TehAmelie: well, "the forbidden protagonist" sounds like Goku to me. could it be you're actually watching Dragonball?
Metric_Furlong: no, it couldn't
TehAmelie: rats
TehAmelie: you'll agree he is totally a forbidden protagonist though?
Metric_Furlong: possibly, but probably not in this sense
TehAmelie: i followed the DBZ manga religiously when it was published here, i think Son-Goku spends 80% of it not being there for the big fight
Metric_Furlong: got to try and build tension somehow
TehAmelie: in that vein, i do love the One Punch Man fighting game that is not about beating up the opponent but summoning Saitama
TehAmelie: not enough to like, play it. but i do love it
TehAmelie: just acknowledge that your protagonist is literally invincible and lean into it
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Oh boy, it's more elsinore today! I do hope that my favourite character, Laertes, survives and has nothing bad happen to them
TehAmelie: oh man, i loved that game. and i did absolutely none of the reading about Hamlet i was gonna to prepare for this stream
Metric_Furlong: reposting the poll link, for anyone who missed it the first time https://www.survey-maker.com/poll3152135x717343b8-97
TehAmelie: actually learned more about what the play is about in the last stream than i did in 39 years of living in post-Shakespeare society
CanPlayGames: !NEXT
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Talking Simulator (Cameron and Cori take a deeper look at the world of video games. Game: Elsinore) at Tue 01:30 PM PDT (1m from now).
richard_ermen: Ohh, is it going to be time for more faux-shakespearean amusement? I'm giddy with delight ^^
Metric_Furlong: it'll be quite the Shakesperience
TehAmelie: you'd think pop culture osmosis was more effective with the guy who invented half of the current English language
Metric_Furlong: I find that seeing the play explains the play
richard_ermen: "Reading the card explains the card"?
TehAmelie: hmm good idea. there is apparently a movie with Crowley in it
richard_ermen: I don't agree,considering some of his plays xD
TehAmelie: or, is it a movie or a recording of the play? well, potato, tomato
IviaRelle: I meant to rewatch the Reduced Shakespeare before this stream, drat. It's a slightly parodic adaptation of all Shakespeare's plays and sonnets in an hour and a half, the entire back half being devoted to Hamlet.
TehAmelie: that sounds like Hamlet
TheAinMAP: lrrSIGNAL katesAir lrrSIGNAL
DiscordianTokkan: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL unarmeHeart tiltyhYAS
TehAmelie: she said, having learned most of her Shakespeare from the two Sandman issues about Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest
Metric_Furlong: one last shot of the poll before things kick-off https://www.survey-maker.com/poll3152135x717343b8-97
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Cori and Cameron continue their any% speedrun of Hamlet in Elsinore! | http://www.twitch.tv/loadingreadyrun 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video_thumb/EjrBnXsU8AEG8Qt.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1313577479366275072
Metric_Furlong: richard_ermen well, it's worked for the ones I've seen, anyway
sgowell: lrrSIGNAL lrrSIGNAL
TehAmelie: speedrunning tragedy, what a concept
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TehAmelie: i mean i sort of did it when my mom died
OriginalGarwulf: By the way, is anybody else bothered by the general lack of Shakespearian language in the game thus far?
TehAmelie: no, i definitely love when people adapt the language to modern times
corianderd: we already did all that iambic pentameter in Pathologic 2
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Metric_Furlong: TehAmelie well, there was that crapshot about speedrunning Spec Ops: The Line
TehAmelie: keeping the meter would be nice though
GapFiller: corianderd evening Cori
TehAmelie: i remember that crapshot exists but nothing else. weird
Metric_Furlong: !advice
LRRbot: Do not punch your teammate.
GapFiller: !badadvice
LRRbot: The day star is good for you.
corianderd: disagree
TehAmelie: it does create all of the life on earth
TehAmelie: oh hi
GapFiller: good evening Cam lrrCAMERON lrrHEART
CanPlayGames: 2000 Channel points for lrrDILLY
Metric_Furlong: hello Cameron
richard_ermen: It's a Cameron ^^
GapFiller: good evening Cori voice lrrCORI lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Is this... a co-host?
TheMandrew: can we let the tiny band out?
MyClosePersonalFriendJohn: Is this a co-ghost?
Rufran: hello Cam
RandomTrivia: Wow, that is a very young Kenneth Brannagh
TehAmelie: i remember a time when you could get picture-in-picture. not to complain, i figure there are technical difficulties involved in that
TehAmelie: we can just picture Cori in our minds
Metric_Furlong: famous Rhythm Café stream Regular St Crispin's Day
TehAmelie: he hasn't got poo all over him, that must mean he's a good guy
RandomTrivia: Shakespeare knew how to do a crossover death
TehAmelie: i remember a low stakes poker game
TehAmelie: low stakes for us anyway
Gate_Kept: Y'all are great, and you should be told as such.
elah806: Merry Wives of Windsor is................you know what it just is
HalvariChan: Bad connection?
Metric_Furlong: !panic
RandomTrivia: Quick, do nothing again!
niccus: the computer is attuning to the shakespeare cinematic universe
KV1NN4: why IS?
TheMandrew: is this a regular crispy problem?
SuneEnough: Mmmm fried hardware
Gate_Kept: When in doubt, try blood magic!
RandomTrivia: We're here for you signal, we want to support you
TehAmelie: hey computer, have you tried being more supportive of signals?
SuneEnough: Blood magic? Please, this clearly calls for ichor.
TehAmelie: just Cori, chair and chat
RandomTrivia: Chair is victorious once again!
RandomTrivia: BoothCameron
Metric_Furlong: it's certainly the most booth
Juliamon: I see Cori is part of the problem
Nigouki: but who really is Booth Cam? are they related to John Wilkes Booth?
Gate_Kept: oh, wait, I know, how about you try seeing if you can find the symbol that isn't floating around the chair
TehAmelie: do you have a cam at hand by the way, Cori? maybe we could hack something and surprise Cam
Invitare: what is that grid in the corner?
TehAmelie: oops too late
Juliamon: Invitare Another chair?
Invitare: we are spoiled!
Metric_Furlong: problem solved
SachielOne: Sometime last NEVER?
Nigouki: wasn't that like March?
SuneEnough: 5 PS5s is a necessary staple of LRR
Gate_Kept: indeed
TehAmelie: ooh, good old Int: castle Elsinore
SuneEnough: I've been to Elsinore in real life
SuneEnough: it's surprisingly a bit shit
TehAmelie: wait is Elsinore the castle or the city?
niccus: how many more people have to die to finish the speedrun
SuneEnough: both @TehAmelie
Invitare: can this book even be called Hamlet is Hamlet is dead?
SuneEnough: Elsinore Castle is the castle in Elsinore
TehAmelie: that checks out
Metric_Furlong: how are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
TehAmelie: they are dead. even if they are alive
Metric_Furlong: dinger
Metric_Furlong: it's like now you see them now you don't with those two
RandomTrivia: Imagine being Banardo and seeing you walk into the room and stand absolutely still for 2 hours
TehAmelie: i named two side characters in a story in that book i was just yakkin about Rosencranz and Guildenstern, as a joke, and i'm kind of frightened of what they do to the story
RandomTrivia: """entirely unexpected"""
ieva_art: hellooo
Nigouki: The Queen's death was entirely unexpected, but we all knew Hamlet was gonna bite it
xantos69: Yes, her life became lost somehow.
RandomTrivia: Well, where did she last see her life?
niccus: her life was lost in a hamlet-involved incident
ContingentCat: A life was misplaced
TehAmelie: her life was interfered with
kdefinition: She just happened to aquire 34 stab wounds during an unrelated argument with the prince
Metric_Furlong: at what point do the hyenas show-up?
ContingentCat: In other news Pizza day is friday
Lordofironstorm: Just got here. Is this a Visual Novel of Hamelt?
Juliamon: Lordofironstorm With added Groundhog Day
TehAmelie: who are the hyenas in The Lion King actually? given that everyone compares it with Hamlet
BogglesUrMind: Hmm... this game certainly is a strange brew, isn't it?
Lordofironstorm: Danish People no Naku Koro Ni
TehAmelie: i'd guess the sword is modeled as part of his legs
Metric_Furlong: so, which part of this game do we start comparing to a Japanese wizard civil war?
BogglesUrMind: Dang, Hamlet sounds like he totally blows.
Metric_Furlong: (yes, I am doing a bit where I'm bringing-up different things that reference/are compared to hamlet)
ContingentCat: he is a like 13 year old rich boy so yeah he blows
TehAmelie: Hamlet is what the kids call "a lot"
ContingentCat: or am I remembering Hamlet's age totally wrong?
elah806: Um
TehAmelie: i wonder what kind of king he would have made
niccus: uhhhhhh
Orgmastron: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! This is a Hideo Kojima production.
iris_of_ether: UMM
ContingentCat: um?
elah806: ContigentCat "Hamlet" here refers to Hamlet the title character's dad, they have the same name
goatprince: you are sitting, not lying down...?
elah806: NO
Lordofironstorm: WE NEED AN ADULT
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Yas queen
TehAmelie: he sure acts like he's 12, so, probably the age of majority for the period
asthanius: "Embrace" is a bit far. But sit...
niccus: where's the option to panic
ContingentCat: @elah806 oh right, whoops
goatprince: ophelia was the original kombucha girl
ContingentCat: close your eyes and think of Denmark?
RandomTrivia: What's the worst that could happen?
asthanius: NO
TehAmelie: the idea of "minors" only came up in the Victorian period, as i understand history
ContingentCat: uhh
Juliamon: I think we made a terrible mistake
niccus: go the fuck to sleep
iris_of_ether: lrrCORI benginLol
asthanius: "Go to sleep" As you press a pillow over his nose and mouth
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Claudius is asleep now, right? What if we, y'know, speed the plot on a bit
RandomTrivia: "free to go" which in this case means, I think, "get out"
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daryldutch: Love talking sim, my favorites are between undertale and disco elysium. not just because they are great games but also the insight you bring to the subjects at hand.
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virre_: Umm
3dgelord69: Hey cam
BogglesUrMind: Based on how he was talking, maybe Claudius should be called "feely"... yuck.
3dgelord69: Hey everyone
Raiz0k: Hello as well.
RandomTrivia: Hello 3dgelord69, welcome
daryldutch: hello lil'edge :D
coriolis_storm: Oooh, this is getting SPICY!
ContingentCat: wait shouldn't that shithead plonius be dead by now?
asthanius: Time shenanigans
Orgmastron: We changed the timeline ContingentCat
ContingentCat: hm
Raincoast_Bear: Monkey Island except you are Ophelia?
asthanius: Death-adjacent
Raiz0k: Essentially Life is Strange: Shakespeare Edition ;).
Raiz0k: Ooh, did we do challenge? Was that maybe during Mine O'Clock for added hilarity?
BogglesUrMind: @Raiz0k Good thing Denmark isn't anywhere near a body of water big enough to host a hurricane...right?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: or, the sexy brutale: shakespear dlc
CururuGuasu: Tautology shack
RandomTrivia: Raiz0k It was completed during Kathleen's bonus stream
ContingentCat: @Raiz0k during Kathleen's streem
Lordofironstorm: So who's the main character of this game?
iris_of_ether: DoritosChip DoritosChip DoritosChip
Metric_Furlong: Lordofironstorm Opehlia
TehAmelie: Ophelia is the player character, but who knows
Lordofironstorm: I wasn't sure if it was always Ophelia or if you could switch persepctives
asthanius: Then the King must die *shrug*
TehAmelie: the main character is the one whose perspective informs the way we see story, so i guess Ophelia. the protagonist is the one whose actions most directly cause the story, which i guess is Claudius
Raincoast_Bear: Perhaps Rosencrantz and Guildenstern can help?
Raiz0k: @BogglesUrMind : I see what you did there :D. And, for added fun, isn't Hamlet set at around the time of a temperature maximum for Medieval Europe xD?
niccus: other ways to see a lot of hamlet: be an actor and rehearse the play
Raiz0k: Thanks for the info RandomTrivia and ContingentCat .
Raiz0k: Also, is anyone else getting slightly garbled voice?
TehAmelie: and the hero is the one whose sacrifice makes the story satisfying. i don't know who that would be
Raiz0k: *chuckles*
racoonius: hello chat and hello Cameron 👋
BirkaBirkowski: is this the sequel to Runescape?
Raincoast_Bear: Just don't go to England with R&G....
goatprince: a shack is a type of locker, yes
Lordofironstorm: But aren't Rosencrantz and Guildenstern already Dead?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I like to think Laertes's 'trip' is spent frolicking in a field nearby quite mad.
Nigouki: smells like plague
Raiz0k: Certainly an interesting way to force a door....
niccus: how was this boarded up from the inside
TehAmelie: they're always dead. dead is the one thing you can count on them being
Metric_Furlong: niccus wizard did it
TehAmelie: kind of a universal constant of Shakespeareverse
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: R&G's deaths are a fixed point in time
TehAmelie: if our world = c, the works of Shakespeare = Rosencranz and Guildenstern are dead
Raiz0k: If it's limited by c, then in most of the observable universe R&G are still possibly alive.
ContingentCat: the extended Shakespeare universe
TehAmelie: mm-hmm
RandomTrivia: Trapped in time? Wait, is Ophelia aware that she's in a Groundhog Day loop?
TehAmelie: the possibility of their being alive is like all the things that light does besides having a constant
Raiz0k: Oh great, now we're playing a Nurgle cultist simulator?
Metric_Furlong: topical!
Raiz0k: Didn't want to mention that, but yeah....
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: It's fine, we'll die and wake up without the plague
Raincoast_Bear: OMG. I just remembered the episode of Gilligan's Island where they stage the Hamlet Musical...
wildpeaks: time for our cardio
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: What up
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> DICE FRIENDS returns next week as we finally resume and conclude HEAT DEATH! | We’ve pre-recorded Eps 5 and 6 to allow for everyone to safely be in the same room. | We’ll be airing the first four episodes as a refresher (or, so you can see it for the first time!) in the next weeks. 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EjrN2myUcAAO7SN.jpg || ⤵
loadingreadyrun_go_stark: Cameron!!!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: more heat death!?!?!?! yaaaaaay!
niccus: cameron?!?!
Raiz0k: And that was IIRC a part of the plot in Life is Strange (speaking of). It got easier and easier to maneuver up until a point...
wildpeaks: we're a long way away from meeting her
iris_of_ether: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
niccus: oh! we should send baby shower gifts
Raiz0k: Is there a gender reveal?
Veste: wait what got announced, i missed it
SeiichiSin: I heard that as there is a Beej episode and then there is a baby.
Raiz0k: I'm guessing it's California-level of "fun".
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CaptainEnder7: Hooray for more Heat Death!
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BTC1220: The gender reveal involves blowing up the station I hope
Veste: oh
Raiz0k: @BTC1220 : up top!
iris_of_ether: benginChaos
Raincoast_Bear: Yeah! I wanna see the Beej Episode.
ContingentCat: I'm sure it's fine
BTC1220: @Raiz0k down low!
Raiz0k: Just the right amount and correct direction of velocity!
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: plainly and without poetry!? obviously claudius doesn't expect to die.
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> If you’re curious what filming looked like, we shot it at Victoria’s Belfry Theatre, which is understandably not in-season presently. 📷 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EjrOuX3UwAE0TG1.jpg || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1313589548249608192
Raincoast_Bear: And now, The Journal
Nigouki: D:
Nigouki: whooooaaaaa
Nigouki: there's quite a setup
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: That's an eerie set
Juliamon: That is a DOPE set
Raiz0k: I missed the start a bit BTW - is the cat a character?
CaptainEnder7: Amazing setup there
wildpeaks: nope, cats are just cats
wildpeaks: I think they might be backer rewards
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Of course, on camera it looks... I mean basically exactly the same as before. | But the stage allowed us the space to actually film, which we couldn’t have done at the Moonbase. || https://www.twitter.com/loadingreadyrun/status/1313590169094647808
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: meow?
wildpeaks: "every time", hmm
floki4242: I'm excited for more of the alien campaign
wildpeaks: *gasp*
Raincoast_Bear: Dear Diary, I just met the most wonderful man....
Nigouki: Hamlet has upgraded Do A Murder to Double Murder
RandomTrivia: And then the sequel, A Good Day to Die Hot?
goatprince: everyone got makeovers.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Die Otter?
virre_: Die Heiser?
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: #life goals
Raiz0k: "Now I have a smart gun. Ho. Ho. Ho."
TehAmelie: live hard or die hot?
Raincoast_Bear: Die Hot with a Vengence.
elah806: Heat Death: Tokyo Drift
wildpeaks: Denied :D
Metric_Furlong: Heat Death: The Legend of Curly's Gold
TehAmelie: Solaris: Hotter than the Sun
Raiz0k: :D
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: Heat death 2: Electric Boogaloo
elah806: Heat Death: Might as Well Be Walkin On the Sun
RandomTrivia: By "surprise", does it mean "murder"?
Metric_Furlong: but can we call it Solar-ish?
goatprince: Heat Death: Updraft
BTC1220: Heat Death: "This time it's Flammable."
TehAmelie: have you seen that video about the death of the universe? it's a wild 40 minutes
Raincoast_Bear: Heat Death Episode V: The Corporation Strikes Back.
Raiz0k: We only have 40 minutes left ?!
wildpeaks: oh good
TehAmelie: in which the last star goes cold about ten minutes in. and it keeps doubling the speed of time every second
elah806: Heat Death: Sinclair's Enchanted Christmas
Raiz0k: "Heat Death 2020: why settle for a giant meteor"?
Metric_Furlong: one last shot of the poll while we're on break https://www.survey-maker.com/poll3152135x717343b8-97
Metric_Furlong: (all three Furlong Points™ are still unclaimed, for anyone playing the guessing game)
Raiz0k: @TehAmelie : does it manage to hit proton decay?
TehAmelie: yeah, it has some theories
Raiz0k: Nice.
TehAmelie: i'm jealous you can just throw that survey out there. i link to my book, it sounds like advertising. just cause it's 18 years of work
JaymicUnyielding: Oh whoops, I totally forgot which day Let's Nope is on.
TehAmelie: well you're here now, and there's no getting out lrrBEEJ
Raiz0k: Fortunately, we also have lot's of deaths here.
Raiz0k: *lots
JaymicUnyielding: Actually, y'all got me super interested in this game last week, so I'm gonna step away so I can play this myself and then watch the VODs later.
wildpeaks: take care JaymicUnyielding
Raiz0k: Have fun!
JaymicUnyielding: Thanks! This seems like a super cool game, please enjoy it!
TehAmelie: i'm cuing up what youtube has to offer in the ways of Hamlet performances. is there any i should watch above all else?
TehAmelie: i mean i'm not gonna spend 2-4 hours watching one and then another one
corianderd: I the david tennent 2009 hamlet is interesting. They tried to make it look staged and all dramatic with the lighting
TehAmelie: cool cool
wildpeaks: Stratford Festival had their great version for a month in JUly, but sadly I don't think it's online anymore
Metric_Furlong: I haven't seen enough recorded/filmed performances of it to judge, sorry
corianderd: the big advantage the 2009 one has it Pat Stew as Claudius tho. He's just great
Metric_Furlong: this is true
wildpeaks: I mean, it's still online, but it's no longer free on youtube, it's on their on-demand site now: https://www.stratfordfestival.ca/WatchandExplore/OnDemand/Production/Hamlet But I can attest it was a good version
corianderd: I do also like the spectacle of the Brannaugh one
TehAmelie: it doesn't look like you can watch it without paying money. oh well. i'm a rich and famous author in LRR chat now
wildpeaks: welcome back
Raiz0k: heeelloo
ContingentCat: hello
Raiz0k: No, you're both live.
xantos69: cheer50 Welcome back Cam!
goatprince: I waited until Cam returned to deliver this one: Heat Death 12: Heat Dearth
Raiz0k: Took me a moment, but oh my gods....
RobotInProgress: Bone?! BONE?!!?!
wildpeaks: maybe even the queen
Metric_Furlong: the bone zone?
TehAmelie: i'm so pumped Rosencranz and Guildenstern are ladies in this version. we should do more of that
TehAmelie: ask not "could this character be a woman" but ask "does this character have to be a man"
RandomTrivia: That definitely sounds like a metaphor for something
RandomTrivia: "gone up the forest path"
Sarah_Serinde: TehAmelie I never got out to see them, but in the past couple years the Stratford Festival in Ontario did a bunch of Shakespeare plays with women as the main characters and it was great to see
TehAmelie: sweet
PokerNutz: Out of curiosity, who else in chat has played and/or finished this?
wildpeaks: Sarah_Serinde I hope you get a chance to get there, I used to go every year, great troop
Raiz0k: The question is not always easy to answer, but in the case "it's a theatre play that has [almost] no concrete basis in any historical events and has been there for ages, re-imagined in all and any possible way", it is.
TehAmelie: we do have about 6000 years of stories mostly about men to rethink
wildpeaks: The Tempest and Corianus especially were great
Sarah_Serinde: wildpeaks For I while I was going most summers, especially when I had the big discount for being under 30. Now that I don't have that and I'm not living with my mom (who I'd usually go with and get a ride from) I haven't gotten out to them as much
Raiz0k: That, and we can also make new stories.
TehAmelie: oh yes
wildpeaks: oh dear
jessieimproved: I like the intentional pause before the word "suffer" in the text, you could hear him say it
Sarah_Serinde: I went to several Shakespeare plays and I got to see Pirates of Penzance and that was fun
wildpeaks: ohh neat
jessieimproved: I got to see Hamlet done very well at Oglethorpe College here in Atlanta, one of the art teachers made some serious props
Lordofironstorm: Come on, Quince! It's like you've never even READ Hamlet!
goatprince: Quince seems like the hint repository, rather than an actual player in the narrative.
Sarah_Serinde: Ooh Tempest by the ocean sounds great
Metric_Furlong: yeah, sounds like it'd be a blast
ContingentCat: oh yeah whatsherface
RandomTrivia: Zoe Wanamaker?
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I went and saw a version of tempest that was redone as a sci-fi. It was... interesting.
oyleslyck: Vanessa Redgrave?
Sarah_Serinde: I remember Tempest being one of the ones that Stratford Ontario did with a female lead in recent years, along with several others
Sarah_Serinde: And I think it wasn't just a one-year thing either
RandomTrivia: Just based on you saying the HP flight instructor...
ContingentCat: gesundheit?
RandomTrivia: Redgrave I would also believe
wildpeaks: Martha Henry ?
ContingentCat: oh course he does, the edgelord
oyleslyck: Harriet Walter?
Raiz0k: Those must have been expensive as hell.
Metric_Furlong: NarwhalsInATrenchcoat isn't that basically Forbidden Planet?
wildpeaks: there are probably several
elah806: Very Teenage Edgelord
Sarah_Serinde: I've never read or seen that one and I'm pretty sure I'm fine with that
Raiz0k: Essentially the OG one. Werter's got nothing on him.
Nigouki: people didn't know there was a splash zone?
wildpeaks: oh that must be rad
Raiz0k: (although Werther is more like the OG emo)
elah806: A lot of Shakespeare companies have bent over backwards trying to make Titus Andronicus remotely tenable for middle-aged white audiences who want to think they're cultured and virtuous
TehAmelie: i remember being shocked by The Elephant Man where the guy got naked on stage. it gets a bit more real than movies and stuff
BrowneePoints: *was a Theatre Major* *looks at contemporary Theatre Culture* LAGUHS
elah806: Lots of very imagistic dream ballet euphemistic depicitions of violence
wildpeaks: delicious fish
Raiz0k: Damnit, now I'm hungry.
Raiz0k: Vienna Newtown, BTW :p.
ContingentCat: !sir
LRRbot: Sir? Sir! That's not how you wear that.
BrowneePoints: I mean, the best part of Shakespeare is we consider him this lofty playright, when his works were written for the common folk, and a bunch of the words he "invented" were common slang from working women /shrug
goatprince: cam, weaknesses: the name 'weiner', funny bone, carbonated beverages (burps)
SquareDotCube: Is that where they keep the weenie wagons?
RandomTrivia: Quickly, to the dark corner!
wildpeaks: that's not going to get awkward at all
PokerNutz: Ophelia, best ninja
wildpeaks: Stealth 100
ContingentCat: don't be suspicious. don't be suspicious...
BrowneePoints: Brit be acting pretty sus
ContingentCat: !sus
azureHaights: @BrowneePoints It can't be Brit. We literally JUST saw Ophelia vent
Raiz0k: @BrowneePoints : I always thought that view is only prevalent in people that haven't been paying attention in the relevant literature/language class, and what you say is like the first "meta" thing students learn otherwise, but now I'm not so sure.
BrowneePoints: @azureHaights I was memeing
azureHaights: As was I
TehAmelie: Neil Gaiman talks a good rant about how scholars invent Shakespeare being a secret noble and stuff just because the idea of a mere commoner accomplishing things contradicts their philosophies
BrowneePoints: @TehAmelie Yep! Most Writers/History buffs hate the "Secret Noble" bullshit because it detracts from a commoner busting his ass to be a timeless writer
Raiz0k: But do contemporary (to us) scholars do that as well?
wildpeaks: woopsie daisy
niccus: time to die
SquareDotCube: !y
empyreon: LUL
RandomTrivia: Welp. Time for a mulligan
Foxmar320: foxmarWELP
niccus: exit stage window
BrowneePoints: @Raiz0k I meant more Contemporary Theatre Culture as in those that go to see theatre. They treat it as a lofty pasttime, when it was always for the common folk
Raiz0k: Die of embarrassment? Pretty feasible.
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BrowneePoints: @Raiz0k case in point *gestures to all of greek theatre*
gredgredmansson: no idea what this is, are we rewriting Hamlet
wildpeaks: yes
Raiz0k: Yes.
gredgredmansson: neat, how many people are dead so far
Alahmnat: @Foxmar320 that's an amazing emote, from both me and Oscelot (she gives tiny applause)
niccus: uhhhhh we're socially dead now
TehAmelie: i am glad to hear most scholars don't buy it
wildpeaks: we need to experience A R T
Orgmastron: None so far in this timeline gredgredmansson
gredgredmansson: and you call this Hamlet Kappa
ContingentCat: !adult
Foxmar320: Alahmnat thanks!
Raiz0k: @BrowneePoints : that's interesting, over here the vast majority of plays in "normal" theatres (so not the big explicitly "classic" ones) is decidedly more modern, or at least offers modern reinterpretations (and the latter also applies for the "classic").
wildpeaks: our dress has fire resistance +10
ContingentCat: !findquote fire
LRRbot: Quote #7157: "You are not... currently... on fire... I don't think." —Dale [2020-08-24]
Raiz0k: So it's not also a stealth insult, it's also a meme?
gredgredmansson: Headcanon: Lady Brit is Thursday Next
Raiz0k: Cue laugh track.
RandomTrivia: @gredgredmansson Expand?
gredgredmansson: Thursday Next is a series of novels involving a detective solving crimes within fiction; making sure the stories act out the way they are supposed to
TehAmelie: cloister life was an ever present option for people with nothing to lose at least in the early middle ages i believe
RandomTrivia: @gredgredmansson Yes, I know the series and love it. I meant specifically?
RandomTrivia: Oh gotcha
gredgredmansson: @RandomTrivia just as this is a character that didn't appear in the original play
TehAmelie: i guess the Americas never got into that
RandomTrivia: You think Brit is going to force us to obey the plot
RandomTrivia: That's interesting
gredgredmansson: idk
DoodlestheGreat: I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make cookies!
wildpeaks: it's like telling a cat "don't you dare push this coffee cup off the table"
Raiz0k: @TehAmelie : America has the equivalent "homesteading" thing, 'though?
Nigouki: do we still do the groundhog day thing if someone OTHER than the shadowy figure stabs us?
gredgredmansson: @RandomTrivia well, there was that time Thursday messed up the ending to Jane Eyre
TehAmelie: don't think i know what that is
RandomTrivia: @gredgredmansson Well, messed up or fixed is the contentious point anyway
gredgredmansson: indeed
Orgmastron: Bernardo looks good in a dress
Raiz0k: I meant the idealized concept of settlers striking out on their own, isolated from civilization.
goatprince: Bernardo's got a RUMP, dangggg boiii
wildpeaks: LUL
RandomTrivia: Although there was the small matter of the demon trying to kill her
iris_of_ether: Cameron.
wildpeaks: now kiss
gredgredmansson: i should really read those again
niccus: wow rude
niccus: dont interrupt the play
wildpeaks: Ophelia nooo
Raiz0k: Speaking of actual Shakespearean theathre....
TehAmelie: ah, i guess it satisfies the idea of getting away from everything. though in kind of the opposite way. total freedom instead of total surrender
Raiz0k: Yeah, pretty much, I agree :).
RobotInProgress: Milky Thighs
gredgredmansson: cmon claudius, did you have to be MORE of a dingus
Orgmastron: Bernardo is a trans woman. I don't make the rules that's just how it is.
TehAmelie: i can buy it
gredgredmansson: oh, genderfluid
Orgmastron: GenderFluidPride GenderFluidPride GenderFluidPride
Sarah_Serinde: TransgenderPride GenderFluidPride
gredgredmansson: Othello?
gredgredmansson: I think you are in the wrong play buddy
TehAmelie: when does Hamlet take place exactly? i guess Catholicism is very influential at any rate
Raiz0k: Denmark.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: GenderFluidPride . Wait, which of the pride month emotes is the genderfluid one? This 'un? PrideShrug
Raiz0k: Oh, "when".
wildpeaks: some of the people you talk to do react well and supportive
Raiz0k: Around XIII-XIV IIRC?
wildpeaks: (but I don't recall which ones)
TehAmelie: almost contemporary to Shakespeare eh
gredgredmansson: yeah the play itself was written around 1600 and first performed in 1603
gredgredmansson: so it's a period piece
Raiz0k: OK, sorry, I confused that with the time of the original legend.
TehAmelie: what did the English in 1600 think of Denmark in the 1550s? strange thought
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gredgredmansson: that would be something though
silenceaux: It's something Cori would do
gredgredmansson: What part is this, is it 2? I noticed part 1 was uploaded to youtube today
TehAmelie: it is
gredgredmansson: cool, I'll have to check it out later
wildpeaks: I hope we'll keep playing this
TehAmelie: it is a rad game and our hosts are double rad lrrDARK
silenceaux: Gertrude What
ContingentCat: um
wildpeaks: all is well
Raiz0k: Well well well.
wildpeaks: I do like friend-Brit, she grows on you
TehAmelie: i can't help but think Lady Brit is some kind of Britain-insertion fantasy
PokerNutz: @wildpeaks at least she's not trying to **** us like in Chapter 1.
wildpeaks: true :D
gredgredmansson: oh
TehAmelie: actually i have one, certainly stupid question about Hamlet: why Denmark?
gredgredmansson: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dames
Invitare: lecturn?
Raiz0k: @TehAmelie: Lady Imperia Excellentio Glorios Britway?
wildpeaks: *gasp*
TehAmelie: out of the literally thousands of kingdoms in historical europe, or an infinite number of kingdoms one could just make up
gredgredmansson: God is boring
gredgredmansson: apparently
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3and4fifths: Oooo! perfect month to be 13 in! lrrSPOOP
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Laserbeaks_Fury: and Irma presses them into service
Laserbeaks_Fury: yeah first loop
Raiz0k: Fetch quest!
TehAmelie: ah it is Cctober, or as the internet likes to call it, Halloween. my local grocery store has been selling christmas drinks and snacks for the last two weeks
wildpeaks: being dramatic
wildpeaks: this boi needs a hot cup of tea
gredgredmansson: So that is what that speech sounds like in modern language
Raiz0k: It's interesting BTW that Irma's archetype (woman with an overtly servile role that holds swaths of de facto power) shows up in *many* cultures.
ContingentCat: lrrHORN ?
gredgredmansson: ophelia please get out of the table
RandomTrivia: Like you haven't been waiting for this moment the whole time
TehAmelie: hey, it's the central plot of Trees book 3 that i jsut read
KV1NN4: well you're acting a bit like a child right now Hammy
wildpeaks: m'other *tips inkwell*
RandomTrivia: And there I thought this would be a classic Agatha Christie "work through the people to find the culprit"
TehAmelie: fun fact: anything written by Warren Ellis now feels cheap and gross to read
e_bloc: Corgo205 Claudius is sus
wildpeaks: there are many more layers than just this mystery
TehAmelie: man Hamlet would be such a harsh traitor game
niccus: like a chump
ContingentCat: Wow rude
PokerNutz: @wildpeaks Have you played this before?
wildpeaks: RIP
gredgredmansson: BAD END
RandomTrivia: That went well
Nigouki: the stabbings will continue until morale improves
wildpeaks: yes PokerNutz it's great
gredgredmansson: and barely anyone died
PokerNutz: @wildpeaks Glad they made the *change*
spiltdownman: rosencrantz and guildenstern get to live!
Sarah_Serinde: "I just killed your kid, let me comfort you" yes smooth Claudius
Raiz0k: No one of note, anyway.
ContingentCat: lrrFINE
gredgredmansson: @spiltdownman hooray
TheAinMAP: lrrFINE
ContingentCat: hmmm
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TehAmelie: and yet, Rosencranz and Guildenstern are dead. somehow. that's just how it be
gredgredmansson: yes, that IS unlikely
MeJustinYouChat: wait is this 5d hamlet with timetravel?
ContingentCat: yup
gredgredmansson: Ophelia is timelooping
Raiz0k: 4d, let's not get carried away.
MeJustinYouChat: It boggles the mind
MeJustinYouChat: Oh so only 1 reality no branching?
MeJustinYouChat: Oh that's fine then
TehAmelie: i tried to watch Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead the other day, but i had to stop. never had that happen since The Holy Mountain
gredgredmansson: so, I joined in late, what changed so that Hamlet dueled Claudius directly instead of Laertes
Raiz0k: 1 reality with takies-backsies.
gredgredmansson: oh duh, Polonius probably didn't die
ContingentCat: not yet nope
Orgmastron: We told Hamlet everything
MeJustinYouChat: I need to see this from the start. To the VODs
MeJustinYouChat: Enjoy the stream everyone
TehAmelie: kind of funny, i'm presently rewatching the talking sim of Life is Strange. take-backsies sure are nice
gredgredmansson: define "everything" @Orgmastron
Orgmastron: That his mother was unfaithful and that Claudius killed his father
wildpeaks: merely being able to pause during a conversation, even without time travel power,would be so useful irl
TehAmelie: heck yeah
gredgredmansson: @Orgmastron I see. Confirming his suspicions would make him less crazy-paranoid
Mysticman89: text based conversing is mucyh better than in-person in part because of the minipauses that occur in between messages
gredgredmansson: @wildpeaks so if real life was a web forum, where you can carefully craft a response
TehAmelie: i've been told of a guy with Autism who required exactly 8 seconds to process anything that was told to him and reply. would be nice to just be able to have that figure to tell people
wildpeaks: pretty much :D I think that's part of why I prefer written chat to audio
wildpeaks: it's acceptable to take a at least a few seconds to reply
gredgredmansson: never heard that argument for "subs vs dubs" before
gredgredmansson: it's interesting
Raiz0k: I don't think one needs to be on the autism spectrum to appreciate that possibility.
wildpeaks: at least one rtick in some conversation is that I tell people I need to take notes, so it lets me slow down the speed of conversation, but that's only appropriate for some types of conversation
wildpeaks: can't do that when ahving a beer with friends, for example
TehAmelie: "if you wanna have a thoughtful conversation, just give me a minute. literally."
wildpeaks: exactly
Raiz0k: @gredgredmansson : subs (not talking about JP media, in general) have both the advantage that you can pause and read (if you require processing it longer for any reason) *and* you get duplicated stimuli from two "channels" (audio and text).
gredgredmansson: @Raiz0k neat
wildpeaks: good point Raiz0k
gredgredmansson: You know, that actually makes the "the voices sound better in JP than EN" argument make more sense, your brain is already telling you what they are saying, so you are hearing the tone with the words together
gredgredmansson: I never really got that before
TehAmelie: to be fair, voice acting is a very highly respected profession in japan
gredgredmansson: so I've heard
ky0dar: hey chat. is polonius dead yet?
gredgredmansson: No, but Hamlet is
TehAmelie: i think he just killed Hamlet
ky0dar: that feels like a twisy
gredgredmansson: Claudius killed Hamlet
wildpeaks: he met the end of a pointy sword
TehAmelie: ah
gredgredmansson: Hamlet confronted Claudius directly instead of dueling Laeres
gredgredmansson: the queen is not taking it well
ky0dar: sounds like claudius is living his best life?
gredgredmansson: yeah sounds like
TehAmelie: did we restart time? what prompts that by the way? i know, i'm very inattentive
Nigouki: so why is Hamlet so bad at stabbing? we've seen him get owned by both of his parents in a knife fight
ky0dar: 5
PokerNutz: @TehAmelie We can just choose to
gredgredmansson: now I really need to see the vods for the Gertrude fight
TehAmelie: aha
Kerrisis: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:08:23.
ky0dar: thats an excellent question Nigouki
Mister_Hush: Hammy's a thinky boi
TehAmelie: Hamlet was elected to drama, not to duel
TehAmelie: wait
RandomTrivia: Ownership of a ceremonial sword very much does not imply mastery of a combat sword
ky0dar: in this game l, did he go off and hang out with pirates?
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Gulleko: ghost?! lrrSPOOP
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ulexarX: Have we met the ghost yet?
gredgredmansson: hm, so we can trust Bernardo with this
wildpeaks: I don't recall if we need Hamlet for it to appear the first time
gredgredmansson: good to know
RandomTrivia: That was so perfectly timed Gulleko LUL
Gulleko: completely unintentional, but I love it eogHee
wildpeaks: such a cheerful place
Raiz0k: In the graveyard? How efficient!
PokerNutz: Ah this scene.
gredgredmansson: look, that whole thing with Lady Brit...
TehAmelie: i wonder sometimes. Hamnet Shakespeare died very young, 11 or 12. could he have had time to be a drama queen?
Raiz0k: Irma, stop helping.
empyreon: 360 moonwalk right on out
gredgredmansson: "I am the king, I can do whatever I want" -Lion Claudius
ky0dar: is this game going to end with ophelia killing herself to stop everyone dying???
wildpeaks: "I killed your son, why did you run from me" well sheesh Claudius, I wonder why
Raiz0k: Ooooh, 12 is well enough to be edgy.
gredgredmansson: @ky0dar that didn't work in canon, doubt that will work now
ContingentCat: just do a grampa simpson and turn right around
ky0dar: @ky
wildpeaks: ahh right, this is how
Nigouki: hell yeah! ghost time!
Invitare: wow you did a real good job of keeping Claudius away
empyreon: lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP lrrSPOOP
niccus: hail to the king, baby
ky0dar: @gredgredmansson i thought they might be setting it up as a prequel
Raiz0k: :D
Invitare: this seems like a job for Mystery Inc tbh
Raiz0k: It is!
Nigouki: so do we get a ghost Hamlet Jr. too?
PokerNutz: Oops.
Nigouki: welp
Raiz0k: Yeah, figured that out....
wildpeaks: m-m-multikill
gredgredmansson: writes down "don't stand behind the ghost"
ContingentCat: um sir?
niccus: ah fuck hamlet's dad is a time traveler
gredgredmansson: HE KNOWS
Raiz0k: Oh, so this is Purgatory. Laaaaaame.
PokerNutz: Ghost knows some stuff.
ky0dar: wellll
wildpeaks: The Ghost Knows gogcomSpoopy
RandomTrivia: Uh oh
xantos69: That's a full party wipe
silenceaux: The Ghost has made itself known
Orgmastron: Mmmmm whatcha say
gredgredmansson: "you've met with a terrible fate, haven't you"
ky0dar: so that explains why noone has a danish name in this "denmark"
gredgredmansson: seriously, look at that face
RandomTrivia: Oh no, Quince knows about our power to respawn!
wildpeaks: we've been eaten by a ghostly grue
ky0dar: weve been infected with the logos!
wildpeaks: the plot thickens
TehAmelie: did you see that run animation? it was awesome
gredgredmansson: who are you, quince
wildpeaks: good question indeed
Nigouki: tender hearted from all the knives in him :(
TehAmelie: he ran out of the room in one step
PokerNutz: @gredgredmansson A very good question
ContingentCat: as i his heart has been tenderized
Invitare: you DID miss Quince though
ky0dar: can someone just give hamlet a copy of black parade? its not pertinent to the game, im just asking.
wildpeaks: to be fair, Hamlet also missed Quince
gredgredmansson: spoilers
TehAmelie: haha can you imagine how hard it would blow the mind of anyone circle 1600 AD? just show the the Black Parade video and the'll probably burn themselves for witches
wildpeaks: must be the bad lighting in the castle
TehAmelie: circa
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JimMiles: do any author's die in this game Kappa
gredgredmansson: Alas, poor Yorick. I barely knew him.
GamesAndInk: I'm real excited to see you folks wrapped up Heat Death, I can't wait to see the exciting and not at all deadly conclusion :)
niccus: is this the kickstarter grave
gredgredmansson: ?
ky0dar: feels like a Kickstarter grave
ky0dar: time isnt real
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: we have some pretty good cardio
ContingentCat: Ophelia's in really good shape
Mysticman89: what kind of monster kills their kicksttarters
wildpeaks: "no dev was harmed in the making on this game"
ky0dar: i maintain that ophelia is made of memetic polyalloy.
gredgredmansson: you sure did
wildpeaks: gogcomSpoopy
ky0dar: its why everyone gets stabbed.
TehAmelie: the first thing that happens in this play is that we find out ghosts are real. come to think of it, i wonder why people take death so hard
RandomTrivia: The ghost is also Bill Murray?
Raiz0k: "I knew you then, Ophelia"
silenceaux: Terrifying details already burnt
ContingentCat: the beans went everywhere
gredgredmansson: this is why you don't tell spoilers
BlueDaNewb: lrrFINE
wildpeaks: our mother ?
wildpeaks: oh yeah, good idea
Nigouki: Simona?
GamesAndInk: Tragedy usually involves people trying to avoid tragedy.
Nigouki: has he been hanging out with her ghost?
silenceaux: A sort of dread regarding the inevitable
Raiz0k: Er, a very major part of tragedy is people "walking themselves" into it. Otherwise the Book of Job would a "tragedy".
Raiz0k: *be a
gredgredmansson: "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when YOU fall into an open manhole and die." -Mel Brooks
Raiz0k: Exactly, not "someone cuts" ;).
gredgredmansson: yeah yeah, you told me this already
Laserbeaks_Fury: I say we take this loop off
Laserbeaks_Fury: Let's go galfing
Laserbeaks_Fury: *golfing
ContingentCat: an we just take matters into our own hands and stab him?
Raiz0k: I mean, he literally had his back turned just now.
niccus: speedrun wreck your father
RandomTrivia: Aaaaand he's set fire to the notes
ContingentCat: just push him in the fire
empyreon: I demand a Shank option!
wildpeaks: too bad we can't just boop him on the head
gredgredmansson: methinks we need to avoid mentioning it to him altogehter
GamesAndInk: I think the king said you should watch him when he thinks he's alone--can you hide in his room somewhere?
Raiz0k: Oh hey, there's a dagger right there!
WonderfulGlory: This is like Paranormal Activity: Shakespeare
asthanius: Can you extinguish the flames?
Raiz0k: Oh the game is being such a tease now.
ZareZareThinks: try telling him you believe hes in danger
Raiz0k: Seriously 'though, have we tried bringing someone with us?
ZareZareThinks: before he burns the stuff
LordZarano: Imagine if the time where she didn't loop was the one where she killed her father
ZareZareThinks: i remember he gives you the key to his chest when you do from a previous stream
Dish_KP: Hamlet, the Movie, the Game?
gredgredmansson: oh
Sogheim: Ophelia is having such a hard time being believed by all these men in her life. I feel bad.
silenceaux: In what world does he both trust us, and feel the need to pass on the key?
gredgredmansson: what day does Polonius die on?
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GamesAndInk: Can Polonius die before 3 AM?
LordZarano: Watch our dad get stabbed, loot the body. That seems fine for our mental health
Laserbeaks_Fury: God, this is turning into Life is Strange
Raiz0k: "Turning", present tense ;)?
senshisun: ShowLove100 I forgot about this game! Going to watch the whole thing on the VOD later.
spiltdownman: have we tried hard pivoting the world into comedy to avoid the tragedy? try dressing up as someone you have the hots for and then get into high-jinks with their retainers.
ContingentCat: hmmm
gredgredmansson: when did he die in canon?
senshisun: Hmm... that sounds like a good idea
Raiz0k: Someone in chat called it, didn't they?
ContingentCat: yeah replace all their knives with retractable joke knives
Laserbeaks_Fury: What happens if you tell Hamlet hes going to kill your dad?
shurtal: I tuned back in, and for a second I thought this was Runescape
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: I think this is a heavily flawed victory
ky0dar: rubber daggers, like the 4 Kids one piece
PokerNutz: Welp.
goatprince: he despawned!
Mysticman89: cast the old man into the flames
ky0dar: he cant sleep. his heads on fire.
gredgredmansson: AH didn't see you there
Raiz0k: I'm pretty sure there was a wooden training sword in the guard's quarters, so that's not as far-fetched.
Invitare: Search your feelings. You know it to be true
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Raiz0k: Heh, I love the disconnect between this scene and what they would actually witness if a person died via having their head in flames.
ashmedai127: wooh Cameron <3
Diabore: oh, kingu had the thing too
wildpeaks: he sure did
PokerNutz: Tale as old as time.
Raiz0k: Yeah, definitely a Purgatory scenario.
Raiz0k: "Mad" . Are you serious, Ophie dear?
gredgredmansson: "we're all mad here"
GamesAndInk: "I've searched for centuries!" "Did you check the library?" "..."
wildpeaks: the king's cursed book, nor the cursed king's book
gredgredmansson: wait what?
Invitare: to uncover spies switch class to the Pyro and blow fire all over the place
RandomTrivia: Shivam! lrrHEART
Orgmastron: Shivam! POG
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: so is let's nope happening at MoC, and MoC happening at talking sim?
SeiichiSin: Thanks for stream!
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Zombiejms: >3
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wildpeaks: I hope we get to reach the book at least, it opens up a lot
talosparoxi: Squid1 Kappa Squid2 Squid4
PokerNutz: @wildpeaks And then some
e_bloc: oh my additional lrrmong us
e_bloc: so hype
GamesAndInk: Sometimes you try to avoid one tragedy and create a new one
silenceaux: Do you think Tragedy is enhanced by being able to see a way it could have been different?
Raiz0k: Oof.
Driosenth: was Titus Andronicus a comedy? I always thought it was
RandomTrivia: "Histories don't even real" LUL
TehAmelie: i've never heard the word anagnorisis out loud before. what a strange day. earlier i learned the difference between synecdoche and metonomy too
wildpeaks: and sometimes you're a cool pirate
TehAmelie: three words that google spellcheck don't even know exist
wildpeaks: yeah that wouldn't be fun
Raiz0k: Yeah, the modernized lines are not that jarring.
Laserbeaks_Fury: I'd swear there is a term for that
Raiz0k: For what?
Sogheim: “You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon."
ContingentCat: yikes
ky0dar: there was also the animated series ;)
Laserbeaks_Fury: For using a modern equivalent to relate something vs being period accurate'
Darleysam: Silent Hill 3 according to the schedule
goatprince: yes.
Laserbeaks_Fury: Whos the protag?
ky0dar: well, that sounds fun
wildpeaks: I wonder what ending they'll get in the intro
ky0dar: heather.
TehAmelie: it is the only SH i have played through. it's pretty cool
wildpeaks: it's one of Alex's favorite games of all time
ContingentCat: well we'll find out
goatprince: Heather will be killing monsters.
Mysticman89: is 3 the one with heather?
Raiz0k: Huh, nice one Cam :D.
wildpeaks: yes
Mysticman89: guess so
TehAmelie: yes, ask Alex about it if you like
GapFiller: thanks for streaming lrrCAMERON Cam lrrCORI Cori lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Thanks for the stream! lrrHEART
wildpeaks: baii, thanks for the stream
GapFiller: see yr later
Raiz0k: Thanks!
ky0dar: thanks for streaming
ContingentCat: thank Cam and Cori lrrHEART
Mysticman89: if they get certain unlokcbale things that'll be a good time, but i kinda doubt they'll take it that far
TehAmelie jams the SH3 intro song
ky0dar: im still hoping for a rhythm cafe with mouth dreams, perhaps with a cori, but thats just me
TehAmelie: "You're not here", for the record
talosparoxi: !next
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TehAmelie: my first encounter with videogame music that's just rock, rather than electronica
ky0dar: theme of laura is still an utter classic.
TehAmelie: what's that?
ky0dar: its one of the themes from SH2
TehAmelie: Terra's theme from FF6 is my favorite song in the world, but in "music that doesn't sound like videogame music", i submit The Best is Yet to Come from MGS4 and Dead Man's Gun from RDR
TehAmelie: thanks
ky0dar: i love The Synapse from Deus Ex 1
SquareDotCube: Oh hey, just their luck, Silent Hill 4 got ported to PC over on GOG
ky0dar: also, the Marsvision songs from Surviving Mars are all pretty solid.
TehAmelie: wasn't that when the series started to get bad?
ky0dar: Silent Hill 4 is a side game that ended up getting the big branding.
TehAmelie: curious
ky0dar: its being different, but its still a Team Silent game.
ky0dar: after that you get people trying to do Silent Hill that, i think are uniformly westerners?
TehAmelie: huh
ky0dar: I liked Shattered Memories on the Wii. That had some interesting design choices. I heard Sam Barlow worked on that one.
TehAmelie: was the lead dev on the earlier ones someone named Akira or am i making stuff up?
ky0dar: akira yamaoka did the score?\
TehAmelie: ah yes, the musician
ky0dar: wikipedia shows no other akiras in Team Silent
TehAmelie: many years ago i theorized the optimal name to achieve any worldly success would be Akira American Creed. haven't seen any evidence to suggest otherwise
ky0dar: i... see.
SquareDotCube: Maybe in the 80s Kappa
TehAmelie: hey, i bet it would work even better today. it's gender neutral and all
ky0dar: youre not wrong
TehAmelie: we'd just need someone crazy enough to actually take the name upon themselves
TehAmelie: the logic is, have you ever heard of anyone non-famous named Akira? etc.
TehAmelie: don't think too hard about why you would hear about someone who wasn't famous
ky0dar: i as a pasty white boi from australia can confirm, i do not know any akiras personally.
ky0dar: and thus all the akiras i know of are famous.
ky0dar: QED
TehAmelie: QUD to the max