Seagulyus: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: The Long Game (Adam, Ben, and Cori (VengaBuds?) are playing the Diablo 2 mod Median XL. Game: Diablo 2 (Median XL)) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (11m from now).
Seagulyus: *nod nod* more D2 with HELP HELP HELP :P
Juliamon: HELP ME
Juliamon: HELP
Seagulyus: HELP ME
Zettabit_Fox: Help!
GreayStone: The bus is coming
Sheikun07: !venga
LRRbot: We are sorry to announce that the Venga Bus service to San Francisco is delayed by approximately 10 minutes.
Mysticman89: I wonder what fresh new memes will begin today
Zettabit_Fox: 10 minutes?! Aww man
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> "I am the elements made whole. I am the sorceress supreme" - @apsalar | "Judgement awaits you, and I am it's deliverer" - @BengineeringTV | "lol I can summon towers lmaoooooo" - @WakeUpSuper | Join the Vengabuds for the D2 mod, Median XL! | ||
GhostValv: doodbenny
Mister_Hush: !busiscoming
LRRbot: The hottest track of 2020:
gualdhar: oh my god what is this
SquirrelLord1111: Howdy!
Sheikun07: Something amazing is what it is
SquirrelLord1111: Perfection my friend
Zettabit_Fox: the bus is coming
PneumaticBear: beautiful
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Oh god. Who do I have to sing praise to for this!?
monkeyrama: RIP Towers
Juliamon: Game needs to be updated btw
Mister_Hush: User mdrift314, idk if that's also their chat name
Nigouki: oh no, i joined chat too late to see what the amazing thing is D:
Mister_Hush: @Nigouki The bus is coming
Juliamon: It's not a new thing
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Bengineering: HELP.HELP ME.
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NicTMagic: benginDab benginDab benginDab
voslan: What do i do if i am tripped in a Metro with the Reds, the Reich, and the Hansa? Same thing Atyom did and fight like heck to get out!
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asthanius: *insert Bus here*
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offbeatwitch: hellooooo
NightWingMistHawk: To quote Adam: It’s coming! Somebody do something!
BusTed: Time to die.
ButButTheJesus: am ben ok?
gualdhar: Ben, ben? why are you giving money to yourself?
MegaDosX: *kicks in door* I made it on time this time!
monkeyrama: Hopefully the sound issue was fixed 👀
monkeyrama: I need to hear those helps
Mister_Hush: your sound issue was fixed
Bengineering: OOOOO
SwankyFlea: OOOO
monkeyrama: SeriousSloth
Bengineering: sit DOWN
Despoiler98: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
SwankyFlea: lrrHEART
SwankyFlea: lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrSIGNAL
ButButTheJesus: but I am sitting
elkae: Why is Ben yelling? D:
GhostValv: doodbenny
Sheikun07: yaaaaaaaassssssss
PneumaticBear: why not?
monkeyrama: LUL Here we gooo
Mister_Hush: ben just likes to scream, you know this
Ba_Dum_Tish: Time to raise the towers!
Despoiler98: WHAT
MegaDosX: It's Adam!
Kyir: LUL
GhostValv: hi
monkeyrama: oh my
ritchards: Hey Graham, you left your guide in the office!
Mister_Hush: i'm uncomfortable
Despoiler98: HahaBall HahaBall HahaBall
BusTed: Oh, story time with Adam.
Kaaosa: Oh no, not this guy again
MegaDosX: D2 ASMR stream?
sm0k1ng_gun: !followage
Mister_Hush: down with boothcam
Alas_Babylon: AdamSMR
Kyir: Is the vengabus s till coming?
monkeyrama: LUL
Despoiler98: OH GOD
Sheikun07: HI BEN
ButButTheJesus: katesLol katesLol katesLol
Juliamon: !clip
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elkae: Good intro, streamer. Haha. :)
SwankyFlea: OH NO
MegaDosX: Ben coming in hot!
Kreiseler: holy shit
GhostValv: doodLeon
SAJewers: mawp
Dalouer: the commitment!
frage069: Good joke Adam
SwankyFlea: Hi highlight reel!
Kaaosa: Ah yes, Adam, master of physical comedy
Mister_Hush: good prat fall
Kreiseler: welcome to the highlight reel i guess
monkeyrama: wow LUL
TheTekkieman: I...was expecting the opposite.
elkae: Adam don't break G's book!
voslan: It felt very Mr. Rogers Neighborhood......
monkeyrama: Wait really?
PneumaticBear: mmm. adam asmr
monkeyrama: wild
Kyir: stand still until they leave
PneumaticBear: knew it!
gamercat88: maybe the randos are okay?
SAJewers: sergeThinking
MegaDosX: Turn on PVP and kill them? >_>
Kaaosa: They come to our games, and steal all our loot
Mister_Hush: they're also high level
Mister_Hush: which is obnoxious
Mysticman89: now its gonna be extra awkward
niccus: now you can't unfriend them
BusTed: awks
Koshindan: 50 isn't high level in a mod that goes up to 140. :)
Mister_Hush: highER level, ya so and so
monkeyrama: wow
Kaaosa: "then you can leave"\
Koshindan: Let me see if I still have it installed.
niccus: wow rude
Kaaosa: wow you literal bastard
theneatestburrito: ??????
monkeyrama: Can you make a game for us and then just gtfo OpieOP
Nigouki: the password is dickbutt
Digigoner: Gimme 30 sec
elkae: Yeah hit 'em with the ?????
monkeyrama: weird
MegaDosX: Have Ben and Cori tried to make a game?
MegaDosX: Oh
MegaDosX: You just answered my question right as I asked it :p
GreayStone: Hi Adam !
Kaaosa: @Digigoner hold the stream ransom
Defenester: Oh Hell Yes
Mister_Hush: hittem wit da bogaQ
Koshindan: Have you changed your GS?
Defenester: I'm absolutely all about this
itsr67: fello
MegaDosX: lmao
monkeyrama: hello fello
offbeatwitch: hello StronkChonkler
elkae: Old man arrives in high school
MegaDosX: Cori the best!
Koshindan: Try typing in /gs and a number.
Digigoner: got one
RvLeshrac: So, "/channel Median XL" "/gs" "/server", and then "/gs #" to pick the server
Koshindan: Yes.
MegaDosX: The password is hunter2
Koshindan: Woot
monkeyrama: It worked seabatPjorg
Digigoner: yay!
GhostValv: poggies
Koshindan: I saved the stream.
asthanius: is Texas
Koshindan: No, just the host.
Hangedman: you made a game so fast it damaged your gloves
asthanius: You just made a texas game
Mister_Hush: "buttslol"
aerohydra: dickbutt01
Kaaosa: damn he almost let the password slip
gualdhar: DickButt?
Ba_Dum_Tish: The password is the one we use 69
GhostValv: today TX saved gaming :)
monkeyrama: We're in 👀
MegaDosX: Two out of three!
Kaaosa: This is a certified YEEHAW stream
RepublicCommando : YOU'
monkeyrama: God damn LUL
Alas_Babylon: Welcome to my sta-...
Zettabit_Fox: there's a snake in my boot?
MegaDosX: !bus
Hangedman: i wan na be a cow boy bay bee
RepublicCommando : you're in my neck of the woods now
Koshindan: Rootin tootin cowbow in USWest.
theevermist: help, I'm scared
Alas_Babylon: I'm just gonna go ahead and melt into the floor now
RepublicCommando : everything is bigger in texas
Alas_Babylon: <-- #rootietootietexan
Hangedman: talk to Le Chiffre from hit movie Casino Royale
Kaaosa: Oh shit you are about to NOW SPEAK TO ORMUS
Kaaosa: hell yeah gamers
elkae: The game is Diablo 2
elkae: Kappa
monkeyrama: You'd know if you were Texan
Defenester: Stay awhile, and listen!
dilrain: Just remember as a Barbarian...Walls do not apply to you. Why door, when you can just jump?
RobotInProgress: Check out Aunty Donna and you'll find out what a Cowdoy is >:)
Kaaosa: I hear that Ormus was once a great mage, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel
NarishmaReborn: theusualpassword
ShaneLeeAtk: Sturm!
monkeyrama: He's so glowy
Sogheim: Sturm Brightblade?
Sogheim: 'cause his sword is shiny
niccus: ben fifteenbooks right here
BrindleBoar: NotLikeThis
gamercat88: nice
Mister_Hush: I tried to read Dragonlance years ago and couldn't get into it
ShaneLeeAtk: @Sogheim You got it!
monkeyrama: LUL
MegaDosX: Reading is always cool Ben and I won't hear otherwise!
monkeyrama: He's got all the power
Hangedman: audible dot com: books taste bad anyway
theevermist: leave them muted for the rest of act 3
Nigouki: heh, dank
asthanius: Such expressive animation
Defenester: Real talk. This cinematic is like..20 years old, and it still holds up.
monkeyrama: that face tho
asthanius: Futuristic af
dilrain: When Gollum takes Palpatine for a walk
Sogheim: 2004 LAN party, yeah!
asthanius: Animation has never progressed beyond this point
TeodorantZMX: how yinz'll're today
Defenester: Looks better than that MTG trailer :T
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niccus: the ice age trailer?
BrindleBoar: it was an okay hall. not great.
sir_jack_DB: eh it's an ok hall at best
sir_jack_DB: pfffft
Koshindan: I bet Marius would make a good trog. Always following a tall guy into dank caves.
monkeyrama: omg
asthanius: Ah yes, the screaming room. The room where you go to scream
Lord_ZYRK: Big mood my dude
dilrain: What happened Companion??? *Companion* Oh nothing just herpes
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monkeyrama: wooooow LUL
ForOhForError: spaghetti chair
axiomnibus: This is such a cool stream.
MegaDosX: Welp, they're dead
sir_jack_DB: just bodies an archangel
Lord_ZYRK: "How many times do I have to teach you this lesson, old man?!"
itsr67: oh hey it's mister diablo
monkeyrama: Couldn't tech the grab NotLikeThis
MegaDosX: Don't do it!
Zettabit_Fox: You Fool!
Koshindan: You know what doesn't make sense? How come Tyrael can manifest in Sanctuary when the Prime Evils needed a convoluted plan. They made the same agreement not to.
asthanius: This guy has shit aim
Lord_ZYRK: This is basically the jar
Nigouki: man, poor Marius fucked up on so many levels
MegaDosX: @Lord_ZYRK You right
thraximore: This is the biggest, flamiest jar ever
monkeyrama: This voice acting tho
Akaiatana: Baal outs will ruin us all!
theleerm: I wonder if cori and ben are just talkin shit about you
itsr67: man he was prepped
monkeyrama: Why... are we trusting him with this?
dilrain: Tyreal, I know you are upset but calm down. Don't over exaggerate man.
Akaiatana: We aren't it's the only option
itsr67: NO don't do it "also here's instructions for you to do when you take it"
Kaaosa: Now that the cinimatic is over.. Ben, speaking of WoW books, I just started reading Cycle of Hatred again and it is so boring how did I read this in the past :|
MegaDosX: Marius is a dingus confirmed
Lord_ZYRK: What, are you going to say no to an angel?
Veste: oh yes... act 3...
Kaaosa: >Ormus has entered the chat>
Kaaosa: <*
MegaDosX: Is the game super quiet for anyone else?
dilrain: Apparently pulling a thorn from a lion does not approve if an archangel is beating down a grandpa!
Earthenone: help me
Defenester: Act 3 was made a lot more tolerable in Median.
monkeyrama: Help me seabatApp
Lord_ZYRK: Wait ORmus
Kaaosa: Click Ormus more pls
Kaaosa: Love that dude
sir_jack_DB: ugh this is the worst act
thraximore: Ormus is great
Lord_ZYRK: I was here for the Deadmu5
sir_jack_DB: reveal the map right away
Kaaosa: Where's all the Ormus fanfiction??
RobotInProgress: You can't kill! Thats illegal!
offbeatwitch: did you unmute them or not
offbeatwitch: LOL
Lord_ZYRK: FailFish
monkeyrama: wow
monkeyrama: Remuted them
Kaaosa: Also if Ormus had a theme it would be a generic hiphop song
Ukon_Cairns: is it funny? we didnt hear
Akaiatana: SQUELCHED
Mysticman89: if only you had more towers
A_Dub888: !findquote loot
LRRbot: Quote #4359: "Holy shit, I actually killed a dude in PUBG! ...I wonder if I should loot his body?" —Beej [2017-09-15]
RvLeshrac: Adam is the designated loot goblin
sir_jack_DB: it takes forever if you don't
ptay313: revealing the map is for cowards
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Hangedman: Gugel my Hunds and call me Ormus
Koshindan: Good thing you started a new game or those random paladins would steal your googlehands.
MegaDosX: Sacred Globes are Sorceress unique items from memory
Kaaosa: Twirlwhing
Kaaosa: wind
monkeyrama: Thank you
Veste: damn peep that xp bar going up 👀👀
Kaaosa: getting used to new keyboard is hard
MegaDosX: Ben killing enemies with infrasound
ButButTheJesus: haha diablo go brrrrrr
DerpSh0t: this is modded right?
Kaaosa: The correct term is Gemnast, Adam
monkeyrama: Yes
Talin06: game seems very quite
TheMagicalSazerac: Is Ben still just a zealadin or vengeancedin?
xXAYAYAXx: "do you know how long i spent farming mephisto on my barbarian" - adam savidan ( some super old lrr video )
DerpSh0t: good, then my memory isnt as bad as i thought :D
TheMagicalSazerac: Farming Meph with a barb? Sorc or bust.
monkeyrama: Ben's building his unkilable build, right 👀
Akaiatana: Spider Cavern
Koshindan: Spider Cavern
MilkInBag: I walk like that IRL
Kaaosa: "has anyone ever seen skittles and M&Ms in the same room?" -also Adam Savidan
xXAYAYAXx: that actually funny to think about
Pterodactal: Spin to win
asthanius: Mom in Rider?
MilkInBag: whirlwind barb in acts 1 to 3, ALRIGHT, act 4 iron maiden, OH NO
Kaaosa: I'm quoting you, Adam
Koshindan: I don't think MedianXL has Iron Maiden.
TheMagicalSazerac: Iron maiden just destrominates melee in general. My poor spearazon
Deftscythe: I forgot about the absolute density of stuff this game puts on the screen
MegaDosX: The arachnophobe is asking for more spiders? Go figure
dilrain: Act 3 Rave
pootaloot: Chaotic Evil puts them in the same bowl
TheMagicalSazerac: Are all the quests the same? We still just getting the flail?
Biomonkey01: Why are feathers constantly bursting from Adams buff body?
Mysticman89: where the aracaphobia slider
Chenozide: @TheMagicalSazerac Yes, the rewards are a but different though.
GhostValv: remember you can cube the gems if you want to
Akaiatana: @Biomonkey01 Because he gets down with the sickness
asthanius: Legged Feathers
monkeyrama: That's one of his stnaces, I think?
Sheikun07: It's a bunch of cicadas
Koshindan: The quests are mostly the same. The big difference is this game has a huge endgame for ubers and challenges. @TheMagicalSazerac
monkeyrama: stances*
TheMagicalSazerac: @Chenozide Right on, right on
Kaaosa: I like that the Barb movment animation is just a weird shuffle
TheMagicalSazerac: @Koshindan Are they planning on doing the end game? Or just getting up through Hell
Koshindan: I don't know.
Akaiatana: R
monkeyrama: I think you unmapped it at the beginning
MilkInBag: adam goes brrrrrrrrrr
TheMagicalSazerac: Our sacred globe is being desecrated
monkeyrama: LUL
monkeyrama: *emergency meeting*
robo__nixon: Adam is firing off chaff to escape any missile lock
Deftscythe: My first time watching this stream. Is median xl a mod? Do we have a command to explain what it does?
hyaundredneer: No more magic? NUUUUUU
RvLeshrac: Deftscythe: It is a mod, yeah.
Defenester: It's a mod for Diablo 2 that overhauls the entire skills/endgame
MegaDosX: @Deftscythe Go here:
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hyaundredneer: oh, wait. Thye has a new game Eyes not seen yet.
MilkInBag: is there a mod for Diablo 3 to make it good?
Deftscythe: ty friends
jiantwitch: Median XL? i remember that mod. was intresting.
Akaiatana: It's the first unique, yeah
RvLeshrac: MIlkInBag: That's called "Reaper of Souls"
Koshindan: I'm waiting for the Project Diablo 2 mod right now. It looks like it's going to replace Path of Diablo.
Mysticman89: thats onlyfans content
MilkInBag: stramer, show thumb
hyaundredneer: oh, so the long game has gone digital?
Deftscythe: Streamer Sho Mashish
offbeatwitch: same, ben, same
niccus: it's where they get spider plants
BrindleBoar: lewd
Kaaosa: What about Arachnid Arboretum? It's a little more controlled
monkeyrama: What's this sub paying for DansGame
MilkInBag: I'm eating poutine again
dilrain: Will he give you a Potion, or Warn you about Manbearpig.
hyaundredneer: Does that count the game last played called Grim Dawn?
MilkInBag: because I had a gathering with 3 coworkers and ended too late
robo__nixon: Fine I suppose. Almost Friday
Deftscythe: Woke up to a big shot of depresso, but slowly feeling better
monosceros: large chillin'
sir_jack_DB: I'm taking a break from Median XL by watching this Median XL stream
monosceros: with cream
mysticsage1: i'm doing good
RvLeshrac: Eventually we'll get to the point on the internet where every streamer has their regular Twitch subs, and their onlyfans subs for $50/mo that are just cameras pointed at their feet.
Kaaosa: I've been looked at the Destiny 2 "press enter to play" screen since before this stream started
monosceros: I'm anticipating cam's The Terror watchalong
Koshindan: That's an uber level, Ben. You can't get there until level 120 I think.
Kaaosa: looking*
robo__nixon: The feet area are where the doggos hang out
Sheikun07: That's the 7-11
frage069: I don't see anything at all
hyaundredneer: My coffee became cold, but then I poured in a large one and iced into a cold one. Still just as gud.
MegaDosX: Also imagine all the spiders inside it
Defenester: I think it's 115? It's a pretty wild area.
BrindleBoar: but it has pinatas! They're full of spiders, but they're still festive
Ukon_Cairns: wait is there an arachnid lair AND a spider forest? like as different places? lrrSPOOP
dilrain: My wife and I watched all of RoadQuest in 2 evenings and now she is addicted to LoadingReadyRun
Koshindan: There's a jewelcrafting system in this mod.
MegaDosX: Well that's new
monkeyrama: Dang, I thought that said stone bars
Defenester: The game flows fairly well into each area, there's very little grinding to hit level requirements.
MegaDosX: Hi James!
Deftscythe: @RvLeshrac I've actually wondered for a long time if it would be possible to have a platform that welcomed both "adult" and regular content and any mix in between. I suspect the answer is no and that the non-lewd content would just be flooded with chuds asking for lewd content
monkeyrama: wooooow LUL
BrindleBoar: LUL
MilkInBag: LUL
ButButTheJesus: LUL
robo__nixon: Savage
Alas_Babylon: @dilrain There is a *lot* to enjoy, you two are gonna have a time
TwitchTVsFrank: LUL
A_Dub888: lrrWOW
BusTed: slytqOhno
methodical_monk: Blue Man Group
Koshindan: Wow Ben how could you say that?
MegaDosX: Ben why would you say such horrible things to James?
MilkInBag: not worse than usual, Ben Kappa
Sheikun07: Adam Savagedan
Martin_FcG: hahaha
asthanius: Ben is such a bully
monkeyrama: What a bully LUL
robo__nixon: Sorry Ben. There is no way to verify what you said ;)
korvys: "Mom, Adam is bullying me to my boss"
monkeyrama: bless you
hyaundredneer: Nah. My gateway was Friday Nights thru The Tolarian Professor's reference referral.
MegaDosX: My gateway to LRR was Graham and Kathleen's Game Knights episode, and then watching Adam's Game Knights episode
Deftscythe: Ah, my favorite emo band "My Swampy Pit"
MegaDosX: And I was like "These LRR people seem fun, let's see what else they do", and now I'm stuck here
korvys: Mine was Unskipable via Zero Punctution, and in the fullness of time, that was a strict upgrade
Kaaosa: My gateway to LRR was my questionable friendship with one of these clowns
hyaundredneer: Apparently I watched his channel long enough that his reference indicated that I was ready to NextLvl MTG.
MilkInBag: Sir! This is a FAMILY stream
monkeyrama: wow, so rude
PaperDoopliss: Next time don't text him "go fuck yourself" Ben
MegaDosX: Adam should drive them to you Ben
MegaDosX: As penance
hyaundredneer: @MilkInBag Wait, there are families in this chat?
Hangedman: my favourite M Night Shyalaman movie
asthanius: *to the tune of Smoke on the Water*
MegaDosX: Noodle man, noodle man, does whatever a noodle can
Deftscythe: act II least favorite
Kaaosa: I prefer the 90s theme song to Noodleman, @MegaDosX
x0den: !helm
MegaDosX: Wow that's a metal name
Koshindan: A handsgoogle!
korvys: Armageddon outta here
Deftscythe: Armageddon this mask on yo face, homie
asthanius: Please, Mr. Gudgle is my father. Call me Hans.
Alas_Babylon: armageddon mask, i.e. the masks we all ahve to wear anyways
Hangedman: Hans Google, inventor of Google
thraximore: a bahooguank!
dilrain: Must Buy Addon Content
Mister_Hush: comfy town
monkeyrama: Full comfort mode seabatTROG
Kaaosa: Mom I want weapons! Mom: We've got weapons at home. Weapons at home: Hansgugel
monkeyrama: Piece of cake
jiantwitch: Out from the Swampy Pit, out with the swampy feet
Haberdashed: These names are amazing
Nigouki: watch James run in and steal the shoes
asthanius: Gib din GivePLZ
MilkInBag: trogs are coming out of the forest
Defenester: Swampy Pit joins the list of MTG Dual Lands that are..uh..'Euphemism' for certain parts of the body.
Haberdashed: Gibdin and handsgoogle
mercano82: This is when Hans Gruber shows up
Defenester: See also: All the Shocklands
Hangedman: looking for the Gibdo, it's the Legend of Zelda universe version of a mummy
monkeyrama: Can you spin in place or do you need to move?
pootaloot: No you cant have that new helmet we have a handsgoogle at home
dilrain: He could not take this anymore - kicked his shoes out on the floor. Wearing socks they make no sense, no bare feet is ignorance. Blisters will all go away, Bare foot Savidan is here to staaaay
MilkInBag: i imagine trogs as those little shits
Haberdashed: Chide harder!
asthanius: Roasted!
Kaaosa: Adam get the fuck out
MegaDosX: Adam no
monkeyrama: boo
gamercat88: i want chips too
GhostValv: :O
Kaaosa: Adam you have never said a comedy in your life
x0den: i have chips
gamercat88: i liked the joke Adam
Koshindan: Ben, tell James you forgive him if he brings your kits and chips.
Kreiseler: boooo 6/10
theevermist: Why are you booing I'm right!
monkeyrama: LUL
Kaaosa: Ben fuck you I rooted for you once
Haberdashed: Ben's opinion really IS the one that matters
Kaaosa: :(
Lord_ZYRK: But was it a real laugh?
methodical_monk: That was comedy gold!
PneumaticBear: gottem
MilkInBag: very charming, let's DESTROY IT
Mysticman89: very quaint
MegaDosX: This game does atmosphere and aesthetics very well
Lord_ZYRK: Everyone appreciate deez huts
YawnLance: As a true comedic genius, I can confirm that was a cool joke Adam :)
Koshindan: A twenty year old game that still looks rad.
dilrain: Kaaosa tried to serve a joke...and ended up eating Humble pie. Sorry Kaaosa. Mob mentally says to shame you
Haberdashed: WOW
Kaaosa: That's what you fucking get nerd
monkeyrama: KAaosa is too powerful
Kaaosa: My mental DDOS
Haberdashed: Jeez Kaaosa why'd you DO that?
MilkInBag: is kaaosa a wizard
BusTed: slytqShrug
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
actionjb: Adam going at twitch chat is very funny
monkeyrama: HOLES?!?!
MilkInBag: HOLES?
Sheikun07: fear Kaaosa's 1337 powers
GhostValv: :O
MegaDosX: Ben, phrasing
elkae: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody mention classic young-adult action-adventure movie Holes??
MilkInBag: of course not, you're spinning at 140 km/h
thraximore: centripetal force makes drinking awkward
monkeyrama: Newnique
Koshindan: A nef rune in a staff gets you a runeword that has a teleport skill on it. :)
korvys: Unique New York
damn_i_am_pretty: Adam Savidan? He's a unique you want to pick up
kerplop1: isn't there a diablo 2 mod for grimdawn?
Defenester: Nef Staff makes this game into Vworptown.
dilrain: Be careful not to go to the Eunuch vendor. Completely unhelpful drops.
MegaDosX: I'm not sure you want the answer to that question Ben :p
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Scyrell: they are the best dps of the mercs if you gear them right
magical_writer: I always liked a frost mage from this act.
DrWreckage: Don't know about the mod, in the base game they are the worst
shea_wolfe: in Vanilia they're bad
Koshindan: There's a shapeshifter act 2 merc that turns into a bear.
zemeckis123: yea lightning merc is quite strong
CaptainSpam: The character animations make me think I'm watching some wildly undercranked early film or something.
Deftscythe: Big Mycolid and the boys
CastleOtranto: I mean, I'm older than babby Ben
r10pez10: help! help me! help!
MegaDosX: The druid vs wizard dichotomy
dilrain: What he meant to say is Bare. It's just a dude who runs around naked.
Earthenone: my mom said i could be anything i wanted, so i became a bear
Koshindan: There is an act 3 merc that has a party heal .
damn_i_am_pretty: Ah, the American right to Bear arms is because we all can turn into Bears. it's right there
Deftscythe: I fucking *loved* playing werewolf druid, just casually stealing back half your life with every claw swipe
monkeyrama: PArty heal 👀
Scyrell: pro tip put a nef rune in a staff with one sockey and you can teleport
Koshindan: The Bloodmage
CastleOtranto: Did this just become a bullet hell?
Sheikun07: Did Cori ever pick up her eye?
MilkInBag: stream ruined
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
GhostValv: you alright there bud
Catcard: LMFAO
monkeyrama: Imagine misclicking
MilkInBag: why do we even bother watching
Deftscythe: *everybody* saw
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CastleOtranto: Ben and Adam's nerdfole band: The Misclicks
CastleOtranto: Nerdfolk
MilkInBag: why are feathers exploding
Scyrell: blood mage heals
Koshindan: Bloodmage has the party heal. I think Zap has the best name.
thefightnerd: is this the first stream for this or have i missed all of the previos ones?
Scyrell: my endgame assassin uses a bloodmage they are great
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MegaDosX: Down the bottom of your list Adam
Veste: Zap Bloodigan???
ptay313: take the necrolyte
Mysticman89: infected yellow
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Koshindan: If Cori has the bloodmage, that leaves you to pick up the big red bear merc.
Dog_of_Myth: One colorless and one white
Koshindan: That's the main crafting system.
Earthenone: random monster could be anything, even diablos!
MegaDosX: You could go get the bear guy!
dilrain: Diablo isn't a monster! he's just an alternative
Kaaosa: Jabroni the necrolyte
Mistborn83: so zoomy
x0den: seabatCHOICE
Koshindan: Bear merc also has a damage aura for the party.
thefightnerd: i forgot how good diablo 2 is. i have to try this mod out
Haberdashed: LOL
Deftscythe: Isn't jabari the sexy rope stuff? lrrAWESOME
MilkInBag: ugly and nostalgic, just like us
NarishmaReborn: when ben was
NarishmaReborn: a young boy
NarishmaReborn: diablo
monkeyrama: Man, if Ben's a husk what does that make the rest of them LUL
thefightnerd: Ben: Remember when we were 20 and had cartilage in our knees? I miss cartilage.
MilkInBag: isn't Ben like, 17?
NarishmaReborn: had risen from the grave
damn_i_am_pretty: when i was a young boy, my father, took me to the city, to play Diablo 2
fastlane250: everything went downhill at 25 for me
Kreiseler: ben I just turned 29 this year I got bad news
Arigato_Corleone: almost thir-tee i lamen-ted
Haberdashed: "Then I turned the ripe old age of 28, and everything"
MegaDosX: Ben please stop making me feel old >_>
dilrain: Ben turned 28, and then the Fire Nation attacked.
Mysticman89: at least you haven't succumbed to bran buds
Koshindan: *hit 30 this year.* benginWat
monkeyrama: well you are almost 40 OpieOP
MilkInBag: oof
pootaloot: Thats how I feel about Tony Hawk 1+2 very arcadey nostalgia
BrindleBoar: raisin bran crunch is where it's at
iris_of_ether: BIG OOF
gualdhar: Ben, I hate you for this youngling rant
MilkInBag: yeah 4 years in 2020 years is like 30 years
theevermist: Basically 40
damn_i_am_pretty: Did you know every day you get older?
Kaaosa: I wanted to say something about Adam enjoying two scoops of shut up but instead I just typed this
r10pez10: you'll be living your best life, adam
Arigato_Corleone: 1 is not 0 - gravestone
itsr67: "still in gold with Dan stream"
iris_of_ether: benginHeart benginHeart benginHeart
Deftscythe: As someone staring down the barrel of 40, fuck the youths
thefightnerd: Old people be like - Stay awhile, and listen.
FickleMuse: I genuinely like plain cheerios
MilkInBag: Adam, can you repeat what's the recipe for vodka water?
MrTheWalrus: The good thing about time losing all meaning is that you can no longer prove I'm getting older most days.
Mistborn83: adams barbarian has to get dizzy
monkeyrama: Your blue sword is, right?
Scyrell: yes any cold damage can freeze things it adds slow and shatters corpses sometimes
cabbageboy_: I miss when I was young and could drink real coke. now We gotta drink the diet stuff.
Sheikun07: You got a Game, son!
Roger_Job329: I'll take a Gin and Tonic, got to watch my caloric intake.
Koshindan: That's their normal casting animation.
dilrain: Ghost Wizard sounds like an 80's cartoon
monkeyrama: poppin a squat
ptay313: look, hes gott get his 100 squats in for the day
Defenester: You can run through the mage guy in the centre, and stop the spell firing
GhostValv: :O
pootaloot: Ooh a piece of candy
MegaDosX: Keep it for upgrading maybe?
r10pez10: a stinky ring
monkeyrama: It was meant to be
Deftscythe: pretty sure you can't show your stinky ring on twitch
MegaDosX: Deftscythe pls
BrindleBoar: steelydans
monkeyrama: Can you respec freely or is there a lmiit?
ptay313: you should try to sell it on the RMAH
offbeatwitch: OnlyDans
MilkInBag: LUL
Koshindan: 3 free respecs and uncommon respec potion drops. @monkeyrama
monkeyrama: Ah, nice
MegaDosX: What is this, Donkey Kong?
Lord_ZYRK: Shit's gone Donkey Kong up in here
dilrain: Que Donkey Country music
Dog_of_Myth: Get it on like Donkey Kong
EvilBadman: dankey kang
elkae: Any relation to the simian ramen
Koshindan: Isn't it always called the Forgotten Temple?
TheMagicalSazerac: Stickerbrush symphony intensifies
Haberdashed: WOW
Koshindan: Ruined Temple*
MegaDosX: Planescape? Is the Lady of Pain going to show up?
dilrain: Diablo and Friends.
MilkInBag: Adam, can you repeat what's the recipe for vodka water?
MilkInBag: LUL
GhostValv: :O
PneumaticBear: oof
MilkInBag: there is no A in my name
MegaDosX: I feel like Adam isn't truly happy unless he's dunking on Twitch chat
jessicatelephone: Corgo666 what incredible splortsmanship
r10pez10: A Milk In Bag
dilrain: Well, Damn. You can tell he lives near the ocean from all that Salt he's spitting.
Sheikun07: If you insult twitch chat, twitch chat will psychic DDOS you!
Lord_ZYRK: MilkInBag Ben's point still stands
Arigato_Corleone: oof called out for the extra 'a'
Vyous: I feel like a good 20% of Adam's steam is him ragging on MilkInBag Kappa
Roger_Job329: nahh
Sheikun07: Have you learned nothing from the Kaaosa Incident?
flangdale: adam only cares about youtube comments LUL
MilkInBag: Adam and I have a very special relationship
Koshindan: Ben should play Neutraldin. It's nonstop buff casting.
MilkInBag: by that I mean he can dunk on me and I can't retaliate or else I get banned :)
PneumaticBear: square root of 4
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Larkit: d2 is so good
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Vyous: That sounds very healthy Milk Kappa
MilkInBag: jessica telephone? why does that crack me up
r10pez10: oh hey the actual jessica telephone
asthanius: The Pies stole her back
Juliamon: She's on the Pies again
offbeatwitch: tigers represent!!
e_bloc: back on the Pies :D
e_bloc: Crabs claws UP
Koshindan: It's a snakeform barb item.
thefightnerd: leaves on the vine
MilkInBag: time flies when you dunk on subs
MilkInBag: paying customers seabatUseless
Haberdashed: I love them
monkeyrama: Simian 👀
MilkInBag: your cousins
monkeyrama: Ramen 👀
Chenozide: @Koshindan Too bad windform has performance problems later on, otherwise cool ability.
PneumaticBear: whenever i need a D&D dungeon for my campaign i just play some D2 and base it loosely around the dungeon crawls
NarishmaReborn: so... monkey kings
Scyrell: its in tuined temple
Scyrell: ruined*
Koshindan: It's in the Ruined Temple
Koshindan: Ben missed it then.
RobotInProgress: I'd prefer a Shirley Temple
niccus: show your travincle
monkeyrama: the stunlock LUL
Earthenone: teach those apes some nanners
monkeyrama: Not today, definitely did last time
Koshindan: I was predicting a death to those frost nova wizards, so you guys are ahead of the game!
dilrain: Does Ben play a Paladin because it has all the letters for Plaid in it?
MilkInBag: talking of tomb juice, The Eric Andre Show season 5 is starting in october
Koshindan: Elcor? Those big guys from Mass Effect?
SplendidFD: what hasn't he done?
Veste: more like Khalim's Fart, huehuehue
Deftscythe: Adam's inv is surprisingly orderly. I would've guessed he'd be a chaos boy
Defenester: Need to chat to Alchor one more time, to get the magic potion.
dilrain: Well you got potions on both sides.
Koshindan: Just wait till you have charms? Those get disorganized so far. :D
I_Am_Clockwork: Adam is good at Inventory Tetris. It is Known
e_bloc: pretty fucking recent references
MilkInBag: GoT references in 2020 OpieOP
Deftscythe: Sir, I have been told
Scyrell: they are the endgame rewards
Koshindan: Defeating Ubers gives you charms.
monkeyrama: He's an old man, what do you expect Kappa
MegaDosX: Does the mod include the Lord of Destruction expansion?
Defenester: Yeah, it does.
Koshindan: @MegaDosX You have to own both the original game and LoD.
Deftscythe: gotta go fast
Defenester: The charms are all endgame stuff
Defenester: You'll get the first one at lvl 50
TheMagicalSazerac: Dats a spacious cube
MegaDosX: I see, thanks @Koshindan
monkeyrama: Assuming this is another weapon that gets taken from you after this chapter?
flangdale: mephistos straight up the coolest prime evil
damn_i_am_pretty: Cain? But wattabout able?
MegaDosX: That's lame that you have to do it individually
e_bloc: I'm in the hate of duris
e_bloc: I'm in the combination duris of hate, hate of duris
Mister_Hush: sequence breaks PogChamp
dilrain: Hey Cain, it's Adam. Can I go fight Mephisto? Sure after this 12 hour conversation about wearing your seat belt when driving bumper cars
Deftscythe: man, mephisto gets robbed. Diablo has the franchise named for him, Baal got his own expansion, mephisto is just a rando midboss
MilkInBag: Mephisto is a plot point
jiantwitch: walked past a exp shrine
Defenester: Mephisto is also the boss that got murdered the most times, because he's easy to run.
dilrain: But Mephisto got traded to Marvel and is a pretty good boss in video games and the comics. Just not the Ghost Rider movie
MilkInBag: a minor nuisance
Koshindan: Why do you think he's the Lord of Hate? @MilkInBag
Mister_Hush: Mephisto's got a cafe to run, he don't got time to be running hell y'all
MegaDosX: Haha Adam go brrr
MilkInBag: lord of lore ResidentSleeper
monakai: He is in a rad cutscene...that features Diablo.
monkeyrama: Should have been a better demon
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Deftscythe: @Defenester but still less than pindle :p
MilkInBag: 469
Koshindan: All of the strength.
Earthenone: 420 is a good number
jiantwitch: Depends on what armour you want in endgame
e_bloc: 6920
MilkInBag: I live to serve
korvys: 489
SquareDotCube: Until you can cave someone's head in just by patting them on the head
Koshindan: Depends on the class, but pretty sure most melee barb builds run all strength.
gamercat88: have they taken their break yet? i was afk
Koshindan: It scales a lot better than other D2 mods.
monkeyrama: They have not
gamercat88: thanks @monkeyrama :)
MilkInBag: no break when you have an xp shrine
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TheMagicalSazerac: This isn't durance of hate level 3
Chenozide: Depends what build you're going for, but he's using a strength-based weapon atm.
Scyrell: you can teleport with a staff you put a nef rune in......they nerfed tele from diablo 2 though with a cooldown
flangdale: my desk chair be like
boristhewizard: Does Adam no longer reanimate dilapidated siege towers?
RedRaptor: Is that what you call the toilet after spicy food?
monkeyrama: Adam ditched the towers NotLikeThis
Deftscythe: Ahhhhh, the french cham-PAIN
monkeyrama: He's a spinny man now
TheMagicalSazerac: Mephisto, I've come to bargain. Just kidding, where's my loot
MilkInBag: Mephisto wants CHICKEN NUGGETS
Koshindan: High level armors can have up to 720 strength requirement. One item even has a 5400 strength requirement.
frage069: GG
Deftscythe: more like the short game
e_bloc: Corgo1000 long long long game
MilkInBag: looong long maaaaaan
Koshindan: Energy boosts spell damage.
RedRaptor: Oh wow I read that as "butter chant short staff"
monkeyrama: More like Medium XL amiright
Scyrell: means your spells do more damage based upon how much energy you have
Koshindan: But there's diminishing returns.
MilkInBag: lore ResidentSleeper
Chenozide: Spells scales with energy, energy factor increases that gain.
monkeyrama: How many acts are there?
BusTed: Lore PogChamp
Tripleyew: 'evening, Adam, and howdy all
monkeyrama: ty SeemsGood
MegaDosX: You blitzed through act 3 in the space of an hour, so well done :p
Lord_ZYRK: Mmm, delicious Zacaroons
Deftscythe: this dude looks even more like gollum than I remembered
thefightnerd: are these new cutscenes or from the original? I dont remember
korvys: "Has anyone checked these recesses lately?"
CraziestOwl: Adam watching lore seabatUseless
monkeyrama: :o
swaggytaco: ew
I_Am_Clockwork: this Overmind sounding jerk
monakai: 10/10 grafics
fastlane250: he aint got no legs
MilkInBag: imagine if they remade those cinematics
dilrain: Really? That's all it could be? Couldn't be Brian from accounting?
Koshindan: Marius is actually seriously brave.
I_Am_Clockwork: I still can't belive they use Exactly the starcraft Overmind voice for him
DarknessKingCoH: Colonel???
r10pez10: why are the graphics so good in this cutscene
monkeyrama: Hot damn
Quaseymoto: No big deal
monkeyrama: Can we be him instaead
MegaDosX: Adam are you excited for Diablo IV?
Scyrell: @r10pez10 because blizzard makes kickass custeans
monkeyrama: Naaaasty
Haberdashed: gross
r10pez10: blizzard should make a movie
MilkInBag: that's pimples at 15
A_Dub888: Someone needs to moisturize
flangdale: thats rough buddy
dilrain: Oh man, Diablo has lice.
yakbop: this is so much cooler than anything in Diablo 3
fastlane250: title drop
niccus: diablo is in this game??
monkeyrama: Thicc
I_Am_Clockwork: his goofy ass walk animation
MilkInBag: thighs chaffing
Pharmacistjudge: I am diablo...I no longer need pants!
Lord_ZYRK: Thick thighs damn lives
dilrain: I get it now, it's Diablo, Too
swaggytaco: that would hurt your feet
CaptainSpam: Diablo: The Video Game feat. Diablo
Tripleyew: pants are for quitters
gamercat88: nakey diablo
MilkInBag: LUL
Arigato_Corleone: got em
Deftscythe: "Oh, should I spread some terror, Mephisto? Should I, Diablo, Lord of Terror, spread some fucking terror? Thanks, brother, you dumbshit"
MilkInBag: it wasn't that clever
monkeyrama: Pee time
MilkInBag: seabatUseless seabatUseless seabatUseless
Koshindan: Have they found any Apples yet?
Arigato_Corleone: it was aligned for maximum official
Scyrell: apples were nerfed into oblivion and dont do much nor do they sell for anything
MilkInBag: quick, post wholesome compliments while the streamers are away
Dog_of_Myth: Ben is.
dilrain: Everyone is really awesome and appreciate everyone who is currently here.
Arigato_Corleone: wholesome compliment? you trying to crash the database? monkaS
r10pez10: that's us
monkeyrama: No gamers here
dilrain: I think Diablo 4 - is going to be about our characters finally taking 4 minutes to sit around and discuss what he really wants. He's tried so many times that maybe it's worth hearing him out? Right?
Mister_Hush: Gamers?
fastlane250: lrrSPOOP
josh___something: Gamers?
theevermist: HELP!
Mister_Hush: Gamierres
MegaDosX: He says while standing in Hell itself
JKBalch: how many ears do you need?
Koshindan: Map the scroll wheel to the keys instead. HahaThink
gamercat88: he fainted
monkeyrama: Marius is just chillin, Ben
Arigato_Corleone: are they good boots or just standard boots
dilrain: Marius called State Farm.
I_Am_Clockwork: Marrius had Baal's soulstone, didn't he?
Arigato_Corleone: leveling up boots sounds suspect
MilkInBag: Fashionblo?
Koshindan: Marius is a peasant. This is now officially out of his league.
MegaDosX: Ben, did you know that there's a skeleton inside you too?
dilrain: @MegaDosX that sounds like a theory. Have you seen it?
thefightnerd: my inner skeleton ran away
Roger_Job329: Marius obviously n
Orlantia: sword of ligmuh
monkeyrama: Oh no
Roger_Job329: hecked Up the situation
MegaDosX: lmao
Arigato_Corleone: undress clothes with eyes 4Head undress flesh with eyes 5Head
monkeyrama: Look what you did Kappa
ptay313: ben lost his pants
Earthenone: noodle arms ben
Deftscythe: You know what else you've got? Quite a treasure in that horadric cube!
monkeyrama: Solved the problem you made
Koshindan: Does Ben have that skill that boosts attributes? I think it was called Stormlord?
monkeyrama: LUL
Scyrell: go to the guy on the right there and he sellsMystic orbs that you can use to give items strength if you need more
gamercat88: get pumped Adam
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Earthenone: you cant be a problem solver if you dont create some problems
Arigato_Corleone: it puts the solution into the problem
dilrain: Plaidalin.
Orlantia: why is Adam exploding particles?
MegaDosX: I vote you find one that looks cool
Koshindan: Great Sword unique is pretty good.
Arigato_Corleone: wow text
fullofliesandbees: We're always exploding particles. That's why self-quarantine is important.
MegaDosX: Can you level it while it has gems in it?
Koshindan: The Dao of Xiansai (Great Sword)
Scyrell: get a tier 2 great sword from gambling
Koshindan: Could probably gamble one.
Kaaosa: @Orlantia he has some ability that makes him emit cockroaches
Earthenone: gambling?
Scyrell: yes just keep exiting and reentering the window
Earthenone: in this establishment?
Orlantia: @kaaosa thanks... also gross
Scyrell: its 2 squares wide and looks like the flamberg but thicker
Defenester: Ida is pretty cool
Defenester: If you Uniquify that
dilrain: So, Adam helps Ben get another weapon. A better weapon. But Ben can't hook his brother up with a great sword.
Koshindan: Weird. You're definitely a high enough level for them to show up.
Earthenone: that sword looks cool
Kaaosa: It's not the size of the sword, it's the thrillin of the killin
jiantwitch: Actually what kind of items show up depend on your level and world
DarknessKingCoH: One did show up and you missed it
Eklinaar: Twitch, why are you showing me ads for Star Trek Day, which was yesterday?
Koshindan: Looks like a flameburger but not wavy.
SplendidFD: it's 2x4
Earthenone: adam is going to hit someone with a 2x4?!
MegaDosX: Imagine Adam's character literally running around with a 2x4
Anaerin: Look, Eklinaar, they were paid to run 10,000 ads, and so they're going to run 10,000 ads, timeframe be damned!
Koshindan: Longswords make a pretty neat summon barb weapon.
monkeyrama: LUL Ben
r10pez10: no steppie
itsr67: as we all do
Defenester: Ida is a barb weapon, that makes you fire out Ice Lances on attack
jiantwitch: What swords you can see depend on lvl and world
itsr67: what about settling for a goodsword?
monkeyrama: He's using an Ida right now
Defenester: Oh!
Defenester: Sweet.
monkeyrama: SeemsGood
Defenester: Is it the unique one?
Koshindan: Could leave town and check Halbu for swords.
Robot_Bones: A part of us all. A part of us all. A part of us all.
Fanklok: aww man I missed act 3
dilrain: Yeah like @itsr67 said. Let's make good swords great again
SplendidFD: it looks like a Flamberge but has a flat blade isntead of the ripples
MegaDosX: Top left!
Koshindan: There we go!
monkeyrama: LUL Perfect
monkeyrama: Looks like that one indeed
Mister_Hush: Looks like "Greatsword" and "Flamberge" might be the same thing. Same icon, anyway.
MegaDosX: Can't find any great swords! All there is is this thing that looks like a great sword.
Koshindan: Enchantment I think
blackice779: WHERE HEEERRREEE!
Earthenone: supirior!
monkeyrama: Oops
flangdale: Im a genuis!
Koshindan: You need two crystals + the potion thing.
flangdale: Oh no!
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
SplendidFD: nooooo
jiantwitch: renewal again?
Arigato_Corleone: what happened lorewise
Arigato_Corleone: i missed it
Koshindan: What's your highest rune?
Koshindan: Could use it for a runeword.
Scyrell: its 2 of the arcane crystals and an oil of enhancement (the blue one) to make a tiered unique
Arigato_Corleone: did he drop the sword in the swamp?
Scyrell: how many sockets does that weapon have?
MegaDosX: Just gotta kill Diablo
Scy_Anide: Just use Blizzard's item restoration page. :p
Scyrell: put a tal rune in it
Earthenone: can you "borrow" a crystal from cori?
Mister_Hush: adam got excited and wanted to do the cool thing NotLikeThis
Koshindan: I was going to suggest waiting for a Dol rune.
Earthenone: maybe bens auras?
Defenester: Dol run is pretty fun
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Scyrell: and just fyi your off hand weapon does nothing for your damge in this mod just the stats on it i would reccomend 2 handing that sword or just using a shield
Mister_Hush: immortalize his mistakes, shame eternal
monkeyrama: Is this place above an abyss
monkeyrama: His off-hand was freezing things earlier, though? Are we sure it does nothing?
Scyrell: yes ancient bloood is good
Chenozide: Ancient blood is good
Koshindan: Ancient blood is great.
itira: Hello everyone!
Koshindan: Wolf stance is probably the best stance as long as you don't need survivability.
monkeyrama: See, we're not freezing things now?
SquareDotCube: ze blender!
Mister_Hush: this character is literally just Garen
Defenester: I love Lion Stance myself, but I'm not a clever man.
MegaDosX: Ben I feel like it's the other way around :p
Koshindan: Diablo 3 came after this...
rasterscan: Wait, they changed it?
Fanklok: Wouldn;t diablo 3 be reminiscent of this?
rasterscan: How did they change it in D3, Ben?
r10pez10: yeah but memory timelines can have different orders
r10pez10: if you play D2 after D3 the nostalgia goes backwards
Koshindan: Great swords also have a +2 range modifier.
Earthenone: im suprised you caught up to him while diablo is still alive
Fanklok: The D3 map is inside of mount arreat, this is a literal rier of fire in leteral hell
MegaDosX: Cori no!
Koshindan: It's normal difficulty.
Fanklok: How long will it take for Adam to scale and become stronger than Cori and Ben combined?
DiscordianTokkan: LUM rune?! Where's the Ranma Rune? Where's the Ryoga rune?
Mister_Hush: Magic Find is always better
Koshindan: You can downgrade runes by cubing them alone. If you still want a Dol rune, you can turn that Lum into one.
Scyrell: its buff for damage
Mister_Hush: than everything always
Earthenone: do you need to hit a mob to get your magicfind to work?
Scyrell: oh how much back seat gaming do you really want from chat because i can pretty much answer all of the questions you have for the game and the mod
Koshindan: Bloodlust is the Amazon buff skill.
Haberdashed: CORI
dilrain: The Paladin lets the 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, and then Claims the House to be Clear...hmmm
I_Am_Clockwork: bold move killing of the title character for the second time, gotta say
Scyrell: no whirlwind sucks
DiscordianTokkan: Oh yeah, this is weird Dog Diablo, and not stupid sexy Diablo
flangdale: spin to win
monkeyrama: If you're havin gfun go for it
Defenester: Bloodlust is a damage buff
Koshindan: It's not good against the late game stuff.
RayFK: I remember the fucking D3 Whirlwind with Ben and I
Lord_ZYRK: Feels like I'm tormenting nothing at all. . . nothing at all. . . nothing at all. . .
Defenester: It's a big AOE red thing
RayFK: Getting run through shit
Koshindan: But fine for everything before level 120ish.
Scyrell: put 6 points in sword spiral and it removes the cooldown. whirlwind is super useful to move around in crowded areas but damage wise its pretty metocre
monkeyrama: Go back to fortress Kappa
Scyrell: if your hellbent on using swords that is
Scyrell: otherwise dethgaze is great for axes
Koshindan: Just play what you think sounds cool. :)
silenceaux: I know that Whirlwind is a consistent balance problem in PoE because it does too many things.
Chenozide: The problem with windform is that it only hits 1 target at a time, which is why you feel like you miss a lot.
DiscordianTokkan: Ooo flawless skull
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Fanklok: Ben and Cori are playing diablo and gave Adam a controller that isn't plugged in so he doesn't feel left out
MegaDosX: The wiki refers to Deathgaze as "one of the best skills a barbarian has in his arsenal"
Koshindan: Deathgaze hits an enemy and summons spirits that fly out and hit other things. It also doesn't need more than 6 points.
Dog_of_Myth: @Fanklok LUL
r10pez10: stinky whirlwind?
monkeyrama: oof
Mister_Hush: why would whirlwind only hit one thing??? wtf
dilrain: It's whirlwind Adam, not cleave.
flangdale: leap only build?
Chenozide: So it hits x amount of times a second, but not "all" targets in range with every hit.
Mister_Hush: blizzard twenty years ago, come on
monkeyrama: That makes zero sense game why
jiantwitch: Hammer-din was fun
Scyrell: you dont need to respec just yet just start putting points in sword spiral till you have 6 and you will be fine
RvLeshrac: Wait what the fuck?
flangdale: can we get towers again?
RvLeshrac: Diablo 2 whirlwind hit multiple targets, why the fuck would this not?
Koshindan: Deathgaze barb also puts points in wolf so you get doggo buddies.
Scyrell: and use fortress if you have it on cooldown
monkeyrama: He started with fortress and got rid of it because it sucked
monkeyrama: Funny af though LUL
Chenozide: Pretty sure whirlwind was busted in original D2 as well. It never functioned properly.
TheAwkes: Zeal+Lance paladin was my jam when I played D2 in the old days. Then they nerfed the heck out of zeal.
DiscordianTokkan: Yeah, Fortress at his point seemed like it did SFA damage
RvLeshrac: No, it worked perfectly fine in Diablo 2. It was one of the best skills in the game
RvLeshrac: If it is broken, this mod breaks it.
monosceros: the S tier barbarian build is playing another class
dilrain: No Ben you told him you were coming Friday
rasterscan: How aren't there more games that are combo ARPG-Tower Defence?
Chenozide: No, endgame barbs today run berserk.
Koshindan: Those are spinning blades you death. You don't want to walk into them.
monkeyrama: RIP
DiscordianTokkan: F
dilrain: Kissed by a rose on the grave.
jiantwitch: did that enemy use corpse explosion to kill?
monosceros: spam tp pls
Mister_Hush: @rasterscan Because the few that have come out in the indie scene have been largely uninspired, leading to low sales, and therefore no visible potential market.
Scyrell: if you hold down control and left click an item you can drop it on the ground from your inventory. this also moves it to and from cube or stash for ease of item movement
monkeyrama: Ben sure likes standing on bosses
Koshindan: Ben distracted Adam with a sword so the boss would kill him.
dilrain: At least you know Magdha can be trusted.
Defenester: On striking is super powerful in this mod, because you strike so often
Koshindan: Speaking of towers.
MegaDosX: It's like Adam and Cori are the younger siblings calling their big brother to help them fight
monkeyrama: Damn
DiscordianTokkan: Look at this weird dog
monkeyrama: But your friendship with whirlwind might be over too NotLikeThis
F1SHOR: WTF is the green things running around 😂
korvys: It's the guy! The guy from the box!
monkeyrama: looooooooool
flangdale: F
MegaDosX: WOW
Mister_Hush: got pooped on
Kumakaori: SMOTE~
silenceaux: Orbital STRUCK
Mister_Hush: from the sky
tergonis: kersplorch
DiscordianTokkan: ORBITAL Laser beam!
Koshindan: Yes, Diablo has new tricks. :)
Nigouki: wow, fucking orbital laser
monosceros: it's independence day and Adam is the white house
r10pez10: how did they manage to pull off a pentagram in isometric graphics
MegaDosX: Yay!
flangdale: saved the world... until D3
Hangedman: the long game is over, good job everyone
Mister_Hush: @r10pez10 quick maff
MegaDosX: What the shit?
Koshindan: Random Movement speed can go negative btw.
Sheikun07: I like the RANDOM bonus
MegaDosX: It's like when you beat Dead Space 3 halfway through the stream last week :p
monkeyrama: Not the homie NotLikeThis
DiscordianTokkan: If it's anything like regular diablo, wait until the next difficulty
Mister_Hush: that's a good point charlie brown
Koshindan: The great sword should be 3x the damage of your current sword, I believe. If the sword is level 2.
Orlantia: a shield? aren't defense stats admitting defeat?
Koshindan: So items usually just sell for 1 gold in this mod.
monkeyrama: Nice helm 👀
RegisTKM: oh hell yeah
monakai: This one gave me bad dreams
r10pez10: old man five head
DiscordianTokkan: Damn. It's been like, at LEAST a decade since I saw this one
thekanadier: isn't the Long Game supposed to be more than 1 and 1 half episodes?
DarknessKingCoH: Everything under yellow sells for 1
Elendilli: monkaS
Koshindan: And then Diablo ended. No butterflies ever existed.
Defenester: You can make a Dol rune Sword by downgrading the Io rune twice.
the_lone_bard: LOL. I love how during the last cut-scene I went to youtube to watch all of these... And just got back in time to start the next cut-scene. How fast did you progress?!
Lord_ZYRK: BibleThump
thekanadier: wicked, I saw epilogue and assumed!
MegaDosX: Do you guys have LoD to do as well? Or just the base game plus Median XL?
Elendilli: you need LoD
Koshindan: Deathgaze is the easiest barb. Summon barb gets an army of buff boys.
Mister_Hush: follow your heart, respec into fortresses (do not do this)
monkeyrama: Does his shirt have a pocket inside?
fastlane250: give him the stone, DON'T give him the stone!
TheAwkes: We getting some Act V with it's roving bands of Immune to Magic + Immune to Physical mobs?
DiscordianTokkan: l e g
Elendilli: monkaS
Zethrik: cool, Oro is in this game
Defenester: You put a rune in the cube alone, and Transmute, you get the next rune down in quality
EternalDrifter: chainbP chainbP
r10pez10: noo
korvys: "lol"?
Elendilli: lacF
monkeyrama: Gettin some real gollum vibes here
itira: ahhh
fastlane250: ew
thekanadier: definitely dreaming about that cutscene tn
A_Dub888: I've seen that anime
Fanklok: So what's the deal with Marius?
thefightnerd: WREKT
monakai: Love the rats
MegaDosX: Just casually set the room on fire
dilrain: Should have been more specific on a reward. Like Chips...or a pizza
Fanklok: How did he end up like t his
DiscordianTokkan: I mean, Marius is probably happier dead, right?
itira: toads?
Sheikun07: So many remote control cars
SuperTanookiMario: Yes. Look into your heart. You know it to be true.
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throwntowolves: Time to get revenge for Marius
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v_nome: Boy, this guy is like some sort of Destruction Lord or something.
BusTed: slytqOhno
monkeyrama: That abrupt end
DiscordianTokkan: And the Abrupt increase in cinematic quality
MegaDosX: Looks like they do have LoD! Cool!
aquinas_0: oh!
the_lone_bard: So watching all of those animations back to back, something funny I noticed... The background screams in the Sanctuary scenes? Those are some people at a party with a filter, at one point it dies away and you can just hear a couple of guys having a conversation for 2-3 seconds.
aquinas_0: its time for the third best cutscene in blizzard history
Koshindan: Amazing what two years allowed them to do.
thraximore: why would they open the giant impregnable gate anyway
monakai: @aquinas_0 1 and 2?
Manae: What do you consider #1 and 2 for this to be 3?
Defenester: I can't wait for the end of Act 5 cutscene. It's still in my top 5 cutscenes of all times
aquinas_0: opening of diablo 1 and tassadar v overmind have special places in my herat
asthanius: Wow, you can really tell he's wearing a Hansgudgel
aquinas_0: *heart
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES
Lord_ZYRK: thraximore It was chili night yesterday. Had to air the place out.
JacksonBross: My favorite cinematic is still the one where the wanderer shrugs off his human form and goes full Diablo -- don't care that it's lower rez
Mister_Hush: they had to put a lot less Video Game on the disc this time around, a lot more space to not compress it all to garbage
asthanius: "Hail~"
dilrain: Bad Wifi Inside.
DiscordianTokkan: He's 2 days from retirement and knows it
Manae: @aquinas_0 I have to call that objectively incorrect to not have WOTLK's opening up there
MegaDosX: Threatening a demon lord is generally a poor idea
monkeyrama: Man's got guts
ImRando: And the winner for "Jobs i would not want" is......
Koshindan: He's a barbarian. He's not use to not being the biggest person in the room.
r10pez10: the mutton chops must be obeyed
Tiber727: His beard is a like a porcupine.
korvys: A lot of hairgel in his fur mantle
aquinas_0: @Manae don't believe in no warcrafts :P
fastlane250: got a voice like lrrHORN
r10pez10: dude fix your reverb smh
monakai: Not a fan of this death
Mister_Hush: @Manae opinions can't be objectively anything
ptay313: who wins? an entire army of demons, or one epic pair of mutton chops?
Manae: @Mister_Hush That's the joke
Deftscythe: you can't even hear a word from my man's mouth and you're gonna fight a war against him?
dilrain: Mutton chops
itsr67: cool trick bro
asthanius: WOW
monkeyrama: whaaaaat
MegaDosX: Kaboom!
tergonis: pop
aquinas_0: so much better villain writing then later blizzard
DiscordianTokkan: splort
aquinas_0: makes me smile
ButButTheJesus: oh god, is he okay?!
r10pez10: that was so extra
dilrain: Of course ...kill the mutton chops kill the man
Koshindan: Never noticed that those magic beams enter the butt.
Jigokuro: gdqGdqExplode fifiMonka
dilrain: Someone throw up the X symbol get Doc Sampson on it
MegaDosX: Look, if you're a demon lord, why would you kill someone by mundane means when you can magically make them explode?
itsr67: check for a pulse!
monkeyrama: Hot damn, that was so good
Scy_Anide: So demon Gallagher is playable right?
TStodden: That guy is just beside himself....
Nigouki: time fore best town music
ImRando: is this game easy to mod?
ImRando: !mods
r10pez10: at a guess because of how old it is
ptay313: did you see his face? it's gone now, but did you see his face?
Defenester: I think its pretty hard to mod, but there's some very determined modders
r10pez10: people have probably figured stuff out
ImRando: Oh, i mean how hard for me the player to install mods for
dilrain: I mean we never saw that guy...maybe he ducked
Fanklok: Median XL is a real simple install
ImRando: My GF just started playing this on an old mac to i was wondering if it works there
Fanklok: You run an exe and point it at diablo
ImRando: ah, seems like median does work on mac. ty for the info @Fanklok :)
monkeyrama: we back
r10pez10: help! help me!
Zettabit_Fox: Hello!
itira: hULLoOo?
dilrain: You guys have already defeated Diablo...what's left to do. Clearly the last cut scene revealed this to be a Military problem.
monkeyrama: Who? Kappa
r10pez10: sorry adam
korvys: Yeah
korvys: He's great
ImRando: kinda, i enjoyed the 1st law series but never went back after the 3rd
shurtal: I'm currently reading the last argument of kings
Fanklok: I always tried to save t eh wadering barbarians in act 5
Lord_ZYRK: I'm walking on short legs, whooo-oooa
chrisvonclause: I’m more a fan of Shenk’s wife
asthanius: Shenk's Wife? Fiona?
monkeyrama: IS the audiobook read by someone good?
MegaDosX: Adam! You're home!
ImRando: yeah the audiobooks are great
dilrain: Wait.. Barbarian home land.. Snow.. You guys are in Saskatchewan????
monkeyrama: Neat!
itira: I love when the narrator does different voices for everyone. Gerrard Doyle is great for that
lawful_neutral_wizard: How do you lose this game?
Orlantia: adam needs a bunny hug
MAPBoardgames: !venga
LRRbot: WARNING. WARNING. WARNING. No refuge. Encountered an assailant 「VENGA BUS」 Be attitude for gains... 1: Like to party. 2: Just around the corner. 3: Interstate free disco.
monkeyrama: I seem to recall Ben saying "I'm basically unkillable now" and then getting bopped last stream
MAPBoardgames: They alreday in act V?
Mister_Hush: I'm extremely skeptical of men writing women, but I'm giving Best Served Cold a shot
monkeyrama: There is?
A_Dub888: !venga
LRRbot: You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry. You'd better like to party, I'm telling you why. The Venga Bus is coming to town.
Earthenone: i just started this mod, went to charsi and she sold me some 20% movement boots for 1 gold lol
asthanius: "And don't come home until you've memed!"
thraximore: more cut, adam
monosceros: memed harder than carrot carrot milk
r10pez10: ben are you gonna buy the full-size chandra foam thing
RegulusPratus: Is dual-wielding doing more damage than sword-and-board unexpected?
iris_of_ether: Okay but seriously though, I've got a Zippo Tricks thing signed by Ben in my nerd display case benginLol
monkeyrama: Are there transmogs in this game
dilrain: Adam, you look like the Shockmaster.
MegaDosX: WOW
MegaDosX: That's a deep cut
monkeyrama: oof
monakai: Gottem
GhostValv: rude
dilrain: Victory!
Scyrell: he only does that once
MAPBoardgames: You need a big hat to hold in your big brain, Adam.
MegaDosX: In Adam's defense, I don't think we've seen him stumble through a wall and lose his helmet yet
Elendilli: you can use jewels to socket items. sockets depend on the item and tier (1-4). tier4 will always have maximum sockets
thraximore: oh is that the dude with the glitter Stormtrooper helmet
dilrain: @thraximore Yep.
MegaDosX: Yeah, that's the Shockmaster @thraximore
thraximore: LUL
lawful_neutral_wizard: Oh, nearly forgot to ask — have you watched the Dune trailer?
MAPBoardgames: Gnarly Root
monkeyrama: You're so zoomie
MAPBoardgames: Or watch out for a normal club
MAPBoardgames: club
Koshindan: Club
Elendilli: a tier2 club if possible
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Keifeto: ooooh Diablo 2! this looks like a fun time
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Koshindan: Could probably buy one from Charsi
Elendilli: it can be any quality
Elendilli: actually
MAPBoardgames: I think I even saw one on the ground back there a bit.
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ElementalAlchemist: HOLY HECK FIVE YEARS?!
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Keifeto: @_@ it always impresses me when people pronouce it right then i remember their mutual friend Keifer xD
MAPBoardgames: Who let barbarians out?
monkeyrama: Don't Panic :-)
Lord_ZYRK: Gotta let the barbies out of their dreamhouse
Elendilli: you can
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Elendilli: its just bad d2 pathfinding
ElementalAlchemist: woo!
Elendilli: you can go in
screamingpeasant: just got on; is this modded? or did blizzard make changes?
monkeyrama: Modded
Juliamon: Median XL mod
r10pez10: let twitch chat out of its pen adam
monkeyrama: Median XL mod
Koshindan: At least you can pick up the club now that you're going back.
Koshindan: Try enchanting your weapon with Life on Hit mystic orbs.
Elendilli: you can go in the elite zone. its just bad pathfinding for d2 e
Defenester: It's been a mod that's been worked on for over 10 years now
monkeyrama: Doesn't one of your swords have life on hit already?
MegaDosX: This does seem like a poor idea
MAPBoardgames: Slaads
Koshindan: I'm pretty sure the MOs are +40 life on hit each.
thraximore: The WAY is SHUT
ElementalAlchemist: eat all food before bouncing nose
monkeyrama: Oh daaaaang
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DarknessKingCoH: So after this run thru are you guys going to follow it up with Throne of Darkness?
Elendilli: whirlwind is actually shit lacLaugh
Elendilli: but you dont get stunned
offbeatwitch: "you did, my liege"
dilrain: Just like Shockmaster running through a wall :D
DoodlestheGreat: rollin rollin rollin...
Elendilli: you can upgrade an item tier with 1 arcane crystal. on uniques it will also scale the stats when upgraded to the next tier
Scyrell: try out the other sword skills and see what ones you like the feel of. i reccomend iron spiral with 6 points to remove the cooldown.
monkeyrama: Nice
onanimasu: Skill points are for peasants
Koshindan: Wolf Companion is good.
Scyrell: put more points in the last sword skill dedalus
Koshindan: It's a pet that puts a curse on enemies and can't get hit.
Oghara: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Elendilli: you need to give up your right slot for stances
Elendilli: and attack with left
monkeyrama: We used to have a cute wolf companion
Elendilli: hover over wolf stance
Elendilli: i cant see
Oghara: oh ppr is not tomorrow? ok
monkeyrama: Sure can
Elendilli: SeemsGood i see
MAPBoardgames: Yeah, Yeah, Adam. We believe you.
thraximore: oh THAT's what the particles are
Defenester: You should go down the fortress line, and pick up the passives
Koshindan: Larzuk has mystic orbs on the Misc screen.
Defenester: The bottom one is really good
damn_i_am_pretty: if you have that skill, then name their first five albums
thraximore: In our defense, they don't look very wolflike
Elendilli: quality doesn't matter
Elendilli: i can be magic or rare too
Elendilli: it*
Elendilli: find a tier 2 club so you save 1 arcane crystal
Elendilli: you can gamble tier 2
Koshindan: Yes you can. Tier 2 clubs start dropping in late act 2.
onanimasu: always more strength
Koshindan: You can also gamble them.
Elendilli: when you upgrade unique item tiers with arcane crystal their stats also scale up
monkeyrama: More Vit seabatPjorg
onanimasu: Vit is a coward's stat
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Elendilli: its magic so it wont work
Elendilli: needs to be white
Elendilli: or grey
Elendilli: (runeword)
Koshindan: Yes.
AmishCarBomb: oo a stronkcronkler
monkeyrama: Now we know seabatBRAIN
Scyrell: the blue one
Elendilli: 2 arcane crystals, blue oil, base item of cjoice
Koshindan: Any non-sacred item + Oil of Enhancement + Arcane Crystal x2 → reroll item as unique
dilrain: Or...screw it up for ben
MAPBoardgames: Put it in the bag with 2 cups of mix and shake. Then bake at 375 F for 35 minutes.
Elendilli: there are two ways to farm crystals
onanimasu: Let rest for a few minutes and slice in half for a beautiful cross section
Elendilli: mephisto runs or nihlathak runs
Elendilli: nihlathak is better but its harder
Koshindan: I've done so many Nihlatak runs in this mod playing out different builds. :(
Elendilli: i know everything about this game just ask lacOkay
MAPBoardgames: drop a portal outside
monkeyrama: So what build are we swapping to OpieOP
VintageSpiffy: What, you don't wanna be a Beyblade, Adam?
Fanklok: IRL a Caestus is like a boxing glove, if boxing gloves were made of heavy leather and studded
Elendilli: i would recommend doing Axe barb when you feel like respecing later. It uses the skill Deathgaze
Elendilli: for now you can still have fun with whirlwind
monkeyrama: well that teleport's confusing LUL
Koshindan: This is making me want to play MedianXL, but I'm saving all my Diablo juice for this year on PD2. :(
PluralKumquat: I love this game so much.
Elendilli: project diablo wont be for a while i think
monkeyrama: Poor Cori NotLikeThis
MAPBoardgames: Heart Attack?
MAPBoardgames: Stroke?
MAPBoardgames: Late acting poison?
thefightnerd: what is it about isometric RPG games from the 90s and early 2000s that are just so good?
Koshindan: You won't beat the act today unless you skip something new.
MAPBoardgames: Is there any game in which a durability system is a good thing/improves the gameplay?
PluralKumquat: @MAPBoardgames Breath of the Wild maybe? Probably not.
rasterscan: How bad is it going to be when the subs hit 100?
monkeyrama: Free gear seabatPjorg
ComradeMik: hey team
Juliamon: Durability is what makes chunk punching interesting
Scyrell: yup that armor is great
Koshindan: Yes.
Elendilli: you stun mobs that can be stunned
ComradeMik: why is adam's char shedding skin so badly?
Elendilli: check if you can wear it
Elendilli: at tier 3
monkeyrama: SEems like some great gear to keep around
SmashTCG: i like that that screen resembles a D&D sheet
Scyrell: check the requirements before you upgrade anything....always
ComradeMik: looks like me in midwinter
Koshindan: Required level 45, required strength 331
Koshindan: for tier 3.
me_mal: median xl rocks out-friggin'-loud.
MegaDosX: Helps answer your question as to how much strength you need I guess
monkeyrama: So hold off on that upgrade 😬
Koshindan: That one has plus to requirements.
PluralKumquat: I love that the enchants change the color overlay on the items.
Scyrell: that mod is actually + to requirements
YoungsterDenis: D2 atpGasm atpGasm atpGasm
Koshindan: It's actually heavier than other gothic plates.
r10pez10: lmao
ComradeMik: now i just want lollies
ComradeMik: you fiends
r10pez10: the heck is going on in here
DiscordianTokkan: MIKE AND IKES
Dalouer: fruit roll ups!
Scyrell: you will get to that right before baal
Kreiseler: runts
Kreiseler: Mike and ike
GreayStone: Watchamecallits
shurtal: Whoppers
monkeyrama: These two LUL
DiscordianTokkan: SOUR PATH KIDS CHERRY BLASTER ROPES. (Which are a thing, due to dumb branding)
Koshindan: That's your first charm. If you progress you'll find out.
MegaDosX: Ben, no!
DiscordianTokkan: *patch
Lord_ZYRK: Go down the chocolate hole only on Ben's OnlyFans
r10pez10: chocolate hole not like this
MAPBoardgames: Did they already beat the three stoogies?
Koshindan: You're stunning.
Defenester: Keep playing
monkeyrama: that's legit seabatTROG
Defenester: You'll find it soon enough
PluralKumquat: So is this a mod?
thraximore: WHO said whirlwind was bad? wheelerKappa
Defenester: The Sunstone will be around soon enough
Juliamon: Median XL mod
Elendilli: the storm shamans are op
Elendilli: its actually thorns aura
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
Elendilli: this area is nuts lacLaugh
PluralKumquat: I will have to try this
Scyrell: if you keep moving side to side the storm shaman corpse trap wont kill you
JanuaryAndOn: BATS
monkeyrama: Ouchie
Elendilli: this area is full of elites
Defenester: Storm Shamans do the lightning wall thing, and they make dead thunderlings into those rings of pain
monkeyrama: Hi JAO
Elendilli: the baddest of the bad
JanuaryAndOn: Man what a game this was
Scyrell: oh and btw about now the game assumes you have maxxed resists across the board...
JanuaryAndOn: Monkeyyyyyy
actionjb: Adam :We need to stick together
thraximore: It's the Halls of ANGUISH, not the Halls of Gentle Tickling
Scyrell: you should make honorific gear and put all resist on it
Scyrell: additionally nelithak is a great place to farm arcane crystals
Pwnawegraphy: wtf mod is this
Elendilli: resists are probably missing so its harder here
monkeyrama: Need new zoomie shoes
MegaDosX: @Pwnawegraphy
monkeyrama: No magic or physical resist lrrSPOOP
Elendilli: You can hide the game password in preferences > inferface
MegaDosX: Is that a lightning resist shrine?
JanuaryAndOn: i was about to say this is so different but its super modded
monkeyrama: It is quite modded
thraximore: resist lightning shrine, very nice
Scyrell: you should use those
Scyrell: those are the best for barbs and palas
monkeyrama: Ben is a Pally
Scyrell: yes leave game and kill him a few times
Elendilli: if you cant run nihlathak you can run mephisto solo
Lord_ZYRK: Metal. . . Gear. . .
JanuaryAndOn: poggies my doggies
monkeyrama: Are you "among us"ing from the office, Adam?
MegaDosX: Halls of Pain? Look out for Mark Henry!
Elendilli: not really
Elendilli: you can gamble it if u need it
Elendilli: only pickup uniques, rare rings/ammy
Scyrell: no you can ignore rare gear that's not either riings/amulets or sacred items
MAPBoardgames: Which is more complicated? Grim Dawn or PoE?
r10pez10: don't pay attention to us
niccus: watch out, you're about to die
Koshindan: This is why I suggested Life on Hit mystic orbs. :)
adamjford: never read chat
MAPBoardgames: !chat
LRRbot: Seriously, just never listen to chat.
asthanius: Y ur character so stiny
Scyrell: no just run to the boss and kill him
asthanius: #Internet
Scyrell: this is where whirlwind is just run forward and whirl through stuff not killing it to get to the boss
Scyrell: she should use the staff
Koshindan: That staff gives oskills. It's really fun.
monkeyrama: Not bad OpieOP
MAPBoardgames: +10 Apocalypse
Koshindan: Apocalypse is ported over from Diablo 1. It hits everything on the screen instantly.
Elendilli: its Lo
monkeyrama: Your monhun is showing
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DaMullet14: That's 9 9s yo
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asthanius: bigger boss
asthanius: biggest boss
asthanius: smol boss
Koshindan: biggester boss
Defenester: Two runes of the same sort upgrade into the next biggest
MegaDosX: Lorge boss
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ivn21: weeee
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Elendilli: i can feed you arcane crystals if you get bored of farming Kappa
PluralKumquat: There's always a bigger boss.
MegaDosX: Wow!
monkeyrama: Team kill lrrSPOOP
BusTed: rip
Scyrell: note there are 3 static maps for this floor so the way down is either to the bottom left on 2 of them or directly right on the other
MegaDosX: You guys got buried
MAPBoardgames: That's a pile of big lads
Elendilli: Whirlwind does suck. lacLaugh do Axe barb later when you feel like respecing later. It uses the skill Deathgaze
MegaDosX: Bonesplitter's ready!
PluralKumquat: You ain't going NOWHERES
monkeyrama: seabatYIKES seabatYIKES
PluralKumquat: smolStab
Koshindan: This is another reason to create a blink staff. Makes farming this area so much easier.
Scyrell: switch to using literally any other skill than whirlwind.....its use is to move through mobs in dense areas.
Elendilli: do you need a reroll potion or what
MegaDosX: Did you activate your stance again Adam after making that portal? Can't see it on the screen.
asthanius: We have rares at home
thehokeypokey: what guide is Ben using
monkeyrama: His stance is active
MegaDosX: OK cool, thanks
MegaDosX: Just wanted to check
Scyrell: its not the lightning that damages you guys its the totems that they create from corpses that shoot have to strafe the projectiles or they maul you
thefightnerd: Do the buffalo stance
Koshindan: The best offense is a good Ben friend.
gawag_: when did the name of this steam become the long game again? was it that the whole time? or have I lost my mind? (yes)
Elendilli: @LoadingReadyRun whats your favorite colors
monkeyrama: As of the last stream, I believe
Zalbaag: Does that say Thunderfury?
Koshindan: That axe would give you an alternate skill if you don't want to whirlwind.
Cool_Jean_Aunt: did someone say thunderfury?
asthanius: What's your least favorite color based on name alone?
gawag_: @monkeyrama okay I guess that makes sense, that was the first diablo one right?
Scyrell: its not worth selling it you should just drop stuff you dont disenchant
monkeyrama: Yee
monkeyrama: Yes*
gawag_: Yee is valid
MAPBoardgames: Light Urple
Koshindan: Forked Lightning isn't bad.
Koshindan: There's 3 different maps for this area.
Martin_FcG: Maroon < for name only
MegaDosX: Saying that you're invincible never ends well. Remember Boris from GoldenEye?
monkeyrama: Get this man some resists LUL
CopperAstronaut: Hey everyone!
itira: hey @CopperAstronaut !
Koshindan: You could socket some of those gems for the temporary resists.
monkeyrama: How long are you playing with Crim tonight?
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WyrmwoodGaming: how are you enjoying median xl?
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Defenester: If you're Frozen, you shouldn't get should just let it go~
Scyrell: you need all resists and physical resist along with defense to be tanky
ElementalAlchemist: See you next time!
MegaDosX: Thanks for the stream guys!
monkeyrama: Hype
monkeyrama: Goodnight SeemsGood
MegaDosX: Time zones mean I miss a lot of the PPR which makes me sad, so I'll have to catch it on Youtube
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
DarthRagnar815: gabyLewd
itira: Thanks for streaming! gnight erbody!
Koshindan: Thanks for the stream.
corianderd: lewd
MegaDosX: Later everyone, take care!