TXC2: Hello everybody
BreeSquare: Aaaand we're here
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djalternative: Welcome to the Greg Miller Card Games Hour!
sir_jack_DB: I've been playing some of this game
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VTMarik: Yes!
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sir_jack_DB: it's VERY GOOD
Dwachak: UwU whats this :D
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Therberus: Somekind of stream incoming ?
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Phosphatide: lrrHERE
queenfounder: This is exactly why I love LRR
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mrMorphius: Stay on target
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TehAmelie: oh hi
lirazel64: And what is this? A stream? In this economy?
TXC2: yes we can have a little stream as a treat
TehAmelie: only economy there is
sir_jack_DB: owo what's this
CompletelyUnsure: So I guess Ikenfell didn't work or something?
Science_and_Magic: Solitaire? Hell yeah! Card games!
Therberus: Oh dang it
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Science_and_Magic: Still waiting for that bridge stream. I’d totally watch that.
TehAmelie: my money is on solipsism
Therberus: I just realised I've subbed for 2 years and didn't do the "thats almost 2 years joke"
ArdCollider: super interested in Solitaire Conspiracy, saw the trailer the other day
Radyin: What form of solitaire are we playing? Klondike?
sir_jack_DB: @ArdCollider it's REAL good
Science_and_Magic: Spider?
TehAmelie: as for card games, i'm a fan of gin rummy
TXC2: Therberus and we thank you for it
TXC2: Here we GO!
ArdCollider: narrative cyberpunk solitaire
djalternative: More like spider
lirazel64: @tehamelie , I'm betting on ennui, myself.
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howdydowdy: wowwie 19 months, that's crazy
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BusTed: hi
TXC2: Hello Cori
TehAmelie: hey it's Cori
sir_jack_DB: loud game
fragilepaper: Hey
MorganteMaggiore: hi couch
Metric_Furlong: hello cori
Wrexadecimal: loud game or quiet cori
Therberus: loud music
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Tomasu82: woo
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Science_and_Magic: I’ve not seen this intro before. Neat!
TXC2: LoadingReadyRun Game is WAAAAY louder then you
TehAmelie: everything is louder than you
EvilBadman: You're very quiet vs. game
ArdCollider: hi Cori! loud notifiers, quiet you
jmhodges: Hey, we can’t hear tou
MikoKisai: game loud
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Science_and_Magic: Alerts are very loud
Radyin: Everything is very loud.
MorganteMaggiore: better
lirazel64: More you.
DoodlestheGreat: More Cori, less everything else.
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Chronomagistrate: Lots of months- huzzah!
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Fanboy_of_Bolas: can't hear cori
TXC2: game is better, you are still quiet
Aylig: Can't hear you, Cori, everything else is fine
Science_and_Magic: Alerts are still very loud
thetoastmonster: BONNU STREAM!
Therberus: Mmmmhh yeah mic noises
Dwachak: mmmh moving mic sounds
GerrardUK: More Cori, less everything else
DoodlestheGreat: The game music is still louder than you.
Fanboy_of_Bolas: sound checks sound pretty useful here.
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Ishnalade: What is life without technical issues eh ?
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Therberus: "more Cori less everything else" is sound life advice tbh
Bartlebad: G'morning!
abyssaldm: Turn down for what?
Sarah_Serinde: Hai Cori tiltyhYAS
TXC2: Hello Sarah_Serinde
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Mai_Andra: Because it's advice about sound? =P
lirazel64: now game is quiet?
Sarah_Serinde: It feels weird seeing the tilty couch with the LRR office background :D
Nigouki: huh, when did the couch get into the streaming studio? D:
Aylig: Now the game is quiet, I think
beowuuf: sarah: the lighting messed me up with that background until i realised it wasn't the office :D
TXC2: hmmm naps
TehAmelie: Solitaire has music now? i haven't been keeping up with windows 10
Orgmastron: Living the dream
sir_jack_DB: helloooooo out there
Dwachak: You are ready in case of emergency naps, very good.
lirazel64: New def of home office.
DarkMorford: Hey everyone!
Bartlebad: Should get some ice for those hot keys
theawesomeonev2: hay everyone and Cori!
Gekyouryuu: The Solitaire Conspiracy? are we Matt Damon playing Jason Solitaire? Kappa
MorganteMaggiore: so, this is like the card game solitary, right?
TXC2: Nigouki I near timed that out on reflex
Nigouki: :D
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TXC2: hello theawesomeonev2 welcome
beowuuf: is that max cavalera's new band?
Tomasu82: everyone in every lrr gamestream should use the same old office background even/especially in multiperson streams. :D it's like y'all never had to leave the moonbase.
Mai_Andra: Illicit, high-stakes, underground, competitive solitaire?
Science_and_Magic: What actually is this?
ContingentCat: this is not what I was expecting when I heard you were playing solitare
MorganteMaggiore: oh, so it actually take the design from the card game
theawesomeonev2: quantum of solitaire
Science_and_Magic: Same
PolarPayne: a what conspiracy now...?
PMAvers: I miss Burning Monkey Solitare.
Metric_Furlong: I don't believe you Kappa
beowuuf: i...do not believe that of you
MorganteMaggiore: game voice a little low
Nigouki: game is very quiet
helgridr: can barely hear
Mai_Andra: You play as a chess computer trying to make it in a Solitair world?
gredgredmansson: Ok, I thought it was just my bad computer audio
PolarPayne: everything else is quiet too
Orgmastron: Game audio is good now
MorganteMaggiore: protego, latin for "i protect"
Nigouki: you're in a dire situation my dude if you've turned to ME for help
hunterarmstrong19: for a good second i thought you were actually play fuckin windows solitaire. XD
LordZarano: Stream in general is quiet compared to other streams
theawesomeonev2: "you need to save the world with cards....... why are you laughing"
Mai_Andra: <Gambit has entered the chat.>
Brozard: This is giving me strong vibes of an online escape room game I played a while back
electric_claire: If you have to repeatedly insist that you're the good guys, you might not be the good guys
gredgredmansson: Man my computer's audio is terrible
ArdCollider: I bet Jim Ratio makes bad tweets.
TXC2: "we're the good guys" says corporation
MorganteMaggiore: and it also stole my cake, the villain
Robot_Bones: All the time
ContingentCat: yes that thing good guys do, repeatedly insist they're good
beowuuf: i wonder what solitaire is think about right now?
TheBumblingBagOfBogusLuck: I rarely know what Solitaire is doing...
EvilBadman: @ContingentCat Can confirm, am good
TehAmelie: did you know solitaire was invented in 1877 by Kenneth Solitaire II when he was trying to teach broccoli to play poker for money?
Ivalenz_: Drafted into the service desk.
Mai_Andra: "You gotta reach beyond your grasp!" - Matt Foley, motivational speaker
TXC2: C.A.R.D.S ( to the tune of S.T.A.R.S)
theawesomeonev2: "mantis group, all there lovers end up dead. it's an apt name"
MidgardSerpent: smug thugs are the worst
beowuuf: cardidate?
TehAmelie: ahaa, it's the most convoluted story to make a game about playing cards since Shandalar
TXC2: Audio logs (DING)
SK__Ren: Oh!
gsyhiap: TXC2 - I was doing it to the tune of Y.M.C.A. actually
gredgredmansson: Well I fixed my bad computer audio
TXC2: gsyhiap :D
gredgredmansson: now I don't need to be on max volume all the time!
SK__Ren: Ok, its literally a game of Solitaire
sir_jack_DB: you can double click to add cards to the ace stack instead of click-dragging
TehAmelie: we don't have to care about suits? booray
gredgredmansson: Gred
TXC2: Joey jo jo Junior Shabado
iris_of_ether: lrrCOW
GerrardUK: Seems a bit Free Cell as well
TXC2: MOVE ANY CARD? well this ain't my solitaire Kappa
MorganteMaggiore: this remind me of the sketch where grahm and paul reinvent chess with new pieces and weird chess boards
CBeary_Plays: Rawr?
sir_jack_DB: it's Spider with four legs
soupgiraffe: never seen a solitaire game quite like this lol
gredgredmansson: @MorganteMaggiore I love that sketch
EvilBadman: Greg musta had a ball doing this
MorganteMaggiore: remember, if you loose the game you'll be sended in the shadow realm... no wait, wrong game
RobotInProgress: but we need our arms! how else will we pick things up?!
TXC2: World's Criminal Fraternity sounds like they have a union :P
sir_jack_DB: it'll bring your face cards to the top
gredgredmansson: I think it works if you have cards from different suits though?
sir_jack_DB: pretty useful
gredgredmansson: And now all the ability cards are at the top
sir_jack_DB: yup
gredgredmansson: Sorry, what do the Mantis cards do again?
gredgredmansson: something about separating the stack
TXC2: I wonder if we can grind missions to level up ?
niccus: tosses the entire stack elsewhere, randomly distributed
MorganteMaggiore: so i guess that there is a mode where you must complete the game within a certaint amount of moves
sir_jack_DB: you can't "grind" per se
3dgelord69: hey everyone
Prof_Poppinoff: wat dis?
RomanGoro: This dude is sus, right?
TXC2: hello 3dgelord69 welcome
Dish_KP: So this dude's the bad guy, right?
TXC2: sir_jack_DB well boo :p
Dish_KP: I mean, they could be pulling a Double Switch on us. The game, not the maneuver.
sir_jack_DB: yeah you pretty much just pick the highest XP operation
TXC2: Dish_KP he's said several times he is the good guy, so yes
3dgelord69: i tuned in hoping to see someone playing solitaire but no, it is a serious game
TehAmelie: it's true, getting two aces down is basically all you need. even with four suits
MorganteMaggiore: I have to admit that I could have never immagined the day where I would have seen a solitaire game with a story
MorganteMaggiore: well... "story"
3dgelord69: wait this is solitare
TehAmelie: an attempt
niccus: i think there are several solitaires out there nowadays
TXC2: 3dgelord69 after a fashion yes
3dgelord69: huh, this version is very confusing
djebedia: are there any rules? )
sir_jack_DB: "story" is not fair. It is actual story.
RomanGoro: Bless you, Ian
gredgredmansson: so looks like the Blood can be used to grab unavailable Mantis cards
ContingentCat: gesundheit presumably Ian
MorganteMaggiore: right now the special powers are kinda useless
sir_jack_DB: 9_9
Manae: @djebedia Yes, but they aren't very difficult to follow when there's only two suits
thetoastmonster: oooh, Earl Grey!
TehAmelie: i'm glad you said it, computer man
TXC2: I See you game with that Star Trek reference
MorganteMaggiore: so mantis=cloves, legacy=diamond, team six=heart
gredgredmansson: "extraction" eh?
EvilBadman: Swerve: Exit the game and never come back. That'll show 'em.
gredgredmansson: The Rash and the Referenced
TXC2: C.A.R.S.
MorganteMaggiore: well they are all about money, also their logo is litterally a square, so close enought to diamond
niccus: you know, cars with a lot of xp points
Laserbeaks_Fury: Oh, the "Yellow" cars
RomanGoro: Taxis?
Molladia: I actually thought the Tweet was joking, but we actually are playing Solitaire ? ok then
gredgredmansson: "waiting?
RomanGoro: Oooff that red on green is hurting my eyes
ContingentCat: @Molladia yup but a slitare game that is a lot
TXC2: RomanGoro I know right?
Pteraspidomorphi: Hey all. No Ikenfell after all?
TXC2: meanwhile, HAIL COUCH
Molladia: *throws hands in air* COUCH!!!
TXC2: Pteraspidomorphi indeed
MorganteMaggiore: couch and play
TehAmelie: i like her hex forceshield veil
ContingentCat: Couch!!
lirazel64: This is couched in terms I understand.
kalira77: All stand and rotate the cushions
TXC2: and we;re back
Orgmastron: @pteraspidomorphi I think we're playing this while waiting for it to unock
Orgmastron: unlock*
Molladia: @kalira77 don't taunt me, so sad about no cushion rotations
DiscordianTokkan: RIV Mouse
TXC2: game pls
TehAmelie: gotta practice those strategic mouse malfunctions for Among Us, eh
Laserbeaks_Fury: Like buttah
Akaiatana: I can't wait to see fanart of King
Metric_Furlong: that's numberwang!
TXC2: just like ZETA
drcthulu: Twirling, twirling
Molladia: Ahhh, that'll tide me over for another year
kalira77: All hail cushion rotation
ContingentCat: legally distinct couch
Akaiatana: It's Sega Mimics Dot Com?
TehAmelie: i think Earl Grey is bad for reading. someone mentioned huritng eyes
gredgredmansson: DT6 confuses me
gredgredmansson: ohhhhhh
Laserbeaks_Fury: can y ou extract the aces
gredgredmansson: it didn't look like you could
Manae: No, powers don't turn on until you play the ace
Laserbeaks_Fury: ahhh, I missed that rule
thesurfaceofthemoon: I just got here and have NO idea what's happening.
Molladia: Solitaire is going round the twist.
TXC2: 100000% it's fighting Kangaroos Kappa
Laserbeaks_Fury: I get the feeling the "story" for this game is complete nonsense and has nothing to do with actual gameplay
TXC2: so like the story in most games then really :p
RomanGoro: Maybe not most games, but certainly all games with FMV like this one
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wench_tacular: so nasty
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mean, the story feels very deliberately over the top given the core gameplay is Solitaire
gredgredmansson: somewhere between "sick-nasty" and "dag-nasty"
sfn____: it's.. a little nasty?
Molladia: I don't mind it
TXC2: Gaudy is how i'd describe it
TehAmelie: the game has some interesting palette choices
LordZarano: sergeCount
CanPlayGames: What is this?
Orgmastron: It's extreme bi lighting
SniHjen: are they related to Invisible Inc?
EvilBadman: No one knows that they look like (artist depiction)
Molladia: their pictures are right there, we know exactly what they look like
TXC2: Jim Ratio, cause that's what happens to him on twitter Kappa
TehAmelie: i think his spy name was generated by algorithm
Laserbeaks_Fury: 4 crews seem harder
gredgredmansson: PopCorn
SniHjen: themselves
gredgredmansson: @Laserbeaks_Fury that's just base solitaire
SniHjen: they are enriching themselves
Laserbeaks_Fury: Aperture Science Enrichment Center
djalternative: just so Cori and chat knows, when Cori hits level 9 we officially enter the SPOILER ZONE
gredgredmansson: So like the Blood, but random instead of hi-low
djalternative: as per the game's creator warning
SniHjen: it works
gredgredmansson: I can deal
djalternative: it fnie
djalternative: fine*
Kaorti: It's fine here, kinda a lot with the text. The red cards are kinda hard on my colorblindness.
RomanGoro: I think the visual issue is with the double diamond team with the red on green, and IDK if you can change that
ContingentCat: AsexualPride
Gadora: It's kind of growing on me?
Mangledpixel: I like it. The background is the bi pride flag, upsidedown.
iris_of_ether: AsexualPride
gredgredmansson: where are you putting the king
SniHjen: I can't find the 4th ace
SniHjen: nevermind
TXC2: Mangledpixel doesn't that mean it's in distress? :p
ContingentCat: wow mean AsexualPride all Aces are good
TehAmelie: Worst Ace is the best superhero name
Mangledpixel: TXC2 bistress
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gredgredmansson: The new suit makes it random
Laserbeaks_Fury: I mena, big on top, lest you stack more stuff on it
TXC2: Mangledpixel ha :p
Orgmastron: @mangledpixel Also known as the eternal state of all bisexuals
gredgredmansson: oh wow
wench_tacular: magic
gredgredmansson: it's strong than I thought
Mangledpixel: Orgmastron exuctly
Moroklumpen: It took me a moment to realize she wasn't talking about Ben and Cam
SniHjen: bottom right is interestingly stacked
Mangledpixel: randomize doesn't seem particularly useful in most cases
Laserbeaks_Fury: Randomize feels not as good, but I guess it could save you from a lockout
Laserbeaks_Fury: ohh ordering a stack low to high does let you more the whole thing to another stack
TehAmelie: do you think this is the kind of solitaire game where it will let you know if you have no valid moves left?
iris_of_ether: !plan
LRRbot: Translator's note: Plan means Keikaku.
TXC2: !plan
LRRbot: What are those???
gredgredmansson: well that stack is backwards
Mangledpixel: can you move the KQ stack from top right as a unit?
gredgredmansson: or the Q9 stack onto something
djalternative: dt6 or mantis can get you that 5
Laserbeaks_Fury: oh you only get the ability once, didn't pick up on that
Mangledpixel: noted
djalternative: abilities are once per card
Mangledpixel: I guess it is, in universe, but that's abstracted out
NojhLivic: Hello. What is this my eyes are experiencing? Neon Cyberpunk-esque Solitaire card game?
Ivalenz_: The music conveys urgency and a bit of suspense.
niccus: clear space is always good
SniHjen: just put the 9 away
Lokolos: you can put that 9 you're moving to the middle.
Angnor33: You need that 6
TXC2: Hello NojhLivic welcome
Molladia: why not just finish the other suits?
NojhLivic: Hi TXC2
gredgredmansson: yeah, just place it where it deals the least damage
NojhLivic: Ahh okay so we're spies, not cyberpunks.
Manae: that "highest to lowest" seems like a negative power more often than not
gredgredmansson: @Manae its better for getting powers of other suits
Ivalenz_: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
NojhLivic: Break time! What are we playing forward today?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Yeah digging out your agents seems like a worthwhile ability
TXC2: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
Laserbeaks_Fury: If an agent has their power ready, they can go on any stack regardless of whats on top, right?
Laserbeaks_Fury: Well duh, I guess that'sthe only way a K would work
Laserbeaks_Fury: NM
Molladia: Did the music stop or do I have an audio issue on my end?
TXC2: it stopped, we're on break
Molladia: Thanks
NojhLivic: Did Alex finish his play it forward then?
TXC2: he sure did
ContingentCat: yup
NojhLivic: Whoops I missed that. I'll have to find the vod.
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NojhLivic: So how is everyone today? Time passing at something approaching 1:1 for everyone I hope?
TXC2: and we're back
TheAinMAP: katesAir
Molladia: katesVibes
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kalira77: I like this couch you have installed at the Moonbase
TristalMTG: Streamer, how deep is The Solitaire Conspiracy? Did you enjoy it? You play SO many games I've enjoyed, wondering if this one resonated with you.
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Spacemoosii: Not enough to be considered lots of months
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MehallD: A winner is.... me?
TXC2: MehallD you are winner, ha ha ha, you are winner, ha ha ha
JqlGirl: What's Ikenfell?
kalira77: wonder, gangnant
TXC2: JqlGirl lets find out
kalira77: winner* darn autocorrect
JqlGirl: does it have something todo with solitaire?
TristalMTG: Just came out today, looks like a pixel RPG
TXC2: JqlGirl I suspect no
Pteraspidomorphi: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream is not live.
kalira77: was that bonus stream planned or did cori just go to that bc ikenfell hadn't downloaded yet?
LoadingReadyRun: yes
Metric_Furlong: and now. more ads
Ivalenz_: !store
LRRbot: LoadingReadyRun has a store! You can buy T-shirts, MTG playmats and sleeves, Qwerpline and Road Quest official merch, and much more! Check out https://store.loadingreadyrun.com/ for the full catalog. (Please be aware that Wyrmwood products purchased from THIS store do not benefit from the Wyrmwood shipping promo, but they are worth it!)
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Ah, now for the first stream today and nothing else came before this
djalternative: more ads = mads
TXC2: kalira77 the latter
LoadingReadyRun: game music incoming
TXC2: sounds!
JqlGirl: soothing!
PolyGryph: Is Ikenfell by Chevy Ray and Noel Berry? It sounds familiar.
djalternative: pressure waves translating to an auditory experience
SniHjen: !advice
LRRbot: Most humans are soluble in fire.
wedge_x: they've taken the hobbits to ikenfell / to ikenfell / ikenfell ikenfell
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Most?!
kalira77: well, not all parts of them are soluble in fire...
rainmuttt: PridePog msmumbHug msmumbLove
djalternative: you haven't seen the fire retardant humans?
SniHjen: not sure what I'm lauging most at. "most" or "soluble" or the implications
djalternative: barrNabee PridePog
pyrelight: sometimes you need something stronger than fire.
TXC2: fire resistant humans are the best Kappa
wedge_x: plasma
SniHjen: !badadvice
LRRbot: Avoid the glow.
wedge_x: all of the human is soluble to plasma
Molladia: Can I have an album of this music pls
JqlGirl: !goodadvice
LRRbot: Don't listen to some bot in Twitch chat...
LoadingReadyRun: Molladia the soundtrack is available afaik
JqlGirl: !advice
LRRbot: Mash R1.
PolyGryph: Just Chevy Ray, as it turns out. Dont see Noel associated besides playtesting
djalternative: R1
Molladia: R1
Earthenone: !findquote r1
LRRbot: Quote #2317: "That guy isn't actually that scary, you just stay behind him. You stay behind him and mash R1. Just like every other thing in these lrrEFF ing games. You just stay behind it and mash R1. And then you tell other people to git gud. That's how this game works. Stand behind it, mash R1, go to other people's chats, tell them to git gud. I think I've got it now." —Cameron [2016-04-13]
PolyGryph: If it's a Chevy Ray game, it's likely very good.
Lokolos: mop
SniHjen: I've been playing Atelier Sophie, and the PC port is awful. Left and right trigger is "i" and "p"
TXC2: Here we GO!
JqlGirl: OW
Molladia: Whats context of that quote?
JqlGirl: headphone warning plz
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
DeM0nFiRe: Jesus that was loud lol
LoadingReadyRun: sorry
wench_tacular: oh my ears!
prince_infidel: mop
TXC2: Molladia Dark souls
TXC2: Hello Cori
rainmuttt: Mah earssss
JqlGirl: but i wanted more solitaire!
MehallD: you can what?
Angnor33: It's the discrepancy between Cori's voice and the intro volume.
humble: We hope you enjoy Ikenfell!
CompletelyUnsure: This song is giving me Dark Souls loading screen vibes
MikeSmith916: whaaa??? this ringing in my ears doesn't seem to have a volume slider.
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misstemperance: Celebrating 44 months with Cori lrrHEART
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Molladia: Mods Permision to post link to Game Soundtrack bandcamp?
the_sub_ocean: do it!
TXC2: premision granted Molladia
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Xavorin: Woo, 21 months!
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TXC2: Hello the_sub_ocean
the_sub_ocean: hi TXC2!
NojhLivic: Oooh that's why the music sounds familiar. Neat!
djalternative: steven multiverse when?
WrightJustice: voice seems low to me?
Molladia: @djalternative thats what I thought with the character designs
TehAmelie: so you're excited? i ken tell
TXC2: but stretching is good for you
djalternative: do you even stretch bro?
JqlGirl: auto victory is good for folks who want story
Earthenone: lrrSPOOP
Zaghrog: ooh, a content warnings option
TehAmelie: lrrSPOOP
BTC1220: lrrSPOOP
NojhLivic: Spoopy treams
NojhLivic: trees
TXC2: so we have an aura of light around us, so I assume this is a dark souls game Kappa
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EvilBadman: You are visited of the ghost of not tweeeeeting
TehAmelie: the real question is if the part outside of our light radius is fog of war
EvilBadman: lol <3
Molladia: ShowLove500 This will be the sixth game Cori has convinced me to buy.
wildpeaks: Paul, halp \o/
TXC2: !break
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Zaghrog: lrrFINE
wildpeaks: time to grill marshmallows on that campfire
LordZarano: ! advice
LRRbot: Grab coins and don't get electrocuted.
TXC2: I can't help but notice the lack of logos on that splash screen
JAGxTERRA: hey everyone. We having a good day?