GapFiller: Angnor33 yr pretty close tho so not bad
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Angnor33: lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL katesAir katesAir katesAir
Tuxbeej: poke
SeiichiSin: Roadquest, why did you have such good music to keep making me want to rewatch the series every time I listen to it?
Earthenone: !badadvice
LRRbot: Attack the Shopkeeper.
GapFiller: Tuxbeej hai Beej
beowuuf: ouch?
TheMerricat: Afternoon chat!!
Earthenone: !findquote attack
LRRbot: Quote #1569: "Hey you, come and attack me, I'm so vulnerable." —Paul [2016-01-13]
Snowcookies: Hi lrrBEEEJ
lirazel64: @pharaohbender27 Well, they both had cute boy-faces, then, so...
beowuuf: pillsbury doughboy noise?
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Snowcookies: Time to chill the points so that they can be served with whipped cream later
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, lrrBEEEJ !
beowuuf: lol, hello heather?
LunarJade: poke
GapFiller: LunarJade evening Heather
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Chillpoint! Hang out with Beej, Heather and Paul and chat about gaming news đź“· ||
iris_of_ether: Hi lrrHEATHER
LunarJade: ah much better
GapFiller: gonna guess thats Heather
PharaohBender27: Whoops, did I say lrrBEEEJ ? I mean ahoy-hoy, lrrHEATHER !
GamesAndInk: God 100% of the RoadQuest music is an effing banger.
beowuuf: pillsbury doughboy laugh
kusinohki: Moooom! chat won't stop poking me!
MoxBismuth: benginHeart
GapFiller: !advice
LRRbot: Make your own family.
ritchards: do we get PlushBeej today?
GamesAndInk: LRRBot!
Greypelt: Does anyone know what FNPF will be tonight? Cats Remastered?
GapFiller: ohey LRRbot glad to have yr back
GamesAndInk: We missed you!
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GapFiller: what happend back there eh
tyrew0rm: i love this soundtrack so much
beowuuf: gladiator?
TacitusVigil: A Plush Beej you say...?
lirazel64: Gladiator with cats!
TacitusVigil: Also, can people just shoot some spoons directly into me? My tank is completely empty.
Snowcookies: whew my wifi blooped for a sec there
Greypelt: Cat-iator?
3schr: Yay! I love Chillpoint, but this is the first one I've seen LIVE
3schr: I was just watching the newest Checkpoint, too.
GamesAndInk: @TacitusVigil You are a powerful person with a deep wellspring of worth that you bring to the world, and I know you have it in you to make it just a little bit longer!
beowuuf: homework done then :p
PharaohBender27 tries to shoots spoons into @TacitusVigil , but is unsure if he has the correct technology for doing so
lirazel64: meaning Gladiator on Arena so all the Amonkets.
Snowcookies: Yes, this show has homework, and a final exam at the end of this month
TacitusVigil: Heh. I wish that was true @GamesAndInk :(
TacitusVigil: Maybe some sort of harpoon gun but with a spoon instead @PharaohBender27 ?
beowuuf shoots blunt squishy spoons that make a funny noise when they connect, but can be redeemed for real mental energy at any participating store
GapFiller: Snowcookies sadly it feels that joke maybe aint gonna land too well this week
PharaohBender27: Right, gotta study for the exam!
iris_of_ether: I am uncertain this will help anything, but please have pictures of a tiny lrrPAUL with things on his head:
TacitusVigil: Good luck @PharaohBender27 . You have this.
beowuuf: good luck pharoahbender27 for when the exam happens
GapFiller: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Snowcookies: GapFiller exam week, I know
GapFiller: !picnic
djalternative: hola chat
SnackPak_: lrrFINE ?
PharaohBender27: @TacitusVigil I mean, you made that appropriately horrifying image of Recurse lrrKATHLEEN for that one Dice Friends episode - that's gotta be worth a page in somebody's book! :)
TacitusVigil: Those are very nice minis.
lirazel64: lrrFINE
AtomicAlchemical: lrrFINE
Invitare: Every other stream: "Everyt". Stream with Paul on:
kusinohki: today!
beowuuf: today!
PharaohBender27: *recursive
GapFiller: Snowcookies yeh theres been a lotta anger going round over that
SnackPak_: Thank you Paul
beowuuf: uuuuuh
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
kusinohki: GDI paul!
shadowbow464: still to much beej
Greypelt: Beej slider ALL THE WAY UP!
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AgentMagicMaster: not the beej slider!
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RomanGoro: Hahahahahahaha
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RiiiisDK: hiiiiii
iris_of_ether: Nice
beowuuf: i am a sensative viewer and i am not comforted
CAKHost: That took a while
Snowcookies: lol Beej
chefryto90: Beejphobia mode?
TacitusVigil: Human Centibeej
GapFiller: good evening lrrPAUL P lrrBEEEJ B lrrHEATHER H lrrHEART
kusinohki: I may be more afriad...
SeiichiSin: Paul, please don't make me choke on my food.
RuiFaleiro: I'm still afraid.
BrindleBoar: Spider Beej, Spider Beej, does whatever a Spider Beej does
AtomicAlchemical: Was that a concern?
SeiichiSin: I think I need a warning before you make me laugh that hard.
shadowbow464: *utter horror*
mowdownjoe: I am experiencing fear.
ritchards: No, Beej, did the story tell you nothing!@
Sogheim: oh hey it's Paul! yay beard time!
GapFiller: yeh Beej is basically Cthulhu right
TacitusVigil: "I married a BEEJ!" Story on page 3!
Diabore: just got here, have we talked about how epic is also suing google now?
AalderFlawn: Watching from my college dorm! first time college student! woo!
Amentur: The hair could be legs. That would be Ito enough
GapFiller: or at least a Bloodborne escapee
shadowbow464: juniji ito he sleeps thus he lives
RockPusher: where we chill… and point
AgentMagicMaster: what was that about Epic paul?
GapFiller: that stinger was pretty funny
kusinohki: outro was amazing!
cuttlefishman: I heard points are being chilled
beowuuf: diabore: sounds like maybe right now?
Diabore: @AgentMagicMaster fortnite was taken off the apple store for breach of contract, now epic is suing them
NovaTiempo: How dare Appple :p
Diabore: and google followed, in epic fashion they are suing google too
PharaohBender27: It's clearly all a plot to foil Checkpoint!
GDwarf: Film Checkpoint only on days that don't actually exist, such as February 29th!
AgentMagicMaster: @Diabore Oh, I know. The checkpoint stinger this week was baller.
kusinohki: daily checkpoint... it's the only rational solution :P
Scy_Anide: Clearly the solution is to have Checkpoint on Thursday, Friday, AND Monday.
GapFiller: Diabore see what yr did there
RockPusher: The video game industry is just weirdly conspiring to be as inconvenient to checkpoint as possible :D
NovaTiempo: "198Fortnight" OOF
TheMerricat: has Fdroid banned Epic yet ;-)
Diabore: th only reliable news i listen too, chockponk
Angnor33: Lots of podcasts drop no Thursdays, for whatever reason.
mowdownjoe: @TheMerricat I know you're joking, but considering they're only for open-source apps...
kusinohki: bad news thursday... so ppl won't notice and then forget over the weekend?
TacitusVigil: Maybe people want it out for Friday and the Weekend?
Arikell: I never could get the hang of thursdays
Diabore: @kusinohki thats 455pm fridays
RockPusher: "What sort of podcasts are you into?" "Thursday"
TristalMTG: I just assume the analytics dictate Thursday as the best release date
demonflowers2: now i want to know all the podcasts heather listens to
TheMerricat: @mowdownjoe not if Epic Sue's them they won't :p
Snowcookies: #tangenttime
Dared00: For me, Thursday was always "the day where nothing interesting happens"
Sogheim: podcasts are for dog walks, so I get a lot of repeats midweek from monday news drops
Tiber727: Fun fact: podcasts are done on Thursday began as a tradition to honor Thor, the god of podcasts. Kappa
TacitusVigil: It goes up on Thursday to honor Thor, God of Podcasts.
mowdownjoe: But yeah, Epic's whole thing is remarkedly tonedeaf considering the LITERAL FASCISM that surrounds them. I don't like Apple, but c'mon, don't use them to make comparisons to 1984.
GapFiller: Beej yr say that as tho yt comments have value
PharaohBender27: @TacitusVigil katesLol
GapFiller: any value at all
Tiber727: How did we make the same joke at the same time?
beowuuf: tht was freaky
cuttlefishman: Record Checkpoint on 0400AM on Tuesday Morning
pyronils80: Hello and good evening! :) :) :)
cuttlefishman: obviously
3schr: "We can record checkpoint every day of the week" - Paul, Now.
3schr: You heard him, everyone!
accountmadeforants: People who record podcasts on days other than Wednesday just aren't to be trusted. Those Tuesday and Thursday folks are a bit off, and don't even get me started with those weekend... things!
GapFiller: mowdownjoe ah but what cd be more zeitgeisty than a megacorp painting themselves as an underdog rebel outsider
PharaohBender27: @mowdownjoe Yeah, Jim Sterling had the right take: lrrEFF Apple, lrrEFF Google, and lrrEFF Epic - this argument belongs in a courtroom, not become a proxy fandom war
3schr: Daily Checkpoints!
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beowuuf: splider
3schr: Exactly!
3schr: Splider
TacitusVigil: Wait, are Beejdrops just people turning the Beej Slider up? Whoops, all Beej?
kusinohki: games normally without spiders, now have a slider to add some
Sogheim: when making a podcast, which muse do you invoke? Calliope? Melpomene? Thalia? Big Thalia?
RomanGoro: I'm not arachnophobic so take this with a grain of salt, but Satisfactory's no-spiders mode is even more horrifying IMO
RockPusher: But does "Spider Slider" increase or decrease terror consistently across games? lrrBEEJ
Tiber727: If I make a game, it will have a spider slider. It will only be used to increase the number of spiders.
beowuuf: those turned down spiders have to go somwhere
CaptainSpam: "What happens if you turn the spider slider up past 100%?" "Then the game just becomes Bloodborne."
lirazel64: What about people who fear snakes? or cats?
GamesAndInk: If you made Mirror's Edge's streets lava pits instead of extreme heights, it would be a different game but would help some height phobias
RockPusher: scary as in mechanics - not scary as in MY BRAIN SAYS NOPE
AgentMagicMaster: if I was tiny, I would fear Dragonflies more than spiders.
Juliamon: It's the difference between being scared and being terrified.
kusinohki: vague memory... there was a W&P game where so many spiders spawned, the game froze... can't remember name...
Gizmoloid: @TacitusVigil Or maybe they're turning a "NotBeej" slider down and the Beej is the default state of being?
3schr: It's supposed to big scary how big they are, not just that they are
Juliamon: kusinohki That was the infamous Time Ramesside
PharaohBender27: @kusinohki One of the many iterations of Time Ramesside
TacitusVigil: @Gizmoloid Oooh, good point.
TacitusVigil: There's a difference in having a phobia and just "being scared."
Dared00: yeah, when I was watching Ben's gameplay, he was scared even by the level 5 blobs, he just wasn't repulsed to the point of unplayability
chefryto90: Not, really.. Phobias are no fun to interact with. Ask Ben.
DiscordianTokkan: They're a LOT bigger than the player
BlueChloroplast: change jumping spiders into flopping carp?
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HorusFive: Art as business. As art perhaps you "MIGHT want" to scare people. As a business you never want to have people nope out of your game
LordZarano: Red dots on green grass?
DiscordianTokkan: !holes
TheMerricat: I can't remember who but I remember watching a twitch clip where a streamer discovered that they were color blind because they started playing with the in game accessibility options....
EvilBadman: Did someone mention mildly terrifying phobia holes
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Snowcookies: LRRbot is having a bad day
DiscordianTokkan: Huh. LRR bot said I'm... not a subscriber? lolwhut
Juliamon: DiscordianTokkan Twitch glitched for a moment.
DiscordianTokkan: Ahh
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Xoralundra: 7 woo, also no go on spiders
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AtomicAlchemical: Difference between fear and phobia is often the difference between "I am uncomfortable" and "I am having a panic attack"
EvilBadman: I absolutely cannot do heights IRL. Games tip it /sometimes/ but not often
kusinohki: adrenaline rush vs PTSD ??
BlueChloroplast: @TheMerricat :D
Arikell: rational vs. irrational fear
niccus: admittedly it's really difficult to remove the limbs of snakes
CaptainSpam: Spiders: They creepy, yo.
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrEFF spiders
accountmadeforants: Spiders move real weird and are everywhere
Snowcookies: I saw someone say that accessibility might take time away from developing the game which is ugh
BlueChloroplast: @niccus ROFL :D :D :D
Diabore: @TheMerricat google has said it was a streamer named pokelawls
ashiok_nightmare_moose: you have to SIGN UP for therapy
Twilight_Spark: Oh that's very interesting. Of all "creepy" things, spiders IRL are like...I always I feel like I have a tacit alliance of convenience with spiders.
GamesAndInk: Exposure therapy, as PART OF A PSYCHIATRIC COURSE, is helpful
EvilBadman: consent!
GapFiller: exposure is basically a fundamentally suspect
GapFiller: just personally
kusinohki: insert far side cartoon - locked in a phone booth with spiders, snakes, hanging off the 50th floor...
ashiok_nightmare_moose: controlled environment, professionals, etc
TheMerricat: it's controlled and done in specific stages
Snowcookies: it's slow and not for everyone
GapFiller: it feels exposure advocacy is of a piece w/ other forms of adversity breeding character rhetoric
AtomicAlchemical: I do not have arachnophobia, but I have an almost pathological fear response to realistic scorpions. It's made Animal Crossing very stressful after dusk.
Sogheim: House Flipper gives a warning about the cockroaches and even gives you the option to have broken glass instead. I appreciate it a lot
GamesAndInk: Phobias are the brain short-circuiting, literally: you become irrationally afraid (positive punishment), and when that thing goes away you calm down (negative reinforcement), which trains your brain that the thing was scary, so next time you're exposed it becomes even MORE scared. It's an emergent loop as a result of how humans learn, and it results in levels of fear that are comparable to actual life-threatening situations and are hard to describe to non-sufferers.
CaptainSpam: CSD3 just did away with the chores entirely, actually.
lirazel64: Ah. thanks for that. I have a good friend that's an ailuraphobe, so I wondered.
CaptainSpam: (CSD2 had the option, but CSD3 just doesn't have chores)
Juliamon: Fear of violence is rational. Fear of bugs may not be.
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon I do wonder if fear of bugs is a primal holdover from when humans didn't necessarily know which bugs were dangerous and which ones weren't
BlueChloroplast: @GamesAndInk oh that is interesting.
lirazel64: It's great to make games that more people can play.
Juliamon: PharaohBender27 I've seen research that it's very regionally based, some places have a significantly lower rate of insect/spider phobias.
kusinohki: honest question - do spiderwebs without spiders trigger arachnophobia??
GapFiller: katesLol
GamesAndInk: @BlueChloroplast It's why exposure therapy is an important aspect--the idea is, you're exposed to the thing, but a therapist helps you remain calm even when exposed to it (which is the part people FORGET, that therapy is an important part of the process) so that you train your brain 'no, actually, this thing is okay'
Dared00: @kusinohki it depends, but they can
EvilBadman: Key art
BlueChloroplast: @GamesAndInk oh cool!
ashiok_nightmare_moose: well at least its upfront about the content though
aiamethyst: mtg arena needs a feature like this, I would like to turn off all the sharks
ashiok_nightmare_moose: pretty sure ben turned it on and off
GamesAndInk: Fun fact, trypophobia (fear of many clustered holes) is sometimes thought to NOT be a classic 'phobia' because it elicits disgust, not fear, and is possibly an innate fear to keep people from being near wasps/fungi/maggots. But of course, it's easy to fall into the trap of avoiding the thing that disgusts you until it actually becomes a phobia, so it's possible that trypophobia is actually two related conditions.
RockPusher: Brains are weird - there are spider-like things that set me off, there are spiders that don't
GapFiller: lol EA eh
TheMerricat: and yet they still can and probably will
Twilight_Spark: rofl
Tiber727: Shareholders: "How about giving us that money instead?"
PharaohBender27: Because they want *all* the money
BlueChloroplast: @GamesAndInk huh
RockPusher: Never underestimate good old fashioned lrrGREED
GamesAndInk: Also, 100% of the time I use Google to look up the spelling of trypophobia I regret it because it pops up helpful image results.
kusinohki: wouldn't know what to do with 1 million... let alone 16
BlueChloroplast: @GamesAndInk yeahhhh I've heard of that problem
lirazel64: It's not about accomplishment. It's about dick-meaz
Twilight_Spark: They can kick out the execs.
lirazel64: measuring contests with other execs.
Vyous: They can replace the board.
cuttlefishman: Do you keep the shareholders happy Beej?
TheMerricat: to block this they would need to vote to replace the directors. which is almost impossible
GamesAndInk: If you paid me like $5 million but made my shareholders mad, I'd say "Aw, so sorry you feel angry" all the way to my mansion on my private estate.
Snowcookies: LRR has no shareholders cuttlefish
cuttlefishman: (That's the joke Snowcookies)
TheMerricat: that's my secret, I have no shareholders...
TacitusVigil: They're deeply concerned and rebuke them for raise...but do nothing. AKA The Susan Collins.
RockPusher: the sea-change into a snowball
Zhedor: Well, i just checked: I am an EA-Shareholder.... I don't know how to feel about this story. Or the fact that I own EA-Stock
Twilight_Spark: If you own any stock-backed ETF/mutual fund you likely own some EA.
djalternative: 3/4ths shareholders saying no is a significant portion though. I don't expect the 30 mil version to pass at this point. Some form with less money will probably get passed though
Zhedor: true
Wiliart: 30 million profit? Happy shareholders.
BlackIsis: They're based in Redwood Shores, CA
Snowcookies: There's and EA in Waterloo On too
LurkerSpine: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 34:47.
samwonk: That is the core Sniper Elite experience, yes.
iris_of_ether: I won't be procuring that miniature but I'm very amused it exists
TacitusVigil: Secret Sniper
RobotInProgress: @PharaohBender27 Thanks for the gift sub!
Zhedor: I feel comfortable propagating the story that hitler had just one ball.
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PharaohBender27: No problem, @RobotInProgress ! :)
BlueChloroplast: hehehe packing
fiftymcnasty: Its not really an xray its just an inside view
cuttlefishman: "Educational"
GapFiller: does it mention Hitlers meth habit too?
djalternative: it only ever shows the internal organ you hit
Izandai: @Zhedor Why?
GapFiller: true story Hitler in the latter stages was more medical cabinet than man
lirazel64: What happens to female soldiers? Asking for a friend...
GapFiller: yr see good things DO happen
Zhedor: Because anything that links nazis to impotence undermines their narrative of strength
GapFiller: even in 2020
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KevinTheShark: 49!? Is that a Prime Number!?
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TheMerricat: @lirazel64 tbh I don't remember any female Nazis in game but I only played two of them and not all the way through
Izandai: @Zhedor Fun fact: People with only one testicle exist, and most of them aren't nazis.
PharaohBender27: @lirazel64 Those games, or at least the ones I played, didn't have women "targets"
djalternative: that's... still below industry standard for min per word payment
BlueChloroplast: @djalternative huh
Dared00: Average changed from 3.5 to 6.5. Everyone gets paid the same, except for Johnny Bigword that gets paid 40 times more Kappa
djalternative: $0.08 is the standard min
Izandai: @Zhedor I'll cut to the chase: The implication of what you're saying is that not having two testicles makes a man somehow inherently lesser than others in some meaningful way, and that's awfully insulting to the real-life people who don't have two testicles.
Snowcookies: Let's not base someone's value based on their genitals
Izandai: There's plenty of legitimate ways to undercut the narrative of nazi strength. Like pointing out that they thought it was a good idea to invade Russia in the winter.
Izandai: @Snowcookies Precisely.
Juliamon: Let's move on from the testes talk please.
Izandai: Okay.
DoodlestheGreat: Did they discuss the Epic Games/Apple slapfight?
djalternative: no
GapFiller: DoodlestheGreat yeh right at the start
TheMerricat: @doodlesthegreat you missed the Beej slider
PharaohBender27: @DoodlestheGreat Not yet
GapFiller: followed by some giving out abt news happening at time of writing
lirazel64: @doodlesthegreat Getting there!
Zhedor: @Izandai I got that, I've got some different context to the one ball story based on german media, which I probably should have reevalued some tme after my teens
PharaohBender27: For @DoodlestheGreat 's benefit:
RockPusher: Even around this part of the world I'm a bit of an oddity of being an IT worker who's been in unions for most of my working life - though that is more about the industries than the profession
LurkerSpine: I wish I could join a union
Rockario: Thus the reasoning behind bosses saying "compensate your employees well or they might unionize"
Izandai: Huh. How about that.
AgentMagicMaster: fascinating
DigitalSeahorse: I was warned not to lead on that I actully thought of the potential union organizing at the call center I was at when HR called me into office and then I did not as I was warned not to
Izandai: And Google now, apparently?
wildpeaks: also Google yeah
GapFiller: Google yeh
TacitusVigil: My mom had that happen when she was working as a young woman. She was the only one that knew how to work this one machine during a strike. So when she went through the lines they'd stop booing and chanting and tell her "We don't mean you, we love you!"
accountmadeforants: I hope they blow each other up simultaneously.
DigitalSeahorse: I wasn't there long enough to see it get organized though
GapFiller: Megacorp scrap basically
Dared00: It was a super obvious bait
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RockPusher: I don't mind Epic picking a fight - but the hamming it up is crass
TheMerricat: chat was the epic 1984 video at least interesting enough to watch for the Lola?
GapFiller: a MegaCorp presenting themselves as a scrappy Outsider is a bold move cottom
TheMerricat: lols even
GapFiller: see also Uber in California this week
Twilight_Spark: Someone has to be harmed.
Kazman20a: court don't do hypotheticals
Sogheim: @TheMerricat the famous Hammer was a unicorn head, I believe
GamesAndInk: That's also why states consistently make clearly federally/constitutionally illegal laws: purely so that they can bring those to the supreme court to try and knock down the federal/constitutional law
GapFiller: why look like a MegaCorp shirking their corporate responsibilities when yr can look like a sexy industry disruptor
Tiber727: You have to be affected by something in order to have standing to contest it.
Amentur: I'm not sure what I find more annoying: Epic paraphrasing 1984 for Fortnite or Ubisoft paraphrasing "First they came ..." for WatchDogs Legion
PharaohBender27: @DigitalSeahorse That sounds like intimidation by your HR
accountmadeforants: GapFiller I mean, Apple and Google are trillion-dollar companies. Epic is a mere, comparatively miniscule billion-dollar company.
DigitalSeahorse: yup, PharaohBender27
eshplode: Having a trailer for a lawsuit seems kind of in poor taste
Izandai: It's the astroturfing of the fight.
PharaohBender27: @Amentur Wait, Ubisoft did that!? I mean, I wish I was surprised at this point, but still . . . :/
DoodlestheGreat: Chutzpah. That's the word you want, Heather.
Reecer6: yeah, the weaponizing of children is the worst thing
Izandai: (which is a term I fucking love BTW)
AgentMagicMaster: astroturfing always feels scummy
lirazel64: It's the self-righteousness.
TheMerricat: @amentur I give Ubisoft a pass for that given the origin of the poem and the fact that it was at least relevant to the story of the game
RockPusher: preach it Heather! lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
Dared00: I like the idea, but the 1984 stuff is just tasteless
burnafterburn: fortnite was banned from the play store too
Izandai: katesLol
drcanonball: Maybe we should rise up against epic due to their exclusivity deals
iris_of_ether: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
PharaohBender27: lunarj1Heart
Sogheim: "mobilize the fan base" doesn't work when Apple promotes their next big MMO shooter but with free upgrades if you were a Fortnite player
Jaconian: Side note: Paul: we have those same glasses at home (bought b/c they were the glasses my grandparents had).
GapFiller: this sounds even more like the Uber ting in that much like the Uber userbase the Fortnite playerbase is part of the product it feels
Dared00: I mean, it *was* the reference to Apple's 1984 ad, but it's still tasteless
Tiber727: Epic wants to make their own store. Which is their right, but let's not pretend it's anything but self-interest.
Vyous: Even the filing doc felt quite sensationalized.
Amentur: @PharaohBender27 They did a take on it in the WatchDogs Legion trailer a few weeks ago. I'm German and my eyes just twitched the whole time over that happening
Snowcookies: Spotify literally went to court with Apple over a similar thing last year iirc and they didn't run this kind of campaign
DoodlestheGreat: The hilarious part is that original commercial was also an out-of-touch slapfigfht between megacorps, IBM and Apple.
RoyEltham: Apple Music on Android circumvents googles cut via manual entry of paid account info. So they are being hypocritical
Reecer6: to be fair, at the time, apple was both smaller and a direct competitor to ibm
PharaohBender27: @Amentur Yeah, that's some nonsense right there. Not to mention recent revelations have shown that Ubisoft execs are *not* good guys
rrtycoon2: Yeah, Fortnite is the store, and Apple/Google is the mall.
Dared00: I might be naive, but based on Epic's behavior over the last few years, I kinda believe that in addition to helping themselves, they also want to help other devs
AtomicAlchemical: Payment management. Bug checking. Legal expenses. Probably Financial Insurance of some kind
LurkerSpine: While I honestly don't think a 30% cut is terrible, I do think Apple's ToS is insane. They're going after Airbnb, claiming they should get a percentage of a booking. That's just absolutely dumb.
GapFiller: Dared00 eh gonna havta cop to being cynical on that front mysln
PharaohBender27: Whoops, left out a word in that title
GapFiller: ymmv obvs
Amentur: @TheMerricat I would give Ubisoft a pass if I had reason to believe that they will actually be critical about the topic. The other WatchDogs just felt like they poked at these real subjects and then didn't care to go deeper
TheMerricat: the "they came" poem was written by a literal Nazi supporter who thought Hitler wasn't doing enough and only changed their tune after they were arrested for being too loud about it. I know some people feel it's 'sacred' but imo it's fair game.
Sogheim: Paul's beard keeps trying to devour his mouth, oh no
Dared00: 12
Tiber727: @LurkerSpine To give Apple a tiny bit of credit, if Apple didn't take a cut of in-app purchases, everyone would just make the app free and make you buy everything in-app.
Snowcookies: Sogheim you've met beards that don't try to devour mouths
DoodlestheGreat: I've no doubt whatsoever that 30% is WAY too high.
Reecer6: i mean... that's the poem? it's literally a mea culpa
RoyEltham: Apple Music on Android circumvents googles cut via manual entry of paid account info. So they are being hypocritical
Lithobraker: I'd be a lot more sympathetic to that argument if there was any way to compete with the App store on Apple products
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Where the heck did you read that? My understanding was that Bonhoeffer was an opponent of the Nazis from the start
Reecer6: i don't trust any business strategy that loses money
DigitalSeahorse: they dont even have achievements in games
RoyEltham: Also, the app store has tons of free apps, so how do they cover that cost?
BlueChloroplast: :D
LurkerSpine: @Tiber727 The only way I could see stuff like concert tickets and hotel reservations etc is if they allowed apps to call it a literal Apple Tax, and advertise they could get a discount by using the website instead of the app.
Shoki_Donai: The titans do battle, the news story.
Sogheim: I had enough of that with the Disney Sony Spiderman thing
GapFiller: Reecer6 how dyr feel abt Uber? sp
GapFiller: aking of big tech companies trying to pass themselves off as 'the little guy' this week
RockPusher: and the results won't be seen for years
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Aaand whoops I totally misremembered who wrote that poem, my bad :P
accountmadeforants: Lithobraker Yeah, I'm with you on that one. "Cost of doing business" doesn't justify excluding competition.
LurkerSpine: Apple has also repeatedly committed acts of collusion. I have ZERO confidence they're acting in good faith right now.
Reecer6: @GapFiller oh yeah uber and whatnot is the worst offender
DigitalSeahorse: RoyEltham ad money
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Dared00: Another act in the drama will start in 2 weeks, when the Fortnite Season 3 ends and iOS players aren't getting the Season 4 patch
TacitusVigil: They need to make a Brave New World response to Google. Kappa
TheMerricat: @pharaohbender27 not sure who that is, the author of the they came poem was Martin Niemöller
Vyous: They've allowed users to side-load fortnite on android for a while anyways.
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orellien2773: Also doesn't help that Google doesn't have a classic, iconic advertisement.
LurkerSpine: Well, you can also install an app a lot more easily without Google Play than with the iOS app store
wildpeaks: yeah you make 7x time the amount on iOS than on Android as a general rule
PharaohBender27: @LurkerSpine Like Jim Sterling said today, " lrrEFF Apple, lrrEFF Google, and :eff Epic"
AgentMagicMaster: they poked apple in the eye lol
wildpeaks: and Android is harder to develop for due tot he amount of devices
Reecer6: something something apple users are rich and rich people are irresponsible
Raiger: Doesn’t epic also have their own android App Store too...
FNBRtoast: very interesting u have opened my eyes
RoyEltham: @DigitalSeahorse that's the app using ads to fund itself. I meant the app store itself hosts free apps where they don't get a cut.
Izandai: Hence why they had to Trojan Horse it.
TacitusVigil: You're rich in friends, Beej
KevinTheShark: iOS does seem to attract more people with an amount of disposable income.... and kids
orellien2773: The question, to me, is whether or not Apple's TOS and their policies constitutes a potential Antitrust violation.
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a minister who opposed tha Nazis and was eventually executed for it towards the end of the war. My memory got warped and I'd thought he'd been the author of that poem
Dandinstorm12: yo what up chat
Reecer6: it's a broad brush yes :V
Izandai: Hot Takes™
Dandinstorm12: hey paul and beej and heather
TheMerricat: @pharaohbender27 copy pasting between wiki and chat noticed I missed your correction. sorry about that :)
mowdownjoe: @wildpeaks Do not spread that FUD. I'm an Android dev and I will fite you.
DigitalSeahorse: RoyEltham oh
KevinTheShark: It's very interesting to say the least :)
Dared00: EU started investigation against App Store in June, maybe something will come out of that as well
voruh_kbm: <message deleted>NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT GAY FIRTNITE KIDS
Izandai: wut
Dandinstorm12: uh
orellien2773: One thing: In section I.D.90 Epic Games' lawsuit, they note: "Absent Apple's Anti-Competitive conduct, Epic Games would also create an app store for iOS."
AgentMagicMaster: uh
AgentMagicMaster: ty mods
RomanGoro: sergeModLove sergeModLove
KevinTheShark: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Dandinstorm12: lrrHAM er
GapFiller: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
djalternative: lrrHEART mods
BlueChloroplast: what does FUD stand for?
Snowcookies: sergeModLove
pyronils80: in Germany only about 20% people use Apple 80% use Android
orellien2773: @BlueChloroplast Fear Uncertainty and Doubt
TheMerricat: fear uncertainty and doubt @bluechloroplast
BlueChloroplast: ah thx
Izandai: Many, Tony Hawk is such a cool dude.
Dandinstorm12: oooh yeah I read about this
CaptainSpam: Ah, yes, this story! Where Tony Hawk is shown, once again, to be a Great Guy.
iris_of_ether: This story was great
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Izandai: katesLol
GapFiller: katesLol
Dandinstorm12: lrrHORN lrrHORN
eshplode: dayHmm
Izandai: It's because he didn't talk much.
Reecer6: this skater is blind, so i will name their trick the Broken Leg Grab
mowdownjoe: Weddel is quoted as saying, "I'm deaf, not mute."
KevinTheShark: lrrSPOOP
LurkerSpine: When I read this story, I was surprised that was the reason it was called the mute air. I always thought it had to do with like, an instrument mute.
DigitalSeahorse: uh......deaf people aren't competely mute usually orangekitPeach orangekitHappycat_SG
RaynMurfy: His nickname was "the mute guy"
Izandai: Tony Hawk is such a cool dude.
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck yay renamed
BlueChloroplast: d'awwww
Snowcookies: daww
Dandinstorm12: and then posed doing the Weddle grab
DigitalSeahorse: lucidHands lucidCringe
KevinTheShark: Its great that they're finally making a change
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck lucidDuck lucidDuck lucidDuck lucidDuck
Izandai: katesLol
RockPusher: gabyLul lunarj1Heart
Reecer6: he's invented like 20 tricks or something, right?
cuttlefishman: Tony Hawk also has that promotionwith Chipoltle
cuttlefishman: Which is a thing
orellien2773: You'd think that a guy named "Hawk" would have at least one airborne trick named after him!
Stoffern: Spinning is a neat trick
TheMerricat: it's an acronym that gained popularity back in the really old days @bluechloroplast when I'm still ruled the business world. their sales people would stop selling based on the quality of their products but by implying that you'd lose your job buying anything else
Izandai: Jesus christ
TheMerricat: I'm =IBM
cuttlefishman: Mods?
e_bloc: mmm gyro
Dandinstorm12: woooow
Izandai: Wait, left?
Anubis169: done
Izandai: Hang on.
LurkerSpine: There's the Caballerial and the Burnslide right?
LunarJade: thanks mods
AtomicAlchemical: Beej?
GapFiller: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove Mods
rocketjohn: cheers anubis
Dandinstorm12: hey @Anubis169
ExachixKitsune: sergeModLove sergeModLove sergeModLove
Dared00: Natas Spin is named after Natas Kaupas. I had no idea, I always thought it's just "satan" backwards.
cuttlefishman: Thanks Anubis
RockPusher: sergeModLove
PharaohBender27: katesThank Mods
Anubis169: wasn't me, somebody beat me to it
Dandinstorm12: lrrHAM lrrHAM er
Athelgar: PhysicsGirl had a cool vid about the 'Impossible' trick
tenthtechpriest: just came out
Snowcookies: sergeModLove
aerohydra: came out on tuesday
DigitalSeahorse: ysbrydYheart ysbrydYheart ysbrydYheart
DigitalSeahorse: missjo1Cat_HF missjo1Cat_HF missjo1Cat_HF
GapFiller: yeh apparently now is a great time to get in 14
aerohydra: there were some pretty fetch questy stiuff
Sogheim: my bear asses!
GapFiller: at least according to Polygon
TheMerricat: twitch seems to hate you @digitalseahorse :(
Dandinstorm12: Paul "Bear asses" Saunders
KevinTheShark: They're cutting out the middle of the bear asses!?
BlueChloroplast: @TheMerricat oh, that is interesting
Izandai: katesLol
Dandinstorm12: lrrPAUL
GapFiller: katesLol
EvilBadman: also Free trial (if you never played) you can level to 60 among other stuff
iris_of_ether: "Pray return to the Waking Sands", yeah? ;)
accountmadeforants: Honestly, there's lots of games I'd be thankful for if they made them shorter.
Diabore: 10 hours without sidequests! (read: maybe 35, 40 if you stretch)
DigitalSeahorse: TheMerricat, wait that heart kitty not showing up?
Diabore: 100*
niccus: always has been
lobiax: There is alot of mandatory busy work in that game that gates you from the fun parts
GapFiller: O SNAP!
DigitalSeahorse: missjo1Cat_HF
ArcOfTheConclave: 100 hours without stupid BS
Izandai: katesLol
CaptainSpam: Existential Crisis: THE VIDEO GAME!
BrindleBoar: Yes and yes.
KevinTheShark: Is this?..... *gestures* pointless?
Reecer6: aren't all games just clicker games but with more steps
Snowcookies: Is Desert Bus the true meaning of video games?
AtomicAlchemical: JRPGs kind of are built out of filler to space out the story
DigitalSeahorse: *refreshes*
Dandinstorm12: Seabats?
wildpeaks: "maybe these 5 sparkly bear asses will fill the void of existential dread"
DarkAbyssKeeper: Honestly, applying the 'If the scene doesn't contribute to the story, cut it' philosophy to games could be revolutionary.
TheMerricat: that one did @digitalseahorse but the two line ones didn't show up for me at least....
rrtycoon2: C+....C+.....C+......
Snowcookies: sea bass
munnaperson: At least a c+
Dandinstorm12: @DarkAbyssKeeper or at least isn't fun to play
Juliamon: It means she doesn't kick you out of the dialogue after each purchase anymore
EvilBadman: no wait, it's at least a c+
Scy_Anide: This is why I can't play Pokemon games. The pacing and repetition are nauseating.
DigitalSeahorse: orangekitPeach orangekitPeaches orangekitHappycat_SG hmm why can I still see these if other people can't on a refresh?
Zhedor: Ah, but would you spend 60 bucks on a 2 hour game?
TheMerricat: maybe twitch hates me?
ameliette: watching you guys play acnh, i find the puns make it easier to remember if youve caught the fish or bug before
Izandai: katesLol
knobyogurt: sea bats seems more fun than sea bass
DigitalSeahorse: TheMerricat maybe but we love you! missjo1Cat_HF lucidDuck lrrHEART
BlueChloroplast: AC pocket camp has done lots to streamline and skip
Diabore: i still read ac as assassins creed
Izandai: Beej to Sahara: "Shut up and take my money!"
wildpeaks: well this is certainly a quote
iris_of_ether: HEATHER
Juliamon: !addquote (Beej) [now] Just let the camel spit in my mouth, that's all I need.
LRRbot: New quote #7125: "Just let the camel spit in my mouth, that's all I need." —Beej [2020-08-14]
Snowcookies: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! How does taxidermy change the mouthfeel of a dead goose?
PharaohBender27: @DigitalSeahorse @TheMerricat One of the failed emote posts I saw was Ysbrd channel emotes - maybe your sub there ran out?
Dandinstorm12: Brendan "spit in my mouth" Dery
KevinTheShark: Perfection Juliamon :D
Arikell: Man, I made some fun loops out of FFXII
Juliamon: PharaohBender27 I'm willing to bet it's just Twitch being weird today.
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon Fair call
accountmadeforants: Yup, Twitch's emotes have been a bit wonky since they introduced threaded replies.
BlueChloroplast: I think dragon age origin had stuff like that, with programming it
Izandai: katesLol
DigitalSeahorse: PharaohBender27, I was gifted 3 days ago of Ysbrd though
GapFiller: Victory to the MAchines!
EvilBadman: Dragon Age: Origin had a tactics system that worked similarly and it ruled. There was a PC mod that added more if/thens statement
GDwarf: Paradigm Shifts are less automated than Gambits, but yeah
chesul: so, basically they offboarded programming their ally AI to the player?
Izandai: Final Fantasy 13: You're Taking A Supervisory Role
PharaohBender27: @DigitalSeahorse Ah. And others are telling me Twitch is just generally freaking out
BlueChloroplast: @EvilBadman nice
lobiax: Paul made an Idle game before idle games were a thing
KevinTheShark: Start a battle - go make a snack - come back to change paradigm
PharaohBender27: o_O
wildpeaks: oh noo :D
DoodlestheGreat: AI sherpas.
lirazel64: SabaPing
Diabore: ff12 takes away the button mashing for automation, ff13 takes away the automation for button mashing
Nemo_Rasa: you are the escort quest
Snowcookies: I feel that when playing shootera
GapFiller: in the same week CP+ featured the nunchuck clip: anyone remember Clicker Quest?
Jaconian: Like really bad RE5 AI!?
Izandai: It's about damn time.
DigitalSeahorse: or Watson ever getting in the way of Sherlock's movements
GapFiller: took the words right outta my mouth Paul
KevinTheShark: The point of a yacht is to own a yacht
Dandinstorm12: and you're on a boat
EvilBadman: GTA online is the perfect captailism simulator. You make/steal a ton of money and then waste it on bullshit.
Sogheim: can't afford yacht, tarp budget went over again
wildpeaks: hashtag yachtlife
DigitalSeahorse: xD
accountmadeforants: You're telling me my epiphany while reading the financial section of the newspaper to buy a boat was not entirely rational?
Izandai: Aren't yachts sailboats?
Dandinstorm12: no
TStodden: How much are Yachts now? 4 Million?
ZaxusEMK: technically, yachts were originally sailboats
Snowcookies: some ppl put sails on yachts
Lithobraker: I thought yachts were for doing cocaine with a seinic view
Dared00: Dynamite Yacht Race
PharaohBender27: Yes you can - it derives from the Dutch term for "hunting"
accountmadeforants: TStodden At least 20 bananas, probably.
GDwarf: "There is no standard definition, so the term applies to such vessels that have a cabin with amenities that accommodate overnight use."
ameliette: gta yachts are small cruiseships
LurkerSpine: or an aircraft carrier
BlueChloroplast: Yacht basically means expensive boat.
Izandai: Holy shit Heather just cracked this whole thing wide open.
Scy_Anide: My boat isn't very long but it's thicc.
Arikell: There's a whole power/weight ratio problem here
PharaohBender27: i.e. "Yes you can have a sailboat yacht"
SerGarretCameron: I presume a Yacht is just a class of hull.
TheMerricat: I thought yachts by definition had to have sails......
Camail: gotta get the broom out
SerGarretCameron: Like a size category in D&D
DigitalSeahorse: lucidLUL lucidLUL lucidLUL lucidSnob
rrtycoon2: The private Looooove boat
Diabore: @TStodden loking online, low end is 10 mil
tycoonbosh: get off my forecastle!
DoodlestheGreat: "Where's the shuffleboard?"
TheMerricat: "A yacht /jÉ’t/ is a sail or power vessel used for pleasure, cruising, or racing. ... To be termed a yacht, as opposed to a boat, such a pleasure vessel is likely to be at least 33 feet (10 m) in length and have been judged to have good aesthetic qualities."
EvilBadman: Real talk I'd never want to be on a cruise
Izandai: katesLol
GapFiller: isnt this basically The Crimson Permanent Assurance
Camail: clone cruise!
Jaconian: "Now get to scrubbin' the poopdeck!"
Izandai: Welcome to the highlight reel.
Lithobraker: That's how you get casserole for dinner.
e_bloc: sounds like hell
Izandai: katesLol
EvilBadman: you're alive, but only Beej is on the cruise
Nightecho06: Are the parents aware?
GDwarf: That's more of an Outer Limits episode, really
Tiber727: I've been hoarding this "50 cents off yacht" coupon since 2002. Anyday now I'll buy a yacht and show you!
Shoki_Donai: This is a sketch I need to see.
AtomicAlchemical: Wow... peak millennial ambitions
KevinTheShark: You dont HAVE to partake in the fantasy
e_bloc: but I don't like me
lirazel64: I would work on your ship, Beej. I'm 65, IRL.
GapFiller: er nein Beej
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Snowcookies: lol Merricat
EvilBadman: Wait, I got it, you're alive, Beej is on the cruise, but it's only in his head/vr as he wastes away
munnaperson: how did this happen
GapFiller: cant speak for anyone else obvs but hanging around people exactly like me sounds like my idea of Hell
ThermobaricKitten: This was one of the unethical experiments in a Fallout 3 vault wasnt it?
Stoffern: yacht crime
lirazel64: And I'm a good quantity cook!
EvilBadman: Full twilight zone
accountmadeforants: Sea of Wage Thieves
ThermobaricKitten: With the Garrys?
DigitalSeahorse: yes everyone is Beej lrrBEEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
Shoki_Donai: You mean pirates?
Nightecho06: Isn't a yach gang piracy?
KevinTheShark: I feel like this is a stepping stone to GTA yacht pirates
sbabertooth: Sailors group together but they don't fight like pirates
PharaohBender27: You hang out with people you have commonalities with, but not people perfectly identical to you
Zhedor: is it a sail-by or just a line-battle?
Lithobraker: Is the Federalist Society a yacht gang?
corianderd: yacht gang! yacht gang! yacht gang!
wildpeaks: GTY: Grand Theft Yacht
EvilBadman: Yacht Snakes rule
Camail: with very loud boats
niccus: i think aging motorcycle gangs become yacht gangas
Diabore: @GapFiller oh god ya, i suck
AtomicAlchemical: Aren't "Yacht Gangs" the whole premise of EVE Online?
Saunabath: Well what do you think happens in yacht clubs?
Tiber727: I'm imaging West Side Story, but they roll up in a yacht and snaps their fingers at the other gang.
Nightecho06: Yacht Gangs of Dark Water
ritchards: wasn't that in Waterworld?
Jaconian: Isn't that just Waterworld?
EvilBadman: @AtomicAlchemical HOLY
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met_kaf: Caddy Shack flashbacks
BlueChloroplast: @AtomicAlchemical :D
lirazel64: Beej, your whole PIF was yacht gangs!
Anubis169: LOL
lucha_libro: Beej, please, that's too much effort and fun! :P
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Izandai: lirazel64 just cracked this whole thing wide open.
Anubis169: shhctrl
DigitalSeahorse: The Yaught Yakouza :P
Anubis169: sorry, fly on keyboard
EvilBadman: they'd just launch missiles at it
Jaconian: The Yachtkuza?
EvilBadman: there's no theft, just destruction
munnaperson: is a yacht a auto
KevinTheShark: I think "Auto" at least covers powered yachts.
accountmadeforants: The Yachts would terrorize the streets as gangs themselves
iris_of_ether: Grand Theft Yacht-o?
DigitalSeahorse: jsvq
Arikell: Or the Yachts would transform into cars
Saunabath: @Jaconian Brilliant
DigitalSeahorse: oops
BlueChloroplast: yeah the old GTA games had cheats for planes
DigitalSeahorse: Jaconian YES!
Lithobraker: So.... Sea of Thieves
TacitusVigil: Saints Row: Sky Pirates from Tale Spin!
lucha_libro: saints row 2 had you pretending to be a cop, answering a dispatch which brought you to a fight between pirates and ninjas if I recall correctly
wildpeaks: oh good
e_bloc: I love this story so much
niccus: also, you can't shoot
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun they did have pirates and pirate ships in the spinoff Gat Out of Hell, but we tend to try to forget that game.
AtomicAlchemical: West got weird
Izandai: what
Amentur: What?
EvilBadman: Mod menus?
Shoki_Donai: That's impressive
Snowcookies: Raining aligators sound like one of those exagerations
Wiliart: It's raining Crocs, Hallelujah!
GapFiller: yeh this story was a gas
GapFiller: it was highlarious
DigitalSeahorse: lucidLUL
DoodlestheGreat: ~/It's raining gators! HALLELUJAH!/~
Camail: games haunted
wildpeaks: very wild west
PharaohBender27: o_O
DigitalSeahorse: lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN lrrIAN
accountmadeforants: Interior crocodile alligator, I ride a flying horse theater
Reecer6: And it's that guy everyone sees in their dreams
AtomicAlchemical: Hold on... Did Red Dead glitch itself into being Fallout: 76?
lucha_libro: Red dead online, from personal experience, is a more polished version of Fallout 76. Also suffers hackers like Nobodies buisness.
EvilBadman: Is the bald man my mate Gavin? GAVINNNNN
Lithobraker: So it's now set in Florida
EvilBadman: (this is a Red Dead joke)
codatski: Oh Ian, not again
Invitare: it's not far off
DigitalSeahorse: lrrIAN
Izandai: Not quite Ian.
accountmadeforants: Ian who got his hands on a sharpie
ritchards: No NPCs... so it's Fallout 76? lrrBEEJ
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BrokenGolem: good vibes
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DigitalSeahorse: kenohkBubble lrrIAN
GapFiller: thats not Ian but it IS dangeroussly close
Snowcookies: Ian, basically default guy
KevinTheShark: "My potions are too strong for you"
SnackPak_: I'd trust apothecary Ian
kusinohki: "ian has generic video game face" - I saw it on a highlight, it must be true
aerohydra: beek is very quotable today
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun don't know how close it is but a lot of folk are saying the model looks like the ex-President of Rockstar Games......
aerohydra: beej*
PharaohBender27: I see *someone* has been watching lrrCAMERON 's PiF . . . katesSass
Izandai: wow
PharaohBender27: (or at least saw that highlight, I guess :P )
Reecer6: That sounds like it would instantly destroy the frame rate?
Izandai: Would you rather fight...
inks_muse: Are the alligators oriented verticaslly or horizontally though. Which is worse???
tenthtechpriest: is there a gator dimension?
ThermobaricKitten: tiny alligators are possibly worse
Jaconian: Do the rain alligators then act like in-game alligators?
TStodden: Are we heading to the Aligator Dimension here?
Lithobraker: "my potions are too strong for you, would you like to supervise that order"
BrindleBoar: it's raining gators, hallelujah
EvilBadman: It's trying to spawn them in, like normal looks like and failing
Ritaspirithntr: I mean it’s just a lizard at that point
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Reecer6: accidentally set wacky_nonsense to true
EvilBadman: Patch one thing, break 2 more
Pteraspidomorphi: "Don't they test patches?"
wildpeaks: QA probably caught a lot of other things
AtomicAlchemical: Wait, where is Red Dead even set that they needed Gator models?
jkphil: Lizard Blizards
Snowcookies: EvilBadman: a dev's nightmares
BlueChloroplast: @jkphil :D
Shoki_Donai: Alligator based apocalypse is at least a novel story thread.
Stoffern: @AtomicAlchemical a part of the map is based on New Orleans Mississippi area
EvilBadman: @AtomicAlchemical Red Dead setting is multiple states smushed together
accountmadeforants: Alligators aren't wildlife, they're a state of the atmosphere.
Wiliart: Is it gonna rain Yachts?
GDwarf: Huh, looks like there's two strange bald men spawning in, one without a beard
Athelgar: So a scene from Ready Player One
Lithobraker: Wait was Red Dead Westworld this whole time?!
KevinTheShark: I did love the Shelby Cobras in Age of Empires
ThermobaricKitten: If the rain is alligators are the aligators rain?
EvilBadman: This is a Thanos cross over his snap was 98% effective
Izandai: But Waluigi in Red Dead Online you cowards!
Camail: or that model with animal rigging
TheMerricat: Where is the glitch slider!!!
KevinTheShark: Yes! A glitch slider is exactly what we need!
KV1NN4: lunarj1Heart
DigitalSeahorse: when I had a literal night MARE show up in my nightmare once it had a human face
GapFiller: are people still using Raymond to abuse the black market?
BrindleBoar: Stone of Raymond flipping
Izandai: wow
TheMerricat: So chat, I've been in a coma today since the first half of James' punch-a-chunk stream this morning, how far has the news of his August 20 project made it?
KevinTheShark: Emergent gameplay at its finest
Snowcookies: TheMerricat: it's been posted on discord and they told Seachats about it
I_Am_Clockwork: @themerricat what’s all this?
Izandai: @TheMerricat ...I'm scared to ask.
GapFiller: at least the villagers are less aresholeish than they used to be in the old games
TheMerricat: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
I_Am_Clockwork: O.o
EvilBadman: ACNH is the second highest selling game in japan, /ever/. Which is absurd. #1 is original pokemon
Izandai: hm
GapFiller: oshit right the James thing
TheMerricat: He's doing a charity stream on 4/20.... With special music.
TheMerricat: Whoops, not charity.
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat There was mention of it during today's PiF. I do not plan to attend, having made the mistake of looking up the song in question
GapFiller: it feels enough time has passed now that we're among people who are broadly unaware of what James is planning
Izandai: oh boy
TheMerricat: Blind fund raising.
GapFiller: yo chat how dyr feel abt Caillou? Kappa
met_kaf: I know @TheMerricat !
Izandai: yesssss
codatski: Does this mean people will develop speed run times for the mazes to get a Raymond?
EvilBadman: Halo: Indefinite
Dared00: Series X is confirmed for November, also Series S is all but confirmed via controller packaging
Izandai: boo
Izandai: That's better.
TacitusVigil: Tired: "Finish the fight" Wired: "Finish the game"
Wiliart: Halo: Goodbye!
EvilBadman: Xbox and PS5 are in a game of price/date chicken
Laserbeaks_Fury: What happens with the sequel? Halo: Infinity +1?
TheMerricat: @Wiliart wins chat, close it down.
Izandai: That would actually be really good.
EvilBadman: neither of them want to relive when Sony did the $299 to Saturn
GapFiller: ohhh that Saturn ting was bad
Jaconian: It's just a corporate game of chicken.
storiers: On launch day you just walk into the store and put twenty dollar bills on a counter until a salesperson stops shaking their head and hands you the console
Izandai: katesLol
Sogheim: so it's MtG packs?
EvilBadman: "That means it's free, right?"
TacitusVigil: Free Xbox!
Dared00: Get the box, you'll pay... eventually
rrtycoon2: Your card has been charged a mystery amount!
Shoki_Donai: "Just give me your best offer"
ADTalks: You mean $50 more, but guaranteed in stock through christmas?
Izandai: @EvilBadman I've heard of this, but what was the Saturn announced to cost?
KevinTheShark: Gotta use the Barter system
Jaconian: They'll reveal the price during checkout.
EvilBadman: @Izandai 349, I think?
GapFiller: Izandai ~$399 iirc
Izandai: OOF. Yeah that's bad.
rrtycoon2: Oh, don't bring up holds, banks love to double up on those.
GapFiller: mightve even been higher
Saunabath: Let the market define the value, like currencies
BlueChloroplast: katesWa katesOw
Lithobraker: Stop giving them ideas beej
Wiliart: I'll take the cheaper PS5's, for that good 5 PS 5's joke.
TStodden: Just mark the price as "First Born Children" & just settle it!
TacitusVigil: "We will accept your Immortal Soul as collateral."
ADTalks: BEN
EvilBadman: Amonkhet added some spicy gladiator cards
SeiichiSin: Factorio!!!
niccus: 1.0 is out!
Izandai: Ooh, I'm gonna wanna tune in for that.
wildpeaks: ahhh factorio
aerohydra: not planned
GapFiller: eyyy Factorio
Snowcookies: Woo
niccus: the game's out of its early access heaven!
Snowcookies: Fugi and James
aerohydra: James just said yes to fugi finally
wildpeaks: Fugi finally managed to convince someone :D
Wiliart: Automation for the sake of automation
TheMerricat: So with Serge playing Satisfactory and Factorio coming out I'm really getting close to breaking my "don't buy games at full price" rule.
wildpeaks: he's been trying to get Serge to play it too
Izandai: You harvest resources, build factory pieces, and murder alien bugs.
wildpeaks: beware, ti's very addictive for programmers :D
TStodden: It's a factory... building factories... building factories...
LurkerSpine: it is NOT in honor of full release, James had no idea about it leaving early access
niccus: factorio will literally never go on a discount
KevinTheShark: I got it confused with Satisfactory for a moment there
Izandai: katesLol
ADTalks: literally?
PharaohBender27: katesLol
RockPusher: James finds a way
EvilBadman: tilts his chair too far back
ExachixKitsune: Heather asking the real questions today
3and4fifths: eaten by space wolves
SnackPak_: good question
ADTalks: jlrrFall jlrrFall jlrrFall
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: hE'LL GET EATEN INSTEAD
GapFiller: sick burn Heather
iris_of_ether: katesLol
niccus: he'll have to ride the rocket up
RomanGoro: I have bad news for you Heather, there's no falling
Snowcookies: jlrrFall
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: oops caps
TStodden: He can always fall off a belt somehow...
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SAJewers: James will fall off his chair Kappa lrrBEEJ
wildpeaks: satisfactorio
RomanGoro: Although you can get run over by a train?
ThermobaricKitten: Satisfactory is basically 1st person Factorio
Invitare: Serge has been playing it
Izandai: @RomanGoro Sadly I doubthe'll get that far.
Izandai: *doubt he'll
Wiliart: That channel is fantastic
TheMerricat: Satifactory = 1st person Factorio, Factorio = top down Satisfactory
KevinTheShark: Serge has played a good amount of Satisfactory though
LordZarano: There's a speedrun for getting hit by a train in Factorio
GapFiller: Kathleens Island Tour The Real One More
dylan16807: Making robots build and copy-paste things makes a huge difference in the mid and late game in factorio, but it takes a while to get there.
Wiliart: The conveyor belt tornado...
ADTalks: Too many rhythm games
DigitalSeahorse: lrrCAMERON lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lucidDuck
EvilBadman: He's been doing some side dungeons, which are generally rougher than the game/dlc
GapFiller: apparently Cam is in danger of overunning his allocation re finishing the game
niccus: he might have to skip a few chalice dungeons, but he's moving at a decent clip
Snowcookies: one of the blood beasts
Dared00: How far is he into the game? Not sure if I should catch up or wait for the end
niccus: he's doing DLC postgame, but pregame
CaptainSpam: I'm not sure if the game ever ends, from what I've seen of streams.
GapFiller: Dared00 near endgame
Izandai: katesLol
KevinTheShark: Like with the Divine Beasts in Breath of the Wild!?
wildpeaks: "enjoying" is relative in Bloodborne
Dared00: @GapFiller oh neat, thanks for the info
GapFiller: hes basically at the FFVII just before the endgame point
EvilBadman: @Dared00 He's like 3/4 through the game+dlc, but he's on chalice Dungeons which are 100% optional
Snowcookies: Yay Dice Friends
Lithobraker: I believe the bloodborne boss machete order was a joke in CommodoreHustle
ADTalks: oh man, Andy and jacob?
TheMerricat: Dale, Andy, AND Jacob? Holy crap that'll be a hoot.
EvilBadman: TheMerricat AND cori
Juliamon: It's WILD y'all. You gotta watch it.
Snowcookies: and Jacob is playing the straight man
PharaohBender27: @ADTalks And lrrCORI , whose face game was ON POINT the first session
Sogheim: Magic Fallout and they run a motel
Lithobraker: The phrase "best of intentions" and Dale DMing sounds wild.
lirazel64: Cori is aMAZing.
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ADTalks: @PharaohBender27 Not to put down cori, just like seeing more andy in anything lrr
niccus: unfortunately you can't really do a DnD isekai
arty021: is BST british time?
DigitalSeahorse: "I ain't afraid of no INN BED." HahaShrugLeft HahaSleep HahaShrugRight
Snowcookies: wow
tenthtechpriest: dying? why would you grant them the mercy of death?
PharaohBender27: @ADTalks No worries :)
EvilBadman: arty021 looks like, they're 8 hours ahead
Juliamon: Yup, it was finished
PharaohBender27: They did
niccus: sounds like more hidden item games?
GDwarf: They did, even finished the bonus game in it
GapFiller: speaking of James stuff coming up Dear Dr LRR what are yr views on what James is planning for nxt week?
arty021: thanks @EvilBadman
lirazel64: They did?
LordZarano: @arty021 British Summer Time
lirazel64: They did!
ADTalks: I'm not amazing
Snowcookies: !schedule
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LurkerSpine: NOS
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Juliamon: that's the joke
ADTalks: now, I am amazing. LUL
methodical_monk: So much good stuff!
AgentMagicMaster: Vampire Joke!!
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ExachixKitsune: Oh I love that joke
kusinohki: used for squid nails?
ritchards: isn't the series called NOS4A2 ?
RobotInProgress: :D
met_kaf: Das Me!
iris_of_ether: 7
PharaohBender27: 7 years!
ExachixKitsune: Holy moly
CastleOtranto: It's still seven years, Beej
ADTalks: lrrFRUMP
ReynardWrecca: Ah balls, I JUST got here.
KevinTheShark: Im feelin' sharky!
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WeedenProject: This is an alarming number of months, where did all the time go?!
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ADTalks: oof.
PharaohBender27: Twitch plz stop buffering on me
ameliette: triple digits start in.... march 2022, then?
ExachixKitsune: That was perfect beej thank you so much
niccus: cthaillou
ADTalks: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
EvilBadman: @ameliette 15 months from now
ADTalks: I watched the Caillou VOD. On. Purpose.
GapFiller: James is just a boy whos four
jwright5475: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week more Gladiator! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:20 from now).
Stoffern: lrrHEART
Juliamon: We might be still in 2020 in 15 months.
TheMerricat: @ADTalks you'll be ready for 4/20 then :P
Wiliart: What abit it?
3and4fifths: Shamrock100
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Riandisa: Thanks for the stream!
KevinTheShark: WHAT!? but how!?
RoyEltham: Cheer100
PharaohBender27: Thanks for the stream! lrrHEART
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Snowcookies: ADTalks I should redeem Veggie Tales for James' home stream since his chat really like children's music lrrBEEJ
RoyEltham: I like Beej, I prefer him to be right
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
GapFiller: thanks for streaming lrrPAUL P lrrBEEEJ B lrrHEATHER H lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
CaptainSpam: lrrHEART
KevinTheShark: Sorry heather, but that was like when James challenges us
Snowcookies: Thanks for the stream!
GapFiller: see yr later
ADTalks: @Snowcookies Do It! :)
Snowcookies: I'm a ways away though :P
Soniczephyr: what's today on FNPF?
zunniest: got my sub in just as Paul says bye!! perfect! lol
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week more Gladiator! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:18 from now).
ADTalks: Lets convince James for the option to combine peak points
TheMerricat: Chat, my UPS is beeping, so I'm going to go replace it's battery (or just swap it out for a new UPS that hasn't worn the battery out yet) have a wonderful rest of the day and be safe, be well, and be happy!
arty021: hour and 20 minutes to paper magic.... thats too much for me on central european summer time
Snowcookies: bye chat, I need to do write an email to my coordinator about the program I'm entering in fall
TehAmelie: a powerful cup of coffee can help, i know i've tried
breadisbest1: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week more Gladiator! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:14 from now).
Hadouken_lol_catz: !nedxt
Hadouken_lol_catz: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week more Gladiator! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:00 from now).