Lordofironstorm: This deck deserved better
ChainedDreamer: Hey, you made a scarab! Deck did it's thing.
Dandinstorm12: still super dead
Tom_Bruise: gentlemen, it's been an honour...
monkeyrama: We can survive another round 👀
monkeyrama: Hot damn
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Tom_Bruise: The game isn't over until the last life point is taken. What? Garbage time? What's that?
Dandinstorm12: why not both
beckett_brass: I heard the sound of magic and decided to see what was up. What deck we playing today?
itsr67: on life support
monkeyrama: One more day seabatTROG
Easilycrazyhat: Is this award show thingy gonna be co-streamed on the LRR channel?
ChainedDreamer: I love your optimism James.
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
Dandinstorm12: jeez
Dandinstorm12: well then
drcthulu: how is opponent in the 0/2 bracket?
monkeyrama: OP drafted a very good deck
itsr67: 12 x removals
Redinspired8004: You're a winner in our hearts
Tom_Bruise: sandwurms man
Drathak: 0-3 milkshake?
monkeyrama: Rough
monkeyrama: Bye Adam
boppers_io: later
ChainedDreamer: Bye Adam
monkeyrama: Sorry James NotLikeThis
v_nome: So what was the thing about the PPR?
Juliamon: !ppr
LRRbot: The Zendikar Rising PPR will be happening on Monday, 14 September 2020! For more information: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EhBRELGVgAA-yNa.jpg
gnome_friend: !card ben-ben
LRRbot: Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit [2RR] | Legendary Creature — Goblin Shaman [1/1] | {T}: Ben-Ben, Akki Hermit deals damage to target attacking creature equal to the number of untapped Mountains you control.
Drathak: I'm twitch chat! xomPork
Dandinstorm12: Ben ben?
ChainedDreamer: Is Ben-Ben legal in Zendikar?
monkeyrama: oo, fun
Flyingdelorion: Their cool new office that is!
Flyingdelorion: thanx fo streaming Lrrsmen
djalternative: Is 1793 miles enough of a physical distance to count as social distancing
beckett_brass: @djalternative Of course not. Haven't you heard? the standard for social distancing is at least 6000 miles away.
Dandinstorm12: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Twitch Chat's Choice Awards (Chat’s Choice Awards is an award show where we provide the categories and nominees, but it’s up to creators and their communities (that’s you) to decide the winners. Co-Streamed w/ Graham!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (20m from now).
Nuurgle: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Twitch Chat's Choice Awards (Chat’s Choice Awards is an award show where we provide the categories and nominees, but it’s up to creators and their communities (that’s you) to decide the winners. Co-Streamed w/ Graham!) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (19m from now).
TehAmelie: exciting
TehAmelie: here we go?!
Fruan: I have no idea what this is, but I'm here for it.
beckett_brass: @Fruan Same here
TehAmelie: just what i was thinking
diamondmx: wtf is this?
SeiichiSin: Every time they play music from Road Quest it makes me want to rewatch it all.
SkylerRingtail: From the Twitch page, the event seems like one big advertisement for a bunch of mostly AAA games, but I'm willing to give LRR's coverage a shot
PinballWitch: i need to rewatch roadquest
beckett_brass: @RayFK YEEESSSS! What are choosing?
IbunWest: uwu what’s this
Foxmar320: Hello
Dandinstorm12: hello chat
djalternative: Huh. G started a bit early
Fruan: The way I see it, the absolute floor here is G dunking on a bunch of bullshit, and hopefully there's quite a ceiling.
djalternative: @IbunWest A glorious mess
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beckett_brass: @RayFK Great! I'm all for it then.
IbunWest: Can’t wait.
gnome_friend: !badadvice
LRRbot: Insert the soul.
PinballWitch: I wasn't using my soul anyways
djalternative: Everybody understand how to vote?
PinballWitch: no idea
gnome_friend: Good point, what does it mean to "use" one's soul?
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Join @Graham_LRR as he co-streams the @Twitch Chat’s Choice Awards! | http://twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EhB0qkRUMAAwCHL.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1301668576735031296
beckett_brass: @djalternative Vote? Is that something you eat?
Foxmar320: So this should be interesting
sir_jack_DB: I'm ready for this garbage fire
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AdmiralMemo: UWU wot's all this then?
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samu_btdp1985: whats this
IbunWest: I literally have no clue what this stream is about. feenShrug
gnome_friend: !findquote uwu
LRRbot: Quote #5771: "Eventually someone's going to be like "uwu what's this?" but in a more legal and menacing sense." —Kathleen [2019-01-28]
ChainedDreamer: Seriously though, how DO I vote?
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PinballWitch: i have absolutely no idea what's going on
beckett_brass: @samu_btdp1985 A stream where we choose things, apparently.
PinballWitch: I don't get to watch live much
beowuuf: voting it seems, so many stream widgets onthe edge of the screen!
djalternative: @Foxmar320 if you can somehow make this a command I think it'll be useful. "On Desktop: Mouse over the live stream window > Click the CTRL+ extension box > Click "Polling" > Vote! On Mobile: Make sure Chat is visible > Click the CTRL+ extension box on the top right of Chat > Click "Polling" > Vote!"
beowuuf: and serge!
samu_btdp1985: ok pikachu I choose you
CaptainSpam: Oh, hey, bonus Mine O' Clock.
Juliamon: Thursday is the new Tuesday
NotCainNorAbel: When has allowing the Internet to vote ever turned out poorly?
gnome_friend: !findquote serge
LRRbot: Quote #3630: "Serge: tonight, you have my permission to die." —Liz [2016-11-18]
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Furvias: Subbing don't stop what what
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AdmiralMemo: New Day Thursday
gnome_friend: Any
AdmiralMemo: ANY!
Juliamon: ANY time
raaabr: I am confused
AdmiralMemo: Scroll Bars FTW
djalternative: ANY
samu_btdp1985: I am confusion
TehAmelie: i vote anarchy!
VmKid: Any
CaptainSpam: Any any.
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gnome_friend: I vote anarchy!
Nuurgle: next week we apparently get to vote on Ubisoft?
LoadingReadyRun: any
Easilycrazyhat: Any - The Chiptune Legacy
malc: Holy heck these widgets are a lot
CaptainSpam: Wait, Ubisoft is a democracy?
Foxmar320: Hello G
sir_jack_DB: bright\
Serifina: I don't... think I've seen that Bonus Stream intro before...
TehAmelie: hola
RayFK: You look smaller
raaabr: This sure is a thing
RayFK: Did you shrink?
Juliamon: Hell of an overlay...
beowuuf: twitch plays twitch, twitception
malc: did G get a stream-haircut?
Foxmar320: The overlay! So fancy!
beckett_brass: @RayFK That, or everything that wasn't Graham grew.
Furvias: Smol G Star!
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Official Graham Co-Stream.
djalternative: This overlay looks amazing. So aestetic
Foxmar320: malc I think G's hair is just extra fancy today
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404_username_not_f0und: I really cannot believe it’s been 5 months. This year has gone excruciatingly slow and somehow extremely fast at the same time
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Ivalenz_: Cool shirt!
PinballWitch: Hi Graham, i think you are very Cheer69
malc: eh I was trying to make a joke about the video being smaller
Easilycrazyhat: Is this gonna be like Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards from the 90s? Cause I'm in for that.
IbunWest: So this is a Twitch thing not a LRR thing?
Foxmar320: What year is it?
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Juliamon: Many streamers are costreaming this
Nuurgle: welcome to Saved By the Bell, the Twitch overlay
AdmiralMemo: 2020... It's been 2020 for 15 million years
Serifina: Ahahahaha
RayFK: You're also a TOUCH quiet
beckett_brass: @Foxmar320 Years? What are those? I've forgotten what increments of time are...
Foxmar320: Title Text!
Vanbael: OwO notices your bonus stream
VmKid: Graham "Title Text" Stark
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far2muchsarcasm: katesLurk katesLurk
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AdmiralMemo: It's the GrahamLRR!
niccus: it's not the best choice, it's chat's choice
PinballWitch: I just finished watching the latest checkpoint so it's a lrr kinda night while I paint minis!
Altoguy16499: your twitch overlords
johnny: that sounds better
gnome_friend: The loudm'ns?
Juliamon: Loudm'ns
diamondmx: Oh, was Adam streaming?
gnome_friend: lrrBEN and lrrADAM ?
Serifina: The Loud Bois are Very Loud, yes. :p
amative1: insert obligatory WE'RE HERE
Juliamon: James was the last one in there
PinballWitch: the loud bois!
Tarukai788: ayyy costream
JaysonMaxwell: Nope - it was James in there last, #BlameJames
SeiichiSin: And here Adam has been doing so good to keep quiet.
TehAmelie: loud boyz 2 loudmen?
AdmiralMemo: Yes, we are
Serifina: We see it. :)
beowuuf: wiiiiidgets
Easilycrazyhat: yup
VmKid: I just realized that I'm wearing my Twitch t-shirt, so I guess it's a Twitch kind of night.
Foxmar320: Yep its over your face for me :P
Easilycrazyhat: oof, frame drops
underhill33: A whole pile o' widgets
IbunWest: I don’t think it’s working on mobile
Altoguy16499: "but we, jesus christ"
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SkylerRingtail: The hell?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun we already voted on when HL3 will come out
Altoguy16499: we are all jesus on this blessed day
Foxmar320: Did they just yeet a dinosaur?
gnome_friend: I also am confused by the yeets
mtvcdm: I have no idea what they're even doing
Nuurgle: so it's like Jackbox where the audience participates, but they don't really matter
CaptainSpam: I guess raptor yeeting, then.
PinballWitch: The Yeeting Dinosaur would have beena better movie than The Good Dinosaur
mtvcdm: I'm fascinated and confused
safety___third: What is Half Life?
Easilycrazyhat: They're yeeting dinosaurs with Twitch names?
queenfounder: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 10:27.
therisingtithes_: I was literally about to ask if this is a video stream at all or all one interactive... thingamabobber
SkylerRingtail: This does not bode well for the main event. Oh dear
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Now how the hell does this work?
TehAmelie: everyone is being dinosaurs and getting shot out of a cannon, that's about what i can tell
PinballWitch: all i have is a question about half life 3?
TeamKessig17: I can't believe that they actually ended up remastering the Mario Games.
AdmiralMemo: The poll has ended
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I am experiencing engagement.
beckett_brass: @TehAmelie So we're all Nibbles.
Loonatic93: cheer1500 Happy Yargle Day Everyone! Hope you are all celebrating this with your loved ones!
malc: sure doesn't work on a touchscreen on desktop
gnome_friend: !card yargle
LRRbot: Yargle, Glutton of Urborg [4B] | Legendary Creature — Frog Spirit [9/3]
Easilycrazyhat: If it's tonight, that's hilarious
NonUniqueGuy: Why didn't they have us voting that earlier?
PinballWitch: I hope they put Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi in the Mario 64 remaster, like they were in the DS version
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: This is mighty confusing
gravity_pike: not a fan of the colors of this dumb thing switching at random
PinballWitch: Luigi is the best
DoodlestheGreat: If it's a Twitch Extension, I'll be unable to take part. They crash my system so I had to turn them off.
Foxmar320: Yeah this is kind of strange
Serifina: According to the widget, we're the #12 channel by number of participants
RealGamerCow: This is a beta test for something, right?
PinballWitch: We're number 12! We're number 12!
Earthenone: 12 seems way higher than i expected
AdmiralMemo: @Serifina And both Starks are hosting! :)
DoodlestheGreat: Who's #1?
CrazyZonie: I think I missed the voting. Nothing on top of my chat.
beowuuf: cool, saw kate on there too
AshBurnem: <3
mtvcdm: We're number 12! We're number 12!
Serifina: #1 appears to be Pokimane?
CaptainSpam: We're number twelve! We're number twelve!
VmKid: @CrazyZonie It'll be on the stream, not on top of chat.
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! Have you ever been on a horse before?
therisingtithes_: 8 percent of people awake on Twitch right now think they will see a Half Life 3 reveal tonight, and I wish we could all have that level of hope in the world, but for other things.
queenfounder: Genuinely shocked this appears to be working on my phone
Angnor33: We're #12! We're #12!
beckett_brass: @CrazyZonie Voting seems to be an overlay on the screen itself.
CrazyZonie: @Thanks Vmkid.
Arclight_Dynamo: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 12:38.
Robot_Bones: Vicious sibling counter streaming Kappa
CrazyZonie: Still don't see it :(
PinballWitch: what? a mobile twitch thing working? woah!
beowuuf: there are widgets like the CC and deck widgets at the edge of the stream screen you can click on - left for polls, right for people
Altoguy16499: I didn't even see the previous poll. Neat
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Nuurgle: but Pokimane is #1 so does anything really matter?
TheMerricat: evening chat.
DoodlestheGreat: @serifina, I wonder who Pokemane is. *confused*
gnome_friend: Hi @TheMerricat
djalternative: @CrazyZonie On Desktop: Mouse over the live stream window > Click the CTRL+ extension box > Click "Polling" > Vote! On Mobile: Make sure Chat is visible > Click the CTRL+ extension box on the top right of Chat > Click "Polling" > Vote!
beckett_brass: @TheMerricat Evening. Welcome to voting.
AdmiralMemo: @queenfounder I suspect that because it's officially from Twitch, it's integrated pretty well
gnome_friend: !findquote vote
LRRbot: Quote #3895: "I'm voting for blood" —Cori [2017-01-23]
TehAmelie: we're all dust in the twitch wind
mtvcdm: You'd think they'd give the co-streamers.... information on what they were doing.
Serifina: @DoodlestheGreat Heck if I know, I'm just saying what I see in the widget! :p
IbunWest: You’re the main streamer in our hearts.
Drathak: Windmill slam AC
Foxmar320: Animal Crossing?
Altoguy16499: pandemic?
RayFK: INB4 you have to apologize for some dumbass presenter saying something terrible
PinballWitch: I think there's 2 main ones now, but it depends
Easilycrazyhat: Unwise
pete_haderlein: gotta be AC
AshBurnem: Asheron's Call
lord_wertornion: yes
PinballWitch: it's either AC or Fall Guys
lord_wertornion: always
Altoguy16499: The savior of quarantine: Pandemic
JuniorRoll: My hands? Risky
gualdhar: definitely a mistake
AdmiralMemo: admira108MISSSTEAK admira108MISSSTEAK were made
TehAmelie: in a surprise twist, Vale will observe the results of the poll
mtvcdm: Making the Animals Cross
codatski: Hey G, what's the over under on this just being a glorified popularity contest?
NonUniqueGuy: AC with Fall Guys second
Diabore: yes ita a mistake, we cant be trusted with anything
malc: Boaty McBoatface? :P
TehAmelie: Valve
TotallyNotaBeholder: Our hands? Could be worse... somehow
CaptainSpam: That's why Graham Stark, personally and singularly, has put the power in your hands.
DoodlestheGreat: @foxmar320 MAYYYYYYYYYBE :tf:
Decaped: I hear there's power in collective action, so i think we should all vote as a block
PinballWitch: I don't even like AC and I know it's gotta win
NotCainNorAbel: when has internet voting ever not taken things seriously
ChaoticObserver: Twitch puts the power in the hands of the mighty who all spam the same emotes over and over again
JuniorRoll: That audio is low
SquirrelLord1111: Are we supposed to here something?
Eklinaar: Civ 6 and Pathfinder: Kingmaker are saving my sanity this year.
Nuurgle: stream volume?
Diabore: are there sounds?
Altoguy16499: good ol' bugsnax
AdmiralMemo: Yes the stream volume is quite low
shinycrochet: eyy someone else referencing Asheron's Call!
Easilycrazyhat: very low
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun stream volume is quite low. you are perfect volume
NonUniqueGuy: barely
Arclight_Dynamo: We can hear it, it's just quiet.
AdmiralMemo: We can BARELY hear it
Arclight_Dynamo: Better.
Diabore: there we go
AdmiralMemo: OK now good
JuniorRoll: better
Easilycrazyhat: better now
Anaerin: It was rather quiet. It's good now.
shinycrochet: that's good
PinballWitch: my quarantine saver personally is learning I can buy 3d printed minis on etsy lol lrrBEEJ
Diabore: sean!
Altoguy16499: no LRR clips, this stream is a ripoff
Foxmar320: Nice lol
DoodlestheGreat: DAY9!
RayFK: Perfect image of Sean
johnny: lol
gnome_friend: lrrWOW
Anaerin: Oh hey, it's Day[9]
secretbranch: graphic design!
mtvcdm: Production values!
SquirrelLord1111: Nice
NonUniqueGuy: Day9 and Mari. Nice
safety___third: gold star
CaptainSpam: PERFECT.
Armyguy0: Nice jon
malc: lol
RayFK: I've never seen him look so good
AdmiralMemo: but y tho
Ryavis: wow
shinycrochet: eyyy
Easilycrazyhat: Sean is the best host
malc: gj
PinballWitch: that's so perfect
TotallyNotaBeholder: Sean is sooooo good at this
Juliamon: Flawless
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
TehAmelie: i think i saw the giant frog from Pan's Labyrinth. it had escaped
NimrodXIV: great frames
DiscordianTokkan: Flawless
AshBurnem: Mix sounds gooder
Vyous: Sean always the professional
gnome_friend: !findquote twitch chat
LRRbot: Quote #5639: "Yes, Twitch chat! Fill me with your thicc-ness." —Adam [2018-12-26]
Altoguy16499: Honestly, I love Day9. I could watch him host anything
RayFK: Sean is really good at lying Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: Well done, tech staff.
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: it says there's a poll coming up soon
Dread_Pirate_Westley: !listen
LRRbot: Always listen to chat, Never listen to chat.
PinballWitch: Sean is a good guy
Masslost: also it appears doordash might be showing to co-streamers and dropping some gift subs it appears
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stizzet: woot 7 months during the twitch awards.
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, stizzet! (Today's storm count: 43)
Loonatic93: Mari! I loved her on her season of Survivor!!!!!!!!!!
gnome_friend: Oh no my face!
Foxmar320: SOON
Diabore: soon tm
mtvcdm: sooooooooon
PinballWitch: do you get to vote, Graham?
DiscordianTokkan: Soon™
TheMerricat: are we suppose to have an extension on window? I've got the normal twitch window, no extensions
UnknownGerm: announcement. Really.
Foxmar320: Who is your favorite Canadian stream group?
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: We are TheMerricat, try refreshing
diamondmx: Yeah, there should be extension stuff on the window
djalternative: It's the Audience Choice Awards... but for twitch
JosephDeath: Oh hey a Mari Takahashi
eric_christian_berg: What could possibly go wrong?
BertZZ: Are we doing...IT?
ThatOverKillGuy: hows everyone today?
TheOneCalledStu: Neat
Easilycrazyhat: This is such a conglomeration of weird, Twitch/Internet specific stuff. I feel like someone could write a paper over this event and what led to it.
DiscordianTokkan: What threw me off was that the Polling box is... on the left side of the screen, not the right, with the rest of the extension stuffs
Altoguy16499: weird. the extension just disappeard on me
AdmiralMemo: But is it missing Lenin?
laskoreadscomics: Graham, thank you for being funny
UnknownGerm: This...seems very odd
mtvcdm: In the box is: a Russian nesting doll of voting
Nuurgle: so basically the Electoral College
PinballWitch: Cheer100 hey Graham, has anyone at LRR played the game Timespinner? It's a really great indie metroidvania game, and y'alls friend Jacob is even in it.
shaunleung: wait does this make Graham our MP?
diamondmx: You're biased, though, Graham :)
Decaped: We demand ranked choice!
Solid_Fuel: yes russian votin is very democratic yes :D /sarcasm
therisingtithes_: I feel like this voting process will also serve as a very good example of why the electoral college is a bad idea
theneatestburrito: First past the matrioshka, what a controversial method!
amative1: Do we have to open VLC to use Matroshka voting?
Foxmar320: Ive already been yelled at today please don't
safety___third: not saying the tech isn't cool and being marketed to isn't at least a little fun, but isn't this just a clout battle?
secretbranch: day9 will yell at us the whole show???
AdmiralMemo: (Or was it Stalin? I forget which doll LRR was missing)
AshBurnem: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Nigouki: Matryoshka voting? so russion interference is built in from the start?
TheOtherTrevor: STV?
Juliamon: Very cool of this stream layout to obscure the female cohost's name.
AshBurnem: lrrHERE
johnny: did they give you an OBS or xplit theme Graham?
ChaoticObserver: Nesting Doll Single Transferable Vote!
TheMerricat: ah I get it the exentension is below the stream you have to pop it out.
The_ChartreuseKnight: Ranked Ballots?
laskoreadscomics: I prefer first pass the priest, myself
TotallyNotaBeholder: STV sounds good
ANeMzero: I vote for first past the priest
underhill33: Proportional multimember districts or riot
Nmaster64: Does she have a PS5 back there??
BertZZ: I don't think MMP applies to this situation
trilemma85: All the costreamers are districts. This vote is gerrymandered.
TotallyNotaBeholder: STI does not
johnny: nice
Foxmar320: Oh fancy
Vanbael: Matryoshka voting, is this like the great Nsburg voting referendum?
Simonark: So where to various electoral models rank in your heart? Above or below fonts?
sblue333: Hai guys, what's this about
Mcgwee: nice
Easilycrazyhat: Those are kinda cool
Stoffern: oh my
secretbranch: oooooooooooo
BusTed: ✨✨✨
niccus: approval voting is probably the best for this
SquirrelLord1111: Looks tasty
PinballWitch: honestly, i kinda like those?
RayFK: Those look both cool and REALLY FUCKING STUPID
Despoiler98: They look like bars of deodarant
laskoreadscomics: @Vanbael That made me snort
blackwolf80076: hiiii
mowdownjoe: Huh.
RealGamerCow: Those are nice looking awards
CaptainSpam: Yooooooo.
Fruan: Those are... something
NimrodXIV: I don't know if I love or hate those
TheManaLeek: Those remind me of those old water filled games where you used bubbles to move rings
gkingrat: Its live. There is no post
gravity_pike: I'm not seeing any widgets in the stream atm, are they super-obvious and I'm missing them, or just nothing there atm?
DiscordianTokkan: Cronchy!
AshBurnem: Noice
Juliamon: Yeah, I looked at Kate's to confirm it wasn't LRR's fault
mowdownjoe: Those are a thing.
johnny: I figured, didn't look like your style
bartimus_thundercask: what kinda of fresh hell?
therisingtithes_: doesn't that technically mean that every single nominee in a category can potentially earn a second-place?
AdmiralMemo: That's... expected from Twitch
beckett_brass: @Juliamon It was probably unintentional
Foxmar320: I kind of want one of these lol
GDwarf: The widget is on the page *beneath* the stream
Anaerin: The widgets appear to fade out if you don't have your mouse over it.
GDwarf: You can make it pop out
Diabore: is one rotating faster than the other?
VmKid: Those are some nice trophies tho
tastymcnuggett: they just say POG
sblue333: nice
someguynamedDane: This is kinda cool tbh
Tingeltangelibach: Glitter!
PinballWitch: this is actually kinda cute?
mowdownjoe: (Also, Twitch on Android TV doesn't support extensions for some reason? Which I guess is the price for watching on my couch.)
PinballWitch: i like it
ElFuzzy: Some are gonna be unreadablly full
notthepenguins: sorry if this has been answered, but is it just me or are the hosts waaaay quieter than Graham?
Juliamon: beckett_brass Seems like the sort of thing they would have wanted to, y'know, test first
mtvcdm: So what you're saying is we have prize mines that we don't have to do anything about.
Nmaster64: Why does Mari have a PS5?
PinballWitch: i like positivity and stuff
therisingtithes_: ah, no, community space. this is actually... a very good marketing opportunity for games to know exactly which streamers to laser-focus their products to
TehAmelie: very reminiscent of the Microsoft "shipping" award, at least according to the book written in 1995 i just read
TheMerricat: Chat if you can't see an extension on stream the actual box for it is below stream in the stream description and you can click to pop it out
RobotInProgress: :0
Anaerin: Huh! Mari has a PS5. That's odd.
theleerm: o h r e a l l y
DoodlestheGreat: Presumably a game that wins a specific award in multiple stream channels will just get one award with all the channels on it.
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: @Anaerin holy shit
beckett_brass: @Juliamon Fair enough.
chefryto90: Its you!
Foxmar320: Oh yeah she does have a PS5 behind her
CaptainSpam: Hm, I just noticed something. Is threaded chat something the streamer can enable/disable in Twitch? I don't see the buttons in LRR's chat, and would like to know if I can do the same on my channel, if I ever use it again.
diamondmx: We should keep the hosts quieter than Graham, so that we can hear Graham's snark over them.
Diabore: oh hey, she does have a ps5
amative1: It's you!
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Don't that just look like a PS5
safety___third: the balance sounds nice, you should be allowed to talk over them if you want
AdmiralMemo: I don't know who these other people are
TotallyNotaBeholder: I am Spartacus
mtvcdm: Yet
PinballWitch: I'm here for the Co-Streamer
gnome_friend: Yet
ChaoticObserver: That is a PS5. Huh
notthepenguins: oh, quieter for sure, i just was having trouble hearing them at all
Vanbael: Blue.
johnny: uuu
djalternative: you don't want to cause yourself ear damage, G?
VmKid: @Anaerin Whoa, what the hell?
notthepenguins: Thanks for adjusting it a bit :)
AshBurnem: lrrGRAHAM
RainbowPhoenix06: way to tell us who's stream it is G
Foxmar320: Orange
KilrenKrae: holy poop it is a ps5
UnknownGerm: we'll get there eventually, I'm sure
ElFuzzy: DIMIR
SquirrelLord1111: Puce
someguynamedDane: Too late, I am an existencial crisis
Simonark: They're saving the real ontological nightmares until hour 2
sblue333: Blue
lord_wertornion: it will be all purple options
Pteraspidomorphi: What's going on?
mtvcdm: So do trophies go to the winning colors?
aussie_rob_w: They like “easy peas”
Altoguy16499: I can't find the plug in. It's gone
bartimus_thundercask: Golgari
ElFuzzy: Who gets the color trophy?
Tingeltangelibach: let's have a lrrPAUL
Despoiler98: I dont see the extension on your stream G
TheOneCalledStu: Boo no black
Foxmar320: My color is not an option
amative1: #FF0000
Foxmar320: Come on!
AdmiralMemo: #DC143C
sblue333: Cerulean
Anaerin: Well, that took 3 clicks to work.
DoodlestheGreat: LUL
weff47: so does the color get an award?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Bjork song or Paint Tone!
PinballWitch: why no purple?!
DiscordianTokkan: Hell Yeah, GREEN
gravity_pike: so, we're rigging the vote, right? What's our favorite color, chat?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Blue, no yelloooooooow!
PinballWitch: it's literally the twitch color?!
AdmiralMemo: Refresh if you don't see it
Easilycrazyhat: You might have to enable it
SquirrelLord1111: Purple isn't there.... bs
BertZZ: Its underneath
theleerm: gays for pink
DentedPockets: No voting if you're on console :p
Solid_Fuel: gram face is over instruction? lol
Mcgwee: huh nice they added that
RaklarLS: what... what is this?
TheManaLeek: Mauve.
beckett_brass: As much as I like green, as an MTG player I have to say blue.
RayFK: puce
Juliamon: My poll just doesn't want to load. /shrug
Ballistic_Meatball: Magenta?
Mcgwee: pink
TheOtherTrevor: Vote wont load for me
AshBurnem: Decepticon Purple is not an option, though.
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DiscordianTokkan: My voting box is on the left, not the right
Anaerin: Brown: It's Orange, with context!
secretbranch: Graham "brown" Stark
TehAmelie: Commodore blue?
NonUniqueGuy: So who gets the award for the winning color?
GDwarf: The extension isn't on the stream for me, but it is *under* the stream, for some reason
sblue333: I voted!
SkylerRingtail: Shocked Twitch didn't put purple as an option
NimrodXIV: Brown, right?
aussie_rob_w: @amative1 do you feel called out?
AdmiralMemo: RAID!
gualdhar: chartreuse?
TwitchTVsFrank: til there is only 5 colors
Masslost: sees award show eh, see that lrr gets to co-host it and graham is hosting, well im hooked
Nmaster64: no black or purple, wth
gnome_friend: Welcome raiders!
PinballWitch: chartreuse!
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun others in chat have noticed replies are missing on channel did you all figure out how to turn it off? (Horray?)
SquirrelLord1111: PINK
Tarukai788: one of my two favorites is there so easy pick
Armyguy0: is it brown?
Arclight_Dynamo: I do not see it.
diamondmx: I have the extension, but there's no vote option.
Foxmar320: Welcome raiders!
TheOtherTrevor: I see where it should be. Just won't load
Easilycrazyhat: Hi raiders!
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun puce?
DoodlestheGreat: PUCE!
MrTulip: G's is def brown, right?
SAJewers: i see it, but no "polling" option
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: obviously red
beowuuf: time ticking away
CaptainSpam: So... in the material they sent you -- that THEY sent you, mind -- Graham's box-of-face covers the name of one of the presenters in the two-face view.
malc: so this chat's favourite colour gets a trophy. got it
sblue333: Democracy in action!
eric_christian_berg: No orange. I feel robbed.
VmKid: Hello, Raid!
IbunWest: I don’t see an option for polling.
Earthenone: too much work
Pteraspidomorphi: I don't see it
ShortRound2099: yeah I don't see it either
Earthenone: guess im abstaining
theclawmasheen: I don't think "LRR Blue" counts
Diabore: cool,cant see one of them
Loonatic93: KATE!!!!!!!!
secretbranch: alphabetical
ElFuzzy: oh hay Kate!
UnknownGerm: yeah, I also don't see it
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Aw how come we aren't featured!
mtvcdm: That's alphabetical order
DiscordianTokkan: Look, it's Kate
InquisitorGaia: where are you?
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh this is bigger than i was expecting. have a good evening everyone
trilemma85: I can see the polling thing if I go to the main channel, but not on the LRR channel.
ChainedDreamer: The heck, we need a none of the above option.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: eyyy it's Graham!
AdmiralMemo: It's a Graham!
GDwarf: If you can't see the widget, look underneath the stream window for it
Foxmar320: Yay
CaptainSpam: Yay!
Despoiler98: yay KAte
sblue333: G IS LRR
NimrodXIV: lrrHEART
PinballWitch: look at that handsome loadingreadyrunsman!
Diabore: g is all of lrr
theleerm: it me loading ready run
VmKid: Graham "LoadingReadyRun" Stark
Peter_Chordash: If you don't see it, consider disabling your ad blocker for the page.
RainbowPhoenix06: the polling stuff shows up on the left side of the player when you hover over the ctl+ box on the right
therisingtithes_: According to twitch, Graham is the sole Lrrsm'n confirmed
AshBurnem: lrrHEART
Mikklun: L etat est moi?
Anaerin: You losers on the second half of the alphabet...
gravity_pike: hello, yes, this is lurr
ChaoticObserver: LRR is Graham
beckett_brass: Hello One Who Represents LRR.
sblue333: ayyy Lrr is recognized
TheMerricat: @IbunWest scroll down below the stream, then you can there will be a portrait sized box with the extension in it.
Nemo_Rasa: what is this?
Foxmar320: My favorite color was not an option :(
Eklinaar: Mr. ReadyRun, Loading
TehAmelie: Graham "I am Loading ready Run" Stark
mowdownjoe: Kate, LRR, and a Good Egg on the same line.
pixelsatdawngaming: Man I don't know any of these co-streamers. WAIT THAT WAS GRAHAM'S FACE
TotallyNotaBeholder: Blue, shocking
DiscordianTokkan: Blue OP plz nerf
secretbranch: so do i
amative1: So who gets the trophy for favorite color?
mtvcdm: Streeeetch for time!
AdmiralMemo: I see it too
ChaoticObserver: Blue wins
Simonark: You know, in a real sense, you ARE LRR, but in another more accurate sense...
Anaerin: Ehrmagerd, Bler!
Phailhammer: Graham "LoadingReadyRun" Stark
TheMerricat: Blue WINS!
Vanbael: Wooo!
NonUniqueGuy: I see it too
AshBurnem: Ooo. I did not expect that.
ChaoticObserver: In both polls
Despoiler98: its weird I see the extension on Kates stream but not here
NimrodXIV: yeah, can already see it
niccus: sean has a lifelong career of stretching for time in these awards shows lol
Phailhammer: #rigged
Nuurgle: yeah, but leaving the extension open covers like half the screen
aussie_rob_w: I’m double twitching it lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW katesHug katesHug2
Drathak: Heck yeah brown
PinballWitch: i still don't understand how Purple wasn't an option?
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: What the FUCK
RaklarLS: no orange :(
djalternative: wow. it was blue. It's not like this is the globally agreed favorite color
mtvcdm: Nobody went to Brown Town
Juliamon: The poll JUST showed up for me
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trilemma85: I voted Brown.
SnackPak_: I like brown
CanvasWolfDoll: i love brown
SquirrelLord1111: Pink tho...
Foxmar320: No orange :(
sblue333: no, no one like brown
RIPConMan: brown bad
AdmiralMemo: Brown gaming is bad
Diabore: brown is such a dirty color
Armyguy0: brown is nice tho
NimrodXIV: our brand
Vanbael: Beige FTW
theleerm: pink is the best fight me
Arclight_Dynamo: Weird. I can see it in the panels, but not following their instructions at all.
niccus: brown is fake orange
DentedPockets: Bad color chices, honestly
RainbowPhoenix06: why no purple?
gravity_pike: we're sick of FPSes
Mcgwee: boo 66% wrong
StageMgrRob: They didn't list Purple
Anaerin: Brown IS Orange, with Context!
malc: !findquote brown
LRRbot: Quote #6637: "Now that's what I call a plate of hot brown." —Ian [2019-12-21]
TheMerricat: @Nuurgle pop it out then switch back to it's window when it's time to poll
BertZZ: Its ABCDE order
asddsa28: i will onyl ovte for purple
NonUniqueGuy: Pokiman had most votes in pretty much every category
diamondmx: I see Yellow Team loses again
Easilycrazyhat: Brown is not a creative color
theneatestburrito: To avoid the appearance of bias, of course.
PinballWitch: poor Ray Narvaez Jr
ElFuzzy: Purple is reserved for royalty Kappa
Kikazi: lrrHEART
mtvcdm: So where do we send the trophy to blue?
Diabore: i chose green
EsperDerek1: No purple, no black, no white, no yellow...
lord_wertornion: I was expecting it to all be purple
AnjaZeta: Thanks chat for accurate help!
PinballWitch: i picked pink
Anaerin: Blue and Red. So Purple between them.
TehAmelie: i like the green-blue spectrum
Decaped: I voted for Beige surrogate
gnome_friend: Mono-Green hype!
VmKid: I, too, have seen that Technology Connections video, Anaerin Kappa
Mcgwee: Green4lyfe
Loonatic93: Brown is just Dark Orange.
AdmiralMemo: Red, here, for personal reasons
Mikklun: No black no purple?
Foxmar320: lol
TwitchTVsFrank: orange = best color
PinballWitch: But I'm high femme so i had to go pink ;p
Solid_Fuel: whait what?
mtvcdm: That's not mud, that is poop
NotCainNorAbel: dig up
theneatestburrito: Hi-five, PinballWitch! Pink LuvSign
Draynus: team orange
DoctorAddams: Green! I will go to war for green!
wurmbane: Jace accepts the award on behalf of Blue
TheMerricat: @Loonatic93 Tech Connections Viewers rock! :)
djalternative: are we going to the store?
TheOtherTrevor: Huh. My overlay disappeared
Diabore: about 7 different chaannels
TheOneCalledStu: who would have guessed
sblue333: We are gonna be the swing states
PinballWitch: woot woot
asddsa28: bglack is not a color
sblue333: we can make a difference!
ogundiety: But how do we vote?
Diabore: *pushes glasses up* black is a shade
Ba_Dum_Tish: We're heeeeeeeeeeeeeere lrrADAM
Beard_check: Are the categories and nominees available anywhere?
AdmiralMemo: Wait, what's the SPECIFIC LRR color code?
someguynamedDane: Is anyone else having an issue with getting the extension to show up?
Altoguy16499: the extension overlay just doesn't show for me. This isn't working for me....I even refreshed a few times
ogundiety: The overlay doesn't sem to be...working.
Despoiler98: same here
RIPConMan: I left poki's chat to come here because I noticed you were on the list lol
PinballWitch: i want to vote for the copyrighted wheaties orange?
Drathak: The extension disappeared
Despoiler98: @alto same here
ShortRound2099: it worked on mobile for me at least
Pteraspidomorphi: someguynamedDane: Maybe it's not allowed in my country, because even changing browsers I 'm not seeing it
sblue333: @ogundiety click the ctrl+ extension
evanperry2019: overlay disapeared, couldn't vote
diamondmx: There's a backup way to vote in the widgets below the stream window
aussie_rob_w: Black is the official fashion colour of Melbourne, which I expect Graham to attest to.
Crokoking: ad-blocking can mess with the overlay - had to turn mine off
Despoiler98: I see it on other streams but not here
ritchards: is this the game where it doesn't matter what the right answer is, just the most popular?
Nigouki: sooooo is this a rehearsal for the new VGAs format?
TotallyNotaBeholder: I never played it, AC still wins
KilrenKrae: #1 channel award goes to LRR
johnny: AC
Solid_Fuel: wait is graham gonnna present?
Fugi: Is it Fall Guys?
Loonatic93: LRR?
NarishmaReborn: has to be AC
Arclight_Dynamo: Ah. Right. Valorant. Kappa
VmKid: DansGame
trilemma85: Is it Animal Crossing?
Diabore: ill take your word for it g
TheOtherTrevor: Is there a way to get the overlay back if it isnt showing up?
sblue333: Civ 6!!!!
AdmiralMemo: Fall Crossing
gnome_friend: Magic: The Gathering Arena
NimrodXIV: windmill slam AC
gravity_pike: Ape Leg, of course. Kappa
PinballWitch: it's not my correct answer tho?
Dandinstorm12: ohai Fugi
drthvd3r: Obviously it's Half Life 3
Simonark: Look, Monster Train's the obvious choice, sure, but yeah, ok, Animal Crossing too.
aussie_rob_w: I don’t own AC :(
Diabore: its the new hotnes
NonUniqueGuy: But it is the hot thing right now
ChaoticObserver: Oh, The Game Awards is co-streaming this now
WonderfulGlory: People only care about the new G
CaptainSpam: I'm waiting for them to throw to Graham for one of these and he's utterly baffled.
EsperDerek1: It'll be FG because new hotness.
Mikklun: Animal crossing, and I do not even own a switch
weff47: Animal Guys, Fall Crossing
the_hacker_414720: XD
Despoiler98: I don't have any extension overlay here G, but I can see it on other streams
TehAmelie: is there a game called Ape Leg? i hope that's real
Ba_Dum_Tish: Fall guys is the new hotness
Fugi: I don't know what's on the list
themlin: acnh naturally
sblue333: Graham is BASED
TheNerdWonder: weird, it shows up on the twitch channel for me, but not here
abyssaldm: Animal Crossing is the savior
chefryto90: it starts with A and ends with nimal crossing
AdmiralMemo: I like Animal Guys
Fruan: Recency bias is gonna wrteck this.
Morendur: I'm betting Animal Crossing
RIPConMan: its windmill slam AC, and I don't even play it
PinballWitch: Fall Guys might win on the lack of looking back
mowdownjoe: It's a popularity contest. It's popular now.
Mcgwee: its prolly AC
Foxmar320: Yea
Juliamon: But quarantine was like, 5 years ago, that's ~old news~
johnny: lol
RIPConMan: lmao
BertZZ: Surprised to see all The Assassins Creed love in this chat.
mtvcdm: How many does she have?
gnome_friend: But does she have FIVE PS5s?
Evochron13: wait so how do we get the the extension on the lrrchannel ?
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: That can't be a real PS5
trilemma85: It's important to know that Mari has a PS5.
theneatestburrito: #productplacement
Earthenone: she only needs 4 more to become an internet sensation
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InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: There is no way in hell it's real
Ba_Dum_Tish: Time to get 5 boxes for the 5ps5 video
UnknownGerm: Didn't AC break every record for digital console sales?
Despoiler98: I don't have any extension overlay here G, but I can see it on other streams
ElFuzzy: She's gonna have to be in the 5 PS5s video now Kappa
Anaerin: So it's Day[9], a PS5 and it's co-host, and DansGaming
SAJewers: gnome_friend: sergeThinking
Solid_Fuel: wait she got a ps5? how?
Eklinaar: The winner is obviously Raid Shadow Legends.
TehAmelie: to be fair i'd be swagging even if i had just one PS5
Nuurgle: Blue wasn't an award?
Foxmar320: LOL
pixelsatdawngaming: lol troll
AdmiralMemo: @Evochron13 Should be working automatically. Try refreshing and try turning off adblock.
VmKid: LUL
aussie_rob_w: Is Mari gonnna steal the 5 PS5s bit?
gravity_pike: I'm kind of surprised that Day9 is just on his iphone headset? Can't he afford a blue yeti?
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun I like to believe that Mari just knows exactly what her frame is
AdmiralMemo: DansGame DansGame DansGame DansGame
TheMerricat: @Despoiler98 did you check for the box below the stream? The extension is down there
queenfounder: But it’s only 1 PS5. Come talk to me when you have 5
mtvcdm: Vote should be up
Foxmar320: Animal Crossing... they just stop there
Vanbael: *windmill slams ACNH*
Earthenone: so games released this march, got it
NarishmaReborn: i missed how to
Pteraspidomorphi: AdmiralMemo: Tried all those things, it just doesn't show up for everyone
Altoguy16499: I can't even vote :(
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: But Animal Crossing is my baby (as I play ACNH while watching)
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Oh I do not own any of these games
fluffyvampire42: i'm voting for animal crossing
Ba_Dum_Tish: AC is the only answer for me
Arclight_Dynamo: It is, indeed, absolutely AC. And I never played it.
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Not even a single one
NimrodXIV: no contest
Diabore: i never really got into the animal crossing
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I vote no.
gravity_pike: I have not even heard of Ghost of Tsushima
GenghisAres: none of these
AdmiralMemo: @Pteraspidomorphi lrrAWW
Simonark: Can we at least agree it's not The Last of Us II?
RaynMurfy: 100% AC
Altoguy16499: the extension doesn't want to show up for me
IbunWest: AC feels like a slam dunk.
Easilycrazyhat: I haven't played any of these...
NonUniqueGuy: "You can vote however you want, but you are wrong if you vote for anything else"
PinballWitch: I have literally never played any of these myself so I'm gonna give my vote to Graham and go AC
BertZZ: It is, I havn't played a second of Animal Crossing but it just is
4dSwissCheese: I don’t even have a switch but I have still made the AC call
EsperDerek1: I'm guessing there's only ever five options.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Just, "no"
abyssaldm: Animal Crossing literally saved us from Quarantine hell.
AdmiralMemo: Valorant though?
Murklan: i have not played a single one of the games on the list *shrug*
Dandinstorm12: watched
underhill33: I need to play Tsushima at some point
theneatestburrito: It even has the top of the poll placement bump!
Phailhammer: Man, March was a busy month for new releases.
amative1: I haven't played any of these five... and hands down it's AC
MFT_Manny: true but fall guys is making a run up that ladder
DoctorAddams: i have played none
Ballistic_Meatball: Having played none of these games? Animal crossing is what I've seen the most of on this channel.
Nuurgle: AC made the Switch a commodity again
MrTulip: windmill slam POE harvest league.....aw =P
Solid_Fuel: ghost of tsushima? what was that?
Despoiler98: @TheMerricat HOLY SHIT sorry I saw it on the overlay on screen of other streams thanks I forgot to look down cause I'm a gamer :D
CastleOtranto: I'm STILL playing AC to cope
Mcgwee: I haven't played any of them but AC was the thing
Kikazi: I don't even play ACNH, and its definitely ACNH
mtvcdm: How is The Last of Us even a nominee for this
DentedPockets: I mean, my answer is none of these, lol
Vanbael: You could not find ACNH on shelves early on
MWGNZ: only 1 of these games caused a shortage of hardware to play it on
CaptainSpam: I don't even HAVE Animal Crossing, and I'm voting for Animal Crossing. Kappa
UnknownGerm: Is valorant even fully finished?
malc: for me it was a different AC but hey :)
RobotInProgress: I don't even play animal crossing and I would be annoyed if it doesn't get it
Eklinaar: I don't like any of these games and don't care to play any of these games
Fruan: PS - The animal crossing channel in the LRR discord is awesome and full of helpful people.
aussie_rob_w: @amative1 saaaame
safety___third: god I wish this was approval voting
therisingtithes_: Plus people have done far more entertaining things with ACNH than just "play" it, if that makes sense?
gkingrat: I don't even /have/ a switch and I know that animal crossing is the right answer.
InquisitorJL: I voted for the only one I've played
Mikklun: I watched an insane amount of animal crossing for a long time during quarantine
Easilycrazyhat: uh
CururuGuasu: Last of us 2 is the opposite of quarantine savior
tru_boredom: never played animal crossing, am playing ghost of tsushima right now and even I know its animal crossing
Vanbael: Go blue!
secretbranch: colors
gnome_friend: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This unknown soul was killed by a terrible beast.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I feel like AC came out at the right time.
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun to be fair it was only ubiquitous for those of you lucky enough to have a switch already.
ChaoticObserver: I'd have Valorant before Fall Guys honestly. Fall Guys came too late in the window in my opinion.
Diabore: i have voted, and the result may surprise you
NotCainNorAbel: blue saves it!
Earthenone: i have played none of these, no dog in this race
pixelsatdawngaming: Well I've only played Last of Us and Fall Guys from that list, so...
theneatestburrito: Come on pink!
CaptainSpam: Blue saved quarantine!
ChainedDreamer: I'll just vote what Graham tells me to.
Evochron13: @AdmiralMemo did not work.
Nuurgle: Ghost was good, but a month is not 6 months of quarantine
GreayStone: Doom Eternal?
trilemma85: Saviour of Quarantine is Blue!
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I want to get Ghost of Tsushima
NonUniqueGuy: Blue is the savior of quartine
TehAmelie: huh i haven't even thought about playing any of those
Anaerin: I'm glad Blue is winning the Saviour of Quarantine...
Dandinstorm12: cut away!
mtvcdm: Quarantine was saved by blue
Fugi: I feel bad for the extensions team
AdmiralMemo: @Evochron13 I tried. lrrAWW
DiscordianTokkan: Saviour of Quarantine: BLUE
chibi_bento: AC forns SO many reasons - it's so sweet and gentle and happy, and Kathleen's stream.makes me.so happy.
ThingsOnMyStream: this thing where the audience votes for their favorite is just a popularity contest! ;p
LackingSanity_: Where's the option for Crusader Kings III?
niccus: i refreshed and my plugin died, rip
asddsa28: how do we vote i just got here
Kairanie: so how does one vote?
Simonark: The traditional summer month May?
MWGNZ: AC caused the switch to sell out everywhere
GenghisAres: Didn't Ac die off pretty quickly
Easilycrazyhat: Everyone loves clipshows
northos: yeah. Animal Crossing defined the start of quarantine IMO
UrbanSamurai_22: Same
MrTulip: still can't read AC without thinking of assassins
AshBurnem: lrrPAUL
sblue333: LIBRARIES started using AC
Anaerin: It's gotta be May.
pixelsatdawngaming: This is the only thing that happened in May
Arclight_Dynamo: "Stuff that happened in May." Right. Sure.
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I remember May
Eklinaar: My friend circle actually got super into Stardew Valley during the quarantine.
gualdhar: isn't this stuff that happened in march?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Didn't this happen in March, like the rest of this year?
Dandinstorm12: so Graham, whats up, hows life.
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I do not want to remember May
EVILmono: katesAC
PinballWitch: you made a literal new show for it, and Biden has an AC campaign somehow cause 2020 is a nightmare we can't escape?
Easilycrazyhat: Still can't get a switch :\
Dix: God I can't wait for THPS 1+2
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Or April
TehAmelie: was that a Cam?
evanperry2019: can't vote on this channel, switched to another and it worked
Foxmar320: Wow really?
DentedPockets: The true answer should have been Minecraft
NonUniqueGuy: @Kairanie There should be an extension for you to vote on. For PC on the side or below
Solid_Fuel: 87% here though
MFT_Manny: fall guys a close 2nd?
chefryto90: really?
DiscordianTokkan: Fallguys came CLOSE. Wild
AdmiralMemo: It is
secretbranch: you can see specific stats
trilemma85: Did Tony Hawk remastered come out yet, or is that soon?
PinballWitch: 87% of this channel
mtvcdm: You vote through an extension on the channel overlay, should be the little bar graph icon on the left (on desktop)
AdmiralMemo: By 2%
TotallyNotaBeholder: Fall Guys took 34 yeah
RaklarLS: a lot of people couldn't get a switch
CaptainSpam: In our channel, it was windmill slam 87%.
Fugi: I think Valorant is probably doing better than you expect
EvilBadman: @TehAmelie That was Geoff Keighly
secretbranch: there's another dropdown
Diabore: fall guys at 34%
abyssaldm: Fall Guys has definitely split it
NimrodXIV: we said 87%, and that scans
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun we get the resuilts too Fall GUys is 34%
NonUniqueGuy: Fall Guys was 34% globally
Nuurgle: These are *REAL* gamers voting, not AC casuals
theneatestburrito: Two for two. LRR is the awards bellweather!
Simonark: I don't even PLAY Animal Crossing but it's just obviously correct.
Mikklun: the channel vote is more realistic
asddsa28: how do we vote
PinballWitch: Valorent is a pretty big deal too
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Hey, isn't that Adam's game?
Dandinstorm12: Last of Us is getting dumpstered
queenfounder: Split the room
TheNerdWonder: I don't play any of those games, but I enjoy watching Fall Guys the most
IbunWest: AC is the game i associate with the pandemic more than anything
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: The one that's like Monster Hunter?
asddsa28: how do we vote plx
Diabore: i wewnt with tlou
Foxmar320: Agreed G
mtvcdm: I say again, how did The Last of Us even get onto this list.
djalternative: @Fugi yeah. 9% is much better than I thought
sblue333: Animal Crossing definitely deserves it
Foxmar320: I still want to play it tho
GenghisAres: depends on how well they support it
Kerrisis: Animnal Crossing isn't everybody's cup of tea.
NimrodXIV: Fall Guys will be done in a month or two
Ryavis: I'm not seeing the voting options...
SkylerRingtail: *Shakes head* Fall Guys barely qualifies as a quarantine game.
gravity_pike: Graham, you can basically bully us into voting however you want. Surely you're noticed your powers of suggestion.
CaptainSpam: Fall Guys needs a constant feed of new minigames to have staying power.
gnome_friend: Bleep
codatski: Fall Guys feels like it is already starting to level out
Drathak: Yeah good luck with that lol
CaptainSpam: Maybe they'll pull it off.
TheNerdWonder: @asddsa28 look below the stream, on the left side. there should be a red and blue panel
AdmiralMemo: @asddsa28 Use the extension. If you don't see the extension, refresh and/or turn off adblock. If not... lrrFRUMP Sorry. lrrAWW
UrbanSamurai_22: Overlay dropped for me
RaklarLS: i still haven't seen a switch on sale since AC came out
sblue333: AC went mainstream, Fall Guys has not
Fugi: the extension isn't working for me either so I'm just guessing lmao
PinballWitch: im totally okay with everyone loving theses even if none of them are for me, cause i like seeing people enjoy things?
mtvcdm: Blaseball is a better fit for this list than The Last Of Us.
ritchards: Graham, are you presenting anything?
Anaerin: Fall Guys is basically a Virtual Takeshi's Castle. And we know how that sloped off.
Mikklun: Fall guys feels like it has been out for five minutes animal crossing is part of the fabric of mental health during pandemic
Decaped: yes, but Fall Guys cares about your butthole
ThingsOnMyStream: Just like the oscars: the one that comes out recently gets more votes. Everyone forgets the January releases
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Chat, should I buy Animal Crossing or Ghost of Tsushima?
ashteranic: new beats old.
pixelsatdawngaming: Um
Foxmar320: Wat?
SquirrelLord1111: What!
NarishmaReborn: he has that reversed
Simonark: My mother-in-law bought a Switch for Animal Crossing
Vanbael: Wat.
chefryto90: wut?
Fugi: He read it backwards lol
Duetic: That's their community
RaklarLS: ???
NonUniqueGuy: That is his channel
themlin: AC is also wholesome as f.
NimrodXIV: *his community
mtvcdm: This his channel
Solid_Fuel: no he got it backwords?
malc: wut
Easilycrazyhat: I mean...pretty much every streamer I follow plays FG regularly. It's wild.
Arclight_Dynamo: @mtvcdm Agree, but the release dates don't work out for it.
secretbranch: HIS community
EsperDerek1: Wut?
4dSwissCheese: He’s reading backwards
Mcgwee: fall guys is fun but unless they drop a bunch of new mini games everyone is gonna get over it
amative1: He totally read that backwards
PinballWitch: lol
gualdhar: what
Rhynerd: Fall Guys was the blue all along.
CaptainSpam: It... what?
sblue333: huh
Diabore: got it a little backwards
codatski: I think he messed up there lol
Unpronounceable: wut?
Anaerin: HIS channel voted for Fall Guys.
trilemma85: RIGGED!
Mcgwee: wut
djalternative: his channel
ShaneLeeAtk: Ummm...
EsperDerek1: Wow.
TheMerricat: Fall Guys reminds me of Totally Accurate Battleground Simulator, it's super fun and it'll be played forever but it's popularity won't be long lived unless they just spend massive amounts of money on expanding the game continuously
Dandinstorm12: uh
Vanbael: oh...thank god
TotallyNotaBeholder: His channel, okay
Dix: there we go
SquirrelLord1111: Oh
aussie_rob_w: Daaannnnnnn
Theoretical95: He read it backwards
AdmiralMemo: That was not communicated well
themlin: he did a good!
JosephDeath: Animal Crossing came out at the right time to be the true saviour. Fall guys is too new
asddsa28: yeah
Solid_Fuel: he did a miss america
BertZZ: Every game will struggle vs the Watch Dogs, Cyberpunk, AC Valhalla Triple punch at the end of October, so no Fall guys will not have the staying power
Arclight_Dynamo: "And the Oscar goes to..." Kappa
Foxmar320: Yeah
PinballWitch: honestly getting passed the goldfish memory of chat that's kinda impressive
Mcgwee: yeah AC releases at the perfect time
RaklarLS: how could a super depressing and harsh game be a savior of anything?
someguynamedDane: To anyone having issues getting the extension to work, its in a panel below the video
pixelsatdawngaming: I'm a sadist, what can I say
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah tlos2 was never part of that
Draynus: TF@ would have been more appropriate for that than the Last of Us
Diabore: i voted tlou, i wanted a game that showed a world worse than ours
Foxmar320: The last thing I wanted to play this summer was something SUPER VIOLENT
Draynus: *TF2
abyssaldm: If a game like Animal Crossing has got me playing it, someone who does not really like games of that nature, then yeah it's got my vote.
EsperDerek1: "Let's ignore our pandemic-riddled world by playing this game about a pandemic-destroyed world."
GenghisAres: cuppa tea and a brutal game
PinballWitch: plus all the hate from the "gamer bros"
ANeMzero: let's get very depressed in this game about a post-pandemic world in our.. post pandemic world
Vanbael: Last of us was...a thing? Like it wasn't a comforting game to start with
ThingsOnMyStream: Last of Us: the hot new party game
NimrodXIV: such a feel-good game
Inkompetence: I stopped watching Matt play TLOU2 because it was too depressing.
Eklinaar: I haven't been playing Wasteland specifically because I'm not up for a post-apocalyptic game right now
CururuGuasu: Not the feel good game of the year
Simonark: We aren't used to it.
TheMerricat: Last of Us II bringing the comfy feels as we wander in the morally grey area of massive massacres o
Dandinstorm12: hey Paul!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: I'm not used to it.
UnknownGerm: Also, there was so much baggage attached to TLOU
AdmiralMemo: I'm not used to it
Dix: DEFINITELY not used to it
RainbowPhoenix06: no we are not used to it
johnny: I HATE IT
pixelsatdawngaming: Resigned to it
TheNerdWonder: I've more accepted it more than being used to it
underhill33: I'm numb to it, I guess
NarishmaReborn: can we vote through this community? or do we have to vote through the main channel?
mtvcdm: I'm not
chibi_bento: why does this overlay keep blocking people and information?
TehAmelie: sometimes i like to watch Grave of the Fireflies when i'm sad and lonely, i can see it
Foxmar320: Im not
abyssaldm: H A T E
Dandinstorm12: I'm used to it
Arclight_Dynamo: NGL, I fell apart at the end of August. That's when my mental health spiral happened. So...
BrindleBoar: still forget my mask every other time I leave the house
RIPConMan: It's a lot like capitalism in that way
NimrodXIV: same
Solid_Fuel: I wanna play magic on paper agina!
Joalni: I'm too used to it.
Flyingdelorion: I am
Fugi: Rather than "most community votes" they should have done "community that like this option the most by percentage"
TotallyNotaBeholder: Little changed for me... my son on the other hand it sucks for my toddler
PinballWitch: I have chronic depression so my life hasn't changed that much sadly
AdmiralMemo: DansGame DansGame DansGame
Ba_Dum_Tish: I am an introvert so being at home a lot is fine.
johnny: lol
Mcgwee: numb sounds about right
Earthenone: its still march graham
Robot_Bones: I've grown accustomed to your Face
azkovo: Wait....it isn't March anymore?
djalternative: I mean, who doesn't love the mario party mode in TLoU2
white_whale1: I think that's just getting older
Mikklun: I am inured to it
PinballWitch: i do miss going to the movies about once a month, but otherwise that's about it
AdmiralMemo: It's the 8294th of March
eric_christian_berg: I'm disappointed we all don't dress like Stalkers to go shopping.
RealGamerCow: Everyone I know seems to be used to it and be over it and going to other states and restaurants and having parties and making me freak out
AshBurnem: I pilot an ambulance in the Southeastern USA, so I had to get used to it quickly.
Hadanelith: What even is time anymore?
Foxmar320: lol
GreayStone: march never ends ...
gravity_pike: I hit New Normal back in like June? It's like Old Normal, except I'm depressed all of the time!
SkylerRingtail: 6 months of absolute social isolation is not something people are used to. 1/3 of the US population are showing symptoms of depression and anxiety. :-/
Easilycrazyhat: @fugi Agree. Popular streamers are just gonna dominate that bit
Fugi: #ad
TheNerdWonder: @azkovo it's third march
Dix: lol called out
Ba_Dum_Tish: March Mattness continues
Solid_Fuel: # AD
mtvcdm: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! You can't do that here.
ChrisGMiller: Work from home normally... but would everyone else leave from time to time please.
lord_wertornion: time for product placement!
ShortRound2099: :(
Despoiler98: AND the Product Placement
underhill33: Chekov's PS%
TheEuphoGuy: Wow, subtle
Nuurgle: I'm one of 2 people that goes into my office and keeps the place running, so nothing has changed for me other than less people around me
diamondmx: But Graham, March was 5 years ago!
Vyous: G with the call out
GenghisAres: lol nice one Graham
Eklinaar: lol
Evochron13: #ProductPlacement
Foxmar320: Wow Day9 lol
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: lrrWOW
DentedPockets: Thought it was a router :p
DoodlestheGreat: OOPSIE!
johnny: it is BIG
Dix: Hah.
wurmbane: humble brag #productplacement
Dix: Big
PinballWitch: is that? is that an #ad #sponsered content?
SkylerRingtail: *Groans* This really is gonna be one massive ad
niccus: the first of five
BertZZ: I won't be used to it when Zendikar doesn't have a pre-release
Anaerin: Emphasis on "Big" and also "Elephant"
IbunWest: But does she have five PS5s?
EsperDerek1: This is going well.
pixelsatdawngaming: It doesn't look like an elephant to me
ThatOverKillGuy: LOL day 9 messed up big time
Despoiler98: GEE YA FUCKING THINK? since you keep FOCUSING ON IT
GenghisAres: I guess that's why Last of Us was on there
Omthebox: "That old thing" Kappa
beowuuf: rare miss!
CururuGuasu: Organic product placement!
TheNerdWonder: a white elephant maybe?
dantedad222: Who won the category?
amative1: As long as it's not FiveHundredAndNinetyNineUSDollars
Ryavis: Is the voting working for anyone?
Mikklun: that is the strangest lookng elephant ever
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: dantedad222 animal crossing!
safety___third: *gear crunching noises*
GreayStone: ps5
floki4242: what is this
Anaerin: Little did we know, Day[9] is streaming from inside an XBox Series X
trilemma85: Is the elephant hiding behind her PS5?
Ba_Dum_Tish: I loved that elephant game that was on W+P
TheMerricat: Chat that was 100% planned, Day 9 dropped nothing. They want to tease and keep your attention
Nuurgle: the elephant is hiding behind the PS5, it's THAT big
Decaped: someone photoshop a Nvidia GTX 3090 dwarfing the PS5 in the background
RIPConMan: the ps5 IS about the size of an elephant
UnknownGerm: hopefully this is the most blatant the advertising gets during this
Earthenone: pride51 hold these bits until the end
Simonark: That's not a sofa, it's a strategically placed ear
actionjb: I actually Day-9 plays those types of mistakes off really well
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Ryavis it works for me if you scroll down to the box below the "About LRR" description
TwitchTVsFrank: who didnt tell him not to talk about the ps5 lol
Dandinstorm12: speak of the devil
Drathak: That 6 months is a deal
Diabore: ah yes, the very organic place of directly in shot no where near a tv
AdmiralMemo: Support some creators! Here's my latinum! admira108Strip admira108Strip admira108Slip admira108Slip admira108Brick admira108Brick
dantedad222: Thank you @The_Ocean_who_Subbed I'm trying to watch while at work
Easilycrazyhat: @EvilBadman Thanks! That's better.
Dix: They fixed the unsub/resub bug and irked the hordes on Twitter. lol
gnome_friend: COOL TECHNOLOGY
Foxmar320: I really need to start pushing SUBtember I never remember
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: dantedad222 that's always a struggle
Dread_Pirate_Westley: She needs the elephant; it keeps people from looking at the 800 lb gorilla.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Nuurgle: voting is working fine, there's only like a 2 min window to vote though so it does nothing now
Fanboy_of_Bolas: so just 0 ways to participate on mobile huh?
Ba_Dum_Tish: lrrIAN Clip it to win it
PinballWitch: SUBtember means something very different in the BDSM community. I think it's the new CBT lrrBEEJ Cheer50
AdmiralMemo: Oh right, it's Sub-tember
Armyguy0: What i need to know @LoadingReadyRun will pual buy 5 PS5's?
floki4242: I'm so confused
Kikazi: Thanks @EvilBadman !
Solid_Fuel: i was so occupied by the ps5 i didn't even notice the elephant
CastleOtranto: Clip it, you nitwits!
beowuuf: highlight? that's day9!
Theoretical95: The technology of percentage discounts
Omthebox: Tick Clips that's the Cricket
DoodlestheGreat: WHY did Twitch pass up Ian's tage line for clips? Are they not human?
themlin: G, thats a seatbelt motto
Anaerin: On mobile, the controls are under the video.
stizzet: I'm on mobile, it is working
Figgyleaf: I thought, Grahm was part of this XD
AdmiralMemo: Some of the people here have said it works on mobile
mowdownjoe: Yeah, working fine on my phone. Wish I could vote on my TV, tho.
AnjaZeta: It’s working on my ipad
TwitchTVsFrank: works on my android tablet
4dSwissCheese: It’s not the smoothest interface in mobile, but it works
IbunWest: I had to link my account before it ould work on mobile.
queenfounder: It’s working on my iPhone...
Dandinstorm12: lol Graham
Foxmar320: Yep
secretbranch: Clip it or Tip it
EvilBadman: Aye
Diabore: @Armyguy0 i feel like enough of the crew will get one that lrr wouldnt have to buy more than 2
Anaerin: Clunk-Click every trup.
ritchards: that was around 6 months ago, 'cos I got a 6 month one 6 months ago
brannba11s: what happened to the cars from road quest
NimrodXIV: the word 'month' has now lost meaning
AdmiralMemo: Yes, clip it or tip it!
Dandinstorm12: chunk it or sunk it
asddsa28: i want ooblits
Despoiler98: boooooooo early access is lame
Solid_Fuel: who is that guy?
secretbranch: how can we vote for something we've never played
Nuurgle: Clip it, that's a Quibi
asddsa28: what noooo
aussie_rob_w: I like his glasses.
Anaerin: Clunk-click every trip. Or alternatively: Belt your kids.
Fanboy_of_Bolas: day9
Easilycrazyhat: Is grounded on there?
Diabore: pubg Kappa
Ba_Dum_Tish: I have played 1 early access game I try to avoid them normally. I want the final product
BertZZ: G are you presenting any of these?
Foxmar320: I almost never play early access
trilemma85: Do I want to spend 60 MosseBucks on Tony Hawk 1&2 Remastered tomorrow?
TheMerricat: Shipbreakers!
GreayStone: Torchlight 3
Foxmar320: lol
dantedad222: Is Hades hiding in there?
MWGNZ: gotta be Star Citizen right? Kappa
PinballWitch: Clump It or Lump It!
asddsa28: oo
brannba11s: lrrBEEJ
BusTed: Rogue Legacy 2?
Diabore: oh right, hades is still in early access
Arclight_Dynamo: But we play so many early acess games on W+P... sergeThinking
Loonatic93: Factorio?
Nuurgle: Tony Hawk is only 40 buck, not 60
Arclight_Dynamo: *access
AdmiralMemo: I played Million Ants Moving Company and it was fun. :)
Despoiler98: @MWGNZ you mean the ponzie scheme game?
Solid_Fuel: i played 0^0 -1
Foxmar320: Wow what was presented
Ba_Dum_Tish: G* is official
Fanboy_of_Bolas: so they're not even talking to gram?
Dergib: Are You presenting?
lady_abigor: I really wish you were a presenter.
MWGNZ: Despoiler98 yeah thats the one
DentedPockets: Think I'm more upset about the nominees for the categories than anything else.
gravity_pike: they payin' you for this, at least? Kappa
DoodlestheGreat: Probably not Tarkov. That's been out for ages.
Decaped: only the ones with the marketing budgets.
StageMgrRob: Satisfactory?
4dSwissCheese: Hades early access is my personal game that got me through the lockdown
trilemma85: @Nuurgle I think it's 60 in Canadian monies.
TheManaLeek: The nominees are known
mowdownjoe: @Diabore Can't wait for 1.0 this year, and a Switch release!
Foxmar320: Maybe not to be safe
KilrenKrae: spoil it yo
Diabore: i say wait
SkylerRingtail: Man I hope they're paying LRR for this, @gravity_pike
mtvcdm: The nominees are public knowledge.
Easilycrazyhat: we could just guess repeatedly :p
Theoretical95: Grounded?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Do we have to show ads during this co stream?
dantedad222: Is tony hawk out now?
TotallyNotaBeholder: Your Co-Stream G
themlin: tell us now
StageMgrRob: Wait...
DoodlestheGreat: Eh, let's wait until they announce.
AdmiralMemo: I say whenever the poll comes up
RobotInProgress: wait for the vid
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Zombeenie: I'm back wooooo
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ritchards: go go Chernobilyte?
AdmiralMemo: But yeah, Grounded should win, I say.
Simonark: "Webster's Dictionary defines Early Access as..."
brannba11s: What happened with the cars from road quest? lrrJUDGE
NarishmaReborn: we have to do the poll through their channel right?
aussie_rob_w: it sounds like Pablo is speech jamming himself.
Armyguy0: how do you open up the voteing thing?
Armyguy0: i lost mine
Diabore: @mowdownjoe i always forget hades is technically early access, it feels pretty complete
TotallyNotaBeholder: They're paying them with exposure
Fanboy_of_Bolas: hey I'm super confused. what's actually going on here?
Arclight_Dynamo: LRR is being paid in exposure.
mtvcdm: Poll (should be) up now.
aussie_rob_w: But that is just cause I have two streams up.
TheMerricat: But we are cool enough to show up on the list.
amative1: The full list of nominees is online, btw https://blog.twitch.tv/en/chats-choice-awards-2020
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Armyguy0 you can pop out below the About LRR section
djalternative: What about Devolverland Expo?
Easilycrazyhat: Easy grounded. Great game
Diabore: ah, the nightmare game
NarishmaReborn: how?
itsr67: please let ror2 be here
AdmiralMemo: @brannba11s Sold to a mechanic
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: (you may need to accept permissions)
TotallyNotaBeholder: Pancake Spiders!
Solid_Fuel: scroll down to see the voting stuff
Foxmar320: WOW thats the options?!
Decaped: what the heck is Hyperscape?
GenghisAres: Grounded is fun, needs more content but pretty solid
safety___third: k
Armyguy0: @The_Ocean_who_Subbed ty
Earthenone: havent seen or played any of them lol
Unpronounceable: I'm abstaining from this vote
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wow none of the above
CaptainSpam: I don't know any of these choices.
AdmiralMemo: Yes, Grounded plz
DiscordianTokkan: I've played none of these
Dandinstorm12: I've heard of one of these
TheMerricat: WTF only like 2 of these are worth crap
northos: oh man, Hyperscape. that hype seems to have died off real fast...
ChaoticObserver: Well, I know what's winning
SkylerRingtail: I can safely say I care 0 about any of these early access games.
TwitchTVsFrank: no among us ?!?
Dix: I don't know how to feel about Avengers
gravity_pike: Don't care.
Crokoking: was destroy all humans early access?
RunningMonkeys: what are these options
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I played *None* of these
Foxmar320: I have heard 0 good things about Avengers
The_ChartreuseKnight: How vote?
dantedad222: 2 of those is just old games re released
IbunWest: I voted for the one game I’m going to play
PinballWitch: Microtransactions, the game!
Ballistic_Meatball: I've played none of these
Simonark: Aren't they officially Macro-Transactions now?
Darleysam: windmill slamming Grounded, here
Arclight_Dynamo: Whoof. This is a list of games I have entirely not interacted with in any way whatsoever.
johnny: i am so out of this, I have heard of 2 of these....
lady_abigor: << wishing there was an option in the poll for "none"
Ballistic_Meatball: not this year
Diabore: i havent played anyt of these
DoodlestheGreat: Op, Avengers will win. Microtransactions and all...
sblue333: Tony hawk was cool
aussie_rob_w: I'm deeply disappointed in Avengers
SquirrelLord1111: Just watched Checkpoint, man I wanted avengers to be better
Dix: HOwever... THPS R gets my vote. lol
mowdownjoe: No Hades, no vote.
underhill33: I voted for the only one I've seen streamed
pixelsatdawngaming: Wow, that's not a good choice
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I'm two for two on votes I can't vote in
TheNerdWonder: they're redoing Destroy All Humans?
chefryto90: i wtached Grounded in Ben's channel. It was cool.
Ballistic_Meatball: Voted for the only one I've every touched
mtvcdm: Kinda a weak category
Despoiler98: I watched Hyperscape a lot its pretty cool
malc: I feel like the only one I won't abstain for is that favourite colour one
TheEuphoGuy: Yeah, none these are speaking to me
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: The_ChartreuseKnight below the About LRR section (on desktop) that allows you to vote
Foxmar320: Dix same
Solid_Fuel: vote for anything that does deserve it the least
Arclight_Dynamo: If you do not see the popups, look in the panels BELOW the stream.
CaptainSpam: I mean, I'll still vote Tony Hawk, just because Tony's still a great guy.
Drathak: He didn't play any of them?
WizardZedd: I'm on desktop, and I don't see any popup...
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4dSwissCheese: I’ve been hearing reasonable things about how Avengers turned out, but what a marketing disaster for such a huge franchise
Dergib: How do we vote?
TheNerdWonder: @LoadingReadyRun it's below your stream, not on it
Mikklun: Grounded only because of the checkpoint story about the spider slider
Fugi: It's (also?) a panel below the video
AdmiralMemo: If you don't see the extension, refresh and/or turn off ad-block
dantedad222: I voted based on which one I played and enjoyed back on PS2 lol
GreayStone: works fine on mobile
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun actually I think the extension for Loading Ready Run, on desktop at least, is below the actual video window.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Graham, I'll make a command for it
UnknownGerm: Now, when they say desktop, does that mean the app? because I've been watching via browser
Despoiler98: Yeah folks for me on desktop the extension is below the stream
The_ChartreuseKnight: Oh, thanks @The_Ocean_who_Subbed
Diabore: thats so much easier!
Flyingdelorion: Thanx evil bad man!
4dSwissCheese: (I’m abstaining from this one - just don’t have a dog in this fight)
AdmiralMemo: Where is the pop-out?
PigmyWurm: I dont see any voting ability on android, fortunately I dont care about voting on any of these
EvilBadman: lrrHEART lrrGRAHAM
Scy_Anide: I would vote if I could vote against Marvel Avengers.
TotallyNotaBeholder: That is cool, thanks @EvilBadman
Pteraspidomorphi: It's below for me. Thanks Ocean
TheNerdWonder: caster might have a different interface
Ristow: avengers is apparently quite a bit better than the demo suggested, but the demo certainly was disappointing
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !chatawards
UrbanSamurai_22: If you dont see the overlay on screen its down in the about channel section
dantedad222: It also is below. It is in both places
NarishmaReborn: thanks for the popout
Foxmar320: wat
Mikklun: you can tell the thing below the video to pop out
itsr67: ???
BusTed: It's like Marbles.
Dergib: Boo. I'm on console
underhill33: Wow
TheOtherTrevor: my one floating over the screen went away and wont come back. But I have the popout from below
AdmiralMemo: Aha!
Vanbael: is this like blaseball?
mtvcdm: LRRBot, your thoughts?
Fugi: what if marble racing but raptors
Simonark: There you are!
mtvcdm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #7087: "'Do you have a way to win the game?' 'No but my deck is really cool!'" —Graham and Serge [2020-08-02]
crooked_knows: Hey gang... What fresh hell is this??
Despoiler98: IM A DINOSAUR
Dandinstorm12: Oh that's a thing huh
Arclight_Dynamo: Fall Guys, but with bad graphics. Got it.
northos: ah good, the first fall guys clone >.>
RIPConMan: raptor fall guys...?
shaunleung: fall guys clones already?
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun below the stream there is a secondary window you can popout
secretbranch: fall guys meets marbles on stream
GenghisAres: It's Raptor Marbles
Easilycrazyhat: I have to mouse over the video in browser to see the pop ups. Maybe other people need that too.
Simonark: I saw you
mowdownjoe: I saw us.
evanperry2019: what even is life anymore
RobotInProgress: Yeah, for me the polling window was below the window for some reasons
theneatestburrito: Oh, it's like marble racing!
fullofliesandbees: Yeah, I saw us.
pixelsatdawngaming: Fall Raptors?
Nosser2: *gasp* I saw a LRR raptor!
TehAmelie: not sure i like this new season of Raptpr Aquarium
FelanEntane: doesn't seem to work on mobile if you are casting to the tv
RainbowPhoenix06: yup I saw Kate too
IbunWest: WarpWorld feenGasp
Theoretical95: I saw us!
AdmiralMemo: I saw us!
sblue333: I saw us
UrbanSamurai_22: i saw us
EVILmono: Genuine Crayola colour names include Drunk-tank, Puke, and Goose Turd Green.
abyssaldm: This looks like Marble Race
codatski: I saw us for a moment
Despoiler98: LOL
BusTed: Oh, cute.
beowuuf: sounds like fall guys :p
Despoiler98: GO RAPTOR BOY
BibitteNoire: Mine was hovering on the stream, and I refreshed and it dissapeared, so I had to use the pop-up poll
secretbranch: r i g g e d
mowdownjoe: Ahh... if not us, why not Northernlion?
CaptainSpam: We lost! I guess!
TwitchTVsFrank: rileyqRigged rileyqRigged
AdmiralMemo: Come on LRR Raptor!
secretbranch: paid raptors
NarishmaReborn: ok, now we have to win
DiscordianTokkan: riiiigged! lol
TotallyNotaBeholder: #PaidRaptors
DownThereInTheValley: laviniRigged
4dSwissCheese: We tried...
AdmiralMemo: i saw Kate's
Diabore: ah, they respawn
Foxmar320: Where is our raptor?
malc: !findquote raptor
LRRbot: Quote #238: "I'm basically a raptor." —James [2015-05-05]
Ba_Dum_Tish: This is weird
beowuuf: the real raptors were the dinos that got yeeted along the way
2Flower: what.
BertZZ: It DID float on the stream then I checked on Poki and came back and it was not floating on the stream anymore
crooked_knows: This is... a thing
Mikklun: Ours is blue?
aussie_rob_w: I spotted Kate!
TehAmelie: who put this together? it looks better than a lot of W+P games
RainbowPhoenix06: i think this is a strict upgrade to Marble Racing
Zombeenie: LoadingReadyRaptors
Ba_Dum_Tish: Loading ready Raptor
Dandinstorm12: I saw Kate get close earlier
Juliamon: LoadingReadyRaptor
MyBuddySuperfly: what IS this?
Unpronounceable: I'm confused at what this is
Fanboy_of_Bolas: oh that's unwatchable
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: If you need to get the popout window, the command is !polling
Despoiler98: that was funny as shit
TotallyNotaBeholder: God Day9 is such a good host
pixelsatdawngaming: ALAN
trilemma85: R E P T A R S
Solid_Fuel: why is his name day9
Dix: !polling
Dandinstorm12: ez
Mortimew: katesLurk
InquisitorGaia: rigged, i saw northerlion get through twice
2Flower: Go Dons.
Draynus: My grade school self has been pandered to and I don't know how to feel about it
Simonark: Hope For The Best Because You Can't Affect The Outcome, 2020!
Easilycrazyhat: No comment. Only subscribe.
Dandinstorm12: grounded eh
Diabore: grounded for chat and global
Easilycrazyhat: Grounded's a cool one.
Mikklun: Spider slider is a neat concept
PinballWitch: doing for the #clout?
Goorguy: I've heard only good things about Grounded
Foxmar320: Interesting
IbunWest: Giant bugs are a big nope.
Diabore: oh, a tie vote
PinballWitch: I don't even know what Grounded is?
Foxmar320: Im surprised Avengers is tied
Dimometer: atleast it wasnt avengers
Foxmar320: That should be dead last
mtvcdm: Grounded is the one with the slider spider
TheMerricat: Avengers looked crap.
aussie_rob_w: I didn't know THPS1+2 was available to play in beta
Ba_Dum_Tish: Avengers looks awful
WhalePlaid: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Easilycrazyhat: @PinballWitch Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the game, basically
asddsa28: if they had goos games on the list
engineerbudy: I thought it was better than expected
GenghisAres: Ground is fun
Dandinstorm12: Graham "Not good" Stark
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I've got no idea who any of these streamers are
djalternative: abismal
codatski: It's okay Graham, you can tell us how you really feel lol
PinballWitch: oh
AshBurnem: I highly doubt that many folks actually tried Avengers.
Figgyleaf: I've nevr even heaed of hyperscape...
lady_abigor: Agreed. It looks like overly rushed crap.
johnny: OH god
trilemma85: Not good for Tony Hawk or for Avengers?
Decaped: Marvel's Avengers it the Fantastic Four of gaming movie tie ins
Vanbael: I'm not interested in Avengers any more tbh...
Foxmar320: Graham you absolute hero
aussie_rob_w: :(
ANeMzero: I didn't get through the Avengers demo, it crashed after the iron man flight sequence and I was just like.. that is enough
PinballWitch: god that was absurd
mowdownjoe: Avengers should've just been a single player game. No Destiny Live Service nonsense.
Dandinstorm12: god why
fluffyvampire42: id rather play destiny than avengers
Arclight_Dynamo: None of these games interest me, but then I'm the sort of guy who gets excited about the yearly Interactive Fiction Competition, so...
UnknownGerm: Yeah,coming from the newest checkpoint that game looks like hot monetized garbage
Zombeenie: What if we charged our players for content TWICE?
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I just watch Vinesauce and LoadingReadyRun
aussie_rob_w: oh, was that for Checkpoint this week?
dantedad222: Yeah I will probably never touch it
NotCainNorAbel: but you got a good story out of it
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Plus my friend's streams
Joalni: I actually think I might like it. It's not a GOTY contender, but like Marvel movies, it might be ok enough to like.
Mikklun: I was just curious which birthday party actors were playing the Avengers in that game
Nuurgle: microtransactions for it are 100% cosmetic, I'm fine with whatever I can get in game
TheMerricat: I hope you at least got some Checkpoint material out of it Graham. So it wouldn't be in vain
AdmiralMemo: @Easilycrazyhat HISTK, but no one knows you're shrunk and there's no way to get back currently
Ba_Dum_Tish: When you have to write a very long post about your microtransactions in a full price game something is wrong
pixelsatdawngaming: Does anyone actually care about Hyper Scape?
Tantusar: Quick, shill the Amazon release!
Foxmar320: It was a great episode
Flyingdelorion: The demo was fun to play, but nah not for me
mysticsage1: it makes me sad to see a game from marvel be so empty
Easilycrazyhat: @AdmiralMemo And bugs are trying to eat you XD
Solid_Fuel: lrrCREEPL_TK lrrCREEPL
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: I am also hype for THPS
kumatsu: I just got home from picking up groceries and went to watch Checkpoint until I remembered that this was a thing
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun what did you vote for?
johnny: I just got notified that Tony Hawk Shipped to me
AdmiralMemo: @Easilycrazyhat I mean, the bugs were trying to eat them in HISTK too
Ba_Dum_Tish: I did love THPS as a kid
Despoiler98: yeah avengers looks so lame its everyone in different colored iron man armor
PinballWitch: I voted Tony Hawk, but 3 was the one I played the most for sure
aussie_rob_w: Any chance of you and Jer doing a THPS1+2 stream together?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: PinballWitch hey same!
SAJewers: any plans to stream tony hawk?
UnknownGerm: Streaming that game is going to present...problems though
Easilycrazyhat: True, true
Foxmar320: Im more hype to watch THPS im terrible at that kind of game
Flyingdelorion: Tomorrow I'll be skating the whole evening I think!
theleerm: love Pablos voice
Dandinstorm12: day9 with the punchout
aussie_rob_w: The THPS 2 stream you guys did is a deeply fond memory for me
mtvcdm: what
PinballWitch: Tony Hawk 3 was the one that really broke the TH games into the mainstream, that was such a wild time
RIPConMan: amalgamated D:
Agl0vale: I got a headache just listening to you talk about the avengers, I cant imagine you actually having to read all of it @LoadingReadyRun
Easilycrazyhat: we vote good
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: go do a good vote
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
Foxmar320: Someone proud of Twitch chat?!
AdmiralMemo: We are doing dem votes
TheMerricat: Marvel has always fallen on it's face in it's video game outings that aren't spiderman.
Vanbael: we vote well
Diabore: we doin the good vote stuffs
underhill33: We're doing the Lord's work
azkovo: Way to go us!
GreayStone: Yay us
DiscordianTokkan: We vote real good
abyssaldm: I'm really good at clicking a button @LoadingReadyRun
crooked_knows: Senpai noticed us :)
Goorguy: Had no idea this was happening but this is actually kinda neat
PinballWitch: can i vote like this in november?
Despoiler98: *facepalm*
Molladia: Day9 Looking kinda sick to everybody else? or is it just Isolation Hobo chic?
UpstageJMC: We're doing the Lords work.
Solid_Fuel: ?????
PigmyWurm: Graham's level of enthusiasm is perfect
Foxmar320: lol
evanperry2019: didn't know i could wrong think while voting
gravity_pike: Not sure that the "flush this garbage down the toilet" metaphor is going to land immediately following, "thank you for this chance to represent Latin America."
Dandinstorm12: ok chat, you do a good vote, I'ma go play Medival Total War.
aussie_rob_w: clever girl sounds perverted?
IbunWest: Day9 praised me. feenAww
PinballWitch: it's not that good
Easilycrazyhat: How...is that perverted? o.O
Theoretical95: What?
AdmiralMemo: @PinballWitch I have... issues... with that... Check out Tom Scott regarding digital voting
lady_abigor: I don't know about any of you but I'm going to need a stiff drink to get through the rest of this show.
codatski: Hey Sean, roll it back buddy
Foxmar320: Oh Bruce
Drathak: Oh I know this person
aussie_rob_w: I recognize that guy!
2Flower: We clicked on things! We are good clickers!
Zombeenie: hey why doesn't graham get a wrestling intro?
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I wonder if we're gonna show up on the stream
Goorguy: This is the only level Day9 has
Foxmar320: Someone I actually know of
turningblu: Jurassic Park?
lemmel: Day9 doesnt know either
PinballWitch: oh look it's one of those guys I really can't stand...
abyssaldm: I guess we're a click now?
4dSwissCheese: Spontaneous banter in hard!
DoodlestheGreat: Probably related to Greene's channel.
Kikazi: I think he was just stretching
DiscordianTokkan: Day9 seemed like they were vamping for time and just... Words.
TheMerricat: Team Fortress 2 an option?
secretbranch: I'm voting for RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
patbaer: This is a weird TTSF.
djalternative: oh. Bruce Greene. An actual professional host.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Day9 constantly looking up makes it looks liike he is constantly sarcastic
RainbowPhoenix06: live interaction with digital interfaces? Is this a sneaky training for Desert Bus?
ChaoticObserver: Day9 is a curious entity to me
PinballWitch: Back when he was with Funhaus Bruce Green was super transphobic
Diabore: i vote lrr
Arclight_Dynamo: What the hell does "Top of Twitch" mean?
WonderfulGlory: Isn't it always just League of Legends?
AdmiralMemo: I've done that like... 3 times... ever
Unpronounceable: What does top of twitch even mean?
Despoiler98: YES
Earthenone: thats what beej is for
safety___third: top of twitch 2020 is definitely chess
Mikklun: @abyssaldm a cliquey click clique
TheNerdWonder: I rediscover LRR every day :)
TheMerricat: @Arclight_Dynamo the most streamed game?
Foxmar320: I really only watch LRR channels
BertZZ: Its Vallorant though isnt it?
SkylerRingtail: LRR is effectively the only channel I watch. A microcosm of good peeps in a sea of...well, Internet
johnny: DesertBus
aussie_rob_w: @PinballWitch ooooh that's disappointing.
secretbranch: I only care about the game that's 8th
Zombeenie: It's gotta be xbox live Pandemic
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DadicusRex: thankyou for being an amazing oasis of peace and kindness in a really crappy world! I doubt I could have made it through this year without you guys.
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ljsauk: I'm trying to watch here and at NortherLion, but the stream is like 1-2 seconds off and I can't tell if it's better or worse this way
kumatsu: It's time to hurt demon feelings?
underhill33: I feel like I live in a LRR twitch bubble
Arclight_Dynamo: But, isn't that... like, objective fact? How do we vote on that?
kumatsu: I should watch Evil Dead the Musical again
ritchards: I just always assume it's League of Legends
GreayStone: LRR is the only reason I come to twitch
EvilBadman: Like when GamesDoneQuick runs, the top game on Twitch can be literally whatever
ChaoticObserver: Chess clearly, chess streamers getting esports deals now
Easilycrazyhat: You did it better, G
DoodlestheGreat: Right now, top game is GTA V, followed by L.O.L.
eric_christian_berg: We are all huge dorks. :)
AdmiralMemo: Can we get back 18 Games and Counting? Kappa
Diabore: i kinda just sticck to lrr adjacent streams, although i have a few outliers due to magic interests
Foxmar320: lol
Robot_Bones: The 18th is the only game that matters
TheMerricat: @underhill33 that is a good way to consume twitch tbh.
PigmyWurm: you did it better
SpiffGames: Graham's read was better
Vanbael: you read it better G
Solid_Fuel: Copycat!
mtvcdm: Poll up now (hopefully).
Foxmar320: How dare!
Despoiler98: G is the OG reader
NarishmaReborn: trendsetter graham
MyBuddySuperfly: spoilers, Graham
TheNerdWonder: copy copier!
Elfowlgirl46: i appreciate graham giving us a behind-the-scenes look, haha
DiscordianTokkan: He copied your copy!
kumatsu: same as Diabore, LRR adjacent, and some speedrunner spillover
DentedPockets: Abstain
Easilycrazyhat: He copied the copy you copied (verbally)?
trilemma85: That's why it's called "copy".
UnknownGerm: G has a much better speaking voice
TotallyNotaBeholder: Pity chess wasn't on there
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
mowdownjoe: @ljsauk Ehh... I couldn't multi-Twitch this if I wanted.
AdmiralMemo: I'm voting GTAV
InquisitorGaia: i want to vote for none of these
ANeMzero: I haven't watched any streams for any of these games
Serifina: I'd vote for Jackbox if I could
Dix: GTA RP stuff could be
dantedad222: Fall guys all the way lol
Drathak: GTA 5 RP is really big
KeirenH: Among Us has been trending recently
Easilycrazyhat: FG is cool enough and raised a shit ton for charity, so they get it from me
Solid_Fuel: is it the game of the year? most definetly not GTA
Diabore: (its not gta5 online)
NightValien28: honestly rather any of those than fortnite
SpiffGames: League is always a strong contender
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: How has this been completely irrelevant to me so far
Despoiler98: I think the iconic game is LoL
TheMerricat: No TF2, I abstain!
TheManaLeek: GTA RP stuff is such a weird world
Mikklun: MTG Arena?
AdmiralMemo: Yes there is a TON of FiveM
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I've not watched any of these games
Dix: lol CoD
v_nome: A whole league of them?
Zombeenie: Honestly I don't like any of these rn but Fall Guys give sgood content
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think the only one of those I watched was Fall guys
Anaerin: I'm surprised no Minecraft.
SkylerRingtail: Given all these other games and the companies behind them, gosh I hope Fall guys wins
aussie_rob_w: I'm voting GTA V, but not because of online, because of GTA V single player mods
queenfounder: I don’t like the game, but I think no one can say fortnite has t been on top
Nuurgle: Call of Duty: PUBG
CaptainSpam: Call of Duty P'zone.
PinballWitch: only 2 of these games are even from 20202?
trilemma85: For me it's paper magic via webcam.
Unpronounceable: Fall Guys is the only game I think I'd watch, sooo....
Robot_Bones: A league of their own legends
PinballWitch: 2020?
BertZZ: WE can say
Diabore: i dont know, what was shroud playing recently? its probably that
Serifina: But yeah, I voted for Fall Guys.
Vanbael: no MTG Arena :(
niccus: us twitch voters like warcrimes
VmKid: A delicious Call of Duty W'Zone
patbaer: Only this summer.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Mainly because I do love old Takeshi's castle stuff
Arclight_Dynamo: Surely there's an objective answer to this! We have metrics!
Mikklun: I abstain
dantedad222: top of 2020 is totally fall guys
Vyous: I think this will be telling as to the demographic of the watchers of this event.
Foxmar320: Yeah Fall Guys is the only game id watch
IbunWest: How are any of these games nominees?
Deadjackpit: I hope its fall guys
Fugi: Actual answer: Fortnite #1, League of Legends #2
Solid_Fuel: #AD
TheNerdWonder: what's being played
ChaoticObserver: GTA Online because its hilarious to watch how broken it is
Easilycrazyhat: What a beard
pixelsatdawngaming: This is just illustrating to me that I'm not a typical Twitch view LUL
Nosser2: I would have said Escape from Tarkov but that's probably just what I watched a lot of.
PigmyWurm: this is just a show to tell me how out of touch I am with twitch
LackingSanity_: ?
Ba_Dum_Tish: #ad
Drathak: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
DiscordianTokkan: Top of twitch 2020, soooooo Fall Guys, since I don't give a fig about any of the other ones
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Look, advertising
2Flower: Which has the least toxic cesspit of nightmare players?
Goorguy: Is this just replacing twitchcon this year?
Earthenone: tony hawk?>
kumatsu: I heard you like ladders, G
Diabore: ngl it is a nice looking console imo
DentedPockets: Bad opinions of a bad console design, lol
theleerm: i only care about one of them so thats the one i voted for
TehAmelie: was that two PS5s at the same time?
Kikazi: I wonder how they pick these poll options
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I might pick up Tony Hawk, I'm not sure
PinballWitch: hey Tony Hawk, he's an actual good guy!
NimrodXIV: sir, do not have sex with the console
aussie_rob_w: GTA V Twitch Votes Chaos Mod is my favourite twitch game of 2020.
Dergib: Not getting vote option on mobile
AdmiralMemo: That's a WEIRD game
patbaer: Oh, we talkin' Bugsnax?
TheMerricat: @IbunWest has a valid question that you might have already answered Graham, do we know how the nomination lists were generated?
TheNerdWonder: that looks bizzare and amazing
Unpronounceable: I'd have voted PIU if it were an option for the two GDQ showcases
ritchards: G, do you know if any of LRR clips are in these bits?
Drathak: BUG snax is so cool
Nuurgle: I still don't.....BugSnax....what?
TheManaLeek: Alf?
Diabore: welp, fall guys wins
Easilycrazyhat: Wait wut
Vanbael: Alf?!
underhill33: WTF
Serifina: WHAT
AdmiralMemo: Suddenly ALF
Serifina: ALF
mowdownjoe: @TehAmelie We all know we're waiting for the 5 PS5s video.
NightValien28: why is alf here
Serifina: WHY
Serifina: why alf
DiscordianTokkan: ALF?!
CaptainSpam: Alf's back, in Twitch form?
NonUniqueGuy: I missed Alf?
Easilycrazyhat: Hide your cats!
Grothe406: Game Awards
bennguyen200: What is happening ?
trilemma85: I missed ALF on Twitch?
PinballWitch: Alf is back, in Stream Form!
NightValien28: fugi why is alf here
RassilonDND: I'll have to watch the vod but hey chat. when was voting available for this?
Serifina: where did the alf come from
Joalni: I like that title drop
WonderfulGlory: This whole thing is a clever excuse to get us to watch ads.
Ba_Dum_Tish: I thought Alf got kidnapped by the goverment
pixelsatdawngaming: Alf was always on Twitch. Alf is Twitch.
NimrodXIV: I have questions
NotCainNorAbel: Alf in Twitch form
mtvcdm: Just hanging out
Foxmar320: It was a good reveal except I already knew about it weeks in advance from leaks
EsperDerek1: Watch people do fake exaggerations woo
CastleOtranto: Alf is back! In POG form!
Nuurgle: Demons' Soooooooooouls
aussie_rob_w: VILLAGE shifting into VIII was SO good
CururuGuasu: Alf’s back! In Twitch form!
MyBuddySuperfly: dead people hanging from a helicopter and that music, what
Drathak: Have you seen adam and ben?
PinballWitch: I'm excited for RE 8 cause RE 7 is my favorite and I want more like it!
Omthebox: Adam and ben might be
SkylerRingtail: That's not a bad thing Graham
PigmyWurm: Ben almost is
Despoiler98: please no
Serifina: pls no screm
Vyous: Please don't scream more
Anaerin: React to these Reactions, some kind of Reactive Ourobos...
AdmiralMemo: I mean.... Get Ben and Adam
CaptainSpam: Aaaaaaaaaa.
mtvcdm: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at https://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun/clips (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
kumatsu: Scream more 2020
fluffyvampire42: thats what lets nope is for
NarishmaReborn: i mean sometimes
IbunWest: Alf was the Twitch game of 2020. Y’all watch Darbian’s speedruns?
InquisitorGaia: use ben and adam
TheOtherTrevor: Lets Nope?
Foxmar320: Thats what Lets Nope is for
NightValien28: please no graham
EvilBadman: Tell Adam and Ben
Dix: Where's Adam getting loud? Kappa
ANeMzero: plz no screm
chibi_bento: adam could be....
gravity_pike: you've got your Yellbois
Vanbael: We got Adam and Ben for that
lamina5432: you have the loudmen
FrozenNitrogen: We have let's nope
MillerDark: Get Ben and Adam on it
UnknownGerm: I do wonder why they have formatted the awards show this way. By design, the co-streamers *have* to talk over the hosts
TristalMTG: That's okay, we're not popular enough to make it to these channels either.
crooked_knows: Graham's to do list: Do a scream.
Solid_Fuel: adam and ben screams good
codatski: That's what you have Ben and Adam for
TwitchTVsFrank: please dont scream more lol
Diabore: SO hyp[ed for new horizon
notthepenguins: graham plz
MyBuddySuperfly: call Ben, Adam and Alex??
Ristow: I think Adam's reaction to Monster Hunter a few years back was good enough
PinballWitch: you just need to feature Ben and Adam more?
Arclight_Dynamo: "...nice." - Graham, reactiong
Nuurgle: !shh
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun I'd argue Ben and Adam do a good job of it. :)
KharadBanar: „vote on your favourite reactions to advertisements“ um thanks i‘d rather not
AdmiralMemo: Ben and Adam will get you reactions
DakSomm: isnt that what adam and ben are for
onethousandneedles: Adam and Ben are gonna be working all the OT
Juliamon: !addquote (Graham) [now] Maybe we should scream more.
LRRbot: New quote #7167: "Maybe we should scream more." —Graham [2020-09-03]
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: @LoadingReadyRun I appreciate specifically that you do not scream
Eklinaar: Just give Ben and Adam a lot of sugar
NimrodXIV: and more pointless camera changes!
RainbowPhoenix06: I thought that was Adam and Ben's Dept?
Tiber727: I think those people are annoyingly overreactive.
NonUniqueGuy: I know just the pair to get to scream more
SoldieroFortune: More screen time for Adam, then, eh?
Serifina: no screm
Quaseymoto: Please don't.
RassilonDND: graham needs a comically large pen
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think Adam Ben And Alex can handle that
patbaer: Gotta have the Let's Nope Boys co-stream events
lady_abigor: Alex , Ben and ADAM = Scream Queens!
Joalni: Remember when Joker was announced for Smash? Kathleen had a similarly hype reaction without too much screaming.
niccus: (write it down louder!)
MyBuddySuperfly: no paper writing, it's 2020
Easilycrazyhat: I'm glad they didn't exclude non-english speakers. That's cool.
Kikazi: I can tell you put a major flourish on that note, Graham
Theoretical95: Perhaps we can be the one channel that's super chill that they put in the middle of the montage for comedic effect
NarishmaReborn: heck yeah
Foxmar320: I need to play the last Spiderman game
crooked_knows: CRASH
PinballWitch: isn't it just dlc tho?
GenghisAres: they're just so disingenuous to me
AdmiralMemo: Hype for this!
aussie_rob_w: okay but I love the choice of black dudes being super hyped about Miles.
EsperDerek1: I love how these 'reactions' are just 'promos'.
aussie_rob_w: I love that.
Mikklun: Scream more act completely unnaturally and as though bedlam had an escapee
v_nome: I too am glad Miles is getting a game.
MyBuddySuperfly: people are very enthusiastic. It's 2020
Foxmar320: Are you gonna stream the new Crash?
Easilycrazyhat: FG by a LOT
bennguyen200: Beej
aussie_rob_w: FG by a million miles
BertZZ: My GF is a big Crash fan and she is hype
secretbranch: huge margin
mtvcdm: Yeah, this one wasn't close
actionjb: Outa these options its easily fall guys
DakSomm: its the only one you guys have played really
Dix: And FG cleaned up twitchwide
kdefinition: I'm looking forward to spending 1/3 of the game playing as miles, and the other 2/3 playing as regular humans
CaptainSpam: We seem to agree on many topics.
Robot_Bones: yeah can we get a G play it forward for the new crash?
FelanEntane: doesn't let's nope cover the screaming for lrr?
kumatsu: I feel like this poll might have some recency bias.....
Pterodactal: Bassically the one we've played
CaptainSpam: ("we" as a channel)
secretbranch: twitch.tv: cheating is encouraged
AdmiralMemo: More LoL in this channels fans than in general
Ba_Dum_Tish: uuuhhhhh
EvilBadman: I find it weird that PUBG fell off the face of the earth
Foxmar320: Time to cheat!
Diabore: warzone surprisingly in second accross twitch
Despoiler98: WOW cheating is encouraged
mtvcdm: Fortnite barely staved off fourth place.
TheMerricat: wow fall guy blew away the competition globbally
Girl_Ephemeral: twitch not banning the US military
crooked_knows: Wowzers
Kikazi: almost nice
Goorguy: Rip fortnite
2Flower: Which game has a player base you can tolerate for double digit minutes?
Solid_Fuel: wait cheating in elections is ok?
DiscordianTokkan: 67? So close to nice
Foxmar320: Time to rig all the votes :D
TristalMTG: Best Graham on Twitch
djalternative: "Cheating is encouraged"
Easilycrazyhat: FG is just too...everything right now
DentedPockets: Choose the least likely winner :p
psychopez: i'm about to start a game of my league of ledgends casual league
r10pez10: cheating? i'm in
Theoretical95: It's not cheating, it's influencing the vote
IbunWest: feenHappy
eric_christian_berg: Whichever category has the new Serious Sam.
PinballWitch: Gambling? I'm in!
JDogg2K4: Difficult like I'm told I am, or difficult like a hard video game?
Despoiler98: LETS DO CRIMES
WonderfulGlory: Is MTG nominated for anything? We could probably get everyone to vote for that
Mikklun: Its just like real elections
Foxmar320: LOL
patbaer: let's cheat!
IbunWest: Cheating yay feenHappy
malc: !findquote cheat
LRRbot: Quote #5681: "It's not cheating, it's just pulling a Serge!" —Paul [2019-01-04]
Diabore: yup
pixelsatdawngaming: WE ACCEPT BRIBES
CaptainSpam: SCHMACK.
Vanbael: not. even. close.
gualdhar: #InfluencerGraham
DakSomm: if day9 told you to jump off a cliff...
gravity_pike: if Day9 told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Kappa
safety___third: going between channel and overall and seeing league barely move is kinda cool
Solid_Fuel: lol
Drathak: Lotta garbage this year so far boss
queenfounder: How many categories are there? Roughly?
Zombeenie: @Mikklun topical
DiscordianTokkan: Ultimate Knockout inDEED
actionjb: Fall guys is much more entertaining on twitch then everything else
theleerm: sergeHolyMoly
mtvcdm: That's Fall Guys' first crown of the night.
Questhere: ultimate knockout indeed
ANeMzero: During a messy breakup: "Day9 said it was okay to cheat"
GenghisAres: 13
Foxmar320: Settle in G
BertZZ: Not surprised that Poki's channel voted LoL
AdmiralMemo: Let's hope we get into the results at least once
Dog_of_Myth: Forever....
CaptainSpam: There are eight hundred categories.
Diabore: when you have 5 options, and 1 gets FIFTY percent, thats a wholloping
malc: surprise! 100 hours
NightValien28: do you have food ?
aussie_rob_w: GTA V voting channels primarily Online/RP streamers
PinballWitch: just the rest of 2020, 47 more years
ChaoticObserver: 4 hours but they tell you 2
MRForceOFWill: why are we not on there
Pteraspidomorphi: I'll go get chips
UnknownGerm: when she misspoke vote, I thought she said "vore" and I was like "TOS!"
Zombeenie: It's just
Zombeenie: so fun and pure
RobotInProgress: become one with the SLUDGE
gravity_pike: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 51:03.
EvilBadman: So probably 120 more minutes
wurmbane: oh good. 23 more PS5 commercials
ApodoNuevo: 2020: Yeet Yourself into the Slush Below
TheOtherTrevor: Just Yeet yourself into the slush.
Tiber727: If Day9 told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? I ask because I'd have a difficult time saying no.
MyBuddySuperfly: that's almost 2 years
Solid_Fuel: graham! GET FOOD
NightValien28: uh oh
eric_christian_berg: I have nachos!
Despoiler98: Oh no H
DentedPockets: Do you have water, shelter, and fire?
Despoiler98: Oh no G
Zombeenie: yEeT
Foxmar320: Its ok if you need to eat your shoe Graham
PinballWitch: maybe there will be an intermission?
gravity_pike: So, 4 more hours, yeah?
NightValien28: get food
fluffyvampire42: order some pizza
Drathak: Someone order this man some pizza stat
TheNerdWonder: someone uber eats him something
KeirenH: until Fall Guys came out, I don't think I would have considered anything to be in any way "the twitch game of 2020"
NarishmaReborn: packing some cake into the mail now
Dog_of_Myth: G needs food badly.
AdmiralMemo: You have time to get food, Graham, before the next vote.
lady_abigor: NO FOOD!!! GET COFFEEEEE!!!!
mysticsage1: order food now lol
mitomanox: got food!
Despoiler98: Get yerself some door dash
Vanbael: !advice
LRRbot: Fire is not a kickable substance.
lamina5432: call help need food
Arclight_Dynamo: Fire doesn't burn on the mooin.
Dix: how easy to commons burn? Kappa
kumatsu: pls do not burn down the moonbase
NightValien28: NO
aussie_rob_w: The electricity in my computer counts as a fire
Easilycrazyhat: No fire in the Moonbase, G!
ANeMzero: It's not even TTSF yet
novrdd: wait there's Mariiiiii
ChaoticObserver: Transitions!
MyBuddySuperfly: yet
mtvcdm: LRRBot on point
Mikklun: LRR folk please send assistance to the Graham
NotCainNorAbel: it's okay, during the muscal number you go get food
novrdd: O.O
Foxmar320: You can burn the Xbox One, no one uses it
PinballWitch: overclock the pc until it burst into flames?
mitomanox: i cooked it myself!
Ballistic_Meatball: Sooo... Binging LRR live while this is going on.
TehAmelie: "some form of heating" is good enough probably
Diabore: wow, lrrbot on point
ritchards: Fire is lrrHEATHER domain
AdmiralMemo: *Graham sets the streaming PC on fire* Kappa
GenghisAres: then I can eat the fire, pure energy
CururuGuasu: Adam leave any Sour Patch Kid stashes?
DiscordianTokkan: *buy a boat voice* I should set a fire
Conrii: It's 2020. Fire in the office is expected at this point.
SquirrelLord1111: Overclock the gaming PC
Goorguy: How flammable is the Moonbase?
Vanbael: Lrrbot never lets me down
TotallyNotaBeholder: Just heat a sandwhich on your lighting rig
Kikazi: CurseLit
NotCainNorAbel: Beej won't mind
DakSomm: twitch chat is the voice that tells you to light fires
TristalMTG: You guys should own Victoria by now
ANeMzero: No fires in the moonbase outside of TTSF
eric_christian_berg: Does the S in SFTP stand for snack, 'cause I'll send nachos.
Despoiler98: Holy shit did anyone notice THERES A PS5 THERE?
Dog_of_Myth: @Foxmar320 lrrWOW
Foxmar320: I believe you
mitomanox: feeling adult!
theleerm: !fire
Loonatic93: Aski Mari about making fire. Or, having her torch snuffed out!
Figgyleaf: I believe you, Grahm
kumatsu: Graham's not even in my top 3 of people I'd expect to burn down a moonbase
Zombeenie: oshit
UrbanSamurai_22: we will be fine. Its not the game awards with commercials every 10 seconds
Solid_Fuel: scripted! should clip it and call it a crapshot
TotallyNotaBeholder: Last words, sounds ominous
amative1: You're such a good writer G*
Zombeenie: latest sony brand router is in the background
TehAmelie: cat looking at newspaper meme: "I should start a fire"
novrdd: it's about to end....
Foxmar320: Dog_of_Myth I didn't say anything thats not true :P
djalternative: You lost that security deposite a long time ago. You can start a fire.
mitomanox: almost beej!
DakSomm: can we cheat that too
TristalMTG: If not Victoria, at least an ownership stake in YJ and the Parsonage
ChaoticObserver: @Despoiler98 Its been noticed. There's more later it looks like.
codatski: Come on G, if you wrote this they would actually be funny
MRForceOFWill: oh yeah of course LLR is full of great writers
novrdd: im lateeee T-T
Diabore: @Despoiler98 day9 did, and we dont think he shouldve talked about it yet
GreayStone: I vote ian
mtvcdm: Obviously Heather's up top
JDogg2K4: I now want to see this list
AdmiralMemo: Ian, Ben, Paul, THEN Graham
asddsa28: hether is my first
TotallyNotaBeholder: James for me is both top and bottom of that list
AranMathai: Depends on whether it's intentional or not.
safety___third: Ian is surprisingly low on that list
AdmiralMemo: Oh wait, Heather yeah
NightValien28: no not the bottom, near the bottom though
Unpronounceable: Ian is definitely first
PinballWitch: without graham and chat this would be unbearable. I think I'm gonna need more edibles
v_nome: Is Paul the bottom of the list?
NimrodXIV: Ian is absolutely #1
theleerm: whats your ranking graham?
Despoiler98: I know its just so fucking obvious
gravity_pike: what is beej's fire-ranking?
DoodlestheGreat: My list is a tie between Ian and beej.
DiscordianTokkan: Are we talking Willing or Unwilling fire burn down? Because Ian
patbaer: Matt is at the bottom, I assume.
RainbowPhoenix06: i would put Serge at the bottom I think
someguynamedDane: LUL
BertZZ: Paul is top
Dix: Jeeeeeeeeze
Foxmar320: Wow spoilers
MyBuddySuperfly: that lady is in the future!
Naarius: Day9 how could you
northos: lrrWOW
Easilycrazyhat: Bad Sean
Zombeenie: idk
mysticsage1: it depends on the day really on that moonbase fire list
JDogg2K4: Yeah, serge has to be at the bottome
Despoiler98: DAY 9 YOU MONSTER
EvilBadman: @RainbowPhoenix06 Sweet summer child
gravity_pike: ian #1 🔥
malc: lrrWOW
NotCainNorAbel: Ian or ben accidentally,
ANeMzero: James normally: Bottom of the list James singing Caillou: Top of the list
Arclight_Dynamo: I think Ian is the only one to have actually unintentionally started a fire in the Moonbase.
RobotInProgress: Beej or Ian are a split vote for me in burning down the place
InquisitorJL: no, heather is clearly bottom, someone else would be burning it down for her
TwitchTVsFrank: ian, alex, then james
Dix: just lean into the "I'm gonna ruin everything" there Day9
MrTulip: 1. Ian 2. Ian 3. Heather
Foxmar320: I remember that!
ljsauk: Spoilers D:
Ivalenz_: Accidental or intentional?
Zombeenie: arson based insurance claim
MRForceOFWill: Wow Day9
DentedPockets: That was a good award show!
TheArchitectX: Intentional or unintentional moonbase fire?
mitomanox: lrrGRAHAM graham you're the best. cool, calm, collected!
underhill33: Oh right
Dix: FIVE years ago G
kumatsu: Oh yeah, I forgot abotu that one
lamina5432: Ian is def top likely
djalternative: G's like number 5 at least.
NarishmaReborn: it was great too
UnknownGerm: That was neat
Zombeenie: not totally unbelievabl3e
TheMerricat: 1. Ian, 2. Ian with Beej, 3. Heather
johnny: you should write the award show for the VISFF
Dix: Good lord where has time gone
Theoretical95: I want noodles now
Dergib: I put paul at the top of that list
TotallyNotaBeholder: How was it seeing Wheaton perform your material?
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: So are WE gonna show up on this stream at some point?
Agl0vale: serge is the top of the list doing it completely on accident, followed by beej and Ian
Phailhammer: I think that list would depend on whether we're talking IRL or cH.
itsr67: now I just want ramen
NarishmaReborn: it had the expeditions reveals at the end
TristalMTG: I still do not want Cup Noodle
aussie_rob_w: "Snape kills Dumbledore" has overtaken "Darth Vader is Luke's dad" as The Spoiler
Solid_Fuel: don't eat streamers!
Anaerin: Gently caress that noodle.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Dix stop making me feel old, I was actually AT that show
TheNerdWonder: I don't believe there's no instant ramen in the moonbase
PinballWitch: i just had dominos
kumatsu: @Dix What do you mean, it's still March lrrBEEJ
Dix: i SHOULD have been at that show
eric_christian_berg: Graham, favorite cup o' noodle flavor?
niccus: what's the best cup noodle
Zombeenie: What beautiful phrasing, @Anaerin
ChainedDreamer: Do you feel old yet, Graham?
hyralt: My top 3 burning down the moon base 1: Ian (obvs), 2: Alex, 3: Kathleen (on purpose)
pixelsatdawngaming: What's this category?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Dix eh, it ended up fine
UpstageJMC: Serge has taken a kids ear off.
Foxmar320: Oh
dantedad222: So it is gonna be a while then lol
TristalMTG: Did you get starstruck meeting Wil for the first time? Do you still?
underhill33: ???
TheNerdWonder: Snerge
lady_abigor: Ian, Adam and Cori
novrdd: best Character!!!
niccus: my current favorite is black pepper crab
Dix: yeah it did @The_Ocean_who_Subbed
NightValien28: were there games this summer?
DiscordianTokkan: I have some Nongshim Tonkotsu downstairs...
Mikklun: There are a great many candidates for who burnt down the moon base it should be some kind of LRR live clue/ cludo
MRForceOFWill: @UpstageJMC WAIT WHAT
Solid_Fuel: freeze the image and run for food ? :P
PinballWitch: is Isabelle on there? Cause she's the best
Naarius: Does the Fall Guys twitter account count as a character?
Zombeenie: A yes
patbaer: Games came out?
safety___third: I can't even think of 5
Anaerin: I'd go with U+2607 as my favourite character.
Theoretical95: So Isabelle is gonna win?
AdmiralMemo: @NightValien28 Fall Guys
Zombeenie: the titular character
Zombeenie: the Fall Guy
NightValien28: AdmiralMemo hahahah
Solid_Fuel: too hard
Vanbael: Top three for burning down the moonbase: Ian, Heather, Bartelby
DentedPockets: Cloud's an option then.
Foxmar320: Replace Graham with a looping gif so he can get food
Dergib: Paul could set it up to do while he is away
Flyingdelorion: Link
Goorguy: Mario?
NightValien28: besides fall guy
AshBurnem: Samus Aran.
NotCainNorAbel: Dante
Josherm: Vivi lrrHEART
kumatsu: @Anaerin Strong choice, strong choice
Foxmar320: wow yeah
djalternative: Can we count Luka?
Easilycrazyhat: I have a soft spot for Mordin Solus
DakSomm: necro from D2
Diabore: @MRForceOFWill you should go watch the panelists
MWGNZ: a straight block from tetris
patbaer: Chie
Drathak: That fridge man?
PinballWitch: my favorite game character of all time is Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI
Zombeenie: The Plummeting Individual
lady_abigor: I feel this would be the beginning of the 1st annual LRRawards.
2Flower: Guybrush Threepwood.
GenghisAres: or Bender
gravity_pike: Steve Minecraft
Zombeenie: aka Fall Guy
TotallyNotaBeholder: Fridge or GoW character
ritchards: From discord chat the other day: Spyro
Flyingdelorion: Lol brick from Tetris
kumatsu: Johnny Fiveaces
Robot_Bones: Marcus is a cartoon though
AdmiralMemo: Now we need a fridge cartoon man
DiscordianTokkan: I have no idea who Marcus Phoenix is
JDogg2K4: Always happy to see straight block from tetris
Despoiler98: HEY its all about the L Block
abyssaldm: No one supports L block
Unpronounceable: Fav. Character, I'd probably panic and go with Quote from Cave Story
novrdd: hm.. i like boxy lady from tom rider lel :p
TheNerdWonder: Ghandi from Civ
KharadBanar: glados
Foxmar320: Grass Block
Mikklun: pacman
northos: maybe GLaDOS for me
abyssaldm: I love L block
Zombeenie: Refridgerator-kun
Despoiler98: @abyssaldm LOVE THE L BLOCK
asddsa28: gladose maybe
Arclight_Dynamo: Eff it. Atrus.
TheMerricat: I've got to be honest, as much of a parody he became as the games went on, Master Chief is still my favorite VG character.
TehAmelie: mine's Terra from FF6, almost twinsies
KeirenH: Halo is a really cool dude
aussie_rob_w: I mean, Straight Block from Tetris is the single game element I'm always happiest to see.
safety___third: the straight line from tetris, the hero we need in these trying times
niccus: we're fine with earthworm jim going away
FrozenNitrogen: fblthp?
GenghisAres: Halo is a real cool guy...
TotallyNotaBeholder: Bah, down with PacMan it's all about Ms Pacman
Dimometer: manny calavera
amative1: My favorite is Megan. Y'know, Megan Lovania?
Theoretical95: Watch a league character be in there
UrbanSamurai_22: Cortez from timesplitters
mtvcdm: I like Any Key To Start
patbaer: Funko pops, take a drink
sblue333: Mario, but only till march
RunningMonkeys: Zelda is really cool, I really like that sword.
Zombeenie: No one appreciates L-block... :'(
AshBurnem: Sophia NORA III?
aussie_rob_w: I like her, she wrote her own copy.
DiscordianTokkan: Nice
TheNerdWonder: that's cheating!
DentedPockets: Professional!
Diabore: also apparently keanu reeves is FIFTY SIX
Foxmar320: Smart
Easilycrazyhat: I think people that don't know who Samus is would think she's a guy, though
PinballWitch: quality
DakSomm: shes a pro
ashteranic: My favorite character is the chozo battle armor.
mtvcdm: Poll should be up now.
Nuurgle: she's goen rogue!
pixelsatdawngaming: She's off book! Stop her!
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
safety___third: and she's even looking at the camera sometimes!
theleerm: fancy ffancy
Solid_Fuel: Of script? ?!?! red alert!
Serifina: Are you gonna be on the main stream, G? :p
Flyingdelorion: That green guy...Zelda!
Dergib: Piranha plant
EvilBadman: It's a shoot, brotha
Anaerin: I'd go with "Atrus". Not to be confused with Aitrus.
PinballWitch: well i know grahams vote!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: it me! I definitely picked myself.
asddsa28: well
theleerm: Y O U
gravity_pike: Oh, come on, day9 barely read his script
asddsa28: shit
Tantar: yeah, I am the best
CururuGuasu: Mutiny!
Diabore: ah, one i have stock in
NarishmaReborn: thanks TIme magazine
TheManaLeek: I'm my favourite character!
novrdd: don't like Ellie
Foxmar320: Sorry I saw Tifa and stopped
ritchards: You worked for Time
PinballWitch: which is probably what i voted
novrdd: ugh
NightValien28: oh ellie is going to lose
fluffyvampire42: i picked tifa
NotCainNorAbel: I was a TIMES person of a year once
UpstageJMC: He mentioned it on an episode of The Panalysts.
Eklinaar: Graham, what's your video game character's gimmick?
GDwarf: Aerith was roobed!
GenghisAres: voting Ori
Goorguy: I'm voting Tifa based on your play it forward G
NightValien28: ellie downright sucks
Serifina: I had to vote for Tifa.
Unpronounceable: Why Tifa and not Aerith?
RainbowPhoenix06: I love your AC character G
Diabore: winner
Zombeenie: Ori all the way
mtvcdm: Tifa
sblue333: wow
Serifina: Even if Aerith was even better
NightValien28: oh yeah TIFA
Omthebox: I know none of these options
Unpronounceable: She had a chair
kumatsu: I still haven't played the new Ori, since console exclusivity
novrdd: ORI!! i love ori
Theoretical95: That's like Time's person of the year in 2006
Evochron13: there's really only one answer
Dix: that's cheating?
AdmiralMemo: I can't decide between Ori and ACNH
DakSomm: but ashley johnson
Easilycrazyhat: Still need to play Will of the Wisps
PinballWitch: Aerith was robbed, she's so great
Vanbael: Tifa, because she can suplex anything.
Arclight_Dynamo: So...
KeirenH: Does... Ori actually have character? I like the game, but...
ChainedDreamer: BEST GIRL!
Omthebox: even the my character option
Earthenone: whelp teenage me has a dog in this race
4dSwissCheese: Gotta be Tifa for me
Nuurgle: Norio's like the 4th most interesting character in Ghost!
Zombeenie: G
IbunWest: Aerith was 100x better
gravity_pike: Tifa for wifu of the summer
TotallyNotaBeholder: Don't think Ori will win against Tifa, but I like Ori
TheMerricat: I refuse to vote for Tifa in any competition that doesn't have Aeris listed too
RainbowPhoenix06: I found the cheat answer lol
DiscordianTokkan: Gotta vote for Nice Lady whomst does a Punch
MrTulip: don't care for ff, but do love me a punch-kicker
ChaoticObserver: Where's Jessie Twitch?
Zombeenie: You have actually been a video game character
TehAmelie: unlikeable characters are cool now, i was gonna suggest Mae Borowski
BertZZ: Oh the Monk, interesting choice
NightValien28: aerith would be better
LackingSanity_: e
TheNerdWonder: Tifa's good, but I'm a Jessie man
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
Zombeenie: And were cool
amative1: Hmm, I wonder what Graham, noted FF7 fan, is voting for?
Easilycrazyhat: "And here today...!"
safety___third: come on in, you
Dergib: Tifa obv win?
Mikklun: This is like time person of the year 2006 does any body else remember that mirror cover issue
trilemma85: My favourite video game character this year is the coin that flips and has Ben's face on one side and his butt on the other.
AdmiralMemo: Yes, we have Tifa in the studio. Kappa
Joalni: This is the first one I actually have to ponder.
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: They really are showing off that PS5
mtvcdm: One of our nominees is in attendance tonight
TristalMTG: FF7? Reeve or Riot
DoodlestheGreat: My character would be Stella from Spiritfarer.
PinballWitch: that would break quarantine
ashteranic: "and gets outside more"
secretbranch: same
ljsauk: I feel like all but Norio aren't from this summer tbh
Solid_Fuel: harsh graham
Foxmar320: Same Graham
theleerm: me but fashion
Diabore: i feel like tifa definitely wins this chat
Zombeenie: She has certain character assets
PinballWitch: Wedge!
Omthebox: I didn't play any of these games OpieOP
IbunWest: Aerith was a delight every time she was on the screen.
NightValien28: he has more t-shirts than you G
dantedad222: Lol
Dix: I know right InTheLandOfTheRisingSun? That is a DECIDELY Specific crop job on Mari
AdmiralMemo: Quaranbeard
Dog_of_Myth: !poll
Foxmar320: OH! I want that beard!
GenghisAres: does your character even express a personality beyond blank slate
PinballWitch: why not my goofy big boi?
pixelsatdawngaming: Ellie actually has some character
TrophyBuck: I mean the coolest thing about my AC character is a Doom hat :/
ritchards: now if it was Kenji from Ghosts...
codatski: Graham don't subtweet me like that
Figgyleaf: That's adorable, Grahm <3
Eklinaar: I had a quarantine beard before quarantine beards were cool.
Foxmar320: Ive only had Gulivarrr once
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun whos behind you?
Draynus: minus that one person who gets cut off
asddsa28: and your sister
kumatsu: Look, 2 Starks
RainbowPhoenix06: @LoadingReadyRun I love that your wand looks kinda like a mono pod for vlogging
Dix: Sadly Bloody isn't streaming right now
JDogg2K4: I especially like the person Graham is covering up
laskoreadscomics: KATE
v_nome: Bloody seemed cool.
Earthenone: it you!
KilrenKrae: my ac char was my oppurtunity to present as female for the first time
trilemma85: Heroes of Fitness are pretty cool.
aussie_rob_w: Hang on, I'm on two channels, but both my widgets are showing the same votes. I wonder if it's counting me towards both communities...
ashteranic: i recognize one of them on that first page
Zombeenie: But how are your AC avatar's vlogs?
amative1: aaaaaaand it's Tifa
TheMerricat: Why did they set up the overlay so that it covered part of their slides?
TotallyNotaBeholder: All my favorite Streamers are Here, and (Insert Streamer you don't like)
novrdd: whoaaah
AdmiralMemo: I know.... 3 of that list
ChaoticObserver: Well, interesting
dantedad222: Pirate beard go
CaptainSpam: And whoever's in the lower-right of page one will be forever hidden.
Diabore: tifa takes top slot!
MRForceOFWill: LLR \
Foxmar320: Graham gonna need you to narrow it down
RobotInProgress: who?
Bartlebad: That....narrows it down?
PinballWitch: i only know 3 of these and one is here?
Officinalis: Nice diverse crew
ChaoticObserver: I did not think that'd be a win
mowdownjoe: Which one, G? Kappa
patbaer: I know.... some of those!
Anaerin: Oh, Hello SwiftOr. Didn't notice you there. :D
DiscordianTokkan: Eyyyy, best girl won
Ba_Dum_Tish: It looks like you a vlogging your stream in that image
Solid_Fuel: wait what??!??! tifa won??
Mikklun: two Starks?
Oliin: Sadly ... which bearded white guy?
NotCainNorAbel: strange setup of Guess Who
Dix: Bloody's roomate took her to the hospital like 45 mins ago
UnknownGerm: Oh weird, I'm following SpawnOnMe, but they're not showing as being live
Zombeenie: oh hey it's Tagg!
BibitteNoire: 2 starks!
TheMerricat: Wow Elle got slammed
Diabore: oh wow, ellie got a lot of votes
ChainedDreamer: Yes! Best girl won!
mowdownjoe: (NorthernLion is literally the only non-LRR-adjacent one I'm aware of.)
TehAmelie: more and more i like how Kate got that four letter channel name. it sort of stands out
mtvcdm: Our votes so far have all been 'the winner but moreso'.
TotallyNotaBeholder: Go LRRaptor
AdmiralMemo: Also, thank you for BeerFest 2019, Graham :)
dantedad222: more raptors?
ChaoticObserver: Wait, gifted subs if your raptor wins
Easilycrazyhat: awww
Foxmar320: Pets!
PinballWitch: LRRaptor!
ChaoticObserver: Did I hear that right
underhill33: OOH
Drathak: It's a pander but I'm for it
RainbowPhoenix06: Baxter?
Despoiler98: YES moar Baxter
Dix: More of Ben's Danger Noodles
mtvcdm: You can pet the following dogs
Foxmar320: Oh i wanted real pets
kumatsu: I mean, you DO need more Baxter content
Solid_Fuel: kevin!!1
PinballWitch: yes! more baxter!
JoeTrollo: DOGGOS
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh. I thought it was going to be streamer pets.
Arclight_Dynamo: Boo.
ThatOverKillGuy: i cant believe elle got the votes she got
patbaer: I want more of Ben's snake.
tehcrashxor: katesLoaf
rzrdrgn: Needs more disaster cat
Diabore: this is very diofferent than what i thought this would be
Kikazi: I was really hoping to see Loaf
NimrodXIV: Kathleen's had Baxter on a couple times
NightValien28: not the far cry six one
Unpronounceable: More Baxter content still sounds good though
abyssaldm: KITTY
MrTulip: there's a far cry 6?
Theoretical95: pspspspsps
Foxmar320: FOX petting!!!!
novrdd: laviniHype laviniHype laviniHype
ljsauk: I'm so hyped for stray
pixelsatdawngaming: I guess people like Final Fantasy? Not played one :P
Sheikun07: Any game that lets you pet the animals is a good game
TotallyNotaBeholder: I want to play Cybercat Sim
northos: I like that they logged that lol
Stoffern: So the trend for LRR is that we vote for the same winner as overal, but we go even harder for the winner every time
AshBurnem: Moar Baxter pls. We need an Baxter emote or three
Arclight_Dynamo: There we go!
j0xer: who came up with the poll options for this?
Foxmar320: I NEED THAT game
Easilycrazyhat: Ok, wheelchair dog has up-d my opinion of FC 6 a bit
Bladinus: katesLoaf
NightValien28: MrTulip there will be and it is awful
AdmiralMemo: OK now there we are
niccus: do not attempt to pet foxes in real life
Despoiler98: Face SMACK
PinballWitch: i just backed a kickstarter for a zelda style game with a pet capybara and it looks so cute!
aussie_rob_w: I was FULLY expecting a clip of katesLoaf
Serifina: Okay, good, Tifa won
EvilBadman: Ghost of Tshusima is very good, tbh
Foxmar320: I need to pet the fox!
itsr67: god if they showed alinity
DakSomm: how many LRR members have pets?
Nuurgle: TemTem!
fluffyvampire42: temtem
JDogg2K4: Yeah, TemTem
Anaerin: Digital Monsters?
Arclight_Dynamo: @aussie_rob_w Ditto.
AshBurnem: TemTem is boring.
EvilBadman: Yes, that not pokemon from Crema and Humble ;)
NimrodXIV: Baxter's been on the Island Tours
Nuurgle: SAIL!
TehAmelie: i for one am looking forward to Pika's cat petting game
Easilycrazyhat: XXD
TheNerdWonder: fuzzy pikim looks amazing
Foxmar320: hahahaaa
RainbowPhoenix06: now that IG has a tiktok esque feature will we see the return of baxter "vine"
AdmiralMemo: I knew it!
TrophyBuck: bahaha
ashteranic: poor kitty
underhill33: Oh no
MRForceOFWill: lol
UnknownGerm: SAIL
Dix: Yes hello this is dog
ChaoticObserver: I loved Can You Pet The Dog tweeted you can't pet the dog in Super Mario 64 and showed a large chain chomp.
DiscordianTokkan: Poor kitty
NightValien28: no he is not okay
TrophyBuck: seconds before disaster
novrdd: laviniHype laviniHype laviniHype laviniHype
Foxmar320: Kitty!
Theoretical95: RACOONS
pixelsatdawngaming: Smol cat
TrophyBuck: WHY
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: um
Foxmar320: lol
AdmiralMemo: Haha
ashteranic: hahahahha
aWabbajack: feliciaRaid feliciaRaid
DiscordianTokkan: Wat
Joalni: Was that Nsberg?
NightValien28: TRASH PANDAS
safety___third: illegal in most states!
SquirrelLord1111: wheelerMulderce wheelerPig wheelerMuldr wheelerMuldp wheelerMuldcb wheelerMor
deadeyedan5012: WTH is this?
ANeMzero: Live from Nsberg
someguynamedDane: Trash pandas voxyHappysad
PinballWitch: but where is the cutest twitch pet, Shiro?
4dSwissCheese: Trash pandas!
RIPConMan: maya :)
TwitchTVsFrank: raccoons?!?!
rzrdrgn: Casual trash pandas
Loonatic93: NOOOOOO! You do not keep racoons! That is a horrible idea!!!!!!!
Easilycrazyhat: Repeat after me: Wild animals aren't pets
Flyingdelorion: Sly Cooper?
Figgyleaf: If a cat spends that long calculating a jump, you know they're gonna F it up
gravity_pike: you can just go to the park and get a raccoon. they're free.
novrdd: laviniHype laviniHype laviniHype
AdmiralMemo: Legal in Nsburg
niccus: they are not pets
DakSomm: Trash Cats need love too
Scy_Anide: It's ok, they're probably quarantine shuffle cats.
Dix: molamola :D
mtvcdm: katesLoaf
RIPConMan: she's quite literally a professional
Lord_ZYRK: Maybe YOU don't
TwitchTVsFrank: raccoons are mean
NightValien28: some of those people are very loud
Agl0vale: maybe YOU dont @LoadingReadyRun
GreayStone: trash panda
Lord_ZYRK: FishMoley
patbaer: katesLoaf katesLoaf katesLoaf
AshBurnem: My cousin had a shufflecat as a pet for a long while.
PinballWitch: how was Kibler and Shiro not on there?
ljsauk: tom nook -- pet?
gravity_pike: That's "yeet" to me, teens!
patbaer: WHERE WAS SHIRO?!??!
Tingeltangelibach: damn
aussie_rob_w: katesLurk snubbed
Solid_Fuel: well tifa won but i don't get it
Tiber727: @Easilycrazyhat A tame raccoon sounds neat, but they get aggressive when they grow up.
kusinohki: no pics of shimmer 1-38?
Anaerin: Oh yes, Sean, it is Hype, and indeed as the kids say "Pog" and indeed "Champ"
NightValien28: ew
Zombeenie: Ori got snubbed :(
Easilycrazyhat: Wait, was "YOUR CHARACTER" supposed to by the streamer character?
Loonatic93: Although, we did have raccoons as pets momentarily when I was a kid on the farm.
TrophyBuck: ehhh depends on the streamer lol
dantedad222: Big Mood
RIPConMan: #mood
irish_ferret_: big mood
PinballWitch: why wasn't it Isabelle? everyone loves Isabelle?
Foxmar320: Yeah I don't rank my character very high
AshBurnem: Large emotional state.
MRForceOFWill: 2020 has been CRAP
kumatsu: I'll be honest, Day9 has always been a bit ?????? to me
eric_christian_berg: ME?
Arclight_Dynamo: "Everything sucks, especially me."
novrdd: I'm boring :\
AdmiralMemo: I'm me, and I'm not a fan of me.
theleerm: m o o d
Sheikun07: My character is Miku so I'd vote for her
aussie_rob_w: Isabelle might have taken it.
underhill33: AC me is way happier than real me
Tiber727: How did Ellie win that?
Anaerin: Isabelle x Doomguy
NimrodXIV: huh. my pop out says Tifa for both, not Ellie
TheNerdWonder: oh yeah. Isabelle hands down
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yeah making it your character is weird
Foxmar320: Marshal
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Merengue replaced Ketchup on my island.
kumatsu: the popout says how the stream you're voting on voted, I think
aussie_rob_w: Cup's community really likes Ellie
TheMerricat: @Tiber727 that's her channel.
Nuurgle: this is HER channel, not the overall
kdefinition: Shit, Isabelle with the Doom Eternal memes would have smashed it outta the park
AdmiralMemo: Sherb yeah, for real
CastleOtranto: I changed my AC outfit today because Ketchup made fun of me.
TheNerdWonder: @NimrodXIV that's HER channel, not the overal results
Solid_Fuel: Drake
Loonatic93: @Tiber727 Ellie only won on her channel.
PinballWitch: Isabelle x Doomguy is the best thing to come out of 2020
Diabore: @NimrodXIV that pole is her specific chat
2Flower: Isabelle from Doom Eternal
GreayStone: except nook
Foxmar320: Yep Tifa :D
Despoiler98: YES
NightValien28: ah there you go
laskoreadscomics: GOOD.
j0xer: Max LOVES tifa
Unpronounceable: Cheating worked!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Poor Ori, but no surprise
CraziestOwl: Tifa should be last
Easilycrazyhat: Ori's so cute
Bladinus: agreed PinballWitch
djalternative: Yeah. Isabelle the dog from Doom Eternal was the best.
AdmiralMemo: lrrHEART Ori
novrdd: poor Ori... :"(
Diabore: ellie got more than i wouldve expected
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I think the videogame character that's most like me is my own Mii
JuniorRoll: Anyone know why I can vote on other streams, but controls don't come up here?
ThatOverKillGuy: i wasent a fan of her charactor in the game at all
kusinohki: result of those games not getting played on this channel??
TotallyNotaBeholder: I forgot about the Doom/AC crossover, that was fun
Tiber727: @TheMerricat I didn't notice that. I was distracted by remembering how much I hated TLoU2.
MrTulip: is norio have character?
Crokoking: Norio is also a weird choice - you get to him very late in the game
Ba_Dum_Tish: Tifa, the early age one punch lady
NimrodXIV: I wanted the blob from Carrion
Foxmar320: Oh no
TehAmelie: Doomguy was not included in the poll for fairness reasons i assume
TheNerdWonder: the bobomb from Origami King would have been an interesting pick
underhill33: o_O
MRForceOFWill: oh boy
Easilycrazyhat: "Best Sword Guy of 2020"?
CraziestOwl: Poor ori
PinballWitch: ooo
dantedad222: 2? O.O
Diabore: oh, a split, is it to get a divide in the answers?
trilemma85: Is Cloud's hair one of the options?
BertZZ: but I have not played FF7 or The remake
Nuurgle: If picking Ghost characters, Kenji is like tops.
TristalMTG: Don Corneo got robbed
eric_christian_berg: Carrion would've had my vote.
aussie_rob_w: wait, is Tifa related to Agatha Fisty? Like, is Tifa her niece or somethin'?
EvilBadman: I just Remake. I quite enjoyed it
Sheikun07: Should have let us vote for Marlene
PinballWitch: Why not Hell House?
MrTulip: doomguy not included for the safety of the other participants
Solid_Fuel: ori looks so nice
Diabore: i should play ori
kumatsu: I'll pick up Ori when I can play it on Switch
4dSwissCheese: Carrion blob does feel like a sensible avatar for 2020
NightValien28: play both ori games
PinballWitch: everyone loves Hell House?
F1SHOR: ori is good
Murklan: everyone should play Ori
TheNerdWonder: I'm watching Jacob play through the FF7 remake. He's a joy to watch
novrdd: yeah more people should play Ori games
j0xer: the indie game on the bottom no surprise
Loonatic93: I tried playing Ori. But I kept on crying everytime I tried it.
Figgyleaf: I guess 4&5 are tied...
PinballWitch: oh yeah totally
Foxmar320: I miss Agatha Fisty
JDogg2K4: Jacob has a stream?
patbaer: Gordon Freeman Fall Guy shoulda won
Arclight_Dynamo: #AgathaLives
Omthebox: Foxmar320 👀
therisingtithes_: Ori looks like a very charming story that requires the kind of hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes I have never had.
PinballWitch: Tifa is of the Nibelheim Fisty family.
EvilBadman: @JDogg2K4 ysbrdgames
Dog_of_Myth: Where do we vote here?
Naarius: Oh yeah, Ori will try to attack your feels points directly
kumatsu: We Punch Agane
MrTulip: ride what?
eric_christian_berg: Carrion Blob for President, 2020.
DoodlestheGreat: Speaking of Agatha Fisty....
TotallyNotaBeholder: Agatha Fisty will always live on in our Hearts
Diabore: fisty is coming
TotallyNotaBeholder: And the old vods
Phailhammer: Fiiiiiiisty! Fiiiiiiisty!
aussie_rob_w: i CAN go back and watch Agatha's previous adventures
JDogg2K4: Thank you @EvilBadman
NotCainNorAbel: someone start the music so we get to the next category
kumatsu: I actually just did a punch Fallout 4 run myself, had fun
underhill33: Boston
PinballWitch: That joke was just for you Graham <3
aussie_rob_w: which I think I'll do later today after this stream.
EvilBadman: Playing as Tifa in FF7:Remake is so damn fun
novrdd: wait.. does mari "sponsored" by PS?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Fisty will be back as queen of the Most division
Easilycrazyhat: Both sound dirty...
aussie_rob_w: And after Checkpoint.
asddsa28: that got me
ChaoticObserver: A Twitch Orchestra! There we go
Anaerin: The Massecheusets Fisties, if you please.
Molladia: Katamari Damacy will be the December Boss
mtvcdm: !polling
Foxmar320: Tifa was so much fun
Kikazi: ^
F1SHOR: tiffs needs her own spinoff
Serifina: I mostly played as Aerith if I possibly could
chrono2x: The extended Fisty family is wide ranging and always up for punchin'.
Solid_Fuel: they still around?
PinballWitch: Ive only been playing mainly Cloud, I want to go back after and do it as the other characters and let Cloud be the AI
aussie_rob_w: guys why are you sitting SO CLOSE
ThatOverKillGuy: FAVRITISM!!!
Foxmar320: Im looking forward to Remake part 2 for more Tifa times
Ba_Dum_Tish: Oh Smosh still exists?
UnknownGerm: hoo boy
asddsa28: o these guys...
PinballWitch: i still haven't beat it tho
DiscordianTokkan: Who?
TheNerdWonder: Can't wait for them to surprise Graham with a presenter slot
pixelsatdawngaming: Why are they so low down in the frame?
Joalni: There's that Twitter account that does showcase videos of cool game battles and Tifa is a regular in those. Such good combos.
novrdd: damien and shane
aussie_rob_w: they're NEXT to each other
CanvasWolfDoll: bad social distancing
Dog_of_Myth: Put Tifa in Tekken you cowards
Serifina: Do we know who all is presenting?
asddsa28: yesss
theleerm: i thought Smosh was dead
TehAmelie: i'm holding out for the Tifa & Aeris AU spinoff
asddsa28: why are they here
aussie_rob_w: I thought Smosh got smashed
Foxmar320: Yeah I thought Smosh was dead?
CururuGuasu: Thought they said Snorsh for a moment
DoodlestheGreat: Would rather have SNORSH games!
NonUniqueGuy: Another company bought the IP and it came back. Or something like that
Dergib: Who is mari?
GenghisAres: I think Rhett and Link bought them and are supporting them now or something
AdmiralMemo: Snorsh > Smosh
Zombeenie: I don't understand either, G. Mostly because I wasn't paying attention.
crooked_knows: Which one is Smosh?
Eklinaar: I have no idea who Smosh or Mari are.
Loonatic93: The weird thing is, I only know Mari from Survivor. Don't even know what Smosh is.
PinballWitch: Graham, where do you think the next part will end? I figure it's either gonna be Gold Saucer or Nibelheim depending on how much they add. If they add as much as the first one, it'll end at Junon tho.
chefryto90: Yeah. Awkard...
codatski: They did Graham, and then were replaced by cookie cutter conventially attractive people
novrdd: mythical morning dudes save Smosh
Armyguy0: Can we get some Snorsh gameing?
engineerbudy: I think they got bought by RRhett and Link
gravity_pike: Their segment was filmed in advance. Kappa
patbaer: I thought they all got bought out
secretbranch: gmm bought smosh i think?
TristalMTG: All these presenters are just so happy!
secretbranch: rhett and link
NotCainNorAbel: I'm waiting for 'bro'
CraziestOwl: That’s what I thought
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: These homies look buff
NonUniqueGuy: She was also on Survivor
JDogg2K4: Who is Smosh?
AdmiralMemo: Smosh was one of the top channels on YouTube before PDP came out
GreayStone: On February 22, 2019, Mythical Entertainment acquired Smosh.
sblue333: Rhett and Link Bought Smosh?!?!?
aussie_rob_w: LANGUAGE
TheMerricat: Smosh Games launched their Twitch channel just a few weeks back.
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun those two are also normal smosh cast members so they must've been the two to restart it
AdmiralMemo: Yes, that's ODD
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Questhere: Boop.
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F1SHOR: I didn't even know who day9 was before he started hosting magic stuff...
keroan0: come again? Wow
Dog_of_Myth: Day9 is great
pixelsatdawngaming: Ceaseless is bae
CanvasWolfDoll: ah, rhett and link, who i know only as the reference every child makes when they meet me.
NimrodXIV: @F1SHOR I think I first saw him on Tabletop?
UrbanSamurai_22: Smosh died with Defi then was brought back by Rhett and link. Mari, Joven, and Lazercorn went on to do their on thing
sblue333: btw, a Rhett and Graham crossover is my DREAM
northos: gaping dragon :3
kumatsu: Ceaseless just wants to agressively hug you
MRForceOFWill: Wait I think I've seen these guys on some facebook sketches
TristalMTG: Best final boss is Fall Guys latency
Scy_Anide: Yeah, Gaping Dragon easy favorite.
TehAmelie: Ceaseless Discharge is the handsome one of the family
Dergib: What did smosh make?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
Inkompetence: Ceaseless is just annoyed you stole his sister's clothes. :(
Diabore: cutest moment?
ChaoticObserver: So is the plan to be doing this twice a year?
TheMerricat: @Dergib videos
Foxmar320: I think they have 1 too many controllers
theleerm: thats so much
ChaoticObserver: So its every 6 months
EvilBadman: Arin from Game Grumps on a PPR is my current wish, dude's super into magic now, it's endearing
mtvcdm: Poll is up.
NotCainNorAbel: what is with his pants?
Goorguy: Yea I'm upset
SAJewers: lrrSLOTH
Solid_Fuel: did he pronounce "owo"?
PinballWitch: oh man, I would love to see both Arin and Dan on a PPR
northos: that was NOT cute D:
pixelsatdawngaming: Bugsnax hype
F1SHOR: I hope the trailer wins 😂
Drathak: Windmill slam bugsnax
TotallyNotaBeholder: Barret isn't cute, just very touching, big difference in my book
mtvcdm: Cute is a word choice
TheMerricat: is bugsnax out at all?
NightValien28: FOX
TheManaLeek: Bugsnax? Can a fever dream be cute?
e_bloc: given what happens after they dance in the kitchen I dunno if I'd vote for LOS
Dog_of_Myth: Barret is cute
Anaerin: I'm not entirely sure "The Trailer" was cute, more horrifying. Still...
rzrdrgn: I can't wait to see how strange Bugsnax gets
mysticsage1: what a weird set of options
Diabore: i dont know
AdmiralMemo: I know NOTHING about any of these options
Foxmar320: As much as I want to vote for Fox petting I had to vote Barret and Marlene
Solid_Fuel: sure lets give it to the stuff that becomes what they eat
TehAmelie: Marlene is cute enough to male up for it
dantedad222: That bugsnax was very good
Arclight_Dynamo: I do not feel strongly, but I'm voting for the queer rep.
NightValien28: Foxmar320 but your brand
AshBurnem: The cutest FFVII moment was Aerith breaking the ladder.
TheNerdWonder: I have not seen the Marlene scene yet, but based on what I've seen of them so far, I can't not vote for that one
Diabore: i made my vote
F1SHOR: tifa deserves better then cloud
chefryto90: i'm sorry. but i pet ALL the foxes in GOS
PinballWitch: the person I'm advocating for being on a PPR is Chewie from The Mana Pool, cause he's been a powerhouse behind the scenes in mtg podcasting and deserves more respect. Graham has even been on his podcast!
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I have not voted in ANY of these
4dSwissCheese: Cute food bugs!
Nuurgle: I didn't even know you could pet foxes until I hit like my 10th shrine
Foxmar320: NightValien28 I know! :(
asddsa28: fox pet cos the others are meh
GenghisAres: never saw that trailer, nor played any of those games
A_Dub888: I have played.... none of these games
chrono2x: What type of game is Ghosts of Tsushima? I really don't know anything about it.
Pheonix888: such good fox
Diabore: i expect bugsnax comes last
asddsa28: o yeah dog snacks
Scy_Anide: Interesting, I'm not able to vote anymore.
NightValien28: chrono2x its open world
Scy_Anide: Before the timer ended, of course.
EvilBadman: @chrono2x Samurai action game, ps4 exclusive
aerohydra: is it better or worse than having the cailou theme song stuck in your head?
gravity_pike: I can't not hear "bugsex." wanna trade?
Tiber727: @chrono2x It's your typical open world sword-fighting/stealth game, but very well done.
EvilBadman: June was "e3"
CraziestOwl: Hmmm scooby sneaks
Drathak: So basically nothing but announcements
GDwarf: Did June happen?
dantedad222: Foxes followed by bugsnax
TrophyBuck: June hasn't happened, yet, right? We're still in March, right?
r10pez10: what do you mean that's now how it's pronounced
Scy_Anide: June is still 3 months from now.
Figgyleaf: Oh, Grahm and I share a birthday Month :3
Foxmar320: June was still March
meanderingmyra: its still march
MRForceOFWill: June feels like it was ages ago
AdmiralMemo: It's March 2943th
r10pez10: !march
Officinalis: Might as well be Christmas...except we don't actually get the game.
Diabore: id still be overweight :(
e_bloc: yeah not sure that would help me much tbh
Dmc3628: CRASH 4
Omthebox: Being happy is kinda hard yo
UnknownGerm: June...had a great many moments that completely eclipsed what was going on in games culture
DakSomm: I think I would gain weight
gualdhar: real feels Graham :(
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun June was the month of wrath
Solid_Fuel: duud i would try to be happy every day! :P
mitomanox: lrrBEEJ
malc: Mood.
kusinohki: can I be happy if I lift things??
NotCainNorAbel: oh, that hurts
Pheonix888: well I'm sure it doesn't gain calories
TotallyNotaBeholder: Alf the anti Cat
MRForceOFWill: ALF
AdmiralMemo: Aren't we all?
secretbranch: developersdevelopersdeveelopers
MrTulip: If I could lose weight by being sad that would be great
PinballWitch: he's not even in pog form!
northos: lol Jesse
TheNerdWonder: must have been a day of the devs segment
Easilycrazyhat: Huge
AshBurnem: Mmm, POGs.
codatski: Honestly working out would be easier than lifting regularly
ANeMzero: Doublefine got Microsoft money and decided to spend it on Alf. He's back, in pog form
NonUniqueGuy: Well, see he is an alien who eats cats. He is also in pog form.
Conrii: Right, Alf was a day of the devs interlude.
Goorguy: Someone had the Alf puppet and decided to use it
northos: cyberpunk is gonna be a helluva thing :O
TheNerdWonder: psychonauts 2 looks amazing
TotallyNotaBeholder: Cyberpunk is (hopefully) going to be another real Thing
Arclight_Dynamo: Cyberpunk: A Fistful of Dongers
northos: one way or another
NightValien28: cyberpunk will be a saint rows game
dantedad222: Cyberpunk is gonna be my big buy this year
Foxmar320: Give me my Ice Powers!
theleerm: so looking forward to cyberpunk
mtvcdm: !addquote (Graham) [now] I'm still confused by Alf.
LRRbot: New quote #7168: "I'm still confused by Alf." —Graham [2020-09-03]
Decaped: i hope cyberpunk is punk
Joalni: Jesse actually has a character in Cyberpunk :D
BobROE: I thought Alf was trapped in a pog somewhere.
Dog_of_Myth: Give me that cyberpunk game now
DentedPockets: I'm both exited, and dissapointed for Cyberpunk
pixelsatdawngaming: Many wub
Zombeenie: More wubs = more subs
Diabore: its not often you see a game delayed and get more hype
Ba_Dum_Tish: Wub the wubs
Officinalis: Wub wub ska?
PinballWitch: cyberpunk will probably be... fine. given the devs actions and beliefs i don't except more
j0xer: tony hawk marketing is really in overdrive
TotallyNotaBeholder: Cyberpunk might be my first full price video game purchase in years
A_Dub888: !findquote wub
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Mikklun: is 2077 now the predicted release window for that game?
Foxmar320: ummm
AdmiralMemo: Wut
TrophyBuck: please no
underhill33: Very early 2010s music vibes
josh___something: it's very wubby
Unpronounceable: Suda51 in front of NMH3 gameplay
Diabore: didnt like whatever that was
A_Dub888: We all saw that right?
NimrodXIV: didn't like that
mitomanox: that was dick man!
PinballWitch: i would like a new cyberpunk ttrpg book tho
MrTulip: pessimistic on cyberpunk delivering on the punk part
kiwirogue: I like Avengers so far
ANeMzero: wait did they clip TWD: Onslaught announcement to TWD S&S footage.
SAJewers: ah, according to Wikipedia "In June 2020, ALF appeared during a Summer Game Fest livestream event as a "Tech Correspondent" where he claimed to have created Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku."
Driosenth: I wonder if Cyberpunk going to get a 3080 graphics card as well, and a 4080 if it gets pushed back another year or two'
TehAmelie: once more, Into the Breach is being given away for free on Epic. just putting that out there for the joke
Solid_Fuel: a game based on a movie? i have my douts
kiwirogue: Campaign at least
Loonatic93: I am so upset with Avengers. I wanted a great game with Kamilla Kahn!
GDwarf: SAJewers, what?
mtvcdm: Once again, we voted for the winner but moreso.
Diabore: not really no
AdmiralMemo: Second was close
CraziestOwl: Crash?!
A_Dub888: !findquote dog
LRRbot: Quote #3245: "I'm a shit-dog..." —Beej [2016-08-17]
Foxmar320: Always pet the foxes
TotallyNotaBeholder: We agree on good dogs even when they're not even dogs
Diabore: i dod NOT expect bugsnax to get that many votes
Sheikun07: *how is Marlene not the cutest thing*
EvilBadman: good dogs that lead us to collectables
Serifina: I find Bugsnax... disturbing.
kumatsu: pet the coyote
Foxmar320: Not what I voted on but I can agree with it
PinballWitch: Foxes are cats software on dog hardware?
MrTulip: ther're all fog dogs
Serifina: But petting foxes is very cute
Flyingdelorion: I am so with Cameron on dogs.....
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dog hardware on cat software
TheMerricat: I wonder how much money crossed hands for Bugsnax promotion on this?
Pteraspidomorphi: yup
Diabore: how are barret and marlene LAST
Foxmar320: So did I Graham
deadeyedan5012: What, Smosh? I forgot about them
PinballWitch: i did too
Loonatic93: Our channel seems to be going with the general consensus.
Figgyleaf: I also voted for marlene
RainbowPhoenix06: @PinballWitch lol
holidayMD: Is the Avengers game bad? I hadn't heard much
TehAmelie: the word for Bugsnax i believe is cutesturbing
chrono2x: I've not played any of these games, so.....
MRForceOFWill: Cute foxes
aussie_rob_w: The overall results are very different
codatski: That is precisely what you need to know about what Smosh is now
Diabore: i voted for ellie and dina, it felt natural to me
TheTekkieman: That makes more sense.
Figgyleaf: I mean, overall it's not that different
aussie_rob_w: Cloud flirting with Tifa is so low because LOTS of people ship Tifa/Aerith
Agl0vale: oof, Ellie and dina at 11%
aussie_rob_w: ^ also me.
Solid_Fuel: do you have he time?
pixelsatdawngaming: There's a fox behind you Graham. PET IT
meanderingmyra: same
Foxmar320: I need to play Last of us 2
Arclight_Dynamo: NGL, I do not know any of these presenters, but Mari and CupAhNoodle are the only ones I've liked.
safety___third: day9 has wrapped all the way around cringe and made it back to based
chrono2x: I'd love to see it played by LRR to see if I want to play it myself
Eklinaar: Flirting is gross, foxes are cute.
therisingtithes_: I was about to imply perhaps channel voting is impacted by channel streams, but I can't remember if anyone played Ghost of Tsushima on LRR and we still agreed that foxes are good
EvilBadman: I've just started Tsushima, it is quite good
Zombeenie: pat pat
DoodlestheGreat: Graham, maybe it can be a Play it Forward?
Loonatic93: Anybody else getting buffing?
Foxmar320: Im right here as well!
AdmiralMemo: What does the fox say?
PinballWitch: the "Can you pet the dog" account has been great for games in general
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: Day9 is great
orangeqrowe: Pat the fox
PinballWitch: percival!
Foxmar320: Why do I not get pets
Juliamon: Percival pets
ritchards: Percy!
Foxmar320: :(
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: I'm loving this guy
RainbowPhoenix06: i discovered K drama during quarentine as well
Naarius pets Foxmar
aussie_rob_w: :(
asddsa28: ooo
PinballWitch: digital percival, but still
Loonatic93: err... buffering.
kumatsu: Quick,e veryone pet Foxmar320
Solid_Fuel: just grab it out of the shelf 4 head:P
Diabore: @Foxmar320 you have a sharp sword
CraziestOwl: Chocolate nose
PinballWitch: god I still love that framed quote
Foxmar320: Diabore its still in its box
Arclight_Dynamo: Percival the Fox lives right next to the office sweatband.
aussie_rob_w: smosh guys please immediately go and sit further apart. with masks on.
aussie_rob_w: goodbye!
dantedad222: That isn't the real background? What!
PinballWitch: every time i notice it again it makes me chuckle
Foxmar320: I keep it safe unless needed
TehAmelie: i guess now we know what sound the fox makes
TehAmelie: "pets pls"
abyssaldm: Foxes
abyssaldm: in boxes
RainbowPhoenix06 pets @TehAmelie
kumatsu: time for G to retrieve snacks
Diabore: @aussie_rob_w if they live together and thats their home i can see that, if not then i agree with you
AshBurnem: Don't just come watch, subscribe. Yess.
ThatOverKillGuy: grab a snack
Foxmar320: G gets a snack break
DakSomm: <message deleted>Have to go watch Critical role, okay bye!
AdmiralMemo: Yes plz come here
mtvcdm: !patreon
LRRbot: 2447 patrons for a total of $14,652.27 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
KodeMage: oh, interesting was LRR nominated?
TotallyNotaBeholder: F Door Dash
Diabore: ^
TheManaLeek: Door Dash ain't great :/
MRForceOFWill: oof
j0xer: oh i thought the sponsor was the Tony Hawk remake
cambo212: dont have door dash outside north america
DakSomm: I got GrubHub
GenghisAres: none of them are great
DoodlestheGreat: Dashing through the doors....
GreayStone: skip for the win
IbunWest: Door Dash is an ok minigame
Solid_Fuel: wait twitch/amazon needs sponsors?
novrdd: yess
CraziestOwl: Did
SkylerRingtail: Door Dash is marginally more ethical than Uber Eats, buuuuut....nah
Figgyleaf: I mean, we have Skip the Dishes in Newfoundland
arcbound_roomba: Dozens!
PinballWitch: i know a dasher, but i mostly use postmates
asddsa28: 20 and 2 starks
Officinalis: Mere dozens
Easilycrazyhat: Ugh, CoD
Ryavis: bug snacks?
TheMerricat: Grubhub is better than DoorDash, but I still prefer in restaurant delivery options.
A_Dub888: !findquote snack
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
AshBurnem: Long enough. Go restock!
Foxmar320: Go find snacks Ill watch the chat.
Figgyleaf: No door dash tho
AdmiralMemo: Woo!
theleerm: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #2071: "We took the thing." —Graham [2016-03-10]
aussie_rob_w: oh GOD don't let their ad play
AdmiralMemo: Haha!
TheManaLeek: That's not how ads are supposed to work!
Earthenone: recursive ads!
DiscordianTokkan: Adbreak?
Foxmar320 gets the hose
aWabbajack: BRB Screen
Solid_Fuel: run for food man!
Flyingdelorion: House of Stark representation is strong
Diabore: oh hey, its the boys
mtvcdm: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
amative1: ads on ads
Figgyleaf: Adddception
j0xer: ads on ads
RomanGoro: It'd be an interesting feature if a stream could warn restreamers of incoming ad breaks without the audience knowing
Officinalis: Played the Reverse card
Joalni: Ads on ads on ads.
CastleOtranto: lolol
Diabore: i should watch season 2 of that
NotCainNorAbel: big brain play
PinballWitch: it's ads all the way down
SoulEater50210: Reverse Reverse
PinballWitch: value added ads?
CastleOtranto: Much ads. Such break.
ZeldaGuruMomi: I hate DoorDash anyway. They added my bake shop as a place people could order from. Whatever made them think a custom layered birthday cake could be ordered via that kind of delivery service is beyond me
Sheikun07: LRR ads superior, Twitch ads inferior
SoulEater50210: It's all ads? Always has been.
TheMerricat: @RomanGoro the advertisers would be livid, they want those double dip impressions
aussie_rob_w: I cannot imagine a world where LRR chooses to advertise the R18+ show The Boys. Even though I love The Boys.
therisingtithes_: Joke's on you, I don't get Twitch ads because the internet keeps forgetting I am in a real country!
AdmiralMemo: Ooh that's a nice product
PinballWitch: @Sheikun07 i have a Soundwave miniature on my desk as I type this lol
aussie_rob_w: @therisingtithes_ how
Diabore: @aussie_rob_w have you seen season 2? if so, how was it?
IbunWest: darbAlien
Sheikun07: @PinballWitch I'm happy
PinballWitch: he's from the WizKids deep cuts line
therisingtithes_: Part of why I appreciate LRR is because they actually have things that happen in their breaks, because actual Twitch-loaded ads never happen for me at all (and I'm presuming it's because I'm in Trinidad @aussie_rob_w but I could be wrong)
therisingtithes_: a minor thing surely but at least it's a reminder that they have cool playmats
Dog_of_Myth: Oooo Trinidad..
PinballWitch: i need a flipped vertically lrr mat, cause I only play lands in front
RomanGoro: TheMerricat there's no way for advertirsers to measure the reach of ads played on the restreamed side
aussie_rob_w: @Diabore I have not, but I've seen that ad!
RomanGoro: And if they can't measure them they don't count
Dergib: Yeah, i love the ads are for them
Foxmar320: Welcome back
mtvcdm: !polling
Mikklun: I was not aware twitch had its own ads so that is news to me
Foxmar320: Find snacks?
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
Flyingdelorion: Hello
NotCainNorAbel: snack report?
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The_Ocean_who_Subbed: I got you G :P
Tantusar: The description for the next award asks about whether the winner will be “the expected triple-A game [or a] little known game that is under the radar” and the nominees are... Five AAAs.
Serifina: I'm glad the other mods have a clue. I never do. :D
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: * lrrAWESOME
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neogamer_knight: RAID BOI
meanderingmyra: its you!
therisingtithes_: Eyyyyy @Dog_of_Myth Thanks for the gift sub! lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Earthenone: was that your sister?
xavierrivas1226: RUSTAGE RAID
AdmiralMemo: RAID!
Quesocucuy: RAID
terminal_dreamwalker: Rustage Raid
tO_x_in: RAID
hesher_goatmin: Balls
doopgong: RUSATGE RAID
SilverStryker89: BILLY
Joalni: Sean continues his campaign to get TwitchGaming channel's viewer count to 0.
Drathak: I know that person that's loadingreadyrun
Juliamon: A raid??
chrono2x: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
raphsrevenge: rustagPog rustagPineapple rustagPog rustagPineapple
bigj0806: arghhhhh
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: hello friends!
th3w0lfg0d: Hey Hey!!!
lizard6661: RAID
paperbackalloy04: Raid!!!!
jonking161615: Raid
AdmiralMemo: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
hunteddon: Yooo
Diabore: lorge raid
Armyguy0: lrrSIGNAL RAID lrrSIGNAL
SquirrelLord1111: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
shikyo259: rustagBrain rustagBrain rustagBrain
2nd_sam: rustage raid
TehAmelie: hello strangers
primaldragonx: raid
bandplaysgames: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp
thecardboardboy: BILLY
kaydarius: hi
Klebber99: Raid
Dix: rrrrrrrrraid! Welcome raiders
kinggwp5: rustage raid
killmonger_27: raid
Bladinus: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
meanderingmyra: slytqHi slytqHi
neogamer_knight: RAID
primaldragonx: Rai
Dog_of_Myth: Hola Raiders
mireth_gaming: rustage
mowdownjoe: RAID?!
Victinifan4967: Rust RAIIIDA
PinballWitch: lrrHEART
2nd_sam: attack
primaldragonx: Raid
ldylan1101: Billy
Kaorti: woo
Foxmar320: Welcome raiders!!!
th3w0lfg0d: RUSTAGE RAIDED U!!!!!
DiscordianTokkan: Welcome, raiders!
Cloud09King: #yeehaw
aWabbajack: feliciaRaid feliciaRaid feliciaRaid feliciaRaid feliciaRaid feliciaRaid
doopgong: RAID
tO_x_in: RUSTAGE RAID!!!!
bigj0806: arghhhhhhhhh
primaldragonx: RAID
chaostreader: PrideWingL PrideGive slytqHeart PrideTake PrideWingR
josh___something: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid
primaldragonx: rAID
UNsungHERO56: rustagBrain rustagBrain rustagBrain rustagBrain
Tyronebiggumsoo7: Raid from RUST AGE
kaydarius: b8lly
primaldragonx: RAID
TotallyNotaBeholder: Welcome Raiders
NarishmaReborn: welcome raiders!
yamagukie: RUSTAGE raid beastl14Bloodhoundhype
terminal_dreamwalker: YOU GOT RAIDED
phelyppy2: Rustage sends his regards
killmonger_27: rustage wants to be on prepreraleas
primaldragonx: RAIDED
doopgong: RUSTAGE RAID
lizard6661: RUSTAGE RAID
mowdownjoe: benginRaid benginRaid
Serifina: lrrHEART lrrHEART
Joalni: Welcome!
hunteddon: Rust age
AshBurnem: lrrHEART
primaldragonx: raid
kaydarius: billy
tamacat: ResidentSleeper
NonUniqueGuy: Welcome
primaldragonx: raided
PinballWitch: hi everyone!
mtvcdm: !schedule
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neogamer_knight: VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea
AdmiralMemo: Graham "Shut up, lovely Twitch people" Stark
Dergib: How can i vote on console?
stizzet: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
2nd_sam: yeah
JuniorRoll: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
wandering_night: Yo!
Figgyleaf: benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginRaid benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
the_kronomos: rustagPog rustagPog rustagPog
th3w0lfg0d: HAH WE RAIDED U!!!!
secretbranch: video entertainment network
kaydarius: raid
mtvcdm: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
jonking161615: Hi
neogamer_knight: TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
Tingeltangelibach: HeyGuys HeyGuys
thecardboardboy: BILLY
vestro_aldetura: Rustage sent us !!
doopgong: Hi
mtvcdm: !patreon
meanderingmyra: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Dog_of_Myth: LRR "We're Weird"
LRRbot: 2447 patrons for a total of $14,652.27 per month. https://www.patreon.com/loadingreadyrun
aussie_rob_w: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrCHKN Hi raiders! Have muffins and chicken. lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrFINE
raphsrevenge: Like the rust on something yes. LETS HAVE FUN rustagPog rustagPog
Serifina: Welcome, raiders!
terminal_dreamwalker: Rustage raid coming in
unnusis: @Rustage_
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Dergib I'd probably pull it up on your phone?
LadyEarlGreyWarden: lrrHEART
camo324: r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE
tO_x_in: Rustage wants to be on your pre-releases!
Goorguy: lrrAWESOME
doopgong: We have areived
camo324: r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE
Yadsgriff: Rustage Raid
Drathak: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
johnny: welcome
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
SufferedArick: rustage wants to join
camo324: r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE r6hokaHYPE
beowuuf: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Vanbael: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrAWESOME lrrHEART
davidseth1: raid
king_sebok: yoyoyoyo TombRaid TombRaid TombRaid
DentedPockets: tiny
Drathak: Smallest
sblue333: Hai Rustahe fans!
Theoretical95: MASSIVE
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: massive. Absolutely massive.
NarishmaReborn: the raid puts us into the top 10 of the co-streamers
IbunWest: feenAYAYA cute raiders
Solid_Fuel: tiny obviusly
Goorguy: tiny?
Ballistic_Meatball: only one option posssible
Diabore: theres only 1 option
TotallyNotaBeholder: I mean tiny probably helps
hamudymazloum: Raid
2nd_sam: entertainment
Fantusta: big head more always
kumatsu: Doesn't matter, biggest size
Foxmar320: Thats important to know lol
mireth_gaming: the important questions
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: MASSIVE HEAD
Earthenone: no middle sliders
gravity_pike: vote tiny, streamline our rapter
Vanbael: go big
Dog_of_Myth: Go big or go home
InTheLandOfTheRisingSun: ENORMOUS HEAD
johnny: go real smol head
amative1: uh... DK Mode?
Figgyleaf: Does the hitbox chsnge??
TheManaLeek: Ramifications regardless, we want massive!
TrophyBuck: go big or go home
2nd_sam: more entertain
fluffyvampire42: tiny
CanvasWolfDoll: don't care. get a tiny head
PinballWitch: does this change the hitbox?
buttstonutts: doyBooty
Sheikun07: Massive
GreayStone: small = arodynamic
chrono2x: Is it a raptor head on our head or on something else's head?
Diabore: hime head so smoll
mtvcdm: Monster Factory!
Figgyleaf: timy!
meanderingmyra: MASSIVE
buttstonutts: doyBooty doySlap
itsr67: so no head?
Loonatic93: what was the overlay command?
CururuGuasu: Tiny!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Pick either extreme
2nd_sam: tiny raptor
Rustage_: OH I DIDN'T HTINK SOMEONE WOULD ASK I'M SO EMBARRSED HAHA, but yeah it's a dream of mine :)!!
spurius: massice
ThatOverKillGuy: i vote massive
mysticsage1: massive
Solid_Fuel: tiny is the only choise
Scy_Anide: I think most people are gonna pick big
SpiffGames: Massive!
twistitch: all in on massive my dudes
SpiffGames: In honor of NBA Jam
2nd_sam: make a vote
phelyppy2: wait, can WE vote?
killmonger_27: he has 650 thousand subs
kumatsu: massive head, we're obviously getting some kind of mario brick breaking raptor
kaydarius: tiny
Armyguy0: We are up to 11 @LoadingReadyRun
DoodlestheGreat: Oh, she's nice!
Klebber99: You know rustage?
2nd_sam: make a poll
someguynamedDane: Big head means bigger teeth
davidseth1: beastl14Zoro beastl14Superr beastl14Whodecidedthat doyLove
DiscordianTokkan: Oh, they got author of the Harry Potter series Hatsune Miku
Figgyleaf: Wait, is there an actual vote?
VmKid: It's nice of Hatsune Miku to join us
Rustage_: it's! RUST-IDGE
gualdhar: I need a massive raptor head to make up for my tiny fingers
Klebber99: Real cool guy
PinballWitch: hi rustage
chrono2x: Welcome Rustage!
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Figgyleaf yes! you can vote through the extension
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
Fantusta: I just got here and figured out how to vote good day
CaptainSpam: In times like this, I turn to the advice of Scout from TF2 and say that we've got such a tiny head, and they'll never hit our tiny little head.
2nd_sam: poll
Rustage_: I'm a Anime Rapper lmao, but I absolutly love your content been watching for a long time!
chrono2x: hahaha
raphsrevenge: Hey its Mari and Emiru, how nice
Dix: WOW i get that joke and i hate it?
MRForceOFWill: welcome raiders
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PinballWitch: wig? i just make my hair look like that often?
th3w0lfg0d: BOOM RUST-IDGE!!!!
ANeMzero: Wait that is Zachary Barth?
Figgyleaf: Ty @The_Ocean_who_Subbed
4dSwissCheese: Same, Dix
F1SHOR: this person's hair is rad
Diabore: well, massive
amative1: Welp, DK Mode it is
raphsrevenge: rustagBars
kalira77: I'm sorry, anime rapper. that sounds amazing.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Yep, we did.
Foxmar320: Im shocked lol
aussie_rob_w: DK MODE
chrono2x: I voted normal....
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ Hey
Fantusta: big head or bust
Rustage_: I even watch your vlogs, just love your personality
Solid_Fuel: we are gonne lose sooo hard
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pukha_: dope
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TotallyNotaBeholder: Excellent
Figgyleaf: I voted tiny...
2nd_sam: blu hair girl is too kawaii
Rustage_: sorry I should stop gushing
YawnLance: Big head mode benginDab
Joalni: There was only one correct choice there
Goorguy: Oh god her Kirbys
Diabore: i love the kirby tower
azkovo: Ridiculous? I think you mean amazing.
pixelsatdawngaming: Kirby stack
lord_wertornion: that is a lot of kirby
spurius: I mean what kind of weirdo wouldnt either vote tiny or massive
Ballistic_Meatball: as it should
meanderingmyra: omg the STACK of KIRBYS
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TheMerricat: is her audio out of sync?
djalternative: KIRBY!!!
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ Hey.
PinballWitch: i voted tiny cause it might affect hitbox, and cause y'all don't have giant egos?
chrono2x: GVlogs are one of my favorite things
Kaorti: more vlogs!
secretbranch: Great job on Beerfest 2019 btw!
mtvcdm: Poll is up now
Joalni: Beer fest vlog was a lot of fun!
mowdownjoe: Like PAX East 2020, G*?
Flyingdelorion: Also cool headset!
Girl_Ephemeral: !vote
Tantusar: None of these nominees are indie games.
itsr67: craig the brute!
Kikazi: these choices...
TotallyNotaBeholder: I mean, Fall Guys is
Dix: Magic the Gathering... Kappa
mtvcdm: I mean, how about the one that's massive now
Easilycrazyhat: So 2 options are ALREADY huge...
pixelsatdawngaming: Minesweeper
chrono2x: I mean, Fall Guys
GreayStone: 2077
Diabore: wait, next? not cyberpunk, too far away
CanvasWolfDoll: just fall guys forever
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: not sure how to vote? use the !polling command!
ashteranic: "next" "halo infinite" yeah, if it makes it out the door before next year's holiday season
SpiffGames: 2077
InquisitorGaia: no contest 2077
CaptainSpam: Fall Guys and Valorant are both big now?
Girl_Ephemeral: !poll
spurius: halo is not next just because release date
amative1: Wait, that game mode looked new
gravity_pike: it's cyberpunk, ezpz
CanvasWolfDoll: never ending fall guys content.
dsmorris1993: I feel like two of these are already pretty big
mtvcdm: The strictly correct answer is Fall Guys
Solid_Fuel: but halo is not like a free to play battle royale tho
Theoretical95: Well Valorant's already out and it's kinda stated to flatten out from its initial peak
NonUniqueGuy: I don't understand Fall Guys and Valorant being on the list
TheMerricat: Halo will be interesting but I don't see it being the 'big' game.
Vanbael: it'll have a few days
therisingtithes_: I know what the answer *will* be and I actually abhor it
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think they need to not already be a massive hit?
Fluffy_Sugar: I'd be surprised if Fall Guys can keep their momentum
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: !polling
Foxmar320: Same
Figgyleaf: 2077 has to come out for it to be big
malc: hmm the voting overlay went away
itsr67: shooty mcgunman
dantedad222: Cyberpunk easy
Joalni: Yeah, I think Fall Guys is out of contention here because it is already big.
pixelsatdawngaming: So obvious
TotallyNotaBeholder: Shooty Mans 78 More Shooty Mans
BrindleBoar: agree
th3w0lfg0d: Yup
Rustage_: Cyberpunk isn't multiplayer tho so maybe not?
ashteranic: two of these games are out. one's a season.
Diabore: when you need a whole other external for 1 game, then im off it
Ba_Dum_Tish: Its weird that they are asking for already relesaed games
Decaped: i mean...who watches Skyrim streams though? or Witcher?
chrono2x: @Figgyleaf Hopefully before 2077
IbunWest: Seems like everyone on the planet that isn’t me is excited about Cyberpunk
Figgyleaf: ^^^^
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ True
theinvisiblevoice: cyberpunk can't be next if it's not out for 10 more years
Agl0vale: @hyralt thanks for the gift sub
Fantusta: I don't love single player story games unless I can watch it through like play it forward
Easilycrazyhat: Pretty much every streamer's gonna be streaming 2077 as SOON as the can. It's got so much hype.
Drathak: Two incorrect choices, those both are already out
TotallyNotaBeholder: Cosplay Fall Guys Bean
mtvcdm: It wasn't big yet when they announced the nominees. Not the game's fault it got big between the nominee announcement and the show itself.
Joalni: Fall Guys cosplay! Be the bean.
RomanGoro: Is Cyberpunk supposed to be long time support like Destiny @ co?
Foxmar320: Id love to see some Cyberpunk cosplay
phelyppy2: I'd probably bet on a multiplayer game
PinballWitch: Cyberpunk is totally more of a "blockbuster" in that it'll be huge then go away compared to the others
Rustage_: but it's one of those game people prefer to play than to watch
TheMerricat: Cyberpunk has the disadvantage of being a 'playthrough' game. Folk will play it once then it's done as far as streams go.
Tantusar: Huh, the nominees have changed since they put out the Host Companion Guide.
chrono2x: I bet it will be as big as Skyrim
someguynamedDane: She could pull off a great Jett from Valorant
2Flower: Problem with 2077 is I can’t watch it because I wanna play it.
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ I Love ur music!
Rustage_: thanks @th3w0lfg0d !
MWGNZ: cyberpunk will take a few streams for streamers to get through the story, helping it to stay around for a while
GreayStone: I wonder if you could do agetha in Cyberpunk
Solid_Fuel: !storm
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abyssaldm: I'd rather have a single player game with a lot of replayability rather than a multiplayer game that gets stale after a while
Kaorti: I feel like the real answer can't be on this list.
Diabore: welp, it wasnt close
WanderingRuroni: nice burb
chrono2x: HAHAHA 0% for CoD
Foxmar320: Nice
CraziestOwl: Plus it has so much hype
safety___third: it's gonna be like dark souls, where the multiplayer fun is just the ability to talk about it cause it's that cool
mowdownjoe: LUL No one here voted for COD, as expected.
SnackPak_: release
VmKid: Release
TotallyNotaBeholder: Wow, Halo got stomped
DiscordianTokkan: Brap
Caffine1138: ha. CoD 0%
Khasi1596: release
josh___something: release
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ Can u do A One Piece D&D rap?
BrindleBoar: cider is a snack
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TrophyBuck: 10/10 the 0% CoD
AshBurnem: Wow, 0% this channel for CoD.
Dog_of_Myth: Jacob Cider
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun look at those kirbs
gualdhar: mmm liquid fruit
Juliamon: It's carbs
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh! Jacob Cider!
mtvcdm: Nobody here said Call of Duty
malc: practically a fruit salad
InquisitorGaia: based on the vote results people should play cyberpunk when it comes out
AnjaZeta: Good jorb chat
Easilycrazyhat: Good!
TehAmelie: would you like a flat soda? https://i.imgur.com/lI3tCet.jpg
therisingtithes_: expected winner has won. i hav a sad
Serifina: WELL DONE
secretbranch: a+
Foxmar320: 0% LOL
killmonger_27: @Rustage_ i had no idea you play magic no were even more in commen
NarishmaReborn: that tracks
Manae: Once had cider in a work fridge for a bit too long. Became pressurized apple wine
MRForceOFWill: DAMN the numbers for the votes are crazy
UnknownGerm: shocking
AdmiralMemo: Nice
Kaorti: wow
DiscordianTokkan: Ayyyy
MWGNZ: proud of you chat
Solid_Fuel: 0% !?!? wow !
meanderingmyra: LOL
codatski: Well Done Chat
Omthebox: Well. It wont be
NimrodXIV: yeah, that sounds like us
PinballWitch: lol
Serifina: I am *so proud* right now
Foxmar320: Im so proud chat
CaptainSpam: Woo! Go us!
WonderfulGlory: Good work chat
Kaorti: playing to type we are
Loonatic93: Wait.... Did someone mention Rustage? They're like my favorite Anime Rap Artist on Youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!
azkovo: good. in the right place then lol
Vanbael: lrrHEART you chat
AshBurnem: And only 3% of everyone.
TotallyNotaBeholder: Go LRRaptor
2Flower: Well plaid.
Girl_Ephemeral: gift sub hy[e
TheMerricat: jlrrCai jlrrLlou seabatUseless lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
SoulEater50210: That makes me happy lol
Rustage_: @killmonger_27 I LOVE MAGIC!
dantedad222: raptor 2
VmKid: LoadingReadyRaptor
Manae: I found out it was apple wine at about ~2AM on an overnight shift
NotCainNorAbel: lrrHEART
ArkhamArchivist: Objective and Factual Pollling
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: Loonatic93 they raided us!
TotallyNotaBeholder: Tricky
BrindleBoar: with landmines
CraziestOwl: Sounds about right
AdmiralMemo: SSX with MINES
Easilycrazyhat: Where LRR?
aussie_rob_w: 1080 Raptorboarding
4dSwissCheese: I guess categories like this are providing useful data to channels to plan what to stream going forward?
sblue333: I think ppl are finally tired of CoD. that or I'm getting older
Solid_Fuel: mines has small effect
Rustage_: But i'm not gonna lie it was Loading ready run sketches that got me in to magic
AdmiralMemo: AND LAZERS
SnackPak_: this is so odd
dantedad222: LRR Raptor has to snowboard good. They trained in canada
TotallyNotaBeholder: Wow @aussie_rob_w that takes me back
tO_x_in: @loonatic93 Rustage raided. Hes in the comments
Earthenone: kate was up there
Foxmar320: I saw Kate
itsr67: ah yes the death lasers
Solid_Fuel: lazers arte good tho
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ Can u do a One Piece D&D rap?
UnknownGerm: These heads looks normal sized. I feel robbed
PinballWitch: oh there went kate
Loonatic93: Really? COOL!!!!!! Hi @Rustage_ Love your anime rap stuff!
Rustage_: Thank you! @Loonatic93 !
TotallyNotaBeholder: 3rd place!
mowdownjoe: Baer?
spurius: is this completly random or somehow based on number of viewers?
Tiber727: So this is pretty much marbles on stream?
SkylerRingtail: Did we come in third?!
Vanbael: 3rd?!
fluffyvampire42: yo baer won
Easilycrazyhat: Big head, yeah
AdmiralMemo: Right behind Kate!
BrindleBoar: right behind Kate
Joalni: Just behind Kate
SkylerRingtail: Ohhh
notthepenguins: WE SURVIVED
chrono2x: We just lost to Kate
TotallyNotaBeholder: Oh, I thought we took 3rd
ANeMzero: Right after Kate
Diabore: crossed the line!
Foxmar320: I hope we made it
TheDeafMints: And behind kate too
Theoretical95: We were right behind Kate too
Drathak: Top 4-10?
TrophyBuck: made it by fall guys rules
SnackPak_: we did it! maybe?
mowdownjoe: Right behind Kate.
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: 13 is my favorite number :)
dantedad222: I think we did
kusinohki: I think you were right behind kate too
NimrodXIV: right behind kate
gravity_pike: loading ready run died on the way back to their home planet
F1SHOR: what even is this... 😂
AdmiralMemo: The Starks keep together!
AshBurnem: Lucky number Slevin.
drdudeman: is that day9?
itsr67: LUL
Earthenone: kate made top 12
Foxmar320: welp
Easilycrazyhat: Dammit, Kate
BrindleBoar: F
Figgyleaf: Dang!
Dog_of_Myth: 13! That is almost a year
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AdmiralMemo: GJ Kate!
Serifina: Dangit, Kate
Serifina: :p
kusinohki: reminds me of marbles on stream
dantedad222: so sad
Diabore: ah, rigged again
AshBurnem: Yay for Kate tho
Vanbael: well played Kate
fluffyvampire42: he's got a voice of gold
Figgyleaf: #rigged
TotallyNotaBeholder: #PaidRaptors
A_Dub888: Riggdom
hunteddon: #rigged
Solid_Fuel: rigged election
PinballWitch: it's looking pretty rigged
Fantusta: so was that just marbles on stream
DiscordianTokkan: Eyyy, thanks, @TheMerricat !
Omthebox: Nah
killmonger_27: YES
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ Can u do a One Piece D&D rap?
Diabore: cod did not get a lot of votes
Drathak: The NEXT one
PinballWitch: even the public don't think it's COD
Drathak: Not current
TheMerricat: I still don't understand why they designed their overlay so that the costreamer was covering the content. who designed this?
queenfounder: Kate is almost a LRR people, she counts!
TheTekkieman: Full event had CoD at 3%, too.
Figgyleaf: "recency Bias"
PinballWitch: Kate "West Coast Mother Loving Gs" Stark
Naarius: That's a very high risk taco
F1SHOR: I've only heard of cyberpunk like twice I didn't think it was that hype
secretbranch: like the Naco from Kim Posssible
Diabore: i think 54% with tifa
VmKid: Isn't Knocko the default driver name in Desert Bus?
Foxmar320: Overall no one wants to watch CoD
GenghisAres: Cyberpunk is gonna be big for like a week
Sheikun07: I love that the collective community says "what's COD"
AshBurnem: Stumble Chums wasn't as good a name. Fall Guys is way better.
wynternyghtynggale: hi everyone
aussie_rob_w: I'm disappointed that Crusader Kings 3 didn't make it onto this poll, it seems Pretty Hyped
northos: yup
Despoiler98: yes
Driosenth: SOOM
TheMerricat: About the only way I see Cyberpunk lasting more than a couple of weeks is if there is ahorrible controversy after it gets released.
Stoffern: yes
judgementkazzy: Kim Possible: Ultimate Naco
TehAmelie: the thing i'm most surprised to learn today is Fall Guys has a subtitle
AshBurnem: Was legit the working title.
sblue333: CoD got 3%
notthepenguins: Stumble Chums was an early name for it yeah
Solid_Fuel: #ad
Easilycrazyhat: C O N S U M E
Joalni: #productplacement
Caffine1138: gotta hit that corperate $$$
theinvisiblevoice: priorities
beowuuf: can we talk about it yet?
PinballWitch: I think my first Cyperpunk Character will be based on Kate in that Commodore Hustle.
DentedPockets: Magic: The Gathering
CururuGuasu: Subtle!
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Figgyleaf: Oh, yikes. I didn't even notice, but yeah that framing looks bad XD
SoulEater50210: I didn't realize they were doing that lol
Dog_of_Myth: Make it sound like a game show?
Darleysam: ultimate wipeout/It's A Knockout
Despoiler98: Kate Confirmed it was an early name on Talk Guys
EvilBadman: Fall Guys may not be unique enough to Trademark
Theoretical95: The PS5 kinda looks like a folder that's slightly ajar
kusinohki: don't want to confuse fall guys with teh old tv show :P
aussie_rob_w: Maybe it's like Magic: The Gathering, Fall Guys was too generic
kalira77: ultimate chicken horse
Juliamon: I guess adding "Ultimate" makes it more appealing
Rustage_: Magic: Ultimate Card Battle
TheMerricat: They don't want to be confused with the Steve Austin 80's show. :P @LoadingReadyRun
RIPConMan: Magic: Ultimate Gathering
gravity_pike: it might not have the punchiness of these other games, but the US Department of State paid us to put it in the list, so shout out to you, CodWaz!
groovemancery: Fall Guys: The Separating
GenghisAres: Fall Guys: Fall Harder
TehAmelie: Fall Guys with a Vengeance
j0xer: jace costume in fallguys
SkylerRingtail: i'll say this much, the relentless PS5 marketing and their dumb preview system has utterly disincentivized me from ever getting the console.
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ YES!!!!!
spurius: so every year you come up with a new sub title and count as a new game
PinballWitch: Fall Guys: the Trippening?
Foxmar320: Day9 wants to know whats up
leebenningfield: Don't Fall, Guys
Dog_of_Myth: #sponsored
Diabore: ah, now sean can ask
UrbanSamurai_22: I mean we get Magic x D&D next year
UnknownGerm: FFS
VmKid: I would watch LRR play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
VmKid: I mean
Despoiler98: Thats totally NOT in product p[lacement
Solid_Fuel: ps5 #ad
abyssaldm: Magic: Ultimate Knockout is just a game of magic where you get banished to the shadow realm if you lose. @LoadingReadyRun
Despoiler98: OMG
VmKid: Damn it
Caffine1138: lets hear that forced shill
th3w0lfg0d: @Rustage_ 1v1 me bro in Magic
someguynamedDane: Fall Guys: Competitive Cheater Griefing
sblue333: Hey did you guys talk about the MtG announcements on stream or ttc yet?
kusinohki: fall guys: winter is coming
VmKid: Magic: Ultimate Knockout
DentedPockets: Would have been funnier if the PS5 was moved slowly closer to the camera each time.
Joalni: Sean, we need you to lean a bit to your left.
Easilycrazyhat: Life is an #ad
aussie_rob_w: "this is the intended FIRST ask"
safety___third: alright, it was always scripted
NarishmaReborn: gotta build the hype
Officinalis: Corporate tease
VmKid: I messed up the joke
NonUniqueGuy: I figured it was a bit.
PinballWitch: yikes
dantedad222: Scripted tease bit
F1SHOR: 😂 great hosts but horrible bit 😂
TwitchTVsFrank: its a dumb bit
GenghisAres: Fall Guys: The Owls of Gahoole
Loonatic93: How do you get the poll overlay back up?
underhill33: -_-
drdudeman: @loadingreadyrun Graham when you getting back on dice friends?
asddsa28: who are these guys
mtvcdm: Caillou?
CanvasWolfDoll: bleh
PinballWitch: Fall Alfs?
TheMerricat: !poll
NonUniqueGuy: The Venga Bus
Vanbael: Cailou?
Diabore: oh hey, i kinda recognize these people
Nigouki: Graham how long would it take you to photoshop a PS5 into your background?
djalternative: Caillou
Earthenone: sharing headphones? in 2020?!
safety___third: like, how could it not be fall guys?
TheMerricat: !popout
interiorexplosion: It's because you are the meme
mowdownjoe: BUS IS COMING
aussie_rob_w: I like Dee Chart
TehAmelie: carrot milk?
Theoretical95: I assume it's like clips from other channels?
abyssaldm: at the top of Dachart
Darleysam: oh, hey, it's Connor from Detroit
Loonatic93: !popout
Solid_Fuel: jlrrCai jlrrLlou
cambo212: BUS IS COMING
AdmiralMemo: Decharted: Drake's Gaming
Omthebox: Dek hartch Dchames
ChainedDreamer: It's Connor
Vanbael: jlrrCai jlrrLlou
Ba_Dum_Tish: We like to party
gravity_pike: Deez Carts
therisingtithes_: like the Rene
Easilycrazyhat: Their framing is making me anxious...(not cus of Covid, just in general)
Loonatic93: @TheMerricat Thankyou!
CururuGuasu: !venga
LRRbot: We are sorry to announce that the Venga Bus service to San Francisco is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.
UnknownGerm: This framing is painfully uncomfortable
Unpronounceable: De Cha RT
djalternative: !venga
LRRbot: We are sorry to announce that the Venga Bus service to San Francisco is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.
RobotInProgress: Decha RT Games
itsr67: someone get them another pair of headphones please
sblue333: We like
kusinohki: de chart de chart! (fantasy island voice)
Loonatic93: !popout
Penthesilea180: Get in de cart
CanvasWolfDoll: @Nigouki how long will it ake him to photoshop in 5?
sblue333: we like
Despoiler98: who wants to Bet 100% that PS5 in the background is a fucking plastic SHELL with nothing inside
mtvcdm: Is the most memeable moment the Peanut Fraud?
GenghisAres: yeah
Goorguy: This is very awkward headphone sharing
fluffyvampire42: !polling
Vanbael: !advice
LRRbot: Turn to page 8.
aussie_rob_w: They're extremely wholesome, I like DechartGames
kalira77: why didn't they give the presenters pronunciation guides for the people who were going to be on??
th3w0lfg0d: @LoadingReadyRun 1v1 me in Magic
TheMerricat: Thanks @fluffyvampire42 @Loonatic93
PinballWitch: Dec Hart Games, they only make mtgo elk tribal decks?
Easilycrazyhat: Oh geez, that's better
Figgyleaf: Awww :3
Diabore: he has much more hair than i expected
TheDeafMints: Hey Its Connor from Detroit: become hum,an!
Pheonix888: I think, therefore I meme?
djalternative: #KillroyWasHere
Omthebox: Hairsassin
pixelsatdawngaming: Dark Side of the Bonce
Foxmar320: Secret hair!
abyssaldm: That's no coif
wynternyghtynggale: I fell hairassed
th3w0lfg0d: @LoadingReadyRun Lol ok
holidayMD: Yes, I too have played Metal Gear
Loonatic93: !polling
Foxmar320: Graham stop reading my mind
TheMerricat: Could these folk not afford two sets of headphones?
thefileclerk: someone didn't finish a haircut
djalternative: !secret
LRRbot: That's my secret, I'm always just dead here.
Manae: Pigeon hair!
th3w0lfg0d: @LoadingReadyRun When?
PinballWitch: Is Secert Hair better than Secret Lair?
redril: would it be possible to turn up the audio for the award stream a bit?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Meme all Memes
TheMerricat: jlrrCai jlrrLlou seabatUseless lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
AshBurnem: House of Memes: Jump Around
Arclight_Dynamo: "Webster's Dictionary defines 'meme' as..."
IbunWest: darbAlien
TheDeafMints: Dechart is the actual actor/voice for Connor the Android from Detoit: become human
Easilycrazyhat: All my friends vote
Foxmar320: Yes!
SkylerRingtail: Heck yeah!
sblue333: YES VOTE
Foxmar320: Register to vote!
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BrindleBoar: also only vote once
MRForceOFWill: that hair can hit you with a surprise mother fucka
KilrenKrae: vote vote vote vote vote
pixelsatdawngaming: How do I register if I'm in the UK?
pixelsatdawngaming: :D
twistitch: got registered this morning
crooked_knows: If nothing else, listen to what the haircut said.
underhill33: Also, sign up to work at a polling place if you can
Loonatic93: !popout
crooked_knows: Vote.
j0xer: would you like to register to vote in the US G? i'm sure they won't check
secretbranch: m e m e
Drathak: please god vote
Tiber727: @PinballWitch Secret hair is a secret lair for lice.
RobotInProgress: Most Meme-able moment... hmm it'd have to be when that guy fell in err... fall guys?
Foxmar320: Why Alf?!
Figgyleaf: @BrindleBoar Yeah T.T
asddsa28: what
Joalni: We have municipial elections coming this spring. I'll vote in those.
kenohki2: !polling
therisingtithes_: (As an aside, even though I am not USian, I actually really expected more people to make that voting point given the circumstances)
TheMerricat: @Loonatic93 it's !polling
Serifina: WHAT
AdmiralMemo: Ummmmm
Decaped: They aren't even showing the memes. this is dumb
Serifina: That poor fairy!
sblue333: If anybody needs to register -> https://www.vote.org/register-to-vote/
AdmiralMemo: Nice
ritchards: I don't think they know what memes are...
IbunWest: darbAlien darbAlien darbAlien
HatsWearCats: Alf confirmed bad guy in Cyberpunk
Scy_Anide: Were any of these memes?
Fantusta: IT'S BUGSNAX
Theoretical95: Are these even memes though?
chrono2x: welp, bugsnax totally spent money on this show
Eklinaar: Alf just sounds like an out of touch middle age white guy trying to use social media for the first time.
Easilycrazyhat: These aren't memes...
PinballWitch: @LoadingReadyRun Graham, what WWE wrestler would you think would be best on a PPR?
aWabbajack: All your base belogn
TheNerdWonder: none of these are memeable
mtvcdm: These aren't memes
johnny: I get so many texts asking me on my opinion on the election, despite me having a Canadian phone number
SkylerRingtail: These are ads, not memes.
Ba_Dum_Tish: What was that?
TheManaLeek: I don't understand what a meme is anymore...
notthepenguins: theyre "memeable moments" that arent all even moments
Tingeltangelibach: You should probably move!
A_Dub888: Why did Mairo's chest light on fire?
Figgyleaf: IS ther even a contest??!!??!
Decaped: what about DrDisrespect filming in a bathroom?
kusinohki: I am confused?
Camail: okay.
TheManaLeek: I never did, but I don't understand now either
Officinalis: Craig the Brute is a meme that I have heard of.
EsperDerek1: These aren't moments or memes! They're ads!
countz3r0: no.
Ba_Dum_Tish: None of that is a memeable?
TheMerricat: None of those were memes.
KeirenH: The real answer is almost certainly something from SGDQ
Foxmar320: Agreed
TotallyNotaBeholder: Xavier if he plays mtg
2Flower: Do they not know what a meme is?
DoodlestheGreat: Tim the Tatman's struggle to get a crown in Fall Guys. THAT is the most memeable moment.
SoulEater50210: I didn't know bugsnax was by Kero Kero Bonito, I like it even more now.
UnknownGerm: can they be memes if I have not heard of any of them
aussie_rob_w: The Big Show is great on TV.
Dog_of_Myth: Xavier for sure
TotallyNotaBeholder: Breeze could be fun
Unpronounceable: Were those supposed to be easily riffable?
queenfounder: How does one meme any of those
Drathak: Funny moments not memeable
Foxmar320: Those were not memes
UrbanSamurai_22: Undertaker
Omthebox: k
asddsa28: o what
Earthenone: weird
secretbranch: it's corporate meme, so meh
Joalni: Confusing.
j0xer: extreme boomer energy in those options
Vanbael: wut
EvilBadman: Craig from Halo was absolutely a meme
Diabore: breeze is also canadian
AdmiralMemo: That was... odd
Easilycrazyhat: #notmemes
dantedad222: #rigged
SquareDotCube: haha meme research team goes brrrr
thefileclerk: @skylerringtail that's the secret it's always been ads
WonderfulGlory: Craig the Brute was memed A LOT
Figgyleaf: Wait, what?
mtvcdm: They should be happy we couldn't vote in that one.
Inkompetence: Part of the Fashion Files doing a Hat Draft?
Ba_Dum_Tish: That was wierd
Theoretical95: The word meme has lost all meaning
GenghisAres: it was just a social media vote from earlier i think
Armyguy0: i mean the last one i saw a LOT of memes of
underhill33: I don't think they no what meme's are
Grothe406: That one was a twitter bracket
Armyguy0: halo for ya
Ba_Dum_Tish: Lost all meming
Fantusta: don't let your memes be dreams
Tiber727: @EsperDerek1 Wait a minute, this whole event is all ads!
aWabbajack: poll on Twitter
sblue333: Check your voter registration -> https://www.vote.org/am-i-registered-to-vote/
Dog_of_Myth: Big Show is also a huge nerd. Just like us.
gravity_pike: The one that's literally just a popularity contest is also the one we don't get to vote on
asddsa28: oooo
TheMerricat: Caillou is a meme, those were just ads and random shit
InquisitorGaia: its not a meme yet so it probably wont be
2Flower: I am confusion.
thefileclerk: this is weird
djalternative: Hall of MEAT
Camail: day9 is just trying his hardest right now
aussie_rob_w: the failures more than the successes.
PinballWitch: a lot of the wwe are nerds it turns out
Easilycrazyhat: Sean is too good at rolling with anything XD
SweedChef: padding?
TheNerdWonder: it's a conspiracy to prevent Bugsnaks from winning
mtvcdm: Hey, consumers! Here's today's big meme for you to viral!
abyssaldm: I have no idea what's going on.
Camail: memes, jack
Dimometer: The Selfish Gene.
MRForceOFWill: Its rigged I'm telling you. Its rigged.
TheManaLeek: I miss when they were called Macros
Anaerin: May-may!
7183ryan: The word meme is a meme
TehAmelie: you never really know if the memes are unmemetic or if it's just you being out of touch, but these moments. . .huh
DiscordianTokkan: When they started with saying "Memes are modern hieroglyphs" I knew they didn't know or care
Ba_Dum_Tish: Hey fellow memers
Easilycrazyhat: He's so good
Solid_Fuel: meme is a funny virtual virus
Figgyleaf: How did Skate4 win over Craig the Brute?
GreayStone: Topless Beej1 meme
PinballWitch: memes used to mean a joke that you see, laugh, make a variation on, and pass along basically
Joalni: Meme is often used just as a synonym for joke now, so no wonder there is confusion.
SquareDotCube: the meme award is clearly #adcontent
crooked_knows: I meme'd once. Didn't care for it.
Theoretical95: I guess meme has now evolved to mean funny videos/clips that you share with others
xavierrivas1226: what's up
mtvcdm: Luckily, the commissioner is doing a Great Job
PinballWitch: that's why thet got the name
thefileclerk: day9 is trying so hard
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libraryrulesrule: OwO
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, libraryrulesrule! (Today's storm count: 64)
Armyguy0: i saw a LOT of Craig memes
TheNerdWonder: so none of the other options got any votes?
TheMerricat: @Figgyleaf how did Bugsnax even get nominated? For EVERY category?
Manae: Day9 pretty much ALWAYS tries hard.
Driosenth: Was this award just to plug the nominees?
groovemancery: I played Metal Gear Rising Revengence last weekend. I did not expect memes to be a thing in it
PinballWitch: oh hey I think my edibles finally kicked in!
CaptainSpam: Huh. That's weird, I reloaded the page for reasons, and now I don't see the votey widget.
TheTekkieman: I tried a meme once, it was awful.
Sheikun07: MGR:R is all about the memes
AdmiralMemo: Can we get the popout command again?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Vote to meme
Armyguy0: i did not even HEAR of Skate4 till now
TheMerricat: !polling
aussie_rob_w: I feel like Day9 and MaRo would get along purely because they both love being enthusiastic.
Figgyleaf: I hdn't even heared of Bugsnax before today XD
Theoretical95: Love the voter registration inclusions here
TehAmelie: what's really disorienting is reading about memes in a book set in 1993
TotallyNotaBeholder: I tried a meme but I didn't inhale
kusinohki: how to tell when a meme is dead? I've heard of it.
CaptainSpam: Oh, huh, but the widget DID appear in the panels below the video. Weird.
2Flower: But... but we couldn’t vote on that one?
PinballWitch: "don't get political on twitch"
secretbranch: le chicken
Easilycrazyhat: wut
Diabore: ah, so fall guys is going to win.....again
djalternative: no
Naarius: sm0l dab
gravity_pike: they call him legion, for he is many
Rhynerd: The shelf life of a meme is 5 seconds
Theoretical95: Fall Guys is gonna win this no contest
libraryrulesrule: no dabbing allowed
MadWolf1290: what are these categories? LUL
cambo212: i feel olds
A_Dub888: benginDab benginDab benginDab
Decaped: oh no, nonironic dabbing
TheMerricat: Now chat, just remember no matter what the talking Dorrito tells you, please don't commit voter fraud by trying to vote twice.
Easilycrazyhat: he's so energetic XD
trilemma85: dmfsaiHYPE
sblue333: dabbifers
SquareDotCube: Well that killed the dab
Ba_Dum_Tish: Why has dob not caught on
Joalni: Ok, so dabbing seems to be back... Someone tell Ben.
PinballWitch: is this guy either the most earnest or most ironic person i've ever seen
Solid_Fuel: who is that? man i live in a twitch bubble
Dog_of_Myth: Poggifer, Dab on the haters for me
Omthebox: Dab on the Q masquerading as an O
Goorguy: Don't do drugs before your stream kids
Figgyleaf: benginDabbenginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab benginDab
thefileclerk: legion is one person? ugh
Despoiler98: how much caffeine is he on right now
libraryrulesrule: zoomers have banned dabbing, thank you very much
pixelsatdawngaming: I feel like this guy has consumed all of the sugar
PinballWitch: I can't twll which
djalternative: this guy is Idle posing HARD
Easilycrazyhat: This delay is hilarious
HatsWearCats: He looks terrified
countz3r0: I watch a lot of Twitch, but this is too much for me.
Dimometer: last dab the dabbers?
Eklinaar: A bearded white guy in a baseball cap, there's an image I don't see on Twitch much
2Flower: Does he need to pee?
F1SHOR: this is all showing my how much I'm not a twitch person outside of this community 😂
Foxmar320: Thats not...
TheNerdWonder: honestly, ongoing game? It's still WoW
DiscordianTokkan: FFXIV
2nd_sam: lit
GreayStone: lrrHEART lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Manae: @thefileclerk I mean, classically it was one person. he just had... LOTS of friends inside
dantedad222: Was I gifted a sub while doing work things?
Diabore: good pick
DiscordianTokkan: Because Shadowbringers broke records, IIRC
MWGNZ: F1SHOR same, and I am glad about it
mtvcdm: A Short Hike
TheMerricat: Going Home, Firewatch, Tachoma
Pterodactal: Hollow Knight
Ba_Dum_Tish: Undertale for me
dantedad222: Thank you to random gifter
TehAmelie: Firewatch is strong
Arclight_Dynamo: Myst.
codatski: What a shout Graham
Despoiler98: fable is pretty good
spurius: ME2
rzrdrgn: A short hike is great
Balthasar_Wiseman: watching this makes me feel bad in ways I can't explain other than gross
dantedad222: I wish I could thank you properly
gravity_pike: Obra Dinn
Decaped: undertale!
ZeldaGuruMomi: FFXIV
Scy_Anide: My favorite one shot game is OneShot.
kenohki2: Oneshot
Earthenone: !findquote myst
LRRbot: Quote #1542: "Spud! stands head and shoulders above such games as Myst." —PC Gamer Magazine
Shragon: the witness
pixelsatdawngaming: Carrion
TehAmelie: Unavowed also very underrated
secretbranch: the witness
Easilycrazyhat: Sayonara Wild Hearts is fantastic
PinballWitch: OneShot is really good
sblue333: Raji is BALLER, was announced in the recent nindies I'm addicted
Anaerin: Hey, Uru Live has new areas now, apparently.
RobotInProgress: the.. frog... getting eaten.... thats not what happened
Diabore: gris was really good too
fluffyvampire42: brutal legend
Despoiler98: I played the SHIT out of the original Fable it was so good
thefileclerk: @manae legion is the friends you find along the way
TheNerdWonder: Gunpoint was quite good
asddsa28: those are it
asddsa28: woow
mtvcdm: Poll is now live.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Uhhhh....
actionjb: hmmm
Diabore: i have no horse in this race
cambo212: I wish to vote for the fall guys
Theoretical95: Fall Guys isn't here? Weird
Unpronounceable: Ummm. Was he supposed to just read the nominees?
AdmiralMemo: GTAV probably, though Destiny is good too
fluffyvampire42: yeah
Foxmar320: Correct
johnny: hmm can't vote :(
libraryrulesrule: i don't like any of these
SquirrelLord1111: yes
pixelsatdawngaming: None of these?
The_ChartreuseKnight: Yeah
actionjb: I feel deflated by those options
Serifina: Yyyyyyep.
Foxmar320: I want my ICE POWERS
AdmiralMemo: Beyond Light is the next one
Mikklun: how come no no man's sky
TotallyNotaBeholder: That person was... a presenter
2Flower: Shootsmans festival.
Crokoking: no warframe? ....
asddsa28: like only 2 of these will have alot
TheMerricat: I really wish you could get the full Fable series on PC.
Easilycrazyhat: I don't play any of these :(
TheDeafMints: AC is gonna win
Solid_Fuel: easy choice no contest
Despoiler98: yay swimming
ritchards: I... don't have any interest in any of those ...
TheDeafMints: garanteed
DiscordianTokkan: "Summer" Releasing in November for Destiny 2...
kenohki2: why FFXIV 5.3?
SquareDotCube: If it's not out yet, WHY is it on the list?
NimrodXIV: I have interest in one of these games, soooo
Serifina: I'm voting Destiny because it's the one I actually play, while the others I don't care for
therisingtithes_: is the summer update what added the LORGE fish?
SquareDotCube: I thought the same thing, G
niccus: it's a fascinating look into what gets twitch viewers by volume
Dimometer: I dont like on goiong games, its mostly annoying monetisation.
Solid_Fuel: duud you could swim!
GenghisAres: I've only played Warzone
Easilycrazyhat: Cheech and Chong in AC sounds great
Goorguy: LOL
Figgyleaf: Oofa!
sblue333: Not destiny?
josh___something: LUL
Despoiler98: LOL
Foxmar320: I voted Destiny but I feel AC is winning this
pixelsatdawngaming: lol
DiscordianTokkan: I'm voting AC, because Destiny Beyond Light isn't... out
AdmiralMemo: GTA for me, but if Destiny wins, I'm not surprised
Despoiler98: Day9 Improv
KeytarCat: Animal Crossing for me, and I don't even like it!
dantedad222: I had no opinions so I took your implied advise of AC
Diabore: dan?
ZeldaGuruMomi: Look, Animal Crossing came when we needed it most
GreayStone: plus leagal in Canada!
Vanbael: I'm up for ACNH, Destiny lost me this summer :/
PinballWitch: I still can't tell if he's either the most ironic or most earnest guy ever?
pixelsatdawngaming: What a boss
Countzeroor: I earned my first physical rewards for Destiny this past season - I've earned the Challenge Coins.
secretbranch: s e a n
Easilycrazyhat: Day9 was made in a Twitch lab for online hosting
MadWolf1290: Day9 is the BEST
sblue333: He's soooo good
asddsa28: day 9 is soo good at his job
TheMerricat: Whatever they are paying Day9, it's not enough.
Diabore: did he call him dan?
Serifina: He's a great personality
Peter_Chordash: Day9 is a hero, if you will
AshBurnem: Day9 is flippin' talented.
aussie_rob_w: He was so good in Spellslingers
Vanbael: Day 9 is a treasure
TheManaLeek: He makes everything seem genuine as heck
ShaneLeeAtk: Good ol' One Shot Plott
Scy_Anide: He's a very good host.
JosephDeath: Just hopped back in, looks like the extension isn't loading up for me... did something happen or just my computer being a derp?
Unpronounceable: Day9 is such a delight to watch
AdmiralMemo: Ummmmm Skeeter?
gkingrat: (Stellaris: Federations)
ogundiety: It's true, he cannot be flapped
Foxmar320: WOW those results
WonderfulGlory: The man is an institution
Theoretical95: WOW Cod won?
HatsWearCats: Call him Atlas cause he carrys things on his shoulders and just holds it
secretbranch: welp
PinballWitch: Day9 needs to do more things with Danny Trejo tho imo
groovemancery: dayJoy
TheNerdWonder: because Muppets are back
Manae: There are also some AMAZING Day9 Dailies to go back and watch that are life-related instead of StarCraft related
mtvcdm: Halo Infinite Tacos
DoodlestheGreat: Oh, Day9 is amazing. Geoff Keighly needs to hire him for the next VGAs.
mysticsage1: yeah he does good cheesy work at moments like that
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun that was from the last gaming awards show
ShaneLeeAtk: But the real question... Where is Skeeter?
TheDeafMints: oh wow
ritchards: Muppets Now started
KeirenH: I prefer regular stream sean to presenter sean, but he is a very good presenter
Grothe406: same reason as alf
NonUniqueGuy: I love Day9, but the start of this award shows was a bit rough. It is getting better though.
TheDeafMints: CoD won
Xed_Regulus: Because every show needs a Muppet
mowdownjoe: Day9 is so great. I watch him play Magic sometimes.
TheManaLeek: The Muppets are free agents out for hire now
someguynamedDane: Sean is basically gaming royalty at this point
CraziestOwl: Couse
Solid_Fuel: wow channel result vs event is wow
AshBurnem: A better question, why isn't Skeeter here now?
Agl0vale: why wouldn't scooter be there?
cambo212: wwe battlegrounds or whatever it is looks so weird
ritchards: @LoadingReadyRun Muppets Now started in (end) July
aussie_rob_w: I'm extremely surprised that COD won the overall
AdmiralMemo: Is it spicy?
thefileclerk: day9 has serge levels of purity with horsemeth levels of energy and excitment
SoulEater50210: Everyone see the nintendo direct today? 3D all stars has me hyped
Diabore: dont go inside the box
aWabbajack: lrrHORN
Dog_of_Myth: !y
northos: !y
Despoiler98: HONK
Bladinus: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: beefy jeefy
mtvcdm: We were NOT in step with the others at all.
pixelsatdawngaming: HONK
Goorguy: This poll def reflects that kinda games LRR plays vs twitch
Easilycrazyhat: I meant to watch most of these game streams and...missed all of them XD
TheMerricat: chat, twitch is wrong.
kumatsu: I'm a sucker for the fact that Uncle Deadly shows up a lot
PinballWitch: Are you a Muppet Sucker? lrrBEEJ
AhvoTheBeast: The WWE Battlegrounds Gamescom trailer is A LOT.
Figgyleaf: Wait, Shantae?
TheNerdWonder: Space Channel 5's back?
chaostreader: @themerricat Thank you for the gift sub. I missed it earlier.
AdmiralMemo: Heh
PinballWitch: okay then graham, what muppet would be best as a ppr guest?
Joalni: Zeke!
GenghisAres: I hope I was the 1%
UnknownGerm: Stadia
lord_wertornion: I guess I am the one CoD vote xD
UnknownGerm: hah
Easilycrazyhat: Flossing really bugs me for some reason...I don't know why
cotillion1850: What is this? (I genuinely do not know what this is)
TheMerricat: @TheNerdWonder they released a VR version recently.
Easilycrazyhat: *Flossing the dance XD
TheNerdWonder: awwww
Foxmar320: LOL
crooked_knows: HA
someguynamedDane: LUL
Joalni: Oooh
Dog_of_Myth: Burn
NimrodXIV: :D
Serifina: Ahahahahaha
BusTed: gottem
EvilBadman: Stadia is less than a year old, lol
Ba_Dum_Tish: I think everyone forgot about statdia
Solid_Fuel: haha
TheManaLeek: Gottem
Despoiler98: Daaaaaaaaaang']
pixelsatdawngaming: BOOM
Sheikun07: Hah
josh___something: Off
DiscordianTokkan: Shashashaaa
Foxmar320: Is Stadia dead yet?
SquirrelLord1111: benginYe
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
Serifina: lrrWOW
PinballWitch: lrrGOAT
thefileclerk: bazinga
NimrodXIV: woof
TotallyNotaBeholder: I tried Stadia, I will continue to forget about Stadia
josh___something: so rood
underhill33: Jesus
Figgyleaf: Oh wow
mtvcdm: Oh wow
wynternyghtynggale: wow
mowdownjoe: lrrWOW lrrWOW
Juliamon: I wonder what he streams
chefryto90: benginDab benginDab benginDab
TehAmelie: is Gibb some kind of black sheep of the muppets? or a mutant?
Foxmar320: Im guessing his channel is a CoD channel?
gkingrat: Wait. Blaseball is not on this list.
Easilycrazyhat: Destiny split the vote
Mathonwy: What are we doing?
mtvcdm: But we are all love blaseball
RobotInProgress: dedication
cambo212: im guessing he hasnt streamed anything but cod in months
aussie_rob_w: that's a fantastic demonstration of demographic difference on Twitch
GreayStone: diferent target audiences
notthepenguins: sounds like an fps channel yeah
thefileclerk: @tehamelie give is muppet lint
Driosenth: that tells me everything I need to know about LEGIONs channel
mowdownjoe: We are all... DAMNIT @mtvcdm!
Diabore: speaking of blaseball, spies v tacos in 11th inning
mtvcdm: There we are!
Naarius: It's us!
NimrodXIV: there we are!
Ba_Dum_Tish: Yay
AdmiralMemo: YAY
Easilycrazyhat: Yay
northos: eyyyyyyyy
UnknownGerm: this dude is like the platonic CHad
TheManaLeek: We made it!
Joalni: We made it!
someguynamedDane: We got on there!!!
actionjb: We made it!
NarishmaReborn: Neat!!
GenghisAres: yay
crooked_knows: We're winning!
underhill33: WOO
SoldieroFortune: lrrGOAT
Earthenone: kate is on there too
Solid_Fuel: hey mom get the camera
Foxmar320: Yay
FenrisSchafer: Yay!
SnackPak_: lrrGOAT lrrGOAT lrrGOAT
Loonatic93: WOOT!!!!!!!!!!
EvilBadman: Kate's channel is Destiny?
Figgyleaf: benginDab
Unpronounceable: On Stream!!
Vanbael: LRR Represent!]
NonUniqueGuy: GO LRR
CannedWolf: woot!
ritchards: Kate on there too!
meanderingmyra: slytqHype slytqDance
djalternative: US!
SquirrelLord1111: Gottem!
northos: and Kate with Destiny!
azkovo: lrrWOW
CaptainSpam: We made it! Yaaaaaay!
Mathonwy: We're winning!!!
codatski: Hi mom
DiscordianTokkan: It us!
Loonatic93: We got there, chat!
amative1: Kate on there for Destiny
CaptainSpam: lrrGOAT
Pterodactal: Kate with Destiny?
Tarukai788: ayyy
Foxmar320: Its not out
dantedad222: good job lrr
notthepenguins: beyond light is not out yet
fluffyvampire42: beyond light comes out in november
Serifina: Beyond Light got pushed back to November
AdmiralMemo: Beyond Light isn't out
ashteranic: beyond light is november
Dog_of_Myth: It isn't out yet
Armyguy0: lrrCHKN lrrGOAT
Foxmar320: Comes out in November
Easilycrazyhat: Nov 10 apparently
The_ChartreuseKnight: Not until November
j0xer: its the one that deletes all the content from the game right
TheMerricat: Nov 10 according to google
Earthenone: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (70d, 16:28 from now)
PinballWitch: Graham, I've been planning a town based on Nsberg in a post-apocalyptic table top rpg.
DiscordianTokkan: Ahhhh
nemryn: well, that's why it only got 6%
Phailhammer: I feel like the wrong Stark's name is next to Destiny.
Foxmar320: Yeah its not out so no wonder it was so low
Ba_Dum_Tish: I hope things calm down for DB times
JaysonMaxwell: I'm not a fan of the phrasing "Your community was right" ... it feels like they're pushing the gross "in group" think and that's not the point of "bringing twitch together"
Mathonwy: Is Graham interacting with the other talking heads?
djalternative: #BugSnacks
Serifina: Which, tbh, the new Stasis subclasses for Beyond Light do look amazing
Leedopo: Beyond Light is definitely not out, and destiny 2 should NOT be winning anything right now.
TotallyNotaBeholder: I like gooseneck trailers
EvilBadman: hell yeah America Truck Simulator. Wait, wrong trailers?
Decaped: Best trailer was that new Apple Ad! Great use of fascist imagery
Loonatic93: hmmm.... I wonder if Mari has a PS5?
NonUniqueGuy: @Mathonwy No, just us
SoulEater50210: Legion definitely has some energy
Diabore: gotta get them tonks
Solid_Fuel: you dont collect turnips man!
2Flower: Pretty much every category is Most Hyped Vaguely Known Title Presented By Mountain Dew
meanderingmyra: slytqStonks slytqStonks slytqStonks
Ba_Dum_Tish: Stonks
Foxmar320: Serifina I need my ICE POWERS
SquirrelLord1111: I thought he said turtles
BusTed: slytqStonks slytqStonks slytqStonks
chefryto90: gEEEZ, DAD
TheMerricat: @PinballWitch that's something I think the folk in the LRR discord would love for you to share with them.
someguynamedDane: I mean, purchasing is a form of collecting
DiscordianTokkan: slytqStonks
Anaerin: The Stalk Market.
Figgyleaf: I thought you planted them...
Easilycrazyhat: S T U R N I P S
TheAinMAP: slytqStonks
Serifina: @Foxmar320 You freeze, I'll smash. :D
groovemancery: I don't collect Magic cards, I buy Magic cards
TheMerricat: !discord
LRRbot: LRR has an official Discord server! You can join here: https://discord.gg/lrr
UnknownGerm: That guy was such a Chad
SquareDotCube: Wait why wasn't Stonks a meme on the awards?
EvilBadman: @Loonatic93 She certainly has the shell of one
codatski: Graham, you are an absolute treasure. Please never change
Arclight_Dynamo: I think this show is just telling me that "games" aren't a genre.
Foxmar320: Serifina solid plan. literally they are fozen solid
safety___third: finally someone I recognize
Mathonwy: I don't know any of these people...
Diabore: he seems very happy
DiscordianTokkan: Nostrils!
Nefarious_Ned: Turnip for what?
TheMerricat: Swiftor has a fisheye cam?
Serifina: @Foxmar320 Ha HA! :D
Goorguy: We gotta talk about eyelines
Solid_Fuel: they are audio tuned
Easilycrazyhat: Is his light voice reactive?
secretbranch: i watch swiftor for monopoly sometimes, pretty chill
ashteranic: pacing
Dog_of_Myth: Good beard
TheDeafMints: Swiftor is a COD legend did a lot of custom game modes for CoD if i recall
PinballWitch: @TheMerricat think Silent Hill but goofy instead of scary
Foxmar320: Good editing! Its important!
aWabbajack: SwiftRage ahh his global emo
kumatsu: a good product Kappa
Easilycrazyhat: That's super distracting
underhill33: His sight line is, interesting
Loonatic93: Swiftor seems to have the kind of room lighting I wish I had.
EvilBadman: Ah, Paul's messing with Swiftor's lights
Juliamon: 100% voice reactive
KeirenH: Is his lighting hooked up to his mic?
thefileclerk: i know none of these people and I am old and need more fiber
toddbepraised: best part of a trailer, Release Date.
Vanbael: if it has a good Two Steps From Hell song in it, it'll be hype
TreeGamer35: Actual gameplay
HatsWearCats: No gameplay, no information, just the titles. Metroid Prime 4 Im looking at you
Diabore: so pauls messing with him
nemryn: what gets me pumped? a series of audio and video clips played in quick succession!
Arclight_Dynamo: @thefileclerk Ditto.
ritchards: grain of hair...
Foxmar320: lol
StageMgrRob: The lighting in Swiftor's background is distracting.
aussie_rob_w: Sean that's not how hair works
sblue333: Paul is messing with him too?!
someguynamedDane: High def beard physics
gravity_pike: impossible, you say?
Figgyleaf: I don't... love that lighting thing XD
2Flower: Needs more slow powerful 80s cover songs
Theoretical95: His monitor is above his camera?
djalternative: Well, you have footage, editing, music, sound design, and graphics. So, 5 things that go into an average trailer
Diabore: botw
asddsa28: wicher 3
Agl0vale: 7
Darleysam: I like the part in the trailer montage where the inoffensively lively music tells me to "get ready"
SoldieroFortune: Dishonored
kumatsu: I don't like that his ring lights are REAL visible in his glasses
engineerbudy: Cuphead
AshBurnem: Doom.
Mathonwy: Ugh. Warzone.
Foxmar320: Yeah
Dimometer: half life 2
friendtrain: Bioshock Infinite
djalternative: Doom
dantedad222: That was DMC 5 for me
GreayStone: Witcher 3
PinballWitch: Octopath Travaler
sblue333: Fire Emblem Three House
Foxmar320: Very true
Ba_Dum_Tish: I just have 0 interest in shooters
Loonatic93: @thefileclerk Well, Graham, the guy in the bottom corner, is from a Youtube/Twitch comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun. lrrBEEJ
Easilycrazyhat: There were definitely animals AND crossings
Solid_Fuel: animal crossing swimming update was rad
Foxmar320: Sonic Mania
sblue333: That's the last one I remember
Scy_Anide: Eww Activision
UrbanSamurai_22: Champions of Norrath: Return to arms
aussie_rob_w: loved Myst.
PinballWitch: Diablo 2
Mikklun: Yes REALmyst yes
Arclight_Dynamo: RealMyst yeeesssss...
j0xer: the halo 1 trailer at the apple show was pretty sweet
thefileclerk: @loonatic93 LUL
TheMerricat: I'm still partial to the rick roll we got from Dead Island.
someguynamedDane: The first Cyberpunk trailer was amazing
TotallyNotaBeholder: Once again, I'm asking you to bring me the blue pages
sblue333: what's myst
Easilycrazyhat: That lighting really bugs me...
nemryn: ooh, gonna have to look that one up
Loonatic93: @thefileclerk But I hear you, fellow old person. I only know of Mari from her apperience in "Survivor."
Earthenone: its so bright
mtvcdm: Poll is live.
Foxmar320: Sonic Mania had a hand drawn trailer that transitioned to gameplay. Set to an amazing soundtrack.
UnknownGerm: And trailers can be so full of lies
kenohki2: !polling
aussie_rob_w: Was he reading their copy or his own?
Easilycrazyhat: Village had the best "TWIST"
codatski: Oh the lights are synced to his voice volume. That seems like a real problem for light sensitivity people
Serifina: Snap pick Horizon Forbidden West
Dog_of_Myth: Horizon
TheNerdWonder: that's not how grenades work!
EvilBadman: Wow, hard choices
DiscordianTokkan: Ooh. Hard choices
ritchards: oh, another Not Political game!
Diabore: horizon just for my absurd hype for it
PinballWitch: that original ff7 commercial making fun of movies for not being it
TehAmelie: i liked the one for Gears of War that played Mad World. it was the first time a trailer did that, and without knowing what the game was like it seemed wonde3rful
lamina5432: like my horizan
Foxmar320: Gotta go VILLAGE
Leedopo: On the other end of hosts, we’ve swiftor, but he’s REALLY let his remaining hair go.
sblue333: Actually Spiderman gets it for me
azkovo: !polling
TotallyNotaBeholder: 3 of these games I want to play because of the trailer
Unpronounceable: This is actually a good vote
Earthenone: i only remember one of those trailers, my choice was easy
Dog_of_Myth: @Serifina Nice
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, KITTY, but Spiders-man
mitomanox: sorry for tne noobie question, but they award streamers, or only games?
aussie_rob_w: Miles *blew minds*
4dSwissCheese: Look: you give me the option to vote for a cat, I’m going to vote for a cat
Joalni: I was hoping for Suicide Squad here.
AdmiralMemo: Horizon vs Spider-Man? Crap! No! WHY?!
mtvcdm: I'll give it to Stray.
Serifina: @Dog_of_Myth HZD is one of my top 5 games of the *decade*.
GreayStone: Stary
TheMerricat: @mitomanox so far we haven't had any streamers to vote on, just games
Unpronounceable: Time to get a die
SoldieroFortune: same, mtvcdm
underhill33: I picked HZD 2, but I LOVE HZD
aussie_rob_w: Memo. I voted Spider-man. You can vote Horizon. <3
Mikklun: Am I the only one who sees this HyperGravity and immediately thinks myst "As I fell into the star fissure..."
Loonatic93: Miles Morales is ALWAYS a win with me!!!!!!!!
Goorguy: That Farcry trailer was a mini movie
tctrain: I haven't watched any of these trailers. I think I might not be in the know.
Eklinaar: Contact Mr. ReadyRun
TehAmelie: i'm biased to Horizon cause i dig the game. can we forbid more west?
Dog_of_Myth: @Serifina I...agree with you.
asddsa28: get Dail in
novrdd: Kappa
ritchards: hey, you know Jacob!
Diabore: can i have 3 votes
mitomanox: lrrGRAHAM = the voice
PinballWitch: I gotta go with Miles cause it was so important to many of my friends adn that was awesome
Joalni: Yeah, leave Graham here with us.
NimrodXIV: you need notecards, G
RomanGoro: Out of those the one that went for no idea to I want to play this for me is Stray, but also of all these games the only one that seems appealing to me is Stray
Serifina: @Dog_of_Myth :D
Foxmar320: Im available for host voice. People love laughing at Florida Man.
Mathonwy: Hell, I have better host voice than the three talking heads.
Ryuzicohn28: Yes totally need Spokesman Dave for casting.
Pterodactal: Come now, the War of the Spark video was great
azkovo: don't sell yourself short G. You're great on all the podcasts
mitomanox: thanks @TheMerricat
Mikklun: I consider it a Myst thing
DoodlestheGreat: LRR has several good choices for presenters.
TheNerdWonder: Stray looks like an experience I want to have
Arclight_Dynamo: I'm still waiting for the Pyst W+P...
j0xer: you have a teleprompter that's BETTER
aussie_rob_w: their overlay means Graham is just slicing his face right off here
BrindleBoar: kitty
Ba_Dum_Tish: G is under prepared for this 3 day event Kappa
pixelsatdawngaming: This is your failure... and your curse
PinballWitch: That's my secret, cap, I never have note cards.
DiscordianTokkan: I was torn between KITTY and Spider-Man
TheMerricat: I would legit pay money for a Graham, Paul, Cam tag team reading me to sleep.
Foxmar320: I voted VILLAGE as well
djalternative: Most of LRR are good presenters
Mikklun: I misclicked I wanted to vote stray
mowdownjoe: I mean, KITTY
wynternyghtynggale: we are just cat people
Theoretical95: People love a good twist
CanvasWolfDoll: i mean... robots plus cats? that's pretty on brand for lrr community.
CaptainSpam: KITTY
Diabore: stray is LAST in overal
thefileclerk: that scans
Foxmar320: Even tho I knew what Village was before the reveal
NimrodXIV: kitty > spiderman > zombies ok chat
TheNerdWonder: Good news, we'll probably be onscreen this time too
PinballWitch: i have friends who cried from the miles trailer
CraziestOwl: Kitty
TheDeafMints: I voted Village
Nefarious_Ned: Kitty!
Figgyleaf: I don't watch trailors so... I didn't vote. But if I had it would've been for Stray. I'm hype for that game :3
wynternyghtynggale: -points at Graham- kitty!
Unpronounceable: My die said to vote kitty
SpiffGames: Disagree, have fallen asleep to From Rewatch With Love several times
Foxmar320: Graham reading Destiny lore pages would be fantastic
Rhynerd: I missed the poll
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Earthenone: wow his comunity hates cats
Scy_Anide: Wow, fuck Ubisoft.
PinballWitch: mrow
RainbowPhoenix06: I am loving From rewatch with love
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun global stray is SIX percent
Mathonwy: The differences between channel and event results show that your audience has different tastes than Twitch at large.
RomanGoro: I'll be honest, I judge this dude's chat
Diabore: SIX
BusTed: Butt prints.
CaptainSpam: The power of this man's beard does not hide his community's dislike of cats! Kappa
TotallyNotaBeholder: Good on him for pumping up the lowest vote
MikeSmith916: The Far Cry 6 trailer was almost enough to get me back, but the end of Far Cry 5 was so infuriating that I don't know that I will ever play one again.
Joalni: We got there again!
mowdownjoe: There we are again!
chibi_bento: You say that, G... but I've been sick this week, and yet unable to sleep due to whirly brain, and FRWL has done the trick for getting me to sleep several times!
TheTekkieman: Hey, there we are again.
mtvcdm: Onscreen!
Earthenone: we got on the screen
AdmiralMemo: Oil?!
wynternyghtynggale: down side acne and sunburns
PinballWitch: no dander?
Theoretical95: There we are on Stray!
Unpronounceable: We're on the board!
underhill33: eww
Vanbael: Represent on Stray!