monkeyrama: no cowardice
chaostreader: OP’s name is tears. Appropriate.
monkeyrama: how much is stalker to activate?
monkeyrama: NotLikeThis
Obos_TAB: ggs guys
lamina5432: the might was a top deck cause they had you dead turn 6 if it was in their opener
monkeyrama: Thanks for the stream, Adam and James
maybe_a_random_name: Au revoir!
Wolveroo: thanks for playing arena for us
loki_lxix: Thank you gentlemen, much love
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Wolveroo: soldier
monkeyrama: That's so Ian, oh my god
TheWarbo: "i just asked him for a sentence"
maybe_a_random_name: @Deathclaw31 Thanks for the gift sub!
Anexmedia: Zendikar-mander
Deathclaw31: lrrHEART
maybe_a_random_name: lrrHEART
TheWarbo: ~lasttweet model kit
LRRTwitter: thewarbo: No match found in the last 64 tweets :-(
TheWarbo: >_>
monkeyrama: So excited to see the end of HEat Death'
Juliamon: ~lasttweet noodle
LRRTwitter: juliamon: No match found in the last 64 tweets :-(
TheWarbo: that picture...sure is a thing
DiscordianTokkan: | EAT | EAT
Snowcookies: Bye
Snowcookies: !findquote noodle
LRRbot: Quote #3124: "You always want to check your noodle regularly. Doctors recommend that you check your noodle." —Graham [2016-08-06]
EzWinz_: <message deleted>N_gger
Anexmedia: so how much do we have to come up with to talk him into kitbashing this cup noodle model with something else
TotallyNotaBeholder: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (It’s time to make dinner, so get out your god hands and your hobby knives, Ian’s making the Cup Noodle 1/1 Plastic Model) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (3m from now).
TheTekkieman: That's a good question. What nation would a Cup Noodle even represent in the Gundam Fight?
Arclight_Dynamo: Hungary. Kappa
robo__nixon: !next
LRRbot: Next scheduled stream: Tinker Tailor Solder Fry (It’s time to make dinner, so get out your god hands and your hobby knives, Ian’s making the Cup Noodle 1/1 Plastic Model) at Thu 05:00 PM PDT (2m from now).
Anexmedia: I feel like Japan is the default choice here, and then we get the added bonus of "Erupting Burning Noodle"
Anexmedia: Or maybe we pivot even harder and do an Apollo style capsule
margieargie: Brain still in Magic mode, it took me a second to realize what 1/1 actually meant in that description :p
TheWriterAleph: It's a 1/1 cup noodle. It can kill a man in even combat.
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Critterbot: lrrHORN lrrSIGNAL lrrHORN PogChamp
DeM0nFiRe: lrrSIGNAL
Arclight_Dynamo: Ought to be 1:1, not 1/1, no?
Juliamon: Look, you can't expect James to know how to write scale
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> Tinker Tailor Solder Fry is LIVE, and Ian is making dinner. At least a simulacrum of dinner. It’s plastic model Ramen. 📷 ||
RandomTrivia: lrrSIGNAL
DeiwosN: Ian is making /what/
niccus: cup noodle, you know, the usual
RandomTrivia: Cup Noodle HYPE lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
bubbles_the_unicorn: Hi
Phosphatide: but will ian paint it gold like all the ones i keep seeing on twitter lrrBEEJ
RandomTrivia: Hello bubbles_the_unicorn, welcome
mtvcdm: Making noodles, totally normal
Earthenone: plamo ramen
bubbles_the_unicorn: Oo ramen
BaronSnow: TTSF Fry stream
Phosphatide: my favorite paint job is one someone did with the monster energy colorway
DeiwosN: I'm absolutely imagining the McD's fries transformer
Nigouki: Japan uses the slash for scale, not the colon
Phosphatide: glowing neon green noodles
BartholemewTheKitten: He's still in the harvest phase so the noodles will take a while
leeblackwood: Kappu
Nigouki: it's mostly just the europeans that still use the colon for scale
Riandisa: Amazon cancelled my order on this kit last week
Phosphatide: lrrAWW
Juliamon: lrrAWW
TheWriterAleph: ah but can Ian finish making this cup noodle in 3 minutes??
Nigouki: at this point the vast majority of model kits come out of Japan and China so you'll see the slash far more often
Phosphatide: love that they were doing a contest giveaway for a completely gold edition of the kit
Fairgrim: After the 7-11 model I know this can only be awesome!
tenthtechpriest: I hate how much I unironically love this dumb product's existence
patbaer: My pre-order of this hasn't shipped yet. I'm jealous of Ian, as always.
LordZarano: Kappu pastaThat
LurkerSpine: @Fairgrim I think this is just a cup noodle model, not an actual gunpla branded with cup noodle
RandomTrivia: Here we go!
Phosphatide: knowing how much the official cup noodle twitter account makes fake meme products, i was so surprised this ended up being a real one and not a joke
Nigouki: correct, this is nothin gundam related, only Nissin related
mitresquare: Anyone else have to watch 1 & 1/2 minutes of adds before they saw the channel?
Dragonality: I can't wait to get mine so I can put it in my display case with my other models. Preferably front and center.
Fairgrim: Kappu pastaThat
RandomTrivia: Welp
TheWriterAleph: nope
LurkerSpine: no audio
niccus: nope
DoodlestheGreat: Nope!
Snowcookies: no sound ian
DeiwosN: Iansmr
DiscordianTokkan: No Audio, sorry
LurkerSpine: there we go
ContingentCat: Nope
Fairgrim: magic!
mtvcdm: !clip
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codl_: never lucky
DiscordianTokkan: THERE we go
DoodlestheGreat: There you are!
ContingentCat: got there!
Critterbot: lrrGOAT
Snowcookies: Yes sound
patbaer: audio
patbaer: is
elah806: Honestly, Ian, I could watch you silently emote for three hours
patbaer: here
Riandisa: Good evening Ian
SnackPak_: lrrHORN lrrGOAT lrrHORN
DeiwosN: Good late morning
Anexmedia: lrrFINE
eric_christian_berg: LRRVEN it!
TheWriterAleph: he said, surprising no one
Manae: I'm still wondering how this exists
denu55: wat
ContingentCat: I love that this exists
MTigress: oh crap i so wanted one of those
TheWriterAleph: shrimpy!
RandomTrivia: So like normal cup noodle then? lrrBEEJ
mtvcdm: Isn't most instant ramen plastic?
jessieimproved: pennyWhat
Nigouki: Bandai loves gimmicks so this is right up their alley
BartholemewTheKitten: Is each noodle moulded seperately?
Juliamon: Ah, so Ian cheated
Koshindan: It's amazing how they sell these cups for 79 cents!
RandomTrivia highfives mtvcdm
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Snowcookies: Ian took the quick route
Fairgrim: clever use of game mechanics
Nigouki: if anyone wants to follow along, the manual as well as product pics can be found here:
Anexmedia: So now we're stealing the declaration of independence?
elah806: This is maybe the most baroque Borgesian hall of mirrors use of petrochemical products I have ever seen
TheWriterAleph: 1.5 Ians??
Koshindan: The face.
Baldrash: Challenge accepted. lrrBEEJ
margieargie: "Cannot" is probably the wrong word to use there...
RandomTrivia: Do not eat the delicious plastic Ramen
Anexmedia: Do you fix that with fiber or pliers?
patbaer: Can't wait for mine to arrive "Sometime" this month
Snowcookies: !clip
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TheWriterAleph: "this model kit looks *delicious* you guys, but please don't"
mtvcdm: Do not believe the ramen's lies
couldntpickausername: pretty sure noodle parts are just smaller noodles
elah806: Ian that is fossil fuels it goes in your mini cooper not your stomach
RealGamerCow: leek sheeet
ThatsABigPanda: I love japan, that kit is amazing lol
TheWriterAleph: ohh a RETRO cup noodle, that explains everything
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Anexmedia: Just checked these are still available on Amazon
DeM0nFiRe: So to be clear, this is a re-release of a vintage model of instant noodles?
DeiwosN: What's the use-by date of this model?
patbaer: From the makers of the Hello Kitty Gundam
atlr: msg or no nsg?
thefileclerk: pvp
DarknessKingCoH: That art on the wall behind Ian seems like it could easily startle you late at night.
RandomTrivia: @DeiwosN Well, thermoplastics tend to decay over the course of a few thousand years so Ian is probably ok
hyaundredneer: OH! It's Neon Cup Noodles!
ThatsABigPanda: do they include a flavour packet?
bubbles_the_unicorn: !clip
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DeiwosN: So much like normal ramen
Inquisitor_Xian: hey Ian.....what the hell is that painting on the wall behind you? it that scary for everyone?
Nigouki: the first two model kits in the Best Hit Chronicle series were 2/5th scale PlayStation and Sega Saturn
thefileclerk: this is very silly
elah806: Well, "approval" and "certification" are clearly very different things forehead
Armstrong11139: Ah, but is it a JAS sticker, or a highly convincing *model* of a JAS sticker?
Arclight_Dynamo: It looks like the others are a Playstation and a Sega Saturn.
DeiwosN: 1:1 omurice gunpla
elah806: Those noodles look like intestines
patbaer: Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation are 1 and 2
TheWriterAleph: that is SO MANY NOODLES
Anexmedia: @LoadingReadyRun It is a PS1/2 and a Sega Saturn
Metalupis: the other kits
patbaer: A friend built the Saturn and it looked great.
Anexmedia: I think Everyone has less of a history with the saturn
Arclight_Dynamo: The Saturn kit is still for sale, and not sold out. The Cup Noodle kit is for sale but sold out. The PS kit is not listed at all.
ContingentCat: ???
RandomTrivia: So many things that look like gears. Is this secretly Steampunk Ramen?
ThatsABigPanda: the shrimp on the sprues are slightly unnerving lol
RandomTrivia: Welp
SnackPak_: lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP lrrFRUMP
TheWriterAleph: whoopsie
ContingentCat: get a magnet?
codl_: uh oh
LathosTiran: magnet?
Dragonality: The bit hunts begins early today
DeM0nFiRe: "That's not a problem... well now it's a problem" LUL
RvLeshrac: Oh no!
DoodlestheGreat: Oopsie poopsie.
Anexmedia: For real I'm going to send you one of my big ass Magnets on a stick, this happens entirely too often lol
patbaer: Now you have more finite control, Ian
margieargie: TTSF side project time!
Nigouki: adventure to the pants zone?
Kerrisis: Magnet!
atlr: yessssssssd . verite
DoodlestheGreat: We're having an adventure, just like the Goonies!
LathosTiran: sock over a vacuum
ritchards: switch views around?
ContingentCat: oh no carpet even more doomed
RvLeshrac: (Nipper tip: Use Singer sewing machine oil on them to keep them from rusting, if you live in a humid area)
DentedPockets: That's a nice table leg!
ThatsABigPanda: oh heck no, can't see nuttin. F for that poor spring
LathosTiran: chat yelling at the screen llike an episode of blues clues
LordZarano: It's left of there! Kappa
Fairgrim: Wait Ian has legs, he is clearly not a true muppet / streamer!
RobotHitchhiker: Carpet was a mistake
delta__vee: @LathosTiran The eternal chat mood
codl_: getting warmer!
Seagulyus: oh no did Ian drop something :< oh no a spring D=
constablecrab: Some muppets have legs.
bubbles_the_unicorn: Use a toothpick instead if you can’t find it
Anexmedia: @Seagulyus not so much the spring but the tiny metal dowels that hold them tight so the spring doesnt shoot off
Nigouki: that pin should be a press-fit so the fact that i came out on its own is kinda worrysome
delta__vee: underthetable dot zone
leeblackwood: lrrIAN Kappu
Seagulyus: Anexmedia still bad :<
Anexmedia: Again don't be shocked if a variety of utility magnets show up in Mail time for you
TheWriterAleph: !card Shahrazad
LRRbot: Shahrazad [WW] | Sorcery | Players play a Magic subgame, using their libraries as their decks. Each player who doesn't win the subgame loses half their life, rounded up.
LordZarano: Magnet will help find it
TheWriterAleph: woops, wrong window LUL
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
Fairgrim: hey I can almost read it now
Drakas: but are we all singing
Nigouki: actually hold up, checking my nippers that pin is plastic on the God Hand but metal on the Wave ones. I guess God Hand didn't want the pin to mar the nippers
kalira77: "suspending the noodle cluster"
RealGamerCow: What an awful place for step 1
bubbles_the_unicorn: Why is one in the middle?
Mysticman89: assembling in 3 minutes may be difficult
Riandisa: "...assembling the kit in 3 minutes may be difficult"
Anexmedia: For those not familiar with these kind of instructions, the first page is usually a parts list
Electrodyne: Hi internet friends
TheWriterAleph: what a bunch of madlads
ritchards: before what?
WeatheredPeach: "...assembling in three minutes..." do people speedrun miniature assembly?
feeish: Imagine the world has ended food and resources are limited. You stumble across a perfect intact cup noodle only to discover it is a scale model.
Juliamon: WeatheredPeach Probably?
patbaer: If you want a VERY easy kit that's a lil goofy, I recommend the Injection Machine. A kit of the thing that makes kits.
bubbles_the_unicorn: Oooo
Anexmedia: @LoadingReadyRun Just checked and it looks like the PS1 kit is in the same pre-order state as the noodles so your brother might be able to do another hook-up
LordZarano: There's a speedrun of assembling a burrito
RvLeshrac: PS1 kit is out, my local HobbyTown has a bunch of them for $30/ea
patbaer: PS1 and Saturn are on Amazon US.
thegreatwyrdling: is that.... the godhand?
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Anexmedia: ah yea just found it on amazon, had to change hit to HIT and it showed right up
DeM0nFiRe: I wonder how often a hobby model is released that is made of sturdier material than the original thing it's a model of
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bubbles_the_unicorn: I have only seen two kinds of stream on loading ready run and now it’s three and this is my favorite
HIYGamer: I was wondering if anybody has some model kits they would recommend. I've built the Gakken Monster Hunter kits, and I've also done a lot of Rare Earth metal model kits, but those ones don't tend to last too long.
DeM0nFiRe: Ah that is a good point
Laogeodritt: Hello, Ian! Hello, chat!
Anexmedia: No it makes sense but it's not the product you're thinking of
BrindleBoar: what is taxidermy if not making flesh gundams Kappa
Laogeodritt: I probably shouldn't be surprised this kit is a thing, but I'm still amazed this kit is a thing.
ThatsABigPanda: plastic-flesh model is from the catalog you get in the back of the store...
thegreatwyrdling: Ian builds 4ok when?
thegreatwyrdling: 40k
Drakas: ridged flesh
Nigouki: Hasegawa and Wave have been doing pretty good with re-releasing and updating Ma.K stuff
ACookTooMany: I'm really jealous. This kit looks rad.
MrPandaaaGaming: howdy mr ian! if any IP you enjoy could have a set of model kits that dont already, which would it be?
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Arclight_Dynamo: Ray's car from Due South. Done. :P
MrPandaaaGaming: kung fu panda model kits when lmao
Fairgrim: I nice StarGate ring would be cool
Anexmedia: Cam's painting up AdMech which I would have pegged as an Ian army, would you be the first Nekron player of the bunch?
AshBurnem: I am literally right now building a 3d model of Sophia!
SquareDotCube: well if anything, you could make a LEGO model of it
Anexmedia: Tao tracks.
DiscordianTokkan: HELL yeah Tau
Fairgrim: Greater Good!
FerociousPeach: of course you are ;)
Anexmedia: Tau even, thanks phone
Earthenone: tau:empty your mind
Drakas: the puddle jumpers from Star Gate Atlantis look cool
lady_olynder: necrons are zombie robots
Balthasar_Wiseman: There was a plastic model of the Stargate death glider if I remember correctly.
TehAmelie: so, the robots in disguise has taken it to the next level huh
DiscordianTokkan: TTSF Magnetizing Riptides and Crisis Suits? :D
ContingentCat: "space robots: the Ian siren song
Anexmedia: Tau with that artic white/gray scheme are just *chef's kiss*
Nigouki: :D
Agu_Sakku: Tau is what I want to play, if and when I get a play group in my area.....
TehAmelie: or are there actually robots involved? i may have misunderstood something
Hexy_Lexy234: omg a cup noodle scale model?!?! where on earth can i purchase one to build myself cause i NEED THIS
LRRTwitter: @loadingreadyrun> It's CheckPoint time! This week with stories on: Homescapes, Yakuza Like A Dragon Localization, Pokemon Sapphire Glitch, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and a headline roundup! | ||
Arclight_Dynamo: @Nigouki Ha! Yeah, just build it without a rearview mirror. :p
eric_christian_berg: Get on Zoom and go pchoo-pchoo at each other.
Anexmedia: yea unfortunately that one's harder to translate into webcam based play
IslandersCaper: bloojWave
TehAmelie: if you have a playgroup that WANTS to get together it may be time to look for a new group
niccus: all you have to do is change the scale. maybe do a 1:1 warhammer
Earthenone: i imagine you could play like chess. if you both set up identical grid based fields
TehAmelie: ooh, Warhammer by mail
Earthenone: X-wing to B-7
LarkSachrosis: I... had assumed this was a model of a Cup Noodle branded Gundam... I was wrong.
Anexmedia: @LarkSachrosis Kitbashing makes anything possible
TehAmelie: you probably don't have to send the miniatures back and forth but it sounds funnier hat way
Laogeodritt: @LarkSachrosis Welcome to the much more mundane reality. XD
ContingentCat: or stand far apart and use long shuffleboard cues to move the figures
Earthenone: the only people i know in the warhammer comunity are happy to have a chance to catch up on painting :P
TehAmelie: i want what Cameron's character in that magic by mail crapshot has
Anexmedia: I mean lets be real, nothing ever really makes the Warhammer community "Happy"
thing_1_of_2_c: I've been using Tabletop Simulator to run D&D
Anexmedia: Just Apocalypse games of epic purportions
Agu_Sakku: I know plesentkanobi been streaming TTS 40K.
SquidHominid: Honestly you could probably do a pretty badass Wizard Chess style Warhammer-over-the-internet game like the remote D&D platforms out there
Anexmedia: which begs the question, why am I not building a Titan right now
sblue333: this just makes me want real cup noodles
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AshBurnem: Blaster Master Zero was a great series. A shame about the level 7 music for Zero 1.
GhostValv: :O
ritchards: !clip
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DiscordianTokkan: Ooh, those are some satisfying clicks
FITorion: dang it. it's a cup noodle model and not a Gundam with cup noodle branding
LarkSachrosis: @FITorion I had thought the same thing
Anexmedia: I didn't expect this level of quality from both a 30 dollar kit and also a kit based on a food product but i'm pleasantly surprised
TehAmelie: it took me about five minutes to figure out it was not a gundam that transforms into a noodle cup
ContingentCat: ooo
Hexy_Lexy234: i swear to god, Ian, youre a curse on my wallet showing me beautiful models like this
FITorion: I was expecting something like the 7eleven gundam...
Anexmedia: a scale replica of the railgun made out of cabinets
ArizonaAngels: @hexy_lexy234 are you the dread pirate?
LarkSachrosis: Just noticed this is a 1 to 1 scale model lrrGOAT
TehAmelie: what i'd like to make is one of them book-shaped diorama that fits in a bookshelf like a tiny secret passage. i just don't have the fine motor control for it
ArizonaAngels: @anexmedia hello
Hexy_Lexy234: @ArizonaAngels from TappyToeClaws' discord? yes!
IslandersCaper: @TehAmelie me too!
snowmonkey99: Luckily for my wallet there seems to be no hope of actually buying one of these in Australia before Christmas
Anexmedia: @ArizonaAngels o/
ContingentCat: oh yeah those look so dang cool
Hexy_Lexy234: dont worry too hard, Ian. money was meant to be spent on things that bring one joy
ArizonaAngels: I love building models. I'm more of a scale model aircraft type of person.
DiabeticMaddness: Has anyone used/heard of Valtcan snips??
ThatsABigPanda: F2
Arclight_Dynamo: So, Ian, did you hear that there is a decent chance two satellites will collide tonight? We'll know in ten minutes if we have a LEO Kessler cascade.
ArizonaAngels: @hexy_lexy234 YOU ARE AGGRESSIVELY LOVED
DeM0nFiRe: leozF leozF
Armyguy0: Zuka F2
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Hexy_Lexy234: @ArizonaAngels NO U
ContingentCat: oh no
niccus: oh wow, in ten minutes?
AshBurnem: Ooh. Do not want
ContingentCat: in 2020 sigh
TehAmelie: so if the internet dies we know why
Nigouki: hey now, SOME of us had that on our 2020 Bingo card!
ArizonaAngels: @arclight_dynamo don't jinx it.
Hexy_Lexy234: i swear im gonna buy myself this model as soon as possible
LordZarano: @arclight_dynamo Which satellites?
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 it's on amazon
Hexy_Lexy234: also, i am gonna sit in dread for the next 10 minutes
Arclight_Dynamo: @LordZarano A defunct Soviet satellite and a spent Chinese booster stage.
Agu_Sakku: I am slowly getting the equipment to start mini painting. But now I need to start buying cheap minis to start practicing on....
SquareDotCube: Oh right, I guess Ian knows about Streets of Kamurocho
Hexy_Lexy234: @Anexmedia i have a page bookmarked for future use
ArizonaAngels: @loadingreadyrun i am more of a scale model aircraft type of person.
ContingentCat: mentioning the austin model I wonder if there's a model out there of Saabine
dantedad222: Is this really a model cup noodle?
ArizonaAngels: @dantedad222 yes it is
Hexy_Lexy234: @dantedad222 100% and im in love with it and i need it
snowmonkey99: God this would make such a great christmas gift for someone....
wedge_x: mmmm Kessler Cascade
ArizonaAngels: tng
Hexy_Lexy234: it would make the greatest christmas gift for Hexy_Lexy234 :p
Hexy_Lexy234: i have an unreasonable love for instant noodles
mercano82: Con season -> Contagion season
DoodlestheGreat: Gods yes. If I'd seen that at a con I'd grab a couple and send them to friends.
Anexmedia: There's a porsche 928 that's around this area that I keep seeing and thinking of you
DoodlestheGreat: You should be wearing gloves and build it in a clean room. :tf:
SquareDotCube: Gotta wash your hands before eating anyways! Kappa
snowmonkey99: My husband has an unreasonable love for Osaka Cup Noodles... has to be the proper Japanese cups
ArizonaAngels: I had a mig-31 model that had a full 6×11 sheet of stencils (such as where fuels go/caution signage) took literally hours to place.
spartan029josh: It has authentic grocery store shelf damage, now. No biggie
mercano82: Way to awaken the Cup Noodle Balrog
Arclight_Dynamo: Just go put it on the shelf in a store. Kappa
spartan029josh: that would be incredible
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Lord_Hosk: Something something something words words words
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Hexy_Lexy234: omg, that would be PERFECT
LarkSachrosis: Does it have a bar-code on it?
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 Speaking of love of these, did you know at the Cup Noodle Museum you can get custom cups made?
couldntpickausername: so is the barcode the barcode of actual cup noodle or would be the barcode for this model product?
LarkSachrosis: rad
Juliamon: Let's find out!
Nigouki: yeah, the text is molded in
AshBurnem: Sweeeet
GhostValv: :O
couldntpickausername: because either way the barcode is innacurate just for different reasons
snowmonkey99: They say they made it by scanning an actual cup noodle, so I would assume it's the cup noodle barcode
Hexy_Lexy234: @Anexmedia theres a cup noodles museum?!?!?!?!
LordZarano: What year did barcodes start use?
LurkerSpine: I recently got an SLA printer, I'm tempted to try scanning and printing one of my gunplas
LathosTiran: are the numerals below the code?
Arclight_Dynamo: Four minutes to satellite closest approach.
Nigouki: official product pics have the bar code nicely visible
DrakoniteStreams: oh no, I lost track of time. What are we doing tonight? Preparing some cup noodle for dinner?
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 yup, it's in Yokohama
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Hexy_Lexy234: c'mon covid, you need to go away so i can go to Yokohama!!!!!
Arclight_Dynamo: Miss distance is estimated to be 25m (+/- 18m).
LathosTiran: its a valid code number
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 Whoop the one i'm thinking of is in Osaka, thats the one that has the test kitchen and the custom cups
codl_: oh that's good
jessieimproved: Apparently barcodes came to be in the mid-70s, but they weren't super common for at least another decade - I remember my childhood grocery hand labeling and tallying in the early-mid 80s
Arclight_Dynamo: Combined mas 2,800 kg; relative velocity 14.7 km/s.
Arclight_Dynamo: *mass
Armyguy0: Down side one has a 15m or so boom hanging off the side
snowmonkey99: Yep, that's why Osaka in on my husband's travel list... Cup noodle museum and Universal Studios Japan for Nintendo land!
Arclight_Dynamo: ^
Hexy_Lexy234: regardless, i NEED to go to Japan if only for this museum
LarkSachrosis: Massively easier.
Anexmedia: Oh yea the Cup noodle and the Toei ones are a must if I go over
Armyguy0: Well its past 8:51
RealGamerCow: Hexy_Lexy234 When I went to our Japan office, my hotel was about 100m from the ramen museum, but I didn't find out until after I left. :(
kalira77: @Hexy_Lexy234 you should pick up the ghibli museum while you're there, if we're bucket listing :)
Masslost: ian if you get a chance kotaku has a wonderful article about a utterly amazing article on a japanese game collections and its massive ie it fills a house
DoodlestheGreat: No, Ian, the reason they didn't use the target circles was that they didn't want to pay Litton royalties for the system. I had an uncle that worked for Litton in the 70's on that very projest.
Armyguy0: so we will know when they get looked at
spartan029josh: you could do some ridiculous panel washing with that back panel
Capt_clown: actually my favorite crazy conspiracy was that barcodes were the "Mark of the Beast, 666"🤣🤣🤣
LarkSachrosis: I've seen a few products with a barcode that wraps all the way around the packaging, no need to flip it over 3 times to find the barcode.
Anexmedia: Dystopian noodles
kireawolf: I love how this is pretty much a stream about following directions thorlarLUL
Arclight_Dynamo: Conjunction. They have either collided just now, or have not. We'll know soon.
spartan029josh: I'd love to see you do one of the new Bandai RGs. the past couple have been ridiculous
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: @kireawolf sometimes we wright our own directions!
LurkerSpine: If anyone in chat ever wants to do gunpla or models like this, I recommend starting with the Bear Guy kits. They're super cute and possible the easiest kits to put together
LordZarano: I always enjoy when the barcode is integrated into the packaging decoration
kireawolf: meatOOH how could we do such a thing @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat meatLUL
Anexmedia: I like barcodes that aren't a farking impossible to get off the product sticker, lets get more of those
spartan029josh: And if you want a first "I'm going to try detailing with paint, panel lining, etc, the MG Ball ver Ka are excellent
JollyGee29: Volks is putting out IMS kits from FSS
LurkerSpine: Bandai absolutely does return to designs
LurkerSpine: it just takes a while
Nigouki: Five Star Stories was never a Bandai property though, and yeah Volks IMS kits are fantastic as far as plastic goes
DoodlestheGreat: I like hoiw it says assembling the kit in three minutes may be difficult.
LurkerSpine: someone also might do a garage conversion kit?
7gorobei: there were a few wave injection kits of the LED mirage
itomeshi: weird, even for anime/manga?
Armyguy0: Dom is good
Nigouki: Nagano would never let Bandai do Five Star Stories because Bandai always reinterprets things for their kits
Armyguy0: i STILL want a Dom 3 kit
TehAmelie: if you could assemble it in three minutes i'd expect it to be found in a chocolate egg
spartan029josh: So pro tip on the godhand, once you have the part out of the sprue, the gate will usually be flush with one of the edges, if you cut toward the flush part, you can get a very clean cut.
Armyguy0: i want my thicc oldsmobile zeon mechs
Anexmedia: Cup Noodle is Windsor, doom font is Amazdoom
7gorobei: Nagano has gone off the reservation with his Gothic Maid versions of the current FSS storyline
Armyguy0: but all we ever get is more kits of the F91
Arclight_Dynamo: Similar, not identical. Look at the legs of the U.
oyleslyck: doom or dune?
spartan029josh: very curvy stuff is always tough
Anexmedia: You know, Dune makes way more sense than Doom
Anexmedia: but yes still different
Hexy_Lexy234: so apparently i can get it shipped to me for about 34USD. time to wait 2 weeks until i get paid
itomeshi: ok, yup, that's weird
DrakoniteStreams: does that mean the spice refers to the cup noodle seasoning powder?
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 totally worth
wedge_x: DUNE NOODLE
Hexy_Lexy234: @Anexmedia 100%
snowmonkey99: I can get it for $50 Australian, which is fine... if any of the australian resellers had stock :-/
wedge_x: just add water of life
Capt_clown: Not Even Dune Music?
Armyguy0: I mean just look at them
Hexy_Lexy234: gosh, i love this model so much
Anexmedia: Tappy will think this is hilarious too
Hexy_Lexy234: @Anexmedia have you shared it in her discord yet?
Anexmedia: Nah I'm not in there yet, I should do that
RandomTrivia: And we're back!
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ContingentCat: seat! such a betrayal
kalira77: sneaky chair
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NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Chair's sus
RandomTrivia: God I wish I couldn't see the wall picture though
RvLeshrac: Beveled side goes out. Some models of the God Hand have a threaded pin.
RandomTrivia: Can't unsee that
Fairgrim: we interupt this build session with another build session
ContingentCat: they don't accept mail ins?
Penguino_Rojo: but can it be kitbashed?
RvLeshrac: Remember kids, Superglue dissolves plastic
Driosenth: Ian, what is the cure time and viscosity of that cyanoacrylate?
RvLeshrac: $30-50 there-and-back-again I think
Nigouki: in Japan news, Shin Evangelion has a theatrical release date again, January 23rd 2021
SquidHominid: set time for skin: back to the future
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Set time for skin: fking don't.
DrakoniteStreams: CA's cure time is very dependent on materials and the environment
RvLeshrac: The real test will be if you can close them again lrrBEEEJ
TehAmelie: is it the Rebuild? is it finally finished?
ContingentCat: @NarwhalsInATrenchcoat one piece of skin is fine, warm water and soap works, it's when you glue fingers together that becomes a problem
ContingentCat: y i k e s
RvLeshrac: Protip: Don't put superglue in eyes
SquidHominid: TIL eyes are skin
Manae: I may have shared this story in here before
Arclight_Dynamo: Oh, god, I had never even thought about EYES.
Anexmedia: Eyes do not respond well to acetone
Driosenth: I use fast-curing, water-like superglue for sealing 3d prints air tight and slow cure, almost gel like superglue with disposable epoxy brushes for smooth the surface
shea_wolfe: So, I work in automotive and can confirm, do not use your teeth to try to open the seal on superglue
Armyguy0: As it turns out we DO need eyes were we are going
Manae: But a guy where I work decided a bottle of super glue was eye drops and put one in each eye
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shea_wolfe: And yes, a tech did this
Armyguy0: so keep your eyes safe kids
ArdCollider: people do that a disturbing lot.
shea_wolfe: It did not end well
Manae: He was summarily fired and taken to the hospital
codl_: "your eyes are just skin" may be the most unpleasant sentence ive heard on this stream
couldntpickausername: "you're eyes are just skin, in fact even wetter skin" Ian Horner
snowy_jake: I just wish I wasn't deathly allergic to mineral spirits when I try removing super glue
ArdCollider: on the upside, competent ophthalmologists also see that a lot.
Armyguy0: and yes get the bot on that @couldntpickausername
NarwhalsInATrenchcoat: Protip: Eyes are really delicate. Don't put things in them, except when advised by a professional.
Anexmedia: But will it Push it real good
LarkSachrosis: An eye professional ideally
DiscordianTokkan: Do you... WANT your P to go into your cup noodles?
spartan029josh: ohh, that engineering to have it ported on the back makes me so happy
Hexy_Lexy234: @Anexmedia damn it, now i have the song stuck in my head
DrakoniteStreams: protip: your eyes. the goggles do everything.
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 just wait till I start making Last christmas references
Hexy_Lexy234: christmas songs dont get stuck in my head
ContingentCat: probably
DrakoniteStreams: take things apart... withOUT destroying them? I'm confused
Anexmedia: I would imagine there's some kind of...slicer? for that
LarkSachrosis: Possibly™
Driosenth: yes, I know there are at least a couple plugins fore CREO
Anexmedia: Give it 5 years
ContingentCat: I think I remember Cam talking about something like that being used for warhammer models, I could see that technology scaling up
LurkerSpine: I actually found one a long time ago. It was really small
DrakoniteStreams: there are people that have done injection molding in their garage. It's super expensive and difficult
Anexmedia: I've dove head first into 3D printing and i've never looked back
Armyguy0: Just remember ware a mask when sanding them @LoadingReadyRun
qrunchmonkey: I think there are small injection machines, the trick is moldmaking. as far as I know there's no cheap shortcut to an wire edm machine
Nigouki: model kits deal different that other injection molding because the gate placement is more constrained by aesthetics vs pure injection efficiency
LurkerSpine: SLA printers are pretty cheap at this point, like starting at $200 USD
snowmonkey99: Did anyone mention what the other 2 Hit Chronicle models are yet? Apparently it's a Playstation, and a SegaSaturn
couldntpickausername: hey, a topic where I have knowledge
Anexmedia: a good SLA printer is still cheaper than an iPad
onarampage: I just bought an Elegoo Mars Pro. Currently printing a zombie shark for when I can play in person D&D again
Driosenth: There sorta already is a DIY screw powered injection molder, but they are not well built and apparently don't have consistent feeding.
Armyguy0: As it turns out MOST dusts are bad for your lungs
Driosenth: any dusts that are good for lungs?
Armyguy0: Maybe? i don't know all the dusts
Vyous: Has the RepRap project evolved much? I helped work on one ~10 years ago but haven't followed it much after
Texan_Reverend: Good evening, Ian. I'm tinkering with the Fire TV 4k that I recently got.
Anexmedia: My current 3D printer interests are floating around Creality and their CR-30 Belt printer for mass production
Armyguy0: im not going to say there are no dusts
Texan_Reverend: So far, it's working quite well. I'm looking forward to tinkering with some emulators and such.
jessieimproved: I've been interested in getting a RepRap for a long time
Fairgrim: still need base materials
ContingentCat: @Anexmedia inhaler medication? but maybe that's more of a mist than a dust
DrakoniteStreams: reprap has a neat philosophy, but people found you can get much better results for much cheaper by just building them with traditional methods. Modern 3d printers are mostly off the shelf aluminum extrusion parts anyways
Texan_Reverend: It's among the cheapest ways to get into the Android TV ecosystem, even if it is a fork.
SquidHominid: There are a lot of printers classified as 'repraps' - if you've ever used the Prusa i3 or one of its many clones, that's a reprap and that's one of the most commonly cloned designs in my experience.
FlargBlarg: ah the good old solid state drive drive (I do it too, haha)
aerohydra: death star 2 level complete
SquidHominid: I still stand by the Nvidia Shield as one of the best Android TV boxes
SquidHominid: no that's FDM
SquidHominid: SLA is resin
Robot_Bones: may our lord and savior Optimus Prime rest in peace
Anexmedia: SLA = Resin, FDM = extrusion
DrakoniteStreams: That's FDM
RvLeshrac: I can say there is VASTLY better hardware than what's in the Fire Sticks, but not much at the price they sell it for.
Texan_Reverend: It's basically a custom skin on top of Android TV. I think it's version 8? maybe 7.
Driosenth: Fused deposition modeling
Anexmedia: I wont get into SLA printers until the screens are no longer a consumable product
LordZarano: World record holder is 79% 3D printed by parts RepRap Snappy 3. But has the fundamental problem that each copy is worse than the one that printed it.
couldntpickausername: cup needle
DrakoniteStreams: I also picked up fire tv 4k a few weeks ago; haven't opened it yet. You can sideload kodi on it, which I think I'm going to do and replace the media box in my bedroom
Anexmedia: @DiscordianTokkan nice
TehAmelie: i remember reading a story that speculated about the development of replicators. they predicted 3D printers, that would then get more advanced and widespread, that would then become able to reassemble more different raw materials, until ultimately they cracked molecules and ended scarcity
Mysticman89: thats another way to decribe kids
Texan_Reverend: @RvLeshrac Yeah, it's all about the price point on this one. The Shield devices are among the best for hardware.
Anexmedia: Also since you also live in an apartment, SLA printing is notoriously fume/smell heavy and I dont recommend it without very good ventilation or isolating the printer
Arclight_Dynamo: Satellite update: There is no update. I... don't like that. We ought to know by now.
SquidHominid: You all need to read the book 'We Are Legion (We Are Bob)', it's about a hive mind of molecular printer drones powered by the preserved mind of a dude who died in the current era and was brought back in the far future.
Texan_Reverend: Being able to sideload a variety of APKs was a big draw of the Fire Stick.
ContingentCat: I think if there was something bad with the satilites we'd know
TehAmelie: the only problem was that no one knew what to give anyone for Christmas that year. but in the end everyone resorted to the carbon blocks sold for replicator fuel as joke gifts. so everyone got coal for christmas
Anexmedia: Well they're not really used
Anexmedia: from the sound of it
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
ArdCollider: Twitter space junk expert Jonathan McDowell said "... and so now we wait for info from LeoLabs, and possibly 18SPCS. Expecting to hear something one way or the other from LeoLabs within a few hours"
ContingentCat: sergeJustRight sergeJustRight sergeJustRight
JqlGirl: Send Noods
Fairgrim: docking complete !
DoodlestheGreat: A satisfying union? Like the IWW?
RandomTrivia: Welp
Arclight_Dynamo: @ContingentCat I'm just worried they're checking and rechecking bad results because they want to be sure.
vidStrickland: TOS?
DeM0nFiRe: Arclight_Dynamo Well the last tweet on the LeoLabs twitter is 6h ago, so it's not like tthey were doing minute by minute updates
ArdCollider: (he is @planet4589 on Twitter if you want to follow him in realtime)
Armyguy0: Tos?
Hexy_Lexy234: @JqlGirl i actually have a patch that says that on a cup of noodles
Driosenth: I really want a DMLS printers to become cheaper, probably never be consumer purchasable due to the other equipment needed to handle micron-sized metal powder, but cheap enough that getting a part made is the same as getting it machined at a shop
Arclight_Dynamo: @DeM0nFiRe That's true.
Anexmedia: @Driosenth Man those things scare me
RealGamerCow: tiltyhPLS
DrakoniteStreams: Arclight_Dynamo you'd want to recheck good results many times too
Azsedcf: Turn it upside-down and shake it to make sure it's really deep in there.
LurkerSpine: woah, that label looks perfect on screen
RealGamerCow: micron sized metal powder seems like a health hazard
Arclight_Dynamo: @DrakoniteStreams Also true.
Anexmedia: I mean who needs a dining room table when you could have a Bridgeport?
TehAmelie: i want a plot of grass where i can knap stone. that's so hard to fit in an apartment
DrakoniteStreams: the price difference between the cheap, junky, mini-lathes and a proper machining lathe is pretty extreme :-/
Fairgrim: A maker center in the Moonbase would be fun for prop making.
Hexy_Lexy234: "dont make it happen" you heard him, chat, do the thing! :p
thing_1_of_2_c: @loadingreadyrun I am about to send a package to LRR. Is there something I can 3D print for you?
wedge_x: Dune: Noodles of Dune
TehAmelie: well, it would certainly annoy my downstairs neighbor
ContingentCat: Grass doesn't grow that deep, just a few inches of soil could do it
Manae: @Driosenth The big issue with them is the post processing is always going to be dependent on needing inert gas post processing
elah806: I mean, Docusign is really catching on these days...
Anexmedia: Look i'd move to Victoria if you told me you got a Bridgeport mill and I could use it
Manae: that thought got a bit redundant due to talking to someone else while typing
TehAmelie: the real problem is getting stone blocks up the stairs anyway
Driosenth: I have the space for a engine lathe and bridgeport in my apartment but there are 4 things preventing me getting them. it would have to come in through a 4th floor balcony window, the neighbors would complain to the apartment office, but mainly because I don't have 3Ø 480V power.
DrakoniteStreams: A lot of people approach it that way, and constantly argue at me about why I haven't tuned mine to be faster. I just want to actually use mine as a tool to make stuff
Anexmedia: One of my bucket list tool items is still one of those Power hammers with the leather springs
Fairgrim: I love the idea in Gundam Build Fighters where they had printers in the Gunpla Stores for quick accesories.
RvLeshrac: Noods
Anexmedia: @Driosenth you just reminded me I need to get an electrician out to my new place to put in a 240 line for my welder
Fairgrim: send newts?
RvLeshrac: Send noods.
DiscordianTokkan: Send Nood(les)
RvLeshrac: Yakisoba if you have them.
Manae: A lot of areas you think a "nu" would be used would be a "nyu" instead, anyway
Driosenth: ν for kinematic viscosity
Nigouki: News and Newtype are actually Niyu, not Nu
aquinas_0: Cheer100 Cheer100 For Ian-ness!
Arclight_Dynamo: Funny - the oldschool Canadian pronunciation of "news" is also "nyoos." :D
ContingentCat: @Arclight_Dynamo I think that's a stolen british accent
Arclight_Dynamo: JAS = "Japanese Agricultural Standard" apparently.
Arclight_Dynamo: @ContingentCat A lot of Canada is stolen from the British. :p
RealGamerCow: That is satisfying
ContingentCat: @Arclight_Dynamo true
LordZarano: I'm not sure if I would love or hate seeing someone try to build one of these in 3 minutes
Arclight_Dynamo: Is there any easy way to sharpen the God Hand yourself?
TehAmelie: maybe they could race someone building the same replica out of cake
boopboopbiboop: Just joined the streamed. Is this a reusable or a model cup?
RvLeshrac: They are sharp enough that most sharpeners aren't going to work.
RvLeshrac: They're also *INCREDIBLY* brittle.
Arclight_Dynamo: Fair.
JqlGirl: Which god is the godhand the hand of?
Anexmedia: a good diamond honed stone would probably be fine, but I also would feel iffy doing it myself
ContingentCat: and it's not easy to replace if you bus it up
DrakoniteStreams: JqlGirl uhm.... Ginsu, the god of japanese cutting tools?
Anexmedia: you could probably strop them fairly easy if you thought you had a bur
TehAmelie: i want to believe real cup noodles have that same structural integrity
RvLeshrac: The edge on them is microscopic.
ArdCollider: cup noodle fairing assembly
DiabeticMaddness: he missed H2 i think..
DiabeticMaddness: above the gold ring
Anexmedia: that he did
Anexmedia: easy fix though
DeM0nFiRe: So it's officially a cup now, it's just not of noodles yet
snowmonkey99: God I love it
ContingentCat: sigh looks like the sunbeams are partying
Armyguy0: You have Cup
ky0dar: OK, so I just saw this on twitter. This is literally a plastic model of a cup noodle?
ContingentCat: yup
Anexmedia: Yes, yes it is
ky0dar: I... i should be surprised. but i am not.
TehAmelie: the secret is the noodles are also plastic
delta__vee: o_O
RandomTrivia: Oh hello, Kermit Sagan
snowmonkey99: The Noodle Lab!
ky0dar: Also Momofuku is one of my favourite Elvis Costello albums
spartan029josh: Now I wish we had a Carl Sagan noodle documentary
DiscordianTokkan: Dang! That's actually awesome
AshBurnem: When the Cup Noodle is mass produced...
snowmonkey99: Cheese curry cup noodles are the best!
DoodlestheGreat: There needs to be a How It's Made on this.
ky0dar: Noodle parts.
RvLeshrac: Make sure you fix those leaks before you put the water in.
onarampage: Meat??*?
spartan029josh: Assemble Noods
Anexmedia: @LoadingReadyRun So you dont get too far or risk losing the piece it looks like you missed H2 in that last section
DrakoniteStreams: think smaller, and more legs
TehAmelie: i like mystery meat. i like chuckling at it when i walk by it in the dry goods shelf of the store
wedge_x: the c l u s t e r
LarkSachrosis: oh my god
ky0dar: Noodle sprue?
Arclight_Dynamo: Huh. Apparently when asked what the meat is, the company just out-and-out said what it was: “We mix pork and soybeans together with a vegetable extract, and then freeze dry the pieces.”
ky0dar: but why japan.
Armyguy0: Why did i use twitter to look up the satellite collision? this is so bad to read
Seagulyus: it is to stop scratching AFAIK
SpacePotato01: those noodles look advanced
RvLeshrac: Oh, Bandai doesn't spend so much as a quarter of a millionth of a yen without reason.
Arclight_Dynamo: No staellite update yet, no.
Armyguy0: No update yet
ContingentCat: unfortunatly nope
vidStrickland: the lack of update at this point is extremely stressful
Arclight_Dynamo: The booster would have passed over the radar station on the hour, but no information has been released.
RandomTrivia: OMG Ian
ky0dar: this really feels like the kind of thing you build for the joy of building, and then not actually keep
ArdCollider: McDowell said probably a couple hours
jessieimproved: Don't go muting the VOD now
Nigouki: as long as Iridium satelites don't start dropping out we're fine
Armyguy0: but Im seeing "satellite collisions are better then CLIMATE CHANGE"
Armyguy0: and its makeing me sad
ContingentCat: I think in 2020 "we're fine" is unlikely
wedge_x: objects in space without active telemetry take a while to track effectively
wedge_x: taking an orbit or two isn't abnormal
RandomTrivia: That will go great with the Monkees bit from earlier
Arclight_Dynamo: @ArdCollider Did he? I'm seeing "We have no way of knowing when LEOLabs will say something."
mercano82: The Long March Booster was supposed to overfly New Zealand shortly after collision time. They were supposed to be running radar to try to acquire it and see if it was still in one piece.
ContingentCat: wow
delta__vee: they're good noodles, bront
Bunoc1: ah look, my cities skylines roads.
Armyguy0: Not seeing it is a WHOLE lot wose then seeing part of it
RealGamerCow: Bunoc1 you beat me to it, my joke was going to be "Look, my Satisfactory belts!"
Eille_k: although my brain knows it's plastic I really want to eat those noodles.
ArdCollider: @Arclight_Dynamo: "... and so now we wait for info from LeoLabs, and possibly 18SPCS. Expecting to hear something one way or the other from LeoLabs within a few hours"
Arclight_Dynamo: Hmf.
LarkSachrosis: I can't get over these plastic noodles
ArdCollider: so, uh, we'll see, I guess.
Arclight_Dynamo: Well then.
ContingentCat: welp
JqlGirl: before making this, the completion of the cup should be celebrated by making some cup noodle in it.
TehAmelie: very low calorie noodles
Anexmedia: We have the technology, but do we have the epoxy
DeM0nFiRe: cup^2 noodle
ContingentCat: I think I saw that I didn't realize it was official
DiscordianTokkan: Or a different kit of a cooked version with chopsticks in it. That'd be fun too
DeM0nFiRe: "No indication of collision. 👍 CZ-4C R/B passed over LeoLabs Kiwi Space Radar 10 minutes after TCA. Our data shows only a single object as we'd hoped, with no signs of debris. We will follow up in the coming days on Medium with a full in-depth risk assessment of this event!"
DeM0nFiRe: From leolabs twitter ^
Armyguy0: Well thats good
LarkSachrosis: a nice noodle bolus
TehAmelie: a puzzle of noodles
ContingentCat: lrrHORN ?
Hexy_Lexy234: 3 cheers for no collision!
Arclight_Dynamo: Huzzah!
SnackPak_: Not today, Kessler!
ContingentCat: not this time 2020!
Anexmedia: Please don't poke the hate bear
Anexmedia: it can go from 0 to "Hold my Beer" in an instant
eric_christian_berg: Man, I had the "space disaster" spot on the 2020 card, too!
Anexmedia: Oh yea the Nissin swag you can get is crazy
ContingentCat: @eric_christian_berg there's still time
Anexmedia: after I found out about the museum I fell into that rabbit hole
eric_christian_berg: Fair enough.
spartan029josh: God, I hate March
RandomTrivia: Oh, March 2020 isn't going to end with the year
SirMorek: !march
RandomTrivia: It will continue until something approximating normal returns
DrakoniteStreams: yeah, it is currently march 229th
vidStrickland: Yeah, March is definitely going to carry into 2021 for a while...
ContingentCat: and be werry of thinking things will stop being bad in 2021, remember how bad we thought 2019 was.
Arclight_Dynamo: :p
SirMorek: Today is Thursday, 229th of March, 2020
Armyguy0: S O F T
delta__vee: marchtober is followed by marchvember and then marchcember
ArdCollider: there's a dog noodle suit too
Anexmedia: Ah the "Fonzi" costume
LordZarano: It's the 230th of March in Europe
LarkSachrosis: Not even a lightsaber?!
RealGamerCow: oh yeah, I had those costumes as well.
ArdCollider: ah, the gross smell of the Ben Cooper costumes!
ArdCollider: just a lot of plasticizers
SquidHominid: If you were following that risk of an abandoned Russian satellite and an old Chinese rocket colliding tonight and causing a space debris crisis, good news! They missed each other! Bad news: the sky is still full of garbage.
jdarr5000: at least u canada folks are takiing this long march right un like us to ur south
RvLeshrac: Noodtris
codl_: ohh, these are dual-layered noodles
SpacePotato01: so much detail for something hidden inside the device.
Electrodyne: Hey I had that stupid Luke mask! That thing smelled weird
ContingentCat: damn that looks good
TheWriterAleph: all hail noodle
Azsedcf: Damn nice!
Fairgrim: This looks too real I might need to cook some of my own
SoaringDragon42: I'm kinda craving noodles now....
thing_1_of_2_c: I went as Tom Baker's Doctor Who once. I was asked if I was Luke Skywalker.
Anexmedia: Those masks were pressed from the same material those "Magic bubbles" that were probably lead paint based were made of
LathosTiran: @SpacePotato01 the logo can be removed from the cup to display the noodles
SirMorek: that's some real nood texture
Arclight_Dynamo: Honestly, the space garbage that scares me the most is the nuclear reactors up there. One fell onto Canada some decades ago.
ContingentCat: @Arclight_Dynamo yikes thanks for that nightmare, I didn't think of that
JqlGirl: tasteful noods
LarkSachrosis: They'd fall out
Arclight_Dynamo: @ContingentCat Good news is that they found it. Most of it, anyway.
SpacePotato01: @LathosTiran neat. I wonder if it's a good idea to spruce it up with some glossy spray or something, to make the contents look wet.
SquidHominid: they photogrammetry scanned the noodles which is insane
RandomTrivia highfives DiscordianTokkan
DiscordianTokkan points at RandomTrivia Same Hat!
Arclight_Dynamo: Either that, or the fact that Elon Musk's internet satellites are going to ruin astronomy forever, including the ability to watch for approaching asteroids...
SirMorek: l-l-l-lewd!
LurkerSpine: I mean, why wouldn't you scan the noodles that way?
Anexmedia: There's a wad joke somewhere in there
Koshindan: Looks tasty.
wedge_x: noodle sabot
spartan029josh: They're loaded for carbs
LurkerSpine: it's cheap, efficient, accurate - provided you have the cameras
TehAmelie: l-lewd
RandomTrivia: Wait, this is not the non-tilty house!
snowmonkey99: Noodles applied!
SnackPak_: nailed it
ky0dar: Always apply your noodle parts
Anexmedia: Well, you didn't tilt it.
delta__vee: 10/10
DentedPockets: Got it in one!
TheWriterAleph: hole in one!
LathosTiran: carefully
Nigouki: J-J-JAM IT IN!
ContingentCat: katesLol good enough
Fairgrim: don't tilt it
Armyguy0: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
LarkSachrosis: Carefully Horner
RealGamerCow: you tilted!
DrakoniteStreams: were you careful not to tilt it?
Hexy_Lexy234: i mean, I GUESS that works!
RandomTrivia: lrrHORN First try!! lrrHORN
particle33: Perfect
RandomTrivia: Ooh, side-loading noodles!
TehAmelie: ah, the noodle window
IslandersCaper: luxiePride
7gorobei: is there a missing red part on the "KA" katakana?
SpacePotato01: omg you can see the organs
TehAmelie: i think that's a real bodybuilder thing
SquidHominid: That's some suspenseful suspended noodle suspension
TehAmelie: noodle window, or possibly carb window
DoodlestheGreat: These noodles were suspended for disrupting gym class.
Electrodyne: Hey has anyone said "Plz send noods" yet?
SirMorek: "what is your noodle alignment?" "oh, about 20 degrees to the left"
ky0dar: if you want to make a cup noodle from scratch, you must first create the universe
Anexmedia: @7gorobei probably part of the decals
snowmonkey99: Now for the chunky bits!
ArdCollider: the noodles. are calibrating.
ArdCollider: do not look away from. the noodles.
RealGamerCow: 7gorobei yes, Ian mentioned that it could have some paint added.
Nigouki: come back after the break for THE MYSTERY MEAT
7gorobei: ah ok
Anexmedia: Can we all agree none of us came in her expecting to be this satisfied by this kit?
Anexmedia: Here even.
Juliamon: Nah, I knew what I was in for.
TehAmelie: jamming the noodles straight into the container, a novel problem
LurkerSpine: man, misclicked in mtga and getting super punished right now
DarkMorford: Solo raid! Kappa
couldntpickausername: *joins the raid*
couldntpickausername: *sprays raid everywhere*
TehAmelie: *stampedes in place*
Penguino_Rojo: but can it be kitbashed?
LurkerSpine: aka stickers
RealGamerCow: DeKalb?
Koshindan: Put flames on it to make it faster. Or spicier. Or both?
Penguino_Rojo: I wasn't joking, I was hoping someone had done that
LordZarano: デカル
DrakoniteStreams: you could be a heretic and repaint it to say maruchan
Anexmedia: I'm still bucking for replacing the noodles with scale Apollo 11 cockpit
TehAmelie: that sounded like something Simone Giertz would do for fun
TehAmelie: the mystery meat must have no human oil
Nigouki: LordZarano デカール
Driosenth: what is the bottom inner diameter
Hexy_Lexy234: ah, human oil. the best kind of oils
Arclight_Dynamo: You'd probably do better with a Mercury capsule, given the shape of the cup.
Nigouki: long a on the ka
Anexmedia: I'll get back to you after some research, I'm invested in this now
RandomTrivia: Oof
SnackPak_: lrrWOW
TehAmelie: ouch
Arclight_Dynamo: Ian. Horner.
RandomTrivia: But we remember him.
LordZarano: @nigouki ありがとう
JollyGee29: A Collins would have citrus of some sort wouldn't it?
Texan_Reverend: tiltyhPLS
Hexy_Lexy234: ian, how dare you :p
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DarkMorford: @Nigouki @LordZarano Honestly, they'd probably just use シール for it.
DoodlestheGreat: @JollyGee29 So add a drop of lemon juice.
TehAmelie: Collins never touched the moon huh. so at least he didn't have to find out he's allergic to it
TehAmelie: that has to be the most embarrassing thing for an astronaut
Nigouki: yeah, if they're stickers
RealGamerCow: It's Doctor Tongue's 3d House of Noodles.
Nigouki: but waterslides are still decals, and kinda unfortunate that Bandai rarely gives waterslides
cotillion1850: What what did I just come into I am confused
TehAmelie: we're building noodles
Arclight_Dynamo: Ian is making some ramen.
Seagulyus: cotillion1850 Ian is making a model kit, its a model of ...a cup noodle cup
cotillion1850: That.... is profoundly Ian
Driosenth: Ian, I found a 1/100 scale lunar lander thats about 3.75 inches across, would that fit?
delta__vee: this seems like a two-toothpick task
DarkMorford: @Nigouki It applies to those too, according to
cotillion1850: So.. is this a model kit or something custom?
Juliamon: It is a kit
RealGamerCow: *shops for watchmaker tools for Ian*
TehAmelie: i think it was one or two astronauts who turned out to be allergic to moon dust. either it's really common or they're really unlucky
Nigouki: dictionary use is one thing, how the industry differentiates is another
cotillion1850: wait nvm Seagulys said ti was a kit
Seagulyus: cotillion1850 very much a model kit
LordZarano: Could use 4 toothpicks like chopsticks?
Seagulyus: cotillion1850 yeah its easy to gloss over that :P
DarkMorford: Fair enough
ContingentCat: it is
ky0dar: The lid stopping sticker?
cotillion1850: This leads to the next question who who makes these kits?
RandomTrivia: Oh it is
eric_christian_berg: Are you not entertained?!
Seagulyus: this needs a stand for when it is sitting on it's side
DrakoniteStreams: TehAmelie my understanding is moon dust is some pretty nasty stuff
cotillion1850: and perhaps why
Anexmedia: Cameron once pointed out that moon dust is crazy carcinogenic
RealGamerCow: Time to find a red sharpie.
ky0dar: like, i think this would be fun to build. but i would never want to own one
ArdCollider: when you have a Moonbase to decorate you don't necessarily have to have anything in your house you built but don't want to own.
RealGamerCow: katesNice
Arclight_Dynamo: Moon dust is all jagged. So it teras up your insides like asbestos.
ArdCollider: Ian has a definite advantage there.
Arclight_Dynamo: *tears
cotillion1850: So is the cup to scale its seems on the small side?
Juliamon: It's to scale, yes
RealGamerCow: Arclight_Dynamo and it's REALLY small.
Arclight_Dynamo: Yep!
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ContingentCat: @cotillion1850 it's supposed to be real size
codl_: gotta be quiet or you'll scare off the stickers
LordZarano: There's no weather to do weathering of moon dust
TehAmelie: i think they're called something like snack cup here. not allowed to suggest it could serve as a whole meal i guess
cotillion1850: Well it has been ages since I bought cup ramen, especially after I learned to make it from scratch
spartan029josh: If you can get this shrinkwrapped it's going to look incredible
81 raiders from benjamin_wheeler have joined!
Juliamon: Raid!!
RealGamerCow: slytqHi
cotillion1850: Its the Plaid Crew
RandomTrivia: Hi Wheeler & friends lrrHEART lrrHEART lrrHEART
ContingentCat: welcome Wheeler and raiders
TehAmelie: halo
RandomTrivia: @cotillion1850 Wrong Ben
AttackCowboy: wheelerY wheelerHub wheelerH
cotillion1850: wait wrong ben
RandomTrivia: AttackCowboy has it LUL
cotillion1850: This hubris Ben
spartan029josh: wheelerUro wheelerUro wheelerUro wheelerY wheelerE wheelerH
RandomTrivia: !quote 6566
LRRbot: Quote #6566: "It's yeehaws and hubris all the way down." —Wheeler [2019-11-12]
phenexian: wait... are you building a model of a cheap pot of instant ramen?
cotillion1850: he is
RandomTrivia: Yes!
cotillion1850: I too was confused
RandomTrivia: Welcome to 1:1 scale Cup Noodle!
Arclight_Dynamo: I love that Serious Eats compared Japanese Cup Noodle and American Cup Noodles... and determined that Cup Noodles is bullshit.
DrakoniteStreams: same size, shape, color, and made from same material as real cup noodles!
phenexian: there's a bit of me that wants to ask why not simply buy some ramen, and another part of me that knows not to ask :P
cotillion1850: tis a dangerous question
LordZarano: This was really satisfying and relaxing until the stickers came out. Now I'm all anxious. Just like classic sticker-heavy Lego
ContingentCat: big brain play there
TehAmelie: it would be another kind of project to take a real noodle cup and turn it into decoration
Arclight_Dynamo: I always hated Lego stickers.
cotillion1850: The stickers do seem kinda hellish
Nigouki: DarkMorford here's a rare example of both being in the box, top left of the image blue sheet is waterslaide decals, green sheet is stickers/seals
TehAmelie: maybe sterilize the noodles and seal them in plastic without making it noticable. . .
JqlGirl: what is that bottom one warning about?
codl_: what does that third warning symbol even mean
cotillion1850: The confusing thing is I can't stop watching normally model builds aren't my favorite watch but I can't stop
codl_: "pierce arrows into cup"?
TehAmelie: rotate cup counter-clockwise?
cotillion1850: did he have to put each of those little brown lines in?
TehAmelie: wait that's clockwise
codl_: "warning: high speed noodle"
Juliamon: cotillion1850 Thankfully no
Juliamon: They're a ring
Anexmedia: @cotillion1850 almost everything is a circular piece that locks together in a very satisfying way
RandomTrivia: @TehAmelie Top-down it's clockwise. Bottom-up it's anticlockwise lrrBEEJ
cotillion1850: Oh thank goodness cause that would be hell
JqlGirl: what is that bottom one warning about?
Anexmedia: Outside of the stickers this this model has been fantastic
TehAmelie: the dangers of widdershin noodles as far as i can tell
FigmentFN: Hello Ian
ContingentCat: maybe get something to stablize the cup?
poohshoes: What is the scale of this model?
ContingentCat: 1:1
RandomTrivia: 1:1 scale
Arclight_Dynamo: 1:1
poohshoes: it looks like a normal soup cup
DiscordianTokkan: 1:1
poohshoes: oh lol
cotillion1850: 1:1 apparently
Anexmedia: yea this sounds like a wonderful job for the blue tack
RandomTrivia: Maybe it's about stirring?
ky0dar: you know, you can just... buy a cup noodle.
poohshoes: Buttt, I can get a 1:1 at the store
JqlGirl: @LoadingReadyRun What does the bottom warning sticker say?
Arclight_Dynamo: Chat. A real Cup Noodle isn't a *model* Cup Noodle.
TheManaLeek: If you wish to make a cup of noodles first you must invent the cup?
RandomTrivia: But store-bought Cup Noodle doesn't last for 5,000+ years
ContingentCat: ?
ContingentCat: oh no
DiscordianTokkan: Oh noooo
LathosTiran: but by buying this you get a sense of pride and acomplishment
DrakoniteStreams: @RandomTrivia don't they?
Anexmedia: I was just about to say this is a total car enthusiast thing
RandomTrivia: @DrakoniteStreams 2.5 tops
RandomTrivia: thousant
ky0dar: like, im not trying to hate on people who like these kind of models. Just... the model of a cup noodle seems baffling to me.
Juliamon: I imagine real cup noodle would be subject to insect infestations over a significant length of time.
cotillion1850: no kyOdar I get you it baffles me to
Hexy_Lexy234: mom: "we have cup noodles at home!" cup noodles at home:
RandomTrivia: Part of the reason for this kind of model is the question "Why?" and the answer "Why not?"
DrakoniteStreams: @ky0dar yet is oddly compelling to me, and I don't know why
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 slightly off topic, but did you see Tappy fell out of the chair again
Arclight_Dynamo: The appeal is that it's ridiculous.
ky0dar: oh, it would be a blast to build.
cotillion1850: I am confused why this is so compelling for me
ky0dar: i would just ... not want to own one. just to build it.
RvLeshrac: Unfortunately, doesn't seem like anyone has made a water-slide set for this yet.
Anexmedia: I mean i've spent 30 bucks on way dumber shit
Hexy_Lexy234: @Anexmedia no!!!
cotillion1850: I think Arclight has it. This is such an odd thing to build I can't help but watch
Seagulyus: ky0dar well there is another thing to remember - cup noodles are a meme in Japan. they have literally so man different types and commercials and such that it reaches a level of craziness
RealGamerCow: RvLeshrac are waterslides better? Because they were butts in my experience
RandomTrivia: Watching a process diligently performed can be very relaxing, and compelling given you don't want to leave seeing it half-finished
Anexmedia: @Hexy_Lexy234 Carson has the clip
phenexian: what was the point of that sticker? It was exactly the same as the thing under it?!
ArdCollider: someone sent me a video the other day of a dude UV-cleaning a discolored Dreamcast and it was great.
ky0dar: wait... did you just cover a design... with a sticker of the same design?
TehAmelie: i recall a certain Loading Ready Live episode involving noodle commercials
Pump19: Codefall | Divide By Sheep (Steam)
Arclight_Dynamo: For the high art version of this, Marcel Duchamp made a sculpture of sugar cubes out of marble:,_Rose_S%C3%A9lavy%3F
ky0dar: This is... just getting more and more baffling
Seagulyus: yeah thats to give it a texture ky0dar and phenexian
kalira77: oof the size of that sticker though
Seagulyus: to make it feel just like the actual cup noodle outside when you run your hands over it, minus the styrofoam
ky0dar: this is just... another example of ways i do no get japan.
ky0dar: *not
phenexian: I don't think you can blame japan for this... like I doubt most Japanese people do stuff like this.
ky0dar: if not japan, then whomst
vidStrickland: also, this is cool as heck
Juliamon: People like this exist everywhere. Japan's just courteous enough to humor them and profit off of them.
Seagulyus: phenexian you are correct, it is a very small portion of Japan
ky0dar: *shrugs confusedly*
ContingentCat: @Arclight_Dynamo oh cool I'm surprised I didn't hear about that in my philosophy of art class, we talked about Fountain plenty and Warhol's Brillo boxes but not that
Arclight_Dynamo: @ky0dar The international cohort of People Like Ian. Kappa
vidStrickland: except for this sticker which is giving me so much anxiety
ky0dar: that's a lie Arclight_Dynamo - there are no people like ian
ky0dar: there is only ian. no one is like ian
Arclight_Dynamo: @ContingentCat Oh, nifty! Yeah, it kills me that "What is art?" is a discussion people keep having when it was kind of put to bed in the 20s.
LathosTiran: if its a misprinted label its more valuable Kappa
LordZarano: The stickers are filling in red bits on the inside of the characters
phenexian: the market for these noodle models disagrees @ky0dar
ky0dar: Adam: Is this art?
Arclight_Dynamo: @ky0dar Ha!@
RvLeshrac: Eh? Cup Noodle shouldn't have balls.
Hexy_Lexy234: @ky0dar i dunno, i have been called just as much of a weeb
LathosTiran: @RvLeshrac no, those are dried peas :P
ky0dar: you might be as much of a weeb, but no one is like ian. he is unique
Arclight_Dynamo: Now I'm imagining the Canadian version of this, and it's a model of a double-double.
Dish_KP: !stream
ky0dar: that sticker is evil.
codl_: this sticker is clearly a prank
cotillion1850: This seems like sticker hell
ContingentCat: @Arclight_Dynamo yeah it's still a fun thing to learn about, AI art is where all the new action in aesthetics happens
Dish_KP: fake noodle cup?
phenexian: made of real noodle cup materials
cotillion1850: model of noodle cup
ky0dar: No, its real.
Arclight_Dynamo: @ContingentCat Ooh, right. And there are a few edge cases like a monkey taking photos... who owns the copyright?
ky0dar: its a model, but its real. we're watching this.
Anexmedia: Real Fake Doors
cotillion1850: and we can't stop
ky0dar: it's riveting.
ky0dar: but, you know, sans rivets.
ContingentCat: @Arclight_Dynamo yup and edge cases is what philosophers spend their time on
phenexian: these stickers are stressing me out too much, have a lovely evening beautiful LRRs fans & Ian
TheManaLeek: This is like laparoscopic surgery here
Dish_KP: well I don't mind watching Ian build. I just... a model that is made of what they make noodle cups out of? So Styrofoam and ink?
Juliamon: It's not actually made of real cup noodle materials
Anexmedia: @Dish_KP nope it's full injectin molded plastic
TehAmelie: i've been staring at those two Os for like an hour and they don't look like Os at all
Juliamon: except for the lid maybe
ContingentCat: @Dish_KP nope this is made of model plastic not the same as the Cup Noodle cup
Dish_KP: ah, okay, I get that, then
cotillion1850: I don;t know if it is styrofoam it might treated plastic that tries to emulate the texture of styrofoam
DiscordianTokkan: I almost'd say it'd be easier to paint those red parts on...
Arclight_Dynamo: Ian did mention he might.
ky0dar: i am discovering new depths of baffled
Anexmedia: yea that red can't be that hard to match
cotillion1850: My god they have every possible detail don;t they
LarkSachrosis: like, batch and 'best by' date?
ContingentCat: you can experiment to match the red on some of the scrap plastic
JqlGirl: The third warning says "Utsuriga chui" which means "attention to transfer" which is probably saying to be careful when moving the hot cup?
Seagulyus: you know what baffles me the most about this; how many cup ramens could you have bought with the money you spent on it?
cotillion1850: dangerous question
LordZarano: @arclight_dynamo ooh, That reminds me, Simone Giertz has just built a machine that lets dogs take selfies
DarkMorford: I wouldn't be surprised if there was a Pantone swatch that perfectly matched that red. :P
Anexmedia: It's not about owning a fake cup noodle, it's about the experience of putting together model
Juliamon: Seagulyus But then you'd be stuck with so many Cup Noodle
Arclight_Dynamo: @LordZarano I saw that! :D
Dish_KP: Go Ian Go~! Cup Nooooodle
Seagulyus: Anexmedia but you can eat the cup noodles :P
Seagulyus: Juliamon I assume you could eat one and display that instead :P
Anexmedia: yea but then I wouldn't have a story about the time 300ish people watched me do that, like he has with this
Seagulyus: touche
RvLeshrac: Could just panel-wash the barcode
couldntpickausername: that's too short to be a UPC
couldntpickausername: does Japan use a different numbering system?
ky0dar: Yeah, I'm like, this would be great to build, but i would never want to own this. maybe, just, i dunno. Burn it.
TehAmelie: if you want to make this cheaper you could start out with a real cup and try to turn it into an imperishable model
DarkMorford: @Anexmedia You say that like we wouldn't all tune in to watch Ian eat ramen. ;)
Driosenth: I finished up my project for the evening. Finished aligning components and routing the traces on this board. That IC in the center is going to be a real pain to solder.
Anexmedia: He did say he got a second kit to avoid doing the stickers
RvLeshrac: couldntpickausername: EAN-8
couldntpickausername: ah
DarkMorford: @Driosenth Neat. What's it for?
ContingentCat: oh good shrip details
JqlGirl: Step 35: Release shrimp sprues.
cotillion1850: Oh my goodness it has MODEL SHRIMP
RvLeshrac: There are like 800,000 different bar code formats for no particularly good reason.
LarkSachrosis: That does appear to be the legit barcode .
cotillion1850: does does it have model ramen as well?
TehAmelie: hmm why not make one sticker that wraps around the whole cup? for the outside stickers i mean
Anexmedia: Very well done ramen yes
Earthenone: !advice
Anexmedia: yea i'm not a fan of the shrimp highlights
RvLeshrac: TehAmelie: As you will soon discover, curved-surface stickers are incredibly bad.
couldntpickausername: oh man, it's a barcode for actual cup oodle
Anexmedia: it's correct in the wrong ways
DiscordianTokkan: So authentic! So shelly!
ContingentCat: damn it does look a lot better
LarkSachrosis: At least it's de-veined.
Earthenone: hunh. advice is mod only now
Juliamon: yeah I'm not sure why
Earthenone: guess the advice is "become a mod" lol
Driosenth: @DarkMorford the MAX31790 is a 6 channel PWM fan controller capable of putting out a 9 bit PWM at 25 kHz
ky0dar: Shrimp Hell. Better or worse than Gangnam Hell?
Bunoc1: Shrimp hell is better than crab hell.
SpacePotato01: you have created shrimp
DarkMorford: @Driosenth Fancy.
Lockraemono: mystery meat
andreagustafson: You made a shrimp!
niccus: did you know? not many places make handmade shrimp nowadays
TehAmelie: second idea: some kind of color rub that you rub into the indentations in place of stickers
SpacePotato01: it moves
ky0dar: If you wish to have prawn, you must first create the universe
spartan029josh: Shrimp Hell definitely ranks higher than Baby Shark Hell
cotillion1850: did did that sheet back there say "mystery meat"
LordZarano: !findquote shrimp
LRRbot: Quote #4312: "Maybe they're not weird. Maybe shrimp are normal." —Heather [2017-07-23]
RealGamerCow: oh I don't like that
ContingentCat: I love that the shrimp is where Ian reached "what the hell am I doing"
ky0dar: yes. Mystery Meat
Juliamon: I always did feel like the membrane on shrimp was like a sticker
RvLeshrac: They do make dry-transfers, but they wouldn't really work on a highly textured surface like this. But you can get model pigments.
SpacePotato01: and the worst part is the sticker will eventually come off no matter what.
Bunoc1: Bop the shrimp.
SpacePotato01: When you're not looking, minding your own business... that sticker is slowly coming off.
ContingentCat: Thankyou Ian that's where my brain went too
JqlGirl: shrimpulacrum
cotillion1850: Well I am gonna head off but Ian thank for letting me watch 15 plus minutes of..... this
JqlGirl: i was thinking a heat gun might help
TehAmelie: shrimpulacrum and simulacrab
TehAmelie: sounds like the natural follow-up to Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters
LordZarano: Off by 60x
niccus: imagine having to sticker the corn
ContingentCat: use a cloth to press through?
vidStrickland: Knot or Not?
vidStrickland: Ah.
vidStrickland: Yes.
snowmonkey99: Never. that sounds exceedingly messy
Arclight_Dynamo: I like having skin. It keeps my things inside me.
LarkSachrosis: You ever go walking beneath the clear blue sky?
Bunoc1: Skeleton wars advocate,
ContingentCat: every day I wish my skin could be no
DarkMorford: Yep, especially when it gets all irritated and itchy.
Juliamon: I mean, the latest The Last Halloween addresses that possibility
diamondmx: I think Ian's inner skeleton is taking over control of his body.
DeM0nFiRe: LUL
drthvd3r: Oh, for a second there I thought he meant knot your skin, which sounds terrible.
Anexmedia: at least that part is authentic
Elaro_56: Skin is useful for modeling. It keeps the glue from poisoning my insides.
ContingentCat: not the worst cup mix up, at least it doesn't have paint water
JqlGirl: a egg
SpacePotato01: you should mod the cup so you can actually drink from it.
ArdCollider: I feel like that's judgmental about Cam's life choices with regard to paint water
Arclight_Dynamo: Do the shrimp n' things attach to the model, or do you just toss them in?
Anexmedia: I cant wait for the PS1 build now
DarkMorford: "Mystery Meat" Oh no
TheManaLeek: This stream has made me want to build models of everyday items.
Anexmedia: @Arclight_Dynamo I think they just kinda float on the top to simulate that rattle
Arclight_Dynamo: @TheManaLeek Timmy's cup.
TheManaLeek: @Arclight_Dynamo Oh heck yes.
Arclight_Dynamo: @Anexmedia Hm...
DarkMorford: @Arclight_Dynamo Only if you can roll up the rim.
JqlGirl: shrimpulation
Anexmedia: guaranteed all of those stickers fall off within the week
Arclight_Dynamo: @DarkMorford Oh my god, YES.
TheManaLeek: I need that Tim Horton's x Bandai crossover badly
krizzasaurusrex: I’ve been trying to buy this set 😭😭😭
TehAmelie: hmm maybe some kind of spray-on glue can stabilize the stickers
TheNerdWonder: Deecals
krizzasaurusrex: Anyone got tips for where to buy it without crazy inflation?
JqlGirl: just take real shrimp and petrify them
cardiovasculars: I’m a simple man. I see miniature shrimp decal I click stream.
ContingentCat: but this is more fun
Arclight_Dynamo: TTSF idea: Custom livery paintjob for a gunpla.
DrakoniteStreams: but Ian, now you know how much effort the workers at the cup noodles factory put in to every cup noodle you eat
Arclight_Dynamo: Get you your CP livery giant mech.
TehAmelie: at step 6 in the instructions they still have to point out to the plastic is not food. . .
JqlGirl: cup noodle gundam livery then?
JqlGirl: when
DarkMorford starts looping Loituma
RandomTrivia: I'm not clipping that either
DoodlestheGreat: Gimme somma dat ON-YON.
Anexmedia: I love the fact you got kitchen shears for doing this
TheManaLeek: Can not? Or should not?
ky0dar: Can not? That sounds like a challenge
ky0dar: I'm pretty sure most things CAN be eaten
DoodlestheGreat: Even better looking than in the real thing! notsquishY
ContingentCat: anything can be eaten once
JqlGirl: Anything CAN be eaten. It's just that most things SHOULDN'T be
TehAmelie: most importantly for toymakers, most things legally can't be eaten
ky0dar: man, i've not eaten dehydrated meat bits
ky0dar: in a long time, i mean
JqlGirl: 🥚
Anexmedia: you know from a little distance those shrimp look pretty good
DarkMorford: Now I want tamagoyaki :P
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TheBearBee: Wow, I uhh. Didn't expect to come in to build your own ramen cup. Where can I get one?
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TehAmelie: i want a shrimp, mango and salsa taco. so hard to find any sizable shrimp in this town
Bunoc1: and C: you are probably a diety of some sort.
JqlGirl: cup noodle race: Model kit building vs. real cupnoodle steeping
TheBearBee: Can we get a quote of "I missed a meat chunk"
Arclight_Dynamo: Green onion =/= chive
ContingentCat: maybe save some of those sprus if you want to test paint colours against the plastic colors
ritchards: and they were never seen again...
spartan029josh: "Wait, I missed a meat chunk" is a hell of a sentence to say when putting together a plamo kit
JqlGirl: I think it wanted lengthwise cut
Anexmedia: though chives would be probably fine in one of those cups
TehAmelie: now the leek does look and act like it could be real, if a bit unripe
Anexmedia: but i'd prefer the onions
DarkMorford: Ian, you're supposed to make a cat's paw when you're chopping vegetables! Kappa
JqlGirl: needs some sweetcorn that doesn't ever soften
Snowcookies: I have chive kimchi at home
RandomTrivia: LUL
Snowcookies: Now pour in hot water? lrrBEEJ
Anexmedia: Whatever makes it so you dont dump that on the carpet at a later date and rage
Penguino_Rojo: time to hide it in the pantry
ContingentCat: making it cooking by adding clear resin as water would be cool
SnackPak_: sergeJustRight
DeM0nFiRe: That's kinda weird that you're supposed to cover the top where the ingredients are with a sticker (so not removable and replaceable like the front panel)
DrakoniteStreams: therea48Shock
DoodlestheGreat: Congratulations!
TehAmelie: cool
RandomTrivia: Amazing
codl_: eject the chives!
Hexy_Lexy234: nice work, ian! i love it
Mysticman89: your chives are leaking
ContingentCat: lrrHORN lrrHORN
Snowcookies: lrrHORN lrrHORN lrrHORN
RealGamerCow: That is so satisfying
TheManaLeek: Ridiculously fun!
Seagulyus: oh no the ingredients are leaking D:
mercano82: Now pour boiling water into it. lrrBEEJ
RvLeshrac: He does seem to have sprung a leek
DeM0nFiRe: Well at least you can do it a few times then. Not lik there's a pressing need to open it frequently haha
ritchards: !uptime
LRRbot: The stream has been live for 2:58:09.
JqlGirl: Now Ian celebrates by eating a real cup noodle?
DeM0nFiRe: gdqClap gdqClap gdqClap
Bunoc1: be sure to not accidentally try and cook it.
krizzasaurusrex: I want one!
RvLeshrac: Where's the pool for "accidentally grabs the wrong Cup Noodle"?
vidStrickland: I absolutely love this model, and now I have to find two, so I can inflict one on a friend
krizzasaurusrex: So hard to find
krizzasaurusrex: At reasonable price
couldntpickausername: lovely looking cup needle
Arclight_Dynamo: This was stupid and fun. :D
BecauseGnomes: When I have a consistent source of income again soon I kind of want to get into model building
LordZarano: @loadingreadyrun what's the third warning label?
xantos69: cheer50 Ian this was silly. Have bits for your silliness.
Snowcookies: Thanks for the stream
JqlGirl: The third warning says "Utsuriga chui" which means "attention to transfer" which is probably saying to be careful when moving the hot cup?
snowmonkey99: Don't tip boiling water off your desk?
TehAmelie: i like to think it's a warning to turn the noodles clockwise
LathosTiran: dont slide on table as cup may tip?
ContingentCat: don't peirce the cup? maybe
snowmonkey99: Thank you @JqlGirl
JqlGirl: i used google translate
SquidHominid: you pour boiling water into your cup noodle and then you realize it's the plastic one
TheBearBee: top hit for "cup noodle" is cup noodle model kit
Nigouki: thanks for the stream!
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Texan_Reverend: middreHeart
RandomTrivia: lrrHEART Thanks Ian! lrrHEART
DoodlestheGreat: !storm
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Hexy_Lexy234: thanks for the stream, Ian!!!
DarkMorford: Have a good night, Ian! This was goofy but really fun.
ArdCollider: thanks Ian!
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DiscordianTokkan: Ooh! my Resub notification just came in!
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Nigouki: this is a regular release kit, not an exclusive so it's easily available from most retailers that carry Bandai
Elaro_56: Should we raid Cameron?
DiscordianTokkan: tiltyhEXTREME
Juliamon: LRR generally doesn't do raids.
ContingentCat: Yay pumpkins!
aWabbajack: awabbaThank awabbaThank
Riandisa: Thanks for the great stream, Ian
aWabbajack: lrrSPOOP cohhBeer
DrakoniteStreams: therea48Wave
DeM0nFiRe: o/
codl_: thanks ian
Snowcookies: Night knight
KWardJenx: Thank you Ian
aWabbajack: Let's Raid Shadow...ah nevermind
DoodlestheGreat: G'nite, ian!
Earthenone: !badadvice
LordZarano: LRR almost never raids, but you're probably welcome to suggest similar & familiar streamers for chat to migrate to
Earthenone: !goodadvice
LRRbot: In this economy?
Juliamon: We are looking into why some commands keep getting switched to mod-only when we edit an adjacent command.
Earthenone: yeah, i just wanted to see which advice avenues were still open to me in the interim :)
Juliamon: I didn't want to change it back without conferring with other mods first
Juliamon: Funnily enough, the bug seems to happen in reverse as well. Some mod-only commands were opened to Anyone.
Raurrrrr: that doesnt seem like a safe bug
Juliamon: It seems to be mostly ones non-mods wouldn't even know about
Earthenone: ill try not to explore those, as one of the few people who might know commands that are rarely used
Juliamon: A lot of them are also just outdated ones that may be reused in the future.
TehAmelie: spooky
Raurrrrr: i'm trying to remember what the command was to bring up which lrrfriends were live. homestreams brings up where they are but i thought there was one similar to !live that showed which friends were live
Juliamon: The old !live command broke.
Juliamon: Blame Twitch.
Raurrrrr: ohh
Juliamon: The closest we have is !team which links the Team page
Anaerin: You could always find a fanstreamer with ghost_of_leg_bot and ask it `!live`. (Or go to ) - That does fanstreamers and all the lrr staff.