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Snowcookies: I see, that's a pre-live tweet
Snowcookies: !duckluck
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Mister_BlueSky: !next
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Juliamon: lrrSIGNAL
MAPBoardgames: lrrSIGNAL lrrALEX lrrSIGNAL
Mister_BlueSky: lrrSIGNAL
GapFiller: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL katesAir katesAir katesAir WE ARE LIVE
TXC2: Hello Everybody
TXC2: you'd think I'd learn that Alex starts early but nope :p
GapFiller: its only ~5mins
GapFiller: its not like he was here an hour ago
LoadingReadyRun: >_>
GreayStone: Makes up for all the streams that start late
TXC2: GapFiller yes but I have a reputation to maintain Kappa
GapFiller: LoadingReadyRun hai Alex
snipingcatjj: hai alex
CastleOtranto: Hello Alex. Ahoy chat.
TXC2: Hello CastleOtranto welcome
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Procrastronauts: bop
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alger_waterlow: hello
JAGxTERRA: Hello everyone. How we doing?
felixthereflex: Doing alright, how about yourself?
snipingcatjj: hai chat
MAPBoardgames: Pretty good this day.
alger_waterlow: my home town just burned down so badly
TXC2: Hello alger_waterlow and JAGxTERRA and snipingcatjj welcome
MAPBoardgames: Hi @snipingcatjj
DigitalSeahorse: let's hope this time I'll have less noise directly above me
TXC2: alger_waterlow are you Ok?
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck pegaBooty RPGShihu
TXC2: Here we GO!
DigitalSeahorse: yayyyyy
pacotaco009: <3
chrono2x: I really love that intro
TXC2: Hello Alex
GapFiller: good evening Alex lrrALEX lrrHEART
TheAinMAP: Hello.
DigitalSeahorse: meeeeee
pacotaco009: oh its me
GapFiller: nice shawl Alex
alger_waterlow: oh fine i don't live their anymore I'm more worried about my friends
DigitalSeahorse: soooooo ready lucidWaifu
TXC2: alger_waterlow ok. fair
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chrono2x: I'm only looking for an average time, but would welcome a good one. lrrBEEJ
DigitalSeahorse: mine eyes
DigitalSeahorse: i_i
TXC2: "my eyes, the goggles do nothing"
DigitalSeahorse: ^
benegesseritmother: d-dragon
DigitalSeahorse: that reminds me I still need to find where I'd packed my goggles
eric_christian_berg: Language is what you make of it.
TXC2: speedro Giante is LRRinglish
SimplyLeggy: "you first"
TheAinMAP: That's a dark hole in the ground.
Mister_BlueSky: "Who wants to go down the creepy tunnel first?"
DigitalSeahorse: have we already explored the area before point of no return
PharaohBender27: Dobry den! PrideWave
v_nome: If you say something and are understood, it is some form of language.
TXC2: Mister_BlueSky the grenade ? can the grenade go first?
TXC2: hello PharaohBender27 welcome
Snowcookies: Hi chat, how's this apocalypse going
TXC2: hello Snowcookies welcome
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky mister165Tailswave
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBooty pegaDrool
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Mister_BlueSky: mister165Wave
UnseenAcademical: Dark in where?
ReyKira: GivePLZ
UnseenAcademical: OHHh THIS PLACE
PharaohBender27: katesScared
DigitalSeahorse: it's as if guns were made for different purposes! pegaThink
Mister_BlueSky: Did that just crawl across your face?
DigitalSeahorse: bunnnHmm
SimplyLeggy: tacticool
thraximore: wish for meaningful choices: GRANTED
TXC2: a laser on an AK will never not be funny to me :p
DigitalSeahorse: eeeeeheheh
TangleTrail: so are the spideys just creepy or actually dangerous?
ZeroArcana: time for hellevator
ArcOfTheConclave: how goes Fallout New Moscow?
wildpeaks: good ol' akira elevator
Mister_BlueSky: "I'll stay here." Yeah I bet you will.
DigitalSeahorse: YING
Critterbot: Oh good, goooood!
TXC2: what's the real name for this thing? it's not elevator
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerY wheelerE wheelerT
SimplyLeggy: This place is definitely like, 90% spiders by volume
ArcOfTheConclave: facehuggers?
DigitalSeahorse: they hate light I guess
Invitare: ah Vampire Spiders
Invitare: of course
DigitalSeahorse: tender skin easily sunburnt
arcaneIllumination: Hate's a bit of an understatement here.
I_Am_Clockwork: like many basement dwelling denizens, light burns them
MAPBoardgames: Spiders be creepy AF
DigitalSeahorse: giant spiders anyway
Mister_BlueSky: I'm fine with spiders being outside, I'm not fine with them being inside.
DigitalSeahorse: or too many
Atomic_Marshmallow: "They hate the light" I mean, I'd hate light too if it KILLED ME
TXC2: not liking Spiders in Video games is a healthy survival instinct
thraximore: Keeping a lighter on in an underground passage with no idea of what kind of gasses might be waiting to explode :)
wildpeaks: at least they're not replacing the spiders by terrifying cat pictures
Contiguouskittycat: This should be good for distracting me from my job hunt.
DigitalSeahorse: I don't like the ones that look big enough to have a mouth that would hurt to bite with
SimplyLeggy: It is weird for me, because I hate video game spiders, normal spiders are fine, they kill actual pests. Video game spiders are the dedicated "we put this here to spook and annoy you" enemy.
wildpeaks: itsy bitsy spider
aggravated_cat: FUuuuuuuuuuck these spiders
kdefinition: Nope it Forward
kdefinition: Play It Nope
DigitalSeahorse: whilst also being inside
wildpeaks: so she said to.. go left ? :D
I_Am_Clockwork: there was another door out of the main room
I_Am_Clockwork: on the left hand wall
I_Am_Clockwork: ?
Electrodyne: nice iVanPad
thraximore: but... there is button D:
DigitalSeahorse: no flame thrower?
LordZarano: "There's gonna be some pretty big spoops and you're gonna get scared, ok bye!" lrrSPOOP
noSmokeFire: why are these spiders spinning web out of flash paper
Khador1: Oh god I forgot about this level
SimplyLeggy: mild concern
TXC2: noSmokeFire they make do with what they have Kappa
Electrodyne: Are we squatting this whole level
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Khador1: Thanks for just being good people in turbulent times
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thraximore: suddenly: Alien Isolation
TangleTrail: Los espidros gigantes son mal
PharaohBender27: lrrSPOOP
DigitalSeahorse: those dancing spiders that look like they're dressed in regalia are kinda neat though, just don't dance on me pls
DigitalSeahorse: xD
wildpeaks: so fluffy, it wants a belly rub
codatski: Protip: Don't bother shooting them until they have turned over, it doesn't do meaningful damage. Save your resources
Mister_BlueSky: ^
Nigouki: huh, i tune in late and we're in X-17?
noSmokeFire: does something happen if you don't burn the webs?
LRRTwitter: @LRRMtG> A new challenger approaches. @BWheelerMTG is ready much like Bonesaw was ready. 📷 ||
wildpeaks: good thing we have a working flashlight at least
DigitalSeahorse: yep
TheAinMAP: lrrHERE ?
DigitalSeahorse: it's called #2020
thraximore: and this is how you break a leg and die, stranded below the earth
TXC2: noSmokeFire I presume your vision gets obscured for a short while
DigitalSeahorse: scorpion spiders
Invitare: *Vampire scorpion spiders
noSmokeFire: they BETTER be scorpions and not facehuggers
I_Am_Clockwork: I think you shot off some armor plating
TXC2: to be fair scorpions are also arachnids
DigitalSeahorse: that one is acting like most of the fruit flies I've got now, won't sit still for more than a split second
noSmokeFire: no steppy!
TXC2 vomits
GapFiller: ohhh theyre all over yr
I_Am_Clockwork: they gots that thicc chitin
GapFiller: they are literally crawling all over yr
Electrodyne: Hey is this game creepy at all
MAPBoardgames: This is scarier than Dead Space 3. By a lot.
Mister_BlueSky: Right now? Yes.
thraximore: as it goes out, the timing
GapFiller: Electrodyne nah
TXC2: game can we have less of the spiders crawling over the face please?
Electrodyne: @gapfiller cool I'll get my kids
wildpeaks: happy fire
I_Am_Clockwork: am am slightly amused by one-handing, from the hip firing a longbarreld ak
TXC2: turns out lasers are great for CQC
thraximore: manufacturing is down in this game :D
I_Am_Clockwork: stalker has more human bandit-y types for you to loot from
TXC2: ^
DigitalSeahorse: it was a school of spiders
DigitalSeahorse: in a school locker
TangleTrail: So how does health work for this game? Persistent or regen?
wildpeaks: do we have to use the gas mask here ?
codatski: @TangleTrail Persistnent
codatski: *sp
wildpeaks: ah damn, we do need it
TangleTrail: @codatski thanks
Fanboy_of_Bolas: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW lrrHEART lrrHEART
thraximore: oh yeah, the photo
Fanboy_of_Bolas: i've never played any of these games. are these just shooters, horror?
thraximore: is that a gieger counter I hear crackling or is that something else?
jpss92400: that's a dirty AK
DigitalSeahorse: he does have a counter on him somewhere so probably
Fanboy_of_Bolas: looks like a looter
TXC2: Fanboy_of_Bolas they're survival horror FPS games I guess
wildpeaks: mm a nice col mug of beer would hit the spot
MrTulip: grody
Mister_BlueSky: The first two were a bit more on rails, this one is more open world.
Neljandik: @Fanboy_of_Bolas I wouldn't say the first two (haven't played Exodus) were horror, but they did have some spoops
wildpeaks: Artyom's a dirty boy
Fanboy_of_Bolas: gun cleaning and maintenance is super important kids.
TXC2: that's not dirty that's nurgal's rot is what it is :P
Lord_ZYRK: *exhales on gun* *wipes with sleeve* Good as new :)
codatski: boo
DigitalSeahorse: HypeBigfoot1 HypeUnicorn1 HypeUnicorn1 pegaLul
SimplyLeggy: it is like checking behind the waterfall
wildpeaks: the little tippy taps of spidy feet
thraximore: that's where the ass biter will be hiding
I_Am_Clockwork: bug off!
I_Am_Clockwork: Air!
Fanboy_of_Bolas: what was that one hyper realistic game that cam/cori played on talkin sim that totally wasn't about racism?
I_Am_Clockwork: dickvanpattonfromspaceballs AIR
DigitalSeahorse: it's like NASA
NightValien28: Fanboy_of_Bolas detroit become human
wildpeaks: Detroit Become Human ?
Lord_ZYRK: The janitorial staff is NOT going to be happy when they see this.
Fanboy_of_Bolas: thanks chat
Electrodyne: needs more tubes
wildpeaks: soviet lan party
DigitalSeahorse: uh
MAPBoardgames: Um. Chair.
eric_christian_berg: ANOMOLY!
TheAinMAP: Odd chair.
I_Am_Clockwork: but all these computers have installed is Thermonucular War
NightValien28: anomaly
DigitalSeahorse: chairs and barrels
thraximore: Artyom is getting used to the chairs.
Snowcookies: My parents used to have one of those computers
Critterbot: Just whack'em, that'll teach them to abide by the laws of physics!
Electrodyne: the only way to win is not to play
MAPBoardgames: I find I date maps based on the countries it shows.
Neljandik: Wait, that was not a Soviet era map
I_Am_Clockwork: a cheeky peaker
MrTulip: what the shit was that?
DigitalSeahorse: that is a fair way of dating maps
aggravated_cat: This is some serious nope
DigitalSeahorse: like if it says USSR on it
thraximore: bathrooms: where the butt gets bit
eric_christian_berg: Beware toilet spiders!
Lord_ZYRK: Occupado
ravenlord_xix: NOPE
PharaohBender27: @LoadingReadyRun I just looked at the clip, and it looks like that map shows post-reunification Germany
MAPBoardgames: That map didn't have south Sudan so it is older than 2011
Snowcookies: rude
Neljandik: @PharaohBender27 it had separate Baltic states as well
I_Am_Clockwork: the first game is set in 2033, right?
Mister_BlueSky: This one's supposed to be 2035.
thraximore: surprise wall
Lord_ZYRK: Behind the wall is: an angrier wall
CastleOtranto: That was a pretty decent Reagan there, Alex.
DigitalSeahorse: I remember watching the fall of Berlin Wall on TV when it was live
TXC2: I personal consider the fall of the Berlin wall to be the cultural beginning of the 90's
PharaohBender27: You ever got to Berlin, visit the museum on Bernauerstraße - you get to actually see what both the "inner" and "outer" Berlin Wall looked like
codatski: I have a piece of the wall sitting on my desk! (I was not there, but my aunt was)
Electrodyne: Was that Phil Hartman as SNL Ronnie?
DigitalSeahorse: rofl
Lord_ZYRK: We're so much better off now :)
thraximore: ah, the good old days.
SimplyLeggy: well, could be worse.
MAPBoardgames: I look back on those days as a golden age of sanity in politics.
NightValien28: better than the current days
DigitalSeahorse: yeah could be far now
SimplyLeggy: halcyon fucking days
Snowcookies: I remember in history class about political leaders believing in the supernatural alot
TXC2: an yet Regan is consider one of the better Presidents :p
thraximore: South Korea had something like that happen recently IIRC
GhostValv: :\
DigitalSeahorse: that's what happens when you don't rest your eyes at least once every 72 hours or so
ashteranic: booooo
thraximore: badum
NightValien28: BOOOOOOO
I_Am_Clockwork: lrrEFF that one got me
thraximore: tssh
ravenlord_xix: death animation is creeping me out
Snowcookies: thraximore: the empeached president was the daughter/niece of a cult leader iirc
DigitalSeahorse: what if they're on their back and you just use laser only?
MAPBoardgames: Can we just set fire to the entire complex?
thraximore: @Snowcookies were they finally impeached? that's nice.
Snowcookies: thraximore: a few years back yeah
Neljandik: Artyom is suprisingly calm for someone who has a huge spider walking over their face
MAPBoardgames: Hey, the fan ISNT backlit!
thraximore: does burning the webs actually do anything?
3and4fifths: It's a good thing you're in here, now you can implement a new firewall!
Electrodyne: That was wholesome
Snowcookies: 3and4fifths: lrrWOW
I_Am_Clockwork: it's one of those specail soviet noise absorbant vent systems
TXC2: Lord_ZYRK indeed
wildpeaks: maybe fire would be good on them then
Lord_ZYRK: Oofa doofa
PharaohBender27: Ouch
JAGxTERRA: the speed of those things damn
GhostValv: joh no
Snowcookies: oof
TXC2: nope nope nope
wildpeaks: oh no x.x
DigitalSeahorse: yikes
lemmel: Ow, did not know that
Lord_ZYRK: My ears are ringing just thinking about that
Tidom_Kamf: man, i remember hating this place. beu then i remember that in one of the DLC's for Metro 2033 was was you literally escaping a missile silo FILLED with these bastards with no real weapons
ravenlord_xix: these things take far too many bullets to put down
DigitalSeahorse: always triple check your safety gear before firing each time
Snowcookies: the lighter light is better than the flashlights
DigitalSeahorse: the gun is ALWAYS loaded and you're NEVER wearing earplugs
DigitalSeahorse: mmmmm
wildpeaks: ah yes, the good stuff
I_Am_Clockwork: these files would be over half a century out of date, if their actually from 1970-1979
LordZarano: and the safety is off?
DigitalSeahorse: a little toy plane
I_Am_Clockwork: ah here we go
lemmel: I thought he was gonna like collect it, but no. He drank it.
p3nguinkin: quite the slander towards vodka to call it brake fluid... but I suppose you might be right
MAPBoardgames: I was waiting for the snake to pop out
NightValien28: huzzah
RobotInProgress: cue ambush
MAPBoardgames: Hammer space?
thraximore: you know where.
NightValien28: his backpack
SimplyLeggy: just kinda sticks to his back
drcanonball: to his pocket dimension
Critterbot: Uhhh, don't worry about it.
ravenlord_xix: Hammerspace pocket
LuveenW: what graphics card are you using? Do you think you'll be upgrading this year? @LoadingReadyRun
3and4fifths: Pant leg
Lord_ZYRK: Lets just say that drink isn't the only thing making you walk funny
TXC2: "re re return the map! re re return what you stole from me!"
DigitalSeahorse: up his _
wildpeaks: anything is a map if you're brave enough
thraximore: up his soviet
Mushbie: absolutely wait
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SimplyLeggy: everything I've heard about the upcoming 30x line is that it offers absurd performance for the price compared to the 20x line
Mushbie: even if you don't end up buying the latest, wait for the market to adjust,
TXC2: are Graphics cards finally reasonibly priced again ?
Mushbie: @TXC2 HAHAHAHA.... no
TXC2: booo
Critterbot: Score!
NightValien28: oh yeah
Electrodyne: Quick question: in any of the previous episodes have we made so many "Ra Ra Rasputin" jokes that they're no longer funny?
Snowcookies: nice
drcanonball: we splinter cell now
Lord_ZYRK: Now use your scope Kappa
Scy_Anide: Great, now you won't need your flashlight...oh wait.
TXC2: "Laser time boyz!"
Mushbie: but not as bad as during the coin craze
Snowcookies: just don't go into bright light with that on
Zaghrog: We now have another fast way of blinding ourselves!
Neljandik: I knew that the lights will go out :D
TangleTrail: Probably want the flash light since "Spiders hate light"
codatski: EEEYY, thankfully the game drops the goggles along the way in case you missed it the first time
Mister_BlueSky: Well those things don't like light.
NightValien28: in this particular scenario the light is better
Critterbot: Weren't you looking for something for...lady upstairs whose name I don't remember rn.
TXC2: I wish more games had the Blue night vision from STALKER
codatski: With the spiders around? Yeah
Snowcookies: We're an Audi?
LuveenW: Personally I may go for a used 20xx series, or wait for AMD's new cards. Maybe even wait until they announce a 3060. I'm hoping I can get a card in the $300 range
Scy_Anide: I don't think you have your light on
DigitalSeahorse: ewww
ravenlord_xix: Would you even see aracnid things in night vision? Isn't it based on heat?
Penguino_Rojo: Flashlight!
wildpeaks: do we still have some incendiary ammo ?
ZethRuss: let me guess night vision switches your lights off ?
codatski: flashlight?
Snowcookies: Dab to tape?
Penguino_Rojo: Turn the flashlight on! easiest way to kill them
Lord_ZYRK: ravenlord_xix not if they're light intensifier tubes
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wildpeaks: feeding the ol' morphine habit
codatski: Definitely use your flashlight here
PharaohBender27: katesScared
LordZarano: @ravenlord_xix near ir is not thermal ir. Thermal cameras are a lot more expensive than near ir cameras/lights
Penguino_Rojo: I don't think I fired a shot when doing this part of the game, lol. Honestly thought you couldn't hurt them with guns unless they flipped over
johnqplayer: barrel red hot after 10 rounds? is that normal?
johnqplayer: Sorry Ive never gotten into Metro
p3nguinkin: did you make that barrel out of thin wall galvanized steel?
TXC2: ravenlord_xix also if it was thermal, yes, spiders are still a living thing and as such gives off a lot more heat the the surrounding walls
Penguino_Rojo: Might be, most of the guns are made from scrap
NightValien28: I love her design she looks so cool
Penguino_Rojo: Metro series is really good, as long as you are not expecting COD like shooting mechanics and have some patience for stealth and non violent areas
TXC2: is it wrong that that dress looks more Native American to me ?
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Atomic_Marshmallow: I'm popping in and out to watch, but boy this game looks like a trip
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DigitalSeahorse: yak yak yak
ravenlord_xix: That sure is a vehicle, allegedly
Atomic_Marshmallow: Ahahahaha
Penguino_Rojo: I believe she is of a similar people in the southern Russia/central Asia region
SimplyLeggy: gotta get that cough looked at
LordZarano: Trees & plants are bright white in IR photography, as are most living things
codatski: @TXC2 I can see that? Hard to tell at this distance though
Snowcookies: this guy sounds evil
Neljandik: @TXC2 There is a lot of similarity between Native Americans and native tribes in Eurasia
Penguino_Rojo: He is
TXC2: Neljandik neat
Lord_ZYRK: Suspension 🤔
DigitalSeahorse: jcyrusLurk
JAGxTERRA: Very chatty this one is
Penguino_Rojo: Its totally safe burning oil field, no reason to worry, just drive striaght
DigitalSeahorse: sooo Alberta?
InquisitorGaia: im just wondering how these idiots refine the raw oil into usable
wildpeaks: suspected so
TXC2: yeap Burning Oil is 100% not a carcinogen, no worries there :p
Electrodyne: iVanPad Pro
DigitalSeahorse: clear as pea soup
Penguino_Rojo: [insert star wars joke here]
wildpeaks: must be a factorio map
wildpeaks: oil, weird bug creatures that spit on you, it fits
Neljandik: @TXC2 I think living long enough to develop cancer is an achievement around theere
TXC2: Neljandik touché
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerMuldr half expect to see those little guys in hoods with the red eyes
accountmadeforants: I love how they're hiding LOD transitions with the binoculars focusing. Clever stuff.
Penguino_Rojo: Yeah, the playable character is in his twenties and was a child when the 'war' happened. People dying like crazy ever since
DigitalSeahorse: yeah
Lord_ZYRK: u t i n i
Lord_ZYRK: dammit Alex
drcanonball: well no1 lives here anymore
Penguino_Rojo: at least, no one friendly
codatski: TIL the most common form of tumbleweed in the US is actually an invasive species that can be traced back to Russian immigrants coming over in the late 1800s. Russian thistle seeds were mixed in with the flax seeds they brought with them. They are also responsible for spreading wildfires further than they would have naturally
accountmadeforants: Please... I just want to see my wife again
DigitalSeahorse: "Would you like to upsize your drink and fries for 99 cents?"
DigitalSeahorse: 69*
accountmadeforants: Play It Forward is cursed by enemy dogs
Electrodyne: can you pet the dogs?
DigitalSeahorse: take a nap
DigitalSeahorse: sitting up
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BlueDaNewb: BibleThump BibleThump
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3and4fifths: lrrAWW
Mushbie: you can pet it with bullets....
wildpeaks: nimlotSol
SimplyLeggy: if the dogs didn't want to die, they shouldn't have tried to kill you
Snowcookies: Don't worry, Matt likes golden retrievers, not german shepards
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerPig lucidKarl
Lord_ZYRK: Well it made them mighty tranquil
Neljandik: The dogs are just napping
TXC2: lead tranquillizers Kappa
The_Bread_is_Delicious: mattlrSleep mattlrSleep
3and4fifths: FrankerZ100 lrrSPOOP
thraximore: they make them VERY tranquil
DigitalSeahorse: yeah they're just having nice doggy dreams
accountmadeforants: Alex has strategically interleaved his regular bullets with tranquilizer bullets for just such a situation.
DigitalSeahorse: robo doges
Lord_ZYRK: Clearly they're just hairy people
thraximore: but what if they're REAL fake dogs
paciferal: 3d polygon dogs
JAGxTERRA: I wish you can just judo chop the dogs. would make me feel better
niccus: you tranquilized the fake dogs
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Snowcookies: What we really need to do is abolish the use of dogs as attack units
Nigouki: *honk honk* PIZZA'S HERE!
DigitalSeahorse: I mean this is a video game, the models were probably alive in 2005ish?
realhillwolf: honk
paciferal: Every game these days makes you kill dogs
TXC2: really thicc meat?
3and4fifths: That's the dog owner...
Lord_ZYRK: Dick shots aren't a one-hit? This Metal Gear SUCKS
AgentMagicMaster: "you food! I was wearing a nut cup!"
TheBearBee: Recites Full Metal Alchemist monologue on the composition of the human body
Snowcookies: paciferal Not according to Can You Pet The Dog twitter
DigitalSeahorse: there should be a game where you're a doge that needs to not get shot
codatski: Not penis I guess? I certainly would have gone down there
Angnor33: They have a thin coating of depleted uranium that helps protect from environmental radiation and deflects bullets.
DigitalSeahorse: or just attacks the bad guys
JAGxTERRA: The one guy was all boramir in LOTR fellowship
DigitalSeahorse: and knows who's good human but fails to know who a "good boi" is
accountmadeforants: DigitalSeahorse that's sorta what playing as a Skulk is like in Natural Selection 2.
DigitalSeahorse: oh you get to be a doge sometimes in Sherlock games
DigitalSeahorse: Good ol' Toby
accountmadeforants: Pictured, like, totally a dog trust me:
Blue_Anteater: @DigitalSeahorse Oh really? Which ones?
Lord_ZYRK: Oh fuck it's Nightcrawler
Electrodyne: I'm enjoying this playthrough of Horizon Zero Dasvi dawn ya
accountmadeforants: That's just the rollback netcode Kappa
InquisitorGaia: theyre like ants down there
TXC2: Rude, we're changing guns game
DigitalSeahorse: unsure if I remember them all but Crimes and Punishment has a trade off of being 3x the usual amount of suicidal content
DigitalSeahorse: Blue_Anteater ^ most of the newer ones anyway
Blue_Anteater: @DigitalSeahorse Oh, interesting. I like the stories, haven't played any of the games. I think I have C&P from a sale...
rocketjohn: holy crap, love that echo
Electrodyne: the music changed
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InquisitorGaia: snek!!!!
DigitalSeahorse: snek was more scared of you
Tidom_Kamf: i mean the snake did have insect leggies coming out of its body
Zaghrog: Snek was just telling us to get off their lawn, or rather, get out of their cave spot
InquisitorGaia: the ladder is down into that cave
DigitalSeahorse: unless it was hungry which appeared not the case
chesul: clearly you were scared that some badgers and mushrooms would show up.
Electrodyne: I think that one's your hole, made just for you
DigitalSeahorse: uhoh
InquisitorGaia: you walked right by the ladder @LoadingReadyRun its down now, you can climbs it
codatski: ND
UnseenAcademical: He blew his brains out exactly as you were climbing the ladder
Electrodyne: is there an option to clean that guy?
Electrodyne: gun?
UnseenAcademical: Time to polish your weapons.
3and4fifths: slytqLewd slytqLewd slytqLewd
Earthenone: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (2:53 from now).
DigitalSeahorse: slytqLewd pegaBooty slytqLewd
Earthenone: !findquote box
LRRbot: Quote #2158: "If you touch any, you acquire floating-ass box." —Alex [2016-03-25]
TXC2: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: spoilers!
DigitalSeahorse: lucidSolidarity lucidTroops
3and4fifths: A desert bus?
TXC2: he's talking at us, not to us
Lord_ZYRK: Beast deez nuts
Snowcookies: No, he's talking to the radio
kdefinition: Read Lord of the Flies too many times
thraximore: The Fascist Manifesto up in here
DigitalSeahorse: sounds like he said woodcock
accountmadeforants: Played too many 4X games
Lord_ZYRK: "When shit hits the fan and you're killing your neighbor for a sandwich"
Snowcookies: This world must be his dream world
thraximore: You are not your civilization.
TXC2: this guy was 100% a preper
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
thraximore: If that's how it worked, then how did civilization start in the first place, bud
LoadingReadyRun: mumbles something about survival of the fittest
LoadingReadyRun: HURR LONE WOLF
LoadingReadyRun: Humans definitely not social animals
thraximore: *mumble mumble aLpHa BeTa mumble mumble*
Snowcookies: Since watching that Lindsay Ellis video, I can;t take the words alpha and beta seriously anymore
JaysonMaxwell: It's actually an interesting question of "civilized society" actually caused an increase or a decrease in bad-faith sociopaths behavior in communities.
TXC2: mumble mumble we have fossil evidence of cave people looking after a disabled person how lived well into their 40's
TXC2: *who lived
LordZarano: Wasn't there a news story fairly recently about a bunch of teenagers that got lost at sea and washed up on an island? And they had been helping each other to survive and getting along great?
NightValien28: survival of the fittest was the dumbest lie ever told
thraximore: b-but they told me The Purge was a documentary!
auxv: good magic card tho
Lord_ZYRK: "Survival of the fittest" is a wildly misinterpreted concept
Lord_ZYRK: fittest != swolest
TXC2: turns out Social Darwinism isn't real :p
PharaohBender27: Turns out if the "everyone will kill each other at the first opportunity" thing were true, our species would probably be extinct by this point
JaysonMaxwell: Like - a percentage of the population is always going to be the "asshole" personality type. But was it like every tribe had "that one asshole" or is it more a modern creation/manifestation. (I miss college)
Nigouki: Only the chonks survive
Lord_ZYRK: LordZarano even disregarding that, there are plenty of studies showing social animals assisting each other without a clear reward
Lord_ZYRK: Hell, if you want to get more genetically localized, there are plenty of studies showing toddlers helping people with tasks just because they look like they need help.
Snowcookies: Anthropology studies show that humans are one of the few species that never leave another behind
TXC2: and we're back
Snowcookies: yay back
JaysonMaxwell: !venga
LRRbot: The Venga Bus'll be coming 'round the mountain when it comes.
Lord_ZYRK: Headlights are for suckerrrs
TXC2: !venga
LRRbot: The Venga Bus is coming in for the kill, it's doing it for a thrill. Oh, I'm hoping you'll understand.
Spacepup: The Vengabus is coming.
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBop pegaBop pegaBop pegaBop
Snowcookies: lol
accountmadeforants: !venga
LRRbot: I can feel the Venga Bus coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.
NightValien28: BUS IS COMING
Snowcookies: !bus is coming
iris_of_ether: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
DigitalSeahorse: VENGA
Spluuga: I don see any vines tho
DigitalSeahorse: !venga
LRRbot: But the Raven still beguiling all my fancy into smiling, Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird, and bust and door; Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore Meant in croaking “The Bus is Coming.”
voslan: Is desert Bus Post Apoc themed this year?
3and4fifths: lrrHORN
AgentMagicMaster: the horn is your gun firing blanks?
Lord_ZYRK: Even the fucking four-wheelers in Halo had horns. Get it together game developers DansGame
Lord_Durin: Well, the steering wheel is a crowbar, so...
StarKnightly: To be fair, that's not exactly a stock steering wheel.
Spluuga: @voslan cyberpunk obviously :P
DigitalSeahorse: this car is useless if you're feeling horny
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHORN
TXC2: DigitalSeahorse get out Kappa
Snowcookies: you know it's an apocalypse when you don't get what you want :P
chesul: AgentMagicMaster blanks? why would you waaste precious powder on blanks?
TXC2: Snowcookies really? I thought that was just life? :p
Lord_ZYRK: Oh shit, it really IS Lord of the Flies WutFace
AgentMagicMaster: @chesul aww shit yur right
accountmadeforants: Apparently you *can*, however, toot the train's horn!
TXC2: "whose house? RON'S HOUSE!"
Lord_ZYRK: Probably just the wind
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DigitalSeahorse: TXC2 pegaSass
chesul: is someone fighting the demon?
Lord_ZYRK: PUPPY gdqCheer
chesul: at least there looked to be one.
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerKiefcurse wheelerMuldr
DigitalSeahorse: there's SOUP
Dragonality: @TXC2 There are NO giant rats in the sewers.
wildpeaks: it's a bed & breakfast
TXC2: Dragonality tell that to the subreddit Kappa
DigitalSeahorse: Bed&Brunch
wildpeaks: kids these days, sleeping until noon to avoid demons
TXC2: Bed & Breakfast & beyond
Omthebox: Artyom is more monsterous than anything he'll encounter LUL
wildpeaks: Dying Light has that mecanic too, it's very handy
niccus: shouldn't it work under nether rules? you place a cot and it explodes
I_Am_Clockwork: Most of the Elderscrolls are like that too, just set a sleep time
accountmadeforants: But I wanna catch the sunrise in real tiiiimeeee D:
wildpeaks: witness \o/
Raketon: I think the sleep until specific time was a holdover from older rpgs that had things happen at specific times
thraximore: probably Shenmue, except that would be useful so no
Lord_ZYRK: Uh oh
wildpeaks: I wouldn't recommend it
Cepsys: ok, the squeaking of the seats is a nice touch
Lord_ZYRK: Maybe just a little sippy. . .
wildpeaks: if you're thinking of taking a swim in the dark water
TXC2: imagine this Van in Jalopy
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Alzharade: I'm so glad to see you back, Alex. I've been worried about you ever since the epidemic hit. I hope that the positive vibes emanating from the tesla tubes is helping a bit.
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DandyGeek: what a good steering wheel this truck has
DigitalSeahorse: wheelerKiefcurse
NapalmSideburns: Well, you're not really that hard to track to be quite fair
Lord_ZYRK: No looking back now CoolCat
accountmadeforants: Choo choo train
Angnor33: How will you change lanes safely now?
Raketon: @DandyGeek the wheelball might actually give hime more control than a real wheel?
niccus: oh no how are you going to change lanes
TXC2: neat trick by the Dev's there, no mirrors mean no having to render the reverse
DigitalSeahorse: no rear or side view mirrors
Makrosian_Tae: That's definitely not up to code
niccus: god, the chair squeak is really good
DandyGeek: ok, I must've missed the discovery of the wheelball, @Raketon - I see it pivots, what is that controlling?
3and4fifths: Venga bus?
Lord_ZYRK: Russian Hardbass that sounds like it's coming from an AM radio
DigitalSeahorse: like the music in My Summer Car
Cepsys: truck is coming
wildpeaks: could play jalopy's radio
NightValien28: just a rich guy speech don't worry about it
DandyGeek: oh dear, he's...a touch of a religious zealot? Baron, why
DigitalSeahorse: My Summer Rust Bucket
TXC2: we need the music from the scene in Kelly hero's when Kelly meets Crapgame and oddball
PharaohBender27: He's just rambling on about what he thinks are the facts of life
Raketon: @DandyGeek I dont think anything. they usually have em on forklifts so you never have to let go while you spin the wheel around as much as you can
iris_of_ether: Can I say that I enjoy that "shitty car sim" is a genre with more than one entry?
wildpeaks: perfect
GhassanPL: Woo! Let's go to Dresden!
DigitalSeahorse: yeah game music won't get flagged! :D
Critterbot: How does the train drive on these rails? they're so...well as you can see.
DigitalSeahorse: yayyyy
DigitalSeahorse: Mien Lika! :P
Cepsys: sergeHeart sergeModLove sergePrideLove PrideHeartL PrideHeartR lrrHEART lrrDARK LuvHearts
DGatsby: I love this song!
TXC2: "hmm, Human music, I like it"
DigitalSeahorse: pegaLove pegaChamp pegaLul
wildpeaks: maybe we'll find a box of floor meat or pills to sell
CaptainSpam: You hooked up Jalopy tracks into this?
niccus: did someone lay a beat over the one number station that's just noise
DandyGeek: @Raketon Ah, what a clever design! Also makes complete sense that it is in use for dangerous equipment like a lift :o
Lord_ZYRK: DandyGeek you mean the brodie on the steering "wheel"?
DandyGeek: is that what it's called? neat, pardon me as I fall down a rabbit hole
wildpeaks: cheers chyrCoffee
accountmadeforants: That's such a neat touch
Raketon: They're illegal to actually put in your car, ifirc
Lord_Durin: "stealth"
NightValien28: """""""""""stealth"""""""""""""""
DigitalSeahorse: xD
Lord_ZYRK: Raketon I think they're a state-by-state thing in the US. Not sure about anywhere else.
TXC2: Right chat I'm off
wildpeaks: I love that they're actually setting up camp and doing things while you're away, not merely waiting for the protagonist to Do The Things
TXC2: goodnight everybody, and thanks for streaming Alex
DigitalSeahorse: night, TXC2
PharaohBender27: Goodnight, @TXC2 !
Lord_ZYRK: TXC2 ResidentSleeper /
wildpeaks: 'night TXC2
NightValien28: there is no water in the untouchable reserve child, trust me
Lord_ZYRK: "Here kid" *hands her dead snake*
SquareDotCube: We'll, uh... "liberate" one from a bandit, kid
Mister_BlueSky: Yes a "suppressor" on a shotgun.
accountmadeforants: With boundless optimism
wildpeaks: something something radiations magic
Lord_ZYRK: I'm more concerned about the firing chamber on that thing
chesul: shotgun suppressors actually exist.
E_J_McGingy: please clean the gun
scyphy: if you clean the gun i unsubscirbe
wildpeaks: cleaning the guns pleases my inner House Flipper player
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Lord_ZYRK: HahaThink
wildpeaks: must be a time traveler
scyphy: my genius escapes only me
scyphy: how come this game is called metro if no one is dressed stylishly
DigitalSeahorse: cheeky little map looker pegaBooty
wildpeaks: ah Stepan, always trying to be brave
DigitalSeahorse: xD
wildpeaks: niice
DigitalSeahorse: pegaAww pegaAww pegaAww pegaAww
Clypheous: This Metro really looks an awful lot like it's outside. Someone should complain.
Lord_ZYRK: SourPls SourPls SourPls
Cepsys: st8 jammin
CaptainSpam: Yep, that is ten thousand percent Jalopy.
wildpeaks: goes so well with the chair noises
scyphy: is this desert bus
DigitalSeahorse: makes me super happy too! pegaAww pegaChamp pegaAww
3and4fifths: ♫♪♫
auxv: why does it sound like it's actually coming out of that radio
Clypheous: The above ground metro also includes dragons now.
wildpeaks: "I have the high ground anakin"
wildpeaks: and this is why guns are better to lightsabers, welcome to my TED talk
Snowcookies: Why do they always have bat wings
thraximore: mammals are spookier
Critterbot: Pressure is draining?
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LordZarano: @thraximore nipples sure are terrifying
thraximore: Female nipples are more powerful, however.
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
Clypheous: 81 months...You guys can't possibly have been streaming that long. It was just last year that they did the last skit right? Right...?
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaBottle feliciaBottle lucidCringe
Tidom_Kamf: Its just up in the cab of the crane
Mangledpixel: @Clypheous the years start coming and they don't stop coming
wildpeaks: peek-a-boom
MrTulip: good sounds in this game
Clypheous: @Mangledpixel Yes, so I have been told.
wildpeaks: anywhere with ziplines is usually interesting to visit
Clypheous: @Mangledpixel I'm already older than all of them, but when I see Serge or Ben or someone play, it just makes me feel ridiculously old.
Lord_ZYRK: Lazers are cool pew pew
Angnor33: lrrHERE
Fanklok: More lasers means more futuristic
wildpeaks: because Science
DigitalSeahorse: lucidWeb
Angnor33: In the grim dark wasteland of the future, everything is lasers
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHERE
chesul: it looked like you got a new scope from that gun you took apart.
MrTulip: those boys are good with them ak:s
NightValien28: beautiful shot
Fanklok: How are a bunch of guys with eyeballs and poorly maintained weapons this accurate
DigitalSeahorse: neat
codatski: @Fanklok You learn to shoot well or you die?
Scy_Anide: Do enemy guns even jam? I don't remember it happening.
Fanklok: Based on how many of them the mongolian woman killed I thnk die is the only thing on the list
niccus: it's nice of other people to be your ruler markings
JaysonMaxwell: Good branding makes for bad tactics
MrTulip: nice place this, shame about the, uh, everything
DigitalSeahorse: regret?
scyphy: if you don't jump ill unsubscribe
NightValien28: I no like height
wildpeaks: if videogames taught me anything, we just needs a bunch of hay or a centimeter of water to jump down from this
Mister_BlueSky: Double high.
Mangledpixel: would keep them warm
accountmadeforants: wildpeaks Water? Are you trying to drown us?
NightValien28: yeah what else is there to do out there
wildpeaks: :D
wildpeaks: good point, I forgot about Artyom's issue with water
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Lord_ZYRK: "Artyom, you found water?" "Yes, but I'm out of ammo. The water put up a mean fight."
accountmadeforants: Humans are 60% water, here, just crack open some boys.
GreyFox0012: love the gun designs in this game
wildpeaks: god, drinking vodka in that heat
Critterbot: That'll teach it to not defy the laws of physics!
Scy_Anide: It's fine, it's like warm sake right?
Lord_ZYRK: Somebody probably spent a lot of time balancing that barrel on a mote of dust, Alex. Very rude.
niccus: m'nomalies
hwdesperado: That's some looney tunes barrel action
thraximore: Paint me like one of your french ghouls
FoggyMemoryJ: I mean you can fight the death, right?
wildpeaks: this looks like tetanus central
MrTulip: sand people, sand people, walk like sand, talk like people
chesul: you know what I just realized you can, and definitely do, do in this game? you literally shoot guys with other guys guns. you strip them and make the parts into new bullets.
DaxStrife: "Sorry, we're out of cake, all we have is death."
Lord_ZYRK: Didn't find water, but we found a lrrHAM
ADTalks: lrrJUDGE
thraximore: Aw, and he was so patient
Invitare: Don't give up, Skeleton!
wildpeaks: we were so thirsty we found ass
thraximore: Something tells me: no
wildpeaks: nice high place to scout ahead I guess
DigitalSeahorse: it has a surface
Lord_ZYRK: If you did what you're supposed to would you be shooting people in a nuclear wasteland?
DigitalSeahorse: colider
Lord_ZYRK: Probably, yeah, but that's not the point.
thraximore: You just had to follow the damn train, CJ!
GreyFox0012: what part of russia are you even in here?
Fanklok: The caspian sea
Critterbot: I have the stupidest grin on my face right now. :D
DigitalSeahorse: shigiDanceLeft shigiDanceRight shigiDanceLeft shigiDanceRight shigiDanceLeft shigiDanceRight
DaxStrife: Wait, isn't that music from Jalopy? Is that standard or did Alex mod it?
wildpeaks: looks like this map bug only occurs while the car is moving
Beefpants: I got the bug where I couldn't use the van until a certain mission was completed later
wildpeaks: ouch
DigitalSeahorse: shigiShy shigiDanceRight shigiDanceLeft pegaBop
JaysonMaxwell: jlrrCooltunes
Scy_Anide: Artyom gets so upset about distracted driving. He just goes through the roof.
DigitalSeahorse: mien lika
wildpeaks: schöne Laika <3
PharaohBender27: Meine Laika
Raketon: @Scy_Anide boooo
Scy_Anide: lrrAWESOME
Fanklok: Ben accidentally found the sub ocean during Let's Nope last night
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck pegaBop pegaBop shigiDanceLeft jlrrCooltunes
Lord_ZYRK: Hey c'mon man! I just waxed this thing!
thraximore: @Fanklok oooh I need to go back and watch that
wildpeaks: car even has air conditioning with this giant hole
Beefpants: put it in H
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck weeee
GreyFox0012: so the nukes somehow drained the caspian sea?
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
MAPBoardgames: *thump*
wildpeaks: well this will buff out
NightValien28: AMBUSH
accountmadeforants: Tacticool roll outta the way of that car!
RobotInProgress: This is a different kind of Desert Bus experience that I am totally down for
Lord_ZYRK: You're gonna want to change that cabin air filter. It'd help with the dust.
Martin_FcG: The wheels on the bus go round and round. Round and round...
wildpeaks: 10/10 on the roll though
Mister_BlueSky: I have a mister165Loaf on me now. I have lost my ability to move.
DigitalSeahorse: how can they shoot when you can't see
wildpeaks: oh no, someone dropped a darude
chesul: I'm sad that that guy shooting through it didn't break the windshield.
Toxxick: WITNESS
DaxStrife: WITNESS
DigitalSeahorse: Mister_BlueSky hehe Tails pegaBooty
SimplyLeggy: as it turns out, cars are great weapons
wildpeaks: a dead tribal now
thraximore: must have been concussed
ThePov42: Watching this game is making me think about how far games have come. If you had just showed the last 5 minutes as an E3 reveal trailer 6 years ago, this would have been the most absurd thing nayone has ever seen
GreyFox0012: take the truck?
wildpeaks: yeah the tech in gamedev advances at a crazy pace
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck pegaBop pegaBop HahaCat
wildpeaks: next Unreal engine will also bring some insane graphics
GreyFox0012: i stole a truck from the crazy murder hobos in death stranding and did deliverys with it for about 6 hours
wildpeaks: woopsie doodle
Beefpants: glub
DigitalSeahorse: oh nooooooo
wildpeaks: well taht's horrifying
Beefpants: F
PharaohBender27: katesRip
Omthebox: Oops
Critterbot: Whoops? xD
Mangledpixel: welp
Nigouki: mistakes were made
DoodlestheGreat: WELP
Fanklok: How did the car suddenly get a roof?
DigitalSeahorse: we died to happy music
GhostValv: your steaks were made
LuusiWolfe: well he found water
MrsLlante: kalgarRekt kalgarRekt
GreyFox0012: of all the stupid ass ways to die in the nuclear apocalypse...
drcthulu: we found out the vehicle is not in fact amphibious
thraximore: This is why the removable headrests have metal prongs on the underside... so you can break the windows
CAKHost: Oh no, and you don't have Mythbusters to help you! D:
wildpeaks: "where we're going, we still need a road Marty"
DaxStrife: Did he find the water, or did the water find him?
wildpeaks: the deep dark water
thraximore: I don't understand, he had a gas mask on he should be able to breathe wheelerKappa
Juliamon: Visibility: no
Fanklok: But seriously where did the roof come from, this well maintained VW micro bus clearly has no roof right now
NightValien28: what boat, can't see shit
CAKHost: Gas mask =/= underwater gear
ThePov42: The ravine at the rust boat, eh? gonna need you to be more specfiic
Lord_ZYRK: gdqTunes BANGER gdqTunes ALERT gdqTunes
Beefpants: *snap*
SimplyLeggy: exploding knees
Lord_ZYRK: You weren't using those bones anyway
Critterbot: Just walk it off.
wildpeaks: it's ok, we didn't need legs anyway *cries in pain*
PharaohBender27: OUCH
NarishmaReborn: my legs
NightValien28: why do you keep jumping in these slops LUL
Mangledpixel: who needs shins, anyway?
Nigouki: m'leggy *tips femur*
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaBears lucidCringe pegaShy
ArkhamArchivist: I was worried you had goomba stomped him to oblivion at first
Fanklok: NVGs are new where did they come from
wildpeaks: well this seems safe
chesul: you did, in fact, goomba stomp your wife at one point, yes.
NightValien28: Fanklok we got them from an underground bunker
thraximore: Hey now fella, they're good for the ecosystem
DigitalSeahorse: baby draculas?
Raketon: poop shovel
Mangledpixel: he entrenches casually
SimplyLeggy: why AREN'T you carrying a melee weapon?
Mangledpixel: for fun
DaxStrife: An entrenching tool, for when you need to en a trench.
thraximore: In your defense, that looks like shale.
wildpeaks: I think the rocks just fat shamed us
thraximore: Very brittle.
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
thraximore: It's Modern Art.
wildpeaks: it's an art installation
DigitalSeahorse: slytqGhost
thraximore: FUNeral
DigitalSeahorse: 5 seconds
jubale1: jpakHi
chesul: that guy had more filters!
DigitalSeahorse: filter
wildpeaks: fiddlesticks
PharaohBender27: katesScared
Beefpants: I found this section hard
chesul: the dead guy has another filter!
DigitalSeahorse: eep
Lord_ZYRK: Just hold your breath 4Head
Mister_BlueSky: PrideShrug
NightValien28: there should be a few filters about in this section, keep an eye out
DigitalSeahorse: pegaShrug
Nigouki: just shoot down the tunnel, bullet will keep bouncing off walls forever
thraximore: sniper rifles are always useful, according to my Borderlands 2 playthrough
jubale1: it's the LOTR Ortchanc scene
jubale1: i.e. Saruman's tower, typed the name wrong
DaxStrife: "Don't kill the oilmen." "Kill the oilmen you say?"
jubale1: also known in the movie as Isengard.
Lord_ZYRK: Saruman's tower so big they call it Orthancc
thraximore: mission failed, we'll get em next time
codatski: Most of the oilmen are slaves, so maybe don't?
DigitalSeahorse: ^
codatski: Just kill the guys with guns, easy
3and4fifths: Oranthicc?
wildpeaks: sneaky breeki
chesul: what happened when the prop tower for that scene fell?
codatski: Slaves wouldn't have smokes or guns, so there is your tell
chesul: Orthunc
NightValien28: going loud
wildpeaks: we can definitely scum
Magnifisquatch: Have you tried going left? :3
wildpeaks: !advice
LRRbot: Do the jumpy thing right.
jubale1: where's the enemy
jubale1: why you so mean to these miners?
Lord_ZYRK: So their boat doesn't float away
Tidom_Kamf: aesthetics
Lord_ZYRK: uhduh
lemmel: I mean, I guess to be prepared
NightValien28: an anchor is a good counter weight for a lift
Mister_BlueSky: To keep them grounded.
codatski: NightValien has it
jubale1: woah a ladder climb that isn't just sliding
wildpeaks: quite a few bois
DigitalSeahorse: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:26:11.
codatski: quicksave before engaging?
Beefpants: "I saw you throw that can"
wildpeaks: that crunch
DigitalSeahorse: wo the side salad :P
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Lord_ZYRK: Who knew Artyom was a chiropractor
Fanklok: A very bad chiropractor
Fanklok: normally people shouldn't die from it
chesul: maybe he;s a chirocractor.
DigitalSeahorse: shhhhhh
LordZarano: Always make sure your medical professionals are properly qualified and aren't currently attacking your stronghold
DigitalSeahorse: check with their college and report them if they do a nasty
DigitalSeahorse: xD
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBop pegaBop pegaBop
CaptainSpam: Falls asleep listening to his favorite tunes.
DigitalSeahorse: pegaAww pegaBop shigiDanceLeft shigiSurprise
TheAinMAP: This is quite the wake-up call.
NarishmaReborn: this can will distract them@
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
SmashTCG: Yes
wildpeaks: too much metal in our diet
SmashTCG: thats how i got good
MAPBoardgames: That sounds awful
Penguino_Rojo: one of the roughest firefights in the game
DigitalSeahorse: I remember servers but not that specifically
SimplyLeggy: I miss tf2 when it was good.
kumatsu: I remember meme maps like pacman and balloon race
DoodlestheGreat: No, but I never liked to play Sniper. I always went Engineer, Medic, or Pyro.
Mister_Hush: headshot elitists are some of the weirdest internet people
3and4fifths: slytqLewd
DoodlestheGreat: But did you get head?
Gekyouryuu: I'm picturing that "clasped hands" meme from predator where one arm is "Porn Stars" the other is "Snipers" and the clasped hands are "lining up my money shot to the head."
DigitalSeahorse: xD
iris_of_ether: xD
DigitalSeahorse: wibbly crotch
wildpeaks: such a good reload
SmashTCG: thats not water
SmashTCG: THats gast
Watson87: Does Sam's Russian VA sound American btw?
DigitalSeahorse: gas leak
Fanklok: Sam is an american
PharaohBender27: katesScared
NightValien28: forbidden water
wildpeaks: forbidden snack
iris_of_ether: Can... can you shoot the truck? CurseLit
Beefpants: I want to play this again with one of the new rtx cards. Kidney for sale
Watson87: @Fanklok I know, it's just not as apparent as the English VA makes it imo
Tidom_Kamf: you swapped while looting
Fanklok: Alex did notice that he had an accent
codatski: Yes, on the train
Beefpants: does that thing on his wrist have a step counter?
Beefpants: daily step goals
chesul: I think that was it in the first truck? it won't show as orange since you've already picked one up I believe?
Nigouki: wow, that is indeed an accent
Watson87: Ok, I'm hearing it now xD
codatski: It should be available at the train for you
chesul: you just left the upgraded one!
wildpeaks: must be all that morphine
DigitalSeahorse: sunset redhead
Critterbot: Huh...
wildpeaks: weird
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codatski: To be fair, you prefer long-ranged anyway?
Tidom_Kamf: it might be closer to the cliff side as there were enemies over there as well
SmashTCG: just saw off the thumbhole part
monosceros: kids like that are why books like The Shining exist
Critterbot: Ewww, don't like it.
DigitalSeahorse: lucidShrug
SimplyLeggy: I don't know much about guns, why is a thumbhole stock bad?
SharpyByNature: Zdravstvuyte tovarisch Alex! (Greetings comrade!)
SimplyLeggy: ook
DigitalSeahorse: pegaYuck
Tidom_Kamf: i disagree, some are ugly, some are ok. i think it dpends on the rifle
Watson87: Just breaking down wood I think
Gen2Gengar: !next
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SoldieroFortune: kindling to get the fire going again
Critterbot: Does not fit with the look of an AK though.
empyreon: SingsNote riffGasm SingsNote
r10pez10: now that's a steering wheel
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBop pegaBop slytqDance
iris_of_ether: Okay, this running joke got me benginLol
Mister_BlueSky: SourPls
DigitalSeahorse: lucidDuck pegaBop
PharaohBender27: katesDance
Cepsys: jlrrCooltunes
Watson87: catJAM
Fanklok: Remember that bunker full of infinite cannibals
bill_tinn: HahaCat
p3nguinkin: is that steering wheel a repurposed steeringwheel lock?
DigitalSeahorse: heheheh
SharpyByNature: Is that pop music? No it is the sound of your death!
wildpeaks: the car is still running, so it makes sense the radio would still be running
PharaohBender27: I mean, let them hear some nice tunes as they die
DigitalSeahorse: pegaBop HahaCat pegaBop
SquareDotCube: nighttime + sandstorm, the best stealth cover
Nigouki: survive the apocalypse and this tune is the last thing you hear before you die
wildpeaks: lowfi beats to die to
Fanklok: Miller I'm trying to sneak into the rig but my pop music is too much of a banger and keeps alerting the slavers
SquareDotCube: these speed bumps
SharpyByNature: Satnav says we turn left at the burned out car then right at the mass grave.
SmashTCG: TO
SmashTCG: DA
Fanklok: A Hind D?
empyreon: LUL
Lord_ZYRK: I mean
NightValien28: its russia snake
Watson87: These parts really remind me of Far Cry 2, but with a reasonably sized map and without being constantly under attack
SmashTCG: 👏
Lord_ZYRK: if you didn't, I would have
NightValien28: we really would
DigitalSeahorse: shigiClap1
codatski: You're among friends Alex lol
wildpeaks: a classic
SmashTCG: Encloased spaces alex
PharaohBender27: katesLol
Watson87: lmao
codatski: whoops
SharpyByNature: Grenade get.
Fanklok: Its like watching Ben play Dead Space
DigitalSeahorse: you did get alllll the skeletons :P
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:55:27.
Invitare: why is this game playing the poison damage sound effect from Dark Souls?
Invitare: like, continuously
SharpyByNature: I can't tell which marks are blood and which are me needing to clean my monitor.
Invitare: oh it's the night vision for some reason
DaxStrife: Nice!
DigitalSeahorse: achievment!
SquareDotCube: Did they call him?
Omthebox: Hey guys I don't think its Sau-ded
Fanklok: Tinker Tailor Saul Die
wintertempest: that was... mind blowing
SmashTCG: OOps
Watson87: UM
SharpyByNature: Into the sea!
DigitalSeahorse: woop
SquareDotCube: oopsiedoodle
Fanklok: 110% not supposed to be up there
SharpyByNature: *by sea I mean sub-box-ocean? It's late here...
Fanklok: Its a bird nest
Fanklok: Get read yfor birb watching
SquareDotCube: Aren't Mi-24s actually kind of getting rare?
r10pez10: good reaction tho
wildpeaks: this was the winner of last year's hide & seek
thraximore: they won because they killed all the seekers
Fanklok: Didn't Artyom speak in previous Metro games?
wildpeaks: knife to meet you ?
thraximore: he didn't.... SEA that coming
thraximore: cuz it's the caspian sea? no?
SharpyByNature: Trigger discipline is difficult when you're lrrSPOOP !
wildpeaks: buttshot
aerobeing: I'd think they'd want to collect ammo shells in that environment, so a bag for them would probably be useful on a gun.
thraximore: my earssss
thraximore: not sure if that tinnitus is mine or the games
aerobeing: @thraximore Possibly both.
SharpyByNature: Wouldn't they burn through a bag? Cases are HOT when fired.
thraximore: oh nice
DigitalSeahorse: thank goodness
drdudeman: Hah jokes on the game I have tinnitus anyways :/
Beefpants: yeah I have tinnitus sometimes its a bit much
gualdhar: it's nice to know when it's the game's tinnitus or my tinnitus
Beefpants: PHYSICS
aerobeing: @SharpyByNature There are bags on guns IRL, so I assume they're made out of special material with high melting/burning point.
Robot_Bones: Having to live with it I'd have to agree
DigitalSeahorse: drdudeman same
Watson87: lol
aerobeing: @SharpyByNature At least on some guns.
Nigouki: oof, right in the poop hole
thraximore: who keeps MOANING
wildpeaks: someone's having a good time
RaklarLS: it's just a goat, don't worr.. oh.
drdudeman: @DigitalSeahorse you ever try that thing where you put your hand behind your head and flick the back of your head? it really helps when it gets bad
SharpyByNature: @aerobeing Fair. I'd guess it depends on the propellant load.
Lord_ZYRK: aerobeing SharpyByNature you are looking for a "brass catcher"
DigitalSeahorse: drdudeman yes it doesn't work
thraximore: ah yes, reduce reuse recycle
Lord_ZYRK: They're usually netted from what I've seen
drdudeman: @DigitalSeahorse you gotta keep it up. I find it gives temporary relief but If I do it once a day it really helps.
DigitalSeahorse: for mine at least
aerobeing: @Lord_ZYRK Yep. Google gave me that term as well.
SharpyByNature: Cool! Thanks @Lord_ZYRK makes sense so that you can get maximum air cooling.
robo__nixon: !next
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drdudeman: sadly my quarantine hair is getting in the way so its been rather difficult
thraximore: First time I've heard of a brass catcher, but it makes sense.
DigitalSeahorse: ASMR of the right sorts and sleep help mine
Beefpants: my hair fell out so it kind of took care of itself
drdudeman: If you roll your own a brass catcher is a nice investment @LoadingReadyRun
Lord_ZYRK: I've never used one, but I'm under the impression they're more of a public range accessory.
SleepyDeveloper: at the outdoor range I go to they are encouraged, keeps hot brass off your neighbor on the next table
thraximore: Don't want your thicc brass to clap and alert the ghouls
SharpyByNature: Nowadays brass reuse isn't really required/wanted (for QC reasons) for military purposes. As others have said it makes sense on lower powered/range settings.
drdudeman: looks like ATC
PharaohBender27: Looks that way
drdudeman: totally not monsters coming through the empty window at some point
SquareDotCube: long long barrel
Beefpants: 64 bit barrel
ylegm: how low are we on filter time?
DigitalSeahorse: shigiCozy
LordZarano: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (54m from now).
codatski: !next
wildpeaks: yay :)
SharpyByNature: Naptime is breaktime!
SharpyByNature: So chat anyone see the dune trailer?
mirshebs: I did and I'm excited. but I'm biased cuz it got my mamoa in it
SharpyByNature: TBF Jason is everyone's Mamoa so that's totally encouraged!
wildpeaks: oh yeah, half my timeline is people excited about the trailer, looks sweet
Earthenone: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: that stick that you light on fire and then Dale describes it in a gross way
wildpeaks: oddly specific
Nigouki: as exciting as it is, I don't really see movie theatres being safe again for another year or so :\
SharpyByNature: Actually looks like a cross between Lynch and the miniseries in a good way!
aerobeing: @SharpyByNature Had a bit of a "Disney's Dune" feeling for me.
codatski: What a hilariously specific and recent addition to the box lol
wildpeaks: haven't been in a movie theater in so many years, I'll wait for the digital release as always
mirshebs: I'm hoping it releases online for that very reason but well see
Juliamon: It's not even the most recent addition to the box
codatski: Oh?
SharpyByNature: @Nigouki Yeah, I'm sad about that but definitely won't be breaking social distancing for it.
aerobeing: I'm looking forward to the Enola Holmes movie.
codatski: Also hi Juliamon!
gnome_friend: !next
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gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Impress the ladies with your alpaca knowledge.
Juliamon: Hello, I've been lurking the entire stream
wildpeaks: *gasp*
codatski: Sticking around for Jackbox?
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: another box
wildpeaks: you had Stealth 100
Nigouki: on the bright side, I know that I can rely on Nolan to push Tenet back into IMAX theatres some time down the line cuz he did that with his previous movies, so I know I can "experience" it eventually
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon Glad to see the Mods are still in town :)
FinalShowFilms: !next
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Juliamon: The best mod is the one you don't have to see lrrSPOOP
gnome_friend: lrrSPOOP
SharpyByNature: @aerobeing Huh, first I've heard of it! Looks cool! Great way to get some female representation into the universe.
Anubis169: manLURK
codatski: That's the truth though
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
gnome_friend: Another Spoopifer?
codatski: Not that we don't love having you around, but you not having to work is a plus for you
Lord_ZYRK: Let's a-go
drdudeman: damn what was that dnd ad?
wildpeaks: welcome back
CyberColossus: @drdudeman i think it was showing the amazing dice trays they have. check the store
aerobeing: Witnessed.
Watson87: huh
aerobeing: @SharpyByNature Indeed. Looks fun.
SleepyDeveloper: Game actually is rather pretty
SharpyByNature: Looks like the end of civilization broke time.
SleepyDeveloper: Kinda a russian mad max at times.
PharaohBender27: Nailed it!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL In the grim darkness of the future, there is only....Wheee!
gnome_friend: Was that a giant bird?
Kerrisis: Where is this supposed to be based?
Watson87: It's so pretty that stuff like that really stands out, even if it's pretty rare
SquareDotCube: Compared to post-Far Cry 3, which kind of overdoes the zip lines
aerobeing: @SharpyByNature I also liked what they did in Elementary.
gnome_friend: !findquote map
LRRbot: Quote #2355: "I can't leave the way I came in: there's a badly-mapped texture up there." —Graham [2016-04-20]
Invitare: yeah, the one that Adam deleted his save on
Invitare: I remember it
gnome_friend: Twice I think I've seen a giant bird flying overhead
Inept_Hope: 45 minutes of gun maintenance, 15 minutes of shooting
gualdhar: I'm not sure why the game insists on showing so much roof
Tidom_Kamf: "Working" order
SquareDotCube: drive on them very slowly
thraximore: was that a "reliable" pun
SharpyByNature: @aerobeing Yeah, I enjoyed Joan Watson! They let her be her own character as well rather than cramming her into the past character.
SharpyByNature: @aerobeing Not 100% on Moriarty. Really glad they made the attempt though!
LoadingReadyRun: lrrPAUL I also enjoyed Mad Max. They really nailed the fun of just cruising around the wasteland, discovering places and shooting stuff and
gnome_friend: and
SquareDotCube: If you're going to crash into the tanker, crash into the one with sand Kappa
Watson87: In a country the size of Russia it's a minor miracle that any infrastructure functions
Tidom_Kamf: its basically just a jank SMG
wildpeaks: Moriarty being merged with another famous character from the lore was a nice twist, I appreciate that they tried to do their own thing
aerobeing: @SharpyByNature I loved Moriarty. And I usually don't like that character at all. But I felt she could be explored more. Maybe in a standalone some day in the future.
gnome_friend: Uh, sir?
drdudeman: semi grip looks cooler
Kerrisis: This game does seem to be a lot better than at least the original Metro, which was agonizingly and tediously linear.
gnome_friend: @LRRTwitter This is a twitch stream
SimplyLeggy: "long barrel and compensator" heh
Fanklok: Wasn't Artyom just some guy in the original Metro? How did he turn into a super soldier murder machine
SharpyByNature: @aerobeing Yeah I think it was the lack of development/screen time that put me off. I'd like to see more too!
aerobeing: @Kerrisis I liked the original ending of the first Metro book. amiloLul
SquareDotCube: Didn't it also sort of punish you more than reward you if you explored?
SquareDotCube: !bugsplat
drdudeman: is it also ironic since this game is literally on rails?
Watson87: That's completely fair, strict linearity isn't for anyone
more_alpacas: definitely better than fallout now
aerobeing: I hope they do a good job with Stalker 2.
aerobeing: I want that game to be good.
Watson87: *everyone I mean
Mister_Hush: I have no faith left for Stalker 2
SquareDotCube: clown shoes
Mister_Hush: not after this long, and that's not their fault
codatski: I appreciate that you have a lot of good things to say about this game. The friends that I have turned onto this game have been less impressed with it than I have been.
DigitalSeahorse: is break over?
SharpyByNature: That pylon looked like a ships superstructure for a second there.
SleepyDeveloper: I want another single player Fallout dangit!
drdudeman: youll get another fallout for sure.
ArkhamArchivist: Duke Nukem came out. Nothing is truly vaporware anymore
GreyFox0012: honestly i just want a stalker game with all the old school crazyness just better graphics
drdudeman: whether it will be any good is anyones guess
Watson87: What did you think of Chernobylite btw?
wildpeaks: weeee, fireworks
approximatevolumes: fair warning
DigitalSeahorse: dammit my tab died
PharaohBender27: @Watson87 Impression I got from the VOD was that it was still underbaked
aerobeing: @Watson87 There's a meme like that in Russian, from a Vitali Klitschko quote. (Ukrainian politician and former professional boxer). "Today, not everyone can look into tomorrow. Or rather, not only everyone can look into it. Few people can.""
PharaohBender27: @Watson87 Which is why lrrALEX switched to this
Watson87: oof, that's too bad. at least it's still in early access
SimplyLeggy: I mean I dunno, that didn't look much better
DigitalSeahorse: xD
DigitalSeahorse: ohmy
thraximore: I'll take a fist over getting shanked any day
wildpeaks: you should meet Fisto in New Vegas then :D
gnome_friend: !findquote fist
LRRbot: Quote #5571: "I need to know if he's a magic fist man!" —Bengineering [2018-12-10]
aerobeing: Watch & Play material, huh.
SquareDotCube: Yeah, that's the big thing missing with Fallout: no sense of self-preservation from opponents
SharpyByNature: @SimplyLeggy Just like Batman Alex is merciful with the crippling injuries rather than killing...
thraximore: @aerobeing not quite. not bad enough, just mediocre
Watson87: aw crap, i was looking forward to it
drdudeman: I thought we were talking about Chernobyl the show and I was Confused.
wildpeaks: it feels like they had great env artists and tried to make a game out of gorgeous levels
drdudeman: look up
SimplyLeggy: it appears to turn on a little green light
SharpyByNature: Hidden switch get.
SquareDotCube: oh, it's the slaver ship
codatski: It seemed all game loop with no meat on it? Throw on a dash of undercooked and a sprinkling of boring?
SleepyDeveloper: its the machine that goes ping!
aerobeing: @SleepyDeveloper I'm more into lush environents lately, than the old Fallout deserts. E.g. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. So, I hope I can afford to upgrade my hardware soon, so I can enjoy Horizon.
Makrosian_Tae: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 3:31:47.
Watson87: that devs previous game was very plot driven, i was hoping for more of the same
wildpeaks: literally was replaying it last week-end, still plays great
wildpeaks: boop'd
gnome_friend: Very convenient ziplines
thraximore: did that switch delectrify the line?
Penguino_Rojo: IIRC there is another way below but its harder
SharpyByNature: Ah, it was a ship's superstructure. I thought I was going mad.
aerobeing: I thought the music was in-game. LUL
Raincoast_Bear: Artyom gets a call....
SharpyByNature: Hold the ambush! I need to check my phone!
wildpeaks: so nice of the bandits to patiently wait
iris_of_ether: lrrHEART
drdudeman: are these nvgs that helpful?
DigitalSeahorse: meds reminder
thraximore: the pause was convenient
SharpyByNature: lrrHEART No judgement on you Alex. Self care is important!
drdudeman: i thought they would be easier to see without the nvgs was my point
Penguino_Rojo: Yup, theres the 'other way' in, below
Makrosian_Tae: Stealth is SUPER hard to get right
GreyFox0012: yeah the older metro games have some really bad stealth mechanics
wildpeaks: tbh this game is two games in one, because stealth-only is very rewarding too, but shooting your way through things is fun as well
SimplyLeggy: yeah, stealth games have to be super forgiving.
Gen2Gengar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (30m from now).
gnome_friend: Cue dramatic music
aerobeing: I think it might be realistic for this environment, since they would probably want to reduce loss of items, so painting them with bright colors would make sense.
Penguino_Rojo: I think there is a quest that leads you here. Might be a room you can't get into without the quest
drdudeman: fair enough. I remember reading a vietnam book and they talked about the early starlight scopes and how they would project a nice green glow around your face
SharpyByNature: I mean seeing nothing but a glow in the dark line killing my buddies would be pretty intimidating!
Beefpants: a dude followes youu everywhere with a brass instrument
SimplyLeggy: yeah, compare that to shit like having to find arrows you have shot in games where you can retrieve arrows. Impossible.
thraximore: it's like finding nerf darts
thraximore: you always find two. no more.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I lost so many arrows in RDR2
drdudeman: thats a lot of boys
CAKHost: Trying to get to a stopping point?
Beefpants: You mean these games aren't training us properly for the inevitable zombie apocalypse?
Penguino_Rojo: WW2, Germany had an experimental IR system that required halftracks and tanks to carry large IR lights. Troops and crew had IR vision. It was used twice, reportedly.
SharpyByNature: Clearly you need to find the stick with the point. It's obvious compared to the forest floor... Kappa
LeeshaJoy: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (27m from now).
Makrosian_Tae: Yeah, "excited"
thraximore: @Penguino_Rojo they did a lot of interesting experimentation during WW2
PharaohBender27: katesRip
drdudeman: whats that chirpy beeping sound?
wildpeaks: motion detector
penguinknight76: this is horror?
thraximore: probably the motion detector, yeah
drdudeman: you can turn off the lights there?
Dudefacemcgee: Gosh I love these games so dang much
wildpeaks: ow ow ow
Bearudite: finally got the nv gogs I see
drdudeman: you walked past a thing to turn off the lights
DigitalSeahorse: lol
Dudefacemcgee: I wish that Artyom had russian quips like han Solo
thraximore: reminds me of the robots from Sir, You Are Being Hunted with their glowing visors
DoodlestheGreat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (25m from now).
penguinknight76: his he playing an assassin/spy?
drdudeman: also the headlamp is the superior form of flashlight
Makrosian_Tae: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! It's like an al fresco general store!
Penguino_Rojo: How is the sky in the BC area? Looking out my window in Portland OR and its yellow. Pics of San Fran are red
thraximore: c'mon goons, give each other covering fire
gnome_friend: @Penguino_Rojo is this because of smoke, or?
Penguino_Rojo: Big fires
DoodlestheGreat: WHUPS! We gotta get going, Alex! Next stream in 25 minutes!
Makrosian_Tae: Too many gender reveals
Penguino_Rojo: cali had a gender reveal party
Penguino_Rojo: OR was low humidity, high winds and heat
thraximore: oh is that where that joke is coming from
drdudeman: whats missing is the sound of ball bearings rolling around after being shot
thraximore: I was wondering
aerobeing: Those guys were quite rude.
DigitalSeahorse: I looked up a term that the enemy was calling Alex in a previous stream: Shaitan Shayāṭīn, singular: Shayṭān are evil spirits in Islamic belief, inciting humans to sin by whispering to the heart via waswasaħ
Beefpants: I saw a System Shock version of the meme today lol
kumatsu: I'd be fine if they stopped seeing as I... live in California and constantly worry about more fires myself
wildpeaks: and this is why we can't have nice things
SharpyByNature: My favourite joke was: OK everybody, you've ruined it. We're abolishing gender alltogether!
Tidom_Kamf: Bullpup rifle
Laserbeaks_Fury: That basically how the 4th of July started
aerobeing: @DigitalSeahorse Yeah, that's one of the least insulting ones.
Bearudite: its the sexy gun the lighthouse lady had
GreyFox0012: looks like some wierd groza
CAKHost: @LoadingReadyRun are you going to stop at 4:45 pm?
penguinknight76: why couldn't she just celebrate with her fam on zoom like the rest of us
BrindleBoar: maybe a tavor?
CAKHost: Cool!
Lord_ZYRK: Bearudite sexy gun? That explains why my pants got so tight.
gnome_friend: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a very glossy jpeg of a goat
gnome_friend: lrrGOAT
thraximore: just ender pearl over, ez
Despoiler98: that was a LOT of bullets
aerobeing: @DigitalSeahorse At least in Russian.
BrindleBoar: wrasslin'
CAKHost: Giving you spare ammo!
SharpyByNature: I was eating my lunch!
DigitalSeahorse: yeah
Laserbeaks_Fury: Just some Joes bein' Bros
DigitalSeahorse: lucidComrade
Lord_ZYRK: That guy is 100% done with this shit
aerobeing: Reminds me of OTs-14 Groza.
thraximore: ah, it's Tachanka
SimplyLeggy: very sturdy tablecloth there
Despoiler98: is he shooting a minigun?
SharpyByNature: Minigun go brrrrr.
wildpeaks: "here, have a drink on us"
gnome_friend: And now the whole building is on fire?
thraximore: nah, fires usually go out right
DigitalSeahorse: xD
aerobeing: Or ASh-12.7.
Tidom_Kamf: behind the rug
Penguino_Rojo: "Heres a drink on Comrade Tov"
wildpeaks: from his butt
PharaohBender27: katesRip
Penguino_Rojo: "One for you, One for me!"
Despoiler98: WHOA
Naarius: Too str0nk
Tidom_Kamf: YUP
gnome_friend: DEMON MAGIC
Despoiler98: whoa whoa whoa
elah806: WELL
DigitalSeahorse: :O
BrindleBoar: F
aerobeing: amiloLul
Juliamon: uhhhhh goodbye
gualdhar: whelp
kerbalized_: kewl
Mysticman89: you killed him so hard the game crashed
DoodlestheGreat: UH OH.
djalternative: a sign
Mister_BlueSky: lrrSPOOP
wildpeaks: I think the game is trying to tell us soemthing
PharaohBender27: UM
iris_of_ether: F
SAJewers: pinkkiFine
BlindProphet32: that was one hell of a molotov
thraximore: it's time to STOP
The_Myrddraal: Fire so hot, it melted the cpu
Snowcookies: rip game
codatski: Whelp, thanks for the stream Alex!
DigitalSeahorse: lucidWeb shigiSurprise
Laserbeaks_Fury: The game said it was time to stop streaming
gualdhar: Paul says no more game for you
CAKHost: Bwa?
elah806: FATAL
KoruGengetsu: killed so bad the game crashed
SimplyLeggy: got him
dumbo3k: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (16m from now).
Phailhammer: Paul?
wildpeaks: fatality
SharpyByNature: FATALITY!
I_Am_Clockwork: I'd guess all the fire crashed the engine
djalternative: Hola chattington bear. How's the post-apocolypse? You ready for some boxes to be jacked?
CAKHost: F
Despoiler98: you shot the game
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
Snowcookies: Jack box
alger_waterlow: bye
DigitalSeahorse: he killed the whole game
Phailhammer: cya :)
aerobeing: amiloHeyGuys
drdudeman: welp
thraximore: cheers!
wildpeaks: baii
SharpyByNature: TY Alex!
CAKHost: Bye
DoodlestheGreat: Thanks, Alex. See you later!
Snowcookies: Thanks Alex!
I_Am_Clockwork: thanks for the stream Alex!
niccus: fire too hot
DigitalSeahorse: shigiWave lrrALEX thanks, Alex
CAKHost: You found the secret ending!
DigitalSeahorse: Mein Lika
Despoiler98: remember that time alex straight up murdered Metro Exodus?
SharpyByNature: The only winning move is not to play.
elah806: Just pulled a Kiora Bests the Sea God and foil Nightmare Shepherd out of one standard TBD pack lrrSACK
gnome_friend: !search for treasure
LRRbot: You find: a Wandering Monster!
DigitalSeahorse: Despoiler98 HahaBall yup
djalternative: paper pack? sweet @elah806
Earthenone: TBD? you opened a set in standard before they decided on the name for it? :P
gnome_friend: I really wish I could draft Zendikar Rising in person but at least instead I'm making a Zendikar remastered cube
elah806: djalternative :D I was like "I really shouldn't be spending this money" and then when I opened what I'd bought I was like "well I guess I needn;t have worried"
djalternative: I have 24 packs of Core 21 that's been sitting in my bedroom for months
elah806: Every time I buy paper packs I think "I should squirrel one away and start building a chaos draft stash," but I haven't yet developed that self-control
djalternative: and a box of zendikar coming for the eventual future but also because I want my lgs to continue to exist
gnome_friend: Also I love Obuun
Diabore: @djalternative time to open the foil alt art ugin?
SnackPak_: sergeHi
djalternative: I will draft them at some point. That's why I got them in the first place
gnome_friend: !findquote draft
LRRbot: Quote #734: "I'm looking forward to drafting more MGS5 tonight." —Graham [2015-09-24]
gnome_friend: Graham, what?
PharaohBender27: Apropos of nothing, the air quality index in my area is supposedly moderate and improving, and outdoors doesn't smell like a campfire last I check, yet the light outside looks . . . off
djalternative: but yes. I very much want some of those alt art cards
elah806: In the words of the sacred texts, "the correct answer is to draft with them"
ihlendrax: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
gnome_friend: lrrCAMERON
Diabore: personally for the ugin, i prefer the alt style but not alt art one
djalternative: the 12 packs I did open to do a sealed with my sister did include a chandra and a mangara though
elah806: Sick!
Diabore: any foil rare?
MrTheWalrus: @elah806 Unfortunately, the sacred texts were written in the Before Times when I could have a bunch of friends over to draft with.
djalternative: I don't remember. It's been months. Let me take a look
Diabore: i just want some proxy hope
Earthenone: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (64d, 18:07 from now)
elah806: uh oh
Earthenone: close to proxy hope as i can give
gnome_friend: !venga
LRRbot: We are sorry to announce that the Venga Bus service to San Francisco is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.
gnome_friend: BUS is coming
codatski: next
Snowcookies: !duckluck
LRRbot: You are now a swarm of one thousand bee-sized ducks.
codatski: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
agentsmithradio: !findquote bus
LRRbot: Quote #1122: "I've only crashed the bus ONE time this year." —Matt [2015-11-17]
Snowcookies: Finally
wildpeaks: vengabus is bound to be a theme at DB this year
SkylerRingtail: I'm immensely curious what DB will look like this year
codatski: My guess? Safe
gnome_friend: Okay... what is duckluck?
SkylerRingtail: Oh, safe no doubt.
wildpeaks: I wonder if perhaps they'll have several small locations with only a few people in each place, or just one place with fewer people
djalternative: @Diabore foil sanctum of all
wildpeaks: or even completely remote
PharaohBender27: @SkylerRingtail I think they plan to address that on PAX online next weekend, but I can't remember the exact time. Was about to ask if anyone knew the link to the schedule :p
Juliamon: gnome_friend 1/20 chance of becoming a swarm of one thousand bee-sized ducks
codatski: Right, there is actually a Desert Bus panel at Pax
CAKHost: Remote caramelldansen
gnome_friend: @Juliamon and where did the idea come from?
PharaohBender27: @wildpeaks I don't know if a fully remote DB would actually be feasible, unless they've obtained some sort of digital emulation of the game
Dog_of_Myth: Hello all.
SkylerRingtail: If they isolated in driver groups based on shift...hmmm. I could see 4 smaller filming locations working.
wildpeaks: true, that would be difficult to do with the drivers
SkylerRingtail: @PharaohBender27 Didn't we have a chat member drive the bus one year?
wildpeaks: unless they used that remote driving system they had one year ?
wildpeaks: although I'm not sure I'd 100% trust it
PharaohBender27: @wildpeaks Because otherwise there needs to be someone with the Sega player, and at least one other person as backup. But I can see it being that only two people are on-site at a given moment, and everyone else remote
SnackPak_: Actually playing the game is about the least important part of DB, right?
codatski: Twitch plays for Desert Bus? That sounds dangerous lol
DoodlestheGreat: !jackbox
PharaohBender27: @SkylerRingtail I . . . don't know? 2018 was my first year watching live :p
Diabore: !duckduck
DoodlestheGreat: Quack
PharaohBender27: @SnackPak_ Maybe, but it still needs to be done, since that's the whole gimmick. So in a sense it
gnome_friend: !duckluck
LRRbot: Nothing Happens.
LordZarano: they have both a Sega CD and a JVC X-Eye, so they can play on a real console in at least 2 locations
codatski: !box
LRRbot: In the box is: a man wondering about box contents
Dog_of_Myth: !findquote duck
LRRbot: Quote #2157: "Kick, block, punch. Duck, duck, turn." —Alex [2016-03-25]
Diabore: !duckluck
LRRbot: Nothing Happens.
djalternative: !gooseadvice
Diabore: womp womp
noSmokeFire: > lick duck
PharaohBender27: @SnackPak_ DAMN THAT RETURN BUTTON So in a sense it's simultaneously the most important and least important aspect
fuzzy_died: !y
Sheikun07: !quote
LRRbot: Quote #4597: "Is this a JoJo?" —Graham [2018-01-13]
Dergib: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Crossing the Streams (The LoadingReadyRun Crew comes together (from the comfort of their homes) to play game together. Game: Jackbox Party Pack) at Wed 05:00 PM PDT (1m from now).