NotCainNorAbel: Do they go there for the "meat"?
TehAmelie: i like it, well, i love sweets
Metric_Furlong: sorry, fell a bit behind, been remotely watching a friend experience Mouth Dreams
Juliamon: I don't know what they go there for. I can't fathom it.
Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie I suppose it puts it more into 'cake' teritory
Juliamon: I am slightly high and the Smash reveal is destroying me rn
TehAmelie: confection or pastry, apparently
TehAmelie: from my little taste it might be hilarious to read the court records where they steadfastly avoid using the word bread to describe 'bway's baked sandwiches
ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering in its digital form. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (6m from now).
Metric_Furlong: ice cream challengers present?
Juliamon: Points at the ready
ContingentCat: 37% dang good job everyone
gnome_friend: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering in its digital form. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
gnome_friend: !advice
LRRbot: Always trust the octopodes.
GapFiller: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: LRRMtG (James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering in its digital form. Game: Magic: The Gathering) at Thu 02:00 PM PDT (1m from now).
Juliamon: Can you believe we actually DIDN'T have Minecraft in !smash
gnome_friend: We were cowards
TehAmelie: maybe it's too big
Earthenone: isent it the other way around? putting smash in minecraft?
gnome_friend: Put them both inside each other
TehAmelie: i often think about this scale diorama i saw that showed the Minecraft world side to side with the planet Neptune
ContingentCat: !smash
LRRbot: Put Masahiro Sakurai in Smash, you cowards!
JaysonMaxwell: !findquote wario
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
gnome_friend: !quote wario
LRRbot: Quote #6676: "Wah! Nintendo is real!" —Wario [2020-01-06]
gnome_friend: Put Zippo Tricks McEdgelord in Smash you cowards!
LoadingReadyRun: I suppose y'all want me to stream Magic huh?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It would be nice.
tyrew0rm: if thats not a problem
TehAmelie: this is it. pretty groovy overall
GhostValv: I suppose
GapFiller: LoadingReadyRun Hai James or Adam
Juliamon: That all said, I now can put "Punch a Chunk in Smash, you cowards!" in there
JaysonMaxwell: Or don't - were not your boss :P
TehAmelie: we wait with bated breathses
GapFiller: one of yr two
Earthenone: if you wan't do what feels right
gnome_friend: lrrFINE
ContingentCat: or something yeah
tyrew0rm: its would help us push closer on the ice cream challenge
gnome_friend: !smash
LRRbot: Put artificial restrictions on your movement in Smash, you cowards!
tyrew0rm: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
gnome_friend: What is the ICE CREAM challenge?
ContingentCat: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
Juliamon: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
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LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> James has been left alone for today's LRRMTG stream. So it's time for his traditional mono coloured draft challenge! | Also, come by and kick in some channel points for the Ice Cream community challenge :) | ||
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Makhiel: hi chat, bye chat, just here to drop points
Juliamon: Thank you for contributing!
offbeatwitch: "max 2000"?
beowuuf: per stream
Scarbble: 2k per stream
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truboom10000: Hi
Juliamon: It's a Twitch-side limit.
offbeatwitch: well, means i don't just shove in 80k points at once
tyrew0rm: sooo many channel point messages
GapFiller: gotta say its kinda surprising how quickly this icrem challenge is filling up
lirazel64: Whee!
GapFiller: truly Never Challenge Chat eh
beowuuf: shows how many people lurk :)
Anaerin: offbeatwitch It keeps track of how much you contribute. So 6 streams' worth of 2000 points == 12000 points.
CanPlayGames: I guess Playing magic is like digging a hole jlrrPunch
offbeatwitch: ahh i see
tyrew0rm: almost desert bus chat speed
beowuuf: yet doens't carry on over to the vod I don't think
CastleOtranto: I'm sad to have fallen under 420k points, but I know it's worth it for ICE CREAM
TheElrad: if James wasn't so cowardly and limited the contribution per stream we'd probably already have it :P
Ba_Dum_Tish: Fulfil ICREAM
MadameAdversary: lrrDILLY
beowuuf: twitch limits it to 2k, as otherwise there's no rational way to hold a community challenge.
tyrew0rm: i only had 30k to start with, the joys of being 8 hours ahead
GapFiller: TheElrad tbf even w/ the limitation we're gonna hit it plenty quick enough
GapFiller: and James nearly set it even more strictly
LoadingReadyRun: This is the most you can do
beowuuf: per day :(
djalternative: nearly at 40%
Juliamon: James meant for it to be stricter
LoadingReadyRun: Like, I can't make it more
LoadingReadyRun: Twitch won't let you
InquisitorGaia: ive been sitting on 190k channel points for a while
beowuuf: so james, how many times have you listened to neil's album since your personal stream? :)
CanPlayGames: Can you re name the challenge to be part 1?
GapFiller: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
CleeKru: lrrFINE lrrFINE lrrFINE
Ba_Dum_Tish: Well James you did manage to make chat less readable than before so well done for that.
TheAwkes: It's James' Fault.
TheElrad: ooh, the show has a new name?
GapFiller: good evening lrrJAMES James lrrADAM Adam lrrHEART
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Roscoe_DarkHorse: I lurk, I sub, I lurk again!
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beowuuf: ninja james
Juliamon: I think Twitch was aware that some users may have accrued ludicrous amounts of points by now and specifically wanted to avoid the challenge dump
beowuuf: all in black
Ba_Dum_Tish: Clearly James is a rogue
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Flyingdelorion: Good evening from the Netherlands
GapFiller: if only more people were as responsible abt mask wearing as yr James
beowuuf: did anyone else expect that to be a goof and him to be clean shaven?
tyrew0rm: we are doing as fast as twitch lets up captain
LarkSachrosis: Let me donate more than 2.000 per stream coward, I'm sitting on 88.9K.
djalternative: There's only so much we can contribute per stream. I'd love to drown you in these 330k channel points
ContingentCat: I wish I could drown you in my 250k points but the max says no
GapFiller: contra that I watched multiple people whip off their masks as they came out of various shops earlier
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx: @LarkSachrosis I KNOW RIGHT
GapFiller: as tho that was some kind of achievement
Drathak: @LoadingReadyRun you can use the BTTV extension to turn the notifications off
offbeatwitch: i'm sure Nifty Chat could fix that
GapFiller: it was honestly really tilting
tyrew0rm: i wish the messages could be turned off
ContingentCat: it can go faster if you bring down the stream a few times
Drathak: I have them off
Ba_Dum_Tish: Hey at least we honestly know that it is like this for future
Sundrall: BTTV?
Drathak: "Disable Channel Points Message Highlights — Disables highlighting of the "Highlight my message" messages"
SquareDotCube: Woo 4M points!
CururuGuasu: You don’t see them in mobile, or at least I don’t
InquisitorGaia: i dont either
Ivalenz_: We're learning.
EvilBadman: hiding channel points in BTTV hides the actual channel points counter in the bottom left
CAKHost: We are debugging, Chat!
WonderfulGlory: Sit with the mess you've made
tyrew0rm: Ask Fugi to change twitch settings on his end
Juliamon: I hope Twitch is working on a way to hide them
tomnar: Hello awesome people <3
djalternative: maybe because you're the broadcaster and we aren't
beowuuf: have you tried pretending you don't see them until they go away in embarrassment?
Jondare: Yeah that setting just removew the "Use your channel points to do X" thing that pops up whenever you join a new challenge
v_nome: Nah, Twitch is too busy giving banned people an avenue to harass people instead.
monosceros: bear warrior!
Ratchet215: whats the warrior count
EvilBadman: Five ish
lordericter: Goma Fada is a real beating even by itself
TheMagicalSazerac: Bear with set mechanic
elah806: My neck, my back, my saddleback lagac
PaperDoopliss: @elah806 You feel attacked, but can you block?
doonis13: warrior tribal
Night_xD: not worth the splash
Night_xD: imo
Juliamon: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 33:25.
Evochron13: if you get a base camp i'd splash it
SpoonfullOfSugar: hellion good too
LackingSanity_: id take hellion
Juliamon: It lives!
frozenphoenix7: I don't recommend trying to splash it tbh
GrumblingMoblin: that base camp is looking better now
TheMagicalSazerac: Spec pick it
xantos69: cheer50 Hey James. You winning?
LackingSanity_: being able to replay mdfcs is very powerful
Fantusta: Doing what you want, that feels in the spirit of this
LackingSanity_: electromancer better
Juliamon: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
djalternative: LRRbot is REBORN
Night_xD: noo
Mal2mad: Eff monodeck. We accept Mardu
elah806: Base Camp is a VERY good card, honestly
monosceros: it's bark dargain
Night_xD: i mean, your deck is really good already.
TheMagicalSazerac: A+
BrookJustBones: play the wildfire for the white splash?
Juliamon: ooooh
Veste: always skilled
PaperDoopliss: You might mainboard wildfire for the splash
Ratchet215: Kappa //
elah806: Ooooooh
kinslayer6788: always rewarded
lordericter: that card's sweet
monosceros: omfg james
TheMagicalSazerac: 11/10, would draft again
elah806: COOL CARD
djalternative: what is this limited deck?
Juliamon: "Sorry we made you pick that other card. Here's some bombs."
TheMagicalSazerac: Oh my god
Mal2mad: O‐_o
TheMagicalSazerac: I wish my drafts went this well
Veste: tbh you probably only like it because it's very good
Night_xD: maybe take a look at your curve ?
BrookJustBones: flip land is the pick i think
Fantusta: oh this is human drafts didn't realize
LackingSanity_: rebirth
elah806: You know, since you're already splashing white...
Ktolos: Bug catcher
TheWriterAleph: Skyclave was the first ZNR card I drafted and it was so good
TheMagicalSazerac: Champ?
lochnessseammonster: i love how mono turned into mardu... classic james :P
Ratchet215: nice meme tho
BrookJustBones: champ or consumption I think
elah806: Silencer is great in a party deck
monosceros: more priest
KingJimmeh: 2nd priest?
LackingSanity_: i'd take another blood priest here
StreetRach: Warrior
djalternative: it's catoblepas with 1 less black pip
TheWriterAleph: MOSTLY red. which means also slightly alive
BrookJustBones: yes to mace
TheMagicalSazerac: Mace the face.
elah806: The mace is pretty incredible
romanempire144: you gonna get dilly bars, james?
monosceros: god's perfect deck
djalternative: say yace to the mace
elah806: Menace does a lot of work in this format, I find
Ktolos: Mace is good
BrookJustBones: yes
TheMagicalSazerac: I like her a lot
LackingSanity_: yesah
LackingSanity_: yeah
PaperDoopliss: If only we had a bunch of party members we might take the sweet 7/5. If only
TheWriterAleph: yes ardent is amazing
Evochron13: better than any other card yes
Mal2mad: Yes
elah806: She's great
djalternative: v good
zhrang911: Yes
KingJimmeh: Cinder
elah806: I've never felt bad ripping her
monosceros: do you like free spells? cause that's a free spell
TheMagicalSazerac: Beckoning I think is better
elah806: Sneaking Guide is wild
Earthenone: party catoblepas for the top eend?
Mal2mad: vampire, I say
Ktolos: Blade
LackingSanity_: Hellion is quite good
SoldieroFortune: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 38:02.
monosceros: btw cleansing wildfire is fixing for yourself
EvilBadman: ^smart
BrookJustBones: take out the white splash?
LackingSanity_: I think this deck is better without splashing for the warrior lord, keep more focused and aggressive
TheMagicalSazerac: "Help, my deck is too good and I need to cut"
Kreiseler: cut awakening? BBB is pretty rough
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Juliamon: Dump the white splash
djalternative: cut the white card probably
TheMagicalSazerac: Awakening is still a land, definitely keep
LackingSanity_: cut tormenting voice
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TheMagicalSazerac: Hellhounds too
BrookJustBones: all the not party creatures?
TheMagicalSazerac: ?
EvilBadman: Modal lands at 2/3 of a land
monosceros: @Kreiseler think about awakening as a land that's sometimes a spell and not the other way around
Kreiseler: cut kite sail its pretty bad
slipyphist: so I just finished my draft and realized you were in my pod
Evochron13: cut a swamp; you have 3 modal dfc
Kreiseler: @monosceros fair
djalternative: I'd maybe cut 1 hellion
LackingSanity_: Oblivion's hunger, tormenting voice
Mal2mad: James may need the kite sail vs green
Evochron13: i'd keep 1 hellion to pull back modal lands to hand if used early game
xantos69: absolutely cut Tormenting Voice. It is card neutral and you normally want to use it to pitch late game lands. But in this format you just want to play your lands to get landfall.
BrookJustBones: cinderclasm is killing more on your board I think?
Night_xD: probably can take the modal lands to the side for cutting
spartan029josh: With the MDFCs you have you could very comfortably cut 2 or 3 lands
frozenphoenix7: You don't need 17 lands
Drathak: it's fine
xantos69: 6 is too much for that.
Dread_Pirate_Westley: It's not bleeper.
KingJimmeh: I don't know if you have enough not warriors
frozenphoenix7: Yes.
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BrookJustBones: you can cut 3-4
Fantusta: ugh video stream frozen again
Jondare: Yeah then cut 2 land
Kreiseler: ya 20 land sources is more than enough
spartan029josh: I count the boplt lands a a full land and all the other MDFCs at about 2/3rds
LackingSanity_: With 5 mdfc lands I'd cut the silencer and bring another hellion in
Jondare: Usually you want to run around 20 lands in this format, between MDFC's and basics
Fantusta: Double thanks to Naarius who gifted me a sub recently so I don't have to see ads every refresh
spartan029josh: I like that
TheMagicalSazerac: MDFCs I think require a more nuanced approach. Zof for example is mostly a tapland with upside. Hagra mauling is almost definitely not a land by comparison.
KingJimmeh: Yeah, looks good
Night_xD: probably can go down 1 more basic
Blizzinam: With the awakening? Ilike that.
tehogwillie: i like that, then the hellion can get back the dfc lands you'll wanna cast
EvilBadman: Hellion can bounce the modal lands if you do have to play them as a land anwyas
spartan029josh: I want to pilot this deck, lol. looks awesome
Wamut0mbo: This deck rocks
ArcOfTheConclave: 5,000 viewers would have to contribute to make James honest.
TheMagicalSazerac: 20ish lands with 2 hellions?
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Mongoose987: Woop, don't get around to watching much but here, subs!
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RegulusPratus: Aw, man, I missed the drafty bit.
Mongoose987: This deck seems very punchy!
EvilBadman: This deck is FITE
Mongoose987: All the lands you could want,
spartan029josh: Good lord this opener
EJGRgunner: 43% now
djalternative: keep
xantos69: hand is a keep
KingJimmeh: keep
unarmedoracle: this seems good
TheMagicalSazerac: Oh baby, this is a HAND
QuixoticZ: Starting with shade seems like a very inevitable beating
TheMagicalSazerac: It's a 4 land hand where most of your lands you can cast!
Mal2mad: That shade may have to be a swamp, but good hand
bartimus_thundercask: keep
EvilBadman: cast something that won't hurt getting countered
spartan029josh: I like the shade first to draw out removal and stay up on cards
RegulusPratus: Well that's just gotta be like insider trading or something, Cam
Traion: Cameron contributing to his own Icream seabatBRAIN
TheMagicalSazerac: Fun fact, if you make archpriest a coward, it will be a 0/2 if it's the only creature
spartan029josh: But Kargs is a hell of a drug
Mal2mad: oh dang, is this Party Vs. Party?
djalternative: it's black tie party vs black eyeliner party
Warlig95: look at his abilities
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RayFK: Don't lose.
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spartan029josh: So, make the celebrant a coward, attack, then pump intimidator by 1
RassilonDND: blue white party always feels weird. few fliers but all the O-Rings
unarmedoracle: save the shade when you think they're holding up a counterspell
TheMagicalSazerac: I think putting a 4/3 for 3 into play is a pretty good proposition
HoneyJack07: Next jlrrIcream challenge is lrrJAMES buys jlrrIcream for the Mods
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: I'm interested in that
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: yes please
TheWarbo: have you considereda different strategy?
Mongoose987: Malakir Rebirth is such a good card
spartan029josh: This deck just seems like a beating no matter your sequencing
EvilBadman: Seems great tbh
Mongoose987: Beats
Mongoose987: Get them beats whilst theyre fresh
TheMagicalSazerac: Slap em in the face!
Mongoose987: they taste better
Blizzinam: Keep in mind intimidator activations too
frozenphoenix7: Could've made the 3/2 a Coward
LackingSanity_: you also have the intimidator abilities to pump or make 1 creature not block
The1ThatCreateTheHeavens: hey all
twintarantella: so after three premier drafts I'm 20-5 in this format and it's a bit of an ego trip tbh
cotillion1850: okay so what is the icecream challenge??
Earthenone: probobly a dumb question, but im an inexperianced meatsuit piolot. is the 20 minutes per hour for heating gel a human limitation or a limitation of the individual gel pack?
Earthenone: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
Juliamon: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
Fantusta: !hubris
cotillion1850: cool
TheMagicalSazerac: I believe in the James
cotillion1850: sucess
chaostreader: !card pyroclasmic hellion
LRRbot: Can't find any card by that name
Kreiseler: @earthenone human. longer, you start worrying about burns. especially since heat may be applied to an area that already has decreased feeling
Earthenone: thanks :)
djalternative: next turn you can bolt yourself with agadeem, play hellion, and use it to return agadeem
malc: oh I didn't know you used Samsung
bartimus_thundercask: lrrFINE
Mongoose987: Replay champ
Mongoose987: ?
BrookJustBones: kick a shade?
lamina5432: kick the shade
LackingSanity_: You can make the 1/4 a coward and swing, then play warrior post combat
TheMerricat: chat, as a non-magician, remind me again what kicking a card means?
QuixoticZ: then you pump him
BrookJustBones: and you could pump it
LackingSanity_: But then you could punp
Wiliart: and you can pump
frozenphoenix7: You can pump
Mongoose987: @TheMerricat an ability that lets you spend more mana for an additional effect
Juliamon: TheMerricat You pay a little more for an added effect
WonderfulGlory: Hey James, did you ever do a stream with Ben where you played a game with Elijah Wood in it? I'm trying to figure out if that was a memory or a dream.
Kreiseler: @themerricat pay more mana, get additional effects as described on the card
darkora: @TheMerricat kicking involves paying extra mana when you cast the card to get a bonus effect
TheMerricat: thanks chat :)
Earthenone: !holes
LRRbot: Did somebody say holes??
Warlig95: attack with shade then get it back with landfall
Warlig95: ?
Kreiseler: !thunderfury
keroan0: Broken Age had Elijah in it I believe
Kreiseler: why is that not a command? :(
lamina5432: attck with shade first?
TheWriterAleph: did someone say THUNDERFURY???
Earthenone: the blessed blade of the windseeker?
Mongoose987: @WonderfulGlory it was called Transference, here's the you tube link
Earthenone: my guild in wow classic just got our first thunderfury last week :P
twintarantella: Oh, Thunderfury? Isn't that the Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?
Kreiseler: you make me happy chat
WonderfulGlory: Oh thank you so much @Mongoose987 , I thought I was losing my mind
spartan029josh: at least they didn't kick it so they are down a card
ThirtyCubicFeetOfSalsa: Thunderfury? The blessed blade? Of the windseeker?
nerhydas72: awww why can't i give more points for ice cream?
Mongoose987: @WonderfulGlory it's cool, quick google of elija wood + game then a search of the lrr wiki brought it up
TheWriterAleph: @nerhydas72 stick around for two hours and you can submit more during Tinker Tailor!
chaostreader: Why not Hellion? The shade can’t block?
Mongoose987: @WonderfulGlory sounds interesting ctually i'll watch it myself i think
RegulusPratus: Ah yes, the blue/white partykicker archetype
Mongoose987: @RegulusPratus aint no party lick a Blue/White party
TheWriterAleph: !agadeem's awakening
nerhydas72: @TheWriterAleph true, and if i keep watching I'll get even more points to give
TheWriterAleph: !cardname agadeem's awakening
WonderfulGlory: It was just weird because I couldn't think for the life of me a stream Ben and James are on together.
TheWriterAleph: i'm dumb chat. what is it
v_nome: it's !card
Mongoose987: @WonderfulGlory brief period of ben and james on lets nope, if i remember
TheWriterAleph: pay x=4, get cmc 1, 2, 3, and 4?
Mongoose987: !card agadeem's a
LRRbot: Agadeem's Awakening [XBBB] (back: Agadeem, the Undercrypt) | Sorcery | Return from your graveyard to the battlefield any number of target creature cards that each have a different converted mana cost X or less.
cotillion1850: correct
djalternative: so a 1, a 2, a 3, and so on
EvilBadman: correct
KingJimmeh: Yep
ArcOfTheConclave: correct
LackingSanity_: yup
nerhydas72: yepperoni
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Yep
doonis13: Hellion
Ktolos: Yes
TheMerricat: that seems..... powerful
RegulusPratus: Does Agadeem's get better?
cotillion1850: its that or play a 5 drop
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Do it
PixelArtDragon: Hellion seems better now, use it when you can get 3+
xX_Before_The_Dawn_Xx tentatively hugs lrrbot
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: You got this James!
cotillion1850: the 3 point swing is nice
jrhwhite: next turn you can hellion plus champion
nerhydas72: i like it
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: lrrFINE
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ArcOfTheConclave: does agadeem's see play in lurrus standard decks?
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: GO JAMES!!!
TheWriterAleph: @v_nome thanks, i'm obviously mentally exhausted :)
EvilBadman: hold lands for shade
djalternative: lurrus doesn't get it because the sorcery is the front half
PixelArtDragon: @ArcOfTheConclave I'd imagine no, since you can only run creatures with 0,1,2 CMCs
Ktolos: Hellion return conscription?
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: When in doubt Jund them out
Fantusta: Jund em out yeah boi
Easilycrazyhat: @loadingreadyrun_go_stark Rakdos them out?
cotillion1850: thats a good draw
doonis13: Hellion first
WonderfulGlory: Man the twitch chat in the weekly magic stream is just unusable. I'm just going to stick with this stream lol.
doonis13: hellion, pick up mountain, then minotaur
Ktolos: Hellion then replay land :)
Arimus221: Swing warriors and make the wall a coward?
cotillion1850: need to leverage the intimdator
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: @easilycrazyhat No I mean jund them
djalternative: @WonderfulGlory what's the topic for weeklymtg?
LackingSanity_: Minotaur plus intimidator modes I think? Idk, it's tricky
Easilycrazyhat: green
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: But jund
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Is jund and jund is best
xXRealGamerThaigeXx: math is for blockers
cotillion1850: hold the 3/1
WolfingHour: shade can't block might as well attack
lordericter: mmm delicious flung
PixelArtDragon: Yeah, I think this can force them to block with the flyer
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: James just think, what would Alex do
TheMerricat: now consume and win
TheWriterAleph: off by one
nerhydas72: dead to old zoffy
cotillion1850: that should be enough
BrookJustBones: kicker bounce kills you
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: So close
PaperDoopliss: Ooh, they didn't block with their captain
QuixoticZ: yeah, if they have another into the roil, it'd be over, so presumably they dont
cotillion1850: oh yeah into the roil means death here
LackingSanity_: Bubble snare too
BrookJustBones: or the wizardowar
Kreiseler: but when does into the roil NOT kill you, really
drcanonball: you win?
cotillion1850: we win i think?
nerhydas72: yaaaayyyy
TheWriterAleph: eeyyyyy
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: We did it
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Let’s go!!!
NarishmaReborn: we silver now friends
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: A win is a win
cotillion1850: I really wish that you could get rank points with traditional draft
BrookJustBones: if you had red mana
djalternative: not with no red
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: And green so jund
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: You need green
djalternative: blood price goes?
nerhydas72: price or king gizzard i think?
BoblinTheGoblin69: strike?
Easilycrazyhat: blood price seems right
cotillion1850: blood price
xantos69: bloodprice
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Blood price
djalternative: no
LackingSanity_: Id loot swamp over awakening
413th: nah.....?
nerhydas72: i'd say keep
HoneyJack07: i saw decline
BoblinTheGoblin69: i still say strike
lordericter: toss mace
QuixoticZ: man, that'll go nice when you have shade in hand
RegulusPratus: Yeah, that's a lot of two drops. Maybe ditch Swamp and go aggro
PixelArtDragon: Mace is pretty sweet it turns out
TheMerricat: !card ravagers mace
LRRbot: Ravager's Mace [1BR] | Artifact — Equipment | When Ravager's Mace enters the battlefield, attach it to target creature you control. / Equipped creature gets +1/+0 for each creature in your party and has menace. / Equip {2}{B}{R}
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: How’s your day going James?
Fantusta: Gonna go act a fool with some ring fit, bye chat
TheMerricat: that might be powerful but I don't think mr. wizzard would like to wield a mace ATM
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: That’s good:)
Kerphas: hello :)
Blightfight: So, are we a location that's not talking about the Secret Lair thing?
Elevation_4000_FT: The wizards damage control stream just ended. Big yikes
Vampiricsloth: happy magic day \O/
WonderfulGlory: Anyone else chant "Tuktuck Rubble Fort* "Tuktuck Rubble Fort* "Tuktuck Rubble Fort* with increasing volume whenever that card gets played?
TheMerricat: Is there drama occuring n the MTG community?
HoneyJack07: ^^
Laserbeaks_Fury: WHen is there not?
TheMagicalSazerac: @WonderfulGlory The fact that tuktuk rubblefort is super good in NeoStorm is wild to me.
Elevation_4000_FT: @TheMerricat Yup
nerhydas72: oh baby a 2 for 1
y0_jimb0_: 2 for 1, ya love to see it
PixelArtDragon: The TWOOfer
Flyingdelorion: Just came from the Magic stream, it was eeeh difficult?
TrueSkorn: just got here....whats the music?
TheMerricat: !bgc
LRRbot: Jimmy Hinson AKA "BigGiantCircles" makes chiptunes, which are featured during commercial breaks. His music, including LRR remixes and the soundtrack for Road Quest, is available here:
RegulusPratus: Come on and slam
TrueSkorn: ah thanks
GRrrrrat: @TheMerricat TWD secret lair has quite a bit of drama attached to it
RegulusPratus: ok
laskoreadscomics: Lets go James!
Elevation_4000_FT: @Flyingdelorion me to. Aron forscyth seemed... frustrated
TheWriterAleph: @TheMerricat WotC is publishing brand-new cards with Walking Dead characters that are legal in older formats, but you can only buy them for one week and not in all countries
TheMerricat: oh, wow. that'll be... intersting.
MrUglama: equip to the other guy?
TheMagicalSazerac: RAkdos know only fite
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: @thewriteraleph really?
carman252: yup
GRrrrrat: @loadingreadyrun_go_stark yes
RegulusPratus: Make opponent fear your open mana
nerhydas72: that sounds like a dumb thing to do @TheWriterAleph
TheWriterAleph: there has been... vocal backlash
Flyingdelorion: @Elevation_4000_FT Yes, and I understand they try to explain it, but I still have a bad feeling
Blightfight: Yeah, and the stream has basically stated that they're gonna do it again, and that they don't see what the big deal is?
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: We got this!
Elevation_4000_FT: @nerhydas72 It was a very dumb thing to do
BrookJustBones: double menace
TheMagicalSazerac: Double menace
thraximore: LUL
TheMortarPod: in auslander, there is talk of banning them, we dont need RL 2 on our radar
TheWarbo: double-mace priest seems very fun and silly
TheMerricat: you can dual weild maces?
Night_xD: trinace ?
QuixoticZ: Menatres?
TheMagicalSazerac: What can our opponent due against such reckless hate
TheAwkes: MenMenaceace
Blightfight: The extra fun bit is that they made a complete noncommit to getting the cards effects printed in an actual MTG set anytime.
TheMagicalSazerac: Oh he big
y0_jimb0_: there are 2 maces, you have 2 hands, ipso facto...
carman252: they just need to make them silver border imo
Elevation_4000_FT: @Flyingdelorion I thought it was laughable when they started reading directly from copy
PixelArtDragon: Double-wielding maces seems cool but impractical
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Yeah
Babcom: Are we getting ice cream when the challenge finishes? :D
drcanonball: all the lands you will ever need
nerhydas72: they look like two handed maces too
QuixoticZ: You'd have thought the MDFCs would help offset the curse, but still manage to pull all the basics
TheMerricat: The LRR crew will @Babcom
Vampiricsloth: thats up to you Babcom
Elevation_4000_FT: correct
TheMagicalSazerac: "Hot take, think it's a bad idea"
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: James you got my hopes up
TheWriterAleph: he's a recap thread from tonight's stream for those interested
Drathak: The one thing almost every magic player can actually agree on. Walking dead cards this way- bad idea.
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's like they noticed Fortnite was doing all this cross promotional stuff
nerhydas72: there's a limit per stream unfortunately
TheMortarPod: have people seen this image?
Traion: James is desperate to give his money to icream
TheMortarPod: its from wotc about cards like this 2 years ago
Flyingdelorion: @Elevation_4000_FT Yeah, I feel bad for some employees, cause some are really cool people as far i can determine from for instance PPR's
RegulusPratus: I have seen all things
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Woooo!!!
Blightfight: It'll do the opposite, man. It's butts all around.
TheWriterAleph: it's pretty much the goofy gif of "and I'll do it again"
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: We did it!
TheMagicalSazerac: You can understand something and also hate it in your soul
gizmofreak1: they need to up the limit for ice cream. i have 120K points that need to be used
Laserbeaks_Fury: The question is, whos paying who to get these cards made?
TheMerricat: I'm just curious, as a non-magician, how exactly are they going to bridge TWD into this world? I mean.... I get planewalking is a thing but.....
TheMagicalSazerac: That's fair.
Babcom: PrideHeartL PrideHeartR
djalternative: @TheMerricat they aren't
Flyingdelorion: Agreed James!!!
TheMagicalSazerac: I was being hyperbolic, but point taken.
BrookJustBones: @TheMerricat they are not, there is no story, just some cards
Easilycrazyhat: benginHeck benginYe
Drathak: Just ignore them and don't buy them. Then they won't do it again
Mewr11: @TheMerricat tjeu
MrUglama: is it ok if i like the cards and build potential but dislike them beeing exclusive?
Mewr11: whoops
Mewr11: uh
Mewr11: ignore me
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Keep
RegulusPratus: WotC's business decisions are literally Hitler
carman252: its just kinda annoying
PaperDoopliss: @MrUglama You're in pretty good company on that one
loki_lxix: They just got done saying they are doing more.
TheWarbo: a lot of people are doing the joking-but-not-really kind of hyperbolic
Blightfight: @MrUglama I mean, you do you, man. YOu don't need our permission to like things.
carman252: and a bad precedent to set
TheMagicalSazerac: I DO hate COVID with my soul. I really want to be able to go outside and see people again :(
xantos69: Hate isn't a particularly useful emotion. I try to avoid it.
Easilycrazyhat: I feel a lot of people these days base their personality around hating things. I try very much to not be like that.
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Heck ya James
djalternative: @MrUglama like prof said, there would've been a lot less anger if they were just silver bordered
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Racism sucks :(
Laserbeaks_Fury: Like even those Hasbro cards were silver border
Kreiseler: yep if these were silver or gold bordered, absolutely no issue with them (other than normal secret lair stuff)
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TheWriterAleph: yeah, no, sounds like a lot of what they've already said. "we're using SLD packs to try out new things". they're not at all contrite or course deviant. after Prof's video about this it's just more concern from me, dawg
TheMerricat: Chat, think of it this way, if TWD cards are successful, maybe we'll get Star Wars and Star Trek cards, and then we can use them to fight against an Orwell based deck while Capt America sits on the corner of the table cheering us on?
TheWarbo: killing the Wizard to deny them the cycle seemed right?
BrookJustBones: should you have killed their wizard in response so they don't draw the card?
TheWarbo: err, deny the cantrip
LackingSanity_: Yeah
GRrrrrat: kill spell would have prevented them from drawing
RegulusPratus: It's not WotC's first weird call on black border. "These cards are only legal in standard in China." "...please define China."
CleeKru: @TheMerricat cardboard crack did a comic like that
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: So what’s this deal with ice cream?
HoneyJack07: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
Blightfight: @TheMerricat ...I don't want Magic to turn into Munchkin but wiith the serial numbers still on.
EvilBadman: @Blightfight Slippery slope arguments are the worst
Kreiseler: how do I give points? I don't see it in my point rewards
DaSunao: @RegulusPratus "Please define China" is a hilariously charged question for a company to run into
TheMagicalSazerac: Ah yes, our 15 land deck will certainly avoid flooding
EvilBadman: @Kreiseler If you're on mobile do it through the site
AbsenceOfGravitas: Yeah, rather not have Magic go the Lego route and just become a bunch of tie in stuff
carman252: how does one donate channel points
TheMerricat: Sorry chat, I shouldn't joke about it, magic isn't my jam and I know it's probably a lot of yours jams, it's probably more serious than I realize.
Kreiseler: clever play james, slightly inconvenienceing me so I won't give points. I'm on to you!
TheWriterAleph: nah, you've hit the nail on the head, TheMerricat
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: @themerricat it’s okay let’s just have fun :)
Enmity777: @TheMerricat It's fine imo, we could all use a little levity in the se times
Elevation_4000_FT: @TheMerricat it's cool. It's just that a lot of people a re frustrated right now
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PaperDoopliss: @TheMerricat No need to apologize. I think it's really abysmal and I hate it, but I don't view it as a Too Serious concept to chill about
Laserbeaks_Fury: Are TWD cards going to be like the Toho Monsters?
patrickk601: loading ready run is the thing that got me interested in magic the gather
TheMagicalSazerac: I wonder if people ever fight James and just assume he's going to flood and play like that
RegulusPratus: I love Magic, and to butcher an Oscar Wilde quote, each man kills the thing he loves.
Kreiseler: @Laserbeaks_Fury nope. they are unique cards
TheMadPunter: @patrickk601 Same 😄
Easilycrazyhat: @Laserbeaks_Fury As far as we know, no.
HoneyJack07: !curse
Mewr11: perfect draw
nerhydas72: the curse persists
PaperDoopliss: They're unique cards that they might print a non-TWD version of if they wind up being staples
HoneyJack07: !advice
LRRbot: Parry everything.
TheMortarPod: @Laserbeaks_Fury no, the card names are unique and tied to a property thats awkward to reprint
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LoLCuppycakes: it's ok james, you'll run out of land eventually
Kreiseler: Even if they do "functional reprints", they will have different names, so that means youll be able to double up on them if they are worth including in a deck
EJGRgunner: Ok. New rule. Only draft landfall cards. If you're going to flood anyway, you should at least get triggers out of it.
RedRaptor: You know...I've never actually seen the curse happen live so this is an interesting experience.
patrickk601: I just built a locust God commander deck and I have wheeled away my friends omniscience like 20 times now
Easilycrazyhat: I'm more and more impressed with Stalker as I play more ZNR draft. It's great.
djalternative: to be fair, I'd be perfectly fine with TheMerricat's joke situation if they were all silver borderd or like the godzilla cards.
GRrrrrat: @EJGRgunner bold of you to assume he'll draw those cards
Flyingdelorion: It's so weird for me: I still watch the walking dead (watch it together ith my brother) and I love Magic, but somehow this still feels not good. I am still confused...ok James get them!
hd_dabnado: I guess we could have attacked to try and kill of the other creatures?
Easilycrazyhat: so...we're dead
ArcOfTheConclave: water breathing is quite good
Blightfight: Like, Wizards could've mollified a lot of my concern if they went "Yeah, we're gonna be basically effectively reprinting thiese things without the Walking Dead stuff in an upcoming set" but they actually said "There's no upcoming sets these mechanics will fit into."
TheWarbo: i don't like how they did the secret lair, but i do also wish it was easier to find magic conversation on the internet that didn't turn into "and now we just rehash why the SL is bad"
AbsenceOfGravitas: subtle strike adding insult to injury there
Flyingdelorion: Oh no...
patrickk601: f
JoeTrollo: 👋
DigitalSeahorse: shigiLurk
Kreiseler: restart the stream so i can give more to the ice cream fund?
more_alpacas: I don't think all SLs are bad, but this particularly SL is very poorly conceived
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Mewr11: how long has the ice cream challenge been going on for?
nerhydas72: the kingdom of cards!
Basic_Human_Decency: why not just mail them ice cream? Kappa
Fruan: @Mewr11 Three days.
djalternative: Secret Lair is fine in concept. It's the execution that's the problem.
CururuGuasu: It’s now “A Kingdom of cards” if my recent order is any indication
Flyingdelorion: BTW Love this PNPF idea!!!
Mistborn83: Hey @LoadingReadyRun I have a code for 6 packs of Zendikar I can give you if you want to give tosomeone in the stream?
x0den: i actually love the card kingdom battle decks i just wish the ones i want wern't aleasy sold out
Flyingdelorion: FNPF*
nerhydas72: haha paper night paper fight
Mistborn83: well I guess if anyone wants to first to whisper me can have it
Vampiricsloth: a mistborn :o that would be a very cool ability to have.
Ivalenz_: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Flyingdelorion: Lol @nerhydas72
nerhydas72: that break command reaffirms my belief that LRR is the best
Mistborn83: lol I would have thought someone would want 6 free packs on MTGA go figure
Juliamon: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
Mistborn83: Found a taker
nerhydas72: congrats to whoever got 6 packs
RegulusPratus: Figured somebody else probably needed it more than me
Mistborn83: I had two and you can only use one
BrookJustBones: I suspect a lot of people have used the 6 pack code before, and it is only one code per account per set
Mistborn83: That is the thing
EJGRgunner: 45%
bubbles_the_unicorn: Hello guys!!!! Whats going on?
TheMerricat: !codefall
LRRbot: If you want to post game codes into chat, we welcome them. We would, however, suggest that you replace key points in the code with #s to avoid codebot snipers (and let us know what they should be). Another option would be to enter them into the Pump19 bot: Good luck and prepare for CodeFall!
TheWarbo: *casuals*!?!?
Mistborn83: jlrrCai jlrrLlou
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Broken Age (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
TheWarbo: !findquote casual
LRRbot: Quote #4945: "I'm a casual scrub" —James [2018-05-03]
Pump19: Codefall | Hello Neighbor (Steam) | Hack 'n' Slash (Steam) | Kingdom Two Crowns (Steam)
Juliamon: You can do it in a browser on mobile
Juliamon: Just not the mobile app
EvilBadman: You can do it on mobile if you go through the browser:
Vampiricsloth: question, if i have game codes how to di add them to the codefall thing? cause i got a humblebundle and it had some games i already owned in it.
RegulusPratus: Always keep all hands. Mulligans are for the weak of heart.
EvilBadman: Vampiricsloth
Makrosian_Tae: Mulligans are just preemptively losing
TheMerricat: @Vampiricsloth you pull up the codefall website listed on that !codefall command. you need to sign into it using your twitch handle
Vampiricsloth: thanks :D
TheMerricat: and then you can get to the screen that lets you add keys and etc.
YakkersHoungan221B: Hey All, GL on the games James
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Bad North (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Overgrowth (Steam) | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (Steam) | BASINGSTOKE (Steam)
nerhydas72: 1.5 for 1?
nerhydas72: how much of a card is a token?
Vampiricsloth: i discovered something interesting. the epic game store just shuts off entirely if i have my vpn turned on LUL
The_Ocean_who_Subbed: it is all about practice
TheMerricat: Not surprised @Vampiricsloth
ZackTheCatKing: Hey James
y0_jimb0_: you needed that 7th land right?
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Vampiricsloth: rip the curse continues
Pump19: Codefall | KIDS (Steam)
Makrosian_Tae: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis
nerhydas72: biggest of f's
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Tormentor X Punisher (Steam) | AER Memories of Old (Steam) | Overlord II (Steam)
Easilycrazyhat: F
RegulusPratus: Level up irl, put your stat increase points into luck, and just draw better
TheWriterAleph: bye James.
shurtal: le sigh
Vn497: JAMES
LoLCuppycakes: oof size: large
Vn497: lmao
y0_jimb0_: and there's the 8th right on time
Lordofironstorm: Have you tried not drawing land?
LordXaras: katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair katesChair
RendezVoodoo: come guys its a landfall set this is good right?
nerhydas72: that's a hard no from James
AdmiralMemo: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Dauntless - Blue Heaven Weapon Skin (Other) | Ring of Elysium: Prime Exclusive Skin Collection 3 (Other) | Ring of Elysium: Prime Exclusive Skin Pack 2 (Other)
HoneyJack07: arena shuffler is rigged
y0_jimb0_: James "there's nothing I hate about MTG" Turner
TheWriterAleph: james don't be a roper come back
4_mandalore: gonna go get some i cream?
mowdownjoe: The curse
Easilycrazyhat: Oof
Blightfight: Holy crap, thanks for Overgrowth! I've been wanting to play the kung fu rabbit game for a long time.
malc: ahahaha
RegulusPratus: Switching to Minecraft?
Earthenone: clip it, to win it
EvilBadman: What up highlights
Blightfight: ROFL
RedRaptor: See you all in the highlight reel.
shurtal: i'm sorry james
matblob: you jinxed it
TheWriterAleph: holy shit dude gennaLUL the curse is real
LarkSachrosis: lrrCOW
4_mandalore: LMAO
malc: jlrrDang
nerhydas72: welcome to the highlights
frage069: Bye James. OOF
LoLCuppycakes: see you in therapy james!!
ArcOfTheConclave: laviniRIP
LarkSachrosis: James why are you like this?
TheWarbo: well that was exciting
Mewr11: Quality
4_mandalore: mind = lost
Vampiricsloth: at least they're pretty lands.
nerhydas72: wait what
Kreiseler: what the...what did i miss. i leave for TWO MINUTES
NarishmaReborn: don't eat it
ashteranic: why does this game hate james?
Flyingdelorion: haha
Easilycrazyhat: o.o That's not good
Makrosian_Tae: And highlight begins...NOW
Lordofironstorm: What?
RegulusPratus: Roll around in it like a puppy
malc: remember to give channel points so James also has to buy ice cream, chat ;)
Dread_Pirate_Westley: So, James, have you ever considered the possibility you may be cursed.
TheWarbo: !quote dana
LRRbot: Quote #6331: "If you're cursed, it's your fault." —Dana Fischer [2019-08-15]
Vampiricsloth: clip it and ship it guys
randus2003: Ask and you shell recive
ArcOfTheConclave: @Kreiseler flood
xantos69: See this is why I always run 15 lands. I would rather lose a games than flood out. It feels so soul crushing.
BrookJustBones: this is some quality content
KingJimmeh: Arena is trying its best to make James hate Magic in his soul
LarkSachrosis: Did an ancestor of yours piss off a witch?
7gorobei: can we start a channel point challenge to remove James' curse?
shurtal: clipped
NotCainNorAbel: and this is your punishment for being good
RegulusPratus: James. James. James. How many lands are you running?
CururuGuasu: You really need to find that witch
RedRaptor: Did you, at one time, do something mean to a traveling magic witch?
TheWarbo: "I'm a good person" ~ James, currently roping his opponent Kappa
Diabore: evidence to the contrary james
Traion: Would a good person be cursed James?
malc: I'm a good person, says the man who streamed the Caillou theme 420 times in a row
NotCainNorAbel: good point @malc
PixelBoshi: hard stuck silver here yall lol
Kreiseler: @LoadingReadyRun James you didnt fufill your promise to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain, did you?
TheMerricat: Malc, that WAS a good deed :P
Blightfight: Too bad we couldn't see if there was another land.
HoneyJack07: did you not carry madam zeroni up the mountain and sing to her ?
WalrusOntheCourt: Sleep is for silver.
malc: yes yes, and to me, fine ;)
4_mandalore: We'll get this one, James
shurtal: is there currently a format on arena that you don't hAVE to play lands?
Sarah_Serinde: I benefitted from that stream and I still agree with malc :P
NuggetsTheUnicorn: evil, evil charity caillou man
Kreiseler: @HoneyJack07 spidermanpointing.jpg
RegulusPratus: How many magic pigs did your ancestors steal?
Sarah_Serinde: On your own, sure
malc: jlrrNo
Angnor33: Yes!
BrookJustBones: I'm here for that
TheMandrew: do it
TheWarbo: 690 caillou ye
Angnor33: We need it
ChaoticObserver: lrrHORN
NuggetsTheUnicorn: 6969 is where it's at
bits4bytes: do it coward!
TheMandrew: dooooo it
EJGRgunner: Oh yah? I *dare* you, you casual!
TheMerricat: I'll be there :-)
FenrisSchafer: jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
RedRaptor: Did you read from a cursed mtg magazine when you were younger?
NotCainNorAbel: jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo jlrrNo
lemmel: jlrrNo
Dread_Pirate_Westley: I'll call that bet.
KingJimmeh: And thats still less than the number of lands James will draw
Dish_KP: pls dont
TheWarbo: wait what about 666 caillou
Blightfight: Shouldn't it be 69,420?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Do it, you coward.
xantos69: James admitting you are the problem is how you break the curse. Whatever you have done just confess.
CrystalFury: A side effect of the strictly worse cube still in motion?
Blightfight: Do we need to burn some sage around James or something, see if we can drive away the spirits?
RegulusPratus: In before we draw Warp World somehow
4_mandalore: casting pack1 pick1 always feels good
CommiePuddin: Laav yoo Jamezzz
randus2003: James should just inbrace the curse and only play gr landfull
Easilycrazyhat: Gives everything deathtouch XD
BrookJustBones: was that somebody you?
GRrrrrat: this attack was horrible if you didn't know that LUL
nerhydas72: not a land!
RegulusPratus: Big girl, who's also a lion, with wings
y0_jimb0_: neither of you read the card lol
TheMadPunter: Ha ha, NapEnthusiast! Love it
RegulusPratus: Yeah, slam
4_mandalore: CHOO CHOO
TheWriterAleph: skadoosh
lemmel: One for each hand!
Easilycrazyhat: That is cool
nerhydas72: i love glasspool mimic
TheWriterAleph: "say hello to my OTHER little friend"
Kreiseler: thats a function of you, not the deck
djalternative: that's all you need it to do
Mewr11: I don't think flooding every game is really a "trick"
Kreiseler: thats...uh....agressive
NuggetsTheUnicorn: we call that kind of attack "bad" james
Easilycrazyhat: Roil maybe?
Easilycrazyhat: nope
y0_jimb0_: aggressively not reading the cards
4_mandalore: Maybe if Graham or Adam pilot they wouldn't flood out
EvilBadman: (the first land pop off, loud at beginning)
gualdhar: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (With two successful projects under his belt, Ian goes back to the Dreamcast to poke everything he can to replace the BIOS.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (1:13 from now).
TheWarbo: oh that's a different lethal
TheWarbo: way more straightforward
RegulusPratus: And you didn't bring us THIS HAT?
4_mandalore: Bartleby would exact too demanding of a price
Robot_Bones: a hat would have changed everything
nerhydas72: i think James needs a fun hat
ImDreddful: Love you guys have a great stream
djalternative: get a fun hat to chear yourself up
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth (Steam) | GoNNER (Steam) | Massive Chalice (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Grim Fandango Remastered (Steam)
RegulusPratus: The partial collapse of society has been mediocre, yeah
TheMerricat: ?codefall 2
Pump19: Codefall | Evoland Legendary Edition (Steam) | Costume Quest (Steam)
gravity_pike: these are horrifically real times : (
HoneyJack07: James needs a Calliou hat
Robot_Bones: jlrrCai jlrrLlou PrideHeartR
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Elite Dangerous (Steam) | Kingdom (Steam) | Dead in Vinland (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 2
Pump19: Codefall | No Time to Explain Remastered (Steam) | Kathy Rain (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Steam)
HesGotNoPants: how do you add channel points to the ice cream challenge?
nerhydas72: hellion bounce the malakir for V A L U E
malc: oh man I forgot Day of the Tentacle. one of the first proper games I played
GRrrrrat: @HesGotNoPants click on your points
Vampiricsloth: click the banner on the channel points popup
BrookJustBones: TheMericat, you are leaking steam codes :P
Mewr11: @HesGotNoPants click the channel points thing and there's a big button (on browser at least)
nerhydas72: V A L U E
TheMerricat: @HesGotNoPants you have to be on the web site or desktop app then click the channel points button as if you were usinig points for emotes or whatnot, the top bar will be the icecream challenege, just click it
4_mandalore: noice
TheWriterAleph: welcome to the circus of vaaaluuue
GRrrrrat: order?
lamina5432: if you hit with the 2/2
circusofkirkus: send the 2/2 as well?
4_mandalore: flunge
WonderfulGlory: Can't you attack with the solider to make one of them not block?
Diabore: vanguard too, 3/3 cant block
4_mandalore: FLUNGE
lamina5432: the 1/3 can't block
maybe_a_random_name: flunge
KingJimmeh: Attack with Vanguard
djalternative: flunge
GRrrrrat: you shouldn't have given up info about consumption before attack
nerhydas72: full flunge
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Diabore: and now they kill us
nerhydas72: @thymato that's a pun, right?
TheWarbo: if they're forced to double-chump, don't you want their *worst* creature unableto block?
nerhydas72: not a pun, a combo right?
Diabore: winner!
gizmofreak1: gg
TheWriterAleph: froot froot
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
TheWriterAleph: gennaGG
Pump19: Codefall | State of Mind (Steam) | Massive Chalice (Steam) | Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 2
Pump19: Codefall | GNOG (Steam) | Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | CryoFall (Steam)
4_mandalore: makin' a comeback
nerhydas72: i feel like all your luck is concentrated into a few games, and the rest are the all land draws
Pump19: Codefall | >observer_ (Steam)
Teddy_Beats: Hey James! How's it going?
MrUglama: if he strean "accidentally" drops, we could pledge more towards icecream
Pump19: Codefall | Endless Space® - Collection (Steam)
v_nome: You could always stop and restart the stream and we might hit 50%
Pump19: Codefall | Everything (Steam)
Pump19: Codefall | Call of Cthulhu (Steam)
Pump19: Codefall | Codename Rickshaw - Spacebase (Steam)
Diabore: equal to warriors, not party
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CrystalFury: How do you zoom in on a card further down in the stack?
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Broken Age (Steam) | Kingdom: New Lands Royal Edition (Steam) | Regular Human Basketball (Steam)
Lordofironstorm: Blood Price post-combat?
TheMerricat: ?codefall 2
Pump19: Codefall | Whispers of a Machine (Steam) | Regular Human Basketball (Steam)
4_mandalore: dig for the mountain
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Splasher (Steam)
CrystalFury: tyvm
4_mandalore: OOF
nerhydas72: wooooooowwww
chaostreader: Better than drawing them.
Olomag: Technically that was 4 lands.
BrookJustBones: By LRR I'm going back to window coverings
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4_mandalore: you took 2 extra swamps away from the top, so that's good
lamina5432: costs one life
Wiliart: y, rebirth for extra drain
nerhydas72: V A L U E
Easilycrazyhat: But you need a land, so will you?
LurkerSpine: I mean, you have Hagra Mauling
malc: nah this will be the one time you don't draw another land all game
Diabore: still dead
nerhydas72: i think they're dead
LurkerSpine: Can Hagra enter untapped?
Pyroxx___: you have a land in hand
ArcOfTheConclave: helion is such a sweet card
lamina5432: kill flyer swing
GRrrrrat: @Pyroxx___ it's tapland tho
fiftymcnasty: yeah if you kill the flyer
Diabore: hagra kill, a 1 power cant block
Evochron13: goma fada vanguard makes one of them not be able to block
Diabore: kill anything and win
nerhydas72: deaderiino
TheMerricat: ?codefall
Pump19: Codefall | Psychonauts (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 2
Pump19: Codefall | Super Time Force Ultra (Steam) | Hover (Steam)
TheMerricat: ?codefall 3
Pump19: Codefall | Hover (Steam) | Boundless (Steam) | Brütal Legend (Steam)
Diabore: what savage still makes phone calls?
Pyroxx___: @GRrrrrat I just wanted to see the opponent's place when he played hagra mauling as a land
Pyroxx___: @GRrrrrat face*
RedRaptor: I make phonecalls...
nerhydas72: narp
ashteranic: my vet.
draco_301: I love phone calls
EvilBadman: @Diabore Who still uses savage as a pejorative
TheMerricat: chat, time for me to have dinner, enjoy the rest of the stream and have a wonderful rest of the day! Keep on winning James! :-)
ashteranic: literally the only company i've received a phone call i wanted to answer in the past year
Dergib: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (With two successful projects under his belt, Ian goes back to the Dreamcast to poke everything he can to replace the BIOS.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (57m from now).
gizmofreak1: i had 2 spam calls today
TheMadPunter: @TheMerricat 👍
nerhydas72: bye @TheMerricat, have a good day
lamina5432: coward?
Big_Blue_Hen: coward or combat trick to trade
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nerhydas72: yarp
circusofkirkus: trample + deathtouch?
4_mandalore: mace to the face
GRrrrrat: @circusofkirkus we don't have trample on anything, only menace on mace
4_mandalore: aww
Flyingdelorion: @LoadingReadyRun Have you seen that Graham is number one moment in the Top 5 MTG Arena Moments Of the Week on Channel Fireball?
circusofkirkus: GRrrrrat doesn't 3/1 warrior give a warrior trample?
nerhydas72: they be dead
4_mandalore: DoB
Easilycrazyhat: Haven't got to play with it, but it seems great
LurkerSpine: put on flyer, win
QuixoticZ: flyer? 7 in the air with party?
TheWarbo: flier is lethal, no?
fiftymcnasty: night runner?
maybe_a_random_name: Equip to Flyer.
Evochron13: flier = win
Evochron13: it's +3
nerhydas72: that's 7 on flyer
QuixoticZ: party =3 right now
gizmofreak1: lethal on zagras
Evochron13: you have 3 party
fiftymcnasty: ah
GRrrrrat: @circusofkirkus oh, yeah. it does
QuixoticZ: deathtouch anthem seems good
nerhydas72: zagras is quite good
ArkhamArchivist: steal all the hearts
Mangledpixel: Universe is often cruel to Zagras, but Zagras does not mind.
Teddy_Beats: What is the Ice cream challenge?
v_nome: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
BearPsychologist: icream not a great name for a command tbh
Juliamon: It also works with !icecream
v_nome: It's the greatest name for a command?
MyrddintheWizard: jlrrIcream jlrrIcream jlrrIcream
DiscordianTokkan: @BearPsychologist but but... jlrrIcream
TheWarbo: excuse you
TheWarbo: !vaseline or barcode
LRRbot: Barcode!
TheWarbo: :-P
TheWarbo: twitch y u do dis
TheWarbo: :P
nerhydas72: subtle strike puttin in work
HoneyJack07: QUACK
4_mandalore: got eid of 2 lands, nice
nerhydas72: quack?
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GoblinRanger: ooh the meaning of everything resub
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malc: o< Quack.
KingOfDoma: lrrJAMES_SG A contribution to the channel point Gods (read: Bezos)
circusofkirkus: the 2 on the left?
gizmofreak1: reveal swamp and runner
nerhydas72: vanguard pre combat?
chaostreader: ^
v_nome: They called your not so much a bluff.
easterncaveofwonders: #beatsByJames
4_mandalore: ayy
GamesAndInk: You should draw cards like this all the time
nerhydas72: @GamesAndInk haha too soon
4_mandalore: tfw no travel :(
TheMadPunter: What album is this?
BearPsychologist: start up microsoft flight simulator
nerhydas72: wow easy game
SergeYager: Cool deck
easterncaveofwonders: who is the rakdos flier chat?
TheMadPunter: @BearPsychologist Bring back applewood smoked pork
Night_xD: that deck was nuts. gz
djalternative: !card zagras
LRRbot: Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats [4BR] | Legendary Creature — Vampire Rogue [4/4] | This spell costs {1} less to cast for each creature in your party. / Flying, deathtouch, haste / Other creatures you control have deathtouch. / Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a planeswalker, destroy that planeswalker.
4_mandalore: good draft
BearPsychologist: lord knows I've been trying
TheWriterAleph: lrrHORN gennaGG lrrHORN
circusofkirkus: cool monocolored rakdos deck
TheAwkes: 7-2 for maximum number of games played value.
easterncaveofwonders: thanks lrrbot
Lordofironstorm: Draft again?
EvilBadman: G did it last week
DiscordianTokkan: Allcaps
TheMadPunter: @BearPsychologist BTW are you a bear who's also a psychologist, or are you a psychologist FOR bears? Not sure which Kathleen would find more terrifying 😛
Juliamon: G already did it
BrookJustBones: you can only do it once
djalternative: now mono-colored goofemups?
4_mandalore: graham already did it
BearPsychologist: @TheMadPunter both!
Paradoxicpandabot: When will the next ...One More? be? Really looking forward to more VaLRRant content!
TheWriterAleph: SHARK
fiftymcnasty: When is the next PUBG one more :P
TheMadPunter: @BearPsychologist Maximum bear! Well plaid.
nerhydas72: that's fine, you do you
Fruan: Fair!
WonderfulGlory: Yeah go for it, it's been a long day for everyone.
djalternative: that's fine
LurkerSpine: Momir?
korvys: GeoGuesser?
PaperDoopliss: Random Gladiator fights?
BrookJustBones: sealed?
walrus855: Sealed?
fiftymcnasty: standard?
vogairian: Brawl?
TheWriterAleph: Sparky
Sirbubble5: It's ok if you need/want to finish early
Robot_Bones: brawl
PaperDoopliss: I'm told Standard is really popular right now
Evochron13: sealed would not be good
Professor_Rakor: No, there is no fun here.
djalternative: jump into some brawl
Evochron13: since it ends
TheMadPunter: Standard ladder?
TheWarbo: that says "Quick," right there Kappa
PaperDoopliss: But seriously, finish early if you want to finish early
walrus855: Saled?
Dread_Pirate_Westley: Play a standard game to get your rank in for the month.
MyrddintheWizard: And here is where we want jumpstart again.
Professor_Rakor: "play"
EJGRgunner: Play
TheMadPunter: "Play" or "Standard Ranked"
vogairian: Standard Ranked is one game.
Mangledpixel: you want 'Play'
Aarek: either play or standard ranked
Agnememnon: standard ranked
BrookJustBones: standard ranked is what you want
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun play or standard ranked
Wiliart: Play is what you want
walrus855: standerd ranked
Easilycrazyhat: "Traditional" = Bo3, everything else is bo1
TheWriterAleph: sort by standard
korvys: Go netdeck something
korvys: Rogues maybe
TheWriterAleph: those are all the precons
4_mandalore: all precons
TheMadPunter: I'm going off with Cycling lately; it's pretty absurd
Mangledpixel: what do you bet us?
4_mandalore: precons still have plenty of land to flood out with
nerhydas72: somehow i think you will win
djalternative: we can put something together for you if you want
TheWriterAleph: hype traaaain
nerhydas72: i gotta go eat dinner, have a good day everyone!
TheWriterAleph: not-Gary
circusofkirkus: what a cat
fiftymcnasty: its arena only
CommiePuddin: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (With two successful projects under his belt, Ian goes back to the Dreamcast to poke everything he can to replace the BIOS.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (40m from now).
4_mandalore: oof
djalternative: @LoadingReadyRun there's a whole arena core set that will aparently be forever legal in standard
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Time to jump up and go get the crunchy plane~ | CheckPoint is coming in for a landing. | ||
Easilycrazyhat: ez game
circusofkirkus: lrrHORN
nerhydas72: easy game
LurkerSpine: you killed 5 minutes lol
y0_jimb0_: you built the perfect deck
4_mandalore: gg lol
maybe_a_random_name: New Standard Meta
circusofkirkus: solved format
Mangledpixel: ee zed game
zuchen_120: awww just got here, luckily i got to see the champion
Diabore: but 420
korvys: James, you should put on the new Checkpoint, we can all watch together
4_mandalore: bye James! ggs
HoneyJack07: Thats just standard
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @Diabore ahh, the sex time
djalternative: I might go watch kenji's deckbuild
4_mandalore: cys dude
4_mandalore: cya*
odhtate: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (With two successful projects under his belt, Ian goes back to the Dreamcast to poke everything he can to replace the BIOS.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (35m from now).
hawkfalcon8: WOW
DRMagnify: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (With two successful projects under his belt, Ian goes back to the Dreamcast to poke everything he can to replace the BIOS.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (33m from now).
hawkfalcon8: the moment i come back to see them live
hawkfalcon8: I haven't had internet in like 4 months
Juliamon: !schedule
LRRbot: Want to know what's coming up? Check out for an interactive schedule, or for a Google Calendar version.
Juliamon: Welcome back though!
hawkfalcon8: thx lol
Anaerin: New Checkpoint!
Seagulyus: hawkfalcon8 the nexct episode is in a half hour so you will see some soon
kais58: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (With two successful projects under his belt, Ian goes back to the Dreamcast to poke everything he can to replace the BIOS.) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (22m from now).