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nicosiam01: Yay Amonket! I returned to magic with this set from a break since Mirrodin in '03! <3 <3
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Bugberry: Ability Words are just markers that indicate a common theme, while keywords always do the same thing.
MadWolf1290: still a 4 turn clok
Ferisar: but at least your labyrinth is safe
DiscordianTokkan: It can come back later, too
chaostreader: Block with your flyer? So it dies?
Tygersrule: thats a win :D
Officinalis: This are looking good for the home team.
ChiefJoseph12: there is an all new Amonkhet battlefield? Can you play on it outside of limited?
fearthespike: gg
TwitchTVsFrank: @chiefjoseph12 yes
fearthespike: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:48:55.
TheMandrew: don't want to run into the Vanga Bus
fearthespike: See ya Graham!
kurosaru96: What game is the long game tonight?
chaostreader: !venga
LRRbot: The Venga Bus is coming in for the kill, it's doing it for a thrill. Oh, I'm hoping you'll understand.
NotCainNorAbel: The Bus is COMING
RaklarLS: seems like a fun draft! i didn't get to experience it when it came out
TwitchTVsFrank: bus is coming
Ferisar: or run over by the venga bus
kirbytronic: The green screen is eating Graham's hair
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evilspoons983: we like we like to party
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Fairgrim: The factory must GROW!
Flyingdelorion: Thanx for a great stream Graham!
LarkSachrosis: !bus
RaklarLS: bye!
kirbytronic: !findquote Bus
LRRbot: Quote #1122: "I've only crashed the bus ONE time this year." —Matt [2015-11-17]
Flyingdelorion: and James
KodeMage: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
Fairgrim: that quote is suspicious
LarkSachrosis: !venga
LRRbot: You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry. You'd better like to party, I'm telling you why. The Venga Bus is coming to town.
TehAmelie: i want to say that was just before Matt crashed like three times in a row
malc: I continue to enjoy that command
wordswords1: what's next?
Juliamon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Adam, Ben, and Cori continue their Grim Dawn adventure on tonight's Bonus Stream! Game: Grim Dawn) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
wordswords1: oh neat, thanks bot <3
RealGamerCow: The bus is coming
TehAmelie: with a venga-ence
Baldrash: Oh lordy, Bus is Coming.
ADTalks: wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE
monkeyrama: More Grim Dawn PogChamp
monkeyrama: Totally don't even remember where they left off
wordswords1: I think they were killing stuff
TehAmelie: the bus of party in the air tonight, oh lord
monkeyrama: Sounds about right
NotCainNorAbel: I thought they were dropping portals
monkeyrama: I do seem to remember them getting bopped a lot
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> I would suggest you tune in this week for Cori, Ben and Adam playing Grim Dawn. | There is a special treat, but only if Twitch chat is good and talks about how great Cori and Ben are. | ||
monkeyrama: "Special treat" says the tweet
TheAinMAP: Signal.
AllGoodDogs: t h e b u s i s c o m i n g
YawnLance: Hey friends! Did you know Cori and Ben are real rad? :P
ButterBall000: Bus is Coming
Laurence72: Cori and Ben -- THE BESTEST
ArdCollider: is this where I wait for the Cori and Ben appreciation vengabus?
AllGoodDogs: Cori is awesome and the Moist Talkers are the best team in the world!
mtvcdm: I have heard that Cori and Ben are very very good
Laurence72: (Adam's awesome too, but the instructions didn't mention him)
TwitchTVsFrank: B U S I S C O M I N G
gamercat88: Cori and Ben appreciation post! <3
AllGoodDogs: Ben is great and Plaid is by far the best fashion trend of all time.
mtvcdm: The streamers are doing a Great Job
ritchards: the venga bus is coming, oh lordy it is coming...
meerkatpiggy94: HeyGuys
iris_of_ether: !vengabus
AllGoodDogs: Adam is awesome and very good at making literally everyone laugh with his incredible sense of humor
iris_of_ether: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
VoodontWoW: No, not again! The Vengabus! It's coming!
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monkeyrama: Very good reference in the stream title, Adam SeemsGood Contributing to Ben and Cori's great team finally :)
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Sarah_Serinde: I can tell you from experience that all three of these people are rad as heck lrrHEART
justdanisfine: @allgooddogs "Adam is awesome..." Very true
Lordofironstorm: !venga
LRRbot: I set my sail. Fly, the wind it will take me, back to my home, sweet home. Lie on my back, clouds are makin' way for me. The Venga Bus is comin' home, sweet home.
TehAmelie: If you are the DJ, I'm into the game. If you're the healer, I've danced m'self lame. If thine is the Venga, then mine must be the shame. You want to party, we kill the flame.
Laurence72: Adam, Ben, and Cori -- The ABC of Amazing!!!
TehAmelie: is that something for the !venga? i dunno
AllGoodDogs: ABC Always Be Cori-Ben-Or-Adam-Because-They're-The-Best
mtvcdm: !holes
LRRbot: Water go down the hoooooollllle.
Ba_Dum_Tish: The Bus is coming with a fresh batch of memes
Painfully_Dyslexic: bus... bus.... bus.... bussss....
monkeyrama: Minute early again PogChamp
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asthanius: Bus is coming
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Laurence72: Early timer death!
AllGoodDogs: VABC: Vengabus always be coming
BusTed: Hello.
monkeyrama: Hello
TehAmelie: ohaio
Naarius: hoi
gamercat88: harrow
TwitchTVsFrank: hello
mtvcdm: We're heeeeeeere!
fragilepaper: o/
justdanisfine: heyyyy
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NightValien28: HELLO
niccus: hewwo
cheetoJack: hi
DiscordianTokkan: katesHi
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DRMagnify: Bussing bussy bus bus bus
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Laurence72: Yo! (MTV Raps!)
Alas_Babylon: hello certified gamers Benjamin, Coriander, and Adam
Ferisar: hello twitch streamer slash youtuber
monkeyrama: Good button to know
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everyone loves a good shout out
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Featherweight_: Now I'M here
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BusTed: Jason?
AllGoodDogs: I am ready for active gaming to happen on tonight's stream.
monkeyrama: LUL
justdanisfine: <3
VoodontWoW: Ben, there's a button.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Adam is never quiet
monkeyrama: You're loud here now LUL
DiscordianTokkan: That's hella loud for US now
AllGoodDogs: S i e s t a
Kramburger: Good morning video game players, or as i like to call them: Videogers!
asthanius: Well, for the next couple weeks
mtvcdm: Siesta
mtvcdm: Also one of the Unlimited Tacos is named NaN now
asthanius: But you ARE invited!
Laurence72: Go Garages!!
ArdCollider: Cori. there was an interview with Patel Beyonce posted today.
gamercat88: oh we shall invite you Adam
Juliamon: You are formally invited
AllGoodDogs: Everyone is invited to Blaseball.
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Laurence72: ADAM! I invite you!
ritchards: just in time for the #blaseball channel...
Alas_Babylon: It feels like baseball by way of SCP
EvilBadman: The secret phrase is peanuts
AllGoodDogs: Join Juliamon and me in Taco land.
samanthamaybe: blaséball
Kramburger: Cori's going to show you the secret handshake
monkeyrama: Adam brought the kids again PogChamp
TwitchTVsFrank: sour patch kids? PogChamp
Alas_Babylon: Yaaas, Hazzy, slay
Darleysam: Cam's description of "I feel like a golden retriever at a tailgate party: something very exciting is happening just above my head" is perfect
Camail: oh boy
Kramburger: NBD, easily crushed your BAE
secretbranch: !venga
LRRbot: The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Venga Bus Warning for the entire viewing area. Seek shelter immediately.
monkeyrama: Man's never not prepared with those sour patch kids
Traion: Hey Chat, Adam, Cori, and Child Cheater Ben ;)
Ba_Dum_Tish: Will G be stealing those to replace his sugar free boys
secretbranch: if youre new here, !venga is important
monkeyrama: Really? :o
Featherweight_: the bus is arriving
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Ukon_Cairns: Bus is comin
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Alas_Babylon: We're... parking the Vengabus? ;-;
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DentedPockets: Woo the Grim Trio!
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Ferisar: hamachi tutorial baybe
Ba_Dum_Tish: The bus is indeed coming
Lordofironstorm: What's the next game?
Camail: wait are you gonna play PoD?
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Dog_of_Myth: 16 Months, that's almost ......BUS IS COMING!!!
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Lord_ZYRK: But you're a hacker
EvilBadman: Set the install when you leave tonight
monkeyrama: loooool
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
Kramburger: Adam, you've never forwarded your ports? You GOTTA try it
Mysticman89: really get in there and massage the firmware
secretbranch: chenage no to yes in the console
secretbranch: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
Alas_Babylon: oh no
ritchards: uh oh
Traion: How did you game in the early 2000s/Late 90s without port forwarding?!
monkeyrama: Oh my
aerohydra: they made carrot carrot milk
YawnLance: Creator of Carrot, Carrot, Milk! :o
Splash4Mirrodin: Ummm
monkeyrama: Oh myyyyyyyy
BusTed: :D
secretbranch: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
RobotInProgress: >:0
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Colon, capital D?
monkeyrama: We're diving right in to the deep end
Alas_Babylon: Nope that's wrong(?)
TwitchTVsFrank: brave man
NightValien28: that's a mistake
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, Carrot Carrot Milk was a BANGER
NightValien28: adam no
Darleysam: oh dear
Laurence72: MY BODY IS READY!
Decaped: well, Ben just provided a nice sample for another song to play wihtout checking what it's about
BrindleBoar: THE John Pike? ...who's The John Pike?
secretbranch: yes we can
monkeyrama: Good start
NerdsHome: this should be fun
iris_of_ether: Yes
Splash4Mirrodin: Oh boy
EOstby: Yup.
monkeyrama: We can
Easilycrazyhat: yea
Camail: we heard it
iris_of_ether: Twitch heard it
Alas_Babylon: Yeah
TwitchTVsFrank: yes
mtvcdm: Heard that little bit
AllGoodDogs: we heard it
Lord_ZYRK: Next week Cori and Ben will be playing something :) MiniK
monkeyrama: 👀
BusTed: lrrSIGNAL
monkeyrama: Adam the lead singer PogChamp
DragaFireHawk: Oh god, what did I walk into? XD
VoodontWoW: A litte.
Alas_Babylon: holy shit
NightValien28: perfect
iris_of_ether: YESSSSSS
Laurence72: YES
YawnLance: YES
monkeyrama: Yesssss
Traion: yeeees
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
fragilepaper: YEEESSSS
Splash4Mirrodin: Yessss
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circusofkirkus: The bus is coming
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monkeyrama: seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY
Baldrash: lrrWOW
NightValien28: HAHAHAHA
NarishmaReborn: omg
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Joalni: Yeees!
Alas_Babylon: The layering!
Mysticman89: popular musician Adam SAvidan
secretbranch: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
iris_of_ether: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gamercat88: starting the rave party now
Harvest25: 100%
Laurence72: I lov ethis!!!
funsizecyclops: OH GOD
frage069: Wow
asthanius: This sounds so sexual
monkeyrama: LUL
Terr0rc0tta: This is shit hot
Shupendo: This exists.
Lord_ZYRK: #1 hit of 2020
etaluia: This years Desert Bus intro?
Scy_Anide: I have questions about the line "the bus is coming" but I don't want the answers.
Featherweight_: pls be a carrot milk mash up
TwitchTVsFrank: is mdrift the same person that did jlrrCarrotmilk
Featherweight_: plssss
LarkSachrosis: lrrADAM_SG
mtvcdm: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (91d, 17:46 from now)
BlueDaNewb: feliciaYEAH guyjudgeCheers
kerbalized_: b u s
PadawanTK16: What happened here?
Ba_Dum_Tish: !venga
LRRbot: I feel the Venga Bus move under my feet, I feel the party tumbling down.
frage069: This is so much better than I was expecting and I was expecting a lot
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lucha_libro: Never have three voices come together before in such cosmic harmony.
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monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
secretbranch: b u s
DragaFireHawk: Omg I'm dead simplLOL
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
Splash4Mirrodin: B
BlueDaNewb: lrrHORN
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Bus bus bus bus bus bus.
Splash4Mirrodin: U
NightValien28: this is so good
Mashamino: enigmaBus
Splash4Mirrodin: S
samanthamaybe: what the bus xD
Alas_Babylon: You ever hear a word so many times it loses all bus
Juliamon: Yes, this is by the maker of Night-Vision Coffee.
monkeyrama: SO gooooood
BlueDaNewb: lrrSIGNAL
Kramburger: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
NerdsHome: is anyone else hearing butts? not bus?
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drane10: i can't the bus coming?
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CastleOtranto: I found that to be enjoyable
RobotInProgress: Bus
Traion: Cori's voice is a great offset
TwitchTVsFrank: no my jlrrCarrotmilk
secretbranch: No Ben,, WE NEED THE MASHP
NotCainNorAbel: I thought that too
secretbranch: MASHUP
monkeyrama: Thanks!
Lithobraker: I thought that too!
AllGoodDogs: Carrot Carrot Bus Carrot Bus Carrot Bus
DaSunao: Desert Bus intro found?
Mysticman89: thank you sir, may i have another
Kramburger: Okay, someone's got two weeks to make the next hot bus song
samanthamaybe: special Tweat
Laurence72: I want a vinyl release with Carrot carrot Milk on one side and The Bus is coming on the B side
RobotInProgress: Has Cori released her Vengabus mix?
NarishmaReborn: when is the memeified lrr song album dropping?
DragaFireHawk: Please tell me that's getting highlighted too
GreayStone: The bus is !
Juliamon: !carrot
LRRbot: Soundcloud for the hit single: by MDrift314
Kramburger: Carrot carrot milk is the B side and we all know it
abracadaver23: somebody clip
Juliamon: That's their soundcloud
DentedPockets: Same artist
secretbranch: !busiscoming
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
secretbranch: souncloud link ^
RiverBirch: I'll point all the fingers I want!
Traion: Vengabuds is a great title
Kramburger: You know when you used to buy a CD single and they'd have a song on it that didn't make it onto the album? That's what Carrot carrot milk is
Dread_Pirate_Westley: TheSameasLastWeek Do I have the capitalization correct?
Dog_of_Myth: That made my shitty day not so shitty. Thanks LRR and @mdrift314
kumatsu: Spider-Ben pointing at Spider-Ben
BusTed: we in there
monkeyrama: I'm trained in customer service, I point with my whole hand OpieOP
monkeyrama: You all are also loud, btw
secretbranch: seems fine
Shupendo: Them good.
Dog_of_Myth: Good for me
Alas_Babylon: They're great
TwitchTVsFrank: seems ok
monkeyrama: SeriousSloth
Enmity777: They're great
Traion: They are fine. Balance is good
gamercat88: can't hear anyone, replaying the Bus Is Coming song
Juliamon: !busiscoming
LRRbot: The hottest track of 2020:
PadawanTK16: I come in to hear Adam saying “I have faith in humanity” I leave for 20 seconds to plug in a keyboard, then return for the song. I’m worried about the sanity of the stream...
Mysticman89: cori is like the grandmother of that dsong
Alas_Babylon: You all do good work, never forget
AllGoodDogs: Wyatt Mason Is Coming. @Juliamon
secretbranch: @Juliamon thanks! lrrHEART
Juliamon: NaN is coming
Lithobraker: You have become the ur-content creator
AllGoodDogs: lrrHEART NaN
Kramburger: Welp, time to download an ableton demo I think
monkeyrama: Seagull
Masslost: so could a d3 stream replace grim dawn?
monkeyrama: We got a really good weapon for level 72 or something, right? LUL
Lord_ZYRK: That says so much
Manae: I remember it being used in Eerie Indiana
Manae: and have liked it since
korvys: PoE?
MillerDark: D2? PogChamp
Dog_of_Myth: My bologna?
monkeyrama: Sweeeet
monkeyrama: You also fell down a chess hole, do that OpieOP
Vyous: PoE zoom zoom :D
monkeyrama: THat Axe is for level 72
Kramburger: Adam, how do i train myself out of button mashing in SFV? Can'tt get ang Chun-li combos off :(
Shupendo: d2 Median XL?
EvilBadman: @Kramburger Turn your monitor on
VoodontWoW: Shorts are just better pants.
Traion: Adam's resistances are so sweet now
monkeyrama: You've got a few weeks to figure out what'd work OpieOP
itsr67: there's a sajam guide for that
itsr67: Breathing? there's a sajam guide for that
Kramburger: @EvilBadman This changes Everything!
monkeyrama: 3 easy steps PogChamp
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Q_sic: Dive kick
itsr67: Yeah I didn't learn about rashid mix ups all at once
itsr67: had to ease into it
monkeyrama: It was a little bit
DentedPockets: That sounds like giving yourself a handicap till you master the basics.
itsr67: your buttons will feel good
Kramburger: You can have little a combo, as a treat
monkeyrama: Hhehehe
NarishmaReborn: it's fun
LarkSachrosis: Gott'em!
EvilBadman: Yeah game was a lil loud and really it's just cacophonous sounds that aren't essential
Traion: Easiest way to get out of button mashing: Play Endless Fables, the drunk vision will train you Kappa
monkeyrama: Just keep truckin along
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Scar_Red_Tiger: How does one QFC?
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Kramburger: Adam: Fuck Smash! Also Adam: Here's two episodes of Spectator Mode about Smash
monkeyrama: Oh right LUL
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MBPro216: Fruit Fruit!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, MBPro216! (Today's storm count: 71)
monkeyrama: Full comfy mode PogChamp
asthanius: That onlyfans content
Kramburger: FEET SHOW FEET
monkeyrama: Not wearing sandals? :o
itsr67: Also this sounds odd, if you're new to a fighring game, train against one person, then train against the cast once you know the basics about your character
Kramburger: Adam wears sandals and socks
itsr67: fighting* even
ElementalAlchemist: train is coming
monkeyrama: Might be time to put some berries on the train
Kaaosa: Hello GAMERS
Kramburger: Crocs and Socks might be worse
monkeyrama: It's at least number 3
itsr67: hey @Kaaosa
RvLeshrac: Every time someone says that, I will never stop remembering when Burch found out that someone put her on the feet wiki, when there was like a 2-second shot of her bare feet in a HAWP
asthanius: The only crime worse is murder. And even then it's a coin-toss
Lord_ZYRK: Devil-adjacent
Ivalenz_: How about sandals with no show socks? Asking for a friend.
Shupendo: How much fun have you had with this game? Been thinking about getting it, but not sure.
asthanius: @Ivalenz_ They're still visible by virtue of sandal-structure. Therefore, horrible
monkeyrama: It's a very good game
Darleysam: the clap of this void is alerting the guards?
voslan: that they are
monkeyrama: Do they make crocs in your size
Kaaosa: The void thicc
Lord_ZYRK: I could have went my entire life without knowing about the feet wiki, so thanks for ruining that, Leshrac.
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Ben
TwitchTVsFrank: imo wear whatever you want
Kramburger: Crocs are for people who have given up on every appearing sexually attractive to anyone, ever
monkeyrama: Wait really
itira: Hey yall!
BusTed: Right there on the tin.
Traion: Wouldn't be a stream without Leshrac ruining something Zyrk Kappa
kumatsu: Someone's gonna steal Adam's crocs
train_diskenth: They should be under Milk Carton
Kramburger: Adam bookmarked
monkeyrama: wow, they make shoes up to size 21??
ShaneLeeAtk: Walked into a Croc retail store. They had a size 22 Croc.
EvilBadman: They are literally crocodiles when they're that big
itira: man styles
Kramburger: NOPE
Lord_ZYRK: Crocs are for people who wear their pajamas to buy cigarettes at Walmart
itira: many*
funsizecyclops: I'm also in big shoe brigade (17.5) and I don't think I've ever seen Crocs?
Kaaosa: My elegant crocs for formal settings, my business crocs for power lunches
monkeyrama: They DO? PogChamp
Kramburger: Great content Streamers :)
funsizecyclops: OH NO
RAICx: What shoe size are you, Adam?
Kaaosa: I want a pair of polished leather crocs now
gamercat88: LRR Crocs next merch item
itira: are they going to be camoflaug colour?
RvLeshrac: Lord_ZYRK: That day was just like... the HAWP crew looking to see who they knew on the feet wiki
kerbalized_: get the dope rainbow tye dye crocs
EvilBadman: Crocies my Docies
NarishmaReborn: for real they can be very comfy
RAICx: Boy, that’s a question I didn’t expect I’d ask today
BrindleBoar: IIRC crocs are good for diabetics' circulation? or something? I still think they look hideous but if they improve someone's quality of life that's a good thing.
Kramburger: Shorts and thongs (flip flops) are dress uniform for Australian summer
actionjb: America makes you show your feet and doesn't even pay you
monkeyrama: Stroopwaffles PogChamp
TheSilent_R: Everyone in the TSA has a foot fetish
Dandinstorm12: Hey adam hey chat
monkeyrama: The best part of flying
kumatsu: I wear a This is Fine shirt to fly, cuz it's my reaction to interacting with TSA
EvilBadman: to be fair Americans can't fly anywhere right now, so be glad
itira: welcome to flavour town!
gamercat88: it not perfect system
TotallyNotaBeholder: Not Kevin 3!
KeytarCat: Stroopwaffel syrup could be called a weapon of mass reduction?
Lord_ZYRK: I don't know about whatever communist freedom-hating hellhole you come from, but here in The United States of Freedom we don't let explosions on planes, even if they're EXPLOSIONS OF FLAVOR
funsizecyclops: also TIL I have the same shoe size as adam. the real question is: can he find a good camel coat? because I just can't. :(
Traion: The TSA's Instagram is great sometimes. Just looking at the ridiculous stuff people wanted to bring on airplanes
Kramburger: At last after 10,000 HP, I'm free!
EvilBadman: @Traion What a cool invasion of privacy
RvLeshrac: ^
monkeyrama: Time to get lost
Revelia: The Diplomat?
RvLeshrac: Everyone at the TSA is complete garbage, full stop.
Traion: They only show a picture of the confiscated item not the person or identifying info, no privacy issue
monkeyrama: Bad take
Dandinstorm12: Hey Adam, who wins, the 1998-99 Buffalo Sabres or the 1980 USA Olympic Team?
Mister_Hush: @RvLeshrac Entire DHS should be dissolved, if this society has any sense left
Dandinstorm12: yeah
RAICx: The manticore is always in the last place you look Kappa
RvLeshrac: Mister_Hush: Exactly.
EvilBadman: @Traion I took this thing from someone and now I think a good use of time is to put it on Instagram becuase LOL
Dandinstorm12: What a hot take
Kaaosa: "modern times"
Lord_ZYRK: Mister_Hush I feel that possibility has already been made clear
monkeyrama: Science seabatPjorg
kumatsu: What about a team from 1992? The Mighty Ducks can beat anyone lrrBEEJ
EvilBadman: This is why the Rock destroyed Hogan
BusTed: 😬
Dandinstorm12: Science is a hot take
Kramburger: All of Adam's takes are hot takes because Adam's a cutie
foopoiuyt: Have you not watched Rocky IV?
AllGoodDogs: This sounds like a job for blaseball
Mister_Hush: @Lord_ZYRK Lots of talk about a lot of options and very little action in regard to any of them.
Ahxes: As someone from buffalo, I agree with Ben
Dandinstorm12: go find Mike Eruzione and Herb Brooks and challenge them
Ivalenz_: 2020 vs. 1980? Ummmm.
LarkSachrosis: When are we going to make the 1980's pay for everything it did?
monkeyrama: BlazBall
Kramburger: 420 Blazeball
PadawanTK16: Yeah, now steroids exist
EOstby: It's Island Time, all the time.
monkeyrama: "now"
monkeyrama: What LUL
Fairgrim: blazeblue
littleredwolves: even more steroids in the 80s
Dandinstorm12: *points to the East Germans
Traion: I mean the Bufallo Sabres would be able to take on any 1980s team now, considering how old all the players would be it would be a close game :P
Mysticman89: we have gamer bathwater now though
NotCainNorAbel: I give it to the 99 sabers just on age. The 80's USA team is going to be at least 75 by now and probably doesn't even have a full team.
kumatsu: everybody talking about juice, now I'm thirsty
Kramburger: But now we've discovered cardio and not smoking in between periods
Dandinstorm12: @Traion you right
EvilBadman: Reagan was huge on the protein
Lord_ZYRK: Mister_Hush I meant the "if this society has any sense left"
TwitchTVsFrank: just watch old wrestling steroids every where
monkeyrama: The superpower of Fantasy pit fights
littleredwolves: lol
NotCainNorAbel: That would be huge
Shupendo: So a DBZ fight arc, but with sports?
Dandinstorm12: yeah that'd be sick
monkeyrama: Like a true anime villain LUL
asthanius: Gimme ancient greek wrestlers vs. Brock Lesnar
kumatsu: you'd be a moderately successful youtube channel Kappa
itsr67: president 👏 death 👏 fight 👏
Kramburger: Adam's just reinvented the cell games
Kaaosa: <message deleted>You're like some weird time travel colluseum manager
NotCainNorAbel: You would also be hated because it would be 'that wasn't X's prime'
Dandinstorm12: oooof
SajuukSjet: isn't this just the plotline of Final Fantasty Dissidia? :P
Dandinstorm12: I thought the Sabres hate was bad on this channel
Blade_Tiger: Ben why would you say something so controversial yet so brave
NarishmaReborn: I'd want to get that in-prime LeBron and Jordan matchup
itsr67: baka
PadawanTK16: T.rex vs Messi football
Kramburger: hahah yes sports
asthanius: That's some real...saber-rattling
Kaaosa: <message deleted>I would rather it just be you grab people in their prime and make them have an MMA fight, unless they were a fighter, then they have to play curling
monkeyrama: Oh my
Kaaosa: <message deleted>Hot take: Jordan was never good
Dandinstorm12: oooh dear
monkeyrama: That IS a hot take
TwitchTVsFrank: adam speaks truth
AllGoodDogs: LeBron is maybe the best team-sport athlete of all time.
Easilycrazyhat: So was Jordan
KCl_Man: Sabres w00t!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Lebron can dunk from the free through line?
NarishmaReborn: fair, but it would still be fun
EvilBadman: But what if jordan drank his secret stuff?????
Kramburger: I don't know, Jordan always needed something to reach for, Lebron would press Jordan to his limits
SquareDotCube: 1v1? Sure. As part of a team? no.
monkeyrama: What LUL
Kaaosa: <message deleted>LeBron would make Jordan look like a drooling baby
ArkhamArchivist: According to well known documentary Space Jam, Jordan is a baseball player anyway
kumatsu: Jordan was good.... in Space Jam seabatBRAIN
Lord_ZYRK: Lewd
SquareDotCube: LeBron doesn't have the teamwork dynamic
Traion: But what if Jordan had all his post-Space Jam powers? ;)
TwitchTVsFrank: a modern college team would beat a team from the 90s
AllGoodDogs: Like ... there's a photo the other day of LeBron walking out of a hotel with his mask on and no shirt and he is SHREDDED. After spending like two decades in the league.
EOstby: LeBron also has a couple of inches and probably 30-50 pounds of sheer muscle on Jordan.
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monkeyrama: Lebron is in the sequel, isn't he?
Kaaosa: <message deleted>Jordan can only do that in Toonland
Decaped: what would space jam be like if Jordan didn't quit to play Baseball?
Dandinstorm12: Neither of them could hit a curve ball
Kaaosa: <message deleted>If they fight in Toonland, Lebron would literally chuck him into the sun
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Traion: Time to get LeBron v. Jordan in Blaseball! Get the votes started
EvilBadman: i wanna see LeBron dunk on like the 1950s allstar team
pygmytortle: There's a reason Mike is known as Air. The man could fly
EOstby: Best test to settle this fight: Lebron vs. Jordan, Final Destination, no items, Fox only. FrankerZ
Dandinstorm12: harsh
e_bloc: Ovechkin would literally murder Gretzky
monkeyrama: Do you bring their teams with them?
littleredwolves: longer, better, faster, long.... no
Kaaosa: <message deleted>Hot take: Gretzky never existed
Dandinstorm12: Also, goalies sucked
kumatsu: every one of these games need to have the Vancouver Canucks Green Men on the sidelines
AllGoodDogs: Pride100 The greatest athletes of all time: LeBron, Pablo Sanchez from Backyard Baseball, Jessica Telephone, Adam Savidan
Kaaosa: <message deleted>Fight me
monkeyrama: LUL
asthanius: @AllGoodDogs Pablo was a fucking BEAST
aesir_blade: Consider: LeBron James vs Sir Donald Bradman
LarkSachrosis: Who would win at curling: Babe Ruth or Pele?
Nigouki: as someone who's not into sportsball, what's the instigator rule?
monkeyrama: PAblo legit was the best
onetrueseth: Growin' a beard out here, waiting for some action!
Kaaosa: !
monkeyrama: Homie kicked ass at every sport
BusTed: Case closed.
pygmytortle: NO ONE can handle a cross from Adam
TwitchTVsFrank: i bet some high school sports teams today would beat 80s pro teams
Kaaosa: My rights are being trampled
monkeyrama: Before my time
Dandinstorm12: Name one single goalie who could stand with Carey Price, Ben
Lord_ZYRK: Absolutely not
Fugi: You can't say "fight me" and then get bad about losing
ShaneLeeAtk: I own it
monkeyrama: WAs that from the 80s OpieOP
Mysticman89: are you sure this wasnt a fever dream?
CastleOtranto: I don't think that's a real game, Adam
Spacepup: People were talking about the greatest athletes in their sports, and Wayne definitely got brought up as just a staggering difference between him and the #2, compared to any other sport.
kumatsu: Kaaosa fought the law and the law won
Dandinstorm12: *that played against Gretzky
Wolveroo: what about SNES hit the ice!!!
littleredwolves: follow the spiders harry
Kaaosa: Fugi is now banned from every channel I mod (which is none) forever.
storiers: Gretzky was good, but Gretzky was no the fat one from original NES ice hockey
Camail: hockey dual to the death
Dandinstorm12: Ovetchkin would ruin Gretzky
BusTed: Gretzky wasn't even playing the same game.
monkeyrama: But a lot of these athletes are part of teams
DiscordianTokkan: Hockey Duel
itsr67: h o c k e y d u e l
amuseoffirebane: This is Air Bud erasure
monkeyrama: and the teams boosted them
Mysticman89: Faker could take down wayne
BusTed: He was like an order or magnitude better than anyone.
littleredwolves: what about golf?
BusTed: *of
NotCainNorAbel: NHL has changed a lot in 20 years
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aesir_blade: I'm pretty sure Donald Bradman in cricket was statistically better than any other athlete in anything
BusTed: Best 5 out of 7.
NarishmaReborn: is there a sport where the players from 30+ years ago would hold up to modern players?
Lord_ZYRK: And the loser gets melvin'd
Dandinstorm12: Gretzky vs Connor McDavid, air hockey
AllGoodDogs: Alright, Babe Ruth. it's hell for you unless you can strike out Ken Griffey Jr.
Ivalenz_: It would be better than Lost.
TwitchTVsFrank: modern athletes have been playing their sport since they were 5
asthanius: @NarishmaReborn Croquet?
ShaneLeeAtk: Horseshoes
EvilBadman: Renaldo vs. Beckham Foosball.
monkeyrama: Not yet
Traion: @narishmareborn not remotely, not even chess
littleredwolves: oooh yeah croquet
CastleOtranto: As a lifelong Penguins fan, I have to admit that Gretzky > Crosby.
zazamost: arsenal soccer team vs the soccer team on shaolin soccer... obviously Shamokin soccer prevails right?
amuseoffirebane: BD I'm hilarious
Kaaosa: No
Dandinstorm12: oof
monkeyrama: Canadians also say football?
AllGoodDogs: No.
Dandinstorm12: oh dear
asthanius: I think Beckham was just handsome
RendezVoodoo: Babe Ruth tries to get a hit off Randy Johnson
funsizecyclops: david beckham was never great, he was just famous.
Dandinstorm12: get em Ben
Kaaosa: He was very popular but he was never in the running for "best"
Eklinaar: Ben said the "s" word
Traion: No he was just marketable
SajuukSjet: i think you're not included Tumblr in your sentance calucations there, Savidan >D
RomanGoro: Beckham was good, but not top of the world at his time
monkeyrama: HE was good, not the best
RomanGoro: He was very *very* famous
Dandinstorm12: Yeah Pitchers vs Batters would be a good matchup
Wolveroo: "You maybe a King or a little street sweeper but sooner or later you dance with the reaper."
RendezVoodoo: Beckham was good looking and good enough
Kaaosa: Yeah, a sexy dude to sell soccer
TwitchTVsFrank: rec and comp sports for kids are so much more involved then in the past
asthanius: His Kick score was very high
EvilBadman: I just named the most famous current since we were saying "any current star would be an older player"
LarkSachrosis: I think it's also harder for one player to carry a team in soccer.
Lithobraker: I think Beckham was up there for penalty kicks.
EOstby: Beckham may well be the greatest UK-born football of all time, but I don't think that's even close to a unanimous take, and probably puts him top 25 all time at best.
monkeyrama: Adam is surprisingly confident here
asthanius: Adam could EASILY take them
LarkSachrosis: But I'm willing to accept I don't know anything about sports.
itsr67: he's so big
monkeyrama: But do you have any technical skills LUL
funsizecyclops: the first wave of professional basketball players had a seasonal job playing basketball.
NarishmaReborn: massive
Dandinstorm12: Adam "19-diggity2" Savidan
Mysticman89: just palming the ball over their heads and giggling
e_bloc: 133 1/3 % chance of a Adam Savidan win
Lordofironstorm: 19 diggity 2
train_diskenth: He's soooo big
pygmytortle: Damn Adam I didn't know you were that thicc and tall
drcthulu: My story begins in nineteen-dickety-two. We had to say -dickety- because the Kaiser had stolen our word -twenty-. I chased that rascal to get it back, but gave up after dickety-six miles
Kaaosa: Yeah, I'm with Adam; put me in goal against the three first dudes to play soccer and I'll banish them to the fuckin shadow realm
monkeyrama: You'd get MAULED
e_bloc: Adam would literally die
TwitchTVsFrank: adam doesnt even smoke thats not fair lol
KeytarCat: Professional? Because the first Basketball players were northern european secondary school students?
RendezVoodoo: first boxers were monsters
CastleOtranto: @drcthulu Haha, you beat me to it. Well done.
Camail: people have been fighting since the beginning of time
monkeyrama: For basketball? :o
Mister_Hush: @drcthulu if you made that up, well done. if it's a reference, it's a good one.
asthanius: Adam v. Strongman with a curly mustache
ArdCollider: like, you're asking Adam to basically fight a dockworker
Kaaosa: University of The Canadian Wilds
LarkSachrosis: Back before protective gear, when fighters had to just take the hits.
Friedent: Adam 1v1 vs. original Basketball player, but they use the original rules and Adam doesn't get to study ahead of time.
Traion: @kaaosa I mean considering how old soccer is half of them would have the literal plague
EvilBadman: I think prime Ali would destroy anyone still
ArdCollider: not a great plan
Lithobraker: Adam would literally die to his mirror Adam
Dandinstorm12: like Muhammad Ali vs Floyd Mayweather?
Kaaosa: Traion; I'm counting on it
gamercat88: no you just get a gun
Mister_Hush: Modern clubs, but old balls
Camail: Yes.
monkeyrama: Bold
TotallyNotaBeholder: Boxing is so weird, the sport has changed, the game plan has changed, so it's hard to gauge that
Lord_ZYRK: When is it ever not?
ArdCollider: modern golf clubs are like strafing the Wright Brothers with an F-18
LarkSachrosis: If you lose, they get your time machine.
Mysticman89: just like in RL golf, your life is on the line
Dandinstorm12: Well traditional Scottish golf...
asthanius: You die if you lose. You also die if you win. Both happen after multiple decades
EOstby: I hate to say it, I think I'd take Old Tom Morris and Young Tom Morris to capture the Open Championship ahead of Adam.
itsr67: LUL
Lord_ZYRK: But that means YOU die
Kaaosa: He'd dunk on them extra
Wolveroo: if you lose they cut off your head and tell "There can only be one!!!"
kumatsu: If you lose you're stuck in the winner's time period
itsr67: "Would you play against someone in basketball if you knew they would die" is a quote
monkeyrama: oooooo, that's a big win
Mister_Hush: That's a very good point
Mister_Hush: There are many books.
kumatsu: READING seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Adam would become a reading streamer OpieOP
TotallyNotaBeholder: More choose your own adventure streams!
Camail: twust fund
noSmokeFire: you'd just become a Fighting Fantasy streamer
RvLeshrac: "Twitch has just announced a streamer 'battle royale'"
Kaaosa: Adam would press the button for a sweet Twitch contract
Lunareclipse123: Speaking of reading @LoadingReadyRun Joe Abercrombie's next book is out in 5 weeks :D
monkeyrama: He'd have to go hiking or something NotLikeThis
niccus: just stream on AFK
asthanius: Only ASMR
Ferisar: i want someone
Mister_Hush: Oh, no
Mister_Hush: Fuck podcasts, as someone who makes them
TwitchTVsFrank: hard pass
monkeyrama: MAn would learn to love camping
zazamost: Salida ASMR
Ferisar: to do audio book reading on stream of books that are in public domaion
BusTed: You could hold up a fish.
Kaaosa: You could take all those fish pics
PadawanTK16: Just play Warhammer with Ben
Fairgrim: outside in this economy, no way
monkeyrama: loool
DragaFireHawk: simplLOL
asthanius: Hawt
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
Mysticman89: This man looks fetile
kumatsu: Adam Hike-idan seabatPjorg
Kaaosa: "That man is hearty breeding stock"
kerbalized_: oh gawd
TotallyNotaBeholder: What a big fish that man has
CraziestOwl: What about books?
Mysticman89: fertile
pygmytortle: Adam would get so damn swole cause all he would do is work out
itira: ladies love fish!
Dandinstorm12: Adam "Breed with them" Savidan
RvLeshrac: The real question for Adam is, would you play if, when you lost, you had to let a man out of a jar.
gamercat88: is that fish big or are you just happy to read this post
Camail: how did you get a hold of my CV
Himyul: the classic Canadian matting call
noSmokeFire: you know what they say about guys with big fish
MrTulip: fucking can't ever drink while adam is speaking
Ferisar: maximum f e c u n d i t y
AllGoodDogs: v a s c u l a r
MrTulip: it's just a mistake
Dandinstorm12: leshrac asking the hard hitting questions
Lord_ZYRK: That's a Reel Big Fish you got there. . . oh no! You dropped it! PICKITUPPICKITUPPICKITUP
Traion: Adam Savidan, Ultra Silver in SFV, fertile, Boshy, Prime Breeding Stock, WoW mythic dude
Kaaosa: Speaking of jars, I watched an anime recently where a dude found a girl trapped in some mechanism in a dungeon and was like "no I'm not freeing you; someone put you here for a reason" and I thought of you
Ivalenz_: Mimic
asthanius: I think that was during Grounded?
monkeyrama: What if it was Nega Ben
Himyul: what if it was someone pretending to be Ben?
e_bloc: a man has to have principles
Ferisar: what if it's neb
Ferisar: the evil twin
DiscordianTokkan: What if he's in there for Quarentine!
Despoiler98: Adam is harsh but fair
monkeyrama: Man sticks to his beliefs
Dandinstorm12: Don't you trust Ben to be a good guy?
NarishmaReborn: can't betray the brand
noSmokeFire: how did he even FIT in a jar without doing something offensive to the laws of time and space
monkeyrama: Would you? sergeThinking
Himyul: would you let out Neb?
pygmytortle: Adam is a generous god
gamercat88: cuz it wouldn't be able to speak right
Ferisar: "what's your twitch handle" "benscription"
Camail: neB has no hair on his entire body
Ferisar: *squint*
Lithobraker: Neb doesn't like sneks
NotCainNorAbel: the plaid is backwards
Traion: Just ask Neb about Ludicolo, easy
Dandinstorm12: What if the 1998-99 Buffalo Sabres were trapped in a jar Adam?
Kaaosa: Neb Remlu is a menace
gamercat88: Neb wears multiple Axe body sprays
chrisvonclause: The jar conundrum essentially boils down to “sucks to suck”
funsizecyclops: does neb wear tartan?
Camail: when did a gun play into this?
Mister_Hush: No you don't, YuGiOh sucks
drcthulu: sounds like magic
asthanius: The Yugioh meta is WACK
itsr67: oh yeah yugioh staples are expensive
Aarek: neB wears Hawaiian shirts
DragaFireHawk: And Magic's not?
pygmytortle: "Yu gi oh is too expensive" *stares in MTG*
Kaaosa: YuGiOh is super fun but the meta changes every 47 seconds
Eklinaar: I mean there are Magic cards that are over $500
Traion: YuGiOh makes Magic look cheap
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah. YuGiOh apparently has no ban list, really, or Standard, just power creep
Eclipseon: I grew up playing Yu-Gi-Oh but I am so lost on modern rules it's ridiculous
gamercat88: gunFLAME
monkeyrama: Have you seen his arms? He's always got two guns
EvilBadman: Schrodinger's Gun
Lithobraker: Wow you could buy two MTG cards for $500
TheMandrew: every canadian has Chekov's gun?
CraziestOwl: Because mtg is so cheap
asthanius: Canadians are like bees. If can sting once, and then they die.
Dandinstorm12: Ben "Theoretical gun" Ulmer
LarkSachrosis: Chekhov's Apology.
AllGoodDogs: Every Canadian has a gun: The gun is not apologizing to someone.
TwitchTVsFrank: an every american has an actual gun
nyquister_: Magic Standard Format?
Fairgrim: lrrSPOOP
actionjb: Canadian's each have a theoretical gun they shoot only once in their lives.
BrindleBoar: with a maple leaf embossed on the grip?
nyquister_: Or all formats?
Kaaosa: Inside you is two theoretical guns
amuseoffirebane: Is it theoretical?
RvLeshrac: What's worse for a Canadian: Not apologising, or starting to apologise and then stopping
Camail: hey adam have you been watching the PoE race that's been going on this week
KingXicor: sashimono
DiscordianTokkan: Pauldrons
monkeyrama: Those are pretty sweet
DiscordianTokkan: B)
aerohydra: its a dense game
Ferisar: d4 waiting room
Camail: understandable, its a thicc game
monkeyrama: Down a shrine NotLikeThis
Ferisar: and poe2
Eclipseon: I remember somebody saying that end game PoE just ends up being nuking things with AoEs, but I don't know how accurate that is.
Kaaosa: That's actually my only complaint with Tsushima, is they have you collect sashimono but you can't equip them
monkeyrama: Gotta max those gamer bars, Adam
F1SHOR: no the perfect run!!
Traion: Sashimono are one of the many examples of how Japan was terrible in armour design
MrTulip: I got pretty hard into poe this league
LarkSachrosis: Same, it just doesn't click for me.
gamercat88: Adam not intimidated by thickness, ladies
iamkaiserbear: i keep getting to endgame and burning out because i don't like the new atlas
monkeyrama: We can use so much gear, now PogChamp
MrTulip: then I tried doing challenges and hated life, so I stiopped
monkeyrama: I think you sold a lot of the 65 gear, tbh
LarkSachrosis: Been playing any more Destiny 2 Adam?
jetpixi: hey all. i'm home and i have my chapstick!
mr3dglasses: lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE lrrJUDGE sergeScopeCreep sergeScopeCreep
Dandinstorm12: Adam, if you and Matt Wiggins were to challenge James and someone else to a hockey game, who would James pick as his partner?
monkeyrama: Nice @jetpixi LUL
Lord_ZYRK: jetpixi BIG PJORG seabatPjorg
mr3dglasses: hello chat
Ferisar: @jetpixi watch out, they might notice
Lord_ZYRK: oops capslock
jetpixi: hahaha thanks all
Dandinstorm12: hey @mr3dglasses
GhostValv: :O
mr3dglasses: how is everyone
Camail: d3 having green arrows made things easier
monkeyrama: Assume friend group, probably LUL
Dandinstorm12: Greater LRR community
TheMandrew: i think adam and matt smoke anyone, they're the most athletically inclined
Dandinstorm12: *Matt was talking abou this like a month ago
Dandinstorm12: *two months ago
TwitchTVsFrank: it would have to be someone he could actually get
Lord_ZYRK: Depends, does James want you to come out of this with both ears
monkeyrama: LUL Iaagine that
monkeyrama: imagine*
RealGamerCow: Crosby in the next post game interview: "Everything's fine"
Phrawger: "gadzooks, i've been spotted"
NarishmaReborn: *viewer count decreases by 1*
Traion: Serge is probably a good call for James, Serge is fit.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Crosby thought this was a welcoming community
mr3dglasses: james would pick Graham or any Ben
BusTed: James would just call in Hank Green or whatever.
EnoTheTonberry: Has any of you play hockey in ten years?
PadawanTK16: Just think, he could be anyone of us!
monkeyrama: Matt's used to carrying you in Valorant OpieOP
chrisrd19: Oh I love Diablo 2.
Phrawger: fat hands is a benefit in goal
F1SHOR: I forget you all mean ice hockey when you say hockey I was thinking field
AllGoodDogs: he's actively skating
gamercat88: Cori, do you play the hockey?
monkeyrama: Is getting a pair of skates a right of passage
Traion: Canadians learn skating before walking Kappa
Roger_Job329: Mini Mites
EnoTheTonberry: So is Hockey the go-to High School Sport for Canada?
monkeyrama: He's too smart LUL
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
jetpixi: seabatBRAIN
Phrawger: this man plays to WIN
Dandinstorm12: Adam, stacking the pads
mr3dglasses: James may pick his Minecraft buddy
Phrawger: smartest 5 year old hockey player alive Adam Savidan
PadawanTK16: I can’t skate, every time I put on skates, my heels start bleeding...
Lord_ZYRK: Passively gaming ResidentSleeper
monkeyrama: Oh noooo LUL
jetpixi: love that
Phrawger: the hubris
EnoTheTonberry: Hubris broken
Kaaosa: hurbis
BusTed: Get shit on, tiny child from Ben's past.
Dandinstorm12: lrrGREED
mr3dglasses: James my pick Ian for his size and bulldozer style
RealGamerCow: If there was a kid like that, he'd get a cood old crosscheck from me
monkeyrama: They're not for everyone
jetpixi: Someone needs to pick Serge. He would do those little checks on everyone
asthanius: We made it. Despite your directions.
Phrawger: love checks
Revelia: speaking of aether is there a clip of the full tainted aether?
kumatsu: lil' chex
Dandinstorm12: mmmm, I'm imagining Serge playing hockey right now, it's amazing
jetpixi: just a little annoying poke
TwitchTVsFrank: serge would take someones ear off
iamkaiserbear: serge will start taking ears
asthanius: Serge would chop someone's ear off
Phrawger: Chex Jr
AllGoodDogs: Pride50 Playing basketball as a teenager, I called for a pass to start the half, ran uncontested to the wrong basket, shot a layup, missed, and then almost died of embarrassment.
Revelia: like the longest stretch of tainted aether
mr3dglasses: Who would win in a Rock Paper Scissors tournament?
Ivalenz_: Serge played rugby.
Traion: There are so many stats in this game that you need a computer to figure out what to equip
monkeyrama: You never know, Serge could be a mean hockey player
monkeyrama: Mean as in good
jetpixi: i'm imaging a fantasy world
Dandinstorm12: Serge would be the master of the hip check Ben, that man would forecheck with the best of them
asthanius: Cori would win because everyone else would always choose rock. Always.
monkeyrama: Right
amuseoffirebane: @AllGoodDogs same hat, i was a little younger but i still remember the look of horror on my teammates faces
Traion: Heather would win, she has a knife
monkeyrama: You did
Himyul: isn't knife just half of scissors?
asthanius: A knife is 0.5 scissors
jetpixi: says who? *pulls out knife*
Kaaosa: Show me in the rules where it says she can't knife them
funsizecyclops: Heather is the ref. She still has a knife.
TeamKessig17: Adam, are you a Paper Mario fan?
Kaaosa: Ain't no rule says a dog can't play basketball
Dandinstorm12: Ben laying down the law, not realizing that if Heather has the knife, Heather makes the rules
Kaaosa: It's the Air Bud clause
monkeyrama: Aw NotLikeThis
itsr67: heather abides by the rule that there are no rules
AllGoodDogs: @amuseoffirebane Yeah, I was somehow ignoring them yelling at me the whole time. And I'm not sure if missing an unconstested layup was worse than shooting at the wrong basket
mr3dglasses: What is everyone's drink of the day?
Himyul: political power grows out of the edge of Heather's knife.
Kaaosa: mr3dglasses I am drink beer
jetpixi: wow
itsr67: ripe age
Phrawger: Old Ma Savidan we call him
monkeyrama: Oh my
Aarek: Oh, god that makes me Old too.
RobotInProgress: Knives are disqualifiable, but Guns, now thats free game
Roger_Job329: That's not old
monkeyrama: Over the hill already
Shupendo: 36? He's only got a couple years left in him.
mr3dglasses: nice What Beer @Kaaosa
actionjb: Adam's a Boomer?
Phrawger: we tell jolks on the internet
RvLeshrac: Oldam
Eclipseon: You're older than 2 years old? How are you still alive?
monkeyrama: You don't look a day over 40
Nigouki: that's almost glue factory age
Dandinstorm12: we've been amirite gamers'd
Kaaosa: @mr3dglasses Elysian Space Dust
gamercat88: Gamers never age
RvLeshrac: Oldam Savoldan
asthanius: Gamers age at an increased rate
mr3dglasses: I would love to see a LRR golf tournament or bowling tournament
Dandinstorm12: legends never die
Phrawger: i am 68 in gamer years
mr3dglasses: Space Dust is good
Dandinstorm12: LRR doing sports...sounds unlikely
monkeyrama: Buy James that tricked out golf cart so he can livestream him playing golf
jetpixi: Elysian Space Dust is amaxing
Kaaosa: Yeah, it's one of my favorites in the area
monkeyrama: seabatBRAIN
jetpixi: amazing* even
Kaaosa: I miss all the Dogfish Head beers from when I was in NE states, but Elysian is real good
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jetpixi: I think imma get me some tomorrow
jetpixi: LUL
Dandinstorm12: uh
monkeyrama: I made grass art in the outfield
DrWreckage: Hey so @LoadingReadyRun Ben remembers me going 6-1 in draft today, I have gone 6 wins like 4 times and suddenly I'm mythic today.
asthanius: I was pulling grass in left field
jetpixi: oh im listening
amuseoffirebane: Oh yeah I was playing with dirt
monkeyrama: ooooh, love this story
Dandinstorm12: Adam "Breakaway" Savidan
Roger_Job329: Yep left field
monkeyrama: LUL
Dandinstorm12: HA
mr3dglasses: I feel like Adam would hack ankles as a kid
jetpixi: LUL LUL LUL
AnOddSmith: LUL
asthanius: Always a showman
Aarek: 11/10
Nigouki: ahahahaha
Phrawger: 360 noscope
monkeyrama: A troglodyte from the beginning
BusTed: They really only had themselves to blame really.
AllGoodDogs: Always a gamer.
Kaaosa: you absolute fuckin moron Adam LUL
nyquister_: That is beautiful
Lord_ZYRK: benginFingers
EnoTheTonberry: Wait, I swear I heard that on a Comodore Hustle somewhere
jetpixi: how old were you in that story?
EOstby: But did you score anyway? :P
Dandinstorm12: Adam, 5 minutes and a game misconduct for charging
monkeyrama: LUL
actionjb: Thats the best thing I ever heard
BusTed: "That boy ain't right."
mr3dglasses: I feel like Adam would hack ankles as a kid lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM
jetpixi: Angry parents are the worst
nyquister_: Is kid hockey equivalent to kid soccer where everyone swarms the puck/ball???
plummeting_sloth: "God dammit bobby" "Our child's name is Adam" "Goddammit Adam"
Kaaosa: My dad was the angry soccer dad when I was growing up and it was embarassing but I laugh about it now :v
Roger_Job329: Still learning how to check
TwoSenses: I spent a couple of years umpiring Little sucked
Aarek: "That boy needs therapy"
Dandinstorm12: Ben, did you throw anybody out during your time as a ref? For fighting etc?
monkeyrama: WHy not both
Lithobraker: Aren't hockey parents the worst sport parents?
mr3dglasses: I raise you a angry Soccer MOM
TwitchTVsFrank: ref a championship high school game. those poor refs
AllGoodDogs: Isn't Chad the bro Karen evolution?
DoodlestheGreat: HEY! My name is Steve. I feel attacked.
plummeting_sloth: "If they die, they die" Ben, junior referee
Roger_Job329: What???
Kaaosa: I only reffed one youth soccer game and was like nah the $15 a game ain't worth this
TwoSenses: Got drilled in the shins twice by the same kid in the same game. Hurt even through the pads
mr3dglasses: I raise you a angry Soccer MOM @LoadingReadyRun
jetpixi: How old till you can ram someone into the boards?
chrisrd19: 16 before you can body check a human, but if there's a dog playing hockey in the peewee league...
Lithobraker: SMH, back in my day the termite leagues gave Glasgow smiles
RunningMonkeys: I umpired baseball, I never was behind the plate so the parents didn't often yell at me. the behind the plate umps had it way worse.
TwitchTVsFrank: is peewee comp or rec?
CaptainSpam: Those health bars for "Aether Corruption", I initially thought you were fighting someone named "Arthur Corruption".
monkeyrama: Not even looking NotLikeThis
SydPreviouslyHeadache: i played basketball in middle school, in high school try outs, i was the straw that broke the camels back, when i fell through the bleachers
TwoSenses: @RunningMonkeys can confirm, they loved yelling at us
plummeting_sloth: "no where in the rules does it say that dog-fighting can't happen during hockey"
mr3dglasses: Who remebers that angry Dad who smashed the glass at a peewee game
SydPreviouslyHeadache: rather, the seat gave in
jetpixi: Upgrades are a lie. They dont happen.
funsizecyclops: I've been an MMA referee for a few amateur fights, as well as assisting at a couple BJJ meets. I find it ironic that literal organized violence is actually fairly chill compared to hockey.
monkeyrama: What are those blue orbs on your skills?
Traion: Angry soccer moms seem like a uniquely US thing. Over here I've never seen anyone act like that
gamercat88: i too played basketball in high school and there was one ref who would literally let players get away with slapping people in the face when trying to rebound. it was wild
monkeyrama: Screenwide taunt :o
jetpixi: Adam with the assist
iris_of_ether: I don't remember angry soccer moms on my team, but I was also not on a particularly good team. We were 4th! ...Out of 4 teams. -_-
TwitchTVsFrank: comp sports parents are worse than recreational sports parents
monkeyrama: Cori's getting bopped NotLikeThis
Kyir: Has the vengabus arrived yet?
monkeyrama: The vengabus arrived at the beginning with a new song
Lithobraker: @mr3dglasses to be fair to that dad, he was just slapping the glass normally and his tungsten carbide ring nicked the tempered glass
funsizecyclops: @Kyir YES. you really don't want to miss the clip.
Kyir: oh dang
mr3dglasses: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Kyir: Gotta go back
Dog_of_Myth: @Kyir It's outside your door!
iris_of_ether: !busiscoming
LRRbot: The hottest track of 2020:
Angreed66: Ah yes the whole tooltip dps is a lie thing exists here too I guess.
RobotInProgress: Has Cori's vengabus track been dropped yet?
jetpixi: time to go watch a clip
monkeyrama: Best flavor of sour patch kid?
mr3dglasses: @Lithobraker that makes it even more funny
jetpixi: All flavors @monkeyrama
Kaaosa: @monkeyrama actual human
monkeyrama: oh my
Roger_Job329: Fruit Punch
monkeyrama: SHould say on the package?
Roger_Job329: piña colada
jetpixi: oh my @Kaaosa
Despoiler98: it tastes like an entire environmental zone
jetpixi: I do like pina colada
monkeyrama: Pina colada flavored candy is very good
jetpixi: and slurpees
jetpixi: it's hot. i want a slurpee.
gamercat88: those bugs are straigh out of Star Troopers
Traion: They did something about the bugs: They got you chumps to clear them out
bidantsgds: <message deleted>№586 New Twitch Vi℮wbᴑt, Seаrch on YᴑuTub℮ "viewergod".
elizabethfiremanidd: <message deleted>№691 New Twitch Vi℮wbᴑt, Seаrch on YᴑuTub℮ "viewergod".
stakingmarket491: <message deleted>№586 New Twitch Vi℮wbᴑt, Seаrch on YᴑuTub℮ "viewergod".
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lamentablecorkpro: <message deleted>№915 New Twitch Vi℮wbᴑt, Seаrch on YᴑuTub℮ "viewergod".
monkeyrama: Jamba Juice White Gummi
jetpixi: wow
Traion: Thanks mods
asthanius: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrHEART
Despoiler98: what was that?
monkeyrama: Only a few, they got tired
amuseoffirebane: oh goodness
Juliamon: Good job LRRbot!
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove sergeModLove
jetpixi: that was a lot at once. good bot.
plummeting_sloth: Try harder and also not at all
jetpixi: try hard at not trying
mr3dglasses: Insta Kill lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Malazim: Ben I believe that they are doing something about. They sent you
monkeyrama: Break tiiime
Lithobraker: @mr3dglasses yeah apparently he went from angry at the ref to deep shame and embarrassment in like a nanosecond. Everyone got a good lesson about what happens when a ceramic meets an internally stress silicate
kumatsu: time flies when you're talking about SPORTS
Dog_of_Myth: Wow. Those got sniped sooo fast
monkeyrama: Look who's talking OpieOP
Xenguin47: I like how I walk in and everybody decides to take a break. :P
jetpixi: step away from the computer with your hands up
itsr67: well now I don't wanna
jetpixi: water time
Angreed66: Try trying hard enough you actually become a real viewer view bots.
Lord_ZYRK: Go outside and hug a building. Let it know you are :)
Lord_ZYRK: care*
mr3dglasses: @Lithobraker wowow lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
CaptainSpam: Let it know you are. You exist.
jetpixi: Let it know you are there
monkeyrama: I am care, ZYRK
Juliamon: If you're just joining us:
Juliamon: !busiscoming
LRRbot: The hottest track of 2020:
Dog_of_Myth: I am care ZYRK
Bengineering: zyrk is a bot
Kaaosa: I am are ZYRK
Dog_of_Myth: No, I'm ZYRK!
monkeyrama: Zyrk's not smart enough to be a bot Kappa
monkeyrama: jk zyrk, ily
Lord_ZYRK: Thanks for picking up Adam and Ben's slack on the bullying tonight, Twitch Chat :)
LarkSachrosis: You idiots, we're all ZYRK!
mr3dglasses: I am happy today because I hit 100 subs on my YouTube Channel today
Lord_ZYRK: My condolences, LarkSachrosis
Bengineering: I aint never bullied you in my life
Lysander_Gustav: oh neat. I didn't know about that Playmat
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone, by the way.
DragaFireHawk: Is it really bullying if the person enjoys it though? simplTHINK
mr3dglasses: davidd1Ladiesface davidd1Ladiesface
Dog_of_Myth: @Bengineering It's true, Ben never lies.
Angreed66: Bengineering admitting to bully
PadawanTK16: @mr3dglasses nice!
monkeyrama: sergeThinking
jetpixi: i wanna watch that clip. why can't i find it?
Lord_ZYRK: Counterpoint *rolls out projector*
monkeyrama: Of? @jetpixi
Lord_ZYRK: This will only take two hours. Please take your seats.
monkeyrama: Hello again
jetpixi: the thing people said happened at the end @monkeyrama
itira: the ads ran yes
Dog_of_Myth: @Lord_ZYRK Will there be snacks?
Roger_Job329: Ello
jetpixi: I mean start
theleerm: hewwo
mr3dglasses: @PadawanTK16 thanks it took almost a year
Lord_ZYRK: Dog_of_Myth yes
monkeyrama: The beginning? @jetpixi
Lord_ZYRK: for me
jetpixi: yeah lol @monkeyrama
monkeyrama: loool
jetpixi: Now you're being gaslit zyrk
Dog_of_Myth: @Lord_ZYRK I don't like your TED Talk.
itira: zyrk the jerk?
monkeyrama: You can check it in the vod, though I did clip it in two parts
kumatsu: who would ever bully Zyrk in 2020?
Lord_ZYRK: You fucks are wearing off on Cori NotLikeThis
jetpixi: fine I'll wait lol
Kramburger: hey guys, don't Berk the Zyrk
ArgentumFlare: I thought ben said "Serge says we bully him", which is irrefutable lol
jetpixi: Thanks!
monkeyrama: LUL
Roger_Job329: Rouge
asthanius: "L4G"
Mister_Hush: imagine playing WoW
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kumatsu: yep, that's me
kumatsu: gotta fill time SOMEHOW
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun oh shoot darnit I was late what have I missed
monkeyrama: Oooh, you did?
monkeyrama: Jealous
Aarek: people still play wow?
theleerm: bop?
jetpixi: Thanks @monkeyrama I'm dead now. I got Twitch in the afterlife.
itsr67: watched a bunch of figthing game analyses last night that was fun
monkeyrama: LUL
mr3dglasses: La Bop
DentedPockets: @Aarek Speaking of, almost time for raid :p
monkeyrama: IT was solid
kumatsu: it was n'zoth coming for you
Rumiir_the_Dragon: I play wow. and by that I mean I log on, run around for 2 minutes, then log off again.
monkeyrama: Every quest?? seabatYIKES
Aarek: wait, Ben is still hearing N'Zoth whispers?
kumatsu: I only have 3 zones left <.<
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun ... hey something I just noticed, does the Map Info reset between difficulties? Like, do you have to remap the world every time you reset difficulty?
Molladia: I got y Loremaster during Wrath, attempting to do it now would suck
DentedPockets: Just need to time travel and do it before Cataclysm.
mr3dglasses: Runescape is so long to level up
Aarek: I got loremaster like 7 years ago. Get on my level.
kumatsu: I did Grizzly Hills today!
monkeyrama: Everything but your gear resets
Uzumaki15: But Ben, you gotta get them acheivements gamers love it when you them acheivements
monkeyrama: and... levels
UnusuallyLargeMoth: oh that is so buuuuuuutts...
kumatsu: got blast those sick tunes
Rumiir_the_Dragon: Grizzly hills was the best, has the best music
Kramburger: I got The Explorer back in Cataclysm, glory days
iris_of_ether: Lord I remember getting that dang Wintersaber....
itsr67: cooking
DrWreckage: Best at living forever
monkeyrama: Good choice, Ben LUL
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PipeSmokingOwl: best DM in the world
kumatsu: Best Gamer
nyquister_: Also, it can't be caught on camera or you lose the ability
jetpixi: I'd like to be the best at fixing things
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun healthiest
itsr67: making money
monkeyrama: lol
itira: A R T
NotCainNorAbel: best stock picker
gamercat88: film maker
mr3dglasses: I played diablo 1 remastered
NarishmaReborn: best at making twitch stream comments
circusofkirkus: pokemon trainer
Fugi: science
itira: Best at CEO
kipstar: I would like to be a little taller
jetpixi: Fixing things or sewing or knitting or something useful. unlike now.
Roger_Job329: Top Men
monkeyrama: How broad can we get
nyquister_: Debater
NotCainNorAbel: best money forger
itira: Best at not having anxiety
fireowl98: Best at Life....winning
kumatsu: Best twitch mod Kappa
DentedPockets: Best in Show lrrBEEJ
Mysticman89: gottta live the excite life
monkeyrama: YOooo an upgrade we can use right away!
jetpixi: Im gonna settle for being ok at science.
mr3dglasses: best in finding a cure for the virus
Mister_Hush: @jetpixi she says, literally curing cancer for a living
jetpixi: LUL
korvys: Ashton
itira: Best, around. nothings ever going to keep ME down
monkeyrama: The best at being a slightly better Fugi LUL
jetpixi: i just do what i'm told
kumatsu: the best at learning
jetpixi: ^
BusTed: Best at learning new skills.
mr3dglasses: I would be the best I can be
monkeyrama: Sugar cubes best cube
monkeyrama: HAnds down
Mister_Hush: Salmon Cubes seabatPjorg
NotCainNorAbel: This is very important: Do I have proof I am the best? Then the best driver.
Mister_Hush: We're not getting out of this one
monkeyrama: Not even remotely close
jetpixi: OG Crackers
KeytarCat: But what if I AM the snack?
mr3dglasses: My friend thinks he is smart. He told me an onion is the only food that makes you cry, so I threw a coconut at his face.
jetpixi: Amazing?!
Aarek: good cronch
monkeyrama: She's very very good
Kramburger: Pls no eating into mics :(
jetpixi: I just rewatched Galaxy Quest
jetpixi: NO\
itira: holes?
kumatsu: HOLES??????
NotCainNorAbel: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody mention famous Shia LaBeouf vehicle Holes??
Mister_Hush: She is actually phenomenal in that film!
TwitchTVsFrank: !holes
LRRbot: Water go down the hoooooollllle.
drcthulu: did someone say Holes?
monkeyrama: HOLES?!?
BusTed: 🕳
jetpixi: it is?
theleerm: H O L E S
monkeyrama: Sigourney Weaver in Galaxy Quest is the actual best SeemsGood
jetpixi: that shit was on the Disney channe;
Mister_Hush: Oh yeah, it's very pointedly About Race.
jetpixi: channel even
DragaFireHawk: Sadest love story simplCRY
LordSaphni: Galaxy Quest was originally Rated R and they changed it
iris_of_ether: I had to relay my instructions on a laser cutting project to a friend, and you have NO IDEA how hard it was to not just add 'ever think about Holes?' into my emails....
Mashamino: I finally watched The Cabin in the Woods recently, was not expecting Sigourney Weaver to show up at the end
Mister_Hush: That's American History! bah-duh-bah-budah-bah
monkeyrama: Lots of children's novels are surprisingly dark
mr3dglasses: Ghostbusters: Afterlife Dana Barrett
NotCainNorAbel: Is that where we have gotten in 2020. The level of being good is just not racist?
jetpixi: Isn't it a great reveal @Mashamino
jetpixi: LOOK
jetpixi: Its been tough
Mashamino: heh, indeed
NotCainNorAbel: America: Is not perfect system
kumatsu: now THERE'S a racits movie <.<
MadWolf1290: "oh my god, America" is kinda our mood for the past many years.
noSmokeFire: you see, ben, some slaveholders in the 18th century wrote that law so it MUST be right
kumatsu: World Police, that is
jetpixi: Yeah. I get something that blows my mind like once a month
Mister_Hush: Hamilton the musical actually makes me *so mad*
monkeyrama: Dreadknight Kevins seabatPjorg
Morendur: @NotCainNorAbel Yeah no kidding. His Imperial Cheetoness and Supporting Cronies sure show that (not that the opposition is much better these days...)
mr3dglasses: America is not the best place on earth. The best place on earth is what you want it to be
jetpixi: is it...bad? I haven't watched yet @Mister_Hush
Lithobraker: look, it's not in the code, so we forgot it was still the law.
monkeyrama: If only someone had that Yung Adam emote
ashteranic: There's a crapload of racist laws on the books that're unenforceable. Tonnes of old HOAs with racist, unconstitutional provisions in their CC&Rs/bylaws that're unenforceable as well. It'd be a monumental effort to clear them.
jetpixi: nah it's cool. we already know.
jetpixi: it's not good
jetpixi: some good.
MadWolf1290: I mean, that's fair?
jetpixi: much bad
CraziestOwl: Willow movie night when Adam.
Nemo_Rasa: the map in this room is a face
CraziestOwl: ?
monkeyrama: Cool loot
theleerm: that assumes im not an idiot ben
monkeyrama: ResidentSleeper
DragaFireHawk: Omg it does!
Manae: Ben, did they not show the "Got Milk?" commercial in Canada?
BusTed: It's the face you see when you die in Mario 64.
Lord_ZYRK: If Bowser was a hockey player
NotCainNorAbel: @Morendur I really have to disagree. I feel like the idea that 'they are the same' is not even close at this point. In general I think this experiment is starting to come to an end.
Lithobraker: Wait Burr shot Dumbledore?!
Mister_Hush: @jetpixi It's it's incredibly well produced! The music is great, the staging is beautiful, and the way it was filmed, I think, does justice to a live performance (having not seen this particular show live)
mr3dglasses: I like Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters
monkeyrama: lol, Adam
NotCainNorAbel: Duck Hunt?
Roger_Job329: Being from Northern Minnesota get jokingly Calle Canadian all the time. and I know nothing of Canadian history.
Kramburger: Space station silicon valley?
kumatsu: Adam with the Yes, And seabatTROG
mr3dglasses: Milk. It's in the stuff you love.
jetpixi: it's so good you're mad? @Mister_Hush
monkeyrama: Space Station Silicon Valley? Weird name
Lithobraker: We need SimRefinery remastered
jetpixi: We dont have a space station here
zazamost: blast corps?
SquareDotCube: What's the other game?
NotCainNorAbel: Bond64 remake.
mr3dglasses: a robot who is reduced to a crawling microchip during a ship crash, and is losing energy at a steady rate without protection.[3][4] In order to survive, players attack animals, which disables them and allows players to assume control of their bodies.
monkeyrama: Remember when Adam was on League of Heels and got the "best" character
EOstby: WWF No Mercy remaaster for the modern age!
Toxxick: I didnt think Id here the word Doink so much tonight
Kramburger: All-star and Doink don't belong in the same sentence
BusTed: Bam Bam did cartwheels.
BusTed: Across the ring.
Roger_Job329: Top rope tricks
Nemo_Rasa: they did a re-master of Chex quest
iris_of_ether: Yokozuna is the name of the highest rank in sumo, huh
mr3dglasses: Al Snow.
jetpixi: why do they even have that hole?
ujai321: you went in the wrong whole? just joined
mr3dglasses: Big Boss Man
Nemo_Rasa: it's free
monkeyrama: Chex like... the cereal?
NotCainNorAbel: Adam 'Wrong Hole'...
Nemo_Rasa: @monkeyrama yes
iamkaiserbear: Crispix > Chex send tweet
jetpixi: chex mix good. cereal...meh
PadawanTK16: I find it wierd that everyone wants to play adult Pokémon, but no one wants to play adult Mario, where bowser swears and instead of just jumping on the goomba’s heads, Mario curb stomps them or something
monkeyrama: Huh
mr3dglasses: who remembers Mr. Ass in WWF
FickleMuse: I unironically love chex as a cereal.
ujai321: the Ass Man?
TheAwkes: How about Game Cube PvP brrawler classic: Power Stone.
Dalouer: reeses puffs are amazing tho
FickleMuse: I also love plain ass cherrios
kumatsu: raisin bran :O
monkeyrama: Plain cheerios with a whoooole bunch of sugar poured on top
NotCainNorAbel: plain cheerios before they get soggy is pretty good
DentedPockets: Rasin Bran is pretty good
BusTed: I like Grape Nuts, but I am an old man.
Revelia: @PadawanTK16 good point
monkeyrama: BEst way to eat cheerios
hold_no_carter: Unironic fans of raisin bran unite!!
EOstby: Raisin Bran is very good, actually.
gamercat88: raisin bran crunch is good
CraziestOwl: I’m with Ben
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jetpixi: I actually like grape nuts too lol @BusTed
DentedPockets: I'm a sucker for Chex though
FickleMuse: No sugar. Plain as cherrios.
oyleslyck: raisin bran is great!great source of fibre
Enmity777: Raisin bran is good
mr3dglasses: I love honey nut o's
NotCainNorAbel: @BusTed GrapeNuts (well the cheap brand) is actually good. I like the crunch
circusofkirkus: shredded wheat is great
Roger_Job329: raisin nut bran
monkeyrama: Frosted Mini-Wheats PogChamp
BusTed: I am glad I am not alone.
Nemo_Rasa: I still have the original Chex quest CD-Rom I got out of a cereal box as a kid
chibi_bento: raisins in raisin bran are not the same as regular raisins....I like bran with raisins in it, but not Raisin Bran
jetpixi: what even is a 'grape nute'?
jetpixi: nute even
jetpixi: forkj
monkeyrama: Nice
Juliamon: I like most commercial cereals because as a kid I was only ever allowed to have all-natural organic stuff so even normal-ass Chex feels like I'm being naughty
jetpixi: i give up
itsr67: ding
itsr67: it is done
GreayStone: Nut & Honey
monkeyrama: 8 more levels
monkeyrama: Adam
UnusuallyLargeMoth: dammit umami!
mr3dglasses: yeah Mr Ass was lame but cool as a kid
chibi_bento: @jetpixi I'm sorry for your troubles. 🤣
monkeyrama: Level real fast OpieOP
NotCainNorAbel: lol @jetpixi It is little bits of crunch that is essentially ground up and dried cardboard. It tastes good for you.
TheAwkes: Level 75.
jetpixi: lol thanks @chibi_bento
jetpixi: LUL @NotCainNorAbel
mr3dglasses: favourite item in the game
coldhands0802: Listen to them read off loot names and guess if they're playing Grim Dawn or Destiny.
jetpixi: i can't type. i've just come to accept it.
BusTed: It's important to know when to stay and wendigo.
jetpixi: I'll do that. @coldhands0802
jetpixi: lol
monkeyrama: How's D2 treating you, Adam?
jetpixi: The Rat King
nyquister_: Based on the DND roll table
jetpixi: I still havent finished that quest
Phrawger: [eminem voice] I'm Beginning To Feel Like A Rat Gun
UnusuallyLargeMoth: A sOuL sTiLl BuRnS
nyquister_: Howling Lamb
ujai321: and grim dawn is rat killer of endless midnight?
jetpixi: it's more fun with friends.
monkeyrama: Soul Calibur PogChamp
monkeyrama: Adam seems like he'd be an Astaroth main
jetpixi: Gnawing Hunger
jetpixi: I actually really like that auto rifle
monkeyrama: Ooooh yeah, Rock
UnusuallyLargeMoth: "infectedanana" that's a 2R Instant that does 20 Damage to a player
Mysticman89: VOLDO MAIN
Roger_Job329: Nightmare
monkeyrama: Lizardman, maybe
Mysticman89: caps
jetpixi: omg Voldo
TheAwkes: D2 has phases. There's the learning curve phase where you figure out what stuff you like doing, there's the discovering all the things and making progress phase, and there's the I've found all the things I care to find so I'll just pick away at it until something new is addeed phase.
jetpixi: Voldo needs to chill lol
monkeyrama: Lizardman plays kinda like Riptor
gamercat88: Adam only plays characters with rich lore behind them
Mysticman89: does voldo even know what voldo is doing?
coldhands0802: @jetpixi I'm actually using a gnawing hunger right now! Destiny's a great podcast/stream game.
x0den: zasalamel might fit?
Despoiler98: Gamers love spamming the same attacks over and over again
monkeyrama: Ivy and Siegfried all the way
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun Adam, what's your opinion on a build (that is totally not mine) of one augmentd Basic Attack (i.e. Cadence), and every Chance on Attack effect that I could get my hands on?
jetpixi: I do occasionally @coldhands0802
jetpixi: i also really like braytech worlf
jetpixi: wolf* omg
TheAwkes: I sprung for the wolf shirt, jet. It's a good shirt.
jetpixi: i have it too!
Simbionis: I've definitley found I like characters with a bunch of launchers
monkeyrama: LUL
jetpixi: long sleeve though. too hot for it right now.
SquareDotCube: Adam likes hard-hitters that knock down opponents with a swing
UnusuallyLargeMoth: I'm on a Blademaster (Soldier/Nightblade), and have dualblades, and I am 90% sure the Nightblade dualblades procs give me two stacks of Cadence if they go, so I can just sit on someone's head with Lifesteal and duke it out
monkeyrama: Look at that health disappear
Roger_Job329: "The"
UnusuallyLargeMoth: like, the only way I have to stop is if the other guy goes "right, three damaging pools on your feet."
monkeyrama: THe opening song doesn't count? Kappa
CraziestOwl: Never got around to finish breath of the wild
monkeyrama: Dots?
monkeyrama: Dots are fun
jetpixi: I'm also really like Night Watch
Mysticman89: 6 rageblades
Despoiler98: I like dots
ujai321: so that is why you play Shaman in WoW
TheAwkes: Amalgamation: like some kind of nation of a mercury/silver/tin alloy.
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun FRICK Ben that got me
Despoiler98: why I play a WoW warlock :P
monkeyrama: BEn can't go with one of them
gamercat88: ohh actually if a genie granted me being the best at something but I wouldn't get paid for it... i would like to be the best at naming NPCs and Bosses
Earthenone: i like "when struck" effects
jetpixi: NPCs seldom know whats going on
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PatchworkWit: hi friends 32 months... does that mean I'll have the answer in 10 more months?
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Despoiler98: pepperoni plz
UnusuallyLargeMoth: "That's why I build seven Sheens." can someone please quote attribute that to Ben? that killed me too hard to remember how to quote attribute
itira: cheese pizza rules
ujai321: boom boom boom boom , i want you in your room, cause we in a pandemic, from now until forever
jetpixi: That's the pizza dream
monkeyrama: ANd you say my food opinions suck OpieOP
Lysander_Gustav: It was kind of funny. Because I started as a necromancer, one of the cults didn't want me to join them at all.
Lord_ZYRK: Never frozen?! :O
DragaFireHawk: You're making me want pizza now ;-;
itsr67: if you choose it to be cheese you can put whatever on it anyways
jetpixi: what;s a bunny hug
monkeyrama: ewww
monkeyrama: a hoodie @jetpixi
jetpixi: Oh
gamercat88: stop trying to make bunny hug a thing lol
Nemo_Rasa: infinite grease
jetpixi: oh yeah i remember that now
TheAwkes: Some kind of Saskatchawegan slang.
coldhands0802: Man, I feel like it'd take waaay too long for me to get tired of infinite cheese pizza. I'd die happy, but I'd totally die.
chibi_bento: bunny hug = canadian prairie slang for a hoodie
monkeyrama: Bunny hug is the best erm, though
monkeyrama: term*
DragaFireHawk: Which people?
Scy_Anide: You're a bunny hug!
Lord_ZYRK: Put on your Houdini you'll catch your death out there
Darleysam: what's a hoodie? some kind of bunnyhug?
Lysander_Gustav: Bunny hug shall always be a thing
oyleslyck: only heard peeps from saskatchewan say that
NotCainNorAbel: Is it in one of the provinces that have people?
PadawanTK16: Put it in a plastic bag, then your all good
DragaFireHawk: 😱
Lord_ZYRK: One more thing 4Head
monkeyrama: Wow
DragaFireHawk: Rood
gamercat88: oh snap
monkeyrama: One day, Adam will follow through on his threats.
monkeyrama: One day
Lysander_Gustav: oh, thanks for that, Admiralcaptainfabulous.
drcthulu: It's in a province that doesn't have a lot of people
Lord_ZYRK: If Fugi was paying attention to chat he would do it, because he is not a coward.
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CraziestOwl: Will he will he monkey??
Lysander_Gustav: oh whoops wrong chat
monkeyrama: LUL ADam? No way
Lysander_Gustav: someone gave me a sub to some channel I've never been to. Wierd.
CraziestOwl: LUL
jetpixi: always
JaymicUnyielding: ofc
gamercat88: hi adam's mom
TwitchTVsFrank: yes
ujai321: put her on speaker
monkeyrama: Hi Adam's mom
NarishmaReborn: yep
monkeyrama: Hello!
DragaFireHawk: Hi Adam's mom! simplWAVE
ujai321: he did it the madman
jetpixi: hi!
BusTed: Hello!
monkeyrama: Wow Adam
Lord_ZYRK: seabatPjorg /
itira: hi mom!
Lithobraker: Hi Adams mom!
niccus: hi mom!
monkeyrama: Call your mom!!
kerbalized_: hi SeaMom!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Hi Adam's Mom!
oyleslyck: Clip this
Juliamon: !clip
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jetpixi: Your mom told you!
JaymicUnyielding: HI ADAM'S MOM
TwitchTVsFrank: tell the hockey story
DragaFireHawk: simplLOL
monkeyrama: Hellooooo!
Mysticman89: hi adams mom, theres like 400 people here chatting
PatchworkWit: hi Adam's mom lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
hold_no_carter: HI MOM
NotCainNorAbel: Chat says hi!
kerbalized_: hiiiiiii
monkeyrama: She's adoooorable
jetpixi: omg <3
gamercat88: awe so cute!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Call your mother Adam
itsr67: LUL
plummeting_sloth: AWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
itira: lets nopes!
iris_of_ether: I love all about htis :3
LarkSachrosis: Hi Mrs. Savidan!
Lord_ZYRK: Snope Snops PogChamp
monkeyrama: Adam's mom is the actual best
BusTed: Adorbs.
theleerm: lets nopes?
itira: mom stop!
Easilycrazyhat: You're mom's amazing, Adam
kerbalized_: oh my god your mom is awesome
noSmokeFire: Let Snopes
Morendur: @LoadingReadyRun YOUR MOTHER IS SO PRECIOUS!
ujai321: someone should clip that for the highlights
Mashamino: I immediately love her
jetpixi: Always pick up when your mom calls.
JaymicUnyielding: Let Snops!
CastleOtranto: Adam's mom is S Tier
Lithobraker: Your let's nops?
itira: youre embarassing me infront of my friends!
Nigouki: that show is getting renamed Snope Snops
jetpixi: LUL @itira
Lysander_Gustav: I like it when chat gets wholesome
DragaFireHawk: simplHYPE Adam's mom simplHYPE
coldhands0802: That was maybe the highlight of the Grim Dawn Bonus Streams AND the Dead Space Let's Nopes.
CraziestOwl: Adam’s mom is the coolest
gamercat88: Snope Snops 4 ever.
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meerkatpiggy94: HeyGuys
noSmokeFire: when is Adam's mom going to guest star on a stream?
Mysticman89: the snoopy show
gamercat88: Oh does Adam's mom play video games? or would she comment on Adam playing one?
jetpixi: dont scare her!@
TotallyNotaBeholder: I would happily watch that
YawnLance: Now that's some real #content
monkeyrama: She's a tough lady
monkeyrama: Doubt the jumpscares would get her SeriousSloth
jetpixi: I got jump scared by Skyrim last night....
coldhands0802: That'd be weirdly appropriate for the Dead Space. Remember the old, "So scary, your mother will hate it!" ads?
CraziestOwl: She is probably funnier then Adam
NotCainNorAbel: @Bunnyhug Are you here?
monkeyrama: ADam had to learn his humor from somewhere
asthanius: She's probably more relatable than Adam Kappa
ujai321: are you calling your mom unfunny?
ElementalAlchemist: Looks like katakana for nikkupenrin to me
CraziestOwl: Kappa
Pharmacistjudge: Adam is almost too relatable
Fanklok: Combination Pizzahut Tacobell?
Lithobraker: Nope, we can scientifically measure funniness now.
gualdhar: beholders aren't. very funny Adam they just stare you down
Fanklok: There's actually one near me
gamercat88: PogChamp50 bits to have Adam's Mom join as a LRR stream as a guest commentatory
monkeyrama: Your mom is very wholesome when she responds to my tweets
Lithobraker: Adam you play video games for a living, how is that relatable Kappa
jetpixi: well....are you
plummeting_sloth: well... I mean the robot thing...
asthanius: "You're weird" is like, middle school level insults, my god
plummeting_sloth: can we really say ANY of us aren't robots?
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun but Cori, if you're not a Robot, how did you compose that wonderful cover of We Like to Party by the Venga Boys?
jetpixi: I cannot say that @plummeting_sloth
Lithobraker: Face it Adam, you're a member of the gamer elites now.
AllGoodDogs: Cori you are weird. You get +1/+1 when you cast a noncreature spell.
monkeyrama: IS Adam going to have to break his pacifist run?
jetpixi: oh that's no good then
ujai321: i want all the moms on desert bus
NotCainNorAbel: Chat could entertain her.
gamercat88: she wouldn't have to do a whole stream, if she wanted to piece out we wouldn't stop her
Pharmacistjudge: Adam might have to throw his first punch ever
Manae: Have her be a contestant on HoLLRwood Squares
monkeyrama: He's been training for the past few months
monkeyrama: He knows what's plus on block
Pharmacistjudge: I'd laugh is adam's first punch happens, and he discovers he is accidentally one punch man and the person explodes.
NotCainNorAbel: @Manae That would be great. An all parent/extended family HoLLRwood Squares
monkeyrama: Gamer clicks are precious, Adam
ujai321: which part in the series is this btw? didnt think GD would last that long
plummeting_sloth: next up, Diablo!
Earthenone: diablo 2 hype?
NotCainNorAbel: Risk?
DragaFireHawk: I'd watch D2
monkeyrama: Likely diablo 1 or 2
DragaFireHawk: I'd watch whatever though if I'm honest simplLOL
kerbalized_: adam, what about Warframe for next bonus stream seabatUseless seabatUseless lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
noSmokeFire: next stream: Hardcore mode
monkeyrama: They're on the second playthrough of Grim Dawn
chibi_bento: "too much info and nothing seems to matter" is a 2020 mood.
Lord_ZYRK: Welcome to Grim Dawn where the lore is made up and the points don't matter
monkeyrama: They're in the base game portion
BloodnBullets: there was a story?
Mashamino: "Everything happens so much"
Lithobraker: I dunno, how long has it been quarantine time
noSmokeFire: unfortunately, as you know, people
kerbalized_: I feel burned out on every game. too much free time
chibi_bento: and then there's my parents, who sent me an email entitled "Marmite Crisis" today.
kerbalized_: I somehow miss an office job
monkeyrama: Running in circles usually takes 16 hours to get to OpieOP
plummeting_sloth: Grim Dawn: because nothing matters
DragaFireHawk: Too long
gamercat88: March 13 for me
Earthenone: isent it still march?
Nigouki: !march
cephallope: One eternity somehow
monkeyrama: Yaaay people not following rules NotLikeThis
jetpixi: oh no
nyquister_: NZ just got community transmission again...
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Lysander_Gustav: Where did the speedy remix of Vengabus come from?
Easilycrazyhat: The only good bug's a dead bug
RedRaptor: Oh boy. I wonder what it's like to have 500 cases (he asks in American).
jetpixi: That's the best way to do it, Ben
monkeyrama: They're NOT?
TheAwkes: It's time for BC to go back to closed. Phase 3 has been a disaster as far as limiting spread is concerned.
monkeyrama: wtf
kerbalized_: meanwhile, the HS next do to me in GA is already up to 40 new cases....
itira: they should be mandatory
chibi_bento: marmite crisis = my father has run out and they can't find any more in they needed me to send them some. FROM VANCOUVER.
itira: but then theres people who think its a hoax so
Mysticman89: They're mandortory for indoor public places here, and I still have a half dozen customers come in without masks 'since they're just doing a quick pick up'
Morendur: @LoadingReadyRun I'd like to state that if those no mask numptiys get you sick Adam, we will totes fight for you (not really because violence solves nothing, but we would want to!!!)
ThermobaricKitten: Masks are mandatory where I am but a lot of people just claim to have a medical exception to get around it
Roger_Job329: It's not hard.
jetpixi: Do they think they dont BREATHE during quick pick ups? @Mysticman89
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Kaaosa: Hot take: Marmite isn't real
jetpixi: what is marmite?
Lysander_Gustav: Wow you're really plowing through. Already at Fort Harmon
plummeting_sloth: people getting together for marmite parties
Malazim: Hey up until like 3 or 4 weeks ago in Arizona Masks were not mandatory
cephallope: katesH
asthanius: Australia is a myth
monkeyrama: Your hot takes all seem to follow a theme, Kaaosa
AllGoodDogs: Hot take: Kaaosa isn't real.
drsattler: the peel
jetpixi: lol
oyleslyck: there was also that spike in kelowna from people partying too
jetpixi: benginFacepalm
Kaaosa: I can always tell when Adam is reading one of my comments because he's so annoyed to be grinning at it
Roger_Job329: zest
itira: well i live in the lower mainland but it sure as eff it wasnt me out partying
Kaaosa: @monkeyrama I'm a man of habit
Fugi: WHAT
ujai321: now i want to hear the answer ben gave
Mysticman89: I don't understand them, and it makes it awkward for me who then has to either serve them anyway, or spend an even longer period explaining i can't serve them
Fugi: CORI
asthanius: Graham is nasty
Nigouki: Ontario is still on a fairly slow but steady downward trajectory, but who knows how that'll work out once schools are back
CaptainSpam: Mamalade, jelly, jam, and preserves are all different things, surprisingly.
monkeyrama: Graham LUL
Kaaosa: @AllGoodDogs It's more likely than you think
drsattler: jelly is clear, jam has fruit chunks , marmalade has peel
BusTed: Pretty sure it's actually named after popular Sunday comic strip Marmaduke.
DentedPockets: Marmalade is good
jetpixi: EW
Lord_ZYRK: "late 15th century: from Portuguese marmelada ‘quince jam’, from marmelo ‘quince’, based on Greek melimēlon (from meli ‘honey’ + mēlon ‘apple’)."
DragaFireHawk: EW
Juliamon: He didn't say "not bad"
monkeyrama: ADam used to eat cottage cheese and melon nreakfasts SeriousSloth
ThermobaricKitten: The difference between Marmalade, Jam and Chutney feels arbitary
monkeyrama: Whose the old man
Juliamon: He said "it's not vomitous"
plummeting_sloth: he did do well on the "Eating fruits wrong" segment recently as well
jetpixi: i think I like marmalade? i dont remember
Lysander_Gustav: it has a neat texture
NarishmaReborn: it's good with pineapple
GhostValv: cottage gang
GhostValv: :)
Scy_Anide: I have cottage cheese and yogurt a lot.
Mysticman89: I've had brie and various jams, thats fine
Manae: Cottage cheese with a little bit of jam in it
Scy_Anide: With fruit, mostly.
Roger_Job329: The oils in the peel have a stronger flavor than the flesh
itira: cottage cheese is dry yet moist
Shupendo: Adam like cottage cheese because it's aged just like him.
noSmokeFire: assquatch
cephallope: All definitions are made up! Let chaos reign!
monkeyrama: Nicely grey
Morendur: @LoadingReadyRun May I suggest to you then sir, as a fellow lover of Cheese most Cottage'd, eat it with fudge cookies, its sinfully delicious
jetpixi: maybe i'll give cottage cheese another try. it's been like 10yrs. Who knows?
Kramburger: Cottage cheese is one of the few things that never makes my pregnant wife nauseas
HoneyJack07: I’m 6’6 and gate cottage cheese lol
Kaaosa: Adam the type to eat a cottage cheese quesadilla
plummeting_sloth: man was too focused on jam
niccus: sasquatch runs /r/cryptids
monkeyrama: BReakfast of champions
plummeting_sloth: acid and fat, babby
Juliamon: Cottage cheese is cheese curd soup and I love it for that
jetpixi: vector cereal?
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Yolysses: Welp, wanted to do this this on last week's Lets Nope (my bday) but then lost power, soooo... Here's to my last year in the 20s!
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DragaFireHawk: My step dad puts blueberries in his. Or am I mixing that up with yogurt and blueberries? simplTHINK
TotallyNotaBeholder: Gun or Kevin
Roger_Job329: The only way to eat cheese curds is fried.
Morendur: @LoadingReadyRun Fruit and Cottage cheese is pretty dope, Pears or Pineapple was always what my Grammy would put with cottage cheese for me when I was a kid
monkeyrama: Blueberries in yogurt is a good combo
monkeyrama: Happy belated birthday
Kaaosa: Fruit and Yogs is always good
jetpixi: Happy Belated Bday!
noSmokeFire: why is there no gun that shoots kevins
GreayStone: Spencer?
Rumiir_the_Dragon: Just give kevins the guns
Xenguin47: When given the choice, always kevin
Yolysses: Thanks y'all! :)
AllGoodDogs: Human beings in a mob, what's a mob to a Kevin? What's a Kevin to a gun? What's a gun to a Vengabus? That is coming. Bus is coming.
Fanklok: Is that a gu that shoots skeletons or a gun made out of skeletons
itsr67: both
monkeyrama: That mark seems real good
Mysticman89: you're gonna have so much fun with your new gear next stream
ujai321: this game just has so much loot, and most of it doesnt matter at all
monkeyrama: They're... not coming back to this game NotLikeThis
cephallope: My day, my day. Gotta get down on my day.
BusTed: 😬
Mashamino: mmm, minty flesh
jetpixi: I just googled Marmite....why.
monkeyrama: Seth?
BusTed: It's the last stream of this. Everyone just pass all your gear to the person to your right.
Shupendo: A set, more stat lines that just don't seem to matter.
monkeyrama: Time for a naked run
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun imo, 90% of the loot in Diablolikes are filler so yo don't just have twenty pieces of equipment across the entire game. It's the Blues and Purples that are actually "important"
UnusuallyLargeMoth: oooooh, that. No, yeah, that's butts.
gamercat88: need a cliff notes mod in this game
Shupendo: Your numbers get bigger, but so do their numbers, so it just all evens out.
gamercat88: ah you milled them, haha
monkeyrama: Just play full tank, EZPZ
Nemo_Rasa: is grim dawn just a well disguised idle clicker game
monkeyrama: Everything's a bullet sponge
jetpixi: The shrieker?
Kaaosa: Yeah, Orbo Orbington
ujai321: that is every game tho. WoW is the same
jetpixi: Savathun?
Kaaosa: Yeah pretty sure it was Savathun
SajuukSjet: Servitor of some kind?
ashteranic: The game's designed to not let you get too powerful. there's a bell curve of power bonus you can get, so if you're +200 on something, you're only doing +20's extra damage
jetpixi: now I do that strike and it's so easy
coldhands0802: I imagine a lot of RPGs have a hard time making you care about the stats after all the hours you guys have put into this game. Like, I'll put the effort in for a while, but eventually ... just give me some green and red comparison arrows or something.
Monogoliensis: unless you play shaman. then you dont matter at all
Manae: WoW's been broken for a long time in that their growth is too exponential
niccus: every boss should be like Duriel
jetpixi: oh yeah maybe a servior @SajuukSjet
jetpixi: Servitor*
robert97dj: It was always a happy day to see plate healing for my paladin
monkeyrama: Bordlerands's system of "This is better" or "this is worse" leads to you missing out sometimes
MerryPringles: when you're actually in the late game, gear drops get very exciting
InquisitorGaia: i miss being able to customize your talents in WoW
uberdan1337: They keep squishing, and redoing the stats in WoW so it doesn't feel bad.
Shupendo: Every game runs into that issue, either you're a god, or you quit trying.
ujai321: i do hope shadowlands is good
Manae: Full-on Level Squish this time
MerryPringles: I've been playing a ton since you folks started and some really chase items feel like big upgrades for late-game builds
DragaFireHawk: It's gonna be weird being 60, and then I'm sure we'll all get used to it
monkeyrama: Spin to win seabatPjorg
DRMagnify: just like in destiny when you're not max light
Kaaosa: Cookie Clicker is dope though so what's the problem
Mysticman89: progress quest begs to differ
jetpixi: speaking of Destiny I'm gonna play after this
monkeyrama: 1006 out of... what?
Mysticman89: you are actively penalised for clicking stuff
LarkSachrosis: Destiny always had a time balancing the RPG elements and the FPS elements. You don't want the RPG to render the gunplay irrelevant, and you don't want the gunplay to be the only thing worth caring about.
jetpixi: i dont remember what max is now
Fanklok: Yeah whats the light cap now
monkeyrama: Huh
Lysander_Gustav: I was feeling similarly when I burnt out and stopped playing Destiny.
Fanklok: I rmemember when the cap was 350
jetpixi: its 1060 now i think
Darleysam: yeah the light level tends to gate what you can do, but I never really found it let me feel powerful for increasing it
Lysander_Gustav: Plus there was the whole fomo
coldhands0802: Yeah, Destiny doesn't really do the feeling more powerful thing. Once you're at the recommended level for an activity, you don't get any bonus for going higher. You basically just level up to unlock the ability to do higher end content.
ashteranic: there are min/maxing methods to get to 1060 gear quickly, but ultimately, it's a huge time sink to do it, especially from a level that's several seasons behind
Beowulf_Bjornson: Destiny to me always felt like the light level was just a gatekeeping mechanic
jetpixi: you feel powerful when you do lower level strikes and such
Fanklok: I maxed out then got bored since I didn't have anything to do
monkeyrama: White? :o
jetpixi: no it's cool.
jetpixi: i love Crucible
lobsterjezus_yt: hey
Lysander_Gustav: I like watching people play it more than playing it myself.
ujai321: what would you say which game did this power progression the best?
monkeyrama: Poggers
uberdan1337: TBH, I really enjoy Destiny 2's gameplay, and wish there was a single player game.
jetpixi: I play by myself a lot but doing raids like that isn't very good
coldhands0802: Like, Destiny is fantastic when you accomplish something difficult with your buddies. Like, beating a raid for the first time? That's one of my best gaming moments ever. But the grind to GET to the raid every time a new one comes out is getting old.
jetpixi: Yeah. It's a good feeling.
mr3dglasses: benginDab benginDab benginDab
ujai321: right, i remember beating this game, and just kinda feeling "what, that was it?"
Mysticman89: this carrot is gone all grey
itsr67: Gold in SFV seems like a good carrot
Fanklok: It's like Bungie has experience making space shooty mans
Shupendo: Being about to say the game is good, but not for you is also fine though.
uberdan1337: See that's what I'm saying, the shooting gameplay is fun, but I hate pvp, and raiding is bullshit.
jetpixi: yeah exotics make some stuff fun
monkeyrama: Gold in SFV 👀
Lysander_Gustav: I liked the shooting and powers, but the grind I didn't care for as much.
DRMagnify: i wonder if my computer is finally powerful enough to play monster hunter
monkeyrama: MonHun's progression is definitely noticeable
jetpixi: yeah i get that @uberdan1337 my bf hates PVP so any quest with that he's just like rayfkWelp
GhostValv: I'm honestly wondering if there's a good carrot for me to chase. I've been pretty okay with MHW, but I sometimes just do a hunt per day.
monkeyrama: Once you figure out how to get through all the menus
Darleysam: I completely agree with that feeling, I love the game but it doesn't feel like it ever lets you hit that peak
LarkSachrosis: It's really nice when an exotic isn't just powerful, but has some kind of effect that makes you play differently, then you start to think about encounters differently.
MrTulip: We talked about poe earlier, progression in that game is pretty good.
monkeyrama: I still haven't killed Alatreon NotLikeThis
Lysander_Gustav: Plus there's Path of Exile 2 in development
monkeyrama: That sucker is a hard fight
Mysticman89: ah yes, planet danger
Manae: MH does require you to sort of have a destination in mind in terms of your gear/upgrade path so you can focus hunts, @GhostValv If you're there or don't know what you want, it tends to feel pointless and burn out quicker
Revelia: @monkeyrama you have a year still
Mysticman89: Astar was a canadian hero
ujai321: with monster hunter, i never felt like i "got it". there were just so many systems, it was hard to get deep into it
DRMagnify: so i was in for the start of this but left to play some valorant, this is the last grim dawn but whats the slot becoming?
monkeyrama: I've gotten close, but haven't killed it yet
jetpixi: yes :(
monkeyrama: They suuure did, they didn't like the creative direction it was going
Lysander_Gustav: wow
kerbalized_: yeah, bad news bears
jetpixi: so. now it's probably gonna be bad. so I am very sad.
GhostValv: considering I trust the original creators more than netflix...
monkeyrama: Possibly Diablo 1 or 2 @DRMagnify
ujai321: it cannot be as bad as the movie, right? right??
jetpixi: Oh good
Lysander_Gustav: Wait, which Avatar? The James Cameron or the Tv Show?
DragaFireHawk: Wait, so is Netflix still going foward with the show?
jetpixi: We can only hope @ujai321
Lord_ZYRK: Lysander_Gustav the good one
jetpixi: ^
Lysander_Gustav: dang it
DragaFireHawk: Ugh. That doesn't sound good x.x
ChrisGMiller: Hey not for nothing @Bengineering would you not do the miss-pronunciation of M. Nights name. it's borders on a racism.
itsr67: uhh
itsr67: blood hole
monkeyrama: Oh dear
ujai321: so, wednesday
itsr67: ah yes, post taco bell
jessieimproved: Shitters Full
Fanklok: Do you nly eat Tavo Bell Adam?
monkeyrama: what LUL
DRMagnify: thanks @monkeyrama
ujai321: IT'S BOSS TIME - micheal cole
ChrisGMiller: @Bengineering i know you don't. And thanks
Eclipseon: Didn’t realize you were fighting Destiny Strike bosses Kappa
northos: yeah they do that a lot to give some different options in how to build around legendaries
northos: crafting yeah
Lysander_Gustav: Those shoulderpads are huge
monkeyrama: Probably crafting for that stuff you were working on building las t time
monkeyrama: Adam doesn't ask for help
jetpixi: I just do strikes with Blueberries
NotCainNorAbel: Play with Cam?
monkeyrama: The Adam, Cam, Graham squad would be powerful
itsr67: There are some homies who are willing to queue up with randos out there
jetpixi: but i know all the strikes.
itsr67: and I appreciate them
Electrodyne: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I'm making ramen
Kramburger: We need to for a 'I came to this game late' group. Just people all learning and working at a group pace
monkeyrama: Ramen seabatPjorg
jetpixi: lol
jetpixi: Ramen volunteered
GreayStone: The ACG squad
jetpixi: You play @monkeyrama ?
Electrodyne: @monkeyrama Thank you for celebrating with me!
mysterweb: HOORAY for RAMEN!
monkeyrama: I do not
jetpixi: oh my
uberdan1337: Facts bud
jetpixi: bad
asthanius: Yeah, that's still social anxiety
jetpixi: oh i get it now
monkeyrama: LUL
niccus: social anxiety is the real stat squish
asthanius: Irrationality doesn't mean it's not anxiety. In fact, it makes it MORE likely.
jetpixi: Yeah i don't ask anyone to play either and idk why
Electrodyne: @mysterweb too! I appreciate you for celebrating ramen with me!
pygmytortle: Would you say this game has any challenge? I feel like I'm just watching you dispatch every mob in 5 seconds
e_bloc: Corgo330 has bus arrived yet
jetpixi: i just keep waiting to be asked lol
Uzumaki15: I get that, I used to be terrified of using the Dungeon Finder in Wow, that was how bad my social anxiety got
itsr67: I add online randos to friends lists, and never contact them again after promising to
itsr67: and I never want to initiate
uberdan1337: I just like single-player
asthanius: Welcome to social anxiety!
monkeyrama: Well you are stubborn, but this situation might not be stubbornness SeriousSloth
Easilycrazyhat: I get the exact same thing! It's frustrating
KWardJenx: Adam, I can 100% relate.
Lysander_Gustav: Sometimes I liked to take a break and just admire the landscape. It's some well-crafted game world
coldhands0802: So, when you switch games, do you also have to switch bands? Does somebody need to name their character a band related pun first?
DentedPockets: Don't wanna bother people cause it's something you can probably figure out.
fatherllymic: The word is Obstinate
jetpixi: id rather someone other than me put something together and then i join in. if asked.
Lysander_Gustav: Or search for the sub-ocean
Fanklok: Obstinate like a baloth
monkeyrama: Wow
Makrosian_Tae: XD
asthanius: what
monkeyrama: Woooow LUL
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
itsr67: LUL
DragaFireHawk: WOW
gamercat88: hey-oh
GhostValv: jocatGasp
itira: lolol
Lysander_Gustav: :D
iris_of_ether: katesWa katesOw
BusTed: That was pretty good.
Mysticman89: your mother might be watching
pygmytortle: ADAM?! SO IMPURE
Roger_Job329: Boooo
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun "Good Job Adam, That was a Very Good Joke"
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Adam's using words I don't understand again
Kramburger: I'm saving myself for after my kid is born
coldhands0802: I'll have you know I lost my obstinacy when I was 16!
itsr67: adam the non virgin gamer
DragaFireHawk: That was the LAST thing I was expecting.
monkeyrama: NOt bad, Mr Savidan
gualdhar: good joke Adam, very funny
Makrosian_Tae: Very good joke
jetpixi: some puns are cursed
Orlantia: I can't stop my self... PICS IT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN...
KWardJenx: Savi-Funny!
Lord_ZYRK: Quick, somebody clip that time Adam said a funny thing for future posterity
GreayStone: less strait edge & more saw blade
Mysticman89: the man did a humour, very good.
monkeyrama: Don't get grabbed OpieOP
jetpixi: As I was saying, I must be explicitly asked to do thing or I assume no one wants me around. So. woo.
monkeyrama: Witness Beej
AllGoodDogs: Hot take: Beej isn't real.
Lysander_Gustav: Maybe you can do a Podcast with Beej
GrittyGramps: Beej just steals from a lot of people?
Fanklok: Did you guys ever do that quest Ben wanted to do?
Lysander_Gustav: Like a anime rewatch podcast
GhostValv: totally understand that
TwitchTVsFrank: beej and adam anime podcast when
monkeyrama: JAmes also stole a mic from the moonbase
Orlantia: Adam and Beej do an anime podcast...
monkeyrama: You have a podcast on hiatus with Beej OpieOP
TacitusVigil: Didn't Beej once play as Adam Savidan? Kappa
Fanklok: Adam and Beej's bizarre adventure?
Mysticman89: i wonder if he was one of those people who stole mice balls out of the school mice
Lysander_Gustav: It's not his fault that the wrestling can't be talked about
Lord_ZYRK: Just slap new titles on old episodes and see if anyone notices Kappa
monkeyrama: Spectator Mode, thoooough
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg
jetpixi: Re-uploads.
GhostValv: quick, embarrass Adam with complements to distract him!
itsr67: the adam and beej dynamic is spectacular
Roger_Job329: Beej and Adam cook the whole thing
Kramburger: Woof. Goodspeed Adam. WWE's been... a lot
Orlantia: VO the wrestler names in post
mr3dglasses: Mr. Ass
Electrodyne: In a fight between the Vengabus and Vegnagun from FFX-2 who would win
jetpixi: just take some eps, cut 'em up, mix 'em around, paste 'em together and BAM new ep.
monkeyrama: Cliffs Notes it
TacitusVigil: I look forward to Beej and Adam doing a stream where Beej steals/preempts all of Adam's jokes. Kappa
jetpixi: start over again and get the tl;dr from someone
itsr67: but adam you're gonna miss the onsen episode
itsr67: the best one
Fanklok: You could always pretend that the entirety of quarantine wrestling didn't exist
TwitchTVsFrank: you could do historical events if the new wrestling doesnt interest you
monkeyrama: Busy busy schedules
TacitusVigil: Forget it Adam. It's Wrestletown.
monkeyrama: If you get enough quests, do they just roll off the screen
darkalter2000: !ga.e
monkeyrama: Adam taunting boxes LUL
darkalter2000: !game
LRRbot: Currently playing: Grim Dawn
jetpixi: ew
monkeyrama: The ring and the gloves seems dece
jetpixi: i left work and part of me thought it was friday.... :(
monkeyrama: Almost
jetpixi: I know. But. Not today.
Pharmacistjudge: i will be friday soon
jetpixi: oh no
DaSunao: it's Friday out here
jetpixi: Stop
jetpixi: LUL
GhostValv: plz no
GreayStone: one less moth in march
BusTed: NotLikeThis
monkeyrama: Oof
itira: oh god
Himyul: Cori with the futility of life beatdown
asthanius: same dude
monkeyrama: Good thing you're playing a game in space
asthanius: space is freaky af
itira: i dont like space...
Makrosian_Tae: Honest reaction
jetpixi: lol
asthanius: space makes me realize how tiny we all are
asthanius: shit sucks
jetpixi: Reflection time
ThermobaricKitten: So... Elite Dangerous stream when??
asthanius: Brain expanding at the same rate as the universe around us
BusTed: Nice.
jetpixi: LUL
monkeyrama: I love looking out into space, I dislike looking into deep water
jetpixi: me too. water is fun
GhostValv: jocatGasp
jetpixi: Human Shield Cori
DaSunao: Haunted spider doll escape room?
Kramburger: Does the US and Canada have local fair/show day public holidays? We have these like week long country fairs in most towns and cities and we get a day off during the week for it. Anyway, I have today off for the Ekka (exhibition) and obviously it's not actually on
monkeyrama: Oh no NotLikeThis
jetpixi: They cheated you
Lord_ZYRK: That reminds me, Ben: Kill It With Fire is out if you want some arachnoidal catharsis
jetpixi: what
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jetpixi: oops. I meant what are those? @Kramburger
GhostValv: it is pretty horrible
Fanklok: But he didn't die Adam
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
DiscordianTokkan: And he's immortal! He'll just stare forever into forever!
Lord_ZYRK: Kramburger we do, but not the getting the week off part
irish_ferret_: thx for spoiler alert, watching part 2 rn
Lord_ZYRK: At least around here
BusTed: 😬
jetpixi: we do Zyrk?
Fanklok: Is Caesar still your favorite?
coldhands0802: I'm normally not too bad with space stuff ... but going outside the station in Prey? That was some scary ****.
Himyul: How do you feel about the tesla Elon Musk launched into space?
monkeyrama: Welp
irish_ferret_: nah, I muted yall
Kramburger: @Lord_ZYRK We only get one day, usually in the middle of the week
irish_ferret_: you're good
Lord_ZYRK: Although the first day of Deer Season around here and half the town shuts down, schools included
Lysander_Gustav: omg maybe I should spackle1123
itsr67: phew
itsr67: holy heck
monkeyrama: Did you finish Parasyte?
theleerm: night yall
Lord_ZYRK: Well, for a week, not just the first day
niccus: alright now to spoil part 3,
theleerm: owl house
Electrodyne: Spoiler: Ozymandias killed The Comedian
jetpixi: Yeah we dont have those here @Lord_ZYRK
theleerm: its very gay
asthanius: I've heard very good things
itsr67: night @theleerm
DaSunao: I've only seen people in my lounge watching out of context and a man got shot up by a tiny fighter plane and then there was a blood shark
Lysander_Gustav: oh dang it
monkeyrama: Spoilers again SeriousSloth
Xilats: I recall having a feeling like that when I went to visit my grandmother in rural Wyoming. My sister, cousin, and I rode our bikes to a dilapidated home, and inside were some bullies. After us trying to not engage with them, one of them grabbed my cousin and dangled him over a large, black void that had been revealed due to a hole in the floor. This house had no basement. That hole could have contained anything. I know for a fact we would not have been able to save him.
Electrodyne: Spoiler: Hot Rod gets the Matrix and turns into Rodimus Prime.
jetpixi: Infinite Loop
BusTed: nice
TotallyNotaBeholder: Nice
jetpixi: Nice
Makrosian_Tae: @Electrodyne I can't believe you've done this!
monkeyrama: Yes!
Electrodyne: Spoiler: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
jetpixi: Yep
BusTed: Golden Books
Xilats: Just...that blackness containing anything freaked me out. And it being out in the country could have contained anything terrible.
uberdan1337: Anybody ever read "The Color Kittens"?
BusTed: Yeah, how long did Rodimus last in the show before that was undone?
Electrodyne: Spoiler: The Tawny Scrawny Lion wins in the end
gualdhar: Adam, spoiler, Julius Caesar dies from a knife wound
Juliamon: Color Kittens was my absolute favorite book as a kid
Makrosian_Tae: I'm still personally offended that I was duped into thinkin "Unicron" was the coolest name ever when it was really...unicorn mispelled
uberdan1337: @Juliamon Yay! Me too!
Lysander_Gustav: I remember a teach kids to read book version of one of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. It was baffling.
UnusuallyLargeMoth: Adam, spoiler, it was his sled
DaSunao: Spoiler: Snape kills Dumbledore
UnusuallyLargeMoth: Kappa Kappa
TacitusVigil: Ben forgot to put the milk back in the fridge. Spoiler alert. Kappa
monkeyrama: Foooreeeever
Kramburger: My parents got my the kids novelisation of the mask after letting me see the movie and I got upset because the mask said "snazzy" instead of "smokin"
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun spoiler: The Bus Is Coming Kappa Kappa
BusTed: ssssssnazzyyyy
monkeyrama: Blame it on the person who isn't here to defend themselves
jetpixi: Milk WutFace
monkeyrama: LUL
Xilats: Spoiler: LOST ends in mediocrity.
Nigouki: Spoiler: humans, chimps and bonobos have a common ancestor millions of years ago
NarishmaReborn: spoilers Ian's car breaks down in road quest
TwitchTVsFrank: spoiler the caterpillar is hungry
GhostValv: benginOh benginHeck
jetpixi: Doesnt he almost?
Kramburger: @LoadingReadyRun I'm going to have a daughter in December
Himyul: spoiler: Increases traction on the road.
gamercat88: i think Kramberger lady is expecting
monkeyrama: LUL
Earthenone: one of bens playmates?
asthanius: Twitch is full of 14 year olds pretending to be 37
DaSunao: Spoiler: The Lorax is lifted and taken somewhere
itira: im 12
monkeyrama: Most of your audience is older like you SeriousSloth
NightValien28: Kramburger congrats
uberdan1337: 33
UnusuallyLargeMoth: I am actually 2 years old
hold_no_carter: I am exactly 22 please stop
GhostValv: I wish...
Pharmacistjudge: hope you don't think I'm a teenager
NotCainNorAbel: I have a 401(k) and a house.
TreeGamer35: im 35 with a 15 year old daughter....
KeytarCat: "22 years old. You know, a teen"
KWardJenx: Hello fellow teens.
UnusuallyLargeMoth: but it's in moth years so I'm like 88
jetpixi: I had a step kid once.
Mathonwy: I'm 39 pretending to be 14...
newstous: 21, so close
gamercat88: Spoiler: Kramburger is going to be a parent
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:41:50.
iris_of_ether: 38 in a few months :P
Kramburger: Yeah, I'll finally have someone who's oin Adam's demographic
Electrodyne: Spoiler: Boris in not, in fact, EENVINCIBLE
Fracaswell: i'm about to be 39
NightValien28: I have no age
itira: im actually 32
NarishmaReborn: I think I'm about the same age as adam
Mathonwy: Staring down the barrel of 40 is rough.
NotCainNorAbel: As I poorly said to my SO "I'm in the ballpark of 40"
jetpixi: Whats wrong with that
monkeyrama: Adam doesn't want to work with Ben that long Kappa
Mysticman89: we'll all be living and gaming in tubes
asthanius: WOW ADAM
Roger_Job329: I think most of the LLR audience is mid thirties
Earthenone: to be fair, you might be back in the studio by then
BusTed: Ben is hurt.
uberdan1337: Shots fired from Adam
gamercat88: well the name will be changed to Snopes Snope
Himyul: where do you see yourself in 6 years, Adam?
monkeyrama: I meaaaaaan
Mysticman89: 6 years is like, 25% of our life
Kramburger: Ben's going to die of chicken nugget poisoning in 5 years and we all know it
Fanklok: I'm certain Kramburger just has a collection of twitch clips where you say their name
monkeyrama: You'll probably look the same
Electrodyne: Spoiler: The Venga Bus is coming
gamercat88: yes, that sounds good to me
UnusuallyLargeMoth: @LoadingReadyRun six years from now you are still streaming this exact Grim Dawn session and the Venga Bus is still Coming
uberdan1337: Is that not your dream?
Xilats: I turned 30 in July. It's only taken me 12 years of non-stop schooling to get close to getting my Bachelors degree.
TacitusVigil: Don't worry Adam, Climate Change will end your/everyone's streaming career long before that.
Dalouer: age is but a number!
monkeyrama: Adam's leaving the stream tomorrow SeriousSloth
Comeback323: 70 year old adam playing fighting games
jetpixi: I'm 34. I better be able to watch a Lets Nope for my 40th.
e_bloc: god willing Adam and Ben will be streaming from their nursing home
Himyul: Adam, you're looking too deeply into the void. It's looking back.
KWardJenx: Cm'on Man! WTF? Talk about spoliers.
asthanius: NAPKIN MERCH
Earthenone: DAVE!
itira: ed the sock lol
monkeyrama: Probably be a better show Kappa
TheOtherTrevor: LRR has been going for 17 years, what's another 7
FickleMuse: lmao
CraziestOwl: Dave?!
Naarius: Let's Nope selling out to Big Napkin
Mysticman89: Ben and adam the stuffed doll
BusTed: Merch appeal.
NarishmaReborn: time to get dave
NotCainNorAbel: Is Ed the Sock nice to Chat?
TacitusVigil: Adam is a face...and Ed the Sock is a heel. kappa
Fanklok: We all know it would be the Adamunculus
TacitusVigil: Kappa
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Chipton: Oh come on Adam, you know Ed is too much of a drama queen to replace you
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CommanderPulsar: Where do you see yourself in five years? still hear, but year six tho
asthanius: holy shit I just looked up Ed the Sock
asthanius: what the hell
gamercat88: good thing Ben made the homunculus
x0den: ben, you can still made the adam chair
Kramburger: We need something we can sell to the KIDS!"
Himyul: we have established Ben can construct an Adamunculous on demand.
GhostValv: jocatGasp
DoodlestheGreat: Dave's not here.
uberdan1337: @NotCainNorAbel actual lol
Uzumaki15: Yes?
Fanklok: Let's Nope is going to be run by Robo Ben and Adamunculous
NotCainNorAbel: :)
Earthenone: its an Ikonic landmark
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monkeyrama: Official Branding PogChamp
uberdan1337: Nice! THat's awesome
gamercat88: ohh meetings fun
nyquister_: Could Adam and Beej do an episode of Now Kiss, Anime Edition?
monkeyrama: Remember to call your mom, Adam OpieOP
NotCainNorAbel: so every 6 months change up the game, for the next 6 years
Roger_Job329: Marvel
AllGoodDogs: Minecraft. jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch
Kramburger: I wonder if I could convince Graham to let me make homunculus Adam for UFW
gamercat88: Adam remember you need to call your mom :)
Kramburger: Call your mum Adam or I will
Electrodyne: Oh man, how cool would a Let's Nope episode "broadcast from the future" be? Like with shiny glasses and double-neckties?
DiscordianTokkan: Ooo Dresden Files
CraziestOwl: Next week Dave, Ben and cori
monkeyrama: Oh my god BEn LUL
TheAinMAP: Thanks for the gift sub @jetpixi !
Pteraspidomorphi: You guys gonna play any more grounded ben?
BusTed: seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY
jetpixi: i'm gonna play Destiny now. I feel talked into it
Manae: @Bengineering Just in case this particular one didn't play where y'all are, was what sent a younger me to look up Burr in the encyclopedia, since that level of detail isn't really taught even in US schools before college
jetpixi: You're welcome! @TheAinMAP
monkeyrama: No Bias, but Seabats is a good streamer :)
uberdan1337: He's LRRning
GhostValv: he's ultra silver in my heart
Shupendo: He's peaked!
AllGoodDogs: seabatUseless seabatUseless seabatUseless
monkeyrama: People in lower levels loooove to jump
itira: Adam is my FAVORITE streamer
monkeyrama: He's in the Chalice dungeons right now
uberdan1337: More salty Cam!
CaptainSpam: Divekick works as a game for the same reason anti-air is so effective a strategy.
Nigouki: "Just being able to anti-air" is how war in the pacific ended Kappa
TacitusVigil: I think Cameron is in Victoria Kappa
monkeyrama: THe awful chalice dungeons
Earthenone: cissiphus forced to keep parrying the boulder
Fanklok: Do you have another game picked if you finish Dead Space early?
Electrodyne: "Factorio" with an "A" not a "U" you animals
monkeyrama: Folklore Hero PogChamp
NotCainNorAbel: I don't think It is G, Serge sounds right
Fugi: Yesssssss
BusTed: Fun times.
ElementalAlchemist: Factorio is really fun
newstous: "We must imagine Cameron to happy"
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
monkeyrama: Thanks for the stream, Adam, Ben, and Cori
Lord_ZYRK: More like Fugtorio amirite seabatPjorg
NotCainNorAbel: Thanks for the stream
CraziestOwl: Now kiss
gamercat88: lrrHEART VirtualHug
BusTed: G'niiiight!
jetpixi: night!
DiscordianTokkan: Byeee
DoodlestheGreat: Nighters!
CaptainSpam: Also, hell, do something nice for yourself in addition to someone else.
CaptainSpam: Just do nice things.
KWardJenx: Thank you.
chibi_bento: this concludes the LRR streaming day. hood night, and good luck.
CaptainSpam: Nice things are nice.
chibi_bento: *good night
Earthenone: i think its a bunnyhug night
chibi_bento: ahhh! I just got an ad featuring a friend of mine!
Lysander_Gustav: good night all of you!
Lysander_Gustav: !live
Lysander_Gustav: oh right that isn't a command anymore
Earthenone: !dead
Juliamon: It's not that it's NOT a command, but rather... it broke
ElementalAlchemist: whoops