RockPusher: !advice
LRRbot: Push the buttons.
Naarius: !badadvice
LRRbot: Aim for Third.
Hadouken_lol_catz: !goodadvice
LRRbot: On the internet???
AllGoodDogs: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
AllGoodDogs: !bus
DiscordianTokkan: !venga
LRRbot: It is Venga Bus, put it on the train. It is Venga Bus, let's set off again.
djalternative: !venga
LRRbot: WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. No refuge. Encountered an assailant 「VENGA BUS」 Be attitude for gains... 1: Like to party. 2: Just around the corner. 3: Interstate free disco.
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the Hatchet Men from Jackie Chan's Drunken Master 2
djalternative: who's ready to gladiate some tors
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TehAmelie: glad tidings o chat
Juliamon: ahhh back from a nice refreshing shower, with a glass of ice water, ready for some pseudo-paper silliness
TehAmelie: (that's probably a workable word jumble)
TehAmelie: yay for water
Fruan: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week more Gladiator! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
djalternative: Is goblins viable for gladiator yet?
TehAmelie: goblins should make great gladiators from an audience standpoint
asthanius: @djalternative It's been tried. That much is certain.
Naarius: I beaten and lost to Wheeler with goblins
Naarius: Mink probably has tried a lot more than me though
DiscordianTokkan: Random reminder, James_LRR is going to do... Unspeakable things in the name of Charity next Friday on his Mincraft stream on the 21st. Namely, play the Caillou theme 420 times in a row. There's prizes, and it's for charity, but at what cost... seabatUseless
Porsgaard81: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week more Gladiator! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (2m ago).
TehAmelie: i'm talking only of gladiators in the blood sport sense here, obvs
AllGoodDogs: seabatUseless seabatUseless jlrrCooltunes jlrrCooltunes
Naarius: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
djalternative: @DiscordianTokkan sounds like a stream I watch on mute
SaladCookies: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
AllGoodDogs: lrrSIGNAL seabatUseless lrrSIGNAL seabatUseless lrrSIGNAL seabatUseless
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
hd_dabnado: !decklist
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL seabatUseless_SQ lrrSIGNAL
SergeYager: oh hey, come around here often?
DiscordianTokkan: @SergeYager Yep! :D
TehAmelie: what i know about the distinctive features of Magic sets fits in a thimble with room left for a little finger
SergeYager: fancy meeting you here
Porsgaard81: Quite often.
bl1ghtn1n6: so, who's on mono-red
serramarkov: Hi all!
DiscordianTokkan: Not as often as some fancy Minecraft streamers I follow, though... ;)
AllGoodDogs: lrrCIRCLE_HF (the most pointless emote edit ever.)
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DiscordianTokkan: I need to make lrrCIRCLE_SG more often
SergeYager: Tokkan, you also follow James? Small world
djalternative: @AllGoodDogs what do you mean? it looks so different
DiscordianTokkan: @SergeYager And this other minecrafter! They're even on the same server! JoeKim! sergeSnerge
AllGoodDogs: @djalternative it's a Rorschach test and you passed.
SergeYager: oh dang
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mastershake29x: 60 months? That’s like one minute?
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DiscordianTokkan: sergeHeart
SaladCookies: Serge did you know that LRRbot does this?
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marcy_baybay91: Bay Bay
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SaladCookies: !sassplan
LRRbot: I don't know, go ask Serge's mods.
SergeYager: that's been there for a while :P
SaladCookies: TIL
SergeYager: I kinda low key love it though
Geekscience: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:20.
chaostreader: !point
LRRbot: If you came here hoping for there to be a point to this, I have bad news for you.
AllGoodDogs: !cheesecake
SaladCookies: It's very good lol
TheWarbo: all right, time to watch some beer and drink some magic
TheWarbo: wait
DiscordianTokkan: I'm kinda clad that it never gets updated also, it makes it even funnier
AllGoodDogs: !canal
virtualcatastrophe: !servofacts
DiscordianTokkan: *Glad, not clad. brain plz
chaostreader: !helm
LRRbot: THE HELM cannot be burned.
djalternative: !vaselineorbarcodealloneword
LRRbot: Barcode!
RockPusher: !dos
LRRbot: RebelliousUno también está transmitiendo. Asegúrate de revisar su vista de la secuencia y darle una continuación!
virtualcatastrophe: !subscribeservofacts
djalternative: !killallhumans
LRRbot: Omega Authorization not found.
Dergib: why did it say chill point was coming on?
the_0racle64: Ello
NightWingMistHawk: !killallhumans
LRRbot: Omega Authorization not found.
TheWarbo: it not perfect system
benjamin_wheeler: I love magic the gathering
AllGoodDogs: nothing more chill than Gladiator
MrPandaaaGaming: I love @benjamin_wheeler
DiscordianTokkan: Twitch has been... Funky today with notifications
RockPusher: wheelerMuldcb wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
Juliamon: Getting the title/game to update in time is not perfect system.
AllGoodDogs: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH wheelerT
NinjaRock2603: @benjamin_wheeler i love the republic
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Diabore: @benjamin_wheeler i feel like thats a lie but im not sure
revjakenash: Ben is lying, he sold his collection and exclusivly plays contract bridge
Juliamon: It also said Chillpoint was Dice Friends, so don't worry about it
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Dr_Shandor: wheelerY wheelerH wheelerH wheelerMuldcb
DiscordianTokkan: I'm VERY glad the Arena Festival thing was essentially Gladiator. It meant I had a deck ready to go!
ShaneLeeAtk: Game time. Hoo. Has.
Fruan: Oh hey, it's full time Fall Guys streamer Ben Wheeler. I didn't know he played Magic too!
AllGoodDogs: @Juliamon 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
DiscordianTokkan: katesAir
Hadouken_lol_catz: loud WutFace
Juliamon: 🌮 🌮 🌮
NonUniqueGuy: @Juliamon What if I worry about everything?
SergeYager: oh hey, a mtg stream.
SergeYager: neat!
kristof162028: Hello everyone how‘s it going
greatwahooney: We're heeeere!
TabbyLavalamp: TFW you're watching a video in another tab and the theme kicks in.
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Juliamon: NonUniqueGuy That's something else to worry about.
F1SHOR: jlrrFacepalm jlrrFacepalm
RockPusher: wheelerMulderce wheelerMulderce wheelerMulderce
DiscordianTokkan: Mulder!
Sibwow: happy wheeleerversary
djalternative: @DiscordianTokkan I did fairly decently with my selesnya auras deck
MrPandaaaGaming: oh hey, a @sergeyager siting. hello friend!!
Tommadness: Hi Ben and Mulder!
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerMuldr
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imawhal: Kitty!
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DigitalSeahorse: orangekitHappycat_SG orangekitPeach orangekitPeaches missjo1Cat_HF
Sibwow: wheelerMulderce
Dr_Shandor: wheelerMulderce wheelerMulderce wheelerMulderce
Dergib: well he has to take a break from being the greatest sometimes
Porsgaard81: What is Mulder playing today?
Juliamon: Hi Mulder! And Wheeler, I guess.
DigitalSeahorse: YEEEEHAW
lowman02: Got them Nattie Born glasses on it must be time for some Gladiation
hd_dabnado: woooo!
RockPusher: oh, Wheeler is here too
nanacomehome: happy anniversary wheelerBless wheelerKappap
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TristalMTG: I'm excited to learn what Gladiator is!
fubargames: Ant kittens!
Tommadness: Buggy in the MTGO sense?
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bananderson_: ayo happy 41 months
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noSmokeFire: a bigg buggy boyy
fubargames: *And
DiscordianTokkan: @djalternative I essentially upgraded my Gruul Smashy smash Brawl deck. Uuuuuuh 5-0. >_>
Juliamon: !cardkingdom
LRRbot: Card Kingdom is a long-time sponsor of LoadingReadyRun's MtG draft streams. Visit them at and if you live on the west coast, visit their store in Seattle. When you place an order, say "LoadingReadyRun sent me, button please!" to receive a bonus button!
DigitalSeahorse: teebsUnity BlackLivesMatter PrideRise
NonUniqueGuy: @AnAnonymousGifter Thanks for the gift sub!
loudwalrus: Cat!
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virtualcatastrophe: I love this nonsense. Ben is so effortlessly funny. Thanks for all the great MTG times <3
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elah806: That opening whoosh came in loud on my speaker just as I turned on my oven and I was like "welp this is it I guess"
fatherllymic: Finally catching Firday night LIVE!
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Comeback323: ily
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korvys: Yew!
RockPusher: Canadian spice? Soo, Maple smoked? lrrBEEJ
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Cartographers_Ink: Another month!!
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Dergib: button please!!! lol
NotCainNorAbel: This is our fault!
Geekscience: This episode of Friday Nights is starting out a little weird
TabbyLavalamp: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR hussySLAPCHEST
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ryder0802: Ermagerd, one full year!
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MechaKuuga: No cams?
itsr67: serge!
SnackPak_: And Serge!
lowman02: and Mulder
SergeYager: play the song :D
DigitalSeahorse: lrrSERGE
SergeYager: AND SERGE :D
hd_dabnado: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Everything on Arena is legal, except Oko. Click here for more information:
flatluigi: TransgenderPride
Sibwow: i wish transitioning was that easy ben
AllGoodDogs: lrrCAMERON lrrJUDGE lrrSERGE wheelerBless
Dergib: is it serge or snerge?
NDCazzy: I tried "loading ready run sent me wheeler please!" it didn't work
Tommadness: If you're not familiar with Gladiator, it's super fun and cool
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yalc321: wheelerY wheelerH
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F1SHOR: wow he cut the 2 best colours
freshmaker__: oh baby god pharaoh's gift.
DigitalSeahorse: PrideTrans orangekitPeaches PrideBalloons
TabbyLavalamp: Free Oko!
AllGoodDogs: !card oko the trickster
LRRbot: Oko, the Trickster [4GU] | Legendary Planeswalker — Oko [4] | [+1]: Put two +1/+1 counters on up to one target creature you control. / [0]: Until end of turn, Oko, the Trickster becomes a copy of target creature you control. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn. / [−7]: Until end of turn, each creature you control has base power and toughness 10/10 and gains trample.
ArcOfTheConclave: it's super-singleton event but with a sane ban list
itsr67: oh no
Drathak: Super ban Oko!
TheWarbo: serge "big cheatz" yager Kappa
Hadouken_lol_catz: what was the reasoning for the field ban?
korvys: Also maybe take out the Kitchen Finks, Serge lrrBEEJ
bl1ghtn1n6: classic Serge
TabbyLavalamp: Oko did nothing wrong. feliciaChew
itsr67: Golos + FoTD was a menace
bl1ghtn1n6: Oko did so many things wrong
AllGoodDogs: Oko got to a ton of loyalty early wrong
Rogue_07: Was Thoughtseize in Amonkhet originally? When did it get added to arena?
nanacomehome: @Hadouken_lol_catz field was basically a free-roll and takes over games without much opportunity for interaction
itsr67: It was one of the cards they added
underhill33: Nelson is a tad loud
AveryAlways: surely mulder is a compaion too
bl1ghtn1n6: Thoughtseize was an Invocation
asthanius: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Everything on Arena is legal, except Oko. Click here for more information:
itsr67: They added 10 ish cards that weren't in the set originally
kais58: Nelson is very loud
TheWarbo: Amonkhet Remastered added 14 non-AKH/HOU cards, about half of which are invocations.
flatluigi: *oko and field
LadyLockwood92: Hiyo
kristof162028: Where can i find the decklists that u have made ben
niccus: the ban list has doubled in size; the meta's rough
Hadouken_lol_catz: thanks for the explanations ppl now i know <3
AveryAlways: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerT wheelerH
BisexualAssassin: I finally catched Friday Night Paper Fight live
odocoelus: Who's here tonight? Wheeler, Serge, Nelson and...?
flatluigi: cam
BisexualAssassin: *caught, I'm a dumbass
Swamplor: Can we choose to use a die roll instead of a coin fliip/
JokerBoney: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
odocoelus: Ah. He only spoke once, so I didn't remember him much.
AllGoodDogs: Can't wait to find 'Super Singleton" in the challenge match menu
Juliamon: Updated command to include Field.
Dergib: jokes on you. I have no friends......oh wait
Geekscience: what is this limit, so we know what number not to pick?
TheWarbo: the "deck type" is 60 cards, even if the deck does not actually have 60 cards. just don't think about it too hard
TheWarbo: Gladiator wants you to play t3feri
AllGoodDogs: RIP Cat.
AllGoodDogs: RIP T3feri
itsr67: winota? jam that card
Juliamon: Sounds perfect Nelly
Tommadness: Little bit overcorrected, Nelly
LadyLockwood92: I really don't think it would be super difficult for Arena to have a Historic Commander with the card pool on there.
SerGarretCameron: only slightly overcorrected, second revision is grand.
AllGoodDogs: Everyone sounds great now.
TwitchTVsFrank: nelly is good now
Robot_Bones: Don't let Chat Silence Your voice Nelson!
freshmaker__: final volume is very good nelly
kvothie: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:21.
serramarkov: No one is too loud.
InquisitorJL: !decks
asthanius: This hand has many good cards
Tommadness: wheelerGreed
InquisitorJL: ahh, I see why that'd be mod only
LadyLockwood92: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
flatluigi: !card god-pharaoh's gift
LRRbot: God-Pharaoh's Gift [7] | Artifact | At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that card, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie. It gains haste until end of turn.
kristof162028: !decklists
niccus: what are these draws
flatluigi: oh these hands....
asthanius: oh boy this is amazing
DigitalSeahorse: lucidCringe Oof
F1SHOR: my first sealed I got gift I was so happy
AllGoodDogs: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:31:25. lrrSPOT
hd_dabnado: this is really unlucky
Fruan: Refurbish on Arena again soon, please?
Juliamon: We will unrestrict !decklists when we have them.
texsean: wheelerGreed wheelerGreed wheelerGreed
LadyLockwood92: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! There's no money in the tarp budget for that.
TheWarbo: oh, so it's like Offspring's Revenge Kappa
flatluigi: oh god
korvys: holy crap
Diabore: HORSEY!
asthanius: wheelerH
AllGoodDogs: yeah my first sealed I got Gift and the smaller artifact that tutors/birthing pods it
LadyLockwood92: Dang
Sibwow: perfect game
asthanius: That is...powerful.
StarWarsTHX1138: O_o
niccus: performing exactly as intended
LadyLockwood92: I really wanna get my hands on the Thriving lands.
TristalMTG: The thriving lands seem awesome for singleton here
freshmaker__: i was very happy that they made fake gladiator an event
asthanius: And it don't stop coming and it don't stop coming and it don't stop coming and it don't stop-
LadyLockwood92: Or just anything from Jumpstart really...
bl1ghtn1n6: for my sake, please don't play T3feri :P
noSmokeFire: !card gate to the afterlife
LRRbot: Gate to the Afterlife [3] | Artifact | Whenever a nontoken creature you control dies, you gain 1 life. Then you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Gate to the Afterlife: Search your graveyard, hand, and/or library for a card named God-Pharaoh's Gift and put it onto the battlefield. If you search your library this way, shuffle it. Activate this ability only if there are six or more creature cards in your graveyard.
freshmaker__: Rowan!
Tommadness: I've won a disproportionate number of games on a mull to 5
AllGoodDogs: Rowan
itsr67: perfect
itsr67: Rowan
hd_dabnado: ROWAN
Tommadness: And lost as many on 7
nyquister_: Rowan!!!
TheWarbo: i understand that there is no reason to turn it up unless you are running UR
Sibwow: ROWAN
bl1ghtn1n6: you win some wild games on 5
bl1ghtn1n6: and even 4
catmoozi: what deck are we going to see tonight?
itsr67: if ye had a chance
djalternative: I enjoy arena's "room tone"
Tommadness: wheelerY wheelerH
LadyLockwood92: They're Aggressively Scottish
nyquister_: Of course
AllGoodDogs: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
SerGarretCameron: wheelerMulderce
AveryAlways: wheelerY wheelerH
DigitalSeahorse: lucidLove lucidLove lucidLove lucidLove lucidLove lucidLove
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ArcOfTheConclave: Ben <3
kamelion84: lol
nanacomehome: wheelerY wheelerH
asthanius: I've never been a fan of Ben Wh wheelerE ler
hd_dabnado: lol
TheWarbo: wow nelly
MidgardSerpent: wheelerY wheelerH
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerT wheelerGuts wheelerClown
Dr_Shandor: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
flatluigi: nelly got a LOT louder
lowman02: I mean I give him money--but I regret it daily
Oneiros96: wheelerGreed
Tommadness: Sassy Nelly
kais58: Nelson is loud again? :(
AllGoodDogs: Nelly is literally just his Friday Nights character all the time eh? lol
autumnrayne92: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
DigitalSeahorse: lucidWeb lucidJerry YEEEEHAWWW
revjakenash: wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy
dooppatrol: hell yeah wheelerY wheelerH
Sibwow: wheelerHub wheelerGreed
devilmonkey12: wheelerY wheelerY wheelerH wheelerH
noSmokeFire: how do CDAs interact with mutate?
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerGreed wheelerHub wheelerY wheelerE
RendezVoodoo: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
Lithobraker: HURBIS
lowman02: Hugh Bris, next door neighbor, great guy
r10pez10: i like how the GREEED emote has a greedy number of Es
autumnrayne92: wheelerHub
Porsgaard81: Hubris is when one goes against the will of the gods.
LadyLockwood92: Hmm...I don't trust like that
A_Dub888: !findquote hubris
LRRbot: Quote #6739: "Name a better pairing than Serge and hubris." —Serge [2020-01-29]
Taylorton147: whoops
nyquister_: It's an alternative to YOLO
TotallyNotaBeholder: @ArchRequiemD I didn't notice you gifting me a sub, thank you for supporting LRR by way of me!
DigitalSeahorse: lucidSnob lucidSnob lucidSnob hubris
dooppatrol: hubris is going down to 4 cards and saying muligining is fine
DigitalSeahorse: lucidSnob kenohkBubble
korvys: Hey Ben, can you put your face back in the middle? - you're covering your lands.
ryguy2133: !decklist
kristof162028: Is there a gladiator site with all the decks in the format?
Taylorton147: !deck
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F1SHOR: Hubris is a great minecraft server
lowman02: Serge this was a standard deck
niccus: holding priority...
lowman02: it was renowned
bl1ghtn1n6: is this tutoring for an Agent?
LadyLockwood92: makes a token...I might have to get a copy for my Ghired deck.
nyquister_: Is standard like commander?
bl1ghtn1n6: god, imagine Agent with GPG
Veggiekeks: Whats standard I only play type 1 Kappa
Sibwow: nelson and his large son
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asthanius: That sounds like Magic: The Gathering
Taylorton147: @nyquister_ nah commander you can only have one of each card
FacelessManAboutTown: frgeekCry
lowman02: @Veggiekeks honestly, that's the last time I've jammed it--well sometimes I dabble
Drathak: That's the way to do it man
SnackPak_: Cameron is the real winner here
flatluigi: i want cam to win with aristocrats tonight
PlusDY: T h r i v i n g
Altoguy16499: Cam sounds like he's living the life
UnkeptFlea: thought we were about to learn what hubris meant to CAM
djalternative: What's Cam reading?
SeiichiSin: Cam had a good day in Bloodborn for sure.
XcaliberCrusade subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 9 months!
XcaliberCrusade: "I assemble my deck and lose." Cam please stop sharing my MTG experience with the public.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, XcaliberCrusade! (Today's storm count: 71)
hd_dabnado: wait
SnowBuddy18: "assemble my deck and then lose" - dictionary definition of Magic: The Gathering
hd_dabnado: why is nelson running different basic lands?
jkoon78076: you guys are all amazing
hd_dabnado: my god
guardianzero666: so Cam experiences Gladiator the way he experiences Highlander
Thermonuclear_Bartender subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 4 months, currently on a 4 month streak!
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Drathak: What if baneslayer drew you cards and had hexproof
lowman02: no it just keeps going--once you get it going, it's really good
asthanius: Serge you have the INTERNET
lowman02: but it is a 7 :P
LadyLockwood92: Definitely ordering a copy for Ghired~
dooppatrol: cam and nelly are so loud
XcaliberCrusade: Snerge demands obedience
bl1ghtn1n6: Serge, just look it up
Hadouken_lol_catz: its also not legendary serge
DiscordianTokkan: !card God-Pharaoh's Gift
LRRbot: God-Pharaoh's Gift [7] | Artifact | At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that card, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie. It gains haste until end of turn.
bl1ghtn1n6: Nelly has a turn to kill it
RogueLink: LOL
Hadouken_lol_catz: then it would be green cam
BrindleBoar: sounds like magic the way Dickie G intended, Cam
Porsgaard81: Which card is best, The Scarab God or God-Pharaoh's Gift?
darkspiredragon: Gets pyroblasted. Totally fair card Kappa
bl1ghtn1n6: get back Unsub
bl1ghtn1n6: nice
A_Dub888: !card experimental overload
LRRbot: Experimental Overload [2UR] | Sorcery | Create an X/X blue and red Weird creature token, where X is the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard. Then you may return an instant or sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Experimental Overload.
ewebs7: Gotta keep a hand in card for Trawler
bl1ghtn1n6: some of the new cards are bonkers
TheWarbo: (search in the deckbuilder with e:ana or e:anb )
00gogo00: they're from the tutorial fight against bolas
ArcOfTheConclave: a second pridemate
lamina5432: that great 1/4 mentor of the meak
freshmaker__: I love the white, 6 mana 1/4 that draws cards
Lithobraker: Oh hey it's the strictly worse discourse card!
lowman02: wheelerHub
monosceros: the arena new player cards are only legal in bo1
TheWarbo: !card witch of the moors
LRRbot: Witch of the Moors [3BB] | Creature — Human Warlock [4/4] | Deathtouch / At the beginning of your end step, if you gained life this turn, each opponent sacrifices a creature and you return up to one target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
djalternative: anybody know how I can sort the arena ony cards? there's not a selection in the set picker
hd_dabnado: wheeler has an unhealthy relationship with this card
hd_dabnado: its actually scary sometimes
ryder0802: It's the replacement card for Sheoldred
RAZRBCK08: jumpstart cards are fun
TheWarbo: djalternative "e:ana" and "e:anb" (for some reason, there's two set codes)
catmoozi: cast grave exchange at the each turn is pretty good
hyaundredneer: Wut? Nuuu!! I missed Aye, Mon Quett yester-dates!!!
hyaundredneer: That was yesterday, right?
djalternative: @TheWarbo gratzi
sendatou: oh baby
asthanius: Oh
Natural_Ones_Only: OH
hyaundredneer: Oh look,a Thanos God.
ForOhForError: uhuh
noSmokeFire: !card sheodred
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
MegaDosX: !card sheoldred
LRRbot: Did you mean: Sheoldred, Whispering One; Reaper of Sheoldred
bl1ghtn1n6: only the first Sheoldred Serge, we didn't get the original
Diabore: !card sheoldred
LRRbot: Did you mean: Sheoldred, Whispering One; Reaper of Sheoldred
Natural_Ones_Only: !card Sheoldred
asthanius: 1
MegaDosX: !card sheoldred, whispering one
kansaiDop: It's sheoldred light
Diabore: oops, overloaded lrr bot
noSmokeFire: @kansaiDop same sheoldred taste, fewer calories
Diabore: !card sheoldred, whispering one
Natural_Ones_Only: Sorry LRR bot, you do good work
hyaundredneer: Watch them NOT even ban it in half duh time of last week's ban...
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, that sounds like how I've felt about Gladiator
Fairgrim: sorry I'm late I didn't see the tweet and forgot what day of the week it is
AllGoodDogs: the one crappy Minotaur with two red pips ... now on Arena?
hyaundredneer: Is it cuz of the masterpieces, bruh?
hd_dabnado: like george
bl1ghtn1n6: I get to play effin Kefnet and kill people with it
hd_dabnado: or steamed clamors
bl1ghtn1n6: the format's so sick
djalternative: @hyaundredneer about half of the new cards were invocations
F1SHOR: like torment of scara.... benginCry
TheAwkes: 100-card singleton: where redundancy and variety are the same thing.
hyaundredneer: @djalternative Aye, that's about right.
AllGoodDogs: actively gaming.
Diabore: i choose direction left
Sogheim: y'know, if Mire Boa ever makes it onto Arena, I bet it's an auto include for Wheeler
Natural_Ones_Only: !card God-Pharaoh's gift
LRRbot: God-Pharaoh's Gift [7] | Artifact | At the beginning of combat on your turn, you may exile a creature card from your graveyard. If you do, create a token that's a copy of that card, except it's a 4/4 black Zombie. It gains haste until end of turn.
hyaundredneer: They'll probably debut new showcase events themed around the God's Trials.
Masslost: i think the fact gladiator has a definitely lack of equipment really makes deck building interesting as it forces you to turn to cards that wouldn't see the light
TwitchTVsFrank: ben should move his camera up a bit
shurtal: Im a lich, im a lover, im undead, im a looter
lamina5432: soul warden?
TwitchTVsFrank: he is blocking his lands
niccus: charming prince + mirror march otp
Diabore: @TwitchTVsFrank but we can see kitty with this angle
Natural_Ones_Only: kitty>lands
freshmaker__: ELD Witch
philippekav: it's a humans ?
Tartarga: Witch is secretly a spider.
Natural_Ones_Only: mulder is best
Romanator0: that's just 3 kids in a trenchcoat
Diabore: @TwitchTVsFrank oh, that camera
ThermobaricKitten: It does look like a bloodbore boss though
TheMoatman: Just a miserable little pile of armlets
marcy_baybay91: it's clearly a GOO lock
TwitchTVsFrank: not the actual camera the window with his camera
lamina5432: love nelly' lands
A_Dub888: !findquote arms
LRRbot: Quote #2195: "What I really want is an N64 controller... because I have 3 arms." —Paul [2016-03-28]
hyaundredneer: I sees Regal Caracal as a bundle promo. So you can't draft itz no more?
XcaliberCrusade: A human is made up of a torso, 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head. Clearly, increasing any of those variables increases humanness
LadyAiluros: Thumbs. Thumbs are key.
yakbop: what is man? a miserable pile of limbs!
MegaDosX: That's not exactsies, that's overkill :p
TheWarbo: witch of the moors is both featherless and a biped. it checks out
lirazel64: More opposable thumbs.
InquisitorJL: so, human centipede is just a tautology?
hd_dabnado: for a mull to 4
MechaNoelle: My partner and I are trying to decide whether we should call Soulhunter Rakshasa Gary (because it's basically gray merchant but different) or Saul, can chat/Ben help?
sterlingsojourner: Diogenes posited that a human bu Plato
Diabore: i reeally like the thriving lands
frogomb: Man is a miserable pile of secrets
BrindleBoar: "What is man?" Plato: "A featherless biped." Diogenenes, waving a plucked chicken: "Behold, a man!"
AllGoodDogs: sergeSqueak
marcy_baybay91: lrrGREED
Natural_Ones_Only: Socrates: Man=Featherless Biped Diogenes: Ok so i plucked a chicken its a man now
ThermobaricKitten: sergeSqueak #
Diabore: did.....did ben just gesundheit me?
Cartographers_Ink: Serge squek = sneeze
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerGreed lrrGREED
sterlingsojourner: @BrindleBoar thank you, I messed up typing it
lowman02: keep that 7 in hand on a mull :P
lowman02: that's the true greed
Natural_Ones_Only: Mulder>Diogenes>everything else
Diabore: thats a fine consolation prize
Sogheim: wheelerBless
MegaDosX: I like Diogenes' response to Alexander the Great. Alexander said "If I were not Alexander I would wish to be Diogenes", and Diogenes replied "If I were not Diogenes, I would also wish to be Diogenes."
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nobodez: Gotta love FNPF
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KrockMT: !deck
DarkMorford: I'm just gonna morph in this Chromeshell Crab... lrrIAN
KrockMT: !decklist
bl1ghtn1n6: does Nelly mean Approach?
BrowneePoints: Censor's back!
Natural_Ones_Only: Mulder's response to being pet is great: "meaoooowo"
fatherllymic: PET THE CAT
hd_dabnado: it was reprinted on arena multiple times iirc
Natural_Ones_Only: DO PET THE CAT
LonelyTex: wheelerGRE wheelerE wheelerEED wheelerUro
Natural_Ones_Only: CAT SOUNDS
therealkenm135: haha cat go meow
Juliamon: Ease up on the all-caps please, chat.
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Banrael: wheelerY lrrHAM
ixidor_: hype
Dog_of_Myth: Hola all
lowman02: I think that was a child--pretty sure Mulder doesn't get that loud--but she is quite talkative
Natural_Ones_Only: oh ok, cat Sound=good (quietly)
Porsgaard81: How come noone is playing Nightmare Shepherd?
BrowneePoints: Jund Lands with Ramunap Ruins and Deserts!
Lithobraker: They reprinted Thalia?
bl1ghtn1n6: you play all the duals you can get
hd_dabnado: that can cycle
DigitalSeahorse: missjo1Cat_HF
lowman02: cycling stronk
bl1ghtn1n6: Golos for Cataracts feels good
itsr67: also cycling in the late game is very very nice
lowman02: @Lithobraker only on Gitrog I'm pretty sure
TheWarbo: triomes a just a typed dual with cycling 3 are pretty decent
Natural_Ones_Only: Mulder sees the pridemate
geraldardoin: Serge........................GET INTO THE SEA
TotallyNotaBeholder: Grizzly Cat
Natural_Ones_Only: Grizzly Fate
Lithobraker: Ajanis could've been a contender
DigitalSeahorse: that's what I say about my ahole neighbor's kid :P
Alas_Babylon: Really not sure why they changed Teferi's VA, he sounds so much less casual
BrowneePoints: But Gideon's Voice is amazing!(It's Travis Willingham I think)
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bwk789: 14 months, over a year and counting!
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underhill33: Ah, they're reenacting the when the House of Lords met remotely
LadyLockwood92: Gideon is very definitively Travis Willingham.
LadyLockwood92: It's pretty much his normal voice.
Pharmacistjudge: Niambi, what is a TikTok? and can I use my time magic on it?
Natural_Ones_Only: *no*
RaklarLS: to make a point
lowman02: I play SUI Black in Canlander--and I wonder why every time
lowman02: there are some mysteries we'll never understand
LadyLockwood92: Lazav is Crispin Freeman
itsr67: good lord I also forgot dream trawler gets HUGE
Natural_Ones_Only: But it was me, Lazav!
LonelyTex: Dream Trawler is an all-star
hyaundredneer: Yea, chat! Why should we cap brawl at 60 cards at this point?
Diabore: high school? i still do that
noSmokeFire: wait, y'all stopped doing that in elementary school?
BrowneePoints: Hey! I did that!
hd_dabnado: holy fuck cam, why did I remember doing that too
BrowneePoints: Hey! I also did that!
niccus: the galaxy brain version is to do it as the driver
bwk789: My hand is a dolphin!!!
LadyLockwood92: Because if you go up to 100 cards in Brawl you're playing Commander.
Dandinstorm12: hello chat
paronomasiac042: Hold me closer, Tony Danza
lowman02: I'm pretty sure Dream Trawler and the Witch do a mean join ASMR podcast
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lowman02: *joint
SaladCookies: Wow shout out for the Almost Famous reference Ben damn
LadyLockwood92: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a restricted area.
frozenphoenix7: Just got here, who all is spell slinging tonight?
eye_h_bar: In full 4 part harmony
Mattmitchell45: Hold me closer Dreamy Trawler
LadyLockwood92: Oh man, I haven't seen Almost Famous in yeat.
LadyLockwood92: years*
itsr67: sorin reviving a god
noSmokeFire: vampire GOD
hyaundredneer: Historic isn't even brawl noes more. They just made it extended brawl to keep the decks capped at 60.
Dandinstorm12: vampire Heliod
gredgredmansson: Didn't you know Heliod was a vampire?
LonelyTex: Are you rare bindering me!?
AtomicAlchemical: Yes... I *definitely* no longer do that wall tracing thing as a grown-ass adult
Diabore: thats such a good insult
itsr67: wow Ben
AlchemicalPanda: Damnit Cam
Dandinstorm12: ooof
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BigBenS221: Woo
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TotallyNotaBeholder: It's an old meme sir, but it checks out
DiscordianTokkan: 5/7, perfect
gredgredmansson: Sorin finds a way
eye_h_bar: It explains the sparkling?
BigBenS221: Just popped in, is tthis Gladiator?
Natural_Ones_Only: and the storm count is 7/7, aka what it power is when it attacks
Dog_of_Myth: God of a Black Hole Sun?
TwitchTVsFrank: he just sparkles alot
Mediocre_Man5: maybe it's a vampire death cult?
itsr67: @BigBenS221 yep!
BrowneePoints: God of Sun that's a vampire?
LadyLockwood92: Vampire God of the Sun is just a constantly burning skeleton.
DiscordianTokkan: "Bakes my Melon" I guess Cam saw that smoked watermelon video
niccus: so a brainstorm?
Dandinstorm12: Cameron "Bakes my melon" Lauder
DiscordianTokkan: (It looks like Ham! I want to try it, at least once)
maywecomein: !decklist
actionjb: Cam is so punchy tonight, I love it!!!
djalternative: I'd def watch Almost Famous right now
Natural_Ones_Only: sdrawckab
lirazel64: *eyes Cam, looks lovingly at her Ladysmith Black Mamba on CDs* "Don't listen to the silly man."
wjzardry: As devotion is how much a God is "believed in" flavour-wise, the fact that Gods add to their own devotions means that, canonically, they believe in themselves which I find rather wholesome.
LadyLockwood92: Of course Cam's punchy, he beat 2 bosses on Bloodborne tonight. 2!
DigitalSeahorse: what people share when they're really uncool: noise and misery
BoBrinkman: spent 50% of my week with Cameron's rendition of "three little birds" stuck in my head
Dandinstorm12: pcbp
niccus: powerpoint magic
sterlingsojourner: Currently grilling some watermelon. It's delicious .
TheWarbo: "Dreadhorde Arsonist" :-D
lowman02: Rowan!
Natural_Ones_Only: If yeh could change yor fate
frogomb: I want to hear Cam's Three Little Birds
DigitalSeahorse: lucidNom
LadyLockwood92: I'm gonna be honest. I unironically love the Royal Scions voices.
LadyAiluros: I bet it's amazing
lirazel64: @sterlingsojourner I'm fond of grilled apricots, myself.
sterlingsojourner: Very good with salt and Tajin
LadyAiluros: sweet and smoky
frozenphoenix7: Y'all are talking about something cursed.
lowman02: I honestly want to fire up the grill and give it a go--never had it
AllGoodDogs: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Hideo Kojima production.
eye_h_bar: Making watermelon looked like ham was a thing for a bit
monosceros: glorybanger tastes spicy
sterlingsojourner: @lirazel64 never grilled apricots
Natural_Ones_Only: ooh no
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DiscordianTokkan: Before Everything is Cake, Ham was Watermelon
more_alpacas: glorybringer tastes like glory
sterlingsojourner: Lie watermelon, but smokey and sweet.
Dandinstorm12: "Grilled Watermelon" is my Phish cover band
sterlingsojourner: *Like
acolathy: glorybringer tastes like smoulder
LadyLockwood92: It would have been so, so easy for them to have made the Kenriths Standard Fantasy English, but they didn't, and I love that.
damn_i_am_pretty: Gladiators! We smoke watermelons for you!
Natural_Ones_Only: Stew the rich
Dandinstorm12: v-value
itsr67: willUMP
Diabore: arcanist serge, not arsonist
noSmokeFire: maybe it's a soft c
Arcticblast324: robber of the reach
gredgredmansson: Robin of the reach
LadyLockwood92: He does not.
Dandinstorm12: nah it has Trample instead Nelly
lowman02: jesus, that 3rd card from the right is great
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xXRealGamerThaigeXx: 48 months? thats 2 years + 2 years!
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Natural_Ones_Only: i think the flavor of Arcanist is its supposed to be brought back as an Eternal (a 4/4)
bl1ghtn1n6: I believe right-click lets you undo a click
00gogo00: there is an undo
00gogo00: with z
TheWarbo: if you've pressed the left-click but not let up, you can right-click
Romanator0: if you turn off auto-tap you get a confirm button
Fairgrim: I want a combat log in ARENA too!
Dandinstorm12: NotLikeThis
NotCainNorAbel: You're not annoying.
DigitalSeahorse: teebsCheer
Natural_Ones_Only: !card gate to the afterlife
LRRbot: Gate to the Afterlife [3] | Artifact | Whenever a nontoken creature you control dies, you gain 1 life. Then you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Gate to the Afterlife: Search your graveyard, hand, and/or library for a card named God-Pharaoh's Gift and put it onto the battlefield. If you search your library this way, shuffle it. Activate this ability only if there are six or more creature cards in your graveyard.
lowman02: Cam it's just expert deck building
Dandinstorm12: daaaamn
LadyLockwood92: Get 'im Cameron
bl1ghtn1n6: "I'll believe it when I see it" waow
lirazel64: NOW we get to hubris-land.
itsr67: gonti is such a cool card
Dandinstorm12: it's ok Wheeler, there's no way to give things double strike in Red
djalternative: gonti AND black market, nelson
DiscordianTokkan: Gonti's back, baybeeee
Dandinstorm12: Bolt cand chain lighting
DiscordianTokkan: Lightning Bolt isn't back yeah
bl1ghtn1n6: if you attack all, you can't exert
Fruan: "attack with all" doesn't let you exert.
hd_dabnado: oh yeah you have to click it
Diabore: attack all doesnt let you exert
itsr67: if you attack all you can't exery
Dandinstorm12: Ball lightning
bl1ghtn1n6: it's really annoynig
superdude097: You have to attack 1 at a time
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hd_dabnado: its stupid
frozenphoenix7: Attack all doesn't let you exert because you know
Dandinstorm12: found that out in draft
Neisan29: That feels really dumb
TheWarbo: if it's on Arena, you can shove it in your Gladiator deck, with only the two exceptions
itsr67: it does but games could be lost if the opposite happened
frozenphoenix7: Yep Cam.
itsr67: like exerting when you didn't mean to
hd_dabnado: you dont need to hold control, just press it
Dandinstorm12: the trigger goes on the stack, you can respond
monosceros: did you just time walk him lol
frozenphoenix7: Reminder Glorybringer specifies non Dragons in case anyone starts to wonder <_<
TotallyNotaBeholder: Full Control, No Control
Diabore: something between full control and vroom vroom
monosceros: glorybanger doesn't bang his own kind
Natural_Ones_Only: Arena go brrr
Caseheroes: It would be nice to be able to always yield to triggers like you can in modo
Field94: Never didnt have it
Diabore: tell ya huat
acolathy: are these decklists available somewhere? wasn't here at the start of the stream if you already answered; sorry!
benjamin_wheeler: @Juliamon can I message these to youi
Juliamon: Of course!
ryder0802: !decks
noSmokeFire: we have that technology
acolathy: sweet! thanks y'all
MrMinestrone: glad i could finally catch a stream
frogomb: Welcome to Niambi. Bienvenida a Niambi
NotCainNorAbel: what if, now hear me out, what if we played all the good cards
Dandinstorm12: feh
Dandinstorm12: these draws
djalternative: has cam learned the beauty of "type=creature"?
itsr67: these additions of cards (M21, Jumpstart, AKH remastered, and the HA3) have all been great
NUTSOFODEN: !card Gate To The Afterlife
LRRbot: Gate to the Afterlife [3] | Artifact | Whenever a nontoken creature you control dies, you gain 1 life. Then you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card. / {2}, {T}, Sacrifice Gate to the Afterlife: Search your graveyard, hand, and/or library for a card named God-Pharaoh's Gift and put it onto the battlefield. If you search your library this way, shuffle it. Activate this ability only if there are six or more creature cards in your graveyard.
noSmokeFire: I really love the art on Improbably alliance
catmoozi: we only have 250 card decks we can't play ALL the good cards
asthanius: Of COURSE Serge is on lands
AllGoodDogs: !card oko the trickster
LRRbot: Oko, the Trickster [4GU] | Legendary Planeswalker — Oko [4] | [+1]: Put two +1/+1 counters on up to one target creature you control. / [0]: Until end of turn, Oko, the Trickster becomes a copy of target creature you control. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn. / [−7]: Until end of turn, each creature you control has base power and toughness 10/10 and gains trample.
3and4fifths: Oko is broko
chesul: Oh Noko!
monosceros: Unban Oko! wheelerKappa
Dandinstorm12: rip field, you'll go back to ruining Historic
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werth_it: wow 2 months.
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StarWarsTHX1138: I thought only the 3 drop was banned?
korvys: Also maybe take out the Kitchen Finks, Serge lrrBEEJ
RAZRBCK08: 6 drop Oko is acceptable
hyaundredneer: Wasn't that made clear?
monosceros: @Dandinstorm12 that's way too real now with Hour of Promise. it was fine before, but holy shit that card pushes it over the edge LUL
Jwiley129: !decklists
TheWarbo: jokes? on *my* LRR stream?
freshmaker__: Joke-o
AllGoodDogs: Giving all your creatures base 10/10 and trample until end of turn isn't ban worthy? Seems OP to me.
hd_dabnado: it looks like you can
Dandinstorm12: @monosceros sometimes youput 6 goblins in play off Muxus and it still isn't enough
AllGoodDogs: (sarcasm)
bl1ghtn1n6: I think you get a chance to change it
wjzardry: You can go back
Jwiley129: !decklst
bl1ghtn1n6: you can for Finale of Devastation, which is the same
asthanius: !card arachnus web
LRRbot: Arachnus Web [2G] | Enchantment — Aura | Enchant creature / Enchanted creature can't attack or block, and its activated abilities can't be activated. / At the beginning of the end step, if enchanted creature's power is 4 or greater, destroy Arachnus Web.
Jwiley129: !decklist
TheWarbo: spidersalt
TheMandrew: I miss Blaseball
bl1ghtn1n6: we are all love blaseball
korvys: We are all love Blaseball
asthanius: Many stripes
asthanius: One Tiger
monosceros: @Dandinstorm12 TFW you hit haste lords, instigators and krenko and all you can say to yourself is "I'm not dead next turn"
AllGoodDogs: The Commissioner Is Doing A Great Job
AllGoodDogs: 🌮🌮🌮
00gogo00: I found blaseball while it was on break
Naolis: Ya ever just git em with the sorin ping
00gogo00: I'm sad
NonUniqueGuy: I watched the Blaseball stream when it was put on youtube. Went to check it out myself only to find out was on break
00gogo00: it seems fun
Juliamon: 🌮 🌮 🌮
00gogo00: @NonUniqueGuy me too
Dandinstorm12: @monosceros or " go to 5. Thanks for the games."
Dandinstorm12: woooow
fearthespike: gg
Dandinstorm12: boop
GeneralMemery: life total is a resource.
NonUniqueGuy: I did at least pick which team I will support.
monosceros: wait the life total is a wincon? wheelerKappa
hyaundredneer: imagine exert, but they just bring back phasing in it's place.
Juliamon: Break time, decklist time
Natural_Ones_Only: 1 match=1hr
AllGoodDogs: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
DiscordianTokkan: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
freshmaker__: and when you're right, you're right
NonUniqueGuy: !badadvice
LRRbot: Trust James with your credit card.
Porsgaard81: Time for yoga and coffee!
Dandinstorm12: !advice
LRRbot: Move carefully...
LadyLockwood92: !advice
LRRbot: It's not murder if it's robots!
DiscordianTokkan: !gas
DiscordianTokkan: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Everything on Arena is legal, except Oko and Field of the Dead. Click here for more information:
TheWarbo: i love this playmat so much
TheWarbo: i also love "i in fact have a pile of draft chaff right here, like this lightning bolt"
fearthespike: !advice
LRRbot: Take heed of those octopus-headed guards.
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Diabore: im curious on the context for that advice
Diabore: id assume dnd
Dr_Shandor: Afk?
Juliamon: Break
Dergib: how often are tournaments held for gladiator?
superdude097: ACKCHYUALLY @benjamin_wheeler earthworms are members of the class, Clitellata, NOT members of the class, Insecta. Kappa
TheWarbo: Earthworms don't got legs, yo!
TwitchTVsFrank: how easy are games of gladiator to find?
NonUniqueGuy: I believe there is a discord for it so should be pretty easy to find there.
Dandinstorm12: easy
Dandinstorm12: the discord is full of players
Dr_Shandor: Super easy on the discord
Juliamon: !decks
therealkenm135: @twitchtvsfrank yeah super easy
Dr_Shandor: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Everything on Arena is legal, except Oko and Field of the Dead. Click here for more information:
ihlendrax: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: Gold!
Dr_Shandor: Link to discord is in there
Pharmacistjudge: that command should say it's a "super-singleton format"
asthanius: hehehe
queso_gaming: lrrAWESOME
asthanius: good joke
acolathy: thanks for the decklists!
NotCainNorAbel: ahahaha aaa i like jokes
TheWarbo: ben "loves comedy" wheeler
queso_gaming: I love comedy
Dandinstorm12: Comedy, you've got to love it
LiamK712: hahaha that's great
DiscordianTokkan: I DO love comedy! wheelerClown
NonUniqueGuy: Ben "Horse Joke" Wheeler.
TwitchTVsFrank: how cut throat are games usually? are janky decks ok?
DigitalSeahorse: lucidLUL lucidLUL lucidLUL and we'll just keep going lul
hd_dabnado: oooo bant counters!
freshmaker__: what a jape. of course he couldn't see me!
Bartlebad: Ah, some love for the Macintosh Personal Computing Systems
bl1ghtn1n6: define "janky"
Faulpyr: Good joke, streamer!
NotCainNorAbel: almost have to work at it
TheWarbo: serge somehow drops a kitchen finks
Natural_Ones_Only: wow that break was the exact length of Ciaphas Cain (the Alfabufasa thing)
ArcOfTheConclave: the mac port sucks
superdude097: Somehow Serge puts a Kitchen Finks in his deck
Dandinstorm12: Serge "totally legal" Yager
noSmokeFire: if serge managed to get kitchen finks in his deck he deserves to run it
bl1ghtn1n6: like, there's a lot of stuff that can win, but people have Hazoret, and will not hesitate to use it
noSmokeFire: he earned it
itsr67: Jank cards exist on a near constant basis in gladiator
niccus: a weird way to reveal the Gladiator Set
fearthespike: @TheWarbo I was thinking that
Dandinstorm12: woof
Jayrod1220: zoomies!
control_rig: Turbo indeed
circusofkirkus: is serge sonic?
freshmaker__: nyoom
Natural_Ones_Only: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
AllGoodDogs: Sonic the Hedgehog meets MTGA.
Dandinstorm12: that's loud
freshmaker__: loud arena
Natural_Ones_Only: LOUD
TotallyNotaBeholder: What do you throw back? What your mama gave ya?
Dmc3628: Sonic plays Arena with loud effects
Pharmacistjudge: I will mulligan my deck and start with a 99 card deck.
Jayrod1220: mawp
TabbyLavalamp: I was in another tab and for a second thought Cam was mono green.
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asthanius: lots of bing bongs
Porsgaard81: Loud
noSmokeFire: oof that was CRUNCHY
freshmaker__: oh the visceral crunching
Natural_Ones_Only: CRONCHY sound
gredgredmansson: better
Natural_Ones_Only: super-man better
bl1ghtn1n6: always restart Arena
asthanius: Chop Suey
asthanius: *references*
Reioumu: is serge streaming at 60fps?
Mattmitchell45: Crash Boom Bang!!!
LadyLockwood92: You know he had to do it to 'em
Dandinstorm12: thanks Cameron
Reioumu: alt+f4
control_rig: Alt f4 serge
bl1ghtn1n6: just close an app, Serge
fearthespike: alt f4
StarWarsTHX1138: alt-F4
korvys: Guardian in a singleton format is... a choice
Dandinstorm12: lol
hd_dabnado: wheelerKiefcurse
bl1ghtn1n6: Guardian's...fine? like, it adapts
LadyLockwood92: He had to do it to 'em.
freshmaker__: i have had friends not be able to get back into games theyve dced from so GL
NUTSOFODEN: Alt-F4 is a RuneScape duplication hack I'm pretty sure.
DiscordianTokkan: !decks
Dandinstorm12: Serge immediately sideboards for aristocrats Kappa
Wodar9: What if I want to take your list and make it less good?
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: wheelerMulderce
DigitalSeahorse: alt f4 to format your harddrive
thraximore: wheelerMulderce <3
Reioumu: Is serge streaming at 60fps?
Dandinstorm12: arena, plz
itsr67: cut down on some of the graphics settings
asthanius: His graphics are set to "choppy"
Natural_Ones_Only: CHOP
thraximore: huh... a card that tutors for a copy of itself, in singleton?
Agnememnon: i serge capturing game window or something else
freshmaker__: it never does look great
DigitalSeahorse: *blames OS updates*
thraximore: serge tried to play a land three times before realizing he made his land play already LUL
hyaundredneer: Cam's voice intends to ascend beyond this game.
thraximore: the fastbond muscle memory
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TheWarbo: that sweet singleton-fromat GCG value
DiscordianTokkan: 'Avin' a Laff
niccus: shuffle your deck out of spite
catmoozi: but it shuffle for brain storm Kappa
TotallyNotaBeholder: What's that nissa's ult?
gredgredmansson: that's vivien
lowman02: is this Mulder.dek
TotallyNotaBeholder: Sorry, it was green and I'm tired
Natural_Ones_Only: no its Mulder.Life
bl1ghtn1n6: -5, graba creature card from outside the game (which doesn't apply without sideboards)
gredgredmansson: not all green planeswalkers are Nissa
bl1ghtn1n6: sneeep
catmoozi: search sideboeard for a creature
Dandinstorm12: that's a real hand
niccus: premier lands hand
gredgredmansson: Now wait until Zendikar Rising for a new Nissa
TotallyNotaBeholder: Thank you @bl1ghtn1n6
bl1ghtn1n6: do it you coward
Natural_Ones_Only: Snap
fearthespike: Snap Keep
LadyLockwood92: Hmm...that's a hand and a half.
fearthespike: lol
LadyLockwood92: Call that a Bastard Sword.
lowman02: no
lowman02: this is a pitch back
bl1ghtn1n6: you shouldn't but do it
hd_dabnado: i would not no
Dandinstorm12: welp
Natural_Ones_Only: welp
Dandinstorm12: that's a real draw
fearthespike: this might work out
Ukon_Cairns: i mean, thats like 4 cards in the same card, so it averages out miasShrug
bl1ghtn1n6: the fastest decks are like T5, sometimes turn 4
LadyLockwood92: It's okay, he can only draw gas.
Dandinstorm12: a reasonable aggro draw is t5 uncontested
bl1ghtn1n6: the aggro decks have a lot of longevity
bl1ghtn1n6: it's the hand you keep for good entertainment, but you should probably worse than a good 6
bl1ghtn1n6: 38 seems appropriate here with dorks
SaladCookies: I used to play a kruphix EDH deck with 28 lmao
gredgredmansson: value
NotCainNorAbel: checks out
Dergib: every format cam finds a way
LadyLockwood92: I don't know why people seem to associate Cam with Blue...Mardu is definitely his wheelhouse.
lowman02: so if 38% of your deck is lands, and you keep a 6 lander--your deck is like 90% gas at that point
Dandinstorm12: uh
bl1ghtn1n6: oh, you're so dead
Dandinstorm12: why would you say that
Muddy_Thunder: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
bl1ghtn1n6: you have a Questing Beast
bl1ghtn1n6: it's fine
Dergib: I don't associate can with a color so much as an architype
Ryavis: well, chandra is dead next turn, at least
Ryavis: if serge remembers all of questing beast's text
freshmaker__: arena knows the goblin has to attack so it auto does it if you attack with anything else
lowman02: the feet, heck yeah
niccus: sh sh sh sh only sleep
Dandinstorm12: it's ok Serge actual Blood Artist is in this format now
LadyLockwood92: Stacks on Stacks on Stacks (of triggers)
thraximore: doesn't it make sense for serge not to block, as those tokens die anyway?
Reioumu: How can anyone remember all of questing beast's text
Reioumu: it's a novel
Ryavis: then serge takes 1 more damage
niccus: i remember questing beast's flavor text
Dandinstorm12: verse 6
gredgredmansson: !card questing beast
LRRbot: Questing Beast [2GG] | Legendary Creature — Beast [4/4] | Vigilance, deathtouch, haste / Questing Beast can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less. / Combat damage that would be dealt by creatures you control can't be prevented. / Whenever Questing Beast deals combat damage to an opponent, it deals that much damage to target planeswalker that player controls.
asthanius: Everyone is just constantly saying "this card does WHAT?"
Dmc3628: welcome to 2019 magic reading is illogical
Dergib: cards have so much text on them now
TheSquash_: legend says every time you look at questing beast it gains another line of text
sterlingsojourner: Clearly cruel celebrant is the oushed card on this board
sterlingsojourner: *pushed
SnowBuddy18: volume 4, chapter 3, subchapter 5, verse 8, like 12
Ukon_Cairns: yeah see, it mighta started as a 6 land keep, but QB has enough words on it to make up for at least 2 of those
Dergib: that's why I like lightning bolt. simple and clean
LadyLockwood92: Aw dinger.
thraximore: removal is for weaklings
noSmokeFire: !card combine guildmage
LRRbot: Combine Guildmage [GU] | Creature — Merfolk Wizard [2/2] | {1}{G}, {T}: This turn, each creature you control enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it. / {1}{U}, {T}: Move a +1/+1 counter from target creature you control onto another target creature you control.
MegaDosX: Well that's a good statement to hear as I return to the stream :p
werth_it: *sigh*... yea
asthanius: Reading the card...
Reioumu: Serge, you're the judge
hd_dabnado: not only adapt
AllGoodDogs: reading the card
gredgredmansson: Adapt is not Monstrous
MegaDosX: Read the tooltip Serge
TheWarbo: it works exactly as that tooltip on the top right says
ThermobaricKitten: rules text on top right
asthanius: It says what Adapt does right there
00gogo00: all it knows is if there's counters on it
korvys: There is reminder text right there, next to teh card
fearthespike: adapt only checks for counters
Dandinstorm12: also the goblin shows up anyway
itsr67: farts?
MegaDosX: You mean you don't love the Simic sound effects Wheeler?
Dandinstorm12: squelch
freshmaker__: lots of wet clacking
itsr67: the ooze is the worst
gredgredmansson: Shark // Crab
Fruan: Cam can sac his board for the W here, right?
TheWarbo: the key tech is to adapt and then hold priority with the trigger on the stack
Ryavis: so serge is dead now, right?
werth_it: yeah full swing does it
itsr67: serge should be nearly DOB
itsr67: if not dead
thraximore: lmao Ben's impression of the Rowans gets me every time
LadyLockwood92: I still really like the Scions voices. Agressively Scottish as they are.
DrSoupPHD: Serj dead
TheWarbo: there's a video out there of someone using Arcane Adaptation (Dragons) and Sarkhan to produce like 13 legendary creatures' ETB graphics at once.
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Dandinstorm12: be cool chat
TheWarbo: using M19 sarkhan, i should specify
Reioumu: 1 short
itsr67: pontiff can't sac itself
DrSoupPHD: Serj 1!
Dmc3628: they're both another
Reioumu: vampire doesnt
Dmc3628: vindiction and pontiff are others
Reioumu: cameron could've waited one more torn
Reioumu: turn*
Dmc3628: it's fine we got lethal for next turn
circusofkirkus: both were 2019
hd_dabnado: oh god I thought that was my mouse
DrSoupPHD: Jan 2019
fearthespike: i think serge is dead
Dmc3628: both were 2019 but before the Fires of War
MechaNoelle: aren't bloodartists fun
Ukon_Cairns: magic balance still hasnt recovered from the war of the spark
Reioumu: yeah serge is dead
Dergib: serge is getting triunced
korvys: Never been blocked
SnowBuddy18: Teferi, Table Flip Causer
Dandinstorm12: magic hasn't recovered from war of the spark
MegaDosX: Why would you play a Questing Beast and not attack with it though?
Dergib: trounced*
Pharmacistjudge: sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne sergeOffByOne
PendragonX9: RIP
lowman02: Ben, now that's true Hubris
MechaKuuga: Isn't that IRONIC
thraximore: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
Dergib: snerge?
lowman02: you should take note
benjamin_wheeler: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
Juliamon: !findquote serge hubris
LRRbot: Quote #6739: "Name a better pairing than Serge and hubris." —Serge [2020-01-29]
Dandinstorm12: Serge "playing tight" Yager
noSmokeFire: if you had six of those hubris emotes you could have a cubris
MegaDosX: Dare you to keep it Serge
DrSoupPHD: oof
mrMorphius: unarmeHmm Do any of us truly know the meaning of hubris?
lowman02: MTGA actually has a built in Hubris meter
thraximore: ay carumba
actionjb: You know what they say, "Its always Hubris" and when you think its not Hubris, thats when you know its Hubris
Reioumu: both of you mulled twice
MegaDosX: Serge kept /what/?!?
Dandinstorm12: yup
Dandinstorm12: and topdecked a two drop
meat_and_eggs: Hey Daddy Wheely what happened to all the videos on your Youtube Channel. did I just miss something?
MegaDosX: Gross
Dandinstorm12: OH yeah
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TotallyNotaBeholder: 15 a new best for Serge
DrSoupPHD: Sac Thrashy B, I dare you
gredgredmansson: DJ of forgotten gods
niccus: alright, thinning the deck
lowman02: you can do it with critter on stack
Dandinstorm12: Cameron of getting punched to death by Serge's boys
chumpofthemonth: I definitely followed that, yep
Ryavis: why can other players activate wildwood scourge, anyway?
Reioumu: lmao
Dandinstorm12: Holding out for a hero?
Reioumu: Serge only draws lands
Ryavis: uh, serge
hippitybobbity: oh sick dude I love Chillpoint
TotallyNotaBeholder: Where's James Hiding?
fearthespike: he's getting the James Curse
thraximore: OH
Cartographers_Ink: Molander would love it
hd_dabnado: hydra tribal!
circusofkirkus: most hydras don't have trample
Ryavis: wait no, I'm thinking of a different hydra
korvys: Giraffe fight
noSmokeFire: they smack their heads like a giraffe
tycoonbosh: What's a concussion if you've got a dozen heads?
Dandinstorm12: Primordial hydra has trample
korvys: !quote adam
LRRbot: Quote #6727: "My victories are my victories, Your victories are my victories." —Adam [2020-01-25]
thraximore: that was funny
thraximore: took me a moment
theanthonydee: !quote hydra
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
LadyLockwood92: !findquoute Hydra
korvys: !findquote Hydra
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
noSmokeFire: RIP krenko
TotallyNotaBeholder: Heckbent
Dandinstorm12: bye kingpin
MegaDosX: That Bant Fireball though
LadyLockwood92: No history of Hydra Hilarity in LRRbot
TotallyNotaBeholder: Left card
Geekscience: toying with his food
hd_dabnado: go left!
Reioumu: Wheeler shut up
Reioumu: lmao
LadyLockwood92: !advice
LRRbot: Just because you died doesn't mean it wasn't a good plan.
chumpofthemonth: Always left
Dandinstorm12: lol
thraximore: hahaaha
hd_dabnado: wheeler XD
fearthespike: really Wheeler
TwitchTVsFrank: poor serge has been hanging out james too much
thraximore: HAHAHAHAHA
Dandinstorm12: oooh that card
TwitchTVsFrank: *with
Dandinstorm12: blood artist?
bl1ghtn1n6: ooh, I need to play a Mausoleum Secrets deck at some point
thraximore: is blood artist even on arena?
LadyLockwood92: Blood Artist is 4 I think
Dandinstorm12: Oathsworn Knight?
werth_it: literally any creature to keep him locked out
Geekscience: mausoleum secrets would be my pick for the best card you're not playing, its very good and i only recently learned about it
Pharmacistjudge: probably any creature that is two creatures
bl1ghtn1n6: Blood Artist is in Jumpstart
Dandinstorm12: literal blood artist @LadyLockwood92
Dumori: Maybe it's just a Mine O'Clock curse any one asked Uno if he draws way too many lands too?
thraximore: cruel celebrant is 2 cmc
Dergib: is cam just 3 colors?
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MegaDosX: Cam is Mardu
thraximore: that could have been worse
TotallyNotaBeholder: James!
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DrSoupPHD: Just here to sub, back to the YouTube void I goooooooooo
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Nuurgle: That's Julie Newmar
Dandinstorm12: drunk nelly, ayyy
nick111947: To Won Fu, Thanks for Everything, Judith Newmar
Dergib: cam should be 4 colors
Martin_FcG: Nice deck cam!
LadyLockwood92: Why should he...?
gredgredmansson: shoot that myr!
SquirrelLord1111: Cam might die from the reaper
thraximore: hehehehe
Naarius: lrrWOW
NonUniqueGuy: Cam doesn't fear the reaper
LadyLockwood92: Reaper's a may?
thraximore: the third land in a row :(
superdude097: How many lands in a row is that?
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrJAMES
Dandinstorm12: James?
lirazel64: Flood
LadyLockwood92: !card Midnight Reaper
LRRbot: Midnight Reaper [2B] | Creature — Zombie Knight [3/2] | Whenever a nontoken creature you control dies, Midnight Reaper deals 1 damage to you and you draw a card.
Dandinstorm12: 500 ways to lose
Dandinstorm12: the, frankly unfair 5 mana 6/6
Pharmacistjudge: rules of surgery
Dandinstorm12: with trample vigilance and reach
Sibwow: menguWow
dabomb1313: LUL
Drathak: Time to go away
ryder0802: "Take a break, come with us for the summer let's go upstate"
Pharmacistjudge: Don't stand when you can sit. Don't sit when you can lie down. Eat when you can. Drink when you can. Don't ^!@ with the pancreas.
theleerm: oooh nooo
thraximore: good joke
LiamK712: comedy
Porsgaard81: I always do pushups in the breaks...
Dandinstorm12: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Zarash11: Oh boy Gladiator. I've been loving the format.
hippitybobbity: well that was mildly threatening
gkgaming05: chat you heard wheeler stop. don't do it
NonUniqueGuy: I did it.
Porsgaard81: I have also done it.
ihlendrax: What did we do? (Just got back from walking the dogs.)
NonUniqueGuy: it
NotCainNorAbel: I figured he did not mean my absinthe pouring/prep
ihlendrax: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a man trapped in a jar
Ukon_Cairns: oh no
LadyLockwood92: I think I'm gonna duck out to check out Olivia's stream
NotCainNorAbel: Should we let the jar out of the box?
DiscordianTokkan: wheelerMuldcb
dabomb1313: need a compilation of these Ben gags
Geekscience: what a dirty hand, holy crap
thraximore: wheelerMuldcb
Easilycrazyhat: Your bits are the best, Wheeler
LiamK712: the funny LUL
Natural_Ones_Only: We need the Horse Joke. Yup. You know the one
frogomb: Pig is way better at conversation
NonUniqueGuy: Then we are just rewarding weakness. The jar needs to let itself out of the box. @NotCainNorAbel
MechaNoelle: one? Wheeler has DOZENS of horse jokes
NonUniqueGuy: Oh, there are more horse jokes?
Dandinstorm12: honk honk the 1/1s
Fairgrim: amazonBlasting amazonBlasting amazonBlasting
NotCainNorAbel: @NonUniqueGuy what if it gives us wishes for getting it out of the box?
Pharmacistjudge: molder is your grandmother?
NonUniqueGuy: How do we know that they aren't evil wishes that will twist our words in the worst ways?
Dandinstorm12: getting....ah, the skele
NotCainNorAbel: One can only hope
bl1ghtn1n6: I think Village Rites is a good tutor too, but that risks letting him get a hit off Duress
jonasjonIV: 1/1 tribal
thraximore: yikes-a-ronie
Dandinstorm12: power creep on display
CraziestOwl: Cam running aristocrats shocking Kappa
Dandinstorm12: yeah zombies have that
thraximore: yeah that surprised me
F1SHOR: i was seriously just looking around my room for a fly didnt realise that was the game
Dandinstorm12: Whoa
NotCainNorAbel: F Norm Green
Dandinstorm12: too soon
circusofkirkus: rip the North Stars
more_alpacas: bronze bonanza
AllGoodDogs: Brass Bonanza!
Liftigger: go whalers!
Dandinstorm12: they got shipped off to Dallas
bl1ghtn1n6: WHALE
aerohydra: the hartford whalers,, my man
thmanwithnoname: jesus Cam
aerohydra: brass bonanza all the way
ihlendrax: We had cows.
Multra0: they put orca's in vancouver as well
AllGoodDogs: If you have strong Whalers nostalgia, the Hartford Yard Goats do some alternate gear that features Whalers inspired logos.
korvys: Did the bears appreciate the statues?
TwitchTVsFrank: horses here
Pharmacistjudge: We have Pigs
The_Lesser_Gatsby: Seattle has pigs
TotallyNotaBeholder: I grew up near SF, there were plenty of bears
Cartographers_Ink: Oh, Winnipeg had Polar Bears, and Wolves
Geekscience: Cow-gary
Pharmacistjudge: they are great for Pokestops
Dandinstorm12: we have...deer
CururuGuasu: We have Snoopys
aerohydra: @AllGoodDogs the hartford athletic, the soccer team is also pretty heavy on the nostalgia
turn1vampirenighthawk: we have... fish
HeroOfMyth: I have pigs in Regina
philippekav: cry of the carnarium one time ?
Dandinstorm12: hoooo boy
kat2kool: Saskatoon had pigs!
AllGoodDogs: @aerohydra I moved away before they started playing, i really wanted to go see them
BlightningHelix: Oh no. No no no.
MegaDosX: Reading the card, etc etc
aerohydra: @AllGoodDogs its a good time, went to a few games last season
CraziestOwl: I love mayhem devil
Dandinstorm12: uh
Pharmacistjudge: that granny is missing an arm, she gave it to someone else
TZTFG: She doesn't have sleeves
Dr_Shandor: 10
MrQBear: 10 PM even! ' <'
fearthespike: its 10 pm where i am
Geekscience: its 10pm
SaladCookies: 10!
flangdale: its midday here in aus lol
MagicWarluck: 4 am in CET, give us the heavy stuff!
Geekscience: eastern time
Pharmacistjudge: so, by rules, she's less human
MegaDosX: Nearly midday here
votojak: it's about to be 10pm EDT
Dandinstorm12: booo
Sibwow: its no pocket pack story but still
serramarkov: 9:55
superdude097: My virgin ears!
Juliamon: So much for this vod on Youtube
thraximore: oooooh
Geekscience: Dream trawler is stupid, dumb powerful
Dandinstorm12: I'm a lot like you were
freshmaker__: wow swearing and now copyright strikes. keep track of your bingo sheets. Kappa
Dandinstorm12: old man sitting by the side of the road with the lorrys rolling by
Khalahd: Yeah, Dream Trawler feels a little extreme in this situation
MegaDosX: lmao
Geekscience: I def think Cam has some spicy topdecks that can put him back in this game
Dandinstorm12: kitty!
niccus: so courteous
SnowBuddy18: huh
fearthespike: gg
lamina5432: the land may have won cam the game
raven534: just got here. is this gladiator?
Dandinstorm12: yup
Dandinstorm12: large, idiot dagron
Geekscience: stay a while, cause somethin's always cookin
Dandinstorm12: "...we few, we happy..." *dies*
Ire_CoreData: i wonder how much Jumpstart and Amonkhet has affected gladiator
MechaKuuga: LUL
Dandinstorm12: @Ire_CoreData it's very different
Bladinus: in there with the goat too, sending a message! :)
Dandinstorm12: and yet the same
Natural_Ones_Only: its about sending a message
thraximore: I wish heartless summoning was good
darkflame0994: hello all. So is gladiator supposed to be Arena Highlander or is it its own thing?
Dandinstorm12: two Myr Retrievers Cam
Dandinstorm12: and Bitter Ordeal
gkgaming05: And arcane melee
Dandinstorm12: +hearless summoning
ihlendrax: !gladiator
LRRbot: Gladiator is a one-hundred card singleton format, designed with MTG Arena in mind. Everything on Arena is legal, except Oko and Field of the Dead. Click here for more information:
Geekscience: Gladiator is 100 card singleton, any card on arena, 3 mana oko and Field of the Dead are banned
Dandinstorm12: oof
Geekscience: welp
Dandinstorm12: Teysa is legit
AWildTransgirlAppeared: I feel like gladiator needs a way to punish having so many non-basics. Like a price of progress or blood moon effect.
Dandinstorm12: ^^
Ire_CoreData: i see cam is a member of the no pants gang
MegaDosX: So I built a Jund Gladiator deck that I've been testing against Sparky before using against people, and I found the combo of Krenko and Path of Discovery is pretty hilarious value
niccus: oh boy, choices!
Dandinstorm12: yeah PoP is totally necessary
ihlendrax: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Dandinstorm12: also, while we're at it, lets get fireblast
thraximore: what was the other card?
Ire_CoreData: exclusion mage
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thraximore: oh dear
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Without something like PoP 3 colour + good stuff just seems to be the best kind of configuration.
thraximore: wait i thought you said Reflector mage, that's alright
Dandinstorm12: Benjamin "Pretty greedy" Wheeler
Ire_CoreData: we dont have reflector mage yet siirenHands
Dandinstorm12: ohai ECD
Nuurgle: Why do we play this? Where is the fun?
RassilonDND: is 2x masters coming to arena?
Dandinstorm12: god no
Dandinstorm12: I hope
Dandinstorm12: ooof
Dandinstorm12: c-
hippitybobbity: wow wheeler playing only the most depressing cards in the format
thraximore: hey, Cs get degrees amirite
gkgaming05: fetch lands to historic??
Ire_CoreData: we already have fetchlands Keepo
Dandinstorm12: yes
hippitybobbity: elsbeth conquers depression
thraximore: fetch lands? what's that, some kind of pet toy? -WotC
gkgaming05: evolving wilds
Dandinstorm12: Ghoul is the outsider
DigitalSeahorse: lucidComrade camazoComrade BlackLivesMatter teebsUnity
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerUro
BlightningHelix: The thriving lands are all pretty fun
Pharmacistjudge: isn't silversmote ghoul seeing legacy and modern dredge play?
freshmaker__: i dont think you need to be thriving any... more than you already are
Dandinstorm12: sing Jumpstart to the tune of Love Shack
Ire_CoreData: yup, modern dredge started running smiting helix to trigger it more consistently
AWildTransgirlAppeared: Looks at hand of Chupa, Dream Trawler, Elspeth's, Hostage Taker. Ah yes! This ghoul absolves me of all guilt! haha
catmoozi: gift is plan b?
Dandinstorm12: yeah hardcasting Simian spirit guide until you can play the 4/6 spider
Dandinstorm12: and evoking Shriekmaw
MegaDosX: That's definitely a reaction to seeing that hand
MegaDosX: Holy shit Wheeler
Geekscience: the ol' thoughtseize concede
TwitchTVsFrank: totally fair cam
TheWarbo: Tap (one black mana), Thoughtseize, Concede
gkgaming05: next button
Ire_CoreData: the thoughtsieze just to see exactly how dead you are, respect it
Dandinstorm12: Draws, resolve mulligans, concedes
chumpofthemonth: I hope Nelly plays Country Grammar
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gkgaming05: arena is being weird lately
TotallyNotaBeholder: Traaaaaansmute!
MegaDosX: Well those are all technically hands
DiscordianTokkan: Deck plz
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MegaDosX: What is this, limited?
hd_dabnado: its cause they are always cheating serge :D
Professor_Rakor: Will!
DiscordianTokkan: ROWAN
TheWarbo: SO GOOD
eye_h_bar: Lovely
DiscordianTokkan: So gooood
darkflame0994: yes. Will WILL have second breakfast
gkgaming05: pog thanks for playing this deck nelly
theambivalentagender: When did David Tennant start doing magic voice acting?
thraximore: so aggressively scottish
chrisrd19: Will is a big ol' dork.
chumpofthemonth: I don't think he knows about second breakfast
darkflame0994: Eldraine is Magic Scotland confirmed
MegaDosX: More VA trivia: the Ral planeswalkers are voiced by Brandon Routh
thraximore: sounds like a meme
darkflame0994: with a wee bit o' welsh inthere for flavor
Pharmacistjudge: so Ral is budget superman?
Graham_LRR: “But what if the situation were different in a way I’ve just devised for the purpose of winning this argument?”
MegaDosX: !card Vivien Reid
LRRbot: Vivien Reid [3GG] | Legendary Planeswalker — Vivien [5] | [+1]: Look at the top four cards of your library. You may reveal a creature or land card from among them and put it into your hand. Put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order. / [−3]: Destroy target artifact, enchantment, or creature with flying. / [−8]: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +2/+2 and have vigilance, trample, and indestructible."
chrisrd19: More VA trivia: Most Planeswalker lines are written by Loreley Weisel, cohost of the Vorthos Cast MTG lore podcast.
MegaDosX: Holy shit, that's an ultimate
thraximore: just don't get hit
Naarius: Does he have Solemnity?
Sogheim: Vivien has the ability to make giant bears now, right?
Pharmacistjudge: and it's not legendary
Pharmacistjudge: Mothra is one of many Mothra
MegaDosX: Guess it is now
Geekscience: Kars, Wammu and Asidisi
Tecnocrat: Stuck in a stone pillar? Did he piss off Nahiri too?
Naarius: Beer is a tool, use it
FacelessManAboutTown: Fear is the mindkiller
thraximore: pardon
KWardJenx: Anger is a gift.
MegaDosX: Sneaky
MegaDosX: Saprolings, not spiders
darkflame0994: I mean, they made the Realm of Sea and Mountains into an official plane and thats from chinese mythology, name included. I can see Zillaverse tokyo as a plane
thraximore: @KWardJenx Anger is a gift.
MegaDosX: Here comes Nissa, Who Shakes the Booty
Tecnocrat: Rhythm is a dancer.
noSmokeFire: oof ow my scions
thraximore: :I
Professor_Rakor: No, next turn is hydra into oblivion
Sogheim: izzet looting?
thraximore: storm's wrath?
MegaDosX: There is definitely a red wrath Serge, it's called Storm's Wrath
gkgaming05: magmaquake is cool
MegaDosX: That's another one actually, yeah
MegaDosX: Forgot about Magmaquake
gkgaming05: and the one that counts instants and sorcery's in gy
MegaDosX: That was just rude
noSmokeFire: p/t: enough
Geekscience: calssic
therealkenm135: nap time for nelson or his children?
Geekscience: classic*
raven534: for a second I thought Nelly meant he was supposed to be napping while he built it :)
thraximore: SEARCH
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thraximore: :D
MegaDosX: Those are definitely some creatures there
Geekscience: got em
MegaDosX: Turbo punished
MegaDosX: However, deck thinning
thraximore: very punished
SirBiffaloEsq: Light up the stage basically rampant growth
MegaDosX: Uh.
thraximore: I feel like that's a keep
xantos69: cheer50 bits for the MTG squad.
thraximore: ah that was good
MegaDosX: Goodbye Gargaroth
sicness9: Ah I see, noted
Hadouken_lol_catz: yeah 2019 and 2020 cards are a hell of a drug
MegaDosX: Burning Prophet putting in work
TheWarbo: i dunno i feel like the art for that token is a little weird
thraximore: Yeah it was pretty STRANGE :D
gkgaming05: spell keeper weird
valksnut: We had two good weirds in War of the Spark, that was technically ravnica.
dyraido: Blistercoil weird was pretty cool
MegaDosX: Sideways.
dreadskulll: spellgorger weird in war
ryder0802: Spellgorger weird is a bop
MegaDosX: Spellgorger Weird is amazing in limited
MegaDosX: Was a big part in my first M21 sealed deck making it to 7 wins
thraximore: !card spellgorger weird
LRRbot: Spellgorger Weird [2R] | Creature — Weird [2/2] | Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Spellgorger Weird.
benjamin_wheeler: wheelerUro wheelerUro wheelerUro
Naarius: benginUroPog
skit13zth3d3str0yer: hello all
Dandinstorm12: this game, wow
supreemephantom: wheelerUro wheelerUro
dyraido: is the creature that lets you exile your own spells on the stack a weird?
dreadskulll: wheelerUro wheelerUro wheelerUro
SirBiffaloEsq: wheelerUro wheelerUro wheelerUro
Ukon_Cairns: sounds weird to me
MegaDosX: Does Nelson have an Embercleave in this deck?
F1SHOR: we just want a game 3 lol
MegaDosX: Unleash Fury would be pretty boss with that 6/6
MegaDosX: Also here comes Uro
thraximore: wheelerUro
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Professor_Rakor: uro is a messed up card
chumpofthemonth: Just a pro cycle
thraximore: yeah man, 2019 magic
MegaDosX: Turns out Finale of Devastation is a good card :p
gkgaming05: I am a huge fan of temur bliz in this format
valksnut: Are there enough Weirds to make a Weird tribal EDH deck... *checks gatherer* 10 Blue or Red Weirds, or cards that make them, plus a legendary Weird that is UR seems like 10% of a deck, add in some changlings and bam.
Ukon_Cairns: it would be spell heavy anyway, and do be sure to check the noncreature spells that make weird tokens
Geekscience: how do you feel about a Temur tempo deck, with cards like Crackling drake, enigma drake, faerie dragon, and spellgorger weird in the format? like a sorensen tempo strategy, but splashing red for those pseudo-quirion dryads
gkgaming05: that deck could def work. pyroceratops is amazing
MegaDosX: !card Sphinx's Revelation
LRRbot: Sphinx's Revelation [XWUU] | Instant | You gain X life and draw X cards.
hd_dabnado: It’s a good format
Ukon_Cairns: sphinxs rev and thoughtseize do sound a bit like "see, there were busted cards before 2019"
DRMagnify: !card hammer dropper
LRRbot: Hammer Dropper [2RW] | Creature — Giant Soldier [5/2] | Mentor
noSmokeFire: is a game happening?
MegaDosX: Technically correct there @DRMagnify :p
darkspiredragon: thx for streaming
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ThisCatHasSeenGod: Cheer101
DiscordianTokkan: Thanks for the stream! I enjoy this format
djalternative: a homosexual olde thyme
Geekscience: iirc the cards added that werent in amokhet were the invocations
raven534: I was about to call Ben a gay old-timer...
djalternative: @Geekscience those were only about half of the adds
Geekscience: 10 months? thats almost 11/12ths of a year
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NonUniqueGuy: So I'm John Cena now?
queenfounder: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:38:25.
SirBiffaloEsq: wheelerMulderce wheelerMulderce wheelerMulderce
theambivalentagender: cat
queenfounder: Think I may have gotten here at the end...
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AWildTransgirlAppeared: !decklist
FacelessManAboutTown: Fuck Yeah Outkast
MegaDosX: I like how I can see the cat hair on Wheeler's microphone now that we're back in the full view
ursusunusualmt: Ursus Unusual MT
ursusunusualmt: like an unusual bear
MegaDosX: Serge overcomplicated it by the looks :p
forcedreject: CoolCat
ursusunusualmt: MT = Montana
ursusunusualmt: a big gay bear
MegaDosX: Ursus are you a 2/2? Just curious
ursusunusualmt: Yep for 2 green mana
Fanboy_of_Bolas: I love hawaiian dr. eggman.
ursusunusualmt: BTW - wheeler happy anniversary
coachNelly: thanks for watchin y'all!
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream guys!
Fanboy_of_Bolas: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:46:10.
ursusunusualmt: thanks all
Porsgaard81: Thanks for playing!
DiscordianTokkan: Factorium?
weasely: oh Factorio's a fun time
TwitchTVsFrank: @coachnelly did you get your second dog minions win?
coachNelly: yes!
TwitchTVsFrank: nice
coachNelly: it took a long rimw
coachNelly: time
MegaDosX: Happy anniversary Wheeler!
GoblinRanger: aww
DiscordianTokkan: Congrats!
ursusunusualmt: you average out
eshplode: On average, you were right dayHeart
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FenrisSchafer: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
KWardJenx: Happy Anniversary!
ursusunusualmt: my husband and I are at like... 16
darkspiredragon: Happy Anniversary!
KWardJenx: Thank you for the stream.
coachNelly: @FacelessManAboutTown Thanks for the gift sub!
MegaDosX: Take care everyone, later!
serramarkov: Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! lrrDILLY
DigitalSeahorse: teebsLove PrideHeartL PrideHeartR