quasi79fu: XD
TehAmelie: ever spend hours just scrolling through African wilderness on maximum zoom in google earth?
ContingentCat: Has Talking Sim been delayed or cancelled? or are we just running late?
quasi79fu: Runnning late
quasi79fu: they had tech difficulties
ContingentCat: ah
quasi79fu: we are amusing ourselves in chat
TehAmelie: computers have failed us
beowuuf: tehamelie: I'm lucky if i get words correctly typed, let along correct spelling. I would take my punchtuation as the 50/50 change it is :)
quasi79fu: SKynet is in control
TehAmelie: uh-oh
quasi79fu: Resistance is Futile..You willl be assimilated
beowuuf: ooh never used google earth like that, and now i'm wondering why not...
beowuuf: skynet is running windows, we just have to patiently wait for the update that resets all the gun safeties to on (as well as reducing all volues to 25%)
TehAmelie: it does take up any amount of time you want and you don't even get any cheevos. . .
quasi79fu plots world domination
beowuuf: achievement: why is my mouse hand clawed like i'm 90?
beowuuf: or 'why is my scrolling finger now a permanent hook'
beowuuf: And i can't say it would be a bad thing either
Gizmoloid: @tehamelie I once spend a couple of hours in Africa on geoguessr. Then got completely lost looking for a cheese factory in the middle of nowhere in Japan.
quasi79fu: now i wonder how captain hoook would type on a computer..does he only use his one hand?
TehAmelie: actually i should look at the Chinese wilderness next. they have by far the largest spot of untouched land left on earth you know, in the northwest
beowuuf: mash face in to keyboard to continue
ContingentCat: I like to imagine he got surprisingly fast with his hook
quasi79fu: imagine how hard it would be to spot a polar bear wandering the snowy plains of russsia
TehAmelie: hmm a polar bear might just show up on satellite pictures
quasi79fu: oh that was coool tehamelie
TehAmelie: i guess more mid-west
TehAmelie: about 500 km north of there is the pole of inaccessibility, the spot on Earth furthest from sea
TehAmelie: you can see why that would keep the human population low
quasi79fu: so tonight is also spooopy bois right?
ContingentCat: yup
quasi79fu: last week for poor Adam in Dead SPace 3 was bad
quasi79fu: hope he has better time tonight
ritchards: cannot logic ye pathe
quasi79fu starts to rewire the logic paths
ContingentCat: !findquote logic
LRRbot: Quote #4482: "Don't use your judge logic on me, you dong!" —Ben, to Serge [2017-11-10]
TehAmelie: ooh, Path o Logic
Dish_KP: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Pathologic 2) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (24m ago).
beowuuf: technical difficulties halting procedings
Dish_KP: Thank you @beowuuf ! Such a gem. ^^
beowuuf: stand by :p
corianderd: We got it mostly working and a new catastrophe is occur
ContingentCat: oh no
quasi79fu: calll an Exorcist
jonasjonIV: lrrSPOOP
Dish_KP: I'm an Exorcist, but I don't do computers.
quasi79fu: by the power of chat..I compel theee demons of tech difficulties Begone I say
quasi79fu: did that work?
TehAmelie: the computer exploded didn't it
quasi79fu: XD oooops
beowuuf: :)
quasi79fu hides
quasi79fu: Maybe if we use a summoning circle the tech difficulties will go away?
corianderd: ok hold on to your buns
quasi79fu holds on to his hot dog buns
ContingentCat: *holds*
corianderd: fingers crossed everyone
quasi79fu crosses his fingers
beowuuf: buns held
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
MidgardSerpent: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL
beowuuf: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
JohnLockeCole holds onto Hot Crossed Buns
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN
quasi79fu: ooh music
quasi79fu: spooopy music
quasi79fu hides
quasi79fu: Someone is preparing a sacrifie by the sound of it
TehAmelie: it lives!
beowuuf: any music even remotely like this makes me think xena :p
Metric_Furlong: oh hey, it's this vocal smaple
quasi79fu: i hop im not the sacrifice
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thefileclerk: hello
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thefileclerk: I hope I am!
quasi79fu: XD
wench_tacular: this may be more disturbing than jlrrCai jlrrLlou was...
TehAmelie: i just hope we have time to get properly pathologic
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori and Cameron take on the role of the Haruspex to challenge Pathologic 2's plague on this week's Talking Simulator! | http://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EgS3Vo8UYAEvysd.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1298364180647436288
beowuuf: i think they go in alphabetical order quasi79fu, so.... huh...sort of hope a few 'a' names show up soon...
Pocketsmurf45: PokPikachu
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e_bloc: lost a lot of coins betting on the moist talkers today
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quasi79fu: hi pocketsmurf
corianderd: the list of names for sacrifice are randomized to avoid bias
thraximore: oh SNAP
quasi79fu: Oh noooo
thraximore: Pathologic 2???
quasi79fu draws the short stick
quasi79fu: is that bad?
Traion: Hey Chat
thraximore: no that's AWESOME
quasi79fu: hi Taion
BTC1220: Hey! Why are there only short sticks here?
quasi79fu: uh oh
GhostValv: :O
quasi79fu: we're being sent to the Voiiiiid
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iris_of_ether: Good afternoon, Cam and Cori!
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thefileclerk: because of what they put in the water
BTC1220: I hear it's cozy this time of year
Mister_Hush: @corianderd do you know how they compiled the random list of names? it could be a biased collection.
quasi79fu: hears Dave Matthew Band singing Dont drink the Water
Mister_Hush: I know absolutely nothing about it, that's a genuine question
DiscordianTokkan: Woah. I just got a security warning about the Blaseball page. D:
beowuuf: corianderd: oh, that's... a relief? So, umm, you aren't denying the existence of sacrifices then?
quasi79fu: Google says Pathologic is spoopy and about disease?
corianderd: lrrDOTS_BW lrrCIRCLE_BW lrrARROW_BW
beowuuf: traion: sergeHi
beowuuf: title!
quasi79fu: oh hi intro
thefileclerk: just read how the entire wikipedia in the scots language is written by one guy and is actually not Scots language.
beowuuf: hey cameron!
ContingentCat: Hi Cam
thraximore: Hiya, Cameron
quasi79fu: oh nooooo cams face and the music
DoodlestheGreat: Hello, Cam.
DiscordianTokkan: Hi Cam! Menu music seems... a lot
thraximore: music is still going very loud hahaha
quasi79fu: the perfect combo
ContingentCat: Hi voice Cori
quasi79fu: The Voice from Beyond Cori
TehAmelie: lrrCORI_TK lrrCAMERON_TK hello game thinky friends
thraximore: it stopped :D
ContingentCat: thanks
beowuuf: if it's loud music or no stream, them we're good!
KV1NN4: Understood, will not bring up sound balances today!
DiscordianTokkan: It's a good volume now!
ContingentCat: welcome to 2020: a fraught endeavour
DoodlestheGreat: Logipathic notsquishY
monosceros: and as we know, volume is preserved
thefileclerk: the music you want it you can never let it go.
quasi79fu: its alll gooood... we stilll willl watch..Youre entertaining that is all that matters
Aenir798: Oh boy Signal Simulator
wench_tacular: Ah, good old no signal
thraximore: No Signal: a classic!
gamercat88: Squid4 lrrFINE
KV1NN4: No Signal? that's so cool. :U
monosceros: Blaseball!
kaffeetrinken89: Pathologic. Wow, this will be ... fun? ^^
quasi79fu: WE are playing NO Signal?
kat2kool: Oh! I love No Signal!
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quasi79fu: No Signal is awesome game
MercurialVox: is this Numberwang?
Mister_Hush: I love a good test pattern
thraximore: lrrHERE
Thisbymaster: PAUL!
ritchards: *sound of shotgun from offscreen*
quasi79fu: Omg Cam disapppeared into the No SIgnal
ContingentCat: it's time to rotate the signals!
SkylerRingtail: (Incoherent screaming from off camera)
tri_jaggy: No signal is such and underrated game
SnackPak_: Technology was a mistake
Mysticman89: I take it we're justt starting. I havent p[layed them yet, but ive heard the pathologic games are very weird but interesting weird
beowuuf: (waits for sound of computer getting thrown across room)
Metric_Furlong: famous indie game No Signal From Tolva
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Mcgwee: Sub 5: the origin.Thanks for being entertaining in these most boring and trying of days. I look forward to your streams and are always happy to catch what I can! A most Smokey greeting from Califorina!
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TehAmelie: high resolion graphics
Mister_Hush: Solid font choice
ContingentCat: wow the loop on that menu music is short
thefileclerk: take the computer behind the shed
quasi79fu: Cori XD
ContingentCat: Good, my cat got neutered today
DiscordianTokkan: Did you see that Workman Gloom became a Moist Talker, Cori?
Mcgwee: lrrHEART
beowuuf: funnily enough same as 20 mins ago :p
ThePov42: This is pretty much consistent with how my day has been going
Zalthia: OH my gosh I screamed when I saw the notification I'm so excited aaaaaaaaa
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
quasi79fu: I love these streams
JAGxTERRA: Hi everyone
adamjford: Joe Vorhees
DiscordianTokkan: We lost Joe. D:
niccus: i saw that the moist talkers tamed the tigers
monosceros: feedback is wild this season
quasi79fu: Cam got lost behind the No SIgnal
adamjford: We got a deece hitter tho
adamjford: that's nice
gamercat88: feedback is truly strange and wild
Mysticman89: I got 99 herblore in melvor idle this morning, so that feels nice.
kaffeetrinken89: I have heard a lot about Pathologic, but have never seen actual gameplay.
beowuuf: i mean saying bad things behind someone's back is mean, you have to say them to their face to be polite. If I've learned anything from twitches general chat :p Apparently not saying thigns is never an option...
thefileclerk: today and the next two days are the hottest days of the year.
KV1NN4: can't tell if pauses in music is Cam's doing or my crappy internet/twitch hiccups
PhilanthropyLich: Thank you Cori for introducing me (and by proxy everyone I know) to Blaseball
thefileclerk: it dead
DiscordianTokkan: I seem to be getting "Hey this cert is old" issues on the Blaseball page, so I haven't seen new matches for a bit. Booo
Mcgwee: I did some shopping and a little crochet
monosceros: also rip Whit
quasi79fu: Light the Paul Beacon!!!!
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ContingentCat: Do we need to send the moonbase a label maker?
TehAmelie: i want this picture to be a cover album. especially the slice of greenscreen bug halfway down the red stripe looks so avant garde
Amentur: @corianderd Well today I found out that a Cultist Simulator DLC came out in May. I wanted to thank you for showing that off a while ago on Talking Sim. Many hours were lost to it lrrHEART And many hours will be lost to the new content on the weekend
thefileclerk: the streaming PC or the screaming PC?
TehAmelie: *album cover
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thesurfaceofthemoon: I showed up just now and this feel like a weird moment.
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Mcgwee: and yet
ContingentCat: then use them
CrazymattCaptain: does adding fire help?
SnackPak_: That's no way to talk about Beej lrrBEEJ
KV1NN4: @SnackPak_ lol
HorusFive: Once this all ends- I'd be happy to come to the Moonbase and USE the label maker :p
HorusFive: Showtime!
Mcgwee: lrrDOTS lrrFINE lrrARROW
Metric_Furlong: Show Time!
Mysticman89: It's not clear to me that there even is something you can go to school for that is explicitly cable and basic hardware management
thefileclerk: give up and play more bloodborne?
orellien2773: BIG O! IT’S SHOWTIME!
BrindleBoar: Big O is just Batman Evangelion, send tweet
gamercat88: big o?
wintertempest: people actually use label makers? i thought they were fancy paperweights
kumatsu: I try to find The Big O every so often and it's not on any streaming services ;n;
orellien2773: @brindleboar I mean, you say that like its a bad thing.
tadstrange_phd: well hello there
Faulpyr: I was like... the notation?
kalira77: big o was an odd experience
ContingentCat: Big O? is that what the kids are calling it now?
bmurphie: amusing. the chat is in sync between my phone and the PS4, but the audio from the stream has an additional 15 second delay on my phone. somewhat new to Twitch, is that normal?
ElderSkyspawner: I want a Big O documentary in the style of The Big Short
NightWingMistHawk: @bmurphie yep.
ritchards: if it isn't log(log(n)) you're just wasting time
thefileclerk: so much of this is going to end up in the highlights
TehAmelie: i can hear like 1 word in 5 from Cameron
Mysticman89: it's either like hardcore electrical engineering stuff, or coding stuff, but the middle ground of putting computers together is just kinda presumed doable and never taughtr
thesurfaceofthemoon: @bmurphie yeah, twitch chat is sent separately from stream content, so the often buffer differently
ContingentCat: yeah hearing Cam over the menu music is hard
wildpeaks: ahhh Pathologic 2 <3
niccus: not log* n? so slow.
Traion: I look away for a bit and Cameron has vanished into the test screen
Faulpyr: I mean O(1), right?
SentientRatKing: This has turned into a slightly surreal experience
thefileclerk: @tehamelie cam is currently under the desk trying to fix something
Simriel: I have opinions
quasi79fu: Cam went behind the no signal screeen
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How_Do_I_Shoot: i dont have an opinion
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Radjack: Wait isn't it still March? March 177th?
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Faulpyr: unless you want messy. I've always had a fondness for O(n!)
HorusFive: Cori-sempai noticed us!
beowuuf: chat has opinions? who knew!
Mysticman89: Big O being essentially the order of magnitude of somethings efficiency, and not something katesLewd
iris_of_ether: Yeah, Monte Carlo can be used in Electrical Engineering to simulate using a bunch of components with different percent tolerances and seeing how the whole circuit simulates
Metric_Furlong: I dunno Cori, that sounds like a mistake
quasi79fu: I have a lot of opions ..none of them make any sense
bmurphie: since the time at which I made that post, the delay has shrunk to approximately 1/2 second. I love living in the future but it is sometimes strange
JohnLockeCole: in my opinion I wouldn't read my opinion
ContingentCat: @Traion before Pathologic we're playing No Tech Troubs
kalira77: cam has become part of the No Signal
Traion: Chat's opinion is that you are kewl Cori
Aenir798: O(log(log(n))) is where it's REALLY at
HisEvilDomain: I just got here, and a test screen reading 'no signal' with ambient chanting seems like a very Cam game
quasi79fu: Cori is awesome
Simriel: I have at least 3 opinions
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Zalthia: I screamed when I saw the notification. I've been waiting for you guys to play this!!!! <3
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Mysticman89: The music we're hearing is game music, or some random other thing?
Huschel23: @HisEvilDomain: Oh good, it's not just me
quasi79fu: this is game music
Zalthia: @Mysticman89 Game music
Traion: game music
codatski: I'm very interested in seeing your opinions and experience with this game Cori, because I recognize that this game is tremendously interesting but I bounced off of it REALLY hard.
ContingentCat: @HisEvilDomain the music is the game menu music, Cam's trying to fix the signal issue
Mcgwee: huh
wildpeaks: how far were we in the tutorial before we've hit Tech Difficulties ?
Mysticman89: would video and audio not be coming through the same cable typically?
Zalthia: Did we even start?
quasi79fu: the game has music but no screen..yet screen says no signal so how are we hearing the game?
Simriel: did we lose Cam down the back of the couch
Mcgwee: my power died for like 5 secs there
tadstrange_phd: oh good, it is game music, its too early in my degree for the voices to start
HisEvilDomain: I refuse to abide by common sense ContingentCat
Mcgwee: weird
beowuuf: i dare chat to prove this isn't some form of arg
thefileclerk: ugh this is taking me back to a number of math classes that just taught us enough high level calculus and vector calculus to figure out the circuits. I did not know it was actually calc until years later
ContingentCat: @HisEvilDomain as is your right
HisEvilDomain: <3
thefileclerk: ' *electronic classes
wildpeaks: given this game, it could totally be an arg :D
quasi79fu: I have no idea what cori is saying
Zalthia: They already had an ARG
MrVirite: Is it DNS? It's always DNS.
quasi79fu: cori just said weird words
HorusFive: All hardware issues are user error in my experience
Mcgwee: unplug replug?
codatski: Or call Paul
Simriel: isn't cam already in the sea, for magicfest
wildpeaks: do humans count as hardware ?
quasi79fu walks into the Sea
DoodlestheGreat: GET INTO THE SEA
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GaianLuck: If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the yo mama joke.
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Traion: Cori was in CompSci she is the expert. Listen to her
beowuuf: sergeIntoTheSea
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repgam: woop
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iris_of_ether: so, I worked in hardware design, and usually when it's a hardware issue it's intermittent and completely frustrating
thesurfaceofthemoon: Is this lets nope? This music plus a visual reminding me of hours spent troubleshooting basic home technology is kinda creepy
Ignatiuspants: well this has been a short stream!
Zalthia: grey
quasi79fu: oh something happened
Radjack: Thanks for the HyperCheese @repgam
thefileclerk: goodbye everybody
ContingentCat: well this is different, and back
quasi79fu: oops the no signal came back
wintertempest: maybe just talking, no simulator for a change
Mysticman89: pathologic is weird enough of a game that I could see it doing something like this just to screw with the player. (This is not the case, but I've seen games do this sort of thing before.)
quasi79fu: goodbye fileclerk
codatski: Is this a full screen/windowed issue?
thesurfaceofthemoon: Today on talking simulator, an extremely accurate simulation of talking.
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Goombill: Lucky number 13!
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Mcgwee: fission mailed
kat2kool: Thanks for the HyperReveal @zalthia
thefileclerk: lrrPAUL
HisEvilDomain: I do really like the music. Pathologic 1 was such an experience
wildpeaks: Thanks for the HyperHaste @goombill
quasi79fu: is cable dead?
Mysticman89: swap the cable? shouldn't help, but its something
like_100_bear_asses: turn it off and on again?
Traion: I suggest fire
tadstrange_phd: swap cable ends?
drewzer987: PC’s haunted
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SentientRatKing: I like that description
ritchards: the real game is getting the game to run
HorusFive: Have you considered an old priest and a young priest?
wildpeaks: it's.. unique
quasi79fu: lumpy game?
ContingentCat: So uhhh Goguessr?
codatski: It is horrifically unopitimized
kalira77: I'm sorry, I'm unfamiliar with the term lumpy as regards video games lol
Huschel23: I like my games like I like my yams
DoodlestheGreat: It's kinda primative, then?
Zalthia: You can see the spit and string that holds it together.
thefileclerk: is one computer tied to the other with two cups and a string?
wildpeaks: Cori's painting quite the vivid image
Zalthia: @DoodlestheGreat No
quasi79fu: ooh black screeen of death
ritchards: did they take issue with Apple?
like_100_bear_asses: " lumpy". that is horrible in context with anything technological
quasi79fu: Voiiiiiid
NimrodXIV: Double Cameron
gamercat88: seabatCHOICE
Traion: I mean we always have more hidden object games to inflict on the stream :P
bmurphie: crystals, rub the game with them to help shield it from the weefees
GhostValv: jimqui1Gallimimus
quasi79fu: cam had a clone
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
thesurfaceofthemoon: Is software lumpy when it's code is the longest, most brute-force version of the programs functions imaginable?
Simriel: how many layers of Cam can we go deep
beowuuf: seabatCHOICE_TK
thefileclerk: we all cam now
quasi79fu: ding
ContingentCat: hm
Traion: We hear the PS4
gamercat88: yes
Zalthia: I don't understand how it could have broke if nothing changed. Computers are frusterating.
quasi79fu: ps4 is active
thesurfaceofthemoon: Yes
SentientRatKing: we can hear it but no visuals
wildpeaks: we can hear the ps4
Mysticman89: we cna hear the ps4
DiscordianTokkan: We hear it yeah
like_100_bear_asses: yes
Aenir798: we hear PS4
lexomancer: hey cam while you are fixing this can you stream the stream on the greenscreen?
chefryto90: Yes
Amentur: Chat can hear PS4
iris_of_ether: we can hear it
Simriel: We can hear the PS4
chefryto90: We can hear the PS4
beowuuf: ps4 was making noise selection earlier
thefileclerk: pour milk on circuits. see if that helps
thesurfaceofthemoon: We could hear the pc too
Aenir798: we could already hear it before
Zaraka00: we can hear the boops
ContingentCat: now it's a theatre of the mind?
bmurphie: hear no see confirmed
thefileclerk: we hear PS4 cannot see it
SnackPak_: A progress has occurred
wildpeaks: lies, in Pathologic ? I'm shocked
SentientRatKing: Hey bloodborne
thesurfaceofthemoon: yes
wench_tacular: from the great beyond
DiscordianTokkan: Yep!
Mysticman89: we could hear patholigc sounds too
like_100_bear_asses: yes
Aenir798: yes
TreeVor84: yes, we can hear it
quasi79fu: i think this is the game today...figure out the no signal
wildpeaks: time to farm vials
quasi79fu: OOOOH
bmurphie: yes
quasi79fu: I hear that
ContingentCat: yup we hear that
Simriel: Have you tried turning the Moonbase off and back on again
Aenir798: we hear noises
NimrodXIV: discussing a game when you only have the audio would be an interesting challenge
HisEvilDomain: Has Patholigic 2 taken the concept of a performance to the next level?
chefryto90: I'm loving this chapter of Tinker Tailor Kappa
quasi79fu: bloodborne
Nigouki: chat hears violence
beowuuf: progress better than egress
like_100_bear_asses: splortch
tadstrange_phd: lets play DnD gameplay, interpret from Cam's explication of whats going on
Mcgwee: grant us eyes
wildpeaks: bad cable perhaps ?
Traion: New plan: Cameron guides us through a radio play of Bloodborne
ContingentCat: sure
quasi79fu holds onto his buttt
SentientRatKing: get out the butt handles
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Never do the work if you can get a machine to do it for you.
thesurfaceofthemoon: Rebooting, v. to return to the trunk of a car.
ritchards: install via Steam and play on PC?
iris_of_ether: Butts: Held.
wench_tacular: sounds uncomfortable
thefileclerk: burn it down
quasi79fu puts head between his kneees
HisEvilDomain: beginulate enclenchening
gamercat88: holding multiple butts
wildpeaks: lrrbot, the machine isn't doing it is exactly the issue
BTC1220: My butt is prepared, captain!
Mcgwee: Buckle your pants
Huschel23: And then a step to the right
thefileclerk: prepare your anus
ContingentCat: I have a cat in the way of putting my head between my knees
Mysticman89: handles at the ready
Simriel: Instructions unclear, butt stuck in ceiling fan
quasi79fu: XD
quasi79fu: owie
thesurfaceofthemoon: !advice
LRRbot: Don't wall into frozen water.
Traion: @ritchards PC not working is the original problem
Mcgwee: standing
wench_tacular: brb
like_100_bear_asses: k
thesurfaceofthemoon: glhf
TehAmelie: turn it off and on again for victory!
quasi79fu: stream going down
beowuuf: ok
ritchards: is it not? okay...
SnackPak_: Holding
tadstrange_phd: cherio
ContingentCat: holding
DoodlestheGreat: Buttz held onto.
iris_of_ether: benginButt
Aenir798: Red butt leader holding
wildpeaks: butts is firmly held in place
Simriel: And then no one ever saw Cam again...
quasi79fu falllls into the Abysssss
Mysticman89: buttock is held
tergonis: anyone got a spare butt? i seem to have misplaced mine
DiscordianTokkan: So, Cori, Ziwa Mueller just hit their second home run, so they've gotten at LEAST 4 points for the Talkers today
thefileclerk: is there a lrr technical difficulties panel?
wintertempest: where's Nedry?!
wildpeaks: !findbutt
LRRbot: Behind you.
beowuuf: With computers it can be 'what if i did everything the exact same way again' followed by 'worked that time
corianderd: oh snap
gamercat88: guyjudgeButt
kalira77: @tergonis I have plenty of butt to spare
corianderd: @DiscordianTokkan I could be watching the game while I wait!
DiscordianTokkan: (And by Today I mean this Game)
thefileclerk: great stream everybody!
r3fr4ct0r: holding butt commencing
DiscordianTokkan: Yessss
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TeiranDragon: What if I do the exactly same thing I've done 57 times before, but different?
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quasi79fu: sir mixalot says"I like Big Butts and I cant lie"
Drasvin: !advice
LRRbot: Don't hit Beatrice.
ContingentCat: !findquote butt
LRRbot: Quote #3234: "Some sort of butt plasma..." —Beej [2016-08-15]
unarmedoracle: WINDOWS UPDATE!!!!!!!!
corianderd: fffffffff
ritchards: put the red queen on the black king!
thefileclerk: oh my god
DiscordianTokkan: Windoooooooows!
codatski: @unarmedoracle OH NO
tergonis: @kalira77 <3
BTC1220: Claaaaaasic
ContingentCat: Our old nemisis Windows update!
SnackPak_: Windows!
Traion: Windows Update, the nemesis of all
beowuuf: NOOOOOOOOO, oh well, there goes the audi o:(
tadstrange_phd: rip
wildpeaks: Oh Good
iris_of_ether: Windows!
chefryto90: LOL
TehAmelie: in the meantime, we can score gifts in the game of life https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EgErJpLUcAA48zc.jpg
thefileclerk: f
Aenir798: Hello Windows Update my old friend
unarmedoracle: It’s thinking about it
Mcgwee: f
TehAmelie: by donating bloob
corianderd: we live here now
tadstrange_phd: see you next year cam
Drasvin: lrrHERE
Mcgwee: its force update time?
wildpeaks: well better apply the update
quasi79fu: Hello Darknessss..My old Friend
ritchards: if nothing else, Ben will be there eventually to help you ;)
beowuuf: lrrHERE jlrrFacepalm
Mcgwee: lrrFINE
ritchards: Back to Beerfest!
thefileclerk: I miss no signal
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
quasi79fu: No Signal was a awesome Game....Can we play that again sometime soon?
ContingentCat: @ritchards hopefully this won' take 2.5 hours
Nigouki: is bloob also a liquid?
Simriel: So it must be reassuring that we will resub to a test screen if you people are talking over it :p
thefileclerk: it will tAke 3
Mcgwee: if its a Windows update it just might
Nigouki: is it gelatinous? it sounds gelatinous
quasi79fu: Beware teh Gelatinous Cuuube
thefileclerk: lumpy blood
Simriel: @thefileclerk No the Bloodborne stream is done.
TehAmelie: don't you mean lumpy bloob?
wildpeaks: if it's a liquid, better build more pipelines (no I'm not addicted to Factorio at all)
Metric_Furlong: Gelatinou CuWube
quasi79fu: why isnt there like a gelatinous pyramid or cylinder..why is it a cube?
littleredwolves: what happened to hit no signal? lrrAWW
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Pathologic 2) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (54m ago).
wildpeaks: Windows UPdate happened
DiscordianTokkan: It'd probably be a spheroid if dungeon corridors weren't square for whatever reason
corianderd: The problems have not been fixed by the reboot
quasi79fu: oh true
Pteraspidomorphi: Um. Hello.
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, we're still mid-stream
thefileclerk: does uWu translate to "I want to go into the sea"?
quasi79fu: uh oh rebooot failed us
wildpeaks: well we don't know if it was fixed, another problem occured before we could test
kat2kool: uWu means many things
Nigouki: have we tried percussive maintenance?
thefileclerk: @pteraspidomorphi shitters full today
monosceros: today on talking simulator: whiskey
TehAmelie: gelatinous blobs and cubes are probably enough trauma for american kids raised on 1950s food
Pteraspidomorphi: It happens
quasi79fu: Get a hammer... Smash things...that always fixes things
gamercat88: Moist Talkers won, yay!
littleredwolves: lol
DiscordianTokkan: 6-3!
monosceros: Tigers shoved the Millennials into a box hell yeah
SkylerRingtail: Just to confirm, we're still offline yes? Don't need to refresh or anything?
quasi79fu: yes we are offline
SentientRatKing: Ah so the game we're really playing today is tech maintenance. AKA the worst puzzle game ever
thefileclerk: dead
wildpeaks: cool, windows suddendly felt like switching me to qwerty
quasi79fu: no refreshing didnt help
kat2kool: oh chat will be full of signal emotes when we're back online, don't worry
quasi79fu: a timed tactical stike might help ...you know summon a nuke on the computer
wildpeaks: "everything is ice cream" is the GO "everything is cake" ?
kat2kool: as a threat?
wildpeaks: *OG
quasi79fu: The cake is a Lie
thefileclerk: @tehamelie that can't be paletable or even pottable
TehAmelie: didn't manage to find any pictures of the famous 1950s jello recipe plague but almost
wildpeaks: oh god the jello
thefileclerk: full of pineapple
corianderd: @TehAmelie have you seen ppl on the tweeters experimenting with thick gatorade?
TehAmelie: nope
thefileclerk: @corianderd you monster
kat2kool: I don't think I want to know
wildpeaks: I dare not ask what makes gatorade thick ?
Snowcookies: jlrrIcream jlrrIcream jlrrIcream
TehAmelie: jello, presumably
quasi79fu: i found a link to disgusting fooods made with jello
quasi79fu: can i share?
TehAmelie: not to backseat mod but go nuts
ContingentCat: I think the question is more should you share?
LoadingReadyRun: I think we might have to call the stream, I'm sorry everyone
kaffeetrinken89: jikes
thefileclerk: ewwww shrimp jello
quasi79fu: its okay have a better day Loadingreadyrun
DiscordianTokkan: Danged Windows updates...
Traion: Not your fault
ContingentCat: @quasi79fu yikes
ritchards: understandable
kat2kool: oh god that fish mousse
LoadingReadyRun: the issues we're having a bit over my technical abilities and i"m reluctant to poke around too much
TehAmelie: so many monstrosities
ContingentCat: dangit windows
thefileclerk: @kaffeetrinken89 it happens
quasi79fu: im sooooo sorrry chat
wildpeaks: doing it remotely is also tricky
Huschel23: Alrighty, take care everyone
DoodlestheGreat: @loadingreadyrun, it's okay, Cam. These things happen.
beowuuf: computers are a cruel and fickle master
ContingentCat: it's ok Cam
DiscordianTokkan: We understand! Hopefully the computer'll get itself sorted out... this last update was a Three Rebooter on my end
kumatsu: @corianderd Did you see Shing mailed a piece to someone willing to record eating it?
iris_of_ether: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
kaffeetrinken89: @thefileclerk I meant the jello ^^
SentientRatKing: It's ok take care of yourselves
engineerbudy: Dont worry
SnackPak_: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
gamercat88: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
corianderd: @kumatsu not yet!
kat2kool: thanks for trying Cameron! lrrHEART
kaffeetrinken89: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Lucien0451: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
beowuuf: lrrHEART
TehAmelie: lrrHEART
Nigouki: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
thefileclerk: update twits?
Simriel: @loadingreadyrun Well you have all of our support anyway.
thefileclerk: lrrHEART lrrHEART
ritchards: I assume someone will alert the Ben that he might have issues?
corianderd: We're still working on fixing it @ritchards
TehAmelie: the gatorade stuff is sweet, but let's get back to. . .a bowl of jello filled with shrimp?
thefileclerk: beeeen its on fiiiiire agaaaaain
thefileclerk: @tehamelie that is basically half of traditional British dishes
thefileclerk: potted shrimp, jellied eel
Simriel: did no one leave a spare Paul clone in the cupboard in case of emergencies
thefileclerk: jugged hare