ContingentCat: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Bonus Stream (Wheeler hosts a rare Monday night bonus stream! Join him for some Legend of Runeterra. Game: Legends of Runeterra) at Mon 05:00 PM PDT (7m from now).
Juliamon: We may not have Dice Friends tonight, but I just wanted to drive-by mention that the KS for Mortasheen, a TTRPG that's like Pokemon but more monstrous (but still lighthearted), went live and I am excited about it
jessieimproved: Julia that looks pretty cool
jessieimproved: chat what are we going to do now that the ice cream challenge is over?
jessieimproved: read?
RandomTrivia: Fill James' twitter feed with demands for ice cream? (do not do this)
Earthenone: lrrSIGNAL
SnackPak_: lrrSIGNAL
FacelessManAboutTown: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
NotCainNorAbel: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
asthanius: Time for LRRgends of LRRunteLRRa
benjamin_wheeler: Uh oh, GAMER ALERT GAMER ALERT
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerMulderce wheelerPig wheelerMor
asthanius: A Gamer Has Been Detected In The Vicinity
asthanius: All Operatives Report To Your Stations
AllGoodDogs: HYPE.
FacelessManAboutTown: Gaymer*
Fugi: I'm here but only because Wheeler *begged* me to show up and ensure he wasn't alone for 3 hours
DeM0nFiRe: Oh when did we hit 100% on jlrrIcream ? I thought it was still like 97% after last stream
Juliamon: Kathleen streamed earlier
Earthenone: we had a bonus kathleen icecream power hour
RandomTrivia: Whoops, looked away for a moment and lrrSIGNAL happened
FacelessManAboutTown: :(
FacelessManAboutTown: I had more channel points to burn
Fugi: Certainly not because I'm interested in this game and find Wheeler funny or anything
benjamin_wheeler: @Fugi OK first thing I didn't, and secondly at least thought about that possibility that's all b-ba-baka
FacelessManAboutTown: Who's wheeler? Oh wait, is he that guy who screams while we're all watching Mulder?
benjamin_wheeler: he's the great clown POGliacci
FacelessManAboutTown: Hopefully he doesn't spill coco on himself for the 2nd time today :D
3schr: I;m so hype for this!
3schr: I love LRR and I love Runeterra
buttayobread: ima actually so incredibly hyped about this!
DiscordianTokkan: I've never experienced Runeterra, so this should be Good
3schr: I don't play Magic, so I finally get to enjoy ome CCG content
Earthenone: ohh its a cardgame?
Earthenone: cool
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3schr: Yeah! in the Universe of League of Legends
AllGoodDogs: I am a long-time league fan who tried to get into this game and bounced off of it. hoping to lrrn with Wheeler and become more of a fan
3schr: Super fun.
LordZarano: I have never heard of this and have no idea what it is, hello!
3schr: Heyo!
3schr: I hope you all enjoy
Gekyouryuu: @LordZarano League of Legend's version of Hearthstone
varjofalkenrath: glad i opened twitch, i'm excited about this! been looking for a new game sbmtgdSquirtle
asthanius: Oh no it's our boi
RandomTrivia: Hi Wheeler! lrrHEART
3schr: B-Wheels!
itsr67: howdy fols
itsr67: folks*
F1SHOR: yay do the thing!
Pteraspidomorphi: Wait what? A videogame?
tergonis: a thing? my favorite!
GhostValv: :O
ChaoticObserver: What now?
3schr: A card game, no less
Earthenone: i have never heard of this game and was unsure if wheeler was even an "official" lrr member until i saw the most recent asklrr
niccus: oh, what are those
yalc321: Oh god Wheeler is doing a thing!?
asthanius: They have VIDEO games, now?
3schr: *makes a noise*
DarkMorford: Wheeler's gonna play Duel Monsters? Kappa
Gekyouryuu: you? an online card game? BLASPHEMY
3schr makes a noise
RomanGoro: Wheeler? An online card game???
Big_Blue_Hen: arena got a weird update
Mysticman89: how to win
RandomTrivia: Oh no, the horse joke vibe is coming
itsr67: this game is kinda wild actually
NotCainNorAbel: honestly if this is a two hour horse joke stream I won't be mad
3schr: This'll be fun!
kamkazi: any lightseeker aficionados out here?
Fantusta: I don't even know that much
RandomTrivia: @NotCainNorAbel Agreed
MerryPringles: oh this is exciting, I love this game
F1SHOR: Thats fun cause i also know nothing about it :)
3schr: amazonBlasting amazonBlasting amazonBlasting
DeM0nFiRe: @kamkazi I have played it a little bit. I also bought a booster box of it for some reason but haven't opened it
3schr: amazonRUDE1 amazonRUDE2
Pteraspidomorphi: Who's Agassi in this metaphor?
DeM0nFiRe: I liek what lighteeker does with the pattern on the border of physical cards so you can redeem in digital version
itsr67: audio's currently good
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
FacelessManAboutTown: #BlameJames
3schr: The Yawgfather
ChaoticObserver: lrrJAMES
yalc321: Who is Pagliacci in this metaphor?
ShaneLeeAtk: #BlameJames
Murf13: #blamejames
3schr: #BlameJAmes
LordZarano: jlrrFacepalm
asthanius: ✋This is a hand, right?
eshplode: dayFive
F1SHOR: eww Garen
kamkazi: it was fun and super interesting of card designs and play pattern, but that's all it had going for it sadly. the team behind it had no idea what to do and eratta'd the game to death BibleThump
Lordofironstorm: Spin to Win
Robot_Bones: lotta 5s on this card, that's gotta be good
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I just imagine the "Laws of thermal dynamics" guy going through the tutorial
yalc321: LUL
Mal2mad: I was a Leona main
3schr: Young
Despoiler98: HahaBall
Gekyouryuu: my entire experience with League of Legends is that I play Team Fight Tactics
Robot_Bones: also I don't even know who these characters are, so you got one up on me
Monocled_Falcon: That jawline is capable of cutting glass
itsr67: actual garen is not much more text
3schr: Don't worry, you get text blocks with later cards
Fugi: Not every card needs a paragraph on it :p
itsr67: just has a keyword
Earthenone: they mispelled game
kamkazi: the tutorial in this game is by far the easiest way to learn about the game. there's lots of love in this game in terms of league lore
TotallyNotaBeholder: I got here late, James owes everyone Icecream, hooray
chillmill1: like Yu-Gi-Oh?
Lordofironstorm: So isthe voice acting better or worse than The Royal Scions?
itsr67: leagues better
asthanius: Garen enjoys the pursuit of knowledge?
itsr67: no pun intended
kamkazi: they got most of the VAs from league to reprise their roles
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Hi Wheeler hi chat. time to conquer another card game
3schr: Power/Health
3schr: Or Attack/Health
itsr67: all of those
3schr: Moar text!
tergonis: harder
Mal2mad: Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger
kamkazi: yes theres in play like a bench and then the battlefield
Countjondi: knowing draven, that would tilt him more than any comeback ever would.
the_b0ne_gnome: Yay more bone zone!!
MadameAdversary: It is indeed the fightyplace.
itsr67: there's an eye
3schr: Click the Eye icon when viewing the card
cambo212: each card has like full screen art
cambo212: if you click ont he card then the art
cambo212: you get massive picture
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cambo212: Yes
ChaoticObserver: Yep
3schr: Every. Time.
JokerBoney: Yes it does Ben
MadameAdversary: Only when he levels up
kamkazi: yes LOL
itsr67: you get used to it
13Ghost13: hell yeah it does!
Wolfstrike_NL: oef
MadameAdversary: So once per match.
JokerBoney: Every. Time.
Inquisitor_Xian: yyyyuuuuo
Monocled_Falcon: It's rad
BrunoCheick: ççççYep
RunningMonkeys: yup
Drathak: seabatYIKES
kamkazi: anytime a champ levels up
maxthefourth: yes.
kamelion84: yes
Mysticman89: so full time legends streamer now?
itsr67: there's a LOT of cool animations
3schr: Some level up animations are more awesome than others
interiorexplosion: Is there a way to turn animations even more on?
theevermist: hopefully there is some kenrith level voice acting
kamkazi: spin 2 win babbbbeeeee
Monocled_Falcon: Because he basically is one
MadameAdversary: I mean he does sorta resemble Snidely Whiplash a little bit.
Countjondi: Because he is a hanna barbara villian
ChaoticObserver: The attack flips each round
itsr67: it's a really interesting back-and-forth
Paranundrox: there's like 2 levels of turns
cambo212: you should look at the full arts its so good
ChaoticObserver: Yeah, you both get to play cards each round, but only 1 player can attack.
itsr67: oh shit
Lysander_Gustav: This is adorable
itsr67: you're gonna love LoR
Vanbael: umm
MadameAdversary: There are a bunch of them that interact even outside the tutorial.
Lordofironstorm: Roooowan! Haaaeeeelpp!
Awesem: then boy are you in for a treat
JokerBoney: ROWAN!
asthanius: "Knowledge gets me randy!"
3schr: Both player can play cards each rounds, but only one has the attack token. (Note, that doesn't mean you can't attack if you don't start with the token...)
KamikaziManiac: there's a ton of good ones in runeterra
RandomTrivia: Getting a real "We're using... real... swords?" feel from that little knight
Awesem: runeterra has sooooo many
Pteraspidomorphi: I love voice acting everywhere
sebacteria: this game is full of interactions
WonderfulGlory: Oh boy, this game has MANY of them. Also voice lines that champions say when they see each other
Countjondi: Wheeler singlehandedly turned Rowan into a meme
itsr67: runeterra has a shit ton of flavor text in lines
itsr67: it's SO good
Drathak: This whole game is will and rowan POG
kamkazi: oh get ready for this game then. a lot of cards talk with one another directed both at ally and/or enemy
eshplode: dayGG
F1SHOR: that is so much
Lordofironstorm: benginDab
Decaped: This thing is so extra
MadameAdversary: Wait until you see the other Cithria ^_^
QuietJay: Win! First try!
RandomTrivia: Retire champion!
HoneyJack07: ^^^
RandomTrivia: Wait, this game is an isekai?
Croc64: Wow, one tutorial in and ben's already cracked the code
Paranundrox: god Braum is a nightmare
Dog_of_Myth: @RandomTrivia Yes?
Awesem: this boy used to be the best
RandomTrivia: Huh. What a novel concept
Awesem: still close
ContingentCat: that's quite a mustache
itsr67: they're keywords yeah
Awesem: those are regions
itsr67: mhm
Monocled_Falcon: You can get two per deck, essentially
Paranundrox: heard you like audio
Croc64: Love braums grin
itsr67: each region has a pretty good theme
Mal2mad: Demacia is white Mana
Awesem: the alliance
Lordofironstorm: Braum looks like he's enjoying himself a little TOO much
Gekyouryuu: so, the "alliance" of WoW?
SrMuskrat: There are 7 regions now, I haven’t played since Targon came out
RandomTrivia: It's so FLOOFY! lrrHEART
ContingentCat: he looks so cuddly
itsr67: they're different conditions for the tutorial
Gekyouryuu: Darius? I only know him as a space pirate from the previous TFT expansion. he gonna dunk.
itsr67: to make it easier
cambo212: these are like tutorial versions of the hero
KamikaziManiac: he changed a bit from the days when the tutorial was made
Lysander_Gustav: kind of funny, how the trailers for this game are super serious, and in the game it's kind of cartoony
Monocled_Falcon: The tutorial versions are different
SydPreviouslyHeadache: having only dipped my toes into league, i was extremely turned off by the monetization system, but the lore seemed cool
Countjondi: Do they call it canadian thanksgiving in canada?
Countjondi: i would presume you would normally just say thanksgiving
holidayMD: The version of cards in the tutorial are different then the ones in game
itsr67: YES
MadameAdversary: Every time they level up, yes.
Xaunaught: Every, single, time
Drathak: lol
Croc64: Oh you know it
JokerBoney: EVERY
Agl0vale: yep yep
buttayobread: Every.Single.Time.
JokerBoney: TIME
Lysander_Gustav: spin to win
Awesem: Yeah but each champ can only level up once a game
kamelion84: yes
cambo212: every champion has their own animation yeah
Mysticman89: yes we just say thanksgiving, and refer to american thanksgiving occasionally
Croc64: Knowledge has to be properly applied every time
Drathak: And I thought the mtg arena ones were extra
Lysander_Gustav: well, okay
itsr67: mhm
Dog_of_Myth: Yes
Gekyouryuu: seems it
Lysander_Gustav: seems that way
MadameAdversary: wheelerJoke
RandomTrivia: We got Shaggy Poro Story'd
HoneyJack07: Can we have Horse Joke as a treat
onemanagrowthspiral: trample!
Wormsbane: real version of the card doez
MadameAdversary: The tutorial ones are sometimes different than the 'real' cards.
Gekyouryuu: wrong order
Awesem: wait wait wait, did they take away Braum's level ability?
itsr67: LUL
Croc64: Oh dear
Croc64: F's in chat for the poro
RandomTrivia: Poro noooooo!
chillmill1: LUL
KamikaziManiac: we got this
HoneyJack07: f
Lordofironstorm: F
Despoiler98: BURN HIM
circusofkirkus: I didn't see anything
Drathak: Don't you DARE write with pens
Paranundrox: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
kamelion84: lol
cambo212: these are tutorial versions of the cards just to teach the basics
TheSilent_R: F
Ba_Dum_Tish: Everything is fine
Lysander_Gustav: It isn't very clear how it is
niccus: that was a long horse joke
Dog_of_Myth: Reading the screen explains the action. :p
KamikaziManiac: second time's a charm
djangoman11: casual
Big_Blue_Hen: wheelerUro
tergonis: you let that poor poro die you monster
dooppatrol: wheelerHub
JokerBoney: wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub wheelerHub
Corynovacane: f for poro
Despoiler98: PJSalt PJSalt PJSalt
the_hacker_414720: XD just jumped into a death
Monocled_Falcon: I can't believe you would let that handsome poro die
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Croc64: Benjamin "I messed up the tutorial" Wheeler
Lysander_Gustav: You'd think you can declare blockers, but it's weird
KamikaziManiac: I believe in you
Despoiler98: CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit CurseLit
TotallyNotaBeholder: sergeOffByOne
Croc64: Ben "Me murder poro good" Wheeler
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TheBearBee: Professional Streamer doing professional plays
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: F
NonMint: Seems pretty sus to be honest.
wafoo2: see, he gets it :)
MitchTheQuaker: its fine we know you're new to card games
Kazman20a: cheer100 it was a teaching moment....
dooppatrol: F
KamikaziManiac: EZ every time
Agl0vale: no poro snack for wheeler
itsr67: poros
HoneyJack07: benginTry benginTry
RaklarLS: this victory animation is so overkill, i love it
Wandiya: spidermummy
MadameAdversary: Do you like aristocrats?
itsr67: all of the art in this game is rad
Durzostarfire: poro snax more like boros stacks
onemanagrowthspiral: mmmm, boros snacks
Gekyouryuu: her I know from the CURRENT TFT set. she turns into a spider
tergonis: mah donger!
Xaunaught: Can't wait to see Wheeler hit that limited mode
Lysander_Gustav: hahahaha
Oneluckyghoul: would not mind one bit if ben decided to stream this more often
itsr67: yeeeee
RandomTrivia: I'm sure the schedule has room for this
Lysander_Gustav: :D
JokerBoney: should talk to Jer apparently he has been p into this one recently
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TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Wheeler on Runeterra? Best day EVER.
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Xaunaught: Friday Morning LOR Fight
cambo212: positioning is only relevant in combat yeah
Ba_Dum_Tish: LRRn more with Wheeler
itsr67: no kidding, they did a really good job with this game
HoneyJack07: horse spider ?
Mysticman89: nott to be confused with the house hhippo
circusofkirkus: the house spider is an exquisite vintage
Lysander_Gustav: I got that reference!
Drathak: Dumb Heimerdinger that was a horrible attack
SydPreviouslyHeadache: chat help. i can't remember who the hammer girl was
MadameAdversary: Poppy
Dog_of_Myth: Heimerdinger, more like humdinger.
SydPreviouslyHeadache: oh it is Poppy, thnak you
JokerBoney: oh look its Innistrahd Draft all over again
samu_btdp1985: is this like hearthstone
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itsr67: it's interaction heavy
itsr67: so not like HS
KamikaziManiac: kinda like a magic/hearthstone mix
Lysander_Gustav: I wonder if the cards can unlock alternate art, like different skins for the heroes.
Awesem: But you could have attacked
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: Like HS in that there's a fixed mana system; more like MTG in its interactive elements and far less RNG.
KamikaziManiac: an attempt to take the best from both worlds
itsr67: @Lysander_Gustav there's styles in the works, but idk if there's like alternate or animated art coming
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libraryrulesrule: this doesn't look like magic
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KamikaziManiac: I think it wanted you to just alpha until the win, honestly, but anything works
Awesem: Overall it's way closer to Magic but it's a very unique game imo
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> RT @BWheelerMTG> | I'm about to go live for a BONUS STREAM. | I call it, "Legends of Runeterra: "LRRn-Along with Wheeler". James called it "do as you're told you clown or I'll have you working on Christmas morning with no goose for your family". ||
Drathak: Wow that's meeee xomPork
Thatwasademo: that's almost two years
Laserbeaks_Fury: wooo spiders
itsr67: It's definitely its own beast
MaillouxB: 6 units is the maximum
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itsr67: but it does do a lot of piggybacking from games like magic
Awesem: realized I had my prime and I've always loved LRR
dooppatrol: they can all fight
itsr67: you can attack with up to 6
MadameAdversary: Up to six units in play, they all can fight.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh are you just getting into Runeterra?
Thatwasademo: Demacia!
BrowneePoints: Oh gosh...I can hear Finales Funkeln from here
JokerBoney: Wheeler is in the pursuit of Knowledge
BrowneePoints: and I HATE IT
Gekyouryuu: is that Zed?
itsr67: @Laserbeaks_Fury his literal actual first look at it
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah its Zed
BrowneePoints: Alternatively, Zed hits r and deletes you
yalc321: It's pot of greed!
Gekyouryuu: ok. again, only know people from TFT
Gekyouryuu: Divine Shield
Gekyouryuu: Regenerate
Paranundrox: for one turn
Gekyouryuu: etc.
libraryrulesrule: how much better is this than artifact?
Mal2mad: 151, I think?
itsr67: LoR doesn't have all of them yet
SydPreviouslyHeadache: to my understanding artifact was great to play; however, it had Atrocious monetization schemes
BrowneePoints: I'm actually super excited for the old school style Riot is coming out with spearheaded by an ex Blizz dev
Agl0vale: @libraryrulesrule a lot better
Jhicks56: Wheeler, you are good people, and I will never not put in an effort to watch content you make. I may need to buy a ring, because I feel ENGAGED with this content.
Drathak: LUL
Paranundrox: wheelerMor
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerMulderce
BrowneePoints: Hey Wheeler, did you see Riot is doing a point and click adventure game AND an old school rpg?
Halinn: He had a combat trick too
Agl0vale: *you activated my trap card Zed
wafoo2: Zed's Zed shirt was as bad as Zed himself
Paranundrox: I see you clicked through Spell Mana
Lysander_Gustav: I hope they do alternate art, because Dragon Trainer Tristiana deck would be great.
itsr67: oh shit you skipped a mechanic lol
Laserbeaks_Fury: That'll also level up Lux
itsr67: spell mana
Paranundrox: you clicked through a mechanic
socat23: spell mana
Awesem: Spell mana baby
MitchTheQuaker: you have 3 'spell mana'
Thatwasademo: Up to 3 leftover mana becomes Spell Mana
Monocled_Falcon: Unused mana is saved as spell mana
Monocled_Falcon: Up to 3
niccus: plop
ChaoticObserver: Unspent mana gets banked up to 3 a turn
Awesem: One of the coolest mechanics
socat23: can only be used for spells not units
Despoiler98: every time!
ChaoticObserver: But you can only use it on spells, you can't use it to summon followers/champions
RandomTrivia: *pew pew*
Lysander_Gustav: fancy effects. I don't know if my graphics card could handle this game.
kreebons: a phone can handle this game
asthanius: Finale's Franklin?
BrowneePoints: Finales Funkeln
Lordofironstorm: Finales Funkeln
asthanius: That's what I said
asthanius: Finale's Franklin
Lordofironstorm: It's...German, I think?
itsr67: we didn't even get into the preview eye
Thatwasademo: "you don't have an attack token", otherwise known as "you're in second main or it's not your turn"
Vivo_lor: wtf Is Fake Lor?
BrowneePoints: Meaning to help
Lysander_Gustav: hahahahaha
Enmity777: LUL
RandomTrivia: LUL
Gekyouryuu: Wheeler. it's pronounced as;lkfjasdjkghs,dmksd.
wafoo2: right, you'd be surprised how smoothly this game runs
shurtal: Potato potato
BrowneePoints: Me am big dork
asthanius: It's pronounced Schadenfreude
theevermist: what does ohana mean?
Thatwasademo: yeah it's really too bad that final spark doesn't work on their nexus
Earthenone: it means no worries
asthanius: Ohana means family, and family means everyone gets icecream
Drathak: Ohana means go watch lilo and stitch
Lysander_Gustav: so the extra damage didn't go through to the player? Interesting.
itsr67: there's no inherent trample
socat23: some spells have breakthrough (trample)
socat23: but not many
itsr67: the actual final spark in game has trample
socat23: keep in mind that so^
Awesem: Yeah there are spells that have it too
wafoo2: just realized some cards in tutorial have outdated text. That's probably way better than having to go back and update with each patch, no?
niccus: so what does the defeat screen look like
MadameAdversary: There are more tutorial things, they're called 'challenges' in the play menu, btw.
BrowneePoints: I think this game hits a happy medium between Hearthstone and Magic
Thatwasademo: This attack gains overkill
a_bullett: can't start a fire
LordZarano: Did you know Schadenfreude is actually an acronym? It stands for "self contained underwater breathing apparatus"
NotCainNorAbel: is it going to make us feel just as bad about the losses?
Laserbeaks_Fury: okay yeah, Tyrn has Overwhelm. I think Garen too?
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Veraphage: Ship it
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BrowneePoints: Zaun like yawn yea
Mysticman89: i think your pronunciation is correct
asthanius: Zauberer?
itsr67: there's also more tutorials
itsr67: for certain specific regions
socat23: the challenges also give free rewards
socat23: and teach you more abilities
FLAREdirector: i wish Piltover & Zaun wasn't so long to say. might use PZed
cambo212: yeah the challenges are like more tutorials
buttayobread: The way you can prioritize the factions you unlock makes it sooo good for new players too
FLAREdirector: i'm american but frankly zed is better than z
Thatwasademo: fun fact: I actually failed to find a match vs AI once
Thatwasademo: in this game
Solid_Fuel: Not gruul? Thea die!
Despoiler98: @Thatwasademo computer said NO
RandomTrivia: "Deal 2 damage to anything" Can we deal 2 damage to that tree in the top left?
BrowneePoints: Is there a Gnar deck? There should be a Gnar deck
Agl0vale: this is the new MTGA secret lair skin
socat23: P&Z is the gruul of runeterra anyways
socat23: youll be right at home
FLAREdirector: i don't believe gnar is in this game but he miiiight be?
itsr67: gnar is not
itsr67: unfortunately
SrMuskrat: @socat23 I always think of p&z as izzet
Laserbeaks_Fury: I dunno, P&Z feels more Izzit
socat23: true
socat23: i guess bilge is pretty gruul-esque
NUTSOFODEN: who we got as our champs this game?
itsr67: Jinx aaaand zed
BrowneePoints: Looks like Ez and Jinx?
Despoiler98: NOOOOOO
Thatwasademo: kill the poro
Lysander_Gustav: awwww
Paranundrox: wheelerGuts
theevermist: NOOOO
RandomTrivia: Awwwwww
lookimadinosaur: you cant kill that poro
itsr67: also the cards have flavor text if you zoom in
Thatwasademo: do it
lookimadinosaur: its illegal
socat23: click it for the full art
Despoiler98: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Dog_of_Myth: Going to have to kill those poros.
eshplode: lrrAWW
tergonis: protect poro friend
theevermist: Don't do it Ben!
Vivo_lor: dont kill
niccus: this is a great time to show what concede looks like
Awesem: Burst is Split Second
itsr67: they can respond
Vivo_lor: play elusive
lunatic_licorice: they'll be happy soon just wait for friend
ChaoticObserver: Fast means opponent can respond
frozenphoenix7: Burst is split second
RandomTrivia: It's lonely, it just wants a freidn
MadameAdversary: Fast = Instant, Burst is kinda split second
Laserbeaks_Fury: Burst is like inturupt, cant be reacted to
RandomTrivia: *friend
Darleysam: it's okay, it's not like it has any friends to miss it
Agl0vale: burst is split second, fast is instant @LoadingReadyRun
Thatwasademo: burst doesn't use your action, fast does but can be done during combat, normal speed can't be done during combat
MadameAdversary: Notice the poro is no longer lonely
carman252: plunder is kinda like raid but only if you connect
FacelessManAboutTown: So PLunder is BLoodthirst got it
Awesem: Bloodthirst?
varjofalkenrath: plunder is bloodthirst
carman252: yea
FLAREdirector: ah, split second. i couldn't remember what that's called
x0den: yes
cambo212: yes
carman252: forgot the name
itsr67: yes
MadameAdversary: Yes
socat23: he got a frand
RunningMonkeys: yes
Despoiler98: YAY
FLAREdirector: oh my god
lookimadinosaur: Jubilant to be exact
Laserbeaks_Fury: Ohh I haven't played since they added pirates
itsr67: he does not change functionally
SrMuskrat: Zed is very good
socat23: next expansion is out this month too
ChaoticObserver: It has Elusive
Paranundrox: it has Elusive (Flying)
Thatwasademo: Elusive is more like Horsemanship, really
RandomTrivia: When the entire game is about creature combat, first strike seems really busted
kreebons: no
socat23: no
MadameAdversary: No.
itsr67: BE is not in the game
Paranundrox: @randomtrivia it'a first strike only on attacks
socat23: its all self contained
SrMuskrat: @randomtrivia first strike is only on attack so it’s not as good.
itsr67: but it's SUPER f2p friendly
itsr67: like it's wild
carman252: True
RandomTrivia: @Paranundrox @SrMuskrat Oh ok, that makes more sense. Thanks
RaklarLS: what's overwhelm?
The_Myrddraal: Ho ho! Go right ahead then!
socat23: this game has the best card acquisition model around
Wandiya: @RaklarLS trample
itsr67: @RaklarLS trample
frozenphoenix7: Trample effectively
itsr67: yeah
RaklarLS: ah cheers
FLAREdirector: yes
Fugi: as a "only plays jinx" player, yes
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that surprises me, actually. that it's good for card acquisition
BrowneePoints: Is that tthe most handsome man on Runeterra!?
TalesFromTheManaCrypt: LoR economy is its own, but after I got into the game over the summer I played about 4 hrs a day and was playing competitive decks within a week or so.
itsr67: braum has honestly gotten scarier with each patches
itsr67: patch*
lunatic_licorice: what's in league will stay in league, even if it's the same account. So no blue essence crafting
Thatwasademo: braum is actually a threat on attacks because of that Challenger keyword
Thatwasademo: despite having 0 power
Thatwasademo: a poro snax
socat23: you got this
itsr67: yeah
Mysticman89: delciious poro snax
FLAREdirector: a treat was given
carman252: woo combat tricks
socat23: could have mystic shot the poro too
Paranundrox: Zed has Quick Strike
Lordofironstorm: Nope
frozenphoenix7: Zed has Quick Attack
itsr67: the duo has elusive
carman252: if zed had elusive it would be broken in half
Thatwasademo: probably should have played mystic shot to take advantage of that first strike, but it's fine
RandomTrivia: Can you only play 1 combat trick per round?
BrowneePoints: @Thatwasademo he's new to the mechanics
x0den: you can do the slow spell for lethal
itsr67: nope
itsr67: thermo can't target face
x0den: units only, myh baf
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Hey there mr. streamer, you seemed to missplay on this game you've never played before. Unsubbed.
Thatwasademo: @BrowneePoints I actually meant it when I said it's fine. He's clearly winning this game
x0den: my bad.
itsr67: no worries
lookimadinosaur: im new send halp
itsr67: hey ben
kreebons: i'm master, i can help
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh that is a signiture card, that means you drew another copy of Jinx
Paranundrox: can't believe Wheeler didn't even Goblin Game optimally
frozenphoenix7: Excess champions turn into their champion spells when you have extra, but shuffle a copy of said champ back in so you're not actually down a copy of that champion
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Weagle: Dat boi Wheeler
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itsr67: click on the eye near the life totals
RandomTrivia: Misreading a card is the first step to reading it right
theevermist: You should feel bad about killing that lonely poro though
Solid_Fuel: What is worse? Hurting a happy or lonely poor?
frozenphoenix7: They turn back into their normal Champion card if your copy in play leaves play
itsr67: hit skip block
Duetic: You cast spells and block as part of the same action
Thatwasademo: I think you still need to submit a block?
theevermist: :(
Thatwasademo: When you're casting a fast spell during combat
Paranundrox: I believe spells and blocks happen at the same time there?
itsr67: you essentially pass to commit to a fast spell
theevermist: poor poro
socat23: you can beam for zero to level jinx as well
RunningMonkeys: yeah I started yesterday because of prof's recommendation and have been learning by losing.
cambo212: The art in this game is so heckin good
itsr67: yeah beam on 0 to level just for the animation
carman252: I stopped playing when I got super tired of fiora in ranked
socat23: beam is slow so you cant use it in combat
Telnaior: GG
AgentMagicMaster: math is for blockers
Despoiler98: Well that wasnt an insane laugh or anything
itsr67: champs have the little win quotes too
socat23: burst fast slow
frozenphoenix7: Also cool, damage does resolve left to right, so stuff can change mid combat
itsr67: like jinx has her laugh
FLAREdirector: no by jinx's standards that was a totally normal laugh tbqh
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: a gamer bar filled!
Awesem: The strategic depth of the priority system is pretty crazy to me. I've had so many moments where I just went "Wait?! I can do this small edge case thing?!"
frozenphoenix7: Like units that get bigger if they have less life cam get bigger before they actually deal damage, etc.
Solid_Fuel: Does this game have a stack?
LemonLemur: Lux is going to mug you
until_may: boop
duke_dice: kinda
Laserbeaks_Fury: Willy Wonka
niccus: all units
x0den: i love cithra. she has a whole journy in the cards
Lysander_Gustav: She's the Toucan Sam of Runeterra
socat23: thats one of the only board wipes in the game
BrowneePoints: Kindred is totes the White (lamb) Rabbit
silenceaux: Trying to decide who the Cheshire Cat of League of Legends is and if saying its Nidalee is insensitive
RandomTrivia: Braum's grin was very Cheshire Cat
FLAREdirector: ah, the Lambent Lambbit, then
itsr67: black spear has definitely seen better days
itsr67: it's still good
bl1ghtn1n6: does this go in aristocrats?
tenebre55: does this go in they who endure :)
itsr67: there's challenges for more tutorials
Earthenone: from what little i remember about LoL, un going to say the cheshire cat is teemo
ChaoticObserver: Expeditions is the equivalent of draft yeah
socat23: no
MadameAdversary: Challenges are more tutorials.
cambo212: challenges are just like tutorials
socat23: its scripted
silenceaux: Puzzles?
Laserbeaks_Fury: pretty sure it's AI
Thatwasademo: challenges are specific scenarios vs AI
Spartacus1209: @solid_fuel it kind of has a stack if you have a slow spell followed by fast/burst spells.
itsr67: they're kinda puzzles kinda tutorials
carman252: they're kinda super easy
socat23: yea its like the mtg puzzles from the duelist back in the day
Agl0vale: wheeler youre gonna love the Garen and Katarina dialogue
cambo212: yeah they are not difficult but some of them are very good
Laserbeaks_Fury: Man I miss those Magic puzzles
cambo212: you can turn on auto pass priority!
socat23: yea
frozenphoenix7: No, don't beat up Katarina, I like her aesthetic .-.
silenceaux: Died and went to Runeterra
cambo212: click the eye next to the cards name when you bring up the card
cambo212: its neat
itsr67: oh poor vanguard lookout
Agl0vale: domri had to go somewhere after bolas fired him
carman252: "aesthetic" right..
A_Dub888: T O U G H
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Paranundrox: Absorb 1
socat23: left click the eye to see it full art too
Leedopo: bannermen DansGame
RandomTrivia: Oh it has Absorb
Thatwasademo: ART
itsr67: YEP
RandomTrivia: That well-known magic keyword
cambo212: yeah some of the cards have like so much going on
cambo212: thats not in the like 'card' art
carman252: I've literally never heard of absorb as a keyword
itsr67: there's a lot of cool easter eggs
itsr67: like cithria is walking in the back of garen's full art
bl1ghtn1n6: isn't absorb just on that one sliver?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Not 100% what the mechanics of that is, but I think it takes the card out of your deck, as opposed to just making a card
Paranundrox: @carman252 it's on one Sliver from Future Sight block
socat23: you can click and drag units into a pile and then shove them into the red zone to attack too but they stay in the order you dragged them on top of each other
carman252: aw nice
cambo212: katarina has a lot of text
carman252: sounds like fateseal
itsr67: katarina is crazt
itsr67: crazy*
LathosTiran: those are certianly some.....domes
socat23: she goes back to hand
Laserbeaks_Fury: she's worse leveled up
itsr67: the eye
ChaoticObserver: You can see what happens
Ferisar: the eyeball demonstrates what will happen given the current state of the game
socat23: youll get a rope eventually
ChaoticObserver: Based on your current blocks/attacks
MadameAdversary: Hover the eye to see the current outcome
Ferisar: it's pretty neat
silenceaux: I think you pressed the eye...?
socat23: the blue eye will show you how combat resolves
Paranundrox: the blue eye between the Nexuses will show you how the current combat will resolve
Drathak: Quite the bamboozle
asthanius: oops
v_nome: Hubris!
Despoiler98: WOW
cambo212: yeah you can line up blocks and then check in game how it will resolve before commiting the blocks
Laserbeaks_Fury: Rally is bad, it gives you an attack token
socat23: this is fine
Lysander_Gustav: I like how extra this game is
RandomTrivia: Kind of the AI to go easy on us as we learn
Thatwasademo: ah, both players have an attack token now
socat23: mash em with garen
LemonLemur: Enemies to lovers is dead, Enemies AND lovers is the new meta
itsr67: rally's a neat mechanic
cambo212: its all so smooth for like how much animation stuff is going on
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SergeYager: Yooooo
FacelessManAboutTown: How would you rate the voice acting in this compared to the masterful performance of Will Kenrith
Tiber727: I love how the units talk to each other.
Despoiler98: POWER SERGE
socat23: play the 1 cost in case something dies to play the 3 cost
FacelessManAboutTown: Ahoy @SergeYager
lamina5432: shadow
Laserbeaks_Fury: not as thematically restrictive as Flying
RandomTrivia: Hi Serge!
itsr67: elusive is a way to say flying without wings
LathosTiran: horsemanship
Paranundrox: it bundles all the unblockability into one neat term
cambo212: hell yeah big cithria
socat23: its cithria time
itsr67: this is her all growed up
Thatwasademo: hi cithria
asthanius: She got swoll
el_chimenea: Omg I love this game
lunatic_licorice: cithria!
Spartacus1209: The thing that has put this game over Magic for me atm is that it’s able to run w/o crashing for me and is mobile friendlyz
SergeYager: Lmao
socat23: the scroll
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yes she has 3 versions
cambo212: theres a log on the far left
I_Am_Clockwork: Cheer5000
smartguyc1089: the scroll on the left
socat23: on the left
FLAREdirector: big cith energy
PreciousFawn: Wheeler, meet Cithria. Cithria, Wheeler. I hope you'll get along well.
lunatic_licorice: That is in fact the same cithria
socat23: yea buddy
Laserbeaks_Fury: She's becoming experienced
JDuBz2008: its the same person
x0den: cithria's whole journey is in the cards.
x0den: i love it
socat23: mash em
Spirrie: There are 3 Cithria cards, I forget the middle one
smartguyc1089: vanguard squire, I think?
itsr67: yep
SergeYager: Is this game all creatures, or are there spells too?
itsr67: there's spells
lunatic_licorice: there's an over aching story between some cards and it's soooo good, Cithria and Tyari are great
FLAREdirector: middle is Vanguard Squire
ChaoticObserver: No
Tiber727: Personally, this game had a lot of great ideas. The only reason I bounced off it was that I felt quick spells and late game units swung the game too much.
itsr67: and soon to be enchantments, too
cambo212: its primarily creature based but there are spells as well
smartguyc1089: tyari's one is hella cool
FLAREdirector: there are spells, but creatures are most of it
cambo212: we're getting enchantments in a few weeks
EnoTheTonberry: Oh hey, it's Wheeler. Are we making 100 card singleton formats in Runeterra next?
Lysander_Gustav: hooray for mallet ladies!
Despoiler98: Dont kinkshame Wheeler :D
cambo212: they do singleton events occasionally!
MaillouxB: The full art screens is an amazing addition
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itsr67: if you click around the textbox you can see the actual full art too
ChaoticObserver: You can attack now
itsr67: when zoomed in
asthanius: Ben was literally being horny on main
socat23: LoR plays better on mobile than MTGA plays on high end pc's
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: If there's anything Riot's a cut above other companies for, it's their art/music/animation work. Like, daymn
Despoiler98: NO Im saying none of US should kinkshame :D
EnoTheTonberry: Oh man, you had Rally
cambo212: we could have attacked :(
itsr67: wallpaper stuff
SydPreviouslyHeadache: that's a cool birb
carman252: big burb
lookimadinosaur: the best teachers learn every day
RandomTrivia: The circle is now complete?
cambo212: Sixmorevodka did like the vast majority of the art
itsr67: sixmorevodka did a lot of art and it's SO good
asthanius: large shoulders
lookimadinosaur: dem shoulders
Drathak: Those paldrons LOL
itsr67: talking to kid lux
EnoTheTonberry: That's Lux's back of head
Lysander_Gustav: Is that citria in the foreground?
cambo212: its luxs mum
MadameAdversary: That's Lux's mom.
SeismicLawns: how many more vodka?
RandomTrivia: Those are some Varia Suit shoulder guards
smartguyc1089: you can drag across all the units you want to attack with at once, if you want to save time
socat23: click and drag across all the units and you can drag them in and out of the red zone
Telnaior: you can click and drag over all your units to pull them into battle at once
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eshplode: Those are some Warcraft-level shoulders
lookimadinosaur: @SeismicLawns 6 MORE
silenceaux: The back of the head says Lux, but the shoulders say Garen
Spirrie: Lux’s aunt
EnoTheTonberry: Lux's Mom is not fond of having a mage as a daughter
Despoiler98: That armor must weigh as much as a tank
silenceaux: *pauldrons
JDuBz2008: thats Lux and garen's aunt
Drathak: Just runs into people with those giant metal pieces
Telnaior: Metroid-level pauldrons
Despoiler98: NOoooooo
asthanius: Shouldn't've attacked :(
Thatwasademo: whoops we blew up the enemy nexus too soon
Telnaior: look at the art on the collection screen :)
Spirrie: You can do it from the collections screen
Thatwasademo: good
buttayobread: Cant we check art just from the card menu
Thatwasademo: please do look at your loot every time
silenceaux: SPACE
cambo212: this is the expansion stuff
EnoTheTonberry: Cutscene!
itsr67: targon stuff
lunatic_licorice: I think you got cithria, so you can go to card tab and see it
Spirrie: Also, I think wallpaper versions are on the League Display app
carman252: I've never seen this before
asthanius: wut
carman252: neato
EnoTheTonberry: Hello to Targon
JDuBz2008: welcome to mount targon
itsr67: new expansion animation
eshplode: Was that a menu transition?
RandomTrivia: Those are Bolas horns, right?
silenceaux: I'm so glad you love it when games are very Extra because watching this I think I'm the opposite
serramarkov: Amonkhet just got snatched by Nyx.
carman252: idk looks like a minecrafy beacon to me
itsr67: that animation only happens once
cambo212: very in for this content
PreciousFawn: Alright, time to go get some water!
buttayobread: are those... Bolas horns? is the meditation realm just runeterra?
RandomTrivia: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
itsr67: weird to think we're gonna get ANOTHER expansion to this in like a week
Drathak: two upwards spikes was not done by magic first lol
NotCainNorAbel: 24h stream confirmed lrrBEEJ
TheIdleIdol: Oh hey it's my special skill of tuning in to streams right at a break
RandomTrivia: @Drathak Maybe not, but they're not just straight pillars, the round part is very Bolas
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: ooh, it's elsinore tomorrow! That was super sweet last time
NotCainNorAbel: @TheIdleIdol cool skill
Earthenone: they tend to break every hour and start at 5 minutes into the hour, if you want to avoid it :P
itsr67: there's also a single player thing we can do if we run out of challenges
TheIdleIdol: @NotCainNorAbel I had to have *something*, y'know?
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RothonWylar: ello wheeler
buttayobread: Shall we check the factions out a bit?
socat23: Welcome to the brighter side of digital ccgs wheeler
itsr67: there's the infamous deny
Drathak: Oh stop xomPork
lunatic_licorice: ah deny, once it could be cast for essentially free... good times
Laserbeaks_Fury: It's got a lot of good feeling mechanics
Pheonix888: Pennyfarthing?
itsr67: @lunatic_licorice we lived in weird times
MadameAdversary: wheelerMulderce
ruscobrog: wheelerMulderce
Spirrie: Economy is also excellent in the game, same with reward progression
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah, it felt a lot better when Deny went from 3 to 4
lunatic_licorice: @itsr67 lived in fear for my big spells
itsr67: an ally*
socat23: its kinda like provoke
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> By the way, Graham & Matt are indeed aware that NO TIME TO DIE has been delayed to April 2021! | There are no plans to change the schedule of FROM REWATCH WITH LOVE (in fact we were already gonna run like three weeks over so this ...helps? kinda??) | 😎🍸 ||
A_Dub888: !card negate
LRRbot: Negate [1U] | Instant | Counter target noncreature spell.
socat23: deny shuts down all the fun
itsr67: there's a good amount of skins and cosmetics
ArcOfTheConclave: A pet stack?
QuietJay: pets all the way down
silenceaux: petpetpets were truly the mark of insanity
socat23: and all the fancy player boards have different music too
itsr67: The fact that each friggen board has it's own bgm
itsr67: is so wild
Lord_Hydraos: like tf2 but instead of hats, it's pets?
socat23: i think the challenges have preset hands to start
RothonWylar: Dare rius
Thatwasademo: I don't think the last challenge let you mulligan either
itsr67: it's a big beefy idiot
Telnaior: you always get to mulligan in real games, but sometimes the more scripted tutorials skip that step
RothonWylar: can't flick cards
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AttackCowboy: wheelerY wheelerH
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silenceaux: Are YOU Bull Elnuk for this deck?
Thatwasademo: Bull Elnuk backwards is Knule Llub
Spirrie: Watch the art for Lonely Poro
itsr67: it's angry yeti from HS
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh this game has Yeti as well
vandristine: large, horned, and raring to go
Drathak: SO GOOD
RothonWylar: lol angry yeti
Thatwasademo: poro so lonely
el_chimenea: :(
itsr67: flavor text
Earthenone: new wallpaper?
silenceaux: he's so lonely...
RothonWylar: wait it gets better
RandomTrivia: Nooooo
Despoiler98: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump
Laserbeaks_Fury: He's lonely, so he always gets a freind
lookimadinosaur: change all of the desktop backgrounds at work to that please
MadameAdversary: Just wait.
cambo212: play your other poro!
socat23: give him a frand ben gawd
silenceaux: so alone
A_Dub888: That poor friend lrrAWW
lunatic_licorice: play friend, make baby happy
SydPreviouslyHeadache: sadness comprable to Amumus
MadameAdversary: Give him a friend!
itsr67: what a pun in the flavor too
chesul: other kind of "Chilling"
silenceaux: bone-chlling, but I like that
SerGarretCameron: I think that might be the wrong use of 'chilling'
A_Dub888: !findquote fluff
LRRbot: Could not find any matching quotes.
Anonymousless: Is that not the same rock in both arts?
itsr67: D:
RothonWylar: nooo
el_chimenea: nooo
lookimadinosaur: Mighty Poro: A poro but with a Hammer
lunatic_licorice: noooooooooo
RandomTrivia: Oh god the sound it made
RandomTrivia: No
RothonWylar: we'll never get jbliant poro now
RandomTrivia: You can't do that to us
Tiber727: Or maybe the poro was saad because it was winter, then the herder came by around spring?
carman252: aw he dead
el_chimenea: he gets happy when you summon his friend
Thatwasademo: there's a secret flavor ability on lonely poro
carman252: rip lonely poro
Thatwasademo: which changes its name and art
carman252: forever alone
cyanMu42: poro grande
cambo212: they cant double block
cambo212: no double blocking in this game
itsr67: remember double blocking isn't a thing
RothonWylar: remember blocking is only 1 to 1 so attacks there were good
Despoiler98: Big boy
tergonis: majestic
secretbranch: sixmorevodka s good rtis
secretbranch: astisty
secretbranch: artist jesus
Spartacus1209: The 2 mana card draws a *champion*, one of the gold main characters, not just a random card, though.
shurtal: Are you having good luck with your little duels?
MadameAdversary: Sixmorevodka is a studio.
vandristine: yo that boro be L A R G E
RothonWylar: have they taught you about spell mkana yet?
itsr67: darius is BIG
secretbranch: welp
wafoo2: he thicc
shurtal: As much as i like the name brand spiders, I'm a big fan of house spider
itsr67: no
socat23: no
MadameAdversary: no
cambo212: no do it now
wafoo2: too late
Laserbeaks_Fury: you can block AND Busrt
itsr67: not unless your opponent does a thing
Telnaior: no
Telnaior: your opportunity to do that is now
itsr67: yeah
RothonWylar: yes
socat23: yes you could have
carman252: yeah
MadameAdversary: yes
wafoo2: shortcut to understanding this
socat23: but had to do before committing to blocks
carman252: you lose priority after declaring blocks
itsr67: there's a lot of intricacy to timing things in this game
wafoo2: every time you cycle priority, the next step begins
cambo212: by declaring blocks you passed priority and the game just progresses at 2 priority passes
itsr67: it's got a lot of depth
Ferisar: tbf it's darius ai
Ferisar: needs to pay for its crimes in top lane
MadameAdversary: That includes in your deck.
Laserbeaks_Fury: No, Darius is here to Decimate Kappa
Drathak: lol
Thatwasademo: blah!
socat23: yeah, there are a few cards that buff units in all zones
Telnaior: everywhere means EVERYWHERE
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That's such a good art
Thatwasademo: chomp
socat23: its such a good user experience
itsr67: every card has it's own bit
wafoo2: isn't is so stinkin' fun?!
cambo212: yeah there's so much just like cool stuff
RothonWylar: riot makes fun games
itsr67: it's so cool
smartguyc1089: everywhere even buffs cards that don't exist yet (like the poro created by lonely poro)
cambo212: riot are just like masters of this stuff
RothonWylar: at least initially
ashiok_nightmare_moose: yeah its juiced as heck
carman252: are you gonna play this more or is this just a one time thing
itsr67: he really wants to play it more
Thatwasademo: oh man is it time to play tryndamere
itsr67: at least that's what i'm getting
shurtal: if there's a house spider, does that mean there's a Chef Spider?
RothonWylar: lonely poro redemption
itsr67: oh boy here it comes
RandomTrivia: @carman252 Take one guess based on watching this whether he wants to play it more :D
carman252: engaging content imo
itsr67: tryn gets HUGE
RothonWylar: ah so you've played the source material;
croisvoix1: so tryn still just dumb farms?
tergonis: just keep pushing
socat23: ole trynd smashes everything
Thatwasademo: what are those keywords on trynd
Thatwasademo: I forgot
BrowneePoints: League, good game, NEVER PLAY IT
itsr67: overwhelm and fearsome
Telnaior: @Thatwasademo overwhelm - overkill damage goes to nexus, and fearsome - 1-2 power enemies can't block it
Thatwasademo: neat
itsr67: check out his flavor text
Thatwasademo: you mean 0-2 not 1-2, right
itsr67: it has a cool before and after
Telnaior: I enjoy everything about League except actually playing it
carman252: tryndamere is a large lad
wafoo2: nope!
DRMagnify: oh hey we hit i cream
silenceaux: "Won't get past me!" -Cannot Block
itsr67: @Telnaior boy is this a game for you
socat23: hahaha
LithelyUnshod: Wait, the snacks also buffs the poros in your deck?
socat23: oops
wafoo2: we learnin' no biggie
itsr67: @LithelyUnshod yep! or any you create
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah Snax buff Everywhere
LithelyUnshod: Sweet
Telnaior: @itsr67 I know :P sadly deckbuilders aren't really my style but I love it
RandomTrivia: "As long as you win, there is no missed lethal, only hilarious, elaborate BM"
Thatwasademo: yeah, attacking in this game is an action you do not a phase of the round
RandomTrivia: :D
RothonWylar: worth noting that things that say grant X grant it permanently wheras give is usually till end of turn
Thatwasademo: that takes a long time to get used to
wafoo2: check out that 8-drop
itsr67: oh yeah battle rage
cambo212: our lonely poro isnt lonely anymore!
Telnaior: B M
wafoo2: for keeps
RothonWylar: happy poro
el_chimenea: Happy porooo
kumatsu: The Riot classic of Styling on Robots
wafoo2: not until end of turn
MadameAdversary: Not until end of turn btw
itsr67: literally just give someone tryn's stats
RandomTrivia: TotalBiscuit would be proud LUL
lunatic_licorice: lonely poro became happy!
carman252: wheeler sees berserk
MadameAdversary: It's just +8/+4 forever.
Telnaior: Grant = permanent boost
Thatwasademo: that spell isn't even until end of turn, it's just a permanent buff
Spirrie: Look at Lonely Poro again
carman252: game of the year
Telnaior: Give = for one turn
Earthenone: just need a tryndamere with infect and we are golden
Thatwasademo: or, as Magic would say, *(This effect lasts indefinitely.)*
itsr67: all of the voice lines are so so so good
Ferisar: ahahaha
SeismicLawns: you couldn't even BM the ai
Telnaior: fearsome meant the 1/1 wasn't even allowed to block it
itsr67: ezreal is the most annoying guttersnipe
vandristine: Jimmy
x0den: hes not a champ
lunatic_licorice: just a unit not a champ
BrowneePoints: I mean...the next champ IS called Seraphine @LoadingReadyRun
cambo212: Yone was a character in here before league
silenceaux: !card Shacklegeist
LRRbot: Shacklegeist [1U] | Creature — Spirit [2/2] | Flying / Shacklegeist can block only creatures with flying. / Tap two untapped Spirits you control: Tap target creature you don't control.
cambo212: as was senna
Halfwingseen: hey wait a minute, i'm starting to think her name wasnt really sarah.
cyanMu42: Looked more like Tracer.
socat23: the challenges toward the bottom are for the current newest set, this is all base set stuff so far
wafoo2: shots, shots, shots!
Thatwasademo: dang it ez
Halfwingseen: bad news ezreal. you're in one
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socat23: ole machine gun ez
kumatsu: That belong in a museum!
Laserbeaks_Fury: Is that a robot Poro? does it count as a Poro?
RothonWylar: there are a lot of small interactions and mechanics things that take getting used to however if ur ever unsure hover over the eye at the left and it will tell you how combat/ a stack will resolve @LoadingReadyRun
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART Mulder! lrrHEART
Lordofironstorm: This Ezreal looks 20% smugger than the one in LoL
itsr67: LOL
itsr67: that'd be golden
Thatwasademo: speaking of lag
Mysticman89: it was a warning shot!
Telnaior: LOL
Earthenone: goblin funlectromancer
QuietJay: omg guitar riff?
wafoo2: very Fury Road
RothonWylar: not to be confused with a fae smelter
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That art *wasn't* by sixmorevodka! We found one!
wafoo2: oooh, nice!
Telnaior: the *2* is in ** because the funsmith is buffing it 1 -> 2
cambo212: that is not a 'real' card
cambo212: just a tutorial one
wafoo2: just stormin' out
carman252: pretty sure that's not what that card does
RothonWylar: sadly not it real text
cambo212: but there are better ones
carman252: still cool though
niccus: what happens when you run out of cards?
itsr67: trueshot is slow
Thatwasademo: You have no responses, since trueshot is slow
Telnaior: astute is not that OP in the real game sorry
smartguyc1089: yeah that card has a different effect in actual games
itsr67: @niccus you deck out and lose
RandomTrivia: Hey look, a burn spell that goes upstairs!
Earthenone: well one target was the nexus, pretty hard to miss that
Lordofironstorm: Fishbones?
cambo212: fishbones is the name of jinxs gun
DragaFireHawk: Fishbones is the name of her rocket launcher
itsr67: pow pow and fishbones
Lex_Peacekeeper: there is an arm in the way of the real streamer
Lordofironstorm: I forgot she talked to her guns
RothonWylar: smdr come from fishbones
vandristine: its Fishbones, pow-Pow, and Zap
RothonWylar: zap is the third gun
vandristine: SMDR comes from fishbones
Lordofironstorm: I stopped playing League about when she came out
itsr67: point is she has a bunch of weapons
DragaFireHawk: And she's crazy
silenceaux: You probably win by transforming Ezreal
RothonWylar: she's got a doctors notice
DragaFireHawk: Oh! And LOTS of belts, for no reason
Telnaior: it would have been better to put the 3/2 against jinx so you'd bring her down to 1 health - there's no automatic regen here
Telnaior: but worked out anyway here
Telnaior: important things to think about though!
lookimadinosaur: Ezreal just got the infinity gauntlet?
socat23: robot time
Halfwingseen: Wheeler is upset at how ezreal he is.
itsr67: and he becomes a guttersnipe
Lordofironstorm: Seriously, how did they manage to make Ezreal even more smug?
CrasherDasher: Wait until they add in Will Kenrith just for the voice lines
RothonWylar: exreal storm is a playable archetype
croisvoix1: i mean when i played league ez was one of my mains
maxthefourth: now imagine how smug jayce would need to be
RothonWylar: has been meta in the past
socat23: yea ez/karma is a big player
cambo212: yeah ez storm has been a real thing several times
frozenphoenix7: But when do we get the Kenriths
socat23: or at least used to be
itsr67: ez karma is huge
RandomTrivia: My god that's adorable. I want to kill Ezreal already
Thatwasademo: oh, you earned another prologue box
Thatwasademo: oh body
Thatwasademo: *oh boy
itsr67: he's a smug idiot
secretbranch: this game is the definition of plucky
Thatwasademo: ooh, a wildcard
FacelessManAboutTown: wheelerHub
secretbranch: in a good way
Toxxick: Ez is trying to convince himself that hes as cool as he wants to be
XedMada: Anyone know how well this runs in a non-GPU VM?
silenceaux: Taken with himself, doesn't necessarily think you specifically are trash
BrowneePoints: He's smug...but he's got the skils to back it up
RothonWylar: ezreal tightropes the line between fun and annoying
Telnaior: @XedMada GPU not required for this game
itsr67: this was right before senna was a champ
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Muddy_Thunder: They left wheeler in charge? uh-oh
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itsr67: so she's not in this game
RothonWylar: this card came before the champ release
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah she picks up his guns
vandristine: its young senna
Laserbeaks_Fury: *gun
itsr67: Senna and lucian are actually so cool together
LathosTiran: can you artwork from the scroll history?
DragaFireHawk: Is this Senna before she got lanturned?
Lordofironstorm: I always thought Lucian needed a laser tag skin
itsr67: yeah
carman252: hey wait a minute
Telnaior: @DragaFireHawk it is!
itsr67: it's before she died
Reduce_Sanity: Hey chat dis we get icream?
carman252: didn't it used to summon a 4/4
itsr67: mhm
itsr67: it got nerfed
carman252: sus
socat23: yea it got nerfed thankfully
RandomTrivia: @Reduce_Sanity We did! During Kathleen's Animal Crossing setup bonus stream
secretbranch: LRRna DelRay
itsr67: 4 toughness is also a bar to pass in this game
Lordofironstorm: Lana DeLRRay
benjamin_wheeler: LRRna DeLRRay
Lordofironstorm: LUL
DragaFireHawk: Omg simplLOL I love it
secretbranch: WhLLRna Dellray
Laserbeaks_Fury: Speaking of getting lanterned....
silenceaux: LRRna Schlitzwhistle
itsr67: thresh's lines are godlike in this game
secretbranch: WheeLRRna DeLRRay
itsr67: showing you challenger
DragaFireHawk: Are you playing as both sides? O.o
Telnaior: tutorial plot twist PogChamp
the_hacker_414720: Damn
DragaFireHawk: NOOOOOOOO
kamelion84: lol
Thatwasademo: ah, a Scenario Effect Has Occurred
Telnaior: PogChamp
itsr67: do IT
ancientspark: Time to be an evil dick
the_hacker_414720: Tutorial is a savage :(
x0den: she gets better
vandristine: the illusion of choice
croisvoix1: pull the trigger piglet
socat23: give into your hate
F1SHOR: this is cruel
silenceaux: Pick the other one, see what happens
maxthefourth: lrrFINE
Telnaior: @silenceaux doesn't let you
RandomTrivia: "Tell me about that rabbits"
dragon1472: flavor over value lol
silenceaux: @Telnaior Laaaaame
RothonWylar: maried yes
itsr67: killed presumably
RothonWylar: yes
maxthefourth: why not both
itsr67: and took her soul
DragaFireHawk: I think it was all of it
Telnaior: this scenario actually came before Senna's champion release
Halfwingseen: kinda rude of him tbh
RothonWylar: thrsh has 100%wifesteal
KatNBows: killed and trapped her inside of his lantern.
A_Dub888: Didin't he put her soul/spirit in a jar
niccus: open! that! fridge!
DragaFireHawk: OOOOOH, he's MAAAAAAD now
Lysander_Gustav: well, okay
RothonWylar: lantern
Earthenone: a jar?! is this an adam game?
carman252: so you find a soul in a jar in a forest
Halfwingseen: well, Lucian has two things now, an untouched thermostat, and a vendetta
itsr67: lucian has different animations based on if senna dies or the other condition happens too
RothonWylar: all the level up are good but fio's is maybe the best cause it happens twice
MerryPringles: Have you seen Swain's yet? His is the coolest by a lot IMO
Lysander_Gustav: :D
DragaFireHawk: simplLOL
lunatic_licorice: I like twisted fates cause hands and card tricks are neat
BrowneePoints: And then they released Senna...and she is BUSTED
Drathak: Leave her
Halfwingseen: always drink from the jar
socat23: just wait for fiora's special animations
itsr67: these are from the expansions
itsr67: LUL
silenceaux: break it but be prepared to kill
Ferisar: oh yeah
Ferisar: they know what they're doing
Halfwingseen: Dienna? didnt you just play lucian's wife?
itsr67: mhm
XedMada: LUL
RothonWylar: lul
Xaunaught: that was the appeal for me as well
Halfwingseen: look if you need me to work up a sweat to make you feel more at home
vandristine: Diana Pog
carman252: true
DragaFireHawk: This game seems much easier then trying to figure out how to lane and jungle and all that jazz simplLOL
RothonWylar: yeh no one ints u but rng
BrowneePoints: Diana, the Sad Murder Lesbian, and her Girlfriend Leona, the Stern Murder Lesbian
socat23: gotta practice your emote game
Ferisar: this time you shout at your cards for never ganking the board
socat23: the happy face next to your name has your emotes
Lordofironstorm: I think Kallista was the newest character when I stopped playing, and then they totally redid all the lore
itsr67: the celestial art is SO cool
secretbranch: fav lol character? either to play or story-wise
BrowneePoints: The Warrior is Kayle and Morgana's Mother Wheeler
RothonWylar: kayle is likely in this next set i think
Drathak: Amumu and fiddlesticks were my main two
RandomTrivia: Welp
RothonWylar: oof wron order
Purester: rip
itsr67: whoops didn't nightfall
vandristine: real question is where is Cho'gath
itsr67: that's ok tho
DragaFireHawk: All of this artwork is sooooooo good and pretty simplLEWD
RandomTrivia: Reading the card/mechanic, explains the card/mechanic
Lysander_Gustav: does Imagine Dragons play during clutch plays during the matches?
vandristine: The Warrior is the celestial inside pantheon
itsr67: LUL
KatNBows: The one complaint I have with this game is the women do not have waists whatsoever
el_chimenea: LUL
carman252: lol
Halfwingseen: just reinstall
socat23: lol
RandomTrivia: We didn't want to backseat!
bartimus_thundercask: you played them innthe wrong order
Telnaior: yeah click the happy face next to your name in the lower-left for your emotes
sprtsfan11: !icream
LRRbot: James in his hubris has challenged chat to give 10 million channel points so he'll go get Ice cream for the rest of LRR! You can contribute up to 2000 points per stream (you'll need to refresh between streams) so get cracking!
carman252: awww
itsr67: it's a crime to have this good of art
RandomTrivia: the8bitHug
varjofalkenrath: pheldagrif
Dog_of_Myth: It's soooo fluffy!
vandristine: The Traveler is actually a LBGTQ+ character i believe?
Laserbeaks_Fury: hehe
vandristine: the current aspect of the traveler
itsr67: @vandristine yep
Telnaior: lmao
RothonWylar: ubiquitos
ancientspark: Yes
Halfwingseen: looks more like a moon, not a Q
lunatic_licorice: yep AMAB to female
el_chimenea: yes
Telnaior: yeah
MerryPringles: YES
kamelion84: yes
itsr67: like cithria, there's a story with them
carman252: that's pretty sick
socat23: yea
socat23: there are a ton of helpful visual cues
Spartacus1209: Yes, persistent beyond tutorial.
silenceaux: TIME
carman252: its big brain time
itsr67: daybreak is the opposite
socat23: getem
BrowneePoints: @vandristine oh sweet. Wonder when we'll get them as an champ
Telnaior: here we go
RandomTrivia: Wow, that's really good flavour/mechanic tie-in on daybreak/nightfall
Thatwasademo: I think you have lethal
RothonWylar: so i would recomend doing the quest higher on th elist first as they explain mechanics
itsr67: diana had quick attack and challenger
itsr67: it's ok
Telnaior: diana had challenger, same as Thresh's hook :)
vandristine: I feel like Legends of Runeterra is essentially a place they can make named characters to save them for later to add into LoL proper
Thatwasademo: good ol' mtg win-this-round puzzles
EnoTheTonberry: They are all Questing Beast level text :P
socat23: yeah you kinda opted to jump into the deeper end here
silenceaux: I think these are all "find the lethal"
croisvoix1: i think you play petal first
Telnaior: @vandristine yeah I'd be shocked if Cithria doesn't end up as a champ someday
ancientspark: It's always nightfall after you play your first card
Telnaior: you need to win THIS ROUND
RothonWylar: this is a challenger trick
EnoTheTonberry: It's night
Earthenone: i think you need to lotus petal before paying mana
Thatwasademo: if you don't win in one round, it shows the hint and reboots the puzzle
socat23: youre on the right track
Purester: this cant be this hard right?
itsr67: you didn't attack with all
EnoTheTonberry: Play Black Lotus
Laserbeaks_Fury: I think when you trigger Nightfall, it cycles back to Dawnbreak?
maxthefourth: it gave it the second time but you were unable to cast it (without playing petal)
Telnaior: nope, you can nightfall multiple times
itsr67: click on their cards
ancientspark: You drag the enemy to your card
Halfwingseen: if i were ben i would simply never try new things so that doesnt happen
itsr67: for challenger
Thatwasademo: to use challenger, you drag their card
socat23: it gave you the prompt to hook
RothonWylar: u drag when declaring attackers
EnoTheTonberry: Daybreak triggers on the First card Played. Nightfall triggers on Any other Card after the first
Telnaior: for challenger, you drag the enemy's card to you when you declare attack
Haroldholmes25: Yeah for challenger there's a visual indicator on their card
socat23: you have to hook them before committing the attackers
Thatwasademo: like you were declaring blocks but with a card you don't control
BrowneePoints: @vandristine well we have the Protector, the Warrior, Justice, Night, Day and Twilight right?
Spartacus1209: It only gives the indicator on cards you are able to play and you only had spell mana before you played the petal.
itsr67: sorry if I'm over explaining or being too backseat-ey
Telnaior: yeah some tutorials are more freeform, others are more puzzles
ELPANDUH: The big glowing hook on the card might be too subtle
RothonWylar: this tutorial was release more recently so it asumes some knowledge of prior mechanics
maxthefourth: drag the enemz
silenceaux: Spot the lethal
socat23: look for the hook
maxthefourth: enemy*
el_chimenea: drag the enemy
Laserbeaks_Fury: You drag their card
Ukon_Cairns: you pull the blocker you want
socat23: on board
Telnaior: you declare challenger BEFORE clicking attack
ancientspark: Drag enemy card
socat23: on their card
Thatwasademo: drag *their* minion
Ferisar: there it is
Telnaior: yay
Thatwasademo: there you go
RandomTrivia: It was highlighted - a helpful visual reminder!
cambo212: This is one of the more advanced tutorials with cards from the expansion, the earlier ones cover the basics
vandristine: Protector - Taric, Warrior - Pantheon, Twilight - Zoe, Night and Day - Diana and Leona
vandristine: who is Justice?
itsr67: kayle
Ferisar: yeah it's a whole interface thing
BrowneePoints: @vandristine Kayle/Morgana's mother
vandristine: right
Thatwasademo: this is an excellent time to learn the interface
itsr67: kayle/morgana I guess
Thatwasademo: so don't worry too much about that
silenceaux: "It's always day for us" is a good line
x0den: ephemeral kills i think
itsr67: no it just dies
el_chimenea: it dies
Telnaior: ephemeral kills it
EnoTheTonberry: Ephemeral units die at end of turn
Telnaior: but you have lethal this round so ephemeral isn't a problem for you
BrowneePoints: I like that it's called ephemeral
itsr67: makes it cheaper but makes it die the turn it's played
itsr67: 6
EnoTheTonberry: By Jove, I think he's got it
kamelion84: 6
RothonWylar: u can replace units though
ancientspark: You can play beyond the limit, you just have to replace
itsr67: but if you play you can exile one unit you have
socat23: 6 units on board
Thatwasademo: I think you might need to trash a unit here to get lethal in one round
socat23: you get the option to overwrite
Lordofironstorm: WHy are these animations so extra?
socat23: because riot
cChroma: Gotta spend that skin money somewhere
BrowneePoints: omg she gets to pull a unit to her!?
Tiber727: Tip: You can grab the left-most unit and swipe right to flunge.
carman252: he's popping off
EnoTheTonberry: Fun Tip. You can hold down one of the cards and drag it along your side of the field to grab them all and order them to your liking.
socat23: MOAR LOOT
Telnaior: wooooo
Thatwasademo: ooh, another box
denitar: wheelerUro
InsaneVioletMage: Ooooo heartstone
maxthefourth: lrrWOW
eshplode: Kappa //
Thatwasademo: what's in the box, wheeler
Murf13: wheelerUro
Oneluckyghoul: So ben 1-10, how you feeling on Runeterra
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: His brain's expanding at an infinite rate!
jkoon78076: Ben i would just like you to know that watching you stream is making me smile and I really needed that today. :)
BrowneePoints: oh hey..Alistar's people
RothonWylar: I would recomend doing the earlier ones first as these are more advanced
BrowneePoints: on a mechanics level what do you think Ben?
Thatwasademo: eh just do them all in any order and crush everything
stormcooper256: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 1:52:57.
itsr67: ben doesn't know theming yet
itsr67: for each region
tenebre55: there are a lot of keywords because you are basically playing the keyword tutorials
EnoTheTonberry: 2/1 for essentially free? What a steal
el_chimenea: the challenges are made to see all the keywords, you dont really have to do them
stormcooper256: did you actually go in fully blind?
Thatwasademo: there are a lot of keywords because pretty much each region gets its own keywords (and these challenges introduce you to them)
itsr67: yeah the guy is a spell in hand
cambo212: We're doing the tutorials out of order so it assumes we know these keywords
EnoTheTonberry: He may have a counterspell! /s
Earthenone: why dident they call it a2ne
itsr67: lee sin has a dictionary on him
Earthenone: instead of attune 2
RothonWylar: yep requires a little adjustment coming from magic
Lordofironstorm: Oh my
EnoTheTonberry: Flirting Return
Juliamon: 😉
itsr67: there's a lot on the card with few words
tenebre55: if you right click the card you can hover over all the keywords
Thatwasademo: Return isn't even a keyword it's a token card
silenceaux: Am I correct that once an opponent passes, they are stuck having passed for the rest of the round?
Ukon_Cairns: yeah, half the words on the card are highlighted lrrSPOOP
cambo212: Right but we skipped a bunch of the tutorials that would specifically explain those keywords
itsr67: @silenceaux no, a round only goes by if both players pass sequentially
itsr67: you can still act if your opp does something
Thatwasademo: I think you have it
socat23: keep goin
silenceaux: itsr67 Okay, so a person can pass and change their mind later. Got it.
Thatwasademo: Just attack and use challenger
Haroldholmes25: you're getting there
itsr67: basically
socat23: you have barrier
RothonWylar: this is another challenger trick
socat23: on lee sin
EnoTheTonberry: Guess who can Challenger?
silenceaux: Win This Turn
itsr67: @silenceaux you do have to be cautious sometimes cause sometimes you can get the round skipped if the opp also passes when you pass
socat23: lee sin is stronk
Thatwasademo: Challenger is a very strange and yet also very important keyword
itsr67: there's a bit of elegance to the timing
Thatwasademo: well, you did end up having to use all of the cards your hand *started with* at least once
itsr67: try naut
Thatwasademo: you just got two new cards in hand that weren't part of the solution
BrowneePoints: Aurelion Sol!
cambo212: Suggest doing the tutorials top down
Lordofironstorm: Try some of the earlier ones
BrowneePoints: big daddy dragon up in here!
jkoon78076: was there anything with caitlyn
cambo212: The early ones are mechanic based and not champion based
itsr67: no cait yet
itsr67: there's Vi tho
ancientspark: It's cause these are expansion mechanics, so they expect you know the basic game already
EnoTheTonberry: Vi is solid
itsr67: Vi is stormy
itsr67: she's really really cool
socat23: vi is very smashy
Lordofironstorm: Would you say she's Vi-able?
RothonWylar: vi exists, has lost some meta atm but is still good lee sin has kinda taken her spot atm
Lordofironstorm: I'll show myself out
RothonWylar: wait for it
itsr67: she has multiple
Dog_of_Myth: Praise the sun?
socat23: everyone has multiple lines
EnoTheTonberry: Will Wheeler die?
RothonWylar: slightly different va now that i think of it haven't noticed till now
itsr67: nah you're good as is
Ferisar: i think leona keeps you alive so she was the first
Haroldholmes25: nah you had to avoid dying
Ferisar: since she stuns
ancientspark: No
Thatwasademo: there's a path to a solution from here, I think
RothonWylar: no u get 2 here
el_chimenea: no
itsr67: might've been the same va just older I'll check
tergonis: it's the same round you don't have the attack yet
Thatwasademo: You have to win in 2 not in 1
Haroldholmes25: you win next round
silenceaux: "Survive this attack, then win next round"
EnoTheTonberry: Be Bold!
ancientspark: No
ancientspark: Read how Daybreak works
itsr67: you had it right
Thatwasademo: I think the big thing you missed was you needed to hold the Sun Guardian to play first round 2, rather than playing it second in round 1
itsr67: just played the guardian early
socat23: just remember daybreak=first, nightfall=not first
tonyfernandez00: Summon Leona this round , sun guardian next round
silenceaux: You need both Daybreak abilities.
the_hacker_414720: ok
Ferisar: hahaha
Haroldholmes25: So remember there isn't summoning sickness, so you can play and attack the same turn
RothonWylar: chill friends he's learning
socat23: youll get em
ancientspark: Cause Daybreak is only once per turn, it's only the first card
itsr67: daybreak only works on the initial card
Shirmp_not_Shrimp: The attack in this game got me so hard
RyeDudemis: Woah Ben on Runeterra? I was watching you hit up some Gladiator earlier while playing Runeterra.
itsr67: no worries
itsr67: once again it's literally your first time
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DGZenos: the only legends i know are the LRR crew and their fans. love you wheeler
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itsr67: rahvun kinda just breaks daybreak
silenceaux: The turns are very fluid, what with everyone attacking on everyone's round sometimes
vandristine: so what were/are your LoL mains Wheeler
SwankyFlea: <3
Thatwasademo: Oh, that's a line of rules text.
Thatwasademo: "It's always day for us", you say
RandomTrivia: Does that do what I think it does?
RandomTrivia: That's super powerful
itsr67: so daybreak will ALWAYS trigger
RothonWylar: here it comes
vandristine: Simp?
el_chimenea: LUL
EnoTheTonberry: Simp-ona
itsr67: now hit ok
EnoTheTonberry: Yeee
Thatwasademo: non-burst spells need to have priority pass
itsr67: this was for if you placed fast spells after the slow spell
ulexarX: Slow spells get me, you have to play them and then confirmed you've played them
Haroldholmes25: That's a lot of damager
croisvoix1: Hey a leona ult that hit more than one person
EnoTheTonberry: Gotta have a smoke?
dooppatrol: also you can click and drag the attackers to collect them all to attack
Mysticman89: big daddy lrr wont sign the check without ads
Halfwingseen: Wheelore
Juliamon: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
cambo212: Please do the earlier tutorials first
benjamin_wheeler: WheeLRR
croisvoix1: wheelerMuldp
cambo212: It explainsmallm th keywords
Halfwingseen: LRRgoyf
XedMada: Where do I learn Wheeler lore? Local library search isn't showing anything
Juliamon: He'll play how he wants to play. Sometimes it's more fun to bumble blindly when there's nothing at stake.
Thatwasademo: wheeler is doing fine
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BecauseGnomes: Beep boop I am a gamer?
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itsr67: props to wheeler for going as deep into the tutorials as he did
itsr67: and still kind of coming out alright
Haroldholmes25: Yeah this game has a lot of mechanics
Telnaior: Hour 3 of 999999+
RyeDudemis: ah yes I see well done
Ferisar: is lrrna still with us
v_nome: WheeLRR. Got it.
Thatwasademo: to be perfectly fair, a lot of the early challenges are kind of redundant with the NPE that he also did on stream
itsr67: d e e p
RyeDudemis: First tenet of Ben Lore: The teachers hat.
itsr67: deep is honestly a super cool mechanic that's easy to understand
BecauseGnomes: Oh that's a fun mechanic!
itsr67: now you're deep
Thatwasademo: oh, there's an animation when you Become Deep
RyeDudemis: Does this go in Aristocrats?
RandomTrivia: Well that's horrifying
asthanius: That's deep, dude
Ferisar: excuse me?
Ferisar: is the card talking shit
Thatwasademo: "You're Deep."
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Thatwasademo: oh hey, lethal
el_chimenea: 4 mana 7-7
Lordofironstorm: I'm 14 and this is deep
RandomTrivia: Oh no the 4mana 7/7 meme will be back
Lordofironstorm: AYYYYY
itsr67: deep is a good way to balance good lategame while also forcing yourself on a timer
ArcOfTheConclave: mill strats!
asthanius: You tosser
RassilonDND: who doesn't love to mill themselves!
Thatwasademo: self-mill, but you're guaranteed to not lose champions
itsr67: t o s s
asthanius: Ah yes, famous quote "Toss Three"
socat23: since there is no discard pile, they say toss
RassilonDND: is that a little gnome that tosses?
RothonWylar: how close r u to deep?
RandomTrivia: Wait, we can mill dredge cards? Seems good
RothonWylar: yep
Thatwasademo: cool 8 copies of a single card in your deck, by the way
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RothonWylar: except in this game dresge plays liek tronj
itsr67: here comes NAUT
RassilonDND: oh hey chat, I joined the stream late. any particular reason why wheeler is playing runeterra?
Telnaior: mill mill mill mill
RassilonDND: was it walking dead related?
RyeDudemis: For fun?
RothonWylar: vause runterra seems fun
RandomTrivia: "Sea monster allies cost 4 less" Oh hai Kiora
MadameAdversary: Just a 13/13, that's fine.
Telnaior: EXCUSE ME
RyeDudemis: Nautilus is fun to play, terrible to play against
RassilonDND: just curious. Fun is a good enough reason
BecauseGnomes: Oh I understand what the "You're Deep" text means now
itsr67: naut is a really really scary level up
MatthewDennisMTG: oh snap, they put nautilus in LoR now? :O
theamc2000: Nautilus has an accent that ain’t taking with his mouth full?
MatthewDennisMTG: I haven't played since the initial closed beta launch
Thatwasademo: Yeah, looks like all cards with Deep get some dynamic text to remind you how close to Deep you are
Thatwasademo: which is neat
starflight205: 0 mana 7/7 feels good man
theamc2000: So is plunder like bloodthirst?
itsr67: yeah
itsr67: LoR does a lot of piggybacking from other mechanics
RothonWylar: missed 13 damage
BecauseGnomes: This game looks real clean it looks nice
Hadouken_lol_catz: how you liking the tutorial?
Thatwasademo: ooh, the vault is ready
RyeDudemis: Use the work stream to try something, I see you.
itsr67: there's a single player mode and a draft mode
socat23: try expeditions
RassilonDND: there are draft modes!
Hadouken_lol_catz: there is a draft mode
RyeDudemis: Expeditions is draft
Hadouken_lol_catz: also something called labs
RothonWylar: its limited
Telnaior: @Thatwasademo vault is ready at the end of the week, in the meantime all the XP you earn contributes toward levelling up its rewards
pyro42: hey nothing wrong with trying things
dabudder: To be fair expeditions kind of suck
RassilonDND: the current lab is pretty good right now too
Thatwasademo: oh I see
dabudder: also hi ben
Thatwasademo: well, at any rate, it's level 2 now I guess
RyeDudemis: Whats cool about this game is I built a Tier 1 deck just by playing the game
socat23: crescent strike is super fun
RothonWylar: I'm currently waiting fora deck to catch my eye to build
itsr67: you just get it in your hand
dabudder: yeah expeditions really feel bad, I think they should redesign them
Telnaior: expeditions suck? I thought they were the best for grinding
dabudder: maybe its just me
Hadouken_lol_catz: i like expeditions
Telnaior: I think it's just you
itsr67: they're changing up expeditions with each patch
itsr67: to keep it fresh
Telnaior: ahh
Haroldholmes25: I think you get precons, so those can let you just jump in a game
starflight205: these are some of the weaker invocations
pyro42: i wish they would have like what some other card games have, duel puzzle where you have to win in one turn
dabudder: I just dont enjoy hitting 2 non synergistic champions and i hate that you have to pick cards 3 at a time
RassilonDND: expedition really splits the player base imo.
pyro42: that's what these remind me of
BecauseGnomes: Speaking of card games I just learned the new Digimon card game is coming out in English in January and it's all I've been thinking about the last two days
Lordofironstorm: The hell are Expeditions?
x0den: i like the expeditions, i just wish they let you keep the card you get
dabudder: also a-sol is a little busted in expeditions
itsr67: @Lordofironstorm draft format kinda
itsr67: it's more like arena from hearthstone
Thatwasademo: gold AND silver, you say
RothonWylar: meet wurmcoil engine
Halfwingseen: how come your mom lets you have two sisters
RassilonDND: it's like drafting several cards at a time from 3 different buckets
Telnaior: BIRD
dabudder: i really wish it would let you pick cards by themself, rathen then groups of 3
RothonWylar: but flying instead of deathtouch
socat23: wheeler is always in the market for idiot birds
RyeDudemis: Art in this game is on point
Telnaior: phoenix go skreeeeeee
Thatwasademo: this might just be a normal-ish match
dabudder: you have lelthal
itsr67: the celestials have an actual novel of flavor text
RothonWylar: pretty sure it just said win
therealkenm135: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:23:07.
RothonWylar: its kinda like hearthstones limited mode but better cards
itsr67: a sol ends games *fast*
Thatwasademo: Behold!
stickinmud: Invoke keyword
dabudder: A part of expeditions that I do like is adding cards to your deck after you play a game with it
dabudder: i just wish it was not groups of 3 cards
dabudder: i like the trading system
itsr67: nightfall is on play
socat23: it would have happened already
itsr67: and usually on the round its played
stickinmud: Nightfall is just the NOT first card they play in a turn
dabudder: nightfall is an etb
pyro42: yeah
socat23: it happens on cast
niccus: nightfall is like combo on HS
Thatwasademo: Nightfall was a keyword you did a challenge for earlier: it happens when you play the card if it's not your first card that round
stickinmud: it's like a play effect, but conditional
RassilonDND: nightfall is activated as long as it isn't your first card played this turn
pyro42: you play a card then you get nightfall with the next nightfall card your play
asthanius: I mean, the 8 cost one just wins you the game
itsr67: behold is a thing that you couldn't do before
BecauseGnomes: I might have to try this out just based on how clean everything looks
socat23: heckin bamboozled
ArcOfTheConclave: def plauge wind
asthanius: Nightfall is ETB
itsr67: nightfall is always an on play
smartguyc1089: doombeast doesn't have a death trigger
itsr67: yeah
socat23: last breath is the only death trigger
RyeDudemis: correct
asthanius: Tbf, "Nightfall" sounds very death-related
itsr67: yarr
dabudder: if you dont see 'last breath,' then you can assume its an etb/play (functionally different btw'
TheMerricat: chat, I see that we completed the challenege, did it happen in this stream or Kathleen's?
itsr67: kathleen's
RyeDudemis: pirates are burn/aggro. Pretty deece
RassilonDND: the tutorial in this game is pretty good about teaching you about the keywords. I believe you can also click in the keywords if you need more info on what they do.
itsr67: GP has a really cool level up animation
dabudder: ok chat whats your favorit level up animation?
itsr67: good thing about random effects is that it'll show what it picked after it goes on the stack
RassilonDND: MF has my favorite voice line and animation
dabudder: i think mine is lucian
Mysticman89: is the legends of runeterra timeline all in the past of league, or does it hop arorund based on character?
Halfwingseen: "I'll make Corpses of a Mall" gangplank what did mass commerce ever do you?
itsr67: Lucian or swain for me
socat23: Fiora has my favorite level up animation
itsr67: but they're ALL really cool
dabudder: @socat23 level up or win?
RothonWylar: jinx's is great too
theamc2000: I want Lissandra
socat23: the win is better obv, but both are cool
itsr67: m o r e powder
RassilonDND: Moar powder or most powder?
Thatwasademo: ah, stacking units
Lordofironstorm: This is very different from how GP was when I played League
itsr67: powder kegs are the only things that stack
RothonWylar: he does
dabudder: I really dont enjoy league, which is strange
itsr67: check GP
socat23: read GP
RothonWylar: 6 barrel combo
Thatwasademo: it's 1 damage to all enemies... but you have 6 kegs
socat23: shooting fish with barrels
itsr67: 1+ the 6 barrels
RothonWylar: its 1 default and is buffed by kegs
itsr67: 7 whole damage
asthanius: Each barrel has a Torbran in it
Thatwasademo: "whoops I detonated 6 barrels to blow up your entire board"
Hadouken_lol_catz: call that the get krunk combo
RothonWylar: we paying urf now
Thatwasademo: real strong
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Cannons_are_an_instrument: oh dear the passage of time continues...
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itsr67: gauntlet is the comp mode
RassilonDND: Lab requires no cards and might be fun for you.
RothonWylar: labs and expeditions are fun
RothonWylar: current lab would actually be a great place to start atm\
itsr67: they're a week to week thing
RassilonDND: lab is the experimental game mode of the week
dabudder: @asthanius inside of you, there are 2 dwarves. one is red. the other is red. you play mono red
BrowneePoints: I don't remember, was Kalista a princess or just a Noble Heir?
shurtal: chekc what's on the slab?
BecauseGnomes: What's the name of that champion who has the Yeti friend?
Cannons_are_an_instrument: We were working in the lab, late one night....
RothonWylar: this week's lab is pve
asthanius: Choose the pretty one
RothonWylar: you can do both
RassilonDND: you can do this multiple times.
itsr67: which one do you like more ben huh
vandristine: Diana
Lordofironstorm: Diana
asthanius: coward
Mysticman89: the moon also rises
BrowneePoints: The Dawn Arrives, the Moon Arises, the Twilight flips them the bird after one shotting them. (Zoe Main)
itsr67: full art on porofly is rad
RothonWylar: yeah this ain't mtgo this is a real mans game
RothonWylar: real videogame*
maxthefourth: did they add new poros?
RothonWylar: With effects
Cannons_are_an_instrument: I misread that as Soltari Priestess. I probably play too much magic
itsr67: there's 2 new poros, one for each expansion
RothonWylar: there a poro per region
asthanius: Everyone knows the sun is French
RassilonDND: they are somewhere between italian and french
maxthefourth: so still no only poros deck lrrFRUMP
itsr67: funky bgm for this lab
RassilonDND: @maxthefourth there is a poro only deck. it's not the best.
RothonWylar: there are poro build arounds but they're kinda bad
dabudder: y'know, whenever a card with 'priestess' becomes good (solari or 'of the forgotten gods') i just start humming bad priestess by the mountain goats
dabudder: and i hate it
itsr67: he ate himself
BrowneePoints: is that a living eggplant?
RothonWylar: worth knowing that obliterate is the equivalent of exle in this game
Thatwasademo: "when I'm supported"
dragon1472: ordering blockers is interesting since damage isn't simultaneous
RassilonDND: I love how certain cards talk to each other.
stickinmud: That's a PERMANENT +2/0, jsyk
MadameAdversary: You get an attack token for activating daybreak in this mode because of what you chose, don't forget.
Haroldholmes25: Wait are we just playing against mono cute cards
Armstrong11139: mrw the dawn arrives
dabudder: btw BUFFS are permanent
Telnaior: grant = permanent buff, give = until end of turn
Thatwasademo: you have an attack token
asthanius: lrrWOW
Mysticman89: purple is delivious though
BrowneePoints: *cries in Lulu fan*
itsr67: support only works on attack btw
RassilonDND: poor manic pixie is getting picked on!
Lordofironstorm: You mean you don't like hearing incessant giggling and HUGEIFY! every 30 seconds?
dabudder: also am i the only person here who plays like 4 differnt card games
maxthefourth: there's a poro cannon?
BecauseGnomes: I barely played any LoL but I really liked Fiddlesticks
socat23: daybreak benjamin
itsr67: check out the full art on porofly
Thatwasademo: gems are truly outrageous
BrowneePoints: So Wheeler, have you seen how ridiculously gorgeous new Pantheon is? He's 3 handsome 5 me
Ferisar: the remake panth is sick
Mysticman89: fidd got reworked sometimes in the last year (i think, time is weird), so he's exciting exciting now
BrowneePoints: Yea fiddles was this year
BrowneePoints: he's delightfully horrifying
itsr67: So one thing that hasn't been explained yet, if you play a champion, all copies of that champion in your hand become their "signature spell" @LoadingReadyRun
itsr67: and revert when the champ dies
Thatwasademo: so we have a burst slow spell
Thatwasademo: that's pretty... outrageous
dabudder: honestly i just cant get interested in mobas. too tough to get into
RothonWylar: yeh champs in playmake champs in your hand their legendary spell
RothonWylar: @Thatwasademo it matters because u cn play it and then go to attacks imediately
BrowneePoints: Oh yea, if you haven't seen Fiddles' new teaser trailer holy crap it's terrifying
Fantusta: more poros plz lrrAWESOME
socat23: Spoilers for the next set of runeterra have already started and it releases this month
itsr67: you can hover over before you say ok to double check
dabudder: wait LOL players what hero is getting spoiled tomorrow?
dabudder: for LOR
itsr67: probably tahm
RothonWylar: idk
Arklith: tahmy fishy boi
dabudder: and what does he do in LOL?
itsr67: we had the bildgewater cards spoiled today
RothonWylar: he eats people
dabudder: sick
itsr67: he's a support that eats people and soaks a lot of damage
Thatwasademo: challenger seems like a good way to get rid of elusive enemies
socat23: sounds awesome already
RothonWylar: probly a 2/5 with tough at some point + other stuff
itsr67: tahm is comin
dabudder: tahm is apparetly being spoiled tomorrow ben!
socat23: bilge didnt get a champ in the last set, so they are def getting one this time
Mysticman89: is there a runeterra version of things rotating out of standard, or can you keep using all your cards forever?
RothonWylar: maybe has suport and gives shield?
itsr67: @Mysticman89 currently no
niccus: the game hasn't lived long enough for that question
asthanius: Patrick Star?
dabudder: actually, tahm could have an effect like detain
itsr67: LUL
dabudder: which they havent used much
socat23: there is a planned rotation, but i think they are rotating out entire regions not just cards
Hadouken_lol_catz: Beef
RunningMonkeys: LUL
Haroldholmes25: Spell mana is a pretty cool mechanic
asthanius: Now THAT is a playtest name
itsr67: beefy boy
RandomTrivia: C H O N K
shurtal: Hey, you like squirrels
BecauseGnomes: Men, what's stopping you from looking like this?
asthanius: lack of fur, mainly
RandomTrivia: Who let MaRo design these cards?
RothonWylar: details as far as if/when/what is rotation have yet to be ironed out
Mysticman89: you know, I wasn't suire if swole was actually a word, and im still not sure, but that feels validating
dabudder: ben you only react with laughter because the only other emotion you're expieriencing is lust
RassilonDND: have you met my neighbors: swole squirrel and cake chipmunk?
Plaicoson: Wheeler, your LoR username is amazing
BrowneePoints: the warrior Pantheon's Aspect or another celestial entirely?
tctrain: That rally ability makes our deck super aggro
Thatwasademo: you were trying to block the wrong unit with your opponent's card, that error message really needs to be more helpful
socat23: and balance patches for LoR are done about every 2 weeks and they are constantly tweaking cards
itsr67: they try to indicate with a glow on the card with challenger
asthanius: The issue is EVERYTHING GLOWS
Thatwasademo: right, but it should say "that unit doesn't have challenger", at least when one of your other units does
itsr67: LoR also buffs cards that aren't seeing much play
itsr67: which is helpful for keeping things really exciting and cool in the meta
Thatwasademo: the error message makes some sense when *none* of your units have challenger
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dabudder: @itsr67 i mean not very often
itsr67: not often nowadays but
BrowneePoints: Oh yea, they dialed up the polish to 11
socat23: the lee sin buff was huge
RassilonDND: oh, something the game doesn't teach you, when you attack you can click and hold a creature and drag over the others you want to attack
itsr67: euuuuuuh one more
RothonWylar: you can mass flunge with a or scoop them in order by dragging
dabudder: @itsr67 i wish cloud drinker got a buff
Thatwasademo: the lab continues
RassilonDND: it will deploy them
RyeDudemis: Yeah the sound design and feel are great.
rustedis44c: click to see the cards
socat23: click the image
itsr67: you can click the packs to see the contents
Thatwasademo: hi, shen
RassilonDND: if you click on them they will display the cards
BrowneePoints: Are you excited for the Point and Click Adventure Game or Isometric RPG Riot is doing Wheeler? Or ya more the LoL Fighting Game hype type?
Halfwingseen: sequin/
itsr67: @dabudder to be fair cloud drinker is so close to shattering cards
itsr67: I'd understand if they don't wanna mess with it
dabudder: @itsr67 if they made it cost 5 or be 4/6 nobody would care
Ferisar: i do like that she levels inside of your deck
MadameAdversary: 1-2-3-4 seems pretty good.
RothonWylar: holding champs is a decent strat
itsr67: behold is like the dragon text from DTK in magic
dabudder: @MadameAdversary yup thats the god draw for daybreak
socat23: yea some of the champs have "I've seen you do ___" in their level up text and that requires them to be in play
Thatwasademo: well, you know your opponent didn't keep an 8
Botoxcheeks: I just downloaded this because of the Professor's video and I am looking forward to seeing how the gameplay is.
RothonWylar: for this lab u start with an extra man each match you win
Thatwasademo: did someone say RAMP
dabudder: i really only got into this because of MegaMogwai
dabudder: who i really respect as a player
itsr67: he had a power
Thatwasademo: check the log?
itsr67: check log
dabudder: check log
Hadouken_lol_catz: there is a game log Kreygasm
MadameAdversary: No, it's part of the lab
itsr67: oh it's part of the lab
rustedis44c: click the btn on the left top
rustedis44c: its the passive of the pcc
dabudder: its part of lab, check top left
socat23: click the wrench
MadameAdversary: Click the button beneath 'trundle'
socat23: in the top left
itsr67: trundle gets an ability that saps attack when he attacks
RassilonDND: were you doing the mash? the monster mash?
dabudder: was it, hypothetically, a graveyard smash?
BrowneePoints: Soap Box Moment: I miss old Trundle's lore where he was heroic. I kinda hate villainous Trundle.
itsr67: quinn has scout which was definitely a mechanic people were afraid of
RothonWylar: tbf scout is a decent aggro deck atm
itsr67: scout's still a really cool keyword
FionaKaenbyou: So I gave runeterra a try when it started up, but the tutorial scared me off because there seemed to be way too many keywords compared to magic. how's this new expansion looking?
dabudder: trundle is kind of morally ambigious, not evil persay
dabudder: seems like 'greedy' rather than crual
RothonWylar: on yourown stream?
dabudder: cruel*
CanPlayGames: 2000 channel peaks to jlrrIcream jlrrIcream
RassilonDND: wheeler also knows this is out on android so he can use it while he is using the water closet
itsr67: ai whoopsie
Jensling: Btw, you can attack twice on your turn by utilizing your Lab ability better (attack before dawnbreak, rally from dawnbreak, attack again)
Hadouken_lol_catz: it works on ios too right?
socat23: yes
RyeDudemis: The mobile on this is so good. Literally no difference.
socat23: and account progress carries over
RothonWylar: the mobile client is almost as equally good
RyeDudemis: On IOS as well
Kingsniff: this game's visuals are crazy
RassilonDND: oh it's on IOS too, forgot to also mention that
BrowneePoints: He lied to his tribe to become leader, and then allied himself with Lissandra to broker more power
ulexarX: Caw caw
RothonWylar: read scout reall quicj
Halfwingseen: I prefer stinky trundle lore :<
BrowneePoints: whereas old Trundle willingly took the brunt of his people's curse to save them
Halfwingseen: where he was troll jesus
itsr67: and you get quest progress on whatever games you play
RyeDudemis: more like A-Die am i right gamers
Halfwingseen: thanks for stream WheeLRR
Haroldholmes25: This was great
kamelion84: thanks for stream
RassilonDND: time to spend LRR money in the shop?
itsr67: no, thank you
rustedis44c: amazing!
Bladinus: thanks for the stream
BecauseGnomes: I'm gonna try this out a bit before bed!
RassilonDND: yeah I love this game.
RandomTrivia: Thanks for streaming!
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART
obionedrop: This game looks rad!
Hadouken_lol_catz: i hope you strim it again
socat23: just enjoy the ride man, its a great game
wafoo2: do want more!
SydPreviouslyHeadache: Thanks for streaming
RyeDudemis: Welp, see ya around in ranked soon and thanks!
RandomTrivia: Tell the people where you can be found!
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Phailhammer: cya :)
benjamin_wheeler: Holy smokes this game
benjamin_wheeler: this game, holy smokes
sfn____: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Mine O'Clock (James, Uno, and Serge play Minecraft. Game: Minecraft) at Tue 10:00 AM PDT (14:00 from now).
DarkMorford: Doesn't look like it's really my thing, but glad to see you're enjoying it, Ben.
MadameAdversary: It's a neat game for sure
benjamin_wheeler: This scratches a really bad itch for sure
Ferisar: definitely going to give it a go now, though already playing league might be enough, haha
DarkMorford: I never got into League, maybe that's why this doesn't really click for me.
Mysticman89: league dailies+ valorant dailies keep me plenty busy, I don't need more riot chores. can appreciate the riot polish on all the genres its tried though