DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Rhythm Cafe is back with more Beat Blast, now with Ian behind the Beats. Join us for musical fun an rhythmic enjoyment at 📷 ||
constablecrab: halloo
Fairgrim: Time to Blast those Beats!
ky0dar: i can miss the rest of the stream, but i want to be here for the intro
boundwoodhome: Loving being on holidays do I can catch these streams!
constablecrab: I miss Everyt
ky0dar: i think you are lying to me, screen
SAJewers: lrrFINE
boundwoodhome: lrrFINE
Phailhammer: lrrFINE
constablecrab: lrrFINE
ky0dar: <3
Fruan: lrrFINE
SnivianMoon: lrrFINE
LordZarano: 🏮🏮 Rhythm Café! 🏮🏮
saberpilot: lrrFINE
Phailhammer: Lars Gerhard was never here!
ky0dar: best theme.
saberpilot: !lrrFINE
bpcl: Is it Tuesday?
chickenace11: Welcome to the house of lies we have fun and games*
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: We can hear heather
ky0dar: heather a bit lossy, but yes
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constablecrab: Looking good, Ian.
nzjester: TombRaid
grimli: o/
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saberpilot: it's my birthday today!
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Pteraspidomorphi: Rain! I'd like some of that
SnivianMoon: Rain sounds delightful.
Juliamon: Ah, beautiful blessed rain
chickenace11: Everybody knows the show is 30% Heather 30% Ian 20% Lies 20% getting sidetracked
Pteraspidomorphi: :D
Pteraspidomorphi: This has happened a lot lately
Kaorti: hah
grimli: 10/10 segway
Sarah_Serinde: Well, time to make a note for Heather Kappa
nzjester: I like a nice misted rain when it is hot on my skin
ky0dar: um?
Phailhammer: benginTry
SnivianMoon: Regular Crunchy Thanksgiving?
DigitalSeahorse: deerePride_TK fiorabPat lrrHORN lrrHORN
lirazel64: Are you thankful?
Phailhammer: Canadian Regular Crispy-giving.
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Thanksgiving isn't a real holiday: Brit speaking.
JuliaPlumbob: happy thanksgiving!
niccus: does it tell you that saturday is a weekday
ky0dar: crispy crisp giving?
chickenace11: Oh yeah I have always wanted to celebrate all Canadain holidays
saberpilot: lrrCIRCLE lrrCIRCLE lrrARROW
elah806: Oh god, what will thanksgiving even mean in 2020
nzjester: likely justhas Japanese holidays
DigitalSeahorse: feliciaToronto happy maple turkey weekend
lirazel64: @narwhalsinatrenchcoat You have Guy Fawkes instead, as a treat.
grimli: sad-w?
constablecrab: Canadian Thanksgiving being early is fine. It's the UK Mother's Day that scares the crap out of me every year.
chaostreader: Game is still quiet?
nzjester: we halve Guyfalkes day in NZ. A British holiday known as bonfire night in the UK
LordZarano: @lirazel64 Guy Fawkes is like independence day though (fireworks day)
JohnLockeCole: Hello friends
saberpilot: greetings!
shendaras: Other than the shot types, is there some significance to the colors? Are there immune enemies or something based on color?
Sarah_Serinde: Dropmix?
chickenace11: oh that one
SnivianMoon: Dropmix!
LordZarano: Thanksgiving is literally just Christmas Dinner split off as a separate holiday
nzjester: We have Waitangi Day in NZ that is like our Independence Day in NZ to
chickenace11: yeah It's a shame that it didn't do as well as I thought it would
45 raiders from Mollylele have joined!
DoodlestheGreat: WAID!
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART Hi Friends! lrrHEART
EadoxArbosa: HeyGuys Hi Ian
Sarah_Serinde: Molly! Hello raid friends lrrHEART
RandomTrivia: Molly says hi!
Traion: Park Raid!
Iluvatardis: Hi Ian!
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togashinaruta: Molly says hi, and I think my favorite salad is a Waldorf -like, but not exactly that
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Mollylele: Hey friends!
Mollylele: Is this a rhythm game roguelike???
chaostreader: Is the game really quiet compared to Ian and Heather to anyone else? Is the game just quiet?
theSarahShay: Apparently we're raiding!
EadoxArbosa: Also Hi Heather on the commentary.
constablecrab: It has rhythm inventory management!
Iluvatardis: @chaostreader game is quiet for me, too
Pteraspidomorphi: Thanks, Ian
Sarah_Serinde: Oh that's much better, thanks Ian
RandomTrivia: I remember this game now. This looked cool
KenKopin: It reminds me slightly of Cadence of Hyrule
Rosly: this game looks really hard to keep track of
KenKopin: Just slightly.
DigitalSeahorse: lrrHERE
ky0dar: kind of reminds me of how mini metro generates tones
constablecrab: Technically they're polygonal?
DigitalSeahorse: kathle3HEX polygons pride kathle3PRISM
RandomTrivia: Enforced close-range seems bad for boss fights
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Sarah_Serinde: jlrrFacepalm tiltyhPLS
constablecrab: Are you a polygonist?
chickenace11: oh no I missed an Ian please moment!?!
Gizmoloid: Ian seems compelled to rub himself on all this enticing geometry - a real polygonist!
AshBurnem: Drac?
Featherweight_: there is a mine though
constablecrab: I noticed the other day that humans in Torchlight 3 only have three fingers and a thumb on each hand.
SnivianMoon: Yeah, they don't explain that until after it would be helpful as a clue.
innovativemethods: in a world of four-fingered people, six is still weird!
SnivianMoon: I did appreciate how the legit showrunners made a fake leak of who was the journal author to mess with the fans.
constablecrab: Disney's doing vore now??
Featherweight_: yo Della duck
Mai_Andra: Break it with your face.
innovativemethods: do cats count? I guess goofy is a dog though...
SnivianMoon: Well, Della Duck technically hatched her sons from eggs. I'm not sure if that qualifies as... What Ian was saying.
RandomTrivia: Welp
CAKHost: Death lazer, how cliche
innovativemethods: but we don't know his sister or his brother!
saberpilot: Glomgold might have something to say about those boys
CAKHost: Should we bring up princesses and their kids?
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Mai_Andra: It's less distance to move to avoid the laser. Pro strats.
SnivianMoon: The announcement video was SO GOOD.
Aylig: I literally just watched the announcement video. I'm so happy.
innovativemethods: so, the animaniacs then
DarkMorford: I hadn't heard about that. I'll have to watch it after the stream.
RandomTrivia: Imagine going to see movies in 2020
lamina5432: So I caught the end of this game last time and bought it cause it was right up my ally
saberpilot: I won one of those private viewings from Cinemark for Halloween. We're going to see Empire Strikes Back
DarkMorford: (I knew they were doing an Animaniacs reboot, but I wasn't aware they posted something today.)
constablecrab: lumber jeans sound very uncomfortable
Featherweight_: owl house it ma jam
RandomTrivia: Did you go through Beej's Anime list already?
Traion: Kipo Season 3 drops tomorrow of you need good cartoons Heather
Juliamon: King Gainer is way too fun
Traion: Kipo is sooooo good
Pteraspidomorphi: Kipo's good
Science_and_Magic: What was that powerup?
SnivianMoon: Owl house is indeed top tier wonderful.
Featherweight_: owl house is pretty much confrimed as a shared world with gravity falls too
Traion: Hands down best sound track of any show
lamina5432: King gainer was way to good for how little attention it gets
SnivianMoon: @Featherweight_ I didn't know that, and now I love both shows even more.
Fairgrim: deca dence
saberpilot: my brother is 6 years older than me, and we had some difference between our tastes - She-Ra and He-Man ended right as I was being born and he was really into them.
saberpilot: so it's been kind of nice to watch the new She-Ra and see what I missed
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epos8705: Doug was nick originally
epos8705: puhleeease
constablecrab: Pepper Ann rocked
Featherweight_: both it changed hands half way though run
SnackPak_: Killer tooo-fuuu!
epos8705: disney doug was far less good
iris_of_ether: Doug started as Nick, then became Disney
Featherweight_: Recess
Featherweight_: yes and?
Featherweight_: Recess 100% make a drict hongeds heros refence in tyhe run
Featherweight_: its was the old folks home ep
saberpilot: I love the new Darkwing Duck so much
DigitalSeahorse: Duck Tales Woo Woo!
DigitalSeahorse: also David Tennant
DigitalSeahorse: :D
breadisbest1: any thoughts on the new duck tales?
DarkMorford: Did anyone else get the Disney Adventures magazine?
constablecrab: The Gummi Bears cartoon still kinda holds up.
iris_of_ether: I collected SO MANY Disney Adventures
SnivianMoon: Yes! My mom would sometime bring it back from the grocery store for me when I was a kid.
iris_of_ether: I loved the comics part :)
SnivianMoon: The comics were pretty much the main draw, yeah.
Juliamon: I did, my parents got me a subscription. At one point I cut out all the Duck Tales, Marsupilami, and Darkwing Duck stories to make my own personal "book"
constablecrab: I used to get these packs of three GI Joe comics, and it was always like just the odd numbered issues, missing the ones in between. No idea why.
RealGamerCow: I grew up on Uncle Scrooge comics
AshBurnem: Mouth Dreams is an excellent album.
epos8705: "bouncing here and there and everywhere!"
epos8705: I used to love that and "david the gnome"
SnivianMoon: I'd believe it holds up. I mean, they were Dashing. And daring. Courageous. And caring!
constablecrab: Ah dang. The voice actor for Duke Igthorn is not still alive.
epos8705: og smurfs was dope, too
DarkMorford: And then there was the Archie-branded Sonic the Hedgehog series. I have to imagine there's an archive of that out there somewhere to download.
AshBurnem: Les Stroumphs?
epos8705: ah yes, @contablecrab, RIP Michael Rye
Juliamon: DarkMorford Oh there is.
DarkMorford: I think Lorenzo Music's current lack of existing would be a problem for a Gummi Bears reboot. They could probably find a sound-alike, but it wouldn't be the same.
TehAmelie: hey, i loved the Gummi Bears for years without even being aware it was dubbed
LordZarano: I think that lone yellow note only got 2 enemies the whole time it was there
RandomTrivia: Every so often, Ian actively games.
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epos8705: lol
Painfully_Dyslexic: Oh good just got an email saying middle management is going to be doing a workplace audit all week
epos8705: @Ian, I missed it - whatcha sippin' on"?
Fairgrim: wait are we watching "One More?" or Rhythm Cafe?
Defrost: Ian skipping the free heart/note :O
RandomTrivia: @Fairgrim Yes
CAKHost: Does this game use the Mario coin sound? It really sounds like it.
DarkMorford: Yeah, that sound effect is straight out of SMW.
Juliamon: yeah, the coin sfx gets me every time
Defrost: Oh Heather I was talking to my friend and he was super glad you guys enjoyed the game :D
CAKHost: That would explain why I remember it so well. Grew up on the SNES and it came with Super Mario World
Traion: I'm curious if you can get enough notes to fill everything up in a run
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Would you say the second area was a thorn in your side?
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LordZarano: !break
LRRbot: Remember chat, break time for the streamer, means break time for YOU, so get up, stretch, walk about a bit, and maybe get a drink or go to the toilet. Don't forget to wash your hands!
DarkMorford: I should make pancakes after the stream. Much tasty.
RandomTrivia: That sounds like a good life choice DarkMorford
RandomTrivia: LUL
Defrost: Pirate edm
RandomTrivia: Just introduce the two to each other: Shapes, Beats. Beats, Shapes.
TehAmelie: in the worst case you can always check the tapes for last time you streamed it
SnivianMoon: Pancakes are a good idea, much recommend.
RandomTrivia: Oh I forgot about taht
Pteraspidomorphi: We had a version of that in Portugal
RealGamerCow: They did a version in the US called DC Follies I think, or somethinhg like that
Pteraspidomorphi: Good stuff
Critterbot: If you've seen the Land of Confusion music video you know what the puppets look like.
consolecowboy88: 80s spitting image is pretty decentish?
consolecowboy88: at least when satirizing reagan ad thathce
consolecowboy88: and thatcher*
Manae: Didn't the "Land of Confusion" movie video use those puppets, too?
Iluvatardis: those puppets sure are horrifying
Critterbot: @Manae Yes.
SnivianMoon: Oh gosh, the Land of Confusion puppets were a THING.
RandomTrivia: Maybe a Let's Nope watch along?
Pteraspidomorphi: RandomTrivia: It's a bit dated though since it's very much of its time
RandomTrivia: I meant the new series
Pteraspidomorphi: Oh
RandomTrivia: It would definitely be horrifying enough
Traion: Is your backlog higher than Beej at this point Heather?
e_bloc: Corgo166
SnivianMoon: If a Muppet and a Spitting Image puppet collided, would they create pure energy?
gawag_: wow, these puppets are cursed
RandomTrivia: Yeah, they're super cursed.
GreayStone: lrrIAN lrrHEART
sydnius: C'thulu: "you are already dead"
gawag_: exactly
johnalogue: but like, "how cursed could a long-running satire show really be?"
gawag_: when someone says "there are some disturbing puppets" one must look
Juliamon: I was already aware from the time we watched Land of Confusion on BNF
DarkMorford: Hey chat, definitely don't go look up the new Love Live! rhythm game coming to the PS4. lrrBEEJ
Critterbot: Watch the Land of Confusion music video, it uses puppets made by the Spitting Image people.
gawag_: all I'm saying is, sometimes the abyss gazes back
johnalogue: They're RED shapes
Defrost: Everything on spreadshot
TehAmelie: wait, the note collection isn't called your notebook?
PMAvers: I'm still hoping for a HoloLRRve LoadingReadyLive bit.
LordZarano: Always up, and to the right. Just like Thomas
Defrost: I thought the point of lovelife was to collect as many of the girls as you could
SnivianMoon: If you want to be an anime style idol in VR, they have that game and it's called "VRChat".
DarkMorford: Yeah, they're porting the Love Live arcade game to PS4. And the website has an ESRB logo at the bottom, so they're at least planning for a North American release.
GinGear: you got 3 more notes to add
RandomTrivia: I'm not averse to the idea of CGDCT in a rhythm game
Traion: So why is Ian sitting on three notes?
GinGear: he ust got em real quick
johnalogue: To make us anxious
GinGear: don't think he noticed
Traion: Thought there might be a gameplay reason I didn't know about
DarkMorford: Almost 10 years for the franchise as a whole.
RandomTrivia: August 2010 debut apparently
Painfully_Dyslexic: so when is the endgame style Love Live event?
johnalogue: but uh, "legal" ship sounds like something else
Traion: Rhythm Cafe made up canon and story is superior to any game plot we've ever seen, so why even bother learning the LoveLife lore
DarkMorford: The new anime this season is the third "generation" of the Love Live franchise; the previous two each got two 13-episode seasons and a feature-length movie.
DarkMorford: Or a knowledgeable member of chat. Kappa
johnalogue: I've lost days on wiki lore dives...
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @DarkMorford Chat? Knowledgeable?
niccus: the game you've never played
RandomTrivia: LUL
SnivianMoon: Is anyone ever truly ready for Desert Bus?
Defrost: It's bus so something is going to happen
despoticus: is desert bus still gonna happen this year?
shendaras: Desert Bus <3
RandomTrivia: !venga
LRRbot: I set my sail. Fly, the wind it will take me, back to my home, sweet home. Lie on my back, clouds are makin' way for me. The Venga Bus is comin' home, sweet home.
LordZarano: !dbcountdown
LRRbot: Desert Bus for Hope will begin at Fri 13 Nov 10:00 AM PST (32d, 17:36 from now)
despoticus: yessss
DarkMorford: I think I read that the actual arcade machine uses dual GTX 970 GPUs, so I think the PS4 will be able to keep up. And Sony is requiring all new releases to be certified for compatibility with the PS5, so there's a safe upgrade path.
johnalogue: Practice good combat distancing
SnivianMoon: @despoticus You should go check out the Rust Proof Bee Shed stream archive. Which was totally not a DB test stream, but actually was even though it wasn't.
LordZarano: DB will be very different but yes it's still happening
RandomTrivia: At some point I foresee having to write a formal apology to Cori for the number of clips she has to watch because of me
Defrost: Tech artist currently porting a pc/console game to android and IOS, iphone has advantages over other mobile platform but we're still SUPER limited in so ways compared to console :P Though twitch chat probably is a poor medium for this
RandomTrivia: Number was red, so...
ashiok_nightmare_moose: you need 200 currencies
johnalogue: Yeah, I wouldn't expect iOS talk from a streamer who has a show titled "Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry" as that appears to be a list of Apple's deadly sins
ashiok_nightmare_moose: the whole interfacing requires obscuring the display is not great
johnalogue: annoyingly they keep making phones taller, which only serves to give them a weirder aspect ratio
Painfully_Dyslexic: this is what I like about rythm cafe is it feels like a podcast with two really good host talking about very niche things
RandomTrivia: ^^^
RandomTrivia: Absolutely that
DarkMorford: So the new Love Live mobile game (School Idol Festival All-Stars) is much more thumb-friendly than the previous one, IMO. It's a lot less about your skill in tapping on the beat and more about the strategy and team-building aspect.
Defrost: My exact frustration with the switch and bluetooth audio
SeismicLawns: Mono Blue? What are we, magic?
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LordZarano: On Android you can plug in basically any usb controller and it will just work. And that's been there for *years*
Loonatic93: Wow, a It's Magic reference!
PMAvers: Heather warned you about beats, bro.
RandomTrivia: You brought this upon yourself Ian
johnalogue: @LordZarano yeah, this is a controverisal opinion, but USB is really good
Defrost: lrrGOAT
RandomTrivia: Oh yeah, I remember that checkpoint story
PMAvers: It might be standardization, but it's the wrong standards.
DarkMorford: @LordZarano Funny enough, my new Galaxy Tab S6 actually has problems working with USB keyboards. I have to connect through a USB A-C adapter, and the tablet keeps thinking it's supposed to charge the keyboard for some reason.
Snowcookies: !cmip
ashiok_nightmare_moose: damage? PogChamp
Snowcookies: !clip
LRRbot: If you see something funny or particularly noteworthy, make a Clip of it! Your clip could appear in a fortnightly video or be seen at (Please give your clips descriptive names if you want them to be seen!)
Critterbot: X will forever been OK for me, because FFVII
randomfandomtigerdragon: O no thorns
randomfandomtigerdragon: Spooky
shendaras: You could have gotten one on each side, btw.
randomfandomtigerdragon: Tis the season
Saintnex: Ian "Stop bowing down to big X Industry" Horner
monosceros: HEATHER YES
monosceros: I have such a hard time with that
SeismicLawns: really wish microsoft used other letters than on the SNES
randomfandomtigerdragon: Haha imagine playing games with contollers
PMAvers: And that's why on computer OS's, the OK button is on the right in dialog boxes
randomfandomtigerdragon: I am clueless with controllers
johnalogue: but circle is empty and x is checked
johnalogue: damn, can't argue with that
Snowcookies: Your opinions are a circle
SeismicLawns: TL:DW; microsoft effed everything up. Damnit america
Defrost: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong they are Kappa
ashiok_nightmare_moose: the missing kick ian
ashiok_nightmare_moose: we have anote!
randomfandomtigerdragon: > Damn it America. What else is new?
johnalogue: I just want to get off the imperial system
SnivianMoon: The only correct "Accept" button is the gigantic red "START" button in the lower right corner of the Right console on the Steel Battalion controller!
LordZarano: On the GameCube A is the big button surrounded by all the other buttons. That was by far the best layout
Traion: I just want the bottom button to be confirm. I don't care how you label them
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e_bloc: the important distinction is that x means kisses and o means hugs and you hug people when they're right and kiss them when they're wrong
RandomTrivia: Stop being funny, I want to get more tea!
TehAmelie: necessary reference:
johnalogue: @LordZarano I agree.
Loonatic93: Are you saying that different cultures use different symbols in different ways?
johnalogue: OH NO
AshBurnem: "One of the earliest usages of a check mark as an indication of completion is on ancient babylonian tablets "where small indentations were sometimes made with a stylus, usually placed at the left of a worker’s name, presumably to indicate whether the listed ration has been issued."" - Wikipedia.
randomfandomtigerdragon: Comet is a NYOOM power
johnalogue: I mean a red circle around a question tells me I got things wrong but I'm not an A+ kid
SeismicLawns: Hot take; Marking correct answers with anything other than commentary is just more work for teachers
johnalogue: Not to be confused with the czech mark
randomfandomtigerdragon: Ow ouch oof that's hot
DigitalSeahorse: circle? I only remember checkmarks from being a student
DigitalSeahorse: circle says zero to me
Basic_Human_Decency: gotta stop using green and use blue for correct instead
monosceros: semiotics is fun
Traion: The checkmark is very old Ian. It is easy to do on clay tablets
johnalogue: "alright, close em up"
RandomTrivia: And including the step "Do not leave tools inside patient"
Defrost: I mean I'm from Canada and would have assumed X is for no... did xbox use X as accept for branding?
DigitalSeahorse: oh wait aside from the circle around the grade A+
johnalogue: "oh gosh we left the keys inside"
Saintnex: Yea, apparently its based on usage in Sumerian clay tablets
Penguino_Rojo: US Military have manuals that spellout, in simple terms and with check boxes what to do.
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SplittingImage77: Yep, the "timeouts" before medical procedures came from airplane checks
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CururuGuasu: As a programmer, I hate checkboxes. So many different programs/browsers read them differently, so you have to check for all possibilities
Traion: @defrost Xbox uses A
randomfandomtigerdragon: It's basically designed as part of the CheckLIST
randomfandomtigerdragon: It's in the name
RandomTrivia: (wax tablets, not stone)
LordZarano: @defrost no, the PlayStation uses X as yes
Defrost: Right X is on the left on the xbox controller... derp
DigitalSeahorse: complete answer is a correct answer
randomfandomtigerdragon: So in conclusion: the evolution of now universal symbols and their meaning is very strange to delve into.
SnivianMoon: All three major video game companies put X in a different location on their controller, and it is infuriating.
RandomTrivia: Full box vs empty box
SeismicLawns: Can we get the ISO to get to work on grading assignments?
randomfandomtigerdragon: Full box is just a square
Defrost: Can we all just agree that everyone should have stuck to the nintendo layout?
RandomTrivia: And now we're straying into Etch-a-Sketch teritory
RandomTrivia: @Defrost 100%
Fairgrim: draw two circles and now draw the rest of the dang owl
randomfandomtigerdragon: Hoot hoot!
SeismicLawns: This is why capitalism is bad: Non-standard button layouts
LordZarano: Everyone should have changed to the GameCube layout
Traion: <message deleted>Considering that people are already too dumb to mark a ballot I hope no one whose vote I have to count listens to Ian ever LUL
CAKHost: Good night all!
Basic_Human_Decency: the n64 controller was perfect Kappa
randomfandomtigerdragon: Yes, among other reasons
RandomTrivia: Good night CAKHost! Take care
randomfandomtigerdragon: Here it's a quarter to 4am
AshBurnem: I'm just thinking about Hellshake Yano.
randomfandomtigerdragon: Because screw everything
randomfandomtigerdragon: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Snowcookies: Please don't all caps
Defrost: Lets keep the caps down please
randomfandomtigerdragon: It was SOOOOOO *TEDIOUS*!
randomfandomtigerdragon: Okay sorry
ashesandmochi: i'm so glad my uni didn't make us do this
randomfandomtigerdragon: Is that a rule or a general preference?
RobotInProgress: I took a business course because I needed the points to get into uni
ashiok_nightmare_moose: however those programs have their quirks and if you are going to use those programs a course will be very helpful
Defrost: Generally we ask people to not all caps
Basic_Human_Decency: too bad highschool doesnt count
Defrost: Keeps our chat readable
RealGamerCow: There are several engineering softwares that give students free copies so they become dependent on that software going into the real world.
randomfandomtigerdragon: Duly noted
Painfully_Dyslexic: I studied foresic science at uni and had to learn a stats program called R, R has no GUI interface so we had to learn programing on top of the program and stats
DigitalSeahorse: resume judgement has changed over the years though so you should do a refresher at least online to know what employers are filtering out these days
randomfandomtigerdragon: That sounds hellish
DigitalSeahorse: but there's employment centers for that
Saintnex: So I started looking at the history of the check mark, and there are a LOT of folk tales on how it came about :p
Traion: Creativity rated by a computer is an interesting concept
randomfandomtigerdragon: Reverse Turing test
RandomTrivia: Whoops
Basic_Human_Decency: to be fair you need to pay teachers, you don't pay computers Kappa
randomfandomtigerdragon: Yeah that's what I said
Traion: But didn't you meet Beej through your school Heather? That makes the school worth it ;)
Basic_Human_Decency: willing to get paid badly is the first requirement
ashesandmochi: wow yeah i don't think i'd heard about that from other canadian schools (but that might just be who i know)
EdibleDragon: We had an english course you couldn't test out of that was just "prove you know how to write a paper" that had to be taken in your first year
e_bloc: a fly has been buzzing around my room for three days now and it finally landed. . . on a foil expedition misty rainforest. so I guess I'm stuck with it
Snowcookies: Yeah, unis and colleges don't require you to have a teaching degree, but they usually have optional teaching courses for their instructors
RandomTrivia: @e_bloc Get the fly dead, then get a damp cloth
Traion: I'm the Dean of "As Seen On TV"
RandomTrivia: Are we writing a Spokesman advert?
Basic_Human_Decency: a degree in diploma forgery Kappa
niccus: i think you got it
Defrost: You got some blue currency
randomfandomtigerdragon: Is it real tho?
e_bloc: @RandomTrivia seems like a fair plan
e_bloc: lrrWOW
Critterbot: cmonBruh
randomfandomtigerdragon: You know wat was the weirdest thing for me to discover about Ian?
randomfandomtigerdragon: Ian with Hair.
RandomTrivia: Oof, that's very close to home
randomfandomtigerdragon: It's like
Snowcookies: it's more like "wait Ian's married?!?!"
randomfandomtigerdragon: Whaaaaaaaaaaa
Basic_Human_Decency: did ian have an afro?
Defrost: That sure was a desert bus...
randomfandomtigerdragon: Ian had Hair is honestly a cursed discovery
Traion: We all lost our minds when we met Ian without hair @randomfandomtigerdragon
randomfandomtigerdragon: For me
DarkMorford: Yeah, and the reveal of Ian without hair was *something else*
randomfandomtigerdragon: It's like
Snowcookies: The wiki for LRR has Ian without hair AND beard
e_bloc: no Ian has been bald from fetus to now
randomfandomtigerdragon: He has less face!!
RealGamerCow: I think my first awarenes of Ian was "The Kazoo Guy" from DB..3?
Penguino_Rojo: when I watched the crapshot compilations that had Ian with hair, I got really confused
robert97dj: There a old video of hair I think it was a moving log
DigitalSeahorse: lrrIAN
randomfandomtigerdragon: Au contraire @Traion I originally saw Ian bald, but seeing him with hair was just a weirdly cursed experience
Phailhammer: James' reaction was priceless. :D
Juliamon: The Tale of Matt Wiggins features Ian-with-hair
niccus: ian with inverted hair
johnalogue: Hair loss is just a form of weight loss
RandomTrivia: Uh...
TheNerdWonder: I had a math teacher in high school who shaved his beard. I did not recognize him until he started teaching like nothing had changed
RealGamerCow: uh
randomfandomtigerdragon: But even more cursed, is bald, *clean-shaven* Ian
randomfandomtigerdragon: Becayse that's just
randomfandomtigerdragon: <message deleted>Reeeeeeeeee
Traion: And then LRR made Ian lose weight because Adam's contract states he is the only giant baby
e_bloc: I get that reference
RandomTrivia: Beej certainly needs a comb
sydnius: lrrIAN lrrBEEEJ
RandomTrivia: Beej needs a comb or a Van Der Graaf generator
Basic_Human_Decency: mad science Beej
RealGamerCow: Long hair Heather is definitely different
randomfandomtigerdragon: Beej's hair is wild and free, like his gardening
Sarah_Serinde: Chat I know we're talking about people's appearances but let's avoid insulting them or saying they need to look a certain way please
Critterbot: But...awww.
SquareDotCube: Have a mullet and wearing a ice hockey jersy
SquareDotCube: jersey
randomfandomtigerdragon: I never meant to imply that, I was mostly expressing my bewilderment
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randomfandomtigerdragon: But I get ya
Orchestrion: my mullet phase was grade 11 (!) after a breakup, good times
e_bloc: Heather's gonna kill you Kappa
randomfandomtigerdragon: F
Traion: Heather is gonna sneak cut Beej a mullet while he sleeps to make the crew laugh Kappa
CaptainSpam: Just cut off Heather mid-sentence with the offline card? Kappa
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EdibleDragon: Quarantine mullets for everyone
TehAmelie: i haven't shaved in a month but one third of my chin is bald from electrolysis, i have no leg to judge anyone's apprentice
randomfandomtigerdragon: Not me I have long wild eitch hair
randomfandomtigerdragon: witch*
SnivianMoon: Spooky future!
Sarah_Serinde: !schedule
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Snowcookies: Hii Iancula
sydnius: lrrCREEPL lrrCREEPR
Traion: Oh can we get a Mullets of LRR calendar as special DB merch? :p
randomfandomtigerdragon: Oh boy so this is a thing
randomfandomtigerdragon: Tis the spoopy season
Snowcookies: This is just Ian
Sarah_Serinde: !patreon
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Defrost: If you haven't seen the warboy intro from Ian
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Armyguy0: did i get here just as it ended?
Defrost: Yep
LordZarano: Paul with a toothbrush moustache was incredible. He looked just like Charlie Chaplin
Armyguy0: BUS!!
sydnius: 0 more times
EdibleDragon: @tehamelie I hope it's the middle third for a cool racing stripe
Juliamon: Armyguy0 It's the same time every week, check the schedule!
Armyguy0: I know
e_bloc: absolutely
Traion: Also say a prayer to Heather before watching a YouTube video to placate her
TehAmelie: nope, just a patch slightly to the right
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Heather is lovely
e_bloc: Heather has to see the youtube comment and is thus a saint
SnivianMoon: It is the bad website, isn't it?
TheAinMAP: Thank you for streaming.
saberpilot: thank you!@
TehAmelie: thanks for the stream
Snowcookies: Thanks for the beats
LunarJade: lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart lunarj1Heart
Phailhammer: cya :)
SnivianMoon: Thank you for a rhythmic stream!
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART Thanks for the stream! lrrHEART
DeM0nFiRe: o/
Defrost: Thanks for the shapes and the beats :D
TehAmelie: electrolysis is wild. imagine the feeling of pulling out a hair from your lip with a pincer quite slowly, over and over for an hour
TehAmelie: and then never having to shave again
RandomTrivia: One of those things sounds very convenient. The other... not so much
Juliamon: It sounds very relaxing honestly
TehAmelie: something something law of equivalent exchange
Juliamon: but then again I enjoy a bit of controlled pain, like tattoo needles
TehAmelie: i did imagine it feels a bit like tattooing when you get used to it
LordZarano: Are we talking crab pincer or scorpion pincer or lobster or what
Juliamon: I think more like "tweezer"
TehAmelie: how do you usually pull hairs?
TehAmelie: don't tell us, i like picturing a scorpion living in your bathroom supplies
LordZarano: You mean you don't hold a lobster to your face to pluck the hairs out?
TehAmelie: electrolysis really involves putting a thin needle into a hair and zapping it until it burns, but it feels remarkably like slow tweezers
TehAmelie: a pistol shrimp would be ideal to make it fast probably
TehAmelie: "no no, you have to pull it out fast, not clamp down on it fast. oh well, daddy didn't need all those teeth"