LoadingReadyRun: @quasi79fu There's Talking Sim but it's not Pathologic. lrrCORI
quasi79fu: wooot
sfn____: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Hardspace: Shipbreaker) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (4m from now).
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quasi79fu: is the reason the ship is breaking is because of the Hard Space? Can space be hard?
quasi79fu trains to become a astronaut to see if Space is Hard
codatski: Hello chat!
quasi79fu: hi coda
quasi79fu has gotten sucked into a Black Hole
beowuuf: options!
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Coriander is here to space hard and break ships. It's Hardspace:Shipbreaker on Talking Sim! http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun đź“· https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/Eg20B8HU4AABHtX.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1300893818347118592
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quasi79fu: the title of this song Roflmao
quasi79fu: Xd Original
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quasi79fu Rocks out to the music
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SkylerRingtail: I missed the memo. Talking Sim got moved up with a different game?
quasi79fu: Skyler yes
Pteraspidomorphi: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Hardspace: Shipbreaker) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (4m ago).
quasi79fu: Cam isnt here and Pathologic is cursed so we playing Hard Space and breaking ships?
quasi79fu: But I could be wrong
SkylerRingtail: Cool! Both are great games I'd be curious to hear thoughts on
djalternative: I'm def always in for ship murder
diamondmx: Cam gagging on the dew still makes me crack up every time.
offbeatwitch: HeyGuys
BusTed: Good day.
quasi79fu: WHo are you?
TheAinMAP: Hello lrrCORI
MrVirite: whaaaa
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Good evening.
Taveena: Why henlo there, not Cameron!
Amentur: Hellö
Thandres: what
samwonk: Don't lie to us, Cameron.
ritchards: Hi Not Cameron!
Angnor33: You might be Cameron. How are we to know?
diamondmx: Are you sure you're not Cam?
offbeatwitch: hello cori
Taveena: We will not be paleontology.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I am also not Cameron.
codatski: Flawless
gamercat88: plot twist!
j0hnicus: hello I am here to join the party of adventurers
diamondmx: Does that mean I'm Cam? Are we all Cam?
Thandres: cori starts with C, it is just a clever ploy of cameron!
actionjb: Wait your NOT Cam?
quasi79fu: Yawwwns are good
snailkane: Can't wait for the Cam Drop
j0hnicus: we are become cam
TehAmelie: it's like Headless Space Miner not not ridiculous eh?
codatski: So you're saying Adam couldn't play this game?
quasi79fu: spoopy music
diamondmx: What sweet riff would the Cam Drop play?
smasngrab: Hardspace: Shipbreaker si pretty awesome
Inept_Hope: Oh nice! A really comfy game!
Amentur: So this is the opposite of Ostranauts
ritchards: Cool, I wanted to know more about this
quasi79fu: wea re a Cutter? Isnt that like a ship of some kind?
CompSciJedi: Squalor and decy... so, nothing new, then?
smasngrab: yep, space Cutter
grimsmoke_: GUYS im new to the channel why everyday i find a diffrent streamer ?
CompSciJedi: decay*
j0hnicus: A new breed of worker- the newty- uh shipbreaker
offbeatwitch: bangin tunes though
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quasi79fu: Grimsmoke there is a lot of people who are part of Loadingreadyrun
diamondmx: @grimsmoke_ LRR is a group of comedians and streamers, you'll see a wide variety of people, but they're all great.
quasi79fu: Cori, Cam,Adam, Ben and more are the crew
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
quasi79fu: right now you get Cori
quasi79fu: she is awesome
Asimech: I think you're too hungry to turn your head. Or too not-yet-employed.
quasi79fu: Later tonight is Ben and Adam
MolaMolaphant: Oh hey it's the Fallen Order prequel
grimsmoke_: @diamondmx thx alot
diamondmx: @grimsmoke_ https://loadingreadyrun.com/live
Kivipaperisakset: Linquesachs
BusTed: gottem
quasi79fu: voice id?
ContingentCat: uhhh
djalternative: wednesday nights and friday nights are probably your best chance to get to know most of the crew
Amentur: Lewd
BusTed: remix
quasi79fu: who is getting punched
j0hnicus: which oof is best
wintertempest: lewd
GrassVortex: uh, LUL
snailkane: am i feeling uh or ah?
ContingentCat: bugs?
offbeatwitch: "plastic-free"
quasi79fu: entomatarian?
MolaMolaphant: definitely bugs
CompSciJedi: insect proteins
snailkane: uh and ah, the two genders
The_Voices: ento = bug?
Mangledpixel: yikes!
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: Plants and bugs
Anaerin: Entomotarian: Insect and Plant based diet.
quasi79fu: Cori has no criminal record...doubt?
SkylerRingtail: Ah yes, good ol' future capitalist dystopias
quasi79fu: thanks anaerin
Asimech: Entomotarian: Plant + bug based diet.
quasi79fu: Vanderwallls field?
ContingentCat: yike
BusTed: seabatYIKES
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: This is not going to be a good future is it?
KV1NN4: Am late; has Pathologic 2 been ditched completely or just delayed again?
Amentur: lrrWOW so much wrong with this contract
Orgmastron: The wordbuilding here is excellent
quasi79fu: uh oh busted
Angnor33: If they haven't found out about our crimes by now, they're not oging to.
Mangledpixel: very Hitchhikers music
Anaerin: Oh yes, that soundtrack. It's AWESOME.
GrassVortex: ok, this gives me some Firefly vibes :D
j0hnicus: ah, the old space banjo
Orgmastron: Take my love, take my land
quasi79fu: Oh i like this into
codatski: Oh whoa, I dig this
offbeatwitch: is this an m83 song
Asimech: @Amentur Whaat? No. It's a perfectly ordinary contract. Everybody signs one like it (to work for this company).
quasi79fu: the child makes it creeepy
sing_o_muse: surprise child?
j0hnicus: *press oof button*
quasi79fu: uhhhhh
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: This really IS Firefly feely...
Asimech: Children make everything creepier. Songs, diners, houses, parties, house parties...
ritchards: oh, please don't be "Annoying Physics Game"
gamercat88: Cutting Loose- a Cori story
quasi79fu: Oh nooooo
ContingentCat: ooo physics
Anaerin: This game is awesome.
Mangledpixel: time to fling some heavy metal things around!
Taveena: It's Annoying Physics Under Capitalism.
diamondmx: This is a chill-physics game.
RvLeshrac: SO they've fixed most of the annoying physics.
j0hnicus: when is shipbreaker lunch break
RvLeshrac: But physics in general is pretty annoying.
quasi79fu: Lick everything...wait ewwww I mean dont
djalternative: lick everything
ContingentCat: Salvage bay -200 on the turner lickability scale
Dread_Pirate_Westley: So we'll never know where the salvage bay sits on the Turner Lickability Scale?
ritchards: but often enough to have a custom for it
quasi79fu: Giddyup cowboy
sing_o_muse: clone jobs?
j0hnicus: did he say never you minda bout the clone jobs
wedge_x: the opening of this game has a mad wild 'west virginia coal miners' vibe and I adore it
Taveena: FORWARD BETTER, damn it!
quasi79fu: thumbs up dude
j0hnicus: i think the clone job that went sideways should be minded about
Asimech: Fun fact: If you try to lick stuff in space your mouth would freeze because the vacuum will turn the water in your saliva into steam and that will drain heat from your mouth.
frnknstn: What key is "lick loading bay" bound to?
quasi79fu: XD
WasntFuzzyWuzzy: F
Angnor33: Are these Vaccuum Brakes?
quasi79fu: man the physics so far are good
Anaerin: Those are "Jacks"
SkylerRingtail: Oh goodness, this is even more disorienting to watch than it is to play!
diamondmx: It's on the grey ship you were looking at
quasi79fu: space should be disorienting you are basically floating around
Anaerin: You would be on the training ship, being pointed to by the arrows.
Inept_Hope: right-click while grappled to pull
Garry_Guyface: F
quasi79fu: Goooooallll
quasi79fu: Wait we have debt?
Juliamon: Of course we do.
quasi79fu: that suks
djalternative: it's a game about capitalism. of course we have debt
diamondmx: We have so much debt.
quasi79fu: so we are basically a slave in this game?
EarlGreyHot_: This guys voice over the radio is giving me forklift training flashbacks
TheAinMAP: Uh oh.
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BusTed: lrrCOW
quasi79fu: I just for some reason expect Big and Rich or some other country band to start singing
quasi79fu: And Omg we can set ourselves on fire?
quasi79fu: WHAT????
codatski: @EarlGreyHot_ You too?
Anaerin: Your "Cutter Temperature" is under your manual (and behind your head)
RvLeshrac: Well, it pulls, and whichever object has more mass...
Anaerin: It just Pulls. Those nacelles are more massive than you.
Inept_Hope: It depends on the relative weight of the objects
Fantusta: Touchdown? Is this a blaseball sports channel now?
quasi79fu: Oh is there limited space in the green field?
RvLeshrac: quasi79fu: Sort-of. I've never filled it up.
RvLeshrac: This *IS* space, so you will continue travel for infinite time unless acted upon by an outside force.
EarlGreyHot_: I thought we went into the trades to avoid student debt
ritchards: is Nook running this?
RvLeshrac: Such as a wall, or star.
quasi79fu: yeah purchase upgrades to get further in debt
quasi79fu Moseys along
Manae: I am quickly reminded of the 3PS "the future sucks" comic for this a few weeks back
destructorman30: hy
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quasi79fu: hi destuctor
j0hnicus: ah here's how they keep you in debt to the company store
quasi79fu: yup
RvLeshrac: I mean, what's better than a laser? Bigger laser.
j0hnicus: need debt to get cert, need cert to get rid of debt
Mysticman89: if this is like a series of missions in the form of 'shifts' instead of more of a space farming sim thing, I suspect we're conveniently find super vlauable stuff at the end
quasi79fu: dont we have to learn how to crawl before we walk though?
ritchards: is this a prequel to Dead Space?
RvLeshrac: quasi79fu: Nobody walks or crawls in space. We just kind of drift endlessly.
quasi79fu: XD RV
ritchards: you get to learn the tools that Isaac would eventually use as weapons
EarlGreyHot_: When Weaver calls you Tiger, you know your in for a good shift
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codatski: I wasn't sold on the VA, but I'm really coming around on it
quasi79fu: scanner =T
j0hnicus: drifting in space forever... just... why
GrassVortex: ok, that was cool :)
RvLeshrac: Furnace!
EarlGreyHot_: yeet
RvLeshrac: Not barge!
Inept_Hope: It doesn't go there
quasi79fu: gooooal
diamondmx: There is falling damage, yes.
TheAinMAP: You made it spin. That's a good trick.
chesul: fun fact, you "Can" break those panels with the basic laser, but if you do so before this tutorial level you actually have to restart because you've bricked yourself. XD
RvLeshrac: chesul: Can you cut with the base laser now, or still just vaporize?
chesul: also, it tells you above your O2 bar where you need to throw each thing when you have it grabbed.
Inept_Hope: Just pull it apart
RvLeshrac: Tutorial will cover all that, eventually :p
brainbosh: I very rarely found a need for the wide cutter?
quasi79fu: uhhh
chesul: RvLeshrac it vaporizes, but if you do it to one panel you can break down this entire ship in the first tutorial stage. XD
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: beautiful
GrassVortex: Like a glove
Thandres: its a work of art
Fantusta: Gaming as St. Gamesm'n intended
Thandres: easily worth the billion credits or so
quasi79fu: Pullllll
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chesul: RvLeshrac it already did cover it, at the start of this tutorial stage.
brainbosh: Nope, doesn't go on the barge.
Manae: Looks like metal has to go in the furnace
Manae: not the barge
codatski: Doesn't seem like the aluminum is supposed to go down there
quasi79fu: how do you know what goes on the barge?
brainbosh: Also not the barge. The game gives tooltips
Inept_Hope: This is painful to watch.
quasi79fu: why is this painful inept
TheAinMAP: Oh.
j0hnicus: who did you kill
quasi79fu: how did you die
niccus: self
BusTed: Whoops.
j0hnicus: o
SkylerRingtail: Different things go in different places, yes. When one grapples them, an icon shows above the O2 bar where it should go.
TheAinMAP: katesRip
Angnor33: Oopsie
BusTed: That's gonna cost ya.
RvLeshrac: One of the work orders was to salvage the cargo.
Mysticman89: yyou died because your pony wasn't pretty enough
wildpeaks: dying is expensive
ritchards: no-one noticed, it's fin
j0hnicus: now your kids have to shipbreak pay off your debt
sir_jack_DB: what have I missed?
sir_jack_DB: (just got here)
Taveena: capitalism
quasi79fu: So im confused is she not meant to break apart this thing?
Juliamon: One death
j0hnicus: space: the financial frontier
BTC1220: Thanks for getting me hooked on Blaseball, Cori! Go Magic!
RvLeshrac: quasi79fu: Need to salvage it according to the work order.
PixelArtDragon: I am really, really impressed with the procedural mesh destruction. I wonder how they managed doing it with non-primative meshes?
RvLeshrac: quasi79fu: So like... aluminium goes in the Furnace, nanocarbon goes in the Processor
quasi79fu: welll those were words Pixelartdragon..though I have no idea what they mean
asthanius: @PixelArtDragon I know Unreal has procedural mesh generation
quasi79fu: oh ok Rv
sir_jack_DB: ooh, I like the music
chesul: sir_jack_DB the music is wonderful in this game.
sir_jack_DB: :D
brainbosh: How long until the realization that some stuff doesn't go on the barge?
PixelArtDragon: @asthanius Mesh generation is easy, but taking an existing mesh and identifying which vertices form the triangle being cut is hard.
asthanius: @PixelArtDragon I'd have to look more into it, but I've definitely seen twitter threads of people doing this kind of thing with mesh generation
ritchards: give em the zoomies!
diamondmx: Cori, watch the panel you threw into the barge. It'll go red.
chesul: brainbosh no idea, since she's already past the tutorial bit that tells her.
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: !findquote the gas
LRRbot: Quote #2184: "Hot tip from PaRappa the Rapper: Do not *** in your gas tank." —Ian [2016-03-27]
quasi79fu: is there more than one barge?
diamondmx: Yeah, it's going to the wrong salvage zone.
brainbosh: No, it goes in the furnace.
weekendjedi42: Furnace
diamondmx: See above your health bar, it says furnace.
brainbosh: Each thing you grab will have a tooltip saying where it goes
chesul: Cori, above the O2 bar at the bottom middle of your screen it tells you where anything you have grabbed goes.
Mysticman89: it seemed to give credits deespite wrongness, or was that something else happening at the same time?
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chesul: Mysticman89 the nacelle hit the barge at the same time.
PixelArtDragon: Newton's 1st law is at it again!
diamondmx: Aiming is difficult in 3d space with momentum and relative masses to consider.
Mysticman89: ah, that explains it
Mathonwy: This makes me think you're going to find a crate full of foodstuffs. Stamped with Alliance markings, making it hard to sell... Especially with the music.
Taveena: So like trhey flat-up killed you because you failed the job the first time?
Asimech: Yep. And charged our family for it.
brainbosh: I really like this game. But the fact it doesn't save midway through a ship disassembly is rough when it crashes on day 3.
chesul: Taveena it's the tutorial, they needed to reset the level since it was impossible.
kerbalized_: I love this game!
Fairgrim: So this is a replacement for frog dissection but in space?
quasi79fu: this game is intersting if not a little frustrating at first if you dont know about the multiple places things go in
quasi79fu: LOL oh nooo cori
brainbosh: Only straight lines!
j0hnicus: space rhombus
sir_jack_DB: LOL
TheAinMAP: Bonk.
Mysticman89: oh god, metal bits in your eye
quasi79fu: Booonnnk
j0hnicus: i think you broke it
Mangledpixel: hah, it switched your radio channel
quasi79fu: the music changed
Saphiroko: omg and the little smack with the hand
j0hnicus: that was neat
Asimech: Pro tip: Once we break our helmet we can lick things.
TehAmelie: ever you got hit so hard you heard Dixie?
quasi79fu: what do calll the person who should not be working a certain job
quasi79fu: is it Cori?
PixelArtDragon: Damn, that cutter's got a bit of range to it
brainbosh: I'm sure it will always be safe. Especially when you get to the nuclear reactors.
splatty1: its tiny big all over again
diamondmx: That sounds like a rule that might be up on a wall somewhere at the moonbase "Do not give Cori ANY KIND of lasers"
quasi79fu: XD
diamondmx: With a little note "(Again)"
Fairgrim: I feel like that should be a general moonbase rule not just cori specific
brainbosh: You mixed your recycling! Monster!
ZethRuss: there are cut points inside
diamondmx: I feel like Paul can be trusted with lasers, he's a scientist.
j0hnicus: im so triggered by all these jagged cuts
quasi79fu: and this ladies and gentleman is what you should not be doing as a Cutter....ANy questions
tuckamanian: stay as far from a operating room as you can
quasi79fu: XD
j0hnicus: oh that ones kinda good
Mysticman89: applying force off center of mass there
RvLeshrac: Did Cori explode the reactor?
kerbalized_: thats so much fun
RvLeshrac: I was away, and it looks like that ship is in pieces.
quasi79fu: not yet
diamondmx: She hasn't exploded a reactor *yet*
kerbalized_: nuking yourself is a right of passage
PixelArtDragon: Ooh, maybe they store the cuts in a texture, and then use some kind of floodfill to check if there's more than one distinct region?
Asimech: "What else is vulnerable to lasers and other heat based attacks?"
codatski: Two glowing objects on that one
quasi79fu: bonk
quasi79fu: i think this Cutter is working drunk
Mysticman89: just the judgement of your peers
ritchards: "kinda"
chesul: Cori, you can see on the left a breakdown of what it took/didn't take when something goes in. the panel was taken and credited, but the small bits of frame weren't accepted, so were destroyed.
quasi79fu: wait Cori knows what she is doing out there? How so?
Fairgrim: I understand the immersion but the rounding corners for the face mask makes me a little claustrophobic
Thandres: "another laser? awww you shouldnt have!"
Fantusta: Tethers are food?
j0hnicus: these certs are like when you get a job and they make you pay for your uniform
chesul: Tethers are love, Tethers are life!
brainbosh: Yes, that just clears any debris
Manae: Tethers keep YOU out of the furnace
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: So this sort of feels like the kind of game where they're going to charge you for your equipment (and possibly a high interest rate on top of that)... so you're never out of debt. Do we want to pay attention to the backstory? or just melt stuff? :)
RvLeshrac: j0hnicus: Oh no, this is more like you get a job, and they rent you your uniform. And also your survival gear. And your residence. And oxygen.
JadedCynic: heheheheh
JadedCynic: @RvLeshrac yeah game messaes says "we refresh the air in your hab every week"
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Drea713: ooh I have this on my wishlist
JadedCynic: @RvLeshrac just wait for the 'end of daily shift' balanace sheet for ALLL the Company Store™ expenses :D
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic: Need to set up a pool, "Time to first trip into processor"
Inept_Hope: Just follow the manual :)
JadedCynic: Half the game is saving up to buy your own gear so you don't have to pay daily rent for same
SkylerRingtail: I think the Airlock indicator is misleading. Should be able to just tether it down to the barge.
quasi79fu: owie
j0hnicus: please do not boop the salvage
TehAmelie: so this is Euro Truck Simulator. . .in space?
j0hnicus: with your face
RvLeshrac: TehAmelie: Same principle.
RvLeshrac: TehAmelie: Maybe more like Viscera Cleanup Detail In Space?
Inept_Hope: You can just target the green grid.
JadedCynic: @RvLeshrac nah, my money's on 'rapid deceleration trauma' from pulling themselves into solid objects
RvLeshrac: Except that's already in space.
diamondmx: I can't remember, can you tether to the middle of the barge?
codatski: Clever!
RvLeshrac: diamondmx: Yes.
chesul: Cori, something the game doesn't directly tell you, you can tether to the green grid on the barge directly.
quasi79fu: oh nooo dangerous
quasi79fu: we are dead
j0hnicus: oh good
RvLeshrac: Don't listen to him Cori.
JadedCynic: @LoadingReadyRun Yeah, 'rapid uncontrolled decompression' is BAD :D
j0hnicus: #1 cause of death you say?
RvLeshrac: Just punch a hole through the superstructure of the ship.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: The number one cause of death?.. in space? you don't say.
diamondmx: BAD but also FUN
JadedCynic: every compartment has a green pip - it's got pressure
PixelArtDragon: RAD is BAD
PixelArtDragon: *RUD is a DUD
RvLeshrac: Airlocks are inefficient, they take so much time to cycle, better to just let the air out the ship like a tire.
chesul: JadedCynic you can it bad, I call it time efficient disassembly. XD
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Like a bird...
j0hnicus: boop
j0hnicus: use laser
quasi79fu: through the window....
Taveena: and now there's a cori-shaped imprint on it
j0hnicus: use laser to open window
SnackPak_: You have to tell us if you're a bird
ritchards: side docking
diamondmx: Because the back has engines, and the front has a window
Asimech: B/c this isn't 90s X-com?
Inept_Hope: Try the Z and X buttons
JadedCynic: @chesul oh, and you'll save time tugging all those 20,000 fragments to the correct processor or furnace aperatures? :D
ritchards: you say that, but....
TehAmelie: why am i thinking of the Feed Dump story about a recruit who sunk a submarine on his first day and then sunk another as soon as he got back
chesul: this is actually another time when you can brick yourself in the tutorial. I accidentally ripped the thruster cover off at this step, depressurized the ship without destroying it, and couldn't actually finish the stage. XD
JadedCynic: now, the airlock is STILL pressurized
quasi79fu: uhhhh ohhh
j0hnicus: boop reactor
quasi79fu: Oh nooooo
JadedCynic: O_O
quasi79fu: Nuclear explosion incoming
Fairgrim: lol just rip out the reactor
j0hnicus: LOL
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
chesul: JadedCynic anything smaller than a panel is basically worthless.
JadedCynic: MELTDOWN
TheThromborax: Are we paying for our lives in space?
diamondmx: He did pretty much tell her to do that.
TreeVor84: um ow
diamondmx: That's going to blow up soon
SkylerRingtail: This won't end well.
j0hnicus: that's not how you-
kerbalized_: lrrFINE
codatski: We're learning!!!
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
RvLeshrac: Oh yeah, see that health indicator.
RvLeshrac: That is ticking down.
RvLeshrac: A bit like a timer.
RvLeshrac: On a bomb.
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: I like how he just calls you cutter.... I mean it's a great cheat for the voiceover... but also, he can't be bothered to learn your name I assume.
diamondmx: You are so going to die :D
JadedCynic: time to experience the cloning process
j0hnicus: your family will be billed for lost equipment
quasi79fu: we goooo booom
TheThromborax: oh that looks expensive
TheAinMAP: katesRip
BusTed: slytqShrug
ImmortalLen: F
quasi79fu: F
j0hnicus: little timmy cant go to college now
TehAmelie: hehe spaceship go brrrr
Fairgrim: lrrSPOOP
ritchards: that was... poor planning
diamondmx: I think that tutorial step might be designed to get you to do that.
niccus: just a good yank
j0hnicus: *oof button*
RvLeshrac: That tutorial step is in fact designed to lead you into causing a meltdown.
Inept_Hope: On the plus side, you only have a end-run failstate when blowing stuff up in the tutorial.
BusTed: The instructor's voice reminds me of the person in a similar role in Alien Swarm.
ZethRuss: you can tether it to the net, you dont have to go for the corner of the barge
niccus: what happens when you decompress more explosively
TehAmelie: but is it maybe time to ask, can we screw up bigger? i'm thinking orbital kinetic bombardment
j0hnicus: when its your first day and you boop the reactor tho
Inept_Hope: You decompress explosively
diamondmx: Open the window to see what happens.
j0hnicus: when you decrompress explosively, your family will be billed for unreturned equipment
tuckamanian: lol
Mysticman89: that wasnt so bad
Manae: I'm sure the bigger the ship the bigger the boom
diamondmx: I believe it can also damage some equipment.
Fantusta: I'm sure that crack is fine
j0hnicus: in space nobody hears you boop
JadedCynic: @LoadingReadyRun did you depressurize the airlock too? and the cockpit compartment? ;) o/
TehAmelie: i assume we'll have to pay for the extra air that leaks
Inept_Hope: elegant
JadedCynic: so....NO, then
JadedCynic: good
j0hnicus: cockpit - go for the window
sir_jack_DB: got there in one
JadedCynic: it's de....
j0hnicus: YES
niccus: there might be a hole in the ship
ritchards: lrrFINE
JadedCynic: well here comes the OTHER depressurization event :D
j0hnicus: what could go wrong
TheThromborax: is that crack in the helmet going to get...biger?
JadedCynic: oh just melt ALL the glass?
sir_jack_DB: FUCK
j0hnicus: aw that was less explosive than i expected
JadedCynic: @TheThromborax ....well possibly, but probably not
Mysticman89: the crack is there to remind us of our days in the metro
JadedCynic: Actually the crack is there to remind us that we can't afford repair kits to fix it ;)
MitchTheQuaker: music makes a very firefly vibe
JadedCynic: yeah
JadedCynic: 'space western'
ritchards: the basic process seems to be: laser all the stripey bits, push everything into the salvage bay, then furnace anything rejected
JadedCynic: cori check AGAIN :D
RvLeshrac: ritchard: Says in the middle of the screen when the cursor is over something where it goes.
JadedCynic: too late
TheThromborax: IF you haven't seen it, the Polygon video on Banjos in Space touches on the music in this game. It's very good
RvLeshrac: ritchard: Otherwise you're basically right.
niccus: so minecraft is mostly assembly, here we have disassembly, what does let's nope bring
codatski: Cori, this reminds me of when my wife cuts up her entire meal before eating it, meanwhile I cut before each bite. While I support her, I do not understand it lol
j0hnicus: its fine, family'll pay for it when you die
j0hnicus: poor timmy
TheThromborax: can you "lose" this game? can you get so in debt they're just like "no"
RvLeshrac: TheThromborax: See Also: X Minus One, Green Hills of Earth
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niccus: not really, you're free to swim in your debt for eternity
JadedCynic: one flaw, you don't get infinte tethers, from here on out
Asimech: @niccus The horror of being in the inbetween stage?
ritchards: measure never, cut 10 times, got it!
RvLeshrac: Oh ho ho
RvLeshrac: OH HO HO HO
diamondmx: Reactors are lots of money.
j0hnicus: I'm definitely enjoying the mix of quirky space capitalism with farming game
RvLeshrac: Here's your daily bill.
JadedCynic: here we go; the 'after action report' B) 917k? Compared to 500k expenses.... more like TWO hundred, hun ;)
j0hnicus: that uh... put a dent in it
MitchTheQuaker: no cam?
MaelstronSolenor: all things considered, 4 months or hard work to get out of debt sounds like a sweet deal =P
RvLeshrac: $500,000,000 every day in equipment rental :p
Deftscythe: This game caught my interest but I'm not sure exactly what you do? is it just like, zone out and break up huge spaceships? Sounds relaxing
j0hnicus: @MitchTheQuaker we are all cam today
JadedCynic: protip- upgrade your tether 'magazine' - so you can carry more
RvLeshrac: Deftscythe: There's a little more to it, but pretty much.
JadedCynic: means less time spent going to the kiosk to buy more
j0hnicus: need money to get lasers, need lasers to get money
RvLeshrac: Deftscythe: Ships get bigger and more complex, as one would expect.
codatski: @MaelstronSolenor Whelp now I'm gonna go cry a bit, brb
Tarnagona: I saw this game at PAX East, and it looked really fun. I didn't know it was out yet.
Deftscythe: Cool
JadedCynic: @RvLeshrac fuel pipes :P
Inept_Hope: You get the upgrade-moneys by completing work orders
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic: The goddamned unsolvable pressure lock puzzle on the Gecko.
JadedCynic: yeah, that was just training - you don't get INFINTE tethers
Fantusta: *twirls moustache* billion!
JadedCynic: ugh, all the waste of that meteorite-proof glass :P
Armyguy0: i do like that one of the ships they added to this is from homeworld
j0hnicus: weee
JadedCynic: hope there wasn't a master key hiding in the passernger compartment ;)
j0hnicus: LOL
SkylerRingtail: Oh you are so lucky
JadedCynic: not just press f to use it
JadedCynic: O_O
niccus: press f to press f
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic: Oh, and I'm mildly annoyed that they didn't fix the Massive Fuse Problem in the last update before leaving, but at the same time they did a lot of work
JadedCynic: radO7
BusTed: lrrCOW
j0hnicus: um
quasi79fu: gooo booom
j0hnicus: sure its okay
niccus: newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space
ritchards: "less likely"
j0hnicus: remember 9 out of 10 deaths are caused by explosive decrompression
JadedCynic: @RvLeshrac yeah, my cpu is overloaded by this wondourous game and ctd's after about 1/2 hr....so it's sad to hear the fuse glitch is still around :P
JadedCynic: they HAVE done a TON of progress!
JadedCynic: I look forward to enjoying this again when I get a better computer...
JadedCynic: BTW - did anyone remind her she's got a 15min time limit on her shift? ;)
niccus: when you cut a problem in half, you get two problems
JadedCynic: ^^^^
LadyLockwood92: Hi folks
Mysticman89: oh hey, theres a timer in the top right
JadedCynic: measure twice, and cut once....or never, even
quasi79fu: hi lady
Mysticman89: im sure its fine
JadedCynic: ten min left
AnAnonymousCheerer: anon100
JadedCynic: wrong side of the boat, cori - you opened the 'roof' instead of the 'floor'
JadedCynic: how many there's you got left? :D
Asimech: Also the number of this "O2" is running down. But I'm sure it's fine.
codatski: Watch O2
Boolean263: The enemy gate is down.
JadedCynic: (man, I'm an anal retentive precision expert, because cori is NOT a incompetent gamer
JadedCynic: 1min left
j0hnicus: the other 1/10 deaths are probably lack of oxygen
JadedCynic: aka bad time management
SkylerRingtail: Don't forget your brake!
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic: Controls are also rough :p
quasi79fu: omg does she die just outside the dooor?
JadedCynic: stop using grapple
RvLeshrac: As space is wont
JadedCynic: I never have trouble with there @RvLeshrac , but again, I'm anal
RebelliousUno: Oh man
RvLeshrac: '"Free Man" synthetically produced oxygen'
RebelliousUno: I missed you were playing this
3and4fifths: Party50
RebelliousUno: This game is my jam
Asimech: Grapple is our friend, our saviour. Our lifeline, if you will.
chesul: using the grapple is a great way to travel, it just takes a bit of getting used to.
JadedCynic: ooo, repiar kits; PICKPOCKET THEM
JadedCynic: f to grab an object
RebelliousUno: Tethers are your real friends
RebelliousUno: goodbye health pack
Asimech: Look, health packs are for closers. And we're definitely more of an opener.
TheThromborax: don't need health if you don't have life
codatski: Don't worry Uno, we don't need health packs where we are going!
JadedCynic: getting better at that
RebelliousUno: that is certainly one way to get in
RvLeshrac: B...but... just take the door off the hinges...
RebelliousUno: fluke
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic: Oh that totally cut the reactor.
quasi79fu: i keeep expecting a necromorph or xenomorph to appear
JadedCynic: (aka ALWAYS know what's BEHIND what you're cutting
RvLeshrac: I saw that cut mark on the reactor.
RebelliousUno: the company makes you buy everything
JadedCynic: CRUNCH
kerbalized_: Including clones
TheThromborax: what happens if you fire debris into the atmosphere? attempted manslaughter?
RebelliousUno: Z I think will let you grab on which it never infroms you
kerbalized_: yeah that weird leap/lunge
quasi79fu: owie
JadedCynic: What was that line from Cam in Feed Dunp: "what else is soft and curushable - how about internal organs..." :D
j0hnicus: maybe the other 1/10 deaths is from violent booping of space debris
JadedCynic: love how we manage to get radio reception from breaking our helmet radio - we unlocked the pay-stations that The Company locks away behind a paywall...breifly )
TheThromborax: what I wouldn't give to watch an OSHA inspector play this game
JadedCynic: @j0hnicus it's from an assumption that gravity and air resistance will slow us to a safe stop...
JadedCynic: tick-tcik-tick
RebelliousUno: jlrrTick jlrrTick jlrrTick jlrrTick
kerbalized_: you can find in-game memos about impacts resulting in weird music
LadyLockwood92: That's how Capitalism works, right?
JadedCynic: PROTIP; 'salvage' any air tanks, thruster fuel tanks, repair kits and especially MASTER KEYS you find 'left behind' in a ship...
Zu_o: Do you have anything to say about the treatment of indentured servitude in this game that in the game it shows clear progress to clearing your "debt" while in service without unfair setbacks?
TheMerricat: afternoon chat. how goes the talk?
JadedCynic: have fun folks - gotta committment - good luck cori! lrrrAWESOME (actually "more haste, less speed' ;) ) o/
JadedCynic: bye bye fuel tanks
ZethRuss: you can probably pull the Thruster out Cory
RebelliousUno: that should have freed it
RebelliousUno: I think
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic: I'm so glad they added keys to the kiosk.
kerbalized_: you can sneak into the side compartments
kerbalized_: by sneak i mean slice
XcaliberCrusade: Is... is this a puzzle game where you work a job dismantling space ships to pay off an exorbitant debt?
RvLeshrac: You can also just vaporize the aluminum wireframe and the ship will take itself apart.
RebelliousUno: it's not reall a puzzle game
RebelliousUno: the whole backend is off
RebelliousUno: it's going
kerbalized_: back chunk always wanders into the furnace for me
Halabast: Dismantling something into it's individual components definitely feels like it has all the aspects of a puzzle to me.
kerbalized_: good bye
ZethRuss: pick up stuff with E
Inept_Hope: that was worth 50 000 !
RebelliousUno: F yeah
RvLeshrac: You can see it as a puzzle.
RvLeshrac: There are puzzle-box elements.
kerbalized_: this game is less puzzle and more day job
kerbalized_: imo
LadyLockwood92: What's the difference between the Blue and Green zones?
Archonic_Energy: is this the inverse of space engineers?
Armyguy0: Yes
chesul: things that go to the green zone are more expensive.
RebelliousUno: One is melt it down, one is recycle the other is re use
Armyguy0: its the game they (Blackbird Interactive) wanted to make
j0hnicus: just noticed the work buy profit logo lollll
RvLeshrac: RebelliousUno: Exactly. Reduce, Reuse, Recyel
RvLeshrac: Recycle*
RebelliousUno: you can get in the side now
RebelliousUno: the back end is off
RvLeshrac: Molecular disintegration is reduction, right?
RebelliousUno: sure that couts
TheMerricat: just joined chat, are the ships predesigned or programicly generated?
RebelliousUno: counts*
gualdhar: this salvage company seems like one of those trucking companies that sells your truck to you, and you end up paying them for the privilege of working for them
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: Both
Armyguy0: yea
RebelliousUno: There's a few different configurations
RvLeshrac: Ships have a basic construction, but vary in contents and configuration.
Armyguy0: one of the predesigned is a ship from homeworld
Kumakaori: oh. OH /this game/ uhhh dont blow up cori XD;.
kerbalized_: @gualdhar theres def a lot of "indentured servitude" vibes in game
RebelliousUno: probably pretty safe from explosions now
Magnetic__North: How long is each shift?
ritchards: are there procedurally generated ships?
RvLeshrac: Kumakaori: Cori would NEVER blow up LYNX property.
chesul: 15 minutes.
kerbalized_: Like theres a memo you can find about having a 6th grade class do the math for de-orbiting an asteroid for mining
Magnetic__North: Ah, the length of a Stardew Valley day, perfect
RvLeshrac: For prospective buyers, note that there's a Free Mode where you can just break down ships with full upgrades.
j0hnicus: links sucks jr will never have to pay off papa's corporate debt. nope, never.
RebelliousUno: the air lock is annoying on thse ships
chesul: there's also a mode where you can choose if you want O2 and fuel, and with no shift timer.
RvLeshrac: Salvaging the airlock is rough
RebelliousUno: it locks the side to the main body of the ship
kerbalized_: @RebelliousUno I just slice from the inside of the airlock, know any better ways?
j0hnicus: glass is overrated
RebelliousUno: there's no good cutting points to dismantle it properly
RebelliousUno: kerbalized_ you can do it with a stronger cutter, you have to melt the titanium structure around it
RvLeshrac: There's actually a bit of a procedure involved with salvaging the airlock, but I couldn't recite it.
RebelliousUno: in general it's not worth the effort
kerbalized_: ah, that makes sense
j0hnicus: does that mean deadly or overtime
RvLeshrac: Cori, don't damage LYNX property, especially yourself. You are their most valuable asset.
RebelliousUno: Also I've said when I've streamed this, it's Viscera Cleanup duty mixed with firefly
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Namelylight: so much space debris, so little time.
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j0hnicus: wait
Invitare: Why would you use people for this? Surely unmanned automated drones would be considerably cheaper?
j0hnicus: is your debt going up?
RvLeshrac: You made a whopping -$100,000 today!
TheMerricat: I was remembering that Firefly episode where they were trapped by pirates that scrapped ships.
ritchards: I like Cleanup for the zen aspect of it
RebelliousUno: This would be fun with people
RebelliousUno: stripping out some really big ships
Armyguy0: @Invitare drones don't pay you to live
RvLeshrac: Invitare: Ships are complex, drones wouldn't care nearly as much about depressurization.
ritchards: you might need to repair some stuff?
chesul: Cori, you get LT by completing objectives, which you can see by using TAB.
kerbalized_: I find this game theraputically repetitive. Boring enough to relax but needs enough focus to not feel bored
j0hnicus: lmao
RebelliousUno: just tether the reactor to your buddy
j0hnicus: good old shipbreaker pranks
SkylerRingtail: They've said they didn't intend to implement multiplayer, but may reconsider it given player feedback
Asimech: They'd have all the energy and fuel they'll ever need for the rest of their lives!
Archonic_Energy: teathering them to a ton of steel and sending it to the furnace
TheMerricat: so since I just joined, do we actually know how much we owe and it is actually possible to pay off or is it just the mcguffin for the reason to be here?
RebelliousUno: that being scrap is odd..
chesul: you can break things that go to the barge.
chesul: RebelliousUno she smacked it on the side of the ship.
RebelliousUno: ah
RebelliousUno: that explains it
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: You can pay it off, and buy your equipment
j0hnicus: @TheMerricat it shows at the end of each mission how much you made and the impact on your debt
kerbalized_: $1bil and you owe like $500k in daily expenses
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RvLeshrac: Did Twitch get rid of Replies, or did they make them configurable?
RebelliousUno: think it depends on the mass of the things
brainbosh: Oh that was not the way to go in
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: pop
RvLeshrac: TheMerricat: It is pretty easy to get rid of your debt the further in you get.
RebelliousUno: just pop the ship
gualdhar: @brainbosh it is now
TheMerricat: thanks for the answers btw chat ^_^
kerbalized_: Speedrun strats. Cutting a hole is faster than the airlock seabatBRAIN
Blightfight: So is this a game where you junk spaceships? That's pretty neat.
Asimech: There's something about Cori's carefree attitude that makes the dangers worse/better.
Asimech: "In space no-one can see you crouch."
Alephred: Hooray! I've been playing the hell out of Hardspace. :D
Rourke9: yeet
RebelliousUno: that's o2
RebelliousUno: for you
TheMerricat: hehe, yeah @Asimech I'm not getting a feeling like she understands or fears the unknown depths of space here :-P
kerbalized_: I've had this mental picture that you're actually just a robo-ball from gundam
RebelliousUno: Life's too short to be afraid of the lifeless void of space
Asimech: @TheMerricat It's like watching reverse Adam.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We don't have to think about the unknown depths of space. Just this little bit with a spaceship in
Alephred: I've had a thruster cap shoot out and flatten me against the wall because I forgot to depressurize the ship first.
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kerbalized_: I wonder if Cori will try a Gecko at some point
ShatteredShamrock: Oh..oh dear
RebelliousUno: well,...
TheMerricat: lol
Orgmastron: F
RebelliousUno: that's one way to scrap a ship
codatski: OH
wildpeaks: we might be slightly on fire
Angnor33: An incident involving fire has occurred.
LadyLockwood92: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
RebelliousUno: 2 health is fine
SkylerRingtail: 2 HP
SnackPak_: You've made your point, fire
Alephred: 2 health!
Amentur: 2. 2 Health
Angnor33: 2 is not 0
Henshini: 2 is not zero :)
DoctorAddams: Ooooo, is this the takes apart the ships game!?
codatski: Hey health is a resource!
wildpeaks: yes Doctor
Sethalidos: and this is why we depressurize a space ship
RebelliousUno: and this is why we use airlocks
Armyguy0: or at least depressurize to the OUTSIDE of the ship
Blightfight: Are the background noises oddly soothing for anyone else?
Alephred: It's like being on the Enterprise all day!
RebelliousUno: it's the honky tonk in the background that I like
kerbalized_: LMAO
RebelliousUno: yeah thats...pressurised
ATrophonian: You certainly ripped the A$$ off...
niccus: looks like an ass disaster
TheThromborax: rut roh raggy
Blightfight: LOL
diamondmx: Saw that coming
Alephred: Cori! Depressurize!
Rynehawk: consider the ass ripped
ritchards: is that the equivalent of James Falling?
Magnetic__North: welp
DAC169: aipS
SilentOptimist: that looks like my type of game
chesul: yea... and that's why we don't do that...
dylanleonard: That was amazing
Blightfight: Maybe uh, maybe don't try ripping everythign apart
ArdCollider: highlight reel
TheThromborax: did someone hilight that?
kerbalized_: wait did the slip button disappear?
codatski: The passive aggressive "Please revisit your training" is delightful
RebelliousUno: well that's one way to take the back off
kerbalized_: clip
TheAwkes: "I can just rip the ass off!" ~Dies
Armyguy0: "you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off"
RebelliousUno: it's a good job the reactor didn't go as well
The_Myrddraal: So glad to see this game on here
ATrophonian: Lovin' the tunes for this.
brainbosh: Haven't noticed, has any of the equipment been repaired yet?
Despoiler98: This is non union work isnt it
RebelliousUno: just need to earn more money
kerbalized_: you have to repair during a shift, cant repair on break
kerbalized_: i think
Asimech: @Despoiler98 Unions are Theft. Or something.
RebelliousUno: You can repair on breaks
diamondmx: Depressurise!
kerbalized_: well shoot
RebelliousUno: but you can only buy the kits on shift
codatski: You still have one more goal
RvLeshrac: You have to repair when off-duty, but buy kits on shift.
brainbosh: This game is weird cause you can only repair on the daily screen, but can only BUY the kits when out in space
Inept_Hope: A bit too heavy for that
kerbalized_: @RvLeshrac right! thank you my brain borked
TheMerricat: @Despoiler98 I would assume given the vibes of this game, unionizers might meet 'accidents' while attempting to organize.
Alephred: It's the LYNX company's way of forcing debt on you.
Despoiler98: haha
Despoiler98: @The_Myrddraal like "high velocity impacts"? :D
diamondmx: The AI boss lady is going to be so disappointed in you :D
Blightfight: It did pull the explody bit away though, so that worked out.
RebelliousUno: needs to be a bit lighter
TheMerricat: "Dear indentured human asset, could you please stop tearing the ass off the scrap ships? It's getting expensive..."
Alephred: LYNX adds the cost of destroyed parts on to your personal debt.
Blightfight: YOur lazer gun doesn't lookt too safe to use.
RebelliousUno: you probably need to lose the side panels before the whole thing will go in the processor
Alephred: Basically, you will never pay off your debt, and probably work until you die.
Despoiler98: @Blightfight what about this game says "SAFETY" to you?
diamondmx: Workplace Safety? Sounds like communism to me.
Blightfight: You need to replace this place to Space OSHA.
The_Myrddraal: In my game, I am down to about 450 million in debt
Armyguy0: your geting close to haveing MORE debt then you started
diamondmx: Aww, you fixed your Nice thrusters.
kerbalized_: you can always do free mode
diamondmx: Uh oh, poor James is going to get dissected.
TheMerricat: @Armyguy0 that's her secret, let Lynx worry about the debt, she's just here for the explosions. :P
Sethalidos: free mode has no timer and no oxygen'
Mangledpixel: !findquote james
LRRbot: Quote #5473: "James is expendable." —James [2018-11-01]
Armyguy0: Fair
kerbalized_: perfect quote
codatski: Tether count is in top left
LadyLockwood92: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?
RebelliousUno: my guess is this ship will fall in to the atmosphere
LadyLockwood92: !findquote capitalism
LRRbot: Quote #6513: "You know what is the most messed up thing of all? Capitalism." —Matt Griffiths [2019-10-23]
RebelliousUno: have you been into a furnace
RebelliousUno: or a processor
Alephred: Open Shift mode lets you play without a timer, and optionally, without O2, but still put money toward upgrades.
codatski: Just fly to the Earth?
kerbalized_: running into the furncae is fun
Sethalidos: jump into the furnace?
SilentOptimist: running in the furnace?
The_Myrddraal: Electrocution. Fire. Running out of air.
RebelliousUno: I've accidentally gone into the furnace a few times
RebelliousUno: just too much momentum
ritchards: is there some way we can get this ship to fall?
TheMerricat: btw - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1161580/Hardspace_Shipbreaker/ in case anyone has been convinced to get this by Cori's shenanigans
StarFreak359: Audio Data File found?
Sethalidos: yyouu can always iniate a warp core breach from a foot away
RebelliousUno: yeah there's audio logs
RebelliousUno: outside hatch
ritchards: Huh, seems I brought this at some point??
RebelliousUno: before popping the ass
Blightfight: Are there roll controls for this game?
RebelliousUno: ah good there's an o2 tank
RebelliousUno: yea
RebelliousUno: Q and E
Blightfight: Man, I wonder if I'll live to see the day where this is an actual job.
adamjford: What's the difference between putting stuff in the small blue hole and the big green hole?
TheMerricat: so can you imagine this game but instead of being a salvage worker you are a breaching marine?
Blightfight: I think Gree is stuff that can be slapped inot another ship, but blue needs a bit of proccessing.
Sethalidos: nah it'll be fine
RebelliousUno: adamjford consider Green things we can reuse, blue is things we can recycle, and red is things we scrap
diamondmx: I think barge is reusable equipment/parts.
adamjford: Makes sense!
Alephred: Every bit of salvage has an assigned hole. The blue hole is for advanced materials that can be reclaimed, e.g. nano-carbon.
diamondmx: Blue is valuable metals, and red is cheap metals
Alephred: The green barge is for finished goods, like chairs.
niccus: if it makes funny noises, it's valuable
RebelliousUno: keys are worth 50k
Alephred: Red is generally thing that are for smelting.
Alephred: If you accidentally laser your chair, you will be directed to throw it in red, instead, because it can't be reused.
Asimech: It's kinda funny how even in a "take everything apart" game we're still encouraged to look for keys.
RebelliousUno: give it a shove
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ZethRuss: you can move those side panels now
RebelliousUno: that should just slide out of there
Armyguy0: Thats just the cap
RebelliousUno: you can see the pane has already come off
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is it possible to work your way out of debt, or is it like actual capitalism?
Armyguy0: That was just the cap not the full thruster
RebelliousUno: nothing like throwing tanks of fuel around
diamondmx: Well, now more of the ship is open
plummeting_sloth: ooh, I was just hearing about this one
Armyguy0: @Laserbeaks_Fury you can get out of it but it takes a bit
RebelliousUno: the shift just ends
RebelliousUno: nothing more
Blightfight: YOu probably get fined.
diamondmx: There's no penalty for working up to the timer ends.
TheMerricat: Appearently this is also just act 1 of multiples, they haven't made the rest of the campaign yet.
TehAmelie: you load six megatons and what do you get, another day older and maybe less debt?
RebelliousUno: nothing exploded
Alephred: If it's intact when it hits the barge, that's all you have to be concerned about.
Alephred: Your reactor can be in the middle of meltdown when it leaves your hands.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: spinny spinny
LadyLockwood92: I'm gonna head to bed, thanks for the stream Cori~
TehAmelie: crushing today's quota eh
gualdhar: Cori knows she has less than a minute right?
gualdhar: oh, didn't realize you didn't have to go to bed
goatprince: cori i'm noticing some destroyed components, do you know what that's about?
Armyguy0: just a bit more to go
RebelliousUno: yep no penalty for not going into your hab at the end of your shift
TheMerricat: lol @goatprince
kerbalized_: oh you got a dataspack
kerbalized_: look in comms/data
Asimech: @goatprince Just a, uh, bug in the system.
DAC169: upgrade helmet for more music? aipOMG is that a thing you can do? aipThink
NotCainNorAbel: It was like that when it was towed in there.
Armyguy0: i just saw the ship was "the james"
Armyguy0: that was the old ships name
diamondmx: Am I hearing little bits of "When I'm cleaning windows"? in the music?
kerbalized_: datapacks are filled with Adam's favorite thing
TheMerricat: This would be awesome as a VR game
goatprince: GOTTA get the job points
kerbalized_: lroe
kerbalized_: lore
goatprince: through the window? or through the wall?
plummeting_sloth: what is a window but a blasted out hole with asperations
niccus: we can finally put pepsi gravity to the test
kerbalized_: it puts the Pepis in the furnace or else it gets the tether again
plummeting_sloth: congrats! That's the closest you get to healthcare out here
TheMerricat: You got some medkits so....
Inept_Hope: looks like you broke the junction box
plummeting_sloth: ah, the miracle of life
Mediocre_Man5: goodbye ship-butt
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diamondmx: The speed with which you whip those explosive fuel tanks around is quite scary.
ZethRuss: the nacelles are usually good money
goatprince: "same ship, different day" amirite gamers
diamondmx: There's lots of good loot left in the cockpit.
Armyguy0: Yea but that lvl
diamondmx: 1m, nice
TheMerricat: only 996 more times like that and you'll be out of hock!
kerbalized_: yes its the school story!
kerbalized_: my favorite
goatprince: "martian tugs" you say
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Fanklok: I just got here why is there a debt stat and why does it look like they got a BA from a for profit college?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Would You Like To Know More?
Despoiler98: @Fanklok we're basically indentured servants due to debt
ShaneLeeAtk: How about LEGAL narcotics?
Fanklok: So average college grad got it
ShaneLeeAtk: Word!
kerbalized_: lrrFINE
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Alephred: "Look, we can't legally recommend this. I'm just going to leave this on the table and leave the room."
TheMerricat: @Fanklok this is shipbreakers, cori is loosely attempting to get out of hock by breaking ships down and salvaging them. unless we can make something explode in a pretty way.
Izandai: I trust that voice.
plummeting_sloth: just hop yourself on neutropics and trucker speed
Kaorti: too real
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Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, at least they aren't selling you mandated company drugs
JaysonMaxwell: That was ... too real.
diamondmx: That might actually be less dystopian than RL.
RebelliousUno: new ship
Kaorti: much too real
Despoiler98: Nu Ship Who Dis?
RebelliousUno: more tethers will be most.valuable
RebelliousUno: and better.thrusters
kerbalized_: "we can't tell you to use drugs, but drug use makes us more money sooooo"
kerbalized_: theres actually only 2 ships in game with differnt layouts so far
Laserbeaks_Fury: Does each ship have the same layout, or is each one slightly different
Alephred: Yeah, a bigger bag of tethers is great.
Alephred: There are different layouts within ship types.
RebelliousUno: new and interesting ways to blow it up
kerbalized_: the layouts are a bit of precedural generation
Inept_Hope: You broke the antenna
kerbalized_: like several layouts but the exact position of bits can change
StarFreak359: We gonna pop the top?
Despoiler98: OH SHIT
Alephred: Does Cori know about Scanner vision? ('T')
Izandai: oops
kerbalized_: f
StarFreak359: G'bye
chesul: cargo vs passenger vs industrial change the work orders and the general layout/contents of the inside of the ship.
diamondmx: Tethers are your friend
Fanklok: That was Adam's greatest fear
Orgmastron: Momentum's a b*tch
Despoiler98: Adam would fucking HATE this game
Izandai: boo
Laserbeaks_Fury: This game just Tried To Kill You With A Forklift
RvLeshrac: Cutting those cut points mighty close to that massive tank of fuel.
diamondmx: Tried?
RebelliousUno: might be the tank
Alephred: I play this game with a scalpel, but I see Cori's approach is sledgehammer. :D
RvLeshrac: That's INCREDIBLY flammable.
Inept_Hope: Too heavy with the tank attached, check the weight indicator
chesul: goodbye...
RvLeshrac: It will now burn for days
DAC169: that looks safe
RebelliousUno: its on fire hiti it with coolant
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man, this synth pop BGM really takes me back to Mass Effect
RvLeshrac: So yeah, some cut points have Cut Guards on them, as reinforcement.
RvLeshrac: You have to break them off, or they burn for ages
RvLeshrac: I think you break them off by ramming them with something, but I haven't really tried.
Fanklok: staring directly into a weld seems like a bad idea
Alephred: Cut Guards can be broken with impact (i.e. shooting other wreckage at them), or shattering once frozen. They are laser-proof.
TehAmelie: is going into the furnace how you get into the sea in space?
Laserbeaks_Fury: You damaged the processor
quasi79fu: Omg Cori got processed
Lord_Hosk: The real trick is to efficiently remove and salvage sections to reduce your debt quickly.
Alephred: That's $150,000 worth of clone!
Alephred: Clones don't grow on trees, Cori.
ritchards: jumped into the furnace yet? can you be salvaged?
quasi79fu: Cori is now a can of tuna sitting on shelf somewhere
Magnetic__North: I assume demerits cost money?
Asimech: @Alephred Not _yet_, but the sapling's lookin' good.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Not gonna lie, forced immortality is like one of my biggest, primal fears
Alephred: Yes, valuable things you damage (including yourself) are added to your debt.
plummeting_sloth: you throw that body into the incinerator with all the other organics, dammit!
Asimech: @Laserbeaks_Fury Same.
StarFreak359: Your tools are hurting
TheMerricat: Chat, gotta run. enjoy the stream and thanks for the entertainment Cori! Hope you enjoy the game!
Lord_Hosk: yeah those tools are smoking
Laserbeaks_Fury: Did you change the music station
niccus: fine aged tools
Alephred: When your suit / helmet takes damage, sometimes you pick up other radio bands.
Alephred: Like the classical music station.
plummeting_sloth: Cori's going full Harbor FFrieght here
quasi79fu: she banged her helmet to change the music LOL
Inept_Hope: You can use the biological grapple, your hands, with X and Z
Despoiler98: is this the first episode playing this game I don't remember last week
adamjford: "Biological grapple"? No need for such archaic technology lrrBEEJ
quasi79fu: yes deespoiler
Despoiler98: Cause I wanna see Cam playing this too :D
Lord_Hosk: Why would they leave valuable oxygen in a ship like this?
Alephred: I think Alex would enjoy this game.
Asimech: "Biological grapple" sounds like something you'd only see in a 18+ movie.
Inept_Hope: @adamjford it's great for crawling around the ship
Fanklok: Space ships in this game seems concerningly easy to tale apart
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think Alex would like the idea, the weightless controls, maybe not so much
Despoiler98: well I mean you are using a high energy laser :P
StarFreak359: fix tools?
Asimech: @Despoiler98 _And_ at very short distances.
Alephred: Tools can only be repaired inside the Hab, i.e. between shifts.
StarFreak359: I see
Despoiler98: theres yer problem, theres a big hole in the middle of yer ship buddy
Pistollero1: Is this game out?, its very fasicinating
Despoiler98: its early access on steam
Despoiler98: for Early access this is very detailed
Lord_Hosk: Pipes less likely to go boom I expect
Laserbeaks_Fury: I saw this game recently, but I forget how
plummeting_sloth: I mean, it's a curtosy to flush
Despoiler98: I've seen a couple streamers try it out
RvLeshrac: JadedCynic has played a bunch.
Pistollero1: That debt tho
Pistollero1: Big mood
Laserbeaks_Fury: I've taken to shying away from "Early" access" not because of quality, but because I end up playing out a game and never coming back when they flesh it out
DAC169: aipLUL
Alephred: At present, Hardspace has no 'story' as such. You will eventually unlock all upgrades and ship types, and after that, you just dismantle for the heck of it.
Asimech: @Laserbeaks_Fury I've taken to avoid them b/c few times I've bought I game that I'm fine with and had them end up as games I definitely don't want to touch and never would've bought.
chesul: you've already sold yourself to them.
Getter404: Sorry, Space Amazon has determined that workers have insufficient value.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I sold my soul to the company store
Armyguy0: it to thicc
Lord_Hosk: Maybe its wedged in
DiscordianTokkan: Zorp
Getter404: Oh no, it tripped the ragtime breaker
Beefpants: Is this a salvage game?
Laserbeaks_Fury: At least it was a SHORT encounter
DiscordianTokkan: @Laserbeaks_Fury A+
Lord_Hosk: 4 out of 5 space doctors agree... dont lick live conduits
StarFreak359: Boooo
Asimech: @Laserbeaks_Fury What an amperable pun.
Despoiler98: The only and best Early Access I ever joined was Star Trek Online I was a closed Beta tester and when they finally released the game they gave every Beta tester a chance to buy a LIFETIME subscription at 50% off price and a monthly stipend of the in game "real money" for the store, haven't paid for a thing in that game in 7 years
Despoiler98: sorry 10 years actually
StarFreak359: Man, I miss playing ST:O
Despoiler98: fave MMO I've ever played
TehAmelie: i wish i had used my lifetime subscription in Champions Online even a little bit before they shut down. . .
Asimech: I'm still bitter I couldn't unlock the temporal ships during one of the early events b/c none of my characters were high enough level to captain them, even though I did the event.
Alephred: Champions Online shut down?
Despoiler98: @Asimech they made the events a lot more low level friendly
Despoiler98: No Champions is still around
TehAmelie: huh
Laserbeaks_Fury: City of Heroes shut down
Despoiler98: They made all the top tier ships levelable so you can buy a fancy top tier ship and use it as a newbie character and its stats level with you
Despoiler98: it was a nice addition
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Asimech: @Despoiler98 Yeah, but maxing out your level is so much quicker now that that's not really an issue. Also doesn't fix the fundamental design problem of "have to have a character who can use it _right now_ just to unlock it".
TehAmelie: under a billion left, woo
CrazyZonie: Would you recommend this game, Cori?
Lord_Hosk: HPBraincase was playing this, and he accidentally decompressed a ship which yeeted the whole thing into the blue salvager port and he was like "ummm sure speed run strat"
Asimech: Also STO suffers seriously from FOMO design, especially when it comes to event ships.
Despoiler98: @Lord_Hosk HAHAHAHAHA
oatway: apparently this game has been like seven different things, and finally came together in an internal jam
Despoiler98: @Asimech yeah I'm kinda over the event ship grind unless its something really neat lookin
Zu_o: @LoadingReadyRun do you have any comments of the treatment of indentured servitude and the implied statement that with honest work you can get out of it.
Laserbeaks_Fury: looks like it was just problems with the Mackerel
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Asimech: @Despoiler98 I never really even tried once I noticed how bad it was.
Despoiler98: So are Ben and Adam EVER going to finish Dead Space 3 or is that game never ending?
CrazyZonie: I imagine that if things were this bad, companies sending people to space would find a way to keep everyone in a permenant debt cycle.
ritchards: next session should end it
gualdhar: you're in "independent contractor"
CrazyZonie: Space gig economy
RvLeshrac: Zu_o: The implied statement here is really that you can't get out of it, the company takes MOST of your daily salvage. You have to take more and more dangerous work.
TheThromborax: that's just what they want you to believe
TheThromborax: I bet it's more like Moon
Asimech: @Despoiler98 Turns out the real Neverending Story was DS3 all along.
gualdhar: Cori, there are a number of trucking and logistics companies that use a model very similar to this
DiscordianTokkan: I think Adam said they'll probably be finishing it today
Laserbeaks_Fury: He seemed to be enjoying it
InquisitorGaia: ya
DiscordianTokkan: I did, it was neat!
InquisitorGaia: its good so far
Despoiler98: @Asimech I think theres a mechanic that resets their progress bar after each stream Q.Q
Lord_Hosk: It made him want to play stalker
CrazyZonie: Ooooooo Fall guys
itomeshi: I've never been interested in Metro, but he might have won me over.
StarFreak359: Yay!
Despoiler98: yay fall guys :D
SnackPak_: fancy!
InquisitorGaia: the new metro doesnt feel like the old ones as much tho
Despoiler98: whoa.....naomi
DiscordianTokkan: One of the seven fabled Rasberry Pis?
tiltyhouse: It's been bumped to Saturday!
Laserbeaks_Fury: So not so paper
Despoiler98: @DiscordianTokkan if ytou can collect all seven you get any wish granted
aerohydra: blame James
CrazyZonie: Hi @tiltyhouse
Asimech: @Despoiler98 "I could've sworn we were further along than this. Oh well." -Ben The Doomed.
Despoiler98: :D
Asimech: Or I guess 'Ben "Sisyphus" Ulmer'
sfn____: TY for stream Cori! Was fun!
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Simonark: Since you're reading names out anyhow.
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gualdhar: I can't imagine spending 10 years of my life watching twitch streams
Phailhammer: cya :)
Fracaswell: byeeee
DiscordianTokkan: Byeee!
Rourke9: thanks for the stream!
sfn____: Bye Cori!
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niccus: remember, don't pull the ass
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TehAmelie: so i learned a new amazing dumb word today https://i.imgur.com/i31j8j8.jpg