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Creideiki_SE: !next
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the_canuck_mystic: I made it early this time :D :D
LunarJade: hi
GapFiller: LunarJade hai Heather
ritchards: Hi Heather!
RockPusher: The savage self-burns this week sergeJustRight lrrHEART
GapFiller: WE ARE LIVE
beowuuf: sergeHi lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
RockPusher: lrrDOTS lrrSIGNAL lrrARROW
LunarJade: Hope everyone is well.
FenrisSchafer: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
margieargie: Hey Heather! lunarj1Heart
the_canuck_mystic: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrHEART lrrHEART
RockPusher: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
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ritchards: Ye gods... ... ...
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PharaohBender27: Ahoy-hoy! PrideWave Also, MARVEL'S SPIDERMAN!
GapFiller: RockPusher which one? there were so many to choose from Kappa
beowuuf: it's a chill friday night cracking packs with chillpoint
the_canuck_mystic: Kinda excited to watch it live today :D
GapFiller: actually not that many but hey certainly more than one
LunarJade: I have also acquired tea
RockPusher manifests in his mythic rare 'Hungover' form
GapFiller: mmm tea
RandomTrivia goes to get tea
iris_of_ether: mmmm tea
GapFiller: literally finished mine just before stream went live
LunarJade: It is a good day for tea
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time for Chillpoint! Chill with Paul, Beej and Heather and chat about this week's Gaming News. 📷 ||
beowuuf: PrideLGBTea
LordZarano: PrideLGBTea
RockPusher: PrideLGBTea
iris_of_ether: Off topic we finally got to the Mail Time with Sevenishmagpies and my items. That was a delight :D
iris_of_ether: We should not be trusted with craft goods
GapFiller: show of hands here who was there for the original LoadingReadyLive
frnknstn: The coat of arms was great! just came from the vid
GapFiller: cz statistically somebody mustve
Kerrisis: \o/ =)
lirazel64: @iris_of_ether , it's such a pleasure, isn't it?
GapFiller: it was only 15 yrs ago
CastleOtranto: I bet Paul was there
PharaohBender27: @CastleOtranto katesLol
Foxmar320 takes a seat in the back
GapFiller: yes ofc the people in it wdve been there yes
RandomTrivia: We see you there Foxmar
Creideiki_SE: But are they really the same people 15 years later? Or do we have a Paul of Theseus situation?
Foxmar320: What?! This stealth boy is defective!
iris_of_ether: But yeah, Sevenish does delightful design work but I was like "let me bring my paints over because this needs to be more "extra"
RockPusher: SOON™
RandomTrivia: S O O N
LunarJade: sooooOOOooooon
Foxmar320: Soooon
GapFiller: SPOON /tick
PharaohBender27: SOON(tm)
iris_of_ether: S O O N
sir_jack_DB: you can tell this is a Runner song
sir_jack_DB: :P
MyrddintheWizard: s o o o o o o o n
247Gremlin: SWOON
Rivulatus_: remembered out of no where that this was happening and arrived in perfect time. #wunning.
lirazel64: nownownownowsoon
ContingentCat: s o o n
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE?
LunarJade: spoooon
NightWingMistHawk: n o o s
RandomTrivia: lrrFINE ?
Agu_Sakku: S O O N
MyrddintheWizard: benginDab
GapFiller: Creideiki_SE see thats the bit that people always forget nobody cares how often yr replace all the bits of a broom as long as it can still sweep the floor
GapFiller: but when yr start doing that to people well thats where the fun is
Agu_Sakku: theman4Bad
MyrddintheWizard: rac...coon?
kusinohki: SPOON!
Agu_Sakku: lol
lirazel64: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
kusinohki: TODAY!
the_canuck_mystic: Music fading got my hopes up
the_canuck_mystic: lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME lrrAWESOME
Songar87: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
GapFiller: good evening BxPxH
RandomTrivia: Oh right, this one. I loved that story
iris_of_ether: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
MyrddintheWizard: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
Foxmar320: Thats the best summery of this show ive ever heard
arcticdnd: Notice me sempai!
PharaohBender27: lrrDOTS lrrCIRCLE_SG lrrARROW
Jeezy56: I got got :(
247Gremlin: That's how they git ya!
mercano82: If you want The Rest of the Story, you need to listen to Paul Harvey
RandomTrivia: That is how they get you
kusinohki: loading ready run live magic channel...
ContingentCat: THREE for magic people
GapFiller: ohhh one small benefit o this new laptop v pleased abt is HD streams *chefkiss
Lord_Hosk: LoadingReadyLive is Running live on the channel that is run live on the loadingreadyrun network for Loadingreadyrunners
GapFiller: after all these yrs
beowuuf: hey all!
lirazel64: Week cool...
MyrddintheWizard: @LunarJade Love the mug!
chaostreader: That’s how you can find out, The Whole Story
Foxmar320: Yeah ive been sleeping real bad this week
Foxmar320: I think I fell asleep at like 5am?
Mai_Andra: That sounds like my recent sleep experience. I'm so tired... >.>
RandomTrivia: !quote 7194
LRRbot: Quote #7194: "I realised I could just draw on mugs." —Heather [2020-09-17]
Foxmar320: Its still MArch
Lord_Hosk: The Mailtime from the before time
Agu_Sakku: WAIT! New Mail TIme!!!! I gotta go! lol
Songar87: TRYING to conk out at 4 AM has become my norm...
cgwonder: Wait it's not March any more?
GapFiller: ohhh Beej Spike Spiegel hair
iris_of_ether: I really enjoyed it :D
247Gremlin: So many Borats
GapFiller: yr love to see it
kalira77: ooh marchtember
Snowcookies: I liked the interjections of Ian
ContingentCat: except with you guys it's true
RockPusher: All the LRR editors do Good Work lrrAWESOME
RandomTrivia: TeaCrate?
ContingentCat: ooo
Agu_Sakku: Beej need to reinact the " Aliens " meme i think lol
247Gremlin: Oh the stick tea
Rivulatus_: tea? I should go make myself a tea.
Juliamon: twig tea
Lord_Hosk: If its not a heather edited mail time I REFUSE TO WATCH IT! (sub note) until after chill point
kalira77: beej looks like a centauri
TheNerdWonder: Beej has a real aliens meme thing going on here. It works for him
mercano82: How well does the tea pair with Cookie Crisp?
GapFiller: sweird never tried Japanese tea having drunk Chinese tea my whole life
247Gremlin: The proper preparation on it is really time-consuming
Mai_Andra: <message deleted>"four teas"? #triggered (I just entered my forties...)
GapFiller: fills like a hole in my knowledge base
kamelion84: lol
RandomTrivia: That's an experience
GapFiller: mmm chai is nice
TreeVor84: Cold Brewed tea is great!
LordZarano: Cinnamon is bark so I guess it makes sense that sticks can be tasty
RockPusher: Heather should have put googly eyes on the random tea
247Gremlin: Good night tea, I'll probably kill you in the morning
cgwonder: let the tea contemplate its fate
mercano82: In this sitting or the next, I will have you.
beowuuf: other than at the start with beej, not much pointing
PixelArtDragon: We chill and we point at stuff!
RandomTrivia: I was wondering about that
frnknstn: Chill point, where we taunt our tea
GapFiller: eh its just the lower 3rd
ContingentCat: time hasn't changed it's fine
GapFiller: who reads them really eh
DoodlestheGreat: Among Us
Foxmar320: So many Spidermans
GapFiller: ohhh Princess Peach pron eurgh hurr
mercano82: Spider-man, respect the dash.
kalira77: spidermongus, the homonculus
anjabech: I want to stay for the chill, but I have to sleep D:
Snowcookies: no commas makes it better
GapFiller: The Spiders Are Among Us
GapFiller: thats a Lets Nope game waiting to happen
Foxmar320: There are several spiders Among Us
Lord_Hosk: No one is comeing to my door
hmwd138: Why do I have to open the stream and the first words I hear are "and hentai"
heyalexdaily: Xbox Psfive? Of the New England Psfives?
247Gremlin: Emergency Meeting! That spider is an IMPOSTER
margieargie: I can neither confirm nor deny if there are any of us- I mean, if there are any spiders among us.
ContingentCat: easy, and covid friendly
kusinohki: dress up as fall guys beans
GapFiller: Hazmat Chic
TreeVor84: The perfect COVID-19 costume!
GapFiller: yknw its the new thing
RandomTrivia: And they can do space chores!
kalira77: just don't make them the red one or someone will probably vent them
LordZarano: Octodad would be such a good halloween costume
cgwonder: dissapointing yet expected
pyronils80: Hello and good evening! :) :) :)
GapFiller: okay show of hands who here actually landed a preorder?
KinoGami: for what?
Amentur: Saddened by not having five PS 5s lrrAWW
beowuuf: i mean matt got three xboxes...if he only has to pay for one that's a good deal :p
GapFiller: one of yrs mustve done it
KinoGami: i got a ps5
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ContingentCat: that seems like a bad idea
Baldrash: o/ I landed a Xbox pre-order. It's for my brother (he was at work when they opened), but I did snag one.
Bitter0ne: Should retaiers care too much, they sold their entire stock.
frnknstn: Just like for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, preorders were a shambles. Next story beats will be cancelled preorders a month before launch, and cut store allocations a week before.
nox__invictus: @RakdosPvnk19 No thanks! Too much stuff for me, especially after what happened to Ben...
Creideiki_SE: Horizon: One Dawn is being released for PS4 as well, so I can wait for a PS5.
Baldrash: Nope. Retailers win, and even the people upset they didn't get a pre-order are still gonna buy the thing eventually.
RakdosPvnk19: @nox__invictus what about some gruul aid
nox__invictus: @RakdosPvnk19 That would be ok, I think?
KinoGami: i don't think sony is willing to take the hit for cancelling those preorders
RakdosPvnk19: lol
GapFiller: speaking of 15 yr old stuff this all reminds me of that classic PS3 penny arcade strip
nox__invictus: assuming it wouldn't be made with blood
Duhstink: I'd think retailers already know their allotment #s (or approxiamte)?
Duhstink: it's also good for sony in the end because the sales went so quickly. not great for consumers, but that's not going to affect them
KinoGami: it's almost like these retailers are huge and there are massive miscommunication issues that arise from it
ContingentCat: it was live and something happened
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Gascitygaming: I work in retail electronics and Sony is VERY particular, we CANNOT change the prices on their TVs in our systems because they want to be seen as a "premium" brand
Baldrash: There's really no "fair" way to do it.
GapFiller: was half lookin forward to Gibbstation 5 more than 5 PS5's
GapFiller: guess this puts the kibosh on that even more than the current situation
KinoGami: you can do a raffle, which eliminates a lot of the first come first serve of the bots, but that only does so much
RandomTrivia: lrrWOW
RockPusher: gabyLul
frnknstn: Lester Bangs would be disappointed
ContingentCat: but we will
GapFiller: Beej DOES make a good Hunter Thompson
kusinohki: a beej nintendo story just an excuse to rant?? *shocked pikachu*
SaladCookies: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 20:37.
TheThromborax: don't put that into your brain
TheThromborax: Your mind is a Temple, Beej
GapFiller: R34 is kinda passe these days
GapFiller: we all knw it exists and thats enough
Nigouki: some characters you just gotta keep sacred
KinoGami: not everything needs to fuck
RandomTrivia: Oh no, the pointing fan has arrived
ContingentCat: AsexualPride yes more leaving things not sexual
Mai_Andra: "these days" xivGoob
DiscordianTokkan: I just got in, but I assume this is about that weird Peach porn game?
TheThromborax: Never make fan games or parody games. Just make your own games
KinoGami: yea
TheThromborax: just make games
ContingentCat: @DiscordianTokkan yup
GapFiller: DiscordianTokkan nooo Kappa
Baldrash: @Mai_Andra There's a goobbue emote?!
RockPusher: This story does not need more things "crammed into" it…
RockPusher: lrrBEEJ
GapFiller: RockPusher fill this story w/ cream Kappa
GapFiller: actually dont
DoodlestheGreat: "Sonic fans pay better for their porn."
RvLeshrac: Huh huh
RvLeshrac: "petered"
TheThromborax: Nintendo is a very safe place
Lord_Hosk: So... Nintedoes... what Genesis doesn't?
KinoGami: it probably showed up in an employees kids search for something
Mai_Andra: @Baldrash It's very old. It was a bonus for buying access to the first FFXIV fan festival streams six years or so ago. xivTonberry xivMorbol xivGoob xivCactuar xivBehe
TheThromborax: The people at Nintendo couldn't see the game because they didn't have the game maker's Friend Code
RvLeshrac: Nintendo would never super crown release anything hot fishman that might be suggestive.
Baldrash: @Mai_Andra Ah, alas. Neat set though.
GapFiller: presumably theyll uncancel Among Us 2 whenever the wave crests
TheThromborax: I didn't know there was a free mobile version of it
TheThromborax: it's wild
RandomTrivia: Sounds like a classic instance of cascading wildfire
GapFiller: see also Fall Guys
RandomTrivia: Werewolf, except you don't need to be in the same room as the other people
247Gremlin: Lying to your friends is fun
GapFiller: its weird talkin abt Fall Guys as that blew up no less recently but it already feels like yesterdays news after Among Us
Snowcookies: I've played Avalon alot in university which is like Werewolf
GapFiller: thats the zeitgeiest eh
RandomTrivia: That sounds like 2020, yes
Foxmar320: Do tasks and be paranoid about everyone. Thats just my life.
RockPusher: Curse you Space Trees!
seanmrwick: that and oh so much frustration
TheThromborax: It's free on mobile. Try it
seanmrwick: I had no idea that it's free on mobile
TheThromborax: I didn't know until last night
Stock_Trading_River_Otter: Paul and Paul's beard are looking amazing today
LorilyricNekosune: Beejs hair is more Dylan Moran than i remember....
Snowcookies: the thing board game
seanmrwick: by the way, just watched Checkpoint on my way home from driving today
RebekahWSD: I dislike playing Hidden Traitor mechanics myself, but I like watching LRR play them because they're way way calmer than most streamers I find (not all!)
seanmrwick: not going to lie, I liked it a lot
LordZarano: Free on mobile only like £4 on Steam
MoxBismuth: Yeah, some streams it gets really chaotic and overwhelming
frnknstn: Beej confirmed not part of the universe
Lord_Hosk: I find it fascinating the VERY different play styles that the different play groups I see play among us. Its weird, same game but DRASTICLY different takes
ReynardWrecca: Wait, what did some people like and others hate? Just showed up.
TheThromborax: @LorilyricNekosune agreed. Very Black's Books
GapFiller: ReynardWrecca Among Us
LorilyricNekosune: yip
niccus: it helps that Among Us is very tunable as the players grow in expertise
GapFiller: TheThromborax LorilyricNekosune the real giveaway is if he does the full Irish Hair ting
ReynardWrecca: Ah, thank you @GapFiller.
LorilyricNekosune: indeed
tozzalh: Any life advice chat for when corona completely fucks up ur life lmao
Lord_Hosk: Some people groups focus on the imposters and group dynamic, some try to get the tasks done and the imposters are trying to stop the tasks... murders vrs distraction
RebekahWSD: Having something to do with dead seems very good
Greypelt: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: CheckPoint+ (Paul, Beej and Heather chat about Video Games and Video Game related news :D) at Fri 02:00 PM PDT (30m ago).
ContingentCat: I thought that worked really well
Joalni: I really liked your setup
Juliamon: It worked out super well
RandomTrivia: It was really cool from the viewer perspective trying to work out who the imposters were
GapFiller: also Ben was talkin abt how that whole meme around him has followed him to Among Us
Foxmar320: That was a great stream
Gaaaaooo: It would be kinda weird yeah
ArcOfTheConclave: that was so cool
RebekahWSD: The disappearing cameras was A+ spoook
AranMathai: That was amazing :)
Gaaaaooo: Is that VOD on youtube yet? :D
Foxmar320: lol
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GapFiller: the best bit was giving out abt that w/ all the self awareness of knwing he brought that on himself
iris_of_ether: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
LunarJade: The vod is on twitch. It'll be a couple days before it hits youtube yet.
kalira77: ghost stack
frnknstn: stream was great, the biggest concern was having people saying names that didn't match the in-game names
Greypelt: "Unfiltered Beej"
ArcOfTheConclave: TOS!
RockPusher: Unfiltered Beej - oh no!
niccus: it would be amazing dramatic irony once the cameras can cut out for chat the moment of death
Gaaaaooo: o7! Ty LunarJade! I missed the stream but I'm super super looking forward to it!
geail: problematic or exciting?
PharaohBender27: I liked how the ghosts could talk to each, so they were going all, "I can't believe they haven't voted off x person yet!"
theleerm: raw beej
Juliamon: I enjoyed that they used the ghost chat
niccus: you'd end up with nobody interacting with chat though...
ContingentCat: and then that would have been in the highlights
RandomTrivia: Having that disconnect from chat feels better in big multiplayer streams
RockPusher: Beej, straight from the tap
ReynardWrecca: I wish I could operate ANY facet of my life the way Paul runs tech.
Foxmar320: Yes because LRR had problems :P
ContingentCat: clearly it was just for LRR
kalira77: poor traitor nelly
LorilyricNekosune: its pretty ttt
GapFiller: theyll presumably uncancel Among Us 2 later once the wave has been and gone
Snowcookies: The listed a lot of work for 3 ppl
RebekahWSD: It's free mobile, innit?
bennydubsmtg: paul when is the *
Gaaaaooo: Yeah I ended up buying Among Us like 6 times for my friends
bennydubsmtg: paul when is the 5 ps5’s
GapFiller: bennydubsmtg theyve already covered that
Foxmar320: Yeah the price is why I got Among Us and not Fall Guys yet. I could afford Among Us.
LorilyricNekosune: its kinda Gmod TTT
ritchards: I suspect in app purchase = remove ads.
Foxmar320: The in app purchases might be the pets?
MoxBismuth: Pets and I think extra clothes themed on the maps
Foxmar320: I got the mini crewmate pet for the Steam version
Gaaaaooo: Deceit was the free mafia game I was playing before Among Us, but like, Deceit is free and a little janky, and more graphically intense - a lot of my friends have potato PCs so Among Us runs fine on them
Crokoking: i'm gonna guess "outdated" means we have a giant ton of tech-debt
bennydubsmtg: @gapfiller and when is it?
RvLeshrac: Colorblindness support is a nightmare to implement, as is a lot of accessibility.
Mangledpixel: what is involved in that? pain.
The_Voices: oh god, for a moment i thought beej was wearing gib on his head....
MoxBismuth: The programmer for the team tweeted a long thread about how their servers work, and how expanding to more servers won't fix the problems they are having, it was interesting
GapFiller: Golden Rule: its always harder then it looks
ilikememes44: BOB ROSS IS COOL
GapFiller: esp servers
RvLeshrac: My company has been working on extremely simple "don't break screenreaders" stuff in a very old Windows app for 5+ years, and we're still not even remotely close.
MoxBismuth: End of August, I believe
Nigouki: i think it was 36 days between announcement and cancellation
Gaaaaooo: I gotta say I do love Beej's wild hair
Plaicoson: while it was taking off yes
Baldrash: I saw something about 36 days or something.
LorilyricNekosune: @The_Voices close its Bernard Black hair
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MoxBismuth: If I were them, I'd be scared of losing players when I put out a sequel just after they bought the first
ZethRuss: they anounced it august 18 here
GapFiller: the worry ofc being how fairweather is this new fanbase
frnknstn: Lots of indies would use a generic virtual server instead of a fancy AWS setup because it is cheaper and more familiar
Lord_Hosk: The fanbase of a game like this is unlikely to stick around for the development process of a whole new game I agree beej.
PharaohBender27: Don't you mean Marvel's Spiderman? Kappa
LordZarano: Sony's Spiderman
247Gremlin: Sony's Marvel's Spider-Man
ReynardWrecca: Sony's Marvel's Stan Lee's Spiderman.
GapFiller: LoadingReadyLive the stream show not to be confused w/ LoadingReadyLive the streams or LoadingReadyLive the fringe show from 2006
LordZarano: Marvel's Sonyman
kusinohki: Sony Marvel's Spider-man Ultimate Delux Miles Morales of Earth-616 Volume 1 Issue 2
ContingentCat: what? Not milking as much money out of people as possible because basic decency? impossible
GapFiller: Tim Severhuysen not to be confused w/ Matt Wiggins Kappa
LordZarano: not to be confused with Matt Griffiths
Brozard: It's terribly unfortunate that with many video games - and many other products - that early adopters aren't included in later benefits/upgrades.
Brozard: They're effectively QA
RvLeshrac: Word Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks
247Gremlin: Yeah, they don't want to say "No"p
ContingentCat: And they really want people to see that word salad and just say fuck it I'll just buy it again
CaptainSpam: See, this is why the improv rule of "always say yes" doesn't always apply to real-world communication situations. Kappa
GapFiller: LordZarano yes it feels confusing Matt for Matt is a much greater concern these days
LorilyricNekosune: boupheWtf
PharaohBender27: My favorite comment from the latest Checkpoint episode was "No one: Not a single soul: Not even Kathleen: Beej: MARVEL SPIDER MAN"
lirazel64: A word smoothie, to try and smooth things over.
Duhstink: spiderman wasn't in the montage for PS Plus collection
ANeMzero: as far as they've said PS+ Collection is only PS4 versions
ContingentCat: Or you can just live your life in a cold world free of Marvel's Spiderman like I do
RandomTrivia: Nope. No thank you.
amative1: Oh god, please no
Gaaaaooo: *Sob*
ANeMzero: hot take: Sunset Overdrive PC was the best Insomniac release of 2017
PharaohBender27: katesNope
247Gremlin: It's "cannonical" but there are like 7 other "cannonnical" versions
GrassVortex: That image is cursed
beowuuf: noooope
AranMathai: Good -lord-
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: NOOOOOOO
GapFiller: the inside of a Fall Guy was exactly the knowledge we didnt realise we needed it see
ReynardWrecca: I Have No Mouth And I Must Run A Goofy Assault Course.
RandomTrivia: What's the rest of it? Blubber?
Mangledpixel: meat
Juliamon: meat
niccus: i need an Among Us crewmember for scale
ContingentCat: yeah I was imagining them like 4 inches tall
beowuuf: hellmeat
Stoffern: Its a costume
dylan16807: the among us anatomy for comparison
muondecay: "The stuff" is effective social media management
RebekahWSD: Oodles of fat. It wibbles
RobotInProgress: there is another concept posted on the same twitter account which was posted earlier today
kusinohki: Nerf material to soften the falls
PharaohBender27: 183 centimeters, I believe is what one of the devs said on Talk Guys
Lord_Hosk: it must be plastic
mercano82: They're made out of meat?
ContingentCat: they're pretty bouncy, blubber?
KinoGami: i liked the idea better that the fallguys were mecha
rocketjohn: like lungs
GapFiller: blubber like cetaceans
Gaaaaooo: It's gotta be like, a mutated human or something, right? That's such an inefficient skeleton.
starlitdiscord: bone!
niccus: feathers
ReynardWrecca: Ballistic gel, shock absorption.
Gizmoloid: how about feathers?
Lord_Hosk: it woobles and bloobles
beowuuf: gristle
Stoffern: What you see isnt a skeleton, you can clearly see it has skin INSIDE the costume
rocketjohn: they are full of lung
PixelArtDragon: Maybe this is like Dig Dug?
RandomTrivia: I guess it has to cushion all the stupid obstacles
Natimus_Prime: I'm guessing they're made of foam rubber, like a muppet
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: the same tissue as jelly fish and anemones
mercano82: Are you sure they aren't meat shells around plasma-electron brains?
Duhstink: blubber
amative1: It's perfectly healthy... with such plentiful organs.
Gaaaaooo: I choose to believe fall guys are robots internally because it makes me sob
ContingentCat: "Inflatable skin" is an unfortunate phrase
LorilyricNekosune: Flubber
PixelArtDragon: Get in the Fall Guy, Shinji!
geail: Inflatable skin is just a blister with air instead of liquid
ContingentCat: oh yeah I've seen that one too, it's a better version but not by much
TheMerricat: wondering if what happened is they had to setup the skeleton for the 'fallguy' for physics purposes and this is just a spoof to 'explain' that....
Snowcookies: lol
Mangledpixel: everyone's nude under their clothes
GrassVortex: just the fact that you have to specify that they are not nude is part of the problem :D
247Gremlin: Arkane
GapFiller: they spent a pretty penny either way
fastlane250: i completely forgot i still had this tab open
Gaaaaooo: Monopoly intensifies.
CaptainSpam: An gog.
ANeMzero: They got a dozen different studios and a ton of IP
mercano82: No, they don't own GoG yet.
RobotInProgress: Fuckin'agog, the newest Lovecraftian God
RockPusher: BeejPoint
ContingentCat: welcome to BeejRantPoint
TheMerricat: We are amazed that Bethesda came that cheap Beej
GapFiller: its 2020 and people are still surprised Microsoft dropped a hefty chunk o change on something
GapFiller: thats fantastic
TehAmelie: my first thought was "they're going to remake Doom 95 with the Doom 4 engine"
247Gremlin: Yeah, MS bought Wolf, Doom, Quake, Skyrim, Fallout, Dishonoured...
Armyguy0: Yea Bethesda AND ID are two really big names
ptay313: I'm just gonna be pissed if ES6 winds up xbox only
ranknullity: Technically mojang also made Scrolls
ANeMzero: My favorite part is GabeN was actually pushing for MS to buy id for DOOM back when he was with MS in the 90s
ritchards: well, the bugs of Bethesda matches Windows ;)
RobotInProgress: a CASIS if you will
TurboEmily: Beej... are you wearing a dead cat? o_O
RandomTrivia: Maybe it means the Windows logo will randomly clip through the edge of your wallpaper
PharaohBender27: @ritchards katesLol
LordZarano: I have no idea how big 7.5 billion is, that is not a tangible amount of money
accountmadeforants: I feel like Sony fans brought that one on themselves. Bizarre how weird they got about exclusives.
frnknstn: I'm just saying, they new "bedrock" edition of Minecraft never came to Linux
Armyguy0: i think MS is moveing to "MS" exclusives
Invitare: I really doubt Elder Scrolls will, given how closely linked to mods that franchise is
Armyguy0: so Xbox+PC exclusives
GapFiller: speaking of people being shocked by perfectly normal tings people are still getting bent outta shape that Beej has been growing his hair? really?
Lord_Hosk: OH no... Skyrim is now going to be a Windows 10/X-box exclusive for its next 12 releases.
KinoGami: microsoft want's game pass on everything, and if that means owning all the games, that's the way they are going to do it
Stoffern: Microsoft is not in the buisniss of making any Xbox exclusives anymore
247Gremlin: Yeah, they already announced Doom Eternal is going to be GamePass on Oct 1
Duhstink: Yeah, it makes game pass even better
chessmatth: It's almost like Microsoft has learned that they make their big money on games, not consoles, so they don't care about exclusives.
GapFiller: thats some nxt lvl work that
Foxmar320: I own Skyrim on 360 and thats it. I don't even own an Xbox anymore.
CastleOtranto: I have purchased Skyrim fully five times. Just give me ES6 in any form.
GapFiller: real headtap territory
KinoGami: skyrim came out on the 360?
KinoGami: god. i don't even remember
Foxmar320: KinoGami yeah I got the collectors edition for half price.
247Gremlin: @Foxmar320 I own it on 360, PS4, and PC lol
KinoGami: i just know it was 2011 because i got it new with my computer
KinoGami: this computer is old
accountmadeforants: And then Apple locks down whatever makes that possible through the browser, for "security reasons" MiniK
Agu_Sakku: cloud gaming isnt going to be a thing in the US. Till the internet infrastructure is hugely upgraded....
Meyari: Skyrim even came out on Amazon Alexa
PharaohBender27: @Agu_Sakku Good point
LurkerSpine: They also own inXile
KinoGami: unpopular opinion: new vegas isn't fun
the_canuck_mystic: I just realized Paul's beard shrank!
storiers: that feels like it has the potential to run into the same Epic issue. No way Amazon puts something on iOS if it means Apple takes a cut
Invitare: though Obsidian did just make their own New Vegas, and are actively making their own Elder Scrolls
TheMerricat: laughing about the stories of buying skyrim multiple times while counting the number of copies of morrowind I own... :D
the_canuck_mystic: Paul, did you put your beard in the drier?
Lord_Hosk: I bought a new cordless DeWalt drill and it came with Skyrim preinstalled on it.
ANeMzero: Obsidian and inXile both had some people who worked on original Fallout.
PharaohBender27: @the_canuck_mystic Yeah, he shaved it a couple of weeks ago
GapFiller: Lord_Hosk but did it have Doom? Kappa
the_canuck_mystic: @PharaohBender27 I'm really on top all the latest goings on at LRR 😂
PharaohBender27: @the_canuck_mystic The clip of the reveal made the latest highlights reel
DeM0nFiRe: I wonder what % of Bethesda roadmap is further Skyrim re-releases LYL
DeM0nFiRe: LUL *
ritchards: Or "We want to know what they haven't announced... we'll buy them to find out!"
accountmadeforants: New hardware release from Microsoft: Xbox Series Skyrim
GapFiller: Gnomes'n'Skies
247Gremlin: NoManSki
ContingentCat: N O'Man's Ky
Duhstink: there's a ton in the update
PixelArtDragon: Gnome and Skye
RandomTrivia: John Nomansky: Origins
GapFiller: Nommy's Guys
TehAmelie: Nomanski III, son of Nomanski II, son of Nomanski
LordZarano: Gnome and Kai
kusinohki: when no man sky gen con??
accountmadeforants: The name's Guy, Nomans Guy.
TheMerricat: NMS is a master class on how to rebuild your reputation after lying through your teeth for your launch.
TehAmelie: (because it's version 3.0)
frnknstn: No! Man's Guy.
RandomTrivia: From a conceptual perspective, it's very interesting
ritchards: we're not gonna learn that lesson, but it's there...
chessmatth: Sean Murphy
247Gremlin: The lesson is don't let Sean Murray get i front of a camera
chessmatth: Darn, close
ANeMzero: all I wanted from No Man's Sky was a modern equivalent of Noctis and it.. almost sort of hit that with creative mode.
LordZarano: The head of Hello Games just said yes to whatever journalists asked him
frnknstn: I liked the original game. It was meditative and beautiful. Now it is just another generic survival game.
RandomTrivia: A different interpretation of "could"
accountmadeforants: The young developer answers. "Yeah, I could see that working"
the_canuck_mystic: Not sure it's a bug, it's a feature. It generates hype and buzz
TehAmelie: what i'm hearing is "Lrrcon 2 soon" lrrBEEJ
Nigouki: Road Quest 2: Video Game Dev on Wheels CONFIRMED!
Duhstink: Road Quest 2: This time we're in planes!
Lord_Hosk: "We could do that that seems like a really fun idea" said in a interview became "This will happen" And now... 3 years in... most of those things have.
247Gremlin: Road Quest 2: GameJam Edition?
GapFiller: there were people hassling James abt The Panalysts on his channel earlier this week not unrealted it feels
RvLeshrac: Notably, NMS showed in-game footage of things that were absolutely not in the game.
247Gremlin: Oh, no, Road Quest 2: Game James
CaptainSpam: If only Peter Molyneux and Sean Murray were to team up... they could make the best game we'll never get! :D
Kazman20a: star citzen
iQwikspell: Star Citizen
KinoGami: Nier?
LurkerSpine: space game with spaceships
fastlane250: Star Citizen
dylan16807: game jam on wheels *in a bus*?
ritchards: Star Citizen
Foxmar320: ^
RvLeshrac: Like, NMS actively promoted in *advertising* features that weren't in the game.
TheMerricat: star citizen
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frnknstn: Ristar!
Juliamon: I would play a Star Vs game
Gaaaaooo: Star Citizen makes me SO FUCKING SAD.
delta__vee: duke nukem forever :P
iQwikspell: Yo a SVtfoE would be sweet
RandomTrivia: Is Star Citizen a bubble?
ArkhamArchivist: Star Citizen is content to be a Ponzi Scheme
RvLeshrac: Elite is adding first-person on-foot gameplay, so Elite now has more features than Star Citizen.
KinoGami: star citizen is a lesson in sunk cost fallacy
GapFiller: Star Citizen is a Ponzi scheme#
DeM0nFiRe: Of the 3 big space games that were big at the same time (E:D, Star Citizen, and NMS) NMS is by far the best at this point, SC basically is still just a tech demo and E:D is nice flight mechanics and not much else
Gaaaaooo: I used to love Wing Commander so it's like, seeing it do that whole thing is *so sad*
TheMerricat: paul with the sick burn :D
RvLeshrac: DeM0nFiRe: Elite Dangerous is basically Elite, which is all it was ever promised to be!
LordZarano: Star Citizen is out in beta/early access
DeM0nFiRe: Oh I am not saying E:D overpromised or anything
DeM0nFiRe: Just that there's not much there. After flying around for a little bit you've done everything in the game
Foxmar320: Sounds like what Bungie is doing with Destiny 2. So many backend updates coming to make the game better for them to develop for.
RandomTrivia: "That planet came out of nowhere!"
ContingentCat: I don't think there's Jesus in the game Beej
247Gremlin: Sounds like a bad case of pop-in lrrBEEJ
tknomncr: Sandworms!
PharaohBender27: What happens if a planet appears at *your* coordinates, though?
GapFiller: Foxmar320 does that incl doing something abt the overproliferation of FOMO? Kappa
accountmadeforants: Your planet was an egg, surprise!
DeM0nFiRe: I think what they probably did is just change the algorithm for generating new planets that have not yet been discovered. Players have probably discovered a very small fraction of total planets the game allows
Foxmar320: GapFiller yes actually. They said thats something they are working on. Ill believe it when it happens tho.
KinoGami: GapFiller they've addressed that half a year ago, saying starting with beyond light they are moving away from that type of design
Brozard: Ah, so Doctor Who reboot season 5
TehAmelie: what i like is how they sold a million copies at launch and then spent the last three years adding at least two whole games to it for free just so make up for the launch
RandomTrivia: That was the best Doctor Who series finale
RvLeshrac: GapFiller: The trick is that there has to be a balance, because if you nothing goes away, people have no reason to play.
the777s: hey chat, what are you drinking?
RvLeshrac: "if you ensure"
the777s: I have an ice coffee
247Gremlin: It'd be amazing if it had some sort of math that just changed the type of planet you were on because it changed its orbit (e.g. out of the sweet spot or whatever it's called)
sblue333: uh... a snickers bar
RvLeshrac: GapFiller: Like you have to keep an active, ongoing population in game, doing stuff.
Brozard: @Foxmar320 The classic "We made a mistake" corporate response
Foxmar320: I got No Mans Sky at launch and hated the space combat. It made me hard quit it.
TheMerricat: flat sprite because I'm too lazy to deal with cleaning my water pitcher
Lord_Hosk: that basically happened to me in the first update. I logged in after the update and just had a pile of resources and credits and a broke space ship
TehAmelie: they specifically promised not to change any existing planets to avoid messing with people's bases
sblue333: Mere exposure effect
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the777s: No Man's Sky is good now?
TehAmelie: i have a flat sprite too
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSPOOP
TehAmelie: (lie)
RvLeshrac: NMS is now the gold-standard in turd polishing, they applied so much pressure while polishing the turd that it became a diamond.
TheMerricat: @the777s very
Mysticman89: amnesia, known for being some of the most successfully spooky and not horror-turned-action. Although a bit aged by now.
GrassVortex: is it just the source code, or is it assets as well?
Brozard: @TehAmelie I was expecting that to look more like a flat white
TheMerricat: that's just flattened not flat @tehamelie :p
Lord_Hosk: No Mans sky has been good for YEARS the777s Even if you disliked it at the start, its basically everythying that was promised, and or expected now.
PharaohBender27: I literally could not finish Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I was running from a monster, could tell from the sound that I wouldn't make it, and just hard nope'd out :p
247Gremlin: Sprite is a flat circle
the777s: @Lord_Hosk haven't played it, but remember the Angry Joe review
Juliamon: Yup
Mysticman89: its a safe bet i think
PharaohBender27: Yes, at least Dark Descent was
DeM0nFiRe: I think most of the hate NMS initially had was just because people felt lied to, which is fair. The game itself in a vacuum was already pretty solid at release, it's just gotten even better
RvLeshrac: NMS has way too many currencies and resources for me to devote gameplay time to it, but it is a good game.
accountmadeforants: Full GPL or LGPL?
Juliamon: I remember Alex getting mad at Machine for Pigs
jessieimproved: Sounds like full gpl
TheMerricat: Anything to they add/change has to be released under GPL too
Foxmar320: I still want the classic RE2/RE3 on Let's Nope. They did the remake but not the original.
jessieimproved: full gpl is self-replicating
accountmadeforants: *okay yeah, full GPL.
Mysticman89: quake for tamigotchi and so forth
RvLeshrac: Full GPL is an awful license, it deeply discourages anyone from devoting any resources toward whatever is GPLd.
ritchards: there already was a HUGE mod community around it anyway
Lord_Hosk: DeM0nFiRe I think thats right on. The game was fun at launch but it wasn't everything to everyone and the narrative became "SEE We were told it would be everything to everyone and its not... FAILURE"
TheMerricat: interesting take @rvleshrac , not sure I agree.
jessieimproved: I think full gpl is useful in SOME cases, but not all
Brozard: "look at our jank ass code"
RunningMonkeys: yes I agree paul. I would also be very scared
247Gremlin: I mean, it could just be encouraging for new devs too though
Gaaaaooo: I have been told that all code is jank code to someone
GapFiller: look at all our warts
DeM0nFiRe: Lord_Hosk I actually feel pretty similarly about Fallout 76. Not that FO76 wasn't what was promised, but that everything about the launch other than the game itself went so poorly that people hated it regardless of the game itself
Gaaaaooo: usually its creator
GapFiller: the Oliver Cromwell approach to code presentation
Foxmar320: Oh yeah the Memorial Mission
ContingentCat: and they'll have smart aleck kids pointing out better solutions to things they struggled with
247Gremlin: It's like "look at how jank our code was, and it worked out"
DeM0nFiRe: But FO76 was pretty fun when it worked, and has also been improved since launch
tenthtechpriest: the planet he worked on was mars
SnackPak_: RIP Mars
Brozard: It's being "vaulted"
Foxmar320: Mars is the location the guy worked on
Brozard: There's story reasons
247Gremlin: They have a space vault and they're putting it in there
SnackPak_: and Titan and Io
Brozard: Basically bad triangles will be hanging out there
Foxmar320: The Darkness is taking the planet so its gone
RandomTrivia: Get your ass... off Mars?
Lord_Durin: gdi beej
Brozard fist bumps Foxmar320
professor_a14: TheIlluminati
Foxmar320: It makes since tho since thats what he worked on
KinoGami: it makes sense, but it also sucks
Brozard: I haven't done that yet, I should do it tonight
Foxmar320: Brozard its quick
GrassVortex: huh, interesting
RandomTrivia: That definitely won't and can't be abused...
Lord_Hosk: that feels very rip for hacking
ritchards: jlrrFacepalm
DemonicUrge: soooo... basically preloading? rinisThink
mercano82: How does the Switch do it?
LordZarano: Yup, consoles are just PCs now
Brozard: @Foxmar320 Wow, yeah, that's real short. Just looked it up. Still a nice gesture.
KinoGami: people will pirate no matter what, i think this is just them doing something for the consumer
GrassVortex: mainly for read speeds I think, as the disk drives are a lot slower than a harddrive
RandomTrivia: That comes back to the thing about consoles these days being literally stock computer components
Brozard: I still need to get that last damn sleeper node anyhow
MaladyDark: I feel like day one patches being so big is a result of rushed deadlines and crunch culture
TheMerricat: decryption still requires a key, assuming they don't.make fucked up decisions with key generation, it won't be hacker fodder
GrassVortex: ^^
Foxmar320: Brozard could be like Serifina and just live on Mars till its done
badpandabear: This is getting close to buying a plastic game box with only a download key in it
KinoGami: I still think microsoft should have stuck with their original xbox one plan with games so people could just install the game and then not need the discs
GapFiller: LordZarano remember the good old days when computers were sold in the white goods section w/ the washing machines and cookers as opposed to nowadays when theyre sold in the entertainment section eh
frnknstn: Preload games for your kids birthdays!
zac19b7: I can't wait for Grand Theft Auto : Corner Case City
Brozard: @Foxmar320 Yeah, I'm going to have to resign myself to that. I was hoping not to play more D2 until Beyond Light. I just got hooked on Dicey Dungeons last night.
jessieimproved: I have done this for my kids
Foxmar320: Brozard I have not really been playing D2 right now. Waiting for my ice powers.
darkalter2000: coxRee
DemonicUrge: I am convinced on it
DemonicUrge: its cool
KinoGami: this is just a net positive
MaladyDark: @GapFiller the last PC I bought from store like that, after a few years i went to upgrade the RAM and GPU and discovered all the parts were hot glued in place.
ContingentCat: or you won one of Kathleen's showcase showdowns and are on a ship crossing the atlantic
GapFiller: MaladyDark Yikes
TheMerricat: !! @maladydark who the eff....
247Gremlin: @MaladyDark But.. what why
jessieimproved: I mean, they could hard sell you as a part of the design that way
DemonicUrge: so you basically wont need a physical to play it right, only to unlock it?
jessieimproved: It would be really easy to download most of the game but not enough to make it play
MaladyDark: I have no Idea why. just. hot glue. securing. EVERYTHING.
zac19b7: Game stores should just sell keys now. Like make games look like physical keys
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DemonicUrge: no no, but it is near cause you dont have to be afraid to wear down your physical! which is nice for people who like to collect physical to have
accountmadeforants: Oh heck yeah zac19b7 I want to play You Have 293 Keys in real life!
TheMerricat: @zac19b7 that's a marketing idea. sell key shaped dongles for games that are literally just the keys...
Gascitygaming: I used to use no-cd keys on PC out of convenience back in the day, this sounds great honestly
EightBitDreams: Now I can download the entire Xbox library, and have it all archived! I can't play the games...
Gaaaaooo: That's SO IRRITATING!
247Gremlin: Ugh, that reminds me of back when you had to keep the disc on pcs to play the games. I would crack my games just to not have to have my disc in the drive.
KinoGami: or you buy an ubisoft game and get uplay instead KappaHD
Foxmar320: Kino getting a Ubisoft game on anystore other than Uplay. It then downloads Uplay. :(
KinoGami: 247Gremlin and that's what microsoft was trying to change with the xbox one when it announced it and people got mad at them for it
ANeMzero: Someone who has enough internet to do a preload but wants discs to share with friends or sell second hand when they're done
MaladyDark: there was a Sims3 USB version. but it never really cuaght on
zac19b7: At a certain point, good internet access is just going to be assumed though.
zac19b7: I hate it, but its the way of the world.
Megablin64: Has the Mario pins fiasco been talked about?
The_Voices: if a company goes away then your game code is gone!
accountmadeforants: Oh yeah, I don't recall what game it was, but a few years or a decade ago, there were some persistent rumours about a game either not having anything on the disk, or requiring a big download up front. So I went trawling through forums and went around asking people with early copies if that was true, since a friend of mine was still on like, sub-MB internet.
KinoGami: This is why i want the japanese version of the FFX/X-2 remaster. it's the only one that has X-2 on it's own cart instead of a download code
GapFiller: zac19b7 yr say that be good internet access is STILL def not a thing to be assumed
LordZarano: Oh yeah, I used to have virtual CD-drive software on my PC so I could load ripped iso's instead of getting the CDs from their cases
MaladyDark: My depression has kinda ruined animal crossing. which sucks as it was amazing
zac19b7: @GapFiller I mean it is for 90 percent of things. Eventually itll be 100 percent
Nigouki: i still remember the original HL2 launch being a wreck, installing from like 4 discs and then waiting for HOURS for Steam to not be a flaming garbage fire
PharaohBender27: @MaladyDark lrrAWW lrrHEART
Juliamon: I am SO READY to have a massive pumpkin field
RvLeshrac: zac19b7: The assumption that people have fast, unmetered access is profoundly classist at best.
RockPusher: Pumpkins are the new eggs
Foxmar320: im having no luck getting Fall DIYs
RockPusher: lrrBEEJ
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ContingentCat: but the pumpkins themselves are super cute
PharaohBender27: :O
MaladyDark: WOAH. SUB DROP.
BlackIsis: @3and4fifths Thanks!
Agu_Sakku: @3and4fifths Thanks for the gift sub!
geail: Thanks @3and4fifths
zac19b7: @RvLeshrac I don't disagree, but its the assumption companies make.
ContingentCat: woah katesSub
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EightBitDreams: Are any of the animals in AC red pandas? Those guys LOVE pumpkins and are super cute playing with them
PharaohBender27: katesLol @ lrrBEEEJ
TheMerricat: @nigouki iirc, HL2 was the first and only game I ever preloaded and my first digital only purchase....
NimrodXIV: pumpkin coach is possible?
DemonicUrge: Disney be like: Get off our turf!
TehAmelie: i've given up on physical games. last one i bought had a download code instead of a disc, and the code even got stuck in the protective tape and i had to replace it for a new copy. . .
ArcOfTheConclave: A DIY pumpkin carriage?
Lord_Hosk: Disney literally stole that story.
accountmadeforants: Disney owned the happy birthday song, they can own whatever the hell they want
muondecay: The mouse's lawyers say otherwise
RandomTrivia: Sold.
Foxmar320: And Rosalina
Gaaaaooo: That would be dope as hell
elkae: Yes and Rosalina plz
ritchards: it's the crown
MaladyDark: Rosalina has the wand
Lord_Hosk: accountmadeforants that was warner brothers and they lost in court they never actually did own it
Foxmar320: Rosalina OP
LordZarano: Disney doesn't own Cinderella. Cinderella is public domain. Disney only items their specific version of it
RandomTrivia: Also it might be a magical girl series where the main characters are actually wearing more than bare minimum clothing
beowuuf: hl2 needing be steam verified all the time annoyed me when they u[dated steam out from under my comp. hl2 worked, i bought it, had the disk, was suddenly not allowed to play it
LordZarano: *only owns
247Gremlin: Mario Sisters 7 e/12ths Waking Nightmare Requiem
GapFiller: ohhh that Beej fan look *v nice
Ivalenz_: !next
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GapFiller: lookin dapper there Beej
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3and4fifths: Birdo says trans rights!
PharaohBender27: Rustproof Bee Shed!
EvilBadman: Rustproof Bee Shed
RandomTrivia: Rustproof Bee Shed! lrrHORN HYPE lrrHORN
MaladyDark: Rusty Bees
ContingentCat: Rustproof Bee shed!
accountmadeforants: Lord_Hosk Oh yeah, I just spent a bit confirming that, as well. Just easy to assume Disney owns everything.
frnknstn: Rustproof bee shed!
NimrodXIV: FOR
TehAmelie: 24 hours to go!
niccus: rustpoor beef shed
EvilBadman: a _second_ f
CaptainSpam: Desertf Bus for Hope
ContingentCat: Rustproo Beefshed
ritchards: rustpoor beefshed
Jeezy56: Deport sour beefs!
beowuuf: !rpbscountdown
RvLeshrac: I still say "Desert Bus from Home"
GapFiller: Dear Dr LRR: is Beej truly rustproof? Kappa
247Gremlin: Sounds like a character from a Double Fine game
kusinohki: wait... it was an anagram?? I never would have noticed *sad*
MaladyDark: Beef Poor Rust Shed
NullColaShip: Pro-rust beefo shed
EightBitDreams: Worst name ever
MaladyDark: YES!
deadeyedan5012: Yo! Finally caught Chillpoint live
EightBitDreams: Play it in 3D!
MaladyDark: I have to find my cart!
deadeyedan5012: Aww it’s leaving
Juliamon: deadeyedan5012 I have some bad news lol
geail: Vita means life
Brozard: I just got my replacement battery for my 3Ds
Gaaaaooo: please do not call the 3DS a retro console I will die
PharaohBender27: DAMN, lrrBEEEJ
frnknstn: Deʃert Bus for Hope
deadeyedan5012: lrrAWW
MaladyDark: Theatrythm is AMAZING, and i want a switch port. and a Nintendo version with link and mario
Gaaaaooo: Dice friends so good
ContingentCat: oh yeah I have a vod to catch up on
niccus: absolutely nothing bad happened
RandomTrivia: Nooooo, don't take Dale, Andy, Cori and Jacob from us so soon!
LunarJade: @MaladyDark I would love all that. They should do that.
EightBitDreams: There's a Theathrythm arcade machine! They have it at my local arcade
kusinohki: finale? but the have 1 (?maybe) item from their list??
Juliamon: Nothing bad at all, especially nothing concerning fruit or tendrils.
Nigouki: oh riiiiiiiight
ritchards: Oct 10?
SnackPak_: The rematch of the year
DemonicUrge: 3th yes
PharaohBender27: 3rd
RandomTrivia: Second First Inaugural Chunk-Punch?
gnome_friend: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Friday Night Paper Fight (The crew plays offline MtG with real cards! This week Gladiator returns! Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Fri 05:00 PM PDT (1:32 from now).
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Poke its nose!
GapFiller: oooh day before my birthday that
MaladyDark: @EightBitDreams ... Lucky you. my local arcade has... fruit ninja.
GapFiller: v nice
Wolfstrike_NL: should be oct 10 I believe
kusinohki: March 192nd
247Gremlin: Rustprou Beefshed is such a great character name, it's going in my name database.
3and4fifths: Inktober the thirst?
niccus: thirst for red october
beowuuf: for the second time, for the last time, until the next time
GapFiller: !badadvice
ritchards: Oct 10... or Dec 08...
Wolfstrike_NL: Second first annual punch-a-chuck
RandomTrivia: "Second First Annual Chunk-Punch"
fastlane250: Chuck a Punk
RockPusher: jlrrPunch
TwitchTVsFrank: second first annual
SnackPak_: Praise Heather!
cyanMu42: Chunk Punchman
TheMerricat: jlrrCai jlrrLlou?
LordZarano: The second first annual punch a chunk
beowuuf: aww, cool
GapFiller: jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrPunch jlrrIcream jlrrCarrotmilk jlrrCai jlrrLlou jlrrNo jlrrFacepalm
TheMerricat: jlrrCai jlrrLlou ?
Duhstink: Will we see the one where James falls down a hole?
SnackPak_: yes Beej
niccus: chunch a punk
Juliamon: chunch punk
accountmadeforants: First decennial punch-a-chunk
RandomTrivia: Highly recommend the Pax Punch-a-Chunk, it was fantastic
DemonicUrge: hot dang, what would we be without heather :D
fastlane250: chunk hunker punk
GapFiller: James is just a boy whos 4
3and4fifths: !quote chunk
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
ritchards: Sarah does
GapFiller: each day something more
Juliamon: James already calls it Chunk-a-Punch half the time
Lord_Hosk: noo
beowuuf: jlrrPunch lrrBEEJ
ContingentCat: I don't think chunk punching is cool enough for a punk title
RandomTrivia: GapFiller You stop that
TheAinMAP: Pass.
accountmadeforants: They're a punches chunk. Like attorneys general.
ContingentCat: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEEJ
MaladyDark: I kinda hope punch chunk catches on in minecraft streamers
Nigouki: if we annoy James he'll just jlrrCai jlrrLlou us again
DentedPockets: Though Chunker what the term.
kusinohki: !lovebeej
LRRbot: Chat loves Beej and I love Beej lrrBEEJ
ArcOfTheConclave: lrrBEEJ
Basic_Human_Decency: all hail beej
247Gremlin: Beej is toxic
Snowcookies: Chat worships Beej
RandomTrivia: Smooth segue
TheMerricat: chat loves Beej :-)
baskwalla: Down with Beej ;)
Ivalenz_: !patreon
LRRbot: 2464 patrons for a total of $14,804.10 per month.
geail: lrrBEEJ
veelofar: Chat loves the BEEEEEJ
3and4fifths: sergeModLove lrrHEART sergeModLove lrrHEART sergeModLove lrrHEART sergeModLove
Gaaaaooo: Until the next one! :D
jeff_jeffy_jefferson: we love the beej
GapFiller: eyyy 12 Months! Actual 12 Months! Thats Almost something something
GapFiller subscribed with Twitch Prime. They've subscribed for 12 months!
GapFiller: 12 Months thats almost yadda yadda
LRRbot: lrrSPOT Thanks for subscribing, GapFiller! (Today's storm count: 39)
DemonicUrge: thanks for the news and the stream in advance, guys!
Gaaaaooo: hehehehehe dort
Basic_Human_Decency: Beej is the Bij we deserve Kappa
CaptainSpam: "Dort" could be a verb, too.
Nigouki: oooooh, what's the Art Based Stream on Oct 12th? D:
frnknstn: Warting for Godort
elkae: Wairting for Gordort
elkae: FUCK
RandomTrivia: We've been waiting for Godort for some time
CaptainSpam: "You there! Go dort!"
elkae: LUL
GapFiller: cheer100 also didnt see anyone throwing bits so ear
Jeezy56: my sub is also called dort
RandomTrivia: @frnknstn @elkae 3-way high five!
ritchards: missed my sub from the start lrrAWW
elkae: @RandomTrivia @frnknstn whoooo!
Gaaaaooo: LOL
RandomTrivia: "Susan"
PharaohBender27: @ritchards katesHug2
Lord_Hosk: Pride50
MaladyDark: that a face smoosh of a name
BlackIsis: "Now you're just being childish"
frnknstn: @RandomTrivia @elkae whoop!
incredulouspasserby: If you had read the sub message it would have pointed out I show up like once a month
incredulouspasserby: So yes, still a passerby
Lord_Hosk: I was doing the same thing GapFiller
GapFiller: Lord_Hosk high five for Da Bits eh
TheAinMAP: guyjudgeBits
chaostreader: @incredulouspasserby But are you still incredulous?
TheMerricat: @LoadingReadyRun you might have missed @ritchards sub from the start?
GapFiller: lol thanks Heather
MaladyDark: we are always entertained.
ContingentCat: yes we were entertained
ritchards: during the countdown
GapFiller: v entertained yes
accountmadeforants: If we say no, does the stream continue until morale improves?
incredulouspasserby: @chaostreader absurdism is my fav style of comedy and this place is full of it. So yes...happily
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
Juliamon: You were technically online but LRRbot didn't know it yet
PharaohBender27: Thanks for the stream! lrrHEART
GapFiller: dyr think yr inna Chinese Opera or something w/ that fan Beej
BigOuphe: that's what they call him, gap-filler paul
DemonicUrge: thank youu!!!
RockPusher: lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
Ivalenz_: !store
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TheMerricat: !store
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Juliamon: !merch
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out for the full catalog. (Please be aware that Wyrmwood products purchased from THIS store do not benefit from the Wyrmwood shipping promo, but they are worth it!)
EightBitDreams: Farewell, chillers!
Lord_Hosk: Wait? We can support you with money?
Ivalenz_: !patreon
LRRbot: 2464 patrons for a total of $14,804.10 per month.
GapFiller: thanks for streaming guys lrrPAUL lrrHEATHER lrrBEEEJ lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
TehAmelie: byee
frnknstn: 84 months? 7 years??
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
Ivalenz_: !homestreams
LRRbot: Crew homestreams: Adam: | Alex: | Ben Ulmer: | Cameron: | Cori and Ian: | Heather: | James: | Jeremy White: | Kathleen: | Matt Wiggins: | Serge: | Wheeler:
MaladyDark: bye. thanks for the stream.
beowuuf: saturday eve's cardboard barney
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the show lrrBEEEJ lrrPAUL and lrrHEATHER !
ritchards: yeah 7 years...
TheMerricat: Thanks for the fun Beej, Paul, and Heather!
DemonicUrge: yes, thanks for the news and the stream! byeeee
EvilBadman: @frnknstn The first subs at at 86th ish months now
PharaohBender27: @Juliamon But this way the store will get twice the traffic! :D
TheMerricat: Chat, you all are awesome, be safe, be well, and be happy. I'm going to go intimidate some more Skyrim bandits. Those fools don't know who I am apparently....
frnknstn: lrrHEART lrrHEART y'all chat
EvilBadman: Forgot I was watching on an account without sub and got an spanish Xfinity commercial. Wheee
LunarJade: thanks for hanging out chat! <3
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat You would think they'd have heard about that one person just slaughtering them all by now . . .
RandomTrivia: @TheMerricat The High King?
LordZarano: 7 years. "What?" You will die in 7 years. "WHAT?" I said you have subscribed for 7 years "oh ok"
xantos69: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:35:59.
TheMerricat: I know @PharaohBender27 it's not as if I've flooded every store in Skyrim with dead bandit armor and weapons...... though I'm starting to wonder if I'm just equiping the next round...
PharaohBender27: @TheMerricat It's a vicious cycle
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Just because you died doesn't mean it wasn't a good plan.
Metric_Furlong: !findquote died
LRRbot: Quote #871: "Aww... No turret for you to die in..." —Ben Soileau [2015-10-15]