BlightningHelix: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Let's Nope (Ben and Adam sit down and play some spoopy games! Game: Maid of Sker) at Tue 05:00 PM PDT (15m from now).
NightValien28: oh frick this game, isn't this one of the bundle, the same of the man of medan?
Darleysam: think that's a different game @NightValien28, might be thinking of.. Little Hope, is it?
blip2004: yeah the next Dark Pictures is Little Hope
NightValien28: oh yeah that one thanks Darleysam and blip2004
eric_christian_berg: Thank you all for coming to my rendition of country-western hit "Too Many Scallions in My Pork Fried Rice".
BusTed: made of scare
elkae: lrrSPOOP
eric_christian_berg: Now I want some skyr.
monkeyrama: May Dove Scare
jessieimproved: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
elkae: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
codatski: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
monkeyrama: lrrSIGNAL lrrADAM lrrSPOOP lrrBEN lrrSIGNAL
GhostValv: doodLeon
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CompletelyUnsure: Well, from the horrors of getting dumpstered on Arena to the horrors of spoops, while ignoring the horrors of college work due this week. Here's to all y'all do for us, thanks.
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hesterbyrde: OH RIGHT! New game this week........ :)
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TheThirdTail: <3
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elkae: lrrBEN_SG lrrADAM_SG
sir_jack_DB: hey hey party people
eric_christian_berg: The Dark Space Times have ended...
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> One thousand years ago, spoopy games and | the Jumpscares ruled. | It was a time of darkness, it was | a world of fear, | It was the age of THE LET'S NOPE. | Streamers by day, sleepy boi's by night. | We were betrayed by the twitch chat we had | sworn to protect. | 📷 || ⤵
quasi79fu: Spoopy Bois time?
quasi79fu: Time to get Skerred?
sir_jack_DB: yeyeye
quasi79fu: From a Maiden?
NightValien28: skerred
GhostValv: space is allowed to live again
quasi79fu: Im confused
jessieimproved: I am hyped for this game
Pteraspidomorphi: Is it a skery game?
NightValien28: skery skery skeletons
Asimech: @quasi79fu Of a maiden, perhaps?
quasi79fu: I dont know Ptera XD
Phosphatide: my notification message cut off at THE LET’
Decaped: the Spoops return!
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mnemonicman: yay spoops
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jessieimproved: Don't get me wrong, I love my spoopy boys no matter what they're playing, but for me, Dead Space = shooter, not spoops
PneumaticBear: spoops
Mal2mad: spoopstime!
SmoreThanAFeelin: Skeerrrrr
Phosphatide: space poops
Phosphatide: spoops
quasi79fu: Illl be back want snax.... I have a Cinnamon Rolll Hot Pocket i gotta gooo warm up
Pteraspidomorphi: quasi79fu: It must be, if it's entirely maid of sker
PneumaticBear: super poops
Mal2mad: spoops IN SPACE!1!
TamesLovesGames: Spoopy time hype! benginDab benginHype
jubale1: Maid o' Skerv
A_Catastrophic_Success: !advice
LRRbot: Beware the vape.
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darkhawk616: Dang it I'm stuck in an break
themlin: HYPE
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A_Catastrophic_Success: !badadvice
LRRbot: Accept limitations from hot rich people.
ButButTheJesus: hello chat! I finally started playing Control! It seems neat!
lirazel64: So, I'm not a big fan of spoops... but I love me some Ben and Adam, soo...
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thejester5411: Happy Spoops!!!! Is this game any good? I gotta give it a Google.
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Asimech: @Phosphatide "Welcome to 'The Let' a show about tenants and maintaining your apartment properties."
mnemonicman: Spoops are diminished if you can shotgun the spoops away.
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Eille_k: Due to Labor day I didn't realize that today was Tuesday until I got the stream notification. Happy spoopy day!
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ButButTheJesus: so does this game have a lot of skerry? is it made of sker? Keepo
lirazel64: I play piano like this but worse...
gamercat88: time for Maid of Skrt
monkeyrama: I am ready for new spoops
sir_jack_DB: noops?
HeyAustralia: let's get ready to spoop!
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brainbosh: Jump scare?
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elkae: SOON
gamercat88: SOON
ButButTheJesus: SOON
theleerm: SOON
NightValien28: SOON
amuseoffirebane: SOON
NightValien28: NOW
cgwonder: SOON
MegaDosX: NOW
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fastlane250: lrrSPOOP
Pteraspidomorphi: Volume back to normal
theleerm: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Let’s go spoopy time! lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL lrrSPOOP lrrSIGNAL
theanthonydee: benginFingers benginFingers benginFingers
Mysticman89: this I think is on my radar if its what i think of something that might be a nice step in the direction of horror instead of horror turned action
cgwonder: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
theleerm: lrrSPOOP
BusTed: lrrSPOOP
monkeyrama: Oh no
monkeyrama: Ben died
MegaDosX: I wonder if this'll be an actual scary game as compared to Dead Space
ritchards: oh no, spoops!
eric_christian_berg: No glitches?! What sorcery is this???
HeyAustralia: invisiben!
jubale1: bye
DiscordianTokkan: It's after September 1st, so it's Hallowe'en Time
monkeyrama: LUL
jonasjonIV: lorge Ben!
NightValien28: waaaaaaait
ardn93: This is backwards!
ButButTheJesus: NOPE
auto_meris: :O
mnemonicman: Boneathan
elkae: lrrBEN_SG lrrADAM_SG
Lord_ZYRK: Ben you lost weight
hesterbyrde: Oh sweet lord
gawag_: rip ben
MegaDosX: Isn't Adam usually the large one?
NightValien28: NYEH
NimrodXIV: LOL
thejester5411: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
monkeyrama: Muted LUL
Kreiseler: spoopy scary skeletons
Lordofironstorm: DOOT DOOT
Mysticman89: sneaky sneaky
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
DoodlestheGreat: Oh Ben....
hesterbyrde: Please unmute... we need that laughter
breathlessisthehunt: hahahahaha
underhill33: Rip
Nosser2: Flawless.
Dog_of_Myth: lrrSPOOP
hesterbyrde: We need it
TamesLovesGames: LUL BEN
BusTed: Seamless.
Mal2mad: Ben I can see your arm
ritchards: you see nothing!
MonsterXBait: excellent intro
fastlane250: oh god ben has been mutated by radiation into megaBen
monkeyrama: Oh dear
HeyAustralia: classic gags
theanthonydee: benginPray benginPray benginPray
Phosphatide: lrrFINE
darkhawk616: Uh oh
Kreiseler: FLAWLESS
cgwonder: flawless
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MegaDosX: Good start guys!
darkhawk616: He's huge
CururuGuasu: Nyah!
quasi79fu: lol Ben
CaptainSpam: CLASSIC
DiscordianTokkan: I HAVE parts of that Skeleton next to me, mainly the Skull
elkae: Welcome to the highlight reel
sir_jack_DB: LOL
ButButTheJesus: BEN
theleerm: CLASSIC
hesterbyrde: XDDDDDDD
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
MegaDosX: lmao
jessieimproved: only professionals here
gualdhar: hahaha
ButButTheJesus: LUL
PneumaticBear: ROFL
elkae: Why did my clip button disappear
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
BusTed: Smokescreen!
auto_meris: flawless
darkhawk616: LOL
Koios7: succinHead
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NightValien28: IT'S A BOY
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Lordofironstorm: LUL
jubale1: was that The Maid scurrying by there?
absorbedtulip9: Lol I love y’all so much
Phosphatide: LUL
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HorusFive: 22 Is the spoopiest number? Discuss
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quasi79fu: wait wut happpened I just came back?
cgwonder: nothing happened guys, this is definitely the first time we've seen the intro
Dog_of_Myth: Got it on the first take.
circusofkirkus: I refuse to believe this wasn't all planned as one big bit
theleerm: sha shsa sha
Phosphatide: first take first try
blip2004: what a time to be disconnected from chat
I_Am_Clockwork: praise skeleton
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elkae: This won't make Heather mad at all
TamesLovesGames: these opening bits give me life
NightValien28: quasi79fu it just started don't even worry about it
breathlessisthehunt: First try everytme
cgwonder: the first time was a warm up
Dog_of_Myth: HAHAHAH
monkeyrama: Amazing LUL
ButButTheJesus: oh dammit
MWGNZ: perfect
quasi79fu: uhhh hi mr skeleton
NightValien28: HAHAHAHA
quasi79fu: LOL
TwitchTVsFrank: LUL
Kreiseler: start it again!
A_Dub888: benginTry benginTry benginTry
Mal2mad: bronzeFIRST bronzeFIRST bronzeFIRST
jessieimproved: for real this time
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StageMgrRob: Scary stuff not my bag. Going to stick around for a bit to see what the game is about but then most likely go back to watching the Amonhket Remastered Draft from Friday.
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hieroglyphica: I want you to know Ben that I am fucking DYING rn
theleerm: once more from the top!
ritchards: Seamless!!!
TheMerricat: So Gilbert Godfrey is dead?
Lordofironstorm: Gilber Gottfreid?
ZealousCrow: omg what is happening
CraziestOwl: LUL
quasi79fu: i think skeleton is drunk
MagicWarluck: Why is Gilbert Gottfried narrating?
wintertempest: CUT!
monkeyrama: Booooo LUL
Murf13: boooo
jessieimproved: Adams face was all you needed
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
Pteraspidomorphi: No!
NightValien28: BOOOOOO
TamesLovesGames: BOOOOOOO
wtrob: LUL
darkhawk616: Clip it
Lordofironstorm: LMAO
cgwonder: oh god
quasi79fu: Omg booooo skeleton
milow49: this is an excellent intro
MegaDosX: ADAM
I_Am_Clockwork: the funnybone on this lad
nyquister_: Are puns, jokes?
mitomanox: lrrBEN
Despoiler98: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
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ButButTheJesus: ADAM
CraziestOwl: jlrrFacepalm
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quasi79fu: omg threatened by a skeleton
fastlane250: this is the closest gilbert gottfried impression ive ever heard, admittedly.
jubale1: yeppers
elkae: Boneathan went AWFF
ZealousCrow: I don't like this skeleton anymore
DiscordianTokkan: He didn't find that HUMERUS Adam
Terr0rc0tta: :D
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Cheer100 more of the quality entertainment content I come to LRR for!
jubale1: trombone
Makrosian_Tae: This may be just the funniest shit I've ever seen
eric_christian_berg: Adam screwed it up. Start over again.
monkeyrama: looooool
DiscordianTokkan: Hahahaha
cgwonder: the union is gonna get on to you if you keep telling jokes when you're not on the clock, adam
quasi79fu: LOL omg
Mal2mad: man, skelly sure got a bone to pick with Adam
Diabore: i thought we were trying to be more family friendly?
circusofkirkus: Adam is really rattling his bones
Phosphatide: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
Kreiseler: Adam you absolute melon :)
breathlessisthehunt: Omg Im dying, my cheeks hurt
quasi79fu: Skellly has anger isssues
Makrosian_Tae: WHAT
Frankenfruity: it's obvioulsy a zihter
Makrosian_Tae: IS
elkae: Hey these boys like to yell huh Kappa
amuseoffirebane: i 100% also thought it was going to be xylobone
Hulyen: Why is Adam being haunted by Gilbert Gofreid's skeleton?\
Naarius: This is very Gilbert Gottfried and I'm here for it
ZealousCrow: Mods please ban skeleton
MegaDosX: Dem Bones?
OnyxOblivion: careless whisper
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the_dungeonmaster: These are some real rib rattlers
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absorbedtulip9: That is an angry skeleton lol
breathlessisthehunt: Move Your Dead Bones?
ThreeTwoOnePantsOff: Boneathan’s cousin is aaaaangry
elkae: Something by Boney M?
ButButTheJesus: LUL
quasi79fu: LOL
Mal2mad: Bone to be wild?
bl1ghtn1n6: hell of a thing to tune into
Mysticman89: your jokes dont have a leg to stand on
quasi79fu: oh noooo
PneumaticBear: he's not... ALL RIGHT
SilentOptimist: move your dead bones
rasterscan: Hey, that man doesn't have a leg to stand on!
ritchards: Iiiiii ain't got no booooody....
TheAwkes: I definitely had tha skeleton in 1999.
monkeyrama: Oooooomg
Masslost: this feels like a patton oswalt bit
TamesLovesGames: lrrHERE
CaptainSpam: This was a well-planned segment.
NightValien28: this got away from them fast
cgwonder: LUL
circusofkirkus: "Fuck I'm running out of limbs here"
wtrob: Wow
quasi79fu: Omg im dying
theanthonydee: benginDab benginDab benginDab
quasi79fu dies of laughter
MegaDosX: This is the exact content I've come to watch!
NightValien28: omfg eating during this was a mistake
elkae: Ben is precious
bl1ghtn1n6: going out on a limb there
noSmokeFire: i feel like I missed something wonderful coming in five minutes late
theleerm: benginDab
TamesLovesGames: benginRip
monkeyrama: 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
ButButTheJesus claps
Kreiseler: 11/10, best thing to happen in 2020
codatski: benginFacepalm benginFacepalm benginFacepalm
elkae: *Clap clap clap*
fastlane250: and then ben came up from the bensment
PneumaticBear: MEGA BEN
ZealousCrow: Ben I love your skeleton voice
AranMathai: No relation to Boneathan?
theleerm: boneguy
lemmel: Today's guest: Bone Guy
Lord_Durin: Bonathan
SirTractor: I always give it up for the bone
A_Dub888 applauds
hesterbyrde: Napoleon Bone-aparte
CururuGuasu: Speaking of songs, he’s decomposing
cgwonder: clap clap clap clap
CraziestOwl: Oh god
wandering_goliath: Boneathon!
TwitchTVsFrank: Fantastic!! 10/10
CraziestOwl: #
citandy: does ben have a skeleTON of these prepared?
gawag_: didn't have one though
noSmokeFire: name's Guy. Bone Guy.
NightValien28: noSmokeFire check the vod you will love it
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MegaDosX: Speaking of too big, Ben :p
Genderi: Seeing him pop up under before going to the other side was great
gawag_: do skeletons have assholes?
mitomanox: Be-one
jubale1: giant in back
ButButTheJesus: truth
CastleOtranto: Bones cannot have rectums!
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TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: Spooky, scary, horror stream...!
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Terr0rc0tta: Actual criminal, Ben Ulmer
lirazel64: Jumped out of his skin.
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breathlessisthehunt: Thank you for making me smile. What excellent loud boys.
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ZealousCrow: Keep tellin yourself that Ben
cgwonder: lrr is the big time baby!
BrieBeau: Pride100 it's the spooky boys! Beau here, post surgery & as tired of lockdown as you can get.
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SquareDotCube: Bonejamin
MonsterXBait: this has serious Tales from the Crypt vibes, wonderful 🎃
monkeyrama: That's assuming a lot, Ben Kappa
MegaDosX: The evil has been defeated!
DiscordianTokkan: The evil is defeated!
NightValien28: dead space took forever and a half
Hulyen: Uhmmmmmmmm
elkae: Uhhhhh
Asimech: Made of Skyr? Eugh.
NimrodXIV: Adam no
elkae: Golden, yeah
Spacecarl: sir
Makrosian_Tae: !findquote yes and
LRRbot: Quote #2138: "Yes. There is a way to implement quote search so that you can look at Alex's butt." —qrpth [2016-03-22]
DiscordianTokkan: Adam, you need to change your diet of Radium
TwitchTVsFrank: umm sure
quasi79fu: o golden shower UWU?
jessieimproved: poggifers, bring me my dead space cleaner, we're finished
elah806: !findquote golden shower
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
cgwonder: skeleton clearly has no background in improv
Zaraka00: maid of sksksksksks
HeyAustralia: !findquote skeleton
Makrosian_Tae: Watch out for the vortex, ITS THROWING CHUNKS OF ROCK AT US
NightValien28: ITS MAY
NightValien28: its still may
Pteraspidomorphi: Are there keys?
monkeyrama: Stuck in the infinite abyss of space
LightingExpert13: got stuck in deadspace.
v_nome: !findquote skeleton
BrieBeau: @zaraka00 and I oop
Nigouki: but does it have KEYS!?
Pteraspidomorphi: I'm starved for keys here
jubale1: okay, i'm spooping
SachielOne: Well at least it's not an asylum.
ButButTheJesus: @NightValien28 THAT'S WHAT I WAS THINKING
noSmokeFire: is the hotel filled with fairies/
MegaDosX: Sounds promising
quasi79fu: haunted hotel?
ritchards: Oh, so we in Alton Towers!
justdanisfine: some
nyquister_: Jack the ripper, he count?
PneumaticBear: a little. i have a book??
NightValien28: ButButTheJesus LUL
quasi79fu: i know a little british folklore
MAPBoardgames: !cheer 75 Yay! The Spoopy Boys! I almost never get to catch you live.
HorusFive: I believe TwitchChatt is ONLY full of experts
MegaDosX: British folklore does make me think of fae and other stuff, so that could be interesting
codatski: Very little so I'm no help at all
Nigouki: British folklore? as in Jojo Part I?
monkeyrama: LUL
quasi79fu: The wild hunt
quasi79fu: leprechauns
quasi79fu: faeries
monosceros: I'm a lawyer doctor astronaut british folklore scholar
ButButTheJesus: I was like what, last July? That's so long ago OH FUCK
Simonark: Barghests
quasi79fu: Queen Mab
monkeyrama: Tried to get him to super spoil it
Genderi: Is the crumpetsman related to the Baker's Man?
noSmokeFire: god. it's definitely going to be fucking jack the ripper, isn't it
Mysticman89: turns out that adam has already 100%'d this game
walkeroftales: I'm a british folklore expert, and I do all the translation for scots wikipedia
lirazel64: *waves tentative hand*
mitomanox: what if you try to superimpose your bodies, so that you have two heads
cgwonder: i know as much as you guys might know canadian folklore
justdanisfine: yesss barghests!
PneumaticBear: i've read the song of rhiannon, mostly to get NPC names for my campaign
MegaDosX: And btw, faeries from the folklore are /not/ what you think they are from fairytales. They're typically giant assholes.
quasi79fu: Banshees
CraziestOwl: Peter Pan ?
johkmil: Fomorians?
LightingExpert13: @MegaDosX truth on fae
jessieimproved: oh yeah the fae does not have a human morality set at ALL
PneumaticBear: fae folk are the worst lol
MegaDosX: So if this game is full of fae I'm all for it!
ButButTheJesus: aww I think Bone Guy is a pretty good guy
Asimech: Sounds like the skeleton's career is boned.
monkeyrama: Before Halloween NotLikeThis
quasi79fu: Isnt Nick Cinderfooot from British Lore...which is technically another name for Satan?
bl1ghtn1n6: why'd you bring him in inMarch?
BusTed: They'll never see it coming.
TheWooglie: half price in September
Famished971: lets nope!
Xeveriaxitus: Woopdydoo finaly i can log in. I just wanted to thank you two for getting me through hospital last year <3
Nigouki: all the stores are already full on halloween shit! so this is fine!
TwitchTVsFrank: cheaper on the off season
HeyAustralia: Well this is the 127th of March so, seems apt
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AzureishDragoon: Subbing with the spoop boys
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quasi79fu: The IDes of March Bewaaare
Makrosian_Tae: Dry run?
monkeyrama: Nailed it
monosceros: QC
Makrosian_Tae: Hi, I'm civil!
quasi79fu: Samhain is a folklore from Britain
monosceros: hi civil I'm dad
GhostValv: mawp headphone users
MegaDosX: Loud? Adam and Ben? Never!
elkae: "Sometimes"
gamercat88: look dad a pinata
TheWooglie: Warning for loudness after the loud skeleton
Stormthius: Pride100
thejester5411: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
monkeyrama: oooh, nice title screen
2S2T: all my homies hate booth cam
noSmokeFire: Maid of Skrrt
shadowtalon910: mtgngHi mtgngHi mtgngHi Free Hugs for Everyone!
eric_christian_berg: Lot of horrors.
Zalthia: What have I missed?
ButButTheJesus takes free hug
Asimech: Maid of Snikt.
BusTed: The narrowest of hallways.
BrieBeau: hi y'all 💙 excited to finally be back to watch a stream, hoping I can make it thru 💙
zaycaar: Good evening.
Ferisar: that's a train
Ferisar: pretty sure
quasi79fu: Oh willlthis have Pookahs?
noSmokeFire: @Asimech "I'm here to change yer sheets, bub"
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Ferisar: overnight car
DiscordianTokkan: Chat, do your homework. Or not, I'm not your TA
quasi79fu: I like the Pookah lore
walkeroftales: there's so much sker up in here. this stream is absolutely made of sker
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ElFuzzy: The real terror is that time never stops and I get to feast on the time it took you to read this message. Thx!
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monosceros: @zalthia don't worry it'll make it into highlights
monkeyrama: We're about to find out 👀
MagicWarluck: Shamrock100 That intro alomst made me pee my pants laughing!
Asimech: @noSmokeFire "This French maid outfit is surprisingly mobile."
ButButTheJesus: @walkeroftales i see what u did ther
Pteraspidomorphi: This hallway reminds me of Trivia Murder Party
Zalthia: @monosceros Aw man!
CaptainSpam: "I just buy things, I don't know if they're any GOOD."
shadowtalon910: Spoopy Scary Skelengton
monkeyrama: Who keeps letting BusTed back in here
itsr67: emergency meeting
Fugi: Among Us Lets Nope when?
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DrWreckage: You two are such a gift
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Zalthia: This game is making me want Skyr.
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sag3error: Hello Spoops Bois! Wait, it's not Monday?
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noSmokeFire: @Asimech Wolverine, unlike Cyclops, is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he likes his maid outfit
Ferisar: *writes down names of people who haven't been on an overnight train*
RaklarLS: sker? she skers you? Kappa
monkeyrama: It's a test of the better liar OpieOP
MAPBoardgames: cheer75 Yay! Spoopy Boys live!
Asimech: @noSmokeFire Yeah, definitely.
TheR34per5: Made of Scare
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Omthebox: I just got here but I have a feeling ben is a murderer of some kind? Just a feeling.
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MAPBoardgames: Took me two tries to cheer bits
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kumatsu: @Fugi Nah, Among Us taking over One More
quasi79fu: I love Among us its a fantastic game
Reallythatusername: !uptime
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Zalthia: A bunch of my friends want to play Among Us, but Im not sure if I should get it or not.
MAPBoardgames: Among Us on CtS?
NightValien28: I really want to see a full game of among us, have not had the chance
itsr67: butt
gundamschwing: RIPCheer500 Spooper Bowl... Tuesday?
GhostValv: they like to toot :)
elah806: They tried with 23 but Jim Carrey kinda ruined that one
quasi79fu: zalthia among is like town of salem in space
SacrificialToast: i'm sker'd
quasi79fu: or werewolf with minigames
kumatsu: Ben's.... become so Numb
quasi79fu: Im sker'd
AranMathai: Unless dolls or spiders are involved.
eric_christian_berg: Yay!
fastlane250: 2 goofy bois
monkeyrama: It's all Alex's fault SeriousSloth
Famished971: lmao now im numb
walkeroftales: Among Us is fun, but you straight up cannot talk during it. So you can't really play it that casually.
gamercat88: i enjoy watching the loud bois get spooked
shadowtalon910: Im playing a great murder story game. more puzzles than spoopy though
Austere_Squire: i don't feel alive unless a demon has tried to eat my soul
cgwonder: i never play horror games, but i absolutely love watching you guys play them
elah806: Being scared acutely by something unreal is a refreshing change of pace from being scared without end by real things
Zalthia: @shadowtalon910 That sounds cool! What game?
quasi79fu: why is the hallway moving?
SilentOptimist: the creepy dolls would like to disagree with ben
Ferisar: it's a spoonserism of his real name
monkeyrama: GiLbErT
BusTed: It's a train.
Ferisar: you'd never guess it
MegaDosX: If you were Gilbert Gottfried, wouldn't you?
ZealousCrow: I love getting scared but regular horror stuff doesn't really do it for me anymore. I need deeply fucking weird shit to get scared now.
quasi79fu: Oh is this a train?
monkeyrama: Looks like it
quasi79fu: are we on a train right now?
MegaDosX: Choo choo
Ferisar: it is a train
quasi79fu: ok that makes sense
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Austellion: yay spooks! PS. Ben, enjoyed watching you and TQ on Dead by Daylight the other day!
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monkeyrama: Froot Froot
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DotaProp: Look what I found. Hey Adam, Hey Ben
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AManCalledBigTime: lrrAWESOME
Zalthia: Heeeey! The Talking Sim game started with a train, too!
shadowtalon910: @Zalthia Zero Escape, its a trilogy excape room style game. pretty neat, worth a checkout
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Mmmm tasty time
elah806: Oh God, if Watch + Play restarts the first stream may in fact be the mythical all-train episode
Zalthia: @shadowtalon910 Oh yeah! Ive heard of those! I havent gotten around to playing them yet.
shadowtalon910: Shhhhhh, if i can pass it off for being monday, i dont have to do dishes...
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lemonyfreshed: time to watch cute men get scared
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monkeyrama: Do iiiit
eric_christian_berg: I don't always watch horror streams, but when I do, it's Dos Chicos.
Makrosian_Tae: Is anybody else getting some buffering issues or is it just me?
noSmokeFire: wish you were a WHAT streamer?
ButButTheJesus: but Ben! You've been a horror streamer for thirrrrrty yearrrrrrsssss.......
monkeyrama: Limited number of saves? DansGame
MegaDosX: Wow, brutal
hesterbyrde: I have a lot of anxiety and trouble with intrusive thoughts, but I love horror and have to be super careful with how I consume it. This is a great avenue for it for me. You guys and the chat are a great buffer for the creep.
cgwonder: maybe because it changes the way the saves work
MegaDosX: Normal is just a setting on your washing machine
gamercat88: froot froot murder
quasi79fu: choooooo choooo
paeladin: better than a HARD gamer
itsr67: froot froot
ritchards: it's a train... watch out James!!
quasi79fu Gets Run over by the Train
Nigouki: Thomas the tank engine?!
MAPBoardgames: This game already has a railroad plot.
thejester5411: FROOT FROOT!!
TheThromborax: no, I'm made of SKIN
ButButTheJesus: is this a fuckin forsooth and shit?
NightValien28: that is very god of war
BusTed: Humble brag, but ok
quasi79fu: use you? Uhhhh
itsr67: now it's time to stop
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @quasi79fu don't worry, we'll pick you up on the way back
itsr67: and see what fruit we've got
noSmokeFire: Sker? like the yogurt?
johkmil: lrrSPOOP_TK
Xeveriaxitus: help, we are getting railroaded
shadowtalon910: HypeGriffin1 HypeGriffin2 HypeGriffin3 HypeGriffin4 HypeGriffin5 HypeGriffin6
DotaProp: Time to Draft 2 Terrible NFL teams for this shit show of a season. Predict its over by week 4
quasi79fu: I heard Scare Hotel
Froshot: we're gonna get sker'd
quasi79fu: but this is probably NOrse and it Sker
plummeting_sloth: So... write the song backward?
gamercat88: gotta make the ghosts dance
Ferisar: it's always the queen
monkeyrama: It's a very british name
TheWooglie: is it a secret rhythm game?
Ferisar: like james bond
Austere_Squire: that was the only name in the Victorian times
elah806: Booker, catch!
BusTed: Like Damien.
DotaProp: Eliza-Spoop
plummeting_sloth: "Your love, usually, Elizabeth"
BusTed: Or Seth
TheThromborax: This is starting A LOT like Cori's hidden object game
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: awe. but thats my name :(
NightValien28: so this is hotel california
RaklarLS: I'm sure i've went to a Sker hotel at a fair at some point
shadowtalon910: Because, its a great name
CraziestOwl: The power of music
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Name my child elizabeth, got it
noSmokeFire: this game BETTER have a rhythm game component
TheWooglie: gaelic?
ButButTheJesus: Dammit Elizabeth
monkeyrama: My grandma's name is Elisabeth :o
Lord_Durin: Everyone is Elizabeth after Bioshock Infinite
LightingExpert13: hey hey I am one of them
tomorrowboy: Does it matter if it's "Elisabeth" or "Elizabeth"?
InkyGhoast: Welsh
DotaProp: Gaelic?
bruno_mant: wow i already liked the game
johkmil: You need a gift of music? Definitely fae.
cgwonder: it's the go to upper class victorian lady name i guess
Ferisar: subtle
theneatestburrito: lrrSPOOP
MegaDosX: I thought Gaelic too
2S2T: i think welsh
BusTed: Dial it back a notch, game.
Austere_Squire: well that was aggressive
nyquister_: ROAR
CururuGuasu: This Bill & Ted sequel got weird
tergonis: bwaaaaammm
TheMerricat: "Elizabeth is a feminine given name derived from a form of the Hebrew name Elisheva (אֱלִישֶׁבַע), meaning "My God is an oath" or "My God is abundance", as rendered in the Septuagint."
ZealousCrow: That was a bit much
Nigouki: easy there Hans Zimmer
monkeyrama: Off to a scary start
quasi79fu: Gaelic?
Lord_Durin: Made of Scare?
itsr67: @BusTed temptation rising
shadowtalon910: Suddenly, SPOOPS
Makrosian_Tae: Today on the Lets Nope, it isn't the boys that get loud, it's...THE GAME
InkyGhoast: The game creators are Welsh
Prince__Phantom: welp rip headphones
codatski: rude
Famished971: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
Hulyen: Because of Elizabeth Bathory maybe?
CastleOtranto: Wait... Elizabeth is the name of like half of the women in my family!
KV1NN4: I don't think I've ever seen a Game Title Jumpscare before
quasi79fu: Oh nooo
monkeyrama: Ah yes, rotating everything seabatPjorg
BusTed: @itsr67 haha
eric_christian_berg: Fun Scot fact: "Maid of" refers to the eldest daughter of a Laird.
robinhosl2008: \o/
MegaDosX: His fingers looked too long
itsr67: my name is
quasi79fu: Back to the Rotation
ButButTheJesus: oh look a cuff rotator Keepo
gamercat88: please let there be keys
cgwonder: ooh first class. we fancy
jessieimproved: gaelic
plummeting_sloth: ah cool, you've got telekinesis power again
NightValien28: title screen chill the eff out
Makrosian_Tae: It's all in the lighting
Makrosian_Tae: Shadows
Thisbymaster: spoopy
Austere_Squire: back to that good old fashioned note-based, key-based horror
Mister_Hush: why do horror games lets you rotate items? 'Cause Resident Evil did it way back in the day?
ZealousCrow: We're only at 1080p
justdanisfine: Are we going to Llanfyr..?
DoodlestheGreat: Okie dokie, back to the world of shit horror.
RaklarLS: it's always elizabeth because of the Bathory countess. everyone thinks they're smart in referencing the same thing over and over
shadowtalon910: Well, it is on a train, makes sense that its chugging...
quasi79fu: im dizzy
Chipton: Umm target framerate's set to 300
Zalthia: @mister_hush immersion?
TheMerricat: You can tell I've been playing Skyrim too much today, I wanted Ben to pick of each of those coins on the table
monkeyrama: Gross, motion blur
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BrieBeau: oooh I finally figured out how to do this and it popped up inconveniently. I hope y'all have many chicken tendees to stave off spoops!
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BrieBeau: oooh I finally figured out how to do this and it popped up inconveniently. I hope y'all have many chicken tendees to stave off spoops!
quasi79fu: the game was making me dizzy
noSmokeFire: no, shun blur
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: Ubisoft for that cinematic experience
codatski: Drop your target framerate?
Mister_Hush: I mean, a lot of point-and-click horror games do "rotate the items" puzzles, too, but... It's such a weird include when a game doesn't need or use it, like these often do
Makrosian_Tae: Song 2 my Motion Blur
Makrosian_Tae: by*
TheMerricat: Wow @BrieBeau you managed to sub twice 8-)
Biomonkey01: might just be bad
kumatsu: Now I want to be a screaming guy at E3 asking for motion blur
DotaProp: the real the performance
DrWreckage: Some games run better in windowed or fullscreen vs the other
clawlor_49: Motion blur do be knew bad tho
monosceros: ben, be honest, are you saying the word "gamer" so much because you can't say it at home anymore? :P
ZealousCrow: I don't mind motion blur, but I totally understand people who prefer it off
thehokeypokey: I have never had an opinion on motion blur
nightsreach: @LoadingReadyRun maybe turn off film grain, that also tanks framerate
quasi79fu: are we stuck?
RaklarLS: countdown to lantern mechanic?
Zaraka00: give me a game with stationary blur
MegaDosX: That's a ramshackle train station
TheWooglie: who drove the train?
DoodlestheGreat: @kumatsu, you'd be the guy I take into the bathroom of the LACC and kill for the good of all humanity.
Renendaru: anisotropic filtering can also be pretty expensive, but it depends on your gpu really
ladylinzington: I was just thinking that, that station has seen better days
Thisbymaster: I am sure we will be stuck in broken down buildings with repeating hallways soon enough
Renendaru: newer gpu's don't care as much
TheWooglie: you in high heels?
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: Oh what?! You can see your legs!
plummeting_sloth: ol' Tommy Brickfeet
ZealousCrow: We can hear your footfalls?
monkeyrama: No boots with the fur here
TheMerricat: there isn't even an engine ben
RaklarLS: is there even an engine?
Austere_Squire: i've missed this
InkyGhoast: steal the train!
elah806: Love how you just left your stuff behind
quasi79fu: uhhhh dead train?
Biomonkey01: so long as there is no stamina
thehokeypokey: That train died 40 years ago!
shadowtalon910: Dunananananana... RUN
BusTed: Boogeymen
noSmokeFire: or monSTARS
Froshot: objective: run
plummeting_sloth: ah, the days when trains would go to tiny rural stop and drop off one person
DotaProp: ok so you arent PLAYING as the maid
RaklarLS: from the intro i guess they're going to drop scares on you out of nowhere
MAPBoardgames: You know you'll have to run when you have stamina
quasi79fu: LOL
ChaoticCrawler: Skerpeggio
monosceros: is this an RE7 situation
Thisbymaster: at least you don't have to dodge roll
shadowtalon910: Skr Skrr!
plummeting_sloth: Enjoy Skerspa
ChaoticCrawler: The Dog
quasi79fu: ahhhh spa waters
MegaDosX: That's almost a hundred years ago!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: woofer?
quasi79fu: Pupppy
monosceros: this smells like an RE7 situation
Ferisar: beware of POG
Ba_Dum_Tish: Beware of not petting dog
Biomonkey01: much spookums
walkeroftales: be aware of dog
tergonis: am aware of dog, please present dog for pets
plummeting_sloth: the sign... it's singing!
quasi79fu: Whos singing?
walkeroftales: look at this pupper
Renendaru: This definitely feels like RE7
monkeyrama: Beware of Pigchamp
knickknacksnackery: Sounds like the windfish song lol
DotaProp: Noo pigchamp
quasi79fu: Uhhhhh I think we might have a Bansheee
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: Gotta do them 360 no-look runs
walkeroftales: be were of dog! we're a werehound!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: i'm on the low side. too fast and i get motion sick
Mister_Hush: You want *comfortable* sensitivity.
DotaProp: Shooters want super low
BusTed: Gotta snap those headshots
Vyous: Low Sense is goof ro high accuracy
Biomonkey01: gotta get those headshots
DotaProp: Mobas wanna be high
Vyous: *god for
monkeyrama: Depends, really
Chipton: High for twitch, low for snipe
theleerm: not this gamer
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: You move a mile, so that the area on the mat for a headshot is super big
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HatsWearCats: Dem swipes though
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Ferisar: higher movement means better precision
AlienNanobots: Gotta protect them wrists from carpal tunnel
DoodlestheGreat: You need to me completely insensitive to all games
DiscordianTokkan: Super Low for sniping, yeah
quasi79fu: this place looks abandoned
Renendaru: It's mostly context dependent, which is why you can set different sensitivity when scoped and not
circusofkirkus: do we get to tickle the ivories?
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Mistborn83: I enjoyed DS but excited for something new
elkae: Sensitivity is for losers, amirite gamers Kappa
RaklarLS: yay, audiotapes, but not portable!
Xeveriaxitus: Sker = scare?
quasi79fu: mother?
tomorrowboy: Sker Hotel is a terrrrrible name.
noSmokeFire: audio logs!
novrdd: this room looks fancy
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: "Sker". Very on the nose.
rasterscan: So where do you think this game falls on the Layers of Fear 2 "Art" scale?
monkeyrama: Classic
Austere_Squire: Sing me the song of your people!
sir_jack_DB: oh that's welsh
sir_jack_DB: hoyl crapo
plummeting_sloth: "but why you're here my daring... drop a sick track"
quasi79fu: Pooor Unfortunate Soul singgg for meee
ButButTheJesus: SING
Asimech: Low for accuracy, high so you can turn quickly. So the highly competitive people want a way to quickly swap between two mouse speeds.
Makrosian_Tae: That is, isn't it
Thisbymaster: why is there just a room in the middle of the forestt
ButButTheJesus: NOW DANCE
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Ba_Dum_Tish: Sing for me peon
BusTed: Remiiiix
lirazel64: That's a famous Welsh lullaby.
Pteraspidomorphi: Sing, my angel of music!
justdanisfine: ah the music of the valleys
Mister_Hush: Can't do that in Dead Space, either
MegaDosX: You've never had a parent say "while you're here..." Adam?
HatsWearCats: SOMEbody
SacrificialToast: all the notes are E
Austere_Squire: "How dare you interrupt me... Wait, before you go, sing me a song as penance"
Ferisar: 2020 version: but while you're here, stream for me on twitch dot tee vee
monkeyrama: LUL
Makrosian_Tae: HE'S GAMING
Lord_ZYRK: SourPls
plummeting_sloth: yo, you heard that new Imagine Dragons single
quasi79fu: Ben is good at this
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: sick beats bro
Zalthia: Damn she just did that. No warm up or anything.
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: Randomly presses keys and accidentally opens a secret door
shadowtalon910: mtgngDj mtgngDj mtgngDj
elah806: Ah, Chopin
DotaProp: Why not ADAM
Ferisar: play ed's theme
monkeyrama: Piccolo GOKU was funny for 100 hours
quasi79fu: nvm he isnt
knickknacksnackery: BANGER ALERT
Famished971: XD
DiscordianTokkan: London I can't heaaaarrr youuuu
elkae: Play Chopin's Chopsticks!
MonsterXBait: you're a natural born pianist
DotaProp: Play Eds Theme Kappa
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electroswagnetism: ha ha tickle the ivories amritie
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aiamethyst: Don’t you have sheet music in your inventory?
RaklarLS: birdwatching book!
firehawkzoa: that's not how that phonograph works
SwankyFlea: Hi friends lrrHEART
darkspiredragon: Remember, "Puberty Love" should defeat ghosts just as much as tomatoes... Kappa
Lord_ZYRK: Ben this streaming nonsense is bust, music is where you belong.
walkeroftales: Oh, hey, streamers. While you're here, sing for me!
quasi79fu: beautiful game
MegaDosX: I wonder if you could play the music on that sheet you have on the piano
quasi79fu: canoe
noSmokeFire: drainage ditch
ButButTheJesus: a boot
lirazel64: That podium held music.
quasi79fu: water=banshee?
clawlor_49: He touched the butt!!
I_Am_Clockwork: a pond is somewhere between a lake and a puddle
Asimech: The range on that piano seemed a tad small for the number of keys.
novrdd: this house is actually cool.. (if it is not creepy)
MegaDosX: Uh oh
noSmokeFire: mental floss says "There is no official scientific difference between a lake and a pond"
AlwaysTheBigSpoon: A Tesla coil
quasi79fu: The horror of being lost in the woods?
circusofkirkus: Elisabeth needs to hit the treadmill more
ChaoticCrawler: rururururu
knickknacksnackery: It's he new Omnath!
quasi79fu: Willlo wisp
plummeting_sloth: Ben, be nice. He has the Consumption
JoeTrollo: DOGGO!
HeyAustralia: a cattle dog!
ButButTheJesus: PUPPAR
quasi79fu: It was a willl o wisp
monkeyrama: Come back BibleThump
absorbedtulip9: There are rules for bodies of water lol
MegaDosX: I thought will o' the wisp too
HeyAustralia: makes me miss my puppo
Chipton: Why does everyone run from me
Austere_Squire: "why is everything leaving me" is a big mood
tergonis: come back doggo!
quasi79fu: WIlll o wisps signal death
Mister_Hush: What was she singing about light for if you weren't gonna remember it when you looked at the bright god-light
MegaDosX: But a bit big maybe?
BusTed: seabatBRAIN
Froshot: let me pet you!
quasi79fu: Ben that light was bad
MegaDosX: I always thought they were smaller
Mistborn83: I enjoy the look of this game
circusofkirkus: me mum's a bear
InkyGhoast: im pretty sure that was a nihelego
Ferisar: wet willy wisp
ieva_art: helloo
Ferisar: out in a pond
MonsterXBait: you know shits goin down when the dog leaves
Austere_Squire: stay away from strange lights
monkeyrama: "Beware of the dog" but it's so cute NotLikeThis
GhostValv: oofa
2S2T: the pokemon? @InkyGhoast
TheMerricat: Google tells me you are wrong Adam.
quasi79fu: im not googling
Omthebox: What's google? Should I bing that?
chefryto90: Ok :(
LarkSachrosis: Oh, I thought you were saying 'scare' in a comedic way but no... that looks about right.
justdanisfine: :O
walkeroftales: will o wisps signal that your mum's a bear
InkyGhoast: @2S2T yep
kipstar: Will of the Whisps is short for William of the Whispiams
MegaDosX: Adam we haven't even hit the first break and you're already coming out swinging
DotaProp: Da Lie is a Llama
eric_christian_berg: Nonsense. I only know what I ready in this eldritch tome bound in human skin.
monkeyrama: Some of us use Bing Kappa
plummeting_sloth: alright, time to unlock for a shortcut
xantos69: Holy crap you just summarized my life. I know nothing that isn't on Google.
kumatsu: I only know I walked into navigation and found Adam standing over a corpse
Pteraspidomorphi: Excuse me, I use DuckDuckGo
walkeroftales: will o wisps signal that if you had a chance to change your fate, woudjer
CraziestOwl: Good joke stream
novrdd: all this heavy breathing tho
GhostValv: woodja
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DotaProp: I thought only 1 of your dads could be a bear?
quasi79fu: abandoned carriage?
noSmokeFire: Rowan! our mum's a bear!
Mistborn83: can you do the whole speech ben
eric_christian_berg: If you had a chance to put Adam in a jar in the woods...
justdanisfine: Savidan dragging up salt already?
ladylinzington: cardio wasn't invented until the early 1900's
ChaoticCrawler: She's pogging?
HatsWearCats: I came out swinging from a South Philly basement Caked in stale beer and sweat under half-lit fluorescents
LarkSachrosis: Stop having them be closed
Zaraka00: stop having it be closed
DotaProp: Full steam a-Gate
Makrosian_Tae: Very well lit for a supposed horror game...
elah806: Ye ever wanty just wrap yersel up in tin foil nice and cosy and then just fucking get right inty the microwave and blow yersel up tae fuck
fluffyvampire42: play some SLAYER
quasi79fu: siren? banshee?
walkeroftales: if you had a chance to change the gate, woodjer
InkyGhoast: open the gate. stop having it be closed.
plummeting_sloth: glad the borrowed that open switch from the fucking Titantic
MegaDosX: Then you can shoot up a church while she sings it
kumatsu: Imagine if the game actually started singing Freebird there
eric_christian_berg: I feel like if they are re-opening, someone should mow.
Goblinsinsuits: they didnt even mow
cgwonder: didn't seem too grand to be honest
noSmokeFire: it's a bland reopening
Chipton: Also the grounds are trashed
Thisbymaster: Reminds me of Dead Money
Makrosian_Tae: The leaves are rustling
LarkSachrosis: Simple Man is the superior song fite me
Goblinsinsuits: at least they got a nice banner
libraryrulesrule: lrrGRAHAM
monkeyrama: Hm
MegaDosX: It is super weird
ZealousCrow: They
2S2T: its ivy blowing in the wind
Austere_Squire: the ground is breathing
ardn93: The leaves moving do look shimmery, yeah
Thisbymaster: why wind?
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GhostValv: the leaves look like water movement
Austere_Squire: does the ground not breathe in canada?
TheMerricat: So I don't mind having most of your gameplay being interacting with objects but if you are going to only have 10% or so of the clutter in your environment interactuable, then please implement a way to highlight what can be interacted with.
ZealousCrow: They're definitely all on texture map
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: grand reopening but couldn't do some weeding first?
knickknacksnackery: it almost looks like the leaves are on water
clawlor_49: Do you know the name of the wind?
SquareDotCube: superphotorealism!
soupgiraffe: thats like the good acid
DotaProp: do you need a blank record to save on?
Zalthia: So. Is this Unity or Unreal?
ChaoticCrawler: Save your game in safe rooms where it's totally safe
walkeroftales: look at this phonograph. everytime I do it makes me laugh
GamesAndInk: Look at this phonograph. Every time I do it akes me laugh
quasi79fu: enter is apply
GamesAndInk: @walkeroftales Goddamnit
walkeroftales: @GamesAndInk SAME HAT
GamesAndInk: @walkeroftales *spiderman pointing at spiderman*
codatski: Drop target frame rate?
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP
plummeting_sloth: Unity + Unreal: Unreality
quasi79fu: creaky hotel
Xeveriaxitus: is it that key game again?
quasi79fu: i hear a phone
WizOuphe: did i miss something or is there a cursor in adam's beard?
monkeyrama: good lord
gamercat88: drift compatible
holidayMD: one is light and the other is what made the Hulk
MegaDosX: Pick up that phone!
walkeroftales: no adam okay
korvys: lrrWOW
BusTed: seabatYIKES
Ba_Dum_Tish: Adam vs Twitch Chat truely the rivalry of the ages
justdanisfine: oof
bl1ghtn1n6: lrrWOW
walkeroftales: my parents were killed by capital letters
Makrosian_Tae: Ben, can you move the mouse pointer off of Adam's nice chisled jaw, it's a little distracting
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quasi79fu: i think im afraid to chat...Adam might swing at me
ButButTheJesus: waaaaooowwww
cgwonder: careful twitch chat, Adam's got his fighting fists out today
Ferisar: mouse resting on adam's face btw
TwitchTVsFrank: who put a quarter in Adam?
plummeting_sloth: no, sorry I'm someone else's Thomas
TheMerricat: When did they have audio responsive lightbulbs installed in telephones chat?
TotallyNotaBeholder: As per your last written note
monkeyrama: There is a hand on Adam's face LUL
ChaoticCrawler: "wtf happened here, lady"
Chipton: Is that India Fisher?
LarkSachrosis: I'm sorry, does this phone have tubes?!
WizOuphe: there is a tiny hand in adam's beard
Thisbymaster: "Meet me at the front gate"
ButButTheJesus: fuckin forsooth an shit
Austere_Squire: Forsooth, Adam, prithee have patience with their speech
orimazer: god these accents are so forced
justdanisfine: that's London RP for you
eric_christian_berg: Stop being so feckin' Welsh.
Makrosian_Tae: Oh god, it's Final Fantasy 14 all over again! Forsooth and shit
ritchards: I cannot leave the attic, otherwise the game would have to give me a physical model!
TheWooglie: it looks like the mouse is trying to stroke Adam's beard
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ladylinzington: 'something terrible has I'm not telling you what'
BusTed: They've been ensorcelled!
quasi79fu: I dont trust Elizabeth
ShaneLeeAtk: Good ol' Victorian high faluten language.
ttam809: Me: Adam Savidan is making fun of old-timey language My roommate: That's my Adam
monkeyrama: These are some SAT words
walkeroftales: beguile's theme goes with everything
Lord_ZYRK: Beguile's theme goes with everything
elkae: Adam's gonna go off about Guile
Ferisar: they keep playing guile against me in ft5
quasi79fu: dont make sounds
Lord_ZYRK: god DAMMIT walkeroftales
Ferisar: thomas
elkae: G-whhhheel-ay
elah806: This is like the worst parts of Bioshock mixed with the worst parts of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera
Austere_Squire: so what are the odds she's satan or working with satan?
nyquister_: All of what?
MegaDosX: This whole place has me on edge
Pinwiz11: A strange manatee?
Diabore: ah, keys
plummeting_sloth: "Attacking anyone that makes a sound. Anyway, here's a loud, flashing phone for you to stand by"
justdanisfine: 100%
monkeyrama: BeHweelayd
walkeroftales: @Lord_ZYRK my god I'm on a same hat roll tonight
Pteraspidomorphi: We need the capricorn key
quasi79fu: Hypnotization?
itomeshi: hahaha
eric_christian_berg: And puzzle!
SacrificialToast: find 8 notes
elkae: Fix your mental illness with muzak Kappa
Zaraka00: how convoluted but also straightforward
Austere_Squire: haven't you guys missed Key Quest?
darkspiredragon: Isn't that the plot of Macross 2. Play some J-Pop and the evil is defeated?
Zalthia: I would like some more context please, Elizabeth
ardn93: So far this game is pretty trope-y, huh.
plummeting_sloth: 100% she's actually the person who wants to play the world ending song or whatever
CururuGuasu: Crazy hipsters and their brass cylinders
codatski: So she magically isn't affected by the evil? That's pretty suspect
Juliamon: Find the three pieces and take them to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey
monosceros: this IS re7!!!
MAPBoardgames: They've established the time as ~1900.
Ba_Dum_Tish: Keys and doors and keys and doors
RaklarLS: good bonk
monkeyrama: So abrupt
gamercat88: dink, it is done!
NightValien28: tunk
elah806: Wow, that just dropped like the one ring, huh
quasi79fu: ooops
elkae: ping
Chipton: How long until we turn on the 19th century generator?
MegaDosX: Be careful! *clang*
Thisbymaster: I will gather the things. *leaves the house forever*
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eric_christian_berg: When I enter a house, the first thing I do is duck into a vent.
MegaDosX: Always gotta do sound checks!
BusTed: Rude
MAPBoardgames: Telephone and electric lights, but still using candles.
monkeyrama: No mehps
RaklarLS: sound checks? with what? a gramophone?
plummeting_sloth: the magic encantation word is "Sibalance"
BusTed: mehps?
ritchards: mawp?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: mop?
SacrificialToast: Helps to have a map
TheMerricat: So chat, the weird thing to me is that Maid of Sker is a real book written in the 1800's and appearently has zero to do with the plot of this game.
walkeroftales: Ben, you've gotta teach these fools the importance of good audio
GhostValv: m
Austere_Squire: a rolled up parchment map and everything
codatski: They couldn't do sound checks without the singer? Checkmate
plummeting_sloth: turns out all the monsters are actually roadies trying to get good audio
monkeyrama: Great lrrSPOOP
itsr67: ah cool
itsr67: hiding
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP NotLikeThis
Austere_Squire: always great when the game tells you you're gonna need to stop breathing
MAPBoardgames: Keep your eyes open for places to hide.
blast_shark: All sound disappearing as soon as you look at a note is strange to me
walkeroftales: holding my breath, where should I pput it down?
quasi79fu: uh oh breath game that means hiding in locations right?
cgwonder: a hold breath button is always a good sign....
LarkSachrosis: Feckin keys
Roger_Job329: This might be like "A quite place"
lirazel64: This is a decent representation of language from, oh, 1840.
ArboristAndrew: lrrFINE
MegaDosX: The lavatory!
BusTed: Quite.
GhostValv: press button receive cthulu
Zalthia: @themerricat Yeah I saw that when I googled the game. Weird.
Lord_Durin: Antediluvian Evil?
MAPBoardgames: Shitter's full
underhill33: Ah, the loo
walkeroftales: Ia! Ia! Door Fh'tagn!
monkeyrama: We have a shadow, at least
BusTed: Solved the puzzle.
quasi79fu: vampire
BusTed: We're a vampire.
MegaDosX: Totally a vampire
cgwonder: that's made me think i want to open a hotel and theme each room after a terrifying old god
Ba_Dum_Tish: This is the Cthulu suite it is R'lyeh good
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: do we have a body?
MAPBoardgames: whampire
quasi79fu: what the heck was the piont of that bathrrom?
Makrosian_Tae: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat we know we have feet
justdanisfine: yay finally we understand why cthulhu is unpronounceable - it’s just welsh!
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: can you close doors too?
CururuGuasu: I prefer my mirrors to have a matte surface
Sheikun07: I don't think the grand reopening went well
plummeting_sloth: I mean, it's not neccesarily a vampire thing. The protagonist also has no voice, so they cold be a ghost
quasi79fu: do we have a flashlight?
cgwonder: is that blood or wine on the floor?
MegaDosX: @MAPBoardgames I thought it was blampires that didn't have reflections?
ArboristAndrew: Grand Re-opening into Grand Re-closing due to murders
walkeroftales: @Ba_Dum_Tish but stay out of the Haunter suite, it's pretty Nyarly
Makrosian_Tae: Mr Torrance, you've always been at Sker Hotel
elah806: Who do I have to fuck around here
NightValien28: this hotel sucks
Hulyen: Eternal Darkness still has the spookiest bathroom
underhill33: *ding*
BusTed: What bags?
NightValien28: no tip
gamercat88: Poggifers!
BrieBeau: omg
monkeyrama: LUL
Chipton: That's a bar, not a front desk
drcthulu: poggifers
kumatsu: You're not my chef yet, Boyardee
Ferisar: glad you could make it, bluether
KirbySliver: Any possibility of a @loadingreadyrun Among Us Stream?
Froshot: I'm giving this hotel a 1 star rating
Zalthia: Hmmm. Im thinking this is Unreal engine.
ButButTheJesus: oh god
monkeyrama: James has brought it up in a previous stream
Ba_Dum_Tish: Is that before you stabbed him in the back James?
elah806: You'd probably be right, honestly
TotallyNotaBeholder: Not just straight James?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Ian's an alien.
MegaDosX: Adam would kill someone and then blame Beej
InkyGhoast: not James?
lirazel64: Should you be checking the chests?
elah806: You'd probably be right tbh
Luminaire_p: Who's the other werewolf, Serge
Ferisar: hey look it's english mcmister
kumatsu: You mean like Ivy last night lockraDAB
Makrosian_Tae: GRamophone
cgwonder: well that dude doesn't look creepy or suspicious at all
monkeyrama: Adam's self reporting against Beej for sure
walkeroftales: for red eyes use clear eyes
Makrosian_Tae: Gramophone
MegaDosX: Also where did that dog end up going?
Pteraspidomorphi: I think this is the good guy
Ba_Dum_Tish: Crap I did the thing. Mistaking James and Adam, off to the shadowrealm for me
InkyGhoast: wtf is that hook for
ArboristAndrew: lrrGRAHAM o-phone
Sheikun07: HE'S EVIL
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Makrosian_Tae: OH NO
cgwonder: nooooo
GamesAndInk: Oh cool animal abuse
Zu_o: The real problem with playing amongst us with the LRR squad is beej. People don't die, they just Beej drop.
cgwonder: doggo!
Austere_Squire: So this man has to die
Makrosian_Tae: Not the doggo!
elkae: NOT COOL
itsr67: found the villain
ShaneLeeAtk: Time for him to die
quasi79fu: Omg nooooo
ArboristAndrew: dont like him, hope hes dead already
BrieBeau: not the doggo!
LegionofLashes: this is a weird dead space mod :P
itsr67: is this jojo?
monkeyrama: Get rid of this man
TheAwkes: Saw a little bit of you and Jordan playing it last night. Not a game I'd enjoy playing myself, but watching it was pretty good.
noSmokeFire: is dog was ghost?
elkae: D:
Pteraspidomorphi: Yeah
MonsterXBait: mother fucker is gonna die!
eric_christian_berg: Evil moustache, kicks dogs, it all checks out.
Juliamon: Fuck that guy
DiscordianTokkan: 100% a Brando
Austere_Squire: I see he has elected death
chefryto90: Nop. Poor doggo.
kalira77: successful hating achieved
gualdhar: fastest way to hate a villain
MegaDosX: You're not wrong Ben
walkeroftales: Abraham! You better not be entering any covenants!
ComradeMik: give that dude 0/10. kick his fucking ass
DotaProp: Murderize em
quasi79fu: is it ok if i swear about that guy?
CraziestOwl: Doggo >(
MegaDosX: Pretty sure we all want that guy dead now
thehokeypokey: araki write this?
Ba_Dum_Tish: Hurt the pet is a great way to achieve immediate audience hate.
rasterscan: Oh, now we're Observere
eric_christian_berg: Skip!
BusTed: He's been turned into a door knocker!
ArboristAndrew: thomas the tank evans
nyquister_: "Ding"
eric_christian_berg: Er, I mean Thomas!
MegaDosX: This is a thousand percent a trap
MAPBoardgames: [enter] to walk away.
elah806: Full on baby in a jar
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Jar.... room. its all the same.
quasi79fu: Trap
ritchards: Why are you in this jar?
monkeyrama: Welp
eric_christian_berg: They succeeded!
quasi79fu: Rogues?
Pteraspidomorphi: Yup
DiscordianTokkan: Isn't this the Dog kicker?
DotaProp: not Scoundrels?
elah806: FULL JAR
monkeyrama: Guess this guy's stuck
fluffyvampire42: it's all jars
Easilycrazyhat: man in a jar, I mean room
snowmonkey99: A very fancy jar
Despoiler98: HES A GUY IN A JAR
ArboristAndrew: hahahahaha
ButButTheJesus: ITS A TARP
Austere_Squire: this room is a very large jar
elkae: Jars all the way down
nyquister_: Do they have a chime?
NightValien28: room are wooden jars yes
azkovo: just a wooden jar
fluffyvampire42: it's a jar... always has been
jessieimproved: instant villain creator
elkae: So it was all jars? Always has been
Zalthia: Arent all rooms jars?
monkeyrama: LUL emergency meeting
walkeroftales: let me break this down for you
ForOhForError: wait what if we're the jar
elkae: Dammit beat me to it
quasi79fu: This is weird
lamina5432: I dont think you open the cthulhu door
Austere_Squire: stop it
kalira77: actually it's easier from his end... he has the hinges
quasi79fu: and a trap
Austere_Squire: Oh
Zalthia: Or maybe all jars are just really small rooms?
GamesAndInk: Good, try again! Keep trying till you kill yourself on the door
quasi79fu: he is trying to knock yuou out
MAPBoardgames: Yes... break the seal...
tergonis: our character is confirmed zero survival instinct
Asimech: Yeah, I'm leaning to "trap".
BusTed: *thud*
quasi79fu: big footsteps
NightValien28: welp
monkeyrama: That bass tho
MegaDosX: Ominous
plummeting_sloth: House... Keeping...
quasi79fu: uh thud
LarkSachrosis: That man is now a pile of meat
Austere_Squire: That's fine, i'm sure
Austere_Squire: he's fine
DotaProp: its a Cthulu
codatski: He ded
elkae: Door flies open?
quasi79fu: Giants?
NightValien28: very dead
DiscordianTokkan: seabatCHOICE_TK
circusofkirkus: rip for that dude
elah806: After all that, it's locked?
ArboristAndrew: he seemed like a nice enough fellow
Zaraka00: I mean I am a little spooked
shodowraider360: @LoadingReadyRun just leave him
jonasjonIV: now you gotta open it
Diabore: he aint gonna be in maid of sker 2
Ba_Dum_Tish: Thump thump
Mister_Hush: adam got his wish, no gettin outta this jar
ButButTheJesus: RUN
Asimech: 100% trap.
CraziestOwl: Well rip
codatski: Good news, there isn't anyone on the other side of that door anymore!
Ferisar: tfw someone else is also in the jar
ttam809: Isn't a room just a big jar?
MegaDosX: Bet you weren't expecting that solution to your Jar scenario Adam
rasterscan: Shouldna gotten put in a jar
ComradeMik: uh... candygram for mr hughes?
monkeyrama: Big chillin
ArboristAndrew: doing great buddy
walkeroftales: we out here
eric_christian_berg: Lonely.
Charlemandias: We good!
ZackTheCatKing: Eating cheese
MegaDosX: I'm good!
Ferisar: doodlin
GhostValv: just finished up some pizza
ttam809: Fine
elah806: I'm trying
ComradeMik: pretty good bud
mechmagic: doing good! playing nsr
Zaraka00: vibin
rasterscan: Teaching during COVID sucks
gamercat88: chillaxing
rasterscan: ;(
Juliamon: I really should get some dinner but I don't wanna get up
NightValien28: great, awake for 40h can see through time
Zalthia: Ehhh
auto_meris: not bad, spillover from Talking Sim
SacrificialToast: I won't tell
lemmel: Not bad
jessieimproved: time to go
ArboristAndrew: i made some Okra and Tomatoes on rice for dinner tonight
monkeyrama: Got more sour patch? 👀
quasi79fu: uhhh
Kreiseler: good just busy getting bullied by one adam savidan
Ferisar: pal
LegionofLashes: wishing i also had snacks
SmoreThanAFeelin: good goood
Omthebox: You know when get tinnitus in your ear. I feel like that but just all over.
SilentOptimist: straight sleeping
MegaDosX: I mean, if you insist Ben
Dish_KP: I'm doing quite well, Sir
engineerbudy: Prepping in case i need to evacuate
Knife_Crow: why is there a door on the ground next to another door?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Any time, Ben
electroswagnetism: medium chillin' mostly
BrieBeau: been a rough rough day but trying 💙
plummeting_sloth: I don't know how that room is supposed to work. He acted like he was locked from the outside, but people entered the room from....where?
ComradeMik: hey, i called you bud
TheMerricat: just got out of playing Skyrim and enjoying some Wingstop wings.
lirazel64: Getting ready to make jam.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: got some sushi takeout, enjoying saki and spoops. great night.
ComradeMik: not buddy
Makrosian_Tae: You always take me to the most charming places, Adam
actionjb: Medium chilling, while Adam is busting some chops
ttam809: Stressed. Gotta write a letter to my summer job being like "please don't fire me for being gay"
ZackTheCatKing: Favourite cheese?
ComradeMik: there's a big difference
DiscordianTokkan: Just finished doing a tech install and upgrade for my parents, so good but draining AF
Famished971: we are twitch chat
Charlemandias: Don't call me chat pal!
odocoelus: Is the air in Victoria as smoky as it is here in Vancouver?
walkeroftales: no, adam, they're doing a great buddy. FWB situations.
novrdd: PrideUwu
cgwonder: it's like speed dating
korvys: Watching Blaseball happen - Today, fans are attempting to resurrect a dead player through idolatry. Completely normal game.
clawlor_49: Doin pretty good, just waiting for university placements on Friday
approximatevolumes: you know ;)
hesterbyrde: Good! Filming some ghost stories this week for my theatre's virtual content! I even wrote one of them myself!
monkeyrama: Please don't take your date to a murder house
quasi79fu: Omg that is loud
NightValien28: we are no individual, we are legion
Chipton: Yup that was a good idea
ButButTheJesus: i'm tired and want more sugar
LegionofLashes: damn the electrical in this building
quasi79fu: Oh helllll noooooo
NightValien28: did you just mess up the lights?
GhostValv: sure bud
Ferisar: what if we addressed you as streamers collectively
Despoiler98: I'm not your BUD, CHIEF
Lord_ZYRK: That's pretty weird, bud.
knickknacksnackery: Was reading ghost stories and then got the notification that this stream was starting... good way to calm myself down I guess?
Ferisar: even when you're alone
kyp_dorrun: hey adam
noSmokeFire: why would you think that, bud?
ComradeMik: nah, it's just my gender neutral dude replacement
Zu_o: I like you pal.
GamesAndInk: If this is a date for you, I think we need to talk about like... a LOT of things.
ttam809: Why's that Bud?
MAPBoardgames: Just got back from a week away. Now I am covered with affection-starved kitties. spinaChonk
Hulyen: tired, but okay
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP NotLikeThis NotLikeThis lrrSPOOP
Omthebox: Here we go Seabud
ArboristAndrew: which is why i said budDY
Zaraka00: Thats me with "dude"
eric_christian_berg: How about Skippy?
HatsWearCats: Thats a real shame there bud
NightValien28: I hate this
Ba_Dum_Tish: We are comparing you to Air Bud our lord and saviour
monkeyrama: You wouldn't
Austere_Squire: do it
Darth_Fishious: OK. Sport.
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Zalthia: I did my laundry, but I need to make my bed. Ugh.
DotaProp: Whys that....CHAMP
Austere_Squire: do it, you coward
TheMerricat: How you doing, BUUUUDY?
quasi79fu: something is knocking?
gualdhar: sergeModLove
Lord_ZYRK: Sure you will, bud :)
BrieBeau: trying to find the LRR mailing address to send a copy of my TTRPG!
gamercat88: occupado
NightValien28: okay streamer
absorbedtulip9: Just started work again with some kids. So stressed and worried something will happen
the510: alright then... PAL
codatski: You won't!
elah806: I've mostly moved to "hon" for people I don't care for
Zalthia: Do it, you wont.
jessieimproved: physically exhausted, I'm building myself an office outbuilding
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: i'm with ben... i feel a jump scare coming on
gundamschwing: Japanese japanese japanese cheeseburger, japanese japanese double cheeseburger
Chipton: Man knife switches terrify me
absorbedtulip9: I work at a school
cgwonder: ummmm
quasi79fu: uhhh
kyp_dorrun: hey Adam. is there any plans to do another sidewalk slam. I miss you and beej and graham
walkeroftales: wow they didn't jumpscare you at the switch
plummeting_sloth: seems safe
MegaDosX: You're in England, it's called a lift
DotaProp: did anyone confirm if Spiders?
Sheikun07: Cheesetown? I love Cheesetown!
monkeyrama: oh god LUL
plummeting_sloth: hotels definitely didn't ahve strairs back them, makes sense
Asimech: So. If the hinges are on the inside of the room then it's easier to break the door inward b/c you don't need to also break the hinges. Or the door frame, depending on the shape of the frame.
DiscordianTokkan: CHEEZ TOWNE
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gamercat88: and from the windows to the wall
MAPBoardgames: Acceptable names are "Adam", "Mr. Savidan", and "The Boshi" ItsBoshyTime
elah806: It's a smellevator! Take the disk out of the drive and scratch Sniffing SpotTM 5
Ba_Dum_Tish: Welp I believe it is time to leave the spooky house.
quasi79fu: yeah the basement is always safe in horror games right?
rasterscan: Takes elevator, ignores room. Finds out 5 hours later that that room was key to good ending
rasterscan: That'
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rasterscan: s a joke, btw
monkeyrama: Doin a lore
codatski: Oh, don't like that
BrieBeau: gosh this chat is fast
novrdd: AaaAaaAaaAaa
elah806: Why are they recording themselves warming up?
ComradeMik: uh...
Makrosian_Tae: C R E E P E R
ComradeMik: i need an adult
Juliamon: gross
MegaDosX: Wow that's turbo creepy
DiscordianTokkan: oht oh
Ferisar: uncle deckard, no
elkae: Creepy
quasi79fu: creeeeper
ComradeMik: wait. i am an adult
rasterscan: Oh, you said you weren't even going to try going in I thought. My bad. >.<
ttam809: So the uncle killed the mom, yeah?
IsaTheEngie: :concern:
monosceros: laughing all around laughing all around laughing all around
plummeting_sloth: how dare you talk about LUNGS! So uncouth, lungs!
quasi79fu: He said the F word
Asimech: All of that said, breaking down a door takes a lot more than just "effort" and we've already established our character does not lift.
CraziestOwl: !adult
quasi79fu: Omg
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Makrosian_Tae: Rude
monkeyrama: wow
MAPBoardgames: That dude sounds like a tool.
Juliamon: That is HELLA rude
ArboristAndrew: ooo, the olde english "i'm not a tool, youre a tool"
MAPBoardgames: I think she called it.
ieva_art: everyone in this game is rude
Lord_ZYRK: That's a hell of a title she's got there
quasi79fu: This creeper is totally the villain
ComradeMik: who is recording this?
hesterbyrde: I love how the girl sounds like a noblewoman and the men all sound like they're from the docks. XD
eric_christian_berg: Forsooth!
ttam809: The audio distortion is pretty good
Austere_Squire: "No, you are the one who is a tool!"
ShaneLeeAtk: Calling it now. The unlce will turn out to be a good guy.
Ba_Dum_Tish: what do you mean what do you mean?
monkeyrama: Ben's here, Adam
zaycaar: Jerk.
ComradeMik: like... in game, how are they recording this stuff
walkeroftales: You know, in Olde English, that dialogue would have been considered rude.
goatprince: I have all the tendies.
Pteraspidomorphi: ComradeMik: They're recording their singing
GhostValv: :O
monkeyrama: CoolCat
elkae: lrrADAM_SG lrrBEN_SG
Ba_Dum_Tish: Ben just pulls out a nuggie
justdanisfine: good heavens!
MegaDosX: Uh oh
Roger_Job329: What about sour patch kids?
Xeveriaxitus: Ô.o
quasi79fu Hoards his Chicken Tendies
ComradeMik: @Pteraspidomorphi ok, that makes sense
IsaTheEngie: well then!
quasi79fu: Omg who the F is cruying
Ferisar: mr. x
Ferisar: hello
monkeyrama: That is a UNIT
quasi79fu: what the F
DotaProp: we got Nuggies?
cgwonder: oh no
Austere_Squire: Mr X?
ForOhForError: okay bye
MegaDosX: What is that.
engineerbudy: Mr. X
cgwonder: is that mr x??
SacrificialToast: X gon' give it to ya
josh___something: Mr. X
LarkSachrosis: Goodbye then
NightValien28: 1840s mr x
Lysander_Gustav: Hello everyone!
auto_meris: sir, sir you dropped something
ComradeMik: that is a lorge lad
quasi79fu: Uhhhhhh hellll noooooo
azkovo: lrrFINE lrrFINE
Omthebox: Hello Sir, would you like a leaflet?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Nemesis?
gamercat88: yeah old timey Mr. X
nyquister_: I'm Batman
novrdd: that dude is huge
Zalthia: I want chicken tendies
Makrosian_Tae: lrrFRUMP
DiscordianTokkan: It's Dr. Faust from Guilty Gear! And he got SWOLE
RaklarLS: grondolon sundleman
plummeting_sloth: So, I like how there was some concept that the first message was a deliberate recording that got interrupted, but every other one offers no explanation as to why something would be recorded
Ferisar: in one more hotel stay
kalira77: when did we enter Raccoon City?
ArkhamArchivist: Solomon Moosday, Born on a Tuesday
Ferisar: there will be no more hotel stays
Roger_Job329: born in a Monday
Asimech: I don't think chat is capable of being 'cool'.
walkeroftales: Sombleydale Grumblesnatch
BrieBeau: do not like
cgwonder: can you heal yet?
Xeveriaxitus: Dont follow the men more like it
Zethrik: This was an RE prequel the whole time?
Austere_Squire: Swoleiman Grundi
monkeyrama: Why isn't it mondee
Lysander_Gustav: Wow this game has a lot of screen effects going on
codatski: Wow the map is very RE
RaklarLS: nervous tonic? booze?
Lord_ZYRK: Who wants some old-ass copypasta
Lysander_Gustav: Everything is so soft-focus
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MAPBoardgames: Ah. Laudanum.
BrieBeau: oooo heroin
F1SHOR: when do we start crafting new guns though
ForOhForError: at least the doors are well labeled in this creepy basement
Chipton: So it's just straight heroin then
Despoiler98: only a little mercury
LarkSachrosis: Spoilers, it's just gin.
TheAwkes: A fine concoction of liquor and cocaine.
eric_christian_berg: That's delightfully Victorian.
plummeting_sloth: ah, I feel bad for that tonic. Being so nervous
novrdd: booze = heal... Kappa
Ba_Dum_Tish: Healing tonic, just a healing mixture of alcohol, laudanum and healthy cocaine
cgwonder: man i could do with some nervous tonic sometimes
DiscordianTokkan: It had green creeping in the edges, so it was Absinthe, right?
walkeroftales: healthy, healthy cocaine
monkeyrama: Hondo's got a hairball
quasi79fu: Omg he kept a list of victims?
HondoTrigger: it's a comical laugh noise
bl1ghtn1n6: why not both?
Lysander_Gustav: is it like Fozzie going waka waka?
Makrosian_Tae: We're not here to yak any yaks
cgwonder: test subject?
electroswagnetism: man imagine if the giant imposing figure in a horror game looked like a dude on the cover of a romance novel
Xeveriaxitus: "stolen"
quasi79fu: test subjects for what?
ladylinzington: Bristolllllllll \o/
quasi79fu: i hear a phone?
DotaProp: Metal Gear?
AlistairSteiner: Drink out the side of your face
elah806: All Adam and Ben know is play horror games, be cute, and joke
clawlor_49: How much yak could a yak yak yak if a yak yak could yak yak
AlistairSteiner: Objective: Don't pee your pants
monkeyrama: Hondo knows comedy
MAPBoardgames: katesLewd *ring, ring*
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahahaha
NightValien28: hahahah
MacSquizzy: brutal
Omthebox: Couldn't keep a straight face
bl1ghtn1n6: Adam's on fire tonight
itsr67: very good :)
NightValien28: he is so mean to us
DotaProp: WOW. Adam just SWANGIN
Lysander_Gustav: We laugh so we don't cry
HondoTrigger: I'm gonna accuse you all night in Among Us
MegaDosX: Adam taking no prisoners today
gamercat88: good joke streamer
Makrosian_Tae: You can't just KILL a man like that Adam
cgwonder: lrrWOW
ButButTheJesus: is adam back on his bullshit? Keepo
Kreiseler: wow Adam is a bully tonight
NightValien28: yes
eric_christian_berg: I want a horror game where you are in a haunted house and you really need to be. Objective: Find a bathroom (preferably not haunted).
Zethrik: He's just taking out his SF5 frustrations chat, he doesn't mean it.
novrdd: uu wine barrels
noSmokeFire: the tinnitus sound effect is kind of annoying
Makrosian_Tae: Naw, you're alright
Kreiseler: :)
hesterbyrde: No Adam. <3
HondoTrigger: you're OUR jerk
plummeting_sloth: Phone's ringin', Laird
quasi79fu: who peeed in Adams wheaties tonight?
Omthebox: You'll have to be more specific Adam
ttam809: And twitchchat
Zalthia: kinda
Ferisar: on the people who will let you get away with it
Ferisar: *
monkeyrama: LUL
elah806: Jerks don't ask if they're jerks for the most part
underhill33: ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call
walkeroftales: You play it up for the job, I think. Which is part of the appeal.
AlistairSteiner: Moshi moshi desu
MAPBoardgames: Is the phone call coming from inside the house?
electroswagnetism: (and also all of twitch chat)
Pteraspidomorphi: How does she know where you are?
kumatsu: We literally pay you to be a jerk
Lysander_Gustav: Wow the main character is so jealous
F1SHOR: 9/10 chats the jerk
monkeyrama: Gottem
walkeroftales: the call is coming from inside the Solomon Grundy
Darleysam: that's the Karate Kid ending we deserve
MegaDosX: Wow, Ben broke Adam
karloff_bda: They're drawn to noise ... so she calls him on the phone ...
kalira77: i suspish of this call. why she callin' the basement?
elkae: The laugh! <3
Ferisar: elizabeth, i'm gonna fuckin deck 'im
Lord_ZYRK: Ben, you're supposed to be funny, not goddamn hilarious
eric_christian_berg: Press 'K' to punch them in the taint.
ButButTheJesus: do the crane, danny-boy!
MacSquizzy: Speaking of crane kicks, y'all watching Cobra Kai?
LarkSachrosis: What's the over/under we're hallucinating these calls?
Lysander_Gustav: The crane kick is inescapable
Makrosian_Tae: My testiculars have been assailed!
coldhands0802: Cranes didn't teach man karate until the early 1900s
SilentOptimist: avatars of the Dark...
quasi79fu: Elizabeth is very suspicious
ladylinzington: or it's something using her voice
GhostValv: holes :O
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monkeyrama: Watch any chess lately OpieOP
Sheikun07: If they're attracted to sound, clearly we need to run everywhere screaming
GamesAndInk: Tell us about your hole, Adam
AlistairSteiner: "They can only hear." *door opens LOUDLY*
DotaProp: Holes!?
HondoTrigger: I like donut holes
ShaneLeeAtk: Mine is Winter Camping
Ferisar: oh nakeyjakey is funny
rasterscan: Here's a weird game design question: Why are blind-but-super-hearing monsters a popular niche but not deaf-but-super-eyesight monsters?
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: !holes
LRRbot: Did someone say Holes??
HondoTrigger: my girlfriend boxes
LarkSachrosis: A friend showed it to some of us a while ago and it just doesn't work for me.
HeyAustralia: Jake is great!
kdefinition: nakeyjakey has some good shit
plummeting_sloth: they only can find you by noise, so please lets keep talking back and forth through a device that rings loudly
elkae: Is boxing the opposite of unboxing?
TheAwkes: This house is big, but it seems to contain the furniture of three houses it's size.
kumatsu: I like abandoned building exploration holes
Sheikun07: I keep falling down the Touhou hole
Sheikun07: It's very deep
Lysander_Gustav: Yeah I've stumbled into blacksmithing youtube vids.
goatprince: nakie jakie is good.
F1SHOR: I'm in a Wrestling YouTube hole and I don't even watch wrestling -_-
MonsterXBait: my YouTube hole is animal noises
Robot_Bones: future PPR material???
HeyAustralia: His scholastic fair vid is wonderful!
tim19862: nice
monkeyrama: Those were the best
ComradeMik: i thought you were talking about heinke for a second
kdefinition: "I guess it's just back to doing gainers of the Empire State building!'
cgwonder: who wants to bet these are all human bodies?
gundamschwing: Too busy waking up on strange trains having to find keys for my long lost wife.
novrdd: i cycle back in cat/pet videos hole a lot
ttam809: Are those all bodies?
underhill33: Just no selling whatever the fuck this room is
Matsunen: Just had to take the dog out what I miss with the call
Robot_Bones: yeah Adam doesn't even watch wrestling
HondoTrigger: I'm a big fan of theme park history youtubers
rasterscan: Doll attach!
tim19862: hey Ben, Adam and LRR chat :)
SquareDotCube: Remember when you bought PC games from book fairs?
coldhands0802: COVID, and not taking it serious is, I think, what's going on with wrestling.
Xeveriaxitus: Ahh those are the missing singers
IsaTheEngie: I'm in an urban farming youtube hole and am overwelmed with the urge to plant potatoes
F1SHOR: from watching YouTube wrestling right now is the best and the worst it's ever been...
monkeyrama: Ahhh, those ones
Makrosian_Tae: Like, Share and Subscribe to my horror game
orimazer: "he's not like other youtubers"
Lysander_Gustav: I saw an advertisement about New Day going to wrestle a sherman tank for some reason.
eric_christian_berg: Cool!
monkeyrama: Who?
ShaneLeeAtk: That's a lot of bodies
DotaProp: Big Lenny
Lysander_Gustav: yeah
MAPBoardgames: Did they Sack the entire staff?
GhostValv: ye
Robot_Bones: Cam got me to watch Army MRE reviews
DiscordianTokkan: Yep
Famished971: ive been watchin steve1989 who eat really rations
MatthewDennisMTG: @IsaTheEngie it's the dream youtube hole tbh
Despoiler98: its literally a bloodsport
Omthebox: Yeah, those boxes didn't deserve such treatment.
SquareDotCube: one of the oldest sports
kdefinition: Any kind of fighting sport is fucked up.
Famished971: old
kalira77: jumpscare time?
MacSquizzy: Yea boxing's deeply fucked up
gamercat88: oh he work out
elkae: Om you might be biases
Makrosian_Tae: I liked that. Had weight to it, that felt real
elkae: *biased
nyquister_: I've watched Friday Nights on almost loop for about 2 weeks
goldgeo1: For like 6 hours I was in a sealion youtube hole, it was a good time yall should try it.
kdefinition: In fact, a lot of sports are fucked up by that metri
clawlor_49: Strong boio
Famished971: oh its great
quasi79fu: i dont like this passage/place
sing_o_muse: hey steve is a treasure
GhostValv: it's weird but kind of fun...
monkeyrama: Nooo thanks
korvys: It's the guy - he';s just so nice
walkeroftales: @Lysander_Gustav wow, brave of them to go up against Brock Lesnar
DotaProp: Army Ration Mukbang
Omthebox: elkae how could you say that dolphinCry
Lysander_Gustav: Schadenfreude I guess?
kalira77: there it is
Xeveriaxitus: mhhhmhmhmhh
Zaraka00: oh god they smell
RaklarLS: ooooh, he blind
Despoiler98: LOVE watching the army ration channels
eric_christian_berg: Slap him!
elkae: Stank breath?
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ButButTheJesus: i'm not into hurting people for sport
ComradeMik: i read something that over the long term, modern boxing with gloves is worse than bare knuckle boxing for brain damage
Robot_Bones: its just interesting what they can stuff in those things
quasi79fu: Oh jesus i got sccared
HeyAustralia: holding breath quite literally
SachielOne: OH YEAH!
Juliamon: I got stuck in a "cats with cerebellar hypoplasia" hole for a bit
DotaProp: Clickers
quasi79fu: i think i peed myself
plummeting_sloth: Stever1989 is a saint
SquareDotCube: just the bagman
CraziestOwl: Like watching you play boshy Adam
nyquister_: Must be deaf
monkeyrama: Ah, they're noise attracted
Chipton: Why cover you mouth though
auto_meris: I like the ones from other countries, the italian army rations had wine
Lysander_Gustav: wow, 1800s gimps
BrieBeau: I'm a film analysis and theory junkie, just watched Lindsay Ellis's Titanic piece and a really good Midsommar analysis.
elkae: @Omthebox Just a hunch :P
Zalthia: Did that dude even HAVE ears?
Lord_ZYRK: ComradeMik but a lot better for the rest of your internal organs
Omthebox: OpieOP
Ferisar: when you hold your breath you're experiencing G forces beyond yoru control
plummeting_sloth: good lungs on this lad
HeyAustralia: Lindsay's stuff is always great
monkeyrama: It doesn't let you?
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noSmokeFire: @Zalthia looked like a Scarecrow style mask
MacSquizzy: @BrieBeau who was the midsommar vid by?
sing_o_muse: i mean we are basically commiting auto erotic asphyxiation right
BrieBeau: also weird animal facts!
gundamschwing: They can also scoot.
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: just me or did ya'll also try to hold your breath just now
monkeyrama: LUL
kalira77: nah, you can't hold your breath to death. you will pass out and automatically start breathing again
Lysander_Gustav: yeah the sip-sighs
ardn93: My youtube hole right now is this great James Bond rewatch podcast. Wierd cause I don't like James Bond...
RayFK: Good to know
RayFK: For the future
BusTed: That's a 10
lirazel64: I've been watching other people try on clothes. And I dislike shopping for myself with the passion of a thousand suns.
Omthebox: But its PURE vanilla!
nyquister_: All 9000 tastebuds
Lord_ZYRK: An anti-tptptp-er
MonsterXBait: yup
BusTed: pure vanilla
NightValien28: pure vanilla
ComradeMik: @Lord_ZYRK if only head shots weren't so incentivised in boxing
MatthewDennisMTG: @LoadingReadyRun you should watch Apetor on youtube if you love that noise
MacSquizzy: macaroni in a pot, etc etc
MAPBoardgames: Scrummy?
monkeyrama: LUL Dee-lish
Robot_Bones: I hate the words Honey Mussie
elkae: Don't diss churngirl16 like that
Lysander_Gustav: "someone's got a case of the mondays..." I hate that.
DiscordianTokkan: It probably comes from a time where people HAD to make like everything they ate tasted good, like carrots and marshmallows in jello
soupgiraffe: my 4yo niece calls things "deliciously squared"
ComradeMik: i make happy eating noises.
monkeyrama: omg
bv310: Oh noooo
BrindleBoar: awks
tim19862: LUL
auto_meris: @Robot_Bones Instant ban
BusTed: Aggressive.
F1SHOR: slytqRIP slytqRIP
ButButTheJesus: ben omg
underhill33: O_O
niccus: destroyed
ardn93: lmao
Famished971: LMAO
BrieBeau: @macsquizzy Acolytes of Horror! looking forward to more of their videos
novrdd: LUL LUL LUL
tim19862: wow
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: wowwwww
Despoiler98: :O
quasi79fu: hahhhaha
Despoiler98: the FLEX
ComradeMik: it's just because the food's good
Makrosian_Tae: YIKES
arcbound_roomba: What.A.Power.Move
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
Lord_ZYRK: ComradeMik it's almost like there's long term health issues with a sport whose goal is "beat this other person into submission"
Chipton: Called out
monkeyrama: That's incredible LUL
ComradeMik: @Lord_ZYRK i mean, you right
Lysander_Gustav: oh goody crawlspace mazes
bv310: So besides the existential horror of dating life, how's this game been?
Robot_Bones: @auto_meris don't get me wrong, tastes great. never call it that
eric_christian_berg: For all the referencing of Welsh ballads, this is kinda... boringly generic.
BrieBeau: @macsquizzy warnings for content of the film and spoilers apply!
Getter404: Smell The Glove, new from Spinal Tap
coldhands0802: Self Suffocation Simulator.
monkeyrama: But then air gets out Kappa
Ferisar: well maybe he has no lips
Ferisar: okay
SquareDotCube: better than people who can't chew with their mouths closed
dweebert91: The real power move would have been to do it the next time you see him Kappa
elkae: I wonder if it's a visual cue for hard of hearing folks
plummeting_sloth: it's a fun alternative game to assume that just everything in this game is stinky and you ahve to hold your breath all the time
engineerbudy: @SquareDotCube that is my pet peeve
Omthebox: Don't you know, just closing your mouth to hold your breath wasn't invented til 1965
nyquister_: Animation wise, something is needed
I_Am_Clockwork: I'm guessing they did that for a more organic way of showing the player if they're holding their breath
clawlor_49: Open mouth eaters are disgusting
Lysander_Gustav: oh nice bass boost on the footfalls
MacSquizzy: @BrieBeau Oh no worries I've seen the movie twice and love it! I'm just always on the lookout for cool new film analysis stuff, especially on youtube
I_Am_Clockwork: rather than using a meter or some such
Robot_Bones: Lips are DLC
monkeyrama: what the hell LUL
SacrificialToast: dust clouds XD
Zaraka00: is that how that works
nyquister_: Mechanics!
Chipton: That 100% does not work
Arazien: I Have No Lips And I Must Sneeze
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bv310: Oh that's nifty
ardn93: Loud chewers just kill me. I get why people in dracula castles had those long ass tables. Can't hear the nasty mouth noises that way.
Makrosian_Tae: I like that actually
monkeyrama: Famous last words, Ben
Despoiler98: yeah that loooks like Coal Dust you DO NOT want to breath that in
Lysander_Gustav: :D
Getter404: Dust, asbestos, toxic mold, same difference
tim19862: LUL
niccus: i want a horror game where instead of holding your breath, you hold a sneeze
Xeveriaxitus: :D
ttam809: Oh, it's that guy you met earlier
ttam809: but he was dead
monkeyrama: Mouth breathing NotLikeThis
InkyGhoast: that was a lot of handprints on the boiler door
tim19862: :D wow
monkeyrama: wow, that's intense
soupgiraffe: isn't someone with no legs permanently crouching?
auto_meris: that's not the direction I thought that was going
bv310: That's commitment is what that is
nyquister_: It's hard if you have a big mouth though
xantos69: Yep...a totally normal behavior
quasi79fu: time for break?
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Mysticman89: That might come up again later in life
tim19862: :\
Getter404: That's how I was back in grade school
Kreiseler: well that just makes sense ben
Despoiler98: I have a friend who never eats with his mouth closed I can't be near him when we have food together cause I want to scream at him to close his damn mouth
monkeyrama: lol
quasi79fu: is it break time?
Fanklok: Sounds like Monk from popular criminal justice show Monk
MAPBoardgames: That isn't unusual. I've known several people who do that..
Makrosian_Tae: I can't stand hearing my own chewing. There has GOT to be some other noise in the environment
Lysander_Gustav: guys that smack their lips as they chew is annoying to me. Maybe it's because I had to eat around this one specific guy for a little while and I hated everything about him.
Omthebox: I've never done anything werid.
AllTheoryNoPractice: Just got here; Are we Noped, or Watch+Noped?
SmoreThanAFeelin: hell yea ben
SquareDotCube: we all have our unconscious rituals
Ferisar: oh, entire
tim19862: lol
Mysticman89: maple everything is perfectly normal
kumatsu: Dunno what you mean, Adam, I'm perfect
absorbedtulip9: My sister does that!!
bv310: Hell yeah, syrup hashbrowns rule
Froshot: I used to do that except the clockwise thing
Omthebox: Yeah, that's how you're supposed to eat breakfast
snowmonkey99: But that's what it's for right?
gualdhar: as is tradition for a true Canadian
plummeting_sloth: "i'm not slamming anybody... except for the people who breath and sip incorrectly"
itomeshi: Sausage + Maple Syrup is the bomb.
Ferisar: i was wondering what a tire breakfast was
monkeyrama: Drench it in syrup
Riandisa: savory sweet is great
novrdd: ben the Canadian
Kreiseler: no! food must be neat and tidy!
DiscordianTokkan: Sounds like she ate too many TV dinners as a kid? Like "It came this way in the beginning, it should STAY sepparate"
Despoiler98: Syrup on sausage and bacon is AMAZING
SmoreThanAFeelin: maple syrup all day
Robot_Bones: That's not wrong though
clawlor_49: I've placed hamslices on Nutella before
monkeyrama: God DAMN, Adam
NarishmaReborn: cereal, glass of milk, maple syrup on it all
sing_o_muse: thats bot weird you just have a sweet tooth lol
SultaiDiva: Putting syrup on anything is so Canadian.
kumatsu: daaaaaaaaaaamn
tim19862: :D
itsr67: LUL
BusTed: 😬
Makrosian_Tae: ZING
AlistairSteiner: Yeah, I was gonna say, you're Canadian, so
monkeyrama: So punchy today
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
ardn93: My loud chewing hate is def. an anxiety-related thing. I could see needing seperated foods and eating order being related.
underhill33: Holy fuck
theanthonydee: benginDab benginDab benginDab
quasi79fu: Omg Adam
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrWOW
Despoiler98: DAAAAAAAAMN
Robot_Bones: Clip it, that's the ticket
Dog_of_Myth: BURN
elkae: I love how Adam seems ashamed after each burn lol
coldhands0802: No, we were wrong. Adam's a jerk
arcaneIllumination: I 100% undestand the food separation. I want the flavor of this, not mixed with anything else. If I wanted it mixed in, I'd do I myself.
SwankyFlea: Ben over here making Together Breakfast
Chipton: Adam just keeps swinging
SmoreThanAFeelin: punchy mcpunchpunch
DotaProp: Adam needs to go take a WALK
Famished971: SLAMMED
Fanklok: Putting Syrup on everything isn't weird its correct
elkae: SaviSLAM
quasi79fu: chat is incinerated by Adam
Despoiler98: Adams getting PUNCHY today
Arazien: C'mon get slammed! By Adam Savidan!
kumatsu: I was kinda sking for it with that joke, I ain't even mad
josh___something: I can't wait to get roasted by adam next kappa
SultaiDiva: Adam, are you going through some stuff?
MAPBoardgames: Get slammed by Adam. Only if you're really good.
DiscordianTokkan: seabatSKYLADY
Ferisar: adam's going for gold rank in dunking on chat
GhostValv: adam slamminman
Ferisar: lol
Despoiler98: Anyone have a first aid kit cause we got BURNED
kristamichele: savislam tonight
ButButTheJesus: you too might get Adam-smashed!
quasi79fu is a charred corpse...Because of Adams Burn
Fanklok: I just trried to skip the brak because I'm so used to watching vods\
tim19862: Come on and Slam and welcome to the jam by Adam Savidan :D
quasi79fu: LOL fankok
itomeshi: I'll miss raiding with @kumatsu; I can't believe Adam killed him.
Despoiler98: fuckin no mercy tonight
kumatsu: @itomeshi Guess I'm rerolling DK so I can come back from the dead
monkeyrama: If only his Mika could punch this well Kappa
Despoiler98: DO yall remember when Kumatsu was fucking MURDERED by Adam?
quasi79fu Is ashes in the wind
itomeshi: hahaha
Zalthia: Time to make a sammich
YawnLance: Cheer100 I was going to think of a cool joke about why I was late but apparently I've been replaced by a skeleton... just know that their jokes will never be as humerus as mine are.
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LarkSachrosis: @Despoiler98 I can still hear their voice sometimes
quasi79fu: New drink by Loading Ready Run...Adams Punch?
novrdd: this music and the photos montage feel like a memorial
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lemmel: I never know what to put in these, but I hope everyone had a good weekend.
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quasi79fu: XD nov
monkeyrama: LUL Hi
BrieBeau: all of y'all saying getting slammed or smashed by Adam like that sounds bad, jeez. of all the deaths I think I'd be cool with that one. GayPride KAPOW
quasi79fu: uh oh
NightValien28: coward
Ferisar: -79 chat LP
gualdhar: man, Adam ruined it
GhostValv: :O
underhill33: s o f t
ButButTheJesus: BEN
DotaProp: Adam went Full trog then had to back fown
MAPBoardgames: And in this corner... Adam! and in this corner... Chat!
ButButTheJesus: EW
ardn93: "Am I a jerk?" *mercilessly burns chat*
codatski: I'm just glad Adam hasn't met me, he doesn't have enough ammo to attack me personally
BusTed: Rank Down
kumatsu: Adam I almost caught up to you in fake internet points since you aren't playing
gualdhar: can I unsub for the length of this stream? is that possible?
monkeyrama: Couldn't handle that amount of bully
kumatsu: spent the last month carrying people in getting conqueror
monkeyrama: Coolmatsu
YawnLance: Sick tunes
quasi79fu: chat is gettin feisty
Omthebox: That is clearly audible
quasi79fu: That hurts my ears
silenceaux: (Inaudible) if only
Omthebox: I can hear it
DiscordianTokkan: h r o n k
quasi79fu: Please make it stop
knickknacksnackery: banger alert
IsaTheEngie: oh snap @kumatsu bogotterHey
Fanklok: Did that Gramophone just play the top hit from popular euro dance group Vengaboys?
elkae: Adam is spicy and salty DoritosChip DoritosChip DoritosChip
quasi79fu: No plase dont do it agaain
kumatsu: @IsaTheEngie Well hey there stranger benginFingers
Omthebox: Well, it was an Inaudible noise.
monkeyrama: Just steal one of chat's jokes, you'll be fine OpieOP
plummeting_sloth: yeah, failures never make it to the hightlight reel!
Sheikun07: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
fluffyvampire42: if you have the most highlights you win
quasi79fu: Adam will make it by being Punchy
e_bloc: Corgo328 I would pay anything to make one of these gramophones play vengabus
SwankyFlea: You say as though Adam hasn't already gotten you in
DrWreckage: Meta highlight reel joke, 3 minutes of nothing happening but ben is in it
Despoiler98: its one dude why cant we just punch him ded?
ardn93: The hands make it look like the protag is preparing to beatbox. Just waiting for the right moment
MAPBoardgames: Which is louder? Breathing or walking on gravel?
monkeyrama: Miasma
Ferisar: *looks at state*
Spacepup: Have Asthma, can confirm.
Omthebox: Guys a T-Rex. He can only hear you if you cough
ylegm: Miasma
BusTed: Sucks to your ass-mar
kumatsu: sucks to your assmar
circusofkirkus: sucks to your ass-mar
ylegm: darnit got beat
DotaProp: it is Victorian England. Everyone had the Black Lung
quasi79fu: Miasma?
Makrosian_Tae: Omg, it IS Isaac all over again
SwankyFlea: @e_bloc You can buy a phone-bluetooth-gramophone for like $300
Chipton: Ah yes, the sensory ability of Metal Gear guards
DiscordianTokkan: Hell, *I* have severe asthma, and I don't cough like that at campfire smoke
GhostValv: sucks to your assmar
ttam809: How'd it get to be nighttime already?
codatski: Yeah, can confirm, asthma and fire is a no-go
monkeyrama: We are LUL
BusTed: Look at these literate chatters
quasi79fu: we are stilll Iisaac
SilentOptimist: why do they have torches
Mysticman89: This isn't an action game which is refreshing for horror
GamesAndInk: Sucks to your assmar
SilentOptimist: they cant see
kumatsu: The irony is I HATE Lord of the Flies
circusofkirkus: twitch chat is demonstrating our literacy tonight with the Lord of the Flies ref
e_bloc: look Adam we only have a few brain cells between us
Fanklok: It could be a camp fire made of very wet wood for smoking
Omthebox: Only got one lung
MatthewDennisMTG: you're just describing how i breathe
gamercat88: did they have inhalers in 1800s
Getter404: "Have you or a loved one been affected by mesothilioma?"
knickknacksnackery: this guy really does have awful cardio
quasi79fu: pupper
CompletelyUnsure: It's slightly foggy
BrieBeau: it's cuz he's a water person
CururuGuasu: Koffing!
Makrosian_Tae: SECRET
plummeting_sloth: Like, he rode in on a STEAM TRAIN. Presumable tehre was smoke
elkae: Having a WHALE of a time Kappa
e_bloc: banger alert
Chipton: The mustard gas from the Great War got him
Mysticman89: the whale fountain, for the whale that somehow ended up in a fountain
monkeyrama: Whale noises seabatPjorg
NotCainNorAbel: whales are not a secrets
Sheikun07: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale
BusTed: worth
ComradeMik: there's nearly 600 of us here so i can safely say that we have at least 6 brain cells
Ferisar: that statue is a ryu player
SeismicLawns: w h a l e
drdudeman: @loadingreadyrun He was a Lord She was a SK8R maid. Can I make it any more obvious?
Fanklok: Four still falls under a few
quasi79fu: whale sound? From a fountain?
e_bloc: no it's a pod of whales, it's a secret of porpoises
SquareDotCube: whale dong
Nigouki: look on the map, if it's on the map it's not a secret
Zalthia: Do you guys remember that one horror game that was about code breaking and then you got a radiation gun and started shooting temporal anomalies?
korvys: w h a l e... it's the big show
dweebert91: They're gaming
plummeting_sloth: oh, I get it. The game was set in W(h)ales
shurtal: I will always associate Whale Noises with The ABC's by the Jackson Five
Lord_Durin: Secret Fountain! secret Fountain! through the bushes! Secret Secret Secret Fountain!
jessieimproved: @Zalthia that game was a trip
kumatsu: What even are whales
DotaProp: Tomb Juice?
elkae: @plummeting_sloth oh no
LarkSachrosis: Pollen
ttam809: Who lit all these fires?
gamercat88: dusty graves is adam's stage name
Ferisar: dusty graves is definitely a character name
Makrosian_Tae: After the live stream the other day, I would believe Asthma Man was a real thing
Ferisar: @gamercat88 god damn it
ButButTheJesus: "Augh! My hand!"
Renendaru: Asthmatic horror MC's is a sadly common issue
plummeting_sloth: man, that nerve tonic would be better replaced by cough syrup
gualdhar: I'm literally asthmatic and even I don't wheeze as bad as this dude
ardn93: Man, can't wait to get to my hotel next to the decrepit cemetery.
SeismicLawns: i don't feel scared about walking around
CraziestOwl: Dude should live in a bubble
gamercat88: @Ferisar hehe mwhahaha friendsy
Arazien: King's Field?
MAPBoardgames: Is this... Dark Souls?
SeismicLawns: but i do feel scared about looking at campfires
Chipton: King's Field
NightValien28: yes, indeed
Famished971: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
quasi79fu: i hear doggo
Makrosian_Tae: @gualdhar he left his puffer at home
SwankyFlea: "The Dark Souls of first-person non-action story genre"
e_bloc: I think it would be prudent to hide
Zaraka00: Welcome ne wundead. You have chosen or been chosen...
ardn93: I think that's mom's grave?
Arazien: Zyooon
elkae: Prudence is Elizabeth's mother
monkeyrama: We're becoming one
Pteraspidomorphi: Prudence was the mother, right?
Robot_Bones: Good Hunter....
SilentOptimist: elyzabeth's mom
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plummeting_sloth: don't rub off the dust, you're jsut going to cough more!
Ferisar: ok
circusofkirkus: the same thing
Night_xD: sandwiches
Arazien: No
DotaProp: F
darkspiredragon: The same thing
Mysticman89: ok
ArkhamArchivist: the same thing
MAPBoardgames: The Same thing
kumatsu: The Same Thing
NotCainNorAbel: the same thing
Spacepup: TEETH
SeismicLawns: no
Kreiseler: ok
Zaraka00: the same thing
monkeyrama: seabatCHOICE
DiscordianTokkan: Butts
Zu_o: the same thing
itsr67: ok
FoxFyr: ok
codatski: What did you call me?
Dashiell: the same thing all at the same time
Fanklok: Same thing
ComradeMik: get fucked bud
fluffyvampire42: F
walkeroftales: the same thing
GamesAndInk: The same thing
silenceaux: The same thing
DrWreckage: same thing
bl1ghtn1n6: chat, we're supposed to keep the hivemind secret
elkae: We are a hive mind
Tz_BG: Yeah. Prudence is Elisabeth's mother.
Zaroth339: the same thing
e_bloc: the same thing
Lord_Durin: F
ardn93: the same thing all at the same time
lemmel: Nah
Tritotamar: the same thing
KV1NN4: the same thing
Nigouki: ????????
3schr: The same thing
Robot_Bones: the same thing
quasi79fu: the same thing
blip2004: 42
Makrosian_Tae: Yes Adam
SeismicLawns: the same thing
TwitchTVsFrank: same thing
IsaTheEngie: the same thing
GhostValv: the same thing
Lysander_Gustav: Naugahyde
BrieBeau: never
ButButTheJesus: the same thing
ladylinzington: the same thing
codatski: the same thing
Smapdi_Flaffermann: at the same time
Sheikun07: Nice hat
Arazien: The same thing
infinity_225: The same thing
DrWreckage: the same thing
theleerm: the same thing
FoxFyr: the same thing
Smapdi_Flaffermann: shit
BusTed: This is like the scene in Jurassic Park with the raptor.
WalkingProfanity: the same thing
arcaneIllumination: the same thing
Lord_Durin: The Same Thing
boristhewizard: lol! I was watching Sajam play dark souls before popping in here, and before you mentioned this looking like dark souls I thought I was still watching him.
Getter404: Batman Begins?
SwankyFlea: The snake-heads from Bloodborne!
Makrosian_Tae: Sweet nails bro
Ferisar: oh don't scrape nails on stone
Fanklok: Oh hey its Rorscach
Ferisar: oh no ow
monosceros: the same thing all the same time
absorbedtulip9: Butts
monkeyrama: You always do LUL
Despoiler98: Laudanum was a tincture made of opium alkaloids, morphine, and codiene used as a cough suppressant and pain medication cause ya know, drugs
e_bloc: crossed you up there
BusTed: More than 6 feet.
CastleOtranto: The same thing all at the same time.
SeismicLawns: bonk
InkyGhoast: rip
Lysander_Gustav: secret tunnel I guess?
elah806: Ah! Blighttown!
NightValien28: six feet
quasi79fu: uhh owie
DotaProp: idiot, fell in to the Fake Grave
Ferisar: oh noooo
Despoiler98: OH NO
novrdd: whoaaaaa
AlistairSteiner: Dapper-ass bag man
Mysticman89: tis but a flesh wound
monkeyrama: Yiiiiiiikes
Ferisar: "that's chill"
fastlane250: jolliNo
Lord_Durin: Is that grave regulation size??
plummeting_sloth: quick down some tonic at it!
underhill33: Gnarly
SeismicLawns: aaaaaaI don't like that
Lysander_Gustav: well, okay
Mysticman89: also this shard may well be a tool now
Ferisar: no that's worse!
NuggetsTheUnicorn: isn't it better to keep it in
Getter404: This coffin was filled with knives!
ButButTheJesus: oh boy, the underdark!
rasterscan: He is very calm about this
kalira77: never pull the thing out dammit
Arazien: SAhould have left it in
arcaneIllumination: Now we gain super powers right?
SwankyFlea: You should NOT just pull that out in that situation
Ferisar: video games don't tear out impalement wounds!
theleerm: clearly wasnt up to EU regulations
itsr67: ah cool tetanus
Despoiler98: OOOOOHhhhhhh thats a puncture wound
Fanklok: Do you not keep shrapnel in your arm Ben?
coldhands0802: It got all far cry 2 in here
Ferisar: you bleed!
InkyGhoast: and now we have tetanus
plummeting_sloth: Tonic will solve this!
LarkSachrosis: And now you're bleeding
gamercat88: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody mention famous Shia LaBeouf vehicle Holes??
circusofkirkus: how up to date are our tetanus shots?
Sheikun07: Maybe you should heal
SeismicLawns: that's no grave! It's a crypt!
drdudeman: Thats a bad move. Dont pull things out. You can bleed out.
BusTed: Sometimes dead is better.
Lysander_Gustav: Wow this really is Diablo
BrieBeau: catacombs?
Ferisar: that's how you bleed to death!
NightValien28: nothing some laudanum can't fix
ardn93: Yup, games ends with us dying of tetanus.
walkeroftales: sometimes, eh, dead is bettah
Getter404: Ah yes, a Coffin Letter
MAPBoardgames: Fell into a grave. Now has to deal with his Coffing
CraziestOwl: How did he not break his leg
novrdd: I'll keep that there until i find some antiseptic
boristhewizard: We going to kill gravelord Nito?
kalira77: "Jebediah's Cult Letter"
RobotInProgress: ah a convenient note
Roger_Job329: get the bactein
pandymonius: dies from tetanus
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abaoa_qu: Are we playing hide 'n' seek with Bartleby's dad?
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Lord_Durin: Wait I know this part! You gotta hide in a coffin, then you get to make a covenant with Nito
SwankyFlea: 💀
quasi79fu: Isnt the Quiet Ones a Cthulhu reference?
Ferisar: in the ritual of rebar
SeismicLawns: Why is the cult stenographer always named jebediah?
Robot_Bones: Quelagg? Dear sister?
Getter404: Wear your leechproof pants
BusTed: shhhh
SwankyFlea: Please bring your firstborn babies so that we may summon the big-bad-evil
josh___something: this entire letter LUL
Despoiler98: @quasi79fu supposedly this game is based on a Welsh folklore monster
rasterscan: So... now we just went from 0 to 1000% cult
Getter404: Hans Sprungfeld?!
Lysander_Gustav: how are they supposed to read that with those masks on?
monkeyrama: Yours quietly is how I'm signing off from now on
FoxFyr: Is that an invitation to the Gathering of the Juggalos?
Ferisar: any jebs in chat
Ferisar: what's up gamers
Lord_ZYRK: Wow, okay Ben
Omthebox: This reads like a business email. Or something you get taped to your door in an apartment when the pipes need fixed.
rasterscan: Not going to build slowly on that?
ladylinzington: 'don't forget your head sacks'
Arazien: Please clap
SwankyFlea: Kerbel Space Program is a good Jebediah!
Makrosian_Tae: F's fer Jebs in chat
Mysticman89: my children jebidiah and elizabeth are good kids
plummeting_sloth: I'm going to sign off all my emails "Yours quietly"
kerbalized_: I generally go by Jeb Kerman in random video games
korvys: Dox yourself
SeismicLawns: jebs in chat reveal yourself
circusofkirkus: doxx yourself to prove it :P
BusTed: Jub-Jub
Smapdi_Flaffermann: My middle name is Jebediah, and I did spend several years as a cult leader.
elkae: It's Milk's real name
codatski: I know one? But I'm not one
ylegm: F for all the Jebs
chibi_bento: I know a Jebidiah - he lives in the BC Interior and makes guitars.
quasi79fu: my name is chad not Jebidiah
DotaProp: YEB!
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Fanklok: banger alert
Ferisar: @chibi_bento cultist
Ferisar: 100%
walkeroftales: Jeb! Please Clap
e_bloc: sit on it and spin
Lysander_Gustav: yay, audio-logs
nyquister_: FUCK!
DotaProp: these Welsh accents are BAD
shurtal: I HAD AT LEAST ONE JEBADIAH AT WORK TODAY, had 52 people from an Amish church come in, and i shit you not, the head of the group paid with a check that said Jebadiah
Fanklok: That went from PG 13 to M real fast
GamesAndInk: I swore she was about to sing Take On Me
kumatsu: lotta peaky audio on that phonograph
MAPBoardgames: Sing for me, puppet! Sing!
monkeyrama: loooool
Makrosian_Tae: In a day or twoooooooooooooooo
Kazman20a: oooh, I bet it is just a series of recordings up in the attic
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crooked_knows: My name rhymes with Jebadiah if you don't know how rhyming works
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ButButTheJesus: @shurtal neat? what were they buying?
BusTed: Game gets all sketch filtered
HatsWearCats: Froooom the winndows. To the WaaaaLLLL
ButButTheJesus: *neat!
quasi79fu: will o wisp?
absorbedtulip9: Can I make a prediction?
plummeting_sloth: get get get Wheeezy
Nuurgle: err'body in the club gettin' winded
BusTed: Hey it's that light again.
BrieBeau: the glowy!
gamercat88: that some britney spears heavy breathing
Zu_o: make a haunt roll ben
Makrosian_Tae: Why would they make a cage if it can just get out?
monkeyrama: I had no idea
SwankyFlea: teik mi awn
Mister_Hush: yeah
e_bloc: correct
Lysander_Gustav: hmm, bird chages. Very symbolic.
InkyGhoast: maybe they're friendly?
BusTed: That is right.
auto_meris: yep
elah806: That's............anticlimactic
e_bloc: it's not the clearest song
quasi79fu: it is Ben
shurtal: @ButButTheJesus they went on a private tour, got that sweet sweet group rate
codatski: That is correct, very good Ben
Arazien: What did you think it was?
Lysander_Gustav: Are these folks ship-breakers or something?
Fanklok: Ben is being real aggressive about asthma
ButButTheJesus: @shurtal ah
quasi79fu: its actually a really sad song when u look at the lyrics of take me on
monkeyrama: Busted is a liar SeriousSloth
crooked_knows: Hows the game chat? Any good?
crooked_knows: Just got here
Lysander_Gustav: oh, they are
quasi79fu: hi crooked...Game is interesting
quasi79fu: Adam is Feisty and Punchy
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
quasi79fu: Ben is hilarious
ruscobrog: In awe of the size of this lad
Getter404: An Absolute Unit of Sker
BrieBeau: @crooked_knows interesting, so far only seen threats
Makrosian_Tae: Absolute unit
plummeting_sloth: the HMS Lad
kumatsu: that has to be on purpose, right?
elah806: This absolute vessel
monkeyrama: LUL
Driosenth: It was so big and vascular
MAPBoardgames: I want a cup of that boat's piss.
e_bloc: I mean that has to be intentional
plummeting_sloth: ah, they're Wreckers!
Zalthia: The Asthma Monster was a comic book super villain fought by Captain America.
TheAwkes: Hey, Friends. How did athsma, a potentially debilitating medical condition, become the running joke tonight?
Lysander_Gustav: This letter has terrible punctuation
quasi79fu: Wiat hang on the Providence?
Nigouki: wait, didn't we have a game already about a cursed ship crashing and being the source of evil?
itsr67: the little giggle got me
quasi79fu: Isnt that a famous haunted ship legend?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: cathulu cult got it.
MAPBoardgames: Mermaid?
Xeveriaxitus: A Siren?
quasi79fu: Omg SIREN
CompletelyUnsure: Siren
Mysticman89: ah, a siren.
quasi79fu: oh no
Dog_of_Myth: Siren
MAPBoardgames: Silkie or Siren
gamercat88: Ariel
Smapdi_Flaffermann: MerMAN
BusTed: Maybe 120 years ago.
quasi79fu: Mermaid is different
Night_xD: my Father will hear of this !
quasi79fu: Siren is bad
Mysticman89: mer-maid of sker
Chipton: So 100% siren
plummeting_sloth: Ben you went straight Stewie there
Makrosian_Tae: Poggifers, get me my faaaaaaaather
arcaneIllumination: Or some variations of harpys.
keesonman: FAAAATTTThHHEEerrrr lol
Fanklok: the Tsar Fish?
shurtal: Skrrt Point?
Zethrik: oh no, LRR's its prey?
monkeyrama: Isaac, why aren't you space mining
plummeting_sloth: Ah, Wreckers Damned Land Pirates
Fanklok: What's teh deal with this game I missed the first hour
Getter404: Did... did father get nasty with the mermaid? Are we dealing with fishpeople, are we in Innsmouth
ButButTheJesus: *smacks vessel* You can fit so many spoops in this bad boy
nyquister_: Sounds like Pegasus from Yu-gi-oh
elah806: It's never mermaids, as they say in Cabin in the Woods
Arazien: When I was. A Young Boy. My FAH-THA. Took me into the vessel.
gamercat88: merman dad, merman
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Kaaosa: What up gamers and gamees
monkeyrama: Landlocked mermaids sergeThinking
BusTed: It is done.
kumatsu: Weird button, but okay
lamina5432: I thought we left isaac in dead space
Lord_Durin: Where's that guy from Cabin in the Woods? The one who always wanted mermaids to be the monster?
MAPBoardgames: Drop down into a boss arena
Kaaosa: How awful is Adam being today, chat? :>
Himyul: mudskippermaids
plummeting_sloth: they've had a lot of strange switched in this game. remember the front gate?
kumatsu: Adam back on those sour patch kids
underhill33: Choo choo
Kaaosa: Sour patch for a sour guy
Makrosian_Tae: Oh please let it bang into the guy
clawlor_49: Does the button put the Woo back in WUBRG?
paeladin: can you hit the dude with the cart?
monkeyrama: Dang dust
Kaaosa: Press F to dust
quasi79fu: F
InkyGhoast: what dust? in a mine? noooo
monkeyrama: Do they not hear footsteps?
ritchards: or gas. built up deadly gas
Famished971: that implies there is spicy dust
Makrosian_Tae: Press F to dust respects
kumatsu: The mine dusted to counter our weak-ass longs
SwankyFlea: Maybe this guy are sick, so that's why the dust bothers them so?
Kaaosa: Press F to respect dust
arcaneIllumination: @Fanklok We were called here by our fiancé (or something like that). She told us to write a song counter to the one in a locket. We got to this hotel and found out that most of the staff had gone crazy. Need to find some wax cylinders to play and fix things. Monsters can't see but can hear.
crooked_knows: I already relate to this character. One speck of dust and i lose a lung
Makrosian_Tae: I mean, the game can't be THAT hard
Lysander_Gustav: oh it's a dumb puzzle
Makrosian_Tae: You have to cut your gamers some slack
MAPBoardgames: Dude's a total asthmatic. We figured that out when he was unable to run 100ft before getting winded.
BrieBeau: @theawkes The protag responds with coughing to any dust or particulates or to holding his breath, so Ben and Adam suggested he has severe asthma because of his sensitive response. it spun off. I wasn't too happy about about it either, as someone with two partners with asthma and a dust and smoke allergy.
monkeyrama: wtf
Smapdi_Flaffermann: Sucks to his assmar
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SwankyFlea: D:
TheAwkes: BrieBeau I was here for that. I'm saying it's probably not an appropriate running joke.
Xeveriaxitus: one eyed is king among the blind?
Daggothur: how spoopy is this game?
quasi79fu: Oh nooo
quasi79fu: a belll
ButButTheJesus: you should say it like Goldmember. "Fah-jah"
GhostValv: :O
Despoiler98: :O
circusofkirkus: fancy lock
quasi79fu: oh that was a cool way to open the door
Despoiler98: that wasnt creepy at all
Lord_Durin: But actually that was pretty cool
codatski: That's sure a door
kalira77: cool technology
ttam809: Man so many subs
quasi79fu: map check?
Despoiler98: SO we're still just ignoring the GAPING PUNCTURE wound in his arm?
monkeyrama: I meaaaaaan
plummeting_sloth: i'd say that's a Resident Evil mansion style door, but you didn't have to assemble all the feathers yourselves
quasi79fu: i hear music?
e_bloc: use #dontfireBenandAdam at the LRR store
Chipton: It's PBS rules, donate during the program you want renewed
jetpixi: Good evening, spoop fans!
Robot_Bones: Dave will have to go hungry, one more week....
ttam809: Wait, I thought this was a deadspace show
Omthebox: Gaping is a strong word
Lord_Durin: Wait, you guys are getting PAID for this??
gualdhar: he won't die of sepsis tonight
korvys: Pays you in twitch subs to your personal channels :P
ttam809: Ben: I love this song Music: Stops
kumatsu: My school principal was "Take some magnesium and eat an orange"
quasi79fu: oh more singing
e_bloc: take me to the hospital
IsaTheEngie: what the HECK
itsr67: yep :/
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Robot_Bones: rub some dirt in your lungs
monkeyrama: Oh my
crooked_knows: whaaat the f-
quasi79fu: uh why is it red?
jetpixi: My mom was like..."let me consult the book. Ok. We have 72hrs to deal with it if it's broken."
e_bloc: can't do that in the US cause that would bankrupt you
Despoiler98: UM
Despoiler98: singing
Despoiler98: singing and fire bad
quasi79fu: Fiiiire
Omthebox: Oh
Makrosian_Tae: Burning man got REAL this year
bv310: This is probably fine
BrieBeau: @theawkes I wasn't sure - and I agree.
hold_no_carter: I've been gone for an hour, what happened?
NimrodXIV: yeah, going for medical care should not be used as a threat. source: my parents
MAPBoardgames: Burning man, 1897
circusofkirkus: look at those skinny pants
gamercat88: its Dr. Feel Good
jetpixi: HI
ttam809: but what's the fire for?
NightValien28: seems lit
Lord_ZYRK: Madness Homie Industries :O
Peithoson: focus up nerds
NightValien28: ttam809 ambiance
Omthebox: Who is singing
monkeyrama: Well then
plummeting_sloth: follow that dog!
bv310: @ttam809 Style points
jetpixi: The voice in our heads @Omthebox
hold_no_carter: oh hey dere guy
Omthebox: Oh. Cool
gualdhar: considering all the embers here I can't believe he's not wheezing
jetpixi: I actually dunno. I just assume @Omthebox LUL
codatski: Calling it now, your love interest is in on it. The things only attack whenever she is singing
Lysander_Gustav: oh, suddenly raining
ttam809: So their summoning musicians, and turning them with wierd music?
HatsWearCats: I feel like if I was in this situation my default speed would be doomguy in a vent
novrdd: yooo! lemme join!
Himyul: Was that last part set in California?
Lysander_Gustav: wait what
Roger_Job329: your not in our dinning club
snowmonkey99: Oh dear... Ben has discovered his Gilbert Gottfried void and will use it all the time
Omthebox: jetpixi I'll accept it as fact until proven otherwise then blatantly disregard the truth
Lysander_Gustav: hooray musical cults
Renendaru: @codatski It was said in world that she's being used to help with their goals
jetpixi: Sounds like a plan @Omthebox !
TheAwkes: BrieBeau totally. It was an "I'm not directly calling you out for it" kind of prompting.
itsr67: "what would an absolute nutter do"
monkeyrama: Nutter butters are so good
Pteraspidomorphi: Is Elizabeth the siren?
e_bloc: oh Adam knows Latin
JohnLockeCole: Hello Beautiful People (That's Y'all, in case you were wondering)
jetpixi: lookit that slouch
HatsWearCats: Nuterus Butterus has a wife you know....
MAPBoardgames: I got a whole box of Nutter Butters right here.
codatski: That's what they want you to think Adam
quasi79fu: oh new game mechanic for the breath
ttam809: Purple fog
crooked_knows: mmm Pirate Cookies Kreygasm
codatski: @Renendaru Missed that
Omthebox: Gotta poop
MegaDosX: Got called away on a phone call, what the fuck did I miss?
Fanklok: I think Adam should play they next game
XcaliberCrusade: Adam is comfy
itsr67: what's better, grave gas or tomb juice
ttam809: These statues are kinda creepy
monkeyrama: welp
e_bloc: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
codatski: Honestly, just trying to get a rise out of you Adam. You're punchy tonight
Lysander_Gustav: I remember reading a scifi novel that had a cult called "Trancers" that composed hypnotic edm tunes
jetpixi: oh is this a no fighting game?
MAPBoardgames: You should just suckker punch that dude. He won't see it coming!
MilkInBag: better choke yourself while getting beaten up
Renendaru: They clarified the Siren and your girlfriend are two different people, just that somehow your girlfriend can help with what the siren can do?
Omthebox: Thats right, scream at the statue
novrdd: the lighting design in this game is quite nice
Renendaru: It's unclear
unfamiliarpatterns: uhh
quasi79fu: ring around the rosie
ttam809: The lighting design is pretty good
monkeyrama: what the hell
Xeveriaxitus: oh boy
Ivalenz_: Footsteps.
DrWreckage: You're walking on gravel ye
keesonman: they smell fearrrrrr
BusTed: slytqShrug
Lysander_Gustav: oh well
Landgraft: i just got here, what's with the breath control and the punch zombies?
Sheikun07: So, crouchwalking and holding your breath, maybe?
monkeyrama: after your first death?
DiscordianTokkan: Damn! The GAS
monkeyrama: Wild
jetpixi: damn. game is rude.
Makrosian_Tae: oh my GAWD
Fanklok: Do you want Adam to do this part for you?
Makrosian_Tae: it's SO FAR
Lord_ZYRK: All around the mulberry bush some blind dudes chased this asshole. . .
ttam809: WOW this is SO far back
InkyGhoast: holy fukcing moly
Lysander_Gustav: that's a weird place for a checkpoint
Pteraspidomorphi: Landgraft: They can't see you, only hear you
e_bloc: lrrWOW
crooked_knows: lrrWOW
NightValien28: oh we are the jerks?
DiscordianTokkan: I guess no smart auto-checkpoints?
MilkInBag: Sour keys, Adam?
monkeyrama: Ben got through the dead space games on Hard
monkeyrama: he can do this
novrdd: don't be jerks.. just be zyrk Kappa
CraziestOwl: Your footsteps are too loud
MilkInBag: but darkest dungeon is just RNG Kappa
Landgraft: i know that thinking is bad but i feel the footsteps are louder than the breaths
Robot_Bones: just saying, one of you is the Boshy lrrBEEJ
e_bloc: yeah and that was the easiest setting of DD Kappa
Fanklok: Legit when Ben was on break I wanted to ask Adam if he wanted Ben to do that hard parts of Deadspace for him but I was working
Arazien: Remember, there are two champs on stream right now.
MilkInBag: LUL
gualdhar: maybe if Ben was the Boshy we wouldn't call him out
MilkInBag: welp, I'll go to bed
jetpixi: I won't even touch the Darkest Dungeon of Darkest Dunegon yet
JohnLockeCole: Ben is fully capable, but only Adam *is* the Boshy
Stormthius: Cheer100 I believe in you, Ben.
jetpixi: Pew pew
DiscordianTokkan: REALLY?
Despoiler98: pew pe w pew pew
kumatsu: blat blat?
arcaneIllumination: Maybe crouch-walking is quieter?
Lysander_Gustav: I think both of you are cool people
Omthebox: You appolgized for like half of what you've said. LUL
monkeyrama: Oh right, we have a crouch
codatski: Oh Adam, feisty? Never!
BrieBeau: both Ben and Adam are awesome 💙
kumatsu: Ben should just beat Boshy so people stop making those comments seabatBRAIN
monkeyrama: oof
CraziestOwl: Remember when Adam took a month to finish sonic? Kappa
ttam809: Gotta go through a fire and stuff
Makrosian_Tae: This is almost as bad as when Dead Space 3 took you back to chapter 11
monkeyrama: I mean
MilkInBag: I'm not a game dev and I agree
e_bloc: wait DS3 bankrupted you
Fugi: BEN BEATS BOSHY i'm so excited
Fugi: I can make a Steak Bet again
Makrosian_Tae: You've always been on Chapter 11 Mr Torrance
Fanklok: Not only will Ben beat Boshy he'll set a new WR for speed
MilkInBag: What's stronger, Chris Gamble or fartjar
Lysander_Gustav: oh it's a raven
kumatsu: a powerful name for a powerful lad
monkeyrama: Super neat, super impractical
BusTed: cool door bro
e_bloc: completely impractical door
itsr67: chris gamble sounds like a hero name ngl
Fugi: I feel like Adam Savidan has gravitas too
XcaliberCrusade: I want that door for my bathroom
ttam809: So that raven was on fire above the transformation
novrdd: jason smith "the" strongest name
monkeyrama: The gamble boys
BrieBeau: (also the game difficulty you beat has no bearing on your value, I play on the easiest because I'm disabled but that doesn't invalidate me as a good gamer.)
BusTed: Haha.
MilkInBag: Ben BabyRage Ulmer BabyRage
monkeyrama: 100% true! @BrieBeau
MilkInBag: <3
MegaDosX: So...what is that guy doing?
itsr67: cedrick diggleweed
monkeyrama: Ben seabatUseless
Sheikun07: Ben Jineering Ulmer
korvys: Benjamin H Ulmer - Gotta add those extra syllables
Fugi: I wasn't going to say it Ben
jetpixi: Damn monkey you beat me to it
MilkInBag: that was a Scene
Zalthia: So. I think my name is pretty neat but I cant tell if thats just because its mine
Juliamon: H Ulmer Benjamin
underhill33: "Sir, you do not have a first class ticket"
monkeyrama: No autosave in 2020 DansGame
MilkInBag: auto save would make the game Not Hardcore
circusofkirkus: automatic phonograms? what is this, 2020?
BrieBeau: @monkeyrama 🥰
Fanklok: This dude needs to wash his gosh darn hands. Didn't he hear teh CDC reccomendations
Makrosian_Tae: @BrieBeau I feel you, friend. Although I am able bodied, sometimes I just want the game to HELP me. Like, difficulty settings exist for a REASON. Maybe I don't like your GAMEPLAY but I like your STORY
e_bloc: rude ass game
Peithoson: Evil Doggos wheelerDroopy
Mysticman89: might have been a random tooltip rather than the 'hey there buddy...'
Lysander_Gustav: this game has difficulty settings? Weird
jetpixi: what is the difficulty setting anyway?
kumatsu: Just live 4Head
monkeyrama: Oh dinger
ttam809: But the bugs don't make you cough?
codatski: Scariest part of this game so far: no autosave
e_bloc: the venga bus is coming
Lysander_Gustav: oh the gramaphones are saves.
BusTed: Good thing we died, so we could get that 100%.
monkeyrama: if only you had a copilot to spot stuff for you Kappa
Makrosian_Tae: Get down with the sickness
underhill33: So many bugs
Makrosian_Tae: TOS
ttam809: It's because SHE'S SINGING
Lysander_Gustav: Wasn't that like that in Amnesia
bv310: So he was on a boat then?
ttam809: It's making them crazy
e_bloc: funny the bugs don't make you cough
Mysticman89: I'm unclear on the reproductive systems of a meraid, so that might be a feat
Fanklok: But Mermaids have fish bottoms, the logistics don't make sense
Austere_Squire: cthulhu sirens?
BrieBeau: @makrosian_tae totally get you! 👍👍👍
Omthebox: HEATED discourse.
jetpixi: You know a few of them are landing on you and running into your ear
Pteraspidomorphi: jetpixi: 3/4 "Normal". "Hard" would have been locked once set.
Tz_BG: You read the letter where Isaac said he would be able to use the creature's song with his wife Prudence. She did not start as the siren.
Sheikun07: I'm sure she has
MilkInBag: LUL
monkeyrama: LUL
Lysander_Gustav: gasp
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novrdd: language!
jetpixi: oh i see cool. Thanks @Pteraspidomorphi
MilkInBag: the language was something like, the hostel owner is sus fam
Mysticman89: like fish just kinda spray their respective genetics out into the ocean and mix that way i think
BusTed: Ben's in the access tunnels!
kumatsu: Adam's too comfy to actually pay attention
monkeyrama: Got away with it OpieOP
e_bloc: ah twitch chat, Adam Savidan's only weakness
Fugi: Interaction is what makes a show
Arazien: A buncha shit
korvys: TEETH
crooked_knows: dont put that evil on us Savidan Kappa
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Lord_ZYRK: Oh Adam, that's not why the mods get mad :)
monkeyrama: We wouldn't have it any other way
Kaaosa: No, for once I agree with Adam; he is a blight
jetpixi: loose cannon adam
Kaaosa: :)
Styxseus: :D
MAPBoardgames: Two person streams are better than solo.
Fanklok: Clearly Adam is the twitch chat surrogate for interacting with the streamer
MilkInBag: SPHEDA?
monkeyrama: Oh man
Lord_Durin: PS5 replay when Kappa
Kreiseler: thats right get em ben
novrdd: remember persona... Kappa
monkeyrama: This is also once a week SeriousSloth
Lysander_Gustav: Dark Cloud is a really good game though
Nigouki: YEARS of quality content
ttam809: What's the purple gas though?
MilkInBag: oh ouch owe
Fugi: Dang
Despoiler98: lrrWOW lrrWOW lrrWOW
MilkInBag: the bones
MegaDosX: Holy shit
ardn93: Time for a Dark Cloud 2 play it forward?
Kaaosa: I'm voting for you every round in Mungus you motherhecker
GhostValv: :O
bv310: Man, Adam's on a roll tonight
Fugi: How long did Cuphead take again?
Austere_Squire: oh no, not PURPLE fog
Fanklok: But seriously though go find a sink and some soap
monkeyrama: ABungus
Renendaru: Those are healing kits I think, and I think it said r to use them?
Lysander_Gustav: I think that might be a save-game slot you picked up. Like a typewriter ribbon?
BrieBeau: According to the movie The Lighthouse, you can definitely have sex with a mermaid, they definitely have genitals, and apparently they require detailed puppet work!
MilkInBag: yeah cuphead is easy
MilkInBag: OpieOP
MacSquizzy: Adam been playing too much Mika, just relentlessly body slamming everything in sight
Austere_Squire: um
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Diserasta: It's a Let's Nope! How's this game treating yall?
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Despoiler98: finishing Cuphead was the loudest scream I've ever heard out of Adam
Austere_Squire: i hate that
Lysander_Gustav: Why are these guys pacing around anyway?
e_bloc: even this guy is tired of that joke
eric_christian_berg: Oh no, a three foot tall obstacle! I'm trapped!
crooked_knows: @BrieBeau LUL
ttam809: Are you my mummy?
circusofkirkus: it looks like his diaper is full
Ferisar: he's about to squat
NuggetsTheUnicorn: classic main character who can't jump over boxes jones
Dog_of_Myth: Speedsuit
monkeyrama: oh wow
Dalouer: hes wearing MJs thriller outfit!
monkeyrama: LUL
elkae: Gotta shit shuffle
Easilycrazyhat: Dude's just like, "Man...what a day..."
NotCainNorAbel: you mean gym teacher
Austere_Squire: this just looks like a very tired, arthritic old man
IgnisDeus: Can you kill yourself by holding your breath in this game?
MegaDosX: The beep test! *hiss*
BusTed: He did the grasp the bridge of his nose thing, too.
monkeyrama: You can't
MilkInBag: oh taht sucks
jetpixi: fitness tests were mortifying
e_bloc: 100 laps?
monkeyrama: Those suuuuucked
Mysticman89: we had a 20 minute run
Lysander_Gustav: eugh
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: yeah, presidential fitness test
Juliamon: Fuck the fitness testing
Zalthia: The Pacer!
ttam809: Yeah, they made us do that
lochnessseammonster: ugh fitness tests were the worst
crooked_knows: I remember the Beep Test.. Fucking hell
Despoiler98: yeah we had to run a mile in a certain amount of time
monkeyrama: Pacers DansGame
SquareDotCube: 100 laps? We just do a mile in the US
Lysander_Gustav: oh boy another maze
LightingExpert13: I always failed that.
jetpixi: Having an adult pinch your fat on your arm is really fuckin yikes\
novrdd: i do.. and i failed terribly
SilentOptimist: do you throw the music dolls for distraction?
DiscordianTokkan: We didn't in school, but we still had the beep test in basic
Juliamon: "you're unhealthy because you can't hold a pullup for 10 seconds"
BusTed: We had the Presidential Fitness tests
LightingExpert13: asthma for the win
MilkInBag: I couldn't do it because the gym was too cold and I have Raynaud, teacher didn't know it existed and was very confused at my purple hands
novrdd: 20minutes of agony
iamkaiserbear: the Pacer Beep still sets my teeth on edge 25 years later
monkeyrama: LUL Ben
MilkInBag: D:
MegaDosX: Ben with the priorities
Despoiler98: BEN TOS
Sheikun07: clip that
itsr67: p e a n i s
Lysander_Gustav: someone broke them off?
elkae: Puh-heeeee-niss
e_bloc: ah the two genders
Fugi: uhhhhhhhhhhh
josh___something: T O S
crooked_knows: wow get got i guess
Mysticman89: I had gym class (optional) and Physically active lifestyles (not optional) that were both just gym classes, and they had their tests on the same day
goatprince: vegeta?!
e_bloc: shit
Austere_Squire: oh my god
Fugi: should i look away for a bit
Chipton: In the States it was the 'Presidential Fitness Test'
jessieimproved: I thought that was a US thing
Austere_Squire: you absolute goofs
Despoiler98: WELP we had titties on Talking Sim earlier so that completes the violations
MAPBoardgames: Breathe the pressure! Come play the game, I'll test ya!
LightingExpert13: why?
BrieBeau: I was homeschooled so I just did hard labor on a farm.
Omthebox: Just pretend you were scared Fugi
Mysticman89: the people walking on the inside lane were trolls though
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Lord_ZYRK: Imagine having to be the one to explain to Graham how LRR got banned from Twitch seabatYIKES
Ferisar: also, adam's classmates at the gym: "emergency meeting"
Zalthia: The Pacer sucked because I always felt like everyone was judging me for how well I could keep up even though no one cared
MegaDosX: Tell the teachers you've been hiding your power level
MilkInBag: LUL
quasi79fu: i hear phone?
Makrosian_Tae: THAT WAS ME
monkeyrama: Oh god, that phrase
niccus: spoken like an honor student
BusTed: Needs Improvement
Omthebox: That sounds familuar.
jetpixi: Oh, you too huh?
NotCainNorAbel: welcome to life
MilkInBag: "has potential" for what, excel at running?
monkeyrama: HAd SO much potential
BusTed: Check Minus
xantos69: Some things never change for our friend Adam.
bv310: I nearly blew out my knee doing one of those fitness tests. Turns out you shouldn't let old hockey injuries "heal on their own" >.>
quasi79fu: can someone answer the phone?
Omthebox: Keyword is "had" there teach
Makrosian_Tae: Back when nobody understood what ADD was, I got docked points for EVERYTHING
NuggetsTheUnicorn: why don't you just smack him on the back of the head and run
TheAwkes: Then you find out 20 years later that is was probably ADHD all along.
Fanklok: Everything has potential
BusTed: Adam was exiled.
Famished971: lmao
monkeyrama: Sounds like you
MilkInBag: all my teachers were kind of pissed at me because I was too smart so I would never ever listen, but they had nothing to reproach me
MilkInBag: seabatUseless
Nigouki: just make a fake report card for the teacher that says "Never gave me a reason to apply myself"
Lord_ZYRK: Sent to the Educational Shadow Realm
blip2004: lol I was also the kid forced to sit beside the teacher
Fanklok: That large room looks like a boss fight, my gamr sense is tingling
Pteraspidomorphi: Are You Still There?
Sheikun07: That'd be a great mod
Easilycrazyhat: How does she know which phone to call?
InkyGhoast: it's gonna turn out that the siren has been on the phone the whole time
Lysander_Gustav: dang it now the theme song is running in my head
Ferisar: obscone ritual
soupgiraffe: did you then start asking the teacher hypothetical questions?
Makrosian_Tae: Obskeen
monkeyrama: I got in trouble for talking in class in 4th grade and I cried
Chipton: So did she just sit there on a ringing phone the whole time?
quasi79fu: Yeah as is she doesnt know what is happening
Austere_Squire: you turn around and you're Thomas the Tank Engine like you weren't before?
MAPBoardgames: Way to focus on the negitive! You could've talked about the pupper
Despoiler98: yeah shes the big bad
Vanbael: I select the doubt option
quasi79fu: Elizabethis a Lie
Fanklok: Or, bad voice acting
Makrosian_Tae: I like that Adam's reasoning is "this acting is so bad she HAS to be bad"
Lysander_Gustav: time to watch videos of trains going into and out of tunnels repeatedly.
MegaDosX: How is she calling you from the attic though?
Omthebox: I got sent to the principles office 4 times in one day cuz I wouldn't shut up. Even when I got put in the hallway
Ferisar: but the dog got killed by uncle
Ferisar: i thought
BusTed: a-duh
monkeyrama: Hmm
bv310: No implications in naming the dog Calliope. None at all
flangdale: doi
LightingExpert13: very interesting name for a dog
Ferisar: is dog and beth ghost
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Dogs named after a muse.
Ferisar: and she is phone
CompletelyUnsure: Y'all don't have an attic phone? Peasents
Lysander_Gustav: Why would you name a dog after a steam-powered pipe organ?
quasi79fu: pay attention to wut?
Ferisar: ?
Pteraspidomorphi: Why would there NOT be an attic phone
monkeyrama: Imagine having an attic
hesterbyrde: Calliope? Ha. Nice
BrieBeau: this is a house intercom, not a phone
e_bloc: bring bring bring bring bring the attic phone!
Omthebox: Do you not have attic phones?
josh___something: Duuuh, twitch chat :p
quasi79fu: I dont have a attic
Austere_Squire: you know, all these horror games where you're looking for your wife or your girlfriend or whatever... like, sorry people, if you're ever trapped in supernatural monster house, i'm out
crooked_knows: Thats why we have you Adam Kappa
MilkInBag: plot dog was there
Vanbael: Then explain an attic phone if you're so smart Savidan
Diserasta: Naming your dog after one of the Muses seems.... interesting
elkae: Her voice is, how do you say... tremulous
flangdale: lrrSPOT lrrSPOT
SilentOptimist: the call came from ... inside the house!
InkyGhoast: that got me
blip2004: maybe the hotel is setup on a party line system
MegaDosX: Jeez Adam, flexing on those of us who can't afford an attic
Diabore: can you pet the dog?
Austere_Squire: because that is how video game
monkeyrama: Collectibles seabatPjorg
ttam809: That's not Calliope, that's Caliborn
BrieBeau: like old hotels had them, intercoms thru the whole place for staff
Fanklok: Collecting collectables fills the gamer bar
Lord_ZYRK: More like Calliopee on the rug OhMyDog
Sheikun07: Doggo unlocked the door for you. Good doggo.
ttam809: her evil twin that shares the body
Austere_Squire: you've missed seven
monosceros: skerp
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quasi79fu: im not a Twitch Streamer
MAPBoardgames: In the pocket of Big Streamer
MegaDosX: Adam lives in a mansion, confirmed
e_bloc: yeah when you get a million views like Adam Savidan
MilkInBag: I have an attic because I love at the top floor of the apartment
XcaliberCrusade: What's the exchange rate between USD and Twitch Big Dollars?
Austere_Squire: Ben's too rich for an attic
quasi79fu: I live in a apartment
Pteraspidomorphi: Lil' apartment
monkeyrama: Benm plz
Kreiseler: attics are just a lie big real estate sells you
Makrosian_Tae: BEN
Mysticman89: don't you keep a hpone in the guest room?
keesonman: oh deer
ttam809: Attic is two steps up on you guys< Basement is one step up
Dog_of_Myth: We're in your attic now.
DrWreckage: My prediction is THE DOG Is the siren
kumatsu: "LRR is spending their twitch/youtube/MTG dollars on ____" Is one of the Qs in my LRR-themed quiplash
Austere_Squire: quick, check the deer for batteries!
Gascitygaming: benginOh
NotCainNorAbel: I'd let you live in my attic
NuggetsTheUnicorn: Twitch IS the attic
Diserasta: They've been jammed with cinder blocks
JohnLockeCole: What if an attic exists but you have no access to it??
Fanklok: Why would a bear trap, trap you a human. You are human correct?
monkeyrama: lol
Ferisar: "you hear that sound adam?" "what sound" "the glass ceiling"
Ferisar: "no attic here"
Renendaru: Wonder if they heard the dog
bv310: The trick is you have to build up not out. Seven floors, all one room each. Wayside School Style
crooked_knows: We're Ben now!!!
arcaneIllumination: But you just acknowledged it Adam.
knickknacksnackery: Watch ONE of the bear traps work now that Ben has tested them
monkeyrama: Air Bears
MegaDosX: Adam's too focused on brawling with Twitch chat
Sheikun07: They're for ninjas
circusofkirkus: drop bears
keesonman: bear with wings
BobROE: Owlbears, duh
MuadDab: Drop bears
BusTed: Balloon
JohnLockeCole: like there's space between the roof and celieng, but the celieng is like sheetrock and you don't wanna put anything on it
monkeyrama: Jesus, Ben
Makrosian_Tae: Winnie the Pooh on his Goku Nimbus
keesonman: thats dark lol
Ferisar: russian winnie the pooh flying in on a balloon
XcaliberCrusade: They're to fight the Predator
jetpixi: he used balloons, ok?
Kazman20a: they might be showing you the ones that are dangerous?
BusTed: Wait what
Bunoc1: ITs how they catch buffalo for their wings
MilkInBag: pooh isn't human Adam
e_bloc: what
MegaDosX: Is that dog whimpering?
Lord_ZYRK: They did the Wicked Witch dirty. Those are to keep the flying monkeys at bay.
quasi79fu: puppy whimpering?
Makrosian_Tae: Flying through the air on a cloud
flangdale: yo ben are you alright?
Austere_Squire: its to catch Orbital Drop Shock Bears
monkeyrama: Is Winnie the Pooh a furry
ArkhamArchivist: Looks like the Pooh's blasting off agaiiiiiiiiin!
Kaaosa: Christopher Robin is a bear?
Easilycrazyhat: Ben, go save the dog!
circusofkirkus: uh adam
HorusFive: This new Pooh reboot is dark AF
Armyguy0: No Ben why are the ones in the trees armed but the ones on the ground disarmed @LoadingReadyRun
Zalthia: DOG!!!
Roger_Job329: he's a stuffed bear
BusTed: Pooh is a stuffed animal.
MegaDosX: Is Donald Duck a human?
lochnessseammonster: he speaks
e_bloc: if you put a t-shirt on a chicken and eat it are you a cannibal
p3nguinkin: but no pants!
keesonman: oh brother
quasi79fu: why is a puppy whimpering
GhostValv: that escalated quickly
DiscordianTokkan: Adam's a bear, confirmed
Kreiseler: Christopher robin is a were bear
BusTed: Ohnoooo
Zalthia: Guys shut up the dog us sad
p3nguinkin: therefore not human
Makrosian_Tae: Oh no!
Gascitygaming: *writes down* wearing a t shirt is the line
KV1NN4: pupper? 8C
bv310: He's more of a cub
MAPBoardgames: Cristopher Robin is a fluffavore
Despoiler98: NO SAVE PUPPER
goatprince: he's a twink, yes
Makrosian_Tae: Save doggo
GuilKato: he'll be a bear eventually
Diabore: no pants, definitely not human
BrieBeau: save doggo!
jonasjonIV: what is Adam is not a bear in a t shirt
quasi79fu: poor calliope
e_bloc: big mood
kristamichele: HELP the PUP
Nuurgle: anybody seen Owl around lately? I haven't seen him since those traps were hung from the tree
Easilycrazyhat: Gotta let it smell ya first
Diabore: PET DOG!
quasi79fu: good dogggo
Tiber727: What are you talking about? I thought Winnie the Pooh was the PM of China?
quasi79fu: pretty puppy
HorusFive: You're walking through the woods and you come across a dog in a jar. I mean a trap
tergonis: protec doggo
GuilKato: Pat him more
MAPBoardgames: Can you pet the dog? Confirmed, yes.
MilkInBag: if a dog put its paw in a bear trap, it would not be able to walk
soupgiraffe: this dog is uncanny Valley
e_bloc: dog is as injured as we are after getting impaled
jetpixi: ok. the game is awesome. time to pack up and go home.
Fanklok: How does this man live ith his hands being that dirty
NotCainNorAbel: now unset the trap
ritchards: yeah, take out all the humans you want, but touch ONE dog!!
quasi79fu: hey wait come back doggo
Makrosian_Tae: THAT WAS OPTIONAL??????
MegaDosX: I must go, my planet needs me
BrieBeau: aw dog so cute
Sheikun07: "You can pet the dog in Scer"
Easilycrazyhat: Does that mean you could have just left it? WTF?
e_bloc: I guarantee that is the high point of the game
MegaDosX: Do not go towards the singnig!
jetpixi: nah its ok
MilkInBag: Alexa, play dispasito
Diserasta: This game is hella pretty though, horror thing aside
Austere_Squire: maybe don't go up to the satanic altar?
kalira77: i'm sorry, there is a world where you DON'T save the doggo?
Juliamon: dog immediately puts weight on injured food, immersion ruined
BrieBeau: omg that's terrible it was optional
HatsWearCats: If that was optional, I dont want to be friends with anyone who didnt rescue dog
Makrosian_Tae: Arrow points East
Gascitygaming: i'm sorry do you not have a decrepit lighthouse turned terrifying firepit on your property?
codatski: puts a t-shirt on a chicken, behold a man!
Ferisar: alright, there must always be a sing king
Makrosian_Tae: Compass on the ceiling pointed East
MilkInBag: this almost sounds like nier automata music
XcaliberCrusade: So I joined way late, what's this game actually about?
MegaDosX: it confirmed she was a siren?
Vyous: Yeah, it sounds like it Milk
Nuurgle: Adam's solo stream doesn't rescue the dog
jessieimproved: we. can. pet. the. dog. all is well
MegaDosX: I missed a bit of the stream
SilentOptimist: the eastern bell?
Ferisar: is it actually welsh singing?
Makrosian_Tae: Weight of The World entensifies
MilkInBag: like 2A's theme
monkeyrama: Oh, the spinny lady?
MilkInBag: 2B*
Sheikun07: Puzzles!
Zalthia: @xcalibercrusade Your... friend? Girlfriend? Is trapped in the hotel. And there are monsters.
quasi79fu: beautiful song
BrieBeau: My stream is skipping whole like minutes at a time >.<
MilkInBag: nerd card revoked
Makrosian_Tae: @MilkInBag I can't believe you just messed that up. Your card is REVOKED
XcaliberCrusade: Neat
underhill33: I'm entranced
Sheikun07: Door's open
DoodlestheGreat: Gate's opan...
Inquisitor_Xian: so i just got here, has this game produced actual spoops?
TheAwkes: It has excellent ambulance.
Lysander_Gustav: yay
MilkInBag: oh yeah the trojan cylinder
Renendaru: @Inquisitor_Xian Some
BrieBeau: I believe Sker and the lyrics are possibly welsh or gaelic?
Austere_Squire: magic
MegaDosX: It was playing a recording
e_bloc: but who was gramophone
RobotInProgress: Cylinder Hero~!
MegaDosX: It's like a music box
tergonis: marimba
ladylinzington: Cylinder hero! I love that game
Diserasta: marimba
BusTed: Yeah, it jingle jangles, but it wouldn't do vocals.
Despoiler98: it was a phonograph
monosceros: kalimba is a real instrument
Austere_Squire: i'm sorry, the what now
CaptainSpam: Callimba.
monkeyrama: LUL
MadWolf1290: nope
CompletelyUnsure: I mean . . . he's not technically wrong, just morally.
Lord_ZYRK: Ben is correct
Armyguy0: Nah
Juliamon: It's a finger harp thing
Kaaosa: a xylophone made of human vocal chords, duh
SquareDotCube: A mouth organ?
CaptainSpam: A... "Callimba".
Armyguy0: marimba
Zalthia: There are phono thingies on the chair
MilkInBag: ?????
walkeroftales: hmmmm maybe it's like the song itself has magical properties
monkeyrama: To google!
Xeveriaxitus: Ben is correct
Juliamon: Kalimba
Gascitygaming: <message deleted>
HorusFive: I'm with Ben. That instrument does not make the sound of human voice
Austere_Squire: why is ben making up words
SquareDotCube: or calliope?
Ferisar: ahhh calimba
InkyGhoast: kalimba
niccus: yeah ben's right
Ferisar: shok di deh
hesterbyrde: I know what that is but that's the best description ever
Lord_ZYRK: A marimba is a different instrument
Kreiseler: no marimbas are MUCH bigger
Gascitygaming: oops, sry
Arazien: Cah Lum my balls
Digigoner: Please dont dingle my kalimba...
Nuurgle: marimba is a big xylophone like thing
InkyGhoast: a kalimba is the thing he's thinking of
KV1NN4: calliope, calypso, marimba..?
abaoa_qu: That was simply a music box...
Makrosian_Tae: Kalimba with a K
ArdCollider: kalimba = "thumb piano"
LithelyUnshod: Ben is correct
DiscordianTokkan: Calligma
MilkInBag: monkey did
GhostValv: ai calimba
Kaaosa: No my vote is still xylophone made of different length vocal chords
ArdCollider: mbira too, yeah
BusTed: The Kooloo Limpah or w/e
kumatsu: Kalimba aka Mbira
Fanklok: I like to listen to the kalimba while wearing my Hundscugl
CaptainSpam: Calliope. Kappa
Lysander_Gustav: I thought it was a marimba
Kreiseler: marimba = very big xylophone. I used to play it in band
hesterbyrde: "dingle it with your thumbs"
Austere_Squire: Marrimba
seth_erickson: has this game been good?
MAPBoardgames: also called "kalimba"
actionjb: Marimba!? In current year!
jonasjonIV: “Kalimba” and “mbira” are often used interchangeably to describe a kalimba or an mbira.
bv310: Huh, there's a video of the Caillou theme played on a Kalimba
Pharmacistjudge: why are we saying marimba? what did I walk into?
Makrosian_Tae: Calligma, now offered by Pokemon Fusion
Roger_Job329: that was a thought phonograph
jessieimproved: sir. i do not "dingle" anything with my thumbs
mynameisie: Cloaca?
Pteraspidomorphi: It has high production values at least
Juliamon: A kalimba is one of the first DIYs you get in ACNH
MegaDosX: But is it scarier than Dead Space 3 though?
SquareDotCube: Ah, Ben has been hitting the Kahlua
DrWreckage: Listen you didn't give PLENTY of games a chance when you where in the room
Pharmacistjudge: Ben...your goal is to get Adam to Nope in his own house.
seth_erickson: Ok means it's pretty decent in horror gaming landscapes then
BrieBeau: where's the piano?
Pharmacistjudge: I mean "nope out"
Ferisar: but a lot of the reason these streams are cool is showcasing that you can have fun with scary games when playing together if they get you too much alone
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah, the kaligma
MegaDosX: The music is getting ominous
Zalthia: There hasnt been anything egregious, but nothing mindblowing so far either
Pharmacistjudge: like drop headphones and walk away from camera
seth_erickson: this is a mistake in the making
nyquister_: I imagine your character is villain tip toeing to stay quite
Diserasta: Man, I kind of want that raven as a tattoo
Kazman20a: that was a not a phonograph its a sankyo orpheus music box cylinder
Mistborn83: ben needs a shirt that says let's and then combined they would be let's nope
MegaDosX: Well this went well for him I assume
keesonman: pokeball!
MAPBoardgames: The snitch!
jetpixi: " Hello, I am Isaac and here is my plan"
MilkInBag: it's a master pokeball
Sheikun07: THE ORB
Fanklok: Dear Diary, today I did evil
Makrosian_Tae: That Wizard Came from the moon
snowmonkey99: six year olds do! The villian is a preschooler
monkeyrama: The orb lrrCIRCLE
Lysander_Gustav: neat
quasi79fu: uhhhh
MegaDosX: It stuns them
monkeyrama: Sound orb :o
seth_erickson: Isaac is meticulous and also very forgetful if he doesn't right it down he'll forget
Ferisar: now we're gaming
kumatsu: Moon's haunted
Despoiler98: noice
Kaaosa: I had a diary/journal as a kid that I unironically labeled "David's Journal ☠️ KEEP OUT!"
Pharmacistjudge: are they listen to them sick beats?
codatski: Apple of Eden?
MegaDosX: Sonic boom!
MilkInBag: it's fart noise
white_whale1: the guy who needs to make exposition
Ferisar: now it's bioshock
monkeyrama: Sonic Boom DansGame
Kaaosa: So I guess it's me
Pharmacistjudge: looks like they are jamming to the tunes in their head.
Lysander_Gustav: does it have a cooldown?
novrdd: so safe point?
monkeyrama: We're fuckin Guile now
MegaDosX: I'd imagine Ben's happier seeing a sonic boom here than on his Pokemon stream
TheAwkes: Just brreezing past the severed heads in jars.
Pharmacistjudge: sick techno zombie beats
Gascitygaming: oh man, remember sonic suggests?
jetpixi: yeah I think im gonna play Destiny after this
Lysander_Gustav: darn
p3nguinkin: do you have to hand crank it?
quasi79fu: im going to check the restof the stream out later in vod thanks for the stream Loadingreadyrun this was awesome
Ferisar: alright so what you do is when you encounter father gascoigne you can use this three times
arcaneIllumination: A save point would be great right now game.
itsr67: turn a corner and guile is just crouching there
InkyGhoast: we are breaking and entering
quasi79fu: Goodnight chat you guys are great stay safe
novrdd: i thought a green light means safe point
Pteraspidomorphi: Everyone turned into a mummy zombie?
XcaliberCrusade: They might have missed a save point back there
MegaDosX: Ooh, a switch! Better flip it!
Lysander_Gustav: yeah, I do that all the time
monkeyrama: Might as well, it's there right?
Renendaru: It definitely feels like they missed one yeah
seth_erickson: Igor! Pull the Lever
MegaDosX: herself
monkeyrama: wooooow
Lysander_Gustav: mean
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Makrosian_Tae: TOS
itsr67: LUL
Despoiler98: lrrWOW
Diabore: jeez ben
Arazien: Anatomically correct
InkyGhoast: there's still a switch in my apartment i don't know what it does and i flip it randomly to see if anything happends
Laserbeaks_Fury: That's my mom's favorite peice!
HorusFive: susdFS
aWabbajack: cohhTOS
jetpixi: WutFace
Makrosian_Tae: Adamtonically correct
Lord_ZYRK: He makes up for it with enthusiasm
monkeyrama: This is what you do to us
Sheikun07: lrrWOW lrrWOW
Ferisar: "he he twitch chat your pee pee small" i guess it kinda does
MAPBoardgames: Between the bells and the statues, this game is full of dongs.
codatski: lrrWOW
Easilycrazyhat: It's cold in Canada
codatski: Yes, join us Adam
Renendaru: It's likely a sequence break to hit the lever first
Renendaru: They did it before in the other spot
monkeyrama: oh my god
Arazien: m'penis
Lysander_Gustav: Canada is cold sometimes, chat
Makrosian_Tae: The levels in this are really pretty
Fanklok: Shaming penile ineptitude in 2020?
LightingExpert13: @Fugi you are so right
Zalthia: Fugi, no. Dont look. Nothing TOS going on here.
e_bloc: actively fucking gaming
BrieBeau: I wish the switches were the peens.
Austellion: There was a save point back in the green house
Makrosian_Tae: I think it's a kind of perfume that makes you cough
BusTed: I think that's a wild Gastly.
kalira77: @InkyGhoast if it makes you feel better, electricians often install extra switches that don't actually do anything when building just in case homeowners want to later add extra things that require switches
MegaDosX: Go sniff the fog!
Arazien: I don't think Nintendo would approve of that
Laserbeaks_Fury: You flip the man into the pan
e_bloc: the real game was the peens we found along the way
Ferisar: pathologic gas cloud
MegaDosX: OK maybe don't do that
Ferisar: yep, same thing
MAPBoardgames: Purple Haze! All in my brain!
Laserbeaks_Fury: SBD
seth_erickson: Someone must have really let it rip to leave that kind of a stink cloud
MegaDosX: I wonder if you could walk through it while holding your breath though
Makrosian_Tae: Can you hold your breath longer if you don't move?
Lysander_Gustav: I mean, if you want to have a time with a giant switch, I'm sure there's a toy made to look like one.
monkeyrama: Sniffing mystical purple haze = not good? NotLikeThis
jetpixi: i do not have the patience for this game
Fanklok: How bad are the lungs in this man if he suffocates in less than a minute
Laserbeaks_Fury: Did you have to, did you have to, did you have to let it linger....
LightingExpert13: Halloween is coming so the switches might be easier to find.
Ferisar: but it's so clearly in view
codatski: I guess that gives new meaning to turning them on?
seth_erickson: the way it's fluctuating makes it seem like it's moving I think
MegaDosX: WHAT
monkeyrama: OH MYYYY
e_bloc: we did it
Ferisar: sub oceaaannn
Sheikun07: YES
josh___something: WE FOUND IT!
jetpixi: OH NO
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
HorusFive: WE FOUND IT!!!!
Despoiler98: OH NO
Makrosian_Tae: WE'VE DONE IT
kalira77: subocean!!!
CaptainSpam: WE DID IT!
Sheikun07: WE DID IT
Inquisitor_Xian: FREEEDOMMMM
BusTed: cool
Vanbael: WE GOT THERE!
Diserasta: SUB OCEAN
crooked_knows: hahahahahahahaha
monkeyrama: Sub oceeeeaan!
SmoreThanAFeelin: YESSSSSS
MAPBoardgames: Subocean, get!
CaptainSpam: WE WON!
Makrosian_Tae: WE DID IT
NotCainNorAbel: we did it!
seth_erickson: We did it Twitch Chat
DiscordianTokkan: sergeIntoTheSea
Ba_Dum_Tish: Sub ocean
IsaTheEngie: oh shit we in watch and play territory now
rasterscan: Uh.
flangdale: watch and nope!
Fugi: Wow
Sheikun07: We found the subocean!
josh___something: POGGERS!
Pharmacistjudge: sub ocean found!
InkyGhoast: hooray!
kerbalized_: HYPE we did it!
Ferisar: watch and play baybeee
ardn93: all hail the SUBOCEAN
CompletelyUnsure: The Ocean!
Juliamon: lrrHORN
GuilKato: fell through the world
Lysander_Gustav: sub ocean, just from walking around
ButButTheJesus: GOT THERE!
bv310: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
InkyGhoast: we won!
e_bloc: we watch and play bois
NightValien28: YEAH
VmKid: PogChamp
novrdd: yaaaaaeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah
Phailhammer: sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea sergeIntoTheSea
mechmagic: sub ocean!!!
rasterscan: How far back is it going to send you?
ritchards: We W+P Now!!!!
theneatestburrito: lrrWOW
BusTed: Mwah!
MegaDosX: First episode you glitched through the ground
HorusFive: susdFineMove lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LightingExpert13: we have found the subocean
silvalunae: sub ocean?!
Laserbeaks_Fury: lrrHERE
GhostValv: :O
underhill33: We W+P now boys!
NimrodXIV: aw, I missed you, subocean!
arcaneIllumination: When did we last save?
monkeyrama: seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatPjorg seabatUseless
CraziestOwl: Yessss
DiscordianTokkan: We watch and play now!
azkovo: They Made It!
fastlane250: oh that scratches my W+P itch
josh___something: lrrGOAT Goat there!!!
actionjb: There is no fall box lol
BrieBeau: yee3aaaah
novrdd: SeemsGood SeemsGood
Inquisitor_Xian: home sweet home :)
ritchards: !clip
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bv310: I'm so happy
Easilycrazyhat: oops
NotCainNorAbel: jlrrFishin
tergonis: how far back we go now
Vanbael: F
mechmagic: HyperGravity
e_bloc: Corgo1000 watch and play achievement unlocked
CompletelyUnsure: lrrFINE
Sogheim: Graham's gonna be so proud!
Makrosian_Tae: SPEEDRUN
Zalthia: Still cant tell if this is Unity or Unreal
Gascitygaming: those hands do look really good though
jetpixi: benginOh benginNo
elkae: Subocean get!!
lamina5432: I've been missing my garbadge day
Renendaru: Was not expecting that
josh___something: HyperGravity
elkae: HyperGravity
Ferisar: nierrrrr
jetpixi: "speed" run
Ba_Dum_Tish: We are now the fall guy
e_bloc: ez crown
arcaneIllumination: Watch them find another save they missed.
lochnessseammonster: jlrrFall
Makrosian_Tae: That hypergravity emote really reminds me of Myst. Anyone else
MegaDosX: Oh hey, you can walk through the purple mist while holding your breath
CompletelyUnsure: Can you speedrun this? Just try and run past the monsters.
bv310: Now *THAT'S* how you get on the highlight reel
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withwherewithal: Sub ocean resubbing
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Zalthia: @makrosian_tae Me too!
ritchards: are they after bell, book and candle???
Inquisitor_Xian: is this made in the amnesia engine? looks pretty similar
Ferisar: @CompletelyUnsure i think from what i saw in some reviews it's actually trivial if you run from everything
jetpixi: It's a Crouch Run
Ferisar: might be a different game
BusTed: No fate but what we make.
Makrosian_Tae: SEKIRO
SilentOptimist: good night
LightingExpert13: lets try to stay away from that one vertices
Fanklok: Alex would be so proud
Renendaru: Maid of Sker is made in the Unity engine
monkeyrama: Man, we had the heaviest footsteps earlier, but when we put our hands to our mouth we become a ninja
Zalthia: @renendaru Really? Nice!
Spacepup: So quiet
soupgiraffe: break?
Sogheim: can we pet the dog?
monkeyrama: speedrunoneword
xantos69: my god...those splits!
MegaDosX: Do people actually speedrun horror games?
Diabore: deer deer deer deeeeer
Renendaru: @Zalthia Yeah, they talked about it in an interview claiming they had to do a lot of work to push it to its limits for this
e_bloc: save the animals
jetpixi: Still stopped at the deer though
theleerm: free the dog!
bv310: Better still save the dog
MegaDosX: BEN
Lord_ZYRK: MegaDosX people speedrun everything
monkeyrama: Ben LUL
kalira77: BEN NO
itsr67: speedruns are pretty rad tho
Lysander_Gustav: you monster
ButButTheJesus: BEN
NimrodXIV: NO
HorusFive: HyperParkour FBtouchdown
crooked_knows: HAHAHAHA
theleerm: BEN
Fanklok: @monkeyrama as everyone knows foot steps come out of the mouth
InkyGhoast: BEN
rasterscan: Welp.
InkyGhoast: DOG
codatski: BEN
KV1NN4: ;.;
e_bloc: you animal
josh___something: <message deleted>Woooooow
tergonis: ben we will haunt you!!!
jetpixi: benginOh benginNo
BrieBeau: BE
TwitchTVsFrank: wow
monkeyrama: Makes perfect sense @Fanklok
NightValien28: I am telling TQ
josh___something: <message deleted>WOWowowowowow
ruscobrog: Save the animals!
Zalthia: @renendaru Yeah it seems really. Smooth(?) for a Unity game.
BrieBeau: wtf
monkeyrama: Oh dang
gualdhar: you heartless monster
silvalunae: ben i thought i knew you
withwherewithal: AHhh Save Doggo...
HorusFive: The Dog Will Remember
VmKid: Save the Frames
nyquister_: I wonder if there is a punish...
Lysander_Gustav: oh well
BusTed: Calliope will remember this.
GreayStone: rip dogmeat
crooked_knows: Oh you're fucked lol
withwherewithal: Sadness
Sogheim: Dog will remember this
LightingExpert13: BEN BEN NO go get that pupper
rasterscan: Time to end my sub over poor doggo treatment
jetpixi: now it's gonna bite you
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Ferisar: kill the animals stream
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Dog_of_Myth: Why would you leave me behind???
Makrosian_Tae: RIP friendship
Renendaru: @Zalthia It definitely seems like they did a lot of custom engine code for sure
VmKid: gdqAnimals
p3nguinkin: bad end!
MegaDosX: If that dog comes back and kills you we will remind you!
novrdd: that dog might help us in the future tho...
InkyGhoast: oof
nyquister_: Clip this as a reminder?
TwitchTVsFrank: it was a test and you failed
BrieBeau: you effed up
CraziestOwl: Reset
monkeyrama: Love the Far Side comics so much
pandymonius: dog's going to murder you now
bv310: I'd love if that locked you out of the good ending
jetpixi: That sounds veeery familiar
MAPBoardgames: It's back!
Zalthia: @renendaru I cant tell, tbh. But I havent been using Unity all that long
Dog_of_Myth: You monsters
Ba_Dum_Tish: Dog ending
BusTed: It's ok, we got the 'cheevo
kalira77: guaranteed bad end
TheAwkes: Pave the save.
HorusFive: You'll see him- about 2 seconds before he attacks
codatski: Bad end now
CaptainSpam: Well, maybe you will see the dog again! But it won't be happy!
SquareDotCube: "And that, Ernie, is why we wear hard hats"
dweebert91: you probs messed up
Diabore: time for the game to softlock
Makrosian_Tae: I'm on it
ritchards: I doubt this game has been analysed that much
theleerm: still angry you didnt free the dog
rasterscan: @LoadingReadyRun Apparently the good ending requires that you find all of the "sheet music" while going through and getting the cylinders
Arazien: Cheer500 Hey LRRGDQ. First time watcher, long time donator. Donation go to chat's choice. Save the doctors, kill the animals.
InkyGhoast: welp now we're locked in
Peithoson: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerE wheelerH
InkyGhoast: also did you grab the device?
monkeyrama: BibleThump
jetpixi: benginCry
CanPlayGames: Hey spoop bois
e_bloc: cool ASMR
Pteraspidomorphi: Maybe the piano is part of it
Pteraspidomorphi: Nevermind
Pharmacistjudge: Adam, someone at work said "I can't control it" and because of you, I immediately thought "Dark Phoenix Rises"
Mysticman89: bad end also requires finding 4 things apparently. so i don't know what happens if you find nothing
Kreiseler: record yourself crying to learn how to do it quieter
Sogheim: the dog is fine. you miss an achievo by not petting the doggo, but the doggo is fine
Despoiler98: Ben confirmed Monster
HorusFive: If I'm going to weep softly to myself- why wouldn't I be recording it? I can listen to it later...
BrieBeau: betrayers
Makrosian_Tae: Apparetnly the dog isn't part of any secret endings. It's just an achievement
josh___something: <message deleted>crying in blaseball is █████
Sogheim: I'm just upset that some people won't save the dog unless there's an achievement for it. boo. *pets corgi* CorgiDerp
Makrosian_Tae: Oh, hard agree. Must. Pet. All. Doggos
Mysticman89: oh I didn't realise the whale achivement earlier was 'wales' not whales, I guess that is in line with the european thing
josh___something: huh, neat
rasterscan: @Mysticman89 The bad end requires the cylinders you';re forced to find, it's just the main quest items
ButButTheJesus: well i gotta go, bye folks! thanks for strem!
BrieBeau: it feels kinda weird that people are okay with leaving an animal suffering, even if fake. I mean, whatever, but ick.
Zalthia: This game actually seems pretty solid? Not my kind of thing, but. Fairly well put together. Falling through the floor not withstanding.
Juliamon: LRRbot doesn't like redacted text.
Mysticman89: ah, I figured it must be something like that
Easilycrazyhat: tick....tick....tick....tick....
Makrosian_Tae: How do you do redacted text?
josh___something: good to know
Zalthia: @briebeau I think its more like. They only have a limited time to stream and the animation would have taken a bit.
Juliamon: (people used characters like that to spam chats)
josh___something: fair enough
rasterscan: Twitch chat, did Ben pick up music sheet #1 at the beginning?
Sogheim: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir? You can't FROOT FROOT here.
Juliamon: ye olde ascii art dongs and the like
rasterscan: Apparently, everything else is backtrackable for
Mysticman89: But yeah, this seems more in line with what I want from a horror game. More environment spooky, and not action game with a horror mask on spooky
monkeyrama: Hi
monkeyrama: LUL
ardn93: This background music would be improved immensely if the tick-tocks weren't there.
Fistacles: LUL
e_bloc: who's the boshy now
Pharmacistjudge: Oh no...we got a glimpse of backstage adam
Famished971: hes just sitting there menacingly
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monkeyrama: He had juuust went live
codatski: Good enough! Back to the game!
Fistacles: we saw you just as you put down your phone
Lord_ZYRK: Nobody saw you picking your nose
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Peithoson: got the name right
Peithoson: hell yeah
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itsr67: orb
Sogheim: ORB!
Tiber727: Remember Adam, hesitation leads to defeat.
Peithoson: Ominous noises
novrdd: ahhh safe point
Ferisar: according to isshin ashina it does
jetpixi: it is in mine NotLikeThis
Ferisar: and who's gonna tell him he's wrong
BusTed: You just ran into a haunter in the tall grass.
Makrosian_Tae: !findquote bug
LRRbot: Quote #4323: "That's a bug? I thought it just sucked." —Serge [2017-07-27]
aWabbajack: Let's Nope of Bugs Snax?
Peithoson: wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy wheelerDroopy
Lysander_Gustav: I guess I should listen to that song
codatski: Remember Adam:
monkeyrama: I mean, the trailer for it got spooky
jetpixi: oh doki doki is creepy
e_bloc: maybe there'll be a bugsnax fusion
Fugi: OH YES
e_bloc: wow
Peithoson: weeb alert
NightValien28: oh no
Vanbael: Just. Monica.
ritchards: oh Adam, you should!
aWabbajack: Adam might like?
crooked_knows: Doki Doki is v good
Lord_ZYRK: My mans don't know Doki Doki smh
Diabore: found the next horror game
ruscobrog: Definitely a game that Adam should play.
Zalthia: Find a bug and find a snack! Then you catch in a trap!
monkeyrama: doki doki is pretty messed up
e_bloc: I'm surprised Adam never saw DDLC
Juliamon: Just Monika
jetpixi: It NOT cute
Fugi: Make Adam play it
GhostValv: only Monica
itsr67: DDLC gets better the less you know about it
Mysticman89: play doki doki for us then
e_bloc: there is some fucked stuff in DDLC
hesterbyrde: No it's very Weeb.
DotaProp: Yes Hello I am Weeb
LightingExpert13: I agree make adam play it
Nigouki: doesn't it have like a FUCKLOAD of content warnings though?
EarlGreyHot_: It was surprisingly good
TheAwkes: Don't forget the forest dolly!
Diabore: @LoadingReadyRun dokidoki next game?
arcaneIllumination: From what I can tell, the dog does not effect the ending and you have found the two music sheets that you are able to get so far.
MAPBoardgames: They played Doki Doki on Now Kiss
xantos69: I would LOVE for you two to play Doki Doki!
Ferisar: yeah i could hand me the controller
josh___something: didnt kathleen already play that tho?
Mysticman89: I was googling top horror games, and doki doki was in the top 20 apparently
Peithoson: lol
monkeyrama: Just tech the grab OpieOP
e_bloc: it was on Let's Kiss
ardn93: Oh yeah, massive content warnings.
rasterscan: @LoadingReadyRun You're still fine on the good ending so far, you picked up the only non-backtrackable music sheet, and the others haven't come up yet.
Juliamon: DDLC has a ton of warnings yeah, and it was done with Kathleen and Cameron
Fugi: I know that's not true Adam
aWabbajack: Let's Kiss with Cam and Kaffleen
monkeyrama: It's super f'd
Vanbael: Its really good
Nemo_Rasa: hey, I resemble that remark
Kaaosa: Dookie Dookie more liek it hahahahaha I'm an adult with children
SkylerRingtail: I forget, is Let's Kiss on hiatus or just done?
Vanbael: like messed up, but its a good game
monosceros: I bet ben is enough of a weeb to know what doki doki means
Fugi: I know you love reading. It's your darkest secret.
codatski: Holy crap that throws me back to Adam playing the John Cena dating game on Now Kiss! That was... something
ptay313: did you guys ever play Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem on Let's Nope?
Kaaosa: Got him
Pharmacistjudge: oh good Fugi is here, I need to ask about how to be a better imposter
GhostValv: 😳
monkeyrama: The john cena dating game was a trip
Dezufnocosem: reading twitch chat is basically like reading moby dick
DiscordianTokkan: lrrHEART lrrHEART
josh___something: lewd?
MAPBoardgames: Senpai noticed me!
Lysander_Gustav: :D
Fanklok: Its only good to get someone when they know nothing about it
DotaProp: it also means sometimes
Mysticman89: the coloeonel sanders dating game came up in my real life recently
Peithoson: lrrJUDGE
JohnLockeCole: Dawwww
josh___something: I think?
monkeyrama: that version of the theme song
gualdhar: please no Ben that's more disturbing than the video game
Arazien: The only thing Adam reads is his opponent's inputs
Sogheim: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Pharmacistjudge: I'll send you the DM
JohnLockeCole: wait, since we are everywhere, aren't you always near us?
e_bloc: they need a LRR+ Among Us stream asap
codatski: lrrWOW
monkeyrama: Oh yeah, what's your record? Kappa
Fugi: Adam if you're such a good imposter how did I get you INSTANTLY
Ferisar: how to be a good impostor: kill someone immediately
jetpixi: the zombies have zoomies
monkeyrama: Gotta learn all the maps before Thursday
monkeyrama: otherwise what will they think
Peithoson: jump score game is weak here, or I'm just jaded lol
codatski: Nah, I'm with Ben, sounds like an excuse
Fugi: i'm going to use that line the next time somebody is accusing me: "it's not an excuse it's a perfectly reasonable explanation"
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arcaneIllumination: Looks like the difficulty message is just one of the random loading screen messages, and it just had great timing to come up when you died.
BusTed: Everyone's a critic.
Peithoson: scariest thing in game so far... accordions
Kaaosa: Sea Shanty?? I hardly know 'er!
jetpixi: that got me. i got got.
Pharmacistjudge: but honestly I'll take any advice on being an imposter
Mistborn83: @loadingreadyrun is there a stream anywhere of adam or ben playing Among US?
DiscordianTokkan: He heard FISH WAIFU music, had to come
MAPBoardgames: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: bees?
MegaDosX: More siren imagery
Inquisitor_Xian: we are two mariners! our ships sole survivors
Vanbael: !advice
LRRbot: Colors of the world are on your fingertips.
Lysander_Gustav: okay sure
monkeyrama: Finally a key 👀
e_bloc: Adam played Among Us last night with RayFK
Makrosian_Tae: Kraken ze deutsch?
SquareDotCube: Let's get Kracken
Mister_Hush: it's time to Kraken open that lock
codatski: We RE now!
itsr67: key count 1
e_bloc: I forget who Ben played with
Vanbael: !badadvice
LRRbot: Fall into the hidden sewers.
BrieBeau: @zalthia oh yeah I was meaning more in general, but yeah.
Mistborn83: @e_bloc thxs
Ferisar: where there is a kraken key there must be a kraken door
underhill33: Does it open Seattle's hockey arena?
Kaaosa: One Mungus
monkeyrama: What time, Adam?
Peithoson: poker? I barely know'er!!!
jetpixi: what is it anyway?
MegaDosX: There's been several kraken doors in the house
Diabore: ben was a good traitermans on popes stream
MAPBoardgames: Among Us on CtS? soon?
BusTed: That sounds fun.
Zalthia: @briebeau Sorry, what?
Diserasta: In this belly of a whaaallle
Easilycrazyhat: These guys are everywhere now
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Elesh_N: Love it when I load some ready run, keep being awesome
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TwitchTVsFrank: james and adam among us PogChamp
monkeyrama: CRim streams laaaate
MegaDosX: There are squid icons on the map Ben, probably the kraken doors
Ferisar: it's okay, you'll be a castle
Juliamon: oh boy
e_bloc: woof
gamercat88: send Adam all the Tim Hort's
Mistborn83: I am not familiar with the pope can anyone help me out
monkeyrama: Please tell me you're taking a break from home stream
Zalthia: @briebeau what did I say that youre responding to?
Ferisar: tim horties
SquareDotCube: Timmy got Horted
Lysander_Gustav: get some horts for your shorts
MegaDosX: I mean, gamercat just did
Fugi: Goin to Tim Horts in my jorts
ArkhamArchivist: Torm Hots
jetpixi: Timmy Horties
DiscordianTokkan: Timberthy Horbons
Easilycrazyhat: Not with that attitude they dont
BrieBeau: @zalthia responding to your earlier tag about them not stopping to save the dog.
HorusFive: Please, my father was Mr Horts. call me timmy
Diserasta: Please. Mr. Hort is m father. I'm Hort Tim
IsaTheEngie: we have tim horton's here too !
jonasjonIV: "THorts"
Peithoson: What about some of Tegridy Farm's Christmas snow?
Lysander_Gustav: :D
InkyGhoast: we all know you love the Timothy's
gamercat88: sorry let me use their full name, Timothy Horton hears a who
hold_no_carter: good ole Timmy Horts
MacSquizzy: Timothy Hort
GreayStone: Mermaid 4 life yo
monkeyrama: Tell Adam to leave then, BEn Kappa
Zalthia: @briebeau Ohhh. Yeah , always save aminals. They are good.
xantos69: Oh, THAT's why you can't take a call in the bathroom.
Xeveriaxitus: do they not hear that?
SquareDotCube: Timmy Tots Hort Hots
MegaDosX: Pick up the phone stupid zombie person!
BusTed: @jetpixi It's a hidden role game where crew members have to accomplish tasks, and a couple of imposters have to try and kill the rest.
Lord_Durin: Timmy Himmy's
Kaaosa: "I can't answer the phone; there's assholes around!" is something I should say at work
Himyul: mushi- mush!
eric_christian_berg: Fuck her, she can call you back.
jetpixi: Thanks @BusTed ! Sounds stressful
BusTed: It's pretty fun.
vanman229: Is that a nixie tube audio visualizer?
Ferisar: "i'm sorry my love but i'm a telephone i don't know anything"
Lysander_Gustav: Is this all recorded, and they are really good at guessing what you're going to say?
e_bloc: I mean this is actually a recording ior something right
Ferisar: "please stop talking to me"
monkeyrama: Is she speaking with telepathy
jetpixi: I'll have to give it a look
pandymonius: Plot twist: your wife is the Siren
Spacepup: I like the idea she's just humoring him. "I found this thing!" "Oh... that's just wonderful honey. I'll put it on the fridge"
elkae: Elizabeth is so goddamn dramatic
e_bloc: cool game
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soupgiraffe: have we stopped to ask ourselves: is she worth it?
vanman229: well maybe they did notice the conversation, but its rude to interupt
Pteraspidomorphi: pandymonius: That's what I've been thinking
MegaDosX: Ben no
Fanklok: Must be a phone that can pick up sign language
DotaProp: dont talk to me or my cylinder ever again
BusTed: Ministry of Silly Walks
jetpixi: LUL
Mysticman89: this is english based, so it goes ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor? Or does first floor and ground floor mean the same thing here?
MAPBoardgames: I thought I saw some GDQ games played that way
247Gremlin: What's kraken boys?
Peithoson: someone get this character a paper bag
Lysander_Gustav: Why is everything so blurry? Did your character lose his glasses?
jetpixi: When I'm bored at work I practice my audtion for the Ministry of Silly Walks
elkae: So jaunty
TheAwkes: katesChair katesChair
monkeyrama: Are they making a twitch streamer
Dog_of_Myth: The CHAIR
jetpixi: LUL
Ferisar: oh the hotel staff
Ferisar: yeah that's fair
MAPBoardgames: I'd tap that!
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DotaProp: time to get Litty
monkeyrama: Damn, so close
gualdhar: oh, do we get to tap peoples' necks now?
jetpixi: Bouta get hyphy up in here
jkphil: Oh, they were looking for that over on Dice Friends
Diserasta: Wow. And 1999 just came back all at once.
Diserasta: Man I miss Diablo being good
BusTed: Greetings!
HorusFive: We cast no shadow!!!
Peithoson: Tap that so hard it doesn't untap during the opponent's next untap step!
Kaaosa: "You've got quite a treasure in that HORADRIC CUUBE!"
Makrosian_Tae: I like Diablo 3
Diserasta: Diablo 3 was fine. It just couldn't ever live up to 14 years of hype.
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bmurphie: Thank you spooky boys and all of LRR. Passing the time in the hospital emergency room waiting area while my wife waits to be seen for probable acute kidney failure. LRR VODs and YouTube vids have been keeping us both sane for a massively shitty week.
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Ferisar: liking things isn't cool anymore i'm afraid
Despoiler98: I just finished leveling up my Barbarian in D3 a couple hours a ago LOVE IT
MAPBoardgames: Marked on the map! Thank you game!
monkeyrama: oof that noise
rasterscan: Honestly, I just haven't had the heart to play much Blizzard stuff since the Blitzcheung debacle
itsr67: mm
BusTed: Quick nip.
codatski: Adam, G's Beer fest vlog dropped. So what exactly was your plan AFTER you caught the bee?
MegaDosX: Speaking of which, the next Long Game is this week isn't it?
DotaProp: do the dew that you Do
monkeyrama: Sure is @MegaDosX
Kaaosa: Honestly Deckard Cain gets a lot of shit for wack sounding voice lines, but nobody clowns on "YOU NOW SPEAK TO ORMUS"
Zalthia: I miss when Overwatch made me happy.
MegaDosX: Neat!
Vanbael: D3 is good, and I still remember the cH bit of adam waiting for it as well
rasterscan: That and the Reforged mess scuppered a lot of trust I had in Blizz
Lord_ZYRK: Yes
BusTed: The bee bit his bottom
Lord_Durin: If liking thing's isn't cool, that means its retro. and retro is always cool. checkmate.
Kaaosa: Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you
Sheikun07: Twitch Chat Never Forgets
gamercat88: clearly he was wanting to bee-come a superhero with bee powers
Fanklok: Hating on everything? typical millenials
MegaDosX: Leg it!
SquareDotCube: orb him?
DiscordianTokkan: Device?
monkeyrama: Can we throw anything?
BrieBeau: I thought it was the sweetest thing that you caught the bee!
Despoiler98: can you fight in this game? or is it just another we have to always run away
Pteraspidomorphi: Sphere thing?
chrisrd19: I mean that was spooky but also hilarious.
Pteraspidomorphi: Right
Peithoson: lol Adam quoted mr slave
monkeyrama: Oh nooooo
eric_christian_berg: Millennials ruin the now.
codatski: Sorry Adam
crooked_knows: Holy shit this game punishes you
Sheikun07: So far back, but not far enough to SAVE THE DOG
MegaDosX: This game doesn't fuck around, does it?
Makrosian_Tae: This reminds me of your discussion in Daymare about how death in horror games doesn't work
HorusFive: Back to Save the DOG!
SkylerRingtail: Game seems miserable
Lord_ZYRK: Just don't mess up then 4Head
ardn93: This is SOOOO far back
arcaneIllumination: Do you have the orb?
Famished971: my disappointment is immeasurable
MegaDosX: Aren't you glad you aren't playing on Hard? :p
monkeyrama: God damn, no autosave is brutal
CompletelyUnsure: Guys, I think . . . this game . . . might not be, you know, good...
bv310: This has some of the worst checkpointing I've seen in a game, and I've watched Watch&Play religiously
jetpixi: okie. it was fun. gotta go do stuff now. have a good evening everyone!
e_bloc: no autosave? in 2020?
Fanklok: Why do bad guys look like Rorscach and Scarecrow adopted a kid from 1874?
e_bloc: any% all peens run
Pteraspidomorphi: I think it might autosave on Easy
SquareDotCube: If only the phones would also serve as phones
bmurphie: heh, trying to type that long message kept invoking Murphy's Law, causing the hospital to speed things up and interrupt me. huzzah!
elkae: Bye jetpixi
HorusFive: Residents Evil or Resident Evils?
SquareDotCube: er, phones serve as save points
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Lysander_Gustav: dang
Makrosian_Tae: seabatYIKES
Diserasta: ladleYike
HorusFive: Oof. lrrHEART
Mister_Hush: kidney failure is pretty fucken bad
Peithoson: pretty damn bad
e_bloc: most organ failures are bad
toomanybears: its pretty bad
monkeyrama: It's pretty serious
azkovo: lrrHEART
Peithoson: kidneys detox the body
elkae: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
BrieBeau: @bmurphie sending good wishes! I was just in the ER last week so I can only hope your experiences are as little a struggle as mine.
itsr67: ben going for any%
monkeyrama: Ding Ding
monkeyrama: Laura just won a round
bmurphie: a streaming man that shields my sanity
TheAwkes: Is the phone an aggro reset?
bv310: Welp. you're boned
chrisrd19: Lmaooo
Bunoc1: done in by a shin high table.
Ferisar: oh no
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
e_bloc: cool game
Lysander_Gustav: dang it
crooked_knows: Goddamn dude
MAPBoardgames: I don't think the badguys are based on sound as much as smell and the protag has serious halitosis.
itsr67: this is now an among us stream
chrisrd19: You'll never be able to look at coffee tables again./
DotaProp: ORB
Ferisar: that's dark souls baby
Makrosian_Tae: Cool game lrrCAMERON
bmurphie: @briebeau thank you
novrdd: BibleThump
ritchards: this looks to be 2 sessions long
monosceros: now with gusto
theanthonydee: stuck on the geometry benginRage benginRage
xantos69: I honestly wonder what the world-wide lifetime total of people who have died because of a shin high table is.
Fanklok: GL on PB
Ferisar: if it trips you
Lysander_Gustav: A daft punk horror game would be fun
monkeyrama: Like, IRL or....
e_bloc: probably goes up way higher when the table is glass
JustNotAFox: the less involvement the better
josh___something: that table has to get the last hit Kappa
itsr67: what's the k/d/a of shin high tables
e_bloc: happens all the time in wrestling matches
gamercat88: mimics
DotaProp: at least 100 if getting hit by it counts
MegaDosX: What if it's a mimic?
Ferisar: do spreadsheet tables count
Lysander_Gustav: Wasn't a table a monster in one of the Silent Hills?
xantos69: I mean...there's probably like only 5 ways a table can kill a person.
MAPBoardgames: Shin. n. A device used for finding furniture in the dark.
boristhewizard: Only if it's an end table
codatski: The table kill-steals?
Sheikun07: I love how you just don't care about that part now
SquareDotCube: The shin-high table uses Havok physics
Kreiseler: wasn't there a stream yall did of tables killing an army of Santa's? battle simulator or somethibg?
DigitalSeahorse: table flipped when it was a ginsue knife display
monkeyrama: Back in the day
ritchards: that was Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Zettabit_Fox: the before times
circusofkirkus: back in the ye olde days of february
DigitalSeahorse: sigh
hold_no_carter: Re "this is a good game": It is possible for a game to be good at its core but still done in by having a few key elements just a bit off
monkeyrama: Nooooooo
SquareDotCube: oh yeah, you need to check out TABS
GreayStone: in the before times
Lysander_Gustav: dang it
e_bloc: unlucky
BrieBeau: that was a sex noise he made
MegaDosX: Wow, rude, game
MAPBoardgames: Those days never happened Adam. You've been dead for 7 years.
Easilycrazyhat: Even as an introvert, I'm missing being around people
itsr67: that's gonna cost us a minute
itsr67: in the speedrun
pandymonius: He used to be an adventurer, then he took a table to the knee
Fanklok: "Ok roll acrobatics to get over teh table", "Natural one" "well I'll oll an attack for the table t osee if you take damage, aaand it got a natural 20"
monkeyrama: Our speedrun time NotLikeThis
xantos69: Don't move
Lysander_Gustav: hahahaha
xantos69: just don't move
monkeyrama: LUL woooow
josh___something: k then
e_bloc: cool game
BusTed: seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
MegaDosX: The plays!
Ferisar: see ya later uncle timmy
theanthonydee: the door is our greatest ally
Ferisar: have fun in your hallway
bmurphie: @fanklok I have been in a game like that
e_bloc: thisi s flavor text
MAPBoardgames: I've seen some piercings like that.
DiscordianTokkan: This is the worst Green Eggs and Ham chapter
Zethrik: maybe it's supposed to be pronounced "an 'ook?"
monkeyrama: Adam streaming reading Shakespeare when
Peithoson: yon writers hath butchered mine English language
HorusFive: susdBirb
bv310: Some real Dave's Spokesm'n cadence in this
e_bloc: same passage quoted on the magic card segovian leviathan
Ferisar: that's a lot of jobs
BusTed: G.O.B.
Zalthia: ???
Lysander_Gustav: Jerb 41
fastlane250: jorb
Lord_ZYRK: Narrator: "He didn't, though."
Hostettdro: @loadingreadyrun Hey guys just got home from work stopped at a gas station handed the cashier my number and told her I would like to take her out sometime. Am I a coward or did I do this right?
TheAwkes: Old Joey B.
MAPBoardgames: Micaw! Micaw!
Fanklok: Ben gotta say your signing is pretty off
Tz_BG: Bird and sirens both look clickable.
MegaDosX: What the shit is this family messed up in?
Ferisar: :)
Mister_Hush: you just like to start fires, Adam
Fugi: ????????????????
Mister_Hush: you're an arsonist
monkeyrama: It wasn't as long of a game as I'd been told it was
josh___something: Stronk words
Mysticman89: You might just find the girl up in her room, furiously playing nier
Sheikun07: Those are fighting words, Adam
xantos69: Shots fired
GhostValv: 😐
TwitchTVsFrank: lol
Robot_Bones: Oh boy that's some Bait
Zethrik: no lies detected
Lord_ZYRK: Now now, Adam is allowed to be wrong on the internet, Ben.
Makrosian_Tae: @Hostettdro I mean, is she into you? If not, you just made her workplace hella uncomfortable
DotaProp: the story Adam ignored is interesting Kappa
BusTed: "Game was ok"
iamkaiserbear: how close to the tomatoes do you end up getting?
Fugi: i'll be honest i wasn't paying attention to what adam said
ttam809: Ok, so the fire is the visual stimulus they were talking about
Arazien: Adam only just learned how combos worked after he played Nier
Ferisar: i just picture the simpsons meme of the monkeys knife fighting
Lord_ZYRK: Fugi nothing important
Lord_ZYRK: as usual
monkeyrama: He said he loves you, Fugi
HorusFive: Who keeps all these candles lit. Fire hazard all over CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
codatski: I mean, I actually agree with you Ad
codatski: *Adam
Omthebox: clip it that's the ticket
Fugi: @monkeyrama awwwww, Adam is great. I'm thankful to be his friend.
Pteraspidomorphi: Save points?
monkeyrama: SeemsGood
Ferisar: oh yeah uh, save point?
Tripleyew: ‘Evening Ben and Adam - good luck with the scary things; also, howdy all!
Peithoson: @horusfive Michael bought them all from Jan
Ferisar: okay aydim
e_bloc: Bun Elmer
ritchards: Bun bun!
GreayStone: bun
DotaProp: Bungineering
Bunoc1: Bun does sound better. *dab*
monkeyrama: Wow
MegaDosX: Ermergerd, Bern Erlmer
Juliamon: I... did that to a kid on my bus. His name was Joe but we all decided he looked more like a Kevin
MrThirdParty: Because soft Gs are abominations?
Ferisar: oh no
Ferisar: not even Login
Lysander_Gustav: dang, that's harsh
Izandai: wtf PrideLaugh
samwisep86: Save point show on the map?
Hostettdro: @makrosian_tae Unaware however i didn't hold up a line or make a scene. so I hope i didn't make her work uncomfortable. That was definitely not the intent
Ferisar: easy jokes
Lysander_Gustav: school is hell
GreayStone: bun & adum
monkeyrama: Imagine having your name changed for you
underhill33: "Guess that's my life now"
LithelyUnshod: My friend group did that too.
ptay313: we had a friend like that in college. we already had a Matt in the group, so we named new Matt "Sprinkles"
kumatsu: that happened to me working at a boy scout camp, dude decided to start calling me "Sammy Davis Jr" for some dumb reason
Pteraspidomorphi: Hooray
TheAwkes: Little did they know, moving away from a city is not in fact a betrayal.
MrThirdParty: ooh Adame
Ferisar: lmao
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
crooked_knows: LUL
Ferisar: cool friends
DiscordianTokkan: Hahaha
Pteraspidomorphi: Cast away from paradise
monkeyrama: LUL LUL LUL
Riandisa: I had a 2nd grade teacher want me to change my name since there was another girl in class with the same name. "We don't have to tell your parents." NOPE
Mashamino: huh... my friend group had 3 Adams at one point (myself included), but we just went by last names
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
xantos69: Sounds like they were just jealous
e_bloc: and that kid was Taylor Hall
Ferisar: and there they ruled
bmurphie: had that happen to me at a frat party my freshman year. I was dubbed "Dale"
Ferisar: for their lives were long
BrieBeau: man, it has been a nightmare to change my name. jeff doesn't know how lucky he has it.
MegaDosX: I don't know enough about Edmonton to know how much of a burn that was, but friends stay friends regardless of distance, and if they don't then they suck
Gascitygaming: lived in all 3, can confirm
Izandai: I never had any friends in middle or high school. I just had people who I would later realize merely tolerated my presence, probably only because if they were too overtly unaccepting of my presence they would get in trouble with the teachers.
monkeyrama: You can cut out the first part of that statement, adam SeriousSloth
e_bloc: living on a coast > not living on a coast
Morrigan9: fart city, cause of the oil?
arcaneIllumination: Meanwhile for my friend group, one of us moved away and we went to hang out with him and have a small party before he left.
paeladin: even the virus doesn't want to go to manitoba
MAPBoardgames: In the US we call that part of Canada, North-North Dakota.
Izandai: PrideLaugh
kumatsu: west coast best coast
Arazien: Bad parts of Canada border the bad parts of the US. Who could have guessed?
elkae: Where are you from, again, Adam? Kappa
Izandai: @kumatsu East cost beast coast.
BrieBeau: most of the US sucks and I'm a USian
Spectram14: Except for Winnipeg
Juliamon: Izandai Same... I also once was invited to a birthday party and showed up only to be told "oh, we meant to invite the OTHER Julia"
Dezufnocosem: home is where the fart is amiritegamerz
gualdhar: oh look at Ben being all diplomatic here
Izandai: @Juliamon holy fuck that's awful
lochnessseammonster: that's why adam is so sassy
monkeyrama: Saskachewin
Peithoson: U S Ayyyyyy
e_bloc: I mean you can't pick where you're born
Pteraspidomorphi: Juliamon: Wow
Gascitygaming: Saskatchewan - Hard to spell, easy to draw!
GreayStone: atlantic is cool
HorusFive: @Arazien I don't recall Florida having a border with Canada LUL
DotaProp: Cheese It
MAPBoardgames: That guy heard the violin sting and knew the protag was around.
Izandai: @Juliamon Like I guess they were kids but jesus christ how is it possible to be that insensitive???
bmurphie: @juliamon Holy mother of Ramen that blows!
Gascitygaming: I WIN!
engineerbudy: what about the beer tap?
MegaDosX: Ben I thought you were on our side
Zettabit_Fox: 12
monkeyrama: Just a few more
bv310: Saskatchewan #1
Juliamon: To their parents' credit, they let me stay anyway
Lord_ZYRK: Someone around here has to be funny HahaShrugLeft HahaThisisfine HahaShrugRight
MrThirdParty: You just made a new Canadianism.
DotaProp: Ben Demonstrating a wheelerLoop
Lord_Durin: "Now there are two of them"
Izandai: @Juliamon Well I sure fucking hope so!!!
tergonis: just gonna squeeze right past ya there bud
MegaDosX: #1 in what list though?
Arazien: #1 in smelling bad
Juliamon: (probably because I'd gotten a ride with someone else there and had no way to get home)
BrieBeau: I've been to Canada for 5 hours to see a lighthouse and nearly got swept into the ocean so I don't have much of a opinion about it except a lot of cool people are there and it's cold.
e_bloc: fair weather Ben, they call him
Nigouki: it's #1 in shape cuz it's a rectangle
JustNotAFox: ben is on ben's side
monkeyrama: Sure looks like a keyhole
monkeyrama: Where's Sora
e_bloc: TOS
bv310: The number 1 and Saskatchewan have many similarities. They're both vaguely rectangular
MAPBoardgames: A Skeleton Key, maybe?
Lithobraker: Screw your rat free province
CompletelyUnsure: skull key time
e_bloc: as though this game needs any more peens
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Lord_Durin: Do you have a... skeleton key?
Peithoson: lol
Fanklok: Ben plays both sides so he always comes out on top
soupgiraffe: so how are these guys getting around? Echo location?
BrieBeau: yes
Peithoson: yeap
MegaDosX: Doesn't Wormtongue die? Doesn't seem like the right person to cast yourself as
MAPBoardgames: 3H come June.
GreayStone: Halifax 4 the win
Peithoson: was in that organization for 10 yeah
Peithoson: years
Gascitygaming: Two words - FALL SUPPER
monkeyrama: seabatCHOICE
BrieBeau: @fanklok that sounds kinda queer. I like it!
TheAwkes: GreayStone hello fellow Haligonian!
itsr67: kali maaaa
SquareDotCube: no heart, 3H got Norted
ritchards: escape by running away? well, that works to escape me in real life ;)
kalira77: you rang?
Lord_ZYRK: SquareDotCube NotLikeThis
Ferisar: cool joke
bv310: We're only allowed one Han
Ferisar: thanks ben
monkeyrama: Good joke :)
kumatsu: I can't hear Halifax without thinking about that Get to Know Halifax vid
lochnessseammonster: my friend went to newfoundland in july and it snowed...
DotaProp: @SquareDotCube its HX3 now
MegaDosX: Sucka?
Fanklok: If everyone is blind why so many candles?
BrieBeau: why they taking 4H away? I was in for the whole ride as a kid, won a ton of awards, showed a pig.
kalira77: !findquote baron
LRRbot: Quote #3775: "Yo Baron, I'm uncomfortable but I can dig it!" —Graham [2016-12-23]
elkae: I like the Maritimes
monkeyrama: Who lit these candles?
xantos69: really need to save.
monkeyrama: and why?
MegaDosX: Also Adam did you see Buddy Murphy getting obliterated with kendo sticks by the Mysterio family yesterday?
JustNotAFox: I thought the #1 threat was shin high tables
elkae: I've lived on the West Coast but visiting the Atlantic provinces is so nice
e_bloc: too much mehl for me
Izandai: Oh, I thought you were going for a "the two genders" joke.
MAPBoardgames: Malk?
MegaDosX: Find it on Youtube, it's hilarious
Fanklok: Newfoundland you say? Proud to be an islander
monkeyrama: r-r-rr-remix
kumatsu: got ghosted by attic-wife
Arazien: Adam has seen no wrestling and managed to not miss a damn thing
tergonis: jawsome
Zettabit_Fox: yeah, barkeep, i'll have a rum and coke
Lithobraker: I'll watch wrestling when it's safe for Asuka to use the mist again.
ritchards: only 24 combinations
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kumatsu: ooh, I should make a gin and tonic
Peithoson: though fairs here in the US were all but canceled so kinda the same thing as 4H going away
Diserasta: The journal entries you picked up have underlined words. They're a hint to order I think?
Gascitygaming: you think they meant to put a picture there?
monkeyrama: WHAT
Izandai: WOW
MegaDosX: BEN
Lord_ZYRK: authAlert authAlert authAlert
kumatsu: benginTry benginTry benginTry
xantos69: Hello Clips
Zettabit_Fox: wait what
MAPBoardgames: He's a wizard!
ritchards: lrrHORN
Izandai: Welcome to the highlight reel, I guess.
crooked_knows: THE POWER
MAPBoardgames: !clip
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DiscordianTokkan: Hahahah
GhostValv: a 🤔
DotaProp: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
monkeyrama: lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrSACK
SmoreThanAFeelin: actively gamingggggg
Sheikun07: Galaxy Brain Ben
Ferisar: dana nanah nanah
Peithoson: lrrJUDGE
MegaDosX: Ben is a wizard, confirmed
josh___something: benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky benginLucky
Izandai: I think there's 16 combinations?
lochnessseammonster: PridePog
TwitchTVsFrank: lrrSACK lrrSACK
Diserasta: 1 in 24
kumatsu: 1 in 24
Armyguy0: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
tergonis: lrrJUDGE
ritchards: 1 in 24
JustNotAFox: 1 in 24
fastlane250: lrrGOAT
Cool_Jean_Aunt: 1 in ben Kappa
Makrosian_Tae: Put that up on the Seabats Subreddit
xantos69: 1 in 24
e_bloc: 100% - it happened
theanthonydee: benginDab benginDab benginDab
monkeyrama: Oh
Gascitygaming: 4%
Ferisar: and you knew it wasn't one of them
Ferisar: so a bit higher
elkae: He gamin'
Tz_BG: 1/24
fastlane250: hey look you made it onto the highlight reel
dr_owl_19: 100%
flangdale: 50% it either happens or it doesn't
monkeyrama: It exists
ptay313: well, 1 in 23, we already tried one...
Izandai: 1/23
Zalthia: 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 is 24 so
KV1NN4: I wonder if "elisabeth" is actually her dad using a voice modifier or something that uses composits of her voice clips to amke sentences to trick the protagonist..
Tz_BG: True enoough ptay
flangdale: it is now
Ferisar: thomas
kumatsu: The Unofficial Seabats subreddit
Robot_Bones: 13 members
Lord_ZYRK: The link works. It's a real thing.
Peithoson: you STFU Adam, you're not my dad... gawd
Peithoson: lol
Izandai: PrideLaugh
MAPBoardgames: It is now.
Armyguy0: IT IS NOW
e_bloc: I love the description
Nuurgle: OnlyAdams
Lord_ZYRK: Using Reddit in 2020 seabatYIKES
gamercat88: its has begun
NightValien28: its a thing now
monkeyrama: It's happening seabatTROG
Diabore: troglove adam
e_bloc: "About Community Guess what nerd there IS a Subreddit"
Max_Mckayful: Hey batters, come join our new sub. It's the sea-est
goatprince: for dog use only i bet
MegaDosX: Maybe can only open from the other side Ben?
arcaneIllumination: One way?
Ferisar: onlydunps
monkeyrama: OnlyTrogs
e_bloc: pigchamp
MAPBoardgames: Only Dans sounds like Extra Credits
monkeyrama: c'mon man
Armyguy0: TrogsOnly.Com
kumatsu: OnlyBats
Badagaboosh: OnlyPogs
Lord_ZYRK: dunp it in the tunk
kalira77: onlyflans
Diabore: just usain bolt your way out of there
GhostValv: 😲
Peithoson: Ring that Beeeeel
Peithoson: eeeeeew
Cool_Jean_Aunt: quote that Kappa
Dog_of_Myth: Weird flex
Diabore: its 2020 ben, eating ass is so 2019
Izandai: scawed
engineerbudy: Whats on the wall?
MAPBoardgames: He wasn't born in a barn.
Peithoson: already taken
Lord_ZYRK slowly removes napkin from collar
BrieBeau: I love that these peeps look like geriatrics but run like fuckin track athletes.
Tiber727: OnlyCans
engineerbudy: above that grate?
monkeyrama: Is that why you hit so many buttons in street fighter, Adam
Inquisitor_Xian: can we get a sound clip of adam saying please don't eat my ass?
monosceros: I'll take Ben's ass over Adam's asd
monkeyrama: OpieOP
monosceros: ass*
Fanklok: petition to make r/seabats open to posting for all
Izandai: That's why some people play combo decks. The more game actions you have to take to win, the smarter you are. HahaThink
MegaDosX: Well of the two, only one of them has twerked on stream, so
MAPBoardgames: r/seabats/fic ?
BrieBeau: I mean, only eating ass consensually.
monosceros: benginButt
Ferisar: "hello, yes, i'm still a phone"
Badagaboosh: SEMICOLON
Makrosian_Tae: Someone do a remake of Love, Chuunibyo, and Other Delusions opening with Ben's butt bouncing from out of frame
Lord_ZYRK: Divising dangers? Dang.
engineerbudy: Traps
ritchards: we randomly put puzzle traps around
kumatsu: Papa's Snuggie
kerbalized_: "My father's snuggy"
goatprince: blanket?
thethirdstageoflumpygravy: so they... booby trapped the hotel?
Phosfur: I think it's a Den
ritchards: a snug is like a nook
DiscordianTokkan: My father's Bunnyhug
jessieimproved: heck yeah flannel all the way down
fastlane250: chicken snuggies
sfn____: Small comfy room for chillin' in
monkeyrama: Can you be in maximum comfort mode withOUT a snuggie? sergeThinking
Ferisar: what if all the enemies walking around are just full body snuggies
MegaDosX: "a small, comfortable public room in a pub or inn" according to Google
Fanklok: First floor meaning second floor for americans
Ferisar: and not people
monosceros: snug fit ribbed turnips?
KV1NN4: omg this hotel has a snuggery??
Makrosian_Tae: FROOT FROOT
Sheikun07: Train!
Fanklok: they were just on the grond floor
MAPBoardgames: Froot! Froot!
MegaDosX: That's the train you were on!
TwitchTVsFrank: froot froot
underhill33: My family's heirloom crocs!
SmoreThanAFeelin: froot froot
kalira77: are we going to hogwarts?
monkeyrama: Blueberries??!
KV1NN4: snug/snuggery: a cozy or comfortable place, especially someone's private room or den.
theanthonydee: now its time to stop and see what fruit we've got
KV1NN4: maybe
MegaDosX: Wow, Ben calling out the engines big time
Peithoson: Puck Fercy!
jessieimproved: it's a small public room
GhostValv: juked
lochnessseammonster: the man's not wrong
MegaDosX: What about Gordon though? Smug asshole
Fanklok: It's the midgar puzzle from FFVII
actionjb: Putting them engines on blast
GreayStone: What about the conducter
Ferisar: a bloodborne fortune?
Ferisar: hmmmm
ritchards: bloooooood!
Peithoson: Sir Topham Hat made blood money
Max_Mckayful: Will you pay the iron price or the blood price?
BrieBeau: how can I tell Ben that I can actually watch him play this but watching him play Dead Space with the fast movement was really hard, so thank you for playing something a little slower?
MAPBoardgames: Now I have Crazy Train in my head.
Peithoson: PowerUpL PowerUpR
monkeyrama: Is a snuggie a bunnyhug
Makrosian_Tae: Dahkness
itsr67: dahkness
Pteraspidomorphi: The darkness!
tergonis: nah man, he dead
CompletelyUnsure: PowerUpL
JustNotAFox: I believe they're called light switches
BusTed: rayfkKing
goatprince: they put bugs in him!
ritchards: you remind me of the bayblade...
nyquister_: Kai and Drozer
Peithoson: Tiger
boristhewizard: Become beyblade moses
monkeyrama: what on earth
Gascitygaming: *stands up* Welp, i'm old *walks out of room*
MegaDosX: A red rum?
ritchards: redrum!
sfn____: lone pizza slice?
Lord_ZYRK: There is no need to be upset
Peithoson: start the bidding, boys
DotaProp: We off to Twin Peaks?
Peithoson: who wins the Deadpool
Fanklok: For once I want a spookemup game to not involve cults or mental illness. Just some dude who wants to spook people for the hell of it not because he's head is all messed up.
Zettabit_Fox: mmm, tasty spores
MAPBoardgames: Loading log!
westeren: Gah, Wash your handa
westeren: hands
ardn93: @Fanklok Like a big-budget scooby-doo game. That's be good.
Ferisar: i think they made you use a healing drink right after
Ferisar: so it was like a "uh oh you took damage"
ardn93: *that'd
Makrosian_Tae: Adam
monkeyrama: LUL
Zettabit_Fox: oh my
MegaDosX: Guys.
MegaDosX: Guys no.
MAPBoardgames: He's half the man he once was.
goatprince: i've had days like that
monkeyrama: revvyrCreep indeed
pandymonius: never skipped leg day
aldruon: hey look it's a Ben, and is that a digiAdam?
Fanklok: Why did that wood have random ass nails all over it
monkeyrama: Ding Ding
MAPBoardgames: I bet that
MAPBoardgames: s the tune to play on the piano
Mister_Hush: very carefully.
Beefpants: tiny portal gun
Tripleyew: This stream has a much different tone than I was afraid of, with a new horror game
MegaDosX: Magic!
Dashiell: very carefully
Peithoson: very carefully
Armyguy0: They don't
kerbalized_: yup
Lord_ZYRK: Definitely shrink rays
ardn93: Shrink ray, yeah
DiscordianTokkan: Witches
TwitchTVsFrank: build them in the bottle
NightValien28: its like a lego
Ferisar: inflatable ships
flangdale: nah, shrink rays
Roger_Job329: carefully
BusTed: Yeah, it's a display of discipline.
tergonis: optical illusion
monkeyrama: Yes
orimazer: blow the bottle around it
Lysander_Gustav: lots of specialized tweezers
Despoiler98: no its built flat and then you slide it in and use tweezers to pull the masts up
hesterbyrde: Some of it is built in the bottle but they also have parts the fold up to be poked through the neck.
Zettabit_Fox: yup
LightingExpert13: its the jar riddle
TheAwkes: Button that plays a tune. Bells on the wall nearby. I smell a puzzle!
kerbalized_: usually the mast folds down to fit in to the bottle
fastlane250: they steal it from a tiny dimension
MAPBoardgames: Same way they get the guy into the jar.
engineerbudy: Bells on the wall?
e_bloc: the ship is the bottle
orimazer: why is the ship in the bottle tho
Mister_Hush: 'cause it's fuckin' cool, dude!
orimazer: it's probably in there for a reason right?
flangdale: they hire tiny shipwrights Adam
crooked_knows: But do you let the ship out of the bottle?
Ferisar: it makes you brain confused a bit i imagine
monkeyrama: Time to follow the wikipedia threads, Adam
NightValien28: rich people with nothing to do
Nigouki: life was very boring before internet and streaming Kappa
JustNotAFox: someone was drinking water out of a bottle
Lord_ZYRK: Because they didn't have the internet
e_bloc: kinky
tergonis: lolwut?
JustNotAFox: and was like "this needs a boat"
kalira77: jesus
ritchards: ah, the acupuncture bed!
Ferisar: like it's a quirky visual thing
fastlane250: Ohai
bv310: I've always wanted a tiny ship in a bottle for my dresser
itsr67: see that bottle? I'm gonna put a ship in it
GhostValv: early model flexxing
BusTed: Somebody needs to turn down the magic fingers.
MAPBoardgames: I'm putting that on the Yelp review
Easilycrazyhat: It's just acupuncture, guys
Zalthia: WHY?!?!
LightingExpert13: i don't like that bed
SmoreThanAFeelin: LUL
empyreon: two stars
Makrosian_Tae: Cool joke, Karen
orimazer: so, you're walking though the woods and you find a ship in a bottle
7gorobei: you find a ship in a bottle in a forest, do you let it out?
BrieBeau: The sails are folded to slide through the opening.
Pteraspidomorphi: The two things sailors know about: Ships and bottles
walkeroftales: I dunno, I find that bed pretty shaarp
Peithoson: break out the blacklight
thethirdstageoflumpygravy: you wont leave a bad review if you're dead
Fanklok: Sea Monkeys are an industrious people whose main export is shipwrighting in bottles
niccus: and then there's advanced stuff like
elkae: Kinky
Mister_Hush: The point of it, from one telling I remember, is that the ship in the bottle is supposed to be impossible; it's supposed to make you ask exactly that question.
MegaDosX: I love how Adam just skated past the extreme acupuncture bed and went back to his ship in a bottle conversation
MAPBoardgames: The spike bed looks more comfortable than the last hideaway bed I slept on.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: it's a sarcastic reply to a note in a bottle asking to send a ship Kappa
Ferisar: apparently it's actually subdivison of impossible bottles
Roger_Job329: beds where acutely uncomfortable!!! **
Ferisar: ship is just one
Ferisar: there's other ones too
BrieBeau: I also think it's partially because they can replicate a sea scene (at least in my experience).
Zettabit_Fox: :o
Dezufnocosem: is man not entitled to the tiny sweat of his tiny brow
circusofkirkus: i definitely don't pay attention
BrindleBoar: I definitely don't pay attention.
hesterbyrde: Apparently it was sort of a thing back in the 1800s to put "impossible" things inside glass bottles like decks of cards or matchbooks. Ships are just the thing that stuck around.
tergonis: we clearly aren't paying attention
crooked_knows: We fooled a trog with the ship in a bottle. Grats, Team
Lord_ZYRK: We only pay attention to important stuff SeriousSloth
Mister_Hush: It's a lesson about curiosity and looking past what you believe to be impossible to figure out how it works.
monkeyrama: Starts with a B
Beefpants: Jensen
Easilycrazyhat: Kevin?
BusTed: Brinson
fastlane250: I don’t what?
bv310: Is it Levon?
Mister_Hush: It's a lesson in rationalism and science.
Gascitygaming: Jeremy?
Arazien: How dare you! The only thing I don't pay attention to is my own well being!
westeren: Gertrude
Kaaosa: Adam Bullshit Savidan
MegaDosX: Do you want us to know your middle name?
e_bloc: third monitor
Zalthia: Alright, so Adam. You come across a ship in a jar...
Zettabit_Fox: Adam 'Danger' Savidan
underhill33: Rutherford
itomeshi: Adam "The Boshy" Savidan
BrieBeau: I'm a creep but I'm not that creepy.
Ferisar: i'm playing control, lol
ptay313: Adam Seabats Savidan?
silenceaux: You're never gonna get over the 2nd monitor thing are you
Peithoson: wheelerGuts wheelerGuts wheelerGuts
knickknacksnackery: Adam calling em out
monosceros: our job is to pay attention! I say, as I'm playing skyrim during the stream
fastlane250: Who?
aldruon: gregory?
elkae: Rutherford
monkeyrama: THey knew from the day you were born SeriousSloth
TheAwkes: You're on the first monitor in our hearts.
actionjb: I got the bois on full screen tonight!
DiscordianTokkan: This BABY is full of BABIES
Mysticman89: the plot twist is Adam's middle name is also henry
Fanklok: Adam Eugene Savidan
MegaDosX: Pretending?
Xeveriaxitus: I just put you on the first one!
Lord_ZYRK: t e e h e e
gualdhar: I've got you guys on my main monitor and my games on the second monitor
tycoonbosh: Does it help that the 2nd monitor is bigger than the 1st?
Armyguy0: But i only HAVE one monitor
Zettabit_Fox: you're on my 1440p main monitor... for now <3
Ferisar: hehe he look at statue groin
crooked_knows: Its cute that you think people are here for the game and not the boys
Ferisar: i giggle
theanthonydee: Podcast? You mean the Caillou podcast coming soon?
flangdale: I'd like to say I am watching intently, but adam is 100% right as per usual
monkeyrama: Ooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyy
Xeveriaxitus: changing my wallpaper for the second
e_bloc: gottem
ptay313: you are only on my second monitor because I don't have a third monitor to put you on
BusTed: Haha.
Terr0rc0tta: Jokes on you, I’m on my phone so you’re in the background
Gascitygaming: yup
crooked_knows: lrrSPOOP
MegaDosX: Wow
MAPBoardgames: The jumpscare button!
Lord_Durin: JUMP SCARE
silenceaux: volume
Makrosian_Tae: FUCK RIGHT OFF
ritchards: gottem!
IsaTheEngie: well then!
MegaDosX: A genuine jump scare
Mashamino: WHY
DiscordianTokkan: OOf
Mysticman89: the modern jack in the box
tergonis: thanks jumpscare, that was necessary
DAC169: not surprised
GhostValv: WutFace
Gascitygaming: benginHeck
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Beefpants: looool
Scy_Anide: Good jump scare, game.
Makrosian_Tae: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP seabatHITBOX
Peithoson: bruh
Famished971: XD!
ttam809: The real reason they don't have faces is 'cause it's easier to model
circusofkirkus: damn this podcast is heating up :P
lochnessseammonster: nope
GreayStone: William
Beefpants: maddyLmao
bv310: Solid jumpscare game, good work
Arazien: "Is this emotional support or romance?" The tale of everyone with low self esteem
DeathWarrior555: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
e_bloc: can't get jump scared if you're on the second monitor seabatBRAIN seabatBRAIN
BrieBeau: john fucking cena that scared the pants off me
Lysander_Gustav: oh a startlement
soupgiraffe: his arms were so short
DiscordianTokkan: Now you can get the thing?
ptay313: sir. Sir! please stop pounding on the glass!
knickknacksnackery: Damn, this game was doing so well about not having jumpscares and then they go and pull that shit
e_bloc: brother
Zettabit_Fox: i'm dying
Renendaru: @knickknacksnackery it had one pretty early on as well
Mashamino: Liquid!
Zettabit_Fox: send halp
monkeyrama: loooool
Ferisar: normal letter</