serramarkov: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
drfox17: I remember because we were chatting about it... right before a Jackbox game
red_shoes_jeff: Last time I was at Epcot, there was... I wanna say an art festival?
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SourceQuench: 30 months?! That over 2.5e6 seconds!
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ramiel117: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (4m from now).
gnome_friend: !flan
SnackPak_: sergeHi
TehAmelie: fun fact: the Doyle estate sued Netflix for making Sherlock Holmes have emotion in a movie that they're producing. such class
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! PrideWave Sorry I missed today's PiF, I had a work zoom meeting for most of that time.
NightValien28: wasn't just emotion, was also for respecting women
TehAmelie: ooh
NightValien28: something sherlock holmes should not do I guess
Foxmar320: Such a concept
red_shoes_jeff: The horror
drfox17: Oooh, it was robonixon
DarkMorford: Who's ready to 🥊 some 🎃 s?
gnome_friend: Constable Horse Nixon?
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
gnome_friend: lrrSACK
TehAmelie: based on the perfect character profile they have developed based on the decades of Sherlock books
djalternative: hola chat
NightValien28: imo elementary had the best sherlock
NightValien28: what up djalternative
djalternative: nah. Eggs Bennedict Sherlock for lyfe
SourceQuench: Hey @djalternative . Hello, Twitch chat! PrideDragon
PharaohBender27: Also, I'll probably only be here the first hour, since my folks are having a fondue dinner this evening to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, and then I have to go to a union local Zoom social get-together . . . to play Jackbox :p
Gekyouryuu: @NightValien28 I agree
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (54s from now).
gnome_friend: !panic
ContingentCat: !advice
LRRbot: You don't want sweaty books.
TehAmelie: Smaug is an incredible actor and Bilbo is even better so yeah i like Sherlock if i have to pick a show
djalternative: I need to figure out what my dinner is
PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy, @gnome_friend ! PrideWave Feels like it's been a while since we've been in the same chat
ContingentCat: !findquote books
LRRbot: Quote #6424: "Could I just read a book IRL?" —Cameron [2019-09-28]
gnome_friend: Hi @PharaohBender27
A_Catastrophic_Success: !badadvice
LRRbot: Don't do what Daddy Ian didn't.
Gekyouryuu: !y
ihlendrax: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: Jewels!
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xVeinFirex: best times in quarantine times
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PharaohBender27: Are these cursed jewels, though, @LRRbot ?
sheqesi: !findquote jackbox
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: teeth
gnome_friend: TEETH
red_shoes_jeff: TEETH
djalternative: looks like dinner is orange chicken tonight
PharaohBender27: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ContingentCat: TEETH
xVeinFirex: TEETH
gnome_friend: Paul was proposing earlier that the reason wizards spend so much time in their towers is because they can't open the doors to get out
gnome_friend: I find this suggestion intriguing
TheMerricat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m ago).
ContingentCat: title change!
red_shoes_jeff: Title change!~
aWabbajack: or too much magic to unlock the door
ihlendrax: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Gekyouryuu: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
red_shoes_jeff: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a community, not a casino.
SourceQuench: I mean, it says "pull" right on there, but who has time to read every sign?
aWabbajack: have to cast a series of spells
PharaohBender27: @gnome_friend They just need to take a cue from fairy tales about trapped princesses and make an ad hoc rope to get down
JaysonMaxwell: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: many secrets
LordZarano: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4193: "Please never say 'Footie Fudge' again." —Alex [2017-05-09]
JaysonMaxwell: !secrets
mowdownjoe: lrrSIGNAL ?
red_shoes_jeff: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always helpful.
Foxmar320: Soon
CaptainSpam: SOON™
gnome_friend: LRRbot is often helpful, but I wouldn't say always
SnackPak_: spoon?
gnome_friend: spork
red_shoes_jeff: SPOON!
JaysonMaxwell: !advice
LRRbot: Make a rhythm game that uses a theremin.
mowdownjoe: Fork?
ihlendrax: !badadvice
LRRbot: Have you tried turning it off?
aWabbajack: lrrSIGNAL
DarknessKingCoH: I wonder...
Diabore: wait, the lrr crew has friends?
Foxmar320: Several
DarknessKingCoH: !quote menards
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
PharaohBender27: Wait, is it really lrrSIGNAL ? Do I need to refresh?
gnome_friend: !findquote menards
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ContingentCat: !findquote friends
LRRbot: Quote #6285: "'Because you're my friend, I will take this burden on for you.' 'We met 2 hours ago!'" —Dale and Jacob [2019-08-05]
Foxmar320: No live
Diabore: i dont have live
aWabbajack: not yet, sorry @PharaohBender27
DarknessKingCoH: Damn
PharaohBender27: Ah, thanks everyone
TheMerricat: the friends are the journey the made along the way.....
aWabbajack: false lrrSIGNAL
Loonatic93: More like "My Nards..." AMIRITE!!!!!!!
djalternative: you can always !updog to check
TotallyNotaBeholder: The friends we made along the way are the friends we made along the way
gnome_friend: The real friends were inside us all along
Loonatic93: What's !updog?
gnome_friend: !card updraft elemental
LRRbot: Updraft Elemental [2U] | Creature — Elemental [1/4] | Flying
ContingentCat: uptime in dog years
SourceQuench: 20 bucks, same as in town.
PharaohBender27: !updog
LRRbot: The stream is not live. lrrSPOT
ihlendrax: And it starts storming. The doggos are not pleased.
JaysonMaxwell: !last
LRRbot: Sorry, I can only see the future.
gnome_friend: !storm
LRRbot: Today's storm count: 53 (new subscribers: 1, returning subscribers: 52, new patrons: 0), bits cheered: 569, new followers: 13
PharaohBender27: Ah, thanks for the tip, @djalternative !
Jean_Jacques_EB: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (4m ago).
SourceQuench: @ihlendrax Gulf coast? #metoo
Juliamon: Normal !uptime works too
SnackPak_: Stay safe Gulf coast friends
agentsmithradio: lrrFINE
ihlendrax: Colorado. First storm in mooooonths for us.
mowdownjoe: @Loonatic93 Not much. What' up with you? :D
gnome_friend: @SourceQuench I feel like that might not quite be the appropriate context for that octothorpe?
PharaohBender27: @ihlendrax @SourceQuench katesScared
Juliamon: People just really like !updog
Foxmar320: Whats not to like
TheMerricat: wish it'd storm here. grass is essentially roasted seaweed snacks atm
ContingentCat: I finally remembered the ikea doll bed is perfect cat size and ordered it now I have a cat, and my cat is sleeping on it instead of the box it came in!
ihlendrax: Doggos are bestest. Says my doggos.
SourceQuench: I'm in a relatively safe area, but don't envy folks east of here. If that's you: please stay safe.
Dog_of_Myth: Hola all
gnome_friend: In good news, my workplace now has electricity again
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat If they're talking about the storm I think they are, no, you don't
Foxmar320: Wait a cat not sleeping in a box?!
Loonatic93: @mowdownjoe First... Thank you! Second. Just hanging around waiting for the best bois and girlz to start the stream!
aWabbajack: awabbaHi
JaysonMaxwell: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
gnome_friend: !sassplan
LRRbot: I don't know, go ask Serge's mods.
TheMerricat: did the bed come with the cat @contingentcat or did you have to assemble it your self?
gnome_friend: @TheMerricat how does one assemble a cat?
SnackPak_: A flat-pack cat?
Foxmar320: Carefully assemble the cat
r3fr4ct0r: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (6m ago).
agentsmithradio: I'm so glad to see Jackbox coming back to Crossing the Streams! These have been a real highlight during the last 6 months, and I'm about as hype as you can get.
TheMerricat: cats generally self assemble if they hear the treat bag
red_shoes_jeff: Findquote cat
gnome_friend: So I'm assuming Wheeler isn't on tonight
gnome_friend: since he's still streaming
red_shoes_jeff: !findquote cat
LRRbot: Quote #7063: "I think I have cat-like reflexes." —Beej, Mail Time [2020-07-17]
ContingentCat: @TheMerricat I got the cat seperate not from Ikea so he came already assembled
Nigouki: Box ready to Jack
DarknessKingCoH: Isn't pspspsps the summoning spell for cats?
Foxmar320: No Wheeler that I can see
djalternative: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
PharaohBender27: lrrSIGNAL !
Bartlebad: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Foxmar320: lrrSIGNAL
red_shoes_jeff: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gnome_friend: lrrSIGNAL
ContingentCat: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Riandisa: xivCactuar xivCactuar xivCactuar
Nigouki: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
JaysonMaxwell: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Naarius: ba da daaaaaaa
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
jonasjonIV: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
GamesAndInk: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Anemscol: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
CaptainSpam: Fibbage 3!
agentsmithradio: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Gekyouryuu: ooooh, Fibbage 3
aWabbajack: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
SourceQuench: Fibbage music FTW!
ladylinzington: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
Pteraspidomorphi: Fibbage three! Fibbage three! I lie to you! You lie to me!
ContingentCat: Fibbage!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: lrrHEART
Masslost: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrGOAT
PharaohBender27: Well, I think I know which game we're starting with! :D
CaptainSpam: Fibbage 3! Fibbage 3! Trivia! Potpourri!
fastlane250: okay just had to refresh and it showed up
TheMerricat: Chat I've been cursed with the knowledge of seaweed snacks now if only I could be cursed with the knowledge of how not to eat 10 packs at a time
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Pteraspidomorphi: Is today guests or crew?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: hello chat frannnnds, how are we all this fine evening?
ritchards: is that the menu music?
Electrodyne: 508th!!!!
ladylinzington: well the easiest way to remove the temptation is to eat them all so well done @TheMerricat
CaptainSpam: @ritchards It is, for Fibbage 3.
SourceQuench: Seaweed snacks will be forever your burden. Until you run out and have to go down to the shop for more...
ritchards: ty
PharaohBender27: @ritchards That's the waiting music for Fibbage
TheMerricat: @sourcequench what scared me is I've already looked up how to make my own
Sarah_Serinde: It's a mix of crew and awesome friends, you can see them in the tweet LRR just posted :)
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Mercer_Man: Woot! Jackbox time!
ContingentCat: @TheMerricat the only way I know is to buy fewer at a time.
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Crossing the Streams! This week the LRR Crew and Friends are playing Jackbox! 📷 ||
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TheMightyTaylor: Wooooo
GreayStone: is this song a hint at the first game
modernner0: Yes! Perfect way to end the day!!!
SourceQuench: If you have a local source for seaweed, you're doomed.
gnome_friend: Who's on the left?
Foxmar320: Sarah_Serinde I recognize everyone but the guy top center with the book. :P
MrQBear: Thanks for the HyperParkour @loonatic93
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ContingentCat: Mikey!
PharaohBender27: @TalesFromTheManaCrypt No too bad - will have to leave early because my parents are having their first date anniversary dinner, which is fondue
ContingentCat: I think
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Dog_of_Myth: Thanks for the HyperTiger @drstrangeal
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TheAlanHeffley: jackbox with these jacks in a box!
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PharaohBender27: Molly!
creepywaffleco: I’ve got hot cocoa and snacks. I am ready!
NonUniqueGuy: Thank god for notifications. I had forgotten it is jackbox night
Sarah_Serinde: Foxmar320 I dunno, I feel like I've seen him somewhere before...
ContingentCat: Thanks for the HyperMine @thealanheffley
Mcgwee: Jackbox!
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TheMerricat: jackbox music is _almost_ as good as BGC
badwolfbay87 extended their Tier 1 subscription through September!
themlin: HYPE
HbombAndFriends: Yay! I’m actually catching a Jackbox stream. I usually stream on Wednesdays.
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Foxmar320: Sarah_Serinde Maybe? Not sure foxmarWELP
deadeyedan5012: I need this today lol
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Nuha: Thanks for evrything gang
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eddieatthegov: let Jack out of the box, you don't know him like I do
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aWabbajack: ooh in the hundo club
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MunchlaxRegretsNothing: Gonna try not to laugh on headphones while my partner delivers his class online!
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hieroglyphica: I need this distraction so much right now. Thank you all for filling my watching hours with joy.
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benv0li0: thank you all for your lovely shows
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HbombAndFriends: Thank you, @awabbajack!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @PharaohBender27 that sounds lovely, though the question is - cheese or chocolate?
ladylinzington: Thanks for the HyperCooldown @munchlaxregretsnothing
Dog_of_Myth: Thanks for the HyperGravity @hieroglyphica
TehAmelie: it's basically Jack-o-lantern season now right? so, good game choice
Mcgwee: lrrDOTS lrrHEART lrrARROW
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Radyin: Will the stream start before the 7 back-to-back ads finish? Let's find out!
PharaohBender27: @TalesFromTheManaCrypt Cheese
PhoenixMelior: Eyyyyy time to soare
PhoenixMelior: *spare
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Pteraspidomorphi: Oh right I'm still here.
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aWabbajack: mrweebBadger
HoneyJack07: !quote 62
gnome_friend: Is the sound fuzzy for anyone else?
bl1ghtn1n6: hey chat, how goes the Wednesday?
TheMerricat: I just realized Bubblegum Crisis and Big Giant Circles have the same acronym. I wonder if they are a fan
lady_olynder subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 13 months!
lady_olynder: There is a button? and I pressed it? Me-1 ADHD-probably more, but the important thing is i got 1
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modernner0: Thanks @hieroglyphica
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AffinityForFun: 2^4 lrrHEART
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HoneyJack07: Ah crap my sub lol
maintainpriority: I have nothing to do at work, so I shall spend my time here
HbombAndFriends: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrFINE
hieroglyphica: Hello all! I'm pretty low right now but I appreciate folx here
sheqesi: Does anyone know what song this is?
MyBuddySuperfly: big giant circles sound... different? kappa
gnome_friend: lrrHEART @hieroglyphica
buddyjeebuz: Glad to see Jackbox again..
Bartlebad: Thanks for the HyperReveal @dragoknight101
itsr67: hello friends
hieroglyphica: lrrHEART (:
chrono2x: @hieroglyphica You are appreciated!
ContingentCat: @sheqesi the menu song for Fibbage 3
taschneide: this song is actually from the Jackbox game Fibbage
e_bloc: ding
chibi_bento: @hieroglyphica I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope this stream helps.
TheMerricat: @sheqesi menu music for Fibbage 3
TheM8: pring!
ritchards: bring!
modernner0: We appreciate you @hieroglyphica
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NightValien28: lol
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e_bloc: wing
red_shoes_jeff: PLING
SourceQuench: @sheqesi This is the intro music for Fibbage XL. Don't know the title, though.
Nigouki: beep boop nuclear launch detected
dangerous_safety: Thanks for the HyperCrown @nuha
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @hieroglyphica lrrHEART virtual hugs to ya. hope whatever is going on turns around soon.
mowdownjoe: Lots of Fibbage sounds...
SourceQuench: SOON
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Get better at being awake.
sheqesi: Thank you!!
EvilBadman: I spy a mikey of face
e_bloc: soon
themlin: SOON
Anemscol: SOON TM
Ignatiuspants: SOON
Sheikun07: woooooooooo
iris_of_ether: My stomach has rebelled, but I can think of no better way to chill out than watch this :)
ContingentCat: S O O N
VorlonScout: S O O N
Electrodyne: lrrDOTS lrrHAM lrrARROW
NightValien28: now
jonasjonIV: n o w
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HoneyJack07: B U S IS C O M I N
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ABMsalamader99: lets go!
hieroglyphica: y'all are always amazing lrrHEART
badwolfbay87: Soon
fastlane250: suun
gnome_friend: Bus is coming!
TehAmelie: lrrSIGNAL
Simbionis: Thanks for the HyperGravity @pharaohbender27
Snowcookies: I was gonna play Minecraft but got kicked off for server changes
themlin: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
red_shoes_jeff: BUS IS COMING
deadeyedan5012: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
themlin: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
PharaohBender27: @Simbionis No problem
Relentless_Bread: bus is coming
lady_olynder: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a boat! We've always wanted one of those...
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codl_: unlucky month
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, codl_! (Today's storm count: 83)
creepywaffleco: Love the CTS intro
ContingentCat: !venga
LRRbot: The Venga Bus is coming in for the kill, it's doing it for a thrill. Oh, I'm hoping you'll understand.
ritchards: jlrrCreeper
Foxmar320: Hello everyone
TehAmelie: greetings
SkylerRingtail subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 67 months, currently on a 67 month streak!
SkylerRingtail: Jackbox never fails to provide many needed laughs and smiles in these socially-distanced times. Stay well, LRR and friends!
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Carbonylcookie: Look at all these good good eggs!
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Riandisa: Good evening all
Sarah_Serinde: So many good people lrrHEART
drfox17: whaaaa, friends!?
NarishmaReborn: whoa!!!!
SourceQuench: Thanks for the HyperCooldown @skylerringtail
Nigouki: oh shit it's Adam!
LordZarano: I love that intro
themlin: it's some good nerds!
djalternative: Mikey!
MyBuddySuperfly: omg! <3
Mysticman89: this is content. and molly has more hair than i last saw her
Carbonylcookie: dyketaWave dyketaWave dyketaWave dyketaWave
aWabbajack: Hai Frrands
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DoodlestheGreat: I SEE A MIKEY!
HoneyJack07: beej that hair lol
NimrodXIV: Mikey! Molly!
modernner0: Molly!!!!
train_diskenth: hello friends!!
noSmokeFire: POWERFUL guests
ContingentCat: Thanks for the HyperGravity @skylerringtail
Pteraspidomorphi: Good lineup!
Diabore: adam???
StarFreak359: Hello, Fronds!
Snowcookies: Yay
rzrdrgn: Mikey! <3
jonasjonIV: Thanks for the HyperCrate @jasaria
rangerboy87: Mikey!!!
niccus: oh no adam dont look behind you
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Thanks for the HyperTiger @jasaria
DoodlestheGreat: AND A MOLLY
MyBuddySuperfly: Ian, you ok?
Anemscol: Molly!?
kumatsu: Adam that background is seabatBRAIN
CAKHost: Hi everyone!
SnackPak_: Yay friends!
NightValien28: omg mikey and molly
agentsmithradio: Is Graham on helium?
Diabore: also, it a tom
Terr0rc0tta: Mikey!!!!!!
deadeyedan5012: ADAM
e_bloc: Corgo500 special guest hyyype
e_bloc's Cheer shared rewards to 10 others in Chat!
ourladyoflilacs: MOLLY!
DisquietCrow: ian has gone back in time, somehow?
HoneyJack07: heck yes ADAM
soupgiraffe: oh lordy beejs hair
Riandisa: So many awesome guests
Foxmar320: Nice Graham :D
Rhynerd: Molly’s here!
Snowcookies: Aubrey!
MyBuddySuperfly: TTSF gone intense?
train_diskenth: beej just woke up, lmao
noSmokeFire: Molly's camera is improbably high definition
StarFreak359: Thanks for the HyperMayhem @e_bloc
modernner0: doing some house work Ian?
Sarah_Serinde: Oh sweet DB South shirt :D
deadeyedan5012: Congrats Adam on the Tournament win!
raaabr: wheelerY wheelerH
Revelia: MIKEY!?!?!
MrQBear: Man, they even got Beej to guest star? This is amazing!
TehAmelie: the first Molly Lewis on Wikipedia!
boristhewizard: Adam is finally Jackboxing?! Go gettem, champ! seabatSKYLADY
brainbosh: Yay Mikey!
GhostValv: spicy
MegaDosX: I'm not sure which is more majestic, Adam's background or Beej's hair
NightValien28: oh ben would love that fella
Snowcookies: seabatSKYLADY
Carbonylcookie: dyketaWave Hi Tom! dyketaWave
train_diskenth: Uhm, what?! I need to see that :o
Sarah_Serinde: Ahh and Aubrey's rainbow flower crown is so good
dalek_kosh: I miss the Panelists
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Meark: Nice.
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NightValien28: that's a whole click
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Carbonylcookie: HELL YEAH CELLOS
Dyketacular: dyketaWave dyketaWave
mowdownjoe: We better have some Adam-powered Split the Room. something something jars in woods
NotCainNorAbel: Pride1000 - All star cast!!!
NotCainNorAbel's Cheer shared rewards to 25 others in Chat!
chrono2x: Such a selection of wonderful people!
chaostreader: @boristhewizard Adam has Boxed some Jacks before.
Radyin: Mikey, loving the D&D show.
ladylinzington: Thanks for the HyperReveal @notcainnorabel
Lord_Durin: Thanks for the HyperMine @notcainnorabel
Foxmar320: Mikey!
Zettabit_Fox: Woo!
r3fr4ct0r: Thanks for the HyperCrown @candynuke
gnome_friend: !findquote desert bus south
LRRbot: Quote #1213: "Oh yeah. Desert Bus South: we are totally doing that. You can quote me on it." —Cameron [2015-12-02]
SursaiKosecksi: :D
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
bl1ghtn1n6: lol
GhostValv: :O
TehAmelie: i love your show MIkey
DoodlestheGreat: Beej is really rocking the Don King look.
e_bloc: lrrWOW
VikingEngineering : Thanks for the HyperCrown @meark
r3fr4ct0r: HyperCrown
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW
lady_olynder: !advice
LRRbot: If you're not under the trapdoor, run away.
bl1ghtn1n6: starting strong tonight
Anemscol: video games are bad tho
KartoffelKaiser: LUL NotLikeThis
ContingentCat: Wow hot takes
DesertBusSouth: Cool shirt, Molly. <3
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Carbonylcookie: Mikey, you're a peach
TehAmelie: everyone is wonderful!
drfox17: ooooo
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BlindProphet32: katesHeart katesHeart katesHeart katesHeart katesHeart
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: loveing adam's background1 so fun
flouncy_magooo: I love Fibbage Colon!
e_bloc: a lot of strong hairstyles tonight
Electrodyne: lrrDOTS lrrBEEJ lrrARROW
djalternative: we have to get that in the quote system
MyBuddySuperfly: :D <3
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Mikey) [now] Video games are bad and you shouldn't play them. Anyway let's play video games!
LRRbot: New quote #7158: "Video games are bad and you shouldn't play them. Anyway let's play video games!" —Mikey [2020-08-26]
ladylinzington: I love Fibbage Colon!
ritchards: refresh your devices!
gnome_friend: Gambling?
gnome_friend: I'm in!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Hacker Voice: I'm In
MegaDosX: *hacker voice* I'm in!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: hes hacking!
tehogwillie: beej's hair is a work of art
XIIV13C100111: Oh hey Molly is here
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
NimrodXIV: Hacksmn
bl1ghtn1n6: lol, I remember that stream
SnackPak_: Adam is hacking Jackbox!
Foxmar320: That man is GAMING!
RomanGoro: It bothers me a little that the guests aren't in the 4 corners
MegaDosX: @TotallyNotaBeholder Jinx
itsr67: those inputs must've been hard
Aarek: Adam is ready on wakeup
Naarius: oh nooo
Diabore: i think this is my least favourite fibage, too hard to fool people
djalternative: thank you @Sarah_Serinde
bruno_mant: Colonial Fibbage?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: is molly's audio out of sync for anyone else?
SourceQuench: I had Fibbage colon once. Drank a glass of warm salty water, and it cleared up like <snap> that!
Twilight_Spark: Löop bröther.
Sarah_Serinde: And belated because I was quoting him but Movies with Mikey, go watch later:
HoneyJack07: jlrrCai jlrrLlou
iSmartMan1: Amateur, Roaming AppData is where the spicy stuff is
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mowdownjoe: Adam with the wakeup super...
train_diskenth: Beej totally woke up super... saiyan, that is
Sarah_Serinde: lrrFINE
TotallyNotaBeholder: @MegaDosX No kidding, great minds think alike, so do horrible ones, so I'm hopping you're smart cause the jury is out on me
Carbonylcookie: Tom, what is your camera doing?
modernner0: Dang it G
Anemscol: lrrFINE
GreayStone: Professionals! lol
ninja_theory_ashrams: good evening, ladies and gentlemen and non binaries benginHi
MegaDosX: @TotallyNotaBeholder Well I'm sure you're wonderful :)
Foxmar320: lol
TotallyNotaBeholder: :)
robo__nixon: Whiskey Cokes here
Masslost: lrrBEEJ has gone full young frankenstein
Smurfykins: mmm
jessieimproved: I'm already entertained
ShaneLeeAtk: NO!!! I haven't finished the Beer Fest Vlog yet!
BigFMonster: I'm In
Getter404: So why does Ian's Zoom Background look like Kiryu just finished a boss fight?
CaptainSpam: M*lly
EvilBadman: Think of a truth and a lie for the final round now
ninja_theory_ashrams: Zebra Charlie X-ray Hotel
TehAmelie: zcxh, what a terrible word to try and pronounce
kaleidoscopemind: M[redacted]lly
TheWooglie: !players
buddyjeebuz: Nobody will plan that far ahead
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Foxmar320: This is one of the few Jackbox games I feel id be ok at
bl1ghtn1n6: @Getter404 sounds like you answered your own question
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: @Getter404 i thought it was a capture of when they moved in and rennoed the moonbase to suit needs?
MegaDosX: @TehAmelie The H is silent
BigFMonster: I once killed a man with a spork
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Is the game volume ok?
Dog_of_Myth: @TehAmelie It's pronounced "pie"
ContingentCat: yup
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
EvilBadman: Yeah paul
Terradana: Thanks for the HyperCrate @ourladyoflilacs
djalternative: perfecto
robo__nixon: Seems fine Paul
CaptainSpam: Volume's good, yep.
Kairanie: volume good for me
creepywaffleco: Volume is good
PharaohBender27: @LoadingReadyRun Sounds good to me!
lady_olynder: seems to be
DoodlestheGreat: It's fine, Paul.
agentsmithradio: All's good Paul!
Getter404: Yup, we're hearing Cookie loud and clear
mowdownjoe: Yep
deadeyedan5012: lrrFINE
SoaringDragon42: Game is, Molly sounds a little distant
Foxmar320: Now I want pie lrrPAUL
A_Dub888: Thanks for the HyperCrown @nuha
Inquisitor_Xian: lrrFINE lrrFINE
rangerboy87: Yes Paul. I hear sounds
Kumakaori: is that who I think it is? One Mikey Neumann?
cryomancer20x6: Hi all I'm late. Who are the guests other than Molly?
drfox17: Chat, i was healthy with salmon and green beans, it's time for GELATO
HoneyJack07: Just like Paul , its perfect
SourceQuench: Just like Zcxh Galifianakis...
Masslost: i want whatever lrrBEEJ had
NarishmaReborn: look at all these wonderful people
ContingentCat: @Kumakaori the very one
gnome_friend: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
lady_olynder: seemed in sync to me, which means it probably was
gnome_friend: 3
PhoenixMelior: Shout outs to Paul for running the board for this show
Kumakaori: Awesome ^-^. Yay guests!
ourladyoflilacs: 3
agentsmithradio: 3
Carbonylcookie: 3
FelidarSov: 3
e_bloc: 1
GoblinRanger: 3
BigFMonster: i like 1 but ok
flouncy_magooo: 1
NonUniqueGuy: 3
robo__nixon: 3
Electrodyne: Cheer100 Does anyone know what time Beej traveled in from?
Dog_of_Myth: 3
DoodlestheGreat: 3
djalternative: they're all bad
MegaDosX: I guess 3?
ABMsalamader99: 3
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RechargeableFrenchman: Woo, Jackbox with fun guests, what a great evening.
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FDR101: 2
mowdownjoe: Any of the audience answers seem fine.
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm going with 3
voslan: WATER
lady_olynder: water
MegaDosX: This isn't a great one for us unfortunately
gredgredmansson: I just got here and what is up with Beej's hair
rangerboy87: 2
gnome_friend: !findquote water
LRRbot: Quote #966: "Sure! Sure! Blame it on the game! See if I give you any of your water back..." —Heather [2015-10-26]
MyBuddySuperfly: You can't drink jesus!
Jamfalcon: Water!
robo__nixon: Whiskey cokes Beej
buddyjeebuz: 3
FDR101: they are all pretty bad
agentsmithradio: Water, to be followed by Fresca
EvilBadman: Chat: If you're playing along, the number is what we're voting for to obscure for the players
TehAmelie: speaking of wizards, hooray for Paul! lrrHEART
Gekyouryuu: apple juice
bl1ghtn1n6: I should go grab water
TheAinMAP: dyketaWave
ArrestedHouse: irn bru
DandyGeek: Beej, Ian, and Mikey in this game? I’m gonna be sad if there’s not a single Dune reference
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: vodka lemonade - ahhh summer
GhostValv: hydration :)
ContingentCat: Tea! It's finally cold enough here!
TheM8: Im getting wine!
PharaohBender27: @cryomancer20x6 Aubret from the Doubleclicks, Mikey Neumann, and Tom (I missed his self-intro due to refreshing :p )
gnome_friend: Ernis from Sesame Street
Gekyouryuu: @TehAmelie what happened to Paul?
MegaDosX: OK some of those are fun
iris_of_ether: @loadingreadyrun lrrPAUL, you may find this silly thing I made of interest:
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL gredgredmansson Pandemic happened
modernner0: "And the microphone smells like a beer" - Molly and no one else, ever
mitomanox: cant believe i'm finally watching crossing the streams <3
Foxmar320: lol
gredgredmansson: cute
Sheikun07: "Paging Dr. Bear. Dr. Bear to the OR."
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Naarius: Are we singing a little lullaby to said stuffed toy?
eric_christian_berg: Molly is a little quiet.
seemsdeece: cute
cryomancer20x6: @PharaohBender27 Thanks!
ContingentCat: katesLol so cute
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: thats precious
Foxmar320: Penelope knows whats up
noSmokeFire: Penelope is *wonderful*
jessieimproved: Three Taverns Rapturous with Guava lrrAWESOME
A_Dub888: Thanks for the HyperHex @beofryn
agentsmithradio: I love Amos, solid Old Testament answer.
MegaDosX: Damn, I think Molly got most of us with that one
A_Dub888: !quote penelope
LRRbot: Quote #3369: "Ah BA ba ba!" —Penelope, regarding getting Bits
lady_olynder: should have known that was an ian lie..
GreayStone: raising a little nerd, how cute
TehAmelie: Xanathor would have been a wild one
hockeygoaliechris: Not pistachio
mitomanox: cant believe im finally watching crossing the streams LIVE, I mean. I've watched all of the archive on youtube
mitomanox: love you guys
NimrodXIV: Amos is good
MyBuddySuperfly: Adam gaming right
TacitusVigil: Thanks for the HyperSlam @thealanheffley
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
MegaDosX: Yay, we got Graham!
Naarius: gottem
Snowcookies: good one adam
noSmokeFire: gottem
red_shoes_jeff: HA
mowdownjoe: Jebaited
NimrodXIV: gottem
CaptainSpam: Ha!
ArrestedHouse: Jebaited
NonUniqueGuy: We got one!
SourceQuench: Xanthor the Destroyer, Scourge of a Thousand Worlds, Emperor of Night
Inquisitor_Xian: gottem
Foxmar320: Muahahahaaaa
ourladyoflilacs: gottem
TehAmelie: we gottem
GhostValv: jimqui1Gallimimus
DoodlestheGreat: I got it right!
buddyjeebuz: got em
TehAmelie: and by them we mean solely Graham
TacitusVigil: Is it time for Jork Pork Party Borks?
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Foxmar320: oh no
ContingentCat: what would be great is if it wasn't an Ernie
MyBuddySuperfly: Can we hear Molly?
Naarius: 3
agentsmithradio: 3
EvilBadman: 3
jadenmina: 3
Snowcookies: 2
Science_and_Magic: 3
NimrodXIV: 1
robo__nixon: 2
e_bloc: 3
Aarek: seabatBRAIN
gredgredmansson: 1
TheM8: 3
lady_olynder: 1 so strong
gamercat88: lolz
Sheikun07: none of our options are good
Electrodyne: 3
gnome_friend: I can here him say 2
BigFMonster: 3
flangdale: 4
control_rig: 1
Malkmaven1176: 3
DoodlestheGreat: 3
Lord_Durin: Not the brain thats his biggest part
ourladyoflilacs: 3
FelidarSov: 3
GoblinRanger: 3
Dog_of_Myth: 3
mowdownjoe: 1 or 3 work
IgnisDeus: 1
bruno_mant: DIIIIICK
Manae: We already know Adam wants to be a power ranger...
FDR101: 3
CaptainSpam: 1 is strong for Adam.
rangerboy87: 2
Gekyouryuu: gall bladder
BigFMonster: team 3
buddyjeebuz: 3
ContingentCat: wasn't this a Panalyists question?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is Ian replacing Adam with a robot?
Foxmar320: I love Split the Room
JaysonMaxwell: !findquote jar
LRRbot: Quote #4656: "the solution is more cows in jars" —James [2018-02-07]
Anemscol: it's the penis isn't it?
gamercat88: robotic dingle dangle
MegaDosX: Adam did say this one was easy, so I wonder what the truth is
Mysticman89: if there was a jar...
rogerivany: Would Adam put the body part in a Jar then?
Foxmar320: I wish it had the Jar question
Mumpaaah: Adam is perpetually playing Split the Room
deadeyedan5012: 3
lady_olynder: !findquote room
LRRbot: Quote #193: "I'll be fine. If you hear shrieking from the next room, you'll know why." —Alex [2015-05-01]
e_bloc: gonna be real disappointed if no one puts weiner
A_Dub888: Adam "Split the room" Savidan
Diabore: @Ba_Dum_Tish yes, a little at a time
Shoki_Donai: This is gonna be fun
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ChrisGMiller: Look at all these amazing humans!
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Mysticman89: adam "put half the room in a jar" savidan
KartoffelKaiser: LUL
wargodmogis: Thanks for the HyperMayhem @chrisgmiller
KartoffelKaiser: Gottem
benegesseritmother: Mikey katesHi
TacitusVigil: I'm just waiting for the Voight-Kampff-Savidan test.
TehAmelie: ooh, special eyes
Foxmar320: Yeah these are what I expected :D
CAKHost: Hence the jar questions
red_shoes_jeff: benginButt benginButt benginButt
GhostValv: only 1 choice
Orlantia: Molly is a little quiet
Metalupis: gotta be hands, help with that mix up
e_bloc: stunning lack of weiner
NonUniqueGuy: 3rd one says "my" so it has to be him
bl1ghtn1n6: "my right elbow" is a very good one
A_Dub888: benginButt benginButt benginButt benginButt
ATrophonian: O_O
Naarius: Oh no
control_rig: Uhhhhhhhhhhh...
Gekyouryuu: oh, hey, I predicted an answer. that I hope wasn't the audience option, because I didn't see them
Snowcookies: my my
seemsdeece: graham i was drinking coke
Luxatos: A uvula is that thing that hangs down, isn't it?
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DoodlestheGreat: Pretty sure DEEZ NUTS counts, Graham...
NimrodXIV: it's the thing at the back of your mouth
gredgredmansson: "Have I been using it wrong?" "No, now I'm worried I'VE been using it wrong."
mowdownjoe: benginButt benginButt benginButt
bl1ghtn1n6: like, it could be Adam, or it could be someone going next-level
dangerous_safety: Thanks for the HyperJump @robinkijktstreamers
jonasjonIV: it holds bile
rangerboy87: Thanks for the HyperCheese @robinkijktstreamers
agentsmithradio: Having a broken right humerus starting at the elbow, I agree with that answer.
MegaDosX: Dat booty tho
Nigouki: digestive related?
Ignatiuspants: I can't believe Beej had the gall to ask that
TacitusVigil: Robo-ass!
modernner0: Bile sotrage
Electrodyne: gal bladder makes your poo stink
modernner0: storage
ContingentCat: I feel very seen by G, I briefly mixed up what the Uvula is.
Carbonylcookie: Gall bladder produces bile for digestion of cholesterol
EvilBadman: @seemsdeece You're watching a comedy show, you knew the risks. :P
GhostValv: awww
HoneyJack07: Can someone quote 62 for me I dont have my sub anymore , it will show why adam already has a robot benginButt
e_bloc: (also for gaming)
Snowcookies: I just had to pick that one
bruno_mant: Clang those cheecks
TehAmelie: Beej knows what's up
mowdownjoe: Adam is always gaming
cyanMu42: I think toenails could have fooled more people than hips because it would be good to have durable toenails.
Diabore: adam got us
MaxTurkeyFlaps: !quote 62
LRRbot: Quote #62: "I just bent a piece of rebar in my anus. That's how hard I clenched." —Adam [2015-03-22]
PharaohBender27: Dangit I got goozled and chose eyes!
bl1ghtn1n6: isn't gallbladder one word?
rangerboy87: yes
Foxmar320: Yeah the "My"
underhill33: My was the tell
lady_olynder: and the audience doubted the left pinky
tehogwillie: only reason i chose that one too
ourladyoflilacs: I would definatly have my eyes replaced, myself
EvilBadman: sometimes you can bluff a "my"
noSmokeFire: no, you want people to guess yours, don't you?
Snowcookies: I just pick what I think is the funniest now
MegaDosX: You're in the lead now though Adam, so swings and roundabouts I guess
chrono2x: 2
gredgredmansson: Except you WANT people to guess yours
NimrodXIV: 2
Dog_of_Myth: 2
Ishakuro: you WANT that
TheFreak013: 2
Sheikun07: 2
Diabore: 2 or 3
robo__nixon: 2
DoctorOfBeard: 2
jonasjonIV: 1
GhostValv: 2
Electrodyne: 2
TehAmelie: who Adam played, was himself
Naarius: 2
Snowcookies: 2
lumlite: 2?
EJGRgunner: 2
Atreides42: 2
jadenmina: 2
TamesLovesGames: 2
Super_Sophomoric: 2
NarishmaReborn: Ukule-Me
Mysticman89: 2
ourladyoflilacs: 2
gnome_friend: 2
RaklarLS: 2
e_bloc: yeah that was the big brain play
A_Dub888: 2
GamesAndInk: 22222
mowdownjoe: 3 is good
bl1ghtn1n6: if someone had bluffed with my they'd be a genius
CaptainSpam: 2. Very 2.
Aarek: 2
ContingentCat: 100% 2
thmanwithnoname: 2
NonUniqueGuy: 2
GoblinRanger: 2
Anemscol: 2
Mumpaaah: Adam "It's a good thing he's cute" Savidan
e_bloc: 22222222222222
HoneyJack07: 2
MegaDosX: Oh god 2, windmill slam
PharaohBender27: I chose 3
ArrestedHouse: me and u-kelele
Ishakuro: they always forget the rules, lol
lady_olynder: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: Boxing Day
holz1994: You want people to guess yours Adam. You did good
rangerboy87: 2
buddyjeebuz: 2
TacitusVigil: Good news!
Tz_BG: Windmill slam 2
TehAmelie: nothing but two
EvilBadman: "Stephen Fry, write my foreward"
Shoki_Donai: 2 for sure
NonjaBiru: 3
InkyGhoast: oh 2 for sure
orellien2773: 2 or 3 are solid as hell
thmanwithnoname subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 59 months!
thmanwithnoname: <3
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, thmanwithnoname! (Today's storm count: 99)
red_shoes_jeff: 1's the title of MY autobiography.
Malkmaven1176: 2
noSmokeFire: these all work, but 2 is most on brand
A_Dub888: 3 was good but 2 was a windmill slam
iSmartMan1: Open Letter to Steven Fry
Diabore: 3 would also be very good for molly
EvilBadman: 2 for reals
PharaohBender27: Though I know what a great lie for this would be :p
gredgredmansson: The rules are "You ALWAYS want people to pick YOUR answer"
Ba_Dum_Tish: Molly is taking notes
TheOneCalledStu: is molly a bit quiet for anybody else?
Mr_Snafleburger: I'm a little late, whos on the roster toninght?
agentsmithradio: 2 is like getting a Gideon pack 3 when you're already mono-white.
drfox17: I'm hoping for a Stephen fry reference
TheFreak013: !players
rangerboy87: Ukelele and Stephen Gry
SoaringDragon42: Molly is so quiet
Pteraspidomorphi: It was a great double entendre, but still going with the straightforward one
Orlantia: Molly is definitely quiet
EvilBadman: Yeah molly's the quietest.
TheMerricat: Chat 2 is so good I'm going to bet it's the truth :P
TwitchTVsFrank: molly is a bit low
Snowcookies: Same
Dog_of_Myth: @agentsmithradio LUL LUL
gredgredmansson: someone didn't buzz in
Snowcookies: Nice tmbg reference
SourceQuench: While walking along in the desert sand, you suddenly look down and see a dilly bar crawling toward you. You reach down and flip it over onto its back. [...] You are not eating it. Why?
NightValien28: that road one is very strong
e_bloc: she's actual size is amazing
Loonatic93: But she seems much bigger to me!
EvilBadman: @gredgredmansson Or there's a double
Nahmbra: someone doubled
MegaDosX: Nah, someone didn't answer
ContingentCat: and I'm not going to yuck your uke
Mysticman89: I think someone failed to get an answer in time actually
Mumpaaah: Don't Want To Uke Any Yums, But . . .
elbasunu: yay Mikey!
Mysticman89: unless it was a double in the literal last second
MegaDosX: I had a feeling that was Adam's one
Foxmar320: I liked that one
PharaohBender27: Dangit!
NimrodXIV: that was good G
MegaDosX: Rats, we didn't get anyone
Foxmar320: Nice
Mysticman89: no love for audience
Sarah_Serinde: I *thought* that felt like Molly :D
robo__nixon: Huh? I went Ukes and Yucks
MegaDosX: That was us
TehAmelie: that was us
bl1ghtn1n6: chat
EvilBadman: Audience
lady_olynder: us
therealkenm135: !guests
Shoki_Donai: Aw. Well we tried
KartoffelKaiser: Audiance was Suck it Haters
NonUniqueGuy: Chat
ChaoticObserver: Audience pick
CaptainSpam: Going straight TMBG?
GhostValv: audience :)
NimrodXIV: suck it was ours
Diabore: that was chat
BigFMonster: it was ME
SoaringDragon42: Chat
PharaohBender27: It was chat
mowdownjoe: With the TMBG ref!
ContingentCat: yup that was us
Spacepup: She's Actual size, but she seems much bigger to meeeeeee
FDR101: it was us
Snowcookies: Go TMBG references
TacitusVigil: Beej
LordZarano: Place your votes:
TheFreak013: 2
BigFMonster: 1
hwdesperado: That's TMBG, right?
EJGRgunner: 1
gredgredmansson: Ours was "suck it haters"
Dog_of_Myth: 1
ritchards: ME!
IgnisDeus: 01
Mysticman89: 1
underhill33: 1
EvilBadman: 1
PharaohBender27: 1
red_shoes_jeff: 1
KartoffelKaiser: oh god literally *anything* is plausible
Super_Sophomoric: 3
Anaerin: 1
chrono2x: 1
jadenmina: 1
flouncy_magooo: 1
mowdownjoe: 1
e_bloc: 1
TamesLovesGames: 1
ContingentCat: 1
HoneyJack07: 1
NonUniqueGuy: 1
Atreides42: 1
InkyGhoast: 1
NimrodXIV: 1 would be most likely
EvilBadman: 1 is the most cromulent
Electrodyne: 1
NonjaBiru: 1
TwitchTVsFrank: 1
rangerboy87: 1
ourladyoflilacs: 1
gredgredmansson: 1 is the only choice
robo__nixon: 1
Lord_Durin: Beej once met Ian
ATrophonian: 1
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StreetRach: Oh hai.
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cryomancer20x6: Definitely 1!
RechargeableFrenchman: This player once met Famous YouTuber James Turner
e_bloc: I hope the real answer is "Adam Savidan"
TehAmelie: these are all wildly unlikely
Diabore: this one is hard for the audience to win
gravity_pike: why, it's best boy tom dyke!
FDR101: 1 seems like beej
Mysticman89: beej once met... Meej
NarishmaReborn: does it count if the celebrity is in the game with them?
RPAlmeida: Valeu pelo emote HyperHaste, @streetrach
Genderi: Hey all!
BigFMonster: 1 seems to be the most likely
Kumakaori: I.. how much we wanna bet on a VA also at an anime convenion somewhere ;P?
DoodlestheGreat: None of them work, but what the hell.
PharaohBender27: So homemade lime-aid?
Noodles_15: Vegeta
Tiber727: Has Beej met *the* Princess Auto!?
Foxmar320: Ummmmm
rrtycoon2: Miyamoto, perhaps?
ContingentCat: fun
NonUniqueGuy: Why wasn't Famouse Youtube James Turner an option?
PharaohBender27: @Tiber727 katesLol
Foxmar320: LOL
e_bloc: he won't get up, just go
Pteraspidomorphi: I see callbacks
MegaDosX: That middle one is a whole novel
gredgredmansson: that....isn't spelled right
Ba_Dum_Tish: When Beej goes he's gone
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
Snowcookies: I'm picking Graham
TacitusVigil: Ban-Ki Moon or riot.
jonasjonIV: Good joke Adam!
ArrestedHouse: an annan fan
gamercat88: BonoBono
Mumpaaah: The Sidewalk Slam references
PharaohBender27: UN secretary general jokes! :D
RechargeableFrenchman: Panalyst callbacks! Sick.
BigFMonster: Marie Kondo answer is great
Mysticman89: but has beej really met graham
HbombAndFriends: Antonio Gutierrez
MaxTurkeyFlaps: For a man’s romance?
bl1ghtn1n6: oh, Ian
agentsmithradio: Weird Al was in Victoria last year. It might be him.
drfox17: Americans: "We WISH"
Pteraspidomorphi: We know for a fact Beej has met Graham
Terr0rc0tta: Banksy Moon
TheAinMAP: Oh.
ArrestedHouse: oh no
TehAmelie: who is "the corn goblin"?
Shoki_Donai: We got one!
CaptainSpam: BOOM!
rangerboy87: got molly
mowdownjoe: Gottem
Dog_of_Myth: Gottem
gredgredmansson: the other ones were Paul McCartney and Kendall Jenner
Foxmar320: wat
Ignatiuspants: the United States should have a secretary general, because the whole "president" thing hasn't worked out yet
GhostValv: wut
Dyketacular: dyketaWave dyketaWave dyketaWave
NimrodXIV: lol
ChaoticObserver: Antonio Guterres is the UN secretary general
Bartlebad: I share with Weird Al
ourladyoflilacs: CORN
cyanMu42: THE COBLIN
ContingentCat: Sometimes you just vote for the one you want to be true
Pteraspidomorphi: I got it!
agentsmithradio: IT WAS WEIRD AL
Sheikun07: I WAS RIGHT
TacitusVigil: I know it's Weird Al, he signed all those CDs for Beej.
PharaohBender27: I got it!
MegaDosX: I got it right!
DoodlestheGreat: I got another one!
NimrodXIV: EZ
red_shoes_jeff: YEAH
ATrophonian: GOT IT!
RechargeableFrenchman: Fireworks! Hell yeah Beej
Mysticman89: nailed it
KartoffelKaiser: Holy shit, RAD
Snowcookies: knew it
jadenmina: Eeeeeeh got it!
StarFreak359: Nice!
Malkmaven1176: That was easy
xantos69: He gave a lap dance to my mom once
robo__nixon: In the words of Adam: 'Sha sha sha!"
HoneyJack07: beej has the hair for it lol
Foxmar320: Thats rad
RechargeableFrenchman: Gotta represent everyone's friend Gord from Kingston
EvilBadman: 2
ChaoticObserver: 2
e_bloc: 2
LinearGif: 2
red_shoes_jeff: 3
rangerboy87: 2
NonUniqueGuy: 2
chrono2x: 2
MegaDosX: 2 is hilarious
TheFreak013: 2
Snowcookies: 3
AvisSR: 2
InkyGhoast: 2
lady_olynder: !advice
LRRbot: Dye the crabs.
bl1ghtn1n6: 2, i guess
thraximore: oh yeah I think I remember this story
gnome_friend: Wow these are awful
Dog_of_Myth: 2
ourladyoflilacs: 2
CaptainSpam: 2.
gredgredmansson: "that Beej met 'Weird Al' Yankovic"
agentsmithradio: 2
NimrodXIV: 2 had a recent story (ish)
gravity_pike: 2
Diabore: 2 is really cool
noSmokeFire: 2/3 of these are kind of sad
TamesLovesGames: 2
Sarah_Serinde: I don't think any of these are very cool
athelstanent: 3
KartoffelKaiser: I refuse to believe Mikey doesn't already know all of these
CaptainSpam: 2's really weird when you stop and think about it.
rzrdrgn: I bet Mikey knows all these...
gredgredmansson: 2
JesusOnSegway: They are pretty bad, chat, not gonna lie
NarishmaReborn: how to play fibbage
Foxmar320: Sarah_Serinde same
Mysticman89: he would know 2 rather than it bieng recent
LordZarano: 3
drfox17: @Sarah_Serinde "The lyrics to the theme from Caillou"
mowdownjoe: Audience gets shafted again.
PharaohBender27: I think I remember lrrBEEEJ telling that story, which might have tipped me off :p
TacitusVigil: Mikey recently learned that....Beej met Weird Al!
Sarah_Serinde: drfox17 lrrFRUMP
HoneyJack07: @Sarah_Serinde Hope you are healing friend jlrrCai jlrrLlou
EvilBadman: the most surprising part of Beej meeting Al is it wasn't recent.
TehAmelie: i actually forgot we were picking a lie and voted for the one i thought was true. . .
agentsmithradio: 2 actually blew my mind once.
Foxmar320: :D
ContingentCat: katesLol 2
DragonMZ: Beej got the entire discography signed by Weird Al?
ChaoticObserver: The callbacks are early tonight
TheWooglie: you know he typed it earlier?
Snowcookies: lmao
goatprince: i vote
Snowcookies: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
ATrophonian: THESE are ALL Gold.
Manae: Mikey DID get the last one right
lady_olynder: realistically 8 of them can't be real
ContingentCat: Very recently
benegesseritmother: how recent? like hes reading it now?
Anaerin: The Donut Thing, I think.
MegaDosX: Mint got its taste as a defense mechanism? What the shit?
BigFMonster: what they float
flangdale: youre welcoke
Sarah_Serinde: I guess 2 doesn't sound interesting to me because I've known it forever?
e_bloc: what
ContingentCat: I get that reference
red_shoes_jeff: what
MegaDosX: Ian, what?
LinearGif: what do they float
robo__nixon: I don't remember a donut speech
Mysticman89: they only float cuz of their oil, if you wash a duck it won't float anymore
robo__nixon: wait. nevermind
cyanMu42: learned in the ways of science
cephallope: Is that a META GAMER?!
Pteraspidomorphi: Nooo
Sarah_Serinde: Good job Adam :D
Foxmar320: lol
Natedogg2: I never metagame I didn't like.
ChaoticObserver: Dang Adam
Mr_Snafleburger: Adam got me good
gredgredmansson: @robo__nixon donut "hole"
Smurfykins: Daniel Craig explaining his view of the events and how they were logical, @robo__nixon
KartoffelKaiser: Adam you've Jebaited us yet again
chrono2x: That is totally true
TheFreak013: Dang it Ian
PharaohBender27: DAMMIT
CaptainSpam: DURNIT
red_shoes_jeff: HA
jonasjonIV: yes!
ATrophonian: YES!!!
mowdownjoe: Wow
underhill33: yeyeye
TheAwkes: Stealth promo for the new video!
rangerboy87: Nice!
northos: #OnBrand
Diabore: i actually got it right
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ContingentCat: really? I know caffeine is a defence mechanism I didn't know mint was too
rzrdrgn: I knew I should have picked that!
robo__nixon: @gredgredmansson @Smurfykins Remembered about 2 seconds after posting lol
TacitusVigil: Knives Out is soooo good.
A_Dub888: Why would they cut the donut!?!
PharaohBender27: I misread that option
Loonatic93: Such a great movie.
Foxmar320: Beej OP
TransientPoe: gottem
DoodlestheGreat: It was the only movie trivia answer, so I spotted it.
Malkmaven1176: Another right answer
e_bloc: I don't remember the donut thing
KartoffelKaiser: oh god
FDR101: beej MUST be nerfed
agentsmithradio: Uh oh Ian.
AvisSR: 2
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TheFreak013: 2
TacitusVigil: Beej
Cavemanhar: 1
Manae: Ian getting fired...
agentsmithradio: Plead the 5th.
Mysticman89: Graham is very interested
mowdownjoe: 3?
NarishmaReborn: Hmmmm Ian
JesusOnSegway: Uh-oj
BigFMonster: 2
athelstanent: 1?
Dog_of_Myth: 2
Kykiwi: ru oh
rzrdrgn: 2
Atreides42: 2
jonasjonIV: 3
PharaohBender27: 2
Blade_Tiger: Saabine
seemsdeece: be honest beej
ourladyoflilacs: 2
Anaerin: Beige.
red_shoes_jeff: 2
TwitchTVsFrank: 3
Kreiseler: its a set up ian!
TehAmelie: 1 is the funny one
jadenmina: 2
InkyGhoast: 2
drfox17: "Pistachio"
ritchards: Graham and Paul are like "reallly???"
Gekyouryuu: the beige wardrobe
FDR101: 2
Rytel: This could be anything and I'd believe it
goatprince: careful ian, your boss is watching.
agentsmithradio: 2
CaptainSpam: Graham is paying VERY close attention to this round...
lady_olynder: one of them is topical, but the other 2 are relevant
Pteraspidomorphi: 1 would be the best
northos: yeah I'm real hype for the knives out episode
TamesLovesGames: 2
Ignatiuspants: "borrowed" from Bionic Trousers Media?
rangerboy87: 2
GaianLuck: It's The Button
Biggjudicem: 3
hockeygoaliechris: careful Ian
ContingentCat: 2 and we'll say another workplace
Robot_Bones: God hand nippers
TheWooglie: Is his work LRR or the other one?
LadyAiluros: He diesn't want to admit it
SoaringDragon42: 1 would be funny but too obvious
Mysticman89: 1 is bestt, 2 is more likely
sir_jack_DB: Graham can't wait to hear what's missing in the office xD
PharaohBender27: @TehAmelie Yeah, but 2 might fool them
Sarah_Serinde: Reminder that Ian has a day job
SnackPak_: "company time on the shitter?
drfox17: oh yeah, nippers
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL FYI: is the system we use for most remote streams these days :)
Sarah_Serinde: Outside of LRR
chrono2x: Is it a gunpla
MatthewDennisMTG: Healthcare
Foxmar320: This is an interesting question with Graham also in the game
chimingfish: thanks ian, we're going to have to ask you to return it now :p
DoodlestheGreat: Nobody's going to believe any of our answers.
LordZarano: Vote:
gnome_friend: !findquote criminal
LRRbot: Quote #5567: "It would be criminal to throw away brocade." —Cameron [2018-12-10]
Despoiler98: Be Ian Do Crimes
NightValien28: we know
TacitusVigil: LRR: We steal now.
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TheMerricat: I can't make a joke unless we pick 1 chat. :P
gravity_pike: 3, they wouldnt have noticed
jonasjonIV: do you need to tell G something?
TheAwkes: I may only be pretzel tier, but that means I get to see the new video early! Go support FilmJoy on Patreon!
kumatsu: Ian if you're okay blink twice
bl1ghtn1n6: is great, we recently used it to stream Gladiator from the Discrod
MegaDosX: Someone didn't answer
Dergib: Beej should know this
Kykiwi: LUL
gredgredmansson: SEVEN?!?!
NimrodXIV: lol
Despoiler98: HAHAHAH
MegaDosX: That is not how that is pronounced!
Smurfykins: PIES grahm
Zettabit_Fox: 400 pencils
chimingfish: lrrWOW
VmKid: Make way for Raspberry Piss
Snowcookies: phrasing
TheWriterAleph: IN A ROW??
DaxStrife: In a row?
bl1ghtn1n6: apple brand slide whistle is great
Diabore: seven feels too discriptive
fastlane250: Make way for raspberry PISS
TehAmelie: i keep telling people, nobody remembers who got the points, you remember who got the laughs
Juliamon: Some of these are suspiciously specific
undecided44: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 26:45.
TheWriterAleph: @DaxStrife o/
ContingentCat: I know they've used the road quest go pros for other things
Zyme86: Rasberry pis is what happens after certain operations
TacitusVigil: I'm just glad it wasn't the car from Road Quest :P
EvilBadman: Oh, his day job. Derp.
DoodlestheGreat: I picked the silly answer.
Anaerin: "Saabine"
e_bloc: this will be evidence A
frogomb: It wasnt his roadquest car?
PharaohBender27: @EvilBadman Made the same error :p
PharaohBender27: DAMMIT
Snowcookies: Yay Aubrey
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL do we use the actual value or our cost for the Canon XF35?
Foxmar320: lol
Juliamon: Saabine wasn't very expensive to be fair
JaysonMaxwell: I could have seen Ian randomly having one of those ten thousand dollar HD-CRTs
BlackBlade_: Graham has the cheat codes
TehAmelie: Graham is in your head Adam! put on the tin foil
MegaDosX: WHAT
ContingentCat: what?
SnackPak_: 7?
agentsmithradio: RASPBERRY PISS
ATrophonian: WUT
Despoiler98: WAIT WHAT
NightValien28: WAT
JesusOnSegway: Seven?!
Snowcookies: the pis
e_bloc: seven?
Diabore: i knew 7 was too descriptive
niccus: that's so much piss
mowdownjoe: MAKE WAY FOR PIS
TheMightyTaylor: lol
Shoki_Donai: MORE PI
bl1ghtn1n6: good old raspberry piss
GhostValv: and that's terrible
e_bloc: hopefully the statute of limitations is up
LinearGif: he's got his thumbs in a lot of pies
VmKid: Seven raspberry pis? In a row?
ForOhForError: hahahaha
MyrddintheWizard: *DABS*
Naarius: 1
ritchards: sleep
chrono2x: 3?
Diabore: 2
athelstanent: 2
mowdownjoe: 2
rasterscan: 2
AvisSR: 2
agentsmithradio: 2
NonjaBiru: 2
Jwiley129: Sleep
Snowcookies: 2
Pteraspidomorphi: 2
Zettabit_Fox: 2
NimrodXIV: 2?
Kreiseler: sleep? its just sleep right
he_do_be_vibin_tho: 2
Dog_of_Myth: 2
EmoMcHipster: 2
AgentMagicMaster: 2
PharaohBender27: Oh FFS Twich, you cut out on me NOW!?
InquisitorGaia: 2
therealkenm135: 2
dalek_kosh: 2
FDR101: 2
Super_Sophomoric: 2
ApodoNuevo: "buy a clock"
TamesLovesGames: 2
Snowcookies: 2 is funny
Foxmar320: Hmmmmmm
NonUniqueGuy: 2
InkyGhoast: 2
Atreides42: 2
fastlane250: my work has tons of Pi's but if I pilfered even one they'd find out
Electrodyne: 2
TacitusVigil: record more Magnum Rewatch
EvilBadman: "Monetize three other hobbies"
jadenmina: 2
rogerivany: 2
he_do_be_vibin_tho: 2 is incredible
cuttlefishman: "do Magnum PI"
rangerboy87: 2 but all suck
BlackBlade_: 2
drfox17: 2 feels on brand
TheNerdWonder: desert bus buttons
orellien2773: 2222
ContingentCat: that's the plan for the next button(s)
ZackTheCatKing: Beej needs braids!
MegaDosX: Ian is building an Iron Man suit confirmed
quietcat: that method is how I got a clarinet from my old high school
e_bloc: on the next episode of tinker tailor solder fry
DaxStrife: 7 Raspberry Pis. "And that's AWFUL."
SnackPak_: Like most RPis, they sit on a shelf, not used
DoodlestheGreat: 2's best
Super_Sophomoric: built a super nintendo emulator
JaysonMaxwell: Suddenly all those buttons from last years desert bus make a whole lot more sense.
Pteraspidomorphi: PharaohBender27: It was the seven raspberry piss
gredgredmansson: 3
JesusOnSegway: Steal a couple of Raspberry PIs from Ian
Natedogg2: "Answer this question"
jordorowsky: Beowulf cluster ttsf?
Orlantia: some of them have to be desert bus "buttons"
rrtycoon2: So that's where this year's buttons will come from...
sendatou: thats like $700 at the time
e_bloc: BBBBBBB
TheFreak013: WOW
LordZarano: Join in:
red_shoes_jeff: OOF
PharaohBender27: So why did lrrIAN steal 7 Raspberry Pis? My Twitch went all error on me right then
e_bloc: space quest
Foxmar320: Oh wow
CaptainSpam: Dunp.
SnackPak_: sergeHolyMoly
ContingentCat: ah yes a Dunp
NimrodXIV: dunp
rzrdrgn: Dunp
VmKid: A wicked dunp
Mysticman89: dunp
cuttlefishman: dump
Y0ssarian22: DUNP
Snowcookies: Oh my poor Adam
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Mumpaaah: D U N P
ladylinzington: Feedunp
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Foxmar320: Take a wicked dunp lol
TehAmelie: weecked dump
Anaerin: 2 of them right in the same wheelhouse
he_do_be_vibin_tho: WICKED DUNP
DandyGeek: wicked dunp is killing me
NimrodXIV: Bring back Feed Dunp
countz3r0: a big ole dooker
Anaerin: The Dunp-wich Horror?
Electrodyne: SPACE QUEST
sir_jack_DB: dunp
LinearGif: no dunping allowed
mowdownjoe: D U N P
cyanMu42: F E W D D U N P
Naarius: Ian no
XIIV13C100111: s n o p
sendatou: sidwalk slam XD
TheWriterAleph: aye the dunpshire dunp
xythrogar: dunp
ContingentCat: I don't think time is the constraint from RQ2: Space
kristamichele: please make adam play jackbox all the time
NonUniqueGuy: @Anaerin Yeah, Watching the Mandalorian is the same as doing Road Quest in Space.
Biggjudicem: bring back feeddunp!
TheMerricat: @PharaohBender27 his company was working on a digital signage project, he took the pi's home to test, the project got shitcanned.....
Kreiseler: if patently stupid is pkayed, I'd love to see the solutions to not having time to take a wicked dump
he_do_be_vibin_tho: freedunp
MegaDosX: Gottem!
CaptainSpam: Gottem!
mowdownjoe: Gottem
rangerboy87: yes
Foxmar320: lol
gredgredmansson: tomBicep tomBicep tomBicep tomBicep tomBicep THANK YOU ADAM
Snowcookies: Adam you
flangdale: I cant believe youve done this adam
northos: SPACE QUEST
he_do_be_vibin_tho: gotem
TehAmelie: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:32:55. lrrSPOT
TotallyNotaBeholder: I don't think time is the issue for Space Quest
northos: space quest confirmed
generalpurpose: Would road quest in space just be... GALAXY QUEST?
Sarah_Serinde: I am shocked to learn that was Tom's lie
Pteraspidomorphi: Yay!
DoodlestheGreat: Got it!
red_shoes_jeff: ha
ATrophonian: YES!
malc: goodness me I did not realise I needed this stream right now
ATrophonian: Got it!
FDR101: yo
LinearGif: ShowLove100 So glad Adam is here tonight
ameliette: yes!
SourceQuench: I played a round of Patently Stupid earlier today where the idea was to invent something that would make the original problem worse. It was surprisingly fun.
robo__nixon: Honestly. It's ok
Mysticman89: got it
Foxmar320: I play PoGo like everyday still
FDR101: got it
TehAmelie: i've been laughing nonstop for 3 and a half hours. thanks computer friends!
hockeygoaliechris: tomorrows ypdate ro pogo has megas
dalek_kosh: LOL
Pteraspidomorphi: Film is a safe bet with Graham
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I feel like *time* isn't the biggest problem with Road Quest in space
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SnackPak_: F for D+
Naarius: 2
gnome_friend: 3
jonasjonIV: 3
Diabore: 3
bl1ghtn1n6: @malc <3
AvisSR: 3
EmoMcHipster: 2
TheFreak013: 3 LUL
boredman42: 3
Mumpaaah: PoGo?
Inquisitor_Xian: 3
red_shoes_jeff: 3!
Anaerin: 3 all the way
Electrodyne: This boy has more Mandochlorians than anybody
Sheikun07: 3 for comedy
dalek_kosh: 1
DoodlestheGreat: 2
gredgredmansson: 1
chrono2x: 1 is best
lady_olynder: 3 so strong
Sarah_Serinde: Pokemon Go? Kappa
Dog_of_Myth: 2
InquisitorGaia: 3
Mysticman89: 3 is the value option
voslan: Eating Meat!
e_bloc: 3
Foxmar320: omg these options
rangerboy87: 3
agentsmithradio: Has Graham considered raising and selling spiders for Disney Plus money?
Super_Sophomoric: 3
taschneide: 3 for memes
NonUniqueGuy: 3
NonjaBiru: 2
mowdownjoe: 2 for comedy
Snowcookies: 1 or 2
NimrodXIV: I don't know Tom, is 3 likely? lol
Anemscol: 3
gravity_pike: 3 for tom
he_do_be_vibin_tho: 3 LUL
probablyanerd: 3 for value lmao
rzrdrgn: absolutely 3
aWabbajack: LRR conquers time and space!
EvilBadman: Strong 3
Diabore: we wont get anyone, but 100% 3
XIIV13C100111: 1
ourladyoflilacs: 3
Gekyouryuu: "making Fibbage answers that don't fool anyone." Kappa
buddyjeebuz: LUL
FDR101: 2
lady_olynder: i also wish to break the habit of 3
drfox17: @LoadingReadyRun well, if times is money....
ATrophonian: # or Bust.
InquisitorGaia: def 3
Guillermolehi: 2
Anemscol: 3 for the win
Foxmar320: I wanted one of these options for Graham's question
tehogwillie: 2 has it's own value, but 3 makes me laugh too much
Carbonylcookie: 3
he_do_be_vibin_tho: it's gotta be 3
ContingentCat: just the 1 chair
EvilBadman: The special Mandalorian chair
cuttlefishman: Why doesn't LRR own Disney Plus
Genderi: Disney Minus
cuttlefishman: for work purposes
JesusOnSegway: You don't even have to stand at Beej's! What a gentleman
TehAmelie: yes, we got 3
SnackPak_: malort FTW
e_bloc: mmmm malort
MegaDosX: Oh shit, some of these
TacitusVigil: Awful *and* violating TOS! Kappa
fastlane250: smorkinh
mowdownjoe: SMOrc
PharaohBender27: TWITCH. PLS
gredgredmansson: Malort?!
Snowcookies: armed robbery?
Carbonylcookie: Malort!!!
Super_Sophomoric: malort is awesome
elijahdprophet: Wait Malort?
djalternative: one of these is an EXTREMELY chicago answer
he_do_be_vibin_tho: M A L O R T
Lordofironstorm: the hell is smorking?
gredgredmansson: the heck is Malort
KartoffelKaiser: so, uhh. What's Malort?
TheWriterAleph: oh god malort lrrWOW
Naarius: they need a gyro
e_bloc: malort is not as bad as people say
noSmokeFire: @KartoffelKaiser an awful booze
drthvd3r: Malort = bitters.
jordorowsky: da lort
Anaerin: M'lort!
soupgiraffe: ewwww malort
rangerboy87: in these days...the spitting one is the most malicious
Bloodrush192: malort is absolutely disgusting
Gekyouryuu: they have one, and we're trying to vote him out. >.>
AlchemicalPanda: Malort is distilled evil
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ForOhForError: smop smorking
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL The Mandalorian's never remove the helmet policy is look pretty smart these days
KartoffelKaiser: @noSmokeFire ty
elijahdprophet: Anyone watching from Logan?
ContingentCat: what is that?
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tehlordofelves: when the hell did I get to 15 months?
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Snowcookies: lol
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TehAmelie: Malört literally means "bad herb"
VmKid: Would you consider Sleep Walking a "habit" tho?
drthvd3r: Wut.
stormcooper256: Why is Adam floating above the Milky Way?
TacitusVigil: M'Lort
gredgredmansson: Nice one again Adam
Pteraspidomorphi: WHY does Adam keep getting me
Pteraspidomorphi: Every time
TransientPoe: The joke is that all bourbon is terrible
EvilBadman: @stormcooper256 Aren't we all, to a degree
Science_and_Magic: Bros icing bros
TZTFG: Dude Adam has my number
robo__nixon: Savidan! You devil!
JesusOnSegway: Why is he right?!
NimrodXIV: so say we all
MuffinsOnAHill: Adam is secretly one of us.
ATrophonian: YES!!!
TehAmelie: nobody believed us xD
Kramburger: Hey! We're MULTIPLE simple creatures, thank you
KartoffelKaiser: Look Adam and Twitchchat are Drift Compatible
underhill33: relatable
PharaohBender27: lrrADAM 's not wrong
TheOneCalledStu: Doomscrolling?
Kaaosa: I haven't voted for a single Adam answer because we have never agreed on anything
FDR101: armed robbery was ours
boristhewizard: Have you seen Adam's brain? seabatBRAIN
HbombAndFriends: What is doomscrolling?
ForOhForError: D:
Kramburger: seabatTROG
TheMightyTaylor: Relevant
gamercat88: one of us, one of us
DaVeganPolice: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG
CaptainSpam: Final round!
DotaProp: seabatTROG /
JesusOnSegway: one of us!
NonjaBiru: Adam is king of the trogs
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Tripleyew: Happy Wednesday all!
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Genderi: z
ForOhForError: we are the trog
HasturTheYellow: Adan us our True Champion
chrono2x: Adam has the best emotes ever
Genderi: "... therefore I am"
Naarius: Adam is the pog to our trog
NimrodXIV: @HbombAndFriends scrolling social media to read all the bad news
noSmokeFire: adam is the trogolodyte wrangler
VmKid: @HbombAndFriends Scrolling endlessly through your Twitter feed for hours on end
Tiber727: Joke's on you Adam, I haven't voted for anything, so you know nothing about me!
NightValien28: HbombAndFriends when you go through twitter seeing bad news all the time to make yourself feel sad
HasturTheYellow: I can't even spell Adam
Kramburger: seabatPjorg seabatUseless seabatApp
Inquisitor_Xian: Adam is the avatar of Twitch chat
HasturTheYellow: Maybe I am a true Trog
mowdownjoe: Adam's our man.
Tripleyew: seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatBRAIN seabatTROG seabatTROG seabatTROG
gnome_friend: !quote Adam
LRRbot: Quote #6653: "Why do you need all those things in one thing?!" —Adam [2019-12-26]
stormcooper256: Quick rundown of who the 3 guests that aren't Molly are?
InquisitorGaia: doom scroling is looking at the news, and when you stop you open reddit and find more news to be sad about
Kramburger: seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY
VmKid: SourPls
kristamichele: @inquisitor_xian YES hahaha
JaysonMaxwell: !findquote france
LRRbot: Quote #6892: "I'm so sorry about France." —Cori [2020-04-08]
DaVeganPolice: we are trogs seabatUseless , we are union seabatTROG
gravity_pike: @hbombandfriends scrolling through twitter only noticing how everything is utterly fucked and feeling bad about it
drfox17: !) I main Paladin in FF14 2) I mained hunter in Wow
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lady_olynder: !findquote adma
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
gredgredmansson: @InquisitorGaia tat's me but twitter
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thephyrexianeggroll: Yo this is a jam
Electrodyne: Audience giving Adam a heavy championship push
Mumpaaah: Adam is Twitch Chat's Stand
Meark: Thanks for the HyperSlam @pharaohbender27
LordZarano: The URL:
TheMerricat: !guests
robo__nixon: Adam is the heel of LRR
InquisitorGaia: @gredgredmansson you can use your social media of choice in place of reddit
PharaohBender27: No problem, @Meark
JesusOnSegway: Twitch Chat is Adam's chat
VmKid: tomDance
JesusOnSegway: stand*
InquisitorGaia: its everybody right now
DoodlestheGreat: @inquisitorgaia, oh. Oh god I want to stop that too. But orange boy just started attacking SSDI, and that's my only income...
mowdownjoe: @electrodyne Adam for EVO 2021!
TheMightyTaylor: I like how they have Jazz Flute in this song.
Dergib: Just joined. Who are friends?
PharaohBender27: And I have to refresh AGAIN
drfox17: @robo__nixon hey! how was the food & wine festival?
TehAmelie: for this it would be funny if the whole audience wrote a truth and a lie and two got picked on random
ElementalAlchemist: stormcooper256: Aubrey of the Doubleclicks, Mikey Neumann, and ... I don't actually know who Tom is
GamesAndInk: Beej wasn't raising the roof--he was raising the TRUTH
KartoffelKaiser: @PharaohBender27 Thanks for the gift sub! lrrHEART
ButterBall000: Raze the roof
Meark: thujasFriday thujasFriday
ShaneLeeAtk: I have been enjoying Cookie Masterson since the very first YDKJ.
BigFMonster: why is only 1/3 of chat in the audience?
Foxmar320: lol
NarishmaReborn: should talk to a dentist about that
PharaohBender27: No problem, @KartoffelKaiser ! :)
SpoonfullOfSugar: who has learned to floss mikey?
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robo__nixon: @drfox17 weird. A lot of stuff was still not open. But the liquid nitrogen cake pops were very good
Writer_Raven: Didn't Beej learn to floss on The Panalysts that one time, or was that someone else?
TheMerricat: 1 Guest - Molly Lewis, 2 Guest - Tom -3 Guest - Aubrey of Double Clicks - 4 Guest - Mike Newmann
cephallope: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
Orylen: Thanks for the HyperParkour @urbansamurai_22
bl1ghtn1n6: "farmin"
gnome_friend: Food crimes food crimes
VmKid: SourPls is such a versatile emote and I'm sad it's not on Twitch by default
Carbonylcookie: I KNOW YOU TOM
DotaProp: Adam too deem in the SF trenches to lie
drfox17: @robo__nixon ooooh frozen cake pops!?
EJGRgunner: I think Tom loves food crimes
stormcooper256: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 36:27.
Sarah_Serinde: I have vague memories of old PUBG streams...
ALLxISxLOST: @Writer_Raven I remember that too
stormcooper256: ooo, i am here close to the beginning!
PreciousFawn: The lack of "g" at the end, makes it difficult
LinearGif: fooderal offences
Carbonylcookie: Tom is a food criminal
voslan: It Does
Bloodrush192: huh?
control_rig: Monster
PharaohBender27: O_o
SnackPak_: I'd try it
Rytel: n0
SourceQuench: like ketchup-on-a-hot-dog level food crime?
robo__nixon: @drfox17 yeah. they were a steal for a disney treat and very good
shadowypenguin: O_O
Kreiseler: what kind of onion?
TheWriterAleph: WAT.
voslan: If they are caramelized.
NightValien28: which queen?
iSmartMan1: Raw or cooked onions?
Tripleyew: so we're talking Scalzi-burrito-level of criminality, not just poor choices - gotcha
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Thatwasademo: woke up in the middle of jackbox -- there are far worse fates
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NimrodXIV: 5 is a lot
Pteraspidomorphi: Westeros cousins?
Kreiseler: like a sweet Vidalia or like a red onion or what
Gekyouryuu: @SourceQuench I take offense
malc: red onion could work
Anaerin: I've seen corn. It doesn't all come out the same.
LinearGif: what if it's one, really big cousin
Tiber727: I statutory food crimes eating an unripe banana?
TacitusVigil: There are only 3 continents! Kappa
Tiber727: *is
SnackPak_: That could be a lot of cousins
GhostValv: jimqui1Gallimimus
PharaohBender27: Ah, shit
bl1ghtn1n6: the fakeout
ATrophonian: YES!
JesusOnSegway: There isn't even 5 continents, you fools!
NimrodXIV: gotta be pee wee
he_do_be_vibin_tho: i dont think he even has a family
LadyAiluros: was she tall?
drfox17: gotta be peewee
NimrodXIV: molly's the right age for that
drfox17: who meets at disneyland
rangerboy87: It took multiple first dates to see Pee Wee movie??
GlorySeer: That'd be very cute.
SnackPak_: That's a good story
Genderi: the (s) is so menacing
TheMerricat: Pee Wee wan't so long ago for her age....
noSmokeFire: I have no idea how old the peewee movie is
Electrodyne: Big Top or Big Adventure
robo__nixon: I wish that'd happen to me honestly
PreciousFawn: Yeah, there are only four continents. America, Afro-Eurasia, Australia, and Antarctica. The four As.
Anaerin: It's done that several times, Molly.
DragonMZ: That one JP commercial about Tokyo Disneyland is exactly what Beej wants
ATrophonian: YES!
Diabore: FIVE???
KiloRomeo058: Woooo Jackbox! (Just seeing the stream now)
KartoffelKaiser: ? ? ?
Snowcookies: The banana is true
gnome_friend: !findquote banana
LRRbot: Quote #2602: "Absolute horse bananas!" —James [2016-05-25]
e_bloc: gotta be banana
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Snowcookies: It has to be
chrono2x: Both are true?
rangerboy87: Ohhh...a trick question
JesusOnSegway: Hmmm :thinking emoji:
CompSciJedi: Obviously banana
aWabbajack: katesLewd
Naarius: Postmodern banana
SnackPak_: Check out that shirt
orkan69: "My spoon is too big!"
ContingentCat: a metaphorical banana
TehAmelie: how ironic would it be if you were supposed to meet the love of your life in Disneyland but neither of you can ever afford to go?
Kaaosa: you are what you eat
gredgredmansson: but that doesn't MAKE you a banana
bl1ghtn1n6: someone call Cori
Kaaosa: ergo: banana
mowdownjoe: Beej vs banana...
VmKid: My spoon is too big!@
iSmartMan1: Look at him move!
Anaerin: Chiquita over here.
Electrodyne: Gros Michel
Sarah_Serinde: Yesss :D
ATrophonian: YES!
MegaDosX: WHAT
Gekyouryuu: fun fact: bananas are berries
NimrodXIV: :D
ATrophonian: GOT THERE!
TheWriterAleph: what could a banana POSSIBLY cost? five dollars??
drfox17: WHAT
ContingentCat: katesLol
Science_and_Magic: FUCK!
malc: LOL
Smurfykins: lol
mowdownjoe: WAT
NightValien28: YEAH
JesusOnSegway: YES
e_bloc: got owned
megamanifest: bananas are slightly radioactive
BusTed: Bamboozled!
therisingtithes_: wooooooooooow
CompSciJedi: YES
NimrodXIV: oh this is hard
train_diskenth: woooooooooooooooow
TheAinMAP: What the?
buddyjeebuz: LUL
Kreiseler: both?
Smurfykins: bamboozled like a champ
shadowypenguin: Hah
ATrophonian: I'm going to fail this one.
gredgredmansson: YVAN EHT NIOJ
NightValien28: that's not fair both of those are true
ContingentCat: Lance Bass tried
HbombAndFriends: Who would win- Aubrey or Cori?
NimrodXIV: I think mikey's a bit old for nsync
XIIV13C100111: Is Aubrey muted?
flouncy_magooo: YVAN EHT NIOJ
EvilBadman: fly, fly, fly
drfox17: TELL ME WHY
therisingtithes_: when did Top Gun come out? that's the answer
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Both seem valid for Mikey, NGL.
kusinohki: yvon eht nioj
he_do_be_vibin_tho: por que no los dos?
CompSciJedi: Air Force answer is absolutely true for me
TheMerricat: yvan eht nioj!
robo__nixon: Tell me why Mikey?!
Guillermolehi: I'm really want the second to be true
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Well, not any more there isn't Graham
LinearGif: air force bud
train_diskenth: por que no los dos?
drfox17: wait, is that backstreet boys
SpiffGames: Lance Bass did indeed try!
Anaerin: Tell me why?
gravity_pike: there was a simpsons episode about this
Mumpaaah: Air Buds?
kusinohki: typing backwards is hard
KiloRomeo058: XD
underhill33: My fav simpson's ep
NimrodXIV: yes
Diabore: @kusinohki you ok?
he_do_be_vibin_tho: isnt that the plot of air bud
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: Air Bud rules!
noSmokeFire: where IS Nsync in the presedential line of succession anyway
ContingentCat: wow Ian fake N*Sync fan
ATrophonian: Filed, but I don't feel bad.
GlorySeer: Nsync wouldn't be that weird
LadyAiluros: IAN WAHYYYY
ArrestedHouse: ecrof ria eht nioj
TotallyNotaBeholder: I want the sheep one to be true, don't care
LinearGif: just one time? doubt
Foxmar320: Please let it be the sheep one
NimrodXIV: I hope the sheep one is true
RomanianMyEscutcheon: seabatBRAIN
JesusOnSegway: Oh, I want the second one to be true
Gekyouryuu: Adam, you were a mutton buster?
e_bloc: 100% sheep riding rodeo
ANeMzero: I can't remember which pop music was used to torture prisoners at abu ghraib so.. yeah they can do warcrime
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat I got that reference katesLol
Anaerin: Lived in Saskatchewan, I'd go with the Sheep.
Writer_Raven: Who's Clive Owen?
Kaaosa: Adam has never won anything so this is easy
Sogheim: Adam was mutton busting???
BusTed: Actor.
Snowcookies: I just wanna give Adam points
EvilBadman: Had to send the Sheep back
Cavemanhar: i want 2 but i think its 1
bl1ghtn1n6: I know what world I wanna live in
Rytel: The fucking Sheep Boshy
SpiffGames: Sheep Riding by day, SFV by night
robo__nixon: Clive Owens shook his hand at a Sheep rodeo
mowdownjoe: @kaaosa You missed this Sunday
Naarius: GetClowned dot biz
KartoffelKaiser: WHAT
gredgredmansson: YESSSSSS
Mr_Bitterness: That's Adam's brand, wining rodeos and SF 5 tourneys
JesusOnSegway: YES
GhostValv: seabatSKYLADY
TheWooglie: Both
GlorySeer: Does DB count?
gamercat88: Adam fleecing on them
onarampage: mutton busting
ATrophonian: I mean. Both?
InkyGhoast: yes
Mysticman89: one of these is unlikely
robo__nixon: Oh this is horse s---
Kaaosa: @mowdownjoe I heard he used lag to win /s
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Sogheim: are those both not true?
PreciousFawn: I think my vote is something of a condemnation.
EvilBadman: Who's charity?
Snowcookies: these can both be true
SnackPak_: b...both?
TehAmelie: wait. . .
e_bloc: you don't not give to charity
Mr_Whyt: charity is a striper name
Mumpaaah: Porque no los dos?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: He gives time to charity
ATrophonian: *Rolls Dice*
jonasjonIV: Beej exudes product
rangerboy87: Does Heather know about this Charity
ATrophonian: NBoooooooooo!
Mysticman89: desert bus is a lie
KartoffelKaiser: Beej you unambiguously give to charity.
Evochron13: spoiler Charity is actually a name of a person
megamanifest: gets mugged by charities
Thatwasademo: that's two factually incorrect responses in this round already
Gekyouryuu: AN shamisen
NarishmaReborn: donates a lot of time to charity
JesusOnSegway: Alright then
Thatwasademo: come on, guys
Getter404: Japanese Banjo.
RomanianMyEscutcheon: Second one? Is that even a question?
MegaDosX: A shamisen is a musical instrument
chrono2x: Ian obviously won first prize
Cavemanhar: i believe both of these
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shadowbow464: Well time to cancel beej
Dog_of_Myth's Gift shared rewards to 5 others in Chat!
Wrexadecimal: I'd not doubt Ian owns a shamisen
cryomancer20x6: Shamisen is like a Japanese banjo
SourceQuench: "AN" shamisen destroys me.
Fruan: At the very least he gives his TIME to charity. midnight to 6 am.
Diabore: i think ians in trouble
LinearGif: obviously he was a gold medal seed spitter
Anaerin: "An Shamisen"? AN?
robo__nixon: A shamisen is a japanese guitar like instrumnet
mowdownjoe: Ian is Mr Sous Vie.
Anemscol: fully believe both of these are true
agentsmithradio: Ian probably only has a Shamisen because of Takeshi's Challenge.
Thatwasademo: If Desert Bus doesn't count as Beej giving to charity...
PreciousFawn: Shamisen is way more realistic to me.
NimrodXIV: oh, a lute
DarknessKingCoH: If Ian doesn't his brother does
ANeMzero: Wait is Ians background the Moonbase renovations?
FDR101: I misclicked
GhostValv: jimqui1Rahaan
robo__nixon: What?!
ContingentCat: ah the beforetimes
TotallyNotaBeholder: In the before times
LinearGif: nailed it
bl1ghtn1n6: I remember when
PharaohBender27: DANGIT
MegaDosX: Ian with the flex
BusTed: The lie and the flex.
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
ATrophonian: LOL
Diabore: i was gonna say, if anything ian won
lady_olynder: weird flex
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
gnome_friend: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
Getter404: Experience Beej
paulthemapguy: Shamisen or gtfo
SourceQuench: Pumpkin seed spitting: was it volume, or distance?
robo__nixon: You have to get it now Ian
lady_olynder: !findquote music
LRRbot: Quote #1772: "Do you not have elevator music in YOUR shaft?" —Graham [2016-02-12]
NimrodXIV: get it while Adam tells the sheep story
modernner0: Ouch...I'm a musician who works in theatre that hit close
ForOhForError: hahaha
Science_and_Magic: If you can play a trumpet on jackbox, you can play your shamisen
stormcooper256: SHEEP STORY!!!!!
TransientPoe subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 22 months!
TransientPoe: shamisen hype!
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, TransientPoe! (Today's storm count: 115)
gamercat88: katesGG
AlchemicalPanda: Also, and I may have missed it, but where the hell is Ian?
Kaaosa: What kind of contest would it be if it was just "how many seeds can you spit?" lol
drfox17: Team Fursuit Vehicle!
GreayStone: it's a lute
JesusOnSegway: The size doesn't matter, Adam
MegaDosX: It's the same size Adam, it just seems smaller next to you
TheAwkes: I tihnk Aubrey's been muted since the Banana Suit.
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PharaohBender27: OK, sadly got to head out, but I look forward to the VOD! :D
GlorySeer: I forgot about fursuit vehicle.
buddyjeebuz: Shammy time with Ian
Rytel: This is how the Wrestlemania 3 feud started
EvilBadman: cue someone getting out 8 emmy's
TheMerricat: @AlchemicalPanda getting his japanese banjo
Lord_Durin: Thanks for the HyperGravity @thewriteraleph
Bloodrush192: YESSSSS
Anaerin: Aubrey is muted, yes.
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TheMerricat: have a good one @PharaohBender27 !!!
SentientRatKing: I am very mildly annoyed by the mispronunciation of shamisen. I realize this is a personal problem.
JesusOnSegway: Ooooh, I love this one
mowdownjoe: Adam can put his trophy with his SF5 trophies.
AlchemicalPanda: @TheMerricat damnit merricat
he_do_be_vibin_tho: this is gonna be epic
robo__nixon: @TheMerricat japanese banjo sounds really insulting to the shamisen lol
HasturTheYellow: It's not about the size of the trophy Adam, it's how you won it
stormcooper256: i mean that is a pretty good definition of the internet
evan_333333: Adam's here!!!!!!! let's goooooooooo, I haven't gotten my daily Adam time today yet
megamanifest: sad but true
he_do_be_vibin_tho: is @partyboy7 in chat
northos subscribes to PartyBoy7
gnome_friend: lrrADAM
BusTed: Rootinest tootinest
KartoffelKaiser: fastest jackboxer in the west
modernner0: @HasturTheYellow Nic
ATrophonian: MEMES
Anaerin: @LoadingReadyRun Aubrey appears to be muted.
KingXicor: I think Ian can't put the Shamizen back in the case until it draws blood?
gnome_friend: MEMES
JesusOnSegway: MEMES
VmKid: PartyBoy7 is the soul of YouTube
gnome_friend: MEME TEETH
Orlantia: beej, have you tried monk fruit syrup as an alternative to sugar?
Twilight_Spark: Done, voiceman.
Mumpaaah: G A M E R Z
modernner0: @HasturTheYellow you dont get the full word because you're not quite there yet
EvilBadman: No, I PJ M
TehAmelie: what's up Jim
mowdownjoe: UP JAM
ButterBall000: upjam
Kaaosa: Uniform Papa was my dad's nickname
Getter404: Uniform Papi?
fastlane250: what's UPJM?
GreayStone: nope
adambomb625: *hacker voice( I'm in
MyBuddySuperfly: whats a facebook
MyBuddySuperfly: im joking
Dog_of_Myth: PartyBoi
hyaundredneer: But what if we don't?
MacabreAurora: nothin much jim whats up with you
robo__nixon: @LoadingReadyRun is aubrey muted?
paulthemapguy: he sounds like a reality game show host
sir_jack_DB: Beej just owns at this game
MegaDosX: Mikey melted
gnome_friend: What's going on with Mikey?
paulthemapguy: I don't know this guy I swear
Loonatic93: Did we ever find out what happened to Party Boi 1-6?
MegaDosX: And it's gone
he_do_be_vibin_tho: is mikey dead
bl1ghtn1n6: wow Paul
gredgredmansson: rip lrrPAUL
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL lrrAWW
kusinohki: I'm still confused... are the kids dumb or the firefighters?
cephallope: Are the firefighers dumb, or the kid?
Sogheim: lrrHEART lrrPAUL
Anaerin: Mikey needs a keyframe or two, it seems.
rangerboy87: This dude always picks on Paul
JesusOnSegway: @cephallope Yes.
StageMgrRob: Is it me or does Beej look like Londo Mollari from Babylon 5?
agentsmithradio: @Loonatic93 I figure it's like Weyoun from DS9. A clone replaces one when they die.
northos: yes
VmKid: @cephallope Yes.
paulthemapguy: Yeah this guy thinks I'm his friend but I don't know him
stormcooper256: @Loonatic93 not exactly, but Party Boi 7 was never convicted of anything
Zettabit_Fox: yes
he_do_be_vibin_tho: #myfarts
Sarah_Serinde: Sometimes there will be occasional video or audio issues, it's hard coordinating 8 people's feeds and dealing with varying internet connections
Twilight_Spark: Adam, the voice of chat. #MyFarts
TehAmelie: people who have ever woken themselves up by farting knows
Atreides42: lrrAWESOME lrrPAUL
JesusOnSegway: #MyFarts
ritchards: M'Farts
SentientRatKing: question is whether it's the smell or the sound that wakes you up... or both
hyaundredneer: Paul: secretly Player Two: The Reddy'd Parody.
aWabbajack: Hashtag #notmyfarts
Sarah_Serinde: tiltyhPLS
StarFreak359: Ian, pls
ElementalAlchemist: I still love this parody of the old Internet Explorer download animation
SnackPak_: So jelly, Ian
GlennSeto: mahp
TheFreak013: IAN LUL
Trymantha: please stop
Despoiler98: oh god ian
lady_olynder: ian loves to pull out his instruments on stream
Kaaosa: tuning AN shamisen
Kykiwi: mwap
robo__nixon: Play Free Bird!!!!
cephallope: causeiToont causeiToont causeiToont
Foxmar320: foxmarWELP
TotallyNotaBeholder: Better than the horn
somecall_metim: klinkVibes klinkSmile
GhostValv: seabatUseless
flangdale: BibleThump
therisingtithes_: oh god Ian has a shamisen?
e_bloc: so melodious
GlorySeer: There's this function called mute..
mowdownjoe: Ian pls...
Science_and_Magic: I actually kinda like it
buddyjeebuz: coxZen
drfox17: Play Africa!
Science_and_Magic: I'm intrigued
TotallyNotaBeholder: Play kidnap the sandy claws
malc: !findquote tune
LRRbot: Quote #1957: "*humming the original Star Trek theme tune*" —Alex [2016-02-23]
Trymantha: Someone please let me know when i can umute
Anaerin: And Ian launches straight into Enter Sandman...
gamercat88: i feel so cultured right now
he_do_be_vibin_tho: play through the fire and flames ian
JesusOnSegway: Ian, play Wonderwall!
chrono2x: Everyone grabbing instruments
Science_and_Magic: Play freebird!
MalBeam: play smoke on the water
Rytel: Every time I think I know everything about Ian, the hole gets deeper
SourceQuench: Up next: Ian plays Wonderwall.
therealkenm135: hey ian do you know wonderwall
rangerboy87: Freebird!!
Super_Sophomoric: "anyway... here's wonderwall"
HoneyJack07: Ian play jlrrCai jlrrLlou
Phailhammer: Play One Sahn!
Rhynerd: Strike up the band!
HasturTheYellow: Nah, it's gotta be Smoke On The Water
LinearGif: Now do Classical Gas
malc: honeyjack07 whyyyyyy
ContingentCat: ok Molly your turn, what weird instruments do you have?
JesusOnSegway: Chat really is a hivemind
avi_miller: Play Smoke on the Water
he_do_be_vibin_tho: !request through the fire and flames
Phailhammer: *Khe Sanh
Anaerin: Someone let Aubrey know she's muted...
KiloRomeo058: Can we get Ian's performance as the new Jackbox music?
VmKid: Gotta love it when the game just hands you a tee-ball
robo__nixon: Can anyone else hear Aubrey? I heard nothing from the cat piano
northos: RIP mom
blue_lore: anyone else want Adam to bunt?
TheMightyTaylor: Ian should collaborate with Molly and the Doubleclicks
athelstanent: Oh that pleturn looks good with Ian
athelstanent: plecturn!
HoneyJack07: @malc Dont worry I lost my sub so im invisible lol
Sarah_Serinde: That seems to happen to one or two people on these streams
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: I really want that cat piano to make various cat noises rather than the sounds of an actual piano
Sarah_Serinde: This isn't the first or second time it's come up
gnome_friend: !findquote banana
LRRbot: Quote #7064: "I regenerate that banana you killed." —Bengineering [2020-07-17]
GlorySeer: The sound could not survive the internet
VmKid: @TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck I have good news for you
GlorySeer: Umm
NimrodXIV: wat
Dog_of_Myth: WOW
ATrophonian: O_O
Despoiler98: NONONO
GlennSeto: oh hell no
agentsmithradio: wtf
Foxmar320: WOW
Naarius: lrrWOW
Anemscol: HOLY SHIT
ArrestedHouse: OH MY LORD
secretbranch: WOAH
MegaDosX: !!!
seemsdeece: oh nooooo
e_bloc: what
buddyjeebuz: !findquote regret
ATrophonian: DAIUM
ContingentCat: WOW
underhill33: jesus
hyaundredneer: uhuh
SnackPak_: No thanks
The_Color_Twelve: MY GOD
he_do_be_vibin_tho: wow
DarknessKingCoH: TOO SOOON
TheFreak013: HOLY JESUS
KartoffelKaiser: 👀
therealkenm135: HOLY
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
GlorySeer: friends killz?
NightValien28: too real
bl1ghtn1n6: sure is the internet
Snowcookies: wow
Pteraspidomorphi: Hah
JesusOnSegway: LUL
malc: ;p
gredgredmansson: FUCKING WALK THEN
NightValien28: get out and walk
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SniHjen: Here we go again.
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paulthemapguy: Mr. Brake is Beej's mortal enemy
Juliamon: Going straight for blood tonight
bl1ghtn1n6: lol
NimrodXIV: OOF
Ba_Dum_Tish: Thanks for the HyperGravity @snihjen
ATrophonian: OW
gredgredmansson: @mowdownjoe jinx
JesusOnSegway: WOW
Despoiler98: lrrWOW
Evochron13: oh NO
GlorySeer: I'm in that joke and I don't like it.
BusTed: 😬
GhostValv: jimqui1Gallimimus
JesusOnSegway: LUL
train_diskenth: OOF
NightValien28: NO NO NO
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW
e_bloc: yes
GlennSeto: DB2020 starting off strong
onethousandneedles: these are amazing
HorusFive: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrIAN
malc: wow
buddyjeebuz: LUL
denofaiz: !find treasures
TacitusVigil: Don't call it a comeback, Beej
he_do_be_vibin_tho: i mean we know what we're all voting for
Zettabit_Fox: nice
control_rig: Hahahah\
Science_and_Magic: Wut???
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
NightValien28: do not want
TehAmelie: whya ren't there sea potatoes
Bloodrush192: LUL
malc: LOL
malc: that got me
denofaiz: !findquote fart
LRRbot: Quote #3600: "I didn't sniff any koala farts." —Kathleen [2016-11-12]
Science_and_Magic: Gotta be G's
sir_jack_DB: that's not what SCALLOPS are xD
AWells44: jlrrFacepalm
gredgredmansson: the last one won it
northos: yeah that's 100% a Mikey tweet
Zettabit_Fox: what was even the prompt for that answear?
paulthemapguy: that got RAUNCHY
Sarah_Serinde: sir_jack_DB that's the joke :D
bl1ghtn1n6: ok, these are all great but "creatures of the sea" effin got me
Rhynerd: I love the scallops one but the first killed me
he_do_be_vibin_tho: we need to know what the fart comment's prompt was
gredgredmansson: sounds like what?
sir_jack_DB: @Sarah_Serinde I know that's why I'm cackling
GlennSeto: I appreciate Molly's excessive use of the metal umlaut.
Getter404: Someone alert Joco's lawyers
SoaringDragon42: It kinda does
buddyjeebuz: but we didn't even get to hear you play
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GlorySeer: Molly, what was your prompt?
SourceQuench: Valuable lesson: Always bait Ian into playing instruments on stream.
KiloRomeo058: Hmm... to laugh in real time with these folks, or to watch later so I can skip the waiting?
zkillzzz: holy crap is that mikey from movies with mikey?
e_bloc: tom gets the most points and never invited again
radioshackraider: So when's the improvised jam session between Ian and Molly?
KilrenKrae: what did i miss?
zkillzzz: awesome!
CaptainSpam: Word Spud 2!
TheOneCalledStu: Mikey from TV Crimes?
Anaerin: *movies not included
timiam: Movie from Mikey's with Mikey
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Sarah_Serinde: Oh man TV Crimes
Dix: sup chat
GlennSeto: Mickey of Desert Bus South? What an honor!
Sarah_Serinde: That was a good podcast
Foxmar320: Yo Dix!
gnome_friend: !findquote desert bus south
LRRbot: Quote #1213: "Oh yeah. Desert Bus South: we are totally doing that. You can quote me on it." —Cameron [2015-12-02]
VmKid: Yo, Dix
timiam: sup Dix
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TheWooglie: FilmJoy is the best
TheFreak013: @Dix Hi!
NimrodXIV: oh man now I miss TV Crimes again
Sheikun07: !venga
LRRbot: The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Venga Bus Warning for the entire viewing area. Seek shelter immediately.
avi_miller: Hey Dix
robo__nixon: @dix hi dix
kusinohki: yeah, _this_ is the weird one
stormcooper256: HI Dix
SpiffGames: Yes!
voslan: Yes
Anaerin: You do!
TheWooglie: I heard you
SoaringDragon42: veeeeeeery quiet
Sogheim: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! What is rare sugar, anyway?
CompSciJedi: yes!
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: hello friends!
Getter404: A little low, but yes
Orlantia: very quiet audio
adambomb625: Also I just learned today that Graham did the voice of President Shinra in the Team Four Start FFVII series, so that's neat
buddyjeebuz: very quiet
HbombAndFriends: Hi, @Dix!
lady_olynder: !advice
LRRbot: Get hecked up on cow juice.
VmKid: Aubrey has finally gotten her voice back from that sea witch
gredgredmansson: !quote movie
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
BusTed: Meet the rake on the ground.
gredgredmansson: !findquote movie
LRRbot: Quote #4335: "Did you know that the movie The Lion King was based of Shakespeare's Hamilton?" —Ian [2017-07-31]
paulthemapguy: isn't "Sir? Sir." a Kate thing?
GlennSeto: We can hear her now!
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TheMNWolf: Whooo 1 orbit of Sol down, many happy returns to go!
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northos: katesHi
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PinaCalChaos: boo
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agentsmithradio: !findquote star trek
LRRbot: Quote #2486: "I turned it off because it wasn't Star Trek anymore." —Ian [2016-05-10]
corefluxx: lrrGRAHAM lrrIAN lrrADAM lrrBEEEJ lrrAWESOME
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Sarah_Serinde: paulthemapguy Yes, but since it came up on Desert Bus a lot, it bled into the LRR community
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fastlane250: remember forums?
Scy_Anide: What's an internet forum?
prince_infidel: Thanks for the HyperCrate @themnwolf
Getter404: Like Something Awful before that thing happened
Zettabit_Fox: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?
lady_olynder: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the Hatchet Men from Jackie Chan's Drunken Master 2
wargodmogis: Thanks for the HyperMine @bahamutwize
gredgredmansson: please never say the word "MOLD" like that again
he_do_be_vibin_tho: !findquote evangelion
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ElementalAlchemist: ah, Jeopardy
CompSciJedi: 'member forums? I 'member!
gredgredmansson: @Scy_Anide its like reddit but old
GlennSeto: @paulthemapguy It may have originated on Feed Dump, but don't quote me on that.
Super_Sophomoric: adam looks lazer focues
lady_olynder: !chat
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
Super_Sophomoric: focused
Sarah_Serinde: GlennSeto It is a Kate thing, developed during her time as a bartender
GlorySeer: They love it when you point at the chat.
ptay313: hi everyone!
gredgredmansson: !findquote mold
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Snowcookies: I should put some of these into my ooc quotes twitter
ArrestedHouse: classic jackbox regret
GlorySeer: Yes I do, Mark
ContingentCat: @paulthemapguy the emote: katesSir yes but I believe it came from her appearing on Feed Dump so it's a shared
ChaoticObserver: Mark, you creepy
zkillzzz: staticy
voslan: with Feedback
Naarius: Lots of static
lady_olynder: there is a rumble
GoblinRanger: wind tunnel
GamesAndInk: Doubled and staticy
Getter404: Very loud. And airy.
buddyjeebuz: static
NimrodXIV: backround noise
Anaerin: Yup, and doubled, with noise.
TheWooglie: background noise
Xed_Regulus: Very loud
ContingentCat: staticy
Bartlebad: Thanks for the HyperLost @maintainpriority
InquisitorGaia: we can hear her now
robo__nixon: Maybe some feedback
agentsmithradio: Your mic's gain is way too hot.
ptay313: there are people i don't recognize on screen
Nigouki: traffic noise loud
ATrophonian: LOL
Zettabit_Fox: ooof
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
JesusOnSegway: WOW
SoaringDragon42: So hissing in the background
Shoki_Donai: Oh my
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
NightValien28: very on brand
kamelion84: wow
cryomancer20x6: Lot of room noise
e_bloc: yikes
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Foxmar320: lol
NimrodXIV: kay
ATrophonian: Heh
corefluxx: ShowLove100
agentsmithradio: Well done
ATrophonian: Legit.,
rangerboy87: agree Adam
gredgredmansson: How dare you say that Adam
Fenrikson: Pride100 these bits are just for Molly…
hyaundredneer: Who is what now?
MegaDosX: Wow
Foxmar320: LOL
Shoki_Donai: Oof
ATrophonian: Yup.
TheWriterAleph: YES.
NimrodXIV: big feels
JesusOnSegway: LUL
Dog_of_Myth: Truth
rangerboy87: yea
SnackPak_: fair
ContingentCat: katesLol
HorusFive: Too real
GlorySeer: That's good
mowdownjoe: oof
e_bloc: valid
NightValien28: very real
paulthemapguy: Nice Beej
Despoiler98: MOOD
GhostValv: jimqui1Rahaan
Pteraspidomorphi: Ow
CompSciJedi: tought but fair
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: damn
ATrophonian: O_O
thephyrexianeggroll: OOF
Super_Sophomoric: ouch
buddyjeebuz: LUL
MegaDosX: Some of these are brutal
Snowcookies: wow
ATrophonian: DAIUM
GlorySeer: Woooow.
agentsmithradio: WTF
GlorySeer: The political joke
The_Color_Twelve: topical
flangdale: OOF
sir_jack_DB: fkn whatever I guess
Fenrikson: Pride100 these are just for Adam…
CompSciJedi: OOF
Shoki_Donai: WOW
Despoiler98: WHAT?
Dix: Autocorrect got em
TheMNWolf: That's even better if you know that saying is common in Julie of the Wolves
Snowcookies: holy
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: LOL
TehAmelie: none pizza with left beef pls
NimrodXIV: TOS?
buddyjeebuz: WOW
SnackPak_: WOW
ATrophonian: *SPITTAKE*
gredgredmansson: I understand that reference
onethousandneedles: lewd!
NightValien28: WOOOOOOW
hyaundredneer: Best dough?
ContingentCat: WHAT
agentsmithradio: How am I supposed to pick one!
paulthemapguy: Graham is dying
Science_and_Magic: !adullt
rangerboy87: Alrighty then
Science_and_Magic: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
CaptainSpam: This is a tough round.
NimrodXIV: so many of these are good
MegaDosX: Oh god, I don't know which to vote for
TheWriterAleph: squeak
ChaoticObserver: Wow what a round
adambomb625: I don't get the Sherlock one
Sogheim: I... did I see that movie?
TotallyNotaBeholder: This is a top notch one
Rhynerd: I want to know the context for “Tickle me down...”
kusinohki: too many flew over my head tbh...
StarFreak359: Lt Columbo?
stormcooper256: @adambomb625 me either
dalek_kosh: sooo gooood ....
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gredgredmansson: @adambomb625 Peter Falk is well known for playing the TV Detective Columbo
mowdownjoe: benginButt benginButt benginButt
paulthemapguy: This game would be made better if it replaced actual submissions to actual forums in real time
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Bladinus: This internet is definitely the better internet.
thrythlind: how long have y'all been playing?
SourceQuench: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 6:33:48. lrrSPOT
GlorySeer: Solid split
ContingentCat: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 56:16.
malc: !findbutts
LRRbot: Above you?!
robo__nixon: Beej. I voted for you
Rhynerd: This is game 2
MegaDosX: Tom is destroying
Dergib: Did they do the death hotel yet?
MegaDosX: Not yet @Dergib
JesusOnSegway: Not zet
GlorySeer: Tom is actively gaming
Diabore: no tmp yet
Countjondi: who is tom?
gredgredmansson: Nope, first game was Fibbage About You
Mr_Dirty: Legally not facebook
VmKid: I'd argue that the previous one was more like Reddit than Twitter
AnnaTheQuiet: how long does it take for the vods to get uploaded on you tube cause i gotta sleep
Zettabit_Fox: so bad political memes and anti vax. got it
gredgredmansson: those thumbs look painful
TheMNWolf: Listen to my heart? I thought it was a really bad sign when the void speaks to you.
Anaerin: Either way, AlGoRiThMs!
ContingentCat: legally distinct facebook
kusinohki: did they start late or did fibbage take a while?? usually on game 3 by now
Countjondi: fibbage about you is my favorite, damn, guess il catch it on the vod
StarFreak359: Similar To But Legally Distinct From
stormcooper256: man i love legally distinct Facebook
GamesAndInk: Small details, I love that the trash can eating the world is synced up with the beat of the music
e_bloc: Tom is Tom
SpiffGames: he's Tom from Facebook, obvs
NightValien28: the handsome fella next to adam
corefluxx: Cheer100
gravity_pike: tom is a nice boy
Sarah_Serinde: VmKid Yeah I think he meant a couple rounds ago, there was a Twitter round earlier
NonUniqueGuy: Do you play gameshows with Pokemon?
stormcooper256: Tom from Myspace haha
Mr_Dirty: So Tom invented Myspace?
Metalupis: Tom is a good corn boy
Mollylele: if you like games or corn
DisquietCrow: that's tom. he likes corn and tractors
ALLxISxLOST: Why game shows?
voslan: Holy Shit, I don't know if it'ss the Half Bottle of Sake, or the ADD but i didn't notice the gift sub. So thanks Stranger!
Zettabit_Fox: 10second tom?
GlorySeer: I believe it. I heard it on the internet.
MyBuddySuperfly: What is not Tom?
Blasteg: gmeshows Pogchmp
dalek_kosh: Tom is a cutie
Kaaosa: Tom seems to be one of those guys who exists, if you know what I mean
e_bloc: Tom post your CV in chat Kappa
aWabbajack: Fall Guys looking for a Community Manager, but you have to be in London
Genderi: "game shows in pokemon"?
Countjondi: Nice, Thanks for the info @LoadingReadyRun
Mysticman89: tom from newgrounds
grennysohail: hi
buddyjeebuz: Corn Goblin?
GlorySeer: Every Tom is legally Tom from Myspace
TehAmelie: Myspace Tom has so many friends
ArrestedHouse: he had the right idea
GlennSeto: word
NarishmaReborn: i mostly know him from liking tractors in early pubg
MegaDosX: Shots fired!
SirSlipps: Tom has gold taste in usernames
ContingentCat: yup
SniHjen: I saw a diffent group stream this, and they kept not answering the promts, writing memey answers, and the like, then complain that "all the promts suck"
TheFreak013: He's also filthy rich after selling MySpace LUL
fastlane250: myspace tom was the hero we needed jolliSad
Atreides42: TOM 3.0 was my favorite TOM. KappaHD
lady_olynder: !findquote space
LRRbot: Quote #825: "I wanna ride the space bullet!" —Alex [2015-10-09]
zkillzzz: got his and didn't fuck everything up
JaysonMaxwell: !TooSoon
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
GlorySeer: Now I'm sad again
KiloRomeo058: Quick, be witty! People are looking at the chat!
MegaDosX: Wow, Tom still spitting fire
Dix: WEeeeeell to be fair NewsCorp drove it into the ground so that is doing something with it
PreciousFawn: As far as we know!
JoelJohnsonCranidos: LRR!!!
gredgredmansson: Apparently his last name is "Anderson"
TheMNWolf: Aaaaand I have my QOTD
Mr_Dirty: eat it?
MyBuddySuperfly: sounds like my first time
KenKopin: I mean, they prompted a good Molly song, and then loat all their data a few years back.
JoelJohnsonCranidos: Good to see the LRRsters
Sogheim: myspace and angelfire taught Millennials basic programming.
m_cable: Has anyone in LRR mentioned "Among Us"? It's very fun and would be a great choice for Crossing the Streams.
TheMightyTaylor: Don't ever call me "baby" again
mowdownjoe: MySpace owned by NewsCorp could've...
Ignatiuspants: News Corp owned MySpace?! And they just chose not to steal any elections with that power?
LinearGif: Tommy Tune is a very good dancer
SpiffGames: Yes!
JoelJohnsonCranidos: Is Cameron scheduled to stream soon??
zkillzzz: sounds great!
lady_olynder: yes
gredgredmansson: Yes
MegaDosX: We can hear you!
Baldrash: Yes!
JaysonMaxwell: YEah!
stormcooper256: YES!
ArrestedHouse: yes!
Wrexadecimal: yes
AnOddSmith: yes!
Anaerin: Your mic situation is good.
bl1ghtn1n6: sounds good to us
GoblinRanger: Sounds good
buddyjeebuz: yes
InquisitorGaia: it not even night yet and im hearing gunshots in my neighborhood
gravity_pike: tom just kind of, sold his company and then "was rich" instead of pivoting into something vastly more stupid
ContingentCat: sounds good now
Inquisitor_Xian: yes!
e_bloc: perfect
Xed_Regulus: Your mic is doing great
BusTed: Sounds good!
SoaringDragon42: Yes!
Dergib: I miss myspace
LithelyUnshod: You sound good now
Bartlebad: Sounds perfect
rangerboy87: yay
Genderi: sounds fine
paulthemapguy: Mic situation has improved to ADEQUATE
evan_333333: yes
gnome_friend: TEETH
GlorySeer: But what about the mike situation?
buddyjeebuz: hot stuff
SoaringDragon42: oh no!
JesusOnSegway: Sounds fun
KiloRomeo058: Dance dance dance?
TheMerricat: @SniHjen the difference between watching an improve comedy troupe and their friends and just randos on the internet.
Trymantha: still air tunnely here
Terr0rc0tta: That’s good on mic
VoidSpinner: static?
thrythlind: A friend of mine was one of the founders of Chimeracon in San Antonio...they started arranging a deal with a bigger con in hopes of expanding it and the bigger con bought the copyrights and such and just.....buried it
Dog_of_Myth: MIC 5!
MegaDosX: I've heard of a hot mic but this is ridiculous
dalek_kosh: I need a hot mike
paulthemapguy: garam masala is awesome
GamesAndInk: There's a steady hiss in the sound in genera
robo__nixon: Hot Mike Devices is Mikey's Kiss Cover Band
thrythlind: Pretty sad, I ran events at that con like three years
KiloRomeo058: MiC FiVE!!!
agentsmithradio: The mic is causing some noise, but it's not distracting. It just blends in.
ContingentCat: now we can hear you can you play the cat piano?
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Diabore: @dalek_kosh youre in luck, theres one in the bottom right
zkillzzz: wow its perfect
MegaDosX: That one's just true
buddyjeebuz: LUL
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
malc: lol
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's wrong.
paulthemapguy: what else would have possibly gone there
KiloRomeo058: Yes, better mic
ATrophonian: Noice
malc: hahahaha
Despoiler98: Yer damn right we will
TheAinMAP: lrrWOW
Wrexadecimal: LOL
NightValien28: fair fair
Snowcookies: callback
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: hahaha
NightValien28: wat
e_bloc: what
TheFreak013: wut?
bl1ghtn1n6: Blockbuster is open in our hearts
e_bloc: ???????
kusinohki: ??
rangerboy87: huh??
GlorySeer: ??
ATrophonian: *Blink, Blink*
DoodlestheGreat: wat
BusTed: Auto fill?
TheMerricat: Anyone read the news that the last Blockbuster is now an Airbnb?
NightValien28: fellow multipeople LUL
ATrophonian: LOL
lady_olynder: are you sure this is facebook and not tumblr?
TheFreak013: LUL
VmKid: PogChamp
Wrexadecimal: PogChamp
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
ArrestedHouse: PogChamp
AvisSR: PogChamp
GhostValv: seabatTROG
ContingentCat: lrrWOW
agentsmithradio: lrrDILLY lrrDILLY
GlorySeer: These have been odd
GlorySeer: The :( is amazing
buddyjeebuz: this round was weird..
robo__nixon: windmill slam pizza
xenagosthesatyr: benginDab benginDab benginDab
gnome_friend: lrrAWW
gredgredmansson: Have to vote for blockbuster
paulthemapguy: I'm from Chicago so I know what I would vote for
onethousandneedles: clearly a non sequitur round
MegaDosX: Yeah that one was an absurdist humour round
GlennSeto: Were the hyenas any good in the remake?
aWabbajack: lrrMATT
dalek_kosh: Pizza
HorusFive: Am I showing my age by voting Captain Planet?
CompSciJedi: pizza, charity close second
voslan: pizza
gredgredmansson: @HorusFive gosh I hope not
voslan: It's true about Chicago. And even if you say one of the two types you are wrong.
DarknessKingCoH: @GlennSeto Let's just say that the Be Prepared number was a massive disappointment.
robo__nixon: yay!
buddyjeebuz: PogChamp
mowdownjoe: Adam's gaming!
ATrophonian: Yeo....
flangdale: thats a real "poggers" moment
Kaaosa: This Tom guy is really murdering it out here
Zettabit_Fox: yoooo, that score
Diabore: tom is killing this game
agentsmithradio: Tom is wrecking it
MegaDosX: Tom has more than double Adam's points!
rangerboy87: Tom is wrecking
JesusOnSegway: Of course Adam was the pogchamp one
GlennSeto: @DarknessKingCoH yeesh... I might not even watch this one on bad movie night
Fruan: Not quite as many points as places 2 - 4 combined.
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Wash your hands.
Lord_Hosk: Anything could happen... it could even be a funny boat
MAPBoardgames: I think the photos are the weakest part of this game.
VmKid: Good advice, Lrrbot
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !badadvice
LRRbot: Parachutes just slow you down.
Sogheim: !badadvice
LRRbot: Enter the blaggole.
bi0buster: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:03:09.
malc: lrrBOAT
GaianLuck: Wosh u face
Zettabit_Fox: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: betrayal...
Diabore: slam dunk in game graham
Zettabit_Fox: D:
Anaerin: That's not how that works. That's not how any of this works!
Dog_of_Myth: !venga
LRRbot: You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry. You'd better like to party, I'm telling you why. The Venga Bus is coming to town.
gredgredmansson: !findquote charity
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !updog
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 7:23:02. lrrSPOT
bi0buster: Phew missed a whole hour.
I_Am_Clockwork: Mikey!
TheMNWolf: I wish Jackbox would add more photos. It's the one game where I see so many repeats.
agentsmithradio: !decentadvice
lady_olynder: !findquote chicago
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: That's not how the ninth works. You need to score touchdowns then.
CompSciJedi: !findquote pizza
gredgredmansson: "animated movie about ants but not Antz"
Lord_Hosk: I choose to believe that Beej is just bored with this and secretly checking twitter
voslan: NEVER appologize for going the Fully Monty!
TheMerricat: I just realized Adam's background is a galaxy because he's seabatBRAIN
EvilBadman: @Dread_Pirate_Westley Touchdowns are only worth 3 points in the last triad
drthvd3r: Dread_Pirate_Westley, no, you need to hit 3 pointers from the blue line.
robo__nixon: Savage
stormcooper256: "If nothing means anything" is big 2020 energy
KiloRomeo058: Pogchamp, this is not a term I recognize. But I always read 'pog' as "piece of garbage", so ???
gredgredmansson: "Oh, you saw it?"
SniHjen: and everything means nothing
TheMNWolf: I'd play along. "Really? I'll run a scan."
corefluxx: !badadvice
LRRbot: Dye it with your blood.
Pteraspidomorphi: Hah
gnome_friend: !findquote poggifers
LRRbot: Quote #7047: "Poggifers, fetch me another intellectual." —Serge [2020-07-11]
NightValien28: HAHAHAHA
VmKid: @KiloRomeo058 Pogchamp = PogChamp
NightValien28: LUL
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
TehAmelie: we're not typing "AF" anymore huh
NightValien28: wat
buddyjeebuz: LUL
kusinohki: @KiloRomeo058 I think pog is "play of game"
SnackPak_: Fuck you, Tex-Mex
Snowcookies: hmm
malc: hahaha
MegaDosX: WOW
Wrexadecimal: oh noooo
KiloRomeo058: Ahh, okay. That works!
JesusOnSegway: LUL
Sarah_Serinde: lrrWOW
agentsmithradio: WOW
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
ContingentCat: w a t
gredgredmansson: i don't get it
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Snowcookies: shit
control_rig: Ha!
elijahdprophet: brutal
Lord_Hosk: TOM
Despoiler98: LOL
kamelion84: lol
Dog_of_Myth: LUL
ContingentCat: katesLol
NightValien28: HAHAH
agentsmithradio: Banger after banger
GlennSeto: Chicago will remember this.
Sogheim: that makes me irrationally angry
aWabbajack: whoisPizza
raaabr: Gotta do the 4kids ref
hyaundredneer: same...?
paulthemapguy: Adam: "it me"
GhostValv: seabatUseless
TehAmelie: Chicago is getting it hard tonight
aWabbajack: HypePizza
control_rig: Awwww
NarishmaReborn: like odo does
gredgredmansson: You sleep ABOVE the swirly thing
elijahdprophet: "rate my setuo"
JesusOnSegway: ouch
Mr_Dirty: Thats dark
NightValien28: ooh too real
e_bloc: context
ATrophonian: Windmill Slam....
Countjondi: somebody quote that, "anything is a chicago pizza if you dream it" is a quote for this generation
lady_olynder: dang it i was trying to scroll and it voted
GlennSeto: Tenet is not worth anyone's life and Chris Nolan can kiss my ass!
GhostValv: :(
benegesseritmother: that was the perfect picture for mikey
TotallyNotaBeholder: I love this game
LinearGif: nothing beats a jelly donut
MegaDosX: These are all great but one is a clear winner for me
paulthemapguy: Be the Chicago pizza you wish to see in the world
GoblinRanger: this was a tough one
lady_olynder: !findquote click
LRRbot: Quote #5209: "I'm a big boy who can figure stuff out, like how to double click on an icon..." —James [2018-07-26]
corefluxx: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
gredgredmansson: secret admirer was the first actual gutbuster for me tonight
Getter404: There was that thing yesterday about all the critics refusing to review New Mutants because it was too unsafe
kusinohki: a friend asked me to go to an upcoming movie....*sigh*
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dantedad222: !quote 1
gredgredmansson: Pants Day is a solid second though
NimrodXIV: wooow
MegaDosX: Wow
Biggjudicem: Thanks for the HyperMayhem @lokolos
thrythlind: I'm going to force myself to disconnect and focus on getting some writing now....don't want to lose the habit so soon after jump starting it...but first....
MarsIsDead: I am in Texas and yeah, I have seen three movies in 3 days... My kid and I were the only ones in the theater!
Malkmaven1176: Chi style isn't pizza
buddyjeebuz: close there at the end
Wrexadecimal: @thrythlind Get dat creativity!
MegaDosX: Graham got so close!
Gekyouryuu: by 82 points
GlorySeer: Graham needed to get the best burn there.
JesusOnSegway: Not even the double points saved it, wow
MegaDosX: Oh look, it's 2020
NarishmaReborn: it's all that doomscrolling
TheMerricat: good luck @thrythlind !!!
gredgredmansson: Tom had most pity points
Kumakaori: The win and the pity points XD;.
bl1ghtn1n6: I mean, this changes nothing
gredgredmansson: and won because of it
GoblinRanger: ooh
ContingentCat: oh no nothing has changed
gredgredmansson: SeemsGood
fastlane250: Hell: It's just more internet!
ramiel117: TIme for Beej to poop
Stoffern: oh my
munnaperson: monster dating monster?
Jhazat: @Gekyouryuu VoHiYo
Carbonylcookie: slytqOhno
paulthemapguy: Graham almost sniped him!!
Diabore: ooh new content
Pteraspidomorphi: Interesting!
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: new game!
Biggjudicem: o rly?
Dog_of_Myth: Spicy
zarbit: exciting!
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VmKid: Ooh boy, something new-ish
Nuha: colorado style pizza is amazing yall
Getter404: They've done Bracketeering before, right?
kusinohki: what could it be?! the suspense!
ritchards: Oh no, I went away!
mitomanox: yay new game
buddyjeebuz: push the button?
gredgredmansson: wait
NonUniqueGuy: Push The Button?
Rhynerd: I wonder which game
adambomb625: Is it the spaceship game?
GlorySeer: Monster Dating Monster is my guess.
LinearGif: I'm a sucker for novelty
mowdownjoe: Monster time board game?
Juliamon: Yeah they did Bracketeering
gredgredmansson: ada
hyaundredneer: Pls Button Press
ContingentCat: @Getter404 yup
aWabbajack: clonekBart cohhBeer
InkyGhoast: i hope it's push the button
Rhynerd: Oh! Maybe it’s Role Models!
Sarah_Serinde: adambomb625 No they've played that
kusinohki: (hoping for push the button)
MadmanOreo: IS the new jackbox out yet or nah?
Kykiwi: guess peonage?
gredgredmansson: they've done Press The Button before
GlorySeer: Push the Button was on a stream. Though Monster Dating was too, a long time ago.
bi0buster: Maybe the friend categorization game?
bob_baggins: push the button!
paulthemapguy: Nova Scotia pizza is the worst
Ignatiuspants: Ooh... excitement!
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gredgredmansson: Watch it be Fakin It
ptay313: is this like the last time that Graham said they had never tried a game, and then played a game they have definitely played before?
Rhynerd: They haven’t done Role Models yet, right?
NonUniqueGuy: The Monster Dating one is 7 player so I doubt they will do that.
ironeagle2020: please the space ship pne
bob_baggins: just push it!
bob_baggins: always
ContingentCat: @paulthemapguy what's that?
lamekidgaming352: thanks
gredgredmansson: @Rhynerd
Bloodrush192: @thrythlind Thanks for the gift sub!
agentsmithradio: They've done Monster Dating Monster
BlackBlade_: chainbSUB chainbSUB chainbSUB chainbSUB chainbSUB chainbSUB
theo_frances: wait who are the guests?
paulthemapguy: google "pictou county pizza"
Juliamon: The implication is "haven't done THIS YEAR"
Tantusar: Ah, the classic midroll music.
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gredgredmansson: @Rhynerd is that the one where the game trys to find your personality type?
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Serifina: So. Many. Months. Where do they all come from?!
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Rhynerd: @gredgredmansson kinda
gredgredmansson: @Rhynerd the "science pellets" one
Rhynerd: Yeah!
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gredgredmansson: Yeah that could be fun
lamekidgaming352: the months keep happening...
agentsmithradio: The Science Pellets one, Role Models, only does 6 players.
ContingentCat: @Juliamon how are we counting years? 2020's been like 5 years
Rhynerd: Dinger
Anaerin: !march
gnome_friend: !april
Juliamon: ContingentCat "Years earlier than 2020"
ContingentCat: !may
Anaerin: Oh, I guess that's Discord only.
Rhynerd: Have they done Guesspionage?
stevefromdetroit: happy march 178th!
agentsmithradio: I can't remember them doing Guesspionage.
SniHjen: Is it still infrastrcture week?
Dog_of_Myth: !june?
gnome_friend: !july
Anaerin: It's never not Infrastructure week.
Sarah_Serinde: Chat why
theo_frances: lol do Faking It, cowards
agentsmithradio: All of the reviewers seem to dislike Guesspionage. My parents love that game.
VmKid: August the 26th be with you
GaianLuck: If Graham and Adam were in a wrestlemania, who would go for a chair first?
LordZarano: !november
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lamekidgaming352: Adam
gnome_friend: !Bengali solar new year
gredgredmansson: @GaianLuck adam
theo_frances: @gaianluck adam
NonUniqueGuy: Adam
Snowcookies: Adam
GamesAndInk: Adam
deadeyedan5012: Adam
Rhynerd: Doesn’t Faking It require being next to people?
Snowcookies: seabatHITBOX
thephyrexianeggroll: Adam
Kreiseler: Adam not close
ContingentCat: 100% Adam
gredgredmansson: @Rhynerd it requires you to see other people
rangerboy87: @GaianLuck Both would come out with them
VmKid: @agentsmithradio I used to only let my computer campers play Guesspionage because it was hard to put up inappropriate stuff. They loved it.
GaianLuck: lol, nice
Snowcookies: I love guesspionage
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: the illusion of choice
kusinohki: am I weird for wanting a radio announcer saying "welcome to BGC-FM..." ??
chaostreader: It depends if Graham comes out as Krog.
djalternative: @Rhynerd not necessarily but it would require increadible spacial awareness and knowing your frame for a zoom call like this
thephyrexianeggroll: If LRR were pro wrestlers, who would be heel and who would be face
NightValien28: adan
NightValien28: adam*
gnome_friend: @thephyrexianeggroll I could really see Adam being both
theo_frances: James heel, Cameron face
GaianLuck: Kathleen would be the heel
NonUniqueGuy: James is totally the heel
gnome_friend: Oh wait, yeah, James would be a heel
deadeyedan5012: Adam and James in a heel stable
gnome_friend: #blameJames
Snowcookies: James would be a tweener
theo_frances: #blamejames
lamekidgaming352: anyone hear the news about Kross?
GaianLuck: James would tagteam her, but Kathleen, absolutely
gredgredmansson: Ben is the Faciest
ImaUniqueUsername: yes I also understand wrestling fellow wrestling fans...
chaostreader: Heather is the Authority.
kusinohki: maybe Serge for face? (not really sure what these wrestling terms mean)
Cannons_are_an_instrument: Adam would start heel but people wopuld like him too much
GamesAndInk: Cameron would attempt in every match to appear to be a heel and yet the audience would always treat him like a face
deadeyedan5012: Ben and Beej in a comedy face tag team
chrono2x: I think that the whole crew would switch up fairly often in well constructed storylines. Except James, totally a heel lrrBEEJ
GaianLuck: Oh yeah, Ben. or Alex
Dergib: Adam would use it first but Graham would win
gredgredmansson: @kusinohki face, people cheer you, heel, people boo you
gnome_friend: !findquote wrestle
LRRbot: Quote #130: "Everything I know about arm wrestling I learned from Sylvester Stallone." —Adam [2015-04-12]
deadeyedan5012: Baby face Paul
SirSlipps: Cori is just Orange Cassidy
Sogheim: Paul would be an announcer.
thephyrexianeggroll: Beej is the Vince McMahon of LRR
agentsmithradio: !findquote alex
LRRbot: Quote #1419: ""No, it's okay. This is the way to purgatory for sure. It's this way. We just have to keep running. Keep running, Cam. Never look back." "I can see the end, Alex." "It's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. It has to be okay." "We did our best."" —Alex and Cam [2014-01-17]
gredgredmansson: @kusinohki basically "love for being a great person" or "love for being a jerk"
TheMerricat: Faces are the "Heros", Heels are the "Villians"
chrono2x: Speaking of, I how we get another Rumble this Autumn
fastlane250: ooooh
Gekyouryuu: oooooh, I love this game
Countjondi: dictionarium rules
GaianLuck: Wait, did James just appear?
Foxmar320: Ive never heard of this game
Rhynerd: Oh,
VmKid: Ooooh
Snowcookies: oooh
mowdownjoe: Ooooo
Cannons_are_an_instrument: !findquote heel
Sarah_Serinde: I...don't think I've even heard of this one, yeah
Dergib: Serge is enhancement talent
TheWriterAleph: leviosAAA
gnome_friend: !quote penelope
LRRbot: Quote #1477: "Blurrrrrr..." —Penelope [2016-01-07]
Rhynerd: And here I thought they’ve played that one!
MegaDosX: It's wingardium leviosah
Mr_Dirty: have we heard any music from the kitty keyboard yet?
Edgarware: oh it's Mikey!
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powuhofpie: my favorite pack of nerds are at it again with the jackbox PogChamp
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GameAgeddon: it's Levi-OH-sa, not Levi-oh-SAH
TheMNWolf: It doesn't get played often.
ButterBall000: tomato, tomatillo
ShifuDaxiongmao: Graham "Wait a moment, I've got this!" Stark
breadisbest1: Thanks for the HyperGravity @powuhofpie
LinearGif: dethrone the dictaphone
elijahdprophet: HyperHex
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SirSlipps: Dictionarium is an excellent game I'm surprised took this long to play
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ThePov42: HI MIKEY!!!!!!!!
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gnome_friend: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
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seemsdeece: MIC 5
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, seemsdeece! (Today's storm count: 145)
ContingentCat: nobody tell Heather
stormcooper256: it's hard not to flirt with beej
gamercat88: Thanks for the HyperCooldown @thepov42
Anaerin: Beej is more Ambassador Londo Molari.
Twilight_Spark: dam
Sogheim: I heard it was his musk
itsr67: gravity squeeze
Sarah_Serinde: !addquote (Mikey) [now] I was flirting with Beej, my bad.
LRRbot: New quote #7159: "I was flirting with Beej, my bad." —Mikey [2020-08-26]
Countjondi: everyone loves beej could be a sitcom
eric_christian_berg: He's the sexy one.
ShifuDaxiongmao: We ALL do. Have you ever been present on a Desert Bus Zeta shift? :P
Xilats: Beej's hair would be perfect to keep a Chocobo in, ala final fantasy 13
Diabore: adam would know, he spent 10 days in a car with beej
rogerivany: GD it Ian
malc: sarah_serinde: sergeJustRight
GaianLuck: Arrrbor day!!
benegesseritmother: mikey is a homewrecker confirmed
bi0buster: Oh boy dictionarium.
SkylerRingtail: Yay, new game!
InkyGhoast: oooh
jonasjonIV: ha
InkyGhoast: oooof
steven_strangle: Ian, yes, gooood
TheMerricat: Is Jester the VA?
theneatestburrito: Topical!
forestfieldforestfield subscribed at Tier 1. They've subscribed for 22 months!
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thephyrexianeggroll: What accent is this
NimrodXIV: what is her accent trying to be
hyaundredneer: It's a trap! She flattering!
ritchards: Thanks for the HyperReveal @forestfieldforestfield
Terradana: the anouncer lady is from Shnorsh
ArrestedHouse: don't remind me ian SwiftRage
AussiePMScottMorrison: I was wondering why I was called 'Marketing' in, but then I remembered who I was.
MyBuddySuperfly: Queue Before Cabbage Furniture
Dog_of_Myth: @MegaDosX You're not wrong
robo__nixon: Quebec Friends
CaptainSpam: Ah, a phrase.
ApodoNuevo: QueBeCiFy
TheWriterAleph: @MegaDosX beat me to it critroleBees
ritchards: she sounds like a cut price Harley Quinn
DisquietCrow: the accent is generic european done by an american from new york
SkylerRingtail: The phrases always seem more difficult to me
DaSunao: Oof, lrrIAN with the topical subject
Lord_Hosk: MGATIABM.... ummmm
Phailhammer: "Dee Dee! Give me back my dictionary!"
ShifuDaxiongmao: "is that a challenge?"
MegaDosX: It's like, an older Jester who's maybe not as hyper
TheAwkes: This game is deffo one of my favs. I get to win by doing words good.
gredgredmansson: who is Jester?
ATrophonian: Feels a bit like Balderdash.
eric_christian_berg: @Phailhammer Nice!
Anaerin: I like the progress bar aesthetic...
Science_and_Magic: What is this accent? I kinda dig it
DisquietCrow: but if I had to put a name to it, greek, maybe?
stormcooper256: @MegaDosX older, more mellow Jester seems spot on!
Science_and_Magic: Jester is from Critical Role
lirazel64: i like the timer
MegaDosX: @gredgredmansson She's a character in Critical Role, which is a D&D stream
Draynus: Shoutout to the credits song to this one
LinearGif: baldur's dash
Writer_Raven: Re: making a word out of player initials: "MAGMABIT".
iris_of_ether: "MGATIABM" --> "Gamma Bit"
ATrophonian: Balderdash is an almost good game.
gredgredmansson: @MegaDosX oh i've actually heard of that
Lord_Hosk: Gaammbit how about that for a word?
Gekyouryuu: Bagmitam
agentsmithradio: @LinearGif It's more of a gait.
GaianLuck: yaaaas
NightValien28: baldersdash gate
GhostValv: jimqui1Gallimimus
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: I'd play that
kusinohki: betrayal at Balder's Dash
ImaUniqueUsername: on the Game Child?
ATrophonian: Balder's Dash is my favourite game now.
gredgredmansson: Baldur's Dash is the Mobile Phone cash grab version
stormcooper256: @LinearGif the lesser known sequel
mowdownjoe: Damnit, Adsm
TheMerricat: @gredgredmansson Jester is a Tiefling from the DnD roleplaying show Critical Role, voiced by Laura Bailey
TheTekkieman: Nooo! They'll make a mobile game out of that!
Eklinaar: Unpopular opinion but I didn't like Balder's Dash because of the lack of a turn-based bode.
control_rig: Wow
korvys: Dup dup zaddy (zaddy!)
NightValien28: the jazz one is strong
TheMNWolf: Deploying smooth jazz.
TheFreak013: The Jazz one is a slamdunk
buddyjeebuz: going jazz
Sarah_Serinde: Go Canada!
SoaringDragon42: Noo :(
korvys: Hell yeah talkers!
secretbranch: BLASBEALL
bl1ghtn1n6: ugh, Chicago fans
Loonatic93: Duping Zaddy does sound like something from the Jazz era.
e_bloc: moist talkers constantly disappointing
leebenningfield: is that a blaseball thing
Metalupis: Go Breath Mints
TheWriterAleph: moist talkers are sucking this season booo
bl1ghtn1n6: we are all love blaseball
Edgarware: Pie or Die, baby
bi0buster: Go Moist Talkers! Spray it don't say it!
Scarbble: gooooo breath mints!
Arium26: Shoe Thieves winning tho
AussiePMScottMorrison: Spies all the way!
Meark: Go Coconuts Go!
bl1ghtn1n6: @leebenningfield yes
gravity_pike: smells like team spirit!
secretbranch: where my millenials at!
gamercat88: #WAP Moist Talkers
IgnisDeus: firefighters all the way
djalternative: We are from Chicago!!!!!
InquisitorGaia: Go Sunbeams
e_bloc: Crab people Crab people
PreciousFawn: The youth will save us!
mowdownjoe: I need to check my Blaseball bets
voslan: COME ON MAGIC!
RunningMonkeys: never look back
Brozard: PARK IT
thephyrexianeggroll: Oh good, me too Graham
Gekyouryuu: Graham, fun fact: the results of this game PERSIST on your copy of the game, so if you play it in the future, these will still be in the dictionarium
Writer_Raven: I'm with Graham, I don't get Blaseball either.
paulthemapguy: Zuping Daddy?
bl1ghtn1n6: this is infact blaseball
tctrain: Oh god, Mints stop, you're giving me a heart attack
control_rig: Yikes
NightValien28: wooow
gredgredmansson: WINDMILL SLAM 4
gnome_friend: What does WAP stand for?
MegaDosX: That last one is big brain
control_rig: That last one is... wow
SniHjen: I like 1 and 4
TheFreak013: IAN LUL
Baldrash: GDI Ian.
control_rig: IAN!
The_Color_Twelve: yes
TwilightAvalon: The last one already has a slang term
Wrexadecimal: Wow Ian
ContingentCat: I just really like "wee cats"
VmKid: God damn it Ian
TwilightAvalon: PVS
agentsmithradio: IAN
secretbranch: does this definition bring you joy?
bi0buster: The biggest part of blaseball that makes it interesting has nothing to do with the actual interactable part of blaseball.
Calaban161: what is WAP?
agentsmithradio: The key to Ian is that you can never expect him. He's just a sucker punch to the kidney every time he speaks up.
Anaerin: I keep trying to WAP, but GPRS keeps cutting out.
Mollylele: is google broken? wow
TheWriterAleph: Jackbox: Legacy?
VmKid: @Calaban161 It's something in mobile networking
adambomb625: What does saving the definitions do?
seemsdeece: @calaban161 you dont wanna know
BusTed: siiiip
Raincoast_Bear: Is offline?
Mysticman89: wireless access point of course
SnackPak_: Not today, satan
gredgredmansson: I have no idea what Blaseball is and now I'm scared
MyBuddySuperfly: whooooooa :D
MegaDosX: Wow, Molly throwing shade
TheMNWolf: Jackbox is working for me
TwilightAvalon: PVS already exists.... Phantom Vibration Syndrome
thehokeypokey: maybe don't say that song name aloud
GreayStone: Wierless access point?
TheWriterAleph: nothing's showing up on for me
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korvys: I've had that song stuck in my head for days, but it's the version done by someone doing a John Mulaney impression
Scarbble: gredgredmansson it's a weird fake baseball website that has gotten really popular since its inception
kusinohki: Thanks for the HyperMine @jhoiraful_chaos
ContingentCat: look when a term comes up in memes googling can be dangerous
BusTed: Synonym time.
LinearGif: baking some synonym rolls
paulthemapguy: MABTMIAG Make America Break Treating Massive Idiots As Gods
BigFMonster: WAP = Wireless access point we all know that.
GamesAndInk: I just realized the devils holding up the definitions are, in fact, Ian
kusinohki: humbly request we listen to the ending song for a bit
ShifuDaxiongmao: Weirdly Arranged Possums
StarFreak359: That'
StarFreak359: s a mood
adambomb625: Improvizerox
jessieimproved: This music makes the game seem low-key nefarious
VmKid: Synonym rolls are my favorite, LinearGif
MadmanOreo: white anglo-saxon protestant
ContingentCat: White Anglo Prodestents
Gekyouryuu: Widely Arranged Pineapples
LinearGif: what's ahp pussycat
glenseay3: But did you know?!
itsr67: p h a n t o m b e e s
Snowcookies: bees
gnome_friend: The WEE FEES!
rangerboy87: bees?
Malkmaven1176: Crap, the Mills got shamed...again
seemsdeece: B E E S
ShifuDaxiongmao: bees!
Calaban161: Them BEES
TheMerricat: @gredgredmansson Blaseball is an alternate universe version of Fantasy Baseball with a bit of eldrich/SCP undertones.
Snowcookies: Bee-j
malc: phantom bees, wow
HorusFive: lrrSPOOP Tickle
PreciousFawn: I got a case of the creeping vibes once. Penicillin cleared it right up!
TheFreak013: The B E E S
ContingentCat: Phantom Bees is so good
mowdownjoe: BEADS!
elijahdprophet: Phantom Bees
Lord_Hosk: Not Phantom Beej?
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Give'em the ol' Ghost Tickle
Mechsican: critroleBees critroleBees critroleBees
Stoffern: this music slaps
gredgredmansson: lrrSPOOP
TheAwkes: Phontom Limb Syndrome
TheNerdWonder: that thar's a buzzring
cyanMu42: PrideFloat PrideFloat PrideFloat
jessieimproved: new slang comin in hot
GhostValv: :)
NonjaBiru: lrrSPOOP tickle!
elijahdprophet: Ghosticles?
Scarbble: metal gear solid v: the phantom bees
KartoffelKaiser: "We've come to steal your heart, signed, The Phantom Bees"
MegaDosX: Ghost tickle was a good one
HbombAndFriends: Phantom Beej? lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ lrrBEEJ
kusinohki: I vaguely remember degaussing...
SourceQuench: Kinda loving the UI design in this game.
Anaerin: Not to be confused with Test Tickles.
rasterscan: wow.
gnome_friend: lrrWOW @KartoffelKaiser
buddyjeebuz: wow
ContingentCat: I remember making old CRTs go pong! in the school library
korvys: Theftotrope is amazing
gredgredmansson: MIMEOGRIFTER
Henshini: Adam :ghost tickle" sabadan
Gekyouryuu: these are out of sight, hep cat
buddyjeebuz: good stuff
MegaDosX: Mimeogrifter's my favourite of these, wow
CaptainSpam: Strong choices.
TheMNWolf: Mimeogrifter all the way.
iris_of_ether: Mimeogrifter is a delight
NimrodXIV: Mingo's KAtinker is very good to say
therisingtithes_: mimeogrifter is GOLD
HorusFive: Yes, Ian
Writer_Raven: Ian: Yes.
Anaerin: Don't copy that mommt
seemsdeece: theftotrope is great
elijahdprophet: Mimeogrifter and Theftotrope sound like TROIKA! inventory items
LinearGif: mimeogrifter enters the battlefield as a copy of whatever you got in your pockets
Sogheim: MIngo's Katinker has good mouthfeel
paulthemapguy: this word has serious scatman vibes
ShifuDaxiongmao: if Mimeoplasm was Orzhov..
ContingentCat: you wouldn't copy a mommy?
Brozard: Mineogrifter is sergeJustRight
MegaDosX: You wouldn't download a mommy
GlennSeto: wait, you can do that?
elijahdprophet: with 3d printing i have, in fact, downloaded a car
SourceQuench: Home taping is killing music!
themightybucch: the little Ian devils are so cute
fastlane250: wow this a short game
NimrodXIV: use it in context, nice
GlorySeer: The end already?
lamekidgaming352: @megadosx yes I wod
lamekidgaming352: would
Xilats: XD
PaperDoopliss: Poggifers, fetch the mimeogrifter
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TheMNWolf: This game's too fast, I say another round or two.
LinearGif: mimeo killed the radio star
DarknessKingCoH: You wouldn't record the music being sent out over radio waves?
bennguyen200: this went fast
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SniHjen: it sucks when you get ghost tickles while at the movies
HorusFive: Thanks for the HyperCrate @aussiepmscottmorrison
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
GhostValv: seabatUseless
dantedad222: Go Aussie!
lady_olynder: but sudden loud noises certainly has
MegaDosX: Get back to work Scotty from Marketing! :p
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Is a ghost tickle what Lance Armstrong has?
Sarah_Serinde: I was about to say the same thing as Molly :D
deadeyedan5012: This game is basically create your own urban dictionary eh?
Raincoast_Bear: CH Paul neads to get on the mimeogrifter right away!
Xilats: Beej's mimeogrifter named Copy Mommy gave me a ghost tickle?
ShifuDaxiongmao: The only thing that can kill chat, is chat itself!
TheAwkes: "I was making mad bank on Count Basie until the man took my momeogrifter away."
SourceQuench: The Ring 3: Ghost Tickles
Sogheim: that's why we have chat commands. like !box
Naarius releases a horde of puppies
ContingentCat: Corgo169 lrrHEART
Woogachaka: Beej I feel like my day matches your hair right now
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Don't hit 0 hitpoints.
HorusFive: Shadowrun would like to disagree Beej
GreayStone: the mimeogrifter gave me a ghost tickle
VmKid: Mac wants the flamethrower
bi0buster: Is this the voice actress for Pas from Peace Walker?
djalternative: we probably entertain ourselves more often then LRR does considering how many hours there are in the day
MegaDosX: A vuvuzela reference? Wow
seemsdeece: hahaha
LinearGif: stone cold, slim
MegaDosX: That's a tough one
kusinohki: I feel like Kathleen would rule this game
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cotillion1850: So many guest so much fun
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ATrophonian: That's some sweet jive talkin', there...
gredgredmansson: I can hear Serge's turkey character saying the bottom right one, daddy-o
ATrophonian: Enough to make Cab Calloway moderately proud.
elijahdprophet: Which one is the velocitator?
lady_olynder: lrrFINE_BW
paulthemapguy: we arent going to bonk some fat mary jams if you bogart the mimeogrifter!
PunkRockZoologist: Hey all yoe cool cats and kittens.
Mr_Dirty: cool kittens don't do drugs
TheMNWolf: I could easily see buzz fresh reefer in a Fritz the Cat movie.
kristamichele: sounds like something from pauly shore in encino man
Raincoast_Bear: kusinohki - most games are better with Kathleen!
agentsmithradio: lol weed
GhostValv: jimqui1Rahaan
AussiePMScottMorrison: I'm still in awe of the phrase "longhairs and squares" as a replacement for "ladies and gentlemen"
seemsdeece: ummmm
NimrodXIV: I don't like that
seemsdeece: !adult
LRRbot: I need an adult!
Naarius: #spleez
ATrophonian: Mad feelz for the Number three.
SpoonfullOfSugar: that got me
Mechsican: I'll fluff your garfield if you know what I mean.
paulthemapguy: I dont
Wrexadecimal: "activated my backside" manokaSmug
gredgredmansson: Number 3 is the most accurate
Armstrong11139: Is ghost tickling the spleez anything like ghost riding the whip?
gnome_friend: SQUEET!
Anaerin: "The ghost tickle is making my ass clap and alerting all the guards!"
TheMNWolf: If this doesn't spawn a Crapshot....
Writer_Raven: Tha'Spleez is the name of my new electro-swing solo act.
CaptainSpam: No. No, we do not know what you are saying. We would prefer to never know what you were saying. Kappa
NarishmaReborn: the malt shop
gredgredmansson: 4 is a terrible example
powuhofpie: KappaPride GHOST KappaPride TICKLE KappaPride DAT KappaPride SPLEEZ KappaPride
elijahdprophet: it all comes back around
TehAmelie: ghost tickle the spleez feels like it's too dirty to be a Desert Bus meme, i don't know what to do
LeeshaJoy: This is a thing, BTW, it's actually called "phantom phone syndrome"
HisEvilDomain: Flap on down to the apple patch?
HorusFive: Ghost Tickle enters the battlefield Activated
Scarbble: bone apple spleez
Sogheim: the malt slop
NimrodXIV: malls won't exist in 2050!
KartoffelKaiser: real talk i could go for a malt
GlennSeto: It loops, Graham. That's the horrible truth.
DoodlestheGreat: Ghost ridin' the spleez!
zarbit: eugh, don't like that
ContingentCat: lrrBEEJ Yes
PreciousFawn: 1950's, or 2950's.
gnome_friend: !findquote squeet
LRRbot: Quote #4663: "Ah, the squeet taste of victory." —Ian [2018-02-07]
ANeMzero: oh man I'd love to split a malt.
seemsdeece: blackslide my spleez you know
bi0buster: How about a malt phosphate?
wabird: helloooooooo!
ShifuDaxiongmao: now we need to redefine spleez :P
oatway: puff puff spleez
Electrodyne: That's when you know your Bluetooth is on
elijahdprophet: Ghost Tickle? in MY end step?
ContingentCat: speaking of, that Beerfest Vlog is so good G
paulthemapguy: spleez. that feeling when you think a ghost is activating your backside.
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Naarius: Great image
MadWolf1290: accurate pic
Genderi: Adam actually managed to actually use the phrase in context
ImaUniqueUsername: Ghost Tickle the Duping Zaddy
ATrophonian: GOLD!
MegaDosX: Adam the winner!
breadisbest1: Thanks for the HyperCrown @tyrsredritehand
GhostValv: seabatBRAIN
paulthemapguy: all animals are doggo
GlennSeto: The true winner is the English language.
HorusFive: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Wrexadecimal: Yes Adam, yeeeees seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
lady_olynder: !findquote squeeze
LRRbot: Quote #6595: "Thats the face I make when you squeeze my nethers" —Graham [2019-12-04]
seemsdeece: Cool Dog
Electrodyne: Is this a fighting game???
MegaDosX: Sprinkles?!? It's totally Jester!
ggodopaste: Can someone tell me who the guests are?
ShifuDaxiongmao: ENCORE! :D
paulthemapguy: prodigal spleez
gredgredmansson: I saw "the archive"
Gekyouryuu: if it saved, they're in the archive
Wrexadecimal: @Electrodyne Well there ar einput strings enigmaSmug
Raincoast_Bear: Can anybody log into game? I get a DNS error at
ironeagle2020: what game is next
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Diabore: tmp!
dantedad222: Ghost tickle should actually become a work
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: Thanks for the HyperMine @lostluckdev
CaptainSpam: MURDER
AussiePMScottMorrison: Okay, this voice really reminds me of Jester, is this Laura Bailey?
Anaerin: Raincoast_Bear Well, 300+ of us are in already...
ATrophonian: Yessssssssss.
SourceQuench: @Raincoast_Bear is working for me.
Malkmaven1176: TMP2!
stormcooper256: MURDER PARTY!!!!
gnome_friend: Strider?
rasterscan: Another chance for Chat to win!
rangerboy87: Yay!!
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh, nice!
jonasjonIV: time for chat to win again!
fearthespike: I loke trivia murder party 2
Naarius: benginTraitor
TheMerricat: 1 Guest - Molly Lewis, 2 Guest - Tom -3 Guest - Aubrey of Double Clicks - 4 Guest - Mike Newmann
StarFreak359: Yay!
seemsdeece: TMP!!
drfox17: here we go chat!
Genderi: Trivia Muder Party as well
mowdownjoe: Trivia Murder Party!
Calaban161: REDRUM
ikesolotl: MOYDAH?
CaptainSpam: C'mon, chat! We can win again!
Science_and_Magic: LET'S GO CHAT!
kalira77: wheeeee, murder!
Diabore: cmon chat, we cam win this one!
deadeyedan5012: Murderrrrrrrrrrrrrr
rangerboy87: time to die!!
ATrophonian: Time to escape!
GlennSeto: @MegaDosX I haven't watched in ages. Did Jester ever find those tiny unicorns?
Serifina: Another day, another murder, ANOTHER CHANCE FOR CHAT TO TAKE BACK THE TITLE
kusinohki: they haven't made plushies of these yet??
HoneyJack07: I want to see the Alien one again with Ian
DoodlestheGreat: "Wake uuuuuuuup....."
HorusFive: Ding
drfox17: it's our chance!
monosceros: IT'S OUR TIME CHAT
aiamethyst: hmm, I could do that
A_Dub888: DING
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eric_christian_berg: Splort
Naarius: froot froot
Dog_of_Myth: Let's go chat!
seemsdeece: DING
TheWriterAleph: muhduhhhh
MAPBoardgames: It's a trivia murder party TOO?
bl1ghtn1n6: come on chat, let's get this
fastlane250: I know they made a few to give out to employees
MegaDosX: @GlennSeto Not yet
lostluckDev: katesVibes katesVibes katesVibes
CompSciJedi: IT'S TIME, CHAT!
NimrodXIV: I love TMP
KiloRomeo058: I'm holding out for the Dad Hat in this game.
LeeshaJoy: You'd think Fangamer would be on that by now.
GreayStone: monday, tuesday, murder day!
buddyjeebuz: WOOOO
GlennSeto: @MegaDosX We can only hope.
PreciousFawn: I want most of the Tee KO friends.
LinearGif: my favorite trivia is the roman goddess of crossroads
Sarah_Serinde: And Graham will never let chat forget it
GhostValv: :)
MAPBoardgames: I'll get that dragon,yet!
Sarah_Serinde: Brings it up every time :D
FDR101: It is TIME
jessieimproved: I mean, I could totally knit the little Murder babies
lady_olynder: gotta relive that high
HorusFive: Never as good as the first time
Snowcookies: I wanna beat them again
Pteraspidomorphi: We can only beat them when our votes don't register :D
InkyGhoast: we wants it we needs it
seemsdeece: retired champions
shurtal: get goin
cephallope: Its time
99Problems_TwitchAintOne: chat OP, pls nerf
Serifina: Bring it, Adam!
GaianLuck: Thanks, Graham
GhostValv: seabatUseless
StarFreak359: I feel seen
MegaDosX: Them's fighting words Adam!
ShifuDaxiongmao: ROWLF? ... did Beej just reference my favorite Muppet? <3
SnackPak_: Bring it, Savidan
bl1ghtn1n6: I mean, chat won't let Graham forget it either
flangdale: I can take you adam
noSmokeFire: you can't beat all of us, adam
rogerivany: Them's fightin' words
ATrophonian: We. Will. End. You.
HoneyJack07: jesus adam
gravity_pike: plus, we're addicted to opium
MyBuddySuperfly: Google Another Television Vision
rangerboy87: Cowards!!!
Baldrash: GATV, circulate the code!
MadWolf1290: keep it secret, keep it safe?
TheMNWolf: GATV, it's a local cable crime drama.
maintainpriority: I can't participate this time. you guys better win this for me
PreciousFawn: Georgia Televison
Phailhammer: Let us in. Let us iiiiiiin!
GlennSeto: oh, firing up my browser now
ChaoticObserver: GATV never forget
Sarah_Serinde: Hahaha
MAPBoardgames: Go ALL To Victory!\
KiloRomeo058: I can't play this one, as my Twitch app does not let me use other apps while watching :(
Mercer_Man: I was there when chat beat LLR, time for a second victory!
ATrophonian: Once is NEVER Enough.
HorusFive: Only LRR chat could be so talented
Serifina: Muahahahaha
Sheikun07: I mean, we did it to beat Beej.
fogoe: I mean, chat won't let chat forget about it eaither
cryomancer20x6: Did the stream die for anyone else?
seemsdeece: Them fighting words Graham
Snowcookies: We can do this char
NimrodXIV: Always listen to chat
GlennSeto: maybe my favorite Jackbox character
Snowcookies: chat
jessieimproved: murder most foul
shurtal: Remember, ALWAYS choose the Triple H Skull
ImaUniqueUsername: Ghost Ate Those Victims
TehAmelie: welcome to Overwatch Hotel
InkyGhoast: does this count as challenging chat?
NonUniqueGuy: @cryomancer20x6 working for me
paulthemapguy: Get Away! The Velociraptor!
Sogheim: the carpet reminds me of The Shining Board Game
Diabore: dinger, beej called living
buddyjeebuz: my favorite game
Lokolos: I was there when we won too. Good times
ATrophonian: KTHCBAI
adambomb625: 2
fearthespike: oh
Science_and_Magic: It's almost a dna codon
Writer_Raven: ez pz
djalternative: EZ
fearthespike: thats easy
ImmortalLen: 2
Gekyouryuu: a monster truck
ATrophonian: EZ
ShifuDaxiongmao: Me. It was an accident.
NimrodXIV: don't answer in chat
ChaoticObserver: Don't spoil answers
JesusOnSegway: easy
Science_and_Magic: Too easy
Diabore: dont answer in chat
SniHjen: the answer is E: the gorgon
cephallope: katesEz
Dog_of_Myth: My jam is this
lady_olynder: GGEZed
bl1ghtn1n6: chat, no answers
ChaoticObserver: Do not answer in chat
TheWriterAleph: just watched Clash of the Titans last week =D
ANeMzero: Press X to Jason
ContingentCat: uhhh
jonasjonIV: Beej
Calaban161: No answers in chat
Robot_Bones: Kratos
FDR101: obviously it's medusa
MAPBoardgames: sorry, I guessed
Getter404: Simon Belmont
jessieimproved: spoiler no spoiling
paulthemapguy: your mom
bl1ghtn1n6: the players are still reading
MyBuddySuperfly: a Mirror
noSmokeFire: chat, they can read chat
MegaDosX: Calling out answers won't help us
GaianLuck: Graham did that
TehAmelie: i know this one due to modern art
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Medusa?
mowdownjoe: No spoilers, Chat.
JesusOnSegway: That one Greek guy, you know
raaabr: This is my actual factual major
Sheikun07: It was capitalism what killed her
Science_and_Magic: Chat, if we type numbers, we give them the answers!
TheMNWolf: Oh thank you Eddie Izzard, I wouldn't have gotten this without you.
LeeshaJoy: The real question is what two creatures sprang from Medusa's dead body?
possummtg: ITS BEEJ
LinearGif: the real medusa was the friends we made into statues along the way
buddyjeebuz: use numbers
hideki101: Fate has prepared me for this
drfox17: Archer from Fate Stay Night
wynternyghtynggale: its 8:38 in texas and I'm waiting for my hurricane
seemsdeece: Millenials
cephallope: M'dusa
modernner0: the patriarchy
cotillion1850: That is no excuse Mikey I too am in Texas
Avarlin: It was Kaster!
eric_christian_berg: A titan against a titan!
Genderi: E: Medusa is really good as an answer
TheMNWolf: Perseus AKA Herculese
monosceros: <message deleted>they can see chat you chucklefucks
ATrophonian: NOOOOOO!
Science_and_Magic: @LeeshaJoy That'd be a cooler question
GaianLuck: She talked smack about Kathleen, and Graham just smacked that Medusa
ATrophonian: Too Soon!
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klohrine: Yay for Tom on LRR!
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Diabore: OH NO
Snowcookies: You can do it Aubrey
Naarius: oh no
MadmanOreo: they're too busy remembering the alamo in texas to remember mythology
TheWriterAleph: pegchinko!
gnome_friend: !quote ian
LRRbot: Quote #1285: "I am also not a bridge. I choose to be a tunnel. Maybe a Chunnel." —Ian [2015-12-16]
SourceQuench: Go left!
Writer_Raven: Shenmue time!
SniHjen: The game punishes you for that
mowdownjoe: LUCKY HIT
GlennSeto: Ian's fave
Dog_of_Myth: Ian's game
raaabr: Channel Ian
Science_and_Magic: Pachinko!
NonUniqueGuy: How can they play this game and not have Ian in it?
fearthespike: Go left
stormcooper256: GL Aubrey!
seemsdeece: Go left 15 seconds ago
MegaDosX: Collusion!
bennguyen200: Tom that wouldn't work
TheTekkieman: "Odysseus, Theseus, Perseus...a lotta 'euses."
MegaDosX: I call collusion!
theneatestburrito: Max difficulty....
GlennSeto: rooting for Aubrey
Science_and_Magic: Colluders!
modernner0: Shen WOOOOO
GhostValv: gg
GlennSeto: NICE
VmKid: Yaaay!
bl1ghtn1n6: got there
ContingentCat: lrrHORN
Naarius: Ian with the soul read
Snowcookies: yay
kamelion84: wow
SourceQuench: Well played.
SnackPak_: Never fails
fearthespike: the left alwas works
MAPBoardgames: Boo! she didn't die.
Science_and_Magic: Works every time
rasterscan: It dropped so fast too
rangerboy87: Danggit
NightValien28: hahahaha
ATrophonian: Wow....
raaabr: You have no idea
Lord_Durin: Thanks for the HyperMayhem @klohrine
Master_Gunner: Not wrong
Eklinaar: That's honestly a strong read on Ian
jonasjonIV: winning!
MAPBoardgames: Winning!
Diabore: we in the lead!
Naarius: lrrWOW
gredgredmansson: RUDE
GhostValv: :)
FDR101: we are winning
Serifina: ahahahaha
ChaoticObserver: Audience is just ahead
Creature_Comforts: Audience winning! PogChamp
Electrodyne: Professor Plinko
seemsdeece: i mean you're right
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yomidian: how about a game of Lucky Hit?
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TheWriterAleph: cuz we RULE
rangerboy87: UP Front!!
ATrophonian: WE WIN!
StarFreak359: :D
Anaerin: We're just *that* good.
InquisitorGaia: hahahahahahahha
kamelion84: lol
IgnisDeus: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrFINE
Woogachaka: Sheer hutzpa
ZackTheCatKing: Sorry Beej
stormcooper256: LET"S GOOOOOOOOO
buddyjeebuz: Early Lead chat!
Calaban161: Rude
Science_and_Magic: $30!
zarbit: we got it VERY right
rangerboy87: Chat wins lol
Twilight_Spark: Gotten.
red_shoes_jeff: HAHAHA
gredgredmansson: We get bonus money during the death games
HorusFive: Suck it losers. I mean hosts
flangdale: LUL
buddyjeebuz: Keep it up!
NonUniqueGuy: Beej is just jealous
GaianLuck: That's what they do
Foxmar320: lol chat knows whats up
maintainpriority: we are the best
GlennSeto: you challenged chat
ChaoticObserver: Bonus dollars for guessing Aubrey wouldn't die
Nuha: wouldnt you like to know beej
Serifina: Because, in adam's words, WE'RE THE BEEEEEEST
Writer_Raven: Chat is full of galaxy brains, Beej. Didn't ya know?
Dish_KP: we rock
stevefromdetroit: lrrAWESOME
seemsdeece: Retire champions
YawnLance: We're just that good Beej.
DocRedfang: Gottem!
ContingentCat: and it asks us how the games will go
therealkenm135: let's gooooo
TamesLovesGames: benginDab
Snowcookies: we get money for chosing if someone wil die
DoodlestheGreat: We get to bet on who dies, Beej.
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: a sprout
gredgredmansson: But is there 7 of them
LordZarano: Answer here:
TheWriterAleph: 7 raspberry pis
NimrodXIV: Rasberry Pis
kalira77: windmill slam
gnome_friend: lrrGOAT
TotallyNotaBeholder: A skinny tower
gnome_friend: ?
SoaringDragon42: I have a deck of cards of his various costumes
goatprince: the goat option, obviously
train_diskenth: Uhm, it's Manneken PIES
MadWolf1290: its' tiny IRL
GaianLuck: quack
Serifina: Remember. Do not. Answer. In Chat.
GlennSeto: suuuuure
MegaDosX: Them callbacks tho
mowdownjoe: benginDab
flangdale: I dont know but ian stole 7
Xilats: Cause we are GREAT at causing kitten cramps.
kusinohki: I thought it was a beer garden of some sort...
Wrexadecimal: I know exactly what this is manokaSmug wrexadDAB
XIIV13C100111: 4 is the double blind
SniHjen: The Answer is E: a crossroad
Dog_of_Myth: lrrGOAT
PaperDoopliss: I thought Manneken Pis was a retro programming language
NimrodXIV: thank you Animal Crossing. lol
DisquietCrow: it's a monument to mathmatics, obvi
LinearGif: my favorite song, manneken pis
Kaaosa: Mannequin Piss is a real problem
NonUniqueGuy: I want to see a tiny hat museum.
Tantar: ah yes, animal crossing
Kaszoski: Manneken 3.14
iris_of_ether: Bye bye/seven mannekin pis
MAPBoardgames: This is a great faction in 7 wonders
Calaban161: Realy
rangerboy87: oh it actually was piss
TheFreak013: It was that obvious?
quasi79fu: hi chat i m late but here for the remainder of the stream
TheMNWolf: I got totally juked on that one.
hockeygoaliechris: I have seen that statue
AussiePMScottMorrison: Bye bye, little Manneken Pis...
Electrodyne: Magnum PIs
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: TEETH
gnome_friend: TEETH TEETH TEETH
MegaDosX: Wow
drfox17: ezpz
MadWolf1290: T E E T H
KartoffelKaiser: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Xilats: TEETH. I learned that the hard way.
Diabore: TEETH
TheWriterAleph: TEETH TEETH
Phailhammer: TEETH
Himyul: TEETH
Juliamon: It is chat's time
seemsdeece: TEETH
Dog_of_Myth: No answers chat!!
LinearGif: antlers
red_shoes_jeff: teeth
TehAmelie: what don't you need to eat ants? let's figure this out together
ContingentCat: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
bl1ghtn1n6: TEETH (I'm not even answering, just TEETH)
mowdownjoe: TEETH
awmcmillan: TEETH
Koshindan: TEETH
DarknessKingCoH: A Family
GaianLuck: Matt Damon
djalternative: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Blade_Tiger: TEETH
maintainpriority: TEETH
lady_olynder: you are know thinking abou them
GlennSeto: imagine if it had none of these
Raincoast_Bear: A Bachelor's Degree
AussiePMScottMorrison: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TotallyNotaBeholder: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
NonUniqueGuy: TEETH
Bladinus: TEETH
Science_and_Magic: TEETH
Jhoiraful_Chaos: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ourladyoflilacs: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Nigouki: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
noSmokeFire: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
thundershot879: TEETH
MyrddintheWizard: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ImmortalLen: TEETH
Lord_Hosk: It doesnt have a netflix subscription
Snowcookies: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
MAPBoardgames: M E E M
Atreides42: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
PreciousFawn: TEETH GANG! (We're not even answering, teeth is just a meme now.)
gravity_pike: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
TheMerricat: chat, remember we are competing wiith them, stop giving answers :P
SniHjen: The Answer is E: a clue
kenohki2: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
flangdale: TEETH by cage the elephant
dreamyxcupcakes: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Sheikun07: HAH
corefluxx: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
XIIV13C100111: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Kaszoski: Teeeeth
InkyGhoast: TEETH
tangokilo421: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
gnome_friend: TEETH TEETH TEETH
Naarius: 96%!
IgnisDeus: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
MegaDosX: I'm picturing an anteater with teeth and it is terrifying
deadeyedan5012: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
ATrophonian: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
GlennSeto: not the needles, Adam
ImaUniqueUsername: This baited the chat eh?
Science_and_Magic: LOLOLOL
Officinalis: Ian threw
TamesLovesGames: affini5Disappoint
Science_and_Magic: Penny whistle
GaianLuck: Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
GlennSeto: oh god
MegaDosX: Thanks, I hate it
train_diskenth: omg ian hahahahah
seemsdeece: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
raaabr: Ian Why
Snowcookies: gross
BlueFingers5: teeth
bl1ghtn1n6: Ian, no
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: F
bl1ghtn1n6: why Ian
Gekyouryuu: a through h
XIIV13C100111: B
rangerboy87: oh he screwed
Diabore: oh ian dead
VmKid: Whelp, RIP Ian.
kusinohki: this seems impossible
seemsdeece: F
Tantar: hm
somecall_metim: Ian, you're describing the thing
Science_and_Magic: Oh he's so dead!
MyBuddySuperfly: W
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL Chat tried but could not resist the teeth
PreciousFawn: F in the chat.
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: pay respects
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>F
itsr67: guess for game?
zarbit: 'this is a mixup'
Kykiwi: f
TheFreak013: F
fearthespike: f's in the chat for ian
paulthemapguy: F
Sheikun07: F for Ian
fearthespike: f
bennguyen200: Ian wanted to be funny and it fail bad
Science_and_Magic: F
ritchards: @LoadingReadyRun chat is NOT try ;)
MegaDosX: Stop colluding Tom!
SoaringDragon42: F
TheMNWolf: F
Snowcookies: F
Electrodyne: f
maintainpriority: f
flangdale: F for ian
Malkmaven1176: Yeah...he's in trouble
Arium26: Please be F
expat_with_cat: Sorry, I voted for you to die.
quasi79fu: F
TehAmelie: lrrEFF
tangokilo421: F
rangerboy87: f
GhostValv: seabatSKYLADY
HorusFive: Ian chooses X just for the heck
ATrophonian: YASSSSSSS
ImmortalLen: F
fearthespike: yeah!
gredgredmansson: ADAM
bl1ghtn1n6: Adam...
Carbonylcookie: Tom is being too nice
NazTMann: Adam
Wrexadecimal: I picked what Ian picked enigmaLUL
SpiffGames: P isn't in the first 8 letters, lol
BusTed: I do like the 'p'
DocRedfang: F
paulthemapguy: P?
Science_and_Magic: Adam?
TheMNWolf: P?! Who picked P?!
raaabr: Wow, no similarities
Kreiseler: should gone e
gredgredmansson: DO YOU KNOW THE ALPHABET
kusinohki: um, adam?? "p" ??
decidedlyugin: adam did you pick P
Science_and_Magic: p?
maintainpriority: yes!
AussiePMScottMorrison: Fs in chat for the H.
paulthemapguy: Adam
djalternative: P
MAPBoardgames: Aw H.
bl1ghtn1n6: adam why did you pick p
seemsdeece: p?
Naarius: We need to stop Tom
TwilightAvalon: WE'RE WINNING
Diabore: second place
Xilats: Ian-splode. A fitting end for the host of TTSF
GhostValv: :)
fearthespike: we're in 2nd!
FDR101: we too good
buddyjeebuz: Damnit Tom passed us
rangerboy87: dammit tom!
MegaDosX: We were but Tom killed Ian
bl1ghtn1n6: chat, we got this
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>You got Effed in the Eh
evanperry2019: lol 420
TheFreak013: Lets go, chat!
Woogachaka: We're in second, lets pull it together chat!
ATrophonian: 420!
MegaDosX: Tom, we're coming for you!
seemsdeece: coming for you tom
Pharmacistjudge: !guests
Electrodyne: 420
GaianLuck: Steal the chat's life force
Lord_Durin: 420
Naarius: Windmill slam
Phailhammer: Tom is H: confirmed. lrrBEEJ
ContingentCat: yesss
drfox17: um
MegaDosX: Oh that's actually simple
jonasjonIV: Victoria, BC
LinearGif: hamstertown
Lord_Hosk: Its not in my living room
SniHjen: The Answer is E: Earth
LordZarano: Answer here:
AussiePMScottMorrison: This is too easy.
lady_olynder: GGEZed
TheWriterAleph: Amsterdon't
aWabbajack: feliciaToronto
GaianLuck: It'
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Constantinople
monosceros: Amsterdam, Daniel
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>My Kitchen
DisquietCrow: we're not in the lead, but there are 420 of us, so obviously we're still winning
MAPBoardgames: Amsterdon't
GaianLuck: s not in Canada
possummtg: BEEJ'S BUTT
Dog_of_Myth: Space!
MyBuddySuperfly: My Amsterdam DON'T
TehAmelie: did my brain get big or ar the questions very easy today?
CaptainSpam: Am Not Sterdam
Snowcookies: As opposed to new amsterdam
InquisitorGaia: Scan da navy in
lord_wertornion: 1 is not 3
GaianLuck: It's also not in Beej
DoodlestheGreat: I didn't know the Scands had a Navy./
ATrophonian: Woot!
MegaDosX: Oof
ContingentCat: surrrre G
bl1ghtn1n6: lol
fearthespike: oof graham
red_shoes_jeff: AmsterDAMMIT
Science_and_Magic: Gotti!
Serifina: Hah! I got it.
seemsdeece: HUBRIS
Woogachaka: time for that side room slam
GrizzlySavage: Has it been 4 like 3 times in a row?
ptay313: my ancestors would be pissed if i got that one wrong lol
wargodmogis: It's time for a sidewalk slam
cephallope: The dutch represent!
BusTed: my controller was broken
chrono2x: Only one choice here
Snowcookies: Hubris is a lifestyle
Science_and_Magic: GREED!
gnome_friend: the DUTCH? AGAIN?
zarbit: "there was lag, the answers were teleporting all over the place"
Woogachaka: I have bet against the boshi
ATrophonian: lrrGREED
SnackPak_: The sun was in my eyes
MyBuddySuperfly: scratching dollars? in this economy?
Calaban161: I vote Adam
seemsdeece: Greed Adam
HorusFive: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED mattlrBoned
TheAwkes: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
NonUniqueGuy: Go Adam!. You can do this
chrono2x: Adam is doomed
korvys: Holland is a region of the Netherlands, I think (or the other way around)
Science_and_Magic: Get Greedy!
mowdownjoe: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
Lord_Hosk: lrrGREED lrrGREED
Fracaswell: lrrGREED lrrGREED lrrGREED
ANeMzero: Amsterdam is like the Vatican. It's in a country but it's not -in- the country.
MegaDosX: Buh bye Adam!
MAPBoardgames: lrrCOW
ATrophonian: YESSSSSS
NonjaBiru: lrrGREED lrrADAM
GlennSeto: Yeah, this will kill Ad... there we go
bl1ghtn1n6: the hurbis
lord_wertornion: Graham only part of The Netherlands is Holland so totally possible
ContingentCat: @korvys that's right
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>wheelerGreed wheelerGreed wheelerGreed wheelerGreed
ATrophonian: The Dutch? AGAIN!
djalternative: YES
cephallope: seabatCHOICE
ChaoticObserver: You have to get 3 Graham
Gekyouryuu: g, you need 3
MAPBoardgames: you still need to do it!
Diabore: you need 3 g!
Serifina: No G!
NonUniqueGuy: I thought you have to do 3
IgnisDeus: lrrGREED lrrGREED
flangdale: you need three graham
SoaringDragon42: Holland is a state of the Netherlands
kusinohki: you still have to scratch graham!
gredgredmansson: YOU NEED 3 GRAHAM
SniHjen: and graham dies too
aWabbajack: you need 3 to win
CaptainSpam: You need THREE, Graham!
Science_and_Magic: G!
TacitusVigil: I mean, Amsterdam is in *North* Holland I believe, but-
seemsdeece: yo need 3 graham
kalira77: graham you still need to scratch
MegaDosX: This is what you get for shit talking us Adam!
Cannons_are_an_instrument: lrrGREED
Science_and_Magic: G!!!
fearthespike: yes!
paulthemapguy: YOU NEED 3
BlueMagnusStormCrow: You have to scratch 3 graham
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raaabr: The shocking lack of greed
expat_with_cat: Yay, I voted for Adam. I mean, sorry.
bi0buster: I'm getting a lot of really annoying time warping in my playback, anyone else experiencing that?
fearthespike: i voted for grahams deaths
ATrophonian: GO CHAT!
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>CHAT CHAT CHAT
stormcooper256: YEAH CHAT!
rangerboy87: back up front!
NimrodXIV: we're #1
bl1ghtn1n6: Chat's leading!
korvys: Chat is winning
Kaszoski: We're in the lead again!
TheWriterAleph: chat's winninnng!
Diabore: we're winning again!
Naarius: Back in the lead!
jonasjonIV: yeah chat!
zarbit: Chat still ahead, btw
buddyjeebuz: Back in the lead!
GhostValv: :)
MAPBoardgames: Chat! Chat! Chat!
bennguyen200: we can do THIS CHAT
InquisitorGaia: CHAT CHAT
TheFreak013: CHAT CHAT
Sheikun07: We're in the lead
archsl1me: hm we seem to have pulled ahead
TheMNWolf: SOLID lead
Nuha: we are in the lead again!!!
Calaban161: CHAH
Snowcookies: Go Chat
shurtal: Hurbis
Xilats: YAY FOR US
Lord_Durin: we're winning
AussiePMScottMorrison: CHAAAAAT!
ContingentCat: we're winning again
fearthespike: CHAT
seemsdeece: back in thr lead
gamercat88: high five chat
cephallope: Gimme dat cash
SourceQuench: No matter who loses, chat wins.
corefluxx: GO CHAT!
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Las Vegas
ShifuDaxiongmao: Graham "Outplayed by Graham" Stark
SnackPak_: Is chat gaming?
Xilats: In YOUR MOM.
Lord_Hosk: Everywhere
Nuha: and we have 420 in chat!! rise up
ATrophonian: Windmill Slam?
onetrueseth: on twitter?
kusinohki: yay! one I actually know!
TheMNWolf: I know this because they have an official pizza.
gredgredmansson: DAMMIT
Gekyouryuu: Fight Club, but we're not supposed to say
MadWolf1290: Fight Island!
Scarbble: chat is *actively* gaming
MAPBoardgames: UFW?
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>At the Rock
kusinohki: (I think)
Diabore: my interests help me hee
Electrodyne: 421, someone don't leave just to make a number
SniHjen: The Answer is E: in the streets
BlueMagnusStormCrow: On twitter
gitblog: MlMa, the immaterial plane
CanvasWolfDoll: their hearts?
PreciousFawn: MMAmers, rise up!
jonasjonIV: the Netherlands
Kaszoski: Not 100% sure with this one
Pharmacistjudge: it's not a glass bottle adam
GaianLuck: It's actually a dodecagon
lady_olynder: !findquote fight
LRRbot: Quote #6183: "I don't think there's any way to end a fight without killing somebody." —Beej [2019-06-29]
Creature_Comforts: In the MMA 4Head
red_shoes_jeff: On TV!
Kaszoski: In a cage
DocRedfang: At the weigh in?
adambomb625: UFSea
ptay313: the squared circle!
robo__nixon: The U F SEA
ContingentCat: the real cage was in your hearts all along
paulthemapguy: We have fight here.
noSmokeFire: Fight Island is actual a misnomer. it's more of a penninsula
TehAmelie: would be interesting to have them fight in a sumo ring
Ritaspirithntr: Chat will CONSUME THE STREAM!!!!!
TacitusVigil: Too soon Beej
MAPBoardgames: In completely empty statiums
Science_and_Magic: BEEJ!
coelopteryx: it's a social construct AND a social contract
LordZarano: Join the winning side:
ComradeMik: in the octagonised circle
Genderi: This is hurting me because I swear the ring was a square
Dish_KP: adam pick
ChaoticObserver: Fight Island, which just turned out to be Abu Dhabi
NonUniqueGuy: Adam?
ContingentCat: yess guessed right
SourceQuench: I thought it was a fight isthmus...
rangerboy87: really Adam>
PreciousFawn: Rule #1 of Fight Island, you're probably going to talk about fight island.
Tantusar: The squared... square!
Sheikun07: oooooooh this one
bl1ghtn1n6: rule 1 of fight island, WHY
LinearGif: typical mildred
ComradeMik: i recognise molly, but who are the other 3 non-lrr folk?
Calaban161: I did not vote quick enough
ATrophonian: O_O
ContingentCat: katesLol
elijahdprophet: <message deleted>Mildred is Q
Dog_of_Myth: lrrWOW
thephyrexianeggroll: Jesus
Science_and_Magic: Who's doing that?
NonUniqueGuy: I think it is Bush Did 9/11
MyBuddySuperfly: I read Bushoid
NimrodXIV: so many
fearthespike: its Bush
Getter404: Gee, I wonder
SnackPak_: hmm.. which could it be
gredgredmansson: Fluorid
seemsdeece: flourid the sleez
Calaban161: Betrayal
AussiePMScottMorrison: Fluorid.
TheMNWolf: I think it's love
onethousandneedles: mildred definitely a truther
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
TheFreak013: CHAT
TheAinMAP: benginTraitor
stormcooper256: CHAT CHAT CHAT
elijahdprophet: CHUT CHUT CHUT
MegaDosX: Still in the lead chat!
buddyjeebuz: WOO
fearthespike: CHAT
monosceros: CHAT WINS
DocRedfang: Go chat go!
lady_olynder: chat winning
TheWriterAleph: GO CHAT GO
SoaringDragon42: so much lead
TheMNWolf: lol first time I've seen anyone win that. Also first time I've seen so many safe players throw it.
Snowcookies: We can do this
Science_and_Magic: WE'RE ON TOP!
seemsdeece: HAT HAT HAT
azureHaights: I know, I know
Diabore: aw piss
GaianLuck: country road. Take me hopme
kusinohki: no idea
gnome_friend: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
SniHjen: The Answer is E: 110%
Mysticman89: ask bear grills
Lord_Hosk: I mean it depends right
PreciousFawn: Depends on who you are, and how much water they drink.
monosceros: about updog
ANeMzero: 5: the percentage that is stored in the balls
mowdownjoe: Make way for PISS!
NimrodXIV: how hydrated are you
MegaDosX: I feel like this depends on how dehydrated you are
elijahdprophet: Pee is stored in the balls
jonasjonIV: 0%
LinearGif: therefore we are bleach
gravity_pike: PISS!
Lord_ZYRK: I'm about 88% pee pee
asddsa28: im sad i konw
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: lrrWOW
ImaUniqueUsername: this is why the unit is ppm
Science_and_Magic: This is a really hard one
Pharmacistjudge: i know this
PreciousFawn: For me, it's like 103%. Fuckin' spiro.
paulthemapguy: pipis room
kaleidoscopemind: v% or wt%
Naarius: Ballsagna is a cursed word
TheWriterAleph: seven raspberry pee pee
FenrisSchafer: I know this for so many animals... but not humans
flangdale: im so hydrated my peepee is 105% water
Calaban161: It Bear
maintainpriority: Make way for PISS!
cephallope: Water is stored in the peepee
Juliamon: ComradeMik Tom Dyke, Mikey Neumann, Aubrey Turner
ZackTheCatKing: PEEJ knows?
SourceQuench: Mannekin Pee Pee
elijahdprophet: HOW IS PEE PEE FORMED
DoodlestheGreat: It's stored in the balls, you know.
noSmokeFire: nobody ever asks HOW is piss
TheMNWolf: This was on Mythbusters but I can't remember how far Adam reduced it.
Raincoast_Bear: anteaters have no pee pee
benegesseritmother: its stored in the balls
ContingentCat: yes?
Science_and_Magic: @PreciousFawn Gotta get those pickes
deadeyedan5012: Is it in the balls?
AussiePMScottMorrison: How can pee be real if balls aren't real.
MyBuddySuperfly: that's a lot of water
seemsdeece: only if you want it to ian
MyBuddySuperfly: the killing room will come too soon
VmKid: Whelp, RIP Mikey
kalira77: rip
ShifuDaxiongmao: Death or Cake?
Science_and_Magic: Uh oh
mowdownjoe: Ouch for Mikey
Malkmaven1176: Yep, that's a death
MAPBoardgames: Nails
quasi79fu: has anyone ever won the loser wheeel?
ComradeMik: @Juliamon thank you! don't know who they are, but they seem fun
djalternative: oh. mikey definitely dead
DocRedfang: Wheel of FISH!
GlorySeer: I hate this one
MegaDosX: Kaboom!
MyBuddySuperfly: WOW
ATrophonian: SO CLOSE
TheMNWolf: This is more liek Wheel of Fortune.
stormcooper256: why does it spin counter clockwise?!
Science_and_Magic: Pop
jonasjonIV: chat will never die!
TheFreak013: CHAT CHAT
Snowcookies: so much money for us
Diabore: jeez chat is running away
Naarius: Actively gaming chat
ptay313: never seen the loser wheel before
corefluxx: GOGO CHAT!!
buddyjeebuz: Still winning chat
BlueFingers5: we can do this chat
Master_Gunner: it's like a 1/8 to survive, I've seen it happen
Science_and_Magic: WE GOT THIS!
HorusFive: Damn Strait
gravity_pike: chat has a mind like a diamond
legowest77: Hello lrr and chat!!!!
ShifuDaxiongmao: Chat is taking it easy :P
NightValien28: its real to us
ArrestedHouse: that's what you think
Baldrash: Don't worry, we'll blow it in the end.
creepywaffleco: Go chat!
Naarius: Insta click
rasterscan: what
LeeshaJoy: I know this one
Snowcookies: I know this one
chrono2x: Oh I know this!
therealkenm135: god we're so good
AussiePMScottMorrison: The SACK
quasi79fu: Oh i know this
TotallyNotaBeholder: Shark Sack ooh ha ha
MegaDosX: Goddess's pocket? Excuse me?
Science_and_Magic: Fairies mound
flangdale: these sound lewd AF
PunkRockZoologist: Legit knew this one
quasi79fu: its awesome name
DocRedfang: TOS?
maintainpriority: who needs money when we have pride
MAPBoardgames: lrrSACK
red_shoes_jeff: lrrJUDGE lrrSPOOP
Kreiseler: excuse me? what did you just call me?!
bl1ghtn1n6: not on stream Adam
Writer_Raven: At least buy him dinner first, Adam. =P
SourceQuench: Gonna go look all of these up on Urban Dictionary. BRB.
elijahdprophet: At the shark shack, its a little old place where
seemsdeece: My 12 year old shark obsession coming in clutch
Mumpaaah: Mermaid's Purse!
noSmokeFire: can you say goddess's pocket on stream?
LeeshaJoy: Mermaids use shark eggs as currency. True story.
TheWriterAleph: S A C
Hangedman: Chat gets to play every game, even the ones where they’d die, so they make bank
TheMNWolf: Gah. It seemed too obvious.
TehAmelie: remember kids, sharks are smooth as hell
KingOfDoma: It stands for White Anglosaxon Protestant, of course
paulthemapguy: lmao beej
LordZarano: Answer here:
Science_and_Magic: 666
buddyjeebuz: LUL
MyBuddySuperfly: a Luigi board?
flangdale: planchett
jonasjonIV: planchet?
evan_333333: shark shack baby shark shack
Anaerin: Planchette
Diabore: huh, til
seemsdeece: lrrBEEJ
quasi79fu: planchette
PunkRockZoologist: A planchette
KartoffelKaiser: A wa weg bord?
ContingentCat: ohhh cool
LeeshaJoy: it's called a planchette.
Naarius: Doctor Weejee
elijahdprophet: Can you burn a Luigi Board?
SniHjen: how can people think that's stored in the balls? are you all really that dumb? (and don't say "It's a joke", this is 2020, I'm right in assuming you actually believe this.
gravity_pike: planchette
Gekyouryuu: @TehAmelie only if you pet from head to tail. go the other way and you WILL be sliced to ribbons
paulthemapguy: can you burn a Luigi board?
ImaUniqueUsername: "Shark Sack" actually mutated into "Love Shack"because of an error introduced by the Dupin' Zaddy
Calaban161: His noisees
gnome_friend: @SniHjen ... sir? sir!
Diabore: sorry tom
TheWriterAleph: GHOST. GHOST. GHOST.
NimrodXIV: boopas
JesusOnSegway: Boooopos
seemsdeece: BEPAS
Officinalis: Boopas?
mowdownjoe: These are good
Science_and_Magic: Bemis
rangerboy87: B...Hail Hydra!!
Snowcookies: Bepis
LinearGif: bougpas
aWabbajack: coxSeafood coxSeafood
TheMerricat: bepis?
Genderi: Booopas may have ruined it
cephallope: Boooopos for life
fearthespike: boopers
paulthemapguy: Douglas?
Gekyouryuu: Mikey designed Chasm Skulker. he'd know a good octopus
ATrophonian: BouGPous
legowest77: BEPIS
monosceros: the Victoria Booopas
TehAmelie: Dr Blofeld No
Diabore: isnt that 4 now?
NimrodXIV: Chat we got this
Snowcookies: Go Aubrey you the best
ContingentCat: clearly Aubry is above death
Slumber_Jack: look at this fine crew
kalira77: well, i mean, she IS a banana, after all
MegaDosX: Look at that lead chat
KartoffelKaiser: Well you see, Bananas cannot die
LeeshaJoy: Plot twist, Aubrey was the killer the whole time
Electrodyne: Bananas can't be killed
BlueFingers5: go chat go
gravity_pike: god won't let Aubry die!
Natedogg2: Are we sure she's not the murderer?
MyBuddySuperfly: rawr
PreciousFawn: The sun!
seemsdeece: That's her secret graham, she's always murdered
drfox17: thicc
cephallope: EZ
NimrodXIV: ez
quasi79fu: aubrey is secretly the killler
creepywaffleco: Go chat! Do it!
TehAmelie: i know this one!
Kreiseler: the sun, duh. ez
jonasjonIV: Uranus
paulthemapguy: easy
elijahdprophet: Jupiter is SWOLE
TheFreak013: EZ question
MegaDosX: Yes Ian, which is the most attractive
SnackPak_: thicc planet
PunkRockZoologist: Cytheria
kusinohki: I should know this...
ContingentCat: it's hottest not THICCest
fearthespike: 5: The sun
robo__nixon: Dem rings
KartoffelKaiser: iirc Saturn is the thiccest
MalBeam: wet ass pluto
JaysonMaxwell: On average, or peak?
kaleidoscopemind: bad question: surface, atmosphere, or core?
JesusOnSegway: ngl, Jupiter is kinda cute
noSmokeFire: theecc
Genderi: Theek?? Theek??
flangdale: its a trick!
quasi79fu: man these questions are easy tonight
Natural_Ones_Only: Well at least it seems they fixed the audience counter
BlueFingers5: wet ass planet
NimrodXIV: dunps
Guillermolehi: no the closest
oatway: obviously uranus has the best ass
CanvasWolfDoll: uh, the moon?
seemsdeece: Saturn got them rings
Dog_of_Myth: THICC Rings
Calaban161: What planet is closest to the sun
MAPBoardgames: I liked it so I put a ring on it.
ShifuDaxiongmao: Which planet has got the largest spheres?
Snowcookies: The sun is not a planet, chat
aWabbajack: Planet Badonkadonk
TwilightAvalon: Jupiter is Best Girl
MegaDosX: Jupiter is E X T R A T H I C C
drfox17: Earth feels like thicc wet
LordZarano: Answer here:
gredgredmansson: @JaysonMaxwell should be both
SniHjen: The Answer is E: Alpha centari
AussiePMScottMorrison: Clearly Jupiter is the T H I C C planet
Pharmacistjudge: Saturn has it...because someone put a big ring on it
creepywaffleco: Uranus!
IgnisDeus: Pluto, obsi
paulthemapguy: which planet has the wettest P word
Sogheim: dumps like a truck truck truck thighs like what what what
Science_and_Magic: Love me some redheads. Get me that Mars!
adambomb625: This one actually is true for both literaly heat and sexiness
flangdale: thats what they want you to think graham
CanvasWolfDoll: you fool, graham!
MyBuddySuperfly: does not work that way, unfortunately
justthorne: its Jupiter, right?
LinearGif: shoulda put a ring on it
TacitusVigil: Turns out the greenhouse effect is real.
ATrophonian: DAIUM
KartoffelKaiser: Venus's atmosphere is HELLA greenhouse
robo__nixon: Venus good folks
ashteranic: the one with the worst climate change problem
cephallope: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
SkylerRingtail: Because Venus has a runaway greenhouse effect and Mercury has no atmosphere, right?
fearthespike: its because of the gases
rangerboy87: trick question
kusinohki: lots of cloud cover
bennguyen200: Venus
Mysticman89: ones got that hot gas
seemsdeece: Mercury got a trash bag for a but
ChaoticObserver: Lack of atmosphere to retain the heat Graham
MegaDosX: Venus has the super thick atmosphere creating a greenhouse effect that makes it so hot
Science_and_Magic: Reall?
Lord_ZYRK: "We will show you pictures of space rocks and you will rate your arousal level."
iris_of_ether: Venus has insulation - Mercury does not!!
SnackPak_: greenhouse gasses fucked venus
AIBaneblade: It's the clouds of Venus
gredgredmansson: Venus has a super thick atmosphere that traps heat inside
Pteraspidomorphi: Venus has massive greenhouse effect
lady_olynder: !findquote beej
LRRbot: Quote #2772: "Beej, you'll be a child of some sort." —Ian [2016-06-11]
deinonychus24: Atmosphere makes a huge difference
chrono2x: Dat runaway greenhouse effect is real strong
Lokolos: I have never i have never known this many answers before.
ContingentCat: It's why King Gizz used it
CaptainSpam: Aubrey can't survive FOUR rounds...
jessieimproved: I'm getting nervous, I have a perfect record in this game so far
Mister_Hush: Venus is a victim of runaway greenhouse gasses turning its atmosphere into a hellscape
MegaDosX: Trivia! Venus is hot enough on its surface to melt lead
seemsdeece: oooh
Science_and_Magic: Love thisone
Pharmacistjudge: So...this is Fall Guys?
SourceQuench: NOW go left
TheMNWolf: This is why NASA had a contest to design a probe that could survive Venus recently.
Sarah_Serinde: LordZarano You really don't need to post the link this often
TheMerricat: I would have figured the gas giants would have been hotter given they were failed suns
seemsdeece: go left
flangdale: ngl I bet beej will die
TheWriterAleph: yeah, prisoner's dilemma
TotallyNotaBeholder: !left
ATrophonian: YESSSSSSS
fearthespike: by Aurbrey
robo__nixon: Thicc team = Ded team
TheFreak013: LETS GO CHAT
fearthespike: finnally
Calaban161: Yes Beej died
MegaDosX: Gas giants are super far from the sun and so are extremely cold
JesusOnSegway: No one escapes death four times!
drfox17: here we go!
Sheikun07: Holy crap our score
legowest77: death by fingernnails.
HorusFive: Never Apologize Molly
ATrophonian: On. A. Roll.
CaptainSpam: It's time!
mariomario42: we got this
Science_and_Magic: I've been playing Zero Escape recently, so I love these prisoner dilemma type things
drfox17: it's the time!
TwilightAvalon: LETS GO CHAT
seemsdeece: go time chat
buddyjeebuz: Way to go Chat
DocRedfang: We're rich!
Kaszoski: TIme to get out and win
fearthespike: this is our time
TehAmelie: lrrAWESOME
gredgredmansson: @TheMerricat clearly they failed because they weren't hot enough
NimrodXIV: Us vs Molly
ATrophonian: GO CHAT GO!
engineerbudy: Lets go chat
Science_and_Magic: We're so ahead!
GreayStone: Chat #1, Chat #1
maintainpriority: we can do this chat
FDR101: we got dis!
NonUniqueGuy: Beej, I love you.
Dog_of_Myth: The Unsinkable Molly!
Ritaspirithntr: Go Chat Go!!!
stormcooper256: LET"S GOOO CHAT!
yomidian: nonary gaaaame~ ambidex edition!
HoneyJack07: tell Adam to be nice
tehcrashxor: lrrBEEEJ katesRip
modernner0: The one time i didn't bet on Aubrey
ChaoticObserver: Alright chat, lets do it
creepywaffleco: You can do it chat!
gnome_friend: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
Science_and_Magic: GO GO GO GO
cephallope: Beej dying is proftitable
Snowcookies: I voted for beej to die, I'm sorry
ATrophonian: lrrDARK lrrDARK lrrDARK
raaabr: C'mon SURVIVE CHAT
LinearGif: iron croc
paulthemapguy: the question the most people got wrong is the one I thought was the easiest
legowest77: WE WILL WIN
MAPBoardgames: sometimes its all or even none of the answers
buddyjeebuz: Let's go Chat!
ContingentCat: alright everyone we can do this
quasi79fu: i would hope a croc doesnt have a exoskeleton Omg thats scary thought
tctrain: The audience gets so screwed in the finale
Diabore: we can win this chat
Kaszoski: Waif force
IgnisDeus: why are we so far back?
gredgredmansson: BEAR!
legowest77: LRR is weak chat is strong
Naarius: Wow
KartoffelKaiser: what
VmKid: LUL
PreciousFawn: Wow, difficult trivia.
NimrodXIV: beat
possummtg: It's so weird that LRR is streaming and Wheeler is streaming. at the same time, separately. It's like my parents divorce all over again :(
seemsdeece: wat
ritchards: wut?
kamelion84: lol
elijahdprophet: HAHA WHAT
ContingentCat: wat
jonasjonIV: wow
MegaDosX: What is this question?
kalira77: lol what is this even
circusofkirkus: perfect trivia
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djalternative: BEAR
JesusOnSegway: Hmmm
KartoffelKaiser: *thinkies*
LinearGif: unbearable
Wrexadecimal: enigmaLUL
Science_and_Magic: Wut?
TheWriterAleph: B U N T
JesusOnSegway: What is a bear?
Zettabit_Fox: sorry what
fearthespike: words that are 2/2's
quasi79fu: why is one of those there?
SourceQuench: WEll, bean is 2/2 for 2, so...
elijahdprophet: i thought it was a trick question somehow
Gekyouryuu: this is the BEST question I've ever seen
NonUniqueGuy: 94%?
djalternative: oops
evan_333333: quality questions
InquisitorGaia: how did we get 96%
ImaUniqueUsername: is the bear thing a lesser known improv game?
SnackPak_: Mr. The Plague
quasi79fu: Wait what?
benegesseritmother: are we in the matrix now?
TamesLovesGames: benginDab
robo__nixon: CHAT ftw!!!!
seemsdeece: who read the question wrong
blip2004: finally one I know
elijahdprophet: Mr THe Plague
Diabore: i did an error and chose words that were bear
Electrodyne: TYPE COOKIE
Lord_Hosk: The master of Disaster
gredgredmansson: Who is Dozer?
VmKid: @InquisitorGaia Reading comprehension
secretbranch: the first one to die
TheMNWolf: The Plague is Hackers :-P
HorusFive: He was 2Pacs brother
Sogheim: Tank and Dozer are brothers
Naarius: It's our time!
TheWriterAleph: Spintax!
ATrophonian: YESSSSS
MyBuddySuperfly: merp
mariomario42: Spintax!!!
JesusOnSegway: YES
legowest77: EZ
GhostValv: seabatPjorg
fearthespike: YES
Science_and_Magic: Got this!
KartoffelKaiser: Spintax has a sick character arc in book 4
TehAmelie: Switch, Apoc and Mouse are pretty much just redshirts
chimingfish: gogo chat
Mister_Hush: seabatUseless
creepywaffleco: Go chat!
LinearGif: spintax is that infect dragon right
MyBuddySuperfly: adulting is hard, etc
HorusFive: I'm with Adam here
seemsdeece: EX CLAP
raaabr: Mood
quasi79fu: who the f is spintax?
JesusOnSegway: Being a nerd is paying out !
PreciousFawn: Spintax the Green is my favorite.
TK_thats_me: Spintax is on earth I think
gredgredmansson: Good old Quirinus
flangdale: the spintax phase is before upkeep
ChaoticObserver: Come on chat, keep rolling
TheTekkieman: Dozer was the pilot in the first one, Apoc was his brother.
elijahdprophet: Spintax The Green GUU
MalBeam: i do my t4s on spintax
itira: LOL
jessieimproved: It's ME, Spintax the Green!
Wrexadecimal: seabatTROG seabatBRAIN
oatway: ian putting the bey in beyblade
cephallope: seabatBRAIN
ArrestedHouse: PogChamp adam
TheWriterAleph: Spintax is from Hello From the Magic Tavern
Lord_ZYRK: seabatPjorg
quasi79fu: wow adam got excited
RealGamerCow: You're my favorite beyblade, Ian
Mysticman89: chats coming for ya molly
wtrob: Adam is actively gaming
GrizzlySavage: That was adorable
legowest77: he darkness
AussiePMScottMorrison: I don't care who you are you have to pay your spin tax.
Kreiseler: God adams enthusiasm is infectious
seemsdeece: adams a gamer
quasi79fu: uh oh
jonasjonIV: Equador
LinearGif: we all love adam
mortition: happy Adam is one of the best humans
Science_and_Magic: Go chat go! Go chat go!
Brozard: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
evan_333333: why can't Adam be on more often. we love him.
TheMNWolf: I just realized there's a submit button
Kaaosa: Adam should really maybe tone it down, right?
Manae: Seven Eves was rather enjoyable
JesusOnSegway: We are lots of nerds
Manae: but got weird in parts :P
BusTed: Give it long enough.
Sarah_Serinde: evan_333333 He has his own Twitch channel if you want to see more of him.
Officinalis: "Yes"
ritchards: all of them!
Scarbble: i want all of these to be real
Brozard: I mean, Adam is one of the best humans, no qualifier needed
quietcat: I want these all
quasi79fu: wtf is that first one?
CaptainSpam: Motown death metal all the way, man.
gredgredmansson: If Motown Death Metal ISN'T realy then I will be disappointed
NimrodXIV: WAT
Ignatiuspants: If any of these genres don't exist, I'm starting a band
ATrophonian: YES
Lord_Hosk: LIES
MegaDosX: WHAT
PreciousFawn: If they weren't real, they are now.
kamelion84: wat
HorusFive: I don't want to live in a world where they aren't all real
Wrexadecimal: wat
Writer_Raven: RUDE
Diabore: none?
jessieimproved: lies, dirty lies
TehAmelie: i wanted them all to be true so i knew none of them were
control_rig: BULLSHIT!
GrizzlySavage: LIES
MAPBoardgames: Baby Metal is Death Pop! HAX!
seemsdeece: really?
ShifuDaxiongmao: the twick qwuestion
Snowcookies: Go chat
quasi79fu: i dont know this one
Ownee171: All my work in a pet store pays off
creepywaffleco: So close chat! Do it
MegaDosX: American question, had to guess, can't help on this one
Calaban161: Chat
erloas: I've got one of those
JaysonMaxwell: I know Nature's Balance is one ... hmm
HorusFive: mattlrGolden mattlrGolden mattlrGolden
Science_and_Magic: I don't have pets!
paulthemapguy: bot
PunkRockZoologist: Archer Farms is food specifically for space beagles
korvys: @MAPBoardgames BabyMetal is Kawaii-Metal :P
Science_and_Magic: Idk!
Ignatiuspants: okay! I guess I'm starting a bubblegum death metal band
legowest77: Oh how the turns have tabled
gredgredmansson: FUCK
HorusFive: Cmon chattttt
TheFreak013: Come on chat!
InkyGhoast: we...hunger!
MyBuddySuperfly: we can do it chat!
Science_and_Magic: SO CLOSE@
quasi79fu: huh?
Luminaire_p: Archer Farms is a former Target-Owned Brand
ATrophonian: YESSSSSS EZ
Science_and_Magic: F*CK!
247Gremlin: I think Archer Farms is the Target store brand.
Atreides42: GO MIKEY! lrrAWESOME
buddyjeebuz: So Close Chat
robo__nixon: Come on everyone!
gnome_friend: Futaba hungers!
kusinohki: go chat go!
Kreiseler: let's go chat!
creepywaffleco: Go chat!
TamesLovesGames: W E W I L L L I V E
GhostValv: seabatPjorg
elijahdprophet: Are we playing Mornington Crescent now?
Countjondi: We can get it guys
ChaoticObserver: Come on chat!
Kaszoski: Come on
MegaDosX: I feel like Shepherd's Bush has an entry on Urban Dictionary
CaptainSpam: Of course, Mornington Crescent.
KartoffelKaiser: PogChamp
Uppercaseccc: We got this chat
SniHjen: cactopodes
JesusOnSegway: I don't
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
MadWolf1290: glad someone does!
paulthemapguy: lol
Serifina: English?!
kalira77: grammar!
HorusFive: Language is funny
ATrophonian: English Major FTW
LinearGif: my linguistics degree paying dividends now
fastlane250: agh didnt hit sdubmitr
Officinalis: Cactoxen
fearthespike: CHAT
NimrodXIV: so close
DragonMZ: CHAT
JesusOnSegway: CHAT
TheFreak013: CHAT
ATrophonian: GO CHAT.
seemsdeece: CHAT
TotallyNotaBeholder: cmon chat
Science_and_Magic: HOLY SHIT!
Getter404: Anti-chat bias, boooooo
iSmartMan1: SO CLOSE
fearthespike: WE GOT THIS
InkyGhoast: let's do this!
MyBuddySuperfly: CHAT
FDR101: come on
ContingentCat: sergeCounting
NightValien28: WE CAN DO THIS
creepywaffleco: GO CHAT!!!
ChaoticObserver: Come on chat!
onarampage: ffffffffffff
maintainpriority: we can do it chat
SoaringDragon42: nope, I'm out
gredgredmansson: MATH IS POWER!!!!!!
Stoffern: AAAAAH
KartoffelKaiser: NotLikeThis
Gekyouryuu: I got it
0win1: go chat
paulthemapguy: YES
Wrexadecimal: braddeLUL
Brozard: Chat’s gonna do it
seemsdeece: this is my question
Snowcookies: oh shit
Serifina: wtf
GhostValv: :)
Serifina: why
DocRedfang: Let's go chat!
TehAmelie: seven is too hard!
LinearGif: NotLikeThis
Kaszoski: UH
underhill33: Come one, MATH?
ritchards: chat!
paulthemapguy: I know this one
Calaban161: MATH
JesusOnSegway: Easy, it's just math
jessieimproved: there's a trick
Uppercaseccc: GO CHAT
TheFreak013: COME ON CHAT
Science_and_Magic: Comone!
SandwichKed: too easy
archsl1me: 217? is this a joke?
SkylerRingtail: Chat c'mon!
Brozard: 1&2
Ownee171: So close!
Kaszoski: Another chance
Lord_Hosk: Everything is divisible by 7... just not evenly
JesusOnSegway: CHAT
gredgredmansson: OH NOOOOO
Naarius: wat
Pteraspidomorphi: Nooo!
archsl1me: two hundred and seventeen is divisible by 7 omg
Wrexadecimal: WAT
Foxmar320: omg
Pteraspidomorphi: My weakness!
Serifina: COME ON
viridimayai: CHAT PLX
drfox17: oh noooo
control_rig: WHAT
evan_333333: chat chat chat chat t