll be safe in that regard
beowuuf: lol
BrindleBoar: it's a Resident Evil spinoff
x0den: keys would be too on the nose
Angnor33: ^^
Gekyouryuu: building to that same Resident Evil code
niccus: how do crest locks work anyways
lirazel64: Logic, Cam!
InkyGhoast: so this is where the resident evil guys got it from
Rynehawk: I mean if they didn't they'd be so crestfallen
quasi79fu: doll
Pteraspidomorphi: RFID, niccus
InkyGhoast: take a hammer and fix the statue
chickenace11: shhh Cam how else are they going to make it only available to the elite
beowuuf: key ration after the war
jkoon78076: chloroform the doll
Angnor33: Perhaps the large adult sulking could move the statue...
RandomTrivia: I need to reposition this statue *takes out crossbow* *THNK*
niccus: ok so i've heard of the difference between gargoyles and grotesques, but what does it mean when it's in the sewers
patbaer: I came in at the right time.
SeiichiSin: Doll has the + now?
RatekStormcrow: lewd
Asimech: Chloroform the doll?
EvilBadman: Attach doll to crossbow
PharaohBender27: @johkmil He'd have to be in Saxony to be somewhere that's as mountainous as where this game seems to be and wind up in the DDR
StarFreak359: pixel hunting!
RandomTrivia: Oh hey, it's a patbaer
quasi79fu: Doll is intyeractable
beowuuf: patbaer: some may debate 'the end' is the only correct time :p
johkmil: If Hans has been missing for 20 years or so — who’s going to tell him about the Great War?
MikoKisai: doll is interactable, maybe look at that first
TheMerricat: OMG, the solution to the dogs is so effing silly.
PharaohBender27: @johkmil Ohhh, right
patbaer: Nailed it.
jkoon78076: OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT!!!!!
EvilBadman: cool, now channel some blood echoes annnnnd
niccus: genius
wildpeaks: Yeet
StarFreak359: cool
beowuuf: at least people can call it the war to end all wars with a straight face when they tell him
quasi79fu: sleeepy shadogs
PharaohBender27: @johkmil "So, Hans, a lot of your friends are dead, also there was this thing called the Treaty of Versailles . . . "
TehAmelie: oh man it sucks for Hans he missed the golden age in between the wars
wildpeaks: can we pet the shadowdogs
MilkInBag: What the FUCK did I walk into
quasi79fu: oh its the creeepy lady
TehAmelie: well, Germany wasn't so golden i guess
Angnor33: Chloroform is scary as lrrEFF as an anaesthetic.
EvilBadman: what is up with those penis fingers
MilkInBag: Is this Cats but Human edition?
PharaohBender27: You seem awfully blase about this, lady
omdorastrix: When did the Professor grow their heir out and dye it purple?
ameliette: im 90% sure that knit pattern is wrong way up
MikoKisai: store lady is unusually calm during all of this
lirazel64: Not to mention you're creepy as hell.
beowuuf: is this the newspaper seller?
Orgmastron: Are you a witch? You have to tell me if you're a witch.
TehAmelie: is she a different art style from the rest of the game or is it just me?
quasi79fu: Omg Cori
Gnuttor: What voice acting. Fabolus.
quasi79fu: LOL
wildpeaks: she sure is super chill about the demons invading the town
iris_of_ether: CORI NO
WyleeCoyote556: its Clutch Cargo's gramma! :D
patbaer: cooool
I_Am_Clockwork: The old lady keeps dropping her accent
TheMerricat: Puzzle piece!!!!
CraziestOwl: The eyes seabatYIKES
Huschel23: The demon's guard is the squirrel, isn't it?
kumatsu: I guess Battle of Wits
wildpeaks: kitty \o/
I_Am_Clockwork: It’s really jarring
quasi79fu: Rawr
BrindleBoar: is this the same cat?
quasi79fu: yes the same cat
I_Am_Clockwork: Sing ye cat
Juliamon: If there's one thing cats love it's music.
patbaer: Wut
BrindleBoar: wow
EvilBadman: i drewed a bird
GhostValv: wat
niccus: heagh
I_Am_Clockwork: Cannot sing ye cat
StarFreak359: good work.
MilkInBag: are you.........woodcarving in an old lady's place?
Vyous: How is that what that was for?!
Laurence72: LOL
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat The only real "golden" part of the interwar period in Germany was that Berlin became a culturally and artistically relevant place in the 1920s
rrtycoon2: Live vandalism.
Gnuttor: Easy there, Cori
beowuuf: all those needles look long enough to reac hthe cat without being scratched
MikoKisai: the blue words in the list require some sort of puzzle to be solved first, so you probably put the hand on the clock... somehow
EvilBadman: Ah, we're on the finding puzzles
Pteraspidomorphi: Hunt those pixels
PharaohBender27: Whoops, that bit addressed to @TheMerricat was meant to go to @TehAmelie :P
beowuuf: they know you'll be so desperate by now that you'll just cheat and scrape the shape you need.
EvilBadman: Sailors, aye
DoodlestheGreat: Oh, there's another griffin next to the book.
Roger_Job329: nautical
quasi79fu: arent tramp stamps a prison thing?
TheMerricat: I found it interesting too @PharaohBender27 :P
quasi79fu: Find the Wind
RandomTrivia: There aren't any of those here
quasi79fu: Oh not wind but win
wildpeaks: I sure could use one
Roger_Job329: a swallow every 5k nautical miles
wildpeaks: I'm guessing it's just a prize/award with a weird translation
elkae: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:23:37.
RandomTrivia: Is the Glass Box a box made of glass, or a box containing glass?
beowuuf: don't apologise for shielding us from any aspect of this game
Gekyouryuu: top left
Gekyouryuu: behind the horn
Huschel23: The items turn white on the list when you open the right drawer. That's handy
quasi79fu: what time is it?
PharaohBender27: It's Puzzle Time!
quasi79fu: Yay...I think
RandomTrivia: Time to... get a... watch?
quasi79fu: XDE
EvilBadman: An..iron...cross?
MilkInBag: Is it the Crown drawing?
Huschel23: A crown for the winner?
quasi79fu: square peg in circle hole?
wildpeaks: ohhh
Huschel23: Ooooh
chickenace11: ok that's kinda of clever
empyreon: U WIN
Gekyouryuu: what's with the glowing glass on the counter?
TheMerricat: Game.
RandomTrivia: gg, good stream
quasi79fu: Winnnn
beowuuf: i've nver seen a crest like this before, and i've seen about 100 by now
patbaer: that's.... clever? ish?
EvilBadman: A winnar is you
CAKHost: You won the game!
johkmil: Someone was brave in the Great War, it seems.
Angnor33: Is that sphinx think on the lleft something you need?
Huschel23: The frog goes...?
MolaMolaphant: wait, wasn't it X's turn?
quasi79fu: Guessing card
Laurence72: O doesn't go first though!
RandomTrivia: That doesn't rhyme
wildpeaks: is the combination is "smash the fragile box with a heavy thing" ?
MikoKisai: 3 1 4 2
CAKHost: Wow
quasi79fu: do bears howl at night?
Huschel23: This is too hard
PharaohBender27: Bear, wolf, chicken, frog?
NimrodXIV: I am the one who ribbits
CAKHost: So game, puzzles puzzle
quasi79fu: no music for you
Invitare: that's ok. Cat's don't like music unless it's Jazz
quasi79fu: you get a gun?
rrtycoon2: Looked like the phonograph could be rotated.
niccus: what's the recommended age range for this game again
PharaohBender27: Like 19th-century pistols?
johkmil: That’s so difficult! You’d have to be at least two years old to solve the riddle.
SachielOne: Bird behind the brush
chickenace11: all drawers should be labeled like that
CAKHost: I though that deck of cards was a fancy mouse trap
quasi79fu: you toook the crank
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Asimech: Now we're cranky!
PharaohBender27: Wait wait wait - we're just doing all this in this woman's house in front of her, and she's . . . not reacting in any way?
quasi79fu: XD
I_Am_Clockwork: AaaAaa@aAa the FrEnCH ChampAigN
StarFreak359: time to crank the gargoyle?
empyreon: "I could play some music here... better fix that"
BrindleBoar: C4?
InkyGhoast: bread?
BrindleBoar: bummer
katierosethemaid: first time to a stream hi /
elkae: Fondle the cheese
Gekyouryuu: use the chisel?
quasi79fu: clay?
elkae: Oh it's clay
NimrodXIV: I was guessing old cheese
Wolfstrike_NL: I thought a tombstone
PharaohBender27: @StarFreak359 Is that what the kids call it now? Kappa
wildpeaks: time to A R T
EvilBadman: >eat clay
GhostValv: clay into wheel :)
wildpeaks: roll to seduce the clay
StarFreak359: @PharaohBender27 I suppose :-P
Laurence72: phonograph = spinning wheel?
Asimech: Obs we shape the clay into a record to play for the cat.
Huschel23: We be ghosting?
Kalpho: mold a musician with clay
beowuuf: pharaohbender27: i mean isn't this the same woman we just swapped a book for the newspaper? she seems pretty relaxed about stuff like this
quasi79fu: maybe for a sigil
MolaMolaphant: You got this, Cori! you're Kiln it!
wildpeaks: oh do we build the last cat this way ?
MikoKisai: it doesn't look like there's a plus by the clay, so you don't have what you need yet
RandomTrivia: Ah, remember the classic Rage against the Machine song about pottery, "Kiln in the Name"
quasi79fu: oooh build the last cat
quasi79fu: oh the guns
InkyGhoast: or the glass?
EvilBadman: The figurines are all different, not just a cat on piano
MikoKisai: there appears to be something behind that little brush
quasi79fu: so make a grddin sigil out of clay?
TheMerricat: I think she missed an item while at the bike.
Gekyouryuu: turn the record player the other way?
quasi79fu: giffin sigil out of clay
x0den: other side of the megaphone?
Getter404: That kitty needs a treat. Clearly you should feed it the clay
StarFreak359: dang
EvilBadman: Jam the clay into Hans
Huschel23: Cori: 'Use the crossbow' Game: 'There must be another way'
AmberLampLight: That’s true in life generally I think
TheMerricat: grass tuff above steering bar.
Gekyouryuu: you never turned the record player to the other direction. maybe it has more to offer?
I_Am_Clockwork: Rub all the things onto other things, as is the Sierra way
jkoon78076: hint?
errantvalor: turn the record player the other way?
Angnor33: Use the crossbow on the cat to get it out of the way.
Getter404: Load Kitty into Crossbow. Pretend you're in Final Fantasy VIII
Asimech: Did we check the left side of the gramophone?
Laurence72: clay on record player, as a sponning wheel to mold it
SeiichiSin: Maybe screw driver to open the door with the two guns?
WizOuphe: screwdriver on box?
quasi79fu: i think we use clay on something in inventory like kitties or griffins
chickenace11: simple load screwdriver into crossbow solve all problems
SeiichiSin: Cook it first.
GhostValv: wat
quasi79fu: uh oh
BrindleBoar: wut
wildpeaks: uhh
BrindleBoar: oh
Pteraspidomorphi: Why
wildpeaks: ohh
BrindleBoar: memory game
RandomTrivia: Oh no it's a memory game?
BrindleBoar: ?
PharaohBender27: Memory game?
InkyGhoast: play the recouhhrd
CanPlayGames: Of course!
quasi79fu: horse shoe with horse
x0den: horseshoe and horse?
Gekyouryuu: is it about the color of the center circle?
RandomTrivia: Conceptual memory game, rather than exact matches? Ewwwww
StarFreak359: conceptual memory >.<
quasi79fu: roflmao
satyropodobny: rejected mtg art the game
wildpeaks: The Ultimate Cat Music
RandomTrivia: Crank that... Gramaphone
niccus: you found the music of the year
quasi79fu: kitty down
silenceaux: Listening to this audio only is such a treasure, btw
ATrophonian: Music soothes the savage kitty?
battlebreeches: LUL
NimrodXIV: perfect
GhostValv: seems legit
StarFreak359: WTH
Asimech: That cat does not look "calmed".
quasi79fu: wut just happpened
PixelArtDragon: Maybe you need a needle for the gramaphone?
patbaer: It's "fixed"
RatekStormcrow: it looks worse
Gizmoloid: WAT
beowuuf: uuugh
x0den: LMAO
RandomTrivia: Seems legit
Angnor33: I still maintain crossbow works on cat too.
Rynehawk: at this point why not
ATrophonian: lrrCAMERON lrrCORI lrrJUDGE
Huschel23: Will this kill the Sandman?
rrtycoon2: I think this game Cam
Kalpho: you spoke it into existence
iris_of_ether: Eheehee
Gnuttor: You wish, Cam, you wish
rrtycoon2: spoke*
chickenace11: oh no I haven't seen Cam this broken since Detroit Become Human
niccus: do you want to maximize how catastrophically a bicycle can fail
jkoon78076: it's a Pokémon bike
quasi79fu: your biek sounds horrible
StarFreak359: COOL
Gekyouryuu: I mean, in Pokemon you keep your bike in a bag
TehAmelie: between the Sandman audiobook and the Sandman TV show in production i'm having trouble remembering the Sandman is the villain here
CAKHost: the squrriel!
Dmc3628: Cam i have news...
satyropodobny: JUMP! JUMP!
johkmil: I don’t think knitting pins are soft enough to bend like that.
quasi79fu: uh oh
wildpeaks: wow
ATrophonian: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
patbaer: hahahhaha
NimrodXIV: mistakes were made
Pteraspidomorphi: That was an emotional rollercoaster
niccus: well that's a great way to die
Angnor33: So many teeth lost just there.
quasi79fu: who the heck was that
Gekyouryuu: how did we get BACK?!
wildpeaks: that's a lot to unpack here
StarFreak359: Neat.
chickenace11: Jump Scare
RaklarLS: who's that?
Wolfstrike_NL: Hi there :D
MikoKisai: oh, agatha
CAKHost: oh we found Agatha!
lirazel64: lrrFINE
quasi79fu: was that agatha?
rrtycoon2: The force of fear flung us back.
Asimech: We were so scared we jumped back?
ATrophonian: One Punch Gran?!?
RaklarLS: bagatha?
beowuuf: typical cut scene , a lot happened there
Rynehawk: LUL LUL LUL
BrindleBoar: this son of a walnut
theleerm: how did you get back???
chickenace11: oh look the guns
johkmil: You clearly fired that grappling hook without a rope.
quasi79fu: Oh nooooo we have to help the squirrel
jkoon78076: IM SO HAPPY
CAKHost: You have to help him
niccus: shoot the squirrel
Juliamon: WHY should we HELP it
ATrophonian: Get Jacked!
beowuuf: squirrel fucked our car
PixelArtDragon: Hang on, if we could jump that far, why did we need the rope?
RandomTrivia: Good old universal connections
DoodlestheGreat: Puzzle piece!
RaklarLS: fucking shoot it
CAKHost: Wait
quasi79fu: SHoooot the squirrel Roflmao
niccus: dislodge the car into the sea
CAKHost: Did we just walked back?
jkoon78076: puzzle piece next to squirrel
StarFreak359: GDI
InkyGhoast: the squirrel tried to save us from this madness! this squirrel is Marauder Sheilds!
DoodlestheGreat: Griffing next to purplr book.
katierosethemaid: tie orenge left of shelf
CAKHost: Maybe?
DoodlestheGreat: Er, Griffin.
Gekyouryuu: left side of dresses
johkmil: Iron Cross...
Gekyouryuu: dresser*
Huschel23: Tie is somewhere else
wildpeaks: I wonder if "tie" will be like "win"
CAKHost: k
SoldieroFortune: man in photo wearing tie?
Asimech: Most things are a tie if you try hard enough. Or tie hard enough, I guess.
MikoKisai: tie what white so should be in plain sight
Gekyouryuu: tie is orange and on the left
MikoKisai: *Was
katierosethemaid: top left of shelf orrenge tie
CAKHost: crown
jkoon78076: tie on the left
CAKHost: drawn crown
FITorion: there's a tie hanging on the left...
Konda020946: tie is on hte left side of the cabinet
FITorion: it's orange
beowuuf: tie outside shelves on left
quasi79fu: tie is orange
x0den: top left picture for soldier?
MikoKisai: soldier is blue so not currently visible
Getter404: Aren
ZethRuss: lookls like a key on the top left shelf
DigitalSeahorse: cant' open the other drawers?
Getter404: Aren't Gunpowder Bags like those little leather horns they would pour down the barrel of a musket?
errantvalor: theres a key on the top right shelf
GhostValv: ???
TheMerricat: We need to find the key to open the drawer for the other two
EvilBadman: IIRC Blue items require some other abitrary thing to make them accessible
Asimech: String: Just a really narrow bandage, I guess.
Konda020946: key int eh right side to open left shelf?
quasi79fu: soldier and gunpowder bag require additional actions to find
ZethRuss: yeah , my bad, right != left
x0den: top shelf in front of leaf picture for key?
RandomTrivia: Just a regular key? I didn't they existed in this now post-apocalyptic hellscape
quasi79fu: meaning you have to unlock them
NimrodXIV: the figure behind the red cloth
CAKHost: You need to make a handle?
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, I thought I was seeing the bag
Konda020946: top shelf on the right key for left shelf
DigitalSeahorse: a knob for the top drawer maybe
PharaohBender27: I mean, the Versailles Treaty limits the number of soldiers we may have! Kappa
quasi79fu: so locked drawer
ZethRuss: key left of the red cloth
PixelArtDragon: Where are we going to find a soldier, in 1930's Germany?
Konda020946: besides red hankercheif
MikoKisai: there is a thing that looks like a key by the red c´loth
SeiichiSin: There is the whole key thing too.
quasi79fu: key to left of red cloth
patbaer: yeah is that a key by the red cloth?
Angnor33: Can you grab the key?
TheMerricat: Also you need to talk to the lady for some items after this.
Vyous: Keys by the cloth?
SoldieroFortune: You called?
PharaohBender27: @PixelArtDragon Well, this is 1931, so Germany hasn't fully gone " lrrEFF the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles" yet
DigitalSeahorse: shigiSurprise
quasi79fu: oh squirrel climbs shawl doesnt it
wildpeaks: that's ok, the river of lava will keep us warm
Angnor33: Cannot talk to old lady until you raid her cabinet properly. Kappa
RandomTrivia: What absurd arbitrary use will we have for the scarf?
ATrophonian: O_O
errantvalor: gargoyle with the jack?
RandomTrivia: Oh, naturally...
Pteraspidomorphi: Schawl
quasi79fu: aww he ahd a present for you
QuietJay: radSquirrel
I_Am_Clockwork: Long loooong scaaaarf
x0den: goes to the bag
quasi79fu: now throw the squirrel inot the lava
EvilBadman: that's god's carf now
johkmil: She hasn’t noticed Armageddon right outside?
NimrodXIV: squirrel touched it, don't want it back
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rrtycoon2: Tom Baker will be around in 40 years to pick it up.
Critterbot: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:41:10.
EvilBadman: "I should pour some sort of explosive in it"
wildpeaks: oh good and now we're building explosives
FITorion: well you've got gunpower... that's an explosive
StarFreak359: cool
CAKHost: You need to find a dead rat...
johkmil: Now you’re just sifting through sewage.
x0den: dead rat in from of box you brok
satyropodobny: I know where I recognize this style of animation! Adult Swim's Tigtone!
PharaohBender27: For anyoneone wondering why I keep saying this game takes place in 1931 - I watched the VOD of the last episode, and it was slightly blurred, but the newspaper had a date of September something 1931
beowuuf: feather for staff to right
Vyous: Are those anenome in the water?
quasi79fu: i dont know if rat skeleton is a antique though
x0den: tome raider :D
johkmil: You’re going to end up with *all* the cholera.
wildpeaks: this needs to be a crapshot where someone is looking at the character while they name random objects
jkoon78076: cork on potion?
Wolfstrike_NL: did we check the gun drawer?
Vyous: Ah yes, a grenade.
Getter404: Who would throw away a perfectly good rat skeleton like that
quasi79fu: are we going to bomb agatha
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TheMerricat: talk to the old lady again
MikoKisai: probably wouldn't want to light it before we get to the castle anyway
Lysander_Gustav: we made a grenade?
Huschel23: Ask her for a new scarf
quasi79fu: wait the lady fought dogs and demons before?
PharaohBender27: I'm sorry, you mean you *have* fought demons before!?
chickenace11: Why didn't you bring the cat with you to go after the squirrel
jkoon78076: did she just dab?
StarFreak359: S2G
Lysander_Gustav: oh joy
DigitalSeahorse: teebsSmug lucidSnob
I_Am_Clockwork: We’re just chewing through these staff batteries.
Getter404: That animation is like one step away from those bluescreen interviews on Conan back in the day
quasi79fu: oh back to the bosss battle
wildpeaks: turns out, we were the young priest and the old priest all along
RandomTrivia: Did we just bop her in the face?
quasi79fu: bop it
PharaohBender27: RX?
quasi79fu: turn it
PharaohBender27: Nevermind
StarFreak359: cool
chickenace11: like be in this game?
GhostValv: yea... tunnels...
PharaohBender27: "Speaking of your house, I have some bad news about that . . ."
wildpeaks: he broke the windows ? we had just fixed those, rude
I_Am_Clockwork: “Take care” of him, or take “care” of him?
beowuuf: that was quite a pause due to needing to click
quasi79fu: oh no do we have to fix the windows again
Phosphatide: are we using the hedron like how jace used it on garruk
MolaMolaphant: wow, this church has really gone to hell in a handbasket
SeiichiSin: Jack open the door?
x0den: jack on the door?
PharaohBender27: "Toiletteland?"
Blasteg: is that the job of a jack?
DigitalSeahorse: lrrGARBO feliciaFlush lrrGARBO
niccus: senpai...
jandalf_84: there is a really old warhammer novel with an evil demon named "Zahnarzt"
RandomTrivia: ~heim is a Nordic thing more than German isn't it?
GhostValv: hah
johkmil: I’ve wondered all through these playthroughs — is that how you pronounce Hedron?
quasi79fu: what is agatha doing to Hans
jkoon78076: bomb on hedron?
gamercat88: agatha
jandalf_84: sounds evil with all those z's. means "Dentist"
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia -heim is also German
x0den: thats an animation for playframe Kappa
RandomTrivia: Huh. TIL
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia "Heim" means "home."
InkyGhoast: use jack on door?
TheMerricat: yep
PharaohBender27: @RandomTrivia So "Mittenheim" would be "Middle home," more or less
I_Am_Clockwork: Hit the door jack
PixelArtDragon: @jandalf_84 Isn't that just "dentist"?
I_Am_Clockwork: And don’t you come back, etc.
PharaohBender27: @PixelArtDragon It sure is
RandomTrivia: @I_Am_Clockwork Don't you come back?
jkoon78076: jack and door
quasi79fu: Hit the Road Jack
BrindleBoar: you finally got to jack it
RandomTrivia: Oh hello
ATrophonian: Oh, HAI!
InkyGhoast: oh hello
satyropodobny: and they are just floating there, politely waiting for you to figure it out
BrindleBoar: poof
Blasteg: poof
GhostValv: wat
RandomTrivia: That was anti-climactic
quasi79fu: LOL
patbaer: welp
NimrodXIV: *poof*
wildpeaks: hahahaha
ATrophonian: WHIFF!
PixelArtDragon: He noticed us? Must not be senpai...
niccus: huh
InkyGhoast: poof
JakeKamas: wooooow
StarFreak359: get rekt!
silenceaux: a tad anti climactic
CAKHost: Whelp
MikoKisai: that was just a *tiny* bit anti-climactic
Asimech: That sound.
EvilBadman: wow I can't believe we hit on a 99% chance
Phosphatide: poof
RatekStormcrow: brigltly shining shrapnels
chickenace11: I thought they meant a bomb that wasn't heavy
beowuuf: how climactic and epic
PixelArtDragon: *Final* amulet
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Hit the butt.
wildpeaks: that's the goal, lrrbot
Asimech: I get that foley work is hard, but when an explosion sounds like a bag full of sand spilling...
RandomTrivia: It just looks like we're smacking them upside the head with the sceptre
johkmil: You’re just beating him with a stick.
RaklarLS: are we matching the values between circles? i'm confused
EvilBadman: That was three
Angnor33: That was three
PixelArtDragon: That wasn't very unique
Rynehawk: did you just open him with that crest? What's inside?
wildpeaks: magical pokeball
StarFreak359: Get back in the die!
empyreon: boop'd
satyropodobny: WHERE DID SHE COME FROM
PharaohBender27: You're like two decades early to use an AK, lrrCAMERON
niccus: fuckin obliterated
Blasteg: gg I guess?
quasi79fu: why didnt others do that before
Pteraspidomorphi: RaklarLS: They had to choose the circle for which both symbols were not in any of the enemy's circles
EvilBadman: This was a souls like and she was controlling you
silenceaux: good stab
Getter404: Destroy Hedron? But what about the Federal Bureau of Control?!
RandomTrivia: A wizard did it?
MikoKisai: victory lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
WyleeCoyote556: if you're using your AK, it's definitely not a good day
quasi79fu: why did she have to be the one to do that
patbaer: :waves:
InquisitorGaia: you caught a sandman would you like to name it
silenceaux: oof
StarFreak359: Kthxbai
QuietJay: endless, well nearly endless
PharaohBender27: Did . . . did we just win the game?
RatekStormcrow: Nothing bad vill happen in germany
BrindleBoar: it was a very small volcano
jkoon78076: why did he have fancy clothes that fit
wildpeaks: they say Hans still live in the sewers to this day
Rynehawk: well that was a thing
chickenace11: Oh yeah I think that this game broke cam just as much as Detroit did
kumatsu: dibs on the castle
beowuuf: wow quick resolution end scene
Gizmoloid: Did anyone notice how Hans and Agatha were swaying like trees in the wind?
niccus: so, what did we learn
piggy_sama: I am glad we took this journey together
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun congratulations, now 100% it :D
Xenguin47: From my 5yo watching, "If it's called Endless, why do we get the credits..?"
gamercat88: squirrel
RaklarLS: hidden object games are surprisingly popular
satyropodobny: "evil is dead forever, bye!"
johkmil: Is there a 5th?
RandomTrivia: Someone take away Cori's game choosing privilege for a while
lirazel64: Having purged the Homeland of occult evil...
wildpeaks: I'd be up to play another in the serie, they are fun
I_Am_Clockwork: Every single cutscene was jarringly brief, except the one with the squirrel
beowuuf: like sportsgames
StarFreak359: That's what I'm afraid of. They're NOT all this good o.O
Phosphatide: now i just want to play a good game like spy fox
MikoKisai: there *are* hidden object games that have significantly more internal consistency
beowuuf: this is madden
Asimech: @Xenguin47 Because marketing.
Kalpho: mystery case files are fun
I_Am_Clockwork: My mom lives on these kind of games
jkoon78076: that squirrel just turned into a cat
InquisitorGaia: what game?
TheRealSgtCrispy: lol
StarFreak359: Cam with the soul read
quasi79fu: Some of these games are better than this one..if you dont expect top tier gaming and want something casual to do
aerobeing: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Games + Demos
satyropodobny: oh dear it's Polish
Gizmoloid: A few of them are even actually good. Very, very few.
johkmil: Now I want to play the Rusty Lake games.
quasi79fu: Dark Parables is a great series
TheMerricat: @InquisitorGaia Love Nikki, it's a dress up game
Blasteg: what exactly is the difference between Hidden Object and Point and Click?
RandomTrivia: Just speedrun this one?
Rynehawk: blink if you need help
x0den: speed run!
iris_of_ether: I'm not gonna lie, this was a delight to watch.
lirazel64: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:51:51.
GhostValv: steam has like 72 by this developer
InquisitorGaia: @TheMerricat i have never heard of that
MolaMolaphant: This felt like a crossover with Watch and Play...
TheMerricat: @Blasteg point and click you get to move a character. hidden object you just do the clicking
quasi79fu: Dark Parables takes a new take on Fairy Tales
CAKHost: There was one series I played that Extra Credit suggested. I liked that one
EvilBadman: Collector's Edition
CAKHost: The credits are looping
RaklarLS: "collector's edition"
x0den: are the credits looping?
piggy_sama: "technology"
Blasteg: isn't moving characters mostly fluff though
PixelArtDragon: These sorts of games have a really long history, there are a bunch that were made in the 90's
TheMerricat: Of course credits loop, it't ENDLESS
quasi79fu: Lol that phrase
Blasteg: lmao
Styxseus: Oh no!
x0den: so thats wehere the endless is
Rynehawk: by open software do you mean the devs had to search a desk to find a key and a solider statue to move forward?
quasi79fu: "The Credits are Looping"
CAKHost: These are the credits that will never end.
WampaX: yeah, why is it "collector's edition"?
quasi79fu: make that a quote please
Invitare: Endless Credits 4
RaklarLS: artists, other artists, 3d artists
PharaohBender27: Party300 Congratulations! You defeated the Nonsense Puzzle Master!
BrindleBoar: infinite content!
RaklarLS: find the hidden name!
jkoon78076: cam what would you rate this game?
beowuuf: endless, flawless marketting
MikoKisai: @WampaX @RaklarLS so that is an actual thing with some of these - the collector's editions will include walkthroughs, extras or whatever
PixelArtDragon: I don't know why that broke me, but it did
johkmil: Judging by the names, is this Hungarian or Czech, or something?
beowuuf: please don't run the credit 69 times
gamercat88: wait is there another Agatha story?
quasi79fu: Nightmares from the Deeep is Awesome
GhostValv: :O
quasi79fu: You willll like that series
RandomTrivia: Oh god put it back put it back!
RaklarLS: you should really try out Tormentum, it's this, but if Giger drew it
patbaer: Answer the call!
chickenace11: 2 Cori nightmares of the deep 2
CAKHost: He's a professional shark
CAKHost: Obs
Asimech: Is the pictured person the siren?
Mister_Hush: Wait that one said clockwork
wildpeaks: The call to adventure
GhostValv: actual poggies
Mister_Hush: Bad Steampunk gets my vote every time
sterlingsojourner: What a beautiful siren
elkae: Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me!
quasi79fu: Egnimatis is great tooo
CAKHost: Oh
I_Am_Clockwork: As with any overstuffed genre, there are going to a lot of low quality cashins
aerobeing: It's the statue.
TheMerricat: @gamercat88 I believe ALL the Endless Fable games are centered on Agatha.
EvilBadman: Some of these have real Dreamswork face
gamercat88: @TheMerricat excellent!
Styxseus: There's SO MANY!
CAKHost: I have a CD full of them that I wanted to play...
aerobeing: Doc Brown looking weir.d
elkae: Sharky face, sharky face
CanPlayGames: Chat chant for tales from the deep
EvilBadman: Hell yeah i love Counting Crows sceintist
CAKHost: But I think the first one was kind of eeeh for me
InquisitorGaia: its a beard frame
RaklarLS: um.. that's not how you hold the knives
CAKHost: Nope puppet
I_Am_Clockwork: Soooo many games
Mister_Hush: I love that it's in No Particular Order, like the Walmart shelves where you might find these titles circa 2006.
StarFreak359: These remind me of Choose Your Own Adventure covers
aerobeing: Reverse Wolverine
patbaer: beans
sterlingsojourner: I would fully support more of these games being played. I wholeheartedly love them.
aerobeing: Or Reverse Freddie Krueger
johkmil: Left in the Dark sounds like the Asylum version of Alone in the Dark.
Kyir: There are all of them
SylHar: there is no end
TheMerricat: Chat it should be telling that this carousel never looped.
quasi79fu: Oh no bonus story
CAKHost: Oh!
Scy_Anide: I hope they have endless fun making these games.
cambo212: ah the boneless chapter
I_Am_Clockwork: One of those was just Queens Quest
EvilBadman: I love that angle/devil meme is pre-game grumps arin hanson
InquisitorGaia: theres sso many, what on earth is this, i dont understand
Rynehawk: hornets are assholes
quasi79fu: creeepy not at alll riiight
PharaohBender27: Excuse me?
satyropodobny: oh god it is Tigtone
Invitare: the Fluffs again??
quasi79fu: helllo smart one
empyreon: FLUFFF
NarishmaReborn: that's why the hornet stung us. our hands
BrindleBoar: F
RaklarLS: "...and then she died of anaphylactic shock. the end."
PenguinMortified: where did this come from?
InquisitorGaia: thats certainly a start to a thing
RandomTrivia: This entire segment is clearly Fluff
Angnor33: Wait... I feel like we've seen this before.
Blasteg: Not the Bees
EvilBadman: that's how figs are made
quasi79fu: he went in he came back out and now is dead
aerobeing: I believe they're gonna eat them.
StarFreak359: I know I said this earlier, but WTH
wildpeaks: PrideFloat
quasi79fu: LOL cori
PixelArtDragon: Say what you will about the story and puzzles, the art is really good
RandomTrivia: RIP Cori
lirazel64: PrideCute PrideFloat PrideCute PrideFloat
johkmil: It’s too late for the fluffs.
quasi79fu: rip cori
Lysander_Gustav: well okay
lirazel64: lrrJUDGE
Phosphatide: crying simulator
johkmil: They are living feedbags for the hornets’ young, now.
TheMerricat: chat, all FOUR Endless Fable games are on sale! For _just_ ~$45 USD you too can traumatize your family!
PharaohBender27: ShowLove150 We, the chat, salute you for your sacrifice, lrrCORI and lrrCAMERON
lirazel64: "Doctor, I've laughed so hard, I've busted a gut..."
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat $45!?!?!?!?
johkmil: That’s just $11.25 per nightmare!
Mister_Hush: @PharaohBender27 Yeah, that runs just about $11.25 a title. I remember these types of games costing about $10 a pop in Wal Mart.
PharaohBender27: @johkmil That still seems overpriced, given the "quality" of this game
TheMerricat: And @gamercat88 I may have lied, or not, the main protagonist of all the games is Pamela, whom I think you actually meant when you said Agatha - who was our useless friend.
PharaohBender27: Like, I legit figured this was in the $5-$7 range
Asimech: 45 USD is absolutely too much, considering how many of these types of games recycle assets.
EvilBadman: i should suggest this to our ops team for a bundle, lol
Mister_Hush: Oh 10,000% it is too much money for that game!
LoadingReadyRun: lol
Lysander_Gustav: on a related note yesterday I found myself reading an article about Alien Covenant and felt my head slowly explode
johkmil: @pharaohbender27 Clearly, the developers spent their entire budget crafting an authentic vision of 1931 Bavaria.
InquisitorGaia: wait this was 45 dollars?!?
johkmil: Historians are expensive.
MikoKisai: this game is ~$15, $45 is a bundle price for all four (and not a temporary sale price)
TheMerricat: No, the collection of all 4 games is $45. just the #4 game is $15
Asimech: I got a trilogy of hidden object games in a Humble Bundle once and basically every single hidden object appeared in all of them _and_ in most scenes.
PharaohBender27: @johkmil Really, now? Before stream I already noted that GĂĽnther's car is clearly mid- or late 1930s in style katesSass
Asimech: Regardless of whether it made any thematic or aesthetic sense, naturally.
Mister_Hush: Hidden Object Games are primarily entertainment for children, and really a poor stab at that.
johkmil: @pharaohbender27 They did say it was brand new. Doesn’t Günther strike you as a man to drive a prototype car?
TheMerricat: Chat, whom among you are familiar with the Syberia series of games? Was that hidden object or point and click?
quasi79fu: thats not true misterhush
CrazymattCaptain: ok the chat moved and my brain didn't catch it and I don't know how to process "Alien authentic vision of 1931 Bavaria"
quasi79fu: i like hidden object games if they are done right
aerobeing: @TheMerricat Point & click.
RandomTrivia: At least there's no cloud baby
MikoKisai: @Mister_Hush the main target audience are women, not children, and there are plenty of good ones (this isn't a particularly good one, though)
Invitare: Is it though? Maybe the wasps just invited them out for Afternoon Tea?
TheMerricat: what yo yo?
RaklarLS: if you want the same thing, but scarier and more "focused", there's
quasi79fu: im a guy though and like the hidden object games
empyreon: and if it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have gone to college!
beowuuf: those are just random code words
aerobeing: @TheMerricat Syberia is a series I recommend. Though I'm yet to play the third one.
quasi79fu: boiiiing
InquisitorGaia: what a great lyre
quasi79fu: oops
johkmil: Let’s not forget the 15th century castle that *definitely* isn’t modelled on 19th century romantic castles.
quasi79fu: oh there is a fluff left
PharaohBender27: @johkmil OK, after brief Google image searching, there might be like literally one or two models from them that *kind* of have the same shape, if you squint a bit and chopped it so it wasn't as long
DigitalSeahorse: openseQuel_TK openseBeep
niccus: that's a big gash
niccus: can we get an actual doctor
Lysander_Gustav: the french, again!
RaklarLS: so, can you skip every single event?
RandomTrivia: Implying there are BIGGER wasps?!
Mister_Hush: Wasps and bees are different!
MikoKisai: @RaklarLS non-hidden object puzzle are basically always skippable in this genre
aerobeing: Medium-rare wasps.
TheMerricat: @RandomTrivia didn't you see the ones that carried off the other fluffs?
Mysticman89: egea
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Don't pull a Beej.
RandomTrivia: Oh right, those wasps
Getter404: I don't know if we're READY to get into The Doors.
Lysander_Gustav: need a pick?
RaklarLS: water + sponge?
quasi79fu: oh no are you going to stitch up the fluff?
DigitalSeahorse: admira108MISSSTEAK PrideCute ?
TheMerricat: Karate Kid the wasps with the needle
RandomTrivia: !quote 2378
LRRbot: Quote #2378: "You can't fight bees." —Cori [2016-04-25]
Asimech: Did you click on the shelf to the left of the "small wasps"?
quasi79fu: its a flufff Mummy
niccus: don't worry, they'll be paralyzed so they won't scream
RaklarLS: they will soon become food for the larvae bursting from their insides
wildpeaks: *pours molten gold*
PharaohBender27: Fluff looks so sad :(
quasi79fu: honeycomb
Lysander_Gustav: okay sure
quasi79fu: is honeycomb a hive?
patbaer: needle and yo yo?
errantvalor: the caps are what you are collecting
johkmil: @pharaohbender27 It’s another example of the game’s most authentic trait of 1931 Bavaria: how nothing stayed at a consistent size back then. Especially the ever-present Bavarian crest locks.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun the cap words are your collection goals
SeiichiSin: You need to collect the all caps words.
HydraWiggins: Will the small wasps obey the small doll queen?
Mister_Hush: "can be only be reached"
x0den: oh click the relavent things
PharaohBender27: @johkmil katesLol
Bearudite: "are you sure?" "I'm ovipositive "
quasi79fu: wait isnt the nimbus clud a dragonballl z thingy
CAKHost: I think the all caps are the ones to get
x0den: cloud on pipe
RaklarLS: cloud up top, smiling
Mysticman89: cloud was also capital
MikoKisai: cloud top left
CAKHost: Cloud was up top
jkoon78076: cloud
OneViolence: Sponge up some honey
TheMerricat: Deep cut Cam. Deep cut.
SquareDotCube: I think we have to go through the pile first and foremost
jkoon78076: you find the items that are all capital
Lysander_Gustav: wow this one doesn't even say what objects you need to find. Eugh.
Bearudite: there is water in the middle right?
SquareDotCube: nothing else will really open
TheMerricat: That was not a map game
PharaohBender27: It's mouth disappeared
TheAwkes: Just need to find something very specifically wet to get that sponge in prime dirt wiping shape.
PharaohBender27: *Its
CAKHost: They can't handle wasps
RandomTrivia: The Fluffs of sumpreme competence
Driosenth: That thing sound like Itchy and Scratchy
Styxseus: Wasps > Shadogs ?
RaklarLS: dogs are not as powerful as wasps in the power rankings of this world
Mysticman89: its the only way
johkmil: It’s too late for the flufflings. They are parasite hosts now.
MikoKisai: the chest can likely be opened?
jkoon78076: open chest?
gamercat88: you have a LYE-re
beowuuf: very unsentimental warrior race
OneViolence: That would only take about a week, right?
johkmil: Lye? You can make lutefisk!
HydraWiggins: gamercat that deserves acknowledgement
RandomTrivia: A floating island with a windmill? Wasn't that from Mutazione?
Lysander_Gustav: some mild carbolic acid
wildpeaks: well obviously
niccus: nice soapbox
AmberLampLight: thyme, or oregano
Mysticman89: its a bop
Lysander_Gustav: -cip
wildpeaks: uhhh
RaklarLS: we don't even hear it? boooo
CaptainSpam: Cotton candy sheep. Makes sense.
wildpeaks: did it come closer, or did it.. inflate
PharaohBender27: katesWat
quasi79fu: is the cloud talking
RandomTrivia: This is definitely from Mutazione
niccus: hhhhhhuh
Gekyouryuu: is this Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz?
TheMerricat: bo bo bo boooooo
quasi79fu: the cloud was a sheeep?
EvilBadman: It's a baaahp
DEATHlikescats: wooooow
MTGColorPie: We've wondered onto the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc music video set.
patbaer: yarn and needle?
johkmil: Burlap? Is this a Dice Friends crossover episode?
quasi79fu: One ring to rule them alll
Earthenone: lrrSACK
EvilBadman: Ah, there's yer problem
Luminaire_p: Are those the stone disks that will lead Indy to Atlantis?
PharaohBender27: No more, no less!
RaklarLS: a drumfull, pour it all
EvilBadman: 16 oz of smooth delicious oil
TehAmelie: you need rings? have you considered putting an object within your Roche limit?
RandomTrivia: Now we have a measure for our oil!
Luminaire_p: Scamulet
Driosenth: a canful is slightly more than a handful
MikoKisai: yoyo is fixable now
gamercat88: knife the wasps
RaklarLS: stab em'
niccus: is it tuna in oil?
EvilBadman: Startropics 3 is weird
wildpeaks: oh god
patbaer: perfect
niccus: NO
empyreon: smoooooooooooth as silk
Lysander_Gustav: what
lirazel64: Tuna in oil!
I_Am_Clockwork: Shear the cotton candy sheep?
PharaohBender27: o_O
beowuuf: we xena now
Laurence72: I thought that was needed for the lyre, in case it was out of tuna
I_Am_Clockwork: Fish gears!?
Lysander_Gustav: hahahaha
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I_Am_Clockwork: This sickens the Clockwork
TehAmelie: in 100 millions years the rings of Saturn will be gone, but the silliness of this game will still be remembered
SachielOne: lEISURE sUIT lARRY?
MikoKisai: I do not remember that from a Larry game, might have been Space Quest?
CAKHost: That was one of the Zork game, I think
patbaer: honey plus yo you.
empyreon: delicious?
CAKHost: The later ones
patbaer: yo yo
TehAmelie: i want a clay pot for honey with a cartoon bee enameled on it
Lysander_Gustav: the scale on this game is so inconsistent
Sethalidos: nothing beats Sierra Adventure games for WTF logic
tknomncr: Honeyed Clock Hand is my new Nick Cave cover band.
empyreon: LUL
TheMerricat: Return to Zork if Google is right.
TehAmelie: sweet yoyo, Cori
CAKHost: ????
EvilBadman: rub yo-yo on honey. Sure
RandomTrivia: Of course....
empyreon: clean as a whistle
Mysticman89: I always clean my honey with a yoyo
Gekyouryuu: NATURALLY
hwdesperado: Sure. SURE>
niccus: am i awake?
RandomTrivia: This game continues to deliver
WyleeCoyote556: @tknomncr nice one lrrAWESOME
TheMerricat: I'm worried Cori's mind is starting to assimilate this.
beowuuf: dammit game!
Lysander_Gustav: sure
iris_of_ether: I heard there was some particularly egregious puzzle in a Gabriel Knight game involving mustache construction
wildpeaks: Technobabylon has you pick a piece of of cloned human meat to lure glowing pirhanas in a bottle to cross a dark corridor, despite you had a mobile phone the whole time
CAKHost: ?????????????
wildpeaks: oh good
Asimech: Fabric pieces. In the shape of a tank.
CAKHost: Okay
quasi79fu: xori is dying with laughter
EvilBadman: We speed runing now
quasi79fu: i cant typle because im laughing
elkae: This sounds like Watch & Play now
Lysander_Gustav: wow
TehAmelie: how would you operate a sticky yoyo without it sticking to your hand? yes that's my question
CAKHost: How are they properly shaped?!
Mysticman89: that made all the difference
niccus: so when do we meet the squirrel
Laserbeaks_Fury: Now play the Song of Storms
wildpeaks: oh nooo
TheAwkes: I had stepped away for a moment. Did you just use a honeyed mop?
Mysticman89: efficient
Lysander_Gustav: I hate this puzzle already
Mysticman89: a honeyed yo yo in fact
beowuuf: clock hand on honey, yo yo on hand
TheMerricat: red doot
Clockwork_Penguin: These puzzles are so frustrating, im tilting at windmills
Sethalidos: Sierra has you shave a cat to get hair for a fake mustache so you can use a fake ID to get past a guard and the picture doesn't even have a moustache on it
Orylen: zoom
MikoKisai: you probably have to traverse all nodes and end on the red
CAKHost: I guess?
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohhh boy
Mysticman89: this is a graph theory problem.
Solid_Fuel: it is a hamilton cycle
quasi79fu: make all them green without crossing over lines
CaptainSpam: Graph traversal. Foe of humankind.
SniperPumpkin: you too can solve the traveling salesman problem
Mysticman89: ah yes, hamilton cycle. I was trying to remember what it was called
EvilBadman: Howling Laughter's Moving Windmill
Bearudite: is this A gorrillas music video?
Mister_Hush: yo wasp samurai waddup
Pteraspidomorphi: WIndmill, windmill for the land
Vyous: A samurai bee?
Laurence72: As the crow flies = straight. As the windmill flies = most round about?
CAKHost: Is that a wasp guard
Laserbeaks_Fury: Looks like one of them bug guys from Pandaria
EvilBadman: rub the sheep in honey
niccus: oh no we're going to besmirch the sheep
Invitare: What is THAT? No, what is that?
PharaohBender27: Excuse me, that's "Ewe-napped." "Kid-napped" is for goats. Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: OH YEAH
Bearudite: wut
x0den: rude
RaklarLS: those are just stock photos
RaklarLS: holy shit
NimrodXIV: lrrCOW
gamercat88: umm wasp has cannon
quasi79fu: omg you killed the scarcrow
CaptainSpam: Geez.
beowuuf: wat#?
wildpeaks: this seems safe
Mysticman89: become a wasp
CAKHost: He can see you!
beowuuf: can't shoot cannon until looks like real person
SquareDotCube: smash the state
CAKHost: Or at least he should know that you went in there!
VoodontWoW: Smashy smashy.
EvilBadman: Disguising ourselves as a vandal theif
RandomTrivia: This character has no respect for other people's property
elkae: Rat!
CAKHost: And pardon me for using the wrong pronouns for wasp guard!
VoodontWoW: We can disguise ourselves as fire!
AtomicAlchemical: Disguise ourselves as a scarecrow so we can get blown up next
johkmil: How was that cannon shooting repeatedly? Who installed an autoloader!?
TheMerricat: like a cannnon shot hitting?
niccus: why are you getting good at this
gamercat88: this story needs more Agatha
CAKHost: You can't just...pick it up?
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrSCOOP
Mysticman89: you will be indistinguishable from a wasp
elkae: To look like a wasp??
jkoon78076: torch plus bucket
MikoKisai: I assume you're disguising the sheep
RaklarLS: are you dressing up as a samurai wasp?
EvilBadman: Are...are we winnie the Pooh. check to see if we're wearing pants
Gekyouryuu: paint, two tennis rackets, and dealie-boppers?
elkae: PrideUwu
x0den: i need a picture of what you look like when you;re wearign that
TehAmelie: the badminton rackets better be bad, and a racket
CAKHost: Again, they are right there
CaptainSpam: These were all of the disguise supplies, right there at once.
lirazel64: PrideCute PrideCute PrideCute
Lysander_Gustav: okay sure
CAKHost: Do it on the sheep?
Mysticman89: oh my
TehAmelie: they can be minty or not, who cares
CAKHost: Wat
quasi79fu: Oh noooooo
TheMerricat: OMG this is what hte review was talking about.
patbaer: oh
x0den: sunglasses
QuietJay: undercover wasp
Mister_Hush: THE GLASSES
Styxseus: ahhh
elkae: The glasses omg
Celebrate_V_C: a bucket of paint and some racquets, couldn't do better
CAKHost: That poor sheep
Blasteg: oh my bus
VoodontWoW: oh no.
Invitare: oh that is animal cruelty!
beowuuf: the actuak lrrEFF
x0den: why does it have a katana!?
Styxseus: Ah. Totally normal wasp II
Invitare: why do these wasps have honey?
Lysander_Gustav: but why though?
TehAmelie: i remember a cartoon about someone infiltrating a beehive that was funny
Styxseus: Maybe the sheep isnt so odd
AtomicAlchemical: Yes, reservation for Totally Normal Wasp... and guest
TheAinMAP: HahaShrugLeft PrideFloat HahaShrugRight
CaptainSpam: A bike chain! Now we can beat up punks on the way to River City High! Wait, no, wrong game...
Blasteg: I'd saw that
Mysticman89: yeah its thorax is pulsing
PharaohBender27: Also, at the risk of nitpicking, is this still supposed to be early 1930s? If so, how did we get Kanye glasses?
Dmc3628: drunk on candy wish we'd have that for the now times
korvys: totally lit
Xiff_: Now that I lit this torch let me stick it back in my pocket
MikoKisai: burn the branches?
CaptainSpam: You used literally ALL of the tar on that torch, and apparently it was load-bearing tar, as the bucket deteriorated into scrap immediately after emptying it.
quasi79fu: drunk on candy makes a little sense..because sugar is used to make alcohol
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RandomTrivia: Spear haft no fury like a round bolt?
wildpeaks: are we crafting a chainsaw to take care of the queen ?
TehAmelie: more honey?
wildpeaks: you'd think fire would solve most of our problems
CAKHost: take candy?
RandomTrivia: The combination of Fire and Crossbow should make this simple
TehAmelie: a hand-cranked bike-chainsaw somehow seems like it could do most of the job of a chainsaw
korvys: Put grub on stick!?
theleerm: burn the tree
wildpeaks: oh good
quasi79fu: omg cori stole a baby
CAKHost: Uhhhh
Stoffern: Baby on astick?
wildpeaks: we're totally the good guys
korvys: To grab?
MikoKisai: apparently baby goes on stick, cause it just lit up
quasi79fu: baby on a stick Oh nooooo
wildpeaks: to we have a baby, a chainsaw and a lit torch
patbaer: sure!
VoodontWoW: noooo
korvys: Baby on stick!
quasi79fu: roflmao
TehAmelie: a grab-grub?
Luminaire_p: The Grubber Arm has what it takes!
CaptainSpam: Grub-on-a-stick!
I_Am_Clockwork: Attach baby to steek! Grabby baby !
Mysticman89: buckle in grub
wildpeaks: well sure
StarFreak359: a "grubbing" tool?
CAKHost: Ooookay
empyreon: lrrFINE
AtomicAlchemical: Mighty might baby spear
quasi79fu: that grub has bling
korvys: You have enslaved the baby!
Mister_Hush: It was called "Grabby Stick" in the inventory
VoodontWoW: what is... I... no words...
CAKHost: You stole a baby with candy!
Lysander_Gustav: hahahaha
korvys: I wonder if you could do this before, and sequence break it?
GDwarf: Well, *that's* a regicide...
Solid_Fuel: dang
quasi79fu: you burnt the baby?
Pteraspidomorphi: Try everything on everything
niccus: we no longer need the baby
wildpeaks: now the grabby stick needs to be a crapshot
MikoKisai: oh, the emblem goes on the chainsaw
elkae: ^
CaptainSpam: They really love their deform filters for animation.
Lysander_Gustav: oh no we dropped the babby
quasi79fu: glasses?
TheAwkes: Honey bunches of skulls.
RandomTrivia: Now we're just making a spectable of ourselves
RandomTrivia: *spectacle
RandomTrivia: That joke would have been much better if i could type
patbaer: hell yeah, let's get steampunk!
TehAmelie: i want this game to have a NG+ mode where you take every puzzle and go "hey, i remember how to do this one" and stomp on it like Doomguy
korvys: Wow...
quasi79fu: what are the glasses for?
AmberLampLight: I was really thinking you'd have to order back-to-front
Styxseus: Wait, how would wasps even use spectacles?
gamercat88: wait is that one wasp pulling a Weekend At Bee-rine's
RandomTrivia: Just stick a baseball card in the chain
CaptainSpam: Oh, hey, a beehive pylon. Terraria's needed one of those.
Solid_Fuel: maybe look at the candy with the glasses?
AmberLampLight: @Styxseus well, if 2,341 of your 627,942 eyes are shortsighted and another 7,429 are nearsighted...
quasi79fu: chainsaw the necklace?
niccus: safe
quasi79fu: Omg you beheaded him!!!!
DiscordianTokkan: How did it get so much BIGGER
Styxseus: =_=
Lysander_Gustav: violent
I_Am_Clockwork: No repeats
korvys: You ?won?
RandomTrivia: "virtuously"?
Banrael: cheer100 Bees only have 8 points!
RandomTrivia: By setting things on fire and chainsawing stuff?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wasn't there a study that figured out the number of things the average person can remember is 7?
satyropodobny: simon sez! mah only weakness!
Mysticman89: happy end
Solid_Fuel: easy!
GDwarf: What
CAKHost: Oh we are back here again!
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Dead Space 3) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (57m from now).
Gizmoloid: What an epic ending
elkae: 7+/-2 yes
CaptainSpam: "And now the game concludes."
beowuuf: lrrHORN
Mysticman89: how satisfying
TheMerricat: ShowLove100 Beeutiful.
I_Am_Clockwork: Wow
TehAmelie: huh
DaSunao: Ah yes, cultural genocide. We're the good guys!
GDwarf: I am deeply confuzzled
quasi79fu: Live die repeat Go Insane
Mysticman89: immence replay value
theleerm: wha?
CAKHost: These are the credits that never end!
elkae: PridePog
gualdhar: this is when the credits have a hard stop and the real boss breaks in
MikoKisai: @Laserbeaks_Fury there were no way to repeat choices, so technically 7 is sufficient
jkoon78076: this stream made me happy
empyreon: I'm the queeeeeeeen of France
theleerm: PridePog PridePog
Laserbeaks_Fury: Those sheep really fleeced you
Lysander_Gustav: what a reward
GuilKato: classic Rejected reference
DEATHlikescats: for the love of God
x0den: why are there artist and other artist?
AtomicAlchemical: YES. Oh god the deep cuts!
lirazel64: PrideFloat PridePog PrideCute PrideUwu
wildpeaks: and on the way back, the chest of one of the fluffs bursts
DEATHlikescats: paperOHMYBOB PrideCute PridePog
I_Am_Clockwork: If I had to sum up this entire experience in one word, then it would be “anticlimactic”
theleerm: PrideFloat PridePog PrideCute PrideLaugh PrideUwu
niccus: so what did we learn
AtomicAlchemical: PrideLaugh
PharaohBender27: I had to step away - how did the victory state go?
korvys: Such emotion
quasi79fu: we learned some games can be hilariously bad
AtomicAlchemical: Yes
korvys: My partner's mom loved games like this
AmberLampLight: it really pulled at the ol heartstrings
beowuuf: simon says with trippy specs
VoodontWoW: @niccus Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Lysander_Gustav: tears of wonder and awe
korvys: They're really popular
quasi79fu: but not every hidden object game is bad..some can be good
AtomicAlchemical: Grandma's are the target demo
wildpeaks: they're chill games you can play at your own pace and look pretty
SeiichiSin: This has been hilarious.
korvys: They're really pretty (in a particular way)
TheMerricat: ShowLove100 According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway
AmberLampLight: Is Sherlock Holmes still a licensed character?
wildpeaks: oh yeah
electric_claire: It depends on which Serlock Holmes
gamercat88: so another one?
GDwarf: Holmes as a character is public domain
RandomTrivia: I imagine the estate of Conan Doyle is even more protective nowadays
Asimech: Some of Sherlock Holmes is in public domain.
electric_claire: Old Sherlock Holmes is public domain
EvilBadman: And yet holmes and watson was made
GDwarf: Half his stories are still under copyright, though
electric_claire: Newer stories are copyrighted
korvys: "The first fifty of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels are in the public domain. But the last ten of his original Sherlock Holmes stories, published between 1923 and 1927 (the Ten Stories), remain protected by copyright in the United States."
Luminaire_p: Herlock Sholmes
AmberLampLight: Wow
kat2kool: Huh
I_Am_Clockwork: Some but not all of Sherlock recently ended public domain, I thought
RandomTrivia: So uh... lo-fi pong?
quasi79fu: Thank you for this stream Loading Ready Run this was hilarious to watch
Gizmoloid: Looked through their page on wiki and apparently they published ARTBOOKS of several of their games. Who asked for that?
korvys: Or older
EvilBadman: @Luminaire_p What's a word that's like Holmes. I got it! HOUSE.
TheMerricat: @AmberLampLight it depends actually, the books up to a certain point are PD so if you base your Holmes off only those books then you can get away with using him without a license. But as Cori said the estate is very litigious so expect to be sued anyway.
wench_tacular: some are much better than this one
DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble lucidJerry
Laserbeaks_Fury: The Infinite Monkeys premise?
Driosenth: Statistic, some of them have to be good
fubargames: Conan Doyle published his first Sherlock Holmes story in 1887, which is well within the public domain. His last story with the famous detective appeared in 1923; due to special circumstances, his last 10 stories are to remain under copyright protection until 2022-23
I_Am_Clockwork: The better ones are very Myst Like
KV1NN4: This is worse than some I've seen.. better than others...
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat I read that that whole thing started as a bunch of physicists getting drunk and joking around, and also helicopters hadn't been invented yet, which is more akin to how bees fly
Lysander_Gustav: depending on the studio
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fubargames: So, given that we still have 10 years of 2020 left to go...
StarFreak359: MONKEY WRENCH\
AmberLampLight: I knew about the Shelrock Helms or whatever from the Lupin books but wow
Laserbeaks_Fury: I never played that Guybrush game
Mysticman89: lucasartts mad emore sense when they wanted to, although some of them kinda poked fun of silly item mixing.
Driosenth: even if the logic was joke logic
Banrael: Yep, like the chicken with the pulley in the middle
TwitchTVsFrank: unless it was monkey island
MikoKisai: there are definitely better ones than this one
GuilKato: wait adventure games without alien-moon-logic / drugs required to understand the steps required to solve a problem - how can this be?
korvys: A lot of... textile craft
VoodontWoW: Sub babies are meant to be stolen and put on sticks for grabbing things.
gamercat88: squirrels everywhere
AtomicAlchemical: Grim Fandango was pretty reasonable about puzzles as I recall
korvys: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Dead Space 3) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (52m from now).
quasi79fu: Nightmares of the Deep is good\
quasi79fu: Its about a mermaid
I_Am_Clockwork: The first of these games I remember seeing was the old Eye Spy games
korvys: Well, you've got time
quasi79fu: a siren actually
RandomTrivia: Is Talking Simulator about to get a reboot?
CAKHost: Next week?
PharaohBender27: As a kid, I was given a copy of Grim Fandango but was too creeped out by the skeleton aesthetic to play. I played part of it a couple of years ago, and some things I was able to figure out or at least kind of figure out, other things I straight up had to look up to solve
TheMerricat: @fubargames they actually are moving away from Mickey because they are afraid they might not be able to move the goalposts again this time.
quasi79fu: Nightmares of the deep is a good trilogy..The second is about a mermaid
quasi79fu: and the curse of her on a island
Lysander_Gustav: zero motivation
Asimech: @TheMerricat @PharaohBender27 1) It's bumblebees. 2) IIRC the original statement was done as part of an argument why simplified physics shouldn't be taught.
SquareDotCube: Now we need a comparison to a good hidden object game, like Hidden People
I_Am_Clockwork: Hidden Item games remind me a lot of Escape Rooms
SquareDotCube: *Hidden Folks
TheMerricat: Hehe I was just ripping off the Bee Movie's opening script :p
I_Am_Clockwork: Similar “cram a puzzle into every part of the surface area” aesthetic
Lysander_Gustav: there is an escape room series called "the room"
Wintermelon100: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:39:13.
quasi79fu: At least i can say I enjoy hidden object games..
I_Am_Clockwork: @lysander_gustav according to my mom, it’s quite good
TheMerricat: @quasi79fu I enjoy them but I also enjoy skewering their lack of logic.
RandomTrivia: !quote 2623 feels relevant here
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
RandomTrivia: !quote 2623
LRRbot: Quote #2623: "I kinda resent that you're applying actual logic to this puzzle." —Alex [2016-05-28]
Asimech: @TheMerricat I figured you were goofing, but you know, just in case.
Lunareclipse123: He/Him, but thanks for the consideration @unarmedoracle <3
quasi79fu: i would love to see how chat reacts to the House of Snark series..LOL
AmberLampLight: Yeah, Reynolds numbers are relevant
Gizmoloid: @I_Am_Clockwork I can see that - both genres seem to have a "let's strip everything away from point-and-clicks, except for the one thing I like" philosophy.
RandomTrivia: You can easily tell which "key" goes in which "door"
SquareDotCube: I'm curious as to what Cam would think of Hidden Folks, which is just finding people that might be behind things like tents, doors, windows, etc. but no puzzles
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun Try Hidden Folk now :P
I_Am_Clockwork: @gizmoloid yeah they have common ansestry in point and click games, and by extension old text-based puzzle adventures
RandomTrivia: We rescued him by giving him concussion with a magic stick
quasi79fu: Dark TImeline confirmed
PharaohBender27: Wrong war, lrrCORI
gamercat88: Hans could never really escape the Sandman and actually died at the battle of ___
SquareDotCube: Can Cam pilot Hidden Folks?
niccus: you'd think hidden object games telling you *what* objects to find could make adventure games better, but this game doesn't do it that often
RandomTrivia: I guess lack of replayability is the reason they want/have to churn these out
quasi79fu: i dont know that one
Asimech: Hidden Through Time by Mom?
EvilBadman: they're still at it
gualdhar: maybe we can have a rogue-like point and click for more replayability?
SquareDotCube: they did not
TheMerricat: Someone needs to make a dynamic "where's waldo' type game where the hidden stuff is randomly hidden.
quasi79fu: not finished
niccus: they're a long ways away
patbaer: still going
I_Am_Clockwork: No replayability, unless you photoshop Waldo out, then return the book Kappa
GhostValv: more space to be dead
TehAmelie: the voice boys
quasi79fu: definitly shenanigins
TehAmelie: or noise boys?
EvilBadman: And maybe a baby?
I_Am_Clockwork: Lots of spoopy goofs
GapFiller: mmm delicious skull pizzas
Scy_Anide: Woo Fall Bois!
PharaohBender27: I had a Where's Waldo book. You were also supposed to find "the Wizard" and a scroll. I only found the scroll in *one* of those scenes.
quasi79fu: Adam saying what could go wrong and something goes wrong was hilarious
TheMerricat: Can't wait. Fall Guys looks like it'd rock as crossing the stream.
Ashton: Join usssss Cam
RandomTrivia: !venga
GhostValv: bus :O
niccus: ooh!
Lunareclipse123: Factorio?!
EvilBadman: Damn wish Fugi'd make him play 5d chess
Lunareclipse123: Noice
NarishmaReborn: Come Anyway!
patbaer: The bus is now coming for James
RandomTrivia: Just turn up and crash their party!
I_Am_Clockwork: Factorio!
niccus: oh, also, factorio 1.0 is coming very soon!
MikoKisai: right in time for the 1.0 release of Factorio, I think
Blasteg: was there a hole to jump down in factorio?
I_Am_Clockwork: My buddy and I just started playing modded factorio
niccus: also SGDQ starts this sunday, good luck to content consumers
PharaohBender27: Someone check the highlights!
GhostValv: jocatGasp
MikoKisai: yeah, Factorio is scheduled to release 1.0 on Friday
Laurence72: it was highlighed, but not in the compilation
RandomTrivia: A nice bit of distraction from the *gestures vaguely at world*
EvilBadman: Frame perfect snacking
TheMerricat: I wonder how fast SGDQ could beat Endless Fables.
quasi79fu: illl be back for spoopy boies
PharaohBender27: Squirrel!
I_Am_Clockwork: If only we could speed run the pandemic
Laurence72: Or sorry, it was clipped. Highlight, that's not right! Clip it, that's the ticket!
TheMerricat: Gunter was your father's fake friend. He died, the shadowman took over his body.
RandomTrivia: I_Am_Clockwork We could speedrun it one way, but we can only get the bad ending.
PharaohBender27: He was the partner of Pamela's father
quasi79fu: Oh noooo a looose end
quasi79fu: there willl be amother game now
quasi79fu: The Horror
PharaohBender27: @LoadingReadyRun He was the partner of Pamela's father
GapFiller: I_Am_Clockwork just find the slightly misimplemented join and no clip yr way into nxt year
DiscordianTokkan: Renfield and Stimpy,,,field
PharaohBender27: In archaeological digs
Asimech: @TheMerricat That's a different game.
I_Am_Clockwork: @discordiantokkan loool
TheMerricat: lol @Asimech
GapFiller: actually owned Shadow Man once
GapFiller: iirc it was terrible
InquisitorGaia: i was playing diablo at that age
Asimech: I remember Shadow Man getting some positive reviews at the time. I have no idea why.
Asimech: Or how.
GapFiller: thought occurs Shadow Man wd be a great Lets Nope game
PharaohBender27: PrideWave lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
MikoKisai: bye
CAKHost: Night!
GapFiller: thanks for streaming guys
RandomTrivia: Night!
GapFiller: night night
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream
kat2kool: Night!
Earthenone: !time
LRRbot: Current moonbase time: 4:20 PM
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream, Cori and Cam!
TheMerricat: Chat, have a wonderful remainder of the day/night! Be well, be safe, and be happy!
DigitalSeahorse: lucidLove lucidLove lucidLove
PharaohBender27: Whoops, might have forgotten to post this clip:
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TehAmelie: hey, the Perseid meteor showers will be peaking tonight in the northern hemisphere
Juliamon: I hope everyone with reasonable weather will enjoy them for me
Juliamon: It rained for like... a minute, earlier today. But the cloud cover persists.
breadisbest1: !next
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TehAmelie: boo
theleerm: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP