gnome_friend: !y
gnome_friend: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #6222: "I never believe anything Ian says. It's safer that way." —Heather [2019-07-17]
gnome_friend: lrrSIGNAL ?
GapFiller: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL katesAir katesAir katesAir WE ARE LIVE
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrADAM lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Adam has been left all alone for LRRMtG this week and someone left the snacks cupboard unlocked so he got into all the sugar so you know what that means | somebody tell me what it means I'm scared and alone and someone took the keys to my hot air balloon | ||
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SeiichiSin: I'm here Adam! You are not alone!
helloiwantchocolate: Hello
Snowcookies: Oh no, maybe it's on the ground somewhere
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BTC1220: 12 months?? That's like half of two years!
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LarkSachrosis: Unsupervised Adam, Oh no!
Jarhi28: This title just sounds sad
hochiminh_city: Ooh what snacks are in the cupboard
GapFiller: LarkSachrosis oh please Adam is the sensible one Kappa
lirazel64: Whee!
WatchKlosly: Woo-hoo
EvilBadman: Special horse meth
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Snowcookies: Be nice to adam Twitch Chat
lirazel64: I'm. cleaning out shelves for all the stuff I'm canning... deeply embarrassed by some of the odder things.
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ConspiracyOfCartographers: What even are months any more?
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Zoltanzorin: I can't wait for the virus to go away so we can see lrr in the same room again
thegreatwyrdling: I finally catch one of these!
thegreatwyrdling: Wait.
thegreatwyrdling: This isn't jackbox!
monkeyrama: Hi Adam
monkeyrama: LUL
GapFiller: good evening again Adam lrrADAM lrrHEART
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Belmont_the_BluPhoenix: sugar high Adam! gonna love it!
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Zoltanzorin: hi Adam
BTC1220: Hi Adam!
monkeyrama: The mic is there to keep you company
therealkenm135: hi Adam
helloiwantchocolate: How’s life Adam
nuggetthehugget: hi adam seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY seabatSKYLADY
GapFiller: Put The Sunny's on Adam!
monkeyrama: It's the new James
koaxkoax: Hey it’s Adam, everyone’s feel good friend!
Snowcookies: your mike is on screen
ttkblazer97: no phonecalls to Cam?
SpazyWakjob: is this THE VCG champ i heard about on twitter?
STALKERsoldiers: Hopefully lrrgraham helps!
GapFiller: It's Better James Kappa
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carlospolicola: Damn, that was a good tweet... Hey Adam!
GrumblingMoblin: lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM lrrADAM
elah806: You make it sound like dad and mom both couldn't play footbal
EvilBadman: that's not Mike, that's Adam, chat. Geeze.
Belmont_the_BluPhoenix: um...its why we tuned in. duh!
BTC1220: Hell yeah, brother I'd watch eight!
monkeyrama: Oh no
hochiminh_city: What snacks were in the cupboard
nuggetthehugget: you could get beej on call
hunkajunk: A kingdom of cards.
monkeyrama: A mystery button
wintertempest: a kingdom of cards
helloiwantchocolate: <message deleted>Make a shout out to me instead
monkeyrama: What a professional
Belmont_the_BluPhoenix: mystery button! woot!
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Pywodwagon: SF5 looks interesting today
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ttkblazer97: go amonkhet!
spiffinn: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering in its digital form. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (43s ago).
mxralston: dang did I miss the bones of trees and the skins of beasts?
Snowcookies: I can't wait for my "I don't know what the button is" button
drumshark13: the booooooom
punderdome: “I don’t know what the button is *”
nuggetthehugget: this isnt SFV
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samu_btdp1985: evening dude its my daughters 8th birthday tomorrow and im neck deep in wrapping paper
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sbenda13: Amonkhet
Lordofironstorm: Amonkhet sounds good to me
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Meltalar: I vote for the mtgo supreme draft adam
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queso_gaming: Amonkhet
monkeyrama: That is wild, wtf
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ritchards: Hey, it's Magic Cards! Put the red seven on the black eight!
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nuggetthehugget: ive lost any sense of time and derection
BirkaBirkowski: Force cycling tribal in whatever draft format you chose; how can drawing cards as a strategy be bad?
scinerdrobb: lies! it's March 207th
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STALKERsoldiers: I hate that it's almost September. This has been the longest Decade ever
monkeyrama: Some of us don't grow out of that OpieOP
Snowcookies: seabatBRAIN
nuggetthehugget: in his head adam is also 8 years old
elah806: Adam assesses the age of children on the basis of cost/benefit ratio of grifing them
trilemma85: Is it just me, or is game still set to Jackbox?
ritchards: oh, the mic is in shot
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah, it says Jackbox
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Oh noooo
Lordofironstorm: THIS ISN'T JACKBOX!
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trilemma85: Attack of the killer mic!
Snowcookies: Merci pour HyperCrown @sora_mayura
ritchards: in one!
nuggetthehugget: it still says jackbox
sora_mayura: hewwo 🤗
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monkeyrama: oo, I forgot riddleform was in this
nuggetthehugget: Thanks for the HyperReveal @rendezvoodoo
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vegetalss4: While this involves packs it's a different type than advertised.
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monkeyrama: Fixed
queso_gaming: Trial
n3ther: it looks updated but twitch is slow
scinerdrobb: I'm relatively new to MTG and holy cow I cannot figure out Amonket.
Bearudite: Vegitini
nuggetthehugget: mono desert deck i dare you
monkeyrama: Vegetini seabatPjorg
punderdome: @scinerdrobb number one rule of Amonkhet block is never block..ever
Lordofironstorm: G/B here we go
IbunWest: Twitch pls to give me more than 160p thank you.
SeiichiSin: I mean, it is an option in your pack, so you can take it if you want.
jatgam67: Is jackbox being played today?
Robot_Bones: James isn't here to stop you
chaostreader: Lots of deserts in this pack.
NightWingMistHawk: @jatgam67 yesterday was Jackbox
sora_mayura: i wish there was a way for mtga on mobile - cant use it on laptop atm 😔
EvilBadman: @jatgam67 Last night
scinerdrobb: @punderdome I KNEW IT! Thanks, new friend!
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Wikt: hi!
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adambomb625: Ben RAID
pseudo_panda: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
YawnLance: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Mike_Tav: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Leonhart321: Hi Adam benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Tikosh_: benginHeck benginYe benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
GapFiller: BEN RAID COOL JACKBOX PARTY PAX benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Neisan29: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginYe
TheMightyTaylor: Yawnlance told us to be nice
CastleOtranto: benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
monkeyrama: The deserts with abilities are pretty solid
nuggetthehugget: yes, deserts
ResultedBus: oh hello
Neisan29: BRUH
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red_shoes_jeff: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
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IbunWest: Hi Plaid Posse
raaabr: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
FortunaeRota: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
Bengineering: oh huh, I thought it was Jackbox Kappa
RothonWylar: benginHeart benginHeart benginChaos benginChaos benginYe benginChaos benginChaos benginHeart benginHeart
iceburg117: benginHeart benginHeart
engineerbudy: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
olibest123: RAID
NightWingMistHawk: Hey Ben!
Lordofironstorm: Driven might wheel
chefryto90: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
SuperWill123_: HEYO, yer being raided lytUSEGUN
TheMightyTaylor: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
monkeyrama: Hi BEn and plaid posse
FenrisSchafer: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
noSmokeFire: we demand jackbox
Tidom_Kamf: benginRaid
Austere_Squire: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
bl1ghtn1n6: just keep going for black removal? seems deece
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demondrinkingtea: You changed the game before Ben could make fun of you for it
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BTC1220: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
sora_mayura: ayyyy ben lrrBEN lrrBEN
nuggetthehugget: seabatCHOICE
RothonWylar: hello again mr savadan
vegetalss4: That's how I draft.
mechmagic: benginRaid benginRaid
Bengineering: We demand jackbox Kappa
monkeyrama: Desert's hold is also very solid
drumshark13: yes the neg 1 neg 1 deck do it
BTC1220: It does get around that indestructible 3/1 pretty good
t_peazy: lol
red_shoes_jeff: Yes.
YawnLance: Solo TKO? let's go.
gamercat88: yes, would watch that
EvilBadman: Fibbage Any% is buckwild
trespunto14: Hi Adam!
bl1ghtn1n6: I mean, I want it now
nuggetthehugget: yes
Bearudite: would watch
vegetalss4: TBH that does sound amazing Adam.
GapFiller: Maximum Amountins of Extremely Fucking Yes Adam Yes
ttkblazer97: excited for zendikar?
Anexmedia: Sugar draft
TheWarbo: oh yeah someone was super hung up on golgari -1/-1
Leonhart321: YDKJ Glitch category
Khalahd: Javelineer is one of my favorite limited cards ever
monkeyrama: Mummies 👀
elah806: I fully believe you could go full Boshy on Jackbox. You've got exclusive pro strats for Split the Room
Robot_Bones: but Green black counters adam Kappa
t_peazy: binding mummy is only good if you got zombies
noSmokeFire: quiplash half a-press
EvilBadman: Go Zombo
nuggetthehugget: what does your heart want to take
drumshark13: Javeleneer
BTC1220: Hold on, I need to get my monkey's paw so I can wish for the minotaur lord for you
Ferisar: javenileer
accountmadeforants: Javelin 'ere, getcher Javelins 'ere!
n3ther: say that 3 times fast
boristhewizard: Just call them jeff
Bengineering: red seems more open the white so i'd say javelin is right
Anexmedia: Red is just so good even when its only partially open
Bearudite: pointy stick thrower
monkeyrama: Naming it that was indeed merciless
Anexmedia: but it seems like it's more open than I'd expect
Bengineering: although thats a late priest
Lordofironstorm: Hoody B
monkeyrama: that was a late priest
NarishmaReborn: oooh gust walker
Robot_Bones: gusty B
ttkblazer97: blur!
trespunto14: gust walker!
raaabr: They never expect the third stinging shot
EvilBadman: We've passed so much zombie/white token stuff someone's probably in that now
noSmokeFire: I didn't draft AHK, but doesn't mummy, priest, and gust walker say white is REAL open?
monkeyrama: Pingy wall benginUroPog
Anexmedia: I like the wall over rummage
trespunto14: wall
nuggetthehugget: if you dont know what your doing, they cant know what your doing
Bengineering: DOUBLE JAVELIN benginUroPog benginUroPog
trespunto14: we doing it
SuperWill123_: dew eet scottfHype scottfHype scottfHype
sora_mayura: go okoooooon
raaabr: No we just need to open Neheb
nuggetthehugget: mono deserts, trust me Kappa
n3ther: uropog scares me
Bengineering: not that im biased but red seems pretty good Kappa
SeiichiSin: Your second color is Green, Red, Blue, and White. Don't ask how four colors can all be your second color. Don't apply logic to my illogical statements.
robothehobo9: let us jund
bl1ghtn1n6: inb4 pack 3 Neheb
monkeyrama: Spicy
SeiichiSin: Ben? Liking red? Nah, he would never go for red.
itsr67: how's it going
tergonis: well high wrath
Bengineering: wrath benginCookieKroxa
bl1ghtn1n6: think it's just a second Deadlands?
t_peazy: curse
nuggetthehugget: DESERT!!
drumshark13: casual "there's a wrath of god" got me good
MadmanOreo: 41 deadlands is too many
bl1ghtn1n6: Wrath is good, but we have nothing else to support it
BTC1220: Curse is annoying to play against
TheWarbo: raredraft to help out the LRRMtG account Kappa
Dmc3628: so Bengineering has Kroxa emotes and Wheeler has Uro emotes wow
vegetalss4: I like the curse, but I don't know the format
Magnetic__North: What was first pick?
monkeyrama: Oh baby, monument, too
trespunto14: magma spray
sora_mayura: @seiichisin no, thats like cam taking blue, totally against type XD
t_peazy: magma spray. bontus moneument
Lordofironstorm: Dual land?
bl1ghtn1n6: first pick was Trial of Ambition, iirc @Magnetic__North
TheWarbo: Dmc3628 Ben has both benginUroPog
nuggetthehugget: on color cycle land
bl1ghtn1n6: Cartouche seems real good
NarishmaReborn: cartouche, yeah
MadmanOreo: @Dmc3628 so sub to them both and make them kiss
Bengineering: @Dmc3628 in the nicest possible way, I had an uro emote before Wheeler did :P
Robot_Bones: spray is just so cheap though
BoomerAang_Squad: touche
SeiichiSin: Exactly! Sora gets it.
t_peazy: cartouch3. yeah. i forgot about the trial
Khalahd: Cartouche is amazing.
monkeyrama: Cartouche is very good
bl1ghtn1n6: the third Deadlands?
raaabr: Wow, third deadlands
Khalahd: So many Deadlands! We're doing it!
tergonis: we mono deadlands
accountmadeforants: Deadlands dot dec
ujai321: adam, why would you grab a wasp
Ferisar: how many deadlands
raaabr: Removal for days
trespunto14: Deadlands tribal
Ferisar: is too many deadlands
BoomerAang_Squad: dead lands for days!
Lordofironstorm: Desert or vizier
itsr67: how many deadlands is too many deadlands
Bengineering: at beerfest i assume
bl1ghtn1n6: Vizier seems fine?
ujai321: graham's beer fest vlog from 2019
thanzo: with these deadlands you'll never have dead lands
themlin: beerfest
sora_mayura: 5 cos its illegal
t_peazy: crasher!
nuggetthehugget: wait hes lstening to me? ok lets go mono deserts
n3ther: oh buddy
monkeyrama: wow, so many decent choices in that pack
Robot_Bones: hey remember that thing you did a year ago Kappa
t_peazy: desert
n3ther: blocking? not today
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tcscerberus: Take all the lands
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raaabr: Monument or Desert?
Bengineering: i think so
NarishmaReborn: why not inciter?
themlin: desert for sure
bl1ghtn1n6: I like the Desert there
t_peazy: red monument is bad
nuggetthehugget: SAND LAND!!
Anexmedia: Double wall seems super good right now
monkeyrama: We do need some beef
meruchor: weirdly enought never an amonketh draft has flooded me with the wrong mana color
t_peazy: horror is needed
t_peazy: mummy
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monkeyrama: I'm a sucker for curse
t_peazy: me
jackouk: Hi Adam what’s your deck plan? At the moment it seems like land tribal. Please educate me
Ferisar: red desert yellow desert
monkeyrama: Whatcha drinkin
bl1ghtn1n6: just call it midrange, that covers basically anything
nuggetthehugget: @jackouk mono desert
TheWarbo: "win games"
hd_dabnado: RB cycle I think
t_peazy: scorpion God p3
vegetalss4: Walls can also slowly grind opponents down.
bl1ghtn1n6: imagine a Neheb here
monkeyrama: Not bad
BTC1220: c'mon neheb!
themlin: desert tribal
Bengineering: calling hazoret
jackouk: Ok cool. I wasn’t trolling. Sorry if I came off that way. Maybe I was a bit but I’m rotting for you to win 😁
nuggetthehugget: cmon nebby
raaabr: You did take teh second one of those though
vegetalss4: You did take a second one of those?
sora_mayura: you did!
Bengineering: OOOOH
pacotaco009: lrrADAM
monkeyrama: Wooooow, rewarded
hd_dabnado: JUST AS GOOD
bl1ghtn1n6: always lucky
t_peazy: oooooh!
tergonis: oooo baby
BoomerAang_Squad: Nice
NarishmaReborn: hahahaa
themlin: magic is easy
n3ther: wow
sora_mayura: lrrADAM
Lordofironstorm: PogChamp
t_peazy: stinger is good too
BTC1220: Never punished
TheWarbo: i think you go with By Force here lrrBEEJ
n3ther: so that's how you draft well
Tom_Bruise: Sometimes drafting's hard. sometimes it's not.
monkeyrama: Nest is also very good, hopefully we can grab one
lamina5432: that's better than hazzeret in this deck
Khalahd: inb4 passed scarab god
xcelticwolf: haxz
bl1ghtn1n6: this Nest is also good, tbh, but you can't pass Cut // Ribbons
nuggetthehugget: seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Final reward?
raaabr: Oooh, final
Bengineering: you are going to die to desert self pings
00busyhands: final reward?
tergonis: final reward seems real good here
Lordofironstorm: Moloch?
bl1ghtn1n6: Final Reward, I think
Bengineering: calling it
nuggetthehugget: desert
Ferisar: finale of reward
nuggetthehugget: no, desert
sora_mayura: press x to doubt magic = easy
arcanzaJenkins: desert tribal best tribal
BTC1220: Unconditional removal is always good
Bengineering: stinger probs
TheWarbo: rakdos destroying its own life total? i'm not sure that's what this color pair is about
t_peazy: monument
kristof162028: Hello adam how r u doing
bl1ghtn1n6: yeah
monkeyrama: Oh damn, that's such a good monument
lamina5432: monument?
BoomerAang_Squad: stingy boi
Bengineering: bat aint bad
HatOnYou: Cut to Ribbons has the strangest mana cost in this view
aldruon: @Bengineering with enough Deserts you can always go out on your own terms though.
bl1ghtn1n6: Scrapper's great
monkeyrama: Cut to ribbons doesn't technically count as a 4
t_peazy: scorpion or bat?
Bengineering: THREE
NarishmaReborn: this seems more like a 1/3 deathtouch deck than a menace attacker deck
Ferisar: but the pilums
raaabr: How does it feel, Adam
raaabr: To be the luckiest man alive
BoomerAang_Squad: minotaur
SuperWill123_: menace exerter seems deece
monkeyrama: How many cards do we want to discard
BTC1220: t-t-t-triple javelins
Ferisar: lol
Bengineering: but think of the Javelineer discaarding Javelineer flex dog
monkeyrama: wtfffffffff
Ferisar: we've come this far
raaabr: pffft
sora_mayura: yeeeeeeaaah we dooooooo
freshmaker__: oh damn, for once I'm up at 7am so I get to see this live.
t_peazy: wasp!
Tom_Bruise: might as well, right?
Lordofironstorm: Okay what
nuggetthehugget: yep
bl1ghtn1n6: so many Javelineers
virgil82: !card Merciless Javlineer
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
BTC1220: Full playset I guess??
RayFK: Just playset 4Head
themlin: seems dece
bl1ghtn1n6: we're basically playing Constructer, how can our opponents beat that
ujai321: so the "grab a wasp" thing was something that happened in the beerfest 2019 vlog, that graham put out a couple of days ago. i just had to ask about it, sorry
Ferisar: javiolinists
nuggetthehugget: cut anything that isnt a desert
Tom_Bruise: We need all four javelineers
bl1ghtn1n6: you don't *need* them
therealkenm135: dont cut the javineleers
Bearudite: Javioli
LysanderZephyr: but they're all best friends
tergonis: 2 javelins is probably fine
monkeyrama: A big beefer that takes out a blocker
Tom_Bruise: We can't split up the teenage mutant ninja javelineers
gamercat88: perfect deck
monkeyrama: It can sac itself
themlin: grab the desert
TheWarbo: cut also doesn't really belong in the cmc-4 column
LysanderZephyr: it's got that human hand curve
TheWarbo: so the curve's a bit better than it looks
drumshark13: grab the sunscorched yeah.
t_peazy: all your stuff is single pipped
samjbow: Your mana costs are pretty easy at least
Sibwow: It turns on spectacle
monkeyrama: oh my
Ferisar: lol
BTC1220: Teenage Mutant Praetorian Bulls
tctrain: Ribbons is our only double pip
n3ther: monkaS
therealkenm135: roll up to the draft will my 4 javilineers that I brought from home
itsr67: mtga angery
gamercat88: banger alert
n3ther: monkaS monkaS
lamina5432: all but ribbons is one black
elah806: Mmmmmmm
Ferisar: magic arena baby
Lordofironstorm: uhhhhh
adambomb625: What is that buzzing?
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
freshmaker__: reeemix!
wench_tacular: office is haunted now?
Tom_Bruise: Imean, do we need Evolving Wilds in a 2-colour deck?
Lordofironstorm: haha mousewheel go brrrrrrr
t_peazy: cut a mountain
themlin: auto corrected
BoomerAang_Squad: haha Arena goes BRRRRRR
t_peazy: you d9nt want those deadlines as your only black source early
BTC1220: Cut the damage desert?
t_peazy: Glad to help bruh
monkeyrama: You cut two mountains
NarishmaReborn: Looks fun at least!
Duetic: It cut a mountain when you added the colourless desert
Mrsodaking: How many lands do you run?
sora_mayura: gl
monkeyrama: Wow game plz
NathanJay_GA: walking? were the sleds dogs tired?
t_peazy: I went 6-3 with a bant cycling deck into approach or sandwich convergence
t_peazy: sandworm
monkeyrama: sandwich seabatTROG
Tom_Bruise: Last time I drafted this format I just ran on instinct; turns out Torment of Hailfire doesn't really ask that much after resolution
bl1ghtn1n6: "sandwich convergence" I dont know what that means but I want it
monkeyrama: Is this board just extra loud?
bl1ghtn1n6: never punished
Ferisar: poor citizens
Ferisar: watching giant cards fall on their houses
t_peazy: @bl1ghtn1n6 it does.
aldruon: just went 7-2 in an eldraine draft. monogreen deck though, so did I really win?
sora_mayura: all the pretty lands
BoomerAang_Squad: may as we6
lamina5432: cut
BoomerAang_Squad: well
themlin: !card trial of ambition
LRRbot: Trial of Ambition [1B] | Enchantment | When Trial of Ambition enters the battlefield, target opponent sacrifices a creature. / When a Cartouche enters the battlefield under your control, return Trial of Ambition to its owner's hand.
t_peazy: yeah seems good.
t_peazy: you'll get it back later.
monkeyrama: Nice
sora_mayura: niiiice
t_peazy: Its basically time walk
Mrsodaking: I had an awesome GB deck going, but then someone passed me a Bolas in pack 2...
monkeyrama: Incoming jevelineer party
Tom_Bruise: yo I don't think they're doing too hot
TheWarbo: the *same* 0/3?
Ferisar: profiletrate
gamercat88: the javes
RatekStormcrow: Spear guy
monkeyrama: PLay this homie
RatekStormcrow: ?
drumshark13: the janeleeaaver
BTC1220: Just call them what they are; the pokey friend
sora_mayura: jah-vell-in-ear
Ferisar: the mummy pilumy?
drcanonball: sweltering suns?
TwitchTVsFrank: anger
t_peazy: your ribbons only deals 3 atm
Solid_Fuel: easy
cotillion1850: Adam I know this is off topic but I have been looking for anymore of your God of War (2018) play through but I can't find on your or LRR Twitch channel and only two videos on LRR's youtube channels does that playthrough exist anywhere in its entirety?
monkeyrama: Play it safe seabatBRAIN
themlin: what was that about overthinking?
NarishmaReborn: any consideration on making cultivator unable to block first there?
bl1ghtn1n6: there are 3 red wraths that get you there, but they're still just dead
EvilBadman: their concession can ruin our fun
cotillion1850: Ah oh well
gamercat88: into the sea
monkeyrama: They're off in the aether
t_peazy: sweltering suns.
aldruon: they exist in our hearts
Natedogg2: They fell off the internet.
t_peazy: ship it
Robot_Bones: no vods no masters
180 raiders from AutumnLilyMTG have joined!
BTC1220: Into the information sea with you!
AutumnLilyMTG: alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi
Dcsports8: alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi alilyHi
monkeyrama: Welcome raiders
rkk667: are your nier:a videos gone also?
frozenphoenix7: Autumn <3
NarishmaReborn: welcome raiders!!!
BoomerAang_Squad: Raid! oakteaHype oakteaHype oakteaHype
t_peazy: PowerUpL PowerUpL PowerUpL TwitchUnity
BTC1220: Raiders incoming!
neffher: hello hello
AutumnLilyMTG: I'm doing great!
sora_mayura: jah-vell-in-ear, Adam, Jah-Vell-In-Ear lrrADAM AsexualPride
themlin: sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove sergePrideLove
t_peazy: PrideLion Squid1 Squid3 Squid4
spacebubbles12: care for a battle?
AutumnLilyMTG: played some historic, was good fun
yaelismol: i'm a big fan of autumn too alilyDreamy
iceburg117: Adam, do you have any of your torchless bloodmoon play through for Darkest Dungeon? There are a few on the lrr channel, but i know you home streamed most of it
frozenphoenix7: Shout out to those unaware, Autumn is an awesome human.'
Ferisar: that is also gone to time @iceburg117
AutumnLilyMTG: I look forward to that day too! big LRR fan
Ferisar: there are only clips
monkeyrama: Those vods are also not up @iceburg117
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DrWreckage: Hey Adam whats up? How's things?
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itsr67: from *that* person
sentientstump73: we drafting golgari counters today?
monkeyrama: One day, perhaps
Geekscience: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 30:53.
iceburg117: That's completely fair! You're a busy man, winning tournaments and streaming
cotillion1850: Yeah I was just going thorugh the back log of LRR videos and found the 2 videos of your God of War (2018) playthorugh and you were just the right amount of into it and was very enjoyable but alas the internet aether ate the rest
Ferisar: no we're pumping
BoomerAang_Squad: their agony?
KeiRaccoon: It's amonkhet, so yes
Robot_Bones: we almost had him with a second pick driven//despair but he went dead lands instead
themlin: honestly waiting for the day when Autum does a PPR
elah806: Race me, Rhonas! Race me around the pyramid
monkeyrama: Swamps plz
Tom_Bruise: blocking? In Amonkhet?
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
cotillion1850: ohh thats bad
emonotony: Never not attack is the moral of this story
cambo212: autumn ppr alilyDreamy
sora_mayura: AsexualPride <3 <3 TwitchUnity HSWP
cotillion1850: don't bet on it
monkeyrama: benginPray benginPray benginPray
Ferisar: *laughs in black mana*
Tregelen: removal? in jund?
A_Dub888 hovers over clip button
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salsy82: lrrFINE
Mysticman89: there was a time when games were named uniquely, now everything is [game name] and the only way to distinguish is by year of release
BTC1220: What in Oblivion is that?
Mysticman89: i dunno what we'll do if theres ever 2 in the same year
monkeyrama: That thing shrinks?
Nydestroyer: Hopefully they dont have a removal spell now
freshmaker__: wait god of war came out in 2018? god how can time move so fast and so slow at the same time?
cotillion1850: Well it didn't have a numeral like the other God of War games so i needed to differentiate it cause you do have a play through of GOW III
Nydestroyer: the double block is real bad if they have removal
HatOnYou: This feels like they don't have a trick
Nydestroyer: ouch
cotillion1850: ouch
monkeyrama: It has been a whiiiile since I looked at amonkhet block cards
HatOnYou: Welp...
sora_mayura: *knock on wood, yeet rusty horseshoe, and shower 4leaf clover* no jinx pls
emonotony: Believe in the heart of the cards!
Lordofironstorm: I think you kill it
sora_mayura: dangit
emonotony: That's about what this game has left
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> If you pause and listen you can hear the quiet whispers of video games in the distance. | CheckPoint Time! | ||
monkeyrama: We can ping ourselves :o
drcthulu: I don't think it mattered if you played that better sadly
Kaseius: it's okay Adam, we'll get 'em next time
emonotony: The heart of the cards decided in the opponent's favor.
emonotony: Oh well the shuffler gave us bad cards anyway.
Tom_Bruise: we'll cut the next victim to ribbons, it's fine
emonotony: You can blame anything on the shuffler.
Lucaan: This is Magic. There is no growth, only blaming the shuffler.
monkeyrama: So many chances to make game-changing decisions in this
cotillion1850: yeah Adam honestly had a perfectly fine ratio of spell he played it not like he mana issues
cotillion1850: had
monkeyrama: Not having a swamp until later didn't help
Lucaan: MTG fighting game when?
kumatsu: Personal responsibility while playing Magic? I dunno
cotillion1850: Hah
Terrinus: If fighting games taught me anything, it's that my opponent is cheap, their character high tier, and I could not have played better.
cotillion1850: I love those books
drcthulu: Taking ownership of your own mistakes and not blamming it on something else is the best way to learn
freshmaker__: I wish I had the brain power to learn things from fighting games instead of just being sad that I can't remember combos.
Ferisar: idk drafting 8 secretkeepers i take no responsibility
emonotony: I wouldn't count on personal responsibility when the games are about 50/50 in ranked
Ferisar: that's between god and my opponent
monkeyrama: oof, drafting secretkeepers
drcthulu: Best way to go about getting better =)
t_peazy: nothing to do on turn 3.idk about perfect
JAGxTERRA: Hi everyone
Tom_Bruise: And this is why Eddy Gordo is banned forever
Lucaan: I honestly did not expect Wasp to be so good in this format, although I probably should have.
Nydestroyer: I wonder if wizards is actually shocked at how well player drafts are going lol
monkeyrama: We're attacking on t3, that's enough SeriousSloth
JaymicUnyielding: Hey Adam + Chat!
seth_erickson: I mean sometimes the shuffler is to blame I lost three games where if I'd drawn my anger of the gods I'd have one or atleast had more turns to figure things out
seth_erickson: and by shuffler I mean variance
jackouk: Is the shuffler God?
Terrinus: Part of getting better is understanding both when it was your fault, and when it wasn't, jokes aside.
Ferisar: everyone gets unlucky so there's only so much you can do
monkeyrama: That cat snake not having reach makes me sad
Nydestroyer: How does that snake no have reach
Nydestroyer: its on a branch
cotillion1850: Adam the other user name I general use is Apsalar I like to be consistent with my naming schemes
BTC1220: In this game it is @jackouk
itsr67: am I the problem? no. it's the game that's wrong
Lucaan: You have to know when you lose because of your own choices throughout the game, or if you lose because of things outside of your control.
KeiRaccoon: @Nydestroyer It's not an archer. lrrBEEJ
TheWarbo: if you want to grow you want to be talking about "yeah our opponent had really bad draws" as often as "yeah we had really bad draws"
Nydestroyer: Poor neilea @KeiRaccoon
emonotony: If you really want to grow as a magic player just get really angry at WotC coding the shuffler badly while streaming it.
BTC1220: But if you can get God a.ka. the Shuffler a.k.a. Variance to be on your side then you're good
Tom_Bruise: I thought Amonkhet was the format of Beatdown VS Beatdown
seth_erickson: If you want to get really good start streaming Magic and make sure to flip the Streamer Luck switch to on Kappa
monkeyrama: You're a buff spell
Terrinus: Unless it's boardwide pump, then yeah, still a 1/1
JaymicUnyielding: Muscle Wizards cast BUFF SPELLS
emonotony: Tom_Bruise That's given me super free control decks that have done well in premium draft
pootaloot: A buff spell stupid sexy spell
JAGxTERRA: coding shuffler badly = not getting the cards you want when you want them
cotillion1850: the soulstinger is actually very good at blocking in this format
Tom_Bruise: @emonotony I know right? So many hoopoes
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emonotony: Not EVERYONE can go Jund in the same draft
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wikisome: Just Adam and Twitch Chat? Its a date!
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odocoelus: This is Amonkhet drafts? The notification email was unclear (it still says Jackbox).
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monkeyrama: Double stalwart lrrSPOOP
cotillion1850: do ifniter another creature?
seth_erickson: Man I have a Rhonas in my latest draft and boy do you get mega value late game with their ability
Terrinus: Opponent seems to be very stompy.
Tom_Bruise: that's a lotta damage comin' up
SirBiffaloEsq: After playing Gladiator I can't see a board of 2/2s and not think about Massacre Wurm
Lordofironstorm: You can cycle scarab feast
BTC1220: Rhonas is such a freakin house in this format
cotillion1850: ouch
Nydestroyer: autotapper got ya
monkeyrama: Dang, OP
Lucaan: Deem Worthy is so dumb NotLikeThis
Terrinus: Autotapper likes to leave Deserts up.
Terrinus: So that you can take damage from them.
monkeyrama: Autotapper likes to leave up lands with activated abilities
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daryldutch: heya my sultan o salt. you are my favorite after cameron :D
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Tom_Bruise: it's perhaps a bit top-heavy, but I figure it's fine
cotillion1850: trial crahser?
Geekscience: ok, im back from watching the checkpoint that just came out, what did I miss?
cotillion1850: do we have any cartouches?
emonotony: Geekscience Bad beats from okay beatdown decks
monkeyrama: We have one cartouche
hamishian: Yay Adam! nice to see you. I hope your happy and well.
Terrinus: On a scale of 1 to dead, I think we're dead.
monkeyrama: The lifelink one
Diabore: go to 1?
TheElrad: I think we can all agree that this is clearly James's fault, for not telling us to draft a better deck :p
Diabore: pls
Tom_Bruise: that's quitter-talk @Terrinus play until the last dust has settled
Ictanike: adam "i block" savidan
monkeyrama: plz no burn
monkeyrama: damn
BTC1220: blur?
Tom_Bruise: ok so maybe we were dead
Lucaan: Imagine if Arena had voice commands. "I block!"
seth_erickson: I've been feeling the same. My last three drafts have all been 1-3's NotLikeThis
Diabore: hey, its not another creature
emonotony: Now I want to see Binary Domain as a card game
Terrinus: @Tom_Bruise I can appreciate your gusto nonetheless.
emonotony: Binary Domain is so stupid it's still delightful
Lucaan: Yeah, that's pretty much been my experience with AKR drafts, Seth
monkeyrama: Did you manage to get time for real food?
cotillion1850: yeah this seems good
Nydestroyer: Honestly I have not found the wall to be that good
cotillion1850: also want all the deserts to feed the dead lands
seth_erickson: I think we only play one for sure but hold the other for as long as possible
Nydestroyer: never played the original set but it seems too slow
LurkerSpine: Wall is great
seth_erickson: 0/4 beats a lot of red removal
cotillion1850: I have had much success already in this format with the wall
monkeyrama: 0/4 is large
JaymicUnyielding: triple AKH was real fast
Nydestroyer: I guess I just go for a different strat, usually I would value the archer over the wall.
Lucaan: I wasn't a fan of Wall in HOU draft, but I haven't played it in this format yet so I don't know how well it does personally.
Vianna13: synchronized strike would hurty
emonotony: Does everyone have pump spells in this format? Yes.
Terrinus: A pump spell? In this economy?
monkeyrama: Vizier messes with the javelineer NotLikeThis
drcthulu: green and white have a bundh of them
Tom_Bruise: ruh-roh
BTC1220: Two games with double stalwart ugh
cotillion1850: take out the vizer?
Tom_Bruise: just all of Naya in this format is a big oof
monkeyrama: Do we agony the vizier now?
emonotony: @Terrinus Spread evenly within everyone's draft decks?
Nydestroyer: Personally I love exerting a 2/1 after making it unblockable and then giving it +3 and double strike. Big fan of red white in this format lol
lamina5432: cartouche kill vizier?
cotillion1850: Yeah attack
monkeyrama: Cartouche wouldn't kill vizier
devilmonkey12: cartouche on the wall makes it drain
LysanderZephyr: the wheel of fate is turning
cotillion1850: Wiat they didn't exert
cotillion1850: thats fine
WiredDragon: i think they were hoping you would block so they could fight and kill the wall?
monkeyrama: Lifegain train seabatPjorg
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rraawwrrimabear: 6 months
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cotillion1850: actually we could have sandbaged the trial
emonotony: Is that the dump truck?
seth_erickson: two timings could do it
monkeyrama: Dang
Lordofironstorm: sac it and Wander in death
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WiredDragon: missed 1 damage def matters
daryldutch: no worries my dude
cotillion1850: cerdon seems right
seth_erickson: I like wall too
monkeyrama: Many different options there
Porsgaard81: More camels!
chrono2x: Menace seems good
PaperDoopliss: Look at these flavour crimes, two solitary camels
monkeyrama: No deserts 👀
Porsgaard81: Can we get a camel lord?
Robot_Bones: ah pigchamp
monkeyrama: Oh right, ribbons
daryldutch: this is the safe play adam
TiagoToledo: <message deleted>!punt Kappa
Diabore: anything
emonotony: Nothing
daryldutch: just ribbons
monkeyrama: Perfect
emonotony: They just drew the desert huh
BTC1220: To ribbons, you say?
Lordofironstorm: Gottem!
emonotony: The right card, way too late.
Tom_Bruise: just ribbons? sounds fun
Tom_Bruise: oh wait, what was that first bit?
daryldutch: CurseLit
monkeyrama: Welcome back
zuchen_120: cut // ribbons?
LurkerSpine: I believe in the 3-3
xcelticwolf: lots a losers
Mysticman89: you are a platinum god, of course you can bounce back
Diabore: 3/3 is where is at
emonotony: Some people even go 1-3
ruscobrog: My record last night was uhhhhh not great.
daryldutch: so. what is everyone in chat drinking. currently for me i am drinking the scarabus.
Lordofironstorm: 7-2 incoming
monkeyrama: Remember when you went net positive in the last draft and said they couldn't fire you 😬
lamina5432: no firing clause this week?
ox42: I go two and three! All the time! ...wait
Diabore: the 250 to 1k gems is rough
Sage0fMadness: "Many people ask the question.. is it ok to go 2-3?"
hunkajunk: Thought you were gonna say you're more relaxed when James isn't here.
Terrinus: @Sage0fMadness I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of the professor.
Sage0fMadness: @Terrinus great minds :P
Diabore: op chose....poorly
monkeyrama: Oh my
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Lordofironstorm: You missed the ping
monkeyrama: Oh noo
Diabore: eff
monkeyrama: That lifegain is going to be hard to beat
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ruscobrog: 25? Did I miss the 2 year?? WHoops.
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monkeyrama: We're very good at drawing the deadlands without swamps
SuperWill123_: you have exactly enough to kill the bub if you so desire
SuperWill123_: I would have waited
kat2kool: welp
monkeyrama: Oh wow, Bontu is pretty spooky
emonotony: It's time for Bontu.
e_bloc: ifnir deadlands putting in some work for opp
Lucaan: Now that just stings
SuperWill123_: "guess I die
SuperWill123_: superw16DIE
Diabore: mencae
daryldutch: good blocks
monkeyrama: wait what :o
TheWarbo: why not soulstinger on 3/3, then two chump Bontu. Keeps one extra creature out, no?
emonotony: Oppo F6'd
monkeyrama: I guess Bontu doesn't do much without a board
StalinRuSH: no dont do it
LurkerSpine: I'd almost discard that to the javelineer
MechaKuuga: LUL
monkeyrama: Damn, we're dead
Tom_Bruise: well, you know... only a little
monkeyrama: Nice try though, you almost stabilized
Lordofironstorm: Time to draft again?
daryldutch: too bad man, well played. sometimes you just lose man.
CyanMig: dunno if deck bad, bontu definately good
emonotony: If the deck was good or bad no longer matters, for it's no longer there
gamercat88: optimizing the stream, 1 draft an hour
ptay313: well, at least i got here right on time to start a new draft
monkeyrama: Attendant is a baller
Tom_Bruise: the deck returns to the earth, as will we all
gamercat88: birb time
Muddy_Thunder: cheer650 if you were working in retail, which video game character would make the best boss?
daryldutch: cycling and embalm, real good
Muddy_Thunder's Cheer shared rewards to 10 others in Chat!
daryldutch: mirage mirror
emonotony: If you remove the creatures, the artifacts and the manabase from a person, what do you have left?
monkeyrama: We're zombies 👀
LaxEffort: immediate BW zombies
Tom_Bruise: I guess we're BW zambs now
monkeyrama: YEsssssssssssssssss
CyanMig: are we doing it?
gamercat88: the soul read
GapFiller: Yes Adam Yes
baskwalla: Someone's pogging off
Diabore: i hate that youo dont know if itll take the card or highlight it
Tom_Bruise: The Fates! They will it so!
tergonis: we in it now y'all
evan_333333: ggs
TheWarbo: i think adam might be excited
hamishian: nice
Lordofironstorm: PogChamp
itsr67: save some air for us other mortals
Lordofironstorm: yoooooo
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Adam, R U OK?
elah806: doihavetofightifimworkininHHHHUUUUUUUHHHHH
Diabore: removal
monkeyrama: I think reward
LurkerSpine: Take the removal
ptay313: final reward
daryldutch: final
tergonis: removal
LaxEffort: removal
CyanMig: final reward has a mummy in its art
itsr67: largest intake of air I have ever heard
hamishian: removal
JDynes03: Yeah, it kills the gods
emonotony: Wario, probably. You already know his priorities.
GapFiller: thats boss as in manager not boss as in kill em for a sweet katana right?
ptay313: always removal
Lordofironstorm: Final Reward
Muddy_Thunder: @loadingreadyrun or I guess which one would you like to work for?
daryldutch: sacred cat
monkeyrama: zombie with afflict DansGame
ox42: this absolute buffoon
Lordofironstorm: Miasmic Mummy sucks
emonotony: GapFiller Why not both?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Wayward son!
MTGColorPie: Business Cat?
daryldutch: the cat is a zombie too
daryldutch: 2nd time around
itsr67: NOPE
monkeyrama: Welp
Sibwow: Its gotta be blissey
Muddy_Thunder: you could live in a robot
itsr67: D:
GapFiller: cats can be zombies too eh
Roger_Job329: In retail
Naarius: Well, it was a good run'
daryldutch: deadlands
xcelticwolf: BibleThump
gamercat88: the boshy, you would work for yourself
hamishian: don't worry we won't tell Graham
emonotony: Robotnik isn't half bad for his workers.
evan_333333: yo Adam just wanted to say hi, you're a great guy, keep being funny. Gotta go back to work
ox42: Who messed with my chaos gem endcap??
elah806: I mean, Sonic lore has repeatedly stressed that outside of very specific scenarios where his egomania comes out, Robotnik is actually a really upstanding person
CyanMig: dont mind if you do?
monkeyrama: Graham and James will never know OpieOP
tergonis: actively gaming
adambomb625: Okay then...
Ravynn: Is G like a G-man?
daryldutch: 2nd servant
monkeyrama: a second one???
theanthonydee: isaac clarke? he'd just space out all the time so you can do whatever you want
daryldutch: fo sho
Lordofironstorm: Hooooly
wintertempest: you are fined one credit for a violation of the verbal morality statute
Laserbeaks_Fury: Upside, you get to be turned into a robot
Naarius slams door
monkeyrama: wowie
Obsc: rawrCool
emonotony: Robotnik only turns nonhuman creatures into robots.
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Khalahd: Carry on my Wayward Servant!
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Dread_Pirate_Westley: 8th pick? Maybe you should swear more often.
elah806: The manual for Sonic Advanced 2 on the Game Boy Advance takes pains to let you know that Robotnik is a feminist
LysanderZephyr: 2 CMC zombie tribal
xcelticwolf: dont let dad hear you curse
daryldutch: cat
GamesAndInk: 1 credit = 48 pogs
monkeyrama: Go infinitew with cats
gamercat88: mawr
lawful_neutral_wizard: Seems like white is open
Laserbeaks_Fury: Carry on
emonotony: 1 credit = 75 pushups
StalinRuSH: dr wily
evan_333333: can I get a God's perfect deck?
ox42: ADAM Pog
Sibwow: you get one pog pew viewer per pogworthy incident
monkeyrama: Do seabatPjorg and seabatTROG count
hd_dabnado: nah those are australian pogs @LoadingReadyRun
The_Lesser_Gatsby: No. Pogs, like Alf but in pog form.
Tom_Bruise: Dude, you drafted 2 on-colour uncommons in P1. That's a pretty big poggers
hunkajunk: I mean, with fresh milk delivery no longer being a thing, does that mean that pogs are more rare, and therefor expensive?
weff47: God's perfect deck would be Grixis
tergonis: oketra?
Sibwow: razaketh
itsr67: scarab god?
Sibwow: wall is great
tangokilo421: Blue card??? POG
daryldutch: wall is alright
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tergonis: archfiend of ifnir
monkeyrama: It was either that or camel, wall seems fine
Diabore: ifnir
itsr67: not here I don't think
Lordofironstorm: wall is good
shurtal: Archviend of deez nuts
emonotony: Camels.dek is excellent but hard to draft.
TheWarbo: Ifnir. the land that's in your deck (again)
Lordofironstorm: Archfiend of Ifnir
therealkenm135: !card archfiend of if
LRRbot: Archfiend of Ifnir [3BB] | Creature — Demon [5/4] | Flying / Whenever you cycle or discard another card, put a −1/−1 counter on each creature your opponents control. / Cycling {2}
GapFiller: hunkajunk just think we're now at the points where actual pogs are theoretical highly valuable collectables
Obsc: just open glorybringer or scarab god :D
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Camel is good against the aggro decks; makes it harder for them to race.
gamercat88: archfiend of boufa dez
Greyah: Archfiend of Ifnir is messed up.
Sibwow: Bofades could have been a legend from theros
TheWarbo: "let's pick that up for the sideboard" Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ifnir, Then Not Far
emonotony: Ah, yes, the DRANA equivalent
daryldutch: yes
daryldutch: it is a bomb
monkeyrama: Yee
Diabore: i think tah crop fits better
itsr67: it explodes everything
lamina5432: wraths are good
monkeyrama: Exile all nonland permanents is very good
AcexSpades: Adam congrats on your win the other day
hamishian: yeah
monkeyrama: Wrath PogChamp
daryldutch: put that down and your opponent will never over extend
AcexSpades: no idea what was going on but it was awesome
MTGColorPie: Wrath #2?
Sibwow: two wraths
Diabore: another wrath?
Naarius: Get Hecked dot artifact
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Need another Wrath?
monkeyrama: Wipe the board forever benginUroPog
LeeKongDoo: All wrath
tergonis: 2 wraths? 2 wraths
Greyah: Speaking of wraths.
kat2kool: speaking of wrath
hd_dabnado: pivit to control?
LurkerSpine: nobody expects the second wrath
evan_333333: I always play two wraths
Sibwow: its the wrath
chrysaliss: A lot of mana and the opponent sees it coming
gamercat88: double wrath power
daryldutch: WOG
itsr67: you've heard of 1 wrath
drcthulu: wrath?
AcexSpades: snap wog
hamishian: destroy tho
monkeyrama: HArd control
LysanderZephyr: zombie control
lamina5432: wrath
SylHar: not a zombie
monkeyrama: let's goooo
emonotony: What if we had THREE wraths?
hamishian: over exile
daryldutch: take the wrath
Lordofironstorm: walker
Sibwow: wraths are always good except for when you are already winning
daryldutch: WOG
Roger_Job329: Be greedy
evan_333333: wrath
itsr67: w a h g
elah806: If it had to be a boss from a Sonic game, my chosen retail boss would be Silver from Sonic '06. His incessant yelling of "it's no use" would spur me towards overthrowing my masters more quickly
LysanderZephyr: consistency
drcthulu: I'm a fan of the fan bearer
Tom_Bruise: just draft the wrath in case we find 4 censors and we get to pivot
emonotony: Everyone else IS playing aggro, so control is... unexpected?
flojosch: WOG dude
Comeback323: wet ass god
itsr67: airplane horror
ox42: cart
daryldutch: touche
helloiwantchocolate: Archfiend of.... GRAHAM IS IN THE CHAT
itsr67: wogchamp
AcexSpades: i will never not be upset that fan bearer is not a bear
shurtal: Car-touchy
evan_333333: horror ain't a zombie
daryldutch: tah crop
GreatGodOm: farmland
monkeyrama: Someone's taking all our zombies DansGame
daryldutch: pack 3 all zombies
Naarius: Gib back zmobies
Diabore: someone got wise to us near the end
TheCurtmiester: wait was wrath of god in amonkhet?
GreatGodOm: should have taken the desert over the elite.
evan_333333: ugin is cutting you on zombies
monkeyrama: Oketr... oh non greedy?
hd_dabnado: i mean, also lili
itsr67: lilliana or lilliana's mastery
TheWarbo: "non-greedy answer" i'm sorry i don't understand
Diabore: why not greedy? just open lili
Lucaan: Oketra
Sibwow: Lillith Ana
Lordofironstorm: In Oketra's Name
robothehobo9: demonic pact
LysanderZephyr: the 4 3 lifelink homie
drcthulu: archfiend of ifnir
AcexSpades: desert
evan_333333: I'd take another wrath
wikisome: @TheCurtmiester No that's why its "remastered"
AcexSpades: you have deadlands
lawful_neutral_wizard: Wall again?
emonotony: Adam you should really expect "always go greedy" from chat
itsr67: probably desert
daryldutch: desert
LurkerSpine: Or wall and stall
NrgSpoon: it was an invocation
AcexSpades: you want every WB desert and wall
emonotony: It often doesn't work and then when it does it's amazing
itsr67: ping 👏 wall 👏
daryldutch: sacred cat counts
monkeyrama: We have a decent amount of zombies
Greyah: Cat is kind of a zombie as well.
Sibwow: you have three lords i think youre fine
emonotony: Cat's a zombie 'cuz it has embalm
TheWarbo: i mean you have a "halfway-through-pack-two" amount of zombies
Lordofironstorm: You still have another pack
AcexSpades: shefnet
daryldutch: shefet
Diabore: @Sibwow only 1 lord, the other is a drain
Tom_Bruise: P3 will bring the corpse-esque hook-up, it's fine
AcexSpades: shefnet is one of the best cards in the set
daryldutch: take the dunes
monkeyrama: On board tricks 👀
lamina5432: dunes
daryldutch: doesn't enter tapped
hamishian: go with your gut
itsr67: dunes if you have more than 2 creatures is good
drcthulu: as a one of shefnet dunes is okay
hamishian: I believe in you Adam
daryldutch: aven
ladyjessica: Cycling desert I think is better.
evan_333333: can we pivot into golgari -1/-1 counters?
hd_dabnado: draft 8 and you cant lose
monkeyrama: Is mill in this format? wow
emonotony: Pivot into Dimir for mill
drcthulu: I've seen LSV play the mills 5 in an approach the second sun deck that milled out as an alt win
Naarius: D:
monkeyrama: LUL
emonotony: Splash blue and green clearly.
monkeyrama: Act natural
EJGRgunner: quit breaking the studio, Adam!
Mysticman89: clang
daryldutch: bone picker or 2nd deadlands
emonotony: And red!
evan_333333: Liliana?
tehogwillie: definitely meant to do that
lamina5432: splash
Ivannorr: Draft 16 so you can cycle half to find the other half
monkeyrama: Priest?
itsr67: pulled an alex
AcexSpades: deadlands
Lordofironstorm: Boneslahser?
drcthulu: pick some bones
emonotony: Splash for Samut for 110% greed?
itsr67: ah yes, works with our rare
hd_dabnado: timing is good if we are on control
hunkajunk: Nothing good.
evan_333333: she's splashable
LurkerSpine: Agony?
Tom_Bruise: Orzhov with just a mild dash of gruul?
Sage0fMadness: Splagony?
Nandu111: deadlands is the best utility desert
hunkajunk: Creature Samut is better than planeswalker Samut.
itsr67: agony is removal
AcexSpades: splendid agony
daryldutch: marauding
flojosch: bonesaw birb
Lordofironstorm: Agony
emonotony: She's splashable if you're already in green or red
AcexSpades: it's really strong
evan_333333: zombo
drcthulu: splendid!
drcthulu: doooooom
daryldutch: downfaill
AcexSpades: i like doomfall or rest
monkeyrama: Mummy strats
Lordofironstorm: Zombie will wheel
evan_333333: yessssss golgari -1/-1 counterssss
AcexSpades: leap and be sad
daryldutch: nooo the doomfall
adambomb625: Well this pack is crap
Lordofironstorm: curse?
ox42: oketra
Ictanike: every time "bonepicker" shows up in a draft, i get "you can call me al" stuck in my head
daryldutch: start
Ictanike: "Bonedigger, Bonedigger"
Lordofironstorm: In Oketra's Name, though
emonotony: Hekma is so good sometimes and most of the time utter waste
monkeyrama: LUL
drcthulu: rewarded with black/white split card
ox42: in oketras name was good
Lordofironstorm: Pickgrab
Lordofironstorm: Grabup
drcthulu: linger in death is so much value
evan_333333: a wrath?
kat2kool: !card wander death
LRRbot: Wander in Death [2B] | Sorcery | Return up to two target creature cards from your graveyard to your hand. / Cycling {2}
monkeyrama: What does it do , again
SuperWill123_: this deck is lookign mighty fine
Lordofironstorm: !card In Oketra's Name
LRRbot: In Oketra's Name [1W] | Instant | Zombies you control get +2/+1 until end of turn. Other creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: ABW-Always Be Winning.
daryldutch: yeah, vault real good
emonotony: This deck will either win so hard or lose so hard.
emonotony: Either way, good tv
AcexSpades: gustyyy
AcexSpades: snap gusty
daryldutch: yes
Nandu111: gust walker is one of the best 2 drops
evan_333333: take the dragon
drcthulu: you have enough 2s so yes
flojosch: Just Walk
monkeyrama: Priest 👀
Diabore: didnt get wander
daryldutch: you took gust walker
LysanderZephyr: but the desert for golgari counters
emonotony: Zombie priest!
kat2kool: priest is good
CyanMig: priest makes lots of zombus
Tom_Bruise: I think it auto-picked the farting guy
emonotony: Five seconds
emonotony: Ah, right, it autoselects.
drcthulu: you didn't get the wander =(
evan_333333: are we playing zombieless zombies?
Lordofironstorm: You got the Walker
monkeyrama: We have zombies
LurkerSpine: a wall?
lawful_neutral_wizard: Cut Leap?
drcthulu: yeah that looks good
kat2kool: this deck is sweet
emonotony: I'd name this deck 4-color Tarmogoyf
daryldutch: looks good my dude
Tom_Bruise: leap's about as good as combat tricks get
drcthulu: leap is good, low cost tricks is what the last deck was missing
Diabore: i dont hate assassins creed jump
evan_333333: what if your opponent isn't at 4
Geekscience: berserk
lawful_neutral_wizard: I mean, our finishers fly anyways
wikisome: Berserk is the best trick
monkeyrama: Skullduggery?
MerryPringles: Veil of Summer, most likely
philippekav: collected company :P
itsr67: dull skuggery?
AcexSpades: fungal infection
daryldutch: if you have a wrath just don't develop
LysanderZephyr: Berserk
xcelticwolf: berserk
lamina5432: giant growth
KingXicor: embercleave?
DwnStgRghtGaming: hey adam and chat! how goes the drafts???
voslan: Best Combat trick is Counter, they don't even get to trick you.
evan_333333: keep
more_alpacas: tainted strike :P
MagicWarluck: Giant Growth. OG trick
drcthulu: beserk, with fork
corrosive_cinder: mutagenic growth
keyforgealchemist: infuriate
EJGRgunner: Sure strike is pretty good
therealkenm135: !skulldug
itsr67: calling coco a combat trick is bold
daryldutch: so just play like you flood
more_alpacas: Hatred
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Mangledpixel: boop
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Trymantha: the phyrexian green one is pretty good since its impossible to play around
therealkenm135: !card skulldug
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
auxv: zealous persecution
Diabore: i lost way too many games the the cleave
monkeyrama: The mirror match
evan_333333: GGs
daryldutch: hold with playing strt
LurkerSpine: The 7 years!
monkeyrama: 84, the longest sub possible 👀
Diabore: op has matched our lands
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Diabore: wait, 84 is on the dot 7 years
Sibwow: then your wraths get much better
Mangledpixel: it is? good grief
daryldutch: exert and hold mana
KingXicor: You might say OP is devoted to their user name.
evan_333333: your opponent drafted a better zombie deck than you
daryldutch: just hold the mana
monkeyrama: You can tell from the three cards they've played? LUL
monkeyrama: It can sac itself
TheWarbo: sorcery speed
Diabore: sorcery
wikisome: sorcery
Dread_Pirate_Westley: As a sorcery.
Ictanike: "sorcery"
daryldutch: sorcery
itsr67: sorc speed
RunningMonkeys: sorcery speed
daryldutch: but that is ok
drcthulu: it's sorcery speed =(
LysanderZephyr: sorc sped
evan_333333: yes
drcthulu: RTC
Halinn: I have heard it said that reading the card explains the card
kat2kool: i've heard that explains the card
emonotony: Reading the card is for people not turning them sideways fast enough.
monkeyrama: LUL
hamishian: leave Adam alone. easy mistake
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scratchmonkey: White on White Violence
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monkeyrama: Board wipes for days
kat2kool: how do we hold all these wraths?
monkeyrama: You can hold up vault
Naarius: Get heckied, Becky
drcthulu: perilous vault isn't sorcery
JDynes03: Do it end of turn
Tom_Bruise: just hold it, play the fanbearer and the aven next turn
monkeyrama: Oh, or you can do that, that works too
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emonotony: Perilous Vault, commit nothing, make them go "wait they have a second wrath?"
itsr67: hmmmmmmm
Halinn: !card splendid agony
LRRbot: Splendid Agony [2B] | Instant | Distribute two −1/−1 counters among one or two target creatures.
Tom_Bruise: on end-step was fine; on attacks meant they could rebuild post-combat
itsr67: I guess they didn't want to devote to the boatf
itsr67: board* even
monkeyrama: Perma wrath
evan_333333: wrath
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invaderJim0: Hi Adam
monkeyrama: We def don't need to right now
Diabore: !card fan bearer
LRRbot: Fan Bearer [W] | Creature — Zombie [1/2] | {2}, {T}: Tap target creature.
drcthulu: splendid agony seemed better there
itsr67: I mean it seems fine
EarlGreyHot_: hey chat hope your having a good one, is this historic?
itsr67: you're winning the race
monkeyrama: Amonkhet draft
Roger_Job329: Your way ahead though
EarlGreyHot_: with wrath of god? these remaster sets are interesting
thebluecosmonaut: i had to watch a wizard 101 ad to get here
thebluecosmonaut: you better win
itsr67: LUL
EarlGreyHot_: thanks @monkeyrama
monkeyrama: SeemsGood
thebluecosmonaut: kids mmo
NrgSpoon: don't miss the fan bearer timing
thebluecosmonaut: like toontown with wizards
thebluecosmonaut: its been around for years
itsr67: young adult mmo
Roger_Job329: free mmo
hd_dabnado: wait Wizard101 still exists?
ComradeMik: hey team, how goes the draft?
boristhewizard: I saw the same ad, lol
itsr67: excuize me
hd_dabnado: holy shit
monkeyrama: Sounds like it hit the target audience
thebluecosmonaut: 👁️ 👄 👁️
monkeyrama: damn it adam
TwitchTVsFrank: seabatYIKES
Naarius: lrrJUDGE the streamer has gone savage
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zombub: Is Savidan short for Savidaniel? mingoThink
EarlGreyHot_: does that mean all these cards that were not in the original set are in historic now?
monkeyrama: The little aven that could
emonotony: It IS the mirror match
monkeyrama: Yep! @EarlGreyHot_
emonotony: So when will oppo draw one of their two wraths?
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> This Sunday on Kathleen’s Island Tour @cypheroftyr and @maddsudz show off their islands and experience something @Kathleen_LRR is calling… “Storage Wars.” 📷 ||
emonotony: Kill their flier for a clock perhaps?
Kaaosa: Try playing a card or something
Kaaosa: that might work
evan_333333: I'd wrath
Halinn: They're currently dead on board
Kaaosa: It's not about winning; it's about sending a message
PipeSmokingOwl: Send a message
monkeyrama: They said wrath earlier, they're trollin
monkeyrama: Did they borrow our deck
Invitare: for the memes
Invitare: you missed your chance to meme
Tom_Bruise: You don't wrath everytime you draw a wrath, this isn't EDH
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Mr_Horrible: oh man, plat? LRR account grindin' its way up
drcthulu: they borrowed our deck but forgot the wraths
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Terrinus: Even if they remember the wrath, at most stages a wrath seemed better for us than them.
monkeyrama: Hand seems real good
drcthulu: this is a great hand
Dragoknight101: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg
Kaaosa: These cards have creepy drawings on them, get rid of them
Mr_Horrible: some order of bings, bangs, and/or booms
Tom_Bruise: just go anointer into wall into rubber biscuit
TheWooglie: ooh the name is a mirror this time
emonotony: Kaaosa A bit of a flimsy disguise for "CHAOS", no?
evan_333333: are you gonna be on fnpf tomorrow?
Mr_Horrible: oh wow, yeah, we're fighting Earth 2 Adam
drcthulu: you should prob play the tap land, but holding it for value later could work too
monkeyrama: Actual factual genius
EarlGreyHot_: holding a cycle land can feel soo big brain sometimes
SirBiffaloEsq: Yeah, CanLander tommorow
Mr_Horrible: "I cast mouth"
Dragoknight101: seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: Canlander 👀
Robot_Bones: yup 420 blaze it lander
TheWarbo: Ahh yesp !sched says CanLander
TheWarbo: yep
monkeyrama: LUL
Naarius: x2
EarlGreyHot_: OPA?
itsr67: b r u h
robothehobo9: coaster count: 2
Roger_Job329: Read and eat pizza tomorrow?
monkeyrama: Swearing lrrJAMES
emonotony: Adam's Musical Coasters
Mr_Horrible: they'll always betray you
GapFiller: katesNice
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: lrrFINE
Terrinus: I'm really sad all the Eternals in War are exactly the same.
Mr_Horrible: "I cast megamouth"
drcthulu: when Hippos attack!
Terrinus: The varied ones in actual Amonkhet were cool.
itsr67: I do like that there's 1/2 of a magic card just called "Mouth"
Mr_Horrible: Amonkhet was a real hayday for hippos
monkeyrama: OP on spicy stuff
Terrinus: I mean, I guess not all, there was the cat, and lazotep Reaver.
gamercat88: i like to turn walls on by walking by them sexily
monkeyrama: We've got lots of pings
Mr_Horrible: you've got a lot of guaranteed damage between the walls, the afflict, and the wayward
Dragoknight101: Doesn't it also work with it in te graveyard?
itsr67: cool ramp
evan_333333: they grab field of the dead
EarlGreyHot_: man I really hope they continue to experiment with remaster sets, its a nice nostalgia hit
monkeyrama: They're ramping into... something
ptay313: wurm incoming
thebluecosmonaut: hmmmg
emonotony: 2-part Forgotten engine?
LysanderZephyr: real awkward if they play Ugin
monkeyrama: It's been banned in different formats
drcthulu: field is banned
Tom_Bruise: it was, but then it wasn't, and now it is again
Mr_Horrible: gotta keep banning it every 3 months
itsr67: fotd was banned in a bunch of other formats
Terrinus: They suspended it previously then unbanned it, then banned it again.
monkeyrama: I think it was just suspended before?
Diabore: it was, then they brought it back, now its banned again
Mr_Horrible: it's like renewing your tags
evan_333333: it needs to be double banned
itsr67: greatest sandwirm
Naarius: l0rge boi
EarlGreyHot_: the suspended list is actually useless, i dont get it
emonotony: They banned the guy who banned the card then brought in a moose to ban that guy it's a whole thing.
itsr67: wurm* come on hands
evan_333333: need wrath
drcthulu: top deck
AcexSpades: they thought it would be fine, but it wasn't
KingXicor: I smell a convergence.
AcexSpades: worse with hour of promise
AcexSpades: unsuspended
Mr_Horrible: I'm gonna cry if they have a counter for this
LysanderZephyr: might have counter magic
itsr67: wizards is weird
emonotony: Opponent is playing four-color, he went really greedy
DrWreckage: I honestly don't think they know what they are doing over there anymore
monkeyrama: Buried that worm in oblivion 👀
Diabore: "while field wasnt legal, we did not see a reason to keep field suspended, here you go degenerates"
itsr67: some formats they like to watch just sit and burn, other times they're making smart premptive bans
itsr67: wotc slowly becoming konami
AcexSpades: 2019 magic is the definition of "we thought it would be fine"
TheWarbo: they suspended it, then unsuspended it when they added three anti-field cards in HA2. (Ghost Quarter, Goblin Ruinblaster, Virulent Plague)
Mr_Horrible: it's distinctly messed up
emonotony: 2020 in every aspect is fractally "we thought it would be fine"
monkeyrama: It's a very powerful card
monkeyrama: with many ways to abuse it
seth_erickson: two walls Kreygasm
drcthulu: well it's not an Oko level mistake but yeah
TheWarbo: yeah the historic community has been very hot yelling that from the back of the room
boristhewizard: And sometimes they ban birthing pod and let turn 3 combo decks run rampant year instead :(
Kaaosa: Adam you criticize me all the time
itsr67: like valakut is kinda fine cause you have to have a billion mountains
Mr_Horrible: "It can't be as bad as Valakut, they have to attack with the zombies" Kappa
Tom_Bruise: I'm blaming 2020; I still manage to catch people off-guard with Questing Beast's Chapter 3
EarlGreyHot_: its a problem because the solution to it makes even bigger problems
Mr_Horrible: Oko was definitely warning lights from the get-go
itsr67: Oko, it's in the title. "Ok - oh."
monkeyrama: Oko NotLikeThis
seth_erickson: I'd have said that one of his plus ones should be a minus one and infact I did say that
hamishian: would field have been ok as a legendary card?
Lordofironstorm: Everyone thought it would suck until it actually saw play
Diabore: oko seemed like a communication failure that wasnt caught till it was too late
Mr_Horrible: 6 starting loyalty on a 3-mana PW
seth_erickson: I'm a genius Kappa
emonotony: I looked at Oko and went "wait, TWO plus abilities for 3 mana? uh oh"
Mr_Horrible: removal on a +1
gamercat88: stupid sexy oko
Dix: hamishian Probably would have been the bit of text to fix it
Mr_Horrible: it just got more absurd the further you read
drcthulu: Khenra eternal is such a better
drcthulu: beater*
itsr67: once again it's mostly cause they tested it and people never +1
monkeyrama: Super dead seabatPjorg
itsr67: to remove stuff
TheWarbo: and also your afflict creature
Terrinus: Turns out lands that can win the game when you do what would usually be bricking are pretty good.
Naarius: They are heckied, Becky
emonotony: "I create a food token, +2, then next turn turn it into a 3/3, +1, rinse repeat, for 3 mana? Wait, what?"
monkeyrama: They need a wipe
monkeyrama: I know where they can find one or two OpieOP
fuzzy_died: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:51:37.
shurtal: Sha sha sha?
Naarius: D:
itsr67: wheres them sour patch kids
voslan: SWEAR!
monkeyrama: Your tweet said candy NotLikeThis
Naarius: y u do a curse
A_Dub888: !findquote candy
LRRbot: Quote #3909: "Are we filled with candy? Are we actually pinatas?" —Paul [2017-01-25]
emonotony: Okay so I mostly saw it as a problem because I run RDW in at least 75% of formats.
seth_erickson: no candy NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: oh snap, I *do* have candy
TwitchTVsFrank: what? no candy!
Mysticman89: who is candy
PipeSmokingOwl: critroleBts liquid candy?
TheWooglie: is there anyone in the office?
voslan: HE did it again!
shurtal: Oh no, Adam is having a tantrum again, better cue up the Caillou
Diabore: adam wants to be the candy man
seth_erickson: someone bring this man some Skittles
Tom_Bruise: And now I have THAT song stuck in my head. Thanks
TwitchTVsFrank: you always have candy
monkeyrama: And they didn't untag you NotLikeThis
emonotony: And a 3 mana "get a blocker every other turn" is absolutely a case of "oh, no, I don't like this at all"
itsr67: sidewalk slam is currently at the farm upstate
EarlGreyHot_: you watching AEW tonight?
LurkerSpine: Just cover AEW or NXT?
Zath_: This is your chance to escape
monkeyrama: Start fresh?
RatekStormcrow: Reset and start from now
wintertempest: oh no, not that song
Mysticman89: hyperbolic time chamber
RendezVoodoo: Just make up some story lines, we will believe you
Diabore: also, backlash is this weekend, like wtf, we LITERALLY had summerslam on sunday
Roger_Job329: Adam needs to raid his secret sour patch kids stash.
ComradeMik: i legit have no idea where to get caught back up with wrestling
LurkerSpine: ship
Robot_Bones: don't. just skip it
itsr67: ship
evan_333333: <message deleted>keep
capt_crazy25: Read Wikipedia?
ComradeMik: nope
RatekStormcrow: wut =
AcexSpades: you can't. pick a new sport
str4ngel00p: no way
Desruprot: limesD
Sage0fMadness: no risk it no biscuit
TwitchTVsFrank: ship
freshmaker__: i think with wrestling you kind of have to cut your losses and just watch what you can right? long term storytelling doesn't exist anymore right? :P
str4ngel00p: ship it
robothehobo9: ship
RatekStormcrow: #how many spells can you cast ?
capt_crazy25: nope! throw that back
Lordofironstorm: mull
itsr67: all white spells no white mana
voslan: Risk it for the Biscuit!
Temperature_Droplet: make a cut and make catching up part of the project?
Mr_Horrible: 1 risk it = 1 biscuit
monkeyrama: This is quite the risky bisky
wintertempest: who dares wins
Bengineering: the plains is 2 cards deep
AgentMagicMaster: keep you'
seth_erickson: you have a cycle land hmm
AgentMagicMaster: re not a coward
evan_333333: <message deleted>you moron ship it to the moon
Mangledpixel: no risk no bisk
itsr67: idk ship it
TwitchTVsFrank: ship is mull
AcexSpades: on the draw with a cycling land
str4ngel00p: "ship it" means mull
monkeyrama: wow
LurkerSpine: ship meaning pitch
AcexSpades: seems fine
xcelticwolf: coward
Roger_Job329: mull
Lordofironstorm: that hand sucks
Just_Herby: With wrestling, when I drop behind I just don't bother catching up and jump straight back in. Because there's always more wrestling and I'm never able to watch it all anyway.
HesGotNoPants: I miss insane stories in wrestling. where are my magic wrestlers?
DiscordianTokkan: @evan_333333 Calm down
Diabore: no need to be rude chat
AcexSpades: ship means mulligan
Fugi: get OUTTA HERE
capt_crazy25: Keep the removal!
monkeyrama: We can aggro out
hamishian: boo leave Adam alone. go scream you angst into a pillow
Tom_Bruise: generally speaking, hands that contain one colour of lands and the other colour of spells are sub-optimal
DiscordianTokkan: sergeModLove sergeModLove
Mr_Horrible: yeah, that's probably the pitch
EarlGreyHot_: oh man theres plenty of magic in wrestling these days, maybe a lil too much for my tastes
Diabore: ty @Fugi
Bengineering: @fugi watch great pretender
freshmaker__: twitch chat, thinking. funny joke.
seth_erickson: @acexspades then why do we say ship it when completing a deck build?
Fugi: @Bengineering i saw the first few eps it seems rad
emonotony: Generally speaking, hands that can cast no spells are excellent at least 15% of the time.
monkeyrama: Gamer slouch seabatPjorg
HesGotNoPants: @bengineering is it good? it came up in my que
AcexSpades: @seth_erickson words have multiple meanings
itsr67: just jam it out on your day off
monkeyrama: I'm on episode 9 of parasyte
weff47: that was the same user that was trying to troll about wrathing the board earlier
Bengineering: its really good
Geekscience: How far are you in JoJos?
monkeyrama: That show is wild
Dix: Oh god it gets SO Twisted at the end
DiscordianTokkan: If you sit up better will you be a PosChamp? seabatTROG
itsr67: iirc adam's at the start of part 3
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx bounces excitedly now they've announced Shadowlands' release date.
thehumplik: historic?
seth_erickson: I mean you could just not the ending is pretty underwhelming imo
itsr67: jojo's wise
monkeyrama: Adam is at the beginning of part 3
AcexSpades: parasyte started strong and crapped out toward the end
DiscordianTokkan: Parasyte the mutation anime, or Parasite the Korean thriller?
shurtal: I'm only a few levels away from getting that fluffy white dog on arena, it's gonna be so worth it
Bengineering: @xx_before_the_dawn_xx I'm so hype
EarlGreyHot_: good posture contributes to problem solving for me
Roger_Job329: anime
Naarius: There's an end to Jojo's?
itsr67: please no spoil
emonotony: Which part three dangit
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: me toooooo
gamercat88: i still have so much to finish in WOW but am also excited for Shadowlands @xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx and @Bengineering
monkeyrama: No spoilerinos
emonotony: Jojo being seasons in two parts makes it so difficult.
HesGotNoPants: part 3 is a slog. part 4 of jojo is my favorite
Mr_Horrible: imagine not attacking with a gust walker
EarlGreyHot_: one part per "jo?"
Drathak: jojos has crazy timeline and parts
Geekscience: yeah part 4 is great
Goatthulu: is part three not just the third part? monkaS
emonotony: That'd be beginning of Season 2 then?
Mr_Horrible: Jojo part 358/2 days? mizzThinking
emonotony: That's what I mean.
adambomb625: Part 2 is the best
SirBiffaloEsq: Ask Paul. He has 3 JoJo Part 3s
monkeyrama: The whole show is apparently a slog in parts, depending on who you ask
freshmaker__: jjba has more than 1 part 3? what is this, homestuck?
Geekscience: jojo normally has great pacing, but part 3 just has slightly worse pacing, still jojo tho so i cant complain
EarlGreyHot_: I miss the boy scout of part one, so wholesome
Hurtrax4: who dated saying part 2 sucks, I need names
Mr_Horrible: remember, you're not allowed to block in Amonkhet
itsr67: part 2 is wild
Geekscience: part is tied with part 4 as my favorite
Geekscience: part 2*
monkeyrama: Grahamuel
Faulpyr: Part 2 is one of my favorites.
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Terrinus: I dunno, if you find a zombie a tapped 6/5 seems pretty beatable.
Mr_Horrible: we also have 1 deadlands activation in reserve
gamercat88: lrrHEART
fuzzy_died: Thanks for the HyperHaste @archanthius
emonotony: Pillar Men is just straight up great. Then, uh, we get the Journey To Egypt and uuuh
Fugi: i have no idea where to start with JoJo
EarlGreyHot_: I just didnt like what a jerk the protagonist of 2 was otherwise it was great
monkeyrama: Graham's joining us benginUroPog
shurtal: mattlrHeck
NrgSpoon: you can block with cat if they attack
monkeyrama: Hi G
HesGotNoPants: @fugi maybe episode 1
Ivannorr: Part 2 rocks, Part 3 is excellent if long. still need to finish part 4 but it is great
seth_erickson: Graham Adam and Chat PogChamp
kat2kool: Hi Graham!
itsr67: @Fugi start with part 1 and just go from there
Mr_Horrible: I think I've seen as many proposed viewing orders for Jojo as there are parts of Jojo NotLikeThis
gamercat88: Hi Graham!
Naarius: Stream fractions - the sequel to frog gractions
Lordofironstorm: Grahamuel Stark
Faulpyr: Mother's Basement just made a "Basement Watch Order" that does it out of order, but in a way that's still good.
emonotony: I've got a whole list of episodes to skip in Stardust Crusaders.
Naarius: fractions even, darn it
monkeyrama: Walls for days
emonotony: It's two episodes in Stardust Crusaders Egypt and I think everyone knows which two.
Terrinus: Adam; math is for blockers, you know this.
Mr_Horrible: OP not attacking with gust walkers is making me really sad
Drathak: @emonotony yeah I stopped watching at the baby episode
freshmaker__: Hey G! Loved the Beerfest vlog. :)
jonasjonIV: math is 4 blockers.
NrgSpoon: pop a desert?
EarlGreyHot_: oh is there a machete order for Jojo?
LurkerSpine: they take 2 and lose 2 creatures
emonotony: Drathak Set's Alessi is *such* a low point it could be deleted with no loss
itsr67: for part 3
HesGotNoPants: math is for blockers space yeet
itsr67: there's a lot to part 3 that's pretty filler-ey
Roger_Job329: lrrHAM
Geekscience: make sure not to miss the exert activation, if you plan to do it
AcexSpades: play attendee and swing for lethal next turn
StalinRuSH: what is graham doing in a fish tank?
seth_erickson: I'd cycle the Oketra's but lots of lines here
emonotony: @EarlGreyHot_ Set's Alessi is *so very* bad I literally always say "skip these" when recommending Jojo
LurkerSpine: @StalinRuSH It's Discord's audio compression
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monkeyrama: You do sound a little odd
Diabore: hey, its a lrr spoiler
Naarius: Graham is under the sea
kat2kool: a little echo-y
LurkerSpine: It's 100% a discord thing
jonasjonIV: is the fish tank half filled with sharks.
EarlGreyHot_: what is G man doing in the Impact Zone?
SolarBlitz1: Does sound slightly laggy? Might be the stream thing?
Mr_Horrible: sofieRobot <- Graham, maybe?
LurkerSpine: don't forget the ping
NrgSpoon: don't miss walls
lamina5432: ping
MerryPringles: your mouse placement is making me nervois
CreedSukai: pharoahs
MerryPringles: please, adam
monkeyrama: It'll be ok, chat
monkeyrama: You can relax
AcexSpades: use the walls
Mr_Horrible: see my last statement Re: Nude Faith
Diabore: attack with cat?
MerryPringles: you can't just leave your mouse resting there and not expect the internet to be terrified
HesGotNoPants: @mr_horrible who is faith and why is she nude? I feel concerned
AcexSpades: kill cat, bring it back, tap the flyer
Mr_Horrible: @HesGotNoPants no no, it's just faith in the power of nudity
AcexSpades: i think we missed lethal
seth_erickson: I fear a Settle that's not here
monkeyrama: ?
EarlGreyHot_: thats an ironic statement from @HesGotNoPants
Mr_Horrible: LUL
emonotony: @EarlGreyHot_ Now you can skip from 9th episode to 21st in arc three and just skip the parts where they have Pacing Issues.
Geekscience: does it matter if we missed lethal, they conceded
HesGotNoPants: @mr_horrible yeah see my name lol
monkeyrama: lol, Graham
thebluecosmonaut: never engage
Mr_Horrible: yeah, that took me a moment to put together
emonotony: @EarlGreyHot_ But Set's Alessi is *so bad* it gets a big red flag that's explicitly mentioned.
StalinRuSH: is he offensively gg'ing me?
Terrinus: Isn't that like a no win situation?
TheWarbo: Graham "Aggressive Oops" Stark
Mr_Horrible: graham_lrr vs lrrGRAHAM
ptay313: streamer, i said good game, plz respnd!
kat2kool: well I would hope so Graham, you're already married lrrBEEJ
Robot_Bones: I just have them off. its soo much nicer
WonderfulGlory: That Graham, what an A hole never says hello back. lrrBEEJ
Geekscience: ooh bonepicker, nice
seth_erickson: let's hope this start can finish out the game Kappa
Terrinus: If you don't emote they think you're rude and ignoring them, if you do they can take it as BM.
Figgyleaf: Oh god, that's a big mood Grahm. That's how I tend to operate in real life ><
freshmaker__: bone picker is ready
EarlGreyHot_: member when people thought bonepicker would be good in modern lol
itsr67: cartouche 1 attack with both
emonotony: Actually you can go further - first 9 episodes of arc3, then last two, get way less chaff and way faster to the bits that are fun.
itsr67: bonepicker
Mr_Horrible: a first strike vigi 2/2 seems not bad
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: Plains!?
itsr67: they have vigilance too
monkeyrama: The bird trap
gamercat88: kaw kawed them
Naarius: You've activated our trap card
Roger_Job329: you melon
Sage0fMadness: bird pranks are a go
Mr_Horrible: oh no wouldn't it be awful if you blocked our 1/1 haha... unless?
itsr67: z o m b i e b i r d
adambomb625: You Fell For it Fool! Thunder Cross Bird Attack!
Terrinus: Something something three classic blunders.
Sage0fMadness: you absolute jackanape, you activated my trap card
gamercat88: and we have wrath of god
Mr_Horrible: love me some Exploding Coffin
kat2kool: it's a wrath artifact. A wrathifact, if you will
freshmaker__: whoa i missed perilous vault was in remaster
TheWarbo: i feel like if i'm making that block, it's "i'm fine trading my lizard for a combat trick"
monkeyrama: We drafted a very angry draft LUL
Mysticman89: Grahams mic sounds like he is inside a jar.
Mr_Horrible: I love that we're BW zombie aggro... with 2 wraths, just in case
Mr_Horrible: I mean, they've still gotta answer picker
NoTomToLose: Hey, he's a zombie
Naarius: When everything must die, and undeath is also ok
Terrinus: Aggro with wraths just in case? So, Mardu Dragons?
Sage0fMadness: @Mysticman89 well we know Adam isn't gonna let him out
itsr67: is finish sorcery speed?
kat2kool: op pls close fire
Mr_Horrible: okay this is getting silly
Mysticman89: does the ethical dillema change when the person in the jar is your boss?
evan_333333: can we do wall and cartouche tribal next draft?
Mr_Horrible: if they got stuck in the jar, are they really strong enough to be your boss?
Sage0fMadness: good question
EarlGreyHot_: I though the jar problem only worked if you dont know the person in the jar @Mysticman89
Sage0fMadness: even better question @Mr_Horrible
Naarius: Flombie
itsr67: attendant is a solid 4/4
itsr67: sweet
kat2kool: that emblam animation is sweet
Robot_Bones: no
Mysticman89: Wasn't the spin on it if your friends or whatever are in the jar, it could be some sort of shapechanging evil gremlins or somethting?
Figgyleaf: if near dead lands
Sage0fMadness: if near dead lands, desert
absorbedtulip9: Hello everyone! How’s it going?
TheWarbo: when adam is piloting, LRRMtG is always "draft what's open for your seat" (with james it's sometimes "5c challenge")
monkeyrama: It's very good for board stalls
kat2kool: it has text?!
lamina5432: remember beta zombie decks
emonotony: Reading your cards is for when you're afraid of turning them sideways
seth_erickson: I've seen it in this draft
MrF1692: I had to come see if it really was you guys!
Goatthulu: i just have emotes disabled EZ
monkeyrama: I disabled emotes in Arena for a reason
Goatthulu: LUL that's brutal
MrF1692: I couldn’t draw any of my black lol glad to get to be on here
monkeyrama: Oof, sorry @MrF1692
Kaaosa: flummoxed
MrF1692: I did the opposite of that “Is that you I dumpsters”
Kaaosa: really adam
seth_erickson: Tough break Mr. F
Kaaosa: are we flummoxing now
Mysticman89: the famous graham! theres evena delightful snack cracker named after him
monkeyrama: "Is that you who dumpstered me?"
Terrinus: I did that to Riley Knight the other day on ladder, though he made a happy joke of it.
MrF1692: It happens! Just wish I could have put on a better show lol
Drathak: There you go lol talked about it and it happened
thebluecosmonaut: thats rough buddy
itsr67: just get throw looped
Mr_Horrible: "Yes, @SqueegeeBeans , that was me. Thanks for deranking me, always appreciate interacting with the fans!" Kappa
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MrF1692: Nah I am not raging I promise
STALKERsoldiers: lrrFRUMP
MrF1692: Oh neat thanks for the sub
monkeyrama: 98% mythic?
EarlGreyHot_: aw shucks, turns out that there is a random element to this game
monkeyrama: What is that rank?
Robot_Bones: if it were me I would have simply drew land 4Head
seth_erickson: God's perfect response PogChamp
Mr_Horrible: we have fun here
kumatsu: I got that a worst at the main event at a sealed GP, sat there waiting for a guy to sign my match slip while he complained for 5 minutes
Terrinus: That does count as a combo, yes.
TheWarbo: i wonder if this person is good at draft
Kaaosa: More like Wrath of Good
Kaaosa: right guys?
ElektroTal: wait, graham? on a magic stream? does that even happen?
itsr67: fake zach is mythic so
drcthulu: a combo would be "God's perfect hand" into hubris of terrible draws
StalinRuSH: graham is a motorcycle?
adambomb625: Cats OP confirmed
TheWarbo: real zach is only 97% mythic
monkeyrama: Is everyone playing mummies 👀
monkeyrama: or, you know, zombies
seth_erickson: Mummies is the only tribe I play Kappa
Naarius: tiny men go brr?
CompletelyUnsure: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Ben, and Cori (VengaBuds?) start a new adventure TBD!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (51m from now).
Terrinus: A weird version of swift response there.
monkeyrama: The bird trap is so effective
drcthulu: Ccccccccombo
Mr_Horrible: actual morbid POG
gamercat88: "Pig champ"
Izandai: @Terrinus Kill Shot, technically.
Izandai: I like that play.
Sage0fMadness: i gotta catch the VOD, i'm glad Jackbox is back
gamercat88: has anyone experienced the zap daddy today?
kat2kool: man I forgot how much I liked Amonkhet
Mysticman89: jackbox with a group of naturally funny people is always a treat
BrindleBoar: sounds like a cartoon from the 90's
RayFK: Graham what's your favorite song by Zombie Jackal Warrior?
Desruprot: the hints for Zendikar said there would be 3 creatures with 5 types
Goatthulu: i was just in weekly mtg and they leaked that in zendikar there will be 2 creatures with 5 types
itsr67: what's that one zombie minotaur warrior?
Robot_Bones: ooohhh zombie jackel warrior, with your heart sooo cold
Ivannorr: Maro just teased that there will be 3 creatures with 5 subtypes in Zen
monkeyrama: wow
monkeyrama: How?
RayFK: But Lord of the Accursed is just a band
Izandai: whoa
monkeyrama: tiny text 👀
drcthulu: small print
RayFK: Different Font Kappa
seth_erickson: I'd imagine they'll be gods of some kind
rasterscan: Use the smallest subtypes
Desruprot: no clue, but its a Zendiclue
EvilBadman: !card Seton's Scout
LRRbot: Seton's Scout [1G] | Creature — Centaur Druid Scout Archer [2/1] | Reach / Threshold — Seton's Scout gets +2/+2 as long as seven or more cards are in your graveyard.
Diabore: calling kalitas?
Izandai: There's gotta be some shenanigans to accomplish that.
itsr67: I mean they fit changeling onto cards
MrPolyK: Seton's Scout is a centaur druid scout archer
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akvar: Haven’t been here in a while, how are y’all?
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rasterscan: Cat, Dog, Fish
F1SHOR: come on more sideways cards
Robot_Bones: cat dog ape cow ox
Sage0fMadness: Zendikar doesn't have gods...
Goatthulu: oh is it 3 creatures? i thought it was 2
Mr_Horrible: the 5 types will be Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk
Ictanike: three letter creature types
TheWarbo: i mean the point of MaRo teasers is to make you go "wait, how are they gonna..."
MrF1692: Oh no are they making Zendikar ikoria’s second set
ElektroTal: maro just teased that there will be five creatures with three subtypes, or is it two creatures with 10 subtypes or sub creatures with type types
hamishian: cat dog bird fish ooze
Sage0fMadness: Ally blank blank blank blank
Halvhir: G; Seton's Scout is the 4 typer you're thinking of. Centaur Druid Scout Archer :P
Izandai: Like double-faced cards. Two types on one side three on the other.
evan_333333: I'd wrath
TheWarbo: also, Fame is getting cast a heck of a lot in Historic these days
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sgowell: Nice
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emonotony: Make intentional bad blocks next turn?
Lordofironstorm: Wog time?
emonotony: So you have an excuse to wrath
NoTomToLose: Is it as important as a 2/2?
monkeyrama: I remember sunscourge being an all-star
Izandai: I think just attack with the Eternal.
monkeyrama: Oh my
Izandai: oh dear
rasterscan: !card unconventional
LRRbot: Unconventional Tactics [2W] | Sorcery | Target creature gets +3/+3 and gains flying until end of turn. / Whenever a Zombie enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay {W}. If you do, return Unconventional Tactics from your graveyard to your hand.
evan_333333: I recently drafted a deck with two unconventional tactics
evan_333333: I still lost
evan_333333: alot
Terrinus: glory bound initiate can't hurt you, it isn't real, etc etc.
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: Perfect hand
00gogo00: LUL
Izandai: I think you should be attacking with the Khenra Eternal.
Sage0fMadness: LUL
drcthulu: flunge
Izandai: I don't think Wrathing is correct.
Izandai: We have the advantage here.
kat2kool: hmm, do we wrath or do we wrath
Josephc0re: !card perilous
LRRbot: Found 7 cards you could be referring to - please enter more of the name
Josephc0re: !card perilous vault
LRRbot: Perilous Vault [4] | Artifact | {5}, {T}, Exile Perilous Vault: Exile all nonland permanents.
itsr67: just keep going till their board gets scary
RayFK: I think this is a good board state to Wrath of God
00gogo00: VAULT
cuttlefishman: Oh no
cuttlefishman: Adam and Twitch Chat?
cuttlefishman: Can Adam be trusted with Twitch Chat?
monkeyrama: On-board tricks
PixelArtDragon: Wait, how many wraths?!
EarlGreyHot_: show em who your reppin lol?
frostownik: hi chat, hi Magic gamers!
monkeyrama: gotta let em know we can blow it all up
00gogo00: does all attack win yet
00gogo00: you totally can't
monkeyrama: if it gets too spooky, we can just nope out
monkeyrama: That works LUL
drcthulu: cool beans
monkeyrama: You did not
Diabore: no
monkeyrama: at 4?
gamercat88: not yet
kat2kool: no
drcthulu: No
voslan: Take that Fake Zach! Send real Zech if you want to win!
frostownik: <3
evan_333333: yes
emonotony: Two wraths that you never have to use
emonotony: Merely showing you have them is enough to win
Sage0fMadness: they are like umbrellas - better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it
rasterscan: It's amazing how many Limited games are won by you having flying and your opponent not
Izandai: ^
Izandai: Flying is OP, and I'm only half joking.
emonotony: Ah, yes, the old "Nevinyrral's Disk at the end of a stick to get get rid of rain"
monkeyrama: Flying is very powerful in limited
emonotony: The old draft mnemonic prioritizes evasion as 2nd for a reason
Izandai: What mnemonic is that?
emonotony: Well, third, but you can't rely on big cards
monkeyrama: Makes sense
emonotony: BREAD
monkeyrama: Candy time seabatPjorg
itsr67: caaaaandy
Izandai: I learned E as "efficient creatures"
Mysticman89: get a sour patch sponsorship
Desruprot: I hear candy is good
Diabore: adam is going into withdrawl
monkeyrama: I'm sure Adam can bring you some, Graham OpieOP
emonotony: Izandai BRVAD is kinda harder to remember
gamercat88: tropical sour patch kids?
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KingOfDoma: Graham: 77-Eleven delivers
itsr67: LUL
Desruprot: Soda Stream does good work
Desruprot: I have one
monkeyrama: They are good
TheIceman112: I have one - iits awesome if you like soda water
Mr_Horrible: a "Soda Stagnant" if you will
noonetoday: I have one and it is great
Halvhir: Sodastream has been very good for our house while we've been stuck here
LurkerSpine: I had a guy at work who had one. It was annoying af because it was so gd loud
kat2kool: i love our soda stream so much
TheIceman112: Never made flavoured anything with it
Kaorti: They're effective, but expensive to refill.
emonotony: You have to be so sensitive about cleaning the bottles and they age and ugh
Desruprot: although the sauces used vary in terms of being good, the Seltzer it makes is always good
TheAwkes: My parents have one? I want to build a proper kegerator and load a keg of water in it instead.
Kaorti: and the co2 canisters they use are kinda small.
lookimadinosaur: this should actualkly be illegal.
lookimadinosaur: This isnt just Adam and Twitch Chat
PixelArtDragon: I have one, and then immediately found out that I'm allergic to all the Sodastream-brand syrups
ptay313: does anyone remember if any of the 2-brid mana symbols ever got used on an extra card? I know they each had a sorcery, and the scarecrow king
Mr_Horrible: OP sees the 2nd wall "ah so *this* is what we're doing, eh?"
kat2kool: more of a biggus croccus
monkeyrama: Is that a PigChamp?
Kaorti: You can do the same thing hooking up a 10lb canister of co2 up to a regulator and a pressurizing cap.
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: Mine kept breaking s i gave up. still have a couple of CO2 cylinders for some kids loot haul when an apocalypse happens.
Diabore: oh no!
Desruprot: O>o
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Mr_Horrible: Darkside Pumbaa
evan_333333: Adam are you gonna win a draft without attacking?
kat2kool: !card pitiless vizier
LRRbot: Pitiless Vizier [3B] | Creature — Minotaur Cleric [4/2] | Whenever you cycle or discard a card, Pitiless Vizier gains indestructible until end of turn.
Kaaosa: "I think we play this just to kinda.. you know?" No, I don't know
monkeyrama: Curious
Mr_Horrible: yeah, we gotta kill the guide, I think
Mr_Horrible: ooh, the race is on
Izandai: So one of Maro's teasers is "The return of four mana symbols that have each only ever been used on two cards before". Does anyone have any ideas as to what that could be other than two-brid?
A_Dub888: !card ifnir deadlands
LRRbot: Ifnir Deadlands | Land — Desert | {T}: Add {C}. / {T}, Pay 1 life: Add {B}. / {2}{B}{B}, {T}, Sacrifice a Desert: Put two −1/−1 counters on target creature an opponent controls. Activate this ability only any time you could cast a sorcery.
TheWarbo: "jam, jam, and exert" has a nice rhythm to it
Mr_Horrible: I respect it
Mr_Horrible: oh right, we have 2 deadlands activations too
TwitchTVsFrank: jlrrCarrotmilk
monkeyrama: Primo magic
evan_333333: chugga chugga chugga chugga
Mr_Horrible: we gotta deadlands, I think
jonasjonIV: pog
Mr_Horrible: thank you for your service, walls mizzO7
Mangledpixel: tube lockers?
Izandai: Might as well.
Mr_Horrible: I'd exert anyway, just in case they have removal
monkeyrama: Yeah
Mr_Horrible: this way 2 critters are lethal
ptay313: @Izandai that's what i'm trying to figure out. definitely sounds like 2-brid, but why would only 4 of the colors get new cards?
Izandai: @ptay313 My thoughts exactly.
Mr_Horrible: ah, the moot point, my favorite kind of point
Terrinus: I think they didn't really consider that you'd give up the walls.
monkeyrama: Give yourself time to get candy seabatPjorg
Diabore: adam needs his candy
Sage0fMadness: Maybe new Omnath is 4 color 2-brid mana?
magical_writer: Thank you for the stream.
monkeyrama: See ya Graham
emonotony: And Adam doubted us when we told him to draft double wrath
GoblinRanger: Bye Graham
Mr_Horrible: oh, yeah, I need to answer that survey
monkeyrama: ahhh, that's a good one
TheWarbo: general assumption is "only four 2brid symbols" is related to the "since he showed up in M20" prediction of "4c Omnath"
lirazel64: Button idea -- moot is my favorite point.
therealkenm135: bye graham
DiscordianTokkan: Is it still Woo in WUBRG
monkeyrama: See ya in a bit, Adam
frostownik: seabatBRAIN
GoblinRanger: Have a good break Adam
Izandai: @TheWarbo Mmm, could be, could be.
evan_333333: bye
Naarius: ta ta for now
therealkenm135: enjoy your break
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Ben, and Cori (VengaBuds?) start a new adventure TBD!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (29m from now).